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Stillwater High School - Cahotatea Yearbook (Stillwater, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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JR5fL ff kvbk,-ff O Ax K MQSQMNDWO rfidq f OJUX KU 412 ft 03625615 :www ivy FQ? Qiyfif AP Qv A viva .QC 3 kv aj 2 iff? , ffdf , if .5 iff IDL 0 ,M vw TMJ' 66 W if W JAM' Ally 117 lf AM ,JJ 3? Mm R Y V 1 V YA . - vi . . A . , . n . V X K ' - Q' ' - - . xgm KF EQ , J'i'mM , A ' , AX ' f Z' ' Q Q 1 ' - C5 A A V xx f j A A I . . N A X 1 f CQ Q, I I .h ' - 2. X .- ,X fp Q? 7 , V C . ' ,, ff- 0 4 f -f . 2 psi ' Ji, ' ' gg in , , C164 x ,fu K Q f ' tv' MD 3 PQ, ? 7? J Q A E , t X X H! -' 9 ' 1 C10 0 H :P, My JV- A , x ,u x , W . x - . .V ' ,' I 1.x . . f I i+gYQT'x:Y.' 'Q pn 'Q' A ' l . l , t ' A , " I U' - ' - f"-'M 1 , ' ' -- '--gpi ' 5 1.551 HTF If IPMEL, X .Rx 2:1 .bk ,f .1 A ff Q ,M N 1,- A Aw w g1 .f.f- X 'W N ,V--f - ww . gf lt 12 H 4, . f .fx J M 3 i :I V., 1.lj,1f Jv'qwn f ,W if ,, ,ff 5 ' PX r -gl 4 a bf? f ,I ,J A A. x f-L Q J U 6 1 V. 'Lx . K" . .5 ' wr,- ' N , Lk 5,769 X. V., f V. 'V T.: kv Vx V . . A it T, 1,1 rf ' - L i ff ,N v ,Q 4' 11 1 C2 5 V , xl Q gf? 5 fx," 5 1. H+? ix QE -I 3 .,4' ,A 499' , fm . - . fl 4, 'f N 4 ' 3 V 5 if 0 QNWWO V E .-1 'U 4, LX, J Eg 33 P, 4 , if fx - Aff' Q 79 ,611 'W fb 'A -.1 ' ,Q nj . 1' A4 ll' x f L ll ,Y 4 ' A '- '1 Q- K sw- 4:'j'1" JW hvvv A I X ff A yawn. 700 Hum! f yybwn fffm, J 7'f olfdm, rf ,OANOK191 ffbrupvv' lg 4MfV'Zf fu, 4444! of, 'fffcf CAM 1 ylhcd AW at f L' 7'f.Afn, I !c,4fl , .4 I 4 ' 1 K7 'T A inc, 1- J ,g ,gL,,,,v y , if I ,rl In N Y lv, V -1 I fy V A Q, ' .I J A ll 'ilwmq c, -'--.ii-'.7'7l 1 1 The 1959 CAHOTATEAI Presented By i The Senior Cla SS I I W l ll SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Charles Shea jane Post cv' P .J KR p m G1 ' Bk D dF M C y fTreasurery QP d J CS yi . I E X 4 X, 'Q 9 ri In t fr Stillwater Central School ' F 1A Stillwater, New York if 1, Thelr program of rntermural sports tn whlch all students may paructpate 15 a f1ne example of the1r hard work In apprecrauon of Ih1S and many other outstandmg servrces that they have performed on our behalf we thank and salute them To Mrs Jean Vanderzee and Mr Rrchard Noonan we the class of nrneteen hundred and flfty mne dedrcate our yearbook Srnce they came to us rn Sept ember of 56 therr untrrtng devo non to the school and the1r chosen professron of physrcal educauon has won for them the respect and admlra uon of the entlre school Dedication 0 1 I .,.," l A ' , . . . I '-. Q 4, .X , Pl 1 I ...ex V ' Principal's Messa e Each class, as it progresses through school, accumulates not only the necessary knowledge to get that cherlshed dxploma but also accumu lates fond memorres and hfelong fnendshrps To you the Class of 1959 on behalf of Sullwater Central School I w1sh suc cess xn your future and a conunued accumu latron of knowledge memorres and last 1ng frrendshrps as you serve yourself and others Robert Seaman Supervrsrng Prrncrpal Mary Hrckey Marge McGrady Secretary Asst Secretary Due to most unfortunate crrcumstances we are unable to obtarn a p1cture of our secretary Mrs I-lrckey But we assure you that she rs an effrcrent and competent secretary JH' I Page 3 fy!!! jf-I 7 4 All '- Qs I 1 '.f2f'? 7 if ra, , ,li 4.0 Top Row - Mr. Robert Hayner, Mr. Donald Butler, Mr. Loyd Brownell, Mr. Eugene Smith, Mrs. Myrtle Figiel, Mr. David Hurlt, President. Mr. Ray Quackenbush. of I Educatlon S 1 K 1 To the Board of Education and the High School N Faculty we the class of '59 extend our sincere R it 1. gratitude and thanks for the guidance and sy , counsel which we have received throughout our years at Stillwater High School. High School Facult QT Mr. William Mr. Malcolm Mrs. Marjorie Mr. David Mrs. Martha Barringer Borst Boyce Boyd Brownell Page 4 ,1 4 ' v4 if V A Q ' X , If-, . - ' 'r"', Mrs. Frances Mr. John Mr. Joseph Mrs. Mary Mr. Kenneth Butler Connor Farnan Howe Kimball H1 h School Faculty If m Mrss Thelma Mrs Srmone 8 Harry Larson Lynch Mlllel Mr Dan1e1 Mrss C1a1re Mrs Laura Mr John Mr Robert Mu1v1h111 Nosher Rooney Sullrvan Zammrello Page 5 45 - . M r ree X ML WP an of x , , ' x, Q OL N ll -AX N if jf' x 1 -g - JI' 'XIV - , , ll Q l 1 fx .UNL ' ' my s 1 ' Class Advisors -9 5 v C , Mr. John Mr. John N- 5 Sullivan Connor Yearbook Staff Advisor Mr. Morrissey 'J 7 N Q David Ferris, Co-editor, George Poitras, Ass't. Bus. Manager Barbara Abel, Editor, Gloria Baker, Business Manager Top Row -J. Mehan, W. Dalaba, C. Gleeson, J. Trorrlans, E. McC1ements, P. Lilac, C. Shea, Middle Row -J. DiB1asio, B. Caswell, J. Phelps, M. Goodrich, Front Row - L. Sanders, M. Carr, E. Sheffer, E. O'kosky, I. Post, M. Canary, R. Paris 'S "1 7: 9 s L! I .4'h.r4r-"JL 49 WWW Qeniofg Q i W 65 f X fl 3 Class Hlstor It seems l1ke yesterday when we entered Strllwater Central 1n 46 turned loose after frve years under our parents wrngs to face the chore of school Durrng the elementary years we learned the essennals of Educatron Lrttle drd we know that we would make fr1ends whrch would llve rn our hearts and memones for a long trme Many of us weren t attendrng