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 - Class of 1958

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Stinnett High School - Rattler Yearbook (Stinnett, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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I yy . N gf. ' ' -..-.-pw , ,..,..V , v--,,..--V -. . , 1 gg:-wg:-gp, . , Y - -5,-,-, V?-f--11,-Q ' F R Ps? . Wg. 4. : 1 3 -awff I . K. i i Y Y ' , ' K ' 5 K X . - Q X ff' J JY :V f' 4- . ..,,. fwiff-13:13. ' A ' ff' T . . , if A .L-5 I xi 1 21 gzwf 1, , - w 1512? J- i . W ' ai' ' '1 ' Tlfi' ' Y A f 5 - -..-. ,.,x. Q W Qj,o62Um9 99? Vg gg X I , l 1 ' , My hh ' W 1 f i ' L' fMf1Q4'Ji Y X I - V - -f A . , .qi 'Cixi , ff 1 r 1. y. i Ima v rx .- F, LR , we ! Editor - - Assistant Editors - Business Editor - - Assistant - - - - Advertising Editor Assistant - ---- Sports Editor - - - Assistant - - - - Co-Art Directors - - - Co-Picture Editors Advisor - - OFFICERS . . . the raffler stuff MARYLN CHRISTIAN - - - - LINDA JONES LOUISE WOMBLE ' ' IANIECE JOHNSON - - - - JANE DAVIS - - - - MARTHA OATES JOHNNY RAY OWNBEY - - RUBY NELL JONES - - "' GAIL SARGENT - - KAREN KIRK NELLIE SHARP - - -ROSE MCGINNIS SALLY LACKEY MRS. J, W, MALONE presents Administration ----- 5 Seniors ---- - - Classes - - - - - Favorites - - - - stinneti schools table of contents Athletics - - --ss Organizations ---- '77 Elementary -- ---103 Activities - - - - - 123 -IIS Pqren I' ou 1,0 BY ly SOPUZDSUPP sPONoffm er Borg 1040 0 be e lated oar If aodelg-10047 our problem ll-S' 51726 patlbace of-S2-eel oollgplazbts Plqib eo a lbspzked as P1726 0011627 M5612 We were 0536 our 066006 f .sg as , fl:rl'6060' to dlbllable sllylle, eac-e, elzoooraged ll-s' 661200601 and eoelzalzceo' or 42,006-Sk: Pobrdeterbgzbed e051r to 060' and happy slzallalh' as ooe of oar Qpos 0115-S: Worfli- finr your bolv 'bake 11-r -iys' be 1' I prec-zo can ? e-If Perlolzs 0111012 lv tbe J-925 setiss elzyellybe Us scbo press ob colym' ' e love Q9 Q4 2' fig 27'-46f? .s'tl10' red ol 016-'17 - r apprec-lbtzolz bquolzgz- 601 roslyohl , bolzor and reioecr yoo, liar? Stal? de0QE-ares tlze 1529 to y0Q, die pareazs of alloor elmj . .. af- wq, ,J 3 J In AI, Q 'Q i ,, 8 9 J I' 9- '7 4 X 1' 'Q 1 QM QQJ 55 Ili, Ars, Jn Q' . . . our board of education MEMBERS GOAL President -------- W, L, AVENT, IR, Members of our Board of Education Vice President ----- - - F, B, EARLY join teachers and administration in Secretary ---- - - - - O, O, SMITH Working toward a common goal BOB SIMS better education for all children, HUBERT UPTERGROVE BURT DOWNER GENE SCOTT Tax Collector - - - - -W, R, GOODWIN 'll SPONSORED BY Avent Service Station ADMlNlSTRA TlON The quality of mercy is not .ftminedg It drojfpetb, ax the genfle mir? from heaven Upon the place befzeatbg it is twice blesfd - It blefsetb him that giuey, and ljim that takes. SHAKESPEARE ' MRS. KEITH CRA To The Annual Staff: It is always an honor for me to be a part of your yearbook. I wish to thank each of you for a fine job well done in portraying the activities and functions of student life in the Stinnett Schools. May it be a lifetime inspiration to you and to all who have participated in its production. Sincerely yours, Daniel R. Russ our superintendent SPONSGIED BY First National Bank of Box-get HAROLD E, DALTON lx High School - 25 I . . . OUI' principals . . . N 2' Sai' A E, J, MCKNIGHT Grade School 'J X J SPONSORED BY Borger Theaters 7 DON SEYMOUR Football Coach Mathematics Track Coach MRS, E, I, McKNIGHT Homemaking HARRY YOUNGBLOOD Agriculture DON LIGHT Physical Education Drivers Education Assistant Coach I. W. MALONE Boys' High School Basketball Coach General Mathematics Y- VVY Q, Wx' our faculty M ' w w will 'Q 5 I t'f'..s!,,V W' ' 7 DON McDONALD Shop Assistant Coach MRS, DON McDONALD Speech MRS, HAROLD DALTON Bookkeeping Typing, and Shorthand KENNETH McKAY History Government SPONSORED BY Page Electric of Borger I 5 English Librarian MRS. J. W, MALONE MRS. ANN DAVIS , CAROL MCGEE Band LOREN BUSS Junior High Language Arts High School Girls' , Baske ball Coach ,L ,L - LV .1 uf If , - A V, . ,. K is , iq,- ff W if A LU F J wg VH NW ii M W1 W Jud ,W AW' , :feud My A fb' Lpfgy, ,J M Lg ,fl jf jf! 7 ffl! or- g :jf V Mb y A PM Xxlfr U!! MU' AW I wg, uf '12 ig IL, K WQ SPONSORED BY Lewis Hardware MISS ELENA ANN DONALD Music KEITH CRAWFORD Junior High Coach Junior High Mathematics f7A.4 RAY MURPHEY General Science MRS, DEAN FREY English JAMES O. NORWOOD Mathematics . . . our faculty -.mal H' BOBBY MONTGOMERY Junior High Social Studies BILLY COFER Junior High Science MRS, ART JOHNSON Sixth Grade . . . our faculty OLIN JOHNSON Sixth Grade MRS. EUAL CHISUM Fifth Grade w - ATTENDAME ,f r W MB f , MISS DONNA RICE Fifth Grade MRS, JACK YOUREE Fourth Grade MRS. NELL BUNYARD Fourth Grade MRS. R. L. HERRING Third Grade SPONSORED BY Beacon Supply Company A41 fc f r 1 MRS, RUBY LAIR First Grade MRS. CHERRY KAUFFMAN First Grade MRS, DEWEY SMITH First Grade MRS, DOROTHY ADAMS Nurse SPONSORED BY Producer's Chemical Company , , ,I Vi MISS GENEVA DEVIN Second Grade MRS. G. W. EARNEST Second Grade MRS. DARREL PAGE Third Grade MRS. PAUL GROVES Third Grade MRS, VERA MAE GRIFFEN Second Grade , . . . our faculty HOYT GOURLEY Bus Driver Custodian HM CLAYBROOK Bus Driver Custodian "HAM" THOMAS Bus Driver Custodian OSCAR KENNEY Bus Driver Custodian A TRIBUTE TO TEACHERS "God gave to you that rarest gift An understanding heart, A gentle, kindly manner, Your wisdom to impart. Some men build with steel and U nl iro To pave their way to fameg But you are building character, A lasting tribute to your name. 0I.l The lives you touch, the good y Shall never know an end, Proud are we humbly to call you Teacher and friend. " --M. Griswold ll ' so QS do, 'U 5649635 s . 5 s Q18 . . . from your editor To the Students and Faculty: Our officers, staff and sponsor wish to thank the many people involved in bringing back your memories of this year, With the co-operation of teachers during elections, our photog- rapher, and advertisers, we are able to bring you THE RATTLERof 1958. We believe that Mrs. Malone has helped us greatly in a job well done. We hope, also, that as you look through this book, you will remember 1958 as a very memorable and happy year. Your editor, Maryln Christian SPONSORED BY I4 Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber SENlOR S ,J senior class officers President ---- Vice President - - - Secretaries - - - Treasurers - - Reporters - - Sponsors - - - BOYD PATTERSON ' " " " JOHN YOUNG ' " ' ' 'FAYE JACKSON MARYLN CHRISTIAN - - - - - JANE DAv1s BABS s1'ovER - LORETA RILEY O JEAN ROPER MR. DoN MCDONALD MR. RAY MURPHY l' the seniors PHYLLIS BALLARD KAREN BURNS Full of pep, friendly too, when "She has a winning personality and she goes, we'll all be blue. " can sing a song, always with others she will get along. " BOBBY BEST JACKY DAVIS MARYLN CHRISTIAN 'Tall and delightful. he is quite "A little bashful, but not quite "Short and sweet and plenty cute 2 guy. IHBRCS all H1-'iid6HS heave shy, he 's one boy who's aiming a great personality to boot. " a sigh. " high, " SPONSORED BY Borger News Herald IO BROWN LORETTA COFFEE Another blonde in our class is "She says little. but thinks alot. " this