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 - Class of 1954

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1 f the CA!-IOTATEA XXX, Presented by The Senior Class STILLVVATER CENTRAL SCHQQL Stillwater, New York 19511 Deduccmon IPR ii' Mr Earl G Ma'l'l1ewson To you Mass Larmon we 'rhe Sensors wush lo gave our smceresl lhanlrs lor doung such a wonder ful lob as our home room leacher durung a parr of our lasl year In hugh school We apprecnale your consnderahon your help and supporl In our numerous acllvuhes We have learned lo respecl and admire your unhrmg ellorls ID helping each of us become a beH'er person and In so donng help ours become a beller school We are gralelul for your good Iudgmenl and reliable advuce These are only a few of your many qualllles and we are pleased lhal' you were wslh us as long as you were May good luclc be yours and 'rhe success you deserve follow you' We lhe Senior Class ol l954 deducale our yearboolc 'ro you Mr lvlalhewson Your capabuluhes as a malhemallcs Teacher lacully advlsor home room leacher and gundance dureclor have commanded our u'rmos+ respecl Your eagerness 'ro help sludenls an plannang lor lhe lulure your lureless and unselllsh assuslance lhrough +he sxx years you have been wnlh us and The sound advlce you have guven us along lhe way wall be remembered over 'rhe years Your wnlllngness lo worlc as lale as necessary lo lurn 'rhe dream ol our yearbook Info a reallly s greally apprecnaled Wrlhoul your advice and help lhe much wanled Washunglon lrup would nol have been possnble Your genuune fruendshnp us a greal assel and we apprecrale all lhal you have done lor us All we can do now as say Thanlc You We sincerely hope lhal IU lhe years lhal lue ahead we can prove lo you how much we apprecuale wha? you have done for us durnng rhese years 'rhal have slapped by so qunclcly Mlss Muna L Larmon 5 a I I x I 4 , . . . Y A I I . . V, . . 7 .,. . I . I ' . ' ' , ' , . I I I I . , . - Q I I I , . 5-12 -iflfp I wk, if . . vm Q 11. 1 f, y V, I 1 game 4 -1 fr' F 4 X QKNNIDDIMQ x vnu!! can "' , ,vf xv 4: N , af 11 L 1-. m +q' x w ff- 'RJ-3 'ox dr Lf gw YQ U, 'fix- sw- w f -iw -. 47 WK 3' x y Tf e-lx. xwwt... ' vw . . '- Hi: 4: A' . M 4 'x . -- ' ., -,N Y . 'Q . , .Ax-. ,yin W A-,A Sf,-,p , , , H: f I ',q,-f , x '.. X . - ' ' x I, f x f Wm , 4 .k . N K xi f 1,1 X , ' I" 4 ,X K f" , 'J' ,- I,-" XX ,V .ff , -t 5 "-7- - 'F . . 'V -, 'V A ,, , ' z . ,f:,', -' ' Q 5, y --' , ' - " ' -Hs' ' . W Q 'rt A ' .- . "Q L f ,. , P1 whim-'i kk .- 33 A ,nf ' ' V ,. if V ,A W .f ,Z . 7, ., , f fear? y'-Egfr ,-I ':'Lf,I ,F ,J .- rf' N x Q , . ,. V g . I .M 1 - -ik. .,.,.,,,'Mf.Jf-,Ms ' . X 4" " if-",,.,. if '11 ' ' -1 ".::x if , '.1,ff.'. A .-',gfAQ-,:- ..1qQ:-gm-me , V n , .- 4 1g',.1.ffpf- Mir- -'nf 4,5 W x , , I-, U 5 l , A., f 5 ,LA,..-my X, , ,ir :zz ., .,,f,-g. 1. .M vi 1' , . K , ',.-f.':33xnsTfH,,12f',,35f' NR?-1-I ,Q-Lf' -' . 7 ' f 1 if -tg 'ft we-'w,.1w'-I ' 1 C. - VA Q . arxiigigyx-E3,'-,..f4 x mf. ' , Lv' -' ' .31 i3,fx':--"- . -' Cy, ,-'-, .L2'f17.Qi" ' ..- -2:-lei 3 :If , V " W -. --'nl V -:fre A-fa, f, V V, P - -f' W 1115 r.,ffW.,, 'f - ' f -, k fl.-',.V-AM.g:.W:fy,"--'El J, .1 . v ,V. N ,gf ',:r4A.A: 3 E r . -V.. if -, 1f...'.mb, A I Q .1 .I , ' 1" 5 in ,. 'V' "4 'A'."1if"'r 'Q -""2"fffIfJ'-' .., ' ' f N- X - - -, .' .. K ', -Q M- '.g,.'gL . '. ' ' , Q' A "'f':f.4f f l . , ' , f ' it-!",,.'1, . V ' . . .pg h. , ,..1,,,V,' ,. ., , 4 , , , ., , '5:"4Qff2f ft, . f "',fs32if'f' ' f ' V 1-.. gsL'.2,'f,f? :QJQ-ifjii. ' ' f' , .- .ffgarl , 1 ,E A-r5,g,l,, .9 ,. l 1'4"- 9135 if E4'f f . g 4: .P :rag , . , N .Y-.,-.,., -'..-ul. .. 3 1' ,jg .' ' SUPERINTENDENT "s. R O WINANS Fronl Row lef+ +o rrghf Gordon Wrrgh+ Roy Sharp James Gannon Joseph Doocey Presldenl' Julran DeLaRosa Vlce Presudeni' Second Row Eugene F Srnrlh Clerk E Horlon Grrdler M J Adrnrnrslrolron To you Mr Wrnans we lhe Sensors wrsh lo gave our lhanlcs lor your friendly and co operalrve helpfulness We lcnow lhal you have spenl 'rhe grealer parl ol your lnce In educahon as leacher admrnrsrralor and as Dnslrucl' Superrnlendenl ol Schools lo beller our schools more 'rhan mnely seven percenl ol The people rn your drslrrci now are un cluded nn and enloy lhe benelrls of cenlralnzed schools The honor ol havrng almosl' lwo hundred 'reachers under your supervnslon rs yours Your srncere unferesl an lhe all round develop menl' ol every sludenl and your belief In larr play have come 'ro us 'rhrough your leachers These are worlhy assels and lhey have helped us lo become beller prepared lo 'ralce our places In soclely Herl BOARD OF EDUCATION ,I g V . Q TT 1 Through your undying spiril and unliring eflorls I I ' 1 I ' I I 1 X Qur Prlnclools Wulh regref we say So long To you' lou came al +he begsnnung of our 'rhurd grade and worked wllh us lhrough The begunnung of our sensor year Your nn'reres+ ID gerhng lhe besf lor us was proven by your unhruncl eflorfs and final success ln brungnng cenlraluzahon 'lo Shllwaler rhrough all fhese years you gave each of us +he con hdence and courage he needed To you each one was parl of a large happy lamuly' Your gracious manner under sfandung and frlendly concern helped us The hreless and lamfhful lovally you showed 'ro your vocallon was an lnsonrahon +o LS an lurlherlng lhe worlc of worfhy causes VVe orve you our hearfresf lhanks and wrsh you Nell Mr Armlm We hall remember you always' ffl Avi!-as 517' Mr Nelson Armlm TU-"? hui Mr Earl 6 Mafhewson We are very gralelul Mr Malhewson lhal you w re ur Achng Pruncupal during lhe hrs? semesler of our sen or year From our polnl ol view you dld a wonderful loo as prrncupal and you assumed your duhes on such hol' We are lharaklul loo lhal you were able lo conllnue a our lacully advusor The fwo bug evenls nn class achv Tues our senlor year are 'rhe preparaluon ol lhls yearboolc and our Trip lo Vlfashnnglon XN are much lndebled lo you lo your wrse counsel and co operahon IH fhenr accornpn h menl logelher lhe senlor class ol l954 say hanlc you . . xf - . . A 5 K In - . . . . 4 . . . R T . - lv- h . 