Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN)

 - Class of 1932

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Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1932 volume:

KU: . sg' Q- - IEE ? ' tl Ex Lllbrns J YwxQ,c.f.y.Q 1 J, ,': L . - .A 4 mfs ' H1 1 . -. eu f-..uhf-w.-- . H.. .v-K THE KABEKONIAN 1932 III Martin Crowe A EJitor-in-C Albert Lelwmiclce L Business Manag Miss Mcghanz Senior' Class Aclv is N Cx M 7!ze KABEKQNIAN V PuBL1sHEDsuTHE Senior Class of 1932 S'rilluJf1 terHiqhSchool H sT1L.uvATER. M1NNEso'rA v w Y ,W 47 . , Mg YY, fQ,,, W , '7"' R Old View of Main Street Z 111,11 51- DEU ICATION In appreciation of the heights which our city has attained, we do dedi- cate this Kapekonian of the year 1932, to the Spirit of progress . . . with the sincere hope that it may live through the years, a monument to those who made that achieve- ment possible. Stillwater The Sfillwzlff-1' of ILVQUIIP ym-urs was 1'l"ll119 and lllulvvelopvd. It had few uf fhe illqz-1'm'4-llwllfs which now vxisf. Hut it 1'l'1ll'l'Sl-'Ilfl'd tho Iw- gillllillg, and it was here iu this pimlem- town that Hu- f0llIld2lti0l1 fm nur' city of today was laid. New Stillwater This is flu- mzliu sf1'e-vt of flu- Sfillwufvl' of fmlzly. 'It is Hao UIIIIJIUIII of 21 1-ity, llliNll'l'll. moving, llI'0QI'OSSillQ. 'Flw strovfs aw pavvdg lmildillggs - IIONVQ amd the Hun! Illilllllllllxllf to thv efforts of StibIw:1 tv1"s f0llIldl'l'S us an vm-5' 1llP2lSillg' 01111. FOREIDORD The Ulass of 1932 shall soon fade into his- tory . . . even as has the Stillwater that onee we knew. But like the Stillwater that has come out of those pioneer days of foun- dation, we hope the Flass of 1932 will go on to peaks whieh will parallel those at- tained by this eity, here on the banks of the Calm St. Croix. XVe, then, offer this Kabekonian both as a memorial to the progress of our city and the aellievements of our elass. We have pictured herein the history of our eity from its very beginning until its present day of glory. Here, too, we pirture the beginning of the Glass of 1932 . . . may they finish the story in triumph. ORDER GF CONTENTS I I y .Administration Seniors r Classes .Jlctivities Cbrqanizations Jlthletics Features .Jfldvertisements ,.'4.!-'E . IAQ ' I ! I .. 1 ,. 1 ..: 1 . " L -QA' We K,:Q WSU- f L - .-1, m. wwep.+mf'sc 1: , ' ' 7 ber and 'M in Q .1 2 ' W. - . N 4 K' ' I s L U .-, , . K . x f ,, :- +1 .-' , v .Q l sf 4 "st Sc 5 N Q 'ff-f - 3 , N, - ,m n ,-. .u:,, 1. . -3, ,ma . ZA . x Ji ff ' 3 1 ' . ' , A . I . I Q A . I- ,, , YA, .x.,,.x, "gwi'11yL!4'l, , .Y , 'I f.?'Q,. I gr' -,A-X... A ,. ug: ., , . . ,. :.1-K-4.'.4-1, 1- - ,- 5,5 354.51 1 4 ,- 4 5 1 , . . ,'1'1.C"L:E5 , 1 L 1-H-V . r fm: ,f .. -- Vv' i "1 r?f-':1f'.Sz- f.,J 1 X. 53 .V -ff ' '1 f .lpfylvfg 3,51 V. -,,, I. b ir ,: ii 1.5.-zviggzil, -A M . 1 ' XL .N N :QT 1 .121 f ' ' .ZfQ .1 , r 4 , , I '.,-'yr L . , .lj .. . 4 i - bfi i'iUhJv" ' JM "' 1' - Q If flafgf 9 A ' , nm , me fur,-Man f i ff' M P eww Mwhv , I ' -i f 37 1 - -V 1 .. .N :N Q V 1 ,.. nl-Qi, V, I 0 , W, - , w-' .V 5, 3" 5-' sf,-Isa., , ,--1.1 M. i M Q " ' T we X 1-ga Q, '15 ..,'. , , L! 1 jf: 'rw -'I 1 'G .1 ,t e .GX n J I U uf ... 7-5 ,..,Q-- ,upbsa 17471.- .1-, A-L,-1 ,us 3 . ,,,, KQAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON Mr. J. D. Bronson PRESIDEZN T of the Board "Know then this t r u ll h ienough for man to knowl Virtue alone is hnppinm-ss below." Mr. A. J. Holm SECRETARY of the Board "Grow olrl along with me The best is yet to be." Mr. H. C. Robertson TREASURER of the Boafrcl "And frame your mind to mirth and merriment, Which bars ll thousand harms and lengthens lives." BOARD OF EDUCATION 13 I i Mr. Charles F. Englin DIRECTOR of the Board "Wit, now and then struck smartly, shows a spark." Mr. W. J. Madden VICE-PRESIDENT of the Board "Knowledge is more equivn lent to forcef .z iv ., KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON 4 t Mr. Guy D. Smith Superintendent of Public Schools Kalamazoo College A. B. 1899 University of Chicago A. B. 1900 University of Minnesota "The mildest manners willfx the bravest mind." Mr. Smith is zulmirwl by both pam-iits and Sllllll'lltS zllikv. llc has Sll1Jl'1'VlSlO1l over alll tho sm-llools uf tlw 1-ity and has proved himself most 1-tiiviellt in this position. W0 feel that fvw 1-itivs ami as f0I'tllllill0 as Stillwaltm-1' in their supvr- lllt0llIl'l'lll of svlmnls. Mr. J. 0. Johnson Principal of the High School Gustavus Adolphus B. A. 1919 Graduate Work, U. of Minnesota "Capable of doing things well." Thx' 1'l'SlD0l'l, of thv vntirv stuflvnt lmaly -that is S0llll'llll1lfI to be desired. Mr. Johnson has it. lsilll' plaly and at "Sllll2l1'l' dull" for all :ire alppwi-izlted by high school stud-wits :ls much as by auyouv vlse. XVQ1 ll1'l' more than sutistiwl with our principal. Ko A OBOEOKOOONOIOAUN Ethel E. Armstrong B. A. University of Minne:-iota English IV HEAD or THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT as We don't know why we like herewe never tried to see For we just have a, feeling that's because she's she." Pauline Wendt University of Minnesota Typewriting, Shorthand 'iGentle maid whose looks as- sume All the softness of girfish bloom." Katherine Benham Superintendenfs C lcrlq "'Tis only noble to be good." Dorothy lVl. Berglunlcl B. S. University of Minnesota. English 11, 111 "A smile is the outward vin- blem of an inward joy." Eleanor G. Corneia B. S. University of Minnesota Typing I, Shorthand .l "A light heart knows no evil." FACULTY 15 lVl,a'rjo'rie M. Fabel B. S. University of Minnesota Foto-ds, Home Economics. Civics, General Science "A tender heart, a will inflex- iblef' Glacliys T. Gilpin B. S. University of Minnesota Sewing, Special English "A full, rich nature, 'free to trust, Truthful and a-lmovst sternly just." Lucille Gottry B. S. University of Minnesota Modern History "She has at natural wise sin- cerity, A simple truthfulness." Irene Helgen B. A. st. Olaf French 1, 11 "For the gentleness we love her And the magic of her sing- ing." Frank S. lnglebret B. A. Hamline University HEAD OF SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT U. S. History "One of the few that were not born to die." ,Sri i x -vybxxg Ko AOBOEOKOOONOIOA ON Harry E. jackson Valparaiso University Bradley Polytechnic Instituto Manual Training 1, Il "A kind and gentle heart he had, to comfort friends and foes." George D. Jansen B. A. University of Dubuque Biology "Worry never made one great." Florence Kielty College of St. Catherine Librarian, English II "The hand that has made you fair Hnth made you good." Milton H. Kuhlman B. S. South Dakota State College HEAD OF PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Chemistry. Mathematics I "The-re's fighting in the name Ile's sure not to sliirkf' Gladys E. Leadholm B. A. Gustavus Adolphns Civics "The mildest manner and gen- tlest heart." FACULTY 16 Kiatherine Madden R. N. School Nurse "Health and cheenfulness mu- tnnlly beget each other." Veronica O. Mcshaine ll. A. University of Minnesota Mathematics I, ll, Ill "Year after year her tender steps punsluing lioholrl her grow more fair." Leonard J. Meffert ll. S. University of Minnesota St. Cloud Teachers' College Boys' Cym Instructor, Athletic Coach "An honest face which all men knew A tender heart, but known to few." Eli Moen ll. S. University of Minnesota General Science "Shes complete in feature and in mind." Ruth A. Moore B. A. Carleton College English Il "She has a mind deep and im- mortal." '71 'ft'1"5.-'g-5"?fi3'Ff5, 'W 4 1 5 ...fn KOAOBOEOKUOONOIOA ON Harriet E. More B. S. University of Minnesota: English 1 "She who talks little thinks much." E. Gail Nesom B. S. University of Minnesota Giris' Gym lmslrucior, Girls' Athletic Coach Weren't it as noble to build healthy bodies as health v minds 'V' u Alice M. Otos B. S. University of North Dakota. Boolglfceping Business Training Economic Geography Each morning sees some task begun, Each ew-ming sees its close." FACULTY Peter Rhyn Supervising Engineer of Buildings "A gentleman gallant." 17 Margret Tourtellot B. A. Macalester College Latin I, 11, Ill, IV "A kind true heart, a spirit high, That would not fear and would not how." Glaydon D. Robbins B. S. University of Minnesota Sociology, Economics, Civics "He taught us virtuers, first anil last, He ta-ught us manhood, more and more." Beatrice Sanftenberg N. W. Conservatory Loreta. Academy Musical School MacPhail School of Music St. Paul School of Music "Her part has been not words but deeds." 'l'lw l'lllll'l'lll'S ul' Stillwzm-1' luzln- ma 11 I 1 I ilu gh St1lll4lill'4l uf'tlw1-ity in gm-lwrzll 'Flu x ll In qui ma xlvzuly, 1' mv 4llHo1-vnt 1l1'llHlll'lll2l1lUllN xml Ill I1 IH znilllful m11gr1-gzllinlls. St. Ulichac-:l's Church Q9 Christian Science Church HONOR ROLL Lucille Utecht ---- ---- fValedictorianJ Richard Nelson ' fsalutatorianl Thelma Swanson - - - - - - Catherine Zimmerman- - - - - - Dorothea Flowers ---- ---- Margaret Guse --- - - - - Homer Anderson ----- ---- Katherine Murphy ----- ---- Marjorie Stussi ------ ---- Albert Lehmiclre- - - - - - - Norma Anclerson- - - - - - - Naidena Kalinoff ---- ---- Martin Crowe ----- ---- Phoebe Costello . - . . - - - Viola Piculell ----- ---- Georgia Swanson ---- Fred Sawyer - - - - - - - 95.48 95.31, 93.83 93.30 92.63 92.02 91.95 91.67 91.33 91.30 91.14 91.03 90.92 90.57 90.53 90.45 90.37 Ko o o o o o o o oN QBEKONIA Annabelle Anderson "Annie" "A horse-a horse! My kingdom for a horse." Science Club. Thespian Club. Lat- in Club. National Honor Socety. Junior Play. Cheer Leader. Tal- ent Club. Arrow Staff. Kab Staff. Norma Anderson ' 'lzilickau "lVline's not an idle course." Science Club. Latin Club. Com- mercial Club. Talent Club. Glec Club. Staff Typist for Arrow. Of- fice Work. Honor Roll. Helen Anez -.Path "Kings hearts are better than cor- onetsf' Commercial Club. Assistant Li- brarian. Warren Bentgston uBen!Sn "Modest wisdom pluclcs mc lrom over credulous haste. Hi Y Club. Latin Club. Science Club. Chemistry Club. French Club. Math Club. Leonard Berglund "Chicken" "Always take the short cut." Science Club. Talent Club. Class Basketball. Clatss Hockey. loot- ball. SENIORS E 21 Hom-er Anderson fi ' Q, Squire "ln arguing too the squire owned his skill. For e'en though vanquished, he could argue still." Science Club. Latin Club. Talent Club. Math Club. Thespian Club. Hi Y Club. Chemistry Club. Class Debate. School Debate. Senior Play. Student Council. Honor Roll. National Honor Society. Sen- ior Council. Executive Club. Home- coming Committte. Hall and Build- ing Committee. Selmar Anderson "When joy and duty clash- Let duty go tofclashf' Student Council. Science School Band. Math Club. Club. Bernice Bannister "She is wealthy, for silence is golden." Commercial Club. Bernice Berglund "Promise little and do much." Commercial Club. Science Club. Ruby Beyl "Be but yourself, pure and true." Science Club. Commercial Club. Ko o o o o o o o QN ABEKONIA Rose Brown "Brownie" "Fam would l climb. yet fear to fall. Science Club. Commercial Club. Dorothy Carroll uDotu "Quiet and moclest, truly a lilce- able girl." Commercial Club. Science Club. Talent Club. Senior Play. G. A. A. Leighton Charl sen nsxpecn "The greatest man may aslc a foolish question now and then." Secretary-treasurer of Freshmari Class. Science Club. Latin Club. Lambta Iota Tau. Talent Club. Hi Y Club. Arrow Staff Hall and Building Committee. Senior Coun- cil. Shakespeare's Dream. Ther.