Strllwater then but due to transfers to and from we are now on the threshold of adulthood 37 strong Upon entenng Jumor Hrgh the changrng of classes and teachers were constant Th1s enabled us to move freely and look at new faces at the head of the class As Freshman and Sophomores we found that school wasn t as bad as we had thought although the teachers weren t gettlng any pleasanter New f1elds of accornplrshment and achrevement developed along wxth btgger and better problems Through a small number of food sales and dances we frnally hrt tr1ple frgures 1n our rncome towards our Washrng ton tr1p As Juntors we concentrated on dances and sellrng refreshments at our home basket ball games RCC81Vlllg our junror class rrngs was one of the greatest moments of our school years Now as Seruors we saw more and more problems arrsxng We had very l1ttle 1n our cards and magazrnes were a couple of our mam projects as Semors Our blggSSI effort was the Sen1or play those of you who saw lt would know rt had to be an all out effort to rarse money But rt certarnly was fun putung II on and the adlrbbrng that went on was hrlartous Poor Mr Sulhvan' The yearbook staff and Washrngton Club were worktng llke mad to complete therr work Th1s year w1ll always be known to us as the most het1c wrth 1ts organrzed confusron and berng so busy all the ume but also our happrest Graduatron over and now the years have passed by so qurckly rt ts all over These years whtch seemed so long and yet so short are now begrnnmg to gather dust We the class of 59 are very grateful to our Prrncrpal and teachers we have had The memorres of them and our classmates w1ll always lrve rn our hearts We now b1d a fond farewell C afaruw- Puqe 8 I treasury for our needs and then too, we had a yearbook to publish. Dances and selling to S. . S. BARBARA ABEL Q09 JIWBED ALBERT BAKER Yearbook Edrtor 4 Intermurals 1 4 Sefuof Play 4 G1r1s Athletrc Pres 4 Dlscussron Club 4 Honor Socrety 2 4 Student Councrl 3 G1rls State Skl Club 3 4 GLORIA BAKER Class Offrcer 1 3 4 Intermurals 3 Honor SOCISIY 2 4 Commerclal Club 2 3 Yearbook Busrness Man Llbrary Club 1 Heart Queen 2 4 Go Page 9 lntermurals 1 BRUCE BA RBOLT Basketball 1 2 L1brary Club 1 Class Play 4 Bruce J x Q7 1 Af K I 1 f 'fi F , Ir. I JXNICE BORST l Wlllfly ul l 1 1 llII'CTll1llIJlS 9 3 Yc.21rbook,-glxff 1 A O lcer ofl 3 4 If MNRII C NNAR M1Cke.y uuuuuxl uumc mu P 3 rlry C lub Ygxrboolx btxff 1 -J C v K ' Y , 4 . . R, 1 Q' x F u Q X X 1 X u A QQ Jy LL. .JU VJ SANDRA BPM DT "Y 'Sandy bhop Club l lutermurals l 7 3 Llblflfy Club l Cllorus 2 3 D1aCllSSlOll Club MARGARI l CARR Margle luterluurals 5 shop C lub 3 lmrboolx bt aff 1 COllllllt,l'L1'll Club l Dram mc Club Z J 'Thi 'Ox YW' x Z C9-:Q ..J' K KL! 'SX Page lU J ' H 4 , v, ,. I A -- XV -4' ' - 'V 'EV' A, Blll ,:,:3,l1 ,l f AW ' Xl, F. '11 A. :3,4,lf' C 1" 41. ,b,: ,4 1 - I L' f I , : ,I f 17 - 3 V ' 'L ,V 'JV K ' , ' ff' . b ,f 'A ' 4 ' 47 ' fb' U 1 U " , .H 'J' ,U ' Y I - r 1 - l .V it 7,1 1 2 L, Y " ' 2 " " ' Co ' Tl 2,14 f Drz 1 ' Club! l i ' off'-2 L,2,4 'll A Liba f I I 'x 'L 23,4 nl, :' ,I wx Ag., 1, N, AQ A lf '- V 2 l 7 Cefvygi C ,fy lb g i . 'ZJ , 'ip tx I , ' xx- , W gp ' A ff C X M .ff A u D 9"f'+9I-1 1,74 b- 5 f A -+1 f J D . ll ,fga , f V in:-wif qi- .,,' HV' 4 .vrf -jf Q f , C b , , Lf .y 'x ,Nu X - .V ' f Q , C ' ff- X N WQWP mf' T' DONALD CARSON Pres bkl Club 2 4 Class Play 4 Football 4 Intermurals 2 4 Basketball Manager 1 LOIS COMERATO Seluor Play 4 lntermurals l 3 Shop 3 Commercral Club Chorus 1 2 Dramaucs Club 2 Don Louxe Q-al ff BRENDA CAbWELL Bfell lntermurals l 3 Semor Play 4 of .39 P asaiyr-any Yearbook staff 4 f 9 FNA 3 4 ,I -gf Drscussron Club 4 Photography Club l WILLIA M DALABA Football l 2 Semor Play 4 -42,a vi' Vxpvyq! fa 'W 'Z 1 ' 1 ' r s fl . . . ., 4 - . W T. wig A 05 f- P. - - ,' I Auf ' V 2 ' ' in .Wigs f P' Q ' p F353 ' QS: 1 N O-Tx S, 156' ., .un ' 2,3 , 1 2- , - r, 17, X . all 1 X P x -J Y , x. , I X 4, , ll' lf' , I, ' .1 :ffl , . 'I ..- ' "l4' ' 'fl ' rf 1 f page 1 ,, - ,' 'xl' i Q - 'J-Z1 FRANK De PAUL Football 3 4 Llbrary Club 1 Basketball 3 Sen1or Play 4 Intermurals 3 DAVID FERRIS Basketball 1 Baseball 1 4 Football 1 4 Sen1or Play 4 Class Pres1dem 3 4 li Fran Dave Nauonal Honor Soc 2 3 4 Aud1o Vxsual 1 4 W 0 Cfamera S KARL DEPOLD WW Page 12 IO A D1 BLASIO Pldge Intermurals 1 4 Sen1or Play 4 Dramaucs Club 2 FNA34 Yearbook Staff 4 J0- MARIANN GEMMITI Getsyx Intermurals 3 L1brary Club 1 3 Clu 2 XA C 'R 'tar CALVIN GLEESON Yearbook Staff 4 Basketball 1 4 Football 2 4 Baseball 2 4 Senror Play 4 JEFFREY GUTTRIDGE Football 3 4 Baseball 1 Basketball l 2 3 Student Councrl 2 T 'U' '14 f. I Ca e kia ,ww g,Wf if fa- tw M Page 13 'GJ 'Q' W ,fa ww MARION GOODRICH Noonle Chorus 1 2 Dramatlcs Club 2 Intermurals 1 3 FNA 1 2 Yearbook Staff 4 IANICE KERWOOD all 5914.9-QJMAQ Lrbrary Club 1 4 FNA 4 Shop Club 3 , X V235 A f , F xi.: 1, qua- 9 ,P X V. PAUL LILAC "Butch" ' Basketball 1 2 3 Baseball l 4 Seutor Play 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Lrbrary Club 1 2 JAMES MCCLEMENTS Semor Play 4 Football l 4 Basketball l 2 3 Yearbook Staff 4 FTA 4 Photography Club 2 Eddre J 13-ar Q' I