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-,S X N XX ff wi T h Q CAHOTATE presented by THE SENIOR CLASS STILLWATER CENTRAL SCHOOL STILLWATER NEW YORK 1956 X Dedication It is with deep and sincere gratitude that we dedicate our Cahotatea to Mr. Maurice O'Connor, our senior advisor. Mr. O'Connor has been the initiative behind our money-raising projects which have en- abled us to make our Washington trip. He has been the sparkplug of our scholastic engine, our friend in need and our motivation toward higher goals. From us to you, Mr. O'C0r1nor, our humble and heartfelt. Thank You. Message F r o m The Eciitors We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all who have made our yearbook possible. To our advisor Mr. O'Connor goes our heartfelt thanks for all his efforts toward the culmination of our high school activities - Cahotarea '56, Helen D'Avignon William Goodrich to Yearbook Staff First row left to right B Hammond I Sheridan M Aldrich fCo Cd1IOIS,W Goodrich and H D Avignon M Lilac S Robinson Second row I Gooley T Poitras P Parker D Glgallon M Sovrch L L Larsdell fAdv1sorJ Mrs O Connor Class Motto Facta non Verba 888388 Class Colors Green and Gold Oli!!! Class Flower Carnauon r"" I y may A? ..,-1 V Q1,,'vw1:.+ X , 925351 ' f'.75??7 - Lfr??ff?if. ,, ' "" Q -f V53-g,,5fgiik,f,' . M , f ,ggi Y ' 11 W A 'L -vb - . '4 , ' f QQ' 1 V . , Ai V 2? ,NJ Ji if 5 A1 5 ,NX igfi, - 2 ftgfif my ,gg N HMM Q 1 Boa rd Cf Education Left to rrght Front row Eugene Smlth Juhan DeLaRosa fPres1dentQ E Horton Gtrdler M I Herlt Second row James Gannon Joseph Doocey R Gordon Wrrght Henry Hollmer Rodney O Wmans Superintendent of Schools Third Supervisory Distriet Lester Sharp Treasurer of the Board High School E. Mathewson an-. M. Borst W. Barrmger C. Canary D. Canary L. Rooney ,- D. Kelly C. Bruno Facult I M. Phillips T. Brophy S. Greyr J. Connors C. Krrvosh f T7 E. Cummlngs I 'IQ 'la' m Q. K 40? ii f ffwffmmuna-Q-nsnawfv' - '54 Q W W 545 Q W if 95. A K? v .sv ffW: ' "" . , V5 911191 Egg.. I in X534 wg: 1 F4 953.424 jk 0,2 34,57 'Ip f -fsw HCI' 4- : Ur 'lf 1,1 4' V r x 9 Vsrff as 1. X 1 ,. .A I Ju' A 11 by-, 1,1-gtg' 'fr bil 42221 aight: ,. ,aff ,N 2131.555 . 135, 'wt 15 22.91-9" 1 ff Ulf il l' ' QMQQ T. n 5-"i' ' LQ ,lf -EA' -' ,.. Vs -.-rf,w'f1- ,, 1..- v- y. UI-V 3 my L. A 4-.7 1 x ' , If :.' Q, A 4:31351 .14 I . ' -1n:'XL:f, r - -1 .-., 50 1 l l r' Myrna Aldrich Aversion: Study Hall Diversion: Cooking Ambition: Nurse ff' I .lb 'I ,Z 4 VJV3 .ff ff fy 'J WHA X fi i iigif ,vb 'VL lf! jf lwi gf A Q14 L John Baranski Aversion: Haircuts Diversion: National Guard Ambition: Executive in General Motors Helen D'Avignon Aversion: Doing Dishes Diversion: Music with Homework Ambition: Civil Service Stenographer 3I'V 243, ml-vv ljjflif 2: 6' aww ,JU Mary Dale Ford Aversion: Alarm Clocks Diversion: '54 Red Ford Convertable Ambition: Lab Technition x,Z,.'fx0,! ,H :ii 5' " X4 l I 7' LL l QA' ffffz' I George Foster Aversion: Late Risers Diversion: Working with Livestock Ambition: To be a good farmer Donald Gilgallon Aversion: Overheated rooms. Diversion: Tall Brunette Ambition: To become a millionaire 1 I 5 , Advertising Agency f if -fx ci 1 'F ,A WYQ QMS!! T William Goodrich A "MVK Aversion: Sophisticated Girls Diversion: Photography Ambition: Commercial Artist f N iii of 4" Ev' V Ioan Gooley Aversion: Too Much Homework Diversion: Driving Cars Ambition: Secretary in , was , .