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This KABEKOINIIAN .Q eonsto b I g In Honor of the many boys who have graduated from our school and who are now serving on the many battlefronts of the world, this annual is published. In addition to serving as a record of the year, we have at- tempted to bring it to you with an eye on the current situ- ation. A national emergency like the present, tends .only to emphasize further the necessity of an educated people. . f : A J' V. 1943 KAB SHERMAN LAWSON KAY DARRINGTON BETH BISHOP Editor Business Manager AdViS9l' A H EKONIAN WENDELL WILSON Edited by the Seniors of LESLIE WESTIN Stillwater High School Photographers Stillwater, Minnesota Mr. Jansen, the Senior class wish in some small way to express to you our gratitude for the friendliness you have shown to us dur- ing our three years in high school. With your assistance, your cheerfulness, and your companionship the way has seemed much easier. As a means of appreciation, then, we dedicate to you the 1943 Kabekonian. Ni s Q' r K' y .. W gi! ,ki 3 wig lg xl .' in ' E52 4 -. ff. 'R 'i . as N --2, Q 3 Mr Milton Kuhlman Principal of Sen1or Hlgh School img Mr. Guy D. smith Superintendent of Schools Mr. Glaydon Robbins Principal .of Junior High School Chief Pilots OF Our School Mr. M. C. Hooley' Mr. H. C. Robertson 6 Q A3 Mr. J. A. Schadegg V V Mr. J. E. Slaughter Mrs. Lois Tolen Co-Pilots U in W if . w gg " I K, Vfxzzflf K' ' Q - - Y ' - X 1, MR. WILLIAM BA'S'l'lEN- Mll. PHILIP BELFI0llI--Dl- Director of Band nml Orches- rector of Boys Phynh-ul Edu- trn vntlon MR. MARCUS BRUHN-VVOrlll MISS BERNICE FADY-Slelh Hlstoryg IJ. S, History ogrnplly 1, 2 My GOWEIl-El1g- MRS. ET!-IEL llsh 123 Head of English De- pnrtment Art 1, 2, 33 Social Science g . -,. Q -- MISS ELAINE GllANQl'IS'l'- 8 Miss BETH BlSHOP-.Klge- In-:ng Journalism MR. DONALD CAFFERTY.. lmlustrlnl Training 3, 43 Re- luteal Occupations 'D Ei -' . I R-1 MISS IRENE HEDBERG- English 103 Latin 1, 25 Spanish 1, 2 3 , MISS MARTHA BLAFKMORE -Special Opportunity Room MISS ANN COS'l'El,I.0-Nlnth 73 Sociul Science 7 MR. ARTHIIK l-l0BLI'l'-ln- dustrlnl Trulnlng 1, 2, 3 LK' Miss ANN 1sAcsoN-E1-gush nnss RALP1-1,4 .mains-sucml ym. Glsomm .uxsn:s.-m- Miss EVEIIYN 10, 113 H. s. Dem. ol cms science 8. 9 ology glnsllsh 91 0-fnefl' A" 1- I 5 MISS LOUISE KIJNDE-J. II. MISS ODETTE LEHMAN- MISS JOSEPHINE LIES- MISS VIRGINIA .LINDI-IOLM Home Economics 3, 43 I-Iexul ..Dln-ctor of Girls' Physical S. Deun of Girlsg Math 7, 8 GMAAJ MISS ELIZABETH LYSNE- Bookkeepingg Economic Geog- Ss. ruphy MISS KATHERINE MADDEN MISS CECILIA, M RQ - 'llool Nurse ...General Science S, 9 Wslrlcl History Home Economics Depurtnlent Education A UAIIDT MISS VERONICA McSHANE- Geometry: Higher Algebrug Trigonometry MISS VERNA MELUM-Lb MRS. MARION MILLER-Van MISS I-IILDEGARD MISHO- MISS MARY NOLAN-English 'VI I Supervisor Junior Busincssg General 7, 8 brarian cnl 1 us c Math 95 Algebra 0 'VIR LEO RORNIAN-IT S. MR. I-IAROLD SANDl-IOFF- Gen MISS JOSEPI-IINE POZZINI- 1 . . - I-I d Soclnl Science Agriculture 1, 2, 3 MR. WVILLIAM 0LSON- - eral Math 05 English 9 Literature 7, S3 English 7 History: en Department MR. OSCAR STRAND-Cllenh istryg Physlcsg Aviation ? MR. VVENDELL WVILSON- Biologyg General Science 0 MISS CLARA VVAHLERS- English 10 MRS. FAYE 'l'I-IERIllEN- Public Spcukingg English 11 MISS VIOLET VVITT-Exploh utory Typlngg Office Training ,f 1 MISS DOROTHY HAG ' Secretary of Junior School Office EIN- I-Ilgh 5 Cuntodlnnss Ole Skrumstud, Fred Ohnstcul, Pierre Fnntlni v MISS MARGARET TOPRTEL- LOT-Lxltln l, 23 Spnnlsh 1, 2 MR. LESLIE WESTIN-Soclnl Science 12 NIR S. DI.-lI'R.EEX ,IOExKvEN,. Girls' Ph yslcnl Education MISS LOIS MAGNl'SON-Sec- retnry of Senior High School Office MISS DOROTHY RAST-Yocnl Music Supervisor '89 MISS MARION PEULEN- Secretary of Senior High School Office Bill Olson, Axel Lee, John Appeman, Chris Christenson S n Co . tg Class Activities' emor uncll Dil'2C "5"7 GE SMITH. vice il member? GEOR UGI-I secretary-treasurer? J A3213 Rprigizlxetnt. poN0 f bgr- JAIN ' ARGARET Mc 0-men mem , . M KALK, 0 President! LAWRENCE Class of '43 has purchased and, with an impressive ceremony, presented to the school a service flag with a star to represent each former student now in the service. Some class members have already joined the fighting forces of Uncle Sam, while others await the call upon graduation. An additional sum is to be left to provide stars for the latter. This class, the second one to graduate during World War ll, presented an excellent three-act Charlie Chan mystery, "The House Without a Key," with Dave LaVine in the title roll. "American Pass- port," a very timely play, was staged during the MISS ANN 1sACS0N. adviser junior year. George Whalen, Bob Estelle, and George Smith rep- resented the class the past two years in debate. Mary Ellen Peterson and Alton Barker-Arrow, Iris Kolbe-Tusitala, and Sherman Lawson--Kab, ably handled the school publications during the current season. Bob Lott, Joe Ramey, Jack Donahue, and Don Wil- mes head the list of boys active in sports. 1 We Have Received ,R - W - Q0 wQJ K I ' Cur Wings Baker, Eugene Barker, Alton x 1 ww -. . 'iff' gfff,,,,,-f' ,, Mew 2 A ' 1 M.-L+" if - g 6 Barnholdt, Fred Bischoff, Ruth Bloom, Dulcie Bodlovick, James v 1 Broecker, Audrey Broecker, Mary Jean Buck, Gene Burkleo, Richard Burns, Richard Carlson, Harry Cartony, Pat Casperson, Virginia 1 Seniors A Three-Act Mystery A Key" Dave l.aVine Hughes, James Huhnke, William Johnson, Delores Johnson, Leona Johnson, Shirley Kalk, Lawrence 1 X . :ly ' eiis Keller, John Kolbe, Iris Kolbe, Ruth Kollander, Orville Kunde, Eugene LaBarre, Roger Ladd, Melvyn Larson, Orrin get !7,4c""?"', 'fr P' .2:-.,,g- Present "The House Without Stars as Charlie Chan D LaVenture, Howard LaVine, John Lawson, Sherman Lenmark, Lorna is '-fe 5 3 is . x' 1... ff' 4'i"!Kir if J ' if X ,5 . , , 5 ' 5' ' JY ' V f A :A ff Myth, ' ' I ' if'-'W - 5. I -. -51 Lf- .Qu K f 119: - n w Lott, Robert Lutz, David Lutz, Gladys ftziiff is K 1 1 McKnight, Richard Madsen, Doris Magnuson, Jack LaVine, David Ybh Lescarbeau, Pat McDonough, Margaret Major, Robert May, David Michaelis, Herbert Miller, Joe Miller, Mae Miller, Tom Miller, Zita Moe, Harold Moelter, Pearl Moen, La,Vonne Nelson, Betty Nelson, LeRoy Nelson, Ruth K., . K X v Nichols, LaVone Nolan, Ann Noreen, Betty Olson, Earl Palm, Miriam Patrick, Walter W. Peterson, Ellen Petersen, Lois Raleigh, Clara Ramey, Joe Rosell, Conway Rude, Robert Pauley, Bill Peterson, Mary Ellen Richert, Helen one sese Rydeen, Marion fi , 2, Peterson, Carol ' " , , --gkfg-,gi Q I I- I ,,,. , M an ex Pratt, William fW'3 2 N Richert, Mavis Saarela, Wayne S 5 gi g,,l-gy 35,4 W "f zihifwifx ff' ., 51. . 4 171' Q4 Senior Class Assisted By P. T. A., Presents Service Flag to School Sanderson, Wesley Sanford, Dean Sawver, Walter Schadegg, Helen Scheel, Paula, Schell, Marcella a 1 X Schnell, Marguerite Scullen, Myron Severson, William Shelley, Patricia Sherrard, Jewell Skramstad, Robert Smith, George Smith, James Successful Class Party Climaxes an Eventful, Memorable Crazy Day f 5 Smith, Ruth Sommers, Sally Steineck, Marilyn Stevens, William Strand, Marilyn Sullivan, Jerry Sullivan, Lauretta Thompson, Delmon Thompson, Mary Jean Thueson, James S 45. s Q s M gi, s -f Utecht, Mary Jane Volkert, Helen Wall, Grayce Westphal, Alyce .. wk Whalen, George Wheeler, Joe VVhite, Richard Youngquist, Marjorie Wilmes, Donald "Safely, safely gathered in, Far from sorrow, far from sing God has saved from weary strife, In its dawn, this fresh young lifeg Now it waits for us above, Resting in the Saviour's loveg Jesus, grant that we may meet There, adoring, at Thy feet." Henrietta O. De Lisle Dobree Stussi, Nancy A HONOR ROLL ALTON BARKER 95.348 ' KAY DARRINGTON 91.275 SHERMAN LAWSON 94.045 MARGUERITE SCHNELL 90.750 HELEN SCHADEGG 93.175 MARILYN STRAND 93.025 DORIS MADSEN 93.022 GEORGE SMITH 92.262 ZITA MILLER 92.235 PAT SHELLEY 91.700 IRIS KOLBE 91.455 20 AUDREY BROECKER 90.725 RICHARD WHITE 90.625 BARBARA CLEMENTS 90.600 PAULA SCHEEL 90.591 JAMES THUESON 90.548 MIRIAM PALM 90.261 ANN NOLAN 90.000 1 W p Active Juniors Finish h Basic Trainingf Prove Capable of Promotion players were Bill 0'Brien, Bill Bachelder, Bob Roy, and Don Beutel. Managers of this year's football squad were Dan MacDonald and Franklin Steinmetz. Jerry Groth, Don Anderson, and Bill Bachelder have chalked up some impressive basketball scores. MISS IRENE HEDBERG, adviser OW 5: Teddy Rxuluenz, Lloyd Johnson, Donald Peterson, Donald Krause, Albert Ranum, Dale Swenson, Bradley Otto, Paul tohlberg, Bruce Johnson. Q ROWV 4: Norma Ponatla, Margaret Patrick, Virginia Lueken, Wilma White, Bonnie Hnyner, Glorln 'chaefex-. Phyllis Peterson, Jean Connors, Kathleen Mongoven, Jenn Fenske. Q ROW 3: Domm Roettger, Delores Mclinllllh- in, Helen Mardnus, Pat Schneider, Helen Mne Ackerson, Lois V. Richert, Ruth Mlcllnells, Efeanor Schroeder. Q ROKV 2: Donald ondor, Jim Meister. Marjorie Smith, Mary Modena 0'Brien, Beverly Waldesko, Joyce Nelson, Emmy Lu Mar-Donald, John ollville, Al Ehm-rf. Robert R0y- Q ROW lx Ln Verne Prlbnow, Robert Walalt. Myrtle Nelson, Delores Johnson, Phyllis aymo, Eileen Yerka, John Grove. 