Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN)

 - Class of 1929

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Stillwater High School - Kabekonian Yearbook (Stillwater, MN) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 138 of the 1929 volume:

KABEKUNIAN PUBLISHED BY Q SENIOR CLASS Q M of W Upb 1929 STILLWATEH HIGH SEHUUL ZJJMJ Mzbefkoizzfkzzizz 1929 ,IOI-IN LUHMANN Editor-in-chief C359 JAMES O'SHAUGI-INYFBSY Business Manager f mrv QW f P 7 1 3 4 6 1 , f , f 1 f 5 fk 6 I Aw X , GER!! f.,. FEED!!! , I h ,w fs ll X ,Ml Xx X I f M 'NH ,,',, ' in .X .' VH ' 'N X V XXX " M X 'f N, , o hx N x " fx-' " ff I A ' xx Q H wk- X dfx 'A X ff fy X W' 5 E' o- - X VX ho ' X 1 1 L N X X X W of ' Ragga l N X XXX R, hfjxfiv .A xf I ' , 'Ii '- ULQTU41 f My 13i.:Ql?,'- NA we M h W n NI' Wk , fl x Xi we. I v Www f 1 f ,ff ,JM Q qqij I fh 5 W0,'f:'x Q X 4 fi WS KX JEQWF 5 h"'1Qg1"' 'gml' , IJXIIXX X N J V :Tx 1 10 NX N I M 5 xxi h Y N-auional High Sdhool M6 fPress Association . l ! IQ K - PM Y Mamma High School is I Press Association M X . hh 'Vf!,,Q YW gg fr W ' 2, M. W SPLQ X l h fu 5 KWH Q W' 3 rowwig W j Q .wgjtx Q 5 3 533,26 3 VM I TM ,J N IW wg YMXL Foreunor Wishing to bring those outside the school closer to us, and hoping that we have estahlishecl a perpetual source ofmemories for those with- in, we, the class of nineteen hun- dred and twenty-nine, create this Kahekonian, the annual of our senior class n-Q 4 N' W :LVN fm f ff I X- l 6 72 ,x, ' ' -X -'ffff ' 'Q 4 ' ' 'I' 'yi' Y If , 'fl' li I . " X lx ' 4 V2 fi Or A-Ji!! DEDICATION IN 1'QK'0gl1iti0ll and zxpprvc-ialtioll of tlw invzlluablv b1PI'Vil'0S 'au-11 llllfifillg ehuurts of the piomfel' of our svlmol lmurd, we, Hw 1-lass of Ili1lGf001l ll11l11ll'0d and fXV0llfy-Ilill0, do 1'espec'Tf11lly :md 2lff0l'fi0ll2ll'61j' dvdiczlfv this annual CFO Mr. Andrew J. Holm fi 6 WWNXJY W4 ,W W Y J M X W W- Q 5 MX Z l M 4 1'2- X. f , , 7 1 7 w P N A , ,N , 95 I I , 1 , 1 , 61 4? M X X 4-1, - -- x A, , Xxx-, 9, ,, .1 -x N .4 . .1 " -Tk I vm N Q K flblf' xx- w ' " X 'J-ff" ' mv 1 , 1 .1 w 7, t J xv 7. X h ' 'X t L t N 1.7 Wt' f f ff' Q 6 X 'xkxf x km gffyl' W l MS A ' 'A X N2 Us ' ijt? ff- Q .1 'M 'Q' yhfir W X ,v'N'XI0'j, ,, I f 1' ZX X e wi Q CDI' er of Boo s , 5' xv afe'J:A.W.Qt J pl, . jf P' 4 Q Introcluctmn to Theme NNN., ff' ,' H N' 5, tV6A Administration uw bl 'N J 'S F MRM b Seniors I light X Classes X WY X ll' Activities X 'w Organizations Athletics f ff 44T'5'- . 7 " N Advertising 7 7? 170 5 ii!! X M X x ,xx HM! ff gi' ' V f XX iyf f S 7 Xi X A XX 6Qlln,Bt'v11l9x',9fL + z , :via ,--LL AMW' I chatter, chatter as I How To join the brimming riverg Wu For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever. Tennyson How beautiful is the night, A clewy freshness fills the silent air. In full-orb,d glory yonder moon divine Rolls through the dark-blue depths. -Robert Souihep I chatter over the stony ways, In little sharps and trebles, I bubble into eclclying lbays, I babble on the pebbles. -Lord Alfred Tennyson I wot of a place Where the virgin sod Declines to the bank of a rapid stream Where the swift moving waters shimmer and gleam W L xxk X ,ff 1 Q 3. 3 5 11- Avmsussrmfrcou ll L The true purpose of education is to cherish and unfold the seed of im- mortality already sown Within us: to develop, to their fullest extent, the capacities of every kind with which the God who made us has endowed us. ' 1 A 4 59453 15' '5-'EEF ' 91.5,-wg:-lib Q-8 Q. is,-3, 34,9 9.1.5, Z9 sg? .6956 ggigzn 95,43-1-gxgix , . ce. Q 9? 29 BOARD OF EDUCATION G55 1' 3' r' 0 4-J sip QQ lb Y 1 tw ig 14- , e e gl, J. D. LRUNSON 1-gf President of the Board. Member since Jan- TQ Q uary 1, 1919. 3 9 "A main whose foresight lplaces his hopes in sue 1 I9 ceedmg generations." I Hs? B 1 41 1.1 9 I 412 :Q S Q 0. J. ENGLIN 111 Director of the Board. Member since March J 11, 1919. 'Q' 2: "Bgcause he understands us wen benefit from his QV .1 ec1s1ons." 1 453 'Fl 12 Q-J r' 57' 15 I .9 A. J. HOLM 125' Secretary of the Board. Memiber since 1897. lil I5 "Of as noble mein, as of mind." 147 55 ' 0. f'2 P' 1. lv 14. , W. J. MADDEN ,J Vice-Presildenrt of the Board. Member since '31 January 1, 1919. if "An able man who: is unpretentious." f? Nga, 'P ,1. qv Fx 5. . , 'qi H. G. ROBERTSOB 173 Treasurer of the Board, Member of the fi, Board 1902-1905, 1912-1915, 1919- ,Lx fuj "An advisor whose words are weeighed in gold." :Ex eel 1-1 " fam l W ci D lr 'J LJ Y 'm PA C-w C42 Q215325,6L.'g,'5.,'3- Eff3.i-'?G-3'El:9:g,w,,'5f.?s.3g,3!?.2-3-.'g,31515-5,.3AQL513'B.f'j-593' U51 ' n .fs r. AKA E Q. 'N nf, fx QA. 7' Q. fx , ,- a 4 -2. w ea' If r NL"'e4 QT ,jr 21 gi' :ee--. ig' 1 4-,3'ie"?.:X :I 8 Jrlv r fs QD fps 'e4n:',-,.. f ky 'g5Qgfng.,5.N f, xiawifug :Fa 1 CP S' 252512. QQ tg? S Y 429 fu 0 Q 59 King if Q :D QQ, lg? 'T 4-r 49 l ? cf' l 1' gl G '23 61 D ,fy 45, Kalamazoo C , uperiniend :lx U olleg ent 4 :I ' of ef ll 4 103 B. 0 J gl U g0, A B SCAR l KG 9 . of Minnesgfa 1 Gu JOHNSON Kql my Mr. . . Stavus Ad ' Pflnlci 8,1 u muh G ol Pal x '1 11655 P , is a tru radualle W phus' B. A K' 25 .' Upils 6 eXampl1 Ofk U ' gl 153 Smuh and Tfiuld very W H6 of kind- Mr' John - Of M. qi: . m ,. l . e , so gb understandin O fi then- lives aft ta-kg Mr. egecuhve of Onu 1135 proved a V -m - 3 - e ' , , ' s Q Pfeclated b and klndly W r hls. I-hs fi lanced ne ,r hmgh lschool ery able LQ QQ always Y all, one fel aYS are ap- Info Xa sue W ldeas and ' He has QQ E' rec ' go tol Mr S ' e S that lu 5 w cessful Dr ' put these id 5 X elve adv- ' lmnh i e Can Ofthy pr- . aChce, H Cas fp! 34' ha 'Ce and h H tmuble O. mclpal . e has 1, 0' K5 ' 5 made dl Clp, for M and ne of his h and fl-lend een G9 Me' and We nhlmess the ke Y' Smith Outstanding anal aracteristics is. cg, tb a man more kf allehge the v3'U0ie of his The minds and has been ,in especially G9 Mr. Smithllid than he. Oflcl to and 15 embodied in Eodies of thel sfulkated in 'S' 27 School- H Works With System. Th- r t 6 Very hem U ents and '3' Q4 i . C emanat and f h IS FIS hi I of the , . L S Infectious , es H cheenc I or the fs taught th 5 Ove of dis , ' 5011001 F2 Ci homely, h ' H13 talks in Ullegs which Cllsciplinar C students of hflllllllne. I-Ie 6 home theireE:t't0'hCart talksvaxstmbly are them in cgde Wgle SCh00l a as ' eSSa- W - ' EW sta - ,. er g Po t Y N- QQ Q Y fpeech, Beside fafter than an Strlke g Y ance of diSCipl.pe0ple realize th Vlflth 41" El Tpemal thought fes, hls Speech by HOW, tlglvernmem M Jme as brought f e lm, ci, V, ls of en O of ev as So e Stl ' r' Ohm - 91111 ' 2 1 C0u efyon me . I lwat . S011 11111 In lv 33 ragemem, Cheer hwhethef it Clem fom 0? tH1gh School rgduced into 59 , ,S 63 elpfulness- has been a V udent reprwentatyery em' lg! I ' .. 6 1 . 5 SIDE fits Organi71'i'ti successful un32rtWE1Ch ,ga 3' v ' 011 3 i X cg ates iilyr stlldlint in higlrjescllqears ago' ng . , , h 5 ljlldes, and 01113011 S principl 001 appreci- Q hked th 3 though the es and ani- ffl 4-'f - em at th - y may n 1-D , real . e t . ot h ll I IZC h lme ave 4 gf IS value as , 11? the end th ,Q 22 a gulcli ey 9 C2 Tig hand. 31 'fl Jiizffs-'ig,4-'32, ,rx Q? -0 mfg' alvj-Qgglanv fd -s-'N l. 49? 1- 'S Q vvbfgv? A EJ in -4- . j-58 .- px I 54315, , Kp vsjlyfar, fs' Jiwg' AJ 4 f .4 Q: 0 dw fl ir ' R' J, 1-fx '73 4 " FACULTY Ethel E Arnlstrong B A Unlverslty of M1HDBSOta Head of Eughsh Depuf tmcnt Iynghsh IV Dev1se Wlt wrlte pen Iam for whole Volumes 1n fO110 Ed1th Beckman A College of St Catherme Lam I II, III IV V1rtue 1S darmg and goodness afrald Fredemck Brandes B S Unlverslty of Mmnesota Head of Soma! Sozenee Depcwt ment, Sociology, Econovmcs Ab1l1ty lnvolves respons1b1l1ty power to 1ts last partlcle 1S duty Ilah Dahl B A Carlton French I II Englzsh II Never before was there name so proprlate V1Ct0f Dunder B S Un1vers1ty of Mlnnesota. Boys Gym Instfuotol Cowell All work and no play makes Jack dull 'boy Kev- -503-3'91 v-A -T-: 531 G'-1'--'A .. 4 -1 '-' " "' " lr! CP Q, sig I 11? I tg! cg-J . f V nfl e . . n ig' 1 I- wi ,, . . . ig, ' 1 ' K gl fi? GJ GJ, . , K1 4 X . 4-Q B. . . . 1 - ' 5 ' J J ' '-sv' .. . - . l 61 . ,, ' un' CJ' ' 15: fi: if ' H . . 29 . , , ' r ' - I5 l . . . 5 , l . 3 . . Y . ',, 49 Q , gb fi? ' 'D . . . ez , . 9 , , . , . 27 .. ap, - In H C57 49 fr! za - -J . . . tg, . . . ts ,, I A ,. v , I Q J eg .. a C-gb :S fr! ? K: Y ' f 'Zh y,.w-I-.154 ' ' M ,- fx -x fx ,AZ AN li 1- g-:3'i5-2,5-Ss:-jj"espnufQ 'i - .. 1 1 sgsgiii-A-!.k.'3.b -Le..-,ers-il 8199 if-my Xl-Qelv f 1.3..QggQ3.-c-923-',Qi4N553W-5-,.fQQ5v wgaefggk ,. fi 'E' ?' ffm .gg FACULTY eg, A KI P 151 S77 so vl Alive Elstad ' gy B. A. St. Olaf. Chicago Gregg School. 1 fi SIIUVHIIIIICI lt. If. an fi "It shall be said, her judgment ruled our A W deeds." Q 'fi . I 1' 0 YF: 'EJ 'J 1. 'nj my if is in li' 11 -' F'b1l it 439 - aijolu, a L W 1 B. S. University of Minnesota. if A V, V .., . . . '- lf' 1Se11.1f111g,' Uwzcs. ' 4 Sq "It is the industrious woman who suc- R -I 2 ceedsf' Q' 452 til 5? ? 7 l 1 54 Q 1.11311 11. 110111131-a 65. Q- B S Hamline University' Clornniercial If 1? Teachers Gregg School, Chicago. ig, 5 4 lg, "A tender heartg a will inflexible." 44 I' .1 Q7 oil I Q, if 9 7 1 - 1' - ' 9 V le 111.1 boldbeig if GJ B. S. University of Minnesota. tg 5 5 llvufl of COHlIIIC7'ClflI DCpu1'tn1cm'. 0 3- "There is no end to her undertakings. ,f l yet they all succeed." V 4:7 fl 45 Q' W "2 :5 9. S T 1-'ll F' v 11111 e ,rottry up yi B. S. University of Minnesota. 15 Q llorlvrn Iilistovel T' .2 , f 1 , f J. ig, "Listen when she speaks, for she is wise, ,QE gf And watch the deep expression in her 'S' 3 eyes." W Y 3 4 'Q ,A fig Q51 'f lil 15 1. Z. .9 , C-54 3:3 'saga 6 '3..1-:JS-"fiQ.. ?43"'3tzgeQ,fv.s-4,:s:-fs-.3-,ya.3.7,-',g3-13'.B,3-595' ll8l I a - fh - 'fx I 4"'w?JQ - -X fa- Rf- -fx rev- 7- -e x r--r v- -.,. 1 l ',f21"25+' N -' 'J-'swf 2' fB'- UPS- S- ms- az-1.9 ffm--52 'e4fg9's:f2Q-:Pais -SN" Gflezwsi F if Sr fi v , , ig, FACULTY E Q 4 1 Q la: f gi xii , . Q9 Mary Hillesheiui ,tb 1- B. S. University of Minnesota. ' gs . . ,1 G22 English Ill. G5 0 . . 03' "She does her own thinking, but always W, . . ,, Qu, vb thinks twice. an fix I1 .H X' ef 1? fi? bl , 1 917 Frank S. Inglebref L73 A9 ' Ta B. A. Hamline University. gy I". S. History. W Q "History hath triumphed over time X11 gl Besides it nothing but eternity hath Q5 Q3 triumphed over." . '11 n Q., LL, fs 'J I G: I, 459 'FJ ffi ISD if -EQ Q, Harry Jar-kson '35 '-4 Q Valparaiso Umiversity. :'f Q5 Bradley Polytechnic Institute. all ' , , , J 'ffl Jl6lI'l'lHIZ Tl'fIIII'Ill!j l, ll. if "The force of his own merit makes his Z5 way." .2 ., v I Lg? :K Q :W U 'Q 55 i 454 Q, George Jansen gp FJ B. A. University of Dubuque. ". vi +1- 9 Biology. "No one is a real :man after he has lost Q-9 an the boy." cp w Q' fy ..:, 4-' 'G. Q '75 X- 2 , 4-2 tl Mary Ixeenun Gi ' 1 4? B. S. University of Minnesota. 13, L ,. f Hour! o Iloinm Ef'!lIIfIlIIIf'-V Dr' ulrl- I-'Li -9 . I 0? zucnfq Sperm! Hnyflislz. ,QS 1. .pf 6 "She is rgleaiant perpetually, but abso- 'Z ute o- ru e." K iii fgf I! , 1 , Q F ff gt U sr? if A 'b .2 ,J- cg' xf: kj ,N ' , l,- 's2i,f32p6sl.'5,,f5.,4.IzsfiQr-.-i--flf?,f"3'4Z5' .,',y?3-3g,2f?-53.'g,5,,'R.3,y-fgli-1y":1fj',-myl' A U91 ,fx f- .Agn R . A I I5'Q"5'y 'J""W-"'-ff- w e-we-Q-fe w.e.a.f-r-J ' r 1 S , , O I it n r -. , ,- , , 1-?:'i9vf 1 1- "v-Q-455,15-arm sprigs O 'i 45 Q32 45 sf 1 FACULTY 5 li' 'L ' f M Q55 fl X G I 4, w Y. Nj 4? roi Llorence Iuvlty 63 QQ X College of St. Catherine. as .If 17:7 II 'II' ' ' " ' N 0,3-i any :Sz , I , Inbzcurau. Q? ' "A bit of an Irish inissie, by W And a wise and pretty one, too." 2 "5 U G ' cb . ,Z G5 Milton Iillilllllilfl . FJ im B. S. South Dakota State Colle-ge. W 651 Physics ,' General Science. Q? 4 w 47? ffvviith us ther was at Doctor of Phisik, Q2 Q In al this world ne was ther noon hym fi "D lik " ' 9 ' Q' it Q 5' , tif' 'gg . Olive Lowen li, B. S. University of Minnesota. M E' Gencml Science. SQ 1 if "A perfect Woman, nobly planned 62 Q5 To warn, to comfort, and command." 5 an .. , fi ,gi Helen Mackin -ig? 5: B. A. Iowa University. A fl Q crimes. ,lp 1" "She has a dignity and :grace befitting X' I li-j her position." 'fa 'FJ W iii if Veronica McShane 5.5 B. A. University of Minnesota. ' n KE, Illctthematics I , II, III. 5 gf, "Her quiet appearance a brilliant mind gy Q conceals? '37 Q ' E, 5: I , ' Q22 fr! Gertrude Pierce I is I 'QD La Crosse School of Physical Education. ffl if Q . x I-51 cmzsf Athletic Ogden, Gym til 3 Instruetorg Decm of Girls. 'W .. 1 Q "Weren't it as noble to build healthy 0 9 bodies as healthy minds." - 471-J gn Q 45 W Q: ir? ii d ,- B xl 'Q 1' 'f 'X ' N" 91 f- ef--.fqx fi .gqqzo-EN v1.f5 ,. SQA.- qs., A ' ,-,AA ,A15 G.. N41 fx fS 1 3.5334 v.1,,1r..4 .. ui kgggifg s:s,lf,,-n.L1,3.s'.!LgQ'.'3 gg! ',g,2J-bl i 46.4 iff 7 fl F 5 vb at til K-Q3 6' 431 ls! 'i ssl ,S 5' f 19 ,. K-al 499 I W 1 D 99' qi '-1 W. 455 G: gf 9 . QD IQ G lp Q at -x 55, 4:3 W 5? G5 ,z I All 9 'n 425 il I4 c-ga 452 if 5: .59 C1 W fs f'-'LRF' w -. ... .g , me 'V w"""i'2' Q 'Su' 5' MB- Q-1-ca rfx-i f -1- "1-922135 s?f.1'1H1s K CW FACULTY Lillian Rose B. S. University of Minnesota. English I. "A good face is the best letter of recom- mendationf' Beatrice Sanftenberg N. W. Conservatory. Loreta Academy Musical School. School of Music. St. Paul College of Music. M usic I ustructor. ' "Softly sweet, in Lydian measure Soon s.he soothed our souls to pleasure." Miss Katherine Madden R. N. St. Mary's Hospital. Public School Nurse. "Rich in good works." Katherine Benhain School Secretary. "To use her as our example :would be well." Hugo Frey Baud Director "The eagle suffers little birds io sing." Mr. Ryhn School Engineer. "As tried and true a friend as this World holds." Q1 Q7 if. J is 7 mia 41? ' Q fa f 9? G9 32 in qi '13 tl!! if lap lvj lil lil s 'Z I2 .12 49' lil 'il W in Ulf 1 AV ci ll lv 2, Q. Q! til Ig! :ir A ?' 5 ix W2 s f . it 5, fd ll V' flgb gf- - 4' 'rr-x f QUIT:-PK--vw. 'N A ,, 'fx fd :ease '3.'g:-'Aw-1-v'-"L --safe-af,f4-:':a,-ff :-'is-axis-w a s'25-Sw! 1 j SCHOOL SONG Tune-"Notre Dame Victory March" Cheer., Cheer., for Stfnwater High, Back the team, tlzeyw never say olfeg Ffglzt., Fight., Fight., with Q77 your mfglzt Onward to victory- RAH, RAH! RAH! Cheer., Cheer., for Strnwater Hfgh, Back the team, tlzeyw never say rfreg Fight., Frght., Ffglzt., with an your might Onward to vfctory- RAH, RAH! RAH! STILLWATER! '? 1:a,!h- xX Ns Qigxg- SQ -' -iw , . X :vi U ' +5 X X N " W- Pa' x , Ns .XX ,X X , ,v :sag - X kt Qjx Xxxxigfxw-Xxx. 9 K AX RY ,X xx ' ' . X X. X !TT:::---- A X X WY .X X . 2 BA' X ' X -ieiiagsiigz,-,s .X NW xx K A W xiQQi55?x X. Z .I ' X x x N Q X 'X' X ' 'Q' 11 fn x x-XXV 2 X A A X M ,J ' x U W xx 5 . ,,, 1 ' ' 'f'Y1i13iN'-P ix -, , Q x L - "gl . - ' ,Q .i X ' N 2- X1 X X ' i' Li XXS2 'X X 1 X, X , if , Q w W 4-12.1-4 1 xx yw SX X XX .A ... X V Nwwi "-"" , Six N X x XX -A Y. T X- ' 1 H i , :lf 5 N. X K mm K Y X ' ,ligfg , ' ' X A 3' 1 E' lb lifgi XX XX X- X X fX L ' . '-f2.':a' X x' 'Q -N D 7' W ' . w - - - f '.--:J i .N - Xxifx X X X 1 , fi V, XNLX X X X ,, X Q , , N 1 X X X - ' . , .Mlm .X XR f Ae. X n ' .1 ix x fb f V X x gf V f' A X A lylmffy L, Q I ,Y Hff !, A ' . '11 qiffiexxb vi ' 'ff ,I I V' , ' f Lx ,Q iffy V f, , f,?A,.',A'f"A'f'?'l , f X ' ' fawrgg X af1fZ4'3:,,f2f , , I 5 N x.,N fagfmlf X 5'f"r"f!,vg,i fill, , XC: x V 0, :+,l,EfiV.UAxiy4Q, 7.1. A if fi x Y , - K - I, ,mgzgn f fz-1g,y!,,,-pw wav -.F wig 3-glwfg' y 3' Vtxilg, - MM '- Nm ' 35:3 - "f -f 515Q" '?'f'lf' A - ff! U , ,, I X X ,,, H, An ,,-,y,.,.,..4f ,. NNY. ,, X we vw v , wW4fQ '5Q1'1?S394Zg,,' 'Yf!viF2v5L:Y':Hi1 2.ffi'S-3i'5f5.f5gii5-5 ff ' ' .- ' N f- if-'i 'fr J. J' XL- - 1 i Ki" I 05 'f-Adi. 1. X ff, Ja 1.6-.':11",:-1 ' X4'if'v'f'iif",. L 'N X' ' Q32 4,Jg7?Wf A-'U 'U ry XX X gt XM ff ' f ,X A JL i'1-:1fZ.iV-:"?:'.e- "Wai ' 'bf' 1 'wifi "W W .1995 '- X M ww., i ff ' , ,f X' ,f,,1f1'v'g:fw5 .' . '-gg 'vu-V. lm. wrfsfmmqgv- 'My - .Nnff - 2 M. It RXXXXA , ,4- M ff A ,fx PFI? j' 15:3 I ''E-R'5f?S2Q,f:.'iFQQ"-','-'Wi X ' "WI WW fm fb M Ai 'I 'f,-'flwwf -W - ' 'Til Z 5-5.7:j.i:f,VffXYr5A1 t J-V.wg'-'fe-i::i3i,:ggATj!f W -fm! 'W 'JQQ-f I 1: fffag, Im.'.fff E.' ,qpssfzz IL' 54.-'wifi' M , -49 sg " -im.,-,, , ' 15,31 2247.3-fi J faiigfiiu 1 y -. , xipg'-1 .4 , '-A-' ' -" 49' b-My'-U fr: 31:9 es'-Vitlrqtaifizglf , ,- H 'f ,F fgfgffr3:fsi25gQ:gzfrwq-,rf,5geEa,g,.Q.:.wvg53,gg- A Ygz ' u. ,f -- - , qw , - ..., is-"2-9:14 ff- ,f - ...JZ5 - g If ,1 'M 1' f- - , ,.,wf :4--4-: ,?, , , 5 Hifi' " 42?5f2i.2 ' 4? S QEI. If I x" X ' 741 4? 01 WwLmf,?7 I r 1 ' EEG V M, ,',, V l '.,,,' l V':l MESH , .nga :JG ' X53 - -fl " W A Q J. , ' LV rtwln 1. gxigmq m IIIInIIIImmm:Imumunmunmu mmm uummmllnIIIIIIImIIIIIIIIImn-Inuummnnum'muumnunmlInnumummnI-nm-vunumnnuuunnummI'uuunummmtnuun . 4. Class of 1929 Arlene Leclvina Cvaleclictorianl Veronica Lustig fsalutatorianj I h Franklin Loehr w e Elizabeth Schelander t Kathryn Niederer Mary Lois Hemsch N, W f y Gretchen Kolliner x y gd Ly Ruth Newman h " Dorothy Pauley v npai-.By fm? :LX w,- VI' vi Ni' , If a , pl 1 A s 1 1 ' ff- 'aes 'aim .f K 5 1 K ff ii. x I I 9.4L-S14flE5'A"'N55' iq,--Is-v,3:l52'w .1sgg5.uQ,,b.,Q 4 1-Q-k,jtfQ:5"' gan' Q3--.1 Kp., - . 45 2' ft avi ti Gt if 158 1 I W Q42 DOROTHY ALWIN 1 f gl Girl Reserve. 60 "I am content with what I have, by Little be it or much." ,i lg A, tf ti 'gl G51 K-D ev 4 til ELEANOR ANDERSON Q 64, Girl Reserve. 95 "The beautiful are never desolate." lil Q cl, P, f 3' FRANCES ANDERSON may 5' Class Activities. ' Si 1:9 .-Humbleness is always graceg always dignity." r H, YQ 1:5 ll it lv ,gt T1-IELLMA ANDERSON ,ti 'fb Ginl Reserve: science Club. . aft 9 "Good 'humor is one of the best articles of fl. ff' dress I can wear in society." lf? X, ff- l 2 f " ' 55' ' 'PJ lv F' it 29 MARK BAHNEMANN I :Q Secretary and Treasurer 2.'s by QQ Dream 2, 3, 4. W W "The deed l intend is great, lt l ,, IA But what as yet I know not. 9 25 7 :- . l it tl is BEATRICE. BANNISTER 1,91 ' Girl Reserv e. fi, "lt is well to ltnow how to be Silent till it is 'abt ,B time to speak." Q . -v 0 Q 407 9 l. ll, 'gb it f Q? Q' 5 I I flzeayes 53,5 15-553.5 ?:-34-.'it.j':e.'g,,'a12-gs:-Ji?-3-3,fg1L3.3-2,5 2'.B'5-ei! l25l t. f-r1.5-slkgfl, ,., -. 4,-, T... - . -. . , Gftb' el. 1 1 J. ws. EL., fs1f.u,-Q, 34,6 rfwsrg9,xC5..,,q25g5x5.?gem43-Prszg. 334,535 cg ' c-gr 'M H 6 ' . on 29 K' an W n P f W Vg' Q Q3 S Q TI-LADDEUS BEACH ' .0 'Balent Club. .Senior Play. Maith Club. v-5 "Bashfulness is an omament to youth." 0 1' rv 2 ai' 'ZF T. GLEN BELL 'HP A-D V E, Football 2, 3, Capt.. 4. Junior Pl-ay. Science rg P Club Sec'y-Treas., 3,' 4. Hi-Y 3, 4. Inter-class 'il QQ Kittenball 3, 4. QI "F ight the good fight." is 45' le. 9 Q? L. 7. 13" ' J Il I Ogg! .N fi. EDWIN BERGLUND 'gf if Class Hockey. ? 1 eieve te rst test o 'a truy great man :W gg "1 1. 1 h fi f 1 nj 61 is his humility." r-5 152 in 'E 59 ts? Q LU1CILI..E. BERGLUND 35 15 Class Activities. iz eg "lt is sooner said than clone." K ff fr tr? - 257 -BJ 9. 9 W ': Q o-5 v7 1 f' . tel LAVERNA BERGQUIST Q' fr, Sigma Gamma. Chi. Girl Reserve. lg "Worth, courage, honor, these incleefl 'J Q Your sustenance and birthright are." 8 sl 452 - Ol 5 JOHN BERNIER 1,31 tg . Ari Editor for Klub. cms Basketbwi-1 a. class gi, e Hockey 4. Class Track 2, 3. ,Schoiol Artist. LN Q "Resolved to live with all my might while l in Q d l' " Isl 6 o ive. 1 Bi 4-in ll 452 6- . K? W Q73 ai 4 6, - A 'Q 0 ,K ' Kid M332 v V 'ig,?:.r?..if!x-'L 9-Z-".?'s'1,E:.g,'g,l.!s.Q:g2f2P.3,f2sg5h3a3,,k5l3feR':-Znmji1 E261 s 1 S 1 :posse-'LK-1-'so-1 we-o-sooo.,-o S' " iz, 4 ,I wi Q QD tifi 5 if '- vl , i QQ MARY BERNIER X 37 Girl Rosor-vo. Senior Girls Club. Koo Staff. B fi' Calendar Committee. by QI "As merry as the clay is long." A N 5 ' ffl: 'gg 'ii di CAROLYN BERSCHENS tail Gloo oliili. fy ken "She is wealthy, for silence is golden. 2, J: s 'Q g gli Q24 tb Lt ts: tl nl u 1,5 055 HARRAY BISHOP V :li Football 3, 4. Track 2, -3, 4, la, I' It 55 "An idle man has so much to do 5:4 Q1 That he never has time to ibe sad." 6? Q . 7 l -ig? Q BERNADOTTE BJORIQMAN '25 Llp Clasis Aorivioios. 'Q Gb uchicle me not, laborious band ! :ij 5, For the idle llowers I brought." :if 257 tb t. GJ lf? -an if Q7 MARlG1AsiRET BLECK -0 ' ll Q3 Class Baisketbiall. Vdllleyball 2. Q4 2 "Kind hearts are better than coronetsf' y ll! fly 'I ll 1 5. 255 I7 E' fy Eg RUTH BLISS 1:2 ' soioior Girls Club. Girl Reserve. Mom clob. Ci-3 22. .. .. . Her ways are ways of pleasantness. lm Q2 121 l mln Br l i fl 'li fel i i' Q W ig 9' '5 l I fl , '9 'U C1 's' Qsgfigpq 33,1-5-.,Ef3fE,LP-,S 94-3"?v?,'u-f'e,,'af.!s-gg, 3-2-'g,g'.i3..3"'.?55I9':5z-'2'bi2' l27l I AJ A u -1 'Q 1 ,c s n 9 1 493 fi 6 U t-'fi li mf? -5 CE ,,, ev s a -N ,AfFf" .. . tt Ar. f- -1. 1 f- . A gb rf! 3' 15452 3 ba L-,Qgn'g,w.:Ng,.37'ulw.Q,fS:-gil 252325K Q1 Qi Q' LOIS BLOOM V5 Stugle-nt Council. Reception Committee lCha,ir- man. "Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well." 459 ' 1 MERVIN BRUCE ,ij Clmsfs Acbivities. Class Kittenball. 4 "Alone, alone-all, all aloneg Alone on a wide. wicle sea." Q 1 1:9 Qi Student Council, Shakespe-are's Dream Chor- uses 1, 3. Deolamiaitory Team 3, 4. Senior Play. 1'-Q Ta,len't Club. f "What I see, I believe." I-9 x I G64 W fp Class Activities. . "Silence is tan attribute to any man." 4: RAYMOND BURKE Qi? ,G vii 2-si fi if' RITA CALLAI-IAN Sacred Heart High School, Waseca., Minn, ' W it Q my lf? Something new is always interesting." V . 4 Q R Q, ANDREW CONLEY 6 Football 3, 4. Basketball 3, 4. tip Various are the roads to fame." 'lt fi f 0 K? Q? l C12 l gi.-olxssl gr as: Q'Qv3G 2 -3.16 c tg, ti? l GD l Qi l 'J l gl O it 0 693 F :fi ri' lf all Q ii' gl lla 42 as 9 Q5 151 E tp 'A 83 ff: 7 I af-1 5 49 93 it U gig? fs 1- 4-946' 'i gl!-1-5"7?N-'N 1-,z -x 4'--x 7 op qvx ,-. ,ffl , . . A ,. Lge?-0 .1,,v.1 -.1 N Awgg s.g!q:if,ssL.,,1'?R, 3? l28l 1? MYRTLE BURCH dj, it 1 f 'zg14'i55"LR3 ' Liffearii Z 'Ni' it ig- 59,3 5.119 ffi,-Q 533 lg? 711 W'-ig-Sjxgzix ' U! Li Q' '21 Q QD KEY fi? is vi lv, all LORRLAINE CONNORS W ' l Girl Reserve. Senior Girls Club. 04 'v "She hewailecl not herself, and we will hewail I QI' her 'not G But with tears of pride rejoice. Q' si 1' 'Ez 1 's gn ELIZABETH COSTELLO 1' Gil Girl Reserve. iw Q5 "ln thy face l see the map of honor, truth and aj loyalty " X51 4 ' 3 ,Sv dig ii 'w' 5-I 1.2" 'J J 6: I, 45: . 'FV cb JOSEPH C-RIMMINS lg, I' r Band. Clanss Hockey 4. Class Basketball 3, 4. I if Orchesmra, kg Q9 "Let the world slide, tg!! Qt l'll not budge an imjif' is 5 tij M r np ig' 1 Q tp LYLE CRIPPEN 'za ff: Kmenbani 3, 4. 'QQ X 'H 9' "A blush is beautiful, ibut often inconvenient." lp C- 61 '57 93 42" 53 FRANK CROONQUIST me Glee Club. Kittenbasll 2, 3. cms Batskertba-ll ll, cw, 1, 2. it I dx "A sunny disposition is his all clay long." 'IE-I I9 l 72 Q FJ 1. .3 Q- ' tsl 455 1 1 M 13 LEONEL DICK 1, sg 'Senior Council. Class Basketball 2, 4. Hi Y 5 4. Class Debate 2, 4. Benefit Play 4. Class fg" ly Track 2. ' Q 'ln life, as in chess, forethought wins." QI WK Q 'il l lg, fi f-A 45 'fi- I! Q19 if Sz '5' all ci ' Q1 QGA "-fx "N f' f?"-Jv5fP1ni"il:is"5xNB1Y-15 Tfssv?-ppLvE,? I-13,x.?,.,'i"YSq'lJ,5S.:?,"5j5" 4'.4'29y1N'Lhv!,"' "v -' "' 9 -."'-2 Q-Nu wig, N, J N4 Q, fx - 1 fs 1 A zggy- P1.i"'-'Nga-I F, ..-1 ' E? 4 09 iw! Q I Q' L? ml 21 I: I I ...,. 0 - ' KX ' is - L '1'fl' ' 1' 2'-Q- fi-Iso? A 'Ki A vs THOMAS EICHTEN Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Band YZ, 3. Class Hockey 4. Class Ba.sketball'1 4. "Always take the short cut." F ORR EST ENVVALD Taylors Fa-lls High School. "I had a dream which was not all dream." RUSSELL FLOWERS Class Activities. "Oh, give us a man who sings at his work." LENORE. CAREY p Girl Reserve. Senior Girls Club. Class Bas' ketball 3. 