- L l 7 g Q lB ff 4 Q LC f L L x I I Barbara Hammond Aversion. Getting up in the Morning Diversion: Dreaming of Vacations Ambition: Nurse in the Armed Forces ff J 1 X f 1 f Helen Kristof Aversion: Public Speaking Class Diversion: Canadians Ambition: Comptometer Operator Lora Lee Laisdell , -N Aversion: Homework A, .X .. , Diversion: Popular and Semi-classical Music Ambition: Child's Nurse , K I' M 41", D j ,bu I if' ' AP" f JV 4, if ' J' W Leo Le Febvre Aversion: Faulty typewriters Diversion: Bev. and Horses Ambition: Drafmman V W John Lilac Aversion: Work Diversion: Basketball and Diane Ambition: Coach Ci! L L! n swab J 'I Patricia Parker L, Aversion: B.I. S. s- Q Dt? Diversion: Irishmen Ambition: Mattress Tester Thomas Poitras Aversion: Going to School Diversion: Football and girls Ambition: Mechanic and Mixologist , 1 .f X! i if , X jffzfi I H lfvl fl 1 M ff I fn f fig iv! ll ILKV r 'I X xx cuff P, QV, fy! Sandra Robinson N Aversion: Physics Lab V X6 Diversion: Irishman J Ambition: Tourist Guide in Nj Salt Lake City 1 I 'w fr A. 1 John Sheridan Aversion: Loud-mouths Diversion: Model Building Ambition: Worg in Science field 41,4 if , f ,c .f', A4 V' ,fnff 4 , ' , .UZ MA if D fi wifi L if , Ji 1 1 ' CJ, ,X L by X Marlene Sovich ' Aversion: Typing on Diversion: Money Ambition: Model JVM-ffl' fy AU the Neydiflfser Gerald Stevenson Aversion: Men Officers Diversion: Women Officers Ambition: Getting out of the Air Force. WhenWeWereVeryYoung First Grade i944 Kea.. I 1? Those in the Picture who are sull with us Barbara Hammond Helen Kristof Myrna Aldrlch Mlke Lilac John Sheridan and B111 Goodrich Senior Achievements MYRNA ALDRICH-Student Council, Press Club, Yearbook, Minstrel Show JOHN BARANSKI-Basketball Football, Press Club, Yearbook, Ad. Mgr. HELEN D'AVIGNON-Treasurer, Honor Society, Press Club, Yearbook fco-editorj DALE FORD-Cheerleading, Band GEORGE FOSTER-Camera Club, French Club, Library Club DONALD GILGALLON-Football, Yearbook, Hall Patrol BILL GOODRICH-Basketball, Football, Honor Society, Press Club, Yearbook JOAN GOOLEY-Hall Patrol, Yearbook, Press Club BARBARA HAMMOND-Student Council, Newspaper, Yearbook HELEN KRISTOF-Yearbook, Business Manager, Press Club LORA LEE LAISDELL-Press Club, Yearbook, Hall Patrol LEO LE LEBVRE-High School Chorus, Football, Band MIKE LILAC-Basketball, Baseball, Football, Student Council, Yearbook PATRICIA PARKER-Minstrel Show, Yearbook, Camera Club TOM POITRAS-Football, Basketball, Baseball, Audio-Visual, Yearbook, Newspaper SANDRA ROBINSON-Yearbook, Minstrel Show JOHN SHERIDAN-Honor Society, President, Yearbook MARLENE SOVICH-Honor Society, Press Club, Yearbook, Minstrel Show Class Hlstory Autumn 1944 St Lou1s Cardmals won the World Ser1es Roosevelt was nommated for a fourth term 1n the Wh1te House MacArthur was lead1ng the Un1ted States back to the Ph1l1pp1ne Islands all h1stor1c and memorable occas1ons however there 15 one event that w1ll remarn uppermost 1n the mrnd of the class of 1956 September 5 1944 that day we clrmbed our frrst step on the educatronal ladder It truly was a shaky step but w1th the help and gurdance of Mrs Howe, we were soon able to grasp a frrm hold And so we w1nded our way slowly but surely up thls ladder of success On each succeedtng rung we found a devoted and wonderful teacher to help and gulde us Th1s was the case for s1x wonderful years and soon the babes of 44 were becommg lambs rn the secondary school The change of classes the var1ous teachers extracurr1cular actrvmes these made us soon reahze that thmgs were to be a l1ttle d1fferent from now on however we found one aspect whrch drdn t change the kmdness and helpfulness of our teachers Qulckly we took two more steps on the ladder and presently recelved the glorrous appellatxon Freshmen It sounded terr1f1c Mr Shrader our homeroom teacher helped us organ1ze many success ful endeavors 1n the extracurncular f1eld We had several successful food sales and a wonderful dance As ever so wtse Sophomores and very conf1dent Jumors we contmued to make headway wlth the assurance Of Mr Barrmger ou.r new homeroom advlsor It was on the eleventh rung of the ladder that the top September 1955 was soon upon us and the babes of 44 had fmally reached the fmal rtmg of the ladder We elected the followmg off1cers Pres1dent John Shendan V1ce Pres1dent Thomas Portras Secretary Marlene Sovlch Treasurer, Helen D Avtgnon They together wtth our advrsor Mr O Cormor have helped us put