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 - Class of 1952

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Qi? , sbs A Z.i'T4fZ'47'7b . M3 0 MMM gjwx XJ ff M9 Q.. A?-gl im ff? QQ? M .,1V' , Y A .S 11ffmW 2 N 7lmQ95f fi QQ I SQ 39 EE fi MGR EEE 35135 ' E-' as f , ' EQ ' "- ""- -' "fr-'X - A, ,F--,.k-MA...,.,,,,1 .xiii in . F A ' Q U .,. I b. . . . , . X' . HM aim WHL? '- MVXMW6 Lkjyfl 64 A, 'eofgmgm ww Y f fglgpfyfgx ' V WP5, fiyifk ,ajfmf Eiggff 4 L ,xn 9 fn ffffJqjf,3?4f 9 MA 'B' sw 3 NM 'qs . ii. he ..- ,Y ,, f ff If 3 iw il W K A, L. ,flu 1 f -. , Y! rf f' a 2 gen , ,, K!! T . " f ' K ' 'una' B fm ,f V, -Q-,, I' xg Presented by the students of STILLNLAN VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL Stillman Valley, Illinois Contents Faculty Seniors linrlerclassmen Activities Organizations Sports Grade School Foreword On the pages of this book are written the many events and activities of '52, We hope that this yearbook will serve as a permanent record of your school days. In years to come when you glance back through this record, may it bring back many pleasant memories of your high school life. As a means of thanking Mr. and Mrs. Roe for a year of hard work and unselfish devotion, we wish to dedicate the Cardinal of 1952 to them. We are extremely grateful for the hard work they have done to make certain that Stillman Valley shall always be able to support a modern, and progressive school. Dedication 1111111116111 iumlvy P111 STILLMAN VALLEY, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, l95l ... -..-.- YY,, .- l,, ed Cross Plans nr Emergencies Vhile Ogle county has for years n free of disasters of a major char- er, the threat of disaster arising m fire, tornadoes, flood, and rail- d wrecks still hold possibilities of as distress which might call for im- liate service of an organized char- er. 'o such hazards in peace time if ilk gf ll ll i V0 ll ' O I s.v. SE Tl EL y cnuacu 1 SERVICES' THE UNITED CHRISTIAN CHURCH .4 uld be added sudden 'responsibili- Sundey S0l100l,.10 2- m- : which could develop in .case ofloccupai-ion of I Gr o 2 es IFI, hmen Ideals lglornlng worship, 11 a. nik I ther war. Ogle county IS hard- Doroth : X 1 .do 4 . ,' . .. reshmen are Such B swell Blilllilh topic. From Con uslon a target area for bombs. Target . y , 'a .5 9 9, on s 013 foo eauy hard to pick the Confesslfm- as such as the Green River Plant worlsmg at Q90 .pg ,oilaqovgq , 0 . 0,0 ek. After long Study Evening service, 7:30 p. m. . great population centers such as faflmxm Zep95,99Xg6 00 149 "MQ silo., , . H W ouowing: ll 'sefym'-ln l0PlC, "The Life I N cago are sufficiently close to re- D g' 5645 90.3 "9 "'-. . ' gi - lL'V9- ' re our aid for mass evacuation , I Vey xo? f" 5, 8 -5 Q 'E I l Wednesday, 7230 P- m-1 Bible Stl parations are needed for the te ' , Q 'Q E N E 'E Ig land Prayer- ary mass feeding, shelter, L, Q-4' QQ' X U 3 1 Thursday. ai. 2 P- m-I the MlSSl nursing care, and possible - Sak. Q Q, ' - vit . Q ggi' Sleelefy Wlll meet at the Al of such refugees. ' 49' 943 ,E 4: , d USS Ome- '0 this end Ogle County c 6, 04,30 .211-vtj . 1, 01 l Wayne L- Stark. pasl :he American Red Cross has ,Jeb 'fig 5 --L ---- isasler relief organization t -, '95 Q, A' n CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH h Civilian Defense and ot ,956 . Sunday school, 10 a. m. lizations in those phases 0 03 4, - I Worship service, 11 a. m. 'k in which the Red Cross va 4 YP, exe oir rehearsal, 7:30, Wednesd rs specialized. Under the 44 1 V39 ku' Beebe's home. p of Arthur W. Bass, se QQ, 2' QI, ISA! 90 issionary Society meets F ister Relief Chairman and -A ' - ' - 9 Agtfxel on, Nov. 2, at 2 p. m. P vison, vice-chairman, the f - U, U, -' ee Y ittee: Carolyn,Beebe, M sub-committees have 1 - '- - Q ' J deny, of en and Gertrude Maas. 'I led and stand preps ai' 1 - 95. ee "Adventures in Readin liste call. 1 gholeg -'J W",:.eol are Mary Paley, Ruth E. ,lonzo Maginnis with R tent-.6 ve "f H309 vlefgk V Schlafman and Bes assistant, both of R 1 o . ' X1 9' 'e available a survey - Dfxzclle. ,- 'V 1- J -.. Mn' ening ltonightl, at 8 p. facilities for mass shel P, bg, Z l i- 1 -' - . - in the series of meetin of aPProximately 1 View Q C -v d by the Sunday school, v ames Calvert of Byron 'Y , held at the church. a committee to provide emerg , 1 1-ry -5- -- lmunications where normal 'fa ,,. , 3 5 N, ISHWAUKEE COMMUNITY I have been destroyed. This .s as H, .l 6 0 g Q lg URCH lude transportation of refugee is 2 gk , - sunday school' 10 8' ml 12:2 rzfjelc rglizlxhelter and f. , S EE ' C Y Y xntx J- if 'P 3' Missionary report of the Navajo ' 3 0 l, 95155 ,f ,... 'B 'll b ' b Y P l Jr. R. M. Catey of Oregon is chai I SE 2,6 as V, ' 5 5 5 gl 5 dar: W1 e swell Y mm! 0017 ll Of medical and mlfslnl Bewlc QE sg Q fs E' li: "- lg Q, P Morning worship hour, 11 a. m. ed by Dena lcmnwald' , ' . 'Q ,,g"5 52 to 2 Eg 2,5 vie The pastor's message will be 1 'hs' Josephme Crowell! assisted sc R3 QS r-'S ,E bm 6: 5 3 they fourth in a series of sennons on 1 .Mrs.- John Putnalm, will handle -. iif-1l',,. - ,-. an -"" T -0 , . 4 1 H 3 general theme, "The Message of R .istratlon families effected 'by 'Calen r - . +5 n ew -'k8du53lLS ua., .eople " ar sys tesmntism.. entitled .The sanctity mer. 'and lnfqrmatlqn 6011001111118 October 25- vewf-' wc, -S1119 the Common Life." A nursery will m- Thu' Fflmmllftee Wlll 3l5Q 'MY' Leaf River football ga ,Wu SUR' ,WMO 5 , S: I-Ienty Hating! maintained during this hour. all 2111111111-H' 'if 1hm.'Fe"'P1 m' October 25- 195 M6915 self' eople with no enthusiasm. At 7 p. m., Christian Endeal mation regarding famllles lnvolv- Teachers Institute' no scho 11-I 'V ieneral public infonnation conceml-l October 27 - Hi-C Club masquerade party. ' disaster conditions and location' November 2- -I disaster relief headquarters will be lted through the press and radio Mrs. Helen Rutkowski. Genoa football game, there. November 12- P. T. A. lNovember 21- lcorute Wingws U. lr Hullowe'en --- lhen you are downtown, be sure inspect the windows of the busi- s places, which are being decorat- For Hallowe'en by the school child- . under the diroctinn nf Mrs. Lola Kirkland basketball game, there. November 22- Thanksgiving vacation begins. -Sue Stevens. Thought of the Week They who aim at perfection and per- severe will come nearer to itthanthosei whose laziness makes them give it up as unattainable. Q on . mean chemistry class?l Audrey H.: Boys who arrive early for a date then talk to your folks all night. Pat L.: People who start fights and won't finish them. Peg L.: Boys who are fickle! Bonnie H.: American history class and everything that goes with it! Jim H.: QCensored!J Sharon I.: Two-faced people! iWho could she mean ?J Marilyn S.: Little stories that get long tails. Betty F.: Two timing boys. Kent H.: Literature! ,lWho teaches that ? J Rogene R.: Bossy people! A- IYoung People meet at the church, attend the Wilson meeting in R01 ford. Monday, Oct. 29: 8 p. m., Truste business meeting. 8 p. m., Pioneer Girl's Club me ing: mid-week Friendship Hour sl vice: 7:30 p. m., choir practice. Monday, Nov. 5: 8 p. m., combir trustee and elders business meetil Wednesday, Nov. 7: 8 p. m., :nm ,congregational business meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Carlson ont' tained Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wedmn r. and Mrs. Sanford Hultman a rian of Rockford and Mr. and H Henry Carlson, at dinner, Sunday. I KEITH GETSCHMAN University of Wisconsin Athletics Phy. Ed. Civics Science Mr. Getschman is our athletic coach. He has been at Stillman Valley three years. Stillman Valley participates -in football, basketball, and track. He also teaches science, civics and physical ed. The experiences of athletes in inter- scholastic games are an important part of their education. I ,o LOREN HUBBELL Macalester College Instrumental Music Can you imagine Stillman without Hub? He has just completed his 23rd year at S. V. H. S. This year he moved into a new room, formerly the tool room of the old shop. Here he gave about 100 music students lessons each week. Both 'Hub' and the students like this new location. Can you visualize what his work has meant to this community? MARY LAWRIE Whitewater State Teachers College Commercial Library Room Z5 at the head of the stairs is always a center of activity. This is the commercial room where Mrs. Lawrie teaches shorthand, typing and business practice. Here we truly find that practice makes perfect. Her ready wit and even temperament make these classes a pleasant part of our school experience. 6 MABEL MACKLIN U Northern Illinois State Teachers College English History Phy. Ed. English and history classes convene under the direction of Mrs. Macklin. She also was our class advisor. Do you remember all our money making activities and then the "Prom" and "Banquet" while juniors? GEORGE A. MANUS University of Dubuque University of Colorado University of Illinois North- western Science Math Driver Ed. Everyday Mr. Manus can be seen on the streets or roads near Stillman teach- ing Driver Training. He also enjoys work- ing with the Grade Boys in athletics. Usually he carries a kodak to catch any snap that might be used for our annual. He believes that each day every class should give some- thing new and worthwhile to each student. BEATR ICE NUPPENAU Northern Illinois State Teachers College University of Wisconsin Home Economics Phy. Ed. Ahnost every girl in school belongs to the F.H.A. Our home ec. room gives them an attractive place, well equipped for their many activities. The dinners served by the home ec. dept. under Mrs. Nuppenau's direction are among the most delightful events of the year. 7 DONALD PARISH Riverfalls State Teachers College A-sk E H M. S. University of Illinois 'gal -- Vocational Agriculture 'I i The new ag. shop stands as a tribute to the 'I A' and untiring work of Mr. Parish. Our ag. dept. K ' """"' one of the best in Ogle County. . -nr -J' i I a .. an '-x x' ' is it O OIF' R x N f" l ,- f ur, , 1 af- 4 I STANLEY ROE Northern Illinois State Teachers College M. S. University of Minnesota Principal Math Chemistry Stillman Valley has completed its second year under the direction of Mr Roe. I-Ie has worked hard to strengthen our school. He is constantly encouraging us to give our best in whatever we do CAROL SCHOLL B. Music Indiana Central Vocal Music On Mondays and Thursdays the music groups were busy preparing musical numbers for various school activities. Under the direction of Mrs. Scholl our music organizations have received many favorable comments. iv, NEILSON SIMPKINS University of Iowa English French Speech was due to his leadership. K -KW vi, vision ranks as 'quad m M' hug., 'WI Each year the junior and senior classes depend V on Mr. Simpkins for direction in presenting their class plays. Their outstanding success this year During the year the student council does much by governing the student body. This year a new type of program was planned for the noon hour. Among the games played were, basketball, check- ers, chess, dominoes, and ping pong. Tournaments were planned for each game, the winners were given awards. Also during the school year they arranged films, and assemblies f th or e students. The work our spare time more g a yappreciated. they have done to make entertaining is re tl We wish to express our appreciation to Pete for daily effort t s o make our school a pleasant place to work and uden C0""Ci' 3 ytytsustst rcayycaa arcicrr ttyst t yyn ------- -- ---------------------------------- - -- --- -- -- -- -- ,-- -- -- -- --- -- --- -- 1 --- -- --- -- -- --- .-- --- -- --- - .-- -------- -- -- -- .-- - -- --- --- ,-- --- -- --- -- --- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- --- -- - -- - -- -- - -- - .- - ,- -- ,- -- - -- - -- - -- -- - -- - -- -- --------------.-------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ---------------- Bu nver ...- .......................--................. ................-....... xlffxv .ll 15:-:-11: '4 , l xgfs' Jztgflfri' :- gszfafik " r , 0 ' E5EQ225Q?'?E1E2' ' --.1 n-.-: LEFT TO RIGHT: Louis Champlain, Elmer Srevens, Calvin Kuntzelrnan, Clny Wiley. Compliments of J. L. CL,ARK'S MANUFACTURING CO. Stillman Valley, lllinois Of Education n ff I, 'CM'-rr ' q, . A -U LEFT TO RIGHT: Archie Arnlonr, Frank Mayer, Sam Goeken, Elmer Stevens, Fred Kruse. r I 5'wl.mnm11P1l E122 .. XVIII, No. 5 STILLMAN VALLEY, ILLINOIS, FRlDAY,' NOVEMBER 9, 1951 WHOLE NO. 88: I lillmon Valley l Conservation ls will have charge of the Glll Scout.. 5, u e lnthly radio workshop, at the Girl' out headquarters in Rockford. Conservation means about 1,2 .lnllars more per average farm ea Tuesdily afternoon, Mrs. Bee-I g P V I O U O I ll S O A group of friends were entertain- at the Ed Hallblado home Satur' V evening, in honor of Mr. Hall W .1 ill' in northern Illinois, explained l .1 B Boatman wine l'1!Ilit'l'V2iLllllllI ders birthday' L xlcfrlfsclrwiltlrin IE?r:lld1',Pj:i anlilfg Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Baer spent Sun- Q. . N 'i"..f,lnl lfl,',j,f',Ql - DIME, lait Q1-ue I with the Harley Benders of Ros- A 'QQ '22, 427, liiI'f" Iscfdhl 'W m ' X , .1- Q.-'gn . , - - - o 0' I . . . . ' . i vIr. and Mrs. Boyd Barrick and Mr. A , 42 6004909 iii I a scrap I V Jlecitmall Milli' ilk fllllplgllltlll ng i Mrs. W. B. Barrick were dinner Senior I ,bi '50, V039 ,O re. The Ogle 1 Week "'j"l'..lill" lllff' llllflb 'ltr H I li zsts of Mrs. E. W. Brown of Rock- ,S 0 'Jie 59 -' 'nation Commlu Elin! iiiilillilllihl:gilgr5igsciliilagLlx ihgt S' d' Satumay evening' The dlookea' ttf Collect a l10l5lllnL' and gains' -iii .-ti -I ation can land sholuld be fir. and Mrs. Sam Gocken were din- senior Q ' hafle asks . 'Q 'V ,lu b. 7 Y I qt b wi x Const ' guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. t ' c 'hls wlleflfl Ruth Frank f"l,lI"'yi 5wyLRfi:0t,iluZIl2:fg or thr :dcrick Wills. The dinner ' U at 1 'Xt We? l ' '. ' ' ' . ' Q . . ell in honor of Gilbert, who - - the Still 0522198 I'-11'1",f,l rflsllaf buslllm In COW' ,- x ygu l.I.l! 1- '. gf-cRl?lf13:gsg,?lEhnen an les to inter , , b -M I linssell Hammer, Polo, represel H ie if f M 1 ii :lf 2:25555 , - 1 ul-ni -. Q -2 - ' . A hxllwii . . .s l f ' L momy belun 'l..- l. d el H x lalned th 'Il' and Mrs' J- A- Schler arm pr , x "' ' 0 ' 1 liiost qilarliiiil Sagreeetliadl there is nt Williamson and Mrs I Q py urcountfy 8- ' -A - . , v I ' l types 5 ugh the payroll , ed for soil conservation, but ma odxl ln company with I char , , I-A-M0nth Plan vi- done little about it. He pl pwpll' from vnyfwl' at 1 for 1 15 I 'ted that within the next 15 yea mud Oldu OP rl' ill ed f K 1, my improvements will be made. l 'nf "l'f'l"' Y- . ,I and needs grass for erosi l birthday party for ll. ' . d f 'l t t . st and Patsy Will-s lv-1 - -V 6 'Ie U- S- Defense 2 . I glass S0:uc..lHEth0ds .qillst ljitlllu lntllto ld, w U PGFSOINII finqngi -rags Forage... He el llllllf- llllllllf lu, op0l'a -W -.that importance of makil i i M su- , f - """""l . when Y0u'reb - . . - mei Plllllllli gwvciituros. Kwhen you 3,31 ' -tl.ods. Ile also pointed o Hndfamll ltlilblc situation. ind sign up to never get anything out a' qfamlllg S black lnarkexta. 