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 - Class of 1959

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Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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1 uw- -Q-. ,, X KA 1?El!0NlA9l! PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS STILLWATER, MINNESOTA hofo courtesy of Jack M Rebuilding the central theme of the 1958 59 school year Rebuilding from the ruuns of the dusastrous fire to the expectation ot a new hugh school Rebuilding the school spurut with a new pep song and a new Homecoming pro gram athletics actuvutues and the progressung of a fine scholastuc program have made the past year an excutung one The students have luved wuth crowded hurried condu tions Because of the use of tour buuldungs the Senior Hugh the Junior Hugh the Actuvuty Buuldung and the Nelson school the school day for many students was a rushed turung day of learning Through all thus the students of Stillwater Hugh School have come through with a most progressuve year The Kabekonuan us also sugnuticant of the changes untro duced this year. A new arrangement more pages more pictures and color will enhance the memories ot the year captured in this book. We hope for you it will recall the pleasant happenings of the year of T958-59 and that it will serve to renew the memorable experiences of your high school years. KAB STAFF Editor ..... Duck Strand Assistants Layout ...........u Carolyn VanTassel, Roberta Ross Copy ..... ....... S hurley Johnstone, 1 To ff. V, u Marna Jacobson Pictures ,... ............ K ay Pauley Advertising ...... ...... T om Lindell Subscriptions ....... ...... J anet Rigg Now We Really . . . T' v-"""' Sensor Hugh School Thus bulldlng contains e magorlty of the Sen lor and .lunlor c ss rooms Also Included are the admnnnstratnve ofllces audltorlum gym and swnmmrng pool O Photo courtesy of .lack M Anderson X 'G ggi 4. Fi' 1 sl Actlvltles Bulldlng .,..... O Photo courtesy of Jock M Anderson In thus butldlng are four classrooms used by the Related Occupa tions Vocatnonal Agrnculture Sophomore history classes and other actnvltues . . .I 4, . . . . A Q th ' ' - . A i ' ' la 1 L . . m My 1 .. ,,.. . . . . . 'V r. 1 V Q,-f.,r H l ix A I I I 4 ' 'MA i . . l . r 'Z l l , ' ' ' Y I 1 I .M Z., , , up Allis 'h'1'4L.':'l' 'rift' 'A ,U , . - r e ' --fi' .QF l ,. ' 'S' 54" Q3-f. . S ' ' ' N" 54 ' , X ,ax 7.5 , , I I I' A w., - , 1 ' C4 ' , y A fi," 'T , - ' if 1'-'L 1'- ,g, ' , f '. 1'-A U, I - If hi , ,A F A +0 ..,- . .- 1, , , , , Nelson School The Nelson School shelters various Fresh men and Sophomore classes This building was previously used as a grade school After standing closed for two years the school was reopened by the Junior and nl r I Schools Junior High School COVER GROUND" Photo courtesy of Jack M Anderson Photo courtesy of Jack M. An derson Classes meeting in this building include Senior and Junior High art classes, Home Economics, two Senior High English classes and one Senior High Social Studies class, as well as all the various Junior High classes. ov' WF "Oil " 4 P' I Q n ,ga 4 Q , x kkeQ,,gQ,uunl ., if 2:2 2 2, Q x 4 ,.i,4's QA A. I if s K n , x Iv E , ' A f ar it Q F, u 'VY in E if 1 x .-+C QF I3 Nr 5 Nl IWHN :g FII "4 vw .. , +4 .Ii +-AN.. .,.. +.,,1 V. , fan., N lin li ii fi-A li. The student body is o moss collection Of different sfudenis going in The some direction. To goin on educioiion, Thor is our oim, Then we must port To seek lorTune ond lome. When porting comes, iT's cerfoin you'll heor, "But I don'f won? to leove, l like if here!" And Then iT is over, school doys ore gone, But Yhe memories, so numerous, will live on ond on ? We... 188 days out of the year 771 students come through rain, snow, sleet, and hail to spend 1,316 hours in the scattered rooms of SHS. These 771 students travel by bus, car, motor scooter, motorcycle, truck, or feet. 494 students ride buses to school- buses of various snzes shapes and colors 39 students travel to school m one form of vehlcle or another The mann Item In this category IS the car whether rt be a 1958 1910 foreugn or o lalopy model 238 pairs of feet travel to school each day carrylng 238 education hungry students Thus form of transporta hon comes In assorted srzes from 4V2 AAAA to 13 E And we re off! X Snr 0- ' 1' -.1 ,A as-QP' ,, Va? --713 1 L..-are 'L' -A 'T' Buses arrive bringing over half of the SHS population. Cdme Young men show lots of enthusnosm for their yclloples This group ts exummlng the latest edt hon to o modnfiecl mnll I P-... I '55 nh.. G Latecomers plod slowly up the stalrs of SHS knowing all that IS woltmg for them IS cl tracly s up ! 3 Students catch up on the latest before the bell forces them to attend first hour ff 4 I t f m . f f l f' l , elsl ia it y t K 2 g f' .,,,, 6 lk6,1,,.t N f , z , uwtxgwk' I I 7' ,gf g d . I . Pi , g 2 il I' . ' We... r Helmerl grinds has teeth as he relays the message of the results of the last test to ns lumors .iff iv. Q1 Thus lnvely group rs carrymg on Q dnscusslon of world affairs In oc class M U . . . 5 7 , 5 8 W W ,.-3, V Q' af" , .Q if r If ,l f s t aj t A . ,,. ,, . . . . . . S ' O O I O O O These studenis must really be enloymg thelr lessons Gym classes provide c mecns for the girls to "lei off steam " many new rooms oncl Cl full day of school ""1"X Never o dull moment In chorus Chemistry students plot on what would be the best method of blownng up the Chemistry room ca new school song and new students XL: f SHS new superintendent and many new teachers and a very successful 1958-1959! "VY i Mr Waller looks on wnh pride cs one of hls math students duspluys has mothemahcal ablhty W . -Q 'HP if I f gf .mi f Boys favorrte pastxme hommernng and nunlmg 4.1 ag . L s P J F N V J' Me. H 1 5 1 , FM . Y ' vx f if 5 ' fx .X5 s 'f ' vi ' . 5 1 ,' 1 if -, 1 A ' 25 , K 9 e, si '1 ' , 5. 'jf I if W ,A jf? K "5 wk ,KY . 3 -I V , .1 . ---- N 2: ' 4 M V Q I Y 4 . ' ,U -V, N V' f 3, F - W 72' V, ' . 1 9 1' 2-ff . if , VS" 11 " s , . . . . . 46 Wlth ihe help of our Studeni Councll we conquered many problems thas year nn school --1 We conquered another successful day in SHS! Another hour of soc completed! conquered ! ! Pholo courtesy of Jack M. Anderso HAVE CONQUERED ALL ww. "-27: Karen Anne Brown Rosemary Vas Burger Linda Lee Borst Qi 'Uh fd' Mary Carolyn Burmaster Phyllis June Carlson Anita Joyce Bowen Mary Elizabeth Carlstrom David L. Charlsen Carol Elizabeth Brekke Beverly Ann Chartier Dennis L. Crittenden Beverly Ann Bremzer Mary Barbara Crombie Jerome Dennis Dietz Kathleen E. Brudos 7' IN 0UR CLASSE Margaret Helen Hintz Karen Darlene Holmes Dale Steven Johnson Patricia Jean Harrigan Richard L. Huelsmann f Sharon Ann Johnston Sharon Lorraine Huss Janet Marie Iverson Shirley M. Johnstone Lynn Alden Jacobson Marna G. Jacobson Roger A. Josephson Betty Lou Johnson Charles Randall Johnson P Eugene W. Junker BY OUR UNTIRING EFFORTS- James Fredrick Lammers Brian William Lange Jean Ann Lundeen Susan Mary Lange JoAnn Langford Morida Kay Lundgren Gary Lynn angness Susan Kathleen Law A l VM Mary Jane MacDonald Jim Dixon Lay Karen Ann Lind , David Terrance Magnuson Thomas Jay Lindell Kurt John Luhmann David Edward Malloy OUR UNBOUNDED ENTHUSIASM! T95 Mary Eleanor Patricia McGuire Dennis Andrew McKean Nancy Jo Marlow Donna Mae Audrey Mechelke Mary W. Meister Beverly E. Marty Philippine Ursma Merxner Nancy Mary Mergens Janet Marie McCarty 5 E 69" Richard J. Merrill Lynette Vironica Molitor Richard Roy McGee . Ronald McKinley Mortenson Martha Jane McGough ff? 24? 'J TO CONQUER THE ADULT WORLD Ann Carol Ridgway Julie Ann Riegel William H. Powell YQ Janet Louise Rigg Jerome S. Ritzer Taufieg Hidayat Ramli Albert Jerome Roettger Katherine Jane Rolig ?b Bruce Andre Ramsden , E Q ill Connie A. Roloft David William Rolofif Rochelle Agnes Reeves 15 H-W1 Merilee Rose Roberta Janet Ross Naomi Eldora Richert ' 19 H fsygesrfrfzs -, 1' ' -5 " , :J 'C' J I Y ig -- - ,s,.::5i i 'fab WITH ITS RESPONSIBILITIES- Beverly Joy Ruline Kathleen Jane Runk John Eugene Schultz Sandra Katherine Runk Peggy Jean Salmore Robert William Schultz Utabeate G. L. Salzmann-Bruhn Donald Jay Schelander Patricia Ann Shattuck Timothy John Schneider Lawrence Wilbert Schramm Marlene Joyce Shelley Jean Alice Schroeder Beverly Elfrieda Schultz Judith Ann Siebolds AND CHALLENGES 'FSF Edwa re Paul Singer Darrell K. Skogen Kermit Arthur Sommers Adeline Kay Steffen David E. Steglich Nancy Lois Stone FEE 'Rf wi 1' Q sf' Judith Rae Skramstad of Q Richard D. Strand Curtis Carl Talcott Karen Audrey Smith David Taylor Richard O. Thomas Patricia Ann Smith John Theodore Thor Carol Ann Toenslng WE GO- Jon Lyle Trencla Alan Martin Tschida John Wiclor Wick David Jean Turnblad Carolyn Marie Van Tassel James William Widmyer 44 Hodge B. Van Tassel Michael Vernon Voligny Darleen LaVina Wieland lla Dick Joel Waalen James Oliver Walhood George Charles Wmterlln William Lawrence Wendt Edyth Olive Whitney Wayne G. Wohlers PREPARED! ! qs' Sharon Anne Zimmerman Gary Richard Zweig 1 This silent soldier, who stands across from old S.l'l.S., was erected in i916 as a memorial to the war dead from Washington County in the Civil War. Who knows what toil and tribulation it stands tor. One can only guess the things it has seen in its 43 years ot existence. lt has seen the construction of the newer portion ot the high school in l923, the construction ot the Junior High in l936, the Tozer Gym and pool, and the disastrous fire ot December 23, l957, the numerous pranks by night and stu- dents by day, the changes in women's styles, auto- mobiles, students and teachers. One can only guess at what else it has seen or what else it will see in the future. Valedictorian and Co-Salutatorians 9 jf' ,tu if 1958 1959 HONOR ROLL Specual recognutuon was guven to the members ot the Honor Roll thus year lnstead of walkung across the stage ahead of the other students to receive theur duplomas the Honor Roll members wore gold unstead ot red shoulder cords and tassels As a reward for theur hugh achievement the members were allowed to keep theur tassels and cords Thus recognutuon was well deserved as the members have mauntauned a B average throughout theur sophomore lunuor and senuor years 1 gre Row 4 Duck Strand Bob Zummerman Jum Lammers Roger Barrett Tom Lundell Duck Hueslmann Row 3 Gerald Gross Jeannune Lahuff Peggy Salmore Betty Lou Johnson Roberta Ross Cecul Pucht Row 2 Susan Lange Nancy Mergens Sue Law Jeanne Karlow Karen Smuth Mary Fenton Row 1 Deanna Ahola Marna Jacobson Sherry Zabrock Shurley Johnstone Mary Carlstrom Sharon Huss Carol Evans Judy Beske Mussung Janet Rugg Susan Fredruckson Carolyn VanTasseI Carol Kruse Carol Brekke '95 1 ., dl Q , ' . . - I ' l J A I l I A . I 1 - 1 - tu " ?'t 5 V f'l?"s1 3 A find I! K ' . ,I ' , A pf I J J 4 .3-:.' 10' 3 u , J Q 1 , f -4i'Q'1I.uZ i' 'L f ti .QOQ . u . A, K Q J '1..-I Rs If " Y S X . .L . X A 'ii w HL ,KV vii A Q km' ' R f .Q y uv . fi ' , 'N up J 9 me -fu-u tl t - Y lu- 1 4 1 u , ., in 1 ,Q xt iw 1. in ' 1 'Q ,S fu ,Xt X x. . ur Ygxwri. B E. X lg t ' jug .. I . I I I I I Q - ' : I , u , ' , - 2 , , I l I I I I ' . I : . I , 1 I - an 9' 2' -.hrs 'hr we Row 2 Jon Trenda Councll Representative Jam Lammers Vlce President John Klspert Presrdent Duck Merrlll Councnl Representahve Mr Honetschlager Advuser Row l KUY PUUleY 5eCfelUfY MUFHU -l0C0bS0n TFGUSUVSV As we the Seniors of Stillwater Hugh School look back on our three rewarding years ln SHS we flnd many happy and excltlng memories which will stay with us al ways Our partncnpatlon ID the many actlvltnes oflered by our school have helped us to be cu part of something and to provade a sense of responslblllty for us Being teased and laughed at by our upperclassmen were some ot the thnngs we endured as shy luttle Sophles but we took part un One Act Plays and many of us con trlbuted our talents to sports and other actnvltnes Our Junlor Class Play, "The Night of January l6th," supported a large class and was well attended Last year we worked very hard cn our prom Sous La Mer which clvmaxed the Seniors last year on a happy note Thus our last year nn S H S has been even more active In our schools behalf Our class play was the blggest moment In the lnves of our young actors Our regular attendance at the games and Pep Fests continued through out our last year The Senior Class Plcnlc the Prom and graduation ended our three happy years In S H S 33 .-9' ' '- ."' .. . 1 , K Q T . . I , It .,"':. 4 '...f!',"c .:.... ', ,, . n0,U.- . - x"' . . "SZ sf" .su L ,,. , ., , 1 ,. ., 4 .wk - T' , V 3 - 1 ' 1 - 1 - , . - . 3 - 1 " - , . - - 11 11 - - . . ., , , , . . ., . . , . , . , . ' I 1 I MR. KEAVENY Row 3: Dick Stout, Janice Stone, Sara Nelson, Ted Gil- bert, Mike Rice, Curtis Wolff, Richard Bibeau, Ger- ald Schwabauer. Row 2: Barb Brink, Marion Carl- berg, Mary Jane Rowland, Charles Huss, Louis Har- vieux, Jackie Helgett, Es- ther Curtis. Row l: Paula Carlson, John Anderson, Karen Brudos, Kathy Brown, Larry Larson. MRS. GOLDBERG Row 3: Don Dornfeld, Tim Jambeck, Greg Colombo, Ed Elgethun, Marion Peter- son, Tom Junker, Jerry Wohlers. Row 2: Ken An- derson, Deanna Davis, Bill Clark, Ronald Gross, Kathy Richert, Larry Stefanski. Row 1: Sharon Asmus, Pat Sanders, Pat Crittenden. MRS. ERWIN Row 4: Sue Skyberg, John Beach, Peter Rauen, Ray Larson, Dick Hayes, Steve Hawkins, Sue Kerner, Dick Barnes, Kitty O'Nash. Row 3: RuthAnn Jacobson, Barb Black, Pam Maierus, Con- nie Bergen, Ruby Monson Barry Ross, Jerry Dornfeld, Penny Buckholz. Row 2: Nora Jerome, Sue Coolidge Pat Delaney, Marcia Larsen Marcia Eckholm, Karen Ben- son, Carol WolH. Row 1: DeeAnn Moelter, Joan Carl- strom, Sandy Glasbrenner, Kathy Hilde, Judy Scheland- er, Sandy Anderson. 1 1 1 4 osltg' one Q IIIOQI 000000 UIUC!! ICCIIQI 'Dill O9 t 11? MR. ERFOURTH Row 4: Jet? Anderson, Bill Charlsen, Russ Juhl, Stuart Montbriand, Vernon Rich- ert, Dick Martins, Jim Reed, Bob Huston. Row 3: Jay Cordie, Pete Johnson, Mike Meister, Doug McKean, Douglas Edwins, Rodney Skogan, Harold Sharp. Row 2: Pat Hallquist, Earl Platt- ner, Judy Lammers, Julie Moliter, Loretta Richers, Barb Schaffer. Row 'l: Jane, Joan, June Mortinson, Sue Smith, Joann LaCasse. MR. PETERSON Row 3: Steve Roettger, Leonard Deithart, Dan Briggs, Glenn Bonin, Al Tschida, Ken Tschida, Row 2: Dan O'Shea, Dennis Trenda, Ray White, Dick Shelley, Don Brunkhorst. Row 1: Pat Chase, Art An- drews, Karen Howie. MR. WALLER Row 4: Jim Frost, Art Jun- ker, Ronald Striet, Turie Johnson, Leo Patch, Dick Strong, Bob Peulen, Tom Monio. Row 3: Gerry Bal- fanz, John Crane, John O'NeaI, Bob Koch, Mike Cafferty, Vincent Lang, Bradley Bonse. Row 2: Gary Peterson, Larry Churchill, John Rolland, Dick Peterson, Pat Pilquist, George Johnson. Row 1: Mary Jo Lupient, John Wil- liams, Terry Cartony, Sandy Skyberg Brian Crombie Another year has come and gone lts been a good year for most of us Certannly a year Hlled wuth events we will never forget We saw the passing of the bond Issue An earth shakung event to be sure but one from which we Jumors wall recenve llttle or no personal benefit For we shall be the last or at least come close to benng the last to graduate from our beloved S H S Perhaps condltlons wnll be even worse next year than they have been during our Junror year We can not know What we do know IS no matter what may come an the future we are staffed with a faculty strong enough and capable enough to keep our school and us on top They have proved this time and time agaln Maybe the school we graduate from will be a crlppled old monarch a mere remnant of years gone by but If will be ours and the pulse beat which has kept nt goang wull be ours We can only hope that thus pulse beat thus heart which has for so long made S HS great, wlll follow the student body and faculty when they move to a new bunldnng Thus as our wash for the future Along wnth thxs milestone came another not as lm portant to others perhaps but qulte an occasion for us We elected our officers We chose Bull Conley for our Pres Joe Arrlgonl Vice Pres Ruth Ann Jacobson Sec Paula Carl son Treasurer and Connxe Stelnbelser and Jayne Jones as our Councll Representatives Many long hard hours were again put In to make the prom and banquet as successful as they had been In prevnous years Sports made up no truvual part of the year We are very proud of all who partuclpated lt was fun for us to see so many Jumors on various A squads But of course our enthusiasm IS not llmrted to sports alone We are equally as proud of our choruses bands debate and declam depts and the varnous other clubs and OCTIVITIGS too We cant forget our class play lt was quite a success To our knowledge It was the flrst old time melodrama ever to be performed on the Stillwater stage Its been a year of 'Hrsts for us May we always remember our Junior year as belng lust that yet may we be equally as ready to leave at behind and on our new roles as Seniors QQ' Connie Stelnbelser Council Representatlve, Paula Carlson Treasurer, Ruth Ann Jacob son Secretary, Joe Arngonl Vlce President, Jayne Jones Council Representative, Mass 38 Marquardt Advisor, Bull Conley Presndent I ' A . . ., . 1 -I 1 -I ' . . , I ' 1 I ' . 1 I l . . , . 1 I . ' ll ll , . 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 - . . . . , . , ' I 1 . . . . . ,, . 11 I ' ' 1 1 , . . . . I . . , , - . , . we ,,'-. 