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FOREWORD " God pity them both; and pity us all Who vainly the dreams of youth recall For of all sad words of tongue or pen The saddest are these: ' It might have been!’ ” John Greenleaf Whittier The years after graduation will be the most important ones of our lives. We must set our goals carefully and then strive to attain them. In order to make our youthful dreams become reality, we must work. Our quest to fulfill these dreams will be difficult, but not impos¬ sible. Maturity and flexibility are the primary ele¬ ments which will determine our success or fail¬ ure. The world is ever-changing, and, in order to succeed, we must have the maturity to face it without qualms and the flexibility to change with it. If we hesitate or become complacent, our dreams will shatter, and we will be heard vainly echoing regret that " It might have been!” TABLE OF Foreword .... Administration Faculty . Seniors . Underclassmen Organizations Activities . .. Advertisements DEDICATION — familiar words in the typing room. Now people, snap those keys It is an honor to pay tribute to one who has become such a genuine part of Stock- bridge High School. Her quiet, unassuming way, her interest in her students and her eagerness to help them have endeared her to all who have come under her influence. Because she means so much to so many, we the staff dedicate the 1966 PANTHER to Mrs. Irma Louise Cronkhite. Mrs. Cronkhite is a native of Leslie and a graduate of Leslie High School. She re¬ ceived her B.S. degree from Eastern Michigan University and has taught a number of years at Stockbridge High. She, her husband, Donovan; and son, Keith, reside in two places. They have a home in Stockbridge and a lovely farm home on old US 127. SCHOOL BOARD —oj S AamM g ' toup SEATED: Mr. Duane Ford, treasurer; Mr. Almon Lathrop, president; Dr. Edward R. Weddon, secretary STANDING: Mr. Elwih Beniser, Mr. Dan Howlett, trustees Not present when picture was taken: Mr. Olin Wild, trustee Mr. Lee James, trustee The six members of our Board of Education lead very busy lives in addition to their professions. They spend a great many hours with the problems of our district. Namely; they determine the financial needs and expenditures and study the curriculum, making sure our courses are up-to-date and that they offer a variety to the students. These men see that repairs are made, rooms are painted, and equipment is checked to insure the safety, beauty, and smooth operation of the area schools. School Board members also settle more minor problems that arise, such as the deer hunting policies and the dress code for the high school students, to name a few. These dedicated men get little recognition for many hours spent. We wish to com¬ pliment them on the fine work they are doing and thank them for their past services. 5 SUPERiNfTE JDENT — at hal MR. JESSE BATCHELOR TO THE CLASS OF ’66 Another year has passed into history and what marvelous adventures man has had. It is our greatest hope that each member of the Class of 1966 has prepared himself well to be able to continue his competition in the " adventures” of the future. May I congratulate each one for his endeavors and wish him continued and even greater success. Sincerely yours, Jesse Batchelor PRINCIPALS — tasks K U6A W MR. HOWLETT Dear Seniors: Each of us leaves " footprints on the sands of time,” the poet, Longfellow, once wrote. The same thing can be said of classes as they progress through high school. I truly feel that the class of ’66 has left an indelible mark in scholastic achievement, school cit¬ izenship and leadership, and in the many school ac¬ tivities which will be a trail well worth following in the years to come. My congratulations to you for your outstanding achievements and best wishes for future success. Sincerely yours, Richard Howlett Upon their shoulders rest the burden of running the scene. Their job entails being part teacher, janitor, statistician, engineer, diplomat and policeman. We acknowledge and appreciate the high caliber of leadership they give us. Dear Seniors: Congratulations and best wishes. I hope that the lessons, attitudes and habits you were taught in your many contacts during the school years will carry you far in your life’s endeavors. Quote from Walter D. Wintle: " If you think you’re beaten, you are, If you think you dare not, you don’t If you want to win, but you think you can’t, It’s almost a cinch you won’t. If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost, For out in the world you’ll find Success begins with a fellow’s will, It’s all in the state of mind.” Sincerely yours, Robert Boyd MR. BOYD 7 — Imp things on dm won Mi MRS. GRACE COLLINS She is Mr. Howlett’s secretary. Other than working for him, she keeps the attendance records, marks report cards, and gives an¬ nouncements. She is helpful to everyone, doing everything from giving first aid to sewing on buttons. Everyone young and old knows and loves her. She is always a friend indeed. MRS. ROSE DANCER She is the bookkeeper for the entire school district. The payroll involves writing between 135 and 140 checks twice a month. She also keeps the school board’s minutes and financial reports, has charge of 36 internal ac¬ counts, and keeps records from the hot lunch and milk program. Because of her busy job, she has moved to more quiet quarters where she continues to do an excellent job. MRS. THELMA FRINKLE She is Mr. Batchelor’s secretary. Her duties include writing letters, selling books, answering the phone and, in general, doing anything that has to be done. New to her position last year, Mrs. Frinkle has done an efficient job besides always having a friendly smile for everyone. AEr rechecking the scores JAMES LAWRIE B.A. Alma College English 8, 9 Practical English 12 Jr. Sr. High Art Tennis Coach — owiy opportunity or sM-eftfyiessitoo DRAFTING B.S. Eastern Michigan M.A. Eastern Michigan Drafting Elementary Art now use the drafting triangle. 10 COMMERCIAL . . . turn to page 74. IRMA CRONKHITE B.S. Eastern Michigan Typing I, II Jr. Business — fyiepctAit ig th business (pM B.A. Michigan State M.A. Univ. of Michigan Typing II Bookkeeping Shorthand I, II Secretarial Practice . . . transcribe this letter. II COUNSELORS B.S. Eastern Michigan M.A. Eastern Michigan Counselor English 7 Yearbook Advisor RACHEL CASSIDY ceramics is an interesting hobby. — u itUig, ferffag omJu jyiApctAJU tcj B.S. Eastern Michigan M.A. Eastern Michigan Counselor Coach Reading 7 Physical Education Senior Class Advisor DUANE CLARK the gym is for me. 12 JEAN ANDERSON EN6USW ROSALIND GLICK A.B. Central Mich English 9, 10 Debate Coach Forensics Comm. Skills B.A. Hanover College English 7, 9, 10 it wasn’t really so hard shUk cm tauglcb and ham d literature . . . plus coin collecting ■■■ B.S. Eastern Michigan M.A. Eastern Michigan Practical English 12 American Lit. 12 F.T.A. Advisor B.M. Michigan State M.A. Michigan State English 8 English Lit. 12 8th Grade Advisor NELLA O’BRIEN MARIAN RAMSDELL ROBERT BARRY JUNIOR WfOW LLOYD SNIDER . . . ready to drive? . . . fore — grffotg uMA udkit h fyiopctAoJ {ug{i school! ... in the dictionary B.S. Michigan State Reading 7 Junior Business Driver Training 7th Grade Advisor B.A. Ball State Reading 8 Journalism ?. RALPH HERRON LESTER PROPST B.A. Eastern Michigan English 7, 8 Special Education B.S. Michigan State Special Education LATIN B.A. Albion College Latin I, II English 10 Junior Advisor ANN BOGART Gaul is divided into three parts FOREIGN LANGUAGE — optZoujoJl cowises 4 $tucty SPANfSW B.A. Alma College Spanish I, II Art Play Director UUuLVCy DONALD KLINGER skiing is his favorite hobby. 