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 - Class of 1951

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I V J Va qu! SME 'S Gkvu--A. UVv.A--1 15ia3Q-ms.,-w ,v,nn 4 1 MM fp "'-NAWNA Q S. X r' it . 1 h . fr of 5 , lk I M E3 ,fl J 7 4 'f ' 2 4' 4 ' I. - -' Q A N", ' I V ' ' ,f rx Q" L ,L S45 "I -. if 1 , 'J W - - X, fx 1 . fy fur- 2 ff' ESA ,Q .J xg " 1, VV. - ' " . Y: N -if ?'T 4 A , Q R 'f r I, K! ,, Q4 . V Rfk!! I Xu .LN x .fi if ji ,- ,, - X A' i A g i, - 'ws' -1 5 A 4 1 , . . Q - ' , , ,Z A . X K x . . 44, , y W fi D , nf v Lf , V " 3 f- X l Q ' s V ' .I X ,f VA, f N , ii A Q' . L, xy Mm, J X M A ' x, 1 A " ' 7. , v "5 ' M ' W Mx ' A i 3 i F, A VV VA ,K , v . 6.5 : K x : 5 Q NZ, Q Q 1 .:. W4 ' ff' ' V' V x In iw -. . .,. vu - ' X 4 ' l 156' am V A Q 'KE f ' 8.3 . mmm? my irx WX s..-, Z' -4 X few f ,X , 1-3-- 4 ' . X, L .'v R' V-1 W1 V w,,w,,.,,- x- ", A -X 'L ,. -Y' , 'f' . ' " '. i M kgs , ff , .KK J It "ff, 'A xp , 'Tyr XM v- 'L ,' ' 3 'V' . 74 .I ,LA NJ . A N . K' 1' ' 'Q , QV f , A f X K , SOUTH HYGH W? KH IW X T x Yi lk x SYXOYS N .Kffx ,f' BAN D SHACK HOME ECONOMIC COTTAG G Fourifz Esf Presenf G PIGIIGGT 1951 T 11 ' Stiffwater Higlz School 1, ' wa r, fe Zz qtfff ie O fa oma KNOX HAMILTON The memory of Knox Hamilton, one of the most popular, :Js well as one of the outstand- ing students of the school, will always remain with us. VVith his passing, we have lost a friend, an athlete, a iournalist, and an artist. His wit :mtl humor lightened many hearts during his life: his death has left AWAY! Inmes Whitcomb Riley I cannot say, and I will not say That he is dead! He is just away! With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand, He has wandered into an unknown land. And left us dreaming how very fair It must bc, since he lingers there. And you, -O you, who the wildest yearn For the old-time step and the glad return,- Think of him faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Hereg Mild and gentle as hc divas brave,- When sweetest love of his life he gave To simple things: -where the violets grew Pure as the eyes they were likened to, The touches of his hands have strayed As reverently as his lips have prayed. Think of him still as the same, I sayg He is not dead-he is just away! many ,hearts saddened 3 wffmwji la Q 0 Olltbllt-Q AMIITIIIIISII' mon SL nor K llis mr C Soplmomorn K llss I rmhmln Cllss Honors Sports ,gif-BPA, Niusu c,I'g'Jlll73tlOHi Dqpirtrncnt Lfmwnwmfmzili wh M fflfvflb 4 1 ' ll Zlogyx , .. 1 -, I ' ' , I 5 x5 A A A . ll P1 gi ,A ' lil x C 3 S ' V I A 1 A 7 , V Q-1' XA: A I7 A . -1 , A If ' V' lun' flnss gg A ' b U A f - ill. 43 D ' A A 7 " 1 1 .'.' 55 JY I I 75 A V ll 1 N, vm A A A A A l 85 ' A . D N- A 5 A ' ' . ' IZS A ' 3 tx ' u . A ' A ' ' A , K fl .l Q1 ' 1 r' z 1 ,, - . I Q . 6 ' A ' ' 1 , I ll The Board Education EQ N 0 'Z' fv- l7 X O D D1 xux President PLOYDO 'llxxrn C I Doxu1T Vice Prrx dm! Clcfk 'fs 1 ---d L. Vnnwnm Crum Du Mmuov S SMxTH llrmlcr 'tlenzbrr GILBFRT Cmswn LL krgrmxr Irscrmu Trearurrf Urmbcr Nr ro N. A ,Q 4' - V' vi' W .1 5- ' 1 RQ." 1: I BDEAB H A PEOPL H E T3 'vi-4' 1""'7 R. R. Russau. Superintendent of Sfhools HAHN Puuuws Secretary nf' 'Y' 1-ff JOE E. TIMKEN Principal Gmovs Russru. SCC'ft'll17'y .fs 1 nga 4-Is.--. I-'B--'Q nw Q gui" Herbert Bridwell Rosalie Becker Marian Browne Commerce Spanish, Larxn, English Home Economics El Q. nw' -U izabcth Brock litlna Bryan llonie Economics English, Dean of Girls Suyingg "Don't do what I Sayingg "l?on't you scar" Sayingg "Be more specific." Sayingg "lt's the experience Saylngg "Read it more than dog do what I say." you get that counts." once." v WV J .4-fy ,.,-X s- mx X fs i . rw?" .sim lames Harris Edith Holley ,,,. N. S. Hopkins 0 0 0 Physical Education, Assist- Lilvrary Geometry: UCAN of Boys ant Coach Sayingg "Shh-hh." Saying: 'Wkliar do you Sayingg "What hoppen?" need junior: fsonJ" Bl .gin Q 'vs 're "' Ann lohnston Olcn Labor lack Linthicum Chemistry :mtl Physics Vocational Agriculture Speech. Psychology Sayingg "WelI. - - " Sayingg "Time to get to Sayingg "Sit in your seat, work," please." -Q 4-st W. NDP ...W Lila Mclilwatin Faye McWcthy Greer Norris Alpclfra, Mathematics World History Arr, Home Economics Sayingg "Don't look at my Saymgg "'I'hat's about Saying: 'lGirls." face, look at your hook." right." 5' , A 'Ml jf nj' , Florence Severson XVillartl Singleton Iournalism, English lmlustrxal Arts Sayingg "There it is Sayingg "Clean up time." Y- rdon Culver Glenn Epperlcy Gus Friedemann Robert Garner Ralph Hamilton ommcrce Vocal Music Ibutril-uuxc Educarioni Industrial Arts Athletic Director and Bas- Saying: "Is that right?" Snyingg "Oh, brolherl" S.tyiugg "Hy George"' Suyingg "Gel on the ketball "Gully," beam." Sayingg "Thats tunable." NS ,175 ws- 1:3-r I Gladys Huffinc Glatlys Ingram Wayne Iohnston English English Science, Wrestling, Baseball Sayings: "X'hfhuh-" S-lyilurz "Well, - - P" Snyingg "Gu on the ball." ,S-' uf Ethel Markwell Russell Martin Mudge Meacham Auieric.un History Biology Ifnglish Suyimgg "lf I remcmlicr Suyingg "All right --" Snviugg "HH" correctly - - " H - , ev- Ni Q V 'l .Q A 1: ' iii I Tilley Homer Weeks Harry Wheeler G. O. Wilks Ralph 'lluc Training, Maths- Mathematics Instrumental Music flklaihunta History, Civics, Oklnhonm llistory, Civics Suyingg "Lcz's erase and Saying: "Holy Slnckerallu Acrfmautics, Trunnt Officer Fmitfttll See." surt all mer." Staying: "I tlon't know." Sivingg "Quint please. This means you l " bt BETTY LE Co-editors of the 1951 Pioneer Associate Louuz CDEISER Eclltors M . E E RoN SANDERS RS S V RSON KARLDENE MARSHALL A D 55i,,m B gi HIGH if WW Za .tl N? - 'if E 2554? SQSHSYIQ Wi f a 9 Sfwiiafifd www KWH! :3Z- 'Q ivfiisw' 52:5 wi 'S iw 18 in--"' 43' SENIOR CLASS ROYALTY LADY NANCY PITTS Loan WAYNE ANmznsoN fujaifgr- f 'LTI' 1 wfquf W. ppnallnnuslna 311 """':n":n"::l-A 1 11 jj? ' s 11151 5111311 Klillli 111111 5511111 1111 111111 am:11sil :UIQ wg-5 1 if f - 'nv' I Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bos NILES, Vice-President Ioycn WILLIAMSON, Secretary RONALD HAM, Treasurer ANNOUNCEMENTS Chairman-Nancy Pitts, Gene Cowan, Donna lean Heusel CAPS AND GOWNS Chairman-Betty Ruth Taylor, Marilyn Petermann, Carol York BACCALAUREATE Chairmzin-Bob Niles, Mary Iane Shoekey 4- B . 1 S E N I O R C L A S S C O M M I T T E E S f Q f-L ,F A L I 'Ak 4, 1' - . ' 5 ,fa W to ,f 1, S4 COMMENCEMENT Chairman-Markeyta Hladky, Christine Lowry ' .4 1 PT x 'G Y il .W .-gf ,M A uw, 2 K M-x A11 S... DECORATIONS Chairman-Leon Linton, Iulia lean Earley CLASS NIGHT Chairman-Neil Goble, Thelma Wilson CLASS PICNIC Clmimzan-Marilyn Drumm, Reggie King 2I ,,,.f Thelma Wilmn Dirk Wnltcrs Ivy XVilson Wesley Woolworth Bcity Katherine Williams 7 Tom White Ioycc VVilliamson Carol York TUIHIIU' ll"lN1l4ll B. 6' P. W. Girls for 1951 Donna Heusel Berry Taylor Nancy Pitts Darlene Schmidt Auclry Elleclge Thelma Wilson Marilyn Pcrcrmann Norma Collyar Lucille Enix 1. 2,5 unior-Senior Prom Scenes Edgewood May, 1950 .Q-42.5 .. ,, H 1 r' T'-1 I' E I li' l , . : X Ui! 'LVM a sq ' ' li 1 , fi of .. 1 iv? 1 . i . Q A. N 1 Q 4 it' " Zi .1 If .11 0724 - 'gif ' fr 2 it ll X' ' L7 ' -rl? 'WN' 4 -...Nl,.4, in " x . A 'A - fd! ' K 1 . , V, l X ws J, is .7 ,O V A 1 ' 4 i -A 4 0 w h tw f in .1 -- ,- ii I .' ' 15 wg - : V 9-gist , , k A -. is . w x QYSE3 ' jg, .ug X ' ,Yi K -.5 , 1 2 - in ' 1 J ' 0 1 .. 1 J 1 1 'flfy ,E , 5 4 I5 ' 5 1 'r - f':f."st 42' ' ' 4. ' Q59 34, 'J N k 1 sa- I-'gi M 1 ,P do if J .af ' Ni " 5 A Q QT, .er 'A ' Q A f qi: . Q '5' . ff ' ' 'vs - , , 41 'vp ei.. '- -1 F., . -1 Nik l . itll -' " ' " ' TS? E 5 H . -:Qu " -3-N A ' 1 N ff ' 4, - I 'f .., .4 5 Q.. . R . -.,, s 34.3. 