Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN)

 - Class of 1939

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Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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YY , ,,,,,,,, W., ,, . , D 3x wr n 1 V N , 1 n 5 . f FL I .. A Z 3' 31 f '- Z 5 'Y' '-,.,.?,gh,1-32 ,H ,i-5:1 ri! L1 f.,f- , Fiji 2 N- W -- fr' N. . ,Y 'R fi- 5 , W N F 5 A 1 .L-fkii-3f'K'g,i'f,f i,"7"ffw, UM: 'l -JM 'v ' ?P' :L:,U 2. I JY Ei: -f fr ' V " gf?--l.Q.,! ' Ai 'N ' f-4. 11- . ' 'I 1-,rr , : ,,, ,L . gy ' wvukl' -5 1 V ' 4 9 7 5? ff A 6 1' 'wifi G 4 ff f f ' , if 3 ,K i m ' fi ' f , !q.i 5, rg-My I 'A' ffl aaiizg A W V- 7 '11 -' 4 ' A ' ' ' 1 ?':t .-- ,S " H , " Tv'-5' " V J' 4 3 ,Mf ,f 4 H 'Q ' N. f f9'W.,af1' I ' 1 - 1 'A 1 , ff - ' .. -, f, fm". ff?ff'f.. 4 w 122-' A. ISM .-as 1 , when .. , , .5 , . , , .. .. . fc af? -S sl LA f A f 1' 6511145332 33" 32' ' A , , . 7 ' if i-rT"ff-fi r ' ,- fs'5 2f 1 Qgk: ,. .. -X- -, ' , - ' F-lg f-. 1 5'-is - - " 1 . no 1 - C , ,.. ff 54:4 , 51,1-fs ,, .,q'5.r:g1',f M 3 ' '1-"" 'Z -.. 51.3" '. as 1.1 "if,-.E 'Na xx - f' A ,gi - A 4- , Y my 39:5 liz' , Yer ,. S, W .,,-"'f'51-swf? 4-H--M1 ea--4, , V -fb- wk 1 i ff rv, V 1 if ,Al EL T: PM fiwasgg, 41,64 -...,., .i ,N ,T,. E L., -fr .Y YI, ,,,,,, ,, , , fn, .Hom the pmelrmds of north, we .S't. mils cmd shall eternally roll the -city of the ' Kabekonia.'y -BD I The Kabekonian published by The Senior Class oi 1939 Stillwater High School Stillwatezg Minnesota Don Swisher . . ..... Editor Gerald Leander . . Advertising Mgr. Marillyn Nelson . . Circulation Mgr. Miss Beth Bishop ..... Adviser 1 i i Dedication Mr. Peter Rhyn, our diligent engineer and chief custodian, who, for these past years has taken the best care of our buildings in .all phases, heating, air conditioning, and general repair., But it is not only for this unceasing service and tireless ef- fort that the senior class wishes to dedicate this annual to him, but also for something more valuable, a friendly smile, a hearty handshake, and a helping hand to all. 2 1-F-F Foreword 'zz iv IDING across the sea of time for the past four years, the ship of student life in Stillwater High School has had nothing but clear sailing. Perhaps no other four years in the life of each student will ever be so easy, nor will such blue water ever skim past the prow. Squalls will rise, a sail or a mast may be carried away, thunder may Hash in the rig- ging, and the finest of seamanship will be required to avoid the Whirlpools which lie in the path of the future. These four years have been design- ed to teach that same seamanship, and, when the vessel finally lies with its hull stove in on the rocks of fate, although the gods have unleashed all the furies at it, never let it be said that the stalwart ship ever was becalmed. 3 GUI' Schools New Junior High School Built by Paul Steenberg Con- struction Company, National Bank Bldg. St. Paul, Minn. BELOW- Juuior High Doorway ABOVE- ' Domestic Science Building In Memo1'jam -Courtesy Stillwater Gazette Mr. Andrew I. Holm 1857-1939 It is with heartfelt regret that the school re- cords the loss of Mr. Holm who, for the past forty two years, had served faithfully and untiringly on the School Board of the City of Stillwater. Indeed the Senior Class of this year is for- tunate in being one of the many Whose diplomas bear Mr. Holm's signature, and in Whose minds will remain the memory of his courteous manner and kindly counteance. ' psf ..,,..L?i-,A,i . -Courtesy Stillwater Gazette The mighty Saint Croix, river of moods- now splashing and running white, now slowly but inevitably moving to the south. Long may you bear your ships safely to port. 5 W " F. 5-.Ez .. ,-,. M mfr - K f - '- A "E if-'E E . ,fffxf , , 'Q "' 'Q ,A -gf. X ' ,W ' - 131'-' L' ,ws ' . Af g,.f,f4a:,1, :. .af4:+:g wi f :egg-'.::fz'JY r ' ,fr ,If '- ' . .:j5. ' Y ,. lg yi, .. i I H. ,f ,. 'gl 1 , , , .-, ',4, . J p h i., Y ,P X -1 . 5XKf3 - ' ,, Y fifgffgfqg 4"'rr if a S .KX , H E, J1,!. li ... X .-Qlii?-4,1 , H .1 ' -, ' , - ' N-faq 'Wm---t- . ,Wg 'F f f -J 4 -F1-1-2 : . 4.,- Eff f . n 4. .iifef ' Q' 'im - " x ' '- , E - fi?-'J '3- fseig! - X 'ff-ff? 1 lx Q7 Milf -rs-1 a xx ' - EL - Q i f 'ff-f'.r ff li '- g : ' fx Q " .-W' ' NN? 7+ ' uf f 4 L-mi ' Q-1' '-.f S " , 'wdfi zx ' - ff- ' -A -, ' f - ' fmnf fer : iss! ' I , -- V .q, f f "'-v'-ff',-- , ,rg 'g , 'M N1- Z, ,li R I' 7 r , ' 4L....-ig: W ij-M Qjffiffyaf ,E 2 X' ' ' Q ff- ' -f ', .. "1 , 'ifff2f-4L.,.:""4,gf A 5 V K f V . - A f f fx. ' . E Ei -V.. ' gf - 1 I fa 'Q ,X 'Eg F 9 ,f. .ml . iff. f tg V - f - ff f -ff ' xg X- 'X gn,-ay, ' i f ' j' fl , .' E ' - f Q I-55f5f9f'5:T T ! ' " :W ' f"' E 1 ,G G N' 1,2 Ji W ' I , X 1, 1 ' M: 91--J Y "Qs-aa! ' ',.,, V RL -m:!?:A"' i ' I' v '-f I fl- . ,' f ' - s , ,, ,J +x . f H, H ail?" "A' fd ' 14 Tig ' 3 fig '. - R XY ki J E' X , R f And true it is that the ship off Student Iffe can not sail Wifhouf its officers: M NIST U. -.f af..- l. 5. Superintendent Smith Mr. Madden, Pres 5-1 7 D, stops reading a letter to pose for the photograph- l er . . . Joyce checks the daily reports. Mr. Holm, Clerk Betty makes out an ab- sence report . . . Prin- Mr. Robertson, Treas. Cjpal Kuhlman signs his daily corres- Mr. Englm, Vice pres. Mrs. Tolen, Director pondence. ,r gk . fr BEL Ma 1-9- Bfshon, P dence D X LEFT- School Nurse Miss Madden shows Marion how to repair a damaged finger. OXSODQ i di Xvefson' r,ef-' . Ga ' e i M H099 , ref sibowmerciax De C019 Kit Lysges W e ' Costeuo Sf Becl, en, W11 S011 dustriag and BELOWN In ments: C H9'T1e Ec e . Q affeffy, Lies Onomics De F Dart- abel, Burmeistep LEFT- Social Science Department: Rorman, son, Burns, Iverson Kallestad Robbins RIGHT- Physical Education Department: Meffert, Lindholm LEFT BELOW- Custodians, Skramstad, Larson, h Lee, Lund Salmore BELOW- Miss Gottry Librarian Music and Fine Arts: Bastien, Fairchild, Granquist sit LEFT- Language Department: standing- Isacson, Foster, Nolan, Blackmore, Almen, Colby Seated--Gower, Tourtellot, Kriesel, Pozzini 'Read the recipe," says Miss Febel .... Mr. Beck super- vises some physics experi- ments. "Herman", the skeleton, gets a workout in Biology .... Cafeteria at noon . . . Miss Tourtellot writes a French sentence for her 5th hour class. gb. Mr. Beck cautions a chemistry lab class Everybody busy in the library . . . vigil? J Noon hour in the cafeteria . . . Miss Witt supervises a time test Miss McShane explains a knotty prob- lem . . . Last years Prom . . . meeting of the board of publications settles a "Tusitala" question . . . Kab work in the Kab of- fice. P Ex? If 1,1 x.f7. ""---A V ' I I wif - - f If . . -, ' , 'IW-I, 1 l ' 1" ' ffw' E: Q 'N ' if . - fQ " ii-I f JU, I if? wbv' If ' , V ll f . lily XX' xy i 1 5 I Q " 'a 1 If Q iff, I , i f l ' , 127 fl , ' f f r px :fy Q I 1 ! li - ,V i. 1? Q r . gQ,3.:Lfnj x f kl aff 'I f , X 415 2 ERLSUN .QX" x A if sf .51 " And from the school ship' will .come ho shall make all porfs of ca!! adventure ISW ClASSES Officers , Q ' , M: ,. ' 3 . f fl- f'l""Vf1 llhfil " i 1 . :gases eggs Y: :V , ef ,Ui "t 'iii . . -A 1 v 57 .nzfv- g - -,xi-5.7 . !.- , std'-:fri-a gk ' , , Q Ftgftz.-',:1gr E1 f ' ' .' , N :-- ff 2 V ,ij a .17 'V 14" ' -. , - Standing: Gerald Leander. Judith Nelson Seated: gzirillyrlrwil Nelson, Elmer Johnson. Clemens Johnson, X 0' 'H C 61:1 1 ICC Inset: Miss Ann Isacson Activities A notable Senior class, from many aspects one of the most notable ever to graduate. It is the largest ever to leave Stillwater High School, 161 in all, and likewise one of the ,most suc- cessful. Dramatics, in the form of the Junior three act play, "The Garden of the Moon," and the Senior three act, "Growing Pains," were of the highest calibre. The former was a rather seri- ous production, the proceeds from which went to finance the Junior-Senior prom, and the latter was a hilarious farce declared by all to be one of the best. Funds from the latter helped to satisfy the long-felt need of an electric score- board for the gymnasium. The Crazy Day theme was that of characters from fiction, and many a sense of humor ex- panded to its fullest on that day. The Senior party was not the success that it usually is, but it was, however, a financially sound venture, in that expenses were recouped. Senior Class, a four year Voyage completed . 7,41 Har 1 iet Anderson Helen Anderson Muriel Anderson Rodney Anderson Helen Andrewsen Bette Antonson Phyllis Asmus George Bancroft Mal I8 Beaudet Byron Beers Lois Berg Robert Leland Berger Donald Berggren Junior Blech Worth Bloom Brassard Elizabeth Brochman Marion Broecker Kathleen Brown John Burns Corrine Carlson Donald Carlson Richard Ca1lson M11 garet Cassanova DeLila Cates Keith Clements Doreen Cole HARRIET ANDERSON--Librarian 3. 45 Pres. Home Room 35 Shakespeare's Dream 35 Staff of Arrow 45 Member of Standing Committee 45 Bookstore Committee 45 G. A. A. 15 Music Club 3. 45 Honor Society 45 Honor roll. HELEN ANDERSON-Librarian 1. 35 Pres. Home Room 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Shakespeares Dream 3, 45 G. A. A. 15 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Choir 4. MURIEL ANDERSON-Student Council 45 Home Economics Club 25 Crchestra 2, 3. 45 Pres. Home Room 15 Shakespeare's Dream 35 Staff of Arrow 45 Bookstore Committee 45 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Honor Society 45 Honor roll. RODNEY ANDERSON-Commercial Club 1. 2. 35 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Math. Club 4. HELEN ANDREWSEN--Home Economics Club 15 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3. 45 Shakes1Jeare's Dream 25 Girl Reserves 45 Music Club 4. BETTE ANTONSON-Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club 2, 35 Math. Club 45 Librarian 45 Member of Standing Committee 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3. PI-IYLLIS ASMUS-AHome Economics Club 3. 45 Girl Reserves 35 Foreign Language Club 3. 4. GEORGE BANCROFT--Hi-Y Club 15 Math. Club 1. 2. 3. 45 Pres. Home Room 1: Reporter for Arro 2. 3' L G t ' -' ' 5 - ' w , os aos 3. 4, Ihyslcs Club 2, Radio Club 2. MARIE BEAUDET-Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 45 Math. Club 1, 2. 35 Girl Reserves 1, 25 French Club 3. 4. BYRON BEERS-Commercial Club 1, 2, 3. 45 Science Club 15 Biology Club 2. ' LOIS BERG-Commercial Club 3, 45 Treasurer of Class fHuclsonl5 G. A. A. 1 1Hudsonl5 Glee Club 1. 2 fHudsonj. ROBERT BERG-Declamatory Contest 1, 25 Student Cox "1 3' Ch incl , emistry Club 35 H1-Y Club 1. 25 Thespians 45 One-act Play Contest 2. 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Staff of Arrow 45 Member of Standing Committee 35 Los Gatos 3, 45 Physics Club 45 Honor Society 4. LELAND BERGER-"S" Club 2. 3, 45 Hi-Y Club 1. 25 President Home Room 1, 25 Second Basketball Team 3. 45 Track Team 2. 35 Interclass Athletics 1. 2. 3, 45 Chairman of Scenery Committee 45 Los Gatos 3. 4. DONALD BERGGREN-v"S" Club 3. 45 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 First Basketball Team 3, 45 Interclass Athletics 1, 2, 3. . JUNIOR BLECH-Thespians 45 Artist 45 Shakespeare's Dream Stall' 3, 45 Tusitala Stafl' 45 Radio Club 15 Board of Publications. WORTH BLOOM-"S" Club 3. 45 Student Council 1. 35 Hi-Y Club 25 Thespians 45 First Football Squad 3. 45 Interclass Athletics 25 One-act Play Contest 35 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Play 45 Shakespea1'e's Dream 2, 3. 45 Member ol' Standing Committee 2, 3. 45 Los Gatos 3. 45 Physics Club 2. ' JANE BRASSARD-Chemistry Club 45 Librarian 35 G. A. A. 1, 2. 3, 45 Girl Reserves 3. 4. ELIZABETH BR.0CIiMAN-Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club 2. 35 Shakespeares Dream Staff 45 President of Club 45 Girl Reserves 3, 4. MARION BROECKER-Declamatory Contest 45 Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club 1. 25 Math. Club 1. 25 Sec'y. of Club 45 G. A. A. 1. KATHLEEN BROWN-Science Club 15 Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club Math. Club 2, 35 Librarian 3. 45 G. A. A. l, 25 Physics Club 4. 1. 25 JOHN BURNS-Hi'Y Club 1. 2: Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 35 One-act Play Contest 15 Shakespeards Dream 1. 2. 35 Shakespeare's Dream Staff 45 Glee Club 15 Choir 1. 35 Camera Club 1. CORINNE CARLSON-Chemistry Club 35 Orchestra 25 Statl' of Arrow 45 G. A. A. 25 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Choir 45 Foreign Language Club 2. DONALD CARLSON-"S" Club 3. 4: Talent Club 35 Artist 1. 2, 3, 45 Pres. Home Room 25 First Football Squad 2. 3. 45 Shakespeares Dream Stufl' 3. 