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 - Class of 1946

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Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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vx. ' 1 1 . e A I M" J - :L n x R A ' A: ' if b I .V M-1152112-.ffa.1'0V-Q - L X yr ,f J , .fe if-PQQ I QQ W W' f -3J Wf f' fr ,f H ,J , -ff , -X Qfff1"5'57"' 4 fci'ff"5'f fhg:'Aif" fM4,, YV. 'fav .Gif '-X I ,'T f-F Aj., , - 6, 'f-' ' 'Q 5 Y X ,. , - ,. 4 I , 1 ,xiii I I 'jj 323, ,m 1 b.- ,' 1 451.-Nh iw- I jg" V, ,f U -DEQ ,j'i', ,s , 'di fl aff ks 1,-4 ,,f"".2.M.-QQ-y -e ,fc XML lkkgjk, I 'V ' fy ' st! gif f 6 WO' '07 ff W Zznff- f , fin, -ffzxi 'X' Ll K WG" lj I N , nf, ' f H lil" I Th :if-QW x,fL'LL' , .7 Q'-fl Q' ' 4 ff, M" 4 V l . . .. 7 ! L, .f L jf 1, 6 K A' . P' ,I f"?' 2 A , 9 ' sffgitrr RWIE ,hw I -' LAX x RJ Y ,' ' 1 L -3 fp F '1 3 Qi 2 X' N , - l 'f 2f Q N3 Z 5 S ' wg 2314 , , w X , l X X ,Jf MX' X :fit-afllwqfdv J' "A' I ,V f K , 5117! LII? A 5 w V ,Jr A' .r5jj"U' "rv ' A 5 A A 1 . Nt, . J ? . ' W 'kc few? LJ' f 'f V Gb- 1 U e N' XR? KF Q K X E , T Z? , U J Q 1 ,r W.: jf Cyfvlfl lkxhl yi If 'EA 1 X0 V .El 5 3 QU? I 1 VV 1. X .I IA? I 4, I ry .- I -fm Q xjszlfxk VN ai? X 'X FY A .5 K I , X C' ,E-6" JZ! ' ' f' ff! ' x , X ,X , . -.- J . QU T Y CQ I 5.591 JV, I x--L i 1' N it jj Tilly .X ,- 'WJ 1 V X' X1 J I1 1 T- 1 'IN W N ef gf' ff i.'A , ' L' ,- 'X " V I ff Jfffq N ' x YV -' x -N I ' I 93 f RG A f jx ff' ,, ' In X. X U YW ik B ' vi. 1 .Rf X .-U 'Y Q 1 ,' N , 'X - ' x 2 Lb V, K 343 ,, . Q L . A . 3 41 , f C - xt L I-A . I t-lk' A Y ','. V' 5 f X 'C r ,L Cf - K affix 3 54 f aww blufij QU K X gm ,lain Cf,,.J9 Z,-. AfIf:,v,f1w xy -XE1 Ib' ' Ulf' RJ Q' k J W xv N Y. jg rpg ,g'?Jfk!X Ji, F W1 . is 'ff QQ zf if x I ,- ip cy yu' lg A W QQ A ,,g,'.,LV1e4 ,,H,,,,,,,Q,'m CHQ Wi SM 9.7 X' V! ' ., , QQ PM i H U N I FN g, we Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF STILLWATER HIGH SCHCOL Stillwater, Minnesota ,yxxx1XX ft, -NN XXX. 1-7 - S N N 8 "Litt1e Kabitzeru ' in c I 5 ' N s f- - N N ' fa Q7f'i:'g,g:F. ffn, ' cf'llx H Z 1.. Q " I Q 1 I x Our Lodge I 1 i ' I x o f '. , --.,w vp. -.a Editor-in-Chiet Layout Editor . Business Manager . Advertising Manager Subscription Manager Copy Editor . . Photographer . Art Editor . Advisors . Mike Hurley . Helen Sundin . Irene Nelson . Gretchen Tobisch . . . Hay Finnegan . . . . Mary Ellen Feis . . Tom Abercrombie, Pat Utech! . . . . . Bill Davies Elvira Townsend, D orothymae Thimell . at ,al-'im 1 We, the class of 46 To Mr. Robbins, whose scholarship and guidance in the field of education have been an inspiration to all the students and teachers who have worked with him. 4 l if rbgw To Mr. Cafferty, whose kindness and undersiand- ing have helped make the way much more plea- sant, and whose counsel will be remembered long after graduation, dedjca fe this Kabekonjan il if J 0 Foreword Through the ages a number of Indian legends have been handed down concerning the Sioux and Chippewa tribes which once inhabited the St. Croix Valley. One of Little Habitzer's favorites is the story of an Indian brave, cursed by his tribe to roam the valley forever. Every night when the moon is full, he returns to Painted Rock, and pleads with the tribe to admit him to the happy hunting grounds. To the accompaniment of his tom-tom, the brave sings a mourn- ful dirge which echoes and re-echoes along the bluffs of the St. Croix. As the legend goes, he chants all the brave deeds he accomplished for his tribe before his banishment. In a way, Little Habitzer feels that this legend applies to the students of today. The Kab is a record of our deeds in Stillwater Senior High School. It depicts all the events of the year, and the activities of the Seniors before they are "banished" from the school, nevermore to really belong. The vivid history of these tribes has inspired the pre- paration of this yearls by Little Kabitzer, for he feels that a few savage instincts still seem to prevail. At times, even the study in S.H.S. is "intense" As a final comment, Little Hab- itzer says, "why not give the Kab back to the Indians, grab a tom-tom, and beat it?" 6 1 I 'R' v A. A 12:1-1 - 7 ' 'Af .in-as jjlfliyl ' f 'p r .Q ' '30 ei - , '-+3 fb f' ax N I 'jg - ilxx X I n fi of I I yi-f Have you ever wondered who keeps the school running so efficiently? The scouting skill of Little Kabitzer himself was necessary to bring this unas- suming and hardworking group into the limelight they merit. We take pleasure in introducing Glaydon D. Robbins, Superintendent ot Schools, Don L. Caf- terty, Principal of the Senior High School, and the School Board: J. E. Slaughter, president, Mrs. Lois Tolen, vice-president, Harry Swanson, secretary- treasurer, and Matt Hooley and Clarence Cayou, directors. Mr. Robbins is leaving a successtul teaching ca- reer in Stillwater for a position at Simpson College, Guiding Spiriis Donald Pryor, Principal ot' Junior High: Glaydon D. Rob- hins, Superintendent ot' Still- water Schools: Don L. Caffer- ty, Principal of Senior High. Iowa. While here he served as instructor in the Senior High School, principal of the .lunior,High School, and Superintendent ot Schools. Mr. Catterty has been in Stillwater's school sys- tem for ' years, serving as Industrial Arts instructor, coach ot the basketball team, and principal of the Junior and Senior High Schools. Mr. Robbins' infectious chuckle and Mr. Catier- ty's 'personalityu ties and broad smile will be miss- ed by the members of the board, the teachers, and the students alike. Heres a vote ot thanks to this group who have made our school year so memorable! SCHOOL BOARD--M. C Hooley, Clarence Cayou, J. E. Slaughter, Mrs. Lois Tolen, Harry Swanson. 1 ff Elizabeth Lysne, William Olson, Agnes Liesenfeld MRS. DUNSTAN-nice-looking, up-to-date teach- er ot ninth grade science and of biology-is awaiting the return of her husband from service. MISS FINKELNBURG-tiny and quiet-the artist Big Chiefs MR. AMES-teaches senior math, higher algebra, and trig- supervises the Teen Canteen--coaches baseball-is assistant toot- ball coach-can lead yells, too. MR. BASTIEN-our band director-lately he's all smiles, be- cause their long-awaited uniforms are on their way-his first loves are his old car and his cigars. MISS BLACKMORE-gracious, understanding teacher of spe- cial classes in the .Iunior High-her kindly manner has endeared her to the entire student body. MISS CARLSON-jovial instructor of ninth grade English and orientation-an all-round good scout-collects stamps and inter- esting vases-enjoys being out-of-doors. MISS COSTELLO-punctual, industrious instructor ot .Iunior High math and social studies-many protitable hours will be re- membered by her pupils, who regret that she has decided to retire. of the faculty-supervised the art classes making decorations for the minstrel show. MRS. FORD-orientation and algebra teacher- her charm and pleasant smile are facets of her per- sonality-hobbies are gardening and homemaking. 4 V .lean Mc'Mui'1'ay Katherine Madden George Nielsen Delmar Furrl Ann Costello Douglas Ames Elva Hanson Hildegzlrrl Misho 8 MR. FREEMAN-amiable, nice-looking Ag teach- er-advises the P. F. A.-is responsible tor those en- joyable Barn Dances. MRS. GOWER-brisk, industrious instructor of Senior English-advisor for the Thespians and Dec- lamation-likes gardening and writing to former stu- dents. MRS. GRAMENZ-tall, quick-witted Junior High English teacher-still called Miss Hriesel by forget- tul students-interested in music and designing. MISS HANSON-blonde teacher of algebra and geometry-formerly taught in Granite Falls-likes to crochet. MISS HEDBERG-this popular senorita teaches Spanish and Latin-is advisor tor the Tusitala-cor- responds with many former students-enjoys read- ing and needlework. MR. HOBLIT-dark and handsome teacher of in- dustrial arts who returned to the S. H. S. iaculty after spending some time in the Navy. MR. JANSEN-biology teacher-tamed for his stories-Sophies' advisor from way back-hardwork- ing coach of the B teams, his tirst concern is for the 'Kids'. MR. LANE-singing 'soc.' teacher-ambitious, busy-debate coach-does a variety ot things, from l-..-A1-.. --1l-.. L-A- 1--4fL- 'YN4Q-...' A- L-1.!.... L---.l MISS LEONARD-versatile, vivacious related occupations executive-finds time in her busy sched- ule to write a clever column for the Gazette each week. MRS. LIESENFELD-attractive teacher of typing and office training-hardworking advisor ot the Ar- row-thrilled because her husband is home from overseas. MISS LYSNE--quiet, demure teacher of book- keeping and typing-accountant handling school activities--music, reading, and travel are other in- terests. MISS MADDEN-the ever-energetic health su- pervisor-reads the interesting absence excuses- handles her difficult duties with ease and diligence. MISS MAROUARDT-dynamic, bright-eyed mis- tress oi the chemistry lab-capable advisor ot the Pep Club and the Senior Class- assistant director of the 'Dream'. MISS MAIR-talented, artistic teacher of world history-interested in music and travel-directed the one-act play entered in the district contest. MISS MCMURRAY-peppy, popular gym teach- er--advisor ot G. A. A.-usually busy, but always finds time tor a smile or a cheery greeting. MISS MELUM-the dependable lady with the thankless job of keeping the public school libraries running-other interests are singing and outdoor -, --4- B 9 ,' f ,X Mt- Viola Leonard Myron Myers Jean Miller John Freeman Janet Northfield li X f,.'t,,-. me 5, it e. .,f N, ' .- ,, I . 47" X I l Mary Nolan Dan Sullivan Evelyn Gramenz Clara Wahlers Ethel Gower Dorothymae Thimell Josephine Pozzini . I' i I in l C .k 0, N' kv jx. All ii ra Li ll ,i OLLAI A I X R . - ' I lui if L mil ll L I l'Al'is Nic-lirilsrm, Hustle-v 3 'VI Ilrl il I ii I MISS MILLER-peppy teacher of Junior High Science-advises eighth grade--directed a play which was presented as a part of the Talent Show. MRS. MILLER-charming, grey-eyed Junior High teacher of general science and social studies-re- signed during the year because of illness in her ta- mily. MISS MISHO-sympathetic, conscientious teach- er of Junior High math-interested in knitting-is supervisor of the library. MR. MYERS-Industrial Arts instructor-enjoys fishing, making boats and furniture-is advisor for the Junior High Rod and Gun Club and the Hobby Club. MISS NICHOLSON-blue-eyed teacher of World History and Economic Geography-is kept very busy as head of the Visual Education Department-advises the Photography Club. MR. NIELSEN-genial mentor of the basketball and football squads-instructs physical education Classes in the Junior and Senior High-is training his four daughters to be cheerleaders. MISS NOLAN-cheerful, diminutive teacher ot seventh grade English-has a pleasing personality that is fondly remembered by her former students. Gvni'ge- Jzinsvri, Cr-cv lin Mzirquzurlt .Iunvt Miller, Aurmzi Dunstzm i . :iii', iw' ,z iv, U - gal C :i r I s 0 ii, Iilvirzi 'Iwwiise-iicl. MISS NORTHFIELD-attractive supervisor of the home economics department-enjoys sewing, good movies, and dancing. MR. OLSON--teaches office training and stenogf raphy-advises the Chess and Checker Club-heads ticket sales for football and basketball-his pride and joy is his little son Peter. MISS POZZINI-capable, energetic teacher of eighth grade English and math-has traveled quite extensively, but always returns to Stillwater. MR. PRYOR--tall, good-natured principal of the Junior High-teaches Senior High physics and ninth grade science-is ready and willing to help out in whatever way he can. MISS SPACE-supervisor of vocal music-pos' sesses a keen sense ot humor-her hobbies read like a busrnans holiday: singing and listening to music. MR. SULLIVAN-witty, good-humored teacher of Sophomore and Junior English-well-known for his dialect stories--directs the Junior and Senior :lass plays. MISS THIMELL-attractive, red-haired English teacher-works diligently as a Heb advisor-guides the Junior Class--acquired a new hobby this year- goldfish. a MISS TOWNSEND-teaches U. S. history-diligent, enthu- siastic-co-advisor of the Iiab-advises the Sponsors Club-is interested in music. MRS. UTECHT-pleasant, capable Junior High instructor- is kept busy by two of her sons, Pat and Dave, when she is not teaching. MISS WAI-ILERS-charming Sophomore English teacher- advisor of the Girl Reserves-is a faithful rooter at all athletic events-her hobby is collecting character dolls. l I I OFFICE FORCE MARGARET CARLSON-soft-spoken, pleasant secretary to Mr. Robbins-a sports fan-sings-likes to travel. SUSAN STEPHEN-new, dark-haired addition to S.H.S.- efficient, alert secretary to Mr. Cafferty. MARION CARLSON-clever, friendly secretary in the .Iu- nior High office-students think she is "swell"-is another en- thusiastic sports fan. Standing: Margaret Carlson, Marion Carlson Seated: Susan Stephen. l A 11 l, '. Bl avknwre, lilsi 1- Fi n k elnhurgz. I ,.. , . VV lllmm IzilSllt'll. lVIm' l Flo1'enr'e U11-vht, Irvm Hedberg, Mart l1.1 gnw! Spam-, V1-rn: Me-Ium, Arthur lluhlil gif: ffflf X xx ,- 'X ' XX C? i XXX 7? 