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 - Class of 1963

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Text from Pages 1 - 52 of the 1963 volume:

Compliments of the Bonded Oil Company Service Center 1737 E. Fifth Street Parkmoors got what no one else has got... |ps 'Parkmoor's got more variety 01)17 -thats what... JUMBO BURGERS-MALTS COKES plus ouer 60 other menu items 00 FIRST CLASS - 00 MR MOOR Dayton and Miami Valley's largest, most complete Formal Wear Department PRICE STORES Comer 4th and Jefferson BERT L. DAILY, Inc, ARTISTS' MATERIALS SIGN WRITERS' SUPPLIES RAW WOOD FRAMES 126 East Third Street Dayton Ohio 2234121e M n 3 £ fl V S Faculty ----------------------------------------------- 2 Junior-Senior Council __________________________________5 Seniors of ’63_______________________________________ 6 Underclassmen -----------------------------------------13 Clubs _________________________________________________21 Band-Drill Team________________________________________25 Football ______________________________________________26 Homecoming -------------------------------------------- 27 Majorettes ____________________________________________28 Cheerleaders __________________________________________29 Queen of Hearts________________________________________31 Basketball ________.___________________________________30 Tumbling-Fencing ______________________________________32 Choir-8th Cheerleaders---------------------------------33 Journalism Staff --------------------------------------41 Prom __________________________________________________36 Candid Shots _________________________________________ 34 Will __________________________________________________ 38  CHESTER A. GOODING—Principal; Degrees. Bachelor of Art and Master of Art in Education. JAMES HANBY- Degree, Bachelor ROSALIE HOHLER — Degrees, of Science and Master’s in Edu- Bachelor of Arts and Master of cation. Arts. MARTHA DAVIDSON —Secretary Decree. Bachelor of Science MAURICE A. BOGLE Degrees. Bachelor of Arts. Certificate in Embalming. SAMUEL S. CHASENS Degrees. Bachelor of Arts. Master's Degree in English. m______ , EVELYN Degrees. Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts. Degrees. Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Science in Library Science. Degree, Bachelor of Science in Education. JAMES DONNELLY Degree. Bachelor of Science in Science. HORACE G. ENGLISH Degree. Bacnelor of Science. HOLLAND J. FLORY —Degrees. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Education. Master of Arts in Education. RICHARD J. HAAS —Degree. Bachelor of Science. Master of Science in Education. GEORGE HOWE Degrees. Bachelor of Arts. Mustr of Arts. -2—PAULINE H. HUNT ■Degrees, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts. DANIEL H. HUNTER Degree. Bachelor of Science. MARY ELLEN HUNTER-Dcgree, Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. EDITH JACOBSON Degree. Bachelor of Science in Education. VIVIAN L. JONES Degrees. Bachelor of Arts. Master of Arts. CHARLES KLEE ROBERT KUHLMAN —Degrees. Bachelor of Science —Degree. Bachelor of Science in Education. in Education. HERBERT M. KURTZ Degrees. Bachelor of Science in Education and Fine Arts Supervision. R. C. LARUE Degree. Bachelor of Science. TOM MARTIN Degree. Bachelor of Arts. PATRICIA LASSWELL Degrees, Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor ofScience in Education. MAGDALENA MILLONIG— Degree, Bachelor of Arts. KENNETH LESLIE Degree. Bachelor of Science. VIRGINIA M. LOVE Degree. Bachelor of Science in Education. JANET M. NICELY Degree. Bachelor of Science in Individual and Team Sports. MAY ME B. MORRISON Degrees. Bachelor of Science, Dietetics Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. —3— HERBERT JONES Degree, Bachelor nf Science in Muai RICHARD G. LANDIS Degree. Bachelor nr Science in Education. RONAi.n McFarland— Degree, Bachelor of Science in Education. RUSSELL NICELY ■Degree, Bachelor in Education.RALEIGH PARKER Decree, Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Arts and English. GLENN RUST Degree, Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts SUZANNE REA Degree, Master's Degree in English and History.Bachelor of Science in Education RON RYAN Degree, Bachelor of Science in Music Education ROY A. REDMON Degree, Bachelor In Science in Education Master's Degree in Education and Administration JERRY D. SEMAN Degree, Bachelor in Science in Education MARY ELI.EN REINHARD Degree, Master of Science in Education. Master of Business Administration GEORGE SHEVELOW Degree, Bachelor of Science in Education THOMAS ROKHM Degree, Bachelor of Science ELIZABETH SMITH Degree. Master’s in Education Bachelor’s degree in Education JOE M. SULLIVAN Degree. Bachelor of Science VAUGHN K. TAYLOR Degree. Bachelor of Science in Education, Master’s in Education ROY E. VEALE Degree, Bachelor of Science in Education MARGARET WATSON Degree, Bachelor in Science Musters in Arts RICHARD WEHNER Degree, Bachelor of Seioneo GAIL WILEY Degree, Bachelor of Arts CHARLES L. WILLIAMS Degree, Bachelor of Science ROBERT WORST Degree. Bachelor of Arts ROSAMOND YOUNG Degree, Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts LOUIS YURA Degree, Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of ScienceSe U n e utcU Mr. Robert Worst Junior Advisor Sx uimnu: snaron McCain, Gale Carr, John Carter, Anne Um- ‘"ger Terry Darby, Fay Samborsky, Tom Wood, Theresa Dagley |EATED. Pat Adkins, Dan Swango, Jeanie Kleinman, and Bernard Mr. Charles Klee Senior Advisor L June Kendall SECRETARY STANDING: Dan Woolery, Lois Beckley, Bill Long, Brenda Walker, Ronnie Rains, Jerry Johnson. SEATED: Nancy Herndon, Gail Ishmael. Terry Youngerman and June Kendall. Gail Ishmael VICE-PRESIDENT Nancy Herden -5- TREASURERJcanic Klcinman VICE-PRESIDENT JEANIE KLEIN MAN — Junior-Senior 3.4: Secretary 3. Vice-President 4; Queen of Hearts Court 3: Homecoming Court 3: Cheerleader 2.3,4; Captain 4; News Agent 2.3: Journalism Staff 3.4; Editor 4; Plans. Attend Ohio University: Hobbies, cheerleading and dancing. Seniors Dan Swango. PRESIDENT DAN SWANGO Junior Class President; Senior Class President; Crucible 1,2,3, President 3: Royal Bengnls 3,4, Secretary 4; Chess Club 3; Pep club 4; Plans, Medical school; Hobby, oil painting. Bernard Everhart TREASURER BERNARD EVERHART Basketball 1.2,3,4; Junior-Senior Council 4; Treasurer 4; Onspe 2,3,4; President 4 Plans, College Hobbies. Sports. Pat Adkins SECRETARY PAT ADKINS — Cheerleader 2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; Junior-Senior Council 3.4; Vice-President 3; Secretary 4; Page 3 Editor 4; Ticket Agent 1. 2.3; Queen of Hearts Court 3; Homecoming Court 4: Homecoming Queen 3. Plans, College; Hobby, reading. HUBERT ABNEY—Plans. Go to the Navy; Hobbies, basketball, swimming. LILLIE ACKMAN Captain of Stiverettes 4; Plans. Teacher or medical secretary; Hobbies, art. making costumes, all kinds of sports. CAROL ANDERSON Plans. Get a job and later on marriage. DAVID ASHWORTH — Crucible. Chess Club, Bowling league. Plans, College or graduate work: Hobbies, art. cars, records.DORIS BAILEY Choir: Plans. Nurse; Hobbies, volley ball, ping pong. KEITH BEASLEY—Plans. Work or join the service; Hobby, race go-karts. KATHY BLUMER Plans. Co to Miami Jacobs; Hobbies, Collecting china dogs. BONNIE HOLTZ — Plan , Bookkeeping and Accounting course ut Miami Jacobs College; Hobbles. Bowling; Poser for Queen of Hearts 3. JAMES BOWMAN—Plans. United States Air Force and College: Hobby, reading. JAMES B III NEC A K—Flan . Work; Hobby, reading. JOHN BONCUTTEIt — Plans. College or the Service. LINDA BOWMAN—News Agent 3: Junior Red Cross 4; Plans. Secretarial work and marriage; Hobbies, collecting stuffed animals and playing records. BECKY BROPHY SANDRA LEE BROWN — News Agent 3; Main Office 2.3.4; Choir 4; Queen of Hearts 3; Homecoming Court 3.4 Hobbies, swimming, bowling and playing records; Plans, Secretarial work. JOHN CARTER — Football baseball basketball Junior-Senior Council; Plans College; Hobbies, playing the guitar. MARIK CHARLES Crucible 9; Red Cross 1,2,3; Plans. Work and travel. EUGENE CALDWELL- Plans. Enter a school for printers; Hobbies, sports, and collecting old coins. CALK CARR — Mujmettc 2.3.4; Captain 4; Junlor-Senim Council 3.4; Yearbook Editor and Page 2 Editor 4; Ace 3.4; Treasurer 4; Queen of Hearts Poser; Homecoming Nominee 3; Homecoming Queen 4. Plans. Enter the fashion field or become beautician. LARRY CHATT Royal Bengals. Pep Club. Fencing team: Plans, Barber college; Hobby, sports. JEANETTE COLEMAN Plans. Work at N.C.R.; Hobby, reading. MICHEAL CONLEY Plana. Go to work or enter college; Hobby sports. THERESA DAGLEY—F.T.A. 1.2,3, 4; Vice-President 3; President 4; Red Cross 1,2: Bible Club 1,2,3,4; Crucible 3.4: School Play 2.3; Plans, College, elementary educaton; Hobbies, painting and swimming. ERNESTINE DOBKINS — Plans. Marriage; Hobbies, art. cooking. MARVIN ELLIOTT Tumbling team 3.4; Plans. Enter the Marines: Hobbies, swimming and photography. LINDA CORNWELL — Plans. To JUNIOR COUCH — Plans. Get a FAYE COX—Plans, Marriage and become a hair stylist; Hobbies, col- job; Hobby, sports. work, lecting sea shells and reading. TERRY DARBY — Baseball; MIKE Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1.2,3.4, Captain 4: Junior-Senior Council 3, 4; Treasurer 3; El Tigre 2,3,4; Secretary 3; Treasurer 4; Plans, College to be an engineer or minister; Hobbies. dancing, drawing and sports. DAVIS— DONALD DEBORD—News Agent 1; Cross Country 4; Plans, To become a machinist, or enter the Navy; Hobbies, fishing, hunting and "Hot Rod cars." BETTY DORSTEK JUDY DOWNEY Fencing 4; Y-Teens 4; Plans. Work at Defense Electronics Supply Center. BOB EDWARDS Football, gymnastics, track: Plans, Work; Hobbies, sports. JOHNNIE LOUISE ERNST — Band President 4: News Agent 2: Red Cross 3: Plans. To become a secretary; Hobbies. Bowling and driving. ROBERT EVERSOLE — Football, track; Plana, Study law at Ohio State; Hobbies, fishing, hunting, »nd camping. CHARLES FRANCIS — Football 4; Manager of basketball 2; bowling team 2; Ticket Agent 3; Plans, Either to get a job or enter the service.JAMES GALLOWAY Football 4; Track 3; Ten Tiger treasurer; Plans, Job or the service; Hobbies, sports and hunting. GEORGE GAMBRKLL, JR.—'Tumbling 3,4; Plans, Enter the service: Hobbies, sports and fishing. SHARON GARD—Plans. To become a secretary. WANDA JEAN GIBBS - Choir; Plans, work in office; Hobbies, dancing and bowling. JUDI GORE — Cheerleader Tumbling 1.2. 3. 1; Homecoming Nominee 3,4; Queen of Hearts Poser 3; News Agent 2; Red Cross; Plans, College, job or service. JIM GRACEY — Football; baseball; basketball 1,2; Junior-Senior Council 3.4. El Tigre, 2,3,4, President 4; News Agent 2,3; Plans, College; Hobbies, sports. BOB GROSS—Pep Club: El Tigre; Plans, To become a beautician; Hobbies, dancing, swimming. EDSIL HAMBY—Hobby, fishing. MARJORIE HORSLEY — Plans, Go to a Christian College. DWANE JOHNSON Chess Club 2,3,4; Fencing team 2,3,4; Crucible 3,4: School play 3; Plans. College: Hobbies, painting, fencing and cars. JERKY JONES Plans, College or the Army: Hobbies, hunting and fishing. GAROLD KING — Junior Achievement 1.2: Pep Club 4; Vice-President 4; Crucible 1; Track 3 Football manager 2; Plans, College or .trade school: Hobbies, sports, hunting. BARBARA JO GIBBS—Library 2. Bible Club 1,2, N«-wn Agent 4; Plans, secretary; Hobbies, horse-bnek riding. dancing. ANNA BELLE ISAACS — Plans. Work. MIKE KOTHMAN — FnnthaU, basketball; Plan . Get a job at N.C.R.: