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':'f:iFVg7:',:.'A""v-'-"""" W' ' ' ' " A.. 1...- ,gy-Agfa 554531 Q fi We, the seniorsof '57, dedicate our Cahotatea to Mrs, Laura Rooney and Mr. Martin Phillips, The years rn whxch we were associated with Mr Phrllrps wrll always be a treasure chest of our rrch memorres Hrs Judgement and reliable advice have arded us rn the solutron of our many problems Hrs consrderatton and panence dur mg the three years tn whtch he was our home room advrsor and Engltsh teacher have resulted rn respect and admtratron whrch we will always have for htm Moreover the srncere fnendshrp whrch has developed wrll always be cherrshed by us who admrre htm as a wonderful and unforget table person Dedwatton To our fine semor advrsor Mrs Rooney who has grven of herself beyond her oblrgatron who was the coordrnator behrnd the scenes for our semor play who has grven her untmng efforts to the Pl1b1lShll'lg of our school paper who has advtsed us wrsely rn our frnancral ventures who rs humorous and lrkes krds and who has gladly encouraged all who seek her assrstance to thrs admrrable person we extend our honest apprecra tron Mrs Rooney and Mr Phrllrps we grve our thanks to you our fatthful guides and we hope we wrll one day come to repay your investment of thought and effort rn our ltves 'iv C,......,, 'yr . . . - . . . . ' 3 D . z . , . i Left to nght L Brownell E H Glrdler H Hollmer M J Herlr president E Smtth R. L Sharp Dr W Werner Absent I E Gannon Vtce Prestdent Joseph Doocey resigned November 1956 have W LESTER SHARP RODNEY O WINANS Treasurer of Board Dlstrxct Superintendent of Schools To Mr Wmans the Board of Educatton Mr Seaman and Mr Sharp we gtve our grateful thanks for your contnbuttons to the fteld of educatron and espectally to our Sttllwater Central We hope that our achtevements ln the future wlll prove to be worthy of the efforts you have put forth tn our behalf . D . . . . . , . . . . , . . , , . C ' D I Q . . . . . . . , , ' C I l ' Y Y ' :X H ,. ' 4 is ' L . '-4 1 '- gg j, 8?""-ff 5f'4:22b.' , f fq X' 8 , if ,L E ...ay ,, ' , ' ' Vi r 4 -4 Y 3 ' 49. - I an L ." ll. AV in., ,ff 1 1 f . f , Yi f 5 ' , - 71' ' .L - 4 . ga " 'x , . ' f I I I l I . . IZ fzmaymfa ZJQQZ TO THE CLASS OF 1957 Thts yearbook culmmates your actwmes and em bodles a store of memories for each of you You the members of the Class of 1957 hold the drsunctton of being the last class to complete your educatlon ln the present high school bulldlng You now Join a commumty of others others who have fond memones of Stlllwater Central School May the memones of these years and the fnends you have made be lasung I take prlde rn my assoclatlon wrth you It IS a pleasure for me to wish you every good fortune tn the years whlch he ahead Lvg. I o . f Hzgh SCQOQZ Faculty I CAMPISI YK R, DREHER L ROONEY CONNORS I BOVE 45,015 E CUMMINGS I MCCARTI-l'Y W BA RRING X P-YD, Op '21 711' f3'x I OS TROY ER we I FARNAN C CA NA RY .Q K aw ' - S,ffv'm1 ? 5, K Q E 8 Q. 5 115' Q' A V 4 A . is 7 C 'c - L 5 , 1: X 5 ,,, I I. A .., f . x -1 ' . , i 5 , .W-. ky. :vlzll fl., ,Y ' if 4 A YA B095 .T POITRAS N PARKER Message F rom, the C0 Edztors Our yearbook has Just been completed Into II went patrence and palnstakmg work We certarnly hope you 11 apprecxate our efforts to brmg thls year s rssue for your enyoyment and pleasure As we en Joyed edmng rt for you so may you enjoy peruslng the hlstory of our wonderful year 1957 now and IU the years to come Yearbook Staff C 0 y E gl We . , V L W E 0 T , S F Seniors E j,,Ja,u',.41f,cfcf, Uwf- . Wfwhlfw 124' aj Nix his EE 1 R fu CELIA ABEL Press Club 1, 3,4 Camera Club 2, 3,4 Yearbook Staff 4 Band 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Oratorical Contest 2, 3,4 Class Officer 2 Intramurals 1, 2, 4 Washington Club 4 DONALD BAKER Semor Play 4 Washington Club 4 1"N National Honor Society 2, 9 -Elm. IEANNINE ALDRICH Semor Play 4 IV Cheerleading 1 2 Varslty 3 Camera Club 1 Audro Vtsual 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Press Club 4 Intramurals 2 4 Washington Club 4 EDT R i I ' , '-' . . . J , I X , 1 , N, ' X. S KX .. 1 ATM: 4, H , A -, N , 1 ,-, As 4 . 1 4 , sew 2 X 'fa 'M-1... ' ' . X I I K 1 Q! L, -s - 1 V V . 'fy fj 2 A J 1 PATRICIA FARNAN Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Play 4 Press Club 4 Intramurals 1 2 4 Washlngton Club 4 Q JOHN DYER Varsity Basketball IV Basketball 1 Varsity Club 2 Football 1, 2 Baseball 1 3 Senior Play 4 Washington Club 4 2, 3,4 rx WILLIAM FORD Varsrty Baseball 2 Varsrry Basketball IV Basketball 1 Senror Play 4 Washlngton Club 4 yr' I 5:52, Www! W M056 A auf pfffv' ' 5 nf . A-T -Q .-,f ., ,V --,SN Q' - 1' it, N. f ml s's 1 I, xknlx' 'ki.fVi uk "H, 'fr' N xi I WM D . X W I X W . 