3 0 Q X 1' U X fx ...-l Ill Former office girl, Audrey Broecker, on her last 131 Mrs. Glasrud, Mrs. Sandhoti, and Mr. Hennes- day at school. say, substitute teachers, enjoy a meal at the cafeteria. 121 Mr. Ames and Mr. Nielsen watch a crucial mo- Ml Mr. Robbins and Mr. Cafferty receive S.H.S.'s ment at the Anoka football game. new 'Thunderbird.' 12 'R , 7 ww SX Qifjlfoi W WV' M: y ' 2 Mr' My ij fw"ii,4 UQ!! W M , A, W ' ,PF , if My MJ ' 57 43 ,Lf In J! LG W! 1' , ' 1 A 54,3 H ff f Hg 5 if ,f C f' ' y J f , ,,,' fx fly! rf! Ll I L! 'f My! lm ff! ! U ff' Jwfvuf 4 '1f f f , fw ' ,mf Mx AQ, Q f WJ WU ,M , of , if, I 1 F J! fl 29 f,ifff'JI 1 CM cyv LJ! jj cf fn' fflffy .WU W 'mf ' ' If W Lil' U M Qjpfy Elder Brothers TOP .lim BLlt'5.Z0. vivo president: .loo Miller, coun- vil nwnihor. BO'l"I'OM Kay Finne- gan, svc'rvtziry - ll'0ElSlll'Cl'Q Miko Hurley. president: Lzirry Hurley, c'ounc'il mein- lwrg Roh Daniels, council inc-nihr-r. Back in the dim, dark past, in the fall of '43, we started out on the long, hard road through high school. Wet behind the ears and grass-green, we tremblingly started our careers in S.H.S. With eyes round as saucers and mouths agape, we viewed the lofty, god-like Seniors, and wondered whether weld climb as high. As the days and weeks passed, we gradually be- MISS CECELIA MARQUARDT Class Advisor came a part of the familiar scene with athletics, plays and school work filling our days. Still we looked ahead to the glorious time when we'd fill the Seniorls shoes and have the fun and privileges they were having. So we plodded on, working and having fun through the long, dreary Sophomore and Junior years. Finally the great day arrived! We were Seniors! Seniors at last! We were the privileged, the overa lords, the flattered instead of the flattering. Con- fident, sure of ourselves, we sauntered through the halls with all the suave arrogance that Seniors should have. We took a newer, greater interest in activities. Football, Senior play, basketball, Shake- speare's Dream, all held our interest. But our last 'ind best year passed all too quickly. Our class party, last Prom, and class picnic came in rapid succession and then we were faced with our hardest battle- final tests! We boned and crammed, ancl most of us scaled the obstacle successfully. Now our fretting was over. We checked our credits, got our caps and gowns, and then the last week arrived with Bacca- laureate, Class Night, and-Commencement! With that grand, glorious, and somewhat sad feeling we took our diplomas and walked out of S.l'l.S. never to return as students again. So now we close the door on high school. We're not a part of S,H.S. anymore, we don't really belong. We'll never race through the halls, shouting and laughing, never slam locker doors, never gripe about teachers and homework. We're part of a big- ger group now: graduates of S.H.S. Maybe ten years from now welll look back and think it wasnlt so bad after all. So here's to S.H.S. and the members of the Class of '46! Good luck! Marilyn D. Broclzman S li a k e s p e a r e's Dream 33 Shakespc-are's Dream Staff 43 Class Play Staff 33 Sponsors Club 43 Pep Club 33 Girl Re' serves 33 Sophomore Clerks. Malcolm K. Brown Vice - p r es i de n t, Student Council 43 Finance Commit- tee 43 Co-ehairman, Croix Canteen 43 Winter Home- coming Committee 33 Quill and Seroll 3 43 Arrow Sports lirlitor 43 Arrow Staff 33 Kab Stall 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Orehes- tra 122 Vive-president, Home lloom 2: Aviation Club 2, Il. 4, Ht-X .23 3. Carole V. Ames Duluth Denfeld 2, 33 Arrow Staff 43 Kab Staff 43 Shake- speare's Dream 43 Class Play Staff 43 Vice-president, Spon- sors Club 43 G.A.A. 4. Patrick Bastien Honor Roll3 Kab Staff 43 Class Play Staff 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Or- eheslra 2. Dorothy Beutel Kab Staff 43 Shakespeaies Dream Staff 43 Biology Club Charles Brower First Football Squad 43 Track Team 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 23 god and Gun Club 3, 43 Hi-Y Jim Buege Student Council 43 Chairman, Seenery Committee 43 Seen- ery Committee 2, 33 "S" Club 2, 3, 43 First Football Squad fl, 43 Sec-ond Football Squad 23 First Basketball Team 3, 43 Seeond Basketball Team 23 Baseball Team 2, 3, 43 Kab Siaft 43 Class Vice president 43 Biology Club 23 Rod and Gun Club 33 Hi-Y 23 Aviation Club 4. 14 23 Pep Club 43 Girl Reserves 'tl 4 Beulah E. Anderson Shakespeare's Dream 33 Biol- ogy Club 23 Pep Club 3, 4. Marjorie Bell Seeretary, Home Room 43 Girl Reserves 23 Pep Club 3, 4: Correspondence Club Il. Kermii Bischoff Noon Hour Committee 43 Thespians 3, 43 First Football Squad 43 Second Football Squad 33 Class Play Cast 32 Shakespeare's Dream 2, Il, 43 Treasurer, F.F.A. 3: F.F.A. 2, 43 Aviation Club fl. t l l t Donald Callahan Aviation Club 33 Hi-Y 3: Pho- tography Club 43 Biology Club 2. Mary V. B. Carlson Orchestra 2: Biology Club 2: Girl Reserves 35 Dramatic Club 2, 3. Rose Colombo Student Council 33 Girl Re- serves 33 G.A.A. 2, 33 Pep 2: Sponsors Club 3: Pep Club Club 3, 43 Correspondence 3. Club 2. 4 rel! lflflv Bennie O. Carlson Treasurer, F.F.A. 45 F.F.A. 2, 33 Rod and Gun Club 3. Pat Cates Honor Roll: Thespians 43 Class Play Cast 3, 43 Shake- speare's Dream 2, 33 Shake- speare's Dream Staif 43 One-act Play Contest 4, Dec- lamation 4: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3. ffiefft. Ll?" 5. 0 Maryetta J. Conners 'X Girl Reserves 23 Biology Club if 1 Pl' Barbara Cover Homecoming Queen 43 Re- ception Committee 2, 4: Ar- row Staff 43 Kab Staff 41 President, Home Room 4: Sponsors Club 3, 43 Biology Club 2. Shirley Dalluhn Vice-president, Pep Club 4: Pep Club 3, 4: G.A.A. 23 Sophomore Clerks, ,sf J JJ f. 4 P J. X 15 1 Michael Dahlke Ser-ond Football Squad 2: Rod and Gun Club 43 F.F,A. 4. Bob Daniels Chairman, Hall and Building Committee 43 Hall and Build- ing Committee 33 "S" Club 2, 3, 45 First Football Squad 2, 3, -45 First Basketball Team 3, -1: Second Basketball Team 23 Track Team 2, 3, 43 Kab Staff 43 President, Home Room 4: Class Council 3, 43 Aviation Club 43 Rod and Gun Club 33 Biology Club 2: Hi-Y 2. 4 Ardis Farsiad Shakeepertrefs Dream 43 Presi de-nt, Sophomore CIPFKSQ Secre tary, Home Room 23 Girl Re serves 2, 3 43 Pop Club 3, 4. Kay Finnegan Honor Roll3 National Honor So- ciety: Student Count-il 2, 4 Chairman, Yell Committee 4 tion Committee 33 Quill ant Sr-roll 43 Kab Subsc-rip ion Man 4' Gir Biolo Club will W wr Z- Club 2. 'I ' ' 9 Mary Ellen Feis Honor Roll3 Quill and Scroll 43 Kab Copy Editor 43 Arrow Staff 3, 43 Class Play Staff 3. 43 S e 1' r et a r y, Photography Club 43 Phofography Club 2, 3. Patricia Finnegan Arrow Stall 43 Pep Club 43 Sc-'once Club 3: Biology Club 2: Sophomore Clerks. X VVQ-lfare Committee 23 Rvvepl 1 ti Quill and Sc-roll 43 Kab Art Editor 43 Arrow Staff 2, 33 Turitala Slaff 2, 3, 43 Track Team 33 Vice-president Pho- tography Club 43 Secretary, Photogaohy Club 33 Library Club 33 Hi-Y 23 Biology Club 2. Sylvia Demulling Class Play Staff 3, 43 Shake- speare's Dream 43 G A.A. 2 3, , l es s 2, 3, 4. Sponso's lub 43 Pep slie Emanuelson Stud t Council 3, 43 Chair- man, Flag Committee 43 Flag Committee 33 Vice-president, Home Room 43 Secretary- Treasur'e:, Seience Club 43 Rod and Gun Club 33 Biology ager 43 Arrow Stall' 43 Clar: l le rder 4 Play Stall 33 Chee 4-2 -' 3 Class Set-r'etary 2, 43 Vlt'0-IllPil- I dt-nt, Home Room 33 Pep Club 43 Girl R+-serves 33 Biology Club 2 it l Xxx 16 Leora DeChaine Shakespeares Dream 2, 33 Sponsors Club 43 Pep Club 33 Biology Club 23 Sophomore Clerks. Jerry Downs Thespians 3, 43 Shakespeare's Dream 3, 43 Class Play Cast. 33 Class Play Stall 43 Kab Staff 43 President, Home Room 23 Vice-president, Hi-Y 33 Secretary, Hi-Y 23 Science Club 43 Biology Club 23 Con- sezvation Club 33 Aviation Club 3. Richard Emanuelson Siudent Council 43 Chairman, Finance Committee 43 "S" Club 3, 43 First Football Squad 3, 43 Student Manager, Basketball Team 33 Student. Manager. Track 'Team 33 Rod and Gun Club 33 Aviation Club 33 Hi-Y 2. l r r r l Susan Forsblom Shakespeards Dream 23 Choir 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3. Anton R. Friedrich Library Club 23 Photography Club 3, 4. Robert Gelhar Hall and Building Committee 43 Thespians 3, 43 Class Play Cast 3, -13 Slrakespeaies Dream 2, 33 Cheerleader 3, 43 Arrow Staff 43 Kab Staff 43 Photography Club 2, 33 Avia- tion Club 4. Charles R. Frederickson First Basketball Team 43 Sec- ond Basketball Team 23 Vice- president, Home Room 43 Vice-president, Rod and Gun Club 43 Rod and Gun Club 3. Gerald Gellord Maplewood Academy 2, 33 Rod and Gun Club 4. Grace Grimsley Class Play Staf. 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 23 Arrow Staff 2, 33 Kab Staff 4: Girl Re- seixes 2 3 4' Scienqe Club 3 Sponsors Club 4. 3,4 C ' , , 4 , M f rl 1 tQf"l' Robert Groth Student Counril 33 Second Football Squad 33 Svc-ond Basketball Team 23 Tram-lc Team 2 3, 41 Clan-s Plz1yStal'l' 33 Band 23 Rod anti Gun Club 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3. Mary C. Haseliine Class Play Staff 43 Kab Staff 43 Arrow Staff 43 G.A.A. 2. 17 Xl' Mary Hanson Honor Roil3 Nationrl Honor Society: D.A.R. Award -43 .lu- nior Ar-adm-my ol' Science 2, 3, 41 Student Counvil 2, 3, -13 Welfare Committee Chairman 3: Recs-ption Committee 23 Assembly Commitee 4' Thes- pians 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 4: A 'ow Co-New: Editor 3: Kab Staff 4: Tus'tala Co-Edi- 'nr 43 Class Play C1151 32 Class Play Staff 4: Shakesoc-are's Dream 43 Class President, 33 P esident, Home Room 43 Secretary, Girl Reserves 23 Sponsors C'ub 3, 43 Girl Re- serves 3, 4. Marian Hauck Class Play Staff 43 Kab Staff 43 Vice-president, Commer- cial Club 23 Biologv Club 23 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Dec-lamation 43 Dxamatic Club 3, 4. SJ 5 l X3 XJ l K f i X A V. Larry Hurley George E. Iserman .Iunior Acadeiny of Science 23 Student Council 43 Thespians Student Council 43 Class R,-13 Clg1gqPl3yCg1st3' , ' Council 41 Hall and Building Y 3, -13 Library Club 2, 3. Committee 43 Trat'k Team 2, 3, -lj Sliakespt'ai'e's Dream -43 St-t'retary-'l're:tstii'er of Hi-Y 33 lli-Y 23 Biology Club 23 Rod and Gun Club 3, 43 Aviation Club 3. R0be1'f 5399 Richard Jeans Junior Academy of Science SfudgntcguncillkViQg-p1'Qgi- 23 Band 2, 3, -lg Orchestra 23 dent' FJFIA. 4: Biology Club I-'.I-YA. 2, ft, 4: Hifwlotzs' Club 22 2, Rod and Gun Club 33 RF. Aviation Club 3, A' 3. Donald Henne Student Council 23 "S" Club 4: Finst Football Squad 4: Second Football Squad 2, 33 Second Basketball Team 22 Baseball Team 3, 43 Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3. ta-Qty , 37 'vlwtl fycfdu, W L I Marjorie Hooley Welfare Committee 43 Class Play Cast 33 Class Play Staff 33 Arrow News Editor 33 Ar- row Staff 23 President, Home Room 43 Secretary, Sponsors Club 33 News Writing Club 23 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 23 Sponsors Club 4. Delphine Ann Humphreys Shakespeare's Dream 2, 33 Choir 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 43 G.A.A. 2, 33 Biology Club 23 Girl Reserves 2. X or- 4' Hi- 18 Ken Heuer Hall and Building Committee 2, 4: Club 3, 43 First Foot- ball Squad 3, 43 First Basket- ball Squad 33 Student Man- ager, Basketball Team 43 Kab Staff 43 Vice-president. Home Room 43 President, Aviation Club 43 Rod and Gun Club 33 Biology Club 2: Hi-Y 2. Yvonne Hoyoss Class Play Staff 3, 43 Shake- speare's Dream 33 Biology Club 23 Sophomore Clerksg Commercial Club 33 Pep Club Michael Hurley Kab Editor-in-Chief 43 Honor ROllQ Student Council 2, 33 Assembly Committee 33 Homecoming Committee 2, 33 Chairman, Homecoming Com- mittee 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Kab Statf 33 Arrow Staff 23 Tusitala Staff 3, 43 One- act Play Contest 43 Debate 23 Band Student Director 4: Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 23 Class President 43 Class Vice- president 2, 33 Secretary, Home Room 43 Secretary, Aviation Club 3: Debate Club 2 Robert Jenson Photography Club 23 Aviation Club 3 4. Myrtle Johnson Forest Lake High School 2, 32 Sponsors Club 4. Nancy Keller SI. Paul Central 2. 33 Thes- pians 43 Quill and Scroll 3. 43 Kathleen Jesse Cheerleader 43 Shakespeare? D.eam 43 One-act Play Con- test 43 Class Play Staff 4: Shakespeare's Dream Staff 2, 33 Secretary, Home Room 22 Treasurer, Home Room 31 G. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 32 Sponsors Club 4. Clifford Kaiser "S" Club 2, 3, 43 First, Foot- ball Squad 2, 3, 43 Second Basketball Team 23 Track Team 2, 3, 43 Class Play Cast 3, 43 Shakespeare's Dream 43 Shakespeare's Dream Staff 33 President, Scienee Club 43 Rod and Gun Club 33 Plane Spotters Club 23 Biology Club fi Shakesp E. Joan Krueger ear-'s Dream 2, 3: R Dec-lamatory 4: One-act Play Contest 4. serve 33 3.y rm: ,nc OOYI1 Dorothy Kutz Shakespeare's Dream 43 Choir 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 2. Joyce Linner Honor Roll3 Class Play Staff 3, 43 Shakespeare's Dream 33 Shakespeare's Dream Staff 43 Arrow Staff 43 Kab Staf. 43 Biology Club 23 Correspon- denee Club 23 Science Club 33 Girl Reserves 3, 43 Pep Club 4. 19 Dorothy Lagerstedt Class Play Staff 3, 43 Arrow Exchange Editor 43 Arrow Staff 33 Kab Staff 43 Treasur- er, Home Room 23 Girl Re- serves 33 Sponsors Club 3, 43 Biology Club 2. Lois Lohmann Secretary - Treasurer, H o m e Room 43 Commervial Club 33 Girl Reserves 3, 4. S 15 Gloria Mockler New Ricliinoiid High School 2, Il: 'Fbespians 4: Kab Stall' 43 Choir 45 Secretary, Home Room 4: Class Play Cast 4: Girl Reserves 43 Dramatic and Public Speaking Club 4. Marjorie Mulvey Library Club 2, 33 Pep Club 4. Helen Lucken Class Play Staff 43 Biology Club 23 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 43 G.A.A. -1. Mary Ann Lynch President, Thespians 43 Thes- pions 3: President, Home Room 23 Kab Staff 43 Arrow Staff 4: Class Play Staff 3, 43 Shakespeare's Dream 3: Spon- sors Club 4g Pep Club 33 G.A.A. 33 Commercial Club 2: Biology Club 2. Betty Michels Choir 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3. I L . Marie E. Monlpetit Sliakespeares Dream 43 Pres- ident, Girl Reserves 43 Vice- president, G.A.A. 31 Sponsors Club 43 Pep Club 31 Corres- pondence Club 2g President, G.A.A. 4. Bob McDonough Student Council 35 Rod and Gun Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 2. 20 glrfirfxevk Allred Lutz Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, 4. Jerry Meisner Rod and Gun Club 2, 3: Avia- tion Club 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, Joseph A. Miller Student Council 43 President, Student Council 4: Chairman, Noon Hour Committee 43 "S" Club 3, 4: First Football Squad 3, 43 Second Football Squad 23 Second Baseball Team 2: Track Team 2, 3, -45 Kab Staff 43 Class Play Staff 3: One-act Play Contest 4: Vice-president, Aviation Club 43 Vice-p r e si d e n t, Home Room 33 Class Council 4: Aviation Club 33 Biologv Club 2: Rod and Gun Club 3. Marilyn McGany Honor R0llQ Student Council 3, 43 Welfare Committee 31 Winter Homecoming Commit- tee 33 Homecoming Commit- tee 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 'Fhespians 23 Vice-president, Thespians 3, -lg Tusitala Stall' 2, 3, 43 Arrow Feature Editor 33 Arrow Editor-in- Chief 43 Kab Statt' 43 Arrow Stall' 23 Class Play Cast 3, 43 Declamation 33 Sliakespeare's Dream Cast 23 President, Home Room 33 Vice-presi- dent, Home Room 43 Secre- tary, Home Room 23 Secre- tary, Dramatic Club 23 News Writing Club 2, 33 Girl Re- serves 2, 3, 43 Dramatic and Public Speaking Club 4. Mary L. McKnight Honor R0llQ Welfare Com- mittee 33 Kab Staff 43 Thes- pians 43 Class Play Cast 33 G.A.A. 3, 43 Pep Club 33 Spon- sors Club 43 One-act Play Contest 43 Biology Club 2. Jeanette McPhetres Shakespeare's Dream 23 Com- mercial Club 2, 33 Pep Club 43 Girl Reserves 3, 4. Bill McGonigal Shakespeare's Dream Staff 3: Senior Play Statt' 43 Arrow Staff 3, 43 Kab Staff 43 Co- Chairman, Croix Canteen 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 23 President, Home Room 43 Vice-president, Home Room 2. 33 President, Dramatic Club 23 Aviation Club 3, 43 Pho- tography Club 23 Biology Club 2. John McPherson Hall and Building Committee 43 Noon Hour Committee 33 Class Council 33 President, Home Room 2, 33 Rod and Gun Club 33 F.F.A. 2, 3, 4. Harriet Nelson Junior Academy of Science 2, 33 Class Play Staff 43 Kab Staff 43 Arrow Statf 23 Sec- retary, Pep Club 43 Biology Club 23 Photography Club 3. Irene Nelson Honor Roll3 National Honor Society: Junior Academy of Science 23 Finance Commit- tee 33 Bookstore Committee 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Thes- pians 43 Class Play Cast 43 Shakespeare's Dream 3, 43 Kab Business Manager 43 Band 23 Treasurer, Girl Re- serves 43 Photography Club 33 Girl Reserves 33 Pep Club 43 Biology Club 2. Elizabeth A. Nolde Secretary, Home Room 33 Bi- ology Club 23 Photography Club 33 Sponsors Club 4. 21 Romania Nierenz Sponsors Club 3, 43 Biology Club 2. Joe O'Brien 'S' Club 2, 3, 43 First Football Squad 2, 3, 43 First Basket- ball Team 3, 43 Second Bas- ketball Team 23 Baseball Team 2, 3, 43 Lost and Found Committee 23 Shakespeare's Dream 33 Class President 23 President, Biology Club 23 President., Hi-Y 23 Treasurer, Aviation Club 43 Rod and Gun Club 3. Lilian Radinzel akespt-art-'s Dream 2, 31 P4-in Club 3, 43 Biology Club 2. ' lb 4 ull' 2-, fi, -ll lvl! Cll Ili amal 14' Club J. Marvin Rieland " ' ' 'iol rl and hun Club .l, ,lg ll y Club 2. l Robert Paulson 'S' Club 2, 3, 4. ! x . I fi 1 .I K Robert E. Peterson Class Play Stall' Zig Arrow Club 23 Rod and Gun Club -1 ..- . f 5 f ,I .L. , 1,1 1 x Jean Ellen Pretzl Statf2,31 Kab Stall' 4: Sec'- ietaiy, Home Room 33 Sevie- tary. library Club 3: Bio'og:y Biology Club 23 Pep Club 3, il. limes! Peaslee Honor Roll: National Honor Society 43 Junior Academy of Science 2, 3: Hall and Build- ing Committee 42 'S' Club Il, 43 First Football Squad Il, -lg Seeonfl Football Squad 22 First Basketball Team 3g Seeond Basketball Team 23 Track Team 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 2: Rod and Gun Club fig Seieuce Club fl. Jim Ponath 'S' Club 2 Ii, -tp Sec-ond Bas- ketball Ts-:im 121 ll!lSt'l5Illl Team 2. fl, 42 l'rvsiflvut, Home Room -lg lliologv Club 2: Rod and tluu Club Il, el. Bernadine Pribnow Honor Roll: Chairman, Book- store Committee 43 Book- store Committee Jig Class Play Staff 41 Biology Club 2: Commervial Club R3 Pep Club 4. Dorothy L. Reichow Lenore E. Riebe Kab Staff' -13 Shakespeare-'s IJ eam Staff 3, -li Class Play Staff 33 Biology Club 23 Com- rneiwial Club 2. 31 Pep Club 4. 22 Joyce H. Ritzer Kab Stall 43 Arrow Staff 43 Class Play Staff 33 Shake- speare's Dream Staff 33 Pep Club 3, 43 G.A.A. 3, 43 Biol- ogy Club 2. Jean Rumpho Vili9diCi0l'lZUlQ Honor RolI3 Junior Academy ot' Science 23 Choir 23 Secretary-Treasurer Home Room 43 Vice-presi- dent, Home Room 23 Presi- dent, Sponsors Club 43 Spon- sors Club 33 Biology Club 23 Correspondence Club 2. Joan St. Marie Kab Stall' 43 Shakespeare's Dream 43 Bookstore Commit- tee 43 Girl Reserves 43 Sec- retary-treasurer, Home Room 23 Pep Club 33 G.A.A. 3: Sophomore Clerks. Elaine A. Roettger Honor Roll3 Student Council 2, 43 Thespians 43 Chairman, Welfare Committee 43 Wel- fare Committee 23 Arrow Staff 43 Class Play Cast 43 Class Play Staff 33 Shake- speare's Dream 23 Secretary-, Home Room 33 President Home Room23 Sec- retary, Biology Club 23 G A A. 43 Sponsors Club 43 Girl Re- serves 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3. Lois Safsirom Prom Chairman 33 Home- coming Committee 43 Class Play Stat. 33 Shakespeare's D.eam 33 Arrow Staff 3, 43 Kab Staff 43 President, Home Room 2. 3: Vice-president, Home Room 43 President, Sponsors Club 3: Vice-presi- dent, Girl Reserves 43 Dra- matic Club 23 Biology Club 23 Sponsors Club 43 Girl Re- serves 2, 3. Jeannine Salmore Class Play Staff 33 Shake- speare-'s Dream 2, 3, 43 Secre- tary, Home Room 43 G.A.A. 43 Girl Reserves 33 Pep Club 3: Dramatic Club 23 Spon- sors Club 4. Mary Lee Schadegg Honor Rollg National Honor Society: Sludent Council 2, 33 Lost and Found Commit- tee 23 Class Play Cast 43 Clziss Play Stall' 33 Shake- speare's Dream 23 Kab Stall' 43 Thespians 43 President, Home Room 4: I.ib.ary Club 32 Pep Club 31 Girl Reserves 43 Dramatic and Pub'ic Speaking Club 43 Air Raid Wardens 2. Wilmer Schmidt Hi- Y 2, 3. 23 Betty A. Schafer Band 2, 3, 43 .lunior Academy of Science 2, 3, 4: Science Club 33 Sponsors Club 2, 43 Girl Reserves 43 Biology Club 21 Shakespeaicfs Dream 23 Dramatic Club 2. Audrey Schneider Senior Play Staff 43 Shake- speare's Dream 2, 33 Kab S'a.f 43 Girl Reserves 3, 43 Biology Club 2. 'Ua- A ii IN Violet Smith Arrow Staff 3, 43 Kab Staff 45 Class Play Cast 43 Drama- tic' Club 2: Biology Club 22 Sponsors Club 3. Adeline Streich Biology Club 2, Commercial Club 33 Sponsors Club 4. Class in Q tx i - w 3 I N J 3 six Darlene Spreeman Kab Staff 4: Secretary-Treas- urer, Home Room 35 Girl Re- serves 2: Pep Club 3, 4. Helen Sundin Salutatoriang Honor Roll: National Honor Societyg Ju- nior Aeademy of Science 2, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Fi- nance Committee 3: Chair- man, Bookstore Committee 41 Bookstore Committee 33 Kab Layout Editor 4: Arrow Staff 43 'Tusitala Co-Editor 41 Kab Staff 33 Tusitala Staff 33 Treasurer, Home Room 4: Girl Reserves 3, 43 Biology Club 23 I.C.C. Representative 4. 24 James Schnell Yell Committee 42 Cheerlead- er 43 Hi-Y 23 Biology Club 21 Rod and Gun Club 33 Avia- tion Club 4. Kenneth Schwalen Play Staff 43 Arrow Staff 43 Kab Staff 43 Hi-Y 2: Rod and Gun Club 33 Biology Club 23 Aviation Club B, 4. Eugene Senrick Mildred Schrank Sponsors Club 4: Svienm- Club 3: Girl Reserves 23 Bi- ology Club 2. Shirlee M. Schwankee Vic'e-presirlent, Home Room 33 Dramatit' Club 23 G.A.A. 121 Pep Club 3, 4. Richard Shattuck E '-FJQA' 2 3' 4: Rod and Gun Vicefpresident, Home Room ' Club 3. 4: Rod and Gun Club 3, 4: Library Club 2: Hi-Y 2. Kathleen Swanson Bette Ann Wall 'Jtography Club 31 Spon- s Club 4. tSirle Thirri'ti isim- 'rap'ti Gretchen Tobisch nor Roll, National Honor . r 'Q ill and Sc-roll 45 itty Qu lltll' Avadeiny of Sciviire LZ: i-spians 43 Kalb Advertising nagvr -tg Arrow Stall' 2, -tg ss l 'lily Cast 3, 43 Biology b 23 Girl Reserves Sl, -tg unatim' Club 4. tSirle Top Right! Marilyn Wagner nor Roll: National llonor 'iety 45 Se-i'retzu'y, Student incilt Mil - 3 ' ' Committee- 43 wkstori- Committee S13 ill ini Sri 2 r ."'oIl 43 Arrow ws Editor 43 Arrow Staff l lx il 2 'si Staff 43 Cheer uit-r -tg Slizikvspeaies 'llll St'it't' 'X' Cli Pllx .4 ., .RSS 2' itt 35 Sec'retary, Home ,mm 123 Girl Reserve-s 31 XYS Writing Club 33 Biol- V' Club 2. tSide Sc-roncl l.efti Marion Wagner -ltare Committee 41 Class y Statt' Il: Shake-speare's 'am Ll: Arrow Staff 23 Kab iff 43 Vive-president, Home win ' ' 4, President, Sponsors lb -1: Secret ary-Treasurer, IUC ves tim' tS Room 12, 33 Girl Re- 3, 43 Pep Club 33 Dra- Club 23 Biology Club 2. ide Sevonrl Righti Pep Club 3, 4. Eugene C. Walters Second Football Squad 23 l,ibrary Club 4. tSifle Third Righti Gerald Weideman it Biolot-TB' Club 121 Rod and Gun Q 'fl x x 2 K Club Il: Photography Club ' 4, Hi-Y :ag Aviation Club '1T'x,'- X, 1 fli ' b il.ower Ri w Top Le , Jack Weiss President, Home Room 43 Vicepresiricnt, Home Room 33 Biology Club 23 Library Club 12: Rod and Gun Club 3, -1. il,ower Row Top Centeri Donna L. Harsh St. Paul Marshall 33 Band Z: Class Treasurer 25 Shake- speare-'s Dream 4: Girl Re- serves 2, 43 G.A.A. 2, 45 Dra- matic' Club 2. tl.ower Row- Top Righti 25 Betty Ann Welander Honor Roll, .lunior Academy of Science 2: Class Play Staff 43 Shake-speare's Dream 2, R, 43 Choir 2, 3, 4: Girl Rv- serves 3, 4: Svienve Club Il: Pep Club 4. tl,ower Row f- Bottom l.efti Lillian Wellman Student Counril 4: Thespian 43 Kab Staff 43 Arrow Staff 43 Student Director, Shake- speare's Dream 43 Class Play Cast 4: Class Play Staff -lg One-act Play Contest 43 Soph- omore Cle-rks: Sponsors Club 43 Biology Club 23 G.A.A. fl: Pep Club 3. tI.ower Row -Bottom Centerh Margaret Youngquist Class Play Staff 33 Shake- speare's Dream Staft' 3: Kab Staff 43 Secretary, Home Room 35 Pep Club 3, 4, Bi- ology 2. tI,ower Row--Bottom Right' JEAN RUMPHO Valedictorian lean Rumpho, Valedictorian, ,,,-,,, ., Y Helen Sundin, Salutatorian, ,- M lrene Nelson E., Mike Hurley U., Mary Ellen Feis , Mary Schadegg Mary Hanson .--- Patrick Bastien , Marilyn McGarry Betty Schaefer ,., Joyce Linner We Pat Cates --,..,... Marilyn Wagner Gretchen Tobisch Betty Welander - Kay Finnegan -W Elaine Roettger , Ernest Peaslee ,. Bernadine Pribnow -... . Mary Mclinight W..- .. They Who Hit 95.58 94.86 94.85 93.46 93.33 93.30 93.07 93.00 92.91 92.50 91.84 91.42 91.42 91.35 90.75 90.69 90.62 90.35 90.33 90.06 HONOR ROLL: Irene Nelson, Bernadine Pribnow, Marilyn McGarry, Helen Sundin, Ernest Peaslee, Patrick Bastien, Marilyn Wagner, Mary Ellen Feis, Gretchen Tobisch. Seated: Joyce Linner, Betty Welanrler. Pat Cates, .14-nn Rumpho, Mary Mc-Knight, Mary Schadegg, Mary Hanson. Absent: Mike Hurley. Betty Scliaefer, Kzry Finne- gzin, Elaine Roettger. 