Hobbies, football, basketball, and baseball.LARRY KRAFT—Pep Club Vice-President of Onspe: Hobbies, basketball, working with car motors. Av JUDY KREITZER — Office work. 1 year: Plans. Marriage: Hobbies, sports and reading. JOHN LEACH — Football: Vice-President of Ten Tigers 4: Plans, College. JOYCE LEE — Gymnastic Team 1,2.3.4: Homecoming Court 3.4: Queen of Hearts 3; Plans. College to become a Physical Education teacher: Hobbies, swimming, water skiing. bowling. SHARON McCAIN — Acc Honor Society 3.4; Secretary 4: , Student Council. Corresponding secretary 4; Office 2,3,4; Y-Teons 1.2 Plans. College Hobbies, listening to records, dancing and swimming. RALPH McKAMKY Plans. Industrial work Hobbies, collecting records. STANLEY MATTHEWS — Football: President of Royal Hcngals: Plans. Join the Marines: Hobbies, sports. JOHN MERCS — Plans. Work at N.C.R. or join the Air Force: Hobbies. stamp collecting. CAROL MEYERS — Hand 2.3.4; Plans. Secretary: Hobby, bowling. NANCY MILLER — Plans. Work and marriage; Hobby, reading. JIMMY MOORE — Football 1.2: Baseball; Plans, Join the Navy; Hobbies, sports and fishing. —10— EDDIE ORR -Ten Tigers 2.3: President 4; Football 1,2.3,4; Journalism Art Assistant 3.4; Art work for school Plans, Industrial photo retouching Hobby art. I.ONNY LEDBETTER — Plans. To become an offset pressman or a scientific farmer; Hobbies, cars, hiking, hunting, gardening. TERRY MABERRY—Plans. Work. LIZ MILLER — Plans, Liberal Arts College and marriage: Hobbies, water skiing and horse-back riding. TIM PANSTINC.EL — Plans. Work (it N.C.R., go into oorvic©: Hobbies, skiing, swimming and eating.WILLA PARKER — Plans. Go to Miami Jacobs; Hobby, typing. WII.LARD PIGG — Crucible 3,4; Treasurer 4; Plans, College or Air Force; Hobbies, cars, fishing and hunting. FAY SAMBORSKY — Ace 3.4; Vice-President 4; Crucible 2,3,4; Vice-President 4; Junior - Senior Council 3,4; Plans, College. ART STOOKKY— CHARLENE PARTIN — Red Cross 1.4; Y-Teens 1,4; Fencing 4; Plans, college; Hobby, reading. JAN1S PARTLOW— SANDRA PATTERSON—Y-Te«ns: Plans, To attend a business school: Hobbies, swimming, skating, and collecting stuffed animals. MARTIN PULLEY — Plans. To become a toolmaker and then get married; Hobby, working on cars. BILLIE QUALLS—Queen of Hearts court 3; Plans. Get a job in the field of fashion design; Hobbies, collecting stuffed animals, and cooking. LYNDA RAINS — Plans. Bookkeeper: Hobbies, listening to records and dancing. LYNN SCOWDEN—Royal BengeLs 3,4; Treasurer 4; Fencing 3.4: Crucible 3,4; School Play ; Stive'rs News Staff 3.4; Sports Editor 4, Photographer 4; Plans. College: Hobby, playing the banjo. DON SLUSHER Plans. College and Army: Hobbies, collecting records and photography. DONNA SPICER Y Teens, Treasurer 2; F.T.A. 1.2.X,4, President 3; Crucible 2.3.4; Ace 3,4. School piny 4; Plans. Otterbcin College and marriage. ALBERT SZKAHUI’A Plana. College; Hobby, cars. BOBBY TIDWELL—Plans, Enter the Navy: Hobby, cars. BEVERLY T1NCHEK — Queen of Hearts Court: Plans, Beauty school: Hobby, swimming. —11—Hi ■ « ■ I I-AVADA SUE TIPTON — Plans, nursing. ANNE UMMINCER—Junior-Senior Council 3,4: Crucible 1,2,3.4; Vice-President 3. President 4: F.TA. 1.2, 3.4; Treasurer 3: Cheerleader 1.2.3, 4; Ace 3.4. President 4; School plays; 1,3,4; Queen of Hearts poser 3; Plans, College. CONNIE WADE—Red Cross; Plans. Work and marriage; Hobbies, collecting stamps, howling. PAT WALLS — Junior Red Cross; Plans, Get a job. GARY WARNER — Plans. Get a job and marriage; Hobby, play the guitar. MARCIA WISSINGER — Crucible 3.4. TOM WOOD—Onspe 2.3.4; Treasurer 3.4; Junior-Senior Council 3,4; Crucible 2,3,4; Plans. College Hotv hies, photography and woodworking. SHIRLEY WOOTEN—Plans. Work; Hobby, reading good books. (7 UH.e"ia SHELLEY BEATY — Football 2; Plans. To become a printer or enter the service. CAROL BLAKE — Choir 4; Plans. (Jet a job and marriage; Hobbies, bowling. GARY BLAKLEY Plans. Enter the Marines and get married; Hobbies, guns and horse-back riding. DIANNA BOLIN Plans. To become a Commercial Artist; Hobbies, sewing, drawing. cooking. and fishing. WAYNE CALTON - Plans. Enter the United States Air Force; Hobby, sports, mechanic . JOE CAMPBELL Plans. Go in the Navy. JOYCE EARLY— BOB FISCHER — Plans, Career in the Air Force; Hobbies, fishing and hunting. WILLARD YORK Active in youth work; Plans, Work; Hobby, working on Gospel music stereo equipment. RONNIE GRAY — Basketball, football: Plans. Work; Hobby, cars. JIM GROSS—Hobby, cars. NANCY HALL — Plans. Go to I.B.M. school; Hobby, reading. RONNIE HARDIN Plans. Work in a machine shop; Hobby, cars. LEN1S HENSON—Football, basketball; Plans, College; Hobbies, sports. DENNIS HARNER—Hobby. Work ing on old cars. QUENTON GUENTHER — Plans. College or the Air Force: Hobbies, cars, and electronics. CHARLES LOCKHART — Plans. Work at McCalls or enter service: Hobby, cars. ALBERT HADDIX Plans. To work as a pressman at McCalls: Hobbies, coin collecting and reading. CAROLYN PATRICK — Secretary of Crucible: office girl; Plans. Career in the business world; Hobbies. collect old books published before 1930. LENVILLE POINDEXTER— DAN POPPAW— ACIE ROSS — Plans. To work in a machine shop; Hobby, cars. JOANNE SPARKS—Choir: Plans, Work and marriage. ROBERTA TRORAUGH — Dayton Water Ski Club; Choir; Plans. Modeling school; Hobby, water skiing. JUDY WALTON — Junior Red Cross; Plans. Secretary; Hobby, swimming. WAYNE WATSON — Football 1 2,3; Honorable Mention 1; Track 1.2; Basketball 1.2; Baseball 1; Ten Tiger 2.3; Plans, College: Hobby, sports. JOHN WEST — Marching Band; Plans. To study engineering at Indiana State University: Hobby, chew. JOHN WING — Royal Bengal 3.4: F.T.A. 1,2,3,4; Crucible 3,4. PATSY WITT — Plans. Business Work. JERRY WYATT—Plans. Enter the service: Hobby, working.Undercut aAdmen 114 ROW ONE: P. Allred, C. Braun, D. Couch, G. Allen, L. Beckley, C. Bridges, D. Czaplycki, J. Bowles, P. Barnette, B. Brophy, J. Collins, P. Agee, B. Blanton, B Allaire, K. Britton, R. Clark. ROW THREE: D. Bellamy, R. Ashworth, J. Blessing, C. Byrd, C. Chambers, J. Clark, M. Clemons, G. Cox. — ROW ONE: V. Stephans, B. Thompson, E. Scott, B. Shaw, L Ramsey, J. Thompson, S. Smith, C. Roberts, C. Stephens. ROW TWO: N. Taylor,Thompson, D Munker, R. Rains, G. Snyder, J. Suter. ROW TT4REE: L. Randolph, M. Russell. 