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 - Class of 1920

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hw., 1' ., f.. :IA F.. 9 h 1 K ,. - 9 -U.. 0. ,,.,.,!J 6- , ga., .. y 2 6. I -qi: ' Q- r Jjttr by ru! -, , -- fb- . . 2-.mi V , i: E . . 15. .aa-. x. . -s..,,.,,, -2 V -fw :Y 'I V ' 5. 1 4 Q. ' i - 4- Z :: . ,F K-. '-z 5 A AMG 1 Q 5- - 5 I Y- . ffl' 4 I " ! V + , '- , - , -- . 4' V Q - ., 'LQ ,,, 14 F UQ' ',, A, ,ya 0 . Q 1 K- . I , 5. . 1 ' I NA ia L A 1-21 A ,x . 6f:'ie-,.1,.1 3, Y 1 V'- .- 1- , N - h , , fi-1' d. I L. ' '-3. " 'WI ' .H N. , - -. 1 " wad . -,-:f,f: n 14 .ax ,- V . -- Q 'warg' lf.. . """'- Q , ..' ' 1 . '- -.:. .F 1 N A.. I ' J' x 1 1, .,, A. 'I . , I ' ' i .,-b s ' ' "" 1- 1 ff ,A Q11 I W, j ' "vu .' im: v .. . nk -. 5-V '18 ,H . , 1 ' ,UT- 1 ff- ' N X . ... .J I A QT ? Q g , . 11.1, , V 8 ! A Q I, ' fr . 1 1 J' A . ,J 1 ' +1 ' x -t . H .. .I UQ. L. F- - I -ff I. ... . 'wa .Qin Q ' L vm V . gl , Q , , . ... X .I ,, Y wsu - , . V. 5 fi QE? Miss! Published By 1 Sfudenfs Of x D XX X' STIVERS ' HlGH'SCHOD1: EER 1921 M 'S GTO all. who El1"GilT1'Gl"GStGC1 in Siivers and in ber' record for' the gear' of TING M919 1980 ll .qu q-cz-cz-cn ca.q.c:-f:.-4:1-cn-ca-cw:-cm-ch a-Q-cu GR-E'A' ' zncs-cl-cn-cz Declicata Iustitiae D6 o Dagfolis Community Sjailnii' I3 whose enconlnagemenf e are enabledio enjog W povhmiiies for ' l.A9 . vJ : HD d X351 01,1811 living 1 Tbls Anlav al ,. Wim dsl?-9 I I W . ..s,f:::Jf:f:','5'fQ-'iifiiiezv . . ,54Xz:.R32:5:fi:i:5icsaffwfix:-'----1-1+1.1.51-:iff :QM cf-iff: iw: -::-'A-111:-51212-4imxsvafh-:.1S::-1,-,..-.f:s:.-2:f:x:.bi1: :1::v:r3-:.::a2. :, . 1.-,-5.1:1155::1Em'f-,+r'::-3-vi-'.f-iw-Iv'1fRv2kc:1fm11SF:r:::F'1r-IM-1'-2REuk13-SQ Nqyisgfqheasgg55Lag:Qigafww:fs:s::.zv:-Q41:1-qssag-r-:'.,J-:-14g:a1.ff:s-21 ,- 12:51-2. qvvffa?e:r-rwpsfi5211-'f2:':' 1 CHU 51 nv: R5 Hmllijf' I I K X l 'P-9 :Z1-X -f - Y:- , JY ,Z'i'?'f"f'fifP 1:-f L i 4153. Q ' f ,Y A X '- R-E-A-M - . uuuniuuunuinnnuniuululluulnnluuif' ll-ll I ommunity Spirit Tis but a sign ot' the times that Stivers High School I dedlcates its annual for 1920 to Community Spiritg x l and surely not the less, but the more commendable i f is this dedication because it does smack of the times. The American high school is a truly national and dis- tinctive contribution to education, and it, of all in- stitutions, should champion American ideals. And Community Spirit is an American ideal. Community Spirit-another pretty phrase? Not at all. Though it may not wear its meaning on its face, it holds it in its heart. From far back in the glamor and romance of the world of words, up out of battle, castle, cottage, heart and love has come the meaning of Community Spirit. . And this is the interpretation: to breathe into the resolves ot' those round you the consuming contagion of the glad readi- ness to share and share and share-that is Community Spirit, that is the age old meaning from thc heart of the phrase. America learned the spacious meaning at St. Mihiel and in the Argonne. Community Spirit won the war against militarism, and steel and sword and poison. Community Spirit alone will cancel race hatrcds. persuade us away from class prejudices, and dissolve war out of history. Stivers, in and through this dedication will you outdo your already notable achievements in Community Spirit. becoming anew a school which breathes into tl1e lives within you and round you the consuming contagion of the glad readiness to share and share and share? FRED D. SLUTZ STAFF 8 he Staff Editor-in-Chief ......., Associate Editors. .. Business Manager ,...,,,.,.,,,,,,,, Assistant Business Manager ........ Organization Editors. Class Editor .,,...,, ,..,,,,,.,,, Assistant Class Editors ....... Athletic Editors... , Calendar Editor .... .. Artists ............... Stenographers Faculty Censors ..... 9 Ernest Altick Donald Howard Wendell Camp Joe Rosensweet .Charles Hoffman Catherine Frasch Franklin McCann Marion Christian Mildred Fogleman Thanet Cridland Paul Volkert Carroll Kaufman Esther Hoebner Bernard Stevens .........Irene Kilhourne Herbert Cook Edwin Alexander .........Treva Kayler Eloise Cundilf Charles Ditzel .........Martl1a K. Schauer Miriam S. Horrell I 1 Q Y 4 WILLIAM H. MECK Principal of Stivers High School 10 QQ! Q2 'T'1f,!, .X i 42.5 , x A Aff 0.2 'ft' 1 A K A f ' ,Q , og 6 x , 1 ! 'fff ff' I", gf W X' .i w , l , ' ' V?5! E 'AEAA ' f 2.1 .--f" WILLIAM H. MECK Principal Ohio Wesleyan, A. B. Miami University, A. M. HELEN JOAN HULTMAN English and French Denison, Ph. B. C. S. SHARKEY Supervisor Cooperative Department Shop Mathematics Shop Coordination Ohio State University FLORENCE NUTTALL Shorthand and Bookkeeping Stenographic Institute University of Michigan WILLARD MARQUARDT Physical Training Y. M. C. A. College, Chicago 12 I EDYTHE BUSSEY Secretary to the Principal FRANK OSSENBERG Shop Mathematics Shop Drawing FLORENCE SHAW English Business Practice Ohio State University, A. B. C. RICHARDSON Tool Designing and Mechanical Drawing Shop Mathematics and Shop Science Muskingum MARION E. SCHLESINGER History and English Antioch College, A. B. Ohio State University 13 A. R. CECIL Civics and History Antioch College, A. B. MIRIAM HORRELL English VVestern, A. B. Columbia University S. M. HEITZ Chemistry Ohio Northern Unive ALICE E. DIETER English Denison University, ALBERT PAPE Mechanical Drawing Pratt Institute 14 rsity, B Ph. B. FLORENCE LANGE Dramatic Art Smith College, A. B. Columbia University W. C. REED ER Mathematics Physiography Astronomy EDNA H. WIERS Art Pratt Institute EDWARD T. BREWSTER Commercial Geography Ohio NVesleyan Univers MARTHA K. SCHAUER Art Pratt Institute Columbia University 15 ity, A EFFIE M. MCKINNEY Latin and English NVestern Reserve University, Ph. B. E. H. DEXTER Mechanical Drawing Purdue University, B. S. WINIFRED RYDER English Oberlin, Ph. B. University of Pennsylvania, A. M. F. D. DEXTER Machine Shop Forging FRANCES ODLIN Physics lfVestern Reserve University, Ph. B 16 LILLIAN FRANKE Librarian W. O. STUTZ Mathematics Capital University, A. B. . Ohio State University, A. M LOUISE M. DORNBUSCH Home Economics Ohio State University, B. S. Columbia University CORY LE FEVRE Assistant Principal English Princeton, A. B. GERTRUDE KERN Physical Director Normal College, N. A. G . U. 17 FRANCES LOUISE O'BRIEN Bookkeeping and Shorthand Indiana Business College FRANK C. STANTON Manual Training Newburgh Academy BERTHA GEIGE History University of Chicago University of Michigan Teachers' Seminary J. C. BOLDT Mathematics University of Indiana, A. M M. HELEN KELLER Home Economics Miami University of Chicago 18 MARIE F. ROTTERMANN French Trinity College, A. B. ROBERT WORST Latin, Biology and Commercial Law Denison, Ph. B. HAZEL HEATER English Miami University, A. B. CLIFFORD GARST Manual Training CHLOE Z. NISWONGER Mathematics Otterbein, A. B. 19 EARL BRANDENBURG Coach Y. M. C. A. Training School, B. P. E LYDIA P. GALLOWAY Spanish and French University of Michigan. A. B. E. B. BOWER Trade School Valparaiso, Ind., B. M. T. A. LENO RE RITCH EY Director of Music Vifarren Conservatory of Music Grove City Conservatory of Music Oberlin City Conservatory of Music L. J. KREUTZMAN Forging 20 AGNES C. READY Latin V Miami University, A. B. EDWARD WEYRICH Mathematics Commercial Geography , Wittenburg. A. B. MARIE COSLER Algebra, Geometry and Commercial Arithmetic Oberlin, A. B. Ohio University, B. S. in Ed. EDGAR A. HERRMAN Assistant, Chemistry Department CLARA PAGENSTECHER Ancient History French University of Michigan, A. B. Columbia University 21 ROBERT KUHLMAN Assistant in Physics Department RUTH C. JACOBS Assistant, Commercial Department A good book is time precious life-blood of a master-spirit, embaimed ancl treasurecl up on purpose to a life beyond life. 22 . ru fs '5 7ux A "N .459 Q, L K, Q1 , ilfiig ,. ' - ' - " 'T x g Y., . ' s K 1' ' I , 9 Qfjy , 1,27 . xx , JUNIOR. F W' . ' - ,V 555513. "1 'f 22315. Y " :Q:5f5"Q:1:k . CLASSES 2 li 1, Q. ' ' 12,1 n a Er K wr , Q -zu J I A Q LQ ,,,,.,., G. -ac: ..., L: ND. Qw.. , ." K, .Y I 4 .1 2. ' me no-9 OU 'gms cz kgs, K O 0 wwf oQ:?PCIHJf"' Nob if iff J "Om 'Nba O 6 MQW um g +s QLM1 k 5 Gab E06 cnc + Q33 OOP- vo " G0 ff' H d MXN ,wlmm QP, LZ 5 nb, , L Y J Gm, Q 'w'f+'u,, Q ol wg 222w,hMfw l on P A 'W fa . H if' 0 , , , 42432, Y fl T Ukkbk f 1. X X A X - Q X Xx g . 'I ,X I . 1 , . x Vw , U,M1'Ui: a ',0 X 1 -e x J ' u xy L I 5 Q I ' 4' I X V, 'ao xx ' Q f, -, 'I -'.' X ' YN X N . f, . 1 ij! ' X CR 21' 1 -X1 .,,1::'.,1 -1-iff:-,,: 4-,sta--1 Ms.:-.-1:"' -1 ,1 . .. - V- f ' ,,,, gqggg ggi-,gy-.3:f:1-:ggaapge..-Q-w1-f:.- -1 sw:-zczsw--ww--.:':fw-rw ':- ww - ' - ' " G .ML 5 1 0 f2fo04Q30Q Q 21: I 23 llllll llllll S1em m wwe MOTTO: Moniri, mvliora seqamur CLASS YELL Zippity! Zip! Bingo-Bum! We're the class That makes things hum! Vigor-vim- And pep in plenty-4 Hall! Rah! Rah! For-Nineteen Twenty! CLASS OFFICERS Presidentw, ,,,,,.,., ....,,, . ,Y,, , .........,.,,,,, .Y,,, . C larenve McCabe Vice-President .,YY.,. A,,.,,.. E sther Hoebner Secretary ,,,,, ,.,. . . . , ,.AAe Catherine Teeter Treasurer . ,,,w,,. Sunny Brenneman 24 CLARENCE MCCABE fMickeyJ Class President '20. Olympian Vice- President '19. Secretary '20. Presi- dent '20. Decorating Committee .lunior-Senior Farewell '19. Athletic and Improvement Associations. A heart to resolve, a head to plan, and a hand to execute. ls STHER HOEBNER QPal1 Vice-President Class '20. Vega '18, '19. President '20. Iodine '20. News Staff. Annual Staff. Basketball Cap- tain '18, '19, '20. Full of the madness of motion, joyful, exultant, divine. SUNNY BRENNEMAN ' Sunshinej Treasurer Class '20, Olympian '19. President '20. Decorating Committee Junior-Senior Farewell. A world delights in sunny people. CATHERINE .TEETER QKatieJ Secretary Class '20. Circle Secretary 'l8. President '19, '20, Iodine '19, '20. Y. W. C. A. '20. Eratonian '17. Basketball '18, '19, '20. Executive Committee '19. Decorating Commitee Junior-Senior Farewell '19. Athletic and Improvement Associations. Graceful and useful all she does Blessing and blest where'er she goes. 1' RNEST ALTICK I Ernie J Class President '19. Fairview '17. Olympian '17, '18, '19. President '20. Basketball '17, '18, '19. Baseball '17, '18. Football '19, '20, Track '19, '2'0. Picnic Committee '18, '19. Invitation Committee '20. Editor Stivers News. Editor Annual. Class Play. Athletic- Association. Improvement Asocia- tion. The editor sat in his sanelum, his countenance furrowed with care, His mind at the bottom of business, his feet on the top of a chair. CLARA NOBLE llluddyj Alpha '18, '19. President '20. Cary 'l7. Executive Committee '20. Y. W. C. A. '19, '20. Iodine. Athletic As- sociation. Improvement Association. Right noble is thy merit. LOUIS KLEINHAUS CWhitey3 Junior-Senior Farewell '18. Athletic Association. Improvement Associa- tion. Don't worr 3 it makes dee wrinkles. 3' P MARION CHRISTIAN QMacj Class Secretary '19. Y. W. C. A. '18. Secretary '19. Treasurer '20. Circle '18, '19, '20. Secretary Vice-President '19. President '20. Basketball '18, '19, '20. Iodine '19, '20, Annual Staff. News Staff. Executive Committee '20. Senior-Sophomore Reception '20. .Athletic Association. Improvement Association. A woman. good, a woman true, Who always does what she ought to do. GEORGE S. TATE f'1'atersj Wireless Club '16. Athletic Associa- tion. Improvement Association. Technical Society '2'0. As quiet as the rippling waves. IDA RIGG flliggiel Circle '19, '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low An excellent thing in woman. 26 HELEN BROWN LEE Q Browniel Eratonian '17. Vega '18, '19. Vice- President '20. Y. W. C. A. '18, '19, '20. Iodine '19, '20, Senior-Sophomore Reception '20. Basketball '18, '19, '20. Executive Committee '20. Junior- Senior Farewell. Senior Play. Softly her fingers wandered o'er The yielding planks of ivory floor. ROBERT MITHOFF I Pythagorasj El Estudiante. Baccalaureate Sermon Committee. Technical '18. Athletic Association. Whence is thy learning? Hath thy toil O'er books consumed the midnight oil? DOROTHY CLEVENGER fDotj Athenian '17. Aretian '17. Athletic and Improvement Association. What is glory? What is fame? CLETUS SILLIN fCletel Class Day Committee '20. Football '17, '18, '19. Basketball '18, '19, '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. You see him deep in every fray, In swift pursuit of flying ball. WILDRED KAUFF MAN iMil1yJ Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Circle '19, '20, Class Day Committee. Her friends are manyg Her foes-are there any? VEATRICE BLACK lhvickyj Orchestra ,18, '19, '20. Basketball '17, ,18. Y. W. C. A. '18, '19, '20. Athletia- Association. Improvement Associa- tion. She seems made of cheerful yesterdays And confident tomorrows. FREDERICK ALBERT iHydraulic Slimj Athletic Association. Improvement Association. No sinner nor no saint, perhaps, But-Well, the very best of chaps. MARGARET BRAND fMargY3 Delphian '18, Treasurer '19. Vice- President '19. Pin and Ring Commit- tee '20. A violet by a mossy stone. BERNARD STEVENS fBennyj Football ,I6, '17, 713, '19. Captain '20. Olympian '20, News Staff '20. An- nual Statl' '20. Executive Committee 120. Athletic Association. Improve- ment Association. He signed the Declaration of Inde- pendence. ELGISE CUNDIFF fjimmiell News Stenographer. Athletic Associa- tion. Improvement Association. In life's small things she is resolute and great. 