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u2Wf4? w w .M Sigiffff f,Jg,f f5'3iWM if my jj WMV! 50' Pj Mg' 15 iwwwwgwbf LV x J MMI m'3,tlO,S,wVlfs7M "Z N fywx 'm 2 wwffw ' 'WkE YW wgQ,9iM,xf T52 is WWVWKQWWW M wf'2?fwf J W " - PR QR.-5 W QM dag., 2 Fbfffga mfffgjigswm 7pM,1m,M Ax 'ZZ ffvza-Lg, ' 7,M yfwa-af,Zfcw. J!! J fcof A-44 -A-4-Av f'4L"f"--ff?"-'1,4-4-wrr41-r,og,f??" zf'? ,fM-by I-,W ,QLZ ' ' !f6'0,lf.,DCc 1 70 ff- at stain , - jgfffz-9'-'v-IA J A EQ: 4' , 19 . Wwwwlw Lg ff:.:zff'f" 91" wif Zgilfw ff 1 ,I fi, ' I ff QW K 22,2 W 455 WW Q M 'E 313: ' 215 4 1 y . 4 x iff xi E 969' 2252 ff! f ff! f 'sff'ff!!!'!'fffsf'!'!!!f!'f'f'!'!'fif'I-!'!'!'!'!'!'!'4f"!'!'f'f-XZ! ffffffffffffffffffff ffff 'f'f'f'!'f'!-!'f'f1f7'f'!!f'fI-f!fxfsff'f'!ff'!'Af7sf -f'f-X771 Aff f Ish!!! X C6116 qourth Estate M . Tresentsw , X6 , W so IQ4I Snllwatef Gyfzgh ,School ,Snlhuatcf Gklahoma x9yklSCH014 "'fiussocW"' ffffffffffsffffffffXXXftfsffXXfffffffffffffffffffsfsfff . . I Q . . Q U 0 . 0 Q Y .1'nfv-fww-fvv-f-f-fu-nf-f-f-f-f- u :...,.,f'.,f'.f......-, ---- .-....'.-,f-f'-,-'.'-,f..--,---,lf---.-- -- .-- 'A . . . . . . . . . . I ' a ' 1 . 0 . . . . ' Q 0 Q . 0 . Y 9 . I . . 0 4 I 5. . O 9 , . 0 I . . - . . l f I O U Q S- . I I . P10 ' 1 , '-,Af 'lff!ff!!!ff!'!'f'!ff'f ff fffgfffffffffffafffffffffffffffffffff I fffffffffXXX!!!XXVI!!!ffffffffffffffofffff Gable of Gontents Admmlstratlon Classes Musxc Sports .................................................. Features ...... School Life Compliments Appreciation 5 18 19 40 -90-91 92 IfIFAAAAAAAAAAXWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!II 'E i IX A A FREE PRESS E1 FREEDOM E QEZNOUACE IDICTATORS QF 5pEEgH fDeclication FEE I th r' - -i' H m U alizxzitiorssgf 1311551 cxlrherri- A I can's civic responsibility iQ. is increasing with amaz- 1U.r.l..1 ing rapidity. Every high """"' h l 't cl t, lla fieoivosfieflrairfvebusrf ll E , ' ' f th' al-1-fi:-1-LL an u-'nn gl:ii'Vi:8Cl?3Sfilil1S filling e 1. .1 f 1. s. 9.14 Ill 11 Q-11 Thus, it is to our 1 A Q, Q, 1 M American flag, the sym- I I bol of all that we hold A , d f th Am i- FREE Dom if yifirh Cari upriid TR UTH OF and respscii its triditiolns ' tht eicat tis,te G' N wiilwliioneer. e IF E V A l ' ' 7 CONE D NC RULE IN L li B H I V VH E PLL U E V nxrniil L. rm-1n.Tou L 164,00 .Med ,4oo6Cluf 7 V" , , sf' -'Z .zz Xyghlfa fy li A590 A E' fe' ' ,im Parade of National Honor. R, V. Sturgeon lectures about snakes. genes and Penquite leave for Dallas. ermit Greene, Water Monke monkey. Close examinarion in Courtrighfs science. Weaver gets the slant on Zant. Noon hour session at Norzh High. That looks like a Poe class. Nature's make-up at South High Feb. 28. Cocoannour enjoys his flowers and Horiculture Assembly, as any icensoredb can plainly see, H . . , , tmwvp-In U45 'ff Mr, , m f s f 3 fi Riff fy, ,4 ,N Q Ziff 'gc' 3 XL f' Yr, -"'f'iff i' I 6? ' D X' J D if .lr 7?-4 16-QA" h J J, --'Q' ,Q ' 0 .l x xl 1 12,116.2 oflclmin ' 359 'we' 3 5.25 9 ff ISUTCLUOTI The educated person: Is friendl Y ls cooperative 5 .... .Q .2-di.. l 1 'J' V E- M. 1. Mrs. Escue inspects the book-worm's paradise. . Mrs. Bishop and her pitcher-hobby . Mr. McCol om's car before the garrme-well it was interesting anyway . Mc. Doles out algebra. 5. Tea time at Mrs. Sevcrson's home 6 2 5 4 . Mr, Richards thinks two can live .as cheaply as one. The tables are turned and Worrall lectures Miss Allen-in speech. Hilles in a blackout. 9. Mrs, Lackey believes students should know what they eat. X 10. Not a typical study hall-Mr. I-lamilton's. 11. Deone is getting up in the world. I I I 7 I M f fBoard of Education LEFT TO RIGHT: E. J. Selph, T. G. Burns, E. E. Vincent, E. D. Price, Superintend- entg E. C. Donart, Secretary, W. R. Clift, Presidentg Mrs. George Taylor, George Dollinger, Treasurer. eilffeet Whose :who Guide Us To the seven persons who are so friendly and cooperative in promot- ing the growth of Stillwater High School, much credit must be given. Ernest Selph, veteran Stillwater grocer, is now serving his thirteenth year on the school board. He has maintained his residence in Stillwater for the past thirty-eight years and has been in the grocery business for twenty-live years. Thurman G. Burns, member for three years, has been very active in all projects undertaken by the organ- ization. In 1920 he came to Still- water to engage in the lumber in- dustry. Ernest E. Vincent, vice-president, came to Stillwater in 1917. He has been a member of the group four years. In 1907 he became a mor- tician. He is now president of The Conference of Funeral Examining Boards of the United States, Inc. and operates one of the most up-to-date funeral homes in Oklahoma. E. D. Price has been the efficient superintendent of our school for nine years. C. E. Donart has been clerk for thirty years. When he was appointed in 1910, there was a teaching staff of twenty-six. Since then the number of teachers has been tripled. At the time of Mr. Donart's appointment, he was bookkeeper for the Farmer's State Bank and is now with the First National Bank. W. R. Clift, president of the board, is a business man with a school background. He taught com- merce at Bartlesville highschool. After a year he was elected to the position of Superintendent of Kay County schools in which capacity he served for ten years. In 1935 he came to Stillwater where he engaged in the furniture business. Mr. Clift is interested in civic organizations and programs and offers annually an award to the senior who best exem- plihes school and home citizenship. He has been a member of our school board four years. Mrs. George R. Taylor is serving her first year with the group. In 1935 she came to Stillwater and soon became quite active in civic or- ganizations. She is a member of the faithful as treasurer of the organi- Stillwater Womans Culb, active in zation. He has served since 1925. He P- T- A., and a member of the Amer- came to Stillwater in 1905 and has i been Working for the Stillwater George Dollinger has long been National bank for twenty-five years. ican Legion Auxiliary. Superintendent of Schools E. D. PRICE, M.A. Our feelings for this great man are best expressed in the following words: Our dear friend- You've a manner all so mellow That it cheers and warms a fellow just to meet and greet you, and Feel the pressure of a hand That one may understand. just to know you and be near you Makes our hopes of clearer light And our faith of surer sight And our souls a purer white Our dear friend. 8 l 655118 School fldrincipals Walter McCollum, Principal-M,S. Duties: Major, Infantry Reserve eorpsg President, Secondary School Principals of O.E.A.g heads Falcon Aviation club. Glenn Tonkinson, Vice-principal-M.A, jjj Dutiesg- President, junior division of O.E.A.g member of Phi Delta I, Kappng active in Lion's club. ,,,,,-ag-Q .VG ..:i!g, Sf f 9 QW Cgaculty When Stillwater highschool was organized in 1901, there were only eighteen students, two teachers, and two grades. Since that time our alma mater has increased many times in both size and importance. Present enrollment is one thousand and live, with a faculty of thirty-six. Thirty of these instructors were graduated from Oklahoma A. and M. college, sixteen with Master's degrees. The system is now organized on the 6-6 plan. Numerous faculty members have gained national recognition for out- standing ability in their respective fields, and the group as a whole is rated as "one of the strongest fac- ulties in the state of Oklahoma." f, ,e ,1 ,:..v..' -fi.."? .. ,r..,i,...-.1 A 'l l Q W ,J .fvh. 'wl- i 51 Elmer J. Brinker-B.S., M.S. Elizabeth Brock-B.S., M.S. Velma Bishop-B.S. Mathematics Home Economics Mathematics Director N.Y.A. Future Home Makers club Senior sponsor Sophomore sponsor Tenth grade sponsor EQXEN 1 Qfahi' gag' IO Marguerite Allen-BA., M.A. Rosalie Becker-B.S., M.A. john Baughw-BA., M.A, English and Speech English and Latin History and Music Forensic club Ninth grade sponsor Eighth grade sponsor junior sponsor www Gertrude Burns-B.S. Ruth Bullock-B.S, joseph Cocannouer-B.S., MS, Physiology and Geography English Foreign languages and Agri junior Pep club Eighth grade sponsor Cultufe Seventh grade Sponsor National Honor Society .J is .f. 44 ' ' ' K II Charles C. Courtright-B.S. Gladys Huffine-B.S., M.A. Hugh A. Coonfield-B.S. General science Grammar Electric club Auditorium Ninth grade sponsor Seventh grade sponsor Mathematics and Science junior High football and bas kctball Seventh grade sponsor i li? 3 Cora Belle Knearl-B.A. R. D. McDole-B.S., M.S. Mary Kitchens-B.S. English usage Mathematics Home Economics Auditorium Tennis director Future Home Makers club Seventh grade sponsor Ninth grade sponsor , Y - s ,H x M Ya 2335 sW'3 I2 Ross Flood--B.S., M.S. Lora Gill-B.S., M.A. Edna Bryan-B.S. Physical education and wrest- Home Economics English img Future Home Makers club Student Council Eighth grade sponsor Junior sponsor 1 A f' l Ella Craig Escue-A.B., M.A, Ralph A. Hamilton-B.S. Maude Meacham-A.B. History FO0tb3.ll Library Sophomore sponsor t GTI 'file Fe 13 Roy W. Poe-B.S. Ethel Markwell-B.S,, M.A. R. G. Richards-B.F.A. Commerce Social Science Hi-Y Student Council Senior sponsor Ninth grade sponsor Florence Lackey-A.B., M.S. A. C. Miller-B.S. Commerce Industrial Arts Pep Club junior sponsor Junior sponsor lx Ex Q3 I 4 Music A Cappella choir Faye McWethy-B.S., M.A History Treasurer for "Pioneer" Sophomore sponsor I james de Gruchy-B.S., M.S. Science Gussie Crays-B.S. Mathematics and History Arithmetic ,E Wy 6 ,xxx l A Nancy Saunders-A.B Eighth grade sponsor 'lx Glen Varnum--B.A., M.S. Florence Severson-B.S., M.A. Willard Shingleton-B A Music English and Journalism Manual Training Drum and bugle corps "Pioneer" sponsor Senior sponsor f I 1 l o .X i Nam -N l-- L22 16 enioi' Weigh Gouncil Seated: jean Mcliilliard, Pioneer Editor, Elanor Fry, 10 BB, Delores Livesay, Forensic Club, Virginia Townsell, 11 BZ, Georgianna jones, Girls' Glee Club, Mr. E. j. Brinker, Sponsor, joe Hodges, President, Mar Elizabeth Zant, Girls' Glee Club, Tom Weaver, Vice-president' Wrwrrall Clitt, 12 Bl, Mrs. Edina Bryan, Sponsor. Standing: Wesley jones, A Cappella Choir, Manley Cottongim, Band: Gilbert Clitt, 11 Bl' Perry Eby, 12 B25 Lonnie Dorman, Pat Murphy, 11 BB, john jacobs, I1 BZ. Members not shown: Wayne Harris, 10 B45 fann- Hille A ' f ' ' Myron Ledbetter, Orchestra, Paul McGuire, Football Co-captain, yc e Murphy, 10 B25 Norris North- ington, 10 Big BettiSue Pershall, Drum and Bugle Corps, jack Saggsser, 12 B43 Phillip Meyers, National Honor Society. s , Uwrth Cgfigh ,Senate FIRST ROW: Lawrence Lanham, Dick McGivern, Bob Moore, Billie McCollom, Hoover Fisher, Bob Whitson, Donald jenkins, Aurvil Ketch, Max johnson. SECOND ROW: Pasty Curd, Marilyn Potts, Ramona Grandstaff, Nadina Powell, jane Boggs Marjorie Pulver, Billie jean Willett. THIRD ROW: Lois Spurgin, Norma Ross, jo Ann Mullendore, jane Triplett, Gertrude French Reba Howerton, Marjorie Carlisle. FOURTH ROW: Martin Lee Craft, Winfrey Houston, Al Hatfield, Lloyd jones, Raymon Elledge, jimmie Griftitt, Bobby Plummer, ,JN ,v,,s. ,N ,Q J airy, fpioneer Staff i Jean McGilliard, Editor Donald Sullins, Business Manager Janice Harned, Associate Editor 1' YZ' ROW: Paul Adams, Photographer-in-chief, Knowles Boaz, Advertising Man- agerg Deone Duncan, School Lifeg Betty Jeanne Franklin, Activities, Roger Hull, Art Editor. LOWER ROW: Jeanne Hilles, Senior Editorg Joe Hodges, Sports Editorg John Jacob, Music Editorg Charles Martin, Circulation Editorg Mary Ann Swank, Feature Editor. ffffffffffffffff fffvfffvff ff fffvffnfffv vffvffnffffvfnfvwnnnnnnf- vwnfwfwfwnnfwnf CL5I1e IQ4I 'Pioneer yearbook JEAN MCGILLIARD Edltor JANICE HARNED Associate Editor DONALD SULLINS Busmess Manager MRS FLORENCE SEVERSON Staff Advnser CROSSMAN PRINTING CO Stlllwater Oklahoma Prmtmg WHIPPLE STUDIO Class Photographs WESLEY JONES an PAUL ADAMS Candld Pictures ROGER HULL HELEN ROBERTS MARILYN HAMILTON EILEEN KIRKPATRICK Ar . O . 