3 Y I K :V s I 2. ' A, ffl! ff uri f-.rf . - :PPC 1 V g,.,:,,L ' a Ja-, . .agim Jl FRANK GEMMITI Sentor Play 4 Washmgton Club 4 aww JL yf M VM X WRU 'ary Press Club 1 3 4 M Audto Visual 3 ff Ban 1 2 3 4 W Q4-0"'J 1,9 Natlonal Honor Soctety MW Oratoncal Contest 2 3 CHlOI Play 4 NITA HOLLMER Wk th Yearbook Staff4 Class Offtcer 1 2 4 07104 fb Ltbrary Club 4 M fr DAR Award 4 44+ gfwyfgff WW aff' DONALD GOODRICH Varstty Baseball 2 3 4 Varstty Football 3 4 Class Offtcer 1 3 Press Club 4 Class Offtcer 1 3 Semor Play 4 .dU!?4'f56"Cf.-c4J-f.Q EVERETT HURD IR, Senior Play 4 Varsity Football 2 Press Club 4 Washington Club 4 Senlor Play 4 BETTY JOYCE Senlor Play 4 Press Club 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Washington Club 4 - X I I WILLIAM KNIBBS fc fl y , f fs NWXQJ ' 7 M X X fyxn Aikxf' . bbc! 1 QM X N lj ,J I MWJLU l A f f I KQV ,,fjgffliZffff" LINDA PETERSON Senior Play 4 .Geal -51406 MIRIAM LE FEBVRE -one-066 d IV Cheerleading 3 Varsity Cheerleading 4 ""'4't -A4 Intramurals 4 Press Club 4 964 Senior Play 4 Washington Club 4 gyda!! 9 S ,fanlis- National Honor Society 2 NANCY PARKER Varsity Cheerleadlng 3 4 Intramurals 1 2 4 National Honor Society 2 Future Teachers of America 4 Press Club 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Play 4 Class Officer 3 4 Band 1 2 4 Washington Club 4 IV Cheerleading 2 Varsity Cheerleadi Press Club 4 Yearbook Staff 4 ng3 Class Officer 2 3 4 Washington Club 4 M 4 St uden ze ounc I, , jfhm JAMES PRICE IV Basketball 1 Varstty Basketball Football 1 2 Baseball 3 Varstty Club 2 Semot Play 4 Washington Club 4 l QWWQP W Wswdyfpgyj 2 JOSEPH POITRAS JR, Manager of Sports 1 Varsity Club 2 Audio Visual Club 2 3 Student Councll Officer IV Basketball 3 Varslty Basketball 3 4 Class Offtcer 4 Senior Play 4 Yearbook 4 Press Club 4 Washlngton Club 4 Varsity Football 3 MARY LOU SGAMBATI Varsrty cheerleadtng 3 IV cheerleadtng 1 2 Intramurals 1 2 4 fiiiliziil Press Club 4 W Yearbook Staff4 M Natlonal Honor Soclety 2 3 Future Teachers of Amenca 4 Semor Play 4 Class Offtcer 4 W iff' Oratorlcal Contest 2 3 Washtngton Club 4 WJ WW C fl ' W 4 fi .2 WJ L , ,4 , . . 3,4 ' ,3,4 W .' j - 'fx ' C I i . D . .4 , -' 's M ' '. I ' ' . 'rw M 1 ,gn iffy, lf"N f, f EDWARD TABOR Press Club 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Radro Club 2 Semor Play 2 Library Staff 4 Washrngton Club 4 JOAN TEDESCO Press Club 4 Senror Play 4 Intramurals 4 Washrngton Club 4 byjlgzlzil YASCHUR Nauonal Honor Socrety 2 If ' VM 1' Senror Play 4 f' Intramurals 1 2 4 Ly f I V Washington Club 4 ,W ,J X Class Hzstory f Our flrst day of school it seemed just the begmnmg of a new adventure rn play lt was that important person the grade teacher who helped us to realtze what we were here for Gradually it seemed we passed through the grades ull we reached the seventh level Suddenly thtngs were different but we qurckly accltmated ourselves to the new schedule of changlng classes Ttme began to fly a ltttle faster with the extra homework and new actrvttres And as we walked along the halls and saw the Semors passrng by we looked forward to the day when we would be Semors and be as btg and important as they seemed to us then When we htt our freshman year we began the four year long study courses Yet school meant more to us than htstory and Englrsh and math rt meant football and baseball clubs and ptcnlcs and prepartng for our Sentor trip to Washtngton It would take a good hunk of money for that mp and we would have to ratse tt Food sales were our old stand by for a money ratstng prolect Trouble was our class was so small that half the food would be sold to the faculty before the general publtc got a chance To all of us school meant basketball too In fact that sport was a mam attractton for qulte a few of the boys and hkewtse cheerleadmg for some of our gtrls It was certatnly a great day tn the morntng fabout o clock tn the morntngj when the team came home from Conventton Hall wtth the champtonshtp cup for Class E tn the Secttonals was our last year tn school and our teachers renewed thetr efforts to make us realtze the Importance of our subjects We delved rrght tnto a host of acttvtttes There was the monthly school paper the Warrior that we had charge of and each person tn the class had a part tn publtshmg tt The yearbook was started and what a lot of ttme and effort went mto rt especrally from the staff ln December we put on our flrst play Grandma s Last Chance That was fun and O boy some of those rehearsals were hllartousl There were magaztne and card sales and food sales and dances of course All this and more too Sometlmes we were so busy ll seemed we were rushmg along on a breathtakmg rollercoaster ride Some of us were busy preparmg