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The 1962 Panther Published by STOCKBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL A look at the past year Foreword With the close of another school year drawing near, comes again our presentation to you of the PANTHER. We have tried to make this book a collection of what we con¬ sider the most important happenings and also have tried to include familiar faces and events that will bring back many pleasant memories. It is extremely difficult to include all of the wonderful happenings, but we have tried to our greatest ability and hope that it will be a book that each and every one of you will cherish. We present to you your 1962 PANTHER. : - I m We, the class of 1962, dedicate our Panther to Mr. Robert Boyd, whom we admire and respect as a teacher, friend and sportsma n. 3 Contents Administration- Faculty - -- Students- Seniors-- Juniors-- Sophomores- Freshmen-- Jr. High.. Organizations-- Activit ies - - ----- Sports---- Advertisers- 8 12 17 35 38 41 45 55 71 76 ■88 Get your own shark Sure hope history doesn ' t repeat itself I flunked the last test In Life Adjustment Class??? Wouldn’t accept either excusel An octopus To The Class of 1962: I wish to congratulate the members of the Senior Class and also all those who have had apart in the preparing of the PANTHER. May the years you Seniors have spent at Stockbridge High School have been fruitful ones. The years ahead should be challenging as " reaching for the moon " becomes a reality. My very best regards, Jesse Batchelor Superintendent MARY SMITH, Secretary Not Pictured: ROSE DANCER 31 Dear Seniors: Congratulations on your achieve¬ ments and best wishes for the future. We sincerely feel that the oppor¬ tunities have been here for those who have availed themselves of them. May your life here with us be a stepping stone to future success, and may each of you remember that there is no sub¬ stitute for good, honest work and consci- entiouseffort to make a living for your¬ self and a worthy contribution to your fellow men. Sincerely, Dick Howlett Principal GRACE COLLINS, Secretary The bells of the Stockbridge Presbyterian Church rang out the tidings of victory wnen the votes were counted after the closing of the polls at the Special School Election on Tuesday, February 13. Of the 1360 total votes cast 829 were in favor and 520 against the $550,000 Bond Issue, proclaiming a victory by 309 votes. This was the fifth successive Bond Issue Election in the Stock- bridge Community Schools School District, all previous ones having been defeated The proposition submitted to the voters was for the purpose of erecting, furnishing and equipping an addition to the present high school, erecting, furnishing and equipping an addition to the Greg¬ ory Elementary Building, erecting furnishing and equipping an ad¬ dition to the Emma L. Smith Ele¬ mentary Building and to acquire additional land for site purposes. The Board of Education, School Administration, special commit¬ tees and interested citizens have worked hard and diligently in planning and explaining the pur¬ pose and need for this Bond Issue. Now the electors have made pos¬ sible a STEP FORWARD IN THE PROGRESS OF EDUCATION in the Stockbridge School System by casting the majority of their votes in favor of the proposition. ROBERT BERRY B. S. Degree, Michigan State Driver ' s Training Social Science ANN BOGART A. B. Degree, Albion, Wayne State, University of Michigan English Latin Junior Class Advisor ROBERT BARRY ROBERT BOYD B. S. Degree, Eastern General Science Life Adjustment Athletic Director Football Coach Track Coach RACHEL CASSIDY B. S., M. A. Degree, English Reading DUANE CLARK B. S. Degree, Eastern Social Studies Physical Education Driver ' s Training Jr. High Basketball Coach DONOVAN CRONKHITE B. S., M. S. Degree, Michigan State Agriculture Physics FFA Advisor DUANE CLARK DONOVAN CRONKHITE 12 IRMA CRONKHITE B. S. Degree, Cleary, Eastern Typing General Business RONALD DRISCOLL B. S. Degree, Eastern History Sophomore Class Advisor Assistant Football Coach Baseball Coach IRMA CRONKHITE RONALD DRISCOLL RONALD FILLMORE B. S., M. A. Degree, Eastern, Michigan State Art NANCY FOUTS A. B. Degree, Hanover Typing Shorthand Bookkeeping RONALD FTLLMORE NANCY FOUTS ROSALIND GLICK A. B. Degree, Hanover English Sophomore Class Advisor RICHARD HOWLETT A. B,, M. A. Degree, Michigan State High School Principal Sociology Counseling ROSALIND GLICK RICHARD HOWLETT 13 DONALD JULIEN A. B., M. A. Degree, Western. University of Michigan American Government History Basketball Coach Counselor Senior Class Advisor JAMES LAWRIE B. A. Degree, Alma English Reading Senior Class Advisor DONALD JULIEN JAMES LAWRIE CHARLES McCALLUM B. A. Degree, Adrian Speech Debate Dramatics Social Studies Forensi cs BESSIE MITCHELL B. S. Degree, Western, Eastern Math Algebra CHARLES McCALLUM BESSIE MITCHELL NELLA O ' BRIEN CAROLYN PETERS NELL A O’BRIEN B. M. Degree, Michigan State Jr. High English CAROLYN PETERS B. A. Degree, Michigan State Physical Education 14 STEVE PISTONO B. A., M. A. Degree, Michigan State Jr. High Math JAMES PROBELSKI B. S. Degree, Northern Michigan Trigonometry Algebra Geometry STEVE PISTONO JAMES PROBELSKI FRANK RADOWSKI B. A. Degree, New Mexico State, Eastern Social Studies MARIAN RAMSDELL B. S., M. A. Degree, Eastern English Elementary Music Jr. High Chorus FRANK RADOWSKI MARIAN RAMSDELL KEITH SAXTON B. M., M. M. Degree, University