Stillwater High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Stillwater, OK)

 - Class of 1946

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4 A 'Ge QOMTIH Exfcllc KP7 ug nts C6716 5131011 ear 1940 H b Q I Q " 7 i P ' .f ,Yzzlltilztm Uiyigfl ,Sch Nm .z.zz.v GJL..4f1' K . 9 Mfg A 1 E 1. Why lane, the jcwuh wcrc lhn-rv all thc rims Y ! 2. Lc!'s not bc nm mugh rin hum. Iicriaxy 3. The MI-landy-Man" is really lmndy. 4. A tense: moment when thu haruly CU nun, K. H., arrives. mn I STILLWATER HIGH SCHOOL Gable of Gontents Administration . . Class . . . Sports. . . Activities . . Music .... Departments . R355 QQ A c Q X ff: W f"5 f .fb HNITF1 X Q55 Lg K? 'Dedzcauon We have endeavored to record m some form the actxvmes and achnevements of thxs year at hlgh school When time has dulled xn our mmds the happy tlmes the famxhar scenes and places the dns appomtments the hardshlps and our proud accomplxshments-xr ns the desxrc of the 1945 IQ46 Pxoncer staff that thrs your annual wnll hold at leaQt one memory that 15 dear to you and that you wxll smnle a bxt as you sxt remmlsclng about hlgh school days the staff f l '1T,fxQl Q X 6255 a , 5 f i ffl! 9 I I,-TX. p 'Ugg 1 7 , lx, W5 QRWQ X HRM J,3 . . 5 'I 1, M, y V 3 M , if yew-use arg 2 , 'W Zim Q MP" fm 1' IRENE SCHROEDER Pxoneer Editor PAYE MCGILLIARD Pzoneer ueen iBoard Education KERMIT INGHAM BILL BERNHARDT Prcsldent Vlcc Prcsxdcnt WALTER WEAVER RAYMOND D THOMAS CECIL JONES C E DONART GEORGE DOLLINGER Secretary Treasurer I L I 1 HARRY D SIMMONS Superxntcndcnt of Schools GLENN TONKINSON Principal al G. C. FRIEDEMANN Assistant Principal enior Wigh School qaculty Mrs. Elizabelh Brock BS.. M.S. Home Economics F H O Sponsor Senior Mrs. Edna Bryan Royal H. Banner Rosalie Becker ILS., MS. B.S. BS., MA. English General Science, Biology Laun, Spanish, English x F T A Sponsor Sophomore Freshman Dean of Girls Senior Charles C. Courtrigh! BS., M.S. Geography, General Science Dean of Boys Senior Gus Friedemann Consumers Economics, Commerce Senior Floyd Caldwell Lawrence Cr-able Ioaeph A. Counnoucr BS. BS. BS., M.S. Football, Wrestling American History, Speech. Physics, Chemixuy, Floriculzure Mnembly Nauoml Honor Sociery Sponsor Sophomore Senior Mrs. Catherine King Ellis BA., BS. Home Economics Mrs. Ella Craig Escuc Glenn Epperley lunior F H O Sponsor AB.. M.A. Vocal Music Freshman Library Sophomore Gladys Huffinc B.S., M..-L English Sm: rumor swm Sponsor Frcshnun Mudge Meacham A ,B., M .A. Ralph A. Hamillon BS. Physical Eilucanon. Fwrball, Basketball Faye McWeLhy B,S., M.A. Englnh American History swam Treasurer for Pioneer Junior wen 1 2 ' .,11' ff:- V ii, in Y. ., 1 i f . ' 4,3 A. C. Miller Robert D. Morrison BS- Bs., Ms. Industrial Am Carl Tilley A.B. Marhcmnncs junior Maxhemaucg Baaeba ll Coach Freshman Glen M. Varnum B A.. MS. lmmimenul Music Primm Nmg Band Hugh D. Ioncs MS. Vlnrinnnl Agnculmurr F.l-LA. s,mm..f Ethel Markwcll BS., MA. Oklahoma History, Civics Snidem Council Sponsor cny Red cms Sponsur Sophomorc Willard Shinglcron BS. lnliuilrial Arts Homer XV:cks PLS , M.,-K. Marhcuxiari.. .ammmn 1.f,1..,n Avianls Fr:-hnian v Nl? '---in 5 Mrs. lnrz Ioncs in , MA, Phy,...1 i.uuf..n..,. Mrs. Mary Lewis 5.5. Commcrce Pg, Club spmmf Sophomore , ffl I I Mrs. Florence Scvcrson B.S.,MA. English,If,urn1!iim Pmncer :prinwr lun..-r Hugh A. Coonficld BS. Marhcmnnci yum. High haikcmall muah 1 'I cy4lzLtogTapl1s X vw XVWT W ski 'x QV 455115 CZWQ ,. ' 9 x 'xx-,X 2 - QQJFAM 3 1 5 f' J QR, , j ' Z5 xg' 5 49 4 2 f' fy X f i' XII' Il' Q, M1 X 1 f, ,a X I X QS Q X H f ' ff ma K K Uliiihl' va-.TA 15 I LJ H f Lady VICKIE LAMB K ' fxgflfil fg., 1 T ' k iff - 1 1, i i L enior Glass "lQyalty Lord IOHN SWIM is' Huw! 'K I 0 E H O W A R D President of Semor Class enior Glass iBoaTcl Harry Mills Commencement Program James Dilts Vice-President Secretary Ioan Hinkel Patti Brooks Panel Announcements Richard Brown Allen Grady Class Picnic Decorations Bettie Whitson Ardyth Houck Class Day Caps and Gowis Sylvia Hodges Iimmy Craig Memorial Activities Ardyth Houck Rose Treasurer -4- IQ: Frank W. Abernathy Bcverlee Atkins Melvin Albright Helen Aldcrson Zeena Amend Patti Brooks Rowene Becker Richard Brown Alice Bradford Edward Brown lla Grace Bilyeu Catherine Braswell Iohnnie Bradshaw Doris Carlisle Iimmy Craig Betty Clifton Patsy Curd Keith Cottongim Colleen Cypcrt Peggy Cummins Dorothy l.Davis "Corky" Dilts Margaret Denny Franklin Donnell Olive DeLay Bill Day Enlow Hoover Fisher Sammy Fugate Wayne Ford lim Griffith Cyntha Glover Allen Grady Kendall Grindstafl Lynn Graves Marion German Alan Graham Helen Humphrey David Heid Betty Mae Harrison Dewey Hesse! Ioan Hinkel Gladys Hopper loan Hull Kenneth Havenstrite Roger Hamden Arclyth Houck Leonard Hall Marguerite Hillerman no' 12 .ITP -,. , 1 Q1 ""' an- W" A 32" s -..rl ' and w ,U d' 7 ,aw- IT i...l,. W -naps 9.401- 304 -7 ' ini. l W ' 1 L- , .3 - .rm in W ky 51 ot Sylvia Hodges loc Howard Colleen Hulscy George Hardin Elouisc Howcrton Rose Humphreys Catherine Irwin Iohn Ives Paul lngcrsol "Duke" Iio Lorna Io Iohnson Aurvil Kcrch Iuanita Killingsworth "Reverend" Kimura Maryncll Lancaster Victoria Lamb Ioycc Livesay Loycc Livcsay Patsy Lytlc Patsy Layman Florence Mahan Larry Manning lalic McGlunicry Corrine McQuain Phyllis Murphy Harry Mills Elaine McCowen Faye McGilliard Don Nance Iacqueline Niles Norma Overholt Dick Parks lean Payton Paul Pearson Wanda Prickett Calvin Poole Howard C. Potts Gertrude Powers Patsy Redburn Mary Lou Rector Mary Catherine R Erma Ross Barbara Rains Dolton Rogers Betty Rigg Margaret Ross Wilma Reed Margaret Saggsser ,gig A A ' wx ,, 1 ,' -,un V .. . K : ,155 ffm SA jftzy if p , . ,- A .,., V. 4, ? R 2.5 f , ff? v, Y' V Qi ' A, ,359 hy? gr N 4 7 L, . x 'ff - . ,Wg M- 3 ' 1' 'W 3+ I X 55,2 f 'J ff ,,.. , K ...., Q54 A ..: fi 'A .. .Q I mf Q 6 , - I W , ' W, ZW if .kr ,. 1, M ,ga 2 xy , ' ' Q, J ..::::::"' 5 K AV 2 X.: W ,L ,J V wif J ?? W AA f f Q H ,gg I iw ,V N25 hh, 45? Y i wif? vw f emor Glass ilfustory At long last we the senuors of 1946 haue come to the endung of our hugh school days Most of us began our school lufe un the furst grade un the fall of 1934 Out of the 122 graduatung senuors 43 started to school un Stullwater and 34 of them have attended all twelve years here These are Keuth Cottongum Mel vun Albrught Bull Belknap Ir Pattu Brooks lla Grace Bulyeu Howard Potts Donald Nance Calvun Poole Norma Overholt Marynell Lancaster lean Payton Florence Mahan Patsy Anne Lytle Faye Mcbulluard Iacque lune Nules Mary Lynn Graves Cyntha Glover Franklun Donnell Allen Grady Patsy Redburn Iummue Reynolds Leonard Hall Bob Whute lack Shelton Irene Schroeder Erma Ross Iean Ward Margaret Ross Ioan Hunkel Ardyth Houck Aurvul Ketch Davud Heud Rowene Becker and Paul Ingersol After our furst sux years of school we us feel as uf we were really grown up But when we arruved we dudn t feel as grown up as we thought All of those bug eughth nunth and tenth graders made us