45 Staff of Kab 3, 45 Staff of Arrow 3, 45 Tusitala Stal? 2, 35 Los Gatos 3, 4. RICHARD CARLSON-Chemistry Club 35 President Home Room 15 First Football Squad 45 Any Other Squad 2. 35 Iuterclass Athletics 25 Physics Club 4. MARGARET CASSANOVA-Commercial Club 1. 2. 3. 45 Librarian 3. 45 Book- store Committee 45 Honor roll. DE LILA CATES-Commercial Club 1, 2, 35 Biology Club 25 G. A. A. 1. 2, 3. 4. KEITH CLEMENTS-"S" Club 45 Chemistry Club 35 Hi-Y Club 1, 25 First Football Squad 3. 45 One-act Play Contest 2. 45 Staff of Arrow 45 Member of Standing V Committee 3. 45 Member of Special Committee 25 Los Gatos 3, 4. DOREEN COLEfChemistry Club 45 Interclass Athletics 1. 2. 45 Slmkespeares 13 Dream 1. 25 G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 45 Girl Reserves 3. 45 Camera Club 1. lil Nancy Comfort Joseph Cover Mabel Cronk Margaret Cronlx David Croonquist Margaret Cutler John Dahl Gordon Daniels Jerry Davis Archie Dilley Helen Ebne Lorraine Ecker Rosemary Eichten Bruce Erickson Esther Erickson Lillian Erlitz Marie Ertle Anita Fenske Lee Fretland Doris Garavalin Jack Garbe Viola Gelford Glenn Goggin Luella Grady Marjorie Graham Donald Groth Norman Grunke Reinhold Guse NANCY COMFORT-Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Home Economics Club 1, 25 Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club 1. 25 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Tusitala Stall' 1. 3. 45 Physics Club 45 Academy of Science 45 Foreign Language Club 3, 45 Honor Society 45 Honor roll. JOSEPH COVER--Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 45 Math. Club 2. 3. MABEL CRONKfSciencc Club 15 Biology Club 35 Home Economics Club 35 Latin Club 1. 25 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3', 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. MARGARET CRONK-Commercial Club 1. 2. 35 Biology Club 25 G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 45 Girl Reserves 45 Glee Club 1. 25 Choir 1, 25 Home Economics Club 4. DAVID CROONQUIST-Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Math. Club 2. 3, 45 Second Basketball Team 3, 45 Interclass Athletics 1, 2.. 3. 45 Interclass Track Team 15 Los Gatos 3. 45 Physics Club 45 Honor Society 4. MARGARET CUTLER-Declalnatory Contest 2, 45 Science Club 15 Latin Club 3, 45 Math. Club 1. 25 Librarian 35 Secy. of Club 4: G. A. A. 25 Girl Reserves 3. 45 Physics Club 25 Glee Club 25 Choir 2. 45 Music Club 45 Honor roll. JOHN DAHL-Science Club 1: Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 3: Hi-Y Club 1, 25 Physics Club 45 Glee Club 1. 2. 35 Choir 3. GORDON DANIELS-"S" Club 45 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Hi-Y Club 15 Math. Club 1, 25 First Football Squad 45 Any Other Squad l, 2. 35 Physics Club 4. JERRY DAVIS-National Honor Society 3, 45 Declamatory Contest 1,45 Student Coun- cil 2. 35 Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club 1. 25 Hi-Y Club 1. 25 Thesvians 45 Baud 1, 2. 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3. 45 Math. Club 25 Senior Class Play 45 Shakes1Jeare's Dream 1. 25 Reporter for Arrow 1. 2. 3. 45 Chairman of Yell Committee 3. 45 Pres. of Club 3. ARCI-IIE DILLEY-Commercial Club lg Science Club 15 Biology Club 15 Chemistry Club 35 Track Team 35 Intercluss Athletics 35 Physics Club 4. HELEN EBNE-Commercial Club 15 Science Club 15 Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club 2, 35 Math. Club 45 Pres. Home Room 45 Shakespeare's Dream 25 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. LORRAINE ECKER-Commercial Club 1. 2. 45 Science Club l5 Biology Club 25 Girl Reserves 3. ROSEMARY EICHTEN-Commercial Club 1. 2, 3. 45 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Shakesnearcfs Dream Staff 15 Bookstore Committee 3. 45 G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 45 Girl Reserves 35 School Bookkeeper 45 Honor Society 45 Honor roll. BRUCE ERICKSON---Declamatory Contest 1. 3. 45 "S" Club 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Thespians 45 Pres. Home Room 25 First Football Squad 2, 3. 45 Interclass Athletics 1. 25 One-act Play Contest 2. 3. 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Shakespeare's Dream 3, 45 Reporter for Arrow 2. 3. 45 Los Gatos 3, 45 Physics Club 45 Chess Club 4. ESTHER ERICKSON-Declamatory Contest 25 G. A. A. 3. LILLIAN ERLITZ-Commercial Club 15 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Math. Club 2, 3. 45 G. A. A. 15 Glee Club 1. MARIE ERTLE-Commercial Club 45 Science Club 15 Biology Club 2. ANITA FENSKE-Commercial Club 15 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 3: Latin Club 2. 3. LEE FRETLAND-Commercial Club 45 'Biology Club 25 Math. Club 1, 2. DORIS GARAVALIA--Commercial Club 2. 35 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Home Economics Club 15 G. A. A. 1. JACK GARBE-Science Club 1: Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 3. VIOLA GELFORD-Commvrcial Club 15 Science Club 15 Biology Club 23 Home Economics Club 25 Librarian 45 Tusitalu Stall' 25 Bookstore Committee 45 G. A. A. 1. 2. 35 Glee Club 15 Honor roll. GLEN GOGGIN-Commercial Club 15 Physics Club 45 Math. Club 1, 2. 35 Science Club 15 Chemistry Club 3. LUELLA GRADY--Commercial Club 45 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Home Economics Club 1. 25 Yell Leader 45 G. A. A. 2. 35 Girl Reserves 3. 4. MARJORIE GRAHAM-Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Latin Club 25 Math. Club 45 G. A. A. 1. 2. 35 Glee Club 1. DONALD GROTH-"S" Club 3. 4: Commercial Club 35 Science Club 15 Biology Club 2: First Football Squad 45 First Basketball Team 3, 45 Second Basketball Team 15 Track Team 1. 2. 3, 45 Interclass Athletics 1. 2. 3. 4. Interclass Truck Team 1. 2. 3, 4. NORMAN GRUNKE-Commercial Club 1. 2. 3, 45 Science Club 15 Biology Club 2. REINHOLD GUSEf-Commercial Club 1. 2. 35 Science ClubV15 Biology, Club 25 Second Basketball Team 3, 45 Interclass Athletics 1. 2, 35..Golf Team '1. 2- 3: 15 Vice-president of Club 3. V King Hall Myrtle Hammergren Betty Hart Helen Hecht Carol Herbert Ruth Holtorf Marian Huestis Glenn Ingersoll Betsymay Jensen Anne Johnson Clemens Johnson Deloris Johnson Elmer Johnson Frances Johnson Lucille Johnson Neal Johnson Verlie Mae Johnson Gwenyth Jones Kathleen Jones Kathryn Judd Vacil Kalinoff Phyllis Keene Delbert Kendrick Mary Kent Robert Kilpatrick Winifred Kimker Seigfried Koch Melvin Kollancler KING HALL-Hi-Y Club 1. 29 President Home Room 19 Interclass Athletics 1, 2. 39 Shakes1Jeare's Dream 49 Physics Club 29 Choir 4. MYRTLE .HAMMERGREN-Girls G1 Cl ee ub 2. 3. 49 Mixed Choir 1. 2. 3. 4: Girls Triple Trio 39 Archery Club 29 Dramatic Club 2. 39 Music Club 49 Operctta 49 President Reading Club 1. fActivities in 1. 2. 3 done at Hudson.J B ETTY HART-Pianist 2. 3. 49 Shakespeare's Dream 39 Shakespeares Dream Staff 2. 39 G. A. A. 1, 2. 3. 49 Choir 49 Music Club 3. 4. HELEN IIECHT-Home Economics Club 29 G. A. A. 19 Girl Reserves 3. 4 Glee Club 1. 2. 3. CAROL 1-IERBERTeStudent Council 19 Library Staff 49 Girl Reserves 3. 4. RUTH HOLTORF-Biology Club 29 Home Economics Club 29 Girl Reserves 4. MARIAN HUESTIS-Band 49 Orchestra 1. 2, 3. 49 Math. Club 49 Shakespeare's Dream 19 Secy. of Club 39 G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 49 Girl Reserves 3. 4. GLENN INGERSOLL-Science Club 19 Biology Club 29 Math. Club 19 lutor- class Athletics 1. . BETSYMAY JENSEN-Band lj Interclass Athletics 1. 2. 3. 4: G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 49 Girl Reserves 3. 4. AN .., 1 . 9 ath. Club 49 G. A. A. 2. 3. 49 Girl Reserves. NE JOHNSON-Biology Club 9' Chemistry Club 3 M CLEMENS JOHNSON-National Honor Society 3. 49 Declamatory Contest 2. 39 "S" Club 49 Student Council 2. 3 4' Hi-Y Cl b 1 " ' ' - 9 - . , u 9 lhespians 49 First Football Squad 3. 49 Second Basketball Team 39 One-act Play Contest 1. 39 Junior Play 39 Shake- sneare's Dream 2 3' Inter schol istic. D b t 1 ' . , -. 2: ' e a c . 2: Stati' of Arrow 2. 39 Pres. ol Student Council 49 Vice-pres. of Sr. Class 49 Member of Senior Council 49 Los Gatos 2. 3. 49 Ch"' ' 12 ' - ' ' anman Reception Committee. ' DELORIS JOHNSON-Interclass Athlvtics 1. 2. 3. 49 Reporter for Arrow 4' Secv. ofClub4'G A A12 3 , . . . . . . 4: Girl Reserves 3. 49 Physics Club 2:'1'iJO11C1' Society 49 Honor roll. ELMER JOHNSON-"S" Club 3. 49 First Football Squad 3. 49 Second Basketball Team 49 Interclass Athletics 1. 2, 3, 49 Interclass Track Team 1. 29 Member of Standing Committee9 President of Senior Class9 Member of Senior Council9 President of Club9 Los Gatos 3, 4. FRANCES JOHNSON-Orchestra 39 Librarian 3. 49 Shalcespearrfs Dream Stali' 3, 49 Stall' of Kab 49 Reporter for Arrow 49 Vice-pres. of Club 49 G. A. A. 19 Choir 4. LUCILLE JOHNSON-G. A. A. 1. 2. 39 Girl Reserves 39 Glue Club 1. 2. 39 Choir 3. NEAL JOHNSON-Declamatory Contest Staff l. 2. 3: Junior Contest 19 Band 49 Orchestra 49 One-act Play Play Stafl' 39 Shakes9Jeare's Dream Staff 2. 39 Physics Club 49 Politics Club 39 Glee Club 1. 2. 39 Choir 3. 4. VERLIE MAE JOHNSON-Commercial Club 3. 49 Biology Club 29 Girl Reserves 4. GWENYTH JONES-Talent Club 4' Cl ' , xemlstry Club 49 Shalcesneards Dream 49 Reporter for Arrow 1. 29 Tusitala Staif 3. 49 Girl Reserves 3. 49 Physics Club 49 Glee Club 1. 3. 4: Choir 1. 3, 4. KATHLEEN JONES-National Honor Society 3. 49 Student Council 2. 3. 49 Latin Club 1. 29 President Home Room 19 Senior Play 49 Chairman of Finance Com. 49 Member of standing com. 2, 3. 49 President of Jr. Class 39 Member of .Junior Council 39 Secy. of Club 39 Girl Reserves 3. 49 Physics Club 49 Glee Club 1. 2, 39 Choir 3. 49 Honor roll. KATHRYN JUDD-Commercial Club 49 Shakespeare's Dream 2. 3. 49 Book- store Committce 49 G. A. A. 49 Choir 2. 3. 4. VACIL KALINOFF-Hi-Y Club 1, 29 Band 1, 2. 3. 49 Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 49 Reporter for Arrow 1, 49 Physics Club 49 Jr. Academy of Science 3. 4. PIIYLLIS KEENE--Member of Junior Council 39 Bookstore Committee 3. 4: G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. DELBERT KENDRICKfStudeut Council 29 Chemistry Club 39 Math. Club 1. 2. 3. MARY KENT-Chemistry Club 39 Senior Play 49 G. A. A. 1, 2. 39 Choir 4. ROBERT KILPATRICK-National Honor Society 3. 49 Declamatory Contest 1. 2. 3, 49 Student Council 29 Science Club 19 Chemistry Club 39 Latin Club 2. 39 Hi-Y Club 1. 29 Band 39 Math. Club 1, 2, 39 Interscholastic Debate 3. 49 Interclass Debate 1. 29 Member of Special Com. 29 Pres. of Club 49 Vice-pres. of Club 19 Physics Club 49 Glee Club 39 Choir 3. 49 Music Club 4. WINIFRED KIMKER-Science Club 19 Biology Club 29 Home Economics Club 2. 4. SEIGFRIED KOCH-Declamatory Contest 49 Hi-Y Club 19 Track Team 2. 39 Student Manager 49 Shakespear-e's Dream 49 Member of Standing Com. 49 Pres. of Club 49 Vice-pres. of Club 49 Choir 3, 49 Jr. Academy of Science 4. , A 17 MELVIN KOLLANDER-Biology Club 29 Vice-pres. of Club 29 Radio Club 1. 2. Floyd Kriesel Dorothy Krog Helen Krueger Lorraine Ladd Charles Larson Jean Larson Gerald Leander Dorothy Lee Jannis Levi Arbutus Lindgren Ralph Linnell Eunice Lueck Dolores Lutz Violet Lutz Mary Helen McDonald Shirley MacDonald Huda Madsen Doris Magnuson Helen Magnuson Elizabeth Morgan Kathleen Morris Judith Nelson Marillyn Nelson Robert Nelson Rowland Newman Ruth Nickey Leonard Noreen Sherman Noreen Li' W1 FLOYD KRIESEL-Thespians 43 President Home Room 1. 23 Shakespeare's Dream Stal? 43 Staif of Kab 43 Reporter for Arrow 23 Pres. of Freshman and Sophomore Class 1. 23 Los Gatos 3. 43 Junior Academy of Science 33 Honor Society 4. DOROTHY KROG-National Honor Society 3. 43 Student Council 23 Chemistry Club 33 President Home Room 2. 43 One-act Play Contest 23 Shakespeare's Dream 1. 23 Interscholastic Debate 1. 2. 3. 43 Staff of Arrow 43 Reporter for Arrow 1, 2. 33 Member of standing com. 33 Honor roll3 Physics Club 4. HELEN KRUEGER-Home Economics Club 43 G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 43 Girl Re- serves 3, 43 Glee Club 33 Choir 3. LORRAINE LADD-Commercial Club 1. 2, 3. 43 Librarian 3, 4: Symlwspemcfs Dream 3. 4: Stall' of Arrow 43 G. A. A. 1. 2. CHARLES LARSON-Commercial Club 33 Math. Club 23 Pres. Home Room 13 Any Other Squad 1. JEAN LARSON--Home Economics Club 13 Bookstore Committee 43 Girl Reserves 4. GERALD LEANDER--National Honor Society 43 Student Council 43 Chemistry Club 33 Thespians 43 Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 43 Pres. Home Room 33 lnterclass Athletics 2. 