1 I K xt K' a r r f f as . . . . I . . X r ' J., f X. gf 1 ' Bw - - Y f r ,. . , , .r ' , . As: Ea 5 6, , ,I-Q .. . . - V . . SN F nollce. In ' ' h ' , . , N Q D . I Ar . - 1 . . . VS P . .W r . , I I - 'S-. Wlllram J Transue Student Council Front Row left io rsghi Janrce Kerwood Judrth Eagan Treasurer Al en MacChesney Vice Pres Sue uuttrdge res sc: e Sanders Secretary N chae Sul van Second Row M Maurrce OConnor Advrsor John Sher dan Arthur Overoclcer Emerson Delaba John Baransx Edward McClements A cordial welcome +o Shllwaler Cenlral School Mr Transue In 'rhe snorl hme fhal you have been here wllh us we have come fo admrre your down 'ro earlh lrrendluness and srncerrly rs class of i954 rs glad 'ro be your rr graduahnq class al Slrllwaler and rl' hopes lhar you are proud ol: us now and wall be IH lhe fulure We hope also lhaf your assocrahon wrrh us has been a pleasanr one and we wan? lo 'rhanlc yor very much for all rhe assrsfance and operalron you gave us durung lhe las? days of our Senlor year We wash you every success In your new posrhon 181' Mn Karl Hrchy Socrohry Q? -of '54 Q 5 y,'y, y Th' ' l' sf I K L Y ' co- Mr. ' ' . . rl' I 'vb ' T -Q ' , 4 rl l ' 1 ' - .rf r c r ' QP .l, Prr 'rl f I, r I lr . I , Q , , QQ 'i K ! . ' ' h. zlx. 4 ' 'o L .S I X - 93' l-Iigh School Foculiy AHS Froni Row, left to right: William Barrinqer. Second Row: Martin Phillips, David Rees, Maurice O'Connor. Commerce 'i IZ?'5 'if Z , xx gf' Special Teachers. Left to righi, across page: Dennis M. Canary, Catherine A. Bruno, Stanley Lewza, Mariorie V. Boyce, Franlc S. Alexilc, Agnes M. Sheehan linsetl. Noi shown: John Murray. lylothemotics oricl SUGVWCG ,. .., ,g.:sa...'.Li Fronf Row, lofi io righi: Earl Mathewson. Second Row: Mina Larmon, Charles Beninati. Third Row: Malcolm Borst. Leff io Right: Laura Rooney. Claire Nosher. M V Sf' s,.l CT? Secohdfhird ond Fourlh Grode School Focully Kindergorlerl ond FHST .r . 1 r' J 5 1 1 lf H-ve Q ' .'-' . ,r 00 Front Row, left to right: Cecelia Descend, Helen Hajos, Marguerite Hutton. Second Row: Edna Balmer, Dorothy Herlt, Bertha Chase. Front Row, left to right: Hazel Farrell, Chester Canary, Shirley Bliss. Second Row: Josepha Sheehy, Katherine Carter. Front Row, left to right: Mary Howe, Lois Dellinger. Row: Betty Leamy, Gladys Borst, Louise Tubbs. Filth ond Sixth Second Co hololeo Stoll Advisors Editors Lefi to Right: Keford Deken, Mary Lou Dyer. Richard Rath- bun, Ronald Lane, James Thomas. Suzanne GuHridge's wriring abilily is shown in our Class Poem and dedicaiions. In reading Eleanor LoweIl's Class l-lislory, we relive our mem- orable momenfs al' S. C. S. Bessie l-lagadorn made sure we Iell our precious ways To 'rhe underclasses in 'rhe Will. Marfha l-lumphrey, l-lamillon ElioH', and David Crandall are lo be commended for lheir dedicalions and addresses. Carole Komarony Feoture Writers Left to Right: Suzanne Guttridge. Eleanor Lowell, Bessie Hagadorn. 5 QW' Br Miss Cafherino A. Bruno Mr. Earl G. Maihawson Ediror Richard Rarhbun and Co-Edi+or Mary Lou Dyer will long remember lheir checking, ac- cepring and reiecling of malerial lor lhe year- book. Sporfs Eclifor Ronald Lane followed each game, nofing scores and plays. Phofography Eclifor Kelord Dekan was seen raking piclures and work- ing wilh phofographer Kurs. Ari' Edifor James Thomas planned lhe arf work. lells of days lo come in lhe Cryslal Ball. Business Manager Roberi Case conlrolled rhe finances. Arlhur Overocker used his pen and pencil +0 creale rhe ar+ work in our book. Circulalion Manager l-lamillon Ellioll was helped by Charles DeKeado. Adverfising Manager John Anderson was ably assisled by William Mehan and Thomas Walsh. Stoll Left to Right: Robert Case, Charles DeKeado. Thomas Walsh, John Anderson, Hamilton Elliott, William Mehan. ff. 31 X W CLASS l-IISTCDRY Does uf seem possuble 'rhal afrer fwelve shorl years we have funally reached our mecca7 Twelve years lurrle sorrow luflle anguush buf mosl of all 'oy loy more o Mrs Howe can cerraunly agree lhaf we were green abour lhe whole udea of goung lo school Honeslly Mrs l-lowe we have rupened prerly much now Thanlcs To you and lo The elemenlary leachers namely Muss Roberls Mrs Mohan Muss l-lullman Muss Farrell and Mrs Chase fhe necessary seeds of knowledge lo malce our maluruly a realuly were lurmly umplanled Upon enlerung lunuor hugh Mr Mafhewson welcomed us as our homeroom leacher l-le has remauned wurh us +o guude and advuse our souourn lhrough hugh school lf usnl every class lhal can have 'rhe same homeroom leacher for sux years We ve come ro know hum well and respecl deeply hus sagacuous ludgemenf and wuse counsel ln our freshman year 'rhe upper classmen unformed us fhau' a Washungfon rrup was guufe expensuve lherelore we ummeduafely sfarled on our fund rausung acfuvufues Durung our sophomore year we added fo our banlc accounl by havung several prolulable dances and food sales ln our uunuor year we became salesmen for we sold shurfs penculs candy uce cream boolc covers and aulograph boolcs The mos? oufsrandung and memorable evenl was lhe selechon of class rungs We even frued our hand af achng Some mem bers of lhe class had leadung parrs un lhe senuor s munsfrel show and rhe fume ro wufness lhe resulls of our labors for we became senuors and were ready lo conclude our sellung campaugn and enuoy 'rhe remaunder of our days un hugh school ln our sales we gof rucl of lewelry polush and orher household ufems penculs and cards The Warruor our lursr school newspaper by offsel' process became a berler paper 'rhan before Wulh lhe assuslance of fhe senuors 'rhe PTA had a successful Chruslmas Ball Thus was fhe oul's+andung socual even? of lhe year The PTA was unslrumenlal un esfab lushung a Scholorshup Fund al Sfullwaler Cenlral durung fhus year Our edulors fealure wrurers lypusls and slafl spenf many long hours collecfung and organuzung malerual for lhus yearbook They burned 'rhe mudnughl oul nol only af school buf al fhe homes of lhe advusors Muss Bruno and Mr Malhewson Thus conslanl worlc by fhe group helped malce lhe yearboolc a success The 'rrup 'fo our naruon s capufol was mosu' sug nulucuanf and enuoyable We would lulce fo express our suncere grahlude fo fhe lunuor and senuor hugh 'reachers for lheur Tune co operahon un dusmussung people so rhaf fhey could worlc on lhe yearboolc and un supporlung us un our oulsude acluvulues On June 28+h wufh commencemenl we formally close our prumary fesl' un lufe realuzung only loo well fnaf as we sow so also shall we reap l.e+ rhus be our guude un our careers and lufe should be a happy and loylul experuence u Y- Q Summer flirfed by and Sepfember, I953, was upon us. l'r was harvesl lime 'l li' Closs Qllicers Richie Ralhbun, presiclenl of our class, has served in Ihar capacily several limes. Mary Lou Dyer, our vice-presidenl, is lhe only girl member of Ihe execulive commillee. Jim Thomas, secrelary of our class, is arlisl as well as recorder. Bob Case. our class lreasurer, has lalcen care of our financial record since sevenlh grade. Righi' 'Io Ie'f+: Richard Ra'Ihbun, President Mary Lou Dyer, Vice-presidenl: James Thomas, Secreraryg Roberf Case, Treasurer. A X x if I CLASSMEIXI fn '+I 37' . v Q T117 Joi-IN Aususrus ANDERSON X Football-I, 4: Baskeiball-Junior Varsity-I, 2, 32 Baseball-I, 2, 3, 45 Minstrel-I, 2, 3g Boys' Glee I I CIub-45 Yearbook Staff. L MARION F. BACON T Chorus-I, 2, 3, 4, Sensor Play 2, Cheerleading 3 Glee Club-I, 2, 3, 4 'ha' WILLIAM JOHN BANKS Band-I, 2, 3, 41 Boys' Glee Club-4. 