28 R UTH RUPEL lRllfll8l Athenian '17, Delphian '18, '19, '20, Basketball 'l8. Y. W. C. A. '20. Ath- letic Association. lmprovemenl Asso- ciation. She nothing common did, nor mean. HOWARD IMBODEN I H1 Lyceum '17. Pin and Ring Committee. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. And all men love him for his modest grace, And comeliness of figure and of face. H14 LEN VALENTINE lVallyj Aretian 'l7. Y. W. C. A. '17, '18, '19, '20, Glee Club '19. Improvement As- sociation. Athletic Association. It is tranquil people who accomplish much. JOE ROSENSVVEET fSkeeterj Parker Occasional. Orchestra '17. Basketball '17. Junior-Senior Fare- well '19. .leffersonian '20. News Staff '20. Picture Committee '20. Annual Stall' '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. The energy of a thousand worlds is in his veins. NAOMI HOPKINS iSisj Cary '17. Improvement Association. Athletic Association. In virtue, nothing earthly could sur- pass her. MILDRED GAYER 1Mi1ly'J Delphian '19, '20. Iodine '19, '20. Executive Committee '19. Junior- Senior Farewell. Improvement Asso- ciation. Athletic Association. One whose worth makes other worthies nothing. IJCHARD GARSTER QBirdie1 Technical '19. Co-operative Depart- ment. Athletic Association. Improve- ment Association. He hath a rare wit. RATHRYN WEISNER fKayj Saint Marys, Ohio, '17, '18. Orches- tra '19. Athletic and Improvement Associatiions. Where shall I sell my surplus knowl- edge? HAROLD MORGAN fStevej Technical '19. Baseball '17. Track '17, Football '18, '19. Invitation Committee '19. Athletic Association. What should a man do but be merry? LOUISE G. VVARD I Ll-ll Athletic Association. Improvement Association. I couldn't be good if I would, and I 1.couldn't be good if I could. HANZA SCHUTZLER fliansj Delphian 'l7. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Y. W. C. A. '20. Athenian ,17. A quiet, placid daughter of the Gods. PAUL ROHMAN f Romeoi Executive Committee '20. Why work? Life should not be wasted thus. I4 RMA SOUEHS fSweet1 Y. W. C. A.. '18, '19, '20. Circle '19, '20, Athletic Association '20. Basket- ball "19, '20. A modest, shy violet. . FARL MIDDLESTETTER f Shrimpj Athletic and Improvement Associa tions. Where there's a will, thcrc's a way. ADA VAN HORN fVanj Alpha '18. Vice-President '19. Edi- tor '20. Invitation Committee. Al- pha-Vega Dance Committee. Athletic Association. Improvement Associa- tion. Wc must have society. LEONA OSCHERVVITZ flsonieij Circle '19, '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. She spreads about that silent spell That makes all spirits love her well. HORACE COY flilorrisj Motto Committee '20. Athletic Asso- ciation. lmprovement Association. Long shall we seek his likeness. TILLIE FELDMAN f Billyj Eratonian '17, Improvement Associa- tion. Athletic Association. Circle '18, '19, '20. Class Day Committee '18, 'l9. Picnic Committee '18, '19. A light heart lives long. LESTER BERNHARDT fLessj ,lelfersonian '19, '20. Orchestra '17, '18, '19, '20, Music Committee Junior- Senior Farewell '19. Song and Yell Committee '20. 'Tis but a part we see and not the whole. RUTH KISTLER 1,HaPPyJ Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Q So earnest, so modest, and withal so sweet. 32 THELMA SOLLERS fSallyj lmprovement Association. Athletic Association. Spring Valley High School. A maiden who is wise beyond her years. CARL SCHAEFER lDocB Pin and Ring Committee '20. Laugh and the world laughs with youg Weep ani you weep alone. N.-XQMI SLAVIN lxSisl Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Patriotic League. Serene and bright her days will be.x JAMES WALLACE Lliml Technical '20, Class Day Committee '20, Athletic Association. Improve- ment Association. A man after his own heart. HELEN YOUNG QTOPSYJ Alpha '19, '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Glee Club '19, '20. Indeed, she has her opinion on all things And none can change it. 33 EULALAH ASHMORE Qlilukej Athenian '17. Delphian '18, '19, 20. Senior-Sophomore Reception. Ex- ecutive Committee '20. Athletic As- sociation. Improvement Association. She was a form of life and light Laughing eyes and manner bright. ROBERT YOST e lBobj Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Track '20. A youth there was of quiet ways and thoughtful bearing. DOROTHY E. WETZEL fDotl Q Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Y. W. C. A. '20. Orches- tra '19, '20. Is not true leisure One with true toil? IDILRNARD WEITZEL Qlierniej Olympian Secretary '20, .Athletic As- sociation. Improvement Association. What men have done can still be done And shall be done today. MARY CHITWOOD CFairyJ Athenian '17. Aretian '17. President '17. Circle '18, ,19, '2O. Secretary '19, '2O. Iodine '20. Basketball '20. Ex- ecutive Committee '20. Senior-Sopho- more Reception '20. Athletic Associa- tion. Improvement Association. One vast, substantial smile, Her looks were like the beams of morning sun. MARGARET KASEMAN iPeggYJ Cary '17. Athletic Association. Im- provement Association. Y. W. C. A. '17. El Estudiante '20, Sober, steadfast, and demure. ERWIN NASH fsllrimpl Baccalaureate Sermon Committee. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Nothing small about him. RHEA ASHWOOD fB'ittersweetj Y. W. C. A. '18, '19, '20, Delphian '18, '19. Iodine '19, '20. Picnic Commit- tee '19. Song and Yell Committee '20. Athfetici Association. Improvement Association. A good sort and a good sport. ROBERT DILL fB0lJl Athletic and Improvement Associa- tions. In one word, a good man and true. ANNABELLE BOHLENDER fGood-Eelj Vega '18, Secretary '19, President '20. Refreshment Committee Junior- Senior Farewell. Senior-Sophomore Reception '20. Invitation Committee '20. Athletic Association. Improve- ment Association. Can the world buy such a jewel? 35 VELM A LAWTON fVe1l Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Sacred and sweet was everything I saw in her. BOYD OLINGER fOleoj .leffersonian '19. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. It is tranquil people who accomplish much. GRACE PETERS QTedb Basketball '18, '19, Athletic Associa- tion. Improvement Association. She doeth little kindnesses which most leave undone. HAROLD BLACK fB1ackiel Orchestra '18, '19, '20, Athletic Asso- ciation. Improvement Association. Let your thoughts be not deep for fem you will drown in them. IRENE KILBOURNE fRenoj Alpha '18, '19, '20. President '20. Secretary '19. Y. W. C. A. '19, '20. President '20. Vice-President '19. Orchestra '17, '18, '19, '20. Pin and Ring Commitee '20. Class Treasurer '19, Eratonian '17, Improvement As- sociation. Occasional Staff '17. News Staff '20. Annual Staff '20, Iodine '2'0. My lady has a coy and playful way. RUTH WOISCHWILL fRufusj Cary '17. Y. W. C. A.. '17. Improve- ment Association. Athletic Associa- tion. E1 Estudiante '20. Treasurer 990 A sunny temper gilds the blackest cloud. ROBERT FRANCIS fBolJp Technical "20. Track '17, ,19. Foot- ball ,l9. Basketball '20. Motto Com- mittee. Athletic Association. Im- provement Association. He accomplishes who perseveres DOROTH EA TRAPP fDotJ Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Cary '17. Delphian ,19, ,20. President '20, Senior Prophecy Comlnittee. Sprinkle sunshine as you go. U DALE HOPKINS CHOPPYD lnvitation Comimttee '2O. Athletic Association. Improvement Associa- tion. He keeps things, not in books, but in his head. N ILLMA PETERSON fPetej Orchestra '17, ,l8, '19, '20. Athletic and Improvement Associations. Chair- man Song and Yell Committee '20. A dimpled smile that melts the hard- est heart. MILDRED MCCONNELL fMickey7 Eratonian '17. Picnic Committee '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. .4 merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. RALPH BALDWIN fBaldie1 Lyceum '17. Orchestra '17, '18, '19, '20, Athletic Association. Improv- lnent Association. As merry as the day is long. ' NITA MORREY QNeedie'y Alpha '19, '20, Y. W. C. A. '18, '20. Glee Club '19, Senior-Sophomore Re- ception '20. Prophecy Committee '20. Iodine '20. Athletic Association. Im- provement Association. She goes on her way re joiring. CHARLES DITZEL QDitto3 News Stenographer. Athletic Associa- tion. Improvement Association. .4 staid and quiet fellow. RUTH MAY ER QBlissJ Cary '17. Y. W. C. A. '17. Delphian '20. Orchestra '17, '18, '19, '2O. Basketball '18, '19, '20. Athletic As- sociation. Improvement Association. Short in stature, but long in talk. 38 DOROTHY FRY fDotl Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Basketball '18, '19. Cheerfulness becomes a woman at all times. HUBERT I-IOLTVOIGHT fHubJ Athletic Association. Improvement Association. This is the porcelain clay of human kind. TREV A ETTER QTrevusJ Eratonian 'l7. Athenian '17. Circle '19, '20. Improvement Association. Senior-Sophomore Reception Com- mittee. Song and Yell Committee. Life is a jest and all things show it: ' I thought so once, but now I know it MILTON MCGEE QMacj Football '19. Baseball '19, '20. Ath- letic and Improvement Associations. By diligence he wins his way. f FLORENCE FISHER A lp Fisher-bug! Circle '20. Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Y. W. C. A. '19, The most natural beauty in the world is honesty and moral lruih. 39 HELEN DUVER KDOP Athletic Association. Improvement Association. A good name is the immediate jewel of one's soul. EARL MORRIN fSkinnyJ Athletic and Improvement Associa tions. Truth is within ourselves. IRM A DOHSE Cary '17. El Estundiante Trseaurer '20, Y. Wh C. A. 'l7. Athletic Asso- ciation. Improvement Association. The greatest satisfaction in life is to do good work. .IAMES KNIERIM Uimj Athletic and Improvement Associa tions. My object all sublime- I shall achieve in time. ANGELA DEGER fAngel Diggerj Cary '17, Circle '20. Athletic Asso- ciation. Improvement Association. Would that there were more like her. 40 IRMA WEY RICH fBunnie5 Alpha '19, '20. Typist 'l9. Athletic Alpha '19, '20. Typist '19, Athletic Association. Improvement Associa- tion. Common sense is the most uncommon kind of sense. HAROLD BOEDEKER Qliocflyh Wireless Club '16. Athletic Associa tion. Improvement Association. He is as full of valor as of kindness. LECIL HANCOCK fsleepyi Glce Club '18, '19, '20. Music Club '20, Athletic Association. Improve- ment Association. Come. sleep, and steep my senses in forgetfulness. VVILLIAM HEFFNER fWhiteyl Co-op '18, '19. Parker Baseball '16. Athletic Association. Life without laughing is a dreary blank. LOUISE M. KOEKER f0uisej Improvement Association. Athletic A ssociation. A sweet, heart-lifting cheerfulness Seemed ever on her steps to wait. HARRIET GRAY lHarryJ Eratonian '17. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Delphian '20. 'l'here's not one small thing that we can say about her. C XRROLL KA UFMAN f,Whitey'l Technical '20. Football '18. Baseball '20. Executive Committee '20. An- nual Staff '20, Athletic and Improve- ment Associations. Herc's metal most attractive. URAYCE HARTLEY fllraciousj Eratonian '17. Y. W. C. A. '17, '19, '20. Improvement Association. Ath- letic Association. Musical Society '20. Junior-Senior Farewell. Glee Club '20. She hath a sweet and kindly nature. ALFRED D. KALTER I fCarmontej Co-operative Department. Improve- ment Association. Athletic Associa- tion. Whose armor is his honest thought And single thought his utmost skill. DOROTHY HILLER QDotb Aretian '17. Parker Occasional Staff '17. Circle '19, '20, Ftditress '19. Y. W. C. A. '19, '20. Vice-President '20, Senior-Sophomore Reception. Junior Senior Farewell Committee. Class Day Committee. Iodine. Athletic As- sociation. Improvement Association. God made her small in order to do a choice bit of workmanship. IDA COHEN tGabbyJ Athenian 'l8. Athletic Association lmprovement Association. Cather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying. ALBERT H OERSTING QAM St. Mary's High School. junior- Senior Farewell '10, Athletic Associa- tion. Improvement Association. Seeking the root of matter is found in me. MARIE LEHCH 1M'reel El Estudiante '20. Athletic Associa- tion. Improvement Association. In -virtues, nothing earthly could sur- pass her. PHILIP B. FLHGEL fPhilj Woodward High 'l7. None but himself can be his parallel. ELSIE TATE fTodeej Alpha '20. Typist '20. Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Y. YV. C. A. '18, 'l9. A maid is she of quiet ways. -15: IAMES WALL Llimj ,leflersonian '18, '19, '20. President 'l9. Orchestra '18, '19, Class Day Comimttee. Improvement Associa- tion. He has a way of saying things That makes one think of courts and queens. EDNA MILLONIG QEddiej Parker Occasional Stall' '17. Vega '18, '20, Secretary '19. Program Com- mittee Junior-Senior Farewell "19. Class Day Committee '20. Iodine '19, '20. Athletic Association. Improve- ment Association. There is an unspeakable pleasure in the life of a voluntary student. ROBERT HOLLAND fllohj Improvement Association. Athletic Association. The price of wisdom is above rubies. IRMA ALTWIG flrmsiej Y. W. C. A. '18, Athletic Association. Improvement Association. A perfect woman nobly planned, To warn, to comfort, and command. ROBERT VVALTER fBohJ ,lclfersonian '18, '20. Athletic Asso- ciation. Improvement Association. Among mortals second thoughts are wtsest. 