43 Junior Play 33 Senior Play 43 Bus. Mgr. of Kab 43 Member of standing com. 43 Member of Senior Council 43 Vice-pres. of clllbj Physics Club 23 Vice-pres. of School. DOROTHY LEE-Student Council 43 Thesnians 43 Senior Play 43 Chairman of Welfare Com. 43 Member ul' standing com. 43 Member of Special Com. 43 One-act Play Contest 43 Secy. of Jr. Class 33 Member of Jr. Council 33 Girl Reserves 33 Honor Society 4. JANNIS LEVI-Stall' of Arrow 43 Secy. of Club 43 G. A. A. 1. 4. ARBUTUS LINDGREN-Commercial Club 1. 2. 33 Biology Club 23 G. A. A. 4. RALPH LINNELL-Student Council 43 Thcspians 43 Iuterclass Athletics 1. 33 lnterclass Track Team 13 Senior Play 43 Stall' of Arrow 43 Member of standing com. 43 Bookstore Committee 43 Los Gatos 4. EUNICE LUECK-Biology Club 23 Chemistry Club 33 Latin Club 1. 23 Girl Reserves 3. 4. DOLORES LUTZ-Commercial Club 13 Biology Club 2. VIOLET LUTZ-Biology Club 23 Home Economics Club 23 Chemistry Club 33 Latin Club 3. 4. MARY HELEN MCDONALD-Commercial Club 13 Science Club 13 Biology Club 2. SHIRLEY M:xcDONALD-Latin Club 23 Shakespeare's Dream 13 G. A. A. 1. 2, 33 Girl Reserves 3. HULDA MADSENe-Chemistry Club 43 Math. Club 2, 33 Librarian 43 Shakespeare's Dream Stall' 43 Secy. of Club 43 G. A. A. 1, 23 Girl Reserves 3. 4. DORIS MAGNUSON-Librarian 43 President Home Room 43 Member of Special Com. 43 Bookstore Com. 43 G. A. A. 1, 23 Girl Reserves 3. HELEN MAGNUSON-National Honor Society 3. 43 Chemistry Club 33 Librarian 33 Editor of Arrow 43 for Arrow 33 Member of Special Com. 1. 23 Secy. of Club 1. 23 Girl Reserves 3. 43 Physics Club 4. ELIZABETH MORGAN-Latin Club 2. 33 Band 1. 2. 3. 43 Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 43 Math. Club 23 Girl Reserves 3. KATHLEEN MORRlS!Chemistry Club 33 Latin Club 2. 43 Girl Reserves 3. 4. JUDITH NELSONfStudr:-nt Council 43 Latin Club 1. 2. 3. 43 Orchestra 1. 2. 33 Math. Club 23 Sl'lZl.li0SlJ02ll'E'S Dream l. 3. 43 Interscholastic.Debate 1. 2: Stall' of Kab 43 Reporter for Arrow 3. 43 Chairman of standing' com. 43 Member of standing com. 43 Member of Senior Council 43 Secy. of Club 2. 33 G. A. A. 1, 23 Girl Reserves 3. 43 Choir 43 Honor Society 43 Honor roll. MARILLYN NELSON-National Honor Society 3. 43 Student Council 1. 2. 33 IIHBSDIZIIIS 43 One-act Play Contest l. 23 Junior Play 33 Senior Play 43 Sha.kespeare's Dream 1. 23 Interclass Debate 3. 43 Staff of Kab 43 Reporter for Arrow 3, 43 Secy. of Sr. Class 43 Member of Senior Council 43 Girl Reserves 3. 43 Physics Club 43 Valedictoriun. ROBERT NELSON.-Band. 1. 43 Any Other Squad 3. 43 Intramural Basketball 13 Physics Club 43 Foreign Language Club 3. 4. ROWLAND NEWMAN-Track Team 2. 3. 43 Interclass Athletics 1, 2. 33 Sl1akespeare's Dream Stall' 33 Radio Club 4. RUTI-I NICKEY-Declamatory Contest 1. 23 Home Economics Club 13 Glee Club 1. 2. EFOJNQRD NOREEN-Iuterclass Track Team 1. 2. 33 Secy. of Club 43 Physics u . 3. ' , SHERMAN NOREEN-"S" Club 3. 43 Commercial Club 43 First Football Squad 3. 43 First Basketball Team 33 Interclass Athletics 2. 19 Harriet Palm Elwood Patten Anita Pauley Bernice Petel son Kenneth Peterson William Plourde Dorothy Ranum Betty Relnelt Catherine Richert Elwood Roettger Beverly Rydeen Norma Rydeen Walter Rydeen Marcella Sawyer George SChI'1'l1C1t Jim Schorr Loi raine Schwartz Russell Shatto Budd Sherrard Richard Slmonson Ethelwyne Smith Jane Smith John Smith Martha Strand Earl Succo Ethel Swanson Lyle Swanson HARRIET PALM-Chemistry Club 3: Latin Club 1. 2: Thespians 4: Pres. Home Room 1, 2. 3: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Shakespeaxes Dream 1. 2, 3, 4: Memb:r of standing con1. 4: Secy. of :Club 2, 3: Girl Reserves 3: G-lee Club 1. 2. 3: Choir 2. 3. 4: Music 3. 4: Honor Society 4: Honor roll. ELWOOD PATTEN-Commercial Club 3: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Hi-Y Club 1. 2: President Home Room 3: Any Other Squad 1. 2: Second Basketball Team 2: gitekrclsassClAt.l1le1::ics 1, 2, 3: Shakespeare's Dream 4: President of Club 4: Politics u : oir . ANITA PAULEY-Commercial Club 1: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Chemistry Club 3: Math. Club 1. 2: Interclass Debate 4: Girl Reserves 3. 4. BERNICE PETERSONiStudent Council 4: Commercial Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 2: Home Economics Club 2. 4: Librarian 3: Pres. Home Room 2. 3: Shakespea1'e's Dream Stail' 3: Chairman of Finance Com. 3: Member of Junior Council 3: Pres. of Club 3: Vice-pres. Club 4: Bookstore Com. 4: G. A. A. 1. 2, 3. 4: Girl Reserves 3. KENNETH PETERSONfCommercial Club 2: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2. WILLIAM PLOURDE--"S" Club 4: Commercial Club 1. 2. 3: Science Club 1: Biology Club 4: First Football Squad 3, 4: Interclass Athletics 3: Senior Play 4: Choir 3. DOROTHY RANUM-Commercial Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Interclass Athletics 1. 2: G. A. A. 1. 2. 3, 4: Girl Reserves 4: Music Club 4 BETTY REINELT-Interclass Athletics 1. 2: Girl Reserves 4: Music Club 4. CATHERINE RICHERT-Commercial Club 1. 2 .3. 4: Science Club l: Biology Club 2: Music Club 4: Chairman Bookstore Committee 4: Honor Society 4: Honor roll. ELWOOD ROETTGER--"S" Club 4: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: First Foot- ball Squad 2, 4. BEVERLY RYDEEN-National Honor Society 3, 4: Student Council 4: Chemistry Club 3: Thespians 4: Librarian 3: Pres. of Home Room 1, 2, 3: Interclass Athletics 1: One Act Play Contest 1. 2: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Shakespeare's Dream 1, 2: Staff of Arrow 4: Reporter for Arrow 2. 3: Chairman of Assembly Com. 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3: Girl Reserves 3. 4: Physics Club 4: Honor roll. NORMA RYDEEN-Commercial Club 3: Science Club 1: Home Economics Club 4: Girl Reserves 4. WALTER RYDEEN-Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Chemistry Club 3: Math. Club 4: Physics Club 4. MARCELLA SAWYER-Declaniatory Contest 1. 2. 3. 4: Student Council l: Latin Club 1. 2: Thespians 3. 4: Math. Club 2. 3: One Act Play Contest 2. 3: Junior Play 3: Shakespc-are's Dream 1. 3. 4: Staff of Kab 4: Reporter for Arrow 3. 4: Yell Leaders 2. 3: President of Club 1. 4: G. A. A. 1. 2. 3: Girl Reserves 3. 4. GEORGE SCHMIDT-Commercial Club 2: Hi-Y Club 2: First Football Squad 1: Any Other Squad 2: Interclass Athletics 3. JIM SCHORR-Biology Club 2: Chemistry Club 3: Math. Club 2. 3. 4: Auv Other Squad 1. LORRAINE SCHWARTZ-Commercial Club 3: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Home Economics Club 1. 2: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3. RUSSELL SHATTO-Commercial Club 1. 2. 3: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Any Other Squad 1: Interclass Athletics 1. 3, 4: Interclass Track Team 1- BUDD SHERRARD-Science Club 1: Chemistry Club 3: Latin Club 1. 2: Thespians 4: Math. Club 2. 3. 4: Shakespeare's Dream 3. 4: Secy. of Club 4: Physics Club 4: Glee Club 1. 2, 3: Choir 2. 3. 4: Jr. Academy of Science 3. 4. RICHARD SIMONSON-"S" Club 3, 4: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: First Football Squad 2. 3: Any Other Squad 1: Interclass Athletics 1. 2. 3. 4. ETHELWYNE SMITH-Commercial Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Science Club 13 Biology Club 2- ' JANE SMITH-Commercial Club 4: Science Club 2: Biology Club 2: Home Economics Club 1, 4: Chemistry Club 3: Girl Reserves 4: Glee Club 1. 2: Choir 2. JOHN SMITH-Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Glee Club 3. MARTHA SONTAG-Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Latin Club 3, 4. CARL STRAND-Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Chemistry Club 3: Hi-Y Club 2: Band 1. 2. 33 Math. Club 4. EARL SUCCO-Band 2: Choir 1. ETHEL SWANSON-Commercial Club 1: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Math. Club 1. LYLE SWANSON-Commercial Club 1: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Math. Club 2. 3. 21 Donald Swisher Gladys Tennyson Dale Thompson Helen Thoreen Viola Thompson Dorothy Toft Coe Turnquist Kenneth Utecht Frances Volhner Violet Wall Donald Warman Darrel Wert Anna Jane Wellman Lester Wert Edward Whalen Betty Wilson Katherine Whalen Donald Wilson James Wojahn Elaine Zoller Glenn Youngquist f. DONALD SWISHER.-National Honor Society 45 Honor roll5 Chemistry Club 35 Hi-Y Club J. 25 Tliespians 45 President Home Room 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Shakespeare's Dream Staff 2, 3. 45 Interclass Debate 3. 45 Editor of Kub 15 Reporter for Arrow 1. 45 Tusitala Stali' 2. 35 Physics Club 25 Jr. Academy of Science 35 Camera Club 15 Chess Club 45 Foreign Language Club 3. GLADYS TENNYSON-Commercial Club 1: Science Club 15 Biology Club 2: Band 45 Librarian 35 Shakespeares Dream Stall' 35 Reporter for Arrow 45 Pres. of Club 45 G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 45 Physics Club 45 Foreign Language Club 35 Honor Society 4. DALE THOMPSON-"S" Club 3. 45 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Pres. Home Room 45 First Football Team 1. 2. 35 Iuterclass Track Team 1, 2. 35 Pres. of Club 45 Vice-Pres. of Club 35 Secy. of Club 4 C215 Los Gatos 3. 45 Physics Club 4. VIOLA THOMPSON-Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Home Economics Club 1. 2. IIELEN THOREEN-National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Council 1. 25 Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club 1. 25 Thespians 45 Interclass Athletics 25 One-act Play Contest 25 Senior Play 45 Shakespeare's Dream 1. 25 Iuterscholastic Debate 1. 2. 3. 45 lnterclass Debate 25 Reporter for Arrow 2. 3. 45 lllember of standing com. 2. 3, 45 Member of Junior Council 3: Member of Senior Council 45 G. A. A. 1. 2, 35 Girl Reserves 3. 45 Physics Club 45 Honor roll. DOROTHY TOFT-Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Home Economics Club 15 Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club 1. 25 Math. Club 35 Secy. of Club 25 G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 45 Girl Reserves 3. 45 Staili of Kab 45 Camera Club 1. COE TURNQUIST-Science Club 15 Chemistry Club 35 Math. Club 1. 25 Shake- speare's Dream Staff 1, 2. 3. 45 Staff of Arrow 45 G. A. A. 1, 25 Girl Reserves 3. 45 Physics Club 2. KENNETH UTECHT-Commercial Club 1. 2. 35 Biology Club 25 Science Club '5 lnterclass Athletics 1. 2. 3. 4. FRANCES VOLLMER-Commercial Club l. 2. 3, 45 Biology Club 25 Science Club l. EVIOLET WALLi-Commercial Club 1. 2. 45 Science Club 15 Biology Club 2. of DONALD WARMAN-Declamntory Contest 45 Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club 1, 25 Hi-Y Club 1. 25 'lhespians 45 Band 45 Math. Club 2. 35 Shakespcards Dream Stall' 1. Z. 3. 45 Pres. of Club 45 Vice-Pres. of Club 45 Los Gatos 2. 3. 45 Physics Club 15 Radio Club 45 Jr. Academy of Science 3. 45 School Electriciau5 Movie operator. ANNA JANE WELLMAN-Commercial Club 1. 2. 35 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Home Economics Club 2. DARREL WERT-Biology Club 35 Chemistry Club 35 Band' 45 Math. Club 35 First Football Squad 1. 2 iSomersetJ. LESTER WERT---Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Math. Club 2. 3. EDWARD WHALEN-Commercial Club 35 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Math. Club 2. 35 Any Other Squad 1. 2. 35 Second Basketball Team 3. 45 Interclass Athletics 1. 2. 3. 45 Interclass Track Team 2, 3. KATHERINE WHALEN-Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Home Economics Club 35 Chemistry Club 35 Math. Club 1. 2: Reporter for Arrow 45 G. A. A. 1, 2. 35 Girl Reserves 3. 4. BETTY XVILSON-Declumatory Contest 15 Science Club 15 Latin Club 1. 25 Math. Club 2. 35 Senior l-'lay 45 Shakespeare! Dream Stall' 45 Interscholastic Debate 1. 2. 3. 45 Reporter for Arrow 3. 45 G. A. A. 1. 2. 35 Girl Reserves 3. 45 Honor Society 45 Salutatorian. DONALD WILSON-Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Hi-Y Club 1. 25 Math. Club 1, 2. 35 A.ny Other Squad 45 Second Basketball Team 35 Iutercluss Track Team 35 Student Manager Basketball and Football. JAMES WOJAHN-"S" Club 3. 45 Science Club 1. 25 Biology Club 25 Math. Club 15 First Football Squad 3. 45 Any Other Squad 1. 25 First Basketball Team 3. 45 Interclass Athletics 1. 25 Los Gatos 4. I GLENN YOUNGQUIST-Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club 3. 43 Math. Club 2. 3. ELAINE ZOLLER-Commercial Club 1. 2. 35 Biology Club 25 Home Economics Club 45 G. A. A. 1. 2. 35 Girl Reserves 3. 4. 23 l 4 Junior Us .-.