very likeable, vivacious lass. " I7 the seniors IANE DAVIS PEGGY ERHART "A lass so neat, with a smile so "We'll always remember her gay SWCCI- " way, no matter how far she may CLOYCE EAKINS "lf mischief is what you desire, then Cloyce is the boy to hire." LORENE FOSTER "Winsome smile, a winning way, Lorene speaks sunshine every I8 day." TOMMY DAVIS "Although he's quite gay in study hall, he never does any harm at all. " SPONSORED BY CSLM Furniture Mart suay. " 4 will JACKIE FISHER "Friendly to all with character so fine, tothe top of life 's ladder she'll climb. " BARBARA GARRARD "Here 's to a girl with lots of wit, she's always willing to do her bit. " L the seniors NORMA RANEY GENTRY G. L. GIBSON "With happy f3CG. her Iwinkliflg "I could talk for hours, and never eye, Norma has already cap- gay anything, " tured her guy. " EVELYN GRIFFIN BETTIE HARDIN FRED HOFFMAN "What a cheer leader! What pep! "A Rattler who is really nice, to "Although he seems naive and It's time for cheering, Evelyn's her class she adds spice. " quiet, when you get to know hepy' him, he's a riot. " SPONSORED BY Hub Clothiers WAYNE HUDSON FAYE JACKSON 'Speaking of feel. I have two. " "Meet her, like her, in charm no one 's above her. " I9 RUBY NELL JONES "Always merry, never glum, Ruby makes a merry chum. " ROGER MCF ARREN "He is one of the football clan, and he's every inch a man." . . . the seniors JOHN NEILSON "They gazed and gazed, but still the wonder grew, how one small head could carry all he knew. " SPONSORED BY Harry Holland 'rut .f '.7 ,As ,. i . 1, CHARLES MARTIN "His hillbilly music sets the pace, if he ran for govemor he 'd win the race. " GLENNA NORTON 'Smart and sweet and friendly to all, we hope there's one like her next fall. " BOYD PATTERSON PEGGY PURCEL "A football player headed for "Quiet, likable, sweet, and neat. " fame, he is one who really 20 knows his game. " ROY REGER "I love work, I could sit and watch it for hours. " LORETA RILEY "Hello, Dream Girl." Sian E i , 1 , JEAN ROPER "She 's always cheering for our school, and never yet has broken a rule. " . . . the seniors EDWARD ROBISON "If you want to have some fun, call on Edg he's the one. " SPONSORED BY Colbert's of Amarillo JOHNNY REYNOLDS "A wizard in football, a wizard in classg the girl who wins him is a lucky lass. " BARBARA ROBISON "A girl Stinnett High hates to see leave, in life a success she'll achieve." BABS STOVER Friendly to all, hostile to noneg always jolly and full of fun. " 2I Q fs B the seniors JACKIE THOMPSON IUDY HANNA THURMAN "l'll agree with you, but you're "Good qualities need no adver- wrong. " tising. " JIMMY UPTERGROVE BARBARA WHISENANT LARRY WILSON 'He had to pay dear, very dear, 'Though she 's rather shy, on "A football player of his days, for his diploma. " her you can rely. " with brown hair and winning ways. " DEE Y ATES "Bright red hair that makes a hit, he's very friendly and quite a 22 wit. " SPONSORED BY Latimer Grocery N JOHN YOUNG "lf girls interfere with your work quit work. " . . . senior activities PHILLIS BALLARD Pep Squad II,II1, IV, FHA I, II, HI, IV, Bobby Sox Attend- ant IV, Paper Staff IV, Senior Play, Choir I, Beauty Contest H,IIl, IV, BOBBY BEST Band I, II, III, IV, Drum Major IH, IV, President IV, Sec- retary III, Student Conductor IV, Who's who Band IV: Basketball I, H, Tennis H,lIl, IV, Class Reporter I, Junior Play, Senior Play, Cute Couple ll, FTA I, FHA Beau Attendant IV. JO BROWN BOSWELL, OKLA., BasketballI,II, HI, FHA. STINNETT: Junior Play Usher, Senior Play Usher, FHA HI,IV, Basket- ball HI, Paper Staff IV, Beauty Contest IV. KAREN BURNS OKLA., Vice President I,HI, FHA I, Il, HI, Basketball I,II,III, All-County Team III, Softba11'I,III, Honor Society l,II, Glee Club IH. STINNETT: Calendar Girl IV, FHA IV, Songleader. MARYLN CHRISTIAN Paper Staff I,II, III, IV, Annual Staff I, II, III, IV, Assistant Editor III, Editor IV, Class Reporter I,II, Secretary IH, IV, Class Favorite II, Carvival Queen Attendant IV, FHA I,lI, HI,IV, Officer H, Calendar Girl IV, Westem Day Queen Attendant IV, FTA HI, IV, Reporter HI, Pres- ident IV, Who's Who in FTA, Band I, II, IH, IV, Secretary HI, Band Queen Attendant IV, Junior Play, Senior Play, Beauty Contest II, IH, IV, Basketball Manager IV. LORETTA COFFEE FHA 1, 11, 111, IV, Style Show 11,1n, First Place winner IH, Beauty Contest II, IH, IV, ,Pep Squad II, IH, Choir Il, Paper Staff I,II, IV, Office Practice IV, Junior Play Usher. JACKIE DAVIS Band 1, II, III, rv, Foorbair 1,u, u1,1v. TOMMY DA VIS Basketball, JANE DAVIS Class Treasurer IV, Reporter IH, Senior Play, FHA I, II, HI, IV, Beauty Contest II, HI, IV, FTA III, IV, Annual staff II, HI, IV, Assistant Business Manager IH, Assistant Business Manager IV, Paper staff H, IH, IV, Band I,II, HI, IV, Treasurer Ill, Band Queen Attendant IV, Who's Who in Band IV, All-Around Girl IV, Cutie IV, Cute Couple II, Library Staff. CLOYCE EAKIN Agriculture I,II,III,IV. Ag I Meat Judging, Ag II Grass Judging, Ag HI Radio Broadcast Team, Ag IV Grass Team, Agriculture Reporter IV: Termis IH. JACKIE FISHER FHA I, II, IV, State Delegate H, Who's Who in FHA, Second Place in Style Show HI, Beauty Contest H, III, IV, FTA IV, Pep Squad I,II, III, IV, Annual Staff I,1I, Paper Staff II, III, IV, Junior Play, Senior Play. LORENE FOSTER FHA I, II, III, IV, State Delegate H, Who's Who FHA, Second Place Style Show IV, Beauty Contest I, H, IH,IV, Pep Squad l,II, HI, Annual staff I, II, Paper Staff H,III, IV. BARBARA GARRARD AMI-IERST and LITTLEFIELD, Secretary-Treasurer I, FHA I, H, Style Show I, Choir I, Pep Squad I,II, Basketball I, II, Volleyball II, Tennis H, Moming Watch, FFA Attendant Sweetheart, Candidate of Football Queen, STINNETT, FHA IH,IV, State Delegate HI, Style Show IH, Third Place Winner, Beauty Contest IH, IV, Calendar Girl IV, Junior Play, Senior Play, Pep Squad HI, IV, Paper Staff IV, Annual Staff III, IV, Typist IV, FTA IH, IV, Vice President IV, Basketball III, IV. G. L. GIBSON OKLA., Basketball I, FFA I , Vice President I, STINNETT Camival King Attendant H, Football IH, IV, .Band II, III, IV, Cute Couple HI. EVELYN GRIFFIN FHA I,II, HI, IV, Miss Stinnett High IV, FTA II, IH, Sec- retary HI, Paper staff I, II, IH, IV, Editor IV, Pep Squad I, II, III, IV, Cheerleader IV, Class Secretary I, H, Re - porter III, Class Favorite I, Calendar Girl III,IV, Cute Couple H, Choir I, President I, Style Show First' Place II, Basketball Queen Attendant IH, FFA Sweetheart IV, Student Council Secretary-Treasurer IV, Shorthand Contest BETTY HARDIN OKLA.: Basketball III, Third Place In Driver Education Contest. STINNETT, Beauty Contest, FHA IV, FRED HOFFMAN Agriculture I, II, IH, First Place Grass Contest, Second Place Senior Farm Skill, Third Place Radio Broadcast. BORGER, Basketball. WAYNE HUDSON Football IH, IV, Track I, III, IV, Class Favorite III, Junior Play, Senior Play, FTA IV, M, C, of Beauty Contest IV, Who's Who Speech IV. FAYE JACKSON FHA I, II, IH, IV, Bobby Sox Attendant IV, Junior Play, Senior Play, Cutie IV, Favorite IV, Best Citizen IV, Co-Secretary IV, Who's Who Speech -IV. 23 . . . senior activities RUBY NELL JONES FHA I, Il, IH, IV: Calendar Girl IV: Beauty Contest II, HI,f IV: FTA,I,I1,III, IV, Reporter H: Annual Staff