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565,16 Tfourth fstate Pram ms I CTNONLCT gill 5'-N01 5, IQ4O Member Q i939 40 55 455005 SUN atv 751911 Lhool L Q f 1 1 Qgle ' J Ia' c' 3 1 Xllffiultuw, l1nildhlIYYlU Q9 ng. 4' in est ,if-' l92l - 'I - 05+ N 9 55m 1940 Izomcv Im mm 7 Q x x I CIIIx I X x VIN. I WNXIXX XIII XI XI xx rm I IOX X mx G X RCIN X 70114 an II Hmm 1 u I ILYLIILN LX xx I'llIlL,1 III xcdm xut to umm XX L Qmc.uLIx Imp L L I I u .m X Im Ixsdxwo ILLOIILLUO x NO xx IIIIOLII Iu mi 1xC NOLI the I0-10 I IUHLLI 'W L II H mu sl xx N L 7 C J' , . 32, IQI5 IxOIEIfIl I S I'lxIIlUI' XIXI I I IX sl.-XXIQ IlIfIfIU .xwccnzxm I',xIIIlIII XIXIIN 515 1 'ISIN IELINIIICNS XIQII .IALQCV XIIQ. I'I,UIIIfXIIIQ SICX IfI2. Sli II ,Mfx'1w1' IRI .'xh, ,, . fI II.I'I'II ,-XXIU IIRI 'I, LCXN SIIII .itczy IIIxIiIIIUIII-I II' ling :I1I,I,XX ILQIIQIQ 5 I I DIN Cflnw IIIM oggmplxf LIIXUIQ f XIII 4 I XIXI' I I lx I, SIX CIAVIIIIII Iuicturuf xc ' 'LI I'Icrc IQ xoxu' I III 'Q 'I cmI4 Xxc Ia " Lmcl to portraix thc gf' so LIW x 'II rctam Llxcn' IUII sig ' 'gmc LIMII x'oxI xx'iII Iin I in LIN' emmzxlxexcm- uri " A LI lkzcci that you xxiII IWUIII Jcur to XOLII' Ag Wx I ' V ' nf .-Xnd 3 . ' I Vtlxcr' Im' zlitics xxcg' f r I 3' '-g'Iw00I4 xxItI our xxur "I :md Iwi ISIIQS Ilx' NQIIII xi Q .,,,-., la. 515' 0 f'- ff nf? ' f -. 11211, , l ny I tu ' T: .1 Ill 1 F .r'., 6563611716 of Gcmtents ,fhlminislmticm .... . ..- 5- 16 C13S9CS--, - ,- ,- .... 17- 42 SPOI'lS-A , ..., 43- 56 Xflusic ..... , , ........... -- .... 57- 70 Activities ES' School Life--. ,- 71-101 Appreciation--,1,-M -,1.A,-, . 102 I . I J s i Qlendora 'Donart fPionee'r Queen 4 V49 L.-...J K ZIP-S9-1U JN ofldministmtion at if I 9516? Zlifeg AN 49' P-gf-1 ,. I W, 3 , A X if-LL Q3 Z ,. VH 4 is .Ewa 34 u.B'.2X'.L?fl'T 9' '-.-.J . "ii f 1 -N ...J ..,. , , 5 Ei. r I. l awe: M ' '5 .. ,..,..,,.: ' " v .....,jY:b:x',: -'fag 9 n RUP' K .W was X- -.--:ll--" A . ,,,., ,w....-. .X . YF ' 4 . a.. iz. m :ts Al Y- i. Q.. '44 A -1 . MA f,- ,, - ., --.,-.. ,. f. Win. ' fl fl!! 'I' 3 1 r 'x W -s 'if I. -. fl 4.1: V rf 'I , - 1 :UI "T:-D., . X' ' A L kk ' .......s . Lai.. -l P ' j:.42r'A N tk. . train I Q Q You would thunk our custodian was a student from all outward appearancu. .f Bull Larrabee just laughed and laughed because he knew all the time that he would graduate. Secretary Wallls surprised as she was huntmg scmor secrets. ,351 CCs5L'l't05e 'who Article Qui' Kllestinies epon the shoulders of seve n men rests the responsihility lor any executive action taken in the ad- ministration ol' the fitillxvatcr l ligh School Xluch praise must he given to the Board ol' Education lor the rapid progress ol the school under its administration. The hoard is made up ol' .-X. R Sax anl-1. Presidentg George Dollinger, 'l'l'CL19Lll'Cl'Q C lf lflonart, ClCl'lQQ 'lh C. Burns, Li lf Vincent, XM R Cllilt, and li xl Selph. Next in ranls is Nh' lldson David Price, who has heen the worthy superintendent ol the Stillwater city schools lor eight years. Under his expert guidance the system has risen to a superior rating and is known throughout the state Our principal, Xlr. Walter Xlc- Clolloni, has won hearty approval lor his handling ol' all prohlems xxhether ol' great or small impor- tance. 'lhat alone is worth more than we can say. Xlr. Glenn lonltinson, our assis- tant principal, is to he congratu- lated lor his wise and laindly council, Next in importance is the el- licient and well qualified laeultx. ENGLISH The principal aim ol our English department is to give the student a clearer conception of the English language, ln doing this great emphasis is placed on formal grammar iBoard Qf Education Left to Right: 'lf G. Burns. George Hollinger. Treasureri E. E. Vincent, Cf. E. Donart, Secret ti l7. Price, Superintendent ot' Sehoolsg j. Selph ,X R. Sxvanla, President , W. R, Cililt, Rf Superintendent of Schools li, IU Price through the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. In the sophomore year much ol the course is given over to the writing of compositions, Throughout the highschool years the students are required to take either American or English Literature. American Literature is primarily a junior subject while English Literature is an elective for the seniors ln place of English Literature, senior students may take a course in journalism, Speech, or in Prac- tical English. The teachers in the English department are Miss Marguerite Allen, Miss Rosalie Becker, who also teaches Latin, Mrs. Edna Bryan, lN4iss Ruth Bullock. lX4r E. W. Eaton, Miss Gladys Huf- fine, Miss Cora Belle Knearl, Miss Maud Meacham, and Mrs Flor- ence Severson. HISTORY History enables the student to get the background necessary for his future role as an intelligent citizen of a democracy. Three years of social science are required. The freshmen take one semester of Oklahoma History and one semester of Social civics. liuropean problems are studied by the sophomores in Modern His- tory. The juniors have a course in American History in which they study the problems of our democ- racy from the thirteen struggling colonies up to the present time. .Although Ancient History is an elective subject many students take the course for the cultural background that it affords. The teachers in the History dc- partment are Mr. john Baugh, Mrs. Ella Craig Escue, Miss Ethel Marluvell, and Miss Fave Mc- Wethy. MA'l'l-IILNIATICS Xlathematics has always been an absolute necessity and is even more important for the people of this century. People in every xvalla of life find that occasions arise every dav in which mathe- matics is of great importance. Nlathematics begins in the high school with txvo courses of arith- metic required for the seventh and eighth grades. These help to pre- pare the freshmen for their study of Algebra. The sophomores must take Plain Geometry. Solid Geo- metry, Advanced Algebra, and Commercial Arithmetic are elec- tives. Continued on page 15 Wigh School 'Principals Glenn Tonkinson Walter W. McCollom , n i 4 f Qlaculty Nlr lzlmcrj Brmkcr M155 Mlrguerxte Xllen Nlr Rox Flood Vlr john Baugh Nlm Roselle Bunker Mm El: abeth Block Mr C harles C ourmght 'vhs Cwcxrrude Bum Mr I X COC mnoucr Xflrs bussxc C r me Vlr Rnpn Nxch Hxmllron Vlr j xmes DeCruchw Nlrs Ella Craxg Escuc Mr E W Eaton gps-na' Sponsored By PEYTON GLASS 81 SON 806 Main G. 81 G. Store Phone 814 I 1 l E 1 4 G'-' C A 1 i 4? 'er 1 l l 1 l i l " 2 ' f l 1, 1 L ' l 1 .5 l - s - .Em WL EW, ,WH K i I ' 411 1 ' L ' 1 6 I eg- lvlrs. Edna Bryan i ' " A . 1: i ' I tn l 1 '. 1 ' S I 1 .' f Q 1 R'-C X , E11 F, I5-FA. X , l Y 3 l 'wa LW 1 , Sz V Qzj, V I W 1 . E' ' r ' 2 A 1 . 2 U' l 1' , W ' 4' l 1 . -. '. 10 " . lx W 41. fi? 1 gk 5' 'N V gf. ug, fa- N , 1 f-- I ' . ,ii Q. -J-AGN qaculty Confd. lvliae Gladys llullinc Nlise Com Belle line-girl Mrs. Florence Laclxcx' Mr, R. D. Mcl50lc Miss Faye NICWQ-thy Mr. AX. G Miller Miss Ethel Marlawcll Mr, R, G. Richards Mrs. Florence Severson Mig: Nancy Saunders Miss Lora Gill Mr. Willard Shingleron Miss Myrtle Stimson Mr. Archie C. Thomas Mr. Glen Varnum No pictures: Miss Ruth Bullock. Mr. Hugh Coonfield, and Miss Maude Meacham, l n C1 l x I I E if I . 1 f 6 2 'V i We Sponsored By KATZ DEPARTMENT STORE Stillwater's Oldest and Greatest M + es- 6 Q D, P' X 5 V . gg fxf In QZMLTHOB mm M Wm Xu N U LLI L x LSILVTWII Q OWU W k HL LI QIKIH N kXLN L wax . 1 nu X mum mr K K HT CN W , J , X1"'Cll lillrwlxurwlwzrzxl lxcaxdwr' ul Sllllxxulw lligl 'cf ' I - ' '.1 mx: JK fl3"f" 'UQ' kms mc L1 mil' xxizh unch mwx Jax i 1-1 5 I ortI1uhoL1r5lI1.1I lm-tory my in X N ,, im' my heart :md xxcurlx Im' my I IIHJY. ig' " mc 21 iricml who 1uI 2 MQ Klux mc IL'I'L1l'C ut ' x Li lc XI 1 ,m 1 il Umm' lu 'Vg mum I K'-1 in N 'my mul em i hglwl tm' my xnxx, Uh Hmm mum' :mlm-J .1 rwrlucl Jay 'Xlcrrcll ffl' lv I ' Continued from page 9 lhe teacher xxho has rxtn the most xears of serx rec to the Math cmatrcs department rs lvlrs Xclma Bishop lvlrs Bishop has been xxrth tht school sxsttm for 70 xears but because of 111 health she xx as rantcd a leaxe of absence hegrnnrn anuarx 77 1940 later additions to the department are Xlr blmer Brinker 'xlr Hugh Coonheld Nlrs Cussre Craxs 'x R D NlcDole and rss Nrncx Saunders HOME l:CONO'vllCS 1 he Home Lconomrcs classes for Urrls start in the sex enth grade and continue throuffhout the high school xears ln these classes one studies cookrnv sexx rn home planning and other practical phases of building better girls and rven for the hoxs thex studx cooking table manners and other useful thrng,,s lhe Home Economics courses arc taught bx 'Vlrss 'vlxrtle Strm 'xlrss ota Crll and l lrzabeth Brock SC ILNCS1 lxxo xears of science are re quired lor high school graduation fhese may be taken either rn th field of Cieneral Scrcnce lorergn Languages or Domestic Science lf a student rs interested rn science he max take a course rn Ceneral Science Brologx Phxsrcs or Agriculture lf he rs interested rn l orergn 1 anffuaccs he max take txxo xears of Latin or txxo xears of Spanish lhe scrcnce rnstructors are Miss Certrudc Burns lvlr loseph A Cocannouer Nfl Charles C Courtrr ht and Mr Iames de Cruchx COMV1 RCI Courses offered rn the commer eral department are Bool keeprnv Consumers 1 conomrcs C ru Shorthand d txo xe rs l l x wing Mrs 1 lorence Lackev and Mr Xrc re C lhomas teach rn th Commercial department l OR1 lC 'N LANC L XCI Students max studx four xears ofl orei n Lan uage 'Vlrss Becker teaches 1 rrst xear l atm and 'xlr Cocannoutr Second xear 1 atrn and rxxo xears of Spanish IXDLS I RIAL ARTS Srttrng, rn studx hall he max see the students during their leisure time making numerous designs for beds and bookcases and other use ful articles thex rntend to make in the shop C lasses are given rn General ing, Vlachrne Xxoodxxork and Hand Xxoodxxork ln the depart ment of lndustrral Arts are Mr A C Miller and lvlr Willard Shin leton PHE SIC M CD1 C,A1lON lhe Phxsrcal Education depart ment rs handled bx Mr Ross 1 lood xx ho coaches xx restlrng and 'xlr Ralph Arch Hamilton xxho coaches football and basketball 'xlr Hugh Coonfreld assists Nlr Hamilton rn coaching basketball 'xlLSlC lhe xocal section of the Music department consists of the C rrls C lee Club the Boxs Cjlee Club and the 'xlrxed Chorus All these are taught bx Nlr R C Richards Mr Cilen X arnum rs rn charve of the instrumental music H is responsible for the superior rating of our Band and Orchestra throughout the state X4r ohn Rauch has the glee clubs for the sex enth erghth and nrnth grades ln addrtron to their curricular Sponsored By JAMES E. BERRY Stillwater, Oklahoma 1' - - ' g an x' ja, o ' ' 1 - .f Nh' I " a ' ' e 1 , ,L K, . , , . . , , Q A N Q ' x iw L - 4 h I , , K . ' L 1. A 1 11 1 L SJ . --1 - - X . ' ' x f f L ' M f f ' r r , ' - ' 'Q' :I 5 'rr ' U ' ' ' .Y N, .I . bi' F, . .A , , . ., 1 t . ' h' , " ' .. ' C Q' -' r '. ylr. .f . ' Nl' 'r 1 . Q - ' r7l . V I 1 . . , . I . . N . . I.. U, 0, I . 7 . l , ' V D' D' I ' U N . better homes. 'l'xx'o classes are Shop, Printing, Mechanical Draw- ZTI V ' ' ' ' l T A I 1 ' ' T I . ' N V 1 ' ' ' Y ' 1 4. A ' t ' - C ' g . son, if 1. 1' Nlrs. ,,, , 4 E, ,. , . I . . L , ' 1 - 7 - . ,, , , , , 2 - , ' ' ' , 4 C, ' 5 '. I - A -M. 3 . 1 A . . A ' h D D K . 1 r . ' , . r. 1 - 9 1 ' 'rr ' ' - - , r, C n J al' : 1 1 1 M f ' 1 ' J 1 1 4 Y . Q . W . . . . L ns mm C mu Q LX Luunuular xnmmu W XIILN swonxoxx IM IRI C lub md IQ om oI IIIL spam s ot thu lun ox Q 3 ULU 1 L I 1 umm md 1 m mi L Iunlcu HILL L Lx 2 u umm firm INLIILLILL wx xmx xx 10 IN I1 lun Ol s w im om ot me Improv ul Studunt C ounul IS 31x m IS m dmrgn ot t SLYNOI I xaultlxn C oumll Imxulo bum' Llnutoz OI tha Studmt Coumll and 1 sumox Qponsm LIILQ IIM C 119 w uw the Qcxcmh c.xgI1tI1 and nmth Hrakcs ml IN 1 mmm 1 1 sponsor Xlms BUIIQQIX Qponiorg uffhth Gram IIM Bow I uture Honwemakeri Llub 18 undex the dnrecuon ot Xlrs Brock xx Iwo 19 ako Im c.1ffI1tI1 Ur mic Qponsox Niles BLCIXCI helm Qponwx the mnth Mads XII Cocarmouer IS .1 'SLFIIOI Qpomor and has charge of tha Natuonal Honor Socnetx durmff Xlrq B1sI1opS Iuaxc of c1IwQmCe HC also superxnees the Npanmh C Iulw .md I9 .1 member of thm, Ilmrai ot I7uIwI1cat1ons Ihu basketball and Oxm glam for the sex emh eughrh and mmh Grades ale, under the QUPLIXISIOFI 0f'XIr Coonheld XXI102iI:OLO8LI1CQ the B team of fo0LIwII and ww a scxcnth grade homeroom Mr Courtr1pgI1t hm dmzgg of the C3.IN6ld Club and IQ 1 nmth ffradc Sponsor Om of our most cdpdlwlu and Iwloxcd Sophomore Qponeom Xlm Cwisxc. C raw XIIQQ gumeon Iluccts scmor guls Womcmalmcm Club md I1 Xiothcrs Studx Club Xlr Ihomfw ns I1 IUNIOI sponior 'Xir XKIFHLIVN IQ 1110 dlrcctor of LVN 1 W IS U OHU ITL YWOII OIR L SN I NTKL x I MIL W HNSOI VIL 011k 1 s I I spun I L I L IIN N N 1 OALIMLI Iwx X I I I' X morn SIWOITSOI 101 I 1 I N s. cps NKlt1f CI I1 N IIL1II1m and 'Xhsx XTC xdw r1ILl!'IL'13l'LOlL1SH I 1 wzdrm OI WL Qum I I I ug uh gun es 111g 011 11 QLX mth 'TIdLIL SIWOTIQOIN m oonu 1 1I1vI1QLI1oo H r IQ uruutul In XI1sQ Ixm ll x IO 1 so In Ipq spomon .1 grou w 0 mnth xml tnntw Grimm m Q 1ssoc1.1LL Imlxlsm 01 thu I mmm X112 I .ickex 19 0110 ot thu dlrcc tom 01 thu I auultx PI. x XIISQ Xiarlxxxell one OI tha CIIIQ OLIYISLIOIQ 19 thu Qupnrxlqol oI the Student Senate and IQ 1 nmth grade Qpomor XI XXICIDOIC ni the Hon c Room ZIFININ md mmh UI ILIL won so IIIQ chapel Lhanrnmn Ion tha nmth CIVICI tenth ffrades ns Xllee NICXX Lthx who I9 also .1 iopho more sponsol cmd CFCJQLIFCI of Board of IJLIIWIILCILIOYN Nnofhu QCVIIOI sponsox IS XII X 1 Nh IXlCI1dI'LI.a IS m chdrgc of .III xocal INLISIL m thu CUUFE School rx Cx cr ,on Shoxx n ful xtx 10 iam mg thu suhool annual Har OLIMI dunes am Qophomorc spomox Prcss FIUIH md IDL IxIlLIfl0T1 Louncll Iut"I', " 'I t I1'I " Im Vtrzx QIII insrrum' III music. ' ' I ' ' " Ilw I'XSlI'UI10II'X CIIUI I.IlIAL'CIL'xI NIIJI I ' fl I' " I ' CIIVIS Iwy XII' dc QIl'Llk'IIf.. II I1 is Iifilui 'H I I 'I ' 'I' - um M I ' QI A rl 'I OI thc Iuniu' sort I ' 'lass 'Inf' Xir, In ,I 5 Im xigI1tI guide Xlxi Ipnlor is in cImr'g3I: wi' IIN' Spa I' ' 1 R ' 'I z rg' ot the IX-I Q. ' claws Cihzxpcl CIIlIII'!NllII. Q' ' 'U f' 'I Ir. unI "orc: CIILIIF, Im is il sxu-'lim II ' 'Il 'I I"" ' I I 5' Sgr Q '11 I 'UI IIN- Ililwggml--: XIV. II" I'c1', I ' I un- ui thc I'LlL'LlIIX' IIILIX' Surg I i I I " 'L thc UU' I'cIwoI IIIm'41I'xz1n IQ XIVQ XI I '51 ' ' ' ' K I I IIC 'III1c xx'11'stIingg and CI'1JxS-COI,1NII'f' II' A ' if " A " I ', t1"l 'I' I1 in our SCIIUOI 'yyalgm I' I, 21 ' 1 I ' is Q " f K' I.I' I7I'Jo II il uplrce- Nliss Burns managcs the Step- Xlisi LIIIII Ims CIEEIIQC olx LII: pcrf ' VI. PQI C.I I tor' jun' ' I-Lvurc IIo.mctw141I'cr'I' CQIUIN I ' , "K , ' HN I I1 :I I' ' I hc Hgh I gz'IzIIII'. 