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USS STICKELL IDD-8881 Mid-East Cruise Ports of Call Departed Norfolk, Va. Jan 7, 1971 Roosevelt Roads, P,R, Jan 10-12 62 13-M Recife, Brazil Jan 26-29 Mocamedes, Angola Feb 5-7 Lourenco Marques, Mozambique Feb 13-15 Diego Suarez, Madagascar Feb 18-21 Port Louis, Mauritius Feb 23-24 Rodriques Island Feb 25 Port Louis, Mauritius Feb 26 Bahrain Mar 6-17 Jidda, Saudi Arabia Mar 24-27 Assab, Ethiopia Mar 29-30 Bandar Abbas, Iran Apr 4-6 Bahrain Apr 8-14 Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia Apr 17-21 Bahrain Apr 26-May 3 Bombay, India May 7-12 Karachi, Pakistan May 14-18 Mombasa, Kenya May 24-29 Lourenco Marques, Mozambique June 1-2 Luanda, Angola June 9-12 Dakar, Senegal June 16-18 Bermuda June 25-27 Return Norfolk, Va. June 29 Y W 1' . 1 L91 ' f . I Cf 'Qrx 6 0 -F F fly , Q s V d Q J, R N X ff Cf , x 7 1-X Y , Aj, . 1 K , ff asa dag 2 ! an-fg x XZ I 4X 4 4 L 1 f ? f M f- ,- ....,.., 1 xr 1 1, ..v D 4 ,H .gr fi. n ' gi Q 1, w . QP: f .A ' mii- . 345155: 3 ,gg A V ei? 2, 1. 4 A 531' 1 nz, Q 'Alffi 2 L " ix yr, e - 'sn-515 1 Q H 43 Q. '5 xv , X s 1 ""' 'fy' nf ' . ' .. 4 gk sg i :"w px-A nm' v , y - -1 :f X Q r x it , .- 4 " Q ' H15 Sfsig ' za-f " v 1,f -om sf 'ggggu '- Eu. 05 J :E ' 3 201:53 4,-E" K-fl 2 hoo , M ' fn Vfcu:-c: . E5 V EE'-52.2 Q "'-:Em g .: E gQs'Q 2 x 31.1 3 G Ulu: ' oe , Hg.:--2 Q- yji. s -4' sua-aim : T Nsei' E ui x 300 'S h. ., . x " ESSQE gg'-Ollfg-w '41 . 'Nbr lf' - -5-':3.. gswin 0 , E 9:2 . ' .4 'SSS-5.5 gs .105 5.09-'m'u - :'3E5 rl Oleg' 'E' 7 :: -Hgigm ' mb Eg 2' s A ..m3w ""' W .'EoS0"5 . -:einem 'E . 1- ' . K ' .t 4 N. i r , h I il , ' f K It Q Nl 4 r , ' xl J .' X Hgx ' J 2 4' 'Xkl 4 'Q Alt I ? 3 ' n - l 3 1 X kg . ' I wj' ' ' -K ' .jd 'L S X x '- ,Q ii f z A ' ' 3 X we 1 X " ,ff 1 Q , -- X K I , 9 1 , I l 2 - 5 Q - . ZX. 2,1 - K QQ 'Q .. , . 1 , ' S. s x, ful :W f f ' Q X '- X K Ks 'O' . g ' kif . gg! Q xc . N W 1 -sfwxj31Ei,,f',I E' ? A VV ' n mix- "W x ' ' 1 , Q K . g. 5 S 1 v X! '-,x x M, 'L , Y- Q K 'X Iv SA -?-'!1Jq:.' .'1 4 fx, 5 'R x " V-5, x - " 's"'1Q ' I ,. 5 . , X ' IN '- E s X , . ., e Q x X W I Us 1.1-IQ Q 5 Q ,X ' 6 K -'l.ligg:l:,':3xi iris -2. A' 1 in ,. 'Sf' 4 ' ' 7 ' x ? X ,E , ' x ' i l. f f"'x 5 ' 5 a l 'I ' 'L ' K x X Q X k i 'X ks .l ,Y , " 1. Q Q ix 'h - ' 0.1.1, K .NNN 3' ' " ' 'V,f.-,P " xx' 1 . X Y -' v'- "J"alul"M a ' " ' 5 i I fANDING O 'FICER I A d CDR. A. J. Buchanan U. S. Navy NAN graduated from the Ursinus College, Wyoming Seminary and did orge Washington University. He reported to USS STICKELL on 26 N 0- Politico-Military Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. He RUCHAMKIN KAPD-8.92 and has been Executive Officer of the USS WILLIS 5 DE SOTO COUNTY KLST-11712. His other assignments at sea included ead i n USS ROBINSON IDD-5622 and USS CALOOSAHATCHEE KAO-982. HANAN has completed tours at the Bureau of Naval Per o I s nne and as l and Staff course at the U.S. Naval War College. VAN is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He and Mrs. Buchanan with their three daughters. USS STICKELL DD-888 COMMAND IRIISTORY - is named for the late Lieutenant .Iohn Stickell, U.S. Naval Reserve. Lietg2ia?1'fIg?cl?cgil ieliigagiiwthe Naval Service after a tour in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He served with the 108th Bombing Squadron in t.he Pacific and was awarded the Navy Cross, Dis- ' ' ' ir Medal for his action, tmgflflfeleltklafxfylgfolsfsdviagnaiwfarded for his gallant actions against the 'enemy during action over the Marshall Islands in 2943. Seriously wounded and in great pain, he .risked his own life to save his crew. Lieutenant Stickell's expert airmanship and tenacious devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Naval Service. . g USS STICKELL was built by the Consolidated Steel Company in Orange, Texas during 1945 and was commissioned in October of that year. She joined the Atlantic lfleet for a short period and then proceeded to the Pacific Fleet in early 1946. From 1946 1.0 1950, she Pefflelpaled In three Far East Tours as part of the occupation forces. After the outbreak of the Korean War, the ship received five engagement stars for action against Communist aggression. 1 On December 31, 1952, STICKELL was decommissioned for the purpose of becoming a radar picket destroyer. Nine months later, on September 1, 1953 she was recommissioned a "DDR . During the ten years that followed, STlCKELL's assignments were VUOSUY In the meld of Anti-Air Warfare in the Atlantic and through several Med cruises. STICKELI, was 21 leader IH the anti-air warfare field and was awarded the DESLANT Anti-Air Wilffliff? TFOPIIY in 1951- l Having served well as a DDR, STICKELL entered the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Ma.V 1963 for a nine month FRAM Mark I conversion, where she traded her anti-air specialties forthe latest ASW equipment including ASROC and DASH. She rejoined the fleet in early 1964 SS H strai ht DD. . Since 1964, STICKELL has sailed in nearly all corners of .the world and has participated in many types of operations including Med Cruises, ASW Exercises, Gemini Space shots, Midshipmen Training Cruises to Northern Europe, Dominican Republic emergency, Tonkin Gulf, South China Sea, and an around the world cruise in 1966. After her last Med Cruise ending in March 1970, it appeared that STICKELL was a strong candidate for retirement after some twenty five years of service to the nation. Her remaining days of commissioned service seemed certain to be short when, the official word was received that STICKELL had been placed in a Modified Cadre status. Life started to slowly drain from the ship as the number of personnel on board started to decrease with no replacements ordered in. Activity in the engineering spaces slowed down. Fewer and fewer repairs were being completed due to lack of funds, lack of experienced personnel and lack of incentive that is always Pfesem in a ship that is about to be de-commissioned. However, in September 1970, this all changed when the official word was received that STICKELL must fulfill at least one more major assignment, a six months cruise