115 ROW ONE: E. Hampson, N. Hernden, G. Hall, T. Fulc her, O. Davis, P. Gregor. ROW TWO: P. Davis, D Hall, J. Fields, A. Henderson, E. Helton. ROW THREE: K. Gilvin, C. Dillman, M. Goslin, J. Hail, L. Hagadorn. ROW FOUR: G. Elliot, R. Elkins, B. Doyle, R. Harris, J. Griffith. HOW FIVE: C. Flannery, W. Gwinn, A Fremder. ROW SIX: D. Hardin, M. Davis. ROW ONE: C. Olbers, O’Boyle, S. Quinn. F. Miller, I. Newport, R. Miller, J. Pasley, K. Otto. ROW TWO: F. Phillips, B. Pyles, D. Perry, B. Mullins, H. Panstingel, L. Partin, R. Perrault, J. Parker. ROW THREE: C. Peck. J. Overman. 119 ROW ONE: E. Massengale, A. Hicks, M. Marcum, B. Hicks, L. Long, J. Kendall, J. Hunter, P. Mason. ROW TWO: R. Israel, R. Hughes, K. Hutchinson, B. Long, B. Hollins-worth. J. Knox. ROW THREE: D. Mays, B. Jones. T. Kindy, J. Johnson, C. Johnson, D. Johnson. ROW FOUR: G. Johnson, F. Langford, D. Long. FIFTH ROW: J. Lay-cox, B. Hicks, R. Langford, J. Mayberry, D. Hughes, B. Lawson. —1 —123 ROW ONE: J. Witt, B. Walker, N. Wilhelm, R. Tipton, Sylvia Tucker, N. Tipton, S. Wimberly. K. Tobin ROW TWO: R. Walters, D. Woolery, B. Wikle, C. Tilley, S. Vandiver, D. Trobaugh. ROW THREE: C. Wyatt, R. Tit-combe, M. Tutor, J. Vanderpool, N. Underwood, A. Williams. ROW FOUR: A. Williams, L. Weller, J. Wood, L. Wetzel, T. West. 205 ROW ONE: S. Brown, D. Barhorst, B. Becchetti, J. Biddle, L. Arthur, J. Blakely, V. Balogh, J. Britton. ROW TWO: J. Bailey, V. Breckney, H. Allen, C. Brownloe, P. Belcher, G. Allen, C. Adams. ROW THREE: S. Boltz, C. Anderson, P. Bilbrey, S. Adams. M. Agee, R. Abies, J. Bledsoe, J. Brown. ROW ONE: B. Capps, P. Burgett L. Cunningham, D. Combs, J. Burden, C. Carpenter, S. Doren. ROW TWO: B. Day, B. Combs, S. Darby, E. Burns, J. Clark, R. Caroll, J. Dever, W. Combs. ROW THREE: J. Combs, A.. Carmack, R. Capps, J. Davenport, R. Cook, B. Casteell, M. Coffey. ROW FOUR: R. Byrd, E. Burnham. L. Davis, M. Chism. W. DeBord. ROW ONE: B. Hart, S. Francis, B. Gerard, S. English, B. Etthrington, W. Harris, D. Gross. ROW TWO: G. Hansford, L. Goley, C. Baker, M. Etthrington, J. Everett, J. Graves. ROW THREE: C. Etter, M. Gault, R. Hawkins, M. Hart, B. Garver, P. Everhart, C. Hasty. ROW FOUR: T. Hasty, L. Harris, S. Fredrick, D. Faulkner, G. Goether. ROW FIVE: W. Hall, L. Gambol, E. Hargis, R. Garond, R. Eerie, E. Garond. ROW SIX: J. Hawkins, J. Allen, W. Hardy. 221 ROW ONE: B. Johnson, S. Hughes, S. Horsely, A. Johnson, L. Johnson, P. Hummel, J. Hill, P. Horn, L. Humphrey, P Hudson. ROW TWO: K.. Houk, R. Hughes, V. Issacs, C. Jones, C. Hensley, R. Hill. ROW THREE: R Henry, E. Jones, T. Hoover, J. Herzog, D. Hill, J. Jung, R. Hilton. — 14—301 ROW ONE: L. McCullen, P. Kegley, P. Lawson W. Langs-ford, P. Klein. S. Lawson. ROW TWO: C. McKew. M. Logue, S. McClanahan, R. Leyes, J. Kreitzer, J. Karns. ROW THREE: J. Lowe, B. Langsford, R. McCain. G McCann, W Lalk, C. Kayser, J. Kmnard ROW JOUR: J. McCellan, R. Lucas, W. Keene, L. Lute. ROW SIX. J. Lamagna. 309 ROW ONE: I. Maiden, M. McWharten, P. Marrow, C. Morton. P. Miller, D. Mays. ROW TWO: C. Marcum, P. McCloskey, B. McCormick. L. Morrison, J. Middleton. ROW THREE: J. Mosed, N. Matthews, B. Miller, O. Miller, J. Maberry, D. Massengale, V. Morgan. ROW ONE: M. Sharpe, S. Smith, T. Scaggs, J. Shrader, L. Six, F. Scott, P. Sloan. ROW TWO: S. Taylor, V. Spearman, G. Stunich, M. Stunich, D. Tipton, S. Salyers. ROW THREE: R. Schickling, J. Schroeder, D. Taubee, R. Schlindler, J. Schock, B. Shamburg. ROW FOUR: Mr. Red-mon, P. Sturgil, B. Spicer, L. Tipton, J. Tons. J Smith. T. Shrader. ROW ONE: M. Osborn, B. Pierce, G. Parris, J. PittI, B. Murphy, M. Pugh. ROW TWO: P. Reynolds, S. Roberts, B. Pratt, B. Nance, V. Reed. ROW THREE: R. Poindexter. J. Roberts, J. Rader, C. Myers, D. Neal, M. Poppaw. ROW FOUR: W. Randall, R. Phipps, R. Runner, J. Riggs, S. Oates. L. Ritter. ROW ONE: V. Williams, C. Townsend, S. Walls, C. Towe, L. Weng, C. Whitaker, C. Winters. ROW TWO: D. Williams, S. Weigert, A. Tritt, J. Wyatt, S. Walsh. ROW THREE: R. Vallon, K. Witt, B. Weber, E. Zindorf, D. Vanhorn, W. Wright, W. Tuggle, Mr. Worst. date of 1966 305 ROW ONE: C. Berry, D. Ackers, P. Baker, S. Barlow, H. Allen, M. Blanton. ROW TWO: M. Ambrose, C. Allaire, J. Bach, J. Abies, L. Blakely, R. Blakely, S. Bellville. ROW THREE: P. Asbury, L. Benning, M. Ballizet, S. Abshire, J. Allen. ROW FOUR: M. Asberry, H. Bell, W. Agee, D. Baker. B. Beach, D. Bailey, L. Barlow, P. Baughn. 317 ROW ONE: B. Crowe, D. Chaffins, V. Bryant, L. Burton, E. Collins. ROW TWO: B. Butler, G. Brown, J. Byrd, L. Clark, S. Clark, M. Cleiff, E. Brandonburg. ROW THREE: C. Brown, M. Clemons, B. Bush, N. Clark, D. Cook, A. Combs. ROW FOUR: H. Curry, K. Carter, J. Carr, R. Collins, A. Klein, R. Collins, C. Bryant. ROW FIVE: A. Bonnesignia, D. Cooper, T. Boyd, R. Coronet, G. Centers. ROW SIX: L. Brackney, J. Carr, B. Conger, J. Cantor, T. Bond. S. Carroll. 320 ROW ONE: C. Eisnaugle, N. Davis, D. Dolan, S. Duty, J. Firman. ROW TWO: W. Ferguson. R. DePoyster. T Davidson, L. Foley, V. Dyke, B. Fleming. ROW THREE: D. Dunawya, H. Favorite, S. Farmer, B. Faulkner, J. Finney, G. Douglas. ROW FOUR: E. Fox, L. Dearduff, J. Fritts, G. Dill, E. Dinlays, D. Gard. ROW FIVE- W. Davis V. Elam, R. Dykes, T. Doyle. R. Dinlay, R. Davis, D Dilldine. 