feel luttle However we got through uunuor hugh school and could hardly waut to go to dear ole south hugh where we and the senuors of 1945 would be awav from all of the luttle kuds Then came the buggest dusappount ment' Someone got the udea of changung the seventh and eughth graders to south hugh and movung the freshmen soph omores yunuors and senuors to the yunuor hugh school buuldung After all these years of gettung away from that yunuor hugh we then had to move back and even graduate from ut' Well after we got used to beung wutn the luttle kuds agaun ut dudn t seem too bad but just thunk how full the bu ld ung wull seem on senuor sneak dav when all of the senuors are gone Usually ut seems empty because only the uunuors are there Eleven of the senuors thus year hav parents who also graduated from Stull water Hugh School The students and theur graduated parents are lean Ward and her mother Velma Goble Ward Ioan Hull and her father E S Ned Hull Aurxul lxetch and hus father A Ketch Ardyth Houck and her mother Ludu Bonnette Houck Iames T Hoke lr and hus father Iames T Hoke Sr loan Hunkel and her father I W Hunkel Dewey Hesser and hus mother Lela Kung Hesser Charles YVagner and hus mother Lela Wagner Allen C rady and hus father VV A Grady Sammy Fugate and hus mother Annabelle Platt Fugate and Phyllus Murphy and her mother lone Young Murphy Thurty nune of the senuors are the are the only chuld Suxty-eught are gurls and S4 are boys The two subuects that were lusted as the most duffucult were also lusted as the subyects luked best These two were Englush and Physucs Nunety fuve senuors expect to enter college and 72 plan to enter A and M The three most popular fuelds are Enguneerung Commerce and Home Economucs The ambutuons of the sen uors are quute varued wuth teachung decoratung and desugnung secretarual work and gettung marrued un the major Thus year as usual we have twuns two sets These are Loyce and Ioyce Luxesay and Benny and Sammy Fugate So the senuors of 1946 leave dear ole Stullwater Hugh to go out unto the world leavung thus theur hustory be hund O 0 . . . . ,, ., 9 7 , . . . . P , - 9 ' S ' i . . , - . Q ', Y 3 , , I 4 . . , , , 2 ' , -I- , a 3 9 , , I 5 - 9 9 ' ' ' 1 ' 'Q 9 9 ' I . ' ' ' 9 9 9 Y V Y 9 U 5 S , 1 , I ' T 1 , , , Q , . . 5 9 9 U V 7 V , 7 : , I . ' . 0 . , - started to lunuor hugh school. It made youngest chuld, 24 are the oldest, and 8 lu - 99 - - . - - Q Q , ll ' I7 ' ' V , . . .Y . . i If ' YY - 3 9 . . su ' - 99 ' ' . , , ' 9 o . . , 9 ' ! ' I , , tty. ' ' Y 7 9 . . . , I .V , ' ' ' ll Y! 7 . . . . . ll ' ' YY ' ' ' ! 4 n - I 9 9 , , ' , u - . 'junior Glass Q cars Herbert Graham Marilyn Miller Ianice Scherer Bob Srruth President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer iBoard e9XCembe'rs Carol Cordner Banquet Chairman Donna Lee Adams Decoration Chairman Robin Thomas Marilyn Miller Prom Chairman Stanley Smith Decoration Chairman Dressler Pruett Class Salesman Chairman y Emcnainmem Chai,-man Iosephine Scroggin Buddy Iohnson Menu Chairman Class Ring Chairman MARILYN MILLER 'Iunior Glass f1Qyalty BUD SIMCOE Q'- NO 'x -N if il 714-5 ,v Q. , . ,. r l-.4 9 oi "lo ur 'lunior Gila Bill Ardrcy I.aVcrn Adams LaVcrnc Atwcll Bobby Lee Anderson Frances Adams Donna Atlams lmli .-Xhrhcrg Verdin Best Betty Iune Brown Mary Lee Brand Frances Bourck Millicent Iluughton Freda lfern llruwn Ruby Burrell Clara Burkhart Mariorie Cantrell Io Ann Carr Grace Cooper Iohn VV. Chaffin Glennabell Craft Don Crenshaw Carol Cordner Wrex Crabs Wilmoth Dickey Ionira Dortcr Dolores Dotter Ben Demaree Mary Ann Drumm Robin Duncan Bobby Deck Betty Ann Dunlap Catherine Durbin Ruy 1.4-Q Iillifitt Etscll limde Wanda French Melbourne Flcsncr Edward Lcc Flanclcrx Icwclilinc Gixcns Herbert Graham Kitty Grantham Beverly G rvmv rn Ralph Corral Iilciinrmr Harpcr limiiii llarriwn Owctgi llwlxc Berry l.wu II-'ixuiril M. L. llcixlcr Margaret Hughes Mark Hartman Annahcll lluckuliy XValtcr Hamilton Iola Harris Harriut Irwin Clem Iarvis Robert Iohnwn Neil Iuslicc Harriet Iancway Anita Icnkins Builcly Iuhnmn Billie Lou King Fremlic Kgirz Loucillc Klcixcn Glen Kite Kenneth Keith Iarnca l,lAl'l'L'HC lim kw. fr ul Liiuiw l.5 nih Liiix l.j.n4li Ianiu IAM-ll Bcrnigc Millcr : tg, , aff, -1.6 .fe X r . Q , gi : I A6 'JL fx 1 st 4 'r 1 ab 16" -.. AY Si. 1 29 Nwavfr K f Q6- fi' flown 4 it , L S S r 5 Q' 4, , .4 , n uf yi.: , We 'I xx 1 'il it , X31 tw , 'DE ll- w-' Bonnie Medlock Esther Maxcy Pat Moore Marilyn Miller Margaret Myers Margaret Mendenhall Charlotte Norton lris Noma Alice Faye Oyster David Smith Carolyn Pearson Dressler Pruett Ardyth Retlburn lack Rogers Alberta Roether Marshalene Rankin Gala Rogers Ruth Robinson Clarece Rutter Harold Simring Winona Sherman Robert Salmon Marie Strode Betty Sinnett Doris Spiva Ann Stinnett Ianice Scherer Bob Smith Thrya Shattuck Ralph Simcoe XVilliam Show Iimmy Smith Iosephine Scroggin Steve Smith Stanley Smith Iamcs K. Thomas Earl Thurman Colleen Tinker Bob Theuscn lim Taylor Iane Trout I. B. Taylor Wilbur Tromplcr lack Taylor Robin Thomas Vernon VanHorn Marilyn Whitehead Bob Walters Beverly Io White Ellis Willett Juanita White Robert XVare Mary Lou Wilson Phyllis Webster Gerald Williams 2 Nl' Ruth Ann Whitenton X , . Q 41 Q? vvry ,- i , pw Ruhal lVells in V7 5 ,.4r. Reba Yandell .ffm-. ir: ' 5 i 255145 I Iuniors who did not have their pictures taken: BOYS IOC T. Bradley VVesley Iones Arthur loe Brooner Kenneth Underwood XVardle Brown Rollo Venn lohn Duck Urval VVatkins john Edwards YVilliam Wiley Ray E. Houck GIRLS Shirley Harlow Lois Boyles Helen Louise larilot Bonnie Ruth liaupc Laura Thomas Graee Vemris SUE HACKLEMAN ,Sophomore Glass 'lQyall:y BUDDY IOHNSON Sophomore Glass i Mary Ann Adams Ruth Allen Iamca Alcott Vera Allinsun Iimmie Atkins Erlwarll XV, Amend Robe Marie Anile Paul G. liuzzcll Mary Iinnrlelier VVa3nc linkorney Nancy Boelwel Chester H. Bigler Nadine Brown Lou Brister Maynarnl lilumer Ianet Boyd Carolyn Carliale Barbara Carlisle Helen Elizabeth Chry xml Billy Io Cortongim Glen C rrxx' an Louise Clevelgiml Anita Colwb Lynn Claypool Donna Rurh Copeland ,35- -4-4 Bill Weaver Henry Featherly Lou Brister Maynard President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Wir' 5. f 'a-'P' 6 5 I . wt' ..,-I F it A 6- .ap E 9 f r " . v ,., l in ,4k, RF f-QR 1 Nw' i avi I f f w ,ky fifiifi j Q G1 , A 5.