3 1 I l 5 A A I . xv f , A MR. BARSKI Row 3: Steve Schmoeckel, Ron Johnson, Lyle Hill, Wayne Peterson, George Barney, Dave Durand, Dale Mulfinger. Row 2: Karl Schilling, Dave Kaufman, Dick Powell, Jim Long, Den- nis Tarbet. Row l: Dick Hubbard, Dove Bell, John Kraemer, Keith Hoftbeck. MR. PARKER Row 4: Marilyn Lohmann, Cathy Carlson, Kieth Fran- sen, Bob Johnson, Kent Swanson, John Lohmer, Ron Dornfeld, Jim Lane, Bar- bara Lewerer. Row 3: Wal- ly Frazier, Jim Paul, Sue Alexander, Margaret Siem, Rita Schwinghammer, Linda Handevidt, Dick Carlson, Jane Dickinson, Carolyn Campbell. Row 2: Jean Eichten, Mary Loeber, Mary McGough, Judy Engstrom, Mary Simonet, Georgine Paskvan, Carla Hielseth. Row 1: Joyce Schelander, Bob Carlson, Janet Drusch, Martha Clark, Diane Lar- son, Mary Carlson. MISS SEIBERT Row 4: Stanley Johnson, Sharon LaMotte, Jerry Haas, Marshall Rettke, Priscillia Dupre, Pat Bailey, Doris Johnson, Jim Koller. Row 3: Rachael Doerr, Pam Krue- ger, Carol Strehlow, Dick Schramm, Sharon Kunz, Kathy Marlow, Marg Schwartz. Row 2: Sharon Judkins, Nancy Shattuck, Darlene Lange, Mary Hus- ton, Mary Kamrath, Jean Magnuson. Row 'l: Maureen Orff, Vicki Bradshaw. L U1 Mr Vrllars John Lohmer Mary Slmonet Ed Elgethun 40 MR. GIMMESTED Row 'l: Janice Bahneman, Marlene Carlson, Judy O'Shea, Kathy Pulse, Mary Madsen. Row 2: JoAnn Hor- resburger, Sally Johnson, Sara Lay Jean Ramberg Virginia Evanson Sally Schmoekel. Row 3: Sue An- derson Kathy Ridgeway Kathy Quinlan Rosalie Reese Mary Huelsmann lone DuRoscher JoAnn Wert Row 4 Nancy Ber quist Nancy Thor Barb Clymer Marne Talnter Carol Scheel Jackie Wicks lander Vicki Van Tassel Elaine Rhoda MR VILLARS Row4 Judy Martlnson Bob Olson Tom Nelson Larry Magnuson Bruce St Peter Kenneth Sommers Carol Larson Gene Lehnherr Al vin Bergmann Row 3 Dick Thompson Tom Brown Dick Picht Dave Ness Wayne Curtis Sue Olson Jerry Langness Jim Kruse Row 2 Jean Pomnnvllle Diane Salmore Jim Rolig Tom Bortkey John Vorderbrug gen Ann Taylor Diane Wolf Karen Sngstad Row 1 Mary Easton Barb A cond Mary Jane Junker Mike Knlkelly Fred Marty Bill Victor John Krueger A Sophomore year could be defined as one which is full of loy fear excitement and studies Our days IH the Junior High have ended and we are proud to be called Senior High students We have felt the many pressures expected? Along with the fun there have also been some hard times Our daily walks to and from Nelson and the very crowded conditions have caused some hardships At the beginning of the year we elected what we felt to be a very efficient crew of of ficers Our president John Lohmer has led us through a very successful year with the help of vice president Ed Elgethun Sec Treas Mary Slrnonet Mr Vlllars our class advisor has added extra spark to our activities and made them more enloyable Our Sophomore year has truly been one we will all remember and we are eagerly looking forward to our Junior year and hoping it will be gust as profitable , , , , , , , , I . D I , , : ' , , , . I I - , , . I I . I I , . : . . I . I I . I I - I I . I . ' : , r- i , , . I I , . . . . I I . I 1 . put on us by upperclassmen, but what is to be . ' A ' xg ' . . K ' ' c . U ' . r Ns if, ' l I Y . . J' , I . ' t X - n . 3 ' Ax 1 - . - 1 I A y I . t ' . , . l 5 xx . . . ' . I 1 I I 1 MRS. HEDBERG MR. BROWN Row 4: Terry Poirier, Doug Henningsen, John Klinefel- ter, Mike Ayers, Merrill Campeau, Stanley Mueller, Paul Liberty, John Berris- ford. Row 3: Tom Weiss, Dave Shetland, Rolland Sta- berg, Ron Baribeau, Steve Junker, Dave Paulson, George Black. Row 2: Jim Bordon, Jim Thoreson, Don Norlander, Mike Marty, Bob Kratz. Row l: John Belisle, Dave Zabel, John Aubin. MR. MEMBREZ Row 4: Roxanne Hoftoss, Sharon Johnson, Tom Meis- ter, Vicki Anderson, John Zimmerman, Bob Clayton, Rita Gunderson, Lecinda Beckhold. Row 3: Joan White, Darleen Lecuyer, Grant Hausen, Glen Ecker, Judy Swanson, Meredith Beardsley, Cyril Friedrich. Row 2: Becki Lay, Shelby Specht, Janet Coler, Don Krugel, Dave Fazendin, Rita Greeder, Mary Carlson. Row l: Laura Dickhausen, Bob Seekel, Paulette Plaster, John Kern, John Sorerson. Row 4: Byron Torgerson Ardis Kern, Carol Kinsel, Janet Riegel, Mike Hamm, Dave Bergsland, Joe Fogar- ty. Row 3: Linda Jerome, Carol Goerss, Dorcus Jones, Sibylla Rouleau, Diane Her- shleb, Shirley Stiles. Row 2: Kitty Jo Hohlt, LaVern Os- tertag, Carol Friendshuh, Row 'l: Roxanne Van Due- sen, Beverly Palmer, Becky Walhood. 1 MR. MYERS Row 3: Sandra March, Low- ell Ross, Steve Strong, Lee Merrill, Gary Kaphing, Jim McGrath, Paul Knutson. Row 2: Dave Colombo, Merritt Heaney, Sandy Dyb- dal, Sylvia Picht, Eugene Bartkey, Sally Sharp. Row 'l: Tim Janilla, Bob Burger, Mike Madsen, Kathy Zim- merman, Barb Schaar. MR. CARLSON Row 4: Harold Lee, Randa Cafferty, Jim Kray, Wally Hagen, Sandra Platzer, Tanya Nicholson, Carolyn Hallen. Row 3: Margaret Bartkey, Kathy Brandt, John Killer, Bruce Brink, Steve Mayer, Sue Peterson. Row 2. Mary Balfanz, Gary Tuenge, Dennis Lewerer, Dean Johnson, Mary Loner- gan. Row 1: Kay Houston, Sally Peterson, Lourene Loeber, Dick Aubin, Joe Krueger. MISS CARLSON Row 4: Rita McClellan, Rhema Revely, Donna Thor, Frank DuRocher, Mike Campbell, Dick Wid- myer, Ray Fenton, Jeffry Gullitord. Row 3: Francis DuRocher, Phillips Kindy, Mike Belknap, Dick Ed- strom, Lawrence Emerta, Melvin Witzel, Chuck Doyle, Row 2: Carol Klinefelter, Gracia Luhman, Kathy Lane, Miriam Van Tassel, Lucy Yon, Doris Navratill. Row l: Marion Briggs, Net- tie Christianson, Judy Suth- erland, Cara Young, Elaine Johnson, Eleanor Hammes. MR. DEMOSKI-WEBSTER Row 4: Margie Bebermey- er, Becky Berquist, Anita Greeder, Virginia Rayou, Caroline Conley, Doug Johnson, Nile Schwabauer, Connie Andrews. Row 3: Donna Davidson, Carol An- derson, Mike Callies, Ran- dy Callies, Sharon Walters, Sharon Springster, Judy Bells. Row 2: Mary Ber- quist, Cheryl Beaver, Jean Anderson, Ann Hintz, Peg- gy McFadden, Fam Groth, Mike Curtis, Bob Torgerson. MRS. GRAMENZ Row 3: Phil Sawyer, Lance Osterkamp, Harry Robinson, Bob Meissner, Doug Peter- son, Dick Turnblad, Jack Toensing, Jerry Kruse. Row 2: Gloria Lutz, Edith Tain- ter, Jim Harvieux, Suzanne Paulson, Bob Liberty, Allen Linner, Betty Roettger. Row 'l: Rolland Balfanz, Joe Pozzini, Connie Thor, John DeVoe, Jim Powell. MRS. TWETTEN Row 3: Don Haefiiger, Bill Neske, Dick Bartkey, Tom Karlow, Leonard Feely, Chuck Anderson, Deanna O'Nash. Row 2: Mickey Carroll, Bonnie Paulson, Janice Fredrick, Russ Hel- geson, Debbie Elling, Mar- gie Miller. Row 'l: Jose- phine Delaney, Mary Ann Chatterton, Kay Colombo, Mary McGrath, Eunice Hor- risberger. MR. REINHARDT Row 4: Ernestine Roettger, Steve Otto, Jeff Mont- briand, Andy Richert, Rol- land Splinter, Walter Sky- berg, Andy Ames, John Croonquist, Wayne Opsahl. Row 3: Deltan Knutson, Kitty Huston, Betty Zimmer, Lorraine Helget, Stuart Her- schleb, Judy Nelson, Kathy Otto, Margaret Lehnherr. Row 2: Linda Schmoeckel, Marla Skramstad, Mary Kay Anez, Jane Lammers, Josephine Ritzer, Don Carl- son, Jim Josephson. Row 1: Colleen Redman, Lucille Duncan, Carl Quist. MR. MADSEN Row 4: Sue Keller, Roger Jones, Terry Johnson, Ann Wolfli, Sandra Larson, Mary- Ann Peters, .lean Wolf, Dick Glasgow. Row 3: Clyde Robbins, Victor Iver- son, Howard Swanson, Bruce Molitor, Jim Hartz, Tim Zwieg, Brook Miller. Row 2: Diane Wolf, Gloria Lewer, Barb Krensing, Di- ane Cedarbloom, Heather Daily, Blythe Kulenkamp, Row 1: Susan Hayes, Terri Behrens, Jerry Biorkman, Kathleen Dalton. MRS. KISPERT Row 3: Lucy Rotenberry, Jerry Iserman, Ingrid Hul- tin, Chris Feliz, Ed Fre- nette, Candy Cohn, Bob Donnett, Toby Olds. Row 2: Bob Wickelman, Jan Olson, Kathleen Schiltgen, Rox- anne Lewerer, Brian Ness, Carol Francis, Kathy Dorn- feld. Row 1: Vernon Thomp- son, Bonnie Knutson, Don- na Balsimo, Bruce Leslie, Lola Anderson. MR. MCAFEE Row 3: Sharon Bruce, Barb Warnke, Suzanne Beske, Kathy Lagerstrom, Bill Kim- ker, Dick Bruski, Ruth Ann Miller, Ardis Stoltzmann, Dave Stoltz. Row 2: Bill Ed- ler, Nancy Cole, Vicki Eng- strom, Dennis Benshoof, Cheryl Simon, Gary Teed, Dick Hayes. Row 1: Linda Easton, Gary Mariana, Mary Belisle, Neal Hoffoss, Duane Kratz, Dick Palmen. MRS. CURTIS Row 4: Ann Taylor, Dick Schrade, Harry Ressler, Dave Lein, LeRoy Iserman, Warren Erler, Joan Arndt, Joan Lollerner. Row 3: Wil- lard Coler, Nancy Cordie, Jeanne Chial, Judy Beach, Donna Carrier, Kathleen Ecker, Gary Bergren. Row 2: Irene Newman, Delores Knutson, Mary LaMotte, Sally Diethert, Don Vietor, Arlene Larson. Row 1: Bob Gardener, Sandra Zabel, Cherrie Anderson, Gary Moelter. x lf M- if :Lx I S.. A K In '1- ' .g 7 1. st : 5 'g"!'l1"J4'!"f f. ,. "'++'l'f:x' 1 M ' ' . sg faux X' 0 - , I .ln t!:. ::'T-. X I vfssssssvi lllssssss 'a 1-"5 'm -.X s , ' YW. f"! FQ Q-4 5 'ip IQ? l 'x lx!!- ' 521, . 5:30 ,, iii 9' I' ,I 29.5 I' 152119 ia! -4 MR. GOSEN Row 4: Kevin Kempf, Jean Richert, Fred Farrcnd, George Carlsen, Mike Teeu- wen, Sandra Nelson, War- ren Roettger, Karen Frit- sche, Row 3: Joleen Waal- en, Mary Dalluhn, Jay Biorkman, Dick Chase, Christ Madsen, Joe Richert, Dave Sharp. Row 2: Dave Peterson, Mary Schmoeckel, Diane Bendix, Raymond Burris, Clarence Dornfeld, John Fisk. Row l: Don Meixner, Allen Edwins, Bob Nordby, Larry McGee. MR. O'BRIEN Row 4: Annette Jenson, La- Vonne Fellerman, Steven Wold, Jim Griffen, Stan Anderson, Gerald Robin- son, Mary Goggin. Row 3: Melvin Picht, Kathy Krog, Laura Van Meier, Linda Christenson, Dave Hobson, Gary Riedl, Darlene Bruck- horst. Row 2: Glen Coch- erell, Diane Langness, Carol Peterson, Dale Doerr, Lloyd Westphal, Linda Hanson. Row 1: Jackie Lay, Karen Rygg, Shirley Fritsche, Bruce Springstein. MISS JOYCE Row 3: Dick Schultz, Caro- line Lund, Judy Belisle, Dick Sherrand, Oliver Longboth- am, Martha Tribble, Dick Lohmann. Row 2: Chuck Olinger, Janet Larson, Di- anne Peterson, Linda La- Cosse, Sue Smith, Bill Schramm. Row 'l: Russ Handevidt, Jane Lentz, Mar- cy Skogen, Sue Lee, Dick Green, Stan Seim. MR. BUNNELLE Row 4: Dave Wilson, Gary Carlson, John Singer, Mel- vin Smith, Russel Burmas- ter, Steve Montbriand, Pat Raleigh, Jim Prichard. Row 3: John Iserman, Josell Wick, Judy Wickelmann, Vicki Vinton, Susan Foley, Dennis Schell, Bud Skram- stad. Row 2: Kenneth Fink, Charles Johnson, Ted Gul- lickson, Charles Jennette, Steve Carlow, Leonard Nel- son, Donald Cocherell. Row 'l: Linda Springstein, Bon- nie Anderson, Herbert Ring- heim, Dennis Doty, Bob Krueger, Jim Philen. MlSS SWANSON Row 4: Bonnie Mulfinger, Charlotte Okey, Dick John- son, Donna Lein, Sharon Dennis, Sandy Handevidt, Louise Kalinoft, Sharon Twombley, Barb Thompson. Row 3: Wendell Anderson, Kathy Jones, Shirley Wal- ler, Allen Smith, Donna Springborn, Roxanne Janil- la, Nancy Mariana, Claudia Hounchell. Row 2: Gay La- Casse, Judy Godfrey, Mel- vin Dupre, Dick Zweig, Ros- alind Rosby, Bob Tribble, Lorelie Thor. Row l: Judy Beaver, Jane Fankhanel, Connie Glennon, Susan Roepke. MRS. STRAND and MR. TUFT Row 4: Karen Peterson, Paul Glass, Linda Gabriel- son, Dina Jerome, Paula McDonough, Mary Smith, Yvonne Heuer, Valdon Behrens. Row 3: Russel Johnson, Bertha Hagen, Jerilyn Eder, Gayle Ander- son, Judy Dornfeld, Jean Ebne, Karen Swanson. Row 2: Curt Stefan, Becky Mo- nio, Linda Reed, John Ol- son, Pat Helget, Gloria Carlson. Row 1: Kathleen Wagner, Pat Cuban, Barb Mclalwain, Susan Kniebel. MR. BROWN AND TUFT Row 3: Darrel Hansen, Tom Wihren, Jan Spreeman, Bob Nelson, George Crittenten, Trent LeTourneau, Ray Zeu- li, Bob Fisk. Row 2: Russel Nygren, Bob Schorr, Terry Magle, Garland LaMotte, Allan Hill, Dennis Cole, Mike Huston, John Kron- gard, Bill Dalluhn. MRS. McMll.LAN Row 4: Nancy Eastwood, Mike Mcluen, Caroline La- Bonte, Dan McClain, Mau- reen Best, Ann Trandal, Donna Clemmens, Diane Bergslund. Row 3: Chuck Tullgren, Bob Edstrom, Francis Herman, Barb Rich- ert, Mary McDonald, Vir- ginia Matheny, Jack Krug- er. Row 2: Chuck Dahl, Sheldon Pierson, Frank Glasgow, Sue Lewerer, Dick Koch, Mitchel McDonald, Jean Lichtenberg. Row 'l: Dick Geddes, Roland Peter- sen, Carl Magnuson, Stan- ley Langness, Dick Eder. MRS. CARLBERG Row 4: Jane Poshek, Doreen Knutson, Shirley Kress, Aud- rey Risch, Ed Ostertag, Rachael Parker, JoAnn Vann, Marcia Borden. Row 3: Cherlyn Fritz, Georgia Plaster, Lloyd Kuehn, Bar- bara Young, Michael Schultz, Vicki Burmaster, Francis Elmlinger. Row 2: Jean Thompson, Susan Finch, Joan Ziertman, Craig Riedl, Bruce Schmidt, Joan Thompson. Row l: Barbara Fenton, Tim Johnson, Kathy York, Judy Rydeen, anell Meissner. MRS. FOLEY Row 4: Sandra Linbeck, Jon Mason, MayBeth Un- derwood, Leonard Boesel, Dennis Thibodeau, Carol Zolldan, Mike Plaster. Row 3: Janet Papenfuss, Ron Bruchu, Dick McClellan, Neil Fredrick, Warren Platt- ner, Patty Horner, Elaine Thomsen. Row 2: Tom Muel- ler, Harold Kruse, Shirley Thompson, Judy Wagner, Stephen Groth, Tim Tuenge, Peter Madsen. MISS MILNER Row 4: Karen Mueller, Diane Lindgren, Joyce Schmoeckel, Ron Young, Dick Evans, Dick Kusel, Doris Borden, Iola Martin- son. Row 3: Tim Hess, Dick Underwood, John Ulrick, Fredrick Nehring, Gery Kaske, Mike Wilson, Judy Krensing. Row 2: Dick Lentz, Rudolph Harskiold, Dave Bolstad, Sharon Bouma, Barb Diethert, Darlene Al- betson. Row 'l: Kenneth Bruce, Tim Dove, Henry Reich. Row 3: Allan Burger, Dick Tossey, Dennis Whitcomb, Gorden Seim, Margaret Johnson, Mary Haak, Carol Swenson. Row 2: Mary Schmidt, Elizabeth Olson, Gary Buege, Gloria Gund- erson, Caryl Ecker, Nancy Van Beek. Row 1: Stan Mc- Garr, Roger Andrews, Dale Langness, Tom Burnett, Jim Bohdan. Row 3. LeRoy Cicero, Don- ald Lukenbill, Mary Stone, Ray Matheny, Bruce Leland, Lyle Burtzlaff, Jane Conley, Sue Gunderson. Row 2: Mary Moravec, Caroline Kaufman, Penny Giorvad, Jacky Flemming, Linda Frit- sche, Maureen McFadden, Carol Wendorf. Row 1: Pat- ty Jones, Linda Black, Ce- leste Carlson, Linda Som- mers, JoAnn Kunz. MISS POZZINI Row 4: Dan Beedle, Larry Nelson, Walter Kress, Dave Hohmann, Julie Hallquist, Suzanne Humphries, Fred Elling. Row 3: Mary Karlan, Eline Kester, Karen Loger- strand, Bob Gosso, Kay Clark, Jim Lohman. Row 2: Jerris Baier, Ron Arrigoni, Nancy Bell, Virginia Porth, Tom Bever, Dick Balsimo. Row 'l: Jim Bonse, Mary O'Brien, Bob Fodness, Ron Lay, Jeff Junker. X 'ml sri :L .2 f FZ' Ui " S 1 ig? . ' it V 4 , Q ,l 'Q 1,5 'li I ' 4:1 Stl , 0 5 ll -fl 'QP YV J .. - ,f -, Lt' l '. ,t f .X X, I . ' li I l BAYPORT Row 4: Diane Bonin, Jim Daniels Jane Bliss, Richard Daniels, Helen Bruske, Joan Tompson, Jennifer Samuelson, Carolyn Hagen, Carrie Hering. Row 3: Diane Chartier, Bill Radke, Pat Rowland, Ricky Schnei der, James Hendrickson, Tom Kuehn Ann Kilkelly, Barbara Funari, Joan Junker, Roger Kaske. Row 2: Vickie Skeath, Ross Dahlin, Joyce Hansen Lee Berger, Kay Gunderson, Lyn Swanson, Janice Dornfeld, Donna Marcuson, Jo Judkins. Row 'l: Karen Simonson, Barbara Groth Gary Shelley, Barbara Brown, Paul Carlson, Pat Voligny, Lee Casperson Don Halberg. 8TH GRADE Row 4: Christine Anderson, Pat McConnon, Terry Fredrickson, Roger Gramenz, Larry Wolf, Jim Weyer, Pam Gallimore, Larry Morrisette, Row 3: Sheila Kilkelly, Jim Stone, Claudia Coppa, Nancy Dahl, Linda Soller, Dan Carlstrom, Ricky John- son. Row 2: Elane Johnson, Janet Wiess, Mary Groth, Dick Rominski, Marsha Thompson, Karen Beiling. Row 'ls Tom Cartony, Buzzy Black, Ron Sanford, Jon Peterson. 9TH GRADE Row 4: Linda Thompson, Rita Utech, John Serier, Dave Stout, Tom Mag- nuson, Jerry Hall, Susan Rose, Bruce Mathison. Row 3: Sharon Johnson, Sandra Skeath, Danny Ridgway, Dick Carlson, Richard Hagen, Cheryl Hubbard, Geraldine Chatterton. Row 2: Dave Halberg, Sandra Morrisette, Judy Gelford, Marcella Bonin, Linda Berger, Arthur Hellman, Martha Hul- ings. Row 1: Dennis Schelander, Rob- ert Serier, Pat Ahlers, Carl Schneider, Sally Marty. 1 UTA Dusseldorf Germany IS the home of one of our foreign exchange students this year Back home rn Dusseldorf Uta Salymann Bruhns family a brother a saster and mother and father A statement of Utas whlch mnght cause some contro versy among the students of SHS as that school here In Strllwater IS easy and there Isnt much homework In Germany Uta goes to school sux days a week from 8 to 12 45 nme months a year All the vacations are spread out through the twelve months Uta IS lmpressed wnth the scenery the students and the teachers ln Stillwater She has had nothing but good experiences In Sttllwater she says Since Uta IS used to working much harder In school back In Germany she has tame for many extra currncular actlvltles here rn SHS Physics club YTeens and Student Councrl Uta has also the responslblllty to the AFS of going on fteld traps and speaking at various programs Uta s friendly nature and personality make her well liked by all In SHS ' . ' is , . - . . . . , She is in the cast of the one-acts, a member of GAA, . .. . . I V Touylng H Romln olnos Vac IS our smnllng frlend and fellow student from Indoneslo Vlc IS from Borlorolrcl Indonesxo o clty of 200000 people There he 'Ives wsth hrs parents 6 brothers ond one svster Vscs frnendly smnle ond cheerful eagerness to leorn hos mode hrs comung CI wonderful expernence for oll of the students We truly hope that he will take buck os mony fond memories os he will leove wnth us Vlc will offend the Umversnty of Indonesld next yeor ond wzll work In the field of lnterndtlonol relotlons The students of S H S wish you every hopplness ond success for o brnght future Q-h 1' hx .4 4 .3 je Q, if Q fwpfm, gh dw-r A' 1 ., 5 I x gag, S 58 59 Student Councl Standing Left to Right Charles Johnson Pres Tom Lmdell Kay Pauley Barb Fischer Mary Jane MacDonald Becky Lay Barb Brmk Joan Godeman Ruth Ann Jacobson Ed Elgethun Mel Schroeder Mike Hamm Vic Ramlu George Johnson Mike Ayres Dick Dornfeld John Klspert Judd Orff Judy Lammers Jim Connie Stembeiser Nancy Bird Uta Salzman Bruhn Nancy Stone Shirley Johnstone Carol Evans Jean Pomlnvllle Sue Lange ,rv its Advisor Mr Wlndmnller and Presu dent Charles Johnson preside over an important student council meeting The governing body of SHS the Student by President Charles Johnson Representatives from each home room comprised the membership of the council Each ot these students reported back to their homerooms on the issues which the Council proposed Committees were chosen at the beginning of the year to carry out the various duties ot the council One of the main Issues which the student council had to contend with this year was the adoption of the teenage code The council appointed a com mittee to revise it and at was finally accepted after three months of hard work on the part of the council and the student body Delegates to the State Youth Council Conven tion at Austin were Chuck Johnson and Jim Lam mers They discussed money making protects and the teenage code with representatives from all over the state Homecoming the Halloween party and the Winter Festival were the mann activities which the council sponsored The new homecoming was a big success as were the other two parties Many problems were met by the council with some of them being litter on the school grounds publicity for the Bond Issue and organizing an A F S Committee to raise money for students to go abroad Student government in the school was very suc cesstul and provided each student with a chance to express his opinions on the operation ot S H S I o - y ,,. ., r 5 th ., ' ' K is , 4 Lammers, Nancy Shattuck, Sue Alexander. Sitting Left to Right: Council, WGS led fhrough Q Very Successful yegr 5 1' 167 Y sw ' , . . Z . I Hall and Building Committee Welfare Committee Dance Committee Welcome Committee Assembly Committee var Charles Johnson Tom Lnndell Jim Lammers John Kispert Q Barb Fischer Ruth Ann Jacobson Carol Evans Shirley Johnstone Jane Gunderson Ed Elgethun Judy Lammers Francis Quick Adeline Steffans Judd Orff Jayne Jones Sue Lange Cathy Carlson Kay Pauley Duck Dornfeld Nancy Bird i . S. Y 4 W V 'Nw 755 'iii 1 , X J I I I . I I I I 1 , ff X xg X. 5 .W J I I I I I . . 