101 RONALD CAIRNS Football-I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball-Junior Varsity-1, 2: Varsity--3. 4, Baseball-1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT JAM ES CASE . A V' Basleiball-Junior Varsity-I, 2g Varsity-3, 45 Class Treasurer-1, 2, 3. 4: Yearbook Staff-I, 4. DAVID CRANDALL French Club-3. YVONNE ELLREACE D'AVIGNON Intramurals-2, 35 Press Club 4. 'fd'- 'G' KEFORD DEKAN Foofball-45 Camera Club-45 Press Club-4: Year- book Sheff-4. rf 'Fir' Ev CHARLES JAY DeKEADO Football-4: Baslrekball-Varsity-2, 3, 45 Minsirel- 2. 35 Boys' Glee Club-49 Yearbool SMH-4. fl 1 MARY LOU DYER Football Cheerleader-1, 4: Basketball Cheerleader- Varsity-l, 2, 3, 45 Press Club-45 Minstrel-I, 2, 35 Class Vice-President-4: Yearbook Staff-4. HAMILTON HENRY ELLIOTT Boys Glee Club 4, Yearbook Siaff-4 SHIRLEY DEANE GAUDETTE Press Club-45 Chorus-1, 2g Minstrel-2. SUZANNE AMELIA GUTTRIDGE Intramurals-3g French Club-35 Minstrel-2, 35 St dent Council-4: Press Club-45 Yearbook Staff-4. af 'Q io 4901. 1-.sf T E121 BESSIE MAE HAGADORN Intramurals-I, 2g Minstrel-2, 35 Press Club-45 Year- book Staff 3, 4, Luberhneas 3. MARTHA CAROL HUMPHREY Press Club-4, Lubertmeas-4. R, ,-'X RONALD LeROY LANE Basketball-Junior Varsity-2, 35 Press Club-3, 4: Yearbook Sfaff-4, ELEANOR ELIZABETH LOWELL Football Cheerleader-45 Basketball Cheerleader- Varsity-3, 45 Senior Play-25 Chorus-lp Press Club- 45 Minstrel-2. 35 Yearbook Staffql 4. CAROLE ERMA KOMARONY Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 45 Press Club--4p Class Presi- dent-2p Yearboolr Stal?-3, 4. DAVID ELWOOD LANE Baskeiball-Junior Varsity-3, 43 Band-l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club-lp Liberiineas-3. M' R 'Nara' 1 JOAN LUCILLE MARMILLO lnkramurals-1, 25 Chorus-l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club-2. 3. 4, Lnbertmeas 3. 4, Mlhiffhl 3. MARY ANN McLAUGHLIN Football Cheerleader-4, Basl-eiball Cheerleader- Junlcr Varsity-25 Varsity-35 Senior Play-lp Press Club-4. ffm ps WILLIAM MARTIN M EHAN Boys' Glee Club-45 Minstrel-25 Yearbook Staff-4. FRANCIS WILLIAM NELSON Fooiball-4, Basketball Junuor Varsity 2, -4: Baseball-2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club-4. ELIZABETH MARTHA PHILLIPS lnframurals-2. 35 Chorus-I5 Libertineas-4. RICHARD KENNETH RATHBUN 3, Varslty RAYMOND OM ELUK Foofball-I, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Baskeiball and Bowl- ingg Home Room President ARTHUR JOSEPH OVEROCKER Football-45 Basketball-Junior Varsity-I, 2, 3 Varsity-45 Baseball-I. 2, 3, 45 Studeni Council-4 Boys' Glee Club-45 Yearbook Sfaff-4. 14 Football-I, 45 Basketball-Varsity-I, 2, 3. 45 Base ball-I. 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club-4: Class Presideni- I, 3, 45 Boys' Sfaie-35 Press Club-45 Staff-4. Yearbook ,wif -uns, .ur CECILIA MARIE SHEFFER SHIRLEY M. RUSSOM Chorus-I: Minsfrel-2. FLORENCE ELEANOR RYAN Chorus-15 Camera Club-4: Liberiineas-3, 45 Press Club 4, Minstrel 2.3. uh- -'ii' 'Qu- lntramurals-3, 45 Libertineas-3, 45 French Club-3. JAM ES GORDON THOMAS Basketball-Junior Varsity-1, 25 Varsity-3, 4g Class Vice-President-25 Class Secreiary-1, 3, 4. THOMAS WALSH Football-45 Band-Ip Boys' Glee Club--45 Yearbook Sheff-4. ROBERT EARL WELCH Boys' Glee Club-4. if -49 ai' mn Once upon a Tume un nuneTeen TuTTy Tour There was a Senuor Class Now I II Tell you more Each classmaTe had a specual dusTuncTuon To Tell oT Them us Thus poeT s 7 unTenTuon John Anderson our lad Trom BosTon Mass Was always very nousy un chemusTry class BuT Andy un spuTe oT all hus Talk ls really Tamous Tor hus sprungy walk Marlon Bacon nexT on The lusT By all our boys wull surely be mussed WuTh her vouce she s sure To umpress And un The TuTure become a greaT success Then wuTh our Lake STreeT boy Bully Banks There us a Junuor who someTumes ranks BuT There us also a Senuor gurl Who always seTs Bully s head a whurl Ronnue Caurns our Cambrudge TransTer Has never been caughT wuThouT an answer We d luke To know whaT makes Ronnue Tuck ATTer all has any Teacher Tound The Truck7 Bobby Case who s an ambuTuous lad Could easuly run The sTore Tor hus dad BuT Thus young Tellow who Il wun some Tame Would raTher sTar un a baskeTball game Davud Crandall s our sTuduous one BuT Thus brauny boy us plenTy oT Tun Though Dave s noT unTeresTed un gurls Today Some day The rughT one wull come hus way Yvonne D Avugnon whom we ll ne er TorgeT May soon make her home un ConnecTucuT AThough Yvonne has chosen To roam Shell always remember her Truends back home Keford Dekan our greaT Casanova Has aT lasT Tound use Tor a soTa Though Deke has discovered some+hung new He II always enuoy a uoke or Two CLASS Chuckue DeKeado our rovung Romeo Has a new gurl Tor every monTh we know BuT besudes hus gurls you can always beT ThaT Chuckue can puT The ball Through The ne OT Mary Lou Dyer now we speak Lou has never wuTh The boys been meek However her hearT us really seT On The Tellow she Trued Tor Ten years To geT Hamulfon ElluoH our greaT salesman Could sell To Hawauu oul Tor sun Tan By sales he had has senuor Trup paud Tor He To Tund buyers musT have used radar Shurley GaudeTTe us Thus class s arTusT When asked To help oThers she doesn T proTesT And puTches rughT un along wuTh The resT BuT we all know ThaT wuTh Bull she s The besT Sue GuTTrudge who came here un The TenTh year Always us happy when Franny us near One IS shorT and one us hugh above When They re TogeTher MuTT and JeTT you Thunk oT Bessie Hagadorn a gay Truendly lass Seems The happuesT gurl un The class So when sTress or Trouble ThreaTen you See Bess she surely won T make you blue MarTha Humphrey us anoTher gurl ThaT s gay She seems To be brughT and happy all day WuThouT lVlarTha who us always Thus way To keep us so happy we oughT To pay Carole Komarony comes Trom The Tarm To everyone her Truendshup has been warm Alas no more her kundness can she gave Her ambuTuon us un a Trauler To luve Davud Lane so The Teachers declare Was ouT oT school more Tumes Than he was There BuT when he was There he d always hurry He was anxuous you know To see a Murray FCEM Our oTher Lane us called Ronnue Whose dusposuTuon s usually sunny BUT clouds cross The horuzon oT hus brow When wuTh Mary Lou he s had a row Eleanor Lowell has a brulluanT head We mean OT course ThaT uT s very red No oTTense us meanT To Eleanor Because she has learned well her school lore Joan