-3 to Q, JI Jrf on, -Sf' , Qi z" Conlce Caldwell Rosclla Cunningham Loretta Curtis Mzlxinc Cordner julia Ann Cottongim Emmalyn DcShong Ln Verne DcMarsh Corinne Davis Robert C. Donnell Stella lane Darlow Mary Anne Duncan Earlene Donahoo Mariannis Drumright Doris Ann Douglas Peggy Dorris Ezirlcnc Flager Nita Sue Evans Eclwin Elledge Claudine Ruth Elmore Elsic Dunn Max Gilbert Bob Felton NVaync Finholt Peggy Fugate Henry Featherly john Herron Emerson Helms Marjorie Anne Gray lack Grover Betty Graham ' Sue Hacklcman Roy Houck Ann Hilton lack O Hager I ranccs Hazelton Gilfnrtl 1kcnbcrry,Ir Kermit Ingham Mary Innes Sally Lou jones Edwin King. Ir. Bill Leverett Agnes Leachmnn Harvey Mcflnulty Iludenc Manny Don McCubbin Virginia Miller Culver Moe Ruth Mullenclorc Scottie Morris Carol Ann Nneter Evelyn K. Nickolls Patsy Patton Raymond Postelwait Harry Percy Helen Perry Ieanne Pearson Charles Platt Shirley Anne Rector Vincent Robinson Ruth Roclers Bruce Riley Bill Wenger Sully Swim Frankie Smith Olga Lee Swim Grace Sawahata Paul Schatz i .X . ' ivy uf -,r -A ff fs X - ' 4' , 'J G A Ai li ','4f,! I QL- f We 1 L 44 ici. - A xX-I 75. ww. D , . was Y 9' A M i' S1 !, Q far, s o if 'R A 0 as ,rx SV' . in 2 ,Q . ,f X 5, 'G f. I , sz" ffl on Margaret Ann Sherrod .A ' D3 'Q 9 Imogene Spiva Zola Dean Stecker Sophomores Donald Anderson Omer Brooner Marguerite Brown Glenola Lucille Black Robert Ray Brown Sylvia Buntin Iim Bradley Donald Boyles Olive Copley luanita Craft Everett Caldwell Hugh Crume Delbert Cummins Eugene Curren lim Clow Billy Cheatham Owen Caldwell Virgil Drummond, Ir Ierry Davenport Lorene Dryden Bill Delano Tracy Edison Wilbur Frank Pat Fyffe Iohn Wilde Vera Young i who did not have their pictures taken are: Edwin Gray Richard H. Gilbert Kenneth Given Clifford Hall Floyd Hunt Gerald Heusel Waid Hohstadt Violet Hestand Ieannie Hestand Hieatt Hedrick La-Dell Hadley Thomas Hopper Geraldine Hughes Iocile Howerton Ramona johnson Dorothy Kidd Delores Kerntke . Betty Lou Kautz Rella Mae Killingsworth Thelma Langley Ethel Looper Winnie Linn Gary Lewis Ioe Lain Kenneth Mayfield Darrel Overholt Iuanita Pilgrim Bob Reynolds Io Nell Rossandcr Nellie Mac Rainwater Ierry Stubbs Opal Sagersa Tony Schafers Louis Schafers Leo I. Schafers Delores Stanley Mary Ethel Stockwell Kenneth Stites Glenna Thomason Owen Thomas Elihu Takao Lila Lee Weathers Bueford Willman David Wolf Norma lean Walters Edwin Wilson Bill Young Howard Wilson Alan Thomson Sharlene Della Todd Iim Van Dcventer La Quita Willis Naomi Walton Patty Ruth Wheeler Addie Weaver IANE WEAVER Qreshman Glass Qyalty CLIFFORD BILYEL in Bob Roberts Bill Simcoe Vice-President Qin 1 ui 7 Cgreshman G lass Frank Allen Glen Bays Robert Eugene Barnes Doyle Black Gene Becker jean Bliss Bob Bollinger Clifford Bilyeu Nita Brown Leo Collyar Margaret Cross Berta Io Crabs Loretta Colbert Ianell Cobb Bobby Church Frank Dotter Illa Mae Flesner Carolina Frank Saralee Fisher Ianc Francis Nancy Frye Frances Foshee Caroll Grinclslaff Ioanna Glascr Elizabeth Crosnoe Marilyn dc Gruchy Anna Hargruve Shirley Gluvcr Ioan Gilbert LaVcrne Ilriuston Pauline Iurvis Shirley Icilinson Owen I-lurned, lr. Betty Human Enlnlic Iio Bessie Lee Kcnnecly Billy Keith Gwenith Kcrns Inez Keys Barbara Kerr Maralyn Lee Orgain Iohn Nicks Frances Low lack bothers Iacquc King loan Moore Aubry Smith Buel Mclllroy, lr. Nancy Manning Janice McClendon Robert Meyer Mary Frances McClain Gene Perkins Kay Phillips Bob Roberts Iimmic Rogers Vemn lean Scheuermann Grace Saito Phyllis Sharpzon Bettye Lee Stevens '94 v 'S 4' J , -s I7 AQ D0 it 1 f X 6 S W cv i Y x A, v 4 6- 'S -4 .Q .4 I 5 Oi 4' vb I , --r ,Q 'aff aafmmh G! 405 Freshmen w Richard Archer Donald I. Alderson Aulbin Aikins Carl M. Berry Andy Briscoe Russell Brannon Everett Brett Ianice Bergstrasser Billy Bieberdorf Kirby Brock Edward Bradshaw Wanda Beeson Norma Boyles Norman Lee Campbell Eva Christianson Nancy Craft Burt Curtis Jimmy Cantrell Zelma Louise Dryden Iohn Dryden Mary Emma Duck Woody DuPree George Dunlavy Thomas Daniels Betty Edwards Ruth Enix Matilda Esparza Billy Fash lean Fennel Betty Gilpin Marilyn dc Gnichy George C. Givens Alvin Eugene Graham ho did not have their pictures taken are: Iolinda Goolsby Harry Lee Gearhart Claude Glaser Georgia Hunt Betty Heisler Daryl Hallman jimmy Hadley Bill Hays Ioan Hagers Marilyn Hewlett lean Hagers Virginia Higgins Ioyce Hesser Leo Patrick Hays Iohn Paul Klingstedt Cleo Kendrick Raymond Lescault Grace Kerntke Barbara lean Lewis Pauline Lovell Bill Lewis Conrad Lookabaugh Vernon Lake lra Langley Mildred Miller Russel McGhee Dixie Lee Myers Bernadine Moe Dewcna Maddux Dixie Iune Melton Darrell Mott Fred Mohler Bill Simcoe lane Weaver Leah XVard lean XValsh Iames McClendon Imogene Mayfield Marjorie Jrr Mack Payne Mary Verla Payne Mary Frances Payton R. B. Proctor Bob Potts Ila Mae Roton Zelma Rader Iohnnie Rager David Swank Robert Smith Bill Swim LeRoy Smith Iames L. Scheuermann Dorothy Sinclair Billy Sloan Elsie Io Shults Lee Snider Thelma Temple Marjorie Thomson Dick Tourtellotte Glen Yandell Iames Wright Dick Tubb Beverly Woolworth Dorothy Io Wise Leona Whitmore Kenneth Van Zandt Everett Watkins Thomas Wolters Darrel Westmoreland Barbara Ann Tmmbla Keith Gene Tolleson Marianne Tayama Peggy Scheuermann Wilburn Williamson lim Vandegrift Ruby Underwood Iohn Allen Williams Tenyla Gaye Zuck Shirley VVliite Bertha Ann Wilson V59 f X lg! 2 gfUfE-ED-ggx fxw MUN PM ww Q Q- W O:9q O I O, I I. lg z XTQ D Q f7' D f ! f - My - Q if 12943323 Q! X RX 5-X X VV, X X UXDN 450' 7 , XX Q, 4 fn, X s .. 9' xx X 1 7 ,sy t X N1 Q' X 4 R f 47 X. FUI' 11054 . , 6 !' Eg ' V X' M" x I ' 6 31513 N fr hw!! 7 ' A Q 6 i .? 63: is K' I s f' 5 'H C 3 u . ' l. V ' , ' ' F' If Xd I J ,f wk W 'f Vr Q Q 5 UWA zgzaf Q li 1 wi Y G f 'Z -Q I. X in ,E 1' 'X ,K Ld, fx if ., " , 3' X ,: hz k W, kg 1 if , ' E, . , pry , , .,LK 2 , K vi 5 ,, Kwik' 3 Q: l 144 gl I f 7.2 I 3? f L l 1 fi L L .V 1 JH, CO-CAPTAIN DOLTON ROGERS Back 4-yr. Letterman Senior 1-445 CAPTAIN IOE HOWARD Center 3-yr. Letterman Senior at 4 Football Queen ROSE HUMPHREY Glen Kite Back-junior 2-yr. Letterman Willie Ahner Guard-Fruhnun 1 -yr. Letterman .465 Qootball Lettermen., if , if - if f f' ' 'fr' H, lack Shelton End-Senior 3-yr. Letterma Shelton, 6 ft. 5 in. made "All State" and ed Stillwater win tion on the ft Ierry Stubbs lack Taylor Bob Tucker Iames Dilts Guard-Sophomore Tackle-lunior Tackle-Senior Back-Senior l-yr. Letterman t-yr. Letterman 3-yr. Letterman 3-yr. Letterman ' . Paul Pearson Ruhal Wells Clifford Bilyeu Neil Iustice End-Senior Tackle-Senior Center-Freshman Guard-junior I-yr. Lettennan 1-yr. Letterman t-yr. Letterman t-yr. Letterman if Iohn Chaffin Vincent Robinson Bill Show Frcdie Katz Dewey Hesse: Back-junior Back-Sophomore Back-junior Guard-junior Guard-Senior I-yr. Lcucnnan I-yr. Lutcrman 1-yr. Letterman I-yr. Letterman 1-yr, Lcggcg-mln 447-Q A yu. . QVE1 X . ' any-,V QM, Q 3 'n'?f'f A N 3? , I an 1 J 4 1 ' E , A 9 A 5 fl , JL, J ' ' MQ 4 'A J '3 ' A -xr, M fn , Q, if ,.,, - sg .g , Q' M Y A . A ,A , t -' fat 'Q A M. A Y 3 .V 4 - x 1 . sv f f , .. -S-v Q ' - wi 'A '7 V 5' I-.QR , 1 Iy"4f's,-a'UQf , 'MWF ,. -. 