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Contents Faculty 2 Memoriam 4 Seniors 5 Choir, Play 16 Activities 17 Senior Snaps 20 Cheerleaders 21 Majorettes 22 Band, Drill Team 23 Varsity Football 24 Homecoming 25 Frosh. Football, Fencers 26 Candid Shots 27 Cross Country, Gymnastics 29 Basketball 30 Queen of Hearts 31 Homerooms 32 Jr. -Sr. Councils 40 Prom 41 Journalism Staff 43 Advertisements 44 Autographs 48faculty ROSA LIE HOHLER Dean of Girls CHESTER GOODING Principal JAMES HANBY Asst. Principal MARTHA DAVIDSON, Sec. MAURICE BOGLE SAMUELS. CHASENS EVELYN CHOATE MARGARET COOPER M. H. DIMATTEO CHARLES GRIGSBY RICHARD HAAS ROBERT HENN GEORGE HOWE DANIEL HUNTER MARY ELLEN HUNTER EDITH JACOBSON HERBERT JONES CHARLES KLEE ROBERT KUHLMAN HERBERT KURTZ RICHARD LANDIS R. C. LARUE PATRICIA LASSWELLKENNETH LESLIE VIRGINIA LOVE RONALD MCFARLAND MAYME MORRISON JANET NICELY RUSSELL NICELY RALEIGH PARKER ROY REDMON MARY REINHARD LOREN ROBERTS THOMAS ROEHM GLENN RUST RONALD RYAN JERRY SEMAN ELIZABETH SMITH TED THOMPSON SYLVIA IJRICH MARGARET WATSON RICHARD WEHNER GAIL WILEY CHARLES WILLIAMS ROBERT WORST LOUIS YURA ROY CLINARD HORACE ENGLISH ROLLAND FLORY PAULINE HUNT VIVIAN JONES MAGDALENA MILLONIG SUZANNE REA GEORGE SHEVELOW JOE SULLIVAN ROZ YOUNGm Memoriam ROY A. VEALE Mr. Roy Veale served as a member of the Stivers High School faculty from 1943 until his death in 1963. He was loved and respected and is well-remembered for making Algebra a pleasant and meaningful experience for many students. The journalism staff is proud to dedicate the 1964 yearbook to such a gentleman and scholar.Senior Class Officers NANCY HERNDEN: Crucible (1,2,3,4), Pres. (4); FTA (1,2,3,4), Sec. (2), Pres. (4); Ace (3,4), Pres. (4); J.C.O.W.A. (4); Cheering Section (3.4) ; Fencing (2,3,4); Council (3,4), Treas. (3.4) ; Lab Assistant (2, 3,4); Plans, Attend Col-lege. Class K GAIL ISHMAEL: FTA (4); Cheering Section (3); J.C.O.W.A. (4); Majorette (2,3,4); Queen of Hearts (3); Homecoming Nominee (3); Council (3,4), Vice-Pres. (3), Pres. (4); Plans, Attend Ohio University. DAN WOOLERY: El Tigre, Sec. (3), Vice-Pres. (4); Council (3,4), Vice-Pres. (4); Plans, Attend Bowling Green College. BRENDA JANE WALKER: FTA (1,2,3,4), Vice-Pres. (3); Crucible (2,3, 4); Fencing (2,3,4); Homecoming Court (4); Council (3,4), Sec. (4); Yearbook Editor, Teacher's Assistant (1,2,3); Plans, Attend College. Song And so wc leave these hallowed halls, As years have slipped away. But memories of the friends we've made, With us will always stay. And so our class does sadly say, That we'll be far apart, But Stivers High will always be dear to every heart. Stivers High we now do leave you, But we'll ne'er forget your name. You are now our Alma Mater, And we hope that we've added to your fame. You have sown the seeds of knowledge That will bloom forever more, Now we strive to bring you honor - In the class of '64. And to the class of '65, We give you with great pride, A school we hope you'll cherish, While working side by side. To make her even prouder, To bring honor to her door That's the wish of every senior, In the class of '64. By Lois BeckleySeniors of 1964 GERLENE ALLEN: Y-Teens 2,3, Vice-Pres.; Bible Club; Cheering Section; Plans, Housewife. PAULINE ALLRED Bible Club; Stivers News Editor; Teacher's Asst.; Plans, Marriage. RICHARD ASHWORTH: Royal Bengals, Chap; Crucible, Sec.; Plans, College, Travel. RALPH BARNETT: Plans, X-Ray Technician. LOIS BECK LEY: Cheering Section Capt.; Jr. -Sr. Councils, Homecoming Nom. 3; Queen of Hearts Poser 3; J. C.O.W.A. DALE BELLAMY: Plans, Work. BOBBIE BLANTON: Plans, Work and Marriage. JOHN BLESSING: Plans, College or Work. SAMUEL BOGGS: Plans, Study Electronics. MILDRED BOWENS: Plans, Marriage. JoALICE BOWLES: CAROL BRAUN: CAROLYN KENNY BRITTON: DONALD BROCK: Bible Club 1,2; Y-Teens 2,3; BRIDGES: Jr. Plans, Work or Plans, Hospital Cheering Sec. 3, 4; Plans, Hospital Work. Choir 2,3; Plans, Beautician School. Achievement; Fencing; Athletic Office; Plans, Enter Business World. Service. Work.LARRY BRUNNER: CHUCK BYRD: Plans, Find a Job. Royal Bengals, Vice-Pres.; Plans, Air Force and College. MICHAEL CLEMMONS: Onspe Sgt. -at-Arms. Vice-Pres. 4; Basketball 1.3.4; Baseball 1. 