5 , . . . .. 4 ' K Q 2133 it . Ruth Dyer. 2. XVesley Woolworth. 3. Lucille Enix. 4. Knox Hamilton. 5. Donna Heuscl. 6. Ronnie Bennett. 7. Pat Ilorton. Pl. Marilyn Drumm. 9. Isaac Barnes. io. Audrey Ann Iillcdge. ll, Iuanita Belknap. 12. Thelma Wilson. 13. Ronnie Ham. 14. Doris Thurman, 15. Nora l.ce Blankinship. Ifl. Markeyta Hlarlky. 17. Faunetta Thompson. 18. Ann Stewart. 19. Earl Boyer. 20. Betty Taylor. 21. Sylvia Stakle. 22. Marilyn Hank. 25. Marilec Carpenter. 24. Dona White. 25. Naomi Self. 26. Ioyce Williamson. 27. Panthea and Bob Niles. 28. Molly Platt and Rilla Carlisle. 29. Barbara Kerns. 30. Lois Lewis. 31. Delores Stone. if.: X it y 4 . i WJ: 32. ,Lf u- , I 4 B. K , km. 'i gl 1 '84, V565 an QQ .Q ' N. H' GN 'mn " "" W , ' X . . J V ' f- 2 s 5' K ' s if , 43' M 'IQ-no at Carol York. 33. Klara Fricdcmann. 34. Iulia Ican Earlcy. 35. Christine Lowry. 36. Betty Lewis. 37. Pcrcclenc Atkins. 38. Shirley Crenshaw. 39. Kelly I-Ioffer. 40. Enclh Randolph. 41. Ioy Wilson. 43. Ianicc Half. 44. Nancy Pitts. 45. Barbara Bilycu. 46. Lawana Havins. 47. Darlene Schmidt. fl l , J lim.. Z, Banquet Scenes Edgewood May, 1950 wnswmc wow MAIZWXIT so s Yu 9 9 gl IUNIOR CLASS ROYALTY COUNTESS MARY EMDE COLNT IIM REMY 'i IUNIOR CLASS OFFIChRS I ARL I LYNSFORD Pnszdent SLE TIMKEN Sccfezary 'Vhm Im CAMPBILLL Vzce Preszdent MALRINE MCANLITY Tfcasurer RING Chairman-Mona Drumright Pat Hill, Frema Harris Nona Drumright, Ron Sanders MENU Clzaixman-Carolyn Diggs Martha Puckett, Marrha Douglas 63' PROM Chairrmm-Cynthia Canfield Annawyn DeBenning, jimmy Tourtcllottc IUNIOR PLAY Chairman-Louie Gciscr 210-ZC mmJrr'O mmm-I-4-ZZCO PROGRAM AND PLACE CARDS FOR PROM Clmirman-Nan Francis Ruby Eager, Peggy Willia Karldene Marshall, lay Hokc I l lw.K DECORATIONS Chairman-Iim Remy Bob Andrew, Dean Burch fi 1: ' ,- .x l '., SHOW TICKETS Chairman-Iinmmy Williams ,5 4 X, ""f 'xa PARKING C hairman-Tommy Nicholson L- Ellis Allinson Beverly Allen Bob Andrew Sue Autry Phil Arnold Ioyce Aldrich Richard Bruner Dean Burch Theo Bieberdorf Dewey Brett Eugene Barrett Bob Benjamin Bill Blair Beverly Burns Iuhn Butler Iimmie Bullock 'VW iw 1f"'f 5.2 -p-. A S. W ii. 2 1 L .,.: V' I 'lf -' "H If Y. X C ' David Bearry Guy Boyles Edith Caldwell Cynthia Canfield Ann Chrystal Neil Canning SI? all Mary Ida Campbell Stephen Church Robert Costner Barbara Caudill Ralph Charles George Cleveland Nan Francis Bob Fisher Donna Fash Ronald Fash Bob Fields Alene Fricdcmann Macie Ann Farley Shirley Flesner Bob Garrett Bob German Ioy Garner Louie Geiser xryi E A i W f R -A 1 - 1 if F X i 1'7" ' fr 14 ' Meredith Clifton Martha Douglas Nona Drumright Mona Drumright Carolyn Diggs Bob Dotter George Duckwall lla Grace Daugherty Annawyn DeBenning Bob Easton Mary Emde Matilda Esparza Benita Esparza George Elmore Ruby Eager Robert Flanders t , i --. .. A Q ,:,, 2 if .Z L' lx url. If i' , Shir Phil Gordon Ianice Gaines John Gillum Kay Georgia Ian Graves Lou Ann Greene Charlie Hollar Eldon Hardy Pat Hill Iames Haynes Frema Harris Logan Hargrove, Neil Ham Iuanilla Hatcher Tom Hohstadt lay Hoke ?"" Aa T? Darrel Haston Ronnie Hanes Loretta Hayden Donald Hart Anice Howerton Bill Hawkins Terry Hurst Wesley ludge Robert Kerns Charles King Georgia Kliescn Larry Kroutil vo YT? 'x x Edwena Moore Ieannine Mahoney Iames Miller Barbara Myrick Colene McCully Hardy C. Mcliaskle Virginia Miller Donna Miller Elton Nixon Tommy Nicholson Iohn Nance Virginia Nance Wanda Kerr Ronnie Ketch Travis Kendall Rosalic King Wanda Kite Earl Lunsford Donald Low Marc Low Yvonne Lawson Carl Little Dorothy Lawson Ruby Long Colin Longan Maurinc McAnulty Tom McCollum Karldcne Marshall limmy Nicholson Audrey Naeter Kenneth Nugent Iames Osborn Ioe Ann Otis Maston Powers Martha Puckett Kathryn Payne Lillian Powers Kay Don Robbins Dick Rucker Mary Ann Ross Smitty Richardson lim Remy Curtis Rogers Gale Robinson IYN ff' 1.N Hank Rogers Mary Kay Smith Raymond Swart Bob Schweikhard Clifford Smith Gayle Swim Tommy Schauer LaVeda Stites Bill Smith Iim Stewart Bernice Sumpter Bennie Schatz J . . ...f- ! I ,gi if K Peggy Williamson Mary Lou White Pansy White Carolyn Whitney Virginia Wise lcrry Ward Dorothy Watkins Phyllis Wiley Doris Ann Yeats Eldred Surber Jimmy Stephenson Elga Stakle Leland Standley Zane Stitcs Ron Sanders Marybelle Trent George Thomson Erwin Tinker lim Tourtcllottc Sue Timken Gene Titus Paul Turpey Thomas Underwood Deloris Ventris lim Williams A YZ? .ru -fax ."Nf , 'Y SOPHOMORE CLASS ROYALTY Durnhss ANN Im ENNEL DLKE GUY Flscus SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS CAROL Nosxls Treasurer BILL IONES, Presidcntg IOE MONK, Vice-Prc':idenz,' IANET HIGGINS, Secretary 1 . Carl Waite Mary Frances McKasklc .,,... Gayle Iagou mm.. fe HPV' '41 eng' is- . "A .E Q! .. Q . ... QB' '9 31 A K J-Zi, J 'R Xxx W E3 if if if 5C airs' 5 if , 1 . Q EW-:Y X in 'ji' Q W . ,,,, -:-1 -. . .. 1 . ! f if "-'-131: ... L 5 P ' K 259 1 ' NG .Q yi. .K V 5 ' 1 . K .,,., ' 1 .xg- . Q S' W Remember when- 2. Cheeccecse! 3. Ain't love grand? 4. Comfy? 5. That windblown look. 6. All-Star. 7. Hi, Bob! 8. W'ho's your beau, Nancy? 9. Who you smiling at? 'I0. Kinda crowded. 11. Woo! Woo! 12. Two cute sophs. 13. Our little seniors. 14. Hedy Lamarr II. 15. Don't drop the towel! 16. Beauty queen. 17. Nicely stacked. 18. Man of distinction. 19. What's the smile for, Rilla? J f . A 1 51 0 i I HIGH 'JP '31 iiiuunuuuvu 111111 illilllhff 1 WYQL Du U TNQ 'C27 Vi QB FRESHMAN CLASS RGYALTY PRINCESS CAROLYN BURCH PRINCE PHu.L1P KINYON is 5153125 Qi img' me wa hmm A .....-, .Q ,I H1 , 1 N ,, 'YM 35 K' M., Q . Lv- , 'a b , ,V NX 1 K 9:5212 A .- ' " ' a v , w ' 3 fs ., K9 4 M . . , 5-F 3 ' K, 1 ' i - . f ' 1 ,x , M1 S, . V' . V - Ka: . 'ji :NTT '- fi? ' bf.: A Q H 2 . .ov-3 4' 1:3 . 'f E 4 s Ah px? mi F RESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS IoN TRUMBLA, Presidentg Roafm Iomas, Vice-President Dono'rHY GAG, Secretary-Treasurer rv '5"" fi-5 Q- 14' asf' 1""' 1' .53 +4 Aww' els' Ekgy 1 N : N ' A sw 1 R V E of K 5 'E' Dotty Adams O, L. Ackcr Ruth Akins Finacc liurrcll Barbara Berry Iohn Brock Carolyn Burch Thomas lllankinship Pat Bolton Darrell Gene Boyer Mary Io Banclclicr Bill Bcrnhardt Iarol Hclrz Don lluchanznn Shirley Banks Keith Belknap Esta Barnes Buddy Bazzcll Patty Bennett Carolyn Babcock Ruth Campbell Don Caskcyu.. Loretta Cannaclay Elmer Carpenter Norma Conlcy Tommy Cleveland Ioy Collins Ronald Collyar Sherril Compton Pat Carr Opal Crenshaw Robert Cave: lean Caldwell Roy Carbcrry Ruby Cavin Donald Calvert Lewyn Curtis Daviey Cook Helen Demarcc Burris DeBenning Nancy Douglas Royce Dale Drew Shirley Ican Dove Cecil Davidson Paul Denny Bernie Dorman Carmen Dermer Gene DeMarsh Ray Daugherty Iames Elledge Sally Emmonn Charles Esslingcr Fred Emde Iohn Eager lanice Field Richard Fox Shirley Fry Iimniy Ferrell Shirley Frazier Dorislca Fowler loycc Field Larry Fash Loretta Fife Gordon Fry Opal Goodbary Ronald Garner Donald Garner Rhoda Glover Allen Gray Dorothy Gage is 51 C 'G' fr . ! :rw E 'Q - as ' 1 -- L 4 Q A i ina 4 3 ' 1-Q ,A ' Us f -f-4 ,IJ 2 ,ZW 4 fr? '1 " S W 1"' fi- 2 5 ,WW r,: , xr, ar Q, hx 5, . . '...., u - . 1. NU . 1 ff , r.. ' wx T . 3 - - N Y 1' A M In 5 ! X W Y 4. S- g. .L -j ,y W 2 X X, -Y 8. V 3 V Q , 5 r , . ' . , , X Q f ' L ' 'AAD ' a ' ' -1'-s.,!""'? ' X ' - E' I x Si. he ' t K x K , . X. X SQ f K 3 ,. 1 ': ' ' ' gi . - ' -3 A W 1, , - '- fa Q - pm, , Q r - v fl Mi . , Z. . ,-.,?viV -P fa: - PQ , "i "Lg in .-39" ' . N - .AQ , 5 H- 'CC K J Q 'fi Y? 3 f , - ., . '57 nf by p ,f r ':"' '-1-' .:,q, 4 ' -'21', w - . ft 9' X .