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THE CRUSSRDADS d CfJ g Jy Rb m x ': gf is 3 K N Published Hy fy ' ,179 Zh: Senior Glass E PM f 1 ' STEWARTSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 1 Goodvlew, Vlrglnua ?arcWvrd We have come to the close of four years of high school life that occupyaunique place in our life span, In many ways these represent our happiest and most profitable days. The friendships that we have formed will last through the future years. The Annual Staff has, in these few pages, tried to capture some part s of the work, the play, the seriousness and the gaiety which have made our high school days a magic time. We hope that as you turn through the pages of the Crossroads in the years to come, it will bring the joy ofreminiscence to all who remember the Class of 1956. To our beloved teachers, we say "Thanks for your pa- tience with the staff and for your gracious attitude toward making our school days a success." We appreciate the kindness and the understanding that our parents have shown during our school days, "Thanks, dear parents, for helping us to graduate." Although we will leave Stewartsville High School to take our positions in life, we'll take many treasured memories with us. THE EDITOR ,Alma .Main Ch, Stewartsville is the school that we adore With all its loyalty and fame. We will yell till we can yell no more for tha.t's our highest aim, rah, rah, rah, rah. We'l1 sing the praises of the green and gold, for we will voice its virtues loud and long, for we ar e here without a care or sigh,you and I, to greet old Stewartsville Hi. Rah, rah. N-wav-r""w Mrs. Hensley 6 fr' Mr. Hensley We, the Senior Class, in appreciation for all the under- standing, patience, and guidance bestowed on us in our past school days, do in this year, 1956, dedicate this volume of "The Crossroads" to Mr. and Mrs.,Este1 Hensley. Not only have they been excellent teachers, but understanding friends as well. UW' Annual Staff QReading Counter-clockwise from Editor! EDITOR-IN-CHIEF . . . ASSISTANT EDITOR . . ASSISTANT BUS. MGR. . FEATURE EDITOR . . . SNAPSHOT EDITOR . . CIRCULATION MGR. . . ASSISTANT CIR. MGR. . ADVERTISING MGRS. . SPONSOR . . . . . Business Manager . . 3' . . . Joyce Truman . . Norma Williams . . . Shirley Wheeler Mrs. . . June Flowers . . Clara Booth . . . . Arline Sears . . . Peggy DeLong Martha McManaway . . . Harold Holdren . . . Deanna Wagner . Martha Arrington Christine Huddleston . . Joyce Robertson , KAbsentj X10 5.-. Mr. Given came to Stewartsville High School from Fries,Virginia. He has unselfishly given to the student body his understanding and guidance. ,x , Mm .ly if if F 1 5 ar V, x ,, , 1 v XM, 'i nm- Y my 2' f4 'X -f i ,f ox, X 'fa Qaculty XM 1-P-W-J' Mrs. Lois Hensley Mr. Este1E. Hensley Mrs. Nancy Falls Librarian Mrs. Mary C. Given Mr s. Nellie Blount Secretary Mr. Maurice Given Principal Qaculty Miss Nancy Teass Mrs, Christine Hud eek Mrs .Irene Ch dleston Mrs, G Mr. Clarence Miss Marjorie Koste ertrude Jeffrey , . ix Mathews nbader Smzpshats mf' gpg.:-s--Juv We , NUCBOMW Snapshots VICKIE WHEELER KATHY DeLONG Halloween Baby Queen Runner-Up IKM , -Q ., s 1 4 1 4 ,x Senior PRESIDENT Frederick Dearing Officers VICE-PRESIDENT Dorothy St. Clair K , , TREASURER Phyllis Roland SECRETARY Betty Lou Simmons Always tellinga joke . . nice personality . . dis- likes teasing . . likes peanut butter sandwiches with a little pickle . .