5 'I 1 II z I ' " tI guido NIP: A ' I' -I i I 2 '. - I I um ' "3 ' 'I pp I 'IW' LIIQMINI3' I " I I I "I, 1I'fr.," I I ' tIx LI, 'mi 5141. ' . Il M1 vi lb I 2.L,k,,- N .L bl: A . . X ' V5 L X ' ' rail Y k Q-i,. 5 ' If . III-I5 I I "Di I pa- ', ' ' ',, hu." 1c,'I I X" 'II I Q1 MI LI' Q I " ' I I -I ' 1 A I H 'I'I,zQIi . - . n 5' P Q F, . ' - . 1 , I N J. Q I h - K . X . 1 A I A A I .L A i ' ' I' " HL' C,I1 ' 1 1 ' Ffa 'II - .' N' 'I " AD'I S1 II H ' I I1'IIex', x X 'I V Y Y ' I F Ax I I r I II ' .I " 1' NI S 'VF has ' If I I ' HI 'I' 5' in tI I II' of sf? QT s. L......,J fx F----1 sf---J K?!PwQ-QC Jr x glasses ! 1 A 1 'J ' 1 ... ........... V .... . .,............ ., ,., Y I 'du -if ' + fs T S fi:- ,J I4 X., 5 n If 'N s---W-,- KJQ, s s M . fi a 3 s E22 """ 1 1x Z 1 ' s ,L A fl 1 N f 1 enrors Wave oflctrrre Lzfe lt was '1 warm 'Xlay mornrng rust after frraduatron from force of habrt l strolled to the school house where I had gone for the past three years rnd rrrrressly walked rn the door l wandered down the deserted halls of 5 H S and lrnally perched myself upon the trophy ease that famous seat for all good loafers lt seemed queer that l would never be a real pirt of thrs scene agarn fhe odor of the wooden floors soaked wrth many years applrca tron of orl sent my thoughts seurry rng back to m frrst days rn school l remembered the day rn the frrst Grade when we learned to w rrte the word Mother and how we wrote rt on ey ery scrap of paper we could frnd and even wrth chalk on the srdewalks how thrrlled we were when the grade school custodran let us rrng the recess hell the school rule of no l eps durrng the sprrng marble season and the day we marched rnto the burldrng to the strarns of Lohen Urrn after one of the teachers was marrred Vx rth yunror hrgh can e our frrst dat ah loye' sweet mystery' our desrre to wear lrpstrck and curl our harr our frrst Home Lconomrcs efforts and shop and our homes farrly brrstlrng wrth nrck nack shelves candy pans callrng cards and baskets We thought we were really accom plrshed when we marched across t e stage rn the sprrnv of 37 to recerye our frrst sheep skrns hut there strll w rs hrghschool' Valrantly sophrstrcated sophomores we battled through Sponsored By LAUGHLIN S geometry and Caesar heay ens' there was so much to learn' as Jolly yunrors rt was our duty to enter EdlI'l the senrors so we decrded on a Banquet Prorr and had a dreadful trme try rng to frnance rt rn sprte of our box supper and class dues NN e put rt oy er though and only hoped that the future yunrors would have as much fun as we drd Rnd then we were drgnrfred senrors lo we were by o means droll' Oh the glee we felt on Sneak Day when we went to Yost' I-low funny everyone looked on Senror Hobo Day' XACHSUTIHQ for caps and gowns' lmrnally as a clrmax to twelve years of studyrng we were ready for graduatron' Drdn t you feel odd last nrght marchrng across the stage rn your robe and mortar board knowrng that everyone s yrng My goodness' Hasnt that ones grrl grown up' or l drdnt know johnnv Brown was that old Vve started out rn N28 and although we have lost a few from our ranks we have garned many untrl today 177 senrors stand on the threshold of lrfe and lool back on our portals of learnrng where every rnrtral on the desks and everv worn spot on the starrs means somethrng rn our mem ones' There are 88 grrls and 80 boys rn the class of 1940 Thrs year there rs one set of tw ms Lester and Chester Ross Almost thrrty seven percent of thus class has always gone to school rn Strllw ater Confmued on page 30 812 Main Femr-rine I-'paarel PHONE 2440 . K .. A f V1 ' L, . 7, -- 7 x l f ' " ,, ' ' 1 L ' f' H . 1 r 1 V' ' A t 1' l N' ' ' - 1 f A ' ' ' , ' -ee ut ' ' ' n A r U " V ' A 3 I V plays we useel to make upevthe was looking at you and probably' . "ee e ' a ' --' ' , . - U I . -1 - aww A U . . I y A K 7 u , ' e-- , ' 1 ' xl- ' lr ' 7 1 4 'ur 1 ' L ' , 1 Q 1 Q h X 1 y . y -. U . H A It , . ' 'a ' , . V A ' 'y 1 . if as . . V by . . I 5 7 qu " A : ui sh -,:.', ,. , n, g 5- U Kd'-2 Seniors QL fu- w L AQ n 6' at X I ,. .,. I ' .' I. ,I' I. I II.l" . . .. .. I , . I: ,' .II .,f Xff' ' "', C I", .' 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XXXIRIIII .CQICXX XII , X IH-pf IIIX Graduated at the End of the qrrst Semester qcmuary 18 'IOHN LREASON NIILDRED FAYP M XR I IN RIC HARD TERRILL ERNST DFNILIN W ILBL R SNIII H Bll I IUC KLR LOL ISE C L XSS EMM-X ADIFLI F SNK IN1 emors 'wzthout fpzctures MAXINIE BFXUAMIN HAZEL IAINE BLAIR vrarzmow Isaow x JACQUE au use WALTER Detoxe I D CHEFK Conlmued from page 19 and forty frye of them are the youngest chrld In the famlly Thomas Hardm rs the tallest thrs year and Dorothy Harper rs the hortest berng only -'1 feet 8 In hes Oy er flfty percent of thrs class has chosen the yocatxon they expect to follow and most ofthe students expect to enter college Those students who have always attended school ID Stlllwater are jack Barley jo Dean Bennett Ruby Blossom Helen Boyd Helen jane Campbell Dawson Chrles james Church Max Clmgenpeel George Cooper Echo Copley Mary jo Corbm Sylvra Donnell Imogene Cosnell Phyllrs Gray ette Donna Crav Kathleen Hagers Mary Hall Elorse Hardy Dorothy Harper Bonrlee Hoel Mabel Vrr gmra Hoke Ruth Ann Holte Lura Mae Houck Ellorcne Howerton Ileta Hubbard Helen Keller jeanette Kelley Max Knotts Davxd Lahman Leon Lewns Lours Lrgon Geraldrne Lovell Kenneth McCollom jacquelvn Moore Eyelxn Pauldmg jack FDSEL HAI L X IRCINIA PENWYBAKFR IUANIVI A ALSTINI HALL IEANNIE PRICE LEROY HARRIS DEVERN ROBERTS RENNETI I HORTON VI ILLIAM ROBERTSON DOROTHE-X DELL RING BERNICE WHEATLY X IRCI NIA PARNIELL DICK WEIR Payne Gretchen Pulver Cloral Rams Ivlarthajane Reed Paullne Rrlev Edwun Roberts Chester Ross Lester Ross Maurme Sre ffenthaler Edmund Srmank Rrch ard lerrlll Rrchard Vandewalker Dorrs Wrlllams and Carol Wood Many students haye been out standmg In musrc sports and academlc subjects Some of them are Kenneth McCollom who has served two years as the drum major of the hrgh school band J D Cheek and Pete Maxwell who were two of the most out standmg boys IU sports and Davrd Lahman who was the shark 1n the physrcs class ,Io Dean Bennett s efforts rewarded her wrth the tltle of the best student In the second year typmg class The sen1or executrve councxl IS made up of the class offrcers and representatrves from each home room The offrcers of the semor class are R B Brllmgsley pres Ident Bull Calmes vrce presxdent and Frances Covelle secretarv treasurer I I ,X . . ... , .V Y f I 1 ' f - . . It. ,, . - Ikea .: .. . -1 'I I I I I ' I . -. . F. - . - I 1 .. . 1 ,- . . . . I X I I IN, . . . 1 I I- , I. . I . . , I - I I , . J . , , . . ., I I . , .,' IL I ' ,I I - I I ' KS Y .P I Q . . - ' ' ' V ' I-I I I Y . V . . . Y . I I . . I,. I . I - I 7 I - I I . V V - I I I I , y . , , , , . r - I I 7 .III J . Y . . I I . . I , , . . -I I I I I I ' 5 . , I I X . . I I Y 7 - I I - l I ' ' 1 - 7 1 Y 1 - 1 ' ' . I ,- I I ' I I , I - .If 30 QXz4tc1gv'c1pl1.S 1- Graduates Hallie 'l um Amend. llresidvm Weslex -Innes, Yicu-l"'e-iilcnr FlRST ROW: Kenneth Griffith, Paul Adams, Worrall Clift, Billy Tom Amend, jack Anderson, Glendnra Donart, Doris Gudgel, Betty Jeanne Franklin, Lucille Hughes, Ada Lee Brock, Everett Bailey, joe Hodges. SECOND ROW: Doris Hodges, Marv Friedell. Virginia Barker, Leanne Hilles, Tenal Cooley, Bud Andrews- Wanda Lee Johnson, Deone uncan, Keith Dodson, john Abernathy, Charles Berg THlRD ROW: Aleen Barton, Jeannette Hodges, Grace Baird, Betty Carlisle, Ruth Hughes, Barta Marie George, Leta Dailey, Marilyn Hamilton, Edith upp, Fern Crouse, Mildred Clapp, Wanda Hall, Eloise Hlainey Winsel Bilveu, Eugene Blossom. FOURTH ROW: Hollis Campbell, jerry Carlile, Bill Clendenmng, Wilma Curtis, Marv Lou Carnes, Nellie jane Harris, Zula Hansard, C, M. Hubbard, Dale Hudiburg, Roger Hull, john Atwell, Manley Cortomun, Wayne Crenshaw, FlF'l'H ROW: Mr, Archie Thomas, Rex Demaree. Gordon Flesncr, Bradford Carlisle, Budd lrvinc, Mrs Bishop, Lee Courtright, Qumrus Herron, Lvle Copman, Perry Elw, Dale Grissom, Doyle lgilvcu jimmy Gelder of IQ4I Glendora Donart, Secretary Mary Zant, Treasurer FIRST ROW: SW jo Malloy, Pauline Robertson, Katherine Tompkins, Mary Elizabeth Zant, MayVLouiSe Eyme,'Mogisg1'eh ood, Majorie Kirkham, Margaret Shannon, Jayne Randolph, Doris Phelps. Betty llkins. enevleve m e. Virginia Leigh. Pershall, Cleo Sinclair, Mary Peck, Majorie Kirkpatrick, Louise Willitt. guerite Allen. SECOND ROW: Jean McGilliard, Bettylvlane Ware, MW Sue Thomas, Georgianna Annes, Jack Sagguer, x Donald Sullins, Claribel Williams, Theda alters. Wanda eathers, Nonna Schroeder, emice Montgomery, Ll . THlRD ROW: Maurine Murphy, Robert Trumbly, Don Rattan, Wayne Taylor, Helen Pearson. Betty Sue b FOURTH ROW: Earl Stratton, Wesley jones, Wilson Whitenton, Dale Quimkg, Leo Morgan, E. O. Lancas- ter, Wayne Sloan, Betty Taylor, Florence Stewart, Elaine Scholl, Susie Lewis, eroelene Pattison. FIFTH ROW: Mr. james de Gruchi, David Lahman, Charles Martin, Louis Iiilgon, Dick Weir, HenriAKemtke, ' Floyd McGlammery, Harry VanSic le. Bob Riley. Marjorie Manning, jean elser, Velma Tinker, iss Mar- C1 SlXTl-l ROW: David McGraw, Donald Ninman, lohn Weilmuenster, Bill Payne, Eugene Weden, Harry 'lvl' Nester, Philip Myers, Pat Terrill, Myron Ledbetter, Williard Sellers, Gerald Livesay, Warren Hall. ,g,, . Ur 1 , 'rig ' Sponsored By ,o , , 1 we 1:2 cRossMAN -- PRINTING 622 Main Phone 228 'ii' .,. t llbert Clift, President IOA-l ack Phillips, President HUB-l t Graduates of IQ42 iii? ' FIRST ROW: Phyllis Stapley, Genevieve lichols, Genevra Reed, Pauline Payne, Rosayln Conner, Betty jean Moore, Marv Ann Swank. Elaine Morgan, Helen Siekman, Bert Hill, Keith McPheeters, Tex Stone, David Hilles, Bobby jack Rogers, Catherine Whittcnberg SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Ninman, Ruth Straughn, Doris Waldby, Nancy Patterson, Carol Ruth Potts, joEllen Canfield, Betty Trumbly. Bonnie jean Gregson, Louise Crow, james Hurley, Martha Lou Wilher. Charlotte Clift, jean Pratt THIRD ROW: Barbara Bums, Betty Jo Clingenpeel, Helen Mary McGivem, Lena Sisnev, Dolores Livesay, Barbara ean Konklin. Pauline Bell, Virailriia Townsell. Nina Gravette. Alicc ames, Martha Nell Zant, lrene inson, Hubert Rains, . FOURTH ROW: Ruth Baird. Helen Blair, Doris Andrews, Eloise Dreessen. Mildred Alexander, Frances Ligon, Bettv lane Coll, lla Lean Parsons, Lois Rader. Marcheta Barnes, Billie jo'Morris, Florence rown, Mrs, Gussie Crays, FIFTH ROW: Miss Faye McWethy, R. WNjones, James White, Howard Worthingtomgohn McBride, Charles icholls, Billy Dowell, Donis Park, Virginia rooner, Robert Bunny, Donald Smith, Shem Sootcr, Alton Houston, Robert Glover. SIXTH ROW: flack Philliqg, William Hutchison, Theron Robinson. Alin Waddill, Bi ly Bemie, ommy Gray. William Goodman, Gordon Brattain, john Jacobs. Gilhert Clilt, Raymond Thomas, Patrick Murphy, Leo Emery Alfred Etchison, President IOA-3 Tom Weaver, President l0B-3 D. Peggy Lou Graham, President WH-l Bill Qmith President UA-l inth Graders rx FIRST ROW: Gay johnson, Frances rllane Grouse, Corwin Haning. Reba Howerton, jerry Guthrie, Clara enderson, june Watts, Dick Butler, Freda Lois Harris, Ruby Sloan. SECOND ROW: Betty Ruth Demaree, Eleanor Fry, Thomas Harri- son, Gloria Lindley, Barbara Donnell, Paul Human, Madelyne Sinclair, Gertrude French, Bryan Hillerman, Margaret Smith, THIRD ROW:Plames Gravette, Jack Bellattilgerome Walsh, Vernon Finney, Carroll ope, Mildred Penix. Sarah Mc ougal, Dorothy Flick, Barbara Schott, Harold Keesling. FOURTH ROW: Claycton Cheek, Elvis Curtis, Mildred D kes, Bob Buffington, Tom Broc , Annabelle Kraus, Mary Lce Sinclair. john Barrett, Preston Payne, Eileen Flesner, Jack Payton. FIFI' H ROW: Doroth Grandstaff, Frances Martin, Caroline Benson. Durwood Silton, john Henry Goodner, Clovis Clark, George Demaree. Paul Walter, Digfna Hinkle, Ruby Snead. Betty Handy, Bemicc Pfeifer, jack Wal . I Glen LeMaster, President 98-2 Bill Brock. President QA-2 Looking to 1943 Paul Payne, President QB-4 Maynard Human, President 9A 4 Frieda Lois Harris, President QB-5 Dick Butler, President QB-3 Bobby Telford, President 9A-3 FIRST ROW: joycc Ann Swim. Svlvis Mae Smith, Philli Haddad. Leona Lancaster. Barbara Thomas, Gerald Robertson, joan Tnlawk. Bill Brock, Carol Lahman, jim Burdette, joan Wood, Raymond Drumni, SECOND ROW: Frank Cross, Mary Eager, Lucille Blackwell, Vera Mick, Lola Quimby, Norma Dean Vcntrisxjane Carmichael. Vera jo Smith, Betty jardot, Shirley DeWitt, Alta N ae Peck, Mary Clcvcrdon Betty jane Carnes. THIRD ROW: Catherine Hardin, Ruth Hargrove, Maryjane llinkel. Suzanne lrvine, Ozella Moody, Robert Randolph, Tommy Sanders. Dick Wcilmuenster. jimmy Sellers, Ivan Drake, Beryl Seurlock. Wyelwe Murphy, Walter Niekolls, Reba Houston. FOURTH ROW: johnny Caldwell, Glenn LeMaster. Vernon Smith. Edward Leanord. Bill Taylor. Bob Billingsley, Donald johnson. Melvin Nance, llill Smith, Norris Northington, l-awrcrici' Haniniz, Carl ln- gcrsoll. FIFTH ROW: Ruth Heald. Owanna Lee Gosncll, Billy Ray Church, Gayle Ward, Bobby Telford, Arthur Arnold, james Ash, Peggy Gra- ham, Glen Ray Norrcll, Bobby Lcc Barnes, David Houck, Ed Fred Shannon, juanita Baker. SIXTH ROW: Eileen justice. Vernon justice, B wb Rcichman, Bobby Gallahcr Ludwig lscnberg, Freddy Simank, Shirley Lanham, Margaret Boehr. Betty Ann l-lupzlics, Mlaxine Stites. Sponsored By ROY T. HOKE LUMBER COMPANY V75 1 1 Master Builders of Better Homes-Ph. 377 jo Ann Mullendore, President SB-I Marv Martin, President SA-I Sig hth Grade FIRST ROW: Catherine Moffit. Allcne Bradshaw, Gwendolyn Tonroy, Doris jean Townsell, jane Triglett, Sarah jane Berry, joann Mullen- aorg, Billy Chronos, Robert hran, Virginia Houck, Barbara Ann o inson. SECOND ROW: Bob Hladlcy, Vemon jarrell, Louis Watkins, Mary Martin, Geneva Bates, Bonnie Nicholson, Betty jean Ridings, Mary Ann Tourtellotte, jean Alexander, Dorothy King. THIRD ROW: Cedric Smith, Clag Robertson, Hugh Roach, Virginia jardot, Patsy Graves, Diana Etc ison, Wanda Bradley, MW Lou Roberts, Betty Lou Blumer, Pauline Hinrick, Leverne Smith, ildred Kite, Alberta Pinkston, Mis. Elizabeth Brock. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Anderson, Billy DcMoss, Dorothy Smith, Elsie S illane, Elizabeth Trimble, Mildred Pruitt, Nadina Powell, Mary Emen Clubb, Marjorie Pulver, Patricia Kyme, Polly Durham. Mary Frances Hokc. FIFTH ROW: David Six, Raymond jones, Max johnson, Patsy Dell Dotter, bean Kuechenmiester, Lola Dean Parsons, Marchita Lee, Pauline ilts, Nellie June Manning, Leora Smith. Jetta Lee Givens. Marguerite Harris, Rose Palmer.. SIXTH ROW: Mr. john Baugh, Vernon Hall, Paul Efaw, Lawrence Lanham, Emest Proctor, Arthur Rigg, Vanny VanDeventer, jane Bishop, Mary Lou Moody, Dorothy Gelder, Beth Harrington, Tha mon Hazen, Carl Staten, Dare McGilliard, '?."""': .gm ""'Tf1U"TT?T,,l Max johnson, President SA-2 Lawrence Lanham, Prewident SB-2 cflwaits 1944 Orley Becker President RA-3 Bill Orr, President 88-3 X Worth Owen. President SA-4 J-ack Martin, President BB-5 annl Gallup, President BB-4 Don Iughes, President SA-5 FIRST ROW: Winfrey Houston, V. O, Crouch, Jack Martin. Katherine Crenson, Norma Sue Hall, Kenneth Lile, Richard Ward, Margaret Gnzawav. Lucille Rowland, William McBride, Jimmie Hughes, Bob Moore. James deGruchy. SECOND ROW: Bill Snead, Earl Whitson, Phillip Brown, Bill MC- Collom, Phillip Leininger, Norma Lee Rambo, Marilyn Harper, Ernes- tine Payton. Amye Sue Choate, Norma Lee Ritter. Jeanne Epperson Ii. J. Moody, J. D. Mott, Leonard Whitson. THIRD ROW: Horace Childress, Edgar Copley, J. N. Jackson Win- ford Wells. Dean Gilman. Charles artholomew, Wallace George. Ted Finncv. Dick Scherer. Jim Daugherty, Gerald Bradshaw. Harold Bauman. Buford Bennett.. FOURTH ROW: Howard Livesay, Joe Yoakum. Bennett Hammond. Melva Stewart, Bonnie Kellv. Billv Hart, Ruth Hubbard. Betty Drum- riqht, Jimmie Delxdoss. Melhurn Cole. Worth Owen. Eldon Randolph, Donald Six. R. L. Brooks. FIFTH ROW: Jack Cawlcy. Bill Orr, Ben Harris, Orlci Becker, Ruth Adams. Yvonne Pullin. Lorenia Merchant. Elna Nic els. Lila Mae Hughes. Bessie Mae Cook, Annalwcll Nash, Melva Cochran, Marjorie Carlisle, Louise Ausbum. Billie Jean Willett, Ramona Grandstafll Geraldine Hartman, Lowell Ross. Fred Walters, Bobby Plummer. SIXTH ROW: Willard Davis, Warren Keller. Dewey Wortman Vic- tor Hall, Delbert E. Ruins. Ira Landrirh. Raymond Emery. James Smith Sponsored By FIRST NATIONAL BANK 802 Main Stillwater, Oklahoma R ul., . , yjrr all li v . 1 e Marjorie I ou Adams, President 7A'l President 7B-l .fwf FIRST ROW1 Gene Baird. Carroll Leonard, Robert Childress, Pat Cawley. tljames Martin, Glen johnson, Pete Tourtellotte, Donald Johnson, eor eHardin. Bobby Anderson, Bill Lothers, Everett Lovell, jack Scanlon, gohnny Curran. SECOND ROW: Wayne Flesner, Frances Pcaden, Erma jenkins. Leslie ferpening, Ewene Ingram, Louisjardnt, Hi Staten. Dick Heath. Lloyd jones, Don right, tanley Blinks. Lawrence johnson. THIRD ROW: Billy' Ann Hesser, Eudean Emery, Katheryn Gates, Ruby Mae Stratton, orene Rader, Marybelle Wortman, Norma Wil- son, Bennie Gravette, Ramon Elledgg, Harold Campbell, Bill Kyme, Donald jenkins, Roger Clubb, Ray oung. FOURTH ROW: David Blair, N. D. Ware, Elizabeth Angerer, Juanita Brown, Rosanne Thomas. Eileen Bilyeu, Marjorie Lou Adams, Evelyn Sinclair. Barbara Galla her, Patsy Penquite, Barbara Garris, Louis Smith, Marian Irene Deilvioss. FIFTH ROW: Charley Denn , Ray Bigler. Lola McCurry, Miss Gladys Huffine, Eleanor Bardslb , Fern Myers, Mary jean Miller Donalee Keesling, Naoma jean lvIeGammon, Miss Gertrude Burns. SIXTHiROW: Norman Howerton. J. W. Emdc, Addie Davis, Marilyn Potts. Emi? Patterson, Helen Scherer, Marie Hughes. Betty jean Manning, orothy Lee Bums. Marv Ann Standing. Dorothy Nell Hinkel, Jeme Marie Norman, Marccllette McLain, Doris Lee Houck. Louise Cirosnoe, Mary Elizabeth Stevens, jean Marie Simcoe. 'wee Seventh fx fi eniors of 1945 I em Meyer: President 7A-3 Rex Nlnwler, President 7I"i.3 James Ilill, President 7A-4 Anim Jo I-Imfield, President 7l!-4 FIRST ROW: Harvey Gravei. Jack Robinson, Dean Kirkpatrick, Nlorville Hesier, J, W. Sitton, Willie Storey, Lou Alice Smith, Doris Iipperly, Helen Randolph, Carol Jean Vandewort. SECOND ROW: Jimmie Perky, Freddie Salmons, Tommy Reynolds. Billy Kav Stevens, Ruth Cherry, Juanita Leach, Marg Lou Malloy. Frances Williams, Holleen Hartpence, Mary Lee Bilyeu, hirley Gaines. 'IAHIRD ROW: Jcan Grcczory. Lucille Nelson, Helen Tinker. ,Lames HilI,IJames Rader, Derrill Wise, Jimmie Peigh, Edward Mott, Bo Orr, Char es Moore. FOURTH ROW: Anitagg Hatfield, Aline Cooke, Wanda Simmons, Bill Ward, Albert Scott, lby Thomason, R. B. Howard, RaYv1Flick, Alfred Leach, Grover Lee Rains, Lula Maxey. Anna Louise axey, Imogene Smith, Ruth Redburn, Lois Spurgin, HRYVCY' Curd, Eugene Smith, Jack Harrall. Robert McVay, Gordon Creenfie d. FIFTH ROW: Virtes Pullin, Dick McGivern, Telford Blair, Eugene Roberts, Rex Mosslcr, Billy Miller, Bobby Ferguson, Harry Thomas Janice Leizhtnn, Alvin XVelwlw 5' , .gif .sq 4 nf RT.. 1 ' I . eyffcvry Ellen Club 'Pioneer 'Princess Wag g,....-J F'-'54 K jfff-Q59-106 IN Sports 1 F 1 ii " A, 1 FT sp' f-Q' as nf-'-1 L J Y s----3 : E Q Y 3 Q I I 2 f 4 I f l 5 Y fBe'rdie German Cgootball Queen emary 70 Gorbin Cgootball Queen ports are flyopular m Cyfrglt School qootlvall n tie latter part ol Aug., I Ralph Hamrlton the Strllxxrter Proneer eoach lrrst callel hrs loothallers lor the 1030 season Xt the frrst prfretree 75 hoxs re ported hut onlx 2 of these lads xxere xarsrtx men from the l03Y undefeated team ol lrone rs lhex xxere Pete 'Xlaxxxell l rll hack and Rox Brock lullh rel and captarn of the 1930 erexx lhese Z5 hoxs had an unusual record to uphold heeause the txxo prexrous xears the Proneers had extended a xxrnnrng, streak to 70 lhe Proneers opened therr N30 season at home hx trouncrnff the Rrplex XX arrrors 00 0 lhe folloxxrnv xxeek the Po neers opened therr C rmarron X allex drrxe hx plaxrng the Yale Bullgods at Yale and heatrng them 0 0 Qparked hx Xlaxxxell Mcfrurre rnd Andrexxs the Proneers made a successful elrrxe across the Bull dogs goal for the games lone score Andrexxs carrred the hall fhe game xxrth Brrtton xxas played on the Proneer freld vxhere the Proneers romped the Brrtton Bears 10 8 Pete Nlax xxell and Ralph Phelps scoreel touchdowns rn the hnal stanza Cunnrng for therr 24th consec utrve wrn the Proneers met the Pawnee lndrans on lrrdax the 13th and steam rolled them Zo 6 Paul McCJurre xxas the UZINCS runnrng star carrxrng oxer txxo ofthe Proneers scores Captarn Rox Brock harreled oxer for a seore ree xe ed lumwle x Huhhard and runs hx 'Xlrxxxell rnd Andrexxs made the second seore l are rn thc seeond stan a the l axx nee l rds pulled the Sleeper plax and made a touchdoxxn the hrst ol the season s score rffarnst the l roneers rnvrng, the xxrn hell lor tre 25th trme rn a roxx the Proneers shellacked the l arrlax Red Dexrls I7 0 Pete Maxxxell scored the game s frnal touehdoxxn Captarn Brock eonxerted for the extra point Nou rust eant xxrn them rll and the Proneers proxed no ex eeptron as thex met therr NN aterloo at Drumrrffht lhe lornadoes deleated the Proneers Zl 0 ln an Armrstrce Dax classrc hetxxeen the Cushrng Trgers and the Proneers the Proneers suffered therr second defeat 19 0 lhe rgers last half attacl xxas oo much for the Proneers after a scoreless frrst hall xxas plaxcd ex en up Pnloodthrrstx for x he l roneers tanfrled xxrth the Cruthrre Bluejaxs rn therr annual Home comrng game hut a successful drrxe rn the thrrd quarter of the game gaxe the Cruthrre team a 7 0 xrctorx oxer the Pronecrs A scoreless tre xxrth the Orlton Panthers ended the Proneers season Xflaxxxell xxas defrnrtelx the game s star as he carrred the rfs rn lZ trmes nettrng xars an axerageof Z' xares p trx Sponsored By HGKE ELECTRIC COMPANY DR PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY 5 O ' A 'Ho 'fr' ' l - h' k ' . ' Q ' ' Q I l - ' ' 1 ' l rug ' " .Q ' . ' f ' Z' - - V , D. - ,s , - a ' s- ,. . , Q '- 5 L .K in bv, fi f ,- U - I 1 ' , , "Z. l ' 'N J kr-rl 'N 1' e c .., X , - X v I Y 5 4 ,C E R Z? , I , . A I C. e 5 1 e f r -5 Y r D' ,CL X U V 7 ,Y H V' rr ." , it - ee. , - , .Y L' 7' - T ' I - . 3 .Y f I,- consecutixe games. 1 . - H . , P , v . fx' 1 I I1 . . P l r ,- u. 7 , I i - ,V 1 ,I . h , f' , K , ' T' .' , . 4 V K t 2 ' 1 'L' ' nh x f ,s x ' 'k V L' v K -fx r .V ' ' a vin t -r 5 I ' K' , V. Q .X ' .' ' . V ' 1 11 I . I V. ,D , pg, le ' , ' l4Q . I ,. 2, , 12k...q' .fl I ' I r CI. A." ............T M T 5,3 qfootball CC5eam FIRST ROW K cth Cr ffth Wyt h 'vi phv Lyl Ba nes C g Ch k Q ntnVcnt SECOND ROW B ll Clend nn ng Al B ooks Go do B attain J m Hu ley Roy Dav Coa h H gh Coonfield THIRD ROKR Bill Gr en Alf ed Etch Le Fme v N sNo thi gton Alt n H uston Rai. Wash IT1 Pioneers Pioneers Pioneers ...O ,. Pioneers ,.,e , S Pioneers ,.,e Pioneers ......e. Pioneers Pioneers Pioneers SUMMARX Ripley Ya e Britton S , Pawnee esss, .A Fairfax .ss...e,. Drumright C21 Cus ing , 19 Guthrie .,.s.,re Oilton no Won 5 tied l lost 3. Sponsored By SMITH'S CAFE PLAYERS ROS F ER COACH Ralph Hamilton is the only man to graduate from Cen tral State Teachers College with hve letters He has been coaching in Stillwater High School approx imately 20 years. ENDS-Bill Calmes 2 year let- terman sr. C. M. Hubbard l year letterman :lack Boyles l year letterman jr. Gordon Flesner 1 year letterman Dale Hudiberg 1 year letterman Continued on page 50 n-earn-m r-.ran-fa-fam.-1,- 1i1vr 610 Main-Jim Smith-Phone 512 FU UTBALL LETTIERMISN Hamil Qarshan' lderson 1 gm all '?W Tenhl Coq Harpy iokle 4 . cu Da e Hudihurg ay Worwood J Nr ack Roy Y 9 Contmued from page 47 Ray 'Noryy ood 1 year letterm in TACKLL9 j D Check 1 y letterman sr Selected on lulsa XX orld and Ddl1y Oklahoman All State lcams Paul Marshall 1 year letterman Harry XanS1ck1e 1 year letter man yr C UARDS B111 Tucker 2 ytar letterman sr Leroy Harris 2 year letterman sr Bob Rnley 2 year letterman yr Wayne Voffler 1 year letterman soph CENTERS-john Alderson 1 yr letterman jr co captam for 1940 Qumtus Herron 1 year letterman FULLBACKS-Captaln Roy Brock 3 year letterman sr hon orable mentlon on Tulsa Vvorld All State Team Pat Terrell 1 year letterman yr Iames Mott 1 year letterman soph HAL1 BACKS Pete Maxyyell 3 year letterman sr honorable mentnon on Tulsa W orld A11 State team selected for Danly Oklaho man All State team Paul MCGUITC 1 year letterman yr co captann for 1040 Dale Qulmby 1 year letterman lr Tenal Cooley 1 year letterman yr QUARTERBACRS Ralph Phelps 3 year letterman sr Bud Andreyys 2 year letterman iBaskerbal1 Craduatlon took slxteen bas ketball lettermen m 1939 thxs left only one letterman Captann B111 Platt and tyyenty flyt. rntxpen enced lads to lead the Pronttrs IN the 1930 40 tampa: n Bob Rovers Paul Md urre and Captann B111 Platt yyere ntgulax starters yyxth C M llubbud Stuart Shrre Zane Shlre and Iohn Abernathy sharxn thc othtr tyyo startm posrtxons Coach Hamllton nntroduced a neyy style of play a double post Nflrxlng set plays and a fast break wrth the double post produced the opposltlon plenty of competn Chandler yyas hrst on the Pro neers schedule and the Llncoln county boys sped past the local lads by a 23 13 margln Brxstoyy and Drumrlght next defeated the Ploneers Although the 1-Iamrl tomans shoyyed marked xmprove ment avalnst the strong Payynee Bears they yyere defeated by a tyyo pomnt margxn 40 38 At thls tnme Payy nee has yy on ten consecu tnve games After thls good shoyy mg the Proneers crushed the C uthrle Blue Jays by an lmpressxye 41 22 score The local boys yyere paced by therr red headed sophomore for yxard Bob Rogers yy ho racked up tyyenty one pomts Agalnst the Cushlng Tlgers therr bltter rlyals the Ploneers lost a hard fought game Z3 15 Next the Proneers doyyned the Orlton Panthers by a 31 23 score to yyrn therr hrst Clmarron Nalley game of the season Stuart Shure drd the lnstmce shooting Sponsored By OKLAHOMA TIRE 81 SUPPLY CO. STILLWATER ICE COMPANY ' Lv ' , ' 1 ' 2 , jr. Q ' V A 1 - f - 'x I ' 4 'e , . J ' . -C81 ' y V 1 ' 'P ' v X A , . v ' ' ' 1 1 V v- v, 1' 1 I W .' v f - 1 . . C A ,um X , , N , - V- t, g C " es . , V f. , . - 11 1 f J V gr. - ' .,. .., . Y ,ff ' - , v 1 , .' , , . , y . . ' c , - u L v , . D - , x O, ,. , N . , , W A , - . L-1 1 Y . f rr e F, . 1 - . . v 1 l ' v v v .i .3 . . 1 - ,y , ' 4 L V , I ' ' . cv r . ' 1 UOYI. 1 1 - , . J 'I - ' I , ' u T V Y Jr, - ' , ' f rv l '! - A v ' . , ' an Y y V . . - , , 5 , . I , - A 1 .. ' . ""' 1 , 1 . N , J - Y 1 -1 ' f f ' ' f - . y r ' I - 'y 1 ' y y - - y - - , 1 ' V ' 5. 1 , , - ., ' . 