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Stillwater High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Stillwater, OK) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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1978 PICNEER C.E. Donart High School 1224 North Husband Stillwater, Oklahoma Volume 46 1-..... ,W W. ,H . . Vfttnnwymm 'rw Wm ,M . ,,,, W ...- .--u pn ugju K' 1 Table of Contents Classes Faculty Organizations Fine Arts Honors Sports Student Life Supporters E 1 Welcome. During your stay here at C.E. Donart High School you will find that our traditions of academic and moral excellence are the highest possible. You will also learn not to believe everything that you read. Nevertheless, our school receives you ' ' 'ar 'TfTTO-ITS hhopesfoi I outstanding year. Failing that, and so long as you don't park in a Visitor's space in the parking lot, everything should be just fine and dandy. 4 .,..,,.s 5 s ,,,1'4 Work hard. We feel that it is very important that you attend school regularly. While this plan is not perfect, neither is life. As an added inducement for you to acheive this goal we have a semestertest exemption policy that we hope will encourage you to put your best foot forward. Unfortunately, missing class due to athIete's foot does not count as an excused absence. 2 l 1 J X GE! Wo ,o g 1 .,k f' xi 5, , .riff l J' Q 5, Be proud of your school! As a school citizen you are expected to act like a high school student. However, please try to curb such impulses as much as possible. You will learn necessary and useful skills for the future. You might even get something out of your classes. If you are a new student to C.E. Donart, you may find some things unfamiliar at first, but you will soon realize that there is nothing you can do about it. 'ru ,jig t, V -fm.-f f 9 1 1 -1 X I 1 Q, 10 gr I A , v il" ,fi A 344 lll X, - Nw: ,MQ , 1 - A535-1 H:j'5fjj5q'L ' , 4 M3 5 N, vm ,- is? ww ,..,. ,Z il-' 5, ti - :www ff Q1 . gg asv!-N5 2 2 Q It QE' r x QT., f ., A . Q -rg Q I w ' X --vi ' g 'V iii 5 O Y- X Fla ' 1 'V 33' . - 39.0 rg. 3 - A , A -9f6fff ' 'L.M?4 ' ,,,,, , A,, 1 M QJ,.- .... ----A .. , I J ,,zg.:m , . ... 1, ,A V Y, A ' :X ' Q 1... 4 Y, m . -H w 9 T 55235 y ' - -V1 f x ' ,Y +"A""" -5 J " 1 "N3s'IQ:i-Rl' 'x M- ' "W ' 'K1F'-Az'-'mgf 'H V' YW 3 1 President Steve Lindsey ZX Vice-President Tom Maciula Treasurer Mark Costley Secretary Sara Bokorney Our presentation this evening has been "The Class of '78" star- ring Groucho Marx, Robert Red- ford, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and a cast of 347. lt was presented by C.E. Donart High School in cooperation with the City of Stillwater and several dozen pizza parlors, fast food op- erations, and associated enter- prises. The original story was taken from a morality play of the late 15th century by an obscure monk who shaved his head and had strange dreams. The screenplay was written by a romantic poet who was in between affairs and had nothing better to do at the time. Dance scenes in the second act were choreographed by the entire cit5LoLB . r thanks to the Pioneer Marching Band for spelling out the zip code in formation while playing La Cucharache at double-time. Costumes were provided by the Levi-Strauss Company and 30 packages of very strong bleach. Sets were designed and built to the scale of the actual C.E. Donart High School on location in the Libyan desert. This release was filmed in living color, which was later killed and mounted for your viewing plea- sure. Any resemblance between this work of fiction and the actual reality which it was modeled after is purely coincidental. The production was directed by sheer desperation and produced in utter confusion. We would like to thank all involved with the film- ing, especially the short bald man in the green suit sitting on the front row. We couldn't have done it without you. THE MANAGEMENT 16 Joe Acre Ruby Adams Lo rrice Adkins Marion Ag new Brian Ahern Mark Anderson James And rews Sally Andrews Serina Andrews Cheryl Avery 512' 'Qi Theresa Axton Terry Axton Hamid Barghi Jerald Barker Tamra Barnes Cindy Baucom Beth Beck Steve Beck Frankie Bejcek Tamra Bell Melissa Bennett Rebekah Bittle Joey Bivins Debbie Black Lisha Black Margaret Blivins Leca Bode Sara Bokorney Thomas Borland Jan Bouchard Bart Boyd Gary Bradley Kent Bradley Robert Bradley Cecilia Christian Jerry Cichon Richard Brooner Cindy Brown Todd Brumfield Maria Brun Ida Clary Teresa Clary .l Tim Bunny Theres Burgdorfer Dewayne Burns Bob Burrell Phoebe Coberg Cindy Cole Deborah Butler Renee Caldwell Shelley Carrier Tim Castleberry Debbie Cawood Teena Chapman Robert Charles Tommy Chesbro 4995 fliifui' ,W Qi we f N , QIONEERQ 1 ,, Ag' is ' H g , :-, , f - I ,W , Patti Page and Beth Beck display their style of senior enthusiasm at a Pioneer football game. 'Evil' .-Q - - p a,-,, I. ,, tii' QM? ii,ti 1 ilifhtx fi as sewn w i P a es '-'ff' ' - Steve Collyar :V L. ' X Celeste Convertino , -- - N f Michael Cook ' " A U' ' David Cornforth William Cormany James Corstvet Mark Costley Robert Craft Wilheimina Creager Gwen Crocker Margaret Cunningham Theodore Davidson Chris Davis Mike Davis Laurie Dawkins Eric Dellinger Sandy DeVries Glen Dickason Rose Dickens Eugene Dirks 20 Ledeana Doll Kenneth Doran Joann Doss James Drumright Mike Duckwall Homer Dugan Lance Duke Edward Ebersole Ann Eisenbraun Leslie Ellis Troy Enmeier Lynette Erwin Kyle Estes Elizabeth Eubanks Shawn Fagen Diane Fisher Carol Fitzgerald 5, f Richard Floyd Kevin Fortney Morris Foster Renee Fowler Ramona Fox Tom Franzmann Mark Freeman Ann Faulk Cathy Gabrei Mark Hall Toni Ham Danny Gaches Terri Gaines Jeff Gammill Mary Gazaway Lori Hamilton Meg Hamilton Ray Gensman Cathy Golloway Kari Goff Jim Goodman Jim Hardick Mark Hornly Becky Goodwin Teresa Gower Joanna Green Carol Greenberg 3 ti? .,,,1 L... 19153 42 -1 .N-4' Y ..-7:5 s, I ,Mgt I " lwrvw- 4-will fwb 'v 'K Q79 i...q..,-ul 'mfr kqmxg Steve Greer Joe Greiner Chris Haga Deana Hall "Yes, but will anyone be able to appreciate true art?" is the question asked by Murphy, Chesbro, and Bode. J i Mary Helen Harper Doug Harris Keml Harris Ron Hart 23 Cindy Baucom expresses her attitude at enrollment. MV' Cathy Hogan Susan Honska Randy Hornberger , A Brett Howerton Hal Hunt Judith Hudson Larry Jacob Esther Jardot Mojdeh Khazd Linda Land Dave Jelley Mary Jewett Jenny Jobe Bryan Johnson Jeff Lawson Kathy Lawson ig ?""-s. Qi 5 ., RN 1 179' dmv if 41' 1-Q5 M 3 X X Sue Hartley Tracy Hesser Lisa Johnson Carolyn Jones Jennifer Jones Sandy Jones Brian Heid Kara Hensley Jim Jordan Mary Kaiser Candy Krieger Shawn Kelly Mark Kerns Dana Kifer Mark Klinger Peter Koeppe flf. Tom, Tom and Raymond take it easy at lunch. Carolyne Leach Karen Legrand Bill Lewis Gayle Lewis John Lewis Steve Lindsey Eddie Lockwood Janice Longan Linda Loper Mike Lundsford Tom Maciula Amir Mamaghani James Matlock Randall Mattox Toby McCarthick Larry McCauley Terry McClure Tim McCormick Russell McCulloh Danena McCurry fi? ISYS'- Q wi 1' ff 49 Deborah McDaniel Tom McGIamery Scott McKinzie Jeff McMiiIian Mike Mecklenberg Carla Meeks Dan Merkle Mark Miller Melody Miller Sid Mills Clifford Moody Rick Moody Cristy Moore John Moore Rusty Moore Shirlene Moore Gary Morton Robin Murnan Lele Murphy Lori Nicholson Ftikki Norgaard May Nur Marianne Offill Kevin Oltmanns Jonice Osborn Calvin Oyster Patti Page TaVee Paine Dana Pallard J Weeks begins senior masterpiece Dee Parcher Kay Parcher Steven Pardue Martin Pinney Lisa Post its 1 we f M17 S'-in i""v 16 QA,,.N ..: or o .Y., M ap- - 'Q' iw ' 'tif Mimi -g., ! T 1? A1 N QW? l .uint iL Cheryl Power Mike Powers Abby Pradia Roger Price Tim Pride David Provence David Reathaford Kurt Reichman Tim Reid Marsha Reynolds Darci Rhea Mary Rice Paul Richardson Prentiss Riddle Tim Roark Bruce Robbins David Robbins Rand Roberts Doug Rodgers Brenda Rose Ronnie Roton Greg Rusco Lance Ryan Kevin Sasser Debbie Saxon Hengameh Sayyar Mark Scarbrough Larry Schultz Tim Scott Kyle Seamans Susan Shelton David Shields Dexter Shinault Raymond Shinault Valessa Shinault Tim Sibley Don Silvers Amy Simank Keith Simmons Nora Simmons 9-F ""I1::"v -wi-ff AFX. 1 3 6 ,gang gunz, "N'0liilUlr K---01 N--1 c::::y nhx +9 rr'-Q 1 ii ' .fp Kim Sloggett William Smith Thomas Stanford John Steichen Larry Steichen Diane Stewart Valerie Stewart Sandi Stokes Sherilyn Stout Nancy Stratton Jerry Stritzke Craig Stunket Jt' am Lance Duke and Rikki Norgaard tie the knot as Jeff Lawson Officiates. LaFlisa Swisher Dewayne Taffs Craig Talkington Donna Tankersly Teymour Tavakali Linda Taylor Becky Teague Darren Tepe Doug Tessmann Marc Tower Tim Trotter Jeff Trout Debbie Turner Mike Turner Christie Twedell Dorothy Tyler Jon Underwood Kelly Vest Micheal Varnum Kathy Vohs """"'-i 'W F65 ' Vwsvy wp' f W 1 P Leah Wagner Donna Wald Robert Waltermire Janet Watkins Brian Weathers Zack Webster Jennifer Weeks Dayna Wells Brent Westerman Tony Wheeler Alan White Mark Whitner Cindy Wickstrom Kenneth Wilderson Cheryl Williams LaRhonda Williams Sherri Lynn Williams Curtis Wilson Melanie Wright Peggy Wyatt 33 President Donna Hutchison cretary ne Luebke QQ Treasurer Sharla Ray Testing: One, Two, Three . . . Eeeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe. . .Am l on yet? . . .Oh . . .Teachers, please ex- cuse the following brief announce- ment: The Junior Class in its continu- ing drive for the first all-denim prom will be selling souvenier mugs in the T-hall today thru May 24, 1978. These handsome, durable glasses are spe- cially printed with the school motto, uncensored and with all the shocking details for the first time in paperback, school song, school creed, whatever it is, and school mascot, paper training included. Yes, now is the time for you to stand up and be counted as one who sup- ports fhe futTlity ancVvain struggle of life. And, for a limited time only, with the purchase of three or more mugs, we will give you free the Junior Class officer of your choice. And, if you've already bought a number of mugs and are still gullible enough to want to give more we cer- tainly have no qualms about reselling an item already paid for. We think that the Class of '79 is probably one of the greatest in the long tradition of C.E. Donart High School. In a nutshell: Pay up or we're going to break all of your fingers - slowly. One final announcement: The prayer vigil for the Junior Class Trea- surer has been rescheduled for 8:00 tomorrow evening. Thank you for your support and remember, your donation may be the one which allows this poor, afflicted class to walk again among the sunshine and daisies. 36 Floyd Baldwin Darla Barbre Bradley Barnes Sonya Barngrover Tanya Barngrover Sharon Barret Dana Batman Debbie Bates Donna Battles Steve Beard David Bell Jim Berlin Andy Bernhardt Kevin Bilyeu Jeff Black Sharese Bolden Jeff Borland Laurie Boyd Blane Boyer Kerri Boyer Mark Bradley Bill Bradley Ann Bradshaw Jeff Bridges Suzie Britton Les Brown Fioxann Brown Bruce Broyles John Buckner James Burk Billy Barns Bryan Burrese Stephanie Buckner Annette Casey Barbara Cavett Elane Cheatham Susie Chehrehgosha Duane Childers Jerome Clark Linda Clay Elise Cline Sherri Clow Cathrine Coffey Carol Coke Keith Colasacco Josh Collins John Cook Tad Cooper Sue Cormany Cheryl Craig Tracy Crockett Brenda Croy Bobbie Curry Cordell Davidson Butch Davis Mark Deal Randy Deal Becky Devlin Carolyn Dickens Tim Dilbeck Flick Dobbs Bruce Donavan Linda Durham Ed Eisenstat Mannal Eldin Linda Ellis Janna Eslinger Julie Evans Richard Faulk Chester Felber 38 Y':f-Mr 245741 f-...QA Mark Fisher David Focht David Folger Charley Foster Clay Foster Karen Fowler Marty Fowler Sherri Foy Laura Frazier Michelle Frank Helen Fulgenzi Deborah Fultz Mark Furtado Robyn Gafford Larry Grant Mike Gibbs Don Giles Brenda Going Carol Goldsmith Ron Galloway Sunny Golloway Tom Goodwin Lisa Graves Kevin Gray Cindy Greenberg Eve Griffith Nancy Griffith Kerry Grisham Marty Grooms Van Grooms Gary Haga Mike Haley Yvonne Hall Chris Hallbeck Lori Hamilton Tom Hardick Tony Harkleroad Phil Harris Joe Harvey Kellie Haston Susan Hatfield Rick Hauf Jeffery Hawk Mike Held Bryan Helm Kari Henderson Sandy Henderson Barre Hendrix Kim Henson Linda Herd Randy Hesser Steve Hickey Darren Hickman Randy Hill Tammy Hills Tom Kanzynski Kanchanalakshana Dechaponhsa Mark Kargel David Kelly Randy Hilyard Grant Hines Donna Hodson Hunter Hodson Teresa Hodson Kathy Keys David Kincannon Ken King Ray Kinnard Steve Hoffman Sandy Holland Lisa Holly Carol Holzer Tammy Holzer Doug Kinnick Debbie Kittie Linda Klieson Alan Knust John Homer Dean Honeyman Jane Honska Rick Hornberger Julie Huerta Kelli Kraybell Ken Frenz Allen Lamb Gina Lambdin at ' l ,E W if S wr" .i u ' viz ,-aw 1-:H 1 -. .Q Qwihxg we-aff 1 , . .,t- 5 n 4 Jini ,K ii, N iv Q -v 9,5 ,, 1'T"'P 'iffy ,gqftfs , f1sg:g.,,gv 'wg .. J- ' i f ,1 Eiizo I of ZJJJ ,sci Glen Hughs Stan Huneycutt Hans Hurst Karl Hurst Mike Hutchison Donna Hutchison Denise Ingram Stuart Jackson Carol Jaco Kim Jameson Jenny Jaynes Carolyn Johnson Kyle Johnson Mary Jones Tyler Jones Junior Chris Ness teaches one of his little friends a new trick. Tim Lambert Randy Lawnhorn Mike Lawson Lynette Lee Dewayne Legge Chris Lehnert Lenore Lehnert Cindy Lewis Linda Lewis Kelli Liles Robert Lindsey Susan Lindsey Tammy Little Sherri Longan Mary Lovell Phyllis Lowery Sandy Lucas Anne Luebke Sam Mahoney Shelly Manning Anita McBroom Preston McCollom John McCoy Ricky McDermott Terry McHendry Mike McLauchlin Kent McVey Gary Mebane Gary Miller Kevin Merritt Mike Miller Stephanie Miller Susan Miller Libby Milstead Annabell Miranda Doug Mitchell Steve Moomaw Luann Moore Carl Murray Connie Murrell Steve Nelson Chris Ness Doug Nichols Nikki Nichols Jim Nicholson Lisa Orr Lori Overton Phil Palovik Susan Panciera Frank Parker Jim Partin Barbara Payton Linda Perreira John Peters Ron Peterson Linda Pettiform Judi Phillips Martha Phillips Tammy Phillips Drew Plott Allen Pock Janet Presley Page Provence Charles Raupe Sharla Ray Tish Razook Karen Reding Jeff Roads Sharon Richardson Smitty Richardson Chris Roark Laura Roberts Steve Roberts Mike Roegner Mike Rollins Melinda Shideler Brenda Rommann Frank Ross Richard Roth Don Roy John Russell Angie Shinault John Sanders Neil Sandvold Kim Sasser Jeff Schatz Vicki Saxon Mark Schmalfeld Bob Schweitzer Jim Scott Dan Selakovich David Sexton Roger Sharp Scott Shedrick Ron Shelton Helen Shenold Jamie Shepherd Mark Sterling U' .im- sm 'QQ ,J lf- : -N: 4168" t 'ia F 'J Y -.. X fame- .1 fw- 'wi nl Karen eyes the boys, Kelly watches the camera. ll-RTD' ti ,iw 1 1 ' wha vm " X- ,W y' ,r QW Ma Kraybill warns Kelly to be careful in Homecoming parade. .3 'Crm-. nrwp '!'s.-... Greg Shinault Rick Short Connie Shipley Brenda Shreve Jauanita Simpson Eddie Smith Leslie Smith Steve Smith Terri Smith Tina Smith Don Smola Doug Smola Cynthia Sneary Stet Sodowsky Sandi Soergel Dale Surrell Gayle Sparks Sharon Stanners Debbie Steel Kelly Steichen Craig Stevens Christie Stewert Chris Stone Dana Stout Bryan Stout Scott Summers Susan Stunkel Jeff Taber Pat Tabott Jakie Talsadge Beth Teague Greg Terrel Janet Thames Becky Thedford Mark Thomason Andrea Thurman John Timmone David Todd Evan Todd Curtis Treat Dan Vanzant Kevin Vaverka Sherri Venable Bobby Ventris Nancy Vincent Sheila Voise Nanette Zamakie Craig Wallace Linda Ward Pam Ward Mark Weber Richard Webster Ray Weston Rayna Whitener Troy Willamson Pete Wilkins Donnell Wiley Wendy Wildman Pat Wiggs Bob Wibelt David Whitley Tom Whitney Dava Willis Karen Wolff Craig Wood , Q i is if X is 4 PK 3 ,uf a Sy iq .Qi-37 . EW -I of my aaa if 4 4-Q . QA 1 Q ,Q gy QA was ' i s 1 T i Enthusiasm is shown at a football game. sl! if W4 klL . A President Johnny Bayless v X Vice-President John Murphy ,af 4: S Brun Treasurer Melanie Craighead All right. Everybody in the cars. This being your first day of Driver's Ed we'll go over some of the basic fundamentals involved in the suc- cessfull operation of a motor vehicle. I see that most of you here are sopho- mores, so let's start with the key. Place it in the keyhole, keeping your left hand on the steering wheel, your right foot on the brake, your left foot six in- ches from the emergency brake, with your eyes firmly glued to the sign placed directly above the rear view mirror which reads: "Screw up and l'll kill you." Now, turn the key and press lightly on the accelerator. Use your foot in this operation. lf there is a buzz, it means that you have forgotten to fas- ten your seat belt. lf your belt is fas- tened and the buzz persists, it means that your car will self-destruct in five seconds.This is equivalenfto E64 on your final test. Next, place both feet and the spare tire firmly on the brake. Carefully put the car into Drive. Take a very deep breath. Relax. ln a few short moments you will take the lives of your fellow students into your extremely inexperi- enced hands. Don't be nervous. Most fatal accidents occur between the hours of 11:30 and 1:45. It is now 12:24. Begin driving. As you SLOWLY circle the course note the lines running down the sides ofthe road. A little beyond these lines is a five-foot deep ditch. Do not look at the ditch. lt would only serve to dis- tract your attention from the series of barrels placed at five-foot intervals be- tween which you are to manuever your car. When you have completed the ob- stacle course stop at the brick wall. Do not proceed through it as you would a red light. At my signal form up into an orderly line, each car three and one half feet apart, and practice quick stops. l wish all of you good luck. This has been a recording. 50 Anna Adams Phyllis Adkins Jimmy Alsup Chris Anderson Ftisa Anderson Rhonda Andrews Teresa Andrews Karen Armstrong Donna Arnold Julie Baker Larence Ballard Jeffery Banks Micheal Barbre Karen Barker Randy Barton Carl Bastion Becky Bayless Johnny Bayless Robert Bearry Tim Belden Craig Bell Donna Bieri Barney Bierig Joel Bilhartz Julie Bilyeu Richard Birdwell Dee Black Valerie Bolden Joe Bolene Susan Bolene Jeanetta Bowen Brad Boyd Ronnie Boyd Darla Boyer James Bradley Tom Bradley Jane Brown Jim Brown Jim Bryan Brooke Buchanan Cindy Dudley Chester Busch Peggy Bush James Byrd Marc Carlson Sara Carlson Jack Carnefix Terry Carpenter Rhonda Cawood Doug Chesbro Kevin Childers Mark Chitwood Melody Chark Bart Clarke Roberta Clary Chevonia Cloer Brad Cobb Mark Colasacco John Comstock Carroll Cooksey Jana Cooksey Carl Cooper Gail Cooper Guy Cooper Dennis Courtright Paige Covington Jerry Coyle Greg Crabtree Melanie Craighead Ricky Cramer Calvin Cunningham John Cummins Dan Czarniecki Jimmy Daggs Jewel Dallas Mike Daniel Glen Danz Steve Darnaby Bobby Darst Pam Davis Charmaine Deal Sue Deland Rick Dermer Johnny Devine 52 Ken Dick Billie Jo Dickens Flandy Dobson Kevin Donovan David Doran Terri Douglas Peter Dubois Johnny Duffy Sandra Duenas Cindy Ellis Matthew Emde Monte Erwin Peyman Esmailzadegan Shelly Farajollahi Bryan Fassnacht Tim Fitzgerald Lee Freeman Renee Frye Cendra Gaches Sandy Gaines David Galloway Brian Garner Feebie Gates Mary Gelbhar Bryan Gensman Jeff Gibbs Dorsey Gibson Debbie Gill Stan Gilliland Bill Goeringer Bob Gower Kenny Grace George Grant Connie Graves Julia Green 53 Steve Green Lynette Griffith Byron Gregory Kayla Gwinn Alisa Hanni . Sherri Hadley David Hardick Jamie Harkleroad Doug Hart Hal Haun Tommy Hayes Ginger Heddlesten Alan Heiserman James Hemingway Leigh Hendrix Valerie Henslick Diana Heppel Jonathan Hills Nathen Hills Stacey Hock Bill Holle Mary Houston Shawn Howerton Pam Huff Almeda Huff Mary Hughes Sara Hurst Robin Hutchison Scott Ingham Lee Jackson Marsh Jackson John Jameson Tommy Jardot Jean Ann Jaynes Julie Jefferies Earnest Jefferson Hutch Jobe Jerry Joffee Debbie Johnson Eugene Johnson Gay Johnson Kathy Johnson David Jones Johnny Jones Scott Jones David Jordan Danny Jurgens Judy Keith Leah Kelley David Kelly Kenny Kelley LeNell Kelly Sholeh Khaze Laura Kincannon Carrie King Jamie King Kirk King Micheal Kinnison Kim Kirn Laurie Kulling John Lackett Mark Lambert Sandra Lancaster Kevin Lane Sherry Lane Richard Lawson Deti Ledbetter Steve Lewis Vincent Lewis Andrea Lindsley Chris Livsey Sally Livsey Ron Luckey Cheryl Logan John Lowery awww, Sophomores LeNell Kelly, and Lee Ann Reid wa passionately at the skating party. WSF Darla Luginbill Tim Lyon Darlene Madden Kathy Mains Tommy Marcum Terry Marler Charles McBride Andy McCormick Jayne McCormick Earl McDaniel Bill McDonald Chris McDowell Rodney McGuire Don McHendry Charles McKissick Steve McQuiston Bill Miesner Amy Miller Dewayne Miller Melissa Miller T.J. Mills Kim Moody Charlene Moore Neil Moore Rick Moore Ruthie Morgan Joe Morrow Susan Mortan Dan Mueggenborg John Murphy Ronald Murray Debbie Myers Scoot Myers Stephen Naff Theresa Nasalroad Dea Nettles Stephen Newlin Doris Nichols Brad Oliver Scott Olson Nancy Osborn Flon Osborn Ruth Osborn Tami Paine Phillip Palbott Karen Parker Barry Patton Carrie Patton Heidi Payne Ronnie Payne Todd Payne Monty Pekah Dane Pendleton Danny Perreira Brent Phillips Robert Pitts Steve Ponnequin Malinda Powell Patty Powell Darryl Pradia Gavin Preist Terri Pumpelly Tayna Purcell Brooke Pybus Terry Quisenberry Dabra Baff Marsha Flains Tom Ray Sheri Reatherford Chris Reding Lee Ann Reid Ryan Reid Lisa Rexrode Laureen Reybu rn Jena Rhea Molly Rice Robbie Roberts Greg Robertson Rusty Robinson Ty Roderick Karen Roth Cathy Roy Tim Rudrow Kari Rusco Cindy Russell Debbi Rayn Clay Sales - Bonita Sanders Jeff Sanders Mark Sanders Bobby Sandmeyer Anna Satterfield Roland Schweitzer Denise Scott Ann Seals Gaye Sharp Dale Sharpton Peter Shearer Cindi Sheets Steve Shelton Edward Shiever Tim Shinault Muril Shinault Tracy Shindell Jack Shipp Lauren Sibley Jim Simank Lyne Sipe Denny Sloan Mark Sloan Cindy Sloggett Martha Smallwood Joe Smith Kenneth Smith Ed Smola Cynthia Sneary Debbi Sneed Carri Snook Ron Spears Eric Stair Starlyn Stanley Steve Stanners Pat Stark David Steindl Marty Stone Tammie Stotts Laura Strickland Sheila Stritzke Trina Swisher Flodney Tackett Sharon Taffs Phillip Talbott Rob Terry Andrea Thomas Sheila Tipton Ty Towery Kay Lynn Treat Janet Trompler Missy Trotter Lisa Turner bi ' wrap' cz? Brent Tweeten Mike Underwood Natalie VanValkenburg Brian VanWinkle Scott Varner Tammy Varnum Malinda Vincent Kent Walker Jeff Watson Randy Watts Ron Weathers Dan Webb Hank Welliver Robert Wesley Mary Faith Wheatley Lisa White Jill Whitenack Ronnie Williams Desa Williamson Tim Williamson John Wood Cecil Woods Edward Wright Lane Wright Rachel Wyneken Laurie Zirkle 61 l PE 9 i r Z 5 i e 2 'i mg President Stuart Butler 1 Vice-President La r ry J u kes ,,. Q f 412 1 5 ecretary erry Allen Treasurer Karen Blakely Congratulations. You have made it to that proverbial first rung of the figurative ladder, that symbolic foot of the mythical mountain, the very base of the very base dung heap. Sad as it may seem you have, albeit unwittingly, become a freshman. Alas for those golden days of the past, three long months ago, when you were an eighth grader among sixths and sevenths, a giant among barely visible microor- ganisms, when all was right with America and the World. Yea, how the mighty have fallen. But I say, yet again, nothing, particu- larly lunch and the five minute break, lasts forever. While there is still life there is hope and, inevitably, a sock hop after the game. We must have faithgfor without faith what would there be but chaos and confusion ancV the morning announcements? To- gether, ever onward through the seething crowds of tormented souls trying to get to their lockers and back to class before the bell rings, we shall plunge into the teeth of the battle and, with divine guidance, achieve great things. Perhaps even to one day park unnoticed in the visitors' section. Such is the manner in which time flows forward as surely as the waters of the sea promptly evacuate the pre- mises at 3:15. Woe be unto those without the eyesight or the ambition to mark and wait upon the inexplicable miracle of the passage of the hours. And so to the concluding notes. Each day is the dawn of a new adven- ture. Each adventure the promise of a new sensation, a different outlook upon the face and measure of knowl- edge. Oh, to be young again and a par- ticipant in this glorious exercise. Then, again, it could be worse. 