15 t-f — j tbpcutctfiioto Idcjh v fect i U ig . . . a wrestling trophy? B.A. Hillsdale College Algebra 9 Advanced Algebra 11 Trigonometry 12 Solid Geometry 12 mmgm FREDERICK NASH . . . keeping scores B.M. University of Michigan Math 7, 8 SHIRLEY OSTERMAN 16 . . .count the change UUSIC — Ctpfycetitirtlo i 1 $ gcut i tii (pM fads CHARLES DAVIDSON B.M. University of Michigan Jr. Sr. Bands Elementary Band . . . one, two B.M. Michigan State Jr. High Chorus Elementary Music CHARLENE PRYOR . . . listen to the melody NELLIE STEPHENS B.S. Eastern Michigan M.A. Eastern Michigan Librarian Glee Club . . . go over this spot again 17 PMVGICAL EDUCATION B.A. Albion College Reading 7 Physical Education Coach PHILLIP HORA watch this — CcJL {jtinPM tS UnijpfydOMt B.S. Michigan State Reading 8 Physical Education Cheerleading Advisor PEGGY PARROTT this is how it is done 18 £Ct£NC£ — Oj CGKfotuOuS, ikwp dOMjb study B.A. University of Michigan Physics Physical Science Chemistry BERNARD BLAIR . . . follow this equation B.S. Michigan State Math 7 General Science 8 FRANK MORRIS grand award for model rocketry B.S. Michigan State Biology General Science 8 BARBARA THORNBURY . . . Longfellow is back 19 CWOP B.S. New Mexico A M M.A. Eastern Michigan Social Science Shop FRANK RADOWSKI this is the way it should be done — deve optivg skMed uftoJztnOMltlp hook up the bells and buzzers B.S. Western Michigan Shop Power Mechanics ROBERT WOODMAN W. 20 RONALD DRISCOLL SOOAL STUDIES JAMES SARGENT Jvlichigan 1 t r i B.S. Eastern History Government Coach ) n . . . a strike! multiple choice and essay — fessoKS t brftei owo woM . . . an interesting article a favorite pastime JOHN SCHMULT JUDITH SHANDOR 21 VOO nONtAL — Ctg ' dCuJ!tuA B.S. Michigan State M.A. Michigan State Agriculture F.F.A. Christmas tree project. — (jMwdncj by doing — hot economics B.S. Madonna College Home Economics F.H.A. Advisor CATHRYN KOSZEGI girls, copy this recipe. 22 ;? m •!. ' ' ...» ■ gp- SENIOR OASS A. C. ALLEN Track 3, 4 ; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Paper Staff 4. . PAULANN ARRIETA Paper Staff 3; Majorette 3, 4; Library Club 3, 4. LINDA B. ASHBAUGH F.H.A. 2, 3. KENNETH EDWARD BARBER Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3. LINDA SUE BIEHN F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. SUSAN MARY BIEHN Glee Club 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club 4. RONALD BLOXOM Transfer from Port Huron High School— Junior Year; Spanish Club 4. MARILYN LOU BOYCE Jr. Play; F.T.A. 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Queen 4. THOMAS RICHARD BRAINARD Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; F.F.A. 1, 4. SHARON E. BRISTOW F.H.A. 1; Paper Staff 3. JERRY ALLEN BUMPUS Basketball 1; Baseball 3. SAUNDRA KAY CAUDILL Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play; Class Of¬ ficer 1, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Steering Committee 2; Mixed Chorus 2. RAYMOND ARTHUR CHURCHILL Football 1, 2; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA JO CLARK JUDITH KAY CLARK Paper Staff 3. LINDA JUNE COBB Science Club 2. 1 THOMAS M. COLLINGS Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 4; Shop 1, 2, 3, 4. SUSANNE COMAI ' M Debate 2; Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Paper Staff 3; Majorette 2, 3, 4. LINDA SUE CONLEY Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Queen 1; Mixed Chorus 2. CLARK RAY CURTIS Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Varsity Club 3,4. RALPH DAVID DENMAN Football 1, 2; Track 1, 2; ' Basketball 1; Band 1 , 2 . BEVERLY JANE DIXON F.T.A. 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 4; Girls’ State 3. DENNIS WAYNE DIXON F.T.A. 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 4. GLEN KENNETH FREY Football 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. £ liifc SHARON KAY FREY Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Library Club 2, 3. JAMES VINCENT GIBNEY Basketball 1, 3; Baseball 1, 2; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Class Officer 4; Varsity Club 4; Sci¬ ence Club 3. SHEILA JO GORRELL BONNIE LEE GREENAMYER Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Paper Staff 4; Library Club 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2; Mixed Chorus 2. LESLIE WAYNE GRIFFUS Football 1, 2, 3, 4; F.F.A. 1, 2„ 3, 4; Var¬ sity Club 3, 4. RUTH ANN HANNEWALD Class Officer 1, 2, 3; Forensics 1; FT.A. 3, 4; D.A.R. 4; Steering Committee 4; Mixed Chorus 2. DAVID LLOYD HANSON Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 4. GAYE ANN HARTSUFF Glee Club 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Paper Staff 4; Library Club 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1,2; Mixed Chorus 2. DANIEL JACOB HERON Transfer from Bedford Public Schools— Junior Year; Football 3, 4; Wrestling 4; Band 4; Varsity Club 4. SHARON KAY HOLLOWAY Cheerleading 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Queen 2; Steering Committee 2, 3. JANE LYNN HOPKINS Glee Club 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2. LINDA HORN F.H.A. 3, 4. TIMOTHY HENRY HOWLETT Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Student Council 1, 2,-3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Boys’ State 3; As¬ sembly Committee 3; Steering Committee 1, 2, 3, 4. DUANE CARLOS JARRELL F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. WENDELL JOSEPH JARRELL Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Paper Staff 4; Science Club 3. CAROLYN JEAN KUNTZ BONNIE KUNZELMAN F.H.A. 1, 2; Library Club 3; Queen 2. PAMELA JOYCE KUNZELMAN Library Club 4. JAMES BERNARD LINDSTROM F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL EDWARD LOSO Transfer from Allen Park High School— Sophomore Year; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Wrestling 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. Midi JOAN ELIZABETH LOVINGS F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. CAROL ANN LUKENICH Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Ma jorette 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2. CLINTON MARSHALL Track 3, 4; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. JILL ANN MARSHALL Glee Clyb 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2. SUSAN KAY MARSHALL F.H.A. 3, 4; Science Club 2. DOUGLAS WAYNE McVAY Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. EILEEN RUTH MEAD Forensics 1; F.H.A. 1, 2, 4. BARRY WILLIAM MEYER Football 1, 2, 3, 4; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3; Boys’ State 3. CHRISTINE MARIE MILLHOUSE Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Paper Staff 3; Science Club 2; Mixed Chorus 2. GREGORY MINIX F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. TIMOTHY D. MOECKEL Football 1, 2, 3; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. DAVID GLENN MYER Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Varsity Club 4; Science Club 1, 2; Wrestling 4. KENNETH LEE OTTOMAN Football 1, 2, 3, 4; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. GORDON RICHERD OUTWATER Football 2, 3; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. VICTORIA PARKER F.H.A. 1; Paper Staff 3. ROY PETERS JR. F.F.A. 2, 3, 4. RODGER RAY POE Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 1; Stu¬ dent Council 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. BARBARA SUE PRATER F.H.A. 1, 2, 3. LONNIE GENE PRATER Football 1; Track 1; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pa¬ per Staff 3. LINDA LEE PRENTICE Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Queeft 3. JUDITH ANN RACHOW Debate 1; Glee Club 4; Science Club 4. DALE EDWARD RISNER Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. PAUL EDWIN RISNER Track 3, 4; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 4. CAROL ANN ROBINSON Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Forensics 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Sci¬ ence Club 2, 4; Steering Committee 4. KATHLEEN MARIE ROEPCKE Paper Staff 3; Library Club 3. SHARON ANN ROLEY Transfer from Norman High School, Nor¬ man, Oklahoma—Senior Year; Paper Staff 4. PAMELA FAYE RUDOLPH Glee Club 2; F.H.A. 1, 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Paper Staff 3; Library Club 4; Science Club 2. DONALD LESLIE RUNCIMAN Football 1, 2; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. rW ' RALPH KENNETH SCHUMACHER Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ELMER D. SHELDON F.F.A. 2. JANICE MARIE SMITH Library Club 3, 4. BRIAN PHIL SOMMER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; F.F.A. 1, 2; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT LEE SOOY Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Class Officer 2, 3, 4; Stu¬ dent Council 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. PAUL ALLEN STEARNS F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. DEBORAH ANN STEPHENS Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play; Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Class Officer 1, 3, 4; Steering Committee 1, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2 . ROBERT FRANCIS STEPHENS Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Student Council 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. 