Marmullo Tor boy Truends ne er was lonely BuT now she has CluTT who s her one and only And Though she plans To spend her luTe wuTh hum For her our boys regard never wull dum Mary Ann McLaughlun luves across The waTer BuT The urge To sTay home never has caughT her And when The ruver has swelled over The dam OUT comes The boaT and To Town comes Mary Ann Bull Mehan never was a greaT flurT He dudn T go crazy over any slcurT OT course Tor Thus There us a reason From Golden l-lull comes Franny Nelson And wuTh The gurls he s had plenTy OT Tun Then he meT The one wuTh whom he sTayed BuT by Thus hus TlurTung was noT delayed Ray Omelulc a ConnecTucuT Yankee Was a Senuor you dudn T oTTen see Ray was lulcely un hus car To be Tound BuT aT Iasf To our grueT The old craTe brolce down Arhe Overoclcer To Thus we aTTesT AT helpung one ouT us The very besT BUT he has Three broThers who always are brolce And IT s poor ArT whom Tor money They soalc EluzabeTh Phullups nexT on The lusT By The enTure school wull surely be mussed She s helped us all Trom begunnung To end IT s cerTaun The schoou wull muss such a Truend Ruchle RaThbun us a looy Trom The Town STull on Wueczynslcu s Tarm he geTs around To Ruchue we Senuors owe all respecT For The loesT leadershup hum we elecT Vera Lou Robunson s noT wuTh us now For wuTh WalT she has Talcen her vow AlThough Vera has been wuTh us Tor years When she was marrued she shed no Tears Shurley Russom us a very quueT gurl AT craclcung Iolces she Trues To be no Berle Thanlc goodness we have a Tew gurls luke she For wuThouT her we d soon lose all sanuTy Flossue Ryan supplued us wuTh pucTures STull quuTe oTTen we called on Mr Kurs BuT Flossue gave us anoTher asseT Our news would be prunTed ThaT we d always e The nexT un lune us Ceculua Sheffer l-ler apTness To spealc has never leTT her ln Englush class she was seldom IH cloubT Unlulce some oThers she answered rughT ouT NexT comes Jummy Thomas who seems very shy TnaT he s unlulce has broTher us no lue Though Jum wull never be an oraTor We re glad Thar To nouse he doesn T caTer Tom Walsh luves where Th T-ludson meeTs The creek BuT The wesT sude oT Town he s been lcnown To seelc l-lus dad s a conTracTor buT belueve Thus SomeTumes we Thunlc Tom would raTher hunT or Tush Tubby Welch a guy who loves To argue Always can Tund a bone To puclc wuTh you Though whule he argues we Senuors can Trace A smule he can T hude ThaT s There on hus Tace Our sTorx IS over un more ways Than one For mosT oT us now are ouT on our own un The halls youll hear The ghosT oT our laughTer Tnen wull T be saud we luved happuly ever aTTe I ' , , ' b T You see, Shirl caughT him during Twirp season. . . . I . I f, D , ' u . I . T. . l I , , , , , - - u I r. if 4 'K' and 'Bfdlg' 7-1-1' 9 Wears we? 5, We fhe Class of l954 of 'rhe Shllwafer Cenfral School of Sfrllwafer rn fhe Counfy of Sarafoga and Sfafe of New York berng of sound mrnd and memory do make publish and declare fhrs our lasf WILL AND TESTAMENT rn manner followrng fhaf rs fo say To fhe faculfy we leave our fhanks for fhe help fhey have given us To 'lhe Juniors we leave our habrf of carrying our a fask fo rfs frnrsh To fhe Sophomores we leave our abrlrfy fo gef along wrfh our feachers To fhe Freshmen we leave our back homework John Anderson leaves hrs facral expressrons and hop lo Wrllram Goodrrch Marlon Bacon leaves her figure fo Paf Parker William Banks leaves hrs evasion of homework fo Alvin Hollmer Ronald Cairns leaves hrs way wrfh fhe grrls fo Donald Grlgallon Roberf Case leaves hrs srze fo John Baranskr David Crandall leaves hrs shy ways fo Roland Wolff Charles DeKeado leaves hrs baskefball surf fo George Capecr Yvonne DAvrgnon leaves her nerghborly acguarnfance wrfh fhe Ryan brofhers fo Sue Weafherwax Keford Dekan leaves hrs camera fo Emerson Dalaba Mary Lou Dyer leaves her fechnrque fo go sfeady fo Diane Wrrfer Hamllfon EllloH leaves hrs sales abrlrfy fo Roberf Hagadorn Shirley Gaudefle leaves her nafurally curly harr fo Jo Ann Lane Sue Guffrrdge leaves her srze fo Sue Wealherwax Bessie Hagadorn leaves her laughfer fo Nancy Parker Marfha Humphrey leaves her movre magazines fo Carol Laverfue Carole Komarony leaves her sense of humor fo Jean Baker David Lane leaves hrs poor affendance fo Roland Wolff Ronald Lane leaves hrs curly harr fo Tony Armlrn Eleanor Lowell leaves her loquacrous ways fo Carolyn LaBarge Joan Marmrllo leaves her srze fo Cafhy Gleeson William Mehan leaves hrs habrf of gorng fo sleep during class period fo Alvin Hollmer Mary Ann McLaughlin leaves her way wrfh men fo Donna Trllapaugh Francis Nelson leaves hrs manly charms fo Leo Lefebvre Arfhur Overocker leaves hrs herghf fo Bruce Cairns Ray Omeluk leaves hrs effrcrency rn business law fo Donald Brookley Ellzabefh Phillips leaves her assrsfanf nurse s dufy fo Par Church Florence Ryan leaves her 'rhrnness fo Barbara Hammond. Shirley Russom leaves her guiel' ways fo Louise Gaudeffe. Richard Rafhbun leaves his sfudious qualifies fo Mike Lilac. Cecilia Sheffer leaves her ingenuify of selling ice cream fo Ellen Sheffer. James Thomas. leaves his manner of keeping away from fhe girls fo Todd Brewer. Roberf Welch leaves his weighf fo William Ford. Thomas Walsh leaves his gifr of clowning, during class period, fo John Sheridan. Wasil as ' 2 we hereby appoinf Mr. William J. Transue execufor of fhis, our lasl WILL AND TESTAMENT, with full power and aufhorify 'ro sell and convey, lease or morfgage real esfafeq hereby revoking all former wills by us made. ef eg 9 I I Q Eg QE we have hereunfo subscribed our name fhe 28+h day of June, in fhe year Ninefeen Hundred and Fifiy-Four. The Class of l954 19 L ent, LfLr4,f" g 4.4 - The Cryslol Ball As I gaze lnlo my cryslal ball I spy Bobby Case 1n has ulfra modern self servuce grocery slore conversung wulh an old lrnend and cuslomer Shurley Gaude++e now Mrs Bull Mehan And lhere slandlng by 'rhe fruul' counler us Joanne Marmlllo who has lusl rldden In by horse drawn buggy from her Schuylervxlle farm where her husband CIIFF IS hard al worlc My cryslal ball clouds over and as 1+ clears I see Iwo nurses Sue and Mary Lou In lhe new Fax I+ Cenler Hosprlal They are very busy Iallcang nol lallcnng shop however for I hear Sue Iellnng Mary Lou lhal' lhe baby lcepl her awalce all nrghl and ex marnne Fran wouldn I 'rake hrs 'rurn roclcung having lrouble lceepmg her Iwms sahshed wnlh lhelr meals whuch Ronnie has dllhcully gelhng down lheur lhroals Down +he hall come JIII Sheffer and Eleanor Lowell They have lusl been 'ro lhe Maler nnly Ward where Bessle I-lagadorn us residing for lhe sevenlh hrne Her Husband Joe doubledly beheves un 'rhe old saying