-Ambition is to be a top notch secretary' . . always watching for Conrad. 1952 1953 1954 l955-56- Beta Club: Annual Staff, Advertising MARTHA LEE ARRINGTON -53 -54 -55 : F.H.A.5 Glee Club : F.H.A.g Glee Club President : Beta Clubg Glee Club Presidentg Vice- President, Junior Class 1 Manager, Prophecy 1952-532 1953-541 1954-55: 1955-56: Nicknamed "Clarabelle" by our coac h . . her school spirit had no end . , ranked high as a bas- ketball player , . Afriend of all . .And ., , always fun to be with. Glee Clubg F.H.A.9 Soft Ball Teamg 4-H Club F.H.A.3 Basketball Teamg Volleyball Teamg 4-H Club Volleyball T e am g Basketball Teamg F.H.A. Basketball T e am 5 Volleyball Teamg Monogram Clubg Asst.Chief Observer, Ground Observer Corp. 5-he CLARA JANE BOOTH W1 ,1 ' fi IS' f: is-'E is H Likes hillbilly music and wrestling . . dislikes opera singing . . makesfriends easily . .likable girl . . always smiling . . mostly seen in the halls talking to s ome boy . . plans to be a secretary or join Waves . . does not go steady. 1952 1953-54: 1954-55' 1955-56: Glee Glee Glee Glee Club Club Club Clubg Ground Observer Corps ONA LOUISE BUSH LOIS MILDRED CHANEY Lois is a very likable per son . . Transferred from William Fleming . . She likes hillbilly and popular music . . isn't engaged or going steady, but just wait . . she will be! . . She is nice and friendly to everyone. 1951 1952 1953- 1954 1955 Junior Red Crossg F.H.A.3 Y Teensg Vice-President of Class Glee Clubg Future Teachers: Y Teensg F.H.A. F.H.A,g Y Teens Y Teensg F.H.A.3 G.A.A. F.H.A.g Glee Club A short little guy with more than "personality- plus" . . always has a smilefor you . . a basket- ball player that just Won't quit, because he's the "do or die"type . . he's afriend of all . . always has ajoke for those who are ready to listen . . his favorite pastime is "fooling with that Hot Ply- mouth ' '. 1952 1953-54: 1954 1955-56: FREDERICK DAY DEARING 4-H Club: Junior Club Leader 4-H Club, Secretary Basketball T e am Q Volleyball Team, K.V.G.: 4-H Club, President 4-H Club, Vice-President: Basketball Team, co-Captaing Volleyball Team Senior C la s s President: Monogram Clubg K.V.G., Assistant Crew Leader Asweeter gal you cannot find . . she shares your joys and your tr oubled mind . . l'll give you a tip. . to find her, look for fTinkl Luck, and Skip, 1951-52: Glee Club, 4-H Club 1952-53: Glee Clubg F.,H.A.g 4-H Club 1953-54: Glee Clubg 4-H Club 1954-55: Glee Clubg Volleyball Team, Cheer- leaderg 4-H Club, song leader, F.H.A. Reporter l955-56: CirculationManager,AnnualStaffgGlee Club, 4-H Club PEGGY SUE DeLONG Gb fm She is a senior that's tall in height . . would be most likely found in the library studying Chemis- try . . but when it comes to homework thatis what she dislikes. . she never lets a conversation drag fas we all knowl . . her plans after graduation are to go into training for a special nurse. 1954-55: Volleyball Team 1955-56: Glee Clubg Ground Observer Corps l e ALMA RUTH FERGUSON DORIS JUNE FLOWERS Here's a person with all the characteristics a girl needs . . Blonde Hair and blue eyes . . Always laughing and joking with Shirley Wheeler . . Dis- likes homework, especially when a certain sailor is around . . Doesn't like cooking and sewing . , Planning on being a secretary, 1951 1952 1953- 1954 1955 Glee Clubg Glee Clubg Glee Clubg Glee Clubg 4-H Club 4-H Clubg F.H.A. 4-H Club 4-H Club Glee Clubg Annual Staff, Feature Editor Shirley