26 The Mark NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY While the Honor Roll is made up ot all Seniors who have an average ot 90 or above for their three years in High School, members ot the National Honor Society are chosen tor outstanding qualities of schol- arship, character, and service to the school. Nomina- tions and election are by instructors who have work- ed with the students in class and in extra-curricular activities. The Class of '46 has twenty members on the Honor Roll, the largest representation since 1939, and has eight members in the National Honor Society. The students receiving the honor this year have served the school in various fields. The list includes Student Council members, committee members, and students having done outstanding work in journal- ism, dramatics, and sports. The members of the Stillwater Chapter for 1946 are Hay Finnegan, Mary Hanson, Irene Nelson, Er- nest Peaslee, Mary Lee Schadegg, Helen Sundin, Gretchen Tobisch, and Marilyn Wagner. fftilw HELEN SUNDIN Salutatorian HONOR SOCIETY: Ernest Peaslee, Helen Sundin, Gretchen Tobisch, Kay Finnegan, Mary Hanson Irene Nelson, Marilyn Wagner, Mary Schadegg. Happy Hun ters JUNIOR COUNCIL Mary Simonet, president: Ruth Ponatli, treasurer: Dor- othy Simonvl, council mem- lwrg Muriel Mongoven, vice- prvsiclentg Frank Stewart., secretary: Bob Bachelder, council member. After a year of constant heckling and down- right agony, last year's sophomores expanded their chests, bought bigger hats, and became Juniors. They began planning for their Junior year last spring when they elected their officers and made big plans for the new year. With twelve boys on the A team, and twelve on the B team, the class was well represented in DOROTHYMAE Tl-IIMELL Advisor football. Basketball? With five on the A squad and six on the B team, the Juniors felt mighty im- portant. And three of the four student managers came from their class too! ln dramatics, 'Garden of the Moon', the class play, really gave them a chance to make use of- their surplus energy. A cast of fifteen and a pro- duction staff of twenty-eight made the play a suc- cess and rehearsals a riot, In the Thespian one- act play contest, 'twas the Junior play, The Reefer Man, that won first place. Could the guns have been the deciding factor? Let no one suggest that the Class of '47 took a back seat when it came to journalism. The Ar- row, the Hab, and the Tusitala all bear their im- print-to a greater or lesser degree. And when they had a party, what theme did these 'sophisticates' choose? A Kiddie Party with the proper costumes, toys, and games, seemed most appropriate, and was fun. The Prom, the last of their festivities for the year, proved to be as beautiful and as thrilling as a Prom should be. With, I'm Always Chasing Rain- bows, furnishing the motif, the students and their guests spent an evening dreamily searching for the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Now these veterans of classroom combat wait and wonder. They don't know whether they have enough credits to be seniors, they only know they have been here long enough. Row -1: .Ivan Dahl, Mark Crinimins, lirldiv Bifulk. Vvrnon Dahlko, Rob Bzivlivldvr, .lohn Black- wvll, Alivv DOVVolf. Row Il: Rogvr Rum-go, Yvonnv Anrlvison, Jum- Alvorn, Corrinv Carlson. Dorothy Colvh, Mary Alvorn. Row 2: JoAnne- Davivs, .loan Dahl, Corrine- Dal- luhn, ldmily Cie-snian. llarolcl Borglunfl, Dim-k Ralfanz, Bc-vvrly Borg- quist. Row 1: Roh Colv, Dv- loros Carlson, Collvvn Drisvoll, Barhara Ran- vrofl, .le-anno Downw, ll- vana Dahlhf-rg, Shirloy Anclvrson. Row -1: Nflwarfl llanlvy, Roh Granquist, Roflnf-y lle'nclrim'kson, Jim Havi- nvr, .lohn lisivllv, Pvrry Johnson. Charles lloo- lvy. Row Ji: liarhara llanim, llvvvrly Frovhnor, Toni Frawloy, Elclon .lohn- son, liugom- From-hm-in C a r o l i n 0 Garvaglia, He-tio Lu Johnson. Row 2: Vivian Hoops, llarhara FQ-hlow. lim'- orly Johnson, Rogor .la- vohson, Barhara Gasi, Doro1hy Klohlv, Gvorgi- tligrivli. Row l: .lano llolstvn, .lini .le-ans, llvlon Ilorl- wtroni, Sliirlvy Jarvhoxx, Carol llalluuisl, Flor- :-iivo liusiafson. Ron' li llowarnl l,oli- nian, 'l'on1 Kim-in. Wil- lwrl Korn, lloh Maclilon, Rogor la-clmling, 'l'on1 Kilkolly, llill l.ol'l. Row Sl: ,larkio'ax'or. Virginia l,ohniann, Don- alml Linquisl, David nvr. Marian l.4-Vino, lVl a r j o r i ei .lon-phson, .Ioan l,ohnwr, Row LZ: l.oLliso Marclaus, Shirlvy i.illIlQ'l'l', Dolor- os Kri-xx, Mari Maflson Norma Krivsol, lClaino Lassvn. Row l: Lorna Kriosvl, Margarvi Kress, Doris Larson, Rosvlla Korth, Dvlorvs Kumi-row, Flor- mive- Mardaus. l zo Row W x1 lP11'kl'11111111x1ll1 Cl1 11l1 Pllllillll I1 IIN 'V ll 111 Wz1Il111 M111 1 ll vi11l'1x111 lull IN 1 Row Ill VV:11'.' 1 Olson W X1 f1l'lll'j,l 'N1lx1111 l11 1 M1111 1 N11 1111 1 ll V1 1111111 R1 rw 011111111 lm s1111, llf 1 11111 C:1111lx11 Nllll IVIIIXI 11 VV5111 II 'VI IIN lJ"Y . U1 R1 nw 5 l111UN11I l,1x11l1l1 11-1'x1111 Nl 11x H1'i1'11 lu 111 Nl1l'l11111 N .l11x1'1 l 1l1xI lllll M1l111 H1115 1 lJ1111g S1-l1:1rl l11l1l111111l1 D1 V111 S1l 8:1131 1 1 Run' 1111 .l11l111 S 1111 111111 I3 S4'lllIlllll 11 .I1111 5 S1-1111, 1 llmx' 1 314111111 Nl ll 1 llflllll, IX S 111111 :XLlfll'Q x Pl thy S111111 ll Ruwl 11 S Il skv, lllX 1 11:1 S 11111N If l I1 l'1111:1ll1 Nl .I11:111 llo S1'l11'111 1l11 Row N 'l'l111111 IN X l-'1'z111l-1 111 1 llll lx Vljllllltl ck I1 1 file-11 1 un T1-skf Row IJ1111111 ' l 1 11111, D11 1 xN,f'lflQ ll N1 1 1 E1'11i1' VVil1l1 Row l1 Zl 111, A ll ll 1 'FllUlllIlNUIl Row 1 I ,lliilll L' 12111111 Stuxw S v:111. J11 111111 N .5 ..g?'fiQwSiQ L 1, My a f News Hrsf Feofh ers s - ia Bob Sundin, vice president: David J 0 h n s 0 n, treasurer: .lim Murphy, president: Tom Abercrombie, secretary. Wide-eyed and open-mouthed, they began their high school career in the fall of '45. Then, as now, they sat in the rear of the auditorium and were the last to leave. As they scurried meekly about the echoing halls, with green grass coming out their ears, they looked and acted the part of Sophies. 1 ow IL..- GEORGE JANSEN Advisor 31 A 2 YJXIX I' But, before long, they became bold enough to choose officers. By now their shyness had disap- peared, the imaginary grass had vanished, and they were a part of good old S.H.S. Led by James Murphy, president, Bob Sundin, vice-president, Tom Aber- crombie, secretary, David Johnson, treasurer, and Mr. Jansen, advisor, they began to take part in school activities. A roller skating party in Crocus Park was their first venture. Black and blue, after an evening of bangs and bumps-who cares about that?-they rat- ed the party a huge success. 'Herbie the Hero,' produced for the Thespian one-act play contest, was a hilarious experience- especially during rehearsal! Speech contests-dra- matic, humorous, extemporaneous-and debate, as Well, brought work and fun to the contestants. Sports? Of course! Football, basketball, base- ball, and track teams-none of them could get along without the Sophomores. Oh, yes, they were all a part of 'making the ball roll at our alma mater. So comes and goes the life of a Sophomore- green, envious, and shy. Always doing something, but nothing in particular. They hope, work, and wait to be high and mighty juniors, or perhaps- careful now-even Seniors! Row 4: Dick Astelle, Marilyn Bruelte, David Bonse, Gilbert Ander- son. Russell Anderson, Donald Buege, Harvey Berg. Row 3: Audrey Cates, Virginia Anderson. Har old Carlson, .loe Bell, Helen Bloom, Lorna Al- Corn. Marjorie Broch- man. Row 2: Elaine Benoe, Marvel Nsmus, Diek Cartony, James Broch- Man, P e g 1: y Chase, Clara Behrman. .lerry, Ellen Benoe. Row 1: Carol Buller- field, Ramona Bjork- man. R o b e r I Beals, Phyllis Anderson, Dor- othy Blavkwell. Ken- neth Hui-ge, Marlha Berglund. Row -1: Margaret Gun- derson, Lois tlrunke Paul Hansen, John Dal- ton, Roger Colombo, Stanley Faust, Mary .lune Douville. Row fl: Myrna Chial. Lorraine Christiansen, Donald llziyner, .lohn Dahl, .lanies Deziner, Joyce IJuRoc-lier, Mali- lyn Gulh. Row 2: Kay Greerlei Carl Hlmerhzirt, Roger Hanson, Bob Dahl, Czir- ol Clemens, William Clilker Delores lfhnerl. Row 12 Katharine Con llf'l'S, Helly Felilow, He'- ly Harvey, 'l'll1'l'4'S: Grarly, Charles Hurd- ner, Pal lh'es1-liler. Roxy l: llavirl .lohnsozr .lohn 1lul'l', Toni lloolex, Philip Hudson, Uoh lm- Barrl, Dir-lc Johnsozi, Ronald Johnstone. Row fl: Pat Lehrer, Mar- ilyn Kieske, Rowgiine Johnson. David Lager- sledt, Shirley .l1lIlSOIl, Norman Kollandef. Row 12: Barbara .lonei Shirley Johnson. Don ald Larson Carol John- son, Barbara Ledbclter. Beverly Iiuhnke, M:irei:i Johnron. Row 1: Evon Hiekle. Theora l.aVoie, Dorothy Kiernan, Donna Klund. Belly .lane Kenny, Wu- va I.ou Kollander. Row -l: W'nym- Mois- nvr Lois Mvinkt-, .lznnvs l.u1-ka-11, .lznne-s lVlLn'phy, Rivhatrtl Moo, Frank lA'lIllit', liill Millikvn. Row Ili lrvnv l,ol'gA'vl1, Cant h tt r i n lf lAtlIlllilll, lVl1ll'llj'll l.intlln-rg, Mil'- riznn Micctvliw, Donald lVlzn'ty, llvvt-1'ly Mt-Cnin, Kvnnvth lVlntts.wn, Clit'- llUl'll IVlt-Alot-sv. Row 13: lilorn Muri- nnn, lTl:1l'oxn-1' ltlt-yt-1', .lltt't1llt'llllt' MQ-rri', lsvm' Mille-r, Lozrzlinv Mun- km-lwitz, Many Nlt-C'z1l'- thy, Int-k Klnnrl I,oron M4-ntl. Row 1: l,nx'mln- Nlnrk- gratt, .lo Ann l.ohnmn, lille-on lVl:tr4lnus, Matson Mt-yt-rs, l'nt l.ohnn-r, lVlzn'g:not Millvt, Hov- 1-rly lYlllI'lllllIl1l. Row -12 VVilli:ln1 Nol- son, Curl N1-rln, lfrztnk- lin li:1clLtortx,.lo1'l'y Howt- tgcr, l:t'l'1llllllll' Putvr- son, Milo- Nolnn, Gor- tlon Itivht- t, Anrlriv Ol- tosolt, . lloxx' fl: llolort-Q l'e't1't'- son, Dorothy lXl1'tie'e'. l1nt'h:n'n Pttlnlqulst Ilen- tx' Olson, Roln-rl Mc'- C40llllllLfllj', Dorothy No- vt-tzlw, Nlzntrvvn Rznllv, .ll-nn Olson. How 13: .lllllt' Norhnnl- vr, Cnrol Wstzltl, Angus IVl:n'lDonztItl. Ruth R21- J tltwnz, lio'Iyn lzthn, MZllll't't'Il tJ'lh'lm1, Pnl lVll'llllj'l'tl, Ruth Mt'- tlnth. Row 1: lJlztn:t Re-tlmnn, Donna Mzw Rovpkt-, lorztino Nt-lson, Donna Prihnow. Virginia IR-- torson. l4'lorvIn'Q- lin-vvl-Q. I,0llN Noltlc-, Virgil lllzll- trwr. Row -1: lflvt-rt-tt Roton- lwrry, Roh St'llElLlt'l', Chnrlos Wzlgnvr, Kon- neth Strivtf, Boh Sun- din, Mvrvyn Wolshonx, Roh Sztmihott, .lack Svlnu-iclvr. Row 3: Mary Sock- ne-sx, Rnsse-ll Zzlbe-l, Da- vid Spf-ivll, Mary Slzntghtor, Don Sovrost, John Sojut, Lowvll Wzn'nol', CllZlI'lUS Rhoin- hurt. Row 12: George Solm, Ann Rowland, Shirlvy Walquist,Ve-ronica Row- land, Betty Slvindorff, .I 0 r o m 0 Wfilllghlllll, Dorothy Swanson. Row 1: l,0l'0llEl Zeuli, Charlos White, Anita Sclnwfvly Becky Rosen- quist, Arlene Schmidt, Dorothy Nt-wmzm, Dur- lono Thron. JL x 'v' Miss Leonard and class get t ' ther for a council. 5. . . '. n ' ls . 90 ,.. li 4 Q .- 4 F to Wampum M offers 'I think I have the most interesting job in town.' This is the opinion of Miss Viola Leonard, according to the notebook of Little Habitzer, our interviewer extraordinary. What is this that proved so fascin- ating? Why, Related Occupations, of course. A deciphering of Little Kabitzer's notes revealed the following facts: Related Occupations is a com- paratively new department in the Stillwater schools, intended for the students who do not plan to go on to college, and designed to give training on the job. Seniors go to school in the morning when they take social studies, English, and Related Occupations, and spend their afternoons in salaried jobs gaining ex- perience in the type of work they would like to do upon graduation. Best of all they get two school credits, one for Related Occupations and one for Occupational Experience, all this-and money, tool This year seniors were employed as dental as- sistants, clerks in retail, grocery, and meat stores. One worked as a nurse's aid in Miller Hospital, St. Paul, another was a photographer's assistant, another a stenographer in the City Clerk's office, another worked for the telephone company, and still others worked in local printing shops. There even was an apprentice baker in the lot. At the head of this interesting and busy depart- ment is the enthusiastic co-ordinator, Miss Leonard. Hers is the job of making the contacts with prospec- tive employers, and smoothing the path for both employer and employee. Stillwater is proud of the fact that she is one of the few women among the twenty such department heads in the state of Minne- sota. Members of the class are: Robert Jensen, Richard Herbert, Elizabeth Nolde, Romania Nierenz, Mildred Schrank, Myrtle Johnson, Dorothy Reichow, Shirley Schwanke, Betty Michels, Patricia Cates, Marilyn Brochman, Wilmer Schmidt, Leora DeChaine, Lillian Radinzel, Jim Ponath, George Iserman, Robert Mc- Donough, Marvin Reiland, Marjorie Bell, Mary Carl- son, Delphine Humphreys. v J ff KL 4 ' gm Q, X 4 ,Al 1 47 f f ff f RS , X DmuE In every well regulated Indian tribe there is a Council of War. So every two weeks Big Chief Mil- ler and his Student Council meet to plan the year's activities and settle important tribal matters. Our Council is composed of representatives of all the homerooms, the chairmen of the standing com- Coun oil of War OFFICERS: Maleolm Brown, vim-e-pros- iflentg .Ioe Miller, president: Marilyn Wagner. sc-vretary. mittees, and the heads of several special committees who create and put into effect the codes and laws that govern the tribe. With the coming of the fifth moon the Council gather around the campfire at the historic boom site as they pause for a night to honor the traditions of the past and review the events of the year, STUDENT COUNCIL- Row 5: Marge Hooley, Kay Finnegan, Bob Sundin, .lim Seim, Leslie Emanuelson. Row 4: Rodney Hendric-kson, Jerry Murphy, Tom Porter, Larry Hurley, Joe Miller, Bob Daniels. Row 5: Mary Mc'Carthv, Audrey Cates, George Iserman, Diek Emanuelson, Mark Crimmins, .lim Buege. Row 2: Marilyn Wagner, Mary Hanson, Marilyn MeGarry, Bob Baclielder. Malcolm Brown. Row 1: Maureen O'Brien, Dorothy Simonet. I .4 Y ' u 'K U Jam.. ,Xl G, J V , 'Q 'N fxig-a F fy .M 5 tf'? 