for college whrle others were eager for summer and a full ttme Job By March we d settled our plans for the Washington trtp and looked forward to tt eagerly By May we would be looktng back at rt remembertng wrth a gnn and a slgh Ftnal tests would arrtve qutckly enough tn June And then our good bye to SCS graduatton Graduatton wasn t merely the end of school tt was the door to wtder hortzons just the begtnntng of another and bugger adventure by Celta Abel 57 I z . . . . . I l . I I U I Q . I 0 I . ' . . U . . S . ' , . - - . . . - ' I 0 I 4 . I ' . . . ' . . . . . , , . . . . . . ,, ,, . . When we flew into our Senior year, the velocity of the day increased more and more. It ,, ,, . . . . . . . I I ' I I W I ' I D . . . 3 , . ' D . . . . . , . . i . . ' . . . . . . . - - ' . O I I ' I Last Wtll and Testament We the class of 1957 of Strllwater Central School Stillwater ln the county of Saratoga and the state of New York belng of sound mlnd and memory do therefore make ordatn publtsh and declare thls to be our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT that ts to say We the underslgned leave a ralse rn pay to each member of the faculty for thetr helpful advtce whtch wxll help to gurde us ln the years to come To the JUNIORS we leave all of our specral pnvtleges as Semors To the SOPHOMORES we leave our best wnshes that they mtght become as dtgmfted and refmed as we Semors have become over the last years To the FRESHMEN we bequeath the pleasure of attendlng the new school whtch we had hoped to attend We also leave personal bequeaths as follows CELIA ABEL leaves her long pony tall to Ruth Komarony To Sallte Wheeler HEIDI ALDRICH leaves her red halr DONALD BAKER leaves hrs qutet ways ln class to John Shertdan JOHN DYER gladly leaves hrs Solid Geometry book to Calvm Kuby PAT FARNAN bequeaths her shotgun and bmoculars to Jean Wolff WILLIAM FORD leaves hrs comb to Eddle McClements FRANK GEMMITI leaves hls statton wagon to Keefe Hagadorn To Doug Case ED TABOR leaves his sports column and DONALD GOODRICH hrs batt mg average ANITA HOLLMER glves all her dunes troubles, and headaches of the Sentor Class presldency to Lmda Kellogg EVERETT HURD leaves h1s black leather Jacket to John Rychxk BETTY JOYCE bequeaths her abxlrty to do htstory to Pat Bennett WILLIAM KNIBBS leaves hts abtltty to sell chlcken pluckers ln selling class to George Kerwood MIRIAM LEFEBVRE leaves her fltrtatxous ways to Allce Phtllrps NANCY PARKER leaves her pet plg Pearl to Gall Payne LINDA PETERSON leaves her typewrtter to Gall De Coteau JOE POITRAS leaves hls Job as handy man to Ralph Marshall To Davld Mehan JAMES PRICE leaves his overdue excuses JOAN TEDESCO bequeaths her Jug saw and washboard to the school band MARY LOU SGAMBATI leaves her herght to Pat Church JOYCE YASCHUR leaves her Sling t0 Glnger Baker Lastly we hereby appotnt ROBERT O SEAMAN executor of thls our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT wxth full power and authorlty to sell and convey lease or mortgage real estate hereby revoktng all former wtlls made by us In Wxtness whereof we have hereunto subscnbed our names the 24th day of June ln the year Nmeteen Hundred and F1fty Seven Pat Farnan Joyce Yaschur 1957 Class Lawyers X I 1 0 I s 9 o I s 0 0 . . . . S l a l . . . . u . o 1 . . - . . O Q I - . o . . .. . . .. ,, . ,, . . . 'vw n ' ' . . ' - 0 . v 0 . . . . n I 1 . I . n 1 ' . S N Bea, Dm, The Prophecy Oh wasn t tt a wonderful dayl It was so grand to see everyone after so many years Ten years is a long ttme lsn t it? It was rather amaztng to fmd how the members of our 1957 ,graduatmg class had fared through all these passing years As you know I had lost practtcally all contact with my old buddtes smce I was in Europe for the past four years worktng as a prtvate secretary at the Amencan Embassy tt drdn t provtde me wxth much time to correspond wtth my old friends But somehow I dtd manage to keep tn touch w1th Nancy Oh you remember Nancy Parker? She s now one of the best Athlettc Directors Stlllwater Central ever had It was certatnly fun seeing her agalnl Oh I saw Ltnda Peterson too She was elected Miss Rhemgold of 60 61 and 62 But in 1963 Joyce Yaschur superintendent of nurses at Albany Medical Center won by a landsllde Did you see Amta Hollmer? Antta has become qulte prominent ln local polltics and I hear that she plans to qult her Job as head of the Home Economics Department at Potsdam an order to run for Congress Guess what? Pat Farnan the class clown as I remember became Elvis Presley s press agent He couldn't have chosen a better one huh? Thls wtll shock you tool M1r1am le Febvre has the leadtng role in the new I8dl0 sertal The Day I Met George Ioan Tedesco s fabulous gtrls baseball team the