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 - Class of 1952

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Stillwater High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Stillwater, OK) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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I!! Ishii! gf X 5 in P I i . me his 4 5 If gfg F X NM ,,,a'fgt' 5 1 ik 'sy ,V .3 .W 1-J we .!T ,L L.vQf .. I -H .1 lb v il'-T J' . f 'Y il' ' gh. "I',c3h If 1 My ' .'v . 'f+f1"'.f vibe - . ,gg ,- 'f. , . 6-' , , ,r '1-Jw , ,, 44 I qu, 1, A. .fqggifg , ,Q 'Yr . .. 'ff',!!Pf". 45+ , . 9.4" ,if D - , of .-. D fl? -I .s'.' ' J .. fry.. HF.f""i'm- iw e 'f . ""o x. af"- uf I . .. 1-13 1. 4 '21 , b . ' v Y I .y, fri s J p' - S lk'g5'l 's '- QL fu Q' 0 Q. ' 4 filgw In . ,V sl A. r . .Ky M,.,..4..L. if C O I n L 4" A v Q. Ai ,wa-up Rf. ' """" inf . 15" , . L, sunt-. Qu. Q vm" in -1 , it 4, W: an g . .1- ww- eff F.-,ai WY ' M55 M M cgg, iiiwx Xjgjw-f'o"'? ?4, Wf,,'2'-fffrf J . Y, , lx ss, G Q33 2, I Q- A 22922. Qi I V i my ,M 4 f Qiavyww L'Ul Q55 51? if HQWMA NNW W WW QKEN NFFJEIX WWW 5 ,J X ' . Q 535 WMM, ,QW . 55' 1315 1 E X, 9. 'WWWW WW Ng-U Q 2 Ag? SQA , xx 6 T WW' L' 'J s"3b'4D"z+ Q?-ff as ob X055 Uomibs ' 0 -x' 'ex' 1 A X lezxigeb f Q45 I 6 2? ff W XQFEW sf was ,ff X ,W if UQ? if iff y . if 8' f'?,.,Rw"' J W Aff W, ,WT f W VM lv Wy5gsfi3fjM ,W 5 X vi if JV LLWWL'Wwj ef V M of SMQK WW A 1. , aa , ....n.--A -H-I--' NORTH 'MGH SC HOME EC COTTAGE f L' 3,1 ' ' 'T . HQOL W if 1951 pzeeeaated lg Zane!! Sante Stdllcaatez 71694 Sedan! tdllwatez Ublaianm .4 tiff? ,Pg 0' 'Z MRS. EDNA ALCOTT BRYAN Rarely do you find a teacher who has been so loved and respected by both students and faculty. For twenty-four years she has been an active and vital part of our school. Her sudden death leaves an emptiness only time can soften. However, her personality and high ideals will continue to be, as they have always been, an inspiration to those of us who were privileged to know her. CROSSING THE BAR Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar When I put out to sea. But such a tide as moving seems asleep, Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep Turns again home. Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell When I embark. For though from out our bourne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my pilot face to face When I have crossed the bar. - Alfred Tennyson Dedicated to Mrs. Bryan by her home room. W 6 09 ill? Al I , ff! 2 iq? xXx l 7 2 42 pi Q ,v Q' ,Il FOREWORD In olden days the pioneers Went forth to lands unseen, They hid their fears and kept their hopes Though troubles came and times were lean They turned their backs on familiar things And headed for the sun. They fought both man and nature Till they, at last, the battle won. Today as in the days gone by The unknown beckons still And in us, the spirit of the Pioneer Replies "We can! We Will!" 6 I II III IV V VI VII VIII animate ADMINISTRATION PUBLICATIONS CLASSES HONORS MUSIC ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS DEPARTMENTS N S I 1 fl 051' O W' 4 5 Salon! Song Stillwater High united, Working together. W e'll never, never fail you, Victory will be oursg Rah! Rah! The school we will love forever, True to our Bronze and Blue March on you Pioneers for S .H .S .! Ad miniqiraiion -MV 'Z' FLOYD O. TURNER President Z!! REED R. RUSSELL Superintendent of Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION Marion Smith, O. D. Duncan, Gilbert Criswell, Floyd O. Turner Kermit W. Ingham, Vernon Stark, and C. E. Donart. Xa . gxvlu V calf-gperinbnd gnu- ' B' QR. gli qgxdahgmd Siiihhi HW' ' 5 5 f X 5 " 4 V, W ,, ol - it SCN' lr Scitlw atm Gggljiahama Sfiilwafefl W QW Joi: E. TIMKI-:N I Principal L GLADYS RUSSELL HAHN PERKINS Secretary Secretary l OFFICE GIRLS Pat Graham, Jo Robertson, Cynthia Canfield, Mar- tha Puckett, Marilyn Norris, Sue Collins, Martha Douglas, Barbara Nelson, Ann Tonkinson, Janet Higgins, ,lean Worthington, Theo Bieberdorf, Mary White, Karldene Marshall, and Ruby Eager. 3-Q. ' 3,1 t? Z .N , .T 7 E Q, ,f Al RALPH TATE .IAMES H. HARRIS FAYE McWETHY GLENN EPPERLEY ELIZABETH BROCK MARIAN ROSALIE CLARENCE BROWNE BECKER LABOR N. S. HOPKINS S V GUS EDITH ROBERT CLADYS FRIEDEMANN HOLLEY GARNER HUFFINE ANN JOHNSTON GLADYS INGRAM 5,2-CS. G. 0. WILKS ETHEL MARKWELL MUDGE MEACHAM ROBIE BIGGS RALPH HAMILTON CREER NORRIS MAX POFFENBERGER Stf-J-Mfr. W ,WV M-4"MN'Brx.a,4vvfs 0-vu Lwal RUSSELL JACK HOMER MARTIN LINTHICUM WEEKS EDNA BRYAN .' ml 'ww AIA. Lu.A ' ANDREW Roy MCELWAIN WILLARD SHINGLETON VICTOR VAN HOOK CARL TILLEY aw!! FLORENCE SEVERSON WAYNE JOHNSTON These are the pvople that heat and feed us. Tllll ENGINEERS J. W. Reynolds lflver Hunt ,lack ,lollnson Noon rush scene at the clmw hall. 5 gi- Qooggalwc yavf' ' QV' , wa 0 X Q91 OWN 9- Vg. vox YR 5 wlx VN Y . . Q9 W- VL V ,... A Dubliceiiong Xiatxaene www 'Kay D 011 1952 I ll Pdaneez . Zddtazo 2'-...J 'K' Associate Editors Sue Timken Mary Lou White Q., Florence Severson Sponsor T 2 x J M Marilyn Norris Janet Higgins 'VK N- Circulation Manager , V, l Ruby Eager Cynthia Canfield Business Manager Pat Graber Departments Ron Sanders Home Rooms ,lo Betsy Robertson Senior Gracie Marie Newkirk Kodak Martha Douglas Personality Marc Low Department Anice Howerton Organizations Clara Rozzell Art James Haynes Wrestling Louie Ceiser Home Rooms Smith Richardson Football Charlie Hollar Baseball, Track Deloris Little Organizations Ann Loy Engel Art Pat Graham Departments Iris Canfield Feature Claudette Leachman Sophomore Ann Tonkinson Freshman Joyzell Trompler Kodak LaDonna Todd Feature Judith Long Vocal Music Lois Larrabee Queens Marjorie Frank Junior Vonda Bivert Art Q54 'ieq 1i JIM REMY, President Football, Baseball, S-Club officer, Student Council member, Junior Class Royalty, Boys' State. DEAN BURCH, Vice President Football, Basketball, Student Council member, Treasurer of S-Club, Boys' State. MARY EMDE, Secretary President of FTA, Pep Club, office help, Secretary of Home Room, Junior Class Royalty. BOB ANDREW, Treasurer Baseball, Football, Basketball, President of S-Club, Boys' State. as ffff FJ CAPS and GOWNS Earl Lunsford, Martha Douglas, Cynthia son. Canfield, Peggy William 2. x CLASS NIGHT Garrett. COMMENCEMENT Annawyn DeBenning, John Butler. ANNOUNCEMENTS qi- Sue Timken, Logan Hargrove, Elga Stakle. wg, nfs.-. 63 DECORATIONS BACCALAUREATE Matilda Esparza, Eldon Hardy. Carolyn Whitney, Tom McCollum. PANEL Bob Fisher, Bob Kerns. Erwin Tinker, Nan Francis, Bob CLASS PICNIC Kay Don Robbins Mary Lou White. , I. 5 '1 .V 'L 1 in . 