cheaper by lhe dozen As I run my hand over lhe cryslal ball Ihe scene changes 'ro Sludno A al WSTY where Mary Ann McLaughlin IS ready Io begun her radio pro gram Lels lnslen a whsle Chuclue DeKeados fabulous Lake House my hrs? exclusive has been lhe scene of bubblnng excnlemenl' wllh singer Marlon Bacon suung comeduan dancer Ronme Cairns for breach of promise She claums he promised her a munlr coal only lo baclc our when he found 'lhal 'rhe mnnlc was by no means a relahve of lhe squurrel much lo Marlon s chagrin Cairns says ul was lhe laull of David Lane lhe Lalce House s mnxologlsl who as and 'ro malce Ihem a wee bnl on lhe slrong side Well Id Iulce lo slay longer bul' Ihe plclure ns ladnng and lhe recephon us poor ln swulchung lo anolher channel I see lhe large Rxvervuew I-lolel where a celebrahon IS lalcmg place ll's a grange convenhon and Hamllfon Elllofl has lusl gnven a speech on Soul Erosion In lhe audience I see Dave Crandall Ray Omelul: and Tubby Welch an a deep duscusslon on mullc produchon Again Ihe scene changes and I see a boar doclcnng Oh oh down 'rhe plalform comes Old commrllee uncludlng Iwo represenlahves from lhe Troy Record Flossle Ryan 'rhere Io gel a slory and Keefe Delcan pholographer Also lhere lo greel hum IS 'rhe Dodgers Rlchle Ralhbun and col lege men Arhe Overoclrer and Jum Thomas ln my cryslal ball I see Shllwaler The many new homes were buall no doubl by Tom Walsh conlraclor and landscaped by has asslslanl Bull Banlcs In one of lhese homes I see Luz Phllllps and Shlrl Russom lnlerlor decoralors hard al worlc The members ol her Young Adull Fellowship group are meehng a+ Marry Humphreys home Some alumni have gone oul of lhe slale There ns Yvonne DAvugnon conlenledly pullerung around rn lhe garden of her Connechcul eslafe and here I am In my house 'rrauler wulh my Arr Force husband who finally gol off reslrlchons long enough +0 gel married Carole Komarony Q1 5 QT ' I f X ,f X X R him +o sleep. Mary Lou is sympalheric, buf ls also Sell" Andy Anderson! He has qulle a welcoming ' . , , un- , ' , T201 Whol Do Name Jum Thomas Richie Ralhbun Ham Ellloll Lou Dyer Yvonne D Avugnon Sue Cullrudge Fran Nelson Arl Overoclrer Ronme Lane Mary Ann McLaughlm Marlon Bacon Flossle Ryan Chuclue DeKeaclo Tommy Walsh Marly Humphrey Shlrl Russom Ronme Cairns Dave Lane Ray Omeluk Shlrl Gaudelle Bull Mehan lTubby Welch El Lowell Joanne Marmullo Jull Shelfer Luz Phnllups Andy Anderson Bobby Case Dave Crandall Keele Delxan Bull Banks Lollre Komarony Bess Hagadorn Favornle Saymg Don lcha Know Oh crnpe May l mleresl you n a subscrnpluon7 Jeepers Brolh lher Seen Fran7 ls she nlce' Nuls l-ll ya lcrd Whal as 1l7 Oh dear Oh George Whal s her phone number7 Yeh l guess so Alrughly Oh well' Now wall a mnnule Whal you don l lcnow won l hurl you l-l Doll' You donl lcnow o you Guess Jusl aboul Oh no Puddle sllclcs Gnve lhe :ce cream lo lhe Juniors Oh brolher Whaaal7 Oh yeah7 Shul up' Georg Head lor lhe Wldow Perlcrns Bless you Nolhlng doing You Soy? Can You Imaglne Being lll humored On lhe ouls wllh lhe leachers Nol being a good salesman Nol busy Nol belng 5 I Wllhoul Fran Nol lulclng sporls Being lall Wllh a crew cu Being sloppy Wllhoul long hanr Nol going lo e movle on Salurday Nol surrounded by gur s l-lavung a legoble handwrllung Nol comlng lo lhe Collee shop lor lunch 'lallcung nn class Nol clownlng l-lavung hls homework done on lame Coming lo school early Bemg unco operallve Gellmg home early mghls Wearing Bob Case s lrousers Berng lacllurn Having her Business Law homework done Bemg qulel Nol having her homeworlc done Beung gunel In chemlslry class Wearing 'lub Welch s lrousers Tallcnng oul loud Wulhoul has camera Nol wanllng lo go hunlung or lushnng Belng qulel In Secrelarlal Praclnce Nol laughmg Pel Peeve Publlc spealung Crew culs l-louses wllh no doorbells lnallenllve llsleners The poslal syslem Gnrls who lnlce Fran Girls lhal say Tall glrls Lale hours Delenlnon Jealous people Boys who lease Glrls parenls Cars lhal don l run oul ol gas Young men 'Xlolsy people Women Cars lhal don l slarl Guesslng answers Gelllng up early Worlc ulel people Co operallon ln lhe Sensor Class 'lalung mornlng bus s People who don l co operale Buddles who don have cars Slale lroopers People who lallc loo lvlrss Larmon s Bell Lollle Komarony Reslrncllon al lhe 656A C aw Sq Bad lravelung wealher UC f21 Y ' 'V ll v I ll -V . .. . . . . no ' 1' . I" ' lh . C 'l - . ll I l. . ,, . " ' ' ' l-lomeworlc d ?.. . .. H+ ul .I . . . - , ' - l' ,, - . m h ., ey !.. . . . , +....., - .Q .lv- f'-R ""un .. x- REMEMBER WHEN? Tlionlcs, Miss Bruno... To you, Miss Bruno, goes a sincere "Tl1anlc you" for your help wirlw our Year- book from +l'1e enlire class of l954, especially Hue members of llwe Caho+a+ea S'I'aH. Your lcindness and encouragemenr, flue asslslance you gave so willingly, and llwe lime you gave so generously will be re- membered always. T23 THIS- AND Tl-TEN A YEARBCDCDK Wsffwgwmzjw ww' WMM fr WML gwffffigg EQWMQQMML: My gg MMS? Q JMMMMVR giwyw Cf QSM MQ? MKG QQ?yWj'3?wV MN QQ ww RR Mus-Mm H uJ',0,0..L,fm. 4 f 2909 , Ab My Q EMM' mn ': - -an-W U Q SW W M If g 95'1HMGJ3'L3'iva:: M 'E W mf gi K Wi 6 Dc lc Sv w0 . ,SQ wif TMJ gif? fi kW! . 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'K , 1 " 4-4 .g. 1,'4-,f,,"'1,-' IX 2 Press Club Front Row lofi Qo nght Suzanne Weatherwax Mr Mauruce OConnor Advrsor Mary Lou Dyer Ruchard Rathbun Ronald Lane Keford Delran Second Row Loulse Gaudette Mary Ann McLaughlan Suzanne Guttrldqe Yvonne DAvvqnon Bessre Haqadorn Martha Humphrey Catherme Gleeson Jane Barbolt Judy Eagan Anrta Hollmer Karen Mcl.aughlrn Thnrd Row Shirley Gaudette Lrnda Kellogg Pnscllla Sanders Caeorge Crandall Marlene Sovvch Annetta Smrth Dolores Sqambatr Celra Abel Jo Ann Lane Shllwarer srudenls have many lnreresls Some ol rhem are evidenced by rhese clubs Lack ol hme and space does nor lreep ug from h vlng +hem l r exeral l la 'neehngs are d ID The evening Thar we have progress as shown by The rnreresf In a newly formed club The Yorlcers You wrll hncl a prclure of rhus group on page 27 Progress Through Unity Llborfmeas Front Row left io nghf L Kellogg L Gaudette Balrer V Pes M Phelps Pres C Sherler E Ph: s A l-lollmer Second Row Mss C A Bruno Advlsor R Komarony C Lavertue M Humphrey J Marmullo M Alclrrch M Mathewson F Ryan Phofograplwy Club Froni Row left to rlghi Anata l-lollmer Science Club Lefl: to Rlghi Charles Shea John TVOYUGUS Sec Treas Jeannrne Aldrrch Vrrgmna Balmer Myrna Al Jeffrey Guttrldge Vice Presldenl: Davrd Ferns Jane Post drrch Second Row Mr Malcolm Borst Advisor Franlc Judlth Phelps John Ruvers Barbara Del.aRosa Brenda Cos Gemmuttu Keford Delcan Pros Wnlluam Goodruch well Ronald M0tl'19W50f1 Pf0Sld9f1f I 'U lliil 4-1 U I. V ,I I ,I . I I I . .a f , , .o 5 f cu . ' hel . , y . ,, ,, , l J. 4..