'il slept, melhinks, and woke." LUCILLE GAUDIAN Glass Activities. "Happy am Ig from care l'm free." VERONICA GERMAIN G-lee Club. SSenior Girls Club. Girl Reserves. Science Club. "Glad till the dancing stops, and the lilt of the music ends." ... --0 w.-' se, S-...W-.5 Jfqlwiy 'Sli i301 , .- .. -7' '- .1 'Q-U u Cr!--es ' 90 ,- 's ever: hinge" S355-5' YP' 11255 i cg? is 5 ,g lin 4-i H i ii St' T2 iz iii I ll! fl 1:5 If-9 ,U 914 ,O M 3 Cya lr!! l'. G I I vgi 0 . :gf I I 'fl 'SJ V 5 fx 3, C., 55 .EJ 6 :Q 9,1 I 1:-J :gf 121 Q fi 5' ' L7 S? R71 .92 :ii J , A ,A , ef3raJsN:R.,'a.f3f1i a -fi'-3943 R- er - :.f'Pf4-Te,-3-123 'ALA 1'- r f-lvkff-N92 5355551 123, 9,sL...e4fQb gg. mg, 34,9 fftgg, Zgzftg.-565435: sg? 2326-1 :ir-,7-,egg H W ' fx ,: 112 -2 1 'G' as 'Y , 4, ET: i if 5 gl n ',l f, 4:3 as IKN an CLINTON GIEBLER ff' ,J ass Hockey 4. Class Basketball 3, 4. bo' ,. . v ta Modest wisdom pluclcs me from over credulous Qi haste." C If, Q .ij - El 17 . C 2' 'N MARIE GILKER '7' A97 6 ur Senior Girls Club. Girl Reserve. Q1 til 1 424, "A woman's head is always influenced by her C heart." Wi. Q 11' "1 Y. gt :TW C31 rf!! D J 1 ,m 45: in 4, ILORENE. GIOSSI may nfl Glee Club. Girl Reserve. ,5- .J QI "A bewitching little miss." 'G I .A ge 'ff o fs' 151 Q-2 ,,, LEROY GULDAN ig, U Kab sniff, Asst. Editor. Arrinrw Staff, .sport A' 11 6 Editor. Shafkespearelts' Drearm. 2, 3, 4. Junior Play Al, 'H Mgr. Senior Play Mgr. Glass Baisketvball 2, 3, 'W '51 4. Class Kittenball 2, 3, 4. Junior Class Sec'y- 4 5, Trees. 3. Be-nent Play Mgr. 4. Hi Y 3, 4. fs. iq Pres. Science Club. Student Council 4. Class .nl S Hockey 4. Junior One Act Play. Senior One la. Aclt Play. by lf, "Active natures are seldom melancholy g ir ,- . . . ,, 1 Z9 Doing, is the greatest thing. 'H ' +1 I , I V W GRACE HAGSTROM L-" tt I Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4. Senior Girls Club. Lf ' I' QQ Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4, QPres.J. ZKab Staf Cchieif -, w 'Fypistb . Student- Council, Sec'y 4. Honor So- i' Cl, ciety. Shakespearean Dream Choruses 2, 3. 4. I Benefit Play Chorulses. One Act Pllay 3. Class 'ffl gy Basketball 1, 2. Volleyball 2. Homecoming Com- 3, 11 mittee QChairma.nJ 4. ,W In I Qi ulViine's not an idle course." AJ I' f 13 is in 153 af O E3 4 ffl '9 GRACE HARTMAN 'T' . . . 'oak ty Class AOt1X'lCl8S. .ei Q. "ln her eyes radiant 'with vivacit - ffl -- . . . y . ., g ffi There shines a brilliant and romantic grace. fb, Q .if 1 5 full fy Lv - J ffl ig? is , Rf? Qi :ln -. t ., J' c-iw C12 W fx A ff 'S-3552pCg1,'3,'g.f3'-vfigbi-'-5N5-3'Rk1T:j,1,'g'3-ggfg?-1'4g,31'2l3.,gfffgigxigegg-593 l3ll -. -45 ""-YYY i ...f . ,- -W-- - -A - . - .. 13354 REQ! ,L I 322215. QQIE-iiqxa r 'FG Y4f5gQEI?.ix Q Qi , . F' 61 0? 35 f' ggi '29 ii -1 MARY Lois HEMSCH Q, Sha.kespeare's Dream Ghoruses 2, 3. Math M Club. Honor Roll. QQ 5' .. . .. 3 Write me as one who loves her fellow men. Qi gg 5 A fl K, ' ' 1"a v lil fl, NORMA HERRINC AID V l Bl, TL' Junior Play.'s Dream 2, 3, 4. l 513 "On with the dance, let joy be unconfinedf' Q '51 Q? ' . 'Q' - rx 'il "" al ' Q C' M Q VIOLET HOPPKE Q-J 459 Varsity Baskembsll 2, 3, 4, QOapt. ap. Girl 153 lg Reserve 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y-Treas. 3. Senior Girls 'i 9. Club. Senior Council. zrauenr Club. Girls' Ami- I-Q 23 levtic Asslociwtilon Committee. Class Basketball 3' I5 1, 2. Volleyball 2. Shakelspearrds Dream Choi-uses. Nazi 1 f, "Her eyes as stars of twilight fair: ,fly Q Life twilight's too, her duslcy hair." K' Q sp 122 lt A WJ ily 'fl l'2 N A Q JEH CJh4Eillllh4P41PQE?YS .3 Shakespearefs Dream. Band 3, 4. 'za Y 1 iff, "A light heart lives long." R. sl 'fl '52 PJ 5 fl W .51 E7 MARGARET HUNT Q- Qlafss Activities. Girl Reserve. Sigma Gamma 2' L Chl. fb 9, "Much mirth and no madness 49 All good and no badnessf' 'lp' fr '52 25 3. 1. I., 13 Q- v Kij Q A WARREN Huss Ig, Q Hi Y 4. Football 3, 4. Track a, 4. Cla-ss Kit- Q ig renball 2, 3. Marsh Dlub. fin! V .. . 1 gg Be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to ,QT - .. .H QV wrath. I Eg Q Q 413 1 .r ' lsof' Y .P if K9 W l Q-. 's .gl fa! C11 .Jr 5 ,x 'Q EQgayisqgg45555132EBai-446243BiBagg5ggil45Q2f323433E,6ki9Qg42gEgaEZEkgg,Q? i322 fs r -Wk, it ,- YP' A ' -- fr-f '29 'FPX 'C id S Q" Q" "f it i i dgggzlzneg - 3 JNL..-.t,,!P3lD ,5', :g,v:'E.g!,, 55,3-:. ii.lx9 A c i.-Qi QJMQQ7-is -ge?,,,-:J- .33 3? x Lfggbgglh iff 1' 1 r if 9+ a' tag 61 ,r , cl' . ,,4, 153 79 cf-J lib f, MARJORIE ISERVMAN i n Qi' Girl Rerserve. Tale-n-t Club. Sigma. Gaimlma Chi. iv' C? Sliakzspeiairels Dream 2, 3. Junior Play. Senior Qi! I' Play. al 5 . . . n K? 'KA friend in need is a friend indeed. wi '9 ra 'J ip Qt ', fi-2 i7 1 Q! G1 GERTRUDE JANILLA gf 1? Girl Reserve. 'Senior Girls' Club. Basketball -Q1 G31 3, 4. Class Balsiketball 3. Juni-or One Act Play. W Call "Good humor is the health of the soul." Q, Q C ' fi ll, QA Ex '21 'J LCWELL JOHNSON A Ki, cl, Honor Society. Senior President. Senior Ociuin- fl i' c-il. Junior Vice- President. Junior Council. Malth C71 Club. Class Baswkeitbmll 2, 3. Class Kittenbaill f 3' -1, 2, 3. Ka.b Staff Collec-tion Ma,.naiger.-Ba.sket- 3,11 ' hall 4. ' f' .. f' ff "A youth to fortune and to fame renowned. li . I' L91 'il of W, 'rl 1. .ip lg! Ig: THORVALD JOHNSON ,il '-Q, Football 3, 4. Track 3, 4. ,ga i ' . - .. 8 "He that hath a beard is more than a youth. r '5 W 1, 9' lb' B L- if 'Pl '?? :il 3, 99 if gy HELEN KAHL Z1 Kal: Staff. C11 S i U 'I 6, .'Fain would I climb, yet fear I to fall. ,Slay gl if 'li rl 91 u 29 FREDERICK KALINOFF fail 75 Student Council 4. Finance Committee 4. Sen- 1-if GJ wr Play. Sh-ake+speare's Dream 3, 4. Cinema Op- 'S erator 3, 4. ,bt 19 "Let us do or die." ig! a Q at lvl ' ,- ali ?, ,I .x .el K' 'l' S5 YJ i' 'A - Y'-J 'C' 'dx C115 is ,A if L ,. A, , A A ,. v rj .1 'wfw-4x,fp 9.5ufiff-,Q-'S'f3"'5"N5.2v616!-5'-.T:'u:f79'Ti-".iw11'-EL:-:iTZ6"'5x'4f'f' QLQMA gin., '-' ' so ,J .1 wr sf A ' l33l 14- -'ALKJRI R' ..-r n Af' 1'--N A 1 1 f ,V V Gigi' ' Su 'wilt 54"3"1a'fP1's-2-'fra r ifS'49f1cs'vf2?'l?-ease-fifmQsfieff' r tl' 5' 1, Q I" :" QI W lil agl Y9 ES -S EMMA KAUFMAN l 59 Math oiub. science, club. Senior Girls' Club. tu Shalkespeare's Dream 3. Girl Reserves. Qs-7 B "A rare little black-eyed susan." 0 Ly f-li .M W 'JOSEPHINE KEARNEY 'fl Jmnior Play. Senior Play. Junior One-Ant ,jp 4.20 P1a.y. Hall amd. Building Committee 3. Kab Staff. I 25, grfugenau 510511011 3. Math Club. senior Girls' gg n u . ir eserves. I V 69 "For beauty is God's handwritingg welcome in Q every fair face." my ,Y 12 Si, Q' G3 Q57 13, 2. 041' J' STANLEY KELSON I, H I. tfg Glee Club 2, 3. Cla-sts Kittenball 2, 3. Junior Q, if Play. . lu, El "Oh, that this too solid flesh would melt!" 55 .2 r-5 155 is ity l' ,S13 HOWARD KERN Math Club. Science Club. ag 3 "One who never turned his back but marched iz V chest forward." tg? 'X 's U G 55 4? Q59 257 'Ei W 4 59 u-3 97 EDNA KIESOW Q Girl Reserves 3, 4. cr, "I'm satisfied, 'the world is satishedf' dx 'ly Q fly 1 M '? ry El 42. ly, 23 Avis KLAMANN 151 E3 Girl Reserves 3, 4. OEice Force. 45 "Once known never fogottenf' Q tr! cz-in all f-J x gl lil Sq It .gl 2 fig :iz ' s leeway? 'P 'rv'-ii'-ifi-2 G-3"'?sb1N1X 'sri-.1-... ian- fs - gf- f-9 ,-,3'R,fr-,W v -5'-0 "' '-' gf' sh-1, v"lw3f 434.2 vig " -I--Iv - f'-A f . , . - . f SE" Qi?-+'fPQ fee.s-1.6 Kam " K x wi 4 li' 5 ll Q11 , .5 all-1 gy ll L ttf 4-7 n f' thx gag 4. I MURIEL KLEINSCHNITZ 372 1. - R' Senior Girls, Club. Science Club. yGirl Re- serves. Math Club. ' L 04, "When duty whispers low, 'Thou must,' 5 The maid replies, 'I can."' f'x IL 45 "1 GRETCHEN KOLLINER it el 7 ta, Kab Staff, Feature Editor. Arrow Staff. ,ix u Frosh Secretary amd Treasurer. Hl0lI10T Society. 1,1 QQ Rlecegtion Committee. Girl Reserves 1, 2. As- he ' se-m ly Committee 2, 3, 4. Benefit Play Chorus 'ff 127 4. Quill and Scroll. Sha,kespeare's Dream. 3, 4. If 5, Junior Play. Senior Play. One Act Play 3. -3 ll Student Council 2. Sigma Gamma Cillli. Deb-arte - ax Team 2. Class Basketbalfl 1, Classl Debate 1, 2, B lf! 3. Honor Roll. 'Q Sl ,, . . 'fl xx Charms strike 'the sight, but merit wins the X34 soul." Vi 'Q 'J 1-l Q, HAROLD KROG Q-4 'Q' Senior Play. HifY 2, 3, 4. Maul Club. Inner- 1-j i-J class Kittenbafll. Inter-class Basketball 2, 3, 4. ,Y 4.1 Interclass Hockey. Shakespearel' s Dream 3, 4. lu, GZ' One-Act Play 4. Juenilolr Play. ,kj "Nothing great was ever achieved without en- 'ii' E, thusiasmf' Cyl lf A ' ily ffl 5 4+ lp? lfx "Q WILLIAM KROG iii' I4 A' :LQ Senior Play, Hi-Y. Math Club. Interclass 0 ., Kittenballl. Interelass Basketball. Shakespea,re's 'Ui QQ Dream 3, 4. +4 .. . . . . . . ,, .1 lg Dld nothing ln particular, and dld lt very well. l' Ps 8 W af typ 4 xl. :ff 4? KENNETH KRONGARD Z7 Holme Basketball 3. Z: ifw We take no note of time but from its loss." C9 5 Q' fn, , nhl I 'J 'll qc Q "F 1. 'lt Fl' 2 '42 5, cg, MARGARET ANN JLAMMERS 1551 Q verslmy Be.ekef,be1l a, 4. Kell smff. Girl Re- 'gl 59 serves. Olalss Ba-skeltball 1, 2, 3. Science Club. W C4 Talent Club. Sl1akespeare's Dream Choruses. WN ' 0 .3 Math Club. Lv S "This lady doth protest too much methinlcsf' ul 1 . 4 li' s 3 'o' 472 ' Y- fi '+- ll L12 if alt Z? 'Q' Clin fait 5. sal ,r ,, fx v . -4 , fy x3323?f5R"3--'5"!5'4 "i 5k':3Ah?'4: ':g'3ls -'3'?'L'j'Ll-'3'siL-5,3:'Ng:T'7z ' i351 n 1 .. 1 - E-4 ,-'xii A.,KG1R,y.-i J!.,, ,, 2.5 7. A ff- -kfx A- ff .R , -. W Ig?-' ., Q N.. if .1 1 1.65.3-fe,.'g.g-119 f i..3:1Hg:'QEj-siQ9, ggfgglgi 4' tg? 'E i 1 af' ri' Q1 W 55 n lil Q. ' J Q73 ARLENE LEDVINA gb vt Valedictorian. Assembly Pianist. Talent Club. ' Honor Society. Girl Reserves 4. Benefit Play. Q: its Orchestra 2, 3. Arrow Staff. Hmnor Roll. Shake- spear:-fs' Dream 3, 4. "And still the wonder grew, that one small head could carry all she knew." it ly 99 i - t lic iff: '-J ' ' ff MOLLIE LEONARD M., 1 0, Activity Play 2. Gfirl Reserves 4. Talent If iii Club 3. .5 479 "Promise little and do much." Q G' ji, 5? fi' I-v Q-1 655 1-t ' . rl Q52 EDITH LINDBERG ' ta, it Cla-ss Activities. Honor Ron. fi 59 "Promise is most given when least is said." 25 fgl '57 33 a' . L, FRANKLIN LOEHR ti, qt Schicuol Debate 4. Paper Staff. Svtudent Coun- Q cil 3. Honor Roll. Science Glub. Talent Club. 'ui K Math IClub. Band 2, 3, 4. Orchenstra 2. iz iq "ln A all departments of activity, to have one fd? 9' thing to cio, and then to do it, is the secret of at fi-j success." 'PJ M W MARGARET JEAN LOEHR Lg., ED Mani club. science Club. Talent Club. sigma L' Gamma Chi. Girl Reserves. Chairman All Claiss -v t Party. Assembly Committee. Ring Comrnittee. Q C: Student Comuci-1 4. Basketball Squ- . Glee Club. 01 I7 oneaci Play 3. at Q tl V yy ' E They re only t ly 'great who a rul od. 'Qi 1 "I Y -D LAM, Q. S o-L 'L 'gl 1:9 ' 8 H Gi il lg-J PQ AGNES LOHMER fl: Girls' Glee Club 3,. 4. Girl Reserves. ax 1 U f 5 Not a word spoke she more than was need." -7 L. 0' 0 X i ii ' ii., 45 - EJ it 42 if ti 1 4 . 's HA ,. ts' 'reef-vet 2-'Siem'-fi ?a2'?-asa-',1113-:,fi'x'sz'W1ez-wi' ui! i361 Q-ES , -.Al ' , 4- v D v D 1. 'i?':1'iE'i' 'RS ' QQ.-44: ZR' 53 'l2':L'4'5- Q- 553. 33.119 C,.l,Q: LfQJ'Qf2J1x7:5 'sgxyfir is t4rg',a.Egj.N ,f ifa Y V lg, 2? 'X v 4 , ii QQ i J' A f' Q53 JOHN LUHMANN rg Q9 Fresh President. Arrorw Staff 2, 3. lSttudent in 0 Council 2, 3, 4. Finance Committee. 3. Junior K VI Council. Senior Council. Schloaol President. Kab Emil-tor-in-Chief. Quill and Scroll. Honor So- 7 G9 ciety. Hi-Y. Junior Play. One-act Play. Shake- -,ax speareks Dream 3, 4. Class Kittemball. Class QR' CH Basketballl. Ring Committee. Class Debate 1, 3. lu, Math Club. Science Club. 'J Ori ' li "lt is not helps, but obstacles, not facilities, but IQ Q difficulties, that make men." '- . v 4 an 1: I' sl GJ ix AID if ja VERONICA LUSTIG 4, : Salutaltorian. Student Council 2, 3. Senior R til Girls' Club. Girl Reserves. Kali Staff. 52 11 Y Q "The secret of success is constancy of purpose. Hi I., L1 F-' 63 5? ll U1 I-f if ct: 1:1 gif MARY lVIcDONOUGH tlj it Class Basketball. f "If it were done, then it were well it were W W i Qt done quickly." . A Q sg? , 1 l, . tg! 15 N. Lip MARGARET lVlcMANUS oil G4 Class Basketball 3. Girl Reserves. Sigma Gam- pi, 1 ma Chi. QF' l 3 "Fortune helps the brave." 'ii' .. lr an 'rl Mx gb any Q JEAN lVlclVlILLAN N Student Cloruncil 1, 3. Arrow Reporter 1, 2. pq" Associate Editor, Junior Presidents Assembly tj cj, Chairman 3. chair-mai A:lll Clalss Party 3. chair- 5 I man Homecoming 3. Class Basketball. I-Ionor M, jp Society. Quill and Scroll. Editor Arrow. Girl W' Q Reserves. Activity Play 1, 2, 3, 4. Benefit Play 13 Chorus. Senior Girls' Club. Junior 'Council. ui . 1 ' 4 ' ll A '13 ' High alms form high character. IQ I . 7 N il GJ 5' -. 1-fl 5 A 1 lit gg CONDELL MCPHERSON ig' IE, Class Activities. lm Q "I am always in haste, I am never in a hurry." fi! Q mi hx A I 4' 3'- li-2 Q 'lj ce: W. in W l Q, ' fr C21 :Ji W .. A A " N13325161-'g3.,'g.J3f:fi2?-i"S4-9"5S?iSi-',gf'g?-'Q-,13,3f?.2-3-'g,31'.l3.,3'ffgqL135.egg-,yi' E373 r o 1 1 .fs r-.-1k?,Q, f-X 'S f' Af'X x . 4 .QPQBQ2- N-' 54169 , rf1'S '49f 'w 2-ivilazeififmeffef' vigil. lr! . . V . gn, C fl Q: 2-9 if-5 f Q1 CSI W lil 5 5 tel GJ 3 u Q3 LOUIS MALLGY Q lk Business Manager of Arrow 4. Senior Play 4. 17, Cty School Debate Telaim 4,,Qui.'1'l and Scroll. ,One- -,Ii avctt Play 3. Alpha Gamma Tau 2, 3, 4. Science 'W Club 3, 4. Job Printer. f i "Then on l Where duty leads Q 1 . .. 4.9 lf, My course be onward stlll. I 3 li: V , fe: 3:2 12:7 ADELIN'E. MEISNER ,3 h it . Class Activities. W V KI I .. . . .. 5 gal Suit yourself to the times. ', - I ' 'kt T: 45' ill tl: Q 51 Qs! if vi lil ' fi, ELLA MELLECKE :gp l ei , Junior Basketball. Class Volleyball 2. "Soon enough is well enough." 1:15 tl 157 C' f' 151 , A fl . 5 Q7 lg: ,913 GARL MEYER u V l A Sihakespearels Dream. One-act Play 3. Class fi Q7 Orchestra 3. Band. . z Q "judge me not by my size, quality counts more ty than quantity." ' ,gi 'o 63 7? " ' C Q, , tg? 3 2, ga 6 :fu 459 I T WADE MONTGOMERY Q-gt 4 Hi-Y. Student cmmcii 1. is r gf, "True humor springs not more from the head ,L J, ' than from the heart." I cg R YB I-j 1' yi LEWIS MOSIER N, 73 S Clansvs Debate 1.'s Dream 3. Jun- ,ix Q9 ior Pllay. Senilor Play. Junior One-act Play. Q' fp, Math Club 3, 4. Science Club 3, 4. Senior ,Hg Q Treasurer. Senior Council. Kab iStafE. Hi-Y 193 E2 President. Band 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 2. , . "Men of few words are the best men." Q Gi 'Ill 49 l l YU' 452 - 7 QP ig? ll, lf? -4 lb ga 9' .lg C11 K?1 2, ' fx ,Q fp? 'V .A r'."r 1 ":o-"N-'1- 1 'N fx f 'S v s f' w 's.,533jQ,3,'5.,L -J-14.3-...N-,5 Js,g, 5,,'3y s- -if.:-12.'i,f!.Lx.3,.g'gE.5LlJ.,x25'h12 ' r L W , -,RNA . 6621+524 rg-L' ' Fe:-1-,JP is ag -E-"a1:e:- 12- img. 54,6 frog, sg ig: m if-,,'g:5' 3 I til ty t V7 UQ ei it if 2 25 ' ff' . V J cp CLARENCE NAEGELE gb at Student Representative 1. Baskettball 3, 4. - ' Football 4. Hi-Y 3, 4. Hs" lClub. Class Basket- ,Q ez ball 1, 2. Class Klittenball 1, 2, 4. L td "All brave men lovej for he only is brave my Q who has affections to fight for." Qt S25 .ls 3 J H 4 tj fl ' l it y gn gl, Q lf M EDNA NELSON 45: Tv, Girl Reserves. Sigma Galmma Chi. jg " 1 45, "Her brown eyes sparkle with mischief." W r 5. W ' by Nx 11 ll, t L tl-' 65 RUTH JANE NEWMAN Q 43, Vansity Basketball 3, gi. Sigma Gamma Chi. ts, 4 ololss Donato 1, 2. Class Basketball .1, 2. Girl fs J gf Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. Shakespelarels Dream 1, I 1 2, 3, 4. Senior Play. Junior Play. Junior Olne-act I-5 L, rl I' Play. National Honor Society. Kab Staff Fea- . Q42 ture Editor. Honor Roll, Student Council. De- lu, gi bate Team 4. Debate Club 2. Talent Club 2, 1' ' 3, 4. Halll and Building Committee 3. Math Club 'E' r 1 4 W 1, 5 3. Ye? Committee. Paper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4. Q, Vo eyball . '1 is 1 . 9 r,. L29 "Her charms will ensnare you, but beware she fjj 65 is of the intelligentiaf' , WJ al, lt, I0 i'e nil KATHRYN NIEDERER ' Lx tl, Calendar Editor of Kab Staff. National Ho-nor :IJ 1 Society. Class lBasket.ball 1, 2,- 3. Junior Play. 1 ' Benefit Play. Shakespeare's Dre-am Chorus 1, 2, , 3 ffl 'x X, 3. Studenk. Council 2, 3. Vice President, Girl np! t Reserves. Honor Rolil. .4 9 fn' ' .. . . . tp lp A good sport, and an intelligent glrl, an ex- lr QLD cellent combination." ip if 13,1 ' A ' I W PAUL NOACK W' t, V ff, Football' 3, 4. Basketball 3, captain 4. National 5, QQ, Honor Society. National Atahletic Honor Society. Q q Hi-Y. "S" Club. Math Club. Sophomore Plresi- Cl, dent. Juznilor Class Play. Junior One-act Play. g .I Class 'rraok 3, 4. Class Kmomoall 1, 2, 3, 4. guy 49 Class Kittenball 1, 2. Representative' 'to N. E. A. Q. Q! lnterclass Debate 2, 3. 'F ' l ig :We rrtalce way for men who boldly push past g us. 5 159 ttf ti fri N 23 EVALD OLSENIUS IQ? : Football. Basketball. National Athletic Honor- lib 62 Society. Track. Hi-Y. Math Club. Bank. 15' V uf "Mind is the partial ,side of mang the heart is ax everything." 1! l 5 W . tn 4 gf' W, to . tb f 3 to I 1 A t 2 ti '9 U' C15 "X - K 1 221'-vi-db fx 'i-vial-4""R5'1'h.'N Iefil,-s 41:52 fi 'DA f-,IQ 71' f' ff: 'JL'fV-' L'-'S " -f'-' -' we .1-f.!.f' dugg- .!w.1-I-EL-ab N.s:6jlJ-'N-divx.. l39l l f, Q, la ll 1 if I mil Q53 09 A tsl if ol l fl ql K9 Gil el - 67 3 5, L7 1 1 vi: fill as 9 gi A EJ 1:7 4 fn li 141 A27 'n ffl' T 45 :EJ -zo v7 fri 131 ' . fl 9: 'D GJ il M 653 W :Z-3 Gi 5. lr 29 P3 aw RQ, was r l 559 I-'J qw 11 H ff f--.Lux 'I . - -..-- 'fs 'K' TN , wolf? ffl-.fwJQ,s.-f E, ef' ' wi' -5- f sk'-wg.-21 Q Sw- 2,1 Q 93.53. , C .Jef --f Irv - Q al iisi x ii? is if 'gif' '13-32213: K iw JAMES OSHAUGHNESSY Business Mafnager, Kala. Quill and Scroll. Vice President Senior Class. Vice President Sopho' more Class. Junlior Council. Senior Council. Hqi-Y. Junior Play. Senior Play. "He that seeks finds." CAROLYN OYER Central High School, Columnlouls, Ohio. "I woke one morning and founcl myself famous." DOROTHY PAULEY ' Girl Reserves B, 4. Math Club. Senilonr Girlls' Club. Honor Roll. "Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quie! breathing." JOHN PAULSEN Report er, Arrow. "A kind and gentle heart he had, To comfort friends ancl foes." .HELEN PETERSON Girl Reserves. Assembly Committee. "She is quick, but efficient." RUTH PETERSON Senior Girls' Club. Girl Reserves. Science Club. "Well, honor is the subject of my story." i is an Qu ul A. ff S-D lx l 1-gl gn f'v 5, .59 ul S? il: I-J 1. in GJ .i- .gp ,I tal O 151 iii li l" A. Al. vgi C. :W ii. :U t. 357 ff" in V, , iz 'J CH U .37 ll Q. rp nfl ffl :gr r N Q? gl QW .ll- sql 45 'o .ii iff 1 fy v2jaN:g '5.!5fv'iZ,P-fo-'iii-f9"RP .!.v .,',B'3-.?,z,-fi-1k1g,5Q3..y',3 3125s ,-M2 u 1 w 1 ikp be f-X se, A fffifi .bg 45?-gs.-:.?i7'm.4?F5'ixs9S?fr' 1 'fF?7,Q.f!iEq5"- J,-I, J:--11,3511 Q1 ,7S'f5:.iE, 3.119 V 1,e',.1eJ G4 gefrqvxr xg' X t? : if' L31 ai! t if mar il ,Ai Qi T1 v1 '- QQ IVBARIE PLOURDE f gs, Class Activities. oi "She did what e'er she pleased Q, And no one said her nay." N cgi '52 GJ 4-'D gi BEATRICE RABE Kal Girl Reserves. V 45, "joy sparkled in her dark eyes like a gem." Ig f Q Hi . Q' 5' nil Q il: Q-1 I if .-B 453 Q cgi MERR11. RI-CK1ERS Q0 fl Class Activities. Q3 "At evening home is the best place for man." 6-2 r-5 555 5: 44 Q ig? ffl 40. U Ta ELEANIOR ROSEN '3' I Class Activities V17 G1 ' 5 , X, "While life's with us, let's en'o it." ca 5 J Y 41 M' . "7 'rl LBJ le' K9 W Q7 EVELYN ROY Class Activities. faq Q: "We love her ifun , Ili, dk And admire her reserve." 'QI 1 9 lib I7 fi? 49 i DOROTHY SALMORE ft' ' . ,Ili Q9 Senior Girls' Oflnib. Girl Reaswerves. Class Bas- 'lf' ketball 2, 3. Varsity Basketball 4, QCaptairn. fag 49 "Why should l worry. after today comes to- Qi morrow. Q fi 1 ll ,r ' 5 ls'f' 'E 45 r i- ii - S9 if 'f at '1 1 7' fegggwgg,EgaiF5515513y3942gg'EQZEkgggfad!L43Q53EB4Egg,Efiqgqjyfilqgfifgiiiwdi I41j i ,fs f-,,..lKg-s 'H 'Gauge it-3 - Jr.: Q-.-4141.-21 , Q.. F-323 593, 3.1 ,, . Q l U E29 til tis 'J 72 LE' lx ii' 'fir 0 1 ,. Q7 4? :Qi Xa Ili, 57 l qt 44 45: I 9 l 92 ii 9 QT ffl :tp gl lg? sr fi ep 'ri 19 l -9 fa W 3 1. l 5, il if fb' fig! 22 if 9? Z, '9 G: 'QA A '-'lwfi ' v ' l Lg: L .r , ,,-ur! il X-vrx -- -- ti V' " - . KN frm- " ' ' - ffl-Sf 495 1 .- ' wee-4.-See-Efmesffssf s?fa:,fK1s HOLLIS SAWYER Claasls Ki-ttenball. Glass Hockey. He whose end is purpos'd by the mighty gods." ELIZABETH SCI-IELANDER Typing Teafm. And when time unto eternity has past, We'll remember her a friend to the last." HARRIET SCI-IUBERT Class Activities. What am I on earth for if not to grow." HELEN SCHWARTZ Girl Reserves. Orchestra. A beautiful face is a silent commendationf' BERNICE SCULLEN 'iEsteemed, for she loved both great and small." AUGUSTA SI-IERRARD Cila-ss Activities. "Coy and sweet, what a pleasure to meet. Glee Club 3, 4. Senior Girls' Club. Giarl Re- ETVGS. f. 5 ,. fu .Q Q. s. , Msg, ,, .1 RQ -"'25'DY2 ' '?,,'?4 of 5:5 H ..bv1,,35s..'5y:-,af-3,-..'? f-p3.s.?,,'i'4pf- 3' l4'2l 69 15 Q til Af A 9 1 M 'X 4, in W E6 tl!! 'J I. tp thy if . ,J KJ ,U li .3 vii Qu? 0. li T? W fi t lax I i 19 .gl sl' it '12 iii l lzfi K? 49 'o :vi 'LRE 1 QJXL.-19415-:R Q 'if-iii. 5 QQ- 349 ' 1 1..Sf I:'Qy4'C'fil'n:?wZ955 k ai? N i' Qi in Q 19 4 ' Q1 1' In l-:D W lil 3 W 4 PD A SANDRA SIMONSON ' LN Girl Reserves. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Talent Z Q club. ,Q Q? "To .benrespected and without an enemy is my aim. 90 13 Q X iii 'zf GJ , PHYLLIS SLOCUM Lvl 120 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Baskdtiball ri dy 1, 2. Varsity Basketball 3, 4. Science Club 1, 2. il 42 v ll b ll 2 T k 2 by Q o ey a . rac . ll, "Not that I loved school less, but that I loved lG Q basketball more " ul Y ' Q Q? Q' f 1,3 W l 45 lp C5 ELLEN SOMMERS lg, 5' 0135.5 Activities. jf Q "Quiet and modest, truly a likeable girl." 9' rg 9 Q 1-tj V' f t 75 LE! 'F Q . L? lg Q31 4 DOROTHY SONTLAG ', 6 School Bloaokkeeping. Drs.-matic Contest. gr "Tis only noble to be good." ' P P s ffi 'il 'Ps li' WILSON STAPLES 'E' Junior may. Kab sniff. science Club. Hi-Y. -V my Befneiit Play. Rooter King. Talent Club, C: "A bad man is worse when he pretends to be W I a saint." 'J 49 15 ffl fi! 2' fp 429 ii FAITH STEINBEISER if 29 Class Activities. alll l o tg. "She is steadfast and loyal of purpose." 'Q A . gi 'V Qi. tg iii 3 , 7. 1 ' Q i 1? ii gi Q: TJ up f dm fs! fl- Gofs.fs ,-eefesarfgfiiriesihsiezs--afEiess.,AEv3sar 14smq.gg43L5Fai2Es4gsse - i l43l f TPR 'KI in 'TN re. r AA J 1' -1 '4 1 A ii 159 il la cgi -v ci I! ' 'Q fi Q Q: .Q -5 C-9 Q 'QQ' 9 HOWARD STONE I-Ieadllne Editor oaf Arrow Advertising Staff of qefnloir P1a.v Sports Math Club Stage Force 4 Shakespeare Chorus As cold as any stone MAYNARD STONE Class Activities And which is more youll be a man m son RICHARD STREBEL Basketball 4 Give io me the jolly heaven above And the by way nigh me ELEANOR SWANSON Senior Girls' Club. Girl Reserves 1, 2, , , Science Club 4.'s Dream 4. "Oval cheeks encolored faintly, And a crown of golden hair." RACHEL TAFT Class Activities. "She delves into the secret of things, and comes out a discovererf' IRENE THOMAS Class Activities. "A buxom maid from the south." x .A ,. .- fi A A ' S-egsgggf T -JE wsfifgvi .Ng-"R,us:. ., 'af3..'qL,.igP..13fp ,.,gy. T. , ,. 3 .5-Nj' I ul I 4 x i . x tsl fill iix nfl i 45 'i i 2 di i v '?Jf5?7'4.- 51? A' 3 1 r' ,,,-J-fiflflv. QR. LF'-'fiffi 5957- EPI 1.3.--Q53-E6,Si2L,'E?g-5?yf?sm 5 . QQQQEXFN 43, Cas v O 453 E Q t' i QI tl, ,L 9 2 T Q 413 5 A, ?' 933 il i cw! F s ' ' 4 4 .