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If ,xi VR FERTQX QF Q WX W WM' M' f MMV ,fy X, 3? QM if ff? 2174 QW! VV , ,5 ps? J ld v M,p?'jJjg Mx vifgffllf Q? F553 gg jf , , V gifiifk H1 ff? Aff f V W ,Q fw!M7Jfff Wfw M JN giiiff Wwjxfv x VM Qifwjifwx HV EEE xiipfwfj Sf Si A W 23414 gskxiiig xl fggqkii Qs' Ea Q V +15 m wi MYUKW W ,MW W Rf:-P55255 f , Nag? X W ' if Xl i WQWQKMM, Q Wfwfawfw WCM F? 5 HMJLVO1 Wlmwgffvg W affffffw- gjwunfef 1,51 ,, lim, I - X is Q3 The Fourth Hvtate . 2 Twenty ry M H N, G f x. , X -. 1 ..f -'J "'5"Tg,, a 'Q S3 Stillwater High School Stillwaten Oklahoma 1948 iymjw WHM W MR. RUSSELL In fDeclication., To Mr. Russell, we present this annual, With best wishes to our friend. To you we give this message For on your favor we depend. As our story unfolds before you just remember, as you read, It's your record too, you have helped us Through your thought, your word, your We present to you this annual, You may reject or you may take. It's the best that we can offer, The PIONEER for '48. A. L. W. -the staff CC Gable of Qontents Illustrations by Annginette Roberts Book I Our Faculty Page I2 Book II Our Students Page I9 Book III Our Sports Page 57 Book IV Gur Music Page Book V Our Organizations Page 85 Book VI Our Department Page III 1 Book VII Index Page 13725 nf' V4 VA n 71 l Ry Pioneer Queen W MARY LOUISE IONES NORTH HIGH HOME ECONOMICS INDUSTRIAL ARTS BAND SHACK -f-6- Qi-i-K-4-,,,,,.W,, Mr. Hopkins and Mrs. Bryan taking care of Deans' duties MRS. FLORENCE SEVERSON Pioneer Sponsor ax w PATTY RUTH WHEELER Pioneer Editor Sally Swim Lynn Claypool Acldic Weaver Assistant Editor Business Manager Sccrcutry 'Pioneer Qjiicers fPionee'r ,Staff Carolyn Carisle Mary A1111 Adams Olga Lee swim Mary Bandelier Iamgs Alcott 0fBH11iZ3fi0f15 organization' Administration Vocal Music Classes Billie lean Bassford lane Francis Charles Platt, jr., Shirley Rector Imogene Brown Feature Editor Kodaks Senior Editor Iunior ,Editor junior Editor David Malone PC3851 Doffis MOU Illaflita Pilgfim Rella Mae Killingsworth .,-10... spam Edigqj- Senior Editor Feature Editor mm-umemal Music Instrumental Music Instrumental Music Georgia HUD! 10311 B558 Inez Keys Emma Fae Brock Sara Belle Beck 50Ph0m0fC Ediwl' K0d2kS Freshman Editor Freshman Editor Sophomore Editor flunior eilffembefrs of Staff Glen Bays Sports Editor 'Press Club at Work I. Associate editors at work 2. Mrs. Scverson receives the necessary green stuff! 3. ls it that dull P P 4. Whal's the joke ? P 5. Pioneer staff in deep thought--close your mouth, Iames. R. R. RUSSELL Superintendent CQDXGQZ QW QW O-M CECIL TONES President 61 Q2 CQ 0 Q'7-Q1 9' 06 72 VERNON STARK C. E. DONART GEORGE DOLLINGER Vice-President Secretary Treasurer WALTER WEAVER KERMIT INGHAM BILL BERNHARDT .43 W 1EssE F. CARDWELL QZWWWW 1 ,WW w6JW1 If MW V 9-ff f V 4 MRS. ELLA CRAIG ESCUE 1948 closes her teaching career. A. B., M. A. Library e 5 2 5 5 2 N. S. HOPKINS Dean of Boys B. S., M. E. Geometry Sophomore Sponsor 5 S 5 ? E 1 N MRS. EDNA BRYAN Dean of Girls B. S. M. S. -iEnglish Future Teachers Sponsor Senior Sponsor .1-15-w Edward I. Amend Rosalie Becker Mrs. Elizabeth Brock Marian Browne Hugh Coonfield Th. D. B. S., M. A. B. S., M. A. B. S. B. S., M. S. Bibical Literature Latin, Spanish Home Economics, Future Home Economics, Future General Science, Ir. High IUO Co-Sponsor Homemakers Sponsor Homemakers Co-Sponsor Basketball and Football Iunior Sponsor Freshman Sponsor Junior Sponsor Coach, High School Base ball, Freshman Sponsor l l Ralph Hamilton Gladys I-Iuffine Charles Huntsberry Gladys Ingram B.S. B.S., M.A. B.S. B- 5-i Physical Education English, State Honor Industrial Arts I English Football, Basketball Society Sponsor lumof Red Cross SPOMUI' Freshman Sponsor Sophomore Sponsor enior CU-Eigh F Russell Martin lolinnie Maude li. S. A.B., M.A. B10l08Y English Sophomore Sponsor Yffccn Sponsor Iunior Sponsor Shingleton. Homer Weeks B. S., M. A. Advanced Math, American Legion Awards, Natiogl Legion Qwards, x Legion Qwards, National Nsfiffml ,X Lawerence Crable George Dorsch Glenn Epperley Harold Fisher Gus Friedemann B. S., M. S. B. S. B. S. B. S., M. M. B. S. SPCCCYI. Dcbalc Aftivity Biology, Wrestling Vocal Music Instrumental Music Commerce, Student DiICCf0l'. Senior 59011501 Assistant Football and Senior Sponsor Council Co-Sponsor Track Coach Senior Sponsor Mrs. Inez IOIICS Clarence Labor Mrs. Mary Lewis Ethel Markwell A. B., M. A. B. S. B. S., M. S. B. S., M. A. Physical Education Vocational Agriculture Commerce American History Ninth Pep Club Sponsor Future Farmers Sponsor Pep Club Sponsor Student Council Sponsor Senior Sponsor Iunior Sponsor Faye McWcthy B. s., M. A. World History, Problems of Democracy, IUO Spon- sor, Sophomore Sponsor School Cgaculry Mrs. Betty Powers Mrs. Florence Severson B. S. B. S., M. A. Algbbffl, General Mlth English, Iournalism Freshman Sponsor Pioneer Sponsor Iunior Sponsor Perry White G. O. Wilks H B.s. . B. A., M. s. Physss' Chcmlsffv Oklahoma History, Civics ,umm Sponsor Physical Geography Freshman Sponsor ,V ef' 3 1 ,ffzy f ,M Zf f ff! if A ' nz f u 4 --, Aff' W f f ruff? A fWWW1 Jywy W ,, f 4. . 3 Qui Students . . . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mary Ann Adams, secretaryg Maynard Blumer, prcsidenrg Edwin Wilson, vice-presidcntg and Edward Amend, treasurer. MAYNARD BLUMER Senior Class President ,Senior Glass C3'f?isto'ry After many long years, we, the sen- iors of 1948, come to the pleasant end of our school days. The majority of us began our school life in the fall of 1936. Out of the 172 graduates, 50 of us started to school in Stillwater, and have spent all twelve years here. These are Rella Mae Killingsworth, Owen Thomas, Iimmy Van Deventer, Leo and Louis Schafers, Zola Dean Stecker, Gerald Heusel, Richard Gilbert, Loetta Curtis, Iames Alcott, Kermit Ingham, Willie Ahner, Doris Ann Douglas , Da- vid Smith, Carol Ann Naeter, Paul Bus- sell, Barbara Carlisle, Bruce Riley, Iane Francis, Maynard Blumer, Iimmie At- kins, Harry Percy, Patsy Patton, Dolor- es Kerntke, Hieatt Hedrick, Bob. Mc- Dole, Claudine Elmore, Peggy Dorris Mott, Charles Platt, Vera Young, Ger- aldine Hughes, Iulia Ann Cottongim, Addie Weaver, Ruth Rogers, Culver Moe, Ianet Boyd,,Martin Craft,, Shirley Glover, Io Nell Rossander, Patty Ruth Wheeler, Edwin Elledge, Roy Houck, Chester Bigler, Olga Lee Swim, Sally Swim, Mark Hartman. Ruth Mullen- dore, Barbara Kerr, and Thomas Hop per. In 1942, we became seventh graders. How big we felt when we first came to north high school to enroll, but what a surprise we had when the big kids-the eighth, ninth, and tenth graders- looked at us as though we were infants. We graduated from the ninth grade into our sophomore year in 1944. We thought that surely now we would get to be the "Big Kids," but no! Some- one changed the seventh and' eighth grades to south high and moved the juniors and seniors up to the north high. After we got used to seeing big- ger students again, it wasn't so bad, in fact it was kind of fun to go to school with the juniors and seniors. Fourteen of the seniors graduating 22 this year have parents who also gradu- ated from Stillwater High School. These students and their parents are: Gerald Heusel and his parents, Iohn W. Heusel and Inez Hunter, Patsy Patton and her mother, Pearl Hanes, Sue Hackleman and her mother, Maude Frances Roberts, Edwin Elledge and his father, Iarnes Elledgeg Margaret A.nn Sherrod and her father, H. B. Sherrod, Roy Houck and his father, Da- vid Houck, Peggy Fugate and her mother, Annabelle Platt, Charles Platt jr., and his father, Charles Platt, La- Verne De Marsh and her mother, Clara Patton, Sharlene Todd and her mother, Lydia Marshall, Billy Ross and his fath- er, W. S. Ross, Edwin King and his mother, Cornelia Shell, and Mary Io Carrier and her parents, Ioe Carrier and Enid Taulman. Forty nine of the seniors are the old- est child, 57 are the youngest, and I5 are the only child. 93 are girls and 79 are boys. On a survey it was found that Vera Young, Vincent Robison, Barbara Bish- op, Edwin King, Leo Schafers, Kermit Ingham and Gilford Ikenberry plan to go out of town to college, while 104 are going to A. and M. We also found that two were in ser- vice: these are Forrest Crenshaw and Mark Hartman. This year, we have our married stu- dents. They are Rosella Capstick, Bil- lie Bassford, Marilyn de Gruchy Hart- man, Mark Hartman, Iimmie Duffy, Peggy Dorris Mott, Erma Greenfield, Robert Adams and Dorothy Osterloh. We have only two sets of twins, they are Ioanne and Iack Burns, and Louis and Leo Schafers. So we the seniors leave Stillwater High to go into the world to fill our destinies. Edwin Wilson Mary Ann Adams Edward Amend ViccfPrcsidcnl Sccrclnry Trzasurcr Caps and Gowns Mcmonal enior Glass GD cars Harvey Mqgxnulty Ann Hilton Iamcs Alcott Lynn Claypool Donald McCubbin C1455 Night Baccnluurculc Pinfl Dcwmlfons EIMS l'iU1iC emor fgoarcl Sharlene Todd Glen Cowan Announcements Lommcnccmcnt .4-23-w QAFLQT img. . 