2 v , 1 OW STILLXVAFFR mon scnoox. txxuxm 1,0 1959 Standlng left to rlght Dave Charlsen Sally Serner Pam Malerug Nancy Hunchell Mary Jo Judkms Ann Gelhar Betsy Colllnge Sue lange Sue Skyberg Merldeth Beardsley Nancy Bird Duck Huelsman Betty Johnson Jlm Lammers Slttlng left to rught Kathy Rollg Pat Delany Nancy Mergens Carol Brekke Judy Lammers Linda Schwantes Get that story nn please' Hand me those pnctures are we ever going to lay this one out are lust a few of the cries echonng through the express office where the staft worked all year Every two weeks they regularly turned out a shiny copy of the Pony Express During that time they were kept busy meeting deadlines wrntlng storaes and proof readung yards of copy so that we students could have our Express Their new advisor Mrs Goldberg helped the staff very much and we are very grateful The members ofthe hard working groups were Editor Dave Charlsen News Edltor Sue Lange Asslstants Nancy Hounschell Sue Skyberg Sue Coolidge Jayne Jones Nancy Mergens Feature Edltors Ann Gelhar Carol Brekke Kathy Rollg Assrstants Nancy Bnrd Pat Delaney Glrl s Page Editor Betty Johnson Assistants Lundy Schwantes Mary Jo Judklns Judy Lammers Sports Editor Duck Huelsman Asslstants Jnm Lammers John Thoreen Pam Malerus Sally Serler Helpers Merldlth Beardsley Betsey Collnge Jane Dickenson Mrs Goldberg Advnsor Y M x v N k ' - f - K. 1 , 1' . 71' , nuns: ' -- e 'X' 1 l ng Y . "'-5 O 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' : I 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 1 I - , -- . . A 1 2 , . ' .frvf-M e '- 1 1 1 I , 1 1 1 1 1 . , . '-' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' New and dufterent thungs happened to the Kabe konuon thus year It was the aum ofthe Kob statt to provude a bugger and better year book and also to get ut out on tume' Duck Strand the edutor was un charge ot all the duvusuons ol the stalt l-le was the overseer ot the rest ot the edutors The copy duvusuon worked at unspur ung each other to wrute unterestung and refreshung copy to accompany the puctures whuch the photogra phy dulugently worked on through the whole school year Plannung the posutuons and places for our copy and pucture was done by the layout staff Color on the Hrst pages and a longer book wuth more puctures were some ot the thungs whuch made ance also helped to make thus year a happy success 'Civ Row 2 Karen Brudos Ruchard Hayes Tom Lundell Susan Kerner Connue Bergen .Joan Carlstrom Row 1 Roberta Ross Carolyn VanTassel Duck Strand Janet Rugg Shurley this year's Kab bigger and better. Mr. Jordan's assist- Q , mv wx , .... , .1 nf 1 i u ,f ff , l 1 1 If 1 M ' of ,f u f 'M f f f ' WQZA Faraway places and modes ot travel were the themes of this year s Tusitala Again in 59 the budding talents ot our SHS students showed up in the Tusitala We had everything from westerns to tall tales to heavy drama to comedy t poetry Yes indeedy its a varied Tusitala we ve got Why do you realize some of It even shows talent? e editors of this literary masterpiece were Senior editors Carol Evans and Nancy Mergens Junior editor Connie Ber gen Sophomore editor Marlon Carlberg Hope you all bought one lf you didnt you surely missed something Miss Hedberg 4-ntl sl ,,......a-vw 4111211 Row 3 Dick Doerr Gordon Klatt Jim Lammers Row 2 Karl Carton: Mary Carlstrom Karen Lind Joan Carlstrom Carla Undls Richard Huelsmann Row 'I Nancy Mergens Carol Evans Connie Bergen Roberta Ross Marcia Eckholm I I 1 1 O . ., . . , . , . , , . Th . . . . 1 . . I 1 1 ' 2 ' 1 . . , . - 1 L W ., i "I 'VA H it 5 A JV , I ,L r KN M , A , ' 7 ,M Q .4 , il 5 V 5 . 1 1 I f : .1 1 1 1 1 ' 5 1 I I I . ' FUTURE HOMEMAKERS HOLD DISTRICT MEET Left to right Shirley Johnstone Jan Riegel Margaret Hlntz Mary Burmaster Roberta Ross Adeline Steffen Kathy Brown Carol Brekke Homemakers is a well suited motto for the girls in FHA Vice president presided over the meeting which in The emphasis on good home life for everyone is mainly cluded Future Homemakers from many different com stressed this year as the FHA learned to work and munities All the girls in the local chapter worked very play together hard to make it a wonderful success The highlight of the year was the District Meeting Girls listen attentively at a meeting 4, in 4 E if T. i 1 TFL- 5 "Toward New Horizons", the goal of the Future held in our school. Carol Brekke, the outgoing District FFA Collects Corn if-ce ,J igisear f pf 0 0 ,A ss oP'TI0lv7'PfaT zz-sf? .vii-"" S Q T C fQFA0e li T .5 H " 31 Q Q XX! 4 ' WTFTTK' x.J f, M :MQ 'V QS! 'WP' ,QT lxo -:W llllllj ,f-vffq H- x L. was M CE.."r"'T'f1"s " :fi We ' 'C i n W X f, 1 1 o WQUQQV 1. qu-af 7 ,Aff Left To right, Row 'l Gerome, Schlltgren, Stanley Johnson, Carol Brekke, Curtis Wolfe'Row 2 Roger Josephson, Milo LX Keske Row 3 John Thor, President "Corn Tor Camp Courage" was one of The many prolecTs underTaken by This year's acTive FFA M73 was, Through hard work of The boys and co operaTion of The local farmers, given To Camp Courage Tor crippled children One of The high poinTs of This year's F.F.A. group, was The Trip Taken by The ofllcers: Pres. John Thorg V.P, Rodger Josephsong Sec. Milo Keske, Treas, CurTis Wolf, ReporTer Stan Johnson, and SenTinel Jerry SchilTzerg To Kansas Cify for The National F.F.A, Convemion. STillwaTer's land judging Team won TirsT place in This year's disTricT conTesT, and are To be hearTily congraTulaTed. Good luck To all The fellows and Their advisor, Mr. Erwin. Y TEENS ? WMM Senior Y Teens Officers Wrth only two YTeen clubs this year both the sensors and rumors had to take on extra work They had to put on the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance The gurls worked hard and provuded a good fame for many SHS ers Demonstrations on modern dance hair stylmg and grooming movies and panel dlscusslons added to the 1 Girls listen attenhvely to speaker at Senior Y Teens meeting 1 X x 0 2 . , 4 T 1 Q - Y Q 1 ls ' ,-Q,-Q R ,W sl l - A I I 1 I I ,, , . P 9 I PHOTO CLUB T Thus small group takes on the huge task of provudung puctures for all the SHS pub lucatuons They spend many hours cluckung the shutter to rw fill the many demands of the Kabekonuan and the Pony Express The boys well de serve recognutuon for theur hard work f I Left to rught Ron Duncan Gary Rydeen Duck Barnes PROJECTIQNIST CLUB 5,Q Roger Thomas, Duck Thomas, Ralph Lagerstrom, Duck Mueller, John Schultz, Dave Tobusch Thus club us made up ot boys unterested un the oper tuon of movue and sound equupment Wuthout these boys the loud speakers tape recorders, phonogrophs, and mucrophones wouldn't be run as efflcuently as they are These boys deserve a bug hand for the fine work they are doung , W' 1.2. U ., Q M I as ' gf 9 4 - V s 'X 0 X" uf' I . . 4 I 'af' 1 ' , 0 T' v ff' '- ,L-:Q I y ,f ' " .. ' XT - fe- - l. . lu 'WR , ' Q, , Q f . i u .ls Q, f if ' " 1 , 4 A . 0 M 4 .Q its I 4 1 1 ,V , 1 4 , y' ' ,A T - ' 1 X 'ffm . fn ' W - - lm ,M y . . - CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Promotung Chrustuon beluels un hugh school us the maun gool ot the octuve Hu C Club Thus the Junuor and Senuor Hugh Clubs are combuned unto one large group They have had many octuvutues to whuch the enture student body hos been unvuted Mr Waller us the adyusor of thus very sllccesslul Hu C Club 'hx Carolyn Campbell Dan Parker Dave Kaufman Jean Hanson 'Ii' Shurley Stules NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Scholarshup Leodershup Character and Servuce are members the Socuety was honored by dunner at the the by wo ds of the Natuonol Honor Socuety Thurty sux Rotary ond Luons Clubs and o specuol tea sponsored by senuors and uunuors of Stullwater Hugh School belong to the uunuor members ol last year was guven for the new thus untellectual Socuety Alter the unductuon of the new members theur parents faculty and admunustrotuon Row 3 Jeanne Karlow, Ruby Monson, Sue Skyberg, Ruchard Hayes, Tom Lundell, Jum Lammers, John Thor, Duck Huels mann, Carol Brekke, Connue Bergen, Pam Mauerus, Jeannune Lahuff, Marna Jacobson Row 2 Sharon Huss, Bob Zum merman, Janet Gardner, Sharon Zabrok, Roberta Ross, Gerald Gross, Betty Lou Johnson, Davud Charlsen, Carol Evans Row I Ruth Ann Jacobson, Sue Lange, Shurley Johnstone, Janet Rugg, Mary Carlstrom, Kay Pauley, Charles Johnson, I J M b ,Wm I, L . S - . r 1, ' . ,A ' TI' l ' 3 'J I I I f A v as I 3 T ' I' '-T Sue Nyberg, Doug Peterson, X .J , us ' , ffl' , M ' ' - Kathy Rolig, Joan Carlstrom. Missing: Dick Strand, Ann Farnham, Ray Larson, Barbara Brink, Marcia Eckholm. 65 DECLAM slr ,lr ,uv Row 3 Dave Charlsen Connie Bergen Ruby Monson Nancy Mergens Karen Smith Row 2 Ann Schorr Barbara Rolland Sibylla Rouleau Betty Johnson Jeannine Lahlff Row 1 Marcia Eckholm Sharon Zabrok Joan Pierson Ann Farnham Janet Iverson Dorcas Jones DEBATE U, , HM 1 ,, rn: communion DIIEMFADY menus vocwcx if WK M55 THU www Q QQ 'lv 'L f- .I ' u "lQ '.Y5t "1:,,gw2+3v'f ,. ,, M a. -w -'!95' 0 6"1"5X Row 3: Ray Larson, Dick Hayes, Peter Rauen, John Beach, Dick Barnes, Connie Bergen. Row 2: Joe Fogarty, Janis Stone, Sharon Zabrok, Karyl Cartony, Dorcas Jones, Marcia Eckholm. Row 1: Carol Friendshuh, Becky Walhood, Ann Farnham, Shirley Johnstone, Joan Carlstrom. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE COMMITTEE I Left To right Dave Charlsen Mr Vlllars Janet Rlgg Mr Honetschlager Sue Lange Jlm Lammers Duck Strand Tom Llnclell LIBRARY ASSISTANTS OFFICE GIRLS f""' .iii qi""' Back Row Roger Handevldt Darrell Sprmgborn Sharon Huss Barb Nlppoldt Mary Jo Judklns Front Beverly Charher Ann Schorr Kathy Borst Sue Lange Karen Holmes I : I ' I I . I ' I I . 1 1 - Egfr K ' H ' I Q N f , 0 ff, 3 Q if I I I 2 I I - .L I 'I 4 ,V 2 -rw, I :Q I A N . I z . I . 1 I . I . : ' , , . , . A s 'C CHEMISTRY CLUB Row 3 Ron Duncan Pete Rauen Gordon Klatt Ray Larson Rochell Reeves Karen Smuth Ruchard Hayes Row 2 Ralph Moyer John Beach Duck Barnes Kathy Jambeck Nancy Mergens Connue Bergen Row 1 Jerry Dornfeld Bull Revelley Marcua Larson Marcua Eckholm PHYSICS CLUB Newly organuzed thus year the U S S R us the club for all students unterested un Physucs Mr Weber us the clubs advusor The SHS Chemistry Club for '58-'59 was even more active than those of prevuous years Thus was due prlmaruly to an energetuc membershlp a very ca pable advlsor and a good core of of flcers The Club felt that the Natuonal Sclence Youth Month whuch was October should be made known to every student An as sembly was planned for thus purpose The program proved unterestung to all especually to those planmng to make a career of sclence Chemustry Club luke most clubs has a purpose lt us not only to teach stu dents about Chemnstry but also to prove that scuence can be more than dull and technucal Scnence can be fascnnatungl QW 'lr Presudent Duck Barnes Treasurer Pete Rauen Vice presudent John Beach and Secretary Marcua Eckholm , i ...J........l 1 'T' 'L' in gil 'sf-'U' If Bruce Halvorson Bob Zummerman Nancy Ron Duncan Tom Lundell Duck Strand Bruce Halvorsen Duck Dornfeld Bob Mergens Zummerman Ruchard Lagerstrom Duane Hershleb Uta Bruhm Karen Smuth 68 Vuc Ramlu 4 - . A 'R T s . v 4 I - . ' 'TX ' - 1 Of I . re all I , , .. I I ,I 1 ' - bg, , I ' s I -r' J ' ' , : I I I I I I 1 - 5 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' . I I ' : I I . I . ' rf . tfl ., ' Q of X , -f fl : Y ' s s j I . - I A ,ffl 6 1 M f 34:12, :I . x 'lp ff? fasgse.uS'Q?:sr.:.. 1 , 5 , , -, .A ...n-g,,:.. . ,., , , A I ..u ..... .. .. , , . ,, ..--..,,. li ' - It ,Ny 7. '.-f3:f2!:g.':f7.5' I I . I Q, Hhs. ,j.:.:3::::,,-K.. 1 f ' 4 ','l 2. fI-I-111 I f f f'fv'l'fl,' If - -zfffif ' , ' 2 , F ' 1 I , . A V --H-Mu . ,.,, ,u-A A , ,V Q ,, -sT,,.,,.,.. y....-----4.., ,. cf," ' 1 ' T ' . . ' T" ' L ' ' 7 E I 4 t , . . . . --X ll wil ll if, 1 ,I 3--rf' 51 A . . . M .g . ., y- H Q - I I 1. 1 IU. . . , - j ,I ' . ' .nu f . . . ' K . b y , 25 A s-it u A I - . A A u Q 1 " ., ' , N g t ,A ' , ,g f u 'Q' 4 P i 7 , u ' U O l Q B ' sl we 2 I il l l X , ,z I Q, A Q X I In , " I, L A . I us " ,151-f ' ' . 2-2 3 X , lf Jz ' 1 u . ,L V 4 5 ' M ,, 1 tif 1' 4 g ' , ug, , V f u , ' t uf" , 1 ,L .X I J y 1 l I I D I ' I I . l ' I I . I I I FTA Movies, speakers, field trips cmd student teaching kept the Future Teachers Club busy every minute. Hamline and Mankato Col- leges provided interesting and enlightening trips for the members. With a membership of about 35 girls, the Stillwater FTA Club will provide a large number of teachers for the state and na tion in the future Thus year FTA pins were ordered for the Senior members of the club Awards were also given to the members who had at tended the meetings regularly and obtained perfect attendance Left to right Jean Lundeen Ann Farnham Marna Jacobson Sue Law 'sw ii! j CLUB The Sk: Club once again this year was plagued with the problem of hav ing no snow On few occasions mem bers could be found taking traps to Hardscrabble Lutsen Lookout Mt Lockhaven and Mt Telemark The htlnght of the year was a trip to Porcupine Mt at Ontonagen Mtch :gan on the upper peninsula About 30 members motored there by us during Christmas vacation and re ported the skiing excellent The club this year adopted the name Stlzmarks and are operating under a new constitution passed at the beginning of the season A-av Row 3 Dave Paulson Carol Millar Jim Rollg Dave Charl sen Dave Carlson Tom Lmdell Duck Strand Bob Zimmer man Row 2 Merldeth Beardsley Jane Dickenson Carol Goerss Jeanne Karlow Duck Stout Ramona Rosby Richard Hayes Row 1 Kathy Flynn Mary Burmaster Carol Brekke Karen Brudos Gene Junker Janet Rugg Dick Strand Sue Lange 5 J Af' I fs. Mt - f tt SKI . 0 . I - I I 'I D , . . 2 , f . . . . I I . - b . fr Z3 'Tit - A 5. I 4 J it xi if n - u I - ff., - A a c gre: .lt 1. so J B Ml' 'wa W' I ' ' o -' I ' K ' I fl' Z i 'M oi . ,, W ,qs , y 2 1 K V un .lr-,sl , ' ll I ll fa? ttqt , f 1- ' l 2172 V 'W P A , -, . GV L 9 I ! fr tg T 9 'Q' A , ' ' x .V wt' V 1 , ' , ' ' , - 1 ' I ' I ' 5 D 1 ., 1 . ' : I I I Cur A Choir Completes Row 4: Connie Bergen, Jo Ann Klinefelter, Julie Reigel, Edith Witney, Pat Melstrom, Jim Plourde, Gene Junker, Dick Waalen, Bob Zimmerman, Walt Kamrath, George Winterlin, Dave Carlson, Bob Peulen, Alan Tschida, Mike Meister, Judy Lammers, Rosemary Burger, Dave Burgslund, Dick McGee. Row 3: Judy Eichten, Mary Kay Pominville, Karen Benson, Shirley Johnstone, Sue Nelson, Nancy Mergens, Mary Meister, Dave Kaufman, John Croonquist, Andy Ames, Dick Doerr, Gary Langness, Greg Colombo, Harold Papenfuss, John Finnegan, Steve Otto, Dan Parker, Connie Steinbeiser. Row 2: Connie Roloff, Janet McCarty, Nancy Stone, Carol Evans, Karen Lind, Sue Peterson, Marlene Shelly, Karen Munkelwitz, Jan Reigel, Karen Smith, Carolyn Fankhanel, Roberta Ross, Mary Jo Lupient, Ruby Munson, Janet Iverson, Kathy Rolig, Joan Godeman, Kay Pauley. Row 'la Sally Schmoeckel, Nancy Marlow, Martha McGough, Mary Burmaster, Pat Horrigan, Versea Heaney, Janet Gardner, Sue Fredrickson, Carol Brekke, Mary Carlstrom, Joan Carlstrom, Judy Schelander, Janet Rigg, Miss Peterson. Another Successful Yeclr i N I Q Q' r Yr , I, -5. QA! i i P . A 'N i Miss Peterson hos led the choruses Through onother successful yeor of music. There ore czpproximotely l9O students who portici- pote in one of our three choruses. Despite the hordships of crowded conditions ond C1 very unfdvorcible place for proctice, they mon- oged to give three very fine concerts. Both the Christmas Concert ond the Fine Arts Festivol were products of the combined efforts of the Art, Dromo, and Music departments. This year, for the time, the "A" Chorus wds given permission to go on on overnight trip. The chorus stopped olong the woy giving concerts. Everyone hod o good time ond hopes thot the privilege will extend into next yeor. We would oll like to thcink Miss Peterson for the wonderful job she is doing in our school. She hos been given quite o bit of ossistonce by the "A" Choir olticers ond section leoders this yeor. Congrotulotions to Miss Peterson ond to the choruses for their very successful yeor in rnusicll Miss Peterson 71 MIXED ENSEMBLE Row 3 Dave Kaufman Duck Waalen Bob Puelen Walt Kamrath Bob Zummerman Gene Junker Gary Langness Duck McGee Row 2 Nancy Stone Mary Jo Lupuent Connue Bergen Karen Smuth Carolyn Fankhanel Rosemary Burger Roberta Ross Ruby Monson Row 'I Joan Carlstrom Karen Benson Mary Carlstrom Karen Lund Carol Evans Joan Godeman Judy Schelander Sue Nelson GIRLS CHORUS Row 3 Marcua Larson Elaune Aubun Eluzabeth Doe Barb Nuppolt Barb Brunk lone DuRucher Carol Scheel Duane Wultse Kutty Peulen Margaret McKean Moruda Lungren Sara Nelson Sue Kerner Mary Glasrud Karen Howue Vucku VanTasseI Phyllus Borden Kathy Peplunsku Patsy Pulquust Lunda Hayes Sharon Pourer Row 2 Jackue Wucklander Ann Rudgeway Alta Ness bara Black Loretta Ruckert Carol Hull Joan Puerson Karen Brudos Sandy Skyberg Muss Peterson Row I Judy Suebolds Judy Ostner Pat Smuth Donna Dybdol JoAnn Horrusburger Sandy Perruer Mary Anderson Sue Nyberg Januce Johnson Darlene Polnau Marlene Carlson Kathy Hulde Joan Luetuan Nora Jerome Barb Schaefer B-CHORUS Row 4 Audrey Nuttung Mary Marlowe Carol Mullar Dorus Johnson Lacunda Betchold Ruta Gunderson Wally Frauser Duck Bubeau Dale Multlnger Bob Olson Bob Johnson John Zummerman Ed Peterson Joe Kleun Shurley Stules Carolyn Campbell Row 3 Sue Alexander Barbara Lewerer Marulyn Lohman Joan Whute Duane Salmore Nancy Shattuck Jane McConnon Barbara Nelson Ardus Kern Pat Bauley Mereduth Beardsley Jane Duckunson Duane Herschleb Mary Loeber Muss Peterson Row 2 Martha Clark Mary Ann Germaun Shelby Specht Pat Raleugh Janet Kohler Judy Engstrom Sharon Dorgan Deanna Davus Elsue Ostertag Mary McGough Jean Pomunvulle Marulyn Lewerer Jean Magnuson Maureen Orff Row I Sharon Asmus Sharon Judkuns Darlene Learyer Marg Schwartz Mary Easton Jean Euchten Mary Carlson Duane Larson Mary Sumonet Ramona Rosby Mary Louuse Carlson Vucku Bradshaw : I . I I I . I I I . I : I . I . I . I , , I . : , , , ' , , , , K a i 5 1' Q S I ' - I . 