9 0 O 4 O O I X . ' 7 C I , . l O . - I l . ' d O . I . 0 O . n O , O O O ' t f D O . O 0 . q '........... ... ....,A. .......... ......... .. fffffffffffiffffif ff! ffifffbfff ffffflhfsfff ff!!! ff! 18 X x I I I I Q I 5 S x x I I x S I S ffffffffffff X X7 ff! Aff XIXVXIYI A! If X117 ..........fys.. ... ... .. ... .... yffyfg.. ... ... .. -. ... ..,.,,, ,,,,, ff! XY ff XVII? If X7 ff XV ff Affffffffffff 'M 1' A , 1 - . 'Y"w. X. 5 5lp"i 1,3 V I I fx y H f ,, "n lf " L-as-f Li? quam, Q, Glasses The educated stud t Has an inquiring d Has a sound t d d f 1 g A, There was a lot of royalty at the school fair. "For Men Only" was a popular sideshow! Tiny tots' routine. The Downs brothers render a duet. "A Bicycle Built for Two." Umm! Don't they smell good?" "Butch" Ward accepts reward Ccandyj for his homeroom SDA Graduates of 1941 Wesley jones 4 President ' I ,gif lffff .f . X .' 'ffiff f Charles Martin , I 2 , Vice-President ' ' Katherine Tompkins ' 1 Secretary Myron Ledbetrer Treasurer as 3 ,Senior Executive Qouncil Wesley Colclazier, E. O, Lancaster, Phillip Meyers, john Atwell, Betty jean Taylor, Warren Hall Buddv Irvine, Donald Sullins. fig ., t :Ll . 22 Abernathy, John Adams, Paul Walter Alderson, john Nelson Amend, Bill T. Andrews, Buddy Atwell, John Bailey, Everett Baird, Grace Ellen Barker, Virginia Barton, Aleen Bellatti, Marjorie Bell, Pauline Elizabeth Berg, Charles Bilyeu, Doyle Orval Bilyeu, Winsel Blaney, Dorothy Eloise Blossom, Eugene Blowers, Eunice . , 'if rx' W ' , ff 'L' .er ,. wa f f f , 4 fW ' f ,X f fff W , f ,lf X If lsr ! ff we MDM Brock, Ada Lee Carlisle, Betty Frances Carlisle, Brad Carnes, Mary Lou Chapman, Neva jo Clapp, Mildred Clift, Worrall Colclazier, Wesley Cole, jack Lloyd Cooke, Everett Cooley, Tenal Copmann, Lyle Cottongim, Manley Courtright,Claibourne Lee Crenshaw, Albert Wayne I " ' Crouse, Fern Louise Cupp, Florence Edith - , . r ' Ali V' Curtis, Wilma Lavell 1 L . 15 the v .g :fha ' Sponsored by DUTCH BISHOP'S BARBECUE Main at 14th "For Fine Foods" g :E ,i - 1' R 2 3 Cypert, Arlene Dailey, Leta Helen Demaree, James Rex Dodson, Keith Donart, Glendora Ann Downs, Billy M. A9,Xll5!piv,vX5 Duncan, Deone Eby, Perry Hayes Echols, Genevieve Flesner, Gordon George Flesner, johnny Focht, Andrew Ansel Franklin, Betty Jeanne Friedell, Mary Gelder, jimmy George, Marta Marie Grissom, Dale B. Gudgel, Doris ei sal ' 2 4 Hall, Wanda Lucille Hall, Warren Hamilton, Marilyn J Wifi? l ' 140 ' ga Myaf I , u a Evelyn , -fy!-f4'4'! ,, erron,QuinT1ul . . L ff if ' . ,, A ' N 90? X I Hill if + a4,Zf1f" illes, Jeanne Hodges joe Q Hubbard, C. M. Hughes, Ruth Adele Hughes, Lucille Hull, Roger Hutton, Morris Wayne Irvine, Buddy Iohnson, Wanda Lee Jolly, Aubrey Clare jones, Georgianna Sponsored by ROY T. HOKE LUMBER COMPANY MMM- 'I--ilde'-e ef Better Homes"-Ph. 377 x- X. 51213 ffd?l!M7, 2532? X. ,ll si lb ff,-N :Q ,??4 ffl -I ' '..f 3 iw Q Zi ff 1 T all ' 26 I , Wesley Kerntke, Henry, jr. Kirkham, Marjorie Kirkpatrick, Virginia Eileen Kirkpatrick, Marjorie Louise Konklin, Barbara Jean Kyme, May Louise Lancaster, E. O., jr. Ledbetter, Myron Leigh, Virginia Lewis Sue Livesay, Gerald Ray Malloy, Sally Jo Manning, Marjorie Martin, Charles I - SHT -H I A - X evffrs, Phllhp 1, Morgan, Leo ff Murphy, Maurme 3-.W 3 W .,, ,,,W,, , I, , 35 w McClure, Keith McCraw, David McGilIiard, jean Harriet McGlamery, Floyd McGuire, Paul Nester, Harry "fi, Ninman, Ruth Ann Patterson, Nancy jane Pattison, Percelene jane X 1 , X W D I ff W 7 ff 'W Q- , QWJ., 5' 2 3 f 7 2, , 53 .4 GZ' SX Pearson, Helen Mildred Peck, Mary Cedella Penquite, Walter Pershall, Bettysue Phelps, Doris Randolph, Jayne 1'5- W ,fl '-SZ! A Riley, Bob + Efahyo Robertson, Pauline Saggsser, jack Sponsored by J. C. PENNEY COMPANY 708 Main Phone 248 VanSickle, Harry, jr. .Q r-AA . Q 28 gill fl Schroeder, Norma Sexton, Jeanne Sinclair, Cleo Hes 1 Smith, Genevieve S Sturm, Sam H., jr. V . 3' X SP' Sollers, Willard F- T ' Stewart, Florence Ruth Stratton, Earl V. Sullins, Donald Taylor, Wayne Taylor, Betty jean Terrell, Pat ,L J, - i me Thomas, Mary Sue ' ' Tompkins, Katherine 7 Tru ly, Robert Glen kr fl 'mf f 4' dw ' ff f ff, Walters, Thecla Weathers, Wanda c g -va , V'V' ' 1 I wi' Wilkins, Betty The graduating class of 1941 has one hundred and fifty-nine mem- bers, forty-six of them have gone to school in the Stillwater system throughout their entire school life. This class has forty-one who are the youngest members of the family, twenty-eight who are the oldest members, and fourteen who are the only children. Parents of graduating seniors Bud Andrews, Deborah Nan Bishop, Lee Courtright, Perry Eby, jimmy Gel- der, Bert Hill, Roger Hull, and Pau- line Robertson-were also graduated from this highschool. The most popular ambition among the boys of the class is engineering, and more girls want secretarial po- Sponsored by CENTRAL STATES POWER AND LIGHT 122 East Ninth Za' f 'Wf4El " Wedin, Edwin Eugene Weilmuenster, john H. Whayman, Helen jane Whitson, Irene Whitenton, Wilson Willett, Louise Williams, Claribel Lea Zant, Mary Elizabeth Wood, Morrisine sitions than anything else, except, perhaps, marriage. Reading is their favorite pastime and they prefer light fiction. Most of the students plan to con- tinue their studies at Oklahoma Ag- ricultural and Mechanical college. Three seniors who were graduated at mid-year are already enrolled at A. 8: M. They are Mary Sue Thom- as, Glendora Donart, and Helmut Somners. Other mid-year graduates were Aubrey jolly, Chester Ross, Lester Ross, Bill La Hue, and jacob Creason. SENIORS WI-IO DID NOT HAVE THEIR PICTURES MADE. Deborah Nan Bishop, jack Boyles, Hollis Edwin Campbell, Helen jane Christensen, Walter Delong, janet Farmer, Dale B. Hudiburg, Jacque Kelley,Glineva Killingsworth, Rich- ard Northington, Elaine Scholl, Dick Weir, Walter Weiss, Clayton Val der: Phone 435 fy! - 1 . - f l I ' N ' 'I afar, f m N r M . f F w uv IK II x y 531 fw- ,- ,. ,fm an W, . ff 944 wlififwif W wlxkfsp Q F' A Spon 30 im., U PEYTON GLASS 8: SON A. .- 806 Mam l I , . ., . A -- ,. . Q' gwpg-xi Q: 1 QT ' 'ffrc,,,,v.K.,. Ma! , j Uncierclassmen ,This year's junior class of 184 students boasts eight national honor society members. They are Martha Nell Zant, Doris Waldby, Ruth Boggs, Barbara Burns, Tom Weaver, Shem Sooter, Ra mond, Thomas, and Pat Murphy. 'K . f -The juniors hold many offices. Tom Weaver is vice-president of student council and president of boys' glee club. Elaine Morgan is treasurer of girls' glee club and 'sin s first so rano in irls' uartet. 8 E , 8 Cl Martha Nell ant sings low, alto. juniors in the list of pace setters are Elaine Morgan and Tex Stone, best looking juniors, Mary Ann Swank and Keith McPheeters, best dressed: Martha Lou Wilber, pret- tiest eyes, and Martha Nell Zant, prettiest hands. There are many high ranking students in this class. Charlotte Clift is an excellent typist, john McBride takes top honors in Amer- ican historyg Pauline Payne is prize junior in the bookkeeping class, and Billy Hutchins excels in advanced algebra, Bill Horton takes top hon- ors in athletics, he is undefeated in wrestling at 103 lbs. Bob Rogers is high point junior in basketball, George Cheek excels in football, and Raymond Thomas is prize golfer. The chief social function of the school year is the junior-senior ban- quet and prom which is sponsored by the juniors. junior Glass Officers I Pat Murphy, Viceaprcsident Tom Weaver, President Elaine Morgan, SCN? 31' - ICBSU I' 5 s ryr rf wi if f 5, .6 Sponsored by FRITZ MOTOR COMPANY 224 East Sixth Phone 902 uniofrs l .f ' ' Q' IQSE W' ' ef as 32 FIRST ROW: Fred Black, George Cheek, Edith Aubrey, Louise Crow, Ercell Austin, Betty Daugherty, Marjorie Bellatti. SECOND ROW: Avonelle Chaffin, Charlotte Clifr, Fern Broyles, Jo Ann Bolin, Rosalyn Conner, Ruth Boggs, Lyle Barnes, Gordon Brattain, Tommy Deihl, Evelyn Cooper. THIRD ROW: Zola jane Bilyeu, Marcheta Barnes, joan Bilyeu, Claudine Bandelier, Mildred Alexander, Betty jo Clingenpeel, Ruth Baird, Ray Davis, Knowles Boaz, LeRoy Davis. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Burns, Fern Adams, Virginia Brooner, Thelma Crenshaw, Helen Blair, Florence Brown, Doris Andrews, Billy Ray Clayton, Henry Cawood, Kenneth Bandelier, Gilbert Clift. FIRST ROW: Gifford Glover, Kermit Green, Keith Dickson, Marquetta Griswold, Bonnie jean Gregson, jane Hughes, Dortha Hobbs. SECOND ROW: Maxine Hale, Maribelle Haning, Nina Gravette, Betty Heinz, Eloise Dressen, Ramona Heisler, Ella Eager, Mildred johnson, Stella Hale. THIRD ROW: Bill Horton, Bernice Glaser, Vera Henderson, Theda Drumm, Carrie Jacobs, Daisy Mae Hueston, Letha Harris, Kenneth Hesser, FOURTH ROW: Alton Houston, Leo Emery, Billy Hutchinson, Tommy Gray, Britton Hughes, john Jacobs, David Hilles, Bobby Glover, Billy Goodman. Sponsored by MIDWEST CREAMERY COMPANY 123 West Ninth Phone 95 juniors ,. , 3 FIRST ROW: Carol Lahman, Virginia Keller, Carol Potts. SECOND ROW: jeanne Pratt, Billie joe Morris, Ila jean Parsons, Lois Raider, Mary Madison, Louise McCray, Mayme Ruth Manning. THIRD ROW: Elaine Morgan, Mary Helen Lewis, Delores Livesay, Frances Ligon, Betty jean Moore, Ella Mae Mott, Bernice Glaser. FOURTH ROW: John Peck, junior Paden, Pauline Payne, Donis Park, Bert McWilliams, Orlow jones. FIFTH ROW: Dickr Knipe, R. W. jones, jack Nelson, Ben Pratt, Bucky Leach, Henry Lockwood, Wayne O'Neil. SIXTH ROW: jack Phillips, john McBride, james Mott. FIRST ROW: Theron Robinson, Howard Worthington, Quinton Ventris, R. V. Sturgeon, Alan Waddill, jimmy White. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Stapley, Nona Marie Stubbleheld, Elizabeth Sorenson, Betty Tourtellotte, Virginia Townsell, Loretta Sapp, Peggy Wfagner, Pauline Zuck, Doris Waldby, Betty Trumbly, Lena Sisney. THIRD ROW: Martha Lou Wilbcr, Donna Spurgen, Catherine Whittenberg, Mary Ann Swank, Martha Nell Zant, Mary jo Wilbanks, Tom Weaver, Ruth Straughn, Mabel June Riley, Helen Roberts, Norma Lynne Wilson, Virginia Sutton. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Jack Rogers, William Sloan, Raymond Thomas, Tex Stone, Wayne Vogler, Jimmie Swaydcn, Shem Sooter, Sponsored by LAUGHLIN'S 812 Main - Feminine Apparel - Phone 2440 F, .. ,,., y. ' A i W ' igr 33 Q i i ,Sophomores FIRST ROW: Ruth Hcald, Shirley DeWitt, Joan Hawk, Ruth Hargrave, Betty Sue Bruce, Lucille Blackwell, Jane Boggs, Margaret Boehr. SECOND ROW: Frank Cross, Earl Young, Mary Jane Hinkel, Pattie AIZDCWAY, Barbara Schott, Pauline Schatz, Freda Lois Harris, Eva Jo Bridges, Betty Jane Carnes, Lu wig Isenberg. THIRD ROW: Bobby Lee Barnes, Jim Burdette, Shirley Lanham, Peggy Graham, Merline Melvin, Joan Woods, Juanita Baker, Nelle Reed, Lonnie Dorman. FOURTH ROW: Donald Johnson, Miss Maude Meacham, Edward Leonard, Carl Ingersol, Arthur Arnold, Bill Smith, George Schedler, Vern Smith, David Houck, Bobby Hallaher. FIRST ROW: June Watts, Catherine Harden, Maxine Stites, Betty Ann Hughes, Jane Carmicheal, Joyce Ann Swim, Leona Lancaster, Eileen Justice, Barbara Ann Thomas, Suzanne Irvine. SECOND ROW: Gay Johnson, Margaret Smith, Mary Cleverdon, Betty Jo Hicks, Vera Mick, Jim Gravette, Gerald Robertson, Lawrence Haning. THIRD ROW: Owanna Lee Gosnel, Clara Henderson, Betty Jardot, Ozella Moody, Vera Jo Smith, Jack Wald, Bobby Telford, Bill Brock, Wyche Murphy, Carroll Pope. FOURTH ROW: Glen Leemaster, James Ash, Gayle Ward, Billy Church, Vernon Justice, Bob Reichman. FIFTH ROW: Dick Weilmuenster, Billy Taylor, Harold Leighton, Walter Nichols, Jess over. llkgxq holr, Joe Bowers. l l il 9:3 lf'wSTs, lfl?af1s1f' lffflififo' 5 d b iw Z, ponsore y WARD BUICK-PONTIAC COMPANY 34 201 West Ninth Phone 1280 ,Sophomoresh - Ninth Grade FIRST ROW: Bob Buffington, John Moore, Ruby Sloan, Odetta Davis, Reba Howerton, Norma Dean Ventris, Dorothy Grandstaff, Betty Ruth Demaree, Durwood Sitron, Bryan Hillerman, Philip Haddad, Dick Butten. SECOND ROW: JohnAGoodner, Raymond Drumm, Reba Houston, Frances Jane Crouse, Robert Randolph, Nolen Scroggins, John Haning, Billy McKibben, Wayne Harris. THIRD ROW: James Solman, Thomas Harrison, Jerry Guthrie, Glen Ra Norrell, Minnie Lou Brumley, Gloria Lindly, Elvis Curtis, Maynard Human, Lucile Heisler, Dorthy Flick, Benny Kautz. FOURTH ROW: Clarence Olson, Freddy Simank, Jimmy Sollers, Jerome Walsh, Gertrude French, Mary Lee Sinclair, Helen Kerntke, Nina Harrell, Ruby Snead, Eileen Flesner, Vera Adel Jones, Sammy Kaurz. FIFTH ROW: Ivan Droke, Paul Human, Madyline Sinclair, Mildred Dykes, Miss Faye McWethy, Beryl Scurlock, George Demaree, Carnez Rains. SIXTH ROW: Clayton Cheek, Paul Payne, Mr. E. J. Brinker. FIRST ROW: Marjorie Pulver, Beth Harrington, Dorothy Gelder, Jane Triplett, Mary Lou Roberts, Virginia Houck, Peggy Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Mary Frances Hoke, Jean Alexander, Jeanne Epperson, Sarah Jane Berry, Arthur Rigg, Patsy Graves, Rose Palmer, Pauline Dilrs. THIRD ROW: Joyce Francis, Poll Durham, Mildred Pruitt, Betty Jean Ridings, Mary Ann Tourtellotte, Tommy Anderson, Jetta Ibee Givins. FOURTH ROW: Gene Arnold, Clay Robertson, Wanda Bradley, Betty Lou Blumer, Doris Jean Townsell, Robert Cochran, Imogene Shelley. FIFTH ROW: Kenneth Glover, Tracy Gilbert, Jean -Kuechenmeister, Vernoy Van Deventer, Jo Ann Mullendore, Mary Martin, Virginia Jardot, Nellie June Manning. Sponsored by PAYNE COUNTY MILK PRODUCERS 810 Husband. Phone 1210 inth Grade ff 4 GK FRONT ROW: jim Sturgeon, Gerald Bradshaw, Lanny Gallup, Edger Copley, joe Ben Whitson, Earl Staten, Dare McGilliard, Lawrence Lanham, Mary Louise johnson, Doroth King, Margarete, Richardson, Marguerite Harris, Phillip Brown, Mariellen Clubb, Earl Whitson, Billie jean Willett, Leland Smith. SECOND ROW: Jimmie Rochel, james Smith, j. D. Mott, Bill Penquite, Bill McCollom, Billie De Moss, Paul Elaw, Louise Parsons, Pauline Hinrichs, Ernestine Payton, Norma Lee Ritter, Norma Lee Rambo, Betty Drumright, Patsy Dill Dotter. THIRD ROW: Bob Hladky, Victor Hall, William McBride, Louis Watkins, Dick Scherer, David Six, Richard Ward, Max johnson, Jayne Bishop, Marjorie Carlisle, Geraldine Hartman. FOURTH ROW: Bill Orr, Orley Becker, Raymond Emery, La Vern Bergstrasser, joe Yoakum, Vernon Hall, Ruth Alene Elledge, Bob Moore, jane Rankin, Elizabeth Trimble, Miss Rosalie Becker, Dorothy jean Cooper, Elna Nickels. FIFTH ROW: Mr. R. D. McDole, Ed McCarter, Lila Mae Hughes, Doroth Smith, Alene Bradshaw, Bennett Hammond, Harold Bauman, Elsie Spillane, Emma Nus, Winfrey Houston, Amysue Choate. SIXTH ROW: Ruth Adams, Melva Stewart, Mary Lou Moody, Clarence Trumbly, Leonard Whitson, james de Gruchy, jr., Edith Rink, Mildred Kite, Marilyn Harper. ,wx Q I ""x J ,.'ii. N N in ii' I' 36 im S3 FIRST ROW: Miss Lora Gill, Wallace George, Jimmie Hughes, Donald Six, Henr Lee Smoot, Delbert Rains, Ramona Grandstalf, Katherine Creason, Margaret Gazaway, Mr. C. Courtright, Don Hughes, Keith Wilson. SECOND ROW: Howard Temple, Bill Wilson, Bill Snead, Willard Davis, Val Dona Lewis, Edith Howard, Lorenia Merchant, Imogene Stoner, Buford Bennett. THIRD ROW: Fred Lewis, Kenneth Lyle, Dewey Wortman, Winifred Wells, V. D. Crouch, Ila May Hall, Horace Childress, Arthur Weiss, Bob y Plummer, E. J. Moody, Irene Pike, Howard Livesay. FOURTH ROW: jack Martin, Phillip Leininger, junior MCCreary, jack Cawley. FIFTH ROW: Fred Walters, Melburn Cole, Eldon Randolph, Warren Kelley, Kent Carmain, jim Daugherty, R. L. Brooks, Gerald Davis, Charles Bartholomew, Lonell Ross. eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Bobby Anderson, Bill Lothers, Don Wright, Carroll Leonard, Gene Baird, Stanley Blinks, johnny Curran, J. W. Emde, Hi Staten. SECOND ROW: Emily Patterson, Leslie Terpening, jean Marie Simcoe, Dick Heath, Edmund gchedler, Marybclle Wortman, Dorothy Lee Burns, Frances Peaden, Erma jenkins, Mary Elizabeth tevens. THIRD ROW: Miss Nancy Saunders, Juanita Brown, Marie Hughes, Edan Lee Jones, Marilyn Potts, Marcellette McLain, Katherine Gates, Louise Crosnoe, Pasty Penquite, Roger Clubb, Mary Jean Miller. FOURTH ROW: Eudean Emery, Vivian Ruth Darrow, Rosanne Thomas, Marjorie Lou Adams, Ruby Mae Stratton, Eileen Bilyeu, james Martin, Mary Elizabeth Angerer, Lloyd jones. Q l ks., FIRST ROW: Helen Randolph, Naomi McCammon, Sandra Uzzell, Dorothy Nell Hinkel, Doris Lee Houck, Helen Scherer, Ray Young, Par Cawley, Pete Tourtellorte, Benny Gravette. SECOND ROW: Holleen Hartpence, Gertrude Rader, Betty jean Manning, Billie Ann Hesser, james Leighton, Charles Boggs, Bill Kyme, Dick McGivern, Norman Howerton. THIRD ROW: Eleanor Bardsley, Joyce Adams, Norma Wilson, Ruth Redburn, Mary Lou Malloy, Louis jardot, Robert Childress. FOURTH ROW: james Valdor, George Hardin, Louie Smith, Billie Stevens, Tommy Reynolds, Patricia Murphy, Lawerence johnson, Ray Bigler, Ramon Elledge, Edward Mott, jimmy Perky, Grover Lee Rains, Freddie Salmon, Mr. john Baugh. Sponsored by GUTHRIE BEAUTY PARLOR CLIFT FURNITURE ':"' ' r A 232 Eighth orarie - gamn Wag FIRST ROW: Bob Ferguson, Alvin Webb, Billy Nelson, Billy Miller, Rex Mossler, jim Griffith Charles Moore jack Griffith, Glen johnson, Dean Kirkpatrick, Tilford Blair, Eugene Roberts james Rader, Eugene Smith, Everett Lovell. SECOND ROW: Glen Horton, jim Leigh, Norville Hesser, Willie Baker, Harold Campbell Harvey Curd, Donald johnson, Shirley Gaines, Glendoris Bay, Laura Hughes, Betty Brown, Mary Lee Bilyeu, j. W. Sitton, Chester Ingham, Selby Thomason, james Hill. THIRD ROW: jack Harrall, james Babcock, Melvin Robinson, Aline Cook, Lois Spurgin, Imogene Smith, juanira Leach, Vera Welch, Lona Lee Coll, Bob Brown. FOURTH ROW: Miss Ruth Bullock, Charles Dilworth, Gorden Greenneld, Bob McVay, Bill Ward, Norma Williams, Barbara Gallagher, jean Gregor , Helen Tinker, Leona Overholt, Anita jo Hatfield, Mr. Ross Flood, Evelyn Sinclair, Lilah jean Slchafer, Lula Maxey. 5518 ' fauna, 1, ', M V, if eliafwz ffl Wiffyif lk R IM 'rl 'EFX' f 1 o MKS . Qlilxl 38 , k-is 132 J ,J FIRST ROW: Frank Abernathy, Faye McGilliard, Betty Rigg, Bertie Hargrove, Velta Mae Allen, Doris Carlisle, Peg8Y Cummins, Dana jean Sharp, Eloise I-Iowerton, Margaret Ross, Ardyrh Houck, SECOND ROW: james Dilts, Allan Kay Grady, john jewett, Andrew Holley, Loyce Livesay, Margaret Ann Saggsser, Ruby Ahner, Cyntha Glover, Irene Schroeder, Nancy Ann Hicks, Lois Richardson, Barbara Human, Esther Patterson, Phyllis Murphy, jean Ward, joan Hull. THIRD ROW: Larry Morris, Calvin Poole, Leonard Hall, Donald Nance, Patty Brooks, Dale Herndon, Louise Burk, Patsy Lytle, joan Miller, Melvin Albright, Ruth Singleton, Patsy Lou Redburn, jacqueline Niles. n n v Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: Travis Franklin, j. B. Scroggin, Dale Clifton,dIimmy Hoke, La Vern Atwell, Lyle Dean, Glen Hartman, Wayne Kite, Franklin Donnell, Leonar Sagersa, Frank McCarter, Leonard Devlin, George McGuire. SECOND ROW: Bob Tucker, Arvin Rains, Tommy Welch, Henry Dunlevy, Bob Whitson, Bennie Martin, Gladys Hop er, Martin Craft, Vergie Carmichail, Harold Hicks, Theodore Erick, Roy Lee Kerby, Roger Harndpen, Harley Walker. THIRD ROW: Catherine Irwin, Mary Nell Lancaster, Leila McWilliams, Billie Sue Sinclair, Wanda Smith, Bill Day Prewitt, Dick Brown, Larry Manning, Carl Moore. FOURTH ROW: Elsa Cook, Bonnie Raupe, Evelyn Pence, Anna Heririck, Ila Grace Bilyeu, J. C. McGlamery. FIFTH ROW: Lora May Bilyeu, Mary Baker, Erma Ross, Norma Everett Henderson, Ruhal Wells. SIXTH ROW: Miss Gertrude Burns, Gladys Bickell, Betty Belle Metcalf, Miss Gladys Huffine, Roy McGuire, john Davis, Bil Wiley. Ross, Bert Lucas, Patsy Curd, Babcock, Doyle Clapp, Cecil FIRST ROW: William Belknap, john Ives, Betty Lou Sturdivant, Beverlee jo Atkins, Betty Clifton, jo Ann Hinkel, Carleta Ventris, Hoover Fisher, Bill Phillips, F. A. Clayton, SECOND ROW: jimmy Reynolds, David Heid, Max Kinyon, Barbara jean Rains, Howard Potts, Ann Frout, Colleen Hulsey, Velma Pepmiller, Dorothy Smith, Amy Williams, Olera Henson, Harold Crenshaw, Harold Walters. THIRD ROW: johhnie Swim, Florence Mahan, Juanita Killingsworth, Colleen Cypert, Norma Overholt, Joyce Livesay, Harry jones, Schiller joe Scroggs, Le Roy Pendelton. FOURTH ROW: Miss Cora Belle Knearl Bob White, Al Hatfield, jock Smith, Jack Shelton, Dannie Molden, Paul Ingersol, Kenneth jardot, Alan Graham. 'f'pg1-,g"Q Eyre, Fr 39 Curtain call at North High for thc auditorium classes and the "Gingerbread Man," Hesser, Northington, and Pratt in machine woodwork. Valder and others take their bugology seriously, Society menaces Nos, 1 and 2. Vocational English featuring Mrs. Bryan, co-starring Wcsley Colclazier, Tenal Cooley, Wayne Crenshaw, and Warren Hall. Senior class treasurer does a little figurin . Home EC. girls learn to budget and to Hit. as ti fwxbgix' . f 'nmfllfff a fi xl X W fl iw M ff H l Q xl W 05? All n :ix A x 'S L , "' E 1112! e7b'Cus ic The educated student: Works and plays wnth others Has intellectual interests 4 -an N 5 I I Brass Quintet: jack Hoffman, Worrall Clift Manley Cottongim Bill Parker and Hi Staten. French Horn Quartet: Worrall Clift, Donis ,Park, Gerald Harnden, and Elaine Scholl. Drum Ensemble' Charles Denny Betty Sue Pershall Nettie Beth Bilyeu Budd I ' . , , , y rvine, and Gerald Robertson. Woodwind Quarter: David Houck, Pat Murphy, Keith McPheeters, and Bobby Lee Barnes. Cornet Quartet: Bob White, Thamon Hazen, Harold Bauman, and Gerald Bradshaw. Trombone uartet: Bill Parker Lloyd ones Joe Yokum and Tornm Harris , , , on. Saxophone uartet: Avonelle Chaffin, Yglesley Colclazier, Virginia Barler, and Mary Helen Lewis. !y,!5', Instrumental e9XCusic Officers FRONT ROW: Wesley Colclazier, Drum major of Band, Beta' Tourtellotte, Vice-president of Drum and Bugle Corpsg Myron Ledbetter, President ot' Orchestra, anley Cotton im, President ot Band Betty Sue Pershall, President of Drum and Bugle Corps, Buddy Irvine, slice-president of Band Virginia Barkett, Drum major of Drum and Bugle Corps. BACK ROW: Virginia Barker, Librarian for Band, Lucille Hughes, Reporter for Drum and Bugle Corpsg Knowles Boaz, Reporter tor Orchestra, john glacob, Reporter tor Band, Nettie Beth Bilyeu Secretary-Treasurer of Drum and Bugle Corps, Sara Rosylan Ferguson, Librarian for Drum and Bugle Corps, Ada Lee Brock, Secretary-Treasurer of Band. The Stillwater highschool band and orchestra, since they were or- ganized in 1920, have brought wide recognition to the Instrumental Mu- sic Department by the outstanding record they have established during the past twenty years. Contests in which the band and orchestra competed are the Shawnee Band Festival, District at Tonkawa, State at Norman, and Tri-State at Enid. In each of these contests the Still- water groups received top honors, winning in 1940 the Sweepstake at Shawnee for the second consecutive year. The Bugle and Drum Corps was first started in 1938, and after only three years is ranked as one of the most popular organizations in our system. The Corps received second division ratings at the contests they entered last year at Shawnee and Enid. The girls have new uniforms of military style. Over a long period of years Still- water Instrumental groups have won more first division ratings than any other state school. Qontinued on page 45 eed R Hardin, Gencvra Dare McGilliard, Catherine Eager, Kyme, Ella Blll ing. an H john cPheters, M , Keith CS Barn 66 L obby WLB FIRST RO ols. ch E Angerer, Gcnevleve h et izab Ea 4. -. fu an -. U Ad .. ,UN EQ :JE 'UE 'lem .Z '59 -. Qu? UE -'S En: 3 5 Wo ..1 .2 G E' C N -C O2 ,. A V, fs 'Um -.. Om Cn. Pu U 11.3 5 zo E-l U, .. E o l-'S U x. L. O I Fi . -ES Aa A.. E As- ill in -. Fi ,-1 6 du Ee .55 .3 wc' I-3' YU -QC 'E EG .EI A-cz 'Q .C 3333 'UO 112 1 C -,jo ...ll QED .E .mn LJ is I jghi Q . .M QS Q.. MQ E .2 B Q Z O U U-I an ewis. L Helen Vihlh -VZ C' m1 2 B Niche Lenord, Nei Walter Edward Terpening, Leslie jacob Six, CLE 'Sw '-XD C- , NE E.: hgvi OE I-. an .4 U N1 '-S -cs US .. ,ru Lo B- , 0.2 U ni 'U C... KD . as 51? 