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CHO0L 0 G STOCKBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL SONG Once again here as classmates assembled, We fain would lift our hearts in song. For our High School, Our dear Alma Mater Let gladness the moments prolong We are proud of our lads and our lasses Of honors won in days gone by So here's a cheer for our old High School For our old High School for Stockbridge High Here's to our classes, Here's to our lasses Here's to the lads they adore Seniors so mighty Juniors so flighty Freshies and Sophomores Let mirth and gladness Bamsh all sadness And as the days go by, Youll find us ready Ready and steady Boosting for Stockbridge High DEDICATIU The senior class wishes to dedicate this yearbook to Mrs Dorothy Elliott instructor in Business Courses in rec ogmtion of her years of service to Stockbridge High School During her two years with this school, she has taufht Typing Shorthand Junior and Senior Business Traimnaf and has won the friendship of everyone YEARBUUK TAFF Standlng J Murray J Batchelor Jack Musbach Sxttmg N Lavey, M Mmer M Kexser A Trapp J L1ebeck FACULTY Cronkhlte Second row B Mltchell F Ross P Kneele, M Sweet N Stephens E Smlth Flrst row L Sexton B Terrell U Knepple V Pr1ce D Elllott J Plassman 1 . . ' , . ' , . ' , , ' , Top row: J. Baldwin, H. Plassman, C. Bennett, J. Batchelor, D. Howlett, D. CORWIN BROESAMLE Corky When Joy and duty clash, let duty go to smash Jr Play Football 2 3 4 Boy S Glee Club 3 4 Baseball 1 2 4 NORMAN COBB Norm A little nonsense is rel ished by the best of men Band 1 2 Jr Play Football l 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Boy s Glee Club Baseball 1 2 3 WARREN COLE Cole' Let me live my own life in my own way. Jr. Play CAROLYN DROWN "Dem Bones" "Argument is food for the mind." Jr. Play Home Ec. Club 1 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Sr. Play JAMES WORDEN .Tlm If silence is golden as many folks say, then this young man must be weal thy today Jr Play Football 1 2 3 4 Sr Play DOROTHY HOWARD COBB Dotty She makes her own way Chelsea High School 1 2 3 Basketball GENEVIEVE PICKETT COLLINS Jenny Who can say more than this rich praise that you alone are you. Jr. Play Basketball 2 3 Home Ec. Club 1 RICHARD ELINSKI "Dick" "Why study? The more you study the more you have to forget." Jr. Play Football 3,4 Baseball 1,2,4 Boy's Glee Club 4 Sl l i CHOOL DAYS n fx ' . 9 1' 'S ,, ' F.F.A. 1,,3,,4 , 7 K 1 1 v 7 7 Y , ,3 7 7 DOUGLAS ENGLE Bolxver Some come for play Bollv r comes to sleep all day .Tr Play A 2 Football 3 4 Sr Play WANETTA NEE LEY GRIFFES Nexta A modest mlss, reserved and coy, what secret charm does she employ Lxbrary Club 1 4 BARBARA KISTLER Bobby I may be as good as I please 1f I please to be good '-o e Ec Club 1 Clas Offlcer 2 4 Ba lcetball 1 Sr Play Llbrary Club 1 Jr Play News Staff 1 .TEANNETTE LIEBECK Susle There s lots of fun mthe wnrld lf one only knows where to flnd lt Jr Play Class Offxcer 2 News Staff 1 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Lxbrary Club 1,4 Year Book Staff 4 Knlttmf Club 1 l95ll PAUL GAUSS Flash Napoleon was a lxttle man oo Dansvllle Hlgh School 1 2 3 AME LIA KFISER Mxlly Capable earnest frlendly and true fme results we are expectxng from you Home Ec Club 1 2 Kmttmg Club 1 2 3 4 Year Book Staff 3 4 Jr Play DOUGLAS LIEBECK Doug It IS not wxse to be wlser than necessary Chelsea Hlgh School 1 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 3 A 2 MARILYN MINER Fuzzy Quxet, modest, and always a lady 1S she Jr Play Sr Play Class Offlcer 3 4 Band 3 Cheer Leader 3 Home Ec Club 1 Glee Club 2 3 4 Year Book Staff 4 Student Councll 1 Basketball 1 Kmttmg Club 4 JACK MUSBACH Bugs Never let your studles mterfere w1th your edu catxon Jr Play Band 1 2 Year Book Staff 4 Class Offlcer 1 3 Football 3 Boy s Glee Club 3 Sr Play MARILYN NICHOLS Baby Then she w1ll talk Gods how she w1l1 talk Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Kmttlng Club 4 Jr Play News Staff 1 DE LMAS PRATER Delmas No matter where mxght be the place you ll always fmd h1m red m the face Jr Play PAUL ROBERTS Roberts The greatest man may ask a foohsh questlon now and then Fowlerv1l1e Hxgh School 1 A Boys Glee Club 3 Jr Play SCHOOI DAYS 1950 EDGAR MYER Hls corn and cattle are h1s care h1s supreme de llght IS a county falr Band1234 A 12 .Tr Play MARY PARKS Parksy Never at a loss for words Llbrary 1 3 Sr Play RICHARD PRICE Dlck I couldnt be good xf I wanted, andl wouldn't good lf I could .Tr Play Class Offlcer 2 Basketball 1,2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Student Councll 3 4 PAULINE ROEPCKE Rowe peck ee Qulet people are welcome every where Jr Play Lxbrary Club 4 Home Ec Club 1 2 Basketball 1,2 3 Kmttlng Club 1 S i J 1..l-i1-1 illli- H vv HEd!v vv ' vu ' . . - . , . - ' rv ' ' ' vv . 