'Q 3 v. 1,9 6,81 , Q, K 5 , V, m W k x ,, ..,,,g,:,. D:-.lil JL .1 A '..::.v v,1, . a-'W-,Li 15 D9 3 , 'uv , . in 'gh t First Row: Glen Kite, Ellis Willett, jimmie Craig, Dolton Rogers, lohn Swim Second Row: Coach Hamilton, Bob White, Paul Pearson, lack Shelton, loe Howard lame: Dtlu Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 'iBaslcetl9all ,Schedule Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Totals , Stillwater First Row: lack C-rover, Culver Moe. Robert Felton, Harry Percy, Henry Fatherly Second Row: Wayne Finholt, Gerald Thompson, Vincent Robinson, Edwin Wilson Wayne Bolrorney Third Row: Glen Kite, Ellis Willett, lame: Craig, Dolton Rogers, john Swim lame: Dtltx Fourth Row: Bob White, Drcsslar Pruett, Paul Parson. Kermit lngham, lack Shelton Bob Thuesen loe Howard Coach Hamilton. 1 Wil? First Row: Bud Simcoe, lack Smith, Bob Tucker, lluhal Wells, limmie Shipley, Darrel Ovaholt. Second Row: Rollo Venn, Kenneth Keith, Paul Schatz, lame: Longan, Billy Cottongim. Third Row: Coach Caldwell, Robert lohmon, Doyle Black, Melbourne Planer, lim Griffith, jimmy Harrison Woody Dupree Bob Whitxon, Gene Tolleson. IQ46 'wrestling 'Record Ianuary january Ianuary February February February Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Oklahoma City Central Blackwell ..- .... -...---.... Perry ..-,. ...,..,.. ...----- Oklahoma City Central Tulsa Centrale- .,.,, -.-.. Perry --- ..... .. ..... ----- On the Mat: lim Griffith, Melbourne Fldner. Standing: Darrel Overholt, Ruhal Wells, lack Smith, Doyle Black, Bob Tucker, Robert lohnxon, Bud Simcoe Bob Whmon Paul Schatz, Rollo Venn, Kenneth Keith, limmy Harriion, Woody Dupree, Billy Cottongim jimmy Shipley jams: Longan. Gene Tolleson. I 4, , wrm ,W ?f 4 , . p , 1 , ., 4. X, A sv W if , Mr., , 9 9 I ,L 1 Q ,W .I 7 A 5 .. X V 3 S- 1 " f , y ' K 1 4 , 3, V jig' ' 2 I . g1 ' Q! , ., , , h A4 Zelma Dryden, Clco Kendrick, Betty Heisler, Verla Payne, Mary Frances McClain, Eva Chrisrianson, Esther Esparza, Bertha Wilson. Girls Fable CC55enn13 Glass Girls fBc1dminton Glass Left to Right: Helen Holly, lanell Cobb, Marilyn de Gruchy, Loretta Colbert, Iacquc King, Twyla Gaye Zuck, Marianne Tziyama and Glendola Black. , , XZ il gf.. M A, 5 in H y V ly fr' - Q . A Frances Hazcltcn, Ianicc Bcrgstrasscr, Mary Emma Duck, In Nell Rossander, Betty Gilpin, Carolina Frank, Nancy Craft. Girls 'Play Shujjlle-iBoarcl Girls iBc1sketball Io Linda Goolsby, Mary Frances Payton, Pat Fyffe, Peggy Fugatc, Laura Thomas, Dixie Mkzllon, Ionita Dottcr, Mary Ann Drumm, Dorothy Sinclair, Doris Ann Douglas, Ianc Francis, Iris Noma, Thelma Timplc, Phyllis Sharnron. Henv Lluman. A-Q Q 'Pep Glub Bertie Whirson Marynell Lancaster Ioan Hull p,,,id,m Vice-President Treasurer Eleventh and CCs5welftl1 Grades fPep Glub Girls First Row: Betty Rigg, Lorna lo Iohnson, Corrine McQuain, Zeena Amend, Rose Humphreys, Barbara Rains, Irene Schroeder, Iosephine Scroggin, Ioyce Livesay, Winona Sherman, Dorothy Davis, Loyce Livesay, Marilyn Whitehead. Second Row: Iuanita White, Alice Bradford, Ioan Hull, Eleanor Harper, Billie King, Dorothy Smith, Beverly Goom, Robin Duncan, Marilyn Miller, Helen Humphrey, Laverne Adams, Maggie Myers, Margaret Denny, Colleen Cypeft. Third Row: lean Payton, Clara Burkhart, Charlotte Norton, Ianice Scherer, Harriet Ianeway, Margaret Ross, Ardyth Houck, lean Ward, Patsy Redburn, Phyllis Murphy, Iris Noma, Frances Bourck. Fourth Row: Beverly Atkins, Elaine McCowen, Mary Lewis, Instructor, Peggy Cummins, Margie Cantrell, Harriet Irwin, Vicky Lamb, Kitty Grantham, Millicent Boughton, lane Trout, Phyllis Webster, Catherine Durbin, Sylvia Hodges, Cyntha Glover, Ardyth Redburn, Mary Lee Brand. ":..""1 W wi V , , A Am Q iw 4 Q1 f in 7 J., if Ah. 4 A N A J . ug Vg, uw ,QW E E' Q i I -ng 5 T 53 if 4 fy if FH? , .0 JA J f if 3, WW 3 3 ff' f if 'W L Q3 4 Q gv- ' S U. t ! , WI- 'Qld ,,?4ij:a,J, 3 if , 5 is , fw-if f fi fl Affl yr! fs 4 9 , W, ' 54? P 5 a" 1 , 15A ' I 'Q "-fx 1 is 1 A' W .,i mil 11 x if guna 1 Rf U o an 4 F - YQ QQQESMXXQ Xg, f wg ,Q rv f Nwgf, V5 QA, Q F252 A 'A' fx 2 K 4 351' J 'V' X26 f X-Q, f X fi x li g'-X" X I X K X W X ,ff J 91' X my ps-CQ? 4 up it 341 I . j Ak x f X X M J f R wif i X! kk! Tv ,H ff! f N 1 1411 ,uk fa-f,gQ if MM-ff Xl' ,X 3 5 I f gf 5 , i X Mapu If . W Y R 5 K . ggi ' A ffl! N' 3? 69? 5' ' X f?fff' Q fff H - A XX MXN I J' F ff' X 4' XX 'D 2 X1 V K- 3 V' " WNITH J, rf ,f' EX? .4 QP 'val ,il Q f' XJ' ! A f YV,4MV:!!,j f I 0 ,f I-O Q . 'kit' ww HARRY MILLS Prcsldcnt of Student Counc l Kauza Kimura Helen Humphrey Iimmy Craig Patti Brooks Vice-President Secretary Treasurer H stonan Qjjlicers of Student Gounczl C5712 ,Student Gouncil The Student Council was organized with the following objectives in view: to promote school spirit, to foster desire for law and order, to provide opportunities for student co-operation with the school adminis- tration in internal government of the school, to encourage all worthy school activities, and to develop an individual and group responsibility for the general welfare of the school. This year the Council sponsored the following activities: concessions at the football and basketball games, and all school parties, an assembly, Sadie Hawkins Week, Staples Magician, and banquet with six other schools invited to participate. They also bought a microphone for the public address system, and a group of pupils put on a round table dis- cussion on the topic, "What are the Important Principals Underlying Student Participation", at the Student Council State Conference at El Reno. Third Rauf Serond Row First Row Iohn Paul Klingstead Marilyn Miller C E 3 1- 'E U U T2 U I E P 11 Cl PN E-S Af! asa E155 3245 'Sis N Di-U Dil-LCD 'S -ca -oE':', ..... U S-EU :big SFO -11:0 Fu : I! r: Er- 280-3 OA Cecil' 2.15 mg. I...- 5x E -3 Su 53 3 . 5- 52 521' ARE ul-5 .ggim VJ aes cgu an-.212 1 Harry Mills, president johnny Bra lshaw Frances Payton Glen Cowan Patti Brooks, historian Kermit Ingham Frances Foshoc George Hardin Phyllis Murphy Dickie Tourtcllonc Charlene Todd Marilyn Whitehead 5: T53 I-E 351' A :AO o Ps I-1 LI- E fl Z E E va B. .: .. o I- o Q I-4 EE EQ C3 N 3E mi ouncil C 811 ,Sr 2-:flirt -QV vgal' Phyllis Murphy Iames Dilts Ardyth Houck Q0 ak 013432 N Q , '27 A fungi, ! Sylvia Hodges Marguerite Hillerman Jimmie Craig TQJl1o's 'who in 636. These students were chosen by the Student Council as the most outstanding members of the senior class. They were selected because of their scholastic stan- ding, participation in school activities, and cooperation with students and teachers. Iuniors who received honorable mention: Eleanor Harper Marjorie Cantrell Roy Lee Elliott Beverly Io White Phyllis Webster Mary Lee Brand lane Trout Herbert Graham Harriet Ianeway Carol Cortlner Marilyn Miller -v-60N David Heid Sharlene Todd Marguerite Hillemman Elsie Dunn Patsy Layman President Vice-President Secretary Historian Reporter Cguture Cfiieachers of cizlmevica The Kezer Club of the Future Teachers of America is a new high school organization which was formed in November of 1945. The national FTA movement grew out of the Horace Mann Centennial in X937 and has been developed by the staff of "The Iournal of the National Educational Association." The club is based on one important fact: "That the future of mankind is in the youth of today." Its main purpose is to offer young people activities by which they may improve themselves and look forward to useful careers in one of the greatest of occupations-teaching. The club hopes to awaken potential teachers to the possibilities of their lives, to develop qualities essential to a teacher by attaching importance to Lhem early in the students' lives, and to train toward democratic co-operation. The FTA is sponsored by Mrs. Edna Bryan. The club was named in honor of Charles L. Kezer, a pioneer Stillwater and Oklahoma educator. qucure CGWBCICIIETS of cflmerica Seated: Catherine Irwin, Sharlene Todd, David Heid, Doris Douglas, Elsie Dunn. Standing: Iuanita White, Patsy Layman, Mary Lee Brand, La Quita Willis, Margaret Myers, Hoover Fisher, Donna Lee Adams, Rowcne Becker, Keith Cottongim, Phyllis Murphy, Patti Brooks, Dorothy Spurr, Eleanor Harper. SCHOLARSHIP SERVICE Phyllis Murphy, Iimmy Cfli8, Patti Brooks, President. Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Harry Mills Ardyth Houck Marguerite Hillerman Iamcs Dilts Melvin Albright fbtional qeonor Society Emblem - Rose Charter No. 366 Sponsor - I. C. Cocannouer "IJ" Sylvia Hodges Patsy Layman Zccna Amend Lorna Io johnson F lorencc Mahan 'A F- Betty Rigg Frank Abernathy Dick Brown 45 I I-"1 H 3, CHARACTER LEADERSHIP ,Stare Cyfonor ,Society A Ojjlicers Eleanor Harper Ralph Good Sharlene Todd Marilyn Miller President Vice President Secrets!! TYUWYG' State C'3'Cono'r ,Society The following students are the newly elected members of the State Honor Society. In order to become a member, they were required to be in the upper I0 percent of their class scholastically the first semester of this year. Frcrlimcnz Margaret Cross, Nancy Ann Fry, Frances Foshee, Anna Hargrove, Marilyn Hewlett, Iean Fennel, lnez Keys, Frances Lowe, Bob Meyer, Gene Perkins, David Swank, lane Weaver, Shirley White, lane Francis, Mary Frances Payton Sophomores: Iames Arthur Alcott, Edward Amend, Nancy Boebel, Olive Copley, Earlene Donahoo, Mary Ann Duncan, Elsie Dunn, Henry Featherly, Ann Hilton Don McCubbin Carol Naeter, Olga Lee Swim, Sally Swim, Sharlene Todd, Naomi Walton, Bill Weaver, Vera Young. Iuniors: Mary Lee Brand, Carol Cordner, Catherine Durbin, Roy Lee Elliott, Kitty Sue Grantham, Walter Hamilton, Eleanor Harper, Marilyn Miller, Norma Iris Ayame, Alice Fay Oyster, lack Rogers, Gala Rogers, Ianice Sherer, Bob Smith, Robin Thomas. Earl Thurman, Beverly Io White, Iuanita White. Seniors: Frank Abernathy, Zeena Mae Amend, Dick Brown, Sylvia Hodges, Ardyth Houck, Lorna jo Iohnson, Florence Mahan, Harry Mills, Phyllis Murphy, Mary Lou Rector, Elizabeth Rigg. - First Row: Sylvia Hodges, Mary Lynn Graves, Sharlene Todd, Ralph Good, Eleanor Harper, Marilyn Miller, Donna Lee Adams, Mary Lee Brand, Don McCubbin. Second Row: Olive Copley, Earlene Donahoo, Earlene Flager, Shirley Rector, Ardyth Houck, Phyllis Murphy, Betty Rigg, Marilyn Whitehead, Carol Cordner, Olga Lee Swim, Ruth Mullendore, Iames Thomas, Henry Feathcrly, Iames Alcott, Maynard Blumer. .I M , I 1 1 l 2 . T i l Z 5 ' . i.a Q5 i 'L f 'A eh ' lffffiu F Q -.Jig . 5, 'f SYLVIA HODGES Salutatorian PHYLLIS MURPHY Valedictorian lay, M if 6 :Y'f",J x 1 .M-.w " ' ' ' ll-lg Q . W B P l . ggi-" Rf I v 9 Ioan Hull Most Beautiful Senior Irmmy Crang Bo! with the Bar Personality .lg Bob White Mott Handsome Senior Beverly Goom Gxrl with the Best Person llly Bob Ahrberg Boy vulh the Nlosr Auraeuxe Smllf 66- Gxr -vnh the Most Auracme Smale Phylhs Murphy Gxrl Mosr Lnkely zo Succeed Melbourne F lesner Most Handsome Iumor l' an Melba Smith 6- ,1 . I ' 1 ' . ' ' 34 ilk 4' Harry Mllls Boy Most Likely to Succeed Dons Carlnslc All Round Glrl Marxlyn Mrllcr Best Dressed Grrl Bob Whxtson All Round Boy Kendall Grmdstaff Best Drmed Boy 6353? Owcta Hokc Mon Beauuful lunlor Ioc Howard Mol: Couneous Boy Iuanita White Girl with the Mon Bnutiful Hair -67 in "f A-'QQ 1.3 P1 A f, X , ,...,-av' J X X ,Q ,- ' X:-,H-N W., 2 POP VKQLA H Mkg M55 XX f' IW MFE, 5555 wi Wig,-fl 0- J' JJ dw Q Q' 6 JE V :Q , d' ' dt' sq Q f il - .Q X ' 1,3 1.4-Tix - ' ' J 545, Q I .'.,.f'l 6 . X K ff". ' J NJ Q KD ff XXX. I fu-I 5 1 M N f fx , Q Q ,ff I 2 axe' 0 ,QT KEITH COTTONGIM Drum Major gy V if , I: , 351' HELEN HUMPHREYS Band Queen MARGARET ROSS Drum Maj orcttc Instrumental e7YCusic G ers QA Vx 1' i Iuanita White President iBand 'infill David Heid Keith Cottongim Phyllis Murphy President Vice-Prcaidenz Secretary-Treasurer David Heid President Swing Band Qrchestra Earlene Flager Ruth Ann Vice-President Secretary . S fri? ' .-...psf ui ' Ardyth Houck Alan Graham RCPONCI' Librarian 'Drum and iBugle Gorps Helen Humphrey Rose Humphrey Sally Swim President Vice-President Librarian Sally ,ones Patsy Patton Secretary Treasurer I' 0 H 5 'EE .5 C 'U E3 5 --E 22 252' is is-QS 2:5558 IEE-222 s- 0:4 ,-avid sg...5 ,, fiiffcfrgg Sight: fi D535 Un: :Q ET EEE, 23525 ",5:::.E Azaf 'Zi .. .ggi F-L . ir -M X - atm 1 1 dwJ.p " N 8 Q Q '---mis., 3 T .4 I TZ1. .M-7 kvlv 5 I I sq, A K A . ., , E N ., , Q 5 Q Q mf ak . f '" tags 4 tiff '55 '- - V GX Eli' - 1 'W 99 ia. .ku N' 5 ' fx N -' k xy- uk! Q as s nb X 1' 1' X A ?i.'?x ii' -:M Q 1 Q by 1' K 4 M - LQ, ?, .,,,, f , 0 . 17 ,, ,J A 'W ' Qgjrgikf 6,',"!w XA f f, 'riffs fT,:- IW: Q M 5 . U E E C -lu E -M E": 52 iE':E5i25'Qae5S L3 uxbgcwaggpagf 5-'gh 'Ecco' N Um-C -. as ,imuhc -ukcmoln --L3 ,D ,B ,,...,,U.f-a U .ca-en-U8-QEg',:-Gm: .un U'iiQ2u1.4anu1mQnc2'S8"o G -. mm 2 'E 2: S -" 152 3- E '!""5 55:2 -B wfdc: ,EG-f1w5-59-o-- : S U-m uqoh ::,-Q :Snr 8.E'5U:0 ao-452' OQPQ B Ib-T. Gy qs- A-:ax ug it -2UEE:.r1'5:'aE 'Ull- .:55EE::-5n....E':,,E '- H u ou: iQmQOw-.XKQHMQQSSL1 S5 :5 Vi I1 Q5 ,:ggE E53 525255 5525 L-,mgmfglldl-Ec35Q53,. .4 "' "' C 939225 .Jia-,F-98.552 o H-Q gg -"" 'us B HES:-:tt S'5.5'5-0'g"f-. U-NEMO:-M1235-E33 C C E 2 r, 3-I Pu E E 2 :QE CE 32 UE ag 535,35 E :nEE-- u - 0: ng: oi -wfzisgs-'A--1223? v."'o H siucggil--.ginger--as CCE! . ..:Eq E-- Eagan?-uessggnia , -' N U412zS4ZbmacZ.9.QIi.E E r. -w"uo P- S' 52,5 vi 5'-J: .5 3 -S :A v.:'E 3232. I3 13 'H"xuo:--5553 -,:3f.g.,EL,3-uae- g u Oqzmws Sw mn-z Ew"'Qr ..-3..3.:gn51E ug,..,:E5"':uu vwcm 'Q-'::"C.z::.'1C'E-',-glial'-Q SQESSEQHBN-fC'o as '59--9-statin Z D .gf-',, C E in EEE. 'S-2-532: E52-E1f"s'2c-fgss UI!! -5 "':golH.':."' U 3 ..:1I1-596-1,:..f1"".Ez 9!5u::a.o2:. E,.".um1', ---P. -qw v -Es a :gU"'.::3...1:3Fl:'5'-5E,,:.-. .::Ia.