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WWHW WM vm www-wwf W -' Q af , if W S ., i gy 45 fb 1 "' 4' V , LN J Qi A 'x ,. f IS I w -4 -iZQ3ff:?gg- iw w if X ,,.,,a,ww .Q gms WM ? X 1 -- 5- f ,wgfgf wwgjmv gym,-2h:si,wf?1yz1fYwQr,ffwr.Qgmw.GfS-, . nw I Q4 -. sw K1 R mg:-:,p,. wzf1.,wzf-.' K 1 fag X gp 65,4 T :3 get yflfwi N f miiwi 4 K f . , fy- V' " , , . ' I -A f ' ' H ' ' , ff ft? I iifg :fi 7-wg 13 Q 1 H 2 E 3 ll i fi, A 15 2 1 -5 i 3 3 3 2 3 A-wk wiki 1 z Kew? LK' 3 Www- .wvvv az, .Q-w 4' IN? Mu .Q 695' m S 1 a NMNH 5' 0 E' +.,:.-,f VV i ' dx X " SN ,. x " 9X Lkfjxhxxi IX f 'rf X X K .S L' .4 . 11 " Y ' I I . V A ' .hx X 'J Fw T' , v 'I 1 if 4' , X , 'f 'V 'N PJ: iv L'd, f ' G I A x'1 K, Rx I 1 X 1 if J V , - ff: , y 1 'J x 1' f ,ji K' W N311 , N 5 fm 'XNM iss X -, ... ' v --J x QQ C .,l J ug - ' .J J 4 f , 5.4 .ff ' LW , f I, , N f , .-X x Presented by the SENIOR CLASS of the STILLWATER CENTRAL SCHOOL Stillwater, New York Dear Mom and Dad: Our four years at Stillwater High are behind us and our high school days are over. We've had fun - curricular and "extra-curricular. " You, our parents, gave us encouragement when we needed it most. Now, because of your competent guidance and encouragement we have attained something that no one will ever be able to take away from us ' ' , our High School education. We realize and are grateful for what you have done for us. Because of this we wish to dedicate our yearbook, the '58 Cahotatea to you, our Parents! Om atS' Stillwater Central School is not just a building, a group of students a faculty - it is all this and much, much more. It is a way of life, Our Way of Life. During the past few years it has offered us countless opportunities: a chance to plan for the future, to construct a sure foundation of knowledge on which to build a career and a life, to de- velop warm, enduring friendships, to learn by doing. We're proud of this, Our Way of Life, grateful for all it has given us - a chance to learn, to see and grow, to find the truth, and make it ours, the lingering joy of work and play with those who know and love us best, and honest pride in work well done, the solitude of deep deep thoughts. And now we go - we leave behind this Way of Life, but all these thoughts, bright memories, are in our hearts, and ours forever. We hope that as you read and reread this 1958 Cahotatea, you will grow to love it, for recalling the precious moments captured in these pictures, you may live . . . again. OUR WAY OF LIFE Editor -in -Chief YEARBOOK STAFF Yearbook Staff: Sallie Wheeler, Carole Zerbarini, Rosemary Fuller, Gail DeCoteau, Linda Kellogg, Doug Case, Gail Payne, Jean Carley, Pat Bennett, Pat Church, Ginger Baker, and Mike Sullivan, Business Manager. BEVERLY LANE Editor WILLIAM BARRINGER JAMES MORRISSEY Class Advisor Yearbook Advisor ROBERT SEAMAN, Principal PR1NCIPAL'S MESSAGE As a class, you have had the singular privilege of being the first class to graduate from the new high school. Moreover, as a group you are privileged to enter upon your life as adults in a nation at peace. The best wishes of all who have been concerned with your school years are extended to you--along with the hope that each of you will find the rich and full life you desire. You are charged, however, with the responsibility of living up to the high ideals of this free nation, remaining alert to challenges which may deny to future generations this precious heritage. Congratulations to each and everyone. It is with profound hope that I wish you all success and happi- ness throughout your lifetimes. Robert Seaman BOARD OF EDUCATION it in E. Smith, M. Figiel, D. Butler, M. Herlt, L. Brownell, W. Werner, and E. Gannon. Missing from picture: R. Hayner, R. Sharpe, L. Sharpe, Treasurer and R. Winnans, Superintendent. Y 4 h W. BARRINGER 1. OSTROY M. BORST J. MORRISSEY L. ROONEY ' J. CAMPISI F. BUTLER K KIMBALL 1. CONNOR C. CANARY D. MULVIHILL J. FARNAM M. DOPERA D. BOYD W. HOLMES F. ALEXIK E. CUMMINGS M. HOWE C. NOSHER L L 1 I 4' Q Kindergarten 1-2 H . L. Tubbs alos N Noonan Norman P ' R a Baker G. By rgt Leamy ' 0 Standish fr if " 1 ' H. Farrell K. Carter B. Chase C. Descend M. HUIIOII J. Sheehy G. Case D, Hel-11 L. Dellinger C. Wood Nurse Secretary Assistant Secretary -P M- BOYCC --fii?,f, :':"' M. Hickey M. McGrady I A CAFETERIA HELP: L. Flynn, A. Baldwin, H. Canary, E. Sick- ler, J. Whitman missing: A. Longstaff, B. Hunter, and K. Wiley CUSTODIANS: E. Lane, D. Ford, T. Hajos, and W. Cowin missing: C. Longstaff BUS DRIVERS: W. Payne, W. Cowin, A. Tedisco, W. Bar- bolt, and L. Gailor missing: L. Wiley, and J. Cowin ...Elf 911111 swf f44C06606't6. 