21 4 In sports the junior boys have certainly 3 shown their skill. Some of our best football BMV gpg 42 Junior class party was held in the fall, and proved to be a grand success with a large majority of the students present. Then the ever enthusiastic juniors sponsored an all- school party which really went off with a bang. MARGARET DARRINGTON, president Junior Class Sponsors "Hard Times" Party. Lively Evening Hacl By All ROVV 5: Dwaine Dllts, Dlk Brown, Jack Anderson, Charles Humphrey, Donald Swanson, Bill 0'Brien, Donald Anderson, Stephen Danielson, Donald Beutel. Donald Braun. Q ROW 4: Barbara Swenson, Lorraine Spelch, Myrtle Alcorn, Phyllis Bah- neman. Jule Foley. .lane Conrad, Laurel Erickson, Muriel Wvhltney, Phyllis Fischer, Joan Garbe. Barbara Levine. Q ROW 3: Kenneth selm, Eugene Anderson, Robert Ziertman, ldell Hlnz, Doreen Swanson, Sally Chldenter, Jeanette Broelnnan, John Linqnist. David Blair, Herbert Strand, John Billy. Q ROW' 2: Marie Zarske, Lillian Anderson, Helen Grobner. Gloria Fors- hlooln, Beryl Anderson, Margaret Darrlngton, Caryl Cohn, Margaret Lohman, Carol Hart. Rose Mary Bell, Elaine Dalluhn, Lorrayne Bevens. Q ROXV 1: Xvayne Kuhn, Mary Bloom, Burton Randall, Dan MaeDonald,,Marilyn Harsh, Gene Lowell, Tom Curtis, Elizabeth Johnson, Mary Lou Porter. ,ref 'T' I 11, - 6' 7?"ffWf2'1PAEf"", , ' f if 13.531 ,lf Delores McLaughlin portrayed one of the K Q , leads in Shakespeare's Dream, and together J eeeee f - f - Q with Babe Darrington, Donna Roettger, Dik Brown, and Don Swanson helped to make "Rosemary for Remembrance" a huge SIICCQSS. ,Q PU' DAN MACDONALD, council ,Jil memberg PAT SCHNEIDER, secretaryg DONNA ROETT- GER, vice-president: JANE 3 CONRAD, council member: Ay to MARY LOU PORTER, trea- surer. Prom is Subject Cf Discussion At The Junior Class Council Meetings ROW 4: Ellsworth Thorene, Frank Anderson, Edward Gerner, 'I'om Slnnonet, Leslie Jensen, Donald McCol-nmck, Bill Bach- elder, Alvin Krueger, Rlchnrd Kllty, Romer Melsner, Richard Swnnson. Q RON' 3: Dorothy Lefebvre. Glo:-In York, Jenn Francis, Janie Xveckwerth, Mary June Illn, Arlene Beutel, Dorothy WVngner, Fldelln Nveckwerth, Frances Johnson, Lois M. Rlchert, Ruth Vollmer, Phyllis Reider, Lowellu Thomsen. Q ROW 21 Mnrvel Beehe. Viviun Bixby, Mary Rose Jesse, Mary Lou Conroy, Ruth Barnholdt, Betty Schrnnk, Jeanette Foley, Dorothy Weiss, Josephine Leslie, Phyllis Johnson, Corinne Hoops, Marjorie Kramer. Q ROW 1: Joe Mcfillnch, .luck l-Iennenlsey, Eugene Mcl'hetres, Bob Hecht, Buster Thompson. ' 23 Sophomore Class Party Was Held January 29 Sophomores held their annual class party on January 29. A large percentage of the class attendedg some danced and jived to the Dixie Land Five, while others played cards and checkers. MR. MARCUS BRUHN, adviser Shakespeare's Dream showed that the soph- omores had dramatic talent. Phyllis Carter and Carol Evert were in the cast, and a number of others were in the song and dance choruses. ROW 5: Dwight Ecklund, Davld Otto. Jerry Drown, David Johnson, Dick Redpath, Harold Iilrick, Roger Becker, Kurt Rlebc, Arvld Noreen, Clyde Gedatus, Charles Chiconis, Robert Dean. Q ROW 4: Shirley Carlson, Eva Lamerc, Joyce Hmlrath, Helen Ann Johnson, Paddy Curley, Jane Henley, Phyllis Kutz, Elaine Anderson, Joan Kilty, Pat Bergen, Joan Vnnsteenkiste. Ell- nor Alexander, Helen Johnson. Q ROW 3: Linnea Johnson, Joyce Burrows, Verna Huff, Elaine Larson, Helen Cnsperson, Dolores Nadon, Alice Thomsen, Marilyn Steele. Dorothy Bloom, Pat Gust, Carol Evert. Q ROW 2: John Ertle, Frank Stein- lnetz, Frank Schaffer, Allan Reichow, Dick Prescott, Frederic Irvin, John I-Iaefner, Roland Swanson, James Bell, Bob Schell, Bill Forsbloom, Jack Cosgrove. Q ROW 1: Warren Johnson, Norman Dornfeld, Bill Schafer, Maurice Shatto, Marlon Teak Pat Peulen, Shirley Clesmun, Joyce Olson, Marian Paul. Cadets Learn Fast. Hope To Get Diplomas in '45 M51 Great progress was also made by the soph- K3 omores in athletic achievements. Jim Dahl and Babe Bell made "A" berths on the foot- ball team, and many more showed remark- able promise for next year. If the "B" bas- ketball team with such players as Jim Don- ahue and John Haefner is a fair sample of sophomore -ability, next season will be an- other outstanding year for our Stillwater cagers. e-N.,-. JOHN ERTLE, vioe-president: LOLA GAREY, treasurerg BARBARANNE CHARLSEN, secretary: JERRY BROWN, president. ROW 5: Howard Albertson, Paul Bischoff, Sam Barclay, David Chlal, Joseph Nolde, Dave Hurley, Blll Johnson, Bill Ramey, Eugene Prlllnow, Roger Kuehn, l'hlllp Kollle, Glenn Mues, Richard Herbert. Q ROW 4: Erma Dahlllerg, Donna Jacobson, Lorrnlne Olson, Ralph Jacobson, Kermit Brown. Albert Duhlke, Ivan Roettger, Robert Anderson, David Lohlnann, Marshall Wangerin, Viola Nelson, Marlon Lofgren, Carolyn Tungseth. Q ROW 3: Pat Hooley, Vlllss Granberg, Annie Bartlett, Elleeu Brochman, Marilyn Peterson, Ruth Slaughter, Kathleen Seeger, Katherine Munkelwltz, Leona Monty, Barbarnnne Charl- uen, Sarunne McGrath, Jeanne Gagnon. Q ROWV 2: Mary Dnhlherg, Marcellene Thonnpson, Joan Bennett, Dora Frahner, Mar- lan Carlson, Margaret Hallqulst, Julln Ann Anderson, Joan Saareln, Verlle Splut, Mary Seifert, Adelltzie Anderson. Q ROW 1: David Sullivan, Dale Jacobson, Tom Selm, Lloyd Goble, Bertwln Schaefer, Stephen Powell, Jerry Ll nerootln, Richard Junk- er, Jerry Ilylander, Jack Dunn. Sophomore Party ls Huge Success Dance and Jive With the Dixie Land Five ROWV 5: Rim-hnrd.Wlllunes, Jnck Bishop, Merrill Lassen, Albert Benudet, I-Inrlan Bernstein. Bill M1-Nulty, Norman Johnson. Dnle Register, Colvin Brooknmn, Bill Hurt. Q ROW 4: Lois Lohman, Phyllis Carter, Carol Jenn Nelson, I-I4-len Lindberg, Audrey Lneck, Margie Thompson, Marian Schneider, Pat Miller, Elinor Sanderson, Mnrguerite Firth, Betty Hudson. Q ROXV 3: Jenn Ann Olstnd, Dolores Meinke, Mary Mlllurch, Betty Radnenz, Florence Lohmer, Elaine Knefelkamp, Phyllis Tihbetts, Moury Connors, Dorothy Anderson. Q ROW' 2: Phyllis Groth, Palmu Scullen, Shirley Rivarnl, Rosemary Meyer, Donna Russell, Carol Cook, Bonnie Root, Betty Schwartz, Dorothy White, Phyllis Gnrnlner. Q ROSV 1: Luvuun lvurner, Mary Burris, Leon Hnrvlenx, Lola Gorey, Elva Kollunaler, William Tuenge, Mnry Zeull. Ki 'G 4. Mlgiiff HI GH-SCHO OL VICTO ,-w mW JACK HOOLEY school President COl'I'lmISSlOl'l2d OHICCFS BOB MAJOR Vice-President , IRIS KOLBE Secretary W ...NN uni - -- X ROW 3: Sherman Lawson, Bill llachelder, George Smith, Saranne McGrath, Patricia Bergen, Davld Hurley, Hurry C l Q ROW' 2: Clara Raleigh, Beryl Anderson, Helen Schadegg, Donna Roettger, Lola Garep, Colleen Rowland, Joan S l David John on, Donald Peterson. Bill 0'Bl-len. Q ROW 1: Bob Major, Iris Kolbe. Mary Ellen Peterson, Mary Zeull G Grove, Jack Hooley, Alton Barker. Student Council introduces Victory Corps Program to S. H S Stillwater High School is well known for the representative system of student gov- ernment it employs. One representative to the Student Colmcil is elected by each home room. The delegate expresses the opinions of his group at Council, and then reports back to his home room the action taken. The meetings are held twice a month, and at those times all important problems of the school are discussed. In the fall of our school year, the Council heartily approved of the Victory Corps, and it was immediately put into effect. Since its inauguration the Victory Corps has proven to be a huge success, and it is something of which every student should be proud. ooo-- ooo-f ooo- Welfare Reception Scenery Standing Committees Find Work WELFARE: Helen Schadeggl chairmang David Johnsong Mary Zeuli. RECEPTION: Conway Rosellg Mary Ellen Peterson, chairmang David Hurley. SCENERY: Delmon Thompson, chairmang Franklin Steinmetzg Bill Bachelder. ASSEMBLY: Jane Con- radg Clara Raleighg Sherman Lawson, chairmang Donald Anderson. LOST AND FOUND: Carol Hartg Jane Chidesterg Ann Nolang absent Kay Cover, chairman. FLAG: Albert Dahlkeg Harry Carlson, chairmang Tom Simonet. Assembly Lost and Found Flag OO--- OOO--"' Hall and Building I More Difficult During War Time HALL AND BUILDING: Jack Hooley, chairmang Donna Roettgerg Gene Groveg Rob Majorg Donald Petersong absent Colleen Rowland. FINANCE: Bill O'Brieng Alton Barker, chairmang Beryl Andersong Marcella Schell. YELL: Joyce Gehrmang Kenny Seimg James Thueson, chairman. NOON HOUR: Lola Gareyg Barbara Clementsg Pat Shelleyg George Smith, chairmang Robert Waldtg absent Tom Millerg John LaVine. Noon Hour Ago.-M ROW 3: Sherman Lawson, Harry Carlson, John Lavlle, John Keller. Q ROW 2: Herbert Michaells, Connie Rosell, Wayne Saarelu, Dick McKnight, David LaVine. Jack Hooley, James Thueson. Q ROW 1: Alt Barker, George Smith, Fritz Barnholclt, Kermit Dornfeld, Lawrence Kalk, Gene Grove, Joe Rnmey. Oli Senior Hi-Y Sponsors Annual Toy Show Junior Hi-Y Entertains at Bean Feed ROXV 3: Burton Ranllnll, Donald Swanson, Kenny Selm, Robert Roy, Lloyd Johnson, Norman Shattuck, John Douvlllu, Bruce Johnson. Q ROW 2: Donald Beutel, Dale Swensen, Albert Rannm, Robert Waldt, Charles Humphrey, Donald Peterson, Norvin Kollander. Q ROW 1: Leslie Jensen, Bill Bachelder, Dan Mac- Donald, Donald McCormack. - r - ?".."w, a fl ROW 2: Glenn Mules, Howard Albcrtson, Richard Redpath. David Johnson, Bertwin Schaefer, Dale Register, Davhl Otto, Charles Chiconis. Q CENTER: Roger Becker. Q ROW 1: Dick Prescott, FHIIIKUII Sfehllfleflo XVilllaln Forsblom, David Lohnulnn, Jack Cosgrove, Richard Junker. Sophomore Hi-Y Assumes Class Leadership a Faculty Selects Academy of Science ROW 3: Dwalne Dllts, Tom Slmonct, Bill Hanley, Dick Prcscott. Franklin Sf0llllll0fZ. Q ROVV 2: Joan Kilty, Mnrlnn Carlson, Joan VanSteenkistc. Margaret Darrhnrton. Elaine Larson, Dan MacDonald. Dick Kllty. Q ROWV 1: Kathlccn Mongoven, Mary Lou Porter, Sllcrluan Lawson, Rhoda Harvey, Alton Barker, James Thueson. HJ' HOW 3: Mary Lou Porter, Mary Ellen Peterson. Mun-ine Rel- lnnd, LaVnun Warner, Pearl Moelter, Marilyn Steel, Burhnru Clements. Q RONV 2: Marion Sjoholm, Barbara Levine, Marjorie Smith, Alice Weutphnl. Elaine Knefelkxnnp, Betty Rnlluenz, Lorna Lenmnrk. Ruth Smith, Pnuln Selueel. Q RONV 1: Elinor Sanderson. Mirlxlm Palm, Helen Schndezg- Pntriciu Shelley, Florence Lolnner, Jenn Ann Olstnd, Eileen Brochmnn, Marion Schneider, Girl Reserves Hold C? JEAN ANN OLSTAD secretary treasurer BAR I - ' - Lenten SCYVICCS BARA CLEMENTS, president, EILEEN YERKA "F- viee-presidentg MISS ANN ISACSON, adviser. Debaters Discuss Postwar Problems George Smith and Bob Estelle debated for Stillwater in the Re- gional tournament held at Macal- ester. Upholding the affirma- tive, they defeated St. Paul Mar- shall, and arguing the negative lost to Red Wing and South St. Paul. ROW 2: George Whalen, Bob Es- telle, Dwaine Dilts, George Smith. ROW 1: Mr. Bruhn, coach, Sally Chldester, Howard Albertson. W xg G" Row 2: Connie Rosell, Zitn Miller, Alton Barker, Marilyn Strrmd. Q ROW 1: Rhoda Harvey, Balm Clerrnents, Clans Raleigh, WI1ll'Kll9l'lf0 Sfllllellr B05 Esielle- Q ABSENT: George Smith, Mary Ellen Peterson, Paula Scheel. Nucleus Of Honor Society Chosen For Service, Scholarship, Leaciership, and Character Booicstore Committee Works Overtime wi... Y iw? 3 K '71 an Ya 1' iii I 2' Ef' 7 ROW 2: Marguerite Schnell. L Betty Noreen, M a rj o ri e L Yonngquist. Q ROW 1: La- I Vonne Moen, Iris Kolhe, Jane Chldester. J ROW 3: Beverly Vlilldesko, Marion Sjoholm, Kenny Selm, Maurice Shatto, Mur- shnll Wangerin. Jack Cosgrove. Dick Burns, Robert Xvulrlt, Orrin Larson, Bill Ilnchelder. Q ROVV 2: Marilyn Harsh, Elinor Alexander, Phyllis Tiblletts, Kay Darrlngton, Barbara