9 Plan. hall what is put in for silag r. an y. e , - . L- - . -f fgesegegg - 'z:::..1li .li Ellph agzh . hlSn1arketin1gAc3nig vtsry , 1 L lnethlod. Hasiaslgmleisgsohocziwseldag - L ,i -- o f me s eps. e emp s V'-'flat the ' S00 qem i- nge, and firm packing. He stat lllglll- ever, pfff' I an y, lliat. grass piles served. as a go Irs. Mary Rob elcer Ollefawg they emergency measure to harvest t rd will attend wed 'thai L . young e first crop of hay. This was especil ie of Mrs. Edw , will 00" . - ll' true ln a wet season like 1951. . , . .S ndie A and love l . . l'l'lSi Friday eve ,nl merclla xe, ' One of the highlights of the aft: Irs. Minnie The - I- 9, c0YYgPt ' Tan, '69er- Af the . ' noon was a 'panel on grass silage e Mary Dobnlck we - . of e 61 - I l g- Pa? and the ffl ierlences, with Ray Lane, Soil Conse the Robert Petersons s to C l anon Sew-Ice, Ambgy, serving g. . I D 'us . 'fs Willing derator. The 6 members of the pl Ir. and Mrs. JOB Mlitczk ' ' - 1 Cflfnbat-lf hl lr ' included three farmers from L 'e dinner guests Sunday at 1 1-,,7j' ,gn he's d l ' 'J county Andy Albrecht and Don H rner Bruns home. 0r'fl9f'-Q, - B ,, M , I X I' V d b lloson, lioth from FYanlili.n Groveg as lf- and MTB- BOW B- Barrick 'll 0113 " 'P . - ' . 'K P die y E David Wade Dixon: Russell Hamml guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. QH. Bar . 9 , - "W" also ls In ' T Ci"f'lHgf'n Playslthe i l'olo and Glen Reigle, Foneston, S 1 and Mr. and Mrs. Trahern Owl me- ' 'ml ' ln fm'mg ll ays l Farm Adviser George Perisho, 1 - F kShult1 d 'VI 1 li'll l ii li of Rockford, ut a dinner bridge! W"-1' Y- and MNA ,ran Joh 'Q 'SQ H"x P aye Y E P,-,mented Ogle cgunty. ty, Saturday evening. fGossip all from tl el' gon g Orffllqgls' the Cleef' l Several unusual points were broug lr. and Mrs. Ivar Freeberg and ff vig 'sw n ' Wt '3 l' ouston' c0m'liiiiQ by the panel, Albrecht stat nnette, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Frei--' Thi week we have ah :e ' 'las ' . I ihsg his steers snd dairy cows nev I and fllllllll' Were dlllllel' KUCSW of with us. He was quite surpr ad C he JU 1015 hope to 599 9Vel'Y0ll9 ln sec pasture. He produced 1200 to and Mrs. Clarence Wernbvrlr, all the steady couples floatin i. the 00m WNW ,ln allendance- ellhef T of grass silage tlfs year. For ea day. . ' Ho saw the ex Miss Spragu lk- i TllUl'5daY Ol' Fl'ldaY Yllghl ' 0' b0l-ll l of filling, he pref in the above-grow Irs. George Lewis was a dinner ing down tho haul with B mea bllrlnllrhts. lpn... He statedxhat his fu-m W St of Mrs. Allen GTBYW of Oregon. smile on her face. It seems as though day. Dean was home for a day or two. lfll- Nels HUDSON, MPS- Fl0l'8 Qlllsl Hey, kids, Harvey said she sat in the MTS- Sisrld Warner Were HUP' , balcony behind Tom and Floyd G. and' guests at the Charles Hamb-'ral Shirley B. and Vina C., se the Coro- lei Sulldib' .7lll8ht- MVS- Tllvfuslllnado theatre, after the Hallowe'en lb0l'8'l'9tU ed home Wllll Ch-Pm. party the other night. Seems as fr. and M . Carl Johnson called though 'hay left the pa,-gy sm-ly, Here is a short summary of the play. Dad is a terrific efficiency ex- pert, and it's his idea that what works in the factory will work in the home! Despite his high school age daughter's interest in boys and dates, Dad push- es ahead with better organizations for his large and delightful family. he Iver Pfeebefg home, Salurdal' How about a cream colored Mer- 'rho nlsv havin- mn-L fm.. -0 ni.- carrying a. larger number of liv stock than it ever did before. Rail feeds his cattle directly from ti trench silo. Perisho pointed out th gran silage actually helps to uve 1 protein. Hilleson explained that first it was hard to get his cows to s it but once they started they lik Htl Wuln'n 'tnnnrh'llh '79 41?- is P? l I MARY ELLEN FISCHER "Homer" Band 1.2. 3, 4. Pep Band 1.2. 3.4g Class President l, 2, Treasurer 45 Glee Club lg Sentinel Staff 2g Amual Staff 2.4g F.H.A. 1.2. 3,45 S Club 3.4, Librarian 3.4. Band Pres. 4. NONIE FOSTER "Lester" Pep Band 2, 3,4g Band 1.2, 3.4. Swing Band l,2. 3, 4, F.H.A. l.2. 3,45 Class Officer 3,6166 Club 1.2. 3.4, I-llxed Chorus 2, 3.4. S Club 2. 3,45 S Club Secretary 4, Sentinel Staff 44 Annual Staff 4g F.F.A. Queen 1. GEORGE GLENDENNING "Ge0rgiC" Mixed Chorus 1. Vice President 1,3g Band 1.2. 3, 4. Basketball 2, 31 Track 3g Speech Activities 4. F.F.A. 1.2. 3.4. Vice President 3g S Club 4. LOIS GLENDENNING "L0u" F.H.A. 1,z. 3.4. Class Play 3. Glee Club lg F.H.A. Secretary 3g Class Treasurer 3g Annual staff 4. Complirnents of HCLCOMB STATE BANK RICHARD ARMOUR "Dick" Band 1,2, 3.4, Speech Activities 3, F.F.A. 1.2, 3.4, President 4. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Presidentg Football 3.4: Track 1.2, 3,45 S Club 2.3.4: F.H.A. lg Swing Band 31 Mixed Chorus lg Cross Country 1.2. ALLENE BLUME "Twirp" F.H.A. 1.2. 3,45 Glee Club 1. DONNA BOLTHOUSE "B01dy" F.H.A. 1.2. 3,45 Class Treasurer 3g Student Council 4. F. H.A. Historian 35 F.H.A. President 4g Glee Club 1.2. 3.4. Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4g Class Play 31 Speech Activities 39 Librarian 1.4. Asst. Head Librarian 4. t WX ,. .F 6, fl" ,, , . . uh P: 'xml -aw 'Yztf GLENN HALSNE "I-Ia1sne" F.F.A. 1: F.B.A. 1, Band 1.2, 3.4, Swing Band 33 Softball 2, Football 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Speech Act. 3, S. Club 3.4, Brass Quartette AUDREY HAYES "Meri" F.H.A. 1.2, 3.4, Song Leader 3, Glee Club I,2, 3,4, Band 1.2, 3,4, Pep Band 1.2, 3.4, Jr. Class Play, Student Council 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4, Speech Activities 1.2, 3.4, S. Club 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Double Quartette 4, Girls' Trio 2g Librarian 3. BONNIE HENDRICKSON "Bert" Glee Club 1,2, 3.4, F.H.A. l,2,3,4g Class Sec- retary I, Treasurer 2, President 4, F. I-LA. Treas- urer 2, F.H.A. Parlimentarian 4, Student Council Reporter 4. .l , . . Ea ie .l 5 . -"' , . .-- . ,., , . . 1- 1.1-,-uvtuiflnfi QR' .JS V"'Y DONNA HERRING "Red" F.H.A. I,2, 3,4, Song leader I, Annual Staff 4, Librarian 2. JAMES HILLIARD "Jim" Vice President 4, Band 1,2, 3,4, Pep Band 3, Stage Manager 3, Track 2, 3, Football 4, S. Club 3,4, Annual 4: Swing Band 4, German Band 4, F. F. A. 1. REBERTA KNIGHT "Bert" Glee Club lg F. H.A. l,2. 3.45 Librarian 4. DAVID MAGNUSON "Maggie" F.F.A. l, Band 2. 3.4, F.B.A. I, Pep Band 33 Student Council 2, Class Play 3, S. Club 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Annual Editor '52, German Band 4. Compliments 13 STILLMAN VALLEY NATIONAL BANK AM., 5 'Q ffl "-nr .17 1' tg!! :Eg 'r 1. ii si ,gr mi -sf I .f t. it. l . FREDDII: SCHEIBLE "Fritz" Mixed Chorus l,2, 3.4, Band 3.4, F.F.A. 1.2, 3.4, Vice President 4, Speech Activities 4. BETTY SMITH "Bettson" Class Reporter 1, Class Secretary 2, Band 1.2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1.2, 3.4, Speech Activities 3, Girls' Trio 2, F.H.A. l,2, 3.4, Glee Club l,2,4g Mixed Chorus 2.4, Sentinel Editor 4, Annual Staff 1.4, S. Club 3, 4, Librarian 2, 3.4, Band Secretary-Treasurer 4. JOHN SWANSON ",IOhl"lniC R." Band l,2, 3,4, Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, F.F.A. l, 2, 3,4, F.B.A. I, Class Officer 1,23 Speech Activ- ities 2. CAROL VAUPEL "Brown Eyes" F.H.A. l.2,3,4,G1ee Club 1.2, 3.4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3.4, S. Club 4, Class Play 3, Class Secretary 4, Double Ouartette 2.4, Annual Staff 4, F. H.A. Song Leader 2. Compliments of Nl-ELSON'S IEWELR Y Byron -ear! Q-,WMV CAROLYN Nus r-cur" F. H.A. 1.2, 3.4, Vice President 4, Band l, 2, 3.4, Swing Band 2, 3,4, Pep Band 2, 3,4, Class Play 3, S. Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1.2, 3.4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4, Annual Staff 3,4. GLORIA METHENY "Bclls" F. H.A. l,2, 3.4, Band 2, Sentinel Staff 4, Annual staff 4, Glee Club l,2, Mixed Chorus 2, S. Club 3.4, Librarian 2, 59 Byron 1. RICHARD RIEKEN "Dick" F.F.A. lg Track 2, 3.4, Basketball 2, Band 2, 3, 4, S. Club 3,4, Student Council 3, Annual Staff 3.4, Class Play 3, Speech Activities 4, S. Cl11b President 4, Pep Band 3, Sentinel Staff 4, Brass Quartette 3, Football 4. ELWYN SANDERS "Skinny" Band 4, Football 3, 4, F.B.A. lg F.F.A. l,2, 3.4, Secretary 35113 Sentinel lg Mixed Chorus lp S. Club A E l0R df-una in P' . . ,Q The nammous Declaration F, Of The Senior Class of 1952, S. V. H. S. When in course of school events, it becomes necessary for the Senior Class to dissolve the educational bonds which have connected it to the other classes, and to assume the duties of citizenship for which their school life has prepared them, a decent respect to the opinion of the other classes requires that they should transcribe this history leading up to their grad- uation. We, the Senior Class of 1952., entered the halls of S.V.H.S. in the fall of 1948, feeling a bit apprehensive but eager to begin our higher education. Our class congress elected Donald Parish, sponsor: Mary Ellen Fischer, President: George Glendenning, Vice P1-esidentg Bonnie Hendrickson, Secretary: and John Swanson, Treasurer to govern us during our first session of school. The main event for this year was a Valentine party we gave for the school. As our second session convened, we elected as class officers, Mary Ellen Fischer, President: John Swanson, Vice President: Betty Smith, Secretaryg Bonnie Hendrickson, Treasurerg and Mr. Parish and Mr. Getschman as class sponsors. Our main event was the Christmas Party we gave for the school. As Junior states-men, we began our third session by electing as sponsor Miss Spragueg President, Richard Armourg Vice President, George Glendenningg Secretary, Nonie Fosterg Treasurer, Lois Glendenning. The main event of this year were the Play, Junior-Senior Banquet and the Prom. Taking our honored places as Senior statesmen, we chose Mrs. Macklin s our sponsor. For our governing body we elected BonnirHendrickson, Presidentg Jim Hilliard, Vice President, Carol Vaupel, Secretary: Mary Ellen Fischer, Treasurer. We are looking forward to our Senior trip and Graduation. And for the support of this declaration and with a firm reliance on what the future holds for us, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. Compliments of ROCKFORD SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 319 W. Jefferson X Rockford, Ill. .M 5 M , . .I . .. O 'X 'D PWL72 Oli 1 l fizlflll 3 fri 2 'sl fi 9 f ar s at 'ai' l if f ' 52'Ywff'r FT ,I e Z , . Name Glenn Halsne Richard Rleken Elwyn Sanders George Glendenning Richard Armour Fred Scheible James Hilliard Carolyn Manus Donna Bolthouse Audrey Hayes Allene Blume Gloria Metheny Lois Glendennlng David Magnuson z Betty Smith I Mary Ellen Fischer John Swanson Bonnie Hendrickson Nonie Foster Carol Vaupel Donna Hening Nickna me Halsne Dick Skinny I unlor Dick Fritz Jim Cur Bolty Mert Twirp Bells Lou Sach Bettson Homer Johnny R. Bert Les Brown Eyes Red Pastlme Playing Football Working during school days Sleeping, eating and reading Going out with girls Sleeping during the day Going to Kings Taking out girls Getting stuck in the mud Keeping track of Dick Playing the organ Writing letters to Fay Going to church Going with Joe Sleeping Writing to a soldier Going with Chuckie Going to Forreston Going to Peoria Riding in a convertable Riding in the Bel-Aire Watching television 16 Horo cope Ambition Be a coach Undertaker Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Farmer Finding a girl Accordian player Get rich Secretary Telephone operator Bea utician Housewife Fisherman's wife Write a book Undertaker Soldiers wife Secretary Veterinarian Get Married Secretary To have a career Get Married to a French Teacher 1 Most Likely to Be Doctor Businessman Deck Hand Hog Raiser Bachelor Bandleaider Stage Manager Mother of a football team School Teacher Farmer's Wife Spinster Secretary at Rock- ford Dry Goods Ioe's Wife Bum Housewife Actress Farmer Mother of a dozen Farmer's wife Old Maid Home Ec. Teacher -x Q f f .P RICHARD ARMOUR wllls his football suit to Bobby Hamer. FREDDIE SCHEIBLE wills his drum sticks to Ronald Ollphant. BETTY SMITH wills her excess weight to Sue Stevens. ALLENE BLUME wills her ability to keep her locker clean to Shirley Geiger. BONNIE HENDRICKSON leaves her ability to keep one man to Marilyn Swanson. DAVID MAGNUSON wills his books to some lucky Junior. JIM HILLIARD wills his ability to get along with Mr. Roe to Richard Strohman. - GEORGE GLENDENNING wills his height to Judy Kuntzel- min. DONNA BOLTHOUSE wills her pleasing voice to Melvin Hunt. MARY ELLEN FISCHER wills her height to Hubert Hickey. GLORIA METHENY wills her ability to type to Joann La ndolt. fl La t Will And Te lament We. the Senior Class of 1952, being in our right mind, do bequeath and bequit, leave and get rid of the following talents--to put in their high place lowly creatures--who from henceforth must stumble onward without the shining example set by the class of '52. AUDREY HAYES wills her height to Richard Yankus. CAROLYN MANUS wills her ability to not go steady to Jim Schultz. CAROL VAUPEL wills her ability to get along with the teachers to John Cox. LOIS GLENDENNING wills her ability to stir up trouble to Ida Belle Gray. REBERTA KNIGHT wills her boisterousness to Billy Jolly. NONIE FOSTER wills her ability to keep quiet in first hour study hall to Frank Bennett. GLENN HALSNE wills his ability to play football to George Groenhagen. DICK RIEKEN leaves his ability to type to Pauline Friday. ELWYN SANDERS wills his ability to stay away from girls to Earl Gocken. JOHN SWANSON leaves his ability to be tardy to Jerry Lace. DONNA HERRING wills her quarrelsomeness to Pat Lace. C ornplime nts of SINGERS 104 West State Rockford, Ill. 5 AMERICAN CABINET 416 S. Main Rockford, Ill. , 17 '-sa.-4, moon -'K ,Q K ., V fb Q. 