64 Taylor Acuff Teri Allen Steve Altman Scott Anderson Christy Andrews Russell Andrews Steve Argland Janice Avants Jane Badger Justin Ballard Bret Barnes Paul Barnhart Pat Base Corey Bateman Willie Bates Steve Bayless Jan Beck Ben Bittle Earl Blackwell Tammy Blackwell Karen Blakely Jon Bloom James Bowen Jesse Bowen Paulette Bowen Darla Boyd Lisa Boyer John Bradley Necia Briggs Karen Broemeling Mike Brooks Diana Brooder Alana Brown Pamela Brown Molly Bryant Jeff Buckner Dawn Bunch Paul Burchard Paul Burk Stuart Butler Jeff Campbell Julie Carr Kermit Carraway Roger Castleberry Robin Janelle Castoe Curtis Cavett Jeanie Chase Lance Charles Michelle Chapman Lili Chehrehgosha Gina Clay Tina Clay Hillary Clayton Andy Clemons Thomas Clifford Bob Cline Jennifer Coffey Brad Cokeley Kim Colasacco Cecilee Colclasure Courtney Collier Gayle Combs Loretta Cooper Cathy Cornforth Mike Cotton Cindy Coup Denise Courtright Dennicia Craft Kim Crain Jeannie Cramer Vicky Cramer Greg Crocker Greg Crockett Ted Cunningham Anthony Curtis Debbie Cypret Debbie Czarniecki Janet Daigle Patty Darst Bruce Daughtery Robyn Davis Roger Demaree Darla Denny Dawn Coty .... .41 'F' stuff' Donna Duckwall Sandra Duenas Evertt Eissenstat DeNeice English Becky Eubanks Tammy Evans Mark Fairchild Debbie Fallen Nancy Faulk Tonya Fore Beth Foster Debbie Fowler Kelly Fowler Kevin Fowler Sandi Franklin Norman Frenk Denise Friedle Bob Fulgenzi Mike Gaches Anita Gaither Morgan Gardner Linda Gazaway Steve Gilliland Darla Givens Lori Goff Laura Goodwin Beverly Gottfried Orvel Gottfeid Robert Grant Kathy Greer Susan Grinnell Kevin Grove Lori Gunn Kathy Hager Barbara Haley Q, :wr School spirit and morale are high for the class of 81. Scott Harrison Barb Hartley Sue Harvey Todd Hatchett Chris Headrick Kevin Kiser Brian Knox Doug Heid Sheri Helt Brian Henderson Cheri Henderson Mike Henderson Cotton Knox Todd Kraybill Andy Henson David Herrin Denise Hesser Holly Hesser Randy Hiner Mike Krenz Cindy Kustin Beverly Hines Brenda Hines Kelly Hoffman Buster Holzer James Homer Q! si. 4 "1 "N if 1 Glen Hall Mitzi Hall Khrystal Honeyman Christv Horinek Debbie Homer Russ Hunnycutt Sarah Hurst Thomas Hansen Tina Hargrove Doug Hutchinson Jerry Jackson Tracy Johnson Marvin Johnson Ann Johnson An na Jo Harkleroad Ronald Harper Scott Jordan Larry Jukes Jane Kelly Shelly King Tracy Kirkus Enrollment is new and sometimes confusing for the freshmen. Robin Lacy Robert LaFave Thomas Lasiter De Lawson Mike Lawson 69 Janet Leach Carla Leaghty Rocky Lemon Rick Lewis Pam Livergood Heather McMurphy Tracy McNeill John Long Tina Longan Debbie Lucas Karen Luebke Barby Mains Carrie Mebane Darilyn Mecklenburg Robin Markham Lance Martin Shaun Maston Deanna Matches Tracie Mattox Andrea Meinhart Shawn Mercer Terry Lynn Maughan Keith Maxwell Roger McBroom Rusty McClintock Missy McCoIlom Tami Mercer Laurie Mickle K ik? 'gk Q may . a.a.w.4skx M?" ' r avi" Freshmen are herded into position for their class picture 70 under way. Bryan McCoy Michelle McCoy George Middlemist Kathy Miesner Donald Miller Eric Miller Francisco Miramba Chris McDowell Kim McGehee Igor Miranda Keith Miskovsky Charlie Monks Chris Monnot Susan Moomaw Charlie McLaughlin Steve McLarghlin Debbie Moore Tommy Moore Tim Moore Susan Moretti Adriana Mottola 71 Cynthia Murphy Lydia Murray Laurie Neff Richard Neff Leslie Ness Steve Nicholson Rusty Nickols Robbie O'Daniel Kay Oltmanns Debbie Osborn Randy Osborn Eva Oyster Kelly Parker Steve Patton Dawn Payne Rusty Payton Kevin Pendleton Steve Phillips Sandy Pike Steve Pinney Sherrain Powers Birdie Pradia Curtis Pradia Ella Pradia Andy Pride Jim Quisenberry Steve Ragland Shan Raines Tammy Raines Thomas Rauniker Tim Reatherford Cathy Reding Steve Reking Dillon Reeder Darren Reid Jay Reid Lisa Rexrode Tim Ritter Sherry Robbins Bill Roberts Steve Roberts Mike Robinson Tony Roegner Ann Rommann Shelly Rose Ellen Ross David Rudrow Sandra Ruiz Julie Rush Lisa Salmon Craig Satterfield Marilyn Sauer Tammy Schelsky Roger Schultz Genna Sellers Natalie Sharp Steven Shedrick Lisa Shields Donna Shinault Sara Shinault Dale Shipley Tracy Short Dawn Simmons Michell Slovak Jimmy Smallwood Chris Smith Debbie Smith Jimmy Smith Theron Smith Vince Smola Bruce Snodgrass Scott Spencer Susie Spencer Don Sprague Shellie Stanford Mike Stark Rocky Stebens Amy Steen Kathy Steichen Frand Stewart Linda Stewart Wanda Stinson David Stone Debbie Sutton Kathie Swiger Debbie Stpret Brent Taliaferro Charla Teague Gina Terrilt Tonya Thais Quen Thurman Robert Tinker Garry Trout Michele Turner Cory Twedell Steve Van Doren Terri Venable Walter Verner Lani Vest Jon Wagner Roger Ward David Warren Russ Watson Lynn Weathers Grant Webb L Jeane Webb Karen Weber David Welliver Kelly Wells Corinna Wheeler David Whitney Deanna Whorton Brian Wika Colette Williams Mark Williams Rhonda Williams Dane Williamson David Wyatt FACULTY ADMINISTRATION at-is 'Q' '87 I , gf eil Q. 1. FRONT ROW: Katherine Jacob, Robert Farmer, Elizabeth Shindell, Robert Hale. BACK ROW: Harold 2. LEFT: Vicki Grimes, Director of Food Services Sare, James Baker, Gerald Bradshaw, Gilbert ABOVE: Jack Johnson, Director of Supportive Criswell, John Hunt. Services. 78 A E Q .anti aggx .5 W , EEE Q 523-P1636 E i 3 QQ ik wx skit Race Prlnclpal Gerald Mastin lstant Prlnclpal 2 Clarence ault Attendance Officer 3 nna Armstrong Gladys Holt e Roark, Sherry Nauman Merle nesg Office Personnel. 4. Sherry is, Paulette Kraybill, Jeanette ar, Mary Sue Butler, Bob adayg Guidance Personnel. lan Jack, Assistant Principalg K . , . . : Y n , ' n ' . . L 1 7 C , 1 I n l 79 FACU LTY s ,L :Q Q 1. David Silver, Englishg 3. Wanda Earnest, Englishg 5. Jo Lunsford, English. .rsss a... 2 A L-J .3 , V5.5 31- E kykx' '- if k '1r- 1' . . ....n 'sir K .X f Q gi ? 0 ' -- ,.:- I ci ' L I A L ,... ar' ' -It 51 f 1, gags . ... L 3 4 ...rr2li. ,-f-. V . Vgir' I igzi E r . s iiii E ..... W' 2. Madge Emerick, Engiishg 4. Mary Meritt Englishg 6. Susan Custer, English. , 7 ii! .Renate Stanton, Englishg 3. Richard Lemler, nglishg 5. Sandra Brown, English. 1 E 2. Elizabeth Stewart, Englishg 4. Charles Chessmore, Englishg 6. Nedra Segail, English 1. Marjory Jones, Journalism, Englishg 2. Sara Chappell, Home EC., 3. Mary Jo Drummond, Home EC., 4. Arlene Chapman, Library, 5. Snenista Furman, Library. 82 I qi 5 Speech 3 Juliana Latin 4 Vicki Maxwell, 5 Barbara Burt Lucille Dugee Simmons, Roberta Sharpton, oodner, Cleo Sebring, McKeIvey, Lucille Cafeteria Personnel. e Clark, French,I2. Kim G I 'N E A' S? W e f i ::.f see S s l he 'A I QALL -Ax 'N i' 'P 'NEQP ir' Ks. ,. .gffiif .. '..g:.4 Fi :IW ' 1" 1. Kim Cowherd, Math, 3. Glen Hughes, Mathg 4. 2. Rosetta Silver, Mathg 5. Delbert Duy, Math Carol Bischoff, Math. 84 ...inn-"""' W-.if 'il ,AJ B... 5 1. Sue Ann Hoffman, Business Mathg 3. Bob 2. Helen Foster, Mathg 4. Jim Kerwin, Drivers Schenandoah, Drivers Ed.g 5. Sharon Wade, Ed.g 6. Betty Fryrear, Art. Art 1 , :xg-Q,ggg,:..ff-,ggi , J' , .rir ' M' ff QW-!"""'w.f' 'gtg .. -:tiff If . WU!-Tis, mv L -f -..-...W ....,f----..1'T .. . -a,.. ,. ., .. . -:- t off:-'-'-if-wb-'::ru-f , ii , ""'lL'3 Q'f:::.'-23,5-'iiirz X'-We jf, i my .,a .N . i K , . H -"-' " ...asain 1. Harvey Brooks, D.E.g 3. Ernie Wise, Shopg 5. 2. Dale Weathers, Shopg 4. Ken Sutton, Janetta Loper, Typing and Accounting. Mechanical Drawingg 6. Euphemia Griffith Typing, Shorthand. . '.-1 .J " is 1. David Hoy, Vo. Ag.g 3. Mike Wenger, Bandg 5. 2. Lynda Kelly, PsycnfSoc.g 4. Gayla Foster, Music Steve Maison, Music. 6. Jeff Jones, Orchestra. 87 QQ ' L 9 1. Bud Osborn, Biology: 3. Bud Mahnken, Biology, 2. Marilyn Deal, Scienceg 4. Jack Schroeder Swimmingg 5. Dean Oshel, Physical Science. Chemistry, Physics. 88 WWW Hiwhlmswwcsvnmg Mr- xv 5.2 ' ' - .... hs... s Y , W ....Q,.M . Q . , . . o h..o . . " " .. ' 1. Pam Fajen, Readlngg 3. Bob Oldham, 2. Emily Spillman, Readingg 4. Larry Wilkey, Boys Physiology, Gymnasticsg 5. Tom Dearinger, Ath., Ok. Historyg 6. Earl Boyer, Health, Boys and Healthg Boys Ath. Girl's Ath. 89 H x JA W, tr 1 fx g -L a X l 5, 1. Phyllis Doty, Girls Athg Marcus Jones, Boys Athg 2. Nelda Helt, Am. History, World Geography, 4 3. Flon Disel, Ok. History, 5. Jim Hensen, Am. Rod Warner, Am. History, 6. Alger Flood, Am. History. History. 90 1. Ted Waterfall, Am. History, World Historyg 2. Bonnie Stout, Am. Political Behaviorg 3. Harley Miller, Custodiang 4. Virginia Turvey, Nurseg 5. Helen Johnson, Audio Visual Aide. WZG-P4N-Z4010 NT O C C Z Q I- STUDE pf 15 Y 7-'., k ffxi - 5 Y is OFFICERS S 'F' fa K 3? kg, f""F .bat Kathy Lawson Tregsurer 3 w,,.- 1. 94 ' 1 I is - my A' 4 STUDENT L When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to meet third hour and argue amongst themselves, and to assume among the powers of the Earth that of overseer of the Student Store and seller of coke during free periods to which the Laws of Nature entitle them, T Jis a decent respect to the opinions of S' at mankind requires that they should report at least once a week to the governed masses. Melissa Bennett and Bruce Donavan show their skill with a frisbee at the watermelon feed. 5 ,' M .. ' FRONT ROW: Leslie Ness, Ruthie Morgan, Kay Oltmanns, LeLe Murphy, Kathy Lawson, Mary Rice, Jan Bouchard, Pam Ward, Tracy Babb. SECOND ROW: Missy McCollom, Tom Franzmann. THIRD ROW: Ms. Kelly, sponsor: Jan Bacon, Kelly Steichen, Mike Daniel, Scott Shedrick. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Donavan, Melissa Bennett, Ken Krenz, Tim Lambert, John Murphy, Jim Hardick, Steven Shedrick. BACK ROW: Stuart Butler, Johnny Bayless, Mark Lambert, Preston McCollom, Doug Chesbro. Not pictured: Mrs. Meritt, sponsor: Tami Barnes, Michelle Slovak, Steve Lindsey. 95 O NRO 'IO STUDENT COUNCM- Anyone for Zebra Zapping? The zebra hunt was held by STUCO. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all programs, movies, and dances are created equal. lt's just that some cost more than others. That all fund drives are endowed with certain inalienable rights, among which are apathy, lack of support, and class competition inevitably won by the freshmen. 96 Steve Lindsey shows his talent at the watermelon seed spitting contest. Members listen intently during their STUCO class. STUDENT We, therefore, the representatives of the student body of C.E. Donart High School in general congress assembled do declare that these doughnuts are, and of a right ought to be, 156 a piece and 40gt for three. And forthe support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the obvious intelligence of the electorate, we mutually pledge our Official Notebooks, our Sunday Afternoons, and our sacred Lunch Periods. Scott Shedrick concentrates. , Mary Rice, Pam Ward and Ken Krenz make Stu- dent Identification cards. 97 O NRO 'IIO TS EN ESD PH COUNCl TT PRESIDENTS COUNCIL is a small group made up of all club presidents. We could think of not one iota of satirical material to write about a group of people who work very hard to try and Coordinate the activities of Stuart Butler, Donna Hutchison and Leca Bode I Some 30 or more OFQHNIZHTIODS. ten to detail for Christmas parties. ,pl FRONT ROW: Donna Wald, FHAQ Jenny Jobe, Donart Dudesg Kari Henderson, Spanish, Jan Bouchard, National Honor, Maw French, Johnny Bayless, Sophomore, Leigh Hendrix, Flag Girls, Mary Jewett, Y8tG. SECOND ROW: Steve Lindsey, Senior, FCA' Bernhardtg Sara Bokorney, Cheerleadersg Ken Krenz, Art, Tom Franrzmanng Tim Lambert, Pres. Council, Sandy DeVries, State BACK ROW: Susan Shelton, Orchestra, Leca Bode, DECAg Rikki Norgaard, Matmaidsg Randy Mattox, Donart Dudes, Tim S-Clubg Todd Brumfield, Thespiansg George Lea, Artg LeLe Murphy, STUCOQ Craig Stunkel, Mu Alpha Theta: Not pictured: Butler, Freshman, Carolyn Jones, GVCg Helen Fulgenzi, Twirlersg Mark Costley, Science. STUDENT S The STUDENT SOUNDING BOARD, despite rumours to the contrary, is not a 12' x 6' piece of plywood. It is, however, composed of students from all four grade levels, which is not to say that they've all been ground up to make a table or anything, but rather to meet in an informal atmosphere to ie Baker and Alan Knust discuss problems CHSCUSS Complaints and other SSB members. problems of the students. GHVOE 'SNICINHO R. A l ONT BOW: Heather McMurphy, Helen Fulgenzi, Mary Rice, LeLe Murphy, Jami Baker, Karen Blakely, Tom Goodwin, Gay Johnson. COND ROW: Bruce Donavan, Kim Sloggett, Jan Bouchard, Johnny Bayless, Anna Jo Harkleroad, Andy Pride, Tom Mac, Greg Rusco. CK ROW: Mr. Rice, Mark Tower, Andy McCormick, Todd Brumfield, Earl Mitchell, Alan Knust, Julie Baker, Scott Ingham, Steve itton, Kevin Grove. ' 99 ND GD O 4 m I Z Z m Z -l UTH Julie Evans and others sort through the candy canes during the Y8lG candy cane express. FRONT ROW: Leigh Hendrix, Kay Oltmanns, TaVee Paine, Carolyn Leach, Sec.: Mary Jewett, Pres., LeLe Murphy, Vice Pres., Ken Kren Treasurer: Sherilyn Stout, Tom Goodwin, Nelda Helt, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Andrea Meinhart, Kathy Steichen, Kelly Steichen, J Bacon, Tammy Varnum, Karen Roth, Melinda Shideler, Julie Evans, Neil Sandvold, Susan Stunkel, Sandi Soergel, Jami Baker, Bry Helm, Donna Bieri. THIRD ROW: Debbie Myers, Gaye Sharp, Becky Teague, Darce Rhea, Mary Rice, Mark Costley, Tom McGlamer Mark Miller, Tim Sibley, Kevin Oltmanns, Malinda Vincent. FOURTH ROW: Jane Honska, Susan Shelton, Elizabeth Eubanks, Mar Jackson, Greg Robinson, Anne Luebke, Dave Jelly, Craig Stunkel, Craig Bell, Charles McKissick, Charlie Foster, Roger Sharp, Jo Peters, Julia Green, Kay Lynn Treat. BACK ROW: Steve Patton, Roland Schweitzer, Scott Ingham, Richard Faulk, Tom Maciula, Ste Greer, Sara Bokorney, Joe Bolene, Johnny Bayless, Cheryl Logan, Paige Covington, Cindy Greenberg, Missy McCollum, Jennif Jaynes, Malinda Powell. Not pictured: Susan Honska. 100 r l Draig Stunkel and Susan Honska head towards a meetin President Mary Jewett will challenge any oppo- nent to her bill to a debate. Q. YOUTH AND The Sergeant at Arms contemplates her tough job of silencing the minority. Y8tG QYOUTH 8l GOVERNMENTJ is the inventive combination of two little used letters into an organization with purpose and a knack for little known dances. All of this is combined with the YMCA to participate in district and state legislative meets which, like their real-life counterparts, have very little to do with the actual functioning of the State of Oklahoma. Nevertheless, these hardy individuals work hard at their respective money-raising and money-spending activites. 101 EJ 0 EIA NH EIVXI .I.N HONOR NATIONAL Q The NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is composed entirely of the top ten percent of the Senior class. Innovation and a progressive state of mind should naturally be expected of such a group. The club has chosen to pay tribute to English teachers everywhere by dropping the silent "H" in the word Honor, thus creating the first chapter of the National Oner Society in the northern half of Payne county. Gifts were given ata NATIONAL HONOR party. A a y A A f I I f . fi. if-M' if FRONT ROW: Nancy Stratton, Leslie Ellis, Jan Bouchard, Pres., Mark Costley, Vice Pres., TaVee Paine, Sec.g Greg o, Tre Jennifer Weeks, Laurie Dawkins. SECOND ROW: Eric Dellinger, Morris Foster, Ann Fulk, Dayna Wells, Jennifer Jones, Susan Honsk LeLe Murphy, Brenda Knox, Sandi Stokes, Amy Simank, Margaret Cunningham, Kay Parcher. BACK ROW: Peter Koeppe, Prenti Riddle, Steve Greer, Larry Schultz, Craig Stunkel, Jeff McMillan. 102 STATE I Z I STATE HONOR is made up, primarily, of those who manage to pass English and also happen to place in the top ten percent of their class. lt's no accident then that their sponsor is Mr. Chessmore and that they spend most of their meetings listening to speakers, and having A voting decision receives enthusiastic participation. fun. ROW: Laura Goodwin, Cecilee Colclasure, Tracy McNeil, Karen Luebke, Jerome Clark, Taj Ahmad, Mark Costley, Treasurer: Weeks, Vice Pres.: Mary Jewett, Sec.: Mark Weber, Ken Krenz, Jenny Jaynes, Neil Sandvold. SECOND ROW: Paul Burchard, Monnot, Steve VanDoren, Kevin Grove, Jan Bouchard, Janna Eslinger, Tami Phillips, Ann Bradshaw, Bryan Helm, Anne Luebke, Henderson, Julie Evans, Lisa Orr, Julie Baker, Terri Douglas, Susan Miller, Laura Roberts, Donna Hutchison, Jami Baker, Susan Sharon Stanners. THIRD ROW: Peter Shearer, Hutch Jobe, Steve Lewis, Greg Crabtree, Malinda Powell, Ellen Ross, Karen Becky Eubanks, Laurie Mickle, Karen Blakely, Margaret Cunningham, Ramona Fox, Susan Shelton, Laurie Dawkins, Knox, Larry Schultz, Karen Armstrong, Debbie Myers, Peggy Bush, Julia Green, Trina Swisher, Terry McHendry. FOURTH ROW: Leach, Ruthie Morgan, Cheryl Logan, Jane-Anette Brown, Debra Raff, Brenda Hines, Necia Briggs, Loretta Cooper, Susan Karen Weber, Nancy Faulk, Lani Vest, Marion Agnew, Robyn Gafford, TaVee Paine, Lynette Lee, Libby Milstead, Robert Wesley, Lachelt, Craig Bell. FIFTH ROW: Lauren Sibley, Renee Frye, Diana Heppel, Scott Jones, Kenny Grace, Terry Carpenter, Kent Walker, Collier, Cheri Henderson, Debbie Czarniecki, Marilyn Sauer, Doug Smola, Russ McCoIIough, Don Smola, Bruce Donavan, eat, Steve Patton, Roland Schweitzer, Carl Bastion. BACK ROW: John Peters, Morris Foster, Kevin Oltmanns, Steve Greer, Riddle, Peter Koeppe, Kay Oltmanns, Jenny Jobe, Elizabeth Murphy, Greg Rusco, Tom McGlamery, Clay Foster, Mark Schmal- 103 l HA -I I m -I ID LP UA l MU ALPHA THETA is not a strange breed of cattle or the capital of South Yemen. It is a group of math students who, for some unknown reason, can't get enough of the subject. r the nation are working around the clock to find a cure for this debilitating malady, some members of the Stillwater chapter are even beginning to like it. Many long hours are spent in devising and perfecting decorative exhibitions. The club's ultimate goal is to excute a fUH'l9nQth portrait Of Albert Einstein Members enjoy an ice cream party at Jenny Jobe's durin in the Tournament of Roses Parade. the first weeks of School. LIST OF MEMBERS: Susan Miller, Theres Burghorfer, Bryan Helem, Mike Roegner, Anne Luebke, Kay Lynn Treat, Julia Green, Tri Swisher, Debbie Myers, Terry McHendry, Teymour Tavokali, Pumi Kanchinalakshana, Kenny Grace, Scott Jones, Linda Ward, Lisa O Ann Bradshaw, Jim Jordan, Ramona Fox, Elizabeth Eubanks, Susan Shelton, Tom Maciula, Mark Weber, Jenny Jaynes, Jana Esling Peter Shearer, Ken Krenz, Neil Sandvold, Susan Stunkel, Laurie Dawkins, Susan Honska, Tami Barnes, Jane Honska, Julie Evans, San Henderson, Cindy Greenberg, Kari Henderson, Jan Bacon, Jon Lachelt, Donna Hutchison, Kemi Harris, Craig Bell, Tami Bell, Ftog Sharp, John Peters, Curtis Treat, Kay Parcher, Amy Simank, Dave Jelley, Sara Bokorney, Julie Baker, Steve Moomaw, Larry Schulg Elistoriang Prentiss Riddle, Treasurer, Jenny Jobe, Secretary, Sandy DeVries, Vice Pres.g Craig Stunkel, Presidentg Helen Fost ponsor. 104 CHESS 0 I- C W CHESS CLUB members wash cars, clean up apartment complexes, celebrate almost everything, play Risk, Hearts, Canasta, and the Kazoo, wear T-shirts, and meet once a week. There is even a rumor that occasionally they do once in a while James Drumright concentrates with other members. play chess. ONT ROW: Lyne Sipe, Marc Deal, Tony Harkleroad, Bryan Helm. SECOND ROW: Mark Weber, Terry Hendry, Martha Abbott, Malinda Vincent. THIRD ROW: Johnny Jones, Robert Wesley, Peter Shearer, an Gilliland. FOURTH ROW: Butch Davis, Rick Dermer, Justin Ballard, Curtis Wilson. FIFTH ROW: Debra ff, Clay Foster, Sec.-Treas.g Roger Sharp, Sue Harvey. SIXTH ROW: Kevin Kiser, Ray Weston, Steve eer, Jon Lachelt. BACK ROW: James Drumright, Vice Pres., Mark Sch malfeld, Pres.: Stuart Jackson, Ted terfall, Sponsor. 