- pian Club. School Declarnatory Team. Orchestra. Phoebe Costello "Phebe" "High aims form high character." Honor Roll. Assistant Editor Kah. Chairman Assembly Committee. Science Club. Shakespeare's Dream 4. Secretary Student Council. Tal- ent Club. Student Business Club. Nattironal Honor Society. Arrow Sta . Martin Crowe "Of course those arts in which the wise excell Nature's chief gift is writing well." National Honor Society. Honor Roll. Sophomore Class President. Editor Kabekonian. Reporter Ar- row. Sport Edltor Arrow. Class Debate Team. School Debate Team. Class Kittanball. Class Basketball. Student Council. Class Hockey. Junior Council. Tusitala Staff. Chairman Yell Committee. Nation- al Forensic League. Hi.-Y Service Club. Latin Club President. Lambda Iota Tau. Science Club. Talent Club. Original Oratory State Championship. SENIORS 22 Barbara Buckley "Bobs" "l have no other but a woman's reason." Latin Club. Science Club. Talent Club. Glee Club. Sophomore Oue- gftb Play. Senior Play. Thesplan u . Frances Carroll "Why should l worry, after today comes tomorrow." Basketball. Science Club. Talent Club. Commercial Club. Grace Clymer "She is steadfast ancl loyal of pur- pose." Science Club. Math Club. Chemis- try Club. French Club. Elmer Crawford "A boy worth knowing." Science Club. Glenn Davidson "Be swift to hear, slow to spealc, slow to wrath." Science Club. Latin Club. pK -f -rwyrwvf -1.-mu., o o oo o o oo oN ABEKONIA Marie Diel "I hasten to laugh at everything for fear of being obliged to weep." G. A. A. Science Club. French Club. Math Club. Robert Eichten "Bob" "The greatest truths are the simp- lest And so are the greatest men." Interclass Basketball. School Bas- ketball. Interclass Kitten lr al 1 Track. Richard Farmer "Dick" Football. Iuterclass Kittenball.. In- terclass Basketball. Interclass Track. Interclass Hockey. Science Club. Track. Hi-Y. Basketball Captain. S Club President. Dorothea Flowers "Then on! Where duty leads lVly course be onward still." Science Club. Student Council. Junior Council. Library Typist. Vernon Freclerickson fl 9, Dane "Did nothing in particular, and did it very well." Hi-Y. Intercla-s.s Hockey. Science Club. Interclass Basketball. SENIORS 23 Willard Drechsler HA man after his own heart." Science Club. Football. Interclass Basketball. Interclass Hockey. In- terclass Kittenball. Track. Joe Englin "An affable and courteous gentle- man." Senior Play. Baud. Tusitala Staff. Orchestra. Senior One-Act Play. Freshman President. Reception Committee. Shakespeare's Dream Cast. Elvira Fehlow uwhy she did it no one knows Only there's a purpose." Science Club. Glee Club. Talent Club. Commercial Club. Office Club. Joseph Frawley Cljoeli "lt would be superfluous in me In point out to your Lordship that this is war." Senior Play. Chemistry Club. Sci- ence Club. Latin Club. Interclasu Basketball. Margaret Friday 'Tm satisfied: the world is satis- . v- fied. Assembly Pianist. Science Club. Commercial Club. Class Basket- ball. KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOA ON Frances Grady "Frannie" "And upon what, prithee, may life depend?" Science Club. Commercial Club. Mary Alice Creenwalt "Mary" "Women are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of men." Meth Club. French Club. Science Club. G. A. A. Ta-lent Club. Margaret Cuse "Always ready to do her part." Commercial Club. Science Club. Katherine Hefty :Kayne "And all the women love her, for her modest grave And comcliness of figure and of face." Math Club. Glee Club. Talent Club. French Club. Science Club. Ruth Holmberg "Not that I loved school less, but that l loved basketball more." Science Club. G. A. A. Girl Re- serves. Talent Club. Latin Club. Math Club. Class Basketball. SENIORS f I I 24 Marcella Grady uMarn "On with the dance, Let joy be unconfinedf' Science Club. Commercial Club. Clinrtonr Grove "Clint" A'Short is my fate, breathless my renown." Science Club. Hi-Y Club. Inter- class Hockey. Iuterclass Basket- ball. Interclaes Kittenball. School Football. National Athletic Honor Society. S Club. Basketball Mau- ager. National Honor Society. Ruby Harvieux "Her very frowns are fairer far, Than smiles of the other maidens are." Commercial Club. Science Club. Girl Reserve. Mary Hoclnett "She has dignity and grace ting her position." Science Club. Mia-th Club. befit- Martha Holmes nlxllyaxrtn nlvluch mirth and no madness All good and no badnessf' Fein-ture Editor Kab. Senior Theepian Club. Hall and Building Committee. Sclence Club. French Club. Talent Club. G. A. A. Girl Reserves. Math Club. Class Bas- ketball. G-lee Club. Sl1akespeare's Dream. Play. Ke- AOBOEOKOOONOIOAON Francis Humphreys "Fran" "He whose end is purposll by thc mighty gods." Hockey. Math Club. Albert Johnson MAI, , "He sees with eyes of manly trust." Interclass Hockey. Interclass Kit- tenball. Interclass Basketball. Hi- Y. Science Club. French Club. Tal- ent Club. Chemistry Club. Student Council. Dorothy Kem "Speech is great, but to me silence is greater." Commercial Club. Science Club. Eleanor Klockm-an "A model girl and a good friend." Science Club. Girl Reserves. G. A. A. Math Club. Chemistry Club. Lucille Krongard ucilen "Her height like her ambition towers." Commercial Club. Science Club, Glee Club. Shakespeai-e's Dream Cast. Otfice Work. SENIORS 25 Billy Hosting "Bill" "While life's with us, let's enjoy ir." Science Club. Naidena Kalinoff Ml'ler conscience is her strong re- treat." Latin Club. Science Club. Math Club. Kaft' Staff. Typing Contest. French Club. Robert Kerr "Bob" "L-augh? Yes. why not? lt's better than crying a lot." Science Club. Freshman President. Secretary Sophomore Class. S Club. Hi-Y. Junior Play. Shake- speare's Dream. All-Cla-is Party Chairman. Junior Council. Fresh- man One-Act Play. Sophomore One-Act Play. Ba ketball. Foot- ball. Thespian Club. Student Coun- cil. Interclasis Basketball. Inter- class Hockey. Inter-class Kitten- ball. Interclass Track. Dorothy Knapp "Dot" "5he's full of vim, pep, and fun. Sl'1e's a friend to everyone." Girl Refserves. Science Club. Com- mercial Club. Class Basketball. Mabel Krueger csMaesv "She is calm because she is the mistress of her subject-the sec- ret of self-possession." Commercial Club. KoAoBoEoKo00N9I0A0N Boyd Kuinzelman "Virtue is bold and goodness never fearful." Science Club. Thesplancx. Class Basketball. Class Hockey. Foot- ball. School Basketball. Hi-Y. Junior Play. Student Council. S Club. Class Golf. School Golf. Tal- ent Club. National Athletic Soci- ety. Albert Lehmiclce AiEggm "Always willing to be of service." School President. Business Mana- ger of Kab. National Honor Soci- ety. President Senior Class. Presi- dent of Hi-Y. President of Thes- plans. Chairman Finance Commit- tee. Finance Committee. Shake- spea.r's Dream. Freshman, Sopho- more, Junior One-Act Play. Inter- class Basketball, Klttenball, Hock- ey and Golf. Interclass Debate. Secretary of Sophomore and Jun- ior Classes. Activity Banquet Com- mittee. Student Councl.l Edith Levi "A gentle. peace-loving woman." Science Club. Math Club. Trygve Lund ufrrign "This tall, hard-working athlete is really hard to beat." Chairman Hall and Building Com- mittee. Noon Hour Committee. Stage Manager. Student Council. Track. Football. National Athletic Honor Society. S Club. Basketball. Frank MacDonald "Blushing is the color of virtue." Science Club. Chemistry Club. Stage Manager Activity Play. Stage Manager Senior Play. SENIORS 26 lVlilid'red Larson 'AlVlilly" "l have a heart with room for every Joy," Science Club. Co 1 1 C1 1 Girl Reserves. mmerc 3 u L Susan Lenartz nsuen "She protests too much, me thinks." Math Club. Science Club. G. A. A. Elenora Lohman "She 'has a quiet way of kindli- ness.' Science Club. Commercial Club. Gerald lVlcAlpin "Jerry" "When his tenor voice is crooning. Sure it drives your cares away." Interclass Hockey. Interclass Bas- ketball. Interclass Kitten ball.'s Dream. Orchestra. Band. Science Club Talent Club. Thespians. Junior Play. Hi-Y. Cheer Leader. Sophomore Play. Senior One-Act Play. Glee Club. Josephine MacDonald "To rneet her in declaration is to acclaim her a worthy foe and the best of sports." Senior Play. Junior One-Act Play. Science Club. Math Club. Latin Club. Talent Club. Thespians. Na- tional Porensic League. G. A. A. Clasis Basketball. Declamatory. PK OAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON Grant McKean "Good HEHUFC and good SCIISB for- ever." Science Club. Chemistry Club. Katherine Murphjtl f , Y "The glint of Irish laughter shone in her eyes." Honor Roll. National Honor Soci- ety. Science Club. Shakespeare Club. Talent Club. Commercial Club. Welfare Committee. Thes- pians. Senior Play. Arrow Staff. Girl Reserves. Property Manager Junior Play. Declamatory. Katherine Nelson "A busy little somebody." Declamatory. Science Club. Com- mercial Club. G. A. A. Florence Neske HFIOSH "A quiet tongue malceth 1 wise head." Science Club. Commercial Club. Dale Orff scpapass "He lives content and envies none." Science Club. Commercial Club. Class Basketball. Class Hockey. Class Golf. SENIORS 'ini' l 27 Patricia Malloy upatvs "Whats gone, and what's past is not to be forgotten." Math Club. Latin Club. Science Club. Girl Reserves. Ethel Nraegele "Calmly and peacefully she treads life's way." Science Club. Commercial Club. Richard Nelson "Who in creation acts his own conceptions?" Salutatorian. Interclass Debate. School Debate. Band. Science Club. Math Club. Latin Club. Chemistry Club. Kab Staff. Arrow Staff. National Honor Society. National Forensic League. Execu- tive Club. Junior One-Act Play. Electrician Senior Play. Gertrude N'cske sscwertn "I hate nobody. l am in charity with the worlclf' Science Club. Commercial Club. Owen Gttewell "Skilled was he in the art of acting, From everyone a laugh extract- ing." Thespians. Orchestra. Science Club. Talent Club. Math Club. Junior One-Act Play. Junior Play. Sen- ior Play. Shakespeare's Dream. Ko AoBoEoKo0oNoIoA0N Arlene Peterson " Pete' ' "Reserved, lady-like and kind to all." Sclence Club. Commercial Club. Marjorie Peterson l rgll 'AA pleasant smile and an ohliging manner." Math Club. Science Club. Alice Pootell "She is friendliness personified." Science Club. Kathryn Rafferty "Raft" "Where is the man who has the power and skill To stem the torrent of a woman's -1- will. Shakespeareks Dream. Junior Play. Thespians. Math Club. Talent Club. Latin Club. Science Club. French Club. Girl Reserves. Seu- ior One-Act Play. Charles Rinker "Chuck" "He has a remarkable way of get- ting whatever he goes after." Football. Hi-Y. S Club. Student Council. Finance Committee. Na- tional Athletic Honor Society. Sen- ior Class Secretary. Commercial Club. Talent Club. Business Man- ager Junior Play. Chairman Recep- tion Committee. Chairman Flag Committee. Assistant Business Manager Kab. National School Honor Society. Junior Council. Gleo Club. Band. Orchestra. Sci- ence Club. SENIORS 28 Jennie Peterson "Heroes are much the same, the points agreed. From lVlacedonia's mad-man to the Swede." Latin Club. G. A. A. Chemistry Club. Viola Picullleill "One thing at a time. and that well done." Science Club. Talent Club. Chem- 1stry Club. G. A. A. Arrow Staff. Charles Pozzini "Chuck" "Sober but not seriousg Quiet but not idle." Cla-ss Basketball. Class Hockey. Donothe Mae Rickers "Dode" "O, he my friend, and teach me to he thinef, Science Club. Talent Club. Chem- lstry Club. Math Club. Girl Re- SCTVGS. Esther Root nESn "Let independence be our boast Ever mindful what it cost." Glen Club. Commercial Club. q K cxAoBoEoKoOoNoIoAo N Phyllis Rosenquist "Phil" "Live, laugh, and he merry" Latin Club. Talent Club. Commer- cial Club. Declamatory. Searle Sancleen "Dulce" "Worry and l have never met, and l clon't intend we shall." . .J unlor-Senior Hi-Y. Science Club. Senior Play. Talent Club. Latin Club. Rosalyn. Seiherlich -.R0se,, "Study harms your looks. She must never study." Glee Club. Science Club. Talent Club. Latin Club. Girl Reserves. Commercial Club. Shakespeare Club. Gerald Shelley "A wit's a feather and a chief a rod, An honest man's the noblest work of God." Science Club. Chemistry Club. Kermit Sommers "A man he was, to all his class- mates dear." Science Club. Chemistry Club. SENIORS 29 Louis Salmore CC ' ,Y Louie "Who'er excels in what we rize . lf Appears a hero in our eyes. Football Captain. School Basket- ball. Class Hockey. 