- '- . A '5 'f' ' -F ,1 A . - A j Q f Mi - ' .x , x e . gfsyf V W L.-f me "Ke li 35 'Yr Zi Q ., I ,, 'Ly ,Q Q I 5 if W 1 Q AJS -- 5, f- l. " - T L . . b t 'Ps Vw' Q. ,, Y.7 ' ' u 1 ,.. y-, x. A , K 5 1 " F 1 4 I f ,, l x ' 75 1, x in ' A 4,, aiefirf lfi .rr " X fi L ,-. - 5, 1 Su., X. , A'- , Y -73. gl ,p, f ' 211' '? . a.- fi,- tf' Q--W lf. , V l"N"e 4 ' "C',' Erma Lee Gross Bob Graham Kate Graves Almon Huvenstrile Iackie Hagar Fred Hargett Max Heislcr Wanda Haak Gerald Human Rosemary Hauf Lola Hurst Carol Haston Don Howard Sylvia Hoover Mary Io Hnynie Bob Iones Winona Iohmon Marvnil Ioncs Loretta King Phil Kinyon Grace Kendrick Charles King Hob Ketch Charles Kelley Anne Kee lcrry Looper Nancy Lunsford Buddy Little Evelyn Lesh Iohn Leonard Bob Larrabec Iackie Lindsay Bobby Lee Elva Moody Sara Miller Ruthie Martin Bill Mahoney Shirley Morgan Sammy Madison Patzic Moss Mary Lucille Majors Bill Moore Connie McClain Louise McCully Bob McMurtry Charlotte McBride Celestia Hell Mcliricle I. C. McClain Elizabeth McCzislin Lois Niles Iimmy Nevins Ann O'Brien Charles O'Donnell Carolyn Ozbun Eddie Osborn David Oates Neal Puck Marvin Passcll Wayne Pruitt lay Payne Merle Palmer Iohn Powers Don Price Carl Phagan Mary Porter Claude Pcery Alice Rcdburn Edith Rusco Iohn Roberts Camilla Rankin ,. Xl ac I f 1, ,J fr .1 Y x I s , ff. 22' - 5'7"- .L 1- re. ' a t X 1 Www x . . sh xx . qp tiff' . 513, Z.: ' "' ,ft " I A L' 1 . e' A Q " ff W , , 3 ,. T' L-5 M Q fi, 3 HiQ1 ' f3 fswA E - . .- - Asjl ' Y S. 1 ?' , , , 1 ,-jfs' fs l il ., "X - ? Q . K 4- I J J X A f ,hgstgfsfl 1 , T ii if ,A E x i 1 ' 1 i QR-,, i 'wt V' M y 49 :ri .J QL, 3 ix, iq . 'fl uw s 5 Y 1 .,' Q . .Ag :.,. J I , 5 is rf 1 1 X , 4 f. -i K f ' It , X- ASW! ii Q 4 -.-. x Q WN S ,5 1 .K - iii'5-'ti-'Ag ,j . uw' 'V s , T ,ffl will , . ff: B ls!-V is .- .1 K .Q - 'bv 'F x J""'Nr"'7 Qfv S24 A Q Y- Y Everctte Robinson Loretta Rust Earl Rains Barbara Smith Edna Sharpton Ann Stone lim Sanders Viola Sloan Richard Sutton Virginia Sue Smith Iosephinc Schafcrs Lena Colleen Sadler Wesley Sharpton Virginia Smith William Sadler Icnncttc Schafers Marjorie Sanderson Suc Shcrrotl Tommy Thomason Ioc Tully Iimmy Thorne lon Trumlnla Robert Tinker Caroline Tromplcr Lloyd Tomlinson Donald Woodyard I cixi nna Wallace Allen Williams Iackie Wilson Harold Woods Ramona Warc Icssc Wegcr Iames Berry Wise Archie Wadsack Carol Wilson IX lun NMR 4, X H IH XXLIHH ig' I Hu' Mmm t 2 f lm ku' llfxxll ogmp 1- : 1: 'S. F' . ,fbi ', 'y La A V- ,-1 Q. v- 1. "Smile." 2. Muscle Man. 3. Glamour Girl. 4. Dress rehearsal. 5. Something new? 6. Worried or Thinking? 7. True Love. 8. The "'I'hing." 9. Iailbirds. Io. Small Fry. 11. Sophomore beauties. 12. Ir. Hi Football Queen and attendants. 13. Hum-m l I I 14. Scramble. 15. Betsy is taking a ride. 16. At 'em boys. 17. Happy? 18. The Burchcs. 19. Comfortable? 20. Act your age. al. Pi.n-up Girl. 22. Drunk? .gd r had 4.1 F' , f . Y ,-if 4' A x.. ... YI, -,J-""' N-.Qi f if I ' sl A . . I ' ,ya '-f'kf3'Q'4Xf ' A '11 uf 1 X -"'7,lv4 S -Q L- G N 3 5 'K 3.1.17 .W-.., 1 P GH ,4- JM CAROL Yonx Pioneer ucen WA W Sf ony CIC ahon C I1 IO Co Q2 .-S1 I-1 .E .: E va o :J va .EE D: Eb .E D -s c: N Px N .A -c .E -I Bcarcrs Iackic UP C and ng Flower ke Attendant Sue Tim Cowan g Iunior Royalty Mary Emde and Iim Remy. fx Carol York and Gene Cowan T e IQ7l P1oneer Queen and her escort Senxor Class Presxdent ROW f-:harm 1. J .s,, ,.,..,,,,n.,,, ,, . ,.,, jg 3' f , , f fa I A H , .. ,, if 'T ' h is 3 " X1 wx dh an s ss s ss s 'gif' f 4 ffkff V. - f Q' 'My f -, ,.,. Z I , I TY f '2s, s . '57 AE ,s,s,,., , Q a . s ,fn gf y as ram , N , o - aww' ,,,, ' 1 ' 4 ,yfwawafwmvww V W M.-,h V I H f V0-'Raw . A Qi- -.Je :EN All I i 5' 'd . ,W , ,W Y J - sf' Lady Nancy from the house of Pxtts es corted by Lord Wayne from the house of Anderson Duchess Ann Loy from the house of Engel, escorted by Prmce Guy from the house of Fxscus Pa rfy 0L.,. "N-. 'X s Countess 'Xlxrx imm mln house of Lmde nsmrted ln Count IIN from the house of Rum Prmeus C lrolxn trom the house oi Burgh Lawrted bx Pnme Phlllp from the house ot hun on 'L Scenes from the frohc , e , 3?-he I W, ' ,,..',U 0 ' '1 - 'Y , ' gf, ' , i- I ' , .J fy' - . 32 'j ' ,- Qf 3 . , Q V 'I 5 4 , ff N - A 1 2 E Q: V C, , ','.' . 1 4' n -' ' , Z 2 ' , ' A ' Y fe 1 , A ff X Q A N, xjyg 4 , if! J 1' 1: I I.. DHQRQI I 1 ' Q . . P ' ' K I X , 1 . -' 55" ,. ' . ' 9 l 5 5 5 V1 Iv? -1' 5.4- 68 .ix yt' 4 . b 2 ,f Q MARKEYTA HLADKY Football Queen Ji 'faux DONNA HEUSEL Band Queen GERALDINE MILLER Future Farmers 0 Amerzca uecn www-shi DoN HORTON Crosrman Award common sense, reliability, initiative, co-operation, leadership, physical fitness an religious attitude 7 Don was judged on the basis of citizenship, personality, industry, judgment , 'soar 'Nl'lXw,Q!k VS MOST HANDSOME AND BEAUTIFUL SENIORS Bob Niles f-'jj 'gtg Ioy Wilson MOST HANDSOME AND BEAUTIFUL IUNIORS Darrel Haston Elga Stakle 5 i, ' V I' W I5 1 0 S 'S K ' Y 'v 'Y Niki . Z '3?"'PWY"' 2 Q U 1, l h I Q .. ' v, , . as Q -I 4 IU if I Q 769. qy U 'W v Y , V J' 'O' 'K A IX It x 5 4 I QQ 5- 'Nl :ggi gftwsf - - W ' Qyzi' 1 .- -,I T Elf, Q. "MI,-" J: Q . ' 2 1 '7" .V , . .,, tif-2 , Y' , f , 'Qi Nl 3 1-tv Q x ff f 3 , 2 -X-.n 43 ,ff . .gf - .X,... L! 15' N' Mum Gms KING AND QUEEN B111 Dally and Betty Lewls ' 'ii . i . N x tl 3 A X, A' ' I I f V I ' , - 'L . 9 W ' 1 y' I W '4 1 b i X I Q 1 z K, J , MARDI GR Ianuary 18, 1951 Sponsored by the Iournalism Class 1. Group watching the Night Club. 2. Best costumes-Iarol Beltz and Bob Iones. 3. Was your wish worth that dubble- bubble, Barbara? 4. Awaiting the decision of "The girl you'd most like to be ship-wrecked with." 5. Candidates and the king and queen. 6. The Night Club entertainers. uf B Front row: Winsel Sloan, lim Stephenson, Lawrence Rist, Bob Sloan, Zane Stites, Reggie King, Bob Niles, Ronnie Bennett, Sam Burch. Second row: lim Remy, Ioe Monk, Gene Cowan, Erwin Tinker, Ramon Sutton, Tommy Mercer, Ierald Hilton, Bill Hawkins, Bill Iones, Bill Smith. Third row: Cliffmd Smith, Dean Williamson, Earl Lunsford, Fd Roberts, Bob Andrew, Sonny Keys, Ramon Owens, Carl Little, lim Holdridge, Tommy Nicholson, Travis Kendall. Fourth row: Line Coach lim Harris, Bob Flanders, Smith Richardson, Marvin Bays, Earl A Boyer, Ronnie Keteh, Iohn Gillum, lack Blair, Dean Burch, Wayne Willett, Doyle Mc- Elwain, Bob Easton, and Head Coach Ralph Tate. Senior High School Football unior High Football First row: Almon Havenscrite, Raymond Smith, Pat Carr, Buddy Bazzell, Gerald Human, Allen Gray, Ronald Garner, Gordon Fry, and Iohn Powers. Second row: Lloyd Tomlinson, Lynn Campbell, lim Kinyon, Elmer Carpenter, Gene Patton, Claude Pcery, Charles O'Donnell, Iames Wise, Max Burch, and Donald Garner. Third row: Bill Bellcw, Bob Graham, Donald Calvert, Phil Kinyon, Ronald Collyar, Charles Esslingcr, David Oates, Bernie Dorman, Bill Thompson, Elva Moody, Neal Pock, and Coach Wayne Iohnston. 