forth many successful proJects Two dances The Hobo Hop and Autumn Leaves followed up by the selhng of Chnstmas and all occasron cards and the promouon of magazme subscnp tlons all helped to lighten our burden for the Washmgton tmp S1xteen of us made the tnp to our nat1on s caprtol durmg our Easter vacauon Upon our return we expectantly looked forward to June, the Senror Ball the class p1cn1c, and C0I11rHeF1C8111CHI We were deeply consc1ous that June 1956 marked the end of twelve years of Joy We knew moreover that th1s phase of our hfe had prov1ded us w1th the means for success 1n our future endeavors We realtze that we could have never chrnbed the ladder wtthout the unfarhng assrstance gutdance and love of our teachers and parents And so we wrtte fmrs to our hrstory as boys and guls of S C S At tlus moment we wrsh to express our deep grautude and apprectauon to all those who have helped us ascend thrs ladder of learnmg Mnfamch O H . . . . ' . . . ' . . . . . -- . . . 5 ' . . . . . . ' ' . . . . ll ll I ' ' ' . ' . . . . U . . . . . . . , I 1 . . . . ' .' . . ' O , ' . - . . . I . . . . . ' . . we chose our class rings. Upon receiving them, we became more acutely aware that we were nearing ll I ll ' ' . ' l I . 1 , 5 D ' ' v . : , , . - - t , Q n 1 1 D . . . . . . . ' . . ' . I u I I , , . . . ' . . . . - .. O The Prophecy Doctor Salk gave us the vacctne Ford gave us the Thunderbtrd and the Navy gave us the Nautilus but tn 1956 the boys and grrls of Sttllwater Htgh wtll long remember the great ttme machtne by Mr Borst and his staff Thts magntftcent tnventton ts ftrst reaching the publtc s ears through the medtum of our publtcatton namely the Cahotatea It ts wtth thts revolunttontztng machme that I am able to look tnto the future and vtvtdly see how the class of 56 wtll fare The machtne ts set for 1970 So let s be on our way We ftnd ourselves m Hollywood and see Dale Ford once agatn refusing to make a ptcture She says tf Mar tlyn could do tt tn 56 I can do tt now Movtng from MGM to 20th Century Fox we see the very talented Btll Goodrtch scenarlst He ts now worktng on the background for the spectacular The Moon ts Green The factual tnformation for thts ptcture was gathered by sctenttfrc explorer John Shertdan who has made several fltghts through the lunar regton Just as we were leavtng Hollywood we noticed people flocktng into a beautt ful little cottage It was Hollywood hopefuls trying to persuade our own Pat Parker T-he new L011e1la Parsons to give them a break tn her column Our screen ts now brtngtng us across country and as we make thts sweep we can t help but nottce the hun dreds of ultra modern servtce stations all havtng the name Tom s tn brtght neon ltghts The owner none other that our own versatile Tom Pottras Tom s energtes and 1115 Wlfe S money have really put htm tn the btg ttme Snow flakes appear and we ftnd ourselves ln Montreal where the rave tn FOOD CIRCLES ts Helen Krtstof s pea soup Helen got the rectpe from an old Canadian satlor Btgger snow flakes appear and we ftnd ourselves at our mtlttary base tn Nome Alaska The name leadtng to the commander s room reads John Baranskt Cap tatn The Nattonal Guard must have really sold htm I soon begtn to nottce famtllar land marks and the ctty of Albany looms upon the screen Here tn Albany Ctty Hospttal we ftnd Myrna Aldrich and Barbara Hammond Barbara took the ntght Job as she dtdn t ltke to get up early tn the mornutg and Myrna took the day Job as she wanted her ntghts open for certatn And then on the screen came the old home town Three of our class have marrted and settled down here Helen D Avtgnon Marlene Sovich and Joan Gooley All have left thetr careers for the Joy of famtly ltfe Be fore marching down the atsle Helen ascended tn her profession to become prtvate secretary to Honorable John Stevens governor of New York Marlene after ftve years modeltng at Saks tn New York ls now ratstng ftve little models