'P gf? L '. .5 7 .W . s ...a Prophec Dear Diary, It has been ten years since I've seen any of my former classmates so l've decided to get in my jet plane and see what I can find out about my classmates. May 2 This was the first day of my trip. Today I went to Stillman Valley where I found Glenn Halsne who has become principal of S. V. H. S. Some of the teachers are Nonle Foster who teaches history and Betty Smith who teaches English Lit. I asked Betty if she liked Lit. better than when she was in high school? She admitted she didn't. Both Nonie and Betty were anxious to tell me about their families which fill up their spare time. I left the school and went out South of Stillman where I found George Glendenning who was very busy raising pigs. He had very little time to talk. He did tell me, though, that he was happily married but, not to his school days' sweetheart. May 3 Today I flew out to Cinncinati where I found Freddie Schieble leading a band. Some of the members of his band are David Magnuson, Jim Hilliard and Dick Reiken who are still just as good friends as they were in high school. They have a very find band. Freddie is just as he was In high school. His wife is Donna Herring. May 4 Today as I landed my jet who should come to take care of it but John Swanson. He's still a bachelor and full of fun. lwent into the cafeteria and there I found Mary Ellen Fischer and Bonnie Hendrickson. I found they were co -owners of what they call Homer and Bon's place. May 5 Today I went to New York City. ln New York I heard that Carol Vaupel was a teacher in one of the schools so I decided to go visit her. Carol is a French teacher. She is still unmarried. May 6 Today I flew to a small town on the coast of Maine where I found Gloria Metheny and her husband. I found that Gloria's cook was Reberta Knight. Gloria said she just loves Maine. May 7 I decided I would fly to Florida today. When I arrived in Miami Beach I was greeted with the news that Audrey Hayes had finally caught Dick Amour and they were down here enjoying their honeymoom. At the hotel I met Donna Bolthouse. Donna's husband owns the hotel. She made me feel very much at home. . May 8 Today l flew to New Orleans. At New Orleans l heard Elwyn Sanders was farming just a few miles from there so l flew to his fami. I found that Lois Glendenning and her husband were visiting Elwyn. Lois told me that Carolyn Manus had finally found a man to suit her tastes and had settled down near her old home town. May 9 Today 1 flew to Kentucky to see Allene Blume who has changed her name to Fraley. Allene is the proud mother of twins. May lo Well, I guess, this just about winds up my trlp lt has been so goodto see all my old friends. 1 8 ' Q Svitllmzm Halley mm ff, , uf" -J A 7 XK46 i+::91" ach Christmas season my wife 5 out the stack of last year's istmas cards. She cuts out some of pictures and uses them for cards :ie on Christmas gifts Ihile doing that this year she ran rss our card from.Bishop J. Ralph pee and his daughter. The card : a Christmas -poem written by 'riet Keeler Magee in 1937. Mrs ee has been away eight years now her beautiful spirit lives on 'n words of her poem g out, weet, ,tuneful Christma hens . 5 af SW' UNITED CHRISTIAN CHURCH N EWS Sundav school 10 a Morning viorship 11 a m There will be no evening sen as ue me Joining the Congrtgatio church for their Christmas progr SV H vw I HRISTMA CIM SUPPOI I LRFIEULD BRC Fmmo .3 QILTEEJUSUS X l liver and New Id Q S 1 L ty His ne W Q Florida Christmas morning 5 i0 a m Julotta senice childrens Christmas prograrg Farmers degree in 1945 and an H Ioraiy State Farmers degree in 191 NewY Mme gjogd Sales and X C Rom A Rn ni Ig?" navvla00:1s:2 fo? x man By now you probably know P E Corn Null ie 15 the Son tcachei I am talking about is one Fed DI ' Roos of Ormi. p'm5h 'ichard Lea He lives on the south side of S1 Wm If yo Yrnas tm Leafs Wm Over Cards 3 7 feed Ikccmbei 14 marked anothei n th a 'fl at f the Stillman Xall v hea ights Wlth a 10 point lead at ,, e 'U o f the first quarter Leaf Ri sg 5 ve the dreadful diri of warg W0 recent ve the strident clash of ar suing value 0 ve the drone of bombin '. dry corn for V t drop their load of aw ek. Researchers n defenseless humankin with 3 moistur 25 to 32 P9 g out, oh joyous Christmas ve the .greed and spite of ' steer calves i out your glad, exultant son down the maddened snarl of ' at soft com t kills the thought of brotherhoo ose clas wrecks the hearts and homes of -nd that men. , es in g years ago, to Bethlehem re came a Babe, a wondrous 5 childg ! life and death. His Easter mom, P now, today, suspicion, fear, V lc boldly through the earth's do- main. e given ho e to countless souls, I . I I :, Christmas bells, until each heart l very nation 'neath the sky 1 heed your song of peace andf love, J worship Christ, the Lord and' King. 1 1 ' Rural Youth s - lin your heart, oh friend of mine, Christmas bells riugaweet .and clear I ie bells of Christmas do ring out e the cannon's roar. On this one. at least, we tum with hope to the stmas story. The day will come,g gh it may not be soon, when menitl remember good will and brother-3 every day of the year, when mens ' ' plough-i pruning! 4 A "beat their swords 1nto es, and their spears into s." .e bells of Christmas do resouitd e the selfishness of men. Recall fnmuv nf Uflrkqp 'DLA 111.1--A-. 'El-......ll. 'of -ese c CC l l - -- L - is 'Q Goss ' 5 C US ll.. Z lim.,- confine monthsbmgx Mr. and lu. family attended' ., Thi e reindee , rands M t rands js " few bits- Q Rudolp the 1 Jack W1 a Carolyn M., Phil H. and: . r Cedamue' Sunday H ' fo all looked a little ' goof! win The newest of fres this afmnter ,Floyd G. arid Sharon m ' a ul UI i X f ' ?Y ' ' -I-Col - hae! ' Y .YCILQCI C .f " 1 'all-purpose flour 9 rm A 'f .b is MT- and Mrs' MQ?-rlarir ezisclagvriialt ere guests at the Mi o - 2 cu? nuts' Chopped r b , 'Squeeze Juice from the Your I CUP- Fm cup M ful . My 0 ater. u h e girls went man g a D to . places then' they c - back to"the hi a sevcn point lead at the h ame within two points aitei of tumg the ga Diff elnnd at the end of Lakf 8 to 22 Final score lcaxe and MTS- FG FT PF I'. all spending -i and MPS- napolis Ind. daughter of A pre-Chri was held a . . Sunday' T River Clarion R0 tonica lox mmarv as fol bu can estock " estock f Ag- P how- ' soft pring ts won a v l0W1,M' ast Friday nig famfl 5 playing on the s Mr man scored 30 poii , o Leaf River's 9. Bl leur had high scoring honors 'ng the ball through the hoop 3 ints while Kuntzelman was hi for Leaf River with 10. ,ore by quarters: 8 lman ..... . ................... - ..... 16 30 38 eaf River ..... . ....................... 1 9 18 Forresfon Wins, 71-41 Forreston varsity defeated Stillm Valley at Forreston Tuesday nigI "1 toi..41, in a Route 72 conferen gl me.1.'Forreston also won the preli '3', 5.5 to 46. Hickey of Stillman Valley was hi L. XVIII, No. 6 l STILLMAN VALLEEY, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1951 WHOLE NO. 89 I, I. .,. 32, ' I - . -' . - 111. . ,.f.,,g,,. . A ' r ' ' , .D . lf 'TX .Qu-J'f..v-f, . 3 , ' " s. ."'7iSTgfi"-'if'f'f'fi W ' ' ' ' Y ' : .' S '-"'T'-.. .. a'.L1- ' ' ' .. X V' v b .:-,-ti ll . . . ' L fy. I ' N ' " ' ' . ' 1:Iv..s.4... I 4 ' ffuesday eV?nil1g, 713011 m-, I ll ff er . 'B . ' :A ' I - l-L f 1 N- V 1 1 " QQ' X 1 s V. . i I I 1- 5' 6 of ' , . , . . v . : t , 4 : L N - XX? 4 Ar ,V . .' . v Q- . T h s K ri O ' . I , ' " lic. I I -, I Y. . , ' . NI I5 Q hs V v ' . j. I . ' fiulligglill I x V ' 5 - ' f in I . x X M 1 0 2 ' 4 4 , 0 '7 ' 3 4 I 1 5 4 2 2 li v , 1 three or four dates no s CQ3lld get serious. Rudolph heard that Joann B. had a party a week or so ago. John S. has been keeping Joann busy since then. Last week was really busy for her. Seems that the F. F. A.,banquet played a big moment in Dorothy Y. romantic life, anyway, Dorothy came home with a "51" class ring. Could it have been Norman W.'s? Congratulations are in order to Ro- gene H., since last Wednesday Gene F. came home. Rogene looks pretty happy lately. A I U i I l l I l 1 school and had refreshments, played games and exchanged gifts. The next hot lunch will be served the first Wednesday after Christmas vacation. Betty L. Graduate In Service Pvt. Theodore L. Typer was induct- ed into service November 19 of this year and was stationed at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, Cal., for boot training. He will be graduated in January and will be scorer in the varsity game with points'-with Lyle Ruthe high for Fc reston, with 17 points. Jed Akii sophomore team player, broke I right tliumb in Tuesday night's gan Stillmah Yalley ...... 4 14 6 17- Forreston ........... .. ..... 17 11 19 24 Advice to the Lovelorn Dear Aunt Jen, Wheel I am so happy, a cute lit! sophomore girl smiled at me yeste day. She was a short fabout 5'3V2' I Iiunette, short hair, pretty teeth. e' ROW I: Rogcne Hayes, Sue Stevens, Marilyn Swanson, Kent Hollingsworth, June Colligan, Tom Glendenning, Mr Parish. ROW 2: Ida Belle Gray, Pat Lace, Eddie Sanders, Donald Pihl, Carolyn Gill, Peggy Lace, Joann Blobanm, Ruth Frank. ROW 5: Jack Wiles, David Hendrickson, Margaret Miller, Phyllis Fraley, Janice Wills, Robert Sund, Edith La Mont. ROW 4: Wallace Tedrick, Gordon Harms, Albert La Freur, Ricardo Navarro, Phil Houston, John Cox, Earl Gocken. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY During our Junior year we have really become busy people. Our first project was the selling of refreshments at football games which were held on Byron's Field. In November we gave "Cheaper by the Dozen" which drew a record breaking crowd for a Junior Class Play. During the basketball season we sold refreshments at the basketball games. On May 3 we gave our Junior-Senior Prom in the gym On May 10 we gave our Junior-Senior Banquet at the Y. M. C. A. Log Lodge. The class officers for the year were: President ...... Kent Hollingsworth W 2 Secretary . . . . . June Colligan ,A 'I' Treasurer . . . . . Sue Stevens . Student Council . . Thomas Glendenning Advisor . . . . . . -Mr. Parish Class Colors . . . Blue and Silver Class Flower . . . . Pink Carnation Class Motto . The past forever gone, the future still our own. Compliments Kings Illinois Kings, Illinois O Vice-President . . .Marilyn Swanson I W Y V N RALPH HAYES and SON WHITE ROCK ELEVATOR 2.0 -xr L 4-7-9' ROW 1: Mrs. Lawrie, Frank Bennett, Dorothy Young, Jerry Lace, Harold Alderks, Hubert Hickey, Gene Hollingsworth, Shirley Geiger, Mable Mc Ghee, Shirley Bosecker, Yolanda Abney, Trudy lvlcCammond, Jean Van Briesen. ROW 2: William Jolly, Betty La Fleur, Lanitu Manus, Carolyn Scheffler, Pauline Friday, Suzie Hackney, Betty Halsne. ROW 3: James Good, Clinton Vaupel, Vina Cox, Robert Knight, Donald Roos, Henry Hoting, Fred Schumacher, Robert Hornecke. SOPHOM ORE CLASS HIST ORY We started our second year at S. V. H. S. by sponsoring several booths at the Fall Festival. At Christmas time we gave the Christmas party for the high school. The party was delayed until Jan. 2 be- cause of all the snow. At the end of the school year we are making plans for the school picnic. The officers for the year were: President ....... Hubert Hickey Vice President . . . .Jerry Lace Secretary . . . Dorothy Young 0 Treasurer . . . . Harold Alderks Student Council . Frank Bennett Advisor . . . . Mrs. Lawrie Class Colors . . Blue and White Class Flower . ..... Red Rose + Class Motto. . Not done, just begun. ' l nr 2'-0 of O Compliments 6 E , LACE CHEVROLET 1!G1,X,,x Davis Junction, Illinois --- 0- is ,fa f ff l, Q 21 s4'L'fdwEl"i9 1 1 L ' ROW 1: Richard Van Vleet, Mrs. Nuppeneau, Sharon lppen, Floyd Glendenning, Larry Hilliard, John Gilbert. ROW 2 Richard Yankus, Wesley Lewis, Virginia white, Deloras Blobaum, Alice Cash. Mildred Groenhagen, Judy Kuntzelman Robert Hamer. Dorthy Halsne. ROW 3: Ronald Oliphant, Richard Strohman. Rodney Rhodes, Kenneth Houston, Mary Ruth Erxlebun, Doris Stocking, Gene Lenstrom, Donald Landolt, George Groenhagen, Birdie Preston. FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY We started our first year at S. V.H.S. with 11 girls and 16 boys. We entered a float in the Fall Festival parade. This year we sponsored a Leap Year Party for the school in February and also had a Freshman Day in May. Our leaders this year were: President ...... Floyd Crlendenning Vice President . . Raymond Conderman Secretary . . Treasurer . . Student Council . Advisor . . . Class Flower . Compliments Pl-III..LIP'S GROCERY Holcomb, Illinois V Class Colors . 14 Z2 . Sharon lppen . Gene Schultz Larry Hilliard Mrs. Nuppeneau Green and White White Carnation DITTMAN'S SERVICE Holcomb Cross Road 511111112111 'iamirg' me JL., XVIII, No. 7 STILLMAN VALLEY, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, l95l WHOLE NO. 89 'I' l. 1 npcs -1... K. f -- '1 gl I . xx., , +X ' A 44 'Q-as - , - ' V 'RV is 4 I 3 f 1 "i r , U 1, , ! V lv lt oi' 3 ' -1 1 N-Qu ,ucv-, I 5 x ff 01 i . : ...- 6 ' D---L, .'.L'l- ,.. Q ' '..'.L ' A ., 17 Q' ' nn A115 ul 1 I lcreaming sirens 'iercing factory whistles llaring automobile homs 1 hrilling police whistles Yacophonous dance bands linking liquor glasses 'ealing church bells ill these will be mingled with uts of ' Happy New Year" as 1951 s and 1952 begins. How can an onal writer interpret this New ir's clamor? t is possible that the sirens may am again in 1952, sending us to r air-raid shelters that we hav l S E 'QP I Ocglxx 0 . 00 ,ab . ' S62-6 9553 xox, K' is ill. L 5 M iJunior ClassP , 'ss Qs ,G I Q. c 0 . x N 9 I was kind of xo199GbY9?9e05q'y.50'5 lt halls of old s. v 'Mist' ,vii --'Q' P to find wh 3 thought of comment Donn Q Man I1 g '91 co Ol' .""-i".i,2f'i'0 4' 1 da, built Yet experts feel that t " fo .mlin's leaders really do not wan ffle 6 a aird world war any more than ay and that while the tension will Olzjd 2 po' n, even increase, the conflag H5 02 11 1 will not burst upon us. U I- Us Ge he riddle of the year is what wel uld do about preparedness. Should If make all-out war plans, and there VCU almost definitely commit ourselves he necessity of war' Should we, Ax to make guns and butter at the W ie time? Can our economy stand stress of preparedness' Will we krupt our nation, and turn our pe toward communism or fascis J E L -.Q- b.. . i ' fill-,FD O - o...w2-:fam F-QS' wifnmmgm therem. rn 99 3,13-' ,N N war-mg 5- Wymi SSS: fvf-50am Cent! 