back iIll0 the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. She Wes Scheduled to dePl0Y in January 1971 and return to Norfolk in .luly. lt had been nearly four years since a shipyard overhaul, and none was scheduled prior to deployment. ln addition, funds were limited for making the necessary repairs for the cruise. llowever, on 7 January 1971, after months of a backbreaking effort hy her crew, t.o repaff the 6'H8'lf16'6I'1Hg Plant, STICKELL departed Norfolk, on schedule, for a 35,740 mile voyage that ended in Norfolk on 29 June 1971. This - - is the story of that voyage. A CU MANDING O FICER . . xv" or af, CDR. A. J. Buchanan U. S. Navy BOOM BOOM Commander BUCHANAN graduated from the Ursinus College, Wyoming Seminary and did graduate studies at George Washington University. He reported to USS STICKELL on 26 No- vember 1969, from the Politico-Military Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. He has commanded the USS RUCHAMKIN CAPD-891 and has been Executive Officer of the USS WILLIS A. LEE IDL-41 and USS DESOTO COUNTY fLST-1171j. His other assignments at sea included billets as department head in USS ROBINSON IDD-5621 and USS CALOOSAHATCHEE IAO-981. Ashore Commander BUCHANAN has completed tours at the Bureau of Naval Personnel and as a student at the Command and Staff course at the U.S. Naval War College. Commander BUCHANAN is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He and Mrs. Buchanan reside at Virginia Beach with their three daughters. EXECUTIVE FORMER Lieutenant Commander Brunner was commissioned an Ensign in June 1958, on the date of his graduation from NROTC training at Oregon State. He received his BS degree in Business, specializing in Production Management. Prior to becoming XO of STICKELL, he served one year, in country, in Vietnam. Lieutenant Commander Brunner departed STICKELI, in Bahrain to become the Executive Officer of the newly commissioned USS CHARLESTON ILKA-1131. He is za native of Grants Pass, Oregon and is married to the former Miss Modesta Valencia. They reside with their four children in Virginia Beach. 'I LCDR KEITH QTT OFFICER 34, DANNY BRUNNER LCDR, USN R11 'SE Lieufremml CUIIIIIIIIIHIPT Ulf is :r native of Ringfisher, Oklahoma. He onlislerl in tht' Navi' in 1955 and graduated from the Univfffsify of Kansas with at BA degree in 1960. He C0mI7lC'fCl1 his post-grrulrrult' work at fhe Naval Post- graduate School and rr-cr-iw-rl his Masters Degree in 19705 WS' Pfiflr Io rr-cr-iving orders to become the Ex' ccutivr: Officer of USS S'I'lf'Klil,l, Sm' 'IUU' U5SlKlHllf'llfS inclutlt' fours on USS ORLECK fUU'?86i, Uss t:1rrri1,m' flJl,Ci"L'll and USS COONTZ fDfJf'-9l- Ht' has also sr-rvori on flu' Staff OI CUUCRU' DILSI-'AC H1117 H! NAI" f':rm Run flew, RVN. U l1N'Uf0llillll fx0lllIIlilllfff'l Ufl is married to the former MIHSI Norof-ri Mitchell. 'l'hf-v luivf- two children, Christi' H1 Alfil. C0 DESDIV 2 2 THE C0 MODORE Captain Edwin E. Woods, Jr., U.S. Navy, a native of Honolulu, Hawaii, assumed command of Destroyer Division TWO FOUR TWO on 30 December 1970. He reported from the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. Captain Woods first entered the Navy in 1944 and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1949. In July 1959, Captain Woods, as a Lieutenant, attended the Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia. On graduation in January 1960, he remained on the staff as Aide to the Commandant, Armed Forces Staff College. In August 1962, as a Lieutenant Commander, he was ordered to com- mand the USS JOHN WILLIS IDE-10271. On 22 April 1967. when the USS TALBOT IDEG-4J was commissioned, Captain Woods, then a Com- mander, became her first Commanding Officer. Following graduation from the National War College in June 1969, Captain Woods was assigned to the Strategic Plans and Policy Division, I Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. During the cruise, the Commodore received word that his next as- signment will be as Commanding Officer of the USS HORNE IDLG-302. . gfsawf ,..,.- G. G CAPTAIN E. E. WOOD ' ay are LCDR Victor Ktulak LT Thomas Markley LT Harry IDOCI Smith LTJG Frank Fletcher Staff Chaplain Operations Officer Medical Office' .-. 1 Q MMS YN1 F. R. Cipollo SD2 C. V. Bello RDSN R. M. Durso Engineering Officer TN J. M. De1aP-HZ INo photoj WARDR00 LCDR William A. Palmer, 'Jr. IGUN BQSS! is a native of Norfolk, Virginia and a graduate of Old Dominion University. He entered the Navy on June, 1963. Prior to heading the Weapons Department on STICK- ELL, he was CIC Officer Ou USS GOLDSBOROUGH CDDG-20!. He is married to the former Rosemary Jones. They have one son, Robert. I X Q , f f . .H f w .5 T LT Homer T. Grant, Jr. ICHIEF ENGINEER! iS 8 native of Canton, Ohio and a graduate of Ohio State. Prior to coming to STICKELL, he served a tour in USS R. E. BYRD IDDG-23!. Mr. Grant departed the ship in Bandar Abbas, Iran to assume his new duties, on the staff of COMSERV- LANT. On 5 December 1970, he married the former Miss Dorothy Anne Latchworth. They reside in Virginia Beach. LT Gary W. Zwirschitz IOPS BOSS!, better known as Mr. "Z", is a native of Martoow, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. He entered the Navy in February 1964. Mr. "Z" departed the ship in Karachi to command the USS OBSERVER IMSO-46l!. Mr. and his wife Joyce reside in Virginia Beach. ii LT Philip T. Garrett ICHIEF ENGINEER! came aboard in Bandar Abbas. Mr. Garrett is anative of Portsmouth, Virginia, and a graduate of Old Dominion University. Prior to FSPOFUHS to STICKELL, he at- tended the Naval Destroyer School in Newport. A.. . N ' 'I f:,,::j,2l'uq 'Tw 3 ' ' , V . . .I . 131-pf,-g F. , M V 11 "' ' ' I -,lx S. A l W- '-X -. h u l am. -pf S A . f ' . ,' nu-1.,. '.:fl 'Q ' , V : uf 'v'vm-fm. -y f 2 5, :gun-1fQ-1. -1 ' W V w A: V H uimfiilxfii. "-its 5 J 'J f- 1.-v--u'1t.'::ff-A . : e 34 "' 'k V' ff ' Q '31, I J in sl . fi ' ' K... T r , I ,,. 31.1111 - -'FV -' 1 :Vu I V...