of her own Joan Ltlac who had won bouquets tn the adverttstng fteld now has several Flow ers who blossom sweeter every day On the outsktrts of town we see the most modem of all farms and tts own er our own George Foster However George ts not at home as he ts not tn Washtngton seektng htgher partty prtces from the legtslature Somethtng Just shot by the screen I vaguely make out Gerry Stevenson destgner and maker of Gerry s Ca nary the new hot rod whtch really whtstles as tt satls along A huge atrltner comes upon the screen Among tts occupants ts Lora Lee Latdsell lst Lteutenant of the U S A F Lora looks happy butseems to be bothertng the ptlot qutte a btt The ptlot looks famtltar tts none other than Don Gtlgallon Don seems to know that we are watchtng htm and he ttps hts wtngs Thts threw the stewardess rnto focus Could tt be tt ts Sandra Robtn son She looks real trtm tn her brrght blue untform The next ptcture on the screen brought tears to our eyes As we gaze ftnally on dear S H S there seems to be a good deal of excttement at the present ttme Leo LeFebvre dramattc coach ts lintng up the cast for The Mtkado tn the audttortum In the gym Mtke Ltlac head coach at hts Alma Mater ts presenttng block letters to hrs champtonshtp team The scene begtns to fade as the assembly ts clostng to the stratns of On the banks of the Noble Hudson It s a wonderful close to a happy ptcture J Gooley 1 Q . . . . . . . . , . . . - 9 ,, ,, . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . , . . . . - . . . , . . . ' l . . . ,, - n , . , . n n . - ' l 9 .. . . . . ' , - . . ,, , ,, . . . . . , . ' f I . . . . . . . . . . , a . . . . ' , - ' ' 1 1 . . . . . . . . . , . I n - . . . . . ----. ' I , . . . . . g . . ' s I - 9 ,, ,, . . . . . ,, - Q Q n ,, . . - . I ' 9 . . . v - - U , ' . . , . . . . . , . - - I I ' . . . . - 1 v ,, . ,, . . . . . . . . - 1 v o . . . . . . . ,, n 1 - . . Last Wrll and Testament We the Class of 1956 of the Strllwater Central School Strllwater rn the county of Saratoga and the state of New York berng of sound mrnd and memory do therefore make ordarn publrsh and declare ITIIS IO be Olll' Last Wrll and Testament that rs to say We the undersrgned leave a brand new Cadrllac to each of the faculty for therr past krndness to us We bequeath to the Junrors our superror ways and the rrght to walk the corrrdors rn a regal manner To the Sophomores we leave a usedC0mml1tCr S t1CkSI to Mechanrcvrlle as an asset on the way to Washrngton To the Freshman three years rn whrch to acqurre enough knowledge to graduate To the old school we leave our best wrshes for a new school We also leave personal bequeaths as follows Myrna Aldrrch bequeaths her temper to Anrta Hollmer John Baranskr leaves hrs drrty whrte bucks to Jrm Prrce To Mrrram LeFebVre Helen D Avrgnon leaves her quretness and lack of a Dale Ford leaves the enjoyment of Gerry s Ford to Marrlyn Mathewson George Foster leaves hrs abrlrty to do math to Jack Dyer Donald Grlgallotr bequeaths hrs hot rod Ford to Everett Hurd Brll Goodrrch leaves hrs fancy harrcuts to Bob Lewrs To Vrvran Northrop Barbara Hammond bequeaths her gossrp column Helen Krrstof bequeaths her secretarral practrce book to Lrnda Peterson Lora Lee Larsdell leaves her blushrng ways to Betty Joyce Mrke Lrlac leaves hrs ambrtrousness to Buddy Ford Pat Parker leaves her llrrtatrous ways to Pat Farnam Tom Portras bequeaths hrs stool rn Hanks to Donald Goodrrch Sandra Robrnson leaves her prnk and black shoes to Joyce Yaschur John Sherrdan leaves hrs boxrng abrlrty to John McLaughlrn Marlene Sovrch leaves her messy portfolro to Mr Barrrnger To Donald Baker goes Gerry Stevenson s mrlrtary career Leo LeFebvre bequeaths hrs knowledge rn Socral Studres to Joe Portras Lrkewrse we make constrtute and appornt Wrllram J Tarnsue to be executor of thrs our last Wrll and Testa ment hereby revokrng all former wrlls by us made IN WITNESS WHEREOF we have hereunto subscrrbed our name the 25 day of June rn the year one thousand nrne hundred and frfty srx Mrke Lrlac Class Lawyer X . . ' , . W , ng bi ,, Ioan Gooley leaves her knack of arguing to Celia Abel. .L 1, h if ' , . 