'ua-3" C309 uet C.: mn, WN Ng ra monroe W gr: aa uzifffo IJ' as XX X X e form " Qlhurrh Nates 'VUNGREGATIONAL CHURCH NEWS l Sunday school, 10 a. ln. I Worship service, 11 a. m. 1' Choir rehearsal, 7:30 p. ni., W n--sday, at the Dr. lleebe home. . -lilii , UNITEDECHRISTIAN CHURCH Sunday school, 10 a. m. I Morning worship, 11 a. m. Scrn Ilopic, "A Constant Contrast." Evening service, 7:30 p. m. 1 i Sunday school program that was c. I-d off because of bad weather, ' scheduled for this Sunday evening special offering, for the two orph ages we help each year will be tak Monday evening at 8 30 p m annual business meeting of the chu will be held This will be followed b soual hour and then a devotional s ine will welcome in the new ye Ilan to spend this time in Christ fellowship and worship There will be no mid week seiv Wednesday Jan 3 Our annual observance of Pra Lek will begin the second week nuary Watch for more announ ts concerning these import: vices Age ne L Stark pastoi I I I 6 the dam McMast 860 t the ho s Nellie ll enton strc 51 There v he Grimes fa ho married Zi arried to Geox he factory whistles wlll co d to them was b' call millions of workers to t - 'S Prospects indicate that th tmangage' she om will continue. But is the i y on a regon ' ild 'break out? Are we any-l re near the goal of ideal labor iagement relationships? Is profit ring the answer? Will another nd of inflation threaten further' economy of our nation' I he automobile horns will continue r discord all year Thousands thousands more riders and pedes ns will be killed. We already have W ad a million persons in auto traffic dents. As long as speed remains wltchword the toll will mount ience will continue to demonstrate l liquor and gasoline do not mix I olicemen will blow their whistles ly times as they go about their It of checking minor traffic V10-i ms and major crimes as well. Will mle delinquency continue its up un H 'ilarilyn S w ll 0 heavy e a arines and 100 a declared vi ork P ,,--'- reston gave Thomas Lzfiereni was nt to be inaugurate Senior Class Ca The second Senior class candy sale was held at noon on Tuesday Nov 97 in the study hall The first one was at noon in study hall on Nov 20 We have made about S5 on both of them We sold out early both times The next sale will be held Wdnesday Dec 5 Additional items such as pop torn balls and cake will also be sold this time Dona Herring gn, ayton was a great lover 7 what would happen lf peace G I 7' jd out th and skillful with her crocl flowed that c By preference she was a Cc 10 In federal f lgationalist ,pasted and could She is survived by her daugh' ellmmating any e Dai y QMrs Harryj Harding of I the citizens In fact, old PY Mrs Lawrie beating r Roe at a game of chess" Not being able to see Tom Glendennmg s flashy socks'l Henry Hotlng with his mouth shut" Lois Ann Glendennmg not driving a round in an Oldsmobile 88 " M1 Sxmpkms not counting money all thc tune" The Davis Junction bus getting in on time in the lYl0I'Yll'l'lgS7 A quiet eighth period study hall? Everyone getting to band rehearsal at 300 sharp" And last but not least no body gmtting sent to the office for a ion 10 grandchildren 18 great grai 1 children and 10 great great grandcl di en one nephew, James Z Snyd futher relatives and many friends The service in her memory was hl at the Bakener funeral home on D 27 with burial in the Byron cemete: The Rev James H Hagerty officiatq lllvestock Markets : tlteported by John Clay 8: Compar 9 Lxtra generous supplies of cat! hogs and lambs last week had a i pressing influence on prices L rattle arrivals were largest in a yea j . vo 1 e is - ,, 8 5 , ' Q. ' . f , m A. A . .1 i t , ' 3 , U . . . W ,- QQ H gg ' U ' ' 01- " 2 5' ... "' I . la ' . 1 : . 31? l Q' 5 Nm 3 . 1 M 4. , , r ' f ae 5 . fb ' . ' . i 6, 1 2 If -. U' :r 3. . . - Va X A uso".-F-go xl.. I . l l lv 11 1, 1' 0'-'3 ' 1+ il . ' . C T ' 1 . - l Q- 09 D C L I ' ' ' . . ' ' I S .ag :rr -A 1, V ' . 3 ' ' ' 1' 31' 'i....m' 1 - - 6 I 9 Xgm , Q 0,8 ,D ,L . . ' k - y pe tl I tg I . , cfs? Ah t . . . . . ee qw ., u . . we I1 ' g N Q 4 Q , , I .- 1 Q' ,J ES . . ..- h L , -1 f ., . 1 1 , J X 1 1 1 ' .' A .3 -' . 2 Kg f - , 1 u ' ' ql X . . ..-" ' X ' y. A , K QQ! i . u' 5' n ' , im x li, ' ' - 5- . . sent business structure a sound ,, - i -i W . dren by this marriage- ' - -'N ' .' --A ca . ,, .- , - . . I ' ' -pi f ' ,, ln. : t My B f- .' . ' . 51 . ul.. - ., ' - . . . -I, ' H' ' ' , ' ' ' ' If 'e ' ,f-- ' L 'f - . ' ' . ' - . ' , i ge H ,Z 'l' -' ' . . . , jr ! . 5 I I . -1 0 ' 'I , . l Y I ' I - , . - ' ' ' an u ,I 9 - " I . ' . . . ' ' ' . . - li g . . ' ' ' l . ' - ' , I - E . 'I ' X , -J' . . I 1 . ig" Or, is it parental delinquency whole flax Lan xou ima inc" ,hogs and lambs most since Janua - is .... CL B BANQUET ,-. 41 N-. 7 it np GORDON GLELNDEINNING Livestock Transportation Davis Junction, Illinois The "S" Club banquet was held in the gym April 5, 1951. This dinner was held in honor of all students who have earned either an activity or athletic "S", One hundred and twenty eight parents and stu- dents enjoyed a delicious dinner served by the Home Economics Department. Students earn points for their letters in various school activities including Band, Chorus, FFA, FHA, Speech, Plays, Scholarship, etc. Students representing these activities gave short talks on their experiences. Mr. Robert Francis of the Department of Education, University of Wisconsin, was the guest speaker. He complimented SVHS for its excellent activity program. He emphasized the value of these experiences in relation to mental balance and the development of pe r s ona lity. Compliments of PENGUIN FOOD LOCKERS 1614 Christina Rockford, Illinois N V" ,f ,,..on""'-'-rwdv.-H. Twenty-second Annual Combined Concert by School Bands of STILLMAN VALLEZY AND MONROE CENTER Loren L. Hubbell--Director April ZZ, 1951 Ihevron--March , , , , ,Pat Lee Iharming--Waltz , ,,,,,,, EZ. Waldteufel eaboard--March ,,,,,,,,, Z. G. Thomas Selections-Stilhnan Valley Tonette Band Mrs. Barrick, Director Santenella--Baritone Solo-Vandercook Marilyn Wiltfang Arcturus--Cornet Solo--Vandercook Robert Ioesten ignal--March ,,,,,,,,, , Z. G. Thomas nchanted Hour--Serenade ,,,,,, P. T. Archer nterprise--March .,,,,,,,,, Pat Lee Friends--Trombone Solo--Clay Smith Betty Smith Selections--Stillman Valley Swing Band mblem of Honor--Overture ,,,,,, Don Keller . P. M.--March ......... Z. G. Thomas Shirley Geiger --Accompanist Z5 , I PRI G K. E. E. A. EVE T A D C0 TESTS Last Sept. 7 and 8, 19 schools exhibited at the annual Vo-Ag fair in which 21 boys from Stillman Valley showed. Clintion Vaupel, Freddie Schumacher, and Earl Gocken placed first in competition with the other 18 schools. The four boys and Mr. Parish attended a luncheon sponsored by the Freeport Kiwanis Club at which they were awarded a plaque which is kept in the trophy case. In 1949 we won the school sheep exhibit. November 17, 1951, Mr. Parish and 10 boys ventured to Warren, Illinois, the section 1 grain and poultry judging contest. There were 19 schools represented at these contests. The Still- man Valley grain team walked away with top honors with a team total of 2284. 1 of a possible 2400 points. In this contest the top three count for team total with all three of Stil1man's in the top ten high individuals. These individuals were Harold Aldericks, first with 771. 4. , Robert Sund second with 762. 3, Elwyn Sanders eighth with 750. 4. The other Stillman entries were Richard Armour with 715. 8, and Freddie Scheible with 696. 6 The grain team for their showing received a plaque which kept in the trophy case in the new Ag building. The Stillman Valley poultry team was nineth with a team total of 2200. 5 points of a possible 2400 points. Individual points were as follow: Earl Gocken-724. 6, Donald Pihl-733. 2, Gordon Harms-724. 6, John Cox-669. 3, Tom Glendenning 629. 8. In this contest only the top three count to- ward the team total. Compliments S. V. H. S. Board of Education 1 N , AMERICAN MUSIC I6OO The American Indian Pale Moon By The Waters of Minnetonka 1775 Colonial America The Royal Minuet 1850-1865 Struggle for Liberty of All Men Camptown Races Beautiful Dreamer Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair 189o-igio Bicycle or Automobile To A Wild Rose Quilting Party Daisy Bell ln my Merry Oldsmobile 1920 Memories of School Days School Days When You Wore a Tulip Memories Today Song of The Wind Serenade Old Man River Begin the Beguine Sweethearts Finale rin 1 fr U tl h my q AMERICAN SWEETHEARTS Logan Lieurance Beethoven -Manney Foster Foster Fos ter MacDowell College Song Dacre Edwards Traditional Wemrich Van Alstine Ira Wilson Romberg Jerome Kern Cole Porter Victor Herbert ek -we If .,. 'g f MAY May Day sponsored by our Parent Teacher's Association, is one of the most attractive social events of the year. Here the entire community gathers to honor "The Queen of the May". Organizations of the grade school and high school join in a program to entertain the Queen and her Court of Honor. Stillman Valley is noted throughout this area of the state for the beauty of their May Day Celebration. Compliments of STILLMAN VALLEY P. T. A. m m. I m. mr . . -,.,.,.,,,-, mu- am-gm-mv-vf PROGRAM Band Proce s sion Queens Herald Trumpet Trio S. V. H. S. Band Entrance of Queen and her Court Queen Mary La Fleur Crowning of Queen '50 Queen Janice Barnhart Looby Loo Kindergarten Ten Little Indians Primary Room The Noble Duke of York Third and Fourth Grade The Virginia Reel Fifth and Sixth Grade Folk Dance "Katrinal" Seventh and Eighth Grade Minuet Freshman Girls Physical Ed. Demonstration Physical Ed. Dept. May Pole Dance Sophomore Girls Compliments of STILLMAN VALLEY P. T. A m - mn. . -mu..-nm mm l 'r 'n Wm... PROM 5 2 I " ' OVER THE RAINBOW Under a pale blue sky, girls in various colored pastel evening dresses and their escorts danced over a multi- colored rainbow to find a gleaming "Pot of Gold". This event took place on the night of May 4, 1951 at the annual junior senior prom. The background music for this attract ive setting was under the direction of Jack Sweeney. The theme-song, "Over the Rainbow", introduced the first dance set. Refreshments were served, at a booth bedecked with multi-colored crepe paper streamers. Two very able sophomore boys, Ricardo Navarro and David Hendrickson served the punch. The evening's festivities were brought to a close as the orchestra played the theme-song, "Over the Rainbow". 1, i . Compliments of BYRON NATIONAL BANK 30 1. L... .-A mmm.-1 PEECH C0 TE T This year the Route 72 Speech Contest was held on February 16 at Byron High School. Stillman Valley was represented by ten students, Hubert Hickey and June Colligan in Extempore Verse Speaking, Sue Stevens in Oratorical Declamation, Tom Glendenning in Prose Reading fComedyJ, June Colligan in Play Reading fSeriousJ, Gene Hollingsworth and Donna Bolthouse in Radio Speaking, and Audrey Hayes in Original Monologue Sue and Gene ranked second in their respective divisions Bonnie and Audrey each ranked third in their division. The Route 72 One-Act Play Contest was held the same evening at Monroe Center. Stillman presented a cutting from the comedy, "Cheaper by the Dozen." The cast was the same as in the Junior Play with the exception of Donna Bolthouse. Donna was cast in the part of Mother Gilbreth because Rogene Reiken moved away. ' On March 8, Stillman Valley sent seven contestants to the district contest held at East Rockford High School: 'ti Hubert Hickey, Gene Hollingsworth, June Colligan, Audrey Hayes, Sue Stevens, Tom Glendenning, and Bonnie Hendrickson. "Cheaper by the Dozen" was presented in the Play Contest that day. F. H. A. CHRI TMA PARTY The annual F. H. A. Christmas party was held December 20. We held this party in the evening. The following people attended: Delores Blobaum, Mary Ruth Erxleben, Dorothy Halsne, Mildred Cvronehagen, Sharon Ippen, Judy Kuntzleman, Birdie Mae Preston, Doris Stocking, Vina Cox, Pauline Friday, Betty Holsne, Lanita Manus, Trudy McCammond, Mabel McGee, Dorothy Young, Joann Blobaum, June Colligan, Phyllis Fraley, Ida Belle Gray, Rogene Hayes, Pat Lace, Edith Lamont, Maragaret Miller, Sue Stevens, Marilyn Swanson, Janice Wills, Allene Blume, Donna Bolthouse, Audrey Hayes, Bonnie Hendrickson, Carolyn Manus, Betty Smith, Carol Vaupel, Mrs. Swanson and Mrs. Nuppenau. As was the custom we went around town caroling to the different people and to some shutins. We also went into Clark's factory and caroled to the workers. Upon returning to the High School we had our gift exchange. The Chapter presented Mrs. Nuppenau, advisor, with a poinsetta plant. Mrs. Swanson, Chapter Mother, and Mrs. Nuppenau served refreshments. The party was then adjourned. We all had a wonderful time. I'm sure all of us had the meaning of Christmas brought closer to us through this fellowship. Compliments FOSTER SERVICE STATION BYRON CLEANERS Junction Routes 51-72 Byron, Illinois a I 5, E L "Cheaper by the Dozen" is a true story of the Gilbreth ' E dozen, ranging from Anne, the oldest, down to little Lillian, L the youngest. Mr. Gilbreth tries to teach his children to get ahead by skipping grades, learning French and German while in the bathtub, learning the Morse code etc. He believed silk stockings, nice clothes, dates, pets, pop- ular music, and dancing were all a waste of time and effort. r His growing daughter, Anne, a Senior in high school, i rebels, deciding she has been a wall flower long enough. As a result the family life becomes a turmoil of clashing wills. ln the end Father's purpose for his family is known. This three act comedy, given November 15-16, was di- rected by Neil Simpkins. lt's presentation was acclaimed by some critics to have been the best play ever produced by S. V. H. S. students. THE JUNIOR PLAY CAST Mr. Gilbreth . Mrs. Gilbreth . Kent Hollingworth . Rogene Reikan Ernestine . . . . .Peggy Lace Frank . . . . Earl Gocken Jackie . . . Melvin Hunt Dan - . . .Tack Wiles Bill . Wallace Tedrick Fred . . . .Donald Pihl Anne . . . . Edith Lamont Lillian . . . . Ruth Frank Martha . . . Marilyn Swanson Mrs. Fitzgerald . . . Pat Lace Dr. Burton . . . David Hendrickson .Toe Scales . . . . Phil Houston Miss Brill . .... Sue Stevens Larry ........... Tom Glendenning 33 r. 9 L U E JU l0R PLAY -,V ..1-V yi , If Q f Tm. 'x i""'r?' Q' Monday March lOth the Parent Teachers Association sponsored the Annual Carnival. This is a night devoted to fun. Thanks to the good work of the committees, appointed an air of fe stivity prevailed in the entire school building. The evening began with a cafeteria style supper. Tickets for entertainment were sold in the gym. Entertainment in- cluded a food both, fish pond, fortune telling, basketball, ringing a duck, dart throwing, and ball tossing. A magician show was given by Louie Champlain and a home talent show was put on by the Hollingsworths and Mrs. Darby. There was a "Wonders of chemistry" demonstration by the students of the chemistry class, after this there were two movies shown. At the end of an active evening the second annual P. T. A. carnival came to a close. lt was said to have been even more successful than the first. The committee announced that approximately 55417. OO was cleared. These funds were divided between the hot lunch program and the lights for the athletic field. l952 CAR IVAL Stillman Hallvg vm: STILLMAN VALLEY, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1951 lillmun Valley Vlr. and Mrs. Clarence VanBriesen. l family were dinner guests Thurs- : of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brechters. Vir. and Mrs. I. L. Reynolds and C. Reynolds of Wilmette spent the ek-end with Dr. and Mrs. Paul De- ' ' Jff I H.s. TI EL f' it , cuuacu I ssavice Vlr. and Mrs. Boyd B. Barrick and! . Richard have returned to their E ne in Bridgeport, Conn. I lr. and Mrs. Marvin Stralow and igggRlggTED CHRISTIAN 'ce, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wood of I Sunda h I 10 rrison, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred ' ,,, I Momigy 550:15 1T'am' ith of Holcomb were dinner guests F. H A. 3 B7 . Q , I ksgiving , Evening Servicg' 7.30' m the Home of and Mrs' Paul De' . . :-'E' -1 ' 9 SJW . ' I . . . I Kishwaukee chuich' is uniting wii Eff' Thanksgiving day' - The Suu ' N555 O 5 ' N paw Aj, lllgu is a word great. mius for a special missionary servic 1. and Mrs. W. B. Barrick spent chapter he - LT 5 5 fn ,,f - . 