44 VELDA F. JOHNSON fCurleyl Athneian '17. Y. W. C. A. '18. Ath- letic Association. Improvement As- soclatlon. Kind and good is she. WILLIAM DUNCAN I Big Vancel Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Character is a diamond Which scratches every other stone. T REVA KAYLER fjimmiel Y. W. C. A. '20, News Staff Stenog- rapher. Athletic Association. Im- She mixes reason with pleasure. HARRY :STAHL lu Chien 1 Baseball '17, Baskethall,17. Busi- ness Manager Parker Occasional '17. .leffersonian 'l9. Prophecy Commit- tee '20. Improvement Association. Athletic Association. He is a mass of ,genuine manhood. MIHIA M KRAMPH QPestyl Cary '17. Delphian 'I8. 7l9, '20. Y. W. C. A. 'l8. Improvement Associa- tion. Athletic Association. She is herself of best things the col- lection. -15 FRANCES MITHOFF QFranj El Estudiante '20, Basketball 'l9. Athletic -Association. Improvement Association. There is no knowledge that is not val- uable. OSCAR I-IECHT Qlileckj Quartet '20. Improvement Associa- tion. Athletic Association. His smile made for him a host of friends. . MARJ ORIE M. JOHN ljohnniej Y. W. C. A. '18. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Cary '17. Her way is a cheery way. HOWARD THIELE fDutchl Football '18, '19, 720. Olympian '18, '19, '20. Secretary and Vice-President '20. Pin and Ring Committee. All great men are dying And I clon't feel very well myself. CHARLOTTE LARSEN fShyJ - Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Vega '18, '19, '20. Iodine '19, '20. V Not talk, a great, sweet silence. 46 4 LEHA PIPES I Lassiej Alpha '20. Improvement Association Prophecy Committee '20. From morn till ni ht h l g s e pans and plans. LESLIE MEYER tFatl Science Club '17. Hi Y Club '20. Glee Club '19, '20. Athletic Associa- tion. Improvement Association. Laugh and grow fat. CLARICE BISCHOFF fLutzl Y. W. C. A. '20, Basketball '18, '19. Executive Committee '19. Motto Com- mittee '20. Athletic Association. Im- provement Association. Pleasant are her ways, gracious is her manner. KENNETH RITTER GL 47 fKacyJ Parker Occasional. Athletic Associa tion. Improvement Association. To be happy is better than to be wise . ADYS COOK tCladdyj Cary 'l7. Delphian 'l8. Clee Club '18. Senior-Sophomore Reception Athletic Association. Improvement Association. She looks, and her heart is in heaven. DOROTH EA GREEN fDotj Improvement Association. Athletic Association. A woman's hair her crown of glory is. LAWRENCE KILIAN f.Larryj Co-operative Department. Athletic Association. Improvement Associa- tion. Men of few words are the best men. MARY FULTON fPatj Athletic Association. Improvement . . ., 1- Assoclatlon. Y. W. C. A. 20. De phian '20. Baccalaureate Committee. Glee Club '19, '20, Worth, courage, honorg these indeed Your sustenance and birthright are. PAUL SCHNEBLE fSnibbsfb St. lVlary's High School. Co-operative Department. Athletic Association. Care will kill a cat-therefor let's be merry. RUTH DORNBUSCH lpinkeyfp Y. VV. C. A. '20. Circle Treasurer '20 mittee. Junior-Senior Farewell. Ath letic Association. Improvement Asso ciation. An angel when aslee p. 48 Basketball '17, '18, '20. Picture Com- HARRY SCI-IWAB 1Big Smoke! Football '19, '20. Basketball '16, '17, '18. Captain '19, '20. Baseball '16, '17, '18, '19, '20, Athletic Association. Improvement Association. As the stars twinkle in the firmament So do I shine before the footlights. HARHIET D. WILLIAMSON 1,Williej Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Alpha '19. Sometimes I sit an' thinkg other times I just sit. LOUIS C. KELLER QLouiej Orchestra '17. Occasional Staff 'l7. Jeffersonian '20. Invitation Commit- tee '20. Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Oh, never bore his ancient state A truer son or braver. MARY ANNA CLINGMAN fllillyj Y. W. C. A. '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Her cheeks like apples, which the sun has rudclied. PAUL SNYDER fBill3 Olympian Vice-President '20. Secre- tary '20. President '19. Athletic As- sociation. Improvement Association. New occasions teach new duties. 49 SOPHIA PASSE fPatl Athenian '17. Y. W. C. A. '18, Ex- ecutive Committee. Athletic Associa- tion. Improvement Association. A mistress of herself tho China fall. DONALD S. HOWARD fTonyj Parker Occasional Staff '17, Jeffer- sonian '18. '19, '20. Secretary and Treasurer '19, '20, Debating Team '20. Orchestra '20. Stivers News Staff '20. Annual Stall' '20. Senior Executive Committee '20, Hi Y Club President. Class Play '20. Athletic Association. lmprovement Association. His oratory would move a stone to sympathy. IRENE POVVELL fPollyJ Circle '18, '19, '20. Athletic Associa- tion. lmprovement Association. As loquacious as an oyster. STEPHEN ZAPPE fzuppkefr Football '18, '19, '20. Basketball '18, '19, '20. Track '18, 'l9. Captain '20. Class Day Committee '20, Athletic Association. Improvement Associa- tion. Thcre's nothing so kingly as kindness, And nothing so royal as truth. CHARLOTTE POTTER Qsisl Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Come to me if you need cheering up. 50 EDNA VVEYRICH fVan3 Cary '17, Athletic Association. Im- provement Association. Vega '18, '19, '20. Iodine '19, '20. Pin and Ring Committee '20. She doth indeed show sparks like wit. OSCAR TIEMAN Jeffersonian '18. Football '19, '20. He trembled when a maid drew near. EDITH VVEYRICH Q Edieeeel Cary '17. Vega '18, '19, '20. Treas- urer 'l8. Critic '20. Iodine '20. Glee Club. Decorating Committee Junior- Senior Farewell. Prophecy Commit- tee. Improvement Association. I just can't make my eyes behave. ROBERT Tl1ESSl.ElJ1 fBobl Astronomy Club '17. Science Club '17. ,Ietfersonian Society '20. Hi Y Club '20. Improvement Association. Ath letic Association. As happy as the day is long. MARY ANDRES f'TiIHHll8J Alpha '19, '20, Iodine '19, '20, Ath- letic Association. Improvement Associa- tion. Junior-Senior Farewell '19, We are such stuff as dreams are made of. 51 HELEN VVOLF TH I-.RNISST ABSHIRE fFrenchiej Athenian '17, President '17, Era- tonian '17, .Alpha '19, '20. Flower Committee. Improvement and Ath- letic Associations. Beautiful behavior is the finest of fine arts. fAbhiej Wireless Club 17. Track '20. lm- provement Association. Athletic As- sociation. Warm- in the glorious interest he pur- sues, And in one word, a good man and true. EODGRA TRAPP QTedJ Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Cary '17. Delphian '19, '20. Treasurer '19. Vice-President '20, Sermon Committee. A winning way, a pleasant smile. HAROLD SIPE tTadJ Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Little I ask,, my wants are few. MARY TOPIE 52 1iTopel Basketball '17, '18, '19. Glee Club. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Dream on for dreams are sweet. ESTELLA ECK fAhej Vega '19, '20. Vega Stenographer '20. Improvement Association. Athletic Association. Tall and graceful in form, Winning in her way. PAUL VOLKERT flleftyj Class Committee. Technical '20. One cannot always be a hero, But one can always be a man. CARRIE REHLING fSliml Circle '20. Senior-Sophomore Recep- tion '20. Invitation Committee '20. Basketball '18, '19, '20, Orchestra '17, '18, '19, '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Sweetness long drawn out. RICHARD NIEKAMP fDickj Technical '18, 'l9. Athletic Associa- tion. Such joys ambition finds. Hli LEN SHETTERLY 9 fllalol Vega '18, '19, '20. Vice-President '20. Iodine '19, '20. Glee Club '19, Ath- letic Association. Improvement Asso- ciation. Finance Committee Junior- Senior Farewell '19. Motto and Flower Committees '20, A song is but a little thing A And yet what joy it is to sing. EDGAR TERRY CEJD Athletic and Improvement Associa tions. Virtue only makes our bliss below. LLOYD PALMER fNova Scotiaj Athletic and Improvement Associa tions. I leave my character behind me. DONALD GAINS fDon'l News '20. Prophecy '20. Athletic As- sociation. Improvement Association. A man of hope and forward looking mind. ARTHUR RUMER Q Art J Baseball '16. Technical '20, Pin and Ring Committee. Athletic and Im- provement Associations. Studious of ease and fond of humble things. EDVVARD PERKINS fPerkieJ Track '19, '20. The happiest men, like the happiest nations, have no history. 54 HUGO BERNER Q Bernie I Improvement Association. Athletic Association. 'Tis the modest man who achieves. JAMES DIETZ Uimj He that hath knowledge spares his words. EDNA KELLY fEddiej Y. W. C. A. '18. Vega '19, '20, Vega Editor '19. Vega Stenographer '20. Improvement Association. Athletic Association. High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy. RALPH BLOOD fB1oodyl Basketball '20. Track '18, '19, '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. .4 solemn youth with sober phiz, Who eats his grub and minds his biz. JOHN HOPKINS QHOPPYI A Basketball ,16, '17, '19, '20. Football '16, '17. Unqualified merits, I'll grant, if you choose he has 'em. 55 CAROLYN SHAFER I Snookumsj Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Each for himself must clear a path alone And press his own way forward in the fight. FRED BRANDT fTedj Parker Occasional '17. Athletic Asso- ciation. Improvement Association. This is a very good world to live in.. JULIA BONNER Hay Beel Basketball '18, '19. Orchestra '18, '19, '20, Athletic Association. Improve- ment Association. She needs no foil but shines by her own proper light. ROBERT STEWART fcuzziej Olympian '18, 'l9. Secretary '20. President '20. Executive Committee '20. Athletic Association. Improve- ment Association. High aims bring out great minds. IDA BARRAR fTuhbyj Athletic Association. Improvement Association. She goes on her way rejoicing. 56 MILDREII ROBERT fMilligj Dclphian '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. 'Tis only noble to be good. AARON STUDYBAKER fIckyl E1 Estufliante '20. Athletic Associa- tion. Improvement Association. There is more faith in honest doubt Believe me than in half the creed. MARTHA IRVIN fMartieJ Circle '19, '20, Treasurer '19. Vice- President '20, Basketball '18, '19, '20. Motto Committee '20. Junior-Senior Farewell '19. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. And still they gazed and still their wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knew. PAUL MER CHR I Cardl Orchestra '17, '18, Track '19, '20. A very capable man. HAZEL GEORGI fS1eePYJ Music Club. Improvement Associa- tion. Her .franlcness and sincerity Make her many a friend. 57 LEONA ENGLER fBi1liej Circle '18, '19, '20. Editor '20. Y. W. C. A. '17, '18, '19. Treasurer '19. Basketball '17, '18. Improvement As- sociation. Athletic Association. And e'en though vanquished, she could argue still. ROBERT MORRISON fBobj He reasoned without plodding along Nor ever' gave his judgment wrong. HELEN DRAKE QDucky1 Aretian '17, Y. VV. C. A. '20. Coal- ton High '19. With countenance demure and modest grace. WIIJLIAM KRAMER fBil1j Co-operative Department. Song and Yell Committee. Athletic Association. He was a. man, take him for all in allg I shall not look upon his like again. JULIA BREWER l:Sisj Glee Club '19. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. I am sure care's an enemy to life. 58 LA' UREN CE SMALES QSmalleyJ Improvement and Athletic Associa- tions. Whence has come thy .lasting power. HELEN CHAMBERS fTinkiej Aretian Literary Society '17. Alpha '18, '19, '20. Vice-President '20. Io- dine '20. Orchestra '18, '10, '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Ever level, ever true, To the task she has to do. HAROLD CARMONY K Chien 'J Jeffersonian '18, '19, '20. Basketball '16, 'l7. Motto Committee '20, Ath- letic Association. Improvement Asso- ciation. I nm the master of my fate. RUBY LAWLER 'STER GANGLUFF LE 5 9 fBirdie3 Y. VV. C. A. '18, Improvement Asso- ciation. Athletic Association. Worth, courage, honorg These indeed your birthright are. fLesj Jeffersonian '18. Improvement Asso- ciation. Athletic Association. All who know him have cause to re- joice. GEORGE WALLACE lSpeedj Technical '18, '19, '2'0. Executive Committee '20. Athletic Association. Improvement Association. A man that fortune's bufets and re- wards has taken with equal thanks. MAJORIE BRATTON fMickeyj Circle '20, Athletic Association. Im- provement Association. Your smile is always welcome, And your words are full of wit. RICHARD WARREN fDickH Athletic Association. Improvement Association. Silent, very silent. Who may know what a man thinks when he says naught? VU I'lI"II''IIIIIIIIIIIVIIIIHIIUIIIIHIHIIIHIHI . .. H1l1I11IIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'III!IIlIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!IIIIIIII!!I!IIIII!!IlI!!IIIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVIIIHIIHIIIHHHWHHlHIIHIFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Honor Stuclents Helen Brownlee Mary F. Chitwood Esther Hoebner Irene Kilbourne Louise Kolker Edna Millonig Frances Mithoff Helen Shetterly Helen Valentine Irma Weyrich Donald Howard Robert Mitholi' Honoralole Mention Marian Christian Earl Middlestetter Edgar Terry Martha Irvin IIIllIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiIIIIIIIiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIEIIIiIIiIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIiIIIIIIiIilIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIlliiillllllllllllillilHHIHMHH ' Ask Quija "Oh, Su-sie ! I I C'mon, we'll soon be ready for high school, so let's make our four years better'n Pop's." "Gee, that'll be great, Johnny. Weill ask Oui ja what Papa's class did to make it so famous. Where's the Oui ja board?" S.-Oni ja, weren't they bigger'n me when they started doing all those things? O.-N03 they were only in Parker. S.