- 4 - gli si ' i 9 ' ' 1 rl il' 5 r ii Q L ,K Gil at 1 - - ' H ' , y Q 61 ,gt LQ FQ .4 l fi' 457 153 gli A la Q" ' .J 'I z if w . .v,J -i - via Q - I. ., ' rr QJ ' Ig? ray ,i 5 'if is 6 u 1 I gy 3 4 gil rl Li, IZ? 4 la vp M 4 6 ll, ff ' 3 W M yi 2 V93 fi' H O? 9' i ly lar QQ 71 i Iqj 'ia it N,i'.,r 5. A 18.13, W M vw ia. i44l r n i 1 - fx,-. ' , , , 41514241 ire' se-M-:ef iw- as-I-ca rfi--S as ffff-1 arise W - cet 45 it gf as H: 2 :, 'f LW . gl P ,J lf? WARREN VAN TASSEL C79 Math muh. Science Ciub. Spb 7 it . . its Perhaps my semblance might deceive the truth ee! That l to manhood am arrived so near." v. 64- l. all il' V W ELINOR WALKER full f Ba-sketballl 3, 4. Shakespeare's Dream 2, 3, 4. 1 Y Y if, Senior Play. Reception Committee. Girl Re- .fl Q serves. Sigma Gamma Chi. Talent Club. Bene- W ' 1 fit Play. ur, "Her laughing eyes, blue as the skies, tail Would lceep a sinlcing ship frae wreck." 1.0 472 '4 N Q W 4" 'L EA rfiy .ll Rl-lINlER WEISS pl, 2, Class Activities. Stage Force 4. 45, "The longest way rouncl is the shortest way lfl dw home." ,i if ' li, rg 'Q I . y at ETHELYN WIENNKE '5- IQ Sigma Gamma Chi. Girl Reserves. Math 15 Clnh 3. 4. , 2:3 h l 1 5? "The best part of beauty is that which no lx picture can express." lf' .g. tp if G' ' :SQ 3, ALMA Wouf 4 Girl Reserves. .. l ' M. .32 "Why she clicl it, no one lcnows, ffl Q? Only there's a purpose." W F' 'Q L9 iff' ' l rj 939 Sl-l'ERlVlAN WICK tg 6, Baud 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 1, 2. 3. nc l 45 "That same face of yours looks like the title fri page to a whole volume of rogueryf' Q12 - x it ffl -l is I ts, 159 2 I . ffl 33 LOIS WRIGHT ,A lg Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. Kab Advertising. Sigma 'li KJ Gamma Chi. Junior Play Manager. Senior Play ,ix Q9 Manager. '-af f .. . . . . . . ' True clelicacy, exhibits itself most significantly Gi in little things." pg? lvl 'tt lf ,, r' we 'll Ib srl I 5 '1 'AJ 'Is 52, , -ga :el A 4 f :ju 'seqf:,q1,fQ,f5.2,"+Zg1.3...5QS,-E'w'.B:-'A,'g'.!s-333512-2-.'?,31211-,gffnigqgliiegg-5gg 5451 R i ' We seem to exist in a hazardous time Drrftrn, along here through space: Nobody knows just when we began, Or how far we,ve gone in the race 1 msslis- 3 1 A E I 1 'zfs5'E!35' 'SNS ' 'Q'-5-""'4f?lb 41'?f5-'fS- 5- EDB- 34:9 ff!-F: ?'Qg'S52-1?33'5lE-gffm iTr"Si7 X I - ' 48, V 1 T 273 THE JUNIORS kg G0 vb r ' G ta ' W ?9 Q? M R P' 5 3' ly KF' ' els ill 09 T 1 JB 'p :J ,ip E I 197 rt my fy GD " ,, IQ, f.: 9 55 qx ,al C" -' 'j J Q I 457 'Pj 552 Q0 it Front Row: Grove, Angell, Benham, Williams. 5:4 W Back Row: Douglas, Miss Kielty, Egaard, Luhmannfy' at Ev A llj 0 lg The Junior class, or the class of 1930, had a moslt success ul and leasant ear C33 lf, . . . . p y 4, ,gp under the leadership of MISS Kielty, our adviser, Margaret Benham, our president, ,213 Lulu Grove, our vice-president, and Lois Egaard, our secretary-treasurer. 6' 'im Our class gparty was exceedingly well attended. The gymnasium was decorated in 6 appropriate autumnail grains. In the school queen contest, our class queen, Lois Egaard, 4.5 lit, won the royal awardfthrough the hearty support of thehluniors. Our declamatory team 'G' Q was made up of Rudolph Lehmicke, oratoryg Edith LalVlonte, dramatic: and Audrey lij cf, Jackson, humoarous. Audrey 'won first place in the district meet, representing the school. .9 The Junior one-act play was very interesting. The mernlbers of our class also hel ed to H- G , P ff .J make the Benefit Play and Shakespeare s Dream a success. Our athletes came bravely SX if forward and offered 'the-ur services, when the time came around for intramural sports, W' and, as our section of the trophy case shows, they had some success. '61 1? From steady association, the members of our class are now very well acquainted. fi qs, and are ready to he "all for one and one for all" so that the remainder of our school ,Q 1 . . ff It life may be a success. From our cl-ass next year are to come those who will be Q3 selected tto uphold the honor and glory of the school, and our members are ready and 'Q , . . . . . . -7 willing to give the required servants and services X f'j 1' ' t' 'l tis 1 ll Q", H Z3 . QAM tin 2 :Q 22 Eb S? .5 K if tw 45 H5 51 fax Q15 up gl ffl , .lg Qt Nga QA f-.fa IA 4'-fwfr 4-?:-1'--Rare:-s f-fit.-N... 225' A - gf- 1'-'ii f-13'e'Af'r-yi' 45E9y1x ,L, .,-9414 'v-f.,v.1 .4 35,11 vvlygf 314 QQ? Q1 'i t49l A 455,146 57 '53 ' Ye:-vs? is f3:'i"'is-a3- S- eos- sz-119 fx-S g ifqy' S53 fi' m ii:-555' 3?-3321555 4 7' tw Q., 22 ,ez CLASS of 1931 sf are 57 Q9 Si- W P7 cfs me 05' 4-E: vp 69 git lil c" it 'J f-fl 1-D ft 11 if as -ji, '4 A ew mf 61 al w 'if at JAMES VESALL ROBERT KERR I-rj ff' President Secretary-Treasurer ,gl s YA QV The good ship S. H. S. 1931 had a very successful voyage this year. The captain fit QD was James Vesall: purser, Rdbert Kerr, and the ship's adviser, Miss Rose. It sailed 3 A y' 'fl from the port of the Freshman on September 7, 1928 and got -away to a good start '57 over Scholarshlitp ocean towards its final destination of New Juniorville. After about lf' lvl . . . . . 0 QQ six weeks, a number of the crew were suddenly afflicted w1th the queer disease, flunkra, In iw which has a duration of three weeks. Some of the crew quickly recovered, while others 'z 6 were under the effects of it for most of the voyage. Another disease which certain P, memlbers are easily affected by is called "room l23." This disease K:-an be cured only ig. as by Dr. Johnson, a physiclian of high standing in the country of S. H. S. Another Qi' GJ disease seafaring students often fall prey to is commonly named "gum-squad." Dr. ag ,QI Johnson is a specialist in this malady also. His prescriptions to patients rare said to do 412 .9 lots -of good. Our crew, however, was more fortunate than the .average in escaping ,Ev 1, these diseases. g.- Q? Early on the voyage,H'all the passengers and wcrew celebrated at Ia ball. The Q dancers strutted their stuff to the vtuneful syncopattons of Ernie s Rhythm Rustlers. Q lf, A good time was enjoyed by all, but 'due to a slight carelessness on the part of if? 23 the crew and too few attending, the ship nearly was lost on the rocks of Financial :QQ 3 Embarrassment. The ship's officers saved her by heroic exertions. ' '33 S We had members of the crew who were famous in their line. Sheldlon Johnson C25 CJ, took Hrst iplace in oratory during the annual dramatic contest with the three sister ships, if fs the majestic S. H. S. I9Z9, the S. H. S. l930, and the small but hard trying ffl S. H. S. l932. Two :of our crew, Sheldon Johnson and Mildred Peterson, were on If-' Q the all Heet debate team. We also had a group of actors who put on, "Bimbo, the ,Qs 49 Pirate," a -one-act play. Q We 'arrived in port May 3l, after encountering fierce storms the Week lbefore. Ggx These are annual hurricanes called Hexamsf' In these :storms .and through the disease ? uflunkiau we lost several of our crew, but the majority landed safely in New ti ' rvill . Y 42 junio e ff' 25 if 4 W 'il ew jf' Q:F,f,3z5,CA.f53,,'-.54f9'1'23'5fCaX-fi"iNF-fbk"5" " 'Si'-g?w:-,gf-L53-'cis333.-'Tv":!L5"9,-a'3'?'73 ' l5H V ,594 -af 5"L'G ' ka-ve: - 1 Q 'S Gee- ie- X -s f-. fs, Eh - "1s9l1'S'3wa-3? series? 15512211 I 1- - " 0 - ' -. n 21... J IQQ ffl . 1 1' -. . 9 it 7 bye ff 0 09 +92 Q 6, CLASS of 1932 5, ' r' 153 429 Si tt P Q49 '57 is 'lv fl tr sr . 'lr 125 59 A B 127 as " cl? Q W 15' , r 6-I si 45: el JOSEPH ENGLIN FREDERICK SAWYEE u El President Vice-President W . . . . . . . . 652 Q Rookies! Freslues! How insignificant they seem at first, insignificant to them- rg QI selves and everybody else. But, along about November l-Oh! What a change., A5 ffl The class of '32 was no exception, decidedly not. At first these rookies strolled 'E 15? around the halls, a little self-conscious and slightly pugnacious. Then came the Fresh- Ia, . . . A QQ man Prom, the lnterclass. sports, debate, and numerous other things wh1ch'challenged '21 M the attention of the rookies. The newcomers of course were at a slight disadvantage vzl 6 in these things, but they battled right along, not always successfully but ever cour- Q? X, ageously. In fact, the rookies have co-operated in all activities, and their efforts are 'QC Q worthy of commendation. lg ij Fin-ally, with the first of June, came vacationg 3? ' The Freshmen were at last free to say they it is +A were no longer Freshmen. 5, W A N 9,1 ,Q ittle more self-confident, the class of l932 , has resolved to stand above all others when tg they possess the name of Sophomores. ta 9 The officers who have deserved much credit fy 59 and many thanks for guiding the class over a ,Sy E, troubled course are: Joseph Englin, presidentg .Q Frederick Sawyer, vice-presidentg. Leighton E Charlsen, secretary-treasurer, and Miss Lowen, CEI class adviser. 1? i 49 fill fl, HX 45 'W gl 'T 4? IJ J' 1, s , if LEIGHTON GHARLSEN Kr? ff, Secretary-Treasurer 5 ti dw, eg! L Xmas? L1qv,1'f""'-4"-' -' if 95-lf " nba " '-"wing 554.1 vig " sl 1 fi A 1- 4'-fwfr fi--it-42"-?la1N..'p fv'51.-:s...iP-1- fp ,.,g,- 1'- r f-13 x 57-Q92 By experience We 1C1nc1 a shorter way by a long' wandering. Learning teacheth more in one year than experience in twenty. 'J is ii ., A J - 1. "1- Q53 ' ' ,yyw ' Q' . FJ , n Y f 4 1 ' 1, 1 Tl'-v f ff""' ,w I! if 'fix 'ff 4 11514 ., Y ,gy ff jifff-" 7'i:X' M" Z? Z' 'N 'iff 'ff P 1 ' 1 1 .', X . 'g"f'f".. '!',ir 4 .51 y xjxx fit . , -1 ,ff if ig., .1 gf . :QQ M ? . ff M 'A 2 4. 45 , XX QFFSQS -1,1 1-g. 4, gg:? ggigi5,,cf 1, fx iXXf X:i5 ".'-fi T? 1 " I if . .W eam ' +liRfi? " W 'fifsrfwwf ' f ff-, QW?-fr ' as-' , f f M f ' if ff 9? f,evM4A5' fn- f H' fffffy V w, -' A , 'I 5? , , - Asics' i X 'umfmii 5 ,4 ' Q 5i5i'J'v if X QM N H541 f v - B, ' t gf ' Q 1 ' 3143596 IA, M J , Ja X an w I . rfiggge, K 5- bQD W - ,f U ff , 2 1 1 1 " , Mfg' fq 'ff if . ' " 4 Q J ,fzgyf V , ,111 7 ff f, f ',,e id -lgz , ,fffgggpfl fn , iz '. ' fx X. 'MA ' X ', SW: - 5 V f .5"i5"'1s1' V ?f me,e.:-15755 -gr f, , Wg ,fQ.'f7!55EE'1 fm . gif" ' '7 V V9 f WX ,jzx . Lx xg- :,fj561Vy5,W f, I' 1 . A"1Qv"35 f 1 , g , f. - 1' W- wfnifg 1-I-if ,474 f X X-,V I X ff -., 'Fl gl ', i A f1'li4x6gA'bm K' 4, 0 'H , fy, W, L4 FX K .ffl 1 i figji 'X Q E '7-L ? L ' " XP- Education is the only interest worthy the deep, controlling anxi- ety of the thoughtful man. 9 ' qn5.4-.Ex-'Q' gg-.-1g4!:512-Q'-.. 35.3 unzbiiqxg ssm igigis ff' ll' Qt 29 f wi W 5, THE STUDENT COUNCIL 3, I f' tl, tit . -- Q9 , tb Wi ' I t -a a i S93 - 5 . rf 1- t 1 CQ "J Q1 tn 'W 4. iq 4 all 4 I 79 47? fe Q ll '30 ia' Qt Q 1-1 .4 f if' 057 Q? 4: lt? Q' -e tai W Front Row, left to right: Peterson, Anez, Loehr, Brosious, Nelson, Lustig, Hagstmom, Bloom, 41-Q Q Johnson, Williams, Wilkinson. I 29 Back Row, left to right: Croonquist, Vesall, Chacrlsen, Guldan, Luhmann, Kalinoff, Krog, Monson, as Englin, Nelson, Rinker, Anderson. QS I t ' . . . . .uit v2 One of the most unusual thin s about the Stillwater H1 h School is the student ll' tt - - g g - Q 15 government. It was introduced SIX years ago by Mr. . O. ohnson, the present rm- 'U' 'r . . . . . . p 1 J tj, cipal of our school. Since that time it has grown and developed much, until Stillwater L ,YI is n1o'w known beyond the state. The National Education Association asked for a 'pl 1, . . . . Q S student representative from our school to speak to it about the functioning of student gp - govenmnent. Only two schools, the other one in Texas, were asked to send a re re- 1' . . P M QQ sentative for this purpose. Q Q1 The student council is the most prominent part of the student government plan. 3? Q9 Each year it becomes more successful and active, through greater knowledlge of its bf? 29 possibilities. fy is The members are elected by popular vote of the students, one from teach advisory group. Each Q student must be above grade in all subjects in order to maintain his place on the student council. 6 K5 This body formulates rules for all student activities, and the pupils must tobey these rules. The student J ht council appoints many committees which care for various scholastic activities. Perhaps one of the Q best known major committees is the hnance committee, which has charge of lull money and makes A fl, out the budget. Another very important committee is the assembly committee, which has charge of S the four weekly assemblies. The student council also elects the cheer leaders, the yell committees, hall A : and building committee, class committee, health committee, and interclass activity committees, to take is 9, charge of hockey, girls' and boys' basketball, volley ball, kittenball, and track. 5' The president of the Student Council is the Principal. The vice-president, who usuall presides, " , . . , . V U Q9 is the student president of the school nominated by the student council and elected in a regular CE' campaign by popular vote of the students. This year john Luhmann is the president. .Ffhet council 'nh 4- elected Grace Hagstrom secretary. "V gf The prevailing spirit of our school, therefore, is not one of discipline but co-operation, This Q experience gives the students good training for future leadership and factive, wide-awake citizenship. any at B If nf 5 s ff 'E tt? 5' N gt, aft " 5 I H I I3 - '9 'll Q ls' a 0 ,X A I h 1,45 x fy tlegeae fg,fg.f'51-fiat-e Ssvi-"?'-1.9-:fe-.rife-.saez-f's-'ssfgils-.v'i?,e512s-if,-vt t57l ,. 'fs r- -Wg-s 'u ., , , 4K1'i!.5-1' - J?'5"-'f1sL' 21Q' '-'P--'X .. gs. ,Arif A -,-- sax A--smeemg mf as 1--fe 'ff' "' '-' 3' - 3. IQ 3, qJk9"tky C 452,57-J xg: , 3715! x, -bszrgix It ei S v gl up av! L Q 1' ' J J r W A J gi! f K' 4'-45 69 if .f H di C? i me be .Q 3 M S93 e ff J 15 VP G0 52 ii: fi 1 N1 62 92 w ii Ny. Q W if Q, Q-3 Q qi ag Q gf a5J W 1, Q 9, lwj is 9 'Vo' at F? 'E' ffl TE vb me 4? 5 . 0 . L9 QW ,, z 5, ff 1 5? W GJ '57 :FJ af? 99 U 113 U w C4 K' E. I 10.1 ll' g 9 J 7? 35 !' S '41 15: R? 53 1:1 Q Q A5 lj nu an J nnoa gi vl ' fy John Luhmann James 0'Sha.ughnessy Q Editor Business Manager 1 do Fred Kalinoff Lewis Mosier George Guldan LoWe11'Johnson at Ruth Newman John Bernier Gretchen Kolliner j if Kathryn Niederer Arlene Ledvina. Josephine Kearney Grace Hagstrom fd Margaret Lammers Wilson Staples Mary Bernier f 4 'Q g G53 :gf ries 'ara-f'5iif-P-'i ?43"5Ve?QQ.e-ze'-'Q-e':e.f,,fiL1X-2.ya3..5,-fig 9325-wi' X531 .. .. u 5- zaI1'N-4s3l- X57 Ju!-'-A sv: 4-,L QD ' e.,,, Q53 "sb-N :J eu. 9' 2-. 1iiltOr . 21:25 ' ' '1 'az rf KA 'Q 5. Cssfgtess lxliltif ,IIAAI BE f F011 an fa t01'AAAA"'-. K x'3 C., e .1 n S, -. O ff. all Ceat C1110 Bu N Ailegge hglfgeslmv IAN G"-,Q glus-Ear Egflrjgers ---- Jang? 47, irlc Egor 110'--.., ger'--., A SB , S IS' -S--. T.. 5. 'A-If t cl - - -. - -- - 5 Q W T aff qfihgtogh--wh-Q.. F y Ould 'he yp. ' x?,F vw 1, p 'St ' r fo -'01 L1 Su We rep dit'---. "-L ed y 'E th gges ithapp ara . or ','A'--.gwefdcf--. V g 'Ss bei mfion thifenilon fetilohkgllaman, in L G5 C au nd S f gbe -at of en Us lno es Q ew- U M: mfs 3 Ufor gf hi Kgn, ff, WS gkma 9 a V156 f hththhe e ting ancgh llqvb llinlos il au 0 Fn ti. nd - db e S emxof 6, Sch Oh er ephfso gh Sle Q1 U L thlth ta. fa en. e th 0 .N n B.. , R ln n Sue r x it uh e thin Ct 10 W e ol e""K u e ta ssy M J W m ed F a -. H ' - ' th K r 1.4 0 a re e th Th S Cr sch nn rn, afth e Ple 3 39 J Ik nn sul ' at ,wa S 0 u "., er ry N am s "Qs xl arn Wh a ts ern lt 'S call O1 alf a 9 Mn NEW ey 5! ,fb and es Oilend if e W is that Cd germ or -EHE rgafg-Avlnary iedman .5 6 th 'S 'th S fthe- 01-k qui of or , t pub . t Alan B er V '. b a h C Sm lr Cd te 1 f h 1 wg e L e .Cr f My T nk a fe sta eff 0 Y e IC r n m + 6 I-ifs are iqtglghnsf opt Eortout apprgginom tlitaff ation age Laedviler , .5 s me a Th e5S th di S ai the opfg' Te P in H mmna QUQ tv ta Sh th b C Y e to Y La cl fe V a e 9 ff e' e ek Se a r C ar. hte h' a pa 01V gst fs fp . astaffonia busfld if-16 Lerdecgsts ang thsg, red es fgm as Wou ls snd M '-I-lil islness IS awgoy hed, .lgh X anemeand itSel more X 'IJ a W ellra 601- r e pu m blerked ul as U in w the f lc w yt tb 0 I, nn ec 'St an S O da Set and fln,a5 . th gr Ork I, v rth ece'ua-I yv Oh aff Ish a taff n n S T ite lm e 3. .9 Wh lv of n ed ger d se o M m me b Th H9 tgf il Cd this C Son' ho b s, of etaW,t ou ar am ed, u us an 4 '23 e bo' T yeour' Thwe y tlfur 2155.115 abc I aY B Oun Iateppey Y 3 Ok i ht Ofly 'Q hat ab bis to Orkrecehld ual ts nf rhe pg- Er, W IOC dopt ig S G a ek gg c 0 lv ell ' - a C d- e al te 7-7 J 0 .Cr 1' f Cd tg ghd Il 013 lt re d i wilahan this the msd cw sg 1, ap fs-tai? itsenthannualuai, qi!-not thelon phy 'Chic W nt 9, pfecig afgbreljlsiasrai is le oslyhngf tina? Jgfk fi' G5 uch fs and no ' lff' 'tory E9 5 ek an HW ad . fa lcul FS. 5.x gy 0, d Y to Cul Q 5 t, hwe th mee fri? m s 6? Y apes ink mba him iQ Q? 4 thatit W- rs Of Q it 111 b the do ha e ff cf' S ful 40 M creatiy vii 0 " 4 ,N if L., 07" 5,600 B, Jin fi 5,5 Q gl QQ, AY? .1 .X Q Ji I-I 31:5 is 5 av Ci, 3' fx 5 -n Efex 2? -hm 01 'L'-'A 44 .asv 8 gf?-L We 34' K?b bn? "Q .B m. 31' S77 2A W svn V 559,252 1591 1' 1 4 fgfk-4 fr!" ig, S9 627 cis 'J Z 1 I JJ if G51 Q27 Q59 '? Q 47' Q if 455 42 if fx I-.AL 'Q 'R i Jean McM111an Howard Stone Loms Malloy Gratcheu Kollmer Natahe Kollmer Margaret Benham Franklln Loehr Ralph Monson Leroy G-uldan rs 'N-xrk., 'N -cf.-N. r-. , ,- , . ff- - - ff'H1f2'Q - ffm-sem E' "Gs V fm Q? Ali TJ SKB QED f J 3 5, 472 ri'- il 1? Ea ai' I 1? lwj rg N If P3 G' " :S ffl 33 vb 1,9 A H' A QQ vi' Q f-9 9' Qi- ? H 'rl 757 Z3 wi? S9 gg t-:B 3 a cg fa, 41- W - Q fga Q- X 3 45 'gl QS: 451 1 1,51 1 I x EZ 1 'fag 15 I IQ Q f a a rg!! . 1? ' ff nl ' E QED 62 2? 9? 23:3-ng-AN T 1-,,'3:'gZi,61,'i iii-?4'.?s,1Ru.'g1 'iI.!s"3Ns,,.,f19.fQ -2 ,.,1-PA fps? ,.,j'i1,q A ,iv i601 A - 1 ' ,-. ,. V - 4 'fm-?Ll""9' 9"-'feng 21 a'heef-'neg .. ,, 9. .'a-f't:x-on-61 Elias-theme? 'mf' wr'-1 ig? i S. ' 'Q -'MQ f l sf 'J xy '3"- S- " sf" F Qwixiigs L, Cai ARROXV STAFF Q, r il' 4 n' . . . A J- G Editor-in-Chief AA..A,..,.. .,.......,.. J can McM1llan "j ? Associate Editor ,,,,,,,,,,, ,....,,.... N atallle Kolllner I-D QQ Literary Editor ,AA,,,A,,, ..............,,.. F ranlilin Loehr ' GK, Feature Editor ,,,AA,AAA,, ........... G retchen Kolliner ,LG Sport Editor A........,,. .....,AA,.,......... l.. eroy Guldan ,, . ' News Editor ,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .....,,, M argaret Bonham P Personal Editor .,.....w,,,, ..wV,o,, R alph Monson 4.9 Ev Business Manager .........w,. ............. L ouis Malloy - 5 . . tu ft Circulation Manager ...,v..w, .,,..............w,,e,,..,.,....w,,.,.,. s.....,..,. ..a,........ I-I o w ard Stone '1 I .J Qi' Reporiorial Staff Q' Arlene Ledvina, Ruth Newman, John Paulson. Herbert Nelson. Robert A if Funk, Winifre'd Roney, David Lehmicke, Susan Bancroft, Richard 47313 Nelson, Martin Crowe. gb 0 . . . . . . Y, Scholarship, l-lonor, Sportsmanship--this is the three-fold idea which the .flrrciv EL tries to foster in Stillwater High School. 'Q' QQ, To trace the growth of this publication from its infancy Cwhen it was known as Q9 Hi Sffulc Daze, and printed lalyoriously on our own multigraphj to its ,present more Qij di mature state is hardly necessary. An annual gi-ft from the junior class together with lg, if school subscriptions provides enough money so that the paper does not carry advertising. ,if Q A -special issue, featuring the activity play, was financed by donations from all of tif Gi the classesg its cuts and feature articles made it an interesting record of this popular fp' Q, production. Q ' . ' fgj ggi This year's staff has fully maintained the standards set in earlier years and has cf, 57 tried diligently to Put out a Paper that would not only record the school news. but ,ga that would also help to foster good sportsmanship and to encourage higher standards 6' 'tb of scholarship and citizenship in our "scholastic republic." :pt Q Lacking any regular training in journalism, the staff is forced to get information I Q and inspiration from various sources. Early in the year the edtitor was privileged to Q' attend the tl-liglh School Press Convention, held at Madison, WiIscons'in, under the gm C? auspices of the university journalism department. More recently the editor. Jean McMillan. eg, 'PJ business manager, Louis Malloy, and one of the editors, Natalie Kolliner, spent a very 5 . . . , :ff profitable afternoon in the St. Paul Pioneer Press plant, where the -school editor. it ig Miss Flynn, gave th-em much practical help. iff? 9 fy ,. . H I 39 fr I t J 13: lg n, - 9' Z, I I ft' In :EN 15 'W 'tl fr-1 ll xl, Q? KF., 'Y iii ci t. ti W 99 J' 5-1 , c-5 5 F flseseafe '3..'5-152353-S ?4-3"?-isaazrf-1-s.g-giste-sg,g'.n3..g,--',g5y3':R,3-safe' l6ll 7 l df-N '-'J'-LR-GEIQ, :X - .,----- Q F '- ' A r 1 1 wg-9 kbs! -.- . L..-.sflr ici S .tw Lv 2- 593. Sufi, rJ.1,,Q 1 955-SQQ4 'sgglft in t?-gajxgix f Us af f 'G' Qs 'Y Q?" FINANCE COMMITTEE Q-J t-ID 35 r t Q W ? '29 s-D we Q Y ,f tw! a . Q'-U of' t, 1-if 17' T s eff Ta 49 492 52 Q if ij' QA mt 'Q' 'J . 27.1 455 1:3 452 my U, N 5 - Williams Kalinoff Rinker -Sga nl rg, " . . . . . . v. SL, Under the self-government 'policy of the Stillwater High School, all actlvlties 55 aj are financed, directly or indirectly, by the students. . n 4 1 u f' Q7 To co-ordinate this important fun-ctlon more perfectly, the Student Council, the 'af Q4 senate of the system, elecits a committee of four members who outline all financial lf: Q projects. ,2. Ag? The Finance committees first duty is to plan the budget for the ensuing year. 'Q' 34 Through the course of the school year the committee must pay all bills from the X ..... .... V 'gf Q' receipts of its projects. This commlttee also is in indirect charge off all other student ,N 125 committees in so much as it controls their finances. ff! 093 The most important Xproject carried 'out is the activity play. This play is the 7? Q3 source of more than one-half of the total revenue taken in during a school year. yy 9 Due to the scholastic difficulties caused by the ressing importance of the work it L . . . P . . lf' Q entailed, the committee is rarely the same throughout 'the year. Frederick Kallnoff re- 4 linquished his chairmanship to Lewis Mosier early in the second semester. Several of ff cg, the other members have 'also been changed. if dx Fhis y-ear's Finance Committee has been working under a great hamdicap, facing 'ZQJ Q an extraordinarily heavy budget with the minimum of opportunities for earning the '13 ig, necessary money to meet the budget. IQ 1' Although this committee work entails a great deal of time and effort it is but rl Fl . . , . 61 4' one of the many opportumtles afforded by the governing system of our school to become 'J fi . . H as versed in the Ways of life. lf! eg 55: fuk Q if! 1 Q 'fir " Ji. fi? wr? 41 G5 4-. 'wr gl V7 in S2 '9' J' C-9 ,ut . 5' 'legaff-..'5..'5-f'5i'SQ-i-?43'?U.9s:'5,L,f,f2..3-,,:-,.f.'-2.3,-,3,1L3,,5,f+'iL313?A,3-5yi' i621 - I 'i . f ff? l,.4K,T:Q,g I jg, Q-, .., Aff. ,-x,3,, 7.5, tv, 1. ?f, 1. lffggfg-:tr '- .3 . NF..-mQ,s'Lv. .g'- te.v.'fg.1,. Egg:-fig ff x,,sg.JelL:-sake-e5QLQ'g,-f:,'5i5,.g? his-F51 egbgzgh ,I . Qi 239 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Q1 I let . Q5 rits 79 is as ' ca QQ ,J 'F 4-li C93 G2 rw Q3 Q tg P ' '31 I GJ gi, 127 i 49 Q? fr? w ti s e. iff '31 aw 1? 'J . HI fi' ct? Fl fb up if Newman Kolliner Loehr Peterson ,az fa at I I At the beginning of each school year, it becomes the problem 'of the Student 654 QD Council to select a competent committee for assembly arrangements. This year to sim- lgj 459 plify the work of the committee, the council added a corresponding secretary. C' Q5 It lies with the members of this committee to insure the sdhool one hundred minutes gg entertainment each week. The Work of the assembly committee is unceasing. Every Q irq school day except Wednesrdlay fAdvisory group diayl, it is their duty to secure talent :li 6 which will be appreciated by the entire student body and faculty. rl? 2, Because the money given to this committee is limited, many of the programs must Wa 63 be either local talent orgratis. This year, however, the committee has been fortunate to secure a nuniber of fine orograms at a nominal sum. 3:7 Q' . ' C . 