4 , lu I I Y' I " 1? 1 If I ' ' x . l if , t 's I I z . I . . I . I . I . I I I . . , . I I . I I I I . I . . I . I . .I . . I . I . - I . . I . I I Sandy Glasbrenner, Kathy Ridgeway, Sandra Krongard, Ruth Ann Jacobson, Pat Shattuck, Bev Ruline, Kathy Jambeck, Bar- ' . I . I . I I I . I z . I I . I I . I . I I I . I , I . I . . I I l : . I I . I . I . I . I . I . - I I I I . I I . I . . I ' : I I . I . I . I 1 I I . r . I . I . . I . I I . ' z I . I , . I I I I . I . I I . . I . I I 0 : I . I , I I . I I . I . I I . I . . I vs kg, E 2 Y Junior High A Band Left to right Row 'I: Pam Smith, Susan Evans, Sally Stevenson, Barbara Davis, Cincy Rog, Pam Radke, Pat Reed. Row 2: Alexis Leszeynski, Joyce Rohda, Barbara Schaefer, Linda Thompson, Pam Brown, Darlene Widmeyer, Roxanne Blomquist, David Heitmiller, Donald Heitmiller, James Schaefer, Lenard Yee, James Malcolm, James Friedrick, Paulette Langerstrand, Bonnie Striet labsentl. Row 3: Robert Barnes, Kay Stenberg, Julie Mcllwain, Nancy Martin, Dave Pierson, Donald Larson, David Rickert, Robert Anderson, Jack Reichitzer, Jerry Runk, Lynn Yee, Nancy Barski, Dianne Friedrick, Joanne Splinter, Bill Mickaelis, Joe Schultz, Richard Kutz, Danny Ressler, Russell Carlberg, Tom Huelsman, Tom Batchelder. Row 4: Judy Carlson, Terry Palmer, Elizabeth Nuemeier, Jenifer Bunce, Russell Carlson, Arden Peterson, Jeff Meehan, Pot Potter, Diane Pechuman, Kathy Leszeynski, Robert McPherron, Fred Farrond, Danny Faust, Mr. Biugan. Dance Band Row l Janet Iverson Adeline Steffen Sally Johnson Judd Orff Jim Lay Doug Johnson Kurt Luhmann Ed Elgethun Row 2 Richard Thompson Margaret Conley Kitty Brudos Gene Junker Carol Klnsel Marna Jacobson Phyliss Carlson Mary Madsen Missing Dick Huelsmann Junior Hugh B Band charles Stabenow Robert Jacobson Carolyn Kaufman Stephen Hirte Wayne Miller Penny Glorvad John Papenfuss Jim Johnson Donald Lukenbill David Lohman Donald Herscheb Mary Jean Moravee labsentl Row 3 Steven Gordon Virginia Holmberg Marlene Andrews Bruce Leland Hugh Jergens Jeff Peterson Jack Herrick Tom Berggren David Berglund Celeste Carlson Jane Conley Lyle Burtzlaff LeRoy Cicero Richard Behm Ernest Kamrath Maureen Relchon labsentl Tom Ganas labsentl Row 4 Norma Graeber Linda Sommers Jim Langeman Jo Ann Kunz Patty Jones Roberta Barrett labsentl 1 - 5 . 1 1 . I Left to right, Row l: Carol Wendorf, Linda Fritschel, Luella Lang, Susan Gunderson. Row 2: Maureen McFadden, Linda Black, I I I I I . I I . I - 7 1 . 1 ' 1 1 1 . As Always, Dur Band Lived Up SENIOR BAND, Left Side, Row 1: Marion Carlberg, Shirley Johnstone, Ann Taylor. Row 2: Sue Lange, Cathy Carlson, Kathy Brown, Joyce Schelander, Barb Rog, Ginny Neemes, Betsy Collinge, Barb Arcand. Row 3: Carol Kruse, Mary Jane Junker, Linda Handevidt, Jane Gunderson, Vicki VanTassel, Kurt Luhmann, Paul Rowland, Elizabeth Johnson, Jane Lam- mers, Larry Churchill, Linda Schwantes. Row 4: Jean Ander- son, Kay Heitmiller, Barb Fischer, Stuart Heschlub, Priscilla DuPre, Dave Steglish. Row 5: Dick Landeen, Marge Raduenz, Karen Brown, Phyllis Carlson, Jayne Jones. Practice and a desire to keep up the wonderful reputa- tion the band has kept through these last few years has made i958-i959 another glowing success tor the Sl-l.S. Band. ln November the band was invited to play at the l958 Centennial Festival Concert at the St. Paul Auditorium. Their work was much appreciated by all who heard them play. To Its Outstanding Reputation L Row 'la Judy Swanson, Mary Huelsman, Janice Stone. Row 2: Becky Lay, Margaret Conley, Kitty Brudos, Gene Junker, Jerry Balfanz, JoAnn Larson, Mary Madson, Dick McGee. Row 3: Doug Johnson, Jim Lay, Judd Orff, Barry Carlson, Nancy Hounchill, Jean Ramberg, Jeannine Lahiff, Carol Kin- sel, Dick Huelsman, Marna Jacobson, Karen Sigsted. Row 4: Mr. Regis, Larry Larson, Janet Iverson, Adeline Stetten, Gary Langness, Sally Johnson, Dennis Gallowitz. Their regular attendance at pep tests, football and bas- ketball games has provided a spirit-provoking inspiration to all Sl-l.S. studnts. The Spring Concert, an annual event, brought the people of S.l-LS. and Stillwater to a greater appreciation of good music. Mr. Regis' excellent direction brought results in another fortunate year for the Senior High Band. L 5 t 5 a K Q 2 t t 2 Mr. Regis, Director THESPIANS hff' nu., Vu 'Bw Row 4 Gene Junker Jum Lammers Duck Sirand Row 3 Marna Jacobson Duck Huelsman Tom Lundell Row 2 Judy Euchten Karen Lund Rowl Jeannune Lahuff Jean Lundeen Mussung Connue Raloff Dave Charlsen Thespuans us a naTlonal organuzahon of dramaTusTs The Thespuan Troop un STullwaTer worked hard To puT on The annual one acT plays Thus year four plays were produced unstead of only Three The Thespuans had Tull charge of produchon of These plays each play havung 3 Thespuans durecfung uT The members work hard To puT on The plays buf Thespuans usnT all work The members went To The Duary of Anne Frank whuch was puT on at The ST Paul Audutoruum Puzza afterwards added To The enloymenT of The evening The hughlughf of The year was a Two day convenTuon un Ely Munnesofa The Twelve members from lasT year aTTended and as any of Them wull Tell you uT was quuTe an experience The Thespuans held Theur annual unuTuaTuon un The sprung lnuTuaTes wenT Through The worsT To gaun membershup buT after uf was all over The new members admuTTed That uT was worTh uT A dramatuc momeni un The Senuor Class Play Ar . ii U e I K W ,n TT' ' .W , l T' ' 'V' F , 1. ' 'M " T . .,, Y 1 ,. ,M ' Et V Wu, ,F r A... X .f Tv 7. : , , . : , , . : , . : , . : , . ' . , . ' I I , . . . , . . , ,, ,, . , . . ll ' Il ' ' I I u SENIOR CLASS PLAY SENIOR PLAY CA A vntal message was embedded an the plot of the Sensor Class Play The Remarkable Incndent at Car son Corners Mr Kovalesky was accused of murder Ing Bob McG1nnls but dld he really do lt? The students of Carson Corners arranged a trial to flnd the truth The parents of the children lump at the chance to accuse Kovy of the murder but It as found that each one of them ln some way IS guilty 5 Q of the death of Bob McGmms The play ends with a powerful speech by Bob s father saying that we must look at ourselves and face up to our responsnbnlltues The Sensors worked hard to put thelr message across to the audrence Behund the scenes the crews worked feverlshly to get the play polnshed for show time The hard work of the crew cast and Mr Heumerl was well rewarded by the success of the play Marlow Kathy Rollg Davtd Charlsen Gerald Gross Gene Junker John Klspert Tom Llndell Duck Strand Judd Orff Jlm Lammers Row 2 Janet Iverson Mary Burmaster Karen Smith Carolyn Fankhanel Edyth Whltney Duck Huelsmann Davld Stegllch Bob Zlmmerman SENIOR PLAY CREW 1' Row 'I Martha McGough, Marna Jacobson, Jean Lundeen, Mary Kay Pomlnvtlle, Connle Roloff, Mary Carlstrom, Janet McCarty, Sherry Zabrock, Janet Iverson, Dlck Strand, John Schultz, Dave Toblsch Row 2 Carolyn Fankhanel, Karen Smith, ST -.-fp' , . . 1. 1 T - - - T5 A , , " . . . . . I - , ' C ' ifI'?S, t - ' ll ll ' ' 'E' ' ' ' '31, . . . r '-7 9 , . Q , . . buts - A T' 'A ' . 1 P I I I I ' l . I' ' ,, ' . 17 Ly," 'Elm I : l X. Row I: Jeannine Lahiff, Margaret Hintz, Betty Lou Johnson, Carol Brekke, Nancy I . I I . I l I 1- '. v I X .yy . vi I ilk I I yn' 'Q' L- 1 if , 5 1 , 1, . . f ' I ., s I 4 E 'L Q . A Q13 - 'I 7 V: A ,ji . 7 s '5 .. ' Q Q H " "In I ' W' , Q my xv.-.,I 9 i "li V V Judy Eichten, Karen Lind, Julie Riegel. 77 ON E-ACTS 3 Rosemary Burger Bob Zimmerman Betty Johnson Jerry Gross and Uta Bruhn dramatlzed Jacob Comes Home for the senior entry The Junlors placed very hugh wlth theur productlon of The Death of the Hlred Man starrnng Linda Schwantes Ruth Ann Jacobson Bull Reveley and Gordon Klatt Four One Acts Instead of three were put on thus year by the Thesplans Jacob Comes Home was a tragedy which took place ID Berlin during the war This play was put on by the sensors The lunlor production was Death of a l-lured Man also a tragedy based on the poem by Robert Frost Mad Breakfast was a gay comedy put on by the sophomores It took place In a boarding house which the owner presented as a lunatnc asylum The comedy Antlc Sprung had members of both the IUHIOV and senior classes as Its cast A group of teenagers go on a plcnlc which turns out to be everythmg but what It was supposed to be To boost the rnvalry of the classes a honors were given to the best actors and actresses The success of the plays was due to the hard work ot the casts crews directors and Mr Helmerl K D'....sf X Af1 A Mad Breakfast was portrayed by sophomores Dons Schultz Bonnie Roatch Tom Junker Tom Bartkey Margaret Schwartz lstand mgl and Maureen Orff Slbylla Rouleau Jane McConnon Becky Wal hood and John Zlmmerman lslttxngl 'I?""n Sue Nyberg Dave Carlson Janet Iverson Judd Orff Mary Jo Lupnent and Kltty Brudos took top honors for their production of Antlc Sprung . , . , W, .G t v ' A n U 4 I l I I I ' II Il ' ll II . . . ,, . Il , , ll ll Il - 1 Il I I a u 1 n n . I ,, . ,, . . trophy was awarded to the best play and I I I RA A .3 I y i iw' lx fi l it . l . v It - II II ' , , , , , I I I I - I . I . . . . . ,, . I I I - . . . . ,, JUNICR CLASS PLAY IS TREMENDOUS SUCCESS!! Lett to rrght Jayne Jones Bull Reveley Gordon Klatt Theresa Merrnmontl Kathy Jambeck Duck Doerr Connle Bergen Sue Skyberg Duck Barnes Barb Rolland Sally Johnson Rach Hayes Karen Brudos An old time mellow drammer was this years Junior Class Play Pure As the Draven Snow Working Glrls Secret fthe name the pay dentallyl was truly a tale ot a persecuted heroine wherein vnrtue truumphs over vlllanny Hnssung ana boolng loudly pene trated the walls of S H S as our down trodden heroine Purity Dean vainly en deavored to escape the vnllamous clutches of Mortimer Frothrngham Nat urally as all good plays wall thus one ended happily Through Mr Heumerls asslstance and the hard work of the cast crew and auclrence the play was a howling suc cess -5 lst Row Joan Pnerson Sue Peterson Pat Delaney Margaret Shirley Sandra Skyberg Mary Peterson Carol Wulf Todd Chartler 2nd Row Barry Ross Duck Stout Connle Stennbeaser Dave Durand Barbara Brmk Deck Korpl Ruth Ann Jacobson Mlke Cafferty Pat Pllqulst John Beach : I . I I . 'I I I I I ' ll - in or O 11 - - 1 " of l , inci- t 1' 4 vf R A ' , - nw f I r J . , . I - v , ff' - Q Q - V x ' r s I I ' J ,' X g, . x B 'Q V D 5 J. " l 1 x . .. K ,I I il P X Q 1 ' ,A ' 5, " 6 U 1 - . . : I I I I I I I - 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 SHS Entertalns AFS VISITOYS 71 I ill We J Wwe! The ones that helped make the AFS week end a bug success A Forelgn Exchange students enloy the pepfest SHS ers put on for them Foreign Exchange Students "Iive it up." 'Sous The Grand March was led by Junior Class President Jim Lammers and Janet Gardener. , -..Ang , ...4n......4...- , . La Mer' Was Prom Theme Music lor the T958 Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet, Sous La Mer, was provided bv Bob Bass and his Orchestra, The English translation ot the French expression, Sous La Mer, is "Beneath the Sea," All through the prom pastel colored lights stole across the glittering castle at the end of the gym. Pirates served the refreshmervs which consisted ot openf face sandwiches in the shape ot tish and cherry punch from a sunken ship. The guest speaker of the banquet was Mr. Rodrick Law- son, a well known tigure to the youth ot District 834. I-le spoke ot teenage years. The banquet was very well attended. All this was made possible by the caretul planning ot the various committees selected tor the Prom and Banquet. Chairmen ot the various committees for the Banquet were: General Chairman-Caro' Brekke, l3rogramsfJanet Rigg, Table Decorations-Jeannine Lahitt, Invitations-Mary Carlstrom. Chairmen ot the prom committees were: General Chair- man-Sue Lange, Refreshments-Mama Jacobson, Decora- tions-Sharon I'-luss, Programs-Shirley Johnstone, Music- Gene Junker, Clean up-Tom Lindell, Pictures-Dave Charl- sen. Miss Marquardt deserves a vote ot thanks tor her help as supervisor. The Grand March gave the spectators a chance to see all of the handsome young men and the beautiful young ladies. . L4 'Bear Down' ls Homecomine i I0 A ,Z g c1'7"'7 . an-'M H, rg KW51 I J, ,. A . 'cm' f l 5 li"-ago' ' Our 1958 Homecoming Royalty-Queen Sue Lange and King Jim Lammers. Homecoming was a little unique this year because S.H.S. had a parade for the tirst time in its history. The festivities started with the Coronation-pep test in the audi- torium at noon. Queen Sue Lange and King .lim Lammers were crowned by Superintend- ent Campbell, First attendants Mary Jane Mc Donald and Tom Lindell and second attendants Carol Breklae and John Kispert were honored with bouquets and corsages also. Assisting Mr. Campbell in the Coronation cer- emony were Beckey and Chucky Pauley. Prizes were given to Miss Hedberg's homeroom tor the best homeroom bulletin board and to Heather Daily, the eighth grader who submitted the winning homecoming slogan "Bear Down". Next, the A squad cheerleaders did an exe cellent iob of raising S.H.S's school spirits by giving some rousing cheers. Atter the coronation-pep test, the student body started its un- forgettable parade of floats, trucks, cars, and other vehicles, motor driven and otherwise. First AYtenCl0nfSWMGrY Jane MacDonald Second Attendants-John Kispert and Carol and Tom Lindell. Brekke. T? Photos of King, Queen and Attendents courtesy of Jack M. Anderson Studios. 'wil . Slogan For 1958 The parade originated in front of the senior high school continuing down through town and up to the athletic field where prizes were awarded to the various floats. The prize for the best class float was given to the senior class, who had the float with our exchange students Uta and Vick. The Sophies' float came in second place with the Juniors running a close third. Awards for the best individual floats were also given, The cheerleaders led some spirited cheers to end the afternoon fes- tivities. The homecoming football game with White Bear started at 8:00 P.M. Our boys fought hard and long but were de- feated by the gruelling White Bear line. During half time, the homecoming royalty and the winning floats paraded around the football field. To conclude the homecoming celebration, a dance was held in the Senior High Gym after the game. Stu- dents, faculty, and alumni danced to the music provided by Bob Bass and his band. This year's homecoming was a very successful event because the student body was behind the decisions and plans of the Homecoming Committee one- hundred per-cent. Superintendent of Schools Campbell crowns the King during the coronation ceremony. lr km s, lf? ti. The hero faces the villains in Still- water's own version of a western drama. its il 73,1 King Jim reads his Homecoming Proclamation to his loyal subiects after the coronation. Tom, Mary Jane, John, and Carol rode "high" during the first "Home- coming Parade." I Q . SENIORS KEEP BUSY AT ALL TIMES Janet Gardner Pat Horrlgan Kltty Brudos sllk screen the Aquateen swumshow program Sherry Zabrock applles makeup to Bob Zimmerman for has part in one of the One Act Plays -6 .4 H Mary Kay Pomlnvnlle Kay Pauley Adeline Stef fen work on clothing prolect for home ec Dave Charlsen smiles broadly as he puts his books away before he hurrles over to take up his duties as editor the Express Connie Roloff and Kathy Rollg chat before class as John Sandy Krongard types out another index card In the library work Benson scowls at the photographers Intrusion room 84 I .W ff" 1 1 u , E "ki, as I I ., ' V tw- ,M ' I 5 r , M H 5 fm E, Q? n 1 . l I I - l . . . . of 1 - S ' x Q s , ' ! I f . X, Q sq P ,ru I xx. V ' I , A ' W, i V 'Qi' B l it rhino Sue fredrtckson and Jo Langford bustly exchange Tom Ltndell and Duck Strand our future scnentlsts ttdbns of gosstp whtch they have collected throughout return from 3M deeply engrossed tn thetr thoughts the day of sctence"'79'7'P'P 'Wd' Duck Dornfeld and Jtrn Lammers struggle through Sandy Krongaard Roxanne Bartlett Pat Smlth and datly typing exercnses Barb Ntppoldt bask tn the sunlight as they enloy thetr lunch Sensor boys emerge from thenr roles of sportsmen to deltght the student body with thetr anttcs as cheerleaders ,W 2: in U El I . , ,. A ru " I ' .QS . ,A Vg ' . ' K f I 4' UQ' W ,.f3:k5 1 K , , N, bk of f 1 ..... I X t ,, , JUNIOR HIGH ACTIVITIES PONY EXPRESS STAFF Row 'I Barb Rogg Alexis Lesycynskl Gracla Luhmann Jane Lammers Row 2 Frances DuRocher Pat Potter Rhema Reveley Lucnlle Yon Becky Berqunst Pam Brown Nancy Barskl Butch Skyberg Don Carlson Andy Ames Absent Carol Ecker .qs- LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Row 'I Lynn Yee Josephlne Delaney Peggy McFadden Jean Hanson Row 2 Linda Burger Judy Gelford Cheryl Hubbard Sandy Morrlssette Linda Gast Paulette Lagerstram Alexis Lesycynskl Margaret Lehnherr Casey Conley STUDENT COUNCIL Front row Bonme Knutson Barry Carlson Andy Ames Randa Cafferty Row 2 Allce Robertson Conme Thor Patty Mariana Tern Behrens Elizabeth Olson Sue Evens Mary O Brien Maureen McFadden Donna Mlner Colleen Johnson Becky Monno Barb Schaar Row 3 Gracla Luhmann Charles Plattner Gary Carlson John Croonqunst Duck Edstrom Davld Lem Make Teuwen Jerry McGarry Bob Torgeson Raymond Zuell Duane Kratz Absent Jane Lammers I , , , . I I I I I I I 1 1 1 - 3 v 1 1 ""' we ,I i , , We . N. 1' 3 1, 1 ., I I 1 'u .MAI "K 15 in - I ,N ,. if 7 5 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' Q ' an , , V on ? 