2,3,4; Plans. Enter UD. CHUCK CHAMBERS: Royal Bengals, Sec.: Football: Plans, Gov't. BRENDA COMBS: Office Work 4: Plans, Work. Work or Service. CARL COMBS: Plans, Work. DORIS COUCH: Y-Teens 3,4; Cheering Sec. 3, 4; Office Work 4; Plans, Work. GARY COX: Fencing 1,2,3,4; Plans, Army. DIANA CZAPUCKI: Choir 1; Plans, Nursing and Marriage. OLLIE MAE DAVIS: Office Work; Plans, Travel. CLYDE DILLMAN: Play 3; Ten Tigers Sec.; Track 2,3; Football 2,4; Plans, College or Work. JACK DOLAN: Pep Club 2,3; J.C.O.W. A.; Choir 1,2,3,4; Plans, Tool and Die Apprentice. BETTY DORSTEK: Y-Teens; Cheering Sec.; Choir 1,2,3,4; Plans, Continue working. TARA DOWNEY: Bible Club; Y-Teens Sec. 4; Choir 3,4; Plans, Work. ROBERT DOYLE: El Tigre; Basketball; Football; Track 2,3,4; News Agent; Plans, College.EDWARD EASTWOOD: Plans, Work at Typewriter Shop. BOB ELKINS: Track 4, Cross Country; Band; Baseball; Plans, College or Navy HHH TONI FULCHER: Cheerleader, Capt.; J. C. O. W. A.; Crucible; Yrbk. Editor; Homecoming Court 4; Queen of Hearts Poser 3; Plans. Study in Israel. GARY ELLIOT: Plans, Join Marines. CECIL FLANNERY: Plans. Work. WAYNE GEDRA: Track; Plans, Enter Air Force. ROGER GELVIN: Track 3,4, Cross Country 3,4; Plans, Machinist Apprentice. MIKE GLANDER: Chess Club 1; Plans. College or Navy. MADELINE GOSLIN: Pep Club; Y-Teens; News Agent; Cheering Sec.; Office Girl; Plans, Attend Miami Jacobs MARGARET GOSSARD: Choir 1.2. 3. 4; Bible Club 1.2: Plans, Work. PAT GREGER: JIM GRIFFITH: SHARON GUNDER: Drill Team, Capt.; Tumbling Team; Homecoming Queen; Choir. Ten Tigers 3,4; Football 4; Choir 2,3,4; Plans, Night School. Y-Teens; J.C.O.W.A. 4; Cheering Sec.; School Play 3; News Agent 3,4; Plans, College. RUSSELL GUINN: Track 3; Plans, Work. WOODROW GWINN: Football 1; Basketball 1; Plans, Enter Service.LOIS HAGEDORN J.C.O.W.A. 4; Cheering Sec. 3; Plans, Nursing. JERRY HALE: Plans, Join the Navy. DIANA HALL: Plans, Attend Cincinnatti Bible Seminary. GAIL HALL: Y-Teens 1,2.3; Fencing 3,4; Office Work 4; Plans. Work and College. DENNIS HALL: Ten Tigers; FTA; J.C.O.W.A. Ticket Agent 3,4; Plans, College or Drafting School. DONALD HARDIN: Football Mgr. 3, 4; Basketball Mgr. 2, 3, 4; Band 1,2; Choir 4; Plans, Work or College. O’DELL HARRIS: Plans, Take Business Course. LIZ HELTON: Pep Club 3, 4; Cheering Sec. 3; J.C.O.W.A.; Plans, Attend UD. ANNA HENDERSON: Y-Teens 1,4; Red Cross 1; Queen of Hearts Poser 3; Office Work; Plans, Work as typist and college. CAROLYN HENLINE: Red Cross 2; Y-Teens 2,3; Cheering Sec. 3; Office Work 3, 4; Plans, Beauty School. BEVERLY HOLLANDSWORTH: J.C.O.W.A. 4; Pep Club 3; Cheering Sec. 3; Office Work 2, 3,4; Plans, Nursing. JUDY HUNTER: J.C.O.W.A.; Cheering Sec. 3,4; Office Work 4; Plans, College. KATHY HUTCHINSON: Y-Teens 2,3,4; Crucible 2; Cheering Sec. 4; Plans, Attend Art Inst, or Beauty School. RANDY HUGHES: Football Manager 4; Track 3,4; Bowling Team 3, 4; Royal Bengals 4. Treasurer 4; Choir 4; J.C.O. W. A. 4; Plans. College. DAVID JOHNSON: Football 1,2; Basketball 1; Cafeteria Work 2,3; Plans, Join Marines or Work.CURTIS JOHNSON: El Tigre 4; Football; Basketball; Track; Sr. Council; Choir; Plans, College. JERRY JOHNSON: Royal Bengals 2,3,4; Crucible 2,3.4; FTA; Chess Cl.; FB 1; Fencing; Jr. -Sr. Council; Plans, Make a Million. JUNE KENDALL: J.C.O. W.A. Crucible; Homecoming Court 3; Queen of Hearts Court 3; Choir; Plays 1, 2, 3, 4; Plans, Work. FRED KINSEY: Plans, Service or Farm Work. JOYCE KNOX: Y-Teens 2; Pep Cl. 3; Queen of Hearts Poser 3; Choir 3, 4; Plans, Work and Marriage. REGINALD KRAFT: FARRIS LANG- RAY LANGFORD: BILL LAWSON: KAREN LAY: Pep Cl. 3,4; FORD: Basket- Plans, Work. Football 1,2; Bas- Crucible 2; Red J.C.O. W.A.; ball 1,2,3; Plans, ketball 1,2; Plans, Cross 3; Teachers Choir 2,3,4; Plans. Enter Tool and Die Making School. Work. Work or Join Service. Aid 2,3,4. DAN LONG: Onspe 2,3,4, Treas. 