321 ROW ONE: C. Helton, R. Griffin, S. Hall, R. Fritts, M. Gunder, K. Haacke, F. Hamilton, P. Grimes. ROW TWO: W. Guenther, R. Hasty, G. Guenther, B. Goley, P. Hawkins, D. Harris, S. Hardin. ROW THREE: K. Haacke, E. Hamby, J. Hays, M. Glausinger, F. Hawkins. Billy Henline. ROW FOUR: P. Gill, J. Harvill, K. Heitkamp, C. Hedgcoth, B. Hensley. ROW FIVE: R. Graut. I 322 ROW ONE: K. Kaman, E. Getrney, B. Karn, C. Israel, S. Hollon, J. Hoskins, S. Helton, D. Key. ROW TWO: K. Keller, J. Jones, P. Hudgins, B. Jordcn, B. Hurst, T. Kavanaugh, C. Keene, R. Hummel. ROW THREE: R. Johnson, L. Hicks, D. Johnson, J. Keller, F. Johnson, T. Horn. ROW FOUR: J. Hicks, J. Ingram, R. Jackson, C. Hunter, R. Johnson, J. Mitchell, L. Hughes. -16—401 ROW ONE: B. McGreevey, B. Metcalf, S. Mann, M. Cuban-der, L Lockhart, S. McClure, N. Mitcherl, J. Lewis. ROW TWO: L. McCarty, S. McElroy, L. Matthews, L. Mason, P. Mendonhall, L. Miller, R. Minton, M. McDaniel. ROW THREE: R. May, M. Longstreth, L. Mayo, L. Miller, S. McNeeley, R. Martin, C. Laycox. ROW FOUR: M. M. Kohens, J. Kindsay, L. McCulley, D. Knight, M. McDer-mont, C. Mattern. ROW FIVE: H. Langsford, J. Linehan, J. Lorden, D. Long, D. Lindsey, J. Lewis, R. Lind, B. Long, K. Mayberry, G. Madison. ROW SIX: G. Konieczny, C. Knox, W. Lough, S. Lough, R. Minor, R. Mallicoat, C. Long. S. Rile: IE: S. Richey, C. Partlow, C. Pugh, P. Perkins, C Pasley, D. Delores, K. Pomeloy, M. Phillips. ROW TWO: C. Porter, H. Phibbs, G. w TORFF Phibbs, R. Parish, J. Reeder, J. Ridds. ROW ™R p B. Puge, R. Perkins, G. Page, L. Perrault, D. Pitts, G Perdue. 414 ROW ONE: M. Morehart, C. Orndorf, L. Moberly, L. Nolan, V. Nolan, L. Newton, S. Moore, R. Ogden. ROW TWO: S. Oberle. B. Moore, B. Napier, D. Olbers, M Oberle, L. Moore, L. Osterhous. ROW THREE: E. Mowen, H. Mobley, J. Mullins. ROW FOUR: C. Mustard, E. Mullins, R. Newport, T. Noble, H. Moss, D. O’Connor. 418 ROW ONE: P. Shepherd, M. Schmidt, F. Shaw, R. Shrop shire, J. Sanders, M. Sewell. ROW TWO: G. Ronncy, K. Shutts, W. Richardson. M. Simpson, L. Shrout, B. Scott. ROW THREE: A. Schrier, W. Smith, D. Saunders. G. Smith, K. Roberts, C. Scott, R. Smith. 420 ROW ONE: S. Taylor, P. Soward, B. Tuggle, W. Terrey, L. Stulman, P. Sullivan, D. Thomas, W. Dean. ROW TWO: E. Tipton, T. Terrell, M. Stephens, R. Snyder, J. Thompson. ROW THREE: M. Snyder, L. Terrell, F. Staup, B. Sullivan, C. Storck. ROW FOUR: W. Stringfield, J. Stickel. ROW FIVE: J. Titcombe, E. Tipton, M. Swaney.423 ROW ONE: F. Williams, S. Williams, W. Wilson, L. Wilson, G. Zimmer, W. White, B. Walton. ROW TWO: C. Wimberley, H. Vance, L. Watson, C. Whitescarver, C. Wilder, S Werckman, C. Williams. ROW THREE: D. Wade, R. Wells, J. Young, R. Whitacre, J. D. Walters, H. Walker, L. Wilson. ROW FOUR: R. Whiting, T. Watson, D. VanHorn, T. Worth, R. Wyant. OJA -(rctde ROW ONE: G. Bannorra, C. Burden, H. Bowens, P. Anderson, W. Clen, R. Baker, L. Bryant. ROW TWO: J. Agee, P. Carter, A. Bonhan, M. Centers, C. Adams, D. Chafins, P. Blanton. ROW THREE: G. Clemons, C. Chatfield L. Belcher, L Bellrey, L. Arthur, W. Centers, R. Bebbrey, E. Caldwell. ROW FOUR: R. Carroll, J. Banton, Brewer, J. Cluff, J. Bailey, M. Burris, E. Coldwell, P. Beach. ROW ONE: H. Combs, D. Coons, D. Couch, G. Ervin, T. Gibbs. ROW TWO: M. Garret, H. Flannery, R. Evans, H. Galloway, G. Dempsey. ROW THREE: M. Koogler, W. Combs, S. Etter, D. Goff, D. Garber. ROW FOUR: R. Cox, D. Goforth, L. Couch, W. Fee, I. Forrest. ROW FIVE: L. Gibbs, H. Garrett, E. Fields, D. Duty. ROW SIX: J. Forrest, H. Garret, R. Pord, D. France, J. Aldrich. 409 ROW ONE: C. Hudson, T. Grimes, V. Hamby, S. Hampton, L. Huffman, G. Huffman, J. Herron, B. Howard. ROW TWO: J. Hurst, J. Harper, R. Hamill, D. Jordon, C. Had-dix, J. Jones, C. Jones. ROW THREE: L. Hill, C. Hinders, J. Huffman, M. Hakes, L. Hatmaker, J. Greer, J. Jones. ROW FOUR: B. Hardy, J. Hall, B. Hoss, D. Jones. 419 ROW ONE: J. McHughes, K. Lowell, B. Miller, L. King, B. Lawscn, D. King, L. Marshell, B. Middle. ROW TWO: M. Lacey, W. Mills, J. LeFever, R. Karns, G. McGuire, C. Lewis, R. Middleton. ROW THREE: T. Messer, S. Leke, B. Marp, H. McCloud, D. Meddler, P. Lewis, H. Martin. ROW FOUR: J. Leggins, J. Leggins. —18—421 ROW ONE: B. Newman, P. Pigg, P. Perkins, B-. Mullins, P. Pharris, S. Mullins, J. Price, B. Rolls, J. Osborne. ROW TWO: D. Pickett, C. Murphy, C. Nick, D. Pity. ROW THREE: D. Pitts, J. Otto, P. Morton, J. Morris, R. Orr, T. Peters. T. Patterson, J. Randolph, B. Moore, R. Newton. ROW ONE: P. Swiney, E. Roberts. B. Rung, S. Smith, H. Smith, D. Sutton, R. Richey, S. Roberts, P. Sexton. ROW TWO: S. Smith, P. Stidham, D. Schindler. J. Roach, D. Scott, D. Snider, R. Smith, R. Smith. ROW THREE: R. Shepherd, . Smith, D. Smith, B. Ridenour, T. Shepherd, G. Smith, B. Smith, D. Rose, R. Sparks. S.D.R. ROW ONE: B. Thompson, B. Witt, L. Wilson, M. Trosper, V Walters, L. Weigert. ROW TWO: J. Williams, I. Will, G. Warf, C. White,, D. Witt, E. Wissinger, B. Tilly, C. Taylor. ROW THREE: G. Wheeler, R. Yolcum, D. Tit-comb, B. Weller, D. Turpin, K. Terrell, G. Taylor. 412 ROW ONE: R. McElfresh, D. Henry, S. Banham, B. Schindler, J. Lamb. ROW TWO: L. Day, B. Wooten, L. Noland, M. Humphrey. ROW THREE: B. Duffield, R. Le-master. M. Esbev. P. Phillips. ROW ONE: J. Thompson, R. Richards, L. Lorimer, L. Ramey, B. Lindsay, J. Mayer, G. Inman, J. Smith. ROW TWO: T. Rogers, R. Kinser, J. Travis, W. Marshall. —19—405 ROW ONE: L. Nevin, C. braun, M. Boltz, P. Mullins, R. Hamilton. ROW TWO: J. Hosele, B. Bauer, B. Madison, S. Cile, S. Kenser. ROW THREE: P. Stuck. T. Graef. 