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jgwfigfwfffviiea. .5 ,ae Nf0,yjZa,4 We ' .21 Jw. MQ- lf 05 Z-im vs QMMMM7 3X'. ,SSL J' '- -05' L '1Qfi'QL?x,3sX . WX Q93 2 A 7' Wg S2f f El wXfgAiM9O Q, ' . ' Q .f N K NSW JM 16 W N wqfzf 0 'GN L el lf kv if " Xfifxf . lf-:xv wwf? . Tyxy ,Q uf '5'-ff W W W - M Ye V YN R, XX X 1, M e G R. A ISPX vygsskk , 5 A vi , 5 S3 was X 5 5,Sif YV X Zig- by M"M'0 W 213 X if Mx? X95 N UV, J . ' K ' 1 N '7 fgpfff my ua,w71f"U1:w'4 gf CY, 74661- J X XE M M. SX xxx Mm! ' ,M , W S70 6 V' n M QIELEEIL1? jffk W . - 1' W THQ. 5' W U NWT ffQ,071lf iS1i,Z4iiFW 9 A E7po'g . gm Vaio! wx 4!f"':,,f ink Ni? WKNEXQX M fr' IL Rf fwdifff' UWV' may .2 W W W WW N ,W if 0, f VW fjfbfwa fp , Tj' ,My " W w c".4f1fl0,qvvf QU' X 4 -4Z4ea4M,hwvZ-dfafly-px QWW X' K? awww?-Q' '0 A 'qs Ox IVV-Mfk M MJ lv,Ej9L X Ui ' . 'Ak' L, Liu, ling W M Q ' w' v Www? GQ 3,1 ,L ,am W ,5f Gfiz.,4,.2 W0 kj J L1,jQq! MNH wi? "G I ,J gb? NJ ' Lx, vig' 'AX 5 me KEY xv? + f 583 Q,V'ya'? Vi X? QJLU 39 ff MVWPJ Q7 in W . fl X-ISP, .NB MN? P cfwcq 'Y' jf? X -QJC rw Qffgv N W M gyfyfy ,jo 791 41 ' M viy V10 y 6'14,wLf,f of 'cf -was l THE SENIOR CLASS OFl l 9 5 8 PRESENTS i C CTHE l l PANTHER' ' l ' -I l ECQIJQ' y if' f Rx T ' The Pantherl has been prepared by the claij'i,'58 to all preserve the meny memories of days gone by. We have if. 1 tried to record,the act1v1t1es, the schoolroom scenes, the I teachers, and the students. And in years to come you will be able to look back on several thrilling experiences. x Vj 42 THE STOCKBRIDGE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN l V 1 The House at Sem Gables Standing: junior Rep., L. Lindemerg Faculty Editor, Helen Stanfieldg X1 f STAY X 'X 4 Senior Editor, F. Beckwith: Editor, F. Millsg Activities Editor, D. Ellsworthg Picture Editor, J. Valentig Managing Editor, C. Hannewald. Seated: Assistant Picture Editor, E. Neeleyg Art Editor. P. Moechelg Academic Editor, A. Fay: Assistant Senior Editor, V. Harrg Assistant Activities Editor, ,l. Machnickg Junior Rep., V. Kimherauskasg Feature Editor, B. Glynng Class Editor, A. Schlee, Sports Editor, P. Spadaforeg S. Life Editor, D. Rick. David Spencer, underclassman, not pictured. from the senior groups are also the year around ing copy, selling Managing Editor, C. Hannewaldg Advisor, Mrs. L. Bestg Business Editor, Dick Soherg Editor, Fred Mills. 1958 YEARBOOK STAFF Yearbook staff members are chosen each spring by consultation between the advisor and the editor. Most of the members are chosen class. However, other class represented. Members work planning page layouts, mak- ads, and taking pictures. The yearbook is a result of this combined effort. Assistant Sales, N. Jacohsg Assistant Advertising, J. Horstg Advertising Manager, B. Penag Business Manager, D. Soherg Sales Manager, T. ,larrellr Assistant Advertising, J. Burgessg Assistant Sales, S. Wismang Assistant Advertising, D. Ludtkeg ,lunior Rep.. J. Mason: Junior Rep., A. Howlett: and D. Collier, not pictured. 2 E'DlToRlHL A TABLE OF CONTENTS SCHOOL PERSONNEL P T A FACULTY SEN IORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN EIGHTH SEVENTH ORGANIZATIONS 'f 04' STUDENT LIFE ...,.,I 1 ADVERTISING .....,... xV' I I I I I I MI--- -------- I in I A- 'ff I I N ,Im ..,,I,. ATHLETICS .....,..,, .bij-0 5 '-in Nxipbbm I I HZ- V" ' T9 f a . "'l'9I'a'-'HI M.'AIXffIln I .fi 4 tl' -' 4a 1 7.65. Ig! -, ,II-pLr'q" , I I K J I - ! I I I I I I ' I I Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 5 9 1 I 21 37 39 4-3 47 51 55 69 78 83 DEDICATION We Honor MR. ROBERT PRUDON ln honor of his years of faithful service to Stockbridge Community Schools as a teacher, coach, advisor, and a true friend of the students, the staff proudly dedicates the 1958'PANTHER to Mr. Robert Prudon. May it be a worthy memorial for the many things which he has done for the school. ' annum as nsounu. OUR SUPERINTENDENT MR. JESSIE BATCHELOR Dear Seniors, The Annual Staff and its sponsor have spent much time in the preparation of the 1958 PANTHER. This book shows what a wonderful job they have done. The members of the student body should be proud of their annual and along with the Faculty and Administration say "well done" to all those responsible. Seniors, it is our hope that the years you have spent at Stockbridge High have been profitable in many ways and as a result you will be able to face the future with courage and determination. The preparation you have made in high school should stand you in good stead to meet the challenges of your future endeavors. Best Wishes, JESSE BATCHELOR Superintendent of Schools Secretary Mrs. Dancerf-Mr. Batchelor Mr, Batchelor-Secretary Mrs. Smith becretary Mrs. Armstrong-Mr. Howlett l l l More problems i l Dear Seniors, l l l Just as a farm is judged hy its productivity . . . a factory by its final product, we, as a school, are also judged by "our productsf' our boys and girls. Our hope and our belief is that the foundation for life that you have built for your- self while here will meet the tests of time. Our answer to nsputnikn is our young people who have the vision, the training, the desire. anid the initiative to put their best efforts forward' to make this a better country and world in which to live. l Best Wishes and Future Success. l DllCK HOWLETT Principal l o V R PRINCIPAL MR. RICHARD HOWLETT l ADMI I TRATIO I resident Secretary Treasurer WARD HUTSON RAYMOND E. LANE JUNE TAYLOR Once again the members of the Board of Education wish to express their appreciation to the Senior Class, to the Under- classmen and to the faculty for another well-spent, prosperous school year. We also Wish to commend the Yearbook Staff for their noble efforts in the publication of this outstanding book. 7 rusfve Tru stee DR A J SPENCER FORREST DIXON 'Vlr Batchlor and Ward Hutson Left to right: Dr A J Spencer Ward Hutson Raymond E Lane Forrest Dixon, June Taylor Teacher Vice President President RON FILLMORE MRS. FRANK BURCESS Secretary l Vice President MRS. JOHN TAYLOR MARTIN HANNEWALU Treasurer MRS. PAUL SPADAFORE P.T.A. Officers l w l w The Parent-Teacher Association has been workingl in the Stockbridge community to obtain their goals of: Y Promoting the welfare of children and youth in thelhome, school, church, and com- munity. , Bringing into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child. l Raising the standards of the home life. l Securing adequate laws for the care and protection lof children and youth. Developing between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physilcal, mental, social, and spiritual education. l The P.T.A. has contributed 8150 to the Hugh Milner Loan Fund which will aid some student who plans to attend college. The Minstrql Show and the Athletic Banquet of 1958 were sponsored by the P.T.A. They also send deserving students from the Junior class to Boys' and Girls, State. This year the students going are Connie Sober with her alternate Lorraine Mills, and John Mason with his alternate Dave Glynn. l President Wilma Burgess l Refreshments coming up! l OUR BUS DRIVERS The Buses . . . We wait for them and sometimes they wait for us! Those bus drivers have certainly developed a skill in patience. They are usually reliable and whatever the weather, that yellow or red-white-blue bus appears. We appreciate the cheery "Good morningi' on blue Mondays, that wake-up smile, and that customary "See you tomorrow" gives a perfect ending to an often not-so-perfect day. We salute you, bus drivers, and say "Thanks" for a job well done. We never think about our custodians unless we need them! If the lights go out, if an ink bottle is broken, if it feels cold in the rooms, if we need to get into the con- cession stand, then we suddenly realize their hidden potential. They are silent men, working to improve our school. Without them, where would we be? "Thanks, Custodiansf' 0UR CUSTODIANS Ruehen Moeckel, Robert Titus, Loie Dean Craft, Clyde Faber. acuity MILDRED AMBROSE is from Emmett, Michigan. Her pet peeve is getting up in the morning. She likes people in general and dislikes pessimists. Her hobbies are reading, sewing, swimming, and hunting. Miss Ambrose holds an A.B. degree from Alma College and has done graduate study from the Univer- sity of Wyoming. HRA la LUCILLE MARGARET BEST teaches literature, journalism, and advanced English. She enjoys the daily contacts with students and faculty. In her spare time, she likes to crochet, sew, and listen to music. Her pet peeve is people' who dodge responsibility. She likes to work on publications, but dislikes grad- ing papers. Mrs. Best holds an A.B. degree from Adrian College and has done work at the University of Michigan and Sienna Heights College. jiiwolu E-Vi' WILLIAM D. VALENTINE who hails from sunny Florida teaches speech and English. He has no likes, no dislikes, and his pet peeve is people who are not willing to try. Mr. Valentine holds an A.B. degree from Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. M-twuxttuk Hey, it's not the Gettysburg Address . . . it's Pat's "Democracy" speech. ANN JANE BOGART becomes exceed- ingly peeved when she hears the state- ment, "No pencil, no paper, no book." She likes kindness and dislikes mean- ness. Mrs. Bogart holds an A.B. de- gree from Albion College and has done graduate work from Wayne University 1 and the University of Michigan 'Til x -2 NELLA M. 0'BRlEN holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Michigan State University and has done graduate work at the college of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota. Her hobbies are sewing and reading and her pet peeve is gum chewing. She likes reading but dislikes laziness. Mrs. 0'Brien who came to us from Crystal Falls, Michigan, teaches English. RACHEL MERNA CASSIDY h lds a B.S. degree from Eastern Michig n Col- lege. She teaches junior high ading and English. Her hobbies are dlrncing, entertaining, and reading, and Her pet peeve is students who talk back to any grown person. She likes her famirly and dislikes being late for anything. I V U w I h r LANGUAGE AND ARTS 2 7, "Veni, Vidi! cry Latin students after two years of studying this classic subject . . . only a privileged few can cry "Vici." This year French was added to the curriculum which was readily received by the student body. In English, various courses are of- fered from Shakespeare to grammar as students "ponder weak and weary" over iambic pentameter and rules of grammar. Speech students give Mark Anthony's funeral oration a close race