'S-I " :'-W E L: , .W,, JIIvIIvIIE BULLOCK DEAN BURCH JOHN BUTLER ELVENA CALDWELL EDITH CALDWELL GEORGE CLEVELAND CYNTHIA CANFIELD DONNA CASEY RALPH CHARLES QUINTIN BRAKEBILL THEO BIEBERDORF RICHARD BRUNER BOE ANDREW BEVERLY ALLEN ELLIS ALLINSON JOYCE ALDRICH PHIL ARNOLD EILEEN AUSTIN SUE AUTRY EUGENE BARRETT TED BARRINGTON IDA BELL BARTLETT JIM BRADLEY DEWEY BRETT MARY IDA CAMPBELL STEPHEN CHURCH ANNE CHRYSTAL DOLORES CHERRY ROBERT COSTNER MEREDITH CLIFTON SUE COLLINS ILA DAUGHERTY BOBBY DOTTER ANNAWYN DEBENNING GEORGE DUCKWALL MARTHA DOUGLAS MONA DRUMRIGHT NONA DRUMRIGHT BOB EASTON RUBY EAGER GEORGE ELMORE MARY EMDE MARGERY ENIX BENITA ESPARZA MADONNA ESPARZA MATILDA ESPARZA RONALD FASH BOB FISHER TERRY HURST ANICE HOWERTON CHARLIE HOLLAR JAY HOKE PAT HILL OTIS FOX NAN FRANCIS PAT GILMORE VAUNCEIL GLANCY JOHN GILLUM LOUIE GEISER JOY GARNER BOB GARRETT JANICE GAINES ALENE FRIEDEMANN LUIS FLORES SHIRLEY FLESNER ROBERT FLANDERS MACIE FARLEY LOU ANN GREENE JAN GRAvEs PAT GRABER PHIL GORDON MARJORIE GOODWIN JAMES HAYNES BERNICE HIGGINS BILL HAWKINS DARREL HASTON JIIANILLA HATCHER DONALD HART FREMA HARRIS LOGAN HARGROVE ELDON HARDY RONNIE HANES NEIL HAM NANCY INGHAM BARBARA JAMES WESLEY JUDGE WANDA KITE wg., CHARLES KING ROSALIE KING RONNIE KETCH ROBERT KERNS TRAVIS KENDALL COLIN LONGAN DOROTHY LAWSON MARC Low DONALD LOW CARL LITTLE EDWENA MooRE ToM NICHOLSON KENNETH NUGENT JIM NICHOLSON GRACIE NEWKIRK ELTON NIx0N VIRGINIA NANCE KATHRYN PAYNE MARTHA PUCKETI' JAMES OSBORN JOE ANN OTIS AUDREY NAI-:TER DOLORIS LITTLE EARL LUNSFORD JOHN LUDRICK DoNNA LAKE ToM MCCOLLOM MAURINE MCANULTY HARDY MCKASKLE JEANNINE MAHONEY JAMES MILLER VIRGINIA MILLER KARLDENE MARSHALL LOUISE PARSONS MASTON POWERS LILLIAN POWERS TOMMY PERKINS KAY DON ROBBINS CLARA ROZZELL DICK RUCKER JIM REMY CURTIS ROGERS LOIS ROTIIENBERGER GALE ROBINSON SMITH RICHARDSON JO BETSY ROBERTSON ZANE STITES GAYLE SWIM CHARLES SARKANY ELCA STAKLE RON SANDERS CLIFFORD SMITH ELDRED SURBER LELAND STANDLEY RUTH SENKOI-'F RAYMOND SwART BILL SMITH Y Fifi LEONARD THACKER SUE TIMKEN PAUL TARPEY PANSY WHITE CAROLYN WHITNEY JERRY WARD PHYLLIS WILEY JIM WILLIAMS CAROLYN WELLS PEGGY WILLIAMSON VIRGINIA WISE MARY LOU WHITE RUTH ANN WAITS DORIS ANN YEATS E51 DUANE STEPHENS BENNIE SCHATZ PENNY STINER JIM STEWART BOB SCHWEIKHARD LAVEDA STITES JIM STEPHENSON TOMMY SCHAUER THOMAS LEE UNDERWOOD JIM TOURTELLOTTE MARYBELLE TRENT ERWIN TINKER GEORGE THOMSON Y x g 'Tl ner Mrs. Bryan: Pres., Bob Carrettg Vice Pres., Tommy Nicholsong Sec.-Treas., Maurine McAnultyg Student Council Rep., ,lim Remy and Martha Puckettg Mag. Capt., Maurine McAnulty. w Mr. Arnold: Pres., Bob Andrewg Vice Pres., Macie Ann Farleyg Sec., Ronnie Ketch Treas., Frema Harrisg Student Council Rep., Martha Douglas and Annawyn De Benningg Mag. Capt., Frema Harris and Imogene Haslcettg Red Cross, Ron Ketch. Mrs. Johnston: Pres., Dick Ruckerg Vice Pres., George Clevelandg Sec.-Treas., Elga Stakleg Student Council Rep., Dean Burch and Carol Noskeg Mag. Capt., Janet Hilton and J im Williamsg Red Cross chairman, Ron Sanders. 7 i' ' 'U-'Wt Mr. Freidemann: Pres., Pat Gilmore: Vice Pres., Marian Jardotg Sec.-Treas, ,loe Ann Otis: Student Council Bop., Kay Robbins and Madonna Esparzaq Magazine Cap., Shirley Taylor and Lorna Wimpyg Bed Cross Chairman, Floretta Bender. Mr. Shingleton: Pres., Dale Childers: Vice Pres., Tommy Mercer: Sec.-Treas., Neil llanig Student Couneil Rep., Bob Fisher and Eugene Haskett: Magazine Cap., Dale Childers and Cale Bobisiong Bed Cross, Dale Childers. Miss Meacham: Pres., Beverly Allenq Vice Pres., LaVeda Stites: Sec.-Treas., Joy Garner: Student Council Rep., Pat Hill and Bob Fridayg Mag. Capt., Benita Esparza and Dorothy Lawsong Bed Cross Chairman, Beverly Allen. Wien We Wen undue we presented -1113 'iiiifff Girl Shy CAST OF CHARACTERS PRODUCTION STAFF Tom Arsdale ............,.,,..,..,,..,,...........,. Earl Lunsford Director ,,,-,,,,,,,,,.,,,-,,,--,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mrs, Linthicum Oke Stimson .,....... ,..,..,,, ,I im Tourtellotte Student Director ,,,,,e7ee,,, Betty Taylor Caroline ........,...,....... .'...... J oyce Aldrich Publicity ............... , L ouie Geiser Anthony Arsdale ...7..,wv.,......V... .lim Remy Stage Manager ,,,...,. John Nance Sylvia Webster -- .... ......,... C arolyn Whitney Stage Crew ,,,,,,, ,,,.,e,.,,.,t,., J ay Hoke Dean Marlow ......,, ,.....,........... L ouie Geiser Don Robbins Peaches Carter ...., ........ K arldene Marshall Quintin Brakebill Asrna ,,,,,,e,,.... , ,,,, ,.v,.,,et M artha Douglas Ushers ,,,, ,,,,.,,,...,.,.. S ue Timken Birdie Laverne .....,....,.,.. Laveda Stites Ruby Eager Barbara Sanford .....,.. Annawyn DeBenning Martha Puckett Alfred Tennyson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...., Bob Garrett Nan Francis Chuck Mayo ,,',,,,,,, .,-,,,,t.,,.-,,. D onald Low Music --,,,- ,,,,.,,.,.-v S tillwater H. S. Band Harry Wheeler, Director THE PLOT Tom Arsdale, a graduating senior, had a reputation for being girl shy. Babs San- ford sets out to cure him, without his knowledge. She changes places with Birdie, the cleaning lady, and in return gives her a chance for a screen test. As something beautiful begins to develop, Mr. Arsdale appears with Sylvia, the girl from home. Chuck, the real Birdie's sweetheart, and Mr. Arsdale hatch up a plot to break up the engagement between Tom and Birdie falias Babsj. The annual costume ball gives them their chance but things foul up when the girls innocently switch costumes. Amid the ensuing confusion the real Birdie returns after having made a fizzle at her screen test. But as all good stories go, it all ended happily. all " v A X x HQ N N 1' 1' ,A . , 1' 'A 1 . ai. X .-5 Ili! .4 qu' 79 - as g Y Ek' Q- J, wi 4 5 -hi' !4- ,ffill fy' - 1 " ' 5 N 711 . if 1" A v .3- N ll i N ul :B- M I I . , W?i,iX is fu t 1 ma X ASW! 1 'Q q i, ggi ,- ' 'N if , fe, ,uf if D' 4' A Um Delegated 7a' ' Ruby Eager Sue Timken Peggy Williamson Sf C7 ! r Annawyn DeBenning Girl State Governor Bob Andrew Dick Rucker Dean Burch Tom McCollum Logan Hargrove PAT WYERS, President 'Alt has been a great honor to represent such a hard working sttudent body as the Junior Class of 1951-52." TERRY GILLUM, Vice President "I only hope that I can be as great a credit to my class as my predecessors have been to theirs." GERALDINE MILLER, Secretary "I consider it a great honor and a privilege to have been chosen for this position and I wish to thank the Junior class." DEAN LEONARD, T reansurer "I shall serve the Junior class of 52 to the best of my ability as treasurer. It is indeed an honor to hold this office." Vw X ,. - L 1 -. cf K I f ,, f 1 ,N IJ L - -f- Q I k r ' ,bf ,.L ff' --- - f'b'."' 1 .1 - .ev , . ll Q f' Q., clit I - . - ,-'-"- v fu , ,L , X .J -'. "' . .-l 'f 4 itll., f 5'4" 5' ""A' 'V ' ,. gf ' . 1 .1 , L.. .. 121 4 gr.-F' 1'-4. .V-f""'Lf! neat- .,4. . ,arte 3'1kf"' 'CDI , J"-' I . I , ff , . A V A k i X ffgij,-' L, h ., V -.,l,. V fe-fi., gf -1' ' v, .. v X RING Bill Jones, Joe Monk, Janet Hig- gins, Ann Tonkinson, Bemice Stecker. .9 Q PLACE CARDS and PROGRAMS Pat Graham, Emily Lowe, Judith Long. MENU Marlene Friedemann, Ruth Whit- son, Gwen Degruchy. PROGRAM FOR BANQUET Marilyn Norris, Lois Larrabee, Claudette Leachman. DECORATIONS Joy Hackleman, LaDonna Todd Charles Ingersol. ti' PROM Jimmy Webster, Bill Waggener, Sue Jones, Ann Loy Engel. iii K x Nw , Pat Lester Countess Ramon Sutton Count Helen Anglin Bill Anderson Marilyn Arnold Bill Barr Davie Bearry Bob Bellatti Jean Bennett Eldon Belknap Shirley Bilyeu Willy Beverly Dianne Allen Orvil Akins Norma Anglley Jackie Blair Vonda Bivert John Bradley Willa Brewton LeRoy Briscoe Fred Brock Esther Burkhart Bob Buchanan Eddie Byrd J an Caldwell Iris Canfield Ethel Canning Robert Casey Carol Carmichae Mary Carpenter l S., Jerry Dunn Eileen Dye Wannie Eades Darla Edge James Emerick Ann Loy Engel Roy Felton Jean Fell Guy Fiscus Shirley Fisher Marjorie Frank Robert Frye Shirley Frazier Bob Friday Marlene Friedemann 'Q-gr' ,lane Chambers Charles Castleberry Alta Chapman Dale Childers Evelyn Clapp Leland Clapham Sandra Conyers Furley Cooke Edith Copley Sedrick Delano Gwen deGruchy Homer Dillman Fred Dippold , 1 9 I 's e Terry Gillum Pat Graham Albert Glass Erlis Green Joy Hackleman Betty Hall Thomas Hansen Annita Ham Glenn Harris Imogene Harting Raymond Gaither Geraldine Gaylord Jack Geller Imogene Haskett Sally Hazelton Shirley Hesson ,lakie Hicks Janet Higgins Janet Hilton Jerold Hilton Martha Hoffman Jacque Holland Rada Houston Carol Human Charles lngersol Gayle Jagou Marian J ardot Bill Jones Peggy Ludrick Dean McDermott Barbara McDonald Doyle Mclflwain Mary McKaskle Tommy Mercer Louise Manning Joe Monk Geraldine Miller George Moore Barbara