402 ROW ONE: T. Parker, R. Samuels, D. Stidham ROW TWO: W. Harris, T. Roach, B. Manning. ROW THREE: F Witt, J. Williams, M. Whittington. ROW FOUR: Mr. Bogle, C. Mirarle, G. Strungo, R. Strausbaugh. ROW ONE: J. Hale, F. Kinsey, P. Rappaport, S. Boggs, D. Miller. ROW TWO: R. Tanner, L. Stringfield, J. Wilson, R. Guinn, D. Schurig. ROW THREE: W. Lee. O. Harris. —20—ctiultied JJ onor ACE Miss Mary Ellen Reinhard, Adviser SEATED: A. Umminger, F. Samborsky, S. McCain Carr. STANDING: T. Wood and D. Spicer. __science CRUCIBLE Mr. George Howe, Adviser SEATED: Mr. Howe, A. Umminger, F. Samborsky, D. Spicer, W. Pigg and J. Wing. STANDING: L. Scowden, M. Tudor, S. Vandiver, N. Hernden, B. Walker, T. Dagley, C. Patrick, M. Wissinger, and J. Johnson. BACK ROW: J. Sutter, D. Ashworth and T. Wood. 35A. FTA Mr. Haas, Adviser ATED: T. Dagley B. Walker, A. Chatfield, S. Weige and Mr. Haas. STANDING: F. Samborsky, B. Hart, A. Un minger, M. Gordon, R. Carroll, D. Spicer and D. Hall. -21-C rodd RED CROSS Mrs. Pauline Hunt, Adviser KNEELING: L. Dclchcr, L. Bibrcy, P. Anderson, D. Gross and N. Underwood. SEATED: F. Phillips, L. Beckley, S. Boltz, B. Hilton and Mrs. Hunt. STANDING: P. Mendenhall, L. Wing, L. Bowman, K. Pomerey, B. Oscar, C. Towe, R. Carroll, M. Logue, M. Burris, J. Allen and C. Partin. m eend Y TEENS Mrs. R. Nicely, Adviser FIRST ROW: L. Long, M. Goslin, B. Thompson, S. Boltz, C. Roberts, G. Hall and C. Henlihe. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Nicely, K. Tobin, S. English, T. Downey, J. Downey, C. Partin, C. Brownlow, S. Smith, I. Scaggs, D. Couch and S. Patterson. —22- PEP CLUB Mr. Herbert Kurtz, Adviser SEATED: L. Long, M. Goslin, B. Shaw and R. Kraft. STANDING: L. Kraft, K. Tobin, L. Morrison, B. Piles, J. Dolan, L. Chatt, J. Johnson and D. Mortor.eer Section ROW ONE: J. Bowles, J. Hunter, N. Hernden, L. Beckley. ROW TWO: J. Allen, N. Tipton, M. Goslin, M. Wissinger. ROW THREE: C. Roberts, D. Couch, B. Hollandsworth, K. Tobin, D. Spicer. ROW FOUR: C. Ishmael, F. Samborsky, B. Pyles, S. Wooten, P. Mason, L. Helton, L. Long, B. Shaw, C. Stephens. ROW FIVE: L. Miller, Lillie Ackman, K. Otto, B. Walker, S. Patterson, N. Hall. ELTIGRE Mr. Roland Flory, Adviser SEATED: J. Gracey, T. Darby and D. Woolery. STANDING: L. Harris, B. Gross and S. Franscis. ONSPE j . Mr. Henn, Adviser. SEATED: Mr. Henn, T. Wood. STANDING: erhart L. Kraft, B. Long and Cann D, Long, T. Hoover. —2TEN TIGERS Mr. Russell Nicely, Adviser FIRST ROW: E. Orr, C. DiIlmen, J. Galloway and Mr. Nicely. SECOND ROW: E. Hargins, V. Morgan, S. Fredrick, S. Quick, D. Faulkner and T. Hasty. ROYAL BENGALS SEATED: D. Swango, L. Scowden and J. Johnson. STANDING: D. Mortor, L. Chatt and R. Kraft. COMPLIMENTS OF THE J.E. NOVOTNY CO. INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS 4217 NORTH MAIN C.R.4-7141 DA YTON,OHIOLAST ROW ON RIGHT: John West, Eddie York, Carol Meyers, Jim Hays. ROW TWO: Band Director, Mr. Ron ilyan; Skip Burnham, Bob McGreevy, Cora Winters, Lonnie McCarty, Alice Tritt, Sara Walsh, Irene Scaggs, Clara Townsend, Judy Allen, John Titcombe, Garland Highficl, Sandy Werckman, Jim Bach. ROW ONE: Johnnie Ernst, Tonie Kavanaugh. Chervl Hollon, Karen McDaniel, Sharon Hughes, Phillip Aye, Judy Karns, Stanley Oates. KNEELING: Vi Williams, Tanya Isble, Lillie Ackman, Captain; Joyce Hoskins. ROW TWO: Pat Reynolds, Drucilla Tipton, Judy Deever, Charlene Anderson, Donna Borhorst. ROW THREE: Gloria Allen, Jeannette Britton, Brenda Combs, Pat Belcher, Reba Bowman. -ti '.iofn rvnt WJ 4 ROW ONE: L. Henson, B. Eversole, J. Galloway, S. Matthews, E. Orr, T. Darby, J. Carter, B. Edwards, R. Gray, J. Gracey, M. Koth-man. ROW TWO: T. Doyle, M. McGarvey, S. Fredericks, H. Panstingal, B. Patterson, C. Johnson, B. Wikle, J. Suter, S. Francis, E. Wright, B. Doyle, D. VanHorn. ROW THREE: D. Hardin, Manager; D. Whitaker, J. Hicks, D. Morter, T. Hoover, B. Spicer, T. Hasty, M. Marion, T. Terrell, N. Matthews, L. Harris, K. Mayberry, C. Hunter, B. Hardy, B. Whitaker, Manager; Joe Paul. COACHES: V. Taylor, R. MacFarland, R. Landis, T. Martin. -Ad C-ity players anJ eniorS Eddie Orr Bob Eversole —26— Jim Galloway Stanley MatthewsJOYCE LEE 1961 Homecoming Queen SANDY BROWN PAT ADKINS JUNE KENDAI L FRANCES PHILLIPS SHIRLEY WIMBERLEY The wind, the leaves, a kiss by the football Captain, orange and black ribbons. These are memories which will always be held dear by the Stivers Homecoming Queen, past or present. Homecoming was held October 13 at.the Stivers-Wilbur Wright game. The queen, Gale Carr, was crowned at the half-time ceremonies by the 1961 Queen, Pat Adkins. The Queen and her court appeared after the game at the Homecoming Dance at Bomberger Center. —27—Gale Carr CaptainFight the team across the field And show them that Stivers is here TONIFULCHEF SANDY NICELY ANNE UMMINGER JEANIE KLIENMAN, CAPTAIN SANDY PA [PAT ADKINS, CO-CAPTAIN SALLY FRANCIS JUDI GORE BECKY HART SHIRLEY WIMBERLYSITTING: ° n Hardin, Manager; Mike Kothman, Mike Clemons, John Leach Terry Darby, Steve Quvick STANDING: Mr. Grigsby, Varsity Coach John Carter, Lenis Henson, Ron Gray, Curtis Johnson, Jack Garnett, Mr. Taylor, Reserve Coach. eServe Jeam SITTING: Jerry Kinnard, Larry Harris, Bob Doyle, .Vernon Morgan. Steve Frederick, STANDING: Mr. Taylor, Reserve Coach Larry Lute, Darrel VanHorn, x arry Partin. Bob Abies, Louis Beck, Manager —30—Fran Phillips June Kendall Jenny Wheeler QUEEN OF HEARTS GAIL ISHMAEL Carol Olbers Joyce Thompson Shirley Wimberly Knox Barbara Shaw Nicely —31—Cjymnadticd Jeam ROW ONE: Della Olbers, Pat Gregor, Sandy Darby,Judi Gore, Joyce Lee. ROW TWO: Don Whitaker BillWikJ , Henry Favorite, Dan Trobaugh, Marvin Elliott, Jimmy Reeder Jim Lewis Mike Byrd. ROW THREE. William Dalk, Bill DeBord, Gary Patrick, George Gambrell, Bob Gayhart, Phillip Aye, John Schroder, Roger Beatty, Doug Tuggle, Ron Shrout. Instructor, Mr. Sullivan. ROW ONE: Nancy Hernden, Fay