of Michigan Instrumental Music HERB SEEGERT B. S. Degree, Concordia Reading Health Physical Education Football Coach Basketball Coach KEITH SAXTON HERB SEEGERT WILLIAM SHANEBECK B. A. Degree, Asbury English Spanish L. C. SNIDER A. B. Degree, Ball State Teachers Journalism School Paper Jr. High Reading WILLIAM SHANEBECK L. C. SNIDER NELLIE STEPHENS B. S., M. A. Degree, Eastern English Vocal Music Library JAMES STRAYER B. S. Degree, Eastern Biology Chemistry Science NELLIE STEPHENS JAMES STRAYER LOIS WILKINS B.S. Degree, Michigan State Home Economics FHA Advisor ROBERT WOODMAN B.S. Degree, Western Shop Junior Class Advisor LOIS WILKINS ROBERT WOODMAN 16 DAVID LINDEMER President " As boss of the Seniors he never shirked; no one can say that he never worked. " Football 1,2,3 Track 2 Jr. Play Class Officer Boys ' State Debate 3, 4 Forensics 3, 4 Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleading 2 Science Club GLEN GAUSS Vice President " Goodnatured-friendliness will al¬ ways be his. " F.F.A. 2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Class Officer 4 Paper Staff 4 Varsity Club 4 JOANN FREIERMUTH Treasurer " Quiet in appearance, motives urn known. " Sr. Play Class Officer 2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 3 Majorette 2,3,4 SCHRAY Secretary " She is little, she ' s alert; she ' s al¬ ways a little flirt. " F.H.A. 2,3,4 Class Officer 4 Glee Club 3,4 Paper Staff 4 Majorette 4 EVA LOU STREETS President, Student Council " Laughing at this, laughing at that, no one knows what she is laughing at. " F.T.A. 3 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Jr. Play and Sr. Play Class Officer 1,2,3 Forensics 3 Student Council LLOYD ALLEN " Happy as a mosquito who just passed his screen test. " Sr. Play Paper Staff 4 Science Club 2 DAVID BAUER " Rather shy, but a real swell guy. " F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Track 3 Paper Staff 4 RICHARD BAILEY " I like work, but I ' m not in favor of it. " F.T.A. 3 Football 1 Jr. Play Band 2,3,4 Library Club 1,2,3,4 Science Club 2,3,4 Boys’ Chorus 2,3,4 JERRY BEAUCHAMP " Live fast, die young and have a good-looking corpse. " F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Track 2 Jr. Play JERRY BARBER " Busier than a one-armed paper hanger with hives. " Football 1,2,4 Baseball 1 Jr. Play Sr. Play Band 1,2,3,4 Science Club 2 0 ! 5 SIDNEY BECKWITH " This life is a serious business. " Library Club 1,2 Science Club 2,3,4 CHARLES BROWN " Wisdom and wit are both in him. " ROSALYN BOYCE " Quiet and reserved with a zest for fun. " Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Sr. Play BOB BUMPUS 1 " To know him is to like him, and everybody knows him. " ' Football 1,2,3,4 ! Basketball 1,2,3,4 ; Varsity Club 3,4 ! Student Council 4 JANET BROOKS " Full of fun, this little lass, she brightens up every class. " F.H.A. 2,3,4 1 i AXEL CAMP " You gotta say it with music. Track 3 Baseball 2,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Boys’ Chorus 3,4 JIM COWAN " A patient man is a pattern for a king. " Paper Staff 4 DENNIS CIPTA " Never trouble trouble, til trouble troubles you. " F.F.A. 2,4 Football 1 BILL FABER " There is no future in worrying. F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 BOB COLE " Tall, dark, and handsome! " Football 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 3 Varsity Club 3,4 ROBERT HANSON " Sometimes he surprises us! " F.F.A. 1,2 Band 1,2 MIKE HARVEY " I hurry not - neither do I worry. " Football 1,2,3 Track 1,2,4 Baseball 3,4 Varsity Club 3,4 Boys ' Chorus 1,2,3,4 Sr. Play NORINE GRUMELOT " If talk were electricity she ' d be a powerhouse. " F.T.A. 1,2 Band 1,2,3,4 Yearbook 4 Science Club 2 Debate 3 WINONA HASKELL " We can do more good by being good than any other way. " Glee Club 4 Sr. Play Debate 4 Forensics 3 DON FLETCHER " Take it easy, and let the whole world flicker on. " F.F.A. 2,4 DAVID HECHT " Remember when all he thought about was cars. " VERNON HOARD " That noise is Vern practicing his sax. " Baseball 2 Band 1,2,3,4 Class Officer 1 JERRY HEENEY " Our country man, strong and fine; he hails from the land of cows and swine. " Football 1,2,3,4 ED HOWLETT " Fools wander, but a wise man travels’. " Yearbook Staff 4 DICK HEGGE " Have you ever seen such pretty red hair? " DENNIS JACOBS " When love and duty clash, let duty go to smash. " Football 2 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Jr. Play Paper Staff 4 Varsity Club 4 Boys’ State 3 ARLENE KAISER " Cheerfulness, good-will and a boy are her Secrets of Happiness. " F. H.A. 2,3,4 G. A. A. 3 DOROTHY KLINGLER " A ring on her finger, a man in her heart. " F.H.A. 3 Science Club 4 . CAROLINE KLINGLER " An interesting mixture of sense and nonsense. " F.H.A. 2,3,4 Paper Staff 4 RON LEWIS " Wine, women, and song ruin a man, so I cut out singin’. " F.F.A. 4 Football 1,2,3,4 Varsity Club 3,4 " An ounce of love is worth a pound of gold. " F.H.A. 3,4 JANET MESSNER " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Science Club 2 PAUL MARSHALL " On a cruise we see him go, wearing a uniform, just so. " F.F.A. 1,2,3 Paper Staff 4 JOYCE MILLER " Ennie Mienie Mieniey Moe, tonight I wonder where I ' ll go. " Paper Staff 4 DON MURRAY LARRY MINIX " His love of cars and racing spurs him on. " Paper Staff 4 BILL NEELEY " His one wish: classes ten minutes long; five to come, five to go. " F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 CLIFFORD OAKLEY " An innocent face - but one never knows. " Football 1 Paper Staff 4 Boys ' Chorus 3 • PAUL MINIX " He went to more football games than the players. " Science Club 2 Football Mgr. 4 Boys ' Chorus 2,3,4 TIM O ' BRIEN " If a line were crooked, he would argue that it was straight. " Football 1,2,3,4 Track 2 Baseball 1 Basketball 2 Varsity Club 3,4 DAVID PATTON " I can always give an excuse, if I have enough time. " Paper Staff 3 Boys ' Chorus 1,2,3,4 KEITH OTTO " Hard telling what these quiet fel¬ lows will do. " Football 1,2 Track 1 Paper Staff 4 Boys ' Chorus 1 KATHY PAUL " She starts, blushes, and answers with a musical chuckle. " F.T.A. 3 Glee Club 2,3,4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Band 1,2,3,4 LYNN OWEN " An answer to a maiden ' s prayer. Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Varsity Club 4 Forensics 3 00 i JUDY POWELL " She often burns the midnight oil; but sad to say, it ' s not for toil. " F. T.A. 3 G. A. A. 3 Yearbook Staff 4 ETHEL RAMSDELL " Sometimes shy - but the rest of the time - Oh, My! " Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Science Club 2,3,4 BETTY PRATER " What my lips do not speak, my eyes will say for me. " F.H.A. 3 Sr. Play Paper Staff 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Class Officer 1 JIM REILLY " Some people think the world was made f or fun and frolic - wasn’t it? " F.F.A. 2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Jr. Play Class Officer 1 Varsity Club 2,3,4 Student Council 2,3 Forensics 2 ED RAMSDELL He says " why worry about what we will do after school, anyone who worries is just a fool. " Football 1,2,3,4 Track 2,3 Basketball 3 Jr. Play Sr. Play Class Officer 1,2 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Varsity Club 3,4 Science Club 2 Boys ' Chorus 2,3,4 BOB SCHROEDER Hx ; •- JERRY ROBERTS " Athletic, witty and full of fun, He’s made a friend of everyone. " Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Baseball 2 Basketball 1,2,3,4 KEITH SHARLAND " A cheery disposition, his outstand¬ ing asset. " F.F.A. 2,3,4 JOHN RYBA " A pleasing personality wins friends, everytime. " F.F.A. 4 Football 1 Track 3,4 Basketball 3,4 Varsity Club 3 LORETTA SILVERTHORN " She hears all, thinks a lot, but says little. " F. H.A. 1,2,3,4 G. A.A. 1,2,3 Paper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 ARVALENE SIMONS " Although I’m not so very tall, I’d rather be short than not at all. " Cheerleader 1,2,3 Glee Club 3,4 Paper Staff 3 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Girls’ State 3 ALVA SOUTHWELL " Cider - Cider - Cider - I pick apples in my sleep. " F.F.A. 2 Football 1,2 LARRY SOBER " He’s even nicer when you get to know him. " F.F.A. 1 Football 1,2,3,4 Track 3,4 Varsity Club 3,4 JOHN SLONE " Mysterious or Mischievous?? " Football 2 Track 1,4 Paper Staff 4 PAM STREETS " Her heart is like the moon, there ' s always a man in it. " Glee Club 3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Student Council 3 WILMA STURGILL " Merrily, Merrily shall I live. " GORDON TAYLOR " They ' ll go far; just he and his car. " F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Varsity Club 3,4 BARBARA STUTZMAN " Sugar and spice, everything nice; soon she ' ll be sprinkled with rice. " Paper Staff 3 - Yearbook Staff 3 Girls’ Basketball 1 SHARON TITUS " Smiles . . . Incorporated! " Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Glee Club Jr. Play Band 1,2,3,4 Class Officer 1 Yearbook Staff 4 Student Council 4 JOHN SWEET " Say - have you heard the one about »♦ • • • • F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Varsity Club 3,4 JIM TRAPP " Just give me a hint of what it’s all about. " ED WATSON " Keep smiling; it makes everyone wonder what you have been up to. Football 1,2,3,4 Track 2,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Jr. and Sr. Play Yearbook Staff 3,4 Varsity Club 3,4 Student Council 1,2,3,4 JOYCE TROMBLEY " Never in a hurry, always late. " F.H.A. 2,3,4 Library Club 1,3,4 ED TRAPP " I’ve done the deed, didst thou not hear a noise? " Paper Staff 1 CONNIE WARD " She ' d rather talk to a man than an angel any day. " Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Sr. Play Band 1,2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Science Club 2 GARY WATSON " When there ' s trouble he’s not around, but he’s been there. " FRED WILSON " Better to wear out than to rust out. " DELORES WOLL " You could never tell by looking at her, but she ' s naturally bashful. " F.H.A. 1 Glee Club Jr. Play and Sr. Play Band 3,4 Science Club 2 DON YOUNG " Always smiling, never glum; he ' s a cheerful, happy chum. " Not Pictured PAUL SPOONER EVELYN LOWE Class of 1963 CLASS OFFICERS Kim Mitteer, Student Council; Tom Collins, Secretary; Dave Armstrong, President; Norm Hannewald, Student Council; George Stephens, Vice-President; Ted Mills, Student Council; Mr. Woodman, Mrs. Bogart, Advisors. Dennis Armstrong Nora Bates Alan Boyce John Brady Loyall Broesamle Tom Burton Lee Byerly Bob Camburn Patty Carpenter Judy Clough Sam Clough Pat Collins Tom Collins Aaron Craft Etta Craft Raelene Dieterle Marilyn Dixon Mary Drew Margaret Flack Paul Fletcher Sue Freymuth Pat Greer Karen Griffus Sue Hamlin Norm Hannewald Jill Harvey Ann Haskell Ann Heeney Clinton Hoard Jerry Holloway Joanne Horton Sue Howlett Eleanor Jacobs Martha Johnson Peggy Johnson Dave Joseph Janice Keeper Dorothy Kelly Joe Kimberauskas Paul Kimberauskas Linda King Ray Kuntz 36 