'ls -fell s s . in mean1ng,M. Crff Id . . . uiksgiving at the home of their' 9 It ' W :gnu - 9 - C : ll the com-' Iss 1 0 ' an Enghsh mlsslonal , Attorney and Mrs. William H. Qfhrist .I :E-sei! ,QE :cv . - orlddtg lflgjidff' :vig gitgggaigialgr' .,-ici. in lzockford. 'ar a . 1 gg S V, .5955 Q S Q ve missionary guy r ir. and Mrs. Fred Smith were din- tees NS 'Q'-nr vu: 335: Q 5 'm ' . , guests at the Dr Paul DeGroff sg 5 " 53517 SSW e Wcdnfisday evening' 730 p' n io Slunnda i I .V go 7 N 13,2 ldlhere will be Bible study and praye Irs. W. Blllliarrick visited her sis- diy. Q X GN 'I 2 'gs uli Wayne L- Stark, PBSW Miss Dorothy Bishop, who is a .. I-, r' ", gg 7 the ient at Rockford Memorial hos- ' Se " 6 - Q NGREGATIONAL CHURCH Il, Sunday. radii , by Oro S lr. and Mrs. T. H. Parkinson will -V An 9 ny, ndalf School, 10 a- m- artain the following Thanksgivin 0Ca Yi I 9' 95 Ni Ufshll? Service, 11 3- me D : Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harm Gessne f- -'D'-,tail he regular monthly S053 Servlf Mr. and Mrs. Everett Harmon ' rest sir' 3 W Wiggxqgv the fslluldayfl 5Ch0faHW1llJ be I 5 f B 3 M ' Ed'th C , Eve ' -EQ ge-0 TS. arty les l'. phoof 5n2Ti1e11efsMrs.lsuSaa ,Sy Geri.: :Q lf- 22,-5 SIC will b? fumishefl 'JY tl t, and Nfr. and Mrs. Kennet ns iradeg J: M2651 F fffloirtduglnfh the tworslyiv :El . ' 0s.4 - -3 -x, . an o e ere o enjoy 1 and Mrs. Cnfford can Karen C331 X 7321 Lina Sinai treat. The junior choir is 1 and Mrs. James Toons sp ,l f. i arge of Mrs. Joan Glendenning an k, d- Chu h - d I .- S e Mrs. Virginia Wiles. 15.2 Q12 niiflffi ivi2fK"EE.S'la1. - L ,s E it Wednesday, Nov- 28' remember th Ir. and Mrs. George Lewis, Mr.g ,I ' iihvxl ,g,,.c.x.Rj3 . , 'ig mlly night SUPPGT- Mrs. Francis Willkiomm and 4- if , i' ? ricia were dinner guests of Mr 9J3g,69'0p,"2f WAUKEE COMMUNITY Mrs. Clinton Hin, Sunday. Wg, 025 ' BCH iss June Woodcock was a dinne f W Q2 get inf? I :idly School. 10 B- m- Boost YOU st Monday of Mrs. Merle Thomas J' 5. sa QQ ' alas' , h, h 11 lymn, ,, A N Q- In ' ornmg wors' ip. our, la. m. I rc' Jerry Holqnist spent tnyweek L li' 55: 1 We e r is nursery is maintained during thi at the home of his parents, Mr. Die S-5-621 gtk ,ga M5 S said hogglior Christian E d will Ms.Pt H l 't. " . oi' --9 ' n eavor me' ,r. rande lllldfdette Johnson l Pers A' I ' . . Y'-q, fl' he gov' at Carrie A112118 apartment in Roch Ronnie moved into the Frank Jogn Swanfsii' 46' 'V N wg Q93 t n I' t- 1ford!8p'm'. . it residence which they urchas- egs - en Go 'Egg .f '60 G9 Q9 is . to e Colm meal H1811 school C- E- Will have tlwi ' P ble. '7' .Q 'SW -Q '. f 99 Qt 05 ' imes even a whole I ' , .ecentlyy last Saturday- , o Q QJQP 4. o .4 Q 93 oo 09 . meeting at Sharon Ippens home. r and Mrs Sanford Hultman and Sportsmans ' ?o 'IP V n 0 5' 99? " 50' ed from Flght' fqr Satllfdlyi Nov- 242 3 P- l'l'l-, Youn. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Carlson, iJOg:nE:T??Iln 06122-gi'g??Q Smith govt, "Whi z word against thelrjgfolile? lzartgogor Grant Macombel - es mm er . :ge mgierwlltlig Tqglrligniggd Dick Armour. " ' ' 'These are just a few of the thous-I Tuesdasyy Nomiey. 2 nb mn, women: of M d MSL, Carl Cn 1 gn g Smile - Bonnie Hendrickson ' John and and one reasons we have to give prayer band. r alfa aghs Lage Bfgrsoslgent Swansun. ' thankslfor this year. Take a little. Wednesday, Nov. 28: 8 ni mn Pia jay with and Mrs' Robert LBUEIII- Gloria Metheny, George tulle' sit dgwn and Put some thoughtineer Girls' club meeting. Mid-wee mett of shiriand. Glfajdfrnlng- :O it :fd Imfafe filitnfoulfllbe able IF-fiendlhip hfwnwrriee- r. and' Mrs. George Seeberg and M 3 - Donna Herring' David owl? gotmnlialle newline t?,:,e-'onset' H g ' Q V o ' 'M A bah aM. aM .cl agtuson' y ' . l I1 P :..1.. all ....2.?:... 5.231122 vqwwaml Jw '9 l"'9 "Im mder and Pauline, Mary Dobnick, Elxxfhgzlgzis - CUOIYY1 Manusix '-'- t u M and Mrs. Roland Freeberg and . ' , ' ' ly were supper guests of Mr. and Seagal - Donna Herring' Fred, Graduate In Servlce Ivar Freeberg, Saturday eve- Flirt L Anene Blume Dick Riek- Pvt. Jason Dietrich graduated with The goal of SQ,000, established fo . L n W iff t th k en. ' The :lags oi '17 sg time? Tillman Val- ,she athletic lighting prcligiit, haslnow 'S- Ol-US 0 SPED 0 Wee - - H . . . ' ey ig sc oo. e'e t ort e armyl een approximate y a rea izec n Chicago. N M 53132221 Lme Betty smith' David on August 30, 1951, and was stationed IThe chart showing the progress of th '. and Mrs. A. H. Beebe .were Studioug - Rebhrta Km ht E1 at Fort Sheridan for almost two ,fund has been posted in the bank. I78 of Mr- and MVS- Frank B- Sanders 3 ' wyn weeks. After leaving Fort Sheridanf The next activity for the benefi Q1 f95milY at Cliflwny I5-:I mr,...+ sun... L. N... . .. . . Ihr- was sent tn Cnmn Chnffn Av-rf Inf +L. lanma-.. :.....a x... .. ,a....... NF' ROW I: B. L.iFlc-ur, B. Hendrickson, M. Swanson, S. Stevens, D. Bolthouse, C. Manus, J. Colligan, R. Frank. ROW 2: Mrs. Nuppunaii, C. Vaupcl, S. Bosecker, Y. Abney, V. White. D. Blobaurn, A. Cash, M. Groenhagcn, J. Kimtzlimii, T. McCamiiiond, J. Van Bresson, D. Halsne. ROW 3: B. Halsne, D. Young, M. McGhee, C. Schaffer, R. Hayes, S. Geiger, P. Lace, N. Foster, M. Fischer, B. Preston, C. Gill, I. Blobanrn. ROW 4: J. Wills, P. Lace, ll. Mueller, S. lppcn, D. Stocking, l. Grey, G. Methenny. L. Glendenning, L. Manus, D. Herring, P. Friday, S. ROW 5: M. Miller, B. Smith, V. Cox, P. Fraley, A, Blume, A. Hayes, R. Knight, E. Lamont, M. Erxlchtin. This year the Stillman Valley F. H. A. Chapter has an enrollment of 56 members. Our meetings are held the first Friday of each month. Our important Activities were as follows. We served hot lunches for the grade and high school. Theinitiation of the new members followed by the Slumber Party, held in the high school gym. Mrs. Nuppenau, advisor, and five officers attended the House of Delegates meeting at waterman. At our christmas party we went caroling and then had our party. The Spring Rally was held at Stillman Valley this year. Our chapter held a Family Potluck Supper and a Mother Daughter Banquet. This year our representatives at F. H. A. Camp at East Bay, Bloomington were Pat Lace and Margaret Miller. F.H xxgADiKfR30 Q Awlllflllzi Y, President . . Vice -President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Reporter, . . Parlimentarian Historian . . Songleader . . Chapter Mother Advisor . . . 36 , Donna Bolthouse . Carolyn Manus . . Sue Stevens . Marilyn Swanson . . .Betty I..aFleur . Bonnie Hendrickson . . . June Colligan . . . Ruth Frank . Mrs. Gus Swanson Mrs. Henry Nuppenau gg T ROW l: B. Sund, J. Cox, T. Glendenning, R. Armour, F. Scheible, D. Pihl, Mr. Parish. ROW 2: W. Jolly, E. Saunders, L. Hilliard, G. Lenstrom, D. Landolt, G. Groenhagen, R. Yankus, W. Lewis, R. Hamer. ROW 5: E. Cocken, J. Wiles, R. Knight, D. Ross, R. Stroman, F. Glendenning, K. Houston, H. Hoting, R. Rhodes, F. Schumacher. ROW 4: H. Hickey, G. Harms, G. Glendenning, H. Alderks, F. Bennett, C. Vaupel, R. Van Fleet, E. Sanders, J. Swanson, J. Gilbert, R. Oliphant. Members of the F.F.A. must fulfill two requirements: first they must be enrolled in a course in vocational agriculture or have finished all available courses: second, they tnust carry and keep records of a livestock or crop project. Honorary members can be teachers, business men, or farmers who have been of aid to the F. F.A. This year we chose Konrod Spies and Bodo Theikler who were two exchange students from Germany. Our chapter help twenty-one meetings this year, of which twelve were evening meetings. Six members had perfect attendance One of our members, Elwyn Sanders received the State Farmer's degree at Urbana. Three members attended the state F. F.A. convention at Urbana, Thirty four members attended the International Livestock Show in Chicago. Social activities sponsored by our chapter were the Parent and Son banquet with an attendance of IS5, the three day camping trip to Clear Lake near Milton Junction, Wisconsin, the F.F. A. -F. H. A. picnic at White Pines State Park. Community services included purchase of a steam cleaner, germinating seeds for twenty-two farmers, and repairing machinery for ten farmers. For money making activities our organization sold garden seeds and sold sixty cement hog troughs. Last, but not least our contest and fair achievements. We participated in the Section Judging Contest, winning first in grain and ninth in poultry. Harold Alrecks places first, Robert Sund second and Elwyn Sanders eighth, in the grain judging. Twenty-one members participated in the Vo-Ag Fair at Pecatonica. Norman Wills received grand champion on his Jersey cow for the third sucessive year. Clinton Vaupel had reserve champion steer. The beef school exhibit was won by a team made up of Clinton Vaupel, Freddie Schumacher, Tom Glendenning and Earl Gocken. The award was the Kiwanis Club Plaque. Norman Wills won first in dairy showmanship and Richard Armour second in sheep showmanship. Don Pihl had the reserve champion pen of poultry. The chapter placed second in total amount of prize money earned for the niuteen schools competing. Norman Wills won the State F.F.A. Efficient Dairy Production Award of SIOO and a large plaque. , F TURE FARMER 0F AMERICA I President . . . Richard Armour ' Vice-President .... Fred Scheible Secretary . . . Thomas Glenndenning Treasurer . .... John Cox Reporter . . Don Pihl Sentinel . . Robert Sund 37 ROW I: J. Hilliard, J. Colligan, J. Blobaum, J. Wills, S. Stevens, A. Hayes, D. Magnuson, R. Armour, R. Rieken. ROW 2: C. Schefflcr, V. Cox, S. Bosecker, K. Hollingsworth, N. Eshbaugh. M. Swanson, S. Geiger, R. Knight, G. Hollingsworth, P. Hallblade, P. Olson, M. McGhee, L. Cox, J. Stevens. ROW 3: I. Gray, M. Miller, S. Ippen. B. Halsnc, R. Hayes, M. Erxleben, C. Manus, S. Armour, F. Schumacher, B. Preston, T. McCammond, J. Swanson, G. Glundenning, J. Cox, G. Halsne, R. Hendersholt, B. Smith, N. Foster, M. Fischer. ROW 4: L. Manus, P. Lace, S. Hackney, P. Lace, J. Good, J. Lace, F. Glendenning, F. Scheible, I. Wiles, T. Sassaman, Mr. Hubbell, T. Glcndcnning. Concert Band The instrumental music department of Stillman Valley Schools has an enrollment of over 100 students, high school and grade school, which is under the able direction of Mr. Loren Hubbell who has been at Stillman Valley Z3 years. Instrumental music instruction begins in third grade with the tonet band. The grade school band consists of students from the 5th to 8th grades. In high school there is a concert band, pep band, swing band, ensembles, and soloists. The concert band con- sists of 60 members. All these groups have furnished music for such events as the Fall Festival, Halloween, combined concerts, Spring Musical, Memorial Day, P. T. A. meetings, and at all home basketball games. Compliments of AMERICAN BEAUTY HOUSE DR. BEEBE 404 7th Street, Rockford, Ill. Stillman Valley, Illinois 38 xi'-S f VI ROW 1: Shirley Gcigur, Rogcnc Haycs, Nonii- Foster, Carolyn Marius, David Magnuson, Dick Riclicn. ROW 2: Mr. Hnbhull, ' Janiuc Wills, Glcnn llulsnc. ROW 1: Andrey llaycs, Laniia Manns, Mablc McGhee, Janis Stuvcns, LaVon Cox, Sue Stevens, Carolyn Schcfllcr, Shirley Boscclrcr, Villa Cox, jnnc Colligan, Joann Blobanm. ROW 2: ai Rogenu Hayes, Carolyn Manus, Mary Ruth Erxlcbcn, Shirley Geiger, Bcity Halsnc, Ruth Frank, Par Lace, Mr. Hubbell, Janice Wills, Peggy Lace, Marilyn Swanson, Betty Smith, Nonic Foster, Mary Ellen Fischer. Compliments of MERTON HAYES HOLLY'S GROCERY Kings, Illinois Davis Junction, lll. 39 00 - 'Q af-x t ROW I: G. Huruis, J. Good, P. Houston, T. Gleridenning, F. Sclrcihlc, D. Hendrickson, M. Miller. ROW 2: M. Swanson, CZ. Vnupel, S. Bosecker, Y. Abbney, V. Wliite, M. Grot-nlmgt-ri, R. Frank, J. Kuntzleman, T. McCammorid, J. Vuu Rricscn, IJ. Hulsne. ROW 5: P. Friday, B. Halsne, D. Yltllllll, P. Luce, N. Foster, B. Hollingsworth, M. McGhee, CQ. Sclrefflcr, R. Hayes, C. Gill, J. Blobaurn. ROW 421. Gray, cj. Marius, I. Mueller, S. Ippen, D. Stocking, B. Preston, E, Sanders, D. Laudolt, L. Manus, S. Hackney. S. Geiger. ROW 5: B. Smith, V. Cox, P. Fraley, B. lint-ruuckt-, A. Hayes, M. Erxleben, E. Lamont, B. La Fleur, J. Wills, P. Lace, D. Bolthouse. Mixed Choru The music department has had an in- crease in members. The mixed chorus membership reached a total of forty-eight. This group sang for various programs in the fall and at the christmas season. Occasionally, the girls sang without the boys, thus forming a girls' three-part chorus. The latter showed a marked growth in sight reading, phrasing and interpretation of different types ofmusic. From the full chorus developed two special groups that spent extra time on music. One was the double mixed quartet which sang for several community prograrris and out of town for special occasions. The boys' quartet upon request sang for several affairs around town and in neighboring communities. 40 X I .l. J ROW 1: S. Geiger, C. Vaupel, A. Hayes, L. Manus, J. Wills. ROW 2: T. Glendenning, P. Houston, G. Harms, J Good. ROW 1: S. Geiger, P. Houston, T. Glenderining, J. Good G. Harms. . ' , . l if ,ff I... '41, 2 1 . xl ' . '-: 9 - ., 'rf ii .. y, Lua. ' "Fc Nz rgrg .51 O'-. Q A- -, .1 l .4 Q 'Y .2-JW .. I U'- qw: 'u .- .v 'LJ . N V 1'5" E 'I V I . '- ff 1 1 .KET I - n r. ,G fl-4:-xx. , '31-.FZ w g ff' f ,- RJ. " .,. . ,453 , ,pfgiz 2' 3525- HK " j- "FIM:-D-. -gp H . ,,' X :f',M2.1-f- "H-'i' 'fur lixjm, sl ll U V ' A X , in Hg 1 ,lgig nga L ff' . nf' ,W .,y A- . qu.: Why . "V S+ ' vu Tr A 'v X ' I 9' P . , "0" ' F -51.1 i f 5 ,L 3. , Q . L14 my Ur' . L, ji :Vr -'13 'fi v 55 1- f' " " 9 if , , ' Q , . , , fi. H" x 5' 2' .5 K 1- 557 ff ,4 W1 4 . -39' 33" H G T, ..,.v.'fl f l.ri'llJlXLvl.'l XYIDVYD Sunday school, 10 a. m. Morning worship, 11 a. m. There will be no evening servici las we are joining the Congregations church for their Christmas progran Christmas morning, 5:30 a. m., th Julotta service. Tuesday evening, 7:30 p. m., th children's Christmas program. Farmers degree in 1945 and an Hoi orary State Farmers degree in 1946 He lives on the south side of Stil man. By now you probably know tl teacher I am talking about is M Parish. Leafs Win Over Cards December 14 marked another dc feat for the Stillman Valley heavy weights. With a 10 point lead at tl end of the first quarter, Leaf Rivt held a seven point lead at the hal Stillman came within two points ' the third quarter of tieing the gan but was left behind at the end of tl third quarter 38 to 32. Final score E to 44. The game summary as follow FG FT PF 'I Cox ...,............ . .... .. ..............,. 1 0 2 Wiles .........,.. ............. 3 4 4 ' Hickey .....,.... ...... . ..... Q 5 0 2 Bennett ...... ....... . ..... 3 3 4 Gocken ..... -.- ....... . .... - ........ 2 1 5 Armour .......................... ,..2 2 2 Lightweights Beat Leaf River 1'1 S ..... .. ..., .. ,............. 