I, H, HI, IV, Advertising Manager IH, Sports Editor IV: Cute Couple I: Band I, H, Secretary I, Treasurer II: Pep Squad III, IV: Faculty Play IH: Senior Play IV: Basketball I,II, IV: Tennis III: Secretary Class I: Student Council I. CHARLES MARTIN Junior Play, PEGGY PURCELI. FHA I, IH: Class Favorite IH: Who's Who in Math: Har- vest Queen H: Annual staff HI. STINNETT: Senior Play: Puppet Show IV: Paper Staff IV.' BARBARA ROBINSON Pep Squad IV: FHA I,II, HI,IV: Junior Play: Senior Play. GLENNA NORTON Style Show I, II: Choir I,II: FHA IH, IV: Paper Staff IV: Beauty Contest HI, IV: Basketball IV: Senior Play: Typing Contest HI: Pep Squad HI. BOYD PATTERSON Football I, II,II1, IV, Tri-Captain IV, AH-District HI, Regional III, District IV, Regional IV: Who's Who Foot- ball: Junior Play: Who's Who in Track: Track IV: Basket- ball I,II, IH, IV: Senior Play: FTA IV: Class President IV. EDWARD ROBINSON Football IH, IV: Track I, II, III, IV: FHA Beau, Attendant IV: Class Favorite IV: Senior Play: FFA I: Goodlooker IV. JEAN ROPER BORGER: Student Council I,IH: Tri-I-Ii-Y I. STINNETT: Class Favorite IH, Cutie III: Calendar Girl IH: FHA IH, IV, Parliamentarian IV: Library Staff IV: Annual Staff IV: Paper Staff IV: FFA Sweetheart IH: Junior Play: Senior Play: Pep Squad HI, IV: Cheerleader IV: Most Popular Girl IV: Class Reporter IV. BABS STOVER FHA I, Il, HI,IV: Beauty Contest H,IH, IV: Westem Day Queen tv: FTA IH,IV: Class Treasurer 1,t1,tt1, tv: Cutie IV: Most Popular Runner-U p IV: Who's Who in Basket- ball IV: Student Council II: Student Director HI, IV: Football Queen Attendant IH: Calendar Girl IH, IV: Cute Couple I: Basketball IV: Pep Squad I,II,III, IV: Paper Staff IV: Senior Play. JACKIE THOMPSON Football I, II, III, IV: Track HI: Junior Play: Senior Play, ROBER MCFARREN Football I, II, IH, IV, First Team District IV. Second Team Regional: Who's Who Football: Basketball I, II,III, IV, All-Tournament Team: Who's Who Basketball: Best All-Around Boy IV: Most Popular Boy IV: FHA Beau IV: Goodlooker IV: Basketball King Attendant IV: FFA I: FTA I. JOHN NEILSON Class Vice President I, President II: FTA IV: Football I, II, IH, IV: Junior Play: Debate Team III: Agriculture I, H. III, IV: Ag I State Judging Team: Ag II Outstanding Member Dairy Team: Ag IH District Treasurer: Football: Second Team District III: District Team IV: First Team District IV. ROY REGER Football I, II, III,IV: Basketball I, II, III, IV: Track I, II, III, IV: FTA IV: Shop I,H, IV: Class President HI: Who's Who Track and Football, Tri-Captain IV, All-District III, IV, Regional III, IV, All-High Plains IV. JOHNNIE REYNOLDS Class President I: Student Council I, IH, IV, President IV: Football I, II, IH,IV: Basketball H, III, IV: Junior Play: Senior Play: FTA IH: Basketball King IV: Most Popular Runner-Up IV: Who's Who Basketball IV. LORETA RILEY FHA III, IV: FTA I,II, IH, Secretary IV, Parllamentarian III, Reporter IV: Pep Squad III, IV, Cheerleader IV: Chrtie III: Calendar Girl III,IV: Western Day Queen Attendant IV: Bobby Sox Queen IV: Beauty Contest III, IV. JIMMY UP'I'ERGROVES Football I, II, IH: Track I, II, III, IV: FFA I, II, HI, IV: FFA Reporter III: FFA President IV: Who's Who FFA: Student Council IV. BARBARA WI-IISENANT Pep Squad I, II, IH, IV: FHA I, II, III, IV: Bobby Sox Attendant IV: Paper Staff IV: Beauty Contest HI, IV: Dress Review I: Choir I, III. LARRY WILSON Football I, H, IH, IV, Second Team District III, First Team District IV, Second Team Regional III: Basketball I, II, IH, IV: Who's Who Basketball: Student Council H, III, IV, Vice President IV: Senior Play: FTA IV. DEE YATES Football I, H, IH, IV: Basketball I, II, III, IV: ' Track I, H, HI,IV: Senior Play: FTA IV: Shop I,H,IV: Who's Who Track and Speech. JOHN YOUNG Football I, H, III, IV: Track IH, IV, Vice President IV, Tri-Captain IV: Class Favorite H, Parliarnentarian IH. A S S E S And thi! our life, exempt from public haunt, Fznds tongues zn trees, hookx zn the runnzng , hrooks, , E f S E Sermonx in ftoney, and good in everything. SHAKESPEARE ,gtf .I ,Y bl, iunior class officers President ---- ------ I OE BAIN Vice President - - - -TOMMY HERRING Secretary ---- - - - LINDA JONES Treasury - - - - LOUISE WOMBLE Reporters - - - - - MARY K, HOLMES ALVIN ROBINSON Sponsors - - - - - - MR, KENNETH McKAY MR, HARRY YOUNGBLOOD JOE BAIN LESLIE BARRETT TONY BAUERT NORA BERRY MACKY BROWN ROYCE DAVIS HAROLD DODD BETTY LU EARNEST DONALD EHRHART JUDY GIBSON 1 Ti If 1 -mf- SJ-L. P 0 .5 uv A the iuniors BETTY GOURLEY LINDA HAMMON CECELIA HARRISON TOMMY HERRING JAY HICKS JENNETH HILLBURN KAY HOLMES DONALD INGERSON JERRY JACKSON JANIECE JOHNSON LINDA JONES SPONSORED BY A. C , Oates M 'izsx A If I E' the iuniors HERMAN SANDERS GAIL SARGENT NELLIE SHARP EMMITT SPARKS DOROTHY SHUFFIELD BILLY TOSH MARY TOSH I, C, WADE VERA WHITE DONNY WILSON LOUISE WOMBLE SPONSORED BY A, C, Oates BOB KARR BENNY KELLOGG LENORA LEE SAMMY LILLY DON LORENZ JERRY McKAY MARTHA OATES BETTY PRESLEY BONNIE RASH A LVIN ROBIS ON 9 QQ f sophomore class officers President - - - Vice President - - Secretary ---- Treasurer - - - Reporters - - - Sponsors - - - - - BILL BERGNER ' ' " JACKIE REED -' " ROSE MCGINNIS - - BARBARA JONES - DIANE GARRARD J. P. JONES MR. CAROL MAGEE MR. I. W. MALONE Ronnie Ashby Joe Atherton Anita Avent Donald Bain Bill Bergner Jackie Bryant Rosa Burkholder Sue Burns Jimmy Chanslor Helen Collier Ioe Don Comer Audrey Cozad the sophomores Harold Dawson SPONSORED BY Whiteway Laundry Karron Davis Diane Garrard Gloria Gidley Billy Gillis Pat Gooch Diane Hall James Hawyhorne E. I. Hayes Brenda Hoffman Curry Johnson Barbara Jones I. P, Jones Jerry Kenney Larry Nance Johnnie Ownbey Coleen Patteson Jimmy Phelps Barbara Price Cecil Price Jackie Reed Suzann Robison Lewis Sargent Jackie Sipes Johnny Thompson Harold Watson J. P, Wheeler Karen Kirk Sally Lackey Roger Larkey Louise Laster Bessie Lewis Francis Lewis Frank Long Allen Lorenz Rose McGinnis Janice Milum Linda Monden Jerry Nance the sophomores SPONSORED BY Bentley Brothers Jimmy Norton V' haw A me ' 1 if Y ax Q' Kg r 3 1 5' , I 9' freshman class officers President ---- Vice President - - Secretary - - - Reporter ---- Parliamentarian Sponsors ---- - - - DON SARGENT - - LARRY ANDERSON - KAREN ZOLLARS - - -WANDA FOSTER "' """" .TUNIORDAVIS - - - - - MRS, MARJORIE FREY MR. JAMES NORWOOD Gary Anderson Larry Anderson Willie Anderton Eldon Barrett Jerry Bates Jim Birdsong Alice Blackmon Gary Campbell Nancy Christian Cecil Cotner Jr. Davis Ronnie Davis Harriet Dawson Billy Dodd Jimmy Evans fa i 'G -. 'Wi sl' SW" no more , I if 59 Wx as g g . uf w 62 K s ' ' J, if xxx. XX . fa,,A, Wayne Ferguson the freshmen Boyd Fisher Wanda Foster Joe Gamertsfelder Larry Green Richard Groves Murray Hamlet Chris Hammon Mike Hardin Millard Harrison James Hawthome Luella Hawthome Jean Holloway Joyce Ingerson Joe Isham Steve Jenkins Diane Johnson Benny Karr Elaine Lancaster SPONSORED BY Tumer's Service Station .' Q'-.fu af' I , 'W f 2- n ' 1 R ... Q5 an it . I A Q , J, 2 l.1 f , Aggie Q i . . , F J , . B .:, i l 3 . 