1 W A 4 r K - ,, , .1 V- rg N1 1 Y " 4:1 e , ' N . 1 M, - ,N 1 D G I im, Le. I , , , . 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . 1 1 1 1 1 - : I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 - BAYPORT SCIENCE CLASS HATCHES EGG 'Ga Mr Oswald Aufers born In an electrlc frying pan was raused by the Bayport Sclence classes Here he ns being admlred by Llnda Burger Martha Hullngs Mr Herum Bruce Matheson Carl Schneader BAYPORT STUDENT COUNCIL Standmg Bruce Mathsson Tom Magnuson Judy Gelford Dave Stout Sally Marty Sandra Morrnsette Carl Schneider Sandra Skeath Marcella Bonln Ruta Utecht Suttmg Bob Serler Linda Thompson Linda Burger John Serler Cheryl Hubbard Martha Hullngs Sue Rose . r"Z . J C V1 O ., , 2 QQ, . , , . 1 1 - 1 1 1 fl . ' 1 - A P ,Q .W I - 4+ ,, ' ,f , Y, A 1, . 1- ,., , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 I I 5 MMMIQIWFQ "V was 1.1 .. 'Q ' Af if "A" SQUAD CHEERLEADERS Kay Pauley Carol Brelcke Janet Gardner Sandra Greeder Mary Jane MacDonald Kathy Rolig Karen Brudos Pam Maierus Ruth Ann Jacobson Martha McGough CHEERLEADERS BOLSTERED OUR SPIRITS Yea! Rah Rah! Team! are the familiar words which come from the IO girls in red coulats and white crew neck svveatersethe cheerleaders. New uniforms, but the same old school spirit, helped our team climb to victory. Even through disappoint- ments and losses the cheerleaders never let the team or the school "B" SQUAD Kitty Jo Holt Jean Magnuson Delphian Carlson dovvn. They cheered harder than ever. The B-Squad black and red, cheerleaders in cheered the B- Sauad to victory. Each one hopes to take the place ot a graduating A-Squad cheerleader in the future. B-Squad or A-Squad, the cheer- leaders do a tremendous job. CHEERLEADERS Diane Larson Connie Steinbeiser Jean Eichten PEP CLUB SPARKS SHS SCHOOL SPIRIT!! v0'0 rs gmail' I-1-K-1, wmv M' Row 3 Sue Marlana Mary Kamrath Ruth Groth Bam Behrens Jane McConnon Margarei Seam Pam Krueger Sue Olson Beverly Palmer Row 2 Slbylla Rouleau Carol Mlllar Barbara Nelson Carol Goerss Ruth Kramer Jackie Helgef Georgme Paskvan Kathy Rlchert Mlss Rynda Row I Mary McGough Linda Jerome .Ioan White Becky Wal hood Ardls Kern Mary Loeber Kathy Grampre Shelby Spechf Ruth Kramer presldent Carolyn Fank hanel vnce presndent Becky Walhood secretary treasurer 4-1... - 1 1 wwf 'Www Cheerleaders display Ihenr new uniforms' 1. ,W ' ,. A 1. , Wea ,,. lm'- . wh ,J 1 5 I 1 1 1 I 1 . 1 1 1 1 - : I I I I 1 1 1 1 ' 5 1 1 1 " 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' 2 1 ' I 'Q li 'P n " A m. 1 l rf, g 'N , I if- 1 1,34 - I x S-CLUB a-,L QTWWKN QMWQ W will 'Q M onli' K-,--1' t""""'s 5 ffs.:'t-1 in R, 1 Q A 'A '55 G91 Dave Schwartz John Klspert Gary langness Cubby Davls Honor Athlete of 19571958 92 Culver Cubby Davis was chosen as the Honor Athlete for the 19571958 season Thus award ns presented annually to the student who has shown the greatest achievement In athletics cltlzenshlp and scholarship ln hns sensor year Cub was actlve un basketball and golt being captain of the basketball team and receiving the dlstlnctlon at benng placed on the All Suburban Basketball Team In golf Cub was the runner up In the Dlstrnct 14 Tournament medalist In the Region lV meet and tlea for second In the state hugh school meet at the Unlversuty of Munnesota The award was presented to Cub at the annual athletic banquet held each sprung by the members ot the Luon and Rotary Clubs of Stillwater The award IS sponsored by Lloyd Kolluner of Kolllners lnc V I 'F 3 an 1 1 ll Il ' I I 1 - 1 - . . . I . . fl . . . . ' u 5 A , , ' . -gliig Q ,gn STILLWATER ATHLETES IN ACTION!! rv-Fw,,.f ,.,-W" 2 i I , f, . ,, ,ga .4 in M, ' A ,M-'-' 1: , nr 4 9 N ,Q Mx A gfyllff A e - ' an ' " ' f' ' Dryiiv' x 5 , 4 Q r- Q, 'x 5 A ,VVKV , N1 "Sq, I ,577 ' W 3' M 7? ',:., hh f , 6'L'N"yvff? I .1 K 4' i ad T. ft, 6 ' 1 My W ,J Q , Aw! Y A ia' 1 gg ,,M...,....u.M...,.,M .WW , Q " fame-nu-4 W, -,,,,,,,,,,,mwW 0 27? 'f W Q A . 2 Z " . ' 4 ,r Zi' Mb .049 gli. Ut V ,, , L,!,.,.if.,iV Jlm Lammers THIS YEAR WE DEVELOPED CHARACTER Duck Zeull Tom Ltndell Larry Asmus Coaches Chuck Johnson Ball Kleln John Schultz Armed wuth a new offense plenty of school spnrlt and a new school song the Pony grld team an a hard luck season fouled to brnng home the bacon once again before an always spnrnted crowd of Pony spectators The school splrut was nn the team most of the way but they fouled to put the proper punch needed to pull them through The flrst few games were close and the team gained plenty of experience In the humlllatlng games which followed the team slumped badly almost coming out of It at Alexander Ramsey where they lost a heartbreaker In the finale the team lost to a powerful South St Paul team whnch took the Suburban Conference championship thus year ln the post season All Suburban Conference team the Ponies Junior guard Dave Schwartz galned honorable mentuon Prospects for the 1959 season look promising as the Ponles have T7 Junlor lettermen and 3 Sophomore lettermen returning. Bull Wendt 36 BUT WE WENT DOWN FIGHTING' cg ASQUAD Row 5 Jum Ulruch Mr Barsku Bob Peulen Mr Gosen Mr Cole Row 4 Dave Danuels Ron Duncan Bob Koch Dave Durand Bull Wendt Row 3 Tom Lundell Turrue Johnson Jum Lammers Dennus Arrugonu Pete Johnson Russ Juhl Row2 George Johnson Kueth Franzen Ed Elgethen Larry Asrnus Dave Schwartz Bob Schultz John Easton Row l Charles Johnson Greg Columbo Ron Johnson Joe Arrugonu Duck Zeulu Dove Carlson John O Neal Dave Pomunvulle 09 I Q 90 99 'WGA' BSQUAD Row 4 Mr Gosen Greg Columbo Ron Johnson Muke Ayers Dennus Arrugonu Row 3 Duck Wydmeyer Paul Luberty Walt Kamrath Nule Schwaubauer Tom Brown Row 2 Duck Bubeau Bruce St Peter Dale MulfTnger Henry Schmudt Bob Houston George Johnson Row 1 Art Junker John Kraemer Ron Dornfeld Doug Chrustopherson Duck Powell Paul Teeuwen Duck Shelly SENIORS Jum Wolhood ,Qi 1 E1 f' , ,. I M. John Klspert Judd Orff 1 X f 1' Coaches Wes Wmdmlller ond Bull O Brlun Dave Taylor i d i 1 I ' J Jlm Lammers Nyx 1 A 7 5 ..' .QQ-f V K , :v. ' ' V .AM A-2 . M4 , if Y" 6 1' C I' N 1' I 1 K I I , ' r ,'.I' 'A ,xxx W yn 3 a 5 , J Y X . Row 1: Coach Windmiller, John Easton, Dave Daniels, Jim Lammers, John Kispert, Dave Taylor, John Finnegan. Row 2: Byron Torgeson, Russ Juhl, Judd Orff, Jim Walhciad, Dick Strong, Bob Peulen. The with a The which The a crucial moment of team gave its BASKETBALL TEAM Pony basketball team under the direction of veteran mentor, Wes Windmiller, summed up the season conference win-loss record of 5-7 and an overall record of 9-TO. Ponies suffered defeats at the hands of more experienced and polished ball clubs in a conference was loaded with fine talent. usual Hne performance every game, but suffered from many mechanical errors etc. at many games. The team, many times, had a rough time finding scoring punch, but before the end of the season, all of Coach Windmiller's starting Eve had scored in the double Hgures. The Ponies lost the first game of the District i4 playoffs to a powerful West St. Paul team, one of the pre-season favorites, North St. Paul went on to win the District 14 and Region IV tournament and laid a berth in the State Tournament. Pony captain and center, Jim Lammers, was selected for the All-Suburban team and teammate John Fin- negan got honorable mention. Next year, there will be seven returning lettermen to supplement the l96O season hopes. Row 2: John Thoreen, Tobisch, Mike Kilkelly, B-SQUAD Keith Fransen, Keith HofTbeck, Jerry Wohlers, Bob Olson, John Kraemer. Row 1: Dave John Lohmer, Byron Torgeson, Charlie Huss, Doug Christoffersen. ! 4 tl. 4 :Ist ' ' fix .. L -.rf Mm .""'i-.V l SWIMMING TEAM TAKES SUBURBAN ,415 K it The swimming team, under the direction of coach Lowell Tuft, completed its most successful season in many years with a total of nine victories against six defeats in dual meet competition. The team was undefeated in the Suburban Conference and the boys went on to win the Suburban Conference championship held here in Stillwater. Junior Jim Frost was the only Pony swimmer to enter competition in the state meet held in Cooke Hall at the University of Minnesota. The team will lose only two seniors and will have fifteen lettermen return- ing to bolster the prospects for next year and the boys will, undoubtedly, be out to win the championship again. as-.1 sl".-'T Row 5 John Benson Larry McGee Dick McGee Row 4 Kent Swanson Mike Rice Wayne Peterson .loe Evert Row 3 Stuart Herschleb Fred Kallnoff Bill Clark Dick Hayes Co Capt Row 2 Dick Stout Dennis Conley HOCKEY ll, J' The hockey team this year under the direction of a new head coach Paul Weber completed a difficult season under stiff competition The team how ever did win its first game when it beat Elk River 7l The Pony squad locking mainly in experience had dauntless spirit and always put up an excellent fight against superior odds Coach Weber has 7 returning lettermen but inexperience will still be the main problem but things are looking up for the future years M Z 9551, ed. ag. 'hui Spam AML QM ,gf 9. .QQ vf-1 -Z-t -D8 ,Ti va.. .. ' 'st if ,--ff ur Q -'Rx ' 4 3' sssttxife 3- Row 3 Tim Schneider Bob Johnson Dave Carlson John ONeal Kurt Luhmann Dave Durand Row 2 Mike Meister Wayne Langness Dave Schwartz Brian Lange Ed Peterson Row T Coach Weber Earl Plattner Dave Magnuson 98 Charlie Johnson Tom Brown 1 . A 1 it it A . . x 9 . y ig 3, A X 2 K ' ii Q, in 4 4 W it . 1l', X 41 1 1 1 ' . 2 , ' ' , 1 - 1 . 1 D 1 I - ' . 5 . I . ' . . . I lx , I . . . . . - I I V 1 0 -. 4 1 . 4 . n 1 Jef , A . ' . . . . . 'it 1 fi H 1 A 771 t I n M- . ' . l ' . ' Has- .w Q C f S Q . Q f 7 " if f t 1 X ,: 1- ' , , . K in . .V ,. is .. 1 vs if , A Q my I . i V 22 , 1 xii as lg H ' MA A 9 M f I W A s AL 2' .., .,. ky , , 'F A . K wx ,J .,.. 4 W 1 vw M, nf E it . 1 Q -' ry i .V V A "M . 4 -fist , V V . Q 3, A 1 1 7, V. , . S In .F 6 Q A :Mn I N ,Q . . b . ., f L an ,V ,.... ,A-1 gli, it H f ' V , s . Q .H Q V firvrf, 5-K V Tu. . 'gig 3 In 1 1 f ' T I x : 1f2t:.svt . - .gay ' t Msn A T -' . , ' 2 1 1' - ,K f . rd i 3 '52 Q5 f Ei? 4 A -S 5 .- 5 I . 1 1 1 I 1 1 - 3 I . 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 , . TENNIS In one of Sl-lSs more successful endeavors the T958 Tennus team under the durectuon of Coach Len McGuure completed a successful season flnushung fourth un Suburban Conference standungs wuth a con ference wtn loss record of 5 3 and an overall record of 7 4 Although largely unexperuenced the Ponues made a very good show ung un the race wuth only wo Iunuor lettermen returnung from the champuonshup squad of l957 Four of the other flve members of the team were freshmen who demon strated fine play throughout the season In hus flrst year on the team freshman Charlue Huss playung flrst sungles gauned a berth un the Dustruct beung runner up He was defeated un the first round of the Reguon IV finals Prospects for l959 look exceedungly brught as the Po mes have sux lettermen returnung guvung the team one of the best possubulutues for returnung the Sub urban Conference Champuonshup to Stullwater as un 1956 and l957 The wrestlung team thus year agaun under coach I-labeck completed a faurly successful season wuth an overall record of sux wuns sux losses and one tue Agaun the story was largely an unexperuenced squad meetung wuth superuor competutuon The Ponues dud however out score theur opponents by a 302 250 margun The pros pects for the comung year showed a marked umprove ment over that of the prevuous year The B squad wres tlung prospects for the comung year show a marked 'S- TH 'rw 1 Row 2 Tom Brown John Kuspert Duck Landeen Duck Strand Bob Olson Row 'I Duck Hubbard Jerry Wohlers Charlue Huss Muke Kulkelly WRESTLING Improvement over that of the prevuous year The B squad wrestlung un l4 dual matches won I2 of the I4 and wuth I3 lettermen returnung the Pony wrestlung squad wull agaun be a contender for the Suburban wrestlung crown Thus year there were many freak accudents to squad members and there were many who felt that we could have been better than we were Next year lets make up for ut' Row 3 Jum Ulruch, Henry Schmudt, Larry Churchull, Dave Shefland Walt Kamrath, Ron Dornfeld, John Schultz, Ray Larson, Muke Marty Row 2 Russell Kundy, Gary Zweug, Ron Duncan, Dennus Arrugonu, George Johnson, Joe Arrugonu, Larry Asmus, Wally Frazuer Row I Gerald Schwabauer, Dennus Cruttenden, Jerry Durand, John Kern, Bob Brown 9 e - F, I A, - X , , ' , Q R - ' " Q 3 if n X i-lx L X Q . . fs' ,X . . Q Q , cr ' " u Q , ' ' ' 'Oo - ,O ' K u J . . - I ' I 2' . h . y E , 3 . , K M - I .1 Y . . I . t x I X 4 9 I I u v v , , : , , , , - ' 1 , , , - , , ' . , , , . , . . .. i . . I I - I - - - - - H ll - - I GOLF TEAM WINS 58 STRAIGHT Probably our most impressive high school team, in the last few years, has been the golf team. The i958 season's win-loss record was i6-O and over the years, the team has won 58 straight matches in dual meet competition. The team has won the suburban title for the last three years and has won the District I4 title for that many years Cub Davis the teams No I man was runner up in the district and medaltst in the Region Cub tied for second in the state meet held at the University of Min nesota 4 The tour graduating seniors Cub Da 4' ir vis Capt Gary Stone Dave Ogren and Scott Crane have never played in a losing match The prospects for the coming year Rear Dave Ogren Cub Davis Gary Stone Dale Johnson Front Duck Wlhren Scott Crane Ball Conley Judd Orff look Very good ln splle of The loss of The four senior lettermen There are two Iunior and a sophomore letterman re turning and quite a few other bright prospects to supplement Coach Demoskl s golf hopes BASEBALL The 1958 Pony stlckmen under coach Bernie Cole The team for the coming season will be supplemented had a rough time putting things together to make their with six lettermen returning and many who have gained season successful The Ponies were winless for the first valuable experience on the Stillwater Junior Leguon time in many seasons program which is in operation during the summer months X.-...aa-s. .Ju- ,HEL 1 ' 'il' I' if WWW vqxkl :L Q tu. HA is yvfwi' ww! Standing Duck Barnes Dick Black Tim Curtis Kermit Sommers Jim Tronnes Larry Weller .lim Lammers Mr Cole Front Jim Blorkman John Easton John ONeal Don Thompson Bill Klein Pete Lnndell mr' .af ' . . ' 5 . I -vi, gf K 1' A , . , , f 4 Q, of P sf ' Q9 4 ' ' ' ' ' A - M A -1 AP N ,1 . . . V ' - 'K .M X M i F K A . - Q - , ' ,g X , V A - t., u I .ff .fx ' """"' da 1 - r 1 ' y , ' 2 , ' , , . 1 . . I I 1 - i 'I I I 1 v ,V L .c,, L ,Nj A 4 by if , 5 t 2 2 Wi F . F . 'df of xkkllffift t I ct :- tr 'f f fy of 1 tr' I Q iv: I X . 7 -at V I A , 'Q ,111 V Q ff H -1 X S' fi H v Wg , , of 1 -X kkgk A ,A k , v M V K, u 5 We ll X tr ' f lk mv 5 A , , P ' I A I S iv' 2 A 'X . z . I . I . . I . I . I I . I q ' T ' I I I I I l . I ' 1957-58 ' The track squad under coaches Rennhardt and Habeck had a faurly successful season last year Some of the boys In lndtvldual events took flrsts and seconds throughout the season The lack of shot put discus and pole vault men made nt dlfhcult to buuld the necessary team ponnts to carry off flrst place as a team Thus years squad made up mostly of nnnth tenth and eleventh graders and all though young show very good promuse for the years to come The gradu ated semors from last years squad were many and consisted of Bull Stout Dave Hall qunst Pat Hudson Floyd Hallqunst Dale Cur tus Paul Bonln Terry Doerr Kurt Stgstad Ron Hlesleth Bob Muchaells and Keith Lar son With the loss of these men there are many holes to flll un the fourteen events there are In track Some of the younger pontes that show promlse are Bob Peulen Ron Johnson Dave Carlson Dave Pomlnvllle Ralph Mayer Roger Barrett Byron Torger son Mel Schroeder Drck Stout Ed Elgethun Larry Bell Mark Haak and Mnlo Keske Coming up strong In talent and numbers are many nnnth and 10th graders which In sev eral years should afford Stillwater a top rated track squad In our conference TRACK TEAM wi?-3 A Boys prepare to take off on a practnce run around the track Z ""' a ?f' gf Q 'fm in ct .- strc:-W -1: -- X 0' ll, QA Q1 1' Row 'I Bob Peulen Ron Johnson Roger Barrett Malo Keske Byron Torgeson Art .lunker Jtm Frost Row 2 Dave Pommvulle Dave Carlson Pete Rauen Greg Colombo Duck Strong Duck Powell Russel Kunde Ralph Mayer Row 3 Gene Bartkey Doug Crlstofferson Dale Mulflnger Roland Staberg Jlm Corey Mel Schroeder Row 4 Nule Schwabauer Bob Torgeson Doug Johnson Doug Peterson Jnm Grnffln Myron Thompson Don Emert J ' I I K i ' I can 1 . 