9 9 9 , F.F. . , ,3,4 ' , Qif. V , , ' l H 1' vv n rv ' , ye lv 'I ' Y' A Jr. Play 9 9 9 I u 9 I , I I IV Y' I' ' ll vv ' ' V uv v ' , ' I . be ' ' ' vv - n ' 9 9 9 9 9 9 YY Y' 'V - " vv H . ' ' n YI F.F. . 2,3,4 , , 9 si IURS--1 1950 JOHN STE FFEY nJ'ohnnyu "This little boy with hair of brown is always running around the town." Jr. Play Basketball 1,2 Football 2,3,4 Class Officer 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Sr. Play SHIRLEY STEVENS Stevie If she wont she won t there it ends Athens High School 1 Class Officer 2 Knitting Club 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Jr Play Cheer Leader 3 4 Band 1 Sr Play HESTER TOPPING He She surely is a wonder ful find For she s quick of movement as well as mind Student Council 2 3 4 Jr Play Sr Play Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Home Ec Club 1 Band 3 Knitting Club Class Officer FLOYD WARD e Who me? I didn do a thing Jr Play Football 2 3 Boy s Glee Club 3 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 zfir-1 BARBARA STEVENS Ilsisli "Earnest in work, friendly to all." Hartland High School 1 Home Ec. Club 2 Basketball 1 Glee Club 1 Jr. Play ANN STOWE Stowe Variety is the spice 1 e .Tr Play Class Officer 2 3 Glee Club 2 3 4 Cheer Leader 3 4 Library Club 1 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Sr Play ALLEN TRAPP Sonny My mind is my kingdom Jr Play Basketball 2 3 Football 3 4 Student Council 3 4 Year Book Staff 344 EDNA WETMORE Blondie she fools us Knitting Club 1 2 3 4 Home Ec Club 2 1 1 1 I fi A . " ' 'V ' vw vv vv vv 1 v ,, . . . of ' 5- l'f " . . . 7 Q x 9 9 9 , 9 if 9 7 7 rv tn H H YV ' - VV ' ' ' Il . u , , 1 0-r - ' If 7 I r 7 1' 1 K 9 , , , at " Sr. PM rrkh vv ' vv 5' 3 "Openly quiet, but often Il ' v : , I - . vv D t B 'H y y 1 ' s 1 s 9 TE. ' ' v 9 s 9 ,M 5 K he, ,... ,A , MR BATCHE LOR Super1ntendent MSNC MA U0fM M W SCHOOl DAYS 5 STEVE LES LIE Steve MR HOWLETT Prmcxpal A Kalamazoo Study IS a dreary thmg so I dont do It Football 1 2 Basketball 1 2 Baseball 2 Lake Vlew Chlcago Hxgh School 3 Desert s Love Coll Bomb Nlce Company Wolf Call Crulsmg Dreamer Devll s Elbow Dlsturbs Everyone Pretty Gorgeous Always Handy Always Klssable Bean Kooker Just Lovable Ever Merry Mayer Manager Just Moody Wanta Nother Guy Just Batty Darn Happy Man Pal Gazlng Craze Dangerous Personallty Most Notxced Depressed Person Pretty Rough Personallty Rated Just Super Belated Stuff Soclety Sal A S Always Sunny H T H1ghly Talented A T Always Thlnklng F W Fl1rt1ng Wxldman E W Earnest Worker J W Jet Whxz D C Darn Cute S L Sure Lucky College B.S. --- . . . . -B- -'- . . ' at 'fsgl D.L. ' M.P. 's C.B. G.C. ' N.C. ' D.P. ' W.C. M.N. ' C.D. ' ' D.P. D.E. ' ' P.R. D.E. ' P.R. ' P.G. J.S. A.H. B.S. A K ' S.S. ' CLASS Ill 'l'0llY In September of 1937 a new class met ln the kmdergarten room We were very small and very frxghtened that flrst day but we soon got used to the faces that we were to start school wlth Flve of 1ts members were Jack Musbach, Carolyn Drown Paulme Roepcke, Barbara Klstler and Shlrley Stevens Manlyn Nnchols and Edgar Myer Jomed us in the fourth grade Our class bemg large was always upset tmg the school system In the grades our happy school days were ended w1th a school plcmc at the end of the year at Pleasant Lake Paul ne Roepcke reyomc us ln the eighth grade after leavmg ln the slxth In our Freshman year many more members were added to our class roll, among them were H Toppmg I Ward A Stowe, J Llebeck D Elmckl, .T Worden N Cobb, M Mmer, M Parks G Colhns, W Grnffes J Steffey W Cole and A Trapp We put on our flrst All H1 th1s year, to swell our treasury we sponsored a paper dr1ve We took part ln the xmtlatlon given to us by the sophomores Musbach was our class presxdent When we became Sophomores we pxcked up three more members B Stevens from Hartland, Mlchlgan P Roberts from Fowlervllle Mlchlgan, and S Stevens rejomed our class after leavmg us nn the elghth to go to Athens, Mlchlgan Fun was In our .Tumor year D Prater became one of our lucky members It was 1n thls year that we began pub11sh1ng the semx monthly newspaper, the .Tumor Journal as we called xt We sold stat1onery collected old newspapers, sold at the games and put on a Mmstrel Show whlch ran for two evemngs Two other b1g events of the year were our All H1 Club 50 and the J Hop and recept1on Don Kmsey left us at the end of the year after a very successful Job of presldency to enter a school Ln Grand Raplds Our Semor and flnal year was full of act1v1ty P Gauss D Cobb and D Llebeck Jolned us th1s eventful year As Semors, we are stlll too close to the past to have memorles It stlll doesn't seem that we are ready to graduate after