Nelson Marilyn Norris Carol Noske Shirley Paris Betty Patton Carol Jean Purscell Sue Jones Sonny Keys Reinhard Klein Peggy Kirkland Janis Kleinhofs Lois Larrabee Claudette Leachman Pat Lester Judith Long Mary Ann Long Dean Leonard Emily Lowe Ed Roberts Katherine Rogers Lynn Roberts Mona Russell William Sadler Louis Scott Vena Seago Guy Short Barbara Sharpton Bob Sisney 'Q-3' Max Reddout Myrna Riede Herb Riley e I f il 5 .YI Rachel Smith Bill Smith Twyla Smith Charlotte Six Berniece Stecker Bill Stich Ruby Swisher Carol Stites Ruth Swisher Ramon Sutton Mabel Tarpey Shirley Taylor Barbara Thacker James Thompson Sherry Thomson Ann Tonkinson Frederick Venn David Ventris Bill Waggoner James Wagner Carl Waite James Watkins Genevive Weatherly Roy Watkins Vertis N. Webb Ladonna Todd Bennie Trout Joyzell Trompler mmY.."ADlr f . Jimmy Webster Norma White Tommie West Ruthie Whitson Bob Williams Lorna Mae Wimpy Don Wise Dorothy Woerz Jimmie Wright Jean Worthington Pat Wyers Mr. Van Hook: Pres. Ed Roberts, Vice Pres., Jim Tourtellotte, Sec., Esther Burk- hart, Treas., Marilyn Norris, Student Council Rep., Pat Graham and Lynn Roberts, Mag. Capt., Claudette Leachman and Marilyn Norris, Red Cross Chairman, Carolyn Burch. Miss Markwell: Pres., Willy Beverly, Vice Pres., Tommy Hansen, Sec., Joe Monk, Treas., Marilyn Arnold, Student Council Rep., Janet Higgins and Pat Wyers, Mag. Capt., Janet Higgins and Pat Wyers, Red Cross Chairman, Jane Chambers. Mrs. Severson: Pres., Charlotte Six, Vice Pres., Guy Fiscus, Sec., Berniece Stecker, Treas., Katherine Rogers, Student Council Rep., Quintin Brakebill and Marlene Friedemann, Mag. Capt., Sue Jones and Ruth Senkoff, Red Cross Chairman, Shirley Frazier. Mr. Poffenberger: Pres., John Cillumg Vice Pres. Geraldine Millerg Sec., Mary Emdeg Treas., Pat Lesterg Student Council Rep., Bill Jones and Lillian Powersg Mag. Capt., Emily Lowe and Peggy Williamsong Red Cross Chairman, James Emerick. QW-MVS 'Sl fat? Q 5' ,.- A I " ! Qin LV ff rv : Gy - .15 3- :..q Pl .-sn ,inf Bi' v J .4 ,Q qw swf '- . .- ,lv xx Q, :J J 5 Y PM 5--2 , au' '+A O , 1 i 323 fr ' fi A ' A 5-47' BERNIE DORMAN, President "I am honored for being elected President of the Sophomore class for I consider it a great privilege. LARRY FASH, Vice President "I will do my best to fulfill the responsibility of Vice President of the Sopho- more class while I am in office." SUE LAWRENCE, Secretary "I think it was swell of the Sophomore class to have elected me as Secretary and I wish to thank them very much." SHIRLEY MORGAN, Treasurer "I wish to thank everyone for the honor and privilege of being elected to the office of Sophomore easurer Kmagiw i jew I Winona Johnson Duchess David Oates Duke wg 'Sv 4, , 'L Pat Bolton Darrell Boyer Kenneth Brake Jon Brock Don Buchanan Carolyn Burch LeRoy Burrell Ruth Campbell Loretta Cannaday ,lean Caldwell Roy Carberry Elmer Carpenter Pat Carr Phillip Carr Don Caskey Ruby Cavin Bob Cave Boyd Chambers Tom Cleveland J oy Collins A1 0. L- Acke' K AclamS D Ot Y B abc0Ck Car Own 5323 llgcgandelief P Keiill wks 5hirleY B Esta Eames eu R ichafd Ban at Benneu Banana? 1 Beltz gall Bernh Mal Barbara Belly ' Tom Blallkmshlp loan Blum kj Colly af james Elleclge Fred Emde Sally Emmons Charles Esslinger Larry Fash Jim Ferrell ,lanire Fielfl Joyce Field Loretta Fife Dennis Flynn Dorislea Fowler Frank Fox Richard Fox Ramona Fox Ralph Franklin Shirley Frazier Gordon Frye Dorothy Gage Donald Garner Ronald Garner 1'-" S ,A l R ald Silgmi Congo" David' Coox ma Con ev 221, CQOPQ' my naueliem- Burris n - Y ig::r2:iWf Be rnie norman N nCY Douglas 3 5hirleY Dove Royce Drew Devfennmg h Bagel' longs! Edwards' Q- .il N--57, 116-.. r F- L-BL Li' -1 ' fg.,g ,.: I WNW ' ' L 1,4 iw 'Y ' . ' H- ' .i b ty 1, . gi . q. r , 1 3 A ii -'l':, Q 'jjfi I-Qff I , J "kw- , " S' H, '- wr ' K X ' , . Q . Q 5 fi- if 5,323 - , M " ik. ' r I 3 9 Nw X ,S Ruthie Martin Bennie Mathes Sara Miller Shirley Morgan Bill Moore Elva Moody James Moreland Patzie Moss ,lim Nevins Calvin Nichols Lois Niles David Oates Ann O'Brien Charles O'Donnell Carolyn Ozbun Gene Patton Claude Peery Shirley Peterlca Carl Phagan Neal Pock Rx. 1. Law!-81x06 Bob Laffabee Bob L ee Leonafa hn Sv ewx, Lesh da, Lime Bu 5 I jglztfl' Laogziord ancy U Mccasyin Elizabeth C. McClain CCullY ' M L0lgEgAcMurUY Bo . - M 61509 5 Elm M :honFY ll llllucille Malors l lv ge Sue Sherrod Viola Sloan Barbara Smith Beverly Smith Raymond Smith 1 Virginia Smith Virginia Sue Smith Roger Sixkiller lna Ray Stewart Barbara Spaulding Jewel Stephens Richard Sutton Tom Thomason ,lim Thorne Lloyd Tomlinson Caroline Trompler ,lon Trumbla Joe Tully Archie Wadsack Joanna Wallace 'R ohn Powers P 'ce n elim nsgllvfulu . Cailrlxille Rankm Barbafa Ray Y uedbuf? Fiixliiexte Robmson Cunard R026 Edith Ruse t Lorelia Rus l . S nderson was 30569 S hafeIS E:iiiTlSchiJ6ikh9'd E69 a shufvwn At ,tif Ramona W are Les Wdker Bevedy Wemngton Aden Wiwams 'Ywyha Widiams Card Wdson lackie Wdson lames Wise H atdd Woods Don W oody ard W ,Exe W orreX1 Kerry Y ork Eddie Y oxmt ,SX 4 -if Ffa gals.. Miss McWethy: Pres., Jo June Keefg Vice Pres., B.1rris DeBenningg Sec.-Treas., Virginia Sue Smith, Student Council Rep., Bob McMurtry and Phill Carr, Mag. Capt., Irma Lee Gross and Virginia Sue Smith, Red Cross Chairman, Rhoda Glover. Miss Ingramg Pres. Jon Tumblag Vice Pres., Mary Jo Bandelierg Sec.-Treas., Joy Collinsg Student Council Rep., Bob Graham and Carol Wilson, Mag. Capt., Sylvia Hoover and Ronald Callyarg Red Cross Chairman, David Oates. 'iv-,,, fi' , Mr. Labor: Pres., Thomas Blankinshipg Vice Pres., Eddie Osborn, Sec., Lloyd Tom- linson, Treas., ,lay Payne, Student Council Rep., Phil Kinyon and Calvin Nichols. 3 l 2 E31 ' Q . .LmQ'jmi-1 I 3.31191 ,. v. . 1... - . 1, Q ,,.,.., . ,gzyiir P Jw'-Ww.n Jie! M fl MIM slag Q x, Q 5 1' ., . . U -x fN Mr. Martin: Pres., Bob Lee, Vice Pres., Bill Waggener, Sec., Matilda Esparza, Treas., Sally Emmons, Student Council Rep., ,larol Beltz and Vena Seago, Mag. Capt., Matilda Esparza and Tommy Cleveland, Red Cross Chairman, Sally Emmons. CBBC S.. l Mrs. Linthucum: Pres., Winona Johnson, Vice Pres. Marjorie Sanderson, Sec., Anne Kee, Treas., Shirley Morgan, Student Council Rep., Bernie Dorman and Bob Jones, Mag. Capt., Bob Ketch and Joana Wallace, Red Cross Chairman, Carolyn Babcock. P 1' Hz... it Miss Becker: Pres., Marybelle Trent, Vice Pres., Bob Larrabee, Sec., Bob Cave, Treas., John Ludrick, Student Council Rep., John Butler and Reinhard Klein, Mag. Capt., Bob Larrabee and Bob Cave, Red Cross Chairman, John Ludrick. 'LN V 1 I X W' ll-A 1. Grand Canyong 2. It must be funny: 3. The dejected hunter: 4. Horse and comrades: 5. 17: 6. Escape: 7. Muscles: 8. To sleep or not to sleepg 9. What a pretty car: 10. Sittin, prettyg 11. That Ipana smileg 12. bottoms upg 13. Hands and feet: 14. Throw it outg 15. Male or femaleg 16. Senior beautyg 17. You'd think it was coldg 18. Beauties??g 19. Just faces!! 3-1 .