4; Gymnastics 1,2,3; Tr. 2,3; Plans, Spartan School of Aeronautics. BILL LONG: Onspe 2,3,4, Pres. 4; J.C.O. W.A.; Gymnastics 2, 3; Jr. -Sr. Councils; Plans, Spartan School of Aeronautics. LINDA LONG: Pep Club 3,4; J.C.O.W.A. 4; Choir 2,3; Y-Teens 3; Plans, College. PAULA MASON: Cheering Sec. 3, 4; Pep Club 3,4; J.C.O. W.A.; Plans, College. JIM MAYBERRY: Onspe 2,3,4, Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Pep Cl. 3; Plans, Work.RITA MILLER: FAYE MILLER: DOUGLAS MILLER: PENNY MORROW: ROBERT MULLINS: Asst, to Mr. Plans, Work. Track 3; Plans, Office Work; Worst; Plans, Work. Plans, Work. Work and Mar- riage. Onspe 2,3,4; Bnd. 1,2,3, Treas.; Football 1; Basketball 1; Plans. Work. IDA NEWPORT: SANDY NICELY: DIANA O'BOYLE: CAROL OLBERS: KATHLEEN OTTO: Plans, Attend Miami Jacobs. J.C.O. W.A.;Chldr., Co-Capt. 4; Homecoming Nom. 3.4; Queen of Hearts Poser; Office Work 3; Plans, Business. Office Work 3,4; Plans, Work. Queen of Hearts Court 3; Athletic Office Asst. 3. Cheering Sec. 3. JACK OVERMAN: HERMAN JERRY PARKER: LARRY PARTIN: JUDY PAS LEY: Plans, Service. PANSTINGEL: Plans, Work. Plans, Work. Jr. Red Cross 2,3; Chess Club 1,2; Bible Club 1; Football 3,4; Office Work 4; Plans, Work or Plans, Secretarial Service. Work.CHARLES PECK: DON PERRY: BARBARA PYLES: SHERION QUINN: STEVE QVICK: Plans, Work. Onspe 2,3,4, Sec. Jr. Red Cross 1,2, Plans, Airline Ten Tigers 2,3,4 4; Football 1,2,3, 3; J. C. O.W.A.; Stewardess or Cross Country 4; 4; Plans, College. Pep Club 3; FTA 4; Play 3; Plans, Nursing. Marriage. Basketball 1,2,3; Plans, Work. RONALD RAINES: PHILLIS RAPPA- PATRICIA RICE: CAROLYN ROBERTS: MIKE RUSSEL PORT: Plans, Plans, Find a Job Work and Mar- and Marry, riage. Red Cross 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3; Plans, Attend Miami Jacobs. DONALD SCHU-RIG: Track 3; Plans, Hospital Work. BARBARA SHAW: Pep Cl. 3,4, Sec. 3; Cheering Sec.; Queen of Hearts Poser; Homecoming Court 4; Plans, Travel. KATHERINE SHRADER: Plans, Work and Marriage. JACK SUTER: Onspe 2,3,4; Crucible 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Plans, College. VICKI STEPHENS: J.C.O.W.A.; Cheering Sec. 4; Plans, Womens Marine Corps.CAROLYN STEPHENS: LACY LARRY STOKES: NORMAN TAYLOR: GARY THOMPSON Pep Cl. 3; Cheering STRINGFIELD: Tumbling 1,2,3, Plans, Work as Sec. 2,4; Jr. Achieve- Plans, Clerk or 4; Plans, Work or Machinist. ment; J. C. O. W. A.; Cashier. Service. Red Cross; Queen of Hearts Poser; Plans, BETTY THOMPSON: Y-Teens 3; Cheering Sec. 3; Choir; Plans, College or Sec. CLAUDE TILLEY: Baseball; Plans, Marines. NANCY TIPTON: Cheering Sec. 3, 4; Pep Club 3; Choir 1,2,3,4; Plans, Nursing. RUBY TIPTON: FTA 1; Y-Teens 2,3,4; Plans, Business College or Work. RAYMOND TITCOMBE: Band 1,2,3,4; Co-Dir.; Plans, Work at NCR. KATHY TOBIN: Y-Teens 3,4; Cheering Sec. 3;% Red Cross 1,2; Pep Club; Choir 2,3; Plans, Beauty School SYLVIA TUCKER: Y-Teens 1; Majorette 2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Office Work 2,3; Plans, Business College. DAN TROBAUGH: Gymnastics 1,2, 3,4; Plans, College. NORMAN UNDERWOOD: Jr. Red Cross; Choir 1,2; Plans, College. JACK VANDER POOL: Plans, Join Air Force.STANLEY VAN- PHILLIS WADE: RUTH WALTERS: LESTER WELLER: TOM WEST: Base DIVER: Crucible, Vice-Pres. ; Fencing; Lab Asst.; Plans, Work and College. Plans, Work. Plans, Work. Crucible; J.C.O.W.A.; Plans, Enter Art School. ball 2,3; Plans, Join Air Force. LOUIS WETZEL: JENNIFER JOYCE WHITT: NORMA WIL- ARNOLD WILL- Plans, Work and Join Marines. WHEELER: Pep Cl. 3,4; Queen of Hearts Court 3; Homecoming Nom. 4; Lib. Work 3; Plans, Travel. Cheering Sec. 2; Y-Teens 1; Choir; Plans, Business School and Work. HELM: Cheering Sec. 3; Y-Teens 1; Choir 1,2,3,4; Plans, Beautician Work. JAMS: Chess Cl.; J.C.O.W.A.; Sr. Council; Plans, College-Engineering. ARTHUR WILL- JACKIE WILSON: SHIRLEY WIMBERLY: JOHN WOOD: RICHARD YOUNT IAMS: Chess Cl. Plans, Meat Red Cross l;Chldr. 2,3, Plans, Work and I, 2,3.4; J. C. O.W.A., Pres. 4; Fencing 4; Plans, College. Cutting. 4; Hcmg. Ct. 3, Nom. 4; Queen of Hearts Ct. 3; Sr. Council; Office Work 2,3; Plans, Attend Miami Jacobs. Attend Night School. EDDIE WRIGHT: Football 3; Plans, Clothing Business; Hobbies, Sports. CHARLES WYATT; Plans, Navy; Hobby, Sports. NO PHOTO AVAILABLE BOB ALLAIRE NEADAKA BOYSEL RICHIE CLARK CHARLOTTE GRAVES ESTER HAMPSON ELSIE R. HAMPSON IRVIN HELKE BILL HICKS DENNIS HUGHS MODENA MARCUM JOHN PITTL JACK POWELL SAMMIE BARTON GEORGE SNYDER JAMES SPANG MAXINE STUNICH RICHARD TANNER BILL WIKLEChoir ROW 1: T. Isbel, M. Gordon, K. Hockey, S. Sayers, J. Pittl, C. Lawson, J. Knox, D. Czaplicki, B. Bechetti. ROW 2: B. Lovely, F. Scott, E. Ketring, S. Nicely, D. Tipton, S. Hughes, J. Hale, P. Greger, C. Barry. ROW 3: A. Chattfield, M. Cluff, B. Dorstek, P. Blakely, P. Sloan, R. Blakely, J. Kendall, J. Byrd, P. Kegley, N. Wilhelm. ROW 4: N. Tipton, P. Asbury, M. Stunich, S. Tucker, M. Cooper, P. Belcher, D. Hendrick, B. Jordan, D. Hall. ROW 5: D. Couch, G. Bland. ROW 6: G. Dempsey, R. Hughs, G. Gillespie, L. Key, J. Dolan, G. Page, H. Moss, J. Griffin, R. Kraft, D. Hardin, R. Harvill. ROW 7: D. Anthony, M. Glossinger, W. Hall, M. Lacy, D. VanHorn, C. Johnson, E. Zindorf, A. Fremder, W. Bowen. School Play "TIME OUT FOR GINGER” STANDING: Pat Slone Charles Eisnagle Karen McDaniels Jerry Johnson Lowell Key SEATED: Eddie York June Kendall Barbara Bechetti Jay KellerActivities SI Zi ROW 1: S. Burnham, L. Harris, S. Francis -Pres.; D. Woolery - V. -Pres.; G. Snyder -Secy.; B. Doyle - Treas. ROW 2: S. Wells, B. Wikle, C. Johnson, F. Riggs, A. Roberts, Advisor - Mr. Flory. Zen Zigers ROW 1: T. Hasty - Pres.; C. Dillman - Secy.; D. Hall - Treas.; S. Qvick. ROW 2: V. Morgan, D. Whitaker, A. Schrier, D. Faulkner, T. Terrell. ROW 3: J. Bowman, Advisor -Mr. Nicely. Onspe ROW 1: J. Mayberry, M. Clemmons, D. Perry J. Suter, Advisor - Mr. Henn. ROW 2: T. Hoover, L. Lute, M. McGarvey, M. Alexinas, K. Heitkamp, B. Mullins.7ZJ. ROW 1: B. Walker, A. Chatfield - Treas.; B. Hart - Secy.; D. Hall - V.-Pres.; N. Hernden - Pres.; L. Beckly. J. Johnson. ROW 2: R. Carroll, C. Whitaker, V. Spearman, M. Gordon, B. Pyles, G. Ishmael. ROW 3; S. Weigert, C. Hutchinson, K. McDaniels, L. Benning, D. Harris. y Zeens ROW 1: I. Scaggs, K. Hutchinson, T. Downey, Secy.; S. Walsh - V.-Pres.; R. Tipton - Pres.; K. Tobin - Treas.; T. Basinger, V. Spearman. ROW 2: B. Dorstek, C. Brownlow, J. Jones, S. Hutchinson, C. Brittenstein. C. Whitescar, C. Wilder, M. Goslin. ROW 3: M. Osborn, B. O'Shell, N. Clark, P. Blakely, J. Byrd, R. McElfresh, C. Graves. ROW 4: C. Stephens, Advisor - Mrs. Nicely. Ked Cross ROW 1: M. Sewell, L. Beckly - Pres.; S. Boltz - V.-Pres.; K. Pomeroy - Secy.; R. Carroll - Treas.; R. Schindler. ROW 2: C. Towe, D. Gross, C. Stephens, L. Clark, C. Crowe, D. Dolan. D. Harris, Mrs. Hunt -Advisor. ROW 3: M. Cluff, D. Hendrick. S. Clark, V. Walter, C. White, B. Rung, N. ROW 1: J. Johnson, T. Fulcher, D. Hall, S. Gunder, J. Kendall - Treas.; C. Stephens -Secy.; S. Nicely, T. Basinger. ROW 2: N. Hernden, L. Beckly, L. Hagedorn, L. Helton, P. Mason, J. Hunter, B. Dorstek, C. Graves. ROW 3: G. Kaiser, C. Eisnaugle, B. Hollands-worth, L. Long, J. Dolan, R. Hughs, M. Osborn, S. Walsh. ROW 4: M. Stephens, P. Hutchinson, Advisor - Mr. Nicely. Crucible ROW 1; L. Weller, N. Hernden - Pres.; S. Sandiver - V.-Pres.; R. Ashworth - Secy.; C. Winters - Treas. ROW 2: B. Walker, T. Fulcher. C. Kaiser, E. York, M. Stephens, P. Hutchinson. ROW 3: H. Allen, H. Favorite, J. Lewis, Y. Kennett, B. McCormick. M. Osborn, Advisor - Mr. Howe. Pep Club ROW 1: H. Allen. B. Shaw - V.-Pres.; K. Tobin - Pres.; M. Goslin - Secy.; P. Sloan -Treas. ROW 2: L. Morrison, S. Walsh, J. Wheeler, C. Stephens, L. Helton, P. Mason, V. Spearman, C. Whittaker. ROW 3: L. Harris, J. Suter. Cheering Section ROW 1: N. Hernden, B. Pyles, L. Beckly -Capt.; N. Tipton. ROW 2: M. Logue, S. McClanahan, D. Couch, J. Bowles. ROW 3: L. Benning. W. Langford, C. Carpenter, M. Osborn. ROW 4: C. Towe, R. Carroll, K. Kessling, L. Moore. ROW 5: K. Pomeroy, I. Scaggs, C. Brownlow, F. Williams. ROW 6; S. Walsh, C. Breitenstein, V. Stephens, S. Hutchinson. ROW 7: L. Walter, B. Shropshire, A. Tritt, K. Hutchinson, Advisor - Mrs. Nicely.Senior SnapsSALLY FRANCIS, Jr. SHIRLEY WIMBERLY, Sr. SANDY DARBY, Jr. BECKY HART, Jr. TONI FULCHER, Capt. - SANDY NICELY, Co-Capt. Varsity DORIE AKERS, Soph. Cheerleaders TONI KAVANAGH, Soph.ROW 1: Ronald Ryan, Director E. York, W. Blankenship, J. Hays, G. Kaiser, S. Oates. ROW 2: L. Brumley,-D. Boyd, C. Allaire, P. Aye, J. Bach. ROW 3: S. Werchman, A. Tritt, J. Jones, D. Way-mire, C. Townsend. ROW 4: J. Titcombe, P. Anderson, P. Sexton, J. Allen. ROW 5: C. Kozman, S. Walsh, S. McCarty, S. Burnam, D. Agee. ROW 6: S. Hughs, I. Scaggs. ROW 1: D. Tipton - Co-Capt., P. Greger - Capt., R. Bowman - Co. Capt. ROW 2: J. Dever, P. Reynolds, M. Blanton, C. Barry, Y. Kennett, E. Ketring. ROW 3: G. Allen, B. Combs, B. Jorden, L. Clark, P. Isaacs, P. Belcher, J. Britton. ROW 4: V. Williams. T. Isble. b t Drill 1 JLVarsity football BOTTOM ROW: M. McGarvey. J. Griffith, D. Perry. E. Wright. C. Dillman, H. Panstingel. B. Wikle - Capt.. C. Johnson - Capt., G. Snyder, J. Suter, B. Doyle, C. Chambers, B. Harris. ROW 2: R. Abies, D. Morter, T. Hoover, T. Hasty. D. VanHorn, J. LaMagna, W. Hall. S. Francis. L. Harris. S. Fredrick. M. Poppaw, J. Mayberry, B. Spicer. ROW 