1 U-lf' U-Q. KWVK K l In eniofr Glass ommittees CLASS PICNIC Patsy Patton Gilford Ikenberry Barbara Carlisle Don McCubbin I Stella Darlow Addie Weaver Naomi Walton PANEL Loi: Brister Bob McDolc BACCALAUREATE Ann Hilton Ruth Mullendore DECORATION David Malone Sally Swim Maynard Blqmer CAPS AND GowNs CLASS NIGHT Alan Thomson Shirley Glover ANNOUNCEMENTS Harry Percy Vera Young COMMENCEMENT Iim King Earlene Flager MEMORIAL Edward Amend lane Frances Edwin King eriior Glass will We, the senior class of 1948, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave this last will and testament. To the faculty, we bequeath great joy because they are rid of us at last. To the junior class as a whole, we leave the privilege of following in our footsteps. And to the junior class as individuals we bequeath these things: Maynard Blumer leaves his post as senior class president to the person most capable of filling it. Chester Bigler leaves his mustache and beard to Raymond Lescaultg he is the junior boy least likely to get rid of them. Bill Leverett just leaves l l ! Kermit Ingham leaves a gap in the Student Council ranks but maybe Anna Hargrove ca-n fill it. Rella Mae Killingsworth wishes Inez Keys part of her freckles. Mariannis Drumright wills part of her height to Marilyn Hewlett. Patty Ruth Wheeler leaves her clever jokes and witty sayings C? P Pj We hope ! ! ! Annginette Roberts wants Barbara Trumbla to have her excellent piano playing. Poor Vincent Robison must leave Cheri behind. Tough luck, Vincent. The students who took chemistry bid Mr. White a fond farewell and take their books with them. Iulia Ann Cottongim, Geraldine Hughes, and Patsy Patton leave their loud giggles to Ianell Cobb, Shirley Iohnson, and Mildred Miller. Marilyn deGruchy Hartman and Mark leave together and go to make their own home. A Edwin Elledge wills his title as "The Most Handsome Senior Boy" to Dick Tourtellotte. Mary Io Carrier leaves taking Iimmie Atkins with her. Loetta Curtis, Ruith Allen, and Betty Kautz leave their maiden names behind to become Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Stites, and Mrs. Rosary, respectively. Peggy Dorris Mott goes to join her husband and leaves Darrell to carry on the family name. Paul Bussell wills his fancy for spot- ted cars to Bob Bollinger. V Lou Brister, Mary Io Carrier, and Iulia Ann Cottongim leave Mr. Epperly without a girls' trio. Charles Platt jr. bequeathes nothing to no one because he has nothing to be- queath ? P P Vera and Bill Young leave their plac- es at the ends of the class rolls to Twyla Zuck. Ioanne and lack Burns, and Leo and Louis Schafers hope that Iean and Ioan Hagers can still confuse the teachers as only twins can. Barbara Carlisle wants Norma jean Easter to have all her troubles as Drum Majorette of the "Dumb and Bungle Corps." David P. Smith finally gets away from "good ole SHS" and are we glad of it ! ! ! jean Hestand wants her class royalty title as "Lady,' to go to Carol Grind- staff. "The Personality Kid," Harvey Mc- Anulty, that is, has to leave his woman to all the wolves in the halls. Margaret .Ann Sherrod and Betty Richards want Iean Holley and Nancy Williams to have their ability to tell jokes in Eng. IV, and hope they get away with it, too. Addie Weaver wishes to leave her hours and hours of organ practice to Emma Fae Brock and Iacque King. Hieatt Hedrick leaves his Naval Re- serve uniforms to David Swank. Bill Burford, Peggy F ugate and Mary Louise Ionest bequeath their red hair to CContinued on Page 497 -f-25s. IEAN HESTAND Lady ,f Mi W WW eniov' Glass f1QJyalty WIN ELLEDGE Lord 1 Introducing the ,Seniors I We are the seniors a handsome lot And for never a thing do we get caught. 2 We style all the latest fashions and fads And seldom if ever do we look too bad. 3 At polishing apples we can't be beat Or for telling the secret we promised to keep. . 'QM Q ' 7 4 We like our music sweet and slow Preferably with the lights down low. 5 A hayride or picnic we take with delight But the next day are we ever a sight. 6 Our future is mingled with daily surprises Especially when the subject of grade arises. But we must pass through the portals of knowledge And join the souls who enter college. Leia Mae Abbott James Alcott Robert Adams Ruth Allen f .-if K H . K ,ff ff if ' jk: ts, ,,5 .' - x K I yL1..g.f ,, yi , x , xl -. N3 as , ' ,S 147,, '! - 3 - ' C Q ,,,, , s-,, Q , .V -as b i ,-.,.... immie Atkins Edward Amend f I Donald Anderson Mary Ann Adams Vera Allinson Willie Ahncr Chester Bigler Sylvia Buntin Ioe Brooner Barbara Bishop Maynard Blumer Nadine Brown Bill Burford Mary Bandelier Marguerite Brown Don Boyles Imogene Brown Kenneth Baker Paul Bussell Ianet Boyd Billie lean Bassford Wayne Bokorney Ioanne Burns lack Burns K! lim Bradley Lou Bristcr Rosella Riddle Capstick Mary Io Carrier Carolyn Carlisle Maxine Cordner Iulia Ann Cottongim Glen Cowan Helen Chrystal Martin Craft Iuanita Craft liuddie Cummins A Everett Caldwell V , Loetta Curtis V I V, Forrest Crenshaw 4,2 In 1. ' g 5 Lynn Claypool .. ,.., ,, fy X ff 4 W f "C M if -' " P, , 4: 24 ,, if r 5 .,,V X d .a U W . K ,' M W 7eke Clem Ba rbara Carlisle Louise Cleveland Billie Io Cottonglm QW - 1 , bf J XXMMX 4' ffxx 14 V' f if W ff wf ' .. 1 1 75 ,, ef I ,ig ff iff if . 'if f if 1 f Q f A Q qw f 1 1 1 ,f-W tw as its W , , f .Z T . Weldon Curran Stella Darlow Doris Ann Douglas l,aVcrne Ilclviarsh Iimmie Duffy Batty Io Davis Dan Dexter Patricia Dohyns 1 Mariannis Drumright Martha Dillard Marilyn deGruchy Edwin Elledge Nita Sue Eva ns Claudine Elmore Henry Featherly Wilber Frank Peggy Fugate lane Francis Richard Fagan Irene Friedemann Bob Felton Pat Fyffe Earlene Flager Max Gilbert lack Grover Shirley Glover Erma Greenfield Betty Graham ! 1 fi il E 3 5 W4 If hcnncth Gxvcns Rnchard Gnlbcrt Frames Hazelton 'I homas Hopper -tim Sue Hackleman Iohn Herron Ioan Hwcly Emerson Helms Mark Hartman Violet Hestand Gerald Heusel Geraldine Hughes Hopkms Floyd Hunt Ican Hestand Roy Houck Hxcatt Hcdnck Ann Hllton Kermlt Ingham Gilford Ikenbcrry, y B. L. Inman Ramona Iohnson Clem larvis Mary Louise Iones 3 I. f t I Q if -'f , v1.1 1 X, I ii , ,- 1 I , fr I atl 1 f ,I .2 v t ,L,' L ' ' ..-fx fz fi, . , 1 I 4 A X xt X W4 Ruth lean Rella Mae Killingsworth Ixm Kmg Genie King Roy Edwin King Betty Kautz Dorothy Kidd Dolores Kerntke Barbara Kerr Agnes Leachman Kenneth Lake james B1ll Levere Harvey McAnulty Don MeCub Culver Moe Peggy Dorn Bob McDole bln Ruth Mullendore Davxd Malone s Mott Kenneth Mayfleld Aubrey Metcalf Carol Ann Naeter Dorothy Osterloh Darrel Overholt 4 -f' H ,gg f ..,.,,-, uv- I if Kenneth Ozbun Jeanne Pearson Harry Percy Patricia Lee Patton Ruth Anne Prichard luanita Pilgrim Charles Platt Donella Palmer ,JC Billy Ross Bruce Riley Nellie Rainwater Annginette Roberts Ruth Rogers A t Robison In z 'Q B Shirley Rector Io Nell Rossander ,Q Betty Richards jerry Stubbs V , Leo Schafers W ' S If Louis Schafers Z 4 Qi ' " 4 ll Sally Swim Margaret Ann Sherrod Alice Speak David Smith 1 i .,."l Z will ' ,Q f 1 f t X oi Cc XR -new 5: f yuh? WyZfXff ,x 5 M 7' , -. , ,Z , fi 4 f 1, f 1 I 1 !""f Effie 1 , f 0 f yi , ,. f :fb - " ,tm ww! 'Wy , ,e 'jf , . ,QA VV ,,,, ' wr X -gf. I ' ff W ax f ff X I J ff ff! Q ff 1 ff ,f 7 f y ,ff ff if S 1 X 0 'I ' ,Jw X ' ,jf ff 4 ff f 1 ff f M f 2 1 4 --...Wm W, W ff , X f f 7 ff f X X X W ff W 7 AWN ,V f A X 7 f x Z f f if M 1, X ff f f f, f 7 5, 7 ff , ggi, f f f f y 4 4, ,f K 1 , fyf ff, ' X j X? 4 Imogene Spiva Zola Dean Stecker F rank Smith Delores Stanley Olga Lee Swim Mary Ethel Stockwell Io Ann Thomas Alan Thomson Sharlene Todd Owen Thomas Gerald Thompson 'Glenna F. Thomason LM! 2 Iimmy Van Lila Lee Weathe Ruhal Wells Edwin Wilson Addie Weaver Bill Weaver Iimmy Ward Naomi Walton Patty Ruth Wheeler Vera Young Bill Young Qunior Qllass Qfficers and fBoa'rd eiffembers Wilhurn Williamson Iim Vandergrift lane Weaver' Shirley White Pnggidgm Vice-President S cr I c c ary Treasurer Gene Class Rings Ruth Enix Place Cards and Programs Richard Pittcnger Prom Chairman Nancy Frye Decorations Max Lundquest Decorations Assistant Nita Brown Gene Perkins Frances Foshce Prom Assistant Entertainment Menu -'35 i CAROL GRINDSTAFF C te flunior Glass 'Kayalty BILLY FASH Count Introducing the Quniors I We are the juniors carefree and gayg We're not craz , we Y just act that way. 2 Our first taste of H. S. we take with delight We'rc busy in daytimeg 4 Our favorite the voice "Perry," by name If we haven't our lessons, he gets the blame. 5 But seriously now, are we so bad? Our mothers tell 'us and half through the night. we're just like our dads. 3 6 Saintly and innocent We're fickle and foolish, our halos do shine. giddy with glee. If you looked further Should trouble show up Our wings you might find. we wisely flee. 7 We wear sloppy sweaters and moccasins too. And paint ourselves up like Indians do. .. Wwjiv Troy Anderson Frank Allen lack Alderson Richard Archer Gene Becker -W1 X ,Q VZ! X Q rf Q yz if X B 7 , , 9 Zawya 1 1 ,1 - 7 ' , if , :fa lift ew-r 4 W ' f " ry ! 4 ' , 1 "4 X 'fir ' , ' , ff ' f . 4. V, M f be C Z B- Clifford Bilyeu Marion Brown Emma Fae Brock Bob Bollinger lean Bliss Andy Briscoe Sara Beck Everett Brett Ianice Bergstrasser Robert Barnes Nita Brown Russell Brannon Norma Boyles Glen Bays Larry Cooper Leo Collyar 'I ncy Craft Margaret Cross lanell Cobb Bob Church l Berta Io Crabs Iimmie Cantrell Norman Campbell l Loretta Colbert i I. D. Bilyeu I l Frank Dotter A Zelma Dryden , lohn Dryden Mary Duck Nina Emmons Evelyn Edwards Glenn Elliott Ruth Enix I lla Mae Flesner i Billy rash 3 l Carolina Frank Nancy Frye Frances Foshee Claude Glaser l0an Gilbert Ioanna Glaser H.1rri'Geiirlie:irt George Givens Robert Garner C.imlGrintlst.1ff Owen Harned Betty Human Ioan Hagers lean Hagers Bill Hays lean Holley Ann Hcffner Virginia Higgins Betty Heisler Darryl Hallman Georgia Hunt jar Hays Vfzirilyn Hewlett Xnnu Hargrove ,aVernc Houstun riyce Heuer 'auline Iarvis Lhirley Iiihnwn .arson Kew Qrace Kerntke ihn Paul Klingstc icque King ill Keith icz Keys wenith Kerns .erns dr A ,'?Z"" i wa .iw Q. ...ur N 4 t ' xp. LAXZRE A .1 1.5 J X ' ' A kit'-' F ll, Mi . 