-Did they have parties an' everything? O.-'Yesg they had a famous Christmas party. J.-C'mon, you're doin' all the asking. Let me ask some- thin'. Oui ja, did they march like sojers with drums and flags? O.-On Lexington Day all joined in a big parade. S.-Did they play all the time and never learn nuthin'? O.--They learned a great deal, especially from the "Good English League." S.-Did they do anything else that was wise? O.-Assuredly-about two hundred of them went to Stivers. J .-Were all the boys and girls in Stivers patriotic when the war was? O.-They certainly were. J.-What did they do, Oui ja? O.-They over-subscribed their Thrift Stamp and Liberty Bond quotas. S.-Didn't the girls have any parties at Stivers? O.-Yesg there was a Senior-Sophomore reception. J .-Well, what did they do the next year? O.-Far more than they did in their second year. J .-Gee, Oni ja, weren't there any teams of any kind? O.-Surely--their basketball team was the champion team of the state. S.-If there were so many kids, how did everybody know everybody else? O.-Through the Junior Get-Together. J.-Whuzzat? O.-That was at Bomberger Park, where there were a great many pretty girls and plenty of ice cream and cake. 62 J.-Gee, Susie, that must have been just like heaven. Ouija, were there any more big parties? O.--Yes, the Junior-Senior Farewell was also a marked success. I S.-Af ter you're a Junior, what are you next? 0.-A Senior, which is the most important person in l1igh school. J .-I'm going to be a Senior so I can be important, too! S.-Do they do more things than the others? 0.-Yes, many more, and some things that the others can't do until they are Seniors. J.-Please tell us some. O.-0ne was the burial of Stivers' basketball enemies. J.-Gee! How could they do all that at once? Did they kill 'em first? Were there many at the funeral? O.-It was just in fun, but hundreds will never forget it. Instead of being a murderer. Stivers was State Champion in basketball. S.-What does that ring of Papa's stand t' or? O.-That ring was adopted as a standard ring by your father's class. J.-What did the Seniors do that the others couldn't? O.-They had a whole day's party called Class Day and graduating exercises called Commencement. J .-Oh, please tell us about Commencement. O.-Commencement was a sad but joyous time. Sad, be- cause the Seniors leave Stivers forever in body but not in mind. Joyous, because they have made their first step out into life and the whole world lay before them. J.-Oh, I see now. S.-Was that the last thing they did? O.-Nog the last thing they did was to go back to a grand big picnic. J.-Just wait 'till I'm a Senior, then watch me. S.-Me, too! Then I'll do something to make mv class ffreat like that. O.-You children be good and I'll help you both to be great. Both-Thank you, Ouija. Good-bye. O.-I'll tell you more next time. Good-bye. 0 . 'O S. E. HEAD. V3 CLASS SONG Musuc by wlrna Peterson. 1920 words by Helm Brownlee. 1 . we will glmfl Our hugh school days are ended, and df las? we all musl ?flSl3lFglF:llF7jljF1-lil lf? Heier? Eglml par? From 'lhose we love so dear-ly, and up-on luFp3 palh-way 'jllijlilflilfllwillilgll Eililellllvll Willa Blurb How. md-ny ha - mem'raes relrnlfd wdh S+-v-ers gre llsl"'Egf?w ll : 1...f-:L.' Y .al :i Z i:"5-15- :-J , ,name , l M y .she be ev-er vlc-Tor, wmn-mg lhonorg glory ,farne. l l ol wa f rel - il eil , 'H l . KJV' Lf Thrcc happy years have hastened, 'hme waits not any man 3 But lessons learned af Sfrvers Wlll hella us an lnf'e'5 Plan, Her oparfamanshlp l3 aplendld, Her :deals +rue and hughg We pranse thee Alma Mater Our Dear Old Shvers Hugh. 6-1 in wa. Y 1 , . nf' ..x ,, 1. i -J "kf,.3:, L , wf, 4, Q oil ii f 'Hill EIJUNIO S li President ...... ...... ...,. ...,.......,.., ..,...7,.,.,.,.... .,A.... . . W i I bur Heintz Vice-President... Y,., .,........... H elen Slaght Secretary .......... ......... 'I 'llanet Cridland Treasurer. ,..,,.,.. Herbert Cook Junior-Senior Farewell Committees EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Nevin Beam Thanet Cridland Wendall Camp Maude Adams Franklin McCann Verna Shoup Eleanor Yenger PROGRAM COMMITTEE Chas. E. IIoII'man Margaret Hendriehs Edwin Alexander Edith Bryan Willialll Bitler Aletlm Barnett LaVern Rothaar REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE Robert Huber Ava Sliawlian Merritt SClllilIIi!ll2lI'l Alma Millouig Earl Dittmar Sarah Footer Carl Borland DECORATION COMMITTEE Louis Vllilliams Mildred Fogleman Alvin Clemens Mary Kendall Robert Klemmer Thelma Tapper Celia Ellison 1 1 f i 1 , E Q Q P I 1 i Q N Upper liow-Wilbllr Heintz. Helen Slught Lower Row--Thanet Cridlund, Herbert Cook GT JUNIOR CLASS Abshire, Elsie Adams, Maude Alcoz, Lewis Alexander, Edwin Anderson, Sarah Arnold, Dorothy Angell, Thelma Bach, Emil Baldwin, Ethel Banta, Luella Barker, Harold Barnett, Aletha Baumheckel, Robert Beam, Nevin Bergman, Eleanor Beverly, Mary Biddle, Clarabell Bitler, William Borland, Carl Boyle, Thomas Bragg, Bosella Braun, Warrell Brentlinger, Velma Butterworth, Thomas Bryan, Edith Bussdicker. Katherine Byers. George Camp, Weridell Carlier, Gladys Chambers, Margaret Clemens, Alvin Coblentz. Glenn Conner, Elmer Cook, Herbert Cridland, Thanet Dempsey. .lohn Dittmar, Earl Dixon, Grace Donley, Vesper Douglas, Ross Durst, Howard Dyer, Russel Earnst, Ruth Eikenbary, Katherine Ellison, Celia Ephrath, Mabel Everett, Vandella Feth, Albert Fisher, Ray Floyd, Walter Fogle, Katherine Fogleman, Mildred Footer, Sarah Frank, Mildred Frasch, Catherine Friesinger, Mildred Ganzer, Bessie Geisler, Arthur Geske, Marie Geyer, Sibyl Gibson, Mabel Gfinstie, Alberta Glazer, Lillian Glenn, Georgia Glick, Lynn Goldzwig, Jacob Graham, Robert Gram, Charles Gregor, Louise Griep, Frances Grisso, Stella Grossman, Carl Hancock, Arthur Hancock, Lillian Hartnett, Dorothy Hasenstab, Frances Haspel, Katherine Heinz, Wilbllr Hendrirwhs, Margare Hermes, Annetta Howett, Katherine Huber, Robert Huffman, Charles Huffman, Helen Hyman, Dorothy Jackson, Thelma Jenkins. Ruth Jones, Thelma Juday, Mildred Kahle, Fred Kendall, Alice Kendall, Mary King, Clarence Klemmer, Robert Klopfer, Henry Krick, Harriet X' G? sf- ff. Ji 52 Y 1? JUNIOR CLASS Kuhlman, Miriam Lapinsky, Clara Larrison, Rose Lawler, Helen Levine, Celia Liesman, Mildred Lively, May Layman, Charles Martin, Glenna Mattusoff, Jacob Mayer, Harold Mayer, Suzanna McCann, Franklin McCarthy, John McClellan, Marguerite McEnheimer, Laura Mclntire, John McNerney, Elva Meredith, Bernice Meyer, Lester Middleton, Dorothy Miller, Donald Miller, Marian Miller, Verne Millonig. Alma Minnear, Thomas Moorman, Fred Mote, Leslie Morris, Esther Mount, Cecil Mumma, Loring Myers, William Neal., Cleo Neu, Helen Neusock, Margaret Nill, Esther Nolte, Marjorie Nolte, Ruth Nyswander, Gladys Oberdahn, Dick O'Maley, Vivian Patterson, Benjamin Pladies, William Procuniar, May Ramby, Warren Rausch, Norman Redder, Henry Rees, Osa Rentz, Beatrice Reston, Neil Reynolds, Eldon Roehm, Katherine Rosensweet., Mollie Roser, Katherine Rothaar, Lavern Rumbarger, Franklin Rutan, Marvin Ryder, Claude Schaeff, Luther Schantz, Francis Schindelman, Lily Schlafman, Merritt Scholl, Robert Sells, Margaret Semler, Harold Shawhan, Ava Schiebenberger, Vera Shoup, Verna Sillin, Frank Skilken, Charles Skilken, Ralph Slaght, Helen Sloat, Hilda Smith, Charles Smith, Margaret Smith, Norman Smith, Walter Snyder, David Stahl, Charlotte Stevens, Helen Stiles, Ernest Stolz, Leona Strawser, Alice Street, Junior Tapper, Thelma Thacker, Lillian Thomas, Ina Thompson, Clyde Tiedt, Elmer Trotel, Ferron Tullis, Robert Ursal, William Volkert, Edith Volz, Leonadis Wachter, Elmer Wallace, Charles Weaver, Blanford Weikert, Gleta Welch, Lucile Wenning, Herman Werner, Carroll Wescher, Carl Westwater, Jessie Whelan, Leonard Williams, Louis Willis, Mary Winters, Gertrude Wolfensparger, Clarence Woodward, Arthur Wooley', Gertrude Workman, Charlotte Yenger, Eleanor , York, Margaret Zeller, Thekla Zink, Helen SOPHOMORE CLASS W O 0 5 g gg , A gggg c J Abshire, Roy Adams, Lester Addleman, Hugh Agenbroad, Edward Albright, Edith Albright, Theodore Althoif, Grace Altman, Margaret Ames, Mabel Anderson, Edwin Anderson, Stella Andrew, Marie Ankney, Claude Appleton, Helen Archer, John Ashwood, Eloise Asper, Marjorie Atkinson, Jack Andlancs, Carl Auerhammer, Harold Baker, Treva Baker, Velma Balskey, Donald Balsheizer, Willarfl Barnes, Milla Barringer, Paul Bechtolt, Kathryn Bechtolt, Robert Beck, Bruce Berk, Kenneth Berlo, La Creta Beyers, Charles Biddle, Hazel Biegel, 'Thelma Blakely, Edward Blum, Ruth Bower, Miriam Bragg, Emerson Braun, Roy Briedenbach, Carl Briedenbach, Ruth Broadstone, Letha Brown, Clifford Brown, Myrtle Bueker, Mary Buhl, Clifford Burkhardt, Ruby Burnett, Ruth Butler, John Butz, Ralph Buvinger, Chester Cappel, Verona Carey, Clifford Chambers, William Chappell, Catherine Charles, Mary Chase, Wilbur Christie, Lucy Coffield, Vera Cohen, Pearl Coleman, Deane Coleman, Ruth Conner, Vella Connolly, Anustasia Coplan, Mary Croburn, Robert Crosby, Robert Culp, Charles Cunningham, Noune Davis, Albert Davis, Caroline Davis, Katherine Davis, Kathryn Davy, Harold Deckwitz, Christine Dehne, Edna Detweiler, Anna Mae Doty, Jeanette f--1 A., Dover, Harry Dowling, .loseph Draper, Harold Dubbs, Genia Dunbath, Vernon Duncan, Vance Dunkel, Hazel Dyer, Robert Dyke, La Verne Early, Ruth Eikman, Willis Ellinger, Charlotte Euchenhofer, Robert Exman, Mary Fairchild, Harold Faulkner, Corwin F erguson, Grace Fiala, Charlotte Fields, Lucile Filbert, Margaret Finley, Mary Fishback, Bernice Fischer, Edna Fischer, Emma Fisher, Ruth Fitzgerald, Agnes Fitzgerald, Margaret Folkerth, Mildred Fonarow, Sarah Foreman, Violet Foster, Marcile Francis, Alice Frederick, Vernon Fricke, William Friedman, Deloris Friesinger, Erma Furray, Ruth Gabler, Miriam Garard, W'ilma ORE CLASS SOFHOM W Gerkin, Ruth Geske, Karl Getter, Lona Gohn, George G-oss, Bernice Green, Louise Greene, Raymond Guimaraes, Henrietta Gustin, Milburn Haas, Florian Haas, Freda Hagen.. Karl Hagerman, Cluster Haldeman, Lucile Hamer, Arthur Hampson, Orville Harn, Ruth Harris, Beatrice Harshman, Warren Hattery, Mildred Haverkamp, Leroy Hein, Gertrude Helman, Dorothy Helmbold, Catherine Herbert, Helen Herbst, Isabel Herman, Samuel Hershey, Bernice Hershey, Torrence Hoebner, Miriam Hoffman, Louise Holland, Grace Hommel, Ralph Hopkins, Phillip Horlacher, Esther Housh, Helen Howell, John Hueffleman, Clara Huff, Evelyn Huffman, Robert Hyre, Robert Irvin, Anna Jacobs, Louise Jenkins, Ray John, Hubert Sgp ho mg re 5ifConfinuea'J Johnson, Mary Johnson, Norval Jones, Dorothy Jones, Edna Jonas, Delbert Judis, Anna Judy, Elizabeth Junker, Grace Keller, Eunice Kessler, Lonwayne Kimmerle, Reynold Kirk, Carl Kleinhaus, Elmer Knaack, Maria Kohn, Edwin Kramer, Russel Krampe, Charlotte Kroemer, Emma Kuhlman, Doris Kuhns, Harriet Kunzelman, Alma Kurtz, Ruth Lanz, Catherine Lautenschlager, Albert Leist, Ralph Levin, Belle Lewber, Clarence Light, Theodore Ligo, Floyd Lindamood, Lawrence Lohmes, Kyle Long, Thelma Lutringer, Eugene Lutz, Sophia Lynch, Harold Mahony, Helen Mann, Bessie Markland, Rose Marquardt, Hollister Martin, Wendell Mattlus, La Von McBride, Kenneth McCord, Gladys McCurtin, Joseph McGilliard, Caroline 7 5 McGlaughlin, Margaret McLean, Lawrence Meikleham, Margaret Meyer, Eva Meyers, Maurice Miller, Elsie Miller, Helen Miller, Joseph Miller, Lawrence Miller, Ralph Milliken, Walter Moeller, Helen Montfort, Charles Montfort, Marjorie Moorman, Catherine Morrey, Anona Morton, Bay Moser, Irene Mumma, Glenna Murlin, Edith Murray, Donald Neff, Tressa Neher, Harold Neher, Helen Nester, Ruth Newland, Joseph Nill, Carl Nixon, Doris Nordholt, Louis Norris, Ray 0'Brien, Elizabeth Office, Minnie 0'Ryan, William Pasco, Clarence Peterman, Norbert Phebus, Helen Phipps, Ira Pittman, La Ferne Poock, Edward Pottinger, Frank Powers, Clara Prinz, Wilhelmina Proudfoot, George Balls. Mildred Randall, Kathryn Q5 K' fl X. ff 1 ps X ,, . My 'S-A -R, 'iw' Vx -,lx N lzw X Kb K, xx X 'x is H Tw W' SOPHOMORE CLASS 0 Rausch, Homer Rayner, Pearl Reasoner, George Reck, Florence Reilly, Margaret Rehmert, Gladys Rhodifer, Leo Rice, Glenna Richards, .Alfred Riley, Virginia Robbins, Eleanor Rohman, Esther Rothberg, Eva Routzohn, Henrietta Sage, Dorothy Schaeffer, Elward Scheer, Edythe Schell, Florence Schiebenzuber, Arthur Schutzler, Frederick Schwaningle, Dorthea Sebold, Marie Sexton, Edwin Shaw, Harry Shearer, Roger Sheets, Grace Shoemaker, Beryl Shroads, Lucille Shroder, Leah Shropshire, Kenneth Shutts, Dorothy Skelly, Clinton Slattery, Dorothy Slaven, Ohmer Smedley, James Smith, Emerson Smith, Helen Sgp 1101110 reg-1 fConlinuea'9 Smolar, Frank Sodders, Pearl Sorber, Rosella Souslin, Marion Spangler, Isabelle Spector, Jenny Sprague, Robert Srode, William Staehlin, Edna Staeuble, Katherine Stahl, Esther Stechow, Lester Sterns, Helen Stephans, Walter Stevenson, Ralph Stoner, Louise Stottlemeyer., Samuel Strankamp, Edward Strayer, Naomi Stuessel, Kenneth Stutsman, Robert Sullivan, Guiendolyn Sullivan, Henry Swager, Janet Tague, Thelma Tapper, Mildred Tejan, Neva Tharp, Leona Thase, Mary Thompson, Robert Thum, Albert Tiedt, Harold Tilton, Louis Tinnerman, Thelma Tobias, Adamae Todd, Robert Tolliver, Elizabeth Townsley, Robbin Trentman, Marcella Tumbusch, August Versic, Charles Vett, Gertrude Volkerth, Lawrence Wagner, Charles Walden, Louise Walter, Grace Weber, Cora