1-Il-Y. S Club. Noon Hour Committee. Hall and Building Committee. Science Club. Klttenball. Class Basketball. Ruth Schrade uohliging to all, yet reserved." Science Club. Commercial Club. Laura Serier "Two friends, two laodies with one soul inspired." Science Club. Girl Reserves. Chem- istry Club. Talent Cluib. Robert Slaughter "Bob" "My heart is wax, to he moulded as she pleases, But enduring as marble, to re- tain." Football. Basketball. Track. Talent Club. Hi-Y. Chairman Yell Com- mittee. Student Council. Louise Speich asL0ua9 "No friend's a friend 'til he prove a friend." Basketball. French Club. Talent Club. Science Club. Math Club. Girl Reserves. G. A. A. Ko AoBoEoKo0oNoIoA ON Doris Spreeman "Shc's too agreeable to make an enemy." Science Club. Math Club. Latin Club. Gilbert Stenberg "Silence is the perfect heralcl of loy' Science Club. Marjorie Stussi fl rg,, "Quiet, serene, and sympathetic, Her merit is brightened by gentle modesty." Science Club. Commercial Club. Honor Roll. Thelma Swanson "The peace that does contain My books, the best." Natlonal Honor Society. Science Club. Latin Club. Talent Club. Matih Club. French Club. Honor Rot. Emil Thiel "He has a quiet, pleasant manner." Science Club. SENIORS .1 30 Adele Steinbeiser "lf ever you're sad or feel a bit blue, just ask Adele to smile at you." Science Club. Commercial Club. Eva Stohllberg uEven "An ounce of mirth is worth cl pound of sorrow." Science Club. Commercial Club. Georgia Swanson K 5 1 Q Skeezer "Studie-us, yet fond of company- a happy combination." Freshman One-Act: Play. Junior Class Play. Thespians. Science Club. Math Club. Sha,'s Dream. Arrow Staff. Senior One- Act Play. Latin Club. Talent Club. Assembly Committee. Homecoming Committee. Commercial Club. Hon- or Roll. National Honor Society. Ethelyn Swenson "Solitude sometimes is best so- ciety." Math Club. Susan Thomas issues! "Willing feet, a smile that's sweet." Shakespeare Dream Choruises. Tal- ent Club. Glee Club. Science Club. Ko A OBOEOKOOONOIOAON Burnel Thompson "A man he seems of cheerful yes- terdays and confident tomorrowsf' Science Club. Football. William Thorp "Bill" "He's cute ancl peppy-rather small, But happy go-luclcy and lilazecl by all." Shakespeare Club. Class Iiiasket- ball. Science Club. Latin Club. School Debate. Junior Hi-Y. Math Club. Cheer Leader. Class Hockey. Orval Trcncla if ' il Orvie ucheerily, then, my little man, Live and laugh as boyhood can." Science Club. Marian Williams ffskeei , "To know her is to love her, Ancl love her for what she is." Latin Club. Science Club. Student Council. Vice President Junior Class. Vice President Senior Class. Chairman of Reception Committee. Junior Council. Senior Council. Executive Club. National Honor Society. Kab Statl. Shakespeare Club. Talent Club. Fred Sawyer "Baron" ul have much to accomplish Delay me not." Honor Roll. Business Manager Ar- row. President Science Club. President Math Club. Band. Tal- ent Club. Lamda Iota Tau. Senior Council. Junior Council. Freshmzm Vice President. Sophomore Vice President. Chemistry Club. Dc- claznatory. Executive Club. Senior Play. Thelspian Club. National Honor Society President. Latin Club. Interclass Debate. Stage Manager Junior Play. George Thompson "Bunch" "Come and trip it as we go On the light fantastic toe." Science Club. Commercial Club. Class Hockey. Band. Talent Club. Sherley Tobin "Tube" "When the hum-drum of school macle so many run away, How pleasant was the journey clown the olcl dusty lane." Band. I-Ii-Y. Orchestra. Talent Club. Football. Commercial Club. Science Club. Math Club. Lucille Utecht HLJOUH ushe moves a goclcless, ancl she looks a queen." Valedictorian. Science Club. Class Debate. Shakespeare Club. Presi- dent Latln Club. Math Club. Pres- ident Talent Club. Junior One-Act Play. Junior President. Executive Club. National Honor Society. Edi- tor of Arrow. Shakespeare Dream Chorus. Welfare Committee. Honor Roll. Junior Council. Noon Hour Committee. Catherine Zimmerman "Her diligence will bring her many returns in the future." National Honor Society. Assembly Committee. Senior Council. Latin Club. Science Club. Tusitala Staff. Honor Roll, Commercial Club President. Shakespeare Dream Chorus. New p1'iSOI'l The Minnesota state prison :lt Stillwatel' is il lnmlel institilfiml of its kind for the entire, vunntry. It is lll0ill'1'1l and up-to-date in every way. Tll0llS2ll11lS of people from all parts of the l'Ullllt1'y visit this prison every year. Twine lll'2lllllfill'tll1'lllQf and the con- Sll'll1'li0Il of fill'll1 111:11-l1i11e1'y are the c-lnief ll1'lS0l1 ilnlnstl-ies. J. J. Sullivan is wzuwlen. There are more than tw-elve llllllll1'6ll in- lllilf0S. The Old minnesota Prison 4 ig, Cl' he New minnesota Prison KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON JUNIORS VLASS 0l"I"IUl'll!S l'l'1'Si4l4'llf ...... .... N 0011111 Juvkson xYil'l'-l,l'l'Ni1ll'llf ...... ...... f Julvvr lluxvis Sl'l'l'l'till"Y-T1'l"ilSlll'l'l'. . . ..GC1'f1'lldl' 1i1'll0QlQ61' Aclvisvr ........... .... Miss llvlgvu 34 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON JUNIORS 4- Junior plmjm-1-ts ham- lm-11 well 1'2ll'l'il'4l out this your. Tho Flaws Play, Atlxlvtim-s lml 'alll ullu-1' zlvtivilive wall-v YPl'lY wvll nlzllulgm-cl and 1-ulullu-ted. 35 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON SOPHOMORES PLANS Ulf'l+'l1'l'IllS l'1-sich-lit .................... Alln-rt lil'l'illlll X iw-l'l'1-sinla-In ....... . . .Gwm1'gv lim-klm x 5l'1'l't'fill'.V-Tl'l'2lSlll'l'1'. . . .... ICu11i4-v 1'Ilfl'lIl x'!lViS0l' ........... . . .Miss lmlelllo 36 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON SOPHOMORES 1 4 e SUIHIIUIIIOPG Ulzlss has zu-1-lil11:1t:'1l itsvlf wljx' wr-ll mul is uuw zu lmsy illli wtiv part nl' our sm-lmul life. 37 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON FRESHMEN UIASS Ul"l"ll'l'IlIS I'l'1-sich-Ilt ...... ..... - Ialvk 'l'lum-1-n Xvivl'-1'l'l'Si1ll'Ilf ....... .... B IUI'l'iS Mikkvlsxm SPi'1'l'f2ll'.V-Tl'PilNlll'1'l' ....... liwti-Iwln R0lH'l'lS0ll 1XdViNl'l' ............ ........ . Miss 5100111 0 . ob AOBOEOKOOONOIOA FRESHMEN 4- I"1'vsl1l11:111 Class has 4lumx'n itsvlf must 1'llfllllSiJlSti4' and Vllllll in mulul llc ilu-,v'll do wflll 39 Lowell Inn The Lowell Inn replm-etl the old Sawyer Ilouse whim-h for lllillly years was Still- Wilfl'1"S lezuling hotel. This new, lll0flPI'll huilmliug is al very hezmtiful StI'llC'fUI'0, built un eau-ly Uolmiial lines. Thus Stillwater has -the lmnor of having one of the newest and finest hotels in this Section. Q6662 Activitie s Stillwater is il stu d 4- nt self-governing school. It has one of tho Iinvst l'l1I'I'iI'llllllllS of zu-tivitios in the state. Thi-so includv NIIUII things :ls publit-zltion of :L svhool IIGWSPIIIWIQ annual, and litorury 1l'l2l,fJ,'il,Zill9Q support of dc-hate and decla111a,t.o1'y Uxil.lllSQ sponsoring of musical organizations such as tho band, orcllestra, and Glee club. The lll2ll12lg0ll10I1f of all student affairs is left in tho hands of the students tlwniselves, and valuable exvvlltive and lfvgislaitive training is thus secured. All these are in addition, of course, to our sph-ndid progrilm of ath- letics, both i11tv1'st-lmoiaistiv and intra-luural. ,, KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON STUDENT COUNCIL This 0l'g'2llliZ2ltiUll is thl- lvgislzltiw- group of thv sm-lmul. ITll1lll'i'Sfilllltllllj' if is thc- most pmvvrflll hmlg: in t4tillwz1t'e1' High S1-I1ool's activity. It l'01ll't-'Sl'1lfS mu' wvll-deb ALBERT LEHMICKE School President velolwd plan of stmlvllt SUIf'-Q14lV9l'llllll'lllL. livvry 1-011114-il l'l1lb1'K'S-4'llf2l- tiw is e-lm-Tivo, eau-h lu-ing am mnisszlry from his 11-spafm-tivv 2l1lViSOI"V glfdlllb. IH is thm-ir duty to Vnin-el thv opinions of those hy wllmn Hwy wmv chosou. 3IW'fillQ'S, pl-esidwl owl- hy the ss-lmul lbl'1'Si4l4'llf, :Irv hold hi-W1-vkly. l,lll'iIlgf its t"XiS'flxIll't' UVUI' thv past 4194-:ulhv this group has done lllll1'Il for thv :l4lvz111m'v11w11f of thm- svlmol. Alilllj' utlwl' schools tlnl-ullglmut tho t'UllllfI'j' :ml now huilcling systvms nnmhllvd on that dvvvlnlwd In-re. 43 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON KAB STAFF l'ulnlisI1ing of tln- Iizxlwkmlialll is mw of th-v lllilill lll1llP1'filki11gS of tho sc-lmol 1-:uh H-:ua ll 1's-qllirs-s vu-mpc-1':1tim1 nf tlw entire svuim' 1-lass, and vspvcizllly of the stem 11m-tml for that lbll1'lbUSl'. Martin i'rowv, :ls wlifm-, has this yllill' 1n:111 :1ge4l lllilk up ni' ilw Kula. Allwrl I.1-Inmivlu-, as lillSill0SS lll2lll2lQ.Il'l', has l'ill'l'tl for fillZlll1'PS. 'l'Iu st of tlw slufi' Iuzlvv workwl un the-ir own lD2ll'til'lIIill' ilSSiQI1llll'IlIS. 44 ' 'WF' "7'Z"' 9:5315 1 -H-1 1 Pwr: 56' fp? :fn-Q 15,4 .K1JAoBoEoKo0oNoIoAoN ARROW STAFF 36 E L.g..4, ,A , , , Lum-ill-0 Utecht has plllrlislwd il fine Arrow this past y02ll'. All 1l0'll'ilI'flll0llfS have been woll filkt'11 1-are of by tho assistzlllts in 1'lIil1'Q.!jl'. Tlwl-v are few sclnmls uf this sizo in the 1'0ll1lU'j' tha11' SllQ1'4'SSfllHy publish an IIPNVSIDZIIWI' that mu 4-muv up to tho SfilI11l2l1'll sut by tho Arrow. 45 ilu KoAoBoEoKoOoNoIoAoN' SENIOR COUNCIL Miss BICSIIZIIIU. . . . ......,. Aclvisi-1' Allwrt Imlllnivlu-. . ...Flaws l'l'vsi1lmlt Rlill'i2ll1 NVillinms. . . ...... Vim-0-1'11-siilva-11t Ulmrlvs Hillkl'l' ........... Sm-1'11-tal1'y-'l'1'vzls1l11-1' 3I1'Illlll'1'S-1l0llll'1' A1lll0l'SUl1, f'ilflll'1'i11l' Zim- 1Il0l'1llil,I1, 1,1-ightmi f'llil1'lS0ll, l"1-ml Szlwyvr. lis QIVUIIII run tlw llff'2lil'S uf tho Sv11iu1'1-lass, oxprvssillg, of l'llllI'Sl', the wislws of nis work has lwmx vrfic-iviitly l"2ll'l'd for by tlw S1-niur f'Ullll1'il. The tvstiinuuy 4 :lt is fllllllll in flu- sim-1-ss of tho Ql1'Zl4ll12lfiIlgI class. 46 - 1-hiss itsvlf. In this lust your it haul 1-v1'tz1i11 very iIll1Nl1'f2lllf dutivs tu 1l91'f01'lll IKOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON JUNIOR COUNCIL Mtss Ilvlgvu .... ......... . XllViS9l' Nvmuu Jzu-ksou. . . . .Vluss l'1'esidv11t ffulwr Davis ....... ....... N vil'l'-P1'PSi'1ll-'llf lim-1't1'114'lo Kruogvr ........ .St'l'l'Pfill'j'-'l'I'ltZlSllI'Pl' lIl3l1lb01'S73Ill1'i'l'l Julmsou, Eluiuv lill11llP1'f. 'Flw duty of this QPOIIID ie: the saute in 11-spvt-t to tlw Junior class us tht- Sc-uin l'ou1u'il's duty is to tlw Svuiors. As Juniors the llllti0Sil1'l' not quitv so lu-:ivy 11-4-1 naps, but thc' lllilllilgwllllillt of the 4-lass pluly and the Junior prmu. 1'0tlllil'9S vxrvl lvut ability. Tlw i'0lllll'il has provvd itsvlf wvll illllll to uwvt ull its prulnlvlus. 47 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAONQ NATIONAL HGNOR SOCIETY 1511111 S2lNY'Vl'l' .............. ....... . l'1'11si1h-111 M1'111lw1'ss-'l'l11-I11111 Sw:111s1111, K2lHll'l'1lllx Blur- phy, II:-1113111 Sw1111s1111, M111'ti11 f1l'UXY1', ltlill- ilbll tilwm-, l:it'Il2ll'4l N1-lsu11, L111-illo lvtl'l'IIt, 1'z1tI1v1-11111 Zillllll1'l'IIlilIl, l'll1N'lD0 Unstm-llu, .Xl- lll'l't l,1-l1111i1-kv, M111'iu11 WilIi:1111s, lm1'11tI11-11 l'XI0W1'l'S, 4'I1:11'h1s Hillkl'I', IIlllll'i'l' AXIIQIUVSIDII, .X1111a1ha-lh- A111lv1-su11, ICl111v1' lilllllllf, Polly Kolli11v1', lqlililll' li11111h-1't, l'11lv111' Ilzlvis. X1-1111111 -I:11'ks1111. 1' Im-11l 4-l111ptv1- of this llillitlllill u1'gz111iz11ti1111 4-1111111 into vxistv111-11 ill 19215. 01115 NlX1l'l'll sa-Imuls in hlilllll'S0fil 2ll'l' 1111111111111-s nf this sm-ivty. hl1'llllll'l'S 111-11 vl1ns4'11 by 1 1-111111111114-o 1-1111111us1-41 ui' fiY'l' f2l1'lllfj' lIll'llllN'l'S. Sm-lm-ti1111s ill'l' l111s1-ml 1111 s1-I1ol:11'- sh1p, 1'Ilill'2l1'tl'l', 211111 lv:11lv1'sl1ip. This is ll1'Ull2lll1,V thx- most 9Xl'lllSiV0 0l'LfZllliZilfi0ll 111 thv sn-luml. 