Harold Kunzelman Doug Langham Dorothy Marshall Jim Marshall Albert Matyzius Sara McCleer Nancy McKim David Messner Royce Miller Doug Mills Ted Mills Kim Mitter Paul Murphy Louella Neeley Terry Outwater Diana Parker Bill Peters Johnny Peters Susan Peterson Norman Porter Merton Prescott Larry Proctor Dianne Reynolds Annabell Risner Marie Robeson Dianne Robu Barbara Roepcke Pauline Salyers Janet Schreer Louise Sharland Charlene Shew Gary Silverthorn Cheryl Sober George Stephens Judy Streets David Sweet Tom Taylor Connie Tisch Marlene West Ray Wetzel Kay Wilson David Wilcox 37 ; ! L CLASS OFFICERS Wanda Ashbaugh, Treasurer; Mary Hutson, President; Tim Boos, Student Council; Mrs. Glick, Advisor; Wayne Taylor, Student Council; Mr. Driscoll, Advisor; Curt Chillison, Vice-President; Larry White, Secretary. Class of 1964 Dale Ackley Bob Adams Willie Allen Wanda Ashbaugh Jim Ashmore Anne Bailey Pat Barbour Ron Bates Paul Bauer John Biehn Tim Boos Karen Briggs Shirley Brooks Coleman Castro Curt Chillison Sandra Clough Sharon Clough Geraldine Cole Ray Cole Roger Cole Caroline Collings Barry Comai Judy Cowan Keith Cronkhite Charles Davis Joyce Freer Susan Gee Rick Glasgow Joan Hardt Reid Hartsuff Charles Hawkins Patrick Heeney Stanley Hoard Jerry Hopkins Carl Horning Ella Howard Judy Howard Jeff Howlett Carol Hutson Mary Hutson Tom Jacobs Larry Joseph 39 Ron Kaiser Ann Kellenberger Max Kellenberger Mary Kilgore Teresa Kimberauskas Evelyn Knott Bill Lantis Janet McCleer Tim McCleer Robbie Mitteer Bonnie Mollenkopf Gerald Munsell Sharon Myer Rodger Myers Lynn Osborne Dean Otto Kay Poe Larry Policht Pansy Prater Janet Prentice Judy Push Linda Randolph Tom Reynolds David Rick Claire Risner Donna Risner Elaine Risner Opal Salyer Bob Schumacher Tom Shellenbarger Dave Shepard Marshall Silveus Sandy Slayden Sandra Spencer Sally Stoffer Teresa Stone Linda Stowe Charles Sturgill Wayne Taylor Wilma Taylor Dave Thompson Jim Tower 40 Kenneth Waynick Brenda West Dan Wetzel Larry White Janice Wilcox Bill Wilson Douglas Withrow Eldred Yerks Donna Young Audrey Zeitz Class of 1965 CLASS OFFICERS Mr. Clark, Advisor; George Rob, President; Leonard Porter, Treasurer; Brad Weddon, Secretary; Mrs. Peters, Advisor; Sharon Frinkel, Student Council; Walt Prater, Vice-President; Jon Mills, Student Council. Virginia Allen Connie Anderson Larry Arnett Don Asquith Bill Bailey Larry Barbour Mike Barbour Bill Barker Vickie Barnard Chuck Batchelor Sue Batdorff Tom Bishop Sue Bollman Tom Boos Donald Boring Jean Boyce Sue Bradley Richard Burton Gary Carpenter Keith Carpenter Judy Chillison Gary Cipta Dennis Cobb Delores Cole Janice Cole Shriley Cole Phil Collins Tom Collins Kathy Corwin Beverly Cosgray George Cowan Carol Craft Harold Craft Mary Craft Carol Curtis Linda Curton Ralph Denman Rodney Derossett Jean Dickinson Jim Duszynski Linda Esch 43 Heady Fletcher Johnny Fletcher Sharon Frinkel Carolanne Geer Julie Gibney Susan Glynn Jo Ellen Golding Karlene Grosshans Dan Griffes Elmer Grumelot Larry Hackworth Judy Hamlin Carole Hardt Leo Hile Howard Holcomb Jim Horn Doug Howlett Willis Jackson Cathy Johnson Jim Keeper Lynne Kellenberger Karen Kishpaugh Phil Kuntz Duane Kunzelman Orson Landis Elaine Lathrop Bill Lovings Owen Lowell Bob Marshall Tom Maschke Sue Mason Richard Mays Dan McLaughlin Janet Mead Judi Meyers Jon Mills Sharon Minix Shirley Minix Marcia Minneci Chita Moeckel Linda Mote Emile Mullins 44 Pat Murphy Donna Mustatia Margie Myer Vickie Nagley Effie Neeley Rick Nott Charles Oakley Kathy Olson Rick Owen Ridge Owen Jearldine Patrick Leonard Patrick Dave Pennington Dearl Peters Roy Peters Hershell Poe Leonard Porter Arlene Potts Walt Prater Bonnie Prescott Harold Randolph Jean Randolph Lewis Risner Mark Risner George Rob Pat Robinson Don Runciman Darley Saylor Albert Schertzing Barbara Schiller Terry Schoonover Ronnie Schubert Cheryle Schutte Mary Shackelford Mary Shellenbarger Glenna Simonds John Snay Cynthia Southwell Russell Southwell Bill Spooner Dick Streets Linda Taylor t 45 p Carol Thomas Leona Tisch Frank Ulanowicz Brad Weddon Glenda Weitlauf Winford Williams Class of 1966 1 . i m I £39 IL CLASS OFFICERS Linda Hardt, Vice-President; Mr. Radowski, Advisor; Tim Howlett, Student Council; Mrs. O ' Brien, Advisor; Ruth Hannewald, Secretary; Jill Marshall, Treasurer; Roger Poe, President. Carmella Adams A. C. Allen Ella Allen Joyce Allen Jerry Alsept Paulann Arrieta Linda Ashbaugh Kenny Barber Janet Barker Howard Berlin Linda Biehn Susan Biehn 47 Marilyn Boyce Sharon Bristow Jerry Bumpus Joanne Carley Nick Carpenter Patty Carpenter Sandra Caudill Tom Cavender Ray Churchill Barbara Clark Judy Clark Linda Cobb Albert Cole Tom Collings Susanne Comai Billy Conley Linda Conley Clark Curtis Judy Curton Beverly Dixon Dennis Dixon Jerry Fletcher Glen Frey Sharon Frey Floyd Geer Jim Gibney Sheila Gorrell Bonnie Greenamyer Leslie Griffus Ruth Hannewald David Hanson Linda Hardt. Gaye Hartsuff Tom Haskell Ronald Hawkins Danny Higgins Sharon Holloway Jane Hopkins Linda Horn Tim Howlett Duane Jarrell Wendell Jarrell 48 Mike Joseph Julie Katt Betty Kilgore Royal Klingler Carolyn Kuntz Pam Kunzelman Roger Lindsay Jim Lindstrom Jim Lombard Joan Lovings Carol Lukenich Clinton Marshall Jill Marshall Duane Mayer Harold Mays Mary McCarty Betty McLaughlin Doug McVay Eileen Mead Barry Meyer Christine Millhouse Gregory Minix Marsha Minix Ronnie Minix , Tim Moeckel j Ernest Mullins Dave Myer Jerry Osborne Vicki