for second as they train in the art of speech, which teaches poise, ease, and self-confidence. JANICE LOUISE ROSS likes people who make the most of themselves and dislikes people who do not try. She teaches French and junior high reading and spelling. Her hobby is raising Irish Setters and her pet peeve is filling questionaires. Miss Ross holds an A.B. degree from Michigan State University. What a bunch of Frenchmen . . RICHARD C. HOWLETT dislikes the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day. He teaches sociology because he likes the subject which enables him to keep in touch with the seinors and their points of view. His hobbies are reading and sports, and his pet peeve is students who don't work up to ca- pacity. Mr. Howlett has earned an A.B. degree from Kalamazoo College and an M.A. from Michigan State University. From Detroit came DONALD ,IULIEN who teaches World History, American History, and American Covemment. His hobby is sports and be has no pet peeve. He likes teaching and holds an A.B. degree from Eastern Michigan College and an M.A. from the Univer- sity of Michigan. . SOCIAL SCIENCE JAMES RAY RICHARDS teaches American and World History because to him it is the most interesting acade- mic field. He came from Pleasantville, Indiana. Mr. Richards likes to read and travel. His pep peeve is students who have not prepared their assignments. He likes tropical weather and dislikes Michigan winters. Mr. Richards holds a B.S. degree from Indiana State Uni- versity and Indiana Teachers College. We the people of the United States . . . are familiar words to the students in our Social Science Department. In Junior High Social Science courses they start their study of our country. Then in high school they take World History, American His- tory, and American Government in which they continue their study of our country and include the rest of the world. The seniors also have Sociology in which they learn to live a better, richer life. VS A social science teacher, FRANK J. RADOWSKI, is from Wakefield, Michi- gan. His hobbies are hunting and fish- ing. His pet peeve is being asked the same questions every year. He likes to eat and dislikes not eating. Mr. Radow- ski holds an A.B. degree from New Mexico A and MA. Okay, now this is the United States. Here is the person who is very familiar in the school library-none other than NELLIE STEPHENS. She has taught for 30 years, 14 here at our Stock- bridge. Her hobbies are reading and listening to good music. People who talk behind their hands is the pet peeve of Miss Stephens. She likes being alive and being able to work. Miss Stephens holds a B.S. degree from Eastern Michi- gan College and she expects to get her Master of Science egree next summer. 2f ' " l N MARION RAMSDELL teaches lemen- taly and junior high music becaise she likes it. Mrs. Ramsdell has taught in the Stockbridge system for manyf years. In her leisure time, she reads, ienjoys music, and relaxes at the family bottage up north. Excessive and unnelcessary noise is her pet peeve. She was no dislikes and she likes her famiy and home. Mrs. Ramsdell holds a 11.5. de- gree from Eastern Michigan College and is doing graduate work there.l ART AND Music 7 9 RONALD FILLMORE teaches art be- cause he likes to see creativity. His hobbies are reading and painting and his pet peeve is sassy students. He likes people and has no dislikes. Mr. Fillmore holds a B.S. degree from Eastern Michigan College. Our curriculum offers more than the three HR s' . . t students who are interested in Music or Art have their chance too. There is Band here the students learn music appreciation as well as skill in playing their instrume ts. Do re mi's are frequently heard when the Girls' Glee Club, Boys' Chorus, or Junior High Chorus are practicing. Other students would rather express themselves in Art. i The future Grandma Moses? KEITH LAWRENCE SAXTDN teaches instrumental music. He likes to be with people. His hobbies are nting and fishing, and his pet peeve s Michigan State University. Most of all, Mr. Sax- ton likes a good television ogram and least of all undependable eople. Mr. Saxton holds a Bachelor an Master of Music Education from U iversity of Michigan. l SHIRLEY SMALL who teaches biology. chemistry, and general science comes originally from Saginaw and has spent two years in Costa Rica and Montevideo, Uruguay. Her hobbies are experimental cooking, music, and travel. Her pet peeve is laziness. She likes to travel and meet new people. She dislikes poor sportsmanship. Miss Small holds an A.B. from Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. WILLIAM ALFRED ESAU teaches mathematics and science because they are the best subjects of mental chal- lenge. His hobbies are hunting, fishing, traveling, collecting glassware, and building model railroads. His pet peeve is ,too many taxes which cause him financial embarrassment. He likes scen- ery and dislikes nothing. Mr. Esau holds an A.B. from the University of South Dakota, an M.A. from the Western Michigan, and a Senior Electrical En- gineer degree from the University of Minnesota. Cp' Hmmmmmm . . . are you sure that's Physics? I6 BESSIE MITCHELL teaches junior high math. Her pet peeve is to hear, "I can't." She likes to attend basket- ball games and church. She dislikes driving on ice. Her hobbies are read- ing, sewing, and fishing. Mrs. Mitchell holds a B.S. degree from Eastern Michi- gan College and a State Life from Western Michigan Teacher's College. Help . . . the Chemistry class is at it again. "Look Out" the sparks are going to be flying SCIENCE AND MATH "Double, double, toil and troubleg fire burn and calilron bubble." Science students cook up wierd, sometimes very malodorous, concoctions with their new lab equipment. Students were surprised when they returned from the Christmas holidays to find this new equipment. There are a total of fifteen new laboratory tables. each provides two students with experimental. recitation and study facilities. Water. gas, and electricity are available at each table. ln Junior High, studentswreceive General Science which provides them with a general background in science. lf' science interests them they can advance to biology, chemistry, and physics. 1 '6Think', is the watchword of Math students as they advance from simple mathe- matics in Junior High, up through factoring. equations. square roots. and slide rules. General Math, Algebra, Plane Geometry, Advanced Algebra, and Trigonometry are all taught here in high school. l l Hey, that's our satellite! W Let's get those slide rules working. "I enjoy working with young people as well as doing things for people. Agri- culture is basic to all prosperity," says DONOVAN G. CRONKHITE, who be- lieves that in lieu of positive thinking one cannot entertain pet peeves. Mr. Cronkhite holds a B.S. degree from Michigan State in Agriculture Educa- tion. He also holds a M.S. degree from Michigan State University in School Administration. ROBERT WOODMAN, a native of Jackson, teaches shop because that is what he is best equipped to do. His hobbies are fishing and hunting. He likes working Chis pet peeve is lazy peoplel. Mr. Woodman holds a B.S. degree from Western Michigan, Uni- versity. ROBERT BARRY teaches drivers' train ing because he likes to live dangerously He has no pet peeve, but dislikes super latives. Mr. Barry holds an A.B. de gree from Michigan State University VOCATIONAL lf you are interested in becoming a secretary . . . home- maker . . . farmer . . . or just a better driver . . . the voca- tional department is for you. When you hear "7-6-35 . . ." it's not football signalsg it's a bookkeeping student still in a daze from writing checks, filing tax forms, and keeping ac- counts. Secretarial work demands shorthand and typing. Home Economics students learn the basic homemaking skills early in the course. They then advance to more interesting subjects. ln agriculture the boys learn all the phases of the farming picture. While in shop they start with wood and metal working, advance through farm shop and mechanical drawing. Well boys its this way . . . Watch that angle IRMA CRONKHITE holds a B.S. de- gree from Eastern Michigan College. She now teaches typing and junior busi- ness. Her pet peeve is people who won't work up to capacity to achieve, and her hobbies are collecting things of historic significance. music, and reading. She especially likes music and dislikes poor citizenships. MARY SUSAN NEBEL who tqaches shorthand, bookkeeping, typing, and junior business comes from Michlgan's upper peninsula-Munishing to be exact. She likes getting up in the mofning, and her pet peeve- is people w 0 do not work up to capacity. Miss ebel holds a B.S. degree in Accounting from Ferris Institute. l A native of Saint Joseph, Michigan, MILDRED CLARK is Stockbridge's homemaking teacher. She likes to keep busy and dislikes winter driving. She decorates cakes in her spare time. No thirty-six hour days is her pet peeve. Mrs. Clark holds a B.S. degree from Michigan State University. t 'hr- "Dishes" . . . Cenough saidln l nAn0ther day I I . another timed writing-if :'Watch out," here comes the Driver Education car. JOCILLE SMITH came back to her home town to teach girls' physical edu- cation. Her hobbies are sports, travel- ing, and reading. Her pet peeve is people who make up excuses. She likes food and dislikes cold weather. Miss Smith holds a B.S. degree from Michi- gan State University. ROBERT LEIGHTON BOYD from De- troit teaches gym, general science, and is varsity football coach. His hobby is sports and his pet peeve is laziness. He likes good school spirit, but dislikes students who say, "I don't know what the assignment is." Mr. Boyd holds a B.S. degree from Eastern Michigan College. PHYSICAL EDUCATION HAROLD DAVID COLLINS teaches mathematics and algebra because he feels they are interesting and is assistant coach because he likes to be with stu- dents. He has no particular hobby, but his pet peeve is "smarties." He likes the wonderful cooperation and interest from students. He holds a B.S. degree from Eastern Michigan College. Loud groans are heard from the gymnasium as the girls go through daily exercises finding muscles they never dreamed they had. The boys look at it differently, as they build up their Mr. America muscles. Both boys and girls enjoy basketball, softball, tumbling, volleyball, badminton, and various other activities. ROBERT PRUDON who came from Chicago, teaches Life Adjustment, speech, physical