1 1 1 I A I I so . Q f 4 fs ' rf L ' I A . . , - A I I I - I I I I I 1 1 ' ' Z I ,. I I I A I I - I I I I I 1 1 f , . I . . - X I A I 1. - 'J 'Q Q ,A ' X A. . z W. X use A, f I y I -M tt- 4 -f Hfvttf to ' ' vt - - 'tw - , , T :ft I Flu 5 I " ' 'C' V A -I .4 4 sf EH 4 'l I- ' ,L ., fr, t ,t , if I V. .A 3 . ., fK , 5. 4, V ,gb f I A , ,, g, Q QA, 'gg lx it ,Ar . vt 'Eff wtlfrls 'l ilnslif V W' Q, t 'f'll AG 1 r If t 4 ' 'Fil' W 3 sttst -,ga if ,..r W , it . tg ft ,M tr in 'gf' ts in-at ..t I ,Hi '41 we , 5 ' ' 53: Q 44" I Q si v ' 1 if 4, si, , V, , A ,Y i WJll'r :':-I if I H' l ffl . yt fry , ' nr - A jg Tgfglvfg oo 3 Y 5 , 6 'Ml Q v 4 r 'cl' Y X tx I L V ' - k w .H A 1 4 ' ' . Q - gf , :ML X 2.45 , gif ,- :TQL 2 "' xl A .H n N tt no ' M' u W mv K r N N4 ' ., ,, ,, nf' f I , U wp T1 ' I 15" 'f sc W, FT ff x ,Aw , q , xg, Am 4, Al, 5 ,sr 'V N 'v 3 3 , ty' J ' :ff ,W 4 1 3 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' - : I I I I ' I I I ' 5 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 I I I I I I ' GAA GAA Ofticers Agaun durung 58 59 term the Gurl s Athletuc Assocua tuon of Stillwater has kept up uts tradutuon of sports and fun for all lAll gurls that usl Ot course wuth a core of otftlcers luke Janet Gardner Pre-sudent Sue Skyberg Vuce presudent Sue Kerner Secretary and Marlene Shelly Pount Chaurman who could help but have cu suc cesstul year? Thus year GAA members took part un such sports as volleyball bowlung basketball swurnmung and bad munton quute a well rounded prog am' The gurls learned much not only about sports and sportsmanshup but also about such thungs cus teamwork achung muscles loud tun uncoordunated feet and how long the basketball floor us Besude all thus each gurl us requured to earn at least 75 pounts a year to remaun un GAA She does thus by puttung un a certaun amount of tume on other sports such as skuung golf tennus canoeung or skatung Most people do not realuze that the qurls as well as the boys puck Honor Athletes For l957 1958 the GAA Honor Athletes were Lynn Gehrke and Ruta Johnson lts easy to see why GAA us so popular and famous tor takung the kunks out ot uounts and loosenung muscles cramped from hours and hours of studyung Sure ut usf . . , , , , . . . - I - I I - 1 - 1 1 1 I 1 - ' F 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 - ' . I 1 - ' I I I I - 1 . . - Y . , , , , . V I , , . . 1 Y M,,,,,m - ,, ,I 1 5 M- ,..,.. my 111 ' it u ,T AQUA TEENS Aqua Teen s tryouts were held before Chrlstmas and those who passed the varlous tests became members The club consists of 2O gurls and thelr advnsors are Mnss Rynda and Mass Bennett The Freshmen and Sophomore gurls entered the YMCA Swim Meet for form swlmmlng Many of these gurls placed On May 2 the gurls partncnpated In a meet at St Cathermes Over the Rainbow was the theme for this years swam show which was held Aprtl 23 24 Kltty Brudos and Janet Gardner dad a wonderful 'ob as co chairmen of this event In the numbers either the title of the song contamed a color or a song suggested a color The program Included Sunny Sade of the Street Bona partes Retreat Autumn Leaves and numbers con tanning green blue gold white and punk were also used The grand fmale was Over the Ralnbow and the show was a great success Girls having two years of faithful participation re celved an Aqua Teens medal and the Sensors were honored at the annual banquet Row 4 Miss Bennett Vlrglnla Cayou Margaret Conley Georgme Paskavan Carol Goerss Luz Doe Mass Rynda Row 3 Marlene Shelley Carolyn Frankhanel Karen Brudos Penny Buckholz Barb Brink Janet Gardner Pat Horrlgan Judy Beske Barb Rolland Dorcas Jones Shirley Chartler Ruth Cramer Row 2 Casey Conley Sally Stevenson Luz Neumler Kathy Zimmerman Becky Lay Row l Patra Turnbull Betsy Colllnge Gmny Neemes Ann Taylor , . . . . ' 1 . , , . . . . . . ,, . ,, ,, , . - 1 11 11 11 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . . . . . ,, . ,, . , . 11 - 11 - 1 - - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 - R ,ig- Qy 2 ,W wi, , 7 ! . . , x if' f N . Q 9 N Rik Q ' 71 f' w f' if ' ,wi W I if "": R J, A 5 ' 35,2 1 1 gg , , ' f, X ,x G 1 ,4 , 1135952127 .Mx ,, H nv Q ' ,Aft ,,' , 7'w 3 ,Q i"n '- tls? 3 gg 4' Q at Q EQKEQ 5' Fi' E 2 if V f s Q - 331 A gf EW I Xlykl ,Z ..., My 1 5 s , x 'E .9 Qmf . Q k 1- ,533 ' ' Y bfi J. V,q5ipw .Q 1' W? " ' Q .. gli .-.W Q ni 3' ltyrf we gfiiw Q: Q BAYPORT SPORTS CHEERLEADERS Claudia Coppa, Cheryl Hub- bard, Linda Burger, and Judy Gelford. BASKETBALL Sitting: Jim Stone, Larry Morrissette, Larry Wolf, Tom Magnuson, Pat McCannon, Terry Fredrickson, Carl Schneider. Kneeling: John Peterson, Jim Weyer, Coach Mauer, Jim Daniels, Dan Ccrlstrom, Bruce Black. FOOTBALL Row 4: Richard Hagen, Bruce Mathison, Jerry Hall, Tom Magnuson, Dave Stout, John Serier, Dick Carlson, Jim Weyer. Row 3: Dave Halberg, Patrick Rowland, Roger Gramenz, Larry Wolf, Larry Morrisette, Pat McCon- non, Rick Schneider. Row 2: Gary Shelley, Bill Radke, Don Carlstrom, Jim Daniels, Paul Carlson, Bruce Black. Row l: Joe Judkins, Carl Schneider, Terry Fredrick- son, Tom Cortony. df A ,E ff -s 5' BOARD OF EDUCATION DISTRICT 834 The school board members are the elected representatives of the people of District 834. Though they serve without pay their job is an extremely important one. They must decide on all questions of policy that aftect our district's schools This year with its bond Issue campaign for a new high school building and the mony decisions which had to be made has been an especnally trying one for the board This year Mr Thomas Campbell became Superintendent of Schools His first year at Stillwater has been o busy one The first half of the year he worked very hard to tell the people of the district of the need for new hugh school facilities During the second halt of the year he has been busy with the planning of the school Mr Jambeck Mr LePage Mr Cayou Mr Schmolhorst Dr VanMeier Mrs Koasa Secretary Mr Smith Assistant Superintendent Mrs McGrath Secretary M Campbell Superintendent SENIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL AND SECRETARY lv Mr Monette Mrs Betty Burger and Mr Wnndmnller assistant superintendent Keeping the Junior High School running smoothly and efficiently has been the task of the principal Mr Halvorson His guidance has helped many of the Junior High students and all are grateful for his effort Assisting Mr Halvorson was Mr Mary Roettger who has been a friend to all the .IHS students Firm guidance coupled wsth lustlce and understand has been a confident leader to all persons associated with SHS His ten years in Stillwater High have been profitable to all his many friends here Has fine sense of humor lthough not usually thought as a characteristic of a prnnclpoll has led many of his students to cheerfully accept his decisions Mr Wlndmiller who ln addition to his other duties has been the assistant to Mr Monette for the last school Council His help to Mr Monette has been very great and the students are also thankful Betty Burger their secretary has been an able and willing worker in the office JUNIOR HIGH PRINCPAL AND SECRETARY ,Qi Mrs Mary Roettger and Mr Halvorson Q s Q if Q , A .., - V I ing are two of Mr. Monette's outstanding qualities. He year. One of his tasks was to supervise the Student l l I A, "-sv 5 lf .' ' , . r - I I , l .X , QA: -11 , ' , 5 , , 4' MAINTENANCE AND TRANSPORTATION Mrs Grmmested Mamtenance and Transportation Busnness Manager of Dust 834 IS Mr Onstad He ns nn charge of routing the buses keeping the buildings clean runmng the cafeteria He also has charge of the lanltors Helplng Mr Onstad carry out hls many dunes ns Mrs Gnmmested hrs very emcrent secretary SCHOOL NURSE Mr Onsted Nurse Mrs Hounschell the S H S nurse takes care of all our sickness breaks and bruises Thus was her first year wlth the students here She us a help to every one as she performs her duties hi 1- Mrs Hounschell 4 - I gk eva . , ,U ci f , , , . . , . . , . . . , , Q GUIDANCE COUNSELORS bv' l lik l C17 fr! Mrs Strand Mr Webster Mrs Wemke Mr Ramaley and Mass Peterson I-Ielplng students to solve the many problems which confront them during theur school years are Mr Ramaley and Miss Peterson In the semor hugh and Mr Webster and Mrs Strand In the lunlor hugh school Counselors also provude helpful lnformatlon concernlng colleges scholarsheps and vocations Without the assistance and the advice of these people the students of semor hugh school would feel a great loss In the capable hands of Mr Keller the Bayport prmcupal the Bayport Hugh School has functioned smoothly Thas Isnt an easy 'ob but Mr Keller handles It extremely well Mr Keller and the students work closely to achieve the harmony that exists nn the Bayport Hugh School Has methods ot teachlng and guldlng the school meet wath the approval of all BAYPCRT PRINCIPAL AND SECRETARY -- ',L Ill ll w an gl -1-gr .l. ......-.4 - lll.l Mrs Peterson and Mr Keller 'III .Q x -41? 'W E I g in P e 324 ' .... h I I E fi: I lm , . V , . , . , . , . , . f A I - I . . , . I , . . , 4, I I '73 wfwf W 7,1 ,,,, J 1 Il du .Q I .....,- Mrs Kuspert Mr Jordon Mrs Jordon Mr Brown MlssSelber1 Mlss Dlethert Mrs Erwm Mr Erwin Teacher s Mr Gnmmestad Mr Hcbeck Mass Hedberg Mrs McMlIlun Mr Mr Olson Mrs Netwul Mr Peterson M BC1I'SkI Parker n-uh lllllll Qllllll ,fi Mr Keaveny Mnss Costello Mrs Goldberg Mr Vnllors Snapshots ff Mass Mcrquordt Mnss Lysne Mr McGunre V! Mrs Curhs Mrs Strand Mrs Tuft Mr Jansen Mr Elllngson Mr Helmerl Mr Honetschoger M Hobson K M f' xx X ' Q XX K W I r s R X N, ' X X ,. xi LJ L' f M 4 r I . ' , . , . . . , . ' , . ' , . , r V1 Mr. Regis, Mr. Windmiller, Miss Ryndo, Miss Peterson. ' L, M72 is S. wwf' A 3 .4 'A M a f. . ,,s Q , 'Q-xi ,ata Mwuu...A N 7 .m 3 X rs s V V .' 1 f , X , of Mr. Waller, Mr. Tuff, Mr. Weber, Mr. Cole. Miss Joyce, Mrs. Ccrlberg, Mrs. Foley. 114 Miss Pozzinni, Miss Milner, Mrs. McMillan. Tec1cher's Snapshots x Mr. Carlson, Mr. Bunnelle, Mr. Webster, Mr. Sogge. If f im 5? f Ft 1 f if i 55-15 is lwwiit' If . i Miss Swanson, Miss Bennett. Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Gromenz, Mr. Erfourth, Miss Stanek, Mrs. Twetten. J ' s . , 1 1 Mr. Demoski, Mr. O'Brien, Mr. Reinhardt, Mr. Biugcn. Mr. Myers, Mr. Gosen, Mr. McAfee, Mr. Madsen. 115 JANITORS "Swing that mop Lift thot poil, Leove o little dust And you'll lond in toil Well not quite, but such is the life of jonitors Bclrtkey Muller Lueck Schubert ln the hollowed holls ond sporklnng closs rooms of S H S Russ Lueck Mr Bartkey Mr Schubert Mnssung Joe Muller COOKS Though they be weory Though students complcun Our cooks wnll keep cooknng While weight we oll goin Cooklng for over lOOO people ns not on eosy tosk Certomly It as IfT1pOSSIblS to please everyone But we feel our cooks Mrs Knnebel Mrs Hull Mrs Loy Mrs Conley hove done o greot 'ob ln pleosmg the vost mogorlty ond deserve the cooperotuon ond thonks of every one Mrs Lay Mrs Knlebel Mrs Hull Mrs Anderson Mrs Conley Mr. Mr. ' Mr. Mr. Il I . 5 -' I 'ffl' 1 .sf v . j V , M W ,ts . , gy, sg V, . , . , . , 7 l J . , . . , . l , . , . . 'l'I6 1 1 Are they all aboard Mr Regus? Betty forgot my excuse' ww mills -f-dwg-v -HIS Now that you found your slot Mass Hedberg please Mlss Marquardt dld hey leave you a mess agam'P help me find mme lts been a long hard day hasnt nt Mlss Peterson? Mnss Slebert Mrs Knspert and Mrs Jordan gather up strength for thenr next classes l fb - I X , . ' . , I . Qing, L, Yi-T. yi , 4 K g 5 N WML, rezz- 'Nagin A A 'll . ,X gf V N . if K XX :A r- . ff s ii gv W io el . .r 1. L L I Senlor DIrec'rory DEANNA AHOLA DAVID CHARLSEN Basketball Manage, IO II I2 GERALD ALLEN DONALD ANDERSON LLOYD ANEZ LARRY ASMUS Student CouncIl IO Football IO sketball IO ack IO I2 Wrestn u n romura s ROZANNE BARTLETT OtIIce AssIstant I2 RY BELL T ack IO II W Q JOHN BENSON Basketball IO SwImmIng II ub II RICHARD BERGLUND JON BERQUIST ITH BESKE A IO II I2 Aqua eens IO I2 Physncs Club I2 JOHN R BLACK Footnall IO II Basketball IO scball IO I K HIE BORST LIbrary Club II I2 YTeens Related Occ I2 Homecomnnq IO LINDA BORST FHA IO II GAA IO II YTeens ANITA BOWEN Chorus IO CAROL BREKKE Na Ional Honor SocIety II I2 Class OftIcer IO FHA VIce PresIdent II State VIce esldent II TA IO I2 GA II YTeens Pony Express II Feature Page Edltor I2 SadIe C mnnttee II Senro Clo Play I2 Class ay Produchon Staff II GIrls Chorus IO II A Chorus I2 Prom Banquet Charrman II Cheerleader IO II I2 Homecommq Royalty I2 Homecommq CommIttee IO Declom IO Il Honor Roll I2 P p Cu I2 BEVERLY BRENIZER BYRON BRENIZER KITTY BRUDOS Student Councll IO GAA IO II I2 eens IO Band IO II 2 A ua Teens I0 I I Club IO D nce an I2 Pr m CommIttee Member II UTA SALZMANN BRUHN GAA I2 Student CouncII I2 YTeens I2 Speech I2 Physlcs Club I2 One Act Play Cost I2 ROSEMARY BURGER Pony Express II Drama I2 orus IO II M Y BURMASTER FHA IO ll I2 GAA II 2 Chorus IO II I2 Office AssIstant I2 Intramurals Cu JunIo Cos Pay Cast I SSDIOF Class Play Cast I2 One Act Play I2 PH LISS CARLSON B nd IO Il I2 Chorus IO Dance Bond MARY CARLSTROM FFA I2 GAA IO II TusItala el'IS FU Chorus IO II ChoIr I2 Homecommq CommIttee I2 Prom CommIttee Member II AFS CommIttee I2 GLORIA CARTONY ony Express Staff II Edtto I2 TIIGSPIUO u II PreI n Dram I2 Speec A IO II I2 Hornecommq Comm: ee Prom ChaIrman II Ono Act Play Festryal DIrector Madnqal II Jumor Class Play Student DIrector II Sennor Class Play I2 One Acts IO Boys Chorus IO RIver Falls Play Contest Student DIrector Youth Councll II I2 Youth Councnl Treasurer I2 Hornecommg Skrt Il I2 AFS General ChaIrrnan I2 Stage Manager Sennor Class Play II One Act Play DIrect-or I2 Sophomore Class Party IO NIS CRITTENDEN IO II MARY CROMBIE D amo II I2 JERRY DIETZ DICK DORNFELD Student Councnl II I2 Football ImmIn cIence u orus IO Chorr II S I Cu H DURAND FTA II YTeens Aqua Teens IO JERRY DURAND W GSIIIIIQ I2 DELMAR EDER JUDY EHRET JUDY EICHTEN FHA I2 Pony Express IO Drama r II ChoIr I2 Choral Rea I DONALD EMERT DONALD ERLER TennIs IO Photo Club IO CAROL EVANS FHA Secretary Il I2 Student EdItor JOE EVERT Swnmmnng I2 ScIence Club I2 CAROLYN FANKHANEL FTA I2 Aqua Teen IO II emtstry Club I Y eens Drama eech I2 Chorus IO Chor II ANNE EARNHAM FHA II I2 FTA II I2 GAA IO emIstry Club II YTeens IO II ate rama II eec Chorus IO C u I2 MARY FENTON TERRY FOGARTY FREDRICKSON FHA I2 GAA IO II ens IO I orus Sk Clu Intramurals II Jumor SenIor Banquet CommIttee II Prom CommIttee II SadIe CommIttee II I2 Semor Class Play Produchon Crew I2 Kabekoman Typlst I2 Announcements CommIttee I2 Honor Roll DENNIS GALOWITZ nd IO II I2 Dance Ba d JANET GARDNER Student CouncIl II GAA IO II ttlcer I2 Of'IIcer ua Teens IO II eereoder O Pep Club I2 Banquet CommIttee II SadIe Com Ittee IO II I2 Announcement CommIttee I2 AFS Comrnlttee I2 MARY ANN GARLING Chorus IO Il A N GELHAR G IO P ny Express emIstry Club II Speech II MARY GLASRUD O C - P , I2, I r gl ll I - CI b , I2, s'de t I21 a II, z It Io, II, IQ, chow IO, II, IQ, su Club Io, II, IQ, ,, FS , , ff - A, 'tt II, I2, A ' , ,II, II, ' ' - III I2, Ba ,Tr , II, g Ing IO, ' , 5 ' I II,I21S-ClbII,I2,It I Io,II,IQ. - ' , , ' , LAR - f , , IQ, resrltn Io, II. DEN - I I I2 - I ' ' , IQ: Y I I ' s-cl ,IQ, W Io, II, sw' Ig IO, s' cIIQ IOI II, IQ, - Ch , ' , In Ib IQ. JUD ,GA I I I T I III BET e , IQ, . 101 A . 'H I , : , II: Y ll I' A BGA , I, IQ, S-Club II, IQ, ,W AT f ' , , - IO, - - , , , I . Il, II, I2, Cho us IO, gl ' 5 I dhg II, - to . I F m V I I Pr' ,r' ,II, , AIO,l ,- I - , ,, IO, II, IQ! Ski Club IO, II, IQ! Youth Council I2: Councll, Chorus IO, Choir II, I2, Tusitala IO, II, , ' 2 ' I2, ' I2. o ' , 'r ss f PI ' 4 4 ' .' V 7 D ' Her I2, at ' I, -I' 122 ' IIQI Ib I Sp 7 g I , a Ch - , . ' 1, ,Dlebl II, I2, In , IQ, Sp II II, IQ, , Pep ' Ib . Y'T 1 , ,I, q '. IIIIQ, O sk' , II, IQ, Q Is d Io, II, , 0 - ' SUE - 7 I f I21Y- - up y . Te , I, IQ, Ch IO, II, IQ, I b IQ, Ch , ,IQ. A30 I I I n AR K I ' I ,li IO, II, I2. IO: Ski Ib: 'r ls I I , ' IQ, o II, IQ, vreens IO, II, I, 'Ill I . Aq . , , IQ, Ch I I , II, IQ, Y - a . , I 1 m' , I, , I ' Io, II, IQ, Y-Te IO, II, IQ, D' mal II, IQ, O ' ' I :V ' 1 I ' N - AA , Q II, IQ, I 2 ' - Ch I 1 ,I2. CELIA GRIFFETH Chorus IO Hall Du y I2 ALD GROSS FFA IO II reslsnq Sensor Class Play W NDY GROVE udent Councsl II TA A IO YTeens IO I ontact Sophomore Class Party Commtttee IO M RK HAAK Ba Icetball IO Wrestlsnq IO II BRUCE HALVERSON Scsence Club I2 Chemsstry Cu II ROGER HANDEVIDT Lsbrary Club II I2 Chemsstry u I rama Physscs C u I2 orus IO I lntr urals O VERSEA HEANEY GAA IO Drama I2 Speech I2 orus IO I Senso C P Homecomsnq Skst I2 Related Occupatsons I2 CAROL HILLS Chorus I2 GARET HINTZ Il ersssstsy Club II ama Jun or Cass y II Sensor Class Play 2 Aqua Teens II EN HOLMES IO YTeens IO II Prom Commsttee II Sadse om msttee I2 Commencement Commsttee I2 Junsor Class Play II Olhce Asssstant I2 PAT HORRIGAN Student Councsl IO FHA IO FTA I2 Cho hosr qua eens I2 C eer leadsng IO Prom Commsttee II Homecomsnq Com msttee ll I2 Staqe Manaqer Sensor Class Play I2 Sa se Commsttee IO II I2 ICK HUELSMANN Natsonal Honor Soctety II I2 Thespsan Club II I2 Chemsstry Club II Drama n I2 Dance Band oys orus IO I II I2 Homecomsnq Commsttee IO II Prom Commsttee II Boys State Representotsye II Dsrector One Act Play I2 Pro uctsons II ass ay Sensor Class a Sophomore Class Party IO Honor Roll I2 SHARON HUSS Student Councsl II Natsonal Honor Cleft' I I G I I Y Te IO II I2 Aqua Teens IO Welcome Commsttee IO Ofttce Asssstant I2 JANET IVERSON FTA I2 GAA IO YTeens IO I2 ama I2 Band IO II I2 Chosr I2 Dance Ban I2 Prom Commsttee II Sophomore Class Party IO LYNN JACOBSON Related Occupatsons MARNA JACOBSON Class Officer I2 Natsonal nor Socsety Il I2 FHA IO TA I2 Secre FTA I2 GAA IO Ka e onsan Thespsan Club II I2 Secretary Thespsan Club I2 C emsstry Club II YTeens IO II I2 ICC Re re ntatsve II YTe s P es I2 IO n IO nc n I2 Pr m Commsttee Chasrman II Sadse Commsttee II I2 Y uth Councsl I2 J Cl s Pl y II Dsrec or One Acts I2 Sensor Class Play Bussness Manager I2 Productson Crews IO II I2 Choral Readsng BETTY LOU JOHNSON FHA IO II I2 GAA IO ony xpress Reporter II Ed tor ama II I2 Speech II I2 Sensor Class Play CHARLES JOHNSON Student Councsl I2 Football e E JOHNSON G If IO II SHARON JOHNSTON SHIRLEY JOHNSTONE Student Councsl I2 FHA II AA IO usstala I2 YTeens IO De ate I2 Chosr I2 Prom m m ee II ER JOSEPHSON FFA IO II I2 Drama Speech I2 FFA Treasurer II FFA Vsce Pressdent 2 Junsor Class Play I NE JUNKER Thespsan Club II I2 Band IO I I2 Chorus I2 Prom Commsttee II Pep Commsttee nsor ass a Sensor C ass P ay nce Band IO II MAUIANNE KAECK GAA IO Chorus IO II Jr S Banquet Commsttee II Hall Duty I2 Homecomsng Commsttee I2 KARD KARGEL IO vrestssng IO O sector Operator IO II JEANNE KARLOW Natsonal Honor Socsety II FHA I2 FTA I2 GAA I2 Slcs Club I2 Homecomsng Commsttee I2 O KESKE IO JOHN KISPERT Student Councsl IO II I2 C ss scer II tball Ba nnss u I2 Chorus JOANNE KLINEFELTER Chorus IO II I2 LEIN ootball I2 Basketbal seball IO II DAVID KNEFELCAMP Protector Operator IO II Youth Councsl IO Lsghtsng For Prom IO II Audso and Lsghts for Class Play II JUDITH KROENING SANDRA KRONGARD Chorus I2 SANDRA KRONGARD CAROL KRUSE Chemsstry Club II Band IO LAWRENCE KUNZ DAVE KURTI-I JEANNINE LAHIFF Natsonal Honor Socsety II I2 A IO II ama I2 Speec n IO Sk Club IO II I2 Homecomsn Commsttee Chasrman II Prom Commsttee Chasr m n II LAMMERS Student Councsl IO II C ass scer II Na sona onor ocsety otball IO I Bas et all I2 Base a 2 Pon Ex ress ta I2 Tusstaa san u rama C osr IO II I2 Prom Commsttee II Junsar Cass Play II Sensor Class Play I2 Homecomsng Royalty AFS Commsttee I2 SClub IO I I2 Dsrec One Act Plays I2 Boys Chorus II Vsce Pressdent of Student Councsl AN LANGE Football IO Hockey IO School Pressdent I2 ub I M , s s DAL - O , , s2, scsub so, ss, s2. GER O , , vv sg so, ss, E -Ss ' ,F ss, s2, A . I GA , . , s, I2,.C so, ss, s2, 12? G ZT . H, I Q I b ' ss, s2, send so, ss, , ' , co- A - s 1 ' , . III 4 Y I 2 ' ROG - , r 2 II: lb . , , ' - ' , I . s , ' s. cs b s, o ss, s2, ' sb' , Boys GE 3 . A ,, css , s, Om s,ss, , A . ' , s - , , , sr, Ju cs Ply ss, ' s s I2, Ch , I, Choir I2, ' r lass lay I2, DG ' ' IQ' SLI Club Il' I2' 5 I I - 5 , 7 .