undoubtedly is a genius . .listens and says Harold is active in all sports . . county basketball little . . Ambition, to graduate and own car . . star . . Well liked . . dry wit and slow drawl . . spontaneous poetry seldom revealed . . no steady favorite class, studyball . . most likely seen with boy friend. Louise at Toots Drive-ln. 1954-55: F.H.A. 1955-56: Glee Clubg Class Poem SHIRLEY MAE FOUTZ HAROLD ANDERSON HALDREN 1952- 53: 1953- 54- 1954-55: 1955- B a s e b a ll Teamg Basketball Teamg Track Teamg Volleyball Team B a s e ball Teamg Basketball Team: Monogram Clubg Volleyball Team Captain, Basketball Tearng Volleyball Teamg Monogram Clubg K.V.G. Basketball, K.V.G.g President, Mono- gram Clubg Volleyball Teamg Captain, Basketball TeamgAdvertising Manager Annual Staff. Her funny ways kept us all laughing . . good bas- ketball player . . pleasant . . liked tohave fun ., , plans to go into nursing . . not engaged, but give her time . . transferred from Buchanan High School . . best friends were Lois and Jimmy . . usually known as "Bobbie", 1951 1952 1953 1954- 1955 Bask Glee Glee Glee Glee etball teamg Glee Club Club Clubg F.H.A.: Future Teachers Clubg F.H.A.g Dance Club Club BARBARA ANN HUF FMAN MARTHA GAY MAXEY Her only desire is to marry a rich man . . favorite saying is "by george" . . most likely to be seen at "Dixie Drive-In" eating popcorn or reading movie magazines . . her dislike is doing home work . . hobbyis collecting post cards . . favorite color is baby blue . . she loves chocolate candy. 1951-52: 4-H Clubg Glee Club 1954-55: Glee Clubg Attendant in Health Court 1955- 56: Ground Observer Corpsg Glee Club Martha managed to be a star athlete and still be an "A" student . . Often had fits of temper and disgust in typing class . .liked to drive, especially aMercury or Oldsmobile . . could never make up her mind on any one boy . . her dream was to be a foreign newspaper correspondent . . She and Deanna Wagner were practically inseparable. 1951 1952- 1953- 1954- 1955 MARTHA RA YE MC MANAWAY JOSYE CARLEEN PACE Glee Clubg 4-H Club GleeC1ubg 4-H Clubg Dramatics Clubg Basketball Team: Softball Teamg Volleyball Team Glee Clubg 4-HClubg Basketball teamg Volleyball teamgClassVice-President Glee Club: 4-HClubg Basketball Team: Volleyball Teamg Class reporter: Beta Clubg Monogram Club Co-Manager of Magazine Campaigng Basketball T e am 5 Volleyball Teamg Annual Staff, Advertising Mgr.: Beta Club, Treasurerg Monogram Club, Secretaryg Salutatorian. Likes hillbilly music and movies . . dislikes opera and fights . ., liked by everyone . . has a pleasing personality . . smile for everyone . . mostly seen in the halls laughing and talking . . plans to be a secretary or bookkeeper . . does not go steady. 1952 1953- 1954- 1955- Glee Club Glee Club Volleyball Teamg Glee Clubg F.H.A. Ground Observer Corps: Glee Club BARBARA LEIGH PATSEL lily. we Pl-IYLLIS JUNE ROLAND Always known as "Poochie" . . could usually be seen at "Toots" . . used those big, brown eyes to the best advantage . . made a cute cheerlea- der . . hadanewlove for everyday of the week , , always knew the latest jokes . . went around with Jeanette Stevens. 