Weigel, Mildred Weinstern, Aaron Welch, Arthur Werner, Frank Wetzel, Elsie Wetzel, Mildred Weyer, Minnie Whalen, Bernice Whitacre, Ralph Wietzel, Ruth Williams, Forest Williams, Ozella Williamson, Roy Wise, Minnie Wolfe, Florence Wood, Catherine Wood, Gladys Woodard, Harold Woods, John Workman, Harry Wright, Inez Young, Martin Zimmerman, Bernie Zimmerman, Sarah Zuercher, William The very staff of my age, my very prop. - 77 C SS ESHMAN CLA FR 1, WMI lil lllilltllllalllllllllllNIllNIlllllllllillllllllIIWIIIIIHIIIIIIIIYIIIMILI1l!llWlHflIlIllllllIWMHlllmlllllllIIIHIVIH!HEHHHIlflllVHI1IIMl!MfllJl llll num Il IHIHIIIIIHHIilflilllllillllll lllh IMMIIIHIHITIIIIIl'UIUIHlIllll'MVllIlMU lmwllwlllllllllhllmlimfllllllllwtWlllllll!IH HIWIWWI I I mmf ' IIMH Nfl I it W na My K . nBqD.N ., M V N Andrews, Mary Atkin, Philip Bader, Pauline Baldwin, Thelma Barnes, Margaret Barnett, Frederick Bateman, Howard Bates, Marcella ' Bender, Mary Benson, Josephine Berger, Margaret Beyer, Elsa Blair, Donald Blair, Mary Elizabeth Bleile, liucile Bodey, Ainsworth Bowman, Mildred Braun, Margaret Brewer, Thomas Brinker, Thelma Brown, Morris Bube, Charlotte Burrous, Katherine Chitwood, Gladys Coppack, Loralie Colson, Robert Cosler, Ruth Couser, Gladys Cralner, lvillard Cromer, Sara Curtner, Edna Dellinger, Clarence Derby, Eleanor Dill, Marjorie Doughmay, Foster Dungan, 'l'alma Earnst, Eleanor Eckert, Eva Ellison, Ida England, Walter Feldman, Andrew Feih, Elmer Fiala, Herbert Fisher, Gladys Fogle, Myrtle Forrer, Kenneth Forsberg, Frederick Frank., Leon Fraver, Velma Friedman, ,lack Ganglulf, Florence Garlickor, Abraham Garlickor, Dora Gaskowitz, Sarah Giauby, Dorothy Ginstie, Virginia Griep, Hester Gross, Ruth Guswold, Mayer Haldeman, Hazle Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Margaret Hamiel, Ralph Hamilton, Florence Hamilton, Oliver Hammer, Marjorie Harshbarger, Norma Hartley, James Hartman, Charles Hartman, Mabel Hauek, Louis Hendrickson, llene Herlimon, Dorothy Herrman, Thomas Hiester, Florence Highfill, Lester Hills, Dorothy Hilt, Marie Hodson, Mary Hodson, Orpha Hoffman, Mildred Hooke, Doris Hormel, Wilailiile Houck, Gladys Huffman, Doris Hummel, Robert Huston, Hazle Hyll, Ludmilla .lef'ferson, Everett Jonas, Ray Jones, Ralph Kabel, Helen Keyer, Louis Kline, Stanley FRESHMAN CLASS Freshmen-fConfifwedJ Koeker, Marie Krueger, Mildred Laker, Esther Lawton, Catherine Leigh, Lovell Liesman, Clarence Leisure, Harland Leonard, Julia Leonard, Marjory Loeb, Harriet Lunbeck, Wayne Lutz, Gaylord Maag, Carl Maag, La Verne Marshall, Leona Marquardt, Frederic Mathews, Paul Maus, John McCain, Vernon McCullough, Arion McDargh, Ruth Meck, Eleanor Melampy, Marion Miller, Fred Must, Ruthanna Nowlin, Mary Ochlenschlager, Mildred Clt, Thedore Parrish, James Patricoff, Solomon Peele, May Peters, Doris Plessinger, Gerald Poepplemeier, Richard Potter, Irvin Potterf, Dorothy Potterf, Louise Prinz, Margaret Raffel, Alvin Randolph, Mildred Reinhardt, Gladys Rhcin, Helen Rhorer, Mabel Rion, Paul Rockey, Forrest Rogers, Evelyn Roll, Crayton Rost, Frederick Ruehl, William Ruel, Irene Samuel, Elmer Schleret, Raymond Schwab, Vernon Scott, Sue Selby, Earl Shaeley, Dorothy Shapiro, Abe Shelton, Wendell Sims, Corliss Sine, Eleanor Slapin, Aaron Smith, Grace Smith, Mildred Snyder, Frank Stahl, John Steeley, Dorothy Steinbugge, Carl Stephenson, Earl Stewart, Louise Stutz, Forrest Sullivan, Hermenia Surrel, Mildred Tejan, Heber MTheobold, Mildred Thomson, Mary Tinnerman, Donald Tracy, 'Victor Trautman, Philip Valentine, Grace Wachosky, William Wagner, Nora Walters, Richard Weisner, Marcia Wertz, Ruth Williams, Gertrude Wilson, Frank Wilson, Wilma Winfield, Thelma Winger, Mildred Wooley, Grace Worschwill, Gertrude Young, Denver Zartman, Irene Zellar, Mary Can One Desire Too Much of a Good Thing? CO-OPERATIVE HIGH SCHOOL WIMWWMMMW 'W mmmmwwwmwwwwu ' WWW "" MWMMM Nineteen hundred twenty Robt. Francis Donald Gains Millard Cast Arthur Rumer Albert Hoersting Dale Hopkins Carrol Kaufman Milton McGee Nino .Iolm Olmsted James Lindsey Herman Poock Ellwood Kurtz Russel Leonard Lois Howich Robert McNary Willard Bratten I. C. Ostendorf Earl Middlestetter Earl Morrin Lloyd Palmer Lawrence Smales Edgar Terry George Wallace James Wallace teen hundred twen ty-one Harry Berman Harold Bowman Herbert Braun Robert Coble Robert Dickenshee Homer Harris Fred Hillgruber Pascal Kessler Kinsley Gantt -x J ts HOOL SC C0-OPERATIVE HIGH W Co-operative Higb Scbool--1 Conrmuedb Nineteen hundred twenty Wm. Biddle Philip Flegel Richard Garster Wm. Heffner Hubert Holtvoigt Alfred Kalter Harold Morgan Richard Niekamp Ninetee Remus Elliot Robert Lukey Honus McCormick Sylvester Miller Bernard Puthofl' Edward Yackley Herbert Brusman Vincent Knierim Paul Rohman Paul Volkert Paul Schneble Carl Schaefer Wm. Kramer Lawrence Killian John Hopkins hundred twenty-one L. H. Rhein Otto Boeck Robert Huston Harry Burkert Roy Wetzel Houston Miller Joseph Winger Herbert Descll 85 N . 5 v A' : .. ,hah 1' ' T .AWG -E -N.. ,i .. x f ,. M gguu gf , ww- !!! I vp " vin'-s,-an 'Qi s ! K rw' Rich the treasure, Sweet the pleasure, Sweet ispleasure after pain 88 1Nll'lHIlLlE'l1'lIcCS fIz'f.f-'Qj'F-,-j- lr 1-, 1, . H.,-, ,,Q3,5ik-Y ,5,.,,,y,-5553 13 , I I.-3,-Hwig-f-.gi1g'.,f:-'a,, ,'.' L A -' . ' f General Survey ffggixgn pp. HE termination of the present school year brings to a close one of Q.-J. nf the most successful years in athletics Stivers has ever enjoyed, igasw due to the splendid showing of all her representative teams. cg I it Especially should the history of this year's basketball team be written in shining letters. There are several factors responsible for our records. First, the co-operation of the faculty and student body: second, the en- thusiasm of our principal, and third, the spirit of the boys who made up the various teams. 'W e are sure of having the first two again next year, but how about the third? For the last several years a certain group of boys have borne the brunt of all our athletic battles. Graduation this year is going to take three boys from us, so others must take their places if we are to continue to make history in the athletic world. There are enough splendid fellows in the incoming Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes who would be able to step in and carry on the work of the men we lose this year if they but possessed the "I will'7 spirit. Too many of our boys think ul can't." They don't try out, and consequently they never make the team. lf every boy in Stivers next year was imbued with the "I will" spirit, the results accomplished would far surpass anything we have ever attained. TRY OUT, FELLOVVS! Develop your bodies and mind. Occasionally one hears the criticism that athletics are only for the fewg that all athletic facilities -are monopolized by a few boys who are already well trained and developed physically. The scenes in the school gymnasiums soon dispel that idea. The increasing patronage at games and our large Athletic Association mem- bership have placcd the association in a very flourishing financial condition. The Athletic Council is considering one or two propositions for next year which will prove big assets to the school. One is to be a beautiful trophy case in which we can display our many basketball cups to all our friends and visitors. Prospects for championships next year are very bright. With a number of veterans for the teams, a good coach, and with the earnest and hearty support of the entire student body and faculty, Stivers should have winning teams. Let us all pull together for lnore championships at Stivers. W. H. MARQUARDT. 90 Stivers St ivers Stivers Stivers Stivers Stivers Stivers Stivers 1 . btivers ,,,..,..,,., Stivers btivers .....,....,. ...-....69 vs t w . Eaton ............... vs. Cedarville ,...,., State Champs REGULAR SCHEDULE Q 2 . .1 .21 Stlvers. ,,,.... Stivers ....,,,,...A sl-1 vs. 47 vs. Bryan ....,.,..,,.. Wzlite, Toledo N. W. Detroit. Marietta .,......, Lancaster .,,,,,, Marietta ..,.,.... Portsmoutli .. Liberty ,,,..,,,... Columbus YV. Cambridge ..... Akron Central 17 24 16 -1-6 vs. A1llII'1lll ..,. ,,,,, 2 6 Stivers .,,.,...,... 19 vs. -1-1 vs. Columbus ..... 9 Stivers .....,...... 45 vs 44 vs. Athens .............. 26 Stivers ..v...,...,. 32 vs. 19 vs. Hamilton .......... 13 Stivers ....,.....,. 38 vs 73 vs. Piqua .....l..,....... 13 Stivers .......,.,., 36 vs 25 vs. Steele ..... ........ 1 6 Stivcrs .,........,, 50 vs. btivers ............ 21 vs. Steele ................ 23 DELAWARE TOURNAMENT 41 vs. Williamsport .... 1 Stivers ,,.......... 17 vs. 34- vs. Delaware .......... 8 Stivers .,.,.,...... 20 vs. 23 vs. Columbus N ,..... 10 Stivers .,...,,..... 29 vs. CHICAGO TOURNAMENT Stivers ...,, ....,... 3 9 vs. Altoona, Pa. ................... . Stivers ,,... ....,,.. 2 8 vs. Kalamazoo, Micll. ......... . Stivers ...v.........,.. 21 vs. Boone, Iowa ........ ...,...,. Stivers ,.,.......,..... 19 vs. Wingate, Ind. ...... ......... 3 3 91 BASKETBALL TEAM Basket Ball Survey The 1919 and 1920 basketball season consisted of twenty-seven games. Of these games seventeen were on our regular schedule, six were played at Delaware and four at Chicago. This was one of the hardest schedules Stivers has ever had, for it meant Stivers had to meet the strongest teams in Ohio. Our motto this year was "On to Dclawaref' the State Tournament, then "To Chicago," the National Tournament. After winning eight straight games at home, the teams took a northern trip to play Bryan High School, Waite of Toledo, and Northwestern of Detroit, Michigan. To the latter team in an overtime game went the victory. Two weeks later, the team went on a southern trip to play Lancaster, Mari- etta and Portsmouth, and won in all these games. The cry then was M011 to Delaware." Delaware this year meant more to Stivers than any other before, as the winning of the State Tournament meant the keeping of the big cup, which is the highest honor any high school in Ohio has ever won at the Ohio Wesleyan University Tournament. This cup was to go to the high school winning it three times. Out of five times, Stivers won it three, which brought the cup as a possession to Stivers. Leaving Dayton on a "Delaware Special," six hundred rooters created much enthusiasm and kept burning the winning spirit. The first three games played were comparatively easy, but the fourth game was very hard. It was played with the team which eliminated Steele High School in the afternoon, and was out to eliminate Stivers in the evening. The first half of the game with West High of Columbus ended with West High in the lead by one point, and only in the last four minutes of play did Stivers defeat them by a score of 17 to 9, placing them in the 'ffinalsf' For the Southern Ohio Championship, Stivers defeated Cambridge with ease. This victory gave the team a chance to win the State Championship. Cen- tral High School of Akron and Stivers fought a hard game from the beginning to the end. Stivers won the State Championship for the third time, by defeating Akron 28 to 19. On the following Tuesday our team left for Chicago to attend the National Tournament, held under the auspices of the University of Chicago. The teams competing in this tournament were there by special invitation, and to receive an invitation was an honor, as only the teams having made a good showing were invited. Stivers team was asked to represent the State of Ohio. In the tournament our team played Altoona, Pa., Kalamazoo, Mich., Boone, Iowa, and Wingate, Ind. Stivers was successful in combating the First three teams, the champions of their respective states, but was defeated in the last contest. Stivers was the last eligible high school that played in the tournament, as Wingate and Crawfordsvillc High Schools were not recognized by the Indiana State High School Association. This national tournament closed the most interesting and most successful basketball season ever experienced by the students and team of Stivers. 93 7 HARRY SCHWAB-Captain 191.9-Center Harry--father of the basketball team-a champion player one who knows the game thoroughly and plays skillfully. For two years he led the team to victory-State Champs-and was chosen All State Center. JAKE MATUSOFF-R. Forward-Captain 1920 fjakel 66W2tCl1 little Jake" was the opponent's cryg but that is all they could do, 'awatch him." We are glad that he has an- other year at Stivers and will captain next year's team. 94 9 HARVEY SCHWAB--R. Guard 1QHossil Harvey, the mainstay of Stivers defence, will be in his old position next season. "Hoss,', master in the art of guarding, was chosen All-Star Guard at Chicago. "Steve" played his part with vigor. He seldom let his opponent score. STEVE ZAPPE-Guard HERMAN POOCK-Left Guard 6'Whitey" was the Wind" of the season. He was every- where in the same minute, as swift as a flash of lightning. We are glad he will be with us next year. 95 JOHN HOPKINS-Forward Although '6Hoppy" did not play in all of the games he made a splendid showing when called upon to do his bit. SAM HERMAN-Forward a'Sam" made his presence felt in the games in which he played. We are expecting big things from him next year. VERNON SCHWAB-Left Forward '4Bum" did a big part in making the Schwab name famous. Much was expected of him next year, but owing to an unfortunate accident, he will be unable to play. 4V Sch Basket ball has been carried into every sophomore and freshman room in Stivers. After playing out the schedule, the above team emerged the winner of the sophomore class. 