1 ' r - , ' V , . ,V - . , 1 , 1 - I A I, . Y .1 - H v 1 - ' I v . , , . ' -y , . . e jxf. x. , c U. f "Qi" Tasketball ,Squad FIRST ROW: Zane Shire, C. M. Hubbard, Paul McGuire, Bobby jack Rogers, Lyle Barnes, Billy C man SECOND ROW: john Abernathy. Norris Norihin un, Irma a ami nn, Stuart Shire Bill Platt At Chandler the Pioneers lost another game by a single basket as the red and white team over came a seven point lead in the last quarter to defeat the Pio neers 27-25. The Guthrie Bluejays were again the victims of the Pioneers as Coach I-lamilton's boys had a good night shooting baskets and won by a 43-20 margin. Paul Mc- Guire, Bob Rogers, and Captain Bill Platt led the Pioneers' d - lense. For the third time in the sea- son the Pioneers lost a game by one basket when they went down before the Drumright Tornadoes 28-26. After a 27-22 defeat by Bris- tow's Purple Pirates, the Pioneers I Sponsored By won one of the most important games of the season bu defeating the Pawnee Bears 25 24 A bas ket in the last ten seconds by Cap tain Platt brought the Pioneers from behind to win Oilton again fell before the Pio neer attack losing 42 24 in a Cim arron Valley tussle An air tight man for defense held the Oilton fue scoreless from the held in the first half while the Pioneers piled up a 22-6 lead at the intermission. The Pioneers lost a bitterly fought battle to the Cushing Tig- er 35-31. The only senior on the team was Captain Bill Platt. With the same bo5s back next season. Coach Hamilton expects an ex- ceptionally good team for 1940-41, 99786 WARD BUICK-PONTIAC CO. -1-'-' 201 West Ninth Phone 1280 "GLB" Qcislqetlvrill Squad Flllbl RUXX liill llurltex ,Iimnxx lgxnhguii -Xlzi n l lustnn. liill 51114-X, XX ilwn XX liitenliin Blfi 'UND ROW l.ivm's'Xl ll l7ixi llllllw l"1r liriell lllxivlliwllvliivli ll ll l'-illiliiislvx llvnzilflrmlex. r n ..1 blk i Q.. SUMMARY Wrestling Pioneers ll Chandler BY Wifmlnil TCYCU Ol f.WClVC lnmncerg ZQ Bmtow dual meets. the Stillwater Pioneer . . wrestlers had a successful season lillmeers 2? Qfumflfllif under the coaching of Ross Flood, l 'ONCCVS ll' I almeff three times national champion and Pioneers 41 Guthrie captain of the 1936 U, S. Olympic Pioneers l5 Cushing team- I U 1 ' Pioneers 31 Oilton A 'L21fSitw' P051Iil0YliiY'l thi Pigo- J. 7. 1 ,Q neer eam was are o ge , e- I foncerse '7 Qhdfkllfl cause, shortly after the lrrst call Ploneefs- 40 Cf'-lmfle tor wrestling lzfty-four boys re- Pioneers Zh Drumright worted There were ten letter- I - . pioneers 22 Bristow men sprinkled through the dif- pioneers 25 pawme ferent weight divisions. P. 47 0.1 Returning lettermen were Roy loneers ' 'toll Brock, Gordon Flesner, Winsel Pioneers 31 CU9lWmE-I Bilveu, l-larry VanSicl4le, james Won 71 lost 7 Church, Rex Demaree, Edwin Sponsored By C. R. ANTHONY COMPANY 723 Main Phone 810 VY' "dl" Cfrapplers FIRST GROUP: Flake Creason. Edwin Glover. SECOND GROU : Kenneth Grifieth, Hal Moore. FIRST ROW: Winsel Bilvcu, Donald Smith, Harry VanSickle, jim Hurley, Leo Emery, Bohhy Glover, Kenneth Horton , SECOND ROW: Gordon Flcsner. Quinton Vcntris, Virgil Gregory, john Flcsncr, George Check, Kcnncth Pikc, Philip Brock, Bill Horton. THIRD ROW: Shem Sootcr, Walter Penquitc, Ray Davis, Hcnrv Cawood. james Church, Rex Demaree. j D. Check. Lester Ross, Coach Ross Flood Glover, Kenneth Horton, Hal Moore, and jake Creason. Others who were prominent during the season were Henry Cawood, I D. Cheek, Virgil Gregory, Ray- mond Emory, Leo Emory, Ken- neth Griffith, john Moore, Quin- ton Ventris, and Ernest Proctor. The Pioneers opened their sea- son at Perry with the Perry Ma- roons. The Pioneers lost 20-17. Gregory, Moore, Flesner, Dema- ree, and Brock were winners for the Pioneers. The following week the Pio- neers upset the favored Pauls Val- ley team 17-14. During the Christmas holiday the Pioneers took a 400-mile trip into the southwestern part of the state where they met Elk City and Hobart, Elk City pinned the Pioneers 22-94, but Gregory, Fles- ner, and Demaree were the Pio- neer victors. Hobart threw the Pioneers 20-9. Church, Flesner, and Demaree were the Pioneer grapplers who were victorious. Sponsored By f,4, 0 WWW KENNICUTT DRUG 624 Main Phone 318 -ual - "EB" Grapplers FIRST GROUP: Earnest Proctor, J. D. Mott. SECOND GROUP: Raymond Emery, jack Harrall. FIRST RONV: Ted Finney, Jack Payton, Rex lvlossler, Wayne Flesncr, Dare McGilliard, Raymond Drumm, Bill Orr, Winford Wel s, Glen Horton, jack Martin. SECOND ROW? Shem Sooter, Bert Tolleson, Lawrence Haning, George Demarcc, jess Overholt, Virgil Gregory, Charles Moore, jack Cawlcy, Coach Ross Flood. Hungry for a win, the wrestlers invaded Cushing in a Cimarron Valley tussle with the Tigers, and came out with a decisive Z4-ll victory. Being victims of bad breaks, the Pioneers lost a lo-15 Cimarron Valley match to the Yale Bulldogs. This made the Cimarron Valley race in a three- way tie between Cushing, Yale, and Stillwater. Tulsa Central, who has been beaten only once in many years, handed the Pioneers their worst defeat by romping them 24-3. Rex Demaree was the only Pio- neer to win, and Gordon Flesner lost his only bout of the season. In the second home contest of the year, the Pioneers won a hot- ly contested match over Bristow's Purple Pirates and wrote a I9-I4 score. J. D. Cheek threw his Pirate opponent in 4:40 and won the meet. Fairfax and Guthrie for- feited matches in the next two weeks. Sweet revenge came for the Pioneers as they avenged a former defeat by the Perry Ma- roons, and rang up an impressive 33-8 victory. In the Gnal match the Pioneers won over the Newkirk team by a score of ZOQ-121. In this match Sponsored By Fjglg.. ' jj' . GRADY 82 GRADY OPTOIVIETRISTS "W 709i Main Phone 337 C1769 l1'rP0inf A' l Teirestlers TOP NIIDDLE: Hal lvloorc and Virgil C'rc or s 1 r' 1 Gordon Flusncr, scason's high pomr man , ,, l.i 5 :I -- PiO'lvl'OlVl: Xvinscl liilycu, lfdwin Glcscrllj Ilufflltldlfnllliilildgh rag n l t ' io a met' . Flesner and Demaree battled it Pioneers O Elk City-. 22 out for the high point honors of Pioneers, 9 Hobart ,I ,A , .20 the season. As both boys won de- Pioneers 0 , M24 Cushing ,c I I cisions, Flesner retained his one- Pioneers I5 Yaleh , c lo point lead, and Gnished the sea- Pionecrsm 3 Tulsa Cen,ss24 son with 38 points to Demarees Pigneersw , I9 Brigrowf, I4 37. Pioneers vrs. Fairfax forfeit SUMMARY Pioneers vrs. Guthrie, forfeit Pioneers, N33 Perry c H . 8 Pioneers s-ss Assl 1 7 Perry 20 Pioneers 205 Newkifie. ,125 Pioneers 0, I7 Pauls Val. I4 Won 5, fgrfeitg 2, lost SA iBoxmg Pete Maxwell Although boxing is not one of the school sponsored sport activities of Stillwater High- school, Pete Maxwell, senior, is one of the most outstanding light heavyweights in Oklahoma amateur boxing circles. Pete was awarded the trophy for the most outstanding performance and good sports- manship of the 1940 Golden Cloves tourna- ment at Oklahoma City. He won the 175 pound championships at the sub-district meet at Drumright and the district meet in Enid this season. ln Oklahoma tournaments this winter Maxwell got five consecutive knockouts in seven rounds of fighting in a period of eight days. Sponsored By EARNEST E. 82 VIOLA V. VINCENT 502 Duncan Funeral Home Phone 808 'M J' ' H' W", E6 gi i P e f 1 I " 2 if 1,1 , .-gf' J ii A Q 3' . 'P li -wig? 'T' B W5 C ffl?-13-SQ-QC BN Gfffusic is 2 i E E I 1 if Lif 'Iacquelyn eiffoore fBand ,Queen Gybffusic cvflttracts efbffany ,MK KENNETH MCCOLLOM I 9, Q I MR. GLEN VARNUM I Drum Major and Band President I ' 3- Director Instrumental Music a ffl , , I W VIRGINIA BARKEIT Major Drum and Bugle CLORAL RAINS Orchestra President Stillwater Leon Lewis, Vice-President lfmnccs ffnvi-Ile, SPCFPIIlI'V"l11't"Il9lll'l'l' FLAG I'5I2ARIiR: Doris Gudizel DRUINI lN1!X-IORZ Kenneth Nlelfullom. BANID UFFN1' ac u lv Mc r vi fgk.z..gqcn moe I i I Q PILRCU NON: uddy Irvine, ,lemme Xlzilsh, Llmrlit' Denny Nettie lieth llilveu, filenclom IMH- urd, Betty Sue Pershall, David Lahman. BASS HORN 3 james N1cDougaI, Buford Bennett. CIl,ARINIi'll: I3i1lLarrahee. Richard VandeXNull4er, David l louck. Dick XVt-ilmuenster, 'l'ommy Anderson, Keith lvlcljheeters, Bohhv Lee Barnes. Everett liailexg Gurdon lirarluii.. Uick I Ieath, Katherine I liirdin, jimmy Sullars, XVyche Nlurphv, Iizirl Stratton, 'Xrthur Illini- Pat Xliirpliy llcrt llill Hill Kvme -lmnes Nlartin 013012: Illla linger FRICNCI I l IORN: Ilonaltljnlfinsiln. Leon Lewis. Donna Simrkra Rzivinoiitl Staten CURNIYT: Pmh Heath .-Xndrexx I lsirdin john Klcicrilw Iitlwin llc-li--its, Iftlxxurtl l,epn:ird, fxlarx' Ifllen Cfluhh,I3il1y'I'.1vlor, IIiSiait-n Il-lTL1f7l4'YiLlllilf'l'I'1 l7zix'ii.l Sw l'fimmvl l1lI'l'lNl"1,fICf'Gllxl l1I'lLIwIIf1Xk', Ilrm: Philip llmil iwn Instrumental eyblusic The Instrumental Music depart- ment ofthe Stillwater I-Iigh School is directed by Mr. Glen Nl, Var- num, who has been with the school for seven years. President of the hand is Kenneth McCo1lom. who is also drum-major. Miss Virginia Barkette is the drum-major of the drum and bupgle corp, and Cloral Rains is president ofthe orchestra. The Instrumental fvlusic depart- ment has received wide recogni- tion through its outstanding ac- complishments during the past nineteen years. Stillwatefs or- chestra and band, organized in 1920 and 1921, were among the first highschool instrumental mu- sic organizations in Oklahoma. In state instrumental music contests, Stillwater has won more first division ratings than any other Oklahoma school. Sponsored By . l..1 GUTHRIE BEAUTY PARLOR GAGE MUSIC COMPANY iBcmc1 111.1 l.l1xt1.11111 l'reSw-X11,1"1! 1'11l1l,111.1l11 l1111.111.111 -o ,'A3i'5 .4 1- , ix -.r qv 111501: l5:11eXleK11ll1:11tl. . . . 1 l l'I.I ll-. l5e1tx'jc.111ll1tl1:1t,s i.l1.11l1rs Nzuitolls I .1111t1.1lx1.1111 l'11111t't's1'.-1xyll1' l3111111:11 11 l5lil'.fNC.l1IlUllX L11-1.1ld I11111111111 1111111111 lll1!'l I'l'11111' XI1111l 41111 1l li'1111 HNSSOON' 1511314 iQlexe1't1i111 Q11ll1t-rt 111111 .1Xl.'l'U SNX1 5111 lUNli fXIarvl1ele11l.exx1s Y11'1g111111l5111lt1-1 'XIJVX1,11L1Il1IlW.'Hs l'li'YQll S111-.LXUl7l IOX1, W1-sley jones lB,Xl4l MUNI: ll11l1er1ll111ns l.eslex' l11r111:11111i1. l-.1l.1l1 X11l11t-1 XX11111-1 X11-l-,oIl- 1 1:1111 81111111 li XIll'lQOYI', S-XXUPI ll1Nli fX'lz11.11:1t'l 5111111111111 I3 X515 5.'XX11I'IlOYlf XIo1'1'1s111t XXXKK1 l1,XS5 C1l..Xl1tlXl-fl' Sterling XY11111111111.-1111111 XX't:1l111 ucrului 'Xl ,'l'1 ll fll.-X14 lNlf'l'. XX':1l1er l'u1111111i1' 1111111 111111.-X111e11tl 11 X55 I IURN' 1X111.11t'1x' I',1:t'I1l I"1:111kl111 1111-13 K1.111l1,-1 f.11111111t11111 ISXSS VIOLIN 311111 l l11r1s11'tl l.111,1Nl111-ll'111t'lx .Xt111l1-1-liiotl 'x1XRlTx1l11.N l3ett1t11111 Cfavc l1X1P.'-.Nl litfmlti l4ol1er1x11:1 111 lRLlfIlS. Rose ,-'X1111 51111111 l11g11x XX1ll:.1111s lit lfl,Mil'1li1XRlil?. k1111111AslXexx 1 l1'1n1'1l..11 l'll11lXlI111Ylf .1114'Y11lilI111 l.l11x'tl -I1111e'- l11ll l'.111-11. l 11111-1.111-:1 l1.1-1f- 111 111 1111.1s l l.1111111 lt l'lilS lwen tl1e policy ol Iwllkff' tor Glen Xl, X'a1'11t1n1 to enter only contests competed in lwy other outstanding hands and o1'el1estras Stillwaters entrance in most con- tests has increased the competi- tive spirit of tl'1e occasion because other schools aim at bettering Stillwatefs record 'l'l1e youngest musical organiza- tion in Stillxwateii the girls drum and lvtigle corps. is sl1o1.x'ingpromise ol' rating 111111 1l1e finest ol tlpe Sponsored By older d1'11111 and lWLlglL' eorps in 1l1l+.ldllOlll?1 1.1151 year, the gfgirls received second division ratings at tl1-: Shawnee Band lfestival anti at the Enid 'llri-State lwand festi- val the only contests entered lt was lirst organized in the summer oi N38 and xx as ready to compete in the contests in N30 l-ast year the lwand and orches- tra competed in the Shaxxnee liand Festival. tl1e linid 'l'1'i- 811111: liand Vestixzil. tlie district CECIL G. JONES 114 West Seventh -Phone 1234 4 'nn I Tlfigli School Leon Lewis, Vice-llresitlcnt XVilli:im lmrrzilieu'mriari . ..-pi, A i--'Em ,I ,ul I LH FIRST VIOLIN: Dolores Livcsay, Frank Cross, Elaine Scholl, Phylis Beclier, Gcncvra Reed, Joann Bolin' Gifford Glover, Helen Blair, Andrew Fncht, Jean Mchilliard, Ruth Baird Izdmund Simank, Kenneth Lyle, Bonnie Kelley Tracy Cilhcrt. CELLOS: Frances Ligon, Barhura Schott, George Hardin BASS VIOLINS: Ada Lee Brock, Jeannette Kelley, Lura Mac l louck, I.1.-on Lew is, Mary Frances Madison. Rose Ann Smith, Mary Myers, Sally Jo Malloy. CLARINETSZ Kenneth McCollum, William Larrabce, Richard VandeWaIkcr, Bobby Lee Barnes, FRENCH HORNS: Clorul Rains, Raymond Staten, Gerald Ilarnden, Wornill Clift li.-XSSCX5NI: Gilhcrt Clifr, Dick Clevcrdrvn. contest at Tonkawa and the State String Quartet: Violin: Elaine contest at Oklahoma Agricultural Scholl, Andrew Fochtg Viola: and Mechanical college, Both or- Donis Park: Cello: May Louise ganizations received first division Kymeg Bass Violin: Ada Lee rating in all these contests Brock. ENSEMBLES String Sextet: Violin: Phyllis Beck- String Trio: Violin: Frank Cross, er, Jean McGilliard, Helen Cellff Ffances Lisoos Plaflfli Blair: Viola: Mary Eager: Cello: Lula Mae Houck' Frances Ligong Bass Violin: String Quartet: Violin: Delores Livesayg Genevra Reed, Viola: Donis Park: Cello: May Louise Kyme Jeannette Kelley. Flute Trio: Frances Covelle, Pa- tricia Kyme,Juanita Baker. Sponsored By HOLMES MUSIC HOUSE ' SAFEWAY STORES Qrchestra Phyllis Heel-ter. Secretary li-th l li-:ith llulwlieirx' X1:in.i:lcx M. , ,,.:,.' r ' I ', 1 . U I . N, , V SECOND VIOLINS: Bill Smith, Genevieve Echols, Ella Eager, Virginia Barkett, Philip Haddad, Barbara Donnell, Margaret Boehr, Reba Howerton, Katherine Cates, Ruth Ann Ninman, Ruby Stratton, Madeline Sinclair, Marilyn Potts, 'Emmy Burdett. CELLOS: May Louise yme, Sara Roselyn Fcrtzuson, VlOLAS: Zula Hansard. Mary Eager, Juanita Baker, john Peck. OBOE: Dare McGilliard. FLUTE: Myron Lcdhetter, Donna Gray. CORNETS: Bob Heath, Edwin Roberts. Knowles Boaz, Tommy Harrison TROMB-ONES: Thomas Hardin, Don Stewart. Bill Parker. BASS HORN: Manely Cottongim. PERCUSSIQNZ Nettie Beth Bilyeu, Betty Sue Pcrshall, Rex Yvlossler Sonny Robertson. Buddy lrvine, Flute Quartet: Donna Cray, Fran- dewalker, French Horn: Worrall ces Covelle, Patricia Kyme, Clift, Bassoon: Gilbert Clift. Betty jean Riddings. Bb Clarinet Quartet: Keith Mc- Woodwind Quartet: Bb Clarinet: Pheeters, Bobby Lee Barnes, Da- Kenneth McCollom, Richard vid Houck, Catherine Hardin. Vanderwalkerg Alto Clarinet: French Horn Quartet: Cloral Billy Tom AmendgBass Clarinet: Rains, Raymond Staten, Leon William Larrabee, Lewis, Worrall Clift. Woodwind Quintet: Flute: Myron Brass Quartet: Cornet: Bob Heath, Ledbetter, Oboe: Dare McC-il- Andrew l-larding'Trombone:Ray- liard:Bb Clarinet: Richard Van- mond Staten, Thomas Hardin. Sponsored By H A P A PAYNE COUNTY MILK PRODUCERS A R R sei- 1 :f'-H - -i-- f-5 810 Husband Phone 1210 R fDmm and iBugle orps DRUM MAJOR: Virginia Barkett TWIRLERS: Jo Dean Bennett, Betty Williams, Rose Ann Smith FLAG BEARERS: Doris Cudgel, Betty Jeanne Franklin, Joan Askew SNARE DRUMS: FIRST ROW: Marcelette McLain, Nettie Beth Bilyeu, Bettiann Cave, Jean Keuch enmeister Lola Dean Pearson, Mary Eager, Frances Martin SECOND ROW: Betty Sue Pershall, Phyllis Becker, Norma Schroeder, Theda Walters-bass drum, Mar jorie Kirkham-bass drum, Ruth Elene Elledgc, Norma Lee Ritter THIRD ROW: Melva Cochran, Naomi McCammon, Patsy Dell Dotter, Lucille Hughes, Sara Roselyn Ferguson, Betty Tourtellotte, Lois Rader, Polly Pattison FOURTH ROW: Eileen Flesner, Dorothy Flick, Cleo Sinclair, Betty Jeanne Franklin, Sara Jane Berry Sara MacDougaI, Carol Ruth Potts Brass Quintet: Cornet: Hi Staten Thamen Hazen' Baritone: Edith Aubreyg Trombone: Bill Parker, Tuba: Bill Brock. Brass Sextet: Cornet: Edward Leonard, Bill Taylor, French Horn: Leon Lewis: Baritone: Walter Nickollsg Tuba: Manley Cortongim. Trumpet Quartet: John Jacobs, Edward Leonard, Hi Staten, Bill Taylor. :g:,:v:-:ff-r-:: -1--ri-v-1 aaa.. ..:..., - . J.. ,L I . -at -.