Clements, Joyce Lueken, Carol Hart, Annie Bartlett, Pnt Bergen. Q ROXV 1: Marian Paul, Marilyn Steineck, Harriet Hall, Pat Shelley, Gloria Forsblom, Marilyn Steele, Adeline Anderson, Mary Seifert, Bonnie I-Inyner, Jean Connors. Choir Provides Music Under the competent supervision of Mrs. Marion Miller, the choir was outstanding in the presentation of our Christmas program, "Eagerheart". During the second semester the choir was under the expert guidance of Miss Dorothy Rast, and sang at the annual Spring Concert. Band and Orchestra Taice Prominent ROW 4: Mr Bastien Joe McGlinch Gerald Fnrseth, Malcolm Brown, James Sehnell, Patrick Bastien, ,Lloyd Goble, Jean Sul- more Donnn Harsh Franklin Steinmetz. Q ROW 3: Marilyn Strand, Irene Gustafson, Dolores Nndon, Tom Selm, William Forsblom Dick Schnmll Audrey Broecker, Robert Groth, John Keller. Q Row 2: Florence Mnrrlnus, Wynetta Morgan, Lois Lohmnnn Rhoda Harvey Delores Johnson, Ruth Slaughter, Dick Kilty, Jack Anderson, Blll Schafer, James Krlesel. Q ROW 1 Craee Grimsley Shirley Johnson Linnea Johnson, Kny Mongoven, Maureen 0'Brien, Sally Sommers, Mary Thomp- son Helen Ackerson Michael Hurley Leslie Emmanuelson. .'r, , . ,,. s'. K . r, , ,. .il ,pyf ' 'U ,url L lgvli Ji .gift 1 S fs fb ,sf Sr -fin f , :F Y ,R- K X , ,V a ,f X Q,- ., A - f ,M 'I X .K f' 1 f U V ff KABEKUNIAN "How are those subscriptions coming, Connie? Babs, did you deposit that money yet? Did you sell any more A adds today, Kay? And, remember, that paper must be collected this Saturday! Burkleo, can you give us another print of this picture? Are the layouts drawn for the basketball pages yet, Helen?" Questions! Questions! Must all editors be so inquisitive? How- ever the circumstances, though, the Kab Staff has managed, with perfec- tion as its goal, to break through the rubber cement, and present MR- WENDELL WIL50N to you the results of their ef- mb Photographer forts for the past year. SHERMAN LAWSON, editor, KATHRYN DARRINGTON, busi- ness manager, HELEN SCHAD- EGG, layout editor. , I JY ROW 2: Doris Madsen, Ann Nolan, Put Shelley, Clara Raleigh, Sally Sommers, Paula Scheel, Gale Chatterton, David LaVine, John Huestls, Barbara Clements, Jane Diel. ROXV 1: Q Mary Jenn Thompson, Rhoda Harvey, Orrin Larson, Marjorie Young'- qulst, RI:-haral Burkleo, Miriam Palm, Pearl Moelter, Jane Chidester. 38 ,.. U24 pt. bold" is the familiar cry of the weary editors as they ponder over the dummy of each Arrow. In one A l A corner of the "office" the typewriter rings out the echoes of a "scoop" handed in two days late, while more industri- ous journalists gather around the copy, mimching three- for-a-dime candy bars. In spite of all the commotion and paper-flying, the much awaited Arrow is once again put in the hands of the students. Hats off to the co-editors and 35 cub reporters for the splendid school paper MISS BETH BISHOP published this year! .R Adviser of Publications ALTON BARKER and MARY ELLEN PETERSON Co-Editors of Arrow ROWV 3: Dlk Brown, Tom Curtis. Pnt Shelley, Barbara Clements, Elizabeth Johnson. Joan Kllty, Marjorie Smith, David LnVlne, Jnlnes Bolllovlek. Q ROXV 2: George Smith. Beryl Anderson. Jane Dlel, Margaret Dnrrlnztnn, Ann Nolnn. Donna Roettger, Zltn Miller, Betty Noreen. Mary June Collins. Erma Dnlnlberlr, Mm-iorlo Youngqulst, Bnrlruru Swenson, Mary Lou Conroy. Q ROW 1: Pearl Moeltcr, Kay Durrlngton, Helen Sch mlegg, Sully Chidester, Fred Bnrnlnoldt, Colleen Rowland, Jane Chlels-alter, Miriam Palm, Iris Kolbe. 39 t n Q - IRIS KOLBE, editor . .1 Tusitala Has Theme . ll Onward to Victory ROW 2: Richard Swanson, Richard Brown. George Smith. Dwaine Dilts, Richard Bnrkleo. Q ROXV 1: Donna Roettgeh Wilma White, Caryl Cohn, Paula Sclleel, Joan Kllty. ulll and Scroll Members Are Loyal Journalists ROW 4: Dlk Brown, Iris Kolhe. Q ROW 31 Kay Dllrrington, Helen Scluulegg, Barbara Clements, Miriam Palm. Q ROR' 2: Fred Barnlloldt, Sally Clniul- ester, Mary Ellen Peterson. Q ROW 1: Sherman Lawson, Alton Barker. Absent: Pearl Moelter, Eliza- 40 beth Johnson. fy 0 ROW 2: Eugene Grove, Rhoda Harvey. Clnrn Raleigh, Kermit Dol-nfeld, Sully Summers, George Smith. QROW 1: Dulcie Bloom. Zita Miller, David Lavlne, Sherman I-nwlon, Iris Kolhe, Ann Nolan, Margaret Mc. Donough, Connie Bosell. Hawaii is Setting for Thrilling Murcier Mystery Given by Seniors "The House Without a Key" David LaVine playing the part of Charlie Chan proved not only to be a good detective, but also a notable actor. Other characters were: Minerva Winterslip, Iris Kolbe, Kam- aikui, Sally Sommers, Madame Maynard, Zita Miller, Dick Kaohla, George Smith, Barbara Winterslip, Dulcie Bloom, John Quincey Winterslip, Connie Rosell, Harry Jennison, Gene Grove, Jim Egan, Sherman Lawson, Carlotta Egan, Margaret McDon- ough, Arlene Compton, Ann Nolan, Mrs. Brade, Rhoda Harvey, Mrs. Ransom, Clara Raleigh, Mr. Saladine, Kermit Dornfeld. "Rosemary for Remembrance" V The cast included: Captain Jack Roseland, Bob Major, Malvina, Phyllis Carter, Beatrice King, Delores McLaughlin, Louise, Carol Evert, Rose Marie-"Rosemary", Barbara Clements, Tom, Donald Swanson, Phil, Rich- ard Brown, Corny, Connie Rosell, Betty Brown, Margaret Darrington, Colonel Johns, James Thueson, Major Appleby, John La- Vine, Ruth, Donna Roettger. "American Passport" Those taking part were: Ed Hamilton, George Smith, Louella, Mavis Richert, Judy, Iris Kolbe, Dick, Eugene Baker, Sybil Jen- nings, Ann Nolan, Bertha Hamilton, Sally Sommers, Bill Wilson, Bob Major, Aunt Jen, Marjorie Youngquist, Mrs. Schwartz, Zita Miller, Mr. Craig, Joe Miller. 41 -9 'sis' law 4 33' fp? 1 Sf' W 3 A ROSCITTBTY FOI' RZITICITIBFBDCC Presented As Twenty-Second Annual SI'I8lCCSp2aI'2,S DTZBITI I fi? UQ-Y 'Ihe patriotic finale is representative of '5Rose- mary for Remembrance". Song and dance chor- uses contribute to success. i gf ROW 3: James Tlnxe- son. John Lavine, Dlk Brovvn. Q ROW 2: Donald Swanson. Margaret Dnrrlngton, Donna Roettger, De- lores McLaughlin, Carol Evert, Connie Rosell. Q ROW 1: Bob Major, Barbara Clements, Phyllis Carter. Climax of the play comes when Captain Roseland shows Rose Marie his uncle's watch. A -.:.,.,......,..........,..-.-.,......,V Paciced Audience Enjoys .iunior Tiwree Act-Piay "American Passport" Neighbors receive a lecture on Americanism. Ed. Hamilton explains to his family how real Americans should live. ROW 2: Georrre Smith. Enarene Bruker, Sally Sommers. Zltu Miller, Joe Miller. Q ROW' 1: Ann Nolan, Mavis Richert, Marjorie Youngquist, Iris Kolbe, Bob Major. Ht I' I 533 l"1l wk X E X? 6 School pianist, Kay Dar? c rlngton . . . Queen garet and King Bob at Homecoming coronatlon . Hey, don't swallow that fork . . Homecoming committee: Back row: Kenny Seim and Ann Nolan. Second rowg Bob Major, Wilma White, Carol Hart. Seated: Jer- ry Brown . . . Daisy Mae and Lil Abner were Marcella. Schell and Connie Rosell . . . Second prize Homecoming window, Zolldan's Grocery . . . First prize winner in the Homecoming contest, Sim- onet's Furniture Store. HUDS -,SoHo so QUQUNQ Qgo, 1 H 'lb A mile m gyamg H gcgm Youtliful Chemists Practice Distillation O Tarzan Enjoys a .lolce in Soc Class O O W Model Planes Aid in Study of Aviation Find Anything Good to Eur Girls Q Don't Cut Your Fingers, Diok Q 0 Pupils Roolizo Import onoo of 5 Geometry 8e Slide Rule SEA SERVICE: Bruce Johnson, lieutenant commander, Margaret Darrington, lieutenant, John La- Vine, commander. COMMUNITY SERVICE: Ann No- lan, president: Paula Scheel, sec- retaryg Donna Roettger, vice-pres- identg Desta O'Brien, treasurer. 48 SHS ug-S In . . . any Gperafion N , Y Corps Vice! ew V yctot Our high school Victory Corps is composed of five separate divisions, each lmder the su- pervision of a faculty member. The Sea Service is directed by Mr. Westin, Mr. Strand heads the Air Service, guiding the Community Service is Miss McShaneg the Production Di- vision is under Mr. Caffertyg Mr. Rorman directs the Land Division. PRODUCTION DIVISION: Bob Major, president, Joe Miller, secre- tary: absent, Melvyn Ladd, trea- surer. q 1,"v"' -J .4 AIR SERVICE: Connie Rfosell, vice-presidentg Tom Miller, secre- tary-treasurer, James Thueson, president. LAND DIVISION: Carol Peter- son, lieutenant generalg Babs Clem- ents, major general: Joe McGlinch brigadier general, Joyce Nelson general. Class Poll Students on this page and on the following two pages have re- ceived the highest total of votes in a poll conducted among the senior class members. Q5 Winner D. A. R. award. Voted as most dependable, nicest smile, best all-around, best dress- ed, friendliest, most active, most popular, best figure, and best personality. Homecoming King. i t Voted as best dancer, nicest smile, nicest hair, most ath- M letic, prettiest legs. Voted as best personality, best all-around, friendiest. Homecoming Queen. Voted as best looking girl 49 dw Best Worker Prettiest Legs-Best Dancer Best Dressed I-'rettiest I-lair 50 or-Q,Q'VVJ V Q Best Physique Most Artistic Most Artistic KS 4:f AYT1 1 ,rw "' m m' ,, BID: ii, 45,,,S 5 Lklfk ALTON BARKER,va1edict0rian SHERMAN LAWSON, Salutatorian Boys Lead the 1943 Honor Roll ROW 2: Jann-N Tllueson, George Smith, Doris Madsen, Iris Kolhe. Put Shelley. Q ll,0W lx Klly Dnrrlngton, Mlrlxnn Pnlm. Bnrlmru Clements. Ann Nolnn. Zltu Miller, Marguerite Sehnell, Puuln Sclu-el. Q ABSENT: Helen SPIIIIIICKK, Alldrey Broeck- er, Marilyn Strund. llichnnl VVhlie. 52 l YQ Q, :P aiu ' O V ff1g.,,gs,ix1,w A 'fi ANDERSON "g' Z V' A LA w e L A Ez., V,.,:, , 1. A BILL 2 fx 1- VEMT R LEO ROEMAN , A'h' Assistant Coach g 'ss. V,, , lzz f Wilmes stopped by White Bear after a nice gain. DON BELL A BEUTEL A Ox s,g fn K , if k-V'LhhV:VLg , V L ,'.,,.. . v ,: CARLSON -.'O' AHL Q C "-A L A ' N ,,AO'AA A,,4 in :Q L A A rs, 3' smcEs 'O A A STRING O'Brien goes ,through DONAHUE O , A.., OO,1, 1 GROTI-I the 467 holen. ' .,,, ' JACK A DALE K ', W Eilf A,..,- V7 K A " - NE , . OOEO 'EA E M SON EAAE , JOHN LaVIN E BOB LOTT 1 7 .Q-N f-- -lm .,.,-W-v,,,f:, 7, , K f JACK O -as -2 MAGNUSON I I I M iz . R R .' - R R Q DON MQOORMAOK ' if QM! 'Q MQ irq FRANK STEINMETZ f D O -V PHIL BELFIORI DANNY MMDONALD ' O E3M1Qg ,iS Z 1 Zr, 3,fQE,f1 Football Coach Student Managers ' ooX ,l l R ' ' " : ff 57' JOE oio . .TOM MILLER oooo , bl P MILLER , Il M 1 ' f-"Q BILL JOE OBRIEN ' V Q RAMEY L R l kfay 2- ti? '1f"-" f .. BOB O 3, R ,:E, WALTER ROY REEEL RELE , M l SAWYER Carlson rushes the passer. I I' E sm? MIKE V gmwi. TOM SCULLEN O 4- SIMONET L ' ' 1 O I I I .,-' 'Q - zrl t I X DEL new THOMPSON ,Q-W N: ..