105 SCIENCE CLUB FRONT ROW: Scott Jones, Laura Frazier, Brad Barnes, Stuart Jackson, Mark Costley, Mark Weber. SECOND ROW: Harkleroad, Neil Sandvold, Tami Bell, Debra Raff, Charmaine Deal, Tom Goodwin, Melanie Craighead, Kevin Kiser. Bud Osborn, Robyn Qafford, Charlie Foster, Jo Acre, Russell McCulloh, Greg Rusco, Roger Sharp, Clay Foster, Jack BACK ROW: Richard Roth, Bryan Helm, Brooke Pybus, Terry McHendry, Jeff Tabor, Marsh Jackson, Hutch Jobe. Science club members are a new breed of joiners. They don't have officers, have very few meetings, and lots of activities. They do manage, though, to have fun by just belonging to a group that can only be described as different. The year is concluded by a banquet and the remainder of the summer is spent in regaining sanity. 106 yi Q fl jwqrgxgmf K Science Club members express anxiety at the meeting LIBRARY Q C W lONT ROW: Beth Teague, Susan Lindsey, Kim Jameson, Linda Kliesan. SECOND ROW: Linda Ellis, Brenda Going, Debbie Steele, ierri Venable. THIRD ROW: Tammy Moss, Cathy Golloway. FOURTH ROW: Mark Scarbrough, Linda Land. FIFTH ROW: Todd unfield, Randy Hill. Library aides spend most of ieir time helping people. So do tomatic vending machines, cept when they jam. But what ts the library people apart, ide from the fact that they n't jam, is the way that they it. How many times has the rary really messed up? None. hen was the last time you Ent to pull a book from a shelf d it wouldn't come out? ever. Can the main office atch this perfect record? Can e Tampa Bay Buccaneers ual this accomplishment? tat all. The next time you go the library, look around. lt's a ce place. Linda Ellis and Sherri Venable busy themselves working on a bulletin board in the library. 107 NISH O I" C W PA S The highlight of Spanish club's year was a spring trip to Mexico. Those members who went spent a number of weeks in preparation by eating tacos and not drinking the water. Many also spent much of their fourth and fifth hours resting up for the traditional Mexican siesta. There was also a special seminar in the correct response to Montezuma's revenge. Other activities were parties throughout the year, breaking pinatas, Spanish Club members enjoy singing Christmas caro and putting them back together again. in Spanish. it.tii ttui ttt.,ttu . itttiit , itigt tittti ttti ,,i,,istt gtt ,iiiist ,iiiil QM ggv Agg W 2:,,t , " A EE. fiitt g sii FRONT ROW: Darlene Madden, Laura Goodwin, Dennicia Craft, Cheri Henderson, Mark Weber, Tracey Crockett, Kari Henders Elizabeth Eubanks, Byron Gregory, Pam Ward, Corinna Wheller. SECOND ROW: Ann Jordan, Mary Lovell, Louise Braino, San Henderson, Julie Evans, Collette Williams, Robin Castoe, Heidi Payne, Malinda Powell, Lee Freeman, Donna Bieri, Donna Arno Suzie Britton, Karen Fowler, Sharla Ray, Paige Covington, Terry Carpenter, Taj Ahmad, Richard Roth. THIRD ROW: Andrea Thomas, Susan Lindsey, Molly Rice, Missy Trotter, LeNelI Kelly, Traci Shindell, Laureen Sibley, Jean Ann Jaynes, Steve Redi Mark Chitwood, Robert Pitts, Ray Weston, Lyne Sipe, Jay Reid, Mark Kargel, Ron Peterson, Kathy Miesner, Cindy Cole, Debb Turner, Cindy Baucom, Amy Steen, Linda Land. FOURTH ROW: Daren Mitchell, Jane Badger, TaVee Paine, Stephanie Miller, Michelle Frank, Steve Roberts, Mary Faith Wheatley, Evan Todd, John Russell, Tim Moore, Jane Brown, Wanda Stinson, Gail Cooper, Kathy Hager, Karen Weber, Nana Khaze, Erica Miller, Steve Nelson, Todd Hatchett, Greg Robinson, Marty Stone, Ther Smith, Johnny Jones, Sandre Dueuos, Chris Smith, Scott Jones, Sandra Ruiz, Annabell Hiranda. LAST ROW: Terry Maughan, J Bouchard, Stephen Newlin, David Kincannon, Richard Faulk, Tom Ray, Victoria J. Maxwell, Sandi Stokes, Prentiss Riddle, Robe Bearry, Leah Kelley, Dana Pollard, Cindy Greenberg. 108 FRENCH 0 LONT ROW: Jana Cooksey, Mary Rice, Linda Ward, Dan Mueggenborg, Peter Shearer. SECOND ROW: Theres Burgdorfer, nabell Miranda, Susan Morton, Anita Adams, Jennifer Jones, Bryan Helm, Mark Deal, Scott Jones, Jon Lachelt, Jack Carrefix, eve VanDoren. THIRD ROW: Monabbaty Hengameli, Francisco Miranda, Andy Clemons, Sandra Ruiz, Becky Bayless, Charmaine al, Jonice Osborn, Steve Lewis, Grey Crabtree, David Jones. LAST ROW: Madame Clarke, Lynette Griffith, Clay Foster, Carla yer, Mary Jewett, Ellen Ross, Karen Broemeling, Tony Harkleroad, Libby Milstead, Yvette Acord. Not Pictured: Cindy Russel, chelle Turner, David Steural, Janet Trompler, Jim Partin. French club is very similar to a ssed salad. There are a lot of ings mixed up in it, but only one nd of dressing. Although embers do not walk around th labels identifying themselves s either tomato, lettuce, or irlic, they do express emselves in activities. For those 10 like to eat, most of the embers of the club, there are ench restaurants and home ade creme puffs. And for 'eryone else there is Charles eGauIle. Learning through 'ing the language is a big part of e group's activities. After all, a ste for snails is very much an :quired habit. Mrs. Clark lights up the flame to start the French Club dinner. 109 ZCLUB I-i 4. ..l I l l i l ! E I I l E . , I, f I, s , - , f . K :iq - t FRONT ROW: Carolyn Leach, Kenny Grace, Neil Sandvold, Page Provence, Nancy Vincent, Tim McCormick. SECOND BOW: Brya- Helm, Mark Deal, Craig Wood, Jenny Jaynes, Josephine Doaks, Karen Luebke, Julie Carr, Debbie Zarniecki. THIRD ROW: Lesl Ellis, Trina Swisher, Julia Green, Debbie Myers, Kay Lynn Treat, T.J. Mills, Kim Kirn, Martha Phillips, Linda Clay, Susan Pancie Steve Patton, Janet Leach. BACK ROW: Mrs. Moomaw, Brooke Pybus, Andy McCormick, Craig Stunkel, Jonice Osborn, Joey Do Sara Carlson, Tracy Kirkus, Ann Eisenbraun, Tom Goodwin, Ken Krenz, Chris Reding, Susan Shelton, Flamona Fox, Marga Cunningham, Marilyn Saver, Teri Allen, George Middlemist. Latin Club is dedicated to the preposition that the language of Rome is not dead, only slumbering very deeply in an otherwise indifferent world. Latin has, indeed, provided us with a number of things without which we would all be the poorer. Who, for instance, will ever completely forget Charleston Heston in Ben Hur? Or Rex Harrison dying on the steps of the Roman Senate? One of the unique things about Latin Club is its practice of reviving and reliving Roman traditions. After several fasts and banquets they've shown that a - language 'S OVWIY as de?d 35 the Wal! Neil Sanvold and Craig Woods exchange greetings it's treated, at least until the next test. Latin at one ofthe Latin Club meetings. 110 -'oup whose activities belong very much BONT BOW: Don Silvers, Barbara Cavett, Larry Jacob, Steve Beck, Steve Collyar, Frank Parker. BACK W: David Hoy, Sponsor. The Future Farmers of America is a the present tense. What with plowing e north forty, slopping the hogs, milking e cows, watching the price of wheat fall, d entering judging contests all overthe ate there wouIdn't seem to be much e for getting together to just meet like y other club. However, they do find e, adding greased pig chases, hayrack es, the modeling of burlap bag shirts, rse shoe pitching, and barrel riding to FFA TQ, JP alreadl' Crowded list- And without the Karen LeGrand was selected asthe FFA Sweetheart ts, it all just wouldn't be the same. forthe 1977-1978 year. 111 QKFFA l U. o LL Kelly Hoffman does his fhing. Susan Hatfield's had enough of shoe polishing. , 112 I Jeff Borland rides 'um high -CE -Q 53,330 3,cucuC.-gI 65935.15 ..,- 2:3630 :vol-O3 ggmfrgo: cn D E 122352 21:71 5-5 , ECI-U Q5 Ccuuicmn 8 035.2 . 5 ,I-C Q NEC!!! gf 52213 2 gzqgw U7 :cc-E s fsggm 0 Q ,532 -7 -:N-P ua 2"g: U2 xEcaD E .:Ec,, - Navi: -O :DCD C O ':.,.E-C o 3-Q-oO G! ma-TI-J -3 -I'3 . -wx Ex 6,100-Q-J 5 LEETJ -' 30653 .- .Q -am uiogg.: GJ -158 E 56195 Q, LDLDI-pu .9 21557 D QCCBQD Ag ,Z-265.5 3 E565 ED D053 - cs.- 2 Ego: GP ammo: "' 554-422 UD .-UP '?m"..'t-9: O Img , CD CEU-IC cn mv: ,wx 5 3282 ev .- 2 WEEE 9 E156 CUC.: ' ,X .QL -UL , I-mgcdjcj cum :HEC cn E5 O ,,CUO xv L,,l-tUn.J gg hCEUg .c Ecngfgo Q. :mm-.s 0 ..."'.1 ' lIOn-sw 5 -f - 'o x:...a:xE.-Q 'D 315:75 f Emmy- mwm BC- z1FE':gb.E ximsifl g S-mum.: .. L-:gm 'ZLTOE-'QQ' 31112340-gii 0053155 Irzfgc O E :CEE Oo?-c' O DEMO DZ -Dmoz ur S :E imp 522050 LLI-LLIOI i LL E FHA FHA-FRONT ROW: Janice Avants, Devotional Officer: Debbie Ryan, Parl.g Lori Nicholson, Reporter: Shelley Carrier, Vice Pres. of Projects: Donna Wald, Pres., Kim Jameson, Vice Pres. of Programs: Connie Murrell, Sec., Sandy Lucas, Treas., Shelly Manning, Rec. 8t Music Chair. SECOND ROW: Terri Gaines, Cindy Ellis, Sherri Hadley, Ruth Osborn, Peggy Bush, Jeanetta Bowen, Almed Huff, Carrie Patton, Carla Leaghty, Debbie Lucas, Charmaine Deal. THIRD ROW: Beverly Gottfried, Robin Castol, Cindy Dudley LeeAnn Reid, Shawn Kelly, Debbie Sneed, Theresa Nasalroad, Kathy Steichen, Kim Colasacco, Sheri Reathaford, Sue Harvey. FOURTH ROW: Tanya Thais, Lynn Maxwell, Jeannie Cramer, Lisa Sheilds, Darla Givens, Anita Gaither, Anita McBroom, Susie Chehrehgosha, Alana Brown. FIFTH ROW: Pauletta Bowen, Denise Ingram, Theresa Hodson, Anita Adams, Debbie Smith, Soray Ahmad, Susie Moomaw, Necia Briggs. LAST ROW: Cynthia Sneary, Sharon Richardson, Beth Teague, Elane Cheatham, Shelly King, Dawn Bunch, Lynette Lee, Bonita Sanders. The FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA take on thetpractical side of living, from how not to burn boiled potatoes to how to fix a stopped up drain They also manage to find time for other activities that don't involve pots and pan or plumbers' helpers. Their concerns ar not totally exclusive of the homemaker, by herself, and a part of theirtime is spen on self improvement. They are a very active group, with a very definite goal. 114 Eat, Drink and be merry is Jeannie Cramer's slogan. .,,, Ruth Osborn seems to be enjoying Sandy Lucas looks dazed while taking herself in the chow line. part in an activity. Cqnnie Murrell, FHA's sec. smile shines on. FHA EE JP 115 4 DECA IEIZI 3232 'Limo 235' 45 . ,OED X mo mom: 3413: :Q-5:5 5525 935 m-Dim 32.32 CL- - fu?-'gm -1 -1 -."4 QEFS SD 3. 2. UW 194 ow uuen-I uosuqop 'BJO t. 22 "CD YW' IJ awe 3' CD 322 52 505 355 .-. so QEQ ' fs 5592 11 QXX Q cn Kg: Q85 Om: 32m 925 -1 533 E .-. 'H 53 Sz 3-1 3 22 xm mo lar Q91 OCD F20 gi 2? g? Q3 Q13 2-'4 'DE EE CD-. Egg? 25 E3 mQ "'o an geo cn 8? CDU oo Q.: 3 nw TJ 35 CD2 SD "9- Oc. 33 32 QU 116 QBVQE 3 X Em: 523 Ko 3' is 573 121111 bon ofa 53:0 593 '44 rn IQ-- :USD3 U32 2032 0:21 ESL U33 omg U93 Qf-U0 aw ..-1 N13 SQ3 04' .po 55 N4 gr may r. ml' 3 m il: gr 'F r. BJ 'I cu E m 1 r' O rn ,-. :- 6 'F O 9 I-U cn 'U CD :.o 3-1 Q6 Off 3? CDCD :: 5 'lm 35 WP 30 ID 1 SD Z cn cn 7? U1 cn ff' r- o 2. O 4 07- 311 0 Pi 5341. IJ 30 32 R43 As if a class and a part-time job weren't nough, DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION tudents also have a club, connected to a ational organization, conventions, onferences, seminars, and other assorted nd sundary convocations. Here in tillwater, they hold meetings and banquets, :ke on extra jobs such as designing the usical program, and annually select a ueen. Throughout all of this, the qualities of Eladership and enterprise are stressed in eory and practice. This relationship of Iasstime and freetime, which doesn't Dale Sorrell plays Santa Claus for sually end up so free, is unique. picture-taking at Walmart. DECA S M. ECA members absorb information on how to be good businessmen and women. 117 O ID O CLUB l.l..I D CD I RODEO TEAM members fall down alot unflinching optimism, every time thej and when they aren't on the floor of some mount a bronc and carry on their heads 2 arena, the treatment they're getting from S50 hat. To many of them, Rodeo is some horse or bull says alot for raising s mbol of their wa of life and the bru Y Y , goldfish. These pioneers show an and broken bones a symbol of Mike Mecklenburg, Pres.g Joey Bivin, Songleaderg Connie Murrell, Sec.: Marsha Reynolds, Reporterg Brent Westermen, Vice Linda Kliesen, Treas. Rodeo Team members take it easy during a long meeting. Betsy Bramwell. Team members take time from their busy lives to relax and by the wagon. RODEO IQ C 1 'E' if ROW: Mike Mecklenburg, Pres.: Brent Westermen, Vice Pres., Linda Kliesen, Treas.g Connie Murrell, Sec., Marsha Reynolds, SECOND ROW: Tom Whitney, Mike Moody, Brain VanWinkIe, Brenda Going, Sherri Venable, Linda Ellis. LAST ROW: Frank Dana Kifer, Mike Lunsford, Randy Hesser, Theresa Naslroad, Don McHendry, Darilyn Mecklenburg, Joey Bivins, Cindy 119 5 FCA u. The FELLOWSHIP of CHRISTIAN ATHELETES involves more than sports and other than the usual club activity. The group meets twice a week, and has a definite program and objective. lt's one of the larger clubs at Donart and one of the most visible in running concession stands and participating in special school activities. There is a bond among these people that extends the is fellowship beyond SCl'IOO.l and beyond the Stephanie Butler, a member of FCA, works on high school years. club project. FRONT ROW: Lori Goff, Adriane Mottola, Jennifer Coffey, Tracy McNeill, Karen Luebke, Dennicia Craft, Tish Razook, Catherine Coffe Nancy Vincent, Candy Krieger. SECOND ROW: Julie Jefferies, Melanie Wright, Cheryl Williams, Leca Bode, Kari Goff, Rikki Norgaar Linda Loper, Susan Miller, Stephanie Butler, Sandy Holland, Dana Pollard, Wendy Wildman, Christie Stewart, Rayna Whitner, Nik Nichols, Laura Roberts, Gina Lambdin, Tracey Henderson. THIRD ROW: Andrea Lindsley, Cheryl Longan, Ruthie Morgan, Paige Covington, Jean Jaynes, Mary Houston, Risa Anderson, Jenny Jaynes, Lori Overton, Pam Ward, Tracy Babb, Jeane Webb, Juanita Simpson, Linda Herd, Lynette Lee, Sandy Jones, Becky Teague, Darci Rhea, Judith Hutson. FOURTH ROW: Donna Hutchison, M Lovell, Jan Bacon, Jil Whitenack, Andrea Thomas, Melissa Bennett, Sara Bokorney, Carol Greenburg, Mary Wheatley,'Deti Ledbette Julie Bilyeu, Starlyn Stanley, Renie Frye, Missy Trotter, Ann Seals, Kim Colasacco, Julie Baker, LeNeII Kelly, Darlene Madden, Ke Bradley, Song-Leader: Diane Fisher, Songleader. SIXTH ROW: Doug Mitchell, Jeff Schatz, Dennis Courtright, Ryan Reid, Carl Bastio David Jordan, Charlie McLaughlin, Lori Gunn, Jayne McCormick, Sandra Ruiz, Robin Hutison, Jerome Clark, Traci Shindell, Jeff Blac Marty Grooms, Lauren Sibley, David S.M. Todd, Lee Ann Reid, Diana Heppel, Scott Borland, Sec., Scott Summers, V. Pres., Stev Lindsey, Pres. SEVENTH ROW: Keith Colasacco, Dan Webb, Tom Maciula, Tim Sibley, Craig Stunkel, Terry Carpenter, Steve Gre Larry Schultz, Anthony Curtis, Grant Webb, Tim Reid, Randy Mattox, Tim Scott, Tim Roark, Troy Enmeir, Jeff Rhoads, Jeff Watson, AI Knust, Chris Roark, Rick McDermott. LAST ROW: Steven Shedrick, Russ Huneycutt, Allen Lamb, Jim Hardick, Jon Underwood, Bru Robbins, Jim Nicholson, Abby Bilyeu, Earnest Jefferson. 120 GVC C2 l O GIRLS VARSITY is the female counterpart to the 'S' Club. In a world of WS also an HTm0SDh9f9 Of strength and size such as athletics, they companionship. At atime and place when stand out not only in their achievements, girls' sports is just breaking the ice and but also in being themselves. GVC is not taking 3 FUD at the prominence Of the just locker room stories and the next boys, that feeling, and the quality ofthe game. Donart group, is needed. l ONT ROW: Carolyn Jones, Pres.: Becky Teague, Vice Pres. SECOND ROW: Sandy Jones, Parl.: Carol Green, Treas.: Sara Bokorney, c.: Darci Rhea, Hist. THIRD ROW: Lorrice Adkins, Linda Loper, Linda Perreira, Juanita Simpson. FOURTH ROW: Cheryl Williams, elanie Wright, Toma Allen, Becky Devlin. FIFTH ROW: Page Provence, Laura Roberts, Coach Boyer, Susan Miller, Jamie Shepherd. IXTH ROW: Wendy Wildman, Sherri Clow, Rayna Whitener, Sharon Stanners. LAST ROW: Darla Barbre, Joanna Green, Karen Wolff, renda Shreve. 121 B LU SHCI ll .77 S CLUB Burlap has alot to do with membership in the 'S' Club. So do raw eggs, mud, and basketball trainer. Why anyone would a couple of other things. And besides all want to go through the initiation is of this, prospective members have to first another question entirely. Suffice it to say earn a varsity letter, which is not the same that once everything has dried and been thing as atelephone call from the football scrubbed off, it's really a very exciting coach or a pat on the back from the club to belong to. HONEST!!! FRONT ROW: Scott Borland, Sec.g Jon Underwood, Vice Pres., Tim Sibley, Pres., Tim Roark, Jerome Clark, Brett Howerton, Kent Bradley, Steve Lindsey, Scott Summers, Tres. SECOND ROW: Craig Stunkel, Steve Greer, Tim Reid, Randy Mattox, Jim Hardick, Cichon, Gary Bradley, Tom McGIamery. THIRD ROW: Randy Lawhorn, Rick McDermott, Ron Peterson, Don Giles, Allen Lamb, Kargel, Chris Roark. LAST ROW: Bruce Donavan, Jim Berlin, Sid Mills, Alan White, Bruce Broyles, Randy Hill, Stan Huneycutt, Tim Lambert, Larry Schultz. "S" Club member Hal Hunt enjoys the academic atmosphere as well as wrestling. the annual "S" Club hanging got into full swing Western Day, did Alan White. Hs" oi.uBC,g 'IO EH White got little sympathy from "S" Club members and t of laughs from the crowd. -. , K Q 7 . ' Wfsxx LV.. . Many football players also participated in "S" Club activites. 123 RSHY VA CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS do more than just jump up and down, turn summersaults, cartwheels, yell, lead cheers, put together assemblies, and show up at all the games, matches, and rallys. They also stand still at times. Some days they even have only school work to do. But, most of the time it seems that the 're alwa s clad , Y Y in their Elue uniforms, smiling, and cheering someone on, if only the janitors in the hallways or the clock on the wall during sixth hour. Tish Razook, Page Provence, Ann Seals, Sara Bokorney, Wendy Wildman, Renee Frye, Diana Heppel, Diane Fisher, Julie Sharon Stanners. 124 VARSITY y In action. SHEICIVEVIHEIEIHO 125 DUDES DONART Spirit is one of those intangible things that a victory can always be credited with because of the spirit behind then or a loss blamed on. The people in the Certainly, almost nothing lends itse stands who shout and yell with the action better to organization and unity thal of the event put a lot of themselves into support for your school's side. Th the final outcome. Sometimes their DONART DUDES have involved anyon enthusiasm is frustrated and who wants in a competition th disappointed. This year, Donart teams otherwise selects only the best at thj haven't brought on that unhappy particular game. They have come a lon situation very often and perhaps that is way in making victory a partnership . t..,,, W.-fi. - 1 xg FRONT ROW: Sandy Holland, Melissa Bennett. SECOND ROW:Jan Beck, Sara Bokorney, Mary Houston, Lori Goff. THIRD ROW: Rikki Norgaard, Jenny Jobe, Diane Fisher, Nikki Nichols. BACK ROW: Rosetta Silver, David Silver, Randy lvlattox, Tom Ray. 126 .W4 M DG NA RT U if Donart Dudes C E . 5 'Z 2 is is 3 if 55 Kiser and Susan Custer compare their matching t A ti s participate in the U r r homecoming parade. m enthusiasm reaches all-time high. Jenny Jaynes and Candy Krieger work hard at painting signs after school. 127 ER RAW? CHEERLEADERS RAIDER CHEERLEADERS have a tough job in a school where the other three classes are caught up in varsity athletics. They not only have to lend support, but develop it as well. In the meantime, they're learning how to organize the people and the teams for the next three years, either as varsity cheerleaders or just plain students. Put all together, they go more places, participate in more events, and face the challenge of more people than any single freshman sport. And theylre only in the ninth grade. Just wait till they really get going. Ann and Buddy get the crowd going with a cheer SM- 4 FRONT ROW: Shaun Martin. SECOND ROW: Buddy Stinsen, Ann Jordan. BACK ROW: Jane Kelly, Karen Luebke, Tracy McNeil. 128 E JJ m cn -I 'I Z G7 VXI SCIIVVXLLV , , ONT ROW: Tracey Crockett, Sandy Holland, Carol Greenberg, Terry McClure, Flobin Murnan, Darlene Madden, .Ruthie ' nrgan, Linda Lewis. SECOND ROW: Tracy Babb, Melanie Wright, Flikki Norgaard, Lauren Sibley, Jayne McCormick, Kari nderson. BACK ROW: Tammy Holzer, LeeAnn Fleid, Melissa Bennett. uren Sibley, Melanie Wright and Janet Wilkey on the ge of their seats at a Pioneer match. MATMAIDS are intended especially for wrestling. ln a fast sport in which time, the score, and the action on the mat are constantly changing, the people who keep track of everything, and cheer on their team at the same time, have to know what they're doing and perform their tasks well. Outside of the matches and tournaments, the MATMAIDS keep team records, print pictures taken during the action, and work with school to send the wrestlers off to each date on their schedule with a good feeling about victory. 129 NATIGNAL The NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE says a lot, in a number of different ways, to a variety of audiences. Talking and conveying a message is their business. The fact that not many people know very much about how they do it shows their art. Acting and the skill of the backstage crew is all in the appearance given at the front of the stage. No one sees the rehearsals, the makeup, or the set building, only what's written in the script and the way that it's brought to life. Knowing that, there is a lot more to NFL than it seems at first look. FORENSIC LEAGUE Mark Deal and Anne Luebke, members participated in the All-School Play. M., of NFL, also FRONT ROW: Jayne McCormick, Secretary, Jami Baker, Clerkg Evan Todd, V. Presidentg Craig Wood, President, Lori Acklin, Treasur SECOND ROW: Anne Luebke, Diana Heppel, Lauren Sibley, Julie Baker, Lynette Erwin. BACK ROW: Kim Domnick, Sponsorg Mark D Karen Mitchell, Curtis Treat, lda Clary. N 130 NT ROW: Mark Weber, Mark Costley, Dave Jelley, Helen Fulgenzi, Susan Miller. SECOND ROW: Jeff Schatz, e Provence, Tom Maciula, Melissa Bennett, Dan Selakovich, Janet Presley. BACK ROW: Clay Foster, Stuart kson, Jane Honska, Joni Osborn, Sherilyn Stout. . f l Dave Jelly conducts a Q8tS with characteristic enthusiasm. QUILL 8t SCROLL is an honor society for journalism students. As such it is quite unique among other groups with similar purposes. For one thing, all members are on either the newspaper or annual staffs. This, in itself, is a good indication that not all is well or, for that matter, on time. For another, these people not only read the PIONEER and EXCELSIOR, they also put them together. Finally, there are the club meetings. Just to get someone to show up they have to announce the gathering for a time three hours earlier than actually planned, and then the photographers spend the next two hours locked in a closet yelling "Paper Out!" D Q F' I- NV CI HSS "I'lO ff Schatz points out a difference of intellectual opinion to other staff member. It was learned today from a reliable source that the EXCELSIOR staff was, indeed, implicated in the writing, editing, and publication of a high school newspaper during the 1977-1978 school year. According to the source, who is close to the ongoing FBI investigation, there is no question but what a "smoking gun" has been found which points directly to the guilt of the 17 person staff. The EXCELSIOFI staff, itself, put out a strong denial of the charges. "We have never, do not intend in the future, and are not now working on any issue of any newspaper. We should have thought that our perfect record never making any deadline at any time was more than enough to totally disprove all allegations that we were responsible for this reprehensible act. lt's just totally inoperable. We are not crooks." s Morris Foster takes time out from his job as Editor to take a picture. 