-.Ax -gs." ' ' Members TOP PICTURE Fifth Row-Friday. Lee. Gillstrom, Dahlke. Harvey, Deragisch. Bergeron. Castle. Jones. C. Clwistizxnsoii. Bclideau. Albrecht. DeWolf, Clemens. Broecker. Gilbert. Garey. ' Fourth Row-D. Carlson K. Anderson Irnholt. Burns Grunke Gi 'i 11 lrk F hlo Audette. . .. . . gn c. Ga . e W. Glasbrenncr. Gran. Leander. Kreimer. Furseth. Bancroft. Third Row-Kolbe. Harsh. Barnholdt. B. Carlson. Holmes. Buckley. Connors. Dornfeld. Ackerson. Chial. Collopy. Ingersoll, Johnson. B. Johnson. Danville. Fretland. Judkins. Farstad. Second Row-Myrtle Hallen. Clay. Gigrich. Affolter. L. Anderson. A. Johnson, G. Johnson. Kramer. Gardner. Clarey. P. Johnson. R. Johnson. Graham. Jewell, D. Brown. Linner. Carrol. Bird. First Row-Myrna Hallen. LaVinc. Jackson. Kearney. Adkins. Curtis, Lacey. H. Larson, M. Carlson. Clements. Bernstein, Kresenske. P. Johnson, Gunderson. LuVaIley. Beer. G. Anderson. LOWWER. PICTURE ' Fifth Rowichrade. Steinackcr. Stohlberg. Schmoeckel. Whalen. Redpath, Noack. Proesch. Reed Longbotham. Shattuck. Snreeman. Sullivan, Lohlner. Reiland. McLaughlin. Fourth Row-Moen. Schelander. Simonson. D. Smith. Wangerin. Stiles. Schiesser. Skramstud. Lofgren Palmer. Simonet. Nenmeier. Nippoldt. Phalen. Nolan. Murphy. Third Row-Marianna. Mondor. Swanson. O'Neal. Schmidt. Scheel. Muliinger. McLaughlin. Murphy Sherrard. Peterson. Robertson. Zabel. O'Brien. Richert. Schnell. Second Row-Madsen. Moclter. Olson, Munson, Schrank, Payette. Steinbeiser. Rhode. Morris. A. Nelson Sahnow. Zabel. Mordick. Pasch. Pozzini. Marty. A. Schnell. M. Murphy. Stanek. First RowvPeulen. Rivard. Norgren. Swanman. Randall. Meisner, Sanne. Wolfe. Peulen. Woorhnancy MacDonald. Lott. Sakrison. Radloii. P. Murphy. Worden. Schaffer. Seifert. 24 or Class Officers .Whgz ,ls Standing-Bertwin Nippolrlt, Bronson Bancroft, Joe Kreimer. Seated-Shirley Snkrison. Anne MacDonald. Ann Margaret Johnson. Karl Neumeier. Inset. Adviser-Miss Beth Bishop. Activities To this Junior class must be entrusted most of the schoo1's major activities for next year. Kab. Arrow, School President, Student Council, and Tusitala will be some of the many activities that this class must take over. One may rest assured though, that they will all be as well done as those of this year, since the Junior class is one of many leaders, as was ably illus- trated by their accomplishments this year. "Nothing But The Truth," the Junior three- act play was a tremendously successful comedy Three years out . . close to port . that will not soon be forgotten. Nor will the "Wor1d's Fair" prom which resulted from the Financial success of this venture, be anything but a standout in everyone's memory. The Junior one-act play, "Oh Doctor!" like- wise a comedy, was equally successful. Concerning next year's publications, Gertrude Lott was elected new editor of the Arrow, and Betty Clements was made head of the Kabe- konian staif. ' Soohomore as is we Members TOP PICTURE Sixth Row-Dalluhn, Follestad. Feeley. Beaudet. Eclstrom. Burke. I-Ieimann. Berger. Clay. K. Johnson. Bloom. Berggren. Hill. Bodlorieh Fifth Row-Bastien. C. Johnson. Loren Eckluncl. Bloom. Beyer. Hackett, Brown. Garbe. Hurley. Frawley. Fenske. Hammergrcn. Fourth Row- Huston. Deaner. Conrad. Hall. Barker. Leroy Ecklund, R. Carlson. Third ROWS E. Graham. E. Jagg. Brockinan. Daly, Hart. M. Harveiux. Barnholdt. Second Row-H. Carlson, Hagen. Croonquist. Clemens. Audette, Anderson. Burgess. First Row4Beebe. Bell. Douville. Huestis. A. Brown. Guse. M. Backe, D. Johnson. Hildebrandt. Hanson. D. Granrlrluist, I.. Johnson, Arndt Henning. Burgess. Asmus. Akey. H. Bnolse. Glenn. Gloria Erickson. Evans Benoc, A. Chitas. Ciesman. W. Harvieux. L. Harvieux Casanova. M. Carlson, B. Johnson. Durrington. Haines V. Grandquist. Ageton, Hooley. S. Douville, Guslunder Erickson. G. Erickson. Hodnett. Curtis. Erhorn, Barber Christensen. Collopy. C. Cedarbloom. Benson. LOWER PICTURE Fifth Row-D. Kojetin. Kutz, Tibbets. Patrick. Walker. L. Lohman. Simonet, Pilquist. Ries, Quist Lange, Zeuli. Neske. Murray. Fourth Row-Krueger. Randall. Oreclson. LaCosse. R. Lohman. Munson, J. Rowland. Meisner. V. Larson G. LeQuea, Kellogg. V. Larson. Weiss. Simonson. Third Row-Thompson, Pierce. B. Norgren. Risendal. Madsen. MeComher. M. Sullivan. Swnnman Schroeder, E. Rowland, Ruline. Niederer. Klindworth, Kern, Roettger. Ryland. Penlen. Seullen Second Row-Seidler. J. LeQuea. Kelm. Rydeen. Thron. Weckwerth. Segelstrom, Moody, Linnell Maxwell. Peterson. Mekkelsen. Strand. Magnuson, Powell. Moulton. Kalk. Teske. First Row-White. Lofsrren, Stiles. Lott. Linner. Schaar. Nelson. Mordick. Lyons, Truinor. P. Sullivan Lutz. D. Roettger. Stephens. V. Schrank. H. Schnell. Lentz. Class Officers .af -5 ' William Hurley. Eileen Rowland. Mzu'gau'et Carlson. Inset-Advisor. Mr. George Jansen. Activities At the bottom rung in the ladder this year, instead of the second, since the Freshmen have been incorporated into the Junior High School, the Sophomore class showed much promise of becoming one of the best classes ever to grace the halls of Stillwater high School. The sophomore one-act play, 'KDrums of Death," was one of the eeriest productions that has ever been staged, and was indeed something of which this class can rightfully be proud. Many sophomores took part in the schoo1's annual production, Shakespeare's Dream. This year's play was titled "Smilin' Through," and Mitzi Rowland, in the lead of Moonyeen Claire, topped the list of sophomores participating in this production. Many from this class also took part in the operetta, "The Bo's'n's Bride." This class also produces many promising athletes, among them, Jim Rowland, Frank LaCosse, Frank Hildebrandt, Howard Hanson, and Bob Edstrom. Many others were also active in interclass and intramural basketball and track. Midway . . two years gone-two left . Class Competitions Honors on the interclass competition went, this year, as usual, to the Senior Class. In dramatics, the Seniors showed their superiority, and, re- peating last year's triumph, took first place in the one-act play contest with the production "False Witness." Excellent performances were turned in by all concerned and the plays, taking place at night instead of during school hours, were deemed by all a com- plete success. The change in hour from previous years was neces- sitated by the poor conduct and resulting discontinuance of as- semblies at the time. The Sophomore Class also gave a very fine play in the pro- duction titled "Drums of Death," in which kettle drums played backstage added a great deal to the dramatic effect. The Junior one-act. play, "Oh Doctor!" was the only comedy entered in the race and, although handicapped by the fact that a comedy has not won the contest in several years, the Juniors came very close to coming out on top. In interclass debate the Seniors also Won out, winning three times, twice on the affirmative and once on the negative side of the question "Resolved that the chain stores are detrimental to the best interest of the American Public." After defeating the Juniors with the negative side by a score of two to one, and the Sopho- mores with the affirmative argument by the same score, the Seniors found themselves tied with the Juniors who had defeated the Sopho- mores three to nothing thus tying the Seniors at four to four. The final debate found the Senior team winning with the affirmative by two to one. hands on declcl' Hold hard mates, a storm's in the making! CTIVITIIZS ' 1 Student Council 44'N'51u, 'TW' Third Row--Bastien. Christensen. Frawley, Nolan. Jewell Second Row-Szmne. Rydeen. Simonet. Lott. Linnell. Granquist. Jones, Belideuu. Woodmancy. Croonquist. First Row-Mr. Kuhlman. Swanson, M. Anderson. C. John son. Leander. J. Nelson. Peterson. Schroeder Inset-Mr. Milton Kuhlman. Executive Group Stillwater High School's governmental sys- tem, to say the least, is unique. It guarantees the student the maximum of freedom and yet retains enough check through the faculty to keep the students from saying or doing things which might be injurious to the school. The government is based on a system of representation which draws one student from each home room or lifth hour class, and two representatives from the senior class at large. These twenty-four, including an official secre- tary, appoint committees, pass legislation and adopt resolutions concerning student activities. Disciplining of assemblies and executing of all other activities is left entirely in the hands of students, and although some difficulties con- cerning assemblies were encountered this year, conduct was generally good. Stillwater High School's government is re- markable in that little, if any, force is necessary to keep it in good running order. Student Council governs Stillwater High School . A . y If Q . If 1355 , '1 ,.- I C -do. 1. J. X L g .. ,J fv ' ' ff , 1 mi M W 1 -V W EMR., I V, 1 fi , Ah if gg, In Miva--' f A B :X TEH ' 1, .- N ' , f 'mx -Lynn v K, 1 H .1 mfr: Y in 7: agmgl . , ,A rx- .I I I , Eff" H ,L fs H F ' fs? IQ 4 P4 . .Th Q F w 2 f f:JN. 5a!g3 ' 1 -UM .gh 1 i 4 " Oi.-A N 'Q I l X ff Nfl , ,fix -. 5, ., 1 6 ,T L' if iw J' 4' ff' :iff-51.11 ml- .1 -. ii W 9 uw X 2 L e ,. mt .- gb Y IX ' I LX' " , . , - " ., -M, , , . mf' gs ' H in f Q ' A 1 2 . A . .. Hall, , ' V , I . F rt I i I I l. , - x Y, 1 1- f , my .W 1 4 r 1 N, ,, Ak in .mm - 'w ws, -,Y W Y ' - Q P' Q81 l 51551 2 .EM 4-L63 1 1 Auf! w . K V , .3 . 1-L ' ' ' ' fi? fuszqv - xi Y .-,ww-... ' Q z , . --, I, 5 239' ' 'if ,N -. fi 5-' ' , .n"f-K 5, : fggflqf ' 2 .1 2' 7335 s ii?-36 I 'I ,- T ' W " E E' il'-gi 1 4 YA .fl ' , : n. 1. . .' , ,P " g If 2 ' 4 ,u ' K :, 'x i ei' I . Q ,, 1 i 1. . M , I A' 1.-, fi ' Q. -, , -1 ...t . 1, gn - , , ,NK I z ,mv - rtwqf 1 ,z v 3.1 " H A M1 , ' ' 'fe N, , ' .b Y? ' -I , 3-4- , h 4 Y, ' H ,.,X 'W 'W'f"'."f , , fL,,,,, m,,. im, , . 1, , , , Y ' "" . V -M .. ., ., v, ...,,,.,V V,-:PM Able Executives All Stillwater High and its student council system can truly be called a miniature democracy in that it is almost identical with all the features of the U. S. government, not only in legislative pro- cesses, but in executive methods also. In general, legislation which is passed through the council originates in the committees, which are assigned to the various specific duties necessary to keep the machine well oiled. For instance, the finance committee's work is to see that various funds allotted to the activities of the school are not over- drawn or running too consistently "in the red," Another board, the assembly committee, spends the funds which have been guaranteed them by the finance committee for the procurement of assemblies. Still other committees take care of the other duties which arise during the school year. The noon-hour committee has as its duties the handling of those out-of-town students who do not go home at noon, and the scheduling of noon-hour entertainment, and activities. Another committee which works hand in hand with the noon-hour board is the hall and building committee, which sees that no damage is done to the woodwork and that no students are left in the halls during the noon-hour. The Welfare committee sees that Howers and cards are sent to the sick members of the classes while the reception committee ushers visitors through the building and sees that the host or hostess system is functioning smoothly. The lost and found committee sees that articles lost in the building are returned to their rightful owner. A small charge of five cents per article returned is levied on the students for this service. ' ' 7 Third Row-Broclmian. Mm-dick. Henning, Stephens. Lutz. Schaar. Johnson, Schrzmk. Second Row-J. Magnuson, L. Magnuson. Asmus, Lentz. Burgess. Barber. Ryland. Curtis. Scullcn Gralimn. First RowZMiss Linclholm. LeQuea, Schroeclcr. Bucke. Linnell, Lyons. Erhorn. Roettger. Moulton Moo y. Seated-Alcey, Li nner. Kclm. Absent-Backe. Guslander, Rydeen. Fourth Row-Ncske, Ageton, Nelson. Clements. Bloom. Feeley, Rowland. Third Row-Cicsman. Swzmmuu, Seicllcr, Thron. Hart. Burnholdt, Hooley. G1-eeder, Casanova. Miss Almen Second Row-Benoe, Chitas. Grandquist. Rowland, M. Sullivan. P. Sullivan. First Row-Conrad, Hzuninergrcn. Lofgrcn, W. Harvicux. Beebe. Lang. Advisory Groups The advisory group is the governing unit of Stillwater High School, even as the state or county is of the United States. Representatives are drawn on the basis of one from each group, or fifth period class, and the members of this council, so chosen, decide matters which concern the student side of school life. The council, however, is not the only con- cern of the advisory group, as other activities are often discussed within the group. Such anatters as assembly conduct, care of the build- ings, and other matters concerning the better- ment of the school as a whole are freqently debated. There are five fewer advisory groups in the Senior High this year . Jef' 42922 ' 7 Second Row-Asmus. Comfort. Youngquist. Beaudet. Bloom, Steinbeiser, Fretland. Turnquist, O'Neal. Seated-Miss Tourtellot, A. Johnson. Jackson. Nelson, VVilson, F. Johnson, MacDonald. Mr Third Row-Lee. Deaner, Gogrezgin, Kollzmder. Noreen. Wojiihn. D. Carlson. Gigrich. - D Swoncl Row-Pauley. Christiansen, Garbo. Ackerson. Lucck. Crunk. Cates. Larson. Smith, Erickson. First Row-Mr. Iverson. Palm. Wert. Hammergren, Hart. Morris. Kent. Richert, Sontag. Harvey, Magnuson. Absent-Peterson. McDonald. Berger, Magnuson. Third Row-Noreen, Wilson. ' Second Row-Ecker, Morris. Smith. Kendrick. Ingersoll, Keene. Stzmek, Schneii. Casanova.. Seated-Miss Gottry. E. Johnson. Lineli. D. Thompson. Bird, L. Anderson. Munson. Absent-Barnholdt. Patten. Thero are twenty advisory groups in the Senior High . 