5? The assembly committee each morning selects the persons who are to announce as 6 the morningis program. The announcers this year have done very acceptable work. 39 Margaret Jean Loehr, as the chairman of the committee, should be given special is mention because of her excellent leadership of the committee. With the aid of Ruth 9 L Newman, Helen Peterson, and Gretchen Kolliner, this year's prognams have surpassed Q-4 9' those of past years. 51 Q Appointments to this committee, although it means work, are compensated by ,aa gg the appreciation shown by the school at large. Disappointments in schedules have been Q 'fi met with a sunny smile, and' the Work has been freely acknowledged. lij .5 fy 5 IE! 23 at cg tl Qs X 447 ? IN' cg? f? K? Sf' q O :ff A " Y . Z 'sm-22,0 fw,,fa.f4.31r-'EQ-i 9-3'?sZ9w'a.,'efa-f,:s,-1?-2.2 V11-,,g,-SL,-12'.R,3-bfi' -.AQ-0 K was! Nb 5.49 SQ., l63l r -4 u. ' ' 'i"tg-TJQ, 'SNA me A A ff- 'Nfx A' 1' :L+ -. rx-r Q v-'fe t 4 ffavlbc-f '-' f 4-""4f1"5'- US?-22 r,-1-ef-' ffQ35's-awsreeis--if "if-sfstffeswib 0 :' QQ X ff' SENIOR COUNCIL Q! mv sv Us cv-J 11 1 '5 QQ Q9 5 I CW rig v '13 lt t-2 wi 42 Q my 1'l r 2 'fri 173 fy jp .0 , if, at Q. ,r 6? li Q it Ci' fi C" .' Q 'if if 45? 'Q 92 l"J In ,f- Z: Front Row, left to right: Miss Hillesheim, Kearney, Luhmann, Hoppke. 'F' 5, Back Row, left to right: Mosrier, Johns-on, Dick, 0'Shaughnessy. any 1 5" 'L . . , . 'Rl tfjj The Senior class officers, Lowell Johnson, James OSh,auglmessy, and Lewis ia Mosier, together with four members elected from the class at large, Leonel Dick, Violet l-loppke, Josephine Kearney, and John Luhmann, comprise the official govern- lf: Q: ing body of 'the Senior class, ably guided by our adviser, Miss Mary l-lillesheim. R07 The Senior Council settles all minor disputes, decides the policy of the class on '0' ' 0 Q school problems, and makes plans for the welfare of the class. All committees are 95 approved by the Senior Council, and are directly responsible to it. A, Ci-j The projects especially fostered by the Council this year were the paper sale, ly Q3 financing the Senior play, an-cl plans for Senior class activities in the Spring--the Senior 7? Q5 picnic, Crazy Day, Class Night, and Commencement. yy Q The success of the Senior class this year has been largely based on the unceasing ,Qi Q efforts of the Council in its behalf, ably seconded ancl' supported by the class as a Whole. tam ig gf, fi dx tg: Q '10 13 'Q U VJ a is GJ my ti: ff' as g .n G' K X My W 'lt 1 Qi, 'Q i t-Q EY, ls I 7. 3? 5? C-9 ful 5 1' 'fn f QM'-.-is A 'D A-. A fs 715 1- ff 'sqzjicggvsvbgvy'-vb -NPAQQS-if--.?,Qq11'L1',g,f!.zsx15.y'3 511-A-wal! t64l 1 s -- a Ffa? E51 'HS-9' 94.-+42-is 63 '?'G'i:- ir- mg. ga-1.9 ffm-S is Niggas? l .f I f 4 wi NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY GJ 5 P 1-at H 125 ? 99 'F si tm let tty 04' 'li lg 414 QI er 5 Q gf 1? P fs-2 'rf '59 ,. 6 1 CW ts s 'Lil Q u lf, F" S Q? 3' af Q4 ' vt: Y it tl H Front Row, left to right: Newman, Hagstrom, Kolliner, Niederer. 'E' w Back Row, left to right: McMillan, Noack, Loehr, Johnson, Luhmann, Ledvina. fgf ut 1" - . . , - . . Nl 23 No finer recognition can come to a school than to be selected as one which is .QJ 'gl entitled to have a chapter of the National Honor Society. Only sixteen Minnesota high lt, schools have the privilege of conferring thc key, the badge of membership, upon their lf' 15 students. . 1 . ' I Q25 49 Stillwater High School not only has the privilege, but it has so used it as to 'Q tg, make the honor society a real force in our school life. 1, The qualifications for membership in this organization are very high, and, there- G, 9 . . . . 45, fp fore students who are admitted deserve special mentlon. A faculty committee chooses x,- 1 by unanimous vote a number of Junior and Senior students who are outstanding in '77 971 . . . . . . lv tg, leadership and servlce, in scholarship and in character. In a very dehmte way the 47,1 I . . v - t 3 leadership off the school is largely in the hands of this select group. ,up lb W'hen this year's members organized, john Luhmanzn was elected president, Kathryn if 1' Niederer, vice-president, and Lowell ohnson, secretary-treasurer. It must be understood, fs Q9 . . . . . . . . fu 5 however, that this society is not primarily a business organization, but a purely honorary Q . . . . . :ll society. In recent years several social affairs have been introduced to foster good lf! " f llowshi among the e be 41 ca B P Q .m H? rs. , .1 E2 The annual spring picnic is one event, long-planned for, and much enyoyed. The Q .9 . . , . . :fy 5 Rotary Club banquet is another event, which the members greatly appreciate. It is cgi CJ, gratifying to see that this group of business men is interested in our honor society. El is Last year, a faculty dinner, arranged by the faculty committee on membership, was 1:1 39 instituted, and will be continued as a fitting means of honoring these students who mean If-2 69 much to our school because they are equipped and ready to give much of themselves ,Q ig to it. 'Q' 51 7 t Q rr ,ll I' 0. 431 7 23 CQ? ii gb 11 4 19 I 5? -9' 'lr , ls' QQ,-,A as A 1-,,'5i5f5,fn,'i-53:3-"?sws:.fp fir?--'Ss -142-it-rv -1'R:r.n'5Lq'l2'!1fZm92 " vga!-?ANrLsgg -.4 -1 " -0 -.Alf-J' QQ.-1 " v Hub' N, -I No J t65l at ' , 'fs r-JKT, fx - -.. I7 '. - , fy Af. - .-., . . -,S . I 591- g'5.3 -. ,.- V Nb.-fsegrdm Q sus 3.3. 34-5 344, c,+,3 J ggwys 2e,'g',,5.a:,?3fg-rs ix-55535. 14, tgggquu Q12 . 4-0 u. Gr QUILL AND SCROLL kc gf 5 1 Froznt Row left to flght N Kollxner G Kolhner MCM111311 Benham Back Row left to nght Malloy Loehr 0Shaughne4sy Luhmann Q The Qulll and Scroll IS a very young organrzatlon rn the hrgh school belng estab llshed but a few years ago There are no offrcers rt bemg more a social than a busmess group It IS also known as the Natronal Honor Soclety for Hrgh School ournallsts Members are selected by therr scholarshrp character and Journalrstlc abrlrty They must Submit Wrlteups whlch are sent to the national headquarters If thls example of Journalrsm IS satlsfactory the natronal secretary notlfies the local chapter Each year an extensrve prlze contest rs sponsored hy the socrety ThlS fosters v journallsm and creates enthuslasm and as a result the hlgl' school and colleve pub lrcatlons throughout the country are showxng marked rmprovement The natronal soclety magazlne u1ll and Scroll rs pwbhshed every other month of ' the school year All members recerve thls magazme upon payment of the 1n1t1at1on fee As the offlclal organ for the ulll and Scroll SOCICW thls magazlne contams all notlces and artlcles rn regard to the actrvrtxes of the urll nd Scroll The leadmg menibers of the ulll and Scroll represent Stlllwater at the Mrnne sota Hugh School Press Assocratron each year Fl-'l'llS conventlon was held at the Un vers'ty of Minnesota on Aprll II I2 I3 ohn Luhmann ames O Shauvhnessy and ean McMillan attended as official members of the uill and Scroll. Nr l. , n , , lt, in l tl fr jx N 1 P v I amazes 's..'sv n 'f-i s-S'-'iii N ew -aefds-.'a,-:f f-lvswss-v- e.qz'25"4'Wf2 ' l66l S 'S f . fi I-:N 7 5 's r 1 , U 1 Y' GI xggiiigiq . R 3 ' 55 ml 1 . .K-J:"'s4f . !'5T,- N 4-SQ! v '13, 471 IDE. if G' 0 ""f-0 " A ' r Q9 L A 'U-,fa . 11' A X' 293- 1? LET Qws, H 4e,'E7g'5xx ON itfff? .- WY OR fi! S 'Kyra ci: gavlfr ' -r 19 Ty Gs: K? ? QA ' gl K It 44' A .5 ax .J ,, la., if fi: QQ? 'U 19 115 GJ A, ' 1" 452, T sernault K fb of th he N 'FP fx e Q at- L, , 5: Tlrfhool 101131 Olsen- L9 equal 15 . Th Ath ms Y , e t Or , e le, - .9 fy ar 0 gan Cl tic X ned tha 'lza . uvb H E 'K 0 1 t tl w o - .Q I, I' tw ett of th On ' as . Ylor 0156 xt fig Wat 0 mi er' E e u ls a n lptfod Soci nius '91 4 ti er h nor vel' pper atlox ufle gy ' ir 'Q mes as SP0 yone On nal Cl 1 15 J N' 5 and till C a e " eSe ng 0 t . 0 e ,, V Sch suchwaterslies tom W0 lfeem for rn helf Cr athlg our most N 'fi 3 olar an . as Cho r Ing to b emb lass tes W pfln . excl oack M b U Tihip anllncentuevelrse froup a e ratlirship eg Anoho hglpal, lxljlsive O 6, buslness-e Club ,athivg Wmed so good nir rigidust higher ree main r.. Jolfganiza . fa: I9 y the 2-lctiv. has Chas mak e Hn embe requ,Ve e quire tamed Uson Mons 'QQ 6' ave Pr' .ity Ho ' C le 3 rsh' lfei arIl , me . a ' X 'Q I rage vinclpal. Candoffic our athlete lp as ments ed a lflt ls thu ave if 3 it enThe 113116 e. Due ldateirs beca thletess who h they bg but hetter inat Offage qi, : cour arni-113 , how are use StriV ave . ve bu everth a rn gi' 'PJ et ag on g h ' ev rec me e t ga ff el H " es CS al t e 0 mb 0 In tw C5 Joy 53 ' a hi Athlelf ilerr' to rhmmendefshi atfai ed Sta 0 'ands Still 'S' 99 gher detlc Hter' Onle inabed bp is m n greare-wid some- 'za ' ' f ' f n fs, Cgree g?0I. SY a felllty Zfthe gre an h el' he? liecogn. . up 63 Schotfciety mem athlethletic Onora g ts in Itlon siha dim ies to Sw degr both ' st' r - r e Q levem lflct 5 Chas alntain and e than im 6:9 ent S561 en e 'a appr a A . am to aah Sati Oved up Q Ong h. any yea Sfact 5 ff lgh scho T. Ury :J 32 and ol in CF 8, pre th ,H p sch ar 'Vu' dm O01 qi, .A ,N wa., ev Ps, Qs 'gb Q1 SJ? I5 .nip .J 1,5 I! 5,45 ix: '-ax Kgs 'A AQ? W1 !.,,,. A nf Jufsswx -11:9 U Y 5 "ze, A -ef be.. Q5 I ,- gf fr, J 'JL . ,zv fi r- A fs "u , r -. . .- .-. . -- - Q,-14 15-2' '52-' ' HL-feaf ew ewi S5-G gm. Q., ..3f-g9er-ri?'3,1E,xg..?grw-- effigy Ybisgrjeixa 'qi .. LJ . x ex A d I L 'tr 152 QP at Q51 l ft' 59 t fi! eo 4237 6-D 459 W oi" gi gl 45: G2 as Q1 ut QD up I 15 -A lf? gi lg. to -SJ sa '7 cf: 49 Q 25 is 42 5 S ft 'ri 4 2 la it Q2 5 S632 DEBATE TEAMS Back Row, left to right: Malloy, Groves, Johnson, Loiehr. Front Row, left to right: Peterson, Coach Inglebret, Newman. "Defeated but not outclassedn has been the debate situation of S. H. S. this year. All of the defeats, although discouraging to the student bo-dy, have not lessened the enthusiasm of the debaters, nor impaired the valuable experience that is theirs. The question before the Nlinnesota High School Debating League this year is of international interest: "Resolved: That the United States cease to protect by armed force domestic capital invested in foreign lands without a formal declaration of War." Due to a re-districting of schools, Stillwater High School now has much harder competition than ever before. North St. Paul, South St. Paul, and South High, Minneapolis, now compose 'the new district. There were two Stillwater High School teams in the field this year. The affirma- tive team consisted of Lulu Grove, Mildred Peterson, and Ruth Newman, and the negative team was composed' of Louis Malloy, Sheldon Johnson, Franklin Loehr. Stillwater's affirmative team lost to North St. Paul, while the negative team was defeated by South High, Minneapolis, and South St. Paul. The primary purpose of high school debate is not decision, or victory. nor are its results measured by the judges' votes. Debate is a valuable aid in the high school's Work of preparing the student for success in later life. Debate teaches clear and rabid thinking, and much wholesome enjoyment is received from the ability to talk before an audience. ' Three ofthe delbaters go on to college: three stay in school longer, and will trv to bring S. H. S. many debate victories. The school iustly expects to be proud of both groups. The Seniors close all high school debate Work with a hnal conviction that this will lbe very valuable, and with the confident hope that next year will bring better results in the field of debate. ,D . AW 1 , S, 71 K I QE! in 'Z fl, 4 dvi ti NEI a- I P0 5 :- H 1,2 gi oft. 4? U iv! Q :ip if 0 15 I' 'X . 3, i 65' Q-9 an ti? It '- ill, Q my 151 I-it QQ ' til V 4? 49 ft :gs '?"'7f1f fW"2""N'x 1 "--saw 'N 'i 7"'i'f' ji' .Q 'Q,'i' .-1:-ug-'L "-.5 -1sp,9:.,,,gi!.s-'Sag-,!.s-bg,-3,5z.Lv.?.,j7',.g-lv.A-2,-'a s -0 'v' 5,-lg .J we gl i681 f ' - N fi-"'N?: Q, f 'N - ,-.. r -. , ,. 'ffl-31+ 25-a, - ,,- . 5114: 21 Q 5 .Lu ig. ag. g.l49 C x,Q' 1.4-g.923qQ353g5:.Q,m45,r-gr Qgigiui f 41? C tg, Q fl THE 1928-1929 BAND Q1 it as r m Q, Y AA' '29 tl l 7 . a 3, K 4 ff 3 fy 1' Y c el ig, 11 , ev if 1 fy tg' VJ 'i Q' ul fi' gh 7 I at Q il . ffl' c it Oat F: E52 gn f 1,9 First Row, left to right: C. Crimmins, Deithart, Wick, Sender, J. Crimmins, Mosier, Anderson, fa' fy Douglas, Hanson, Humphreys. 5.4" Q. Second Row, left to right: Johnson, Loehr, Thofmpsou, Zolldan, Frey, Luhmann, En lin, Charlsen, If cl g 65 Monson, F. Loehr, Hill, Taft, Nason, Tobin, Jones. fl? P Y' 25 U U The band is still a very.young organization, and because of that, runs into many Q difficulties which the older institutions of the school do not have to contend with. .6 Q However, all things considered, the band has done very well this year, and a big step fi G, has been taken toward the ideal organization of the near future. With the interest of lj, ki the stuldients and their co-operation, the 'band will continue its rapid progress. Wg 2 THIS year, through the co-operation of the Board of Education, the director, lVlr. " fr' H F ' ' - ' l' W ugo rey of Minneapolis, spends two days a week with the band instead of just one 25 .3 as was the case lalsit year. This ,added rehearsal adds much to the success of the QQ, organization as a 'sc oo project. A 9 . - - . . " Q The PeI'SOIm6l consists of about thlrty regular high school students besides a number tai of boys from the .eighth grade of the Central school. 'U Q The following officers were elected or appointed shortly after school started: fx fi Manager, Waldron Douglasg Libnarian, Ralph Monson. ul at H During the year, the band played several concerts in school, and also helped "pep Q3 up the basketball and football games with some lively marches. Four or five assembly S programs were put on. At the benefit play they substituted for the orchestra at one IQ G, of 'the performances. Aboutthe middle of the year, the Notre Dame Victory March, CDI is which IS the tune of the Stillwater High School song, was secured and learned. IE, sb The year as a whole has been very successful andthe members of the band feel ci, 9, that what they have accomplished and what they have indirectly or directly got out of 45 the band well repays them for their patient practicing -and hard work. 'Q t' ,is Q01 1 fl W H. 's rl m9 I 233216 '3,2'g'-ff"52"E-vi S'-1-s"4sfiagua4?-.3-qfgif-1-:g,,y2L3,,5,-1L31ZE.L3-,yi' l69l I . fy - 1 -. -. ,- . - - 1,914-as-2-"-'Q' H.-fe'-.- as Zvi?-'S-G 34,9 4-ft-,'s,fQf sz- sf2iT-fb we-fs? SSS' Sfatsirs I1 l 6 rg, ti tit tts 6-J it A9 a THE ORCHESTRA Front Row left to rlght Charlsen Amundson Ottwell Sunonson Deragtsch Qchwarta Carlson Drerks McA1pm Vesall Back Row left to ught Sanftenberg Meyers Jackson Emhten Monson Shells Stenwlck We love muslc for the bur1ed hopes the garnered memorles the tender feelmgs It can summon at a touch MUSIC has so long been a part of our hlgh school curriculum that We sometlmes fall to reallze how really rmportant rt IS The various types of work ln the department of muslc not only grve lnstructlon to those who are mterested ln music but they also have a great mfluence 1n malung school act1v1t1es more colorful and in ralslng the standards of the school The orchestra teaches students to play lnstruments sl-:xllfully and to co operate 1n dolng ensemble playlng Besrcles ICCCIVIIIU beneflclal lnstructron in the art of orchestral work these puplls learn to appreclate fully the beauty of art1st1c muslcal productrons rn thls way cultlvatlng a dlscrlm natmg taste for the beautlful The school ltself recelves great benefits from the orchestra m the shape of chapel programs and entertalnment at plays and contests no one can apprecrate more fully than the chapel commlttee how Hne xt IS to have soloists from the orchestra who are wllllng to share the1r talents Wlth the students Under the competent leadershlp of MISS Beatrlce Sanftenberg the orchestra tlns year has made marked progress lnstrumentally speakmg the group IS well balanced the only drawlback commg from the fact that there IS a shortage of brass mstruments Th1s unfortunate condrtlon has made rt lmposslble for the orchestra to enter the state contest thls year ln splte of this hanclrcap the orchestra has already mastered a number of dlfflcult and worthwhrle composltlons 69 91 ty? SD l gb I I 'H l 1 O d f CW vi I gg l l l S15 Q9 Q 157 15:2 '71 lf? 'Sgr ig t s I., -1 tt 9 E R9 rf!! 6-I si Q di 45: Q 552 Q19 e' c . Q -rw W . 1 ' l - 3 ' Q 7 ' y 1 I , U ' r -- v al, M ' . ' , l ' y . . . fig' 1 ' ' v v 1 1 'Q 1 ' I' H . . . . Y 5' t , , , it 25 . N .,, . N . . E' gel A t t . y y , 4 6 . . . . . . . ,gs kv .'. I 0 . ' ffl 9' .5 . . . Q . . . . 4,9 C? . n , 'l , ' l ln . l- . ' 0 15 'pl . . . . . n . . . . . . r 9, - . ., Y " Y ,ll 421 w - . l - r . rg '- , : l l , ,Q a y . . . , g p , t-:Z . . l . . ' gg gp . I , . 129 19 A 1 . ' . Q ' . I 1 4 . . X n , 1 1 1 A , .QV -5 . .. . . . l ' f7 1? 1 1 , El A . . . . Lol, G, t . , Q is . . l . I . . i H W ,M 1 "f sg 'tt C U M5 45 'Q' Q tr! Lt , qty 5: it E Fi tn fl, 45' 'lt- ,g L77 H ?' Sz 62 a It l LT,-,e,m A 1-,fi-'im 4' ?:-1'-'ibiusw far?-.1-... Teas fp - ar- 1-9 f-13'R.G'-sr-'fi ,454 4 L53 -4"f.1 -.I an 95,4 QS-gf N""'..Wv.f Jflql New " HDI' l70l ' ""1 '11 i H - -.. . '. A f , it sr c was I .' 43, lg ,, '52 GLEE CLUBS 3? W Y- ? Q . - il- ggi gl Ti lv 913 dt Y' td tit f 93 42 'K . . ff . T 1' lm 2 G51 fa v 'U QQ, K1 '14 er ti 11 W it "9 4 S3 F-' it in cg' ll: 6: Q5 ctr vi G2 hp if It Q Back Row, left to right: G. Kalk, Nelson, Hefty, Fehlow, Barron, Krongglrf, Kelm, Kem, B. was G1 Hebharington, Siebeniich, Berschens, Simoinet. 29 Front Row, left to right: McLerer, McLaggan, Hallen, Anderson, A.nez, Stevens, Thomas, Lindematn, 4 Reickhitzer, Schmoeckel, Walker, Marty, La Monte. Q ray ig 1 t I I ' 7, 0 il Music washes away from the soul the dust of everydaay life. The truth of this 15 statement has been proved in the lives of people since the time of the Greek musician, 40, LQ Qrpheus. Every race or clan that has ever existed, finding something lacking in their 1? ,ip lives, used music as a means of cleansing the soul. Lx . , , fdj 91 Today, we find music about us on every hand. At home, in the church, and in G fi, school--in all the fundamental institutions existing-we hear all sorts of music. So, li? .9 ln our high school, we find that the Glee Clubs use music, not only as a balm for M ,B the soul, but also as something to be appreciated-something which needs more recog- get Q n1t1on than it receives. The girls show an active interest in choral work. They are cg 97 able to make their listeners feel that they not only love to sing for their own enjoyment, Q 11,5 but that they are glad and willing to furnish the product of their voices to the schools ' I to aid in its development, as well as its reputation. fit ff There are two glee clubs-each of which meets twice a week for hourly practice. fa, Q Mists Sanftenberg, who very ably directs the girls, aims at artistic expression and appre- .27 Q5 eration rather than mere volume. Most of the songs with which they work are either S two or three part selections. The girl-s have learned the beauty of true harmony in li, innumerable types of part singing. ill Fortunately, the glee clubs are not selfish with their talent and ability. In order 12, 6, to celebrate fittlngly the Yuletlde season, an-d to implant the proper spirit of Christmas ,fb C11 in the minds and hearts of the students and faculty, the glee clubs presented a group :El 49 of Christmas carols in a program which took place shortly before the Christmas vaca- 'W 5. . . . . . . , ,G 3 tion. To give extra color and spice to the program, specialties which portrayed in. cos- all B, tumes the songs and dances typical of Scotland, Germany, and Sweden, were artistically gf presented by soloist merrrbers of the glee clubs. . ' . IN. f?2 Surely, the school is ,grateful to these girls who are willing to glve of their time r"' fp to the extension of music as a school proyect. ' 3: 3:9 ri ' 9' J, ff I-2 ij I .,. - A . 's..f-so-as A ,-.172-iff...-'i Lqfw-lib? 'azi'r.,.j3..1s,,? ,,j1.. 1,45 ,,,3'eR-E-amiga N154-A Q93 -I .4 .1 nd in ,,wl 55,1 Q. ,-3,31 4:14 Q?-lb UH 4'-Q. in '9 Paix - 'AHS ..-1 -ag ,5'.3ZNf5'.wC,2 Lai, ,uf 'C' rvsqqk h' 5K5 yfciid -Diff? lr! L' 1 'er 4 lt' :J 1-:D 15s o I fp Q2 t Isl :fr ff' ei argl O W Q I! ' sy' ml :ff 45: GJ Q , r ' r S , , , . , , GY Back Row, levft to right: Beyers, Wilkinson, Doran, Carlson, Burtzzlaff, Scullen, Murphy. QD I' . . ' 5' ' , tb PM 1 . ' 6 , rg-u e , ur' , - 5. -- e E5 . . 053 I y , S1 N ' Q . . X Y 145 C57 p Q S lit fi Y -55 El 15: K ZZ 4 a qs :I lg? 4 Q! 45' 'I 52 Q 7 .1-V,-1: Y . . J. ' v W I. A Wk ' r GLEE CLUB Front Row left to nght Swan on Holmes Buckley Stevens Speiph Giossi Carlson. From harmony from heavenly harmony rl-'.l1lS unrversal frame began' When Nature underneath a heap Of Jarrlng atoms lay And could not heave her head The tuneful vo1ce was heard from high Ame ye more than dead. Then cold and hot and moist and dry In order to thexr statlons leap And muslcs power obey. From harmony from heavenly harmony Thls unrversal frame began' From harmony to harmony Through all the compass of the notes it ran The dlapason closing full in man. -John Dryden. Q fy A 1 eq Ax fl News Q 'iL'i'J!: "iii-S SSI-,y"'Js. g, w..,g.i,n'.!s-fg'-Q,Lf?.1E.,5gLgs1:,,y",xil35s-2"y-sj24 U21 ki I o - I af! . ge, 2 A Cir 324 iq isp 11 ffl 152 ga Q-1 tl- I , W C45 35 ' " iff- B" 'H' " ' ' '-vo-1 FQ ffl Q 'Jfei R airs A .lc ,, hfkiaf ,r-aailiix ,P U 40 in Q1 lib fy :tj tg! V f I I: if I 'S 14 59 li rf? 131' Qt 'Q I J .Q fi, x73 fs x J l, if ,U 1:4 15: za- llfj '57 5 1,17 -4-L fs I ' X9 g-'e-.ar5,,g..,i25i.s- Ihr. g It gn 4' ','2'J3"5""f9 l-'9?Q?f1:-"Q-QQ?-,exe 7'3'A -. Q, , - NJ - Q., X5-fag, wnw.5-gsfxggyf ggig J inix " H cm G!! ROLL ' - 63 O S WILD OAT" Q ll tl 4- l 3' , fl' of '57 Q 4-a Q A if -X li Q? '51 el 9 2 u ff ll 98 Q' Y- gg 45' Q qw ml W C4 gc, 1? Orb ti-7 I' 'J fx! 113 ul , F Q, Seated left -b A J 0 fight: Kouiner K QA s1:a,nd.1.u ,,1f , ' , r emley, Arm 1, - L.: 2, S e t to nght. Kallxnoffy Burch, K1-og,nlyiieiega-lslilllojseigiighto,ilhallghnessy. 5' ss , ' ' ' v . Krug, ' 1 150 H. Rollos Wild Oat" was succe f 11 fi? vb lgli School Auditorium. The action Ssfu y presented by the class of l9Z9 h 3 gg excepuonally fme. 0 all parts was excellent and the directinat t 6 ,E 191 E125 flea: as follows: lg We 1:2 9 0 9 STC? received a h k - 0 ffl I0 procluc Sli k 1 ,, C ei from his granclf th . 'U' gp Stein? a geijiilarilie tltlarinllet and play the leidivsg Earipiid aff he wished' H9 WHS Clelermingd if 7 Wltliout 3 ' grlca manager, Wl'1O is - mise ' He dlSCusses the - f 1? Roll v 5 Job!! Rollo de-Claes that she Wu k aQC0mPf1med by Goldie MCDHH mailer with 5? QQ 3005 Stl:-Ester, Yflla., is very much inlerestecil inmtzlx-lee a 'Perfect Ophelia, and bees h , a young adress fi! ' dm s di 5 er to PIHY the part ly a t ld cast 1:5 selected ancl the 1 Y .5 Procee g , an. s finally all d -- ,Q '- .J to h-of the affair by Bella, the maigalill 'Q' under way. Horatio Webster 51:6 tio play Prologue.. lg W 0 1m to come home immediate! T Q C 15 thoroughly disgusted with li S em grandfather' 15 el :Q iceiempaxiiecl by G01 die. when heygrrihxs ire:-iles flip the performance vylamletoua and Tncls H message 113 , y 13 aso ues rh l VBS ome, e fmds th h- ' - , 0 0 ia es a taxi 11 3 'Rx As the g Ome accombamecl b G at 'S grandfather - Ome W y rlk 11 - - . Y evrge L ., . 