133 X O STAFF O C0 DZ 4 UJ P- Sherilyn Stout, widely respected Editor, concludes her daily lecture to the photographers. Shelly 3 Manning 6, tllltl concentrates lrl on making ,the deadline. . An annual is a living, breathing person to its staff. It also snores. But more than that it is a series of impossible deadlines bound together by shared feelings of love, hate, companionship, and a constant desire to scream uncontrollably for hours in a locked room. Nevertheless, life and the class sections seem to go on forever. Along the way, there are obstacles to be overcome fcommonly known as photographersl, mountains of names and faces to climb and conquer, and the inevitable emotional let down after you've used up your last bottle of liquid paper. Finally, this is a group with only one real desire: To find a yearbook that needs only crayons and a polaroid 134 Camefa. James Drumright stands in amazement at th chemical powers in his possession. YEAFZBOOK hi ROW: Sherilyn Stout. SECOND ROW: Gayle Lewis, Kemi Harris, Morris Foster, Marjory Jones, Osborn, Laurie Boyd, Shelly Manning. BACK ROW: Jane Honska, Jamie Shepherd, James Kevin Fortney, Tom Maciula, Melissa Bennett, Mark Thomason, Tad Cooper, Jerry Stritzke, Dan Not Pictured: Page Provence, Dave Jelley. .LS :I:IV Boyd yet again asks herself, "What's a Tad "Mr. Ad" Cooper in the depths of his depression during like me doing in a place like this?" the unforgettable ad deadline. 135 - , WI-IW-4 m-Zi Q BAND I fihk. f FRONT ROW: D. Black, A. Heiserman, L. Gunn, S. Hurst, J. Bowen, K. King, L. Steichen, M. Freeman, C. Seals, D. Willever, J. Cooksey, S. Jackson, K. Grove, R. Roberts, B. Barnes, C. McBride, B. Henderson, L. Erwin, L. Frazier, D. Muggenborg, M. Klinger, K. Pendelton, C. Wood, N. Sandvold, A. Bradshaw, M. Craighead. FIFTH ROW: L. Hendrix, L. Durham. SIXTH ROW: M. Rains, S. Mquestion, K. Roth, K. Maxwell, B. Hines, J. Rush, B. Hines, B. Tweeten, D. Duckwall, M. Cunningham, B. Eubanks, B. Haley, D. Moore, D. Sutton, K. Liles, M. Shidler, K. Wolf, M. Phillips, K. Redding, B. Toster, V. Bolden, R. Dirks, D. Nickols, L. Gritth. NINTH ROW: T. Douglas, T. Stotts, T. Paine, T. Marler, K. King, K. Seamans, K. Slogget, C. Hall. 138 BAND U7 W . . -..M , Z l T U P. Koeppe, C. Hurst, B. Boyer, R. Shultz, S. Moomau, B. Brittle, T. Little. SECOND ROW: L. Herd, R. Nichols, K. Kiser, J. Lawson, B. Cury. FOURTH ROW: L. Turner, D. Deny, C. Murphy, T. Hansen, L. Martin, S. Spencer, K. McGeeHee, T. Varnum, E. Dellenger, M. Varnum, M. Costly, J. Steichen, T. Belden, J. Hawk, K. Lawson, T. Swisher, J. Green, M. Fisher, B. Weston, D. Stone, B. Wika, R. Anderson, D. Willis. SEVENTH ROW: P. Powel, M. Hamiton, K. Parcher, D. Stewart. EIGHTH ROW: D. Lugenbil, D. Whorton, R. Wyneken, S. DeVires, M. Brooks, L. Vest. M. Lawson. S. Farajolahi. L. Rexroat. S. Britton M Turner, F Millar' I Rnyrll R Cray, n Ingrahm. LAST ROW: M. Wenger, R. Ward, C. Cooper, J. Sanders. 139 'Q Band CU m FIRST ROW: M. Costly, M. Craighead, E. Dellinger. SECOND ROW: L. Turner, R. Wyneken, A. Bradshaw, T. Varnum. THIRD ROW: J grgigesf Seamans, M. Shidler, M. Freeman. FOURTH ROW: R. Lawson, T. Douglass. FIFTH ROW: K. Grace, C. McBride, M. c ma e . I The tuba section reigns supreme at a Mark Schmalfeld gets with it as he blasts football game. a tune. 140 Band SQ 1. , M. ,rg .wk Senior Band Staff: Prince Varnum, Mark Costley John Steichen bangs the drum Slowly during 3 and Erric Dellinger. band performance at half-time. FHUN I HOW: Keith Maxwell, David Stone, Jeff Sanders, Mike Brooks, Ken King. SECOND ROW: Beverly Hines, Julie Rush, Donna Duckwall, Brenda Hines, Brian Henderson, Randy Hillyard, Lori Gunn, Jesse Bowen. THIRD ROW: Lisa Rexrode, Roger Ward, Jeff Hawk, Bobby Sandmire, Kevin Pendelton, Susie Spencer, Kevin Grove, Mike Varnum, Robbie Roberts, Mike Lawson. 141 The Donart Band Program had another fine year under the direction of Mike Wenger. lt's marching band, two concert bands, and two jazz bands provided sounds touching the musical interests of nearly everyone. All of these organizations performed at contests, as well as giving concerts for the school and general public. The marching band, through untold hours of rehearsals was able to bring halftime entertainment to Donart football games, as well as stimulating spirit. The jazz bands did the same for indoor sports, providing a jazz flavor at basketball halftimes. The BAND members march on bravely during the llomecomingiparade this year. The band actively participated at pep assemblies promoting spirit. Shelia Strizke, Tammy Little, Bobby Cury, Helen Fugenzi, Linda Herd. 142 gave Willis, Leigh Hendrix, Darla Lugenbill, Patti Powell, Lisa Turner, Melanie Craighead, Linda Durham, Marsha Rains, Lynette rittihs. Senior Debbie Black served as drum This instrument has the right idea after marching all major 1977-1978. morning. 143 HESTRA RC O ORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA. It means individual practice, play-offs, daily string rehearsals, weekly full orchestra rehearsals, magazine sales, and possibly participation in the Chamber Orchestra or the Guys and Dolls Orchestra. Rehearsals led by a man striving for a goal that will never be reached . . . perfection. But in striving for perfection, there comes certain improvement. With improvement comes better and better concert and contest performances, and with these performances comes the feeling that your goal can be the best, and that you can reach your goal. A good year for director Jeff Jones and the Donart Orchestra. Magazines, concerts, contests, and real music. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect, as the orchestra well knows. FRONT ROW: Jennifer Weeks, Susan Shelton, Necia Briggs, Janice Avants, Loretta Cooper. SECOND ROW: Brenda Knox Karen Broemeling, Jeff Banks, Tommy Hayes, Susan Moretti, Andrea Thomas, Terri Douglas, Roddy MacDowall, Marion Agnew. THIRD ROW: Janet Leach, Ramona Fox, Jim Scott, Tom Lasiter, Laurie Mickle, Sandy Gains, Steve McLaughlin, Kathy Steichen, Ann Bradshaw, Eric Dellinger. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Sauer, Valerie Henslick, Joe Morrow, Kay Oltmanns, Sharon Taffs, Gina Terrill, Dawn Payne, Phillip Ness, Mark Freeman. BACK ROW: Shan Rains, Andrea Meinhart, LeNell Kelly, Clifford Thomas. The violin section looks bewildered as they wait for heir cue to play. ORCHESTRA 3 I rn The orchestra emits beautiful sounds as they play their hearts out. RONT ROW:James Bowen, Paul Burchard, Jane Brown, Mary Helen Harper. SECOND ROW: Margaret Cunningham, Martha hillips, Melinda Shideler, Diane Stewart, Eugene Johnson, Chris Monnot, Karen Armstrong, Tanya Purcell. THIRD ROW: ark Costley, Michael Varnum, Rachel Wyneken, Tammy Varnum, Sandy DeVries, Laura Strickland, Mark Schmaltield, ichard Lawson, Ginger Earlyne Heddleston, Stuart Butler, BACK ROW: Peter Koeppe, Larry Gant, Jim Simank, Craig atterfield, Mike Lawson. 145 CD -I I C0 l 5 ORCHESTRA I O FRONT ROW: Jane Brown, Mary Helen Harper, Mike Lawson. SECOND ROW: James Bowen, Director Jeff Jones, Necia Briggs ' ox, Jennifer Weeks. Jim Scott, Paul Burchard, Janet Leach. The bass section adds considerably to the overall sound. 146 The MADRIGAL, selected from auditions within the Concert Choir last May, was greeted with a new size and concept for the new year. Ten seniors and three juniors, singing and dancing their ways to insanity. Rehearsals, more performances that one could imagine, and lasting friendships. MADRIGAL is celestially misguided by Steve Maison. Z JP U 3.9 CD ID I- GVVNI 'SIE 'IV V1 , Mark Costley. n ,., ROW: Greg Rusco, Celeste Convertino, Debbie Butler, Director Steve Maison. SECOND ROW: Jeff Lawson, Tom ery Lynette Erwin, Kelly Steichen, Mark Fisher, Diane Fisher, Lisa Post, Russell McCulloh. BACK ROW: Sandy .A -A Nl N ERT CHOIR FRONT ROW: Tommy Chesbro, Annette Fulk, Mark Costley, Julie Baker, Laurie Dawkins, Evan Todd, Mark Kerns, Jenny Jaynes, Kevin Oltmanns, Debbie Butler, Mark Fisher, Kelly Steichen, Scott Myers, Lisa Johnson, Tom McGlammery, Celeste Convertino, Curtis Treat, Robin Gatford. SECOND ROW: Mark Schmalfield, Lynette Erwin, Tracy Hesser, Brenda Knox, Lele Murphy, Tami Barnes, LuAnn Moore, Jenny Jobe, Bruce Broyles, Sharla Ray, David Whitley, Kathy Lawson, Sharon Stanners, Sandy Soergel, Jeff Black, Jamie Baker, Greg Rusco, Meg Hamilton, Bruce Donavan, Lisa Post. BACK ROW: John Peters, LaRisa Swisher, Russell McCuIIoh, Jim Hardick, Carl Murray, Jeff Lawson, Debbie Black, Stan Huneycutt. Members of Concert Choir and Madrigal are having fun at the Christmas party. Mark Costley and Celeste Convertino enjoy each others company and the food at Mr. Maison's house. SGHSOFI. u CGNCERT Ci? CONCERT CHOIR gives concerts. - Singing concerts for a number of I different occasions at a number of different times during the year. Their members figure prominently in the annual musical and the annual musical friut sale. With these people hearing is believing and enjoying. Choir and Madrigal carol at various homes during the 149 gf AND DOLLS 9 9 work, and a change of lifestyle for all of tho involved with it. At Donart it means meetin the high standards which have been set by o own past productions. This year's productio was "GUYS AND DOLLS", a musical fable Broadway, that brought humor and a numt of well-known, fast-paced songs together in well-designed and well-staged package. Ar how was it? Nicely-Nicely thank you, and maybe even better. A musical is singing, dancin ,actin , ha 9 150 di. . - 1--. x . 'TS - -N N. S f. if wa- is l i ., :iQ xx. M A+ . .3 A91 . Et' , f seg L' a -9 4 5 A ff f ff ,S 5 M - w PIANS ES TH TH ESPIANS F Y .v FRONT ROW: B. Donavan, Sec., J. McCormick, Soph. Rep. SECOND ROW: l. Clary, C. Treat, Tres.: L. Acklin, Jr. Rep., K. Lawson, Sr. Rep., T. Brumfeild, Pres. THIRD ROW: A. Lubke, J. Baker, S. Ingham, S. Ray, J. Jaynes, M. Lovell, K. Slogget, C. Halbeck. FOURTH ROW: S. Phillips, D. Black, J. Taber, M. Deal, M. Schmalfeild, C. Wood, J. Scott, T. Carpenter, J. Morrow, J. Jones. FIFTH ROW: L. Sibley, D. Heppel, C. Convertino, K. Mitchell, S, Manning, S. Lucas, G. Danz, B. Bayless, C. Deal, D. Merkle. LAST ROW: J. Baker, T. Cooper, D. Selakovich, E. Todd. 152 The word Thespian has had a long relationship with the stage andacting. lt's one which takes in all aspects of theatre, from the people you see up front, to those you don't, in the back. The Thespians of C.E. Donart do both sides of the coin throughout the year in a good number of major productions. As a relatively young organization they have made the All-School and Jr.-Sr. Plays a tradition in Stillwater and have raised the standards of excellence in high school drama. as 3 ll Artis a totally visual medium. lt is also one of time, practice, and perfection. Once mastered, however, it is a mode of unlimited expression. Students of art spend most of their early years in getting used to the techniques and forms, from water color to sculpture to silk screen, and in refining their abilities. But the urge to create something new is reflected throughout the learning process. The attempts are no precise as to where they're going or what they're saying, but in each the talent and promise of the artist is visible. ART O r- C W Renee Frye concentrates on her dabblings. gl-l ROW: S. Butler, N. Van Valkenbu rg, T. Brumfeild, S. Honska, Executive Boardg J. Watkins, J. Evans, T. Paine, M. Nur, S. E. Cheatham, J. Acre, Executive Board. SECOND ROW: L. Nicholson, L. Kulling, C. Graves, L. Sipe, D. Raff, R. Frye, P. Chehregosha, R. Gafford, V. Saxon, L. Lewis, R. Brown, N. Simmons, Executive Board. THIRD ROW: D. Gill, S. Wade, irq A. Seals, C. Logan, K. Mains, J. Eslinger, C. Foster, K. Krenz, B. Helm, J. Morgan, G. Lea, Executive Board. 153 .1 Q: MUSIC O O P TOP LINE: Linda and Sara pay close attention. TOP RIGHT: Vocal music students put forth their best effort. MIDDLE: Out of the mouths of Girls Glee Club comes a joyful sound. LOWER LEFT: The guys put their hearts into their music. LOWER RIGHT: Students take time out to breath. Just look at these faces, what do you see? Open mouths? Sure, but beside that ther is talent. And besides all the quantity yo see, there is quality. There are uniqu individuals with some pretty individua sounds fit you know what we meant. Bu in moments of stress they can be poole together for a wonderful sound of unity Much to the relief of Mrs. Foster and Coach Maison- 154 Lori, Sandy, Michelle and Anne Talk. N Ida shows her dramatic abilities. ALL-scHooL ,E JP -4 This year Donarts Drama Department presented "I remember Momma" as the all school play. lt was a well presented, occasionally humorous, and a quite touching story of a family and it's perserverence during hard times. Under the direction of Kim Domnick the cast did a performance for High School students as well as the general public. As well as being a memorable experience for those involved, the play provides an excellent chance for students to display their abilities to the public. Enjoying the evening paper are Steve, Craig and Lori. Disapproval marks the face of onlooker Gay as What is on Gays mind? Anne and Mark show affection. - 155 WW-GZGI STATE LL A HONORS An All-state designation in any area, from sports to music, is a confirmation of excellence and consistent achievement. ln football, the award is for a record extending over twelve or so games. In orchestra and choir, it is conferred upon the basis of judging in competition with students from throughout Oklahoma on t regional, district, and state levels. Many of those from Donart listed here have as L s achieved this distinction for several years consistently make these elite lists says L l alot for the programs which have All-St t d AI -D- - . developed and shaped their talents. EugenaeeDi?ES. ' 'stnct Footbau' Zack Webste I9 All-District Football: Steve Greer, Eddie Lockwood, Kevin Sasser, Jon Underwood, Kent Lance Duke, Chris Burt, Tom McGlamery. Bradley 158 ALL-STATE I gy-4. 3 1 4 ll-State Choir: L. Swisher, J. Lawson, B. Donovan, D. Black, M. Fisher, L. Post, D. Fisher, D. Butler, R. 1cCuIIon, L. Murphy, M. Costley, J. Jobe. J. Weeks. Orchestra: Front: S. Shelton, B. Knox, M. M Harper. Back: M. Cunningham, J. Scott, M. 159 Q HONORS National Merit, Margaret Cunningham, Prentis Riddle, TaVee Paine, Tom McGlamery, Eric Dellinger, Craig Stunkel, Mark Morris Foster. Karen Weber, Ali State Cross Country 160 BOYS, GIRLS U3 Delegates and alternates to Boys-State are chosen through a series of personal interviews by the American Legion, the sponsoring group. Before participating in the actual convention in the summer, those chosen spend a good deal of time raising money and speaking to various civic groups. Girls-Staters are chosen in the same manner as their male counterparts, but by the Women's Auxiliary of the Legion. At the convention, they divide into various parties and run for state offices, getting experience in state government and working with other people. 161 ENICJR S COMMITTEES vwi - Senior Committees, chosen in January, are volunteers from the senior class who work with their teacher sponsors in planning, preparing, and running the particular end-of-the-year activity for which they are responsible. Decorations: K. Sasser, T. Paine, T. Barnes, J. Weeks, S. Honska, M Class Night: T. Hesser, L. Erwin, M. Agnew, M. Jewett, D. Butler, R. Fox. Programs: L. Bode, M. Hamilton, L. Johnson, D. Butler. Baccalaureate: M. Freeman, C. Stunkel, G. Ftusco, J. Bouchard, J. Jobe, J. Lawson. 162 ga? uqsglzfvszig. L5 1, S- W ,, X is ff! ' . V,f . ,K W i P1 -A f f. -1 ,K . 'if fwzflias' iz:-sm.. Ai .1 K is Q xg? mf . Q,,ww .5 . 5. . W 5 Q HONORS . , ,,V, ,, , DAR winner Lisa Post is pictured. here with alternants Melissa Bennett and Craig Stunkei. Lions: Front Row, Diane Fisher, Michael Varnum, Jan Bouchard. Back Row: Mark Costley, Jeff Lawson. Not Pictured, Laurie Dawkins. Rotarians: Jeff McMiIlion, Lynette Erwin, Amy Simank, Ramona Fox, Greg Rusco, Not Lele Murphy. 164 O C m m Z .LV ELL VGN UJITDJ cncgecbz :J 51113 150- 1-4m cf-'25, :Tm ste 6. 129. 203 QU Q. This year's football Queen were selected this year by the Donart Dudes as a new system was inaugurated into the old tradition of Melanie Wright, Mary Houston, Tracy McNeil, Page Provence. Not Pictured: Rikki Norgaard. Homecoming, This year's wrestling Queen attendants and Senior runnersup were drawn heavily from the ranks of the Matmaid organization, as selected by the members of the emma wrestling team. Darla Boyd, LeAnn Reid, Melanie Wright, Flikki Norgaard, Sharon Stanners. Basketball Queen attendants, pictured g here with the Senior l runnersup, were i ii selected by the I ii f members of the fi basketball team and presented at the nfl iiil half-time of the Julie Jeffries, Carol Fitzgerald, Gayle Combs, Flikki Norgaard, Sherri Clow. Homecoming game. 165 EENS QU QUEENS L When a group of students nominates Senior girl as a candidate for their queen, means that they really want one of the three people to represent them as the me visible symbol of that organization or spo For the Band, DECA, and FFA, the fin decision also rests with the members. F football, basketball, and wrestling l entire school is given the opportunity deciding between the players' nomine Once the decision has been made a announced, the queen truly reigns overt proceedings, either a game or match or banquet, and the distinction of bei chosen for these particular honors remai of the first announcement for a good of ti ,. , . KK Leca Bode - DECA Karen LeGrand - FFA 166 1 QUEENS -W X , i1 , l NU 'K k Diane Fisher - Football Melissa Bennett- Wrestling ,Q 1 . if e . Sara Bokorney - Basketball Sandy DeVries - Band 167 SNEIEIUC ml-IN-Cn-W 1 , 1 1 Q ,,,, V , .,,,Z , , Ali . 1 A ,., , ': :,5 '1f 1'V 5 ifg A,' 1 I5 11 1 1ii1 J fi 1 1 ENID 1 W CUSHI l 1i 1 28-75-We-SOONEB1 ' PONCA , f: 1111 Q 1 LSA SHAWNE 1 1 1 1 f CHOCTA 1 zi' ., wa , ,Z,? , 1 H 1 i., 1J1 J J tf .f:f,f 111-1 1 . . ' ,,,. 1 1 , ,V,,. , V,.F? 5 f". . f 'V ' 1: lfff mfgffi OWASSO f TULSA KE Y 1 11 1 2 I -,"', ' '- 14-O 17-O 25-0 114-7 14-13 14-7 W.-awww Qfefv-f1fai,H ff t iff 3' U if 2 rw -H 2255? viii w 2 .fs W Q- 5 if , .97 - , ., . f .. Q at S? H f :cf Q- ll -f W sl, J. ,.. at f, '1 ii? if We is 'E 'L l ii 7 'if ff' 115 ,fl 'll ssl' 'ef Y lt started just like any otherfootbaH seasonfor the Pioneers. All the newspapers said that the Pioneers would do wellin the following season, but not as well as the season bekne,HofcourseV'Asin years before,the Pioneers did much better than most expected. The Stillwater gridders seem to hold a powerful desire to win, year after year, that makes up for any lack of talent. Coach HoHadayB layers had a very mpressive season losing nly once to Tulsa Kelly n a very close game. hus, the Pioneers had a -1 record, were rated 4662, nd were sure to go into he playoffs. Stillwater on the Hrstthree ounds, including a ictory over the powerful and-Springs Sandites, ated No. 1 all season. he Pioneers finally fell to uncan in the Class 3-A inals in Oklahoma City. Stillwater finished as istrict champs, and 3-A tate runner-ups. X' 'CDG " ,L 00,2915 109 l H 3 g 3 GDL i 2:aff'iQ3I 0' C Pi Ie lliamso Do g Ch Karl U .C .z :CE ww C X-QC O ,Om 22-'Ib :x fl, ris E 3 U 0.25 5. Nw 5.2-S951 Q f.:-Emi-234 o CQ - 'D 3125150 r.,'Lc 5 Cl-m'Ugq4-7 2 ,w3a:C Q-GDI W 15 Q 5 KD n. --E -Q- 2525525 59? Co... mx--, :gil- 0 mano :CDO O an 113115 -'i.C.9?o .W Eiggima 60503-5623, LI -goo O x - 1. QCD 'EQZD 3525553 3 go P 5 '3:.CScD Q35-mgmow .- Owgm 1. mi' W 5631 C'.- O U1 L 3-P E, -mana, ,-:w,E vadlx-:qJ. im U 570 a. .oaJ'1P' om D 15 cu' CD xD+-Pi? -8 0 .wmoen --mwcwci Diwcl- as -ELM-05,03 CEUJEDOEYE 8 5,203 :J ..E-mm-... +22 ELG -. ..a, 52551552 -CEEQQQI-1-C ug CDm2.z 'COL ?5C2'1l . IOP-C .. .QCGJIIE-2 UWB! -0.9 r:-52mg 4005 :Xb-H as :O c'E.9a:ox IIXCD S o -1k mmm U of Pm 'UEEOQCE' 'SEq,E"3aa m3EmCDuCE'J DUQNUA5- L- qu-C-gm dJ'5fDDmE' OOCEMC CDEOUY-ju-I "'E-12: 505220 Ei-1945 Seam O rn E w ru D- CD E b Q - - U 'D' 5085555 gzgmiom CXKUEJDQ J Dasff ... 'DEQ .9 ' DI U Sag? .QAEL 0-o IIFI B ' . 65.542, E IXDQL SD 'b-2l- 6 -an . x U S:'PE":w :q,.-a:, CDN'-77m E35 . -up-' Iqgfggw EE 055.0 --oUE5.Q0 -few Oo 3:00530 .9 U U Ia X 33 2.1 -.,m li ,Ef.JgiJ.. MQ b mrujgglb scsi :OGSSQ IIICIU: as Q OOU Fmgomfm ...,,, 'D-Dm . r:-E: gt., 0 ' S.c2cu.c"5E LLO4-Il-7-H . lfaiwfe 1.,...,a,h., f sw Met? is flafmseiesmwaefsf if W2 5 'ea ""5"baM ?? 