75 ,rf- ' 12 1 X 1 i'W , JW-1-qn0'v EN-Y' i- 465. 'XF Celia Abel Jeannine Aldrich John Dyer Judith Eagan Patricia Farnan Frank Gemmitti Donald Goodrich Anita Hollmer Everett Hurd Elizabeth Joyce Mariam Lefebvre Marilyn Mathewson Vivian Northrup Nancy Parker Linda Peterson Joseph Poitras Joyce Yaschur QCP? Juniors James Price Mary Lou Sgambati Edward Tabor Joan Tedesco William Barringer, Advisor 'iff I M I .ff ff 'f ,- , , 14 22, nw w"w,gQ,,,, lf' W V L M 'f S5 . in. . -. 1, 4-1 f-rf Y-1'-.f..,4.,4. ..,. , ,,,.,w.,.,A -,1. .. 1 1 if. u ' f' fm an , . is K w Nik 2 "xr if 1 Q 'W Midas , ,ff 'E 1 3 'dmv -, u 343 'L A 'ww e 5 - Y if xv. x,', t A 2 A 2? B ' 6 xi M2 W Aw: A 15 "IW , 'Mi , L xg 3 1 'L 5351 Q as ' K1 w . ' y,,,,' NW' 'QW'f2Hff A if: , .3 45 'ue 2 Q f Q mr 1-KF BW 1 Sir if 1 5' iq, X we - 5 , tis? X gi-W-fi,-3 S U' 3 if i 1 45,955 W E ,Q ,',7gzw K,, ig if E gi, 75 ' 1,1 If M ' -A z g' Q --". I 7 ' 3 J 5 ML ' 'V ,W ' R, 4 . ,fi .qw '95 W 16 ' W? z Q-ff wma S5 1: E2 V A, ,. f Q -,TZ:A,E .,t: A if. 9 .. , 5 f ? ' .. . i P f "Y .H-' , - . ' : 1: J 3 ' . W X 43 ' ,, , " .fr ' " Q Y as I r se F W 1 nut f 'H' ' ?' O Eighth Grade Eighth Grade Seventh Grade Seventh Grade xx fx I Seventh Grade 4. Ur v ' A.. Bus Drivers , I Dir fn I-inhr. fi klqrliil D f'nx.1Gn l'I I , ' .W ' 'Qi I A BY JK ,Q f 4 ' ' ' "': 'W J 1 I' fy My Vg f .2 L . 5 ' VA A Y I I X 4 '-Q 1 I3 16 I Al yr :ff ""' W .. + . -vs W,-A an S f A . If 15-. l L, M, Q ,,. -1, fi. . 4:1 ', L: fr . f WM f -,.'v:f53 , N",'fl:4'J 1, Qu V M7 J!! X 4 7 ' ,, ,V , ff E ff? q 0 Hb, Q? I-1 ,m a , fi ,L Q W-4 fr Y iv 5, Af A -wftw 2? f ax v ., 3 i. if 2' . I 1 W W, " Wy, V ' Qf '- X Q' 'ig' 5 ww t -QW ,AZ ' if W. n '--la . A .0 f--L 1 AX W v l 4,1 3 WV A mv fi "'kG1 M X W'-fi .ag .Q E5 'Q' ,A x 0-., NVQ J. J-h W .K W www' P1 1. N. Q Q K O' 5 ,, 1 l A 0 . B ', , 1 , '.5..,f ' 4 'M t 'ffl P' M fn s M 'E ' v , ' X' 'Q' '40, "-if-f 'fs , ,. 'fi' "Y-ff' "12f5-M f,a9+ a k , ,- -f it 1 in V A ALM ll I Nl? I fl A N k , z.:..n -.1 5, Qs ! E . H , A l tt fi w- 1 r rv , ' it 'X x .. n ow ue eo ea r I u een Queen of Hearts, Dale Ford with her escort, Bill Goodrich. VL 'x Pat Church, gracious and lovely sophomore, reigned at 17. Pat, escorted by Don Gil- gallon, was chosen from a court of five of S. H.S. 's beautiful girls. Frosh enjoying Snow Ball. Left to right: sitting--I. Phillips, M. Goodrich, S. Chenney, G. Baker.Stand- ing--J. Gutridge, D. Ferris, J. Tromans, I. Rychik. the annual Snow Ball on Dec. K A My JL! A L pf' 'KAP- ,. - ' fx , ,-: WV -1 .... . K 4 Q. ' T ' x 4 if 1 ,H Q Vbigi., ,i . ---o-11114 , .nail 5,31 x L -63' in l--I sxiff ' 'iffy' L RQ A 'W Q ., , ' ,Q 'W H' 1 ' V E . Q A f , L 'Y' ' A. 1 1 if f 1. ff f ff' f 'rf Q , , Y ' ,O ,faq J 1 M W Q W is M' Qkwsm if f as 1, ,gg '31- ,, """V -MW.. I ' M.. ,,,,....-f ,, M., .Q.,W.k, . MM w,..,.,.-.Q "M ww... xv " vw, 9 fl ,, W , . 4 T s Agkl V --W.. x .L itgz ' g V Q ? f Sports 1 Wrth the cancellatron of the football schedule as a result of shortage of players everybody at Strllwater Central looked forward to the openrng day of basketball season November 1 Duke Benz our new and very capable coach qurckly reahzed that he must off set the team s rnexperrence and lack of herght A team whrch had players rn top condrtron and whrch had a hustlrng sprrrt could over come these obstacles Slowly but surely Duke welded the team consrstrng of one letterman rnto a smooth runnrng and hustlmg ballclub The season closed and the Warrrorshad posteda 9 9 over all record and found themselves thrrd rn the S C L wrth a record of 8 6 The nucleus of thrs class D team whrch had played ball wrth a class A spurt was co captarn Mrke Lrlac Mrke was the floor general scored consrstently though often