Parker Janice Patrick Vera Patrick ! Roy Peters Rodger Poe Barbara Prater Lonnie Prater Linda Prentice : Judy Rachow Earl Riddle Carolyn Risner Dale Risner Carol Robinson Kathy Roepcke Pam Rudolph Bruce Russell Bonnie Saylor Paul Schutte Janice Smith Sandra Smith Joann Snay Brian Sommer Robert Sooy Larry Shisler Paul Stearns Debbie Stephens Bob Stephens Dave Stoffer Susan Stoffer Diane Stone Gary Stowe Dawn Streets Eunice Sturgill Kathy Sweet Marcia Sweet Jim Switzenberg Judy Taulbee Bonnie Teachout Charles Teachout Betty Tisch Nancy Trapp Bonnie Walz Larry West Nancy Wetzel Ronald Wetzel Ricky White Anne Wild Junior Wireman Diane Wright Lewis Wright Norma Wright Janice Yerks 50 Class of 1967 Suzanne Adams Larry Adkins Bill Allen Gail Allen Mike Allen Don Arnett Paula Arnett Wanda Arnett Jerry Asquith Doug Atkinson Dean Bachelor Donna Bachelor CLASS OFFICERS Larry Earl, Dean Bachelor, Donna Bachelor, David Mills, Eddie Porzsolt. Paul Bailey Tim Bailey Lester Barnett Steve Batchelor James Berlin Gary Bradley Lena Briggs James Brown Sue Brown Bob Burton Donald Camburn Ruth Ann Camp Larry Carpenter Audrey Catt Gregory Cipta Tom Clark Sharon Cole Rex Collings Steve Collins Gene Cowan Ricky Craft Ernest Davidson Harry Doesburg Judy Donohue Andrew Duszynski Joseph Duszynski Larry Earl Mary Feldpausch Christine Frey Suzanne Frinkel Bonnie Goforth Kim Gorrell Jerry Hackworth Karen Hamlin Jan Hannewald Patricia Hardt Randy Hegge Curtis Howard Sandra Howard Marlin Hughes Bill Hyden Dale Kellenberger 52 Barbara Kilgore Ralph Lantis Martin Lindberg Margaret Livermore Mike Lukenich Mary Marshall Bobby Martin Clark Maschke Susann McKim Juanita Medina David Mills Carolyn Minix David Minix Elizabeth Minix Roger Minix Teresa Minix Kim Moeckel Delores Mullins James Myer Ellen O’Brien Kathie Osborne Mark Otis Betty Owens Jerry Patrick Jack Pelton Diane Perkins Calvin Poe Edmund Porzsolt Bobbie Prater Linda Price Mary Reed Bob Renner Priscilla Riba Linda Richardson Willie Rinesmith Albert Risner Suzanne Rob Homer Roberts John Roberts Roger Rowe Edward Rudd Sue Rudd 53 J Kenneth Saylor Jim Shevrovich Sidney Smith Nancy Snay Douglas Sommer Larry Steffey Roy Stein Judy Stephens Linda Stephens William Stephens Wilma Stone Ronald Sturgill Dallie Thomas Verlin Thomas Bill VanHorn Michael Vogel Steve Ward Maggie West Rodney West Larrel Whitaker Harold Williams Judith Wilson Wendell Wireman Joanne Wireman I SEATED: B. Bumpus, Treasurer; E. Watson, Vice-President; E. L. Streets, President; S. Titus, Secretary; Mr. Howlett, Advisor. STANDING: T. Howlett, N. Hannewald, W. Taylor, K. Mitteer, T. Mills, J. Mills, S. Frinkel, T. Boos, L. Earl. Student Council Student Council representatives are elected by each class, and the president is elected by the entire student body. The president must be a junior or senior and must have participated in student council the previous year or have been a class president. This year the student council bought a water heater for the concession stand at the football field, sponsored Homecoming, donated money to buy two table tennis tables for the new gym, donated money for new cheer- leading outfits, and proposed a student dress code. SEATED: Mrs. Cronkhite, Mrs. Peters, Mr. Woodman, Mrs. Cassidy. STANDING: E. L. Streets, W. Taylor, T. Mills, S. Frinkel, T. Howlett Assembly Committee The assembly committee consists of members of the. faculty and students who have been chosen by the student council. This year ' s assemblies included Table Tennis Champions, Blue-Jay Singers, Science Assembly, and a movie " Third Man on the Mountain. ” SEATED: Mrs. Cassidy, P. Barbour, D. Reynolds, S. Slayden, D. Risner, Miss Stephens. STANDING: J. Wilcox, J. Trombley, A. Zeitz, R. Bailey, Mr. Shanebeck, D. Patton, A. Heeney, L. Esch, D. Kelly. Library Club Student library assistants provide invaluable help in maintaining the school library. Two students are assigned to the library each period, and besides giving excellent assistance, they also gain valuable experience from their library work. 57 Senior Band Carolyn Schray, Audrey Zeitz, Joann Friermuth 58 The band, under the direction of Keith Saxton, took part in many activities throughout the year. The band provided entertainment at the football games, pep rallies, and presented a concert. Sandra Spencer and Larry White were selected for the all state band. This year ' s band award " Oil Can Award " went to Sharon Titus. ROW 1: C. Ward, P. Streets, N. Grumelot, S. Gee, R. Myers, K. Paul, J. Hopkins, C. Hardt, E. Lathrop, S. Bollman, J. Dickinson, S. Frinkel, B. Mollenkopf, S. Spencer. ROW 2: R. Dieterle, W. Ashbaugh, E. Knott, E. Howard, G. Munsell, C. Batchelor, P. Collins, A. Camp, C. Anderson, J. Barbour, S. Biehn, V. Hoard, D. Hanson, R. Schumaker, J. Ashmore, E. Streets, P. Robinson, S. Mason. ROW 3: K. Corwain, M. Boyce, B. Dixon, D. Dixon, K. Kishpaugh, L. Hardt, C. Southwell, R. Hartsuff, J. Schreer, D. Shepard, D. Langham, G. Rob, R. Schumaker, D. Howlett, S. Slayden, L. Proctor, H. Kunzel- man, R. Denman, C. Teachout, L. Stowe, J. Barber, S. Titus, L. White, D. Asquith, W. Taylor. Not Pictured: M. Hutson, R. Bailey, R. White. h 4 CQ ' co N c a D, N c- c n Z w q ; - 5 Dh E £ 2 u . . Q - _J i — - a 1) C-4 DO G DO JO « E ►C CTJ . Q os C T ci G 2 c •S « 55 -i O CQ u o ns uj tH N £ £ o o os os DO ■ 1-4 D -C 2 T3 G " 1 —1 o CO • «4H 2 E- JD CQ o os c » 1 • H - JQ DO o CD OS -§ D N Carol Lukenich Anne Wild ROW 1: ROW 2 : ROW 3: ROW 4 : Miss Stephens, J. Howlett, R. Myers, T. Jacobs, M. Barbour, T. Collins, N. Hannewald. J. Biehn, J. Ashmore, R. Schumacher, T. Taylor, J. Holloway, L. Proctor, D. Lindemer. P. Minix, E, Ramsdell, £. Wation, P. Collins, K. Mitteer, D. Streets, D. Armstrong, D. Patton. G. Stephens, M. Harvey, D. Shepn . B. Cam ' urn, Camp, R. Bailey. , Boys’ Chorus The Boys ' Chorus can carry on only a limited number of ac¬ tivities due to lack of rehearsal time. This year the boys partici¬ pated in the annual Christmas concert and in the annual spring show. In the fall of 1961 the boys elected the following officers: President - - ---ED RAMSDELL Vice-President-DENNIS ARMSTRONG Secretary.