Brooklyn Bumsters has become known to all sport wnters Well anyway at least wtth the hottest sports wnter ever featured tn the New York Times ur Donny Goodrtch And you remember Joe Pottras don t you? Well Joe our favorlte Frenchman has become the lead tng personality not only tn carpentry but also tn electronlcs mechantcs and just about anythmg else you could mention Pretty versattle tsn t he? It seems that Itm Pnce and Jack Dyer dectded to contmue tn the sports fteld 11m after playing center for the great Princeton basketball team and Jack after completing a successful year playlng first baseman for the Dodgers won national honors! The decoratxons were beautlful weren't they? It was so n1ce of Bubby Ford and Betty Joyce the great combtnatlon tn home decorations to arrange them for the reumon Everett Hurd was there too It seems that he retamed hts old touch and became the hot rod of ALL hot rods I ll have to catch hrs show someume huh? Our old redhead Hexdl Aldnch has now secured a good posttton wtth Internauonal Studros tn Holly wood as a photographer She told me that recently she had been workmg on a frlm wlth Donny Baker the second Rudolph Valentmo of the movte lndustry That was probably why he dtdn t attend the reumon he was too busy I guess Madame Cune has qulte a successor Celra Abel has just lntroduced a new method of germ preventton that looks VERY good You recall Billy Kmbbs and Frank Gemmttt I m sure You do don t you? Ftne They are combtn mg thetr tnterests and establtshtng a resort area up North specxaltzmg m ftshmg and huntmg I have a feeltng that a lot of the fellows are gomg to be up there soon paymg cut rates Dtd you see our naval representattve? Yes str he s no other than Ed Tabor He s now commander ofthe S S Glendora No I'm only kxddtng In fact Ed made a very good career out of the navy Gee the day certamly was wonderfull But I guess lt s ttme to close now Dear Dxary so I ll be saymg so long unttl tomorrow Yours falthfully Mary Lou Sgamban ,. I 4 . ., , . . , . . .'. . . . ..., . I I I . - . v I ' - , . . . . ' ' ' I I I I I r I I - I I Q I .- . ' . . . .I I I - I I o 0 ' . .. ' .. . ' - II II I . I 'I I I . 0 ' ' . . . . -0 . , . - I - I I . .. . ' . .D .' . . . ., . , . . . . . . .... . I I ' 1 . I . .' ' . ' , . . . . . , . . . I - , .. ., .. . . .. - D . . . . . .. ., .. - I :. . . . . .., . . -- I U I ' U . .. .. ' .. . . ' . . . . . , g . , . on . g ". 9 o . I- n ' II I , I I I L. if A H if 'a 4? I 1 lg, M, 92' txt . 51-Avi , . . 'Q' Q? Lx ff- - AXJ F , A 4 . 5. if Q ,WM as 2 4 :W k K 'kv XR 'Q ' ,i"511f' A -f i Q f f J Q4 3 5 X classes QNQXSGQQQ . , QE ' K X fwwfwf , ELMFQSAFQE 5395 f EQE'f'i4 VIRGI IA BAK R . I ANB TE P RICIA ,Q '57 -. YIM' 9lf'dfjJMw,3!EAQPxL ,W E wwf 9 W J WAY AAMAIL DE COTEAU . REGINIA DUFFNEY Ur WU IEAN FARNAN QL A OU infra A "' M ff www W KEEFE HAGADORN LINDA ELL GG GEORGE KERWO ROSEMARY FULLER BET'I'Y ANNE FLYNN THOMAS GUTTRIDGE WW AL Q xx xi Sun-Vp fly' V LQQ J L - - PAK? pf' P9 MTS Q59 PJ QQQAW W 'rf' ,A A' ff' P af CALVIN KIRBY RUTH KOMARONY ae Q BEVERLY LANE vnu ,V Q ...., I A N. HN I I XI L '. za-an - 4? 5 ff: If V A -Q: L -if A5 1 ff X JOHN MCLAUGHQIN ' A RALPH MARSHALL DAVID MEHAN V Jyy n Q Q mkyk H VP ,ff VK? 'I I SW. ' :PP y VP 55,15 Jo bd 3 lx lx .-. RILYN PARKER 7 W ' IL PAYNEI 127 A cg Pwupsi 1 A 1? HERBERT PHILLIPS JOHN SHERIDAN RALPH THOMPS frm: Vxyhw L 10 A Sophomores IOB DP P sf' 00906 ir Freshmen Jllliillll H 1f71H.r'TI1ZITU"" Eighth Grades PgQ0 PPP Seventh Grades SCHOOL 60 SCHOOL 12 Bus Drwers 1"k Grade School Faculty X, Ca feterza ..nn l I fr GX ,, 4. ' 4- 4' f x ,fix Fi 9 1 . K L! X QT. f . X 'zfffu ,U 4 , 1 v L4 M' I '-ff. 3 W1 'A , 1 12 W 32 YQ , I 2 .K 45 ,Q -1 X if-if ,151 ,--H, School Personnel Dx wx .. will MRS BOY CE Nurse MRS HICKEY Secretary Q-.J DAVE FORD Custodmns EARL LANE V-r Miss WRITER MISS NOSHER Assistant Secretary Guidance DUCCIOF 3. 1k,,,,,,,g- h.q",,, xx N organizations -1 L ,.. Q -1 l s 1 -1 , 'Q ,, .L P 4 -5 f f Rf Student Counctl Carl Grrffln Sandra Talmadge Jeffrey Guttrrdge Mary Eltzabeth Hansen Dan1elFlynn, Eugenie Pokrandt, Nancy Parker Treasurer Ruth Komarony Vtce Prestdent Joseph Poltras Presrdent, Jane Post Secretary Mr Connors Advlsor Natronal Honor Soctety Mr Canary sponsor Gall Payne Beverly lane, Lmda Kellogg Jean Carley, Patrlcra Bennett Cella Abel Nancy Parker, Vrce Presrdent Anrta Hollmer Presldent Mary Lou Sgambatl Secretary Lrnda Peterson Treasurer Vx, L-,X Q T Q BJ Radzo Club School Band I ifseis ,ifgradag 'T LW-, - 1 , 1 . .n J . , . V5 as R , 54 b ., A '-. .I I dx - 8.7!-----' v 5, 1 N X . o 4 M X --M HA g ,S A , Q. ' . 