'l'I11- II1111111- Smwivty of tocluy, lll'0fitiIlg hy 1-xz1111plv svt hy fhvil 1111-4lv1'1-ss111's, h:1v1-111z11h-tI11-l11'vs1-111 Ul'QilIliZilli0ll il wurtlny 111141 l'lxSlll'l'il'll hmly 48 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON NATIONAL ATHLETIC HONOR SOCIETY nn Grove, Kempf, Kunzelman, Lund, Riuker Xll lll0llllll1l'S must lw St'lllll2lNlIl'ilIl'V in thv lllblwl' half ol' lllllll' vlzlss illlll must hzlu zulv :1 lltlll'I' in sfmw spurt. This 'Vwll' livv lmlvs lmvv mvt the quz1lit'im-zltiuns. 'I'hax 'vi 'l'l'yg1V1- Illlllll, flllllftill Gruvv, t'llzl1'h-s IIlllli'1'I', lloy-xl lillllmilllltlll, :tml I'IllIltl In-mpf. This is il 1-u1111m1'zltiwly uvw UVQZIIIIZZIIIUII in this st-lmul :mtl is mul of tht most t'Xl'lllSlYl' groupe wt' llilYtt., fll'1'IillIl it is that with this goal to striw- fm- tht lllt'l'l'2lS04l im-entivv will llc-:ul to lIll'1't'ilSUll oftort :mtl thus, in tht- 1-mursv of til to lllt'l't'ilSHl lllt'llllll'l'Slllll. 49 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIUAON FINANCE COMMITTEE Lehmicke, Kunde-ri, Robvrtson, Lund f'IlZlil'lllZlll ................... Allwrt Imlnnic-lw All'llllll'l'Sf.l'1I2lill0 liululvrt, Jzum-s lmnd, Grot- cllon H1lbl'l'fS0ll 'l'hm- fum-tiun of this Vllllllllifflll' is nt' vast illlllU1'fRlAllt'l'. 'Flu-'V l'Zl1'l' for all fimlllm-iul lll2lftl'l'S ni' tha- sm-luml :md thvir t'ffil'i0llt Rl 1-tion is 11011-ss:l1'y to tho Slll'l'l'SS of alll nur l1111lv1'ta1ki11gs. This mlnlnittvv is t'0lll1lUS1'1l l?llfi1'l'Ij' of stlulvllt l'0l1lll'il llll'lllb01'S and am- Illl1ll'l' thc- jlll'iS1Ii1'ti0ll of that lmdy. I'Imwvm-, tho t'lllllllIiffl"l"S 1'0l'0lllllll'llllZlfi0llS :xml I-4-1m1'ts am- lDl'2ll'li4'2lll,V allways zu-vvptc4l by thv l'0llll1'il. The l'0llllllitfl'6 this your Imvv slmwn ilu-1ns1-lws tu hu wvll alhlv to l'2ll'l' for thvir illl1l0I'tilI1t dutivs. 50 -KOAOBOEOKOGONOIOAON ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Z1l11I1'1G1'II13I1, Alle-maui, Costello, Swanson 111l:L11'lllilll .................... P1111111111 1'11s111I111 M11111111-1-1:11111111'giz1 Swa111s1111, 11111-11111 A11l'1l1ill11, C1111111i1'i1111 Z11ll1ll'l'1'1l1i1I1 Ass11111111i11s 1lZlV1' 11111111 w11l1 1111111111111 1his yl'2l1'. 1'111111111'1 has 11111111 g'1m11 illl11 111-11g1':1111s, 11s il wh11111, 1111v11 11111111 111' il high 1'z11i111'11. S1i11wz11111' has 111111 of 11111 1111s1 ilSSl'l1l1l1'1 11-111-i1111s 111 11111 s1a1111. 1'1'11g1-:1111s 111111 f111'11is111111 lay 1111111 111111111 1111111 111111111-11111 111111111 111111 1-1111sis1 11fs1111111-1111s, 11111si1-111 11111111'111i1111111111, 111111 1111111111111- 1b1'11Sl'1l12l111b1lS. '1'h11 Ly- 1'1111111 lD1'0Q1'il1l1S z11'11 11111s1111111i11g. Ass11111111y is 1111111 lPl'i1l'1'1l'i111.V 'l'VOI'.V 11il'Y with 11111 1X1'l'll1101l of hVl'11IlPS4121j' f1'11111 1111311 111 11 A. M. If f1111111'11 111111111g1111111111 k1111ps 1111 111 11111 s1z11111111'11 2l11'1'21l1j' set, 11111' Z1SSl'1ll1l1y S111-1-11ss is :1ss111'1111. 51 KOAOBOEOKOGONOIOAON HIGH SCHOOL BAND lingo I"1'l'.V, l7i1'l't'i0l' 'l'hv must 1-uIm't'ul musit-:il group ut' tha- si-Imul is thu llilllti. At fouthzlll and hzlskot- hill QZIIIIUS, :mil inztny slwt-izll m-4-zlsimis it stirs thv hhmal :uul ZIPUIISPS t'lliilllSiilS1ll with thi- lllilgit' nt' its playing. 'l'Imh:1ml this .Yl'Zll' has lawn at VUIQV final 01111. Thu ilunilwr ut' lll0llliN'l'S slmwvd at SlliDSfilllfi'2li illl'l'l'2lSl' owl' thu 1bl'9ViUllS yvur, and thu suit was il imm- vt't'ivis-nt :md vzlpzlhh- lmml. Ml". l"1'vy has titllll' sonic- sph-mlid xwrk in that tlm-wlupiiwlnt ut' this ll1'gillliZiliiUll. Tho lmutl this yvzu- worm- ln-det-lwil in now ra-tl and bleu-lc lllliftbl'lllS p11-sm-1111-al hy thv senior vlztss. This auldvd 1lllll'il to thv 1-nlnr mul ztttrzu-timi ot' this group. 52 IKOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Miss S2II1fi'9llil01'Q.1', l7il'Pl'f0l' Tilttlll4lSf2ll'iiV01llllSi4'ili0I'QiUliZZli'iOI1illiiltx svlmul this year has lm-11 tho High School 01'vlwst1'a. It has grown to bv il ll0l'0SS2l1'j' part of our sc-liunl life to lwau' tho o1'vl1est1'ul strains through thv hulls. Stillwater High 1-an boast of having one of tho host High St-lmol Uil'l'il0Sf1"2lS of any st-hool of its sizv iu thv staltv. Tillvllgil tht- efforts of Miss Sziiiftviilwig this 0I'gIillliZZlii0Il has gi-own rzipidly, vm-li year zu-- quiring' mfw st1'e11gg'th :uid Vzlrivty. This j'02ll"S on-livsti-11 has ax la11'gg01' nwmlw1'ship and ai Q1'l'ilfl'1' vairivty of iilSi'l'llllIOIli'S them any otlwi' in thc- 2lllll2liN of thu sf-lmul. 53 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON DEBATE SQUAD Anderson, Thorpe, Gilbefrt, Kundort, Johnson R. Crowe-, lnyzlvbret, M, Crowe, Neilson Stillwallt-r 4-:lptlm-tl tlu' 4list1'i4't t'll2lllllll0llSllilb for tho st-m-mul t'0llS01'llf.lVll j'l'2l1' in elvlmlv. 'l'lugv wt-rv lu-:lu-11, lnmwvvl-, in tlu- rt-gimml l'4llllll0flfl0ll. At this writing, llu-Iv am- pi-vpuring tu l'llll'l' tlu- stutv llDlll'llillll'l'Ilt of tlu- Nzitiouail Forolisim- lA"ilQ'll8, :un lwtllll in whit-h tlulv lust wan' t'zl1'l'i4'4l ull' first lunumrs. The Slll't'l'SS of Still- W2lll'l' in nlm-lmtv during tlux lust two ,Yt'ill'S has lwou Ollflilillltllllg. It haul ll0l'l'l quita zu numlwl' nl' si-zlsuns Sllll't' Slillwzltvr haul lwvn ilistrivt 1-lulmpiml, illltl thus tluhir YY two vm-'zu' t'Ulltlllt'Sl is v4-rtzliuly an 1-lmngv fm' llu- lwlih-1-. lllt'Nl"tll't'llSll' lufzlgllu vlunn- ' 'l ip is tlu- gl-mutt-st lunun' Stillwzltvl- has l'Vlll' zlvllivvwl in this fivhl. Martin I llllillhl . 4 . t'1'mw :uul llivlnaml N4-lsmn wi-rv tlul vi-liz-rains l'rum lust ,VU2ll' mul llugv, with lullg ' illwrt, Iclillllll Iill11tll'1't, llllllltll' Alul- liUlllll1'l'. m'm11pris1-ml llul first fl'illll. lln1'utll,x tl - sn mul. Fmn' of tlufsv tlelmtim-1's Q11-0 jun- 1-rsun mul Vllll'l'llf -l4llIllS1lll 1'0llllllPl'l'tl the 1 inws so futurv prospm-ts sm-in hrigllt. 54 x IKOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON SHAKESPEARES DREAM-"MISS ADVENTURE" Rafferty, Charlsen, Otteweli, McAlpin, Bancroft, Krongard, Swanson, Costello, Philips, Tucker -T0 Ufl1"I01' ...... . . .Pllovlmml 1'usl4'll11 Albert IZPUXVII. . . . . .Gvlfzllfl All'-xlllllll' 82111111 Haskins. . . . .liilflllwll lizlitvltx' Hubecm-11 II21SklI11S. . . . . .lleulzxln Tlll'ki'l' Mrs. CLl,1'fQ1' ..... ...... I lvln-11 Plxilips Cyrus ...... . . .ln-igI1to11 Ul1z11'ls1-11 Miss l'1'i111. . , . . .L111-illv IfI'lbIlgill'Cl Sue ....... . . .Gl'01'Qlil S-wz111s1111 Peggy. . . ..M111'1tl1:1 Il11l11ws Betty .... . . l+'11itl1 l:illll'l'Ul'f Sauusou ............................................. fMV0ll Ottvwvll College Girls-Il111-ill-11 lltc-1'l1t, L111'1'z1i11v l1e111l1ke, lAJl'l'2l.l1l1' Fvis, Il'z1 M111- Eric-kso11, ,losa-pl1i11o N1'll1lllxl411', BIill'lill1 Williznns, L0lllS0 8111111-11, SII- san Thomals Dirvctor ....... ..... B liss Kivlty 1'll01'llS lJi1'cctu1'. . . . . .Miss Lliilillltlllll This 11111si1-nl 1'11111e1lj1', splvluliflly 1-11:11-lwul :1114l zlllly 'l'll2ll3f91l was :1 t1'e111o111l4111s SIICVUSS. I11 lllilllj' ways it was the nmst SINllll2lll00llS 111111 guy of all H111 A1'tiVi1'1 Plays of tho lust 4101-alflv. Thx- v1'ow1l was one of tlw llll'g.f0Sf wel' tn Rllffllld this 11111111111 event. 55 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON TUSITALA Zimmerman, R. Crowe, Robertson, Thompson Tusilanlu Stuff: iitliltbl'-ill-t'lIi'l'i'.. ............ -loo Englin Svniur 1-tlitur.. . . .t':1tl14-riliv Zininwrnmn -Illllitbl' wlitor ..... ........ I iulwrt Crowe Sll1lil0lll0l'0 valitor. . . .... Mzlriun Tllmnpson i"l't'SlIlllilll 1-tlitm-. . . . .ii1'Cil'ill?ll llolwrtson Advisor ........ . ...Miss .Xl'lllSfl'0llg Stillwzttt-1' lligh S1-huol hats at iil't'l'2ll'.Y lll2lQilZlIll' whit-h, for SlliijUt'f lll2lftl'1' :Lt lttzlst, vain t'UllIlD2ll't' with any in thv stntv. 'l'h4- pnhlit-:ation of this lllilgilmlltl first stialrtetl in 1930 with litht-I li1l'Y0ilNt'1liitDl'. Lust j"t'2ll' tht- or-tlitor was Winifrt-tl Ilolniy :uid this 'YPZII' .Inv Englin. All tht- mzltm-izll int-lmlwl hats lawn written :mtl 1-tn1t1'ilr11t1-ll hy stmlvnts. Mm-h ut' it shows sph-nelill taxlvnt :Intl infinitv possihilitios. Tlwrv is no tlonht hut that that publishing of tht- Tnsitzihi is :ls worthy il projvt-ti as any un- tlt-rlanln-n hy this sa-hool. Tho ideal is still, nmrv or less, in its lllfillllfy. Hut :1l1't-'zuly it has shown some splvmlitl 1't'SllifS. Fntnrv 1-clitimis inaty bv oxpvctt-cl to he even lwtttflt 56 AKOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON GLEE CLUB Miss Sauftenberg, llil-em-tm' Will men were marie tn Imff: IN,llSlC.H The Glee Club is, and always has been, uuquestiouably, une of the uutstamling mu- sieal 0l'g'il11lZ2lll0I1S -if the sehool. It is eompusell of girls of all the classes and tha meuibersliii is even' vear lilI'0'0. Vertni 11 ieriorls eaeh week ar-e fviveu to the ile- 1 7 Q -V 3 8 H velopuieut of this organization. The result has eertaiuly justified the means. Musim lovers rejoiee in the P1'4lQ'1'0NS this bully has lllillll' in reeeut years. The lll'0gJfl'2llllS a. whim-h they have taleeu part have eertaiuly been f1'0lll0ll4i0llSly benefittell by theii presence. Stillwater High Sm-hool is justly prmul nf her! glee elub. 57 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON SENIOR PLAY-"THE FOUR-FLUSHERN Sawyer, Lehmicke, Sandeen, Frawley, Ottewell, Charlsen, Anderson MacDonald, Holmes, Miss Armstrong, Murphy, Buckley, Ciarroll Albert L01l1l11L'1i0 ..... ...... I lr. 1'1'2ll'2l11ilj' 1i2LI'1l2ll'il 1i1lC1i1l'y ...... ......... 1 Tune A111111 1108011111110 A121,C1,0Il3,l1l1. . . . . .M1's. Dwigllf rX11l'1l D01'01,11y 1,':l1'1'o11 ...... ......... T he Maid Fred Suwyvr .... ...Andy xV1l11,t2l1i01' .foisvpln lf'1'uwlc-y.. ..... Mr. lingers rl,01ll01' lXI1l1'l'I'S0ll. . . . . . Hulwrf Riggs Svzlrh- S2l1l11l'0ll .... ..... A Ir. 111111-su11 L1-iglntml i11I2l1'1Slfll. . . . . .l'. J. 11:11111v1'tu11 Uwvn Uttuwcll .... ..... I ral xV1111'1TRlkl'l' Niilfiilil Ilolmes .... . . .l11V21.1lQ611ll0 Guy Katluerille Murphy. .. ...... J'l'I'1'j' 1192111 Joe Englin ....... ...llurzure Riggs Thv Svnior l'1:ly, vntitlf-41 "Tho 1'10ll1'-14111lS1lVl"u was st:1g4-11 to two nights :11141 was an sm-1-vss huth f1IlZlll1'12l11y and ntlu-1'wis1-. 'Pho fenmle 1-1-and was played by Ii2lf1lf'1'11l0 M111'p1uy'a11ul tho mah- 1111141 by F11-41 Szuwyvr. Thv Svnim- Class displuyc-41 an grunt 410:11 of 111111111 111 this play whivh was 111111111 Tho vapulile 411I"K'lf110ll of Miss Arm- strougg. 58 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON JUNIOR PLAY-"TOMMY" Anderson, Le-hmicke, Kunzelman, Swanson Kerr, Ottewell, Miss Berglund, Rafferty, McAlpine The Junior Play was il frelnollalous S111-1-oss. It was one of thc! ln-st rvvvivm-1l prvsvn Tiltl0l1S in il long tinu-. Iiobvrt K-vrr and zxlllllllllillll Amlerson heaulell :L splendid l"ilSf, Tlllx acting was SlllN'l1lD, and Miss llv1'gl11114l's cli1'ectio11 was excellent. It was pre sent-ml on only ous- night, but was il finv slu-1-ess financially. 59 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON YELL COMMITTEE Thorpe, Kolliuer, M. Crowe, Anderson Chairman ......... . ...,........ Martin Crowe Cheer Lwulors-Williaun '1'Im1-po, Jxllllflblqll? 