34 I .im- 1g:-1 MI. Third Row-lnuriaua. O'Brien. Stohlberg. Audetie. Schiesscr. Friday. Noack. Broecker. Steinacker . urphy. S: cond Row-Pozzini. Kearney. G. Johnson, Marty. B. Johnson. Kresenske. Vllungerin. Gilbert. Lofgren Clark. Murphy. Madsen. Murphy. Judkins. First Row-Sakrison. Kerner. Larson. Mr. Rormzm. Sullivan. Lott. Third Row-Hill. Miller. Garbo. Munson. Kellogg: R Lohman. Burke. Meyer. Hackett. 7 Mr- Second Row-Riscndal, Murrry. H. Curlsun. Fckluncl. Ries. Arnclt. Quist. Dallahn. L. Lohman Stiles. Zeuli. V. Larson. First Row-Hull. Deuncr. Vernon Larson. Follestzxcl. Eclstrom. Fruwley. Thompson. L. Hzu-vieux Alnsent-Beuudet. Fenslce. M' I 7 6 Third Row-Lnmprbotlizun. Whzxlcm. Clemens, Utecht. Roettfrer, Jewell. Brown. Second Row--Alfolter. Szlhnow. Daniels. Reclpznth. Albrecht. Spreemun. Patrick. Peulen. Moen Anderson. Proesch. Sclirzmk, Scheel. Nelson. First Rowglvliss Isacson, Morsick. Lincfgrrcn, Lutz. McDonald. Jones. Wellman. Albrecht. Swanson. M ul finger, Wolfe. Absent-Strand. and thirteen groups in the Junior High . 4- MI. G 'JS Third Row-Rydeen. C. Johnson. Simonson. Erickson. Kriesel. Berggren. S' D Second Row-Cole. D. Johnson. Ertle. Swanson, G. Carlson. Strancl. Anderson-. Dilley. R. Carlson Swisher. Davis. VVull. Mrs. Gower. First Row-Jensen. H. Anderson. M. Anderson. Grunke, Berg. Rydeen. Thoreen. Sawyer. Nelson A. Johnson. Absent-Brown. Succo. Mr Third Row-Daly. Evans, Erickson. Trainer. Kern. Mekkclson. - . D Second Row4Hag'en. Croonqnist. Teslce. Haynes. B. Johnson. Carlson. Douvillu. Mueller. McCo1nbe1 Neiclerer. Pretzel. First Row-Audett. Weckworth. Rudlolll Darrington, lVlr. Janson. Shirley. Anderson. Roettgex D. Johnson. Third Row-Reed. Castle, Lee, Duhlke. D Second Row-Collopy. Sherrard. Palmer. Shore. VVert. Wnrmnn. First Row-Peterson. Reinelt. Bancroft. Kreimer. Nippoldt. Miss McShane. Seifert. Garey. Each Senior High group must supply one assembly a yea? . 36 Dahl. Clarey. Olson. Connors. Miss Witt. Second Row-Moclter. Gralznm. Hallen. First Row-Zabel. Schnell. Schelander. Carlson. Schwartz. Adkins, Clay. Murphy. Peulen. Sanne Absent-Mondor. McLaughlin. Third Row-Schneflbr. Anderson, Gran. Felxlow. Simonson. Leander. Astell, Shattuck. Schrade MI.. Third Row-Kilpatrick, Croonquist. Kuliuoff. Johnson. Clements, Larson. Second Row-Hecht. Thompson. Kimkcr. Bzmcroft, Swanson. Schmidt. Groth, Hall, Simonet, Koch Vollmcr, Whalen, Jones. First RowgM1'. Anderson. Tennyson. Broccker. Cutler. Krug. Schwartz. Zoller. Berg. Taft. Absent-Burns. Holtorf. Third ROXV-NCDl'g'1'0l1. McLaughlin. Rivzmrd. Ingersoll, Second Row-Woodmnncy. McDonough, Randall, Reilund. Dcragisch. Proesch, Carlson. Phaleu. Gillstrom. Lohmvr. Payette. First Row-Miss Colby. Shcrrurd. Robertson. Farstad. Beer, Rhode. Dornfelcl. Kolbe. Schmoeckel. Absent-Fretland. Stiles. D. Johnson. Skrzunstad. or give five dollars to flle assembly committee . 37 673 Third Row-Judd. Plourde. Beers. Guse. Rydeen. Second Row-Andrewson. V. Johnson. Eichtcn. Ladd. Gelforcl. Grady. B1-ussarcl. Crunk. Ranum. Krueger. First Row-L. Johnson. Fenske. Herbert. H. Anderson. B. Peterson. Miss Lysne. Absent-Erlitz. Third Row-D. Christensen. Barker. Randall. Monty. D Second Row-Powell. Klinclworth. 1VIIldSl:ll. McCmnber. Kalk. LeQuezx, Meisner. Hurley. Tlbbetts. Hildebrandt. Norgren. Burgess. First Row-L. Peterson. Maxwell. Brown. Gusie. Segelstrom. Glenn. Hurvicux. Bell. R. Carlson. Miss Burns. Third Row-Nolan. Helmann. Smith. Shattn. Second RowiBrochmann. Pierce. Brown. Linner. LuCosse. Fursetlx. Huston. Hoclnett. Lutz, Swnnman. First Row-Miss Bishop. Graham. Ebne Antonsnn. Grahzun. Absent-Newman. Contests on ticket sales are popular between groups . as W Eu.: :xr-.4 M' C d 7 6 Third Row-Gardner, Smith, P. Johnson. Cover. Glasbrenner. G Second Row-L.mV.1lIey. Schmidt. Glgzlch, Kiehenske, BG1ldGrLlI. DeVVo1f. B. Swanson. Richert. Worden Smith. Zabel. First Row-Buckley. Hallin. Harsh. Bernstein. Miss Cady. Douville. Morgan. Carlson. Absent-Bergeron, Carroll. - Ml, Third Row-Imholdt, Christianson. R. Johnson. Grunke. - Second Row-Nenmeier. Burns. P. Johnson. Lucey. Huestis. Holmes. Simonet. First Row-Mr. Beck, R. Swanson, LaVine, Whalen. Madsen, Clements. Absent-Cover. Pasch. Blech. MI.. Third Krueger. Witbeck, Sixnonet. K. Johnson. Buyer. Clay, Berggren Second Row-Kojetin. Kutz, Ecklund. Lott. C. Johnson. First Row-Bastien. Walker. White. Huestis, Mr. Wilson, Benson. Douvillnb. Oredson. Hanson. Absent-Collopy. and have helped boost sales and interest . TOP PICTURE Third Row-Nelson. Kilpatrick. Lcnncler. Swisher. Kriesel. Eichten. - Second vlsfaw-Comfort, M. Anderson, H. Anderson, Tennyson. Richert, Berg. Palm. Lee. Magnuson. I SOD. First Row-D. Johnson, Davis. Krog. Nelson. C. Johnson, Thoreen, Rydeen. Absent-David Croonquist. Kay Jones. BOTTOM PICTURE Third Row-Koch, Barker. B. Sherrard. 'Wzirmain Gigrich. Stiles. Gilbert. Rycleen. Second Row-Mr. Beck. Wilson, H. Schafl'er. Brown, Nippoldt. D. Cliristensn. Harvey. Dix, D. Darrington. J. Magnuson. First Row-Kalinoff. Comfort. H. Schnell. J. McComber. Hoclnett. M. Nelson. LaVine. Dahlke. Absent-Ann Margaret Johnson. Nailonal Honor Society Iumor Academy of Sclence This year's Honor Society was composed of The Stillwater Chapter of the Minnesota twenty-five members, and was unusual in that Junior Academy of Science was one of the best it contained no members of the Junior Class. and largest in the state this year, as it showed , , a great deal of interest in all of the ventures The Honor Society met, this year, on the of the academy average of once every two Weeks for the pur- pose of discussing matters vital to the continue- Early in the fall, several of last year's mem- tion of the present system of student participa- bers traveled to Zumbrota to a regular meeting tion. Much was done at the time of discontinua- of the academy, and again later in the year tion of assemblies, and many angles of the con- Stillwater was well represented at th duct question were discussed. College meeting of the Two active Honor Groups . e Macalester state group. 40 Honor Orqanization Skillful Scientists SX, Thorouqh lhesuians Book Buuers Ike Kriesel, Swanson. Davis. Mrs. Ethel Gower. PICTURE ndcr. Dah . lson. Palm. TOP Third Row-Nolan, Johnson. Sherrard. Bloom, Erickson. Lea Second Row-Lee. Thoreen. LaVine. Jackson. Bernstein. Rowland. Ne First Row-Harsh. MacDonald. Sawyer. Warman, Berg. Linnell. Blech. Absent-Rydeen, Swisher. BOTTOM PICTURE Second Row--Casanova. Eichten. Judd. Keene. Linnell. Adkins, Carlson. Ghial. Larson. First Row-Peterson, M. Anderson. Richert, Miss Cady. H. Anderson. Gelford, Magnuson. Absent-Barnholdt. Thespian Club Bookstore Committee Under the guidance of Mrs. Gower, the Functioning, as usual, at the beginning and Thespian Club was expanded from practically a end of the school year, the Bookstore commit- closed club, with only one member remaining tee this year performed an invaluable service from last year, to a club which included twenty- to both schools in acting as a sales agency for seven members at the end of the year. the second hand books of which the students ' h d t d', e. Several plays were also undertaken as part WIS e 0 NPGS ofthe Thespian program, among them, "Wheels," Not only in this sense, however, did this a safety play used in the early part of the year organization prove a benefit to the school, as as the exchange program playg "Brink of Si- it was found, when this fund was balanced, that lence," and "A Christmas Carol," produced at there was a considerable remainder which was Christmas, given to the activity fund. Moneyed merchants and particular players . 41 Litemru Labor Arrow Working under the new system of the Journalism class-newspaper staff, this year's Ar- row attained a new high in all qualities, lay- out, editorial policy, and journalistic writing. The paper was expanded from the old four column issue to a five column publication, and a Junior High section was added. This portion of the paper was edited entirely by the Junior High School students and contained news per- taining entirely to that part of the school system. Top-Welshons. Nolan, Wojahn, Gigrich. Bottom-Barker. Smart. Comfort. Blech. Tusifczla The "Tusitala," the school's annual literary magazine was unusual in that more copies were sold this year than ever beforep 600 copies in all were disposed of to the students of both the Junior and Senior High Schools. This was not, however, the only outstanding feature of this yea1"s issue, as the editors of the magazine made a specialty of the short short- story type, and many unusual tales were turn- ed in. Third Row-Swisher. Linnell. Murphy, Kalinoif, Can-lson. Erickson. Swanson, Hanson. Bancrofiz, Davis. Second Row-Bernstein. H. Anderson, Sawyer. LuVine. Whalen. Tennyson. Nolan, Simonet. D. Johnson, M. Nelson. Lott, Sakrison. Peterson, Ladd. First Row-Wilson. Levi. J. Nelson. F. Johnson. Noumeier. Rydeen, Magnuson, Krog. Turnquist. Woodniancy. Kearney. M. Anderson, Thoreen. n ,bi Genuine Journalist EDITORIAL STAFF Toft. Swisher. Carlson. J. Nelson. Johnson Editorial Effort Kczb Staff Working with nothing else in mind than to make the 1939 Kabekonian the best one ever to be published, the staff of this publication set for itself a few records worthy of note, and also a few precedents for future annuals, perhaps not in the editorial perfection but in features such as the inclusion of a Junior High School section, colored insert pages, and tint coloring on various pages. These features, coupled with the fact that this year's Kab sold more advertising than any previous one, and the fact that it is the first issue of this book to use the three-colored cover, tend to make this year's issue quite different from those of previous years. However, even with all its new features, it was with considerable trepidation that a copy of the book was sent to the critical survey for judging, and fingers are remaining crossed un- til the beautiful balloon comes back with a pin through it next fall. BUSINESS STAFF Kriesel. Sawyer, M. Nelson. Leander Biu Businessmen I f "Zyl Z TOP PICTURE Second Row-Wilson. Swisher. Thoreen. Leander. Bloom. Jones. Kent. Plourde. First Row-Linnell, Ryclecn, Anderson. Nelson. Miss Colby. Sawyer. Lee. Palm. Erickson. Seated-Berg. BOTTOM PICTURE Sawyer, Palm, Leander. Anderson. Bloom. Nelson. Berg. Erickson. Swisher. Rydeen. Johnson. The dramatics which the class of 1939 un- cel-ning a love affair in which the girl was con- dertook were widely Varied, the Junior Play, vinced by her father that she should give up "Garden of the Moon," being in a serious vein, her ideas of marriage and take up a singing while the seniors choose a lighter subject, and, career, and, upon finding this impossible, re- with a great deal of merriment, put on a farce turning to be married. titled 'iGrowin9' Pains." , , , ' S K The latter was a farce dealmg with a series The former was a roniantic comedy con- of adolescent love affairs. Tip top tragedians Y 41 44 Sillu S eniors Gomeous Garden Melodu Masters Marvelous Musicians f' iii! -L21 tien Larson, C. Johnson. TOP PICTURE Third Row-Friday. Burns. Tennyson, Randall. Warman. N. Johnson. Bas , Christiansen. Garey. Morgan. Second Row-Kalinolf, R. Johnson. Moelter. Heifort. Oredson. Frawley. Hurley, Carlson, W, Hugstig, McComber. Nelson. Belideau. Bastien. First Raw-M. Huestis. Davis. Andrewson, Phalen. D. Johnson. Drechsler. Krcimer, Rivard. Wert, zirvey. Director-M1-. Bastien. BOTTOM PICTURE Thircl Row-Kalinolf, McComber, W. Huestis, W. Bastien. Mr. Bastion. Morgan. Second Row-M. Huostis. Davis. Andrewson. Phalen. Comfort. Heifort. Oredson. First Row-Leander. Dreohsler, M. Anderson. D. Bastien. Christensen. Schnell. Dalke. "Bigger and better" has been the motto The band is not the only organization showing of both the band and orchestra this past year, marked improvement this past year as the Or- and under the able tutelage of Mr. Bastien, chestra also ventured into fields which had they have been able to realize both parts of hitherto remained unexplored. ' " ' - . . this motto. Phe band has expaniled to. its The sprmg concert, In Whlch both of these 121125655 Size and hfls tackled 'muslfff 5619911035 musical organizations took part was a huge suc- of the highest caliber with surprising success. cess for both band and Orchestra Elegant artists and polished performers . 