-2-.'aal:.viv-W.fwfr:-:::..1' 1em.,.:'.:3 Trombone Quartet Don Stewart Louis Ligon Lloyd Jones Bill Parker. Saxophone Sextet: Alto: Mary Helen Lewis, Virginia Barker, Mary Lou Robertsg Tenor: Wes- ley Coclazierg Baritone: Dick Cleverdong Bass: Margaret Shannon. Drum Ensemble: David Lahman, Betty Sue Pershall, Nettie Beth Bilyeu, Buddy Irvine, Charlie Denny. RQSMIIS 0 pring ontesti WLILL 1 WI I INSTRUMFNTXL MUSIC Org 1n1 xtlon BAND I I ORCHESTRA Innnur 111 SI11w on ucv. k1w1 nn DRUM AND BUGLE IIICIIIH II ENSEMBLES I51 1QxO11 ITILI I3 X IIIIDI 1 IS1 wx Smut Imn KIUII lmmpui IIFILI I11u111I1111 Q11 HIL I I111n1.1QL11 III O1 111L1 IIu1Q O11 IIICI' S1xopI1r1nL cull 1r1C1 III SOLOS VIOLIN 1 mkf rc xx Canumw I Chnl C Lnnu 1 had VIOLA u1L IIXL I I11nL Sdwll BASS VIOLIIN Xd 1 I LL I3rocI annum IxLIIC PIANO 1 'VIARII IBA II nn I I LUTE NINIIUII I LLIIWLIII I3onn1l 1 IX BASS HORN u 111on FREIN CH HOR N R Shfxw Ton Orgdmz IIIOD nee k1w1 Emd BASS CLARINI1 I' CLARINET B Ixpnnn I'1XId II KLARINIET D 1 IM III ALI O CLARINIET 111 1 BARITONIE SAXOPHOYNE I31Q I Iunnrm CORNET ISUNI IL11I1 I dxx1nRubL11x I crm 'XI 1rr111 FLLGEL HORN Xndrux I I1rd1n I dw 111 Rmlfmrrx BARITONE XX 1I1cr N1cI1nIIx TROINIBONE I I'1c1111 IS I I 1rd1n VOCAL 'VIUSIC NI1xCd C hnrus Poms Q ILL C w 1 Bow O11 1111.1 C I 1 II L1 XIIXLLI UIIILI SOLOI STS X rx X111,,1n11 x Ixunmth 'XICC OIIO111 Xndrux IIIILIIII IDIIIIIDC Rolfmrwn I mdnn H1111 11n Bob RIICX rh II 1 NLII I XI rtI'11Lou XI IIIWL 1 hlqgn I I 1 XX Cxlcx Ionw L 1Id Lnw Tonka w Emd IIN 1 11pa11111 p us supcnm LxQLIIgn1 Lxcnllmr kuwnd sccond N1 Sncond xccond sacon I Qacond QCCOn I Qccond second 1rs1 iccond mcond N vu X I mc ms not Lntgred I OPIIHUGCI on pace Ol IQ111111 I ' ' I I1 A1 -1I,II, III-III , I . 1 A 1 ' ' S 1 -'I' - ' . - - I 2 'zz ' 1 't 4 if E 'd ' ' 2 ' I Z 1 22 ' 31gI'1 11".1II111g I I II MMIII I IDU' ' C'11ncc1'1 pI. Ying I I I A ' 115 . 2 ' ' 'I . ' T11 17111 I I I f Iaymg I I II 2 . ' "'Z l Ima .1 1.111 111 -M II 1 x. I Q III 'N IQ II ' - f II1'11IIc NI' XI- III IIIIIL1 In-1' II I II H 1 H -11 i--1 1 II ms Q ' c IX : ,,,,,, III II ,, 1 A X.-1m II II I-I, ' A HI I ' " " 211 I XI 4, . , ' ' ' "4 .1 C A " XI III 4 ' ' ' '1 ' - 11 'tct I II I ' Z IIIZII' cl X12 ' ' B11 N IQ X If I E, -1 1 ' 11 H I'I11Ic I1'11m I1 I .1 I 1 , 1 1 1 1 I Q 1 S11' g 'I'I'l11 II 4 " S III I II ' " 1 1 " II II , I 5 Ilan S1cxx'z11'1 III II II I"'1 ' I arf , I I II 1- I 2 Q III I ' . 1----11-- III III I , , Od 1, . ' . S I '31 NIL. 7 I '- iI11I I'I'SI YE, IPCIA 'wx Q -my I I I II Gi1'Is'C3IccfiI1Iw S I YII '. '.v T. II1 II , X 2 Q' I ,N I . XE ' ' ' Il I lirs'Q1z't' ' NIL J 2 4" X . I I A-. 2 - 1 w- , I I ' 1 ' ' '- 1' II I II N Q D 'I I . I11x' "'1 1 31' 111's1 Q-- I-11r11 XILLQ I I 111cI1. . 1 11 . ' . , A j 11,53 N 1 .- 11111 Ikl '11 f:1xc I II 3' , Z 'I'-' 1 .. . .,. ' 1 1 I311 V1 ' EIiI'1 " I ' 1 2-1 ' f II I - ii I ' 'I V I ' IL1 1- :gum .. . . . : ' 5- . f' IXIHNI I1 1 gint I U11 ' "buy ',,. , I ' 1 41: '1 Q. '1 ' '1 CfIf1r.1I .1inS II Q 1 ' ' I Xlr, R. Ci Richards DlrQCl'nr nl' Vocal N1 'Uocal e7XCu5ic At the head of the Vocal Music department is Mr. R. G. Richards, who came here from Sand Springs three years ago. President of the girls' glee club is jacquelyn Moore, and Wendell Monroe heads the boys. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The girls glee club directed by Mr. Richards will enter state and district contests at Stillwater and Tonkawa this year. The glee club was chosen at special tryouts and thirty-six of the seventy entrants rated the club. Qfficers of Girls' Qlce Glulv i Wendell Monroe, R. B. Billingsley. Vice Kenneth McCollom Barbara Nell CI'fr . ccre Qfficers of iBoys' Glec Club Sponsored By 'T-1 INGHAM LUMBER COMPANY 66 117 West Eighth Phone 2285 jacquelyn fvioore, preside Ruth Ann Hoke, Vice-Pre d t 000 0000 Uno noon A A C411 ls Qlee It lv S I JXX Innn nu r n Nhrnlyn llamnlt an J Ann Bohn I hunt Mor an K ulurnnej 1ncXXh1tlenlerg ll mme lnlk 5, Nancy I tic 1 ll nn llunc H1 I5 tty-lcanl r It lm Piulnm Rnltv Phvlllslitckcr SI COINDROXX Martlml 1ulN1ll ur I3arbur1NtllK lrfx j man A ken Rr xlxni onntr jaequelxu Moon eanne I net Nlary Ann Swank I hxllxs C r.-n cue N1 mlm Ntll Lan! Ixalhl en llagtr joullt Kmpt Director R l Richard IRD ROW 'Mary I I1 al Uh an l'XlIl1LIlDL I vnu kms Acc: YTIITIFIINI knnlltc Il cl L rgnann ms Dm XX aldl y 'Vlary bu ll 1 a XIIFN X lfglllld 'mx ummm R lder I lla C rau '1 rc 'mutt Harncd I xtlyn I auldlng, IN IIII nw 'Xnn wld. 3 r thx Xiu, D r thy 1 'ar lxnllarwc Durxng the school year the club has sung at churches socxal clubs LINIL orginuzatrons and ll xyent to Ponca Clty for a speclal concert mth the Ponca Cnty ,lee clubs lhe club has xxon superlor ln state contests and xull strlye to do so again Contest numbers are Sacerdotes Domxnx ly By rtl legend by lschalltoxxslxy and lxeyerle by Debussey C IRLS OIJARTET The glrls quartet IS composed of Elalne Xflorgan fnrst soprano jacquelnne Moore second sopx ano Mary X lrglnua Snx flrst alto and Lyelyn Pauldxnff second alto Contest numbers are XX hen by Tennyson and Busch and XX nngle Nook by Nexnn The gxrls quartet IS one ol the fmest vocal ensembles and adds much to the muslc department lt has always ranked hlgh ln con tests and xx 1ll probably do so avam thxs year BOYS CLEL CLUB The boys glee club has forty members They have entertalned at chapel cmc organlzattons' Sponsored By churches socnals and entered state and dlstnct contests lhe club has yxon supernor rat ungs ln these contests for flve con secutlye years and has hugh hope ol malung thus the sncth year Contest numbers are O Peaceful Nlght by Edward German and X Nou lhy Spirit Qeheutlxx Boys xxho talte glee club acqunre an understandnng, ol muslc and can better apprc crate thclr work Bors QLAR 1 El The members ot' the boys quar tet are Bob Rlley tlrst tenor XX esley Jones second tenor Ken neth McCollom barltone ant Xndrexx lnlardxn bass Last year the boys quartet xxon second ln state contests and flrst ln dlstrlct contests 'Ihe only returnlng member of last years quartet rs Andreyx l-lardm Contest numbers are Annle Laurle by Glebel and Come NX here My Loxe Lles Dreamxng by Foster ln December of 1939 they ap peared on statnon XX KY rn Okla homa Cxty CLAUDE E. LEACHMAN Aggie, Mecca, Campus Theatres N' "t li 6 V e x 'I , , ' ' f Q , I I : I . y K ' , at I 5 8 , y I V A, 3 T, X A 1 I f I 'I ' . , 5 'X Q 4. . , 3 !k NA jx I y , lx P - . 1 ,A T 1 ' 'I V I 'r I N I f - I V YQ Q' 'V ,L 1. w- . , Cy ' l5lR,"x RL 'I Bet 'z C1 I,1lllllf1E Rulwr so , I 1 ' ' r , o , ff ' g . -ll - I' A ' ' ' ' 1' , or -jcz A ire vsnn, z ua -:sou , vo - ': , c ' " 5 an ' .kill I III. I .m I W , 21" I I , s'- 'l ms: ' I ', ' j ', J.. ,J yn. vm, i,. I, Lzr. ", .4 C .Sv , . '.v ' I. ' s 'III 3 1' 'f':'1-, Z' t, 'z -A -'r w-' f-1 1 ,Ir ozlj-n il -jo 4 s " rg. "j, A- worlsl 1 ' " ' ' -.'.jz 4 1 -, f ' 2"-lxon -lj, -- J ,, , J - , NOT 2PlCf'l'LlRIf RL l , llc -- I lu rl '. --lc o 1- Q n - 5 'r 'V , K My ' 3 , N, V. x Q 2 . 4 . M v Y . V V- 8 F . - I, ' s. ' U y v . Y Y l . i Y VV. . 7 S .. I I y , 1 X. .. V 4 - .I 3 .v I ll ,fv V N. ' . ' N -'K' I - I I T Q . , - I T ' ' ' J x 'f Q' V f V My. . , . . ' I , Y .. I . f ,V by .I - H wr , . 5 A k F -5 f . , l Y . J r - 1 ' 1 ' ' r . - I . , c , N I T T ll T E uv T I . V - . 7 . .. , . J 4 : r A . 5 -av 0 fl F ?.. -fS,f'iQ fs' Qoys' Qlec Cglulv FIRST ROKN. Bill llinkel. Kenneth fxlciblloin, Lyle Copnian, Norman l lmiisiin ljuintis ll.-:ion l'imm Weaver, R B liillingsley, Don Rattan, Gordon lirattain, lwex Stone, loininx' iiray SHCONIU ROW: Wayne O'Neal, Deane fvlannlng. l'enal Cooley. liiilw Riley XX iirrall Cllilt. jack ,-Xndeisoii Wesley gones. John Weilmuenster, ,lack Bridges Philip Vlyers jimmy Svavtliwn, Bill lliiwell Dawson Chiles, l ircctor R li Richards lil'llRD ROW: Wayne Weeks, liudtlx Andrews, lla! leriell jim lluilex Yliielt Cllianey Ilaxid llilles lfiill iXflCliiN'eEn, CI :X Nelson lloltlw-l.lcls Rollers Ciel'1lltll.lvt'saix Jimmy tit-ltlei Xndrexy l liirtlin Xlanlex l.uttimi.1in llwuiims l leirdin N-'IIXELD CHORUS lhe mixed chorus is the girls' and boys' glee clubs combined and is composed of about seventy members. lt, also, will enter state and district contests and sing MBlessed Are They" by lschai- ltowsky and "Blessings of Peace" by Arkhangelslty. During the first semester the mixed chorus sang in the Nobel Cain l"csti't'al held at the College About one thousand vocal students partici- pated. Last year the mixed chorus won the MRichards Plaque" which was given to the outstanding chorus in the state, This placque was presented by the music de- partment of the Agricultural and fvlechanical college in honor ol' the late R. L Richards, Nlr Rich- ards was prominent in the field ol' music and was head of the music department at Oklahoma Uniyer- sity for more than twenty years He was the father oi R C2 Rich- ards, local instructor fX1lXlll3 QLfAR'lAli'l' lhe members of mixed quar- tet are Kathleen Hagers, soprano, jack Anderson, tenorg Etta Grace Moore, altog and Andrew Hardin. bass 'lihis vocal ensemble maltes all contest trips and always is an out- standing feature of the vocal de- partment SOLO l STS This year sixteen students tried out for solos, prior to the spring contests 'lihose competing were in either the girls' glee club or the boys' glee club lhey are sopranoi Elaine Morgan, Pauline Robert- son, Nlartha Lou Wilber, Kath- leen Hagers, Barbara Nell Cliltg tenor: Bob Riley, Marshall Wor- thington, baritonei Norman Har- rison, Wesley jones, Kenneth Mc- Colloml bass: Llimmy Gelder, An- drew Hardin, and Gerald Livesayl altoi Mary Virginia Six, Betty yleanne Vranltlin, and juanita Ra- der. Last year Andrew Hardin won second in district contests and third in state contests Pian- ists for the glee clubs this year are Katherine Tompkins and Hettiann Cave, 0 U41flfQQ7'LL17l1S 'E' L.....J K fflf-C13-1T3-QC HEX School Life cmd Qctivides 991 ig '7 jg S Z J l L--l 4 ,QI 6 , ,r Pa-- , 1 5 l Installing officers of National Honor Society. ' e f.Z. 5:11. : if-f-T I-. 5 va.---v. .. . f' -- 7 "s""'-. F an lgg ' The candle is lighted for the National Honor Society candidates. That's a -1 flag up theres Wilhite and Helen hurry to'class. ust one at a time boys J , . Pratt and Worthington begin baseball practice. The most popular game of the season. Our photographer caught them going . . . and coming. juniors, take heed, and profit by Miss Cox-bin's mistake. Happy pledges of National Honor Society. ca Imogene Gosnell, Bill Platt, Edwin Roberts, Mary jo Corbin, Mrs Florence Svvcrson, Dick Cleverdon Carol Wood, Martha jane Reed, and Donald Looper. qourth Estate ls cflctive The Fourth Estate is the name applied to people interested in the held ofjournalism. These students organized the Press Club in order to unify and strengthen their writing interest, and in order to participate in the club activities of the school. This year the Press Club has 32 members. They met in early September and re-elected Bill Platt president. Other officers elected were Carol Wood, vice- president, ,Ioan Askew, secretary, and Martha Jane Reed, treasurer, Mrs. Florence Severson is sponsor of the Press Club and faculty ad- viser for the "Pioneer". The journalism department is divided into three groups. The beginning class of twenty-three members is occupied with learning the fundamentals of newspaper writing: and they are known as the school's publicity men as they write the school stories for the local papers. One student, Tommy Steph, is a regular boxing correspondent for the Daily Oklahoman. jack Bridges works as a scoop reporter for the Daily O'Collegian, Okla- homa A, 82 M. College newspaper, and Don Looper has made the Tulsa World. Dick Cleverdon of the advanced class writes a weekly school column for the Sunday Press and Bill Platt, also of that class, writes a sports column for the Sunday issue of the Stillwater News The main task of the advanced class is the production of the "Pioneer". The yearbook staff includes the eight members of Continued on next page Lf W' 5. Q' lidwi-n Roberts lull ful' Klpioneer Swff A ll R Y' MaryjoCorl'un lzzllsilli-'xx Mrinmgi- fi ll l i Q l I ,?? 'W , P ' f 4" Ml' hi' I A4- ' I .'l l l Q , g. sf l 1 l i 1 N i - . X ca I 1 , TOP ROW: Martha june Reed, Ass.