1 F ,. ' L A J ,L, n fs, T' my S 1 J s w- y ri 1 ' N. gi J T- gg funn 0 I 5,4 y M.,,, ,., Lws z"t"'i1 , Jerry Shuffield Betty Seiber Charles Sims Vera Smith Patsy Sooter Sharon S parra . . . the freshmen Gelene Tyson Gerald Tyson Jimmy Underwood Mickey Villines Joan Wheeler Betty White Buddy Wilkerson Fred Willis De Willa Wilson John Wise Larry Yates Karen Zollars Dottie Quinn My J is J sPoNsoRED BY J A 34 Roy Headgecoke, Real Estate f y is Francis Lindsey Jean Looney Suzy Lowry Kenneth McLean Gary Middaugh Francis Nix Carolee Norman Kayla Price Donald Rea Leslie Raney Claudette Reynolds Karo Riddle Linda Robison Don Sargent Kay Scofield fd Qt V 534- ' H ' ' 2, ' - KR qi In M X f .fi 5 - V 3, if a V - er - 4 . "f i 4 fr , . me v ililli ' i +ts + 554, f Ur", Holy, fair, and wise is shey The heaven such gmre did lend her That fhe might admired he. h 1 is fair? .. ..., I Y 1, ibn f 5, K! 9 1 ' .2--5 Jgpyy Q A , X Q - -2' YISE M' 1-f-ggi w V Q- A11-A round Boy ROGER MCFARREN P 37 basketball queen LOUISE WOMBLE SPONSORED BY Panhandle Stare Bank IOHNNIE REYNOLDS . . . basketball kung SPONSORED BY Yates' Welding Ser, attendants KAREN KIRK ROSE MCGINNIS l. LENORA LEE Crown Bearer MAC CONAWAY Flower Girl REBECCA CHRISTIAN . , ,kvfamg 4.11 i 'll ll1'.N J kaulgl ::, J , uulllnl-1 "u 9'llQi'iU A fm , I' ' Q-"'59' xallugglallgd , lv 'uflgluuglfi X. n ' J' l ll - 7 lu ll' 5 , S JIMMY NORTON . . attendants BENNY KARR 1 I . hu ROGER MCFARREN band queen SPONSORED BY Paul Christain Lumber Co. KAREN ZOLLARS xllgx gf 047' 0 - 1 ....f4"f' QQ--aff' I JANE DAVIS MARLYN CHRISTIAN SPONSORED BY Borger Laundry LINDA JONES HELEN COLLIER 1 attendants our beau ROGER MCFA RREN SPONSORED BY Southwestern Public Service our attendants nr 6 Y 3 F,H,A, President LOUISE WOMBLE presents bow tie to f dm! gg, Yi: f. . 3, .-M 2 .N A R, ly ,J 5 f f' 4 I " KJ if VK 1 if Beau, ROGER MCFARREN . the big GVGI11' X X I Nw 3 47 LENORA LEE, MARYLN CHRISTIAN, BABS STOVER, JEAN ROPER LORETA RILEY western day Flapper Floosies Howdy Pardner, , The cast??? S PONS ORED BY Lindsey Fumiture Co. FAYE JACKSON bobby sox day our queen LORETA RILEY RQ! L' ' 311, 1 BARBARA WHISENANT ...X N 1 li ,Aff F" PHYLLIS BALLARD NELLIE SHARP 49 our sweetheart EVELYN GRIFFIN MARTHA OATES EVELYN GRIFFEN miss sfinnett high SPONSORED BY Cur1ey's Hardware Ga Appliance Store NELLIE SHARP .34 V Wtfwk BABS STOVER BENNY KARR ,' ,V G! V rj 'WV 4 27: ,M Lg 1' , fm mvmam, 1 -ww ,,1 ,f . - My ffgw www ,V fv f ,,,, ,1,,,,, p, ,, ,,, ,,, ,, ,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,x,,,,!,,, x, qw m ,B iq 'ffl cuhes f I A - ' H -7 "mf , ,,,1'G, 11f'1,3'h!',, ,,J','1,"',',', , ' - - - ,.,9W WWW"Ww1WfHuw,1WEg mlm W 'MH 1, 1, 1,, H M Wx, W- 1, ww, ,, , 1, ,sw g Q, ,,, , ,, ,g,,"W,,j,L,'1,,g..,5,,,, , ,P W v v,w,1,,:'qr, , 'M ,'W'Tw:,,5Q,Q,,w,b,g,,, ,g,,QH,g',,,f,W,,y,g w,,,W,,,1,CbQ, ,Q Nw W, QW, , '',-,,wJ,,,,,,w,,ww,',",,,,,"",'N1,' 1,,J1,,,w,'w, 1, "JV J 'ug ww' QQWWWWWW , ' ,,,,v,, w,w,',,m N, vw, ,U ,,J,,',,'w4',,,1,W,Qu, ,, ,1,,J1,,,,',v,,, ,, 1,,V,H,U ,,f,, Jw, ,,,WW',,1WU, wyw X !Uf',w,jwQW:,Nx,j,!1qQQx,,,' M,Wg,1,5,,,1,,j,,,1,Wyfw,,,, W fm ,Wm 1 N . We ,, ,w,,:,w,,wkf,,c',wnwwu ,5 nl ,,' 1,Q,J','Q ,5,J1,f,,,,,,,,, ,W,g,1!,Q,g,,pw, ' Wwwwyn N LINDA JONES BOB KARR A r I 7 1 w 3 3 v w S , 5 F 3 'Q ., - Q , a-I" KAREN ZOLLARS MACKY BROWN and goodlookers ii: xf if 5 m, A A, vie 3 li FAYE JACKSON JACKIE REED. JA NE DA VIS FRANK LONG LENORA LEE ROGER MCFARREN March calendar girls January February STOVER GLORIA November GIDLEY BA BS GARRARD LORETA RILEY October BARBARA September EVELYN GRIFFIN SPONSORED BY LINDA City Drug JONES A pril MA RYLN December CHRISTIAN May June RUBY NELL JONES LOUISE WOMBLE DIANE GARRARD July August LENORA LEE KAREN BURNS calendar girls SPONSORED BY City Drug 'CIS' Freshmen Sophomoreg RONNIE DAVIS KAREN KIRK KAREN ZOLLARS J, p, JONES our class favorites SPONSORED BY Lawyer's Abstract Service 'ii N' KQ I ga' My -:mia 4, .1153 I V .f.,.5 hi K JH if 1 X. ,,,f ww - . ,K-N. , N X ' K ffilfliii L Eli fflflffii :F '4'9iQ?"" - QA . A , I il lJ, 3 1 .sxaii :vi Y , X 1 'i3 ,.,fff'fUf Q 55: . K ' , 1 KE? 2 Q .Q hf A Sw W . 53532 K A 3, , iM,aq,1.xJ-'S' h 13 an 5' YR 1 'S S- , vb Qi 3 5, , S Q al . A E F mzmzx x . . . harvest festive! K g ROYCE DAV1s Queen, BETTY PRESLEY in , 58 king and queen . . royal court SUE BURNS ROGER LARKEY 10th MA RYLN CHRISTIAN JACKIE THOMPSON 12th SHIRLEY GROSSMAN FLOYD WATSON CHARLOTTE CRABB JAMES BERGNER 7th VERA SMITH BENNY KARR 9th SUSIE C-ROVES BOBBY BA IN 6th KAY ANDERTON BOBBY DODD royal court SHERYL WILLBANKS LOREN TOOLEY 5th V MARILYN POOL DA LE SARGENT 5th KATHY STIDGER JOHNNY PARKHURST 4th CHERYL LEA BOBBY HOPPER 3rd CAROL NEWSOME ROY PARS ONS 4th .TERRI REED KEITH PARK 3rd CHERYL EVANS DENNIS RICHARDS ON 3rd royal court CONNLE PORTER MAC CON A WAY 2nd ANN JU DKINS GARY POSEY 2nd JOYCE HALE JERRY IRVIN lst SANDRA STROTHER KIM MALONE 2nd PAMELA WILLIAMS MILTON SWINK Flower Girl Crown Bearer DEBBIE DALTON BOOTS AVENT lst RHONDA FANNING DANIEL RICHARDSON lst entertainment XX Ballet by Nancy Christian Songs by Daniel Russ Elena Donald Cherry Kauffman Peggy McDonald Carol Magee Rf ATHLETICS 1,-NNN,-?fif . 1 Qi 'sk .ig 1 . . lii'Y'iig?'?i?'fiKmu"f' ' ' fy, plffcgkxw ,-,2gX.,,,5: . v W ' -Us ' link' Vh, 9?"TnuiEG".1l' 7 Q I 4 , 1 The Rattler Squad Coaches DON LIGHT - Assistant DON SEYMOUR - Head Coach DON MCDONALD - Assistant go! team! go! TOMMY HERRING JA CKIE THOM PS ON EDWA RD ROBIS ON I Y- o Q-' fly.. MA CKY BROWN JOHN N EILSON WAYNE HUDSON G, L, GIBSON SAMMY LILLY . . fight! team! fight! BOYD PATTERSON QQf5"?:lff 66 ROY REGER JOHNNY REYNOLDS K U R T5 A O O Q X, Q G JOE BAIN JOHN YOUNG BOB KARR LEVI ROBISON, Manager ROGER MCFARREN win! team! win! LARRY ANDERSON JOE ATHERTON JOHNNY THOMPSON ,iiff HAROLD DAWSON 910 L LARRY WILSON DONNIE ANDERSON JACKIE REED DEE YATES 67 "Whoa there, son." . carnafion Homecoming Queen MRS. JUNE CHRISTIAN Escorted by EARNEST TINDLE, IR, Touchdown for six points" QW M? "Hold them, boys, " . . activities ww . 3' I f wwf r Lg "Run like mad. " . . . the "b" football squad FIRST ROW -- Claud Hooks, Fred Willis, Dude McLean, Jim Birdsong, Jimmy Evans, Steve Jenkins, Gary Cambell SECOND ROW -- Frank Long, Mike Hardin, Donald Rea, Gary Middaugh, Billy Dodd, Gerald Tyson THIRD ROW -- Ronnie Davis, Junior Davis, Harold Watson, Donald Sargent, Charles Sims, Chris Hammon FOURTH ROW -- Coach McDonald, Millard Harrison, Jerry McKay, Jackie Bryant, Bill Bergner, Ronnie Ashby, Karo Riddle, Benny Karr SPONSORED BY: Power's Jewelry 8: Studio 69 ,..l' Helen Collier, Karen Kirk, Louise Womble, Rose McGinnis, Karen Z,o11ars, Harriet Dawson Diane Garrard, Louise Lasrer, Mary Kay Holmes, Ruby Nell Jones, Babs Stover. our basketball team Manager, Marlyn Christiang Penny Hillburng Nancy Christiang Coach, Loren Buss. LOUISE LASTER ROSE MCGINNIS DIANE GARRARD KA REN ZOLLARS OUI' ratflerettes LOUISE WOMBLE KAREN KIRK 7I 5....1-.fag ,.....,7, RUBY NELL JONES MA RY KAY HOLMES OUI' ratfleretfes HELEN COLLIER HARRIET DA WS ON GLORIA GIDLEY BA BS STOVER Left to right: Jimmy Norton, Roger McFarren, Roy Reger, Larry wilson, Dee Yates, Johnny Thompson, Gary Don Anderson, Larry Anderson, Joe Atherton, Johnny Reynolds, Boyd Pat- terson, and Jackie Sipes. . . . our ratflers Coach J, W, Malone Manager Harold Dawson Manager John Neilson Assistant Coach Don McDonald SPONSORED BY J, M, Huber IOHNNIE REYNOLDS LARRY WILSON JIMMY NORTON . . . the rattlers GARRY DON ANDERSON JOHNNY THOMPSON squad . .I . ROGER MCFA RREN JOE ATHERTON LARRY ANDERSON JACKIE SIPES BOYD PATTERSON 1 fa JV' ,3 A .wg ,af -ww uk- Y 4 ,M ' xi Ti . , 8iQ. :DY , N , ,f 'Lg ' , C: Q, Qi A X is QiQ iw 'A' 'Kfmsfw L 'af All the w01'ld'5 it stage And nl! the nzen w0inen merely P!6Zy61'J'.' v They have their exits and their entmnceyg And one nmn in his time plays t many parts, . . .t e y"1g , A gg 1pfgggffeeeetiz,11-me,gv,z1efz?5f gqigysefiggsfz- gh? I K V ,ne -w.12sfsfsieawwf. .