12- ,253 gh 55 5 .ma in aml r FOGTBALL A , 1 if 56 if f f 15413 Donart's receivers "Run it back." Coaches Holliday and Warner. Junior Scott Summers, goes for yards. FOCJTBALL fgigdxi K'-ww. ma. Above: The Pioneers recover a fumble near their goal line. Left: Senior Zack Webster reaches the first down. FOOTBALL FOOTBALL 2 rv J.V. FOOTBALL 3-5 J.V. 12 Enid 6 Perry 6 Guthie 13 Tonkawa 0 Ponca 14 Chactaw 23 Ark City 3 Cushing LL.laclgSJ1ippw-aits for his turn to handle the ball. Lii ,Lii A E rt The Junior Varsity squad faced a tough line up this year, and lost their opening game 13-12 in a tough battle with Enid. They lost their next game in another close game to Perry 8-6. Then the sophomores shut out Guthrie 6-O. Coach Alger Flood said, "The team worked out with the varsity squad at the first part of the year, and then to- wards the end of the season they split up more." The split must have helped because they won two of the last three games, which gave them a season record of 3-5. The team, lead by quar- terback David Todd and running backs Randy Hill and Allen Knust, have a bright future ahead for them next year. The JV works on strategy during a daily practice if T- ST "'l. Wrri ,,, Q 12.5 .itr . RAIIDERS l The Raiders, under new head Coach Dean Oshel, got off on the right foot by T T S winning their first game against Sapulpa l -.- -'TIS S 22-8, but Coach Oshel felt some im- provement was needed. By mid-season the team's record was 3-1 and the Raiders close in on the ball carrier. coaches were pleased by the way the team had shaped up. They only lost one more game all season, and in overtime they defeated Okmulgee, one of the top teams in the state. They ended a winning eason with a victory over Ponca City est, leaving them with a 6-2 record and rd in the district. This is the best season he Raiders have had since 1973 when -' they went 6-2-1. Anthony Curtis fires the ball down field. f , l Q Q.. 4- A RONT ROW: Shan Rains, Taylor Acuff, Russ Watson, Robert Grant, Garry Trout, Kermit Carraway, Robert LaFare, Todd Hatchett, ark Williams, Steven Pinney, John Bradley. BACK ROW: Chris Headrick, Todd Kraybill, Brian Wika, Curtis Pradia, James Bowen, avid Rudrow, Charlie McLaughlin, Brian Knox, Steve Nicholson, Greg Crockett, Ted Cunningham, Anthony Curtis, Kevin Fowler. eff Campbell, Russ Huneycutt, Kenneth Pollard, Roger Castleberry, Stuart Butler, Rusty McClintock, Marv Johnson, Rocky tebens, Rocky Lemon, Mike Gaches. TL HWWEW iii CRGSS-CGUNTRY and through one of the mud puddles on the course. Karen Weber concentrates on keeping her p up, while she runs the course. The Pioneer Cross Country team is making the sprint at the start of the race for good position er , 5 'i" , e 1 til M--gi K X N is it pg - 12"f4'-tim ..f,, ' 'iee Q4 N 1 we if T o s wi e xwxx N .Nw W Jim Jordan, after running three miles goes into the sprint for the finish line as he passes the Edison runner. VanZandt works on his form, while he is . 1 at the highschool, Laurie Kulling races against another runner as they near the finish in the Stillwater Invitational. CFRGSS-COUNTRY T CD XMMHMAHR CD ,WWW EI CD li lli . i i CROSS-CO UNTRY The Pioneer Cross Country team this year has had a sucessful season, leading runners were Sr. Jim Jordan, Sr. Kelly Vest, Jr. Dan VanZandt, Soph. David Jordan. The girls have placed 2nd in state and although are a small team they have a couple of great runners in Karen Weber and Loni Vest. One of the best things about the girls team is that runners are freshmen and have three years to improve and become the best in state. Most of you aren't real sure what Cross Country is. lt is alot of dedication and hard work, running 10 miles in practice, running when it is cold enough to freeze. They don't receive very much recogination or encouragement and after they have run 3 miles they need guts and all the encouragement they can get to sprint the last 100 yards. Matz fm GM E93 Kelly Vest and David Jordan come into the finish line together at the District meet. Jim Jordan runs past another course obstacle as he passes over a small walking bridge. , W Part of the Pioneer team is going through before running a cross country meet. David Jordan ignores the water and mud and concentrates on moving up in the race. ff? 'ti A' iii Er. rw WWW9' ffl? Elimlillrra iimmsili i twi , , , mlywi ,, ,, ' ""' e , .2 ,Q , , v ,, -,, awwi ll- L ti, .l ,. V+: -- -if -v .. lx. , ,Ax Front Row: Craig Crabtree, Ryan Reed, David Jordan, Brad Boyd, Dennis Courtright, Back Row: Sam Wedgeworth, Rusty Robison, Kelly Vest, Coach Duy, Jim Jordan, Dan VanZandt, Roland Schweitzer. 1 ,Av ,f M i l Kelly Vest keeps on moving even though the mud The members of the girls cross-country team are is flying all around him, it is just another part of Valerie Henslick, Laurie Kulling, Lonie Vest, and he race. Karen Weber. cnoss-couixirnv X it Right: Tim Sibley goes airborne in the opening g tipjff, to see which team is to control the ball. Bottom: Larry Schultz takes to the airto put one in from the side in a game against the Trojans. Bottom Right: Coach Kerwin uses a time out to talk to his starting five while the rest of the team listens in. 111 ag M 'M Mb Wjgfec,gm llwwst: wwlilirm yn'-W ff lu" U Mil" WM ,Ml Ei ' 'V H l' elif 'Z' 5 il Wi W l li All ill ill, 2,1 l 1 if l 'w fl, ici lil ii. :ft if l lil , H if ' Di-is 453 Northeast ltslili l D999'aS r sss, l Edison 4 l,r,i: 1 ttls , l Ponca ww 'EBe?rtlesville rloti lilt rrQ,i,lt, 57 ' V Okmulgee t H50 Capitalffiftirigigt btrlt i 'frf f, bi?" wt ff KN WW Mia, , gg - ffl 'f-f Q lat , t.l i it litli 56 l titt'io srr' i Owasso mm . ,,,,.i, it ,Q rf. rw 1: L-fwmi' 3' V A- :Fifi - ,Q ,554 ff- wr?-1 3 i w :iv 5, 'ff 'W 55 3 New Lima rrroilf Okrriulgee l -40 rlrrr 55 Northeast? iltig g , 558 at W H661 Vtgvh , V59 or i Barnesvnie Edison .,,,l, 70th ttiif t e 4"' its M" MJ N- uw J 'M'1Q'535im-ff . i BASKETBALL YMNASTICS U9 Above: Micheal Wyneken, Craig Stephens, Kyle Johnson, Don Roy, Glenn Hughes, Dwayne Childers, David Kelly, Stet Sodowsky. Below: Ron Hart, Jeff McMilIian, Tim Sibley, Larry Schultz, Mike Davis, Craig Stunkel. V E - FOOTBALL GD vt 1 www. ,. in M-QM x,A, will lv- S l A Q, H, f' -1 .Q il' lam .. tl-- . , 9 -. v ,Q ,imma .L ., ,,, su ,, iq i l Y . ,. ,. . .. v ll is ' tw, 'Wig mir ' z- rg, ty rf JW, il S ll .2 'inf lv fi 1 ,, tif.-.T-fe ,. ' ai W., -. 12-131 3 if ll The Stillwater Pioneer Boys Basketball team was full of surprises all year. They had a 15-7 record at the end of the season. They had a hard time getting things together early in the season as shown by a loss to Northeast, 53-58, but you knew they had potential when they bounced back the next game to defeat Douglas 82-56. The Pioneers lost the next game by one point to Edison, the final score was 58-59. Then the Pioneers took off. They defeated Ponca City, Bartlesville Sooner, Okmulgee, Enid and Del City. The major factor in these wins was hot shooting outside by Chick Davis, Tim Sibley, Glenn Hughes, and also the control of the boards by Craig Stunkel and Larry Schultz. Then their winning streak was broken by a loss to Capital Hill. At this time, the Pioneers gained the service of Zack Webster, which gave them good strength on the bench and added depth to their game. The Pioneers then went on to win the next five games against Putnam City, Douglas, Alva and Tim Sibley carries oufthe familiar job ofbringlhg the ball down the court. Tim Sibley shows us his style of shooting, while Larry Schultz and Glenn Hughes head for the basket. await, 7 iw in in, qw , .ww , ww vim ffl .mare Aixam. 1. -gin, W. EE si all ltr 35 'il iw .. .A , ' fi af, if 5 ii, -ml. will wg xl tix-2, Owasso. .., ,- ,,fi T TW QQSWEW Q I V - i F V .- L d .. -'F f V L f 5 WWW? 'Rei F 'Gmane W'-1-. ,,.,..m--H' The Pioneer team starts up the court after Craig Stunkel pulls down another rebound. BASKETBALL 9 s.Qea wwwwE ' 2 r , T' 5 - -f -t T f 3' , " ' ' .vt ' --lt -'-.f ,,,, bi 'v ,.,r q N . .VVV W g.,, jp V ' - K Q s K-. .af-1 -- , , ,... ...if ,: N W , M g . L Ti' 'W -H in W --lf',,ft Q, ..... .,,, , ..,.. ,.--,, ..,,, . .,,., . My 55 X 3' 3 ' eiiztslcr N -, 4 , l iv iw" lil' A-lwlimlwm BASKETBALL . df , A t , N . l. 1 , gi .... y f A Q ,Igg f5i5g5lf YW will 1, 'J' A , El H-,E Q f V' 'V V l , H "-iwlvllmwal , W 1 ' 7 3, ' Eff was fr ' ' if 'Wi is it . A V, ,gf 'll- .Q r x -- E' 10 --Ml . Chick Davis concentrates on controlling the ball Craig shows us where most of his points come as he moves down the court. from as he puts one up from underneath. It was during this series of wins that the Pioneers were in the Tournament of Champions, and surprised everyone by all the way to the finals. After this, the Pioneers started having problems out of the next eight games. They split them up 4-4. They started out by losing to New Lima by 6 points, then they won by 22 against Okmulgee, lost by 3 to Northeast, defeated Guthrie by 6, lost to Enid by 3. Then, because the defeats were so close, then the pioneers won two in a rcw by whipping Guthrie 69-36, and defeating Bartlesville Sooner 68-56, the school hoped that we would win the rest so we would have the momentum to go into the state play-offs. Then the Pioneers lost to Edison 63-70, but ours is the team of surprises and they can do it with the talent, and senior leadership they have. The Pioneer pre-g fast ball moving a K ame warm up consists of some nd team work. ll My?-F .ll Wi llvillMllvllll W W ' in ilmfx t-wget AF wllmiilllllmllvg 1 lll will ,lllll ,llll E lllllltlttllwlflllltftvwlll M ...E lm if- U . .,..- ...., if , it T, ,gmt W ' .912 E :mimi lm 5.53 me 3? ,l,, 1 ' . Q? 2 fl fl, A jg ga se gf gl at Eg WF' ' 52' :ipgpau +19 32 The Junior Varsity squad gained alot of playing experience this year and they had alot of good prospects with players like Stet Sodowsky, Micheal Wyneken, Don Roy and Duane Childers. The Varsity team this year is almost all seniors with the ? EMQ MEST Y exception of Glen Hughes which leads to the obvious conclusion that this year's Junior Varsity will be the Varsity of next. With the many assets this team has got, next year is going to be a winner. M wx. 'J xx - The Pioneers are on the offensive again in the last minute of the game. I The Junior Varsity team prepares to move back up court after another bucket. Don Floy shows us his style while he gains his points at the charity stripe. it is it BASKETBALL BASKETBALL The Raider team is the surprise this year. They have had an undefeated season and ended the year with a 16-0 record which put them first in the conference. Kevin Fowler puts the ball in the basket from the side. Fowler shows us what it takes to be good on 4. ivy it tllvmtx M it ls if ' ' "li 5 U N' Y 'Q WWW, If the Raider team can keep this record we can look forward to a strong varsity team. Some of the standouts this year are Anthony Curtis, Kevin Fowler, and Ted Cunningham. Anthony Curtis takes to the air to put a layup in the basket. tf.. Ted Cunningham moves through and around de- fense to get to the basket. ,...... , XZA iMLAxA54l gm eau -115:15 Q it 'faamlslf 51.1M,,,1275 at ,ews l ., sis' My-:sw ' iilwilvmvw Haw il ll'lWl7WQ'AWl'rml ll ,l .gli ll mu YFZVXYT, 'i Wil ll. 'S i 5 rn Us --I E. , ll ng it' in '- The Pioneer Girls Varsity Basketball team wound up a winning season with a 74-46 over Tulsa Edison. This gives them a 15-7 record for the year. The season has been one of many ups and downs. They started the season off with four straight wins against Northeast, Douglas, Edison, and Northeast. Part of the reason for these wins is that they averaged 54 points a game and held their opponents to 40 points a game. Then they had a turn around and lost the next three games against Choctaw, Elk City, and Bartlesville Sooner. But they came back strong with a 57-38 win over Okmulgee, and followed up with two more wins against Enidand Pawnee. Then they lost Flayna Whitener awaits the tip fom Jamie Shepherd to start a fast break against Douglas. The Pioneer girls are going through a drill at a 7:15 morning practice. ,rl ' till.. lil? 'lil JW l. Q-c,,,,JM .ig lwm, ti a heartbreaker,7l2-43, toiDruWiright, and one more against Stroud. Then the girls started to build up momentum. They won fourhard'garrresagainsH9onca E Sherri Clow practices on ball handling during practice. BASKETBALL BASKETBALL .c LV kkyk L it . if T i , M, -FL - T j S. , wQ if JA E I W9 ' lA L A Vi ' 4 tt T it Q ff 4 r tlrr S 1 7 l 4 i it . . ' .. . S 'K -fx., lf' I - - ' 1 f Betsy Tussey, Karen Parker, Susan Miller, Flayna Whitener, Laura Roberts, Sherri Clow, Nancy Osborne, Carolyn Jones, Ann Bradshaw, Carol Goldsmith, Toma Allen, Anna Satterfield, Kathy Roy, and the one with the mustache is our Head Coach Mr. Earl Boyer. Douglas, Okmulgee, and Northeast, the largest margin victory during this four game streak was 7 points. Then the girls stumbled and lost in a close game against Guthrie 31-34, but they bounced back two games later to defeat Guthrie 47-35. ln the next to the last game against Bartlesville Sooner. The girls lost by a narrow scope of 38-39 as one of the girls on the opposing team made a basket in the last seconds of the game. The following week the girls came back to win 74-46 with four girls in the double figures. The greatest thing about the girls team this year is that they are only graduating two seniors and they still have their starting forwards. Not only that they have depth and some new players coming up that will improve the team. So everyone keep your eyes on this team because they are going to the top. wggs' ,xr Jamie Shepherd puts one up strong while receiving opposition from the opponents double team. it t, ,, 1 li , .1 ,, 'f mOff'lII'lQ practices. W 'if' 'I' 'gi' fi iff. , QYZA, ' 735 ll?" 'QL . LasQ3.f,., .. A JA ' : 54 g ssss iNortihe?aiS1f-it J5 L l s J' . . it , W A l f L iJ K . . , ff gf, sf Wifi K N,,, ss., - Q, 4p:.'.:,s,.f.1, L fl' s L .L J oi... VTQ 3. 1335- -. , - -, ,.,, , i f Jf i s iie i s t i. , 1 44 . 47 L f Douglas K 44 i.J. l 24-L , if Q. it 40 33 srsr 4347 i 35 49 . 43 ' 46 JJ 1 ' f K AL,' :iw Coach Boyer is busy talking to his three starting forwards. illDB . K ','k 'Lt" , ,.,.,m . , . . Bafflewgile Sooner i i , rrt ,rr. Laura Roberts is a good example of what determi- nation and concentration can do for the team. Laura Roberts stuffs Sherri Clow again in the morning practice. BASKETBALL BASKETBALL Fans gained interest in the Raider girls this year as they did very well, ending the season with a 12-4 record and second in the conference. The secret of their success is in their aggressive playing by the forwards and a strong defense. Participation from the girls was at an all Ella Pearl Dickens puts the ball against the boards for two points. T i . time high, with many girls out for the team. The team is young and willing to make improvements where needed. These qualities of the Raider girls assures them of a promising future. The girls will be called to fill J.V. positions next year as Pioneers. Honey Chum shoots for the basket from the side. tbbtt . Jaw s g X904 352 l K K X Front Row: Kelly Parker, Ella Pearl Dickens, Honey Chum Davis, Tammy Rains, Kathy Mesner, Second Row: Jeanne Webb, Leslie Ness, Nancy Faulk, Dee Lawson. Third Row: Coach Carol Washburn, Karen Blakely, Gayle Combs, Sara Shinault. , Z .J 8 V " li in l l , ,Y f 19 El' 2? ' wg A 1: gg L CD LIJ DI The Pioneer Varsity, Front row: at 101 pounds, Mark Lambert, at 108, Hunter Hodson at 115 pounds Ty Toweryg at 123, Hal Hunt, at 130 pounds, Ty Flodrickg at 136 Tim McCormick, at 141 pounds Doug -G 3 ' - ounds. Earnest Jefferson, at 168, Jerome Clarke at 178 pounds Lance Dukeg and at heavy weight, Steve Greer. Sophomore Ernest Jefferson, 157- pounder prepares to escape from 157-pounder from Bartlesville- College. 1GQLlI I9 LJ Quad. ULIIICI D IUU PLIUIILJUI, KJIUH VVUU W WW P'5'f?9"w. T -,- X ffseg M iii. ' 21. er f , ,Q 5 im me it Q ww 3 is i i . , -WWW Senior standout Hal Hunt lifts Guthrie's 123 pounder in route to the mat and a 19-3 Superior decision in the season opener. Qmwxwf A arf' K is fi Q My 4 4 E O ii u it tu i s i rt, 5 smxam 5 it iii? zfzfaisesast frlitllaasisela 3 msaselgg 5 'R N Qewmgf? ' zk.. i,Lf53 igi, 'W ESTL Sophomore Ty Roderick shows his winning style in route to a S S SSS ss'sssesesseeeeiai1eBartlesvilleQuadkeS egg g g g g g g g g g Donart 141 pounder Doug Chesbro being casual as usual as he defeats Sand Spring standout Craig Bigby at the Stillwater Quad. Z . "-a s , ii,t 3 it , Qlmgiieqg Q iiikgepigy 'fiat 4 fefmfezfiik vff qssrgaaagi Siemens BASKET ALL GYMNASTICS CD rv hundred and one pound Sophomore Mark'Lambert puts the "muscle his opponent at the Bartlesville Quad. In the third period of his Heavy Weight match, Senior Steve Greer prepares to score another two points. CROSS-CUUW ' EQQE TBALL - , SN! M .LSEIH NI'l In ' 1. Ag Hg p E 'Q is it 1 4 'aj' S RJ E ...IW S 148 Pound Junior Don Giles checks the clock to see how much longer he will have to "crank r on hisropponen?s+iea1i he 5 Myiifw - TPJJJY' .71 t WDM A lx?-QQ Head coach Larry Wilkey discusses the 101 pound match with Sophomore Mark Lambert. as ' ' lf BASKETBALL GYMNASTICS U3 Coach WiIkey's wrestlers had a winning 9-3 season this year. The starting varsity was a very young team this year with five sophomores, three juniors, and only four seniors. The pioneers placed fourth at the Big Four tourney in '78. At regionals they came in third as well as at the Yukon and Supulpa tournaments. The wrestlers did well, and their fans can look forward to another good year with the returning Star- ters. GUTHRIE NORTHEAST, ICKCI CARL ALBERT BLACKWELL MIDWEST CITY SAND SPRINGS B'VILLE SOONER B'VILLE COLLEGE BROKEN ARROW EAST CENTRAL PERRY PONCA CITY 39-18 36-22 51-5 35-1 5 22-30 1 3-26 30-20 39-1 1 42-6 57-2 21-27 27-23 Front row: Mark Lambert, Hunter Hodson, Ty Towery, Hal Hunt, Ty Roderick, Doug Chesbro, Don Giles, Earnest Jefferson, Second row: Rick Moore, Scott Shedrick, David Folger, Preston McCollom, Tim Lambert, Jerome Clarke, Lance Duke, Steve Greer. Third row: Danny Webb, Steve Roberts, Gary Brad- ley, Mike Heid, Dewayne Miller, Shawn Howerton, Robert Pitts, Mark Colasacco, Tommy Marcum. CROSS-COUNTRY FOOTBALL E S z GU E :IJ m cn -I C. z G7 Q ...Qual qv 31 ha y ga H 3? w1zz1,i.L W. . 5 Z ,,, , T ,x Ewa my EJ E ...l I as Z The Pioneer Boy and Girl Gymnastics teams finished another very suc- cessful year in 1978, under the direction of five-year Head Coach Bob Old- ham. Both teams had a winning season, including first place in several top tournaments. The boy's team will lose four very dedicated and skillful gymnasts to graduation. These seniors are: Tommy Keith, Sid Mills, Dave Provence and Brian Ahern. Ahern, two-year national competitor, plans to continue his gymnastics in college. He holds twelve out of fourteen school records. FRONT ROW: Coach Bob Oldham, Andy Clemins, Chris Hedrick, Andy Henson, Mike Brooks. SECOND ROW: Barry Patton, Brian Ahern, Ken Dick. THIRD ROW: Randy Lawhorn, Sid Mills, Tommy Keith, David Provence, Chris Stone. CD GYIVINASTICS Q , QSM 25 -11. R..g-.fv-i.. .qmx ' as 4" my Q 5.ufg5'?e5fgQff5g25:zylz--mf 1,, 1. ',-' 'FEE ik KL Q ' T 'i 'WW , - 'L 'r 1 1 ' . , ' "" ' ' , - ,, ,, . 1 ' , . ...,, W-,N km, kvbyk W ...-...ww..a.ww-M 'bw-'ffm-v-W-w"fI,, W """"""' Senior Brian Ahern gets loose for his daily workout. Brian has been-an outstanding gymnast at Donart. At the Stillwater meet, Junior Page Prov- ence demonstrates herflexibility during her routine. Junior Darla Barbre makes a 180 degree turn while competing on the horse. GYMNASTICS - s . . . . G Y IVI NASTI CS ABOVE: Senior Dave Provence demon- strates his "Hi-yo Silver" routine on the horse. RIGHT: Sophomore Robin Hutchi- son graces the balance beam at the Still- water meet. 3 S Above, Senior Sid Mills works with the bar during practice. - . uf E Hens. 5 9 ., fry Q C5 FOOTBAL... Front row: Tina Hargrove, Karen Wolfe. Second row: Coach Oldham, Brenda Shreve, Sharon Stan- ners, and Darla Barbre. On the third row: Linda Perreira, Juanita Simpson, Robin Hutchison, Chris Livsey, Janet Daigle, and Ann Seals. Fourth row: Tish Razook and Page Provence, and fifth row: Windy Wildman, Michelle Chapman, Julie Jefferies, and Tracy McNeil. UD GYIVINASTICS SY- f -- nfl 1- 'J 1 if '- ophomore Barry Patton scopes things out upside- own while competing in the Stillwater Meet. Rightg Senior Tommy Keith pauses for a picture while practicing on the rings. GYIVINASTICS The girl's gymnastics team will not lose any competitors this year to grad- uation. Next yearthe girls should have another powerful team. This was the first year that the girls were able to fill all levels of com- petition, including advanced. The Pioneers are the only team able to do this. This was Head Coach Bob Oldham's fifth year at Donart. Oldham was named the state chairman of high school gymnastics for the year of 1978-79. if .. Z' la CD S Z Q E :IJ rn cn -I E Z lt s s t . l l T BA L L CD 1. it C5 FOOTBALL if I -uv A WS, W ltll ' . laiic or W , ff' 9, E . , A ,,... H h.,,, , V L hryy I ,,gA,, I I :Eff H . , may W ' ,,.., h W .. ,, Mg ,, V7 ry 3 '4:,.: ' If' 'V ,Q A W wi ' - Me- - ' my-M ' -' - - , ' Q - , ,"' -if , . , ' H ' I , . 1 , ' V' 1-"M ' V ' AM ' f' ' , ..,, I A , ,Mt .. , V, LR M gi 'g,,f'5,, I" ,E I ,sexzafezft 3. , L ,. - I t hi V 5 , Y, v, A , K , 'feb in K I W K - , . , :gtg . , .,,, I , K- A aw . , , sp. ' , ffrr V , .-,, ,f ff-'f- ,, ' a f' J f 'f ' "3 Nz M Yi - f M' ,,.', . ,. , aff a- K ' I 55,5 ,- Effzilff " ml, 'A -Q Y f 1:24 F-4432 'fi self. + .' 4... L"-W ' ' B' 9 Q? . 1 , ' " ,, fit- ,L J., -2 'Isp , I ,111 --15,5 ,QV T Q I QA -- ' ff ' A 'A f' . W uw if 1 ' B T ' - I if" ' f v asf 1' an , -I T f T N.., , b-,, "'LL ? A , ,, , ' L' " 'EL Pl' V . 4 ,, ' T' T Gate . - W T 1 - -' T ' ' mv- l' ' L aff Z 1 I 1 .. , ' F' - , ,..,,-" 9 - V . ,. G -k, LAL' f w ' ' - fn 1 L B ,. M mmm'L - ' " I 'P ' , 9 ' "'h ' ffl? ' . ' v f' ' if 171- .- 1 I ' f kk 1,5 nv: VIA ,li .,,,.,,, V Q! LM Li., V .V , Q E ., 3 ,, 1 4 ,QI 14 Q . , , A-'AAA T 21 , V 'JE Tfrf y f 1 M ' W-K, 'B 'X if T L T I 4? i f 'S J ,V t. w I K " S f r -f ' Q u ' iff X H Q fw P' , . 2' A f ' -f?"fBf"L 1"--.1 f " A ' "f-wJ - " It 3 - -ff-' W"-,. , .,'- mf- ,V ,, f. -'--' ' J HH- My H- - rt ,T . G S' 2- -W, V 41 -, - W X -af ., . 6 c w?