- LT Leroy C. Hand, III ICOMMUNICATIONS OFFICER! at the start of the cruise, took over the billet of Operations Of- ficer in Karachi. He is a native of Gatesville, N.C. and a gradu- ate of North Carolina State Uni- versity. Prior -to his duties in USS STICKELL, Lt Hand served 8. f0Ul' at the NAVCOMMCEN Sangley Point, Philippines. He entered the Navy in 1963 and re- ceived his commission in 1968. Mr. Han d, his wife Ann andhis daughter April Lee reside in Norfolk. , ff Q S--J' ' M. JI, W. ENS E- J- Harris LTJG C. M. McCabe . l.-jg .3 5-xS'21fiY'f Q Q55 LTJG J. B. Foglesong ENS J. M. Garman , yy ,V i fi , 4' ENS D. L. Morrell 04' 419' LTJG J. L. Shugart ENS J. W. Simmons YQ, if' if I - 'L - P1 Hn Ai ""'+u- CHIEFS It has been said Ihnt "L'hir-I Pvltv Ulln-1-r,x" im- the "Backbone ol the Navy." This staitciin-nl nniy hi- qiie-.slmiic-ci nl different levelsin t0day's Navy. Nvver-thvvlvssr it has rlvliiiilvls' hm-n i-.slnblished that the vast ziniount nf expvric-iivv zivniirihlc' from "Thai Him!" often Spells the difference between ai quick rupnir and zi vnsn-pr pie-nf nl equipment The Chief is ai direct supvrviwr rind lhis pn,si1inn rmgiiirfas leadershin as well ns tecliiiicnl kimwle-ilgi-. Hi- pun. in Inng Iinnm whvn necessary - and is always zivziilzible for cuiisiiltnliuii in ilu- CPU Lniiiigfr. f'rxf""7'7 - 5 .rf 'Fi U ? X Lp! -nw-If SKC' R. L.. Humphrey f MMC W. H. Martin BMC J. A. Martin GMGC W. H. Shields BTC D, W, Taylor L. .1 STGC R. R. ROIRS T-' 1 I f' if 1 1 ., . xp.. 4 1 4 Y C Y 4, f I 1 1 fx . , ' U ,mg FTF' ,MI f Q -" H 4' F5 'f . , , 3 al-'A 1-11-k....4.,.,,, Y i 1, K 1 "7-Eli'-Q asa r G ' A IIN' ,A ' . . V fr. ab DECK. DIVISIO LTJG F0g19S0H8 'O ff' BMC Martin BMI B. R. Bowman The men of the DECK Division, man the Bridge, paint the hull and keep the ship's topside spaces clean. They never give up in their never ending battle to stay one step ahead of the rust. On many occasions, the men of the DECK force were required to work, long after "Liberty CaI1" had sounded. However, as STICKELL steamed back toward Norfolk, a clean and smart looking ship, the men of the Deck Force were proud that their efforts had not been in vain. - Q 0 1' -num-an--it N Ja., - .. " P BMI T. R. Marshall, Jr. BM2 E. G. Dorsvn muse '1' If fmfw HMI? EA G. Lemmon, Jr. BM3 C- R- 301m HMA' E. cfurmm 45 BM3 R' Somers SN R. A. Biggersmff SN V. fi Ifrvnn, lll SN T, M, Costello 6 .. A SN J. R. G0rum SN A. L. J0hnS0n 7 ' INDI!!-' -t-...AJ 9 , - f ,,,,,. STI fi . .. ' f.,.., ., 3 1 I - U88 . ,.,' 'K "THE TEAM" SN W. J. Kelley, III SN J. E. Keyes SN J. P. Lizen SN K. S. Matthews lS I 'ks 1' I x Srumlmg Hel! Io right, BM3 Cor Klunk. Mullhvws, Slauter. ram' ,N I,-run! flf-I! lo righfj Smagula' Ragot. Ftont fleft to rightj Davis, Johnson, Surterfield, Keyes, Tzzpuszi, Gornm. Second fleft to rightj BM3 Bolin, BM2 Dotson, BMI Bownmn, LTJG Fogfesong, BMC Martin, BMI Marshall, BM3 Lemmon. Back fleft to rightj BM3 Hayne, McCarthy, Bryan, Kelly, BM3 Biggvrstuff, Steinkamp, Costello, Pucino, Thorn, Welmert, Randall, Wnsberg, Lizen, BM3 Somer-sq L T . . ,,,, may 5 P-.. ffl if V 5 M 'wssx gf SN J. V. McCarthy, Jr. LET GO! THE STAIQIJOAHD - SN P. J. Pucfirw, Jr. SN M. P. Ragot v-I -nl SN C. P. , ' 5 'if 6 SN W. J. Smagula 9 . SN E. L. Sutterfield A Sli SN P. A. Thorn SN S. B. Tapa SN R. Trevino ,iam if ra SN F. P. Voxght S M wg- ,f-' SN T. G. Steinkamp 'WD' SN D. J. Wasberf-Z SN J. G. Weimert :hx mg.. I 1 EAPCJ SDI S10 1111 '1111111111r1111- W'1r!' 1 , .. . 1, 1 1' .11 A "1 I ' ' f il ff- 'Ulf' I',rITIIii!i:lgnIlH'H H, i11.N!,!11,11g11g1 113 :11'1'f'1Hi1r'If flk' HH' 'UPU Uf Weapons mek from .11 11 1 HH i H MH. 11 1 1111111 111111 1111- 111111 Tor gl . . 1 1 1 110or11en, '11s11111: 51111-if INN" 1 1 111 .1-. 11111 fazthomeler 11 I I 1 11111111111' l1f'x'llf 111211 117111 1'- ' f1f1'f"'1""1' ffffuvf-1111111 3110 1131111 11' 1' .- A ,,,.1 1,11 .11 1111111111 .111.11vz111g 111111 aitacki .1 A .- 11111j'1111!11 111 -- 1 I- 1, Hg 111111 111.11111.1111H'1- " ,. 1 11 ,, - 1 1 11 h 'I 1, H .IN IIN' ,-11111111..1- . .1 1111 1111111 51511-111 IS dlreclly sub-SUHJU linflylll 1'X'11'1l1'!111 .1111! f1I1J'XAI1'1Ilf!' Hf HH' SUIIEIFIHPII. . 'swull U! 1:11, Lt. H111 AUNH, VIHIUIHI 11, ,11 1 1111111115111-d by Ulf? 11111 up "VI i 1I.l,H,t.L1,,,H,.1, fy,,II7!l! 11-11.111 111 1111-11111111111, hydraulic and LY1111I1i'fS'f'4""f'UG' N H NM.,,,,.,g 1111 1111,-1111-11 11-51111.-.11111111111z1ck. txullmjlalwlwxlixlgrl,H151 11,11 111 11111 11111m uns 11111111 111 llminlziininga 1 H ' ' . - ffl! !.11I1111111'11'1 was UHPH uged I , ,. 1 11 rf XUIVFPJK 51'-" ' 'X ' of gmmd .111111 .11.1111 1 1 "m5H'1"'fL1-1111111 .111 .. 111111 1111111 S111 KPILIJ 11 121118111111 'X K ' ' -A 1 -K 1111111111 1111 x1'1'1lHI1' lhe 'IL . , 1 H1'.1i'U11.'N INN!-'UW' N 'VW " ' 5 3 ef 'md 111111114 PUU1 A - ' - , , , - ,, 1 1 xl. 1111115 1111 1l1'I'11ri'ffI0 1g pun UI mt, 51,111 1,1 lin ,1111',.1,1111' If 1 1 1 L, I U18 ' 14" Al 1.11111-' 1.1 111-' .1111. llfk - 1' Q WM EMI 'fmwf Um! S! HH 131111511111 111111111114111- 111111111 111111 usuallya UH in 111 II11' 1111111111 '11 H111 .-111111K 111111 xg11H111z1Ix and OULb0a1'd ,QLXLH 11 U .- 5 Atl' . I Sfgligflmdlh NUM ,I Mtn' HM-11 In 111.1111 111r'111I111.- 111 H11 11114 duflhg llbefly Fro 1 hours. 1 becc Fog! Back Stein BM3 STC R. 12. 110m 'E 1 1 ,Hn l Elk' .and '51 'fi , , 'L' 31" W . ,N..L1-3 in N 1 Y 1 1 155, 1 1951153 ..1, 1. -11,1-v":1 1 ,, ,nfl ..,j,mIG Hqfry A 'Q' 5, '.f',,Uc,nl'iiG ' A Front fleft to rightj Harkness, STG2 Batur, STG2 Mumby, LCDR Palmer, ENS MCC3b6, STC ROI-QS, STG2 Melton, STG2 Girard, STG3 Thayer Back fleft to rightj TM3 COX, STG3 Marion, STG3 Benedict, STG3 Otterl mann, GMG2 Mossuto, Harrock, STG3 Bishop, STG3 Krsnak, STG3 Sears, GMG3 Cook, STG3 Lemon. "5 STG2 M. W. Melton STG2 J. C. MUmbY TM3 G G Cox X y, M, , f X STG3 R, K, Bishop J STG3 J. w. Harkness 'Q 9, TZ' Q 9 F Se Fc Ba Ste BM Q Q1 "W : fir-114' ' ,. A Zim 2 2222 i of el Z' .2 X - H f 1 STG3 W. S. Ottermann Le,m,,, 570.1 M. A. M-IUUH STG3 s. C. Krsnak STG3 T- A- 9 .099 ICI' ... half STG3 L. M. Thfiyfff STC3 Ii ft Hfxcfk. :aff -ff GMG2 M. A. Mossuto GMG3 R. A, C0014 I EJ X if Aw l l GMGSN R. H. Hammock 'I'I14'x' mn' lim! "gumi Ilfxngx funn in Mlm!! pg,g'kaR.f,,i ll wen mt 'M 1 al FUX UIVINIUH Lifhhlhf Hn ,NIH I I hr 5131311951 division Coil l .S ut MX lfl1ilIlvIs!Is.1l:'.w .mai HH' I He' Khnlyul 'fm-hnnxmns, magligung gflfkf-'l,1,'a 3:2111 fIglHl'IIt"- .mmf !I:.f!3. lm! wmv ' ms Nw l.'uzmr1's przrmrx :Q-If Ir :hr m..Jntf'zmm v and repair ol the shiP'S Iwo mm BNHS gun zzmunu um lmudm nm! Hn- umm gn The I Hliililllllll lin- pwanfrlr :md guvumirr m.4p:.1s11n-5 uifmg Wm, me wma ago garvszml, and zznx-urmx .fl .ill JIHIIIUHHMIHS. ,.!m,,,,j A ' arms 'I'I1c' Flin' Vullllul hlmhlxla Lana all lf1'a an. lfwv am pulled make up Iflv Ulhvl fm!! af! PDA lHM1r.nr11 W1 hm :air lr-gpqmgmh. fur me Com S'YSft'!Il. MMR L'fr I.uY.4I :ami Mnlk fi, :Him tu! 