all these years But under the helpful guldance of Mr Batchelor we have been measured for our caps and gowns, ordered our cards and announcements and gone through the most trymg of all ordeals, that of havlng our Semor pictures taken I m sure most of us are a llttle subdued after fmdmg out what we really look 11ke Our Semor Play, Stranger ln the Nlght, was as much a success as last year s play The Pan ther was another b1g venture th1s year and, although we have a lot to learn, xt s been fun worklng on It All the proceeds gathered from thls year and years gone by make xt posslble for thls class to go to Washmgton D C for an educatlonal 6 day tr1p And now, suddenly, we are ready to graduate, and perhaps we feel a httle hke we d1d on that flrst mormng, thlrteen years ago, a lxttle puzzled half eager to stay where we are but yet a.nx1ous to get out and see what s comlng next And I m sure that we all hope that our hlstory twenty years from now w1ll be as full of humor and growth and kmdness as lS the hlstory of our thlrteen years together as members of the class of 50 and students of Stockbrldge Hlgh : . ' , . , . . ' , . ' ' . , . . Q . . Q . 1 . . . J. f - . l , -. 1 . . - , . - . . . had by all when we presented the All-Hi of the year, "Superstitious Flop-I-lop". I. . , ' l SENIUR TRIP The Semor Class of 1950 chose to go to Charlottesvxlle and Washmgton D L v1a the Skylme Drxve through the Shenandoah Natlonal Park for the1r annual tr1p The semors left May 14 from Toledo Oh1o arrzvmg m Charlottesvllle Va the next day where we spent part of the day sxghtseemg We took a mountam tour to the homes of Jefferson and Monroe came back to Montlcello Hotel, where we boarded buses for the Skylme Drwe down through the Shenandoah Nat1ona1 Park and on mto Washxngton D C On our th1rd day we were taken on an all day tour of the c1ty Some of the hlghlxghts were the Washmgton Monument Jefferson and Lmcoln Memor1als Arllngton Cemetery Lee s Manslon, Mt Vernon and the Natlonal A1r Crulse where we were provlded w1th muslc for dancmg durlng thxs crulse on the Potomac The follomng mormng we agam took a tour th1s txme It was to see the xnterxor of Publxc Bulldmgs mcluded were the Bureau of Prmtmg and Engravmg Pan Amemcan Umon, Smlthsoman Instltute The U S Capltol Congresslonal Llbrary and the Supreme Court Bulldmg The balance of the afternoon and evemng were free On the ftfth day we boarded our coaches for the homeward trlp on the Sports man We arrxved ln Toledo Frlday mormng where we transferred to our school bus to be brought home after a glorxous sxx day tr1p to the capltol of the Umted States . , , h. , U. . . . 3 l, 7 ' ' . . , . port. In the evening we were taken to the Wilson Llne for- a Moonlight Steamer . . U . ' . . h H '. g 1 . . D '. , - . - , . . , - , CLASS PRUPIIECY On the dark and ra1ny nlght of October 32 1960 B C Mr Batchelor was v1s1t1ng Jeannette Llebeck s tralmng camp watchlng h1s son who IS fast becommg a pr1ze flghter He was s1tt1ng at h1s rmgsxde seat when all of a sudden BANG! I ll Mr Batchelor slumped 1n his seat Just as we heard the shots we saw the v1l11an .Tack Musbach w1th a bloody knlfe 1n h1s hand dash to the wa1t1ng car w1th Ike Ward at the wheel wh1ch he swlped from Ann Stowe All of Ed Myers chxckens were de feathered as the car tore past h1s farm l1ke mad They raced through the one horse town of Flatslats w1th Copper Delmas Prater and Fearless Fosdlck Cole trallmg fast on thelr tall The get a way car smashed mto a slgn board whxch read Pm up Queen Kxstler starrmg at the Bowery owned by the Cobbs Doctor Paul Roberts assxsted by Nurse Barbara Stevens arrlved ln the ambulance KYou could tell xt was drlven by M111y Kelser by the dents m the fenders the meantlme the Town gosslp Mary Parks had the news spread all over town and squad car 56 pulled up to the ranch drxven by Captaln John Steffey w1th Sergeant D1ck El1nsk1 better known to the boys at headquarters as Clancv was grumbhng about the mterruptlon 1n h1s Canasta Game Rxght behlnd the squad car came Doug Flash Bulb Engle and Scoop Carolyn Drown of the Daxly Blurb edlted by Jlm Worden The body was removed to Doug Llebeck s Lazy Rest Morgue ln a br1ght red hearse drlven by Paul Gauss The Inquest was held w1th Allan Trapp presldxng Corky Browsamle performed the autopsy The funeral was held at the Wetmore Funeral Home w1th mlmster D1ck Prlce Marllyn Nlchols and Marllyn Mmer sang the beautxful duet Dry Bones w1th Hester Toppmg at the organ The casket was carrxed out by Shlrley Stevens Genny Coll1ns and Wanetta Grxffes and dumped lnto a sxx foot hole dug by grave dlgger Pauhne Roepcke Slnce th1s group detested a boat trlp so much they were sentenced to a boat tr1p to Alca traz , . . . S ! 