44606446 VIRGINIA BAKER "Ginger" Class Officer 1, Band 1, 2, 3,4, All-County Band 2, I-V Cheerleader 1, 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3,4, Play 2, 4, Washington Club, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, All-County Chorus 2, 3,4, Press Club 3,4, Yearbook Staff, Ora- torical Contest 2, Camera Club, Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Princess 3, Library Club 1, Commercial Club 3, 4, Minstrel. PATRICIA BENNETT ll Patil Band 2, 3, Chorus 2, Play 2, 4, I-V Cheerleader 3, Press Club 4, Varsity Cheerleader 4, National Honor So- ciety 2, 3,4, Queen's Court 2, 3, School-Store 1, Theatre Guild 1, Class Officer 1, 2, Girls' Sports 1, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Washington Club. JEAN CARLEY "Jeanie" Library Club 1, I-V Cheerleader 3, Varsity Cheer- leader 4, Chorus 1, 2, Washington Club, Play 2,4, Press Club 3,4, National Honor Society 2, 3,4, Girls Sports 1, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, fs J AMIUQ Ml fq .73 741,- DOUGLAS CASE llD0ugn Baseball 1, 2, 3,4g J-V Basketball 1, 2, Varsity Basket ball 3,4g Football 43 Varsity Club 3,43 Washington Club 4g Yearbook Staff 45 Press Clubg Student Coun- cil 1, 23 Class Officer 1, 2, 3,4, PA TRICIA CHURCH "Pat" Band 1, 231-V Cheerleader 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2: Girls' Sports 3,4g Snow Queen 2g Camera Club 13 Washing- ton Club 4g FTA 3,43 Play 2, 4g Press Club 43 Library Club 13 Min- strelg Yearbook Staff 4, GAIL DECOTEA U Chorus 1, 2g Library Club lg Press Club 3,4g Washing- ton Clubg Girls' Sports 3,4g Play 4, REGINA 'Jeanie Play 4, JEAN FARNAN Yearbook Staff 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 Girls' Sports 2, 3,43 Press Club 3, 43 Washington Clubg Library Club 1: Play 2, 4. ELIZABETH ANNE FLYNN 'Betty Anne" Play 2,4g Commercial Club 33 Washington Clubg Press Club 4. l ,st 1 'V if u'W ' lL l J. ' f ,L V' ,JJ ,W Q ,W 1 ty" he iw 5 r 7 1,4 ILE U , ' ,V ,fy , ' QU bc W, My-5 if we tw ,Ll rf X '-1 Lg J if Q 5, Ax' ,ff J ff fl V, G if at J lf 1- V .,.A 1 M J fdj,"'Ql'9,s 4. gf 'Nfl only 1 J 1' ,fy ,jf OSEMAKY FULLER JJ , 1 f .. . . Hy X W Rosie Play 2,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Press Club 3, 45 Commer- cial Club 3, 45 Washington Clubg Girls' Sports5 Chorus 2, 35 Library Club 1. THOMAS GUTTRIDGE " Tom' Baseball 1, 2, 3,45 Football 3, 45 I-V Basketball 1, 25 Varsity 3,45 Press Club 45 Varsity Club 3, 45 Washing- ton Club, Q55 Q - KELLOGG Nation o Society 2, 3,45 Band 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1, , 3, 45 1- nty Chorus 2, 3,45 I-V Cheerleader 2, 3 Play 2, 45 Pre Club 45 Washington Clubg Girls' Sports 3, 45 Class Officer 2, 35 Library Club 15 MinsUel5 Year- book Staff 45 FTA 3,4, be ziggy lf fi J' GEORGE KERWOOD CALVIN KIRBY "cat" Baseball 2, 3,4g J-V Basketball lg Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2: Varsity Club 3,43 Press Club 43 Washington Club. W ii MW National Honor Society 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Editor 4, Varsity Cheerleader 1, 2, 3,4g Basketball Sectional Queeng Play 2,43 Band 1, 2, 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, All- County Chorus 2, 3,45 Class Officer 43 Student Coun cil 3: Press Club 45 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3,45 Washing- ton Clubg Commercial Club 3, 4g Minstrel. RALPH MARSHALL Yearbook Staff 43 Play 2, 4g Washington Clubg Press Club 4. JOHN MCLA UGHLIN "Mac" Football 23 Radio Club 33 Press Club 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4g I-V Basket- ball lg Washington Clubg State Crew 3 DAVID MEHAN "Pinky" X Baseball 1, 2, 3,4g Basketball 1, 2, 3,45 Varsity Club President 3,45 Class Officer 43 Football 3, 43 Track Meet 3g Washington Club. 3 lp if lm' I L., X, N Q if gg ii 5, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club 33 Washington Club Play 2,43 Yearbook Staff 4, GAIL PAYNE J-V Cheerleader 1, 23 Varsity Cheer- leader 3,43 Chorus 1, 2, 3,43 All- County Chorus 2, 3,43 National Honor Society 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Washing- ton Club3 Press Club 3,43 Commer- cial Club 3, 43 Play 2,43 Minstrel. ALICE PHILLIPS Commercial Club 3s Shop Club 43 Play 2,41 Washing ton Club: Yearbook Staff 4, Y, X C J ,J rg in if 95 lf HN im S 3,5 43 X , , KNNJ Q1 XJ' 'sm' 1 , 1' X I by WNW fr-IA .-sys, . Q1 ,IM HERBERT PHILLIPS " Herb " Library Club 1, 25 Shop Club 45 Washington Clubg Bas ketball 4, JOHN SHERIDAN Radio Club 25 Press Club 35 Boys' Stare 3. MICHAEL SULLIVAN "Mike " Class Officer 2, 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Coun- cil 1,45 FTA 45 Washington Club, SA RA H WHEELER " Sallie" J-V Cheerleader 1g Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3,45 Class Officer 1, 33 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3,43 Press Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 4g Washington Club, Chorus 1, 25 Play 2, 4g Yearbook Staff 43 Student Council 4g Min- srrel. IEA N WOLFF "Jenny-Wren" Washington Clubg Play 2, 4, CAROLE ZERBARINI " C aro1e" I-V Cheerleader 3, Varsity Cheerleader 45 Class Offi cer 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 4g Press Club 43 Washing- ton Clubg Heart Queen 35 FTA 3,43 Girls' Sports 1, 35 Chorus 23 Play 2,3,4, O September, 1945! --kindergarten began for a group of mischievous kids who were to form the class of '58, We zoomed through those grade school years and entered what is, ironically, called Junior High. Homework and changing classes conditioned us to the four years which loomed before us. We, then, became the babes of the high school, namely Freshmen, and gave our first dances and food sales. The funds, we received, began our treasury for the Senior Washington trip of our