- :Lf W f . 'iffA-egi95li5ii.4193-5?1"3f.iit 3 ,f Z , ,. if, I.. - , i-M,-,wxlw .. 'H- ' , ' -"i 1' ,.,, ffl! - Q ff ff-- -V we ,, uni M ,L wg? y.j,f,egg ,ge-fo i.4f'f,,J1 Q ' ,rf L1!im 'W V .qw . -KL .3 Q3 eg , "" W N 'Aff' L A Y -G 55 a g an 'K Nl X, ' ' Bi in Q 3 1 f YY 5 ' xv ,GQ fa-:: f 'X ' 'Q 'V n 12? l'4?x 'i 53 in 'W 1 5 , NVQ? Mi ggi i kg A if W W SO 1' ig 'ffl jf .4 if ' 1 K4 A wi! 4u,A I 1, I AQ . i .C . ' D, 10. if ffoz . - nw- -' v. " X ' . -A ,- .,.', 2 -'-'i , QA as ri , . P' ' . ' -A 1,1 V. , J i 1, - V, 4,.. - LOUISE WOMBLE IEAN ROPER our pep leaders BESSIE LEWIS LORETA RILEY .-......... -. M-mmm-.:. 1 Q-MW 1 mg - . , K .N.,,m-A..-...v K 4 . NM, V . .. M -v -,-..M. n MM.. ..l,..M. , .. ..- - an NM Qu rx K Mum kk,' ,, .. ,., N.,.....n.,.,,... ,,.W...W.M . ...... . ..,...... M.,,.,A .. AWS .. ,Q .xm..Ww.. . -. ,....Q...........................,,..x.. . ikr'-f' ' FW ' ,. .. ...,.,,..,,,..,. ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,. W- -V - f 'W ' "" 1 ' W-m.,fv-5. ---- SW..M.,,.,f..,w M.-,.W . ,NW .,, ..,, A, WMM. ......,...... ..,,.. V . V' . . N,am,wNMW Jhfw - -'fwvm .Mx xWF-AW...,W.v....-.....-..........----M..,..,.... . . UW.. .......,x,.... ., -H f -W - - ,..,,,M . .,,h ,M ,W ,WN W, ,..- w........a..w,, ..,A ,Q,.,,M,,... M.,,q.,,W,.,. ,,-,.,,,.M, M ,MW WM,,,,,,, ,, ,. :' wi p1p1 fifiw " i 1ggm1g""" , w,, ,R AAf 3 . W , M , , A ,, . .M .,,,.,, 3:,,.Mfgg' - 1. -.-... ...Ti ::1iff, N' " ,,,.,.....,,. M A . M in-f": g ' M"'ff' ' f ' ,uggwggg 5: lg, ,M ..-W WW V , 5 M , ,,,,,,,, ,m.W ., . . W N I .. - WlYKl hlwv4-lfdkj ' ' 'Qs if ' A .X Q 5 'SHR W. rn 4 ' A A . ' ' f' . 5 ww , A - 2 . ,, x ', ,y x L, L ,: 'a , K V 5 'ff i'-, ,,::. , "FgvQ':i 3 ' vw- 1 'X V lf Q J FL., r if ' f , .. 'iw 9' 'Q . , ' A p fx . 'Je' W . .. Y M-...,,,-" . L-..g, X g 5 x ' 5 '.f'f"v"? K 51- hw wi f A 'K . A .iff 3 . '2, Exif-W-Bg lmcifigi :L f lf ' gan . . 51 ,. if in il yi K 1' -.1-af? We '1 Q , . I Y aw' . L " ' N , V J k K y a V? mf- f - . ' , .QM ' ' , X ff- K ' -, W 9' . is ,P if VA!! IQ, ' '- fy my . ' 4 ',-' ,E+ ' Q Q X, f S R X K V ?x ' kt? I A xf Y efggt M ff- f 3 ff' ff . 2 , X i W 2 J ,ga ' . -.f 3 jmfmw 'N 1 w Avmwww " Ywwww , 3 W 1A'L,f 'It we " 4 ' ' - - H 'WS I ' 'Q' W Rx v DTH. I X K, '95 1 K1 V 5' 1 is , W M Q 1 wkmiwm 5 a-a . w,,,,,,,,.,wmaausmw-QM.-1,wmWQ,fqKQ.p: .L,.,. ,QQ fm -w..Mw, H , W NM ww w . - .i . . -f,- A --1 M df' -- , 'UPN ' ' --- - - . - '10 - ll Drum Major ------- - - Twirlers I! Q diff'- I 'Ur - - - - BOBBY BEST - - - - LENORA LEE NANCY CHRISTIAN SUE ROBERTS BETTY PRESLEY WANDA FOSTER . . . outstanding members Members of the A11-Regional Band JIMMY PHELPS DIANE HALL G, L, GIBSON DIANNE JOHNSON WANDA FOSTER JANIECE JOHNSON . ,, h Lg, ., , 3, 1 v 1 ,. 'ev 4 . V- Q A ' H 1 A - 'L "Ready to march" X 1 o 0 Af, - shnnelt marching band gg: 22 H S S S 1 t , 1.1 r The figure "S" student council gf-.. First row: Evelyn Griffin, Faye Jackson, Jimmy Uptergrove, Vera Smith, Johnnie Ownbey, Karen Kirk, Royce Davis, Junior Davis, and Macky Brown, Second row: Johnny Reynolds, Mr. Dalton, and Larry Wilson, The members of the Student Council, sponsored by Principal Harold Dalton, are carefully selected by their classmates as the governing body of Stinnett High School. The student body looks to these members for leadership and guidance. EVELYN GRIFFIN ---- Secretary JOHNNY REYNOLDS - - - President MR, DALTON ------- SPOHSOI LARRY WILSON - - Vice President . . . the rchler staff of '58 STANDING: Gail Sargent, Assistant Sports Editorg Karen Kirk, Assistant Art Editorg Ianiece Johnson, Business Manager. SEATED: Sally Lackey, Rose McGinnis, Co-Picture Managers: Jane Davis, Assistant Business Manager, Marlyn Christain, Editorg Ruby Nell Jones, Sports Editorg Martha Jane Oates, Advertising Manager: Johnnie Ray Ownbey, Assistant Advertising Manager, Linda Jones, and Louise Womble, Co-Assistant Editors. SPONSOR: Mrs. I. W. Malone, The job of producing the '58 edition of our annual is a task which demands the help and cooperation of many people, Our thanks goes to the administra- tion, faculty, merchants, and many other individuals, For without their kind assistance, presenting a yearbook would be impossible. SPONSORED BY Pritchard 8a Abbott OFFICERS AND OLD MEMBERS: Rose McGinnis, Sally Lackey, Ruby Nell Jones, Louise Womble, Marlyn Christian, Linda Jones, Gail Sargent, Janiece Johnson, Jane Davis, Barbara Garrard, Loreta Riley, Karen Kirk, Martha Jane Oates, Johnnie Ray Ownbey, Gloria Gidley, and Suzann Robison, raftler staff of '58 NEW MEMBERS: Betty Ann Gourley, Carolee Norman, Janice Milum, Wanda Foster, Barbara Jones, Louise Laster, Linda Monden, Diana Hall, Penny Hillburn, Karen Zoll ars, Frances Nix, and Jean Roper. OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Louise Womble, Feature Editor: Evelyn Griffen, Editor: Mrs. Harold Dalton, Sponsor: Ruby Nell Jones, Sports Editor: Martha Jane Oates, Assistant Editor. MEMBERS AND OFFICERS The RATTLER STRIKE staff has worked long and hard to make the RATTLER STRIKE a success. It has taken the combined efforts of the officers and reporters to publish the features. We are rewarded by the appreciation of the student body for the serious articles as well as the ones on the lighter side SPONSORED BY: Panhandle State Bank . . . the rattler strike staff of '58 6 ""'1's. SEATED: Mrs. Ann Davis, Sponsorg Betty Ann Gourley, Bonnie Sue Rash, Mary Tosh. STANDING: Jean Roper and Harriet Dawson. One of the purposes of the Stinnett High School Library is to pro- mote a growing interest in literature, We hope that the reference material and our services have been of an assistance to you during the past year, the library staff of '58 SPONSORED BY Barney's Pharmacy The primary aim of the Future Teacher Association in Stinnett High is to create an interest in the teaching profession, This is done within the school system by giving the different individuals an opportunity to student teach in the elementary grades through the year. The F,T,A, is a member of the district, state, and national Future Teachers of America, MEMBERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Johnnie Ray Ownbey, John Neilson, Diana Hall, Ruby Nell Jones, Boyd Patterson, Babs Stover, Johnnie Reynolds, Mary Kay Holmes, Nellie Ruth Sharp, Larry Wilson, Gail Sargent, OFFICERS: LEFT T0 RIGHT: Mrs. Harold Dalton, Sponsor, Mrs. Don McDonald, Sponsor, Barbara Garrard, Vice President, Marlyn Christian, President, Martha Jane Oates, Treasurer, Janiece Johnson, Reporter, Loreta Riley, Secretary. f.t.a. k C 3 C . f.h.a. sweetheart banquet o 5 xff W N MM x we m I 41:1 Q 1 ia' Q C3113 "'l1"1 ...thef.h.a. First row, left to right: Carolee Norman, Ruby Jones, Vera