10 A21 :.La1.u v 1 Scratch bel Macklin ,.... .... ...,. . ..... 168 J Handicap ,Q X bel Macklin .,.,. .. ........... 198 X ry Lawrie ...... 19 L 4 llio Hopkins ...... . ' I Series ' ' N . ' ' bel Macklin ..... . ................,..,.,......... I 4 .- bowling Thursday, Dec. ' , . , , -s Thursday, Jan. 3 V' 1 thday Club vs. Nelso 1 nberettes I . imis , l .ndard Oil " ' ' I Jal Blue vs. , tions Thought of the Week V 'F 0 T ' t k t - I, ly 0 eep Ou ' 'xWhat we neeu most is not to real- l ' ' ' cemen a- I ize the ideal but to idealize the real." in-. '-- e . . ' I Editor. . . . Betty Smith , ' my Sfhool Jokes i Sports Editor . Dick Riel-:en . . ate, I REASON TO BEEF-The shoemak-l . . er "" s explaining to a complainingy ' Asslst-ant Sports Editor ' ' gwpu customer the reason for the poor qual- Earl, Gocken . A 'ity of his soles. "All the good leath-i ' . . . ' . . er," he said, "is going into steaks." ' L TYP1StS - - - Nffme Foster x lfntgeigfxfdy soME DINNER-It was christmas Crlorla Ivletheny Day and there had been a wonderful k , A . l an better' dinner with all sorts of good things to 1 .. y ,.,,.,u,. ' ,...,,nt a cheaper eat. Billy seemed to enjoy everything, I 1- ' but 'bout av- "er dirner hisl e Zalph -. .. , . . and Mrs. Ha a ' . D' I Clarence Lenst , 1 es- fv A t. e, rvr-ning. 'b ' 1' x S 1 '. and Mrs. Cliff , Ctrlson and ' 4' .,t on will attend a mily supper -' UQ I ie lke Maas hom Sunday eve- l .5 l l '. and Mrs. W. B. Barrick will be ts of Attorney and Mrs. William ick and family, Christmas day. .2214 . H 4,5 wa - .E .mA'gT ' f " ' '- n "ltr ' YP 'i., Dec. 21-Geo. Totz, 5 mi. 1 Garden Prairie. i.,' Dec. 21-Edwin Kempert, 5' west Lena. i., Dec. 21-Brechters dz Barr, 6 south Stillman Valley. 'i., Dec. 21-Claud M. Cowan, 6 north Juda, Wis. 'i., Dec. 21-Donald Swe southeast Ashton, lll. .t., Dec. 22-Warren Turi l, O. F. Miller real est s northeast Ridott. ed., Dec. 26 - Clifford ., 5 mi. south Apple R iurs., Dec. 27-Leslie H. .. east of Dixon. ri., Dec. 28-Martin A east of Pecatonica. ri., Dec. 28 - Marvin E west German Valley, the - u... h. . it., Dec. 29-J H. Furz ' hwest Rockton. hurs., Jan. 3-Lowrence i. north, Us mi. east Duran . hurs., Jan. 3--Harold Lundgren, 1 east Pecatonica corners. 'on., Jan. 7-John Behrends, 4 mi. .hwest Rochelle. ues., Jan. 8 - Chas. Sr Lyndon hman 654 mi. northwest Rockford. fed., Jan. 9-Arthur Ballard, 456 north Mt. Morris. hurs., Jan. 10-Wm. A. Bell, 5 mi. thwest Kirkland. , i nappe- A5 going o. . , W ithe U. gon Coliseum when he sawl mls wwks Se A lbvqyinig Whites' Jack W. and Nonie F., Dick A. and' g . Carolyn M., Dodd G. and Vina c.,i -Mi Phil H. and Carolyn S. going into the i F- H' A- Rural Youth semi-formal dance. They all looked a little chilled. The F. H. A. girls had their Christ- mas party on Dec. 20. First of all, The newest of freshman couples are - - . , , the girls went Caroling at various Floyd G' and Sharon I' T X ve had laces then the came ba to he hi h The S. V. H. S. Sentinel appears each week in the Stillman Valley News. The articles are written by students who wish to develop their writing ability. They work under the direction of the Sentinel Staff and Mr. Simpkins. These articles give the students an idea a newspaper staff. as to what is required of This year the Sentinel has been used as a theme for our division pages. when the freshman boys all got into burlesque show and Henry H. couldn't make it. Tough luck, Henry. Rudolph says that Yolanda A. and Bobbie K. seem to get along pretty well in history class, and after history class, Rudolph is worn out so he goes I back to Santa's errands. I' ' ' s a e v-1 1 oo o and graduated fro lman - ' y high school in 1948. e graduat . , he farmed for himself n his father's farm, located three and a half miles southeast of Stillman Valley. He writes boot training is plenty rough, but says the Marines are the best lbranch of the service. There was another one of these. lslumberless parties on Monday night. l Teacher of the Week I i l l I I Lights 47-31 Stillman lightweights won a ve slow moving game last Friday nigl 47-31. With good playing on the se ond team, Stillman scored 30 poin at half time, to Leaf River's 9. Be LaFleur had high scoring honors ' putting the ball through the hoop f 10 points while Kuntzelman was hig man for Leaf River with 10. Score by quarters: Stillman ..... - .......................... 16 30 38 Leaf River ..... . ....................... 1 9 18 Forreston Wins, 71-41 Forreston varsity defeated Stillm. Valley at Forreston Tuesday nigl 71 to 41, in a Route 72 conferen game. Forreston also won the preli: inary, 55 to 46. ' - , of Stillman Valley was hi the varsity game with h Lyle Ruthe high for Fc ith 17 points. Jed Akii - team player, broke 1 tb in Tuesday night's gan U alley ...... 4 14 6 17- 11 19 24 - the Lovelorn t Jen, I am so happy, a cute lit re girl smiled at me yesti e was a short tahout 5'3Vi e, short hair, pretty teeth, e . just wonderful. at I want to know is how to mr her. You see I am very bashful. C. though I am a senior.l I am still bam ful. I like this girl very much Col you please help me? Hopeless Dear Hopeless, I feel awful sorry for you, see you are bashful. Why not have one your friends introduce you prope to her. Then maybe this friend co arrange a double date for you vi Advisor . . . George Manus Editor. . . David Magnuson Assistant Editors . . . Edith Lamont, Joann Blobaum Art Editors . . . June Colligan, Donna Herring, Lanita Manus Business Managers. . . Kent Hollingsworth, Robert Knight Sales Managers . . . Carolyn Manus, Mary Ellen Fischer, Ruth Frank Advertising . . . Dick Rieken, Jim Good, Jim Hilliard, Jerry Lace Proof Readers . . . Mary Ellen Fischer, David Magnuson Typists . . . Betty Smith, Gloria Metheny, Nonie Foster, Carol Vaupel Sports Editors . . . Dick Rieken, Earl Gocken Senior Committee . . . Dick Rieken, Carol Vaupel, Lois Glendenning, David Magnuson Annua YN: . 'I A-, I . 4 I 'x' 'nz Q7 51 'C7 OFFICERS President . Secretary . Advisor . S -CLUB Arrnour Bennett Biobaum Culli gan Cox Fischer Glendenning Glendenning Cwocken Good Gray Halsne- Hayes Hayes Hendrickson Hickey Hilliard . Dick Rieken Nonic Foster M r. Gctclixnan MEMBERS Hollings worth Lace Lace M. Lace D. Magnuson C. Mantis L. Manus Cf. Metheny M. Miller R. Navarro D. Ross E, Sanders E. Sanders J. Schultz B. Smith S. Stevens J. Swanson M. Swanson C. Vaupel C. Vaupel J, Wiles J. Wills Stillman liallrg' mn -1 I I' 1 W ' ' E ,- .,..,- -,, -L. XVIII, No. 3 STILLMAN VALLEY, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1951 I WHQLE NO, gg S 1 l Irklund Komers efeul Stillman he Kirkland Komets, paced by ry Glawe, routed Stillman Valley, 14, in the season openers for both Jols at Kirkland Tuesday night, '. 20. lawe shot 11 baskets and two free mws to turn in one of the best per- nances in the region. Jerry Blume York added 11 points each to I swell Kirkland's total. tillman Valley salvaged some con- Ition for the night by winning the? liminary, 47-24. , alll 09? A NIHUQ l Pei le 4 I get 0112 . s ., ,QI QQ, l ,N I . . 2 Ii ' aw, QI 5 I 7 U Q 9IlIml:,l:ix9 'he Paul Johnson Unit porting the I committee h of the following: ulin, Vaponefrin, 'istmas Gift I .I -I I s.v. H. s. l ll'-5 12' ff: gets K? H7 :UJTIQ SILZUQE' U I 0 Qir Q I gl :seem-as offm Wtuk Osssf' M3 .2-:f 9 s- 'M :X :if ' X . Gi " X xr 46" V 'P 4? '4 c- Xgbeavoa diego-if ox-S WQ4, 0 - D...-,-,-..-,,,, . , , , fl CHURCH SERUIEES CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Sunday school, 10 a. m. Worship service, 11 a. m. Saturday, Dec. 1, Junior choir pri tice at 1:30 p. m.g Primary children r 2p. m. The primary, junior and intern departments of the Stillman V Congregational church school vl their annual Christmas progn morning of December 16. 'I be a combined Sund e service, beginning senior classes will pI rvice to be given a1 ,ba S G5 CHRISTIAN CHURCH school, 10 a. m. worship, 11 a. m. Serin Angelic Prophecy." Supper will be celebraw The Iport ,of Downey LD - - ty and maintenance YOUR-SDRAD sion morning worship s Craft Exchange' KN S success." 7 :30 p. m. Sernr 'fe have .fm f ELNER "oh Christ offer?" Iiingastglilgrgfiggram or D ffl? success, Nov. 30, there v There are veterans in hospitals using? gniizwabout askesttz d clothing. If you have any the nickel I kept that can be worn and which you richy- ' were Wm not want will you lease leave it at The chu, I P rlson and Toops' Electrical Service. 5 Auxiliary will see that-it is sent to the hospitals. Jo you have any old glasses' frames silk hose. The Auxiliary has a place ere they can be used. BITS PARENTS 'vt. Jason Dietrich, son of Mr. and s. Russell Dietrich, Sr., of Mount rris, visited at the home of his par- a over the week-end. "Jim" is sta- ned at Camp Chaffee, Ark., where started cook school Monday, Nov. diss Betty Smith of Stillman Valley s a week-end guest at the Dietrich ne. Saturday nigat, Mr. and Mrs. ......ideas .. .... ikes ...J U 2 Q 0 . ......ood ff S Q Slconlgeh af' ......nerg I--' be 1- ' Q , .....s very ......ot a dx, ...enjoys e 5x1 ......eady to ri e ,.....ohnathan is his real name. QI N ...... n the job all the time. lHa Haj a blue Ford. I ..... .ice to all the girls. I Or should I say classmates.J ice to all teachersllll? ma Gm-er of Yreeport and Mr. andi s. Russell Dietrich, Jr., of Mount rris were supper guests at the Diet- h home. Bunday, Mr. and Mrs. Dietrich, Mr. ilrs. Gnyor and Miss Smith took re to Qhlcsgo, where he got s ride :k to camp. lr.aldlrs.Dan1dlasosnths !""f."0P-bvmleffvslklfitf ......ells at the lightweight games. I wonder why? -..secause of You is his favorite song. s darn good at sports. , ...... ost his class ring to1........-.... I ...... oves to play basketball. eat more than anyone I know of. I....1-dinarily he takes her home a.fterI school. ,.....nay is his favorite expression. By this time I hope you all have caught on to who I have been talking about. They are both sweet kids. I' think eveiionelwill agreosto that. y . on 0 V vga- ,390 QIQQ. soyivalf' Qoaqfl :Alt 303 tklsv I, 6 2 then , . xv 9266 ,Quit self, 60,3 9 a cer- E' SZQX to be ,girls since Army, How about To You Darl- ing In My " How about thatf Geneva? I wonder where Ca-rol V. was last Wednesday night. Seems like George was stepping out on her. How about' that Audrey H.? We heard that some certain senior was very happy over Thanksgivingf Especially with her little soldier home. Is that right Betty? I also visited the Junior Physical Education class. It looked to me as if an certain girl was having a rough followl I-Iumorist L Stark, pastoi AUKEE COMMUNITY Sunday school, 10 a. m. Worship srvice, 11 a. m. Grant Macomber guest speaker. A nursery will be maintained d' ing this hour. Mr. and Mrs. Macomber will be le: ing soon after the first of the yI for missionary work in the Philipp Islands. Choir practice with Miss Rust Musselman directing. High school C. E. meeting 1 ' church, 8 pt m. I Senior C. E service at Carrie . I len's' in Rockford, 8 p. rn. Monday, Dec. 3-8 p. ni. Sass business meeting at the church. Wednesday, Dec. 5-2 p. m., V men's Missionary Society meet with Mrs. Shirley Bucey as lea and Mrs. Clayton Hoisington as h tess. lid-week Friendship Hour serv 8 p. m. Saturday, Dec. 8-7:30 p. m., H and young people's party in WI -mhnepr Lodge. Chaplain King FO0TBALL 1951 " coAcH G1-:TSCHMAN 'l , s f .p' . For several years the Stillman Valley area has dreamed of an athletic field with adequate lighting for football, softball, track and community projects. About a year ago the wheels began to roll to make this dream a reality. The land adjoining the high school in the west was purchased from the landowners. Late in the summer of '51 a call was put out by Mr. Roe and Mr. Getschman for help to clear the land. Many boys volunteered for this work and in a few days the fences were cleared, trees cut down, and the ground leveled and plowed. Finally after days of grading and rolling, seed was planted and everyone settled back to watch it grow. Before winter had set in they were rewarded with a thick teen coverin of B h g g grass. y t is time the field was beginning to take on a look of reality. ln the early fall of 1951, a meeting of the representatives of all the clubs and organizations of the area was called to discuss ways to raise funds for the field lights. Mr. Eno Wiltfang and Mr. Parkinson were elected to head this group. They decided to sponsor fund raising activities and to solicit donation in ff mately 35, OOO of this amount had been obtained. The first major problem of the group was to locate poles, which needed to be 75 feet long. After many delays these were located and ordered from a firm in Kansas, and on a cold January morning these arrived and were promptly delivered to the field. h T e next obstacle was to find a way to dig the holes and raise these tremendous poles. As spring approached, these difficulties were overcome and the group put on its final drive for funds to purchase the light fixtures. Some of the activities sponsored were box socials, dances, square dances, plays, a donkey basketball game, and a Carnival and minstrel show. By June the entire area was looking forward to a lighted athletic field for the fall football games. s an e ort to raise 35,000 toward the lights, By January 1, 1952, approxi- Compliments of PARKERS SPORTING GOODS 415 W. State St. SHOOKS SERVICE Junction 72 and 51 Davis Junction Illinois ' I K H 4 -4 I 352 ' 1 if a T I S nders 3. Ce ter 1 "' +7i'?'Pfi7-P7521 M. "u','e"-5' J :qofthg .1. -' - ' " " 'a,'.'.1X2', ..-' .-' . ' ' . . " 'ar V .-ff' li. ' ' .1 A-nf..1r. " no ' 1 2. ,.'2 J .5 . ' ,i Q ' v s'111 s s,,1lm"'-in 0 s S U11 an AR I SIU aall P U11 0 I S111 mah u'fi'Li lm Ella "4 gl-Um 0 U! U11 an P Inneba ,nan Leecafo 1, 4 enizfk ve' uf' 5 i ' U 0' 1 f -. 4 ' '-. "it" ,,o gn X GSL. I ' M-asf, ., f-, ' .' 'ag is' xgv' ,I a ugzggi T - C If ' I TJ: ' ... , - ,' TIL:-1 . S 'gf 'M .X an'4 I s 7 UMM 1j...f5 ff, ' I '77 22 Byron ...Ga ,651 lm 6 Mo I S ' , 01.08 "J '-4 . O K 4819 I s a 25 W ,, 213,235 '12, ': S 7 4- .3 ay. 'i.' I r .' 12 ,I go I4--.'.'f -I5 1 , Ca 40, fi .f-5 f G 1 12 .f.:' 5" ' 2 ,515 , . '.-21 'X-I ' ' ' ' sf- ,511 f .ii JS?" . " -'.'7"i' Mi . 1 5' rg ' . I ' ' -'r 1' . Tl I I I n -. ...Lt-. ,fp -t. IJ: .ffl ?'1,i.'