5 W vi A , --- , 1 mf ' u W 6 ' ln 5 ' I 4 A 1 ' ' X ' 1 Q-,Q iq f 1 M 1 1 1 'AQ' cl' f , A - 4 In 5' 6 Q . X 1: ' 5 .Q N Audio Visual Club Press Club of Newspaper 9610 Dramuties Club 'uv-min RIAX Future Teachers of America Bookbmdmg Club Senzor Chorus Grade Readers sports Junior Varsity L P0ilIaS Managers D Carson November November December December December January January January Basketball Schedule Hoosrc Valley T QS: Mary sl Burnt Hllls H Hoosrck Falls T Schuylervrlle T Ballston H Waterford T Hoosrc Valley H Corinth H January Febnrary February February February February March March left to rrght I Tromans W Ioba M Aldrlch Coach Farnan C Gleason Sgambau Farnan Boucher Rychrck Portras Guttndge Shea Lilac Mrnick Barbolt St Peters T Hoosrck Falls H Schuylervrlle H Ballston T Waterford H Hoosrck Falls H QSt Mary sl Corinth T 8 St Peters H J. ' H P, ' 2 ' 1. ' i J. ' X' G. ' I. ' C. . . P, R. . B. 21 - ' , . 18 - . . . November 23 - Hoosick Falls, T. February 1 - Burnt Hills, T. . ' 8 - ' . 30 - ' , . 11 - ' , '7 - ' , . 15 - , . 14 - ' , . 21 - , . 21 - , . 25 - ' , 4 - , . . ' ' 8 - ' , . 1 - ' , . 11 - ' , . - . . . Vars Lty Left to nght Guttndge Mehan Ferns Rathbun Melvm Kixby Pnce McClements Poltras D Case Dyer CoachD Noonan Three Seniors J, POITRAS. J. DYER. J. PRICE Captain JOHN DYER Coach D NOONAN NA . Football Left to right L Poitras Manager W Joba J Boucher P Farnan G Pomas D Mehan, C Gleason G Case Manager T Guttrldge J Tromans D Rathbun D Ferns D Goodnch E McClements D Wrley J Sgambatr, R, Clements D Cahcchia R. Goverskt M McLaughl1n B Sgambati COACH NOONAN FOOTBALL For the second year the Stillwater football squad was on probatron They were on the gndtron for four scnmmage games and accumulated a record of two wlns one loss and one ue The tdea was to weld a team of underclassmen thls year to brmg us vmctory next year OUR COACH For the fust ttme thrs year Coach Noonan served as the boys athlettc dlrector In splte of belng a stranger and knowing lxttle of our players he dld a commendable Job of organrz mg our team Garnet and Gray Front row left to nght P Shea L McDonald R. Goverskx Back row J from plcture. R Carr D Wlley B Brundlge Osmond, D. Duffney, H, Cowin, L, Estill, L, Poitras, I. Morris, L. Walker, I. Connor, Absent Qu- W I I9 4 - 1?-'rv H-JE1-.1 1 f ' Sports Laxllhl in 1 X' was -IJ f 'hull .1 ,? dllli ll 1' Q S With the fading of summer green to the multl coloring of autumn, the thud of footballs coming rn contact wlth groprng hands echoed over SHS s grounds last fall Sadly enough the however took advantage of thrs trme to tram lettermen for next year s sessron of the grldrron Our squad dxd however play four scrimmage games lostng one ttemg one, and wrnmng two The team conststed of semor Don Goodrich underclassmen, Joba Wtley, Portras Ferris McClements Guttrldge Rathbun Mehan and Gleason Wtth the end of football season our hustlrng players found themselves paclng the basketball court under Coach Noonan s close drrectton J Price I Portras and I Dyer were the three semor players C Ktrby D Mehan, D Case, T Guttrrdge M Aldrlch D Ferns and D Rathbun were the underclassman players The scorrng nucleus of the team was led by Irm Prrce a semor who partrcularly drstlngutshed hrmself last year and carrred rrght on this year Thrs baffllng management of the ball caused opponents more than once to stare tn wonder C Krrby and D Mehan battled contrnuously for second place and were greatly responsible for any vtctorres Sentors Jack Dyer and Joe Portras proved themselves capable although not scorers theu hustlrng sprrtt was a great benefactor Our ftnal records were 6 wtns out of 18 total games played and league wrse 4 wrns out of 10 games Our players showed contlnual Improvement all through the season and played each and every game wtth fatr play and teamwork a paramount ob1ect1ve Grrls Sports In the gtrls department Mrs Vanderzee drd much to provtde acttvttres for the glrls She arranged frequent competmve matches wlth other schools and tntramural games at noontlme The drrectlon of the cheerleadlng squad and weldrng them mto an effectlve morale boostrng organrzatton was another one of her Jobs We would ltke to thank everyone connected wlth the success of our last year at SHS, Coach Noonan, Mrs Vanderzee, the cheerleaders, students, and faculty for therr support of our sports schedule . Ed Tabor I 91 xx X "Q 3 'f' ' , 0 ly f lr as 5 -- Ili! v "Q - u-1" "3 .Q fslnunl' . 1 ' t f ,f Ut:-J . - XX , ,.'-'. R 1 u' l y -" , 'u' l b 1 'II' X x Xt, , isf x l . . . , Stillwater football squad spent second, and we hope last season on probation, Coach Noonan, . . . , , . . . ' ' . S . D . . . . U . : . ' : D . . . . . I . I I I ' . . . . , . . . . . . . . . I g Q l p e n 4 D Q o , 9 0 ' 1 1 . , , . . 