7 ' 7 . . . ,, . - . ,, . , . ' VV ' YV In ' YI ' IV ' 'V il ' ' ' ' G YV YV 7 .1 I YY YI Y' Iv ' ' . , . . ' YY VY ' ' ! '-: S .IUNIIIR CLASS PLAY Mr Plper Mrs Plper Susan Laurette Plnky .Toame Ranny Blff Stephen Foster Ramona Tessxe Topper Stacy Barble E1l1e Pesgv Kay Brown Ronme Byerly JBSSIG Murray Mary Ellen Mllner Joanne Dlxon Celestme Green Mary Jeanne Wllson Everell Huttenlocher Maurlce Latxmer Bob Basore Donna Mltchell Merry Ranck Davld Whltehead Joan Barber Ardls R1ggs Colleen Lantls Eleanor McCloud The play was put on by the .Tumors on November 17 and 18 It was enyoyed by all Marne!-f I I f f 1 1 I I I fsusanne wude CLASS WILL We the Semor Class of 1950 belng absolutely sure that these are our last days at Stockbndge I-hgh do hereby wrlte our last w1ll To the facutly we w1ll each a paxr of new shoes to make up for the shoe leather they have worn out keepmg tracl of us Paul Gauss w1lls h1s shortness to Jun Ford Wanetta Grlffes w1lls her qu1et d1spos1t1on to Donna Broesamle Barbara Klstler w1lls the art of gettmg 1nto m1sch1ef to Celestme Greene Mllly Kelser w1lls her cheerful and welcome smlle to JoAnne Barnum Barbara Stevens w1lls her good nature to Mlss Terrell tho she doesn t need It Jack Musbach w1lls h1s everlastmg supply of gum, peanuts and candy to whoever can consume xt Ike Ward w1lls h1s seat 1n Coach s OfflC6 to anyone who gets 1n trouble very often D1ck Prlce w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to play basketball to Ronn1e Byerly Allan Trapp w1lls h1s Report Card to aryone who can do lt Marxlyn Mmer wrlls her dxgmty and self assurance to the nervous freshmen Jeanette L1ebeck w1lls her ablhty to get along wlth people to Mr Baldwm Paulme Roepcke w1lls her post of lst hour llbrarlan to one of the many students who are always 1n there Sh1rley Stevens w1lls her ab1l1ty to get round the basketball floor to Suzanne W1lde Paul Roberts w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to stall m Speech Cl ss to whoever falls to have 1S speech prepared next year Norm Cobb w1lls h1s dancmg ab1l1ty to Don Basore Warren Cole w1lls h1s fldgety manner and fast talk to Maurlce Latlmer D1ck El1nsk1 w1lls h1s speedy lmgo back to Walter Wlnchell Delmas Prater w1lls h1s many answers 1n SOC1010gy Class to anyone who can thmk them up Corwm Broesamle w1lls h1s lazmess to Bob Lambert, does he need xt? Dorothy Cobb w1lls her ab1l1ty as cheer leader to Ardls R1ggS Carolyn Drown w1lls her sllmness to Betty Keeper Edna Wetmore wxlls her dev1ltry to Janet Randolph Mary Parks w1lls her great love for chemlstry to Everell Huttenlocher Douglas Engle w1lls h1s b1g mouth to Jxm Youngs Edgar Myer w1lls h1s much used Sousaphone to anyone w1th the wmd to blow it .hm Worden w1lls h1s phys1que to Johnny Walsh Marllyn Nxchols w1lls her smglng ab111ty to Mary Jeanne Wllson Ann Stowe w1lls her ab1l1ty to mlss the Munlth Bus to Colleen Lantls Jenny Collms w1lls her ablhty to settle down to Merry Ranck Hester Toppmg w1lls her ambltlon to Ollle Cole Steve Leslle w1lls h1s hook shots to Paul Watson Douglas Llebeck w1lls h1s black ha1r to Davld Whltehead John Steffey w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to run the movle machme to any sucker they pm It on next year f I 1, -5 'E 7 , . ' . ' 7 X . . , . ' 7 . . . , . . ' i - . . .. A Q A " a - a 'h ' M I . S . .IUNIIIR CLASS Top Row A Bowen E Rlchmond G Cam S Slmoliunas E Huttenlocher M Smxth M Latzmer M Brlggs R Lambert Second Row .T Dlxon P Watson, R Worden, R Byerly M Batdorff, .T Ford M Batdorff R Basore O Cole D Whltehead, D Mltchell Th1rd Row E McCloud S Green J Barber, B Tltus V Hoffman M Ranck C Lantls .T Wheeler E Toppmg J Johnston, M Wllson, P Thomas Mlss Terrell advlsor Fxrst Row D Lehman N Lavey, D Broesamle .T Murray A Rlggs, I Randolf S Wllde, M Mllner, .T Strlckrodt M Watson B Hazell CLASS OFFICERS Robert Basore Jo Anne Wheeler Joan Barber Maurlce Latlmer Mxss Terrell Student Councxl Representatlves Merry Ranck Ronald Byerly Davld Wh1tehead Presldent V1ce President Secretary Treasurer Advlsor Durmg the year '49 50 the Jumor s were very successful ln many class ac t1V1t18S We sponsored the flrst All H1 of the year Autumn Serenade with the musmc of Barney Barnard G31-1'-X In November we presented, Smg for your Supper as the annual class play, under the directlon of Mrs Ross After the play we sold statmnery and gave a bake sale to make money for the two gala occasions, the Senior and Junior receptxon and the I Hop Our class won both the boys and girls annual class tournaments th1s year CLASS MOTTO Character IS the cornerstone to success 1 I ' 0 .1 l 1 1 '1 ' 1 .1 n !' 7' 7' 7 Q 'Q 1 1 1 1 0 o n 1 ' Ox ' . 1 1 1 n .1 0 Q , . ' 1 1 u l I in 'I ' 1 ' u o - :no . -, ., . - 7 . U' I .a, . ' .pxsl . . 4 ' . 