-L 4- Q O' KAK - .il ' New my 2 l I l f DON WILMES Ponies Meet Hard Season 1942 Review STILLWATER 0-ROBBINSDALE 20-The date scheduled for the first game of the season was heralded by very bad weather, and had to be postponed until the coming Saturday. The Ponies suf- fered a bad defeat at the hands of Robbinsdale, a team which av- eraged 25 poimds heavier than ours. o STILLWATER 0-HASTINGS 0-First half was a series of fumbles with Hastings making only one serious threat. Lott made an out- standing punt of over 75 yards. 0'Brien to Groth on a long pass brought us down to the four yard line. Hastings held for the four downs. LESLIE WESTIN Assistant Coach ROVY 2: Bill McNulty, Albert Rnnum. John Kress, Duvlll Johnson, Leslie Jensen, John Hnefner, Charles Humphrey. G ell. Norman Slmttllvk, Dllvld LnVlne. Q ROW' 1: Norvln Kollunder. Dlc-k Kilty, Joe 0'Brlen, Dick Mclillight. llnve Hurl 3 Di k K4-nrney, Burton Rxmdull, hun Roettger, Sum Bnrcluy, Dick Iledpxlth. STILLWATER 0-RED WING 0-It was an up and coming Stillwater eleven that battled a fa- vored Red Wing squad to a deadlock. The whole Pony line stood out with Magnuson and Bell playing their best ball-so far in the season. STILLWATER 7-WHITE BEAR 20-White Bear, led by Hickman and Podvin, displayed a formidable team. Lott, assisted by a timely block from Bell, made the one tally. STILLWATER 6-HUDSON 6-"Round up the Raiders" was the Homecoming cry, and this we almost did, but for a blocked conversion after our one score. STILLWATER 6-NORTH ST. PAUL 6-North St. Paul held Stillwater to the fourth tie of the season. O'Brien, played outstanding ball 56 l.... , ,,,, W , throughout the game. Bachelder to Groth, Groth to Ramey, and Ramey to 0'Brien ac- counted for our only touchdown. STILLWATER 18-COLUMBIA HEIGHTS '7- The Heighters couldn't stop the galloping Ponies in their quest for victory. 0'Brien went over all three times. He was backed by a hard fighting squad. Hooley, Anderson, and Bach- elder played fine ball in the back field. STILLWATER 7-SOUTH ST. PAUL 45-Still- water, with eyes still on the championship of the Suburban League, was swamped by the heavier Packers. Bernie to Basch was one of the important reasons for this bad beating. An- derson, 0'Brien, and LaVine played outstand- ing ball. Cagers Tie For Suburban League Crown The 1942-43 edition of Stillwater's basketball team was one of the most successful clubs turned out in Croix basketball history. Co- Champs of the Suburban Leagueg winners of 19 straight ball games during regular season play, six at the end of last year and 13 straight this year before going down to defeat. They finished the regular playing season with a record of 16 victories and one lone defeat, and counting tournament play, 19 wins and two losses. With a nucleus of five lettermen, two of them holdovers from last year's starting five, Coach Don Cafferty molded his championship outfit. Jack Donahue, Bob Lott, Bill 0'Brien, Joe Ramey, and Del Thompson were the returning lettermen with Donahue and Lott the hold- over regulars. Donnie Anderson, Jerry Groth, Bill Bachelder, Tom Simonet, and Bob Roy, graduates from 'last year's "B" squad, rounded out the rest -of the team. Continued on page 64 HBH Team Summary HBH Squad 20 --,,.,,,,,q4,Q,,,,,,,,,,,, North St. Paul 11 "B" Squad 32 ,,,,,,, , ....., NOl'th St. Palll 15 --BH Squad 20 ,,--.A, ,,..,,,,, W hite Bear 17 "B" Squad 36 ....... ,...... S ea SC0l1tS 24 1-BH Squad 49 ,,-,,,, .A,,,.. Se a Scouts 30 "B" Squad 32 ,,,4,,. ,,,A,4,.,, A ll Stars 22 "B" Squad 52 .................................... All Stars 34 CATHOLIC YOUTH CENTER TOURNAMENT "B" Squad 18 .....,.............. West Side JuIli0'rS 12 "B" Squad 27 ............ Singer Sewing Machine 32 RON' 2: . bert In ke, nvcl S vun, oxlnd Swanson. Sum Bnrclny, Dnvld J I Jmncn B0l'k?f.'Q IKOYV 12 D0 Al I Ill D l lll R l Beutel. Dlck lla-ilpnth, John I-lnefner, Jlnl Donahue, Dlx-k Kllty. 'if sive Stillwater 38 Stillwater 39 .......... Stillwater 36 ........ Stilwater 46 ................ 90 oe' Croix Reach One of those unforgetable South St. Paul games. eva ..........I-larding 35 Harding 29 V...iilQQLn, Arts 27 Red "N Wlng 88 wb Gfow Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater Stillwater DON CAFFERTY Basketball Coach vow 60" 47 .................. Col. Hts. 31 ............ No. St. Paul So. St. Paul 31 .............. White Bear ...- ..... Hastings 37 ................ Red Wing ...Farmington No. -St. Paul So. St. Paul ..White Bear ..................l-lastings ...Farmington District Finals TOURNAMENT RECORD Stnllwat-er 49 ,... ........ - .Mahtomedi 25 Stillwater 51 .................. Hastings 31 Stillwater 39 ,........A.. Farmington 28 Stillwater 30 ..A......... So. St. Paul 41 eel' W 19 306 EZKOW Another bucket, . String ? o dY"'e9 gjx Managers of this year's championship team were Dave Laiqine and Jack Hooley. 106' sew' gb 10? valve 909 ROW 3: Bob Ihule, Blll Nelson, Don Anderson, Al Ponnth, Joe Rnlney, Blll Haugen, Mr. Kuhl- nuun, couch. Q ROW 2: Mr. Haug- lnnd, vouch. Bum Erhorn, Bill Mlllnrch, Hurley Glushrenner, Bob Roy, Don Ileutel, Jlm Wil- son, Q ROW 1: Norman Shattuck, Dick McKnight, Fred Burnlwldt. Looking over the landscape at Barker's Alps: Pearl Moelter, Kay Darrington, and Miriam Palm. Baseball Letters were awarded to twelve players: Al Po- nath, catcher: Don Anderson, pitcher: William Nelson, pitcher: Joe Ramey, third base: Don Beutel, short stop: Robert Rude, second base: Rob- ert Roy, first base: Bill Millarch, left field: Roy Erhorn, center field: Harley Glasbrenner, right field: Bob Lott, short stop: Bill Hagen first base. Scores Stillwater 8 ....... ..................... M onroe 4, there Stillwater 8 ....... ........ W hite Bear 3, here Stillwater 2 ...,... .....,.. Ea u Claire 1: there Stillwater 3 ....... ................ C retin 9, there Stillwater 4 ....... ....... Wh ite Bear 2, there Stillwater 4 ........ ................ M onroe 3, here Stillwater 1 ........ ........ Ea u Claire 0, here Resting between rounds on the lce at Lily Lake: Lloyd Johnson, Robert Groth, Red Johnson. Row 1: Mike! Scullen, Kathleen Finnegan, Marion Wagner, Don Conley, Myr- tle Alcorn. Bill 0'Brien clears the pole at 11 feet. Track Stillwater's Red and Black cinder squad ran off with top place in the first meet of the season with Harding. George Siegfried gathered a total of 13 points to lead the team. Bill Bachelder was very close behind with an impressive score of 12 1-3 points. Lawrence Kalk and Jerry Groth took first place in the 880 and pole vault, respectively. Out of eleven events, Stillwater captured five iirsts and 15 other positions. Stillwater received a crushing defeat at the hands of the South St. Paul Packers on March the twenty-fourth. Groth was the only Stillwater man able to place first in the event. We managed to score 13 points for sec- ond and third place positions. The order of the day at the Anoka field meet was: Stillwater first, Cambridge second, Anoka third, Elk River fourth, and Osseo fourth. Siegfried with two iirsts, two seconds, and one third was Stillwater's high point man with a total of 21 points. Bachelder took one first, one second, one third to be second high Still- water man. The rest of the squad placed in eight other events. These boys have received letters in track: Gerald Groth, Bill 0'Brien, John McDonald, Bill Bachelder, George Siegfried, Lawrence Kalk, Bob Mordick, George Gilbert. Hurdlers: John McDonald, Gerald Groth, and I..eon- urd Seifert. S ROW' 3: Bill Bncllelller. Luwrenee Broclnnnn, Bill 0'Brlen, Lennurll Seifert, John McDonald, Robert 1' Mordlek. Gernlll Groth, Hurry Carlson. Q ROW 21 Ellelle Purnell, Laurence Knlk, George Gilbert. QROVV 1: .lumen llodlovlek satu- dent munuger, Phil ll lfiorl, coach. George Gilbert heaves the dis cus. ""-u.. 2' was KH! :A1 M... -,.U .A H pi A as M s 55 Q 'Q ,ff ? Y 5 . E, Q ' fs we , , Q ww Wi ix 'EE --sei' i 1 - ' ' k X-w,.,w,m. X 1 w fi wg E 6 1 532 5, 1 New 7 'm TV x we 887'-12:-,,, ,gs , K -, M.MMM., 1 , , 1 Q ff' f 1 it If, A Ny' W 'JS' Wi? V Y . , in X' I5 ,P Xi ,Q-4 .wk wk 2323? ,..fsIavu1U'.. ,f f ' y if ' :WK 7 as ix gf , M' I- r . ,WM 'ww ...- -K5-.-up' r f .Q?lQ "J gm-.-Q... ,A o up xii Stilces, Joe, ancl lzzy Loolc Up At Basketball Awarcls Continued from page 57 Confronted with one of the toughest sched- ules a Stillwater team has ever played, Caf- ferty molded his club into a team that was a marvel to watch. Their passing, shooting, and defensive ability kept Tozer Memorial Gym packed all year. By far, the highlight of the season was the three game series with South St. Paul, which Stillwater lost, winning one game and drop- ping two. Stillwater took the first encounter 26-24 at Stillwater before one of the largest home crowds in local basketball history. The Packers came back strong, taking the next two engagements. First on February 9, they defeated Don Cafferty's crew 35-29 to gain a tie for the Suburban League Crown, and then again defeated them 41-30 in the Four- teenth District finals on March 12. Other highlights of the season were the two victories over Red Wing. For the past few years Stillwater has almost been a regular cousin to the Wingers, but this year Still- water handed them their only two defeats in regular competition. 