-eq I MAX WALTERS, President "I feel that it is a great privilege to have been chosen Freshman President." BOB MCCUBBIN, Vice President "I want to thank all the Freshmen for choosing me as their Vice President LYNN CAMPBELL,Secretary-Treasurer "I am very proud to have the honor of being Freshman Secretary-Treasurer w 1, ,. f ,. I ,U .iv , 4 , Joann Geller Princess Bruce Alsup Prince ' 'fin W-M . ,F If yi 1 1 in :K T' e 1+ ff of , f 3'1"-' - - ,nt A 5 +'f'iili:f ' ' -Tyz , , fff nv, , Mike Austin Aneta Arrington Jack Allred Anna L. Anderson Harold Absher Betty Anderson Bruce Alsup Brenda Adams Ken Andrew Donna Banks Darrell Barrett Nina Marie Boyer Lee Bartlett Patty Brown John Bishop Esther Brooner Paul Brown Marilyn Benson Bill Ballew Laurel Burley Max Burch Betty Burris Darrel Brown Margaret Bullock Jeanie Boyer Elene Bieberdorf Janet Berry Nancy Boothe LaVerne Bays Carl Cook Larry Crawford Linda Cudd Don Cole Lynn Campbell Kay Clark Mary Caldwell Phillip Clifton Dolores Carpenter Joyce Carmichael Jerald Conyers -Q-5 Erna Cullers Tommy Chace Rosemary Carleton Harold Caldwell Carolyn Day Donald Davis Ruth Deck Don Dean Millicent Derr John Denton Colleen Donovan Russell Dicks Judy Douglas Warren Dunn Marilyn Duckwall Bill Emmons Lottie Edmondson Jimmie Enix Kenneth Field Cleo Fowler Leo Fowler Marjorie Fowler Doris Ferguson Don Fry Pali Frazier Katherine Friedemann J. C. Fowler Ross Fox Bonny Glancey Virgil Gaither Wendell Gazaway Jo Anne Geller Copy Groom Sherry Gober Larry Gearheart Cherry Goodenough Larry Ham Viola Higgins Bob Honeyman Shirley Humphrey Ruby Hatcher Darrell Honeyman Ruth Human Hunter Hancock Joy Havins Frank Hargrove Sandra Henrick John Hinkel Lula Harris Hays.Hinrichs Doris Harting Larry Hill Judy Hillier Allen Hesser Jean Hawkins Janet Hemphill Judith Jarvis Lloyd Johnson Neil Jones Harriet Kofalk Andris Kleinhofs Edith King William Kinnick Carolyn King Jim Kinyon Carol Kroll Kendall King Carolyn Lambert Donald Lake Peggy Lester Dickey Lore Phyllis Love Jerry Lockett lrvin Long Samuel Lake Betty Lasater Jerry Longan Bobbye Lothers Joan Little Doyle McClure Millie Miller Bill Miller Kay Miller Bob McCubbin Janice McWherter Cordon Metcalf Jo Mikel Roy Monk Dorothy Mikel Dale Mansker Harriet McCaugh John Mills ,lane McColgin Royce Mercer ,lane McKenzie Geraldine Miller Mildred Nugent Carolyn Norris Claudette Nation Kay Norton Cecil Osborn Beverly Overholt George Orgain Mildred O,Donnell Elwin Olson Donna Paris Richard Puckett Betty Payne Joe Peoples LaNese Pierson Gene Rains Linda Russell Janet Remy Carletta Ramsey Ray Scarbrough Opal Schoonover jim Sloan Jerry Sharpton Charlene Stites John Shilling Will Sanders Pat Shannon Don Stancoff Mary Scherer Donald Stafford Kathleen Shelton Buddy Sloan Martha Smith Bill Snyder Pat Stone john Stakle Doris Shafers Leon Smith Kathyran Shotten Jerry Smith Lavone Swisher Bernard Smith Buddy Simpson Bob Thacker Richard Tennille Billy Taber Karen Todd Connie Tinker Deanna Thomas Ruby Terrill Betty Trent Bill Thompson James Ventris Robert Ventris Juris Vairoys Willie Varnum Geraldine Wilson Marvin Williams Delores Williams Harold Washburn June Williams Max Walters Rose Watkins Elmer Wimpy Sonja Ward Bob Walker Ted Williams Jim White Graham Walters Ray Williamson T mm ,mm SMI Fe Mrs. McElwain: Pres., Bernard Smith, Vice Pres., Brenda Adams, Sec.-Treas Elene Bieberdorfg Student Council Rep., Betty Burris and Warren Dunn, Mag. Capt Neil Jones and Ruby Hatcherg Red Cross Chairman, Brenda Adams. ax Mr. Johnston: Pres., Bob McCubbing Vice Pres., Janet Remy, Sec., Max Burch, Treas. La Nese Pierson, Student Council Rep., Lynn Campbell and Bill Miller, Mag. Capt.. Graham Lee Walters and John Hinkelg Red Cross Chairman, Karen Todd. wg! Vx Mr. Tate: Pres., ,lim Kinyong Vice Pres., Ro Monk, Sec., Beverly Overholtg Treas., Connie Tinker: St. Council, Martha Smite, ancy Bootheg Mag. Capt., Shirley Humphrey, Connie Tinker, R. C., Shirley Humphrey. Miss Huffine: Pres., Richard Puckett, Vice Pres., Ellwyn Olsong Sec., Kathleen Shelton, Treas., Phyllis Love, Student Council Rep., ,lohn Mills and Janis Mc- Wherterg Mag. Capt., Richard Puckett and Kathleen Shelton. Miss Browne: Pres., Brenda Adams, Vice Pres., Opal Schoonoverg Sec., Harriet MCG:-lughg Treas.. Soyna Ward, Student Council Rep., Mildred O'Donnell and Dorothy Mikel, Mag. Capt., Kay Clark and Patsy Shannon, Red Cross Chairman, Pat Frazier. Mr. Roye: Pres., Billy Taberg Vice Pres., Carolyn Dayg Sec. Don Deang Treas., Don Coleg Student Council Rep., Hays Hinrichs and Lottie Edmunclsong Red Cross Chairman, Darrell Hastings.. 33? qongyq Af ffm. was Civ'- 'E OES f-ll-. N GJ m c OMC E'-3 C Q2 C 5 CU Q 'U .E 5 of cfm 5 TF: E 5 U cf. 2 E C co -ff .. Q 5 V? QD .1 5 Q, O' LJ C a 5' QJ 9' E :L .II D rn. if N 'C 29 GJ r-4 CJ : 1 L- C1 DQ .E Lf GJ L- N U DQ s- FU 5 2 L!-1 uf CID .ED Q C C1 O 'Q E e- GJ :1 an .. s: KS 'C : GJ ... .. -'E CD DD C Ld F' S O L-4 CJ elf D0 .EP .Q C .-C O '-a 'U C va 6.3 .JI 5 Q uf vu ... CU CJ -c ... P CG D IA III GJ 4: O ona Johnson, Du Pr Win 500662 C6666 ig, ' SU ufgl.. E , T1 M KEN ffttmdaata Ann Loy Engel Not pictured Lou Ann Greene wife!! 4 66660 E0 A SWWS5 mPN Mary Emde Maurine McAnulty Sue Timken XEWJQMH MQW FRANCIS Azzwdmza Maurine McAnulty Pansy White Vena Seago Annawyn DeBenning Elga Stakle 7.7.14 N WN we vxmws WA Px NX ffitteadaata Gwen deGruchy Kay Miller Janet Hilton M52 di ma M Bill J ones Nancy Ingham Bob Garrett Zin? 7446! 256660 awlddalea Joanna Wallace Max Walters Ronnie Collyar Shirley Humphrey MOST HANDSOME AND MOST BEAUTIFUL SENIORS Earl Meyers and Beverly Allen MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Mary lrla Campbell and Bill Smith 'r -r GIRL AND BOY WITH THE BEST PERSONALITY Maurine McAnulty and Dean Burch ,bangs li MOST HANDSOME AND MOST BEAUTIFUL JUNIORS Bob Bucanan and Ann Loy Engel Q THE WITTIEST GIRL AND BOY Martha Douglas and Leland Standley BEST ALI, ROUND GIRL AND BOY Annawyn DeBenning and R mvl1l1 ie Kctvh PRETTIEST EYES Vena Seago and Wesley Judge BEST FIGURE and PHYSIQUE Charlotte Six and Eddie Roberts W" gm: wwpwqxumpf-gsugx, Annawyn DeBenning Bill Smith Sue Timken Mary Ida Campbell Earl Lunsford These students were chosen on the basis of organization offices, school activities, religious activ- ities, honors and awards, and scholastic standing, as determined by the "Who's Who" point system. JUNIORS RECEIVING HONORABLE MENTION Billy Jones, Pat Graham, Marilyn Norris, Carol Noske, J oe Monk, Geraldine Miller Judy Long. 25970 gala and gay mmf gn! Eat First row: Martha Puck:-tt, Nancy Ingham. Svvontl row: Mary Eniflr, Maurine McAnulty, Sue Timkin, Lillian Powers, Annawyn Df'Benning, Mary Ida Campbell, Nan Francis. Thirtl row: Eiga Staklv, Mary Lou White, Carolyn Whitney, Karldene Marshall, Mona Drum- right. Nona Drumright, Matilda Esparza. Fourth row: Juanilla Hatcher, Ruby Eager, Pat Hill, Earl Lunsford, John Butler, Kay Don Robbins, Bob Garrett. Fifth row: Bob Andrew, Jim Tourtellotte, Robert Fisher, Dick Rucker, Cynthia Canfield. Logan Hargrove. P' 54 ia .S XD i FW FOURTH HOUR GIRLS, GLEE CLUB First row: Barbara Smith, Kate Graves, Elene Bieberclorf, Shirley Morgan, Joy Collins, Nancy Douglas. June Williams, Carol Haston, Pat Bolton, Dotty Adams, Cherry Coodenough, Kay Miller. Second row: Millieent Derr, Winona Johnson, Marjorie Sanderson, Carolyn Norris, Janice Mc- Wherter. Sue Lawrence, Alice Redburn, Shirley Frazier, Ruth Human. Ruth Deck, Anna Lou Anderson. Claudette Nation. Third row: Betty Burris. Carolyn King, Judy Jarvis, Mary Jo Bandelier, Carol Schweikhard, Louise Nleiiully. Wanda Haak. Barbara Jo Hay, Beverly Smith, Katherine Friedemann, Jo Ann Geller. Carol Kroll. Fourth row: Doris Furgason, Ruby Cavin, Bobby Lothers, Jarol Beltz, Ruth Campbell, Carolyn Burch. 'Fwyla Williams, Rhoda Clover. Nancy Boothe, Judy Douglas, Marilyn Benson. Betty Trent, Rosemary Carleton. BOYS' GLEE CLUB First row: Ilonald Dean. Don Stafford, Bruce Alsup, Tom Perkins. John Mills, George Creimr Hugh Creiner. Tommy Thomason, Richard Fox, Ronald Garner, Pat Carr, Elva Moody, James Wise. Second row: Jerry Looper, Allen Gray, Robert Tinker, Royce Mercer, Donald Low, Tom lluderwood, Jan Graves, George Elmore, Dick Rucker, Dewey Brett, Bill Thompson, Darrell Honeyman, Bill Smith. Third row: Fred Brock, Tom McCollom, Bob Larrabee, John Butler, Jack Blair. Bob Easton. George Thompson, Neal Pock, Jim Williams, Carl Phagan, Tom Schauer. Bill Hawkins, Jim Tourtellotte. ra t 5 I I J 3 , l G , ,, , ,Y fr ? 