1, 'L MQ u "1 fi n s. Y -'i f i Q Y 9 'W Q if 'Qs S x lg. - A Q 7 I J .g lu- J 43" FCCTBALL R C' C O TCI, Itafzrrri OPFUWM5 40 Garber I 3 32 Bristow' 18 I2 Ponca City' o A 34 Drumright' I3 I 26 Perry' 1 3 34 Chilocco' 6 6 Tulsa Central I2 39 Blackwell" I9 34 Guthrie' o 31 Cushing' o I3 Broken Arrow 6 6 Muskogee 39 han- COACH RALPH TATE 07 139 to head of the physical education program. History With former Aggie Ralph Tate at the helm, the Pioneers emerged as one of the strongest elevens in the state this year. The Pioneers went undefeated in con- ference play, socking Cushing 31-o for the District 8-A championship and advanc- ing to the state semi-finals before losing to Muskogee. I The only other loss was an upset to Tulsa Central. Besides racking up their best record in I2 years, the Tatemen placed two men on all-state, six on all-district, and three on honorable mention all-state. Iimmie Holdridge was named all-state on the Daily Oklahoman, Tulsa World, and Enid News, and Ronnie Bennett was placed on Tulsa's and Enid's groups. Lawrence Rist, Earl Lunsford, and Ed Roberts received honorable mention. Ben- nett, Holdridge, Rist, and Reggie King made the first team all-conference, while Bob Sloan and Bob Niles made second team. Only Muskogee and Capitol Hill were rated above the Pioneers at the end of the season, and Stillwater was never ranked lower than sixth in the state the whole season. The impressive ro-2 record set by the Pioneers was the best since 1937-38-39, when Stillwater won 25 in a row. . . . who took over football when Coach Ralph Hamilton was relieved of that duty and advanced C I 1 " 4 1 . X. ,1 1 49, 1 p, ' , 3. , 9 , v 1 'Xt' 11111 111111 1,1w111 '14lll1iL'1'. Cf1.111111- 111111. 111111 S111.11111', 111111 K11111111, x1.I11'i 111111111111 I J 1111111 11111, 'N1'.11 151111. I111'.11' N111111'.1111. 1.11111'c'1111- 14111. 111111 N111111111111, 111111 111.111, 1111 l,,1rr 1111111 111111 1111llC11 NY11111: 1111111111111. 11t'1l11lt' S111.1r1, c1l'H1LLL' 15,111111r:-, 111.1 5111111111 K1'n111'111 NLlQL'111. 1111111 1'1111'1'1'2. 1111111 111111111x1111 SC111UI' 111g11 XY7rcs'f1crs 1111101 111Q11 XY1rcs11Qrs 1l1N1 row: 11111 K11111111. Kf1.111111- 1'1'u1'1, KL'I'l1'lU11l 1711111-1, Max XV.11lcrN, 5.1111 171111, 1.11111 11.1111 1111111 r111v: 1:11111c XY1111L'11L'.lL1, 1,111 17.IXlN, 1.11111111' SI11l11l, 111111111 S11111111111, 1c111' fV1111c1, 1'1llgCI1L l11.11'1x 1111111 row: 151111 1.L11iL'. 1.11111 f1.1111111VL'11. 1111111 1'1111'c1x. N111 111111. 1.111111 '111111111111111, 171111 R111 11111. 11.11 C1111 5 U U 19 P P 1 D" , Q gg NES ., ,. .JW , n A l l F' 'R J f t A S I VX . " 'fd' QL Fint ruw: Huh ,-Xmlrcw, XV.ty1it- qlntlcrwri, linli Ggtrrutt, linli Niles. llill llughcs. Scgjqyngl mwg Rummy Owqnx. Rtmnic licnnczt, Reggie Ring, Sunny Keys. Inc Munk, Bob Fisher Thirtl rnw: Inn llulilrulgc, Ronnie ligtuh, Itvlin Gillum, llcnn llurch, Ctmch Ralph Hamilton Senior Higll Baslectlaall Baselball T W: lim Marlow, Iorllan llcislcr, John Mi-nk, Sonny Kcyx, Ronnie Kctch, Furl l.lll"Ihf0l'll op rn lluttnm row: Hobby Garrett. lim Remy, R, A. Hcnscr. 'lctltly lxcllcr, Bob Andrew, Ronnie Bennett, Wimcl Sloan l,,.f .,-f B121-TY WILLIAMS Drum M ajorette ff- PANSY WHITE Drum Majorelte Y? Clarinet: Kara Georgia Tom McCollom Vena Seago Kathleen Goodwin Willie Varnum Bob Lee Iohrl Mills Rosemary Hauf Allen Gray Almon Havenstrite Geraldine Wilson Kay Wallace Frances Mayfield Carol Davis Patricia Phagan Glenna Ventris Oboe Markeyta Hladky Nan Francis Drum Major Philip Hansen NORMA COLLYAR Preside nt 0 Q 0 Basxoon Margery Enix Norma Collyar Bar: Clarinet Macie Ann Farley Margaret Bullock Vonda Niles Alto Saxophone Fred Brock Annawyn DeBenning Carol Carmichael Tenor Saxophone Dewey Brett Baritone Saxophone Eldred Surber Bar: Saxophone Roseda Lakey Cornet Bill Waggener Iimmy Nicholson Philip Hansen Asst, Drum Major Iohn Butler B611 Donald Dean Davis Bill Hawkins Bob Williams Ierry Dunn lackie Wilson I. C. McClain Burris Dellenning Donald Duckwall Tromhone Bill McMurtry Leland Stundley Bob McMurtry Bill Thompson Furley Cook Eddie Yount Gary Mills French Horn Bob Easton Donald Garner Ioycc Aldrich Aleta Rae Sloan Band Queen Donna Heusel Donald Stafford Don Buchanan Baritone Elton Nixon Logan Hargrove Doris Schafers Iimmie Enix Souraphonc Iohn Butler George Duckwall Quentin Brakebill Phil Kinyon Ioe Tully Percussion Bill Blair Reggie King lean Hawkins Ruby Eager Carl Phagan Donna Hampton Tufirlerx Maurine McAnulty Darlene Schmidt Nan Francis Bll.l. BLAIR MAURINE Mc.-XNULTY ANNAVVYN DFBENNIWG Vice-President Senctary-Treasurer Prop Manager X I Ahh. f9-- 25 Q 1 x, t X , ,a-42 Z., 1, QP' 9 -f-6' .X 15+ Q .As ...J ff iv---4 -a...r'0' ,Qy fl Yi? lt'N..,vv E+ .16 23' 5,6 b..,..A "'x..4? 1X,,,e Wx-'G ,fx l Ni x T f v W DIUIH and Bugle Drum Majoretlc: Pansy White Tufirlcrsz Betty Thompson Betty Payne Betty Williams Barbara Kcrns Snare drummcrsz Wantla Sloan Carolyn Day Virginia Wise Betty Anderson Charlene Stites Barbara Saylors Delores Williams Linda Russel Tenor drummers: Sue Autry Sherril Compton Blur drrmzmerrz Ianicc MeWherrer Kathleen Shelton Cymbal: players: Donna Paris Peggy Lester Buglersz Lottie Edmunson Sue Sherrod Yvonne Lawson Kay Norton Patty Bennett Connie McClain Celestia Bell McBride Charlotte McBride Virginia Smith SUE AUTRY PATTY BENNETT BETTY THOMPSON BETTY WILLIAMS PANSY WHITE President Vice-Pncxidfnf Sccrelary Prop Manager Prop Manager N54 YY... Ag. Q... ELIIC1 ELIICG c'M0lay dance D hc' tt ga Stillwater Swingstcrf playin McMurtry Bil Wheeler, Bren, Mr CY Dew rgia Geo Brock, Kara First row: Fred nscn, BillfBlair I-in Waggoner, Philip Bil Second row: Leland Standlcy, Bob McMurtry, Iimmy Nicholson, estra IC 1-4 E' .. S 1 K1 c: A .E c: L1-I if 'G 3 .-1 u W r: U LC S A 3 ,-. Fifi! violin .CZ 2 L.. 'J 'C :J 'J 5. ,- H E E .-C 'J UT U C. U 'T'- FJ A .-. Q N. X. 5' 1 2 -I2 S ,.. .1 F 3 : 'E L, E 5 N Q C1 fx. la cs Q Q .E c Lil Q. .. U ZL 2 2 vm x. n.. Z F' fl Ps 2 n. 3 2 LJ x- 4 ..- ,. :E ., .S IE S3 Q. u .il 'L 2 .E is U LJ E' ..C. U .L F1 N ,-. L.. U A: , W - lf. :J 3'-I 'fl N SZ 4 L VT ll-I 4' z O 7 4 cr ff E -1 K2 E U- P' rr us U zz 4 2 by L. ... .. :J 5 -2: ,xxx 5- z 'J C Ll "": ES 72 2 5 -.. l. fl I. -L 1: CC .-.S CL. .. 1-SQ C Q. G QE 2: s-'1 --L, 1:-: .... EE! X1 ,-.... A k -za N Q. 9- N. u. VJ I Z "2 751 x. Ax N 32 ,I A -.. 2: n. EZ '1- S' T.. s. U T 3 N- .- r: -5 V .-. L.. I2 C1 t .. Z EI C ua f- 1- C L P-' Q :x E 5 U ra N .. 4 LL- G ': U 2'- 'Q - Q 5 2' Ax. -N. X. K, Q E si X. N x. C ,E .1 .1 .EI 11 -+- 2 .. U E EL CL if ' Q - C ii Lf E L4 E - S 'iz ':: 9 X. 1, 5-4 lean Hawkins 21l'lSlJl"l H ilip Ph McCollom Tom nslin QC M Ann Carl Phagan jimmy Nicholson Scago Venn Cl' rb Su .IC M Willie r. u Cl: N L1-I Q. lv Ru Horn I"1'c'm'h K. 2 il LL. E 2 5 E G' .-. O R Q EI C C ..- .n A '71 C2 Z' 'E z: 'ff La E U C -: I3 fl 2 u 2 .A S .1 os C C ra O -, 3 j. 34 u .-C .. U I Y F Barbara Lee Nelson IJ .E Q. E 2 'S' ""F u'i'L 15 0 cs" as . is jg gd' .. in 9 4 'Q' as Q ' . Y ,,'1""' "f ov ,,,ss'i""""" . I? fwP""',,f" , gf Q 9, Q . Q A , - QV' , QV' wr" gigs- ""' 94' 9 9 ' 6: fb- Q- -lv Q: in PWM W 37' 151' airy- WW fi N. '-1 we Q mmf fn, v-w-as ,SNA pe' ..,', 6 'I' 1 vul- Yi Tl ,Q N A C YI .6 E Sl E c 2 if ,Q .Q 5 E .-.E 3 3 v-4:35 .fx sun Q vii F: .H se E HE I3 Q O Q 2 E .-G 42 'C 5 5 5 O 2 bc :s F3 D. U U E U 3 5 N CJ an rn E O 0.5 Ex es ES E 54 27: E-Y-IA CE O13 Ea: 5 O O Egg. Q 535 42 Zi LL! 5 E 3 C I1 'Z F: A 4: rv J :- ru .-CI .M x. Z1 E2 1-. LJ -CI ..: fi ll-4 E E ivert, Bar- B Vonda VVh itch earl :lu urn, Czirwl Noske, H zi Iohnson, lean Fell, Anim OH Win I'0W SI Fir 'ci C L5 'E HI U 3 U' LJ 3. rf K1 ,- C .9 .24 LJ T1 111 be C - 32.45 gill? Q3 mr: Ulf. ET.: FP U -Em gg - :ci ee E2 :E Z:-4 Hu: Ea-I -'Q ,rg Emi Qs: 'Ct gn om Qi EC QC iz O mi 54.-1 Nl: C"c-1 Q22 ls E.. mi Q.. 3-1:1 -Q: C YJ U Ui aro Huston, C ris, han, Sherry FI'hmnsun, Shirley Pa Mee ily Lowe, Patsy Em cu -E Z' cu 2 6 r-4 I1 is Di vu .2 QC ff .E 3 E .J O C vs -N E 3 G L. 45 E .E 2 ac Q1 1: .. S rf CI N E -3 ,2 E U C U T E 2 C 'U L.. '.-. F 'wh Joe Ann Otis Loretta King. Vena Scago, Hoffman, Shirley McCammon, Charlotte Six, Barnes Anne Kee, Carolyn raham, Esta raves, Patty G c-G nclelier, Kat Ba 0 w: Mary Porter, Mary I ourth ro F VCI'. 