4XIl4l01'S0ll, l!olw1'T Kolliuvr is 1'0lllllliffl'0 4-:Irvs for .VI'HiIlQ,' at'z1llt'lw QZIIIIPS. Mass IIIPPHIIQS are hold 0V01'V l+'1i1I:n,y during fmmtlmll :md lmskvtlmll svnsons, :lf whim-In skits iI1'0 1ll'0S0llf0d :md mlm sizlsm 2ll'UllSWl. Stillwzltvr has allways lllilIl2l"'l'1I to lmovo il wn1'i'l1V 01-0"111iz-lfi 5 I hc 1 011 to t'ill'l' for H11-sv xlutivs. Alilmugll Hola Kollinvr is tlw only mmlllwl' 1'0tll1'lli1l,LI uvxf war, it may lw vxpw-tml tImotStiIIw:ltv1' will not fall below pau' in this fic-ld. 60 -KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON HALL AND BUILDING COMMITTEE Standing-Anderson, Salmore Sittinlg-Gilbert, Lund, Davis Cl llllflllfilll ...................... .Trygvo Lu nd lNIe111bvr's-t'11lVe1' lmvis, Louis Sulmorv, Doi'- Othy Gilbert, IIUIIICI' Anderson Admittedly, this y0il1"S Hull mid lluildingg Uounnittvv has lwvii the giw-zltvst of all time. Never before in school history has hall 1-onduvt hem-11 so good, and so well niauagcd. Noon hour 1'BgfllI2I.I1IO11 also has been splendid with g"V1IlllZlSIlllll and nudi- toriuni behavior splondidly Controlled. These results were achieved largely through an Haclvertisiiig Cillllllillgllv couduvted lust fall, in which the students were "sold" on good conduct. The unique methods and Ollf-Sfillldillfj accoiuplishment of this y8211'7S coniuiittee should be au iiispirutioxi and 4-xaunple for future 0I'Q.l'illllZ2ltl0llS. 61 NEW BRIDGE The new lim-1'-Stsltu bridge is one of the .finest in the Northwest. Constructed in the spring and Sllllllllltl' of 1931, it was dedicat- ed and opened to traffic last J uly. It re- places the old wooden structure which had existed from early pioneer days. This mighty bridge binds closer the two states, Minnesota and WVisconsin, and opens ai brozld new avenue of travel to tourists. he Old Bridqe Q58 S QV Q X0 S l Stillwater High Schbol hah a developed system of .clubs and orgmiiza- tions. All must apply to the student counl eil for a charter before they may come into existence. These clubs represent a wide variety of fields and actiyjlties and are all under the advisory counsel of some faculty member. llK0A0B0E0K0O0N0I0A0N 'l'h1- l'l2lilll'l'S illltl j'l'ill'. This j'l'2ll' lhv llillllllllxt was tho g1-ozllivst h1fl4l with 1111111-oxi111z1t1'l,1' 111111 l1 1l1'v-:l HI-Y SERVICE CLUB I1'1'vsi1l1'111' ..... . . .Allwrf l.11l1111i1'li1' Vim-1--l'l'1-sillvllf. . . . . .lii1'l1:11'1l l'l2ll'llll'l' Sl'l'l'l'lil1'j' ..... . . .'l.11igl1io11 l'l1:11'lsv11 . . . .l'li11tu11 lllwrw 'l'1'11z1s111'111'. . . .Ml vis1'1'. . ...Mix Iillllllllilll illlll fm-ty ll0l'SlbllS Illllllllllllg. A Q'l'l'2ll ll0lt'gL'ilfl0ll was also svuf to thv st: 1-1111f'v1-11111-11 fm' uhlvl- lmys at xvllliillll. lll slmrl, this 'Vl'2ll'lS Ili-Y 1-l11l1 lll'Ul'ifillQ hx thv 'l'Xillll1bll' of lllllll' p1'111lv1'ess111's 2ll'l'0,1ll1bllSlll'1l 11111111 than 1'Vl'l' lN'fUl'l'. The up 111111 unify for iwxt yi'Zl1'.S 01'g'1111iz:1tio11 is v111'y lP1'0il4l. For uoxt .Vl'2ll' Zlll zulvism lmzml has lltlll 1111-1-t-ml l'0llSlSfl1lg of Mr. J. 0. -I0l1nso11, Mr. lA'lbl12ll'll Meffvl M12 lflil lloylv, M12 1'l1z11'lvs Eugliin, illltl llvv. .1111-ksm1 Smith. This is :1 now ix IWI'lllll'l1l 111111 Sllllllltl 111'ov1- most Slll'l'9SSflll. I'11lV1-1- l!11vis will lw lll'l'1Slil9lll uc j'l'ill'. 65 L Sons llillll lll'l is tho 1-l1i11l' l'Y1'llf s1o11s111-ml hv this l'llllD 111111 I , 1111 FIS KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON SCIENCE CLUB --vuql l'l't'Sitit'lli ...... ..lImiwr .Xllti0l'Sthll Vit-1'-l'1't-sitlt-lit ...... ...i:2ll'll2Il'2l liiivlqlt-y St't'l't'lill"Y-'l'I't'2lSlll't'l' ........ 5l':ii',v -lllllt' llaiiiws Ailvisnrs ......... ...Miss Mimi, Mr. .Izinsvu lhis vluh is hu' :ill stiith-nts tiliiillgf any surt nt' Nt'it'llt'l'. lt hats tht- large-st llll'lll g 1:-rugrziin this lvwii' ill'1lllg'lIt :I Mr. l,oI'g'i't-ii nt' thi- Iiyiwl 1-xiwtlitimi with tht nltiviall lllHYillQ,1' pit-tiirvs ul' thalt iiwiiitmihlv .Xiitzil'4'tir trip. lizlvll 'Yt'2ll' this 4-lllh his hu-n iluing: gm-anti-1' things. 'l'hv fiitlirt- slmuhl sw lllilllj' immt sph-iiilitl t'X2lIllllit'N ot this, in Zlll alum- wlu-il St'it'llt't' is ut' sm-h tlxtwiiittly Vzlst illllItbl't2lllt'l'. 66 ship ut ZIIIIY UVQIIIIIZZHIUII in thi- si-Imul. Mwtiiigs :iw ht-hl monthly ut wlm-In pm "minus 1-unsistiiig ut' It-1-tim-s, alt-imnlstmtinns, ui' nmvii-s :ii-it QiVt'll. 'l'hv mltstziml lll0llllN'l'NllilD. Any pupil who has In-1-ll in tlwvv H110-ilt'f plays, or nm- -KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON THESPIAN CLUB Prcsidvnt. . . .Allwrt Lolnlnim-lcv Svulwtzlljv. . . . ..GOUl'gi2l Swzxnsun T1'0ilSll1'l'1'. . . Uxllllillllxlltl ,xll4lt'l'SHll Aalvisolx . . . . .Jliss .X1'1llSfl'UllQ The 'l'Iws1nzln Vlulr, WYIlil'll wnlsisls oi' illlilllf fW0llf'Y-fiV'l' zu-tivv lll0IlllN'l'S, was m Q'2llliZl1ll in 19220. lim-4-:lllsv if is il llilfilbllill 4-lub, it has i'l'l'filiIl q1mlif'im':1fi4n1s fm 67 -ax- tlnu .ur play mul haul Sl'Y'i'llf'X fivv spew-1-Iws is vligilmlv. Mvofillgs am- In-lal PV4'l',Y mm KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON EXECUTIVE CLUB ALlVlS01'-'BIIK Johnson is 0l'g.f2llllZ2lllUll has an 4lif'l'v1'v11T lll0llllN'1'Slll1b 4-zu'h j"l'2ll' ns only thoso holding u rtuin ol'l'ic'1-s' :Irv 4-ligihlv. 'l'h1-sv offim-vs ll11'lll1lt' any of the 1-lass positions, prosi- 1l1II1"V ol' vlnhs, :Incl svhool lPl'0Sl1ll'lll"V. Thx- svhool p1'vsi':l-ont p11-sides nt lm-vfillgis. lho pnl-poso ol' tho vluh is tho study and mlzlptution of llill'll2l1lll'1llill'.V lnw. This nlvu wzls llll'l'lNllll'l'4l hy our prim-ipznl two yours ngggo, Zlllll has 4'01'l2lllll.V zuldvd to tho olfil-iq-in-y of our various sl-hool UK-l'l'llllVl'S. As I'02lllZ2lll0ll 1-onws of the l'l'2ll no ol' IiilI'llillllt'Ill'ill',V law, it' nmy hm- vxpovloll that tho llllll01'lillll7'll of this vluh xx lll ho flnly 0llllDll2lSlZ1'4l. 68 thosv who lmw llliliill lvftvrs in fouthzlll, hzlskc-tlmll, :xml frm-k. In nmny ways this pn KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON NSNCLUB l'1'osi1lvl11' ...... ...Divk Fill'lll01' X'il'l'-l'l'l'Hi1il'llf. . . ..... Flint Grow Sl'l'l'l'f2ll'.Y ..... . ..1'Imrh-s liiillii-Pl' 'l'l'v:ns11l'e1'. . . . .Louis SEIIIIIOTI' asf illil11'PSiill"'. lTlIl'ill"' tho msf Y0'll' it did s rhlmlid worl' in 'llill4IPl'ill"' ' tru- P' ,, ,. 1 X sl, ,m. mural zlflnlvtivs. I11 this waxy it has lwvn il most wr-h-unw :uhlifinm to tho sm-lmol. mll, in thu fllflll'0, hv rupidi and 4-olnph-tv. 69 This is an vniirvly uvw Ul"g1'2llliZili'i0ll in Htillwzltvi- lliuh Sm-lmul It is llliliit' up nf ull mlisi-s to lwmllw flu' 0lli'Sfilll4iill"' vluh nf tho sm-lmnl i1Pl'f2lilliV if is mm of fhv 2' H is vxpevtir-11 that thx- 1ll'0Ql'PSS lllillii' hy this 4-hlh in its wurtlly lllliivliilkillg KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON MATH CLUB l'l'1'Si1l1'llt ...... . . ..VI'xl'1-'41 SZIWXUI' Vil'l'-Pl'-i'Si1l11Ill ...... .. .llolwrt Mzulsvn S4-4-rm-1zllgv-'l'l'1f:ls1lrm-I'. . . . .TIWIIIIZI SNYZIIINUII S1-1-gvzllxbzll-.X rms. . . . .lfllme-1' Kompf .Xdvise-1' ......... ...Miss AIVSIIZUIU hlt'l'fillQ'S sm- hx-hl nunltllly. l'I'UQl"illlIN fl'illUl'P tlwsv IIIUOHIIQS :mel uw lll'iIll2ll'il'Y uf il llnzlllla-lnlallivzll llilllll'1'. Tho lZ4lll'lNiSl' of thv 1-Iuh is to i'u1-tlwr lulmvlwlgv :md slimu Izlln- illls-wsl in lllilHN'lIl2lti1'S. 'l'hv llilllll' "AlpIm flilllllllil 'l':1u" 1-mnvs frmn tIll'l"ik lirvek wnrcls: ",Xlplm" fm- A, sig'lli1'yillg' 'zllgvln-al. Hflilllllllilu ful' H, signifyillg QQU0llll'll',Y. "'l'a1n" fm- 'l', NiQ'IlH.'YillQ ll'ig'UIlllllll'tl'.Y. This 4-luh has mauhl iI'0llll'Il1lHlIN aulvzllnw-luwlxt both in ulvlnhwslnip :mul worth ut zu-tivity sinw it was fmlln-:la-ml sm-ve-rail ,vm-:urs algo. l'1'uspw'ts fur futurv lbl'1lgl't'SN z 4'Xl'l'1'llillQII.Y bright. 70 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON TALENT CLUB Presiilenf ...... . . .Liu-illv Utem-lit Vice-1'I'0sicle11t. . . ...... Frivfl Saiwy-mfr S6Cl'6l'll1'QY ..... . .liill'lll'yl1 Rzlffvrty T1'casii1'vi1', . . . .Iiuil1c1'i11v Murphy :X1ll'lSl'1'. . . ..... Miss lle1'glu114l Mevtiugs :uw held nifmtlily and 1l1'0gl'2llllS givvu fm' mitwtzliiliiioiit :uid the ox- ploitafioil of :my liiflilvn tallvnt that may vxist. Thi' piirpnsv is thi- clisc-mwwiilg and ilvveloping of :lilly vzlpalhilitios in 1'-vi-taiiii fields whif-h Sfll4ll'llfS may lmvo. This i111-luxlvs musivzil, lll'2l1ll'2lfll', 4l0l?l2l1ll2lf01'y, ilzinviiig :mil orlwr soris uf ialmit. Miss I:l'l'glllll1l has clmmv well i11 this ilvvolopnwilt. F0l'llll'l'l.V i"vsti'i1-iwl to juuiurs :mil seniors, thx- Talent Vlllli was this yvui' opellwl in :ill classes. Thus thv 2UlV2lIll'l'- nwni i11 lllClllb01'Nlll1D has pzmllleloll that i11 ill'llll'V0lll'l'I1f. 71 KoAoBoEoKoOoNoIoAoN LATIN CLUB Vunsuls. .. ..I.uviIlv Utm-Int, Polly IQUIHIIOI' f2llill'Si0l'. . ............. llouwr Amlorsmi Awlilo. . . .Ainrzilwllo Alulvrsmi Ailvisvr.. .... Miss Tmirtm-llut This 1-lulm, IHUIIIHIWI il fvw .Y'P2lI'S 2120 by our prvsi-lit Lilfill iIlSfl'llt'f0l', has 110119 muvli to sprm-:ul Iclmwlm-ilgv of lilw fivld for wllivh if is iiltviulml. M1-vtings uw Iwlil lmmthly, :it wlnivlu prugrauns uf il Ilomun or Latin nature :nw givvn. All offii-v1's :Ivo 2llll'i4'Ili llomzm titli-s and alll Zll'fiVii,YiS1'0ll1llIl'f0lI'2ll'l'0l'4HllQflD limnzm nwtlr- mls. f'4-rlaiilnly this vlulr is llllillllv, :md vm-I1 yi-ali' its Villlllx to Lzifin students bv- umws ill1'l'l'ilNillg.fl-V :lppam-Ili. 72 AKOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON CHEMISTRY CLUB P residout ....... ..liim-lm1'd Nelson Vice President .... , . .II1m1e1' Al1dl'1'S0ll S1'C1'0t2l1'y-T1'1'2lSll1'01'. . . . . .Albert Johnston Advisor ........... .... B Ir. Iillllllllilll The Cll01l1iSfl'j' Club is in its first your of vxistelu-9. 'l'h1- nwvtiugs are bold twin- Rl mouth, and Imvc- llltlill ff-:lt11rc-41 by lm-tures by mllvgv CIll'lIliSfl'y professors. 'Fbv Ulwmistry Ulub has bv-011 Il Ql'02lf1 help in 2ll'0llSillQ intt-1'4-sti in il11V2llll'I'4l stuflivs ummg 1-bm-mistry SfWlld0I1tS. 73 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON COMMERCIAL CLUB This vlulr is fn 1'1'0sid011'r ...... . . .i':ltlu-Pillv Zi1ll11l0l'lllZlll V im--l'1-esidvllt . . . .......... .Gmce Kavlk S'l't'1'l'fil1'y ..... . . Norman 1Xlld01'SOIl T1'02lSll1'l'1' .................... 1U2l1'Q2ll'0l1 Gusv Aflvisvrs. .Miss f'01'lll'iil, Miss XVeu1lt, Miss Utus Ill lmsim-ss Silllltfllfk Mwtillgs are held luonfhly. The lnvgv nwm lwrslnip il1'l'HllllfS for tlw Sll1'K't'SS of tho 1-lulfs llIl1l0l'f'2lkillQ'S, vspm-vizllly ill its own fic-l1l. 74 Old Baseball Field Q 7 V V X The New Athletic Field KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON FOOTBALL V.. .. .W 'I'o11 Row--left to l'1,E,'11f-KUHZG1Hl3H, FaI'Il19I', Rinker, Kempf, T. Lund, Kerr, F1'Pdt-'1'- ickson, Crowe. Middle Row-Dole, Sallnore, Peterson, SC11'i1ff9I', J. Lund, Elmquist, Meffert. Bottom Row-Zorn, Thompson, Wojalm, Buckley, Grove, Borglund, Kent. T1111 80215011 of 15131 w11s11 s111e11di11 111111 for the Sti11w11t1111 football fffillll. 111 only 111111 111111111 w111'11 t1111,y 0ll1111121'1't't1. Th11t NVZIN 11t No1't.11fi-11111 when they f1111 1111- t'o1'11 tho 1111111111-s by il s1fo1'11 of T-0. N111'thfi11111, l111w111'111', 111111 bvililt was 111'tl11il111j' th11 g1'1111t11st 11021111 i11 the st111te. Ill f11.1't, th111'11 w111'11 1111t 11, 1il'NV t1111n1s w1111 oven g'11.V11 11110111 il 54111111 l12l1,i1t'. Sti11w11t111' llliltyillg H1111 Qillllll without the s111'vi1111s of t.h11 g1'1111t l"1l1'1lll41' 0Xl't'11iA for kicking 11111'11t1St1S, w11s g'1o1'io11s 1111111 i11 11111'1111t. NV11 111s11 lost. to xvllitl' liltill' by 111111 point, 1111 il 11111111111 fi11111. IIow11v111', w11 1111111- 1111-t111y 1111t11111y1111 th11 111-1111-s, 111111 ex1:1111t 1111' 111111 t12lZZ11l1g sixty y111'11 1'11n, 1110.1 1l't'Vt'l' t111'1-11t11n111l. It w11,s 11. g1'1111t Qillllt' with il t11'2l1l12l.f1t' finish IIS w11 w111'11 sto11111111 t.i11111 111111 t1in111 ilgilill right 11t th11 1Vhit11 Iitlill' goal. fllll' vostly f11111111es 111'0llQ1li IIN 11t5i't'Zl1L i11 that g1111111. A' A s111'111'isc, XVZIS our 11tt111' rout of 111111 Wing: It w11s 111111 of th-11 few 12111108 i11 history that wo 1111111 so 1:11111p1ct111y o1'111'w11111111e11 the 1111w11 st11t11 olevon. They lll'Vt!l' 111111 11 01121111110 i11 this g1111111. Wo 111so g'11,v11 South St. P11111 111111 So111111's11t th11i1' only 1111f1111ts of tho SCYISOII. All in 1111, wo p111y1111 801110 1111111 f11ot111111 lust year. 1111111 l'wil1'111l'I' was 111'111111111y t1111 g1'1e11t11st 1111.1-kfi11111 1111111 that Sti11w11t11r OV111' 111-o11111'1111. 