-euule litlitori David Lahman, Advertising Nlanagc-rg Imogene liosncll. Circulation lxiunager: lJom1ldLnnpcr, .Xri litlimrg Carol Wood, Society' Edirnrg . LOWER ROVJ' Boh Heath,SeniurlielxlorqfNlaryViri1inia Six, l.iterarx'lidilorgjim-pl1Ullillu Platt, Sports Editor: Joanne Jayne, lfcnture Editor, Dick film crdoii. Xlusxc lfditor, Continued from page 73 this group and four chosen from the first-year class. The Stepper class is a small group of students who serve as re- write men for hoth the other classes. The staff, this season, pioneers in a new yearbook size, and has changed the name of the book from the "Bronze and Blue" of former years. This new "library" size, permitted a thicker and more elaborate yearhook than would 'Press Glub SEATED: Carol Wood, Dick Clcverdon, Mary Virginia Six, Donald Looper, Maryjo Corbin, Edwin Roberts, Martha jane Recd, David Lahman, Imogene Gosnell, Bill Platt, joannejayne, Bob Heath, STANDING: Paul Adams, R. B. Billingsley, ,lcanne Ilillus, lrlelcn Boyd, Donald Sullins, Bettydeanne Franklin, jack Bridges, Lura Mae Houck, Raymond Staten, Bcttiann Cave, jean McGilliard, awson Chiles, Phvllis Gravctte, Phyllis Becker, Sterling Wortmnn -loan Askew. Bill Payne. Ruth Ann Hoke. Gretchen Pulver. have otherwise been possible and will enable copies to be kept in the bookcase instead of being stored in the attic or basement. The staff preferred the new name because it is the traditional name applied to Stillwater highschool teams and contestants. The "Pioneer" sales campaign closed December I5 with the Pio- neer Mardi Gras. This was a cos- tume party, held to elect and crown the Pioneer Queen. Nom- inees for Queen were chosen by homeroom and class elections, and the race ran until the night of the Mardi Gras. Glendora Do- nart, junior candidate, was crown- ed queen by Ed Roberts, editor- in-chief. The seventh, eighth, and ninth grades elected Mary Ellen Clubb, Princess of the "Pioneer". She was crowned by Bobby Hlad- Sponsored By ky, her campaign manager, Don- ald Looper and Marilyn Hamilton were elected King and Queen of the Mardi Gras. This was a pop- ularity contest. The Board of Publications was organized to help in the business management of all school publica- tions, and is made up principally of members of the Fourth Estate. Members of the Board of Pub- lications are W. W. McCollom, principal, Mrs. Florence Severson, sponsor, Miss Corabelle Knearl, co-sponsor, j. A. Cocannouer, senior sponsor, Miss Faye Mc- Wethy, treasurer, Bill Calmes, Edwin Roberts, Mary jo Corbin, Don Looper, Imogene Gosnell, Ruth Ann I-Ioke, Betty jeanne Franklin, Patrick Murphy, and ,Ioan Wood. D. 81 V. DRUG AGGIE DRUG Phone 626 Phone 800 gg' ,at f " Student Gouncil Mrs. Edna Bryan, Senior Sponsor: Kenneth McCollum, Secretary und Trcusurtr, joe l lodges, Prtrsidcntl jacquelyn Niourc, Vice-President, Miss Ethel xl18I'kW9ll.JUI1lUl' Sponsorg Mr li j llrinki-r, bmi-ir Sp.-moi Student Governing fBody The purposes of the student council are to promote school spirit, to foster the desire for law and order, to provide opportuni- ties for student cooperation with the school, to encourage all worthy school activities, and develop an individual and group responsibility for the general welfare of the school. The local organization, for example, at the first of the year conducts a book exchange to help the student in buying new books and in selling his old ones. Several times during the year the council sponsors some social func- tion. The first of May the Council holds its honor awards assembly and presents medals and awards to all students who have won a distinction during the year. They also present the students who have been selected the best all-round boy or girl from each class. The "Best-all-round Student" awards are based on self-reliance, social bearing, initiative, coopera- tion, scholastic standing, attend- ance, school spirit, disposition, integrity and dependability. The names of the highest ranking fif- teen boys and girls in each class are selected and from this list hnal selection of the six students qualifying for the title of best all- round boy or girl is made by the Student Council. The senior high and junior high student councils have been com- bined this year since the Stillwater Highschool has become a six year highschool. The council is under the sponsorship of E. J. Brinker. Mrs. Edna Bryan, and Miss Ethel Markwell. The combined or- ganizations make a larger student council and also a more efficient one The council is a member of both the State and Northern District Congresses and attends all meet- ings. The delegates to the State Convention were joe Hodges, junior, and Glen Smith, seniorg and to the District Convention were Edwin Roberts, senior, joe Hodges, junior, and Mary Ann Swank, sophomore. joe was elected vice-president ofthe North ern District for the year of 1939 and l940 and presided over the meeting at Enid. Mrs. Bryan is the three year sponsor of the district student council. The ofhcers elected by the Still- water Council are joe Hodges, president,jacquelyn Moore, vice- president, and Kenneth McCol- loni, secretary and treasurer, Max johnson, jimmy Steph, and Katherine Creason, eighth grade, Lawrence Hanning, Paul Payne, Hoy Sugg, jim Burdette, and Ray Flick, ninth grade, Virginia Bar- kett, Carrol Pope, Kieth McPhee- ters, and Mable june Riley, tenth grade, Glendora Donart, Worrall Clift, Bill Payne, and john Weil- meunster, eleventh grade, Glen Smith, Mable Virginia Hoke, Bill McGivern, and Barbara Nell Clift, twelfth grade. Representatives elected by the BO'l"IiON1 ROW: Ludwig lsenberg jxiinrny Burdette, Lawrence llaninig, Kenneth McCollum, joe I lodges, jucqui-lyn Moore, Emily Patterson, ary Lou lX1alIoy, Catherine Cruason, jimmy Steph, MIDDLE ROW: Raymond Staten, Glendora Donart, Mary jo Corbin, Mable Virginia lloke, Barbara Nell Clifl, Fern Adams, Betty Williams, Phyllis Stapley, Carroll Pope TOP ROW: Glen Smith. Leon Lewis john Weilniucnsir-r, Worrell Clift, Edwin Roberts, Bill McGivern, Bill Platt Bill Caqlcv, llox' Suqtg Membership of this organization consists of a representative from each home room and all clubs or- ganized by the school. ln this way thefstudenqbody is very well rep- resented in the council. Students who are the representatives in the student council from home rooms are Katherine Gates, Emily Pat- terson, Mary Lou Malloy, and johnny Taylor, seventh grade, --r+q respective clubs are Leon Lewis, Band, Cloral Rains, Orchestra, Edwin Roberts, Bronze and Blue, Bill Cagley, Forensic club, Bill Platt, Press club, Raymond Sta- ten, National Honor Society, Betty Williams, Home Economics club, Ruth Ann Hoke, Girls' Glee club, Wendell Overman, Boys' Glee Club, Roy Brock, Football Team, Mary jo Corbin, Senior Pep club and jane Triplett, junior Pep club. Earl Whitson, Nadine Powell, X Sponsored By ZELLWEGER STUDIO A ,. 6145 Main Phone 795 'L 'P' jc Dean Bennett 1 l I i I I l is lidwin Roberts, President lit'I'1I'IL'll1 lxleffiilloin, Vice-lT'resid nl' Carol Wiiiitl, St-cri-mrv-'Trcasiiri r National Cgfonor ,Society e7Bfemlvers Selected in IQBQ To be elected a member of the National Honor Society is an honor that should be cherished and held high in ones esteem, The Stillwater chapter of the National Honor Society was first established April 10, 1025. lfor the past 15 years it has never failed to produce enthusiasm in all who wish to attain this exclusive award, This year shows a marked Although the names of the ofiicers hlling these positions are unavailable at the time, they will work with officers elected last year. This year's officers are Ed- win Roberts, presidentg Kenneth McCollom, vice-presidentg and Carol Wood, secretary-ustrearer. Prior to 1940, all new members were chosen in the spring before graduation. but in order to make change in the society, The ritual- istic work has been revised to such an extent that not only have different ofnces been created, but it also has chosen a floral em- blem, the rose. New officers are the master of ceremonies, major stewards, emblem bearer, master musician, and three master crafts- men Other e7Xfemlve'rs Elected in IQ-SQ William lfarrfibce Ciliiral Rains Raymond Staten the Society more prominent and useful to the school, one-half of the group is elected at the close of the first semester and the other half the following spring. The group elected the first semester joins with past officers to confer the initiatory service upon the incoming candidates. I Sponsored By .5 """"'T WINTERSTEEN AGENCY " Model Grocery-Selph Brothers '78 eflffembers Selected 'Uirst Semester SITES? EQOW: jacquelyn Moore. Lillian Curtis, Bob lleath, Kalhlccn llagcrs, Echo Copley, Barbara i e Ili t, . SECOND ROW: Deane Manning, Donald Looper, Dick Clcvcrdon, Floyd Goodson. Daxicl Lahman Glenn Smith, Thomas Hardin. NUT IN Tl lli Plfflkl ililfi R B. Billingsley. Frances Cox-i-llc, Mary Jo Corbin. ln the new ceremony there are three shrines, e-e- the West, the North, and the South. ln thc West is seated the presidentg the North is occupied by the vice-presidcntg and the South is filled by the secretary-treasurer. The floral emblem is banked about the Shrine of the West. The new ritual is mainly the result of work done by Mr. J. A, Cocannouer, the sponsor of the organization who replaces Mrs. W. H. Bishop, who is at present on leave of absence. Mrs. Velma Hinton Bishop has been the adviser for the National Honor Society for the past four- teen years. This organization has been Mrs. Bishops 'ipetu function for all this time. She has tabulated results for the society and carried through the initiation ceremonies for the new candidates. At the close of the year she fostered a Sunday breakfast for the out- going members. We, the members Sponsored By Xrirs. Yclma llinmn Bisliop of the Honor Society, pay our homage to Mrs. Bishop who has kept the Society alive in the past years. When Mrs, Bishop was granted a leave of absence beginning jan- uary 22, 1940, Mr. Cocannouer was given the responsibility of sponsoring this society. Membership to the National Honor Society does not depend wholly upon scholarship, but upon TIGER DRUG ' 706 Main Phone 300 "" the other virtues, service, leader- nell, Bettiann Cave, Etta Grace A ,State Cgfonor ,Society FIRST ROW, NINTH GRADE: Bill Smith, Lucille Blackwell, Frank Cross. Betty Jayne Carnes, Ruth Hargrove, Shirley Dewitt, Vern Smith, Ruth Heald, Juanita Baker, Bobby Gallaher, Bobby Lee Barnes, Margaret Boehr, Billy Taylor, Norris Northington. SECOND ROW. TENTH GRADE: Dolores Livesay, Doris Waldhy, Pat Murphy, Ruth Straughn, Ray- mond Thomas, Louise Crow, Mona Jeanne Kecsling. Martha Nell Zant, Jo Ellen Canneld. Phyllis Stapley, Theron Robinson, Donis Park, Doris Andrews, Virginia Townsell. I Ielen Siekman, Pauline Payne, Pauline Bell, Betty Trumbly, Gilbert Clift. THIRD ROW, JUNIORS: Philip Meyers, Mary Elizabeth Zant, Joe Ilodges, Leta Dailey, Katherine Tompkins, Etta Grace Moore. Ruth Huggies. Bill Payne, lviarjoric Manning, Charles Martin Betty Jean Taylor, Jack Saggsser, David Lahman, obert Trumbly, JUNIORS, NOT PICTURED: Jane Blair, Wilma Curtis. FOURTH ROW, SENIORSQ Glenn Smith, Muriel Smith, Jo Dean Bennett, Rose Ann Smith, Imogene Gosnell. Mary Hall, Thomas Hardin, Wanda Jeanne Brartain, Floyd firminlsnii, Frances Cfovclle, I.iIIia1n Curtis, Eloise Hardy, Kenneth McCollom, hcho Copley.. SENIORS NOT PICTURICDT Donald Looper. The State Honor Society is composed of the ten per cent of the student body making the highest averages of grades in the high school. Students from the ninth to the twelfth grades are eligible for member- ship. ship, and character, which go to make for a well-rounded develop- ment. To receive the Honor Society award, one must either be in the upper fifteen per cent of the Senior class or the upper five per cent of the junior class and have acquired at least one electoral vote of each faculty member. The basis for this election is dependent upon the grades and the actions of the student for the duration of two semesters. National honor society members elected April 23, 1940 were: Seniorsg Jane Blair, Imogene Gos- Moore, Paul Howerton, Betty Lou Oyster, Mary Hall, Mary Virginia Six, Mary Myers, Sterling Wort- man. Juniorsg Philip Meyers, Mary Elizabeth Zant, Joe Hodges, Janice Harned, Robert Trumbly, Katherine Tompkins, Marilyn Hamilton, Myron Ledbetter. The two senior students who had the highest scholastic records were chosen valedictorian and sa- lutatorian, Monday, April 22. They were: Jane Blair, Valedicto- rian, Imogene C-osnell, Salutato- rian. fi A King and Queen e9XCa'rda Gras fDonald Looper eiffa-rilyn Qfamilton lnclustrzal Q5-Zlrts lla hox tool .1 shop course xx hen nn the stx cnth qi ide md each xear folloxxlng xncludlnff the txxelfth glade there xxould be enough courses so that hc could take an entnrelx duflerent one each xear Approxlmately 275 students are enrolled rn these lndustrlal arts courses A C Mlller and Vxrllard Qhmgleton are the n structors 'l he senror hlgh electlve courses are hand xxoodxxorlx machme xxoodxxorle lathe mechanlcal drax mg prmtmg and forgmv and xxeldlng The semor class has the fexx est shop members The sexen scn1ors are Blll Platt jack Payne Chester Ross Lester Ross Leroy l-larrns Bernlce XX heatlx and Charles Leach A C Muller and Wllllard Shlnffelton looldng ox cr their xvorlx WT' ""'5K7 J- X Fw Qs! qi I I xcl C ole Ind hrs maho mx bed unlors max clcct mechanucal dl lxxlnfr hand xxoodxxorl or gen eral shop courses Xdxanced students taldng na chlne xx oodxxorl hulld large pneces of furnrture such as deslts chests hed and tables llxceptronal pleces xx ere made bx some of the students jack Cole made a mo dernrstxc blond mahoganex hed l erox Harms a hed room sulte of natural lnnshed gumxxood and Cordon llesner a xxalnut chest cedar lnned Boys talong forge and xxeldlng made such thnngs as cold chnsels punches gate hooks and vxelds Each box made a lamp andlrons or some other large DICCC for a xear s project ln handxxoodxxorla forerunner of mechanlcal xxoodxxork the boys dolng outstanding xx ork xvere Car nez Rams xxho made a knee hole desk T hrs lS an cxcceptnonally large plece for hand xxork Hubert .7 5 I I . 0 'M' 1 ,....-...--- 1 V Q, 5 k . L . V K .C 12 f V V K V D- ' rv - V r X , 1 5 L gs ' . Y s V . ' ' ' ,J ' V . 1 f ' A ., .' , V V , . . . L r-:V XV " V s H l . K ' ' . ' ' l - f e 1 - . . . V . Q . . . . - y sv Q 4 r ' I L, . . y . I v V . . v y , . , - V. V . . ' 1 v ra . . . . - Q v - x , N c, , C' , , 4' ' . . , , . . - 1 1 y V - y y v . I A . c . V ,1 . . y y 1 .I .. -4 I., V , , I ' i - . 