Samborsky, Gail Hall, Brenda Walker. ROW TWO: Fran Phillips, Mark Stevens, Judy Downey, Frank Kile. ROW THREE: Tom Jenkins, Larry Chatt, Jerry Johnson. ROW FOUR: Dwanc Johnson, Lynn Scowden, Gary Cox.ROW ONE: D. Bailey, J. Witt, C. Roberts, T. Isble, S. Hughes, J. Knox, C. Braun, B. Tincher, T. Downey, G. Parrish, S. Brown, K. Tobin, R. Trobaugh, S. Nicely. ROW TWO: J. Kendall, P. Belcher, P. Grimes, C. Patrick, W. Gibbs, G. Allen, J. Hoskins, M. Gordon, M. Gossard, C. Partin, F. Scott, M. Cluff, F. Phillips, B. Thompson, L. Weng, M. Sharp. ROW THREE: J. Sparks, J. Partlow, R. Blakely, B. McDaniels, C. Blake, P. Sloan, M. McWharter S. Sellers, J. Walton, P. Walls, L. Long, N. Tipton, Y. DePoyster, A. Chatfield. ROW FOUR: J. Dolan, A. Fremder, R. Kraft, E. Zindorf, N. Underwood, R. Hilton, L. Kraft, L. Perrault, J. Schock, L. Key, M. Glaunsinger, L. Shrout, Mr. Jones, Director. STANDING: Wanda Fee, Linda Ruby, Jean Leopold, Betty Rung. KNEELING: Beverly Newman, Linda Weigert. —33—FMMES COLOSSAL! —35- Left to right: Pat Adkins, Toni Fulcher, Sally Francis, Shirley Wimberly Sandy Nicely, Anne Umminger, Becky Hart, Judi Gore, Sandy Darby, Jeanie Kleinman. F.T.A. Great moments in sports? Alright—who took the drum? When Are You Going To Get Rid Of That Greasy Kid’s Stuff? Moxie! Smile 1961 Queen Pat Adkins crowns Gale Carr, the Homecoming Queen for the year of 1962. Hercules Unchained fZIkw i C f f f f -Larry Chatt Bonnie Boltz Jim Galloway IMil an,i HR Jeanie Kleinman Willard Pigg and Sandy Brown Eddie Orr Lynn Scowden Shirley Wooten—37—Senior We, the Class of ’63, being of sound mind and body bequeath the following: To the Freshman we give the right to have that “green look”. To the Sophomores we give the right to finally know their way around. To the Juniors the right to be called “upperclassmen”. To the faculty, we give the right to have the satisfaction of knowing that each Senior left Stivers with much, much, more knowledge than when he entered, and that all will hold-dear a place in their hearts for Stivers. The Seniors will the following to those students still attending this great institution . HUBERT ABNEY wills his good looks to Jim Clark? I, LILLIE ACKMAN, being of weak mind and wrong body, do hereby leave to Tanya Isble and Wayne Gedra the right to fight, argue, and give orders to their friends, and spend 6 periods a day in the office as troublemakers. I, PAT ADKINS, will to Toni Fulcher my happy cheerleading days, and the right to take care of “Tommy”. DORIS BAILEY wills her courage for dramatics class next year to Tara Downey. I, KEITH BEASLEY, will my Health book to Charles Byrd. CAROL BLAKE wills her seat in Civics class to Diane O’Boyle. June Kendall receives from SANDY BROWN her seat in Choir, and all the good times that Sandy has had. JOE CAMPBELL wills to Mac McClellan all his wonderful teachers which he knows that Mac will appreciate. GARY BLAKELY wills to Bobbie Blanton all of his old jokes, laughs, and his good luck. To Jim Mayberry goes KATHY BLUM-ER’S willingness to help others open their lockers. DIANNA BOLIN wills to Pat Agee: Mrs. Diamattio’s English class, and her place here at Stivers. I, JOHN BONCUTTER, leave my lock, which didn’t work half the time anyway, to Rita Miller. JIM BOWMAN wills to Wayne Williams all of his “bad days” in shop. I, LINDA BOWMAN, will to Bobby Patterson lots of luck in Civics, and all the fun I’ve had here at S.H.S. BONNIE BOLTZ would like to will her rosy-red cheeks to Barb Day. JAMES BRINEGAR leaves the largest seat in room 201 to Sylvia Tucker. A parking space in the back of the school goes to Herman Panstingel from WAYNE CALTON. I, GALE CARR, leave to Gail Ishmael, my place as “leader” of the Majorettes. JOHN CARTER wills his football jersey to anyone who is big enough to fit in it. I, LARRY CHATT, leave to Billy Long my long, naturally wavy hair, and all my combs and brushes. Rita Miller receives all of JEANETTE COLEMAN’S “bad grades and good times”. Shirley Smith receives from MIKE CONLEY all his money, one clean locker, and all the happiness he has had here at Stivers. JUNIOR COUCH wills to Ollie Mae Davis all of his freckles. (Well, that’s one way of getting rid of them)! I, FAYE COX, will my ability to stay awake in Mr. Taylor’s class to Barb Shaw. (This isn’t too easy to do because of Mr. Taylor). THERESA DAGLEY would like to will her lunch money and her “special tray” to Nancy Hernden. I, TERRY DARBY, will to Dan Trobaugh whatever I’ve got that he doesn’t and that’s not much! JUDY DOWNEY wills her ability to chew gum in Mr. T’s class to her sister, Tara. I, BOB EDWARDS, will Bill Wikle to Mr. Taylor, to football, and to Social Problems. MARVIN ELLIOT wills to Mike Burden all the “wasted height” on the Tramp. JOHNNIE ERNST wills to Raymond Titcombe all the good times she had in Band. I, BERNIE EVERHART, will my habit of keeping quiet in Mr. Taylor’s class to Jack Suter; it’s the only way to keep from getting put-down—Just ask D.S. if you really want to know. ROBERT EVERSOLE wills to Don Hardin one real good health book and two Donald Duck funny books. BOB FISCHER wills to Wayne Roberts lots of luck in Mr. T’s room; he’ll need it! Lois Becklv is the receiver of CHARLIE FRANCIS’S “big mouth”. (Poor Lois)! I, .TAMES GALLOWAY, will my spot on the football bus to Steve Fredricks, and one well-written on desk. Mr. McFarland and the whole Print Shop is the wonderful prize given to Ray Israel from GEORGE GAMBRELL. WANDA GIBBS wills her Civics book to Lois Beckly. I, BARB GIBBS, will Carol Olbers my favorite teacher, Miss Smith. JIM GRACEY wills the two words, “Sport and Slick”, to Ronnie Rains. (Don’t get them mixed up, Ronnie.) PAT GRIDER wills her “magnificant Brain” to Carol Olbers.BOB GROSS leaves