7,2 IC ,B 'U an Sn -So QIJCQ ,U . r: Eff SE I! -ns HKD .E cu I EI U 'U O x.. ru an I . .'-N 5 . CDN .cw .,- wr MCA zz: QE is :E I-E-1 bw .v: rn. .. :s E 3 o Q 5. fu ul U .2 I-1 V, U -. 2 o O E P3 5 AA -. bd as E O ': Q3 A H rd D. vu L. ua Ku O '- U f. 54 U -1 c: o : -.. EJ 5 cf o I9 5 'U I-4 o c: U -I 5.5 E575 cn ic: Ez: Q .::' O Qt'-x Q. -UP- :C NU tim '35 gn'-s is O55 CO KAL: 33 E: Cn. ME ,ian g . .A EE 113, Ea. m2 nv-J gn . vE :: I-1-LM O 'U gb-1 GJ EQ 9,7 rd mr: no ...Q "I-. I-4 eu III Z! L. D. 'U su n.. 'O ?w E -,E :Io gl-1 -ff .4 5' '-5-.E N,-4 EDD erson, james Stanley cl Li Q S U CP 42 gs EE E0 OI E- J P- QE-1 Ci.. xii if Z. 32 I! E25 1, shal Per Sue Brock , Manley 5: an J 55 :Q- QB U 1-4 'U ttie Beth n, Ne ord Chafli Giff J. Avonelle rd C 'C u-f U P 2 U 4.. l.. an C C an In O .. 5 1: Um 5 . UC O -5.2 Cu :HZ cn V.: LJ El on 'U . DP. os: .mc 1: N 031 Qs -. 'za A A. no r? -J U 22 ECU Eu Qi? E1 517 .54 61 EJ O u E. P S P- U Tim: 11-0 B5 .. p: gs 0 QQQ L' 1. rd -C U I l"' 'fl u. a. Z1 CD 4: ... 41 :: c U 24 .o wo ct 6 o 'G E 9 E 21 c: CE 5 2 :: .2 U if 5 CU 31' n: N o hw nf .. 4.4 fu 'U a. E NE '-1 u -.. :- n-I C. O va 4. r- eu E E u U E 'al G' O tv' O U Qontinued from page 43 INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES String Trio-VIOLIN: Frank Cross: CELLO: Frances Ligon, PIANO: Mildred Pruett. String Quartet-VIOLIN: Dolores Livesay, Tracy Gilbert, VIOLA: Donis Park, CELLOQ Bob Hladky. String Quintet: VIOLIN: Tracy Gil- bert, Catherine Hardin, VIOLA: Elaine Scholl, CELLO: George Hardin: BASS VIOLIN: Betty Sue Pershall. String Sextet-VIOLIN: Genevra Reed, Bonnie Kelly, Ruth Baird, VIOLA: Margaret Boehrg CEL- LO: May Louise Kymeg BASS VI- OLIN: Ada Lee Brock. Flute Quartet-Patricia Kyme, Eliz- abeth Angerer, Genevieve Echols, Marjorie Adams. Flute Trio-Genevieve Echols, Ge- nevra Reed, Patricia Kyme. Regular Clarinet Quartet- B FLAT CLARINETS: Bobby Lee Barnes, Keith McPheetersg ALTO CLARINET: Patrick Murphy, BASS CLARINET: David Houck. B Flat Clarinet Quartet-Dick Heath, Don Wright, Catherine Hardin, john Haning. Clarinet Trio-Bobby Lee Barnes, Keith McPheeters, David Houck. Saxophone Quartet-ALTO SAXO- PHONE: Mary Helen Lewis, Vir- ginia Barker, TENOR SAXO- PHONE: Wesley Colclazier, BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Av- onelle Chaffin. French Horn Quartet-Worrall Clift, Elaine Scholl, Donis Park, Gerald' Harnden. Trombone Quartet-Bill Parker, Lloyd Jones, joe Yoakum, Thomas Harrison. Brass Quintet-CORNET: jack Hoffman, Edward Leonard g TROMBONE: Bill Parker g FRENCH HORN: Worrall Cliftg TUBA: Manley Cottongim. Cornet Quartet-Bob White, Tha- mon Hazen, Harold Bauman, Ger- ald Bradshaw. Brass' Sextet-CORNETS: Neill Wilbanks, Hi Staten: FRENCH HORN: Gerald Harndeng TROMBONE: Thomas Harrison, BARITONE: Leslie Terpenningg TUBA: Bill Brock. Drum Ensemble-BASS DRUM: Betty Sue Pershallg SNARE DRUMS: Charlie Denny, Gerald Robertson, Buddy Irvine, CYM- BALS: Nettie Beth Bilyeu. INSTRUMENTAL SOLOIST FOR THE BAND AND OR- CHESTRA WERE: VIOLIN-Frank Cross, Genevra Reed, and Philip Haddad. VIOLA-Dolores Livesay and Elaine Scholl. 'CELLO-Frances Ligon, Bob Hladky, and George Hardin. BASS VIOLIN-Ada Lee Brock, Betty Sue Pershall, Mary Madison, Theda Walters, and Nettie Beth Bilyeu. FLUTE-Genevieve Echols, My- ron Ledbetter, Catherine Hardin, and Patricia Kyme. OBOE-Dare McGilliard. ALTO SAXOPHONE-Mary Helen Lewis. C O R N E T - jack Hoffman, Knowles Boaz, Neill Wilbanks, Ned Black, and Bill Taylor. TROMBONE-Bill Parker and Lloyd jones. BASS HORN-Manley Cotton- gim. BARITONE HORN - Walter Nicholls. SNARE DRUM-Charles Denny. Drum Majors Wesley Colclazier, for the band, and Virginia Barkett, for the Drum and Bugle Corps competed in signal drum majoring. Twirlers who entered were jim Bur- dett, Kenneth Lyle, Sarah jane Ber- ry, Betty Sturdivant, Marjorie Ross, Evelyn Pence, and Joan Hawk. Sponsored by , GRADY 8: GRADY OPTOMETRISTS 7095 Main Phone 557 Haddad, Katherine Hardin. Boehr, Philip Margaret yme K Louise ZY gon, M Li HCCS IH F IOSS, C nk Dolores Livesay, Fra W: RO ST FIR ngerer A zabeth Eli Echols, enevieve me, G KY C3 El' Ledbetter, Pa On yr M Hxadky, ob B fl ardi H eorge G ith, lSm Bil J s. fu 2 O I U c: z: o Q G1 l. N .n L. rd in 5 o .J L4 U B o IC N .cz 'U Di -4 9,-. UO E Z B O as Q Z Q, U I-Ll U1 .-C1 u LID u E 2 L1-I '2 c: o Q J n. rd D- on, Earl Katherme Gates, va 5. DD n.. u I-L4 C :- 'Tij Wu 0:1 Dim -Gu E2 515 U30 an-I va .M E me :E .. fu A4 U wa CQ E' o 'E to not 24: JJ if O:-1 .zz UIQ was SE rd Ja? as an -:rf .r: 329 mu-1 K G 52 'gl-I-I F.: c -:E -3 QZCD .- 33 LDA :A 'En on 3:3 U 35 o mm .M E.: 'CQ O . "X-A4 -R5 life -UT-E 'Z 1179 ix E ....,q '15 .sw aa 5 O gi mmm Q E I I- eu cf: UC 'gee U: ww .aa LI N "N cf U ... .. N l. .. 5 .5 ua TE a nz Q .E 'U -.. N :II E m Q. :: -II 'o "S G 3' 1.1 IJ U' U as '-x vi E eu 'U Q -C 4. 5 M -M. u u D-4 .E QD C O 4.1 4.1 O so 5. -B ES E2 i S2 H. cz A1 .2 'S .. Oo.. HZ in -ci u. Q , N. N O C. O v1 C L-4 cu EDI! E :A E E o all-1 - Vw v-I .G U fu g.: SIZE 61 9-E rf u-1 K1 C as 'EU-I M .eu E vf ni ld E E M. SZ C.-D O.. me 1: c: 'C -U..-E :Fu I mzm -C 4.1 E3 nf as O man B 0 IIS :rr l-1 M :J o U-4 L8 3 o z: M E N E it o I C O A.. U ua sq 4.4 VJ 2 b. .D Z1 od E 2 S 0 ... I-4 N .C U 1 4-4 O .. U VJ ff. -a V E 2 C 5-1 M D C 2 O E .5 L-4 U .11 5 td 'U GJ .:: l-1 C. O .2 'U E PW L4 E D. GJ 3' :E -C .. U no CJ ': .. U . Zo E :'Z NP-1 is U D-E uCQ 5 . Ulu U B71 753 CD2 Q25 ,Di rn . G ... da: U13 fad HE BE O MO S E.: unc: EU r-will E4 F. 0 Ufui ugle Tu C .. lfw UQ ze: Av, no cg 32 51 u Lil? -21 A ,fc M. an 4,11 P: ii Q9 iw my-. Ta, mg UE F1442 .C ,Qu En: :E 32 25 - is Gln 43 Q3 1: .S mg :LZ C ii H. E2 5 I-'E 3 M-:H E5 c: vb -..,,f mv ?E Q S-if ,w En? Z 'ETS .Q "'rD'Ec: ELEM. gogw BUZZ? U "'Q. :Ego 3 253522 2563! ,I U 24.1125 -if E362 52556 EAdQg Ceo 112 Podu 55:35, -'aa'-ya! 2,393 .2 -ENQE :Agg- c'-E my ou C w:-524' 5Lm21'57c'E5 5 nik - U-3' 355 :sae ,Lg v-'-'32 N -cam... " 'ICQ -v...-,Z V, ,- O -'mn-s"' m:,'326.::Ci' .Cm C -EEUU U. ws.. MD.- :5.e -5, L' '- W 5225 55055: asa mag'- Emrf D :UU dv. 'cnc ' ra E223 wT7 Mm - 243 Sig Om.: QQ -,Cz cn 2 of "3- .-,..-.50 3:33 t Oogodg mUn:'H MEUD3 Z! C fJ'j'5QvJZ,g'.: ma U4 EQEOE Q2 3.5 'iwwm Q2 'Uocal e9XCusic ' A CAPPELLA CHOIR One of the outstanding musical organizations in Stillwater high school was the A Cappella choir which replaced the mixed chorus of last year. The choir was made up of fifty selected voices from the girls' and boys' glee clubs. The mixed chorus has done re- markably well in contests in the past receiving, last year, a superior rat- ing at the district meet in Tonkawa and excellent at the state meet in Stillwater. An equally outstanding record is expected from the choir, In january the choir attended the second annual Noble Cain choral festival held in Stillwater. This year's contest numbers were "Tenebrae Factae Sunt," by Pales- trina, "Dark Water," by james, and "Say Thou Lovest Me," by Cain. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The girls' glee club is one of the leading musical organizations of the highschool. Composed of forty-five members, the club has sung for va- rious local organizations. The girls entered the district and state contests at Tonkawa and Nor- man this year and made various trips to other schools to present pro- grams. This year's contest numbers were "The Return" by Schumann and "On the Steppe" by Gretchaninoif. Gontinued on page 50 Qlee Hub Officers FIRST ROW: Martha Nell Zant, Representative of Student Councilg Georgianna Jones, Presidentg Mary Elizabeth Zant, Secretaryg Katherine Thompkins, Vice-presidenrg Elaine Morgan, Treasurerg Catherine Whitenberg, Librarian. SECOND ROW: Tom Weaver, Presidentg Lyle Copmann, Secretaryg Mary Ann Swank, Reporterg Jeanne Hilles, Reporterg Wesley jones, Vice-presidentg Gerald Ro ertson, Librarian. Sponsored by C McBRIDE'S MEN'S WEAR L 704 Main Phone R262 hoir appella 3: 'U Oz :fc-1 :VE .. Zn U2 Q2 . 53 Ac .-L. In I-Y-11' 5.52 Q.: od cn-, U , W :B 332' Q51 mu D: 55 3,-, KU Sd. as 5.2 W5 MST, 0.1 5 EZ? I1 anim sf ' O S-EQ UQ., -5' Biff, 611120 'T-QV, "1n1.':.' Sic: .ww .'C'5 53' 'ES .-' mfg :: E25 'CC CU 059 "Nm..':' .E dm -U11 . 'UE'- E55 CSN Zi 'E P-lou E 2 02.3 CDDB-l :Zi U AN E22 ggi :EC P! R355 an fx: ,,r: -'sc ?Ef 0 'ES M52 57752 , C.. ,-c: E"':u LL iN 55 Q.-1 is 1:4 5 s: 31.2 ': GU Er: C Y' I-'ii UJ E2 U- US CQ 5- -Em OE 543 Q: ,O cl-1 Fl Eu EE -1.4: 'S TJ! .. "1 . Om 5 -di. Quai .A vi U 'Fai Ugg, Nfl: U O 5 E SEM -.054 fd: . 'VC 2:8 Agn: Eg-45 .1 D 532 go Z, an - .D cg: NSU' .EU .A 524: 3 -X 4-'U .. nan: DQE3 uni' U C P ,- da: 255, , 5 -u"J5 Egg Egfn Oral ELL: Om 'UE all.: rd iis' BE pl-qi-1 sag 2 Q, u.: ill :s 3 G Zgg Sf! wg-f w... an 'U :- O U-1 of - 3 U u 2 -2. .:: E by E E L1 an n. rv 9: U: Mo. :Z v: va -:J C1 l.. U O GJ .24-' Aus X 11 I-1 J c o C. O 4.1 :N E: ,U U E-1: - K1 Q-4 uf :: 3 o Cl Ei U TE -. -.. S c FX E ii an 's RE Q PW ci Di vf vu C O P-x ?w aa 7 5 M. cu 'E fu U 0-zf. o UE cu 9- ,-I M lU a C U 5 E 's B ul .. P 5 o an U o '-u 3 o :id cn E :c 2- E .C . O '-s Cl Cottongim, anley M ogcrs R ck by ja ob mmery, B la MCG Sollcrs. am, dh Win CHC , G Riley Bob 5. FCW Pope, Buddy And rry Guth je Y. no u- 'E en, Carr Knigh wayd Bill VJ Dow immy urgeon, Tommy Gray. Y. St '- T2 E 3 . gr? C. EZ 55 P 'SS 'DE' ES El" fig me -so EU U.. OE E-1 E il 2 o 'Z Q: men E 5 DT3 O EQ Q25 W. Girls Glee Glulv FIRST ROW: Juanita Baker, Betty Jean Ridings, Nadina Powell, Neva Jo Chapman, Betty Wil- kins, Martha Lou Wilber, Marilyn Hamilton, Georgianna Jones, Catharine Whitenberg, Elaine Mor gan, Jo Ann Bolin, Eunice Bowers, Ruth Boggs. SECOND ROW: Jeanne Sexton, Betty glean Moore, Eleanor Frye, Doris Waldby, Rosalyn Con- ner, Deborah Nan Bishcgp, Jeanne Hilles, ary Elizabeth Zanr Mary Ann Swank, Martha Nell Zant, Janice Harned, Evelyn ooper, Pattie Janeway, Charlotte Clift, Pauline Payne. THIRD ROW: Ramona Heisler, Dorothy Gelder, Carol Lahman, Eileen Justice, Nancy Patterson, Gay Johnson, Lael Boxford, Betty Tourtellotte, Betty Jean Franklin, Jean McGilliard, Marquetta Griswold, Lucille Blackwell, Deone Duncan, Katharine Thompkins. Qontinued from page 48 BOYS' GLEE CLUB The boys' glee club composed of ceived a superior rating in the dis- fhiffy.5ix members, has sung for nu- trict meet at Tonkawa and excellent merous civic organizations, assem- fatlng in the Staff meet held in blies, churches, concerts, and con- Sflllwafef- tests. Last year the glee club re- Gontinued on page 76 lun. A ' ' l P7 fBoys Glee Gluh FIRST ROW: Jimmy Sollers, Gordon Brattain, Bob Riley, Worrall Clilt, Billy Clayton, Tom Weaver, Carroll Pope, Quintus Herron, Joe Bowers, Nadina Powell. SECOND ROW: Bill Downs, John Weilmuenster, Tex Stone, Lyle Copman, Gerald Livesay, Keith McClure, floyd McGlamery Wesley Jones, Bobby Jack Rogers, Manle Cotton im Jimm , Y B , Y Gelder, Bob Billingsley. THIRD ROW: Gene Windham, Buddy Andrews, Jimmy Swayden, Tenal Cooley, Tommy Gray, Billy Tom Amend, Pat Terrell, Phillip Meyers, Ray Davis, R. V. Sturgeon, Billy Knight, Jerry Guthrie. Sponsored by CECIL G. JONES STILLWATER LAUNDRY 82 CLEANERS 'Wm' A ,ff Zwhff -1 ,auf .7L6fj.47 'lvfdfrf 5 -vw-a,,.:ffZ2'dov' ff,-A144--ff-f ' Zdlfu-cf 4,10-',6.,exf-A W h h ,2iffZj2'ZMl Wig MM y h Qffvfardlfyx, , 'wx 5 'M .4,6f7ff-VL' KVM . fffwfff ,MM CA-vb ,Q hlh , M,h ,, !zWZ ive, 7 -fxm ,,'. fb uf j .1 655 ii ' ' wwy fpvoadcd-01.7 ,f ,," ALM' ,Z Ff, Q .,7fuf.,c,,,.f,.,'f I , we, 'Vip 'ff-"7 77?.,Bfffi, ', "7 , , . ' ,Q-., 7 Z fijj ffff4f25"'7wQ, 2519! ,aff-fa.1,Lef 1 h Wagyu ,,,,,,i'? Zia L' ,"'f0'47'f Sports A . ' The educated st d t Shows ch P tects h h lh LdfrA.fff"6'- 5 I hnqar. 