'The Croix also took three games from two top-notch St. Paul schools, Harding and Mechanic Arts. Outstanding 'll TIE On the whole, it was a great year for bas- ketball interest in Stillwater. Not since the State Championship team of 1914 has there been stirred up so much enthusiasm over basketball. Stillwater's fans are justly proud to have such a great bunch of boys lmder the direction of such a capable man as Don Cafferty to represent their school and their city. ' Letters were awarded to the following boys: Jack Donahue, Bob Lott, Joe Ramey, Del Thompson, Jerry Groth, Bob Roy, Donnie Anderson. Bill Bachelder, Tom Simonet and Bill 0'Brien. L wfxrep. sump- ixvZ45ttPoGH SC+1Oo L Q'-gona wgwmmy HAOQ Alvdfzfd Wzcwwhlfo " a 0 A 0 Mmm, 65 Jr. High Council Establishes Victory Corps Sevenpupiisfhosen For Academy of Science MR. GLAYDON ROBBINS Principal, Jr. High School Ylf'T0l'lY CORPS COLONE ROW 2: Kay Fhnn-gun. George lBPl'lllllll, Robert Gelhur, Robert Kennedy, Robert Hanson, Gloria Morkler. Q ROWV 1: Miss RIIIIIIDIIU, Donna Peterson, Donald I4lll'S0ll' lQABSEN'l': Barbara Bancroft. Jl'NI0lI I-IIGI-I COUNCIL ROVV 2: Maury Shnonet, Dorothy Novetzke, Robert Buclu-hler, Marlon Xvug- ner, Dole lhulelntz, Robert Snmlln. Roger Leddllnz. Willlsllux Hurrlson. Kny FIIIIIPHJIIII, tilorin Mockler. Q HUW 1: Mury l-Innuon. Lois Ricks, Joseph 0'Bri4-n. Mlvlmel Hurley. Maury Sohudegg, James Krlesel, bn-tchen 'Pobhu-ln. Duvld Haugen. Q ABSEXT: lletty Sta-lndorff. Burbnru Bancroft, Irving And- el-son. Students of the Junior High School should take great pride in their achievements of the past year. The Victory Corps, which was the first of its kind in Stillwater, now boasts 100 per cent member- ship, and has many worthwhile projects to its credit. Among those projects are Red Cross knitting, salvage work, and an effective physical fitness program. Besides this, the Jr. High pupils are buying more War Bonds and Stamps than ever before, in hopes of reaching a goal -of S5,000. At the end of March, approximately S4,000 had been sold, and so, perhaps, by the end of the year, the goal of 35,000 will even be surpassed. LS Eileen Murdxuni. Bnflleltler. Bltlfy JFNIOR Af'ADENlY OF SVIENCE M""'lmu'dt' "4""' ROKV 2: Elaine Rocttger Jerry Downs Irene Nel- A111011 Fl'ie'l'icl" son. Mnry Hanson, Robert fil'llllll'. Q ROWV 1: lllch- urd l'llllllllll9lSOIl. Mary Schullt-gg. ,K fl H ' .zsgsif-5 i , ilgyiiilliiiff 1, ., iigiisisiisaigif - -2, Zgcggom ' M y P' - ' i .i To . 'IG cj Buy Bondsancl StamP5 Nmt Helrs Eichcioal of 55,900 For School DIISS DIARQ,UARD'l"S HOME ROODI ROW 4: Joyce Lueken, Ellzalletl Nolde. Marlnn I-lauek. John Hall qulst, Clllford Kaiser, lflvelyll llruggeman, Harriet Nelson, Jean Pretzel. ROW 3: ll o In e r t McDonough. Irene Nelson, S hla D I . y ' e nulling. Joe Miller. Julius Beer, Stanford Lassen, Shirley Schwanke, Pat- rlclu Cates. ROW 2: Robert Peterson. Donald Henne, Wlllner Sehllllllt. Gloria Mockler, Robert Walqulut. Don. alll Callahan, Donald Kuhn, Leonard Knehn. ROW 1: Joyce Llnner, Lenore Rlebe, Grace Grhnsley. Joseph 0'Brlen, Dorothy Beutel. Marilyn Mcliarry, Jeannette McPlu-tres. MR. IlOBLI'l"S HOME ROOM ROW 3: David Bonne. liollert Jensen, Robert Brontrom, lflrnext Peaslee Da l l , ll e Wann, Frank Mlller. IIOVY 2: Janne! Sehnell, llolvert Coty, Rlehard Jeans, llonalcl Nolde, Frank Weekwerth. Marlln Carlson. Henry Johnson, Bernard Harvleux. ROW 1: Ralph Krlenel, Vern Anderson, William I-larrlnon, Ro- bert Kennedy. Charles Brower. Ed win Bnlianl, ABSENT: Leulle EIIIRIIIIQISOII, Lloyd Joh nson. MR. SANDHOFF'S HOME ROOM IIOVV 3: Irving And I , - ard Carlson, M1,.l,,:::mhnm::. Roger Troutner, Kermit Bfselloff: IIOW 2: Delbert Bll 1 - Glllll.ll'l'N0ll, Anton Frlerllgxll, nle Carlson, John Gatzke. ROW 1: John HPllSffllllI F Senrlek. Tlneollore Miller, llxii-2: -7085, Gerald Melsner. 40. CX: 4.5, f' A, o Ie' -, AML All School Talent Slwow was Held April 8 MISS JAMES' HOME ROOM IIOW 4: Kathryn Higgins, Mar- ion Wagner, Helen Snndin, Rich- d Broeh ard Elnanuelson, Rlchar - nnan, Betty Mlehels, Adellne Streleh, Frances Radloff. ROKR' 3: Kxltllleen Swanson, Dor- othy Mechelke, Marilyn Wagner. James Krlesel. Michael Hurley, ' ' G l elder. Joanne Lacey, Andrey .c Ill Vlrgine Johnson. ROWV 2: Robert Murphy. Donna Harsh, Lester Thonnpson. Alfred t ick Bastien, Richard Lutz, Pa r Shattuck, Donna Peterson, Mary Hanson, Jerry Lynch. ROW 1: Mlldred Schrank. Jean lhnnnho, Lorraine Klein. Dorothy Lagerstedt, Joan Krueger, Joyce llitzer. ABSEN'l'x Robert Benson, Jean Sallnore, Marie Montpetit. MISS MISHO'S HOME ROOM ROW 4: Gall Noletf, Mary Carl- son, Marilyn Broehman, Marjorie Hooley, Yvonne Hoyoss, Patricia Finnegan. Donna Kaphing. ROW 3: Lillian Radinzel, Rose B rnadine Prlbnow, Colombo, e Dale Raddatz, Betty Schafer, Dorothy Katz, Violet Sehleusner, Helen Lucken. ROW 2: Romania Nierenz. Mar- ilyn Meister, Maryettu Conners, Betty Wahl, Hs-len LaValley, Rose London. IIOWV 1: Robert Gelhar, Robert Paulson, Lois Lohmann, Leora DeChaine. Kay Finnegan, Mal- colm llrown, Marvin Rieland. ABENT: Thelma Brooks. I-lerlnan ltassler. MISS KRlESEL'S HOME ROOM ROW 4: Dolores Brochman, Eu. Wanlters, .lack Weiss, Ro- gene hert Groth, Russell Kalk, Ken- neth Heuer, Illchard Akey, Shir- ley Dalluhn. ROW Il: Darlene Spreeman, Del- phlne Hunlphreys, Barbara Cov- er, Elaine lioettger, Lois Sai- Stl'0lll, Margaret Younggqulst. Nyla Stormoen, Lillian Wellnmnxnn, ROW 2: Adair Wilson, James Ponnth, VV.lliam Davies, Violet Smith, Mary McKnight, George Iserlnan, Gerald xV2l1ll'lll0ll, Mary Ann Lynch. Mary Ellen Fels, Dor- ROW' 1: othy Relehow. Joan Kearney. Jerry Downs, Kenneth Svhwalen, ' l degg. Kathleen Jesse. Mary Sc ua Gretchen Tohlsch. ABSENT s Denlah Anderson. Eighth Graders Held Class Party On Dec. 4 MISS KlFNDE'S HOME RO0M ROVW 4: Vernon Dahlke Schcel, Barbara flllllllll, Betty Johnson, June Alcorn, Beverly Froehner. Jerry Burke, Merwyn Begalke. Richard Pominvllle. ROVV 3: James Sei Krlesel. Suzanne Stusnl, Sjrl I ' 1 I0 m. Lruera llllllllllllllll, rlcla Sullivan, Robert IN orma ROW 2: Eugene 0'Neal, Janne .va SPIIII, Joan ll oettger, Barbara G leinaker B , nrhara Bancroft, Warrell Pabst, Lyle Jlonty. ROW 1: Charles Gardner, Rich- ard Stenclahl, Mary Alcorn, Col- leen Driscoll l orna Krl . , . esel, Richard Dean, Roger Jacobson ABSE NT: Joanne Smith. MISS GRANQI'lS'l"S HOME ROOM ROW 4: Douglas Roloff. Roger Leddln lg, Davld Schaffer, Mary Ilhode. Dorothy Catch, Corinne C w - arlson, lfrank Stewart, John Estelle. ROYV 3: Caroline Garavaglla, Beverl B y ergqulst, t'orrlne Dal- lnhn, Roger Buege. Robert Bach- elller, Richard Sandahl. Virginia Lohman, Dorothy Simonet, Mary Mechelke. ROW 2: Jhn Jeans. Vernon Ce- alurblo om. John 'l'hcmpnon, Shlr- ley Anderson, Florence Mardaus, Earl Rndlnzel, Floyd Lemon, En- gene Froehncr. ROW 1: Leor Skelvlk, Mary 0'Neal Dol ' , ores lxress, Lorna Skramstad, Beverly Peterson. Ruth Ponath, Dorothy Wcstberg. Freeman Laxson. MISS NOLAN'S HOME ROOJI ROW 4: Robert Ponath, Frank Toblsch. Jo Ann Wlese, Grace Olson. Cornelia Curley, Donald Tleske, John Moody, Jerry Mar- ll 3'- ROIV 3: Billy Loft, Louise Mar- dnus, Mlrriallnrhlllchllelln. Shirley Jnrehow Jean M 1' . c .rath, Delorls Burkhart. G la d l e McComber, Charles Hooley. ROW' 2: Richard Nelson. Patricia Dahlberg. Doris Jfllllllvll. Herbert JlcA voy, James 0'Neal, Ileana Larson, Milton Irvin. ROW' lx Barbara monet, 1Vynettn Morlran. Jane Sommer ll. Jean Downs, Carol Hallqulst. Joyce Gast, Mary Sl- Pabst. KBSENT: Margaret Kress. S . R eventii Graciers Wm Citizenship Trophy S. BROWN'S HDME RO0Dl MR ROW 3: Helen Bloom, Beverly Melster, Pat-rlela Lehrer, Dolores Ehnert, Marilyn Lindberg, Helen on. Harvey, Dorothy' Swans , Leona ROW 2s Betty Stelndorlf Alcorn, Carlyn Olson. Jacqnellnc Merritt, Mildred Seaman, Irene Lolgren, Andrey Cates. ROW 1: Donna Klnnd. Eileen Mardaus, Donna Mae Schell, Bet- ty Jane Kenney, Carol Johnson. Wava Lon Kollander, Katherine Conners. 1 ABSENT: Barbara Ledbetter, Lnella Roettger. ,m--,v ll il S I l HCIP In Salvage and Scrap Drives MISS POZZINVS HOME Il00M ROVV 41 Davld Hagen, Robert Kllhlman, Harold Gjorvod. Ron-V l rt old Lutz, Wade Nelson, Ro ve Lellard, Panl Hansen. ROW :lx Carol Olstad, Robert Sandhofl, Richard Moe, Ruth Radnenv., Charles Wagner, Har- old Carlson, Donald Dick, Jane Norlander. ROW' 2: Thomas Abercrombie. Richard Johnson, Russell Ander- son, Beverly Mc-Cain, Gloria Kre s, Thtlllllll Hooley, Russell Zabel, Lowell Warner. ROW 1: Patricia Melntyre, Charles Gardner, Richard Roett- Carol Butterfield, David SCT, Lagerstedt. Norman Kollander. Diana Redman. ABSEN'I'x Richard Colemier, Du- ' vld Llnner. Dorothy Novetzke, i Herbert Tnenge. S-S COS'l'ELLO'S HOME ROOM ONV 4: Joyce Ann Da Rocher, ell Smith, Franklin lladaenz, Raymond Nelson, llohert Snndln. lassell Anderson, Philip Hndson. Lois Melnke. ROR' 3: Myrna Chlal, Ronald Johnstone, Donna Mae lloepke, Roger Colombo. James Lneken, tilorla Mariana, Jerry Roettger, Delores Peterson. ROXV 2: George Selm, Angus Mat-Donald, Warren Cook, Ra- mona Bjorkman, Kenneth Hnege, l hard Klund. Donald Larson, R c ROKV lx Brace Lenmark, Rodney Jax-chow, John Hail, John Splut, Vergll Plattner, Lowell Gerner, Rollyn Pahn. ABSENT: Marilyn Brnette. 'W' . 3' 5, I zmu Q " 4, vW35Hi eff if L3 Qiiixf "H ' -2 mf' 1 : 'cz xl Pd Kai is 5 , .., Av 5' xl Vg, ix. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM HAS GOOD SEASON ROW 2: Dale Raddatz, James Kriesel, Richard Brochman, Russell Kalk, Robert Kennedy, Ronald Nolde. ROW 1: Frank Stewart, Robert Benson, Lester Thompson, Joe O'Brien, manager, Frank Weckwerth, James Ponath, Jerry Lynch. JR. HIGH ARROW STAFF ROW 2: Gretchen Tobisch, news editor, James Ponath, sports editor. ROW 1: Miss James, adviser, Grace Grimsley, editor-in- chief, Patricia Cates, copy editor, Kay Fin- negan, feature editor. Assemblies are a part of our educational program. This one is especially liked by the students. i Activities Girl's gym class seems to enjoy batting that ball back and forth. Cheerleaders for the Blue and Gold are: Bill Harrison, Donna Harsh, Dale Rad- ldatz, Barbara Gamm. N-rvfig - -. ff 1--- ., 'X X x , X i:,f.'.-5, QS-Q-x EfK.N9- , af 'fifff'Qff4Qi551f'' ?3fi?f' . . X. if Q47 fgiii: ' Q 5.4 x vfefig. f ix-T31-C. vii' ,A'- l r .' -,L Y-X!-.P .Sn ,135 bf,-,qgzf 'Q . - f E-ri ,Milf '11-ri" .- - -, 1:-TNQ-, ,242 fl XX 111f:fx.:.. -. . 51. .. 7 ' 7""- . iff 'il xxx x ff ff ff .4 ' , I f ' 1 f ',f,' f-- ,J .5 f-f-7fLw.r'-...- f-f , Vf ,gjfylsii 7i,,:l7f5:-FZ? ,kijiil ,f Pi.. 0,1 Cf if i i! ii f . 14, ff mx ., . 1 ff f .L - --f7f 5'Lf2. , -A - 4 ff ' ,Y ff' .flmx , ff 47.- 1 jf' , .... JLLQLQQ r 5? ' X9 if - 'X 'Uh ' ' ' ffl 1 V lf' gx J2'2 " ffilw Q. J we f ,ffx I g If "1 QT N 1, 'Y 7' X K f V . 4 " K ff K Xi , 'J ff Y KL K, V ff A A ,ff A 'rg wi' Y . 1- , V f 5 V . if-I A--' '11 iv? ,,,, f,'f' V1 X A1 fu 1' x ifffii 'fix riwgw, ' ' 1.5.-Q Ei X X 1 fs m X ' - x.. . X 4' g Y.: YQ YW ' f f' Xk 'X .-f. - f-fre fl-H-:.'-:':::- xii-X X ' X NQXW ,Zi fi .vw .- -24.2- -asa..- Xe-X . Xxx .1 , I N j ,Xf1xx.:.,,.,g'a- A gag Xfigkm -zfiiqx ,Q-:lx X .glvlb hvlv JV f f X, 1 f X Y4 ,"N "x x M- fe- -252-S1-E Rr- X ip-143 '-..x K W, f fi A XA X Q:-fa. 'ra'-:X we fa. i ' Xb N f v A' S Ni WL X mr! :Z . , J , Q- ' 1' : f ' X1 Qs., ww, K-'fi' 'gf' ' Niix 'Tlx 'RSV .,Lf""a. ff ,. X' 1 , ,Z -xiii-,,, Sis, X x XL . J xi?