U7 Page 14 r- f? J 7 154mm -Q., M jr - - X L C x ' A FRANK MATTOON y Soccer 1 2 Football 3 wel' MA " M JMX JOHN MEHAN Johnny Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 M lf' A IF Q 1 ' X-T ' Q , - - -4 N , W I - -Av ' ' ' A xl E A F VL J f' f X Qi gk My rf fl pf' y w f t A K ,A .. L K B X , F 4 -'uf 1 L Q' L lx gf- to ff X: fl 5 ,Q Mi Y' 'yr 5 . . :N V A , gk yy, xr D X F' Vt' J 534 NK, '25 K xi'- vi NJ-f N, Vx 'Nu-V fly! MQW? , WWW kb Illl R O KOSKY leubool Staff 1 Iutermurrls 2 3 -1 Lrbrrry Club 1 Dramwtrc Club 1 Seruor Play 4 RObh PARIS Cheerleader 1 2 Commerclal Club Intermurals 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Ilouor Socrety 2 3 1 Of flkljivlf Baseball 3 4 Shop Club 3 Llbrary Club 1 2 IUDITH PHELPS DLSCUSSIOII Club 4 Shop Club 3 Judy beruor Play 4 it Dramatrc C1ub2 -L, ff? S H, rn 'Tk ST., X-eggxiiri . xl . S D 1 v Ip-'- Page I5 r fb , xx EW X xr 3. ,' 'L X Q ICED qv, L., M l ,of rx. h xx lr lf 3 3 . M , is - fl 4, 'I 3 ' 1 C' I M X ' I 9 1 , ,fu J , fx 1 2 ' Q 1 of 'fstherg 7 JAMES OVEROCKER "Ovee" ' Y ,4 F. T. A. 4 , . yf tsl. KE I ' , ,4 I of Q wb ' RN 'a I - L' .X .. QQ ' ?'x'f31,I2g?gf We tl' , ft, 'Ja' 1 X ee f ev, . Z 'Q Milf MXOJ -.', nf if CLORGI POIIRAS Varslty Club 3 4 Rli.l1OC lub .Z 3 Bwsketbill 3 Foothill l 3 3 X earbook Staff 4 JOHN RYCIICIK Honor Socrety 1 4 Dl'dl1lillCS Club Senror Play 1 Yearbook Staff 4 an aqui 'ldv Porky John I JF 19' S Vw We his Nw. s- 5 4 4 lx Page 16 .LMI s.f wi JANE POST Jamey Cheerleader 3 4 lntermurals 2 3 Commercral Club 2 3 4 Student Councrl 2 3 Yearbook staff 4 LINDA SANDERS 2 Intermurals 2 3 4 L1brary Club 1 l Play 4 . . K A fs 3 ,I W. N C W7 A r 1 2,4 ' , . r , L, , 4 ' , IN, l JJ-fc X U, ,WI rl lv ' XJ I l , K s Tn edu - ' - F. T. A. ,3,4 J we 1 , 2 . 2 L, L , , Q ,N X x? 'B ' 4 ACS , 4' ' 'tl , x' I X, ll' 5' 4 J ff f ,J fg Q J - : Lvl-'Q F, i 2' ' -4 ' ' 1-ll: S 7 h' 4 ' 1 W , ,L i nj-Q51 V ' J . . 'w,,, , f ! . - I T, M j I ,A in A! I ff, 'M X., kx 9 4 I J I -2 ' fl. R a t i f' . D 5' 'I L vs I i 't 1 , f 5 ' Xi, :" X' ,sg 1 2 -, . ,rf fr' 4' mfs' ' A3145 Q X ,F a I' , . .' XX " 4, 'N " i ' ng.: 9 A4., N .. ' ' , 5517 Q 5 il ' if, f1'5d,f3f5'ffp "t' V lf? ' sl 1, 54" '17557 4-of N CHARLES SHEA Sonny ELLEN SHEFFER Elsxe Chorus 1 2 Basketball 1 4 Imermurals2 4 Football 3 4 Shop 3 Class offrcer 1 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Band 1 4 Commercral Club 2 4 Dramaucs 2 ff ffvpff JOHN TROMAPSQ 'JJ' Nm: ootball 1 4 f 'Dj 'fx SARALEE SMODELL Sa a Basketball 1 4 If Aff! 2 3 4 Future Nurses Club 3 Varsrty Club 2 BF4 Shop Club 4 oys State 3 7 XXV! A Lrbrary Club 1 4 Track Meet 2 M Fr E Sd X X Pi1,e 17 N .P Ji x. L 1 X, xn ' V ll - X -7 if ', D L .' M20 Q r 1 ' -I ay-- fl lr, I L' F ' :af X f 2' ' V IQ fn D151 x 1 L L, A ' rr ' A -I .' ' f 1,2 ' f' ' , 1 'JU . 1' 'J ,1 'X FTA , , 1 " xf ' 'VA' 1 A . L V U ,Z , .X- u 4 1. A , L J ' VL ' I v 'i fox K 'lux 1' I ' -'J , U' 'V B 3 1191 I 'PJ XJ . 1.4 U, .owl . .Y Us Q.. V ' , - 1' 1 rl -f M. x Vw-- V f'f ,V YT" -P5 O lv ' ' ,f ,L ,el xx , S X A Jw I x , I. i .r ' f A 4 Q ' 4 ir: 4. ff' ,., gi " 5 ', . iff? 4 J ' A - 4, !,4 A I Personallt Pa e 'iff John Hancock Pet Pceve Favorlte Saymg Can you Imaglne Barbara Abel Glona Baker Albert Baker Bruce Barbolt Sandra Bradt Jamce Borst Marre Canary Donald Carson Margaret Carr Brenda Caswell Lors Comerato Wrlham Dalaba Frank DePaul Karl Depold Jo D1B1as1o Dave Ferns Marrann Gemmrtl Calvrn Gleeson Manon Goodrrch Jeff Guttrrdge Jamce Kerwood Paul L1lac Frank Mattoon Edward McClements John Mehan Esther O kosky James Overocker Rose Pans Judy Phelps George Portras Jane Post John Rychcrk Lrnda Sanders Charles Shea Ellen Sheffer Saralee Smodell John Tromans People who won t thrnk for themselves One who thrnks Buslness students have rt easy Intermedrate Algebra My C1t Ed teacher Our Englrsh teacher Redheads Grrls who lrke boys 201 s gray headed man People rn therr own way Grrls who order me around People who shove me around Harrcuts Teachers Grrls who chase boys Psychratrrsts Crew Cuts Jo s R1der Chemrstry Last mrnute changes State Polrce Drshes Tall players Homework Short harr School durmg huntrng season Boys wrth crewcuts Tall grrls Gym Losrng rgmtron keys Getung home Skinny men Grrls Boy Crazy grrls Referees C1t Ed School mornrngs My l1tt1e brother Ah Gee Yeah man What s the homework Dave? That s my busrness Yeah' I need some Pecunra Where s Jack1e'P Bye Bye Brlly Balony Howard Yeah man Tough Luck You re about as sharp as a marble What s next Crazy Be Quret Any food around? Almost anythrng Oh Yeah That s my busrness I don tknow Don t bet on tt Turtle Where s the grrls You hammerhead I do care You know Sure Oh Heck If you say so Lmda Best you do I don t know That s the way the ball bounces Barbara Let s go' See you later Great balls of frre Not berng senous Wrthout her frrendly personalrty Norsy rn school A Republlcan Not bothenng some o Not wantmg to be a teacher Wrthout a boyfrrend Gettrng along wrth Mr Barrrnger Not helprng anyone Wrth a D A harrcut Brg and heavy Studylng Comrng to school every al' Gorng steady Gorng 20 mph A poor dr1ver Long red harr Stuck up Noonre wlthout Henry Home before 3 A M Gettrng to school on t1me Playrng football As an actor Wrth short han In Trrg class on trme Readrng poems Berng 6 tall Wrth a strarght walk Home on t1me Not at a gas statron Not frghtrng over boys Wrth dark han Berng skrnny and beautrful Wrthout a car Not wearrng glasses Not wxth lrttle chrldren Coach for the Grants at . 