33 LAURA JANE STEVENS Mixed Chorus 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Li¬ brary 3, 4; Science Club 2. DAVID STOFFER Paper Staff 3. GARY LEE STOWE Football 1, 2, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Varsity Club 4; Steering Committee 2,3. DAWN LaREE STREETS Class Officer 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2. EUNICE STURGILL F.H.A. 1, 2. KATHLENE ANN SWEET Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2 , 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Year¬ book Staff 4; Steering Committee 1, 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 2. JAMES SWITZENBERG BONNIE MAE TEACHOUT Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Mixed Chorus 2. NANCY LOUISE TRAPP F.H.A. 1; Library Club 2, 3, 4. LARRY RAY WEST Baseball 1, 2, 3; Football 1; Wrestling 4; Science Club 2. CHARLES CLAUDE TEACHOUT Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH JANE TISCH Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2. NANCY ANN WETZEL Paper Staff 3; Library Club 4. RONALD KARL WETZEL Paper Staff 3. RICHARD GLENN WHITE Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Var¬ sity Club 3, 4; Boys’ State 3. LEWIS BEN WRIGHT NORMA JEAN WRIGHT F.H.A. 1. JANICE E. YERKS THOMAS RUSSELL ZICK Pictures Not Available ANNE BROESAMLE ALBERT COLE FLOYD GEER MICHAEL RICH BRUCE RUSSELL Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Base¬ ball 1, 2; Sr. Play; Band 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4; Steering Committee 4. SENIOR, HONORS — hats 0$ to ' tkdhvl TOP HONORS D.A.R. AWARD Ruth Hannewald Dennis Dixon Ralph Schumacher HONOR STUDENTS: Marilyn Boyce Beverly Dixon Ruth Hannewald Betty Tisch Carol Robinson Tim Howlett Rodger Poe James Gibney Janice Yerks Brian Sommer BETTY CROCKER AWARD Saundra Caudill ALL COUNTY FOOTBALL CO-CAPTAINS Tim Howlett Mike Loso Rob Sooy Tim Howlett Offense Quarterback Offense Guard Defense Halfback 37 Suzanne Adams Larry Adkins Gail Allen John Allen Bill Allen Paula Arnett Wanda Arnett Doug Atkinson Paul Bailey Tim Bailey Dean Bachelor Donr a Bachelor Steve Batchelor Dan Bloxom JUNIOR, — Owo ' tings 38 Mary Feldpausch Mary Finch Richard Frayer Christine Frey Suzanne Frinkel Kim Gorrell Jerry Hackworth Karen Hamlin Jan Hannewald Patricia Hardt Absent when pictures were made Ronald Hawkins Randy Hegge Sandra Howard Gary Hughes Dale Kellenberger Ralph Lantis Martin Lindberg PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE CCU Mike Lukenich Clarke Maschke Beverly May Duane Mayer Susan McKim Dave Mills Carolyn Minix David Minix Elizabeth Minix Kim Moeckel Andrew Mosley James Myer Ellen O’Brien Mark Otis Janice Patrick Jerry Patrick Jack Pelton Calvin Poe Eddie Porzsolt Linda Price Mary Reed Robert Renner Linda Richardson Albert Risner Sue Dell Risner Suzanne Rob Stanley Samulak Robert Shew Joe Singer Monika Skepenaitis Sid Smith Douglas Sommer Larry Steffey Roy Stein Judy Stephens Linda Stephens William Stephens Mike Vogel Steve Ward Sandy Watkins Rodney West Larrel Whitaker Harold Will iams Nancy Zeitz Robert Zick 40 Judy Wilson Mildred Wilson Morgan Wireman Jr. Class Officers Michael Brann Philip Brooks Dave Carpenter James Castle a Caudill Cavender ida Cole Codings SOPHOMORES mjw Subjects ih cmcpokr j tkto Michael Conley Wanda Conley Ethel Craft Gordon Craft John Curtis Barbara Daugherty Cynthia DeLong Christine Dixon Kathleen Dorer Linda Finch Larry Fitch Diane Frinkel Angela Gibney Diane Gillmore Deborah Glenn Terry Greenamyer Bobby Adams Howard Adams Rick Allen Wannetta Arnett Jerry Asquith Gary Baldwin Dennis Barber Bill Barker Cora Barnard Mike Bollman Ronald Borges Brian Boyce Brenda Bradley David Bradley Kathy Bradley Patricia Bradley 41 Ronald Howard Rebecca Howlett Mary Hyden Frances Jarrell Pauline Johnson Cindy Kelley Jane Killam Wanda King Pat Kishpaugh Terry Krummery Jerry Kunzelman Gail Landis Carolyn Lathrop Paul Lehman Rickey Lipp Mary Long Jack Marshall Ann McCleer Dave McConeghy Ronald Mead Darlene Meyer John Millhouse Donald Musbach Roberta Griffus Jack Hamlin Dennis Hannewald James Hanson Dorothy Harris Dan Hartley R ClassX Ann Myer Dianne Neeley Ronald Neeley Sandy Nott David Ottoman Dennis Owen 42 Jill Owen Sharon Parks Lena Poe Suzanne Porzsolt Lori Price Robert Price Diana Propst Tom Radowski Deanna Risner Jeanette Risner Jerry Risner Mary Rob Officers JoAnn Sutliff Carol Switzenberg Linda Topping Marlene Walz LeRoy West John Whitehead Junior Williams Charles Wisman Deborah Woodman. Thomas Workman Linda Wright Beverly Yerks 43 Homer Roberts John Roberts Paul Runciman Faye Salyer John Samulak Barbara Schubert Betty Schubert Ernest Sheldon Pat Shellenbarger Barbara Shevrovich Jim Shevrovich Dennis Simons Linda Steffey James Stephens Linda Stoffer Sandra Stoffe r Heather Streets No Photo AVAILABLE Bruce Barber Phil Barbour Tim Boultbee John Brown Faye Camp Joseph Castro 3 boys onA 3 Chris Bailey Delmer Bailey Earl Bailey William Bailey Kay Baldwin Terry Acton Wanda Allen Bobby Allen Lawrence Arnett Rose Ann Asquith Carolyn Bailey Class Officers Mike Chrisinski Dave Clark Russell Cole Christopher Collier Margie Cosgray Carolyn Cowan David Cowan Kathy Cowan Nancy Cowan Eleanor Craft Doty Dancer 44 Mark Gorrell Cindy Grosshans Roger Hackworth Tom Hamlin Donald Hannewa ld Yvonne Hardt Phil Harris Mark Hartsuff Mary Hartsuff Rick Hartsuff Jerry Hauser John Donohue Frank Duszynski Linda Duszynski Tammy Ewers Kathy Fletcher Marilyn Fletcher CLAQQ 9 tofo koJj owv dote Howard Hawkins Tom Heinzman Gail Heron Dan Holloway Tom James Kathy Jarrell Roy Johnson Larry Kilgore Keith Kothe Dwight Kunzelman Steve Krummery Rella Fletcher Rob Ford Robert Foster Judy Freer Dennis Gibney Lucinda Leatherberry Michael Lehman Sue Lehman Linda Mackinder Robert Marshall Ruth Marshall Cathy Mays Margie Mays Joan McGee John Messer Ray Mikelofiis Julia Morgan Steve Muraf Linda Myer Randall Myers Bill Myher Leon Osborne Michael Otis Kay Prater Ray Prater Lissa Price Arnold Prissing Jeanne Puckett Susan Rachow Susan Richardson Lynn Rich Carol Richmond James Rick Richard Risner John Robinson Jerry Rowe Lynn Rowse Loretta Samons Mary Samulak Corleen Saylor Jeff Schooler Carol Schoonover Rick Stevens Melvin Stone Russ Stowe Jack Sturgill Sharon Taylor Rose Wilson D. C. Workman Patsy Workman Bernice Wright Michael Wright Duane Schoonover Diane Schubert Faith Sheldon Ronald Sheldon James Sheele Dave Shellenbarger Edward Simonds Fred Singer Gerald Southwell Ron Steffey Tom Stephens Gwendolyn Victorian Bob Vogel Judy Weitlauf Diana Whitaker Geral Whitaker Sally White Darrel Williams Dan Wilson Paul Tibbits Robert Trapp Edward Abbey Duane Adams Debbie Allen Geneva Allen Barb Alsept Blake Alsept Sharon Brown Debra Byrd Ted Carpenter Henry Castle Larry Catt Mary Ann Caudill Charles Chrisinski Ronny Clark Paul Arnett Lynn Asquith Carolyn Bailey Melvadine Bailey Jackie Baum BIGRJTU tods tXmdi Mol 155 Richard Cobb Debby Collier Terri Collier Jim Collins Sherry Conley Linda Crockett Barbara Curton Lois Dancer Lesley Davis Lacerne Dixon Clarinda Flannery 48 Rick Fletcher Wanda Fletcher Guillermina Flores Tom Ford Elizabeth Frayer Brenda Freiermuth Jerry Frinkle Dean Frye Mary Gipson Nathan Glenn Barbara Glover Bruce Goodlock Josstes Darrell Kelley Delbert Kelley Archie King Norman Knott Darla Lawrence Steve Lindberg Diane Lipp Theresa Lukenich Laura Mannor Beverly Maschke Darwin Marshall Joe Marshall William Greene Larry Hackworth Garth Hannewald Mable Harris Dorothy Hart Dennis Hartley Becky Harvey Diane Hazell Robert Hoffman Woodrow Hoover Chris Howlett Don Howard Larry Hughes Ricky Hughes Doug Hyden Linda Humerick Laurie Jacobs Dennis Jarrell Gary Jenkins Carol Keckler 49 Lome Marshall Orne Marshall Reuben Marshall Francis May Brent Mayer Becky McKim Ella McLaughlin Maureen Messner Joe Mikelonis Julie Millhouse Tom Mills WON ' T HAVE A THING TO WEA1. _ Darla Minix Sue Moeckel Gary Mullins Risha Muraf Mary Murphy Marifaith Myer Ralph Myer Robert