1? H01 On h d 11 f 5 Ectiess whim listoszjnlggfejioxlglihwelgster discoxgiii tligt Egfbiljfiliemiixothf falling? inhlovelswiflzit Lyliii. gi ' - . . - 2' ey ' . gran ' 3 gc? llos Erliiaillghilaiiirj Tjtrrlageg George a1?l30Tj'Cli:ti11l:,teEaX: Or: janetlxer, the grj:c:?fz:fliFer0io?xs1f::l0l-li rw fowl of Hafnler Cazisszfpxns' Wepfi??'S?lO20Ei if ,f ", all ' d ' Y ewst , 11 OH at ll ' S K HEIOISSIEYJQ Foeglgnzijrzjaiftoic ia Hnmigfilateiye qlilllgljlllgdlile 1Sl1CC66dCd in drawing Lacie? lgnliiiglflig 45, Carney ably carried he, ' O 0.0 Iebsler. Ophelia was 1 d . If ti itfliivird mufrh mdk' Jamiinoihalslggfesyebster' Lois Malloy- 31:56 plxffdlilfrilfil rpwia Mfr' lviosephim tg ' 0 as ewsro 5 ,Y was Suited r h' 1 - af 0 r. Sr' , tg as Mrs. Park Gale: thlolgilxnwazes of mirth- to the aufliznceis Ggrilihas Ilgorfmo Webster. Fredeyitlq g Zihgellizzt the 'IEE-xijli carried theic List.-5 A231212 hsermgn as the maiclenenAuncluli1::rle Slalxcillvelell hir rigaility H . ors. a eus Bea h d - . - 11 y. eorge Lucas, 1 d . ,YN C urch 5' 3 with the aSSlSlance of cMisZnAr:iQli:r?g Iilitogy lhelped make the ppliaiii? abzucleixlls Moser and two 'Q B ' e Pay Was a great success. i 1 v PJ . ll. f-5' 'ivy Q Q QED Q-A fN ' fi i ' 41391 1 'N 1- 1'-1'4'rw f- 'N I5 fl 4 A 3.65414 vldlvl , 'PA h 9 lp-Q Kea -if " "'.!f"fL"-V"u5l'35sf'5-ggi' l73l rg w r ri.AR.?.- L, , f-is -g,--. A nf. A A, ,, ,gg A1 r ,, K 0 - t. O 'Fiske .M ..' .. J c..-,seas-1x3 - 4ei'-6 -5.16 fit,-S.-.sG,L:'QS7w'1ssQ4,fa.5,w..v'5EX:,..5rwngs,-SN, Qgpggzxgi 43 tg! X? ch wb K' 6, BENEFIT PLAY Q ' av? Ass Y ,jr rl if tl l rr fl eff ft A A Cf 1 - ,F 'lm 29 tl 4-gt B ft? tg W 'Yi 0' it 3' 5? 45? 155 ffl gi 5 Wi Q1 Left to right: Benham, Johnson, Niederer, Staples, Ledvina, Dick, Nelson, Monson, McKusick, Peaslee. E7 . 6? Q, In the .fall of 1928 the Student Council resolved to attempt to raise a sum of fit 49 32,000 which was to be turned over to the board of education for improvement tg 57 of the old athletic field. In order to do this, the play, "The Dutch Detectivef' was it- ,S13 presented in the High School Auditorium. The play was a three-act farce comedy with the scene set in a little gcountry town. The lead 4:- 4, part, .Otto, the Dutch Detective, Awas played by Wilson Staples. He was a correspondence school if G' detective, lwho had granulated mit high dishonorf' His ambitions were to capture an eloped couple Q, and two escaped lunatics, so that he could get enough reward to set up a detective office of his own. 'G 9 lflis sweetheart, Katrina Kraut, played by Kathryn Niederer, had one very distinct German habit- 4,0 V she liked sllmburger cheese and onions." Otto and Katrina 'finally were married and left on the ly Q9 train for Niagara Falls to ,spend their hoenymoon. 53 The police force of Splinterville, -Mrpjabo Crab, T. C. fthief catcherj, was played by Sheldon gy Q johnson. He started out looking for his Ariminta, but finally decided that he liked Ambrosia McCarty QQ 't better. She was the little flapper who managed the lunch counter and the dining room at the depot. :Q The part 'was played by Margaret Benham. 11 QQ . Ariminty Sourdrops, a typical stage old maid, 'played by Marion McKusick, came to Splinterville QI K: with the intentions of marrying Jabo Grab. While looking for her Jabo, she ran into an old lfriend, C4 'lx Mzgorhlalanniball Hmiwleg fhfcibeix Peasleejc who lwail searching for his daughter Gladys fPhyllis Nelson, va u an e man e cope wit , ugustus oo, paye by Ralph M , 9' Ariminty tried to cool 'the Major down, but he was determirijgdollo "make him coo," as he said. 2? They finally came'to ,an understanding in the last scene, and the Major agreed to leave Augustus T, and Gladys alone rf 'they wouldnt interfere with his honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls. 5, M . Last, but not least, were the two lunatics, Plunk Jarlect,- the human fire engine, and also QD 8 Big Chief Woozy Firewater and 7Miss Hortensey Smatters, Esquire, the daughter of Alice in Won- I is derland. Their insane cleverness and foolishness, together with th several cases of mistaken identity Q9 made the play a laughing success. Plunk jarhck was playd by Lecnel Dick and Miss Hortensey 512, Smatters by Arlene liedvina. . lax 19 The play was directed by Miss. Gottry, and the specialties between acts were under the direction lm Q of Miss Mcshane and Miss Dahl. Miss Sanftenberg led the orchestra. Q Though the goal of 52,000 was not realized the play was considered a big success. 1' l ,J CAST , Otto, the Dutch Detective .............,.,.. Wilson Staples Hannibal Howler ...... ............. R obert Peaslee 'gf Q Katrina Kraut .,........................... . .....,,,,...,. Kathryn Niederer Gladys Howler ......, ................ P hyllis Nelson 2 Gif Jabo Crabb T. C ................. .. .......... Sheldon johnson Augustus Coo ..... - ..,.,.., ........,...., R alph Monson tb Ambrosia McCarty ...,.........,. .... ......, M a rgaret Benham Plunk Jarleck .,...,..,...... .. ............ Leonel Dick Q-nj 51 Anminta Sourdrops ............. ...,.. Marion McKusick Hortensy Smatters .......... ......,...,.. A rlene Ledvina li 'J' '. C- rv: 4' 1-fxf fX15,.?:x,x,,' ,NA ,S ,,,.5r5 W .. s ff- - - . . fs r . S0355 'ir-1'3"-'4'3'-5'-9 Sq'-5 'is9"'i'f5""Q,"f:v".L1v'-P 'v.Lc3-,1-495-l3.A,x-595' 'O N-and ing Wie, 9197 ,J l74l 9 .4 1 .1 lf? wi, U. 625 I., 'il :Lk QQ R- f IG! .Q 4 G53 ks. :ba za 'J . KE, x 'fr A A 5, BSSE ag'-:J Q s V 2' EN L og' S 552' T 3 EE 'mo Q' Q N EJ Ixrjm Q. QJA H B n lqv' ,km 53 ac t RQ' wx k 0 R, RIYIJV 'Yr tg Of oxii 1 Iii? 4 mW 'gift 'W Ig of an C eft3gS is IJIZ lik to. fig 'Fill A, 2 e r. ht -, Q 6 Ps fTl?s P31 fo ight: M xg 927 ?aJat?m'ean3pingpa I Niss ' gf A eff' allyst ul C U 0 H In . amjltjh nd lgrfearf Ee ack il xi Z e C n Q e vedr 1 ei ., 2? P fat? gi,yeenY.il3f5g1ve?'n bilugndlhmalln, K ' M 5: uppwm oureafolkrmru Svgch sts th H- ear L a y jlean lflln 'b fo oe K 119 "ii - hlld hade 'oaoffl 1' 'y J m Moleu ,Ke 51l.uvth a 0+ - La 'Q 0 fsrytltootg J fr Wth uve ieslsrat h','0le af Tuo 70K ' .9 t0ch'Sbeha gBabrd Y011. F Q 0 lggh t lfoyrij rg? I1,dR,Et aievlearkluiea Sha lller in Q et tthpildii gglyab r N-lglillargjltfnioxgzgln aughn, N in! K? e t l rig iy- lied el ggs plCnm0n plnd ess ewm 4 ig mlnr uininialkarcrechwlilsay Yinrway d yy al, if 0501 1nre,chI'la auieda fas' .sfo K 'L A i tltbgd Clrant fro Swe1S 'J gi arr,n Ct Sb0lm5ucS so er Q1 'ff Q bi, pig 4101353 Yee Cfoweoi cjroyosgiffgcy Staply N, is g'!faf0 ,if Eolndvgwlili-'Phe .52 egjVeifat ai Jallse 314,050 P P G' ef FY 2 WS roeare as ul' P5 pb ic? Eye shee Oh 'SO af Q wtt se t- da H - 58 1 lcaporldnlll lth, hfinn In,er., U, T Htpagfwe ff1a,Qe7'21hf ffafmdeid nt -is' It 1110 r uslrrlss 1 fl '27, lngaihlji rogagfi ifnstri avian C ends fg, in fd gaggtsf S535 ha kist Yjies las fs: 5-,. eveyst t' hoallfag tliplfglth k S Q' b A fygAbe22nQ1y 12. S., am Wffw wa 'Q' 3, tai I-Iseeg - VE' Eycoon '53 gg lllie Il tginzrvrg- ,ga Shegllf hsees 565 3 5 aid th - 'G who W at ui? ,sv knork 59 2 CW ' 'LJ tg' .L " ip-A 1, 15 Jr? gg 56 fix das. 'R Q53 2, S MM ga r- V5 Ln' , , .ljggt 551 FN r Ak, R '. " fx gg., r '- . - '5?,t1,,n.3- - ..-1 :s-Q,-faague Q- 53.2. Q -3419 ff1,3,,:ne -g -.--Q-a42J',35's3.QfFs-43-.fgn S-M ag fl Q 229 QD QS 'J at XL.: e 'O I ds A go 95 ACTIVITY PLAY Our mnth annual Shakespeares Dream entltled Cyclone Sally whlch was pre ented February Sth and 9th proved to be the best productlon ever staged ln the Stlllwater Hlgh School The talent clxsplayed was unusual for students Few would have knovm the characters were mere amateurs by the way It was presented due no doubt to the supervlslon and dlrectlon of lVl1ss Klelty and lVl1ss Plerce Cyclone Sally had the largest attendance any hlgh school play has ever had It was an uproarlous comedy 1n three acts and contalned many humorous remarks The very large crowd proved that rt was keenly apprecrated by the pubhc The leadmg characters were portrayed by ohn Luhmann and Ruth Newman both members of the Semor class ohn Luhmann took the part of hot tempered ack Webster and Ruth Newman made a perfect Cyclone Sally Englrsh Reggle played by Harold Krog was w1thout questlon an outstandlng Hgure ln the play Although he had a dlfflcult tlme seeing through Amerlcan Jokes he gave us a good ldea of humor as dlsplayed by an Engllshman Coy Ruth a peach Reggle would llke to p1ck was played by Katherlne Stevens 1m erklns who courted for twenty years and was not yet dlscouraged was played by Dean Charlsen and cute llttle Effle Varden and VIVIHH Vernon the belles of the countryside were played by Margaret Benham and Gr tchen Kollmer respectlvely The play was full of musxc mcludmg a half dozen choruses solos etc The outstandmg choruses were the Snappy chorus Funny Paper chorus Bluebird chorus Fellx the Lat and Me and the Mau ln the Moon There were over eighty characters 1n the pfrocluctlon the largest group ever used ln a hlgh school play It was reproduced at the Veterans Hospltal at Fort Snellmg and the State Prlson wxth equal success and appreclatlon ily: Q1 ai? 1- M l I 1 ' M cl: W 1. at 'P g l 'lm 452 Q A 64, 44 1' Y ff! Q f m- Q it 45' Q5 0 'L' 4 49, qt 5' 1-t ce? rl G2 l me c R39 5' Q . , , . X 4 K , , , . Q S - , ' ' T2 ' . ' t . fa? ffl - :- rt , , - 4-2 6, .. ,, 6 EQ . . . X I 4,3 1:7 n . . q - 'Q Q . J - t as-2 5' W f t ' th fi 1 - J . . 5 G ., , - , f-P A X X . . X X . . X ai .J X . . . . . . X . is g . . ' . ' ' 1 . , X X J , -1 45? . , X X . t . X3 cl . . . X Q In A -' - ' 9' Q ' ' 2 . . 'ay 53 . t ' ' ' ' . t fs so r tl 1 , . , , X . . X . X 5 . . . . 2' , t r - 15 , . . X . XXX Q tr! 3 0 Lt lm If 1. do '3'fP 5, i ff' 1, 'l ci' ti Q I' 01- 'MI' 'X ' lx 'HN 'sf'-fig, 1 fs E1 ef- gf? f SH-x-".!5,1'Q? I3s.'.iNe,.,g,i1' 'S ,.,f-SQA -gas? ,. yn,,'f-B92 4, ,, 15354 ,wr gf Q, 93 5, L -up 52, Sega Rib v t, U61 X f?""','f'3i-JE, '15 5:2-":77f47v,, ?45,::,,f.-V' ' g??Xxu,J1l17i,iZx1 f ,,l',f1," ! 1 L42 ",,.wA ilu '+Q1'RH"" SM W D v 1 iq -'U Jfib X: sr." A' WMS W If , ia , XS ff? .fl ,I 32 iklxlx S5Q,igLj? ' CL, KXNH K'-Af V 1 f J,4Mf f Z nnrzmu mums The past and thence I will assay to glean A Warning for the future, so that man May proht hy his errors, and derive Experience from his folly.: For when the power of imparting joy Is equal to the will, the human soul require 1 G '?143:Elj" 'LKS 4, QQ!-It-I I CS !5'imZ'iS43,.,, XV, 195' ibfx .,. ff -5' STM? .-A F - - X S nnxr- Q I fob ' ':"'5!i!S9 an ., , Q ' A' 5625-v, . us THE SCIEN wwf, I Q93 429 V CE CLUB -fi 29 tw! Q 652- hh A 4'-.U '35 if iv gf ey Q ,Fl 'H Q15 127 V 121 49 62 ' 3' S-J U A 9' .Gp K? ,1 LW '3 f 459 Ge 111 if Q' aa 'e Gu Q5 e ma' ' " .. , J01' t Q", '52 members of th ly .of the Stud Q k e S ents - lu .. nowl Cl- - Clenc C takl v7 , S ge In a e lub. Ir 1, ng the Cf, 1 ,gl 927 b Pleasant as 'for - mpulgor - Q., 15 8. me, b ut never my-efo and amUSin Its purpose th yb Sclenees and h . m ership of 0 re I-135 'Such r g mannef. e rpadening of P YSICS are consfegefal Vew 31523905 and wifiif been had misc fi' - S e of , eSt111g A P6 lt ' Wn as th. S or-igi . A cf The h expeflme - meetmgs 1 Comm . 15 yea - H In ws - memq, nts with 1' . were A h ue to Y- It ha rm db ,ers 100ked ' - lquld o greatly en' prosper. S UUW lu .gb C An mterestin t on Wlth Wonde Xygen through th layed. The first gf, 5? aomrlblltions madeglsnter-class debas as the different ax le ?H0ftS of Mrregular PTOgrarh '23 5 ag? greater than tho Y scientists to tl: was held on tiXper1mentS were . if O. johnsonj 9 ve! art' This cre Se made by lead e Well-being, pro e question: Ressler Ormed, G5 Seq wen chosen ffed much excitefiff In other Qeldsgfess, and happineged: That the 4:-, 6, nlolflass' Ophy was offefgde? Tong the, Sch as war, indufu-Sf lhumanity ' 0 r ' . aSSe5 C1 , ire 4 I M. Humber of e Wmnm ue to th rature, It 25 omits? HF'-ihlmah Isfajrgretings were of S5 Class, Which profedfaft Lhat a AE! " 6 ead' , ' Ive I-A equal ' 0 e th W' V -5 Its . mg organiz - Owen, and Interest. U d e 5' 5 presid offlcefs for lgzatlons of the sch MY' Gegrge J n er the leader ef : 6HtQ and 1 ar ' 001. ansefl, the I S lp of My C '79 eden Joh e- Leroy G Cub has b ' fl-4 4 n50l'l Ulclan . eCome g 75 ' Secfeta - ' Pfesld . 'VI Q ry treasurer ent, Dav'd .IPI Q9 . 1 Lghmicke , .31 I-9 , vlce .5 ll .. Eg :QQ .2 . fi 1' Q 1:1 :Z-3 ii: -9 ,Q gf 3? W C-gm 33 QA V bFE2?ex"'LEv?,'.r'i-6456, ,. ,X Q42 " "a-Liver? 42 N' if ""'i'N,,, 45 Q12 s-Yrsglwvtfvu-'Ps.,-,1i2. 'S nga " .!,- ?,,1vs, , x -- .1 e..g?l2"g1.,3T9if' X791 4'-cf -nr fi- ALR? , in - a X, IE?" A " "" ' -Wfffs -Q-Sa-ss.: .W f -' W' hu.- :N A I -- ' - ... 3:19 ,... mfg-.5.. KN ..-.-. ,, , ffl Q4 S-I s9'2efPq57-vkgsfgf it if-S5333 iezwaau N' H ' wa lx' i n f tv: Q93 u tai SENIOR HLY ge 1 or +s of A X 429 gb QQ Av in Q5 Si Wi W Li it g ig? P my ti' lit 'F' " .s I rf? 479 ,e Q52 W at 'Gi 59 59. G! 9 if fisf dy 'J ef ilu L21 First Row 4' 1 , left to 1-ight. Leh . Inj -1 second Row, lft A -. micke, Bell, Naegele, A QL Third Row, mit tio fight. Olsemus, Noack, Johnson, ligmgonlery' Mosier- G'-Udall. 574 Q nght. Douglas, Chai-lsen , 1 Og, D1ck, Adviser Br V 1 19 Th ' oshaughnessvt BUSH-11, Olsenius Huss andes. rg ,I ' ' ' - . y ' 1' up 6. is an activity in h' h . iq! I th - . W IC We rec , . . F 153 ll Yough its teachings, strives to instill ' ewe gfiod Sound moral tfalnlng- The club iii gi IVCS of character d ' W1 every boy si heart the d ' ' - t gi it its it Sami: to mankind- fo he Crm it . . ' - . . a ion as ee 1 - . , I Q, Es Emroduchon m 1924 when TVB 3ii1iJnHl1enced1n tbl: Stillwater High School tsince TS great service . ' 0' alne a c arte. O ' ' - ' A registratio f - Was the staging of the Older B0 , ff rganlzecl in l924, ltS 1 U 11 0 six hunclr cl ld - YS C011 Srence in 1927 ' s f 053 the conference W e 0 ef boys, thls was a gigantic t d ' ' Wlth a 4 aj Omcer f ai 612gu3cess from every angle m eftakmg- Nevertheless 'lil ' . l 5 or , Q W ' ' 'A' Q Lwis MOSICI' was sel ere fflectecl before school encled th ' az, ected a C1 C previou i u. Q secretary, and 13-re d K 1, Epresi ent, Lowell Johnson. vice-presicle t. B S Semester- 41,1 tai the year 9- H10 , treasurer. Members w C1 n ' Futon J0nes, 44, , . ere a ded Seve 1 . .mg 6 The Hi Y ' ra mes dufmg i ' ' IS a very exclusive or a ' ' '25 i - t - 0 25 3533 by die inure club. Choice must ien1iiailo:VL1OCand1daff for membership are voted fs ' me ' - . . . us, - . . J is Ca!-Tgihtlifs lpcltobproiaective individuals. one ack ban bemg augment to 'lad "- e ' Y ewis lVlosi V E, Sourcgaoirecreqtlon and informatioir and Mr. Brandes, adviser, the meetings are a talk bg, lieariietilf elite, the club has lunch in the school caf t ' f 8 Cm ers of the community. e erm ouowed by a Short W 6:1 151 '9 Hi Gi IQ Q2 417 til t 5' , " it re 621 T7 -'-4-'L -'-.9 dean.-N - fa- ,N , ul Q I,-lf.,s.f5'Ng,,,,a,-1x-',P 'L ,DA I 'X '34-5 Kia M f-el--fnqfwsaf,-sri' .L JA .lite so sv' 5, -5 aiu, up al N4 sf P801 i n J - ' "' 'S-K-'-if Q., ' ' N 15--'sP1T"-6' 'A' lx ff ff 'ar -.--"Z ip , 'Ar' NN 'hi ix -215'-TFZC Y nga? iii' -5 J-"""'3f -" '51 ' "' 4' -5'iP1.'3Z- srlsfg ffl--8. 'J'-'gy 6 --PS'-' is: -'X it-'.. vi -'iw 4 .1 fr Q: 'Y ' f ff: JUNIOR HI-Y QQ Q: uv? r r J. lg! Q fi-J SPD ei L m 1 i , Q23 gig gd- l. A it 7 Gi' tl 1' fe: S71 GU ef? " 1 gat ri 3 Q dl 14' W it :ff ffl' 2' is lf' 542 t? 5, First Row, left to right: Lehmicke, Tobin, Nordeen, Thorpe, Charlsem, Sawyer, Sandeen, Lo-ehr. 'af I9 Second Row, left to right: Kerr, Stenwick, Davis, Johnson, Kuhlman, Chlarlsen, Nelson, Hill, Grove. If at Third Row, left to right: Scully, Zimmerman, Janilla, Englin, Lehmicke-, Farmer, Meister, Johnson, ,og Luhmann, Leffe-k, Derragisch, Lammers. 'E 1-tj 53" The Junior Hi-Y clulb of the Stillwater High School was organized in l927-28 ,513 and was composed of Freshmen, Sophomores, and some Juniors. The purpose of the in club is the same as that of the senior group: to promote clean speech, clean living, and ,ga 6 clean thinking thrughout the school. Its two sponsors, Mr. Kuhlman and Mr. Johnson, Q, Q, are members of the faculty and have taken a great interest in the club and the Welfare 'Q' Q of its members. One of the two takes charge of the group discussion at every meeting. iii fp The Junior H1-Y sent six delegates to the convention at Albert Lea held on 1? 'gl Novemlber l9, 20, and Zl. They were Robert Davis, Ronald Johnson, David PJ :Fl Lehmicke, Albert Lehmicke, Sheldon Johnson, and Clark Grove. The 'theme ofthe 31 8:9 conference was "We Wotild See Jesus." The 'theme was carried out by speakers "fl who conveyed their messages to the delegates by wonderful, informal talksg just as Z' 93? important was the group discussion in whic heach boy, fwho was assigned a group in if qi, which there was not more than one of his own delegationl might tell his opinions 12, 49 about certain problems which might have arisen in his life, as they had in the lives ffl of. others. Every boy received so many benefits from the conference that the Junior "5 la H1-Y, in the years to come, 'plans to send as many d-elegates as possible to the various El H1-Y conferences in the state. is 47, The club is guided by Robert Davis, president, David Lehmicke, vice-presidentg ff, 5 and Sheldon Johnson, secretary-treasurer. ,L 09 'Q' x 51 .7 K it ft ffl 7 Q W 45 .ll- .g lr? ?f' :li .q lv ci :ii A F' W f ,fl Q333yQ,,1?,f5,,'31?1iivi-943f?s:gq:!j,4-,f?s.3g,:,-f.P-2-3,.g'il3..j5,"QL5l9'53'S'rf12 M ISU 15' c '31 all QD 63 05 tl tl! Ab 0' 'I s U F5 I- 1 f' 'kv -. . . 4-S g'l5,1.a.,'Ng: Q,..1ea. -a n Q.. Gi,-.5 ass., , f 1,g,fQj1g-,1.a .3ggR grim 3555219 Brew,-, 'O J' a . Q -. SIGMA GAMMA CHI Front Row, left to rlght Walker Nelson Klemschmtz Pauley Scullen Lustlg Mlss Armstrong Hemsch, Benner Kearney Jamlla Connor Gllker, McManus Back Row left to rxght Kolhner Swanson Berquzst Hunt Loehr Peflersorn, Bhss Germam Ledvma Salmore McM111a11 I-Iagstrom Hoppke The last and best orgamzatlon to be formed m Stlllwater I-llgh School durmg the year l929 was the Semor Gxrls club or m a formal way Slgma Gamma Chl The membershlp of thls organnatxon lS llmltecl to Senlor girls Thls IS a strxctlv Informal orgamzatron the purpose bemg to dlscuss rules of etlquette and other socxal problems of the day, and to furmsh sthe glrls a way to know each other better and to become frrends For the Chrlstmas meetmg Mrs Kollmer gave a short tallc on Girls of Other Lands rllustratlng by mctures from Indra and other countries showlng the dress mode of lrvmg houslng condrtrons and recreatlon It was all new and entertammff to the furls and may be classed as the best meeting bf the year This groun Drldes xtself on havmfv very llttle of the usual machmery mstead rt IS fvoverned by a commlttee appointed by a Drecedmv commlttee whlch conducts the meetmgs and arranges lmht re freshments and a short program Several of the meetings took on a decldedly Rotarlan quality the girls had a noon llunch rn the Domestic Scrence bulldmg whxch was followed by a program and an Informal drscusslon of nroblems mterestlng to gurls A small fee was charved for the lunch Veronica Lustw was unanimously chosen to take charge of the finances of thls club When the weather becomes surtable for outsrde 3CllVlllES hllces will be one of the chnef sources of recreatlon for the Urrls 'These hllces wnll take the place of our revular meetxnv date whrch IS once every month Miss Armstronfr I9 the enthusxastnc leader and superuser of thls orfvanlzatlon She does a Great deal to add to the discussion at the meetlnvs The Senror class may well be lproud of such an orvanlzatron as thrs for lt lS an excellent wav of promotlng a broader frlendshm and harmony among the Semor Ulrls f"'f'fxf- 'Nvlha-7111 ,- 'S-sf, vs 5 1"'iNfs 1 54: L 1- gif 'ti at Qu ,n 3 All 99 lx si N W tis M x F 4 1 fi v fr at sl t' r W iv Q' c tl r 2 '59 'ii its 34 T 1 la: pg ly' FA CQ if 5-1 of ti 052 lil if ?' 5 A V , A . its gl , 1 . ' ' . . . . 5 nj 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1' 23 , ' , , . 'J '52 E: F5 . . . . . . H - . 1 - .. - - 11 A 49 . . . A . . . - .A '1' lf: - ' 15, P1 . ' ' .Cf 2 . '1 . . . .. . .. . . A laj . . ' . . . . . ' . . 75, FJ - . ' - . . I- H. ' ' .' 471 sv . ' .2 I - -I I , . l 9' 5 ' 'I Q, ' ,. . 5 ' . ' o U is cg . ' . 1 . . , . . ' Y: C5 ' , - ' - D 'JI 7! S A . . . .. . . ' . 7 Q15 4 , 2 Y. . , . . . . . , I7 , s s 11 f " - ctr 6, . D .K Q. . l . D . . D 5 2, 1 1 1 - - . 1 . , . 1 fy' 6, . . A 5 A w , lux 0 - D - lk gg CQ '21 15 9 ti :Q 1? 299 Srl gl "A -5' If 1 A 'swf-sf-..0 15 12491:-:favs Su- -n.sufi,,.f.!-.ssw..,g,a.,,...3 .-,J-.e3,,3 ,,5-1J,v3,-5,3 S-JL!!! if 6 it 5, .3 Q , 5:1 Q, l32l . 3 15 ii fs. 65945357 -LKJ'-5, ogg.,-,,,,gpie53-?Q'3. 5, Q33 iiqstg rfwg get-:gg ggi.: 21? ggtqxgu ffl . xi CQ, an X' 5 C? ,ft ' l gh. gb TALENT CLUB fl K wffs In --, in . , iz' N N Qi Y , 59 tt' I I F: 79 1 iii ttf' il: I 5 til rar 1- K f 7 1 - , Y fr! tl G51 .pp All Q5 as .1 ev I gt Z9 411 W, Q K1 X cm, 9 '31 , . qi' fill Q51 .J 6: 3. 1" 'ta Y air lg? fl . J. as Front Row, left to right: Lamb, McKusick, Carlson, Williams, Jackson., Larnmers, Dahl, Newman, 27' ht Fredericks, Murphy, Sheils, Reichkitzer, Heifort. do at Back Row, left to right: M. Loehr, Walker, Lammecns, Vesall, Kerr, Stenwick, Monson, ZF. Loehr, ,," 'L Buckley. - tfll 29 .4 fi? . . . . . . '75 .57 The Talent Clulb was originated in Stillwater High School in 1925 at the sug- ly- . . . . ,gl gestion of Student Council under Miss Nora Boraas. The next year the club grew a Q Eb little more and this year it has increased almost three times its original size. During the b first part of this year the Talent Club met with Miss llah Dahl as faculty adviser. 'sw iff At this meeting the 'following officers were elected: President, Ruth Newman, vice- tp' . . . . 1 9' president, Nellie Murphy, and secretary-treasurer, James Vesall, and it was decided ig fit to petition Student Council for permission to meet in the 'Music Room every second GJ and fourth Wednesda ' h h ' y ln t e mont . u- s ul' :Fl The plan of the meeting is to have a short business meeting, followed by a program furnished 9 by the members of the club. The reasons for havinv these rofvrams are that it develo s talent, "F :f P -1- P Q overcomes that ogre, stage fright, and furnishes entertainment for the rest of the members. C, The Talent Club has proved to be a blessing to the Assembly Committee as the club has Q filled in when people for the regular schedule disappointed the committee at the last minute. The fl, Talent Cl-ub-has. furnished programs for the various organizations in town, and supplied talent for the ,Lay df, many activities in school. fi? There are no requirements for joining this organization except a willingness to partake in activities .Q ,Q and the ability to play some musical instrument. g' 'R The- organization is comparatively young as yet but the work accomplished more than makes :il up for its apparent youngness. The purpose of the club is to encourage and develop talent in the any tg school at large. With such a large perspective, and'with spring activities coming, many pupils have E iomed the club. eg fit Qt ,W l, .af 31 G6 49 lf. fin Q ig? fi Q it .Q 'f .51 .af ew K?- B ,. , ' 'fx "V 'l33gyg,g,f5,f55u.fif3'.i'ii:-3vk,'4p.1g,, 3-,'gg,:5-1'-:g,g1L3.,jg-fqljzysxgg-ak! ' ' E831 s 1 0 . 4 A G??:14'iE'5' 'REP' 1-4.-,-4.-faqs' Q- 2.4-5. 