future. At the end of that year, we had our first class picnic. As Sophomores, we managed to achieve a tremendous accomplishment--"Say it with Music, " our first class play. This was an outstanding financial and social success which was the first of several plays that set the pattern. The cast in particular will never for- get the fun they had at its rehearsals. As Juniors, we had several successful dances and food sales. We also followed the tradition of holding a dinner in honor of the Seniors on Class Day. We helped put on the Junior-Senior Ball of '57 at which a Princess and court from our class were chosen. During our four years of high school, most of us participated in some field of sports. Some of the boys played on the basketball team and a number of the girls boosted the team's morale. as cheerleaders for S, C, S, In our Junior year, the girls on our intramural basketball team proudly won the championship of the high school. Finally, the class of '58 became Seniors and began the most hectic of our four years. The yearbook, card and magazine sales, and the Senior play, "Danger Girls Working, " took up much of our time. The Washington trip was our most memorable experience as a class--loads of fun, we'll never forget! And then the beautiful Senior Ball and our graduation ended twelve wonderful years, we shared together. As we walked down the aisle with our diplomas in our hands, we realized that we had completed a very important part of our lives, and that we would always have happy memories of Stillwater Central and . . . O UR WAY OF LIFE. O S F E F N I I C O E R R S 44570416 We, the Class of 1958, of the Stillwater Central School, Stillwater, in the County of.Saratoga and in the State of New York, being of sound mind and memory, do therefore make, ordain, publish and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, that is to say: To the faculty, we leave a restful summer vacation and our thanks for their help and advice throughout the years. To the juniors we leave our spirit of cooperation. To the sophomores we bequeath our many extracurricular activities. To the freshmen we leave three years in which to acquire our dignified manner. We also leave personal bequeaths as follows: Ginger Baker leaves her datebook to Sandra Bradt. To Mary Ann Gemmetti, Pat Bennett leaves her athletic ability. Jean Carley bequeaths her friendship with Mr. Barringer to Jo Di Blasio. Pat Church leaves her tall stately manner to Marlene Pierson. Doug Case leaves his haircut to Dicky Bleau. To Nancy Comerato, Gail De Coteau leaves her love of school. Regina Duffney bequeaths her engagement ring to Ellen Sheffer. To Barbara Abel, Jean Farnan leaves her wit. Betty Ann Flynn leaves her cooperation to David Ferris. Rosemary Fuller bequeaths her secret admirer to Esther O'Kosky, Tom Guttridge leaves Marie Gorski. To Judy Ford, Linda Kellogg leaves her blush. Cal Kirby bequeaths his '52 Mercury to Mr. Ostroy. To David Rathbun, George Kerwood bequeaths his agricultural knowledge. Bev Lane leaves her ability to get along with people to Brenda Caswell. To Frank Mattoon, Ralph Marshall leaves his outspokeness in class. John McLauglin bequeaths his art ability to Paul Faman. Pinky Mehan leaves eight or nine of his jobs to Jeff Guttridge. To Judy Phelps, Marilyn Parker leaves her dimples. Gail Payne leaves her almost continuous laughter to Janice Borst. Alice Phillips bequeaths her shy ways to Beverly Parker. Herb Phillips leaves his quiet manner to Eddie McClements. John Sheridan bequeaths his scientific knowledge to George Poitras. To Jane Post, Sallie Wheeler leaves her bouncy walk. Jean Wolff bequeaths her size to Vivian Kelly. Mike Sullivan leaves his job as Basketballscorekeeper to Joey Boucher. Carole Zerbarini bequeaths her flighty manner to Linda Sanders. Likewise, we make, constitute and appoint Robert O. Seaman to be executor of this, our Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills by us made. In witness thereof, we have hereunto subscribed our name on the twenty-third day of June, in the year, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight. 4e6!444a,fl5 Gail Payne Class Lawyers ..-ff' - H' ,ff v 1 ,. ,. . 103 ., v war W Q pf ' 535335 -A 57,4 ww x 25 :Sv was Y fy 3, Wi inf 3 ., A . J W.. 1 mul? M 5 5 5: 5 ' K 1. - ,Q M5 52 'wf K 5 iw '5 V ff wif ii 7 t '5 , f ww ' M f . 1 g- , I i. f K m f -nr- st., gi ::,V M Q ' sf' f Q X 3 -ga ,-1,1 'Q - ff: F f ' Ai 'A 'iii A ,fi ,..xff'km4. i ,W g , '59 sf JR N59 . . df. f ,wfzwm "HRW if 5 Jfiwlx , in A f Y ' f K 3' ? L " I '- Q : A , U , QR. ' . ,V .W W if W , Q ""': i ff 'N 53 ? 4, E "' X 4 W ir- A , H. ,Q 'M -.. 1 - 4. 16 'Q "" 55' Q-Q 1 . fi, V ii? as V' !' " . f f ,. 