'W' -I., , ' Ill Sylvla Lee. Mable Crane. Grant Terry J T Rutledge Velda Stevens Cllfford Newkxrk Nona Pollard Eddte Beach Rose Jordan Sam Flsk Marcella Bender Sandra Kmg Carolyn Drown Ann Stowe Jack Musbach John Steffey Marllyn Mlner Douglas Engle Sh1rley Stevens Allan Trapp Hester Toppmg Jlm Worden Mary Parks Barbara Klstler The Semor class of Stockbrxdge Hlgh presented a three act comedy mystery Stranger 1n the Nxght by Paul S McCoy under the dlrecuon of Mrs Faye Ross The actlon of the play took place 1n the book and glft shop located just off the lobby of the Boulevard Hotel The date of our play was March 30 and 31st Bl EBlLl As the season starts thls year we w1ll have back mne letter wmners D Prlce J Steffey I Ward B Lambert B Basore, M Batdorff M Batdorff P Watson R Byerly and also many other rookxes The team IS expectmg a very successful season A team IS not avallable but the schedule xs as follows Apr1'l Aprxl Aprll Aprll Apr1l at Chelsea at Holt Dansvllle here Lesl1e here at P1nckney May May May May May 1 1 l p1cture of the basebal at Wllllamston Haslett here Okemos here Webbervxlle here at Fowlervllle I ll 1. l l If YFWIUK ' " Plll gl l Q5 I ' 10 4 ' ' ' 13 9 ' 20 ' 1 . 2,7 . 1 6 . . . 9 . 0Pll0MORE CLASS Top Row B Prater E Brlggs D Katz P Moffat L Mxlls D Glenn P Rives I Cole Second Row M McArthur J Raymond K Sanders C Corwm D Barbour G Marvm Fxrst Row Mr Bennett M Barber B Keeper B Bartlg B Sllvus G Streets .T Bartlg L Proctor P Ewmg E Patrlck J McEw1ng D Marshall Z La Fountam Mrs Elllott L Harr S Kalser D Feldpausch R Schroeder P Drxon .T Morrlsh CLASS OFFICERS Presldent Peggy Dlxon Vlce Presldent Ir1s Hurdlebrmk Secretary Bob Sweet Treasurer Lorene Proctor Student Councll Representatxves Wllma Latlmer Davld Glenn Class Advlsers Mr Bennett Mrs Elllott As IS the custom the sophomore class of 1949 50 started thls year by makmg the freshmen full fledged students of Stockbrldge Hrgh At the in1t1ation party, whxch was held 1n the gymnasxum, the freshmen glrls and boys were presented with green halr rxbbons and bow tres, were taught the school song and welcomed as fellow stu dents To earn some extra money we sold pop candy and hot dogs at two basketball games The next b1g event of the year was St Pat s Jamboree the sophomore A11 Hngh Io F1nlan's orchestra played Students and townspeople al1ke look forward to our All Hxgh because xt IS one of the best gxven each year : . g . ' 5 . 5 . 3 . ' 5 . g . 3 'z . g . 5 . g . ' 3 . g . ' I: . 5 . . 3 . . g . 'lg . ' 3 . g . gl . . g . g . 5 . g . Seated: N. lvlusbachg I. Barnumg I. Hurdlebrinkg M. Kistlerg W. Latimerg S.Mollenkopf . g . ' g . g . g . ' 3 . ' . I 1 n a , . , - . . . . . , - I Y ' . D V , I - u . 'n I . . 1 , ' , FRE HMA CLASS Top Row S Fay V Jurkan, K Lewls M Hoard, D Kelser R Reld W Musbach L Broesamle B Campbell J Johnsor Fourth Row M Sturglll S Harper A Grumelot J Camp, R Thomas, C Carpenter, Jlm Young Joe Young J McK1nney, J Esch, A Craft L Snyder, D Kltley D Fletcher Thlrd Row F Tokar N Beauchamp, D Rxsner D Gullet N Broesam1e,N Hoard R Barnett B Balley D Caudlll A Howard M Schubert B Schray, R Fredenburg D Mlller, M Nelson I Neeley, J Gladstone D Nxcholas, L Nye B Se11s,D Randolph F1rstRow B Baldwln J Baldwln G Randolph H Robeson, L Frlermuth E Smxth K Merkhnger G Trapp, P Prater L Mlller B Str1ckrodt, B Johnson J Walsh CLASS OFFICERS Presldent Ronald Thomas V1ce Presldent Delores Rxsner Secretary James Young Treasurer Kenneth Louxs Advlsers Mr Cronkhlte Mr Plassman Student Councll Representatlves Harold Robeson Bxll Strlckrodt The Freshman Class started out w1th 74 members At the begxnmng of the second semester we had 71 We ralsed money by sellzng hot dogs and pop at basketball games We also sponsored an All H1 L : . , . . ' , . . ' , . ' , . , . , . , . : . ' , . , . , . . . I , , . I . . , . . ' , ' : . , . . . ' , . , . . . , . l. , . G , . , . , . . , . . . Second Row: D. Dixon, D. Runciman, J. Breniser, P. Brower, J. Oakley, G. Harr, , . , 1 . . , 1 I . f ' . : .' ' , . ' , . , . . ' , . ' , . I , . . , . ' , . . . , EIGHTII GRADE Top Row D W1seman, R R1sner, J McCloud J West, D Baxley D Holhs, P Craft D Johnston D Flnk Thxrd Row D Dan1els,B Reynolds R Flansburg .T Vasques B Nott D Mxller, C Dvoracek E Carpenter, T Marshall Second Row L Sexton M M1tteer,B Craft S Cook S Bryan M Moffat M Thomas, S Patrlck R Hardmg S Basore R McArthur P watson P H6ChtSIEvHEI'pii1 H Top Row P Wllde R Ashmore J Pol1ey,J Rowland, .T Collms, J Barber Th1rd Row R Stevens, G Marsh J Carpenter, E Hensley, D Colher W Barth E Marshall W Pemx Second Row Mlss Stephens, D Mlller, R Hutson, L Corn1sh, W Cole Esch, R Schlable, E Bradshaw F1rst Row L Lant1s,H Grlswold, .T Marshall J Oakley B Stanfleld D Young M Klstler : . ' . ' . , . . ' , . ' . , . , . . : . ' . , . , . , . , . : . , H . ' ' . , . , . , . , First Row: D. Baurn, P. Fletcher, B. Stanfleld, R. ,Barber, S. Ovlen, K.Shil1ing l : . ' , . , . . . ' . . , l . , ' .