'Vi Yr' if wx f fx. W.. 1 Q f , f 'vs A E G , Kfgr' 2 , f.V. ina 1 ig K U I at 48 K 4' r ,f I ,W 'Q iw T523 af. a F A M x , blur-ww Cleo Kendrick Bessie Kennedy Raymond Lescault l Pauline Lovell Max Leaverton Ira Langley Conrad Lookabaugh lack Lothers Frances Low Vernon Lake l ,, Max Lundsquest i Nathan Lambert l Gene Marshall l Bob Meyer Ianice McClenclon 4 it Buel McElroy A Nancy Manning Pat Mooney Ioan Moore Darrell Mott Bernadine Moc il Billy Mann lmogene Mayfield Fred Mohler ' Mildred Miller A l Maralyn Orgain Marjorie Orr Mary Frances Payton 'H Juanita Preston i Bob Potts Richard Pittinger ' R. B. Proctor Gene Perkins Verla Payne Bobby Ruminer i F Iimmie Rogers Bob Roberts Illa Mae Roton Eunice Robbins Lee Snider David Swank Dorothy Sinclair Bill Swim Robert Smith Vema Scheuermann Martin Schmidt Phyllis Sharpton Bill Simcoe Elsie Io Shults Peggy Scheuermann W gy Betty Lee Stevens Delford Sloan Bill Sloan LeRoy Smith Louise Swatt Don Haston Barbara Trumbla Dick Tourtellotte Thelma Temple Marjorie Thomson Frances Thompson lim Vandergrift Beverly WoolW0fIh Nancy Williams Leah Ward Leona Whitmore lack Wiggins lean Walsh Philip Williams Ed Walker unim' Glass ommittees jimmy Wright Dorothy Io Wise lim Whorton Shirley White Iim Burner Virgil Wheatly lane Weaver Evelyn McGahee Anita Yeubanks Glenn Yandall CARDS AND PROGRAMS Bernatline Moe lack Lothers PROM Pat Hays Marilyn Orgain Sara Beck CLASS RINGS Larson Keso MENU Betty Lee Stevens Gwenith Kerns DECORATION Ioan Gilbert Ann Heffner Frank Allcni Marilyn Hewlett Twyla Zuck ENTERTAINMEN I' David Swank Buel McElroy CHRISTIA WHITE Duchess Sophomore 615135 "IQyalty EDISON TINGLEY lntroducing the ,Sophomores I We, the sophomores, have our troubles. They never come single, but always come double. 2 Having had all the lessons, speeches, and such, We begin to doubt if we know very much. 3 Once we knew what life was about, Now we swing on the hinge of doubt. 4 1.1 .2 We wander around like lost sheep, Q5 15, Until our fate 5 "diff we finally meet. Iust to get through ' i I is worth the price, ' But too many Cuts, is just no dice. 6 Now weary we stumble along the path, And pull what hair's left because of our math. 7 Though we may journey far and near, Our school days will always be cherished here. nil Doris Humphrey President Martha Bauman vice-President Pat Scherer Secretary Vera Faye Tomlinson Eugene Ahner Ioan Adams Eugene Arnett Harriet Arrington Iohn Adams Q' 5 J l s. Xa QQ t A , Qxtv 8 5 ' Q ys l 17" if ,A Vx .ff -Q R QL' i fi Gi ga 'sg ,a,-ai i gl, MQ E M, 4 ,. fit 'Ut' Za X2 Ht-tty lean Adams Charles Adams Barbara Arnold Marion Brown Ioetta Bennett Iimmie Brand Marilyn York Baker Bokorney Charles Bolen Emma Faye Barnett Robbie Boulware Iohn Brooks Sidnie Io Bishop Earl Boyer Billie lean Boyd Ruth Brown Eddie Briscoe Eva Bayless Albert Copley Bill Carr Charles Carroll Frank Caudle Peggy Clothier Betty Io Douglas Neil Douglas Barbara Duncan Kenneth Dunn Betty lo Drew Wayne Deck Cheri Dupree Eddie Darby Gene Donovan Norma lean Easter Bill Easton Robert Elliott 1 I ' 4, I - may s te 1 QMS my X f f-. ,W an fix 'Vs Q ff ff Q af , X 4 A I hiv If Q W " 5 ' N-.lag 'ff :Q ' " 4 In 1 that W -.!Y,"ff 7-X K I . fqn - f W , A Qt I 'fr' Q f Z-Q, ,W , l ,- . 'ft V ,fm - ,g ' if uf . My of V , .... , .. M 'gb qt . 4 A M if i ' ? 'Q Q X I . 'sy f D 2,.,:,,,.,-M 5 f X , g ,f , 134 ' f f f f gf .,, , QM j 2 W' 4 HW f f Billy Finley David Farrington Ruth Furgason Kathyrn Fenton Onita Fiscus Mary Io Friedemann Richard Glover Ioann Frank I. D. Garrett Oneta Geller Donald Graham Betty Hain R. A. Hesser Gordon Heisler Mary Hazelton Oneta Harris David Hall Ioyce Hill Richard Hanes Byron Hallenbcck lane Hackleman Lloyd Harnden Doris Humphrey Dorothy Ives Pete Iohnson Ronny Iones Dorma Lee Iacobs Ierry Iones Noel Iohnson Carita Kee Zola Mae Kidd George Kennedy Doris Keith Billy King Teddy Keller J, VW 2 LaVonna Longan Ronald Leaverton Linda Leachman Geraldine Lewis Raymond Lunsford Ioye McDole Pat Mooney Bula Bea Miller Velma LeBlanc Io Mull Ralph Mason Arless Moser Barbara Kay Mills Dolores Miller Iohn Monk Andrea Pearson Bob Payne Mack Payne Nila Milligan Phyllis Ozbun Charles Pock Rachel Palmer Ierrv Paschal Vernon Phagan Dennis Peeples lack Pietsch Elvin Powers Iimmie Patterson Eugene Petermann Barbara Puckett Gloria Rutter Edmond Rutter Charlene Redburn Gene Poteet Dorothy Riekstrew ggjj e , , 55 ,ar W1 4 4 f f , , 'Jed if f W 4 Q W 1 Xl f , i f ff , 1. .1 f f ff V J X f w , 40 if le 'xl 9 ff v fm. A Gyms A, , , , , , 4 f ff 3 I' . , A 7 .1 'll , 127, 4,4 be 5 1 5 ff. ' Q f V 1 4 I X K L- if '42 f .li 2? f' W f f X i f ,W t f fi 7 f 9-fgfiff I R1 I X? M A, if AV WA, , ' W we A " ,M pew , ,JW f 1 , ' 1 , N 'x , W. , ff f , U, W t , ff! XT! f , zfypfyfffkf' ni ,, ,qw f K WM, 4 ,W,,!f ,f - yy, ,. f ,fr ff ,mf -S w, fr' ,rw at ' S1 1 wil, . Y , ! i V 1, , f R ki , , f H ,,,, , V - , f, I 3 X f M w' f , , .44 Elfreda Rader Amos Richards Ioyce Roton Gene Randolph Sue Richardson B. R. Stubbs Betty Smith Bill Shepperd Doris lean Smith Ioseph Simon Ann Stapley Lorance Simring Anita Schatz Wendell Sandlin Alice Swisher Iohn Taylor Suzanne Taylor Donald Trompler Betty Iean Stancoff Everett Watkins Carmelita Tinker Harry Thompson Catherine Temple Ralph Young Harvey Thurman Ed Tingley Mary lane Ward Dale Weathers Bob Wisecarver Mary Ieanette Wiley Richard Willham Ioe Wensler Elaine Worthington I. C. Walker Bill Warren la X: 4 7, 'V f '. t 1 'f 5 ,I If 1 'X tt , iw 1 . W ,, ,iffy -,W ww ji V, ,,,f ww R , , ' ff ' TYH, 'ffl , Key, , f W, fi? fy f l ,Senior Glass 'will QContinued from Page 25, none other than Bob Carpenter and R. B. Proctor. Ierry Stubbs thinks that he will leave his football shoes to any one large enough to fill them, maybe Iimmie Rogers can do the job. Darrel Overholt and Iohnny Her- ron's departure leaves Mr. Hopkins no one to write unexcused absences for. Iimmie Duffy wants Iane Weaver to have her long black hair and big brown eyes. Sally Swim wills her physics book to Leah Ward and hopes that Leah will make better grades than she did. Donald Anderson leaves his last name to a guy named Troy. Iames Alcott, Henry Featherley, and Bill Weaver want Glen Bays, Richard Archer and Bill Simcoe to have their good grades. Edwin Wilson, Kenneth Lake, and Iim Bradley leave their good FFA trips to LeRoy Smith, Vernon Lake, and Iohn Dryden. Imogene, Marguerite, and Nadine leave their last name to Marion and Nita Brown. Clem Iarvis, Frances Hazelton, and Gilford Ikenberry jr. depart for better futures. Bob McDole and Glen Cowan will their "apple polishing" to Glen Bays and Wilburn Williamson. Leta Abbott leaves her place as first on the class roll to lack Alderson. Olga Lee Swim leaves brother Bill behind to carry on the Swim tradition. Robert Adams goes to work to sup- port his wife. Dan Dexter wants his wood-working ability to go to Frank Dotter. Patricia Dobyns, Billie Bassford, Dor- othy Osterloh, and Rosella Capstick go to keep house for their husbands. Iim VanDeventer and Iimmy Ward leave their first names and all their tricks to Iimmie Whorton and Iimmie Rogers. Edward Amend wills his quiet ways to Iimmie Cantrell l l l Nita Sue Evans and Gerald Heusel, Maxine Cordner and Edwin King, Mary Bandelier and B. L. Inman, Iuan- ita Pilgrim and Donald Boyles, Ruth Mullendore and David Malone leave to- gether still holding hands. Earlene Flager would like for Ruth Enix to have her violin. Forrest Crenshaw is leaving, but not for the army, after coming back to fin- ish his high school education. ' Vera Allinson wills her bottle of per- oxide to IoaniGilbert. Ruhal Wells wants Clifford Bilyeu to have his beautiful smile. Shirley Glover leaves with ,many hap- py regrets to join Iimmy at good 'ole' A. and M. Lynn Claypool just takes her figure with her. Annie Adams, Ann Hilton, Agnes Leachman and Sue Hackleman leave their pace-setter and color guard posi- tions vacant momentarily and make a running dash for the front door. Owen Thomas wills his excuse of "milking the cowsi' when he's late to Claude Glaser. Willie Abner and Harry Percy will their manliriess to Bobby Meyer and Ed Walker. Wayne Bokorney leaves his even tem- per to Fred Mohler Cand goodness knows he needs itlj Io Ann Thomas, Ruth Rogers, and LaQuita Willis will their friendliness to Carolina Frank, Pauline Iarvis, and Ianice McClendon. Sharlene Todd leaves her affection for chemistry to Pat Hays. Barbara Bishop leaves to Iimmy Van- degrift her ability to please Mr. Fisher in band by playing the notes written in the music. fContinued on Page 841 "-19" DOROTHY EASTER Cfflreshman 614155 7Qyalty WAYNE WILLET Introducing the Cgireslmmen I We are the babies- freshmen by name, Making a place for our future fame. 2 Algebra gives us quite a pain And once we've had it We're never the same. 3 Y-C2 -13,7 Themes and questions rle Helsel 'resident nneth Carlisle 'ice-President ne Kuechenmcister mercury ll Goble ICZSUICI' yne Anderson ie Atwell n Anderson 'y Ann Anderson 'k Atkinson fill our minds For never an answer can we find. 5 Serious thoughts we sometimes think, Until some sophomore accusingly blinks. 6 We like to show our grades so fine, But for study we havcn't time. 7 After this year we hope to possess The pride and joy of S. I-I. S. 4 We voice our thoughts on every phase And even our elders stare amazed. 