-.- PHIL COLLINS Treasurer - -- -- - — _____ -RODGER MYERS ROW 1: LR Miss Stephens, D. Reynolds, A. Simons, J. Keeper, S. Hamlin, C. Schray, B. Roepcke, A. Has¬ kell, L. Tisch, L. Sharland, E. Lathrop, M. Shackelford, D. Marshall, J. Boyce, M. Johnson. ROW 2; W. Haskell, C. Anderson, J. Dickinson, S. Frinkel, J. Hardt, L. Stowe, J. Barbour, S. Spencer, M. Dixon, E. Streets, S. Howlett, K. Wilson, E. Knott; J. Haskell. ROW 3: P. Streets, S. Titus, C. Collings, S. Mason, K. Paul, W. Ashbaugh, M. Robinson, K. Olson, J. Chil- lison, J. Harvey, S. McCleer, J. Prentice, C. Tisch, E. Ramsdell. ROW 4: R. Kieterle, C. Ward, T. Kimberauskas, G. Cole, P. Robinson, B. Mollenkopf, P. Collins, J. Ham¬ lin, M. Hutson, J. Scheer, K. Griffus, R. Boyce, D. Parker, J. Freer, J. Streets. Club The Girls ' Glee Club is composed of sixty girls in grades 9-12. Activities carried oTHaythe Glee Club this year included taking part in a program presented for a P.T.A. meeting, participating in the annual Christmas concert, and helping to carry on the school’s tradition of caroling in the halls the week before Christmas. Spring activities brought the year to a climax when the group entered the vocal festival sponsored by District VIII of the Michigan School Vocal Association in March and presented their annual show in May. Accompanists for the Glee Club are Marie Robeson, Sue Mason, and Jean Boyce. Officers are; President..ETHEL RAMSDELL Vice-President — - - --- - PATTY COLLINS Secretary.NANCY McKIM Treasurer.JANICE HASKELL 62 Junior High Chorus The Junior High Chorus is made up of 7th and 8th graders interested in singing. There are two sections which meet twice a week. In December the chorus took part in the P.T.A. Program and also per¬ formed in the Christmas Concert presented by the Vocal Music De¬ partment. ROW 1; Mrs. Ramsdell, P. Hardt, S. Howard, L. Hardt, C. Luckenich, D. Perkins, S. McKin, D. Bachelor, D. Sommers, R. Collings, E. Porzsolt, B. Burton, L. Biehn, E. O ' Brien, L. Richardson. ROW 2: R. Hegge, T. Minix, K. Hamlin, S. Cole, D. Bachelor, S. Adams, C. Risner, L. Prentice, G. Hartsuff, K. Roepcke, J. Marshall, S. Bristow, S. Frey, R. A. Camp. ROW 3: S. Smith, D. Camburn, S. Bachelor, C. Kuntz, C. Millhouse, D. Stephens, P. Kunzelman, L. Ash- baugh, B. Tisch, P. Arrietta, N. Trapp, S. Biehn, B. Greenameyer, J. Hannewald. ROW 4: M. Luiermore, S. Collins, M. Reed, J. Rachow, P. Rudolph, S. Stoffer, S. Hollaway, C. Sweet, R. Hannewald, M. Sweet, S. Comai, J. Hopkins, L. Briggs, C. Minix. ROW 5: N. Snay, E. Sturgill, N. Wright, J. Snay, D. Mullins, C. Adams, J. Curton, B. Clark, N. Zeitz, S. Rob, L. Stephens, P. Riba. L SEATED: P. Marshall, G. Trapp, P. Johnson, J. Miller, G. Gauss, Mr. Snider, Advisor. ROW 2: P. Salyers, M. Dixon, J. Harvey, S. Freymuth, D. Parker, S. McCleer, M. Flack, C. Schray, C. Klingler, J. Peters. ROW 3: D. Hegge, G. Watson, K. Otto, J. Cowan, J. Slone, C. Oakley, G. Silverthorn, L. Allen, L. Minix J. McGee, D. Jacobs, D. Bauer. The Panther News THE PANTHER NEWS, a student publication is published by the 2nd and 3rd hour journalism classes every week. The staff is changed each semester to give more students experience. The staff covers all school news, promoted school spirit and good public relations. Approximately 300 copies of the paper are sold each week. Editor Editorial Page Page 1 Editor SEATED: N. Grumelot, M. West, R. Dieterle, L. Silverthorn, C. Ward, K. Griffus, A. Simons, S. Titus, J. Keeper. ROW 1; J. Harvey, J. Schreer, D. Young, J. Powell, S. Howlett, N. McKim, J. McCleer, E. Ramsdell, J. Cole, C. Tisch, S. McCleer, P. Collins, T. Kimberauskas, C. Huston, B. Prater. ROW 2; R. Myers, E. Ramsdell, E. Watson, D. Mills, J. McGee, E. Howlett. The Panther Staff Sales Manager, R. Dieterle; Editor, C. Ward; Assistant Editor, K. Griffus; Business Manager, A. Simons. ROW 1: D. Saylor, T. Collins, G. Silverthorn, K. Sharland, D. Messner, D. Runciman, P. Murphy, W. Wil¬ liams, C. Hawkins, D. Thompson, B. Lovings. ROW 2 : D. Shevrovich, J. Roberts, D. Bauer, G. Gauss, J. Beauchamp, G. Taylor, T. Taylor, D. Hegge, D. Cipta, P. Spooner, B. Faber. ROW 3; H. Poe, P. Bower, A. Southwell, R. Schubert, E. Grumelot, R. Cole, R. Hartsuff, R. Kaiser, C. Hoard. ROW 4; R. Marshall, R. Lewis, J. Reilly, J. Sweet, D. Wilcox, P. Heeney, P. Marshall, J. Marshall, J. Heeney, G. Watson, J. Hopkins, D. Fletcher, B. Neeley, J. Ryba, D. Sweet, J. Mills, Mr. Cronkhite. Future Farmers of America The FFA is a national organization for boys who are interested in agriculture. This year ' s membership totaled seventh-two. The Stockbridge FFA chapter held a very successful pine tree buying cooperative in he spring of 1961 - forty-four thousand pine trees were bought and sold. Broilers were carried as a group project. David Bauer, Glen Gauss, Jerry Beauchamp, Gordon Taylor, Tom Taylor, Dick Hegge, Mr. Cronkhite. 