'I'Iu'H Uulfllflg in electroegter CS :NNY c''!Ic'lu'r' lms .Meinl lhclm in quick l1'ul1h1p4gh4mHn . - R and re mszmlfxu. pau of M 1 If HH FM 5-'PIM HH' wif muff 'I'hf'n an .mulnlzshnwnrs In the Past :Hr plcwl' LTJG J. L. SHUGART l "P GMGC w. H. smems , , 1. fn M d hgh :fm - In -is L ,4.- 32 9, . , nk-kk , ay Xl.-. I . , aw, ' in L2 Q1 Q N ' s i FTG1 R, J. Mueller W' Frfzux fv 1 1-.D ffwriv GMG3 H. M. Bosse ,S :"f"Y . . . n ,Q X1 ...H X . ...ww .. qw f wwe v X . 9 iv GMG3 R. W. Combs , GMG3 P. R. Enners . . . . f',A3 W 4 J l I qv if " i sl X A Q-' .1 F-'mg-,:" QQ I ,.rx..f N IM. .V ,gb ,a- FTG3 R. J, Panessa FTGSN R. G. B .ff iw ,mkles GMGSN M. O. Hannum SN D. B0dfiSh i OPERA 'I' l C I N ' Q ".'., I , H !'f1'i frqswf, W ,i 1 DIVISIC The Combat Information Center could easily be called the nerve center of the ship. From the moment the ship gets underway until she NN ..-f""" ENS R. M. CASSIDY, JR. lug lu- v- ---ov is again secure to the pier, coordination of the operational functions of the ship is a never ending job in CIC whether in wartime or peaceful conditions. Constant training in Naval Gunfire Support, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti-Air Warfare and navigation is a must to maintain the Navy's high standard in their CIC personnel. Training for combat teams takes place both at sea and at Navy Schools at naval installations. Shore based schools prepare the Radarman with as much actuality as possible but the most complete training takes place at sea where the Radarman puts to use all previous knowledge obtained in schools. Since the services of the Radarmen are in such demand at sea, they must sometimes stand a minimum of twelve hours on watch each day. The Radarman doesn't get extra pay for the long hours at sea but ample liberty in port makes life a little more enjoyable. ,lm I gl I5 I i 3 'X I -to r y y w. N., I ,vfil X. I Ass Q If JW ,ef JD B Conww HIM' H f' M41'A"" RDI. - - 'U , .f - ,M A ,A ' ' 2 , , 5-12.-wg' ' .. ' W -A I -M,-, an , , V' 'w 1 nl RD3 S. A. Harrison Not Shown RD-'I T. fi. .lnnvw RD3 AHIlI'f',nn 1-:gf IU.. Rm J s. mf' lmvme! Ihr. :if RD3 D. H. Miller RD3 N. G. Miller RD3 C. M. Reynolds RD3 G. D. Rhodes RDSN W. G. Cizek RDSA M. S. HOIUUGYGF RDSN I. Johnson 1 J "' ' Q . K Y ill if Top row fleft to rightj Jones, Cizek, Reynolds, Doemel, D. Miller, Johnson, Rhodes, N. Miller. Bottom row fleft to rightj Dent, Parker, Mr. "Z", ENS Cassidy, Rogalinski, Conrow, Mueller. I .- to LT L. C. HAND. III QC DI E510 KN fygyym. lin, 1.4 fi , I q..f1.iifa31u3g, gxltrmium NIM jig .,gmp.,, ,,g,.,,-.. -: y'n...sI24vf5.nh!P!S, . H.5afl.f:. s 3. A IIDJK X.5:4.dW,i ,gi fg'I!.1E'IffiG .'.f? iff! ::..nlaIf"I14lu ff gf an 'il I .uw 1: .::4:...:.. s 1.-.sf--Y' "9"'!'ffr "HH Um? Hilfmflflffff' The S1351 .,Lt,h'v,' Arg: A -. 3!g gl, .1 uc .' .Ju-if iff: fffnlfff fyffn, Ulm Vamuel . If.: K5:.,'I...AY ...J 3..S!. ..m ' I-ii' 5' U"-iff Swim! lisfugf' HIS Yak mv ,g..,,: ...Af M f ..:!.f: FF g ,.r.:ff -A U! hun f.f1r.f:!.f::!z:mgKhgbc his .Inf N HHH ..'. ax. c ' Y wi .ell I-If-'IN muh HMM fn' Nnfi Isl", WPUY lajggflble 1.51 x,'::..!lc 1:1...- :: 2- ..:f 11 p.f1.,- .lm fur eh: -.,u'a- lzwzgalmg gf vxflii, dfny M , VME. 'A H 535 Ja . .442 .v,1 :fu - Inj, . ,,.fgggfg1'p. ufjwnevef under. u.n l'.::.:.g c.f1ff1..5 a,m..m rg I If-if ru ..w I.: j'il'I4t'JaIi4l'lif, My Dewls .Uni ulfscl fin'i1.j2Kk,l..h Ifff k,'14-1f3flif....'1r r- .416 ..i'1-If'fiHvInsIf1lf'fCH Ifzr Slug' jiri? jgMf,,.1:.c iz ..Jc 2:7-.fIil!l.iIP1f lu: th: .'1..nHl'r 11.1124 4- ul Lung Hu! .nf:e.:.ngmz. ,lr mm Ibm ... L .f:..,m- If :lm f..-I sa.. r..4f.1- H1 Ihe Iofggl r Y n 'pix 'rf .'11.'!r.c .mir aw! Ns 141 ffl I.u!1ff ' 'mn rs 5 ..n.1nZc , I Hr' C Lg i'::!1!n wru Imac-1 lh..n TU". H! Ihr -rf u h..xa fuk! fH'l'li mside lb! ,mm Isifn .-..1,. ltV1Ulff uf 21,1 li..m.m.fr1 'I nf 11, ..u. fmmmzlfzrszllfms spgggg .ltr .llmul Ihr -xl.: H! Q1 -1:,..H I-zz. Inf. 'llfw Hfmu- IN c'r:aml'B8dl'iIb m'plr1K!n..Ir-15 f fc 4 llwnn g'r..! u Isla Ii f'l1.:Ivi1.-V HH klrff? iw c"0mHlUI!fC3lE Val!!! .mx PUIHI 'li llfrx uvifcl HHH! 4.1111 film! Nu !c'1l'fI!Il?!1'f5 If-.1::,.x U! lhjllfl 4f'n1...m:ng ilu z1,ff'zn.g.Im1, fu-11"-Mai! ful Ihr sh1pf0BE6l Inf 4m:,::.1::z.f 111- J' lf: f.f::,11, um. :at xurxrb u :m I, :K gm .amfmd lb? clock u .114 IJ In Hu zmmllr :ff lin mpifl u lu if Iflf -.h.1l!m.m!rwnlirw slows, IHC l.n1J11 '-Inn r ' .nz gn Iliff! QU- ilu! nf: sl: Ihr lmafrffl w! HH' In PON H1 .lf '.f'QI J-ff RMC C. W. Frye 4. QM! A- C. Eaton -vis-1 fqylllfi ul V N N 1 QM2 R. Dinges QM2 D. R. Perry 1 1 1 f , ,,,,f,,4vf f ,f ,191 , ,M . 4 SM2 H. M. Ban ks SM2 D. L. Cureton gf . 1 W. X ,f',.,,, .1" RM2 J. A. Szymanski SM3 M. Corriero 2 if W, .M V, W RM2 E. W. Trotter Ka? QM3 B. T. Doughty 7 s Q fi ' 4 uf! . U M-rlf-Q' I ll-lfls Top row fleft to right? Hill, Solo. Pvrrlv. H.mAf- c'r':1.:,,frf-fl Kr Il u Gaugler, Gary, Holden, Fisher Middle row fleft lo right! I-'r,vv, lfvgrrxorz, Hr. Mr IL.: l I Cureton, Trotter Bottom row flefr to right: Wlzzrvm-rr lhngr-s, lhrzrgffrm 17:1 1 Al ll ll 1, fu iff lf!! 1 Ml 9 QM3 K. F. Gaugler HM, H V H V. , l l':"l 1+ gl. , W, Q Y' Rus J. P. som" Rm I A r rf ,,,f r lv! rtrfuj I f s ,-A u 14 lui . . I I' x .I ...Rf RM3 M. F. Whitener SMSN V. M. C0mmeree hi, RMSN W. L. Holden RMSN T. D. Davern SMSN R, C, Gary A SMSN E. J. Pietron k . . -Q ENS J. M. CiAHM.'1R' RD2 S. H. Lusk 3. 3 OE D1 X' I S10 wi .A 1 .nf fifx3?:llkJA 7l"fillClj1 R, ,f 1' .N fain w-Q . , , 1 f " 5 a.. l!.f4:..:: ' ,,.x ti Imam. gililfs Palm na . F1 'ahh IRQ .M N: f X! .ky : 3 f LZ.: !.'a..r.m3. Hglqfgggffjjfmwfsloa , ..1... .p. ...z.,z..f:.s' Hu f'Ilg'5gbg,'mtmlh ' . .gi 34 I .'i . P an hlrinlf 1 F . 