-cOmZ.1-lmunilia ii Ecru Io Crabs DUMB Copeland Runcll Brannon E rn Row Helen Humphrey Rosella Cunningham Dorothy I-hater Pany Ruth Wheeler P2387 D0fl'il Marihalenc Rankin Sally Swim Ncll Young Sn-and Row Mildred Miller M317 Ann Adlml Marilyn Dnxmm Rosie Anllu Marguerite Brown Ann H9100 ki la lun canine ogla Lee swim HM RW Svc HICKICHHD SSUY LOU Iona Rell: Mae Killingxwonh FA I sh- Rum Muufndoff Margaret Ron Lynn Claypool r me 'pman MIYY 1-OUUC IOM' naman, yohmon Ro., Humphrey Elvrru Cherry Gumball crm Laverne Agydl Belly lan suncoff Norma lean Pane: Franca Adams Girls' lee Cflub iBoys' Qlub e9YCbCed Qhofus 'Uocal ejbffusic Qjicers 11 l x Harriet Ianeway Marguerite Hillcrman Rowenc Becker Lou Brister President Vice-Praidcnt Secretary-Trasurer Librarian Franklin Donnell Dick Brown Roger Harndcn President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer -62 3 X s I w Z, J, ,jj . Dick Brown Lou Brister john Ives Prcxidcn! Vice-President Secretary-Trezxurer Melvin Albright Librarian Harriet Ianeway Librarian -'79' 'V Q 'v 'r P' 4 Y? r U '-f 1 E! :L .. V ' I , if ,fu ' Q 45' Aw 61 2 f nf 9 W ,guild 3 I' f .QV WF 54 . gy' fBoys' Qlee Glub First Row: Gene Tollison, George Thompson, Iohn Williams, Roy Lee Elliott, Hoover Fisher, Ann Sdnnett, Iames McClendon, Raymond Lescault, Iohn Ives, Dick Brown, Bill Show. Second Row: Patrick Hays, Harold Simring, Kenneth Havcnstrite, Iim Vandegrift, David Swank, Franklin Donnell, Iohn DeL.iughter, Melvin Albright, lack Clothicr, Roger Harnden, Glen Epperly, director. Triple CC'5i'fi0 Firxt Row Second Row Shirley Barlow Harriet laneway Vera Young Iulia Ann Cortongim Lou Brister Thyra Shattuck Beverly White Rowene Becker Marqucritc Hillerman ...we A 1 an., Squ- vf' f -W ,Q e . ,tj 4 wvfwv-M4 '.0 nw Q.. LL 'Sf , f 'u v..w" , 'U W If .ML A fl f 1 .... i Yllfwi -9 V-,Yr Y ' fiom W , ""W'?2"" ig 5 vt ,-4, -..NJ bv "Hu 'WZ N xma- Yi 1, a Un, -Q Fin! Row Marilyn Whitehead Betty Lou Kautz lane Trout Gweneth Kearns Gala Rogers Sharlene Todd Barbara Kerr loan Hager Beverly White Iulia Cottongim Charlotte Norton Ruth Ann Whitenton Lou Brister Geraldine Hughes Ruth Rogers Rowene Becker Addie Weaver Raymond Lescault Fourth Row Eleanor Harper Vera Young Vicky Lamb Gene Tollison Joyce Hesser Betty Mae Harrison Mark Hartman Stanley Smith n Marilyn deGruchy Olive Copley Marjorie Gray Patrick Hiiye: Loretta Colbert Clara Burkhart lim Vandegrift l2Ck Cl0ll1lCf lanell Cobb Kitty Sue Grantham jackie King Dick Brown Maxine Cordner Ardyth Redbur Hoover Fisher Melvin Albright Patsy Redburn Mariannias Drumright Margaret Sherrod Roger Harnden Second Rauf Marguerite Htllerman lim Taylor Steven Smith lean Hager Third Row Thyra Shattuck lohn lvex Frances Lowe Shirley Iohnson john Williams David SWJHK Pauline Lovell Harriet Ianeway Ieweldine Givens Bob Donnell Donnell Franklin rtis oetta Cu -I I: O :E :: c 4 'C I C U ': 3 ': 2 A m da Ann A Mary va 3 -C QJ 'lui 'nee 1946 TESE O 6 and 7, arch M d IC Prcscn feat loker Ivan, A G nnell Do ranklin F Ilyich D OW kBr Dic :ark Women O! Sonia-Hraa' of the C Trout IIC Ia 'ing -in-W dy La a'.f dll Taliaw In Goo Beverly I lcxirr s. r. Q U Bob Walters Rursia ll Tsarot A num: M Idf . T .2 Harry Mil ulardl Co Prince Dimitri CA Herbert Graham lg: Vaxlav, Leader of the Corsa: Fisher CI' Hoov Mother Vanya-Va.rlau': Guardian ystcr Faye 0 lice A Tatiana-Princes: of Rusria an Marguerite Hillerm '83 5 la jk. " ,, -4, .-,,, -ffl: N 34 . .-86- Kmg and Queen of the Ploncer Frohc DICK BROWN and LYNN CLAYPOOL XS gg gn J-Q Il 11111 ll I' J If?fG. ' 5 ---I I ,, Q 4g xv 'K X X , 2 x 'sk -A Xxx S3 X f'xQ X xx If XX I x . x N I kk lx N 1 Gi: wx X XL I, ff! x ,f X XX Rx fl xkj 7 in X95 ,M , N f XX jj, L, s X f f W 02 L1 f ff W fQg ' MN! N Future Farmers of America Queen LaVERNE ADAMS 5. Citizenship and lmdershxp are developed. In a regular 6. Class room work is not forgotten as is dcrhonsu-a F.F.A. meeting the boys pledge allegiance to the flag. here by the vocational agriculture boys who are wor 1 ing in their project record books. '90' ,. , ,r, ,aff Melbourne Flesner, Sentinel: George Hardin, Reporter, Minard Clayton, Vice-President, Iames Longan, President, Bill Young, Secretary, Iohn Duck, Treasurer, Hugh Innes, Sponsor. CJ'uture Clfarmers of cfflmerica Qjicers Cguture qanners of cflmerica eiffembers First Row: Melbourne Flesner, George Hardin, James Longan, Minard Clayton, Bill Young, Iohn Duck. Second Row: Clem Iarvis, Ioe Bradley, George Givens, Bob Felton, Everett Caldwell, lim Bradley, Kirby Brock, George Dunlavy, LeRoy Smith, Vernon Lake, Owen Caldwell, Kenneth Keith, Marion German, Robert Ware, lim Harrison, lack Payton, Hugh Iones, rponmr. Third Row: Floyd Hunt, Edwin Elledge, Paul Bizzell, Edwin Wilson, Kenneth Lake, Tony Schafers, lack Alderson, john Dryden. , 1 -- will fllillsgxil Hill?" Seated: Gwenth Kerns, lean Hagers, Beverlee White, Billie Lou King, Catherine Braswcll, Iessie Auterson, Colleen Hulsey, Elouise Howerton, Wilma Reed, Mr. Amend, inftrurlor, Esther Lee Maxey, Mary Lou Wilson, Wilmoth Dickey, Carol Cordner, lane Trout. Standing: Ioan Hagers, Peggy Cummins, Margaret Saggassar, Patsy Lytle, Melba Smith, Corrine McQuain, Glen Iohnsno, Gary Lewis, Kenneth Underwood, Bill Show, Bob Smith, Roy Lee E ion. iBiblical Literature Seated: LaVerne Atwell, Geraldine Hughes, Phyllis Wdtvstef, Mary Lee Brand, Margaret Ross, Earlene Donahoo, Glennabell Craft, Betty Clifton, Gala Rogers, Charlotte Norton, Wanda Prickett, Olive Delay, Irma Ross, Patsy Curd, Dorothy Davis. Standing: lack Hager F. A. Clayton, Bill Enlow, Kenneth Havenstrite, Charles Wagner, Paul Schatz, Ray Shirley, Frances Adams, Iuanita White, Bernice Miller, Harriet laneway, Mary Katherine Ritter, Clara Burkhart, lanice Scherer, Robin Thomas, Ieweldine Givens, Alice Bradford. inuvf"'fW""" 'Department Economics Tfome Standing: SYLVIA HODGES President Seated: GALA ROGERS Secretary CAROL CORDNER Vice-President C3'uture "3f'omemake'rs of Jlmerica The Future Homemakc-rs of America is the national organization of homemaking students, organized in order to develop social qualities and promote better home life for themselves, their families, and their communities through group programs and projects. The Stillwater Senior Chapter of F .l-LA. has a membership of sixty girls representing all four grades in high school. Worth while achievements of the club during 1945-46 include converting the south hall in the Home Economics Cottage into a powder room, purchasing mirrors for -the three girls' rest rooms in the north high, providing the manrrial and making draperies for the living room of the Home Economics Cottage, contributing to the March of Dimes, making bedside table covers for the lunior Rod Cross, giving three Thanksgiving baskets to worthy families, con- tributing to the state F.H.A. camp fund, and helping each member buy a national pin. Social activities of the group during the year have ban a day at Yost lake, a mea, a Halloween party, an entertainment for the Perkins F.H.A. chapter and subxlistrict councilor, a Christmas party, a Valentine party honoring the F.F.A. boys, a mother-daughter banquet, a spring picnic, and a party honoring the graduating seniors. Two members, Sylvia Hodges, local president and state vice-president, and Carol Cordner. local vice-president and sub-district representative, attended the state planning conference of F.H.A. Mrs. Elizabeth Brock is sponsor of this active organization. Club mothers are Mrs. lames E. Webster and Mrs. Howard B. Cordner. Members arc: Frances Adams, Frances Bourek, Marjorie Cantrell, Io