-. . : ' .... , R. TUBE T U0 NCIL Standlng R Hudson W Latlmer D Whltehead .T Batchelor D Prlce D Glenn H Robeson S1tt1ng B Stnckrodt M Ranck H Toppmg A Trapp R Byerly R Barber IJBHQRY CllB Standmg N Hoard .T Barber P Roepcke J Str1ckrodt H Robeson L Sexton I Esch P Brower B Sells D Randolph N Broesamle Sxttmg A R1ggs J Randolph V Hoffman .T Murray D Broesamle J Lxebeck G Harr W Grmffes ':. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,.. T W A' il' Z. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. .,. ,.,. ,. . Z. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,.,. . rm an me Back Row G Marvm E Patrlck F Tokar P Thomas, .T D1xon,D Mlller M Barber R Fredenburg, B Keeper, C Green, A Stowe, M McArthur E. McCloud Thlrd Row H Toppmg .T McEw1ng B Schray B Sllveus, N Beauchamp M Mlner, M Wllson D Mltchell K Johnston D R1sner R Barnett, L Nye Second Row D Gullet J Barnum, C Drown, N Musback E Topping J Wheeler, M Schubert, G Streets J Barber M Ranck, B Balley M Nlchols Flrst Row .T Bremser M K1st1er,W Latlmer M Mxlner I Neeley, S Kalser, S Mollenkopf J Gladstone, S Wllde A RlggS D Runc1man,C Lantls D1rector Mlss Stephens Offlcers of the Gxrls Glee Club for 1949 1950 are as follows Presldent Suzanne Wllde V1ce Presldent Carolyn Drown Secretary Janean McEw1ng Treasurer Glenda Streets L1brar1an Betty Lou Keeper Accompamsts Polly M1tteer Shlrley Mollenkoph Dlrector Mlss Stephens The Glee Club has undertaken several proJects th1s year A Chmstmas cantata was presented ln cooperatlon wlth the .Tumor Hlgh Chorus Forty two members went to Detrolt to see the operetta, The Desert Song As the Panther goes to press, 1n tens1ve rehearsmg for the D1str1ct Elght Vocal Fest1val and our own Seventh Annual Sprmg Concert IS takmg place In add1t1on to these projects, the Glee Club has contmued 1ts practxce of smg mg at the Sunday servlces of the churches of Stockbrldge and surroundmg communl tles 9 T - L CL :. ',. ',. ,. . . , . ,. .... , u . ' ' :. ,. ,. ,. . ,. . ,. ,. ,. ,. . . :. ,. . . ,. ,. . . ,. ,. . ,. . :. ,. . ,. ,. . . ,. . ,. ,. . . , . . ., I llNl0H,IHGH CHURL Top Row J Collms M Barber P W11de .T McArthur, M Mltteer J Polley M K1st1er J Rowland R Ashmore Thxrd Row E Bradshaw, R Hudson L Cornlsh B Barth D Co111er, R Stevens B Esch, R Schalble S Brlan R Hardmg S Basore, S Stephens Fxrst Row J Marshall M Mo fat, P Watson, R Barber, P Hecht P Fletcher, S Owen K Shllhng B Stanfleld B Stanfleld M Thomas FHEER lh1DER J Walsh, S Stevens J Dxxon S Basore M Wllson, P Wllde A Stowe V v ' A" Y WY Y X f . L : . ' , . , . ' , . . ' , . , ' : . . I , . ' , . , . ' . Se-:ond Row: , S.-Patrick, Harper! D. Baum, S. Cook, J. Oakley, H. 9rxsw0"i, . , . , . . . I 1 M R J . l t B01 GLEE CLUB Top Row A Bowen M Hoard C Broesamle R Perkxns Second Row B Baldwln L Snyder E Hottenlocker D Marshall M Brlggs Flrst Row R Oakley M Batdorff D E11I1Sk1 R Sweet P Roberts M Laumer Dxrector J Baldwln Majorettes M Wllson J D1xon Second Row D Marshall A Bowen E Myer A Rlggs J Barnum J Baldwm Flrst Row D Wh1tehead B Barth L Snyder R Sweet D Colher v, y w :. ,. ,. ,. . .. ,. ,. ,. .. . z. ,, ,. ,. ,. .. , ,. . v AX .. ,. . -- 7' !'7' P' 9' :. ,. ,. ,. ,. . F.F.A. Top Row W Musbach R Thomas, C Corwm, B Oakley M Strugell, D Kaiser, J McKenney L Snyder, R Rlves Thlrd Row B Prater, V Jurkan, S Fay D Marshall, M Smlth R Byerly C Broesamle E R1chmond, A Bowen, B Str1ckrodt Mr Cronkhlte, Adviser Second Row D Engle P Roberts, M Laumer, J' Ford, E Myer, E Huttenlocher, D Katz, B Sweet, M Batdorff Flrst Row J Walsh K Merklmger, E Smlth K Lewxs, C Gauss, G Trapp J Johnson L Mlller, W Johnson Pres1dent Vlce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Myer Ford Huttenlocher Katz Sentmel Jr D H I A Cha1rman E Huttenlocher .Tr Plg Club Cha1rman E R1chmond R1chmond The County Leadersh1p Tra1n1ng day was held on November 22 1949 at Da.nsv1lle 38 members attended the all day sessxon Our program of work was revlsed at the begmmng of the year by the elght work commlttees Ed Myer and J1m Ford were our representatxves at the Nat1onal F F A Con vent1on at Kansas C1ty Maur1ce Latxmer and Allan Bowen were selected as repre sentat1ves for our chapter at the State Conventlon at East Lansxng March 21 and 22 1950 The f1ve members of the Parhamentary Procedure team recexvmg a gold award at the d1str1ct contest held at Wllhamston were Maur1ce Laumer, Cha1rman, Everell Huttenlocker, Secretary, Ronme Byerly J1m Ford and Stanley Fay Everell Huttenlocher was our parhcxpant ln the pubhc speakmg contest, also recelvmg a gold award