00 H Ruby Cavin, Sylvia IZ Bel rol Ia Burch, fs P Ei 1 3 5 n L.. lf HP , V 'Q lx -1 5 SN 9 G Z 4 LZ-1 32.52 :S xi I-1-l 5 -1 7 7 'T L2-I 5: : FS 5m '12 Zw O fN P' r-LI v-I M 4 ,.,.. HE 7272 fi :a 'ff 5 ,Q Q-Q .-E U :J 2 U ls' ir OLII luircl T ris. Har .. E4 .. E :J r.. ,- .- E Z cf E E ,2 - U ': LL H ru '- -- E 'E U U 2 U r: .2 c U Q E .. .2 E U1 U 'E n. J .J LJ -54 'J 3 C-4 F1 -C. M r. E :R 3 CC 3 .C L1 5 IZ v? .E i 'C U ,E E U L.. U C- 3 C u- 'IJ .': -C l-' Moore. WCH3 Ed Horton, Barbara Nelson. hitncy W rlcy, Carolyn Ea Francis, Iulia nmpbcll, Nan C Carlisle, Ruthie row: Rilla Fourth ACCOMPANISTS Markcyta Hlitclky, Ann Stewart, Tom McCollum, Bcrniece Steckcr. GIRLS' TRIO Naomi Lamb, Carolyn Whitney, lla Grace Daugherty. GIRLS' QUARTET Katherine Rogers, Bernicce Stacker, Ian Caldwell, Linda Whitehead, Naomi Lamb, accompanist. BOYS' QUARTET Rob Niles, Iimmy Pearson, Dean William son, Iohn Butler. REGGIE KING President 0 Student Council YD 3-I CD 1--Q GJ Q-1 '1-4 O G 5 O U -4-J G CD 'U I3 -I-2 U1 Seated: Markeyta Hladky, Betty Taylor, Reggie King, Miss Markwell, nona Iohnson, Mary Ida Campbell, and Marilyn Drumm. Donna I-Ieusel, Neil Goble, Sue Timken. Second row: Smith Richardson, Bob Andrew, Lynn Roberts, Bob First row: Reinhard Klein, Bob Iones, Norma Collyar, Lucille Enix, Sloan, Bill Smith, Ierold Hilton, Ron Sanders, Bob Iones, Ronald Pat Horton, Carolyn Whitney, Iackie Hagar, Barbara Berry, Wi- Ham, Philip Hansen, Gene Cowan, Ann Loy Engel. wo 152 QW56 . CAROL YORK NANCY Pl'l'I'S l'llll.lP HANSEN DONNA HEUSEL BETTY TAYLOR NEIL GOBLE GENE COWAN These students were chosen by the Student Council as the most outstanding members of thc senior class. They were selected because of their scholmtic standing, participation in school activities, and cooperation with students and teachers. IUNIORS WHO RECEIVED HONORABLE MENTION Mary Ida Campbell, Mona Drumright, Mautine McAnully, Sue Timken, Annawyn Dc- Bcnning, Earl Lunsford, Bill Smith. Scenes fr eil Installat ,., I, b 4123 t t .smugmug iw Stuclent Council Banquet and Initiation Retiring President George Kennedy presents the gavel to newly elected President Reg- gie King. fa Retiring officers install new om Student Coun- ion Banquet. ly elected officers A D Kids' Day -IW' Al' ' Y' M, .l X iq, F ui ' S fffl g 'FQ 39 .. LM BETTY TAYLOR IO President of Future Teachers of America 1, , ,, .1 .N X , N , .3 I' N , - -4 N91 :Www . 1' ' ' ff X .'N-x fig, 1 35"- S ' --Q wr V- n-: , 1 'iw was Q, x-, J , 0 iff' P uv" . N! . al 'Nui gf , mc K - Q x 39135, :Wm wg. m..k,.,,,m vi was aww, y W ifes ,Q Q wand ,,m9l"'K U... wf' Scene lrom ld. T. A. Banquet Seated at the heatl table at the banquet are Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Douglas, representing P. T. A.g Mr. Russell and Mr. Hopkins, special guestsg antl the S. H. S. boys' quartet--Bob Niles, Dean Williamson, Iohn Butler, and Iim Pearsong Markeyta Hlatlky and Mary Ida Camp- bell, principal speakcrsg Betty Taylor, prcsitlentg Mrs. Bryan, sponsor: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kezer, for whom the Stillwater chapter was named. Betty Taylor Carolyn Diggs Nancy Pitts Ioy Hackleman Pat Lester Betty Lewis Lois Larrabee Claudette Leachman Cynthia Canfield Iris Canfield Barbara Nelson Iudith Long Marilyn Arnold Vena Seago Esther Burkhart Marilyn I-Iaak Christine Lowry Audrey Naeter Patsy Meehan F. Members Kathryn .Rogers Ann Tonkinson Patty Graham Ianet Hilton Vonda Bivert Marilyn Norris Ianice Helf Iulia Early Ioanna Wallace Carolyn Burch Esta Lee Barnes Karldene Marshall Charlotte Six Ianet Higgins Panthea Niles Sue Iones Ramona Ware Ann Stewart Ruth Campbell Nan Francis Colene McCully Ruby Eager Martha Puckett Io Betsy Robertson Marelene Friedemann Thelma Wilson Martha Douglas Ann Loy Engel Shirley Paris Betty C. Thompson Louise Manning Mary Lou White Ioy Garner Carol York Louise Carpenter Ellen Hughes Ioy Wilson Mary Ida Campbell 105 PHILIP Hxxsl x Pumdcnl Natzonal Honor Soucty fl! 7-nv' it DON HORT ON R KROI XURR Duc' Prcndent Secretrry Tzmfnrrf alzional Honor SOCIETY IOYCE WILLIAMSON DONNA HEUSEL CHRISTINE LOWRY . . NE BL wastav IL GO E wootwoimi IIMMY ARMBRUSTER MARKEYTA HLADKY BETTY TAYLOR DA RLENE NANCY PITTS SCHMIDT The Stillwater Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools is an organization to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the develop- ment of character in the pupils of Stillwater High School. These fifteen senior members were admitted on the basis of the four points. In determining new members, the grades of all seniors in the upper twenty- five percent level are averaged. These are voted on by all members of the faculty. Not more than fifteen per cent of the entire enrollment may belong to the society. The final decision then rests with the faculty committee which is composed of Mrs. Severson, Mrs. Iohnston, Mrs. Holley, Miss McWethy, Mrs. Bryan, and the sponsor, Mr. Weeks. There are many advantages of belonging to this organization. Some of these are: The members are entitled to wear the emblem adopted by the National Society, to have a gold seal on his diploma, and to wear the ribbon on his gown at graduation ceremonies. MARILYN PETERMANN LUCI LLE ENIX National anci State Honor Societies Installation and Banquet Members and parents enjoy- ing the banquet. 'Q , Q, 4 vvf ' Scenes from the State Honoi banquet. IO8 l .washer-k.Lf 'ai.xW53'5 National Honor initiation at South High, May, 1950. , . Mr. Homer VVeeks, sponsor, with the outgoing officers, Doris Humphrey and Ioye McDole, and newly elected officers Philip Hansen and Don Horton. .1-"1-' Iovcxs WlI.LIAKB1SfJN Pl't'.fI'df'l1l of State' Honor Sofivty I0 KD H CD 1-Q CD M -a-v CD -v-4 O O S OHO1' State S Q if Ri m s 'E C 41 .5 P K1 Q U 3 CD V: D U .2 I-L Ds Z! U Z. me C L-LJ P. c ..J C C 41 bb .E 'U r: N ... U7 U U Px O :Q ham, secretaryg F21 G Pat Smith, vice-prcsidentg t table: Bill On Fr lcr, Berniecc Stccker, Norma lean VVhite, rz, Geraldine M othy Woe Huffine, Miss rcrg IFCEISU l, e Marshal Cn arld K CDI son, prcsid liam Wil N 1: o 2 i: O V, E .E 3. on on U Q.. 'TG .D C1 E eu U rv 'U -4 5. I- es E :A U D. :- cu I- E .Q Ma sponsor. r: r: 'C if u J: 3 eu :II .2 E U5 J Q :E s. I- N I N E E Ll- :Z L. O P-4 'TS I- N U -CI E9 E 2 D .2 by ni O vi' u E rl U :I U1 U cu C.. U? C 'E U U D Ch 5 u -2 u 5 D- eu -C ..i sa E J i. ra 3 u H Ill G3 C: O s-l -C .'.Z.' 'U :I v-. If va E -C H, va u -I U 2.1 u 'U 5 .Ll U I: 2 va U n-l 54 rs Q1 uf E Q1 5s u G' as Z Eb c: -:z .+.: CD . 2 -24 YJ cv III :ws O -- C1 s 2 : CV -C C5 's CZ 6 E 3- E I-Ll -: 3 'S I-D Iohn gouy Ia han, Mcc Burkhart, Patsy CI' Esth Hilton, HCI Nelson, Ia Barbara man, Lois Larrabee, Vonda Bivcrt, lack Geller. arilyn Norns. 