3 1 fy XM iffy f f W f if Q ff 2 , f ,fer la ff N, -r m, 7,1 , .af 'M ik, 9 1Q.!'. Tai Doris Anglin Marvin Bays Betty Lee Benjamin Iuanita Belknap Ronnie Bennett Doyle Black Iames Bolen Bernard Brown lean Burke Francis Brown Gene Cowan Patsy Copeland Frances Cardwell Norma lean Collya Kenneth Casey l Wade Cope Q w Rilla Carlisle l Dorris Marie Cullci Robert Coats 1 Alice Curtis Kenneth Carlisle X Marrilee Carpenter, l Frances Cain Ioann Dryden 3 Marilyn Drumm i Ruth Dyer Helen Denny Mike Donahoo Dorothy Easter Q N Audry Ann Elledg Lucille Enix Roy Emmons Iulialean Earley W Klara Friedemannl lack de Gruchy l Roy Georgia x Neil Goble Bonnie Gaines Pat Gilmore Leroy Harting Phillip Hansen Ellen Hughes Don Horton Cecil Henrick limmie Holdridge Betty Hemphill Buddy Hesser Mona Hesser Kent Hoyt Harold Hart Don Honeyman Donna Heusel Ronald Ham Verle Helsel Helen Holley Knox Hamilton Dale Hicks Ianice Helf Henry Dale Hansen Lorerie Harting Richard Hall Doris Haskett Nancy lane King Vivian Kain Barbara Kerns Edna Kendrick lune Kuechenmeister Thomas Kerby Ioan Kidd Wanda Kerby 1 ...Ani f-MK I 'Uk Ex f f f ,vm 2 ,, Y 5 1 Doris Keith Christine Lowry Bill Lambert Iean Lundquest Leon Linton Betty Ann Lewis Velma Langley Richard Ledbetter Marjorie McKenzie Ray Maggard Leroy Manning Ierellene Manny Dell Miller Martha Mull Bobbie Montgomery Peggy Melton lim Miller Marcelle Morris Bob Niles Delores Pike Iimqkarson Mollyann Platt Marilyn Peterman Patricia Edwards Nancy Pitts Lois Oldfield Dale Ross Iunior Rosiere Mary Iane Shockey Alana Smith Bob Sherman Delores Stone Bobby Smith Barbara Stepp Roger Stitch Earlene Shipman Dale Sharpton Darlene Ann Schmidt Cornelia Ann Self Winsel Sloan Tom Sloan Beverly Smith Robert Sloan Helen Schafers Lesslie Sagersa Marion Tallon Betty Thompson Etta Thompson Buddie Tabor Faunetta Thomason Darlene Woolworth Barbara Woerz Keith Wise Leo Whitmore Ioyce Williamson Dean Williamson Dick Walters Billy Dale Wells Wesley Woolworth Thelma Wilson 3etty Williams Wayne Willet Iarol York Jell Young letty Io Iacob arhara Bilyeu lorothy Borum 'ivian jean Curtis 'JV ,if " ' ,l f f' " fu' X" , 'fm Xl f f ! Q 177 , ,ll I' ,' U ,vi ' . as we A 01457 7 ff Y 47 . -M - , 7 i 'Wf ff f f fi X 71 X Q. eff Q ,,,,,,,,,,,,., ff M ' Q, yun- 'W 9 QS' Q ,QQ if ZW Q gg Z f w M Q, an W I ' Qwr Sports . . . OUR CHEERLEADERS Iimmy Patterson, Ioan Gilbert, Sally Swim, Annginette Roberu, Ruth Enix, Iohnny Taylor -'57 .n N RUTH MULLENDORE 11- WT 5 Football Queen A , ,, lv lg 1 ff ' W f ,, V S K f f f 1 "Y f fmsvwmy f ff W K 7' M.. Ag, , ,jff f ' K f 1 uf 1 , f ff - f W E" .' U -.f ,, .4-2 X 'Y W fff X ff A W 1 W , ,mf 4, David Smith :L year letterman End Ioe Brooner I yur lettcrman Tackle Henry Featherly I IB ' ' CCQID Back Wilbur Frank '1B" team 'V 'Back Wilburn Williamson "B" mm Center Bob Roberts "B" team Lee Snider jgrry Paschal Harvey Thurman I year letterman I 791' lflfumn ' Yea' letmman End Bug Back Wistar The Stillwater 1947 football team had a highly successful season from the coach's standpoint because of the experience his play- ers gained. Although our team had four losses against five wins, this is not an indica- tion of the brand of football they played. The team worked the first four games from a T formation before Coach Hamilton dropped back to the old familiar single wing. Vincent Robison, Willie Ahner, and Ierry Stubbs made the All-District teams and Stubbs also made the Tulsa World and Daily Oklahoman All-State teams. During the reg- ular season he was named "lineman of the week" by the Oklahoman. Coach Hamilton was aided by George Dorsch, who acted in the capacity of assistant coach and "B" team mentor. Dorsch's "B" team, though they came out Em second best in four starts, showed marked im- provement over the inexperienced group that Conrad Lookabaugh Gene Donovan Eugene Ahner Pat Hays -.Bn team uBn team HBH tam HBH tum Back Cgmgr Center Tackle , Kermit Ingham Leo Collyar Bill Weaver I YG' ICU'-fmlll I year letrerman 3 year letterman Tickle ' Back Back ecard he started at the beginning of the season. Many of them will be ready for a varsity birth DCXI SCQSOH . Stillwater o Stillwater I3 Stillwater 7 Stillwater o Stillwater I3 Stillwater 34 Stillwater I3 Stillwater 7 Stillwater 32 Stillwater I4 Stillwater 6 Stillwater o Stillwater o George Givens B" team End Amos Richards I year Iettengan Guard Aubrey Metcalf 1 year letterman Tackle Ioseph Simon "B " tam uAaa Squad Back . . .... Bristow I4 . Ponca City 20 . Drumrlght 0 Culver Moe' . . Perry I3 "B" mm . Norman 26 End . Blackwell o . Guthrie o I . . Cushing 2I I-D-BUYCU ..B,. . Shawnee I4 Cmfffm "B" Squad . . . Cleveland "B" 26 Petelohnson . . . . . Crescent 33 --BH tain . . Tulsa Central "B" 46 Tukl' . . Tulsa Central "BU 6 Ronnie Leaverton Bill Swim Richard Willham "B" u-am -'ir' tam "B" mm Tackle Guard Guan-1 .. -. 1 1 1. Grrr! r-r-r, 1. lnm11n's working hard as usual. 3. Who's coming after you l-larry? 4. lt's Worth admiring, i David. 5. Did ya 1rip, Blue? 6. Thar she hlowsl 7. Whatcha scared of Mo", 8, Relax, Arthur Ioe. 9. Pipe the l glamour pose! lo. Three man team. Il. Shooting dice or playing marbles? 12. Butrerfingersl 13. G01 the sun 1 in your eyes? 14. Go get em, Willie. 15. Where are you going to hide it? 16. Shootin the bull, 17. Upset thc I fruit basket, 18. One Alone. 19. Will1ur's got il. i l Flnr row: .David Smllh, uene nanuolpn, Coupe., only mmey, muy rasn, uurrora buy son, Bill Sloan, Henry Patherly, B. R. Stubbs. eu, Wilburn Will Secogg row: liugeue nrnett, Donald Graham, John Monk, Max Lmverton, Raymond Lunsford, Harry Percy, yer, Richard Pittenger, Jerry Paschal, Darrell Mott, Willie Ahner, Vincent Robison, Lee Snider, C h llalvh Hamilton. t, Qasketball "Ji" and "SB" Squad The Stillwater Pioneer basketballers started the season with three regulars returning from last year's bang up team which won the 8A race and the regional tournament only to bow to Capitol Hill of Oklahoma City in the State Tdurna- ment. Coach Ralph Hamilton has produced another promising basketball team. It has gone undefeated in loop competi- tion to this date and stands a good chance of repeating as cream of the 8A crop. The players are all experienced with first string veterans Clifford Bilyeu at guard, Harry Percy and Bill Fash at forwards. Darrell Mott is at the other guard position and Vincent Robison at center. First line substitutes are Da vid Smith and Bill Sloan. NAv TCHID Stillwater 25 ..... Chandler 24 Stillwater 2I .... Drumright 23 Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater 0 s a s Blackwell Ponca City Pawhuska . O. C. Central s s 1 Team . 0 1 Q . Guthrie . Chilocco Drumright . Guthrie Pawhuska . Blackwell . . Perry Ponca City . Cushing . Chandler . Chandler Pawhuska . Guthrie . Chilocco, . Guthrie Pawhuska . Blackwell . . Perry .1- First row: Clifford Smith, Ed Ray Roberts, Billy Iones, Iohn Gillum, limmy Stephenson, Bob Garrett. Second row: Neil Goble, Ronnie Ketch, Verle Hclsel, Wayne Willet, Bob Andrews, Kenneth Casey. Third row: Wayne Anderson, Gene Cowan, Iimmy Holdridge, Ronnie Bennett, Winsel Sloan, Bob Niles. Fourth row: Tom Waite, Keith Wise, Tom Nicholson, Dean Williamson, Kenneth Carlisle, Coach Hugh Coonfield. Boy Klyioneer Squad The 1947-48 Toy Pioneer basketball team, which has gone undefeated thus far, is probably the best team the Still- water Iunior High has produced. Coached by Hugh Coonfield, the Toys demonstrated some remarkable ball control, passing, and shooting. With Iimmy Holdridge at center, Ronnie Bennett and Winsel Sloan in the guard spots, and Wayne Anderson and Bob Niles, forwards, they controlled the ball the majority of the time. First line sub- stitutions were Gene Cowan and Wayne Willet, who saw plenty of ac- tion. By the end of the season Coach Coonfield and his team are sure to hang up an impressive record and probably a few titles. Here's to their continued success. 266s Stillwater . Glencoe I2 Stillwater . . . . Ripley II Stillwater ,. . Kingfisher 5 Stillwater " . . . Cleveland I7 Stillwater . Guthrie Cotteral I4 Stillwater . 'Drumright I0 Stillwater ..... 'Bristow IO Stillwater . Guthrie Cotteral 9 Stillwater . . . Ponca City I4 Stillwater . . Perry II Stillwater . . 'Bristow 8 Stillwater . 'Cushing I7 Stillwater .... Perry 8 Stillwater . 'Drumright I7 Stillwater . 'Cushing I4 Stillwater . . Ponca City I3 Stillwater . . . Cleveland 24 Stillwater """Guthrie Cotteral 8 Average: 25 to I2. fI2O points to 76 points in conference Plat? 'Northern Conference Division Games Northern Conference Playoff for Championship. Play-D ill' in . , 'K E1 X up 'S ,V 0 X f 4 . f i. Q f . , Q ., 0 , Q 4 , Q .1 I, ,Q f ., f , X Q X x ' 1 4, 5 A si ' Ak , W ' . ,N XX .X X ,Q ,I Q fl Rival l XY " fue? in Nd' fl if QQ! 93 X. ' L IOHNNY HERRON 1 I3 lbs. 