- , .: V' ff-' 'fy' ff-TF" " .. frm- , 'h5.'A , J 4 - - 5l Season The 1951 season's opening game was a night tangle with Byron on their field. This being the first game of the season, our team was tense and nervous. Our pass defense by our halfbacks was very weak with two lettermen, returning from last year, out. The game ended with a score of 48-7 in Byron's favor. The second game was with Monroe Center, played on Byron's gridiron. The Cardinals took a lead of 6-O in the first quarter. Then, in the second quarter, the Panthers marched downfield to score two touchdowns and an extra point. Stillman managed to score in making the half titne of the Panthers. The roe on the short end The Cardinals third attempt was with Kirkland. Stillrnan the second quarter score 13-12 in favor final gun found Mon- of a 22-13 score. was looking for a tough contest with the Comets because of the past record that Kirkland had. The defense against ground game was very good, but Kirkland's good passing offense made the score 24-6. The Cardinal's fourth game was with Elburn at Byron. In this game our defense was quite effective, against E.lburn's big defensive center coming through the line, making the score O-0 at the half. In the last quarter Ellburn scored 8 points ending the game 8-0 in E.1burn's favor. On Oct. 13, Stillman met with Winnebago in an afternoon game. Sti1ln'1an's offense and defense were very weak: Winnebago made 20 points in the second quarter making the score 20-0 at half tinue. Then in the last quarter Stillxnan rallied 25 points and the game ended with Winnebago leading 40-25. Pecatonica was the next opponent in another afternoon game. Stillman went downfield scoring 7 points in the first quarter. Pec rallied for 6 points in the second quarter, and at half time the score remained at 7-6 in favor of Stillrnan. With Stillman coming within inches of the goal line several times they were pe- nalized heavily. The game ended with Pec out in front 12-7. On Oct. 25, Leaf River had its home coming with Stillman playing. Stillman started off with the first touchdown of the game but Leaf River came back with 26 points at the end of the first quarter. Leaf River also scored another touchdown in the second quarter making the score 32-6 at half time. With Stillman's offense very weak they poured on 12 more points in the second half making the final score 44-12. The last game of the football season was against Genoa on their gridiron. With the ground frozen and about zero degrees: the game began. Genoa was ahead at half time 26-14. Genoa, running end runs and passing, tallied 6 points in the final quarter to end the game with a victory of 32-14. Complinments of HILLIARD'S GARAGE HEIDLINGER ELEVATOR Holcomb, Ill. New Idea Machinery Holcomb, Ill. ......-..... .........-.......... . Ba ketball Frosh Soph Shirley Geiger Dorrhy Young .. .... .,.. . .............-....... .................-.................-..-4 -..............-............-.......... Cheerleader e . i -em 133- . .. --xr. . if Artie? 9 , gf ,,, ' My , .f.. w., .ge wg: -. , i Peggy 'Hifi .A L .i"' , ' HCC xl Tom 'EL' Glendenning ' Marilyn Swanson Lnnila Manus r Ba ketball VARSITY PCSBY Lace Lanila Manus Marilyn Swanson Tom Glendenning Compliments of BEMIS MOTOR CO Byron Ill. r 1 V .A R n gen 34. wx JIM GOOD Center HUBERT HICKEY Forward JACK WILES Forward WE OPPONET THEY WE OPPONET THEY EARL GOCKE Guard EOC Kirkland 62 Mt. Morris 58 Ashton Z8 Oregon 48 Winnebago 59 Monroe Center Leaf River 58 Forreston 71 Byron 39 Winnebago 68 Monroe Center Kirkland 67 Leaf River 59 Pecatonica 47 54 5 Forreston 76 Pecatonica 48 Byron 56 Oregon 48 Steward 51 FORREST ON INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT 61 Dakota 59 47 Forreston 71 ROUTE 72 TOURNAMENT 61 Monroe Center 62 MONROE CENTER DISTRICT 49 Durand 39 41 Monroe Center 64 Compliments BOB'S DAIRY Byron, Illinois 51 DICK ARMOUR Guard Glenn Halsne, Jack Wiles, Frank Bennett, Hubert Hickey, Iim Good, Richard Armour, John Cox, Earl Gocken and Coach Getschman. Var ity Ba ketball The l95l-52 basketball season was entered into with a squad of small and inexperienced boys with no returning lettermen and no one over the 6 foot mark Despite these handicaps Stillman Valley finished in the Route 72 Conference with a 5-9 won-lost record for fifth place in the conference. They started with a 62-34 defeat from Kirkland and a 58-42 loss to a highly rated Mr. Morris quintet. The Cardinals came back for their first conference game with a win from Ashton 36-28. After winning from Oregon 50-48 in a closely fought game, the team dropped four conference games in a row. ln the first game of the Route 72 Tournament, in one of the best games of the year, Monroe nipped the Cardinals with a long desperation shot from the middle of the floor to win by a score of 62-61. Later Stillman reached the semifinals of the Monroe Center District Tournament by defeating Durand 49-39, only to end the season at the hands of the Monroe Panthers, 64-41. Compliments CLIFFORD KRUSE Stillman Valley Illinois 52 ,, ' T., A W. X 'DW f2 , ,aw dd A I ' K- Ki ' 'A 9"-l? .2 aw 4, . L 1 1 Y I4 I 1 'V xl' O 'A QL ff 'V' Qi Q " I 1951 Track Stillman Valley's 1951 track team turned in a fine season by winning Z, tying one and losing one Meet. The Cardinals first lost to Winnebago 88- 75, then came back with a total of 79 lfZ points to Monroe's 641fZ, and Forreston's 59 points in a treangular meet. Stillman then won from Leaf River 87-76 before being tied by Byron 8l1fZ- 81 lfZ. ln the Freshman-Sophomore divi- sion of the Route 72 Conference Stillman fell lfZ of a point from winning first place. Some dependable scoreres were Jack Wiles, usually winning theg Hi- Jump QF-Sl, Pole Vault fVar. 1, 100 yard dash QF-Sl and the Low Hurdles QF-Sl, Norman Wills scoring in the Hi Hurdles, Low Hurdles and the 100 yard dash. Jack Wills scored a total of 92 points in five meets. Norman Wills 63 lfZ, Lee Musselman 38, Sam Cwocken 28, Richard Armour Z8, Jim Good ZZ lf-4, Frank Bennett 34 3f4, for a major letter. Compliments PLAYMOR LANES BROADWAY RADIO Stillman Valley, Ill. AND APPLIANCE 1126 Broadway Rockford, Ill. Stillman ltallrg rands for Santa, but between these er- P1112 --- 11 1- .Y Y , ll - Y " ' ' A -Q JL. XVIII, No. 6 STILLMAN VALLEY, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1951 VVHOLE NO. E ,, , A-MLW, M -Y WWW-w,,,,,.,H,,,,,N,,,,,,-,M-UMW--,-1,,,,,,-,, I A 1 o o I is If no .ommumty Auction I X coli. nstmas I N w k IS X I Gi ere ext ee I , . . Don't forget the big community auc- lf X Q in Saturday, Dec. 29. It starts at 1 - I GIS :lock and will be held at the sun- ' ' I Q QI 2 rv' ces an Valley high School' ' 001' I CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH There will be articles to interestt - 3 iNEwS eryone-Including farm machiflery' . I QQ?-5 i 1 Il Sunday school, 10 a. ln. actors, livestock, tools, furniture, I SQ get xx rl. , Mumhm worship 11 a m tusieholgt appgigncgs, farm produce, , 00125 -sie, i . 4' fimvg I Choir ,.,.h,,a,.Sa1,'7.30' pl' m., N micra san oo. 1 ,xo fx .K 3 , .,, ,. ,' Salable articles of all xypes are ur- ' grbxqvox "99Q,,xX I-, 52 3 35' 'S' ' IM.: ibl:fcgltliuFf,S?2:fLi,, :ntly desired. A sales c argo .of six 5-I-9 Q99 ,5oP3Qz.0', k 25' E S' 5 " U I I Q d h 1' I b . Q . i Q Q gm. Ao. Q5 L, 2. .un ay sc oo num ers r cent will be charged for selling N Q to A X .,,- N 2, Q ,U - , V, -f h h h , ticles. Articles donated for sale big.-'fc' I Xe? jg is Ihgggl Fshgget gifis ugSe,tI greatly Tpprailatedf X161 so Egg 5.53 ,d in white paper. Food, cl am t e'sa.e vi' go of . e MASQ lg W 9.5 r toys are needed for the . Xhetathletic Qghtglqlg pitIJxect.h .Er 5 c 53-Q, below' Two worthy fam uf mneirg or .e Sn QQ W O O S S Q 3' - Im-n selected for us to help. Illfgngndtqfiuil axlixsgz' me X 35' Q 5 iil5 has four children, girls w , I 4. Sv --s nrt- two, six and twelve y 31313: Xfhzliilge food booths f il ,, :init :ind an eight year old bog , , ' - 'l'ln- other familv has seven g mg pie or cake for ff? E.-" ,C , ' - - -: U? H I I ages are three, five, six se ged to do so' ?' 5, , f- twelve, and thirteen and ia I Items donated for the sale 'fisf 5. gl I months old :ked up if we are notified. L ,ix :gifs E 1.111731 ,mfs class of 'lffith Iilumber Co., 120112, if L f ,. --Z" . ...-- , ABQAA.. nr le has been self sire to ave items pic e up. Q-G f , '-5 I "" V and deliver t Let's all check to see what L V0 I ' .IJ rn:-I P "Ulf "'0I everyone brin a can donate for the sale. 5 F' ' ' AOIUG "4 - - . , ,h E A ........ 3 0 Q M. un our Christmas :t is a worthy one. Let s put . P00 J -1' h e top IQ f X R uaaq pm, nate t an we at 1 J 'R 'raft Board Noted' Local Board No. 178 Ogle county is received a call to forward 55 men r preinduction physical examina- in on Jan. 2. Also, we have received a call to for- ard 14 men for induction on Jan. 16. AYER HONORED Frank C. Mayer was recently hon- ed in the Mutual Trust Life Insur- I I I I I I I I Ice Co. publication, "The Record," as I ing one of their fiwle leading produc- I s in the entire United States. My Ii syer became associated with the I' mpany as a' life underwriter a few onths ago. Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Anderson and lughters, Mrs.. Frank Anderson, Lil- a and Wilmer were dinner guests' mday at the liwald Anderson hofme Rockford, in onor of Barbara An- 9 frson s birthday. Ilinterize Your Iriving Habits I Winterize your driving as well as, nur car when cold weather arrives. Longer-hours of darkness, poor visi- lity caused by snow and ice,. fog td frost on the windshield, and slip- lry roads add serious hazards 'toj ly about Judy K.- of ly to Gossi Thi 111 119 I 111,100 .gil U' UQ oh QI P s week Rudolph red-nosed reindeer has been busy doing a few er- rands few he found time to gather these bits of gossip. Rudolph happened to be going over the Jack Oregon Coliseum when he saw W. and'Nonie F., Dick A. and Carolyn M., Dodd G. and Vina C., Phil Rural H. and Carolyn. S. going into the Youth semi-formal dance. They all looked a little chilled. The Floyd thre newest of freshman couples are G. and Sharon I. They've had e or four dates now. This could get serious. Rudolph heard that Joann B. had a part been Last a week or so ago. John S. has keeping Joann busy since then. week was really busy for her. Y Seems that ther F, F. A. banquet played a big moment in Dorothy Y. rom hom 8 have antic life, anyway, Dorothy came with a "51" class ring. Could it been Norman W.'s? Congratulations are in order to Ro- gene H., since last Wednesday Gene F. came home. Rogene looks pretty hanvy lately. .IW7 I I I I I I I I I I Q9 ,gb Xqfglwegg. . Q95 Some of olate angel' sport, roller around in a cold der whose.J Song: Choc'- QI won- Yonderg ac- tor, John Wayneg actress, RhonduI Flemingg teacher, Simpkinsg subject, speech. By now you should guess that this week's senior is Audrey Hayes. Virginia White F. H. A. The F. H. A. girls had their chi-151-1 mas party on Dec. 20. First of all,I the girls went Caroling at variousl places then they came back to the high ' school and had refreshments, played games and exchanged gifts. The next hot lunch will be served the first Wednesday after Christmas vacation. Betty l.. Advice to the Lovelorn Dear Aunt Jen, Whee! I am so happy, a cute littlc sophomore girl smiled at me yester- day. She was a short tabout 5'31,Q"J brunette, short hair, pretty teeth, etc: She is iust wnndprfnl, . I and IAN iCH NEWS I Sunday school, 10 a. ' Morning worship, 11 a. m. There will be no evening ser as wc are joining the Congregat: church for their Christmas prog Christmas morning, 5:30 a. m. .lulotta service. Tuesday evening, 7:30 p. m., children's Christmas program. m. I 'I Ice creamg I riding' I 'Farmers degree in 1945 and an ,I orary State Farmers degree in 1 He lives on the south side of man. By now you probably knov teacher I am talking about is Parish. Leafs Win Over Cards December 14 marked another feat for the Stillman Valley he weights. With a 10 point lead a end of the first quarter, Leaf l held a seven point lead at the Stillman came within two point the third quarter of tieing the 1 but was left behind at the end o . third quarter 38 to 32. Final scoi to 44. The game summary as foll I FG FT PF 0 2 Cox .......... .-.. .......... .1 Wiles .... ........... 3 4 4 Hickey ...,.. .... ........ 6 1 1 2 Bennett ........ ............ 3 3 4 N, Gockcn ................................. 2 1 5 'I Armour ...,.,........................ 2 2 2 I Lightweights Beat Leaf River SANTA CENTER JUMP D. A. R. WINNER AUGUST Z7 SEPTEMBER 7 10 15 Z1 Z8 29 OCTOBER 7-13 17 Z6 NOVEMBER 4-10 15-16 ZZ-Z3 DECEMBER 5 5 12 Z0 Z1 ZZ-Jan.l JANUARY Z 14 ZZ 26 1951 School First Day of school. Everyone confused Mrs. Van Sickle came for the S. V. News Drive. fThese contests really keep us busyl PTA "Get Aquainted Night" Fall Festival. All the classes were kept busy with their floats. Stillman "Cards" defeat Monroe Panthers ZZ-13 Mr. Lace presented the new Driver Training car to S. V. H. S. FHA girls went to Waterman Fire Prevention Week All the Seniors looked nice today. Senior Pictures The teachers gave us a day off. flnstitutel National Clothing Week Students enjoyed the Junior Play, entitled "Cheaper By the Dozen". lt was a huge success. A professional cast cou1dn't have done better. Thanksgiving Vacation. Extra big dinner on the ZZ. Assembly. Elzie the mental wizard helped us learn how to study. Faculty Board Banquet. Teacher gl Board enjoyed an evening of fun. FFA Banquet FHA girls went Christmas Caroling, came back to school for refreshments Snowstorm KNO schooll Christmas vacation Back to school again. Santa Claus arrived. "Better late than never." PTA "Solving your Childrens Problems" Route 72 Tournament At Forreston. Forres- ton took first place. alendar 1952 FEBRUARY ll ll 12 14 15 16 Z6-Z9 MARCH 10 ZZ APRIL l 7 11-17 24-Z5 MAY 1 3 4 7 9 10 17-20 ZZ-Z3 Z5 26 30 PTA "What's New in Our Schools" Teachers had Institute. KNO schooll L.incoln's Birthday fNo schooll Freshman gave a Valentine Party FHA Valentine Party Speech contest. We gave "Cheaper by The Dozen" District Basketball Tournament PTA Carnival. The proceeds went ot the Athletic field. Stillman opened its doors to all the FHA girls and leaders. FHA girls had a Potluck dinner for their parents PTA Spring Festival fBand Concert, Easter Vacation Seniors showed their acting ability in their play. Next years Freshmen learn about highschool. The Junior-Senior Prom. A big event at school Combined Band Concert with Monroe Center FHA Mother-Daughter Banquet. The new officers for next year installed. One of the big events in a Senior girls life, May day. The Juniors and Seniors went to the YMCA Lodge for their Banquet. Senior spent a wonderful weekend cruising on Lake Michigan. Final exams. Last time the Seniors have to take tests. Baccalaureate The big day has finally come. All the Seniors look so nice in their caps and gowns. Memorial day. The band marched for the last time until next school year. WASH DAY HICKEY -..-.. .4 Y 7 gg-- - PEP BAND ASSEMBLY PROGRAM INDIANS? S.V. NEWS WINNERS .m 44 'Twas a After paying their hard earned changed to the over the horizon. Then after talking far into Mmm--that and coffee. It The enior Trip in . The Seniors were on their Senior Cruise. were shown to their rooms. The girls ir was on deck to see Chicago disappear finally retired. odor could be nothing bacon with eggs, toast l' was the 13th. The sky The wind was blowing from the northeast an N caps were rolling by the ship. The thunder began to Will we all it Evening and Mackinac Island. Evneryone ashore. Soon we were riding ina horse drawn over the hill and down through a lovel 'Q . The evening was x f-ni C? "A 'm All thoughts of food were forgotten in the gri for the ships railing. ? Be preparedt 3' 5' for your lives. Then almost as suddenly as AQ L the storm disappeared. 