Smith, Evelyn Griffin, Karen Burns, Linda Hammon, Suzy Lowry, Mrs. McKnight, Jackie Fisher, Glenna Norton, Barbara Garrard. Second row: Johnnie Ownbey, Rose McGinnis, Joyce Ingerson, Bessie Lewis, Mickey Villines, Bonnie Rash, Dorothy Shuffield, Kay La Price, Dotty Quinn, Barbara Price, Frances Nix, Loretta Coffee, Anita Avent, Third row: Sharon Sparra, Karen Zollars, Vera White, Judy Gibson, Claudette Reynolds, Lorene Foster. SPONSORED BY 90 Shepmons Builders Supply OFFICERS President ---- LOUISE WOMBLE Vice President - -GAIL SARGENT Treasurer ------ LENORA LEE Secretary - - - MARTHA OATES Parliamentarian - - -JEAN ROPER Song Leader - - - KAREN BURNS Reporter ----- NELLIE SHARP Historian ----- LINDA JONES Sponsor ---- MRS, MCKNIGHT The F,H,A, Purposes To promote a growing apprecia- tion of the joys and satisfaction of homemaking, To emphasize the importance of worthy home membership. To encourage democracy in home and community life. To work for good home and family life for all. To promote international good will. To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life. First row: Elaine Lancaster, Jean Holloway, Bettie Hardin, Betty Presley, Nora Berry, Phyllis Ballard, Lenora Lee, Sue Burns, Gail Sargent, Gloria Gidley, Betty Gourley, Second row: Suzann Robison, Linda Jones, Betty Earnest, Barbara Whisenant, Diane Hall, Rosa Burkholder, Pauica Gooch, Alice Blackman, Mary Holmes. The F,H,A. Creed We are the Future Homemakers of America, We face the future with warm courage and high hope. For we have the clear consciousness of seeding old and precious values. For we are the builders of homes. Homes for America's future, Homes where living will be the expression of everything that is good and fair. Homes where truth and love and security and faith will be realities, not dreams, We are the Future Homemakers of America, We face the future with warm courage and high hope. ...thef.h.a First row: Janice Milum, Sally Lackey, DoWi1la Wilson, Luella Hawthorne, Linda Robison, Second row: Audrey Cozad, Diane Garrard, Nancy Christian, Harriet Dawson, Jean Roper, Wanda Foster, Penny Hillburn, Dianne Johnson, Faye Jackson, Barbara Stover, Marylyn Christian, Jane Davis, Janiece Johnson, Third row: Karron Davis, Joan Wheeler, Cecelia Harrison, Louise Laster, Linda Monden, Barbara Jones, Coleen Patterson, Brenda Hoffman, Martha Oates, Louise Womble, Helen Collier, Patsy Sooter, Gelene Tyson, Jeannie Looney, Frances Lewis, Frances Lindsey, Loreta Riley, 9l sfinnett chapter of f.f.a. FRONT ROW: Jackie Reed, Don Sargent, Bill Bergner, Larry Yates Richard Groves Tony Bauret Jim Uptergrove, Fred Hoffman, Gary Anderson. BACK ROW Cloyce Eakin Buddy Yake Emrnitr Sparks, John Neilson, Ronnie Ashby, Bob Karr, Jerry Kenney, Harold Dawson Larry Anderson The primary aim of the Future Farmers of America is the development of agricultural leader ship, cooperation and citizenship. MOTTO Learning to do Doing to Learn Earning to live Living to serve President - - Vice President - - Secretary - - Treasurer - - Reporter - - - Sentinel - - - I A u 7 ff? 55 L10 Advisor - HARRY YOUNGBLOOD OFFICERS Official Crest Wa -35 ,A -5 F ' 23.5 of -K' J eq' O X' I IIM UPTERGROVE EMMITT SPARKS ' - BOB KARR - - - BUD YAKE CLOYCE EAKIN ' " JOHN YOUNG SPONSORED BY John Bergner . . . f.f.a. iudging teams DAIRY CATTLE Cloyce Eakin Fred Hoffman Emrnitt Sparks Bob Karr GRASS Harold Dawson Ronnie Ashby Jerry Kenny John Neilson Bill Bergner 2 Ria i CROPS Gary- Anderson Richard Groves Don Sargent Jackie Reed LIVESTOCK Jim Uptergrove Larry Anderson Larry Yates Joe Gamertsfelder f, fc 1 X S5214 "WW Q, . N -1.-sf ,,. Q5 up N QQ 6 Q? ,ly Qing ,gas -F 1 f' Jfi A ,, K L-.712 nf 1' Q ,A ' . ' ,l 2 'F-Q.. ma 3 1 .. . j-1 X - ' 4141- , .. . Z., ,. 'ff 4,5-F 'N . ' A Y'-- X- ff. Sf-X ,wa " 15, M-ASHA h if ef K Q - -QT L . 'A f . g U H x ,lg 9 ..f51'xf',,, '.. " F V ,, W AQ :Q ivsjjrgh 553-L . W A .V K' if in t W ' - -. - QW, A A if 3 . xdgyyiy A , fb . V , i K f ,fi A KQV' vilfirfi N A lx za v X4 senior ploy THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED Directed by MRS, DON McDONALD Student Directors: Lighting: Edward Robison Barbara Robison and Babs Stover Amelia Dennis: Jackie Fisher Laurie Huntington: Jean Roper Caroline Blakesly: Peggy Purcell Sidney Huntington: Boyd Patterson Grace Schoenbeck: Barbara Garrard Martha Huntington: Faye Jackson Walola Breckenridge: Glenna Norton Miss Q Gus J Gustansky: Phyllis Ballard Therese Brown: Jane Davis Joan Wood: Maryln Christian Newsboy: Edward Robison Ted Wood: Larry Wilson Woman: Barbara Robison Lillian Wood: Ruby Nell Jones Little Girl: Babs Stover Mark Bradford: Johnny Reynolds Man: Jackie Thompson Horatio P, Honeywell: Wayne Hudson Dog Wally Huntington: Dee Yates What beautiful eyes! I ! Looks like a gossip session! SPONSORED BY Hazel 's Beauty Shop . . . senior ploy Boyd, were you looking for privacy? Aren't brothers awful, Jean? i Love in bloom! What noisy people you are! Dancing is becoming a family affair! . . . christmas puppet show This is the first year our speech class has presented a puppet show. The Christmas play was the first one they presented to our school. Scene: Saloon in a western town, The speech II class, under the direction of Mrs. McDonald, did a good job in this and other shows, Scenes: Christmas night A manger in Bethlehem EJ in the speech department SPEECH I and II Instructor MRS. DON MCDONALD - Q it , ., 99 ROGER Mc!-'ARREN Football Basketball FAYE IAC KSON Speech . . . who's who IOHN NEILSON F.F.A. The students recognized in Who's Who have been chosen for their outstanding ability in various activities. JANE DAVIS Band IOHNNIE REYNOLDS Basketball ROY REGER Football Track BOBBY BEST Band who's who LORENE FOSTER F.H. A. JTMMY UPTERGROVE F. T. A. BABS STOVER Basketball WAYNE HUDSON Speech LARRY WILSON Basketball ,x who's who JACKIE FISHER F. H. A. MARYLN CHRISTIAN F.T. A. fs....,sv f NAL1 BOYD PATTERSON Football Basketball DEE YATES Track , 'it I . Qfffk'1i,f ELEMENTARY U President ---- - - LINDA MCGINNIS Vice President - - - - - LARRY WOLF Secretary ---- - - - ANNIE LANE ' the 3'h grade Wy 1,6 in 41:5 SPONSORED BY Stinnett Kelly Service Francis A rmstrong Robert Ballard Jerry Brewer Ann Bodey Reva Bryant Randy Compton Dale Douthit Robert Douthit DeWanda Gibson James Gooch Shirley Grossman Lana Hayes Sandra Hedgecoke Jerry Hoffman Jimmy Holiday Judy Hollis Johnnie Hooks Linda House Emmel Jackson Sidney Jones Denny Judkins John Lackey Anne Lain Jerry Laster Jerry Lewis Tommy Lewis Butch Long Edward Lorenz the 8th grade Judy Marcum Dennis Martin Bobby May Linda McGinnis William McLaughlin Luchon Mondon Pat Parkhurst Jimmy Remier Sue Roberts Saundra Rogers Jimmy Ross Karen Sargent Nancy Scott Eugene Shirley Larry Short Thad Slaton Judy Sly Jimmy Thomas Floyd Watson Pat Whitworth Jerry Williams Ronnie Williams Tommy Williams Larry Wolf Sharon Worsham Sharon Zollars Keith Crawford Sponsor Loren Buss Sponsor COLOR - Red and White SONG - "I'1l Never Walk Alone" FLOWER - Red Rose MOTTO - "Tonight we launch, Where shall we anchor?" hifi! K SPONSORED BY Stinnett Skelly Service Station SPONSORED BY Strother's Grocery Sharon Anderton James Bergner Lamont Berry Saundra Blackmon Sybil Bodey Richard