-, X Al 'ES Q1 ' Ex :R , - XX- W X ff X X my-A ,. X. '- , -'A - 1 -:xx idx: ' X . JJ' f A X.. X Xi-sf' W lt. - xiii H7 xg wf, .X - . ' jjj. fl :15::51 ?:.1: , ,X X 911k 1, J. . Nix ff Q XVJMN X. yXiTX-X555 ' W- 3g w 5 -. .tl , .3 . 3--f SWT :L Y x X . V. - " . M. -, . , gjH T XXX . 5 . ii5'ff F, , I 7 Mix 3 4 -E' ' A W, 4177- ,A - :J sxr' -1 W aM' - ' 2-ef w. A , X' '. Mx - :rv ,- . ----N ,.,., ,M F: X79 f, l x X 1 if 1' X f, V 2. ,. -. f ' ' if R. V g i jf -7 ,7 w 4 f' ' X E" Y V ff .R 1 J if V ,X X SWA X M wpggwxx lv? m Yx X., X' f K ' 7,4 'X 1' . 7' K 4511? ,XY " Z fffvf Q ' .1235 ' tl ...N A f x X Z f g-2 j 'y '-5513 x XXXQQLQ1 U X ,Rfk ,X R X X , . v 727,55 WX... f f4 A - N. -it - , Y V f', F1 f , ' . .f . X V K . L! I fi f E UNTRIBUTURS I 'gl Friends Who 3 Friends Who Contributed 516.00 Contributed 510.00 Beaudet, J. E., Monument Works Bluff City Llunber Co. Andersen Corporation, Bayport Connolly Shoe Co. FlI'St Natl0D3l Ballk of StlllW3.lZ6l' Consolidated Lumber CO. Gazette i' Hooley Meat Company Janda, Louis, Co. Kolliners, Inc. Northern States Power Co. Simonet Furniture Co. St. Croix Garment Co. Stillwater Hardware Co. Tobisch, Frank, Florist ' s sssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssx I l .VN I, ff, , Enroll for a Practical S Ed . 3 .-new sae, 1.-."-"L - me-A. Ucaflon - - - fizniililum f iiiiyiiil 3 DAY OR EVENING Z I a OUR TRAINING will add to your efficiency, prestige and opportunities 2 for the better business positions. Study in day or evening school un- 5 der ideal conditions and 'expert business teachers. Individual pro- Q 1 gress. Best of equipment. ' I Ask for bulletin. No solicitors. 43rd year. I Train for a Better Position f S I Q 1 3 1 . . I l St. Paul, M1Hn9S0ta 63 East Fifth Street I Q Cedar 5333 near Cedar S - I PRACTICAL BUSINESS SCHOOL 2 Accredited by The National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools Z I . NYX 74 Friends Who Contributed 58.00 Sanitary Dairy Oak Glenn Dairy 55.00 Auditorium 81 Majestic Theatres Berg Drug Store, Bayport Bergman, A. A. Cosmopolitan State Bank of Stillwater Erickson Furniture Co. Grand Cafe Linner Electric Shop Maple Island Farm Dairy Minnesota Cleaners 8a Dyers Purity Ice Cream Co. St. Croix Bus Co. Save-U-Money Store Shorty, The Cleaner Stillwater Insurance Agency Stillwater Manufactruing Co. Stillwater Motor Co. Stillwater Recreation Stillwater Shell Service Thompson Hardware Co. 54.00 Stillwater Book Store Taylor, Dr. Arthur 53.00 State Bank of Lake Elmo White Pine Inn, Bayport 56.00 Anderson Shoe Store Candy Shop Carlson Bros. Service Station Commander Elevator Co. Farmers and Merchants State Bank Friendly Valley Motor, Inc. Gaalaas, Peder, Jeweler Hanson, H. W., Clothing Hanson Meat Market Inter-State Lumber Co. Jones Funeral Home Kilty, John J., Company Linner, Lawrence W. Minnesota Mercantile Co. Olson Department Store Post-Messenger Prince-Joy Agency Ryden 85 Holquist Grocery St. Croix Drug Co. Stillwater Taxi Washington Federal Savings 85 Loan Association 52.00 Berger, Ray E. Carlson Grocery, Bayport Jack's Food Market Jones, Earl E., Optometrist Kearney Food Market Koller, J. E., Oak Park McA1pine, Grace Narum's Super Value O'Brien, R. J., D. D. S. Oredson Drug Store Reed's Cut Rate Robertson Grocery Siegfried, George, Sr., Lake Elmo Sockness, Lyle, Bayport Stenlund Grocery, Bayport Strand, R. E., Marine Weiss, Harry B. Abercrombie, James A. D. Bayport Root Beer Stand Brodeen, R. G., D. D. S. Bronson-Folsom Co., Grocery 5 Brookman, M. J., Lake Elmo Additional Contributors Fazendin's Store Font, Dr. Paul Frosty Foods Gramenz, F. A., Bayport Granquist, Reuben, Sheriff Bruce, E. P. 4 Hart, W. P. Carlberg, Jeweler Humphrey, Dr. W. R. Chatterton, Bud 2 Johnson, Roy F. Gollinge, Dr. W. C. Q Johnson, Wm. T. Curtis, Tom, Fuel 85 Feed Co. f Josewski, Dr. R. J. Darrington, Dr. T. M. E Kalinoff, Dr. D. Davis, Mrs. Jed If Kalmoff, Frederick, D. D. s. DeCurtins, John, Sr. 3 Lake Elmo Hatchery DeLuxe Beauty Shop if Lake Elmo Oil Co. Ecker, Ben Lindbloom, Milton Economy Printing Co. i Elmo Inn ig 888888 88888888888888888 f 888888888888 888888888888 88 ' H H 5 .... Ga rr m ' no 3 U co '-1 U2 D' ' o ' 'P '4 ' -c O r-1 ev- . X 5 C 5' E N P 3 T' 29 3 '-1 Sn O m ca N -1 I, Linquist Auto Service, Bayport P Loretta 85 Myrtle's Beauty Shop High school Seniors should prepare now to help win the war and prepare well enough to dominate opportunities after the war Business executives seek our graduates because they have found that they are trained to make good. Further information on Request To help you in planning your career at yolu' request we shall be glad to send you complete details of courses rates and time reqmred. Write, phone, or visit the school without obligation. GLOBE BUSINESS COLLEGE 7th and Cedar Streets SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA Member of the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools 8888888888888 '76 l Additional Contributors Mable's House of Beauty Magnuson, Dr. H. N. Marine Garage McCarten, Dr. F. M. McGrath, Ralph W. Neumeier, Karl G. Nippoldt, Arnold, Lake Elmo Oak Park Garage Pauley-Torsch Barbers Peabody, Phoebe Samson, E. R., M. D. Schaefer, A. B., Insurance Schaffer, Inc., Grocery Schneider, P. O., Lake Elmo Shannon Millinery 86 Beauty Shop Sheils, G. A., D. D. S. Simonet, Edward W. Stewart Confectionery Stuhr, SI. W., M. D. Taylor, Dr. L. W. Thelen, Edward Tillie's Beauty Shop Torinus, L. E., Jr. Valley Inn, Bayport Washington County C0-op. Assn. Weiss, Harry B. Wihren, Sidney Zolldan, Harold i i '77 ,i- 8888 8 888888888888 888888 Possessing an Earnest Desire to Cooperate with You in Formulating Your Yearbook Plans 8888 Q9 888 5 ,8888 4 . .8 M...ll,-,lA U f fine Pmnrinc mares -A' 5 8 88 8 8 L ' 88888 8888 8 V 88 8 8 88 AYQCSKXXXXXXXXXXAXXSGN AYXQSAXXXXXSCXXXXSQYXXYXXJ X3XX3XX8883X38XX ' GIRL GRADUATES f OF STILLWATER HIGH SCHOOL ATTEND C A B L E'S SECRETARIAL COLLEGE FOR GIRLS A 1547 UNIVERSITY AVENUE, ST. PAUL sl Enrol! with students of college grade Your high school graduation has earned for you this distinction f Summer quarter classes begin fune 7 ana' 14 Fail quarter classes begin September 7, 13 and 20 XXX Filing. Typing, Bookkeeping, Diciaplione, Comptomeiry, English, Corresponclence, Business Law, Stenciling, lvlimeograplriing, Oi- fice Machines, Business Ariilwmelic,Vocabulary Building, Clerical , -- Tlworouglfi Preparaiion for Civil Service Positions - Write or telephone for full description of our school and its cour es Telephone Midway 9544 BURTON A. CABLE, President GRACE S. CABLE, Principal 78 Members OF Class OF '43 Are Active EUGENE BAKER: Choir 2, 35 Junior Play5 Arrow Staif 2, 35 Clubs: Soph. and Jr. Hi-Y5 News Writ- ing 2,35 Physics 45 Chemistry 35 Aviation 45 Dra- matic 3, 45 Biology 25 Photography 3, 45 Debate 3. ALTON BARKER: Valedictoriang Co-Editor of Ar- row5 National Honor Society5 Student Council 2, 3, 45 Chairman of Finance Committee 45. Finance Committee 2, 35 Football and Basketball Ticket Sales 35 Vice-pres. Sr. Hi-Y5 Interscholastic De- bate 25 Interclass Debate 2, 35 Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 Jr. Academy of Science 3, 45 Visiting Commit- tee 25 Clubs: Debate 45 Soph., Jr., and Senior Hi- Y5 Aviation 45 Foreign Language 2, 3, 45 News Writing 2, 3, 4. FRED BARNHOLDT: Quill and Scroll 45 Baseball Team 3, 45 Pres. of Machinist's Club 45 Junior Council: Sec'y. of Senior Hi-Y5 Vice-pres. Biolo- gy Club 2: Second Basketball Team 25 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 Sports Editor of Arrow 45 Arrow Staff 2, 3, 45 Vice-pres. of Soph. Class5 Clubs: Soph., Jr., and Sr. Hi-Y5 Biology 25 Chemistry 35 Aviation 4. RUTH BISCHOFF: Commercial Club 3, 45 Biology Club 2. DULCIE BIJOOM: One Act Play Contest 35 Sec'y.- Treas. of Home Room 25 Treas. of Home Room 35 Clubs: Biology 25 GAA 25 Jr. and Sr. Commercial5 Dramatic 3, 4. JAMES BODLOVICK: Student Council 45 Sec'y. of Jr. Hi-Y5 Student Manager Basketball Team 35 Track Team 2, 35 Interclass Athletics 25 Golf Team 35 Arrow Staff 3, 45 "S" Club 4. AUDREY BROECKER: Honor Roll5 Band 3, 45 Or- chestra 2, 3, 45 Vice-pres. of Foreign Language Club 35 Clubs: Biology 25 Eoreign Language 3, 45 Dramatic 45 Pen Pals 35 Girl Reserves 2. MARY JEAN BROECKER: Clubs: Biology 25 Girl Reserves 2, 35 Chemistry 35 Foreign Language 3, 45 Dramatic 45 Physics 4. GENE BUCK: Sec'y. of Woiodworker's Club 45 In- terclass Athletics 3, 45 Clubs: Biology 25 Jr. Hi- Y5 Woodworkers 4. DICK BURKLEO: Choir 2, 35 Tusitala Staff 45 Kab Staff 45 Shakespeare's Dream Chorus 45 School Photographer5 Clubs: Photography 2, 3, 4. DICK BURNS5 Choir 2, 3, 45 Interclass Athletics 25 One Act Play Contest 35 Shakespeare's Dream Chorus 2, 35 Arrow Staff 2, 35 Clubs: Biology 25 News Writing 2, 35 Chemistry 35 Radio 35 Dram- atic 3, 4. HARRY CARLSON: Student Council 45 Chairman Flag Committee 45 Choir 35 Pres. of Home Room 25 Senior Council5 Pres. of Jr. Hi-Y5 Sec'y. of Bi- ology Club 25 First Football Squad 45 Track Team 35 Interclass Athletics 35 One Act Play Contest 35 Clubs: Aviation 45 Foreign Language 35 Senior Hi-Y. PAT CARTONY: Clubs: Foreign Language 2, 3, 45 Chemistry 3, 4. VIRGINIA CASPERSON: Pres. of GAA 45 Clubs: Biology 25 GAA 2, 3, 45 Sr. Commercial5 Jr. Com- mercial. GALE CHATTERTON: Kab Staff Typist5 Clubs: Soph. and Jr. Hi-Y5 Foreign Language 3, 4. JANE CHIDESTER: Lost and Found Committee 45 Vice-pres. of News Writing Club 45 One Act Play Ciontest 35 Shakespeare's Dream Staff 2, 3, 45 Student Director of Sr. Play and Shakespeare's Dream 45 Kab Staff 45 Arrow Staff 2, 3, 45 Clubs: Dramatic 2, 35 GAA 2, 3, 45 Library 2, 35 Pen Pa-ls 35 Photography 35 Aviation 35 Biology 2. BARBARA CLEMENTS: National Honor Society5 Honor Roll5 Winner of DAR Award5 Pres. of Home Room 45 Subscription Manager of Kab5 Student Council 2, 35 Chairman of Lost and Found Com- mittee 35 Committees: Noon Hour' 2, 45 Football Sales 3, Basketball Sales 3, and Visiting 25 Choir 2, 3, 45 Pres. of Girl Reserves 4, and Pen Pals 35 Sec'y. of News Writing 3, and Dramatic 45 One Act Play Contest 35 Shakespeare's Dream 2, 3, 45 Interclass Debate 25 Quill and Scroll 45 Arrow Staif 3, 45 Jr. Academy of Science 2, 3. MARY JANE COLLINS: Choir 2, 35 Sec'y.