doubled and trrpled teamed and really showed how much a boy could learn from good coachrng Senror Tom Portras the other co captarn put forth such a defense rn every contest that the opposrtron often wondered how one man could cover so much thrrd senror on the squad Brll Goodrrch came along slowly but surely and gave the Warrrors plenty of help off the boards Hrs excellent screenrng helped Jrm Prrce rmmensely rn hrs drlvrng lay ups Jrm a real dead eye made great strrdes on the defensrve ledger and played great ball all season Jack Dyer wrth his deadly set shot kept the opponents zone defense vunerable rn many encounters Cal Kuby the Babe of the qurntet got to know the boards real well and drd yeoman underneath them Prnky Mehan and Buddy Ford rounded out the team and both boys showed therr true colors when called upon by Duke to spell hrs starters The Iunror Varsrty although rnexperrenced came along strong under the gurdance of coach Cy Krrvosh and put rn a credrtable season Bob Lewrs Joe Portras Drck Starks Ed McClements and Doug Case paced the Iunror Warrrors to an over all 7 11 record In closrng we wrsh to thank smcerely those rndrvrduals who helped to make the court game go all the way So thanks to our cheerleaders to Chrrs DeLaRosa a most generous gentleman and most competent trmer to Terry Morrrs a top notch manager and hrs assrstants and to the boys and grrls of S H S and the people of our communrty who have supported the Warrrors We are sure they were not drsappornted rn any game regardless of the score And from the depths of our hearts thanks to our great and rnsprrrng coach Duke Benz and to hrs boys who have brought nothrng but honor and glory to S l-I S We know that rf the boys play the game of lrfe as they have played the game on the court therr future shall be a success and therr l1fe a happy one I Sherrdan fu. V- 'il ground. He hustled from the opening tap to the final buzzer, and scored when S. H. S. needed it the most. The """"" """ X' Q A x J ' fx VNV' . if E :LV Q' .1 1 J ., I 4 Q66 fm 'I w. 1 "" I , IL W2 ,Q Q H 'Hs 6 N! , , by su. W ,,, ,,,'-r' yr ',:, f,.Q. xfk 'K 'f 1:1 W? XL, KM Patrons Mr 8: Mrs W1ll1am Transue Mr 8: Mrs Earl Mathewson Mr 8: Mrs Cyr11 Krwosh M1ss Cather1 ne Bruno Mr 8: Mrs W1ll1am Barrmger Mr 8: Mrs Martm Ph1ll1ps Mr 8: Mrs Chester Canary M1ss Shlrley Grey Mr 8: Mrs Spencer Boyce Mr 8: Mrs Denn1s Canary Mr John Connor M1ss Hazel Farrel Mr 8: Mrs Edward Howe Mrs Bertha Chase Mr 8: Mrs Charles Cummlngs Mr 8: Mrs John Sheehy M1ss Ella Belfleld MISS Clalre Nosher Mrs Edna Baker M1ss Lou1se Tubbs I' 1' 1' 1' 1' 1' 1' 1' 1' 1' 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs James Hutton Charles Leamy Lou1s Descend M11ton Carter W1ll1am Dell1nger Earl Rooney John Ha1le Ted Hagos Anthony DeSorbo Percy Aldrlch r r r r r r Mrs r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r I 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs Joseph Burke Fred D'Av1gnon W1111am Ford Leon Foster Edward G1lgallon Lloyd GOOdT1Ch Ernest Gooley 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs John Hammond M1chael Kr1stof Elton La1sdell Leo LeFebvre S John L1lac Fred Parker Joseph Po1tras Waldo Roblnson John Sherldan Sr Joseph Sov1ch Maur1ce O'Connor Peter Brown Carl Schultz Karl H1ckey Jul1an DeLaRosa Roy Sharp Joseph Doocey Henry Hollmer Eugene Sm1th M J Herlt James E Gannon R Gordon Wrlght E Horton G1rdler ' V M. . ,r ' ' M. . ', . ' ' M. . ' . M. . ' ' ' M. . M. . M. . M. .' M. . M. . M. . M. . M. . . M, , ' M. . . ' M. . . ' Grades 7 II C ompliments of Complim ent s of ARCHITECT an ntol S SCAGHITIC OKE N Y Milton Lee Crandell A I. A. k E. A S Sons, Inc. Buildin Contract Ka I'l'y nc Wever General Automat1c O11 Burners SALES and SERVICE Mob 1lheat N WHOLESALE 4 100 South Hudson Street Quahty Furnlture Slnce 1916 HEMSTREET PARK Stores 1n MECHANICVILLE N Y Troy N Y Mechan1cv1lle N Y M04 3241 e anlc Savlngs Accounts Xmas Clubs Mortgage Loans Or1g1nated 1905 Assets Over 3 M1ll1on Dollars Sav1ngs Insured Up To S10, 000. Phone MO-4 3561 47 North Mau, Street Mechan1cv1lle, New York B e n t z H 3 .I . I . A-',' l Iyflt . ,E Mobil Kerosene 81 Farm Lubricants .