45 Exceptional Orators TOP PICTURE Thoreen. Krog, Mr. Anderson, Bernstein. Kilpatrick. Wilson. BOTTOM PICTURE Standing--Erickson. Johnson. Davis. Seated-Kilpatrick. Sawyer. Nolan Debate Team Stillwater's Debate Team experienced only one setback this year, but that one, at the hands of Minneapolis West High School, was enough to deprive them of the state champion- ship. However it was far from a case of Still- water being worsted, as West also went through the season undefeated, and, as a result, the meeting was a confiict of the two outstanding teams of the state, and in now way reflected on Sti1lwater's ability. Declamation Much more interest was shown this year in declamation, due to the inclusion of a course in speech in the curriculum of the school, and although immediate results were not startling, the indications are such as point to a bright future for Stillwater in state competition. This year Marcella Sawyer completed the unusual feat of winning the dramatic cup for the fourth time and Bob Kilpatrick captured the oratory trophy for the second time in a row. Expert elocutionists and admirable argufiers . Reliable Reserves TOP PICTURE Standing:-C. Carlson. M. Anderson. D. Johnson. Sakrison. Turnquist. MacDonald. Seated-C. Peterson. Tennyson. Miss Isacson. M. Carlson. BOTTOM PICTURE Standing-Bloom. Warman. Seated-Bancroft. D. Thompson. C. Johnson. Mr. Beck. elniul uv Girl Reserves Under the guidance of Miss Ann Isacson, the Girl Reserves this year continued the ser- vice activities Which are their objectives. Bas- kets were distributed to the needy at Christmas and many other worthy projects were under way continually with this club at the head. Early in the fall this club sponsored a dance which was considered highly successful, and later in the year this club helped the Junior Chamber of Commerce put on EL basket social. Several service societies . Hi- Y Club The Hi-Y started out the year as the Los Gatos Club, but shortly after the Hrst of the new year it was revamped and made into the Senior Hi-Y. The laws of this new club are substantially the same as those of all the other Hi-Y's in the country. The objectives of this club and its pro- jects include many worthy undertakings, among Which are the distributing' of baskets at Christ- mas and other service activities. ,M-f""f ,ff- TOP PICTURE Stzxnclingf-l',ott, Lohmcr. Bloom, Dalilke. Linnell. Seated-Swanson. Bernstein, Sawyer. Johnson. Rowland. BOTTOM PICTURE Fourth Row-Minuet. Southern Gentlemen. Third Row-Southern Sweethearts. lVlarionettes. Second Row-Nurses. Southern Sweethearts. First Row-Doughbrwys. Shakespeare 's Dream This year's Shakespeare's Dream, a Romantic constructed in order to assure that no detail Comedy titled "S1nilin' Thru," was one of the would be missing. - most beautifully done productions which has Th 1 t d 1 L , . . ' ' 0' ever been seen on Stillwater High School's stage. ' e .p ay ,Was Cen are al Cum a mam T1 . , , love aHa1r which one of the older characters ie costunnng, the choruses and the setting , , , f y Q . . . had had in his youth, and his efforts to keep or the garden scene in which the action took , . , . V . his 111006 from .marrying the man who had place were all exceptional. Special scenery was , , ruined his romance. Estimable actors 48 enable olorfu orus arefree Choristers Bo's'n's Bride TOP PICTURE Fourlh Row-Kojetin. N. Johnson. Swanson. Hall, Kilpatrick. Clay. Broecker. Bergeron. Patten Sl'lIEl'l'il1'Cl, Benson. Koch. Lindberg. Third Rowe-Tibhets Skrzmistad. Bastien. Wangerin. Richert. Ageton. F. Johnson. Adkins. Nelson. Kresenske. Hummergren. K. Jones. Everniann. G. Jones. Second Row-Powell. Hart. Kent. Seifert. Sullivan, Kresenske. Anderson. Steven, Cutler. Pretzel. Pascli, Linner. Schroeder. First Row-Palm. Wooclmancy. LuVine. Dornfeld. Miss Marian Fairchilcl. Judd. Linnell. Connors. Erickson, Daly. BOTTOM PICTURE "Bo's'n's Bride" Leads-Front Center: Earl Wangerin. Emmy Lu Duly. Budd Shcrrard. Jenn LuVine. Robert Kilpatrick. Betty Woodmuncy. Siegfried Koch. Katherine Judd. The others--school girls und sailors. An unusual experiment was conducted this Sherrard, Jean LaVine, Bob Kilpatrick, Betty year under the auspices of the choir. An operet- Jane Woodmancy, and Seigfried Koch. 'Emmy ta was put on for the First time in many years, Lu Daly, Katherine Judd and Earl Wangerin and the results of the ardent efforts of the also played in minor parts. choir under Miss F'1irchild's su ervision were - I . ' p , The Choir, this year, reached a new peak elltlrely successful. . . , both in numbers and quality. Choir robes were The production was titled "The Bo's'n's purchased, thus adding much to the appear- Bride," and leads were ably taken by Budd ance of the group. I Each and all superior singers 49 September 19- September 23- October 14- October 26- October 28- NOV6111b6F 1- November 17- November 18- November 22- December 2- December 9- December 15- December 22- January 13- February 3- February 9- February 16-17 March 21- March 28- March 31- April 12-14- April 18- 91 May May 11- May 26- May 29- June 2- Calendar of Even ts First day of school with seven new faculty members. Dedication of lights on football field by Ross N. Young. Stillwater defeated University High 12-2. The Ponies complete the successful Homecoming celebration when they "Ice-o-late the Polars" 20-6. Student Council holds annual banquet in honor of their newly elected president, Clemens Johnson. Ponies end Hastings twelve game winning streak by a 2-0 score. Arrow came out with live columns and a Junior High School section. Visiting Night in Stillwater public schools with the dedication of the new Vilashington and Junior High School buildings. Two da visiting rogram climaxed b Senior art . Y Y P Y The rollicking comedy, "Growing Pains" was presented by the Class of '39, Hi-Y Club gave movies-admission being one toy to be repaired to make some child happy at Christmas. Junior Class Party held. Chinese checkers proved popular. Choir presents first operetta, "Bo'sn's Bride." Girl Reserves give Christmas party for needy "sisters," The Class of '39 presents the school with an electric score board between halves of the Wliite Bear game. Seniors take college apitude tests. Snow storm disrupted school activities for several days. All-School production, "Smilin' Through," presented. Seniors win one-act play contest with their play, "False Witness." S. H. S. debaters defeat Rochester in state semi-finals 3-0. Seniors become characters in nursery rhymes and literature in annual senior crazy day. Ten students represented Stillwater at National Forensic League tournament. Juniors present three-act comedy, "Nothing But The Truth." Still- water debate team lost to West High thereby placing second in the state. Activity banquet for the students outstanding in activities. Spring concert by band, orchestra, and choir. Senior assembly and class picnic. Juniors and Seniors go to the World's Fair Prom. Commencement, the end of high school days but the beginning of others. - 3 fx ' U - fffffwffff 1 f mfg ' f .-52-M 4 P f . . 1. -L - ', uihf 1 f!!!af , 1 ,fly -ll, , Z: . A Y A ' V I! l l! E . -' v 231-a ' X -' , " , 5 ' x ,gif . ' I V' 7.22 'I ' ,,,:'Tf -R Z f ' - , Wx . ?f:"?: 551 ,I - 1 A ,fr , T P-V ir . Tote that bale, Iiftxthait bcirrelj time and fide wait for nd mem! HILETICS I 3' S-ff Ben, Alf, and Don pose with the mana- gerial paraphernalia HSII dk! 5 Club I Lions give the football banquet Football Squad Oh Boy! a little rest .ff , I F,-W Touchdown this time boys! ! ! Third Row-R. Carlson, Kellogg, C. Johnson, R. Swanson, Berger, B. Swanson, Thompson, Simonet, E. Johnson, Roettger, Daniels. R d Second Row-Meifert, Rorman, Redpath, Albrecht, Clements, Rowland, Lee, ee , Plourde Burke Hackett, Iverson. First Row-Hyildebrandt, Longbotham, Bloom, Wojahn, D. Carlson, Bancroft, Jones, LaCosse, Groth. Seated--Gillstrom, Grandquist, Koch. f . .A U. ary, : Two prize-winning Homecoming windows lil 1 5 ' U ff-"bg,-. -2 ,L . , F -.W-.f -fs. rv, - r. , '35, 3' f1'. .w,". ,vi 1,',..'...1. Off tackle? Around end? Three guesses where the ball is . . . V7 rx. ,:. 4: - .. ' ' -TA," , Q 4 " N.,-Q, -Y age' rv, -ff V ' ,., 9. ,-F,-. A -qw ,M-, - sf 5 2'-A .,.,1,.HY, ..-gf--zk4,7'f.:c -sql --- -. fu, , 3--1 -, .mst , -Q, sk- nj- W' fist- Y F "OUCH!!" say Mr. Rorman and Mr. Mef- fert, as something goes wrong. eg' N ' . EQ'9Qnf . A552121 A ' 3 - Nw . r ' ' A - . Q' Q 5' S' ' ni f , - " . .. b 1 Ar f' 2 ' if 157 .a' Y 5 W 1 "", 'J . ., ka A ..,,i.A ff -' A X "?q?""r s an w 1 , .V , .V F ' 7, .yi 'vf. . .fl i V ' wfk ,tl Q4 1 said? fl s. 3 15 7 'f gif" I ,511 E , , t ' 'iw S. er' . Uv- . YQ., , 'Z q,.vf N Wi. i4 A L.: at ' is :f'f5f2,! Mr. Peterson shows the second squad how it's done . . . Howie lets one go at the basket . . . Drum Majorette McCornber twirls the baton . . . "Feint around him and shoot," says Mr. Cafferty . . . Joan works up some enthusiasm. 4 'lui Winning Basketball Team-Harriet Kelm, Betty Trainor, Margaret Greeder, Margaret Backe, 'Susan Steven, Betty Lyons, Kathleen Guse. Winning Soccer Team-Back Row-Deloris John- "Let's have a big Yea Team!" led by Lillian Anderson. son, Helen Krueger, Betsymay Jensen, Doris Magnuson, DeLila Cates. Front Row-Phyllis Keene. Gladys Tennyson, Bernice Peterson. Track Team Berger, Thompson, Reed, Groth, Mr. Meffert vi ' f iw 5 wx wi 3 ,N if 1 W1 51-ff Q 1 .X X 1. Howie swings H500 yards T, on through . . or bust," says Rienie . . . Chess Club Officers: President Bob bat- tles with Secretary Budd as Treasurer Don kibitzes. I 1 . ,,.,,, .f Intramural Winners Back Row: Risendal, Patrick, Dick Simon- son, Rivard. Front Row: Whalen Bancroft, Schmit, Johnson, R. Simon- son, Thompson. x 1 L e ' ' 1 11 s 4 -f arf 6 ' r X, 7 ' ' ff I i l 1 J f -'Lf A.:, 3 1 LT -f f Y. - ' ,I I1 -,5 , 1 4 f'Xf'f'L7f . L H Q V: Esixivgg + u , .Q I- . . V V ' h ffl . 1: Lay A' i f ' 4, .h',. i,,.A .,.. I JV Ay, 4' i 3 f, -L 1 ' "E 'V?fffV7s3 5. K ' . 'fff 'W' , . . ' . f I ' ' .- , - , " f 'ml I V f'?:'iQ-5e?"',+ a fig H' , i,,,,,fggf5,,ff ,+ljff1fgff 5 ,v ' X . ""L1iLkfz- ' 9 " zqflfii. 11'-S Tf'f',if:j,'i"'6 ' f . Q 1 .V -11 b" , .f - . N ,'L:. Q MEM K Xxx' ug,--...., ff' X W : A N'-N--N 1 .- gj"fiiZfr, sf l b A f'S+2N..TfQ4if :1'j,.Ti'T?'1f Midshipmen and cabin boys making the first voyage on the of life. 6M CHOOL ,,,,,, H- .... ,, ., ., 'Q Pwr V :gs-1, ,I ' '11 I .,, , 4 ' uf Mr. Robbins looks wp: ' 'Whs- x X .lumen men smogfml 1 PEUQIALH ll Mr Rlfil NlY',glDqlfNllsXl-ljtl lo has w M1 UQ ll x ,"'l' mv l l 1 - 1 ffrl-'2lgz3lT':"JQSfQfQA,ilgj-,fxilfgi. .1 5-.'5!g.Ql.14,',, LQ A View Qc,-Il, .'.'l 2' l' 'mf 2 " iiuisdf' ff- lull "'gf,1.4'r.'i' f: r f'l'- A '- 5-Y-L 65.12, . 1'1" ,glgffgag-lt,Ea:,.sl-Allwgg.1aQ- Qg- lgf353g.-,l,WQl.3j, stiff gvQYEwi1Iig:a2:,I:: YX.I,-.QQ'v.e3QwQw1l.5El-lk,Qiiswlg ' -' -vip., -.z--'..3:5 Y .A .w' - -r. -y. .a,y,X,l!gv:--1 gh vi,-WL' tlg3RllfQl'5-QM' N- ..PUill9llfl.xw0S',lRSr-e-s,,g-51 l-lf l--Nl 3.13-'l':lQf'ff' ' v 'rm , r'fgr,w+ .vggl finngad' ,army-!f.,l,,.l.,qrx!,lfny-:l-'.K?.fl1' 1341 A 5 A .. 4 , 'Sf ,1!.l:'1'-qlhyl,.g,y. wi- qJy,'::-tl..-l'-"11MMg,gX.,l',y,f+y,-I nf . 0, . .UQ L4 ,v-. ,. eq, N 4, . 1.i.,i,,j.9ll3 fl filX-'1ll-'- t-3,Vg.', -"11g4,y1lg':.,-by 1q,:e1mg1:'y.ul'-"Ht W-. lr,-l . - l gM.l' p.m1-.asfim lg.-lm. 'J'g:Qlwpmm1',mrf:Qh! .wvzir l ll '- if 49.4 ll- . 14.'.Z"l'. fill!'l'M.',f'?.