3 . . . . , - . . t . . ' . . , . . . ' x K ' 7 D I I 1956 57 Baseball Team Front row left to right Duke Benz Coach, Doug Case, Donald Goodrich Paul Lilac Robert lewis, Thomas Guttridge Jeffrey Guttridge Calvin Kirby Thomas Poitras John Lilac, Iohy Dyer, David Mehan John Tromans David Ferris -' Back row William Deuel, Gary Case George Poitras David Rathbun and Terry Morris, ' f ' Managers Baseball Everyone is looking forward expectantly for the shout Play Ball to echo through out SCS grounds Last year our baseball team finished the season with fwe wins and two losses Among last year's lettermen to whom we are looking forward to bring us victories are Donny Goodrich Jack Dyer Cal Kuby David Mehan Doug Case and confident that Coach Noonan will do his utmost to Ualll our boys for the best win or ose Ed Tabor Z D D l I y Tom Guttridge. Although last year's coach, 'Duke' Benz, is no longer with us, we are 1 . N I V CHEERLEADERS 7 1 RS, VANDERZEEfg1rls coachj Left to rlghtg LINDA PETERSON MIRIAM LEFEBVRE NANCY PARKER BEVERLY LANE MARY LOU SGAMBATI GAIL PAYNE Center: GINGER BAKER Left to rlght LINDA KELLOGG ROSE PARIS MIRIAM LEFEBVRE JEAN CARLEY MARIE GORSKI CAROLE ZERBARINI VELMA CASWELL RQ f 42- VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - A s 'Nr PAT BENNETT , Q -'If 1 be VAVI A A it ,T ,2 if x . a 5' Q a -45 I J! l l L: 2 e ! ! I ' ' 5 Y 5 Q ,x ,V 'F' A 'gf 3 1 1 i 'xl 2 ? 5 ? advertisers W Robert Seaman Earl Rooney Karl Hrckey Wilham Barringer Spencer Boyce Jr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Jack Connors Mrss Hazel Farrell Mr and Mrs Edward Howe Mrs Bertha Chase and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Charles Cummrngs Joseph Ostroy James Hutton Charles beamy Lours Descend Patrons and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Charles and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Brayton Henry Hollmer Dayton Case John Sheehy John Sgambatr Sr Howard Parker Sr David Vanderzee Mrlton Carter Lynn Goodrtch Harry Poucher Nerlson Jr Robert C Barton Wrllram Sanders Jones Oscar Brundtge and Mrs and Mrs Mrss Clarre Nosher Mrs Edna Baker Mrss Lourse Tubbs Mrs Lots Dellrnger Theodore Ha Jos John Halle Mr and Mrs Thomas Peterson Mrss Dtane Writer Anonymous and Mrs Anthony Carley and Mrs Guy Dunn and Mrs Eugene Smtth Martrn D1Gtuseppe and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Joseph Portras Sr Domrntck Zerbarrm Percy Aldrlch Peter Carnprsl Rtchard Noonan and Mrs Matthew and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Anthony Tedesco Smtth Carlton Abel Frank Kardash Royce Woods John Yaschur Chester Canary John L Bove Mr Joseph Farnan was As you have seen rn this book we have med to capture a few of the prrceless moments centered about the constructxon of our new school so that memorres of the steps rn the expanston of our school wrll be preserved We hope that you wrll treasure these always In closrng we add our fmal thought To our wonderful advrsors Mrs Rooney and Mr Ostroy who gave theu unselfrsh devotton to the creatron of our yearbook and to Joseph Deuel who made possrble the excellent photography between these covers we the Semors gtve our srncere apprectatron for assrstrng us tn our production the 1957 Cahotatea Mr. . ' Mr. . ', Mr. . , . Mr. , , Mr. . ' . ' , . Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mrs. M, J. Herlt Mr, and Mrs. Edward Bryan, Jr. MI. . ' . . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . CONGRATULATKNE tothe Class From Qwdeap 7TCDIl of 1957 XZZLQW ZLWZWZ 5 326 y New Headquarters V1a1 Ave at Round Lake Ave Mechamcvdle, New York VVEST VIRGINIA PULP AND PAPER COMPANY Mechan1cv111e New York TIQOJAN HARDWATEE co, INC PLUMBING HEATING ELECTRICAL SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS Congress and 4th Streets Troy New York Telephone ASh1ey 2. 7330 Compliments of . . , 3 Comphm ents of Comphm ents of D-11:1-ST-iIC,l4'E:D Z GROCERY STORE Stlllwater N Y Stlllwater, N Y COMPLETE mymu- GRADUATION ol SERVICE Class Rxngs Commencement Announcements Caps and Gowns Medals and Awards D1p1omas Taylor made Yearbooks G BALFOUR CO BENTLEY 8: SIMON TAYLOR YEARBOOK CO Your Representahve HODGKINS OF BALFOUR Gus" Hodgkx Bob Gray T K Hymers P O Box 9 Schenectady, New York, Phone 3 5374 464 f- 5 Comphments of SERVICE STATION 'I2,AL-Q1-I T' VVA l..5 I-I N' Q Ave BUILDING AND CONTRACTOR No Hudson St111water, N Y St111water, N Y l . , . I . . I C 5 Ilan- V f N 4 , Mm - , L4 5 0 z 0 '2' X.. ' " ...frm Q, G . V ICO! . . - apr L. . . Q " 'ns . . . . 0 0 , ' ' U ' O ' 3 xj H 1 . . . . . 