-'., ,.rf'- 9 5. M c h ' v i I I e Q6 . W4 . CSX Z XXL . . Q -Q ' I Z 6 ElI'l113 l N th M MO4 3411 M h MECHANICVILLE NEW YORK 3 aYne rdec o OIO ara Nhc 9 st O WG S8zHG e B M h I e .I.f'L' Compan The Commerc OIG T W' 'i KL om F h I t MECHANICVILLE N MECHANICVILLE N Y K YOHI' ii I Compliments of if Fordlg Mercury E n i nfs ealer h C Y . Y I I S e I k i S or ain Street Phone - ec anicville, New York , I Best Wishes From M r P o o I 6 g E 20 ort entral Ave. T h B o o n Q S t r e e ive reen Stamps T h , B a,n d O X ec anicville, New York M I I I n r y Best 'Ji Class is es 5. of K I I -T '56 - Manufacturers of - i a I Dress For he Junior Women H I so Exif "Where riends and f KWEIII I Brot er Railroaders Meet" I If Railroad S reet I , . Y. Comphments of O r r r ma nde 0 n Where the Thr1fty S HOP and AVE 25 North Maln Street Clotlnng For Men and Boys Mechamcvllle SPONS EqU1Pmef1t MO 4 7 6 Wholesale and Reta1l 9 1 Mechan1cv1lle N Y MO4 9039 ldr a Secretar1al School For Glrls Mechan1cv1lle Send For Catalog 227 Quall Street N Y Albany N Y y Compl1ments f oe o e TS 3 North Maul Street Insurance Mechan1cv1lle N Y Stluwater N Y Ol e r ow Sho q O Flowers For All Occas1ons 34 North Maul street Phone M04 3061 Mechan1cv1lle N Y phone M04 5141 Saratoga Ave Mechanlcvllle - S M is Be k n 8 P H. Pe r C ., I.c. g on S M'l'.ed- V 'fs Elley Ja 's ancellation Sh St reH len . cott C Iins VD Ma co s' F' er PLE uor St re C omplirnent s of Best Wishes From SINGH I O r Stlllwater N Y Oldsmob1le Sales 8mServ1ce e W I H O u Dlamonds Watches Jew elry Comphments of Watch Repamrxng and Engrav1ng 'I' h e O Jeweler Glft Shop 305 Park Ave Mechan1cv1lle New York ove Le Tavern an ar Sh Park Ave MeChaH1CV1llE New York MO 4 3271 Hardware Palnts So C entral Avenue Phone M04 7721 MeChaH1CV1ll6 N Y hn Cowl General Truclung Phone MO4 5623 MO4 4685 St1llwater N Y Compllrnents of O I1 3 O S 8 Local Ford Salesman CI t's Pa rick Nolan M le ' . , H 'tt J.B.Vineh'utCI r af congratulationsclass of'56 S g C . B 3 ke Je 's S Co., Inc Y n op -- Jo 'n ' ' Le rd D - - Kell :af- Phone Us Your Drug Store Needs e H 1 Del1ver 1n The V1llage of Stlllwater R U and The Surround1n g Area Once Every Day Except Sunday BUICK 81 PONTIAC 0 I d e MOTOR I' U Sales and Servmce Kelley Drug Co Inc M04 4921 Geo P Golden PH G Prop Mechan1cv111e N Y 13110116 M04 7328 Park Ave M echan1cv111e N B e st Wlshes W Class of '56 e I o G eorge H Van Vr Sales and Serv1c e anken WATER Any Depth r Phone MO 4 7208 p I1 Stlllwate r N Y Company Hlser 8: Dorr Best Wlshes To The Cla C I1 ssot 56 X I 116 Park Avenue Wallpaper Pa1nt Glass Mechamcv1lle New York Floor Sanders For Rent 24 Hr Serv1ce Z N Maln Street Mechamcvllle N Y M04 4200 M04 3501 Complxrnents of n . en" OFCO 0 VS I' S Sales and Serv1ce Coal, Feed, Farm and Auto Suppl1es MO 4 4121 Dam1ano Fantauzzx Prop. 75 South Hudson Ave. Stlllvvater :gum " P I . . . . . W G I1 5 D s ,II . -",.Y. Still ater W IC , 'WELLS Electrjcal Anysm Se vice H Ap Ina ce C tral , Tai W Ibur's Fa tauzzl's C ran V ltlan Br the Ta rn . Wfest Virgginia Pulp and Paper Compan MECHANICVILLE NEW YORK t f B lston Stdlwa er 1 U I1 n 1 N Complimen s O al - ' t Kr1itting CIO. Inc- Stil water, New York Best Wishes to Class '56 btlllwzater I?od 8 , Clllb I c. Stil water, . Y. Congratulations Class of '56 Pruyn mbe o MECHANICVILLE NEW YORK Potato Ch1pSBaked Beans Tartal' Sauce Macaronl Salad POPCOYI1 Ffled Fr1ed Scallops Cabbage Salad Ch1cken The a Vogue d Compl1ment s of Wholesale and Reta1l Famous Frled F1llet Styhsh Apparel and Sportswear Haddock Ma1n Off1ce 14th St 2nd Ave Waterv1l1et AS 6 3724 202 Park Ave Mechan1cv1lle Famous Over 80 Years Comphrnents A m V6 3 Mec han1cv1lle N Y 0 K S h O P Phone MO4 7761 Lu