1111 w11s 111111111 th111111st 11ll11f01'1ll the st11.t1113 11, t111'1'it'i1f 111111 Plllllgtxfg 21 SI11lF1l41lt1 1111ss111'g 11, g.f1'1111t 1111t'1111siv11 11111fkg il 111'1111Zll1f 11111111 field 1'1l1lll01'. Although Wvijlillllg 111111 1ll11lt11't't1 111111 llillflty 110111lt1S 1111 is 'illl 1111111111 S6t7011t1S 1112111 for th11 1111111111111 .YZll't1S, 111111113 by f111' th11 f11st11st. 11111.11 on tho t1111111. It will l11'011i1b1y 1111 il, good lllitllj' y11111's 111-t'o1'11 this s111ftio11 will s1111 1111oth111- s111111 f0t1f11f111 star 11s F3I'1116l'. fiillliilill Sil11llOl'0 was il 1'111v1111 fi11l11 g.ft'1lt11'il1, '11 S011S2l1710l1i11 111't1kC1l t'i11111 1'll111101', 111111 il good 1111ss111-. 111111 .lft11'1', 111l3111111gh 11111't 1l2lt11j' i11 111111-s1111s1111, gave 21 sp1e1111i11 111-1111111111 of 11i111s111t' 11s il li1111 b111fke1' 111111 1111t'1111si1'11 11111111 up till that time. Jini Kent w11s 11t 11is 1111st 1111 off tackle Spilllllil' plays. E111l1'1' Konlpf w11s'11 911191111111 blocking 11111fk. 76 K0A0B0E0KoooN01-:AON FOOTBALL-SECOND TEAM ' mzsifmum adm f 1 Top row-left to rivght--Salmore, Twetten, Jones, Gelford. Middle row-Daniels, Humphreys, Buckley, Tobin, Block, Burtzlaff, Robbins. Bottom row-Carlson, Englin, McClear, Pozzini, Mielke, McAlpine. lloyd 1illllZPilllEI,l1 ut cud was an good man down under punts. Ilurold l'vt4-1'- sou was il sm-iisutioiml pass l't'l'9iVl'l'. 'l'1'ig l,un-xl was llw lwst allvfbiisiw 1-nd. At tzufklc-s, Hui-old 1li'fi', Gvorgm- 13111-kloy, lim-onurd llorglund, and llurum-ll Thonipson werv good defmisivv ll1ily0l'S. , -Xt guzlrd, Flint G1'0VP was tho outstanding iillvlllilll. In fzwt, lu- was ont- ot tho ln-st guzu-ds in this svctioii. H0 was strong lrotli offvnsivl-ly ztnd deft-llsivvly. Stun Larsen, the otlwr guard, was il splendid dvfvnsivv plalyvia Alton Elmquist wus an able undersiudy. At C01ltl11', tlw I'l'Q'lllil1' Vhuvk lliiikvr was strong offvns- ively. Jinx Lund was '21 fine substitute l'S1l9l'l2llly on defensin The returning lvtt01'i11v11 next y-var are Kvnt, Kvnipf, I'vte1'son, Orff, lhlvlilvy, Larsen, Elniquist, :md Jim Lund. Sonw good pi-ospm-ts are voming up. , Tllerv will be niuny litrgo holvs to fill in-xt .Vl'il1', but tho new strength nmy lu- suffii-im-11t. At prvsent p1'ospm-ts arc good for an fine dcfvnsivv fltillll, whilv tho of- fvnsive outlook is just at bit doubtful. 77 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON ATHLETIC RECORDS OF STILLWATER HIGH SCHOOL FOR PAST FIVE YEARS F04 VI' HALL Won Lust Tivd Total Points 1927 ...... 2 3 2 S0 1928 ...... 3 4 0 T7 1929 ...... li 0 1 119 1930 ...... 3 4 1 S3 1931 ...... 4 2 1 130 18 13 5 503 l3ASKE'l'l5AI.l NV011 Lost 'Fiwl Total Points 1927-29 .... 8 2 1 199 I'IllllllIl2ll1'1l in finals of elistric-f f0llI'IlillllPlll- by Suuth St. Pillll. 1928-29 .... 8 2 0 261 l'Illllllllilll'1l in finals of sub-1listl'ic-f f0ll1'll2l1llP1If by Itillllllllllll Hvigllfs. 1929-30 ..,. 0 3 0 144 I'1llllllll2lll'1l in distrim-t lUllI'Il2l1Il0llf by CIIINZIXLXU Vifv 1930-31 .... 3 9 0 ' 230 Icllllllllillllll in Nlgflllllill f0l1l'llZllIll'llf by Sf. Paul Ce-1111-ul. 1931-32 . . .10 3 0 327 lilinninzm-el in slllu-clistr-iv'r l0lll'll2llll0llf by South St. Paul. 35 19 1 1161 78 Opp. Points 57 66 14 02 .4 27 219 Opp. Poinfs 137 117 130 237 234 S55 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON INTERCLASS SPORTS HOCKEY Thv lim-kvy silaismm was 1-ut short hy lll1f2lVOI'2lllllt Wl12lfllt'l'. Ilmwvw, thrvc- gaunvs worm- played, and thv SOIlllUlllU1'9N wvrv llm-l:11'v1l l'llilllllPl0IlS with il l!'l'I'- fevt 1114-111141. Thvy hzid llll'Plt wins and 110 lossvs. Thvy 111'0S6lll9-il ll pa11'ti1-ul:11'l,v strong di-follsiw ftlillll. Tho sv11io1's finished sm-o11d, with the filVUl"l'tl jllIll01'S third, and tho freshies last. Swine bright stairs flushed 011 thc- im- this yi-111' for almust 1'Vl'l'j' tvznn. I!ASKlC'l'liA,l.l1 l11 il QIl'l'2ll uplnc-avail of the dupv but-ket, thv fl'0Nlllll'i'll f1'llllll1bll9'il i11 llllt'l'l'lilSH hzlskethzlll. lll the first l'Ullll4l thvy 1'li111i11:1t41d thc- supl1o111o1'vs whilv tho jlllll0l'S wvw llldllblllllg thv I-4Plll0l'S. Thivn i11 thv finals, illtlltlllgll outvlzissed :is to height und Slll00tllIlf!SS, thuy Cillllt' 'fll1'0llgll with 21 startling and alecisivu victory. This is tho first timv i11 about twvnty yours that tho f1'fvsl1111e11 huvm- won tlw lllt01'L'lilSS bzlsketlmll, l?llillll1ll0llSlllIJ, and it 1-1-1'tz1i11ly bodes ill for Stillwz1tv1"s intvr- svlmol oppullvuts i11 years to l'0llll1. KITTEXIZALI1 At this w1'iti11gg thv soniors 11111 p1'0pa11'i11g to tlvf-111111 llll'l1' titlv. They haw thc' must tvrrifii- llilfllllg power of any 1-lass :uid with their uvwly clevvlopvcl plll'lll'l', Lloyd 111111113 thvy should 1'01l0ilf. I11te1'1:la1ss sport as il wholv this KONI' was most SllCC'l'SSflll because of thv grvut l11t0I'l?St shown and the dvcided vz11'iz1tim1 i11 l'llZl1lllJl0I1S. Girls' iutm'clz1s:1+ co111.pctitio11 was wry wvll llillltlllt-tl :und 0lltllllSlilSlll'illly rv- 1-vived also. The fzlvomlrlvi- attitude toward lIllI'2l-lllll1'ill althlvtivs was 4'e1'ta1,i11ly l'lllIlllilSlZt'll in tho L'01ll1ll'tlfl0I1 this yvul-. 719 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIUAONA BASKETBALL Salmore Wolf T. Lund Kunzelman Farmer Coach Meffert Stillwater did not real-h the state tournanient in basketball this year. They should have-they had the team for it. They were one of the best 4-oat-hed, smoothest, tallest i6il1llS that our sm-hool has ever produced. Yet they were eliminated i11 the very first game of the subdistriet tournament. Things like that Can't be explained. Fall it hard luck, 4-all it staleness, eall it over- Q'tlllf11l9I1l"ltQ eall it what you will, but above all 1-all this yea1"s basketball team a fine one. The-v were. Stillwater will not soon forget them. They laeked a eertain nes-essary spark. If it were not for that, who knows what might have happened. Louis Salinore was the outstanding 1Ki1'f01'lIl61'. He was one of the fastest, niost deeeptive nlen that Stillwater ever knew. And he was a fighter from the word "gof, Iliek F2ll'1ll0l' was a great center-when he was playing his game. lle had his "off" nights. Hut when he was Mon," no tezun could stop hiln. He "got the ju1np', o11 every center he opposed. He was the greatest one-handed shot we ever had. T1-ig Lund, a six foot-two forwai-d, was a splendid shot. Ile could have been a bit faster, perhaps, but few tall nlen are that. Under the basket, Trig was 0110 of the best men in the region. 80 KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON BASKETBALL Kerr Eichten Kempf Peterson R. Crowe lloyd IillllZt'llll2lll was th-e best free throw artist we ever szlw. Tezuning witl1 f'gillllltI'I'0 ut guard, l1e lllilllll up what l1e lacked i11 size and speed by l1is deadly shooting. Bob Kerr was the gannest fellow on the squad. Ile was i11- jured for :L great part of the season, but NVll0Il l1e was in the guine, he was o11e gI':1111d old fighter. Ineidentally, l1e was i11 nnmy ways the best defensive player on the squad--and one of the sniurtest. Harold Pet-erson, the only regular who returns next year, was the high scorer of the team. He was '11 bit slow and il bit erratic. Yet we forecast that next year he will ontelalss :ill op- position. NVe lllily be wrong-but we'1'e not. lVolf, Kelnpf, an-il Eiehten were the other lette1'111en. All were hard workers. llfolf is ai great drihblerg Kenipf il, dandy floor nmng and Eiehten 21 splendid sl1ot. NVolf an-al Keinpf re- turn next year. Crowe, Kellogg, Kent? Tl1o111pson and others all showed well, zilthough 110118 of illelll nmde letters. In fact, they all did so well that although only one regular returns we predict that next yearis team will be one of the greatest in all Stillwater history. Opposition observers remind us that we can very easily be wrong. True, but so can the opposition. 81 Clinton Grove Student Manager F ' v..-.xx - .--'rm' 1'-ur I.. ' . . 4' MH- -V .5 :. ' ,. ' k- 'Q L " f :. . V kg! 'f lr. V .NAM 51" .a .'-531' f'5'Y34-'LQ-:QLEQF1 - y A .L- X " ' , 'XUf-'1?.- . lie- if Af? fgfvx -sf 5 Q' fi? -Fast. -xa52ffc?:?555'M"I-iffim 1' .ff-i' Tf-- . "" . '7- - ' :.1 f " 7 -Qf A ' - 'tin zlfxf K 'f' , jf "' . F N? . N t - V 'l w 1 , , 4' .' '. ' V'?t5':5':u'4-Ji1,?x2" ' Lei f - '- il- A -f Wi" L' . 'ru W ' "' ' "'1 1 X N- 3 Qkkegraik X 'kph 1 1 A w F TC 1: 'vw W - ' ' I-21"!'Q 1 "-1"':7:1"M. '. . .gm pkg: . n - Hn' '. ' 4 91 55, "1 ,M- .1 ld. ft Ak xl -,.1?F'Q :lain . .A - --5, affix f:,,, L A ' Tv h,fQ' 'f?.,,,5 'H 'F' A1- -', . 'ii . 'W Pali, G' V , 3 - 5,5v'?:yr'f'41:,-wr . A - : - ?f :fs.Yf!i' Y L" Q 111 K - "' f .vy . . . gi arg awed 2 ' 'V , "-25. F5 , L' V -V ' ."',3ff' , gi . ., ,L -V L 1,-r -Vg, pq'-, vr,',:1. 5 J' L Q i, jr .' ,, 1113 !Qf1,F51w:'1x.g 4, , - '-2 .-5 W" 'mr , 4 qv- 'f-f -iwli i?f1G'1Er'?LT'L?5:-' . ':. " L 3.2--'L' -" iilfeggl-' ' x '- gg, , .ag :gfi.f?nf,2q,qL, u- r-',:-J". 1 . ' , - ,gf -'if' vii: " SWQAQEA -f u ' rg! . 1,-Zia.. rg: , , - Qf , ., . .9 pt xlJf':T"' 1:1 '-,?4jfS?'4LF:,-5, I 2, , I V -1 1 x ,- 1 Graduates of Uears Ago QQ? 1' Modern Dag Class of Graduates W-, ..W, WNW., A.-Q.,.,....A,.,n.,.,,,W,.W-.., A+--v.-.1 lf' 'S uf , ,gw-"f5if'f',L-"tg - .I ,.... E Q Y .',. " vs 3 s yi' L' "A' E ,li if lzll F . J ' "'fL'iL i X I f Q 4 E 4 - - ' A o oBoEoKoQoNo1oAoN K A MOST POPULAR ROY Albert Lehnlieke. 2. Louis Salniore. 3. 1'h'arles flI'llIl1jIlll1S. MOST POPIQLAR GIRL Phoebe Costello. 2. Marian AVllll2IlllS. 3. Lucille Utecht. HANIISOMEST ROY Rob Kerr. 2. Gerald Mc-Alpine. 3. Fr-ed Sawyer. 4. Owen Ottewell. PRETTIEST GIRL l'atherine Zllllllllllilllilll. 2. Martini Holmes. 3. Phoebe Costello. REST DRESSED ROY Rob Kerr. 2. Fred Sawyer. 3. Rob Englin. 4. Charles Rinker. REST DRESSEID GIRL Katherine Rafferty. 2. Rosalyn Sei- berlieh. 3. Louise Speieh. 4. Luc-ille Uteeht. 5. Iiatherille Murphy. WITTIEST ROY Leighton Oharlsen. 2. Martin Crowe. 3. Dale Orff. 4. Trig Lund. XVITTIEST GIRL Frauees Carroll. 2.5. Marion Williams. 3. Phoebe Costello. 4. Katherine Mur- phy. CLASS BABY Rilly Thorpe. 217. Annie Anderson. 3. Susie Lenarfz. 4-. Orval Trenfla. CLASS VAMP Annabelle Anderson. 2. M a r t h a Ilolnies. 3. Rosalyn Seiberlieh. 4. If'ranees Carroll. MOST INTELLIGENT ROY Rieharfl Nelson. 2. Martin Crowe. 3. Joseph Englin. MOST INTELLIGENT GIRL Lucille Ufeeht. 2. Catherine ZlllllllPI'- man. 3. Naidena Kalinoff. RIGGEST VASE 1. Iliek and Phoebe. 2. Rob and Mar eella. 3. Vern and Phyllis. REST ATHLETE ROY l. llliek Farnier. 2. Louis Salulore. 3 Trig' Lund. REST ATHLETE GIRL l. Martha Holmes. 2. Louise Speiell 3. Ruth Holniberg. uostr I.1K1+1,x1:1.1a 1'EnsoNALITY flzoyj I. Louis Salniore. 2. Albert Lehiuieke 3. Vharles Riuker. 4. George TllOlllIl son fiiel. nostr I.1K1+:Am.E 1'nnsoN.x1.1'1'Y QGirll . Marian A'VlllliIlllS. 2. Catherine Zim niernran. 3. Phoebe Costello. CLASS MODEL flloyj . Albert Lehinieke. 2. Richard Nelson Charles Rinker. CLASS MODEL fGirlJ . Lucille Uteeht. 2. Catherine Ziuuuen uran. 3. Louise Speieh. GENTLEMAN OF LEISURE . Charles Grinunius. 2. Searle San xleen. 3. George Thompson. LADY OF LEISURE . Rosalyn Seiberlieh. 2. Franees ffar rol. 3. Martha Ilolnles. RUSIEST ROY . Albert Lehniieke, Martin Crowe ftiel 2. Fred Sawyer. 3. Rieliard Nelson. ISUSIEST GIRL . Lucille Illeelit. 2. Catherine Zimmer man. 3. Phoebe Costello. niooiasr 1s1.U1f'r' flloyj . Rob Slaughter. 