-,'1!f,X1 rqyjhL'f,-fmqlL4Q,',,,Ilj-l'..'Il'1 'f .,,.,, ,, . , ,,, ': g:1.V.:4.l'f' ---W up with a smile . . ,.,. - -N... , -, , . . J '35, ig, Us s , W ,, I--l,l.f,ff 'ls ffl 1 iv ,. " L vi S?5','JW"'l'i?:'5Q' S . fr ' , - 'JN' ,Ml A , f N .lot , lwwfef- A ,W s Margaret looks busy, while Jack Stevens, Betty Roettger and Eddie Parnell just look. I Mnth Grade . . top rung 1-51 Miss Fabcl'-Second Row-Gatzke, Buckley, Anderson, Lindgren, Fischer, Lohmer, Yerka, Nelson. First Row: Lenmark, Pabst, Miss Fabel, Carlson, Miller, Leonard, Grant. Absent: Thompson, Cedarbloom. Mr. Olson-Fourth Row: Brockman, Ower1s,,Lueken, Severson, Syring, Johnston. Third Row--Roettger, Eichten, Raduenz, Hooley, Mechelke, Lott, Mackey, Flowers, Bartlett, Radloff, Grove, Johnson, Anderson. Second Row: Jackson, Maxwell, Zeuli, Cronk, Brunner, Knefelkamp, Masterman, Rice, Dawson, Mr. Olson. First Row: McGlinch, Urel, Crimmins, Crotton. Miss Kriesel--Third Row: Schneider, Schnell, Becker, Mardaus, Dilley, F. Sherrard, Pieu, Reider. Second Row--Doyle, Horst, Pabst, Shatto, Akey, Erlitz, Major, Dennis, Farmer, Theuson, Peterson, .H. Sherrard, Burns, Olson, S. Seim. First Row-Miss Kriesel, Elness, Haley, Schnell, Roettger, Parnell, Nordstrom, Cohn, M. Seim. Absent: McKnight. Jn the Junior High ladder 'QR Mr. Caffert -Third Row: McDonald, Leuck, Lenartz Parkhurst Herbert Piculell Peter on Rh y . , , , S , ode, Mordick, Kollander, Mr. Cafferty. Second Row: DeCurtins, Johnson, Nelson, Fazendin, Kuehn, LaVenture, Ponath. First Row: Olson, Glennon, Seifert, Russell, Lacy, Billy, Welander, Norman. Mr. Peterson-Fourth Row: L. Johnson, Muller, M. Swanson, Siegfried, Ulrich, Dix, McAlpine Van Merten, Kollander, Millarch, Pilquist. Third Row-McComber, Gast, M. Johnson, Ertle, Chial, Gunderson, Anderson, Jackson. Second Row: Emanuelson, Cook, Goetschel, Mondor, Kilpatrick, Miller, D. Swanson, Mihos, Michaelis, Belisle. Seated Crightlz Beutel, Pribnow, Mr. Peterson. Seated ffloorj: Wolf, Haak, G. Erickson, A. Erickson Miss Kallestad-Third Row: Wihren, Erhorn, Heifort, Sherrard, D. Peterson, Schneider, Jensen, Un- derhill, Schaar, B. Nelson, Wilson. Second Row: Glasbrenner, Ackerson, Miss Kallestad, Smart, Meister, Fehlow, Masterman, Sutherland, Nxppoldt, B. Peterson, Schell, Rydeen, Glass. First Row: Schaffer, Johnson, Pozzini, E. Nelson, Marty, Korth, Hedstrom. Hung two . Miss Nolan-Fourth Row: E. Chatterton, D. Clum, Burkleo, Estelle, P. Clum, G. Chatterton, LaVine. Third Row: Miss Nolan, Westphal, Kolbe, Bischoff, Gast, Glenn, Gehrmann, Paine, White. Second Row: Madsen, Hall, Lenmark, Johnson, Flint, Barber, Linder. Seated: Bodlovich, Buckley, Hagen. Absent: Flemming, Iserman, Carlson. ostcr Fourth Row Mechelke Tuenge E Peterson Hughes Brostrom Thomsen Jesse Harrison. Miss F .' -1 ' : , , . , , , , , Third Row: V. Peterson, Ruth Schleunser, K. Schell, Scheel, L. Peterson, M. Peterson, Kalk, Schmoeckel, Thueson, Miss Foster. Second Row: M. Schell, Steinick, Ruby Schleunser, Thompson, Lawson, Hooley, LaVine, Thorsen, Grove. Seated: Gramenz, Olson, Lott, Sullivan, Huestis, Kollander, Sawyer. Absent: Smith, Rullne. Mrs. Curtis-Fourth Row: Larson, Severson, LeBard, Thompson, Raddatz, Monfeldt, Parkhurst. Third Row: Dawson, Harvey, Shelley, Bloom, Lutz, Sherrard, Johnson, Worden, Schadegg, Mrs. Curtis Second Row: Stussi, Scullen, Welshons, Barker, Moelter, Darrington, Palm, Sisco, Nagel. First Row: Wilson, Michaelis, Murphy, Peterson, Magnuson, Hammer, Barnholdt. Absent: Rosell, Kearney Rung one . Miss Costello-Third Row: Garbe, Wagner, Radunz, Kratz, W. Anderson, Seaman, Jack Anderson Bachelder. Second Row: Dilts, Shattuck, Thorene, J. Anderson, Carlson, Woodmancy, Thompson, Swanson, Roettger First Row: LaCosse, Jensen, Peterson, Humphreys, Reider, Kolbe, Groth, Miss Costello. Seated: Kollander, Conrad, Ackerson, Ehnert. Absent: Beyer, Johnson. Miss Lies-Third Row: Shrank, McKusick, Vollmer, Lueken. Second Row: Nelson, Mardaus, Johnson, Bloom, McLaughlin, Wojahn, Vedder. First Row: Roepke, Lohman, Richert, Michaelis, Miss Lies, Erickson, Beebe, Harsh, Thomsen. Seated: Ponath, Barnholdt, White, Shoholm. Absent: Tibbetts. Miss Pozzini-Fourth Row: Simonet, Stevens, O'Brien, Thomsen, Morris, Teed, Johnston. Third Row: Bergstrom, Lee, I-Iinz, Vollmer, Carlson, Kunde, Ranum, G. Anderson, Jacobson. Second Row: Miss Pozzini, Scheel, Malone, Bixby, Kramer, Williams, Johnson, Deaner, Roettger, Douville First Row: Smith, Fischer, Bailes, Cedarbloom, L. Anderson, Peterson, Seim. Absent: Dikkers, Gerner - More Seventh Graders Mr. Burmeister- Second Row: Mr. Burmeister, Otto, Cronk, Peterson, Billy, Stohlberg, Friday, Jacobson, Thompson, A Morris. Seated: Redman, Kress, Randall, The Executives' Club in the Junior High School, corresponds, approximately, to the student council in the Senior High School. Its duties are much the same and its activities, as to selection and meetings are also closely similar. Membership, however, is not selected by a separate. election, as this group is composed entirely of the presidents of the advisory groups, and, when a president is selected he automatically becomes a member of the Executives' Club. A Executive Committee-Second Row: Ehnert, Mr. Robbins, Fleming, Ackerson, Stevens, Lott, Lawson, Carlson. First Row: White, Darrington, Otto, Jackson, Parnell, Bergstrom, Olson, Emanuelson, Roettger. Efficient Executives A nice tiled stairway . . . "Look out for knots," says Mr. Burmeister. Hi 1,4 ,AS "No," says Mr. Peter son, "this is the sun." X11 gn 7,3 .YM fl Kkiikiix 'UD 1 R r X "Give me cream of tomato," says Mr. Peterson . . . Several girls use the new library . . . Miss Lies shows them how. fx fox 'G fc. xv XJ -4? Basketball Squad fJ1' . I-IiJ Back-R ' e o W. Ste v Tgson, Si ens, Ac egfried ofnpso If. , Jensen n, Jesse L Front R Sw Br , Ott ,' ow: O'Brien, anson, Farmer, ostrom, E1-horn v 'f ,V 'Pl 1 if 1 , J , 'I A Q x I S li D '.' ,A ,',! -X Block zt. . . Mary Ann Wood A tg Ili- af. A 1T1l1I2Cy and Kay Kearney go skfzbg. tfj' W rg QL, ' 1 f' lzu ff ' ' ' ,-1 I IS , H b , Knefelkon er ird R ' ert, Sh amp, Ch' w. If 11 datz OS 0 S errar 1al, LaVine ander, Har:-iso , cullen, Peters econd Row: V rin CL F 3' 1 -cms ntramural WYnne Back Row: Peters Olson Th 8711.180 rten S' er, Pet Row ' n, Rad.- on, Ma an Mee 2, Mull irst n. , Hnonet, Sy- erson, Lott. . Thomsen, Carlson, Beyer, Groth, Shattuck. Morris, Kratz, Seim. 932 Dutch Chorus of Junior High Talent Show . Class room scene from the tal- ent show . . . as gk N X Speclalty dancers, Ertle, Anne McKusick Harrlett Schaffer pose E 5 X I 31"-' ' 9 Down the riveg out on the sec, our ovmlslne last section, the Hncmciozl backers. ilfilf"lf"l"'7'TY'4""0""l""l""l" Vi? 'l""lf"l"'7'i' 'l""l""l' 'Q' 'l""U""T'?fil""i""l""?i"5 A SMALL, Select, Private School. In Session Throughout the Year. Enter at Any Time. INDIVIDUAL Progress. EVERY GRADUATE EMPLGYED. gqzefffwwwhzmd A""f,g,ZwwfawzMgZZ0af 23 EAST SIXTH STREET Lgfuh! Qwvf MR. NICHOLS BELIEVES . . that EVERY Business School and EVERY college or university maintaining a business-training course, should be REQUIRED BY LAW to provide employment for its graduates, just as the NICHOLS SCHOOL has done since 1898. In other Words, "A POSITION instead of a mere diploma." llkllv-4-Y 'O---'ll-JP klkil- -01401-JP 'll-Al-JIL -lk!!!-JO'--'Ol--ll!-JP -il-JI!--Ol-JO---13.1---4---'P 414- The p Andersen Corporation + Takes pleasure in extendino best wishes to the oraduatino Class of l95O, with a special word ol eonoratulation to the tollowino oraduates whose families RODNEY ANDERSON- ELMER JOHNSON- son of Tory Anderson brother of LeRoy Johnson BETTE ANTONSON- PHYLLIS KEENE- daughter of Alstrom Antonson daughter of Wm. Keene LELAND BERGER- HELEN KRUEGER- son of Leland Berger, Sr. daughter of L. B. Krueger DONALD BERGGREN- DOROTHY LEE- son of Theo. Berggren daughter of Oscar Lee RICHARD CARLSON- LEONARD NOREEN- son of Harold Carlson son of Arvid Noreen KEITH CLEMENTS- SHERMAN NOREEN- son of Charles Clements son of Arvid Noreen GORDON DANIELS- ANITA PAULEY- son of Jesse Daniels sister of Ralph and Harold Pauley ANITA FENSKE- KENNETH PETERSON- daughter of Geo. Fenske son of Granville Peterson DORIS GARAVALIA- DALE THOMPSON- daughter of Jos. Garavalla son of Geo. Thompson JACK GARBE- ANNA JANE WELLMAN- son of Gilbert Garbo daughter of Arvld Wellman VIOLA, GELFORD- DONALD WILSON- sister of Andrew and Dan Gelford son of Donald Wilson. Sr. DONALD GROTH- ELAINE ZOLLER- son of Henry G1-oth daughter of Gregory Zoller I AIIIDIANE VIEW OE ANDEIZSEN PLANT, BAYDOIIT, MINNESOTA, OCTOBER, l05X. QL- -hJO---Q-i'---ll--4h.i--4O--'4---'l- -l----l---h..i--lk..Q-- are represented in the Andersen 0roanization:- I In The Class of 1939 I I' I' I cm I0 Mtlsulzt In ordering tailor-made custom clothes the finest and most im- I I portant thing to know is that I we make yours strictly to Individual Measurement. I ln any other way there are I Probabilities. ln Custom Tailoring the . results are Definite. "Oh, Shorty, I've heard so much of your I new system of dry cleaning!" exclaims Joan Bird. W. "Yes, we cull it 'S d 't works mar- I I velously," says Shorty. E H B t "Ed '1 d I .lways get it 1 d ' ' 1 e," y' B b Swanson Ed S' t d ' W h h d g ment." BUILDING SUDDIIIS . . . We have everything from Foundation to Chimney top Famous Mule-I-licle Roofing and Shingles Bluff Citu Lumber Co. "Dracula,' in all its horrors . . . Brice beats a. stern-Wheeler . . . More Crazy Day . . . "Tex" and Jean Larson give us the West on Crazy Day . . . Helen, Bette and Lois in the snow. This Ann ual Prjn fed By The Bauport Drintinq House Bauvort, Minnesota LETTER PRESS PRINTING U FFS ET PRINTING Of The Better Class --O----OL 4--lim -in--Alt-lin i Bronson-Folsom l Company Fancy Groceries, Fruits Vegetables, etc. , RICHELIEU BRAND PU RE FDU D PRODUCTS Stillwater, Minnesota Best Wishes to the ciass of CARLSON BROS SUPER SERVIGE STATION Texaco Products y We Wish To Extend To the Stillwater High School Graduates oi 1939 our Best Wishes for their continued success. V0.1 13, I lmxrnz. ,Q if ll , , - g Q l 6 I" Q23 ll. A-. .' '7' Q I' f f' 'L ZX 2 "My, all the canned goods! There l S 5, .. f V -K f5 W-' isn't a thing they don't have!" Anne " I I wwglx' t Johnson exclaims to Norman Grunke. . A , kathy l I K "It hasn't anything on the meat de- Mk QV' partment. They have everything from n""""" cheese to steaks." Dorothy Lee re- marks to Pearl Marty as they stand on the other side of the store. 9 Carlson SI: Olson V Public Drovision Guaranteed Fully Paid Permanent Membership ' Tuition for Girl Graduates of 10 Monthly I I installments I Stillwater Hlgh School aaa Total S180 Attend I CABLES I Secretarial College for Girls 1547 University Avenue, St. Paul Ashton Building - Near Snelling Avenue I Enrollment Strictly Limited To V Girl Graduates oi Hioh Schools and Colleoes Enroll Only With Students of College Grade YOUI2 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION HAS EAIIIIED FOI? YOU IHIS DISIIIICIION TYPING ADVERTISING FILING SHORTHAND I ACCOUNTING BUSINESS LAW DICTAPHONE CORRESPONDENCE COMPTOMETER MACHINE OPERATION Everything in the commercial line Ihorouoh Drenaration For Government Civil Service Dositions Without Extra Cost Summer quarter classes begin June 12, 19 d 6 Complete Fall quarter classes begin September 5, 11 and 18 10-iaith BURTON A. CABLE, President GRACE S. CABLE, Principal 24-Credit Tel. MI. 9644 Coigjilind Write or telephone for full description of our school and its courses YOUFSGI1: We employ no solicitors We give no free scholarsh p E gh d of Both a Diploma and a I Position 75 Greeiin gs To The Graduating Class oi '39 Connollu Shoe Companu "Isn't this a beautiful spot?" "Yes, It certamly ls." And Lhzs 1S the very ool that the get their fresh brook trout 19 Y L f sn't it, Dick?" y Sh 1 y S kriso t D ck Reed. Uh huh, Wow! Lool t th L hopper th And, you kno th L 11 Inn is famous throughout the country for 1tS de- .. .. ,, 11c1ous CUISINE. Lowell Inn -k..i--1lls:4--4k4l- -O----IL --Q----P --l-- -1i.L..i1- -'IL --l-- --1 Medium and High Grade TURNITURIE Erickson T Furniture Co. NORTH MAIN ST. STILLWATIER, MINN 'Q' " " ' "0""O""'l"'C""l"' ' ' " "1"1"Q' 'O' "'l""l""'f Lumber, Building Material And Fuel Let us help you plan your new home or suggest how you may remodel your old one to the best advantage. onsolidated umber omuanu Compliments Compliments and Best VWshes T O G cilss or I O 5 Q Farmers Sz Merchants S a e Bank ot 'E JE Stillwater i class of '39 Gourlin Candu Co. Best Wishes To The Class of .Z GRAND CAFE mn Year of D epen name sewage Complim en ts of H. W. Hanson lVIen's Wearing Apparel I C'ong1'atulatjons and Best MGSIZIGS I S. II. S. Class of I959 May all your Worthwile aims and Visions be realized TIIT TII2ST NATIONAL BANK OT STIIIWATIQI2 STIIIWATEI2, MINNESOTA "My, isn't this a beauti- ful car?" says Betty Jane Woorlmancy to Jean La- Vine. Jean replies, "Yes, it not only has a beautifully fur- nished interior but also the external appearance is so distinguished and they say it has power to spare." "And they say it's per- fectly safe to ride in be- cause it has the biggest hyclraulic brakes of any Cavs in the low-priced field." "And such perfect com- fort, too," says Jean. Trlendlu Valleu Motor Inc Compliments Hanson Meat Co. QUALITY MEAT5 HDME MADE SAUSAGE Telephone 2 Fre Deliv SllllWATlQl2'S SUPER MARKET Comolete Food Service All Under One Roof Meats, Fruits, Vegetables and Groceries I-lO0l..EY'S South I-lill Meat Market Telephone 211 Inter-State Lumber Company Building Material and Fuel Yards ln Washington County: lAKlQ HMO MAI-ITOMEDI WITHDOW HUGO AFTGN FOREST LAKE Complim en ts Of I on es Funeral Home 'TT' 'l"'4""l""l""T'T""lf1l""7?f"l- "?"'l' "l""l""l""l'Wl""l""Y'Q"'P"'Q" "Well! You certainly look adorable in that new model, Betty!" exclaims Betty Hart watching Betty Magnuson wearing one of Janda's new dresses. "Yes, and won't we feel dressed up in these at the style show at school tomorrow," re- plies Betty. "Yes, and all the dresses are so well made you just know it's quality stock," adds Betty. LOUIS JANDA COMPANY I----lv-L41--,-41-ll--ill-JL.4ll-45--P-JI---lk -b-lll--Alk--l----lM-'P- ll---'1..iL-lll-Jlm-4lk-ll-- 'bmi' 'I-JO--All---lk-Q 81 Congratulations John J. KILTY C0 Jack Steve Reu. Buy At KRUEGEHS MEAT MARKET Clecmest t in Town and Coolest Marke P ' "-- - 4 fi Vw Q ef is x?