r 8 Supply C ., Inc. 6 .le n's' Re i-to-Eat, Inc., D' ico A Be r ges of Comphments of n I O w e n s P r Q POWER TRANsM1ss1oN Z0 School Street Mechamcvxlle N Y Phone MO4 32 31 Materlals Handhng Equ1p Ingersoll Rand Pumps 8: Compressors 110 Park Ave Mechan1cv1lle C S t a Compllments of R1chard Canary LUNCHEONETTE 6 3 Ice Cream Founta1n Booth Serv1ce N Hudson Ave The Best 1n Mot1on P1cture Stlllwater MO 4 9051 Comphment of Best of Luck m I Future Years a y t o n C a s r a n IGA FoodStore No 1525 Phone MO4 5131 St1llwater N Y P LADIES AND CHILDREN S WEARING APPAREL Park Avenue MECHANICVILLE, N. Y. Compllments of Rlnaldl s Shoe Store Mechamcvmlle, N. Y. ' D U ' n o Feed15UP lv CO. Sto Inc. - Di saws A 5 1 Re 'aur nt "Stillwater's Favorite Snack Bar" t a t Q , Th tre Be 'sHeightsD S G ge Ca Ian's ' Louis Kurs o Studio Camera Record Shop Mechan1cv111e N Y Comphments of I' 3 No 681 Best Wlshes 81 Success 6 I' 6So Central Ave Mechan1cv111e N Y Gr eet1ng Cards Wedd1ng Inv1tat1ons W Expert Watch Repa1r1ng Off1c1a1 Ra11road Inspector 302 Park Ave Mechan1cv111e New York Phone MO4 4151 'We G1ve S gl H Green Stamps I Stillwater G nge A. Fri nd Herrick Curto Je elers t Press .- D m CHR JLER PLYMOUTH 351 3 Makers of TOM S Peanut Butter Sandw1ches Cand1es Potato Chlps 138 N 2nd St Mechamcvllle MECHANICVILLE J W Valetta D1st ALES AND SERVICE S Gara 12 14 S Central Avenue Mechamcvllle N Y Phone MO4 4041 Cornphrnents of alma D r MeChaH1CV111e N Y Best W1shes From 3 I' p 6 Mechan1cv111e N Y ocal 3 W 3 Sullwater New York O Ice Cream Co Phone 2399 120 D1v1s1on St Saratoga Sprmgs N Y Body 81 Fender Repa1rs Spray Pamtlng Tlres Battemes Accessorles Hudson Ave St11lwater Phone M04 9048 Cornphments of I u o o've n g 114 Park Ave Sapol1n Palnts and Varmshes Llnoleum Asphalt T1le Lmoleurn Rugs Rubber T1le e p a Broadloom Rugs Venet1anBl1nds Wool Carpet1ng Plast1c Wall Txle Mechan1cv1lle Phone MO 4 4181 T'o 's Y " - 'lo ed 1 F'e nL1ts . . A. E. . ge - N1 ie' s Su l'et te C d a y -',.. G ey' s CC' H rd re Best Wishes From J e n S e n , 1 EII smfo rtI1 Se rv'ic e B r th el's 5 ta tifln AA' ra ncla 8 ' F o n ta In e C Fil 'OI'C St illxwa te r u 'r' ,D O' Fi re j j r tn1e nt . .' '. 42N Wholesale Refall G d B t oo a m o r g ut row ompa 3 Factory D1str1butors Saratoga Lake of R eplac ement Parts For Cars and Trucks Free Parklng MO 4 8151 Ma1n Street Mechan1cv1lle F Welch Owner P1cn1c Tables Amusement R1des I' O Known For Values For Over 48 Years Mechan1cv1lle EH U So Central Ave Mechan1cv1lle N M1llWOrk Hardware Paxnts Alurrnnum Wmdows MO 4 5771 U5 O E 126 134 Washmgton Ave State Reg1stered Veteran Approved Day Phone Nlght M0 4 9058 Mo 4 4274 63 9 Auto Sales and Serv1ce Free Estunate Coll1s1on Work Z4 hr Tow1ng SBTVICC Frank Kearney Sunoco Prop Prop Best Wlshes From I1 Well Equ1p C STILLWATER N Y MO 4 4804 Dlamonds Harrulton and Elg1n Watches The Store of Qual1ty Jewelry' ak G1ft Shop Mechan1cv1lle Jeweler 106 Park Ave "Rustcraft Greeting Cards of D1st1nct1on" N thern. B A o Parts HS Q nlny Be ch M C tral W.TtG ant B ilding ' SUPPFY Albany g - 'o B iness K rn ys C II ge A Fly n Bros.DH, H. O' as COMPLIMENTS OF C ompllment s of The oosehe Comphments of C h Best W1Bh6S From Land To Jack Sexton representatwe of the Henlngton Pub11sh1ng Co we W1Sh to express our s1ncere thanks H15 courtesy cons1der atlon and as s1stance ln our year book project w111 never be for gotten M O'Connor 8-L Staff Floyd H.HiIl Bu dahI's ad Inn Sons au's ' SUP oCf9 ga Ofv 19 N9 DYXXCXA Autographs vioodg gl-' 9 9 N 69' 0 C55 Q9 D fr EL U3 LA 9 IYD C G I ONA , L , f H vqAL G - ' 1 ' w ' ,MIK r 1 V ' 1 fi? A' gf 5' . Q . S 5 0: . Z .O,. X Q 1 ' -A 9.6 SJ f x' X 6 X Q A . W' v fx vi, F' 4 93' , N Q H w ir 'o- vbe ,xi 4 W , , . Yao Y' B i If if 1' gl' 4 Q W 9 ,PV V 2-O , n ' o ! 1 X W ff!

Suggestions in the Stillwater High School - Cahotatea Yearbook (Stillwater, NY) collection:

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