66 SEATED: Mrs. Wilkins, Advisor; S. Freymuth Pianist; M. Johnson, Vice-President; A. Kaiser, President; C. Schray, Recording Secretary; C. Klingler, Corresponding Secretary; J. Brooks, Treasurer; J. Tromb¬ ley, Historian; L. Silverthorn, Parliamentarian. STANDING: S. Sladen, Song Leader. Future Homemakers of America The Stockbridge FHA Chapter took part in many activities throughout the year. Members attended the state convention and helped set up a Degree Program. Cook¬ books were sold as a money-making project. Mrs. Wilma Kaiser served as Mother Advisor. SEATED: E. Howard; W. Lovings, H. Fletcher, D. Risner, B. Schiller, C. Moechel, C. Curtis, B. Cos- gray, S. Bradley. STANDING: D. Reynolds, C. Craft, K. Poe, D. Young, M. Wireman, H. Smith. 67 SEATED: Anne Haskell, Winona Haskell, STANDING: Jim Ashmore, Mr. McCallum, Dave Lindemer. Debate Stockbridge High debaters had an average year. The overall record; five wins and six losses. The negative team won four and lost two; while the affirm¬ ative team won one and lost four. In the district debate we were runner-up to Holt. Opponent RECORD Stockbridge Aff. Neg. Holt lost won Haslett lost lost Chelsea won lost Homer lost won Tournament lost won (2) SEATED: Evelyn Knott, Sharon Myer, Jan Haskell. STANDING: Jim Tower. Speech i t i 1 1 1 V The local American Legion Oratorical Contest was won by Ted Mills, a junior. Eva Lou Streets was runner-up and Anne Haskell placed third. Mr. Roland Cobb presented the award to Ted. At the dis¬ trict contest Ted placed third. k Senior I m m . £ {m j w JOANN FRIERMUTH K D.A.R. Award mfc j Honors DOROTHY KLINGLER Salutatorian I , ' s. t 1 . SHARON TITUS Betty Crocker Award ROW 1: D. Asquith, J. Keeper, D. Wetzel, D. Burton. ROW 2: S. Beckwith, M. Barbour, Mr. Strayer, M. Dixon, J. Schreer. ROW 3: P. Collins, M. Hutson, S. Spencer, D. Parker, B. Mollenkopf, R. Bailey, J. Keeper, P. Geer, D. Marshall, S. Batdorff. ROW 4; D. Lindemer, K. Mitteer, E. Jacobs, P. Johnson, J. Harvey, S. McCleer, B. Cosgray. Science Club The Science Club, under the direction of Mr. Strayer, worked extensively on the arboretum this year. Science Club members were accepted by their work at the arboretum in¬ stead of paying dues. Meetings were spent gazing at the planets through a new telescope. The club traveled to Ann Arbor to visit the University of Michigan Museum and to Lansing to visit Michigan State Museum. ■ 70 ' o« ' eCOm % 1961 A winning game, a pretty queen and court, a Cinderella Ball, and the best floats ever made - that’s the 1961 Home¬ coming. Miss Joann Friermuth was crowned Homecoming Queen by the 1960 Queen, Miss RuthRyba. Members of Joann ' s Court were: Sharon Frinkel, Freshman; Jean Hardt, Sophomore; Connie Tisch, Junior; and Carolyn Schray, Senior. Senior ' s winning float ' Three Little Pigskins ' Junior’s ' Aladdin’s Freshmen’s ' Spin Victory Sophomores’ ' Rock to Victory QUEEN AND COURT Jean Hardt Carolyn Schray Joann Connie Tisch Sharon Frinkel Howdy, little gal! knowed he had no name Thanky, Work Senior Play The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come CAST Miss Lucy Bulford - - - - - Eva Lou Streets Thanky - - Winona Haskell Mrs. Caroline Dean - - - ■-Kathy Paul Old Tom- -Lloyd Allen Major Calvin Bulford - - -Jerry Barber Chad- - - - - Ed W atson Margaret Dean- - JoAnn Friermuth Nellie Hunt- - - Rosalyn Boyce Jennie Overstreet - - - - -Delores Woll Richard Hunt- -Ed Ramsdell Nathan Cherry-- - - - Mike Harvey Melissy Turner- - Betty Prater Betsy Cherry-- - - - Connie Ward Yu ' all look like a blackberry in Me, Teach him!! I’d wait for you for You dance divinely CHARLES McCALLUM " You ' re different, but I think you’re very nice. " CURTAIN CALL fy-- « y ' -5j 3 s Varsity P mif 4 rW ROW 1: H. Kunzelman, L. Sober, M. Prescott, A. Boyce, J. Beauchamp, D. Mills, F. Wilson, T. Taylor, E. Ramsdell, J. Sweet, L. Proctor, P. Minix. ROW 2: G. Taylor, R. Lewis, E. Watson, D. Sweet-? J. Roberts, G. Stephens, J. Barber, J, Reilly, G. Silverthorn, N. Hannewald. STOCKBRIDGE SEASON SCORING Panthers-0 Mason-25 Panthers-40 Webberville-7 Panthers-14 Willi amston-19 Panthers-19 Leslie-7 Panthers-0 Fowlerville-27 Panthers-6 Haslett-46 Panthers-14 Okemos-30 Panthers-6 Dansville-26 Football ROW 3: Mr. Driscoll, Coach; T. Collins, K. Mitteer, J. Heeney, L. Byerly, B. Camburn, B. Burrrpus, T. Mills, D. Armstrong, T. O ' Brien, L. Owens, Mr. Boyd, Coach. A one and a two My aching back! Jm GO GET ’EM Go East, young man Wait for me maybe WEST? Junior Varsity Football ROW 1: D. Burton, R. Denmen, G. Munsel, C. Oakley, R. Myers, D. Kunzelman, D. Runciman, E. Mullins, R. Mitteer, R. Owens, D. Asquith, R. Owens, R. Southwell. ROW 2; J. Keeper, M. Barbour, J. Ashmore, D. Streets, D. Otto, J. Mills, T. Jacobs, T. McCleer, C. Risner, W. Taylor, R. Kaiser, P. Kuntz, J. Snay, Mr. Seegert. ROW 3: Mr. Clark, T. Bishop, P. Collins, D. Ackley, W. Prater, G. Rob, L. Osborne, J. Hopkins, B. Weddon, C. Castro, L. White, O. Lowell, L. Joseph, L. Porter. JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON SCORING Panthers- 28 Pickney - - - 20 Panthers - - - - 46 Williamston- - - 6 Panthers - - - - 19 Leslie- - - 18 Panthers - - - - 20 Fowlerville — - -25 Panthers -- 6 Haslett- -12 Panthers- 18 Okemos --- - - 35 Panthers- 7 Dansville- -34 Varsity Club ROW 1; Glenn Gauss, Bob Bumpus, Tom