1 53 1' 771 c 15.6 J' 'Wi We are about to do the most exciting thing in our life, as we step into the Time Machine that is going to transport us ten years into the future to the Class Reunion of 1968. In less than a minute we find ourselves in front of the "Swank, " which is located in busy New York City. As we step through the door we are greeted by none other than Jean Wolff, who tells us that she is the owner of a string of restaurants throughout the country. The other guests are just beginning to arrive and as we look toward the door we see Gail Payne and David Mehang Pinky has his own milk route and his wife, Gail, works very hard taking care of their extensive chicken farm. Now everyone looks toward the door as the famous Douglas Case enters. He was the first one to reach the moon and he came back with this startling news, "there aren't any green men. " with him is Pat Church who tells us that she is a model of space suits for the tall girl. Next we see Virginia Baker who has her own television show. Her theme song is, "I Dream of Donnie with the Light Brown Hair. " As we look out the window we see a huge plane landing. The first person to get out is John McLaughlin who has taken the place of Elvis Presley. Right behind him we see Calvin Kirby, who is his bodyguard. He tells us that he hasn't found his dream girl, but isn't going to give up yet. We are happy to find that John has brought quite a few of our classmates with him. Jean Far- nan has become a great actress, and her latest movie is entitled, "The Joker. " Betty Ann Flynn works for the New York Times and is very excited because she has just been promoted and now has her own "Gossip Column. " Herbie Phillips is an engineer and is very much in demand be- cause of the quality of his work. George Kerwood has one of the biggest dairy farms in the state and has made quite a name for himself in the agricultural field. The last two people to get off the plane, are the airline stewardess and the pilot. Why it's our own Beverly Lane and Tom Guttridge! They look just charming. Neither one of them can be surpassed in their chosen professions. Well now, here comes Pat and Ralph Marshall. They have a very successful garage at the Four Comers, and their business is really booming. Carole Zerbarini comes rushing in and tells us that she can't stay long because she left her six children with her husband, who just can't cope with them. Right behind her is Regina Duffney who is a housewife, but not an ordinary one because in her spare time she does commercials on TV. Rosemary Fuller, 'The Miss Petite, " of 1968 comes strutting in just as cute as ever. With her are Marilyn Parker and Alice Phillips, who are both private secretaries. We find that they are happily married to their bosses, who aren't really the bosses after all. Both Michael Sullivan and John Sheridan are great scientists. John has finally perfected his rocket, and Mike has taken over Mr. Borst's place back at S,C, S, The door opens and we see Jean Carley the greatest novelist of our time. Well, I guess everyone is here now. Wait a minute! Here comes Gail DeCoteau. She has the distinction of being the first one married out of our class, as usual she was late, in fact, she almost missed her wedding. As for we, ourselves, we are both happily married to Service Men and have traveled all over the world with them. Suddenly everything falls silent as Jean Carley reads a passage from her best seller, "School Days at S,C, S, " While she is reading we can picture our old alma mater and see everyone as they were then. The scene is so realistic that we can hear voices echoing throughout the halls, and hear the school bell ring. ln a flash all the fun of our school days pass in review before our eyes, and at this time I think all of us wish we could return to those wonderful days of the past. Sallie Wheeler and Linda Kellogg lr The greatest day of all our years ls Graduation, now it nears. So, for the Class of '58, we've something to say 'Ere we leave S.C.S. on our Graduation Day. Ginger Baker, first on the list, By all the kids, will surely be missed, With her voice she's sure to impress And in the future become a great success. Pat Bennett is our studious one But this brainy gal is lots of fun. In life has but two aims: To become Ralph's wife and a Physicians' Aide A girl who has no trouble at all Is Jean Carley - - both pretty and small. She hopes a secretary to be For a boss who has a comfy knee. Doug Case, who's an ambitious lad Could easily run the store for his dad. But this young fellow who'll win fame: Would rather star in a basketball game. Gail DeCoteau, not too often in class, Has a good brain, and is sure to pass. Mincey takes up all her spare time, A cute couple they are, How they shine! Regina Duffney is a very quiet girlg At cracking jokes, she tries to be no Berle, Thank goodness we have a few girls like she For without her we'd soon lose all sanity. Jean Farnan a gay, friendly lass, Seems the happiest gal in the class. 