34,9 ?s?5iW gxgfgli we-31.5-3 L! CS it X? uf 41' 4 65 ALPHA CAM A AU 511 i Fr f' 1535 69 lb J S el tin tl W tl il' U t' K tit rf n- ? 4 rp W -x x 'PI 1:1 ,Q Gal in 459 Y9 G' kill '1' '-9 1-f 'if 45: 171 ffl til js , Z9 Back Row: Johnson, Funk, Stevenson, McLeer, Glasrui, Bliss, Kalinoif, Miss McShane, La.Mon1:e, 5' f M. Loehr, ZE'. Loehr, Mosier. ,fly Q, Cecnter Row: Barron, Hoifman, K. Malloy, Mohr, Kalk, Kaufmann, Sandeen, Elmquist, Edstrorn, I? Q5 Smith, Doerr, I-Iemsch, Pauley. 42, Front Row: Lammers, Murphy, Leffek, Soens, Malloy. 11, 127 A-, ,Sl Alpha Gamma Tau, more commonly known as the "Math Club," is a large AE' tin and active organization under the able leadership of Miss Veronica lVlcShane. :nj 4 This club has been an organization of the school "for the past three years, and 'ze fix' was begun under the direction of Miss Selma Erickson. The purpose of the club is to rf!! Q further mathematical knowledge and to develop and stimulate interest in mathematics. gi' ffl Anyone who has taken a y-ear of mathematics is eligible to membership. The club 'Q meets the first school Tuesday of every month. During the course of the year there Q.. :Fl were many interesting and amusing programs. Some of the programs consisted of if 29 mathematical problems, while the others were purely social. 27 This 'year the club is very proud of their new and handsome pins. The pin is a 123 red and black "M" with the Greek letters "ACTH on it. 5,5 6, The name Alpha Gamma Tau, which is confusing to many, may be explained as follows: 'lx Alpha is the Greek letter A, signifying algebra. tv Q ?amma the Greek letter G, signifying geometry. -in V au is t e Greek letter T, sivnifyinv trigonometry. li S, n Q A 1' 'Fl tg CLUB OFFICERS gg Pl'CSidCh! ......... . .................. ...............................,...,..........,.,., .... ..,.,......... F r e derick Kalinofl: 1 1' Vice-President ......,..,......... ..,.,...... M argaret Jean Loehr i, vb Secretar and T L ' M ll at Y TCHSUYCY ...............,.......,..... ours a oy 'R 15 '91 i5 t X ffm GQ f -v ff! it ff? 3 .52 tl C11 Sgt A 1' 'fri f Qxvlza-ZW 95 'P 'S-x fi 'S T? f' 4" 3762,-fxs5P 'F.a.9'?J-tflv!,"-H-5, s-Nr,g,ufD,fiI.h-12:-13'-3,-:Q 1-1.Lv?.,'.g'Qs5'l7.,,x:b-5,2 'JV "P -is " 9 if Qs , sg, ,,, , H541 1f'N I- J-Uyfv X I ..,, f f, l ,, 1 '69, !5.2- ., -5. 1 Q,-m,5P 21 gg, -Stas 3.31. 35, 5.1 , 1,54 Q95-K,--g,5l.L-,:355ik,Qf'm if-Qgqjq 8 3 0 A ,J cl 2, Fl ttb tts 'J Z2 c t u 3 f fi N J S fag pl G9 ,. t-gt tiff Q 1 v, 9? at El 'tv gl it Q1 Qt 91 tgj ut? 51 lit 4:5 'PD :B 3 65 c-Tr fi xi- El 425 53 it Q3 cs 1 15 42 1 0 KJ v xv S LAMBDA IOTA TAU Front Row: Lamb, Hudak, Wilkinson, Peterson, McDonald, Miss Rose, Murphy, Brosrlous, Stevens, Shirley, Collins. Back Row: Easton, Davis, Kerr, Lehmicke, Lammers, Bliss, Grove, Stenwick, Vesa.l1, Jo-hnson. The Lambda Iota Tau elected the following officers to guide their ship of state through the school year: President, Mary Brosiousg vice-president, Clark Groveg sec- retary and treasurer, Mildred Peterson. This club, commonly known and spoken of by the students as the Shakespeare Club, was formed last year by the Freshmen of l9Z8. The Freshmen, ,feeling that they would like to know more about Shakespeare and his writings, felt inclined to establish ,a club in which Hall those interested could participate in this research. As ja result, this group presented "The Merchant of Venice" that year in assembly. This year, xthe Freshmen being Sophomores, and older in mind, believed that the first undertaking should be the drawing up of a constitution. Therefore, they elected a committee for this purpose. The members as a whole -decided that they should study not only Shakespeare but all literature. Therefore, a Greek name, Lambda Iota Tau, meaning literature, was found for the club. The chief aims and purposes of the club are to bring out talent, and to create a greater interest in the literary world. The club holds its meetings every second Thursday in each month. It has a room, that formerly belonged to the normal class. in which it meets. The constitution provides for bringing in new members, vetoing and passing laws, eliminating and adding members, electing officers, and paying dues. This year, the club has voted ,upon and accepted about fifteen new members. These members have taken lively interest in the organization, and are proving an asset to the club. A program committee of three provides some sort of entertainment for each meeting. This com- mittee consists of Sheldon johnson, and james Vesall, with the vice-president acting as chairman, The Lambda lota Tau is interested in .all ,outside things pertaining to literature. They have seen "The Merchant of Venice" in St. Paul, and have an eye open for all other noted plays. l K1 ,, I 'I 1. ft 'x ,-. ,og fl 34'Jf'gZ1f5x '3.,g.5'v5E 4.i NQ"4v.9,u. ,:ar3-,skeins-12.jg,5g.3.y- 3 Qviesgs t85t fs - IQ'-s W fi 717. '4r"- x--I 5.4 - 'ix,..-u -.. r -. , ,- ,. lgrgya ., -. v w!"r1-affix .5 - :La 5. QT. gg.. gi-lie r l,.g.495g5z,.-gx6l,"s?,3E iiiggv lggsgilg a N si tl? V' 1-9 492 i 51, BLUE TRIANGLE 'fy A if ngi owl if ,Y U sa r fl' cu l u 03 e 5 I f 9 3 I fi -ff ml 4: QR, 'Za ft? tg Q ti 14' is 63 52? UI . ff' 457 'D G2 Q el if 9 . . . ttf E. Girl Reserves are two words that have an ,appealing sound. The Blue Triangle, V6 Q5 which name this club is sometimes called, is the particular symbol of the organization. Q9 151 The Girl Reserve code embodies those ideals of service, love, and right living that help gi 57 a girl to make life a lovely and Worth-while one. is Q, A:Girl Reserve means a girl who takes .the way of virtue, a girl who develops 6' w her spirit, who tries always to learn something new, useful, helpful for her future life. 'p' if .. . ,, . . . . N ,' To face life squarely in the daily tests which 'come at home, ln school, at work, at li., play, to be a friend to all and strive to show Jesus' love in every 'little deedg to give will Q the best of self ,in service to God and in fellowship with girls everywhere-these are 55 fl, golden threads woven through the everyday fabric out of which a Girl Reserve fashions ' her thoughts and actions. Q gli . . ' ' The Glrl Reserve code is: W 59 gh ' n I -9 I will try to be: Q f r .Q 1? Gracious in manner Seeing the beautiful C2 97 lmpartlal in judgment Eager for knowledge A 2? Ready for .service Reverent to God 'gd gg Loyal to friends Victorious over self Y. . Reaching toward the best Ever dependable I-5 Earnest in purpose Sincere at all times 7 . . . , The Girl Reserve movement at Stillwater High School is a well-organized group 1,121 Q9 of young folks eager to do their part. The girls who hold the official positions are all gig 6? active and alert and 'capable' of leading the other girls. Grace I-lagstrom is president, las 53 Kathryn Niederer, -vice president, and Josephine Kearney is secretary-treasurer. Miss 3 Elstad and MISS Pierce are ,faculty advisers. 5 Besides the regular business meetings, hikes, social gatherings, parties, banquets, ffll lg, and camp life fill the Girl Reserve year with much enjoyment and wholesome recreation. 45 i 45' Q , . ul? Yr? if? 5 09 9' Q 'gs -uw 0 N51 33,3219 ',3,'5.4'3-zfifi-i 9:-3"5laj',s:..Qg,':f?-3-sg:!fgr.fg.,,f3s.igggsdz.-'NR5,5'g1,3-59?' l36l 3 L. I if' , g 5 ff, 5 , V05 ' F "f - --im W Q Q 51" 'il' A ' I x D w ,Q . 'L x !,,,'q: ' 'K KN L ' F ' -' if L , Y, ,, ,gi 'A Y ' ,fif 7 h ,MK , - , , ,it , , A 52 'ii f AA, 4 s 4 ' .. af ' nu H I , - 1 Q . '45,-s W1 , ? 5 f If ,', qkl 5 , 1' r '-, 4 ' Q A ' ' S X L M . 1 E P WI i Vs 1 x , x X .4234 fx 5 1. 1 I Q X ffvvu Q -- .Z ffisams-c 9' 3. XE, N . ,SK ,M- f 'S W '3...:2ff?T4- fx ,gg A I W' fi INLET I CS- Not an who seem to fail have faffecf fncfeecf, Not all who fail have therefore worfeecf in vafn TlLere,s no failure for the goocf and brave. ,. mgszliif' 4-X3 ' iq.-11414-iii' .Le 55- . 3.,Q9 x 1.3:-QExG"G-5232355-f?W-QPQJ 3? -iiixik fr 'er 452 Q1 : FOOTBALL ,. uv Q 451 --M 99 PD :ft 9' it 2 1 . I -. 5' 1- r 'Z ffl! 29 GJ 4-2 Q, at 1 gi 459 54 va 1:7 ii, f QI 3' a, C" H 2 I 6' 153 W 15: '57 it " rl'-' MD Back Row, left to right: Coach Dunder, Chatterton, Nnfegele, T. Johnson, Kelson, Marlowe, Foster, if f L. Olsenius, R. Johnston, Jones, Stone, Gilkerson, Simonet, Assistant Coach Jansen. ry Front Row, left to right: Douglas, E. Olsenius, Conley, Captain Bell, Noack, Arsenault, Huss, Lange. kj 5: . . . . s ig Stillwater always has had a good football team and each year gains recognition . . 14 on the gridiron. " AP 0 9 Ln - . p 1 I I - Coach Dunder issues his first call for grid candidates on the ,W 457 . . . . i 15 opening day of school. About sixty prospective gridders reported. X, Prospects for a successful team were unusually bright. Capt. Bell, ,M Q . 'QQ lp Noack, Douglas, jones, and Marlowe were the returning veterans 139 of the highly successful team of '27-'28, i Q! v . . :FJ The first scheduled game was with the alumni, whose all- W star aggregation is the first opponent of the Red and Black each 1' rg cf year. Each time this game has been very close, with neither team ' tel . . f-4 i on a very long end of the score. This year was to be no exception. 4 ' . . 'ty ll, The alumni team was composed of members of the previous 'Q in four years' teams and without a doubt, was the best team ever 5' . W' 'Z to oppose the varsity. They were able to charge through and lf: ripped holes in the lighter Red and Black forward wall through C? 3 which their fast backs made good yarda e. Much credit must 1,91 5 . . , . . g . . 'fix fb be given to the line for its splendid work in this victory. wil' fs' The varsity's chances for victory had been darkened by the IQ: J fact that Capt. Bell, Noaclc, Marlowe, and Naegele had been M -v . . . ' . . . 0 Gi inyured in scrimmage and stood on the sidelines as spectators. MAI ? Although their absence was felt, their places were ably filled by ,E . . ' 1' ft? Arsenault and Gilkerson, who made many good gains. I qi? The two teams played consistent ball, neither team scoring 1 . . . 4 fff during the first half. ln the third quarter, however, the varsity Coach Dunder 's F' '- ills ' Ig! x' l . ' i 2333.0 f3,5,,'3q.f5Q.,g iugr,--?e4'g-:.Q,,faf.z..3,:3is-:e.g,5j.a.3,3-','g515'e1,5-sri l39l ,, 1 1 -r 5. 1 in is '53,-s145i5' 'Lk-3' g'J.-'Heli-ii 3'3"-?i'fe,2 23- 9 -3.1.6 ff1vQ'f5-EXG"l'r6L-'SS15323:-gf?-2sX'?,!S:E9 451 . ft 459 was forced to kick into a fierce northeast wind near their own goal. After two futile GED attempts to score, the alumni quarterback, Elliot, slid off tackle for a touchdown. Q Anderson made the point after touchdown by a good dropkick. Al, 17, . I The Red and Black tried desperately to tie the score in the last quarter but failed fb Q-ve to make any decisive gains through or around the alumni line. The game ended with' S Q the alumni on the longer end of a 7-0 score. 1 t Q RED AND BLACK DEFEATED BY RED WING, I3-0 2 This was Stillwater's first game on foreign soilg they were inexperienced and were - Q tired by the long trip to their opponentfs field. The Red and Black were sluggish ti' 6:1 and slow and seemed to possess very little spark or pep. fp " . . 1, 9 After an exchange of punts in the early minutes of the second quarter, Red Wing agp ff? on a pass and a long end run managed to get the ball on our five yard line where Still- A G, water held them for three downs. On the fourth down, the Blackbird fullback went i 49, 3 over for the first touchdown of the game. The half ended 7-0 in favor of Red Wing. tg, " W'th only a few minutes left to play Stillwater received the ball on downs. it lg' I , ' , , 'L' gy Noack called for a fake punt which worked beautifully, nettmg about forty yards and ll? C" brought the ball to the Red Wing I0 yard line just as the whistle blew. Score: Red ff" A I3 s ll 0 'J :' Wing ti water . 1-' cl: ' rf 62 HOMECOMING-HASTINGS ,tg . . . ,u. ' The homecoming game brought Hastings to Stillwater. The Red and Black waged vp f D gl a fierce onslaught and redeemed by their victory the defeat at the hands of Red Wing. F2 Q1 Starting from the first kickoff Stillwater played an entirely different brand of ball fi? than that seen on the field since the opening of the season. Scoring five touchdowns it '57 and two extra points, they ran up- a score of 32-0 before the final shot put an end tu? iff, h I G qt to t e spectac e. ir 4527 Lange contributed one fine exhibition of ball when he broke through on a pass G' and took the 'ball out of the passer's hand, only to fumble and fall on it, when he :V - a penty o oppor unity to run or a ouc own. Q gi h cl l f t ' f t hd lg' fa, Bell showed his bucking power time and again when yards were needed. With- Il? is out Noack's punting the team would have been at a loss for this means of gaining KJ Q ground. Arsenault's end-running showed .him up as a very fast, capable man who 5,1 27 should be watched. 'ii Q13 NORTH ST. PAUL fb ' ' 1 9 Stillwater then went to North St. Paul on October I9, and ran up practically 12, U5 - Q the same score as the Week before-31-0, completely swamping the North St. Paul '72 ti? grid team. fs fl Bell was in his glory this day and made one touchdown besides gaining a major G9 f 1. cl if part o t e ya-r age. M 33 On the second kickoff Stillwater received. On the first play Bell heaved a long 3.1 QI shoestring pass to Douglas who bobbled it with a sure score in sight. ,ax , . . . -N 9 The game ended' 31-0 after Stillwater had scored in a seemingly frenzy of action. f: l at Qx WHITE BEAR qui 1 , , . lf: The next week on Friday, October 27, the annual White Bear classic was held if 7. . . A at White Bear. W The Bears for the second time in consecutive years defeated the Ponies. This 599 Q? game attracted one of the largest crowds ever to witness the traditional clash. ii I ffr 'J 'lx 69 K?1 l90l I n GFQGQES' '53 ' iq..-fcqfibg 'w Q 5- 3. pa, 34,9 fx,g.Qqj--1-Qftg-Swgg-fs? is 431 ft if.: White Bearis attack 'completely baffled the Red and Black. White Beans first la, score came after Arsenault, on a wide end run which would have netted over thirty 6, yards, fumbled. ,rg Shea started the move for the second score with a forty yard end run. A White Sl, QQ Bear punt went over the goal and became Still'water's ball on the 20 yard line. A ,S 91, pass was intercepted by Shea and ,converted into a touchdown. Dazed by the fast in 0, occurrences the Stillwater line was unable to hold tight and Holman ran the ball an gg, over for the extra point. 4 J L5 Noack's punts were better than those of the White Bear punter. A stiff wind X Q made them very difficult to get off. White Bear made more yardage but first downs 5, ffl were evened up on both teams. ,f G? Stillwater's line did not work evenly and White Bear rnade gain after gain through 'fp ig, center and tackle with ease. . gi 453 k tpxlghlrst vigory, gavelzlffhite Bear 3 fcleagx slate for two years and the score I3-0 gl Q ep ie ear s goa me uncrosse or e season. qi Qi' EXCELSIOR Ez 1' ,gf Excelsior came to Stillwater for our final home game. This was heralded as one if of the best teams in the state and was given the odds on the game. 173 f:ixcelsior's only score came in the opening minutes of play. Stillwater receife, I9 if Bell fumbled on the first play and Excelsior recovered. They were penalized I5 yards 523 QI and punted. Stillwater failed to gain, and also kicked, only to have the punt blocked ,fix Q by an Excelsior lineman who ran thirty yards for a score. rg '55 In the second quarter after a series of passes, Bell crossed the marker for a touch- 52, down. N oack passed to Arsenault for the extra point. ,gf Early in the third quarter, Stillwater kicked to Excelsior's 20 yard line. Excelsior 'G' iid fumbled, and the ball was recovered by the Red and Black. A run by Arsenault 0? ti and several plunges by Bell put the pigskin over for the final score, I4-6. 11, li ST. CLOUD-STILLWATER . QQ The Ponies finished up the season with an overwhelming defeat at St. Cloud. St. if FJ Cloud's formidable grid squad, defeated only twice in four years, triumphed over the ig Red and Black 27-0 at St. Cloud's Homecoming. lg 1:3 St. 'Cloud had a noticeable advantage over the Ponies in that they were forced is V to travel 100 miles in the morning. Their squad outweighed the Stillwater team and dx this weight handicap made itself known later in the game. C9 Tech swept the Ponies off their feet and scored after live minutes of play. 'Y ia' This sudden burst of power helped to awaken the Red and Black. As a result St. lg Cloud was held to seven points until the third quarter. C59 as St. Cloud's second touchdown came on line plunges and runs. ffl SJ The last quarter saw Stillwater gambling desperately for a score. Passing when ffl? C? down on their own 20 yard line proved their undoing. Two passes were intercepted IQ Q3 and run over for scores. Q Players lost through graduation are Capt. Bell, Noack, Naegele, Evald Olsenius, QQ ? Conley and I-luss. These men well deserve their letters for they have been a chief factor lg in our victories and have done their utmost to avoid defeat. True sportsmen they have ,Z 255' beteln, ilways ci-lherishing the principles of Scholarship, Honor and Sportsmanship-the '59 W co e o our sc oo . f, 23 'gr Ctr 'tl Qirgigyfg f3,f54'5'134Lfj.i T434'-?s.j,Nq.:,D,,'5If's-fggfg?-EQQ,E!'2Rs3.,jf'ffL5l3'.?w-f'j'?vji1 E911 4-Rag . N f"-'LK-'ii-I Q, A - ---4. A F '- A 67" O LI W G5 tim 5 fe 9 'E Q t I J v' 4 I l if'-F '-' f 4-"""lf2"'5 S192-'29-' -S'lQ ffl-S"5l'f HI- "'-'93289SB-gmfge'-35' ENR , c'N I - Rui' BAQKEEBALL lxl Front Row left to r1ght Foster E Olsemus G1Lkerson Noack Strebel Conley Back Row left to rlght Coach Dunder Arselault L Olseuuus Dlck Johnson Naegele The Red and Black basketball team of 1928 1929 Wlll not be soon forgotten by those who saw them ln actlon Basketball candldates were called out soon after the Und season was over Over 1orty prospects turned out The returnmg letter men about 'whom the qumt was to be formed were Captaln lNoack Naegele and Strebel After a short tlme the squad was cut to fifteen Under the peerless coachmg of Coach Dunder the team was recognlzed and touted as one of the best 1n the d1str1ct The first game was Wlth the Alumnl The old grads had one of the best aggre gatlons ever to meet the varslty Nevertheless the strong Red and Black had collected a total of 42 pomts to the Alumm s 9 at the end of the game In our first lnter scholastlc tllt Stlllwater easlly downed the Washlngton Hlgh of St Paul ln a fast game 42 I0 Stlllwater reopened relatlons wlth the Hudson I-hgh School on the home floor Although forced to the llffllt to wm Stlllwater came from behlnd very fast and through dmt of perfect passmg ln the hnal stanza amassed 26 pomts to Hudson s I7 Stlllwater s hrst away from home game took place at Red Wlng The Red Wlng squad was halled as the best ln years and easlly took a vlctory from the Red and Black 23 I4 Emergmg from a weeks Chrlstmas vacatlon Stlllwater again took on the Wash lngton 7-llvh qumt to prepare for the last half of the season wlnmng 44 6 Stlllwater declslvely whlpped Forest Lake who had lbadly beaten the Bears a week before The Red and Black worked 1tS way through at wlll and scored agaln and agam Forest Lake was held down by the powerful defense afforded by the new Dunder system of defense and offense and made but one Feld goal The final score was 28 4 1 fs 1-JE C61-'i A?"'R. "f's'1N 4?-rbfw 'FL vii.-lb ' t ti at A' I Q 7 1 if M 4 Q fi YP GJ A to fb ut in in M I: 57 ? tal 6? fg-J YE? 1:9 It 15? H S I if? -U E tml gl I gf CEI . Q-J tix I 'H fgz fi gif . Q77 'A 4' Q Kfa to ll Q1 4? cg? W IQ, ' S7 U 53 45: G2 if cfm '57 . . Q5 L' . ' p . is , O ' 491 ' u . , . g ' 4 y . .4 .9 . .l N Y N -I 23 - - L9 . ' t , 4 .9 - ta A - , t gf ' . - . A . . . . . 2? . ' . . . E , u 53 . , . . vi ' H - . 6: . , . . . . Q . A . . . . F . cg . y p L g . gi 1 . ' g2 - , , 5 a Q ,.4: . S v , 3 . ,, " fs k'3's22!-N L'-'S "' 5 J "'-f -9- -.v-Sf' -V-Sf' -"'.!wf!- 31.2 BN-.9 'QTY V921 .gf 7 v I .1 2 41,1453 5- -5.55 1 R,sL.-fe-J:42B Q19 5:25. Q, 5913- 3439 CIP5 9 gf - 55 .-Ig hx S315-,45,3i U c-2 ff A 'Jw . . . ,, . ,, 15 if.: Whlte Bear met a strong Stillwater team in the first battle for the oil can. A cb Foster and Noack contributed greatly to this uvic- ti, tory by amassing a greater portion of the points. E, 5 The tilt ended with Stillwater far in the lead lf C77 in Q13 32-I I. ' w North St. Paul then played Stillwater at Tozer 69 gym in one of the best home 'games of the sea- Q, son and lost to the Ponies by a I7-l2 score. E14 ' . . . 5 5 In the return game with Red Wing, Stillwater l it lost its only home game I5-I4. The Red and li' ffl Black led the whole game until the last three Syl minutes, when in a final desperate rally Red Wing sf? fu . . 1 'B' proceeded to tie and then lead Stillwater. Qi 62, Stillwater for the second time defeated White Q 1 Bear at White Bear 30-l3 After having taken icy Q ' O 11 "D the first game by a tremendous score, Stillwater rl' lf? F3 fl was given the odds in the second. The game 25, al started off with a bang and at the end of the first ' l QI 45, quarter, there was no doubt as to the outcome. CAPT- NOACK l?l ' . . a ffl The Red and Black again defeated North St. Paul l7-6. North St. Paul next 2,-'J 5' to Red Wing, had been our toughest foe this season, holding the Red and Black to 371 V . low scores in both encounters. tif QB Stillwater entered the tournament as a favorite to cop the tourney. lts first game fi! was with Hastings who were easily beaten 34-9 in an unexciting tilt. C35 92, By its victory over l-lastings, the Red and Black was matched with Columbia Q? QQ Heights, a bye. ,2, kg Playing one of its worst games, and in a listless and pepless manner, it trailed 'Q' Q throughout the entire encounter and lost l9-l 3. :W 9' 45" 'ff Q35 'Pb 5, si' ' ' 'J it D I. .Q 1, I ul 252 T. ' fi u f 07 ' I ll" 4" 5. K? K t2 tij ' 1 QS H Sp 5-it R, C13 ,ig 19 1? Q cw! Q 12. W It. 1 Y lr! QB ff ff' W 5? it A ' RQ if oLs:E:N1Us STREBEL Q2 7. ff' 't ad' cg' Q2 9 1- -f f- Qvf-.4-'N -s 'N A-X A fx 71' 1- H , szgheg 0 'N 'i'.4L1?:5R,y-..s.-5, .!sb,g,:. g,,'if.!s-'51,-,'w-.5-J? -1l:p,,1"Y 5-lzvxq,-592 ,, ,. s ?AN9Lhv,, -I ., ...I ski," wg,-'N,.lw. Q, l93l f .fx I-. ikfw Qi' ,-X . . ,J 1 659,45-3 'xg-1, J..-Ig-41:2-.2'8Q'5-13.593-9:,,i9 Cr1,,52QgfQ3.s.5lig,g5?f,ga5n ifrgggg. Q15f,g.gE,i:x ff ,P 45 tri 5 til T- . W G33 ?l, ok 1 P a-D W S fr' if II ily S95 gg? gm Ir fu, G9 IN o R! 133 Ji, 62 52 Li' gi 63 '13 Q dv G: NAEGELE CONLEY 9-J 45, SUMMARY 151 I x 4 s. H. s ...,4...,... ..,,.......... 4 2 Alumni ,....,. ..,A,A........ 9 '?7 A s. H. s ...,.....,.A ,............. 4 2 Washington ,. .,....,4..,... no 252, gf S- H- S ------ - -4-4 .,,......v.... 2 6 Hudson ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,4,,,,,,,,, I 7 ,ly U' S- H- S ---'-------'- ---.-,4....... I 4 Red Wing ,......... ,,,,,,,,,,4,,, 2 3 I9- 29 S ------ M .4,. ......,...,,., 4 4 Washington ,,,,,,w,,,,,,, -----.-4 6 4 e Q, S --.'-- - ----. .............. 2 8 Forest Lake ,,,,, m -QIQY 4 ,Al 5 s. H. s ....A....... .......,...... 3 2 xxfhafe Bear ,A,.A A. ........... ll 'if 75 s. H. s .,.,4.4...... ,.......,.,., . I7 No. sf. Paul .,...,..... ......,....... 1 2 I-Q 3 S. H. S ..,...,...... .,,,.,,,,,,,,, I 4 Red Wing nnnnnun, --,,-,--A.A4A. I 5 A S- H- S -'-'-- - ----- ,-............ 3 0 White Bear ,,.,,,,,,,2 ,,,,,,,,.,4., I 3 'ji : s. H. s ........,.A.. ..,.,.A.A..... I 7 NO. sr. Paul ,..,....,...4. .A....,...... 