4 V V 1 . V V V , v V I , 1. ' ' 1 .. x ,V 1 A U 1 . . . ,N ' 3 ,A - q .. . . . , , . . , .. H . f 9- 4' 1 - , Q. Rfuns 1111t1c 1 1181111.12 cntl t1hle 1nt1 a 11 1lnut co111h1nf1t1011 1111121 me and s111ol1e1 B11 P1 tt t11t1tah't mtl hdll tru anti ll XX es 1 Illi10fTd1'1X 111110 tf1 mtl 11001 L ist l ach 1101 spcntls ont 110 ll 1 JC11 11otX1rg or 11o1tcts lht e011 ptt1t1on IS so st11l antl tnthus1.1s111 so ahuntlant that many boys IS 111310 altu school or FLKLIIVI on Saturcltn 1110rn1nf1s t0 110111 lt101ll rr1sf1'11Qh1nf'h1sl'1et1r0o111s111te The mechamcal dra111ng class often re1eals ho1s ha11ng excep t1onal arch1tectural ab1l1t1 D111er Duncan 1n the c11ss of 30 dre1 plans for a f11c room house 11 h1ch the IYISIFLICIOI 1111 lard Shmgleton used 1n lWLlllLllFlg h1s ho111e floral Rams entered dn lnter scholasuc contest 1n class B dra11 mg and 11on 11rst Quentm Nlc Chnstw ol 1930 11on 11st PFIZC 1n '1 sltetchmg contest at Olxla leach X14 r C1r1ll11l' lxnntts 1 tl L1n 1 1 eoltl c11st 11111 11111111 10111a LNIXLIQIIX The p101tct tnter tl 111s 21 free hancl tl11111ng, ml tl1 local post 0 uct u1.1r 111th the gnls than an1 othex shop cl1ss lhe t student Pllfll hand bnlls season t1c1 ets e1t11c1 t1s1ng oll1ce 1or111s letter 111 111 tests sen1o1 cards excuse hlanlts .mtl son1ct1111es ff tlc scl 001 1111 fCIl'il An C'xlf1llDlf of PIOILLLS h 1101s talung shop IS held f1nnu.:1ll1 A111 the classes tue 1n .1ct1on so spectatom 111211 0hse11e t em X1thur Rohcrts 1 tlds fcndcr 011 Ulcl Wc1rs car Sponsored By SHIDLER LUMBER COMPANY 321 East Fourth Phone 224 . Y 2 . 1 1 ' ' 2 1 1 1 " 4 ah'- :' 1 ' 1 1 fl ,an 1 . Fi ' , ', lon , 2 zl ,,' x' 'z ' .hle 1 t 4 '1 " pix 1I.h', 3 " . .:- ' '1 Q, ' . in 1- X -. f 1 V fx -- c11ri1crl1rg.5inf5: 1 '1"'l1 Q 1. I N 1' l A - W "' I 1, ,H 'I 1 lcv - -.Z -A Y 1' 2 ln" ,1 lhe printing class is 1110z'e pop- ' ' N 4- s. C t , ,, 4 .H ,V 7 A Y 'V ' V'Y ' ' ga 1 1- A-K , . ' ' . ',.. V . A W1 1 lx V 1 I .V ,h , 1, . 1 j . " 11 .Av I ck, l tl' I' . , , Q ' 1 ' 1 - ,. - .1 . , ' . 1 I r . ' . ' " Y K une Runs completcl 1 lnec hole xxorl mg Sex eral prizes are gn en away to lndwlduals holdmff lucl 3 tlcltets One of these prnzes rs large such as a chest or card tahle Others are small ohpects made ln thc shop lnstructors are 'Vlr Mlller and Mr Shtngleton Mr Mlller has heen emplox ed for l2 years and teaches Prlntmg General Shop and Hand Woodwork Mr Shlngleton jomed the fac ulty rn 1937 and teaches lvlachlne Woodwork Mechanlcal Dramng W eldlng and lorglng Shlngelton Qumrnl and Wcnr draw house plans Sponsored By Earls ln Wax the Rotarx Cluh sponsors a contest among the hand xxoodxxorl classes utlfts apponnted hx the Rotarx Cluh select hrst scconl and thxrd wl ce from eacn of the txxo class s lhe xxlnncrs rc lnxlted to tl t Rotarx Qluh for dlnner at xxhxch tune thu exnnlt the projects xxhrch xxon p11 cs Here the hoxs are presented mth p11 L monex three dollars and thnd txxo dol Printing class fore round Bernice Wheitlx Waxnc Sloln md lxenncth Crlfllh ars Thrs contest was started N339 and IS to he made an annual project of the Rotarx Cluh as nt ts a part of tae provram of tue xocatlonal edueatlon commlttee Boys entertng the contest are Came Rams R XX jones Blllx Hutchlson Bxll Platt Chester Ross, Lester Ross, Max Shmgle ton Robert Randolph, Lloy d Ptlte, Hubert Rams, Clox IS Clark and Beryl Scurloclx THOMPSON-PARKER LUMBER CO. RANDLE PERDUE INSURANCE l ' L j I P V V Q ..k , I J rg, - , , , ,t . ef ' s g za 1 '. .' . 0 ,, - M. ,r : z 3 c 1 4 - A A desk. ' " ' A , 'Z'. ' Y Y. Y , . y lfirst prize is five dollars, second, ' KX . L g V y ' ' V' ' F, Qt' ' ' 1 ' I H , - . 1 , , ' . . I g . . - - e "j z , z ' ' . . J i . -V rn I V. v ' ' 7 ' A l , ' ' in v . I V 7 ' ' I A H L , t 4 x L 1 , ,M ,, ' I v U E 7 , p. , V - , . . , 5 'U -vi Cyfome , Economzcs Trarnrng better homenrakers lor better homes rs the motto of the l uture Homemakers Club sponsored by 'Vlrss Myrtle Strm son and Nlrs blrzabeth Brock 'lhrrty erght members of the club attended the drstrrct rally t Cherokee last fall A few mem hers xxent on a good xxrll tour to From left to rrght Mrss Lota Gull Mrs Eh abeth Brock and Mrss Myrtle Strmson look ox er thc semester s work lour of our nerghborrng schools The offrcers of the club are Presr dent Betty Nkrllrams Vrce Presr dent Paulrne Luck Secretary and Treasurer Pollre Patterson and Reporter Ada Lee Brock The junror Future I-lomemak ers Club wrth a membershrp of forty four has as rts sponsor 'vlrss Lota Grll and as assrstant spon sor Mrss jessre Taye Wheeler The group offrcers are Presrdent Reba Howerton Vrce presrdent Mary Ann 'Tourtelotte Secretary and Treasurer Wanda Bradley Club mothers are Mrs 'Vlrldred Seated irc thc members ol the Future Homem xkcrs C lub who form tllx mul rred the txxclxe pled es xhoxxn st rndrn Xlel arn and Mrs Deane Brshop lhe hrghlrghts of the year were a tea lor the mothers on Mothers Dax a skatrne party and a xx ern er roast at Mrs Bishop s home lherc was also a Chrrstmas party a Xalentrne party xxrth boy lrrends and a Pot Lucl supper for the mothers ln 1036 the home economrcs de partmcnt began a lrvc year equrp ment rmproyrng plan The hrst project was the furnrshrng of the drnrngf, room and offrce Thrs year a txxo unrt modern krtchen was burlt and equrpped Strllxxater home economrcs de partment rs a xocatronal school Thrs prox rdes a means of correlat Offrcers of the Future Homemakers Club wrth Mrss Lota C-rll standrng at the e I 1 ,. C n ' H f l r 1 n rr' ' '- .., . . A .. , A . . 1 , ' ', ' zu' a " , ' 'U ' ' 3 'rr - 5- - M . . Y a . . r ' " r, f' f - ' . r , .. . . ' 'V . ,,. . .-. -1' Y f P. 1 -'- .' ' .7 I ': r A ' T ' r v .' UV ' , x. '7 ,Q ' , 1 1 1 T'J'1 4- .Z , .L - ' I - - - -r ,. . lft Y , , , . V - 1 1 1 ' ' y - . 1 - , . - n in V . .- . 1 r , A , V , Y . Ollxcers mothers lnd sponsors ol tht Future Homemxkers Club xrc trom lelt to rn ht Betts xlllll'llTlS Mlxlne Hale 'vllss QIIIHQOH Mrs Brock Mrs Wxllnxms Plullnt Luck md Pollle Pxrnson mg school xxork mth the home It requues the teachers to make home VlSlES and have lndlvldual conferences mth each student and to ofler opportunltles for adult work Belng recognlzed by the State vocatlon department makes addltnonal funds avallable plowed for ten months lhe extra month IS used for superxlslng the home protect xxork and commu nltx actmtxes Qeyen classes are needed to ac commodate the 288 students en Mock table scrxlce IS shown by Mary 'vlcLaln Marjorle Kirkpatrick Mildred llxpp l'hcd'1 Walters Lots Oxerholt 'xlxrx f trnes md NV'1ndal-lall Sponsored By rolled lhcre are three classes of Hrst year txxo classes of second year one ol thlrd and one for fourth mn students lhe gurls courses are dmded xnto sexen unlts lfltllltllllg clothlng selection and COI'l9flLlLIlOl'l food selectlon preparatlon and SCFXICC home manaffemtnt home furmshlng ldl'llllX r lltlonshlp chlld care and dcxelopnmt 1nd home care ol the slcl lhe home furmshlng classes xx ent on CXCUFSIOUS to Oklahoma Cxltx Thu xlsnted Harhour Long mue and then xxent to Nnehols 'vlerednth Woolperr Lorcne Klnnamon and Dolores Madison refmnsh '1 table IH the home lurnlshmgs cl iss l-lllls and lnspected houses repre sentlng the dlfferent costs of homes lhe students and the teachers made the tnp ln the school hus There are tvno homemaklng classes lor hoxs lhesc classes are planned to meet the needs of the lllgl1SCl'lO0l box ln assumlng the vesponslbllltles and ln expertenc mfr the satlsfactlon ln lmnv mth others at home at school and ln the communltj, lhe unrt n cludes the home etlquette food huxmg preparmg and servmg slmple meals health clothlng se COOKSEY S GROCERY x N X. X 1 , . nf- s 4 ' ' ' A E' If 2 ' . 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' t 1-r 1 t ' 'G ' f fl ll' Af A ., k ' , l. 'l , .l V v. . I i . . . M- l . . X and requires that teachers be em- A ' - - f - A I . l . . 'i V' li ,Ti 4 " ' , 1 , , X- ff:--s, ' 5 , - - ' D .X ,l X A Q 'Q s l . 1' 5, Y n, rl I - 1 Y- . K " 3 ' 3 .., X V' l , 9 Main Glen Douglas, Proprietor Phone N- Boys cook too at least Brll llmlcl Bull MCGIWCFN Hrlarv Drrggs and lil L Creason do lectron and care and famrlx and COI'I1I11UI'1lIX relatronshlp The boys planned prepared and served a faculty drnner lhose students who are out Smrth Rose Xnn Smrth Leta Darley Paulrne D1lts lvlarcheta Lee Vrrgrma Lergh and Mar chrta Barnes Each class has made local held trrps to the drfferent places that correlate mth the phase of xxorlx berng studled Some of the places xrsrted were Murphy s Hardware Kat Department Store Mullen dores Anthony s and Penney s Department Stores Strllxxatcr Laundry Murray, Hall and Vlrl lard Hall Srnger Sewing lvlachlne College and l ederal Nursery Payne County Creamery Purrty Bakery and College Cleaners and N ars tx C ltancrs In the Sprung contest, the fol lowrng students represented Stull water Paulrne Luck Ada Lee Brocl lla jean Parsons Rose Ann Smlth l:,lnora Bleherdorf XX anda Vveathers Betty Jeanne lranlxlrn Lorene Smrth Murrel Smrth Ruth Boggs Lourse Croxx Marx Sue lhomas XX anda jean Bratta1n,joan Vx ood, and Mau rme Snegenthaler The Sewrng classes presented a Sprung Sty le Revue mth l25 boys and grrls partrcrpatrng Ada Lee Brock, charrman, rntroduced the fuests from the musrc department who pr sented the program Mrss Lota Crll was the dlrec tor of the revue Each hour there rs a hostess at the Home Bc Cottage who an swxers the telephone assrsts rn gurdrng guests and performs xar rous other sxmllar dutles ln the clothing class Katherme C reason selects Whrle Wanda Bradley Dmna Etch :son md Betty C lumer construct garments Sponsored By WALTERS FURNITURE COMPANY 807 Maln Phone 880 ff 1' X I . - w . . v 1 5x if I 1 - 1 r , 8 L , I ll I I 'I .Y U. - . , . . 7 9 L l , be, I. . ', ' , t . ' Q . I, , r- I e, I ' I ' - I 2 Q' A M y . C . L q I - 5 ' j ' . , . . ' ' 1 f' v J I Y . , . V - E, A . . . . ' e . standing rn therr work are Murrel . , I s . y 1 ' ' , I, ' - ,Ya I l 1 A f ' I V 3 - . . W, , - - - ' " ' ' -3 7 - vv' ' , .vb 3 . I I z 8 , - ' ' , 1 - ' .' , . ,' ' 2 j I C r 5 ' ' , ' ri ' I 1' . ..............-. ommerczal lasses 19 on 1ts txxelfth x 1 hut the eo111111e1e1al depa1t111e11t 1oaststh1t ONQI ewhtx pereent ol ntue dent dx 1olled IN some eo111111ere1al suh 1eet 0llllOLlg1 ll 19 tl1e xounvest dtx 1s1on 1t IS one ol the 111os 1op cl 1 1ents V1 t 1 ff sehool ll1C mdespread populat ILY ol eo111111ere1al sul11eets IS he eause the student IS Itdllelnff 11o1e and 111o1t the 11eeess1tx 111d praet1eal1tx ol tl1e COLIIQCS xxheth er l1e I9 1ntend1ng the111 lOl xoea IlOI'ldl putposes OI l uses exeudax l1le CCBLIISLQ olleted ID the depart ment are txxo xea1s of txpmg shorthand hoolelxeetwnrf CODQLIIN F1rst hour adxanced typ1st deep 1n study-except Ralph Phelps who das dreams Foreground second row Donald Looper Frances Cowelle Mar1t1na Kellx locllle Kmpe domg the eraser work Sponsored By 'xlrs Laelxex telches Deone Dunem st 1 1 to use the 111111 o r 1 zph 111 1ch111t e1 s eeono1111es 1I'1Ll ex erx dax hus mess lhomas I9 tl1e IH sttuetor of the seeond xeat txpmg elass txxo f1rst xeat shorthand elasses and tl1e l1ooltltee111nff elass AVI 1nte1est1ng pfut of tl1e xxotls I9 noted IN hoxx closelx ltntt one suh ect I9 to tl1e other Nn ex ample of th1s max he seen 1n Mr Ihomas shorthand and txpme cl lsses xxhere d1ctat1on IS taken 1n one class and transcrlhed 1n tl1e othe1 ll1e euttmff of ste11e1ls IQ 1lsotaufTl1t hx th1s 1nstructo1 Vhe eo111111e1c1al department has had IIS share of honors hestoxx ed upon It and 1ts students are not to he oxerloolxed Outstandmff records OI tl1e past lI"lClLl1.lL 111 atds xxon hx lola N1xon1n l03-1 X el111a K1111l1all 1n 10361 X 1ola XX h1pple 1n l03o lxenneth R1clXer ID 1037 11d l IT 1111 Lee Hatt 1n l03o and l03f XlOlf. reeent honots ffo to X em 'Xlflxheld xx l1o IH l030 tool MURPHY HARDWARE COMPANY 815 Mam Phone 468 W' 1. U K I 'lhis '. ly A 5 " jeag the e stu - ho' ' is en- 1 lf ' ' W ' - 111. year IYPIYI. lox' " - 1e - - ' ' - - ,La z ' 2 -' " . l A T 1 x' 5 1 A . ' 1 0 ' gt 1, - ul'1' det a1't11 1 '. 1 he l1,,l1 X' 7 A 4 A V f 'f 1' 3. I H 1, ' A. C. H . '. ' - -. x - 1 x 'S -1, '-' 5 .., . w . I Q , -fx x xsnx l L' Q H C e . P I I Z., 0 I-0. , . ' t ' V ' .k ,k' . e - 4, ' 1-mx ' L - 1 1 ' A ' ' -e ' 'or in . ,js '. ' . f .'- I --tx " - - ' 1 - - - - Y .V I ra A ' Rf I V A rw- t ' 0, . . P . , .E , D . S A f ' ' h A 1. V 1 A 1 v 'Q . . . L i K 3 ' 'i V r V rx . -L 'A ,K ' X2 -, - 5 an 2 1 z ' ' ' ' ' H. . hu 0 -1 H 7 'Pic . c-vi . A I Q 143 ,s hrst place rn llrst Veal shorthand at lNorman and at A 82 'VI thrrd ln shorthand at lonkaxxa and fourth un seeond year typrng at A 84 M lrances lleland won thlrd rn shorthand at A 8 M md Beulah 'Vloorhead was second un hooltlxeepmg at 1X et Nl Hon orable mentlon went to Louns An derson and Evelyn Pauldmg at lmonltaxxa for second xear tx prng Commerce ln the hugh school had tts hegmmnv rn l028 mth Second xelr txpmg students take a speed test Foreground Dawson C hrles lwcquelvn Moore Bettlann C ne lxcuue Butler and Io Dem Bennett Mrs Florence Laclxev as the hrst lnstructor She had thlrteen ln her shorthand class twentv fue ln her bookkeepmg class and had txxentv typewnters ln use She taught four hours and had fnftx erght students The equrpment for the school year 1939 40 consnsts of txxentx one Rovals and tewxntv one Un ...