Bridges Buddy Burns Curtis Campbell Randy Calhoun Clarance Cassity Danny Copenhaver Jackie Cotner Charlotte Crabb Arthur Davis Don Davis Jimmy Doughty Kay Downer Johnny Garrard Linda Garrard Lee Ann Garrard Teddy Gibson Gay Gidley Hollis Gillis Joe Gourley Fred Hall Joe Hart Margie Hammonds Donnie Hays David Hays James Henson Caren Holloway Linda Holloway Don Hooks . . the 7th grade R, C, Hopper Alex Iuckins Beatric'e Lee Connie Lee Jeannette Marcum Ronnie Martin Sharon McKay Joe McKnight Gene McWilliams Randall Nix Jimmy Norris Nancy Owenby Sarah Page Earl Ridenour Janet Robison Janet Safford Ronnie Sieber Bob Sims Hank Smith Kay Tate Tommy Tanzey Sharon Uptagrove Mike Waters Freddie Watson Shelby Weatherford Max Whisenant Mike Willingham Louis Wilson Sue Yates Diane Yount Bill Cofer fSponsorJ Bob Montgomery CSponsorj the 7 th grade , X 1 . I fa SPONSORED BY Powell's Magnolia Service Station . . mrs. iohnson's 6th grade Mrs. Art johnson Paul Acker Kay Anderton J. R. Aishman Delia Mae Ballard Belinda Britain Neil Bunch Janet Chanslor Gay Collier Sharon Crouch Bobby Dodd Dwayne Evans Yvonne Gibson Donald Gillis Loveen Hamlet Jimmie Hardin Jim Hopper Patty Ishman Mickey Karr Larry Lasater Carolyn Lira Brian Looney Leroy McCall Jerry Nolan Lovida Peevy Leon Phelps Homer Phillips Lucille Reynolds David Richardson Alan Smith Barbara Smith Robert Villines Sue Walton Phillip Woods Sheila Yount S PONSORED BY if H . ',lQ Q " , , . uf I Q, L , fir:-ol.:-f Q 404.64 rs . . 4, .2 iw Cf PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE me i.. , -fi? A .sf- ,, at l. , ma fum' X 4 Q .5 Q 'f K fi 'E H811 1. I' ' f 'fuk 5 " -f ,.,, jf .Axe sf- y Tx S554 m V, more MMM .J X N ,if NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO ' Ny . NOT Avnum .. A ' - : -- mi, sl rl Nfgg ls max mrfv itil Eli rf 8 V N G1 r. Nu . t ,,' Q f s if sw . . mr. iohnson's 6th grade Mr. Olin Johnson Janet Sue Arthur Bobby Bain Sharon Beagle Tommy Brewer Kenneth Douthit Barbara Feil Jimmie Fields Susie Groves Larry Hale Edwin Lee Hardin Thomas Hays Legene Holman Barbara Hooks Sherry Hooper Judy Ann Hopper Evelyn Jones Gary Jones Elmer Kellogg Raymond Lewis Douglas Long' Bobby Lorenz Jerald Middaugh Janice Miller Billy Nix Audry Phillips Kenneth Riemer Sue Russ Junior Sessions Marie Titus Richard Tosh Kathie Tyler Finis Watson Paula Whisenant SPONSORED BY Dean's l09 X .,: .Ly . . --QEAQVVV 1 r, tex nm L " ' 1 . 5' 'il if-k 5 1 VV: s. -' ' ". , t 1 1 , L y J, f ' 31 . 1 . L A ts -1 rf , " S H. -J A , Nb pri' -gg. A ' ' L e ' it 4-Q 'Pt Q Larry Hedgecoke . ,I . mrs. chisum's 5th grade X L 5':f1?EYffz nz, - 1' 'J .1 Q, 'V ' .'-- K AV :,. 13 . ii ' , S, 44. I E. Jag.. -1, I ff lg' K. I I ,,:r ix' X rj 11 s S . 5 ' 25' " Q-'gp v J ' I ' mmovo rx. ' .'-. ft "Qi not Avuum , A Qi 34' 'U' ' vs. ll t ,L f,: A A Y x I Y F ' 1 ' vi K l E 5 Y 1 in T i i K Q., , 2 q I N ng . . 0-gg' ,V 'f -c. .ffl . WCWWQ 4 r V r . - -4. J . ...qi X f' s Donny Adams Betty Bergner Dennis Blagg Lee Berry Belva Bradford Carroll Cassity Larry Conaway Kathleen Crabb Mary Dawson Hank Dodd Jerry Dugan Kathleen Eubanks Donda Green Calvin Jackson Sharon Hart Sponsored by IERRIE KEITH PLUMBING Ronnie Holliday Roy Keadle Clyde Maize Deanna McKnight Jerry Monroe Donna Nonhcutt Jean Page Robert Palmeter Jolmny Rea Dianna Ross Marshall Simmons Loren Tooley Nina Warden Earl Walesiak Beverly West Sheryl Wilbanks Mrs, Jean Chisum Borger Rexie Beck Gearld Bentley Judy Blagg Carol Brawley Elaine Burkholder Thresa Chappell James Cheatem Roger Davenport Sharon Doughty Jo Sharon Early Marlin Green Ronald Griffin Donna Hammon Bobby Hart David Hays Jordon Ieffcoat SPONSORED BY Ed Brown, Funeral Director Marilyn Lennigton Danny Martin Tony McCall Linda Neal Anita Ogletree Jimmie Ownbey Marilyn Pool Judy Posey Donna Rogers Pamelia Russ Dale Sargent Cody Shuffield Elijah Tate Michael Uptergrove Io Beth Weatherford Mary Nell Wester Miss Rice . 4 B ttnn 5 " -f 'K "-r 1 b . 5 X r.t,, B 141 ' A ' ' f- X w sassf ' 'w1'ivsez?l gig ' -g i--fifeissgii' . B B t A ' . f 1 ' R ini I f- :r'M:ziLi.+:i,i' ,V 31,-1 ' 7-'1 1' ,life r it 525342 . A5112 -If ,. r,,,w..:-i Qiiiiiiifiiiif Q 'i H f ff va " 4 K I 4 .: . I -5 M'-':':5l:., nnttnntt ' rra- if . B ftit V ftli fliit tntr 1 Blle M rere Y 1 ashwg- hwgwwt all R ee1fwal.hwHiWl a ll :'r , 5 :gs . A -I -I - maid. ,. 1" L X. 5 tiki 5 M i .K 1, V, ie? fgwffrfr I T I ES ' K K' it wk 5' if .ala , 55 .. . ,,. .. . L ., 5 L at ,Nw if 9 ' wh, 5 A -,,.,N ,5 H, A . A ,A x 1 F Pl.f' eiiiw r- " . . N53 - Vw ,, t', f . . miss rice's 5th grade J gan lm ww 'WW Vi Q .sf :YS 2 W my Af if nic-F? f ' Gene Anderson Diana Blackmon Thomas Blanton Donald Brewer Windell Chamblee Freddy Cooper Carol Copenhaver Billy Crow Marvin Hawthome Danny Hays Carl Holliday Le Roy Hunt Georgia Landers Vickie Nurter Johnny McLaughlin Bill Meachorn mrs. bunyard's 4th grade SPONSORED BY I I2 Bessie's Beauty Shop Johnny Parkhurst Larry Reed Gerald Sandoval Nancy Sanford Orval Shinn Joyce Smith Susan Snyder Joe Stephenson Kathy Stidger David Waters Margy Yake Mrs. Nell Bunyard Q on C S!! XS X W 11 pp rv, Fx 'fa' 33 'QI M W' 4 1 as s 4' -ti ' ' " X V 5' Nu ' 4 4, , X Q sr J ,Q Q, '41 r ,' - --QW an is L 1 'fl ii.: Milf 9 sv ai1 ' as 'v ,NIH mrs. youree s 4th grade Don Anderson Janice Ballard Don Best Kenneth Blackmon James Brackett Gary Britcher Mike Coberly Carol Dawson Allen Garrard Dennis Hayes Tony Higgins Don Hooper Judy House James Lowry Kyle Moss Carol Newsom Darell Ogletree Robbie Ownbey Roy Parsons Stephen Searcy Sharon Shrader Linda Smith Laura Swink Timothy Warden Cheryl Whitt Cynthia Yount Mrs. Sue Youree SPONSORED BY Rattler Snack Shack mrs. herring's 3rd grade wp: 35 29 era F4 filj-:af I Q., 5- win? wif of ,, - - Danny Beets Shirley Blackmon Kathy Burns Dalton Cozad Mary Grossman Bobby Hopper Kirk Jones Cheryl Lea Jesse Lindsey Cathelene McLain Helen Mundy Don Nolen Donald Phillips Raymond Phillips Linda Rowland Mara Sandoval Carson Sanford Linda Tubbs Jane Wetherbee Elizabeth Whisenant Rodney Winter Donna Withers Mrs. R. L. Herring SPONSORED BY Stinnett Auto Supply Mary Aishman Garey Dozier Ann Fields Hugh Haren Janice Huff George Jarvis Jimmy Kellog Danny Long David Moore Mike Moyer Juanita Ogletree Keith Park Jerri Reed Sharon Price Larry Robinson Daniel Searcy David Speed Douglas Weatherford Shelia Whitt Don Wilkinson Loralea Wolfe Billy Thomas Mrs. Polly Groves SPONSORED BY Music Box mrs. groves' 3rd grade II5 mrs. page's 3rd grade .5 5 MM' 1 1' 'fi , ,, t "lj, fstzgsggfw , . Ft, 1 X C U ,pgs Joe Ballard Frank Blagg Jerry Blagg Jeannie Brawley Betty Clark Cheryl Evans Anita Flowers Jackie Garrard Cecil Glines Donnie Gomer Linda Green Kattie Griffin Gerald Harris Jeanette Hawthorne Carol Lennington Sharon Martin Joyce McLaughlin Teresa Norman Glenn Pennington Dennis Richardson Jimmy Richmond Billy Riemer Donna Seymour George Spraberry Nedra Thompson Glenna Walker Mrs. Margaret Page SPONSORED BY Popular Supply of Borger James Bates Louise Bentley Mac Conaway Lee Roy Cobum Bob Cunningham Ronnie Lee Dodd Henry Eakin Gary Greene Donna Griffin Sammy Johnston Stanley Keadle Ronnie Maise Judy Ogletree Connie Porter Frank Silva Carol Tooley Tari Vanlandingham Tony Villines Richard Wade Suzan Wesberry Patsy Wetherbee LaDonna Wilkinson Tallie Jo Woods Tommy Riley Mrs, Dorothy Eamest SPONSORED BY James O'Gorman, District Clerk mrs. earnesfs 2nd grade . Mi'L ,,,EP2nnmw:?iTp mrs. griffin's 2nd grade . 