8. ' , and romance 4 h i KJ wassin the air. l. Must pleasant experiences are short and soon we find our carriages at the dock and we ' ip to continue our Cruise. Rumor one of our Senior girls has been seen with a Then it is the lust n their finest silk :und I on deck :md we joined n home talent show. The girls dressed in l The ballroom represented a Here Q i FQ' itation of I 'IQ Sflng 3. brought down the house. After the program we enjoyed a lunch of pickled 1 " ' funny A JY cheese ritz and apple cider. 4 . 5 .5 X ' Finally as the stars disappeared from the sky we saw the lights of Chicago through the l morning The Senior Class wishes to say--Although we spent all our time wa a r I' 4 l s had by all. 7 .'Y1 QWFW L L' QV' 1 if 1 'J- x M Fl r' 'I' MW' v 1 . IQ, f 15 Q, W' 1 ,ZL- L-. ' 1 E7lill111iI11 132111211 P1112 'L. XVIII, 8 - STILLMAISTVALLEY, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 1952 WHOLE NO. I . .13 I I P I 1 orman Cousins, the editor of thef lrday Review of Literature, trax'-i I extensively in Asia last year. ing with hundreds of people .ln y walks of life. In a recent is- of the Saturday Review of Litera- he propounded 20 questions that e asked most frequently. I have 1 thinking about some of those :tions as I prepared to write this : column of the new year. As we t a new year we often assess t we have done in the past, and we ild plan for the future, resolving orrect some of our mistakes. Cer- ly, some of these questions asked in Asia should-give us lg to.think about as 1952 lhy do Americans iudice and his is the question ntly. It is not easy ' example, in a recent an who had committed a itified in a front page gro. On another page in a ry a certain basketball en due credit for n, but was not gro even though he was. 'o be consistent, at ue at all that we groes by their an the news is l as to their 1 I t there is no the color of anyone ries. fbe Communists make evidence of discrimin urs in our nation. No ,ans ask this burning question a- nt us! iow does the United States re-. lcile its profession of democracy in I world with the fact that it sends and arms' to non-democratic rul- and.:-egimes? Phis is another question that hurts. s U. S. considers it expedient to p Tito and Franco, but I fear our pediency il short-sighted. Most ilians hesitate to question military :isiops, but a few, air bases cer- nly' are not worth the loss of good- I among the free peoples of the rld. Historians may well write Lt democracy blundered in co-op- Lting with these totalitarian govern- ehti. Why is there so much. war talk in a United States, contrasted with the nqyont declarations of peace upon part' of' Russia? Flo milf nillembar that these ques- iri arrhaing asked in Asia. -We It realize tha aatioua failure of our 1 f In w it S V H S1 o o 1 o o Ales County Trustees To Be Elected House Bill 825 passed 'at the ,' session of the General Assembly vides for the .creation of a Co' Board of School Trustees consis of seven members, to be establi in every county of the State. will- be elected at the .1 on April 8 and become: Senior of the This week's lives about northwest of favorites are: out of Phys. ping, for this ers: 'E GJ D body on July 1, 1952. duty of the new board receive petitions for change of all types of school These duties are now ta by the County Judge and Court. The program to 3 Q Board of School True I'-3 the township school tru! school treasurers fi Y wEoN 'Eross School Problems C of the State, therefore, School 'hustees and T4 Treasurers will continue- to f all of their responsibil that the Township Sc will no longer have changes in school of candidates County Boar be made by County C hundred as petit county filing is may be obtz treasurer or 1 dir I OL I at Oregon. 5 Y- g 41,4- wnuf I Scores Valley Qwomenj - -":':"L' " , o 'S Won Lost 16 2 Variety ...... 29 16 2 Blue ..... . .......... .29 16 2' Club ...........24 21 2 Optimzsts -.... .... .....-.23 22 E Jerry il ......... ,...- ..... 17 28 2 dogg-:nt ly- what ..15 30 1 ' I th Y. s '2 31 ' Mrs. the 0 y ' . ' High Scratch Glendenmngs are say' Bhd H" cute Doris Burd ........... . .... .. - ........ Marilyn Swanson-Gene 'home. George Glendenning-Good looking woman. Phil Houston--A lollipop. Earl Gocken-Overhaul job pn my CHF. Mr. Simpkins-A toupee. Mary Ellen Fischer Graduate ln Service Private Davey Lee Duhigg, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Duhigg, Davis Junction, enlisted in the paratroopers on Ney. 25, 1951. Davey had a part time job while he 'little blonde ,watch that man, Carolyn S. Better We hear that Janice W. has ua man Xfrom Byron. Is his name Bob W.? Handicap Burd ..,. -........- Harriet Arends ..... .. ....... .. Virginia Spink ..... - .......... .. If you went to the Winnebago game Inigh serie. i last week, you, probably heard the! Dons Burd .-..........-.... .... . .... . .... ....... crashing of pop bottles on the stage. ' I am sure the Stillman Alumni didn't Games on Thqndu' 'hu' 10 ilearn that in school. ' , Dorothy Y. and Earl G., Lanita M. 5 'and Kent H. were at the square dance Q V Standard Oil vs. Optimists. 'I Valley Variety vs. Smith Oil. Royal Blue, vs. Birthday Clul 'Bomberettea vs. Nelson's. Saturday night. Could it have beeni that Wally T. was their chaperone? I Mr and Mrs George Terviel I hear a certain junior girl, hamely, ' ' Peggy L. is quite happy since 'ahe has aid Wtyne qrxle?e'h.ndS been receiving some real swdll cor- lg ri b mn? 31155 5, 0 'S' was in school, at an AGP store in ,respondeme from a certain 1351 grad-A tif: eg-Qin? viirhtlfifx'-A A- - Ji. 'I 1 Kg " K' 'if' ,,.' - 5 ' " 'LL Ji. ,. 4 . s F Ex, Q 4g V , ,Y if ' , f V k If Q 31' - ., 51,3 g f , :aa ff A P x ,gi f ww . .A - Ei: Q 1 gr 1 . 1 W sf: at N W'g" f 25 1, f fi g W 4 new s3sff . ff-f y wail Q 4 Q' f 4 , 'a M , I -V X ' nf I 'X l'qxf,5wi'u 'nik W Q '35-I-7 g 'nl 4. 'gl' I--J - 551161 ...W A A xl in kr K K , vi-T EWQGSQ T dy iv' E . 5 I bl, .his 33"- lflil, 2 1 ff' X13-u I fu gill x .Aw an .6 ., '74 .-1 '12 H f ' Q ae-'H'-1 r1 7:2 W, -.A ,, -. Xi. 2 'll' 7' 3 I N' ' fl , fi Eh 1' gn lv . . - Y ,V 'uf f .5 N I 5 . . . x j A J ' Q V - . . AJLMY E1 f its 1 RE, g 5 , :iv GY fr' ' 4.3 f'- '52 "' A3 --u:-1-v- - I 1 ., Xi 5 V . a f Mis 8.51, sf: s ' .Q Q..- 1... ,S'::::?-zz... -- ::: f Q' W. K :i ...Q M, 1? -I-E2 5 5 eu, 5133 Q X uv A N li I sr' .Q qi "' 45 L I 5' gg I 'Q-' - Qfgx QM mlagw 9, wg,- u'1s? -H A . ,,. X nfd itwf, Q I '. b A. ' af' M 'Z "" ' wa' Chool Patrol The teaching of safety is a part of our educational program. Our School patrol gives the grade school students an opportunity to prac- tice safety habits and good citizenship as they perform their duties. As a reward for their services the patrol members enjoyed a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. They also attended the School Patrol Picnic sponsored by the Chicago Motor Club. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.......-............ ... . ... ..... ...N'.......l-..................'..... . . ... . ... .....'.'.......'.-.'........-'-...Z-.-.- .'-'.......................... '. . . . . ... . ... ..... ..-'.....'...'.'.'.-.-.lm-. QEQEQEQEgSgEgSgE5E5E5EgE5E3Egigigigigigigigegzgngzgzgngzg Row 1.1. Knight, T, Smman, P. Halmadc, R. -2-I-PI'1-3'3'l'3'i'I-5'iziz-:3:3:-:-:-:-:-:-2-2-2-I-I-I HenderschotL,K,Abney,V.Caslc1li,C.Spink. ROW 2: I. Bennett, D. Shaw, D. Harms, L. Cox, M. Van Briesen, S. Harms. ROW 3: P. Alson, S. Carlson, J. Agle, Mr. Manus, I. Stevens, J. Lace B. Sund. ROW I: W. Williams, D. Hallblade. B. Hallblade, J. Maas, D Purvis, A. Nagles, S. Burd, W. Poythress, J. Knight, D. Erxlcben. ROW 2: F. Smith, M, Sassaman, P. Sassaman, J. Hoernecl-ie, N. Maas, I. Sund, M. Lewis, M. Boop, M. Schuenrock, M. Lace. ROW 5: P. Miller, C. Hamburgh, R. Friday, S. Kugler, N. Eshbaugh, R. Ippcn, A. Sauer, M. Bolrhouse, J. Maas. ROW 4: L. Needy, R. Anderson, B. Freeburgh, Mrs. Knight, R. Preston, C. Knight, C. Olson. rade chool ROW 1: B. Lace, S. Harms, J. Miller, P. Maas, C. Purvis, M. Van Briesen, P. Hallblade, B. Hendershotr, K. Abney, R. Schumacher. ROW 2: P. Olson, J. Knight, V. Castelli, T. Sassaman, B. Sund, S. Armour, R. Tedrick, C. Spink, S. Carlson, J. Lace. ROW 5: W. Ippen, J. Ogle, M. Williams, J. Stevens, B. Van Briesen, L. Cox, P. Maas, J. Bennuu. J. Vaupel, D. Shaw. ROW 4: R. Henigan, D. Harms, R. Bosecker. Mrs. Unger. R. Young. N. Johnston. D. Condcrman. Qi 3 oftba TCP ROW: P. Ha1lb1ac1e, R. Young, R. Bosecker, R. Henigau, D. Harms, P. Maas. ROW 2: R. Schumacker, V. Castelli, Mr. Manus, T. Sassaman, C. Spink. WE THEY In the fa11, Route 72 Grade Schools 7 Forreston 8 elected to play softball. Due to the short 17 Byron 11 season we decided to schedule a few pra- Route 72 Tournament tice games and then hold a Route 72 1 Forreston 16 Tournament. In our practice games, we Iost a close game to Forrestong 7-8. Then we defeated Byrong 17-11. On a cold windy day, we 10st our tournament game to Forrestong 16-1. I. Vauple, B. Lace, D. Shaw, N. Johnston. Compliments DAVIS JUNCTION ELEVATOR Davis Junction, I11inois NICI-IOL.SOR'S HARDWARE 208 7th Street Rockford, Illinois TOP ROW: F. Smith, J. Knight, D. Erxleben, D. Hallblade, W. Williams, C. Harnberg, M. Sassaman, P. Sassaman, B. Hallblade, B. Poythress. ROW 2: R. Tedrick, V. Castelli, R. Schumacker, P. Hallblade, I. Miller, R. Hendershou, P. Maas, K. Abncy, T. Sassaman, C. Spink. ROW 3: I. Knight, J. Ogle, W. Ippen, D. Harms, Geo. Manus, R. He Hcigan, R. Young, R. Bosecker, D. Conderman. Grade Ba ketball The Stillman Grade School teams enjoyed a very success ful season. LICHTWEIGI-ITS The heavyweight squad HEAVYWEIGHTS WE THEY placed second in the Route 72 WE THEY 30 Holcomb 8 Conference. They placed fourth 37 Davis JUI1CtiOI1 17 33 Monroe Center 12 in the Ogle County Tourna- 26 H01C0mb 16 6l Kishwaukee 22 ment, losing to Kings in the 47 M0Y11'0e Center 20 31 Byron 13 semi-finals, 2l-22. They led 39 ByI'Or1 13 55 Winnebago 26 by four points in this game until 40 Winnebago 14 30 Holcomb 22 the last minute only to see their 38 Holcomb 14 21 Pecatonica 11 lead disappear. Leaf Rivers 47 Pee-31011103 36 37 Leaf River 15 undefeated Route 72 Heavyweights 19 Leaf River 35 29 Forreston 24 were the only team we lost to 38 F01'1'eSt01'1 27 Ogle County Tournament in the Conference. 0819 Countl' Tournament 36 Leaf River 20 The lightweights are the Z9 C1'6St01'1 Z0 25 Rockelle 22 first Stillman Valley Grade Z1 Kings Z2 27 Mt. Morris 26 team to finish a season unde- 20 Mt- M0I'1'iS 26 Route 72 Tournament feated. They won 15 consecutive R0l1te 72 TOL11'1'1ameI1f 56 Byron 12 games, Winning the Champion- 2 Winnebago 0 39 Winnebago 15 shop in the Route 72 Conference, if01'feitl 52 Forreston 24 the Ogle County Tournament, and 21 1-'eaf River 27 the Route 72 Tournament, when, on two occasions, they turned defeat into victory. Compliments CASTELLVS ROYAL BLUE OGLE'S RECREATION Stillman Valley, Illinois Stillman Valley, Illinois 65 chool Patrol The teaching of safety is a part of our educational program. Our School patrol gives the grade school students an opportunity to prac- tice safety habits and good citizenship as they perform their duties. As a reward for their services the patrol members enjoyed a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. They also attended the School Patrol Picnic sponsored by the Chicago Motor Club. ............................ . .....'...................l.........................- -'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Eff2QE22fffffffQ22f2ffiffifffffQEQEQSQEQEQSQEQEQEQEQEQ Row 1.1. Knight, T. Sassaman, P. Hallbladc, R. "'"l'"'"'i':'i':':'I'I':':':':':':':':':':':':':':' Henderschou, K. Abney. V. Caslclli, C. Spink. ROW 2: I. Bennett, D. Shaw, D. Harms. L. Cox, M. Van Briesen, S. Harms. ROW 5: P. Alson, S. Carlson, J. Agle, Mr. Manus, I. Stevens, 1. Lace B. Sund. 6 ROW I: S. Knglcr, F. Bnrd, B. Van Bricson, R. Bosccker, P. Hallblade, P. Olson, L. Cox, I. Stevens. ROW 2: D. Sluuv, N. Sclnmcnrock, P, Vosburgh, J. Knight, R. Ippen, S. Harms, J. Maas, R. Preston, R. Anderson, C. Hamberg, J. Knight, R. Scliunmchcr, P. Maas. ROW 5: M. Sassaman, T. Sassaman, J. Vaupel, S. Armour, I. Lace, P. Snssalnnn, V. Castclli, 1. Ogle, Mr. I-lnbbell, R. Friday, N. Eshbaugh, C. Olson, R. Henderschotl. Grade School Band The grade school band, which was organized just this year, has already reached an enrollment of about 40 members. This band furnishes experience and practice for grade school students and acts as a feeder group for the Concert Band in high school. The 1952 grade school band consists of lZ coronets, 13 clarinets, Z alto saxophones, l C Melody saxophone, 3 trombones, Z baritones, 3 basses, and 4 drums. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday afternoons. The students are to be congratulated on their fine attitude of enthusiasm and C00pf'rati0n- TNS, coupled with Mr. I-lubbell's understanding guidance has produced a band to be proud of, and an important group in the instrumental music department. Compliments ROCKFORD STANDARD FURNITURE Eleventh St. Rockford, Illinois 67 4 Patronize 0ur Adverti A page dedicated to those who contributed to the success of the Cardinal. LEWIS BARBER SHOP Stillman Valley DR. DE GROFF Stillman Valley CARLSON AND TOOPS Stillman Valley GOOD'S GROCERY Stillman Valley HENRY MAMMEN Stillman Valley STANDARD GARAGE Stillman Valley ANDERSON'S GARAGE Stillman Valley MATCZAK TRUCKING Stillman Valley ROSENSTIEL AND CO. Stillman Valley JOHNSON AND BURKE Rockford STUCKEYS Rockford DWYER AND ANDERSON Rockford ROCK-ETTE DRIVE INN Rockford THE LUGGAGE SHOP Rockford ATWOOD'S HATCHERY Davis Junction DAVIS JUNCTION HOTEL Davis Junction LEO'S BODY AND FENDER Davis Junction CARDINAL INN Stillman Valley ,'-4: '..g v ff., 4 .. . VN. ,. . - 'ff' 'iz " If ,A i ...N .. ly.- x , ff 'f.-' :xi 4 --.v .,,.uA ' ,.1.,q,, 4 x uv, , 'S " A Ht. f -. 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Suggestions in the Stillman Valley High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Stillman Valley, IL) collection:

Stillman Valley High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Stillman Valley, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 35

1952, pg 35

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1952, pg 32

Stillman Valley High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Stillman Valley, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 65

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1952, pg 43

Stillman Valley High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Stillman Valley, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 29

1952, pg 29

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