- f .1, .' 1 '.p,' . V ,A . 'npf , . : i . . l 't l, , r.- .r 1' lr . A cw 7 1. ' 1 ' 4, l .l, " ' . , l l- MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC I Band. Front Row, left to right: Austin BentIey, Richard Br.I, A'bert Baker, Beverly Lane, MiIton AIdrich, Edward McClen1ente Wriarn DaIaba, Char'es Shea, Mr, Frank AIe-xilr lDirectorl. Second Row: Nancy Parker, Anita I-IoII- rner, Wi iarn Banlcs John Graves, Frnerscn DaIaba, David Lane, MariIyh Matnewson, Virginia Balmer, Thomas Rivers. Glee Club. Left to Right: Julia LaBarqe, Nancy Comerto, GaiI Payne, Linda KeIIoqq, Joan MarmiIIo, Patricia Church, Marion Bacon, SaIIy Wheeler, Ruth Komarony, Rosemary FuIIer, Mr, Frank AIexilc fDirectorl. Boys' Glee Club. Front Row, Ieft to right: Mr. Beninati fDirectorlI A. Oyeroclrer, W, Mehan, R, Rathbun, R. Welch, I-I. Efhott, Mr. O'Connor lModeratorl. Second Row: W. Banks, C. DeKeado, J. Graves Uiccompanistl, J. Ander- son, T. Walsh, F, Nelson. i A, Chorus. Front Row, left to right: Barbara DeLaRosa. Lois Comerato, Brenda CasweII, ElIen Shetter, Diane Keeler. Linda Sanders, Beverly MiIes, TheIma Wagoner, Elaine Lefebvre. Second Row: CharIes Shea, WiIIiar'n Dalaba. Richard BuII, Marion Bacon, Joan MarmiIIo, John Tromans, Loretta LeCIair, Jane Post. Orchestra. Front Row, left to right: Judith Phelps, Charles Shea, Austin Bentley, Timothy CampbeII, Richard BuII, Ronald Mathewson. Second Row: Marion Goodrich, Mr. Chester Canary fDirecQorl. A 4 l The Yorkers Club. Fronf Row, lefi to right: Elaine Lefebvre, Janice Borst. Brenda Caswell, Jane Post. Second Row: Peter Birdsinqer lPresidentl, Ronald Mathewson lVice- Presidentl, Mr. David Rees lAdvisorl, Linda Sanders. Semper Fidelis -v V U 1 , 1 f Q K A ASH Bus Drivers. Left to Right: Jaclc Cowin, George Madill, Hugh Barton, Theodore Hajos, Walt Ccwin, William Payne. Cafeteria Workers. Left to Right: Juel Whitman, Lelia I C ' : l , ' . Flynn, Ellen Antliclr, Mollie Morrissey, ustodlans Ear Lane David Ford I i i X. 4,,,W'9,', .. f27 FRIENDS W74"'f vm WW W MZWMMQDQX an W W r MQQQEQW Wfff? 2 2 3 W QQ H5222 xg V16 Qgfwfag-Q2 522 E MW? M M9732 'PVWJ fflvw 47 3 V52 ,Qyiyy gy? 1 Qwxfjjwwwqwyyjf QW M ff aww Qmmwnpzzfigg ix W PM he fwjigillgyh gfiwbg X . Ol Q 53 6 71 . 1 . P725-060 'Lf 69 . Q., . L ' ' t ' LKAA4 .3 jg Q fa . -LX, W 2 W . Us ,Gb a ox.. . , 'X Q YJ!! tihtg, ' ' Qs W QW' MH ig nvldwvp his fig -2. 'WN W . E42 ff' up Q Y X 1 d' . ' H T. SAYS UW' qs IQ, '8L 2 ' J A I u 'lik xi 23 44 ' at JH 66-s., S C24 'Q ' LP 'RQ Q 'Al Q n v 'abd XM ' Avy' , . ' fy, , fyn-nfrtf ' ' bfjlifrsf - 3Ef.i:::4:v9 Q ,V- A . -X ily' f"- 'ffi 9' f' "Z", A3 Q- 1" NQ HQ. ,,Q',- Q RQ, 'i1fQ,,,. T .fi -9 ble-Q7 -SN. 3 :Z 'P-f"f',"2'2f1w gg "mlm 'gh' Q 35519 fo.: ,fs v has v" A 4-.,4j kr ,Agn QS' Q Af 'ua W gp: awe R 1 'T r 'F 4 ,f v- ww' sux any ,.. , '94 it L Q. 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I xx X X True FooTbo II WuTh The advenT oT The 53 season eleven man TooTball reTurned To STullwaTer There was much slcepTxcusm on The parT OT Truends aT The begrnmng buT Thelr doubTs were soon puT asude Tor The boys played wuTh grum deTermmaTaon and TughTung spur1T AT The onseT Coach Murray and hus able as susTanTs Coaches Jarnugan and Lewza were con TronTed wnTh The problem oT moldung sevenTeen green recruuTs nnTo a well co ordunaTed TooTball eleven However The Team drd a commendable 'ob and alThough The boys drd noT Tunush wuTh an umpressuve won losT record They realnzed ThaT TooT ball Thus year cerTaunly had uTs mernTs Some evenTs OT The season are unTeresTmg We Tund Omelulls runnung and The aerial combunaTlon oT RaThbun To DeKeado The malor TacTors un our vncTory over The Corunfhuans The same glue Tnngered caTches by Chuck DeKeado conTrubuTed To hus beung chosen a posuTlon on The AllCoun Team Thus Team us selecTed by voTes oT each school parTuclpaTung un The league Bruuser Brookley and Ruchue RaThbun also receuved honorable menTlon un The same voTung Our second and only oTher vncTory oT The season came when we meT The ST Froni Row leff to rught John Dyer Arthur Overoclxer Davud Lane Wlluam Goodruch KeTord Delcan Thomas Walsh Donald Glgallon Ronald Carrns Thomas Poutras Second Row Rcha d Rathbun Donald Broolrley Charles Delfeado John Baransk John Ande son Francs Nelson Coach Murray PeTers boys on Theur home grudnron Overoclrers sprnnTs and Caurns pass receuvung enabled us To emerge TruumphanT nn Thus Tray We proved no equal Tor The brawn OT BallsTon and came ouT second besT un This ussue Fumble uTus and an ru duTTerenT aTT1Tude on The parT oT The Team were more To blame Tor our deTeaT aT Greenwuch Than was The WuTches power By ThaT Tume we had losT all hope Tor The champuonshup and were an easy mark Tor The Red and Blue oT SouTh Hugh LeT us noT TorgeT To guve credlT To Fran Nelson and Keefe Delran whose bone larrung Taclcles l:epT The opposu Tlons oTTense well OTT balance AlThough Thus season was noT an auspucvous one The sTudenT body and The many Tans un The area are loolung Torward To The 54 season and we snncerely hope ThaT eleven man TooTball us here To sTay The Team wull need new recruuTs nexT year To replace The Tollowung senuors who played Thus year Chuclc DeKeado Ruchue RaThbun Fran Nelson ArTue Overoclcer KeeTe Delcan Ronnue Caurns Ray Gmelulc Andy Anderson Tommy Walsh Dave Lane . . .. - fy l . , T291 'X 30 Boslcellboll The fermunaluon ol league play un 'rhe Saraloga second place he wulh 'rhe Scollues of Ballslon A vuclory agaunsl lhe Scollues un 'rhe lasl game ol lhe season would have placed The Warriors ID a co champnonshup slol wulh Schuylervulle However our one bug salusfacluon us fhal we are a Class E school playnng agaunsl C and D compeluluon un our league and are luslly proud of our 9 5 record Chuck DeKeado who pushed 266 pounls lhrough The hoop led The lvsl of scorers ID lhe Sarauloga Counly League Playung his lasl year of ball for S C S he had one ol has grealesl nughls when lhe Warruors unvaded Greenwich lallyung 33 polnls Throughoul 'rhe season lhe sleady all round play of Mulce Lulac and Rachue Rafhloun proved lo be a Froni Row left io right Francs Nelson Cl'1dfl6S Delieado R cha d Rathb Robet Case Second Dalaba Ronald rns Jo n Ll Third ow Coach Mu ray Thomas Potras A thony Arml n Joseph Poutras Tremendous assel Slender Bob Case who loaned lhe lursl luve IH lhe llllh game ol 'lhe season olfen held lhe speclalors spellloound wufh hug uflashnng druves and uncanny shols The calmness of Ron Caurns under pressure provuded lhe clulch by which lhe Murray men came Through vllal conlesls ln lhe game wulh Soulh Hugh Ronnue complelely baffled The Bulldog unmlel by has coollng lachrs N 9 his 4 A u . 