5. .4 .A Y , T14 ff' 1 iff" - ' . X .. .,,,, U if . , 115' N-1 V ,fn Z 1 'D' . Q . . ', 4 . Debra Anderson Charles Bergner Becky Christian Shari Christian Billy Coburn Larry Dodd La Verne Flowers Becky Goodwin Jerry Griffin Donald Hays Ricky Irvin Marsha Johnson Lynn Kelly Celeste Machen Kim Malone Karen Norman Dianna Scott Dana Shinn Sandra Strother Janice Tanzey Danny Tyler Vicki White David Withers Mrs. Vera Griffen SPONSORED BY Bi1l's Barber Shop Sandy Crouch Novetta Francis Jessie Garrard Steven Hamilton Mike Hart Suzan Hooks Ann Judkins Kathy Lewis Mike Moss Randy Moyer Gary Posey Opal Stephenson Willy Tate Paula Thompaon Dean Utsler Jimmy Wilkinson Miss Devin Q from Mrs. Griffin's room Q Becky Ann Price Donna McNutt SPONSORED BY Court of Domestic Relations miss devin's 2nd grade Ronnie Adams Janet Akins Nelda Ballard Nancy Crabb Randy Dozier Christine Eubanks Joyce Hale Peggy Hawthome Jackie Hays Butch Henry Dianne Henson Linda Phillips Jerry Gus Irvin Randy Lee Walker Sandra Lindsey Glenna Jo Long Kanerna Mercer Richard Monden Rodney Nutter Dean Sephenson Roger Short Beverly Simson John Synder Sherry Tyler Deanna Vandagriff Rose Whitt Judy Young Mrs. Ruby Lair SPONSORED BY Scott's cafe I 20 ' L five if 'Y' an 4 ,1-1 .,n ,fn 9 rf, s L-rL f ,, ,Q ' ' .,'.,f N255 Han.. h ' Q 1 X ff. E ff .1 .Z . as sf' af 1 H ' r Q r 'we x 1' .Qs Htl ' 9' ' s N-.1 NS- CJ in QA!! Wsimw, Q' 'A A o :i lu 1 lb David Acker Gary Adams Ronnie Burch Vickie Chanblee Iva Douthel Ronda Fanning Anthony Francis D, L. Gifford Cheryl Green James Grossman Janice Higgins La Veme Light Jimmie Rice Daniel Richardson Donna Shelton Patricia Wilkinson Judy Shrader Eva Ruth Duke Debra Cruthers Dale Quinn Mrs. Dewey Smith SPONSORED BY P'Pool Garage mrs. smith's 'lst grade I2l 4 1. v ,- 1 'nfl z, H2 Heigh-bo! Jing laeigla-ho! nnlo the green hollyg Mon' frienclslaip is feigning, most loving mere folly: Tloen, laeiglz-lao, the loolly! Tim most jolly! SHAKESPEARE grade school bands fifth grade SPONSORED BY Simpson's Funeral Home sixth grade F 3 .V 'fn we Why i KX f , . x 'Ny v ,Mfg seventh grade . . . iunior high chorus First row: Grossman, McGinnis, Whitworth, Hays, Third row: Williams, Ballard, Short, Wolfe, Holliday, Hedgecoke, Sly, Gibson, Jackson, Lorenz, Judkins, Lewis, Second row: Williams, Jones, Bryant, Armstrong, Fourth row: Laster, Hoffman, Long, Compton, Lewis, Bodey, Rogers, Parkhurst, McLaughlin, Hooks. Douthit, Brewer, Gooch, Ross, Martin, Lackey. E E -T3 l25 bfi iunior high football queen and attendants Attendant - KAREN SARGENT Queen - LINDA MCGINNIS Attendant - SANDRA HEDGECOKE KAREN SARGENTg Escort, BUTCH LONG LINDA McGINNISg ESCOrt, FLOYD WATSON SANDRA HEDGECOKEg Escort, THAD SLATAN SPONSORED BY Yauch's Travel Agency " xi? 7 nrt' if ' 4 ' I . . . iunior high pep squad BACK ROW: J. Marcum, L. House, S. Yates, N. Scott, A, Laine, S, Grossman, D, Yount, P. Whit- worth, D. Gibson, S. McKay, J. Marcum, P. Parkshurst, S. Rogers, S. Zollars, and S. Worsham. MIDDLE ROW: K. Tate, L. Holloway, S. Anderton, S. Uptergrove, S. Bodey, C. Crabb, J. Robison, S. Page, K. Dawson, S. Blackman, C. Lea and L, Garrard. FRONT ROW: L. Hays, S. Jones. J. Safford, J. Sly, F, Armstrong, A. Bodey. CHEERLEADERS: Linda McGinnis, Karen Sargent, Gay Gidley, Sue Roberts, Sandra Hegecoke, and Linda Garrard. SPONSOR: "VICTORY, VICTORY IS Miss Elena Ann Donald. OUR CRY V-I-C-T -O-R-Y Are we in it Well, I guess Rattlers, Rattlers Yes, Yes, Yes" I27 . . xr 1 "a" squad FRONT ROW: L. Mondon, Manager, L Short, L, Wolfe, I. Gooch, R, Compton, I, Hoffman, R, Williams, MIDDLE ROW: I. Riemer, E, Lorenz, R, Ballard, J, Laster, F, Watson, T. Slaton, E. Shirley, I. Ross, BACK ROW: D, Martin, D. Doughit, B. Long, D, Hayes, E. Riedenour, J, Williams, I. Lackey, COACHES: Don Light and Keith Crawford. un f T M., ,, "b" squad FRONT ROW: R. Nix, H. Gillis, J. Cotner, J. Hinson, T. Tanzey, B. Sims, I. Bergner. MIDDLE ROW: H. Smith, I. McKnight, F. Hall, A. Judkins, A. C. Hopper, D. Hayes, T. Gibson. BACK ROW: R. Bridges, C. Cassity, J. Hooks, C. Cambel, J. Norse, F. Watson, J. Garrard. COACHES: Don Light and Keith Crawford. SPONSORED BY grade school football squads G1bmMachmew0o1 SPONSORED BY: RadcliffSupp1y of Borger ' ' ' . .Q 'mg "'aQ a,t. A bv. What goes there? I. Ross J. Williams B. Long F, Watson I tag: ' I. Laster E, Ridenour T. Slaton E. Shirley R. Williams J. Lackey L. Short L. Wolf E. Lorenz R, Ballard D. Doughit D, Hayes I, Hoffman D. Martin R, Compton In Gooch Not so rough, please! I29 iunior high girls Left to right: Nancy Ownbey, Linda Garrard, Sharon Anderton, Sharon Uptergrove, Gay Gidley, Linda McGinnis, Linda House, Judy Marcum, Sandy Rogers, Pat Parkhurst, Sandra I-Iedgecoke, Sharon Worsham Sharon Zollars, Ann Bodey, Shirley Grossman, Sue Roberts, Karen Sargent, Coach Keith Crawford. iw ANN BODEY SUE ROBERTS iunior high gurls PAT PARK!-IURST SANDY RXERS Ma SHARON ZOLI-ARS SANDRA HEDGECOKE SHIRLEY GROSSMAN SHARON WORSHAM I3 I iunior high boys Left to right: Ronnie Williams, Butch Long, David Hayes, James Henson, Larry wolf, Jerry Laster, John Lackey, Floyd Watson, Thad Slaton, Robert Ballard, Jimmy Reimer, Edward Lorenz, James Gooch, Jerry Brewer, Coach Keith Crawford, 22 BUTCH LONG .TERRY LASTER iunior high boys LARRY WOLF RONNIE WILLIAMS JOHN LACKEY JAMES HENSON ROBERT BALLARD b" teams 7 R 9 S Q , W V U + X L Girls Coached by MR, OLIN JOHNSON Boys peewee teams 27 an Girls Coached by Bo MR, BILLY COFER 1 YS the end "THE DAY IS DONE" "The day is done, and the darkness Falls from the wings of night, As a feather is wafted downward From an eagle in his flight. " "And the night shall be fi11'd with music And the cares that infest the day Shall fold their tents like the Arabs, And as silently steal away, " Henry W, Longfellow, autographs of classmates a a D a ,MA llli J df- ---' - -!Qf"'?4 ff iff! W' 'L ' fd if JTLJG' X1-C Q M4 Z.-'Y' yzfflf' Zfjfgl ,hL,f,fxAltlZ VV1,,4V JM M441 ,hm .aa a ,,fff2,bc1Lg,' ,Q 42 'JJ AI '7'f7,s JP 0 V0 I P ,f lx MMI' V I I I Z ,U .uf f U 4, af 1 N gil sf lu a, af ' 1 ,yr I I , 7 ' ,I , 4' ' 1' " 1' af' U ffw U mf I W W MQW LV -4477 ' ' 4 K 'X JK 4, EJ iff F75 ,CSKA , :AA I 1 'Ling-y,i A.-1--Laid Q13 ff'C":A., -'ai' 7' M J in ly a 'Q"bu!,':IA -3. 4-5 .fqA.,1,,,1,f' . 7- 'tc' '34 -f :gf l36 . fe ,n JL 'h..l . 'A HL .Jlii i M YM lei! Q rbcvka he YAVIOI MA -J . gifpjil JL, ,.f'. ff. 7 - FLG, fm. i 7 . fl c , W s. 1 K I jfggy B 7 . 3 X 'Nu' TAVLDI PIII I : '5 ' ,1., ' , g -,.- 3,-F. . . T , ,K K. , 3-c:Y Q!0FUW'?' .'W'?V H Mffiffgj I f ,' . . Q U awww W fy, , . mm QWWW is ,xv - SVQNQ' ' 5 33? ww ww uw W ,wif , M, WM 1 3 5 45 I .JI 'al .fwurgv Mui., I , Ylnrl Eat' 's,nfg.-, ., ,v eg 'Env gm: 4 450, gh, 'Q ,I sg 2' Q' v A 52? ' ,jf ,, AJ h , M. zu 5 Q QV.L,i,! 7 ' I- .1 ,,f .A-,,,f" ' .fir www ..,' Rf., 1 , ?,, N , ,. if M ' f V ff ,f f, W,--,req y.., ,wi?"" H --Q -f Q" A , , f l W .Q .f 1 - Vw ? .:' -V, M-H 532 f +4 ,, ,N W my , f , ffsfsfdwffissewzffzlfsf ,j AMN gf, 4 Q f ff" If ,ff

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