2. Searle Saneleen 3. Charles l,l1'llllllll1lS, Ilale Orff Qtiel KOAOBOEOKOOONOIOAON STILLWATER-PAST AND PRESENT ...,-. ... ,,.. - , ,,- ..........., Earlq Dag Rafting Scene Unt of tho thousands of avrvs of nnbrokvn virgin forest that was onve tho St. Uroix vallvy lwcanu- a niight industry,-lnnilwriliggg. P4-rlraps i11 all history tlwre has m-vor live-n any artivity to 1-onipare with it for l'Ulll2lllt'1', advvnturc, and infinite- ly progrvssivv rvsnlts. Whc-n those pioiwc-rs florkvd to the middle west to sm-ok th-v hidden fold that lurkvd in grvat, g'l'l'l1ll fort-sts, thvy found-od 1-vrtain small towns that wore to serve as a hast- of operations in this vast new tvrritiory. 'l'hns it was that Stillwatvr Cillllt' into 0XlSlt'lltf0. Within a fow yvars this town was prospvrons a11d rapidly growing. It had lm-onw the lnnllwr 1-apital of tho new world. Prohahly IIUVUI' has there lwvn more fl'VOI'lSll activity in this part of the coun- try than was soon ovary day at tht- fil,lIl0llS ll001ll about firm' miles above Stillwater. Tho nunilwr of logs that werv floated down th-0 river during that period is almost unlwlii-valale. In fart, it has lwvn vstimated that if all those logs were loaded in railroad lnox vars and laid ond to ond thvy would strvtrh entirely arross thi- na- tion twi-nty-fivv tina-s. lint thoso days passed with tho forrsts and Stillwater is no longvr il logging town. In fart. the last l'0lllllltlt'l' of lnnilwr milling is found in tho Anderson Yards at llayport. V- -,-.. f - 4-F W--we----free--M'---v-f I , ,I I Earlq Dag Loqqinq Scene S6 K0A0B0E0K000No10A0N STILLWATER-PAST AND PRESENT Stillwater market ljears Ago Our vity fostvl-ml in g,fl'1'011 f01'l'SlSQll1tl ll0llI'lSll0ll in the ln-zirts ol' at glorious lwople ll2lS ggonv on to new :intl QVPZITCI' liviglits. 'l'o1l:1y we aim- :1 lllitllllf2ll'llll"lIlQ anal rvtziiling vc-iitvr. Wv ll2lV0 ai flonr niill, an shoe f2ll'lU1'y, L'lUllllllLf,' fznvtorim-s, El plant lllilIlllftll'lll1'lllfl stevl proclnt-ts, il box fan-- tory, and 1-onntlvss retail PSl2lllliSllltl'1'l1l s. Besides :ill tliis, wc- lnivw the grunt in- tlnstry 1-iigugwl in by tlw stats- prison with its lingv output of twine nnfl fnrni insi- 1'lllIl01'j'. llmvvvvr, our 4-lizinge luis not 1-onw about i11 intlnstry alone. Totlaly wv lmvv Lowvll l'2l1'li to znltl lwzinty to oni' 1-ityg we lmvc- lwnntifnl now, niodern hott-lsg we have pzlvm-el strvvtsg wo lmw il grvzit now ntliletic- fivlmlg wt- have an sph-nalitl new llilllllllg lwzwllg wo llalw I'inv buildings tlirongliont llw town. Stillwntvl' is now in its glory. lt. is ai, 1-ity of lwnnty :intl zwtivity. Tourists lllI'HllQ,'ll0lll tlw 4-onntry :Irv tlvliglltml :lt its llosl-itzllity. And they are annzlzwl nt the NV0lltl1'l'flll nvw lmritlgv opoililigg np to :ill ti-nffiv tlw liroznl fivlels of the East. lint our town luis not yvt 1'1-zu-lwcl its goal. lt will go fnrtlier and fnrtln-1' nn- til soinv flny, 1N'l'll2lll'N, Stillwzltvi' slnlll not be notofl only for lwzinty nn-:l liospitall- ityehnt for SiZ02lll1l lrmwr. 'Flint wonlel ull he wontlvrfnl, of 1-onrsv, lint sonwliow, l luopv it nvvvi' lizlppviis. The new Bathing Beach Sl Ko o A BOEOKOOONOIOAON SONG "Snuggle Un My Should "Lies" "Time Un My Ilnn4ls" "Me" "What A Life!" "Sonny Hoy" "Gool'l1s" OUR er' "Was Thnt The Iluinnn Thing To Do?" "l'nraulise" "All Of' Me" "Wh:1t's Keeping My P1'lllC't' f'll2l.l'lIllllQ?', "Uh, hvllilt A Thrill" "She's So Nite" "Tell Me Pretty llIni4len" "As Tllllt' Goes By" "Let Me lfnll You Sweetlle:1rt" " lf' ln pperette' "l'll Get Along Some llowv "I'n1 Unly Guessing" "Tired" "lloo1lnigllt, Moon" "llc-t1wem-11 The Devil and Deep lllue Sen" The "XVIien Irish Eyes Are Slllillll' " "Save the Lust XVnltz For "St:1rligl1t', "Crazy lillyflllllv "Million llollnr Ilnliy', Me" "4'nn't We Tnlk It Over?" "Just l'll'l0llllSv "You'1'e the One, You llenutiful Son of fl Gun" "When hV1'.l'9 Alone" "Memories" FAVORITES lf'1'on1 Iloh Kerr T1-ig Lund Sean-le Sainrleen Chuck Rinker Homer Anderson Phyllis Rownquist George Thompson Nornla Anderson Dirk Farmer Helen Anez lluth Holmberg Martha Holmes Dorothy Kern Ulziluiners llob Slaughter Louie S3llIll0I'8 Warren Bengsten Uwen Ottewell f'a1tlle1'ine Ziimnerinan Rosalyn Seiberlich Georgia Swanson Selnmr Anderson Shirley Tobin Martin Crowe Clinton Grove lloyd Ifll11Z'l'llllilll Marion lVilliams ??Z'??????? Jerry MrAlpin Albert Lelnnicke Nniilenzi Kalinoff Lum-ille Krongarfl Elvira Fehlow Knte Hefty Leighton Clmrlsen Women Haters ?????????? Louise and Lum-ille Seniors SS To Marv-ella Grady llodo lllairllolialfl liooin 123 Himself Fred Sawyer Vernon Frederickson Leighton Charlsen Post-Graduate Phoebe Costello Scales Mun in the Moon Kzithryn Rafferty Ruby Harvieux El-e'anor Klockinan Rose Brown Joe Englin Aluinfni That Junior Pnl Teachers Kalb Next Morning I'ost-Grzuliiate Katherine Murphy That Junior Girl ?????????? Typewriters lVoolworth 's Ill-ulah lllnlumers ??'???????? ??????'???? S. H. S. 4 .53 W vi, Q-is 'S QQ xy 9" . W 1 ,, - , J :J - - ' k -fa .1-qw, 1 , .4 , Q v '.. . 1 . . ,Q- , S . -1 VL 1. ' . ,- .1 - . V X Q ur' ,. ' - 3 .A ,- ., ' 51 . 4:,,15v:f.Yth e ,mg 1' V H. ,. g ...HY ' skffszigglgw' ir. 9. L , 1, 1 ,gi b. A xg if ,mv 5" .- . v . ' -fvx ' .-5. 4 ' .,, ,.,.l, 5. .34 ,Z 4-1' 5- 1-v' f ..,. - ,- v- , v 1-.LL t . . F 'w S i. 1 ,Q f4'. Sim.. 1 a i.. ,,. 3 1 1 Q . 2 ' M5 Y F F s ' Jr. ,.. Q 1 f- 1-V' If 1 -ll. is-.Q , Q V. ji. , , 3 r., 5 u 19" fix, ff ff 121 OF. ,. if x T5 -. 'H -5, -a 'ZBQL 3-'51 .mm un.-L. .lamrm Lan ' M F -I ::::::: :::':::::-o::::::::: ::: Jlll men are born equal-J i1T:'s what tlieu are equal to later tlliat makes the difference . . . Printing has supplied the steppinq stones to success on all fields of endeavor HHHH Easton H Masterman Companq DDI NTEIQS ti'-L of this Annual Second Street at Illqrtle Stillwater, minnesota --:l: ..v---- --iV--v--vv- :::::::: 9 Y BEST WISH EI FDD THE SUCCESS Cl: THE CLAII DF lQ32 From the Merchant: of the Village of Bayport X lil Illn II I 0,1 R FN 1 XLT SUN fllxof PRX I Ilf TIJ4 hH0l SHUI' I XX 1'UlxT UAL KHP IUIINISUIN TFX Xi U ST KTIUN X01 If NX q qT0hl I XX I'Ulx'1 fllxflf I Iwx PLUPI1 S HIL XT NIARKET P XX PORT H ARDXX ARF I Ilxqq' Nl STP lmkNIx NI XDDFN UII f URIP QNX lx XX I I LGI R I XXPUI '1 1'RIlN'I'INIh HOUSI 1 INN US PXIxIx I Xhl LI! VND UEADTX QHOI' ll l ll S H Xl HPR SHOP ' f ff gx e 7 7 if L. 1 . CRG '. . - . ' 3 I u '. ' ,P ' ' 'X 3 u S' - C 1 C 7 '. 5 N 'I uv L ' ' N V 'Cf ' u N - A L17 C 'J 71 1 L1 1 v W Y A IACYK, n , 'I ggi gA I ' 1 1 1 xx Q 1 r ' i v ,rs m 1 Y Y ld Y 4 , Y D V 'X 'A , C 'I U 'A 7 XX x Y 'nv 1 Y A 7 ni I S'l'ENI.UND'S GHUUERY ' ' Q 2, ' I ' ', A ' C G ka T 1 U 1 KV I T' 7 ,M "sexi 4: L C xf, X gy! X ! - . ' C-Q.-.:'f gi mf f 1. ,- f . V ' KMA.. N In A ?fngQbXIir,'q? f X ff S +'C MQUV ,f wi f-hlQ'1 U N 'fjl It V Y' 47 , . I 'V' L 3 C X g l C 92 f ' 1 U k f ' IIA , Ao. 7 fW ,,Qf?gfff1fef144f1'Qwi FOR YOUR FINE RECORD and BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS AFTER GRADUATION. . to the Class of I 93 2 'X J JUDGE 0. E. LEE ,N K H. G. THURSEEN ww HAL1-H MQGRATH 5 f JUDGE F. T. XVILSON Rflf' 1'. M. 1,1N111sLooM N WARREN MAUNSELL S' SULLIVAN x NEUME1131: L,1,.MANwA1:1NG A , ' 7 X . A L S f 1 4' fgxw A R1 U9 1 A 19, ff A A K ll A ' A .Ei -k ' -35 R - LMA A f R: 'A WR -'f W ?" A f X 3 E2 Q? Hb. f 'R Q 93 :bc-----A- lhlloellmels Grocery 802 North Fourth Street One of our contributions to StilluJater's proqress is a modern businessflilce store llllIIIMIIIllIIIIIIlllllllllIIllllllllIlllllIIIIlllllllIlllllIMIIIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllIINIIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllilllllllIllllllIIIIII1llllllllllllllIllllllllllIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Featuring Home Brand Products llllllllIIIlilllllllIllllllllwllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllIIiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lDe attempt to please bg hancllinq onlg the best of products and qivinq onlq the best of service Phone No. 98 and 99 Stillwater ooooocA- " AAAA -- -AAA--- -A---A 94 7 5 Cjomplimzmts of the . E I :E L I Sttllwater Hardware if .I ,r 4 at Company 3 ,lf x f 'f' ' :r ea PII 51 4, 'A is A progress!-ve store in : a progreuifve community II II ::::::::.:: ::::::::::::::::::::::::i 22:2 1 3 47 Q-u,, ff Wi awk, "Hsu, .,,, " r Dtat an a mf Htg eat Uahty Graduation Gifts A Specialty mconronanlo NATCHMAKERE-'JEWELERS mm H! "fir ::::::::::::::::::: ,........4 95 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 1 ll ll li - X . U ni A Suggestion II 0 H M When you're shop- ping for some special 2 X piece of furniture, it O 2 ' X D isn't how low the price F i but what you get for your dollars that counts 0 in these Clays of sales. You are invited to the Stillwater Upholstery 1' shop, where one may lf choose his covering, a variety of rich import- ed tapestries, mohairs 0 plain or figured. ll Honest Materials 11 Trustworthy Wurkmanship 1: ll STll.l.WATEll if UPHULSTERING 1: sum' 55 414 Se. Owen Street Phone 1376-K FRED SEIDEL ll O' OOOOOOO '- OOOQO 2222oo:::: -------- - ---- - ------ -A -- -------A---+ -.E 000000000020222902202222290::::::::::::::::::::::55,33311: ::::221w ll ll 4+ Personal Service l rl 'A il it ni il EE il i HE service we offer is not Eg limited to the routine care of your account. Our officers are here to give you their person- II . . . ll and al service in any special re- gg gave quirement. rhiS 1: 2 as 0 0 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK II mn Stillwater, Minnesota II 0 tl ::::::o.::o2:ooo:::: v::::: 22222 v::: 2222222222 2222222222::::::::::j 96 F ----...v... .v...-.-..v-.....v--......v..-...vvv--.. - v- i oagraralaiioas to the Class of 1932 r r H -'-,,, P i . fs i P 'C Silt -Q ' A 14, I iin 'Isis illgii ir, r W4 'w Fr-J! wvniii if ' 'i 'f i':p" 7"' 'RF' ., i ii """u. ..- Wi f i' ' ...ww '- f ' E f i M21 f iiifffiikm E 4' is i i When you tiwmic , A , Q -Q e Pig 'ft."f,Q fin' I 2 .K ,J gyj 'qnfpl-1 :. . i '1:p2?? tiWini4 oi Simonet Furniture and Carpet Co. Q LLL ' ' M Hearty Congratulations aw H . , NIU 72911 and Best Wishes E we to ti1e Class of 1932 i ig,qNg, ..-E A, ,I A3 lui- Arndersen Frame Corporation Bayport, Minnesota b Tlze World 's Largest zwanujactarers of Windafw and Door P3'ames 9 Medium and V ' n x 'X J' 'img' fy. Hlgh Grade . . i :griixgixilfgiafxjil if-!,gNXX,f21'v it S Nj 2.17 , -1 Q40 fik Ex LLl!t ff N3 f Q !x . 'N N ' Q wi taxi f A -A ww r "WML '5W?fm'2aW W M: Q V - -rw,-V KM- ww f .X 2 H' nw in ' ' r gh bfc WM " Q LX QMSFV 2' , . f' Wf."'f'4i 1fQ?:v'f1cMf2sf'.tfVW.wi it ' C F H aiifiiff' gms MMMX' M WMM1? - f t L , rr 4:?4' if ' 4 7i4 f- .4 0 4 ' t 4 N A Zi' E S 'ruf-Ti- gh I Y W i -while Q ! A Zi! T' 5 I l la Erlcicson Furniture Company 0 North Main Street Famous Mule-Hide Roofing and Shingles . -3' l'We have everything from i 5 iounciation tO chimney topn FD O are a ff an i 4 W XX BUILDING ' 1 'G MATERIAL Bluff City Lumber Company COAL LUMBER WOOD 98 :::::oo:::: ::::oop:::: . oemx OSISTY for all the family . . KCDLLI ER'S The Road to- "Fashion" Leads to Janclla'ss Department Store STILLWATER o o MINNESOTA Whczther you are at a party, a dance, at class, or playing tennis, you will not enjoy yourself unless your clothes are comlortahle, smart looking and appropriate for the occasion jANDA'S can serve you for they have just what you need, at moderate prices, with quality and style appeal in all standard lines of dresses, coats, shoes, hose and men's apparel. J Efoery Sixth Customer ez Slzarelzoleler . BY!-I-Eihy . , NORTHERN .. 3 srtmss 2 5 rowsn g Q '40 QQ' Northern States Power Company f l 0,4 . .U 3 gif! 917 to the Clays of 1932 Greetings Extensive remodeling and up-to-the - minute fixtures, place us more than ever, in a position to take care of all your wants in the hardware field. We wel- come you, and desire the opportunity to serve you. 6 Loeber Hardware Company Stillwater, Minnesota -----:p4:--------:r4:AA'-'-- ---- ---- 100 , fy V C ff , 4 Y,fqtflu .2 f?