- F. MAR GFHA , s2, GAA so, ss, s2, ' Us fD' 'lf '21 s ls Psc s -FFA ,ss, I' ,Pr - Pla , - s , - ,s2, t , 1 KAR -FHA , ss, 12, FTA ss, s2, , , - y . y . C - - , s2, 2 - , , svsss -FFA , ss, I2. II, I2, GAA IO, II, I2, Y-Teens IO, II, , rus so, c ' ss, s2, A .s so, ss, , ss A - I I f 2 'O ' , ' 7 ' K . Off , I2, Foo IO, II, slcetball IO, II, - , , D P r , s2, Te ' so, ss, scs ss so, ss, , so, ds ' , , , ss. D ' 4 ' f 2 - , , . Track IO, Pony Express II, I2, Tusitala IO, II, I2, ' , , ' , BILL sc -F so, ss, , I so, IO, II, l2: B0 d IO, II, J 2 B Ba , , I2, S-Club II, I2, Ch , s, ska Club so, , , ' , d ' , cs I Pl ss, ' IPI A I , ' I SoA ,s2, FHA ss, s2, AAI so, , . ens - Dr , T , f, -' ', ' ,Q - I , ,ss, 12. Ho ' , , ,F ss,' , . - ' ' f f ,my F I H, b k - ,, ,Z GA , ,I2, DY so, ss, , ss ss, s2, P I J s BQ d , ss, s2, s , , , 'g h ' J - 2 , 2 P - I I I I' se ' , - en r , ,Drama , II, I2, O ' Bo d , II, I2, Da e Ba d IO, II, , 0 - , , . s I sssvs - ' , , s2, s 0 - , UMA, as G , .' ,' oss , s2, s' s H s ' ss, s2, 1 , T A ' Fo , s, s2, Ii ss so, ss, , b ss , -' , P so,ss,s, y p s Psss, , ' s so, ss. ' ' ' ss, s2, sssesp- cs ss ss, s2, D ss, s2, h. I I 1 . F . I ss, s2, P E , ' s I2, I2, I ' , , I , s, , ' sos DF , 2 1 1 ' I2. 1 J ' ' ' so, ss, s2, Heck y so, ss, s2, s-csusl ss, s2, ares - , , ss, s2, ' . s-cs s, 12. SUE LANGE Student Councrl IO I2 Class Othcer I2 Pony Expr s II emlstry u e ns n IO 2 Aq I I2 We are Commtttee I2 Y uth Councll IO II Sk Club IO II I2 Hamecomnnq Chanrman I2 Homecomnnq C mmuttee IO II I2 AFS Commtttee I2 Prom Commtttee Chatrman II OlTIce Assnstant I2 Sadie Commtttee II Gnrls State II Homecomtnq Queen Honor Roll JOANN LANGFORD YTeens IO II I2 Student uncnl II Prom C mmtttee II Sk Club IO I2 AFS Commnttee I2 Sadie Commtttee I2 GAA IO II Phystcs Club II Commencement Commxt te I2 FHAI2 FTAI2 GARY LANGNESS Fotball I0 Basketball IO II IDIS IO U Chotr SU LAW FTA II I2 Treasurer FTA I2 YTeens II AquaTeens IO LAY nd IO I I2 Boy C us EN LIND FHA I2 GAA IO us: ala espuan Club II ns I2 Drama I2 Chorus IO Choir II I2 Prom Commu ee II Sadte Commlttee II I2 Announcements Com mlttee I2 Junior Class Play II One Act Plays I2 Homecomtng Commnttee II Wellare Commnttee II Ensemble I2 Treasurer of Thesptan Club I2 Busnness Manager of Junior Class Play II Youth Counctl I2 Sophomore Class Party IO TOM LINDELL Student Council I2 Class Ofhcer IO s et a Ba a I2 Ten I a e ontan talT II 2 Sports Edntor Kabekonnan I2 Thespnan Club II I2 Sctence Club hemlstry Club II C ub I2 Dram Sk Club II I2 Prom Comm: ee II Home comrng Royalty I2 Hall and Bunldnnq Cammnttee II I2 Dtrector of OneAct Pays I2 Jun or Class Play II Senlor Class Play I2 T LUHMANN oc ey IO Chemtstry u II ama and I I2 Boys Chorus C our Intramura s O II Dancc Ban JEAN LUNDEEN Class Omcer IO FHA IO FTA II esptan Club eens Drama I2 Winter Festlval Attendant IO Prom Commtttee II Homecomtng Commnttee II I2 Youth Counctl I2 Stage Manager of Sentor Class Pl y I2 Choral Readmg II Sadle Commtt ee MORIDA LUNDGREN FHA IO FTA IO GAA IO orus IO II MARY JANE MACDONALD Student Councul I2 FTA AA IO eens orus Aqua Teens IO II Cheel adunq IO II I2 Ho camtng Commnttee I2 Prom Comrnnttee II DAVE MAGNUSON Track I2 Hockey IO II I2 ra ector Operator IO II S Club I2 D ama B s Chorus IO II Juntar Class Play II DAVID MALLOY A Choir IO II NANCY MARLOW FHA I2 Drama I2 Senna: Class I2 ech rus C our Cheerleader I0 BEVERLY MARTY FHA II I2 FTA I2 Chorus IO JAN MCCARTY St dent Counctl IO FHA IO II Protector Operator IO YTeens IO II I2 Speech C orus IO Chotr II I2 Aqua Teens IO I u RICHARD MC EE Swtmmtng IO II I2 Chemtstry u I u n I2 C I I2 Homecomtng Float MARTHA MCGOUGH GAA IO II Kabekonlan IO Speech I2 Chorus IO Cholr II I2 Cheer leadung II I2 Declam I2 Homecomlng Skit I2 Student Dtrector of Sentor Class Play I2 Prom Commtttee II MARY MCGUIRE FTA I2 DENNIS MCKEAN DONNA MECHELKE Related Occupattons M RY MEISTER A IO I I2 YTeens Dama I2 Speech I2 Chorus IO II C I Aqua Teens IO II PHILIPPINE MEIXNER FHA IO FTA I2 NANCY MERGENS GAA I0 II I2 Pony Expr S a IO Tusnta a I2 Chemnstr u eensl orus I Choir I2 Speec I I2 Physncs Club I2 Productron Crew II I2 Commencement Program II Secretary Treasurer Physlcs Club Honor Roll I2 DICK MERRILL Class Of'IIcer I2 Baseball IO Drama Jumor Class Play II DICK MINER Football IO Baseball IO LYNETTE MOLITER RONALD MORTENSEN FFA IO II DICK MUELLER Protector Operator IO II KAREN MUNKELWITZ G A IO Chorus O olr I2 HuCClub IO SUSAN NELSON G A IO II I2 Choru Cholr I2 A NESS horus IO I BARB NIPPOLDT Student Counctl IO Chorus I Il' C ARLIE NORDBY B nd IO II I2 JU D ORFF S nor Class Play SClub IO II A Squad Basketball II I2 Student Counctl Hall Monttor I2 Welcome Commnttee I2 Golf S II I2 One Act P a s A Chorus B Squad Basketball IO Hamecomtng Cornrnlttee Decoratlons IO Dance Band IO II n or Class Play I I rn II Thesp an TOM OSTENER ALLEN OSWALD IO RITA PALMEN KAY PAULEY Student Counctl I2 Class Ofhcer II A FTA II I2 GAA IO Kabckonlan a II eens rus C our I2 Cheerleader II I2 Pep Club 2 CHARLES PETERSON CECIL PICHT SHARON POIRIER GAA IO Chorus IO II I2 - A , 1 - U ' i , 2 II5 FHA IO, II5 GAA IO, II, 5 es A 5 - , , 5 Staff , I25 Ch A CI b II5 Y-T e I, 25 II, I25 h 5 ' , 5 - , Ba d , II, I 5 ua-Teens IO, I , 5 If Il, I25 Sk' CI b IO, II, I2. A 1 O A , : I f G 5 I U O' -' I I' i 7 I E Cl b 1, S-CI Is tt, I25 BG dA tof nf , ho'r I - P I I I 10,t1, , ' 12. I2: A 12. A A H 12, f j 5 QA f Co ' 5 0 ' I A , 11, 5 ' ' f e :I 1 .I AY ' A O 1 I 2 - Tet ' ,II,I25S-CIl3I0,II,I25BGI1CIIO,Il, - ' b I2: ' I2. A -GA , I, 5 e IO, II5 E 7 1 i 7 ' I' 5 5 , 1 IIOIY JIM fBo , 1, 5 S hor to, tt. - , I KAR - , ,T At II, 12, - I I Z es Th - I 125YfTee IO, II, F V St FI , II, I25 ' I 5 A y CI b II, II, fu If I 1 Y' 12, Y-T I, Ch 10,15 ' 5 It y A I f - lo, 1 , , ' , ' to, A z . A II: ' . I A II5 National Honor Society II,I I25 Football IOI k tt, IQ, Ba Ir I, II to, tt, Seb Il to, , HAS KARL MOFGLHN II5 K b k A S , I 5 ' of - I25 C A I 55- I III, A5 a II, 7 I - IQ: I , J ATI 2 r W . 12 IO, , 7 ' 5 - I 5 I k A I I I H: 7 A ' Ch A 5 '- , II. Kuta -H k , 11, I25 A D A , , , 510,117 CI b 5Dr I25 B IO, I , 5 ' , IO, II5 h' I5 I I , 5 - d I2. ALT fC , I, I2. 122 nt ' T II I24 1oAt1 I2A ' I f IO' ' A . A. ' A IA ' II, I25 Olffce GAI II, I2. A Af A A 1 ' F H e a , , . a 5 I ' 5 ' 't D A er' 1 - , , I25 IO, II, I2. - , 5 A I25 A 1 ' 2 IO, - 5 1 5 II, I25 enlor Band IO, , 5 - I y I25 Ch , , I25 5 - , ' - ' 5 12, Jus 5PrAo Io, , il I2l I25 G , II, I25 Y-T IO5 Ch ' IO, II5 - , 1 re Q , , 1 rne- ' f ' frm , 11. P I , , A, , I 'III T Oy ' ' ' I25 rn to,1Q, , , A , I ' A .. ' I ' St ff , I25 Y-T IO, II, I25 Cho IO, II5 IW' -z , : I . Play 5 Spe I25 Chb IO, III5 h A I25 - DARLENE POLNAU SHARON POLNAU MARY KAY POMINVILLE I2 YTeens II 2 orus IO II Chosr BILL POWELL Prosector Operator IO Asssstant Shop Teacher I2 VIC RAMLI Physscs Club I2 Student Councsl I2 AFS Weekend I2 NAOMI RICHERT FTA I2 Pony Express Staff II ANN RIDGEWAY Chorus JULIE ANN RIEGAL FHA I2 FTA I2 YTeens 2 Cho Chosr I2 Orchestra IO Pep Club IO JANET RIGG GAA IO II I2 Aqua Teens IO II YTeens IO II I2 Chorus II I2 Kabekonsan Stott ws u O s I2 lntra murals IO Banquet Commsttee Chasrman II Prom II Homecamsng Cammsttee I2 Sadse Commsttee II Gsrls State Alternate II Class Pay Sensor Class Play Productson Crew I2 AFS Pub lscsty Chasrman I2 Announcement Commsttee I2 H nor R Il I2 Junsor Class Play Productson Crew II JEROME RITZER ALBERT ROETTGER Track Manager IO ROGER ROETTGER K HY ROLIG FHA IO Il I2 FTA II I2 A IO II Pony Express II Feature Page Edstor I2 A Chorus I2 Cheerleader I0 II I2 Prom Com msttee II Sadse Commsttee Homecomsng Com msttee II I2 Class Play II I2 Productson Crews II I2 Youth Councsl II Pep Club CONNIE ROOFF GAA IO Thespsan Club II I2 ama IO eec rus Chosr I2 DAVID ROLOFF M ILEE ROSE FTA II I2 Ch us IO Ch II I2 Aqua Teens I0 ERTA ROSS FHA IO II I2 Pressclent II G A I0 II I2 Art Stott of Kabekonsan 2 eens IO G l Chorus I0 A hosr Youth Councsl I2 Homecomsng Commsttee Chasr man IO I2 AFS Commsttee Chasrman I2 Home roam Pressdent I2 Sadse Commsttee Productson for Class Play II Tusstala St lt II Honor Roll I2 RLY RULINE IO G 0 YTeens IO II I2 Chorus I0 II Aqua Teens O KATHLEEN RUNK Scsence Club IO SANDRA RUNK GAA IO Pep Club I2 PEGGY SALMORE FT I2 GAA IO II I2 A ua Teens IO Pep Club I2 DONALD SCHELANDER Related Occupatsons TIM SCHNEIDER Hockey I2 Flag Commsttee LARRY SCHRAMM JEAN SCHROEDER Chorus II I2 Related Occu patrons I2 BEVERLY SCHULTZ N SCHULTZ Football I2 Track I0 Wrestlsng IO II I2 Prosector Operator IO II I2 ub IO ROBERT SCHULTZ Track I2 PATTI SHATTUCK horus IO II 2 MARLENE SHELLEY FHA I2 FTA I2 GAA II I2 eens IO II I2 Chorus I0 II I2 Aqua Teens II I2 lntramuras JUDY SIEBOLDS Chorus I0 II I2 EDWARD SINGER B nd IO II DARREL SHOGEN FFA IO II JUDY SKRAMSTAD P SMITH Chous IO II 2 KERMIT SOMMERS B seball II I2 SClub II I2 KAREN SMITH Physscs Club I2 Chemsstry Club I2 eech IO II 2 Ch rus IO Chosr I I2 C Play Cast II I2 Sensor Ensemble I2 Junsor Mud rgal II Choral Readsng II I2 Commencement Program II Honor Roll I2 ADELINE STEFFEN FHA I0 II I2 FTA I2 GAA GFIS n Student Councsl Welcome Commsttee I2 Dance Band FHA Pressdent I2 YTeens Pressdent I2 Sadse Commsttee Junsor Class Play II Prom Commsttee II DAVID STEGLICH Scsence Club II Chemsstry II Prosector Operator IO II Band IO II I2 NANCY STONE Student Councsl I2 Chorus IO osr II DICK STRAND Student Councsl IO II Natsonal Honor Socsety II I2 Football IO Tennss I0 II Kabekonsan I0 II I2 Edstor I2 Thespsan Club II I2 Scsence Club IO Pressclent of Chemss try Club II Sks Club IO II I2 Youth Councsl I2 Physscs Club I2 Homecomsng Commsttee IO II I2 Prom Commsttee II AFS Commsttee I2 Repre sentatsve at Boys State II Sensor Class Play Junsor Class Play CURTISS TALCOTT Prosector Operator IO II DAVID TAYLOR Football IO Basketball IO II I2 ub II DICK THOMAS Hockey I0 JOHN THOR IO II I2 Pressdent Dsstrsct Pressdent I2 Speech I2 CAROL ANN TOENSING GAA IO JON TRENDA Class Offlcer I2 ALLEN TSCHIDA DAVID TURNBLAD CAROLYN VAN TASSEI. Kcsbeltonlan I0 II sstala II I2 hosr IO HODGE VAN TASSEL Related Occupatsons I2 MICHAEL VOLIGNY Wrestlsng II DICK WAALEN Basketball I0 Baseball II I2 C osr IO II I2 Boys Chorus IO II - JOH - , , ss, : - I I I 2 r I 1 1 F Ch I I , 12' S-Cl , II, I2, Drama II, I2, ' -c , , s . I Y-T f , f I , 2 l 2 -I - 2 - so, , , s so. - 12. - - II, 2 2 - IO, II, I 5 FUS II, ' 5 1 - G ' ' ss, s2, s 7 cl sfso, ss, sz' Hlcer ss, , - AT - ,D 2 ' ' 2 ' ' - G 2 2 - 2 - so, , ' , s ss, A l .. . i 7 . Sp , ,I 1 0 pl ' I, 7 lass Q 0 5 ' ' I i I 5 I ' I i 2 ' 2 2 ' - so, ss, Y-Te so, lI,lI2,lBa,d so, ss, I2, AT - , 2 2 , 5 GA 'l ' 2 A 2 Y-Teens so, ss, s2, Declam so, Gafsfs chews ss, I , , Io, f 2: 2 V fi 2 12' Ch 4 I 12, - 2 2 Dr , ss, s2, Sp I ss ss, Cho sof ssl - , , ,' 7 , , I ' IQ: I 2 2 , ' 2 ' ER - , , or , olr , .I ,I I I . A . ' ROB - , , , ' , ' ' A 2 2 2 ' I 2 - ' l . Y-T y ir's , C ' II, I2, , , ' - - , 2 s-cs ,s2. ' ' ' ' ' Staff ' , s 'G , sz, - - - -FFA , , , ' sz, A ' BEVE -FTA , ss, AA s, ss, s2, . , - 2 , 2 , 1 - I , ' A ss. - , '- A 2 . , 2 Cl - - ' ' - ' , , 12, - ' . Tu' , , C ' , ss, s2. - 2 ' II. - ' . ' r I I1 ' , 2 2 I 2 . I l JIM WALI-IOOD Menomonne Hugh IO 11 Basketball 12 Baseball 12 BILL WENDT Fotboll IO 11 I2 Wrestlrn SClub I2 EDYTH WHITNEY FHA 12 FTA I2 Chermstry e ate ll 2 rus1O Chl 12 Jun Class Play ll Sensor Class Play 12 JOHN WICK JIM WIDMEYER Wrestlrng IO H C IO ll DARLEEN WIELAND Related Occupatlons 12 GEORGE WINTERLIN Chonr IO ll I2 WAYNE WOHLERS Student Councrl IO Hockey I0 ll 12 SClub 11 12 Related Occupatrons 12 DENNIS YON SHARONE ZABROK GAA IO Pony Express ll Debate 11 12 Speech ll I2 Make up Commuttee For Class Play 11 12 K ZEULI F otball I0 11 BOB ZIMMERMAN ama I2 Chonr I0 Physics Club I2 Sk: Club 12 DAVE ZIMMERMAN Swummlng 10 Audno Vndeo I0 SHARON ZIMMERMAN FHA 11 12 Pep CI b GA YZWEIG Westlrng 10 11 I2 SClub 11 12 Ahola Deanna 18 Allen Gerald 18 34 Anderson Donald F Anez Lloyd 18 A mus Larry 18 95 99 Barrett Roger 18 101 Bartlett Roxanne 18 Bell Larry 18 Benson John 18 Berglund Rrchard 18 Berqulst Jon 18 Beske Judith 18 Black John lDlck1 18 100 Borst Kathy 18 Borst Lmda 18 Bowen Anita 19 Brenrzer Beverly 19 Brudos Kitty 19 75 78 Brown Karen 19 74 Burger Rosemary 19 70 72 78 Burmoster Mary 19 70 Carlson Phyllrs 19 Carlstrom Mary 19 60 63 70 72 Cartoney Glorla Charlsen David 19 58 65 66 69 Chartler Beverly 19 Crittenden Denms 19 Crombre Mary 19 Dretz Jerome 19 Dornfeld Richard 20 56 57 Durand Beth 20 Durand Gerald 20 99 Eder Delmar 20 Ehret Judith 20 Euchten Judith 20 70 76 Emert Don 20 Erler Don 20 Evans Carol 20 56 57 65 70 72 Evert Joe 20 Fankhanel Carolyn 20 63 70 72 Farnham Ann 20 66 69 Fenton Mary 20 Fuscher Georgra 20 Fogarty Terry 20 Fredrrckson Susan 21 70 Galowltz Denms 21 75 Gardner Janet 21 65 70 Garlmg Mary Ann 21 Gelhar, Ann 21, 58 Grlmth, Cello 21 Gross, Gerald 21, 65, 78 Grove, Wendy 21 Haak, Mark 21 Halverson, Bruce 21, 68 Student Index Handevrdt Roger 21 Heaney Versea 21 70 Herrng Jean 21 Hlntz Margaret 21 Holmes Karen 21 Horrrgan Patrrcla 22 70 Huelsmann Rrchard 22 32 58 60 65 75 76 Huss Sharon 22 65 Iverson Janet 22 66 70 75 78 Jacobson Lynn 22 Jacobson Mama 22 23 59 63 65 69 75 76 Johnson Betty Lou 22 58 65 66 78 Johnson Charles 22 56 57 65 95 Johnson Dale 22 100 Johnston Sharon 22 Johnstone Shrrley 22 56 57 59 65 66 70 Josephson Roger 22 62 Junker Gene 22 56 59 65 66 70 74 Kaeck Marnanne 22 Kargel Rrchord 22 Karlow Jeanne 23 32 65 69 Keske Malo 23 62 101 Krspert John 23 33 56 57 8 92 96 97 Klein Wllllam 23 100 Klmefelter Joanne 23 Knefelkamp Davrd 23 Kroenlng Judith 23 Krongard Sandra 23 Krongard Sandra 23 Kruse Carol 23 74 Kunz Lawrence 23 Kurth David 23 Lahlff Jeannrne 23 65 66 75 76 Lange Brlan 23 Lange Susan 24 56 57 58 65 69 74 82 Langford Joann 24 Langness Gary 24 70 72 75 92 Law Susan 24 69 Lay Jlm 24 75 Lund Karen 24 60 70 72 76 Lmdell Tom 24 56 57 59 65 68 69 76 82 95 Luhmann Kurt 24 74 Lundeen Jean 24 69 76 Lundgren Monda 24 MacDonald Mary Jane 24 56 82 90 Magnuson Davrd 24 Malloy David 24 Marlow, Nancy 24, 70 Marty, Beverly 25 McCarty, Janet 25, 70 McGee, Richard 25, 70, 72, 75 McGough, Martha 25, 70, 90 McGurre, Mary 25 McKean Denms 25 Mechelke Donna 25 Merster Mary 25 70 Merxner Phlllpplne Mergens Nancy 25 58 60 66 Nerrrll Richard 25 Mmer Richard 25 Moeglern Karl 25 Molltor Lynette 25 Mortenson Ronald 25 Mueller Rrchard 26 Munkelwrtz Karen 26 Nelson Susan 26 70 Ness Alta 26 Nrppoldt Barbara 26 Nordby Charles 26 0 Orff Judd 26 56 57 75 78 96 97 100 Ostner Thomas 26 Oswald Allen 26 Palmen Ruta 26 Pauley Kay 26 33 56 57 63 65 70 90 Prcht Cecrl 26 Peterson Charles 26 Polnau Darlene 26 Polnau Sharon 26 Pommvrlle Mary Kay 27 70 Powell Ellllam 27 Ramll Vlc 27 56 68 Ramsden Bruce 27 Reeves Rochelle 27 68 Rlchert Naomi 27 Rrdway Ann 27 Rlegel Julre Ann 27 70 Rngg Janet 27 59 65 69 70 Rntzer Jerome 27 Roettger Albert 27 Rolnng Kathy 27 58 65 70 90 Roloff Connie 27 70 Roloff Davrd 27 Rose Merllee 27 70 Ross Roberta 28 59 60 65 70 72 Rulme Beverly 28 Runk Kathleen 28 Runk Sandra 28 Salmore Peggy 28 Salzmann Bruhn Uta 28 56 68 8 Schelander Donald 28 Schnetder Tum 28 Schramm Lawrence Schroeder, Jean 28 Schultz, Beverly 28 Schultz, John 28, 99 Shattuck, Patti 28 Shelley, Marlene 28, 63, 70, 102 Snebolds, Judy 28 'i I I I ' - 1 f - o 1 1 1 'Q ll: , 9 , p - ' - 2 1 ' Ilf DIC - 0 , ,121 s-club 11, 12. D b , 1 5 Cho , 115 o'r 1 ior , ' . -of , ' , 11, 121 , . - ' I 5. I , - 1 - 1 - ll. - . - , 1 u 12. - ' i I R - r ' 1 1 1 - 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 - I I I I . I I I I I , .18 ' , ' 1 1 I . I . I .. . 