Ed Myer and Paul Roberts gave a demonstratxon entxtled Keep the Top S011 ln Place whlch rece1ved a gold award on the county level Ed Myer and Maur1ce Latlmer recleved a gold award at the reglonal contest held at Els1e wlth the same demonstratxon Y : . , . . ' . , . . u , a n ' . ' : . . . , . . ', . , . , . . . . . . , . . . . , . . , . . . , ' ..... E. ' - ' ..J. Reporter ..... M. Latimer ' ..... E. ' 7 7 , . F00'l'BALL Thlrd Row B Basore, L Broesamle, K Lewxs I Camp .T McK1nney A Craft J Ford C Carpenter D Glenn, D Katz D K1t1ey C Corw1n Coach, D Howlett G Cam .T Worden, O Cole D Worden B Lambert F1rst Row .T West, Manager R Thomas J Raymond D Basore P Watson P Moffat .T Youngs, L M111s D M111er We started the year w1th a rather mexperlenced team due to the loss of mne letter wmners 1nc1ud1ng our star passer and s1x regular hnemen by graduatlon However we got off to a good start wlth an easy v1ctory over Dansvllle 24 to 2 but due to 1nJur1es 'and bad luck dropped the next seven games However the team gave a good account of hemselves and the vlctors knew that they had been through a battle Thls year s ret wmners are J Steffey D E11nsk1 .T Worden C Broesamle, N Cobb, A Trapp, B Basore R Byerly, G Cam O Cole B Lambert R Perkms, J McK1nney P Moffat P Watson R Worden, G Harper Capta1n elect for the 1950 season was Ronme Byerly 'YW5 iff! 'K - , if - ' ' 'Q ,.ifff" :if ' : . ' . ' . 'g . U 3 . 3 . g . g . 5 . ' . g . 5 . g . Second Rows. S. Harperg R. Byerlyg N. Cobbg D. Elinskig J. Steffeyg R. Perkinsg 1 . ' g . ' . g . 5 . . t : . 5 U. 5 . g . g . . . 3 . ' . 5 . . . . . , u G , ' . , . . . . tv- 1 a , u , In , 1 . I i . , . . , .I , . . , . . , . ' , . , . . . I!0Y ' BA KETBALL 'Top Row B Lambert, R Byerly, B Sweet, O Cole, D Worden Slttmg M Batdorff, D Pr1ce, M Batdorff P Watson, B Basore Coach D1ck Howlett Managers .T West D Hollis The flrst team got off to a bad start by dropping the first two games to Fowler v111e and Leshe by one and two pomts respectively The Panthers came fighting back to have a very good season and txe for second place by winmng 11 out of the last 14 games Next year they are lookxng forward to a good season as they w111 have the whole f1rst team back except for D1ck Prlce who w111 graduate thls year Scores of the games were as follows Tournament Team Fowlervzlle Leshe Okemos Dansv111e Haslett Wxlhamston Holt Fowlervllle Pmckney Leshe Okemos Dansvllle Haslett Wxlliamston Holt Dansvllle Holt They 36 In the tournament Stockbrldge defeated Dansvxlle easlly 1n the opener to come We ' 41 42 ' 38 40 55 35 ' 40 28 29 22 ' ' 46 34 39 62 ' 45 39 ' 43 33 ' 43 49 41 30 ' 45 23 Webberville 39 38 48 45 ' 67 39 40 56 -- ' 51 28 61 back and drop the championship game to Holt, after holding them even the flrst half E00 Yll TEAM Top Row B Prater J Cole V Jurkans, P Prater, B Strlckrodt Second Row J Camp, .T Raymond B Oakley C Carpenter L M11ls Th1rd Row P Moffat J McK1nney, .T Youngs .T Youngs, D Basore Coach D1ck Howlett Managers .T West D Ho111s The second team got off to a slow start by droppmg thelr flrst fxve games Due to the lack of exper1ence and he1ght they had an average season by wmmng sxx out strmg w11l be lmproved and lookmg forward to a better season Scores of the games were as follows Team Fowlervrlle Leslle Oke mos Dansvxlle Haslett W1111amston Holt Fow1erv111e Plnckney Le sl1e Oke mos Dansvllle Webberv111e Haslett Wllhamston Holt They l , of the last eleven games Next year due to more experience and herght the second We ' 21 31 ' 29 31 40 48 ' 14 16 21 28 ' ' 32 28 18 56 ' 34 25 ' 44 29 ' 29 41 43 40 ' 35 26 ' 20 33 55 40 ' ' 32 24 56 GIRL BASKETBALL Top Row B Schray D Gullet I Nee1ey,D Runclman R Fredenburg M McArthur Th1rd Row .T Bremser J Barnum S Ka1ser L Harr .T Gladstone J' Oakley C Lantxs Second Row B Terrell B Keeper, K Johnston M Klstler L Proctor, J M McEw1ng I Dlxon A Stowe E McCloud J Wheeler Flrst Row D Mltchell .T Lxebeck A R1ggs S Wllde, C Drown S Stevens On Floor N Beauchamp N Broesamle M Ranck Coach B Terrell The gxrls basketball team held an actlve part 1n our athlet1c program th1s year We had Members and our letter w1nners from last year were S Stevens, C Drown J L1ebeck S Wxlde D Mxtchell M W1lson B Keeper At the opemng of the season we played Dansvllle there wmmng by the score of 20 to 19 The regular forwards were S Stevens D Cobb, D Mltchell S Wllde, and C Drown The guards were M Wxlson A Rxggs .T L1ebeck, and L Proctor The summary of the games and scores are as follows Stockbrldge Opponents Dansv1l1e Chelsea Plnckney Dansvllle 24 Webbervmlle 9 M.wi1s0l1. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' zo - 19 16 18 za ' 18 19 ' 16 ' 19 L N if v, 1 -.4 Q ,Q 1',.' +-as A 1 ,.. , A Wa 152224 'Wav S25 yn , i X ' 1 " V A Z.