'ig 1 ... J... Hmm i.g',,...-1, 5...:.f ali! Hebhlifll uf 1,11 Sll Wilnmlcmlif, I W, . snr Hammumrgugg ew? Q I ibm uvfr wir Klfleep 1415. 1 fkff dfhiv Nall Hhlwn f'l:N? R- G- I' 2 ? ? 1 F r faski l ETR2 D. w. arm, B be al 'mn I- l"'."' ETN2 R- 0- WUUPOW ETR3 w. M. Rusnak i U tel ,1V' fs' J 5 y isa Q x tx Left to right: Withrow, Wehust, Mr. "Z", Mr. Garman, Lusk, Black, Rusnak Standing: Summa, Maraski. ETN3 F. J. Summa D DOING 4 THEIR .1 9' THING ,.4""'9" LTJG W. N. EMMICK DIVISIO ,Pho illflltllll-N1y'glll8't' work on hmm! ts. ut'totupl1sht'd HI the Sh" UUICQ' illltl tht' I't'1'.NttlHIt'1 U!!lt't'. ltmltltrtl hi' YC'IIlHt'lI and P81'S0!lll8Il:Ips rcspt-t-tivt-ly. Yvomt-n got- u-5port.xth1t- tot .til tm-ommg and Omogn' official t'orn-spotnh-to'en tttpotts. trt'H! him., and officers' sefvsng rcvorttsg whilo Pt'fSUI!llt'lll!t'lI hototh- .111 t-nlmtt-al sorvtre records tra ce ters. receipts ond formal .svltool otthtrh llonug tie-of-ral Quarters bersns. neltnen and YQ-otm-n nm- gtmzgttt-tl onto-.-. tn ttltt and Un me Midge 0:4 phone tzalkvrs und plottt-re.. The sh1p's Metitcul Ut-pttttlm-Ht tx atlao o551Ry,,.f1 gf, MXH Divisio The pcfrsonnt-I ussigm-tl to thu tif-pgttttm-nt un' rmpomthlcf for adminiz 11111 ' tering all tho ttwtttml tm-ds ot tht- .-4 The Postal Cla-rk pt-rtortnh .4 M-rvttw wry tmportamt to the crew' morale. Hv is rosponsthlt- tor all tmtotutng :mtl outgoing mail and puf chase of stamps and mom-y orth-to The PMS tfoortltttzttors am' also port ol "A"' Dtvtston 3: BMI D. A. Burke ' "is-w-w ii' ,fm W 'I Q' HMI J. P. Cantillon r'rh r r' t Ziff? -fx xi 122. T' , 1- ,' iigiif 51-' 'xogv-. : arf V i D , Am .. r f i' ' . IXW. s w .r V fl 59 HM3 G. W. Horton YMYN ' n PC3 F. T. Whitf- gunning . n I Lp 7 ' E5 I .. . :Ad Z, X! I . ,V . CW, I In X ,Q rf Left 59 387125 While, Burke, Owen, Mr. Emmick, Cantillion, Pursley, Horton Standing: Rzce. 54 YN3 P. F. Weinfurter "1 bs.. YNSN .I. A. Mf-rrfll f-" l ff NG1N15:1+:111 ff MW'W I I U i' i'.A l,T GRAN7 N ii' i:.,4v'h'- x'-v K "r"' 'm 'Mi i KY: i ms DIVISIO The Boilermen operate the two firerooms, run the "Oil King Shack", and work in the Refueling Detail. They work long, hard hours under conditions that sometimes include temperatures over 120 degrees F. Tfheir work ranges from the back-breaking cleaning of boiler firesides and water- sides, to the repair and maintenance of the fireroom machinery and boilers. ' ' "fi I , , g 2 Y 1 I ., ,,,,,,',,,,. l"' f 1 1 'Q IIX CD. 'v-v 2 wa in 2 4 BT? R. C. Cameron 5 'K M "W fr y..f,.W Am' k Jr gum, LE First IOW flefl LO rightj Black. ff:rrnf'." . Owens, Gardner, " 5 3, idk' Second r0W fleft to rightj Dillzrnriwr fifugzrl, Mzzhr. l,UlIIv f lffu' 1 !'n1wf- 'Q Watson, Roberts, Pannebnker, Flf'f?ff7f'f. 9, BT2 C. R. Starr 137-gy If nfs u. 9. W! I0 Avi BT3 D. F. Gardner BT3 P- H- LOUX BT3 D. W. Miller BT3 G. Pennebaker f W 4, S """'mlp BT3 J. M. Szost BT3 D, Thomas 1 avi' Not shown BT3 W. H. Watson FN A. J. Alvarez t ' xg -JW . Ln f' su, 1 . Y !v Jw V: FN BUChan3n BTFN H. V. Dillander F E E 4 1 4 4 -H. .. ...agn- 1 w a Y 6 I 1 I i 5 I f E 9 ?' L r' . g. ? F FN T. E. F1r'!L'hff .Q -if ,JS -f"" f 'EVE FN J. B. ,Manu FN K fx' l c Kff- M 'I' rw T G Trimbffp' v I ENS E. J. HARRIS DIVISIO W llivr ion i rn 11 r 1 , . M, It qrl- rp if Mgit-lirrir.-it Mules. Their primary responsi- hrlrtrr--. .rrp In ltr-wp fi'l'lt'KI'fl,I,'s rnaiin propulsion errgirres and equipment rn the lies! po.-fsrlile opt.-rafting condition. In .inltlrtrorr to 'L-ll'IlllllIlf.: tht- ship, M Division also provides the ship with t'lttt'lllt'ill power' from hi-r turbo generators and also provides all whit-r rrwtl on lm.rrr1.Nnlmt1Vv set-rrrs to notice these services until showers .ire sr-4-rrr'vrl or tht- lights go out. M llrvrwron has the rf-pntxttmrr for working the longest, hottest hours with less liberty to km-p this twenty-five year old ship on the go. MMC W. H. Martin 'O rf MMI D. D. Frernstaul 1 vi h wa! af' ,J I X ff ei .... 5 wuz w rf Gnv MMI W. J. Roman 1 , . .,.ZL.....,..,.. . i 4 .4 Fi 5? L K I I 1 at Q4 K MM2 H. C. HRIHUIO ,125 n I MM2 H. A. Murmw MM5' f' 14 Wfifffff HU? J. P. Yanello - Ii fs MM3 D. L. Ames MM3 A. M. ffulng we ul X 1 , A M4 Q1 'X ,C '-I --4' VMIP. I lf-f-41,111 Mus G. P- DW xi fx Yi J -1 cf? I MM3 J. O. Olson MM3 D. B. Spencer MM3 A. G. Wilcox Firstrow fleft to rightj AIHCS, Wilcox, ENS Harris, LT Garrett, Fremstad, Hamilton, Olson, Dunn. Second row fleft to rightj Wells, Taylor, Yzznello, Murphy, Wingeier, We-hrer, Giambalvo, Downing Whitney, Sanders. I in 4 'i MM3 Wingeier rf x A ' MM3 E. J. Zurn FN 0, 1, Arflin FN L. C. Carman FN .1 1, rm.-n FN P- D- Giambalvn af' ' l il' 5 4 3' -9 Q 4 ' .. 1 I .RE 3 Q4 . A I ,o I I iiii--i-Y, Fuel test. I ,J FN R. K. Rector FN ff. W. Siallrlf' ,Alf FN T. J. WGIIS SN ll. H ulfllfllfw, FN E I.. Wehrer :mmm wfifff' usug--. i' . Ii .I-0' ,.4n ENS J. W. SIMMONS MMCS R, C, Schulrud HMI J. L. Und!! ful' Wil 5, fu ,johnson DIVISIO "lf" stands for repair, a one-word description of R Division's primary function, which is to insure that a vast array of motors, engines, com pressors, and hull fixtures and fittings work properly at all times. To accomplish this task, the division employs a wider variety of ratings than any other division. Within the fold are Damage Controlmen, Engine mon, lalectricianmates, Shipfitters, Machinist's Mates, Interior Com rnunication Electricians, and Machine Repairmen. During normal underway steaming, R Division personnel stand watches in the engineroorns, firerooms, and as the roving sounding security patrol. When General Quarters is passed, additional R Division men man-up stations in the three repair lockers, at the emergency diesel generators, and in after steering. For all sea details, stations are manned as during GQ with the exception of the repair lockers. Ample numbers of R-men are used topside to expedite the work of the sea detail, Whether it be to handle stores of ammunition and fuel oil, or take Admirals aboard W. ix t ff'5f'm-' 1 ,- , . .-'D ' ... " A -' v N ,., 3. - - V N U K V -nf ,M .. vi- ' V' 1 usissau ""' -4""?f.. I " 59-r F 4:15 eg' ' f 411ml X 1 wr 1 i Mr-Knitrhf EMI S' M' Subouch . ., D A A, if MM2 R. E. Anderswr b M' A X X I Fi , . g,,,X- DM, ,I fx'-H ' -'O' Url' E R. Pm if? wt X, . -?' S? 1 :if VJ, !."'i' 4"-' 4 ,V I Firslmwfleft.rur1,Ql1!jlI1xfm. Hllflff MMI hm fm" 'ff ffm- I I G.