Taylor, Mr. Boyd. ROW 2: Jerry Holloway, Jerry Barber, Bob Cole, Mike Harvey, Jim Reilly, Ron Lewis, Jerry Beauchamp, John 9 • JA, fmm 1 ■ V W ■ NV P 4 J Jl ' 1 ri j i k ♦« 1 Ryba. Ih ROW 3; Merton Prescott, Gordon Taylor, Dennis Jacobs, Lee Byerly, Harold Kunzelman, Alan Boyce, Larry Sober, Dennis Armstrong, Norm Hannewald, Jerry Roberts. ROW 4; George Stephens, David Shepherd, David Sweet, Tom Collins, Ted Mills, Kim Mitteer, John Sweet, Doug Mills, Gary Silverthorn, Jerry Heeney, Ed Watson. The Varsity Club represents the highest endeavors in ath¬ letics and scholarship. It is a service organization working for the general welfare of the school. It is an organization of fellowship and one that works toward the inspiring of younger boys to be good athletes. To qualify for membership a fellow must win a major let¬ ter in athletics and have a C average. It is an honor and a privilege to be a Varsity Club Member. ' v II JULIEN ' S BOYS k J Varsity Basketball SEATED: Ed Watson, Bob Bumpus, Ted Mills. KNEELING: Larry Proctor, Jerry Roberts, Kim Mitteer, John Ryba, George Stephens, Rodger Myers. STANDING: Jerry Munsel, Larry White, Willie Allen, Bob Camburn, Lynn Owen, Glen Guass, Mr. Julien, Coach: STOCKBRIDGE SEASON SCORING Panthers - - - 37 Dexter - - — - 47 Panthers-34 Fowlerville-54 Panthers-60 Webberville-30 Panthers-54 Haslett-56 Panthers-55 Dexter-46 Panthers-58 St. Marys-66 Panthers-43 Brooklyn.65 Panthers-55 Dansville-67 Panthers — - 65 Williams ton — - 34 Panthers-55 Leslie-45 Panthers-45 Fowlerville-61 Panthers-66 Webberville-22 Panthers-71 Chelsea-45 Panthers-47 Haslett-47 Panthers-61 Dansville-48 Panthers-63 Williamston-53 Panthers-60 Leslie-67 82 Jlane, it s a No, it ' s Owens Bet you drop it! Try and get around me Need a little help? Head him off at the Pass Junior Varsity Basketball t §f - ? vppURHn[8!«g ' ftM St j g SEATED: Harold Randolph, Rick Owen, Leonard Porter, Curt Chillison, Tom Jacobs, Brad Weddon, George Robb. STANDING: Emile Mullins, Jon Mills, Dave Shepard, Hershell Poe, Dick Streets, Phil Collins, Walt Prater. STOCKBRIDGE Panthers-30 Dexter-40 Panthers-49 Fowlerville-51 Panthers-50 Webberville-39 Panthers-47 Haslett-52 Panthers-38 Dansville-69 Panthers-28 Willi amston-39 Panthers-50 Leslie - — - - - 42 ' SCORING Panthers-45 Jackson-47 Panthers-36 Fowlerville-41 Panthers — - 32 Webberville — - 39 Panthers-49 Chelsea-38 Panthers-34 Haslett-- - 64 Panthers-21 Dansville-25 Panthers - - - 45 Williamston — - 41 Panthers-52 Leslie-56 84 8th Grade ROW 1: Mr. Clark, J. Lombard, T. Howlett, R. Churchill, R. White, K. Barber, R. Sooy. ROW 2; B. Stephens, R. Poe, T. Moeckel, T. Cavender, G. Stowe, C. Curtis, J. Bumpus, J. Gibney, B Sommer, Mgr. D. Athkinson. 7th Grade ROW 1: Mr. Clark, E. Porzalt, D. Sommer, M. Lindberg, S. Smith, D. Bachelor, D. Mills, D. Atkinson. ROW 2: R. Workman, D. Camburn, B. Burton, W. VanHorn, S. Collins, J. Roberts, R. Lantis. THUNDER THUNDER THUNDERRTIDN WE’RE THE PRNTHER DELEGRTIDN WE FIGHT WITH 1 Hi Im . fm : WHEN □ETERMINRTIQN ' Varsity Cheerleaders CONNIE WARD PAT COLLINS JILL HARVEY SHARON TITUS 86 Junior High Cheerleaders Shirley Brooks, Vicki Barnard, Sharon Frink el, Wanda Ashbaugh, Elaine Risner, Mary Lou Shellenbarger. Advertisers H. M. Collings Sons Harold Ludtke, Insurance H. E. Marshall H. E. Munsell Howlett Hardware Gordon ' s Barber Shop Garnette ' s Flower Shop Porters’ Grocery Clark’s Marathon H and F Sales Service Munith Elevator Wilson ' s Implement Store Gregory Beauty Shop Stockbridge Brief Sun Jones’ Marathon Station Unadilla Store Norman Kaiser and Family Gregory Elevator Breniser’s Garage Dancer ' s Department Store Stockbridge State Bank Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Abbott and Sally Dr. E. Porzsolt A. W. Brown Company Fillmore Pool Company Clark Nottingham Jack Meyers Jim Diefenthaler Roland Cobb, Personal Insurance Frinkle Hardware Elizabeth ' s Beauty Shop Mr. and Mrs. Spadafore Patterson Brothers Jennie ' s Coffee Shop Cobb Schreer Dixon ' s Grocery Stockbridge Laundramat Ross Tank Company Hickory Ridge Dairy Farm Lee Osborne, Construction Lawrence B. Lindemer, Attorney Stanfield Brothers Malcho ' s Ford Garage Munith Farmer ' s State Bank Basore Family Reno Farms Plainfield Farm Bureau Harold Marz, Hy-Flash Pat Hegge, Welding Glynn’s Marathon Station Annabelle ' s Beauty Barber Shop Stockbridge Manufacturing A Friend Stockbridge Sinclair Station Bill ' s Hy-Flash Station Roepcke Insurance Agency Leon ' s Drive-In Jerry Runciman, A.B.A. Stockbridge Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Reeves Marshall Sales Service Millville General Store Porter ' s T.V. Service Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Dancer C. G. Lantis Sons Maynard Barber, Builder - Painter Price Brothers, Auctioneers Briggs Heating Cooling M. M. Coal Company Boyce Construction Stockbridge Elevator Lumberyard C. W. Glynn Sons Wildes Super-Market North Lake Store Stockbridge Legionettes James Rowland, Insurance American Legion Elmer Lytle Lacerne Dixon and Family Forest Dixon and Family Kenneth Musbach Rural Telephone Company Louella’s Beauty Shop Vegetable Producers Incorporated Robert Streets Gibney ' s Grocery Junior and Senior P.T.A. Ken Osborne, Construction TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY - The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made ••■•nifkfi ' U- , t lf’u «Ui. ' ir W ' •

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