'Q 6 - .' ,. 11... Y ' . ' b y d . Last Will and Testament We the Class of 1959 of the Strllwater Central School Strllwater rn the County of Saratoga and the State of New York berng of sound mrnd and memory do thereby make ordarn publrsh and declare thrs to be our Last Wrll and Testament that rs to say To the Faculty we as a class leave our regrets apologres and thanks for the last four years We bequeath to the Junrors our superror ways and the rrght to walk the corrrdors rn a regal manner To the Sophomores we leave our abrlrty to earn money for our Washrngton trrp To the Freshmen we leave our meekness We also leave personal bequeaths as follows Barbara Abel leaves her study habrts to Carl Schulze Albert Baker bequeaths hrs shyness to John Sgambatr Glorra Baker leaves her smrle to Mary LaBarge Bruce Barbolt leaves hrs love of socral studres to Mrke McLaughlrn Sandra Bradr leaves her abrlrty to get along wrth Mr Sullrvan to Pat Skutnrsky Janrce Borst bequeaths her father to the school Marre Canary leaves her nrght lrfe to Lrnda Barbolt Don Carson leaves hrs love of lrterature to Pat Phrllrps Margaret Carr leaves her bashfulness to Marre Gorskr Brenda Casewell leaves her harr to Loretta Pregent Lors Comerato leaves her abrlrty to get along wrth Mrs Vanderzee to Leona Tromans Wrllram Dalaba leaves hrs sports abrlrty to Ronald Carr Frank De Paul leaves hrs fancy harrcuts to Lester Pregent Karl Depold leaves hrs brarn to Mr Borst s Scrence Class Io Dr Blasro leaves her frrendly smrle to Mrs Lynch Mary Ann Gemmrttr leaves her hrgh marks to Janrce Kellogg Cal Gleeson leaves hrs abrlrty to get along wrth grrls to Joe Dr Keado Marron Goodrrch leaves her frgrrre to Sh.rrley Rose Jeff Guttrrdge leaves hrs Stump Jumprng to Ray Mrmck Janrce Kerwood bequeaths her overdue excuses to Rrta Wrrrer Paul Lrlac bequeaths hrs clownrng abrlrty to Davrd Howland Frank Mattoon leaves hrs car to Mr Krmball s mechanrcal shop class Ed Mc Clements leaves hrs abrlrty to play football to Srdney Wheeler John Mehan bequeaths hrs mrlk route to Drckre Bleau Esther O kosky leaves her blush to Jackre Morrrs James Overocker leaves hrs herght to Larry Estrll Rose Parrs leaves her trght skrrts to Clara Prrce Judy Phelps bequeaths her frrendly drsposrtron to Pat Joba George Portras leaves hrs gas statron work to Jerry Petronrs Jane Post leaves her romantrc abrlrtres to Sandra Morrrs Jean Russo leaves her Senror lrcense to Butch John Rychcrk leaves hrs herght to Paul Farnan Lrnda Sanders bequeaths her abrlrty to play sports to Sandra Talmadge Charles Shea leaves hrs convertrble to Mr Sullrvan Ellen Sheffer bequeaths her glasses to Trm Campbell Saralee Smodell leaves her quret ways to Velma Caswell John Tromans leaves hrs Senror Play trghts to Robert Wolff Page 19 David Ferris leaves his large vocabulary to Paul Farnan. . . , . , . . Dear Drary Pro hecy Wrth the ard of our own Unrvac we shall now predrct the future Barb Abel Al Baker Glorra Baker Bruce Barbolt Sandra Bradt Janrce Borst Mrckey Canary Margaret Carr Donald Carson Brenda Caswell Lors Comerato Brll Dalaba Frank DePaul. Karl Depold Jo Dr Blasro Davrd Ferrrs rs now a worker rn Germany for Radro Free Europe rs happrly marrred and rturnrng hrs own farm rs one of the hrghest pard secretarres rn Washrngton rs dorng frne as a technrcran rn G E rs a rovrng reporter for the New York Trmes now lrves rn Colorado her long lrved dream rs a very successful secretary under Jack Dyer has a real cool przza restaurant rn Strllwater rs the greatest contractor Strllwater ever had lrves rn Mass wrth husband Howard and rs a practrcal nurse rs a very talented commercral artrst has gone rnto the hotel busrness rs a promrnent lawyer rn New York Crty drrvrng hrs clrents around rn hrs lrttle red Jeep has the best darry rn thrs area rs head of the surgrcal nurses rn Albany Hosprtal and takes Dramatrcs at nrght school has plans to run for Governor of New York State Mary Ann Gernmrtr. rs marrred wrth three krds to keep her lrfe hectrcally happy Cal Gleeson Jeff Guttrrdge Janrce Kerwood Paul Lrlac Frank Mattoon Ed McC1ements John Mehan Esther O Kosky James Overocker Rose Parrs Judy Phelps George Portras Jane Post Jean Russo John Rychcrk Lrnda Sanders Charles Shea Ellen Sheffer Saralee Smodell John Tromans rs the brggest drscovery rn Hollywood latest prcture I Love Thee rs a successful busrnessman rs head of tne Chrldrens Dept at Leonard Hosprtal rs Assrstant Coach at S H S strll drrvrng hrs old Chevy rs dorng pretty good now the Lawrence Welk fan rs happy wrth hrs grrl from New York Crty extended hrs mrlk route to Canada where he rs a forester now works wrth Janrce Borst rn Colorado rs overseas wrth the Marrnes rs a model rn New York Crty rs a surgxcal nurse rn Albany Hosprtal and also attends nrght school for Dramatrcs has a charn of Mobrl gas statrons rn Washrngton as secretary to a Senator happrly marrred to one of S H S star basketball players an engrneer and holds an excellent Job dorng well as feature wrrter for a hrstorrcal magazrne rs dorng wonders wrth hrs 4 H agency the frrst to be marrred now has two lovely though rambunctrous chrldren rs a chrld s nurse and rs loved by all her patrents rs the Coach of the best athletrc team rn Warren Co Poqe 20 . . . . . , . ' ' . . .' . ' ...... is ' ' . ' ..... is ' ' ' ' ' . . ., . . -Y 'S 4 31 .ai fwvsgn Wil ,, Mxwty ' ' f 'Y K.