1r aww! e NOON HOUR COMMITTEE Upper Left Standing Mary Sinmnot, John 'V1vPhv1'son, Kc-rmil Risc-huI'I'. S0211- ui Julia- Sonlnwrs, .lov Miller lf'h2lil'Ill1lDV. FLAG COMMITTEE Upper Right Ims I':Ill1lHllUIS0ll 1l'hlliI'IIl2l!l7, Da- ud Juhnson, FVQIIIR 'I'0hisc'h. YELL COMMITTEE Center Kay Finnegan H'hZliI'lH2lllT, .lim Sc-hm-II, Marilyn Wagner. RECEPTION COMMITTEE Lower Right David Speivh, Maureen O'B1'ien H'h1liI'Y'll1lI1?, Bzlrhzxrzx COV6'l'. ' I .7 , I ii... ,, O 19' C',f'1g 1 a ,c' 'fe' ,ff '. ,I-....,. LA ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Lower Left Frunt Maury Hanson 1l'hZliI'I11llIl7. wk .Ivrry Murphy, Muricl Mun- Luvvn. Clayton Svhnd. JKT 4 1 , .,- ., , ,. :lnaff-fr-re-'Ma-my Busy BOOKSTORE COMMITTEE?-Standing: Gisella Wrangham, Dorothy Lagerstedt. Ruth Ponath, Joan St. Marie. Seated: Irene Nelson, Bernadine Pribnow, Helen Sundin fchairmanb. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE---Stanfb ing: Bob Bachelder, Mike Hurley fchair- mant. Seated: Lois Safstrom, Marilyn McGarry, Mike Nolan. is , 2 .,, . -S ri, . Two important groups around the tribal camp- tire at S.H.S. are the Homecoming and the Bookstore Committees. T The school year begins in earnest with the toot- ball season and with it comes the great tribal gather- ing, Homecoming. ln charge are the warriors on the Homecoming Committee, who plan the Pep Fest, the Snake Dance, the Downtown Parade, the festivi- ties between halves ot the game, and the grand tin- ale-the Homecoming Dance. Queen Barbara Cover and King Hen Heuer reign- ed over this year's game and the following dance, with the Swing Kings ot Anoka beating the drums. Thus came to an end one of the momentous events of the year-Homecoming. The Bookstore Committee also does its work dur- ing the tall moons. It has the job ot selling to the eager beavers of S.H.S. their textbooks, old and new. The complete responsibility ot handling the sales is given to the committee, even to balancing the books and counting the wampum taken in. The members, students from the senior and ju- nior classes, not only work but play too, for after the hectic grind is over, they celebrate by going out for dinner with witheir advisor, Mr. Olson. : Zia -rl., s ,E . Y X- Brcz Ves V Q THESPIANS-Standing: Bob Gelhar, Tom Frawley, Jerry Downs, George Iser- man, Marilyn McGa1-ry, Gretchen Tobisch. Sitting: Lil Wellman, Mary Hanson, Nan- cy Keller, Gloria Mockler, Pat Cates, Irene Nelson, Mary Ann Lynch, Mary Schadegg. QUILL AND SCROLL--Standing: Muriel Mongoven, Helen Sundin, Marilyn Mc- Garry. On Fence: Kay Finnegan, Mari- lyn Wa ner, Mary Simonet, Nancy Keller, Irene ltgelson, Dorothy Simonet, Roxane Swenson, Mary Hanson, Mary Jean O'Brien, Mary Ellen Feis. On Ground: Malcolm Brown, Richard Stendahl, Bill Davies, Mike Hurley. Once upon a time, while the gifted Ouill and Scroll members were still little braves, someone told them the pen was mightier than the bow and arrow, so, as they grew up, they took the feathers off their arrows and used them for quills. Only those in the upper third ot their tribe who have worked on the records may become members. Elder scribes are Marilyn McGarry, Mary Hanson, Malcolm Brown, and Mike Hurley. New members are Gretchen To- bisch, Helen Sundin, Marilyn Wagner, Irene Nelson, Bill Davies, Kay Finnegan, Mary Ellen Feis, Muriel Mongoven, Mary Simonet, Roxana Swenson, Dorothy Simonet, Dick Stendahl, Frank Tobisch, and Mary Jean O'Brien. Some of our braves have won the privilege of wearing the blue and gold feathers of the Thespian band. They won them by working in the great pageants presented each moon. Big Chiefs say any brave can be a member if he speaks seventy lines in three one-act or one three-act pow-wows. Old medicine men were Marv Hanson, Marilvn McGarry, and Bob Gelhar. Lillian Wellman, Pat Cates, Gretch- en Tobisch, Gloria Mockler, Dick Zoller, and Tom Frawley are initiates. Lodge Life i 1 i 'xl1"l"lll fl SK -ss kg 'lf Xx SN xx Xa 4 X -XXX galil. I 1 -N x XTWV r r - L . sf 1. Upper Left-Fourth period 'soc' class hard at work on their re- creation survey. 2. Upper Right-Buege and Daniels in action at North St. Paul game. 3. Lower Left-Tribal pow-wow after the Anoka game. 4. Lower Right-Team leaves for the state tournament. 40 Lodge Life 1. Upper Lett-Homecoming dance really packed them in. 2. Upper Right-'The Reefer Men,' winning Junior one-act play. 3. Lower Left-Mr. Jansen demonstrates to the Junior Academy oi Science. 4. Lower Right-Library club in a 'quiet' moment. 41 Pow-Wows Three Dots and a Dash Spies, glamour, intrigue-all combined to make an interesting honeymoon in 'Three Dots and a Dash.' Honeymooners Peter and Polly Piper fBob Gelhar and Mary Hansonl borrowed .a friend's apart- ment for the honeymoon but accidentally got in the wrong one. It soon became a madhouse with trick fireplaces, disappearing rooms, and dozens of crazy characters wandering in and out. Polly's spinster Aunt Effie, enthusiastically play- ed by Marge Hooley, came along on the trip but was lost with the disappearing room. Other peculiar persons soon turned up though. Bessie Tobias lPat Catesl, who was recovering from a mental illness, wandered around like Lady Macbeth in her night- gown. She was followed by her nurse fMary Mc- Hnightl, a mysterious person who searched the books in the bookcase. Delores Del Oreo fMarilyn Mc- Garryl, a Spanish beauty, proved to be an F.B.I. agent in disguise. Mrs. Mood fGretchen Tobischl, a mean, sinister woman, was shot at the end of the second act, leaving only her niece Lena IViolet Smith, to mourn her. Other mystery men were Roy, the elevator boy, fGeorge Isermanl and Major Miller, U.S.A. fliermit Bischoffj. And last but not least appeared Jerk O'Hara Uerry Downsl, the hotel detective, complete with cigar, spats, and a Brooklyn accent. 'lghg -4 Si' .AT Q ., f in -15 Brother Goose Humor, youth, and love were the keynotes of 'Brother Goose', the play presented by the Class of 1946 as seniors. The problems of a tomboy younger sister and the rest of her family were serious and mirth-provoking in turn. Jeff Adams fGeorge Isermanj was 'Brother Goose' to his younger brother and two sisters as he tried to bring them up properly and make a living for them at the same time. Limericks, which were to win a contest, and samples of the sponsor's food were Carol Adams' fG1oria Mocklerl solution to the family problems. Wes fBob Gelharl found that Eve fMary Schadeggl, a southern girl who had just moved into the neighborhood, was distracting enough to keep his mind off everyday matters. But football was the main thing in life to Hy fGretchen Tobischl, who taught Eve's negro maid Sarah fMarilyn McGarryl how to play. Hy found Helen fPat Catesl, the Adams' maid, much less sym- pathetic-especially when the kitchen was used for football practice. Peggy flrene Nelsonl solved the many problems of the Adams family, including that of Lenore lElaine Roettgerl who was monopolizing Jeff. The younger members of the Adams family and even the mos- quitos helped, as did Mrs. Lulu Trimmer fLillian Wellmanl for whom Jeff built 'Wee Blue lnns'. A truck driver fCliff Kaiser, discovered some of Hy's mischief just in time to save Jeff's job. And Jeff dis- covered that Peggy was very important to the Adams family and especially to him. A staff of students assisted in producing the play: Marv Ilanson, student director, Dorothy Lag- erstedt, call girl, Mary Ann Lynch and Carole Ames, property men, and Ken Schwalen, stage manager. The biggest thrill that can come to a play cast was theirs when they found that The Author was in the audience. And even more of a thrill--he went backstage so they could meet him. CAST OF "BROTHER GOOSE"f-Row 2: Irene Nelson, George Iserman, Pat Cates, Clifford Kaiser, Marilyn MCGarry, Elaine Roettger, Lillian Wellman. Row 1: Gloria Movkler, Gretvhen Tohisch, Mary Svhadegg, Bob Gelhar. The success of these plays was due in large measure to the very capable directors. Miss Grace Daly directed 'Three Dots and a Dash' and Mr. Daniel Sullivan coached 'Brother Goose'. 1. Mary Lee sprays "Sloop's" throat before the performance. 2. Bill Davidson, author, and Dan Sulli van, direvtor, discuss the action of the play. 3. Gretchen prepares to throw a forward pass. 43 War Paint Shakespeare's Dream, 1946 version, was a min- strel show with all the attractions such a production should have. Songs, patter, dances, jokes-all were presented by the gayly dressed cast ot 'Land O' Cot- ton' to an appreciative audience. Memories will bring chuckles, for who can think of Tireman, Save My Child,' 'You're Gonna Wait a Long, Long Time,' or the Finale, without a smile? Phrases from the catchy tunes, both old and new, echoed in the corridors of S.H.S. tor days. Make-up problems disappeared in laughter as one actor after another became brown or black, as his role Qand the supply of greaspainti dictated. The tirst night was lun, and the second was even better than the first. So the 1946 Shakespearels Dream became history, the twenty-fifth in a proud line of successful perfor- mances. Miss Space, Miss Marquardt, Miss McMurray, and Mr. Ames guided and directed the actors, assist- ed by Lillian Wellman, Robert Bachelder, and Pat Yfildc. SHAKESPEARFS DREAM CAST Interlocutor-Tom Frawley. End Men-Hermit Bischoff, James Haetner, Larry Hurley, James Murphy, Richard Stendahl, Richard Zoller. Chorus-Carole Ames, Shirley Anderson, Ramo- na Bjorkman, Delores Carlson, Audrey Cates, Peggy Chase. Myrna Chial, Emily Ciesman, Bob Coty, Joan Dahl, Sylvia Demulling, Jerry Downs, Ardis Farstad, Betty Fehlow, Charles Gardner, Mary Hanson, Donna Harsh, Vivian Hoops, Shirley Jansen, Shirley Jar- chow, Hay Jesse, Betty Johnson, Carol Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Barbara Jones, Clifford Kaiser, Bet- ty Kenney, Dorothy Kutz, Shirley Lamere, Donald larsori. Donna Larson, Robert LeBard, Patricia Lehr, Vnrilvn Lindberg, David Linner, Irene Lotgren, Joan Lohmer. Gladie-Lu McComber, Dorothy McGee, Ruth MrGrath, Marie Montpetit, Bill Mordick, Irene Nel- son, Lorraine Nelson, Mike Nolan, Dorothv Novetske, Carol Olstad, Delores Peterson, Audrey Richert, Gor- don Richert, Becky Rosenquist, Everett Rotenberry, .Toan St. Marie, Anita Schaefer, Rogene Schmulske, Marjorie Sjoholm, Leor Skeivik, Lorna Skramstad, Jane Stapt, Pat Sullivan, Dorothy Swanson, Pat Utecht, Joanne Weise. Orchestra-Mr. W. H. Bastien, Mike Hurley, Bob Jagg, Bill McGonigal, Muriel Mongoven. AccompanisteBetty Welander. imp 7 S Miss McMurray and Mr. Ames hold a council with the cast before the curtain rises. QQ - Making up is fun. Final touches on the hands. Miss Hanson's art with grease paint is admired by two prospective 'victims.' Hermit and Jerry in Tireman, Save My Chi1d.' Interlocutor, Tom Frawley. Miss Marquardt prepares the end men for the show. Ilnsetl Swanee Tappers, Pat Sullivan and Jean Salmore. 45 :Sai M czkers CHOIR Row 6: IQix'h:ll'fi Crllvmie-l', Rohm-1'I I,e-Bzlrri, Huge-1' Hlllllllllll, l':lI Ufvvhl, Junv No1'lzlnric11'. Huw 3: Ile-113' Mivhuls, IMI-mlm' Kull, Kay Nm-Isun, VVZIYEI Inu Kollzxllfis-rx Be-tty June' K1-11115, Rum' 4: Mzuilyn tluth, Jilllt' Stznpl, Lilizm Rzlfiinzm-I, Dolphins- HLllI'lfYhl't'j'S, NI2lI'j.fZlI'Q'I C1L1Hrlvrsm1. Row Ii: Shirlvy Anrlvrsrm, P1-ggy Chase, Dorothy SXYZIIISOII, Virginia Amin-rsml. Mzxrjewif- Illwvla- mem, Ruth Hamill:-IM, Carol .loImsun, Ile-lun-s Ps-I1-mum, Rum' 2: Calm! Olstgurl, lim-ke-5 Rosa-lmquisl, Gisvllzl VVl'zuu1haxm, Gloria IVIU1'kl!'I', Susan Fm'slwIfm1, IM-llx NVQ-lzlmle-l', Dunnzl Nlzw Rfwpkv, Clurzl Iivhrmzln. Run' li 'I'hr-orzl I,llx'Ui!', INn'u1 MARGARET SPACE thy Ki'-mzm, I,or1':1im- Nvlsun Anim S1-lmzu-Ik-1', I,HIIl2l Km-wi, IVlzlrlh:1 nt'l'f.Illlllll, Choir Director fII'f'11'!ll'll I,UYllNilIlll, I-'rzlllwvs Hill. Ahwnt: .Inhn film-kwvll, fllurizl Ku-ws. -16 of MuS1'c 1 O 2 HAND Row 3: llill Millikon. limb Jaggg, lliwk Zrrllvr, Huh 1.1-llarri. Wallaw- N1-lwn, Plvvrtt R41ll'lllN'l'l'j'. Raw I: Donald Cotvh, Clayton Schacl, John Rlavk- ne-II, Pa! Baslivn, Malcolm Brmvrl, Tum Frawlvy, Row 3: Nllke- HLll'lt'j', Donna Sanflquisl, Murie-l lVIm1g1m'e-n, Bill M4'Gunlgal, Alicv Barnlmlfll, Pal Wildv. Row 2: Bill flilkvr, livlty Sclmafvr, .lorry llalfanz, Shirloy Janson, Gra1'v Grim- Nll-y, llvlvn Harvvy, .Ianws Miller. Row 1: .lanvl Walquisl, .lohn Downs, Shir'- lvy l,ann-rv, Iivily Fuhlow, l.1n'on Moad, Bill Strand, Marv .Ivan Svllzlfe-r. Ah- N x 1-nl: .Ioan Mm'll1vll'Q-s, VVynvlta Morgan, Carol l3L1tIv1'fi0lfl'. WILLIAM BASTIEN Band Director 4 1 Lodge Life Pl' If Ffh ,Aa I if P' ' I ft' lj, 'E' .