Myher Gary Oakley Chris Otis David Owen Jane Parks Tom Parks Thomas Porter Carol Prater Doug Prater Not Shown Karen Prater Janet Push Kay Randolph Vickie Readout Judy Richmond Warren Richmond Paul Risner Willis Risner Roger Rosher Jeraldine Rudd Dickie Salisbury Larry Samons PHOTO ' I Not Availablo hOuIh Jennifer Adams Larry Adams Juanita Allen Roger Allen Taylor Allen Gwen Alsept Eddie Aluk Daniel Arnett Roger Artz Flora Ashbaugh Marcia Bachelor Gary Bailey Judy Bailey Mark Baldwin Gary Banks Kim Barker Martha Baum Robert Bebee Diane Biehn Thomas Biehn Donn Bradley CLASS OFFICERS Marlene Brooks Bascom Brown Jenny Carr Robert Castle Craig Collins Gary Conley Susan Cowan Judy Craft Bobby Crockett Kathy Curtis Melvin Curton Coy Dancer Melissa Dancer Donna Davis Paul Frey Marvin Frinkle Ronald Frinkle Jean Frye Pete Gibney David Glover Glenda Greene Lynette Grosshans Rita Hackworth Robert Hamlin Joye Hartsuff Don Haverty Joann Duszynski Tom Duszynski Bonnie Elliott Ronnie Elliott John Flannery Charlotte Fle tcher Debbie Fletcher Ralph Fletcher Howard Flint Fannie Fortner Susan Frayer Danny Freiermuth Dick Hawkins James Heinzman John Herring Melanie Hodges Barbara Hoffman Deborah Holt Tom Horn Gary Hoover Dan Howlett Sara Hyden David James James Kilgore Robert Kilgore Barry Krummery Ken Kunzelman Bill Lewis Gary Lewis Randy Lipp Bob Long Sandra Long Gary Ludtke Cathy Marshall Thomas McBee Rodney McClinchey Abfnt = PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Dan McConeghy Sharlene McConeghy Glenn MeGlothen Delmer Messner Sharon Minix Rita Morgan Roger Mullins Rebecca Muraf Tim Myer Bob Myers Beckie Nagley Lauri Nichol Larry Osborne Loy Osborne Christine Ottoman Linda Owen Rodney Owen Dennis Parker John Parks Mary Parks Roger Pel ton Taylor Peters Debbie Porath Helen Porter Wayne Prentice Margie Prescott Ben Price Susan Radowski Bill Rhines Phyllis Riba William Richmond Glen Rickman Bette Riggs Mitchell Risner Becky Rob Teddy Robu Wanda Rowe Rebecca Rubert Ruth Rudd Peggy Rudolph Manuela Sandoval Michael Salow Michael Samulak Chris Schertzing Hope Sheldon Nancy Singer Shirley Steffey Judy Stephens Pattie Stephens Diane Stevens Janet Stevens Debbie Stoffer Mack Sturgill Lionel Walz Ricky Watkins Dick Whitehead Dave Wilson Brenda Worden Deffie Workman Edna Wright Peggy Zeitz BAND BOOSTER OFFICERS Mrs. Staffer, Vice-President; Mrs. Baldwin, President; Mrs. Mayer, Sec.-Treas. — OuA adult P. T. A. OFFICERS Mr. Radowski, Teacher Advisor; Mrs. Boyce, Treasurer; Mrs. Mackinder, Secretary; Rev. Heron, President. Key to pictures page 107. 1. Mike Loso, 2. Jim Gibney, 3. Marilyn Boyce and Brian Sommer, 4. Sharon Frey, 5. Linda Conley, 6. Barb and Judy Clark, 7. Deb Stephens, 8. Kathy Sweet, 9. Pam Rudolph, 10. Tom Brainard, 11. Rick White, 12. Dave Myer, 13. Barry Meyers, 14. Carol Lukenich, 15. Gary Stowe, 16. Bob Stephens Key to pictures page 108. 1. Tim Howlett, 2. Rob Sooy, 3. Saundra Caudill, Kathy Sweet, Lois Pomerenki, Marcia Sweet, Linda Cobb, Linda Hardt, 4. Chris Millhouse, 5. Jane Hopkins, 6. Dave Hanson, 7. Ruth Hannewald, 8. Wendy Jarrell, 9. Rodger Poe, 10. Bonnie Teachout, 11. Saundra Caudill, 12. Jill Marshall, 13. Linda Cobb, 14. Linda Prentice, 15. Laura Stevens, 16. Sharon Hollo¬ way, 17. Dawn Streets. 57 FUTURE- TEyACf-TERS — fywdtte fno ss i :• llPnl Bill ' mm wm ■KBV " ’ y r : n Mrrrr 1 l ■hhmAI ••‘•nr ■ni wrnr Ruth Hannewald, Patty Hardt, Monika Skepenaitis, Mrs. Ramsdell, Gail Landis, Ann Myers, Ann McCleer, Angela Gibney Linda Topping, Sandra Howard, Kathy Sweet, Mary Reed, Suzanne Rob, Beverly Dixon, Marilyn Boyce Judy Stephens, Linda Stephens, Saundra Caudill, Jim Switzenberg, Dennis Dixon, Debbie Stephens, Ellen O ' Brien This year the Future Teachers, under the supervision of Mrs. Ramsdell, have been busy planning their activities. Included in these activities were a BKTT Day (Be Kind To Teachers Day), a visit to the campus of Eastern Michigan University, a Student Teachers’ Day, and practice teaching at Smith Elementary. SEMOR, RAND — $buk up tfi band DRUMS—J. Curtis, J. Kunzelman, J. Weitlauf, J. Donahue, D. Heron, D. Bloxom, M. Hartsuff TROMBONES—M. Lehman, D. Atkinson, F. Grosshans, T. Krummery, S. Collins, J. Millhouse, C. Teachout, C. Grosshans, B. Barbour CORNETS—K. Baldwin, S. Rob, D. Hannewald, M. Lindberg, R. White, J. Switzenberg, J. Whitehead, D. Clark, S. Biehn, N. Glenn OBOE—F. Camp FRENCH HORNS—M. Meyer, S. White, K. Dorer, Y. Hardt, J. Hopkins BARITONES—G. Horst, R. Camp, J. Rick BASS CLARINETS—N. Zeitz, C. Robinson ALTO CLARINETS—L. Richardson, L. Stoffer ALTO SAXOPHONES—R. Schumaker, J. Marshall, C. Lathrop, D. Hannewald, G. Hannewald, J. Robinson TENOR SAXOPHONE—D. Hanson BASSES—D. Wild, R. Lipp FLUTES—D. Streets, D. McVay, S. Batchelor, D. Dancer, T. Greenamyer, D. Glenn, L. Mackinder, P. Kishpaugh CLARINETS—D. Dixon, B. Dixon, D. Camburn, M. Boyce, E. O’Brien, B. Tisch, D. Frinkel, J. Hannewald, F. Stephens, W. Allen, L. Duszynski, M. Rob, K. Jarrell, C. Switzenberg, L. Caudill, D. Owen, M.- Hartsuff, J. Donohue, P. Shellenbarger dtrj m J i- i o -©-7; ym H. 60 JUNIOR, RAND — u wtotg (jO 1ST ROW: Debbie Collier, Julie Millhouse, Patrice Weddon, Marcia Bachelor, Jeannie Puckett, 2ND ROW: Sue Lehman, Julie Morgan, Juanita Taulbee, Rick Stevens, Russ Stowe, Don Howard, Randy Lipp, Rodney Owen, Ben Price, 3RD ROW: Carolyn Cowan, Keith Kothe, Kay Prater, Mary Tudorovich, Beverly Mashke, Lauri Nichol, Debbie Stoffer, Chris Otis, Theresa Lukenich, Judy Stephens, Rita Morgan, Dennis Hartley, Rodney McClinchey, Roger Mullins, Teddy Robu, 4TH ROW: Nancy Singer, Margie Prescott, Patty Stephens, Debbie Holt, Risha Muraf, Brad Wilson, Melissa Dancer, Shir¬ ley Steffy, Beckie Nagley, Gary Ludtke, Joyce Hartsuff, Howard Flint, David James, Tom Biehn, Coy Dancer, BACK ROW: Flora Ashbaugh, Cathy Marshall, Diane Lipp, Jeff Schooler, The 1965-66 Junior High Band has 94 members. The largest part of the band is made up of seventh graders who are making a great deal of improvement. The band has performed at a football game during the marching season, the district Band and Orchestra Festival in Lansing and a spring concert. Several of the band members competed at the District 8 Solo and Ensemble Festival in Hartland, Michigan this year. 62 Peggy Zeitz, Leslie Davis, Kathy Curtis, Lynnette Grosshans, Gwen Victorian. Steve Lindbergh, Edward Abby, Richard Whitehead, Mark Baldwin, Linda Owen, Peggy Rudolph, Rose Asquith. Glenn McGlothen, Marvin Frinkle, Barry Krummrey, Lynn Asquith, Janet Push, Marilyn Gletcher, Sharon Taylor, Dennis Owen, Martin Schubert, Mary Ann Caudill, Nancy Shepard. Mike Salow, George Wild, Tom James, Gary Lewis, Brent Mayer, Wayne Prentice, Tom Mills, Craig Collins, David Shellenbarger, Eddie Aluk, Norman Knott, Gary Oakley. Bill Wild, Bruce Goodlock, Melanie Hodges, Becky Rob, Charles Davidson, director. Missing from picture: Nancy Cowan and Phyllis Riba 63 JUNIOR, U GU CHORUS — SuiCjutg ROW 1: Miss Pryor, Sharon Minix, Risha Muraf, Judy Bailey, Linda Owen, Debbie Stoffer, Rita Hackworth ROW 2: Diane Stevens, Martha Baum, Wanda Fletcher, Carolyn Bailey, Helen Porter, Judy Craft, Dorothy Hart, Judy Richmond ROW 3: Debbie Allen, Joan Thomas, Dee Ann Ward, Rosemary Stevens, Marifaith Myer, Linda Crockett, Marlene Brooks ROW 4: Cathy Marshall, Christine Ottoman, Ruth Ann Rudd, Peggy Rudolph, Lauri Nichols, Peggy Zeitz, Susan Radowski, Nancy Singer i ROW 5: Patrice Weddon, Mary Ann Caudill, Nancy Shepard, Karen Prater, Debbie Collier, Judy Topping, Tresia Wright, Lois Dancer ROW 6: Kay Randolph, Deborah Brown, Leslie Davis, Diane Hazell, Becky McKim, Sherry Conley, Lori Jacobs, Robin Streets ROW 7: Chris Schertzing, Wayne Prentice, Gary Banks, Robert Kilgore, Ronald Frinkle, Linda Humerick, Marcia Bachelor ROW 8: Teddy Robu, Gary Allen, Mack Sturgill, Dennis Parker, John Flannery, Roger Mullins, Doug Rickman, Robert Castle | |Jo e e te tce . Joye Hartsuff, Joanne Taylor, Debbie Holt, Melissa Dancer, Margie Prescott, Ella McLaughlin, Sharon Brown Sandra Long, Rita Morgan, Bette Riggs, Glenda Greene, Diane Biehn, Gwen Alsept, Susan Cowan, Rebecca Rubert Rebecca Muraf, Mary Parks, Susan Frayer, Becky Rob, Flora Ashbaugh, Debbie Fletcher, Donna Davis, Joan Duszynski Becky Harvey, Beverly Maschke, Donna Biehn, Melanie