--W ff VW fx N' mmmi' K A fq ff Z EMI Subotich, Wfiflffwfill. f'4l'f1f'f1f'. Mffrfmn Second row Halt In rlqhfy lfmwn W Knrrfl lfflrfrf lf' H11-fi, 1 ,,f-f-ff ISHN V' -'L "'l"""' Hinojosu, Anrlffrsnn. SFI .lnl1r1wn, flllffff ' Back: McMillan H I-lf, fx',,,4,:,y, fl,5v..,'4g, ffl 1,:F!.l! -gf EM2 G. Rusch MM, I sf- ' ',l',, -- - V f F3K L Burke W. fx. Chl 1 FM! A D A S ' ngelfl EN3E V F8d8I16 4 wk ' I MR3 J. E. Gilson EM3 J. E, H311 f 'nf . iq. , , 4 vw--W-iff A, V , . ' , f .gk 4, ,h !- 1 H . A342 ' V ' .ji r ff I xxfkvlsl' .es Y bv I " 4 5 ' i EN3 T. M. Hamel ENS? J. W. Krwfr uni SF3 P. R. Larsen by 'Inq I-5 D- I wr! 'L if 'hai ,pon- L 4 . JL. . vinyl i Cl i, lk I2 Mailahn A Ms M--,uf -fy b I 'nj K, W? .3D,L,pu 'N IC3 J. J. Trmlmr FN T Bm' . , 11 f N 1 dy' -ff li :snag 9 Z I 9 A , Y i lk f' 'l'x, 4 1 7 1 lun-1 S, I M- fl gr Holliday I , l N' . 5 A P Q 'fy 2 ." ..' E M G, t v 'ln ' N ,. K qv . H 5 QV . 1. ,, ff Q- fa! Q we mba ,fi-1 l 2- T AA i 1 ng ri ..- , 1 If AC- LE I-'N C. R. Wheeler 1-N JA M. Knrolug, FN W. R. Komendat 1 'X fhp T.-.4m. FN R. T. Woodson um l la' . f 31 .Ib ,. .n aft S, i .1 Fe- L .L 1 .I 4 i t . fl if 2 1 ' Q 1' V 4 4 I i U 1 W 3 1 z i 1 Q I I 3 - 5 . E A 1 F 3. 14. in 31!Q,.q 1-. ...Mx- WWW .4 ui , I :S 7 5111 71 'I h X gl QQ F 'Q-Q .M Q'-' rw Q " of 414 P SKC R. lb Humphrey " Y "' if " 111 'dftfffrflv opinions the 'Supply Department ig oft f - - - 1 U en " 5' 'T W' "W h"""f 'ff the llcet' Our emrrgetic, creative group 5 "'i"'i " " 'f wel wauln d tfIfliiIP."i, cut hair, kept Soap in the f Y- -"ef a f indie-W. and other 'gedunks' in the mouths of ""' f"' ' " f""' fff' " H' 'lu' 'fIll,KHI,I,. Under the able direction of our Hflwfi "f"'1'ff, V1 Morrell, the Storf-kf'vper.s provided all the necessary 'l'-ff' f'i"f'e "IW '-'lI'l'llf'v from paper clips to high voltage boxes - t0 kv 4 fl it y Iiifluf I i 1 a ' 1 i .f n Ill the no lor the six month cruise He also hea g . . ded fo' ff" H' H I- ' hr-HH hw ol Supply, the General Mess, the Laundry, Dis- lvfir ,illl 'XII 1' ' 'o 4 ll H W7'll", liarher Shop and would-be vending machines. fun foot! sf rvn e hranrh, ted some 5,100 individual meals at a cost or MU 5 no oo 'l'l: -- f 1- - ' 1 rink. ti our seven skilled cooks we were able to ple.:-we rnos! or the new most of the time and turned out many excellent irieala lin: one ,ind only baker produced 5,190 pounds of some of the ne-,r bakery profluf Is that have ever graced our tables. The twelve ever- pn-L.:-nl loin! handler-, kept cleanliness and sanitation at an optimum through Ihr-ir three daily scrub downs of the entire messdeck area . . . a lillilllfllkn honor ri nr 'At'lf," llisbnrsing Clerk assisted the Disbursing Officer in pa in , .. . , . , y g ont Sf!-153,000 in sixteen paydays, processed some 139 vouchers and 4-lanns ol kinds and computed over 4,200 individual payments. Total filHilllfNf'lllt'lllS during the cruise amounted to S398 000. The nine Str-wardsmates kept Officer Country ship-shape and pre- parm! SVIVIHHN for our twenty officers. The Super bargain basement, under the management of "George", sold 5tiii,5i.H1i,x1 worth or merchandise, profits from which went into the ship's Welfare and Recreation fund. ln competition with our store we had our inti.imous vending machines. The coke machine received 85,849.20 in nickels and dimes, The popcorn machine never got off the ground. Unr unsung heroes oi the Supply Department, the Laundry Crew, with one if-mperamental washer, one antique dryer and one press, managed to wiisli, starch, dry land pressj some 55 tons of laundry - of which the washer are about three tons. Unr one chair, 5 x 5 barbershop fand photo lab by nightj working on ten minute appointments, cut 1,000 heads during the cruise. Appointments were wrnetiines hard to get but the price was always right. last, but not least, in our parade of behind-the-scenes supporters, our friendly f-.igle eyed storekecpers practiced well their techniques .of dollar srretelririg and quantity chopping amidst many a loud cry. Despite their east rednr-tion efforts, over 3,000 issues were made at a .value of 5l.58.386.H,1. The UPTARf'Requisitioning desk was kept hopping with requisitions valued at 8l79,800. How the budget balanced with all de- partments in the red is a mystery shared only by LTJG Morrell and D3VY jones SDI T. T. Cuevas C51 J, A. Kina ad ,Nw M A YJ gf? I ,- ... l,L CS2 D. L. Capita: il SK2 R. A. Fzarlvy R 'I' 0-"', via! 5. Q., nr' l'Vf ,r CS3 R. G. Bell kim. .,,. HH! , , f Rf? 'S IW! -e gH'1 411 , SHJ G. ? r 'rf' i 1 1 . I 1 i l 1 x ! 1 COWICS SK3 w. B. Hall Y? 41 +P Q U- SK3 T. L. Mggrkq FSS! If M Sm 'HNA I E F l sf- P2 iii "ful E jsut- L25 ai? 7:2 29 l xlrfl LQ H' 1' ' H' B Aww 3353 R. L. warn ' ' ' 1 Q1 'If , , 'virgin'-'N,',,'l4 Q ,. L . , 'Irumo First row llelt to right! Barhnr, Qllilffi. Smffnx Mfm Dela Garza, Manlapaz Second row Cleft to righrj DK! Sznglrrfffn, I S1 Kun' SKC Humphrey, SKI Welsh. Avila Thlrd r0W Cleft to righlj Calhoun, 'Mnm, Srnzflf Wmlr Herman, Eb t F ' f ' ' er, arley, Hdrtung, llnll, Allfflllflll, Im' qnf I SN M. J. Calhoun SN 1, It H6,,,,,,, ri, W VQVA A , 1' r A- X ,El E G Q wil... 'WWVS 3 N1 15 SN R. P. MCGuiSilU SN H. J, Mum TN E. P. Simons SN S. A. Simpson ,u -'QU' x x Q s P SN M. L. Winfree SN B, F, Bristow , X . M X ,lg iq fd! K 2 X SN J. A. Castellon SN J. L. Davis N? -mg., U7"'T' COMIDEASTFOR CheckS Doc cflwcks, Eagle Day. ' A " 4 'f I. . L 7' a SN E. DelaGarza SN D 1. fff1::,.w NN M xl fmm Q NN If .I Larkin MJF, sind' I ' .J 'Q ,, .,5,...J . QT, 0 .1 H--""' ,Q SN N. Vasquez ' N I' wld! no: lw 4 ', 1 H0911 T ' 15 'ajf 4, ' if, A 91 I 1 N 1, 5, ,, , : , , L L hx 'X' " 'll 'W' c OMIDEASTFORCE 5 Y N Fri: if LJ 'I . .L 'V 4 -X 1 "On the 23rd 01 January a strange vfsllur .rgvguf.ifwf -X 'f r..f-an !ff,,f.afA ,, ,,f,,,,uh, for the Captain from his Royal Highness, Nf'jllllllusN Hu ff .1 1 .frm ,f ilms, 5.45 , 14mm dr, livering the following summons' Greetings and Beware, Whereas, the good ship USS STlCKlfil,l. mil sas' . .' r.:!....,fl fn' gm Q-.,.,.1.ff ,, ,,y,,,u, to enter our domain, and the aloresgml ship ruizrirf. r. 5.,f,.