- wiv' ,rf , H. . ,yur or 4 I0 Qs T 9. ,ur , 125' K 1 1, X . VK V. J 1 - I 4 '3 ,I V .. f5'-2 fu'-xl on 'W 'r'-' ,en Ss. 'LIL' ,4 40 ffwffgg WF fy . J lit .. S 2 . . . . . F X If ' q. K s . is A .ma L. to R. Sandra Talmadge, Janice Kellogg, Mary xx 'f 7 S YM xX 57' Elrzabeth Hansen John Rychc1k Barbara Abel Dav1d Ferns QPres J Rose Pans Glorra Baker NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY EL Inducuon Ceremony Advrsor Mrs Howe It 1S an honor to become a member of thrs soclety whrch IS based upon character scholarshrp leadershrp and servrce The Natronal Honor Socrety at Stxllwater has been rn exrstence for 4 years and has admrtted 21 members to 1ts ranks The advrsors consrst of a councrl of frve faculty members whrch revrew all prospecuve members and have the frnal say rn the admrttance of these candrdates Th1s January we rnducted three Junrors as permanent mem bers J Kellogg S Talmadge and M Hansen and rn the spnng we shall mduct the accepted Sophomore candrdates as probatronary members Page 24 F.T.A. Commercial Club Qi F.N .A 'N Audio Visual . 1 u W 9 Radio Club l ' kill! Girls' Industrial Arts f .fs fl Varsity Club 454' e x 47 48 B0 Senior SY Pla 1 0 Y .Lil W 41 X69 s.u"9y 0' 0 Q k ,. "' 0 - f -u c 'I 0 W ILL HRD PTT. O Q I ?.,.W ,.,.....i I em K W L E Gi ,-jj gg ivzi' ,,, 2- 4 -4 I K." - . 5 L .1 4 I QA 5, . - 41f12 ' ' 'HHQ 'h 4 b S X W N fs, t-'il KQQ .5 A K h in QQ 4 :fu 5 dvvrp. , 1 43- " -un 'A 'Mi' -'wmv WA... Q f vf I r 'H' xr ' V if Y A 4, Q 7 Ki I x Q X I ,W '. 5 V7 Q M Y V s an s I N vw- 6 ' 'L "' sw Q .K 9 aw ' Mk Q 2-.if ' Six "'g"" ' S i A ' 5 5 4 Q .f A 1 my .P . i -L. tw Q ' gm 2' 5 f ' I rf MZ: I 6 km , y K Af 1 Xa f 1 ma fx , I MK ' ' X . lv I wgizm, VJ: K Q p L, . .ff"" 5 f gf.. . A fr a - Y X I 2 Q12 ,5-if i I rf--X I S f x -X I X X I C2 x X X 9' V Qparfe N N X 'L x 'if x X 4 X x X x N x xx I I T x I ' X I X X I X y X I x 1 ' N 1 x X X X I X N X x X X I X . ' 1 x 5 X ff! X ' 1 I I f-., l f x I I X I' X M f X: xf , From Row: D. Calicchia, G. McClements, H. Cowin, I. Osmond. P. Shea, T. Campbell, B. Sgambati, C. Shea, J. Sgambati, G. Poitras, J. Tromans, I. Peacock, G. Demers. Back Row: L. Poitras, F. De- paul, D. Rathbun, L. Estill. D. Ferris, J. Clements, W. Joba, G. Guttridge. E. McC1ements, P. Farnan Football 5 X 15 i 1 I. Palmeri, C. Gleeson. . Robert Zammello Rjbghard Ngonan Ass't. Coach Coach This year's football team at Stillwater was better than its 1-3-1 record shows. Coach Dick Noonan's rebuilding job during the past three years is definitely paying off as the quality of the football played at David Rathbun Stillwater has improved tremendously. The team was led on the field by Captain senior quarterback Dave Ferris. The nucleus of the team was linemen, end Cal Gleeson, guards George Poitras and Frank De Paul, tackle Jeff Guttridgeg and center John Tromans. Under Classmen included P. Farnan, W. Joba, and J. Sgambati. In the backfield with Ferris were leading ground-gainer Ed McClements, Charlie Shea and Junior Dave Rathbun. All the boys showed good sportsmanship on and off the field. Coach Noonan will have many letter- men to carry out his hopes for a banner season next year. SENIORS arsit Basketball Front Row D Ferns C Shea P L11ac I Tromans C Gleeson J Mehan Back Row B Sgambau Manager D Rathbun P Farnan W Joba M Aldnch G Poltras Manager X -Q av-EM fe I ..! Coach Dlck Noonan and Capt Dave Ferns Page 31 CC i 1 J ,4 X' f' l ' ' A K -.F Seniors N Dave Ferns Cal Gleeson Butch L11ac John Mehan Charhe Shea John Tromans At the ume of I'.h1S wnung the basketball team at Sullwater has already proved 1tself to be one of the best 1n the league We started off by w1nn1ng three stra1ght games and then lost a tough one to Cambrrdge tn our fourth game We then came back to w1n two more and w1th a 5 1 record we traveled to I-Ioos1c Valley where we dropped a tough one by a score of 51 50 Down but not out our Warnors came nght back agam to wln two more Wtth the season half over we have a 7 2 record whtch proves that thrs basketball team 15 one of the best ever tn Stillwater Coach Noonan wrll have to look forward for replacements to f111 the shoes of the outgorng sentors I thrnk that next year s team will be Just as good as tlus year s Good Luck to Coach Noonan and the Wamors tn the years to come Charlte Shea Page 32 v . , . . , n n ' - Basketball Schedule Junior Varsit Back Row left to rrght I Osmond S Palmren L Portras R Bleau L Estlll D Front Row L McDonald R Carr W Brookrng P Shea D Goverskt C Gr1ff1n Case Wtley H Lupo H Cowm Under the coachrng of Joe Faman the Junror Varsxty