-il Bcrdxc C crmln looks oxer her project m Consumers Economlcs class whale Hxlary Drrggs Bxll Hmkel and lohnnx Alderson do some cooper ICINC xxorlxln derwood typevs rlters 51x nexx Rox als and txxo new Underxxoods xx ere recently added to the equlp there are also a mmmeograph and a mnmeoscope machlne The total enrollment of the present com mercxal department rs 364 whlch requlres txx elxe hours of teaching An enthuslastlc group of forty four enrolled rn the new Lon sumers Econommcs class taught bx Mrs laclxex Thls was mam more than she had antlclpated Deborah N. n Bxshop md Bull Xmtnd 19 mst Mrs laclxex IX l l 5 1 ' C ' c an lj V I ' 1 , A 1 3 ' p .r. 4 " I ' I lryf e , f. ' I l e c . . l C ., - , ' , - - ' I 1 x '. ' A - I v V ' ' if ' V ' ' ' 1 ' , , V I . . , 2 I' ' " g. . my x In - ' ' I - C l ment. Besides the typewriters ' ' ' z.s'. A.: ' K I A . . r, ll ' I '3 v - ' . ,- " It V' v JU' 90 Irrsl xerr txprsr prcprre lor r s e d tes t orefvroun I Illen n trele I rul Xdrms md Xerr llenderson Another new course added the second semester under her drrec tron I verxdax Busrness rts purpose rs to fme an elemen tarx rntroduetron to husrness Although rt has an enrollment of onlx thrrteen the prospects for future trarnrnff rn thus Ireld seem rn demand In addrtron to these Future Boolel cepers lelt to rrght Mable Xrrgrnra Holee Vrrvrnri Whrte second row Dorrs Xhllrrms and Prulrne Rrlex I Sponsored By elasses she terehes txxo hours ol s xea IX r Sprrnfr eontesls haxe not xet heen held hut enthusr rstrc expeet atrons lor manw xx rnners are vorced h we department rn lookrng ox er the names of Ianrce Harned Ilaulrne Bell Paulrne Rohertson and Bettrann Caxe frrst Near ant XII s Readrng trme rn frfth hour shorthand class Specdste rs rn thc foreground Sallv Jolviallov Ruth Hughes Rose Ann Smrth ind Iuwnrm Rrder Manx honor certrfreates haxe heen presented bx buperrnten dent E D Prrce to begrnnrng txprng students malxrng 30 xxords or more per mrnute mth not ox er frxe errors CENTRAL STATES POWER AND LIGHT 122 East Ninth Phone 435 5' w ,kk x k , ,Z y - ax I llrit r jping ,s 1 V X 'ZH ' 4, 1. - i Y tl V , , ' ' 'rl ,"2 A' ' ik' I 'Z ep'e I V nl. ln he lk ",,' dgko f ' Ca ' .I ". D. 4 - . 7. I . . X . . . - I ' A ' ' ' r typrsts, all grossrng rn the oOs ' I ' ,' , is w' -' ' 1 . . U. Y - . N . . . E 7 r ' 't V Cgfonors and Q57-lit ar ds XRX CILBC Xl Xn exenr ol great rntcrest to speech students rs the lnnu rl Ro tarx Cluh oratorrcal contest l ach xear three students are selected trom the speech class contest ants to appear hefore the Rotarx C luh Prrzes of srx four and txxo dollars fire axxarded The purpose of thrs contest rs to strmulatc puhlrc spealxrnff rn lddrtron to malernv hrghschool stu dents acquarnted xxrth the Rotarx C luh Nnx subject max he chos en and anx txpe of speech max he Urxen The names of thrs xears xxnn ners xxrll he recerx ed too lite for wuhlrcatron XML RICAN LILCIOX The Xmerrcan Legron Orator rcal Contest sponsored hx the natronal organrzatron xxrll haxe for rts suhject thrs xear 'Vlx Oh lrffatron As a Crtrzen Lnder the Constrtutron Srnce the contest rs natronal rn scope rt rs possrhle for the local contestant to he elrgrhle for n1 tronal competrtron X itrllxx 'iter senror l errrll Rog ers xxon the county meet at S rll water last xear and jack Ander son a runror x on thrs xear B ANDP XX CLLBCLI SVN lo he a guest of the Strllxx ate Busrness and Profess onsl XX om ens Cluh 1 grrl must he a good student haxe nrtratrwe and he 3 good crtrttn of the school l acn xear gurls from the hrgfmschool are chosen on these prrncrples hx the facultx lhe grrls so honored thrs xcar xxere Dorrs XX aldhx Ruth He rl l arx Llr rwetw n e Df IH Bennett Xll ROL XD S l l DLX l XXX ARDS c selectron ol tl e hest round students lrom the sopho more runror md senror elrsscs rs an exent th it comes l1te durrnff the second semester l he selcctlon rs hased upon sell relrance socral hearrng rnrtratxxe co operatron schol istrc standrnrr attendance actrxrtres school sprr rt oromptn ss drsposrtron rnte rrtx and dependahrlrtx ln order to he elrgrhle for selee tron a student must he one of the hrgnest ranldng lrfteen rn the class d mocratrc rs possrhle rt rs made hx three drllerent Groups he fac ultx each clfrss md the stuu nt councrl lhe student counerl xx rll present the axxard to the xxrnners d xrrnf tne annual honor md wxx rrds ch rp l PTOQTIIN ROW ARX 'XTLJSIC fXXX1-XRD An axx ard pre ented to the out stafrdrng senror rn the rnstrumen tal musrc departn ent each xear rs grx en hx the Rotarx C luh Th chorce rs hascd on musrcransfrrp character leadershrp scholarshrp helpfulness and General attrtude The axxard rs presented at the frraduatron ceremonres ln ll? lthelxn lrsher xfxas the 'rst g cx cr to attarn thrs hono ln lqah 'Norton llxgvrns reccrxed the axx ard ind rn lQ37 Rohert l-lou e Confmurad o oczqe IO? - , . x ROTJ ' 1- ' IOA " 'lQS'l' T ' . A- ' A' f ' , ,va ' . A ,-,- ' ' .5 ' 'L s. 'M , - ,, , M' ' 'ztl A l 4.21 t, anl lo s . 5, g C C. - ' , , . A , T, 32 ' ,A -, J R 'LQ Th- ' 1- ull- C ' V T l . .l . T T Q . ' 5 ,T r 4 H V A ty- .hz ,, NL , . 1 . T I I. T . 'rf 3 ' If 3 -' Y' . . . T . T 5 2 1' K 2 A T C14 ' - ' ' 'T , , K- T Q , , '- A 1 . ' , , ' - 2' . , rr g F9 ,T 5 , - , I vs ' Tlfl I T U- Y V - v , -r X v rs . . ' T " f ' ' 'A ' . A 4 ,. K f , . ,- l - ' , . , .ufi r' 'T f "4 " A Q ' ' CONTEST ln order' that the choice may he as , D A A - 3 s- ' Q , ' sv ' ' f s b -l v bv Q, I iq L rt , - . T . . b. ' v A'Y , Chg! Q - . L 'S . X - ' U, V -y ..L iv - ' 'Q . x N W4 V' n V U . A. .. T T. I ' 'A ' 1 " r T ., , F, A I ' j , , . , , -, ., . ' A A , ' A f 1. r. e . . - r - . , 2 c K r . ' ' ' , s , 7- 1 V . ,- T - , Y gf - " 'A ' s 2' - 1 e f , - V. . . x . , ' .e ' ' its - ' ' . T - ' . , . , - ' 1 ' ' . . , K , N V . N . , ' I j " . . 1. . I '. ' I Tgif' QS '. f , Q A ' , A , 'T , O , ' , I, r , e X, I C U TA' K V T. . 't Y , Al ' ' - ' ', e o ,, 2 ' ' ft -. " ,Q . , , -- 4, , 1, K' '. " ' ' uc frrl -'A-a l ':, 1 " " ' ri A' H , x x , 1 A, -A D . , , . K' T , , rg I Q 'T-49-- Sl2A'l'lfD' Mary Myers, Frances Covclle, Wanda jean Brattain, Norman llnrrison, Andrew llardin. Richard Vandewalker, Dick Cleverdon, Kenneth Mcilollom, Buddy lrvinc. S'l'ANDlNC2: l.ura Nlae Houck, Vernon Brown, Sylvia Donnell, jack Anderson, Bill Payne, Rose Ann Smith, Cinrnl Rains. qorensic Gluln twins Wfonors This marks the fourth year that the Forensic Club has been an or- ganization vital to all students interested in speech work. E. W. Eaton, the sponsor, promoted its organization so that greater prom- inence might be given to speech activities, and to provide oppor- tunities for practical training in all forensic Gelds. The officers for the Hrst semes- ter were jack Anderson, presi- dent, Carol Wood, vice-president' Richard Vandewalker, secretaryj and Kenneth lVIcCollom, treas- urer. The officers for the second semester were Carol Wood, pres- identg Bill Payne, vice-president, Frances Covellc, secretaryg and Cloral Rains, treasurer. Bill Cag- ley was elected representative to the student council for the entire year. The club engaged in two con- tests with Cushing. Included in the contests were original ora- tions, standard orations, extempo- raneous speaking, poetry inter- pretation, and debating. jack Anderson gave a standard ora- tion. Carol Wood, Bill Payne, Nelson Hall, and Cloral Rains en- tered in extemporaneous speaking. Betty lfranlc and Wanda jean Brattain interpreted poetry. The debaters were Buddy Irvine, Rose Ann Smith, Frances Covelle, Bon- nie Lee Hoel, Mary Myers, and Bill Cagley. The club had entries in the con- test given by the Rotary Club for the promotion of better speech. lt also had an entry in the Amer- ican Legion oratorical contest. ,Steppers FIRST ROW: Dorothy Meck, Genivieve Smythc, Mary Fricdell: yell leaders. SECOND ROW: Mary Sue Thomas, Phyllis Gravette, Helen Boyd. Evelyn Paulding, Gcargiannajoncs Mary jo Corbin, jeanne Hilles, Catherine jane Whittenbcrg, Elaine Morgan, Helen Scikman, Martha Nell Zant. THIRD ROW: Bonnie jean Gregson, Alice jarncs, Maribellc Haning, Nina Gravctte, Loretta Sapp, Charlotte Clift, Mary Ann Swank, Virginia Lee Townsend, Deonc Duncan, Etta Grace Moore, Martha Lou Wilber, Gretchen Anne Pulver. Mary jo Corbin, President. Jeanne Hilles, Vice President. OFFICERS: Mary jo Corbin President: jcanne Hilles Vice President, Uervrgiannn jones. Secrt-rarx Iivclyn Paulding, Treasurer, Girls' 'Pep Glulvs cyflid ,Sports The "Steppers," a pep club for girls, is organized each year and is active during the football sea- son. The purpose of the club is to boost school spirit and lead the cheering at games. At the present time the club consists of twenty- five members. Uniforms are blue skirts and bronze and blue jack- ets. To climax the season, the Steppers sponsored a banquet in honor of Coach Hamilton and his entire squad. The junior-high "Peppers" are now the "Stepperettes," a junior group of sixty-nine which aids the Steppers during games. " Their purpose agrees with the "Step- persn but their uniforms are dif- ferent. The two clubs with the. band and the drum and bugle corps made many colorful forma- tions between halves at football games. The Steppers were in charge of the football queen ceremony when Co-captains Roy Brock and Ralph Phelps crowned Mary jo Corbin and Birdie German. The queens, dressed in white, were attended by Ruth Ann Hoke, lleta Hubbard, Phyllis Gravette, Evelyn Pauld- ing, Mary Elizabeth Stevens, and Dorothy Nell Hinkel. The band and the two pep clubs, met at mid- Held where the captains were Sponsored By A F AR1VIER'S COOPERATIVE PIGGLY WIGGLY ,Stepperettes FIRST ROW: Mary Martin, Dorisjean 'l'nwnsull. yell leaders SECOND ROW: c:ElfOl5E3Y'l Vandfort, Willie Story, Jeanne Gregie, Wanda Bradley, Anita jo Hatfield, Mary Elizabeth Stevens, orothy Nell Hinkle, Pollie Durham, Mary Frances Hol-ce, Nadine Powell, Norma Suu Hall, Mary jane Miller, Aleenc Bradshaw. Tl HRD ROW: Mary Lee Bilyeu, Addie Davis, Ruth Adams, Fern Myers, Nary Malloy, Marcelette Mc- Lain, ,loan Mullendore, jane Triplett. Sara Jane Berry. Nellie june Manning, Mary Ann Tourtelotte, Dorothy Gelder, Pauline Dilts FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Smith, llelen Randolph, Dorothy Lee Burns, Eleanor Bardslee, June Watts, Sara NlcDugal, Patsy Pcnquite, Marvbellc Wurrman, Rose Ann Thomas, Marilyn Potts, Ruth Redburn. waiting to receive the royal party. Captain Brock and Captain Phelps crowned Queen Corbin and Queen German with bronze and blue hel- mets and presented them with flowers, gifts from the football boys, At the Coronation of jacquelyn Moore, band queen, the Steppers and Stepperettes aided the high school band. Miss Moore was crowned by Kenneth McCollom, drum major, and had as attend- ants, Gretchen Pulver and Emma Adele Swim. The pep organization marched in the Armistice Day parade and took part in the all-school stunt which was formed between halves of the Stillwater-Cushing game. The theme of the Stunt was "Lib- erty" The Goddess of Liberty was represented by Rose Ann Smith, twirler for the band, who tapped while the band played "Stars and Stripes Forever." The shield and letters "U, S, A." were made by the bugle and drum corps and the girls' pep club. Officers of the Steppers are Maryjo Corbin, presidentgjeanne Hilles, vice-presidentg Georgianna jones, secretary, Evelyn Paulding, treasurer, and Miss Marguerite Allen, sponsor. Stepperette officers are Betty Ruth Demaree, president, Na- dina Powell, vice-president, Polly Durham. secretary-treasurer, jane Triplett, senator, Sarajane Berry, alternate, and Miss Gertrude Burns, sponsor. 1 Sponsored By McBRIDE'S MEN'S WEAR , . 704 Main Phone 262 . "t"' Q FIRST ROW' Paul Adams, john .Xtxx ell, Keith Dodson, lit-write Bullock, Spoiwirg jaelx lliiiley, 'Xlymn Lcdhctier SECONU ROW: Norman Harrison, Roger l lull, ,Iimnw fielder, Yelsnn Hall. john Xlcliritle, Charles Tx lartin Qrganization The purpose of the Hi-Y club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com- munity high standards ol Chris- tian character. The name, l-li-Y, represents a movement of high school youth who are members of the Young lVlen's Christian Association and are committed to a Christian pur- pose at work in the high school and in the community. The Stillwater chapter was or- ganized on january O, 1040 with john Atwell, jack Bailey. Myron Ledhetter, Norman Harrison. Wes- ley jones, Kenneth McCollom, Leon Lewis, john McBride, Keith Dodson, Nlimmy Gelder, jimmy Lanham, and Nelson Hall as char- ter memhers. The ollicers of 1940- 1941 are President, Keith Dodsong Vice-President, john Atwellg Sec- retary, Nelson l-lallg Treasurer, Myron Ledhetterg and Sergeant- at-arms, jack Bailey. They meet every Tuesday at 7:00 in the Y. M. C A. hut. The group plans to attend a convention at Norman on April 5, 6, and 7. The Hi-Y Club has an advisory hoard of eight members: Chair- man. li. D. Price: Lee Hall, L, A. Mitchell, Kermit lngham, Cecil jones, W. XY. McCollom, tl. A lvlcNeli', and john McBride. Sr. The Sponsor is George Bullock. y4z LtQQ'mjvl1x SEPTEMBER uoeaxz ANP SWEEN W' TH MOMNAS BLESSING' Cnowuso Amo PAS FINANMAL. AWISHUCKS' .a55NcoufzAGfmeN1j "" -.1 THE K' 533. bn ,- Nz ARE OFF ro SCHOOI W H Nix 5 lfg EoucArsoNAn. f Q uma NT 2 wah 2,jf NJQWQMBEW DDUMRIGHI Women om DIONEEQS' 25 GAME 1, N wmmwc, STREAK fD"'xfw FOOTBALLERS AFTER A LONG wnam-,L 0.50105 ON TWO OUEEN S My AX. W, YQ 9499 T vi- Fdj MAJOR PLAY suookssz ANUARY SPORT AND umm A efrwufi- mowearz means oDY FINALLY WIN St uwder- 4I Gfuifh 49 22- XYEi"'-31 f 54-i 'X -:..-- . 0 ' ' 1 I X I 5 Q Yi E j Q os , - 1,6 ss,,6il'.? ' 1 WA 1 fy ' A . 595 w w, 41' , ,J T. Wire , , , Vw "4 Q Qbk - fl i fy! ff f 1 Q A" lf' hr-4 I A .- , , X ,ix rdf, X' I V My J' J F f Ted Mgr. jf J 455, M A z - f W z Kg f yx vp . X' 1. .' 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E SAFEWAY STORES I,,, ,I I I L , I , SHIDLER LUMBER COMPANH , I, III,,..... .. E, SMITH S CAFE IIII, I . , . , ,. STILLWATER ICE COMPANY I I, IE,,EEIIE STILLWATER NATIONAL BANK ,,,EIE IIEIIII I LI I STRODE FUNERAL HOME , , ,, ,,,, ,,,,, , ,, Y THOMPSON-PARKER LUMBER COMPANY , TIGER DRUG ,,,, .. ,, . . .I WALTERS FURNITURE COMPANY ,,,.I,I, ,. WARD BUICK-PONTIAC COMPANY .,,., , , I WINTERSTEEN AGENCY ,,.. ,. , . ..,... ZELLWEGER STUDIO , , .. ., , , appreciation to the fOllOxx'i1'1g DCTSOTIS uml IULISIITCSS CODLLIDS who SO 'll' gljgz '- I .I . 'I' If 'Q ' ' Q I ' 'A L, L 'S I ' I I' . I K L . ,, W... . . ,, FIRST NATIONAL BANK , ,, L ,, , ' ' ' I I I f 'I ,

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