-' .. . ff 'iff 5' M wahfw ' - f , , " , i ' , a W' m K."f i '-,L . , .,, TL A ,gt ' ' L ff? r , ' c T , , it L ,T ,L B' ,, ,,,, l 1 . ' f ' ' . '--' 1 ,, ' L 2 Q f it f T L . in W, 5 7 A ' gg" ,:?5f1?'4'f,g f ' f M 'fa-,L ff A WJ? . WV: FJ"75?'l'i"-N Q, aria: ' , Q , "M g"... H , , ,'," r , ff A fi ". T it T' lwwgfg-2 S 1 W T .fi f' T Y T .. , T - , A T if r-A, ..Vk ., .,VkV , ' ',., , f r V ""' ' , 'lf 3 , ,"L 7i3'5'k 7" '- -W. it . Front row: Danny Perreira, Evan Todd, Mike Miller, Bob Schweitzer, Mark Miller, Tim Trotter, David Steindle. Second row: Corey Bateman, Bob Weibelt, Brent Phillips, Peter duBois, Kevin Parcher, Charles McKissick. Third row: Tom Bradley, Kent Walker, Taj Almad, Greg Terrill, Mike Jenny Jobe, Sue Harvey, Gena Flay, Terri Allan, Cheri Henderson. Fourth row: Tracy Shindell, Jordan, Sara Bokorney, Shirlen Moore, Carol Greenberg, Everert Eissenstat. Fifth row: Bob Bradley, Steve Lindsay, Hans Hurst, Kevin Fortney, Joel Bilhartz, Fton Harper, not pictured Karl Hurst. Dee Girl swimmers decide to help new Head Coach Bud Mahnken cool off after a meet. GYM NASTE B if-:WW sl X i f ,IV fu- f f,,,,:f,z f' V112 , ,,.f??fl1' 7, H f ,V J ,zngfr - , , 'fr 5 ,W ' f'V,, K WWI ffgfgi?-5 . rf:is:e:f.,fN.w M!v.,,,, Q WWW .mm if In fa BASKETBALL GYM NASTICS Senior C enb Bokorney Parc saw 'A oneer swimmers take ard workout. CBOSS-COUNTRY FOOTBALL 'EJNIVXIVNIIMS 'EBM .LS UNIT mv-H-3 PZMEEW Senior Gary Morton leads a discussion in Mrs. Stout's class. Kellie Haston and Don Giles, taken two seconds before the crash. Wa! Juniors Judi Phillips and Christie Stewart and Senior Melanie Wright and Kari Goff during a DECA meeting. Sarah Jones and Tracey Crockett discuss the difficulties enrollment. ?:.f A Freshmen always have that look of interest and enthusiasm. Mary Jewett is perplexed . . .who sent this mum? ., . l .ffsfsff ' .ff V . 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Donart," Suite 267B, Day-Glo Motel, 3201 Spiro Agnew Blvd., Walla Walla, Washington, 10076. And remember, send cash. i, it 9 xg 'M' . iicl Earl Mitchell conducts Mrs. Emerick's third hour Englis Class as they take time out for a picture. Those Claremore "Zebra Lovers" didn't stand a Juniors Tim Lambert and Preston McCollom ' ' . proud of their creat'on. chance against the Pioneers Student Council members and our photo- Sophomore Lisa White grapher like to live dangerously. her prediction. -214 x it L. 1 r v w 54, D if Wil' Ron Galloway thinks intently in Auto Mechanics trying to solve the aches and pains of his car. Juniors Karen Reding and Sharon Richardson in off-set printing. Student: under tl' Butch Davis and Jim Scott discover working in the Print Shop is not as easy as it looks. 216 Rick McDermott puts the finishing touches on so electrical work at the Vo-Tech project. ps-'-"' Mi has Kathy Vohs works as a receptionist in banking Vo-Tech. 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GENE COLASACCO Eight Main Place vroafavffaolaaaaaaa EsfaI1wQleEo1cl4oJ4EEE EEEKQSDSQKQEQQIDQIE E ts. Tom Ray, Donna Hutchison, Scott Ingham, Jami Baker, and Sharla Flay take all their abstracts to UNIVERSITY ABSTRACT 8 TITLE CO. 8 Main Place Mall 40 UNIVERSITY ifalll-NIL!! 1224 N. Boomer Road . . .across from the school M 4 it 24 Joe Morrow and Ronnie Osborn are ready and willing to serve you that great food at those low prices f' 4mdit l:9UIEFEHPfLESeGRlSllYHERlEDGl:llCKEN.6O6ANwSixtlL f f i , f J' - si I , K ww- Tom lVlcGlamery, Tim Sibley, Dave Jelley, Jeff Lawson, and Tom Maciula enjoy the good deals your always to find at the car headquarters of Stillwater, SIMPSON PONTIAC 6th 8t Washington. 242 David Kelly, Rayan Reid, David Jones, Brad Boyd, Page Provence, and Mike Underwood all agree . McElroy. that the Pioneers are for real and so is the great food at WEINER KING 116 E STIIIILLWATER QlLl'EAllFillIlIlNllCl3 ASS E MMT Ill IN! First Nolionol Bdnk Universily Bdnk Slillwdler Ndlionol Bank CONGRATULATIONS TO The Graduating Class ,ubewt um, STILLWATE' S 'V 'A' 'A' Fashions For Guys 8t Gal's Charmette Beauty Sal on Open Tues. thru Sat. 615 S. Lewis evenings by appointment 372-5775 Men's 8t Womens Hairstyling Janice Peterson-Owner Operators Sherry Marlin, Lilah Keller Paula Head Telephone 2016 East Sixth Ave. 405f372-7622 Stillwater, Oklahoma Carrier Ditching and Excavating A. Burl Carrier, owner 0 Ditchwitch 8- Everett Trenchers 0 Front End Loader 0 Install Septic Tanks 81 Laterals 0 Plowing 81 Mowing I Tractor Backhoe 0 Yard Grading 0 Dump Truck 0 Pier Digging 0 Air Compressor O Jack Hammer RIICOUET TIIIIE E 1225 N. Perkins Rd. 372-7188 YACOUETBAL L. HANDEA LL + TENNXS Open 8 a.m.-11 p.m. Monday thru Friday 8t 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. Saturday 8t Sunday 244 B IVI A BUSINESS MENS ASSURANCE 1 Lf.,.,,.,.j B6 WALTER W. MATTOX Special Representative Wicklow Professional Center Bus 372-5200 Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074 lIYI.0R RENTAL Susan and Jane Honska find the best in coseme- Un Fronf of Forfy Nor-H1 Aparfmenfgl tics at TIGER DRUG 824 S. Walnut 372-7900 Stillzefaier News-Press . Your Community Newspaper ,534 5 Sv million srilamine swui sl-lon Pioneers in Hair Design for Men 8: Women Appointments Wed. 8x Thur. GARY WESTMORELAND BASEMENT OF STUDENT UNION 377-4400 Owner Q5 FIX SELF-SEFIVICE GARAGE DISCOUNT AUTO PARTS 2121 EAST 6th STI LLWATER, OK LA. 74074 TELEPHONE 377-0440 COLLIN AUTO TRIM AND AUTO GLASS S, B, and KEVIN COLLIN 3l9 South Lewrs Phone 372-l255 Stillwater, Oklahoma 0 'I1 5 3 :IE - X O P 1 5 -1 U, 2 S4 In ! ,rg , c rn 2 A 5 o I'i'l 5 "' X 1 :cl X '4 CQ VARSITY ROFFLEFR SHOP r 2 521 University 372-7037 5 Specilizing in all types of hair styles Men and Women Have a complete line Ftoffler Products 46 R firm.. 'L 'I K Qs:- rm , ill, . 1 ,' rg. "i""hjl5. 1 I. 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ARMYS S7500 sCHoLARsHlP Kevin and Kay Oltmans look over new cars at phone 372-4784 PAUL BUFICH DODGE 248 tmp' nnnen Complete Line of 1 I ' I i VT Landscaping and Gardening Supplies Stillwater 377-1225 Oklahoma 512 E. 12 372-1511 Z 0 O 9. 5- 3 cn Missy McCollom relaxes while Preston McCollom and Don Giles find the best in furniture at MCCOLLOM INTEFIIORS 224 N. Main ---- Discount Drug Cen-fer RADIO STATION ' gk, P I PM-94 7l9 N. Perkins 624-8585 55113 FM Pioneer Mall ,jk :Q STEREO 'H fe We Offer IOCV, Off On . - - L FOLLOW THE PIONEERS Stork Aid and Senior Citizen :5! Discount Plans -5-5 if Football- Basketball Max Factor - Revlon - Allercream - Matchabelli Wrestling - Baseball 249 M I D-AM E RIC!-I CONTRACTORS, INC. PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION WELL SERVICING WELL COMPLETION 5, X, ,gg -yy V' ' 'Ni Q Q0 I Kqcg-' WELL MAINTENANCE 405'-377 362.5 x- i A 4 I E - 5 Mnef JIMMY G. HALL P. o. Box za PRESIDENT STILLWATER, OKLA. 74074 0 3 ,wnurva 617 South Main 377-3916 STILLWATER, OKLA. 74074 A CONTEMPORARY STORE OF WOMENS Cathy Golloway, Mama Teague, Sandy Jones, CLOTHING' AND Becky Teague, Darci Rhea, 8r Becky Goodwin buy and sell all their property through HERIT- ACCESSORIES AGE REALTY, 139 S. Main 250 QQKJ we 532220 15 ffnbllwe ydzfmy A 4? QQ Jibnef o Wmzma- 0760104292 002 22222222 mmf O0 , ?wWmf!fm:Q2w2 QSQVQ of . S? 302 J Wwwyfaw Q02 919' eiiizfayafey 'Q 0212. 272- 7220 OLIVETTI U N DERWOOD Corporation REPRESENTED BY Stillwater Cggpewritcl' Compaug TELEPHONE1372-3246 125 SOUTH MAIN STREET STILLWATER OKLAHOMA 74074 HELT STUDH7 0 0 fneaf m 910 W. 7th 372-2670 I Bus 377-3555 E. J. HWOODYH GOEFIINGEFR GENERAL AGENT Lele 81 John Murphy trust all their Insurance Leemire their father at the MURPHY AGENCY NLNUDilQ22iOE5SMiiiY f+?ttECfAXT2lf'52flf.'OhKf5'ffffl. 118 W. 8th I ELSOL Motel - Restaurant - Club Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074 Ed. and Mary Springer, Owners Gary and Marti Springer, Restaurant Mgrs. Ph. 44051 372-2425 2313 W. 6th St. FARM BUREAU -FAR M MUTUAL INSURANCE INSURANCE 6'Vl1'Vle1:8'l" VLSMTGVLCG g61'lCy A I I I 1409 SOUTH MAIN STREET Julie Jefferies, Dianna Heppel, and Ann Seals go TELEPHONE: Mos, 372-2450 crazy over the wide and fashionable selection of ST,,-,-WATER, OKLAHOMA 74014 shoes at the HUT SHOES 227 S. Knoblock. 252 l Nl i Hs e gn 5 3 H. 3 QI l'l'l 3 G tb 2 2 1+ 3 QD 'S Tonya Fore gives her advice to "come on down" Q9 and eat at SEVEN KNIGHTS RESTAURANT, 1104 Hall of Fame Ave. 'MLN Janet Presley, Jeff Watson, and Lele Murphy enjoy the ride that Mary Helen Harper gives them in a super neat car from WARD ENTERPRISES, 1302 E. 6th. 253 ,ff 4- V 5 vf, g ., , x . .,. , ,K ki ' 2. '. V 5 g, , ...H J w, an - '. , V - , 'V + He 5 5 j ' f":.k 1 fx . ,..:.x1fe.,14L-r-'4.., H W K if ' 5 Lk,L nw 1 K -V . V 2 -1 - .,- -,-1 ':, 9315: gi . k V . , ., . 1 -"' VVYV2 3 .e , ,h ' .1 1 L ' V. ' f ii: .V ,S 1, 'bi P V ie. e VV P ' V, 'TWTWA' k h 1 Q ' ' 1 . 'W w -W ff'!A V 353 IW' , ' W - 2 ., ' , W, +wQ.1 345 V -V :-:L--: : a ff -5.2919 . '- -, , A 1 , 1 K :.. e w f . 3 V ? ,3w ! .f f V V iff V. 19e wg feeqeeewweeee ME . Vwe, wee e 1 eee , , A e V W ,' QK . .,.., A K ,,kt'- , K ,,.,.,..: , Q 1g KKKgKFK K K K JV .35 52 Qmfi-TQLM.. , K K. 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A - VV'--V V.. VV.g. "" I " . .. .,f, K KK K ' . ZKV f 2.V. X H '-V- - A H V ' ' e , .... . ,,,,. Q., --fe, VVf,1V,,.f:,,:5V fi 5 f -' H wsfzv Liswfffif ,mf WV Kxe ,V Gayle Lewis shows her friends the good buys on cars at BELLATTI-LEWIS CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 254 llll RD mtllEliil1E1?QS , M ,V ig Mit? Vg 112 5 ':. 'i Z Pam Ward, Scott Hall 81 Linda Lewis look over what's happening at WARD ASSOCIATES EN- GINEEHS. Tavee Paine, Hans Hurst, Jane Honska, Susan Lindsey 8t Dale Sorrell know the best lumber comes from INGHANI LUMBER CO., 117 W. 8 255 IT'S THE REAL THING! MW IEC. U, 5. PAT. Off f- 9 f 9 29 GREA11 IASIES, Dr Pepper - B0tt11ngC0n1pany Iigif' W 11705 S. Perkins AUTO O LIFPL O HUMEOVVNERS FARMERS f INSURANCE, X X ,Afrvv.",1AX -5::.'.:nl.':'..'::lm:r' George ll. Cook farmers Insurance Group 12.25 N. PERKINS RD. Q4055 624-8228 S'I'ILI.XVA'IQER, UKLA. 7407+ Janet Wilkey takes time out to show C.E. Donart students how employees work at STILLWATER NA TIONAL BANK 257 'u,9xnTl'l1y,,,',,' '-, um!-scams -A G' 3 Tom Specializes in -'Ori-ES TerrIII Brothers Construction Compang "YOUR LIVING COMFORT Is Oun BUSINESS" OFFICE " lil ' ' - ' SYTULLIWAQT R- I "ON THE STRIP" GUSTO! rntuttuo : HOME: ZOE.:-5211535 T f f TlIiVi:7fO'5-3'7Z1C'87'g - f f f f f f f Z , , STILLVVATER, OKLA. KERMIT: 405-372-B053 f- . ---N um w s I 40" 1' ff .Z .I V... 55 'Y' O'IC fn QT gsm? QE x Q :mio A? -I 2.6-UC alfa Tw ggi! 99 U Q .- 71 3 S.aQ' C7 m cg TUm '1 gm OP m IU? "' X A Q- on O ar gg Q 11 2 mo g -I Q U3 - ou, 3 I- ITIZ QQUJ Q W 0 F wmoogcfomo 1 4 - w Z S'3 3 E'a'9 U1 0,435-up LQ " :- W 22025 Q CDQDOD I 5 iw?-224 fn :r ag 3--WUC-E 2 -. CLO3:,g- SD 3 OSQSCJJ 5 L2 QUE' A f" O- DSIQQESS 93 3 0 gm 33 S --h...3 Q -. mmf? Q' LQ - sg. Qfg at 7 o 2-Q 0 -' 5 2 ga- FG ta ,., - 3-f. ITIO' 3 0.2 -2K4 90 L ' V m 2? of 2 O -6' ag-+ if 2- : 4 O Q c 7 P+ iii! CUSTOM PARTY SHIRTS OSU GIFTS 81 CLOTHING T-SHIRTS G TRANSFERS SILK SCREEN PRINTING 31359969 AUTO PLAZA AUTO P AUTO PLAZA AUTO PLAZA AUTO PLAZA AUTO PLAZA Stillwater Auto Plaza The home of Charley Vincent Chevrolet and Plaza Ltncoln Mercury Charley Vincent Save SSS Save Frustration In Stillwater Htghway 51 W PLAZA LINCOLN Z J 010V VZVTJ 010V d 010V MERCURY AUTO PLAZA Auto PLAZA AUTO PLAZA ' co KD 4 . Q - II . 3 . -CD I . Z8 .- CAMPUS CORNER ' Pail' Spovts center' o r Ca50o3ah Casual Wear and Ski Shop H 0 225 S. Knoblock Pat Razook-Ownerg Kent Martindale-Mgr. ' ' nimble gihlmblz 302 SO. KNOBLOCK STILLWATER, OKLA. 74074 my brothers backyard nina's 817 west 4th 234 So. Knoblock phone 372-3111 phone 372-5091 . , . fi l Fla S I l'lC feminine apparel Stillwater, oklahoma 74074 BOERSMA BEVERAGE COMPANY CARBERRY DISTRIBUTORS DUCKWALL WHOLESALE INC. HAMILTON'S ELECTRONICS For Dependable overhead door work, Randy Hornberger prefers HORNBERGER OVERHEAD . . .502 E. 12th. HARRISON ELECTRIC ORANGE CRATE RAZOOKS DRUG SHIDELER'S PHOTO-CRAFT STILLWATER FLORAL CO. .C. SERVICE CO. .. W ,....,.,...... ron, Dewayne .... bott, Martha ,... CE HARDWARE cklin, Lori ....... cord, Yvette cre, Jo ........ cuff, Taylor .... dams, Anita .... dams, Anna dkins, Lorrice dkins, Phyllis gnew, Marion ... hmad, Soraya ..,.. hmad, Taj ..,.. llen, Teri ........... llen, Toma ,.,.,... lsup, Jimmy ...,. ltman, Ronnie ltman, Steve .,,... nderson, Chris .... nderson, Jim ...... nderson, Rhonda nderson, Risa ,..., nderson, Scott ..,. ndrews, Christy .ndrews, Russell ,ndrews, Teresa ..., innabel, Miranda .rgland. Steve ...... .rmstrong, Deanne .. .rmstrong, Karen ,. .rnoId, Donna . .UDIO SOUND .ustin, Debbie ... tvants, Janice .... .xton, Terry .... xton, Theresa yres, Joe ...,.. zizlan, Sima 8. C OFFICE SUPPLY abb, Tracy ....,,..,,,. . con, Jan .,.. dger, Jane . ker, James ..,. ker, Jamie .... naker, Julie ..... Idwin David Idwin Floyd llard Justin llard Larence nks Jeffery rbre Darla rbre Mike r hi Hamid rker Jerald rker Karen rnes Bradley rnes Bret rnes Merle rnes Tamra rngrover Sonya rngrover Tanya rnhart Paul rns Billy rton Randy se Pat SKIN ROBBINS tion Carl teman Corey teman Dana TES BROS tes Debbie tes Willie ttles Donna ucom Cindy Y Y yless Johnny yless Steve ard Steve arry Robert ck Beth , 9 -Q ' flf rret: Sharon' 'ffff 2 Iess,'Beck HRBERG MILLINC' ,. . . . . 227 . , . . . 226 ...ffeef ....36,116, .36 105 223 130 .......36, 109 ....106.153 .....64,177 ........114 ..........50,109 ..50 ,162 ....103,144, 159 .14 .........103,108 ........249 ...63,64,110 .....36,121 .....,..50 ..,.,.36 ....50 ....36 ....50 ..,.50 64 64 64 50 42 64 ....50,103, 145 .......50, 108 ...,......223 .36 ....64.114. 144 153 .....36, 120, 129, 224, 234 ..36,95, 100, 104, 120 100.103, 130,148, 240 103,104, 120, 130,148 .....64, 105 144 ....37,121 .....17 ....37, 106,138 ..........17,104, 148,161,162 ,.......37,113 ...,..37,113 ..,..37 ....37 ....51 ............258 ....51,103,120 ....229 ....37 ....65 .....37 ....17,24 ........51,109 ........,..51,48. 95.98,99, 100 ........ 37 .. ..... 51 ....17,19 INDEX Beck, Jan ..., Beck, Steve ..... Belcek, Frankie Be den, Tim ...,. Bell, Craig Bell, David ......... ........65,126 ....17,111,113 Bell, Tamra ........,....... . , BELLATTI-LEWIS MOTORS ........ Bennett, Melissa .... Berlin, Jim ..,.,..... Bernhardt, Andy ..., Bieri, Donna ...... Bierig, Barney .... Bilhartz, Joel .... Bilyeu, Julie .... Bilyeu, Kevin ..... Birdwell, Richard Bischoff, Carol ... Bittle, Ben .,.... Bittle, Rebekah Bivins, Joey ..... Black, Debbie Black, Dee .... Black, Jeff .,.,..., Black, Lisha ........ Blackwell, Earl ..... Blackwell, Tammy . . Blakely, Karen ,..... Blivins, Margaret Bloom, Jon .,..,... BOB BURK OIL CO. Bode, Leca ......,,. Bokorney, Sara ..... 100.1 miie, '1'2d 6-i,'i2bQ '121' 120,126, 1 51,100,103, 104 ...,17, 104, 106 , ......,.... 254 ......17,94,95, 29,135.164, 167 .........37,122 ............,....34,37,98 ....17,1 ....51, 100,108 .......51,170 .........51,120 120, 37, 170 .84 .....65,139 17, 118, 119 38.148.159,163 170 37, 120, 148, 65, 99,103 .. ....., .,............... 2 21 ........17,23,9B, ,162, 166, 236,248 ,.......15,17, Burchard, Paul ,. Burgdorfer, Theres Burk, James ........ Burk, Paul ....... Burns, Dewayne .... Burrell, Bob ...... Burress, Bryan Busch, Chester Bush, Peggy ..... Buster, Simons Burt, Barbra ,. .. Burt, Chris ...., Butler, Debbie Butler, Mary Sue Butler, Stephanie Butler, Stuart ..,.. Byrd, James ..., ...65, 103 ......18, Caldwell, Renee ................. CALICO TREE ............,....,.,. ... Campbell, Jeff ... CAMPBELLS PETricoAr'siioHi5e' U CAMPBELLS sHoEs .......,,,.... CAMPUS CORNER ...........,.. Carlson, Marc .,.,.. Carlson, Sara Carnefix, Jack ..... Bolden, Valerie ..... Bolden, Sharese .... Bolene Bolene . Joe ..,.... , Susan .... BONNEYS ...... Borland, Jeff .. ,, Borland, Scott ,,.. Bouchard, Jan .... Bowen, James ..,. Bowen, Jeanetta .... Bowen, Jesse . ..,. .. Bowen, Paulette .... Boyd, Bart ...,,... Boyd, Brad ...,. Boyd, Daria ..... Boyd, Laurie .... Boyd, Ronnie Boyer, Blane .... Boyer, Carla .... Boyer, Darla ..... Boyer, Earl . . . Boyer, Kerry .,,.. Boyer, Lisa .... Bradley, Bill ..... Bradley, Gary ..... Bradley, James ... Bradley, John Bradley, Kent ... Bradley, Mark ...... Bradley, Robert .... Bradley, Tom ............. BRADSHAW AGENCY ....fffffi7',A .37 112 ,113 177 158 Bradshaw, Ann ,.... .... . .. Bradshaw, Gerald . . Bramwell, Betsy .... Bridges, Jeff ..,... Briggs. Necla ...... Britton, Suzie ...... Broemeling, Karen Brooks, Harvey ..... Brooks, Mike ..... Brooner, Diana ...,. Brooner, Richard Brown, Alana ..... Brown, Cindy ... Brown, Jane .... Brown, Jim .... BFOWI1 Les .....,. Brown, Pamela Brown, Roxann BROWNS .,....... Brown, Sandra Broyles, Bruce ... Brumfield, Todd .... Brun, Betsy .,.. . Brun, Maria Bryan, Bryant, Jim ....... Molly .,.,.,. Buchanan, Brooke .. Buckner, Jeff ,...... Buckner, John ... Bunch, Dawn Bunney, Tim .... 98, ,126, 161, 167, 225 138 .37 . .... 51,100 .51 .....37,112 120,122,170 98, 99, 102, 103, 162. 65 95, 164 ,138,145,146,177 51 114 ., ..... 65,141 65, 114 .. .... 18,81 , .... 51,243 ...,.65, 165 .. . . .37, 135 ...,.37, 139 ......109 .......51 .....89,121 .......37 ......65 ie ..65, 170 .18,120,122, , ......51 ..............37,103. 104, 138, 140, 144, 233 .65, 103,114,144, 146 108 .37 103109 138 .65, , ,144,146 ...,,.,.........86,116 ., .......... ..65,141 ........65 ..........65,114 51103 146 , ,145, .....,..37 ..,..37, 153 231 .....B1 37,122. 146. , 174, 228 99107 , ,116,153 ......51 ....,...65 ...,.51,170 .....,..65 .....65,114 ........18 Carpenter, Terry .... Carr, Julie .....,.... Carraway. Kermit .... Carrett, Curtis .......... CARRIER DITCHING .... Carrier, Shelley .......... CARROUSEL MOTORS Casey, Janette . .,.., . . .. Castleberry, Roger . . , Castleberry, Tim .... Castoe, Robin .... Cavett, Barbara Cawood, Debbie .... Cawood, Rhonda CENTRAL DRUG . .. Chapman, Arlene Chapman, Michelle Chapman, Teena Chappell, Sara ..,,.,......., 145,146 104,109 .37, 113 .....65 .....18 .....18 , ..., ,51,113 ....51,103,114 158,170 18,147,148159,162 , ............,....... 79 120,153 .,.........62,65, 95, 98, 145, 177 .51,170 ......18 ....232 .65,177 .....224 ,....224 ....259 ........51 ...,.....51,11O ...51,103, 108,120 ...........65,11O .........65,177 ............244 ....18,114,163 ...,......235 .....65,177 ....65,108,114 .. ,... 111,113 . .... 18,116 .,....51 ....232 ...,82 Charies, Lance ..,..........,.., ... Charles, Robert . , .......,..,. . CHARMETTE BEAUTY SALON Chase, Jeanie ...,.........,,.. ...,.. Cheatham, Elane . ........... Chehrehgosha, Lili ..... Chehrehgosha, Susie .... CHENOWETH 8. GREEN ....... Chesbro, Doug ........... ,. .. Chesbro, Tommy ......... Chessmore, Charles ...... . Christian, Cecelia ...,... cl-luck's PAINT a. PAPER. 'fff Childers, Duane ........... Childers, Kevin ,.......,,, Cichon, Jerry ......38 'a6,'iis'i1'l-i' ......18,23. Clark, Bart ,... ,........., Clark, Jerome Clark, Melody . . Clary, Ida , ........ Clary, Roberta .... Clary, Teresa Clay, Gena .... Clay, Linda Clay, Tina . .,,,. Clayton, Hillary Clemons, Andy ... Clifford, Thomas ... Cline, Bob ...,.,, Cline, Elise ...,... Cloer, Chevsonia Clow, Sherri . ,,.,........ Coberg, Phoebe .,.......,, Cobb, Brad .,.. cocA com, on.'PE'r5r5is'R Coffey, Catherine .....,..... Coffey, Jennifer .......,,. Coke, Carol ., ...... Colasacco, Keith ,,.. Colasacco, Kim Colasacco, Mark Colclasure, Cecilee Cole, Cindy ..,.... . COLLECTIONS INC. ,. Collier, Courtney ....... COLLIN AUTO TRIM .... Collins, Josh ..,.,.... 120,121.1 52,551 i76,' .....65 .....18 .....82 .65,113 ,,...18 ....244 ...,.65 114,153 .66 ,153 ....224 193,194 148,163 .....81 .....18 ....225 .....38 .51 .18,170 170 .52, 38,103, 192,193 .....52 .18, 130 .....52 ........18 aa, A ee, ' .....66 .38,11O .....66 .....66 .66,109 .....66 .....66 .....38 H...52 121,165 U...18 .....52 ....256 116,120 .66,120 .,...38 120,170 114,120 .....52 103,231 .....18 ....238 103 231 ...1246 ...Has 261 Collyar, Steve Combs, Gayle ...... Comstock, John ..... Convertino, Celeste ..., Cook, John ....... Cook, Michael . ..,... ,. Cooksey, Carroll ....... Cooksey, Jana ........ 148 ooopisas cvcuz SHOP' ' 111 Cooper, Carl ......,... Cooper, Gail .......,... Cooper, Guy ,.... Cooper, Loretta ..,. Cooper, Tad Cormany, Sue ..... Cormany, William Cornforth, Cathy .. Cornforth, David Corstvet, James ... .. Costley, Mark Cotton, Mike ..... .. Coup, Cindy ......, Courtright, Denise .. Courtright, Dennis Covington, Paige Coyle, Jerry .....,. Crabtree, Greg .. Craft, Dennicia .... Craft, Robert ........ Craig, Cheryl ........., Craighead, Melanie ..,, Crain, Kim ...,...... Cramer, Jeannie Cramer, Larry Cramer, Ricky ..... Cramer, Vicky . ,,..., Creager, Wilhelmina Crocker, Gwen Crockett, Greg Crockett, Tracy Croy, Brenda ........ Cummins, John ........ .19 111 .66 .....19, 149 163 .f52" 169 .52 ...,66,103144 ...,38,135170 .1 If 1'5,'19f95',i1'd0,'1112, 106,131,132,140,145, 149, 159,160, 161 .es ..f 166169 ff5a"16a .ee 108 ...,.49,52, ...,38, Cunningham, Calvin ..........,,.,... Cunningham, Margaret , ............ . 103, 110, 138, Cunningham, Ted ................... Curry, Bobbie ..,,.. Curtis, Anthony .,.. 4Cu.1y,Bobb5e , ...,66, 169 .66 169 .66 129 .38 145 20, 159 A126 .38 177 ,113 ,165 . 52 147, ,215 .38 .19 . 52 138 228 . 52 228 228 22B 235 38 119 ,ee .19 .19 103, 147, 164 113 .66 120 .52 120 .52 109 120 .19 .38 140 .66 114 113 .52 .66 .20 .20 177 210 132 .52 .52 102, 160 .66 115 238 139 127 Doty, Dawn . .. Doty, Phyllis ....... ..................,... 9 0 Douglas, Terri . ..,... 53, 103, 138, 140, 144 Drummond, Mary Jo .................. .. 82 Drumright, James .... 21, 105, 135, 134 duBois, Peter , .... ..,......, 1 ...... 53 Duckwall, Donna .... ...67,138,141 Duckwall, Mike .... Dudley, Cindy .,... Duenas, Sandra Duffy, Johnny .,.. Dugan, Homer Duke, Babb Duke, Lance .. Durham, Linda .... Earnest, Wanda .,. Ebersole, Edward ,, EIGHT X TEN ..... Eisenbraun, Ann ... Eisenstat, Ed ..,.. Eisenstat, Everett .. Eldin, Mannal ..... ELLINGSON BUICK Ellis, Cindy ....,., Ellis, Leslie ..,.... Ellis, Linda ....... . EL SOL MOTEL ,.. Emde, Matt ....... Emerick, Madge English, DeNice ENMIER, aiu. INSURANCE' 'f. Enmier Tro , y .............,, Erwin, Lynette ..,.,....... Erwin, Monte ............ Eslinger, Jan na .................. Esmailzadegan, Peyman ..... Estes, Kyle ........... ....... ....51,114 .....53,67 ....53,113 ....,..21 ...........,21,31. 174,170,158,193 ......,.....38,138 .....80 .....21 .....,220 ....21,110 ....38,116 .,....,67 .,..,.. 243 .......,53,114 ...21, 102,110 ...38, 107,119 ..........252 ....113,53 ,.....,80 , ..., ,...,, 6 7 . .....,,..,, 252 . ..,. 