- L4-E' I fig' We Carry Only The C11 ' of Meats TELEPI-IONES 561 562 Kabekonian Dictures done bu L. T. KUI-TN 503 NORTH FOURTH STREET RHOTOGRAREIER KODAK EINISHING Best Wishes class of '39 Linner Electric Co ELECTRICAL SDECIALISTS 255 So. Main "l"'7T?"'4"iY"Qf1P'?""l"".""l"iT"T'3"7?""7"Q" Q 000PERATE T0 DES RE EARNEST AN SSESSI P0 ? + I + 4 WITH ll' u 17 ll Y0 I. A 'K' FIFIE PRINTING PLFITES i' -114.1- U0i IVIIIW H001 IOUHHVEA SNV1d Congratula tions to the class of 1 939 KOLLINEIZ ZMEH? COMPANY Join Gur PHOENIX HOSIEPY CLUB 13th Pair Free KOLLINEIVS I h L 11 licit- l E11 B hl h dusts h d N H Ill ll if it b I h k Ill set- 1 d d d f h mag- Th 1 k She 1 M 1 h b rbed h luciIIe's Beautu Shoppe Dells Extra T Compliments To The and E C0566 cexssop lQ5Q Mnpesom Mppcmmp q0MpANy 0Isen's Department Store STILLWATER, MINNESOTA E ET 205 S. MAIN STREET TEL IAXO GREETINGS The Successful Man is t th O e Well Dressed Class ot .1 9 lwlzmct W. Immun DEPENDABLE FUEL Building Contractor FIRE AND WINDSIOIZM ISIIMAIING A SPECIALTY Phone 276 207 N. Main St. To be well dressed you must have your clothes tailored 13 y d d l t Th p h phy lly p f t ll p 1 t d t bl t p t t b titt cl t th t t d t your measurements. SAM ELIAS 225 E. Chestnut Stillwater Now! Here! New! STUDEBAKLI2 CHAMPION Down in the price field ot Ford, Chevrolet and Plymouth. 10? to 25? savings on gas LOTT MOTOR CO. A Studebaker and Pontiac 4, Dhillins 66 Con trolleal Volatility QUICK EXPERT SERVICE In Greasing and Washing Madden Oil Co. Congratulations to the Class of 1939 May your future be Bright, Healthy and Prosperous Your Chrysler Sz Plymouth Dealer 1NTERNAT1oNAL TRUCKS MBE EQLEBW1 0 T E9- - 4-' 'I--'-l----I----I' -I---l---4---'O----ll -ll--All -ll Northern States Dowet Comnanu PUBLIC 3 fe SERVICE , PIONEERS ty IN qi' V N1 we X If Q: S 25 Q3 Q ir Better Light Better Sight 1 , Badrcmt Health and Beauty can be Yours e Drink four glasses ot Oak Glenn Dairy milk each clay That is all you have to do to possess radiant health and enviable beauty. Your figure, your complexion and your vitalityg all of these improve and become your greatest charms, once you get the OAK GLENN habit and stick to it. Dhone I665-t Phone i666-L "I-Imm. How do you ' rate being in that spiffy new Nash, and with two pretty girls at that?" says Tuffy Ingersoll to Bob Berg. "Yes, isn't it a honey?" replies Bob. "What do you think of it, girls?" "I think their new system of air-conditioning is tops," answers Myrtle Hullen, "and they say it furnishes regular summer heat in the middle of winter." "And such roominess and beauty!" exclaims Luella Grady. PETERSON MOTORS To The Class of Compliments I 0 6 9 S of Our Best Wishes Pjinjcgeefoy ii ff ' State Bank S y Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. BEST WISI-IES TCD THE CLAS5f IQ3 7fZfMff2ff-N Clfzm,1.iM.?L. ff? if EQMWJTQQW , ,W X iw! KW awk . fQL46.0' M4555 Www ZMfWfW7jw.QAfi M 6- 0rQ2.9Qw6Wm-wgfn M XMAS. . my flap? 4 Jw Q1 KOWCM 3,7 CQ.. 4 filkm. W Wim 2.2 if M 6271... Www 7?9JJff .gamu ZZ. MMMVZW gfwf KQMMQQ ' ij Mfr srrrrilillilrrv "BABY FIRST" Perfectly Pasteurtzed Milk - Cream - Butter - Supreme lee Cream STILLWATER, MINNESOTA The Best of Good Luck and Good Wishes to the Cbmoinagg V. WILLIS BLOOM SAVE-U-MONEY STORE "Just What The Name Says" Stillwater, Minnesota 'My, you operators here certa ly h to be experts!" exclaim H 1 Th en, as Barbara Gibso g s h nic Y s, indeed d d y 11 L e use only p d q 1 ty materials in all l pl B rbara. "We use Re 1 N 1 P l h and only brand-new and moder equipment in givin g permanent waves." SHANNONS Beauty 62 MtIIine1'y PURITY p Club House Ice Cream l Fancy Canned and Beverages Fruits and Vegetables Our beverages are made from l ' StiIIWater's Hnest spring Wafer ir i Cost NO More! . l . l s Wh N B Th B P A Most Pleaslng Drink O Y of HY e est Daaru l lludcn Xl llalrluist Ice Cream Xl Bcvcraac Co.. l azocrrzs 'Z 5 'Ses- . . Enroll for our Dractrcal Lducatron Our training will add to your efficiency, prestige and opportunities for the better business positions. Study in day or evening school under ideal conditions and expert business teachers. Individual progress. Best of equipment. Actual practice in elementary and advanced accounting, secretarial training, shorthand, typewriting, business law, salesmanship, business organization, penmunship, office machines, civil service. Free employment service. Start now. Open all year. Visit our new buildingg central locationg no solicitors employedg bulleting 39th year. 63 East Fifth Slaint Paul, St t 7 , M , innesota nearrgidar Wiz! Cedar 5333 PRACTICAL BUSINESS SCHCIDL Accredited by the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools Congratulations r BEST WISHES to the Berq's Druq Store C1aSSOf,39 We Make Our Own Ice Cream ly Fresh Daily Snourhite BAYPORT TEL.196r it l l "Isn't this electri- r cal kitchen wonder- full" exclaims Jan- nis Levi to Audrey Munson and Phyllis Keene. t'Yes, isn't it. They have every piece of equipment necessary to make home making perfectly simple for the modern housewife, ha.ven't they?" ejaculates Audrey. "And besides that, they have beautiful furniture in the main part of the store," adds Phyllis. Simonet Furniture Xr Carpet Co. The Best Of Luck i JS, Ldygvy A:::: J, 'iam T C1 :E ' t t t -, l i That 050,000 Chocolate Surull Gives Our S . C ' B . l 0 'f us CG t Sodas and Sundaes Safe and Economical ' That Smackino Good Flavor St. Croix Druo Co. Transportation "IT PAYS TO RIDE THE BUSES" "Yum, Yum Just look at that delicious , cake in the case, there?" exclaims Norman Grunke to Warren Bloom and Dor- othy Lee. "Hey don't tempt me. I'1n starving right now from looking at all this delicious food," replies Warren. "I can hardly wait to get home from school," adds Norman, "because I know mother bought some of those delicious fresh doughnuts this morning." Stillwater Bakery STILLWATER i Phgne 57 lliSllltlllCB Aoeneu Gordon C. Welshons, SllS l9II I lshoefiepairing Eleanor Stanles, SllS I927 in the St. Croix Valley Complete ,l Our trucks cover , I l a radius of twenty miles. Insurance Servlce , 307 East Myrtle Street Stillwater I..aundry,Inc. STILLWATERI MINNESOTA f Second and Chestnut Stillwater, Minn Stillwater Market Creameru M an u fa cturers of Rose Brand Butter AND OTHER QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS l Tel 6l4 2l0 No. Main St. l i The largest cleaning establishment Heartiest Congratulations Class oi '39 AUDITOIZIUM X1 MAJESTIC l llllQAll2l2S Highlighting every year with r more than a full share ot top-notch attractions. Compliments ot Stillwater Book Store "1"'.""?"l"'i""l""fl-1-"Q' "lf"l""l" 'l""l""Y Compliments of r BUNCEYS LYMAN SUTTON E. L. PEASLEE E. W. LINNER Groceries and Meats "Look at all these fine new tools," says Elwood Roett- ger to Ralph Lin- nell. "They're so nice and shiny they just make your fin- gers itch to use l them, don't they?" "They sure do. Boy, I wish we had them to use in manual training." adds Kenny. "I'll say so, and by buying them here you know you're getting good implements!" answer Firp Jones and Ralph Linnell. Stillwater Hardware Co. S "Boy, you sure look like one of the idle rich sitting in that brand - new Buick," says Don Swisher enviously. "Yes, and I fell like one, too, in this comfortable seat," says Swede Carlson, "and they say Buicks are the best value of the year," he adds. "And you don't have to be a millionaire to buy one either. Only 251039 delivered," exclaims Don. Stillwater MotorCo. STILLWATLIZ TAXI ' Biff H2258 A- RIVARD Congratulations to the Phone 3091. I , class of 39 Any Time Anywhere Quick, Pleasing Service . A. W. STENLUN D GROCERY Dassenuers Insured Bayporz' 'YSCIY It With , ..:. 1 yi ,.,M2:1:::QW , 4' 5 I 'JH 'r:-- 3:1112 -E525Ef:.:rE1SfE1E5ErE2E1ErE:. .514- 17 f 4rQ,I"f:?2.-:' -22:1 .sfse:Q:s:z:a:s:z:2:z:z:a:5:s:ag1gs:s:2-1'fb ,- fi 1:s,f4:szr:s:s:2:s:s:z:s:z:s:z:s:1:. f . , . -. 9:2 ' , "-"' :z:s:2:s:s:z:a:a:2:2'f-" Q f-1-1-A 3. . '-,:.-2+ '- -2-:+2:-:-:-:-:-:-:':5:::5:5:::- 3: ., 3 . '43 '11Ez2222212f1f:"'I.Z..ea2:s:S?' iz +V, " In 1:-3, ' r "rv ' .1.5::5E5:5E5E5:3Erf""'-957 fi Q - . sf-:r-f.f::-'sf ':::f:1:-:--- 'I-. .4' A ---1 - 1-:. ,.- .. - '+. '-:v'- ' fp. A 4 s s 'P ., '8"'2vvwk,.9'Z,,4Qf'f- ' A ,f4.5:1:-' iaaai B D N D E D M E M B E R F. T. D . 4:1-11155, -- '-.::--.hgh fm, tn WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS and deliver them to any part ot the United States and Canada in two hours FRANK TOBISCH, Florist Stillwater, Minnesota Best rirriii if li B itiirpifflezami s lr Wishes i ,E! e '?fm ' i ..h ? A from the n A White e gnn pofltnflim. , l flticmgle Art Extends d . an F Congratulations Sign Studio to the E. FRANZ HAMMAR f C1-ass Qf '39 FDR GI ALITY F DS CALL 25 Zolldan Groeeru Com plim en ts Thomoson Hardware Co. omp 1men s crass or I Q 5 Q of rarorrzsorr srror srorzr Bm Franklin Oualitu Shoes For Less Store Cl. E. ANDERSON, PROP. 220 So. Main St. Stillwater, Minnesota WN Q! Headquarters for School Suoolies The I959 KABLKONIAN Has Been Bound With CERCLA Binding By MODERN BINDING COMPANY 505 South Fifth Street Minneaholi We Extend Our Hea ty Congratulations To The Class of .2 9 The Rex Best Wishes To The Class oi '39 We Hope For Your Continued Patronage I-IUSS BAKERY BAYPORT, MINN. il""l" "l"il' 19' "l"il" "l"7?" iT'i'?"Q""l" "U" "P'?""lf'7"l-' "I" "O" 1 tw Datronize Our Advertisers, lheu Datronize Us fListed Below In Order Of Appearance In This Bookj Nichols Business School Andersen Corporation Shorty The Cleaner Bergstrom Tailor Shop Bluff City Lumber Co. Bayport Printing House Bronson-Folsom Company Carlson Brothers Carlson SL Olson Public Provision Co. Cable's Business College Connolly Shoe Company Lowell Inn Erickson Furniture Co. Consolidated Lumber Co. Farmers 8: Merchants Bank Grand Cafe Goggin Candy Company I-I. W. Hanson First National Bank Friendly Valley Motor Co. Hanson Meat Market Inter-State Lumber Co. Hooley's South Hill Market Jones Funeral Home Louis Janda Company John J. Kilty Co. L. J. Kuhn Krueger's Meat Market Linner Electric Co. Greene Engraving Co. Kolliner Garment Company Kolliner's Lucille's Beauty Shoppe Minnesota Mercantile Company Olsen's Department Store Lawrence W. Linner Lott Motor Company Sam Elias Buu Wiselu Madden Oil Co. Mueller Motor Company Northern States Power Co. Oak Glenn Dairy Peterson Motors Roy F. Curley Cosmopolitan State Bank Endorsements of Friends Sanitary Dairy Save-U-Money Store Shannon's Beauty Sz Millinery Purity Ice Cream Co. Rydeen 8: Holquist Rasmussen Business School Berg's Drug Store Snowhite Hamburger Shop Simonet Furniture Co. St. Croix Bus Co. St. Croix Drug Co. Stillwater Bakery Stillwater Insurance Agency Stillwater Laundry, Inc. Stillwater Market Creamery Auditorium Sz Majestic Theaters Stillwater Book Store Bunce's Grocery Kr Meats Stillwater Hardware Co. Stillwater Motor Co. Stillwater Taxi A. W. Stenlund Grocery Frank Tobisch Triangle Art 85 Sign Studio Zolldan Grocery Thompson Hardware Anderson Shoe Co. Ben Franklin Stores Modern Binding Co. The Rex Huss Bakery Buu At Home --5---gfip--ug.-wgrig--gf 171' f 4 i 4 + f f +2 +i i. -L Autographs i-ii' , ' n

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