97 Here is the winning team of the freshman class. Next year they will make excellent material for the school team. Upon them rests the responsibility of maintaining our standard in basket ball. 98 The football season was not filled with winning scores and unhdundedren- thusiasm. The team, however, tried to bring victory, but did not get results,'cli1e largely to the lack of practice. The sport has many followers in our school and next year will be pushed with a "winning" spirit. Stivers ,.,. ...... 4 0 West Alex. ................. ..... . . 6 Stivers ,,,,.,. ...... 9 9 Wilmington, Ohio, ....... .... , .. 0 Stivers ...,.., ...... 6 Middletown ...... ..., . . ....... 33 Stivers ,,,, ,........ 64 O. S. S. D. ..... ........... 0 Stivers Rain Piqua ............ Rain Stivers .... ......... 1 39 Richmond ....... . .... . Stivers Stivers Hamilton ..... Steele .,,..... 0 .......19 .,,....33 FOOTBALL TEAM +5 i 'm ix N ,, ! Q i x E is I . E is X gli. sv? In--6 . t GQKWA CLETUS SILLIN-,Captain 1919-Quarter Back 'aTiner" captained his team well. At quarter he played a fast and brainy game for the Orange and Black. His absence next year will be felt. ws 1- QE me .34 BERNARD STEVENS-Captain 1920 "Bennie" will ca tain the team next ear. P Y Much is expected from the team under this upep- py" chap. 101 ,i Q Mg , 5 f ., Q .... ws- STEVE ZAPPE L. Tackle 46ZupPke79 ROBERT LUKEY R. Tackle 66BOb97 ERNEST ALTICK L. End "Ernie" CLIFFORD LANG Center 56Kick77 MARVIN RUTAN R. Guard GGROOU7 ELLSWORTH YOUNG R. Half Mpiggyw 102 DAVID SNYDER R. Guard 'LZeke" HARVEY SCHWAB L. Tackle "Hose" HARRY SCHWAB R. End "Big Smokew VERNQON TIMMERMAN Center '4Certie" HOWARD THIELE L. Guard "Dutch" FRANK SILLIN Full Back "Young Nuisance" 103 TEAM BASE BALL 0 A 1 ,fu 'i if' . .13 HA ,wi Q! Juke Matusoff, Captain April 24 ,...... April 30 ....... May 5 ..., May 7 .... May 14 May 2l,. May 29,. June 2 ,, ,l une 5 .... BASEBALL SCHEDULE 5 Stivers Stivers Stivers Stivers Stivcrs Stivcrs Stivcrs Stivers Stivers Germantown Middletown Miamisbnrg Troy Piqua Steele O. S. S. U., Xenia Steele Hamilton 06 TRACK TEAM "Steve" Zappe, Captain Although the track season could not be called a suc- cess from the viewpoint of victories won, much was done in the way of production of efficient material. Two meets were heldg one at Oxford, where 13 points were won by S. Zappe, R. Blood, and A. Clem- ensg and the other at Columbus, where 2 points were gained by R. Blood. 1 107 I 108 Girls' Athletics This year the girls took part in various phases of gymnas- tics. By means of national folk dances and other dances, such as .lim Crow, Ace of Diamonds and Peter Pan Schottische, they were taught the love of rhythm and song. They were instructed in different calisthenics in order to improve their carriage and build up a greater power of resistance. As a means of develop- ing self-reliance and courage, stunts on the apparatus were ac- complished. The gym was also the scene of' much merriment and excite- ment, when hotly contested games ensued. The girls showed their alertness in mind and body when they played Dodge Ball and End Ball. A spirit of co-operation was established by means of team relays. Because of the brilliant t?J plays exhibited in Kick Ball and Indoor Base Ball, the girls are seriously contem- plating joining tlie Cincinnati Reds! The classes were given an opportunity to show their skill in field and track events. The following records were made: Standing Broad ,lump-Ruth Mayer .,..,,.,,..,.,..,..,,,,.,,,..,.. 7 ft. 3 in. High ,lump--Mildred Halls ....................... .... ......,.. 3 f t. ll in. Basket Ball Far Throw-A. Kunzelman ,......, .....,......... 4 0 ft. Hop-Step-,lump-Catherine Teeter ............... .......... 2 6 ft. 7 in. 110-Yard Run-Esther Hoebner ............... . ......... 18 seconds Triple Broad ,lump---Esther Hoebner ,.........,,........................ 23 ft. The interest shown in basket ball resulted in the election of a team to represent each class. In an elimination contest, the seniors were victorious. The first game of the tournament was between the freshmen and sophomores, the sophomores elimin- ating the freshmen by a score of 10 to 1. The second game, the junior and senior contest, resulted in a victory for the seniors, with a score 12 to 3. When the juniors and freshmen were elim- inated, the deciding game was played between the sophomores and seniors. Unusual excitement prevailed throughout this game. The sophomores went into it, with the determination of breaking the unusual record of the seniors. The magnificent work of the sophomore guards kept the seniors from scoring many points, but the quickness and team work of the seniors brought them victory. As the final whistle blew the score stood 4 to 3 for the senior team, which has held the championship for two years. The years 1919-1920 in the athletic field has been a busy and profitable one for the girls. The girls are proving to themselves the advantage of physical development. 109 - 5- ' fiss'wf'siQ.1 ' 1 " " QM " f' 1- .K S 4, . ,, af 4 wi. 2 Q-J. AM - . .,,. in V R. gk- Q 1 ' A 5 - ? .Ig 5. ., ,5 A .L 3 f A r nn i ,Q V' l92Q' A iii . 1 , . S ,Sy V Wmfi A' , is ' i -Vw Q nfl 3 r-iilS'3sie: ' . P ESTHER HOEBNER-Captain Qlflight wardj Our captain is allways called 6'Pal,,' Who's surely some athletic "gal." For the dance, for the jumps, Shefs never a grump, This wonderful leader named "Pal." 110 i x 1 1 1 For- CATHERINE TEETER fLeft Guardj A star on the team is our "Kate." When the ball comes, she's never too late. With a leap and a bound She rushes around And cages the "pill" simply great! MARIAN CHRISTIAN fRight Guardj There's a darby right guard we call "Mac, She'll hit the old ball a hard crackg And then, since you ask it, It sails for the basket, Rolls round, and then in, with a whack. MARTHA IRVIN fRight Guardj A basket ball wonder is "Martha," On the floor she's a marvellous party. And she works with much vim She just lives in the gym. And the cheers of the team are most hearty 111 CARRIE REHLING gCenterj I know of a girlie called "Slim,', Who keeps in the best kind of trimg When her team lacks a point, Her long arm will unjoint, So she's popular now, down in gym. HELEN BROWNLEE QRight Forwardy We have a right forward in "Betty," When the whistle blows, she sure is ready. ,lust give her the ball Right in it will fall- Her aim is quite true and steady. MARY FRANCES CHITWOOD QLeft Forwardj On the basket ball team there's a "Fairy,,' She's all over the floor, she's so airyg Of speed she's the symbol, Her dodge is so nimble- The team yells, '5That,s good work, my cherry!" Opponents cease thinking it funny. 112 RUTH DORNBUSCH 1Left Forwardj In "Chubby, you,ll find a good shotf She's there, and then she is not. Shess swift as a deer, You never need fear, Sheas always right on the spot. RUTH MAYER 1Left Forwardj A speedy left forward is "Bliss" And quite an athletic young miss. When she leaps in the air The opponents all stare And quickly their last hopes dismiss. MARIE LERCH iL6fI Guardp A wonderful left guard is "Sunny," She gives hope with smiles, sweet as But when she starts throwing, The ball keeps on going- Opponents cease thinking it funny. 113 honey 114 I F P 5 x 4 1 1 ,YW -,.. W , , Y . , .1 115 i 116 Coapm 5mzIc5 '4- f a 21 Cf 4' Ar-risrs ??? GLUE: " M 1? ' :G 9 I-HQ 4 I fe , -?.1 '?'. V' ,E 1 , , f,.x an A I 1 X! " I V Yakima '5cL'Sfj'gSf..wHs:.x So Boss! , , W -1 ur ,Q , 2 5 J, a V3 :aw as fb? A A' rly 6, G1 .5 :E rs my gg' ' k 4 - IH " L1 3 , 12? ' , x UQGY' f ' 1-PV, s. 951 " EJ? Twp-5 f Forfmeretfes A? 5 ! .51 ,i f ,. W. if F. x ' 1 ' T4 Q Yiffg, Ny GOO? , 2 A f " f' , ff 'L' A J 117 OOD company and goocl cliscourse are the Very sine'v0s of virtue. 118 W-Ox E ..5' 8 I Him X . J Fi' L V fl y as f fl' J y I ' N. I AA'A sw In Q , i, rg ' f X ' -4 5 ':" L KK f Q 7' R 1, L , ff, u .I Sd S0994 . COOK, I, gg x I 'Q, I ,:V 3 1 4 f' 43 I . J5 f I I . 5 :if --f , x. I y? - , ' if? 'f' Q Mo- 4 1 "IW f I I ., 1, X 'TIEN3 ACTIVITIES . I f 2 'h ig L f A- I ,- f 119 2 Qn Q15 'TN W NN in '5 . ffwtkt W I 1 'Q X 1 hi N u : Q , Q e - Q' My mg. Xu? 1 Nineteen hundred twenty Eulalah Ashmore Rhea Ashwood Margaret Brand Mary Fulton Mildred Gayer Harriet Grey Miriam Krampe Ninetec Velma Brentlinger Bessie Ganzer Lillian Hancock Helen Lawler Ninetee Eloise Ashwood Velma Baker La Creta Berlo Ruth Burnett Ruby Burkhardt Christine Deckwitz Ruth Mayer Mildred Robert Ruth Rupel Hanza Schutzler Dorothea Trapp Theodora Trapp n hundred twenty-line May Lively Loring Mumma Ruth Nolte May Procuniar n hundred twenty-two Hazel Dunkel Isabel Herbst Alma Kunzleman Marjorie Montfort Ozella Williams Nineteen hundred twenty-three Margaret Braun Thelma Baldwin Thelma Windfield Marion Schlesinger, Adviser 121 ff, H? ' as V , V an N- r ' ' fL" f'Y1:QiL V SiN W-Dfw'-.-," 'iff iw' ' x wa--VV .V - - -VV V ' V - V if S z. ,. ?5Zz..wg2gg!VRg3wg:f-ew - K ' - , N- . Y, A V f A - 1 .. . FV H. , . V A I-- ?'vf.,5 ?i. 45? -t gm- '- V ' if Q W3 NF Q , f f-L , -F- H V -y 4. -- , ' ,fu KL 7 K h - 5 ' Q 'Q 21, 1 P if T . .. . Q A iV 4 x ' V, L- - V W--1ffV.wr V if W Q A Wi V . Q 2- ' 7 Wi- QW 9 , K ', 'SZ-91. , k. W .ffiffg ' ' ' 43 Q' M .E " . V f -' V- my --+1 V' 1 , - - ' ,EM w., -fV2'f'4sLl.f, - -. A. -, V " - u , : .3 'Y "' 1 i -.V -- ,, ,- -iiv , V' V M .V I 'HQ gig, I K fl , -V - , ,V V5 - A fi A Lf ' -1' Q2 mf ' f .W Ei . 't . - , VV. . s A .1 V X5-wwf 5:58 ' ,U ,ef R TQ. Ili, ' ' . ff .f f fgmwixm X ' -V 1 V 5,31-V V- . A 1 NF?-,5-f-ex k -ywgqf-.,1 L 511-mwb' A H ,W -Q ' .ug ,xv- J: 79.v3PCYV1'I sip' - 1 'mfs-t -- XM- VV L. ' gp V: ..., V251 5, . V- La" .:,g..g-X, H - V f- VV - NVQ .. -V A ' Q-,e -.-- . .V:g.,:p,5,uf1.:-1,22 '- ' .V -534-zgw '. -. xg, . - K VS Q XL 2 QW V 1 ff V ' +2215 - Q V --V-V 9. 9 f 4 ' ggw. . V I Fw., ' , ' . Qs ..,:??sf?1,gizf 5 , 1 4- F1 fMVsis5:if-X' w--1-32 fggif- ' ' v - . , Mx ' 'Z 7 - ' ' E 3 5 V 5' 4T'f?!Q M5 Xi M: Y V I fig- a 5? . V ' H :Elf . ff f 1-:Q , , .. WV 5' A V K V:-:mt - lim. Vi--VV-ff? K V vw 'wh 2f?Z-mfs. Ps Mi ' -Kam g - ifiitf 4-2 - 1 maxi wi . V. A 5 VEg3Z5iVV.fVq..W- --rf Vmg- , .fi-x.....,V-LV1 -K. ...FM - .QM 1 ' , .Vu 2 5 -Q gsgzge K wg . EGFR? - iziyts 55322.-ggzsf 'vai- , 5 , 5 255532 0- --Qs. 5 ' if MV, as-frlfiif 5355. , W - - 72-3+-if, V .1 EQ W K li'-'51, g.?Y1iJ' ' 553'-' 'L 1' TVN' ,A Lffffiiiw- 7 f ?iQ?5'?V,f 1' if ' - VS-- sVVV1w kEQ+-gf52'--Q- , f - ' ...V few. - 4 - S, 5 1 ,-Lf , . il" . V 115 V-M . -f- .ff-gz? Vf Q Qfggx 7' M -V f- VJ 354.5511 -2-tpj if . 1- Vg-. 'X 354951 ' - 'XZ Ei 53: -3 ,V -FX: LV . TE. V . , f41:f'i'7i,l V . HV 3 5. gs: zrzi Q 1 Y V ' 1- wif -- VV wk :gf , , - V ,:V ,nary .V5.Vj19gg k 4 guy Q, -' ,ff V 5 . '- - 5-2-fix ' - - Q - Wfigzm. ,. .wi--f V 4 ff : - ' .,.'::'V1.-f :sur A N E. T"72sf?if5if3Q2f?+f--4-X ff?ffr?1fslZ'f' g-'E--5'-1:4 we-u,!x 4 . A f . lf' x , .V Q sf' W! . H 'r rf V V V . H 'MV ' 52' fax QQMHVQQT -QaS5!:2w41w1Vvf-Q-v:gjPx5f..V--5 Vqg Kg V, g. . f 4 1 T . V 3 ,5 f- . L 1 L1S1,gliVZ,i!.vQQ T fiQ's'535.-5as??VV-'-l:Sffi"rwM -Q1 wspgi- w sf 122 5+ if gl 'llllllllll h nun. nu p sf ll. il! Nineteen hundred twenty Mary Andres Helen Chambers Irene Kilbourne Nita Morrey Clara Noble Lera Pipes Nineteen Edith Bryan Alberta Ginstie Stella Grisso Dorothy Hartnett Katherine Roehm Nineteen Deane Coleman Henrietta Cuimaraes Helen Herbert Elsie Tate Ada Van Horn Irma Weyrich Helen Wolf Helen Young hundred twenty-one Ava Shawhan Helen Slaght Thelma Tapper Jessie Westwater Helen Zink hundred twenty-two Anona Morrey Mildred Tapper Nineteen hundred twenty-three Virginia Ginstie Margaret Hall Dorothy Herlimon Ruth Wenz Winifred M. Ryder, Adviser 123 E i 5 ! 