1 In ., . f ,J ,, M. ' if , 'lf ' . EMM! A Shoot! Rogers! Austin and Myers play ping pong. gegiimzill champion, Gordon Flesner, 145 lbs., third place winner in the state. oaci ami ton or tes. . cure, ain'r an- atfulidanl BKAMAIM f vfvdefl rhe v.,eH,gd,4 Wilkins rides in sxyle? He shot. In enemy territory. ' Bill Horton, undefeated in dual match com etition at 103 and 112 divisions. Rex Demaree, 154 lbs., champion of all Oilahoma wrestlers in state tournament, gional tournament. I S. H. S. golf team. Paul is after a high one. third in re- ,Sports cyflttract e7XCcmy One of the most important extra curricular activities in Stillwater highschool is atheletics. Not only be- cause of the revenue it brings in, but because of the training it gives the one hundred-eleven who partici- pate in the eight sports offered. Ath- letic directors are Ralph Hamilton, football and basketball, Ross Flood, wrestling and track, Hugh Coon- field, baseball, junior high football and basketball, E. D. Price, golf, and R. D. McDole, tennis. Twenty-one boys take part in two sports, and one hardy lad finds a place for three. Late in August of 1940 Coach Hamilton issued a call for gridmen from the 1939 squad. These led by co-captains Paul McGuire and john Alderson gave a nucleus around which Hamilton built his new edi- tion of the Bronze Bombers. For their nrst contest, the Pioneers traveled to Oilton and opened the chase that led to the championship of the Cimarron Valley conference, by crushing the Panthers 39 to 0. Bud Andrews, Gordon Flesner, Paul McGuire, and Bob Riley scored. The Bronze opened their home season by defeating the Yale Bull- dogs 24-7. McGuire, Hubbard, and Andrews scored. In their third encounter the Bomb- ers defeated the Britton Bears 9-0. Bud Andrews scored the game's lone touchdown. Rex Demaree made the other two points by blocking a Bruin punt behind the goal line. For their fourth victory the Pio- neers rolled over the Pawnee Bears 27 to 7. Journeying to Fairfax after a week's layoff, the Bronze ran into tough opposition from the Red Dev- ils and came away with a scoreless tie. Still trying for their fifth win, the Pioneers unleashed the most power- ful attack of the season on the in- vading Drumright team, and calmed the Tornadoes 33-6. It was Bud An- drews who led the way, scoring three touchdowns and playing his best game of the year. By way of putting a cinch hold on the Cimarron Valley crown, the Bombers met the defending champ- ion, Cushing Tigers, and came out victorious 18-O. .Scores were made by Gordon Flesner, Bob Riley, and Gordon Brattain. Cushing win was number seven for the Bronze. But they met a sharp reversal when they invaded the stronghold of the Guthrie Blue-jays. Pass interceptions proved the Bomb- er's "Waterloo" and they were de- feated 31-7. Gordon Flesner made the lone Pioneer tally. In their season's final the Pioneers tangled with the powerful Black- well Maroons and fell before the Big Reds 33 to O. Even in defeat, however, they played good ball. Stillwater 37 Oilton O Stillwater 24 Yale 7 Stillwater 9 Britton 0 Stillwater 27 Pawnee 7 Stillwater 0 Fairfax 0 Stillwater 33 Drumright 6 Stillwater 18 Cushing 0 Stillwater 7 Guthrie 31 Stillwater 0 Blackwell 33 Totals 195 93 gootball Letterman or 19.41 C. M. Hubbard, senior, 2 yr. letter- man, All Northern Conference e n d . Scored 6 points. WM-J John Alderson, Co- capt., senior, cen- ter, Northern Con- ference s e c o n d team. 3 yr. letter- man. Paul McGuire, C0 capt., 3 yr. letter- man, senior. Quar ter and halfback. Scored 42 points. Bud Andrews, sen ior, 3 yr. letterman Northern Confer ence second team Quarterback, Scor- ed 60 points. jack Boyles, senior, Rex Demaree, sen- end, 3 yr. letter- ior, 1 yr. letterman, man. guard and end. B-ob Riley, senior, 3 yr. letterman, fullback, Northern Conference second team. Scored 18 points. Gordon F l e s n e r, D ale Hudiburg, Wayne V o g le r, H a r r y VanSickle, -5ef110f:h2 Jetteli' senior, 2 yr. let- junior, 2 yr. letter- senior, 3 yr. letter- gyglgd 12 pong? ' terman, guard. man, tackle. man, tackle- 54 Sponsored by SMITH'S CAFE 610 Main - Smith -- Phone 512 1 'Ienal Cooley, sen- ior, fullback, 2 yr. letterman. Bert Tolleson, freshman, 1 yr. let- terman, tackle. Howard Worthing- ton, junior, half- buck. gi, , Gordon Brattain, Pat Terrell, senior, Winsel Bilyeu, sen- George Cheek, jun- ior, center, 1 yr. junior: halfback, 1 tackle, 2 yr. letter- ior, guard, 1 yr. letterman, Co-cap- yr' lgtterman' CO' man. letterman. tain for 1941. captain for 1941. Scored 6 points. Lyle Barnes, jun- Bucky Leach, jun- Alton Houston, James Mott, junior, 'Of halfbafkw 1 Yr- ior,1 yr. letterman, junior, fullback. end, 2 yr. letter- letterman. Scored 1 point. ' man' guard. Henry Lockwood, Leo Emery, junior, Britton Hughes junior, tackle, 1 yr, end, 1 yr. letter- junior, guard. letterman. man. Hal Moore, junior, halfback. Sponsored by ' CLAUDE E. LEACHMAN Aggie, Mecca Campus Theatres 55 7NQnrth Wigh ,Squad After a one-year layoff from ju- nior high football, the Toy Pioneers, coached by Hugh Coonneld, jumped back into grid competition with two victories and three defeats. The Toys' first win was an 18-0 shutout of Kingfisher, and their other victory was a hard fought 6-O battle over Pawnee. The Toy Pio- neers lost two contests to Guthrie 6-O, and 18-Og and then were nosed out by Pawnee in a return engage- ment, 7-6. The leading scorer for the Toys was Captain Max Johnson with 12 points. He was followed by Bob Moore, Raymond Emery, and jack Harrall, with one touchdown each. Spring sports had a banner season this year. The tennis team was a strong aggregation built around re- turning veterans from last year. Leading coach Roy W. Poe's squad were john Abernathy, Bob Rogers, David McCraw in the boys' division, and Deone Duncan, Mildred john- son, Shirley DeWitt in the girls' bracket. Ross Flood had charge of the trackmen and E. D. Price coached the golfers. The swimmers were tutored by their student coach, Bud- dy Andrews. Most of the competi- tion for the Pioneer teams came in the interscholastic meets at Ton- kawa, O. U., A. 8: M., and the Northern conference meets in Guth- rie and Stillwater. rr, L 4.4.1 FIRST ROW: jimmy Hughes, Melbem Cole, Wayne Flesner, Lawrence johnson, Delbert Rains Bobby Ferguson, Bill Orr, David Heid, and Aurvil Ketch. l SECOND ROW: Orly Becker, No 'lle H , B B d, B'll K , D' k S h , k 'f. nth, James Dilrs, Jimmy Steph, Lavfildnce Liifiam, algiik lliicGivern, Ziilcl: Bolac Tucfkgfr Jac GU THIRDROW:M.C 6ld,FdL',M h ,BbM , kg . YQ bell, Jim Daugherty, Edgvrard MSR, Ja'iifIls4arriii',JKalirii00nnd iaimefyfioiimiiijffnueimu' Hamid Camp Sponsored by LEACHMAN'S EAT SHOP FARMERS COOPERATIVE ING. M r 'T Q1 Sm 9Qt32iLm FIRST ROW: Bill Clendening, Kermit Green, Bob Rogers, Bill Goodman, john Abernathy, Paul McGuire. SECOND ROW: james Mott, Eugene Weiden, Alton Houston, George Cheek, Bill Brock, Coach Ralph Hamilton THIRD ROW: Norris Northington, Bill Street, jim White, Lyle Barnes, Quintus Herrin. The 1941 basketball squad was one of the best teams developed at Stillwater High since the state championship team of 1922. The season started on a two game series with the Guthrie Bluejays, and the Bombers won both of these games to take an early lead in the Northern conference. In rapid suc- cession they knocked over the Yale Bulldogs, the Bristow Pirates, the Drumright Tornadoes, and the Pawnee Bears. These six wins gave the Pioneers the commanding posi- tion in both the Northern and Cim- arron Valley conferences. Pioneers met the Oilton Panthers and won by 32 to 13. This put them back in the lead in the Cim- Valley. The next competition for the Pio- neers was in the regional tournament at Enid. The Bombers went to the finals before being defeated by the Enid Plainsmen. They won their Grst-round game from the Cushing Tigers and defeated Ponca City Wildcats in the second game. In the all-region team john Abernathy gained a forward berth, and was second high scorer of the meet. As the Bronze went around the Refofdf circuit for the second time, they Pioneers Perkins again defeated Yale, the Oilton Pioneers Guthrie Panthers, and the Cushing Tigers, Pioneers Guthrie for their ninth straight. Pioneers Yale The first defeat came in the Ed- Pioneers Bristow mond tourney at the hands of Wal- Pioneers Drumright ters. Returning to conference ac- Pioneers Pawnee tion the Pioneers rolled over Drum- Pioneers Yale right again but met defeat a few Pioneers Oilton days later in a game with the Bris- Pioneers Cushing tow Pirates. They dropped their Pioneers Walters next game with' the Pawnee Bears, Pioneers Drumright and lost the chance of wearing the Pioneers Bristow Northern conference crown. Still Pioneers Pawnee Pioneers Oilton looking for their twelfth win, the Sponsored by LEONARD G. HERRON Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. f' ,f 1 ff ,. -mb .j,2 .ff jf 'f if 57 North Wfigh iBasl1etball After a year's layoff from junior high basketball, Hugh Coonfield de- veloped one of the best teams in the history of the school as they gar- nered 14 wins and lost only five con- tests. They won the Orlando invi- tational tournament and were inal- ists in the Drumright tournament. They gained revenge for this defeat, however, when they rolled over the Drumright boys in the Aggie field- house as a preliminary to the A. 8: M.'O. U. game. With only one game left on their schedule Coon- Held received his call to report for Army duty in his capacity as first lieutenant. The boys won two trophies for the showings they made in the tour- naments they entered. The Record 24 Toys Toys 1 7 Toys 26 Toys 19 Toys 1 6 Toys 1 6 Toys 7 Toys 9 Toys 21 Toys 26 Toys 1 7 Toys 25 Toys 22 Toys 1 6 Toys 30 Toys 16 Toys 1 6 Toys 1 1 Toys 26 14 Wins Perkins Guthrie Guthrie . Oilton l-Iominy Guthrie Drumright Drumright B Pawnee B Pawnee Cushing Drumright Ponca Pawnee Oilton Ponca City Orlando Covington Morrison 5 Los 18 19 2 8 9 7 14 12 7 10 19 17 17 7 5 17 11 9 15 ses V2 FIRST ROW: Lawrence Lanham, Bob Moore, Max johnson fCapt.J, Richard Ward, Orley Becker Dick McGivern. i gs, Jack Griffith, Hugh Coontield iCoachJ. are 1 15 N ' 58 OND ROW: james Dilts fcheck Boyj, Dick Shcrer, jim Daugherty, James Hill, Arthur Sponsored by STOKES PAINT COMPANY SAFEWAY STORES ,Senior "ffl" 'wrestlers FIRST ROW: Hollis Campbell, Raymond Drumm, Dick Knipe, Jack Payton. SECOND ROW: Bob Glover, Leo Emery, Lawrence I-Ianing, George Demaree. THIRD ROW: Coach Ross Flood, Raymond Emery, Bill Taylor. 