0600 So when stress or trouble threaten you See Jean - she's sure to pull you through. Betty Ann Flynn is another girl that's gay She seems to be bright and happy all day, Without Betty who is always this way To keep us so happy, we ought to pay. Wherever we are there's always a demand For Rosemary Fuller to be on hand, She's jolly, peppy, and full of fun, She's won the heart of everyone. Tom Guttridge, witty in every way, Will surely make good someday. He passes his time in his father's car Nothing will stop his treading the tar. Linda Kellogg, the blue-eyed wonder Very seldom pulls a blunder . In French class she's simply great, flf she 's on time and not ten minutes latej. Next comes George Kerwood who is very shy, He's unlike the rest and that's no lie. Though George will never be an orator We're glad that, to noises, he doesn't cater. Added to our growing line Is Cal Kirby, qThe lad always on time Q Pj "My work's always done," Is a phrase that to Cal means nothing but fun Bev Lane is head of our yearbook staff Has a pleasant smile and a quiet laugh But whenever we see her day or night, That smile she has makes things seem right. Ralph Marshall a guy who loves to argue, Can always find a bone to pick with you. Though, while he argues we Seniors can trace, A smile he can 't hide that 's there on his face. John McLaughlin, to this we attest By the entire school will surely be missed, He's helped us all from beginning to end, It's certain the school will miss such a friend. Pinky Mehan never was a great flirty He didn't go crazy over any skirt. Of course for this there is a reason: Gail caught him early in the season. Marilyn Parker buddy of Alice P. Is full of vim, vigor and vitality She lives in the country on a farm She's liked by all because of her charm. Gail Payne, our southern gal, Is thought by all to be a pal. She does irnitations that are really great, If ever down South, she'll surely rate. Alice Phillips, the quiet type, Usually sits home at night She does her homework as you can see For a secretary she hopes to be. Next comes Herb Phillips, who seems very shy, He's like his sister and that's no lie. Though Herbie's not interested in girls today, Someday the right one will come his way. The next in line is John Sheridan, His aptness to speak has never left him. In History class he was seldom ir1 doubt, Unlike some others, he answered right out. Mike Sullivan our great salesman, Could really outsell the best of them. By sales, he has his Senior trip paid for He certainly found buyers by the score. Sallie Wheeler, almost last on the list, Was always very noisy in a certain class But, Sallie, in spite of all her talk, Is really famous for her springy walk. Jean Wolff with her laugh unique Always awakens the class each week. Except for the times she falls asleep, Because of the late hours Ed makes her keep. Carole Zerbarini, who's a popcorn eater Is a good customer for any theater. She also likes many other things: Including beautiful diamond rings. The last rhyme is done for each pupil dear Oh! Just a minute - I forgot I was hereg Pat Church whose aim in life is a nurse to be So she can sit on the Doctor's knee. The majority of the class you will agree, Is each one a girl including me. We may not go down in the Hall of Fame But in school, we had fun just the same. The teachers of this school I know Will surely hate to see us go But now its time I must confess To say farewell to dear S.C.S. M47 ' by Two impractical Daydreamers Ginger Baker singing BASE? Pat Bennett dancing to "I've Got RHYTHM?" Jean Carley with all her French and Social homework done? Doug Case playing the part of the "FAT Man?" Pat Church modeling fashions for the Petite Miss? Gail DeCoteau living on a farm and getting up when the roosters crow? Regina Duffney majoring in Social Studies? .lean Farnan replacing Greta Garbo? Betty Ann Flynn on her opening night at the Met? Rosemary Fuller playing the BASE TUBA? Tom Guttrige portraying "HAMLET" in one of Broadway's greatest productions? Linda Kellogg without an ANCHOR around her neck? George Kerwood portraying Liberace in Liberace's life story? Cal Kirby playing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony? Bev Lane with SHORT, BLACK hair? Ralph Marshall as President of the U, S, A. ? John McLaughlin with a "Hound Dog?" David Mehan singing "Cattle Call? " Gail Payne as a mermaid? Marilyn Parker singing "You Are My SON-shine?" Alice Phillips flying non-stop to the State Office Building? Herbie Phillips as a hired FILIBUSTER-ER? John Sheridan not being the first man to reach the moon Qin his own rocketj? Mike Sullivan replacing Bob Hope? Sallie Wheeler hanging out of a window? Jean Wolff breaking the SOUND Barrier? Carole Zerbarini getting passing grades in Chemistry? GRGANIZATIGN First row: Jean Carley, Linda Kellogg, Pat Bennett, Gail Payne, Beverly Lane. Second row: Gloria Baker, Rose Paris, David Ferris, Barbara Abel, John Rychcik. Advisor Chester Canary The National Honor Society is composed of those students who ex- cel in scholarship service, character and leadership. Those who belong to this organization consider it a great privilege. It certainly is a goal to work toward during the high school years. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PRESS CLUB: Sallie Wheeler, Gail Payne, Gail DeCoteau, Pat Church, Pat Bennett, RoseMary Fuller, Carole Zerbarini, Virginia Baker, Thomas Guttridge, Douglas Case, Beverly Lane, Linda Kellogg, Jean Carley, Mrs. Rooney, Mr. Ostroy, Advisor. W-'jx'-Q STUDENT COUNCIL: Roy Sharp, Michael Sullivan, Presiclentg Diane Moore, Secretary, Larry McDonald, Treasurerg Barbara Abel, Vice President, Sallie Wheeler, David Marsh, Bobby O'Kosky, Clarence Dobbert, Lenora Walker, Penny Conway, Janet Sedivy, Barbara Travis, Barbara Palmieri, Judy Ford, David Howland, Cheryl Carr, Dawn MacChesney, Marie Gorski, Mr. Connors, Advisor. Boys' Industrial Arts G11-ls. IUduSU'jal Arts Future Teachers America Library Club A9610 V isual club Commercial Club I l 1 ' ' Senior Chorus Senior Band Junior Band if 5 WF? www 5 E! M,,.Jm s5...f .AETI ' W, fl 9 .ig BL, mg. . as iff! ,mfmwxww gm, 3-W - . ,Ahh - L: .... -- A1 HLE l LLD I7 First row: Herb Cowin, Paul Shea, Carl Schultz, Pinky Mehan, George Poitras, Bill Sgambati, Dave Rathbun, John Sgambati, John Tromans, Doug Case, Jeff Guttridge, Charlie Shea, John Osmond. Second row: Tim Campbell, Bill Dalaba, Joe Boucher, Paul Farnan, Frank DePaul, Dave Ferris, Torn Gutnidge, Walt Joba, Ed McClemenLs, Frank Mattoon, John Clements, Cal Gleeson, Ronnie Carr, Sal Palmiere. .ik CC " wi, 'K' .59 M: Y g X ' 1, -' ' 'i '1.Q, Pinky" Mehan "Tom" Guttridge "Dave" Rathbun "Doug" Case 57 Twenty seven Stillwater hopefuls answered Coach Dick Noonan's call for an eleven man "gridiron" team this year. Once again SCS heard the clash of equipment and the signals of the quarterback after serving a two year probationary period due to the lack of men. Inexperience and size were the main factors which accounted for Stillwater's un- usually poor season. These items are not listed as excuses for our record, but we do think that they should be considered. The more experienced and heavier teams of Salem, Burnt Hills, Greenwich and Cambridge were the winners in the Warrior's four games. In the few games that they played, the boys showed considerable improvement and displayed a higher caliber of ball handling. We are looking forward to a better football season next year. We hope that the new recruits, who replace the Seniors, "Pinky" Mehan, Doug Case, and Tom Guttridge, will play as well as they did. Coach Noonan was assisted by his managers, Gary Case, Larry MacDonald and Bill Deuel. "Doug" Case Sport's Editor "Bev" Lane Carole Zerbarini -- 12.311 Jean Carley J. E: fgfk V: '35 V , 5' . N 3, v .1 - H ' fl 3, E Gmger Baker Q 11" , ' ' ' , ac' 4 ff - S4 a . 7 '9 ' H my , 1- Gail PBYUC if g, sf if , in ,A , , 'fr T T I V B M 1, "Sallie" Wheeler Q. , - t , , glsilai' M, t gg n in .. P ' " " A 1 gx , ,,-5,-,-fx ' Marie Gorski "Pat" Bennett w r ! N Varsity Basketball Team First row: Charles Shea, Douglas Case, David Mehan, Paul Lilac, Ronald Carr. Second row: David Rathbun, Paul Farnan, David Ferris, Milton Aldrich, Thomas Guttridge, Calvin Gleason. S, C, S, OPP. 55 66 33 52 39 52 32 51 26 56 49 42 4"l 61 47 56 54 55 TEAM RECORD Hoosic Valley Argyle Corinth St. Peter's Burnt Hills Hoosick Falls Ballston Schuylerville Waterford S. C. S. OPP. 44 63 31 61 41 54 47 58 36 43 47 29 34 55 43 36 49 48 Score JOE BOUCHER Keepers MIKE SULLIVAN . Seniors Co-Captains "Our Coach" DICK NOONAN The basketball squad really had its ups and downs during the season, but as though in a last grasp for glory, the team came through in splendid style. Coach Noonan :shifted the players a couple of times during the season looking for a winning combination. He finally hit upon one which "clicked" and gave us wins in the final two games of the season. These wins gave us an overall record of 4 wins out of 18 games. These wins brought us into a play-off with Waterford, the only other class D school in our league, for the sectionals. This game was played after the yearbook went to press. We are looking forward to a very successful season next year! There it goes!" "I got it! " "Where is it? JUNIOR VARSITY First row, left to right: Paul Shea, Ray Minick, Gary Case, John Tromans, George Poitras, Cal Gleason. Second row: Larry Estill, Jeff Guttrige, Dave Rathbun, "Butch" Aldrich, Walt Joba, Herb Phillips. This year the "Little Warriors" had a very impressive season under the coaching of Joe Farnan. They ended up in second place with a 12-6 overall record and a 9-5 league record. This is the best record that the Junior Varsity has had in many years. zlfffq l 4 ef f is if his First row:C. Shea, J. Dyer, D. Mehan, P. Lilac, D. Case, D. Goodrich, P. Farnan T. Guttridge. Second row: Coach Noonan, C. Gleason, J, Price, M. Aldrich, C. Kirby, D. Ferris, D. Rathbun, I. Tromans, B. Sgambati. First row: Butch Lilac, Doug Case, Pinky Mehan, Tom Guttridge, Dave Rathbun, George Poitras. Second row: John Clements, Bill Sgambati, John Tromans, Walt Joba, Dave Ferris, John Sgambati, Cal Gleason, Coach Noonan. Tap Club MRS, VANDERZEE D Ski Club Tumblmg C lub VARSITY First row: Linda Barbolt Phyllis Coons Second row: Joice Comerato Velma Caswell Third IOW: Karen Hansen Jane Post Fourth row: Mary E. Hansen Margie Baker First row: Bev Lane Pat Bennett Second row: Ga il Pa yne Sallie Wheeler Third row: Jean Carley Carole Zerbarini Fourth row: Ginger Baker Marie Gorski JUNIOR VARSITY own-V Q fi w visa-.. ,iv W, , Jdiggglll ,.w:,tf - wwf, Q-5. S. 1 A ' I' I ,r ' 2 A, - , .Ax . Q-1, I Q' ' f A 1 . " 7 Qatar. "M ', ' x A, , ef , A, j " - 34 'A 'A -,AszAAA':v P r:. . Qmzl ,sf Q yy A JA ,QA nk' 'z A' ,A 1 I , A fs Af A 55, - f as I I A A A- EEA U S 341- ' - Av' ,gxsfigfl ' A A,A 9 AL .