his good looks to Billy Wikle. Ruby Tipton is the receiver of a well-used locker of JIM GROSSES. Danny Woolery is the recipient of QUENTIN GUENTHER’S powerful set of muscles. ALBERT HADDIX leaves his big feet, and marvelous brains to Ray Langford. NANCY HALL wills the second-floor girls’ rest-room to Maxine Stunich. EDSIL HAMBY would like to leave his worn-out basketball to Mike Clemons. DENNIS HARNER wills to Louis Witt his Civic book, and hopes that Louis will use it in good health. JUDI GORE wills to Patty Gregor her ability to do all sorts of gymnastics; such as back-flips, half-gainers, etc. MARGIE HORSELY wills to Betty Dor-stik her ability to be quiet. I, THOMAS JENKINS, being of sound mind; bequeath my superior skill in fencing to Nancy Hernden. DWANYE JOHNSON wills Jerry Johnson his nickname of “Mad Slasher”, and hopes it will be helpful to him in next year’s fencing season. I, GAROLD KING, leave all the foodthrowing in the cafeteria to Terry Young-erman. I, RALPH McKAMEY, will to Carolyn Stevens the right to argue with Miss Rein-hard. ELIZBETH MILLER wills to Brenda Walker enough energy to do the Wa Wa Tusi for life. NANCY MILLER wills to Modena Marcum all her used speech papers. (Watch out Miss Choate). JIMMY MOORE leaves his luck and Soc. Prob. book to Pat Agee; she’ll need both of them! Sylvia Tucker receives some more red hair from CAROL MYERS. I, EDDIE ORR, will to Curt Johnson my “Bad Pad”. TIM PANSTINGEL wills to Herman Panstingel all his hard-luck he had with the girls. Carol Olbers is the receipient of WILLA PARKER’S patience during typing class. I, CHARLENE PARTIN, hope that Tara Downey has as much fun in Civics as I have had. JAN PARTLOW wills her second-period Health class seat to Modena Marcum. CAROLYN PATRICK wills all the good times and bad grades to Jack Dolon. SANDRA PATTERSON wills her Southern drawl to Nancy Herndon. WILLARD PIGG wills to Ronnie Rains his great ability to capture the hearts of all the girls here at S.H.S. DAN SWANGO wills to Tom Kindy his luck with the feminine sex. To Terry Youngerman goes ALBERT SZKAURPA’S “neat” Soc. Prob. book. I, BOBBY TIDWELL, will my old locker to Lowell Key. BEVERLY TINCHER leaves to Jenny Wheeler her many good times at Stivers, and her nice, clean locker. Pat A gee receives from LAVADA TIP-TON a nice gift, all the boys here at S.H.S. ANNE UMMINGER wills one set of battered-up, well-used, old, and faded Pom-Poms to Shirley Wimberely. CONNIE WADE leaves to Phyllis Wade her very happy years at Stivers. PAT WALLS wills to Ruby Tipton a seat in Mr. Chasen’s home-room. JUDY WALTON wills her psychology book to Anyone who wants it! WAYNE WATSON wills to We Willie Wikle his old football helmet. From JOHN WING: Sam Francis receives his “poor conductor”? I MARCIA WISSENGER, will a front row seat at the basketball games to Nancy Tipton. To Anna Henderson goes PAT WITT’S love for dancing along with one pair of slightly used dancing shoes. Jack Suter receives from TOM WOOD a padlock from his locker that never worked. I, SHIRLEY WOOTEN, will to Jack Suter all the old cai “wrecks” I used to have. JERRY WYATT wills his peculiar driving habits to Tom West. JEANIE KLEINMAN wills her place on the Journalism Staff to anyone who wants it! Also, to the Junior Journalism Class the right to take good care of Mr. Martin for the Senior Journalism students leaving. MIKE KOTHMAN would like to leave his speed and “hustle” to Jack Garnett. To Jack Suter: LARRY KRAFT wills his slightly-knobby knees. To Jenny Wheeler goes all of JUDY KREITZER’S hard-studying and fun next year. I, JOHN LEACH, would like to leave my ability and weight to the “Worm”, Steve Quick. (Ability for what, John?) I, LONNY LEDBETTER, will my “fued” with Mr. Wehner to Jerry Smith. JOYCE LEE wills to George Snyder her ability to receive more traffice-tickets her Senior year than anyone else. (P.S.) George, don’t drive with your shoes off! I, CHARLES LOCKHART, will my brilliance in math to Larry Stokes. To Jerry Johnson goes a special place on the Royal Bengal basketball team from STAN MATTHEWS. TERRY MAYBERRY wills his fine last name to Jim Mayberry. (Keep it in good standing, Jim). To Pat Agee: BILLIE QUALLS wills her big mouth, tiny waist, and big brown eyes. To Raymond Langford goes the right to park his car in MARTIN PULLEY’S parking space. LYNDA RAINS wills to Pat Agee all her bad luck for the coming year. I, FAYE SAMBORSKY, do hereby bequeath to Brenda Walker my natural talent for becoming involved in complicated situations. I, LYNN SCOWDEN, hereby bequeath one slightly used Ban-the Bomb button to Curtis Johnson. JOANNA SPARKS wills her “locker in the corner” to Patty Gregoer. (Which Corner?) To Randy Hughes: DON SLUSHER wills his messy locker and a reserved seat in Mr. Taylor’s classes. DONNA SPICER wills her great genius in doing math problems to Dan Woolery. —39—journalism _Jlnd IjearL oo I Staff of 1963 Jeanie Kleinman Editor Lynn Scowden Page 4 Editor and Photographer Gale Can-Yearbook Editor and Page 2 Editor Pat Adkins Page 3 EditorCONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 24 Hour Service 256-6542 XENIA AVE. SHELL SERVICE Gault Refigeration and Air Conditioning Sale and Service All Makes T. P. Gault 923 Wyoming Street 409 XENIA AVE. 253-2424 SOUTH PARK EARBER SHOP 930 Brown Street Phone BA8-2832 LOGAN STUDIO Leading School Photographer 14 West Fifth Stre et Phone BA3-7342 you WANT THf 8EST IN Ellers complete WEA RENTAL EXPEttTSt A Cattom Tailor'd Look tor Any Sue el No Extra Cost CompUta Range oI Siuxtrom 3 M $4 Unt - . 4cceswe e$ .. Sfcoe. ... ShirU . . . Jewelry Emergency 30 Mi-uoe Sendee Speeiel Service for Oei of-Towe Llikeri • Geeits TH 1 SAVES 3 HEKULJ BA 2-2834

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