-Treas. of Jr. Class 5 Sec'y. of Home Room 35 Pres. of Soph. and Sr. Commercial Clubs5 Sec'y. of GAA 45 Vice- pres. of Jr. Commercial Club5 Shakespeare's Dream 25 Arrow Staff 2, 35 Clubs: Biology 25 GAA 4. DONALD CONLEY: Basketball 2, 3, 45 Clubs: Bi- ology 25 Chemistry 35 Slide Rule 35 Test Tube 35 Conservation 45 Physics 45 Aviation 4. KAY COVER: Student Council 45 Chairman of Lost and Found 45 Shakespeare's Dream Chorus 2, 35 Arrow Staff 2, 35 Clubs: GAA 2, 35 Foreign Language 35 News Writing 2, 35 Dramatic 35 Pen Pals 35 Biology 2. KAY DARRINGTON: School Pianist5 Honor Roll: Business Manager of Kab5 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Pres. of Home Room 25 Sec'y. of Soph. Class: Jr. Academy of Science 35 Quill and Scroll 45 Home- coming Committee 35 Choir 2, 3, 45 Vice-pres. of Foreign Language Club 45 Sha.kespeare's Dream Chorus 2, 35 Interclass Debate 2, 35 Arrow Staif 2, 3, 45 Clubs: Dramatic 2, 3, 45 News Writing 2, 3, 45 Chemistry 35 Biology 2. MARY ELLEN DAWSON: Band 2, 35 Jr. Academy of Science 2, 35 Clubs: Chemistry 35 Photography 35 Biology 25 Foreign Ianguage5 Dramatic 3. JANE Dl'EL: Choir 3, 45 Sec'y. of Physics Club 4 and News Writing 4, and Dramatic 35 Shake- speare's Dream Staff 35 Kab Staff 45 Arrow Staff 45 Clubs: Foreign Language 3, 45 Chemistry 35 Photography 3. 1 LEROY DIKKERS: Choir 2, 35 Band 35 Clubs: Dramatic5 Aviation5 Photography. Merchant Ma- ine. JACK DONAHUE: First Football Squad 45 First Basketball Team 2, 3, 45 Sec'y.' of "S" Club 45 Clubs: Jr. and Soph. Hi-Y5 Biology 25 Aviation 4. KERMIT DORNFELD: Choir 35 Sr. Council5 Pres. of Senior Hi-Y5 Vice-pres. of .Aviation Club5 Sr. Play5 Pres. of Home Room 35 Shakespeare's-Dream 2, 3, 45 Clubs: Jr. Hi-Y5 Dramatic. LEONA EKDAHL: Vice-pres. of Pen Pals 35 Clubs: Biology 25 Home Ec. 45 Jr. Commercial. LAVERN ELFSTROM: Clubs: Biology 2. KAYE ENGLER: Sec'y. of Home Room 45 Clubs: Biology 25 Jr. Commercial Club5 Pen Pals 35 Li- brary 4. ROBERT ESTELLE: National Honor Society: In- 79 if 1 , i I M, L, i Seniors terscholastic Debate 2, 3, 4: Jr. Academy of Sci- ence 2, 3. KAY FAZENDIN: Choir 45 Pres. of Library Club 45 Clubs: Chemistry 4: Pen Pals 35 Biology 2: Girl Reserves 45 Airplane 3: GAA 2. JO ANN FRANSSENS: Clubs: Biology 2: Library 45 Home Ec. 3. SHIRLEY GAST: Pres. 4of Library Club 3: Clubs: Biology 2: Senior Commercial Club. JOYCE GEHRMAN: Student Council 45 Yell Com- mittee 4: Clubs: GAA 2, 3, 45 Jr. and Sr. Commer- cial: Biology 2. ANN MARY GLENN: Treas. of Home Room 35 Sec'y. of Girl Reserves 2: Arrow Staff 25 Clubs: Girl Reserves 2, 3: News VVriting 3, 45 Library Staff 4. LEONA GOETSCHEL: Pres. of Home Ec. Club 35 Clubs: Biology 2: News Writing 3. BETTY GRADY: Shakespeare's Dream Staff 3: Clubs: Biology 25 Jr. and Sr. Commercial. DEWEY GRAHAM: Biology Club 25 Woodwork- ers 4. EUGENE GROVE: Sh.akespeare's Dream Chorus 4: Kab Staff 5 Student Council 3, 4: Hall and Build- ing Committee 45 Homecoming Committee 3: Sr. Play: Clubs: Foreign Language5 Dramatic. IRENE GUSTAFSON: Band 3, 45 Clubs: GAA 3: Senior Commercial. Attended Ladysmith, Wiscon- sin, High School 1 and 2. WILLIAM HAGEN: Second Basketball Team 25 Baseball Team 2, 3, 4: Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 4: "S" Club 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 2. HARRIET HALL: Bookstore Committee 45 Choir 3, 4: Pres. of Home Room 3: Sec'y. of Jr. Commer- cial Club5 Shakespeare's Dream Chorus 35 Clubs: Girl Reserves 3, 4: Photography 3: Biology 25 Com- mercial Club 3, 45 News Writing 3, 4: Pen Pals 3. RHODA HARVEY: National Hgonor Society: Jr. Academy of Science 2, 3, 45 Pres. of Chemistry Club 35 Treas. of Physics Club 45 One Act Play Contest 35 Sr. Play: Kab Staif 45 Clubs: Photog- raphy 35 Foreign language 3, 4: Dramatic 3, 45 Biology 2. LAWRENCE HEIMANN: Clubs: Aviation 25 Bi- ology 25 Woodworkers 2. JACK HOOLEY: 'School President: Hall and Build- ing Confunittee 4: First Football Squad 4: Student Manager Basketball Team 3, 45 Interclass Ath- letics 2, 3, 4: Clubs: "S" Club 45 Biology 25 Chem- istry 35 Aviation 4: Foreign Language 3: Senior Hi-Y. JOHN HUESTIS: Pres. of Physics Club 4: Inter-- class Athletics 2, 35 Interclass Debate 35 Kab Staff 45 Clubs: Soph. and Jr. Hi-Y: Photography 3: Ra- dio 3: Slide Rule 35 Biology 2: Conservation 4. JAMES HUGHES: Biology Club 2. VVILLIAM HUHNKE: Biology Club 2. DELORES JOHNSON: Band 3, 45 'Orchestra 3, 45 Clubs: Biology 2: Chemistry: Photography 35 Girl Reserves 2, 3: Home Ec.5 Dramatic 3. 80 Supply Necessary Leadership LEONA JOHNSON: Clubs: Biology 2: Jr. and Sr. Commercial5 Library. SHIRLEY JOHNSON: Choir 2, 35 Band 3, 45 Or- chestra 4: Shakespeare's Dream Chorus 2, 3: Clubs: Biology 25 Girl Reserves 2, 3: Dramatic 3, 4: News VVriting 35 Art Club 35 Photography 3, 45 Foreign Language 3, 4: Pen Pals 3. LAWRENCE KALK: Senior Council: Track Team 3: Interclass Track Team: Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 Clubs: "S" Club 45 Woodworkers5 Biology 2. JOHN KELLER: Band 3, 45 Clubs: FFA 3, 4: Se- nior Hi-Y: Aviation 4: Woodworkers 4. IRIS KOLBE: Editor of Tusitala: Honor Roll5 Pres. of News Writing Club 45 Student Council Secretary 45 Noqon Hour Committee 3: Chairman of Home- coming Committee 45 Chairman of Bookstore Com- mittee 4: Vice-pres. of Junior Class: Sec'y. of Chem- istry Club 35 Vice-pres. of Dramatic Club 3: One Act Play Contest 25 Jr. Play: Sr. Play5 Shake- speare's Dream 2, 35 Arrow Staff 2, 3, 4: Tusitala Staff 2, 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Jr. Academy of Sci- ence 2, 3. RUTH KOLBE: Bookstore Committee 45 Kab Staif 5 Student Bookkeeper 4: Sec'y. of Sr. Commercial Club5 Clubs: Biology 2: Dramatic 25 News Writing 3: Girl Reserves 4: Library 25 Jr. and Sr. Com- mercial. ORVILLE KOLLANDER: Second Basketball Team 25 Golf Team 2: Clubs: Conservation5 Soph. and Jr. Hi-Y. EUGENE KUNDE: Pres. of Aviation Club 4: Avia- tion Club 2, 3, 4. ROGER LABARRE: Biology Club 2. MELVYN LADD: Intramural Basketball5 Clubs: Aviation 3, 45 Photography 3, 4. ORRIN LARSON: Choir 2, 3, 4: Shakespeare's Dream Chorus 3, 4: Kab Staff Typist 45 Clubs: Photography 3, 4: Biology 2. HOWARD LAVENTURE: Clubs: FFA 3, 45 Bi- ology 2. DAVID LAVINE: Pres. of Home Room 2: Choir 35 First Football Squad 45 'Student Manager Basket- ball Team 2, 3, 45 Interclass Athletics 35 One Act Play Contest 3: Shakespeare's Dream 3: Sr. Play5 Interclass Debate 2, 35 Kab Staff 4: Arrow Staff 45 "S" Club5 Clubs: Soph., Jr., and Sr. Hi-Y: For- eign Language 2, 35 Conservation 4: Chemistry 3. JOHN LAVINE: Chioir 2, 3: Pres. of Home Room 4: Vice-pres. of Physics Club 45 First Football Squad 4: Shakespeare's Dream 3, 45 Interclass De- bate 25 Thespians 3: Clubs: 'Slide Rule 3, 45 For- eign Language 2, 3: Jr. .and Sr. Hi-Y5 Conserva- tion 3, 4: Taxidermy 3. SHERMAN LAWSON: Salutatorian5 Editor of Kab: Student Council 45 Chairman of Assembly Committee 4: Pres. :of Home Room 25 Pres. of Dramatic Club 45 Senior Play: Shakespear-e's Dream 35 Thespians 35 Quill and Scroll 4: Jr. Academy of Science 3, 4: Clubs: Slide Rule 35 Physics 3: Chemistry 3: Aviation 45 'Soph. and Senior Hi-Y. LORNA LENMARK: Pres. of Home Room 45 Sec'y. .of Sr. Commercial Club5 Clubs: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Jr. and Sr. Commercial. For S. H. S. Participation PAT LESCARBEAU: Pres. of Home Rofom 45 Clubs: Biology 25 GAA 2, 35 Girl Reserves 3. At- tended Portland, Oregon, High School 3. ROBERT LOTT: Homecoming King5 Pres. of Home Room 35 First Football Squad 3, 45 First Basket- ball Team 3, 45 Second Basketball Team, 25 Base- ball Team 2, 3, 45 Shakespeare's Dream 25 Clubs: "S" Club 3, 45 Jr. Hi-Y. DAVID LUTZ: Aviation Club. Attended VVhite Bear High 2, 3. ' GLADYS LUTZ: Clubs: Girl Reserves 25 GAA 25 Math 25 Biology 25 Chemistry 35 Photography 45 Foreign Language 4. MARGARET MCDONOUGH: Homecoming Queen: Sec'y. of Senior Class5 Pres. of Jr. Commercial Club5 Sec'y. of GAA 35 Vice-pres. of Soph. and Sr. Commercial Clubs5 Sr. Play5 Clubs: Biology 25 GAA 2, 3, 45 Commercial 2, 3, 4. RICHARD MCKNIGHT: Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 Baseball Team 45 Clubs: Sr. Hi-Y5 Biology 25 Con- servation5 Aviation 4. DORIS MADSEN: Honor Roll5 Jr. Academy of Science 35 Sec'y. of Girl Reserves 35 Kab Staff 45 Clubs: Eoreign Language 3, 45 Photography 35 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Aviation 3, 4. JACK MAGNUSON: Band 2, 35 Pres. of Conserva- tion Club 45 Pres. of Home Room 25 Vice-pres. of "S" Club 45 First Football Squad 3, 45 Baseball Team 35 Clubs: Biology 2. ROBERT MAJOR: Vice-pres. ,of School 45 Student Council 45 Chairman of Hall and Building Commit- tee 45 Homecoming Committee 3, 45 Choir 3, 45 Sec'y. of Photography Club 45 One Act Play Con- test 35 Jr. Play5 Shakespeare's Dream 2, 3, 45 Fea- ture Editor of Arnow 45 Kab Staff 45 Thespians 35 Clubs: Dramatic 3, 45 Biology 25 Jr. Hi-Y 5 Radio 3. DAVID MAY: Clubs: Biology 25 Aviation 35 Physics 3. HERBERT MICHAELIS: Clubs: Biology 25 Soph., Jr., and Sr. Hi-Y5 FFA 3, 45 Industrial Arts 4. JOE MILLER: First Football Squad 45 Jr. Play5 Clubs: Biology 25 Soph and Jr. Commercial. MAE MILLER: Clubs: Biology 25 Jr. Commercial. TOM MILLER: Pres. of Home Room 25 First Foot- ball Squad 45 Sec'y. of Aviation Club 45 Interclass Athletics 25 Jr. Academy of Science 25 Clubs: Bi- ology 25 Aviation 4. ZITA MILLER: Sec'y.