education, and athletics because he feels that he can contribute to society by doing that kind of work. His pet peeve is capable students that do not study. He likes steak and co- operative students. Mr. Prudon holds an A.B. degree from Kalamazoo College and M.A. from University of Michigan. WOW . . . what a man! l 3 I I 1 5 0 01710148 CAROL HANNEWALD FRANCES BECKWITH Valedictorian Salulatorian Who refereed our class meetings, issued passes for eager class workers, jarred class officers into action, helped committees get something done? Who chape- roned our dime dances and were always on hand to count the money? Our advisors, of course! Without them, where would we be? president of Speech Club Senior play After college, Carol is busy with many activities . . . She's vice our Student Council . . . Active in FTA, Debate, Yearbook, 4-H, and the . . Likes reading and waterskiing . . . Carol plans to teach. Hurry, hurry, hurry . . . that's her middle name as she helped to cheer the Panthers on to fame . . . She has been a cheerleader for four years and Glee Club too . . . Fran has also been Sophomore and .lunior class -President, the Senior Play, and on Year- book staff . . . After graduation Fran plans on college. MR. ROBERT PRUDON MR. DONALD JULIEN Advisor Advisor i -i 22 S' D:i1e's future plans. l l l FRED MILLS DAVE SCHUETTE l ' President Vice President l In his spare time, Rich likes to hunt . . . He likes physics . . . shrimp . . . Footbal1's his favorite sport . . . Dick plans to go on to college. Dick's really been busy in sports . . . Football, base- ball, basketball, track . . . He's been in Boys' Chorus, Varsity Club, Junior and Senior plays . . . Dick spends his spare time collecting coins and stamps . . . Plans to go to Alma College. TCUI Cl-UI l l Here we are Seniors, just about to graduate! When we hear our names called at graduation, we'll be sad at leaving Stockbridge High Land the friends we have made. But we'll still have memories. Remember our Sadie Hawkins dance, the times we froze selling at football games, the scrap drive, how we slayed to make hits of our Junior and Senior plays? Remember our I-Hop, "Harbor Lightsf, one of the most beautiful we'd ever seen? Remember those Saturday morning ake sales? Although each day has been filled with many responsibilities of being Va Senior, we've enjoyed every moment of it. We are leaving Stockbridge High with winning teams, too, but most of all, we are leaving with the belief that we have dpne our best to make ours one of the best Senior classes ever to graduate. l CLASS MOTTO: "It is my duzygl and I will." CLASS COLORS: Light green and white. CLASS FLOWER: Yellow rose. i l r l As Senior class president, "Fei-d's" job is really blg . . . Active in Boys' Chorus, Varsity Club on paper staff, Editor of Yearbook, he is a four sport man toq. Ferd plans a career in engineering l Dave's the guy you usually see with Jerry Known around the world for his football honors . . . Dave's in track and Varsity Club . He likes re ding and steak . . . College plays a big part in BETTY ASHBAUGH STEVE BARBOUR DONNA BAUER ROSS BOWMAN J EANETTE BRISTOW JEAN BURGESS 24 Here's a girl who is shy UD but sweet . . . Betty likes Glee Club and has been singing in it for four years . . . Any future plans? . . . Maybe that diamond has something to do with them. Steve is the guy who shines in track . . . 100-yard dash is his specialty . . . Also, Steve likes football . . . Building and racing boats are his hobbies . . . Thinks he'll go into the service after graduation . . . Then maybe pro boat racing!! FTA, FHA, YFC, Mixed Chorus, and Library Club are some activities Donna has been in . . . Football and basketball are her favorite sports . . . Donna plans to go to college and then work. His prize possession is his red convertible . . . Ross won his letter in football . . . Loves hunting . . . And hamburgers . . . After graduation, Ross plans to work. Jeanette wants to make nursing her career . . . When she isn't riding horses, Jeanette likes water- skiing and swimming . . . Jeanette likes speech and was active in Speech Club and Glee Club, too. She's the gal you see with Dick . . . Coon hunting's her favorite hobby . . . Jean was on the Yearbook Staff, in Glee Club and Junior Play . . . Helped cheer our Panthers on as a cheerleader . . . She plans to work after graduation. In his spare time, Duane likes hunting . . . fDoesn't say whatll . . . He has been in FFA for 4 years . . . In sports, Duane plays in baseball and track . . . After graduation, Duane plans to farm. This Munith guy was a star in both the Junior and Senior Plays . . . Ralph was in FFA for 3 years . . . Likes pizza and bookkeeping . . . Plans to go to Jackson Business University. " ipates in all sports . . . Foot- ball, basketball, baseball, but he likes football best . . . Carp's in Boys' Chorus and was in "Down to Earth," the Senior Play . . . He likes speech a lot . . . Plans for the future? . . . Anybody's guess! Lee is known by his nickname, "General" to all his fans . . . He likes to spend his time collecting guns or playing pool . . . Lee is interested in Ag and is a member of the FFA . . . Likes baseball a lot. Hamburgers and malteds are Roberta's favorites . . . She likes working on the paper staff . . . Cooks and sews in her spare time . . . Roberta plans to work after graduation. Trying to fill her hope chest is Pat's aim . . . Sang in Glee Club for four years . . . Pat likes steak . . . and shorthand . . . Plans for the future include work and marriage. V NE CARLEY RALPH CARLEY ,fs 1 ARNOLD CARPENTER LEE CLARK ROBERITA CORWIN PAT COWAN P 25 l x GLENNA CRAFT MARY JANE CRIST DAN DIXON BONNIE EARL GERALD EARL DICK ELLSWORTH Swimming is one of Glenna's favorite hobbies . . . She likes cherry pie and does her best in govemment . . . Glenna is an avid basketball fan . . . She plans to work after graduation. Mary .lane likes to cook and sew in her free time . . . She worked on "Panther Roars" staff and played girls' basketball . . . Mary .lane plans to join the WAC's. Dan is the guy you always see with Duane . . . Skipping school is his favorite hobby . . . Dan has been active in FFA . . . And track . . . Plans to work after graduation. Bonnie . . . Cknown as "Cousin" to a few? . . . Picks shorthand as her favorite subject , . . She collects dolls as a hobby . . . Usually is seen with Pat M .... Bonnie plans to be a beauty operator after graduation. Jerry is a friendly guy who always has a smile for everyone . . . Football, Varsity Club, FFA, and track are activities he likes . . . Pizza's his favorite food . . . Jerry plans to join the Air Force or Marines. Football, track, baseball, and Boys' Chorus are' all activities Dick has been in . . . His new Chevie is his pride and joy . . . Dick plans to go to MSU. Tennis and riding horseback are favorite sports with Alice . . . Worked on Yearbook Staff . . . Was in Junior and Senior Plays . . . After graduation, Kalamazoo College is Alice's destination. Here's a girl who has helped our band a lot . . . Rose is in Library Club, Speech Club, Art, and FHA, too . . . Painting is Rose's hobby . . . After graduation, she plans a career in nursing. "Bev" is the girl who always has a smile . . . "Star" of Speech Club and class productions . . . "Bev" is on the Yearbook Staff . . . She loves french fries and waterskiing . . . Future plans? . . . College, she hopes! When Vonetta isn't practicing cheerleading or run- ning around putting up signs, you'll see her with Fred . . . She's in Glee Club and on the Yearbook Staff . . . Vonetta plans to go to business school. Tom is the future's outstanding farmer . . . fl-Ie says!J . . . Been in FFA for four years . . . Likes steak and hunting very much . . . His prize pos- session is his car! Paul's favorite hobbies are hunting and swimming . . . He's been in FFA for three years . . . Likes shop best . . Paul plans to go to barbering school after graduation. KATHERINE HORNING DEAN HOARD JOHN HORST LINDA HOWARD LINWOOD HOWLETT NORMAN JACOBS 28 "Kathy" is that cute little blond you always see with Bill . . . Spends her spare time horseback riding . . . Likes shrimp and watermelon . . . Her future plans? . . . Who knows! Dean's the guy you saw riding down the hall in a wastebasket that time! . . . Bowling's his favorite sport . . . But he played football and track . . . His future is really undecided! .lohn's the guy who's always got a joke . . . Foot- ball is his speciality in sports . . . John was in track and Boys' Chorus, too . . . Went to Boys' State . . . He plans on career in engineering or law! Linda's that friendly gal you usually see with Joanne . . . She likes art best of her activities . . . Also loves ice cream . . . Linda plans to do secretarial work. Linwood likes sociology the best of his subjects . . . He likes to bowl . . . Marlene is his prized possession . . . Linwood plans to work after graduation. "Jake" is the guy you usually see "goofing off' with Dave and Frank . . . Won his letter in football . . . He likes to play jacks, better . . . Host of those trips up north! . . . He plans to go to college after graduation. Tony's the guy you usually see with Benny . . . He's the President of our Student Council . . . Active in football, Varsity Club, track, and he went to Boys' State . . . Tony spends his spare time working on his '58 Cadillac . . . Plans to go to college. Pat is a guy who has been active in FFA for four years . . . He likes to hunt and fish in his spare time . . . Prizes his red hair . . . Pat plans to join the Army and then farm. "Ess" plans to go to business school next fall . . . You usually see her with Viv and Pat . . . "Ess" likes chocolate cake . . . And listening to records! . . . Had a part in Senior play . . . Worked on school paper. Franklin S. Lee is really a model student . . . When he's not studying, Frank likes playing football . . . Starred in the Junior and Senior Plays . . . Base- ball, Boys' Chorus, and Varsity Club are other ac- tivities he is in . . . Frank plans to retire after graduation. "Viv's" the girl who always has a twinkle in her eye . . . Likes to drive around looking for fun with Ess and Pat . . . Hamburgers and malts are her favorites . . . Plans to take a business course, after graduation. Swimming and making models are some things Larry likes to do . . . Larry was in track and "Down to Earth," the Senior Play . . . Larry plans to join the service after graduation. ,,,,,,,,,,, , , , ESTH 