Hodges, Debra Byrd, Janet Push, Terri Collier, Juanita Taulbee Barbara Glover, Bonnie Wetzel, Darla Lawrence, Paula Lewis, Mabel Harris, Beth Frayer, Sharlene McConeghy Susan Withrow, Julia Millhouse, Clarinda Flannery, Jean Frye, Vicki Readout, Pauline Samons, Brenda Worden, Janet Stevens Lynette Grosshans, Jane Parks, Laura Mannor, Geneva Allen, Bonnie ' Elliott, Juanita Allen, Barbara Hoffman Eddie Aluk, Mark Baldwin, Dan Howlett, Dan Freiermuth, Mike Salow, Gary Conley, Ben Price, Roger Artz 65 IsJ CLUB — wonting (pv p ifi cUow C. Lukenich L. Mackinder K. Dorer J. Boyce T. Ewers H. Streets G. Victorian R. Camp C. Barnard S. Caudill D. Frinkel B. Teachout C. Millhouse T. Greenamyer K. Hamlin B. Greenamyer K. Sweet J. Donahue J. Stephens E. O’Brien B. Daugherty P. Kishpaugh J. Freer L. Stephens L. Price L. Topping S. White D. Risner S. McKim J. Wilson C. Lathrop J. Hannewald L. Caudill J. Rachow J. Marshall S. Staffer D. Bachelor N. £eitz S. Brown D. Propst F. Camp K. Baldwin S. Rachow C. Grosshans M. Hartsuff C. Switzenberg L. Prentice G. L andis L. Stevens J. Weitlauf Y. Hardt P Hardt R. Hannewald M. Rob G. Hartsuff B. Tisch A. McCleer D. Stephens J. McGee S. Biehn K. Fletcher L. Conley S. Holloway Miss Stephens OFFICERS: Pres. R. Hannewald, Vice-Pres. P. Hardt, Sec. S. Holloway, Treas. D. Batchelor Our Glee Club is to be commended this year for the excellent job which it has done. Under the direction of Miss Stephens, the girls worked diligently to prepare their music. The Glee Club sang at the Christmas and Thanksgiving Assemblies and for the Lions Club. The Christmas season was made all the merrier for those who attended the Christ¬ mas Concert which featured the Glee Club’s " Singing Christmas Tree.” The season was highlighted by a trip to the Fischer Theater in Detroit to see " Carousel.” The girls sur¬ prised Miss Stephens on her birthday by giving her a party. In the spring the Glee Club attended the District VIII Choral Festival at Fverrett High School in Lansing. 66 SECOND SOPRANOS ACCOMPANISTS Bonnie Greenamyer, Ruth Hannewald, Kathy Sweet, Kay Baldwin ALTOS Such a lovely gift! — Qusifyu e - f-f ppy Biribdctjyl 68 LIBRARY CLUB — fytfwide us with SuppkjYfMtiutj htoMlxq t ax vboJk FRONT: Gaye Hartsuff, Paul Ann Arrietta, Nancy Trapp, Laura Stevens, Christine Dixon, Heather Streets, Bonnie Greenamyer BACK: Janice Smith, Lori Price, Linda Price, Chris Frey, Susan Biehn, Pam Kunzelman, Nancy Wetzel, Miss Stephens RAPER ClAFF — publish oua school ws STANDING: Judy Clark, A. C. Allen, Paul Bailey, Mr. Snider, Clark Maschke, Dale Risner, Kathy Roepcke SEATED: Sue Dell Risner, Becky Howlett, Bonnie Greenamyer, Gaye Hartsuff, Dawn Streets, Linda Biehn 69 SPANISH CLUB - Ou Kj feuv (Vtgtftts (jCWH di STANDING: Diane Gillmore, Barb Daugherty, Jack Hamlin, Ron Bloxom, Mr. Klinger, Floyd Geer, Debbie Woodman, Diane Neeley, Mildred Wilson. SITTING: James Hanson, Christine Dixon, Lori Price, Sandy Nott. The Spanish Club began with the election of officers for the school year. Elected were Lori Price—President, Christine Dixon—Vice-President, Sandy Nott—Secretary, and Jim Hanson—Treasurer. Our first activity was a hay ride in the early fall on which we had a lot of fun—especially the hay fight. Christmas brought our " Fiesta de Navidad” at which we played games, sang Spanish carols and had delicious refreshments. Two of our members made a beautiful Pinata. The highlight of the party was the breaking of this Pinata, an old Spanish custom. Our spring activities included a Spanish dinner and program and a dance. We had much fun with the club this year and invite anyone interested to join us next year. Ff -l y — (tactwu iCj doMStto VtiluM V 1 fill ' ■ M wsMSk Wm « ' Ki Mary Reed Carolyn Minix Elizabeth Minix Darlene Myers Diane Neeley Eileen Mead Mildred Wilson Linda Biehn, Mary Finch, Joan Sutliff Rose Wilson, Carol Robinson, Suzanne Comai Miss Koszegi Debbie Woodman Linda Horn Carolyn Cowan Nancy Cowan Rose Asquith Joan Lovings Diane Schubert One of the many projects of the F.H.A. was to make Christmas gifts for children in the hospital. All members worked on Degrees of Achievement representing work done toward personal growth and improvement. They also sold dessert cookbooks whose profits boosted their treasury. F.H.A. Officers F. F. A. fyi0 6fes betfei uJtdM6tftitc[ ROW 1: Mr. Cronkhite, A. C. Allen, D. Bachelor, D. Sommers, J. Myer, P. Lehman ROW 2: B. Allen, R. Johnson, D. Kunzelman, J. Donahue, D. Ottoman, M. Lukenich, T. Workman, L. Kilgore, J. Samulak, J. Asquith, S. Muraf, J. Hauser, R. Allen, B. Myher, A. C. Workman ROW 3: P. Barbour, C. Bailey, J. Brown, L. Fitch, L. Griffus, B. Allen, R. Churchill, D. Mayer, L. Wright, A. Risner, G. Frey, D. Bradley, R. Cole, G. Outwater, J. Lindstrom ROW 4: Jr. Wireman, J. Southwell, T. Moechel, H. Doesburg, G. Cipta, D. Schoonover, B. Marshall, B. Russell, M. Rich, C. Maschke, P. Tibbetts, R. Hackworth, S. Samulak, R. Hegge, M. Chrisinski ROW 5: J. Roberts, D. Carpenter, D. Kellenberger, D. Musbach, J. Patrick, H. Adams, P. Runciman, P. Stearns, R. Borges, C. Marshall, D. Minix, H. Williams, T. Brainard, R. Horn, H. Hawkins. F.F.A. OFFICERS FOR 1965-66 President . Douglas Sommer Vice-President . Dean Bachelor Secretary . James Myer Treasurer . A. C. Allen Reporter.Ronald Hawkins Sentinel.Paul Lehman The 86 members enrolled in Vocational Agriculture participated in many learning ac¬ tivities throughout the school year. Some class members were visited on their farms to view and discuss the student’s farm programs. The annual F.F.A. Banquet ' was held in the winter where awards were given for the past two years. All members attended Career Day in February. The leadership contests were entered at Williamston in February. Stockbridge had three teams in the state F.F.A. Skill Contest in May. The new F.F.A. officers for 1966-67 attended Region IV South Leadership School at St. Mary’s Lake, Battle Creek, in April. Members of the Advanced Agriculture classes made seven field trips to muck areas in their study of soils. Two broods of broilers were raised as a group project. James Myer, Doug Sommer, and Dean Bachelor were guests of the Ingham Soil Conservation Service at their annual meeting and were presented the soil judging plaque for 1965. James was high man in the county of the seven schools participating in the Ingham District F.F.A. Soil Judging Day. 72 W wcvuv fy tyfyi G$$ OWV vltiw points 1ST ROW: F. Camp, C. Grosshans, Mrs. Anderson, M. Reed M. Skepenaitis 2ND ROW: T. James, J. Singer, B. Price, G. Horst 73 FO £NQtC£ — Mice cut potto mj c ulttodke l DECLAMATION D. Frinkel, C. Lathrop, M. Rob, S. Porzsolt, M. Reed, S. Batchelor, S. Rob HUMOROUS READING B. Howlett, D. Glen, P. Kishpaugh, S. Comai, J. Milhouse, D. Stephens, Mrs. Anderson, J. Singer, B. Renner INTERPRETIVE READING 74 C. Robinson studemt council — Mp pto go t ctitywiup M. Conley, B. Zick, T. Howlett, Advisor, Mr. Boyd, R. Sooy, R. Poe, B. Stephens, M. Lindberg, B. Barber, B. Howlett, K. Baldwin, C. Howlett, D. Bachelor OFFICERS President . . . Vice President Secretary Treasurer Tim Howlett . . . . Rob Sooy Becky Howlett . . Rodger Poe The Student Council plays an important part in our student body. They do every¬ thing from sponsoring our homecoming to deciding the school dress code, They also participate in Student Council Exchange Day with other schools. Some of their projects included helping in the printing of the bas¬ ketball programs, and buying a new flag for the old gym. For the stage they bought new fly curtains and painted the walls. CONGRATULATIONS! 