basketball team has bu11t up an rncredrble record The scoring has been well rounded among the team Whrle Herb Cowm has been the leadrng scorer he has teamed up wrth Ronme Carr Carl Gnfftn Paul Shea and Dtck Goverskr to make the strongestj V ftrst f1ve rn the Washmgton County league All of the Junior Warnors have had capable trarmng and show great promrse for the future Butch Lrlac November December December December December January January January January January February February February 2 5 9 1 1 Hoosrc Falls Greenwrch Cambrrdge Schuylervrlle Argyle Salem Fort Ann Hartford Hoosrc Falls Greenw1ch Schuylervllle Cambndge Argyle Page February 20 February 24 February 27 March 6 y W N X Salem Hoosrck Valley Fort Ann Hartford z a - . , . , . ' . . , . ', . ' ' , . ' , G. 5 . at ' ' ' at 2 at ' 9 ,Z 4 9 at K January 13 at Hoosick Valley if 16 V ,'... :iw I 1' 23 at 27 at ' . 30 ' ' 6 ' X 10 at ' 13 at L' CQ i"gM54ffvY ffyv- affi x . can we can know we can C311 we CHD we ITIUSI can we can We know we can Beat our foe or BUST' Junior Varsity Phyllis Coons Sue Conley Saralane Neilson Beverly Parker Janice Kellogg Faith Meyers Karen Hansen Ellen Canary ,Qs QS. Qs Varsity Janet Sedivy Joyce Comerato Marie Gorski Jane Post Marjorie Baker Emmy Hansen Leona Tromans Linda Barbolt We're all Americans We 're all too blue We fight tne way Americans do On land or sea or in the air We'11 win this game both fair and square Page 34 'Wu- Our Coach Grrls Athletrc Assocrauon Jean Vanderzee Under the expert gurdance of Jean Vanderzee the popularrty of grrls sports rn Strllwater has greatly rncreased Wrth the newly formed Grrls Athletrc Assocratron we have been able to add some new sports They are Bowhng played at the local alleys and freld hockey played rn the fall wrth great enthusrasm plus bumps and brurses Mrs Vanderzee has also taught skung to some students Th1s sport rs rncreasrng rn popularrty as they went to Wrllard Mt once a week weather permrttrng The other sports we parucrpated rn were basketball soccer volleyball and softball Basketball was played durrng the wrnter We went to Schuylervrlle for a playday and although we drdn t wrn any games we certarnly had fun In soccer we went to Argyle for a playday and drdn t we have fun We drdn t lose one game' We were host to ten other county schools at a volleyball playday here Last but not least softball The Loursvrlle sluggers really made those balls smg' All rn all we had a very eventful year Lrnda Sanders Page 35 WW ,440 Back Row Asst CoachMr Boyd T Guttndge D Rathbun C Gleeson P Farnan D Ferns D Case S Palmerr Coach Noonan Front Row R Carr I Overocker C Shea J Tromans P L1lac J Mehan Baseball Page 36 S H X? SCORES Cambndge Greenw1ch Greenw1ch I-loosrc Valley 1 Cambndge 8 Burnt H1115 1 Hoosrcx Falls -- 2 Waterford -- 4 St. Peter's -- 4 Salem -- 10 Schuylerville -- 9 1 1 Corinth 2 Ballston Top: Here comes Charlie! Bottom: Did you see where that went? r-wx. I ' I 'q.,.:,-I 1 Y 'X 3, I A me Junlor Hlgh Basketball .I Front Row left to nght Ross Pregent James Ferns Robert Howland Mxchael Boucher John Morns Davld Annusesky John Danlels Elwood Dalaba Second Row B1l1y Davrgnon Brlly Carley Terry McDonald Tom Mellon Eddle Gr1ff1n Paul DeCota Ronald Charbonneau James Goodrrch Robert Tromans Tlurd Row Donald Ph11l1ps Ronnre Saunders Dougre Bryan Frank Gargano Tommy Alderman J1mmy Spxckler Teddy Alderman B111 Srckler Page 37 Q O . P ,Q , ', , I XJ' 1 4 J V 3 Xe," , P' ' , A x H- .K 9 Q 8 ' S ' 5? L J J V YQ rw V f, x ' 1 Q-, f fx . A Q . 'I A 5 3 A . 0 we A X- in if J x Q , . ' ' 3 Q 2. .4 . u u A F Y J 5 f 4: f 457 i-1 '47 LL!!!-5 Ufaeeeg 3 V' Q i J - 3 1 ll fm, '79 f ' of f i ' f 'A 70 Comerato P Coons M Hansen D Butler 2nd row T Campbell D Cahcchra I Morby M McLaughl1n J Clements J Sgambau P Farnan M Aldrich W Joba D Bleau I DeKeado G Case W Esull G Peuoms Class of 1960 lst row Left to nght L Travrs I Moms S Morr1s P Skutnesky I Kellogg J Sedwy H Plulhps S Kelly B Petugrew N Osborn 2nd row F Raymond R Wolff S Pa1m1er1 D Rychxck R M1n1ck D Rathbun D W11ey D Moore A Shulze W Sgambau E LeFebvre R Wnter Page 40 1 2 i R 2 fi ' , ' J .' N . ,: X L ik Y . ' f . ' I L , 7 W 'I lstrowz Left to right: D. Howland, C. Carr. S. Humphrey, V. Caswell, L. Barbolt, M. Gorski, J 5 1 5- r,:'...".2- lst row Left to rrght S J Nerlson D Moore M Meagher D Snow M Smodell L Tromans P Ph1111ps I Melon 2nd row E Sullrvan C Pnce B Parker D MacChestney K T1111pau1 D Ph1111ps M Webster B Talmadge N Peck B Rrvers 3rd row S Wheeler R Quackenbush J Osmond L Portras P Shea I Peacock F Pohl E Nass Class of 1961 lst row Left to nght M Longe D Brrggs D Brrggs 2nd row S Kelly M Grrffrn B Banks E Canary J DAv1gnon K Hansen M Baker J Ford J Kusslus I Kussrus 3rd row E Decker E Goverskr W DeCota W Brundlge C Dobbert J Lupo 1 'H l Poqe 41 .if 3 ' 'Z h .K , O A , . . f , - L Gemmiti, G. Demers, E. Brooks, H. Lupo, C. Cowin, C. Griffin, R. Cowin, L. Esfill, R. Carr, R. i' 1 W M g!i!