'wrestlers cleave The Pioneer wrestlers hung up one of the best mat records ever made by a Stillwater team. Coach Ross Floods boys won six dual matches and lost three. Two of the boys, Bill Horton, 103 pounds, and Rex Demaree, 154 pounds, finished the season unde- eated. Demaree was high man with 34 points, compiled by five falls and three decisions. The Pioneers also won the Cimarron Valley grappling championship. In the first match of the season, the Pioneers beat the Perry Ma- roons 26-8, losing in only two weights. Stillwater went to Pauls Valley for the second battle, and de- feated the Panthers 25-11. Next they trounced the Cushing Tigers 26-18, for the third win of the year. By losing just one bout, the Pioneers downed the Yale Bulldogs 35-3, for their fourth straight win. The Pioneers lost their first match of the year to the Tulsa Central Successful Season Braves, 24-11g and their second match when Bristow pinned them 20-12. Stillwater got back on the winning side of the ledger by squelching Newkirk 35-3, and then won their sixth match by beating Tahlequah 26-14. The Pioneers were defeated 26-8 in the final match of the year, by the Ponca City Wildcats. In the regional tournament at Ponca City, Gordon Flesner placed first in the 145 Pound class. Rex Demaree won the state championship at 154 pounds at Blackwell, and Gordon Flesner won third place at 145 pounds. Summary: Pioneers 26 Perry 8 Pioneers 25 Pauls Valley 11 Pioneers 26 Cushing 18 Pioneers 35 Yale 3 Pioneers 11 Tulsa Cen. 24 Pioneers 1 2 Bristow 12 Pioneers 35 Newkirk 3 Pioneers 26 Talequah 14 Pioneers 8 Ponca City 26 Sponsored by ERNEST E. 8: VIOLA V. VINCENT 502 Duncan - "Funeral Home" - Phone 808 f " I ,Senior "QB" 'wrestlers FRONT ROW: Coach Ross Flood, john Moore, Raymond Drumm, Raymond Emery, Leo Emery Quinten Vemris. BACK ROW: Bill Horton, Henry Cawood, George Demaree, Rex Demaree, Winsel Bilyeu Kenneth Glover, Bob Glover. Others who are not in picture: Gordon Flesner, Wayne Vogler, Hal Moore and Lawrence Haning UYQJMH 'Ufigh 'wrestlers FIRST ROW: Theodore Frick, Philip Brown, Wayne Flesner, Bob Whitson, Pat Cawley, 1. B, Scroggins, -I. W. Sitton, Glen Johnson, Tilford Blair, Rural Wells, Norman I-Iowerton, Chester Ingham. SECOND ROW: Charles Moore, Warren Keller, jack Griffith, Calvin Poole, E, I. Moody, Ray- mond Hall, J. D. Mott, Glen I-Iorton, Leonard Saggsser, George McGuire, Coach Ross Flood. THIRD ROW: Eugene Smith, jerry Dupree, jim Griffith, Bob Ferguson, Dewey Wortman, Tommy Welch, Irvin Rains, junior McCreary, Winfred Wells, Orville Kerch, jack Harrall, Donald jenkins, Raymond Emery, Fred Lewis, Kenneth Glover, jack Martin, Grover Lee Rains. 'WW' 3 , if m'ws4w. N io. ,pq 91, , QQ D tl I, AMR, rw t f33x -"" . Kfwwuv WMP? V . ,-"XV I A F12 -4 4 -K s t ff tl N 4 ' K' Q2 5' Q' : av 5' V:-'K 'FEB' 0"2:l:"' 'UQ CJECIIMTGS The educated student: Appreciates beauty Attains social fitness 6 Morris Hutton Courtesy King Janice Harned Courtesy Queen IQLPMAJ ,Dv-vxxi WNLJ 4-f jM: U! lla-1-94' ffiii .,0.,1Zf:w iii! Georgianna Jones Pioneer Queen Barbara Thomas Sophomore Queen Candidate Maribelle Haning junior Queen Candidate W 63 Below Virginia Blarkett Drum Major of the Bugle and Drum Corps Above Wesley Colclazier Drum Major Below Doris Gudge. R Band Queen -53 Below Paul McGuire Football Captain Below John Alderson Football Captain Above Betty Wilkins Football Queen 33223 Mf?fV f 'Lf Wifwf " 65 1. Jeanne Hilles 2. Elaine Morgan 3. Tex Stone Most Likely to Succeed. Most Beautiful junior. Handsome junior. 16. joe Hodges Boy Most Likely to Succeed. ,, -X .z 15. Y A ,.... fifl-. ' x, QL. .19- A D l 'III'- j J Q ,itl- ,,...- -is-:"' 19" 1' df 3 JJ? All 1' 1+ 14. Wesley jones All round Boy. 13. Betty Tourtellotte With the Best Personality. XQ Best -,.- 19 -l 4' Sam Sfufm 5. Genevieve Smith Most Handsome Senior. Most Beautiful Senior. 7. Keith McPheeters Best Dressed Boy. , 6. Mary Ann Swank Best Dressed Girl. f T , f .X ,,, Q h dvd, 'Z XSL "'ef ?,' .--xx -4'q-4,f,.,1 Xtx J f xx 'IIA' If ,I '?,' I ,Ml--'J wigs 5 ' 5 'M ""'5 7 -. ' -liil. R113 - E ,in ,, --P 'W' 'Mew - -'- at , f 'fm - . . -Nf ,fra ,-N' f x .. mfg... .p.,fQ3M9 L iff' . wifi- QS' - A- - W' v!I'2ll4i.A," fi-51:31, - L!L4W..m'y, Im .a'.1,.n1 "f,--Z--"" ., ff'W'Isy X3 .. , Mk . - .N.9,i5n ,M -fe A an 1 "G f- ff1f1lff"fi' ' W Nl i' i """' A ff-ii ' .i it - 7. - aa- f U9 v w ' ' -1 W W X ST . XEN xi' ' TT f-S-x 'M 'ii 8. Mary Elizabeth Zant ru-A Z.-- - - -3 I Girl With the Prettiest Smile. be ' "Y'if4TG E . - A-vi - ii ' W" ! ,un 'ff' ...Q fb f - 5.4. M x ......f . 1 ' f 3 'M' fe ll. Martha lou Wilber 10. Betty Wilkins 9. Mlffhi Nell Zant Girl With the Prertiesr Eyes. Girl With the Prettiest Hair. Girl With the Prettiest Hands Walter Penquite Mr. America Morrisene Wood Miss America Charlotte Clift . Warren Hall Carnival QueenQj" ' Carnival King .x f S i, Q A la ,QW Marcellette McLain john Swim Carnival Princess Carnival Prince ,fry A, I ii-gi' 1 ii x-- , W ,. 14' ,V 2 ff MKII!! , -J 'LPA .J ,. ,f J fi f' EQ. I fl ' If if bw gf Q fs M Q qffififizfx E2 5 ' 'gwifi ig X ig, iff SR M22 X A egg Qi 52522 i.23QMMffIf?' WJ? 7 6.4 .ii Qi vw, : , X " , L ffipfj gys , I 11 f 21-fi-5. gt' F .5 I1 ofa.. NATU NAIL IHKEIXIEJJIR SJIQICHIETTY fix k g 3 X1 fp- Q Z Q- x g Ei W I sy School Life The educated citizen: Is loyal to democrati p pl I t 1 t 1,5 . 72 ww., 6 M fi' 'qw-5?---f,. 'i F ' ., , nc , K :sv 6 - f ,.., VA Zyw -pf -V 4 Ln. , f,, I ,, ,A 0' 'J' L ,. , ,W . 4 Q.: of fn , . 4 ..,, ff w. , : " 'L515 . ' 4 , ' 5 yi: f .li stay-2 C A In the "shade of the ole apple tree." Ho-Hum! Dodson looks over the situation. Chet Clift prepares toast for Consumer Ec. class George thinks it is good. Dana Jean Sharp and Elaine McCowen in the "Hit Parade." My! Such industrious tylpists, but I bet it's posed. Northing mans press w ile Parker looks for Q-stick. - gakeupli Milrgedl h h d M ea , eavy angs over t y ea , organ. Marlzlling along. toiether? 279'-.Q 2' Picture primed by t e Courtesy King and Queen. The most popular car with accessories. ' "ln the spring a young man's fancy-etc." Could he be Eby? A "Ah, I don't see no birdie," says Charles. ' b FIRST ROW: RW Boggs, Doris Waldby, Janice Harned, reporterg Marilyn Hamilton, secretary- treasurerg Phillip eyers, presidentg Mary Elizabeth Zant, vice-pres.g Katherine Thompkins, Wilma Curtis, jean McGilliard,Berty jean Taylor. SECOND ROW: Martha Nell Zant, john Abernathy, joe Hodges, Myron Ledbetter, Robert Trum- bly, Tom Weaver, Nancy Patterson, Barbara Burns. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Hilles, Buddy Irvine, Lee Courtright, Raymond Thomas, Keith Dodson, Shem Sooter, Qharles Martin Pat Murphy, Arlene Cyper I .7 fr' IW if foo, nandfvc 2 'or ,ao I Zylfpmfif ational Cgfonor ociety ls Qutstanding Group Election to the National Honor Society is the highest honor obtain- able in any United States high school. Recipients must qualify as four-square students, rating high not only in scholarship but also in lead- ership, service, and character. f Q ef Q Each year ten per cent of the se- nior class and five per cent of the junior class are eligible for mem- bership. Selections are made by a faculty committee on a basis ofarec- ommendations made by each high school teacher. The Stillwater chapter of Nation- al Honor Society was first organized in 1925 and since then has been the leading inducement to students to strive for higher scholastic standing and better citizenship. J. A. Cocan- nouer is sponsor. Master of Ceremonies Hodges presents the gavel HN., to President Meyers for Honor Society initiation. sa FIRST ROW: Lyle Copmann, Irene Whirson, Sam Sturm, Donald Sullins, Ruth Ann Ninman, SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Swank, janice Harned-, jean McGilliard, Roger Hull, Helen Roberts, Pat Terrell, Helen Pearson, Morrisine Wood, Carol Lahman. THIRD ROW: john jacob, David Valder, Charles Martin, Betty jeanne Franklin, Paul Adams, Knowles Boaz, Brad Carlisle, joe Hodges, Deone Duncan. Cldress Gluh The Press Club, a journalism group, was organized to promote liner press technique in the Still- water Highschool. It is composed of those enrolled in one of the- three classes. The twenty-two beginning stu- dents wrote the news stories for the. Stillwater Daily Press and special stories for the Stillwater News. They aided greatly in getting the annual Staff in diction Paul Adams, Jeanne Hilles, ' ready to be printed. The continued publication of the "Pioneer" was the responsibility of the seven who were enrolled in the advanced journalism class. The Stepper class also played an important part in the success of these enterprises. The purpose of the group was to rewrite and type stories for the two papers. Betty Jeanne Franklin, Deone Duncan, Mrs. Severson, V Donald Sullins, I V Janice Harned, Jean McGilliard l , ar Sponsored by C. R. ANTHONY COMPANY 723 Main Phone 810 'WZ FIRST ROW: Dolores Livesays Student senate rep.g Willard Sollers, vice-president, Lyle Cop- mann, President, Marjorie Manning, Secretary: joe Hodges, Parliamentarian. SECOND ROW: Tenal Cooley, jean McGilliard, Ruth Ann Ninman, Ada Lee Brock, Norma Schroeder, Jeanne Hilles, Doris Gudgel, Mary Friedell, Genevieve Smith, Donald Sullins, Buddy Irvine. THIRD ROW: Keith Dodson, john McBride, Cleo Sinclair, Deborah Nan Bishop, Worrall Clift, Dale Grissom, jack Saggsser. qorensic Cfiub Membership in the Forensic Club drill after which the president turns is limited to speech students. The the meeting Over to a discussion meetings, which are held every Thursday, open with parliamentary chairman. Edith Aubry knows her electricity. Mrs, Bishop and her math students really work Sponsored by SHERWOOD GROCERY 117 West Seventh Phone 462 ll, X. , X., tk ya XE 76 Gontinued from page 50 In contests this year the boys sang "Misereri Mei Deusu by Gregorio Allegri, "Oh Shenandoah" arranged by Bartholomew, and "Requiem" by Bantock. Other songs the club has sung are "O Sacrum Convivium" by Lodovico Grossi Ciadana and "Hey Robin, Jolly Robin" by Geoffrey Shaw. SOLOISTS IN GLEE CLUBS Vocal soloists were: Wesley Jones, Manley Cottongim, Gordon Brat- tain, Bob Riley, Jimmy Gelder, Wor- rall Clift, Elaine Morgan, Jeanne Hilles, Betty Tourtellotte, Ruth Boggs, Betty Jean Franklin, Mary Elizabeth Zant, Martha Lou Wilber, Jo Ann Bolin, Pauline Robertson. MIXED QUARTET After tryouts in February, one sophomore, two juniors, and one se- nior won places on the mixed quar- tet. They were Patty Janeway, so- prano, Gordon Brattain, tenor, Bet- ty Tourtellotte, alto, and Jimmy Gelder, bass. N The members of the quartet were selected on .a basis of quality and harmony. The quartet entered the tri-state music festival at Enid this year. GIRLS' QUARTET The girls' quartet is composed of Betty Jean Franklin, Eunice Bowers, Martha Nell Zant, and Elaine Mor- gan. The quartet has sung for va- rious organizations throughout Still- water on many occasions. The quartet entered Tonkawa fDistrictJ vocal festival and Nor- man QStateJ vocal meet. Last year the quartet received an excellent rat- ing at Tonkawa. BOYS' QUARTET The boys' quartet was a hard one to select because of many good voices. The members are Bob Riley, first tenor, Wesley Jones, second tenor, Jimmy Swaydon, baritone, and Jimmy Gelder, bass. The quartet entered the Northern music contest at Tonkawa and the Tri-State music festival at Enid. Contest numbers were "The Dreaming Lake" by Schumann and "Sylvia" by Speaks. ROTARIANS HONOR SENIORS Each month for the past school year a senior boy has been elected to attend Rotary Club meetings. Se- lections, which are made by the fac- ulty, are based on scholarship, lead- ership, citizenship, and character. Boys honored thus far are Joe Hodges, Wesley Jones, Myron Led- better, Phillip Meyers, Weslay Col- clazier, Robert Trumbly, and Charles Martin. Two other boys will be chosen before the end of the school term. - BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN HONOR GIRLS Each month for the past school year the Business and Professional Women's Club has entertained a highschool girl at its regular meet- ings. Selections are made by a fac- ulty committee. Those chosen this year were: Janice Harned, Katherine Tompkins, Doris Jean Townsell, Betty Jayne Carnes, Eva Jo Bridges, Mildred Pruitt. K, hs I F 4 R. G. Richards and his typical pose. Frank Cross, Mildred Pruitt, and Frances Ligon, popular entertainer: Dis cord was rendered by Katherine Thompkins. Boys quartet-Riley, jones, Swayden, and Gelder. Nadine pounds on rhe piano. Inana for the smile of beaury. See? Three squeaks and a squawk!