- e., :YJ s with .liq 'if' 2 tlig, 1 'fffquaf J IIN U-ff' '? iw X S' ' iv' In X x Weil! if ,gi L , 'WO fha 'lqgav 6:91 I L'f'L-Nga 4 yr. nv 'Y-U 5 ff Cbmpliments of Best Wishes From MUSBACH stone A 5 T D D D A R D' 5 lvlunith Michigan Munith Michigan Congratulations From Congratulations to the Class of 50 ORD PRICE C1 SONS Auctioneers S M BECKWITH M D Stockbndge Mnchlgan Best Wnshes From Complzmente of j A MITEER fr SON LACY WATSON COAL Grocerles Phone 39F2 Stockbridge Mnchngan Stockbrndge Michigan . a . . g 1 Q a 4 A M U N ITH FARM ERS ELEVATOR C-ram Feed Coal C0'nP11mfmfSOf Field and Garden Seed fxusfom Crmdmg and Mlxmg DR R N DANCER Munlfh Muchgarm STOCKBRIDL-E BAKERY HICKORY RIDGE FARM DAIRY an NOVVW -I-OPPHWQ GROCERY Stockbridge Mnchugan Phone 118 Complzments of Compliments of NEIL BARTON For Bofh Qualnty and Servnce Call LIVERMORE and CRANDALI Neul Gram and Coal Phone II Phone 24 Stockbridge Mnchugarm Good Luck Seniors From Ccmzplinzmzfs of CI I' I Lomplzments cf SHELLY LUMBER YARD e Decorate Everything Anything Munlth Michigan Congratulatnons From e FARMER STATE BANK OF MUNITH The Bank Where You Feel at Home Member of Federal Deposut Insurance Corp Best Wishes McEWING S FIRESTONE j C- IVlcEw1ng Stockbridge Mnchlgan C D CULVER M D Best Wushes A I SPENCER D V M Stockbridge Mlchugan ' ' J, ' th W Compliments of . . , . . Y Complzments of Complzments of PAUL C RAMSDELL Insurance of All Kinds Phone 63Fl1 WENDELL A BARBER Harvsn s Ice Cream Stockbrndge Mlchugan Stockbridge Mlchmgan Complzments of MAYER S GROCERY Frozen Foods Munlth Michigan Complzments of C G LANTIS fl' SONS Stockbridge Mlchugan Complzments of H M COLLINGS Cr SONS DeSoto Plymouth Stockbridge Mlchngan Complzments of W T OSTRANDER Plumbing and Heating Phone 1 I9 Stockbridge Mlchugan 9 Confectionery - Groceries Best Washes From Qomplzments of I A MITEER Cr SON STOCKBRIDGE LUMBER CO Coal G Coke Phone 39F2 Phone 37 Stockbrldge Mlchlgan Complzments 0 Complzments of D A N C E RS TURNEYS DINING ROOM Mojud Hosiery Stockbridge Mlchngan Stockbridge Mnchagan Complzments of Best Wlshes From ROEPCKE AGENCY BRADSHAW WAREHOUSE GROCERY Insurance Real Estate Phone 87FI I Stockbridge Mlchrgan . ' f Curlee Clothes - Starbrand Shoes Complzments of W C ARCH ENBROWN Hardware and Palnts Munlth Mnchlgan Congratulations From W C ARTZ Internatuonal Sales and Servnce Munnth Mlchlgan Best Washes Take a Look at the New Chevrolet C W GLENN fr SONS Establnshed 1913 Stockbridge Mlchlgan Complzments of WI LDE S MARKET Stockbridge Michigan Congratulations From H 6' F SALES 6' SERVICE Automobile and Farm Machunery Phone 19 Munnth Mlchlgan Complzments of FORD S GENERAL STORE C-rocerues and Meats Munlth Mnchugan 135 E, Main St. Phone 122 Complzments of STANDFIELD BROS Bull and Torn Stockbrldge Michigan Complzments of STUB AND AN NABELLE Barber and Beauty Shop Stockbrndge Mnchugan MILNER FUNERAL HOME 423 E Main St Stockbridge Mlcbngan Best Wnshes PHYLLIS DRESS SHOP Stockbrndge Mlchngan Best Wishes STOWE BROTHERS Ford Sales and Servuce Munlth Stockbridge Congratulatuons to Stockbrndge Sensor Class FITCHBERG GENERAL STORE ' I . I Congratulations I 1 Complzments of Best of Luck PAUL SPADAFORE MR fr MRS W E ABBOTT Stockbrudge Mnchlgan Stockbridge Mlchlgan x e St Strength Service it Okbm dge STOCKBRIDGE STATE BANK Stockbrldge Mnchlgan usu Ss 1 R4 C 000 NSIAICI Safety fx Satlsfactuon 9 Cong ratulatuons Compliments Of THE A W BROWN C0 V I CAIN Snnclaur Products D'UQQ'S'S Phone 32F4 Stockbridge Michigan Stockbrudge Michigan 'oe Oc -i i i ,Q O . 11 ' "1' T Q Q 21.5 ,--N . v- ' 1Z' iW'o".f'4 '2 5 m deign Wifi r " IH? :givin Q' fo N "rw-1 11.'5"1f X Y Q-6 ff 5 fb 3 NIRIUUH Q :E '..,: 5 . . ua . 9 0' 'N' Q' -9 Y' . ...I Compliments of C0mPlim671tS of H. E. MUNSELL 6' SON Groceries - Meats - Dry Goods GI BN EY'S MEAT MARKET Gregory Mlchngan Gregory Mnchngan Complunents of ROSE MOTOR SALES Best Wishes to Class of SO C O L L I N S Your Pontaac Dealer Herb 6' Loren E I ROSE Phone 65 Standard DGFVICS Sfggkbrpdge Michigan STOCTCDTICITQG hAICl'1IQaI'l C omplzments OT H E MARSHALL 5' SON C omplzrmnts oy STOCKBRIDGE Groceries Dry Good Wal Paper COL'-'SIGN SERVICE Peter s Shoes Phone 143 Stockbrndge Mfchugan Gregory Michigan 1 -1 - . v 44 uv f . , . i . u J I . . ' f l - 5 .. , 1 n Good Luck Seniors COLLINS ELECTRIC Stockbridge Mlchlgan Complzments D fr C STORE S INC More Power to You W G REEVES Stockbridge Mlchngan I Complzments POWELL S FLORIST Phone 141 Stockbridge Mnchrgan Complzments of Complnments of Gerald Runclman Ingham County PRESCOTTS LOCKER SERVICE ARTIFICIAL BREEDERS Munuth Stockbrndge Gregory ASSOCIATION Phone IO3 Stockbridge Mnchugan . of I I I of I Best Wishes to Ali , I I I . . .

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