2 MARKEYTA HLADKY NANCY PITTS Co-President C0-President Y-Teen First row: Louise Manning, Ian Caldwell, Marilyn Arnold, Katherine Rogers, Sue Collins, Betsy Robertson, Mary Lou White. Second row: Shirley Paris, Iacque Holland, Thelma Wilson, Ioy Garner, Esther Burkhart, Ioy Hackleman, Ann Loy Engel, Karldene Marshall, Ann Tonkinson, Maurine McAnulty, secretary. Third row: Sue Timken, Emily Lowe, Iulia Earley, Nancy Pitts, Betty Lewis, Cynthia Can- field, Nan Francis, Ruby Eager, treasurer, Annawyn DeBenning, Ianet Higgins, Patty Graham. Fourth row: Claudette Leachman, Marilyn Reeves, Ianct Hilton, Vonda Bivert, Markeyta Hladky, Mary Emde, Barbara Nelson, Carolyn Burch, Sally Emmons, Panthea Niles, Elizabeth McCaslin, Carmen Dermer, Marybclle Trent. Fifth row: lean Fell, Wanda Haak, Rhoda Glover, Dorothy Gage, Iudith Kay Long, Lois Larra- bee, Marlene Friedemann, Eileen Dye, Naomi Lamb, Patsy Meehan, Pat Lester, Rada Hous- ton, Aleta Rae Sloan, Mary Kay Smith. Sixth row: Helen Demarec, Iris Canfield, Mary Io Banclelier, Winona Iohnson, Anne Kee, Ioyce Aldrich, Ethel Canning, Alice Redburn, Nancy Lunsford, Ann O'Brien, Nancy Douglas, Virginia Sue Smith, Charlotte Six, Vena Scago. Seventh row: Shirley Frazier, Marilyn Norris, Sue jones, Ruth Campbell, Ann Stewart, Chris- tine Lowry, Louise Carpenter, Ellen Hughes, Mona Hesser, Lawana Havins, Barbara Bilyeu, Carolyn Diggs, Pat Horton, Martha Douglas, Carolyn Whitney, Iarol Beltz, Marian Iardot, Ramona Ware, Dorothy Blasingame. II2 NANCY Pnrs Pep Club Prcszdent 11 f Cheerleaders: Thelma Wilson, Sue Timken, Carol York, joy Garner. First row: Rilla Carlisle, Shirley Frazier, Katherine Rogers, l'.intliea Niles, Marilyn Arnold, Nancy Pitts, Marjorie Frank. Second row: Emily Lowe, jacquc Holland, Louise Manning, Pat Lester, Claudette Leachman, janet Hilton, Vonda Bivert, Shirley Paris, loy Wilson, Anna Loy lingel, joy laileen Dye. Third row: Ann Tonkinson, Norma White, jean Fell, Annita Hain, Sue Collins, Betsy Robertson, Marlene Friedemann, Linda Whitehead, Naomi Lamli, Betty Lewis, jan Caldwell, listher Burkhart, Ann Stewart, Betty Hall. Fourth row: Gwen deG.ruchy, Iris Canfield, Ent-th Randolph. janice Helf, Marilyn Haak, Ellen Hughes, Louise Carpenter, Vena Seago, Myrna Reide, janet Higgins, Marilyn Norris, Shirley Fisher, Alexa Rae Sloan, Rada Houston. Fifth row: Marilyn Drumm, Geraldine Miller, Carol Noske, Shirley Taylor, joyzell Tromplcr, judith Kay Long, Barbara Nelson, Sue jones, Marian jardot, Charlotte Six, Betty Patton, Gladys Thornhill, Mary McKaskle, Marilyn Reeves. Sixth row: Lorna Wimpy, Ruth Whitson, Sue Davis, Klara Friedemann, julia Earley, Norma Collyer, LaDonna Todd, Lois Larrabee, Patty Graham, Barbara Bilyeu, Mona Hesser, Lawana Havins, Patsy Meehan, Markeyta Hladky, Pat Horton, Dorothy Blasingame, Betty Taylor, Christine Lowry. Pep Cluh Cheerleaders: Sue Timken, Carol York, Thelma Wilson, joy Garner. First row: Carolyn Burch, Shirley Dove, Ruthie Martin, lilwaxlveth McCaslin, Winona johnson, Martha Puckett, Karldene Marshall, jackie Hagar. Second row: Mary Kay Smith, janice Gaines. Wanrla llaak, joy Collins, Deloris Ventris, Nancy Douglas, Beverly Allen, Marjorie Sanderson, Shirley Frazier, Cynthia Canfield, lla Grace Daugherty, Mary Lou White, Virginia Sue Smith. Third row: Marybelle Trent, Theo Biclverdorf, Helen Demaree, Donna Miller, Carmen Dermer, Laveda Stites, Wanda Kerr, Anice Howerton, Wnda Kite, Phyllis Wiley, Ruby Eager, Nan Francis, Mary Emde, Maurine McAnulty, joe Ann Otis. Fourth row: Loretta Hayden, Mary jo Haynie, Shirley Morgan, Carol Wilson, Mary jo Bantlelier, Sally Emmons, Ramona Ware, Rhoda Glover, Esta Lee Barnes, Caroline Tromnler, Annawyn lJeBenning, Yvonne Lawson, Ruby Long. Fifth row: Matilda Espana, Anne Kee, Dorothy Gage, Alice Redhurn, Kate Graves, Ruth Campbell, jarol Beltz, joanna Wallace, Carolyn Diggs, Martha Douglas, Carolyn Whitney, Georgia Kliesen, Virginia Wise. .na-Q. +- Q ' A r sf , . is , , Q1 umm, yn! ix Q xiii . 1- fb" F 3 .A 23 I f- F-. i If?-A CCHCS IOII1 Halloweyen CSIHIVG . . . sponsored by the S Club bo s and Pep Club girls. Charles Atlas Twins People enjoy artist work Picking the seeds out Mr. Labor gets a boot This gang seems to like RoNN1E BENNETT Prc's:'dent NS? Qfficers BOB ANDREW NPN.. GOBLE WAYNE ANDERSON Vive-Prcridmt Szrrrtary Treafuref U1 a-4 cu f-Q ru ,-Q I3 Ui :2 E 'U CC E 31. J .. U5 ..f: LJ va .2 1: c CJ 2 .J ... .E 4.1 C 5. 5 +5 E VD 'C ': -.21 'III U 5 f C I-1 .-C .J 1... Z! O LL 2 U M 'TJ CI 4 -2 :E s E L5 'G Z cf C 2 5 CI fc U F A S 4.7 H U f: c: U 612 .2 : c: cu DQ 3 o L4 ... va 5: I-Y-1 Sutton, Smith Ramon Owcns, IDOI1 R Roberts, ,K .4 vi U .. 's VJ u c: Q1 N th .E bd .2 CC ill :J Z -6 : :J I CI IJ ,-1 1 PJ an V: 3 Z Robert Sloan, Bob 'J TCH 5 tri Car LA C G Bal? C CII ,w U kins ,ri .LT tb I5 VV .., E an H11 Il v-1 l-1 If . Lv- - Mcrccr, Bi y 3 E fx l. :J I 5 5 'fl C3 u C an 42 E E if .1 .r U MIND mr T i C ,Q Il lc, A- 2 ' -4 I 11 w 5 f rl E if C11 J: 'CJ x.. W2 rx .S FO Fifth .if CZ Alcnrick, Iim I Cecil Hansen, Phil atc, T alph R oach Second row: C i m I Tomm y Nicholson, Law- yon, 1-I LU .I .E P' h, Phi Km M.E E ul n, Ronme Kctc X.. fu -...4 Q., c A :C 'U BC .2 Ci Stephenso U Q C U I. ' TF 3 E A p-A 3' .5 .rf LJ .. 3 ,.- ..- r: TJ :J A 5-1 5 GTX NJ f: L ,-. X l. 11 C LL .., l. U L C Z E .. A 2 3 c 1. J: ... .E rn 6 11' E I-Ll :J 'CL L. Z3 ff Q xf 3 1.. an 2 5. .2 Di L. 2 Ta U .-2 u ca v-. .rf u I.. 5 LQ E rs CD 3 O -. 'C . 'J -C l" old- Kendnll, Iim H .rn . V IS nys, 'l ll rvin M I' lai B luck Earl Boyer, ilton, IT! Alu I IIOX K Cleveland, cor gc s,G ID 3 Willi Pock, lim 1 Nea I m Pearson. gc, rid Harris. Coach Iim ZIICS H Ronnie IOHN NANCE President International Understanding Qrganization The International Understanding Organization club is now four years old. Its membership consists of students who are interested in world understanding. The purpose of the organization is to promote better understanding between high school youth and the people of foreign lands. The major activities for the year were participation in the state meeting of U N E S C O. Another activity this year was the Christmas party for exchange students attending Oklahoma A. and M. College. KAY ROBBINS MONA DRUMRIGHT FREMA HARRIS Vice-President Secretary Treasurer First row: Dorothy Blasingame, Kay Don Robbins, vice-president, loe Ann Otis, historian, Mona Drumright, secretary, Frcma Harris, treasurerg Sallie Atwell, reporterg Mary Ida Campbell, parliamentarian, john Nance, president, and Meredith Clifton. Second row: Miss Ingram, sponsor, Phyllis Wiley, Marian Iardot, Annawyn DeBenning, Nona Drumrighl, Edwena Moore, and Miss McWelhy, sponsor. Third row: Elga Stakle, Kara Georgia, lla Grace Daugherty, Barbara McDonald, Alla Chapman, Bernice Sump- ter, Parsla Kleinhofs, and Shirley Crenshaw. Fourth row: Sue Iones, Henita Espana, Ethel Canning, Ioyce Aldrich, Matilda Espana, Alera Rae Sloan, Rada Houston, Carol Carmichael, Norma Anglley, and Dorothy Watkins. Fifth row: Lillian Powers. David Shen, Charles Sarkany, George Ducltwnll, Louie Gciser, Ron Sanders, Neil Canning, Frank Hedges, luanilla Hatcher, Imogene Haskell, and Macie Ann Farley. I. U. 0. CHRISTMAS PARTY These are the foreign students that were present: Shim Araki, Iapang Enn Arike, Estonia, john Dimolitsas, Greece, Steffen Doerstling, Germanyp Gustav Drouven, Germany, Helmo Raag, Estonia, Heinrich Rolhem- thal, Austriag Clair Slurzenegger, Switzerlandg Otto Stnrzencgger, Switzerland, Menu Thaker, India, Luis A. Torres, Puerto Rica, Eddie Torres, Puerto Rico, Oguz Bulcnd Turkymax, Turkey, Ting Kin Wong, China, Alighole Malekghasemi, Iran, Masuo Roland, llawaiig Felipe Mirand, Peru, Nuretlin Mohsenin, Iran. - x ,al I20 Kapiti DARLENE SCHMIDT Vzce Prcszdent of State Central Dzstrzct Future Homema ers of Amenca s 9 5 .I I 1 5' ' .2 F? ' J -1 sa aa . :lg -P Q. :q I ' 25:3 5-T '51 M 5 Q, -E jjj. ,Q s- f' 'f 1- ' I I - ' It l LILLIAN Powuns Future Homemakers o America Prcfident 121 5 .fr 1 - 'ima ' Pgug ' 5 .D lan! Hg ru auf '- l 5 , , , !"fs.l Q First row: Annita Ham, historian: Nancy King, achievement secretary: Darlene Schmidt, Cen- tral district vice-president: Io Ann Dryden, reporter: Margery Enix, parliamentarian. Second row: Mrs. Powers, club motherg Mrs. Brock, sponsorg Miss Browne, sponsor, Mrs. Enix, club mother. Third row: Klara Friedemann, recording secretary: Norma Collyar, treasurcrg Lillian Powers, president, Lucille Enix, vice-president: Iulia Earley. corresponding secretary. P. H. A. Qllicers