'R LANTIS FRANK LEE FIVIAlN LIBERSKI LARRY LOTRIDGE l P 29 JOAN MACHNIK CAROL MEYER PATRICIA MOECKEL EULA NEELEY BENNY PENA JAMES PICKETT 30 Glee Club, Art Club, and Yearbook Staff are some activities Joan enjoys . . . Basketball is her favorite sport . . . Jo plans to go to Junior College. Carol spends her spare time in school working for Mr. Cronkhite and Mr. Woodman . . . Her prize possession is her blond hair . . . She likes ice skating . . . Plans on marriage after graduation. Pat's our DAR girl . . . She acted in both the Junior and Senior plays . . . Winning debates takes up a lot of her time . . . Pat plans to go to business school. Glee Club, Library Club and FHA are some activities Eula's taken part in . . . She likes collecting records . . . Hamburgers with lots of dill pickles, too! . . . Eula plans to go to college or nursing school. Benny's the guy you see riding around in that big, black Pontiac . . . He says he likes hunting . . . fGirls!J . . . Football, basketball, Varsity Club, Yearbook Staff are all activities he likes . . . Benny plans to go to college. Track and FFA are two activities in which Jim is active . . . Likes dating Dorothy in his spare time . . . Also, Thursday night basketball at Munith . . . Jim plans to work after getting that diploma. Bowling is Dorothy's favorite hobby . . . Typing's her favorite subject . . . Dorothy was in the Senior Play, Library Club, Yearbook Staff, and Speech Club . . . Future Plans? . . . Jackson Business College. She's' the gal you see going to Jeanette's every Saturday morning . . . Football and basketball are Rosalie's favorite sports . . . Shorthand is her choice subject . . . Plans on marriage after graduating. Sewing is one of Pat's favorite hobbies . . . She likes spaghetti and says Sociology is her favorite subject . . . After she graduates, Pat plans to go to Business School. Arlene plans to work or go on to college after graduation . . . Right now though, she's busy in Art Club or working on the Yearbook . . . All work? . . . No, she likes roller skating and swim- ming. Dick's favorite subject is Speech . . . Likes flying in his spare time . . . Coon hunting, too? . . . After June, Dick plans to farm. Speech Club is Barb's favorite activity . . . She's been in the Junior Play and Speech Club assemblies . . . Likes cream puffs and riding her horse . . . Plans for the future? . . . Secretary, she hopes! J DORQTHY RICK ROSALIE SAMPSON 'lc K PATTYi SATTERLI-:E ARLENE SCHLEE DICKl SCHULTZ BARBARA SCOTT 3I J r RICHARD SOBER PAUL SPADAFORE HELEN STANFIELD RAYMOND STODDARD JOHN TAYLOR PATRICIA TRAPP 32 Dick has been busy in many activities throughout high school . . . Boys' Chorus, Yearbook, Paper Staff, Junior and Senior Plays . . . Dick likes steak, reading, and baseball! . . . Plans to go to college after Army training. Paul has a full schedule where sports are concerned . . . Football, basketball, baseball, track are all his specialities . . . Also likes Boys' Chorus . . . When he's not playing sports, Paul likes dating .loan . . . Plans on college after graduation. Helen plans on nursing after graduation . . . Year- book, FHA, FTA, Library Club, are activities she enjoys . . . One of her hobbies is collecting per-- nants . . . She's a fan of basketball, too. As his hobby, Ray likes to work on his car . . . It's his prized possession! . . . Was active in track and JV football . . . Ray likes steak and shop . . . He plans to work after graduation. John's prize possession is his black and white Ford! . . . Likes shop, ag, and basketball . . . His years in FFA have prepared him for his future work in farming. Pat likes to play softball in her spare time . . . She picks French as her choice subject . . . Ham- burgers and basketball are her other favorites . . . Plans to work for airlines after graduation. "Romeo" is one of the mainstays of our band . . . Hunting and fishing are his hobbies . . . Sloppy Joes and Geometry are other favorites! . . . Jerome plans to go to college after graduation. Bob is the guy who likes FFA . . . He's been in it for 4 years . . . Bob loves hunting and fishing in his spare time . . . To join the service or farm is Bob's aim. Cheerleading is Sherii's favorite activity . . . Sac' usually seen practicing or walking with Cary Worked on ads for the earbook and likes football iespecially, our team!! . Sherii plans to go to junior college. Bill is the guy who's usually seen with Kathy . . . He was in track as a freshman . . . Is in Student Council . . . Bill likes physics and fried chicken . . . Plans on work and marriage after graduation. JEROME VALENTI ROBERT WIREMAN l SHARON WISMAN WILLIAM WITHROW I 4 P 'umm' W P l l l 33 1 -st - , TEA FOR TWO "OOOPS" Left to right: L. Lotridge, R. Carley, C. Hannewald. Left to right: B. Glynn, D. Ludtke, D. Rick. wr . Left to right: L. Lotridge, B. Glynn, F. Lee, C. Hannewald, A. Fay, D. Ludtke, E. Lantis, Mr. Valen- tine, Directory D. Sober, P. Moeckel, R. Carley, F. Beckwith, D. Rick, A. Carpenter. power of making people fall in love. As the story unfolded, it tells the hilarious time they have trying to get the souls to heaven. '4Down to Earthv was a comedy fantasy in three acts, by Bettye Knapp. lt was about two angels sent to earth to pick up two elderly souls. Their job is complicated by a would-be angel who has a strange Wifi I THREE ANGELS? DEAR AUNT GU5 Lfffl rv Vlghff R- CHFICY, D- Sober, P. Moeckel. Left to right: A. Fay, C. Hannewald, F. Lee, E. Lantis. nderclassmen President Vice President Secretary Tfffl-SUVCI' GEORGE LEE LORRAINE MILLS PEGGY CARPENTER DOUG WILSON Student Council Student Council Student C0lUlCil PAT LONG JOHN MASON TONI MILLS THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS, ADVISORS, AND STUDENT COUNCIL Advisor Advisor MISS NEBEL MR. RADOWSKI The first project of the Junior Class of 1957-1958 was choosing their class colors which are blue and white. Next they chose a queen for homecoming and constructed a float with the theme of "Autumn Leaves." Peg Carpenter was chosen queen and her escort was Darl Broe- samle. ' Their float was very beautiful. They received their class rings in October and were very pleased with them. During the first part of school the Juniors sold stationery 'which helped bring in some money. They sold refreshments at the Okemos, Haslett, and Leslie basketball games and also held dime dances afterwards. T X The Junior Play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," was a great success as was their All-High and the .I-Hop. ' They had one of the most enjoyable years that they have ever had at Stockbridge Community Schools. iiliuvk llc-lmlm-rinan William llarlwr lliana llvnnvtt llvtty linring llarl llrmwainlc' He-nry Braille-y Jon' llumlrl X Torn lluinpux liulm Carlvy llurli ifurpviilvi' , Xl:-rna lfzisfimly Kurs-n lflalrk ' l,i-mizirel Clark i 'il i xv Q m, df Suki ON . , ai pe. - f'ffu,,, H.-. ,X A, we-1 'W xx k X NM - u.,.'::.z:A' W !,,..N5,:. 3 - X . ., A , 1, 1, Q Nl 3 K C' X -N g - 4 - If 5 llliillf' fiullirr llnln Collins 'file O' Cary Cornish gg Hilmlu Craft 1, flury ifranna is Syr:-tu llixun M N 3 llill llnmiliin- y iQ js ,Inv llrrws Pli ll llx fr! Louis l"i-lflpzui-vli S ,lusly l"iz1-r liill'llHf2l lflzifk George- lrrvyiiiiitli .ludy Fulle-r llaviml lllynn llc-lun-s Harnlt .luily Hartford Nlary lla-i-nay Nlatlln-w llvnflc-y .Miliv Huwlvll lluuglaf Hunt llivk Hutsun Judy ,lavkfuri Elilalu-Ili ,Iuriw Larry Juni-s V. Kiinln-'ruuskas Dick LanliQ ,lulm l.ilwiski Sarah l.iniing Q- IX X 4 CN X ,Q-: Z '-Q. ' 1 YV' Shirley Liming Lawrence Lindemer Virginia Lindstrom John Love Don McArther Brian McCleer Donald McVay Kay Moffat Janet Musbach Karl Musolf Bonnie Oakley Charles Palmer Duane Potts Jack Potts Harry Rickman Dorothy Risner Earl Risner Mary Ryba John Salyer Norma Schlec Bob Shepherd Marv Shevrovich Larry Simons Roger Slone Barbara Smith Mary Jane Smith Gary Smith Connie Sober Delores Sober Donald Streets David Sweet Joe Taylor Jan Wetzel Larry Wild Carl Williams Myra Wire-man Bob Young President KELLIE CARPENTER Vice President Secretary LINDA SCHREER JANET HARDT Treasurer Student Council Student Council BETTY MOLLENKOPF DENNIS ROSE NORMAN SPENCER Advisor MRS. BOGART The Sophomore Class got off to an eitciting year by their class at homecoming. ,Ioan Anderson was chosen Kellie Carpenter. The first main project which they of a float for the homecoming parade. They chose theme and designed a red and white scene consisting o i a garden of flowers. Other activities included selling ,M dance and an All-Hi. VY THE soPHoMoRE CLASS OFFICERS, ADVISCRS, AND STUDENT COUNCIL Advisor MR. COLLINS electing a queen to represent to be queen. Her escort was completed was the construction "Panther Kingdom" as their a castle tower surrounded by at games, sponsoring a dime jf The Sophomores hope that they'll be together through the coming 'years. -I' I 4 Sally Abbott Molly Allen loan Anderson Donnie Arnett Sllelia Barbour Karen Barlig James Bates Marg Br-ekwith Robert Bitner Dennis Bristow Ruth Broesamle Barb Brooks Bonnie Brooks Myron Burmis Bill Camburn Dan Carley Lois Carpenter Phyllis Carpenter Sandra Cobb Lee Conway Terry Cook Delbert Corwin Donald Craft Charlene Crandell Rhoda Dieterle Carol Dixon Bill Esch Rose Calbreath ,lim Green Keith Grosshans Ed Grosvenor Carolene Gullet Bob Hannewalcl Sharon Hansen Mary Hecht Pat Hegxge Larry Hill Ron Hoffman Christine Howlett Martin Hudechek Madelyn Hudkins ,lim Hughes 40 VK arf? who em -fm.. 'tml 4x Y- . K 'W .Maker pr ,,,.,, .... V 'fi"'H' SKB 5 Sally Huston Dorothy Hutvhinson lirvnda .Inhnsun A. Kimlwrauskas .lanvt Kitlvy Mary Knott Barbara Lantis Larry l.A'llTll3Il Carolyn Lmnlmarcl Fr:-tl Mavllnik Elaine- Marshall Gary Matsvn Ywznn' May lfyvlyll Mvssner Malwl Mrxsfrtvr Mark Moffat Carsmx Mnntgomf-ry llarlvara Murphy John Murray Wayne- Mye-rf Dun Nivllnlzw Jack O'Bri:-n Aflllblll Ultra Nant-y Parks llwtty l'vnix Daw Perryman Frank Pm- Lulllse' l,nI'tz'!' Marilyn Putter 10550 l'ratf'r Millard l'rate'r Kan-n l'r1w1r-r Dirk Ham:-dell Jr-nniv Rillllltrlpll ,Inlm Rvilly D1-lnrvs Risnflr Wanda Risnvr Duug Rolwson Shirley Rovpckv Jerry Runciman Kay Sampson Connie' Sattvrlce XT? t , ..- Q l ' 'Jil wax S ll E . . .X . . I S' Y l wr ? P' ' 1' lf 'T' fr a A N at ' 1 if 'lair it 5- 1, Q 9? . ' gm . f r 4-Uh H w.,,.,,Q , .gs f 0 X 45 fha!! W 1 ,. X W? fs. ,. 4 4- 3: 'NE yi t 4- 5? U ,T 4--Q lk I f Xa t X I lc. A' ' 'N V 5'-" X' ,eg "' ' 1 A . ,r 5 .. 