'wrestling Go-Gaptains DARREL OVERHOLT 1 34 lbs. Won third place at O. M. A. Invitational. m SCHEDULE FOR ,48 Stillwater 21 ...... Geary I3 Stillwater 26 . . . O. C. Classen I3 Stillwater I5 .... Ponca City 2I Stillwater 27 . . . . Bristow 9 Stillwater 9 ...... Perry 26 Dual meets prior to Geary Tournament ZS Casing "Crunch:-rr" Wright throws a 4 split on "Camp" Wilson. ' O 0 C Pioneer 'wrestling Cffieam First row: Iohn Anderson, IO4 lbs.g Iohnny Herron, II3 lbs.g Bill Leverett, 121 lbs., Andy Bris- coe, 128 lbs.g Darrel Overholt, 134 lbs., Iimmy Wright, I3Q lbs. Second row: Russell Brannon, Edwin Wilson, 146 lbs.g Amos Richards, 155 lbs Elvin Powers, Heavyweight, Fred Mohler, Eddie Briscoe ffhird row: Coach Dorsch, Knox Hamilton, 95 lbs.g Iimrny Patterson, 145 lbs 138 lbs., Doyle Black, 120 lbs.g Bill Simcoe, 154 lbs.g Jimmy Ward, 133 lbsilg 95 lbs. : .I.2elL0gsi,,5lQem Bob Bollinger, Roy Emmons, , Q 42 Gm e7XCu5ic . . . Drum Major Iim Vanclggrift and Band Queen Mary Io Carrier 'RH W" VU rl .,J 1. ETJ QT I, Y'.,.,., 1 V we-2 P y:v'?,q1 N L 1 1 2 A 5 .Q I QA , M I F., it ,ix hjrfhk' JJ, 4 , 4 - P 1, W MNgf51gw I 'A ' -' A ' - I' ' . - KL D f A-' Glen Cowan President Iim Vandegrift President julia Ann Cottongim President Mary Ann Adams Mary Io Carrier CUIYCY MOC Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Librarian eyffixed Ghorus W - ' -k" Y . " X- ,Dpi WQQ-,Q f X0 W f ,X 5 rm ,Wm Ab W - k f' . , .... ' X 'WWW ff M -f, IG W Vw Ali it X74-A Q fi? x 4 pu - , X- f f,,",:,4r--'a Mx 'ir 1' I 95429 yi . Y, . V L ...i. X Q55 X 45'-M ,X Lloyd Harnden Iimmic Atkins Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer I-lbfflflan Buel McElroy fBoys' Cjlee Qlub Vera Y0Ul'1g Lou Brister Ieanne Pearson Vicc-President Secretary-Treasurer Librarian Girls' Qlee Qlub C5'riple CCSTIO Glenna Thomason lean Hager Ioan Hager Ioye McDole Maxine Cordner Frances Foshcc Gwenith Kerns Mary Bandelier Mary Ann Adams fBoys' Quartet Larson Keso Iohn Paul Klingstedt Bob Potts Gilford Ikcnberry W First row: Bobby Beniamin, Edwin Lookabaugh, Cedric Delano, Iimmie Pearson, Lloyd Harnden, Wayne Willet, Winsel Sloan, Billy Bob Niles, Everett Brett, Ed Walker, Harvey McAnulty, Bob Potts, Iimmie Atkins, Bucl McElroy. Second row: jackie Hicks, Ronald Fash, Billy Hughes, Raymond Swartz, James Beadley, Tommy Mercer, Iames Douglas, Freddie Dippold, Billy jones, Gilford Ikenberry, Edwin King, Dewey Brett, Robert Flanders, Glen Elliott. Third row: Charles lngersol, Kenneth Burl, Gene Randolph, Doyle McAlwayne, Iohn Taylor, Larson Keso, Iohn Paul Klingstedt, Elwood Haston, Iim Vandergrift, Raymond Lescault, B, R. Stubbs, Pete johnson, Donald Graham, Culver Moe, Charles Adams. Pianist: Glen Cowan Director: Glenn Epperly iBoys' Qlee Glub e7YCixed Ghoms First row: lane Weaver, Shirley White, Leah Ward, Emma Fae Brock, Dorma Lee lacobs, Oneta Harris, Glenna Thomason, Iimmy Pearson, Glenn Epperly, directory jimmy Ward, Glen Cowan, Harvey McAnulty, Ed Walker, Marilyn York, On.ita Fiscus, Linda Lcachman, Vera Young, Mary Io Carrier, lane Hackleman. Second row: Nancy Frye, Pauline Lovell, Dorothy Ives, Betty Douglas, Martha Bauman, Mary Bandelier, Iames Douglas, Winsel Sloan, Billy Bob Niles, Jimmie Atkins, Bob Potts, Ioan Hagers, Gwenith Kerns, lean Hagers, Betty Richards, loye McDolc, lo Mull. Third row: Ruth Mullendore, Carol Grindstaff, Geraldine Lewis, Sue Hackleman, Ann Hilton, Mary Ann Adams, Larson Keso, lohn Paul Klingstcdt, Raymond Lescault, Don McCut-bin, Edwin King, Gilford Ikenberry, Ever- ett Brett, Marilyn Hewlett, Annginerte Roberts, Anna Mae Hargrove, Loretta Colbert, Frances Foshee. Fourth row: Sharlene Todd, Geraldine Hughes, Iulia Ann Cottongim, Pete johnson, Pat Hays, Lloyd Harnden, jim Vandergrift, Wayne Willet, Edward Amend, Culver Moe, Donald Graham, Charles Adams, Buel McElroy, Bernadine Moe, Nita Brown, Ioan Gilbert, and Maxine Cordner. Pianist: Iacque King. , , , , , , K , , ,L , it ff ' I First row: Mona Drumright, ludith Kay Long, Ioy I-Iackleman, Hazel Elliott, Shirley Yeubanks, Ian Caldwell, Ruth Ann Burton, Glenn Epperly, director, Ianet Hilton, Claudette Leachman, Shirley Taylor, Shirley Allen, Sherry Thompson, loyzell Trompler, Ieanne Worthington. Second row: Mary lane Shockey, Ila Grace Daugherty, Oriah Curtis, Dolores Stone, Marilyn Morris, Nona Drum- right, Iulia Earley, Patsy Copeland, Martha Douglas, Ioy Garner, Marianne Iardot, Rosalee Collier, Barbara Cash, Twila Smith. Third row: Annawyn DeBenning, Nancy Ingham, Mona I-lesser, Betty Hall, Doris Smith, Edith Copley, Shirley Davis, Pat Lester, Ianet Higgins, Katherine Rogers, Christine Lowry, Sally Farrel, Gwendalyn deGruchy, Clara Friedemann, Rada Houston, Georgia Klieson. Fourth row: Lois Larrabee, Marlene Friedemann, Earleen Shipman, Ellen Ioyce Hughes, Doris Haskey, Geraldine Manny, lean Bennett, Kay McCarty, Carol York, Iune Kuechenmeister, Donna White, Carolyn Whitney, Esther Crane, Emilie Low, Nell Young, Barbara Bilyeu, Helen Holley, Ruby Long, and Barbara Myrick. Pianist: Bernice Stecker. Qunior Wigh Girls' Qlee Cflrub enior Wfigh Girls' Glee Glub First row: Barbara Kay Mills, Peggy Clothier, Frances Thompson, lean Holley, Glenna Thomason, Emma Fae Brock, Nancy Frye, Glenn Epperly, director, Ioan Hagers. Betty Richards, Annginette Roberts, Lou Brister, Ioan Hively, Linda Lou Leachman, Vera Young, Ianell Cobb, Ioye McDole. Second row: Leah Ward, Iane Weaver, Pauline Lovell, Margaret Cross, Dorma Lee Iacobs, Dorothy Ives, Inez Keys, Shirley White, Marilyn Hewlett, Nita Brown, Loretta Colbert, Maxine Cordner, Ruth Rogers, Kathryn Fenton, Catherine Temple, lane Hackleman. Third row: Sharlene Todd, Iulia Ann Cottongim, Geraldine Hughes, Oneta Harris, Charlene Redburn, Carol Grindstaff, Geraldine Lewis, Martha Bauman, Betty Douglas, Ioetta Bennett, Twyla Gaye Zuck, Nancy Williams, Marilyn York, Onita Fiscus, Betty Stevens, Frances Foshee, Anna Hargrove, Io Mull. Fourth row: Barbara Carlisle, Ann Hilton, Mary Ann Adams, Mary Bandelier, Rella Killingsworth, Barbara Puck- ett, Ioan Moore, lean Bliss, Ieanne Pearson, Sue Hackleman, Ruth Mullendore, Bernadine Moe, lacque King, Bessie Kennedy, Shirley lohnson, Ioan Gilbert, Dorothy Rickstrew. Pianist: Mary Io Carrier. MARY IO CARRIER Band Queen Earlene Flager President Instrumental ' e7XCusic Qficers Frances Low Roy Houck Vice-President Business Managers Grchestfra Qmcers Mary Bandelier President li fe 1:1 V ' X 1 Mme f , 5 fi, ,f why M y , , W, ,Woff , , , "f" f I fff W" I - WV, , , ,, Q,-fffi'Q1e: " ff'f'fb41lQV Wfyvwffi 11 , N f ,,,, ' QQn fvrv Q gx fg ' ,W 'Kibf' YZ ,, W ' ff, i f X X, JW V if iaS??fE fi " 4 if ff 1 AMW ,Mn x Harvey McAnulty President Gloria Rutter Rella Mae Killingsworrh Norma lean Easter Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Librarian 'Drum and fBugle Qjlicers Maynafd BIUITICI' Bafbafil Trumbia Ggng Pgfkins Max Lundquggt ViCC'P1'CSidCHl Libmfiim Business 'Manager Business Manager fBand Qfficers IIM VANDEGRIF T Band Major E B : EES E BEARERS: g FLAG ctt Q 2 2322255 ofzlfie Emgirri misses: E E FOURTH ROW: Max Cope . Vonda Lee Blvcrt ns Van Sick! Q O S. EQ U IS :UB 3 om me E gi 0 52:1 qnen Li 5 I 5: Al. 32 E 5 F' I- :E 0 1: EE: EEE mil C . 2 sa L- G 2523255 sgrtiia "-'o : SEESGEGSBE H gs 12 52 u u 9 E 2 EE 0 E E 3 5 6 Br - 559g Eg5a E532 ': A :I v9p3E 2' nr.-o ala Q53 .n g,g.2g:',g i3B?m E : E55 -xv x EE? 5512752 zoo-.gagging PQCEUB5 Um gaegiic ig EEEEQSS EZ Ed 'E sg 5 iii! :EE 424 S ll cr, Band Quec E . 5 E 6 CENTER: S 3. I g E cn 2 George Thompson George Duckwall y Butler r rl illham rg? ""U ang xiii I E .G la: I ri: Ann Doug rieda Rada' hn Brno .5 v E :SEE 3iP gif! M Egg aEim m ll 9 agg:8 EEE O H .miii :Q Si a sEE55 Q E 2:44092 5 5 is I gsisei O mmii ei Q ff W M gf? W N QQQ? ff WWWW Z5 -, ,VI w f W W4 ff? . wffGWK A, X ,, fwfk, I Q , X f' 4 " W 1. f Q g yfi 'ff V ' .Q i fi 4 ,, f' ZX 7,19 1' f wwf KWWWZVS, M74 1 f av, ' mv, 'WJ' f - , ww., .M sWQy y H5 W f xf. , W, -Qvwf eww Z 1 X in W Z N if-I 5 M W, f , . . , f f K K '71 I f A Q'w'i' if' 'A ,. r Q y ., , '7 as ,f 0 . f 5 I , - i ff QW X Fw Q Wa , W Q :gy A ,K I ' V , :I :V S V V f , V Q X g .Q 1 r 1 ' X5 aw w if X 1 H- , ,Lf , f ff ,., X x dgx su fs 2 X K , if jg We , 14543 'X WW X 2 , , 'X " ' ' XX! I N W f ,f f 'V , Q ' 'f' f l h f If "' A f ,rv x V K 6471 ni f 1 . 'TW iff-ij zz- Af, M W X ig fjf y ex ff! ff 2, f f X 7345" lf, U of I, J, ,jx if 2 4 ,fy WZ , 1:2 fv W Q 7, W1 f f WWW, A V, ,, ,fr M f ,, VV , 4 f nh Z I ' 4" Z l Q. of M ag, rhk, 7 gf. s. f, , wr W mf - 3, ,4 ffjii Senior Glass 'will QContinued from Page 49, Naomi Walton gives her "sense of humorv to Glen Elliott. Alice Speak leaves her ability as a bookkeeper to Iimmy Wright. Nellie Rainwater wills her amusing last name to a junior with a last name just as amusing, Ianice Bergstrasser. Iuanita and Martin Craft leave their sister, Nancy, to Virgil Wheatly. Floyd Hunt goes leaving his sister, Georgia, to take his place. Another brother and sister team is split up when Culver Moe leaves Bern- adine. Ianet Boyd and Sylvia Buntin are thankful that at last they are out of school. Louise Cleveland leaves her reckless driving to Bob Church. for does he have enough of his own?j Helen Chrystal, Carolyn Carlisle, Doris Ann Douglas, and Beftty Davis hope to make as good grades in college as they did in high school. LaVerne DeMarsh wants to leave her name to a gal named Houston. Richard Fagan, Bob Felton, and lack Grover pass their quiet method of talk- ing to Bob Potts, Buel McElroy, and Larson Keso. Donald "The Brain" McCubbin wills his job at the Malt Shop to Bob Roberts. Violet Hestand wills her ability to make nice clothes to Ioyce Hesser. Billy Ioe Cottongim is so glad to be leaving that he could shout for joy. Harry Percy, Aubrey Metcalf, and Willie Ahner have left quite an empty spot on Coach Hamiltorfs football roll. Kenneth Baker and Billy, Ross just want to leave. A Claudine Elmore would like for ev- ,84-e ery one who takes Latin to have her good grades and she leaves her pleasant smile to Norma Boyles. Weldon Curran wills his bicycle to Frank Allen. Erma Greenfield goes to join her hus- band. Emerson Helms wills his shovel to a more fortunate junior! Ruth Iean has already left. Ramona Iohnson joins her "fellas" at A. and M. Dolores Kerntke, Dorothy Kidd, and Zola Dean Stecker leave Mr. Friede- mann without a sixth hour bookkeep- ing class. Genie King leaves to work in the gro- cery store. Iim King leaves his drums. Kenneth Mayfield takes his cuesticks with him. Carol Naeter wills her ability to write to Iean Bliss. Kenneth Ozbun leaves his polistencss to Owen Harned. Donella Palmer leaves her outstand- ing cooking ability to Sara Beck. Ieanne Pearson leaves her purfume to Iean Walsh. Shirley Rector leaves to move into her new house. Frank Smith leaves Mr. Crable with- out a "pet." Imogene Spiva, Io Nell Rossander, Delores Stanley leave their shorthand books to those who can use them. Mary Ethel Stockwell and Lila Lee Weathers leave their places on the school bus to Zelma Dryden and Mary Duck. The staff leaves best wishes to all and hope they enjoy the "Pioneer of I948.,, QW Qrganizations The National Honor Society poses with the 1948 members. KERMIT INGHAM President of Student Council , 4 x m. -"87N IN . 