25 5 , , , I , , , , ,68,7 I I . I .. I .I . '33 I I ' llllll . I F I I I I I I I llil . I I . I I . I I I I I I I I l I . I . I 1 I , I . I '70 I I I I ffll I I 1 1 , 1 I I I ' I I . I . I I , I I I I I Brelske, aCrol 19, 58, 62, 65, 70, 82, 90 74 , ,,,,,, , . ' ' I I I . I I I ylll I I I I I , . I . 1 1 1 1 , ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I . I . I I I . I I I 1 1111 ' , ,,,, 2 ,,,, 99 1 I . .I .. , I I . , I I I . I '70 . . I I . I I , I .. . I . . I . .I . I I .I I I l I I 1 I I , . I I '68 , I . I . I I F I I I I . . I . , I .I . I I I I . , I I I I I . I . . , . I . I I , I I I I I I I I V I . I I I I I I I III, I . I I I I I l I I I I . , I . I I . I 1 1 1 1 I , ,,,, , 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I IIIIIII I F I 1 . 1 1 ' I I I I ' I I I I ' 1 1 , ' - 1 1 1 17 . ' ' ' I I I I I , , , ,90, 102 , ' ' , ' ' 1 , ' , 28 Sunger Edward 29 Skogen Darrell 29 Skramstad Juduth 29 Smuth Karen 29 66 68 70 72 Smuth Patrucua 29 Sammers Kermut 29 100 Steffen Adelune 29 57 75 Stegluch Davud 29 Stone Nancy 29 70 72 Strand Ruchard 29 59 65 Talcott Curtus 29 Taylor Davud 29 96 97 Thomas Ruchard 30 Thor John 30 62 65 Toensung Carol 30 Trenda Jon 30 33 Tschuda Alan 30 70 Turnblad Davud 30 Van Tassel Carolyn 30 Van Tassel Hodge 30 Volugny Muchael 30 Waalen Duck 30 70 72 Wendt Wulluam 30 95 Whutney Edyth 30 70 Wuck John 30 Wudmyer James 30 Wueland Darleen 30 Wunterlun George 30 Wohlers Wayne 30 Yon Dennus 31 68 69 76 77 99 Zabrok Sharone 31 32 65 66 Zeulu Ruchard 31 95 Zummerman Davud 31 Zummerman Robert 31 65 68 69 70 72 78 Zummerman Sharon 31 Lammers Jum 33 56 57 95 96 97 100 Glasrud Mary Hulls Carol Schultz Robert Wallhood Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Jum 30 96 97 Gett Mary 34 72 Sandra Susanne 40 Andrews Art Arcand Sandra 5 60 65 76 82 Arrugonu Joseph 95 99 Aubun Marue Elaune 72 Bahneman Januce 40 Bahneman Juduth 34 Balfanz Gerald 75 Barnes Duck 66 68 79 1 Beach John 66 68 79 Beedle John Bell Davud Benson Karen 70 72 Bergen Connue 58 60 72 79 Berquust Nancy 40 Burd Nancy 56 57 58 Black Barbara 72 Bohmon Sonya Bonse Brad Borden Phyllus 72 Bourdaghs Lynn Brewster Lynn Bruggs Dan Bruggs Shurley Brunk Barbara 56 72 79 Brudos Karen 59 69 72 79 Brunlchorst Donald Buclrholz Penny Cafterty Muke 79 63 65 66 68 70 Carlson Delphuan 90 Carlson Marlene 40 Carlson Paulo Carlstrom Joan 59 60 Cartony Terry Cederbloom Dwaun 34 Charlsen Wulluam Chartuer Shurley 79 Chase Patrucua Churchull Lawrence 74 9 Cucero LaNoy Clemens Morgue Clymer Barbara Conley Wulluam 34 100 Cooludge Susan Cardue Jay Cramer Ann Crane John Cruttenden Lunda Crombue Bruan Curtus Esther 34 Danuels Davud 34 95 97 Delaney Patrucua 58 79 Duckhausen James Doe Eluzabeth 72 Doerr Jack Doerr Ruchard 60 70 79 Dornfeld Jerry 68 Duncan Ronald 68 95 99 Durand Davud 79 95 DuRocher lone 40 72 Dybdal Donna 34 72 Easton John 34 95 97 100 Eastwood Gary Eckholm Marcua 60 66 Evenson Vurgunua 40 Funnegan John 70 97 Fuscher Barbara 56 57 Fuscher Carole Flynn Kathue 34 69 Francous Madonna Frutsche LeRoy 34 Frost James 101 Funke Gary Gardner Carol Ann Gulbert Ted Glasbrenner Sandra 72 Godeman Joan 34 56 70 Greeder Sandra 90 Haak Conrad 34 Horvueux Louus Hawluns Stephen Hayes Lmda 72 Hayes Ruchard 58 Heutmuller Kay 74 Hulde Catherune Hull yle Hoffoss Peter Holmberg Januce 34 Horrusberger JoAnn 40 72 Hounschell Nancy 58 75 Huelsman Mary 40 Huston Robert 95 Huston Ruth Ann Jacobson Ruth Ann 56 57 Jacoby James 34 Jambeck Kathy 68 72 79 66 70 2 65 66 68 69 79 72 78 79 90 90 Carlson Davud 34 69 70 78 95 101 Jerome Nora Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Faye George 56 95 99 Januce 63 Lunda 34 Peter 95 Ronald 95 101 Sally 40 75 79 Johnson Stanley 62 Johnson Wullard CTurue1 95 Jones Jayne 34 57 79 Judkuns Mary Jo 58 Juhl Russell 95 97 Junker Junlxer Junlxer Junker KalunoH Fred Kamrath Walter 34 70 72 Kaufman Davud 70 72 Kellogg Davud Kempf Darlene Kerner Susan 59 72 102 Klatt Gordon 60 68 78 79 Kleun Joseph Knutson Lenore Koch Robert 95 Kruesel Gary Kunde Russell 34 99 LaCasse Joann Lagerstrom Ruchard 68 Lammers Judy 56 57 70 Landeen Ruchard 74 99 Lane Georgene 34 Lange Vuncent Langness Wayne Larson Marcua 68 72 Larson Raymond 66 68 Loy Sara 40 Leary Patrucua Leske Shurley Lund Bonnue Long Jum Antounette Arthur 95 101 Pam Steve Madsen Mary 40 75 Mautrelean Eugene Malerus Pam 58 63 65 Martens Ruchard Mayer Ralph 68 101 McKean Douglas McKean Margaret 34 Meus er Muchael 70 Melstrom Patrucua 70 Merumontu Theresa 79 Mnner Sandra Moelter DeeAnn Molutor Julue Mandu Tom Monson Ruby 65 66 70 72 Montbruand Stuart Moravec Sharon Morus Ronald Mortensen Jane Mortensen Joan Mortensen June Murphy Mary 34 Nelson Marlys Nelson Sara 63 72 Nelson Wayne 34 Ness Gary Newman Duane Noyes Wesley Nyberg Sue 72 78 Olson Gaul O Nash Kutty O Neal John 95 100 OShea Judy 40 Os erkomp Sandra Ostner Judy 72 Otto Gerald Palmer Allen Papenfuss Harold 34 70 Patch Leo Patruck lon 9 9 . I , I . I I I r . . l I 1 I I I ' 1 ,,,, 1 , , 65, , , 7 ' , . I .. , I I I I 1 1 I I P ' - I I I A . I I . I . . I . I I , I I . . I 1 ' ,,,,,,, ' , 1 9 ' , 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 5,9 I . I I I . I . , 1 ' 1 40 , ' I I I I I 1 I I . I . 1 I I I I I ' 1 I I , I . I r I , I 1 l 1 , 1 1 59 ' , ' , I . I . , I . I . .I I I 1 1 1 1 I 1 V 1 1 , I . . I I .. I I , . I , . I I , I . I I . I , , . I I 1 . 1 I . I I , , . . I I 70 I , 1 1 1 1 , ' , 1 ' 1 l 1 1 , , 99 ' I I I ' I 1 -I ' I I I , 1 . . I . I , I I 1 , - I I I I I I I I . I . ' , . 1 ' 1 1 68 , ' Zweig, Gary 31, 99 Edwins, Douglas Lupienf, Mary Jo 70, 72, 78 i . , I I 8, I I I I . . . I I 1 1 1 l 1 1 ' I , 1 ' 1 1 1 74 ' 1 1 1 , 90 . I . 1 , , 1 1 . 1 , , I . l I . I I 1 ' 1 1 , 72 I I I I 1 1 1 ' ', 1 1 1 ' , ' ' 1 ' -I , I I , I 72 . , . . I . . I ,I I I I , I I I V . . I . , I 1 . 1 , 1 ' 1 , 1 00 1 ' ' , 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 , I . . I I I . . I , I 1 1 ' 1 L , I l lllffii I I 1 1 1 , , . , . I I I l ' ' ' ' I 1 1 1 , 75 , ' 1 l 1 , l ' I I 1 ' 1 , , 65 ,,,, , ' 1 1 ' , ' ' ' ' ' I I 1 1 l I ' I 1 . I . ' ? 1 D ' ' ' ' ' I 1 1 1111 1 . , I I . I ' I 1 1 1 l 1 1 , 1 1 11111 1 1 1 I , Peplrnskl Kathle 72 Perrler Sandy 34 72 Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Pe erson Pe erson Edward 34 Gary Mary 79 Patrlcla Rlchard Susan 70 79 Peulen Kitty 34 72 Peulen Robert 70 72 95 97 101 Undls Carla 60 Van Beek Russell 34 Van Tassel V1ckl40 72 74 Wake Tom Wert Joann 40 Westmoreland Enleen Whltcomb Marland 34 Whltehead Sandra Wlcklander Jacqueline 40 72 Wldmyer Bob Plerson Joan 66 72 79 Pllqulst Patrncla 72 79 Plattner Earl Plourde James 70 Polrer Sharon Porth Elonse Pommvulle Davnd 95 Pozzlnl Michael 34 Pulse Kathy 40 Quick Francls 57 Quinlan Kathy 40 Ramberg Jean 40 75 Rouen Peter 66 68 101 Reed Jam Reese Rosalre 40 Reveley B1lI 68 78 79 Rlce Michael Rlchert Loretta 72 Rlchert Vernon Rxdgway Kathy 40 72 Rnegel Janet 70 Rltzer Larry Roettger Steven Rohda Elame 40 Rolland Barbara 66 79 Ross Barry 79 Rowland John Rydeen Gary Sandeen Mary Ann Schaefer Barbara Schaller Dawn Scheel Carole 40 72 Schelander Juduth 70 Schnlsky Mary Lou Schmidt Henry 95 99 Schmoeckel James Schmoeckel Sally 40 70 Schorr Anne 34 66 Schrelfels Mlke 34 Schroeder Melvin 56 101 Schwabauer Gerald 99 Schwantes Linda 34 58 74 Schwartz Davld 34 92 95 Server Sally 58 Sharp Harold Shelley Rnchard 95 Skogen Rodney Skyberg Sandra 72 79 Skyberg Susanne 58 65 79 102 Smuth Susan Sonntag Rosemarne Spray Doreen Sprmgborn Darrell Stahl Ben Stembenser Conme 34 56 70 79 90 Strong Rnchard 97 101 Stout Ruchard 69 79 Swanton Cathleen Talnter Marne 40 Tarbet Dennis Thor Nancy 40 Todd Margaret 79 Tossey Joan Trenda Dennis Tschlda Ken Ulruch James 95 99 Wlhren Duck 34 100 Wllllams John Wolff Curtis 62 Z mmer Robert Howie Karen 72 Strelt Ron Pagal Jeanette Wolf Carol 79 Burch Janice Luetzow Joan Korpl Duck 79 Aholo Jeffrey 34 Alexander Susan 56 Anderson John Anderson Kenneth Anderson Vlckle Arcand Barbara 40 72 Arngonl Dennis 34 95 99 Asmus Sharon Aubm John Ayers Michael 56 95 Bahneman .lerry Bailey Patrncna Bakken Dennis Banbeau Ronald Barney James Bartkey Thomas 40 73 Beardsley Mendth 58 69 Becthold Lacmda Behlmg Tom Behrens Bari Bellsle Jon Bendlx Leland 34 Bergmann Alvln 40 Bergsland David 70 Bernsford John Betm Darlene 34 Bever James 34 Blbeau Rlchard 95 Black George Blackwell Carl Board Geraldlne Bohdan Elnzabeth Bollms Mnchael Borden James Borst Charles Bourdaghs James Bradshaw Vlckl Brewster Merry 34 Brown Kathy 74 Brown Robert 34 99 Brown Thomas 40 95 99 Cahones Carol 34 Campbell Carolyn Campeau Merrrll Carlberg Marlon 74 Carlson Cathy 57 74 Carlson Mary Carlson Mary Louxse Carlson Rnchard Carlson Robert Cartony Karyl 60 66 Cheney Davld 34 Chrnstotterson Douglas 34 95 97 101 Chrnstopherson Tlmothy Clark Martha Clark Wlllram Clemens Florence Clymer Michael 34 Coler Janet Collmge Betsy 58 74 Colombo Greg 70 95 Conley Dennis 34 Cook Sharon 34 Crittenden Nancy Curtis Wayne 10 Dahlln Gall 34 Darley Clnfton Dalluhn Steve Danielson Bernard Davls Deanna Dennis Kathryn Dlckhausen Laura Dtclunson Jane 69 Doerr Rachael Donnell Kathleen Donnett Barbara Dorgan Sharon Dornteld Don Dornfeld Ron 95 99 Drusch Janet Dupre Prlscllla 74 Easton Mary 40 Ecker Glenn Euchten Jean Elgethun Ed 40 56 57 95 Engstrom Judie Erlntz Albert Evenson John 34 Fazendm David Fogarty Joseph 66 Fransen Keuth 97 99 Frazler Wallace 99 Frledrlch Cyrll Frlendshuh Carol 66 Germain Mary Ann Goerss Carol 69 Grampre Kathleen Greeder Ruta Grnffin Ross Gross Ronald Groth Ruth Gunderson Jane Gunderson Ruta Haas Jerry Hamm Mike 56 Handevldt Llnda 74 Hauser Grant Hems Beverly Helget Jackie Henmngsen Douglas Herschleb Duane 68 Hlelseth Carla Hottbeck Keith 97 Hotfoss Roxann Hohlt Kitty Jo 90 Hubbard Rnchard 99 Huelsman Margaret Huss Charles 97 99 Huston Mary Rose Iverson Allen Jambeck Tum Jerome Lrnda Johnson Dons Johnson Robert Johnson Sharon Jones Dorcas 66 Judluns Sharon Junker Mary Jane 4 Junker Thomas 78 Kamrath Mary . .I . - I I D 1 1 ' ' , 1 . 1 1 1 I 1 ' ' , 1 1 1 I - - , ' , , , 101 2 , ' ' 1 1 , ' , D 1 1 1 I I I I I ' l . I . . I I I I I I ' . I I . I I . I 1 1 1 , 3 1 1 . I . I I , ' . 1 1 ' ' , ' , 101 1 ' 1 1 -I 1 I ' ' I , J 1 1 1 . I . - I I ' , .1 ' 1 I I 1 ' I I I I ' , ' 1 1 1 , ' 1 1 I I 1 I ' 1 ' , ' 1 1 , ' , 1 1 1 1 ' , 1 ' , 90 I I I I I I I I l I 1 ' I I . I . I . . I I I I I I . ' I , , 1 Fischer, Bil! I I ' , ' ' 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 , I ' I . . , . I I I I I 1 . ' . I I I I 1 I , ' , 72 1 I 1 . , I 0 I . . I I . , . I 1 I ' 1 I I I I , , 1 , 57, 74 . I . I I I . I , I I I 1 I . 1 ' 1 1 1 73 I . 1 I l I I ' I ' I G 1 ' 1 1 I ' I I I ' , I I I . . I . I I ' K I I I I I I I I I ' I I . I I I . , 1 1 1 , ' 1 1 , 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 , I . I ' I I A ' I l I I . . I . I I . I . ' I I ' I 1 1 1 1 I I l I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 01 74 . I I I I . I I I I Kargel Ronald Kern Ardls Kern John 99 Klllrelly Michael 40 97 Kmsel Carol 75 Knttel David Klmefelter John Koller James Kraemer John 95 Kramer Ruth Krahn Harold 34 Kuatz Robert Krueger John Krueger Pam Kruse Jam 40 Kunz Sharon LaMotte Sharon Lane Jam Lange Darlen Langness Jerry 40 Larson Coral 40 Larson Danna 90 Larson Larry I5 Lay Mary C81-ckyl 56 Lecuyer Dar'en Lehnherr Gene 40 Leslie Julia Lewerer Barbara Ann Lewerer James Lewerer Marnlyn Liberty Paul 95 Lnddy Duck Loeber Mary Lohmonn Mornlyn Lohmer John 40 97 Magnuson Jean Magnuson Larry 40 Mariana Susan Marlow Kathy Marty Fred 40 Marty Michael 99 McConnon Jane 78 McClam Charlene McGough Mary Meister Tom Menssner Joseph Mlllar Carol 69 Moe Donald Moll Duane Morls Wayne Mueller Stanley Mulflnger Dale 95 T01 Neemes Gnnny 74 Nelson Barbara Nelson Thomas 40 Ness David 40 Norlander Donn Nuthng Audrey Olson Robert 40 97 99 Olson Susan 40 Orff Maureen 78 Ostertog Elsne Palmer Beverly Paskvan Georgme Paul Jnmmy Paulson Dove 69 Peloquln Margxe Peterson Morvm Peterson Wayne Plcht Richard 40 Pomlnvnlle Jean 40 56 Polrler Terry Powell Rlchard 95 'lOl Prubnow Sandra 34 Quaderer Yvonne Qulst Bonnie Raduenz Margaret Raleigh Patricia Rettke Marshall Rlchert Kathue Rvsch Judy 34 Roatch Bomta Rolng Jlm 40 69 Rosby Ramona 69 Rouleau Snbyllo 66 79 Rowland Mary Runk Mary Salmore Duane Salmore Mary 34 Sanders Patrncla Schauer Glenny Schelander Joyce 74 Schilling Karl Schnltgen Jerome 34 Schmoeckel Steve Schramm Rlchard Schultz Dons 78 Schultz Molly 34 Schwartz Margaret 78 Schwlnghammer Ruta Seekel Robert Seum Margaret Shattuck Nancy 56 Shetland Davld 99 Sugstod Karen 40 75 Autographs Slmonet Mary 40 Sommers Kenneth 40 Sorenson John Specht Shelby Jean Staberg Rolland Stanton Leonard Stefanslu Larry Stiles Shnrley Stone Janice 66 St Peter Strehlow Swanson Swanson Swanson Bruce 40 95 Carol Judy Kent Sally Taylor Ann 40 74 Teeuwen Paul 95 Thnel Gary Thomas Rlcharcl Thomas Rodger 34 Thompson Garry Thompson Rnchard 40 Thomson Borge Thoreen John 34 97 Thoreson Jrm Thron Gale Toblsch David 34 97 Torgerson Byron 97 TOT Tschrda Roger Tuenge Norma Turnbull Patro Ulrich Thomas Vnetor Wnllnam VanDuesen Roxanne Vorderbruggen John 40 Walhood Rebecca 78 Welss Thomas West Paulette Whnte Joan Wnchelmann Marne Wohlers Jerome 97 99 Zabel Davnd Zimmerman John 78 Howle Jam 34 Woods Robert Raboln Duck Beaver Dennns Osterkamp Lawrence Burch Norma Goggln Jerry Morseth Dave Steadman Bob Yoder Kathryn Wldmeyer Duck 95 Wolf Duane 40 I I t I I I . I I 1 1 1 ' , ' , , 99 , ' , ' 1 , , T01 . V . . I I . I I l I .I ' I . I . , , 97 , , ' , 75 I I I ' I I 1 , 1 1 , ' 1 75 1 40 1 ' 1 1 , 1 I . . I . I I I 1 . I I 1 . I l . . I . I . 1 'e ' ' , , 1 I I l 1 I , I . I I . 1 5 ' 1 1 I V I I I 1 , , 75 ' , ' , ' 1 - '3 1 1 lee, Mary Ann ' , ' ' ' , ' , ' I I I - I - . I , . I ' . I I 1 , ' 78 , 34 ' . . I . I . I . I I . I . . 40 I I T I ' 1 I 1 1 1 I ' I I 1 1 , ' 40 ' 1 1 90 , 1 I I l . . I . f V . ' . ' I I I I . . I I . 1 ' ' , , 62 ' 1 I 1 I I . . I I . I I l . . I . . I 1 I . . I I A I - I . 1 . ,i I I 1 . . 1 .I I I 1 , I I I I I I 1 . I , I . Group and Senior Portrait Photography of the Kabekonian Jack M Anderson Stucllo Stillwater Minn Distinctive Clothes REED s onus co 0' T Guys and Dolls KOLLINERS THE ROOST F ORDER BY NOON READY BY FIVE h 209 So Mann Tel HE 9 1440 Tools Cutlery Paints Builders Hardware STILLWATER HARDWARE COMPANY STILLWATER MINN Electrical Supplies Sporting Goods WAVN 1220 WHITE PINE NN by o O . ni. ' rc ' ' ' 'T . L . , D f Main and Ches nut On Your D S. . Crea 226 Chestnut l Fres Leftovers ' ' ' Daily - i , . . , V. Bancroft, President STILLWATER DRUG Your Friendly Walgreen Agency Drug Store Drugs with o REPUTATION Congratulations Seniors THE STAFF OF MINNESOTA STATE PRISON DEAN F. CHARLSEN Insurance for your Home-Family-Automobile Compliments of STILLWATER PAINT HE 9-5240 HE 9-1689 AND WALLPAPE HE 9-1716 For 103 Years . ..l Congratulations Seniors ANDERSEN CORPORATION Bayport, Munn CON NOLLY SHOE COMPANY I-1 The take the Best Wishes Seniors Y xxx W 5 second look Wm -.. Tie MW' H. uf nts a 'Fl 6 Z WMM BLUFF clrv ,WZM W home lu Wm" I-ff fxQj U I I I .4 0. fs, ' X. - ., C . ,Q i I V C. QP ' , ,7lv,',1..s fl-Lg ri-Q-l, X , I C W I --feels?-wks'-1 , 1 fp - - 1 - 1, ' - , , --asf,-fe. 1 -' M y ,Y :Huy Wtwgl !1?ff-,- n.!'1 Wil? H 7 ' "f l 'f - ' fl f' ' 't 'if 4111! , V 5' a n W rr, A QIQ 43 ,7 HA Z wma J J U, . . I S '. . r .H L fly: ff 7' 'F' H 4' . ,. l. . ., -,,, 4, ,I l -fa. 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Junker Harold Ahlels ERICKSON POST CO Call HE 9 3510 FORD MERCURY STILLWATER MOTOR CO PHONE HE 9 4333 St Paul CA 2 8255 Buick Chevrolet STILLWATER BOOK 8. STATIONERY Office Equipment Steel Desks Chairs and Files Picture Framing Typewriters Adding Machines Sales and Service STILLWATER MINN Congratulations Students' THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF STILLWATER For 102 Years Serving This Community Member F D I C if ST CROIX DRUGS Prescriptzonrsts HE 9 5030 GAZETTE Daily and Weekly First in City Circulation First In Total Circulation HE 93130 HE9313I HE93132 ART S DRIVE IN BROOKMAN MOTOR SALES and DAIRY STORE Lake Elmo for the best Chrysler Plymouth In fountain service SP 7 4241 HE 9 5209 Ice cream brick or bulk i . y . . 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CONTRIBUTORS Albertson Howard R Avery s Beauty Shop Bayport Cate Bayport Bayport Cleaners Bayport Garage Ben Franklun Salon Blodgett Brothers Texaco Be u tue D K L Carlson Carlson Grocery Bayport Churchill Contractlng Dr W C Colllnge D D S Cosmopolitan State Bank MM Consolidated Lumber Company Don Catterty lnsurance Farmers and Merchants State Bank Fazendlns Frank P Goss Dept Store Frosty Foods Gambles Goggln s Candy Company Grand Cafe Hooleys Super Market Ideal Barber Shop Dr C E Jensen D D S Bayport Dr Kallnoft D D S LOCAL REALTY CO 220 E Chestnut St A Bergen HE 9 2338 HE 9 4518 Real Estate 81 Insurance John J Kllty Fuel Company Johnson Plumblng Johnson Tobacco Company Dr R J Josewskl M D Llnner Electnc Leland Slgstead Local Realty Minnesota Mercantile McCarten Carlson 81 Ktolbasa M D s Montgomery Ward Northern States Power Company Dr Phrllzp Samuelson D D S Bayport Dr C H Sherman MD Bayport Stenlund s Grocery Bayport Stillwater Bakery Dr L W Taylor D D S Thompson Hardware Walt s Barber Shop Bayport Washington Federal Savungs and Loan Wrnghts Phlllnp 66 Servuce Walts Super Value Store Zoller Prrntsng Company vkkvk kiwi--k We wash to thank all those who made thus year s Kab a success Greene Engravlng North Central Publnshlng Co Jack Anderson Studuos Davld Char'sen Mr Wllltam Jordan The Kab Staff GFI ,, wa- - 1 - ' 'k I ' , 71' S . . . l, . . if A ' ' 7+ - if - . -kk .k wwf ' - 3? 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