21,120,170 ........,.130,13B, 148,164,162 147, .38,103,104,153 ET CETERA HALLMAHK SHOP ' ffff ' ' " ......,.. 226 Etheridge, Lucille ............ Eubanks, Becky ...... ....,.. Eubanks, Elizabeth .... ....,.,..... ..83 .138,67,103 .........21,108. 100, 104, 161,163 Custer, Susan ..... Czarniecki, Dan ..... Czarniecki, Deborah . Daggs, Jimmy ... Daigle, Janet .... Dallas, Jewel .... Daniel, Mike ... Danz, Glen ,...,. Darnaby, Steve .... Darst, Bobby .... Darst, Patty ....... Daughtery, Bruce .... Davidson, Cordell Davidson, Theodore .. Davis, Butch ........ Davis, Chris .....,. Davis, Mike Davis, Pam ...... Davis, Robyn ...... Dawkins, Laurie ... Deal, Charmaine f f f .' 99, 169 ,. ,. . . 52 . 80 .66 . 52 103 ...,52, .fee ,,..,.20 was 105 ,'1o2"1'64 , 106 109 52 66 52 95 52 52 , . 52 66 66 170 170 216 .20 .20 .52 .66 148 114 Deal, Marilyn ....., ..... . .......... 8 8 Deal, Mark ....,. ,... 3 8,105 109 110 130 Deal, Randy ..... ..................,. 3 8 Dearinger, Tom .... ...... ........,... 8 9 Deland, Sue . .,.. ..........,........,,,.. 5 2 Dellinger, Eric .,.,.......,.......... 20, 102, 140,139,141,144 160 212 Demaree, Roger ... .. ,.............. ,.... . . . 66 Denny, Darla .,., ............,..., , 66 139 Dermer, Rick ..... ...... 5 2 105 Devine,Johnny ,. .,.,,.,. 52 113 Devlin, Becky ,..,.., 38 121 239 DeVries, Sandy .... ....,.,.....,. 2 0, 98, 104,145 163 167 Dick, Ken ...,,.. ................ 5 2 Dickason, Glen .... .............. 2 0 Dickens, Billie Jo .... . . . 53 Dickens, Carolyn ..,. .... 3 8 Dickens, Rose ..... .........., 2 O DILBECK AGENCY ,,.. ....,.,... 2 28 Dilbeck, Tim ........ ..., 3 8 170 228 Dlrks, Eugene ..... .... 2 0 170 158 Dirks, Renee .... .......... 1 38 Disel, Ron , .... ,, ..,., . .90 Dobbs, Rick ...., .... 3 8 170 Dobson, Randy .... ,,..,,... 5 3 Doll, Ledeana .... .... 2 1 113 Domnick, Kim ... ....,.,.,..... 83 130 Donavan, Bruce ,............... 38, 94, 95,103,122,148,159 Donavan, Kevin ..,, .................... 5 3 Doran, David .,.... ....,.. 5 3 Doran, Kenneth ... ...,... .. 21 Doss, Jo Ann ... ,.,. 21,110 262 Evans, .Ellie ...,... Evans, Tammy Fagan, Shawn ..,., Fairchild, Mark .,.. Fajen, Pam ....., ., Fallen, Debbie ...,... Farajollahi, Shelly .,, FARMERS INC. ...., . Farmer, Robert ,,..,.,. FARRIS JEWELERS ... Fassnacht, Bryan .... Faulk, Nancy ...... Faulk, Richard ....... ..... Felber, Chester ....,.....,., FENTON'S OFFICE SUPPLY . Fisher, Diane ..........,.... , Fisher, Mark ,... ,.. ... Fitzgerald, Carol Fitzgerald, Tim .. Flood, Alger ... Focht, David ... Folger, David .... Fore, Tonga ..... FORMAL LACE ., Fortney, Kevin ... Foster, Beth ...,... . Foster, Charley .,,. .. Foster, Clay ..... ..... Foster, Gayla .... . . 103,100,104,153 ....21,113 .......67 .....89 .....67 .....53 ....257 .....78 ....246 ,.,....53 ....67,103 ....38,100 ,,....,..21,120, 126, 147,161, 164,167,159 .....39,147,148,159 ............... 21,165 ....9O,176 . .,..,. 39 .......39 .,..67,253 ., .... 248 , ...,.., 22,135 .,............67,138 39,100,106 103,105, 106,109,131,132,1g3 Foster, Helen .... ....,............ B 5, 104 Foster, Morris .... .... Fowler, Debbie Fowler, Karen ... . Fowler, Kelly ,. Fowler, Kevin Fowler, Marty .,. . ..............22,102. 103,132,135,133,160 ..,........39,44,108 .,,.67,177 Fowler, Renee .,. , .,.....,........ 22, 217 Fox, Ramona .... ,.,,, Foy, Sherri ...., . , Frank, Amy ..... . Franklin, Sandi Franzmann, Tom ... Frazier, Laura ... Freeman, Lee ..., Freeman, Mark .... Frenk, Michelle Frenk, Norman .. ....,,,..22,103,104, 110,144,146,162,164 , ..,.....,..,...,., 39 25, 95, 98, 163 .....39, 106,138 .,..,..,53,108 ,.....,22,138, 140,144,162 Friedle, Denise ............... FRONTIER CABLE VISION , ...... ,.,.. . ..,.... FRONTlER FEDERAL ............ , .,..,....... Frye, Renee ....... Fryrear, Betty .. Fulgenzi, Bob ... Fulgenzi, Helen .... Fulk, Annette ..... Fultz, Deborah .... Furman, Shenlsta .. Furtado, Mark .... Gabrel, Cathy ,.... Gaches, Cendra Gaches, Danny .... Gaches, Mike ...,. Gafford, Robyn .,,, Gaines, Sandy ., Gaines, Terri .... Gaither, Anita ..... Galloway, Cathy ,, Galloway, David , . . .21 .21 103, 12O,153,2: ....,....,....39,99,11 22,1O2,132,133,11 ,...39,1i 1 39, 103, 106, 153, 11 ,. ,..,....... .... 53 ,11 1. ......67,1' ,....222,21 l Galloway, Ron .., .... 39, 2' Gammill, Jeff .... ,,.. . .1' GARDEN GATE ...... .,,, 2 A Gardener, Morgan ,. ...l Garner, Brian ..... .l Gates, Feebie ..,,. ... 5 Gazaway, Linda ... ..,l Gazaway, Mary .... . I Gelbhar, Mary l Gensman, Bryan ' Gensman, Ray Gibbs, Jeff .... ....... A Gibbs, Mike .. .39,1Z Gibson, Dorsey .,. ......... .53,1T Giles, Don ........ .......,..... 3 9, 11 193,196,210 21 Gill, Debbie ..... ........... . 53 15 Gilliland, Stan ..,. ....,.,,.. . 53 11 Gilliland, Steve ,.. ........ .67 1' Givens, Darla ,...... ,. .67 1' Goeringer, Bill .. ,................. 5 Goff, Kari ,..,.,....,..... ...,..... 2 2,116 120, 2' Goff, Lori ...,..,...................... 67 120, ll wemgeafendad. cami Goldsmith, Carol .... ....,.,.,.,. 1 Golloway, Cathy . . . ,,... 22 107, 25 Golloway, Sunny .,., ,...... ..... I Goodman, Jim .. .,.. .......,. . I Goodner,Oneta . .. .,.. Goodwin, Becky .. ........... .. .22, 23 Goodwin, Laura ... ............ 67,103, 1 Goodwin, Tom ...... ,,.. 3 9, 99, 100 106, 1' Gottfried, Beverly ,.......,.... .67, 1' Gottfried, Orvel .... ........,......... Gower, Bob .... ..,...,....., . 53, 1 Gower, Teresa ... ...........,..... . Grace, Kenny 53, 103, 104 110,1 Grant, George .. .....,......, . 53, 1 Grant, Larry ,.. ........... .39, 1 Grant, Robert ..,. .. .67, 1 Graves, Connie ., ,53,1 Graves, Lisa .,... ...,.,. Gray, Kevin ....... ........... . .. ... . Gregory, Bryan .... ................... . Green, Joanna .. .............. 22 116,1 Green, Julia ..... ..... 5 3,103, 100, 104, 1 Green, Steve ,, .... ................ . .. Green, Carol . .,...,. ...,............. .... 1 Greenberg, Carol ..,, ..,.. 2 2, 120, 129, 161, 2 Greenberg, Cindy ... ,......... ..39, 100, 1 Greer, Kathy ..........,...,...........,...,.... Greer, Steve ..................... 23, 100, 102, 1 105,122,120,158,161,170,193,1 Gregory, Byron .,............................. 1 Greiner, Joe ...,,...,,.,...,.,....,....,.,.,,,,. Griffith, Euphemia . Griffith, Eve .....,. ,...,., . Griffith, Lynette ..... .... 54 , 1 Griffith, Nancy ........ ..,. 3 9, 2 GRlFFlTH'SGAS UP Grimes, Vicki ..,,,.,. .., . Grinnell, Susan ,.,. . Grisham, Kerry .... ........ . Griswell, Gilbert ... ....... ... . Grooms, Marty .... ......... 3 9, 120, 1 Grooms, Van .,.... .................. . Groves, Kevin ,.,.67, 99, 103, 138,1 Gunn, Lori .... ...... 6 7, 120,138,1 Gunn, Jim ...., . ...,.. ..,..... 2 Gwinn, Kayla .... ............ . Hadley, Sherri ., ,,,, 54, 1 Haga, Chris .,, ,,,, ,,, Haga, Gary .... ,,,,, Hager, Kathy .... ,,,,, Hale, Robert .... ,,,,,,, Haley, Barbara .... ,... 1 38, Haley, Mike .,,., ,,,, 3 9, 2 Hall, Charles .. ,,,,,, 1 II, Deana .. II, Glen .... II, Mark .... II, Mitzi .... ll, Scott II, Yvonne llbeck, Chris .., m, Toni ....., milton, Lori ... milton, Meg ,nni, Alisa ..,.,... nsen, Thomas IRDEES ........ rdick, David ... rdick, Jim ... rdick, Tom , .... .. rgrove, Tina ....... rkleroad, Anna Jo ... arkleroad, Jamie rkleroad, Tony ,. .rper, Mary Helen irper, Ronald .. rris, Doug ... arris, Keml .... arris, Phil ....... rrison, Brian rrison, Scott rt, Doug .,.,. rt, Ron ..... irtley, Barb .., ,rtley, Sue .... irvey, Sue .... atchett, Todd . . . arvey, Joe .... aston, Kelli ..... itfield, Susan iuf, Rick ..... aUl'l, Hal ,.,.,... ayes, Tommy ... awk, Jeffery ..,... aadrick, Chris ...,.. addleston, Ginger .... aid, Brian , ........ .. aid, Doug .......,. aid, Mike ....... iiserman, Alan . .. alm, Brian .,.... alt, Nelda ...... ELT STUDIO ,..... alt, Sherri .......... amingway, James ... anderson, Brian anderson, Cheri .. anderson, Kari ... anderson, Make .,.,. anderson, Tracey ynderson, Sandy ,... andrix, Barre ....... andrix, Leigh ......,., angameli, Monabbaty . insley, Kara , ......... anslick, Valerie ..... inson, Andy ,,,, tnson, Jim ..,,.. tnson, Kim ... ippel, Diana ............. ard, L lnda .......,.... ERITAGE REAL ESTATE' f f fi arnly, Mark ........ ,,, irrin, David ........... asser, Denise ... isser, Holly sser, Randy asser, Tracy ,. Ekey, Steve , . , . . kman, Darren I, Randy .,...,. ls, Jonathan .... ls, Nathen ,.. ls, Tammy ..,.. yard, Randy es, Beverly ,.,. es, Brenda .... es, Grant .... er, Randy ick, Stacey adson, Donna adson, Hunter ..,, adson, Teresa .... iff, Ri ck ........ iffman, Kelly ...., affman, Steve ..,..., affma n, Sue Ann .... JKE LUMBER ,,.. alladay, Bob alland, Sandy alle, Bill ...... alle, Lisa alt, Gladys .... alzer, Buster .... alzer, Carol alzer, Tammy amer, James .... amer, John ....... aneyman, Dean . .. anska, Jane .... ii2Q'1'i6,'iL:ia' ' ....40,1 .'.'.'.','A6 ....23 ....69 ....22 ....69 ...255 ....39 ...,.39 .22,113 ..22,39 148,162 .69,139 ....232 ...,,54 .22.95. 163,248 ....,40 ,....69 ..69.99 106,109 23,145. 253,159 .69,113 .....23 104,135 .,...40 ..,,17O .....68 .....54 .23.163 .....68 ....,25 105,114 .177,68 ....17O .40,21O 112,113 .....4O .144, 54 .40, 141 .177, 68 ....54,145 ......25 . ,.... 40 138, 54 103,100,104,105, 109,110,106, 153 100 252 .......68, 234 .........54,113 141 ,...138,68. ' ide, ibaf 68, 231 40,98. 108,104 ......... 120 40,103,104 ....,.,,..138, 54,98,100 .........109 .....25,116 . ,......., 144, 54, 80, 81 ,,,.54,1 ......40. H1125 1 ....68, 103 f f f f lid '126 ...,,40 130.252 120, 139 ....250 ....,22 .,...68 .....68 113,119 148,162 .40,170 .....40 40, 107, 170,176 .54, 113 .....54 .....40 .40, 141 141,138 138,141 ,4O,170 .....68 ....40 ....,40 ,4O,114 ....116 112113 .....40 .....85 ....225 ..79,20 129,126 .....54 , .... 40 ....79 ..... .,4O ,116.129 ...,lib .....68 .,...40 , 40, 170 40, 100. Honska, Susan .. .. Horinek, Christy ....... Horner, Debbie .. ...... HORNBERGER OVERHEAD 'oooiis ' f if HOUSE OF PHOTOGRAPHY ........ Houston, Mary ........ Howerton, Brett .. . Howerton, Shawn ,,. Hoyf David ........ Hu ,Almeda Huff, Pam ....... Hughes, Glen , .... Hughes, Glen ,...... Hughes, Mary Beth .. Huneycutt, Russ ... Huneycutt, Stan Huneyman, Dean ,. Hunt, John ....... Hunt, Hal ....., Hurst, Hans ..,. Hurst, Karl .,. ,. .. 135, 104, 131, 225, 245, 255 , .,.. 24, 101, 153 , 162, 245 ....234 .....54,120. 221,126,165 .24,116,122 iii ,,...55, .54 , ,113 114 153 .,.,.55, 'eb' 126' .55 , , 177 ..........,..41,122, 170, 148, 228, 248 193 ,.,.41, 239,255,300 , ...... 41,139,170 138 Hurst, Sara ...................... HUT SHOES ..,...,.,. Hutchinson, Doug ..... Hutchinson, Mike ....., Hutchinson, Robin Hutson, Judith ..... IGA , .....,............ INGHAM LUMBER CO. . Ingham, Scott , ..,.... , . ,. Ingram, Denise ....... . INTERNATIONAL TOURSA ' ' ' " J.J. KELLY 8. CO. .. Jack, Dan . ,,.. .. Jackson, Jerry Jackson, Lee ...... Jackson, Marsh ... Jackson, Stuart ... Jaco, Carol ,,,.. Jacob, Larry ..... Jacob, Katherine .. Jameson, Kim .,.,. Jardot, Tommy ,.,. Jarvis, Sherry . ,.... . Jaynes, Jean Ann .... Jaynes, Jenny ....,,.., Jefferies, Julie ........,..... Hutchison, Donna ............,,,. 103 104 120, 240. 2 55. ........252 .41, 34, 98, 13,244,234 ....55. 120 .....120 ........222 255 195.166, 240 .........114 231 Kaczynski, Tom ., ....,..,,...,..... .... 4 0, 116 Kanchanalakshana, Dechaponhsa .... .... 2 104 Kargel, Mark .,.... .,.. KATZ ............ .... KEEPSAKE CORNER . Keith, Judy ........,.. Kelley, Kenny ...,,... Kelley, Leah ..., Kelly, David .,.. Kelly, David .... Kelly, Jane ..... Kelly LeNell .... Kelly, Lynda Kelly, Shawn ........ ,.,,,. KENDALL GRINDSTAFF KENS TEXACO ....... Kerns, Mark , ....,..,. Kerwin, Jim .,., Khaze, Sholeh ..,., Kifer, Dana ..,......, Kincannon, David .... Kincannon, Laura King, Carrie ....... King, Jamie ,.... . King, Ken ..... King, Kirk .... King, Shely .. Kinnard, Ray ..... Kinnick, Doug .,... Kinnison, Micheal Kirkus, Tracy Kirn, Kim ......., Kiser, Jeanette Kiser, Kevin ..... Klinger, Mark Klieson, Linda Knox, Brenda .... ,. , Knox, Brian .... ...,.... Knox, Cotton Koeppe, Peter ....226 .........55,100, 106 ..,.,..........41,105. 138 106.131,132, ..........111,113 .....41,107,114 .fffffffffffi'.isfi'26,' , ......55, 120. JEFFREIES THOMPSON AGENCY ..,.,......... Jefferson, Earnest . .......... Jelley, Dave Jewett, Mary Jobe, Hutch ,.., , . Jobe, Jenny Joffee, Jerry ....,...... Johnson, Carolyn .... Johnson, Debbie .. Johnson, Eugene .... Johnson, Gay ..,.,. Johnson, Helen Johnson, Jack Johnson, Kathy Johnson, Kyle Johnson, Lisa ..,... Johnson, Lucille Johnson, Marie ..., Johnson, Sylvia ... Johnson, Tracy .... Jones, Carolyn Jones, David .. . Jones, Jeff .,.,. Jones, Jennifer .. Jones, Johnny ... Jones, Marcus Jones, Marjory Jones, Mary ..... Jones, Sandy ,.., Jones, Sara .,., Jones, Scott ... Jones, Txler ... Jordan, nn ..... Jordan, David ... Jordan, Jim .... Jordan, Scott ,. .. Jukes, Larry ..... Jurgens, Danny .... . 79 221 100 103 104, 110, 127, 148, 237 165 252 229 120 193 17O,192, ...,.,.100,104 131,161,242 100 101, 103, 109.162, 211 103,106 .24.98 104 225 , .... ............... , 103. 162 148,159,161, . .......55 ....55,145 .....55,99 .......91 78 55 41 ,.,.25, 148 162 .....,...177 ...........116 .....25, 121,163 .....55,109,243 146 ....25,102, 109,116 105 132,135 .25, 120, 121,237,250 .55,103,104,106,129 ......69, 108, 128, 238 , ....... 80,81,120 78 79, 80, 81, 104 ,....,.,.62,69 .....55 Koerners, Max .. . Kraybill, Kelly ..,... Kraybill, Paulette Kraybill, Todd .... Krenz, Mike ..... . Krieger, Candy KSPI ........... Kulling, Laurie Kustin, Cindy ..... Lachelt, John ., Lacy, Robin ...,., LaFave, Robert . , Lamb, Allen ... Lambdin, Gina Lambert, Mark Lambert, Tim ..... Lancaster, Sandra . . , Land, Linda ........ Lane, Kevin ..,.,. Lane, Sherry ....,.. Lasiter, Thomas .,,. Lawhorn, Randy Lawson, De ..........,..,... . ,112 ......229 ,,,.240 ,......55 ..,.56,113 .,......55 ,.,,40,170 .,........56,243 128 108,120, 144, 121 ,,...,., 87,95 114 ' '163,'144,A ..,,231 ....234 .,..148 .....85 , ,... 56 ....119 ,..,.40 ...,.56 ...,.,...40,116 141,138,235 ......69,114 .......40 .....40 ....69, , 79 .68, 105, 106. .56 110 110 121 139 138 107 116,119,118 .........102. 103 146,148,159,177 . ,.,,, . ..,,....... 102, 1o3',41a9, 145 116 ,.,4O, 44, 45. 79 . .,.... 177,68 ..,56,79,81,153 103. 104, 105, 109, 233 ........,69,177 120,122,170 ....,.,40,120 95, 193. 195 , 42, 94. 95, 98, 122, 214 .,..56 ,.,...56 ....144,96 ,,........42,122 Lawson, Jeff ................,...,.......... 24, 31, 139, 147, 148. 159. 164 Lawson, Kathy Lawson, Mike Lawson, Mike .... Lawson, Richard ... Lea, George Leach, Carolyn . . Leach, Janet ,,. Leaghty, Carla Ledbetter, Deti Lee, Lynette ... Legge, Dewayne LeGrand, Karen ..., Lehnert, Chris ... Lehnert, Lenore .,,.. Lemler, Richard Lemon, Rocky ......,.,... LEONARDS JEWELRY .,,. Lewis, Bill .....,......... Lewis, Cindy ...,...... Lewis, Gayle ... Lewis, John .... Lewis, Linda . 162, 242 95148213 ,......i,42:145 .....69.1-11.146 140 .....56, . .. .26 110,132. .,.....70,103. 146 145 ...,,..98,153 100 144 110. ....67,114 120,221 103,114,120 111,116,166 ....70,177 ......229 , ..,...,....., 26. 135,163,254 263 Lindsley, Andrea .. PAPPY'S ......... MOSS, Lewis, Rick .. Lewis, Steve ..,.,..................... Lewis, Vincent . ....,....,....,.,.,..... ., LIBERTY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN .. Liles, Kelli . ....., . Lindsey. Robert Lindsey, Steve .... Lindsey, Susan ... Little, Tammy .... Livergood, Pam .. Livsey, Chris Livsey, Sally ...... Lockwood, Eddie ... Logan, Cheryl .,.. Long, John . ,,.. Longan, Janice ... Longan, Sherri ... Longan, Tina ..... Loper, Janetta .,., Loper, Linda ....... LOUIE FERRALS Lovell, Maiy ...... Lowery, John Lowery, Phyllis ... Lucas, Debbie ,,.. Lucas, Sandy ., Luckey, Ron Luebke, Anne .. Luebke, Karen . ,. LuginBiIl, Darla Lunsford, Jo ..... Lunsford, Mike .,, Lyon, Tim .,,,.. Maciula, Thom .... Madden, Darlene . Mahnken, Bud .,. Mahoney, Sam ... McMiIIian, Jeff ,..... . McMurphy, Heather .,.. McNeil, Tracy ........ McQuiston, Steve McVey, Kent ....... Mebane, Carrie ....... Mebane, Gary ..,,,..... Mecklenburg, Darilyn Mecklenberg, Mike .., Meeks, Carla .,..... Meinhart, Andrea ... 129,153,255 56,103,109 . ,.,.. 56 .....233 .42,138 .42,170 95, 9B,120,122, 161,210 107108,255 .........56,120 ....42,116139 .56 .,ff2is',' .,.....56 ....,70 ....26. f1ffL12f .......70 ....42,114, 170 108 .56 158 153 113 .26 .42 .70 .86 121 242 120 .56 .42 114 115 ..56 ...42,35, Merce Merce MERC Meritt, r, Shawn r, Tami ...,,.. URY MARINE Mary ........ Merkle, Dan ....,. Merritt, Kevin Meyers, Scott .,., Mickle, Laurie ...... MID AMERICA ..,... Middlemist, George Miesner, Bill ..,.... Miesner, Kathy Miller, Amy , ...... Miller, Dewayne .... Miller, Donald ..,. Miller, Eric ... Miller, Gary ..., Miller, Mark ..,.., Miller, Melissa ..,. Miller, Melody .... Miller, Mike ....,... 100,103,104 103, 110, 120, 128, 238 ...26,119 .,....57 25, 26, 99, 100, 104, 120, 135, 161, 242, 248 .. ,. ,...... 57, 108, 120, 129 .,....B8 Miller, Stephanie Miller, Susan ..,., Mills, Sid ,..,. Mills, T.J. ......,.,, , Milstead, Libby .....,. Miramba, Francisco .,.. Miranda, Annabell ,... Miranda, Igor ....... Miskovsky, Keith , . , Mitchell, Doug ....... MITCHELL MOTORS .,, Monks, Charlie ....... Monnot, Chris ....,. Moody, Clifford Moody, Kim .... Moody, Mike .... Mood ick ,. . 27, 102, 164, 212 ...........,70,99 ............70,103 119, 128, 165, 235 ....70,113,119 ....27,118,119 .........27,116 ..,.70,100, 144 .....236 ....B0 ....27 . ..,...... 42 ,.,.........170 ...,70,103,144 ..........250 .....71,110 .....57,170 .....,..71 ......57 ......57 ...71,113 ....27,100, 213 .42 104,120,121,131, ,...42,103, . .... 71, .42 103 132 ................27,122 110 109 109 109 , .....,... , ...... 71 ,.,............43,99 120, 132, 133, 214 .,..71, 103, 145 .....119 Newlin, Stephen .. Nichols, Doug .... Nichols, Doris .,.. Nichols, Nikki Nichols, Rusty Nicholson, Jim Nicholson, Lori ... Nicholson, Steve Norgaard, nikki Nur, May . ,... O'DanieI, Robbie . Offill, Marianne Oldham, Bob Oliver, Brad .... OLLIES ..,... Olson, Scott ..,.., Oltmanns, Kay Oltmanns, Kevin ... Orr, Lisa ,. ,.... Osborn, Bud ...... Osborn, Debbie .. Osborn, Jonice ... . '.'43,'1 .,...43,120,1 ,27,114,139,1 ....,.....72,1 ........28,31, 129,126,163,1 ......,...28,1 .'.'. een 103144 100, , ,2 103,149,161,163,2 103,1 109,110,131,1 Osborn -Nancy Os born: Ran dy .... Osborn, Ron ....... Osborn, OSBORN'S STUDIO .... Oshel, Dean ......,. Overton, Lori .,..... Oyster, Oyster, Calvin .. Eva Ruth .,........ Paine, TaVee .. . ,......,..72,1 ....5a, 113, ....58,114,1 ...4.'.'.','...-06,1 ....43,116,1 .........28,11 103.160 MAIN AUTO ..... Mains, Barbie .. Mains, Kelly .... Maison, Steve .. Mamaghani, Amir'.'.. Manning, Shelly .... MARCUM MOTORS Marcum Tomm , y Markham, Robin .... Marier, Terry ...,.. Martin, Lance .,... Martin, Shaun .,.. Mastin, Gerald Mathes, Deann ..., Matlock, James ... Mattox, Randall ..... Mattox, Tracie Maughan, Teriy I .. Maxwell, Keith . ..... , Maxwell, Lynn ,..... Maxwell, Vicki .... McBride, Charles ... McBroom, Anita ,.., McBroom, Roger Mocannick, Toby ff... McCauley, Larry McClintock, Rusty' 1 I 1 I V 1 H 251 11111.70 ,57,153 .87,147 LR ..... Moomaw, Juliana .... Moomaw, Steve ,,,....... Moomaw, Susan Moons BUSINESS foams ,....42,114, 134, ...,..... 70 . , . . 70, 128 . '.'.'f.'.'0s1,' 1122 '120 "ffff70','13a . 26 135 223 . 57 . 70 138 139 238 , 79 113 . 26 126 , 70 . 70 140 114 Moore, Charlene ......... Moore, Christy ,..... ..... Moore Debbie .... Moore: John .... Moore LUGRFI , ,. Moore, Neil 1., Moore, Rick Moore, Rusty .... Moore, Shirlene .. Moore, Tim ..... Moore, Tommy ... Moretti, Susan ..,. Morgan, Jimmy .,., Morga n, Ruthie ... Morrow, Joe .... Morton, Gary ,.... Morton, Susan .... Tammy ..,. ..,.57 McCLlNTOCK'S snoss McClure, Terry .........,. McColIom, Missy .. McColIom, Preston McCOLLOM'S . ..... McCormick, Andy .. McCormick, Jane McCormick, Tim .... McCoy, Bryan .... McCoy, John ....... McCoy, Michelle . ,,,. . McCulIoh, Russell .... McCurry, Danena ...., McDaniel, Deborah McDaniel, Earl .,,, McDaniel, Mark ........70,95, ...42,95, 116, ...........,.57,99, 57, 120,129, 130 .83 ,13B,140 114 .....,70 ......26 ......26 .70,177 .,..,227 116,129 100,249 214,249 .....249 110 .222 193 ..,.........26,110, McDermott, Rick ..., 42, , 120 McDonald, Bill McDowell, Chris .. McGeHee, Kim ,... McGlamery, Tom . McGlory, Antony - McGuire, Rodney Z.. ......71 .....,42 .....,71 ..........,...26,103, 106,147,148,159 .57,113 .. ...... ...... . 116,162 122 ,170,21e ..........,.,,.57,71 .............,.71,139 .. ..........,.. 27,100,103. 122,147,148,158,160 161,163,170, 174,242 McHendry, Don ....,... ...,..,, . .57 103104 McHendry, Terry ............. 42, , McKelvey, Carolyn ivicKEowNs si-iowcAsE ' f f' ' ......,...... McKinzie, Scott .......... McKissick, Charles McLauchlin, Mike . McLaughlin, Steve McI.augni1n,cnariie'fQ11 264 ,....17O ....,,57 113,119 105,106 ......B3 .....236 ,.....27 100,120 ,42,113 .71,144 .71,177 Mottola, Andriana Mquestion, Steve MR. G'S .......,.,. Mueggenborg, Dan Murnan, Robin ..... MURPHY AGENCY Murphy, Cynthia .,.. Murphy, John ..... Murphy, Lele ..,. MURPHY'S Murray, Carl .,,. Murray, Lydia . Murray, Ronald Murrell, Connie MUSIC PLACE ..... Myers, Debbie ,.... MYER'SlNTERlORS111.. Myers, Scott ,....... . . Naff, Stephen ............. Nasalroad, Theresa NATIONAL SPORTSWEARA ' ' 'A NATIONAL STANDARD ,,.. Nauman, Sherry ......... Neff, Laurie .,........ Neff, Richard Nelson, Steve .. Ness, Chris ... Ness, Leslie ..... Ness, Phillip Nettles, Dea .... . ..., 43,104,139 .......71,114 ...,....238 . .,.... 57 ......,71,138 ,...43,116,148 .......57,113 ......27 ..,,27 . ,,,,...... 71 .........71,103,144 ..57,95, 103, 120, 129 144, 242 210 ....,57, 109 ...,....107 .....71,12O ...,....138 .....,....244 ...,57, 109,138 ....27,116,129 ..,...,,..,.252 139 252 48,57,95, ..f1Q1QIil1,23, 27, 94,95 103 98, 99, 100, 102, 116, 159, 161, 252, 253 ......,,......43,148 . ...... 72 . 115,116,118, 04, .57 114 119 .240 .57,100,103,1 110 233 148 57 ,.,.57,114,119 ..........234 .........237 ..,,79 ...,72 ..,.72 ....,.43 ....41,42 ,...72,95 , ...... 