3: H. Moss, M. Motsney, T. Watson, C. Hunter, G. Doyle, M. Cutshaw, J. Carr, J. Hicks, D. Whitaker, B. Fredrick, B. Whitaker. ROW 4: J. Bowman - Mgr., D. Hardin - Mgr., R. Hughs - Mgr., D. Turpin, J. Smith, W. Brewer, Mr. Landis - Coach, Mr. McFarland - Coach.Zhe 964 Homecoming Queen and Her Court BACK ROW: Toni Fulcher - Sr., Brenda Walker - Sr.. Barb Shaw - Sr.. Pat Kegley - Jr. FRONT ROW: Anna Combs - Jr., Pat Greger - Sr. Queen, Joyce Pittl - Jr. Pat Greger was crowned Homecoming Queen on November 2nd at the halftime ceremonies of the Stivers-Belmont game. Pat and the members of her court reigned over the Homecoming Dance held on November 1st. Other girls nominated were: Sandy Nicely Sandy Darby Jennifer Wheeler Sally Francis Shirley Wimberly Becky Hart Sue Weigertfoosk football ROW 1: B. Adkins, R. Smith, R. Orr, K. Terrell, J. Otto, L. Combs, R. Yocum, J. Morris, D. Goforeh. ROW 2: W. Mills, A. Wells, M. Lacy, R. Harvill, M. Steink, J. Edridge, M. Burnis, L. Couch. ROW 3: H. Biddle, P. Morton, G. Clemons, R. Bittl, J. Crews, B. Purdue, B. Hardy. ROW 4: Mr. Wehner - coach; R. Morrison, T. Mantia, J. Hall, Mr. Williams -coach. i fornrs ROW 1; G. Hall, N. Hernden, F. Shaw, K. Pomeroy, M. Bowens. ROW % B. Walker, J. Middleton, S. McClan-ahan, P. McCloskey, M Logue. ROW 3: S. Vandiver, K. Heit-kamp, G. McCann, M. McCain, A. Williams. ROW 4: Mr. Yura -coach; R. Gehring, G. Cox, J. Johnson, M. Stephens.Ever taithfuls!! Two Bits . . . Sara Walsh 9 Where did they go?? I w W TRICK SHOT HARRIS It's a white tornado! And - furthermore Guess who? OOPS!Boney Maroney The EndCross Country ROW 1: B. Gayhart, W. Lalk, D. Whitaker, R. Lynch. ROW 2: J. Keller, B. Wikle, J. Lewis, D. Trobaugh, R. Beatty. ROW 3: J. Sullivan - Coach, R. Minor, L. Stokes, H. Favorite. STANDING: P. Isaacs, G. Barlow, D. Olbers, B. McBride, S. Darby. KNEELING: P. Baker, J. Akers, B. Faulkner. ROW 1: S. Qvick, R. Doak, T. Steck, Mr. Shevelow. ROW 2: M. Curry, L. Lute, R. Elkins, T. Kretzer. ROW 3: H. Combs, R. Jord, P. Lewis, S. Staub. gymnasticsVarsity basketball ROW 1: Mr. Sullivan - Asst. Coach, T. Steck, J. Kennard, L. Harris, A. Sch-rier, Mr. Grigsby - Coach. ROW 2: C. Johnson - Capt. , B. Doyle, V. Morgan, S. Frederick, B. |Frederick, M. Clemmons. ROW 3: L. Beck - Mgr. , D. Vanhorn - Statistician, D. Hardin - Mgr. Keserves freshmen ROW Is Mr. Sullivan - Coach, G. Clemmons, T. Steck, E. Woosley, B. Frederick, A. Schrier. ROW 2: J. Bowman, B. Abies, B. Adkins, K. Mayberry, L. Combs, T. Terrell - Statistician. ROW 1: Mr. Shevelow - Coach; M. Lacey - Mgr. , W. Wills, S. Staub, P. Morton. ROW 2: J. Hall, A. Wells, J. Forrest, B. Adkins, G. Leach. ROW 3: P. Beach, H. Biddle, P. Lewis, D. Brandenburg, K. Terrell - Statistician.1964 Queen of Me arts and Mer Court L. to R.: Mary Gordon, Becky Hart, Sue Weigert, Pat Belcher - Queen, Joyce Pittl, Joy Biddle, Jeanette Britton. Coronation Queen’s Posers 1963 Queen of Hearts, Gail Ish- L. to R.: Linda Johnson, Sandy Darby, Pat Kegley, Brenda Combs, mael, crowns Pat Belcher. Sally Francis, Pat Sloan, Linda Morrison.Underclassmen Class Of 1965 CLASS OF 65 HOMEROOM 115 ROW Is P. Burgett, B. Becchetti, C. Carpenter, E. Arthur, L. Bunn, J. Burden. ROW 2: C. Anderson, S. Campbell, J. Biddle, D. Bailey, S. Boltz, D. Caldorea. ROW 3: C. Brownlow, V. Brackney, C. Adams, R. Carroll, J. Britton, G. Allen, R. Bowman, B. Capps. ROW 4: R. Byrd, E. Burnham, B. Casteel, V. Balogh, P. Belcher, B. Alio, J. Bledsoe, J. Brown. ROW 5: R. Abies, M. Carter, W. Blankenship, L. Beck, R. Beaty, F. Braun. HOMEROOM 119 ROW Is N. Grbaugh, B. Gerrard, J. Dever, C. Fugate, M. Etherington, B. Etherington, J. Davis. ROW 2: L. Cunningham, S. Doran, C. Dillon, J. Everette, T. Copeland, A. Combs. ROW 3: J. Clark, Y. Depoyster, B. Combs, A. Chatfield, J. Erbaugh, S. Darby, S. Francis. ROW 4: R. Cook, R. Gehring, M. Chism, L. Davis, J. Dingus, R. Ewry, J. Eller. ROW 5: M. Coffey, E. Gehring, S. Frederick, S. Francis, V. Elam. HOMEROOM 121 ROW Is J. Hill, P. Hudson, M. Gordon, S. Horsley, J. Hoskins, J. Grosser, A. Hensley, P. Gross ROW 2: B. Hart, S. Hughes, J. Hale, L. Goley, M. Humphrey, L. Humphreys. ROW 3: D. Hendrick, J. Hillin, P. Hummel, G. Hansford, C. Hasty, P. Henson. ROW 4: T. Hoover, C. Hensley, T. Hasty G. Gothard, R. Gross, G. Gillespie. ROW 5: W. Hall, D. Hill, R. Henry, R. Hill, L. Harris, R. Harris, B. Hampton. HOMEROOM 122 ROW Is B. Johnson, P. McClosky, M. Logue, B. McCormick, B. Lovely. ROW 2: R. Lynch, R. Leyes, J. Krietzer, M. Lowe, W. Lalk, W. Langford, L. McClellan. ROW 3: M. McGhee, B. Lockhart, R. Kuhbander, G. McCann, J. Ison, C. Jones. ROW 4: M. McGarvey, J. Jung, W. Keene, R. Lasamen, C. Kayser, L. Lute, J. Kennard.HOMEROOM 123 HOMEROOM 215 ROW 1; D. Nance, M. Pugh. ROW 2: M. Oshan, L. Morrison, B. Murphy, J. Pittl, P. Reynolds, B. Poure, C. Marcum, B. Marcus. ROW 3: J. Middleton, A. Petus, B. O'Shell, L. Osterhaus, J. Poindexter, C. Pugh. ROW 4: J. Murphy, N. Matthews, G. Patrick, M. Poppaw, S. Oates, L. Myers, B. Randall, D. Neal. ROW 5: V. Morgan, D. Mortar, J. Moses, H. Moss, M. Marion, R. Poindexter, J. Mayberry. Class of 1966 ROW 1: S. Weigert, V. Williams, F. Scott. ROW 2: C. Towsend, D. Tipton, L. Six, V. Spearman, S. Walsh, S. Salyers. ROW 3: C. Winters, C. Whitaker, A. Tritt, I. Scaggs, L. Wens, A. Western, G. Stunich, C. Towe. ROW 4: R. Towsend, W. Tuggle, W. Wright, P. Sloan, J. Tabor, D. Williams, E. York. ROW 5: L. Tipton, A. Winchester, B. Weber, D. Waymere. F. Riggs. ROW 6: R. Schickling, A. Robinson, J. Slone, D. Van-Horn, R. Spicer, K. Witt, B. Satterfield. CLASS OF '66 HOMEROOM 207 ROW 1: L. Benning, J. Allen, H. Allen, G. Blair. ROW 2: P. Asbury, M. Balizet, B. Barry, D. Akers, S. Barlow, M. Blanton. ROW 3: J. Blakely, D. Beasly, B. Baily, S. Belville, P. Blakely, R. Blakely, T. Basinger. ROW 4: P. Anthony, D. Baker, P. Baughn, M. Ambrose, P. Adkins, M. Alexinas, H. Bell. HOMEROOM 221 ROW 1: M. Cluffon, L. Barton, L. Brumley, B. Bowen, J. Byrd, C. Boyd, C. Britenstein, S, Burk-hardt. ROW 2: D. Chafins, L. Clark, B. Bush, S. Clark, E. Burns, J. Ranterbury. ROW 3: D. Boyd, T. Boyd, G. Centers, B. Collins, L. Carroll, C. Barnening. ROW 4: J. Campbell, J. Bowman, C. Bryant, R. Cline, R. Bowles, W. Bowen, R. Collins.HOMEROOM 301 ROW 1: S. Duty, J. Firman, J. Firman, N. Davis, D. Cooper, V. Conner, D. Dolan. ROW 2: R. Davis, B. Fleming, B. Crowe, G. Douglas, R. Fritts, C. Crowe. ROW 3: M. Cutshaw, G. Dill, S. Davis, R. Dykes, D. Dunaway, R. Copeland. ROW 4: B. Dunn, T. Doyle. C. Eisnaugle. R. Cornett, E. Fox, D. Dildine. HOMEROOM 305 ROW 1: K. Haacke, C. Helton, S. Hall. ROW 2: M. Gault, W. Hampton, D. Harris, L. Gossard, A. Hoskins, M. Gibson, E. Hamby. ROW 3: B. Henry, W. Griffith, R. Hensley, R. Hasty, B. Henson, F. Hawkins, K. Haacke, G. Guenthor, K. Heitkamp, J. Harvill, T. Helke, L. Hicks, B. Goley. HOMEROOM 309 HOMEROOM 311 ROW 1: K. Kaman, M. Ison, J. Jones, Y. Ken-nett, D. Hudgins. ROW 2: B. Kain, T. Kava-nagh, C. Lawson, R. Hummel, B. Hurst, S. Hutchinson. ROW 3: J. Lindsay, D. Johnson, G. Konieczmy, F. Kild, J. Hilton, J. Ingram, J. Line ham. ROW 4: G. Kaiser, L. Hughes, L. Howard, J. Lewis, N. Ledbetter, R. Land, D. Lindsay, C. Hunter. ROW 1: L. Miller, C. Morton, S. Mann, S. Moore. ROW 2: L. Mason, S. McNeely, M. Morehart, N. Mitchell, M. Music, L. Miller. ROW 3: J. Louden, E. Mullins, L. McCarty, B. Long, E. Mowen, L. McCully. ROW 4: W. Lough, R. Mallicoat, G. Madison, K. Mayberry, C. Mustard, B. McGreevy, R. Minor.HOMEROOM 316 HOMEROOM 321 ROW 1: B. Nice, V. Nolan, K. Pomeroy, S. Richey, C. Pasly, D. Olbers. ROW 2: R. Perkins, B. Quinn, G. Reagan, E. Reels, D. Parker, T. Richardson, J. Russell, R. Newport. ROW 1: M. Schmidt, J. Sanders, L. Sargent, P. Sowalds, P. Shepherd. ROW 2: V. Smith, M. Sewell, B. Shropshire, S. Taylor, C. Storch, W. Stringfield. ROW 3: A. Schindler, D. Shutts, T. Terrell. W. Smith, B. Sullivan, M. Swaney. ROW 4: R. Smith, P. Sturgill, A. Schrier, M. Stephens, W. Stringfield, B. Schomburg. Class of 1967 HOMEROOM 322 ROW 1: F. Williams, C. Zimmer, B. Tuggle, E. Whitescarver, C. Wilder, D. Western. ROW 2: B. Ward, C. Wimberley, R. Willowhite, J. Young, B Whitaker. ROW 3: D. Whitaker, C. Wells, J. Titcombe, T. Watson, E. Tipton, S. Wells. ROW 4: E. Tipton, J. Walters, L. Wilson, D. Vanhorn, R. Whiting, T. Wells. CLASS OF 67 HOMEROOM 313 ROW 1: G. Bannorrl, P. Anderson, J. Blankenship, C. Adams, K. Baily, R. Baker. ROW 2: A. Bonham, M. Amey, J. Agee, G. Barlow, J. Akers, S. Adams. ROW 3: J. Arthur, B. Akers, J. Blanton, D. Biddle, C. Bell. L. Belcher. ROW 4: D. Agee, B. Adkins, B. Beach, P. Beach, J. Bailey.HOMEROOM 315 HOMEROOM 317 ROW 1: H. Bowens, B. Byrge. ROW 2: P. Brown, D. Chafins, W. Clem, L. Bryant, E. Bruening, M. Centers. ROW 3: P. Brown, C. Clark, A. Burney, P. Carter, N. Brown, L. Breen. ROW 4: L. Clark, K. Brown, J. Clarkson, P. Caldwell, R. Bowlin. ROW 5: K. Brown, G. Clemons, C. Chatfield, R. Canoll, J. Cluff, M. Burris, D. Brandenburg. ROW 1: R. Evans, K. Dever, S. Combs, W. Couch, S. Faulkner, C. Cottle, P. Cummings, J. Collins. ROW 2: G. Gibson, D. Darby, J. Gillespie, A. Craddock., E. Collins, H. Duckro, C. Dell, J. Firman. ROW 3: H. Flannery, M. Cooper, D. Gault, J. Dillon, W. Combs. ROW 4: P. Fultz, D. Garber, H. Combs, H. Combs, D. Coons. ROW 5: G. Fugate, D. France, G. Davis, T. Deardoff, M. Curry, W. Centers, D. Crews, L. Combs. ROW 6: J. Cole, B.Frederick, L. Couch, S. Foster, R. Gehring, J. Forest, R. Doak, R. Ford. HOMEROOM 320 ROW 1: C. Gunter, J. Haocke. ROW 2: T. Grimes, S. Hampton, P. Hawkins, V. Hamby, K. Hollandsworth, B. Heaton. ROW 3: P. Head, C. Hinders, J. Harper, L. Hallon, D. Goff. ROW 4: M. Hakes, B. Hardy, R. Harvill, C. Haddix, L. Hatmaker, G. Gowker, J. Hancock, P. Hatmaker. ROW 5: B. Hicks, J. Halt, J. Howard, B. Goo, C. Hoskins, L. Henry, R. Grant. HOMEROOM 323 ROW 1: J. Hurst, J. Huffman, S. Huff, E. Human, P. Human, J. Jackson, C. Hudson. ROW 2: E. Isaacs, J. Jones, I. Hufford, J. Johnson, C. Jones, S. Humbert. ROW 3: H. Hunstad, J. Knox, N. Johnson, C. Kozman, C. Jones, D. Jordan. ROW 4: K. Justice, J. Klein, R. Krantz, J. Jones, T. Krietzer, J. Jones, W. Kemper.HOMEROOM 401 ROW 1: J. Marcum, J. McHugh, J. Middleton, C. Menifee, D. Lineham. ROW 2: J. Leopold, B. McBride, M. Motsney, B. Lawson, L. Lockhart, M. Meyers. ROW 3: S. Lewis, P. Miller, B. Moore, B. Miller, E. May, B. Laycox. ROW 4: J. Miller, R. Morrison, D. Layne, W. Lilly, W. Mills, T. Mantia, D. Lucas, P. Lucas. ROW 5: H. Mobley, J. Morris, R. Lough, L. Lute, J. Lafever, R. Middleton, P. Morton, P. Lewis, T. Mantia. ROW 6: M. Motsney, G. Leach, B. Mays, M. Lacy, F. Lay, C. Laycox. HOMEROOM 409 ROW Is B. Mullins, B. Oney, M. Peck, S. Phillips, N. Oswald. ROW 2: H. Phibbs, T. Peters, C. Page, R. Music. ROW 3: J. Osborne, S. Mullins, C. Murphy, W. Parker, G. Mynheir, B. Purdue, G. Napil, J. Otto, W. Phelps. HOMEROOM 414 HOMEROOM 416 ROW 1: B. Richey, J. Roberts, B. Rung, E. Roberts, F. Riesinger, B. Pruitt, K. Powers. ROW 2: B. Reels, J. Price, D. Pigg, J. Ricketts, P. Pittl, R. Ridner, B. Rightsell. ROW 1: S. Smith, H. Smith, M. Shaffer, S. Shrout. ROW 2: C. Slone, P. Sexton, B. Staub, E. Snyder, S. Slone, R. Sparks. ROW 3: L. Shepherd, R. Shepherd, J. Stunich, A. Scott, R. Smith, K. Stafford, J. Smith. ROW 4: C. Steed, D. Stidham, G. Shepherd, M. Steinky, D. Syie-der, R. Smith. ROW 5: M. Shirley, B. Smith, S. Smith, J. Smith, S. Staub, T. Steck, D. Shipwash.HOMEROOM 419 HOMEROOM 423 ROW 1: C. Taylor, B. Tilley, D. Sutton, M. Todd, D. Townsend, N. Sullivan. ROW 2: P. Trimble, D. Thomas, R. Talor. ROW 3: W. Trushel, M. Voice, D. Tittcombe, D. Turpen, K. Terrell, E. Vance, G. Taylor. ROW 1: G. Wilson, V. Walter, M. Wright, L. Weigert, B. York, C. Ward, B. Whitt, B. Way-mire. ROW 2: J. Willoughby, S. Williams, D. Wagner, D. Whitt, J. Ward, D. Widmeyer. ROW 3: C. Wilson, T. Welton, T. Wolfe, J. Wissinger, S. White, W. White. ROW 4: E. Woosley, A. Wells, R. Wilson, B. Whit, P. Wilson, S. Yates, R. Yocum, T. Williams. Eighth Qradc HOMEROOM 421 ROW 1: M. Collins, L. Cooley, L. Frazier, J. Frazier. ROW 2: B. Henson, P. Berger, C. Daniels, C. Barnette, L. Hampton, D. France. ROW 3: R. Hall, G. Halloway, D. Gross, K. Hale, H. Holbrook. ROW 4: M. Hall, T. Carrington, M. Ford, R. Dickerson, F. Copeland, R. Dozier, M. Adkins. HOMEROOM 422 ROW 1: P. Pettry, T. Page. ROW 2: H. White, R. Ram bo, S. Smith, K. Leopold, P. Riggs, B. Perkins. ROW 3: S. Nolen, J. Tipton, V. Nor-dyke, L. Wilson, T. McNeely, S. McCarroll. ROW 4: J. Kinser, C. Rambe, E. Updike, D. Pitts, B. Ridenor, G. Smith.Special Education ROW 1: B. Wright, G. Stuck, J. Bronson, J. Frederick, J. Finney, B. Elofskey. ROW 2: L. Hickle, J. Myers, M. Campbell, C. McElfresh, S. Textore. ROW 3: G. Haacke, C. Sexton, W. Rogers, J. Head, N. Montgomery, E. McKellar. ROW 4: T. Messer, J. Roach, L. Douglass, J. Gipson, D. Standford, C. Bishop. ROW 5: M. Collins, J. Faust, G. Howard, D. Sanders, T. Curtsinger, B. Johnson. ROW 6: D. Brewer, B. Millon, J. Sanders, J. Mitchell, P. Harlowe, J. Gordon. ROW 1: R. McElfresh, D. Henry, B. Wooten, B. Lamb, K. Middleton. ROW 2: T. Patterson, L. Ramey, T. Strader, T. Rodgers, J. Watson, J. Deck. ROW 3: M. Covey, B. Head, E. Campbell. HOMEROOM 405 - 3rd year ROW 1: L. Navin, S. Kile, P. Mullins, C. Braun. ROW 2: R. Hamilton, J. Mittelsadt, T. Dun-woodie, R. Samuels.MR. WORST - Junior Class Advisor STEVE FREDERICK President SANDY DARBY Secretary Senior Council From L. to R. : Gail Ishmael, Dan Woolery, Brenda Walker, Nancy Hemden. ROW 2: Curtis Johnson, Arnold Williams, Lois Beckley, Shirley Wimberley, Jerry Johnson, Bill Long. junior Council From L. to R.: Steve Frederick, Joyce Pittl, Sandy Darby, Sam Francis. ROW 2: Tom Hasty, Sue Weigert, Alice Chatfield, Sally Francis, Dan Morter, Ed York. MR. KLEE - Senior Class Advisor JOYCE PITTL Vice-President SAM FRANCIS Treasurer1964 Prow Court Queen - TONI FULCHER King - DAN WOOLERY The senior class proudly presents the Prom King, Queen, and their court for the year 1964 Lois Beckly Mike Clemons Chuck Byrd Carol OlbersJune Kendall Dan Trobaugh Pat Greger Bill WiklePAULINE ALRED Ed. -in-Chief Pg. 1 - Editor journalism Staff SHERRY GUNDER Pg. 1 - Reporter PAT GREGER CAROLYN HENUNE Pg. 2 - Editor Pg. 2 - Rep. - Typist SHARRON QUINN Pg. 2 - Rep. - Typist JENNY WHEELER BEV HOLLANDSWORTH Pg. 3 - Editor Pg. 3 - Reporter DAN WOOLERY Pg. 4 - Editor BOB MULLINS DON PERRY Pg. 4 - Reporter Photographer MADELYN GOSLIN BARB SHAW Rep. and Typist Rep. and Typist MODENA MARCUM - Typist JAN KREITZER - Typist HENRIETTA ALLEN - Yearbook Asst. MISS S. REA Advisor Yearbook Editors BRENDA WALKER TONI FULCHERWOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE OHIO BELL complete communications for home • trusiness • comm unity all qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, creed, color or national origin. MILTNER SALES-SERVICE GARAGE auto electrician generator and starter 223-5561 229 Xenia Ave. Corner High St. ELMER MORAN STEVE HEILL The Answer to . . . BERT L. DAILY, INC. Fast, Easy Fund Raising Artists' Materials Thelma Mae Fruit Nut Cakes of Distinction "The Finest Delicacy of Its Kind" THE B-C BAKING CO., INC. 235 S. Clinton St. Phone: 223-7861 Walnut Sta. Box 66 Dayton, Ohio Sign Writers' Supplies Raw Wood Frames 126 East Third Street Dayton, Ohio 223-4121 Customer Parking at Davids Parking LotSHOEMAKE GUERNSEY FARMS Congratulations, Seniors A Complete Line of Quality Dairy Products Featuring Golden Guernsey Milk Homogenized or Regular Creamline XENIA AVE. SHELL STATION for Home or Store Service __Call___ 293-1101 409 Xenia Ave. 253-2424 1317 Wilmington Ave. Since 1865 ---Third Generation LOGAN STUDIO CALVIN S. TAWNEY MOVERS, INC. Leading School Photographer Local and Long Distance 14 West Fifth Street Phone 223-7342 --Special Service---- All Points in Ohio Office 253-8961 Nights, Sundays and Holidays Call Residence - 254-4081Dayton and Miami Valley's Largest, Most Complete Formal Wear Department PRICE STORES FEDERAL FLOORING CO. The Most Reliable Flooring Co. in Ohio, So Anytime You Need Carpeting Tile Wood Floors Linoleum Get in Touch With FEDERAL FLOORING Phone 258-0121 Corner 4th and Jefferson 3050 Springboro Congratulations to Stivers' Seniors of '64 From Congratulations Seniors DAFLER'S PHARMACY Compliments of BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOP Congratulations, Seniors GAULT REFRIGERATION and AIR CONDITIONING J. FRIESINGER SON Compliments of BLACK LEE MONUMENTMIAMl VAUEY'S COMPLEX fOKMAl WEA ttNUl EXPECTS' 4W i a q i ion oiT topical Feil™ 'Formal Wear lor toon Occasion j A Co Horn Tailored Look lor May Sat .1 No Esira Cost Compi... R "«' »f SXdri • • • ShlrU • • • J welry Emor,. cr 30 Mom" Srndcr Social Srroice H Ou ol-Toom tlskert ■ Carols Ooen c.nn u ailif. :ONVnS in ®toc “ Sales and Rentals ■ ; “ :45 p; M- - Monday and Thursday Till 9 P. M. 26 E t,, . , _ vemng Appointments at No Additional Cost St- - Between Main and Jefferson BA 2-2834 Local and Long Distance MOVING Since 1945 Careful and Courteous Moving of All Household Goods Refrigerators and Pianos a Specialty Area-Wide Delivery Service Private Storage Agents for Shamrock Van Lines For Free Estimate Call | 222-9366 1 MAYBERRY MOVERS Compliments of B. F. WIETZEL PHARMACY Congratulations Seniors From CRESCENT PRINTING CO.Autographs TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY

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