- X ' 2 g R Y 5 Agiafgg r - XA ,, A-A , ,A rk fin A A, A: K A MM' Ax - le ' K K A ' My S, is ' f 4 A v,: A-KVA, , ,WAV ,E , x ,g,A.,QALh QA, -A X 5, A K A AA, I J H7 , A A ,- 1 ' H A ' ' A A AA - , A A AA , f ' AeA pf A . J' A U ,J AA A Af AA ggi' E A iwiw' 33 A ,, , Ali -2 gk ' fn, AA , -, 1 A -m A IJ , ' 'RA ' A , K- ,fmfAAs?1AA A '31 fj,A-A" xAAgfAAkA--A ,A -.A.fu,,. x v A " vw- A 1-AA AA Awww... A f':AAA1 --AA AA qw+.,,,,,,,,,f-" -f - NA A AAI, ff AA:--.A ...-AAAA4mf-:,,'- -aaAe"eA- 'A. .A f -va' ,A ,AA H wf dey :Ag AA, A J QA f ::aA?fAA-- 7' A .. A , AA -' 3 " 4" Af' A K Qiwsf' A 1 f ,Ar A wi' A A, ,, iw AQAQJQ A AAF: :X '13 , A i A 5'?5ifmA , A - A , ' 1A AA . A A A. AA A AAAAAAA,A WA- A A 1, A Nw ' it 52 A gr: , ' fr-:A ,U 1fw1f,AA 5? ,MA A I V A ,A A 73 " A ' , A +A- 'X fl! wawnvawgfswwfswiax' A K A A , ' K A vwiiiyffff WfwAAa,A.,u- A A bs3v?'5??fff1'f f"' , A 5 A W "f5WTK"?5?32f?:,5iAi'3:L V ' " , .. Af " " - ,T A WY' 1 . 5?5T2g:vf'fM . -5 'V 5' f ' A L' 925, A 1 ' z V :gf A gg A H39 A 'A 2 AAAAAA, 5 1 ,eg - A - his -32921 51 gf BARBARA A BEL A LBERT BA KER GLORIA BA KER BRUCE BARBOLT IANICE BORST SANDRA BRADT LOIS COMERATO MARIE CANARY MARGARET CARR BRENDA CASWELL WILLIAM DALABA FRANK DBPAUL KARL DEPOLD IO DiBLASIO DAVID FERRIS CALVIN GLEASON MARION GOODRICH JEFF GUTTRIDGE 4, ND' f, WV 253 J x J I .W VNV O WILLIAM JOHNSON JANICE KERWOOD PAUL LILAC FIUXNK MATTOON ED MCCLEMENTS JOHN MEI-IAN ESTHER O'KOSKY ROSE PARIS JUDY PHELPS GEORGE POITRAS JANE POST JOHN RYCHCIK LINDA SANDERS CHARLES SHEA ELLEN SHEFFER SARALEE SMODELL JOHN TROMANS CHARLES FOSTER T00 BUSY 'Tu QRS, PHOTO 'Noi lvailuih 70 W ff? Advisor MRS. CA MPISI Y-,i-ff' 7-"gif-T" J X ,S 'Le ,, ?-ff Advisor MRS. CUMMINGS K. f ,, 52 'W " if sf .ag . XC f gx V - , X X Q 'Q XX I Advisor MR. MORRISSEY Q ?-'E Advisor MR. MULVIHILL 011' LQ L T. v K " 0 O '9 I ,J lm? 3 Advisor I MR. FARNAN P , gm 114, 'Ga 7-14 Advisor MRS, DOPYERA X. 1.4 A33 I, ,GZ 1' 6 una A I l Advisor MR, CA NARY 7-2 , ' 1 0 I I I What a vast number of events, amusing and serious, happy and sad, have been a part of our lives for these past years! And now we leave behind all these scenesg we leave our friends, our teachers, and our whole manner of living to seek an unknown future, but a future which holds the bright promise of happiness and opportunity. We know that Stillwater Central School will never be far from our thoughts. We shall .return time and time again, through the pages of this book, to relive with our friends those moments which have made our high school days so unforgettable, the moments which have been . . . Om Wag of ix V S .LL.5.b-52' ST ILLWAT ER CENTRAL SCHOOL We of the staff of the 1958 "Cahotatea" wish to express our gratitude to the members of our Booster Club and all our advertisers for the financial support they have given us. We also wish to extend our thanks to all the students and faculty members who aided in the completion of this book. Mrs. Mildred H. Norman Miss Patricia Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Borst Mrs, Betty Leamy Mrs, Grace Standish Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hajos Mrs, Edna Baker Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edward McGrady E. D. Rooney Fred DeCoteau Harold Butler Charles Steadman "Mince" Thompson Miss Gail DeCoteau Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paro Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan Mr, and Mrs. Timothy Sullivan Mr. George Sullivan Miss Beth Sullivan Mr. John Carp Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hickey Mr, and Mrs. Albert Wolff Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rathbun Mrs. Sadie Smodell . Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lane Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Holmes Mr. William Eaton Mrs. Edward Howe Mr, and Mrs, Dayton Case Mr, and Mrs, Joseph Ostroy Mr. Joseph Farnan Mr. Daniel Mulvihill Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Lee Wiley Frank Russell Ken Kimball William Barringer Cecil Wheeler B. Lane - Editor M. Sullivan - Business Manager Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Charles Cummings Spencer Boyce Jr. Francis Flynn D. Zerbarini W. J. Church David Vanderzee Patricia Church Miss Claire Nosher Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Merrill Baker Sr, A, Dinallo and Family Floyd Dunn Leonard Kellogg Miss Linda Kellogg Mr, John Baranski Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr, and Mrs. Guy Dunn William Payne Clarence Payne Frank Kardash Austin Sarle Harry Blahut Charles Duffney David Mehan Frank Bradt William Mehan Francis Nelson Mr. Joseph Stewart Mrs. Thomas Guttridge Mr, and Mrs, Walter Hughes Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Phillips Mr, and Mrs, Howard Parker Sr, Mr. James Morrissey Mr. Charles Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tabor Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seaman Miss Sally Wheeler Mrs, Edward Whitman Congratulations Compliments of From CONERTY PONTIAC - BUICK th """"""""-""' e Your Authorized Pontiac - Buick Vauxhall Dealer CLASS ll... Sales - Service - Satisfaction 11-15 No. Central Ave. Mechanicville, N. Y. C omplirnent s of the BEMIS I e4ElC5te ITS cv. E. I CAMTIIELD Sterling - Hudson Coal Atlantic Fuel Oils Colonial Paints Sewer Pipe E12 Flue Lining Tel. MOrris 4-8141 No' 1525 Mechanicville, N. Y, Compliments of RESTAURANT the RICHARD CANARY "Stillwater's Favorite Snack Bar"' lce Creargm th S . Fountain I--I 00 ervlce GQADE Hudson Avenue Stillwater, N, Y, Best Wishes IDQUCSS I PANTAUZZIS VEINIITIAINI TAV"E'I2 IXI GEO, GOLDEN, Ph, G., P1'0p. KELLY DRUG CO. Fountain Service Z4 1f2 Park Ave, Mechanicville, N, Y, Compliments of GENERAL INSURANCE Stillwater, N.Y. C ompliment s of Meleaaf an Compliments of MQW of K MW 5 Grove Avenue Glens Falls, N.Y Architect Geox F V?