-C I my ' - i nif Compliments of Char sen Clan q Co. Wholesale Candy Dealers 330 So. main Stillwater, Hlinn. Cut lDish A lonq life of qood health and prosperf itq for each member of the class of . . . 1932 Connolly Shoe Co. Stillwater, Minn. The "Best of Qloocl Luck and Good lDislhes" to . . . Cl' he Class of 1932 Shaw-Enochs Tractor Co. Mnnuflcturers of SHAWNEE and CENTURY Graders and Maintainers STU1NVATER,NHNN. ::::ro4:::::4::::::::: Purol-Pep GASOLINE Use the above product to sat- isfy your motor Stillwater Oil Company Reginald Kilty Jack Kilty 3 g:::::::::::::::: :::::::::: oo::::::::::::oo::::- When Comfort is Yrump om! Your Pfay is Style, -wear Smart Footwear from LuNDEqARD's Boot Shop 212 Chestnut Street II II II II ::eo:::::::::::o-e:::::-- II II I :oe::::::::oo::::::oo:::::::: Wm. EVANS Tin and Sheet Metal Work of all lcinds LENNOX Steef Furfmeey 224 Commercial Avenue II II Il ' I II I, The Span of Life ' I I I If The span of life is 80 years, 20 are J I: spent in childhood and youth, 20 are , If spent in old age, 30 more pass away I: in sleep, I0 full active years are all II II I :Q that remain to accomplish your life's 4, If work. I H But the dollar that you put away at 'I 20 works throughout the other 60 Il " years. I: , ' I I ' I' II I II - I " Cosmopolitan State Bank If I Stillwater, Minnesota 1 imc: :mc sc 2: 1 r:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -w I I II Il LCTT GARAGE I Il II : 208 South Second Street : I I II 0 , I I I' Distributors of ' l n I Studebaker and Pontiac ' II Motor Cars ' II I 9 4- I II II I , ' Welding, :' I If ' Tire Vulcanizing, 0 I: Battery and Radiator repair service II Il II I -00 -'A- 0 -AAA---A---'AA- - ----A---- :I :::::::::::::::::::::-c::::::-v AT THE SIGN 0'F THE FIFTY YEARS OF SERVICE BYRON J. MUISIER Sc SON Wholesale :md Retail CIGARS, TOBACCUS. ETC. Siillwaiex-'s Lowell Inn Proprietor BAUQUETS and Dinner Dances Phone 1500 Compliments of Drs Arthur Taylor Osteopathic Physician ana' Surgeon Al, 51 anal 6 'lllorinus Blocli STHLLWATER, MHNNFESOTA Offs Phone 306-L Residenre 306-R ------------ --1.--A::1:::::::::::4 1 The best of "Good Luck cmd Good Wishes" to fjhe Cidsg of . Ile v. wllus Bloom 'just What the Name Says' fy ., X 'E ' 4 T X Y , SAVE u MoNEY sronz Y 4 I Stillwater. Minnesota Z0 L1 nn er Electrlc Shop E.w.i.lNNER P R O P R I E T O R W 0 kVm 'f . - f55f 2 ' ' We are as 7571 wt V2 nl ' OI jiufou telephone 5 ' Q. C .f Vv-..'-.-q- . 4 I- 9 ,I 1 ws, 14 'Q I I? . Everqthmq g- Electrical I I I g:A-:Q 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II i ,QE E5 nag.: -' lo 'tk' II C::Cf2:22:::2::22:::::::::::::::q BRoNsoN-FoLsoM co. EE I I My gg 7LlQ. i I 5 I I,.. ffff 'ssssi -- i pm? gg Fancy " I, 2:1-.', - ,E ': ,I I IIIII, ,izgefffilw ZIZELWSQIN Z .t.:: lllll gii Grocenesf I' we . . ,..- A I I I,I I Ffuffs, I ,G ig I' vegefables I si I I Eff' I ,.,, I ffl II , .. ...A I -' ,... Isnn 0 :: BATAVIA BRAND PURE Foon I PRODUCTS 3 STILLWATER, MINNESOTA :I -x:::::::x,:x::: - 1 ::::::::::::::::: 'I A Good School, I A Will to win, I, A Good Bcmk, Ig A Will to Save, I is the bridge span to . . , II . . . sUocEss gg II II II II I I Nd 'I I FARMERS sz MERCHANTS I STATE BANK , Stillwater, Minnesota II :::: ::::::: :::::::::: II II DOOOQQQQ v- 7 0 ,W igg es Hanson Meat Marlcet Telephone 2 we Free Delivery For high quiality meat at a price within the reach of every pocket, call us. CALL UI: THE TAXI 309-L Any Time O Anywhere Quick, Pieasing Service A. RIVARD -:- TAXI ----oQ4f,-v-- - D E E P - HL 0 C K Gasoline arnul Motor Oil Goes Further! Lasts Longer! ir s. 'J II --3:1-za:--N V, ii 'i '?s'E5i"1iEg- - . 1 SQQEQQ -QQ - Quick and expert service in Greasing aind Washing MADDEN OINIL COMPANY Always Hrs! with Zlze' fates! in siyfe -- - FARHUSIQWxg W K ,fin , BEAHTIJ S H O P K Lowell lnn iq Phone 1442 BW X Permanent Wawey of dz'.flz'11clz'on Satisfaction our specialty r- ----------- --A--- - ------------- 1 r ---A- ---------A ------ - ---A - M 0 N We were awarded the contract Fo If the Kabeiconian pictures because of ou CANDY SHUI? FINE WQRKMANSHIP, PuNCruAL SERVICE, and LOW PRICES D ,, rr Q?fD Louis Kuhn Photography HOME STUDIO -- ,.,...A..... .............A. - -1. ..... .................A.. - - he SODAS Cream fx Soft V V X Drinks Candy U 1 - u ' it QM tr X . iii 1lt ewev 9 2f-1.i:TZ'2Z'5i12' A 1' E 5' , 'gaffgf Complimems of the F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY 0 ii .4 u. Compliments of Stillwater Manufacturing Company Q5 A local concern operated by local people llJl'lO'I'lC 5 7 Dry Cleaning!! Modern lilug Cleaning Dyeing Shore Re-pairing The largest cleaning establishment in the St. Croix Valley. Our trucks cover a rad- ius of twenty miles. Stillwater Laundry, Inc. Second and Chestnut Street Stillwater, Minnesota 'X f' For Good Food A A and F ine Service come to the NEW MILL CAFE South Main Street C Q H. E. BARNHOLDT, Proprietor omplimems of 77m JGNES FUNERAL HOME X. Corner N orfh Tfzird and Linden Be Sure That Your Eyes Are Right Let me examine them and tell you whether or not you need glasses. l recommend ORTI-IOGON LENSES for wide vrsiong the latest achieve- ment of optical science, and SOFT-l..lGHT LENSES for sun and snow glare . . . A. W, ILLA OP TOMETRIST 235 East Chestnut Street, Stillwater, Minn. 7 Compliments to gli? CIGSS of ' ff It f u V' it Stillwater ' Book and , Stationery Company Y II ll II II II II II II I II I II I I CONSCJLIDATED LUMBER COMPANY Dealers in Lumber . . . Building Material . . . Fuel if fm? " 319 'I No. Main l' ,,, , - Street I Q Q N Phone 3l2 Bayport Theatre " The newest theatre in the Friendly Valley. A symbol of the progress of the whole community gg We have the latest in equipment insuring perfect sound reception VF II II II II II II II I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I H- Conqratulations to the Class of 1932 for their fine records in the fields of scholf arship, athletics and clramatics. . . B. IHITCHELL Inu!" B Cfhe ' School's Oum ' Confectionerq Compliuments of MURPHY 8g COMPANY DEPARTMHENT STORE ll ll Stillwater, Minnesota Buy at KRUEGEIVS MEAT MARKET The cleanest and coolest market in town ..... Q "" ' Our home made . , QW U sausage cannot 9 llllli- be equalled U We carry only the choicest of meats Let Your First Investment be a Life lnisuirance Policy We have a policy to meet each inclivicll.1al need THE PRINCE--JOY AGENCY Carlson 8: Olson G R 0 C E R S 101 North Owen St., Stillwater U fn. ,Wx xtifrw "-.,.7 -' . 5 it-1. K ' 'av' ..,f f' F, ' , ,. w ash 'dyawfii- '- feas t ',.f f We wish to extend to Stillwater high school graduates of 1932, our best wishes and continued success Y T I: Il Il ii Therek Persomzlify in IE W ell-Kepf II 1: Clofhey II Il :I I: l1C. Farmer-Glasrud,l Q s7?07eC6 SALES SERVICE New "V8" and Improved Four Phone 418 :Q r::::::::: ::::: - Il 'I 1: 1: 1: 1: 1: 0 QN Il 1: P 1 1 em S 1: 52 P 1: 1: g' 51 I 1: N 5: 5: 5 'U 1: 1 25 "' ' 1: II X 9' I' 1: M gl 1: I, fm Il II Ql- 5: 1: 3 1: II ' m :I 1: I 1: CD I' 1: 1: IP i: :fr -- ,---- Club House and Libby' s Brand :I Canned Goods and Vegetables always give satisfaction I RYDEN at HOLQUIST If 120 Norfh Maifz 1: Tfffphvfw 45,8 Grocers 1: Stillwater, Mzrzn. II ' Il K Il I: I: Il Il II I: I: 1: Il Il I: II II II II I: I I Il Il Il I: Il Il II II Il Dells Extra Tea and Coff 705- 'X -Wf -SQ-Ll GG Fw 53 ,g.,v 1- nr-f - ag 'wp -yqbgxosvy ,cg f 22557 Vs 'afwswi E :4fQ,g,l!sQN1,g,s 2 Q 4 av N 5 v -1 ILW-' ' 3 WJ, L51 LSA .,, ' 1 :rx rs I ' :Q Minnesota Mercantile Stillwater, Minnesota Co. 5 as n 5 it The KAB eall ii B 8: R TAXI at the " 1 Phone 7 Sanclwich Shop gg 0 HL, WDJAHN 1: 55 Day and Nite Service Phone 723-L Located on South Main Street SANITARY DAIRY, Inc. PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS MAKERS 0F . . . ""f'fJ Supreme Ice Cream Sherhets and Fancy Ices 02:2 for all occasions MILE Q -wg ,ea - Telephone 81 3, xiji E: , 5 Y 0 ,x Q d . 'fs "K ar?eule1III!IeIIlIlo:'s4:lII'eZupp rt 111 FOR EVENING REFRESHIVIENTS The Up To Date Fountain at FlHQI1 EH KDEL THE SUPER SERVICE DRUG STORE Q-:::::::: That 55 0,000 cI1ocoIate syrup gives our sodas and sundaes that smacking good flavor O St. Croix Drug Co. 6 -- Telephones -- 47 Certainly I These are essentials CLEAN HOMES CLEAN CARS CLEAN SILVER WELL OF COURSE PERRY CO. PRODUCTS HELP MOST EVERY STILLWATER HOME. OBTAIN THESE THREE YOUR DEALERS HAVE 'EIVI Glue Perry Company C. D. IShorlyj BOURDAGHS r --v------v ---- ------ ----v-vv.v SCIIHQHLIHIACTH IBIIUOKIIICCCIIII Company Qffvfffomffff Fmuits, Vegetables ainurii Fainiioy Groceries Telephones 92 and 93 South Main Street STILLWATER, MINNESOTA VIIqII11e IRiifcII11eIIiieIu1 Store v ---v- -- vvvvv-vv - ev F Com lilmonts 01' Doctor Darrin ton .-W :::::::: A: Com limonts 01' STILLIDATER MARKET CO. Dealers in Grains and Feed of all kinds Q 3 I .85 I ffaabofcgclufaaflghdholln I I FLOWERS lf' 3 hrau vigj. occaoons :II 2 mr MII' glltlgl SKIN em west Clive sr. Tel. 1 1 O4 ,::::::::::::::4 Kearne 's Clrocerq Jl constant backer of Stillu7ater's Froqress Cfhe home of ood thin s to oat ' 5 P ones-H l32 :z 133 If 7 I I I I I I I I II I :I I I I I II I I II I I dl HANSEN STUDIIUS Congratulations to the class of 19352 i..,QfXo- P ED Ill. Lawrence W. Linner Dependable FUEL High School Students are critical, that,s why they choose the . . . R I E S DRUG COMPANY "Drugs With a Prestige" Ph JEFF 453 GR EE DER ,We handle exclusively McKesson's Drugs and Service czrber - - - S1109 ecZZfpXf,f5f,,2a'ffff'f prescriptions Young People Cften Decide FREQUENTLY the burden of malzing funeral ar- rangements-for relatives, neighbors or friends- rests on the capable shoulders of young men and women. Even though such need may not arise for many years, we suggest that you learn all the new- est features of mortuary procedure by a visit to our public Advisory Department. All the mystery about costs, and steps to take in an emergency, is cleared up by a tactful attendant. Or, if yon cannot call in person, send for a free copy of the inlormative book- let, 'Looking Ahead" Simonet Funeral Home 208 So. Third St. Telephone 124-R Stillwater, Nlinnesota F ......A.A.,....A... tc-- ....... -- The Right Goods at the Right Prices at all times, when you place your Grocery Qrdlers at this store It will give us real pleasure to serve you o Walter Johnson 90l South Third Street Stillwater, Minn. ll 9- ------ AA ---- AA-- ------------- - Jo n Lusti Seven Corners Qrocerq and ' l Confectionerq up y 7 'I Stillwater Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee-Al ':::::: :::::: :::::::::::::::- ll To 'Say It With Flowers" use our Telegraph Delivery Service, thru which flowers will be delivered in any part of the United States or Canada in two hours Send Mother Flowers on Your Birthday -Express your love and remem- brances by the use of our floral shop and green house ,fa 47 E , fl Q A 3' 7, 1 ..'.. if M V. fl' W lfiv 'hi ' 'if i up Frank lubisch Q FL 0 R IS T K Slillwaler, Minnesota 5 K. Ki' X , ,A1 N 1 lea 18 cfs, Q ' w ' l x 4 I W q 4 -. ,N I, . ,Egfif uri. ,- - if -xiii' - x x 1 Fmflil Lf. I N nf, L aij 'Y ffftw " 1' L 45 Teacher Simi .Study Boy an-1.' Partgy' Team Athlete 0ramr f . 44' . 'Wi :af fi'f?i?" - F5 xkfgq' ef H ""'12':.f'L . .- - -- ' w':. +,Q ,. ' - 2 . J' H .r " 5 ' ,-:- 4 - - hh., ,. , ,'-f 4 ', 4 1 Q, 3.4. A 1 -4 I 1 ., Y' xl I. 3 High Lights of My School Career 120 F I Q l ! 3 , , 4 2 ,S e E ! 5 5 2 a ! i 2 1 1 L F H n F 5 ! I -I 5 3 E 1 5 5 5 : i 1 I i I I ! 5 F a 52 1 E F 'L 5 as L' .1 'e V: H -E w M. P, ii .ra 1 'I P-

Suggestions in the Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) collection:

Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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