'i ' " fir if 1' I f 5 9 6 , 1 THIRD HOUR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB , First row: Brenda Adams, Matilda Esparza, Judith Long, Barbara McDonald. Laurel Burley, Frema Harris, Janet Hilton, Carolyn Whitney, Barbara Nelson, and Mary Lou Scherer. Second row: Carmen Dermer, Nancy Ingham, lla Grace Daugherty, Jan Caldwell, Joy Garner, Martha Puckett, Beverly Allen, Charlotte Six, Katherine Rogers, and Janet Berry. Third row: Bernice Stecker, Lois Larrabee, Marilyn Arnold, Rada Houston, Dianne Allen, Martha Hoffman, Jean Bennett, Mona Russell, and Marilyn Duckwall. OFFICERS Third Hour Fourth Hour Boys' Clee Club Carolyn Whitney Katherine Rogers Kate Graves Tom McCollom Dick Rucker President Secretary-Treasurer President President Secretary-Treasurer Lois Larrabee Shirley Morgan Winona Johnson Tommy Schauer Librarian Secretary-Tredngurer Librarian Librarian we O ' MIXED CHORUS First row: Elene Bieberdorf, Barbara Smith, Ruby Cavin, Marjorie Sanderson, Kate Graves, Carmen Dormer, Joy Collins, Millicent Derr, Barbara McDonald, lla Grace Daugherty, Laurel Burley, Frema Harris, Carol Haston, Marilyn Benson, Janet Berry, Mary Lou Scherer, Betty Burris, Judy Douglas, and Brenda Adams. Second row: Marilyn Arnold, Nancy Ingham, Lois Larrabee, Judith Long, Rohert Tinker, Tom Perkins, John Mills, George Greiner, Hugh Greiner, Ron Garner, Pat Carr, Elva Moody, Pat Bolton, llotty Adams, Cherry Goodnough, Betty Trent, Bernice Stecker, and Katherine Rogers. Third row: Doris Furgason, Judy Jarvis, Jan Caldwell, Janet Hilton, Fred Brock, Royce Mercer, lion Low, Tommy Thomason, Richard Fox, Tom Underwood, Jan Graves, George Elmore, Dick Rucker, Alice Redhurn, Beverley Smith, Wanda Haak, Twyla Williams, and Charlotte Six. Fourth row: Donald Dean, Bruce Alsup, Don Stafford, Jerry Looper, Tom McCollum, Bob Larrahee, John Butler, Jack Blair, Bob Easton, George Thompson, Jim Williams, Bill Smith, Jim Tourtelotte, Bill Hawkins, Darrell Honeyman, Carl Phagan, Bill Thompson, Tommy Schauer, and James Wise. OFFICERS J. Tourtellotte J. Hilton C. Six President Secretary-Treasurer Librarian G I "U. is me -JE 51: B -Ea 3. .gi 'H .21 35 Eng .-.500 S55 S543 Us-1 0" -.5'J3'E3 5x EQ .-Q .: 5 C-'C1"U UO 2.55 BDI-,JH 0 3,92 OQBJ im- I-1 E552 4-I gi 'Pl Er I 'Em O Es we 0 55 E jf J D: X. 4' 'i Q X. Vx 0. , up K LLC T174 ixk i 'E 1 K .- T. "1 ,- 'Q N BOYS' QUARTET Tom McCollum Bill Smith John Butler Jack Blair GIRLS' QllAR'l'E'l' Carmen llcrmcr l3vr'niCce Stwker Carolyn Whitney Joy Garner ACCOMPANISTS Sitting Tenn lVlr'Cnllurn Betty Burris Standing l.zlura Burley Berrlifwc' Stvckcr Barlmra Nelson lrftflllil Harris , Bill Nan John Pansy Maurine Nan Betty " "N X' - E! Q Q fa-1. ' 1 f-' v '- ' N D, ML' 'fu 'f-' ' A - 45 0-L 1 -4 if ' i ff ' +l '2"57 - H -Avi' 'T' "N k 1 R x Y '- A , if ' ' K2 K " 1 4 .23 '- I x X ' lf' Il, A 2 if r ...f Q X -.P bl- -, 1. ,, kg A 1t .5k gin: . LQ' 'W ,W . mi M' kf V g L.:',.f: " - ' 'ZWQFZ H m V Z we -1 A sk K X L 5- 1 -W ' 'H ' -- X ' :J W. V Y--ln 1 f HX N 3... . CLARINET Tom McCollum Vena Seago Willie Varnum John Mills Bob Lee Patricia Phagan Almon Havenstrite Geraldine Wilson Francis Mayfield Carol Davis Geraldine Gaylord Francis Hamilton john Stakle Carol Jamison Patricia Waterfall Zena! Glenna Ventris Mary Ellen Daily Phylis Love Joan Little Davis McAlpine Carolyn Williams FLUTE Maurine McAnulty Gayle Jagou Peggy Ludrick Joyce Carmichael OBOE Nan Francis Kay Wallace Carolyn King ALTO SAXOPHONE Leland Clapham Annawyn DeBenning Elga Stakle TENOR SAXOPHONF Dewey Brett BARITONE SAXOPHONE Fred Brock BASS CLARINET Macie Farley Margaret Bullock Vonda Niles Kathrine Brooks BASSOON Carol Bruce Margery Enix G. Duckwall N. Francis V. Seago E Nixon Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Librarian Preszdent 1 ' T' T -9 f' f M. g, .. l CORNET Bill Waggoner Jimmy Nicholson Bill Hawkins Bob Williams Jerry Dunn Jackie Wilson Burris DeBenning Donald Duckwall Ernest Hamilton FRENCH HORN Bob Easton Donald Garner Donald Stafford Ann McBride Bernard Smith game! TROMBONE Bill Thompson Bob McMurtry Eddie Yount Cary Mills Pat Walker BARITONE Elton Nixon Logan Hargrove Jimmy Enix Doris Shafer BASS John Butler George Duckwall Quintin Brakebill STRING BASS George Thomson PERCUSSION .lean Hawkins Carl Phagan Donna Hampton Jerry Sutton Delores Williams Linda Russell Sedrick Delano TWIRLERS Pansy White Betty Payne Nan I' rancls John Smith joe Tully Kenneth Helt 5' p 1 , Brakebill .l. Nicholson L. Hargrove Property Manager Property Assistant Publicity Chairman vv A Maurine lVlcAnulty CR 1, Li- I I V P2 'y C, l f l 1 VIOLIN Carolyn Babcock Donald Price Jane McKinzie Joe Doty Betty Lasater Sedrick Delano Bernita Esparza Loretta Cannaday Glenda Williams Beruta Stakle Helen Smith Faye McCaslin Lorita Lloyd Judith Murphy Gay Miller Patty Sumner Willie Mae Surber 0'L6464l'Z4 VIOLONCELLO Margery Enix Carolyn Jo Barrett Elizabeth McCaslin Joyce Aldrich BASS George Thomson FLUTE Maurine McAnulty Gayle J agou Peggy Ludrick Joyce Carmichael BASS CLARINET Macie Farley Margaret Bullock CLARINET Tom McCollom Vena Seago Willie Varnum John Mills TRUMPET Jimmy Nicholson Bill Hawkins Jerry Dunn FRENCH HORN Bob Easton Ann McBride John Smith Kenneth Helt PERCUSSION Jean Hawkins .IHITICS Wilson TFOMSONE Donna Hampton OBOE E ton fxon Jerry Sutton Gary Mins Annawyn DeBenn Nan Francis TUBA Kay Wallace John Butler 1' 3 C Babcock B. Esparza E. McCaslin Don Price I President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Publicity Director 149 ' 4 f '-QV ff! f JLl'U'QQ'1iC S '77 wr ROBERTS Jr. Back KEYS I r. Center KENDALL Sr. Guard McELWAIN Jr. Guard B. JONES Jr. Back ,-l.L. LUNSFORD Sr. Back All District My wk? ff' ,ma STITES NICHOLSON CILLUM WNBURCH Sr. Guard Sr. Tackle Sr. Tackle Sf- End . Honorable Mention Honorable Mention All Dlstnd All Stale All State All District All District KETCH Sr. End All Distrirt REMY Sr. Back ESSLINCER Soph. Back STEPHENSON Sr. Guard HAWKINS RICHARDSON OATES C. SMITH Sr. Guard Sr. Center Soph. Center Sr. End lx., , ANDREW Sr. Back T. World and D. Okla. All State All District UP" f 'Bs.0"' 2 fx we FOX Soph. WELKER Soph. Back CARNER Soph. Back BAZZELL Soph. Back KINYON TINKER Back Soph. Back Sr. Back Ulf! ' "el m l SUTTON Jr. Back MONK Jr. Back WYERS Jr. Back B. SMITH STANDLEY HILTON Jr. End Sr. End Jr. End BLAIR Jr. Guard DORMAN Soph. Tackle fx, 5 Stillwater ,.............., 26 'Bristow .,,,,,,,, - 5 ' Stillwater ................ 13 'Ponca City ,,,,,,, x. -,I T Stillwater .,...,.....,..,. 59 'Drumright Stillwater ................ 15 Perry W, ,.,, ,,,,, , W Stillwater .... ,.....-. 5 3 Chilocco ......,,...,.. O'DONNELL ' Stillwater ..-..-.--.-..... 6 Tulsa Central soph. Tackle Stillwater ...,............ 27 Blackwell .......,....,, xl Stillwater ............,.,, 4.8 Guthrie ,,----,-, M- ----,,.- 7 ' V A Stillwater ................ 20 Cushing -,.,,--,.,,,,,-, - Stillwater ................ 37 John Marshall Stillwater ,...,..,,-,.,.., 13 Reno ---.---- 317 'Conference Poclc 2 1 WON-9 LOST-2 Soph. Guard C P EASTON Jr. End ...--..25 ---.--.13 7 -----.