Ann Carr, Louise Cleveland, Donna Copeland, Carol Condner, Vice-Pfe.uZ'enr, Maxine Cordner, lulia Cottongim, Glennabelle Craft, Iuanita Craft, Marilyn de Gruchy, l.aVerne De Marsh, Wilmoth Dickey, Earlene Donahoo, Mariannis Drumright, Nita Sue Evans, Frances Foshee, lane Francis, Peggy Fugate, lo Linda Goolsby, Kitty Grantham, Marjorie Gray, lean Hagers, loan Hagen, Bettie Mae Harrison, Sylvia Hodges, Prexident, Ruth Enix, Helen lardot, Gwenith Kern, Pauline Lovell, Corrine McQuain, Peggy Mendenhall, Mildred Miller, Bernadine Moe, Carol Naetcr, Marjorie Orr, lean Payton, Helen Peery, luanita Pilgrim, Historian and Reporter, Shirley Rector, Alberta Roether, Gala Rogers, Secretary and Treafurer, Ruth Rogers, Clarice Rutter, Grace Sawahawta, losephine Scroggin, Pafliammlarian, Thyra Shattuck, Mary Ann Tayama, Sharlene Todd, lane Trout, Naomi Walton, Phyllis Webster, Marilyn Whitehead, Student Conan! Representative, Ruth Whitenton, Vera Young, Twila Zuck. ,AW QEXR ' l Q r , rl 3 aeflisfb' af' :War A Now that the buffet dinner is prepared the girls are ready to serve it. Louise Cleveland, Loot: Curtis, Lou Brister, Iosephine Scroggin, Lila Lee Weathers, De' Kcrntke, Mary Ethel Stockwell, Violet Hestand, Irene Schroeder. 'Ufomemaking 2 Cgoods C'U1f'omemaking I Qlothing Unit Marynell Lancaster, Inez Keys, Lorrene Lockwood, Bettie Whitson, and Ianice McClendon. v My 4 Vi 5 , . I VS 19 'M H912 4924 FLY? ,kk ir i v-1 val!-"dc Al.-ff' f N -..f""""' ff-'f' ,4.,,,, X 1 Loretta Colbert, Marilyn de Gruchy, Io Shultz, and Iacque King. Wfomemaking I CU'ood.s Unit Cyfomenfiaking 4 Qlothing Glass Back Table: Laverne Adams, Donna Lee Adams, Margaret Myers, and Sylvia Hodges. Right Table: Dolores Dotter, Betty Sue Sinnett, Colleen Cypert, lonita Dotter, Betty Clifton, Olive Delay, and Corrine McQuain. Front Table: Dorothy Smith, Margaret Ross, lean Ward. Back of Room: Mrs. Ellis, teacher. ii X .1 my .1-, f 419 X 5- f ff--wb, 95 fs 1 Q Q Kill- 354 qv? . V' 4? -g , A, - .. .. yi 'f Q tv if ' Q l is ff' f ' Q3 ap- 2 M F K , lk Q -,M 9, K 4 ff -s 9 'Q QQ -Av, gui 15,41 1 'I if-if gii7"f'4 7,4 yi 0 B 5. - " AW Vw ,Q- A X , vw, .I www , Jain wi' 0 rDepa'rrment o Industrial Qlrts Row 1: Doris Carlisle, Ellis Willett. Row 2: Gordon Hays, Iohn Swim, Calvin Poole. Row 3: Rollo Venn, A. C. Miller, ifutrurtor, Faye McGilliard, Clem Iarvis 'Printing e9XCecl1anical 'Drawing First Row: Virgil Dmmmond, "Duke" Iio, David Wolfe, Charles Bradshaw, "Reverend" Kimura. Second Row: Kenneth Underwood, L. Dexter Thomas, Benny Fugate, Carol Cordner, Mary Lynn Graves. Third Row: Pat Moore, Iamcs Craig, Willard Shinglelon, ifutructor, Neil Iustice, Ioan Hinkle, Florence Mahan. T' S' , 14 ,M l ml 4, 'df wf -r , -f- I .Q 4 Y Q 5 Qgsyv' """"4 whtlm 2 fr 1 fu '4 A' ,.,, :- E gg f , f X IQ 1 35's 4 ,aw 2 iw 4 mi 1' , "' 1 we 3 .L 697 R In Front of First Bench: I. W. Chaffin, loe Swartz, Frances Bourek, Fredie Katz. Back of First Bench: Dick Brown. Melvin Albright, Patti Brooks, Dorothy DeLaughter, Kendall Grindstaff, Zeena Amend, Ardyth Houck. In Front of Second Bench: Catherine Irwin, Margaret Mendenhall. Back of Second Bench: Edward Flanders, Howard Potts, Frank Abernathy, Alan Graham, Hoover Fisher. C'l'l8Tl'l.iSI7'j' fPl1ysics Bob Thuesen, Howard Potts, Franklin Donnell, Frank Abernathy, Allen Grady Cseatedj, Bill Belknap Cstandingl, "Duke" Iio, Ralph Good, Iack Shelton, Zeena Amend, David Heid, Phyllis Murphy, Wayne Ford. Io Ann Carr, james Craig, Florence Mahan, Harry Mills, Calvin Poole, james Dilts, Iohn Swim. Row I: Mary Ann Drumm, Lynn Claypool, Nancy Boebel, Ethel May Looper, Lou Brister. Row 2: Ioe Lair. Allen Grady, I. B. Taylor, Ruth Raupc, Winifred Lynn, Sylvia Buntin, Nellie Mae Rainwater. Row 3: Robin Thomas, Ann Hilton, Ruth Rogers, Thomas Shirley, Buddy Cummins, Alice Faye Oyster, Mrs. Lewis, learlicf. Row 4: Gordon Hays, Nadine Brown, Ruth Allen, Lois Boyles, Ierry Stubbs. Row 5: Anita Cobb and Geraldine Givens. CGyping Shorthand Row Row Row Row lhomas Shirley, Rose Humphrey, Lorna Io lohnson. Florence Mahan, Helen Humphrey, Cyntha Glover, lean Payton, Mrs. Lewis, teacher. Betty Rigg, Ioycc Livesay, Dorothy DeLaughter, Colleen Cypert, Winona Sherman. 4: Loyce Livesay, Margaret Denny, Marguerite Hillerman, Patsy Layman. i 1 ...J i nsmyw-mu..w1- 'wi Row 1: Helen Humphrey, Iuanita Killingsworth. Row 2: Ruth Robinson, Wanda Prickett, Ray Shirley, Betty Clifton. Row 3: lean White, I. C. McGlamery, lean Payton, Faye McGilliard, Doris Carlisle, Bob Whitson. Row 4: Ioan Hull, Cyntha Glover, Mr. Friedeman, instructor, lim Griffith, Alice Bradford, Patsy Redburn, Dorothy Davis. fBookkeeping onsumefs Economics First Row: Glen Iohnson, lake McGlamery, Gladys Hopper. Second Row: Margaret Ross, Patsy Curd, Cyntha Glover, Bill Leverette, Florence Mahan, Gus Friedemann, Ieachrr. Third Row: Dorothy Davis, Rowene Becker, Colleen Tinker, Corrine McQuain, Darlene Gardner. Fourth Row: Beverlee Atkins, Ruth Robinson, Wendell Kern, lack Hager, Allen Grady. Fifth Row: Billy Brown, Paul Schatz, lack Taylor, Bud Simcoe, Bob Tucker. Q . I ' 'WEL 7 , iw fm gy, . w , if 1 3' A '22 ,631 , M W L .H45'U,, ,, U elf 1v'5l X' E3 5 kia' Y A L' fp' an ff if 115592 if f 3 ' nf x,..f 4 1 -Q2 Q35 new - a 4 3 Q f We 5 .' 4 M Vx?-A 'fa 'Q 9: Q 1- 'Harm ww s S f " 'B Row 1: Mary Lee Brand, Ardyth Redburn. Row 2: Marion German, Orville Ketch, Patsy Redburn, Earlene Donahoo, Iohn Wilde, Paul Ingersol, and Wayne Edwards. Row 5: Bobby Anderson, james Lovell, Ioe Howard, Bob Tucker, Dolton Rogers, Donald Nance, Loucille Kliesen, Leonard Hall, Mr. Banner, instructor. Row 4: Eugene Daniels, Harold Simring, Bud Simcoe, Mary Lou Wilson, Esther Maxey, Ioan Hinkel, Colleen Cypert. Row 5: Mary Ann Drumm, Alice Bradford, lack Smith. iBiol0gy Row i : james Lovell, Doris Spiva, and Ruth Ann Whitenton. Row 1: john Edwards, Iimmy Shipley, Freda Brown, Beverly Goom, and Robin Duncan. Row 3: Margaret Ann Sherrod, Beverly Atkins, Marilyn Miller. Row 4: james Thomas, and Mr. Banner, teacher. IO4N Paul in his favorite pose. Do you recognize the "big shot.s"? How did you get lane up there, Roy Lee? Could be that "all round Bob". Look prctty, Waynel Mary and "Guzzie". Remember lim in his younger days?? ww sy.. Rollo smiles for the camera. Whatcha' leanin' on, Icrry Mc-lba exhibits her "most attractive smile Iamcs, car1't you convince her? There is that "one and only" lack Taylor. The big three-no?? HUBBA--HUBBAYH 14 15. Ioe and Dolton in front of their favorite hang-out. 43135 1' 'npr HARRY MILLS Crossman Achmvemcm Award C6119 emor Glass Ttllll Belng of sound mmd and body hope we the students of the class of 1946 bequeath the followmg to the underclassmen of 1947 Qthey hope Cyntha Glover wnlls her car trouble to Oweta Hoke lack Shelton hopes Bob Theusen can frll hrs place as center on the basketball team next year Lucille Cllffton Iessle Moore Helen Alderson Bonme Blackwood Roberta Short and Bettle Whltson want Mary Lou Wllson