1" f x ix yx1L"V! X. 2? 'S' I wt ki Z 3 'fi , , N324 K 'Nw .,,.,.m-mmvsfg ' YZ M, VV f r. U24 143 ,M4,..:Yi , H,-'ff' 'f?!'T2?f7' f , J: L EMM!!! M f ,F 4 , , , 2 ,, 7 X M ' . ,ff 1 , ,V , f ,f f f 4 A , f .r V, X X bw wg., Q 1 g - f Z , f Esfpff i , , If f x , ' ' I 5- hi uf. f , , g, f' 431 f f ,Y ' Q , 1 f , 4 0 f 2 W! Q f ,ff ff ,wg , f 4 fy ,7 , Zz, ,O ww: 1 7 , ' W , Qi". f, X 'Q Vw w 2- 5 Q- f Z, MQW xv WX' ' ff' .. wif ,X f f ' 'LL , , f, , ,f ,, ff f 1, , " X rf' ff -uf .Q vw, fyfp, , -f 7 , ,, ,Y , , x , . ,f ,, , ,, I' X MIK f'f,:'.f2' -w V f""W'M' Tffgr W , fswfs' 1 i " ff, ' Y 4' S ii Q Q55 ,, , aff f F fff: 'X Q' ,ff 'Q' :, K X ,W ,, X ., , g . W nm ' ff ai 7 QQ ,Wy Iulia lan Earley, radiog Norma Collyar, radio. Kerr, radiog 2 E E5 5 E E E m 'D s- -2 U Q 5 C 2 E 1: 5 Hively OSU Wocrz, I Lucille Enix, Barbara nn Frank, 03 Robert Coau, I on, lo Mull, Copeland, Dean Williams Patsy First row: Hilton. llll henmeiszer, A CC rgain, june Ku aralyn O slcr, M Win OC ngley, Icrry Paschal, I rmit Ingham, Edison Ti Ke fl BCMICKI. limes Alcoa, Frank Donor, tapley, loc! we Ann S I0 Second Rachel Palmer L ardwel C Onixa Harris, Frances C7 KGSI ES I ll 'Q VD we 4-5 E- we VJ 8- QJ fha aveng- -EDEJZSQ-'-r3E..: .-3wE.:Bg J: 20-::,3o.., LH-:VU DSO. UI-4 -E3ul"'Q2EX..Q"l5 wg-G, Mum aww.. Cog: ...E-E-EEOUUQ Exsjgmmog OH-E:fwwb 2WG-AUH:U 1. .,cvfu ULZECWOW,-2 E OEM-,.1,:::.., OU u WO ,Q-CUE--viziz: .rzucmgiiig QEBHOS E vol-7:1 gi'5"5'-' on::,2, ::E'U EEGCIQ. 5255.2 O cum, -Gi. o ,Lu iE5?Ga-f. .9 xtzggih -1 2 g:3E: :H Uumwf'-Uuc:.U -cs-A .H i5U,5gm"'.g5 235642393 F3-E.,-dimdll-Ev, Magi Bhmi Nowak gsm Wwaovimuw 09255590 wi. ev ,-1.4: :ZOFSEAUEI "' c: ,,N"--1 ':":c:sw:A'-'UE O3-'UUU-..G"' U qjUv,Oeu "' UU Q3-i53Sw3 ESE- Nadi :'U'-Eu"-EL.. 'gm 3Ew6gBgw2 Emggdgfzg Q-x3Qmm6m OE.: -44:52 Quan:-um '54-9uO5:!'O mxqwimc M ik -M f.. 5 we is is -U -0 . U :J 5 4-'UOEQ O... Uv oo H01 G ixnzs 2 N-330 YP 3 Draws AE H 25232 Q3 E Ngggv E3 ...Q VJ-E Q2 II 'TVN'-s-4 mu 'Ri .9-1033 E ?905G2w Em 80-:JO C- O" -cz'-"::'5E'-1 -'-Sr' 3302753.25 .xo 2ee-mfT ge V, Ezgtgng 35 D19 5'-'-EE ws. Wiwfvfz E: wwg :MH iq rdu-l,5ENECQ EQ, 3O3U,q-U gg-6 -,,u'U-Etc" I 300:50 N O ccouiaof, .245 aL42q'E.'i2 VJT5 mugmqgm me Ee 3,.,fu,'ff, 'Dev noggwx- Eg T'.'U0cuQi.?5 23 :EP-Dlgganggu OSB'-'-DUu'lEo.G :ao Dnowu "ol-'O'Ef-f..:...P '59, "5gouDcu'5U ,H"3v'::Ef4,'2::co QQU5'-4.4: .OBE W""OuU"' 0'5' Hb 'U UNnm'EmiU2 'QHQUS Eltzfuu Zmdiigiogg .002 iEa,55fSgH al"'3UrlJ.L.gv:,o6 3 Sf, SD' 3: U we EG - Jw 'ZQ2l1o'5 who in gf. These, students were chosen by the Student Council as the most outstanding members of the senior class. The were selected because of their scholastic standin , Y g artici ation in school activities and coo eration with P P : P students and teachers. james Alcott Glen Cowan Sue Hackleman Ann Hilton Kermit Ingham Sally Swim Sharlene Todd IUNIORS WHO RECEIVED HONORABLE MENTION: Ruth Enix, Mary Frances Payton, Ioan Gilbert, Shirley White, Frances Low lane Weaver. ,gow 3 w 5,51 j I lax . if - 1 1 N Q Wl -f IAMIES ALCOTT President of State Honor Society Shirley White, secretary: Ann Hilton, treasurerg Iames Alcott, presidentg lane Weaver, vice- presidentg Miss Huffine, sponsor, ,Sta te Cyfonor Members of the State Honor Society are those students whose grades are in the upper ten per cent of their class for two consecutive semesters. This group is the only organization at North High school whose members are selected sole- ly on the basis of grades, and it is the only honor organization open to all four classes. The year 1947-48 is the State Honor Societyjs second year of func- tioning as a major organization, but in spite of its youth it has contributed ociety Qfficers many many things to our school's life. Writing a new constitution was the society's first project this year, and in iit the purpose was set forth as "to pro- mote higher standards of scholarship." Other major projects for the year were a courtesy program, a State Honor as- sembly at which this year's members were presented with their certificates, and the annual spring banquet and in- stallation of officers. "'93" CIS Loth JA C 35 h-r-m m E W 'C 41 C cl O rn .E 3 vs U .3 fu 3.9 O y Io Carrier af M W: RO RST FI li m Ji DD E : ev DD va 5 I-1 cv 2 .E -S' 0 C 3 C N C u M gn I1 O u O Sharlene Todd Har H2 Young An ally Sw vely S Ioan Hi eys Inez K eu it u 5 lean Holley VI .5 -1 L1 u Q1 u C u 0 Ea bd Q35 538' I-1 1 Bryan Hollenbeck 3 O Q L 2 .C O CD v U C O vm S .lm c: .So grove White ley u .- J: U9 Ms Ex p-.S-3 632 :Gu .EB s: rd mi C 8 .5 -- -a O M Q E o F Onita Fiscus 3 m LL Vera ain SE n Org aetar aly Frances Low Z E es Q Mar ea me C .2 ff! v E N ra n-.1 2 'E 2 Zi SE C .A .C JD 0 L C 'C 1: 2 I Ruth CSVCI lane W r: s: 41 ayton rances Foshee Frances P CL C -C ID 3 DQ OE U hm t U CU l-1 T2 O ua yn orxs Humphrey 'E o P-1 -. .:, ss E Q 13 C a LES as E U I 3 IE G C1 u 5 UD F Mary Weaver die Ad .2 C Q U 2 U S' v-n Uwdonal gfonor ociety Initiation OFFICERS IN CHARGE: Miss Huffine, alumni assistant, Herbert Graham, presidentg Ralph Good and Marilyn Whitehead, flag bearers. INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS: Marilyn Miller, Ralph Good, Miss Huffine, Herbert Graham, Marilyn Whitehead, Walter Hamilton, Laura McCraken, and Carol Cordner. LIST OF INITIATES: Clara Burkhart, Elsie Dunn, Beverly White, Ieanne Thomas, Virginia Russell, Catherine Durbin, Fred Katz, lame: Thomas, Beverly Goom, Donna Lee Adams, Mary Lee Brand, lack Rogers, Roy Lee Elliott, Harriet Ianeway, Sue Hackleman, Ruth Mullendore, Sharlene Todd, Glen Cowan, Henry Featherly, Edward Amend, Iames Alcott, Bob McDole. 7 HENRY FEATHERLY President of National H bnor Society Mltional Cgfonor ociety Qfficers and e7b'Ceml9er5 Mary Io Carrier , -rw, X 'X Q ir. Sally Swim Edward Amend Sharlene Todd Glen Cowan Vicc-President Ruth Mullenrlore Secretary-Treasurer Olga Lee Swim Sue Hackleman Bob McDole Ann Hilton Iames Alcott .W ff X 1 , gg f 4 48 , ,, . 04, ,M f I fn , Sf' J Don McCubbin Kermit Ingham 1 , 1515 f f We f Z f I ' . f ,V 4. 7' ,MV i ,.,. ' f H , , Io , , ' ' 4 1 'f ' K w if ,., VW N nsf , ! ,' MM " :K ,, ,, 4 Addie Weaver Naomi Walton Vera Young Alan Thomson "'97'- -7 '9 8- SHARLENE TODD President of Future Teachers of Amerira and Winner of The Crossman Award W I-D 6 and CETS Cd I s Qfcv4 er each LLIMTE and Mn. Bryan. First row: Ralph Young, Doris Ann Douglas, Sharlene Todd, Naomi Walton, .ui E D 3 lla n S Ill 1.5 11 3 3 et -A E' ex E ei S 5 E 5 -5 S' Q 5 C n -. 5 '45 a Z I I: 4 'E 6 -3 S 5 G P- Y Ill E se N E' 5 E 3 'S 2 E' :C E ze in 3 E' o 5 E .3 5 9 :E E9 as kg QQ s. 'U 'U C 8 0 Ch ni 'S n Cottongim, and Don McCubbin. An as, Donella Palmer, lulia Om end, Sally Swim, Io nun Th Am aye, Edward H Pat Third row: eak. SP rlisle, and Alice Ca Darlow, Carolyn n Hilton, Stella An White, Chriltia Fourth row: This is the third year of organization for the Kezer Chapter of Future The members of the Yale chapter of FTA were guests at a regular meeting Teachers of America, sponsored by Mrs. Bryan. of the Stillwater chapter on February 2, 1948. The main activity of the club this year was to compile a school scrapbook. The main purpose of FTA is to offer young people activities by which they Another high light of the season was the initiation of the new members into may improv themselves and look forward to useful careers in one of the FTA. An impressive ceremony followed a parent banquet held in the Home greatest of occupations-teaching. Economics Cottage. C "99N hm ,fx I N fry, ffx f 5 Q f f gf , 4 "Q" , f fe MW 2 Z , 'hm W . 1. fiwv W, ,ii fa r 9 ,pi W 7 1 Q . M249 ff-T5 W i xx, viz' ish Q f f ,V W f 4 ,, , fm W X W x 1 f ' f X 'gf -,ff x HM M z 1 nnk Wm! ' ' ,ww " "W-w X g W 'T l l Q W, U ii 4 V V ng ,en 1 4. 'fl W X, 9 fff - , V 2' W, 7 , " 4 " Z -ff ,Z 2 ec-.,, ,L 1 gh W A , ' W A ,M , 'th'-N-W F' . r , f , W . 1, 4, K 'W kb Q M V , WW ,, 2 , ' , I Z ka ZW 4 4' , W 9 ff K 1 , V , 2 W 1 I f X 3 QM 2? ' If 143 'K ' Q M277 'if I ?k -T PATTO bk Q M Y f ,Nw V , ? Q5 iv Bk A RWM Q xx. W X xgqw ,,,,N,5',, h . - ,? JU ' 1rlrsm4 F . - Wi , EEE? ggi XY N,xN wi Sm, f 'W lg , x xx infix f X Q -,gi r Y . Q Q Q fx - 4, X A , Q ,wx 31, S ' N Y A f' gif. f f X .. 