124 I 4, i 'al 'INK 29 Eg. N 113 ' -sg. imrx ' -4.1 1. in f ' W' En BVI fi: S3 si af -nm .4 em: koi? :I-jcqb . -'xLg: 1 N- gf., FT 611 41" t A cf .1 In - .0 414 Nineteen hundred twenty Annabelle Bohlender Helen Brownlee Estella Eck Esther Hoebner Edna Kelly Nineteen Thanet 'Cridland Vesper Donley Mildred Fogleman Catherine Frasch Marie Geske Margaret Hendrichs Nineteen Ruth Fisher Miriam Hoebner Doris Kuhlman Nineteen Marjorie Dill Norma Harshbarger Mary Hudson Orpha Hodson Charlotte Larsen Edna Millonig Helen Shetterly Edith Weyrich Edna Weyrich hundred twenty-one Dorothy Hyman Miriam Kuhlman Mildred Liesman Alma Millonig Frances Schantz Margaret Smith hundred twenty-two Edith Murlin Elizabeth O'Brien Thelma Tinnerman hundred twenty-three Julia Leonard Eleanor Meek Mildred Theobald Mary Thompson Effie M. McKinney, Adviser 125 L r W 5 126 P , ,, ' Zia 1+ S l ty' 'll I I 'i 191 Jil' xx I Z, Nineteen hundred twenty Veatrice Black Marjorie Bratton Mary Chitwood Marion Christian Ruth Dornbusch Leona Engler Treva Etter Tillie Feldman Florence Fischer Dorothy Hiller Martha Irvin Mildred Kauffman Leona Oscherwitz Irene Powell Carrie Rehling Ida Rigg Catherine Teeter Nineteen hundred twenty-one Maude Adams Grace Dixon Celia Ellison Mildred Friesinge Georgia Glen Mildred ,luday Thelma Jackson r Laura McEnheimer Nineteen hundred twenty-two Erma Friesinger Anna Irvin Grace ,Iunker Jennie Spector Nineteen hundred twenty-three Gladys Chitwood Edna Cnrtner Gladys Fisher Mildred Kreuger Louise Potterf Margaret Prinz Dorothy Steely Martha K. Schauer, Adviser 127 128 El Estudiante Nineteen hundred twenty Fred Albert Irma Dohse Margaret Kasemwn Marie Lerch Frances Mitholf N inetee Carl Borland Albert Feth Helen Neu Vivian 0'Maley Ninctee Robert Mithofl' Erwin Nash Aaron Studybaker Ruth Woischwill n hundred twenty-one Katharine Roser Luther Schaeff Vera Scheibenberger n hundred twenty-two Leo Rhodifer Lester Stechow Nineteen hundred twenty-three Ludmilla Hyll . . M Lydia ildred Randolph P. Galloway, Adviser 129 F K "L I F' 130 Musical Nineteen hundred twenty Hazel Ceorgi Grayce Hartley N invteen hundred twenty-one Katherine Fogle Nineteen hundred twenty-two Grace Althoff Marie Andrew Helen Appleton Noune Cunningham Anna Mae Detwiler Deloris Friedman Bernice Hershey Emma Kroemer Belle Levin Catherine Moorman Helen Mahoney Margaret Meikleham Eva Meyer Margaret McGlaughin Pearl Reyner Florence Reck Lucile Shroads Louise Stoner Eclythe Sheer Dorothy Slattery Mary Thase Ruth Wetzel Florence Wolf Mary Exman ' A. Lenore Ritchey, Adviser 131 92 Q .1 u ff! L5 B D-3 1132 Y. W. C. A. Clula Nineteen hundred twenty Annabelle Bohlender Marian Christian Irene Kilbourne Maryanna Clingman Dorothy Hiller Helen Valentine Rhea Ashwood Nineteen Leona Stolz Helen Neu Annette Hermes 'Theckla Zeller Mildred Liesman Harriet Krick Bernice Meredith Helen Brownlee Nita Morrey Erma Sauers Grayce Hartley Mary Fulton Ruth Rupel hundred twenty-one Laura McEnheimer Mildred Juday Eleanor Bergman Elsie Abshire Helen Stevens Margaret Neusock Nineteen hundred twenty-two Miriam Gabler Grace Valentine LaFerne Pittman Anona Morrey Nineteen hundred twenty-three Irene Zartman Arline Peel Irene Ruel 133 134 36330 xx 2 fits! A, 1 7517036 ., ,I .gf " A it l REL R O 'Y-' -J .., U 11- 44" Nineteen hundred nineteen Joseph Cowden Noel Greenlee Nineteen hundred twenty Lester Bernhard Harold Carmony Donald Howard Nineteen hundred Wendell Camp William Bitler Earl Ditmar Robert Huston Franklin McCann Louis Keller Jo. Rosensweet Robert Walters twenty-One Walter Smith Leonidas Voltz Blanford Weaver Louis Williams Nineteen hundred twenty-two Carl Andlauer Aaron Weinstein Nineteen hundred twenty-three Mayer Griswold John Stahl Frederic Marquardt Aaron Slapin Fred Miller Fred Rost Richard Poppelmeir R. Worst, Adviser 3 N' 14,7 W are x x . V1 .7 ' 3 Q5 i' V if t f I IW wifi, H 'vm Wm Emir. , Q 4: Bri' , I ,, .1ui?'Xe V -"X ' in "" 'mi 'rm' YM 3 WSW Nineteen hundred twenty Ernest Altick Sunny Brenneman Clarence McCabe Paul Snyder Nineteen hundred Willard Bratten Wilbur Heinz Charles Hoffman Robert Huber Nineteen hundred William Chambers Robert Dyer Kenneth Berk Louis Tilton Hollister Marquardt Kenneth Shropshire Roy Williamson Robert Stewart Howard Thiele Bernard Wietzel twenty-one Nevin Beam Edwin Alexander Raymond Fisher Herman Wenning twenty-two George Cohn Frank Pottinger Charles Wagner Lawrence McLain William O'Ryan Clifford Carey Nineteen, hundred twenty-three Theodore Olt J. C. Boldt, Adviser 138 A 5' -5 LK? Nineteen hundred twenty George Wallace Lloyd Palmer Paul Volkert Harold Morgan James Wallace George Tate Carrol Kauffman Nineteen hundred twenty-one Ross Douglas Elmer Wachter Warren Braun Robert Scholl Clarence Wolfensparger Robert McNary Fred Moorman Alvin Clemens Nineteen hundred twenty-two Kyle Lohmes Eugene Lettringer Russel Kramer Harold Lynch Elmer Kleinhaus F. C. Stanton, Adviser 139 S- fllgia N 3 .g, .i ' ' 3 R f' lg Ziff. f - .fffzr A 94, 2: f- I .Q 3 sf f 1: f i w? E . 5 W . 1' 5. -H 1 'R 5 1 , X, 3' 5 x L 2 Ev? . gl . 'ir ik 4 S4 a w, 5 an f i 'fl E fy gg ,f fa., JW za . ti xl li 1 U L, wg, 1. V Q A Q 3 Q -5. '- 5 Kiki 5 ,gif s ' 5 M 1 'H , ,c as K . X ,Q + Ng. H .33 5 ix X Xara Q AEA 5' Lf I 4 xg was Y -4-Q ,+'i' .,: it 1 StiN7ers Orchestra First Violins Second Violins Sara ,lane Anderson Ralph Baldwin Robert Baumheckel Nevin Beam William Bitler Harold 0. Black Julia Bonner Carl Breidenbaeh Morris Brown Helen Chambers Margaret Chambers Bass Viol Robert Graham Horn Corliss Sims Ruth Cosler Francis L. Hasenstab Wilbur Heinz Catherine Howett Irene Kilbourne Albert Lautenschlager Ruth Mayer ,lohn Mclntire Eldon Reynolds Marcia Weisller Flutes Wilbur Chase Donald Howard Ruth MeDargh Velma Baker Myrtle Brown Genia Dubbs Lillian Glaser Louise Gregor Beatrice Harris Orpha Hodson Robert Hummel Clarinets Lester S. Bernhard Charles E. Holfman Theodore Olt Trombone Saxa phones Robert Huber Arthur C. Hamer La Von Mathis Charles Wallace Pianos Helen Brownlee Isabel Herbst Ruth Fisher May Lively Margaret Hendrichs Velma Peterson Conductor Mr. Conrad Yahreis Eunice Keller Marie Koeker Carl Maag Eleanor Meek Gladys McCord Frederick Schutzler Dorothy Wetzel Mildred Wetzel Cornets Donald Blair Thanet Cridland Florence Hiester Ralph Hommel ,loseph Newland Carl Marqnard Nill Carrie Rehling Elmer Wachter Drums Leonidas Volz Louis Williallls Clifford Brown THE SUN GODDESS Dramatic Art The "play spirit." always paramount with high school students-yet lately neglected at Stivers-has found its expression this year. To be sure, Stivers Play- ers have made a small beginning in a very barren Stivers playhouse. But-no matter how barren the playhouse the earnestness with which fifty students went to work has helped them to discover some of the secrets for developing poise, stage presence, clear resounding voices, and to sense the reason for the appeal of the "play spirit" to various groups of people, of various civilizations. The Players' first attempt was made at the Stivers Carnival. Mary Aldis' Mrs. Pat and the Law was the play presented. Mrs. Pat, with her lilting dance and her inimitable dialect, Mr. Pat with his choice Irish fairy stories, will al- ways be pleasantly remembered. So well received was this first play that three reptitions were requested by various organizations in the city. At the Camival, too, other members of the dramatic group presented a ghost story in a lively fashion to eager Hallowe'en merrymakers. The biennial meeting of the Central Ohio Teachers' Association in Dayton gave a second opportunity for the pupils to show their dramatic work. Visiting teachers were entertained by Zona Gales's amusing little play, The Neighbors, with its whimsical picture of country life in Wisconsin. 'Ci' At Christmas time the Vega Alumnae, working under the direction of the department, though not actually members of the Dramatic Art classes, presented Margaret Cameron's Christmas Chime in an attractive way. The Christmas play, The Perfect Gift, by Marion K. Patton, was a more ambitious undertaking. The barrenness of the playhouse and the absolute lack of any stage setting seemed to make the attempt almost hopeless. However, the purchase of a flood light, the judicious use of colored footlights, together with a Palestinian well, made realistic by the Art Department, transformed familiar backgrounds-and the careful redraping of the old red velour curtains might have suggested Raphael to vivid imaginations. At any rate the sincerity with which the "Princess" made her sacrihce and the reechoing melody of the "Ave Maria" did make the Christmas message real to some of those who saw the play. An opportunity for the Players to appear at Memorial Hall came with the Vernon Schwab Benefit, in the month of April. Here was a real test for voice training. Constance Mackay's Sun Goddess with its charming little plot and its colorful costuming presented an unusual vehicle for pageantry on a small scale. At the time of going to press two plays are in rehearsal, Op 'o me Thumb, by Fenn and Pryce and an appealing little English play, will be given at an assembly. The seniors are at work on Oliver Goldsmithis She Stoops to Con- quer. The beginning year holds promise for the future. Growing funds present the possibility of an artistically complete stage. With Stuart Walker curtains, illusive lights, beautiful settings, the players will lind themselves well housed. Then let the "play spirit" prove its worth! 143 ,. .M w,f-f.,,.i,f.q-- f- . -tax.-wc.. .MH A, VV,.. ,,m.V.kI5i.-. X- , - f -. ,- Y .Q ,Y-, -- -im fy. .wfiff f N I .r,.q7L.'g-3f.f5 mg T 11' A . ., ,, ,. ...... ,H , .X.q:.-- ,. .. 'fsfff 4, . 7 . bfrfiff ' ,ggi kk.. .. . .- r , . 3 WA. ff .,,ym,.zi when 3. wa: .g g . I 5 :1...f'v,fiM-.fizf-N . i wel? , 'K My -zm,'.1 L f4'fn5Eiff7-vf-fQm- - ' ,a.-' :1?Qfai 3?vEi? wi' Y.. - -W. 9 is , Q. ' , .TA GQQLQ ' 5 : ' Q Q :af ' .2 Q- M , ' L., wsu ' 2 -5 .5 ' gjmyimfai . ' . f .5 g.M,Ae5'g,i,,,1..s.,,, . 4. :f 'f-WI'?15.l' 1, M2 X V93 - E2 . ?fews13:eQ'qf's" -ii iw i.."'E !'3-:Q ,gg ..,,.E,.W. . 031 A. z X L r E Q ,K Q T355 Q egg I ' L .Zhi ,K X? ,S- 333.1 an , Q 5 X. sg 3 Q W M 'Ax f Q Q f Q fi 2. : f S55 sf ,.S,.... 5 K . Q ,. , 5 f . my 1 fm Q 3 1 ,wg XX 'Q ff ff N' vw., 1. 3 5 vw 'Ny ,J MEN ,f Q af .g S s 32.3 Hz Qi H, 'mi ' f 3 if A Maggy K L .MXL If Q 'gs f' ax Xa! X A 3 mfg X535 MTE? k 4 aw 5 i Wg-15 y 'K ,EE X 3 . 4 R ja , -S 'N X E ei' 1 32 s 1 5, f rg? K A S K su . 5 5 . 5 + 3 gif Ein f EH f Q Q N' , L . . :,etg.A33g,,jk.figgiQ EQ... 2 X . iiTSWam:1:i2' ii l iff. , b,.,'i,. .. ,QW L1 ffivfgm: v, U iw. :SS imfii-Yxz. . f KJ . 1. 5.9 gg. .kg , .,.i Mer 1 - '- ,f,f..5.yf A Q. ks " ,.. 110-pg' .f . ,:k, ., wx 4, . f.. W5 -U ,-7 k..f R.. .Q kkrk ,W .. Q ., 'M' 1- . 5 , . g iz Q. 1f'??'? 1' ' YU . ' is fin- 1 iii W L pa , , gays? A ' ' fs! F -29 X . gl W- .-M... he.. w .fy , ,f,.v,,.,,,.-Q I -'bkqiiglijf',2x55i:3fg3i1'g5i,4 E: -f QTL-.- b VL 'ff ,V W . . ' I t N 2+ f'?i+W'v-.1-cifi m g w iff M fI'W':55.LQ."-" 515 : 6 n, ?'V?,iif'5, A. 5 5:5-Q:' - N-. -.f v .gf-1ek,,..E . .. .. N 1 . Q ,T sv . -'4 Y 1iw.f,x . . .Q--A 1 1 ,L.W...m--, ' f I xx X "' ' 'F A wg? Q, f"5L5k5gA JIT 55: . 3 4iffl:4Yfl?"fU . A H, 1525155 :tg gif..2ve-vJff3?is251295 ' 'M'-'S 5 ix W awk . 5 , E ' 'M ,.g.3.L.53gt Lffj-mag.-:1.,Legg5gWg , 'g'TQPf2ffSX6QV915 fl J , evgglipiwffff,-fjf + J, -egffqgfwsfgggffs fffg..2fiQQfIfQi.fG?EHiL . Q ffi:f,T:,3xEff5fg3,Q 3 1i.f.?gEL?fiQfi' 192' ' ' Q12 ' Z,-1. . 5 . ' . 5. . . V... L, K. 5. -Q.. , Qi , A L p. ,.., MW. S ,J Qg. 1 , .K ' 'tl-3:-V Q l 5 'L fl? fpf'TA,Q2e3114..1K. 3 f M1152-w+ fjffiifp f 14 31 flag 34 i 4 .. ,K q :fr 2: pf K f Sgffivkif .li-figikm , K wk N I fibfieiff. X-Y . . A ,A . S 1? 1 , 132155, .Q my ggis-Q , f P. .:g1fi,if.f1., 1 .5-1. - ' X ., UQ., 4, X .i,..1kP.. M , A-.Q.f,..., -. , 2,A.- ,, L.. y,.A5.5 .. 35-lgzgm-5' Q ww ,, . ...32.2.5-in-fgffil ,gf 1 1 ii:fffiQe?f'l .,. QQ, ' ?315ii.Z5Sl.f vi , 'ff ' fx i': 'i -ww sxzjvkw Mb U. 'rig , ...,.... W T' A1'T'flL4Ef?7?'-.,'lf'V,3Wl - A k I i'lf..ffft W . f fix. qwif 7i?51?i'wT?'?51QF f- 1 .gf ff N. .,... ,V 5, .,.,, if ,..l,, , fy W 4 is -ww f' QA.. . .- is ff - if 212 2' RW M " L - ' Play and Make Good Cheer 144 -. 2:11 '. fig" 4 M w-wi1g. . l . E if -f fi 513' if i 4215 fy wlfef' E1 x if!" EQEESQSTQ - 'u iw F'G":f'i k igfgyi. 32.5 215' ' A .551 e.Q5 Here and The fe Readin', 'ritin' and 'rithmetic were quite forgotten, and fun and frolie held full sway in Stivers on the night of November 1, 1919, when a Hallowe'en Car- nival that rivaled the Mardi Gras for weird effects, was held. Business and pleasure made a happy combination, for not only were many hundreds of the friends and patrons of Stivers entertained, but also the small fees that were charged for the various attractions netted the school treasury over 35900.00 Unusual interest on the part of the Seniors was manifested in the two scholarships recently awarded at Stivers. Ernest Altick, who will study Chem- ical Engineering, was the recipient of the Dayton Daily News scholarship., while Louise Koeker, who expects to study medicine, received the scholarship offered by the Young W0lll6ll,S League. One of the most successful affairs given by Stivers students was the Vernon Schwab Benefit Entertainment. The latter was held on the nights of March 11 and 12 in Memorial Hall for the purpose of raising a fund to defray hospital ex- penses and the future education of Vernon Schwab, who suffered the loss of his right foot. There was raised as the result of contributions of talent and money from students and friends of Stivers, the sum of 5i33,368.45, a material expression of sympathy and gratitude which Stivers feels for its popular athlete. In connection with the music department there has been organized a Girls' Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Richie and a boys' Glee Club under the direction of Mr. Wright. Many took advantage of this opportunity to study music and looked forward with pleasure to the practices. - The Girls' Glee Club at an assembly sang with feeling the "Dance of the Pine Trees," and at another time gave a program at the Widows, Home. Later, the two Glee Clubs fornled one large chorus, which sang with great success at the Vernon Schwab Benefit Entertainment, t.hree selections from Handel's Messiah. There is no organization at Stivers that studies the needs and welfare of the students so thoughtfully as does the Improvement Association. The beautiful pictures that have been recently placed upon the walls, the new stereopticon and six hundred slides and the three thousand illustrative prints have all been purchased from its treasury within the past few months. Circle has just experienced one of the most successful years since its or- ganization. lt had for the theme of its meetings during the last half of the year, the lives of modern poets and authors. The first social event was the initia- tion of new membersg this was followed by an enjoyable Christmas party held in the gylnnasium. The annual dance, the main feature of our spring activities., was a festive occasion. St. Pat1'ick's Day and Easter were emphasized by special meetings. A hike and a farewell party for the seniors completed the program for the year. The Orpheus Club, known formerly as the Musical Society, arranged a very attractive program in March, when it entertained an appreciative audience of teachers and pupils with vocal, violin and piano selections. The Orpheus is a new club which promises to be very beneficial to those interested in music. El Estudiante is a new club organized for the purpose of promoting interest inASpanish. Much benefit is gained from short talks, papers and conversations in Spanish. The routine work of the year was relieved by several happy occa- sions, one of which was a theater party. 