6 '4 H s, H. s ....A.,,.,... ...,.,.,2,.A., 3 4 Hastings .A,.A......2.2.,.A.....,....,.,,A.,....,..A.. 9 -53 ll S' H- S -4'.,----,--, .............. I 3 Columbia Heights ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,AA I9 'II 9 41- C? Total ,.............,....,.,.,,........,,..,,. ,,,,, 3 53 Opponents .----.----- -4A4------ 1 54 If! O59 3? :fl - Ivy K9 I' em 1 F' 27:3 F C57 I CI I9 If" S fs! 5 di tp, gf 5 f? lx 23 '35 4 4 21 Q II? 1 ,r ' 02 'E ,v ff' gi mon I9 I? JOHNSON 9 9' I 1 7, Q3 :-5: 'Si'-"e22P9 'G-'et-"31?"fC-P-fi fI'43'5"-ik-farfsf-?-2-wsfili'-fs,rails.-s"'iL5'3'51f'5-wi5 i941 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Front Row, left' to right: Hoppke, Slocum, Salmore, Hagstxrom, Lamme-rs. Back Row, left to right: Mulvey, Coach Pie-rce, Grove, Janilla.. The igirls' basketball team finished the season this year with an excellent showing. They suffered but one defeat, which was one of the most glorious of the team's history The first game was played with the alumnae. The graduated girls had plenty of pep to start the game off but during the second and succeeding periods this died down. ig The team took advantage of the let-up and scored incessantly. Q97 The alumnae had three points at the end of the game while ffl the Red and Black girls had a 'grand total of 27 points. This game marked? the first of a successful schedule. is On Saturday evening of January 26th, the team was ffl scheduled to play Forest Lake, but through some controversy the l? Forest Lake girls were also scheduled elsewhere. The game was cancelled with them, hut another game was arranged with KE, ldruty l-louse College of Minneapolis. Both teams found oppo- Jx SltlOiI'l at every position of the floor. Whe'never the locals scored. G3 the visitors scored also. The final score read: Stillwater ZI and lil' Unity ll. The First National Bank girls' basketball team of Minne- apolis was third on the team's schedule. The Minneapolis team S, claimed the undisputed championship of the Northwest. The tsl girls from Minneapolis had splendid teamwork and their fast Q3 playing made it difficult for the high school team to keep pace. The visitors' accurate shooting kept the score constantly climbing. ? The girls of Stillwater gave fine opposition and never gave up fi? the light once during the full game. Although they lost this game, C? they lost as thought it was a victory, gloriously. Theiteam was 32 downed by a score of 29 to l2. It was the most exciting game Coach pierce ' 62: Q332yQ,,f!3,f5,4,2e'5f5fg,3-?u3-'-?w1Qv..'5,3f.?-3,:!i1- t95l . -1 ,fx l'. lLfsJ L . ' N re fr rx A 1 65575,-LB-3 "-L' Y J.-11,14-LsZ'wi?Gi94'?,..gj.fG rJ.1,,S,4Qi:'8j-kayak,-355,.g?m Sigvgjxgh 45 fr 'VP on 6, 6- W' GIRLS' BASKETBALL Q7 r KI 63 that has ever been staged on the home Hoor. ,gi E White Bear, the rival team, found a tough lot Q-Q when they played the Stillwater girls in the fourth l Q42 game of the season. This game held the interest ' 4 4 5' 05: of the entire school because it has always been AQ M our policy to defeat White Bear. This game was 4? Q played on our own floor. The home team met with J little opposition. The White Bear team was easily 1? 'm . fl? beaten by the score of 31 for Stillwater and 9 if! Aw for White Bear. Q2 TE, Forest Lake proved to be the fourth victim of QQ 4.3, the girls, team. This was a hard game and was W played away from home. Although the Forest Lake 'S Ny. Ml ffl' teavn opened the game with the first pofint in the We 5? beginning of the first period, the Stillwater quint :tj 2 won the game in the end by the score of l 7 to IZ. Q11 659 The final game of the season was played with 123 92 our rivals, White Bear. Defeat stared the Red la, gl Capt' SALMORE and Black in the face when Phil Slocum came .Lil 61 late. When Stillwater began getting the tip-off they came from behind and held the Q, opponents in their tracks. The White Bear team again bowed in defeat to our girls when ffl IQ the game ended and the score was in the favor of the Stillwater girls 28 to 7. gi, The team was exceptionally good this year. The games cannot be credit to one Q player alone because without the team work of all the players, there would have been ,S gl no victories. Most of the team are Seniors and will be graduating. Those graduating 'zl IQ. are as follows: lVlargaret Ann Lammers, Phyllis Slocum, Grace Hagstrom, Ruth 272 I? Newman, Violet Hoppke, Dorothy Salmore. Three substitutes are also leavingg they are Q5 '19 Margaret Loehr, Elinor Walker, and Gertrude Janilla. 'ii r if -an , . -9 Q, f its E' I 43: fc 'PJ fa 5. I 1, x xg 1:5 93 it 151 9 it Cl, 'JN 49 '99 Q til .Z j fs ta 4 .tg- fl? at gg W ,t ?. HAGSTROM 31'-,QCUM ' 542 dw :li '7 - V , J' Eigis-C? '3,'5-f'3'4'E".!T-ri T-34-?N4F"'32,'5f3's.-3-wrg?-212,f!123,,y'-fgli-l2'!1.f2-gy!5 l96fl .- i 1 ,-N - FA , , . ef?-55.45 9: sag, . Q QLVJPED are QQ- Q- ms- si-149 rfx-S 29369-3.52 fir in 5-,559 Qfggngxiv p .I 9' , 392 GIRLS BASKETBALL Q G2 ,ay A ' ' f' W ,, ., - ' rf' W Q1 f L SPD Q L X V5 fp' lm my lf, V 0: W, 'ni lip A it f 3 '53 :go GJ kg? :in lf SQ' . Q10 Q' ff? P2 W M EE W gy' eg Q-1 ., , X cb ' 'Fl 453 - NEWMAN Hoypggv QQ., is " , j. Q1 SUMMARY L 'Q' N Isa Q, S. H. S ......... .......... 2 7 Alumnae ,,...,.,,, .,,,,..,. 3 Ng' . , v '35 S. H. S .,.,.... .......... 2 I Umty Ho-use ......... ' ......... I I A LX if , , ll S. H. S ..,.... . ,,........ I 2 W Flrst Natl Banki .,,.. Z9 NQN ,gl s. H. s- ....,... ...,...,... 3 1 white Bear ,..,,,,,.,...... W 9 4 45' N I A in S. H. S ........ .........A.L 1 7 Forest Lake ......,. ..A.,. 7 5, tg S. H. S ........ A.... ..,.. 2 8 White Bear ,... ..,,,,..,,,.,, 7 ,F X Q I 9' ' ' 49- lp W Total ........... ....... I 36 Opponents total 51' ' 1? .LJ , W . , , . ig? 5. As. 11 Q ' my 4 Q13 C., s V fi C57 Ng 'Q 45? fag ,ff ,- ' 4 1. ly T, GN GJ 4' ai '51 my 253 Q3 ' ax rg 'Jr Q :Sl 6 ,Z px '-1.7 M - U cg 3 5, f? -9 'Y W l N ww 49 , ' fm JANILLA muvnvrnns ,M C31 :fb Q332?6L'5.,'5.f'5'3iCabi'f94-?,'?NZ,'v-151, 3-,'gQ,:J11E-.'g,3,'.R3,3f-Qljziilfj-5yi' L F971 ' 5 f""i.x-'11 'X gg 'N Fc-'. I lx ,QF fn .-. , rv, .f. A' 3 1 gr 'A 4-421'l5'1 '4' - J-"HL-'21Q'-'mfs-Q-guess-rfow Crt-Sf 'QI5'xe-2-Qsrv-Sifs-SW"-are-sufffxrsvfi-s.t , 0 mf HIGH SCHOOL CALENDAR 5 September 4-All went back to the trenches. I0--Just another blue Monday. QL, l2-The Freshmen all started in right by banking their pennies. K l4-Thrill of a lifetime! We were excused sat 'three o'clock. ff l7--"lt gives me great pleasure," Mr. Smith gave his annual welcome speech. l84Ca'rl piped the tunesiand Lil tickled the keys for our Hrst bit of music. iq Arlene contributed a classical selection. that l9f-llsual Wednesday routine. The Big Sister party was given in the gym and -. the Senior girls helped the Freshman girls get acquainted. 12 Zl-Sale of iseason ffootball tickets. The beaming faces of the Freshmen lighted 'ij the auditorium as they walked out first.. Don't get excited-they just bought a few A more tickets. ,Z 24-Jean's first edition of the Stillwater Arrow. '5 28-Mr. Mique Heed, editor of the Bayport Herald entertained us this morning Q by giving a personification of a Swedish doctor. Plenty of laughs! by H' October R31 l-Thaddeus Beach, Dave Wolf, and Carl Meyer 'gave us a few syncopated Ki' L i selections. All 5-Daylight dance season ticket sale was a big success. Everybody up on their toes! 'ij 6-Played Red Wing today and got-beat. 60 9-Mr. Kearney talked to us on fire prevention and we also had a movie on the prevention of fire. li' f l2--Thrills! Chapel for a whole hour. Corinne Jordan livened up the program ta! or us. 4 fi, l2-Our first victory of the year at the expense of Hastings, Q32-0.5 3 l6-There are some happy and some sad faces today. Why? Report Card Day. I9-John Luhmann elected S. H. S. president. The thrill that comes once in a 'ff lifetime, eh, Jack? - rg l9-North St. Paul game. We won 31-0. ': 27-We played White Bear and were defeated l3-0. , ffr' f November l-The band gave their first program of the year. There is more in store for us. 35 2-3-The benefit play, "The Dutch Detective," was given rand proved to be a success. 'L 3-Beat Excelsior I4-6. 9-The St. Cloud game. We were beat 27-0. "Down but not out." A l2-Mr. Bundlie spoke to us on the significance of Armistice Day. rj? I3-"Oh, death, Where is thy sting?" No assembly all Week. Vg l6-Junior party. And how! l9-That welcome artist, Gayle Wood, tickled the ivories for nearly an hour. 23-The best party-the Senior party. I9 27-And again they beat down upon us-report cards! December fail 7--Audrey Anderson and Sylvia Fundberg were the artists on this morning's ff! assembly program. Bohn re usi ally 'inclined-as children they played on the is lineoleum. Cmtjlfu-L drlllvog- . 7-8-"Rollo's Wi Oat" presented by Senior class. Seniors are wild about financial end iof it. ' W 'lil l4-Beat Hudson 26-l 7. The second team won also. l4--Through the combined efforts lof Miss Gebhard,s and Miss Elstad's advisory groups we were entertained by l-lappy l-larry Geise from KSTP. ' Zl-Nothing like suspense-at last two weeks' vacation. tri Zl-Alumni games. They aren't what they used to be. We won both games. ,ft .rf Sgr l95l 1 1 I as P-3 giizq 25 Nxn l-gg J'-,Q 153 il., ja e-n!? G' nu :R 'S ar er fp W I? LQ., in ' - J-Q. ini Giver H how I5l23ndYbOd EDA 11 8-M ne y, H ff-1 5 Co Li Ve S b "ff GJ' t' p'9uld 025 K. r wusy Q 121 au-F0 E'el as - H f ' F 2 I U3 t th g J' R5 5 b h ' ga ya 0. ' G x"fs J Cb i e a C In 3 r y b fdo fe g O if 97 ua Wa 0 uf S t L 159- 8 rp h Scoys wa lib Uch0 S .fe te gr oopre bea s crari atart 1-,Q 8,-Xlle eegogvi F rowan, Partlhe 'Qasb gf L' 8-L Y be Llores ned gav y aNe N IX ff 1nC0'2'9-0413? N 'te E t L Sche o S if Y DA 'Sf . - Hg, an mlqshatoafzladcorth ear ake Oolne O e alear R viz its S d 2,6 sse k S1 S 2 quf 1- i 5 4? n e d me Cd t ga 8 e th cl n XJ. F3 C ellinieat.Tl2:l, blifjear sgvis Pa mes '4. 'Then Eb ass righ 4 31 0 . 1 , e ef ' .Y e I t lv- E, Ometgle-inndg I pros Sg0ryUl a We e y Jst p part. hrs .45 E fl g I g ga. g- Oh r Y .5 "9 IC F a 0 5 Ya fe 4,ro 1 W 1 0 ' W :xx 1 v 2 S 0 rt p m a 1 u I1 o fl U gy F '11 ewlnf 'OJ la -m .5P' nb Sd Lam e ex 59 Zbocl Wlsass elystyed ln, 6Cgopr0 oth efe uhms 0 lo ek f w 21 'Femb 1' P F C0 Yoh 211 1, at a f S1 45 kk, 2 m lt fe l lm 3 o In 10' th m Y ed ' nn th tox A e 21-I-hae shy eul' mn 1 I . e g, C Th h k' B ffl W I est eme e a th O R 'J 4 Zad She Ing ea C C Wa- S 0 Sa Cl' und rge e hyea ed 9' Muf 8-13Ihak'0n Wi H C hai hhakak fatillylfelt Sc Un. 1 1' G lib a SCL 3 ares 8-1 Ogamned tad es C On' ' ,IX bre Ore 'ry Ohm '33 rch Y fchd Rea oolliee eu awo bpeaand of hof dl S' T Hi ,FD wi fo ev tlmre ed! at nd ry re' Le thye ea C' 63 re II eni I-C D ,f Whcleelall S wo ingree bve H m ,J ,J Th .-. ng .Tjtlzyfe or ' a 5 ' D n. col at lo ry ' Of is Q? ,far -H, but' elngam da 're 15631 m feamqq, ngblgv. Stud 5' -' 14"dme" Wu, To Cay 6 rhov- 6 b It - en 11 I '1-v-I-'he K a ur g St Of ar ei les Cas O artiln t e fax Lgdgltiiso ab,, S dgasinofllsdfesi ' Bgyhigw I gidga. n ggfrs Hjoyed f. -A ' w p g 1 1 -.C S 0 1 ' . S f-7 . -3176 A W0. to b S3-b,,S n th th ru an W ily J, 'All H th are- p y Ou pu 33 em S 0 on U ?, the HE ugfll lftis CIJUWA Tess Colth Editt 0 -like w 'Wgher - th ag 'TS g0'm I.. 'lo no ebc befelof Q M um t- or n T ' in efe -nt vi e i9 1 ln a v W av a a C1 b- h 4. t C- 1, 12 g '1 S0 61 1 te HQ ted eb an P:af dr 6 O 0 ,sow 19 M Ito. F m Wqu' -Xxlilet bat YA I-I ulely u O ' g a 2 g or an ee an e ' y e' of ei ' S hpr0d fl r G rt 9 'rad th Y' k tit w th Th th gh ti om u S w a I! G! Tha C th- 0 y e e ts ll e C' H ' i 0f 2 ' Ut H ln f ...ond Ce S St 10 W - tio on g" 91 Sc 4- e efs gs Va Th e e 0 aff U ate U 2 If 1' h fo A 11 C e Y Ut Ph F f a 5 1-1 2001 T ur Dtirn ap at-iOHnWl,1 ral ie ha rid de t '7 gf, Th Se . 'HCFO thed Eaamlll Nlghoflh aCq Q ed pfis 1- I1 t 0 o s C w' d u' o if ' e 'ol Ile n fe S 1 e lr I-I n rl yl N la I' . I- of H? b ed a . 'J' 0 s P' a 'St v at 51' " G' L fm t lc ys 0 ,S d ac th C wh ln 'fl 1' YI a- pr . Hi W ry a at'ei te i gs "J Q olec C1 ere of y th lonnter am te h 15? RZ- W - - . L biz ot? tof hat give the ati Glas ' airs gf! .. In n S ,t 5 'b b 40 410 If 0 th a ' t W Q e I- 1 t e 1 111 a . v v,N Y or S h Us wou ' Sk 9' L., Ou, ca en. ap tead at ld etb rs ,S fe rs 101. Py O er hbe' all .145 a m Cl an f io, lm to SN 4,0 pe ak a Oh p ' 11 ly -at. cle e 51 pl J sclfgs. rna 3,7 lrfx si -ll C Ca -un' 0 lbl In 3 Lv!! flag la la sa lor ol e t ent vi! !,,A - zy Ss nt pl ev 0 ' g,,Ex S4-,. 9 Nigh Way ay eryenu ' m , -Lfhsg t. to Fl Seniirate v'x ,' AWA nish Y is '56, 5 t Q1 63,6 he ' 5 'ls' V aSt "'N dv day 1? 3-,A 5' 3,6 'TI L'-P 'ag ii, E33 lf-R 2 V ":v..? 551' - sg ya' 1' 7+ JL, 'J' 5,1 1991 fx f- A1 fs 't . 4541?--5' "g:!v"'S"3""'Zl""7Q ff!-7'c'-'a-.fe A f-.ffm-- ..-A0 Ar- ra -2- . fur qzof-sf ,. 1 I G?-1 '- f N- s- - b - v e.sge,3.9,-Ita Crt-3 has Q,112s:,g,xrX?, -2fi'lstf-744-1 s, sgslnju ff 4' Qi '- c, '73 U CLASS WILL 55, .xy 5 Dorothy Alwin leaves her quiet ways to Mary Helen Johnson. ig Eleanor Anderson leaves for Houlton and all points east. Qi' 01, Frances Anderson leaves her system of heart ibreaking to Norma Van Horn. lm Thelma Anderson leaves .for "where the shy fand not so shy, little violets grow." K Mark Bahneman leaves his title "King for a Night" to Harold Foster. 77 Q9 Beatrice Bannister leaves her last name for diversion to Marcia Mulvey. l is Thaddeus Beach leayes his magnetic power over women to Gordon Mikkleson. 0 Glenn Bell and Lucille Berglund leave for the license bureau. Qt Edwin Berglund fbequeaths his length to Thomas Gerson. ll' Ls Laverna Berquist leaves a darkened corner to be brightened by another ray of sunshine. I qi John.and Mary Bemier 'leave the school without competent artists. ' ! Caroline Berschens leaves for Lake Elmo to "sow her oat." 1 C9 Harry Bishop leaves ta number of hours in I23 to Charles Corrigan. 'tj Q! Lorraine .Connors leaves her inferiority complex to Florence 0'Neal. lx Am Bernie Bjorkman leaves his powerful voice to Kenneth Lothson. 'r' 41, Margaret Bleek and Ella Nlellecke leave to complete plans for their old ladies' home. jf K: Ruth Bliss leaves her Amelia Earhart complex to Gert Noack. " Lf, llolois Blogm leayes the fstudgnt council without a chef. 5, ervm ruce eaves or ummit to nurse old friends back to health. C 3, Myrtle Burch leaves her dramatic ability to Barbara Buckley. ul L? Raymond Burke leaves his mind. He always wants to think of school. it Andrew Conley leaves his ability of self-control to Warran Pominville. ' if 5' Elizabeth .Costello leaves the typewriters to cool off a bit. G! joseph Crimmins leaves the band-a better band. 1 gi, Eylekcrgppen leaves his blushes to Burton Jones. ffl w ran roonquist eaves his scholarship attainments to Waldron Dou las. i 5' Leonel Dick leaves his taking ways to an .honest Sophomore. g ' I3 Thomas Eichten and Forrest Enwald leave -their curling irons to Murene Hoffman and Natalie Kolliner. 52 Russell Flowers 'leaves his volume of dancmg...-instructions to Billy Easton. .ig Lenore Garey gives her guy to the mother of 'the unknown soldier. 'IW Q, 'Lucille IGaudian leaves her three cycle strut to the Marines. Gi Veronica 'Germain leaves her knowledge of "Canuck" French to Viola Desautels. fox 5 Clinton Giebler bequeaths his drag with the faculty to Margaret Benham. 'i' yi Marie Gilker. leaves her foreign tendencies to Laura Heitmiller. 11: ig Lorene Giossi leaves to count cars at Searles Corner. G Goldie leaves his sugar to cure a few other hams. '33 , Grace Hagstrom leaves her incendiary habits to Mary Brosious. l' Q Grace Hartman doesn't leave Stanley for anyone. Q, t-, Mary Lois .Hemsch leaves Stillwater for Hollywood. 'QI 2 lslorfna :Ilerlnlg liaves hir cctlection of knives, pins, notes. etc., to Marcia Mulvey. ' to et opp e eaves er eautiful eyes to Katherine Kunzelman. A' O59 Jerome Humphreys leaves nothing, that can-be carried awa . 'fl gf, Margaret Hunt leaves for Withrow via Covered Wagon. y Pg Q Warren Huss leaves us a bit of adive: take it easyhor the angleworm will break. N 29 Marjorie lserrnan leaves for the west to reduce the waist fwastej out there. 'f' 'ff Gertrude Jamlla leaves some of the class singing "How Dry Ll Am." ' ' QQ, Lowell Johnson leaves the Ford to Wendell to abuse some more. I: 'llghinrwaiidhjohnson leaves. the school. with all possible speed. . lg dx Fleesn h ka Llfav? :ter nice longlclaily walks to anybody that enjoys them. l . ' fp monials 'Slifer amo eaves a reso uhon to make money on testimonials, and not medicine testi- 2? Emma 'Kaufman leaves nothing. We don't know why: guess. I? T, Josephine Qeamey leaves her comeliness to. Ruby Frederick. "Mark" our word. 6, ganley Kelson left the.ground when he disobeyed Dundr in football, but not for long. ky' KS oward' Kern leaves his place on the bus to Pete Lohman. Ig, 5 Edna Klesow leaves her 'failing health to Phyllis Nelson. A t2 Avis Klaman leaves a position open in the office force. Muriel Klienschnltz leaves her daddy almost broke. ,Vx lj Gretchen Kollmer leaves her clinging disposition to Marie Brenner. I-?' Q Harold Krog leaves on the nexttrain for South Dakota fnot to see Miss Ellingsenj :ff Eg William Krog leaves his Crocus strut to his many underclass admirers. tl 9 Kenneth Krongard leaves tto pitch for the Lake Elmo colts, and we donit mean baseball. 6 Margaret Ann Lammers leaves the teachers without a means of conveyance. Wi'- ig Arlene Ledvina leaves her scholastic standings to Kenneth Lothson. :A Mollie Leonard leaves her bashfulness to Lulu Groves. cf., Edith Lindberg leaves her Swedish 'accent to Charles Corrigan. W. W Franklin Loehr leaves his meager learning to someone who needs it-fLucille Utecht., Lf, Margaret Loehr leaves Lewis Mosier plenty of lonely nights. CT111'n to Page 1355 ew L Xiu Uooi ,sf , -- vel, -?,1...-.Tr-. ll ll J Elk .71 -If f..- 'X K fi .fglh 3:1 - C-. " Q.: 'ADVERT I S I 3 . I 88888888888f8,888888888888888888888 8 8 8888888888888888888 88888888888888 88888888888888 88888 88888888888 ::1- , ,- an ,AUKKW 'x'x Q f "" WHSHNQ 'KL Xxx' "'ozL!x3J ' , f "n-1iWv?'s9'?5 Oiviam MXNPQ-gf' f N - l ""'t' " P.. lf 'Q Q gm " gm i 555 333 K Buckbee- Mears Company E as Designerx and Engravers of S CHOOZMMTMWWU 8 8 Z- ANN AL St. Paul, Minnexofa Q We Specialize in CUTS for SCHOOL PUPLICATIONS "Our College Travel Department announce: special I H E Collegiate Tourx to Europe, 'Uixiting England, Belgium, I Holland, The Rhine, France---QX1?85'.0f1 fomplefe. Alxo ' fourx to Honolulu, Alaxia, South America, Meditefran- ean Cmixe, around the world Cruixex. Aefomodation: on the bert .rteamerx ajiloat and :topping at excellent ll0f!1J'.,, : 'wyfx E Sm 'f ' -Nl f :IW 2 wh- 2 if 1 lm i?N' 5 QW 5 ooooooooooo o ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-ooooooo 8 ooooo oooooooo M oooo o oo o oooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooo- oooooooo.oooo-ooooooooooooooooooooooooo gs s:E5E:Es2:ik:5'Qgr3 gg j?'Q:3EI:i52S::.a E NXfZ WW SSQS, B ,A . 00l0U""'r1rr11lll:f v nnxxx1Kl"'mxx0xN X 9: A . 'f -ffl Afafpsy, foe-nge, , 5- ' . Milf -Qklllvnnnnunllwlwpfgl ,N n i 0499 MQW! on Nw! 9101 4-1' 5 iq, '--- .. ' ' dbh.. vig! ' .Q ' NWN 14' H021 8888888888888 88888888888 8888888888888 sssssssssssssssss , xy 88888888888888888888888 88888888888888888888888 88 88 8888 Q A 1 yglg . erwne ' oinrce your imileirszfgf you need not run to the grocery store to choose your fresh fruits and vegetables, just give us your order by phone and we'll guarantee you the very choicest and fresh- est of goods upon delivery.---Our selection is always fresh and complete. As to canned goods, in fact, all kinds of package goods, our line of e Home Bran Products ls llour Private Brand --your safeguard and assurance of highest quality. Let's open an account and trade at 9 lglocelliinrce S irrococeirfy Home of HOME BRAND Products 'We deliver to all parts of Stillwater, including Oak Park N031 8888 88888888888 888888888888888888888888 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888N888888888 8888888 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I, I I I I I I I I I I 88 8 8888 8888888888888888888888 888888888888888 ..:1"' n"A"'u, -emu K """'Lwm:1"' , . , ,,,.r7xl.:?E:a-,.m,.,...W..g,s,,.,,yX7:,3:-, -.--f,x. . ..w,Wt,... M,,.s,.u. ,...,......n......r,. , Frames that outlrwt the byuzlding For sixty-nine years the elements battered against the Old Sawyer House at Stillwater, Minnesota. Rain, snow, winds and time tried to beat clown this landmark. Yet, when torn down to make way for a modern structure, the White Pine of which it was constructed was ready for many more years resistance. Andersen Frames today are made cf this same weather and time resisting White Pine. Write for latest information on Andersen Standvrtl Frames, stating whether you are an architect, huildvr. dealer or prospective home owner. Andersen Lumber Company Bayporr, Mix i.. FRAI84ES ss I X ft , .,,,.r, FEFE QEE ,.,,s, , ,,.,r,r.,, . H ,, W 21 -SM- Q 9 , 3 5 e g r X A , , I T 5 3 1 E 2 1 E I 5 I 1 l 1 1 3 i 1 , Z E E , E l 5 , . l Y I Cl 37 8 8888888888888 8 :........4........ il I Andersen Lumber Company I , XXXXXXXXXXXXX 51041 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 888 8888888888888888888888888 8888888888 888 8888888888888888 8 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I N CO. EAUTIFUL printing is an educator, as in any other art. The thought of the author takes an added value because of it. 1 -Temple Sco ON -MASTERIVIA Stillwater, Minnesota ST EA I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I S Y e t n .1 F P H051 888 88888888888888888888888 88888888888888888888888888888888888 8 888888888 8888 8888888888888888888888888 8888888888888888888888888888 88 8 88888 88 88888 Every Sixth Customer A Share Holder f5QLLESBy Q ff' i 1, NORTHERN .Q 3 'STATES 9 3 POWER 5 Q CO 'ff 'A' Q0 2 I 1 X Q SHG O 8 0 W Q Q Northern States Power Company N061 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 4 - 'E qlf ll: ,ci V 'effif ,, . S , The elezss of ,29 extends its best wishey to ezllfu- lu re gma'ue1fz'ng classes. Sic., Creix Valley Yards Building Material, Fuel Bayport Marine Scandia Osceola Taylors Falls Andersen Yard Ce., U 07 1 8888888888888888888888888 8888888888888888888888888 Famous Mule-hide Roohng and Shingles We have everything from foundation to chimney top BLUFF CITY LUMBER COMPANY COAL LUMBER wooo 88888888888888888888888888 I I f I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 88888888888888888888888888 88888888 8 888888888888888888888 , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I' I I I I I I I I QI I' QI I' I' 4' I' QI QI QI 4' 4' I' I' I' I' 4' 4' 4' I' QI I' 4' QI QI 4' 4' I' 4' 4' I' QI I' 4' QI 4' I' QI I' 4' 4' I I' I' QI I' 8888888 888888888888888888888888 I A , K, e - 41.1 lfglilf- 5, I -o s, ,J11,,tJl1 ,A,A ilu , with Qornpiiilrnents tronn '8 8, The Erie son urniiture oo 8888 88888 GTGQHC IHIUJIIIRCE iFTL11JI"IUlJiiSii11Ii1lf11gS 88888 8888 Representing thne torernost Furniture and Rug Manufacturers 8,'b'5 8,8H8 ot the Country 9 ssss 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 ' ssss E oo '58, g 8888888 8 8888888888888 88398 liilllllllllllll ll llllllllllllllllllillllllllllll A lllllllllllllllllll.l llilllllllillllllllllillllIll KW OHM 0 T U UM W mm Gm M M 'mm 9 RM Z 2 M W ml Nw U 4 M mm 9 M Ol I MR W M G K 1 lliililllllllllyilill Illllilllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllilllllllllil I I lllllllll lllllllillillilll 888888888888888888888 8 88888888 8888 N091 I I I I 3 5 1 1 z 1 S 3 fl? W. z 1 ' 0 5 5 9 0 I il 1 e S z 36 I O l U W XXXX me wish A Hung Elfe Mn gmwd EHQQBEZ and puwepelriiy for each member of the clues mf H929 CUMWEW New QM? Qmggwuzem lnm CONSOLIDA TED LUMBER C0 DEALERS IN Lumber, Building Material, Fuel 319 North Main St. Phone 312 If1l0fI I ' I 1 , 1 3 en A Cu IH O urnlture 3 5 W h Y I h' k f F 5 I I I I , lfl O , 5 Th' k f 5 I I I I z ,,.. z f svvlo ET f 1 'A I J F' -5 1 1 5 eE11m11.IJ-11g1111,1 2 I S' 'AJ ,mi IIQ 11: -b r -, I I 1 1' 1' , 3 2 N ' 1' " ' 11' 5 11g121QilQ3,fH11QT,,E1fg y ,I,W,'V-,I, AAAA.A .