'wha SN ..,. V. ,W J," .vi - ,ag X .ff a . TT' x fl if' if 4. I 5 r was ' l ll ,t v 2-'6 "- ' ff! , u W . Ne X x ' Q, 1 ' ,E .', T. X 1 4I J erry Schray Irene Seigal Lynn Shackleford Carol Sharland Don Shepherd Mickey Shinkevieh Carl Shortz Annette Smith Edith Spooner Janet Stanfield Sharon Stanfield Wilbur Stearns Sandra Stoddard Kenneth Stoffer Gary Sweet Gerald Tatar Boll Taylor Bill Tower Sharon Ulanowiez Mary Yvarml Philip Weitlauf Janet Wild Anna Winters Cary Wriglit Mary Yerks Sharon Collins "' I . , X 6 Q M1 1. iiiii 5 33 1 ., . y at fy, ,f -4 , . ,S N-if 5- if .1 " 'Q , , ' ' ' Y L .3 ' ,lvl 1 X R . ,,..,, ' y , 7? if . ' ,S 'fr S ' . . i A, ,W my zhh , Q ,YQ V X. 'f S 'Q ' , l i ISM .A I :."53"l::E X if ag ' 5 9 -. YW i A 5' 1i.f,s'- if :gg V I S -IIN: e S ar.. W 5127 . ' I '95 i 5352 42 Prince Charming Cinderella '1"- I . .- Vice President FRANK SPADAFORE President MARCIA CILLMORE 1 Student Council RAY KNOTT Treasurer ROGER MUSBACH BETTY Student Council LARRY PORZSOLT OFFICERS ADVIS i r THE FRESHMAN ClLASS RS AND STUDENT COIQNCIL U r Advisor MISS AMBROSE 0 s ' The Freshman Class had several activities during basketball games at which they were very fortunate to their treasury. i They had a very lovely float at the Homecoming Ganle queen, Shirley Schreer. l They elected their officers at their first class meeting. Gillmoreg Vice President, Frank Spadaforeg Secretary, Roger Musbachg Student Council, Ray Knott and Larry Miss Ambrose and Mr. Richards. Advisor MR. RICHARDS lthis year. They sold at two make some money to put into and were very proud of their They were: President, Marcia Betty Beauchampg Treasurer, Porzsolt. Their advisors were Their year was nicely rounded out with a very suqcessful All-High in the spring. William Ackley Ronnie Arnett David Ashhaugli L. Asquiill Jerry llarlmur lark Barbour Terry Barnard Sandra Bitner Dennis Hows Nancy Boring Sandra Brady Ed Broesamle Nancy Brnuks Betty Budd Bill Budd Marla Burinis Donna Carley Rena Curley Beverly Cipta John Clark Sherry Clark Kaye Coakley Carmel Cole Belty Collins Bill Collins James Cook Dorothy Craft Doug Craft Charles Crist D. Darlington Delores Derossclt Mary Dickinson Dana Dictvrlf- Cherie Dixon G. Duszynski John Duszynski Joanne Flack Judith Finch Karen Fink Don Fletcher Karolyn Freer Marilyn Freer lllark l'llllll'I' Cary Um- Rmlgvr Claulslune- l'ul Cl't't'llQ' cvlllfld ifunllarlf llarlrra llulirk Luis llurmll Suv llurwy Ally:-rt Hawkinf Hnln-rl Hawkins Juanita Hawkins Joyce Hilo Mary Hile- David llill llarlmra llullis lluvicl limn linda Hmmm llill lluwarcl llf-rfllcll llmws'ux'cl llvll Huwlvff llvlvl' llnvvlvtl Rick lluwlfftt llulnwt lll1Llz'1'l1n'k Nluxine- Humll-:ins jwunm- lluslnn lluvid l'llllI'llllls0ll Willif Jvnkin- llaxiul Jnllxlflmm ,lvrrv Kan:- ll:-nrv Kl'll1'llllt'l Nlary Ke-rr l.m1ifv Knntz jf-rry Kunz:-lman Pa!!is Pal l,u l'1'u1l ,Indy l,n-human llux id Nlurfhall lfllvn Hay:-r 1.1111-lxrm xlL't.ll'f'l' ,luclitll xlffllblllll Jalvliie' xll'lLQ'Q' lfflnu Nlinix ,lack Mitleer Wlendell llloeekel ,laniee Moffat Don Nlotr' Joyce Oakley Elaine Osborne ,lolm Poe Elaine Poole Shirley Potts Don Prater Darlene Risner Marcella Risner James Roberts Bill Rowland Ruth Hyba ,If-an Salyer Shirley Sehreer joe Seliroerler Dick Seltuliert Ceanit-Sergison Esther Slit-pln-rtl Bill Silveus Pauline Silveus David Spencer Delores Stanfieltl Carson Stapleton Minte Stenhouse Deanna Stotltlartl Sharon Stuffer Diane 'l'eat'l1out Elizabeth Tink George 'link Todd Yverlclon ,lolm Wl1iti1i4ii'1- Richard Wild Carrie Cl:-nions M ii- .5 xv V if tj 2 -K oifldbvvlvi Pretty. pri l w President Vice President Secretary EVA STREETS VERNON HOARD AXEL CAMP THE EIGHTH G DE OFFICERS, ADVI ORS, AND STUDENT CO NCIL Treasurer Student Council EDWIN RAMSDELL LUTHER SALYER Advisor Advisor MRS. O'BRlEN MR. WOODMAN A TRULY GREAT YEAR! The Eighth Grade had one of the most exciting years that they have ever had in their school days. They had a Candy Carnival in which each student brought homemade fudge and candy to sell at school. They had two very successful danoes held with the Seventh Grade. Mr. Conrad Eichhorn was the caller for the square dances, which made these parties a real success. Their class officers were: President, Eva Streets, ice President, Vernon Hoardg Secretary, Axel Campg Treasurer, Edwin Ramsdellg tudent Council, Luther Salyer. Their Advisors were Mrs. O'Brien and Mr. Woodman. It was a great year for all and they hope to be together throughout High School. Lloyd Allen Wm. Curtis Back Evelyn Bailey Dick Bailey ,lerry Barber Sharon Barth Dianne Bartig Beverly Bates David Bauer Jerry Beauchamp Sid Beckwith ,lan Bennett Rosalyn Boyce Christine Bradley Janet Brooks Charles Brown Joe Brown Bob Bumpus Dennis Cipta Bill Clark Bob Cole Ella Conley Jim Cowan Nella Craft Barbara Davis Dick Dyserl Bill Faber Judy Flack Bonnie Fletcher Don Fletcher Joanne Freiermuth Glenn Gauss Carroll Grosvenor Marion Grow Norine Grumelot Pat Gulick Joy Hackworth Bob Hanson Joyce Hardt Harold Harrison Mike Harvey David Hecht ' ,,:-,. ' YLEQ'-'sfisel Q , 5 A-X nr Q Q N 5 , A 'si .:.1 f 2: in , ri Q y is f W, + ' Q .::. L I M2555 -f: K 2 ix , N R W Q5 'X ' J ,Q e XX lr E E E S X ,. g K we i Divk H1-ggv Grant Higgins Ed Huwlvtt Dm-nnis ,lavulls Arlm-ne' Kaisf-r Run Lvwis Daxid Limimm-r ,lim MCCM- l'aul Marfhall Janet Messn:-r Juyce Millvr Paul Nlinix J:-rry Nloffat Dun Nlurray liill New-le-y Lou:-lla N1-cley Cliffunl Oakley Tim U'ISrie-n K1-ixh lm., Lynn Uwe-n lk-e-vlxefr Palrirk Be-rlha Patrick E. Patrivk David Patton Kathlvvn Paul liwsiv l,t'Il'I'S Ellliill Pvtvrs Mary PQ-tors Panzie- Pm-tie-rs Judy I'uwr'H Bvtty Lou Praia-r EIIIPI Ramsdvll ,lim Rc-ilvy Paul Rivkman ,lim Him:-r Jerry Rulwrts ,Iuhn Hylma Cfarnlyn Srhray Holm Schrovdvr Ke-ith Sharland Den She-vrovi1'h Lurf-lla Silverthorn JW L li-iQ H195 Q Us - ..-Q - 55' O! '94 J. I 523 ' 'Q ls r ax 'Lvl :La PiCfUl"8 W K Ig., Q, 4 Na+ E -hs? '15 P 's Available M- ' ' , i ' x K ' ' r 5 ' -N.. X M? Q : ana 11, -, ' r NGN' 'x- V' ' 45 -new 4? T ow 4 D t- . " 'f Y 1. if 'T s 'Q i nd 4 v Q.- 49 Arval:-nv Simons ,lolin Slum, l.z1rry Subs-r Alva Southwell llarra-ll Siilllllwl Paul Spmnn-r l'anu'lz1 Sll't'l'lh .luhn Svve-4-l Huy 'llallllwv Gordon Taylor Sllillhll Titus lffl Trapp ,lim Trapp ,loyw Tnnllilvy llc-vi-rly Vining Connie- Ward lfml Watson Gary Warsl-n Douglas Wliilrnurv Frvd Wlilsnn Barbara Wircinm-n Donald Young Billy Joe Minix Rodger lN'larrm-In President Vice President TOM TAYLOR DAVID SWEET Secretary DOUG MILLS A THE SEVENTH G OFFICERS, ADVIS Treasurer KIM MITTEER AND STUDENT COUNCIL DE RS, Student Counctl NORMAN HANNEWALD Advisor MRS. CASSIDY The Seventh Grade was divided into four sections at th The school program for this year enabled all of the stu physical" education. They elected their officers as the first thing in their people were elected: President, Tom Taylorg Vice Presi Doug Millsg Trasurer, Kim Mitteerg and their Stude-n Norm Hannewald. Their Advisors were Mrs. Cassidy a The most exciting activities of the year were the tw gether with the Eighth Grade. V They are all very proud of their basketball team. Tk a lot of future before them and we are sure that they players. Advisor MR. BARRY e beginning of the school year. dents to take art, music, and class meeting. The following dent, David Sweetg Secretary, t Council representative was nd Mr. Barry. o parties which were held to- .ey have shown that they have will tum into some real fine Kenny Adkins Avadine Allen Betty Allen Tate Baisden june Barbour Danny Bailey Carolyn Barth Donna Bates Nora Bates Alan Boyce Anna Bradley Barbara Bradley Ronnie Bradley John Brady Dianne Briggs Loyall Broesamle ,lo Ann Brooks Earnest Brown Tom Burton George Byerly Bob Camliurn ,lack Carpenter Patricia Carpenter Vernon Catt Hazel Clemons Patricia Collins Howard Cole Tom Collins George Cozart Aaron Craft Etta Craft Raelene Dieterle Marilyn Dixon Mary Drew Keith Dysert Kendell Dysert Margarett Flaelc Bennie Fletcher Billy Fletcher Delores Fletcher Paul Fletcher Linda Freymuth -N tb an Wee. ww? 'm U x it Q ., Q . W. ' ' ttxm A A Picture E - SEP o Ny., net iei D 'ayl e D 5 we F .ef ' K Nil at IN Q sg, . M' vs -veg N li ' j Available f 1 el" 'I-no-N., f-it Q X QSP'-'Q' its 'X X M C . Picture Q A . ,q bk X . A ' 'W 4 ' fl' , . lf? and by A if Noi, QQ W h P , j N Available Q R we .gt A 3' Y iw is HT? .,,,.w Patrivia C4-e-r l.in1la Suv Hamlin ,lill llarw-y Ann H1-Q-ny 'Nlarllxa ll:-nsmm Llllllllll llmml je-rry llulllmuy 'll4'l'l'y llmvl jnhn llurn Jnunn llnrn-n Suv lluwlvtl ltlvaxnmr .lilktllli l'z'g,uy ,luhnwn ,laniw K:-vpvr Max Kvllvnln-rg:-r ,luv Kimlwiraufkaf llaul Kinllwirauslias Linda King Huy Kuntz Phillip Knntz llarnlml Kunzvlnxan Dong Liillglllillll Jvrry Iwrlf- Nanvy x1l'Kllll Roxannv Nlarv:-liv llurullly Xlilffllllll lim Nlawllall Alln-rt Nlulymi- Doris lxllll' Hun Nluv Yirgill Nlayf lluvifl x1!'55I1!'I' Hnym- Nlill:-1' 'IF-ll Nlillf lfuy 'Xlnnwll lliunu l'urlu'r Donna llatrivk Bill l'e-lf-rs john Pe-lvri llludyf l'e-IQ-rsmx Warn-n l'vtuskvy llnll llm- ? 1' -, -may ,K ! fm. 1? ,jun C' Qi' 'f'U' qw, f I K . N Q a lk 1 ..k,.k kms Lk.. , .- 'X a gn. 4'3- Wm . fiwfl '-'L . , ' Q' . A'Q' ..... W wx 4' WX -NC! L rr N Us .-f is Ka' 11- '- M 4 L ' ' - Q.-- l 31 is-f' V X AN. X Xl ff lx l 4' "' 'kl- Q r "N, be 'lr :I MM.,-l"' " , yi Norm Porter Deloris Prater Merton Prescott Larry Proctor Wesley Randolph Dianne Reynolds David Rick Annabell Risner Donna Risner Lavada Sue Risner Marie Robeson Barbara Roepcke Leveda Salyer Paulene Salyer Huie Samons Janet Schreer Vernon Schuler Louise Sharland Tom Shellenbarger Charlene Shew Larry Shisler Cary Silverthorn Pat Smith Cheryl Sober George Stephens Glenn Stephens .ludy Streets Charles Taylor Scott Taylor Jerry Thomas Connie Tesch Thurlyn West Hardy Willianis Kay Wilson Dave Zimmerman C' '93 " a??'XCA'C' 7 , o C.: . .J ' Q L . rganizatious Wim , 11- mm if it H E A 4 up if-mf MW 9 W 'J 'Www W 5? Ewa if im W M- mm M WI 'W 'im 1 Ni iii W 9, u 5? ' r A 9 . ,n Qu V I ,ww V WW W L First row: B. Boring, D. Dieterle, S. Roepcke, A. Howlett, J. Musbach, Miss J Stephens ladvisorb. Second row: K. Sampson, J. Bristow, B. Brooks, J. Mach- J nik. S. Schreer. Third row: E. Neeley, M. Stcnhouse, M. Potter, K. Fink, y J. McGee. Fourth row: S. Crandall, B. Flack, K. Clark, B. Ashbaugh, B. Collins. 