- f cs f' 'lx ff 4::"xw. if ,gre 'K f f' 117 f "Q:-K I: 1 , WW" I amp 5 N xi Upper Lett: 1. R. M. Howell, Jr., prepares to blow glass peace pipe in assembly. Upper Right: 2. Ramona Gerhardt playing in the special Christmas assembly. Center: 3. Miss Hedberg's advisory group in a mass meeting skit. Lower Lett: 4. Three members of the St. Paul Hockey team be- iore the assembly. Lower Right: 5. Frank McCormack congratulates captain-elect Ken Heuer at football banquet. Bottom: 6. 'Can-can' at the election assembly. 48 Lodge Life QTW : :lf 9 l:v Upper Lett: 1. 'Big Chief' Joe presides at a Student Council meeting. Upper Right: 2. Maybe they're making nylon. .. Center: 3: Action in the boys' gym class. Center: 4. Daisy Mae and Lil' Abner at the Sadie Hawkins' -I ls f dance. """ 2 'xx I UH' ff Lower Lett: 5. Some sailors at the 1945 Nautical Prom. ,LQ 5 n Lower Right: 6. Robbinsdale sits in on an S.H.S. Student Coun- cil meeting. 49 'H' for Hab One day in last September, Little Habitzer gra- ciously granted the Hab editors permission to enter his domain, and work on the Hab was begun. Under his supervision, Mike Hurley, as editor-in- chief, gave the orders to a harassed group of editors who strove valiantly to carry them out. Helen Sun- din, layout editor, shaped the mass of paper, pic- Slzimling Miki- Hurley, orl- iioi'-in-vhief: Bill Davies, uri, editor: Psi! Uiocht, photog- l'I1Dll0I'Q Ire-nc' Nelson, busi- noss rnzuizigvr: Grvwhen To- lnisvh. arivwtisilig lTl2ll1Zlj.f9l'. Si-zilvd Hr-lon Sunrlin, layout 4-flilorg Kay l'Qllll10f.IHl'l, sub- scription nizmzigcrg Mary El- lvu Fi-is, 1-opy editor. Ahse-nl: Tom Alwrcrornlmiv, photog- rziphor. Kabekonjan Kab Staff Joyce Linner, Mary Lee Schadegg, Gloria Mock- ler, Joan St. Marie, Grace Grimsley, Barbara Cover, Marilyn Wagner, Joan Krueger, Lillian Wellman, Mary Ann Lynch, Joyce Ritzer, Lenore Reibe, Dora othy Beutel, Mary Hanson, Bob Gelhar, Marion Wagner, Bob Daniels, Marjorie Hooley, Malcolm Brown, Kenneth Schwalen, Jerry Downs, Joe Mil' ler, Marilyn McGarry, Dorothy Lagerstedt, Bill McGonigal, Carole Ames, Mary Mclinight, Violet Smith, Nancy Heller. tures, and copy into a finished form. Mary Ellen Feis was in charge of writeups, while Pat Utecht and Tom Abercrombie dashed around taking pictures. Bill Davies did the art work and kept up the staft morale with a steady flow of jokes and puns. But even Little Habitzer had to rest at times, and then Miss Townsend and Miss Thimell aided the staff. I Arrow Tom Abercrombie, Carole Ames, Phyllis An- derson, Barbara Bancroft, Barbara Cover, Sylvia Demulling, Colleen Driscoll, Mary Ellen Feis, Kay Finnegan, Tom Frawley, Charles Gardner, Bob Gelhar, William Gilker, Carol Hallquist, Paul Hanson, Rodney Hendrickson, Barbara Jones, Bet- ty Kenney, Dolores Kress, Lorna Hriesel, Norma Kriesel, Donald Larson, Barbara Ledbetter, Joyce Linner, Mary Ann Lynch, Mari Madson, Gloria Mariana, Ruth Mayer, Carolyn Miller, Jerry Mur- phy, Bill McGonigal, Jean McGrath, Ruth Mc- Grath, Patricia Mclntyre, Mary Jean O'Brien, Mau- reen O'Brien, Maureen Radle, Joyce Ritzer, Elaine Roettger, Anne Rowland, Lois Safstrom, Hen Schwalen, Mary Simonet, Violet Smith, Betty Steindorf, Dick Stendahl, Suzanne Stussi, Patricia Sullivan, Helen Sundin, Roxane Swenson, Gret- chen Tobisch, .Ioan Underwood, Patrick Utecht, Lowell Warner, Lillian Wellman, Glen Welshons, Patricia Wilde, Gisella Wrangham, Delphine Zeuli, Dick Zoller. Tribal records for S.H.S. were kept by the en- thusiastic scribes of the Arrow staff. Marilyn Mc- Garry, the 'Big Chief' of the paper, started the year by recruiting the largest staff in the Arrow's twenty-four year history. Eleven deadlines kept the staff busy as Marilyn Wagner supervised the gathering of news and Mur- iel Mongoven recorded the lighter aspects of school life. Between trips to Luhman's, Dorothy Lager- stedt took care of the Arrow exchanges. Sports were the chief worry of Malcolm Brown, who could be seen at many a football game sitting in the band with his horn on one knee and a notebook on the other. The art work was the responsibility of Doro- The Arrow staff forms an arrow tor publicity purposes. thy Simonet. Whenever difficulties proved too great for the staff, Mrs. Liesenfeld was ready to help solve them. The first tribal get-together was sponsored by the Arrow after the White Bear football game. The staff also had charge of the concession booth at foot- ball and basketball games, much to the dismay of the perpetually impoverished Kab staff. Dorothy Lagerstedt, exchange editor: Dorothy Simonet, art editorg Malcolm Brown, sports editor: Muriel Mongoven, tea- ture editorg Marilyn MCGarry. editor-in- chief: and Marilyn Wagner. news editor, discuss the dummy for the next issue. . l Tusltafa t The Staff Co-editors, Mary Hanson and Helen Sundin, Junior Editors, Muriel Mongoven and Roxane Swenson, Sophomore Editor, Barbara Palmquist, Art Editor, Bill Davies, Art staff, Dorothy Simonet, Ruth Mayer, Mari Madson, Kenny Mattson, Pub- licity, Mike Hurley, Marilyn McGarry, Tom Fraw- ley, Mike Nolan, Business Managers, Clayton Schad, Vernon Dahlke. Mary Hanson, co-editor, Irene Hedberg, advisor, and Helen Sundin, co-editor, work on the dummy for the publication. A dream of tomorrow's world, depicted in art and song and story, is the core around which the 1946 Tusitala has been developed. The visions and aspira- tions of youth are expressed in the development of the theme of 'The Post-War World'. While every school has its traditions of which the students and community are proud, S.H.S. stu- dents have a special feeling of affectionate pride in the 'Tus'. Representatives of every class are on its staff, and each student puts a little more work than usual on the essay or poem that is to be turne l over to the Tusitala staff. Serious thoughts and humorous ide s are devel- oped by the authors, and the art work illustrates fact and fancy to help develop the proper mood. Guided by their friend and advisor, Miss Hed- berg, the staff worked hard to produce a magazine which would measure up to the high standards set by earlier editions. Editors, art staff, and business managers have cooperated in putting out an excel- lent magazine, while the publicity staff saw that it was well advertised. Since the material for the magazine has been contributed by the student body, they all share with the staff a feeling of pride in this year's Tusitala, the 'teller of tales'. Standing: Tom Frawley, Vernon Dahlke, Clayton Sc-had, Dorothy Simonet. Seated: Mari Madsen. Marilyn McGarry, Barbara Palm- quist. Absent: Mike Hurley, Rox- ane Swenson, Bill Davies, Ruth Mille Nolan. Maver, Ken Mattson, Ann Rowland, fy -. 5-1 9 D + -QQ. Gridiron Warriors The Stillwater Ponies, coached by George Niel- sen and his assistant, Douglas Ames, played seven games, winning five and losing two. The 'B' team, coached by George Jansen, played tour games, win- ning two and losing two. In the opening game of the 1945 season, the Still- water squad played host to the Humboldt Indians. A slow Pony start resulted in a six-point Indian lead. Stillwater recovered in the third period to tally three touchdowns which gave the Ponies a lead they maintained through the remainder of the game. Let- termen from last year played a good game, but the old men as well as the new ones showed the need for improvement. Final score, Stillwater 25, Hum- boldt 6. The first conference win of the season was mark- ed up against the Ponies' old rival, South St. Paul. This game, which ended with an easy Pony victory, was characterized by hard running and blocking by both teams. The entire Pony team was given a chance to play, thus gaining experience needed in later contests. Excellent performances were turned in by a fast Pony line and backfield, but Heuer, fContinued on Page 56l "hz: Douglas Ames, assistant coach, George Jansen B team coach, and George Nielsen, head coach. i i "S" CLUB How 7: .lov Miller, Bob Sun- din. Row 6: Frank Stewart, Mark Crim- mins, Ernie Pozislee, Bob Madden, Chuck Fredrivkson. Row 5: Ken He-un-1', .lim Buege, Clziyt Sm-bud, Marvin Payne. Row -1: Dave Speich, Bill Weidvn, Bill Powers, Cliff Kaiser, Tom Klein, Dirk Emzlnuelson. Row 3: Bob Daniels, Bill Loft, Charles Brower, Dick Pominville, Larry Hurley. Row 2: George Gigric'l1, Jim Seim, Tom VanSteenkiste, Glen Wolshons, Tom Por- ter, Rodney Hendrickson. Row 1: .lof- O'Brien, Bob Paulson, .my Ponath, Don Henne. QE?""', The scene on the bench during the final thrilling in. Plenty of eats and l'nOIIlt:Aug V- lun at the tootba ll banquet, 'T' 1 l k . North St. Pa ul hits the line tor no ga 54 N D X ' " 'LZ v , ,qw Q X c N "'lMx C 5 lx N " ts' A452- N f -Q 5. ' - "' Xx 111-" x -x X I?,.,1g CN Q X eww! Rodrxev Hendrick ' 'V---nr-nrn son and Mark C Dance. Jim Buege plows h inc: rimrnins check equip 'np ,.,, mem after practice is way over the goal, 55 TEAM--'Row 3: Mr. Ames, assistant coach, Clayton Schad, Tom Klein, Joe Miller, Bob Sundin, Ernie Peaslee, Dick Eman- uelson, Bob Madden, Frank Stewart, Ken Heuer, Mr. Nielsen, coach. Row 2: Clifford Kaiser, Phillip Hudson, Wayne Meisner, Dick Pominville, Glen Welshons Joe O'Brien, Tom Porter, Marvin Payne, Jim Buege, Bob Daniels. Row 1: Dave Speich, ge-origekGigrich, Tom Kilkelly, Kermit Bischoff, Tom Garby, Charles Brower, Wilbert. Kern, Jim Haefner, Bill Wieden, Bill t or ic- . fContinued from Page 531 Buege, Miller, and Payne were outstanding. Final score, Stillwater 20, South St. Paul 0. A championship White Bear team handed the Ponies their first defeat of the season on September 28. This contest, which got off to a rather slow start, was one in which everything seemed to go wrong for the Ponies, with fumbles and interceptions pre- dominating. LeVasseaur and Glockner, together with a hard-hitting line, laid the groundwork for this Bear victory despite the efforts of the fighting Pony defense, which was led by Joe O'Brien and Bob Dan- iels. All three White Bear scores were tallied on line plunges. Final score, Stillwater 0, White Bear 18. The Ponies bounced back after this defeat to blast a weaker Hastings team to the tune of 19-0, in the first game away from home. In each of the first three quarters, Stillwater hit pay dirt, and once, dur- ing the final period, completed the extra point. Buege scored in the first period and Heuer crossed the goal line during the second and third periods. The fourth quarter was played mainly by substi- tutes and later by the whole second team. At this point the Pony team was really beginning to take on the form of a polished ball team with defense and offense gaining form. Final score, Stillwater 19, Hastings 0. Playing football plus, the Croix defeated the Anoka Tornados by one point in a game hard to equal. Stars of the ball game were Hintgen, who sparked the Anoka eleven, and Schad, who charged over the goal three of the four times the Ponies ac- complished the feat. Stillwater came from behind in the third period when Stewart raced sixty yards to score on a sleeper pass thrown by Buege. The highlight of the game occurred when Anoka at- tempted a kick which was blocked by Sundin. With the crowd on its feet, Schad recovered on the Anoka two-yard line and scored, to end the contest. Stillwater's annual homecoming game, October 26, with Columbia Heights, was one which would have thrilled the heart of every football fan, young or old, for in the last minute of play Stillwater's hopes for the suburban league pennant were blasted when a determined Heights team climbed out of the hole to score. During the first half, the locals com- pletely outcharged and outplayed the Highlanders, but in the third and fourth periods the Highlanders came back strong, and the Ponies faltered just long enough to allow the hard-hitting visitors to score three times. Final score Stillwater 14, Columbia Heights 18. ln the final qame of the season, the Stillwater Ponies snowed a North St. Paul team under. in weath- er cold enough for such precipitation. Substitutes were used throughout the game, and all turned in excellent performances. Final score Stillwater 19, North St. Paul O. The Ponies ended the season in a three-way tie for second place in the 1945 suburban football race. Homecoming Scenes 1. Upper Left-Cheerleaders . 4. Upper Right-Queen Barb. 2. Center Left-Homecoming parade. 5. Center Right-Hay crying at Homecoming defeat 3. Lower Lett-Band in 'S' formation. 6. L ' ower Right-Maureen 'caught in action.' 