-. . lg N-QIJZJ Q :,.nrfilmrl..i,, g,,,,.h, combers, cargo-rats, sea-lawyers. ldUl1gr'll.f.alils fl.nlf'r',' ,fiwu rf. e, H, ,r Wu ,wma warmers, chicken-chasers, sand-crabs, four flair-lzrrs .fl-N,-. u-Am fm, gf. inf, ,mg df! 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X' 'WP 1 :CW r it ?":"f4-.4 wen-4, Q. 24 Q X -1 T I TI-IE ILQUAI OR SPO TS 'fig'-a STICKELI. 3 0 8 3 5 0 2 0 0 1 2 0 Sm'r'r'r 'I'f-Jam, HMS VI'I'Al, Sl'fl1'HJl1l"xl' l':f1:4rmffpf'rx Hrmxh Armv UQ! Hillllffl Iirllxsh Army Ujnfl fgnrnvp HMS liIiIJlVl','I1'l'Q Silllfllil Amhmrl Army lrulmn Navy Hs! pfnlm-J Indian Navy flmfl gznmyp lrnnmn Armv Rulhhrrun .lnlfln Tr-:am Effll'UIIfIIfl 'I'f':nn Kf-nynn All-,Smra 1 xvgsr "N" f I SPORTS ' .J "i'ff e6 J IJ ' f I5 l Q W, .4 4' 2,3 , ' , B ketball Team. wx! I ,.-1 '73 Xp Q fa . ' Q 'i f - Y, I, Q , l ?w',: i I ...ui-iw 1 W v PO 1' my U 11 1-1 1 .M hwy l? . lf IW -fixiil ,g, I Q 'a , ' i fl I . 1 unsung -al ww A j 3 X .v ! gn 6 in J 4' JV' M 1 .su-JVM if V , N Lai-v'H '32 1 -sf q iffg P""1" lf-I l 2 ii-A -'Z3 f f ffL ,JJ , I V J wr. ' -uf . ,L-Q Y 'u li .,, ,.., X ' . MJ, Q ff f' ' ,E ,jlfid .J V, I 1 - .I V. ...WM 1- 7557 .5 'F2"""1 lk' ml'-A wi 1'- 52551 I- g.. ,,,.,,.. Q can ' o,,.,,,.p.cuho0Ul3l""' :i""f:'.' N rlw J F ' bf, . K I f 4 6 fi N- ' , P I' I. s H: 1. K I . T - M ,I gif' AL- Q, gl 'as' lb , 5 i 1 U Q 'a'Q.'Ef NI ri an ,r- r ' ' II 7 A TH E Cl ll ll S IC '71 lt was a cold and windy day and mon wort' hurriedly inning Inst minute preparations for saying goodby to their wives and lm-ods .fs U35 SWCKELL approached the cotztrtivtzvttig date ot 'IVI RHI xl,-1 f ciwtse. , X' 1 By 7 January, H1051 of the crew had returned Iron: thtt.stm.t.s .ind New Year's celebrations and were reatlygzhle and. in most t'.isv.s. willing to get underway. STICKELL slowly pulled gtwaiy from tht- pn-r .ind u-.ts on her way. Within two days the weather vlt-nrt-tl and Wllllt'l was If-tt behind. We were nearing Puerto Rico when the first surprise ot thc- t-ruisr came, off the coast of Culebra, when the target pmvtin-, sulmitllt-ti for the firing range, was cancelled and the ship pulled into Noost-vt-lt h'o.itla early. STlCKl'.'l,L tlt-parted on .srln-tlziltn but tht- It Q first night out, tht- vtigitzvt-:trip spnt-f-.s tloodt-d , illltl WJIIUT IUMA to Ilia' tlc't'lilll:l!c'.N, NU t'l1Ult'r' frllf ks. -- ,, IUIUFH around :md .stvatn lmt-lf lo lfooswvf-lt lx'U:nl.s rf' 1 S gf jf for repairs. , i in At this point it look:-d lilo- tht- vrrtitm- miglit U 1 soma-wliat shortt-r than plzmm-tl. No ont' know 15 just what would lm ipvn. t'tlMSl'ft'UNlJlfl,'l' mint- j w - it on board :md inspt-vtt-d the ship. Alto: :l 'h ' lvvol' llllftlllllfl on tht- mfr, it was tlt-ritlr-fl that Qvt-ry cllort would lit- tnntlt' : " ' , , S W Q w I Aim' I NL l n V : . ff' HMM Sllthlll U' 'ii tnoclititztczally Clllllllllt' ol trontmuznfg ht-r mi,-rsion. .- . . . ,Ugg M I In A 1 I A I anti in .n 3 no , L , . .Q n A I I I ,Q I X' J COMCRUDliSl"l,O'I' l"UUlm' tvrlnt' Ilbtlitlll personally suporvist- tht- rt-pairs. Hy 151 J: 4 STICKELL was tltrcrlutvtl HFS :mtl tht- f'flllSl' ' continued, on to Rt-cilt-, limzil. sgbilr :- ii ia !j'1:f 1- . v , 'f fi emu! if .. - I. I ri H'rf' l iilrnfpffq-,J!'v 'hs' lflrlflg :JZ . rf ,L , flif' ff, ,, ,mr ,H W' mm Unlffyeri the Recrfe visit, I H" "' " WW- 'fir' ,4rrlv.rl uf thffrilgn Sou' The high' A . A my rfwf, Un ,,,, mm, N! Y Wo Professors from i S A A F' 1 1'1" !J, Hrfrrihrflf ilmrlr- HH., ,-,U:,Jld:QS under Phe PACE ' ' ' ' N' rlr"fg,j,A,l,1,frlllILf 'IA from Recife to MO- , I, ff ri' ' ,XII gfv,--, ff . . . ,, ,f,,, ,MMM In ufpxjizrlpmlf-iggors some points on . L , ww 'HM 14 receiving points on Card I r I" Y! r "1lI"?IjIJlI1f,HUll,UrU A l Q A ' f V' H ' 1 f ww If Uwlfr Ill- I' .M ' t""'5P0rted to the desert , 1 , ,ur L1 gum! place to relax. .,,. 3 If .4 ,Gi w A 4 ij' .N 'K 1 1 I V' it ' - 'Vg 'n - ! " 'Q ' ' Q 'Y ' W W: ' I - , N ' 4 F' 1 i F I J !"r-- gm .N ugh- ufvum! Hu- lfrpw wi liwwl Hupf- !lIf7lll!ft'lf . Ulf- Nuglrfzmg -1' 1: mv l1N.1rra!1mg Nw.: 4're'.zIr1rv-sz, Thr' ' f 'Fl-,' - 4. Q1- Nfuglrrw Ufflaifl N'-1 1f,.r1z'.4 lim! rhf r.a11N were pruperly ' f1l.4r1nf'f! ffffrxf fl! fhv ruin- by Nr-,:N1f'k Nzrlwrw Wim UhNf'I'VQ'l1 r f7lXINli4J1'1 fr af A II: :lu M in H' rrhrluf- fwmf- 'I Yhf hw' pe"vpv'rr'ff 1'.zwfle"t'I1 W why, h wr-N rv uhh!! ,4 If u iff! frwrr flu Nhlp .N 1 r . N a . t . 5 U uuuNf,4il',' l!'lf'l1nHL' IH I,4'Hf"Hl'I' .ami the' IUIIFS uvrc' ,N rlywylgfnlr- let P!'h'I"Vf'U M.-HCC 3 . -N Wt' WSIB ii Wt'1L'UHJc' Sig!!! H1 17143141 5U.iIc'.' nfl!! Iirxl -slut' tu .it thi lm!!f:z'Ili Hp uf Hmfagawt, The two ships we were M'fIc'dlIlvif lu relirvv were .ilixiuzseix .mutiny .tm ,,,,,ydj M HHS' 51' I7 'V neu' umm' uv! our 1l!U!Pll'l1t'-. our 4-I lfrfwe,-,,.1, HOMIE and 1111 scribed rendezvous point. ' In relieved that we were only one week lure. C gr M.. - f Q P mricxo, xumfgg Q P0rt Louis on Mauritiz - - I A they could have remainedslxiggldtlyijri Zwii Vomml 'mm'i'H', IW! "I "HH i""f "V"f,Vf"H' WfNh0d OH 3 religious holiday was most enjo .ml F' 'fy H"7'f W""' '1""'fV 7'fH' four ol the Hindu Temple yi " MMV ""7"V"'7 -"W"""HHl4 :il the In-:iutilul hc':1c'hus guests of the British Nav Qgh. - , A ' f action ran high. y' U5 ""f"Y"'7 UH' Ulllflf lzlff ur Ihr- f-lub,-N und ur the vusirio where the I Q. U 1 A 1, Hu-Url I Il , 9 4 1 1 Port Louis wus the sn-:nf of the- opening phases ol our mis." ' f ' 1 , , , Medical supplies were dclivi-rc-cl to the Red Cross Hoiircfsentativzfsxillthre igliiiglouee glcslodaglczjspd the role of supply ship when wo took uhoard cargo lor shipment to Rodrigues Island WS me honored by having the American Ambassador and part of his staff make the one da ti te X826 rigues with us. Y I P 0 0 ' . 'Wh L Our visit to Rodrigues was cut very short when we received word that a full force cyclone was heading straight for the tiny island. However, we remained at anchor long enough to off-load our cargo and 100 life rings which should cut the mortality rate of fishermen lost on the sand bar that juts far out into the ocean. ,.