4' Wil 9 WW mf v 3759 44 I V V .wfff ' A 2, W ' fn K , , 5, 1 4 MW V , . , cf Q Nag! 5 J H sun x fx, F 7 f ,, fxf -W X -xv 6 4 Mn x,.,g,,x,-ff,vllLz,sx3,,f,x..,f Qlzipvm, V M ,, .QW-.Mx,wvQzQv,, fx, ,,,f - A W .fxf W x.vq ,f,fQ. , ,, I I H H I ,M,,.,,,,, .,M:R,W,fWW,,e ' why,Q2iW'AY'm'fpv,,fffNwwW Q fm: f ff 'W-PM ywf ff! wwf M f .f X f A 'M f, f f Q ,fmfw , x 'f f X f, . KM, Rv sv 1 5 f . f1 S Q 4, W ,iff ' aeuagznar eoarsazx YRAHDRS 4 Zu fi ,ff ,Q X Mf f f TW ff? R!?Sf V ,""'. 133 ff Q ,vm W, 575 ' x W vm, I ,, ,gzff ,yy -1 .0 114' f M lmnm Edwin Elledgc Shirley Glover Mos: Handsome Senior Most Beautiful Senior Agnes Leachman Iimmie Atkins Girl Winh The Preuiesr Eyes Boy With The Prairies! EY!! Glen Cowan Boy Most Likely To Succeed Mary Ann Adams Harvey McAnulty David Smith Best Boy Dancer Girl With The Best Personality Boy With The Bet Personality W Lou Brister Best Girl Dancer Q-1 'I if V f Q' iyfewfi 7: X l ' f QW? ' MH' S X M A. 32 xv 4 1? 2 State snimd . 2 the 'fl milif 'fl li She' fx X- tht' :S l'1'lIX'l . --3 UI' of 1 11050.-at fi rimzam ' f Y - as - - an N - mimic: . QV ,l mied be- by Fm'- me L Y 55' Mer Z, . ed 6 : 1- , ig sm the a 1813188 Yaiyy if 5' - es Q . 1 my? TJ . , If lwflmf ,a w ea' Q4 -1: 511. :ii wb' f Wm? i f 'mf 11211, '72 231-W ffwfffu 1 ww' Ml, Lifgfj ,iff ., if? 'A ' 1, ri ms f tigmi 9 f mise: neioif f a - 1 Jnmems 5 Q , H , UIUUQIS i 'fl E ,afva , wi l ii l- i if l. X i l .X i N E4 Ai Ssfdfel l ii Sic if l 2 f v if Tawau melsewncl wade .K u a by v l l iff i , A Yam za mmm and aus f, Q 10 ww 12 yi The is-fm Mary ' . . l Y pyugmrn was gi xx by t .Q DeQny'8 wc0i1d My gg f2l5?.6,.EYf4Cf?fT2lfal Aa hugh gchoul gre ra. H Sage Q 'emi ham beguxi L mid Fisher, dire- ,e I 1 egg dl gf Maggy X V pd that the on th ll have si, ies! Xa f ,fs ipmgram lv to xar of huigranc s nga iaunc1V42' f,g4 ist-uclents ix 'te play-,O WN. an " X ' 5 Qing: in the ches . Q puiigo rfse it we The orchgzstra, A I The t . Chl, , aww ,sf 'Dance' ' bf osmwklmfftxw of Li ' mexrgszz e hry'E1Zexi fam wth., " Y 0 T ' iw ti ami John cawelih and 1 X , ,' mbsf ' dbe llrsc ,olgsky as and Jmlilxi' This eased L cl 'ery muchi one il, M En MQXWCH. is Ann Hilton Girl Most Likely To Succeed 5d to heavims of her xperiences. l ting 1 t counavv at the Sent, a tue cmldren are look- Mrs. Dermy's was mack: its First, reguiar aria to me City library last week. They chose and checkin one their own hooks. Bill Stark ind Jack Have been absent sims The U , WSIB because of illness. The X' Q, mowing hard perm: ,amnaund iuritig we second sixfweeks, Jahkii Baker, Fat Iiilificha .Kohn Howell, Dale flUI'l'3', Ray Jrxhrmon, Jack Manson, Jae Mc:Kez1zie.,Pv2ehurd Powers. Jerry Tluonipabtfr, Karen Bauman, Dearme Hfxdibf1rs.fMars' Elan Maxwell, Judy Myers, Pai, McCutfree, Wanda Sue 541461 Seaton, A1ice'R,omshe, Linda Wwrrod, and Doris White. A second grade rooffw at Bmgzmv New have a spelling han- zxer wit!! the sumo! mme, gm iz, Week the ro h ' Each 4:-ms we ai sneliimz On Friday of Dick Tourtcllotte Carol Grindstaff Mos! Handsome lunior Most Beautiful lunior f f li N X' X X , M, W 0 ff f ' lin ,f M ffl!! 2 , 0 QM X 5? X 0 i i' 'X ml .P 5 , .: . ,V 'I my 'Kaul X- ' 6 ., 4 , ,,,, ,, , X A i i 2 l 1 Sue Hackleman ICYFY Stubbs ' I ' X All Round Girl All Round BOY i . V i f , WS, MQW! ' Wm . , ' www K ,xi W f f f f tmam, .lllwh i K ' 2, ,yi , -Z -.43 l 4gg,4ZVQ fl of K I I Lynn Claypool I 1 fave' 1 BYHJ Q .-Tim, cm With The ses: Figure BOY Wlfh The BCS! Physlfwe A - f 5 ,z fwfikexifwwfe 7' fc g, iff 'f:3:1wf.Z x '2,Rfy43afy.-' ' A Fl V My X fff' :EM .4 ' wu x 5 . 3 1,5 7 Ruhal Wells X' Boy With The Prelticst Smile f ' M , ,.4, Q ,, A .I , VA, ,W . -W. ff f. . " '0' f?fW f '4" ' ' -"' 4.3 Qf ff , i ,X, v,,,, aiu ! v A I, , Ioan Gllbeit ' .f y A. 2 Girl With The Pretucst Smile 4, 1175 W 0 VGAHSS lawn' 'fmrt-:g":.::1.Z?1'..12'1?X.22 Fiifwfa-L Mn the are mm Me :mam die? MW W the Sewmi 41 amd fhedlml umllff?wgiffwwWMvwawwwfwi' i f F ,QWHXWQWW Fgvemldftowf i gggerwrmmnzha in x fe im Q f ' If is l x E, X , X x X , N, 5 .zf :fy-ek N , -X' - an f f '- " A f If- if , , X , . , i -ZH! ff m 1 5 0 'X' V x ' , -f A M , f fi. " N , K5! , , K , ,. , ,,. 1, , ,R ,X ,ima f v f 4 Q f f f H 4 ,F A xv ,r J f V W -A 91:1 f ff F45 1 , 75' X K 1 1 WG ff Z A ,XYZ ii J f ala' H? in H2 f , ,vw 1. Last minute of freedom before the hell. 2. Armistice Day Parade. 3. Who is Hopkins after now? 4, Camera Bug. 5. Church finally looks interested in something' 6. Ramona in 6th grade glzimor posel 7. Pep parade traffic. 8. Conover or Power's Models? 9. Whatsa matta, Ruth? io, Watch him close, Mary. 11. The favor- ite hangoutafand then I was tardy. 12. All dressed up, but where ya going' 13. Did you fkill or are you sitting on a cactus? 14. Bob had ambition then. 15. Bays should have won a prize. 16. "And the band played on fwhatj" 17. What did you use, a net? 1. Frank's hunting Iuniors. 2, Football boys on Parade. 3, Can't you fellas read? 4. Relaxing in the sun. 5. Pals. 6, We're Speechlessl 7. Ruth and David on City Hall steps. 8. Band Royalty. 9. Sun in your eyes, Wayne? 10. Flag bearers on parade. 11. I-lesser's flexing his muscles OJ 11. Coonfield just had to get in. 13. Safety pays, 14. Cheerleaders in an idle moment, 15, Big dog Buel. 16. Does it make your head swim? 17. Lou in her sailor suit. 18. Cardwell poses for the Camera. v-I IC'- , m Y Quo' Tepartments Vocational Agriculture boys perform an experiment. Ill i 1 1 N N 5Y299'Eif, f' , ,.,., 351. - . 2, MN 'ripp - ' vg 15+-, Y, an , qw, , Mid' " . , ,,, f '35 ' I y If V fe, ,, k, ,, ' 5 JS! ,Q , ye- 1 , . f 5 ,fai r 11 Q Lg: 'QP . i. it yy -'E .- 1. EEE? Q ' z . uni- .., ' fififfi V eil' V l-, gxjgnylk Q Y xJ.xV, l ..,1f.',f V 3 , JI, 15-QW 1 '. Yi? , W 1 Y 9119... W ,Md b .1 5 Z , il kia.. ,Nm a . 5' 111 H 'K , '34 , . sig at 'Q Q 553' 1 I W... v 'fm' Way- ' 1 K J., . , A 31 .. .LTY I-if 1,15 A -1519: ' '3 W ,Q -- Q 'fl 7 - ? 2- 'N Emi- Y wfa il: L55 lf.. V " 1 1:5 Q, f . 1 I f 5' jx wi 5. K, A ,Q a X png. . xy ' Q ' F , ,, X fs 4 3 EX lamb, IV, X -99 A l Y? YU A ffl' W 'Q 'T Q, - 1' fw- . "Hg"- MJ ,,f ww X, , f . , , ,, W I ,, f+' 7 5 Qf Qi' ff, ' Y 7 Wy .X mf A M f 1 X F i 1 f' 'M ww 1 M , rx 'v 2 X , 5 V 2 , , X X X, . .Xxx xii x Q x f Q Ni fvw: '- .wk A, :,. , X ,, Xi n V ,R .ik f.: Q, K5 i X A x v gf xv, ' f . -rg 1 ', Six If Q X pixzrx 44 V L I Q K Fw is x 253 HS '-W. 1-, 4: 9 'von-vw W V M! Ai f ff fix, gy X 6 1 f f Magi K' f 1 ' Z Q ,fn-W, QW 2 mf Z M T f Y fa'- ff . 42 . 5 im. X . My , ff 0 Z 5 I ' x f M , fri? W W ,MN-f f W if ' X ' 9 5 I N S V be Q li 5 ,Q K f S Q Q' sw X 1 A EK X Lx 'ix 'wx I T5 A M sw Vg ,W . 1- X Zi if if 4 5 x .- 0fWu4a4iV Q fu .X X X 0 xnxx f infix ,4s, S 1 4 if, ,ak Y S3 wi X1 ,, f X, H -z, W I X T K , , J . m M If x , f X-2 , ff f ' ' ,, ' f 4 ' ' f' 1' ""'yQ V , ' , A ' '. ' . ,f ff H -H gig , ' +-' ' VII' , . ,Z ""'- C I 'f -K iff X, I dwg V 1 9, 4 1, L 12 xj 5 I ,f , Y, .1 jf, ? gm M41 ,W .3 l x, , I . b K' -1,44 7 . f 2' N A 1 "'5 f f , ff ' YW ff X ., .WW , , W my I 7 'fag' Jw 2 gf x, f N f, . pa, .A , 3,. V , - 4. A, V , Q QQ A M , ,- x A ? mi Aff 2 fi ff X f f ff X f MW 4 1 7 K- V -1. E 'Q Z 3 421 2 :X : f f 12 wwf f ' 5' x 2 X X Q I Q f f, Ni 9 - jx S .nv . A xf V, X XS QM fx b 5 A- .S Q 1 V 'X J , 5 , X9 5 , .M x , K if . XXQXSMXSX N '95 x A X .i V, X jxv x 1. 4: 92 0:21 Q . V I 5 , 45 '1 ! ,Mink X 4.-WWW' 2 f Y, . ,gy W ff 2f.,5.fg ,yyz 2f4Z7,.y5'?-1724: 'K 'f 19mm-1 ' VKW35 X f Q V wx Q X as f' . K!! fy fe' 7 J Z! - W , X If fm I ' ' ,ff A 4 ,df 7 I V fm Z f f , f 'Q f rf ' .' 2, f W ' ,ff ' ,-W. , a ' M , f y A f' 1 5 .. f f w I A wif W 'Cliff fi J' ' t ! f ff , ZZ 'Y 'mufwzigm X 7 f ' ff 6 M X f X 4 x S ,. f ,, kj' Q ,J X ,, ,f if : X I E ,VV af if K JW ,, ?y, , , . f ' 4 4 in W L , f :za 'ffsffb was X 2? ' , Zfffff' V ' x 1, - , EQ! 1 I , . if ,W " 5 f 2 ..,. f X W f X fgff Y ' f' " , , C fa-7 ' Q TJ ff f -7 , UV ' X sf ' f , ' k i ' zfiafff' ff in .wg X ,fy f Q , Q -, ' ., , v : 4 1 V I I ' W K m xl, V' Y - A ,wxlvu , , LS N 'X.. W x ' -...'x,,,. i K VA I 1 f ..........., ., , X 737 1' 'K X4 , . W1 f V ,gin , 1 vw, f ML, ,f , 4051, 6? 29, Ml yy fx, f, ,ff ,. ,, ,M lr. 9+ 44" -11- 'Aw M-.,.,, Q, u P4 y Q MW-ff ' . W ls' I 'L ,, ' ,f , v . i 3.2, 7 Y ,.,s i 1 "D ss X - 9 X , ' 1 , , ., ,, ,h,,M 4, 5 flfff -,fn W' 4 X , ,e Q1 -L.. ,,,, W . W, I i p L 1 w 1 w i i H 1 i i Q l 1 Stella Darlow, Peggy Fugate, Betty Kautz, Ruth Enix AQJTCPI, Wigh Ciilrt ,Students igilvlical Literature First row: Maryorie Orr, Mary Louise Iones, Mr. Amend, Frances Hazelton, Loretta Colbert, Ioe Brooner, Irene Priedemann V Second row: Mary Frances Payton, Pauline Lovell, Stella Darlow, Dorothy Kidd, David Smith, john Herron Third row: Mary Ethel Stockwell, Mary Io Carrier, Earlene Flager, Carolina Frank, Iimmy Ward, Robert Adams ' "ISL i X miie-N. xx x. x W "SET Ez: .- ,.,. x L .X-:?f " A L . , X ' , bi 1 .X K d a g N , X . W- 1 .W - AMA.. 