37 Hardwood Bro Ves For the fourth time in local history and the second time in three consecutive years, Stillwat- er's Ponies clinched the District 14 and the Region 4 titles to earn a berth in the state classic. Down- ing Washburn of Minneapolis, but bowing to Lynd and Mountain Lake, the Ponies, after the smoke cleared, ended up fourth best in all-state competition. Although getting off to a slow start, the Pony quint developed into one of the best all-around teams ever to come from the halls of S.H.S. Led by senior veterans .lim Buege, Bob Daniels, Charles Fredriclcson, and Joe O'Brien, and juniors Clayton Schad and Prank Stewart, with able re- serves in Mark Crimmins, Bob Sundin, Tom Por- ter, and Tom VanSteenkiste, the Ponies developed into a team that gave the fans plenty of thrills. Stillwater opened the season by soundly trouncing Humboldt of St. Paul 46-29 in a non- conference game. White Bear, traditional rivals, proved to be a stumbling block, as they tripped up the Ponies 45-50 in their first conference game, Recovering, the locals came back to score wins over Hastings 139-381 and Anoka 163-501, only to fall be- fore a powerful Red Wing quint 144-551. A greatly improved team defeated Columbia Heights 37-31. This victory raised the prestige of the local club as it was the first defeat of the season for Columbia Heights. Picking up speed and form, the Ponies went on to defeat North St. Paul, Hastings, and South St. Paul in successive games, and gain revenge for earlier defeats bv vanquishing Vlfhite Bear 50-39 and Red Wing 61-51, A 42-35 shellacking by the Packers from South St. Paul left Stillwater in second place in the Subur- ban League, with Columbia Heights the champions. ..... . ...........,.... .. . . .... a,..r..s,w.........,.. ,.,. .-.1 fi I oi A XJ V "' 10 1 ,A 'Q l I Basketball Coac-lies Jansen and Nielsen. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Stillwater qualified for a berth in the District 14 tournament as a result of their victory over White Bear 134-321 in sub-district competition. Play-offs to determine position in the district, found the Ponies winnng from Columbia Heights 45-41, ln the first round of district play, the Ponies had no trouble defeating St. Paul Park 52-24. ln the semi-finals, the Stillwater team, although compara- tively fresh, had a hard time defeating the favored Red NVing five, 41-33, in a thrill-packed game. Stillwater became district champions, defeating their old rivals, Columbia Heights, 36-25, after hav- ing set the pace for the entire game. 1 V 'T ' Q TEAM Gi 'Vit'ls1'li, vnu vlil Kimi Ixus zirlc Qiimniius. loin V!lIlSlt'l'Il- . , - Roh llzinie-ls, Ke-li He-ui-i', iiixiiiugur, G l 1' Il W'vlsliulis, inzimigi-i'. l-'rimt Row: Tom Purim-i' Claivlmi Sr li 1 rl lf i n Sle,w:11't, Clizirlvs l"1'vcli'i1'ksmi, Roh S u ii rl i li, .I i ni Hiivgv. fm Z If QS NN 1 O ll Hen Heuer and Glen x Welshons, Basketball managers. 131 i , I Y ' ., 1,6 Qi? REGIONAL TOURNAMENT The victorious Pony quint came up against a much weaker St. Peter aggregation in the Region 4 opener, toppling them 51-26. However, the finals almost spelled disaster for the Croix as they met and barely defeated Anoka 31-29. The Ponies completely outplayed the Torna- does during the first half, but Anoka came back dur- ing the second half to turn the tables by holding the Ponies scoreless and at the same time almost equal- ling Stillwater's score. STATE TOURNAMENT Entering the state tournament as a dark horse, the Stillwater team defeated the strongly favored Washburn quint by one point. The Ponies led by a healthy margin during the first three quarters, but a Washburn scoring spree cut the lead to one point. A final Washburn basket was ruled out as having been made after the gun sounded, and the game ended 37-36. B TEAM Row 3: Wilbert Kern, Vernon Dahl- ke, Tom Klein, Mer- vyn Welshons, Coach George .lan- SPH. Row 2: David John- son, David Speich, Bob Madden, Don Buege. Row 1: Bill Powers, Bill Wieden, Neil Smith, L','nd's style of ball proved too much for the Ponies. In a thrilling and hard-fought contest, Still- water led for the first three periods only to bow in the fourth quarter, as Lynd, showing an amazing burst of speed, forged ahead to a 46-39 victory. The tournament ended with Austin, Lynd, Moun- tain Lake, and Stillwater the four top teams. The 19-t5 46 Stillwater team, coached by George Nielsen, was a team of which the school and community are justly proud. 'B' SQUAD For the second straight year the local 'B' squad, coached by George Jansen, has been undefeated in conference play. This year's team lost only one game, a non-conference tilt, to St. Louis Park. The club showed a good offense and a good defense, and their record augurs well for the future. J 1-rf! gwx, ffl' X Q 0 v Mfs,,fs1li?f'7 'W I ,wswagff Q s V Jim, Joe, Clayt, and 'Stewie' size up Chuck's number thirteens. 'Histe', Tom, Chuck, and Clayt break training by 'guzzling' a few sodas before leaving tor the tourna- ment. 'Satchf 'Sodaf 'l"iiste,' Mark, and Tom read the latest basketball news. 60 A 1. Upper Left-'Satch' admires 'Sodas new bracelet. 2. Lower Left-Fast action at the Anoka game. 3. Upper Right-Clayt tries to stop Washburn. 4. Lower Right-Stewart and Fredrickson get some pre-game pointers from Coach Nielsen. 61 it ' Vxvn rt! BASEBAl.IfRow 2: Don Henne, Tom Klein, Jim Buege, Chuck Fredrickson, Kermit Brown, Jim Ponath, Jim Seim, Coach Don Cafferty. Row 1: Bob Kennedy, Frank Stewart, Mark Crimmins, Joe O'Brien, Tom Porter. Pon y BASEBALL With seven wins and three losses the Stillwater baseball squad slid into second berth of the Suburb- an League. After only two days of practice, Stillwater met Humboldt on the home field and was defeated 5-2. Halfway through the season the Ponies had chalked up four league victories to no defeats. Tak- ing an early lead, they defeated Columbia Heights 16-5 on April 24. At North St. Paul, April 26, the score was 0-0 until Mark Crimmins got a two-bagger and was brought in on two safeties in the fifth inn- ing. The final score was 1-0. Anoka was defeated 7-2, April 28. O'Brien's batting and Stewart's pitch- ing were the high points of the victory over the South St. Paul Packers on May 3. Two more victories were scored when the Ponies took both games from White Bear in a double-head- er, taking the first game 7-6 and the second 5-3. Anoka's Tornadoes were the first to defeat the Ponies. They gained their lead through a fast start and finished 6-1. A two-bagger by Hermit Brown with the bases loaded helped the Ponies defeat Columbia Heights 8-2. Anoka took first place in the Suburban tourna- ment at Dunning Field bv defeating Stillwater 9-7. The Ponies placed second. Losing the two final games of the season. one to North St. Paul 1-0 and the other to South St. Paul 3-2, the Ponies finished in second place in the league, with Anoka finishing first. The members of the team were Bob Kennedy and Frank Stewart, pitchers, Tom Porter, Joe O'Brien, Don Henne, Charles Fredrickson, James Seim, James Ponath, outtielders, Tom Klein, second base, James Buege, first base, Kermit Brown, shortstop, Bill Pow- ers and Richard Junker, third base, and Mark Crim- mins, catcher. Don L. Cafferty coached this team in its successful season. S . Q vi' 0 I 'Ara , 7 A -qwf SUV V121 NJ: off i gl' N if . W. X A v D i ics., TRACK-Row 3: Clayton Schad, Ernest Peaslee, .lohn Haefner, Rodney Hendrickson, Dave Johnson, Clifford Kaiser. Row 2: George Gigrich, Joe Miller, Bill Loft, Larry Hurley, Glen Welshons, Perry Johnson, Tom VanSteenkiste, Bill Davies, Roger Buege. Row 1: Earl Radinzel, student manager, Bob Crabtree, Wayne Meisner, Charles Brower, Don Linquist, Dick McAvoy. Tribe TRACK Stillwater placed titth in the regional meet at Macalester and third in district events at home and at Macalester. Two Pony trackmen took part in the state tournament at the University: George Gigrich in the mile and Clayton Schad in the 220. The 1945 team, made up largely of Juniors and Seniors, was coached by Phil Beltiori. Students win- ning letters in track were Roger Becker, Charles Brower, Bob Crabtree, Bob Daniels, George Gigrich, .lohn Haetner, Larry Hurley, David Johnson, Bill Lott, Wayne Meisner, Ernest Peaslee, and Clayton Schad. Crabtree in an all out ettort. Coach Belfiori clocks the boys. McAvoy stretches over in the vault. ,li V,..- Scalp Seekers I. Top Lett: In the spring the cry is 'Play Ball,' and these G.A.A. members are taking it easy alter a strenuous game of kittenball. 2, Top Right: Another outdoor sport is horse- shoes. Showing correct pitching to fellow members is Mary Douville. 4. Lower Lett: For these future 'Robin Hoods, archery is the favorite sport. Stringing the bow is Mary Sockness, as Kay Greeder and Shirley LaMere look on. 5. Lower Right: Correct weight is important to good health, so these G.A.A. members are checking to see that they quality. 3. Center: Winter comes and G.A,A. moves in- side ior basketball. Five of the members show their ability to make a basket. r .uv-4 STUDENT COUNCIL: Row 2: James Beebe, Carol Steindorf, .loan Crawford, Donald Sundin. Ronald Schad, Richard Estelle, Emil Klatt, Dick Barstow, Barbara Johnson. Row 1: Nancy Steinmetz, Susan Johnson, Suzanne Hallquist, Jean Ledding, Robert Gamm tpresidentb, Ray Lohman, Marguerite Becker. Pczpooses Those wee little innocents-the Junior High- raw, fresh, untutored little babes in the woods that they are, got off to a flying start by selecting four- teen members to their Student Council, one from each advisory group. With Robert Gamm as Presi- dent, this group of students enthusiastically and en- ergetically planned various activities for the school. During the year several evening dances were held. The most talked of- the 'Sock I-lop'-netted S35 which was spent for phonograph records. Noon hour dancing two or three days a week, with movies and basketball the other days, kept them enter- tained. Speaking of basketball, the Junior High team had a very successful year, winning seven games and losing none. lf the members of the team keep their pep there should be some valuable additions to the Pony squad in a few years. Budding journalists made their page in the Ar- row interesting, as in it were presented the activi- ties of the school and other interesting features. To round out a successful year the students staged their annual 'Talent Show', directed by Eve- lyn Hriesel Gramenz. Dances, songs by groups and soloists, specialty numbers, and a pageant were pre- sented to a full house. funjor Lodge Life 1. Upper Left-After the weekly assembly. 2. Center Left-Combined choirs at the Christmas As- sembly. H blit shows his indusirial arts 3. Lower Left-Mr. o class some woodturning. 4. Upper Right-'Curt' cleaning erasers. 5. Lower Right-Staff of the 'Junior High News funjor L odge Life l. Upper Lett-Gamm tries a long one. 2. Lower Lett--'Jump ball' at the New Rich mond game. 67 5. Upper Right-Junior High cheerleaders in action 4. Center Right-Successful Junior High 'Colts'--Har rigan, Lindell, Gamm, Lohman, Wieden, Kilty, Meyers, Groth, Barstow, Ulrich, Register, Lynch, Sundin, Coach Hoblit, missing-Greeder. 5. Lower Right-Successful Ninth Grade party. QR . .--' 3 ,puss- Q -JK MJ. Y. UI' 99 -31- f. fv- . GS 4 I X K MISS CARLSON'S GROUP Rlm 1: I,:xxx'rw-:ww Julm- full. Immun Iluyuss, I.u11isII:1:1k,.l:u'kRvggis- ts-V, 'I'Iwm.u l21ll'hl', Rum-I' Kuhn, I3:u'lmx'u L+-1i:11'lmluu111. Row II: l'1x!1'l:'i:l l'I:nIa'l', fizlylv CT:1ll:1h:m, .lzwk ' A flmvh, Kvum-th N. :XII- E rl:-rsml. Dxwisl Mc-4'he'l- km-, Rmlxlhl 'l'l1l'uhl:ld, ' Qi' NI1lI'Q1ll'Q'f I'fm'ht, , ,. O ,. J: I'.ClXK'ElI'li Hn-lm-n, .Imm SL'flXK'1lI'fl, Ilmmlci 'l'l1uIupx.m,I,m'v1I:l Luiz, H1-Hx' IVULIIINI' Ilillx Strzumi. Huw 1: I-fuss'-ll I,:u'sun, .lurm Hmwe-V, flu-Ivllc-n I.uI1m:1m1, C'lir1!m1.Iuim4 Stun, Hola CLIIININ, Hur- lmru Ste-1-lv, MRS. FORD'S GROUP Run- 4: Ilzxrxxin 'I'vn:nn1, Rim'hz11'rl Ulxtzul, C'h:11'lm-5 RllM'llQ'I', KQ-rm:-th Yur- hulmlgh,Rulw1'YT'l'hmnp- sun, Ihvnrnlri Plznstvr, 'I'hUIN!lS Hurlsun, l,e-wis Ryrlvvlm. Row .Ki .lvilll LIIHIPIA, Df-:mis finrmzm, Hzumlrl Huvttgn-r, Ruhvr! Brm'Il- mum, K+-nmflh I,. Amlvr- sun, Chzlrlvs Simom-I, Lorna Nulfiv. Dorm Amllmlsun. Row 132 311-lwflyll Se-im, Durmld 491-rm-r, l.nL1:-lla R1-tin, .Iumvs FiIlllf'f.IZl!l, Drmzxlfi 'I'hrnn, 'l..lQ-am Czlllzahun, tlluriu ,mlm- sun. Rem' 1: Ha-Ion f'llL'I11'l't'H, LPUIIZI R!'iK'I14lNX', I':lI1'i4'k Ccmrlrxvrs. Dale- Brook- mzm. Sumn Kullim-r. UOI'uU1j' Yvmllff, MISS NOR'l'HFIELD'S GROUP Huw 1: .le-am l.Q-rlrilng, NIZIIQ' H:xl':w11li:l. Nlzlrlys M1-C'm'rn:u'k. .lzxyrw Fin- nf-gzm, Min- Rzutlm-tl. Rmxv fl: Cfzuhvrim- Pvlvr- sun, Nlflfilyll 'l'1blme-tts, HININZIHIN' Le-slie-, Ilvv- vrly Fivfile-13 Mzxwe-lI:x flzmlxke-. Row 2: V1-rzx Ulswn, livr- nurline- Yivst, Iilninv I,ul'g1'1-11, Sumnm- Ilull- qllixl. Row 12 Shirlvy U'Na-ul, Phjvllix f:1lFl, He-Hy SK'hl1t'H,NllI14'y Hzuirznih, Nur'-on Kullznmimx Ahsm-nt: .Iam-V Juhnsurz, Nlmizmm- QHSUII. MR. PRYOR'S GROUP Row -l: Carl .lulinsnn, William Snlins, llolwrl Nlillvr, Bill Nlailclvn. Divk Nvrliy, .Iulill Vl- rim-li, Row fl: Kt'lllIyNlt'lS0l1, liil l"1'ye-, Andy llan- svn, RLILZUI' .lulnisun, Dim-k llarslow, limil Klaii, Huw 2: .lain-1 VValf uuid, Barlmara Fausl, l'Ile-anm' Mille-1' livrai- ilim' .lm-riy, Silvvrius llaln-i', Mariv Carlson. Row l: .Ianv Jorclan, llvlvn tlarm-r, l"rain'is Cnlnnilm, Frml Uvlilkv. David Skrainslacl. lil- izaliolli Bl'0NN'll. Absent: lil-ve-i'ly Cani- pvau, lmnalll Coil-li, llolniwis llalillu-rg, Kay Ni-lxon, Mary Rohr, lloiwiiliy lion-va-s, Mai'- iannm- Wliiiv, llvoiqgl- Wilsun, William lm- vuyvr. linlwri Anclvr- sun, Sarah Jane- Flvni- zninv. MRS. GRAMENZ'S GROUP Row -li Vivlm' l.aCuSsv, .Ianivs 'l'hu1-son Rug- vr ll0I'I'man, Donald Svln-Q-l, Donald Sun- clin, l.e-sim-r Sands, Wil- liarn Him-kuin, Ronald llanwun, Rainnna An- rlewsoii. Row Il: l.u Ella .Inlin- sun, Bvvorly l-Irinism-li. Lyle- lloorr, Rosa' Gatl- kv, Jn-an Roluf., Ruli- vrl BQ-ln'inan, Donald Mvyor, Ruth James. Row LZ: Ray Lohman. Mm-rlvn Svln-ll, .lainvs Be-vlw, la-una Dvniul- ling, Marilvn Moism-r lie-lows KI:-in, Donald Rarnliolcll. Row lt Bula Gl'L'0llt'l', l-'ixiiivvs llill, Mary Ann Murris, G1-orgv l'ali'is'li, Sally llill, Nanvy Zullvr. Alisa-nl: lmste-i' Lanz, Sharon llul'i', Kvnnvili Nil-lsun, Vornv llag- struni, MRS. UTECHT'S GROUP Rim' ll: Virginia Cali-s. M a ri an lie-il pa t li, Kailiryn 'I' li ii v s ii n, Clarin-0 liivarrl, Caroli- 'I'liii-l, ,lu Anni- 'l'ln-nn. Row il: Susan .Inlin- son .lllilllll C'ule-invir, llvlvn Bl'U1'llIllllll, llar- hara lie-nmn, l3vx'vi'ly Kwsmv, Nanvy Sivin- nn-lx, Pairii-ia Cluni. Row 2: Virginia S1'ln'acli-, llnnna laivcli- kv, Yvuinn- Ci'ziwt'urrl, Pal .I 4- w A' l l, SUIINHI Swvnsmi, .lanii-v Pai'- sonx. Rim' 1: .ivan Kapliing, A in il ii Q- y .Iulnistom-, May livlle- l.inclal1au1-i'. Diann- l.inrl, Kay Cul- mnlm. 