144 ...58,113 Palovik, Phil ...., Pan ciera, Susan ... Parcher, Dee ... Parcher, Kay Pardue, Steven . . Parker, Frank ,. , Parker, Karen .. Parker, Kelly ... Partin, Jim ..... Patton, Barry ,,... Patton, Carrie ,...... Patton, Steve ....... PAUL BURCH DODGE ..,, Payne, Dawn . .,.. . . Payne, Heidi ........ Payne, Ronnie .... Payne, Todd ..... Payton, Barbara .. Payton, Rusty .... Pe ah, Monty .... Pendleton, Dane .. PBl1dl81Ol'1, Kevin . . . Perriera, Danny Perreira, Linda Peters, John Peterson, Ron .... Pettiform, Linda .. Phillips, Brent .... Phillips, Judi .,.. Phillips, Martha .. Phillips, Steve Phillips, Tammy .... Pike, Sandy ...... Pinney, Martin Pinney, Steve Pitts, Robert .... Plott, Drew ..... Pock, Allen ....... Pollard, Kenneth ... Pollard, Dana .... Ponnequin, Steve , Post, Lisa ........ Powell, Malinda ..,. Powell, Patty ..... Power, Cheryl .... Powers, Mike ..... Powers, Sherrain . Pradia, Abby ..... Pradia, Birdie .. Pradia, Curtis . .. Pradia, Darryl .... Pradia, Ella ,..... PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH .... . Presley, Janet . ............. Price, Roger Pride, Andy Pride, Tim .... , 162, f ff .'.'.'.' ff.'213f ......,28,1 ..,.2B,102,1 ..,.......28, " ' '111','113,'110,' . 1 ' " "0sQ'1'd0,'103','1 2 .,.,......72,1 1 .....58, ffff 72,41'3S,'1 ......,...43,1' 100,' 103, '10-if 1 . .,.. 43, 122, 1 ... ....110,138,1 ' 1 1 ..... sa, 1 ..ffffffff1 ......28,47,1 147,' 1113, 1163, 1 . .... 58,100,1 1 116, '131 ,' iest, Gavin ..... 'ovence, David ,. 'ovence, Page .,.. impelly, Terri ... 1rcell,Tayna ,.. JTT-PUTT .... rbus, Brook .. uisenberry, Jim , uisenberry, Terry JAY CLEANERS ..............43,110. 121, 131,165, 243 .,.........58,145 .. ,........ 225 .,.,.58, 106,110 ....72 ....59 xcouer TIME OF sfiLLw1dri2i2i'ifffffif .... iff, De bra .,............ igland, Steve .,........ aines, Shan ..... sins, Marsha ..... auniker, Thomas lupe, Charles ..... ay, snaria . ,.... ay, Tom .... , . , . . . izcok, Tish ......... aathaford, David aatherford, Tim . ading, Cathy .... ading, Chris .,.,, ading, Karen .... ading, Steve .... adder, Dillon ..., aichman, Kurt aid, Jay . ,.,, .. aid, Lee Ann .... aid, Ryan . , , aid, Tim .... Evco ...,.,..., Bxrode, Lisa ........ ayburn, Laureen .... pynolds, Marsha . tea, Darci ..... . . . pea, Jena ....... loads, Jeff .... ce, Jack .... ce, Mary ...., ce, Molly ...,....... ........,..... 5 9, chardson, Paul . chardson, Sharon chardson, Smitty ddle, Prentiss .,.. USF, Tim ..... , iark, Chris .... iark, Joyce .,. iark, Tim ..... iberts, Bill iberts, Laura ... iberts, Rand ,,.. iberts, Robbie iberts, Steve .. . ,, ibertson, Greg ..,. ibbins, Bruce .. ibbins, David ..... ibbins, Sherry ibinson, Greg .. ibinson, Mike ibinson, Rusty ... iderick, Ty ...... idgers, Doug ... iegner, Mike .... iegner, Tony ... illins, Mike .,.., immanh, Ahh .....,. im man n, Brenda ise, Brenda ...... use, Shelly ...... iss, Ellen ..... iss, Frank ..,. ith, Karen ..,. ith, Richard ,, iton, Ronnie .... ry, Cathy ,.... iy, Don ..... , . ldder, Dillon ,., idrow, David ... ldrow, Tim ,... iiz, Sandra ... lsco, Greg .... lsco, Kari ,. ish, Julie ..... issell, Cindy .... ssell, John an, Debbie an, Lance .,.. ,X 7 ...,.......,. , . ............... 73, ....58,103,105,10G, 236 244 153 1 13 ..........72,144177 138 113 ....35,43,108,148 240 ........,.58,126 240 ........43,120 228 .29 .72 .72 .........58,110 ....43,138 216 .72 .72 ,21 ........,56,59114 120, 129, 165, 221 ......59,130,243 ..,.29,120,122 .,...,....249 ..........239 ....,......59,73,141 .......,.....,.,.118,119 ...,29,100,120,121,250 29, 95, 97, 98, 99, 100 109 108215 ....., 43,114 216 102 103,104,160,163 213 113 .....44,120,122170 122 . .,.,......,...,.,. .73 ,,..44,103,120,121138 ..............59,141 .,......44,73 , ............ 59 120, 170 ,.,.29. , ......... 73 ...,100 .73,113 ..............59.81 59,170 193 194 f Q I f 75, '163 f .' f I 59.166 , . . . 44, 106 .59 109 ..,.,.,..,...,,30,99,102, 106,147,148 161 162 A'ffffff.'ffff.'f.'f7aQ'1'ae ...59, .29 104 73 . 44 . 73 , 44 . 29 , 73 109 ,44 138 108 .30 .59 .44 113 177 170 120 103 164 .59 141 ,59 ,44 114 .30 Sales, Clay ..... Salmon, Lisa .,.,. Sanders, Bonita ,... Sanders, Jeff .... Sanders, John ...... Sanders, Mark ....... Sandmeyer, Bobby ... .. Sandvold, Neil ..... .,,. Sare, Harold Sasser, Kevin Sasser, Kim ........ Satterfield,Anna Satterfield, Craig Saver, Marilyn Saxon, Debbie ..... Saxon, Vicki . ,,.. . .. Sayyar, Hengameh Scarbrough, Mark Schatz, Jeff .,.,.... Schelsky, Tammy .... Schenandoah, Bob Schmalfeld, Mark .... Schroeder, Jack ... Schultz, Larry ..., Schultz, Roger .,,.. Schweitzer, Bob . ,... Schweitzer, Roland Scott, Denise ....... Scott,Jim Scott, Tim .., Seals, Ann ..... Seamans, Kyle Sebring, Cleo .... Segall, Nedra . ..,... Selakovich, Dan Sellers, Genna . . SEVEN KNIGHTS .,. Sexton, David .... Sharp, Gaye .... Sharp, Natalie Sharp, Roger .... Sharpton, Dale ....... Sh arpton, Roberta .... Shearer, Peter ..... Shedrick, Scott . . . Shedrick, Steve .. . Sheets, Cindy .... sHELroN LUMBERA 'fff Shelton, Ron ........ ,...59,138 .....73 .. ,59,114 .. .59,141 ,,...44 ,59,141 ...,,........,44,103, 100,104,106110,138 ..,..30,158162170 ........... .44 . ,..,..,.,..., .59 .73 145 ....73,103110144 .30 .30 107 , .....,.... ..... 4 4, 120,131132133 ..,,,.........44,103, 105,140148,159 .88,106 , ............. 30,102. 103,104,120122163 .73 139 .....59,100,103 .59 ..,.,..44,144 146,159,216 .,,..30120132 .59 120,153,252 138,140,280 ..............44,131 132,134135 213 253 .44 ....59,100 .73 .44,100 104,105,106 ,59 .83 .........59,103 104,105 .109 .........44,95,97 ....73,95,97,12O Shelton, Steve ..... . Shelton, Susan .. Shenold, Helen .............. Shepherd, Jamie . , . 30, 98, 104.110.1414 SHEPHERD'S CARRIAGE HOUSE , ....... .. Shideler, Melinda ........................ 140. 145 Shieber, Edward . .. Shields, David .... Shields, Lisa Shiever, Skip ..... Shinault, Angie ..... Shinault, Clarence Shinault, Dexter .... Shinault, Donna .... Shinault, Greg ...... Shinault, Muriel ,.,.. . Shinault, Raymond Shinault, Sara ...... Shinault, Tim ....,.. Shinault, Valessa ..... Shindell, Elizabeth Shindell, Tracy ,.... Shipley, Connie .... Shipley, Dale ..... Shipp, Jack Short, Rick Short, Tracy ...... Shreve, Brenda .. Sibley, Lauren Sibley, Tim .,. Silver, David ... Silvers, Don ... Silver, Rosetta SIMANKS ....., Simank, Amy Simank, Jim ...... Simmons, Dugee Simmons, Keith .... Simmons, Nora ...... Simpson, Juanita ...... SIMPSON PONTIAC .... SieLne SIRIQOIKI sTockKoi5 ""' Sloan, Denny ...,.... Sloan, Mark ........ Sloggett, Cindy Sloggett, Kim .... ....25,30 .,...59 i ag Ai:i6,' ibbl '1'2d,' ...fadf ibif ....45, Qiiieaj .59 235 .44 .59170 100103 14-6,159 .44 121,135 235 .44,100 138,233 113 .30 .73114 .59 ., .44 ,. ,79 .. .30 .73 .45 .59 ,170 .73 .59 .. .30 .. .78 .. .59 ,45 ,73 170,176 .45,170 .73 .45, 121 .60,103 120,235 ..30.98 122.242 113,126 .30111 .84,126 236 104,164 145 .83 .30 ,30,153 121,120 242 105,153 237 ...31,99 Slovak, Michelle ...,. Smallwood, Jimmy .... Smallwood, Martha ,... Smith, Chris ......... Smith, Debbie ...., Smith, Eddie ... smith, Jimmy Smith, Jo ,.., . . , . Smith, Kenneth ,. .. Smith, Leslie .,.,. Smith, Steve ,.. Smith, Terri ...., Smith, Theron ,.,, Smith, Tina ,..,., Smith, William .... ,. Smola, Don ,, Smola, Doug ... ,. Smola, Ed ..,... Smola, Vince ..... Sneagf, Cynthia Snee , Debbi .,.... Snodgrass, Bruce ... Snook, Carrie ...., Sodowsky, Stet Soergel, Sandy .. Simmons, Dawn Sorrell, Dale ..... Sparks, Gayle .... ..,. Spears, Ron ....... . . Spencer, Scoot .... Spencer, Susie .. Spillman, Emily .... Sprague, Don .,.. Stair, Eric .,.... Stanford, Scott Stanford, Shellie ..,. .. Stanford, Thomas Stanley, Starlyn ...,,, ..., 60 , Stanners, Sharon .... ...... Stanners, Steve , . . Stanton, Renate , ...,.. ,. Stark, Mike , .....,....... .. Stark, Pat ......,. STATE FARM INSURANCE f f Stebens, Rocky ...,....,,, Steele, Debbie ....,..... .... Steen, Amy . ,.,.., .... Steichen, Kathy ,... .... 7 4, Steichen, Kelly ,.. ...... Steichen, Larry .. Steichen, John Steindl, David ..... .. Stephens, Craig Sterling, Mike ..,. ........ Stewart, Christie .,. ....45, Stewart, Diane ..,.. ...... Stewart, Elizabeth .. Stewart, Frank ,... Stewart, Linda .............. Stewart, Valerie .,.............,.,., Stinsen, Buddy ...............,.,,., STILLWATER CLEARING HOUSE .,., sTii.i.wATEFi LIGHTING AND SUPPLYU STILLWATER MUSIC CENTER ..,,,, STILLWATER NATIONAL BANK , . . . , STILLWATER NEWS PRESS ....,. STILLWATER SAVINGS 81 LOAN .. . STILLWATER SHIRT WORKS .... STILLWATER TYPEWRITER . . . Stinson, Wanda ...,,....... Stokes, Sandi ............. Stone, Chris .... Stone, David Stone,Jim Stone, Marty .... Stotts, Tammie .. Stout, Bonnie Stout, Bryan ... Stout, Dana .,.. Stout, Sherilyn Stratton, Nancy .... ,. . Strickland, Laura ..., Stritzke, Jerry ...... Stritzke, Sheila .... STUDENT UNION ,.., ,........,. . , Stunkel, Craig ..... ....,............ 100, 101 120, 122, 160 Stunkel, Susan ..., ............. 4 6, Summers, Scott .... ................ 120. Sutton, Debbie ,,.. ,. Sutton, Ken Swiger, Kathie Swisher, LaRisa .. Swisher, Trina ... .,. Sypret, Debbie .. T AND ME TGAY ....,..,.. Tabor, Jeff ....... Tackett. Rodney .,.. 116,138,163 , ...... 60 ......,.73 ...,73,114 .......45 ...,.73 ...,.60 ...,.45 , .... 45 .....45 .45,103,170 .45,103,170 ..45,60,114 ......60,114 ........74 100 147, 148, 237 , ......... 73 239 255 .,.,45,117, , ....74,139 ....74,141 .......89 .....74 ,.,.170 ,. ,....... 31 120,224,234 .. .. .45, 103 165,121,148 .....74 . ..,. 237 .,..74,177 .....45,106 100,114,144 ..,...45,95 100147,148 .....31,138 ., ...... .141 116,120,210 .....31,145 .....74 .....74 .....31 .. .... 128 ....239 ....226 .. .... 238 ....257 ,.,.245 ....235 ....258 ....251 .......74 ....31,102 , ...... 45 ,...74,141 , ..,... 60 ,,......60 138 .......91 , ......... 45 .....45,222 ..,..31,100 131,134,135 ,.,.,31,102 .,..31,135 .......60 .........247 ......31,98 102,104,110 161,162,164 103,100,104 .....46,122 170,213,228 .....74,138 .32,159,163 .....30,103 104,110,148 ..,..221 ..,.,,.253 ....46, 106 265 Tafis, Dewayne .... Taffs, Sharon Talbott, Pat ..... Talbott, Phillip .... Taliferro, Brent ...... Talkington, Craig Talmadge, Jackie .... Tankersly, Donna ..... Tavakali, Teymour ...... Taylor Linda ......... TAYLOR RENTAL SHOP1111 Teague, Becky ....... ,. Teague, Beth .... Teague, Charla .... TENNIS RACKET .... Tepe, Darren ...... Terrel, Greg ....... TERRILL BROS. ... Terrill, Gina ....,, Terry Rob ........ Tessman, Doug .... Thais, Tonya ..... Thames, Janet .... Thedford, Becky .,.. Thomas, Andrea Thomas, Clifford ..., Thomason, Mark .... Thurman, Andrea .... Thurman, Quen TIGER DRUG ...... Timmons, John .... Tinker, Robert Tipton, Sheila Todd, David Todd, Evan TOM'S ...,.. Tower, Marc ., Towery, Ty .... Treat, Curtis .. Treat, Kay Lynn . . , Trompler, Janet Trotter, Missy Trotter, Tim Trout, Gary ... Trout, Jeff ,,,.. . Turner, Debbie .... Turner, Lisa ...,, Turner, Michele . .. .......32 ....60,144 .......46 60113 .,.....74 ...,.32 .......46 ....32,104 ...........245 .........32,100, 120,121,250 ...46,107,114 ........24O .....32 .46 ........256 ....74,144 113 ....60, ....74,114 .,........46,116 .......,....46,239 ....60, 108,120,144 ..........46,135 .,....46 .....74 ....245 ....46, 120,170,176 ....,..46,130,148 .....32,99,23B ......60,193 ....,..46,103, 104,130,148 100,104,110 108,120 .....74,113,177 ............32,17O 1146 .32 , ,233 74 32 Walker, Kent .......... Wallace, Craig ....... WALTER MATTOX INS. . . W8l1SfmifS, RODSI1' . . WARD ASSOCIATES . WARD ENTERPRISES Ward, Linda ..... ,... Ward, Pam ..,....,. Ward, Roger Wamer, Rod .... Warren, David Waterfall, Ted .... Watkins, Janet .. Watson, Jeif Watson, Russ ..,. Watts, Randy .... Weathers, Brian Weathers, Dale .... Weathers, Lynn .... Weathers, Ron Webb, Dan .... Webb, Grant ..... Webb, Jeane ..... Weber, Karen Weber, Mark .... Webster, Rich Webster, Zack .. . Weeks, Jennifer WIENER KING ..... Welliver, David ..., Welliver, Hank Wells, Dayna ..... Wells, Kelly ..... Wenger, Mike ..... Wesley, Robert ...... Westerman, Brent .. . Weston, Ray ..,....... Wheatley, Mary Faith Wheeler, Corinna Wheeler, Tony ....... White, Alan White, Lisa ...... Whitenack, Jill ... Whitner, Mark ..... Whitner, Rayna Whitley, David ..,. Whitney, David .... Whitney, Tom ..... Whorton, Deanna ..., Wibelt, Bob ....... ....61, idk , ...46, 95, 97, 108, 120, ............91, .........33,116, ....61,120, 170, ....33, .61 ...........61,120 ....75, 78, 80, 81, 103 103 105 106 108,131 132 .... '. ,.... ...1.4eI,1sa,17o,115, ..............28,33, 162, 102, 144, 159 ...61,103. ...33,118 ......46 ...,61 ....75 ' ' 11221 ..... 61 ....61 1.1.1146 ..... .47 ""2471'iia.1 Turvey, Virginia Twedell, Christie .... Twedell, Cory ..... Tweeton, Brent Tyler, Dorothy U-AUTO-FIX-IT , ....... ...91 .....32 .......74 ....61,138 ....,..32 120 Underwood, Jon ..,........................ 32, UNION BARBER SHOP UNIVERSITY ABSTRACT1AN1DTITLE1CO.111111111 UNIVERSITY BANK .....,..... U,S. ARMY RECRUITER Van Do ren, Steve ........ Van Valkenbu rg, Natalie Van Winkle, Brian ....... Van Zandt, Dan .....,. Varner, Scott ...,.. Varnum, Michael .... Varnum, Tammy ....... VARSITY BARBER SHOP Vaverka, Kevin ........... Venable, Sherri ......... Venable, Terri Ventris, Bobby .... Verner, Walter Vest, Kelly ............ Vest, Lani ............. VINCENT CHEVROLET Vincent, Malinda ....... Vincent, Nancy Voise, Sheila .... Vohs, Kathy ... Wade, Sharon Wagner, Jon ., Wagner, Leah WAL MART Wald, Donna 266 122, 158, 163, 170 245 240 241 1111111117 1111248 ...74,103,109 ........61,153 .....61,119,170 ........46,78,79,81 32,141,145,161, 164 .............61,1O0 140,139,145,233 ....46,107,119 ........32,80,81 .....74, 80, 81,103 .....,...61,100,105 ..,.46, 110, 120, 213 .,........32,217 ....85, 153 116 ....33,98, 114, Wiflfstrom, Cindy Wiggs, Pat .......... Wika, Brian ......... Wilderson, Kenneth ... Wildman, Wendy .... Wiley, Donnell ..... Wilkey, Janet ,... Wilkey, Larry ..,... Willever, David .... Wiiliam, Cheryl ...... Williams, Colette .... Williams, LaRhcnda .. Williams, Mark ...... Williams, Rhonda .... Williams, Ronnie ..... Williams, Sherri Lynn Williamson, Dane ..... Williamson, Desa Williamson, Tim .... Williamson, Troy .... Willis, Dava ,...... Wilson, Curtis .. Wise, Ernie .... Wolff, Karen .. Wood, Craig Wood, John ... Woods, Cecil .....,. Woods, Carl ............ . 1 11 11i6,' ibb' 'iii .1 11f1Ea5,'i261 75 .'.'.'.1'6i .'.'.'.'.1i6 .1f111111liT','i2i .....47, 110, 130 ,..... wooov GOERINGER INSURANCE 1 1 ,. wright, Edward ......... wrigm, Lane ...... wrigm, Melanie ... Wyatt, David .... Wyatt, Peggy ...... Wyatt, Wes ......... Wyneken, Rachel .... YMCA . . ZAL ES .,,........ Zamakie, Nanette Zamilcke, Debbie Zirkle, Laurie ..... iie 121,129,165, 210 1f11s1','i46 .'.'.','.'6i1 CLUBS STUDENT COUNCIL ..... ..... PRESIDENTS COUNCIL ......... STUDENT SOUNDING BOARD ..... . YOUTH AND GOVERNMENT .... .. NATIONAL HONOR ........... . . STATE HONOR ....... . . MU ALPHA THETA . , . ,. CHESS CLUB ...... . . SCIENCE CLUB . . . .. LIBRARY CLUB .. .. SPANISH CLUB ..........,..... .. FRENCH CLUB ............,...... . . LATIN CLUB .......... , ............. . FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA ...... 11 FUTURE IIOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA ... .. DECA ..............................,,. .. RODEO CLUB ......,.....,....,......... . . FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES ..... GIRLS VARSITY CLUB ........,.......... .. "S" CLUB ............................ .. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS .... . . DONART DUDES ...,,........ .. RAIDER CHEERLEADERS ....... .. MATMAIDS ...................... . . NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE ... .. QUILL BI SCROLL .............. .. EXCELSIOR STAFF ........... . . PIONEER STAFF ... .. BAND ............. . . ORCHESTRA .... . . . MADRIGAL .......,. . . CONCERT CHOIR .... .. GUYS AND DOLLS .. ART CLUB ......... . . S!MPVLEX ' .IHS 1 5, el -I-HE GF I I CARTER'S COUNTRY? FARMER STRKE STEVE MARTIN CHARLIE CHAPLIN GUBYE FARRAH LYNNARD SKYNNARD HUBERT HUMPHREY GROUCH MARX SOAP STAR WARS COAL STRIKE FLEETWOOD MAC SADAT-BEGIN CLOSE ENCOUNTERS SON OF SAM JAMES TAYLOR ANITA BRYANT "OH GOD" THREE'S COMPANY "SHORT PEOPLE" , PANAMA CANAL THE CONC SHOW SILVER .JUBILEE KANSAS K The year 1977 brought the deaths of Freddie Prinze, Bing Crosby, and Elvis Presley, king of rock 'n' roll. Senator Hubert Humphrey died early in 1978 and is remembered for the courage and leadership shown during his battle with cancer. "Star Wars" was the newest sensation in motion pictures. I 269 l In the world of sports Flegg Jackson set a home run recor during the 1977 World Series an Janet Guthrie was the first woma to compete in the Indianapol 500-mile auto race. America space shuttle, Enterprise, roi atop its 747 carrier overt California desert during it's fir: fl ig n i it Q ' if . t rrle .A . i f N Fires such as these raged through the west coast states during the summer months of 1977 Gene Simmons, the vampire figure of the rock group, KISS, extends his tongue which he constantly displays in a serpent-like fashion during the group's performance. George Willig, toy maker, climbs up the sheer face of the World Trade Tower in New York City in May of 1977. 271 Dear Student: Once again, another year of thrill chills, and excitement has bee concluded at C.E. Donart. It appropriate at this time to look bag upon the fond memories I am sure of you harbor for the ivy and plasti covered hallways of this, yog educational and spiritual haven long as you're not wearing a hat. W want you to know that no matter wher you go in this wide world, unless it l to Norman, there will always be a plao here foryou, however small an insignifican A 273 It is an article of faith with us that we feel tha you have been adequately prepared for ever! possible contingency of adult life. Of course whether or not this is actually true is anothe thing altogether. However, the first time yol have the urge to cancel something because of snow, park in a back lot, or eat in z cafeteria, it is our belief that the lessons you have learned here will assert themselves anc you will resist This is not to say that life after high school i a bed of roses and green grass, especiall since another lesson we hope you hav learned is never to walk across the courtyara Still, as a former Pioneer, one who ha participated in blazing the vital trail to th new TG8tY store, you have what it takes t meet the enemy face to face and subdue hirr even if he is from Duncar In concluding, I would just like to recall for mu some of the colorful and poignant oments of a time now gone by: the pomp 'ld pageantry of enrollment followed almost 1mediately by the inevitable emotional t-down of actual day-to-day drudgeryg the arvelous escapism of Western Week, Fifties 'eek, and the days leading up to Christmas :cation and Spring Break: that delicious, ansuous aroma that comes when the wind in the South and NlcDonald's is preparing ir the noon rushg and the annual migratory 'rival of the first few yearbooks from apistrano. So now, finally and at last, for something ompletely different: The End. THANKS The staff received help from individuals this year and we would like to express our appreciation to them. Special thanks goto Mrs. Jones, our Senior TaVee Paine designed the cover of the 1978 PIONEER. With a few basic ideas she produced a black ink sketch of characters and lettering that were silk screened in color. new sponsor who proved she could hold her own in the midst of deadlines. We would also like to give special thanks to TaVee Paine, cover design, Gary Folsom of Hunter Publishing Company, Paul House for pictures, Henry Osborn for pictures, and Mark Costley for his fine arts contribution. The following should also be mentioned, custodial staff, coaching staff, the administration and faculty of C.E. Donart, and Indian Meridian Vo-Tech, Mr. Schenandoah, and Mrs. Kiser. Personal friends who gave their own time in preparation of the book are: Brenda Croy, Sandy Lucas, Hans Hurst, Robert Weeks, Ruth Osborn, Melinda Shideler, and Jan Bouchard. Last, a special thanks to our parents for their understanding when we got home late or didn't make it home at all. THE PIONEER The central idea, or theme, that we chose to express this year was to be different. In fact, we decided to follow "And Now For Something Completely Different" as our goal. Change was difficult but we believe we coped as well as expected, and maybe better. The "Book" is finished, almost. But even in the midst of finality this year and fsighl the very last deadline, the 1978 PIONEER cannot be complete without you, the student body, the staff members who created this book are naturally more affected by it than those who believe yearbooks are a natural phenomenon that occur each May. Do us a favor. Bead the book. Look at it from cover to cover. And then decide you love it. Because it's yours. Because we did it just for you. SPECIFICATIONS The 1978 PIONEER is printed on Hunter's saxony paper. The type consists of 12 pt. Helvetica for body type, 10 pt. for captions and 8 pt. for identifications. Headline sizes vary from 24 pt. to 96 pt. on division pages. Front and back endsheets are Hunter's no. 277. The book is 73A1x10V2 and contains 280 pages. Press run is 1200. The cover is Sailcloth 49615061 with applied colors Black, PMS 109, and PMS 286. A tragic mid-year accident claimed the life of one of Donart's best,Senior Kyle Seamans. To say that Kyle will be fondly remembered by those who knew him would be an immense understatement. Kyle led his life with almost determination, as well as an always good natured personality. He was able to enjoy himself, to have a good time, without adversely affecting others. Kyle's friendship meant friendship to its fullest extent, and he was always ready to extend it. Kyle Seamans . . . his special good natured spirit will live on forever in those hearts who knew him. if ...W

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