75 CERVtCES — wmAmjmL tcv us BUS DRIVERS: Jerry Runciman, Orla Ackley, Lester Musbach, Lawrence Riggs, Howard Ward, Ralph Myer, Wayne Geer, Louis Schumacher, Robert Wilson, Wellford Call Jean Marshall, Francis Nott, Dorothy Barber, Merna Schroeder, Shirley Otis, Daisy Murray, Gladys Bowen COOKS: Helen Sharland Evadeen Sommer Lorena Robinson Madeline Wahl CUSTODIAN: Fred Wilson CUSTODIAN: Paulette Shew 76 I — OUEEN BONNfB RBIGNS [ ! Jill Owen, John Roberts, Marilyn Boyce, Tom Zick, Queen Bonnie, Tom Brainard, Karen Hamlin, Larrel Whitaker, Kathy Jarrell, Dan Holloway QUE£N What a beautiful Homecoming—the charming Queen and her Court, the excellently built floats, our team who fought their way to victory, the cheer¬ ing fans, and the Homecoming Dance where we cele¬ brated our victory! Even the weather cooperated, making it a perfect night. The Juniors were especial¬ ly happy because their float placed first. Members of Bonnie Teachout’s Court included Kathy Jarrell, Freshman; Jill Owen, Sophomore; Kar¬ en Hamlin, Junior; Marilyn Boyce, Senior. Bonnie was crowned by the 1964 Homecoming Queen, Carol Hardt. Dancing to the Diamonds Combo Mr. Laurie presents the trophy The Juniors’ Winning Float The Coronation __ 79 I varsity football Action! Action! Action! It has to be our ball! Let’s nail him to the ground. Now, let’s do this! We wonder what will be next. Faithful Helpers 80 SCORES Stockbridge. . . ... 1 Chelsea . . . .28 Stockbridge. . . . . . 0 Dexter . . . .31 ' Stockbridge. . . .. .13 Fowlerville . . . . .32 ' Stockbridge. . . . . .12 Leslie . ... 6 ' Stockbridge. . . . . .12 Dansville ... 7 Stockbridge. . . . . .35 Pinckney .... . . .13 ' Stockbridge. .. . . . 0 Williamston . . . . .14 Stockbridge. . . . . .32 South Lyon . . . . . .26 League Games We are mighty proud of this new possession. — ' S Pcuttfce lS bcMto ho UuA l pILouCG tfo SEATED: B. Russel, M. Vogel, J. Singer, B. Stephens, S. Collins, J. Pelton, D. Heron, T. Howlett, D. Risner KNEELING: R. Poe, D. Myers, H. Adams, R. White, S. Smith, C. Poe, B. Meyer, M. Loso, D. McVay STANDING: Coach Robert Boyd, T. Zick, R. Sooy, D. Mills, D. Camburn, T. Clark, G. Stowe, L. Earl, Coach Ron Driscoll 81 JUNIOR, IjARSTTY FOOTBALL. ROW 1: Bob Price, Gary Horst, Bill Bailey, Ron Mead, Phil Harris, Bob Trapp, Dan Wilson, Larry Kilgore, Jack Marshall, Keith Kothe, Manager ROW 2: Coach Mr. Hora, Bruce Barber, Rick Stevens, Jim Hanson, Brian Boyce, Don Hannewald, Fred Singer, Bob Vogel, Mark Hartsuff, Tom Stephens, Coach Mr. Clark ROW 3: Russ Stowe, Manager, Earl Bailey, Mike Lehman, Dan Holloway, Paul Tibbetts, Randy Myers, Jerry South- well, Rick Hartsuff, John Donahue, Billy Myhers, How¬ ard Adams, Manager ROW 4: Jeff Schooler, John Millhouse, Mike Chrisinski, Junior Williams, Rick Horn, Billy Barker, Dave Carpen¬ ter, Jerry Asquith, Ron Steffey, Mike Otis, Terry Adkins — J V $ wit v IjUte , WE t06b W SCORES THEY 26. . Dexter . . 7 0. . Fowlerville . .25 6. . Leslie . .33 21. . Dansville . .13 22. . Pinckney . . 0 14. .Williamston .... .13 13. .Chelsea. . 0 i 82 WSfTY with n atuh utg 04 Sue Robb Sharon Holloway Sandy Howard Saundra Caudill Debbie Stephens Linda Conley Kathy Sweet 83 — btg let! Mary Hartsuff Becky Howlett Linda Topping Kathy Jarrell Diane Frinkel Sally White JR . UIGU CHEERLEADERS — fydbi ou, fydbuOu, woujj M about it! 84 JUNIOR VARCUY BACm ALL — Sj olfut TGlCjnS Dan Wilson, Richard Risner, Junior Williams, Tom Stephens, Bruce Barbor, Darrell Williams, Mark Hartsuff, Randy Myers Dennis Gibney, Ron Mead, Mike Brann, Billy Barker, Mr. Sargent, Bill Haverty, Phil Harris, Mike Conley Geral Whitaker and Dave Carpenter were not present when the picture was taken. WE SCORES THEY 50. . Dexter . .69 49. . Fowlerville . .56 57. . Chelsea . .36 58. .65 67. . Dansville . .48 51. . Parkside . .35 55. .Williamston. .63 63. . Pinckney . .35 58. . ... Fowlerville . .63 48. .... Jackson (St. Johns) . . . .71 76. .. . Jackson (Sophomores) . . .34 68. . Leslie . .64 82. . Dansville . .55 91. .56 76. .Williamston. .58 92. .58 83. . Pinckney . .58 WCfTY R4SKETR4U- — t OLhu wlk IfA b pUcuCG Rob Sooy, Brian Sommer, Don Camburn, Dave Mills, Ron Collings, Steve Collins, Bob Zick, Gail Allen, Sid Smith, Mr. Clark, Rick White, Rodger Poe, Tim Howlett ’ The Stockbridge Varsity Basketball team success¬ fully defended its Ingham County League Champion¬ ship by winning its last seven league games. The Panthers broke a new scoring record by de¬ feating Pinckney 102-28. Their season was a suc¬ cessful one, posing a 11-7 won-lost record. They participated in the District Tournament at Mason, playing Holt in the first game. They were led by co-captains Rob Sooy and Tim Howlett. WE SCORES THEY 64. .79 53. . Fowlerville . .58 12 . . Chelsea . .55 69. .55 75. .77 76. . Williamston . .50 102. . Pinckney . .28 80. . Fowlerville . .71 56. .... Jackson St. Johns . . . .61 83. . Leslie . .54 79. . Dansville . .65 62. . Saline . .66 78. . Williamston . .66 76. . South Lyon . .68 91. . Pinckney . .43 Rodger Rick Rob Tim Brian 8tk BASKETBALL — detwHiM L to j£mj ROW 1: D. Owen, D. Wild, G. Hannewald, L. Asquith, P. Singer, P. Workman ROW 2: Mr. Driscoll, N. Glenn, A. King, G. Oakley, N. Knott, E. Zick, D. Howard, G. Wild ROW 3: B. Wilson, T. Mills, C. Chrisinski, D. Frye, T. Carpenter, R. Wright, C. Howlett 7tlv BASKETFUL — fj(ASb tjgOA Imj CMnf)MtU4 SfXVtfe ROW 1: Mr. Driscoll, B. Myers, K. Barker, G. Allen, M. Baldwin, D. Wilson, D. Howlett, S. Lindberg ROW 2: G. Mullins, D. Haverty, P. Gibney, S. Collins, R. Owen, B. Price ROW 3: G. Ludtke, T. Robu, G. McGlothen, R. Hamlin, J. Flannery 89 I VAR£nV CLUB — dfenote tXM and huw y (p u efful purposes B. Stephens, C. Curtis, J. Gibney, J. Griffus, T. Zick, M. Loso, R. Poe, J. Singer, B. Sommer, S. Smith, T. Clark, E. Porzolt, B. Ren¬ ner, B. Burton, T. Howlett, M. Lindberg, B. Zick, R. Sooy, S. Collins, D. Heron, Mr. Boyd, R. White - OUA tO ' LjOW, QQMjtl MM l Mr. Driscoll, Baseball; Mr. Laurie, Tennis; Mr. Clark, Basketball; Mr. Sargent, Basketball; Mr. Boyd, Athletic Director; Mr- Hora, Football; Mr. Loso, Wrestling (not pictured) Our coaches spend a great deal of time that is not punched on a time clock with our boys. They sometimes work with complicated schedules, and some of them deny their families time which should be spent with them. All of this just so the boys of our school may have a strong athletic program. Any man who will do this must be dedi¬ cated to the youth of America and must want to challenge them in the field of sports. 90 WR£$Tt4NJ£r —fast o v Hi mot Joe Singer, Brian Boyce, Jim Hanson, Fred Singer David Hanson, David Myer, Rick Hartsuff, Ron Sheldon, Larry West, Mr. Loso Mark Otis, Mike Loso, Dan Heron, Mike Otis, D. C. Workman INTERSCHOLASTIC WRESTLING RULES 1. Length of match is 6 minutes, which is divided into 3 periods of 2 minutes each. a. In the first period the contestants start from the standing position. b. In the second period the wrestlers begin from the referee’s position. One has the ad¬ vantage or top position and the other has the disadvantage or the bottom position. c. In the third period the wrestlers again begin in referee’s position. 2. A fall at any time terminates the match. A fall is awarded when a contestant’s shoulders are held in contact with the mat for a minimum of two sec¬ onds. 3. A fall shall count 5 points for the team total, a decision 3 points, and a draw 2 points. 4. If there is not a fall, the contestant scoring the greater number of match points is the winner. 5. " Match points” are scored in the following man¬ ner: a. Take down—2 points for taking an opponent down to the mat and gaining control. b. Reversal—2 points. Awarded when a wres¬ tler in the under position reverses the situa¬ tion and gains the top position. c. Escape—2 points. Awarded when a wrestler in the under position escapes to a neutral position. d. Predicament—2 points. Awarded when a contestant puts his opponent in jeopardy of being pinned. Not as close as a NEAR FALL. e. Near fall—3 points. Awarded when the con¬ testant who nearly pins his opponent. This wrestling season was a building year for S.H.S. since the sport depends largely upon experi¬ ence. Our grapplers were more intent upon learning the methods than winning matches in our first com¬ petitive year. Each match was a lesson and as time went on our boys became more skilled at the sport. The last two matches were lost only because we did not have enough boys to fill all of the 12 weight divisions and points were forfeited to other teams. The outlook for next season is a little brighter because most of our boys are returning next year. SENIOR. PlAY TEN UTTIE INDIANS Aqoikb CWstteT Ten Little Indian Boys, Going out to dine, One went and choked himself, And then there were nine. Five Little Indian Boys, Going out for law, One got in chancery, And then there were four. Nine Little Indian Boys, Sat up very late, One overslept himself, And then there were eight. Eight Little Indian