1 ' : D - O . Comphments of Wham of KZJJWQZZ AIA Glen Falls, N Y 'Tl-JE Qggecfem nu: QHEAM Dress for Jumor Women Mechamcwlle , New York 276 Flfth Avenue Troy, New York I gmakffs STORE Estabhshed ln 1910 Park Avenue e Try to Carry the Mechamcv111e, N Y Standard Remedles for the Home Phone MO 4 3271 I f mail!!! ZZ! -I-P00 if 116 Park Avenue QUALITY FURNIT RE Mechan1cv111e, N Y Slnce 1916 MO 4 3501 MO 4 4200 Mechamcvdle, N Y junk 5 lmibfwf aa QW? QW BUILDING CONTRACTOR on New Central School Schaghucoke , New York W6 ' . . HW - 0 , .L a,a. 5: , of r,Qw-mffffig nmnulmgy 5mAyg M , . Famous Over 30 Years mano an REDI TO EAT INC Famous Fr1ed F111et Haddock Maln Off1ce 14th Street d Znd Ave , Watervhet, N Y Ashley 6 3724 h BEVERAOEQ Phone Morrls 4 7761 Mechamcvdle N Y Com phme nts of SIBLEY E: 11:Xf1'iC.Dl.. C..l""f INC 8 South Mam Street 86 8 Mechamcvxlle, N Y 7511 Morr1s 4 Best W1Sh6S From ELLSWORTH BROTHERS ICE CREAM CO Telephone 2399 t 1 Z0 D1v1s1on S Saratoga Sprlngs New Y 5-I-I LLVVIA-I-E12 ROD at GUN CLUB INC Helen T Scott enefza STILLWATER N I gVlSLL'Z.C2l'lCZ EW YORK Stxllwater, New York M5 of. ,l . WK I ' A at O H I, . ork -i O ' ' ' I .v .-1 0 0 WK Q Q it Compliments of IX!! ITQANDA IIOUNTAI NE FLOOR COVERING COMPANY 114 Park Avenue Mecha.n1cv111e N Y XKEIQTDKICI-HCD'S' Z0 North Central Avenue We G1ve S 8: H Green Stamps Mecha.n1cv111e New York COMPLIMEN TS OF M Queen! Q jjgicfmez dwfgowf INC Saratoga Sprmgs, New York Commerc1a1 Statmners Offxce Equ1pment Wholesale Paper Products DICK S RESTAURANT RICHARD CANARY St111water s FaVOr1te Snack Bar Luncheonette Booth Servlce North Hudson Avenue St1l1water MO 4 9051 QW 5:1-KJ1: 57 0142: Shoes Rubbers HOSICIY Mecha.n1cv111e New York 1 Cl ' 1 0 I I ' Ice Cream - Fountain . . 5 Cornpl1ments of Compllrnents of JOHN COVVIIXI GENERAL TRUCKING Phone MO 4 5623 MO 4 4685 Stxllwater N Y St11lwater New York l'0!YTlAl' B RO THE RS Sales and Serv1ce Coal Feed Farm and Auto Serv1ce MO 4 4121 St1llwater N Y IVIILIDIQEID ELLEY SEC RE TARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 227 229 Quall Street Albany 3 N Y MORRIS BERKMAN CO , INC Where the Thrlity hop and ave Clothlng for Men and Boys Sports Eqnupment Wholesale and Reta1l Mecha.n1cv11le MO 4 9039 LARRY BAREOLT SUNOCO SERVICE Cars Mecharncal Repa1rs Phone MOrr1s 4 9097 Stlllwater N Y Known for Values for Over 50 Years Mecha.n1cv1l1e New York Comphrnents of I'-llI.L..E-SIDE INN Mechan1cv1lle New York I ' . . . Send for Catalog F magna SERVICE STATION Body and Fender Repa1rs Spray Pa1nt1ng TITCS Batterles ACCCSSOTICS Hudson Ave St111water Phone MO 4 9048 Dlarnonds Watches Jewelry Watch Repa1r1ng and Engravlng J EVINEI-IOLJT' JEWELER GIFT SHOP 305 Park Ave Mechan1cv111e N Y flew I-I RDVVAIQE No Hudson Ave Phone MO 4 3342 St111water N Y Comp11ments of St111water N Y CAPLANS Lad1es and Ch11dren s Wear1ng Apparel Park Avenue Mechan1cv111e N Y ELJ5-IIWESS CECUI I FZC-BF: 126 134 Washmgton Ave State Reglstered Veterans Approved NJCDI-I IXISOIXIS BAA? KET Hudson Avenue Phone MO 4 7131 Stlllwater N Y KEAE NEYS CILEAAENTS AUTO SALE 8: SERVICE Free Est1mate Co111s1on Work Z4 Hr Towmg Day Phone N1ght MO 4 9058 MO 4 4274 FRANK KEARNEY, Prop I f , ALBANY Compliments of ZSQZZMQM QZZZZQMZZZ KNITTING commxmv mc: St1llwater New York Compllments of Chrysler Plymouth Sales and Serv-lce INKIFXTQESI-bAxL..L.. A E S GENERAL CONTRACTOR GARAGE 12 14 South Central Avenue St?-llwatel' New Y01'k Mecha.n1cv11le New York Phone M04 4041 Comp11ments of Compl1ments of TQINALDI S DE INXVXIQCCTS 3 Z g LIQUOR STORE Phone M04 3061 Mecha.n1cv11le New York Saratoga Ave Mecha.n1cv111e I I l Y , a n ' . . ' I . . , . an ELEC TRIC AL SERVICE APPLIANCE CO 1-I If-31:12 X DCDF212 Your G E Dealer 302 Park Ave Mecha.n1cv111e N Y W1th Our Best W1shes W OXZZZQQ KELLEY DRUG CO GEORGE P GOLDEN PH G Prop 214 1f2 Park Ave MO 4 7329 Mechan1cv'111e N Y Cornphments of MAT-VEO'ss Mechan1cv111e N Y I OIVI S ToAs TED PEANUTS Makers of Torn s Peanut Butter Sandwlches 138 N Znd Street Mechan1cv111e N Y J' W VALETTA D1st C omp11ment s of 1 QWQZLQQL6 VENETIAN TAVEIQN DAMIANO FAN TAUZZI, Prop Good Bath1ng 7026406 EE AC l-I Saratoga Lake Free Park1ng P1cn1c Tables Amusement R1deS Comp11rnents of E-3 NZlEN'S PHAQMACV North Ma1n Street Phone MO 4 3411 Mechan1cv111e, N. Y. owe gfyk BAKERY Enrxched Quahty Bread Ita11an French Bread 15 Leonard Street Mechanicville - MO-4-3891 I Candies - Potato Chips f I comphments of Q ZZLGWJ Comphrnents of Tl-1 E Www St111wate 1' N Y Cornpllments of M lnfkmy D1amond s Watche s S11ver CLJ 127-5 IEWELERS Expert Watch Repa1r1ng A11 Repalrs Done on P1-em1ses Off1c1a1 Ra11road Inspector Phone MO 4 4151 302. Park Ave Mecha.n1cv1l1e N Y VVE VET? General Automatlc O11 Burners Sales and Serv1ce Mobllheat Mobll Kerosene and Farm Lubmcants Wholesale 100 South Hudson St Hemstreet Park Mechan1cv1lle, N Y MO 4 3241 ZZQGZWLQ .J E VVE LQY Keepsake D1amonds Expert Watch Repan' Phone MO 4 4601 76 North Maln Mechanlcvllle N Y Comphrnents