'Lu X . X f YW N ., it X Nga lfgv Q Nix ff' x x il XX ll 'S GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 1 2 MOWJJ' ' i...g ...? -V if W P+., w ' Lorraine at piano First row: K. Coakley, B. Cipta, N. Boring, L. Kuntz, P. Bisner, M. Risner, M. Freer, B. Goulick, D. Stanfield. Second row: J. Flack, K. McCleer, J. Salyers, M. Hile, S. Harvey, E. Minlx, J. Lehman, R. Ryba, M. Kerr, J. Hile. Third row: E. Osbome, B. Budd, E. Meyer, J. Oakley, C. Crosshan, S. Brady, J. McComb, P. Silvus, B. Beauchamp, Miss Stephens ladvisorl. 57 J' V 52 4? . Q 9 iff? ,M , :, in . ,, Jqfi r 0, W f 1' 123 1 is 4 QQ X ix MA 1 . Ti ' x I bw-W -b iff ' A ' 1 Wm V N iw: x iq N if K t A A 1 A N QQ -Q ., .Q-fig 1 1 1' PM W 1 .4 'N Qi ,vw Firsl row: M. Ward, J. Lehman. M. Dickinson, S. Potts. M. .Knott. Second row: D. Dieterle. D. Spencer, B. Ackley. A. Camp. J. Fuller. R. Carley, N. Spencer. Third row: J. Barbour. J. Reilly, J. Hudechck. D. Darlington. R. Dieterle. S. Titus. .l. Valenti, C. Helderman. .l. Bennett. FOIIFIII raw: M. Hudkins. L. Hardt. The Senior Band took part in football half-time activities. played in the annual Christmas Concert. entered the District Solo-Ensemblel contest and the District Rand Contest. The year was completed hy their performance in a Spring Concert. The attitude and spirit of hand members were very good this year and lay next year slioulml show a great deal of improvement. The Junior Rand serves as a training hand for the-:Senior Rand. Although this is a small group they work very hard and many of the memljers will enter Senior Rand next year. Several memlmers entered the District Solo-lfnsemlvle Contest. The lmand took part in the Spring Concert. Our Director M 'M , LX,. , www www Q 7-Awww 1 gm is ,ig A il - Af .1 fi? V ff,,,,f1w- ig 1 Iwfw f"-W i Q 2 gg M mm. 55- ' .. 1 L". ' ' . ' ':-' K Y , H 5 'E M5225 .. 1+ 1 K 5 3 N . -W fs I 3 ,v,,::.... f 1 fs 55 lie 1. 16 M ,lg-X M ? X 4. 5 4'-'-L 4915? QFD? KEN? ii? iii-P N fig! my 'WN x v M, 1 I S' 21 4' .WV Y. Q Q 1 5 'Amy lvl ' v sh A, I :SFP S93 LIBRARY CLUB First row: K. Sharland, D. Bennett, Miss Stephens tadvisorl. E. Nt-vley. J. .laekson. IJ. Rick. .l. Wetzel. Second row: B. Flack, H. Stanfield, V. Liberski. IT. Sober. T. Wi-ddon. R. Knott. K. Fink. K. Sampson, 1. Stanfield. Seventeen students volunteered to serve as student lihrarians in our lihrary this year. These people were assigned one period a day when they assisted in the lihrziry. Tfaeh one took his turn at the Charging desk where hooks are signed out or returned hy the students. Other duties they performed included helping with the mail. returning hooks to the shelves and shelf reading. filing. helping to prepare hooks for the shelves. typing. and performing household duties. These students did a great deal to keep the lihrary attractive and running smoothly. Sehool Lihrarian-Miss Stephens Dot, Carol and Beverly "T.uok,'l f na. l 'Sf SCHOOL PAPER STAFF First mir: B. Carpelitvr. M. Crist. R. Flack. Shvrri Wlisinan, lailvisorl Mrs. llvsl. 'lioni Nlills. ffonnio Solwr. Syrvla Dixon, Jam-t Mushacll. Sevnml row: C. Cornish, P. Long. F. Mills. -X. flLll'IlQ'lllt'l'. N. .laColJs. "'l'ln- Pllllllllgl' Roarsf' Ll slucls-nl pulvlivnlion. is pulwlisllcml lay tin' -lflllI'llllliSl!l Class ilu- svconfl and fourth wvek of vx'e1'y month. The staff l'llilllQt'S vw-i'y six ww-ks lin-rvlmy giving cxperivnvc on sevvral cliflvre-nt jolws to vlass nnrlnlwrs. Tllv slaff ultvlnpts to cover all svllool news. to ser- that the paper goes into as many homvs as possilmlv uncl to fostm' School spirit and good pnlmlim' rvlations. .Mmmoxiinnlely 100 4-opivs am' sol4l vacli timv. The paper belongs to the NI.I.P.A. unfl is a mlistrilvulor for "Sc-liolusliv Rolof' ' 'fc co Norm and Fr:-ml . . . Papvr? Paper? 54' i Slwrii nl mlrawingl lvonral 2 ARM RS ' rf O- umigmg The Stockbridge F.F.A. has carried on many ac- tivities the past year. Five Honorary Chapter mem- bers were conferred the Honor of Chapter Farmer. Mr. Howlett, High School Principalg Mr. Woodman, Farm Shop teacher, Arnold Seigel, a young farmer, Fred Barth lposthumouslyl. Father of State Farmer Wm. Barth and Mr. Cronkhite, Chapter Advisor. Mr. Cronkhite also received the State Farmer Honor- ary Degree at the 1957 F.F.A. State Convention. One of the highlights of the year was the chicken barbecue. The mothers and members served 400 charcoal broiled halves of chicken. Stockbridge received a Silver Award in the Broiler Contest, the display at the State Fair and the Chapter display at Farmers, Week. Members of the Farm Forum Team that competed at the Regional Contest at Owosso, 1958 were: Tlom Heeney, Chairman. Lee Clark, Pat Kelly, Robert Shepard, Larry Wild and Donald Mcvay. The District Contests were held at Mason. Wm. Donohue spoke on uResearch. the Fu- ture of Tomorrow." The Parliamentary Procedure Team was composed of, Doug Wilson, Chairman, Richard Lantis, Joe Taylor, and Marvin Shevrovich. Three Vocational Agriculture Classes have formed Co-operatives and are raising swine as a co-operative project. Many summer activities are being planned of which one is a two day canoe trip down the Au- Sable River from Roscommon. 64 Advisor MR. CRONKHITE Officers 4... Fifi' s' T212 'HBH H '51, we . W Q. 5 ME5ifefi'1 ' . 3 sq, .Q 1 'ng ,X wif 'I -ky' : i .1 gb. ,- sA --Q.: an 2 If Wi, in 113,35 ' .4 V, Ntw ix, , ,1 ,L 'S 'us il? , .lm r X "'Z 'QS A , 'A 'Sir 1 3 Tilt- !x,,-,., A' ...- Q ,L K 'f.+,.' ,,,.-'wit' .4 gg J 5 A f I Quai-- fi V I-l , Lx J"'l.f,:53'sf-- First raw: J. Bristow, B. Scott, D. Hutson, D. Hardt, B. Glynn, C. Dixon, L. Schreer, D. Collier, J. Fizer, C. Sober, S. Liming, E. Neeley. Second row: C. Hannewald, D. Rick, R. Flack, B. Smith, J. Jackson, H. Bradley, Mr. Valentine Cadvisorl. At work C. Hannewald, D. Sober, P. Moeckel, D. Rick, Mr. Valentine ladvisorl. 66 At pep meeting SPEECH CLUB The Speech Club is organized on a learn- ing-performing basis, which allows the in- dividual student the opportunity of per- sonal expression in the fields of speech and dramatics. Club members have performed for school assemblies, the P.T.A. and various civic groups. At P.T.A. DEBATE Our team was confronted with the propo- sition, "Resolved that direct United States economic aid to individual countries should be limited to technical assistance and dis- aster relief." A challenging topic which resulted in a better understanding of our national economy and the problems of those countries looking to America for assistance. Future Homemakers of America is the national organization for girls studying, homemaking in the high schools of the United States. Each year members of the local chapter set up a program of work which helps them achieve F.H.A. purposes. Our local chap- ter's program of work included working for Junior Degree, money-making projects, and community improvement projects. F.H.A. Installation As usual, the Future Teacher Group seems to be the smallest club in the school. We have carried on with a very capable president, Helen Stanfield, assisted by D. Bauer, J. Stanfield, and C. Hannewald. We have been unable to cadet teach in the lower grades because of the distance to the Elementary School. We hope that even though there are many too busy to attend meetings that there will also be more graduated who attend college and pursue teaching as a career. First row: Stenhouse, J. Flack, Mrs. Clark ladvisorl. H. Stan field. Second rpw: D. Sober, H. Craft, M. Smith. Home Ec House W F.T.A. Fall Tea l First row: Mrsl Mitchell ladvisorl, D. Bauer, H. Stanfield, C. Hannv- wald, J. Stanfierd. l 67 ?'i"81"L,. . WQM- f - if 'I .15 .M F wg Silk' W Qyimv -ix f ,sz xyii bligw ae. 6 yi Z I o . . 91 Y ,awk ,K ,gf if ,S li I . .. A, G, 2 L 'N W 5 .gf if 1 W if 5 Q QS' 3 . A Q 4. .A .,,E., , 'Q V ,bg H .AS ,if-it 'Pi' QM Nwdmw fm, . .. 1: ' 1 ,. L ' fe H-1 ' P, 5 ,f Z tlzletics -da? 0 SH.: an. .C.'J L' .X 2.2 .:: gc 60 cr: 36 O23 K-5 N EE -:Q s.. an Ei '5'5'.fs 32.5 EP: EEO mu Q 'P-3 2 E -2 m..CI,,g Emo .-m EEG mg I ..g 0:03 f. 'D H Eg? 'nun NU- ' 20454 AWE' 53722 ESQ .JE SAE ab"-5 sm-5 .-107m iii' ld .HS 3 'Q -JZ-2 Lnlgfv .Um Xia ... -co2 DCD .-1.b,, QQ? Q ,,7.E .ESE 3520 U , C Om E02 Tis 5125 ss -U' L'-1. 2 Q ...E egg '- -Q in M52 'SGS o6E' ...US - 5. :- NU N . .QQ-1: E-S.: hifi awe E .ri Y-QD-HA E 4: bw .-. LD T. Jarrell, J. Potts, D. -T 1- N I-IJ v-3 la. E D D-4 r, B. UU S. Barb 5 Q M 'Q I2 e Q U VJ ov- ms-N r-4 'vw O +-1: Ei QC: EES 'ES 8 QE Hs: '59, 14-N S-409 QJCD 9-1.- N3 'C is 3.- QE 0151 CD so 1,115 lull! 3? 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O CII- 3.2- ID.-Cl -'E E2 ED- QE E6 I-as -'E Q: Q0 .EQ 'GE np-qfd 'io -2,5 13 gas 35 34: 4.1.20 em P.T.A. he byt CI QD P nl-1 P10 -na U D U' CI Cd -Q marveluos 8 at fine fashlon C1 --4 Q x in ' T 523, to Q, ,nf 1 xf ,WD ' Wk 5 0 ' Y! ' fi fi t 72 Q' 0' Q'f"'x Q ,. .4.....x- If A ff ,si d Km - E' ,. W .iff ' ksfp i ggi 1 N 2 1, ' ,i,Lu,.,3,.,, .J Q. I., ,R , Q bv 5 ,gift U, Vg' gl QW' eu f Lip Q if "SEQ , XA!! 4' r ' , i s fy S jg 'Q . X H 1 pr' ' Up ' WX, E 5 as . .I 9 31 ' ' Q5 ,, Y x Ag' N X ,f-I! . Q ,N X f s ..- -A pq? 4 1 . 'ffm ft' Q' T5 ' 1. U 1 .A Q :Q S tw My R Q 531 ' 3 Q f sinh' Kia! wif .12 0 . red ll wa Q4 " ,.r' 'if f'X?o-W" ' Y Mills. E O 'D 5 I-4 D-4 Watson, ers, .-Q o DQ ..c'. O ru o Umm hrs C5 is zu Eg Cf.-C1 ,Go-I On- v-14 U Q2 Bump Don Long, Tom Pat H, GJ ... : LJ Q. L-1 va CJ -cs ... O : L-4 4 CJ. I-13.2 OM .. 'cz 5 n-1 ca. was 94-4 eu 'U co -5.2 ND D-4 - 5 cu .- U! C aa I rl: .-. ,-Q ..-1 .. .. .3 4 bE c 'U as v-4 I-I-4 :IT r:: is U?-f .Q :VS CQCQ Z,.::' -2.2 -10: L I-4 o QU Q Ps L- Em v-ICD Q3 .-C1 -o-I uf G4 ..- .C rn cu .-C1 o O 3 Il-3 'U .- cu ,I KD I-I cu -CI 4-3 C cs D-4 U QD 'U .- B-1 .Q .sc O O .. cn U .: OH s: O KD C5 D ID : CU .Q 4-V OJ .se UZ EU .Q oo U? lx' LD cw I-4 Q2 .c 4-U '-O-K O Q9 KH 2 U 0.3 .:: 4-I 6-3 4 : O uri Q. E lin: 033 s-.vrgq gun mai Dm-v-1 -iw: ow- 583 2:3 ..-.E ww :ca-5 '53s goes: QS'-Q4-7 'csgi seg r: :N oD"ff1 5.00 :sig 3.3 'O cu EC- 'I-E.: 'Bono EEE 0,252 .:-H "" :NB C52 35g GJ SHE ,gcc Hoes: .gm 4- on .EIS P-1 F ECI-4 ...:s. Q-eff BEE CU'-4-4 -0-I ID mmm .UH3 Eus- N58 :gf no rv cuff..-E-' 03:41 iii 'Ecu :1-CE O22 CJ-22 E E33 E29 v-LVD EQ 8 : E2 wi do 3 -E : mm D+: -5 xo QE-1 Na.: :1 35am CC -40 534 2: 4 CU QE 'U4-I N: EO O LE 35 U5 Es: O 44-llll P-gm 33 wi .-CU Sw D-1133 3. UJ 32 EE QE OCS UID 'A-I Qu Q3-C Haw. C0.Q Q. wi 'Dec 41 5532 .Q Ecu eu: WT: FE? QD-A-b QE SHCI I 'l-4 s QE U 8-A-I 5 E2 CU who U EE 5 E5 GJ QE E so E02 s: an 3 52 4-I Ou! 2 Q5 5 33 .E -gi -3 85 LU .555 U cg rf ZD- ' on 2224: swmH .sag '11fJ:: Simi 3433 OA.,-qs-1 -55":a.s 'EE'-'5 gQJ5"4-I "' CU 353 22-35 1-,:..Qcu-5 cud-v3 2575. emo 'SOLE Ggvw was 3.-si? U-Ming Quin.- 4-wg-7J,2H"' ins-4 C '44 E..-1 4SiE mm-5 CCT! e235 4-Tw EEE? 23: U .