and Nlemlners First row: Iulia Earley, Lucille Enix, Naomi Self, Klara Friedemann, Darlene Schmidt, Iuanita Belknap. Marilyn Haak, Vena Seago, Gwen deGruchy. Second row: Alice Redburn, Ann O'l3rien, Nancy King, Ioyce VVilliamson, Norma Collyar, Mabel Tarpey, Sue Davis, Mrs. Brock, Miss Browne, Mrs, Enix. Third row: Ruth Whitson, Ruth Akins, Shirley Frazier, Alene Friedemann, Edna Sharpton, Edith Rusco, Ianice Fields, YVanda Kite, Lillian Powers, lo Ann Dryden, Kathryn Payne, Dorislea Fowler, Margery Enix, Janice Helf. Fourth row: Norma NVhite, Geraldine Miller, Annita Ham, Iezin Fell, Carolyn Ozbun, Ioycc Fields, Ian Caldwell, Shirley Frye, Rosemary Hauf, Betty Patton, Phyllis NViley, Theo Bieberdorf, Marlene Friedemann. F. H A. Achievement Girls As one of our goals is developing leadership, each year, F. H. A. honors six girls who have been out- standing for their leadership, character, and service to the club. This is one of the highest honors that a Stillwater F. H. A. member may receive. W3 5 Norma Iean Collyar Nancy King Darlene Schmidt Lucille Enix Iulia lean Barley Iulia lean Earley, who has been an F. H. A. Achievement Girl for all four years of her membership, proudly wears the title of "Queen of Achieve- ments." Lillian Powers Q57 SCENES FROM THE CORONATION BAND QUEEN AND FOOTBALL QUEEN t. Band Queen, Donna lean Heusel, and her attendants and their escorts. 2. Drum Major, Philip Hansen and Queen. 3. Football Queen Markeyta I-lladky and her attendants, Ioy Wilson, Ann Stewart, and Thelma Wilson. 4. The Queen and her attendants escorted by lay Hoke. 5. The Queen escorted from thc field by Earl Lunsford, A bt i ..J. Q .h :Q ti, ' 1 Q . IQ ' L 'I . --..- , A' f , . W Q W if I ,L .lj I L :Q ggi' '-,sg EW VO5, b Q gf h I 31' H v as K I 1- kr Iuanita Belknap, Lucille Enix, Barbara Kems are fitting, Naomi Self is sewing while Darlene Schmidt presses. HOME ECONOMICS IV: SEWING UNIT HOME ECONOMICS III: FOOD AND NUTRITION Ianice Gaines, Carolyn Diggs, and Mary Emde are preparing a meal. GM, 'SHN xii! ,vi A mmm Y . Q , -1 ' f' Q mil,- A Mr. Culver is teaching Dona White, Theo Bicbenlurf, and Mary Emclc how to operate office machines. Orhcr members of thc class :irc Rachel Riley, Alcnc Fricdcmann, Donna Miller, and Helen Salmon. Qflice Practice High School Banlz Mr. Brialwell, aponsorg Bankers: Marilyn Drumm, Edna Kendrick, Nancy Pitts, Marrilce Car pcntcr, Ronald Ham, and lincth Randolph. 1. s In front of tar: Rilla Carlialg, .-Xnnawyn llcliunning. Martha Pucltctt, Nan Franck, Ruby Eager, ' ' '. ' . ', 1 7' , . " . , .h Esther Burkhart, janet llilton. lxara Citorgia, Phyllis Xkilty, Mr. 'Iillc5, tcat cr. Others in picture: Ronaltl Pash, Dorothy Pilaxinganic, lloli lfritlay. Ian Graves, Ioycc Aldrich, Bob Bcllatti, Phil Arnold, Bob Buchanan, Charles Cntlclmcrry, Bill Waggoncr, Donna Fatah, Bcrniccc Stcckcr, Iltlith Copley, Theo Pnubcrtlorf, Galyc Iagou, Martha Hoffman. Guy Boylcs, Randolph Karty, Fred Brock, Sctlrick llclano. Willa Brcwton, Mcrctlith Clifton, Kathryn Payne, Shirley Flcsncr, Eltlon Belknap. Driver Etlucation Mr. Tilley is showing Eldon Belknap, Donna Fash, Barbara Myrick, and Phyllis XVilcy how to park close to thc curb. f "1-5. 'X . 'W t'3'r4'e. il. fi ,A Y 5 li l c .er M . ' it J If Mr. Wilks is teaching Elton Nixon, Logan Hargrove, Neil Canning, Eldred Surber, and Iimmy Nicholson how to fly an airplane. Aeronautics Chemistry First row: Mrs. lohnston, Donaltl Low, Quentin llrzikebill, Charlie Hollar, Pat Hill. Second row: Barbara Myrick, Audrey Naeter, lim Holdritlge, Lou Ann Greene, Sylvia Stakle, Ian Graves. Third row: Mr. Hickey, Dean Patton, Lawrence Rist, Kelly Hoffer, George Elmore, Tom Underwood, Kenneth Nugent. is HK' , fi -: ' "3 - ' N ' ' ' "" L I ss . W ' ' 4' Q f E 'E Q ff .N 1 l ,X ' ,. .f 3 ' N N- ,fl I rf' Oak desk made by a ma- chine woodwork student. li i Walnut end table made by Bob Kernsg oak tele- phone table made by Dean Leonardg coffee table made by Iames Watkins. 'L'.'.1.-.'.v.'w' s Seated: Geraldine Miller, chapter queen: Neil Ham, reporter, Inmes Miller, secretaryg Iames Osborn, president: Lawrence Rist, vice-president: Bobby Smith, treasurerg and Mr. Labor, chapter adviser. First row: Luis Flores, Everett Robinson, Teddy Leblanc, Carol Iluman. Erlis Green. Don Casl-Ley, Harold YVood, Danny Cook, Eddie Osborn, Iael-tie llesser. Second row: Roy XVatkins, David Ventris, Elva Moody, Myron Denny, Marvin Brown, Lloyd Tomlinson, Phil Kinyon, T. I. Blankinship, XVannie Hades, Wilhur Ogle, Gale Robinson, Bill Moore, Iilsworth Swisher, Bob Fields, Ellis Allinson, Iiugene Haskett, Merle Palmer. Back row: Iohn Powers, lay Payne, Colin Longan, Max Reddout, Calvin Nichols, lakie Hicks and Louis Scott. Qlficers ancl Mena ers Future Parnlers of Anlerica SOCIAL HOUR Clockwise from bottom: Marvin Brown, Anita Ham: Mack Payne, Alene Friedcmann: Roger Marlow, Phylis Ozbun: Iohn Powers, Norma Collyar: Neil Ham, Ioyee YVilliamson, Ellis Allinson, Naomi Self: Orvil Akins. Lillian Powers: Dale Vlfeathers, Darlene Schmidt. Art Exhibit Mrs. Norris and art student Linda Whitehead, are viewing real life drawings on exhibit in art de- partment from Kansas City Art In- stitute. wt., it ' i 1. Oil paintings on exhibit done high school students. Display left is advertising layout work. , ar-' The high school class did still life ---W f - drawings in oil. These were put on . . . if exhibit for our spring art show. 5, K e Q "' Qu was ,hs il'N1'll'll'l' 'iii ivwviwmnlab-' 4. B25 The costumed machc were done by the Iunior class. This craft is very with all advertising houses used widely in commercial t RU., 'Q nw" L., Sitting: Iininiy VVchxtc r, Put Grgihgint, Louie Gciscr, Mgirsgcrv Enix Ion Truinll K' I 1 ,, ia, fcnrgc I'linnrt-, Inn Tiitirtcllrittc. St.imiiiig: Mix I.intii1uiri1,C'fritl1 . 4 ' 1 Hub Innes, M.iri.nI Iwiics. Debate Tiuespians Sitting: Carol Ynrk. Ilittx' Graham, C.imIx'n NVhitncy, Kqirlticm- M.irwh.iIl, Hctty 'I4nylfxr, Norma Fullyur, Annnwvn llclicnninq, Klum Ifricclcinnnn. Nancy Path. Standing: Huh Iunca, Quentin Brnkcbill, Gone Cowan, Earl I.unsI'nrd, Dun Huncynmn, vice- prcsitlcntg Christina- Imwry, Thclnia VVilwn, accrctgiry-trcalsurcr: Mary Shuckcy, presi- flcnt: Mrs. Linthiunni, mpnnmrg Hub Chirrctt, Inn XVCi7NlCf, Nail Uulilc, Iini Tourtellottc. F Autographs Home Rooms members who carry on the fCSp0I1Sll3lllly of our school orgamzatlons This is the home room section of our annual, Here we have listed the class Mrs. Mr. Severson: Markeyta Irllamlky. president: llill lllair. vice-prexitlentz Marylnelle Trent, secre- taryg Cecil Henrick, treasurcrg Mary lnla Campbell, Stutlcnt Council representative and Iohn Nance, alternate: liill Blair, Real Cross chairman, Dun Hart and Mary Kay Smith, Curtis Magazine sales captains. unior English Biology Martin: loc Monk, president: limb Bellatti, vice-prcsimlent: Bill Stich, secretary: Esther Burkhart, treasurer: Bill Innes, Stuclent Couneil representative and Ianet Hilton, altcrnatcg Iitlwena Moore, Red Cross chairman: Glenn Harris anal loc Monk, Curtis Magazine salts captains. tg ,sl i is ri'1lli'f by Miss . Mrs. Bryan: Klara Frieclemann, presiclent: Mnllyann Platt, vice-presitlent: Panthea Niles, secre- tary-treasurt-rz Marilyn Drnnini. Stutlent Couneil ieprescntatiw anml Marilyn Peterniann alternate: XVesley XVnnlwortli, Retl Cross chairman, l'anthea Niles anal XVinsel Sloan, Curtis Magazine sales captains. Senior English Wlorlcl History Miss McWetliy: Bill Hughes, president: Bill Smith, vice-presiclentg Fil Ray Roberts, secretary: Robert Frye. treasurer: Ieroltl Hilton, Stutlent Council representative antl Bob Friclay. alternate: livelyn Clapp, Rctl Cross chairmang Bill Smith and Rnliert Frye, Curtis Magazine sales captains. P P' f' 3' . ,.,. e.,.........