-10 90 l f 04511 if-Q SENIOR HIGH FOOTBALL First row: Earl Lunsford, Co-Captain: Ronnie Ketchg Tommy Nicholson, C0-Captain, Zane Stites, Dean Burch. Second row: Bill Smith. Pat Wyt-rs, Erwin Tinker, Ramon Sutton, Bernie Dorman, Phil Kinyon, Joe Monk, Neal Pock, David Oatvs. Third ro.1: Tommy Nicholson, ,lim Remy, Ed Roberts, Earl Lunsford, Bob Andrew, Jack Blair, Charles Essliiger, Zane Stites, ,lim Stephenson, Frank Fox. Fourth row: Coach Ralph Tatf-. Charles O'Donnell, Bill Jones, Cliff Smith. Sonny Keys, John Gillum, Dean Burch, Ronnie Ketch, Travis Kendall, Doyle McElwain, Coach Jim Harrie. Fifth row: Bill Jones, Ed Rob:-rts, Bob Andrew. QQ A N Av. r X x ES flff f avi 1951 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Slaniling: Charles Caslleberry, Bob Buchanan, Jim Williams, Charlie Hollar, George Cleveland Tom Schauer, and Bobby Cave. Kneeling is Coach Bill Williams. ,sw .v-'W' Ah BASEBALL First row: Zane Slites, Jim Remy, Lawrence Rist, Ronnie Bennett, David Oates, Charles Esslinger, Coach Wayne Johnson. Second row: Elva Moody, Dean Patton, Paul Tarpy, Earl Lunsford, Bob Andrew, Gordon Frye. Thirml row: Joe Monk, Ronnie Collyar, Earl Boyer, Ronnie Kelch, Bobby Garrett. NMa lLIII,l N1 NIONK X1 ICN KING K If HRS Tlfll SNIITH 5 ,KRRI-1'I"l' " " ' ' S'I'I'fl'III-NSON 1 , A , H l 1 i - . . " V W Qian 1 '. rllwlllilfki U' 2 I' Q Q V A .m,4 , N l 1 I N Q , K 7 1 A 1 5 ' 4 Q , v x 4 ' H I ' E 0 gk! V' X lf, QW , 7 HH R R k ' M A FN I lM'W1H mu 'Wg gnu-wan mu wma mu wmr ' 4--'Q ,ki in 5 597. Qilzrtwgzu ,W i f - - - x f if '21, '?W:'S',g.-X i" 'Q-, . . . . 4 A 35 K I Vg FV Qxpfffifgfrgkfxz'-i?K'Q? x ,mage ,,,,f,L .- gk nigga 5, We ' f , w Qs, g '1 .A 4 Q ,V f 5 ,tsl I . ' W r 1', Y Q, i . ' gg , 3 fffziivi gi, A :V kAv.kb 1 , A Q 2 'f W f -I a ii i Z' ff 'Y 'ws' N , f M as - M- W - , gr Q 'WT - ' ff lu ' -iw 21 A 34 71 - 9 ' , A 9 " J 9 ff 5 4 Wiffdg U, Wing! Q.. A wg ,Q V mx , if ' 4 gi , 45 Y W . QW, 2 xfvgq lb. , " f - fu. ewfie -i , .,g,. 35 pi k,fk ,2. j Hi! if -QQ' 'M ul I' ' I 4. '- ,, I 'Q XM 'Q ff ' 33 il: MY' Y GOLF TEAM First row: George Moore, Jim Stephenson, Smitty Richardson, Lynn Roberts. Svvoml row: jim Webster. Guy Fisvus, Bill Wagoner. Wuynf- Anderson ansl ,lim Holchimlgv, gram ual:-s of "Sl" were not present for the picture. SENIOR WRESTLERS First row: Bennie Schatz, Erwin Tinker, and Ceorgm- Elmore. Sm-oml row: Earl Lunsford, Ronnie Hanes, and Tommy Nicholson. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL First row: William Kinnick, Bill Tabor, Bill Emmons, Lynn Pitts, Jim Sloan, Roy Monk, Max Wal- ters, Lynn Campbell. Max Burch, Jim Kinyon, and Bill Ballew. S1-vuml row: Almon Havenstrite, Bryan Whitworth, Bruce Campbell, Fred Eager, Dick Lore, llolw Wright, Bill Thompson, Warren Dunn, James 0'Donnel, Harold Caldwell, Scott Tetter, Gunner Smith, and Coach Johnston. Third row: Phil McColgin, Ted Williams, Leon Smith, Buddy Simpson, Clyde Smith, Jerry Sliarpton, Kendal King, Elmer Wllimpy. Bruce Alsup, Melvin Hemphill, Bob Clift, and Roger Hudihurg. CHEERLEADERS JOY GARNER sus TIMKEN ANN L0Y ENGEL CAROL NOSKE v f' f 1 1gani7aHorx3 camel!! in fs!!! Q .0 BILL SMITH President Mary Ida Campbell Nan Francis ,L A Earl Lunsford . Sue Timkvn , Jon Trumbla Svcrvlary Hisloriun Vice l'rvsirlvnI Treasu rar Parliarnenlurian First row: Harriet McCaugh, Janis McWherter, Marlene Friedemann, Pat Graham, Carol Noske, Martha Douglas, Martha Puckett, Jarol Beltz, Betty Burris, Nancy Booth, Carol Wilson, Ruthie Martin. Second row: Warren Dunn, Lynn Campbell, Pat Hill, Bill Jones, Pat Wyers, Lynn Roberts, Richard Fox, Reinhard Klein, John Mills, Hayes Henrichs, Lillian Powers, Madonna Esparza. Third row: ,lim Remy, Philip Carr, Bob Friday, Bernie Dorman, Donald Garner, Bob Jones, Bob Graham, Ronald Fash, Charles Esslinger, Bob Fisher, John Butler, Kay Don Robbins, Quentin Brakebill. Seated: Sue Timken, Jon Trumbla, Bill Smith, Mary Ida Campbell, Earl Lunsford, and Miss Markwell. This year the Student Council has sponsored many things, the most important being the State Student Council Convention in Stillwater at the Student Union. A great deal of time and hard work were spent by all the council members making this meeting a success. The Curtis Sales were also carried on this year and will be repeated annually. The money received from the sales was used for school purposes. The following activities were also completed: concessions at the football and basket- ball games, series of school parties, and student mixers, and the election of Who's Who. Membership of this organization consists of a representative and alternate from each homeroom. 719, 7455. Mary Ida Campbell State Secretary of Student Council State Student Coun- cil Convention held in Stillwater. Speakers for the evening were Dick Earnest, State Pres- ident, and Dr. C. P. Thompson. nb-1 Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at the banquet and throughout the en- tire meeting. 'TQX1 K J", 1 'll .v'ff"s The State meeting ran three days be- ginning on Decem- ber 6th through De- cember 8th. I2-1h .,''i PI., 4+ Cv 'V '4 I , , ' ' ' x if EW 1, Q, x f . it X l'i D. '-1 'Q ui, THIS Nyz- In f C'-11 " ,Vx ha ik: if! XF 'I n ,X .L ji, or xr 1. Go ahead-shoot! 2. Don't cut your toes! 3. Watcha doin'? 4. Mark Trail. 5. Have a straw. 6. Can't you road? 7. How's business? 8. ls that Eileen Austin? 9. Wanted for. . . 10.,Nature girl. 11. Nan and the new boy? 12. Don't fall off! 13. Three girls. 14. Ain'l love grand? 15. Joyce Aldrich lbarelyl. 16. Hang On! 17. Ventris for short, but not for long! 18, Babe in the woods. 19. The oomph boys. 20. At the zoo. alckwczf Wanna accletq Ruby Fager Vzce lresulenl NATIONAL Hogg X CIC .cn 'T Q-' WN 'Q--i 'wr-o John Butler Presirlcnt Peggy W'illiamson Secretary-Treasurer F' lxarlclene Marshall Mary lcla Campbell Mona Drulnright Annawyn Delilenning Bill Smith Martha Puckett Nona Drumright Dick Rucker Frcma Harris Jim Williams Meridith Clifton Louie Ceiser Nan Francis i, Sue Collins Pat Hill Ida Bell Bartlett Stephen Church Sue Timken Jimmy Nicholson "ii Earl Lunsford Nancy Ingham Logan Hargrove Charlie Hollar Jaunilla Hatcher -5 ' 'U' 57 f f WWW ,, .W Rim" Q 'fill rf M, ...W WW- . . M-MN NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY INITIATION-1951 Scenes from the 1951 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY BANQUET I Q.. Q lj 'J 149, - , - A . J iff-f gpfi if I 'A' 'S ,ff 9 1 51 gs!! ,,,. I' UQ, Qqdilio 4 4' r 1 ' iff +1 rr' 'ER ' Y H - .5 , Bob Andrew President Clifford Smith , Y Svvrerary Dean Burch ., TVUUSIIFFI' Tom Nicholson ,, ., Vice 1'res1'f1enI Smitty Richardson Reporlvr Af -9 'QP- nj v 'Z f tx. "S" CLUB l"irst row: Kvyvs, llicliurtlsuii, llluir, Stiles, Nicliolson. lit-niy, Uarrt-tt, Kiley. Scconml row: Lfollyur. Dornian. Stantlly. lVlt'lflwaiii, C. Smith, Stvplivrisoii, B. Smith, Perry. 'l'hii'tl row: Littlv. Fox, lhizn-ll. Nlumly. lilniorv. Sutton. llollar, Clevt-lansl, Haynes, Schauvr. Fourth row: 0'llnnm-ll, Oulvs. Willu-r, ll. Smith, Hill, Hilton, ,lone-S, T. Gillum, Robe-rts. Filth ruw: Lunafortl, .-Xmlrvw, Monk, li. K4-Ich, Williams, Buchanan, Wycrs, Graham, Frye. Sixth row: Couch Tut:-, Ki-ntlall. 'l'inlwi', ll. KL-tch, Burch, J. Gilluni, Kinyon, Esslingvr, Hainvs, Scott. tlli,'Xl3l,l,-X'l'lNtL SENIUHS UN l"0O'l'llALL 'l'EAlVl-Scatctl: Burch, Stitf-S, Ketch, Antlrvw, Sli-pln-iisoii. Nicliolson, He-niy. Standing: Coach Tate, liicliartlsoii, Lunsford, Tinker, Smith, Gillum, Kendall. . '74 . '37 I '.-i f 'S' Maurine McAnulty President Janet Higgins , Y Vice l'r0siflr'nI Martha Douglas Svcrvlnry Janet Hilton Trvasurvr , 1 ,. :Q . 7.1 4 Q - . J.g'e'-efff Eff: if-Q3-f"?"b5 1? i fe'f,, sr' leaf El , -5 Q fe, fa-1 vg Q.4,E'?g,g"--Wig'-fggE'A51 1,N'gf,4e - fefy 5 'NVQ E- nl, me ' ' 'Tlb A ----. gfi "J ' , nf 1 5 ' h' 1 ..... ,.:,,. 12 1 " ff + 'Effie 1 Q7 Llijg M " ' " 3 . . :J 'f 9 1 'v ,I .A , ' V' VA :'v:iE..N i I 4. . 