'lf ww .4 Q K 69 9 Q QL.. MISS NOLAN'S GROUP Row -1: Alive' Barnholrit, Molly Gilhc-rt, llorhort Rovttgor, Ronald Svhad. Donna Sandquist, .lavk Conroy, Gvrald Ruhow. Row Il: Marjory l-Zlwoll, Marie C h r i st 1- n s o n, George- Rodlovivk, Car- ol Stoimlortl, Waltvr Svhupp, Arlt-nv, Roe-pkv, Paulino Ponatli. Row 12: lrvno Nelson, .loanno D1-nnis, Sliirle-y Roior, Marian Glasgow. Helen Hanson. l.a Ilon- na Divk, lillwyn Pvtor- son. Row 1: IVIarlvno Pvtorf son. Rohort Sliinn, Roh- ort Nygron. Marvis Elm- quist, Charles Roloff, Francvs Rohr. Ahst-nt: Donna Svliulzo, Betty Whittomort-. MISS MILLER'S GROUP Row 4: Rivliard listollv. Barbara Mt-lforl, Rivh- ard Estelle, Carol Noil- son, Euge-mf Holmlwrg. Row 3: Jvannv Moulton, Elvanor M o r r i s o n. Charlos Plrlitz, Donna Jacobs, Margery Mt'- Laughlin. Row 2: .loan Crawford, Kennvth Wvidvn, .lack Harrigan, Donald Borg. G4-no Wright. Row 1: Shirley Huff. Gerald Thompson, Lois Moe-ltvr, Arlan Morris, Robert Barrlon. Ahsont: Rivliard Bailvy, .lohn Came-ron, .Ianws Stov- vnson, MR. MEYER'S GROUP Row 4: Larry Hughos, Daniel M a st 0 r m a n, Roger Knapp, Lore-n Lo- Bard, Frm-d Andi-rson. Row 3: .lohn Junkt-r, Willard Alhortson, Divk G01-r, Alba-rt Hoyoss, Jim Vedder. Row 2: Dick Mot-klor, .lohn lrindvll, Bob .Ion- Son, Donald Johnson, Ronald Johnson. Row 1: Jzunos Schmidt, Mayo Mollswkv, Thom- as Km-c'l1, David Skviv- ik. Larry We-itzvl. Abse-ntl Gerald Noldo, Pvtor I,ohme-r, MISS COSTELLO'S GROUP Row 4: Roht-rt M1-ister. Ann 111-wliurst, Rogt-1' Kot-l1l1-r, Gt'I'Z1lt1 111-11- lil'll'kSl1I1, VlI'f.ZlI112l T1-1-ri, N1Zll'l0I1l1 Anclm-1's1111, 11:1- 21-I B11filix'i1'li. Row Ii: Rit'l1z1r1l Iirost- roin, tl I 11 r i ll Plzkstt-r, R11l11-rto Pino, Mll1'i'LlS M1-inlu-, l':1t1'i1'i:1 l'1-t1-r- son, M1ll'llll I11111so11,R0- l11 'l'l11-lt-11. Row 2: Mlll'y' Ile-1':1gisl1, MZll'lIj'l1 'l'111'nl1l:1ri. .le-:111 I':ll11tllllSi, lit-vt-rly 'Ft-od, Susun 'l'ol1is1'h, Jum- Wtlhur, tlloriai l!lz1ir. Row 1: Iloupglns Hill, Ri1'l1z1rcl F:11'11hz1111, Bur- l72ll'll llzinson, Rohe-rt 1.1-slit-, 'l'ho1nz1s Bl'OVVt'1', Goh- l.u1-vk. Al1St'l1lI Arlys tlohlt-. Roy Ri1'l1z11'fls1111. MISS FINKELNBURG'S GROUP Row -11 Do1'otl1y Stzipl, ll1-my l,1-ntl, 'l'll110lilj Kilty, Mary R111-ttgm-1-, llzivirl 'l'l1UlI121S, lizxviti f:.i0l'Vilti, Rohm-1't Swan- son, IM11111-l Korn1-lyk, Rogt-1' l.1-1-, B1-vt-rly Svht-ll. Row Il: 1111111-rt GIIISIHIII, .Iz11111-s 1111111-1'l1ill, 1511-21- l1tlI'Sl111ll1, M:11111ingI.1-- Cluir, Sylvia Po11z1tl1, .lo A1111 S1'l1z11-t't'1-1', Alhe-rt Firth, Arllolci Ulrich, 'l't-rry Gin-1114-l'. Row 2: H1-vc-1'ly Swuylm-, Shirh-y Mz11'iz1nz1, Philip Bz1rkr-1', Norint- Wulkf-1', M El 1' I 1- 111- Mt'I1Z1Llgl1l1I1, Sully S111 i t l1, Ilurry Riirnholtlt, Duzint- N1-r- l1y, Can-ol Pz1ul1-y. Row 1: Rollo Glz1sl1z1n. 11111111 l ti C 11 t y. Carol M1ll'kg'l'2ll', Hugh Hur- 1-lny, liol11-rt Walks-r, PZIIIIOIZI P:1l1n1-r, Duvirl Zollt-1', Alint- Mz11'Don- illti, .lohn Bjt1l'k111ill1. Ahst-nt: Rohr-rt Built-y, Ruth R111-tlge-1'. MISS POZZINI'S GROUP Row -1: .loyt-0 l-Iri1'kso11, 111-lt-11 A11-orn, K1-11111-th S1-l1z11l, Wuynt- Norn1z1n, lizivici Slilllf, 11211-z1no1' 1,1-Baird, .Hlt'tlll0lyl1 Frye-, Allrt-rl Re-i1'l111w. Row Ii: Idle-z111111' 1111111-y, Lois .l0lll1Sl0l1l', B2ll'h21l'1l JOIIIISUII, A111111 Crotttm, lflrving Rot 1- I1 l1 1- 1' r y, Nzinvy llullquist, 1311111111 Glzisp.-gow, 131-tty Stock. Row LZ: Mary Hoy, .lt-z1n C1-dz11'l1lo11111, Divk Mur- phy, lA1l'l12l Mau- Kutz, B1-tty l.:1voi1-, Kz1tl11-1'im- R1-it-l1gitm-1', .I 1- 1' 11 rn 0 Smith, N1-11:1 Amu11clson. Row 1: Susan Butter- field, .la-rry R111-ttger, R21 l'l1ll1'21 Ut t oson, Chz1rl1-s Mz1riz1nz1, Rosel- l:1 BIOOIII, Bc-vt-rly Kress, Mi11'ltxl1Q' Knim-be-I. Abst-nt: Susan Gran- quist, 111-119 Loidzl, Rich- ard Moulton. Little Kabitzer has done his best to guide you over the trails taken by the students of S.H.S. during the past year. Sometimes the going has been rough, but the trail-blazers of the past did their job well and our scouts have led us through with ease. On the way the tribe has stopped at intervals for pow-wows, festivals, and various other activities. We will never forget some of the grand times we have had-around the blazing campfire, the mem- orable council meetings, and the get-togethers dur- ing the last moons. Most of the tribe have shown bravery and skill in their undertaking, and have come out with feathers ot merit in their headdresses. Others, ot course, have been lucky to get through with their scalps. As they move on, the Class of '46 pause for one last look at their old familiar hunting ground and Q7,,-"7U.iV,,..11-yhi' ' c X,li iN.MN MISS MISHO'S GROUP 4: Par Swanson. Miller, Kermit Harold Lynch, Lev, Otto n, Vvrnon Bed- ome, Mary Ann Do- Randall Pat,- ton lames Ritzc-r, 1 Knofelkzimp, h I r I 9 y Josophson, thy Levine, Gret- Kress, Benjamin e o r g 0, Mary Ann Glennon, Wier, .lane Schu- I ri n 0 Curtis, Nelson, Ann G1 a y d o n os Bixby. 1. Donald Smith, k Lyons, Tyre Kenneth Beer. Johnson, Mar- Bevkor, .lohn rWl'tS. to inscribe on one of the bigger trees along the trail a word of thanks to the Great Council, the Guiding Spirits, and the Big Chiefs. .A-as X NN xx N X 1 fi X it 4 2 It s 1 - Q i ll t'..:u..'m 'ft Kickum Q l 117 I ?5 Wampum Connolly Shoe Co. Maple Island Farm Andersen Corporation, Bayport Auditorium Co. and St. Croix Bus Co. Bluff City Lumber Co. Consolidated Lumber Co. Cosmopolitan State Bank Erickson-Twetten Garage Farmers Br Merchants State Bank Grand Cafe Hooley Meat Co. Holliners Inc. ' Louis Janda Co. Marlow's Chicken Shop Minnesota Cleaners 8: Dyers Anderson Shoe Store Carlson Bros. Service Station Gaalaas, Peder, Jeweler Inter-State Lumber Co. Kilty Fuel Co. Bayport Garage Beaudet, J. E., Monument Works Berg Drug Store, Bayport Berger Oil Berglund Grocery Bowen Cate Brookside Confectionery, Marine City Ice Co. Commander-Elevator Co. Depot Cafe Erickson Furniture Co. Goggin Candy Co. Hanson Meat Market Holt's Purity Beverage 8: Jones Funeral Home S ' 6 S25 Advertisements S16 Advertisements S10 Advertisements S6 Advertisements S5 Advertisements Ice Cream Co. 73 Gilbert Manufacturing Co. and Standard Salt and Cement Co First National Bank Minnesota Mercantile Co. Northern States Power Co. Oak Glenn Dairy St. Croix Garment Co. Shorty, the Cleaner Sanitary Dairy Simonet Furniture 81 Carpet Co. Snowhite Hamburger Shop Stillwater Hardware Stillwater Recreation Tobisch Florist White Pine Inn Linner Fuel Co. Olson Dept. Store Post Messenger Save-U-Money Store Kearney Food Market Linner Electric Co. Lowell Inn Peaslee Plumbing 8: Heating Co. Robertson Grocery Ryden 8: Holquist Grocery St. Croix Drug Co. Spreeman, E. W., Jeweler Stillwater Motor Co. Stillwater Taxi Thompson Hardware Co. Sundin, John Swisher, S. M. Washington Federal Savings and Loan Association Stillwater Book 8: Stationery Co. Ben Franklin Store Economy Printing Co. Fazendin's Store Gelhar's Store Hanson, H. W., Co. Jack's Food Market Lee's Economy Bakery Carlson Taxi Andy's Cafe Avery's Beauty Shop Bartlett Grocery Bayport Cate Bayport Garage Brekke Furniture Co. Brodeen, R. G., D.D.S. Brookman, M. J., Lake Elmo Bud's Standard Service Candy Shop Carlson Grocery, Bayport Collinge, W. C., D.D.S. Farr, W. W., Chiropractor Garey's Service Station Glaser Service Station Gramenz Store, Bayport Johnson Tobacco Co. Jones, E. O., Optometrist Koller. J. E., Fuel Co. Lake Elmo Garage and Implement Lake Elmo Hatchery lake Elmo Oil Co. I.vle's Grocerv, Bayport Lott Service Station S4 Advertisements 53.50 Advertisements S3 Advertisements 32.50 Advertisements S2 Advertisements 74 Schutman's Junior Dept. State Bank of Lake Elmo Stillwater Bakery Stillwater Implement Br Supply Co Weiss Grocery 8: Confectionery Zolldan Grocery Magnuson, H. N., D.D.S. McAlpine, Mrs. Grace McCarten, F. M., M.D. Meyer Mercantile Co., Lake Elmo Miller, George Monty's Confectionery Nelson, R. E., Agency Neumeier, Karl O'Brien, R. J., D.D.S. Rasmussen Business School Reed's Cut Rate Drug Schneider, P. O., Lake Elmo Siegfried, George, Lake Elmo Simonet, E. W. Sommers Grocery Standard Oil Co. Stenlund Grocery Stuhr, J. W., M.D. Taylor, Arthur, Osteopathic Physician Tavlor, L. W., D.D.S. Valley Inn, Bayport Witti's Bakerv Wright Tire Shop 'A Friend' B and B Garage, Bayport Beers, Geo. F., Lake Elmo Bronson and Folsom Grocery Coast to Coast Store Curtis, Tom, Fuel and Feed Darrington, T. M., D.D.S. De Luxe Beauty Shop Ed's Linoleum Store Font, Paul, D.D.S. Frank's Radio Shop Frosty Food Lockers Granquist, Reuben Haines, J. W., M.D. Harrigan, John E. Holmes, Phil Humphrey, W. R., M.D. Ideal Barber Shop Interstate Lumber Yard Johnson, Roy F. Johnson Store, Afton Josewski, F. R., M.D. Kalinoff, Fred, D.D.S. Lagerstedt, Dorothy S1 Advertisements 75 Lake Elmo Grocery Loretta and Myrile's Beauty Shop Luhman's Store Mable's House of Beauty Marine Garage Narum's Super Value Store Pauley-Torsch Barber Shop Prince Joy Agency Sanderson Grocery, Lakeland Schwalen, Ken Serier, Walter, Bayport Shannon Beauty Shop Sherman, C. H., M.D. Singer Sewing Shop Smitty's Barber Shop Schnell, Jim Springsteen Standard Service Sundin, Helen Thelen, Edward Triangle Art and Sign Studio Tobisch, Gretchen Van Meier, H., M.D. Wagner, Marilyn I Marine U T176 in 'vavih 'S , 5 5 in this Kabekonian were made by . . . GIQEENE of Si. Paul, Minnesota Makers of Wine pfzmZlZz4q pfafed 74141946 Kahekonian published m the plant of LLWAT A MODERN NEWSPAPER lqukgvaphs X ,X f , . .7 L7 6 ' f ' N L xx WMM 1 V, f X A Cx Y Q Q ' 4 TX' X ff ' ' - - X. 0 X 'A ,X Q. x .' 5 f, 7 X' " f X X VNU , 'P Xxx JN ww ,M XM LfkXc N Qu' I XSD k M ,A A I f :K I of pf A' M 0' . ' f4,4ff 4 ,av 4 X W wmv 1 f -4 X, . WX' 'gfCf4.f?,f' A y X , K , X X' . 1, jf X .XX.N X lf, . ,NJ . ,fJX,! rv S -- 'Mgff I , ivs Q ' AM W 'A ef f C f V .l 'ff A V ww My fi N51 FQ Q? X pw J 1 " Q X A XJ' N ww WJ JW, flyglflz' X hs fwfff M uO9mp Wwwcfwf Y' 1- - Xa ,.l','f',-f'f'Q"U'w1"ff5'lYF'LT""'!'?'Yf A 4 -v:.,zA t t J ,n .Q ,V yu t ' , - .,.n . L- . A - . - ,: ' - J: 6 'n . ' " in A ' PM f W wil? 4 , W'f W xv D . . . M 'DJWWW7 . ws 4 WVMC' M52 QW X V52 . M W5i,'If""'L My W? MWwfQWiW aff! ,gf f ifeifj WSW 1 Q Qs 2 hx I ' i. .. . Y ' 1 Q I ,-ff ' - Vkiyfl 2' E' kb ,jj Wg' ,sh l7"p,9'q '-fi f ixjrk " M! JM Wm! , , ,ff Wkfawx Wx Hfjpfixxi fa, A35 ff , M, .4gw, Q25 -1 'QI XXX , - A ' VJ7 , f ' 1 4 s X Lf? fzsdyy ww A X ,HQFJXS M9991 fjlzywfjyjy W SW P X, L 1 ,WN , x 1 f Aw X 1 If K 'Ig gg JU, Y My M f x ' ' W' PV J fi my W f M f qw MW W W my frwoQ4-JJCMQ AW fi Z Q , 42? J M it K I X I x jk. Q . ,fm f . " ' IX VA Q ,. -,. -5 1 f' if X' ' ,JY ' f 1 IV ' ' ,kk J gfglx , X A R xM A LQ, Qj M wil QQ 1 AVN , , X JAM , qw 'VW' Q55 . QAM W QM iiu , 6 43322 354 glgy i X .XX A QQ W W 11 ,V H X k X QWWWMWQ 1 jg! WZ WWW 5116 ,Nag 'wffd 5' ffuf' wwf c 0' 9?-2 Xi jx, KPXX X' fZ5g7,L.J,,, fit-'+A.,f 11,4 a af' rfff' af.,-of-1-,c jfui fx . CVV K ff -' ' f Q J, W J ,fp I f - If I f X - Z L,1f""'A-2 ,rf 1 ' W LJ h ' N A I ,IMI vfj - '.Vv 1 I i ff ,0 ' V ' , f A f FN it , . K 1 if-'P fi r"! ,Al ,,L"bA If 4, , I 5. ' -' N ' W .'7fC 4 7,1 ,222 , lv fx K ""f-Lf K y,- 1 V ff? , ,. fs Xfl fi ' 4, 13- A ,AX N, 'JJ .J -., ""' 1 X xx xx gf 4, RV- if gn., -' wx I I l .. ' 5-fy? b . -, b D ,H Hi QW' L-A V. rf' -

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