145 is l Live Nov? ly Shall ': 56 E 51 1-1 -o-1 L4 I-4 S D. Howard L. Williams W. Bitler N. Greenlee jeffersonian Debaters The ,leffersonians took up debating this year with renewed vigor. They first met and defeated the Olympian Society on the subject, Resolved: That immigration should be further restricted by the imposition of an educational test. Later, Moraine Park School won a victory over the team on the question of Intramural vs. Extramural Athletics. Vega has enjoyed an unusual year of achievements along both literary and social lines of activity. In addition to the regular meetings, they have found time to enjoy a Wiener roast. a mothers' party, an alumnae home coming, a spring dance and a farewell party. No greater pleasure came to the girls during the year than that of carrying Christmas cheer to the Tuberculosis hospital and the Children's Home. Tlelphian has done some very creditable work in the field of social service, having sent both Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes to the Pine Mountain Settlement School in the Kentucky Mountains. A number of social events, in- cluding a theater party, made the year a happy one. Alpha has just finished one of the most successful years in its history. Among the many activities were the Japanese tea for girls' clubs, the sending of a Thanksgiving basket, a Christmas surprise party for Miss Ryder, the alum- nae reunion, and spring dance. Besides these festivities, an amusing initiation and unusual programs were enjoyed. The program idea has been the study of women in different walks of life-business, art, the stage, and the many vocations now open to women. Olympian has aroused intense interest this year by dividing itself into two teams, which contested for the highest grade of literary work, the losing side entertaining the winning to a corn roast. An illustrated lecture by Hollister Marquardt on the Philippines was a pleasing feature of a recent meeting. The fact that the speaker was born in Manila and lived on the islands for ten years, added greater interest to the lecture. The Y. W. C. A. Club girls have been wide-awake this year in planning activities. Among the social times were hikes, a Thanksgiving banquet., a Christ- mas party for little Hungarian children. a Mothers' Banquet, a Faculty Tea, a May Banquet and Senior Farewell. The social service work has been furthered by sending fruit and postals to the patients at the Tuberculosis Hospital, reading regularly to a blind lady, and furnishing baskets for the poor. The programs, too, have been exceptionally good. ln the Gard oratorical contest Fred Miller received the prize, 5525. 147 Technical has shown its usual interest in subjects of a technical nature. At a recent meeting, Lieutenant Aldrin, of McCook Field, gave an illustrated talk on 'fAeronautics." The boys had as their guests the students of the Co-operative Department. ln April the Technical had its annual joyous celebration---a dance. A live organization among the boys is the Hi Y Club, which has been fos- tered by the Y. M. C. A. It has provided good times and inspirational meetings for its many members. In March the Y. M. C. A. offered a prize of 1525.00 to be divided among the three students of Stivers writing the best essay on Wfllriftf' On Monday. May 17, at a general assembly Mr. Meek presented the winners of the contest with checks amounting to twelve, eight and Eve dollars respectively. The first prize went to Marie Koeker, the second to Grace Valentine, and the third to Williani Slobach. The first two are freshmen and the third a make-time pupil. During the year several of our students were successful in the .lournal con- tests and in the Art Museum contests. Mary Fulton, Emma Kroemer, Wendall Camp and Herbert Cook were successful in the Journal contests. Edward Poock won first prize, and Franklin Rumbarger, Howard lmboden, Elmer Tiedt re- ceived honorable mention in the Art Museum contest. There have been several interesting exhibits given by the Home Economics Department and by the Art Department. In the fall, the former department dis- played attractive hats, and in the spring style show, dainty summer dresses. For the Central Ohio Teachers' Association, the latter department showed interesting work done in craft work and commercial art. Lately, hand-wrought jewelry, book-ends, magazine covers and posters advertising local firms were on exhibi- tion for the students and friends of Stivers. It is very fitting that as a frontpiece of this edition of the Annual we have a picture of our court house. In the center of our city it stands as a symbol of justice, as a reminder of our sturdy forefathers, and as a hope for the future of Dayton through the community spirit of its present citizens. Commencement Week will begin with the Baccalaureate Sermon which is to be delivered at Memorial Presbyterian Church, Sunday evening, June 13, at 7:30 o"clock, by the Reverend Daniel Brownlee. Class Day, always an interesting event for the Seniors, was celebrated in the auditorium Monday, the seventh, at 2:30 olclock. All of the usual and some most unusual stunts made a program that kept the audience entertained for al- most two hours, and the afternoon was one of the most pleasant features of Commencement Week. Stivers auditorium will be a place of jollity, Saturday evening, June 12. At that time the senior play, Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer, will be given under the direction of Miss Lange. The cast, which includes Ernest Altick, Donald Howard, Sunny Brenneman, Clarence McCabe, Joe Cowden, Dorothy Hiller, Helen Brownlee, lrenc Kilbourne, Grayce Hartley and Lester Bernard. Stivers has been unusually fortunate this year in securing for its commence- ment speaker, Mr. Richard Grant. No one could be better fitted to inspire a large class of boys and girls just starting their careers than Mr. Grant. The Commencement exercises are to be held in Memorial Hall on the evening of Wednestlay, June 16th, to which the parents and friends of the 0116 hundred eighty graduates with tickets will be admitted. The Junior-Senior Farewell, always an occasion of great joy and festivity, will be held at Stivers on the evening of June 18. The Alumni Banquet, the time for '4Tenting on the Old Home Ground," on the evening of June 22, closes the school year 1920. 148 Insepa 1-able EE-.L ' if , ,Maw 1 Y a in . 1 IV' 1' .Si , . 5 V x x 1 ' K , , x 150 ---d....,., Landscape Compositions and Abs-trac? Designs 151 52 H e-1 9 I 5 2 , , 0 if 1511 GE! BUT 'IT FEELS GREAT TD as mn' , 4 Sana, 1,11 X s ss! 7 l . . Q at I v 5 X .img-. -wsfias-I., N H Q 1 C' O slrrrn n BIG CIINIVII. f H9'CIlN - 'F ' cumm- 49 GUM ERI y NOV if Y? . "" M' if fx J ixvs . so- ,- srrn-:Ln V' 33! K We 2 '- i t APN ? 0599 Go 2' 0 'raw 1 J' 'E AIN 'KJV 11 53- gg S 5 btw X NAR. ll-ll, 9 Calendar IQIQ- Q0 Sept. 2-Back again! Stivers opens her doors for another ten months. Sept. 3-Fair day. XVe start school with a vacation! Sept. 5-Fresliies swarm the hallsg seniors think they'rc in a day nursery. Sept. 8-Everybody begins to settle down. Sept. 19-First Fire drill-we get fresh air and a little exercise. Sept. 23-Girls' Gym starts. Sept. 26--Senior-Sophomore reception at Bomberger. Oct. Il- junior girls entertain freshman with a reception. Oct. T-Much shaking and quaking-reports given out. Oct.17--Circle holds open meeting. Mrs. Alice Becker Miller's pupils give a program. Oct. 21-Mayor Switzer talks on "City Betterment" in assembly. Oct. 27-Assembly in honor of the memory of Col. Roosevelt. Capt, Fitzgerald speaks. Mr. Glass tells of News Scholar- ship. Cardinal Mercier comes to Dayton-schools are dis- missed. Oet.30-Pep assembly for Carnival. Mr. Marquardt and Mr. Stanton put on a "blackface" actg a scene from "Mrs. Pat and the Law" is given. Nov. 1-Fall Carnival transforms our Alma Mater into a Mid- way--a big success. 35923.01 realized. Nov. 2-"Slangy" students are miserable - Better English VVeek. Nov. 3-Mrs. Kumler talks to the girls. Nov. 10-Mr. Kettering speaks in assembly. Nov. 17-VVe hear a talk on "Better English" by Mr. Slutz. Nov. 27-VVe held a pep assembly for Steele-Stivers Thanks- giving game. Dec. 3-Orchestra Concert. Dec. 4-Olympian-,Ieftersonian debate. "jeg" wins. Dec. 15--Lient. De VVierzbicki speaks on 'Z-Xfter-tlie-VX'ar Condi- tions in France." Dec. 10-1-Alpha gives a japanese Tea for all the girls' societies, Dec.1T-Vega Alumnae give program at their reunion. Dec. 19-Christmas assembly. Dramatic Art class stages a Christmas play. -Social hour in Gym. Class of '19 presents their pennant. First edition of "News" comes out. Dec. I9 to jan. 6-Vacation! liverybody "loafs" and has a good time. jan. 6--Col. E. A. Deeds speaks on "Aeroplane Industry." jan. 20-Nothing much is happening. Everybody cramming UD. jan'.30-Wailing and gnashing of teeth over Exams. Seniors organize the "Physics Sob Society." Delphian Dance. Feb. 2-Assembly to honor basketball victory. Dance at 2:10. Feb. 5-Senior Class organizes-Seniors feel more dignified than ever. 154 , MAY I HMI' ne we-rr 7 -.., owes . ' UU O l 4553! 4 APR. T, ' l , Z tx ? .-an. -v X9 MAY 'NA X if , v D, 'af li . ic, -if .M 3 ' . .f I . N BME 'Q wunm. 5 . Q JUNE. I Q2 " ,-'-,,L ,ECS '," : r ..1fa:i: Tzifgf -M 1551 Calendar 1919-,Q.o-fC0f1fffwfdl Feb. lt?-:Xssembly in memory of Lincoln. Mr. Cecil speaks. Feb. 13--Circle gives its dance. lieb.16-juniors present a few scenes from David Copperfield. Alpha Alumnae hold reunion. Feb.26'-Assembly before going to Delaware semi-finals. Feb.2T-Seniors struggle with Burke tests. Mr. Leroy Sauer talks on Commercial Art. Mar. 6-Stivers wins Delaware semi-finals. Mar. ll--Another athletic assembly to encourage team for Dela- ware finals. Mar.i2i--Half the school goes to Delaware. Victory! Two more cups "for keeps." Mar. I5-Big celebration of victory-no lessons: .-'Xssembly lasts all morningg Seniors bury Akron. VVe dance all afternoon at Bomberger. Mar. IT--Boys leave for Chicago National Tournament. Mar. lil--Xlpha-Vega annual Spring Dance. IXIa1'.:2I!-Stivers wins "third" place in National Tournament. Assembly to celebrate. Mar. 24-Y. XY. C. .-X. Vocational Conference for ,lunior and Senior girls. V Mar. 26-lYe have our lfaster assembly. Co-operative boys give their dance. .-Xpril li---Stivers decides to put on Vernon Schwab Benefit con- cert. , 'Xpril lt?--Pep assembly for ticket sale. .-Xpril 113 April 22 -Olympian Dance. -XYe plan for Bond Issue Parade. but rain interferes. Mr. R. H. Grant talks on the Bonds in assembly. Opening perfo rmanee of Benefit a "howling success." .-Xpril 723-Second performance, ditto. 6800 tickets sold. .Xprll 734--Spring fever prevalent. Many students affected by it. .Xpril 213 the H. --A group of courageous boys appear in overalls to cut C. I.. .Xprxl 727-f-'lihe fad spreads. .Xpril FBS-Iiverybofly's doing it. A few girls wear bungalow aprons. April150-"All-American" Quartette entertains us for half an hour. May .5--Major Mitchell shows us his "Clean Teeth Movie." "Come clean." General rush down town by Stiverites for new tooth brushes. May 6-T-Art Department holds exhibit. ,lune T--Class Day. .lune 12-Senior Class play, She Stoops to Conquer. ,lune 13--Baccalaureate Sermon by Rev. Brownlee at the Memo- rial I 'resbyterian Church. june 16-Commencement. Grand Finale! lune1T-School Picnic at Overlook-The End of a Perfect A Year. lune 18-Our last peep at Stivers. junior-Senior Farewell. lune 222-Alumni Banquet. Vacation for all! 155 COOK. 3 glib VCO? C53 E553 H258 r2?,:',,I'::.,:1: .ZH KPN? CQ Bmgqygg next YEAR? GUARD N ' Io 5 a ,, X X. mx b ff M' x A a s X ' ,:, 99' wmvzv ' O- I ::":f" ' - 'AN W5 . ' , fx, ll tlll IQ- "2-f Ihiii Q, AETER cfm f-Q .' 3 " x - y X1 ..:,::.2s::. glef mm ff, I PLAYED on IIIHFQ , 'V S """ 'I N , ,, .,.,,q, ' fifg - lqlbbqqll ' 52."'il1,j He". - STI ERS 1 N fx .5232 - 1Q .. , Q lf' Y P 16-Q' "1-1 I-' Miigigiqflf ,A.A.qQ I, E I I J .X 3 six 19:3 ca OvERAu.u.S g CNNAQLOGIES wcvviwiy Q 156 F ' ., ..l. ff - F . -A -- ,mf a +4 Q ' J -r - .KV 1. - Ml' Autographs B Gym? g fT ffQ?iZ1 24 f, 8MNLkmM ww jk ,E Mfwapfiffwya 6459 . MLC. CTL Judi 51,1 ilyfff 1 4. L.. . gd. , Mm , 1 .ce-Q,af77L' ffcffwW7ffff75ff?5f4M yy? f,,,,1W,1,.,+Wf ffm ay muff Www fffldiwb , xii-Mwjixwga N 4 VQM ifvff WLWJ UMQQ ,VM VW j L PXTERWQR Siill are ibe fbougbts fo mem 014121 dear' G0Cl'G0d'dICI-Cl-G-G'd'd'Q0G'Cl'Ci'Ci' d-Q-G'ClR'E'A' ' Zll3'Cl'C3'CZ ' 1. f ..., I' Il -PN I .H - 4 I, I " 2 " fv 15' J i'.'1f4! 'A AJ, I .M 4, -I Tw -. 4. P 1 uf?- 1 ' . A 1. .lu v , 'Q' 'L :-1-.nn qw- 1 X' -Hs.-A 'mp I, 41, "JM kr uv.. - I

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