-.-.-.-....,-Q,Q 1 1 QQV,WW ,,,,. '.,.-.V.-.-. .Q.,,,.-,, 1 1 I 5 Q WNVMNWNVWWWN ' f 1 + - 1 1 1 1 2 '17111ffT'iLfQ.11W 1ii.i-5'?1Wff1'1fw1?1W??5il 1415G11?'i1f'1?1, . +' 311 , I I 59Q?11i1u11!i' M'J,TWfl5f a! ' ' 'A "' f" "er . . i I 1 ' 'T111' 55' ,A lhwm' V 11fQrfQ,31 m d' V "WWE 'f" 1,1 , ,,.,,, ,,, ,,,, ,., 4 I U I 1' 'i -1, 111'Y',, 1 1,1 19 24 ,Q .L 911 ,,,fH5f11' 1 . " "i"'f'. . W "'--"-" 1 V1 01--1..,,. ' wgk , s f2f - 1 1 1 '1111-ef s ' 1 1'1'9?Q V i' 1'f??'4 -1 111 1 8 . . f Q 'f15 3l' '31 11f!'1 31 ' T":f. ff ' 2i -" I F 3 , 4 13 1 - 1 .. I Effie' Ulla ny Um HU IB , 1 1:?g:e"1'+1-lf,-1 ' EBF U IUS IIIBII S f I I 968398, ,xx I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I .1 I I 1 e I ' UY DIRE CT from lhe fnanufaeiur- f I I 1 . . . , 5 er---Everything in fnzllfworh hard- 3 1 . . 1 5 wooelfloorzng---eahzneis, ele. 3 I A I 2 Manufactured zn your honze town---hy Szzllfwazer i 5 fworhenen---there are none better. g I ' . I 2 'See us hwre ora'erzng that new hofne huzli--or your S 5 ola' one refnoa'elea'. We fwzll he glaa' to help you 3 5 'wah your plans ana' suhfnui a'eszgns. g I I 2 --- 2 5 STILLWATER MANUFACTURING CO. g 5 Ojfee 310 Norilz Main St. Telephone 2 54 Stillwater, Minn. 1 3 5 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 8888888888888888888 88888888 88888 8888888 8 8888888888888 8888888888888 11111 I 9- Z' f f:f:f:31 A 5' 6 1522-Eefrzw .1 Cdr 5011 81 0 50n Q' ' f Q ' :Ve Q 101 north Owen St. 1 ' ' "ALWAYS FIRST WITH THE LATEST' Q ff PEHMAMENT WAVES UF UISTINUTIUN When the summer breezes blow, N N-YK Down then to the beach you go, . I No worry, ,bout your straggly 1De unsh to extend to Shllwater Hair, High School qraduates of ,Cause Fanny's permanents are 1929 our best wishes there' , . So tu-whltl tu-Whoo! Let s go we an d contmued Say SUCCGSS And have a wave this very clay. Phone l4f4-Z - Lowell lun ' FANNY-s BEAUTY snor fp IMIIJKI' if Wear Phoenix Hose. They will put pep in your step and give you extra mileage. KOLLINER'S H121 Kearnc-:q's Cjrocerq A,vvvxAAAAA The ome of Good Thincjs to eat ,xAAfvvvvvsn Phones 132 133 E H BIERGSTRUHM 'TAELU HM V Quainny Style 585627108 glIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIll.llllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllIIAllllllllllllllllllllhllIlllllIVIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE 5 0 ., E 5 ' E 5 0 E ' 0 E E E 1 o E E llIIIIIllIllllllllIIllIllIIllIllIIllIllIIIlIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHIIII ' Plnnne l Dry . I F? RSI' 1 I ' 0 Cleaning Dyeing SHOE REPAIRING T lze largest Cleaning company in tlze St. Croix Valley. Our tlzree trucks cofver a radius of twenty mzles Stillwater Laundry Second and Chestnut nl!lrgIa!'StiIIwa1er, Minnesota Buy at Krueger's Meat Market- 1NNIMHWWN2N!WWIII!NH-WMUWIllW-NWNNIII1NH!!NHHHNNIliHNIIlWIIl-WHIIIHH HIIHHNIII IT IS the biggest, cleanest ana' coolest market in town OUR lzome-made sau- sage cannot be eqaaled -IWHIINNNX-IIIHIIIIW-IIINHHIIWN-HIIHHIIH-NIliNNHHH-IIHHIHHN-HNIIHHIII- We carry Choicest of Meats only --- and all kinds l To 'say it with flowers' use our Telegraph Delivery Service, thru which Flowers will be delivered in any part ofthe United States or Canada in TWU HOURS SEND MOTHER FLOWERS ON ' YOUR BIRTHDAY U- 3 V Gui all express your 4 love a d mem- fjxn branc by th nWm use of fl l h p d g Zyl! af Graa'aaz'z'oa ana' all other oocaszoas A Cara' for Every Parpose fix ' ,I W S o an reen r ,fx ii house get w' , The Gzy? Shop 1 7 Frank Tohlsch 6 W. K. Molfuszee V, X XX Q I FLORITW ,, 214 Ear! Clzeftnut St. j kv Slillwaler, Minnesula Tel. 232--L RITY OMPLIMENTS 01? U lee Cream Dr. Arthur Ta lor Csteopathic phqsicicm A Pure Power General Practice F 0 0 D Nourislzing and Easily Digextiole Cforinus Block Rooms 4, 5 and 6 Stillwater, minnesota lIl4l Eat plenty of Purity lee Cream and enjoy lzealllz At all Leaoling Dealers Tile Store Edllbnlloumm Dxrung Com nm 119331 Y c sl 47 Corner Main and Chemzut, Sri!!-wuizr, Minnefola AAAAA-Af - - FILLING PRESCRIPTIONS is the most important part of our business. N vvvvvvxfxAA KW Y . We Deliver -::- Serfuice Stillwater ECREATION PARLORS BOWLING I BILLIARDS and REFRESI-IIVIENTS 3 I 7 Tel. SO. MHIH I5 I 3-L Street H151 Jlt the siqn of The Indian FORTY-SEVEN YEARS OF SERVICE 552' i .Ag - -I-, t-:-s ff - s -,-.:-:gp gn: ffffQlz4-'16 ff? .,t..:,,1-, ., .. 1 " 4 55 -..:,..::5:s:,:f:1'f-2- I . . "A" I ... ,,.,,.,w:-- - , , ,.,, , ,W WW, .":i:"s2a:'I.:,11E::a"2f-'121:4..,112522255525552if-?'f'."'f'5F"5521- "' ':s-3129522512: 'f'f'9"2"E1:1-. - :.1'i1:1,-fffft-I 'avi fy .. :.. ,g.,:5zgags5sg:::f:5z-:Q ' - -..1:s:f.z..i 3:5-.A.. ' Ififfkffrvv '21"'1a"'Lw1f 'is.1l's2eis2ai.:--IilffEEZ-5:1122--4""012e:1::-1-z.:.-V '-1+f:2' "" "-1s:z:z+ in ,, 51,11 .g'3:,-433.1-3-Qgvg "2 . tw., ' "" Alf. ,.e. - 9 5523? '7 -,."'1:,f:22::2sI:-'-1:41 H-5::::::f:Zf.'i1.'. , '1':2'1'rf?iE' ...Y : 0511.-Ejzfifvigirlfjfff IP:232511-2s:25s:::-His? 4- A-'32 ---'--- - 'wf12:1:1:-A ss. ssIe IsII sIIIe A+ .. W" , .:i:ExS22.:,2Q1,QE' -- Q- if Z, ,Q,,, A , " , ...,. . .. ,. ,...,.,.. 555:EE53:E525E'2515215:ii112:AEIEEEEQE5535?5565?E4fE:Efj25:gQS3?5:,S:FS-:p2:23533525551532:555E255E55:QEQEEi3gfIi53:5giE25':2'51' .5,Lg,:,:::::,:1::::::g.:f5-5-53', " ':r:51515:5:-:Q- Q-1-:-s:--:NNSsar:::r:f:-,1252:35-1-,-:,,:,:.:-:::::,:,:'--, .,.,.... A -'1 -T BYRON J. MOSIER 8 SON Wholesale and Retail Cigars, Tobacco, Etc. COMPLIMENTS The STILLWATEH HIL U0 JACK KILTY . it 2 if Compliments of Doctor Damnqton - OF . REG KILTY Qi Q KULLINEH-NEWMAN MFG. GU. Manufacturers of Leather and Woolen Spor Garments, Overcoats, Flannel Shirts, Etc. Stillwater, Minnesota t H161 LAWRENCE W. LINNER Dependable FUEL 3. x BY Tl'lE TUN Our Weigh Satisfies Phone 276 Stillwater, Minn. Ia E Ril ht Geeds at the Ri hit Prices at all times ' When you place your Grocery Orders at this store It will give us real pleasure to serve you Walter Jellmsern 901 South Thzra' Street Stillwater, Minn. JOHN LUSTIG .........,..,..... ,, .-ilk .. 93?19?Q?3l4lN'S6vTv?fv-v -W, , . , SEVEN CORNERS GROCERY And Confectionery ' ' ' ' .Q.v.,6?.L.LgL.,,.'.Y7rf , 920 West Olive Street Tel. 1199 L, 1, KUHN, - PHUTUGHAPHEH RESIDENCE STUDIO 503 NORTH FOURTH ST. Kotlah Finishing ll V N , rv s wfl Commercial Photography , ,,,,, ., .fvvvvyx Call I 2 7 S For Home Portrait Appointment vxfsfvx, e.,xA,- Con ratulations fl x, -s o to the fl Class of , Tsai 29 Stillwater Overland Express Um CALL THE The Minnesota Cleaners and llyers ' 'Fezmozzy for Service ' ' -F o r "Better Insurance" S e e RCU Cj. STAPLES x. .- I 4?f NfTfXf 2 msn Canmpnimemts ite Mme new E Sitillllwaeenr Book and Sitaeienery Company 33623 .99 :ly px -S K ' f07ZZzz211uI2Im SST 5 inf f Y ' ' 5 S I. U9 - ,e'92vA',. Q JI f gba, - I - ... 2,2 A Her Parlzes, Plays amz' Movzes Hhfolzlfs cozy Moe" 225 So. Main Slreet Lunefzex Cfzofw Blein Ice Cream Th Complzwents of 9 ALQDEILY The Home Owned ana' Sergvzbe Store sfzoula' be Your Store nAAAAfvvvxAAAAAA Compliments of e JCDINIEE ortuarY nf-.fgA1xA1v'vN1Nlvv'wfsA H191 BB Sure Thai Your Eyes Are Bighil Let me examine them and tell you whether or not you need glasses. If recom- mend ORTHOGON LENSES for wide visiong the latest achievement of optical sci- ence, and SOFT-LIGHT LENSES FOR SUN and SNOW GLARE A. W. ILLA. Uutnmetrist 235 East Chestnut meson Zmdioe -NHH1YIllNN'IllNNNHNWWW-WH1NNNNNH3-WWYWHHNNNK'H1NNNNI1NNN-NNHIWHY-llHHllNHf M o we? we C IIYHHYYHI-YUIlYYNIll-YYYilNYHH-YYHi!1NYYINHIWHIII-WNIHWH2UUUIHW-WIWWI! ZH South aim Street " 0 -SW X. f' ,E N 1 I ,Nw It 4. K " W . The Call of the T A X I 309-L Any time - Anywhere A. RIVARD, Mgr. BRUNSUN-FULSUM GU. Fcmvy Grocerzey F RUITS, VEGETABLES, Etc. 9 ft Batavia Brand Pure Food Products Stillwater, Minn. VV5fX Mon1q's Cancl Shop Ice Cream Soclas Canclxi 2 2 . Jig . aiu I X H Phone . I 1 N 1 I l ' In 1, 3..ix, 1 Street E' ,J 9 5 V , . A . 227 K Lott Garage OFFICE 203 South Second Street Distributors of Sweviebakeie and Zia? Mom? Qawe Weldzkzg, Tire Vulcanzkzkzg Mae Tmieias Balfery and Raa'zkzt0rRepaz'r Serfvzke H201 SCHAFFER- -IBSRODIEEN COMPANY Wholesale and Retail GROCERS Most up to date Store in town Stillwater, Minn. HW, tel l S, is Y7ze HBE!! of Geac! Luck and - Good Vwslzesn Z0 the Class of IQZQ V. WILLIS BLOOM "Save-U-Money-Store" "Just what the name says" Stillwater, Minn. Harry R. Farmer Garage ford fzhcofn fordson Sales and Service g a. Let us demonstrate the " NEW FORD " before you purchase your new car 60 MILES PER HOUR FO UR-WHEEL BRAKES 40 HORSE-POWER MOTOR Phone 4118 Stillwater, Minn. qQyAAAxQ U21 Giebler Bros. Meat Market FRESH A N D SALT MEATS HOME MADE SAUSAGE 5, llll I " !l"'R1 310 South Main Street STILLWATER, MINN. l INTENTIONS IG are of less V a 1 ue t h a n small actions. Poor houses are kept for people who intended some day to have a bank account. a-.-.A-v-.-.-v-4"vxf.--4-.-.-v-.-.-.-.f.-.-xfsz-.-.-fvvxnfvx. v- .-v-v-.rv-v-.f-.--Jvsf.--.-.-.-.rxz-.-.-Jxr.-v-J Uosmonolitan State Bank Stillwater, Minnesota A Good Bank In a Good Town Hzlgh School Staclents are critical , that's why they choose the Cn., f n o' at Greecler S959 Blehntn arher . . Shops I ttf tt All ! I wit' tl tot H221 Clah Hoase ana' Hart Brana' Cannea' Goods ana' Vegetahles always give satisfaction num tnnnmn nnmmn mnmmt mmunn ummm' mmtntn tntttttnttttnotttttnntttttInttttnottttttnttttntttononttnotttttsonttttnotttttnottttonttttttntttnottttttnotnntttnntttttnnttnnttttnunttttnottnttnonnnntnnnnnt Hylton 81. Holonist GROCERS 210 North Main Telephone 458 STILLWATEH, MINN. Wm. Evans Tin and Sheet: Metal! Work of alll kinds AJxA1sAzvxA.Afv- LENNOX Steel Farnaces 315 East Myrtle Let qour first Investment be a D E, L L S E A Life Insurance Policq A and yi We fzafve a Polzey to meet eaefz Ina'z'fwa'ua! neeaf The PRIN CEH J OU Q Aqencq Compliments of redeem- Maffsoa the store of honest values a If-1 .iw 4' tsl Minnesota Mercantile Co. Stillwater, Minn. Hanson Meat Co. Telephone 2 Free Delivery T his .ft0re'.r p0lz'ey--- "ReeognitiQn of the eustomerlv right to courteous, inlerested, helpful serfviee and to reeeifue ful! 'value in efvery purcfzaxe. For Healllz and Strengifz, g Eat Meat in a balanced dzet. H231 BRONSON-FOI SOM CO f.,A Fancy Grocerle Frults, Vegetables, c Batavia Brand Pure Food Products STILLWATER, IVIINN. 1 :nl ' ati' 1 tt, ,jKht! I Q 4 I 4 n ll K- 1, fi., 9 at-E." lt? .A, III X, va, ' f A L :qv ,lf T F N.. -4' , la S, RADIO SERUICE I X s , 5 l t l " ' E--fi cm' K , .... Y V RADIOLA MODEL 60 RADIOLAS RADIOCFRONS SPEAKERS J. A. 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TELEPHONE 174 11261 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 8888888 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 " 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 88888888888888 888 8888888888888888888 8888888888888 o Dr. ID. J. Leffek Dentistmi x4AfQQ lltt pays To lloolls Wellll WALKERQS A R B E B S H U P S R Snrlmrm. Baypmmt We can llse lloollxing lit O FCDRCIEAS Stillwater, minnesota gf ' lVlarloW's for Quality Groceries and dependable service Qpposite car barns Phone 4 I 4-L gfg! Dr. Q. A. Slneils mower Block Telephone 127 3 all .f -'- ' J - 1 Th "KAR" C ll Q54 Good School A Will to Win A Good Bank The Will To .Sa Ve SUCCFSS f J pt' Efiyfrw x slr?-lg , s,, A Q7 s glam H ll! . Y' L' X FARMERS 8: MERCHANTS STATE BANK Stillwater, Minnesota 419 "5 C " , eff: 1. Day 14-L Night s Auburn Straight Eight TAXI-AUTO LIVERY Safety, Courtesy, Plus Comfort Luxury STILLWATEH AUBURN UU. Ray R. Morrison, 14-L H281 l ll 1, Compliments of ' Charlsen Candi Co. lllholesale Candq Dealers 330 South main Stillwater, Minn. H291 I 5 ,555555555555555555555 5555555 555-555555555555555555 I I I 2 I 5 2 2 E E-'f.,'EI mI 3 e ,A ' ff' Q 5 fn' hug L Q FF ' 5 UD 1 O z- Q Ido I G s Q Q 21 C5 , gg ix .H Q-1: r I 5 ,Zig 5 Q. up Q :gl I 'L' pin 3 N f M 4 S E 355 E: E CD 5: 2 2 if wage.-wgh fb Q2 1 5 Q9 Q2 fu "' :K U1 QI FEP 5 s Q Sw, ks 2 'N rn , . gag . D:'1" Q , N rn 3 3 cn , 5 5 35.5 'SQAEQEIQ O 3 Q f Q 2 og :ng C5 'WJ 5 -, Fix E H' ':.: :P CD Q3 ' 'H -. Z W ' 2 UE 3 3 E :AU H mg S Q 5 Y s ' :gm 3 'H H 5 N E 31-S' I 5 if Q E15 " -1 . 3 U3 Q2 5 QE 5 Q 3 E, s, P. FF Inq I 2 F6 5 rl: 3 Q is 0 KD 5 IQ ny. A H , A Q9 "I fb V MQ Q I lf 5 1: "' 'R' GD 5 C I D.. 5 E we l : I. 214 U, 5 Q ru UD Q 5 fb -1 : sa.. rn Q 1 9 fm fb I fe 'Q LM g I I I I I I I 555555555555555555555555555555 55555 555555555 5555 , 4 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 888888888888888888888 8888888888888888 8888888888 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I e I I I I I I I I 1 1 I - S 1 ' - I I S 1 , ' I if E 3 " ' I qibfx I r jg ' I : I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I f Julius F. Loelzer Fred H. Thompson, Jr. Emebm' E-Imadwmue Company Greetings To the Class of WZQ Sitlliwater Hlgh 3651003 Gxceptzon al Values' hz F1116 FIS UQWV s Ta Ckle T 3 2 ' 1 Q 1 1 ., ,,AA ' x V ' 2 1 , , f r e 2 g It 888. , ' . . 5 Q The Road Bullders Cholce 2 5 2 5 2 ' 1 Manufactured by 2 ' . . 5 Q Gilbert Manuiaeturung Co. 3 I Stillwater, Minn. , 2 I I 8888888888888888888888888888888888888'888888888888 888888888888 8888 888 mol I 88888888888888888888888 88 888888888888888 88888 ' l 88 , ssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , 1 1 S , J 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 0 I U W- A- -3 -ab 8 yd! G A 7 ww. ' gm f Q z V 9161 f Q' ff' ' ' K , Fr? Ki vi 2 355 if if V? , gf ii 53? x w ig? 9 Magi PM f 2352 an 4-eaw.M..,w Nm WM 52 'fx , 2 3 S A Q E f U""'P"f'e HW" and E'e""'0f" .Q H ' MAJESTIC +A1 l1f+ S ATWATER KENT RADIO 6 In 1856 Franklin Pierce was president of tlie Unitea' States. In 1856 Tlie Stillwater Messenger was fonnelea' ana' for 73 years lias serfveel Stillwater ana' earn- nianzty faitlzfally anel well STILLWATER POST MESSENGER Soatlz Main Street Stillwater, lllinnesota mu 88888888 88 88888 888888888888888888888888888888 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 5 Baby First x3-X -, Salutary Dairy, Inc. .92 uns.. Pasteurized Dairy Products MILE e Makers of A Supreme Ice Cream, Sher- hets and Fancy Iees Fur All Uceasiens Telephone - - 81 Let us help you plan a methodical system of reg- ular deposits for the pur- pose you have in view. 1 e SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS S8888SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 888888SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ls- 1 'if Hupmobile, 6 Kr 8 1 Whippet, 4 Q 6 xfigkff .xf X. "Best wishes for the Class of '29" MUELLER MOTOR COMPANY Dealers in Fine Automobiles 122 North Second Street Stillwater Minnesota H331 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S1 fa K mfg.. vf Q 'X ' M " W . six 'lam + X S Q , I SSSXSSSSSSSSSNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSNS E - i i I l 'f,e.4Q5- 'LRE 1 ie.-9.5.-is ,az-fs 2?-'Q G ia,,-:sa-1.9 C XPS' Sgyfi? m 5,3551 Sig,-ggi? , .2 fb is t CLASS HISTORY 5 5 ,.s Late in l925, there wandered into the halls of the Stillwater High, the largest, meekest group of rookies ever to enter the school. Mr. Johnson supervised the first QQ meeting with some difficulty while the ballots said that John Luhmann was president, K cj! Clarence Reier, vice-president, and Gretchen Kolliner, pecretary-treasurer. After much Q? ago about nothing, the Tlass iarty was heclldb The gym!!! nicely decloratidli prqesented t e appearance o a pa ace o unpara lee eauty, an every roof ie a t e time 0 of his life. is The outstanding event in the Freshman year, especially to the boys, was the ini- TE H tiation. Tlhe boys of '29 still shudder when they hear of penny-pushing, blind boxing, 'rj soaked clothing, knotted 'hair and shoe-laces, and all of the other means of torture .gy leg, and discomfiture that the boys of the "SH club had contrived for that day. The Freshmen wound up the year with a picnic at Prospect Park, Hudson, Wis. Q Thanks 'to Mr. Jansen, our class adviser, the rookies pulled through with just a Ei few difficulties, most eof the class ready to call themselves usophiesn when vacation E3 was over. 'Q 2' The Sophomore year started with ,a rush. A meeting had been held before the ffl li? expiration of the Freshman year, so the following officers were all ready to take up lil ff' their duties: Paul Noack, president, James O'Shaughnessy, vice-president, and Mark Q, Bahneman, secretary-treasurer. Miss Kielty was elected peace-maker. 'Pi' Qt The biggest event of fthe Sophomore year was the class party. The Sophies 'Q QD rhythmically massaged the floor to the syncopated tunes of "Ernie's Rhythm Rustlersfy ffl lg It was Va big day for the class athletes also, winning five trophies and brought forth fs, promising material for scholastic activities. in Near the end of the year, a 'meeting was held and the Junior officers elected. 6 A spirited campaign was conducted and the enthusiastic supporters of Jean McMillan ,sg P, carried her into the presidency with a landslide of votes. Lowell Johnson was elected :nf fb vice-president, and Leroy Guldan landed the job of keeping the notes. The council lf! Q? members were John Luhmann and James O'Shaughnessy. lil :fl The Junior year was indeed a busy one. Every Junior had something to 'do with W? li? the success of the qclass. The class party lived up to 'all that was expected of it. 'fl if U --The Junior play "Seventeen,' was well given and was very well attendedg the 6, Juniors, now having some money, began to work on the preparations for the prom. fe ll, The one-act play contest held at the school was won by Miss Kielty's well-coached lg? C9 twenty-niners with the tplay, "The Knave of Hearts." By winning this contest, the lg Juniors also won the right to represent the school in the one-act play contest lheld at 5, Winona. With an almost perfect presentation, the Stillwater group Won fthe beautiful CEI, as first-place trophy. , ff, 3 A number of paper sales were held to replenish the class coffers, and finally the til 45 long-looked-for prom was held. The gym was elaborately and beautifully decorated :pez Q, with a Dutch scheme 'throughoutg the tables were so arranged to form an US." All 'gl fi, that attended agreed that it was one of the best proms ever given at the school. qi? 45 So, with three years of school behind them, the twenty-niners started to work through ,gf 6 the year which separated them from the school of life. The Senior party was held, ff' the last strictly Senior activity ffor the class, but 'the Seniors did not look at it from Q a 'pessimistic standpoint, judging from the hilarity and general good time. "Rollo's 35 :Qi 2332,Q,,?,,f,3,'51?fiQ.e-?43f-?ufge.3,3f3..3g2f12.7,-,Qsgg3,y.j'gL5,3?c3-,.y5' H341 1 e,s.a.,.Q gym-ie N te! 4 W Wild Catf' the Senior play, was a success from every angle. Miss Armstron'g's 5 . . fl capable coaching produced a play that everyone enjoyed. The proceeds of the play Q went to pay for a radio set-the class 'gift to the school. AQ' School went methodically on until the last few months of school, and then the 09 . . . tv classes had some tdiversion at the expense of the Seniors on crazy day. Then came ' ,rf N the last assembly, closely followed by class night and graduation. Want to graduate? I LW . . . mv-D J. Yes. Want to leave the old school? No. What ito do. Life is like that. it, .J 1- A UI Crit li CLASS WILL Q ll x t'f 1ContInued from page IOOJ 1 pl Agnes Lohmer leaves her horn-rimmed glasses to Charles Zimmerman. ohn Luhmann leaves his serious outlook on life to his brother, Sid. wi . . . . . f Veronica Lustig leaves her dislike of schoolwork to Mildred Peterson. ,2 Mary McDonough leaves her matter-of-tact ways to Bob Peaslee. W Mar aret MclVlan s leaves her weak ss to an 'one who wants them. lu fx g u ne 5 J Qu Jean McMillan leaves her flighty ways to Myrtle Fulton. tg, QQ X Condell McPherson leaves his drag with Miss Hilesheim to John Simonet. s 'ft Louis Malloy leaves his busy appearance to Bill Stenwick. Fl' it . . . fx Adeline Meisner leaves her bashful, demure nature to Lucille lserman. 'qi .L Carl Carl Meyers leaves to pipe his silver meerschaum under lPaul Vfhiteman. IQ., QQ. Wade Montgomery leaves for Deer Park to return a present. if Q' lfvis Mosier leaves a bank account for next year's finance committee. 1-3 'Tl refnce Naegele leaves Miss Mcshane with a sorrowful countenance, . 1 - . Q Q42 --dna Nelson leaves to search for the ideal Swede for Norwegian., Ruth Newman leaves 52,000,000 for investigation of the causes of such curly hair. 5,5 Katherine Niederer leaves her caustic wit to the makers of styptic pencil. ' . . 35 Paul Noack leaves his drag with Mr. Johnson to Bob Leliek. Evald Olsenius leaves his formula for growth to Shrimp Schubert. I' 1 , . . . til SJ Swede Oshaughnessy leaves his harem to drown in their tears. 9 n - Q 'i Carolyn Oyer leaves m hot pursuit of the lrish. Ho-la! Ho-la! 7 Dorothy Pauley leaves for Monte Carlo with her winning ways. I4 ,lohn Paulsen leaves the Arrow to edit the Cornhusker Times at the Junction. 6' Helen Peterson leaves Merle with a vacant spot in his heart. 1.5 AQ Ruth Peterson leaves to the strains of Lohengrin's musical march. V ' Marie Plourde leaves her book, "Beauty Hints." to Virginia Shells. Beatrice Rabe hasn't 'an thinv but love and that's reserved for that alumnus. ' . . V O V ll Merrill Rickers leaves the best town in the world for the second best. ll' . .. W Eleanor Rosen leaves in quest of the answer to "XVl1y Men Leave Home. 5 Evelyn Roy leaves a pull with Miss Gebhard to Agnes Lothson. 4 CJ Dorothy Salmore leaves Ia seat in the Flame Room 123 to someone else. E 'IJ Hollis Sawyer leaves the Auditorium for the Minnesota. lf, Elizabeth Schelander leaves Louis Malloy without a partner. 9? Harriet Schubert leaves to have her body lifted. V Q1 Helen Schwartz leaves for the Chicago Symphony. Bernice Scullen leaves for the Chinese Missions with the Rev. Snozzlegrass. H Augusta Sherrard leaves on long walks with her beau. 2 . 'ly Sandra Simonson leaves for Hudson. And why? 'Q Phyllis Slocum leaves her athletic ability to Ethel Lund. Ellen Sommers leaves the recipe for that "Golden Clint" linish to Lulu Groves. Q Dorothy Sontag leaves for the Bank of Afton. An honest girl, indeed. Wilson Staples leaves the feminine faculty broken-hearted and the men relieved of a trouble- Q some burden P Q, Faith Steinbeiser leaves Miss Keenan's class in search of someone to cook for. ffl Howard Stone leaves his Ford in the same state of disrepair. :ij C., Maynard Stone leaves on a long voyage to the Piers. ,ilx ' Richard Strebel leaves again. 'Q 4 Eleanor Swanson leaves her blush in vain. No one has any use for it nowadays. 'ig G . . 6 Rachel Taft leaves to become the bride of Olaf Torgerson of Scandia. 2 xx Warren Van Tassel leaves Walter's store forever. qi! Q Elinor Walker leaves for fthe "Arthuh" Casey "Playuhs." X. Q, Rhiner Wiess doesn't leave a thing, but accepts anything that comes along. w" 6 Sherman Wick leaves pleasant memories of the last two parties. 55 ff' Ethylyn Wienke leaves her personality to Francis Grady. W, yf Alma Wolf leaves to accept a .position with the Otisville library. Q11 2? Lois Wright leaves Billy for a live guy. ft J. C-i Sgt geeeeavs.-fe:-f'51?'5T'i'9-t3'fW-sfQJs?i-a.'f12-2-s:'ie-1"'il:i'3'51'-'?'f'95' H351

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