to have thelr success ln marrlage Ioe Howard leaves hrs tendency to blush to Glen Klte Melvnn Albnght Sammy Fugate lla Grace Bllyeu and Beverly Atkms want Mark Hartman and Herbert Graham to have thelr red hanr and red hot tempers Kenneth Havenstrxte wrlls h1s ab llty to draw gxrls 9 to Stanley Smlth Helen Humphrey leaves her t1tle of Band Queen and leaves Bud Srmcoe to George Hardm leaves wnth hrs p1gs Betty Tedder wants lack Taylor to have her ab1l1ty to dlve Dons Carlxsle and Bob Whxtson leave their posxtxons on the pace setter page as all around glrl and boy to the two lumors who thunk they can full them Ioan Hlnkel and Pattx Brooks will thelr drawmg of posters to Iuamta White Dlck Brown Edward Brown and Bllly Brown leave thelr last names to the two g1rls called Freda and Betty and one boy Wardle Duke Ito and Mxeko Kamx want Ins Noma to have thexr accent Reverend Kxmura leaves has mck name to Wesley Iones Rowene Becker and Marguernte Htl lerman wrll thexr abxlnty to smg to Thyra Shattuck and Beverly White Bob White leaves without Marxlyn 106- Mlller B111 Enlow Iohnnle Bradshaw Benny Fugate and Ray Shrrley left early to go mto the servlce Irene Schroeder and Ilmmy Hoke wrll the1r flymg abnllty and therr shares 1n the Flyxng Club to I B Taylor Frank Abernathy wxlls hrs clarxnet playmg to Bobby Deck Harry Mllls wants Iames Lovell to have h1s success Carl Moore leaves has blcycle bullt for two to B1ll1e Lou Kxng and I W Chaffln Elalne McCowen wllls her reckless drxvxng to Edward Lee Flanders Paul Pearson leaves hxs pretty smxle to Marshalene Rankm Howard Potts leaves for Texas A and M Patsy Redburn leaves her foot steps to anybody that can fxll them ack Smlth leaves his radxo scrlpt wrrtmg to Donna Lee Adams lake McGlamery leaves madly rn Margaret Ross IS graduatmg takmg Bob Tucker wnth her Corrlne McQuam and Iacque Nnles leave takmg thexr sweet personalxtxes and qulet ways wxth them Erma Ross wllls her black halr to Margaret Myers Mary Lou Rector and Wanda Pnc kett leave thexr qulet ways to Mary Lee Brand and Charlotte Norton lean Whnte wrlls her blue jeans to Phyllxs Webster Dorothy Smlth leaves takmg the Navy with her Cearldme Wxlllamson and Margaret Ann Saggaser leave can Ward walls her makmg of good tlmes and likeable personalxty to Robm Duncan Inmmxe Reynolds wxlls hrs curly haxr to Roy Lee Ellxott Barbara Rams leaves her good txmes ' ' I ' ' fwe ' . D , I Y I 7 , . a . . ' , . , I . , , . , - . - . 5 n . , I , . e C-7 U- I - . . , . some lucky girl next year. love. 7 3 I . . , . ll 7, ' , . . ,, ,, . . . t . . . U ,, . .. . . . I . . . .. - and fun on band trrps to Iane Trout Norma Overholt wrlls her good book keeprng grades to Gala Rogers Thomas Shrrley leaves to contrnue hrs taxr cab drrvrng Mary Cathrrne Rrtter wrlls her dark harr to Iosephrne Scroggrn Dana lean Sharp reaves after return rng to Strllwater Hrgh to frnrsh her senror year Donald IN-ance wants Iohn Duck to have part of hrs herght Charles Wagner wrlls hrs mustache to Bobby Lee Anderson Dorothy Spurr wrlls her lrst of boy frrends to Wrlmoth Drckey Faye McGrllrard leaves her honor of Proneer Queen to Beverly Goom and leaves Ellrs Wrllet Vrckre Lamb and Aurvrl Ketch leave together Ioe Chrzzler Swartz frnally leavesll Dolton Rogers leaves hrs posrtron as co-captarn to Fuzzy Flesner Drck Parks wrlls hrs crutches to Fredre Katz Roger Harnden wants Steve Smrth to have hrs lrttle black book Betty Rr g and Phyllrs Murphy leave the band wrthout any oboe plavers Thank Goodness' Mary Lynn Graves Sylvra Hodges Gertrude Powers and n l rvt n frnrshed hrgh school rn three years wrll rng therr eagerness to Bob XValttrs Melba Smrth goes leavrng her two lrttle brothers Irmmy and Frankre t keep up the ole Antlers Hrgh sprrrt Iohnnre Swrm and C alvrn Poole leave therr snooker hall slump to Ierrv VV llrams and lack Clothrer Irm Crrftrth wrlls hrs superb evhrb rtronrst abrlrty to Raj, Houck P S We are losrng a good wrestler too Corky Drlts leaves hrs abrlrtv to handle the teachers to Bob Ahrberg Kendall Crrndstaff leaves the trtle of short and speedy to Rollo Venn Dewev Hcsser wrlls hrs vrm and vrgor to Harold Srmrrng Lorna Io johnson wants Fleanor Harper to have her Spanrsh accent lrmmre Shrpley leaves hrs drrvrng of the school bus to Irmmv Harrrson Zeena Amend wrlls her long harr to Mary Ann Drumm Alrce Bradford Dorothy Davrs Patsy Curd and Olrve DeLay leave therr companronshrp to Ionrta Dotter Dol ores Dotter, Loursc and Lors Lynch Cathrrne Braswell leaves her sweet personalrty to Ardyth Redburn Kerth Cottongrm wrlls the drum mayor unrform to Irmmy Taylor Betty Clrffton was left alone when Ray Shrrley went rnto the servrce Irmmre Crarg wants lack Rogers to have hrs good personalrty Peggy Cummrns leaves her brother Bud behrnd Eugene Danrels leaves hrs studrous P habrts to Vernon Van Horn Margaret Denny Loyce and Ioyce Lrvesay leave therr good trmes together o Betty Srnnett Betty Dunlap and Betty Howard Franklrn Donnell wrlls hrs srngrng abrlrty to Bob Smrth Colleen Cypert leaves her artrstrc abrlrtv to Anrta Ienkrns Hoover Frsher wants Iames Thomas to become as smart rn chemrstry as he Wayne Ford leaves takrng hrs prck up car wrth hrm 'vlarron German leaves hrs cute smrle to Iames Longan Allen Grady wants Estell Emde to have hrs motorcycle ertperrences Alan Graham le ves hrs corny jokes to Pat Moore Leonard Hall and Paul Ingersol leave to further therr educatron Betty Nlae Harrrson leaves her good trmes as FFA Prrncess last year to La verne Adams Elourse Howerton and Gladys Hop per leave therr men rn servrce to Ester Lee Maxev and Laverne Atwell Ardyth Houck leaves her vrvrd rmagr natron to Clara Burkhart Ioan Hull most beautrful senror leaves that honor to Robrn Thomas Colleen Hulsey leaves strll wartrng ro7 . V . , - 1 1 1 . . 1 ' , . . Y . . . l , . 7 I , rs - sr - H - Y - y - V . , . p . L 1 1 - rr -r V v y . V . l . M. ,, . . . . 'of v I , v , v v v U . , sl. . . ' . IS. V. Y . . . 1 1 , , . D, , . 7' ' , lea .I o Q . , - s Y 1 - L , s V ' Y Q Y , 1 ' ' T A Y ' 'V r ' 7 ar - -v .... 1 1 O - 1 , . , . . . . Y . 21 ' . v. , '. , r . , - rr 11 V v 2 t ' . . I ' . - A ' 1 f e f - ' v Y , . . rt rv 4 V - - - - V u as ' 4 - - - . r 1 ' ' . sr rv - - - - V . . Y. , - . ' ! 7 Y . V . . . 1 - 1 "' in for hcr man to comc homc Rose Humphrey lcawcs thc football hows to the next lucky quccn Cathrlnc Irwun leaxcs hcr quxct Q: J Iohn Ixes ltaxcs hrs car to Ralph food Iuanlta lxllllnbsvxorth goes lczmng, hcr sxstcr Rclla Mac Wars ncll Lancaster lcax es hopxng the IO8w rumors haxc an e1s1cr trmc getting through hnch school thin shc cltd Florence Miham Patsy Ann Laymm and Pitsy Iytlc wxll thcnr mclustrnous Rcx Crahs larry Nflannlng lcaxcs hrs ttmxclncss to Drcssler Pructt Slgned The Class of 46 .. ,. . . . . . a ' K 7 ' ' I V 4 A . laugh to Carol Cordncr. ness to Robert VVare, David Smith, and 1 . J 1 ' , . ,, . . Y V Y ' ' 7 l , . V , ' '

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