62 T ' f ' f' 14 T ' " ' S . Y , ll ,ww T Xl l J 1 4 T 3 5 , XA N .. A ' Q J A l l ,lu r iun, r . Counly League found 'rhe Warrior Quinlel in a Row: Arthur Oyeracker, Charles Brewer. Emerson ' ' ' ' , Can , h lac. ' R I . . . . ur , l , n i , L T The second string is to be commended lor their untiring efforts during the practice sessions, The success ol the lirst team was due largely to the competition These men furnished. So - hats oft to Fran Nelson, Art Overoclcer, Tom Poitras, Emmy Dalaba, Jack Dyer, and Tony Armlin, And an extra bil ol praise to Manager Joe Poitras. To Coach Murray we can only say, "God Speed" and wish you the best. Actions speak louder than words and the boys under your guidance and direction for the past six years offer a con- crete example of your coaching ability. Remember, please, that they attained an overall record ol 86 wins and 28 losses. To you, Captain Richie Rathbun, and to you, fellow seniors, we say, "thanks" lor giving your all for the Garnet and Grey. We lcnow that your example will continue to live on the court in the personages ol Lilac, Armlin, Brewer, Price, Dalaba, Dyer, and others who will follow. To the Seniors we say, "Take with you this great competitive and co-operative spirit you have exhibited as part of the squad, and bear in mind that you are soon to loecome a part ot a bigger and greater team". ill water 41 58 63 63 51 55 30 55 Opponent Hoosac Valley Greenwich ..,,.,.. Burnt Hills ....... South High ..,,,.. Schuylerville ...... Corinth ..., Ballston ,......... Hoosiclc Falls Still- water 50 63 69 57 56 69 49 37 Opponent Greenwich .. Burnt Hills .. South High ....... Schuylerville ,. l-loosac Valley Corinth ........... Hoosiclc Falls Ballston ,. ..... ., 31 J V BASKETBALL The Jay Vees had quite an innovaTion This year. Yes, Tor The Tirst Time in The hisTory oT The school, The Junior Team had its own coach. WiTh "Rip" Lewza aT The helm, The "Little Warriors" have emerged victorious in Ten Trays buT have been deTeaTed six Times. Coach Lewza's proTeges made an impressive sTarT by raclcing up Three successive wins againsT Hoosac Valley, Greenwich and BurnT Hills. Our TirsT deTeaT oT The season came when we meT The Bulldogs oT Soufh High on The laTTer's courT. After That we losT only Tive oT our remaining Twelve games. Jim Price was The spark plug oT The Team This year, puTTing l88 poinTs Through The hoop. He was ably assisTecl in his eTTorTs by R. Wolff, R. Price, J. Dyer, B. Cairns, W. Ford, and W. Goodrich. Front Row, left to right: William Goodrich, Raymond Price, Roland WolTT, Bruce Cairns, James Price. Second Row: Coach Lewza, Edward McCfernents fManagerl. John Dyer, William Ford. The Jay Vees deserve Thanks Tor aTTaining The goal ThaT Teams oT The pasT have sTriven hard To acquire. We are sure That you have set a worThy example Tor TuTure Teams To Tollow. Still- Still- water Opponent water Opponent 42 Hoosac Valley 55 Greenwich 40 Greenwich ....,... 58 Burnt Hills ... 39 Burnt Hills .,. 40 South High .. 33 South High ,, 46 Schuylerville 29 Schuylerville 54 Hoosac Valley 37 Corinth ,. 49 Corinth 46 Ballston ..... 29 Hoosiclc Falls 47 Hoosiclr Falls 39 Ballston Boseboll CorlnTh BallsTon BurnT Hills Hoosaclc Falls Greenwnch SOuTh Hugh Schuylerville 54 SCH EDU LE THERE HERE HERE THERE HERE THERE HERE May May May May May May May Well we here aT STullwaTer are no excephon The Warrlors are loolcung Torward To The comnng season wuTh anhcupahon LasT year moTher naTure lcepT prachce sessrons To a munlmum We sure hope she us more Tavorable Thus year Coach Murrays diamond worrues should be eased considerably by The TacT ThaT a good number oT leTTermen are reTurnnng To achon Thus season Among The reTurnnng veTerans are Nelson glue Tmgered TnrsT saclcer RaThbun speedy Thnrd baseman who IS deshned Tor pro ball some say Overoclrer eager young candudaTe Tor shorT sTop PonTras possnble second baseman Crandall ouT Tlelder and Tnre ball Anderson on The mound OT course Andy wzll be asslsTed an has mound duTues by roolcue Tran Ters Cairns Trom Cambrndge and Lilac Trom CaTholnc CenTral oT Troy Bloomingdale s duTnes behlnd The plaTe may be Talcen over by a Greenwnch TransTer Todd Brewer We wonder' The boys are anxious To cop The counTy league champuonshnp They also are eagerly awauhng The annual game beTween The TaculTy and Themselves IT was a Tremendous blow To Thenr prnde To have To suTTer a I2 5 seTbaclc aT The hands oT The Old Tlmers lasT season Before Th1s deTeaT They had won I3 4 and They Teel They ll be able To double ThaT score Thus year As we go To press Coach Murray has noT yeT desngnaTed has sTarTung mne buT he says H's an open field Tor all able and worThy compehTors 1? ,-2 Us ' l T 7 , Ninn WWW 4 l ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WW, 7 ' ,Y YYWYV, , W ,Y II . g I4 'l ' ,,,,,,, ,W ,, , Ns, I8 - as sss, E so ssss E 21 TN A ' ,,,,, ,,,, ,HHN 25 ' T' ' Comes spring and a young man's Tancy Turns To baseball. O . . A S : . , ' 3 ' ' ' I H A T -AN 6.9 fe' :Sv " Mary Ann Mchuglnlm Joan Marcella KT owne Wrlter Pruscnlla Sanders JUAN' LGU' 0 Dolores Sgamboh vo xf' 'WH' Cathormo Glooxon Prlscllla Sanders B 34 Junior Varsuty Front Row left to rlgllf Barbara Hammond Judy Eagan Jeannine Aldrlcln Second Row Ann Olcoslcy Mary Lou Sgambatr Joan Ellloili Eleanor Lowell pe-55: QQSQNWGQ A- hh J J Q Dale Ford g' i ' 110 Mary Lou Dyer Cheerleaders Q' Miha V 'l ga, f C b Q I-H-V1 1 B ,. 'x JK!- ! - sf 7 V I , X I Q31 , , ,S '91 , 1 "7 - I Q3 A ' X Q JJ 41 W ' ' 'G l ' f 99' " no N y., , 2 , . S ',', I Q I 0. ' , o 'Q ' ' mx," 1 "' hz? M? , 307' 'f - 5 7 5 s so F J A ' . ' ' .. .- Front Row, left to right: Myrna Aldrich, Barbara Hammond, Sue Weatherwax, Sandra Robinson, JoAnn Lane. Second Row: Priscilla Sanders, Sue Guttridge, Cathy Gleeson, Joan Elliott, Mary Lou Dyer, Margy Phelps, Jean Balcer. Girls' Sports Front Row, left to right: Anita Hollmer, Sue Weatherwax Priscilla Sanders, Sue Guttridqe. Second Row: Pat Farnan Mary Lou Sgambati, Miriam Lefebvre, Dolores Sqambati. At the foul line: Sue Weatherwax. Right side of foul line: Miriam Lefebvre, Anita 1-lollmer, Mary Lou Sgambati. Lett side of foul line: Dolores Sgambati, Priscilla Sanders, Pat Farnan. Front Row, left to right: Mary Lou Dyer, Eleanor Lowell, Myrna Aldrich, Sandra Robinson, Sue Weatherwax, Cathy Gleeson. Second Row: Margy Phelps. Carolyn LaBarqe, Jean Balmer, Sue Guttridge, JoAnn Lane. Third Row: Joan Elliott. We Who Are 1. John Anderson 14. Carole Komarony 2. Mary Lou Dyer 15. Cecilia Marie Shetfer 3. Arthur Overoclcer 16. William Mehan 4. Hamilton Elliott 17. Shirley Gaudette 5. William Banlrs 18. Yvonne D'Avignon 6. Elizabeth Phillips 19. Robert Case 7. Sue Guttridge 20. Ronald Cairns 8. Eleanor Lowell 21. Ronald Lane 9. Joan Marmilla 22. Richard Rathbun 10. Bessie Hagadorn 23. Shirley Russom 11. Martha Humphrey 24. Florence Ryan 12. Mary Ann McLaughlin 25. Me. too 13. Fran Nelson Front Row, left to right: JoAnn Lane, Dolores Sgambati. Pat Farnan. Second Row: Cathy Gleeson. Mary Lou Dyer. Third Row: Joan Elliott. 