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Qji wf I K , f 1 ,Aff fy: - fy, f 4faq.ywff Z4 K L. LAVERNE DEMARSH Y X? of Future Homemaker: of A N Back row: Donella Palmer, LaVerne DeMarsh, Louise Cleveland, Maxine Cordner Front row: Vera Faye Tomlinson, Mrs. Elizabeth Brock, Mrs. Glen Douglas, Mrs. Iames R Enix. Ruth Enix Ioan Adams Sally Atwell Marguerite Brown Imogene Brown Iuanita Belknap Ianice Bergestrasser Nancy Craft Iuanita Craft Norma Collyar Patsy Copeland Louise Cleveland Iulia Ann Cottongim Ianet Boyd Vivian Curtis Mary Io Carrier Doris Ann Douglas Mariannis Drumright LaVerne DeMarsh Lucille Enix CJ. CFB. Jil. Qfficers Glub efbfemlvers Iulia Iean Early Audrey Ann Elledge Frances Foshee Ioan Frank lane Francis Donna Iean Heusel Helen Holley Oneta Harris Zola Kidd Pauline Lovell Geraldine Lewis jean Lundquest Bernadine Moe Carol Naeter Marjory Orr Phyllis Ozbun Donella Palmer Mary Frances Payton Verla Payne Shirley Rector Dorothy Rickstrew Darlene Schmidt Ann Stapley Delores Stone Ann Self Vera Faye Tomlinson Frances Thompson Naomi Walton Ioyce YVilliamson Mary Ieanette Wiley Maxine Cordner Vema Scheuremann Ruth Enix Betty Io Iacobs Gwenith Kerns lean Hagers Ioan Hagers Ellen Hughes vI27'- -Y Cffutwre Gdlfomemakers of Qlmefrica The future Homemakers of America is the national organization of home- making students. It was organized in order to develop social qualities and promote better home life for themselves, their families, and their communities, through group programs and projects. The Stillwater Senior Chapter of F.: H. A. has a membership of sixty-five girls representing all four grades in high school. The club sponsored various activities during 1947-48. They served several banquets, sponsored sale of birthday calendar, and had charge of selling cof- fee at football games. They also planned menus for Thanksgiving baskets which were given to five large families. At Christmas they gave baskets, containing CJ.C31?.C5ll a gift for each person, to three families. The club Worked with the Future Farmers of America in a concession stand in order to make their contribu- tion to the football fence. They have contributed to foreign relief, March of Dimes and given toys to the Stillwater Mission. Other activities of this club during the year have been a tea for prospective members, Hallowe'en party for pledges and members, Christmas party with dates, Valentine party with Future Farmers of America and chartered a bus to the state rally in Oklahoma City. Mrs. Elizabeth Brock is sponsor of this active organization. The club moth- ers are Mrs. Iames R. Enix and Mrs. Glen Douglas. Gyffembers Cgfome Economics TQ7l1o'sf'Cf2Jl1o Those receiving honorable mention were Marguerite Brown, Imo- Louise Cleveland Iulia lean Earley Donclla Palmer Vera Faye Tomlinson gene Brown, Mary Iennette Wiley and Rachel Palmer. Doris Ann Douglas Patsy Copeland v'f29"' F. H. A. Girls Prepare Banquet: Vema lean Scheuremann, Louise Cleveland, Norma lean Collyar and Mary Verla Payne. 'geome Economics 'Department We have ten senior high homemak- ing classes with an average of 23 in each class. These girls learn to select, construct and care for their own clothes, and how to plan, prepare and serve meals. The girls also learn to preserve their health and assume more home responsibilities, they become more familiar with the rights, priviliges, and duties of others. Some experiences are gained by the serving of banquets. New furnishings -130-. added to the department this year are Tapan Range, Bendix, Servel, large mantel mirror, banquet china, lace table cloth, four piece mirror ware set. Each spring the students give a style review in which they model garments made in class and at home. Every girl selects a home project which she puts into practice at home. She uses methods learned in class to promote bet- ter personal, home and community liv- ing. t R' wwf X Left to 'ighn Mary Duck, Zelma Drydcn, Vcma Schcurcmann, Rosclla Capsrick, Vcrla Payne Cgfiome gconomics HI Girls Qanning 'Pears Information, 'Planning 'Preparation, Cgfousekeeping Groups of Ogfome Economics I Left to righ Edna Kcndrxck, Chnsua White, Catherine Temple, Andrea Pearson, Dorma Lcc jacob , N rms lan Easter, Molly nn Platt, Barbara Lewis, Vema LeBlanc, lean Bliss, Mary Ward. W Ioan Hively, Mrs. Bernice Duncan, student teacher, Io Nell Rossander Kljreparing an Exhibit of Qlothing Gompleted Eunice fhbbins' gfome 'Project W DEAF Leo, flf 5 7 AU ff f Q ffof 5'!H , 4' 4 QXH7' 626 give! gba! :Jil 14 f1ar'J-77,6217 Z -if Jo-, 3 OYLAGJH Muon 415- Ja Aj ypq Kyfan-53.5 W W5 X206 ,cg 13:3 . Mrs. Bryan Mr. Amend Mr. Friedemann Mr. Crable Mrs. Severson Mr. White Miss Markwcll Mr, Hamilton 2 3 4 'Ufome oom Qjicers and Mrs. Lewis Mr. Coonfield Mr. Martin Miss Becker Mrs' Powers Miss Huffine Miss Ingram Miss McWethy Il III UPF Ill Il Ill il x Ill H, ' fu," Y. iw y . ,Q ff nh HI M E in ff no- u, 'Uh ., H-S 59 151: Mr. Weeks Miss Meacham Mr. Wilks Mr. Epperly Miss Browne Mr. Labor aff gxj ommittee efbfembers V , ,,,, ,,,,,. s.,,, , ,,.W,,,,,s,,,. ,Q FAMILIAR SCENES L 772- Title Page . . Fly Page . . Dedication . . . Table of Contents . . Pioneer Queen . . Building Pictures . Deans ..... Pioneer Sponsor . . Pioneer Editor . . Pioneer Officers . . Pioneer Staff . Superintendent. . . Board of Education . . Principal ..... Librarian and Deans . . Faculty ...... Coronation . . Senior Fly Page . Fly Page ..... Senior Class President . Senior History .... Senior Officers and Board Senior Class Committees Senior Will ..... Senior Royalty . . . Introducing Seniors . . Senior Class . . . Iunior Officers . . Iunior Royalty . . Introducing Iuniors . . Iunior Class . . . .-1385 - Index . 1 . 2 - 3 ' 4 - 5 . . 6 - 7 . 8 - 9 . . I0 . . II . . I2 . I3 . .14 . .15 I6-17 ...I8 .19 ..2o ..2I ..22 ..23 . ..24 ..25 ..26 ..27 28-34 . . 35 . . 36 ...37 38-41 Iunior Class Committees Sophomore Royalty . . Introducing Sophomores Sophomore Class . . . Senior Will continued . Freshman Royalty . . . Introducing Freshmen . Freshman Class . . . Ir.-Sr. Prom and Banquet Cheerleaders ..... Football Queen . . Football Group . . Football Captains . . Lettermen .... Individual Action . . Basketball Squad . . Toy Pioneers . . . Basketball Action . . Wrestling Captain . . Wrestling Team . . Toy Pioneers . . Music . . . Vocal Officers . Quartets . . . Mixed Chorus . . Girls' Glee Club . . Boys'Glee Club . . . Iunior High Glee Club . Band Queen .... Instrumental Officers . Drum Major .... Band ..... Drum Majorette . . Drum and Bugle . . Orchestra ...... Senior Will continued . . Organizations ..... Student Council President . . . Student Council Officers . Story ....... Who's Who ..... Student Council Banquet . State Honor President . . Officers and Story . . . State Honor Members . . National Honor Initiation National Honor President National Honor Members . F. T. A. President . . . F. T. A. Members . . F. T. A. Banquet . . Y-Teen . . . Spanish Banquet . . FFA Princess ..... FFA Officers and Members FFA Projects ..... FFA Banquet . . Headliners . Football Action . Kodak . . . Departments . . Night Classes . . Index . continued 80 Mechanical Drawing 81 Hand Woodwork . . 82 Welding and Forging . . . . 83 Machine Woodwork 84 General Science . . 85 Biology .... . . 87 Solid Geometry . . 88 Physics .... 89 Plane Geometry . . . . 90 Chemistry . . QI Bookkeeping . . 92 Business Law . . . . 93 Shorthand . . . . 94 Typing . . . 95 Art ..... . 96 Biblical Literature . 97 Oklahoma History . . .98 OpenHouse . . . . . 99 Pep Club . . 100 FI-IAPresident . . 101 FHA Members and Officers 101 FHA Story ...... 102 Home Ec. Wh0'S Who , . 103 FHA Banquet . . . . 104 Home Ec. III . . 105 Home Ec. IV . . IO 107 Eunice Robbins . . . . 108 Home Room Officers . . 109-110 Kodak ..... . III Covered Wagon . '. 113 ..114 . 114 115 . 115 116 . .117 . .118 . .II8 . .119 ..IIQ . .I2O . .120 . .I2I . . I2I . 122 123 124 I24 . 125 126 . . .127 . . 128 129 130 . .131 . .131 ...I32 133434435 . . . 136 . .140 "l39"' o 6 W fee-Q7 ' 7 1 Q' e R f 4 5 X , . , 1 Q- 7 ' 5 5 f 5 E - 5 f Qmmf- ff 5E5EE?Ef fe ' 7 f Q .ji - . 554, ' EILZ AIEIJ ,4,.,, .,1. QW!! X Q 1 , ' ' ' I ..,A:, ..,1, r I A e -A - .311 ..,1,1: - f f gy eeffmef K 'fef fo if aff' X Z ." f f ' 1 I f . ,' f v lf fx N x X 1 0 Nw f 5 x 1 x ix' ,I if HJ, xv X J ex 'f 'J 1- e Q f" X M f 1 1 N ' HUM egiixff 1' 1' .f f ix, 2' " U I' 1 I ." , .,.,. . ,f-A ..-. :-:-:-:-:- 5:5:3:5:3:5:5:- off-- , , W " ... gr 1. 3:53:ftfqtgzgzzzgzgz5:3:3:3:3:3.:.:..l, , ,g:g:5:5:5:3:g::::5:3: 222222525 2222227 A Q .5:EzQ:333251351221gfg:f:f:Q:f:f:2:Q:Q: ,.,,., :Q:5:515:5:5lg.3.,.,l,L,.1f,QQiQg:Qggg:2:ijfffffffffffffffffffiffgifi .......,-, ,-,-,-,-,- ff h -4, ' ,-' ,gl X j.:.- ..-.'.-.---.-.-.'.-.'.'.'.'.'.'.'-.'.'.-.'.-.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.-.'.'.-.-.f.'.',-,-,-,-,-.-..,.1.l...' fx X W f f ".'l'f'Z'I'I'f'.'.'.'.' - -1 ' " x ' '.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.'.:.j.: ....".j.:.j.:.' j.j.:.Q.1.Q.Q.:.:.'.:.1.2.1.I.:.1.1.1.:.Z.1.Q.:.1211121221:11CIIQIQIII:Z:I'I-I-I-1-1-Q-1-QQ.: 515E5E3E5E3E5S5E5E5E5:Q? fx " 'ykfl ., , . . :':ff525232323535525252555515 3E3:3:g:3:3:2:E1E1E1E e , G: A f'v9,5'z:, - L., 2:11:55E55535555333E3E5E33325EgiigngiiigiigirE52525E5E5E5E5E5EgE3E3EgE5E5S525555355E5Eg255355:5:5:g1g15SgE555E5E5222122 ' ,. X , " 1' f f-J ' X - ,-7 Z ,:,A " Y G. "1 -- "L-gt. if-U 1. 3 '1', 7'3'I:3:2:2:2:Q12:Q:5:5EEEii:f:f:f5:Q:f:Q:2:2:f:Q:Qgfg5g5g:+.....,...,.. 5 ' 2 5 Q, , ,gl g f,-W .. ,:L'Q5fM5Qi9?'Q4KgQf:fi25Z5ZiZ5:5255555151551511E121S1EffQfffffffffgfgfff5f5ffE.g.1 K og. , L I , f A -n z: m.gQeQ4q 5 , 3 1 'f gmf ' L -Q - fe sf. 1"rh"2 .,fw""f wisve swag-au f f 12gQc:f'4a,fv' '. Q ,f wqe 4,5604 -riff ?-1f4fv+,,e5+ .-Y fir-1'-7- "2'5,'Z3ed2 " 2L!5f?5,-3xbW'Y'2 1,9-6g1d:c7,?Q ,4y.f-Qv,6LQf,g.v , I -,L t:5'v.,,, d3 ,Q ,-,, v-Jqlebugiveuyfl :Yin f Q'-e. Qfwggf? -47 CK-2f'w':F --fsi1CQ9", '4ifffz""Qf5a - 4 W ' ' L h f ' Q 1 4 1 ' - - Q N 4' f f C filfeliak - 153 5 -A H - of - 11? 13-' Y df' f"'. "5 J? ff r"'Qwa-"'i4-L.- " 'S '. ,. 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