-Morgan, Bowers Franklin, and Zam, f,.e.,yg -r , " f. . , ., M H 3 Ggfome Economics 44 3. Officers and Sponsors of F. H. O.: Carol Ruth Potts, secretary-treasurerg Mrs, Eliza- beth Brock, sponsor, Ila jean Parsons, gresidentg Miss Gill, co-sponsor, Marjorie ellatti, vice-president. l l 1 1. Advanced Clothing Classes-Style Review. 4. Officers of junior F. H. O.: Pauline Dilts, Ada Lee Brock and Warren Hall resident and district chairman, Mary E. ' iitchens, sponsor, Betty Lou Blumer, sec- retary-treasurer. Louise Parsons, song leader, Margaret Gazaway, reporter, Wan- da Bradley, vice-president. WWW, 2. Teachers in the Homemaking Department. H 5. Boys learn to make a bed: Ray Davis, Miss Lota Gill, Miss Mary Kitchens, and Bert Hill, Andy Focht, Mrs, Brock, Mrs. Elizabeth Brock. teacher. Sponsored by FLETCHER'S APPLIANCES ' THOMPSON-PARKER LUMBER COMPANY 6. Vera jo Smith and Ozella Moody, Home- 9. Mock Table Service for 8th grade lunch- k' 1 con: Ruby Mae Stratton, Laura Hu hes, ma ing students, arrange bulletin board. Mary Elizabeth Angel-er, Anna Louise ik:- hh. 7. Hostess, Dorothy Smith, answers telephone and greets guest. 10. Dinner prepared and served by group from Homemaking Ill and from Boys' Home Livin Classes: And Focht, Nona Marie Stubbieheld, john lgesner, Wfarren Hall, Maribclle Haning, Gifford Glover, Doris Gudgel, Nettie eth Bilyeu. 3, Panel discgssionlfnetweenk-Hoinelrgnalklngl IV 11. Homemaking II foods-demonstration: Barax 1 1, d oys' omema in . . eenk ane ,V"f'-5 glfgliiiyizxn, Everett Cooke, iouise-Willett, bam Thomas' Jane Boggs' Lyle Copmann, Marjorie Kirkpatrick, Bert Hill W ffl f' N Kifg-y rf' ii Sponsored by WH on L STILLWATER NATIONAL BANK X' V up 801 Main A Phone 30 79 is industrial cflrts 5. Eugene Wedin jointing edge of stock. 4 Q 1. Instructor Willard Shinglcton, Hubezt 4. Walter Penquite turning on the lathe, Rains, and Robert Randolph, ripping. ,t x 2 'R 5 lv' N , , x,,,.,.v,Mfffx xx ,fa 2- HCUFY Kemrke, E, O- I-2f1C21SfCf. and CHF S. Instructor Shingleton looks ar the forging 'HR XX H62 RUNS in I11CCha0iC21 dfiwiflg- projects displayed by Winsel Bilycu, Billy Knight, jack Boyles, David McCraw, Hen- ll xox! ry Kerntke, and Bob Riley. .NL-.ja N ll Xlllibir imiefizl Sponsored by W ' FIRST NATIONAL BANK 80 802 Main Phone 59 6. Tommy Diehl, Bill Downs, and Rex Dem aree watch as Willard Shingleton, instruc- tor, gives a welding demonstration, 9. jimmy Burdette, George Demaree, and Durwood Sitton in Hand woodwork. 7. Rex Demaree, Winsel Bilyeu, Wayne Cren- shaw, and Walter Penquite do a little welding. sa 3 f 1 Q 3. Eighth grade students watching Instructor 10. Eighth graders in basketry. Miller pour hot aluminum into students' molds. Sponsored by COOKSEY'S GROCERY 9 824 Main Glenn Douglas, Proprietor Ph. 81 OTTITTIETCQ 3. Leta Dailey, Eloise Blaney, Lucille Hughes, 1 and Everett Bailey work with stencils and the Mimeograph machine. f 1 M I 4 ' 'Mu - . A ,V 'if' if 1 'V , . "' 1,5 ff 1. Louise Crow operates the Ditto machine 4. Eloise Blaney, Nancy Patterson, and Doris in office practice. Waldby read shorthand. if, of my V Q rw, -1 'Vx 2. Lee Courtright, Walter Weiss, Ruth 5, Mrs, Lackey supervises the work of Mary Hughes, Virginia Leigh, Bert Hill, Lcta Elizabeth Zant and Katherine Tompkins Dailey, and Pauline Bell bookkeep. while Shirley DeWitt looks on. M EWR '-A kn i t i of is . all 82 6. Pauline Bell, Morris Hutton, John Weil- muensrer, and Gerald Livesay demonstiate the correct typing technique. ZX 7. Deborah Nan Bishop, Maurine Murphy, Mary Friedell, Everett Bailey and Neva Io Chapman make their Fingers Hy. 8. Janice Harned grades papers tor student teacher,Marian French. 9. Everett Bailey, Letha Harris, and Eloise Blaney learn how to keep files. 10. Barbara jean Konklin, Phillip Meyers, Pmi- line Bell, Betty jean Taylor. Instructiyr Poe, and Mary Peck in oHice pracrice , 9 ' f 1 -4 Q iid' y l 41 g T E2 5 1 W 83 i First Division Sol f as it A 'f 84 Results of Spring Gontests Completed by April 19, 1941 SHAWNEE, MARCH 29 Instrumental Music-696 Points Class A Band Sweepstakes ..... first place Concert Playing ....... first division -third place Marching ............. Drum and Bugle Corps ..... first division Trombone Quartet -- .... second Flute Quartet ...... .... s econd Clarinet Quartet ......... .... s econd Saxophone Quartet ........ .... s econd B Flat Clarinet Quartet ........... third Mixed Quartet .................. third oists Parade .................... second place Orchestra ................ Clarinet Trio ....... .... Clarinet Quartet.. ......... - Saxophone Quartet ........ Drum Ensemble ........... first division first division first division -first division first division First Division Soloists VIOLIN, Frank Crossg HARP, Jo Anne Boling VIOLA, Elaine Schollg BASS VIOLIN, Ada Lee Brockg FLUTE, Myron Ledbetterg ALTO SAXOPHONE, Mary Helen Lewisg CORNET, Neill Wil- banksg SNARE DRUM, Buddy Irvine. Vocal Music-265 Points VIOLIN, Frank Crossg CELLO, Fran- ces Ligong BASS VIOLIN, Ada Lee Brockg FLUTE, Myron Ledbetterg ALTO SAXOPHONE, Mary Helen Lewisg BASS HORN, Manley Cottongimg Drum Ma- joring, Wesley Colclazierg SNARE DRUM, Buddy Irvine. INVITATIONAL SPEECH CONTEST EDMOND, MARCH 21 STANDARD ORATION Howard Worthington ............. first DRAMATIC READING U Ada Lee Brock ................... third AMERICAN LEGION ORATORICAL CONTEST Delores Livesay ................. third OKLAHOMA STUDENT WRITERS' ASSOCIATION CONVENTION STILLWATER, APRIL 5 Senior Highschool Division I INFORMAL ESSAY Janice Harned ........ ............ H rst Helen Mary McGivern .......... second ONE-ACT PLAY Jeanne Hilles .................... first John Atwell ................... second SHORT STORY Sally Jo Malloy ................. second A Cappella Choir .............. superior Boys' Glee Club .... ......... s uperior Girls' Glee Club ..... .... s uperior Boys' Quartet ..... .... s uperior Girls' Quartet --- .... superior Mixed Quartet .... Bob Riley-solo ...... David Hilles-solo .... ---uthird ---uhrst -----first Gordon Brattain-solo --- .... second Elaine Morgan--solo ..... .... s econd Martha Lou Wilber-solo - .... second Jimmy Gelder-solo .... Pauline Robertson-solo - -- .... third ---- ----third Betty Jean Franklin-solo .... .... t hird Betty Tourtellotte-solo --- .... third Junior Highschool Division POETRY Betty Rigg, John- Jewett .......... second DISTRICT CONTEST, TONKAWA, APRIL 10, 11, 12, 1941 Instrumental-417 Points Band Concert Playing ........ first division Marching ....... -- Orchestra ........ String Trio ...... first division su error ------- p I ---- superior String Quartet ..... .... s uperior String Quintet ..... ..... s uperior Drum Ensemble .... .... s uperior String Sextet ........ ..... s econd Trumpet Quartet --- ..... second Clarinet Trio ..... ..... s econd Academic SPANISH Mary Elizabeth Zant ....... ..... fi rst Ruth Boggs ............. .... 5 econd LATIN Ruth Hargrove .................. third DRAMATIC READING John McBride .......,.......... second ' SHORT STORY Sally Jo Malloy .................. third POETRY Janice I-Iarned .................... first AMERICAN HISTORY John McBride .................... first Betty Trumbly ---, .............. second ALGEBRA Nellie Jean Reed ................. third BEGINNING SEWING Rose Palmer ................... second ADVANCED SEWING Shirley Lanham .................. third BEGINNING SHORTHAND Leta Dailey ...................... first Betty Taylor ................... second ADVANCED SHORTHAND Phillip Meyers .................... first Ruth Hughes .................. second Interscholastic Track BROAD JUMP Robert Trumbly .................. first GOLF TEAM .................. second 1, FIRST ROW: Jean McGilliard, Marilyn Hamilton, Barbara Jean Konklin, Bonnie Jean Gregson, Barbara Burns, Grace Baird. SECOND ROW: Mary Friedell, Frances Ligon, Maurine Murphy, Marjorie Manning, Janice Harned, Virginia Barkett, Ramona Heisler. The Girls Rserve Qrganization The purpose of the Girl Reserve organization is to maintain and ex- tend high ideals of Christian char- acter through the medium of ser- vice. The club is the high school move- ment of the Young Women's Chris- tian Association whose members are striving not only to better prepare themselves for later life, but also to benefit the high school and commu- nity. A - gf: , ,,,, . I FRONT ROW: Paul Adams, john Atwell, secretaryg Myron Ledbetter, treasurerg and Charles Martin, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Mr. Roy W. Poe, sponsorg jack Phillips: Keith Dodson, presidentg David Houck, junior Peadeng and Harry Nester, sergeant-at-arms. The Cgfi-D7 Urgcmization The purpose of the Hi-Y club is throughout the school and commun- , to create, maintain, and extend ity high standards of Christian 'C Sponsored by CROSSMAN-PRIN TIN G 124 West Seventh Qontinued on page go f sf it i ' 1 Phone 228 ,Steppers SEATED: Georgianna jones, Eileen justice, Barbara Thomas, Lucille'Blackwell Mary Frieclell. STANDING: Mary Ann Swank, Martha Nell Zant, Deborah Nan Bishop, ,Iean,Pratt, Charlotte Clifr, Leona Lancaster, Catharine jane Whittenberg, Elaine Morgan Ma ri M h P , u ne urp y, auline Robertson, Martha Lou Wxlber. OFFICERS: P ' nr can ' - Vice-President, Elaine Morgan, Secretary, Mary Sue Thomas, Treasurer, Catharine ane hittenberg. Q 1 XX t 5, , x ,MAQQX .,.s XA at ,fl :Wg - ,,, j', QM 3 fr 86 f K X ,Stepperettes FIRST ROW: Elsie Spillane, Lorenia Merchant, Dorothy Lee Burns, Margaret Ann Saggsser, Bettie Clifton, Margaret Ross, Peggy Cummings, Doris Car ick, Betty Riggs, Bettie Hargrove. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Smith, Margaret Gazaway, Rosanna Thomas, Frances Peaden, Patty Brooks, Cyntha Glover, Phyllis Murphy, joan Hull, Mary Nell Lancaster. THIRD ROW: Mary Martin, Joan Mullendore, Marilyn Potts, Elaine McCowan, Ruth Redburn, Patsy Redburn, jean Ward, Patsy Curd. FOURTH ROW: Doris Jean Townsell, Pauline Dilts, Miss Burns. Ruth Adams. Sponsored by KATZ DEPARTMENT STORE "Stillwater's Oldest and Greatest" We feel We were granted a great honor by being selected the photo- grapher for the 1941 "Pioneer," Thank you seniors and staff. WHIPPLE STUDIO 1175- West 7th Phone 1331 Full line ol Wilson Sporting Goods Compliments E? K of ot f an G t sTnoDE X FUNERAL HQME p ce 3: D ily West 1 Court H C. L. MURPHY Phone 50 815 Moin Phone 468 ijt . 4 .q , lb f.. 'N 'ij 35,3 Sxj ',! 88 Qlass 'will We, the graduating class of 1941, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare the following to be our last will and testament, and in it we make these bequests to our friends, the under- classmen. Katherine Tompkins leaves her "accompanying" ability to Catherine Jane Whittenberg, on the condition that she learns to play something be- sides "Darktown Strutters' Ball." To Betty Tourtellotte is left Grace Ellen Baird's quiet charm. Harry VanSickle wills not only his playing ability but also his football suit to Sonny Robertson. Wayne Taylor leaves, we hope! Johns-Abernathy, Alderson, At- well, Flesner, and Weilmuenster- give their first name to a boy named Jacobs. Theda Walters and Wanda Weathers leave Nettie Beth Bilyeu a ream of typing paper. Paul McGuire and johnny Alder- son confer upon Gordon Brattain and George Cheek, their football helmets and all of the admiring girls. Myron Ledbetter, senior treasurer, leaves an empty purse to the next senior treasurer. Aleene Barton, Marjorie Bellatti, Pauline Bell, Edith Cupp, Eileen Kirkpatrick, and Marjorie Manning leave their Home Economics skill to Fern Adams, Ruth Boggs , Betty Daugherty, Ila jean Parsons, Doris Waldby, and Carol Ruth Potts. Bob Riley, we have been unable to find one person capable of hand- ling that elegant ego you leave, but perhaps it would be well to divide it between Bill Parker and Tex Stone. Buddy Andrews leaves his tran- quility to Pat Murphy. Mary Friedell prefers to keep Kermit Greene. E. O. Lancaster wills his pretty curly hair to Henry Lockwood. Donald Sullins leaves his cradle to someone else to rock awhile. Sam Sturm would like to leave a few of his freckles with Wayne O'Neal. Betty Wilkins, Doris Gudgel, Charlotte Clift, and Georgianna jones leave their crowns to those few lucky girls who can rate them. Marilyn Hamilton bequeaths her ability to have her lessons ready to Maribelle Haning. Bill Downs and Willard Sollers leave Mrs. Bishop's wastepaper bas- ket full of jokes. At last they are in their place. To Virginia Barkett, Betty Car- lisle wills her baby-talk. jean McGilliard leaves a lot of work to the next year book editor. Nancy Patterson leaves Mr. Rich- ards without a first alto section. Gordon Flesner wills his swim- ming record to Wayne Volger. Deone Duncan leaves more busi- ness for the school bus. Walter Penquite, Roger Hull, and Wesley Colclazier will their cowboy boots to John McBride. Maurine Murphy leaves a barrel of oil from her "gusher" to the Stu- dent Council. T Lucille Hughes takes her affection for the name "Bill" with her. james Mott has asked that jack Saggsser will him all of his dress designs when jack leaves to work with Adrian. Jeanne Hilles leaves her old shoes to David Hilles. Do you think you can fill them? Virginia Barker bequeaths her complexion and hair to Mary Helen Lewis. Mary Sue Thomas and Glendora Donart, who graduated the first se- mester, left a lot of sad hearts. -v PIGGLY WIGGLY L. E. Goble-owner 614 Main Phone 745-46 if Baldwin Pianos i' Victor Records if Band Instruments W Crosley Refrigerators GAGE MUSIC CO. 705 Husband Phone 630 Phone 630 Eunice Bowers leaves some of her wittiness to Rosalyn Conner and Betty Jeanne Moore. Mary Elizabeth Zant wills to Mil- dred johnson, her tennis racquet. Everett Bailey leaves his peculiar habit of "running into doors," to Gilbert Clift. Dale Hudiberg wills his football letter, john Abernathy, his basket- ball letter, and Rex Demaree, his wrestling letter to Tommy Gray, Knowles Boaz, and Kenneth Hesser. Manley Cottingim, that master of syncopated rhythym, leaves hope for a much quieter school next year. To Virginia Townsell is left some of Eileen Kirkpatrick's intuition for designing. Genevieve Smith bequeaths her much coveted job at Miles' to Lo- retta Sapp. Signed and sealed by the 1941 seniors, this first day of March, 1941. BRADLEY-CREECH HARDWARE CO. Electrical Appliances- Stoves Sporting Goods Cooking Utensils Qi Phone 166 Phone 166 fi-1 yg, 4 ff. f,f,'f , ' .kg . 2 veil , J: 4, - .. Q ' ' . . ak ff 1 'I X R' 89 ompliments 0 Archie's Beauty Shop, 211 Knoblock ....... .......... P ho Coulson Beauty Salon, 709 Husband ......... .......... P ho Daisy's Beauty Parlor, 624 Lewis .........,.. Guthrie's Beauty Shop, 227 Knoblock ....... ..,....... P ho. Sal1y's Beauty Shop, 820 Main. Uptown Beauty Shoppe, 612 Main ........ Steve's Drive in Market, 820 W. 6 ........ Stillwater Fruit Market, 816 W. 6 .............., .......... P ho. Brewer Texaco Service, 4 8: Washington .................. Pho Dotter Bros. One Stop Service, 902 W. E1mer's Conoco Service, 6 8: D-uncan .,......... .......... P ho. Hoke-Homa Service, 6 8: Duck ................ Holmes Music House, 713 Main .....,... Campus Cleaners, 115 Knoblock ..,...... College Cleaners, 231 Knoblock ........, 1240 2382 ..........Pho. 581 675 ..........Pho. 99?- ..........Pho. 865 ..........Pho. 1636 896 . 2566 6 ................ Pho. 1230 121 ..........Pho. 642 ..........Pho. 137 ..........Ph0. 1720 ..........Pho. 572 filtigh 'Point Wrestlers Most outstanding wrestlers of the squad were Gordon Flesner, Region- al Champion at 145 lbs., and third place winner in the state wrestling championships. Bill Horton-undefeated in dual match competition. A favorite among many of the Pioneer fans. Wrestled on the squad at both 103 and 112 lbs. Qontinued from page 85 character. The Stillwater chapter ofthe Hi-Y was organized on january 9, 1940. It is directed by an advisory board of eight members. They are Superin- an tendent E. D. Price, chairman, Dr. QR L. A. Mitchell, Principal W. W. Mc- Collomg Mr, Kermit Ingham, Mr. J. l A. McNefTg Mr. Lee Hall, Mr. john O 1 ' gf? TQ if 9 Rex Demaree-placed third in the regional tournament and champion of all Oklahoma wrestlers in the state tournament at 154 lbs. Rex was undefeated in dual match com- petition and high point of the Pio- neer wrestling squad. Rex was awarded the Flood wrestling award by being the high point man on the squad. McBride, Sr., and Mr. Cecil G. jones. In june, 1940, the club sent My- ron Ledbetter, one of its members, to the National Hi-Y Congress which was held in Oberlin, Ohio. The members attended the state con- ferences at Norman, Oklahoma, in both 1940 and 1941. Gompliments of Dunn's Tailor Shop, 118 W. 8 ........ R. jay Cleaners, 501 Washington ......... ...... . Valeteria Cleaners, 613 Main ..................................... Varsity Cleaners, 601 W. 6 ............... Pho.1022 .Pho. 38 1 .Pho. 27 REAL ESTATE, LOANS, AND INSURANCE 1086 Andrews, Wm., First Natl. Bk. Bldg ......................... Pho. 1850 Baker, j. W., IISVZ W. 7 ..................... ....... P ho. 414 Doty, V. A., 923 Duck ..................................... ....... P ho. 64 George Ins. Agency, First Natl. Bk. Bldg ................. Pho 2202 Hoke, Roy T. Agency, 123 W. 7 ..................... ......, P ho. 244 Murphy, W. B., 116 W 8 ................. ....... P ho 44 Perdue, Randle, 702W Main ................... ....... P ho. 607 Reed, Wylie B., First Natl. Bk. Bldg Pho. 1841 Sherwood, C. B., 112 W. 7 ........................................ Pho. 54 Sitton, T. F., Ins. Agency, 9015 Main ...................... Pho. 805 Wintersteen Agency, Stillwater Natl. Bank Bldg ..... Pho. 114 will Knund Student edwards Every year the Student Council, with the help of the student body and the faculty, select the all-'round boy and girl of each of the three upper classes. Qualifications con- sidered are social bearing, initiative, self-seliance, cooperation, scholastic standing, attendance, activities, school spirit, promptness, disposi- tion, integrity, and dependability. Students that qualified for this honor in 1939-40 were: Jacqueline Moore, Kenneth McCollom, Kather- ine Tompkins, joe Hodges, Doris Waldby and Pat Murphy, The selection is made during the month of May. Qlift cyflward To the senior who most typities the ideal citizen of the school or community, a twenty-dollar award is given. W. R. Clift has offered this for the student who shows earnest effort, worthy home membership, ex- emplary conduct in school and com- munity, and helpful participation in school life. For the year 1939-40, Don Looper was honored. ,JW The award is presented during the graduation ceremonies. yiifgf r,i'lV'r -4'-if 'QS ev 91 WEA rg, 4 :., -at , 1 li if all ' 5' 92 dlppreciation We, the 1941 Pioneer staff, wish to express our sincere appreciation to these business and professional persons who, by their loyal support made this yearbook possible. Name Anthony, C. R., Company ......................... Bradley-Creech Hardware Company ....... Central States Power and Light .......... Clift Furnlture .................................. Compliments ................................... Crossman ............................... Cooksey's Grocery .................. Dutch Bishop's Barbecue ...,.... Farmers Co-operative, Inc ....... First National Bank ............... Fletcher's Appliance ........,........ Fritz Super Service ,........................ Gage Music-Electric Company ....... Glass, Peyton and Son ................ Grady 8c Grady, Optometrists ....... Guthrie Beauty Parlor ........,.............. Herron, Leonard G., Insurance ............ Hoke, Roy T., Lumber Company .....,... . jones, Cecil G ...................................... Katz Department Store ................... Laughlin's .,.................... Leachman, Claude E ........... Leachman's Eat Shop ................. McBride's Men's Wear ....................... Midwest Creamery Company .........,...... Murphy, C. L., Hardware Company ....... Payne County Milk Producers .............. Penney, I. C., Company ..................... Piggly Wiggly Company ........ Safeway Stores ..................... Sherwood Grocery ,S ,,........ Smith's Cafe ............................. Stillwater National Bank ........ Stillwater. Laundry ............... Stokes Paint Company ........................ Strode Funeral Home ............................ Thompson-Parker Lumber Company ....... Vincent, Ernest E. and Viola V ........... Ward Buick-Pontiac Company .......... Whipple Studio .......................... Page 9081 f ,W 5 'Y K - W 'J ' - ' ' '- ' Wfajjk W if Q f .K 5 if 1 P Q2 L A 2? X W F , T L 7 . Jef ' II . 5 . :lf x' " ffm. ? X W, , 5 . G Yi Ip o7,4,J,4fwwwA,f'5?li -55,,6c!4A,,,,'gj4,,,w-.2:.. 2p,,:4,!?'79g""2"""'-'6ff"4 QJZMZ ff MQW? M4- , f,Jf,..w,,,,.l,...,17Q.zf.,24A'V -41415-.-V 2'-W, , Q L ,Q -ffffoff-uni, 4,4-vp. fm ,543 ,cfpwap d,,,,,,, ,,, A own! Z9 f-rvfl 5,004 M6 jf? , f ,M Q , ' 3, ,qfyavz ,oo 4-rw gm, 4163! 0? E ,Aw ,JAM .9,,.,,, ,E fafffg 7z44a ffm7f"f4'2fA4w nag MQ' -Myfw WM-f ,QM ,,w. , .afeffwff H W f -vo--c.aZ W' H- ,.:Q . . . . K -42'-a ' - ' 37 'FDS-od W 2 ,g gy.-Q1 ,361 3 ,: - 5 Q ' , ' I - 26 ' f b Q31-'ffMZ?'O?N4wf WM? feiwxj fm? WWQ . ,Q fy Q lu 1 J " 1 A 5 , f W P , I K M V S U A dj ,fi V, ,plifffv 'i,,'4k mo! YY, V 4 . A ' " ' ' 'Q 4,,7',.m,,fQi, '

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