-3 HARDWARE Best of Luck in Future Years Hudson Ave. Phone MO4-3342 Stillwater , N. Y . I.G.A. FOOD STORE Phone MO4-5131 Stillwater, N.Y. C ornplirnent S of QALOID TOOL. CCD. Mechanicville , New York C ompliment s of EMM X QWMZW KNITTING CO. Stillwater, New York Compliments of ,rn iam Expert Watch Repairing SHQE STORE Official Railroad Inspector 302 Park Avenue Mechanicville, N.Y. If You Don't Know Diamonds Know Your Jeweler U Mechanicville, New York CG Congratulations FLOVVEIQ SHOP Fr om Flowers for All Occasions 34 North Main Street Mechanicville, N.Y. Z Phone M04-5141 Compliments of Your Ford-Mercury A Dealer I Local 6 FORD SALESMAN Mechanicville, N.Y. Congratulations, Class of 1958 1 1a"2?fff' ' - ' ' wx ' V X fl xx 'I - V 1 ,x X' i ' Mechanicville , N.Y . fwgaw G-Waimea Q, QW Plumbing , Heating - Ventilating and Electrical Contractor s Troy, New York Compliments of Qylw 61042 C LE ME NTS MOTOR SALES 32 School St. Phone Phone M04-3200 M04-5623 M04-4685 Mechanicville, N.Y. Stillwater, N.Y. Sales Service f ELECTRICAL SERVICE APPLIANCE SERVICE STATION COMPANY HIS ER AND DORR Compliments of THE WM ffyakk PULP 81 PAPER COMPANY Mechanicville, N. Y. Cong ratulations From Zifkfig 5512425 "Yearbook Photographer" Saratoga Springs, New York NOIQTI-I END HAQIQY J. GAT? AGE VVEVE2 Auto - TV Repairs Oil Heating Equipment ' Mobilheat Sales and Servlce Mobil Kerosene and Farm Grgceries I41.1bI'lC3,I1iZS North Hudson Avenue Wh'-71653-le 100 S. Hudson St. Stillwater, N. Y. Hemstreet Park Phone MO 4-4401 Mechanicville, N. Y. Phone MO 4-3241 COMPLETE GRADUATION SERVICE 0 Class Rings U Commencement Announcements 0 Caps and Gowns 0 Medals and Awards 0 Diplomas 0 Taylor-made Yearbooks L. G. BALFOUR CO. BENTLEY 81 SIMON TAYLOR YEARBOOK CO. Your Representative HODGKINS OF BALFOUR "GUS" HODGKINS - BOB GRAY - BOB BARCHER - DON NASH P.O. Box 9, Schenectady, New York, Phone 3-5374 w 'W GOOEJHYXFOOD Ziilfcs if Q r .A ,Ly lllfitx.. .,,, 696222111 ' "zz" ff 4. '. ......:1-.PY5x1..aza1..1...,,.., hgiwxxtiilzilxz ai 1-'yu-sg!-I 'Eghl W 'EUR' 'HQ 1: 1 1115 yd' limlilxmmixxllliwl "VILLAGE" "DAIRY BAR" GEORGE AND FLORENCE BRADSHAW Next to the School Hudson Ave. Stillwater, N. Y. ,Jon-WSONS MAQKET Hudson Ave. Phone MO 4-7131 Stillwater, N. Y. KW 42 QUALITY FURNITURE Since 1916 Mechanicville , N. Y . X Mme BEVEEAGE5 Famous Over 30 Years Phone MO 4-7761 Mechanicville, N. Y . Compliments of THE CD. Ii. SI-IOP Park Ave. Mechanicville, N. Y. Compliments of EDWARD NAAQS I-1 ALI. GENERAL CONTRACTOR Stillwater, N. Y. JENSEN'S SERVICE Q STATION Body and Fender Repairs Spray Painting Tires - Batteries - Accessories Hudson Ave. Stillwater Phone Morris 4-9048 Compliments of the SERVICE STATION 5 ff Q Texaco Products 6 M Z Groceries - Beer Tel. MO 4-3721 No. 681 Stillwater, N. Y, COQCQQAN Bestwishes BTQCDTI-1'r?:l2ES Sales and Service From the Coal, Feed, Farm and Auto Service CLASS CDF: MO 4-412.1 1 9 60 Stillwater, N, Y. Congratulations From the Qiffvmih ZW Qlejazf k 1 Compliments of THE 'IQCDTD Z G-LJN c LU INC . 'ss . "Beach and Picnic Grounds 7 Miles North of Village" Compliments of M AND POUNTAINIE Floor Covering Company Kham? 1 14 Park Avenue M h ' '11 N,Y. ec amcvl e' Mechanicville, N, Y, Best Wishes Congratulations From Ffomfhe BAQE5cL.T'5 SERVICE STATION T-11125554-4MAN Gas Class of 1961 S. Hudson Avenue Stillwater, N. Y, Best Wishes and Success 1:12 AIXIIQ E. AIXITGLICK AND SCDN5, INC. Building Contractors "Builders of Our New School" Schaghticoke, N, Y. W 5 , w ref, A 41 N 'ff V W f"4f 6? gf! 'iff2"' ' if W' L, 4 OJ? PM M ri-Q-fn I? 'Z+,p0 02 41 'Tff ff- 'f , V Jef e- -'qv - V b A X K L1-'J KN f -xx - ,QQ H 5 K -I qw, 7x""1 f " ze w f ' 'F , .PT A ,VN cf Q- 0 MN M, "F, ' 6 ' -, ' 2 if A YL ,. H55 UNT gk gulf .' ' 4 ! A Q rf .M 1' fm ,,dfLb70,Le,Z,Zy j Ni 31 Q 1 f YQ T 'XJ gf of V' ji sf www-21110 vaffxm 403,305 I 1 1-1? . Q QR ' - W IRS, 2 Exe! -I C' ,I . g , vm- .:5 5 an V ., ,N i Q' E X Re., Q ' 1 ' Y ' , gf' .A TIN mg . 'J Q ik 4, f... .L A , , 2 Us-sLq,:: H' A . ?. -,El 'wb S..YM'-wt: My 5 ' , U i , Q 1 ,gl A - as-5. W v fl C' . k 'Q' WY D' 0 7 mmf 2 ffm- WX W gf 3? Fi W r , S21 Q ., J Lx, LK .' ', fi 'QL' -xr X ' al V V I s 1' A , f M ,, , X3 L k CL Lvg,L'fs.IXQ 7 CLR WN- -Q,Qkq,-QL, 'f Ll X JC? LT 0 Liill Quark. K ' . b lv l"70"k""s3g-LfAlff,4..Lq, 'X 'ff 2' gi Aj 4 1 D K t J 3 M1 Yi sv, LV -x 9 , '1 -, h I x. X V, 4 ll J, ,. 3 . 5 I f S Q . , L f 'V , 1 1 if :kk llhizfy 1 Q 3 bf ' U MK' 4 A V I ffyf " AN I-Lf ,f l, V 'jf-, : .V 0 j A , ' V 'fm x w L bygcfljtii U 'MJ L 6 PU Wm B lwfb I dk tiff! J QQ L5 'O' I QA 5' K UMW YZ ,fs ' ff W w E U V, M A AF f

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