-.O -'cow 2203 25"-Em s:-F,Cf2-2 o. .:E E' GJ CD 'U . .- L- -CJ .M O O 4-I CD E O n.. '44 GJ mx.. S 4, PX- I-l O GJ .S 'G-I 54 N ,-1 B-4 '-H O cn 'U C O CJ GJ un 4-4 un C5 .-. an J: ... IU-3 4 J cu an '4-4 cu 'U E s: 3 O 'cs 4-U C1 9-9 5 E ev: GJ dd GJ -C -0-3 : GJ .: 3 Ps .. .- O CU Q. CU U 3 C" LDOO 3363 omg S Q msg www O 54 559 -C-' ' :,, 'E ' V Q , 12 l Q Vm, .c: 1?P,"1 W-l I m4 H5 2'nC:J1l...nE :sm Em 2 ZgP'qqCL.0.2 '5 Qplllqgbb.-CI 3 EEBEEE 412 D gm FCE-N ,Q LY-:Cl CJCDE 4-U E O ?'wLD2C'Or-lLfDr-4 Hs: gm oc-ovrxo B an C 'S 'Uoovrom-no g 5QW9mmW of ii,,,1 EE QQ . mg 15 1 f UO... lm :1 .E 'f:1 Oi OE Pxfg . 115 in E'c4E3 is 132355 .Pcs .E ,'U8".sc 32 LEEABO -SIL 'gfgkmg-Fm,-a:,0 gage fr-vhs!-ol :aug 33 : -cgwxomlnooolx 5-Bwvwwvv gg 44l aah ,,., . QS .Q N: 4 a-:E xc lx Q52 13,12 ..U 11W 'T :ln ,lim 3 O , od-lv. U5 3:3523 'U 3O:".xeuO 5 Argcmm UU 4 4 Z 2 Q m m IN XO I-4 LD ti .2 LU IU E OO CC OO U? ansvllle D 54 M45 s: o KD 'cs :s E13 V ' ' ' 1 , " t P 'AVARSITY CHEERLEADERS V3 - Left to right: Syreta Dixon, Sandra Beckwith Hey! Hey! What do you Peppy and alert Cheerleaders Their Songs and yells build up their stunts entertain students at Stoddard. Sherii Wisman, Jean Burgess. NYOIIFIIZI Marr, Fran say? SHS. cheerleaders lead the way! Certainly do lead the way toward victories at SHS. Panther spirit at football and haskethall games. and the pep rallies. The Cheerleaders also lead the way in plastering the school walls with signs on game days. Many thanks to the cheerleaders for their time and effort. They have helped to lmoost SHS. sehool spirit to an all-time high! 1 L. Carpenter, M. Ward, S. Cobb, S. Schreer, J. Hardt. S. Ulanowicz. A fav? .. 1 g Lyra 4 gf z 1 'Z'-4S+.,m.,,x "LZ 3 -s ' K Fa 'iff N , 1' Q 1 4 25 We HW 22? iw u qv, -Q I 6. W, E v 1 E924 f. Q . ML Migw K. ' 3.3 N 1 'sy i K .: - x ' L.gk 5 X in C igyp- . jf.: PM E 2, i - as vm .M 2, Q, ,, ., ,wmv M N- fgffx- .. ' Bu. Aw I x 2 ami Q v ,.N,,,,.. , 'fu k 5.3 Q , J -' " ' ' ' wz - I 'MM-. . 41 A f mf- X Y 1 f ' - 1 ffj ' '- b W ' 5, 521' ' x' wx f QE' . , L' ,.M g. y 6 .iw E 1 V: mf W2 'S ,F ' ' " xn -1 1'- z - 1 Q -- g 51. f' ' v ., , , ' l Ssm,g351i' + " - 'Y 3' ew 4 ily , 1 'f ' Q mi , iw - ya Y X 3' K W' QL ik , . x We . Q' Q A E! :, 3' v 5 Q . 3 Ei, ' ww ffim W WI? fr fmvf Q S if Wai wigs? ggi . '-' D -K 'WIT' Ask BASEBALL AND TRACK .. . A bj"',, , ,. Left to right: A. Carpenter, F. Mills, D. McArthur, B. Barber, D. Wilson, B. Collins, P. Spadafore. Second row: Coach Prudon, J. Wilkerson. N. Spencer, F. Lee, G. Cornish, J. Mason, D. Ludtke, J. Taylor, P. Lon , R. Ransdell. Stockbridge Baseball Team won its first league cham- pionship in a game that went 12 innings with Dansville to the tune of 5-4. The first game was a no-hitter pitched by Paul Spadafore with Leslie 9-3. Leslie scored 3 runs on errors. Don McArthur was team captain and Paul Spadafore Most Valuable Player. l The Stockbridge Track Team did not compile such,an impressive record this year but they showed much promise of good things to come in the future. They won 3 of 4 meets which they competed in but they were able to place only 6th in the very rough competition at the County Meet. Several members of the team competed in the Regional Meet where Dave Schuette placed 2nd, X e- L w Left to right: D. Wilson, B. Carley, D. Carley, J. Love, D, D. Schuette, T. Bumpus, G. Sweet, J. Runciman. Third Ellsworth, E. Grumelot, D. Lantis, M. Sweet, D. Wycoff, row: K. 'Grosshans, J. Taylor, J. Reilly, G. Lee. J. Horst, C. Smith, P. Fredenburg, A. Carpenter, F. Mills, D. Barton, D. Sweel, C. Cornish, B. Donahue, A. Otto, D. Glynn, Coach Bob Boyd. Second row: P. Weitlauf, C. Matson, A. J. 0'Brien. Kieser, L. Crandall, J. Earl, S. Barbour, N. Jacobs, F. Lee, Q 77 fc, QSM wu.f.afV xi Wd 'f of Miiiiiifxs ' --3 f d '-af UN, . Yr 3: 4 'icy my-QQ, v - MHZ Q U Q fiffsfiiw amp' 1- V . - l. 'GMOMENTS TO REMEMBER,' : ,f Samoa From jp,5r,AOnEP FW' l MALCHO8 j F Senior Representative, Vivian Liberski " 43 ui.- M' ,gl it . 1 if I htm! .ffl Q- " ' Our Queen t'i,3' l li ol The Coronation Sharon Collins crowns Sherii Peg C., ,loann A., Shi-rii W., Vivian L., Shirley S. The clay for enrolling was almost here, Back to svhool, for anotlivr year. Wcfll have these- nioments to rn-nivniber. Aulunin frost, the chef-ring crowdsg Of our homecoming queen we were proud. Cheering the team is Fran B.. Vonnetta H. and our queen, Sherri W. 79 WMA M I , Aff ur- , , X ,ff 4- 1 IGX- 'ff 4 "ii Summer turns to winterg And the present disappears The laughter we were glad to shareg Will echo through the air X X m Z 7' -T When other nights and other days May find us gone our separate ways We will have these Moments to Remember .qqhai Xl hailvene "The Haunted High School" Our class plays, the noisy fung The oscars we almost won. We,ll have these moments to remember "Oh! Richie, darling ! l' "Look, Agnus I " Advertising i CONGRATULATIONS C0mPlimen+S of From i C 8, L UNADILLA i HOME AND AUTO PRESBYTERIAN i 5UppLY CHURCH i Phone UL :seas . i STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN STOCKBRIDGE X Q Q ' elf rf" X," 4 Ex? 'Rx Niixx if .SX!i,' xx'eaeI-'ixxfxf i Phone UL l3885 i STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIQAN i r i i The Yearbook Sfaff Wishes +o Thank An Tho This Yearbook Possikile! i i BEST WISHES, CLASS OFi l958 se Who Made I Besf Wishes 'ro +I-me Class of '58 HICKORY RIDGE FARM DAIRY PASTEURIZED AND HOMOGENIZED PRODUCTS "Fresh as Hue morning dew, direc+ from 'rhe farm +o you." STOCKBRIDGE, MICH. PHONE UL-I 3000 I I . r I GooERIgcgKi2mo S Congra1'uIa+ions, Seniors! I CONSTRUCTION STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN Phone UI-I4035 in I Bes+ Wishes for a Brighi' Fu+ure NORTH I STOCKBRIDGE PIANO SHOPI un' , I I ' I CONGRATULATIONS SENIQRS . MERLE SCHROEDER 81 SONS J, W. RQWI-AND I MARATHGN SERVICE I Tires - BaH'eries - Acces. INSURANCE AGENCY ' I 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE STOCKBRIDGE I I Phone UL- I 2805 BesI' Wishes CompIimen+s of MALCO BROTHERS FORD, MERCURY JOHN DEERE-FIRESTONE TIRES BLUE SUNOCO GAS AND OIL UL I2775 STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN BesI' of Luck, Seniors WILDE'S SUPER MARKET STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN "Beg of Luck" Congraiulafions, Seniors Seniors CURTIS WELDING AND FIX-IT PRICE AUTO BODY SHOP Work Done +he Way You Wan+ I+" MUNITH- MICHIGAN MUNITH. MICHIGAN TeIePI'0ne '65F' BesI' Wishes MR. AND MRS. WENDELL ABBOTT and SALLY REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE AGENCY Sfockbridge, Michigan CompIimenI's of C. W. GLENN 8: SONS S+arIing Our 45'I'h Year! CHEVROLET-BUICK SALES AND SERVICE Sfoclcbriclge, Michigan BISHOP ELECTRIC SPARTON TV WE SERVICE ALL MAKES Phone AL 6-2755 THE EATON HOUSE c:HARcoAL BRQILED Koons Complimenfs of H. E. MUNSELL'S GENERAL STORE GREGORY. MICHIGAN Cong ra+uIa+ions TOM'S MARKET GREGORY, MICHIGAN Wear Peiers Shoes "Everybody" BALL BAND ARCH GUARD JETS FOR SPORTS I'I. E. MARSHALL Gregory, Michigan CompIimenI's of H. M. coL.uNGs a. soNs DESOTO - PLYMOUTH STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN Congrafularions, Seniors STOCKBRIDGE ELEVATOR Feed, Seed, Coal and Grain Ph. UL I-2245 Congra+uIa'I'ions FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN The fear of Ihe Lord is Ihe beginning I Ic I dg O nowe e" Proverbs I :7 Complimenfs of PLAINFIELD "Bed Wishes" Io I'he Class of I958 SUPPLY HOWLETTVS FARM ELECTRIC HARDWARE IMPLEMENTS APPLIANCES YOUR FRIGIDAIRE DEALER Phone UL-I-4045 ALLIS-CHALMERS IMPLEMENTS E Gregory, Michigan Gregory, Michigan Congrafularions, Seniors MR. AND MRS. PAUL C. RAMSDELL SHOPPER 81 INSURANCE Srockbridge, Michigan Phone UL- I 2675 BEST POLICY AT ALL x ' PLLTINAES -9 , . C 2 5 llii I 'IIP' Q' MQ, i Compliments of Best Wishes, Seniors BARBER 84 BEAUTY SHOP ROLAND STOFFER "GORDON" Assistant B Postmaster STOCKBRIDGE, RMICHIGAN B GREGORY. MICH. i "CongratuIations, Seniors" PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATIGN PTA i JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH QCHOOL STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN T T Compliments ofi TED BEAUCHAMP , T Drainage Contractor DRAINAGE i BULLDOZING GENERAL EXCAVATING LEGIONE'I'I'ES Sfockbridge Bes+ Wishes, Seniors! CASKEY FUNERAL HOME AND FURNITURE Sfockbridge, Michigan ULysses I -2755 NORMAN KAISER Excavaiing and Grading I2700 Jaycox Road STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN ULysses I-4085 CompIimenI's of LACERNE DIXON AND FAMILY MUNITH, MICHIGAN Complimenrs of GLEN AND JACK MYERS srocxsmnee, MICHIGAN Congra'I'uIa'I'ions, Seniors MAYNARD BARBER BuiIcIer-PainI'er FITCHBU RG. MICHIGAN CompIimen'I's of NEIL BARTDN "For BoI'h Qualify and Service Call 'NElL"' Phone UL- I 2345 Srockbridge, Michigan Com pIimen+s of TASSONE'S HOBBY SHOP I I I CompIimen+s of CI-IAIILES sI-IowEIIMAN I Life. Fire, and M0deI5"SI"3mP5 I General Casualiy GiH's for Every Occasion I Insurance '09 Main S+fee+ COCN LAKE BRADLEY ROAD GREGORY. MICHIGAN I CompIimenI's of THE RURAL TELEPHONE COMPANY CompIimenI's I of I PAUL SPADAFORE I STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN Complimenis of MUSBACH FOOD MARKET MUNITI-I. MICHIGAN I Complimenis I of I MAYER'S GROCERY I I Confeciionery - Groceries I Frozen Foods I MUNITH. MICI-IIGAN Foods 'For You! Complimenis of W. A. ARCHENBRONN Hardware and Pain'I's MUNITH, MICHIGAN I I Congra'l'uIaI'ions From H 81 F I Sales and Service I Aufomobiles and I Farm Machinery Phone I9 I MUNITH. MICHIGAN Complimenis Com plimenis of RITZLER AND PENA DR Am, MRS FAM"-'IES R. N. DANCER PINCKNEY' MICHIGAN STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN Com plimen'l's of C. G. LANTIS AND SONS Phone UL- I 4 I 05 STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN HAROLD LINN Besi' Wishes Class of I958 JOH N L. TAYLOR Livesfoclc Hauling Agrico Ferlilizer STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN Phone UL-I-3459 Q X X351 If f 3.11 iN .5 Com plimenls of NORTH LAKE STORE scorr FREEMAN Good Luck, Seniors A FRIEND Besf Wishes From I Tinning, Plumbing and Heaiing, Ha cl Pismps and Elec+ric:al Waier Sysrem I MUNITH, MICHIGAN MUNITH HT HB R BUILDING SUPPLY I C U G All Your Building Needs i MUNITHI MICHIGAN I FITCHBURG. MICHIGAN phone I8I I Besi' of Luck! I WRIGHT'S I SUPER Congrarulaiions, Seniors! Fresh Meais and Groceries MUNITH, MICHIGAN I MUNITH' MICHIGAN Besi' of Luck! Bes'I' of Luck I Waferloo Sfore LIEBECK I Mays I LEIsINGEIz's PI-IoNIs zoF4 MUNITI-I i I WN Congrafulafions, Seniorsgx l C'mP':"enIs COBB AN sci-IREER o Forf Trac+ors - Ford Implemeni' .