-Treas. of Home Room 45 Na- tional Honor Society5 Honor R0ll5 Jr. Play: Sr. Play5 Shakespeare's Dream Staff 35 Arrow Staff 3, 45 Clubs: Eoreign Language 3, 45 News Writ- ing 3, 45 Dramatic 3, 45 Chemistry 35 Biology 2. HAROLD MOE: Sec'y. of Junior Class5 Choir 3, 45 Shakespeare's Dream Chorus 2, 35 Clubs: Physics 45 Slide Rule 4. Army Air Corps. PEARL M-OELTER: Choir 2, 35 Student Council5 Quill and Scroll 45 Pres. of Home Room 45 Jr. Acad- emy of Science 25 Homecoming Committee 25 Pres. of News Writing Club 35 Shakespeare's Dream 2, 35 Kab Staff 45 Arrow Staff 2, 3, 45 Clubs: Biology 25 Photography5 Girl Reserves5 News VVriting 2, 3, 4. LAVONNE MOEN: Sec'y. of Home Room 35 Choir Program 5 2, 3, 45 Bookstore Committee 45 Pres. of Home Room 25 Shakespeare's Dream Chorus 2, 35 Arrow Staff 45 Clubs: Biology 25 Dramatic 35 Jr. and Sr. Commercial5 Girl Reserves 2, 3. BETTY NELSON: Clubs: Biology 25 Commercial 2, 35 GAA 2, 35 Dramatic 45 Home Ec. 45 Chem- istry 4. LEROY NELSON: Biology Club 2. RUTH NELSON: Dramatic Club 45 Library Club 4. Attended University of Minnesota School of Ag- riculture. LAVONE NICHOLS: Clubs: Biology 25 Home Ec. 35 Jr. and Sr. Commercial. ANN NOLAN: Honor R1oll5 Student Council 35 Treas. of Foreign Language Club 45 Chairman Re- ception Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 45 Jr. Play5 Sr. Play5's Dream Staff 35 Kab Stail' 45 Arrow Staff 3, 45 Clubs: Foreign Lan- guage 2, 3, 45 News Writing 3, 45 Dramatic 3, 45 Chemistry 35 Biology 2. BETTY NOREEN: Student Council 35 Basketball Sales Committee5 Bookstore Committee 45 Shake- speare's Dream Chorus 35 Clubs: Biology 25 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 GAA 2, 3, 45 Jr. and Sr. Com- mercial: Dramatic 35 Photography 4. EARL OLSON: Biology Club 2. MIRIAM PALM: Honor Roll5 Quill and Scroll 45 Choir 25 Student Director Junior Play5 Shake- spe.are's Dream 2, 3, 45 News Editor of Arrow 45 Kab Staff 45 Arrow Staff 2, 35 Junior Academy of Scienw 2, 35 Vice-pres. ,of Home Room 35 Clubs: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 News Writing 2, 3, 45 Chem- istry 45 Dramatic 3, 45 Photography 3, 45 Physics 3. WALTER W. PATRICK: Interclass Athletics 25 Clubs: Biology 25 Aviation 2, 3, 4. BILL PAULEY: Clubs: Biology 25 Chemistry 45 Physics 45 Aviation 3, 45 Conservation 45 Radio 35 Taxidermy 35 Jr. Hi-Y. CAROL PETERSON: Choir 2, 35 Pres. of Fgoreign Language Club 45 Arrow Staff 35 Clubs: Biology 25 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Chemistry 35 Dramatic' 3. ELLEN PETERSON: Clubs: Biology 25 Photog- raphy 45 Jr. and Sr. Commercial5 Home Ec. 2. LOIS PETERSEN: Clubs: Girl Reserves 25 Biology 25 Jr. and Sr. Commercial5 Library 3, 4. MARY ELLEN PETERSON: National Honor Soci- ety5 Chairman of Reception Committee 45 Choir 35 Co-Editor of Arrow 45 Arrow Staff 2, 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Jr. Academy of Science 2, 35 Clubs: Girl Rfeserves 2, 3, 45 Biology 25 News Writing 2, 3, 45 Photography 3, 45 Dramatic 3, 45 Chemistry 35 Foreign language 3, 45 Pen Pals 3. VVILLIAM PRATT: Clubs: Biology 25 Chemistry 35 Slide Rule 35 Physics 45 Aviation 45 Conservation 45 Test Tube 4. CLARA RALEIGH: National Honor Society5 Stu- dent Council 2, 45 Chairman of Lost and Found Committee 25 VVelfare Committee 35 Assembly Cgom- mittee 45 Member of Senior Council5 Pres. of Dra- matic Club 35 Senior Play5 Kab Staff 45 Clubs: Bi- ology 25 Foreign Language 3, 45 Dramatic 3, 45 Photography5 Chemistry 3. JOE RAMEY: Pres. of Junior Class5 Vice-pres. of Taxidermy Club5 First Football Squad 3, 45 First Basketball Team 3, 45 Second Basketball Team 25 Baseball Team 2, 3, 45 Junior Academy of Science 81 I m-....L,-, , 1 ' Varied Extra-Curricular Activities Help 2 3 Clubs Biology 2 Chemistry 4 'S' Club 3 4 Woodworkers Semor H1 Y Conservatron HELEN RICHERT Clubs Bl0l0g'y 2 Jr and Sr Commercial, Photography 3 MAVIS RICHERT Bookstore Comm1ttee 4 Jun1o1 Play, Shakespeare's Dream 2 3 Clubs Blology 2 Glrl Reserves 2 3 4 Jr and Sr Commercial GAA 2 3 Dramatlc 3 4 CONWAY ROSELL Subscr1pt1on Manager of Kab Cho1r 4 Assembly Conmnttee 3 V1ce pres Chem 1stry Club 4 Intelclass Athletlcs 4 Junior Play Senior Play Shakespeares Dream 2 4 Clubs S H1 Y Conserwatlon ROBERT RUDE Second Basketball Team 2 Base ball Team 2 3 4 S' Club 3 4 Biology Club 2 MARION RYDEEN Sec'y of L1brary Club 4 Clubs Chem1stry 3 Physlcs 4 Brology 2 G1rl Re serves 3 4 WAYNE SAARELA Second Basketball Team 2 Track Team 2 Interclass Athlet1cs 2 3 4 One Act Play Contest 3 Clubs Blology 2 Woodworkers, Dramat1c 3 Soph Jr, and Sr H1 Y WESLEY SANDERSON Clubs FFA 2 3 Wood workers 4 DEAN SANFORD Clubs Biology 2 Sloph and Jr H1 Y WALTER SAWYER One Act Play Contest 2 F1rst Football Squad 4 Clubs Bxology 2 Jr and Soph H1 Y Navy HELEN SCHADEGG Honor Roll Qlllu and Scroll 4 Cha1rman of Welfare Clomm1ttee 4 layout Ed1 tor of Kab Shakespeare's Dream Staff 3 Arrow Staff 2, 3, 4, Jumor Academy of Sclence 2 3 Clubs Fore1gn Language 3 4 Chemistry 3 Bl0l0g'y 2 News Wr1t1ng 3, 4 Girl Reserves 2 3 4 PAULA SCHEEL National Honor Society I-Igonor Staff 2 3 4 Tusltala Staff 3 4 Sec'y Treas of Home Room 4 VICE-PICS of Home Room 3 Clubs Biology 2 News Writing 2, 3 Jr and Sr Com merc1al, Gxrl Reserves 3, 4 MARCELLA SCHELL Flnance Commlttee 4 Chou' 2 3 Pres of Home Room 4 Sec'y of Junlor Com merclal Club Interclass Athletlcs 2 3, 4 Arrow Staif 3 Clubs Soph Jr, and Sr Commercial B1 ology 2 GAA 2 3 4 Girl Reserves 4 L1brary 2 Dramatlc 2 MARGUERITE SCHNELL Natlonal Honlor S001 ety Honor Roll Bookstore Commlttee 2 3 4 Clubs Soph and Sr Commercial Photography L1 brary 2 3 Bnology 2 Pen Pals 3 MYRON SCULLEN F1rst Football Squad 4 Sec ond Basketball Team 2 Golf Team 2 3 4 Clubs Biology 2 Sllde Rule 3 Av1at1on 4 Conservatlon 4, Physlcs 4 BILL SEVERSON Band 2 Track Team 3 Navy PATRICIA SHELLEY Honor Roll Cho1r 2 3, 4 Shakespeare's Dream 3 Kab Staff 4 Arnow Staff 2 3 4 Clubs News Writing 2 3 4 F0r0lgn Lan guage 2 3 4 Chemlstry 3 B1ology 2 Photography 3 G1rl Reserves 4 Dramatlcs 3 JEWEL SHERRARD Cho1r 2, 3, Interclass Ath letns 2 3 4 Clubs Bxology 2 Correspondence 35 GAA 2 3, 4 Sr Commerclal ROBERT SKRAMSTAD Clubs Blology 2- Jr. Hi- Y Woodworkers Photography Radio GEORGE SMITH Natlonal Honor SOCIGIY' Honor Roll Student Councll 4 Chairman of Noon Hour Commlttee 4 Vice pres iof Senior Class- Junior Play Senior Play Interscholastlc Debate 3, 4: In- terclass Debate 2 3 4 Arrow Staff 4- Junior Academy of Sclence 3 Clubs Soph Jr and Sr. H1 Y Biology 2 PhySlCS 3 Av1at1on 4 Debate 4. J AMES SMITH Related Occupations Coursey Chief Interests Baseball Hockey Skating Rowling, and Huntlng RUTH SMITH Pres of Home Econom1cs Club 4 3 Clubs Sr Commerc1al G1rl Reserves 4 Attended Redwood Falls Hlgh School 2 Southwest High School Mmneapqohs, 3 SALLY SOMIVIERS Student Council 2 Chairman of Welfare Commlttee 2 R8C6ptl0n Committee 39 Band 2 3 4 Jr COUHCII One Act Play Contest 25 Junlor Play Sen1or Play Kab Staff 4 Clubs: Bi- ology 2 Eorelgn Language 3 4 Dramatic 3, 43 Photography 4 Chemlstry 3 MARILYN STEINECK Bookstore Committee 43 Choir 2 3 4 Clubs Girl Reserves 3 4 Jr. Dra- matlc 3 Biology 2 Chemlstry 4 Sr Commercial. VVILLIAM STEVENS Clubs B1oli0gy 2 Foreign Language 3 Av1at1on 4 FFA 4 Conservation 4. MARILYN STRAND Nat1onal Honor Society: Honor Roll Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 3 4- Clubs: Bl0l0gy 2 Pen Pals 3 Fore1gn Language 3, 4: Dramatlc 3 4 JERRY SULLIVAN Second Basketball Team 2: Interclass Athletlcs 2 3 Clubs Biology 23 Phys1cs 3 LAURETTA SULLIVAN Sec'y of Soph Commer- c1al Club Clubs Biology 2 Soph Jr , and Sr. Com- merc1al Pen Pals 3 DELMON THOMPSON Chairman of Scenery Com- mxttee 4 Scenery Commxttee 2 3 Chlo1r 2 35 Pres. of Home Room 2 Flrst Football Squad 3 4: First Basketball Team 2 3 4 Baseball Team 2- Clubs: Biology 2 Jr H1Y "S" Club 2 3 4 MARY JEAN THOMZPSON Band 2 3 4- Orches- tra 2 3, 4 Sha,kespeare's Dream Staff 33 Arrow Staff 2 4 Clubs Photography 4 Blology 25 Dra- matlc 3 Soph Commercial Foreign Language 2, 3 4 Chemlstry 3 News Wrltmg 2 4 Girl Re- serves 2 IAMES THUESON School Electrlcian- Student Councll 3 Jr Academy of Science 4- Honor Roll: Charrman of Vell Commlttee 4 One Act Play Con- test 3 Pres of Senior Class Pres of Radio Club 3 V1ce pres of Photography Club Shakespeare's Dream 4 Clubs Sr Hi Y Av1at1on 4- Dramatics 4. MARY JANE UTECHT Shakespeare's Dream Cho- rus 2 3 Pres of the Art Club Clubs: Library 3 4 GAA 2 3 Bl0l0g'y 2 HELEN VOLKERT Choir 2 Girl's Basketball 2, 3 Student Manager lof K1ttenball Team 2 35 Clubs: Commerclal Home Economlcs Attended Rose- mount Hlgh School 2, 3 . . ' , ' . 4 1 ' . ' 1 . - ' . 1 1 - , 1 1 1 ' 9 Y 1 ' I 1 1 - 1 4 ' ' ' ' ' . . ' . g 3 ' ' I I , q I I 9 - , . . 1 - . 1 I 1 1 ' - 1 ' . ' 1 I I ' ' ' 1 ! I I- 5 . . . ' , . . . y , . , , Q s , Q 1 , , F . . ' 5 , ' 1 ' 1 , I . I . , 5 , . 1 1 v . . ' ' 3 A 1 . ' . . ' ' i i '1 '1 . ' .' . ' ' 3 I 3 9 . 1 . . 1 1 1 ' . 7 . 1 " 1 ' 1 Y 1 ' r' A ' I ' . 1 ' ' ' ' , 1 ' 1 1 1 . 5 - I , ac 1 . ' - 1 1 , 1 1 ' ' I' I I . 1 - : . w . I . I I , V y ' 1 1 1 ' , 1 1 1 I 0 I I 5 ' . ' . . , 5 1 ' 1 1 . ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 A , , , . , , I 1 I 1 , I 1 1 , ., . . " . : , Q I I 4 : . . . . , , - - 1 . I ' I 0 . I , , - I 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , , , , . I . I . I .I , , , . . . 1 y . ' ' 1 1 . ' . - ' . ' ' A 7 I , . N, . - ' - . 1 ' I 1 I . i 1 1 I 1 , 1 , I . I I I . I , ' - I . 1 1 ' , - . . , , 7 ' 7 1 , 1 5 5 . : . . ' . ' ' ' 1 1 S - - 1 1 1 1 , ' , ' 1 ' . Rollg Bookstore Comm1ttee 35 Kab Staff 45 Arrow . , . , . . ' . , 5 - 1 'v ' 1 1 , , , - . . I . ' I , 1 ' . ' ' 1 ' ' 1 . ' 0 - . I 1 , . . , I ' 1 I 1 I ' , ' I ' Q 1 a , ' , - I . ,, 1 1 1 1 7 . 7 , ' . '- 1 I I . 1 1 1 1 1 - , . . ' ' ' 1 '.. , . ., . . , I I 0 ' I ' I ' ! 7 I 1 1 1 1 , , . ' 1 K ' I I 0 U ' 1 I , 1 1 - I ' . 1 I I ' 0 O . . - . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' Y Y . . I . , 5 - . I 1 I S 0 , 1 I , . I . . - ' I ' ' 1 , I I y 1 , . - ' I 1 I 1 1 1 - 1 1 L I ' I 1 1 1 i - 1 ' . , - . ' 1 ' ' 1 1 I ' - U . . 1 ' ' 1 1 1 - 5 1 I 1 1 ' . , 1 ' 1 1 1 1 , - 1 1 . I . , ' Y I I P 1 i 1 1 ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 Q " 1 ' , ' , I ' n 1 1 1 , , 1 1 I . I . I . , , - , 1 I . , , - ' I , ' . . 1 'alia .U ni -472, "f"'L'1 ., ,,1 . I , . .,, , ,- X . , -1... 1 '- 'I '--1 - m ',.s,:.41.af1. au.Aa1nm.a.,..1.1,1a-,S,.L. fa1.....11....,. W' Develop Gooci Future American Citizens GRAYCE WALL: Clubs: Foreign Language 2, 3, 45 Pen Pals 33 Chemistry 3g Physics 4. ALYCE WESTPHAL: Clubs: Soph., Jr., and Sr. Commercialg Photography 3, 45 Biology 25 Girl Re- serves 4. GEORGE WHALEN: Track Team 2, 35 Interscho- lastic Debate 3, 45 Interclass Debate 3. JOE WHEELER: Band 2, 39 Clubs: Biology 2g Cor- nespondence5 Woodworkers5 Radio. l RICHARD WHITE: Honor Roll: Vice-pres. of Slide Rule Club 45 Arrow Staif 45 Kab Staif 45 Clubs: Biology 25 Jr. Hi-Yg Photography 4. DONALD WILMES: Baseball Team 45 Pres. of "S" Club 45 First Football Squad 3, 45 Second Basket- ball Team 2g Interclass Athletics 3, 4g Clubs: Bi- ology 2: "S" Club 3, 4. MARJORIE YOUNGQUIST: Bookstore Committee 45 Choir 3g Sec'y. of Foreign Ianguage 45 Junior Play5 Kab Staff 45 Arrow Staif 4g Clubs: Foreign Language 2, 3, 4, Biology 25 Dramatic 3. 83 Y' 4? YM' 'f 'I' ' A ---Mn. W, K A L X , ,.W,,,,,,,,s,,m, -V--vK' 4 MW up ,-1 Y, W. , 4",""' "" -ffm-M-W ,WM Y As ' I IA "W"-.A -w..,.wru,.-..,..,. ,,,.,.,.,, ,, WWW- vm W' W wmv W 912 Please Write a Line . Q MM MK' CWM, ? and Q , WWW 9262! QQ My Xf 52 WM L., X ij E Mm Egg? Ei SX Wfww n f S4 r - , Q . .v .4......,....,.A, ., .....,..- .,.. M,,,AWA-MALL M AXAI HM Mwnlumn W xl WW! Q 7 fx f

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