-gli. Q l I 1 S N l V 1 1,1 L ii' I C ' . ,L 5 W f 'Q . "Q iff." ' V. ss-' g.',':. . -X N.. , L I g P L 3 1 1 Vs lst row Left to rxght R Halzlrp A Bouchard L Bradt B Craft S Baker J Flegel M Decota T Bechard W Carley P Clements 2nd row D Hagadorn R Foster R Dunn R Carr C Thompson J Dan1e1s F Cargano D Flynn D Anusesky R Crammond Class of 1962 On floor Left to rrght. P Ioba L Tedesco M OKosky S Rose lst row V Kelly L Yascher I Moms F Myers R Mrmck B Travts B Palm1er1 M LaBarge E Prrce N Knrbbs 2nd row! Phelps A Mor1n R OKosky D Pregent G McC1ements K Overton J Moms E Krauskt W Russell L Pregent I-I Parker S LaVe11a L McDonald P RyCh1Ck V McCloskey Page 42 3 I i I . P P lit f to lliiliilllfl lift . , , v lx 1 l R - 3 I 5 7 4 ' Q 1 I 1 1 , , , 1 , , . , lst row Left to rrght P Rooney S Mohan S Dunn M Rinaldr C La1sde11 L Patenaude L Brown K Vano P Marshall 2nd row L Flynn D Rlvers C Peregrlm I Yascher J Skumlsky S Mc Laughlxn R Smuh N Hagadorn D Krpp P Conway 3rd row I Goodnch D Marsh R Wrxght R Sharp R Tromasn J Ferr1s E Raymond T Mehan J LeFebvre R Charbonneau H Depold C Decker Class of 1963 lst row Left to r1ghLE Scully S Sausvrlle M Lewrs S K1ng L Pregent C Clements S Mohan A Smodell S Capecl 2nd row B Baker E Dalaba W DAv1gnon M Conway P DeCota Cowrn R Howland R Pregent E Grlffm J Crammond F Mor1n H Bouchard 87 ?""e Pqe 43 'y 'ly W' 1 I F I ,X L 11. 7 1 : ' : . , . , . . . ', . ' . . , . . , . . : . , . ' , . ' . . , . ' , . ' ', . ' , . , . ' , . , :. ' , . , . ' , . , . , . I, . , . , . , . , . , . I ' ' . , . . , . ., . I , - 1 - 1 - 1 . , . '. : . , . . - ' ' . - f - ,W- . , . , . , . D . , . , . , 1 . f 5 1 Q 555 5 7 , ' V g W Teii 5 1 ' f 3 5 5 , Li Q , E 3 5' Eg V fi i 4 gy Q gi .' Q' AAI. v ' f' 2 ' , . -X . , 1 s ' V -'affirm , M I' ,- , ' X ff . 7:41 S fu., f . , N l -'Vx Y x ill!! 1 U1l 1l lst row Left to nght. S Ward A HHIZIIP M Chase L Brooks P Sce1s1 M Peacock L Bradt B Parker J Johnson M Canary 2nd row T McDonald W Srckler I Sprckler H Bryan J Sedrvy M Boucher M Abel P Rourke S Brundage F Pa1m1en T Alderman T Alderman M Moms R Zagorslu G Phelps R De1aRosa Class of 1964- lst row Left to nght K Coons I Bisnetl M Lewrs M Jernson K Jusko 2nd row C Wagoner S Abbey J De Cora M De Keado S Hurd S Comerato K Retell N Yetto S Gemmui S Travrs 3rd row W Post S Cukrovandy G Post R Saunders D Phrllips T Mellon A Marshall Page 44 Af? 5ifEi is S? if -F ff Af 2 V15 S E ' 1 A 'Q' ' 2 E A ii EP A g, ' 2 - i ? I if i 2 - . Lf L? . . A 7 5 7 V' , lr 'Q 1,4 I- -T - I Q I- a' , ' 4 2 A U us a 1 1 Aw,- f I ' 'ern 'll ,v N I S si F 3 E M NIH A 5 1 -1-A... Elementary Teachers Standxng G Standlsh E Baker H Ha1os Standmg K Carter L Delhnger C Wood E I-C31T1Y M Norman Sealed G Borsr G Case H Farrell D Herlt Seated B A Nadeau P Babems M Tubbs Chase J Sheehy R Connelly C Descend M Hutton stodlans T HaJos D Ford E Lane Mlsslng C Longsraff A Anusesky Bus DIIVCFS Cafeterla Staff 3, f' ' , 5,1 .',' ' ' ., fl. 1 1 - ..-' ,Q V , . x .ff 1 J V Q. 1 1 , f x. , 1' fi f -R1 W. 5- 3,-i K- I y . ,,f iw f .- Front: A. Anusesky, C. Payne. Back: A. 5- Sicklerl E, Baldwin, L, Flynn, J, Whitman, Tedesco, W. Cowin, L. Wiley, W. Payne. H. Canary, C. Wuey Missing: I. Cowin if xi A0!VQl'flQlf7g 13 MQW Qi! sm. gf ,ff ' o X iii" J- ,f , Fi J 45 jfs of -- Q ,- 'Y 'I 'I - as ,I LAW- ,I f'Lf',.4,'- JA 'uh' If "' v , 'I K 5, 1 in X B ft -' --k'7Vf ' x Q ,Yi M., j, , 1 ' 4 3 lf' ' ' 'g Y ' '. 4'f'- , A ' f" W L' A - If 5 r 5 Xa COLLIN'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions 34 North Main Street Mechanicville, New York Phone MO 4-5141 CURTO JEWELERS 311 Park Avenue Mechanicville, New York Area's Newest and Most Modern Jewelry Store Reliable, Exclusive but not Expensive Compliments of RINALDI S SHOE STORE Mechanicville New York W T GRANT 81 CO Known for VALUES For over 50 Years Mechamcv ille New York GOLDEN DRUGS Kelley Drug Co MO 4 7329 214 1X2 Park Avenue Mechanlcville New York Compliments of CAPUTOS OIL CO Fuel and Furnaces Sold and Serviced Telephone TU 5 6224 I I I O I I I . . 4 . . , I Geo. P. Golden, PH. G. Prop. Sage 1.8 COMPLIMENTS OF H E L E N T . S C O T T INSURANCE STILLWATER N Y COMPLIMENTS OF STILLWATER HARDWARE LARRY BARBOLT SUNOCO SERVICE GAS OIL KEROSENE CARS REPAIRED PHONE MO 4 9097 SWIMMING DANCING BROWN S BEACH SARATOGA LAKE OUTINGS BANQUETS JENSEN S COMPLIMENTS OF TEC SERVICE STATION VILLAGE BODY AND FENDER SHOP SPRAY PAINTING TIRES BATTERIES DAIRY V7 BAR PHONE MO 4 9048 MR Sz MRS BRADSHAW , S . I I O ... nl E3 U L 1 1i l in- I I u figs- 43 PATRONS Mrs Halloway Mr and Mrs Edwln Caswell Mr and Mrs Raymond Bebems Mr and Mrs Andrew O'Kosky M1ss Anne Marle Nadeau James Morrxssey and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wllllam and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Edward Smodell Irvmg Baker Orvllle Post Lawrence Ferrls Wllllam Sanders Sheffer Elton Phelps Malcolm Borst Edna Baker Betty Leamy and Mrs Earl Lane Joseph Farnan and Mrs Merrll Baker Sr and Mrs George Bradshaw Walter Cowln and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs Joseph D1Blas1o Edward Par1s Nlcholas Comerato Edward Rooney Lynn Goodrlch Robert Seaman Dav1d Vanderzee Spencer Boyce Carl Schultz Rlchard Butler Olm Brownell Calvln Gleeson Edward Howe Mr and Mrs Edward McGrady Mr Harry Mxllett M1ss Thelma Larson Mr and Mrs Wm Barrmger Mr and Mrs Dav1d Boyde M1ss Clalre Nosher Mr Danlel MU1Vlhl11 Mr and Mrs Rlchard Noonan Mr and Mrs John L1lac Mrs Gertrude Carson Mr and Mrs John Tromans Mrs LOUISE Tubbs M1ss Jo D1Blas1o Mr and Mrs Davld Mehan Mrs Alfred Baker and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Alfred Carr Robert McClements Frank Mattoon Rlchard Canary Carlton Abel John Rychlck Tho mas Guttr ldge and Mrs Francls Shea and Mrs Vlncent Barbolt and Mrs Joseph Poltras Mrs Ann Gemmlttl John Su ll1van and lVIrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Rlchard Dalaba Floyd Dunn Arthur Overocker John Lynch Joseph DePaul Karl Hlcky Mr. . . . Mr. . . ' ' ' Mr. . ' . . ' Mr. . ' . . ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . . ' ' ' Mr. . . . ' . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. lVIr. . Mr. . ' , . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradt Mr. ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. ., ' . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Page 50 SHEA'S RICHFIELD SERVICE SOUTH BROADWAY Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Compliments of THE STILLWATER GRANGE No. 681 Comphments of CLEMENTS OLDSMOBILE DEALERS Quallfled GM M6ChaHlCV1116 N Y Comphments J H ANTHONY ALDRICH S SERVICE STATION North Hudson Ave SLIIIWHICI' Ixew York SMODELL S STORE Establlshed 1910 Stlllwater N Y of , u - I I ' 1 , T f I 3 Q 0 I l l 1 1 1 -1 P 51 - NORTH END GARAGE Auto TV Repalrs Sales and Servlce Grocer1es North Hudson Avenue Stlllwater N Y Comphments of HARRY J WEVER Mob11 Heatlng O11s and Lubrlcants Telephone 325 100 South Hudson Comphments THE ROD 8- GUN CLUB, INC Beach and P1cn1c Grounds 7 M11es North of Vlllage Page 52 , . . St. Phone MO 4-4401 Mechanicville, New York ' of Compllments AHEARN S JEWELRY Mechan1cv1lle N Y DICK S RESTAURANT RICHARD LANARY 'Stlllwater s favorlte Snack Bar Booth SGFVICG Hudson Avenue St1llwater N Y Comphments of ARTISTIC UPHOLSTERS Cornlces Draperxes Telephone e201 FRANK TRAGNI Top S011 Road Gravel Dozer Work Excavatlng Old Bulldlngs Removed Reupholsterlng Custom Made Furn1ture Telephone 2517 10 Carolme Street Saratoga Sprmgs New York Black Top Pavmg Dump Truck Servlce 4 L mc oln Avenue Saratoga Sprlngs N Y WHALEN S SERVICE STATION Texaco Products Grocerles Beer Tel MO 4 3721 Stlllwater N Y JIM S BOAT BAIT SHOP Saratoga Lake Page 53 I I I I ' I ,. . . 4, SlipCovers ' - " 1 I I s ' U I I ,. . SKI AT PANZA S WH-LARD STARLIGHT RooM MOUNTAIN New T Bar Llft New Snow Maklng Eqlupment New Skl Shop Canadlan Sk1 School New Tralls St Slopes New Canteen Floodht Area For N1ght Skung Across from Brown s Beach North Easton N Y Saratoga Lake N Y Cornphrnents of BALLSTON STILLWATER KNITTING CO INC Stlllwater, N. Y. P 54 I 7 nl CGMPLIMENTS OF GRADES 7 11 F? .lf COMPLIIVIENTS OF BUD'S FRIENDLY SERVICE SERVICE IS OUR BEST PRODUCT MOBIL PHONE Mo. 4-9028 G. A. BOVE MOBIL HEAT FUEL OIL - KEROSENE MO. 4-5111 76 Railroad St. I MECHANICVILLE I N Y LYNCH PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO TISFACTION uawavflie SARATOGA SPRINGS N Y PROGRESS PUBLISHERS NC ALBANY N Y ll png 56 Th Progress Way Io Betl Y books M , I . I . . SARATOGA LAKE MARINE SUPPLY on Rt 9P EVINRUDE MOTORS STERLING TRAILERS BOAT S Thomohson Trojan Whlrlwlnd Complete 11ne of Mar1ne Equ1pment Rep Mlss Jo D1B1as1o Comphments of BLOWER S GENERAL STORE RESTAURANT GRILL OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND ROUTE 9P SARATOGA LAKE Compllments of ARVIN HART FIRE DEPT Page 57 , - - . T e 1. 9 5 0 Prop. Joseph DiB1asio I FRANK E. ANTOLICK 81 SONS, INC GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS XZ Schaghtlcoke New Yo rk PRUYN LUMBER SUPPLY C0 INC P H O N E Adams 8 6744 Enterprlse 9720 Mechan1cv1lle New York Abel Baker Barbolt Borst Canary Carr Caswell Dalaba Depold Ferrls Goodr 1ch Guttrldge Ke rwood Parls Po1tras Post Sanders Shea Sheffer Smodell Gleeson DePaul D1B1as1o Gernm1t1 PC3518 1. B. 2. G. 3. B. 4. J. 31 5. M. 6. M. ., . 7. B. 3. W. 9. K. 10. D. ' 11. M. ' , 12. G. ' 13. J. Morris 4-7310 14- J- Mahan 15. R. ' - 16. G. ' 17. J. 18. L. 19. C. 20. E. 21. s. 22. C. 23. F. - - . 24. J. ' ' ' 25. M. " B111 Taylor welcomes Gus Hodgkms and Jlm Gerd1ng to the Taylor Pubhshmg Company's 1959 Semmar Class Rmgs Medals and Awards Commencement Announcements L G BALFOUR C0 TAYLOR YEARBOOK COMPANY P O Box9 Schenectady New York Phone 3 5374 ffatopzapla Page 59 2 Y In closmg our Dlary the Class of '59 comes to an end as a part of the student body of Stlllwater Central School As lt says 1n our Class Hlstory the memorles of our teachers and t1me spent here w1ll always l1ve ln our hearts and shall re mam to be a very 1mportant part of our Now we close the co ers and at the same tlme open the doors for a future fllled w1th a new and dlfferent 11fe as we approach adulthood SQ- P y 9 Y U PROGRESS PUBLISHERS INC ALBANY N .k V ' X ' B X -ffl , f .X ' 4, X l f N xX ' X X X Q fl n C 5 E lives. Q i U The rogress Wa o Bener e rboolrs - Lfbf f' a r ' 1 ' - 4" --,-, - L H-A ' ' - x --,. -r -1 ' - - , - - r -. ,gh - ,-,,-, , - - , , ..g , . .A - - I , f , . K !, , 1 -V-H1 K I 'ffffij , ! vt -'rl ibn.. 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