- New Holland Machinery - Ponhac Phone UL I-32I5 , Sales and Service STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN UL I-4525 STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN Complimenfs of GREGORY FARMER'S ELEVATOR - 'XR - 5 Tv 1 .i Q -v - -yi -.. lg ::E,.. 'f "- Besi' Wishes, Seniors! ROEPCKE AGENCY Neil Mills Insurance Phone UL I448l STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN IEI1' POI-ICY 511 if -3 pi ig 2 S an Q' MQ, Com pIimenI's of PRICE BROTHERS AUCTION EERS srocxsmnee and MASON CongraI'uIaI'ions STOCKBRIDGE Plumbing and Hea+ing 4250 S+ocIcbricIge BRUCE H. HOWLETT Phone UL-I-40I5 "Q,- Besi' of Luck, Seniors i i Complimenfs i Asmco i of FERTILIZERS i CLYDE JACOBS vfjfILjj2fjE i GRE,C:cO1RYEJLMiC?ITCiAN Good Luck, Seniors PLAINFIELD METHODIST CHURCH P if v 1: 4 . i Complimenfs of HiARRY'S GROCERY i i i Good Luck, Seniors! i Complimenrs R wATsoN's i GENERAL STORE i srocksmoee, MICHIGAN i i Our congraiularions and very besr shes for +he fulzreggghe Senior Class I MR. AND MRS. CIRCUIT METHODIST ARTHUR COOK Inferior and Ex+erior Decora'l'ing UL I-3269 i C H U RC H ES Besf of Wishes i i CompIimen'I's of PATTERSON BROTH ERS Dis+ribu+ors "Onions, Our SpeciaI+y" STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN Complimenfs of WEN DELL A. BARBER Disfribufor HARVIN'S ICE CREAM Sfockbridge, Michigan CompIimen+s of I NGHAM- STOCKBRIDGE A.B.A. GERALD RUNCIMAN Phone UL-I-3605 STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN j il .R L, f is 5 I -r I 75123, Besi' of Luck Seniors DR. ERNEST PORZSOLT STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN Complimenfs of GARNETTE'S DR. A. .I. SPENCER FLCWER SHOP D.V.M. 500 CIin'Ion STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN Phone UI.-I-37I5 Beg-I' Wishes! STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN L. G. BALFOUR CGMPANY "Known Wherever There Are Schools ancl Colleges" Class Rings and Pins l l Commencemen+ lnvi+a+ions - Diplomas - Personal Cards Club lnsignias- Medals and lTrophies l MR. LEE ZIMMERMAN Box 688 l JACKSON, MICHIGAN l l l l Congrarulafions STOCKBRIDGE COLLISICN ro rhe Class of I958 We mee' bloiiciierl' E:ZIZ22+?f""' " ii3YEI3f'uf3'liff Free Wrecker Service Wiihin a 50 Mile Radius UL M45 HEATING a. COOLING Easi' Main Sireef UL I263l STOCKBRIDGE Good Luck, Seniors! COLLI NS' STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN Srockbridge HY-FLASH Good Luck, Seniors! BILLIE IRVINE U. S. POST OFFICE UI. I-2955 I STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN We 1 STOCKBRIDGE MANUFACTURING CO. Screw Machine Paris STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN Complimenls of 9006 Luck. Seniors! KRUMMREY 8. SONS l VERIL BALDWIN 8. sONs STQCKBRIDGEI MICHIGAN l srocksmnee. MICHIGAN I Complimen+s of SPEEDWAY "79" I: C Gas Oil K B TlI'6S and aHeries and C Repairs E PHONE C UL I-39I5 I 4630-M92 3 Q 1 I '..........- l A. w. BROWN COMPANY Knapp shoes School Supply Siore for for 59 Years Supreme Foo+ Comforl .IOI-IN c.a::II.I.MOIzE BILL LAPRAD CLIFF BOLLMAN I9702 Unadilla Road STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN """"' AM355 GREGORY. MICHIGAN 1 Q 1 Complimenis of D 81 C STORES, INC. P CompIimenI's of Congrafularions, Seniors! BRIEF SUN BRADSHAW'S c. J. SIBLEY GROCERY Shwkbridse STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN CongraI'uIaI'ions Io 'I'I'Ie Class of I958 DANCER'S DEPARTMENT STORES In Michigan STOCKBRIDGE MICHIGAN CongraI'uIa'I'ions! Compllmems PHY'-LIS 0 DRESS SHOP We Wish You Every Happiness UNADILLA. MICHIGAN in Ihe Coming Years. STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN STRENGTH ,,fS"'3"S"v SERVICE -1- 06. 0 1 M Q .9 ,I If. , 3 In j l-'AE 39 1' l ' 9 -:-..I 00 ex r, . 2 STOCKBRI DGE STATE BANK kb d .- 50III Anniversary q,e'I'S9"4r, I903-I953 , 5 A 'lP.fL'Si'f Qi- SI'ocIcbrIdge. gd , gg-jlqjgjq 2 Michigan Q' -I Q ' -5 SAFETY I' SATISFACTION I I Besr Wishes, Seniors I Good Luck. Seniors LAWRENCE B. LINDEMER and JOHN L. COLLINS JOHN F. "JACK" ACKERMAN I Ford Trucks and Cars I SI'ark Hickey Easi HEROLD w. LUDTKE Dem Besi' Wishes 'Io Ihe Phone AL-6-2793 Class of '958 GREGORY' MICHIGAN AL-6-2592 PRESCOTT I3400 Complimenis of M 81 M CQAL COMPANY PREMIUM QUALITY STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN Phone UL-I-4275 HOLSUM BREAD CompIimenI's of THE by WILLIAM WILSON WAY BAWNG Co' FAM I LY CompIimenI's of JACKSON MONUMENT WORKS Graniie-Marble-Bronze SARA CASKEY Sfockbridge Represen'I'a'Iive 20I Francis S'Iree'I' JACKSCN, MICHIGAN Bes+ Wishes, Seniors WILLIAM TRUCK LINE Iigiig 1 ' X' ' ' I , ,f-""f mn 5 I . a fa m- - Q M' r' , Rr L- 1' ig ,I .4 'Y I if Q 4 , ,t axis Q, 43 :E iw W use CARL AND THELMA HILE STOCKBRIDGE, MICH. Phone UL I-4886 Your Nu'IriIi+e Dis'I'ribu'Ior mow, NUTRILITE is one of +I1e mosi' widely used vi+amin-mineral food supplemenis in +I1e world 'Ioday." CompIimenI's of- MR. AND MRS. W. G. REEVES Besi' Wishes, Seniors Bundef of THE BASCRE FAMILY Car and Truck Frame Exfensions for For'I'y-Ihree Years! STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN I I I I PORTER'S RADIO 8: TV SERVICE Gugranreed Service ecla mn In l All Mikes andgModeIs Phone Sioclrbridge - I Ulysses I-3807 I 5l57 M-92 S. STOCKBRIDGE Complimenfs of Ihe STATE BANK or MUNITH "The Bank Where You FeeI a'I' Home" Member of ihe I FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I I CongraI'uIa+ions I Congramlanons , I From +he BEAEQEERTOSP I PRESBYTERIAN I CHURCH MUNITH, MICHIGAN STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN Good Luck, Seniors! BROWN'S Hardware Phone UL I-2I23 STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN I I I I Besf Wishes I Class of I958 IDIXON BROTHERS I Lives'I'ocIc Sales I I708 Belden Road I I JACKSON. MICHIGAN I CompIimen'I's Q-F Complimenfs K. D. KITLEY QI SANITATION ROSS TANK COMPANY Phone 483 MUNITH, MICHIGAN MUNITH, MICHIGAN Com pIimenI's of Gauss Baking Company, makers of LAWRENCE AND BUNNY BREADS LANSING. MICHIGAN Bed of Luck' Seniors Lo'Is of Luck, Seniors! R- H- RENO JR- MUNITH FARMERS POST 526 ELEVATOR American Legion Feeds-Grains-Seeds-Sali- MUNITH. MICHIGAN Phone I30 Munirh. Michig Good Luck, Seniors BOCS PRODUCTS GREGORY, MICHIGAN Besf Wishes I'o Ihe Seniors BETTY'S DRIVE-IN Open II:00 A.M. +o II:00 P.M. Bes'r MaII's in Town STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN I I ROME'S I ARCHERY SHOP STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN I Besi' Wishes +o +he Class of I958 Besi' Wishes MACKINDER GLENN I CompIimen'Is of I LLOYD C. HARR STOCKBRIDGE AMERICAN LEGION I MUNITH. MICHIGAN POST NO. 5Io I I I I I BesI' Wishes To I'he Class of I958 LU ELLA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE STOCKBRIDGE. MICHIGAN I Good Luck, Seniors! METHODIST CHURCH STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE AT LEAST THEY SAY I Congra+uIaI'ions, Seniors I DORIS DONOHUE IT'S WISE GREGORY, MICHIGAN CLARK I X5 I ERRY E Qs V I QS' Q- A C055 Y 0086 iffo 99? M -IP' S0 If- o NOR qt S9 I QS or ,ov I -I FRANK LEE Q I +I' W W 15 w 'R My Wwmgfjfid uwbafwirgh , mf fw 7 M, wwf' gf W wifvgfy, 3 Wy N 5, f,,d ik 2 R Q35j?,f, ,Um,, 8 Ei ffkwwmmf vw W M5l:1'QW'm,3K5' Q E kifgy, we 335 gi V ., t X 0 NOX My A A 9A y jwx ,S 'iii i'?iwi5ifg,Q JW M gk? QF QQ Tl' 'J 2--A - fl 'bln ,nur ,. Q 'Y -Q -: fam X ' x I if his ,t'1q,,s'. :iz W4 lt V' 'sm .: 42? 4 if 4 I07 SCI-l00L SCNG hte CL fk.vfN XGQQS oxur 5cxnooX1-A Xqg Q-SSQQQBXQ. XJR CCL A xuo A Q C Q 1- fx Q., Q sun' 53M SQYNQQK Q 1- emv mu, MmTef' Q. 3Xo..6me.Ss 'NY-.Q, Q1-Q,XQ,,, Q. QL Q. cgwd QQ 4- Xmds a. A cum X195 es QC Ysonovs R Avis ogufxe. bf Mex-e.s Q. Qxweev- num GNL Nmxv QQMQX EQ Q4 o Q.. was 2- N-caves Sh, Xmgses QfqS 'NG 'NYNQ X As N 9'-Abfe 9.'oxot'Q, Sm -cm QSNNN 5 xo'0S 5 'Q NNAVK YVQ NNQQ Lx-xi gsQw1Nm+:1'xo4'QQ. ,KX 1-,A gg -Ces.Sx5 'Ce.Q..A avi S'Ne.mA BOSNVOQB Q QQKVQWAXQ, O 03 ' , N .x x.LX Vxci' xx. YN Q. 'Kg 'X Q -ng -X' .N , xx. A M. 'N . 'X U Y' Q Qxn.. fx ox N900 YN .b S o N' 'QQ' P. 0 ' VSV eww QX6 Nxigrx SQNXB oxomv S"YQQ.Ysbx:N5r3E.- X'x'H3X'u RET ' muur X Q. , Qmv H ' o. W xQ.'1 Q ' Q '1 , u..-A. Q .NX M, ' 5. vx . 0- 9' in 4 X Q 1 bg ' X A , - 3 Q . of X Q XQSXR . vbfsk 25 KWDAGEJ Jog Jw ,ff J' Q F Y' F ax fs if .525 Q , , I A I 44, WWF. I 5 ,WML 'I' ,.,- K ,',,m' Qc , Q fjivjjzww ffbgvff Qjfvufh f Q5 0 JJ QM vga Q MZQZJ Q5 f X. A - 0 F by 3905? Q55 Wk? 515 53,1 g i5f'lf7yV DQ W W? ,W f if fx ,W . ', ' 2 -'ff . gv 'U "'1!"""" '--fe!!! 2.2 QF , div'-' -q 64+ J! aw M VM' 5 Tan ' v' 1 A 1 n - 4 lrf ii 4 1 mf Q' .. .,, . 1. . Eff L- W. KN. 515 Q 5 ,,'1 si if -- 1 :. Q-A A 1 , o -11 n F . v.,, Y,-I ., '?.,- I r l', 1 glt An hm . I ,ww - J:g,,,i.., , . ., ,,,w..-ww:-.,. ,f . ,,!- M -'M 'fr L ' ' L, , ' ,nqki " ": ,r ,. . -gy fu , . . Z1 1 ' - f , .ESL I - cw "-r 1. , JJ ---Q V' v 4-I :fwfr ,"5,,,': 5 ,5 I tj: if it 4- 4 I I , . . 'Bi' 4..- -' ky'9'54'V -:. 'E' !':6'zL. , FE .u. . A-L 4- '!9ii,z,:w1 ' ' . 5121- ali ff' - 4-:fp En- 1. .. F 'f,1'," -' 3-fp: - y,,: ' uf if .1 Ry if 1-' 1' , ' , JE ' AP- x .M . vi- , . 'Q L. pa ' 5311, H. .5-. I --,ar 4 -A' 1- J" 'H -" fi.. . 1 K ' 1,2 Y -' ' -FA , ' ,l f 'J , 'V P ff ,, " 1' '. -'g v. . .. . fxsngg 5 , -' ,ax '.i5'5 .?:?"'f'3'l"' - , , , ,Q . , . -' .1 -,-1 .' X ,r 37. me f Gm,-,-a,,i. 5 ,ZF-,I . '-14, ., afar-1.h4'Q. 57.41 :Q , ' Z cvflM'p.fvv0-10"'J, L dksjvv ,v Calm Calhp. SW 'I' My 4' v 2.f"l msf 'P+' HCR X Tm sa va w .1js.Q,e lu Th-L. 3 ff, in NX 6 ' up HTH Pe Q N cl ha F '- Vw' if Q ' I M tw- Jp aj iF?5yKy4:I'.Js1 .L. fs px A M WL U N D ,Zi-0441" b' . ' Q ww MM YN,Q'w mQ Jw' W K2 MW M- qwxwww A W, x , Lk,OxLLjX X uh Sk-RQ ,fb fwusig Jwvvw wimux .6QXww S SMW bi M3MfW Mm1xWNw M . Axpxg QNX ibwo We vgmvw MU, O6 We XMB5 W wwmd Xngmw. A 3"M"'J - mu U' XMQQS N jf' A EX . Us N 5 :fi U' 11? -3:-2, by 9 l'::Lzi'::'i:':,:'?C0' E! 8 W . IB K :wx --" - 1-hi, awveqfbooksuf. TAYLORMADE Y EQ -R Q5 JK Wy ,av - imvf '. L V- , A . -'ff I : K OK , 1. . T 4 W i 'xqxg-: - ii: I su X fp FZ? ' ' K 117 63 WLC fb' il ,. 'mf -gg-: A - TM VM jk :D "1 .4 W, ,, . K E, w, .k . Sr, VUL A , A, V V 9551 ' M A 'W ifi ' ' ' A' Q..A, Q ,W ' ' , - ., .1 A ,. ..,,4 . fx ,, - .. Ji. 'iv - . , , 5 , , a if ff' ,WM 315 Jb W of ,,QMf,,, yy Mkfgjfiw , Odljfs Jr fi YZ' mwf g f' 3 lwlww iw ww f:Mff'W 5355? 1, 45, X Q35 ff: MQ' Bgfiwgfi W M 2 N329 553' UWSQW e bi Q 2QQQf VSV GSM 5-,362 iw W Qgifw YNQ5! vii? 1 if D .. o gl W 24 1 Y 1 1 Xe Q55 6 sv-2. - .15 vfvy 'F

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