Boys, Traveling in Devon, One got left behind, And then there were seven. Seven Little Indian Boys, Chopping up some sticks, One chopped himself in half, And then there were six. Four Little Indian Boys, Going out to sea, A red-herring swallowed one, And then there were three. Three Little Indian Boys, Walking in the 200 , A big bear hugged one, And then there were two. Two Little Indian Boys, Sitting in the sun, One shot the other, And then there was one. A A 4 DIRECTOR Mr. Don Klinger 92 Six Little Indian Boys, Playing with a hive, A bumble bee stung one, And then there were five. One Little Indian Boy, Left all alone, He went and hanged himself, And then there were none! CAST Emily Brent, the Old Maid .Carol Robinson Vera Claythorne, the Secretary .Sharon Frey Mrs. Rogers, the Cook . Carol Lukenich Dr. Armstrong, the Doctor . Bob Stephens Philip Lombard, the Captain .Rob Sooy Fred Narracott, the Boatman . Gary Stowe Sir Laivrence IVargrave, the Judge .Jim Gibney MacKenzie, the General .Wendell Jarrell William Blore, the Copper . Tim Howlett Anthony Marston, the Playboy . David Myer Rogers, the Man Servant . Tom Zick STUDENT DIRECTOR Barbara Prater Something very peculiar is going on here. Have a drink, General ? I’ve a wizard of a car. Conscience killed him! Stop it! Stop it! My God, he ' s dead! He’s been shot! Miss Brent looks strange - you don’t suppose? Yes, Miss Claythorne, I’m the one! The story concerns a group of TEN guests, invited to Indian Island off the coast of Devon, England, by two mysterious and absent hosts. Once in the huge old mansion, the ten find themselves to be the only people on the island and that all communications with the mainland are severed. One by one they are mysteriously murdered in a manner sug¬ gested by the rhyme hung above the mantelpiece and one by one ten little china Indian figures are broken. 93 B Left to Right: G. Stowe, C. Robinson, R. Klinger, L. Conley, R. Sooy, C. Lukenich, M. Boyce, T. Howlett, D. Stephens, J. Gibney, D. Myer, S. Frey, B. Stephens, S. Caudill, W. Jarrell JUNIORS — fytes cb ’ Tta P ifpct Idiot’ ’ T . «, • -r-t " —you ought to be in jail—you—you— Frankenstein!” " I’ll just give him a little sedative.” CAST Margaret Tennyson .Debbie Stephens Jackie Tennyson .David Myer Rhodora .Carol Lukenich Roger Tennyson . Jim Gibney Walter P. Latherby .Rob Sooy Daniel Tennyson .Tim Howlett Arthur Barnard . Bob Stephens Miss Baker . Carol Robinson Linda Barnard . Marilyn Boyce Jeannie Wilson . Sharon Frey Aloysius (Puff) Witomski . Royal Klinger Carla Carlson . Linda Conley Policeman ..Gary Stowe Dr. Hockhorst Von Bart .Wendell Jarrell Miss Booth . Saundra Caudill ' ' The Perfect Idiot”, a comedy in three acts, was written by Eunice and Grant Atkinson. Dan is the boy-wonder and the perfect idiot. Dan in¬ vents a hypnotic box, and with it he makes Puff, a star athlete, into a straight A student. A big soap manufacturer gets interested in the box and also gets hypnotized. Every¬ thing is rolling smoothly for Dan until some wild mishaps upset the applecart! Yet there are scenes of charming relief as when Linda tdaches Dan exactly how to say good night after a date and Rhodora, the maid, tries to tell Dan how to treat girls special like. Directors: Miss Fouts and Mr. Robeson 94 VARIETY — cut Aj sing The Variety Show is one of the highlights of the year for the Glee Club Members. There is much more work involved in putting on a show of this type than one might expect. Although a lot of difficulties arc encountered in the development of the show everyone is usually rewarded by a good time and a feeling of success. 96 Ct-fCW Miss Stephens certainly deserves a big " thank you " for the work she has put into the production of the yearly Variety Show. It is obvious that she provides the impetus for this final achievemenut of the vocal department. We humbly express our apprecia¬ tion to her and everyone who helped make this production a most enjoyable and memorable occasion. Mrs. Linda Burry SPANISH RANOUET Mr. Carlos Canepa OUR FIRST FIESlA The evening started with dinner prepared by the .second year Spanish students. It was followed by two skits in which both first and second year students participated. The speaker, Mr. Carlos Canepa, from Arequipa, Peru, gave a stimulating talk about the teenagers from his country. Mr. Canepa had the privilege to swim in the Olympics at Tokyo, Japan. Af ter his talk he held a question and answer period. Our guests for the evening were Mrs. Canepa, Mrs. Bogart, Mrs. Cassidy, Mr. Burry, Mr. Nash, Mr. Howlett, and Mr. and Mrs. Snider. — Bl estuiUv A bctlh Las Senoritas Dance Studio 98 JUNIOR PRO U ; j — Oj tuqlcb ttV As the couples walked into the gym they were amazed by its complete transformation into an " Evening in Paris’’. They were confronted with a scene complete with Eiffel Tower, fountain, and sidewalk cafes. The Juniors worked hard to make the prom the success it was. 99 7ENMS kJ N y vb Jk jj KNEELING: Bob Burton, Martin Lindberg, Dennis Owen,’ John Curtis, Jerry Kunzelman STANDING: Sid Smith, Jon Mills, Bob Stephens, Mr. Lawrie, Eddie Porzsolt, Terry Krummery, Bob Zick WE 0 . 0 . . 5 .. 2 . . 2 .. 0 . 2 . , SCORES . Mason . . Holt . . Howell . .Waverly. Ann Arbor University High . Mason . . Holt . THEY . . . . 5 . . . . 5 . . . . 0 . . . . 3 .... 5 .... 6 .... 3 100 — on ttv tta stafe fttfo Mr. Lawrie, Bob Zick, Martin Lindberg In the Jackson Junior Chamber of Commerce Tennis Tournament, Rob Sooy Ed Porzsolt reached the quarter finals, Sid Smith the semi-finals, while Bob Zick went all the way to the finals and won. Bob traveled to Plymouth to the State Junior Chamber of Commerce Tennis Tourna¬ ment and was eliminated in the quarter finals. Martin Lindberg, Bob Zick Sid Smith, Ed Porzsolt 101 I STANDING: Coach Sargent, D. McVay, T. Clark, O. Lantis, M. Barbour, D. Mills, P. Collins, Coach Hora KNEELING: D. Kellenberger, R. Owen, H. Adams, C. Marshall, C. Curtis, D. Risner, J. Pelton SEATED: D. Cobb, J. Castle, K. Gorrell, P. Lehman, G. Allen, D. Asquith, J. Allen WE THEY 191 2 . . 89 2 50 . .Dexter. .54 55 . .49 71 . . 37 49 . . 56 33 2 . . 751 2 32 . . Williamston . . 77 I 6 I 2 . .... League Meet . . 4th y 2 . 57 . . 51 The 1965 Panther Track team staged a comeback to finish third in the Chelsea invitational track league which is composed of primarily strong Class B teams. The Mile Relay Team was composed of Gail Allen, Dennis Cobb, Rick Owen and Jim Castle. This team bettered the old school record. Rick Owen broke the school record in the mile and was voted the most valuable track man and received the honor of being chosen " the most im¬ proved member of the squad.” TRACfC 102 — on you muuk • . . get set. 103 STANDING: B. Sommer, L. Earl, K. Carpenter, L. Risner, Coach Driscoll, K. Barber, S. Collins, T. Howlett, R. White SEATED: J. Singer, H. Randolph, C. Poe, D. Bloxom, R. Poe, L. Whitaker, J. Bumpus V 0J2£trY GACEepLL WE THEY 0 . Leslie 5 1 . Dansville 2 8 . Williamston 3 2 . Pinckney 5 6 . Fowlerville . 5 7 . Leslie 6 4 . Dansville 2 4 . Williamston 3 7 . Pinckney . 10 6 . Fowlerville . 0 — 0 Hfc, tw , tiweto sbdkes — uo ww Out I J.V. B4SES4LL ROW 1: B. Boyce, M. Lukenich, B. Price, P. Brooks, M. Conley, R. Stephens ROW 2: M. Otis, D. Howard, J. Risner, J. Hamlin, B. Barker, D. Carpenter, J. Samulak, C. Wisman ROW 3: R. Collings, D. Hannewald, D. Hartley, Mr. Clark, D. Camburn, J. Hanson, E. Parker Managers: B. Wilson, D. Hartley WE 6 . 7 . 9 . 7 . 7 . 8 . 4 . 0 . 5 . 12 . SCORES Dansville . Dexter . Pinckney . Leslie . Fowlerville . Leslie . Dansville Fowlerville . Dexter . Pinckney THEY ... 1 .... 3 .. 15 . . . . 2 . . . . 8 ... 9 ... 4 .... 7 .... 8 .. 11 106 I h JfOCWSlBSf ' . ■■ ■ SINGER 4 i ' j85»L 3ifr, p f r ' ' : aV YEARBOOK SJAFP ' " o.v . 