-0f?':""' g ! .,-f-'if RODRIG UES s- 'L l f...,.?,f ww . an QQ? After a quick refuviiiig in Puri 1,in:ii,x gm! ii iii: :Iii is. :mf wi ,mi .iff y,,r,1g.,A M. ,mum IOWEIIO' THIS Vl'LINi1hl'1l'llgt'N! HJHNI! Ui' Iflt ififl'-li' ffffli ,iiiif :Qin ,'i,.ff ,flux turned our fu be our hmm: gm-,iv truiif Izumi' l'!fi4n' nviv fur ri Izfrif iii in lm ,i :Mini 5,1 gu,,,,H. ku!!! days in this oil rich cross-riniiis U1 thi- lmii-H1 IM'-iff iw .iff-if in :hr 1'f'!k!.i?i mi!! S v W .H gi: 9 R 1 ' , uv Q. R . 'vufgfu , Mumlv fxffliiwr, fizirvuuiy to bargains '5"'S-N .,,, at-N , ' 'fr1' .1x-NvQ'-ml V 4 Q 'iff i 0 Prof goes Shopping' Wlimi- ilk if 1 P i i Q ig .WX 5 IYAIIAAIN 1 -,B ,E W 9 i S in 8 5,000 years ago , A 4 'Nw 'xx if A it A Q :IX ,NI IC IJ RAC IQ S His Majestia. Q lr and things. . . What'ya looking at? . 4, .V lvl- The first excursion from Bahrain l!N'1llLft'd il VIS!! xo JIUII,-1, ,Samir Amhm. whore' thc' Amr-my-af, community showed us some buck-holne Izospztnlzzy. Nmrlx' wr-rs' nn-mm-r nl rhv www was invited to at least one party. There were runny sore In-mls whr-n wr- lr-lr hu! .all just .1 little more pmu that we are Americans. r-97 ,f ,H-fb fl mm 1 Young Americans. A. L, nfsmjggm ef j ijt I EMP V "nl it l-M.. f ,J-4. Jn. I T -M ,,A, A A53-'ml Mh"'l"f' W-lf' -'H -fllllmlllil-'iff' fun--flziy sion. Sinn- evf-rY har in town all thr fth ' ' ' l ' , ' ee 0 em was in easy walking fl1.srn1u'1-, llivrv were no annoying Jroblem ' 'th g I S W1 axi drivers, a welcome relief. llmu rf? .agllwmxfwy H- In-.q X. g H " . 2.4,-,. .f...-43.1-F33 E I - -v. '- iii 'l When STICKELL left Assab, her nine days in the Red Sea were over. On the way back Bahfamf there Was 3 Iwo day SIOP IH BANDAR ABBAS, Iran and an operation with the Iran Navy in the Persian Gulf, which added some excitement to our passage. Q, Y 7" A fi TU? f ' -4 l to From 18 to 21 April the ship visited RAS TANURA where everything was free. Swimming, golfing, bowling, movies, table tennis and a bus ride to the recreation area. RAS TANURA will also be remembered for six foot seas while tied up at the pier. i 1-un...-5. """' usmuusu W- unvs mums me t an W t . .f as X a.WVf fa v Q -ALM r A s F nn. Q' N 5 1 """P'-uw. HUMHAY, INIIA f f ll' MM' P' 7 i ! Nl.. 5,31 g - 1 LW. 4 , ii: '.'T,1 I t 09 ' .. fH'1""'?'W! , 'ni A P 4 f-vm X .V ,4 33617 r- ,'M' -' fs 1 2 1 W ' F? ,3 ' A - gi ...m '. K 1' .1 4, , A 1-.4 , V I .A E? J, If ff IK "1 'I ...J -sri 411' qi., 9' I E J g MW . w C ffi s t .:K. 'F' J , fr x FQ 7 'J swf:-..1l1D"'5' iii' gif "" 'f iff 5 Egg 1V K A . A-1, A TSS . ! if we ,. - - L! ' JM' Q - 'Q Qligz?14A ,A - wg? A-Q. in ,,,9,,p.. HA' E ' V . ,2 2-f .ap 1 . 'fa.r, . ZPL . , qxhw-1 i'll ' P I , W Q , , 'Y A ' in V ' HX fx' Q1 'A ' ,1 U f,., , t ,A W5 4 'Y W5 f V . , 5 'ii ' rf -,J if - 1' 4 i ' Q 2 ' :Y N, ,,V' 5-xt G 1? Q 1 QT . It -'-A ' 's -I 5 , .Y ' gg-wk ,Xl l A- 1 ,, lf- E4 ,fl J Ek, ,UH 'ffm' - .. , 3 ,nf 1 4 :Q .... ,., Z, ,J if- -8. 'L:': 'ini' Ld' N J I " -.J f ,f 53. xsgx-' ,r 'flu 'D 1 Nsgg- , Rs 'Y MOM HASA Mombasa, Kenya was notable for tlzrm- llungxg an 1wol d.1v snlnrf zhrongh rlw Txnvo gimme pre- serve, a look at Kilimanjaro, and the nrrlvul of USS LAW!-Q 11712-763i lu luke- our plane as "Am, bassadors of Goodwill" zo the people ot' the Sand. U xx .gud V 1 I "'!' . :S 2 :gig ARMA!! l 'M 2 ,,,,,,,,' A-Q' L- ,A 1 , 1 7 F-im. a If ivy' 1... . T, - 4 9 if ' o - 'gf- .rv-rll. . K I M' B 'S ew 1.-J 'E L 3 I 1 55" In.. ..,. . 4 I 34 1 'P 1475 LU UN DA, ANGOLA - 11 Juuv wa-st vous! ur' Al'm'u. Our vim! was during za religious gm-sis of hunur during az purudv nl pcfoplo that went STlCK15l,1,, during upen house hc--ld on the same day, xlltr ix- I Ill: X.,- 'Pp - Q:-A ..,, A B A N C C3 V I5 qkj M IT'-'TSI W""1 - 5 ll , 5' 'f-x -in U V 'iv VL. - , av A SA .., -V gf , 13--..rx X' . uf. 'Q' - W 14 J! 5, W ' F-Q , i -.dw WW I' I-" l'llH i fifth U1 'if iff 43 if 'f""- l'iii Iwi it ml .i If -. .llllllllg h'a:H,U1pi'.rbl' f Hlffh party. '9 '. 'Udall 'L-41" ,K C ' 1 nn' , N :aussi g. u, 40 V ll' ' n , . ...K -'I '12 4 ,109 g, ' J' , 'H , n 2.111-v 25.4, . M 'x 11 1 l il x v r as ,-. ff "U ,"-72" 175, ' :tl .L We then crosse-ci the- Atlantic fnr the Inst lung leg of the cruise. After a stop in BERMUDA for refueling and ffutlie-r grow-rii-si, we su-giiiivci for home where the sight of friends and relatives awaiting our arrival was ii triilv he-qzuiifiil and welcorize une. STICKEIJ, was an tim! and shnkv vert-mir with over twenty-five years of service behind her when she hegzm tht- rrniw-. Hn! un 29 ,lnnv 1971, she had completed one more assignment, in the finest of Navy stariihirils. ,.- -n an ff + . 1 rf' - Jimi i me -Qs xl A 2 i X 1-:gf :ERNHMBCCHIUIMQ Wim HMC M CN 3iU555i.tKfiii ' The Committee. EW K 1 Kas. Battered but beautiful. Shift colors 'ie f 1 Q t ILA if H H25 1 'f 'A 3 V , fgJlh3...f'i....s' Ji? -Q it P' A 00h L1 .mrwfe,m . I A 59 ' if b Q 2 u f Al Hoyzt s' 'H'-55 fwsgbsf 1 v I I-.13r'3'! A QV ' ' ,W A 1 A QW and ah fwfr - - ' Lust Hurrah, l'HH'l'l1'Al'l'S 'll 1 I ""-5 Q HAPPY """Q G ...Mr SAILORS .-- . fQRUl'uli lfUf1Kf.fM!'IlfII'Il l,'l,l!, 'ylrflpfurl Aflvfym RMK l'I'Lf" l','fllI1l' Vl',F'H'f llfQ!I'::1f'r 1,I1Wf1H 'bqyflvlf l,f7lHf1ll fl,:lf-'irfffm Is'fv1.'1 l'1 ,iw r liff ml 2 'fy ',!lI,Lf"ilf,I fknlfwa, , ' luv Hfwv-f!1 4111 I "W" S' 4 r ms, ,sm xr 1.1. umm UmAtf .m frame Pam gg Cin f' lk gufiui Nciifulk V4, fxxmm-iff! Hmitffx ff' R jan 2 New II: Hfidiif Jan 26,29 Mm .arm-ah-f-. Alaguli F-ebay E I HUFVHK11 uHfQUf'h, Hulimhiquc Feb H-is lfszpw fwuafw Madagascar Feb ml E , fn!! QIAHJJN IAUIHIUM Feb E ls'm!11qm's IA-land F 4. ebzs b Hut Lnuarsg Mauritius Febw S 4 ffnfllixlli ua! 3 .wma 5auahAmh1u MM2427 4 AAA-4.il0, ffhllliilii Mar 29.30 Q Haamiul Abbas, Hull Apr4,6 Q lialzruuu Apf 3.14 lm.-X Yunum, Saud: Amina App-17.21 5 Iiznhmllz Apr 26-Hay3 i limnhux, India May 7-12 l4n1:u'lzz, Pznluslzm Hay14-18 Mmnimaa Ha-In-'14 May 24-29 I,fu:rvznL-1 Mzuqur-s, Mozambique June 1-2 l,1mm1:a. AIIRUHJ JUH6 9-12 lznkm .Smuygal June16-18 ,ff-rrnzuiu June 2527 mmf, .fvfurffzp l ': a4 June29 5 I . v 5 I 3 Q 311 '.Qe2'!S V.,-'gg f, .X . - mf: Q if? Fgx K X x A A A , fiffff W i

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