1.353 k'if2"232w 11, 217 3 MORE FRIENDS whiff 'ix ,W N gs if Z Mffw if QKXVSSQYEJ ,wwf-Qmwgfqfaixg JN WNW W Wa 2 VWWWWM 744 5 J,fi'J"4,4f"J'f""fQ"'QAf-'Pg-"z'fffff4,,,f'1fZ.f, , I Q 4'-Si 2 Q Em 25,15 E523 Q QQ? P P, I . E2 WWA- W 'yy 240 Q46 L my ya ijsk w Qiaiy M WC- bfi :L 2' mlm 6 ' uw" . gg 2 QR Ri -L. 'll P ,W-41? '?JJQ 'fm 'W A .1 . l ff' :HSA 3rJg,:g-ri ,.,?"'f!',a-' ,Q JBL 1,if"" xml a fr J , 1' 0 . . VI 5,90 xr 14' "W ! va s 'K' 1,1 -Y ,Q-2' 1, , was Xl is ? 1'V'a""' Q nv W.. LZ: ,sw 1' ,f 'Ni' QS N 'F' v 'NX . v W5 1' 5' ffm M Y ,W 11- -. ., lk ., an S' U J' ' . x -farms' fb fm'-1 sf.. M, Sy ' 'fx xt sais r"' f QPP4' 151 "v J-'vs ws '59 , Q50 as Qxaifaigt '. 35" wg? Y .,-1, - KJ in g ' 4 4. ,AV- 'S-f' it :hr . Nw Hvvv 'Mf ,fr " 4 W 54' . 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Froni Row leff io rrght Allean Hallren Barbara Hammond Secrefary Wrllrarn Goodrrch Treasurer Myrna Aldrrch Marjore Murray Second Row Lora Lee Larsdell Jear' Balmer George Capecn John Sheradan Helen DAvrgnon Front Row leff io rlghi Marnlyn Mathewson Celra Abel Treasurer Anrta Hollmer Secretary Thomas Rnvers President Jud th Eagan Vlce President Patricia Church Jeannlne Aldrich Second Row Donald Gooclrnch Anthony Armlnn Ann Olroslry Mary Lou Sqambatl John Mcl.aughlrn WI 1 H1 HEI IIE 'R i YXPBQ lit,-iN..8R IES. SS' i We Y-4 W WW Marlene Sovrch Patrucra Parlrer Helen Krrsfof Third Row George Foster Dale Ford Raymond Prvce Bruce Cairns Barrunqer Advisor Freshmen Mrrlam Lelzebvre Wrlluam Ford Donald Balmer Third Row Patruc1a Farnan John Dyer Joyce Yaschur Joseph Portras Emerson Dalaba Carol Lavertue Everett Hurd Nancy Parker Mr Charles Bemnatu Advlsor nrauutl 1- l rv-av , . Ja we I gg, t l I 4 -14" , , r f 1 .I eh f 1 Q . ' ' r y V x W l 7 1 V H - I x 1 1 V 0 -5, - g 't 'N lv I vl' aff X A. 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Q " ,' 7' ' ' r VIL 5 Q 3 5 4'x .. -f 2 T Engtrttm Grade Front Row left to rugl1t Vrrgrnra Balmer Beverly Lane Lrnda Kellogg Jean Wolff Nancy Comerato Julra LaBarge Rose mary Fuller Ruin Kcmarony Sara Wlweeler Alice PI-1 llups Second Row Dorrs Longe Barbara Murray Janet Krrstot Beverly Murray Gall Payne Marilyn Parlxer Margaret Older Front Row ltt to right G Balmer S Smodell J Bo t Slmetter M Gernmrttr S Bradt J Kerwood E Lellebvre e A unt L Sanders E Okoslry L Cornerao aRosa M Canary F unn I Du Phrllps Tlurd Row T Wagoner L LeClarr D Keefer M Gooclrnclw J Overoclrer G Portras E Mqclementg C Requna Duffney Gerhard Polcrandt Third Row George Kerwood Tlwornas Guttrrdqe Douglas Case Ralpln Marshall Wrllram Almy Wallace Ellrott Davud Melwan Rrclnard Stark Mrctwael Sullrvan Keete Haoadorn Herbert Phrllrps M Martrn Phrll ps Advisor Seyentlr Grocle ott Snsalo W Dalaba J Melwan Fourth Row r olt P Ln Str C Glee B Casw J P e Row A Balcer R Bul J Steele D Ferrrs R Mat w n J v s P Brrdsmqer M Scelsr J Tromans R Lewrs D Price Sixth Row E Melvrn C Foster Mr Davd ees Advisor M Alclruch M DeCota rw l l , 1 , , l , , r r n : . 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Mr. Canary's Class Mrs. Sl1eel1y's Class Sixth Grade -u..,.J-mln 2 iQ 1 l Mrs. Car+er's Class F i li ln G ro d e Miss Farrell's Class Miss Bliss's Class Foo rtlm G ro de Mrs Descend s Class Jqgkri Mrs Chase s Class Mrs HuH'on s Class Tlwird Grade Mrs Herll' s Class Q41 QR? 1 if U IE if" 'l Second Mrs. Howe's Class Mrs. Balrer's Class Miss Tubbs's Class First Grade Mrs. Leamy's Class U21 Grade Mrs. Hajos's Class Kindergarten 'V' s Mrs. Bors+'s Af'I'ernoon Class P331 Mrs. Bors+'s Morning Class Mrs. Dellinger's Class 7707 MW WMJ ,Q STILL MORE FRIENDS 7'H"'f"'!'-17'-ff? SZ QL-...N 'bv DWL ,f-Lf -ggi ' gy !im+7fw-,ggqfbv-'W" Af? h."219?zwofwfw-ff-w9A2"'PJ V v if Wm nm ejyfffkgz KQ, 1' W GZWQ7, 'XM ds Qwffxz A ' 5 Wm.. Lum-. 'Wim W4-9-nA7, Q-.,4.44f2A, ,lad ,X in 77M""7W'4fi7Ww"fCf4', X3 y4f7.+74ZQ. !L1hL, M4 747' ' Q 'L-PL, ffff?7ZZW ' llffrvglp-, 'Mqfy ff 747,W A9' fmywzz ,f Q-,Q WMM! N if fizfff ig? WW? dk WW' T' ijikgffw 2 Ari M 'WWW Z4 Q! WJ WW Q Zu? 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Q- wil-s , , . in-1 "V-.. .Q A' BALLSTON STILLWATER KNITTING MILL W Compliments of 481 Good Luck to thc Graduates TRIUMPH PAPER BOX CORP 110 'N Hudson Axcnuc STILLWNAFER lNI'IN XORK Tcl Nhchanlcvxllc 612 2 846 R 2 TELEVISION SERVICE CO Serxlct all makes L A L'1BARGE JR JEAN S CO Famous Frmd Iwllct of Haddock Nlam Offue 14th St and 2nd Ave Waterxlmt N X AShlty 6 3724 M172 Slxth Avcnuc fat 112th Struct Troy N X BEdford D 5972 C OIIlIJllIDCDtS CLOVER LEAF TAVERN RAYMOND PARKER R idlo xc md Sc rum Ttlumon -XLIHORIIFD NIOIOROLA DE-XLER 671 Nhthanxcxlllt 'N X MILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 221 229 Quall Street Albany New Xorlt SEN D FOR CATALOG S Compliments CLEANERS 8 DX ERS T3llOflHQ' Fur Storage Nlechanmvlllt 'Xux York JIM BROOKING BOAT LIVERX Phone '56 20 N Ccntral Ave Stlllwatcr New Xork I1 I1 1I I1.I'1I1 ilk! I I1I I I Ill lI1I I1'I 'l.lil I I. 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I ll I lllllll1l-lily' llll I I I lllll III ll IIII MECHANICVILLE YARN CO Ixx 1 1 XX Y XIXXS I 1 WGY FOOD PRODUCTS COMPANY C Ix XI BXNY INS XII MURCO CHEMICAL CO BIIIIJ1 1 11111111 SLI J 1111 111111 1 ll 1 111 Il 111 1111 'S XX XXIS SOXPS I 1 I1 M11 1 N COXIII IXIINIS MOOSEHEAD INN 1 111 CI P L D AMICO 8: SONS BOTTLINC1 COMPANY CIIXXIKX II XII IX s J T SHEEHAN lx I 11 11111 1 UXII I IXIIN JOSEPH NOONAN 8z SON IUNIRXCIC x5 1 xx Y 11 NC 1 I 1111111 DAYTON CASE I G A FOOD STORE X I III I I I I III I I I I III I I I I I Y '.'I"'l'INQ1XXIJXYli. 'IN19 'A 221 S111'g1111Q.1 1Xx1-1111- 12 Yi.1l1 .Yx"11111' XI1"11.11111'x'i111g N. Y. BH, I - I Y IAF Y Y CIO1 'I. . IIiX'I'.' UI" XXII 11.1f.s,x1,1-1 19 1111111115 Ul"l'UNIPTI' 'IST . , 1 Y 7.11" Av- - BI '1'11.11111'x'1I11'. N, Y A . .. 111. L Q I-I - A 1 l CI . '. . QHIAS OI' C1 11111 I.1111' 111 Il. 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Suggestions in the Stillwater High School - Cahotatea Yearbook (Stillwater, NY) collection:

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