22 ° STEVE MURAF, Advertising DOUG ATKINSON, BOB RENNER, Sports GARY HORST, Photographer tfiO tougti tfr towbl KATHY SWEET, Organizations SJAFF CHAIRMEN Just as this book has an end, this year spent in school will soon draw to a close. As the halls grow dim and the classrooms quiet, we hope this book will bring back memories of the friends you made, the classes you took, the fun you had, and the teachers who guided you on your way. Now as you go your separate ways, not knowing if happiness or sorrow will cross your path, hold the thoughts of your days spent in Stockbridge High as the happiest of your life. The Yearbook Staff would like to thank the administration, the faculty, and adver¬ tisers who helped make this book possible. A big thanks also goes to the student body— " it is you who made the yearbook, for the yearbook is you.” Staff Members and Advisor — Imj (jUd III ' ' " - Good Luck, Seniors GORDON’S BARBER SHOP CASKEY ' S 121 N. Clinton Stockbridge, Michigan Funeral Home and Furniture H. E. MUNSELL Groceries, Meats Drugs, Dry Goods Phone 498-2643 Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2755 Gregory, Michigan HOWLETT ' S HARDWARE Gregory and Stockbridge CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS 52 .r;. r r Frigidaire Appliances Siegler Heater Simplicity Lawn Tools Homelite Chain Saws Allis Chalmer and New Idea Farm Equipment 113 Hy-Flash Station and Bulk Delivery HAROLD MARZ Best Wishes, Seniors HEROLD W. LUDTKE INSURANCE Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2955 Phone 498-2793 Gregory, Michigan Congratulations Class of 1966 D C STORES INC. JAMES W. ROWLAND INSURANCE AGENCY Home Office Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2035 Stockbridge, Michigan Throughout Michigan PRESCOTT ' S LOCKER SERVICE Congratulations, Seniors ROB ' S SCRAP YARD Used Car Parts for Sale Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-3215 Buyer of Scrap and Metal On M-36 at Kane Road Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-4467 SPADAFORE ' S SWEET SHOP Compliments of UNADILLA STORE Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-3125 Unadilla, Michigan 1 14 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY KNOWN WHEREVER THERE ARE SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES " Jewelry ' s Finest Craftsmen " Class Rings, Pins, Commencement Announcements and Personal Cards, Diplomas, Trophies and Medals MR. LEE ZIMMERMAN Central Michigan Division 807 Seventeenth St. Jackson Michigan Telephone 784-3904 AT Compliments of STOCKBRID0E MANUFACTURING COMPANY 421 E. Main St. Stockbridge, Michigan FITCHBURG CHURCH GALEN WIGHTMAN, pastor Worship Service 9:15 Church School 10:15 " The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto —Hebrew 13:6 Compliments of ROSS TANK COMPANY Munith, Michigan BROWN ' S DRUG STORE Stoclcbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2575 Best Wishes, Seniors WHY? . . . " PHOTOGRAPHY AT ITS BEST " ... THE H. A. POWELL STUDIOS BECAUSE THE PERSONNEL IS THE BEST A profit-sharing organization. Insurance programs are provided. BRADSHAW ' S GROCERY Stoclcbridge, Michigan A five day work week. A good place to work. A good place to buy. ABBOTT AGENCY Five locations in Michigan and Ohio DAYTON DETROIT TOLEDO KALAMAZOO LIVONIA Real Estate and Insurance Phone 851-3145 Stockbridge, Michigan Best Wishes for the Class of ' 66 You will surely pass by wearing Ball Brand Jets. H. E. MARSHALL Gregory, Michigan Phone 851 -2600 COLLINGS BROS. SALES AND SERVICE Stockbridge, Michigan General Garage Auto Glass Installed Congratulations to the Class of 1966 DANCER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE IN MICHIGAN Stockbridge, Michigan PATRONS GREGORY FARMER ' S ELEVATOR CLAIRE SWARTOUT—Gregory, Michigan DORIS DONAHUE—Gregory, Michigan JONES TRAILER SALES—Gregory, Michigan GAR-NETT ' S FLOWER SHOP—Stockbridge, Michigan BRENISER ' S GARAGE—Gregory, Michigan AL ' S MARATHON Gas—Oil—Lubrication—Accessories Tires and Garage Work Munith, Michigan Compliments of JUNE HONAKER Stockbridge, Michigan Beauty Shoppe SOUTHERN BOY GROCERY WYZ-V ' - si-. : Stockbridge, Michigan 117 Compliments of FRINKEL ' S HARDWARE Munith, Michigan Phone 596-2727 PETERSON ORCHARDS Next to the Boy Scout Camp Bruin Lake Gregory, Michigan Phone 498-7183 Compliments of NORTH LAKE STORE Scott and Jane Freeman Compliments of B AND B DRIVE-IN Stockbridge Michigan Congratulations, Seniors FELPAUSCH FOOD CENTER 1001 S. Clinton Stockbridge, Michigan FILLMORE POOL CO. authorized BUSTER CRABBE dealer " THE POOLS OF TOMORROW " RONALD FILLMORE 5001 Dexter Trail Stockbridge, Michigan MARSHALL EQUIPMENT Sales and Service Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-4650 Tfi£MOU)Jl (Cb1£B and STOCKBRID0E BRIEF SUN " YOUR HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER " The Stockbridge Panthers and The Graduates of ' 66 GOOD LUCK SENIORS Compliments of BRIGGS HEATING COOLING Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2631 Best Wishes, Seniors MR. AND MRS. L. B. LINDEMER JO-ELLEN ' S A DRESS SHOPPE Ladies ' Ready to Wear Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-3520 STANFIELD BROTHERS Phone 851-2775 Stockbridge, Michigan RURAL TELEPHONE COMPANY Stockbridqe, Michigan Phone 851-2100 19 Best Wishes WENDELL A. BARBER SON L A GROCERY Meats—Groceries—Produce Phone 596-2366 Munith, Michigan Congratulations Class of ' 66 Ice Cream Products Stockbridge, Michigan 851-2325 STOCKBRIDGE STATE BANK Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-4620 Gregory Branch Gregory, Michigan Phone 498-2070 58 YEARS OF BANKING SIDNEY A. BECKWITH, M.D. H F SALES SERVICE Munith, Michigan Phone 596-2255 Congratulations, Seniors STOCKBRIDGE ELEVATOR AND LUMBERYARD GEORGE KUNZELMAN, Owner Best Wishes to the Graduates of ’66 TED CODDINGTON FORD Compliments of Your Friendly Harvester Dealer C. G. LANTIS AND SONS Stockbridge, Michigan Congratulations, Seniors! M M COAL COMPANY COAL DELIVERY Phone 851-2047 Stockbridge, Michigan -I I ' nHkflM! Compliments of DR. ERNEST PORZSOLT Stockbridge, Michigan BOB ' S FORD C. W. GLENN SONS Chevrolet and Buick Dealers SALES AND SERVICE Phone 851-3225 Stockbridge, Michigan VERIL BALDWIN SONS Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2300 Best Wishes COLLINS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Stockbridge, Michigan 851-7176 TELEVISION AND RADIO SERVICE WE’RE KNOWN FOR TV KNOW-HOW BEST WISHES—JIM CARPENTER Phone 851-3817 Stockbridge, Michigan ROEPCKE AGENCY NIEL AND MARIE MILLS General Insurance Phone 851-4481 Stockbridge, Michigan HAVE DIGGER WILL TRAVEL 851-2427 Stockbridge Michigan 122 Compliments of PANTHER QUEEN 410 West Main Stoclcbridge, Michigan Phone 851-7320 JACK AND HELGA RANCK DIEFENTHALER FARMS Gregory, Michigan Compliments of ANNABELLE ' S SILHOUETTE Congratulations, Graduates FARMERS ' LYNN, ANNABELLE AND VICKI Phone 851-4745 Stoclcbridge, Michigan STATE BANK OF MUNITH " The Bank Where You Feel at Home " Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Best of Luck, Seniors Compliments of VIRGIE ' S COFFEE SHOP Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-4865 JACK MYERS Onions, Lettuce and Carrots Stoclcbridge, Michigan COBB SCHREER Ford Tractor—Ford Implements New Holland Machinery PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE Phone 851-4525 Stoclcbridge, Michigan Best Wishes From SCHAIBLE ' S LAUNDRAMAT Stockbridge, Michigan 123 j Lets Go Where The Action Is... Follow the class of 1966 to goals of achievement which heretofore may have seemed unpassable and insurmountable. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES HICKORY RIDGE FARM DAIRY Stockbridge Michigan 124 BILL ' S SERVICE STATION Expert Mechanic—Goodyear Tires Tune-Ups—Wheel Balancing—Alignment Transmissions—Valve Jobs Electrical Work Batteries—Lubes Brakes—Mufflers Congratulations Seniors THE DANCER COMPANY Stockbridge, Michigan Stockbridge, Michigan Phone—851-2591 WEBB ' S THRIFTWAY Fitchburg BARB AND CHUCK WEBB Phone 565-3071 A FRIEND i I WENDELL AND GARY GEE Specialty—Melons Stockbridge, Michigan Phones: Jackson 787-0152 Stockbridge 565-3129 Congratulations and Best Wishes for the Future Years to the 1966 Graduates LACERNE DIXON Munith, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS MUSBACH TO SUIT YOUR Compliments of the MUNITH LIONS CLUB WEDDINGS PORTRAITS BABIES Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-4917 BOYD WETZEL STOCKBRIDGE A.B.C. GERALD RUNCIMAN Phone 851-3605 Stockbridge, Michigan OUR ADVERTISERS make the Panther Yearbook possible by their support. Each one is a reputable and well established business in our community and surrounding areas. We urge you to patronize our advertisers: when you help them, you help us. PANTHER YEARBOOK STAFF

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