1.2 hu I - 4 ' -iw ikl. ' ' ' . ggi:-,f?:Z'5' . K ' - 'f:Vw:2:f:f" .li J' In Q , f-14+ '- ,V ',. W ' . -A , ., gm ed P5 7,53 P ac. A, , - 4' rt: Un 1' "1 w 'SQ kg 5 J My - 1 n . , . , - I MQ 9- :Ii 4,1-' , tale game accletq 'Q 41 Pat Hill President Cuy Fiscus , W , , Svcremry Martha Puckett Tft'!l.VIll'!'f Karlflene Marshall 7 Vice 1,l't'S1-110111 1' ki ' R .,,..w'f,k Ee Y p i we v f WMA!! J -. ...ww 'Q ww 5 qw A a X - W . Fife f?2g.mi F ,pb I ,.., 1 'XQLQL nl 1-fnaefzdca Xia ii Mary Emcle President Mary Ida Camplacll , Cynthia Canfield Janet Hilton ,,,77, Nan Francis Vice Trfaszlrrr Svcrrflary Hislorirm l'res1'r1enl The Kezer Chapter of FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA BANQUET SCENES At the head table are Mr and Mrs Joe Tim ken Mr and Mrs Kescr Mary Emde PTCSI dent Mrs Edna Bryan Nan Franci:-t Rulry Eager Martha l'ut'kt'tt Mary ltla Campbell Carolyn Whitney llernicec Stocker Carman llt'l'lllt'l' Audry Nat-tt-r Judy Long Madonna Espana Matilda lfsparza Jo Robertson Martha Douglas Sponsor Dr Morris Wa lace Serving IS Donna Casey Sur- Tintlu-n First row: Martha Douglas, Sue Collins, Anna Lou Anderson, La Nese Pierson, Esther Burkhart, Vonda Riva-rt, Ann Tonkinson, Joy Garner, Lois Larabee. St-cond row: Connie Tinker. Shirley Humphrey, Donna Paris, Janet Remy, Judith Long, Janet Hilton, Louise Manning, Janet Higgins, and Carol Noske. Third row: Ann Loy Engel, Sonja Ward, ,Io Betsy Robertson, Patty Brown, Winona Johnson, Carolyn Burch, lris Canfield, Ramona Ware, Joy Hackleman, La Donna Todd, Barbara Nelson, Esta Lee- Barnes, Claudette Le-achman, Marlene Friedemann, Vena Seago. Fourth row: Cynthia Canfield, Pat Lester, Jacque Holland, Ruth Campbell, Joanna Wallace, Judy Douglas, Marilyn Benson, Marilyn Norris, Pat Graham, Martha Puckett. Fifth row: Mary lda Campbell, Matilda Espana, Harriet McGaugh, Martha Kay Smith, Janis McWhorter, Deanna Thomas, Jean Hawkins, Nan Francis. Sixth row: Sue Timken, Nancy Ingham, Lou Ann Greene, Beverly Overholt, Kathleen Shelton, Peggy Lester, Carolyn Norris, Jone McColgin, Anita Arrington, Laurel Burley, Judy Hillier, Ruby Eager, and Mrs. Bryan. Ruby Eager Presidenl Pat Graham ,,,,. ,, 7 Annawyn DeBenning Vena Seago ,,,, ,,,,, Emily Lowe Jacque Holland Cynthia Canfield ., A. Nl! First row: Rhoda Clovvr. .lo Rohr-rtson, Ann Loy Engvl. Conniv Tinker. Suv Collins. Martha Douglas. .lov Harm-r. Maurinv MvAuulty, Vontla Bivvrt. Ann Tonkinson, Fsthe-r Durkhzirt. Carol Noskr. :tml Karlrle-no Marshall. S1-voinl row: lfnrnu-u Dvrnivr. Pat lmstor. Jacque' Hollansl. Cynthia Canfiolil. ,lnflith Long. ,lanvt Hilton. Nun l7rznn'is. Martha li,llt'lit'lf, Darhara Nvlson. janv! Higgins. anml .lan Caltlwt-ll, Thirtl row: Niilliv fllillvr. Chvrry Cohor, Winona Johnson. Harrivt Mcflatigli. Carolyn llurvli. La Ne-sv Pivrson. Ramona Wzirf-. Donna Paris. Joy Hacklr-man. Shirley Humphrvy. lnuisv Xian- ning, Marilyn Norris. Marl:-nv l"ri4-tlvniaiiii anal Clauzlc-ttw I.:-aclnnaii. lfourlh row: .Nnnawyn DeBenning. Elga Stakle. Sue Jones. Charlotte Six. Ruth Caniplwll. Joanna Wallavv. .loycv Crtrinirliacl. Judy Douglas. ,lean Hawkins. Marilyn llvnson. Charlflnf- Stitvs, Vvna St-ago. Kay Norton. ,lutly Jarvis, Mary Lou Whitt-. l"il'th row: hllss lhll'Llt'lll1lll, ,loan llluin, l.ou Ann llTQ't'llt'. Suv Tiinkvn, Sonya Warcl. Katlih-en Sh:-llon. janiu- lh'lL'Yilllt'!'lt'I'. Martha Kay Smith, Alice Rc-clhurn. Lois Laralwv. Dorothy Cagt-, Sixth row: Pat Graham. Ruhy Eager. Nancy Ingham. Margarvt Bullock. Marjorie- Frank. .larol Ile-ltz. Bt-wrly Ov:-rliolt, Carolyn Norris, Peggy Lvstvr. Ant-ta Arrington. Harriz-I Kofalk. .lutly Hillicr, Ruhy Cavin. lane- McC0lgin, Millicont Derr, Carolyn Whitney, and janet He-niphill octane Ae '54 Amman .gl Nl Nfq, 'L Qlllifl gg 9 as qi . W Au, 2 Q ia '. " sb Al X14 '04 Ugg gif' ' ,il 1 ,N Annita Ham Prvsirlenl ,lean Fell . Y I,l'll'll.lIIllPVIfHV1i0lI Ruth Senkoff ,, ,. ., , . , 7 , Reporter Shirley Frazier , Hislorian Lillian Powers ,,7,7, Recrealion Clmfrnmn Dianne Allen , ,, Song Lcnrfvr Kathryn Payne , Corresponding Secretary Alenc Fricclc-mann Achievement Sefrrelary Marlene Frieclemann , TI'f'llSlll'l'l' Rada Houston . , .. . , Vice l'rc'si110nI Geraldine Miller ., Sevrelary if if Lillian Powers Alena Fricdemann Senior Senior Marlene Fricdemann Junior x 'E Anita Ham Gwen Defiruchy Rada Houston funior junior junior FHA MEMBERS First row: Janice Field, Carolyn Ozbun, Kathryn Payne. Alene Friedemann. Joyce Field, Lillian Powers. Gwen De-Cruchy. Shirley Frazier, Annita Ham, Jean Fell, and Phyllis Wiley. Second row: Katherine Frieda-mann. Shirley Flesner. Pat Shannon. Charletta Ramsey. Lavonf- Swisher. Marjorie Fowler. Ruth Whitson, Norma Jean White. Jean Hawkins. Mildred Nugent. Helen Anglin. and Loretta Cannady. Third row: Betty Irasater. Theo Bielrerdorf. Dianne Allen, Rada Houston. Marlene Fried:-mann Ile-raltlinc Nliller. Margaret Bullock. Joyce Carmichel. Delores Williams, and Janct Berry. Fourth row. Miss Browne, Sponsorg Rosemary Carleton, Ramona Fox. Doris I,ea Fowler, Brenda Adams. Betty Burris, Betty Patton, Mable Tarpey. Genevieve Weatherly, Edna Sharpton. and Rachel Smith. Fifth row: Sara Miller. Carolyn Day, Kay Miller, Elene Bieberdorf, Betty Hall. Lottie Edmonson. and Mrs. Brock. Sponsor. FHA ACTIVITIES Futurc Homcmakers was founded on the idea that tnore is achieved through group co-optration than through individual competition. The activities include many projects and recreational activities. The special projects this year were Christmas lraskets sont to needy families. coffee and donut sales at the foothall games. and selling candy aftcr lunch each day. The main activity that we had this year was a series of square dancing lessons with the FFA Boys. ded . , if QSM A-' Annawyn DeBenn1ng President ii -' ZmAQf5,f"i ' X 'Q Pat Graham Jarol Beltz Secretary-Treasurer Historian First row: Pat Graham, Jim Tourtellotte, Annawyn DeBenning. Second row: Jimmy Webster, Martha Douglas, Karldene Marshall, Carolyn Whitney, Nan Francis, Joyce Aldrich, Jarol Beltz. Third row: Donald Low, Bob Jones, Bob Garrett, Louie Geiser, Earl Lunsford. cha Madonna Esparza State Treasurer of Distributive Education ,mv-q7arw1yqq mu 2.5. Pat Cilniore President "-g in , 5 5 view' Madonna Esparza Vice President' Donna Casey, Secretary' Edwena Moore Treasurerg Kay Don Robbins State Delegate 2 AHMRBQQMMHQHQ MCQH -1 First row: Shirley Taylor, Ruth Senkoff, Ruth Swisher, Ruby Swisher, Donna Casey, Wanda Kite, Edwena Moore, Ethel Canning. Second row: Dave Bearry, Don Ray Robbins, Madonna Esparza, Jane Chambers, Marian Jardot, Virginia Wise, Barbara Sharpton, Shirley Bilyeu. Third row: Bennie Trout, Homer Dillman, Juanilla Hatcher, Lorna Wimpy, Sally Hazelton, Marjorie McKenzie, Joe Ann Otis, Doris Ann Yeats. Fourth row: Furley Cook, Don Hart, Terry Hurst, Raymond Swart, Don Wise, Max Reddout. I' 1 1 '7 maalchacz! 0 ganna Matilda Esparza President Frema Harris ..,.., Meredith Clifton Ron Sanders ...,.. Frema Harris .7., .,,,,Vice President ,,,,Historian ,,,...,,,,,,,,,,iParIiam entarian ,,,i,,,,,n,Firsl Vice President Mona Drumright ........., , ...,,, . Treasurer Ethel Canning ..,........,.i...,.i..,,,..,,,.,.. Seereta ry Dorothy Lawson Second Vice President First row: Marion Jardot, Eiga Stakle, Richard Suttor, Annawyn DeBenning, Harriet Kofalk. Second row: Dorothy Lawson, Mona Drumright, Frema Harris, Joe Ann Otis, Wanda Kite. Edwena Moore, .luanilla Hatcher. Third row: Madonna Esparza, Sally Hazelton, Pat Graber, Miss Ingram, Matilda Esparza, Miss MCWQ-thy, Anne Chrystal. Fourth row: Kay Don Robbins, Mary Ida Campbell. -tif . ff . Nil' SP5 4-w if Y . X J N, , .,, X.ffV 5 S 65' ,gg me i Wbfsl Q s 5 9 2 f Q g Q Q 4 Il 1 4' Q X -1 1 if Y I 5 T ,C 4 M' 4' g ,Q 9, 5 YQ 655 ' x .3 rw . 