of was S 1Q,AJNlE5E NO 1525 W DHARIQY J. , Class Poem Now that our story is about to end A final description we'd like to send Our class lsn t too large which rs easy to see But our drstlnctions we wish to have known in htstory CELIA ABEL who rs a pony tarled, dependable girl Has by her activrtles been kept rn a constant whirl Although she is not apt to speak right out and guess Her sedate manner of answering rarely finds her to miss IEA NNINE ALDRICH halls from North H Avenue When asked about things in town she always knew For subyects rn school she never does crave She longs for only one whose name ls Dave DONALD BAKER, our boy from the Lake Seldom lets his face a smrle make Although he told but a few about hrs mterests We're sure that his fleld'll bnng m success Llar rhymes with DYER, but JACK was never one But his Jokes and tricks mlght change this oprnton He's known as the captam of our basketball varsity Who drdn t have much luck with Solid Geometry Our next rn lme is PAT FARNAN who hails from Wayvrlle Her cherry round cheeks showed that she was seldom ill Her humor was with her wherever she went 'l'hat's what makes her such a wonderful friend Hom the street named lake comes WILLIAM FORD Who ln Social class was frequently found bored He brought back stones of deer the reason was clear to us all FRANK GEMMITI our Semor who was always happy A favor anytime he d do for you or me Although hrs books and he were not at all close He had other achtevements of whrch he could proudly boast DON GOODRICH llves near the Hudson and the creek But a Westside gal he s known to seek He has been with us for all twelve years When he leaves SCS I m sure he ll shed no tears From the farm by the Hudson comes ANITA HOLLMER, Who rs known by many as an enthuslasttc 4 H'er Her ambmons are many she hopes her dreams come true A gay lass she is who'll never make you blue EVERETT HURD the owner of a modermzed fltvver Can travel at a speed that d make you shrver Rarely does he do thls for sense he has much He s a frtend to us all known slmply as Butch Changing Partners rs Betty Joyce s song For a fellow she ll never keep too long Asxde from bemg a rovlng Iullet A more cheerful girl could never be met l 1 ' . I I s h ' . n u I 0 n ' I . . ' . : , . ' ' . s . . D . . ' - I l 9 ' I . . . . z I I ' I D . . From school he was out, mainly just in the fall: . ' : ' U I I ' I . . I I . U . . - . ' ' : : , . ' . : , . . n - on - 1 D U . . . . D WILLIAM KNIBBS so the teachers declare Was out of school more times than he was there A unique manner he has to clarm Cracking Jokes in classes brought him his fame MIRIAM LEFEBVRE IS next on our lust All of the boys she surely will miss We know she ll frud others wherever she roams And soon have one forever whrch will be hers alone Our New England Yankee is NANCY PARKER, wlthout a doubt She s got that Hampshue hugo that really stands out You'll catch her just twice a day milkmg Nellie and Bosste But be with her anyttme she ll ftll you with glee LINDA PETERSON our Senior with the smtle Is gay not sometimes but usually all the whrle We know her reason Jim Price is always near You hear her ru a game cause so loud his name she cheers JOE POITRAS rs a boy from the town Strll on Zerbartm s farm he gets around He s actrve in many more things than one Our respect we grve htm for all that he has done JIM PRICE our star player wrth a tremendous spark Uses the basket as hrs only mark Because of his abrllty he rs an excellent shot Gwmg htm more pomts per game than most other fellows got Her phrases and Jokes make all who know her merry In the semor Enghsh class she s really lrvely Which brmgs fun to us but gray harr to Mr McCarthy ED TABOR, our transfer from Cohoes Ftnds much pleasure rn readmg prose His ambrtron rs clear for all to see To be an Admiral rn the U S Navy JOAN TEDESCO our gal from the south Brooklyn Is sure proud of the town she used to lrve rn But she seems to be much happter here Especially when Donme rs always so near Last but not the least 15 our blonde beauty JOYCE YASCHUR, a success she s sure to be We re glad she s gorng to be at the Samarrtan Then not much traveling trme ll be requlred of Roland So from Stlllwater Central tn 1957 There ll graduate thts class numbertng one less two ttmes eleven We ve enyoyed our stay here Includrng our last year Its Joys and events from us you ll always hear Remember our class small but gay Which med its best in every way Rarely wrll SCS hear our glee For very soon on our own we ll be a Amt Hollmer , . , . . . 0 , . ' Q . . ,, Our perpetual laugher is MARY LOU SGAMBATIg Q- ' . v 0 - - , - I ...B s .., , ,1 44. 4.. 5 ea :- m. -Q ssl. yu F f 1:1

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