-...............-...-- . '1 A I Tfii, f X ,g ur 1 ' w J Mrs. Brock: Cynthia Canficltl, president: Kathleen Gwotlwin. vice-prcsidentg Deloris Vcntris, secretary: Mary White, treaxurer: Ann Loy Engel, Student Council representative and Wzincla Kerr, alternate: Vena Seagu, Rctl Crow chairniang Dclurib Vcntris anal Vcna Scago Curtis Magazine sales captains. Home nconomics H Distrilautive Eclucation Mr. Fricclemann: Leon Linton. presiclent: Naomi Self. vice-prcsitlentg Neva Nance, sccrctaryg Barbara liilycu, treasurer: Narnia Collyar, Student Council representative and Barbara Bilyeu, alternate: Betty xvlllldllb, Rell Cross clmairiiianz Ioan Kitlcl antl Norma Collyar, Curtis Magazine sales captains. v .mm x. 4 , .rg hog. mil LI ... 6 5 Miss Browne: Sylvia Hoover, president: Norma Conley, vice-president: Shirley lean Davis, secretary, Ioy Collins, treasurer: Barbara Berry, Student Council representative and Pansy White, alternatcg Erma Lee Gross, reporter: Nancy Lunsford, Red Cross chairmang Shirley lean Fry and Evelyn Lesh, Curtis Magazine sales captains. Home conomics I Geometry Mr. Tilly: Leland Standley, presidentg Terry Gillum vice-presidentg Iimmy Webster, secretaryg Pat Wyers, treasurerg Par Horton, Student Council representative and Ianct Higgins, alter- nateg Macie Ann Farley, Red Cross chairman, Ianet Higgins and Leland Standley, Curtis Magazine sales captains. .. -1 Y ... 3. X ai Mrs. Iohnston: Tommy Nicholson, presidentg Bill Hawkins, vice-president: Hill Daily, secretary- treasurcrg Ron Sanders, Student Council representative and Don Horton, alternateg Tom White and Ron Sanders, Curtis Magazine sales captains: Run Samlcrs, Rcd Cross chairman. Physics American History Miss Markwell: lim Stephenson, prcsidcntg Zane Stitcs, vice-presidentg Maurine McAnulty, sec- retaryg Peggy Williamson, treasurerg Bob Andrew, Student Council representative and hardson, alternateg Mary Emde, Red Cross chziirmang Peggy Williamson and lim Stephenson, Curtis Magazine sales captains. Smitty Ric ,,,...-... un: ,12- ,gif Miss Ingram: Geraldine Miller, president: Norma White, vice-president: Iinimy Wright, accre- taryg Carol Human, treasurer: Reinhard Klein, Student Council representative and Shirley Davis and Nortna XVhite. Curtis Magazine sales captains: Geraldine Miller. Red Cross chairman. General Math Sep omore English Mrs. MeElwain: Tommy Thomason, president: Richard Sutton, vice-president: Bobby Pike, secretary: Bill Moore. treasurer: Pat Bolton, Student Council representative and Rqbert Tinker, alternate: Richard Sutton, Red Cross chairman: Max Hcisler :intl Richard Sutton, Curtis Magazine sales captains. 'Q s 3. 3 E , -AX, x 4 4 U ...fag i M' kw . 1,15 f. ,I LLS-,K .ar Xa 3 . 191- . S fs Q w - , Q ii ' S I 49.2, x , ."' "'15?5 A ig., if -sf A , . ... , 3- ' A-4 I f . 'km'-, ' ' wg Izzy. , . I . W' Q N' s .517 t ' .N The eight dclock class is reading "Treasure Island." Freshman English Classes Miss Flores, stuilcnl tczichcr, showing thu fiiurtli hour' cl.iss the mute to hcr home Guatemala. X v-'S 'aims Mr. Bridwcll: Dun Honeyman, presiclcntg Ioyce Williamson, vice-president: Betty Lewis, secretaryg Mona Hcsser, treasurer: Ronald Ham, Student Council representative and Nancy Pitts, alternate: Mona Hesser, Red Cross chairmang Mona Hesser and Don Honeyman, Curtis Magazine sales captains. Booleleeeping Typing I Mr. Culver: Carolyn Diggs, presidentg Berniece Stecker, vice-presidentg Annawyn DeBenning, secretaryg Eileen Dye, trcasurerg Philip Hansen, Stutlcnt Council representative and Karl- dene Marshall, alternate: Martha Puckett, Red Cross chairmang Eileen Dye and Ann Tonkinson, Curtis Magazine sales captains. Mr. Tate: Bernie Dorman. presiuentg Shirley Morgan, vice-presidentg Virginia Smith, secretaryg Carol Phagan, treasurer: Iacl-tie Lindsay, Student Council representative and Bob Lee, alternate: Virginia Smith, Red Cross chairman: Virginia Sue Smith and Elmer Carpenter, Curtis Magazine sales captains. Qlzlalaoma History tuely Hall Miss Meacham: Lawrence Rist, president: Kelly Hoffer, vice-presidentg Iuanita Belknap, secre- tary-treasurerg Lucille linix. Student Council representative and George Thomson, altcrnateg Mabel Tarpey, Red Cross chairman: Marion Iardot and Anice Howerton, Curtis Magazine sales captains. 1. Who's the pup? 2. Off to school. 3. Iust standing around watching. 4. What are you looking at, Martha? 5. Always in a rush. 6. Pretty, huh? Getting ready for the big game. 8. During class. 9. What'cha got, Ep? 10. Looks like Blair has his hands full. 11. Stacked-three deep. 12. Iust thinking. 13. Why, Christine! 14. The Hadacol Kid. 15. A strong man, that Casey. 16. What a pose! 17. Soaking the feet. 18. Glamour Girl. 19. Wotta babe! 20. Second childhood. I ofli - oz ,gf SSM 06 S I UOVQ, ,YAEQPA f QQ X' 9 1 4 Q, ,Q2-'uwsx 5 veg QA I-.,4,Q Q. vyk OQ .113 W XV K Xffffi F 'RST WOMAN Pnesaoeur 1 NNY: -'M 9 f-1 11 'Y Q 4 BIG IINQ SNN ww 4' V- f-i C1410 mm -f all Q0 QU? MI Tag M ' M' 1 J'-LWLFWJ 04 4 Qidsa f fa W G 'skii- if f , wp,-E-if voN5oV-L 'RCU-Y FAT uw 5 vt, rv' 6 K 49 " 'MD X151 a do f vxcxczuxeb? O P 9 ll MISSAMERICA PRES Of Tue Lonew HEARTS CLUB ,ss 'ASL 5' 3, 231.30-ay! vb '45 'S s 4 f . YQ, Avxxf I egg .x gr fx X . 1 f Q ' f I xx ff H K 'X EJ ff x W X VCV! '-x J A ,Q , Lf I X fx X f-1' qw 41 xii" . Y. ' fi!! ff!! 'fp' ff! fm 1 f - E F: ' f I u Wa as 2 DX x A Q 5 '4 ' T F I 4' W ww T. 6 C rf . 'Q .4 K, ., W ' TJ ' QPX I 5 ,- X ,Xerox V, ,-, ..', I cz- A: GET 0--P5 A496 I ' ' -qc -. 1 owjtfl K Q A xx In 'ASQ 1 Y tj' VT '?.-527 'Q- : f X f 1 ' off- . i , 'f f Q- W" 7 ff m O "whiff - w. - M 5..,L ',. - .L """' if 1 - - Z s ' f i f W ff N 4 x DOTA gl 5 Q K V A I 4 ' 49 v N16 'I , k- , v.- . Q E, -. 4, C , Xl 1 ,I X I I' , ff 1 ANYWD WN L I ' J 3 KJQJJ1 I '57 I 5 J sa S Q . F", - 'iff A yousagl ' A, ' 7 ,f':' 1 f , lx MA ' W? 4 f' . by I iw M ' ' yn W ,-vx , 0' 11' 1' -t I. ' Y Ovvvx oo :fini N .ff .NSW 'V WI 9 ' . 6 A m 1 , qi V 1 lx Q9 kg K '5- 4 L Q94 Q1 , G SX x . f' "" , ,4 ' 1 1+ 1 1 - ,, " ' ,g ' I j 4 ,.,1il-vi I I A 5 amz 'v w - Q UW abd Mt, fd .fda 4 N DT ' IU . Nm . " ,Q 725 3 vN,,f2,"5u YW Lui' rl 1' Nlva 7315 ', If QV vhs?-K SAM? 1 .- 'T it I Clk X I oqf- ' K Qadfx Xfwg fix 'Y Go K 1 E 6 we " L' 0,41 ' . ' F490 wiki 'CX V '- xg 8 f"'w4 qoo J 91 X Ls 3- se 7 y 1 ? H 9 'i ' 'P w , Tss 6 4 H A X x R U I I '94PTcNou:z 'VST QUCT idle. Q SAILQQ . ,,,1,. 1 1 Goes! 'Ou T mood E V f' 1 5 7-QONG M PM , f I m 3 F 3 8'G GAME num erm L 5 LAS!! 7 J-'Q-Q 1106 fx as Nt om sewer ! i 50, "' 'K Ki. lifx .43 ga 1 Qoo HOTDQNEQ , f 1 OW! Af ? if 1 QQ! g 4 A. ' A, ' A , .fi Vi ' 1- V 5 E vx4p8 MJ tv 4 4" x I .7 2? 9' - ,. ff- . vs 'fi X ' , , 1' 9. . ' I 'N Q, wiv , 'Q ' x :I U' IN' J QW N A J ' E' A z yy 'AY . , . A Q U-' J Ig 1 W! fi 4+ ,O ku X Q M s 'W L If a'- fx 1Q'i'ew9n! GV , 5 ' 'iz " Sn ' 9 lf' K Y 2 jffd X x y' . X' f'ff5f,'.:.Q ffl ,I QQ? ," Wx ww Alb ,.v ff 3! 1. 15 34,11 1 , . 1 s,,.fv,,H ff -I 'J' " x-J. 1 J gf 4. e2 ' . if ?i"f'4?"qQ2c' -1 7tQLr't'f,"fc, V' I XX X 7' Wr.. 'fi-5 - ax ?a""2f bf' mi' f -f A ' 1 ut? -'ff -italy 5 'Nh N V nk

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Stillwater High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Stillwater, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Stillwater High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Stillwater, OK) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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