2 I fans, .. .X u ' I- 7.7.4, Other members are: Caskey, Woods, Williams, Chacr. L. Ham Hesser, Lake, Hinricbs. C. Osborn. J. Kinyon, Rains. Cook Human, Mathes, Heislrr, Franklin, Moore, Thackf-r, Kinyon E. Robinson, C. Robinson, Tomlinson, Flores, Akins, Hill Blankinsbip, Powers, Smith, Field, Watkins, Scott, Madison Payne, Blair, Nichols, Emmons. C. Fowlr-r. C. Longan, L. Fowler, E. Osborn, Pike, Haskett, J. Longan. Mr. Labor, Advisor. m Neil Ham l'rvs1'11enI James Miller Vive Presirlelit Waririie lfados Svvrvlary Myron llcnny Trvasrlrvr ,lamcs Osborn Rfporivr A scene from the 1951 queon Coronation. Ellis Allinsr mri. Alone Fricde- mann. James Osborn, Geraldine Miller, Norma Collyar, and Jerry Ward. 1 i k cu, a . r E A il I BRANDED BEEF K. xi 4' A s Lt , U. -' ,n 'o 55 S I IJ 1 an . a nu. 4 ff 1' ' v wi"'4'3A". Q iii, 1 A 11311: I x 'gf Q .Lf ..A 'v 2 M .qty We X X fFv"'fTJ in L1 X 4' ff'Z'1'3'l 51 '- Wwwee A a " Marilyn Arnold Prrsiflent Alice Rerlburn, Historian: Dottie Adams, Secretary: Marjorie Frank, Vice Presirlentg Gayle jagou, Treasurer not pictured. 4 . in I First row: Alice Redhurn, Marilyn Arnold, Marjorie Frank, Dottie Adams, Gayle Jagou. and Erma Lee- Gross. Second row: Miss Huffine, Sponsorg Kay Norton, ,Io June Keef, Pat Bolton, Peggy Lumlrick Cf-ralflinv Gaylord, Shirley Flesner, Ruby Cavin, and Audrey Naeter. ""-1'-' Qe pavhfqerxfg P f' fhgx 'X 1 HOME ECONOMICS II Standing: Pat Bolton, Virginia Smith. Dorothy Gage, Carolyn Burch, Alice Redhurn, Juanita Goodherry, Josephine Shafers, Kate Graves. Seated: Joy Collins, Rada Houston, Joyce Fields, Mary ,Io Bandelier, Mrs. Brock, Jarol Beltz, Nancy Lunsford, Lavt-da Stiles, Carol Wilson, Shirley Garcia, Ramona Fox, Shirley Hanks, Shirley Ann Peterka. HOME ECONOMICS III First row: Mona Russel, Barbara Sharpton, Willa Brewton, Genevieve Wetherly, Virginia Wise. Darla Sue Edge. Donna Casey, Dianne Allen, Betty Patton, Sherry Thompson, Helen Anglin. Second row: Evelyn Clapp, Peggy Kirkland, lmogene Harding, Twlya Smith. Shirley Fisher. Shirley He-sson, Mable Tarpey, Jean Bennett, Betty Hall. Third row: Mrs. Brock, Marlene Friedemann, Mrs. Stuccer. . HOME ECONOMICS IV Jnnim- Gaines, Thvo llie-lwilorf, Lou Ann Grcvne, Anice Howerton, Virginia Wise, Kathryn Paynr-, Jon- Ann Otis, Marjorie- Goodwin, livrnicf- Higgins, Rachvl Smith, Lillian Powers, Mrs. llrouk, Ann Chrystal, Shirlt-y Fl:-snvr, Matilda Esparza, Barbara James, Ma-rvrlitli Clifton, Wanda Kitv, D4-loris Littlv. DEBATE Stamling: Mrs. Watts, Nvil Jones, Mrs. Linthicum, Jon Trumbla, and Mrs. Shore. St-utml: Huntvr Hancock, Don Woodyard, Allen Gray, Don Price, Boyd Chambers, Bob Jones Ruth Campbell, and Bill llernhart. ' .l lVlcc'hanic'al Drawing. l ""5' ' -ian- Wvlfling and Forging. Senior High woodworking class, constructing iahles for ll i g h School Commercial Department. Machine Wmmoclwcmrk. Building ce- dar and walnut Chests. 1 Junior High lianclwooclwork, mak- ing cnfl tables. r, , IF ,A Handicraft boys take lessons in fly tying from Ralph Hamilton. - , . .R . -v ... . - . x U 5 'e Y. - , .W ig 7' ' ' .V - . ' R I0 ' ' t ' s Jug we 3,15 SL . . , is ,igsxl ,L -ff - N Q KN, N r- 3? , N' A 1-1. . 'v ' X . ,f " , ma gh., - . .r'6ff' 9,54 f'4.,w, - ak ' , ' X -,--m.,agXg2g -.i --.5 7 -9.15, i i Y L Q' - ,au .2 ' Y .2fp'Q:.x, L '2 f f 1ia.f.'1-fa X 5 g I Q 1 '.-1 S lf Q n 1 - -'Perla " ,, ' in . , 'lvl 'N-lil ,L 1, 1, L -.Q i .4 1, ., 5 i :V i ' f W- 1 1 '-1-q ,,, 1-QQ., E113-91 U g W , 'F' ,si ' 1 WW 'H gf A , A A 'Q . ,bfgfw 'f"?'5x'l 11. . G 'W 'Hs A 5 we f3 A v ' 9' , f":1,-ff-.e-.::::-', -,.z. X x. - , A . -I ,- .... 4 ztgrayhisxyl--?,3 1 . . """' ,,ss,XL.,.E 'f2rE?li4'1f f- ' 3- ,,,..,.. ' " 523: g:Lz.:+i' J i " ' 1 , "' I 345 wif -, fgf' A 1 if i 1 M, . , .-I . ,QI 1.1! f Q, ' , M my k, fgW,, fl , . r M 11,1 ' J fx .1.1:-s-fe, f iw- 5" , . ,Z'1j,i':L3,g55-iiifz.- ' - ii :ig,"51nQ,-rf:5jNS1.f+a.11.715 f.,.f,t - N-2+ V, K 's'f3"' ff' ifffQ,1.,,f.-s,,-is-Q i 1' G, H Marv' ' -44 ,im gf.. 9 '-e -ifysfra g ieigg ,155 if - ' - -. ,Y Mae . 1 Twin- 'P 4, 14 mr - ML-4 if ' fffrfiivlraff- axial?-ifiiffff P iz- -N94 QM is t- .. ,344-. .f, . ,,., -g-.2,,,- .,-- .. . w,1q,,, 'Eff' -' ' 3. 4: ff-it s -4,1754 -rg.. gg ,Q L f . f " .A 1- ' " -4 , .1 -fB'..',n vw .-1. I Y." ,' A 55' lf'.".- - 'N "- l ' " ., 'K -.4-,j'g,'1:q, .'L v?3-71?5?"g -, ' R-.417 ,'fj'-5355, gig: Handicraft boys practice casting at Skioch targets. The rifle range tests the skill of the Handicraft boys. 1. Y f"'Ti ,y I M-,,..,..,,,,,,, DRIVERS EDUCATION me e T S - First row: Mona Russell, Sherry Thomson, LucillelMajors, Evelyn Clapp, Shirley Dove. Carolyn Babcock. ln the ear: Mary Ann King, Carolyn Burch, Loretta Cannaday, Sally Emmons. Second row: Mr. Tilley. ,Mary Carpenter, Betty Patton, Barbara Nelson, Sylvia Hoover. Third row: lda llelllllartlett, Ann Chrystal. Pat Graber. Cypsey Sparks. Maeie Ann Farley. lllalwl Tarpey. Ethel Canning. luanilla Hatcher, Mr. Martin, William Sadler, Earl Rains. Fourth row: Tommy Schauer. ll:-rnie Dorman, Dale Childers, Ronald Garner, Bill Bernhardt, Richard Fox. Janis Kleinltols, Nt-al Pock. jerry York. lloliliy Sisney, l,ouis Scott. lP'!"'!"" W. k t Ill!! ix A X Mr. Tilley. lnstructor. receives the first place award for the Regional Drivers' Education Contest held at the short course center. Pictured are license examiner Charles R. Hughes: contestants Dewey Brett, Ruby Eager, Guy Boyles: Mr. Tilley. and Lieutenant O. B. Patterson of the Highway Patrol. SHORTHAND First row: Maryhelle Trent, Peggy Williamson, Edwena Moore, Mona Drumright, Edith Caldwell and Gracie Newkirk. Second row: Joyce Aldrich, Virginia Miller, Barbara Sallee, Phyllis Wiley, Lois Rothenberg Delores Cherry, and Martha Douglas. Third row: Elvena Caldwell, Cynthia Canfield, Ruby Eager, Alene Friedemann, Kathryn Payne and Carolyn Wells. Fourth row: Gayle Swim, ldabell Bartlett, Rosalee King, Vonceil Clancey, Karldene Marshall Clara Rozzell. Jean Worthington, Pansy White, and Mary Emde, Standing: Mr. Van Hook. BANK Standing: Mr. Poffenberger, Nan Francis, Jimmie Bullock, and Mary Emde. Seated: Marjorie Frank. ! 1 . AERONAUTICS First row: Pat Hill, Phil Gordon. Bob Kerns, Robert Frye, Frederick Venn. Sf-confl row: Louie Ceiser, Charles lngersol, Charles King, Roy Felton, G. O. Wilks, Instructor FILM PROJECTION Sitting: J. D. Flledge, Marlene Friedemann, Dennis Flynn, Hugh Griener. Standing: O. L. Acker. Sponsor: Russell Martin. FY a 11...- ffff' Xa v-' i. 'it ' 'Y L 1 inn.. qu? u 'H .m , 1. . , 1 7 .,:.:, ,, 1 -ff .,zf,5Q155,54 A-. 1 , ., ,if-' LQ. ' 4 I , Q Q . A X , X V N V x , .. Vw 3 . Q .el -' A '-1 -,Mi ' Kg,-4 . 'iff' . -, ' ,gg , -. I W -' 'L .Nagy , 3. ..v-ffl' -M .. 5. if ,L . , . . V. 1 V, :ef . 5 .1 . . -H ' V- -, .- Q in n uV'a1'.l' N ' fm? 9 1 N v. 1 i' . . f--,-- . ff 1 - w . ,Q 13,1 V. . '. AJ"-'V , ,, 5 . MA. J. 1, -an :, " .1 ' ' ,nz . , .V '12 . T32 - . .,-'I-r. 4.1 ..-K: :-QT .J Qin: A, X .3 . , as ,QQ '1.,QvwE. QQ., ' " If + 'z,,,'. ,4,,.,1-TJ., .. V: -f "rw:-Q-. 'ff' l .'H'.17",w I -I , 1 1. I ' '- ' 1 if 1 - 1... -. 2: - Nr: 131' -511.4 . : 9118: ,. , 1 1 '.-, "- : ' x . g F-up X git . , . . .,4,y,1.:M -..V-.,.., I, ru xv 5 E 5 L u-H Wk ' . Y , , A 1 'vu i l 1 A 3 ' - Q 1 lf,J', . J .. ' 3. ,mi- 'fi L,1l: i 1I f . f gf i gifggl l-'Ii if if ' fQifE,.,,9g,.,NQ,gH3i " N 'f- fr.-.gsv 'v -m If Mr? wif ,,fjQl, J Q N I iff! W' .ffm WW Q W MQW WW -F'-F.: 'Six 'H 4 K1 , QR fifq. xvg XSNW :CQ Q "' 1 .L , . 4 5, . . ., 4' , a . ' J , if Q 4 5 EAI 2 1 i hy. Jr? A 9 1 sf . M NM K 'li' l fiouiyr' :fu I -4 ,Y 1 A rl A' gi V' 1 f. ' 1' 1 ' ,Q ill " , 1' A ' L' 'wtf ' ' " 4 ,J A 'Qr J B A, y- ,pl 4 ., , ' 5' .- , ,Ip gp ,-3.3! ,I ' 7 " . 'IJ ,Li ' ini' 'gif gf W.. we , 'gal 'Q f Ui 4.9 'au Q vjyf fif'944'4 i1Q" ' ,of.' Q if if r .- Q l V ww W7 Q' 3? nj , - ' Q .. F- NVAQM 'twig

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