1951 1952 1953- 1954- 1955 Glee Clubg 4-H Club Glee Club: 4-H Club Manager of Basketball Teamg Glee Clubg 4-H Club Volleyball Team: 4-H Club Cheerleaderg Monogram Club Head cheerleader . . Leadershipis her possess- ion . . puts her whole heart into the basketball games . . a very likable person . . after gradu- ation she plans to attend Business College . . a true friend . .neatly waved hair always in place . . Barrie is her pride and joy. 1951-52: 1952-53: 1953-54: 1954-55: 1955- Cheerleaderp Glee Clubg 4-H Club Cheerleader: Glee Clubg 4-H Clubg Monogram Club: F.H.A.: Dramatics Club. Cheerleaderg Glee Club: Monogram Clubg F.H.A. Secretaryg Beta Clubg Delegate to F.H.A. Convention Cheerleader, Assistant leaderg Glee Clubg Monogram Clubg F.H.A.,Presi- dentg Beta Clubg Attendant to Health Queeng Delegate to Beta Convention Head Cheerleaderg Monogram Clubg F.H.A.,reporter:SeniorClassTreas.g Beta Clubg Ground Observer Corps Supervisor She likes to be known as Skippy . . Always laugh- ing, never sad, never early, but always there . . there isn't anyone who is more understanding . . Wherever she is Shortyis nearby . , She can usu- ally be found with three others, P eg , Tink, and Luck, at the Snack Shop. 1951 1952 1953-54: 1954-55: BETTY LOU ST. CLAIR SIMMONS ARLINE MA YE SEARS Y T eensg Library Club, Secretaryg Jr. Masque Club, Poetry Club f Y Teensg Library Club, Secretary, Jr. Masque Clubg Poetry Club, F.H.A. 4-H Club, song leader, Glee Club 4-H Club, treasurer, Glee Clubg Vol- leyball Team: Circulation Manager, Annual Staff. Characteristics are eating and laughing . . always talking about her husband, Harris . . pleasing personality . . funny with Mrs.Jeffery in Eng-lish Class . . a friend in deed. 1951 1952 1953- 1954- 1955- Cflee Club, 4-H Club, Highlsights Staff Glee Club, Dramatics Clubg 4-H Clubg High Lights Staffg Softball Team Glee Club3ClassSecretaryg Beta Club, Beta Club, Secretary, Class President: Volleyball Team Class Secretary, Beta Clubg Ground Observer Corps, Last Will and Testa- ment 4 . M,i?0Q'3 4 She is never sad . . not even blue . . when there is trouble she has a clue . . as for the boys, she has no certain one in mind . . but . . she says there is always time . . always neat . . a friend we will always keep, 1951 1952 1953- 1955 Glee Club Glee Clubg 4-H Club: F.H.A. Glee Club Vice-President of Senior Class DOROTHY MAE ST. CLAIR JOYCE ILEEN TRUMAN Editor-in-Chief of the Crossroads . . studious . . always quiet and reserved . . but extremely hu- morous at times if she felt the desire . . plans to go to Bus ines s College . . seen most with Phyllis . . and . . tending to her business at all times. 1951 1952 1953- 1954- 1955 Glee Club DramaticsClubg GleeC1ub3 Highlights Staff Dramatics Clubg Glee Club Beta Clubg F.H.A.g Delegate to Beta Convention Editor-in-Chief, Annual Staffg Ground Observer Corps, Assistant Chief Ob- serverg Beta C1ubgF.H.A., Historiang Manager of Gir1's Basketball Teamg Scorekeeper - Girl 's Volleyball Team: Class Historiang School Winner Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Loves to go riding at high speeds . . excellent bas- ketball player who retains her place in the Beta Club . . versatile . . any possession ofhers could be found in Mrs.Hensley's room . . mischievous- ness twinkles in her big brown eyes . . had sudden headaches if things didn't go right at basketball games. 1951 1952 1953 1954- 1955- ELIZABETH DEANNA WAGNER SHIRLEY ANN WHEELER 4-H Clubp Glee Club 4-H Club, Song leaderg Glee Clubg F. H.A.ClubgVolleyballTeamgDramatics Clubg Softball Teamg Class Reporter GleeClub5 4-HClubg Volleyball Teamg Basketball T eamg Dramatics Clubg Sc bool winner, Voice of Democracy Contest Glee Clubg 4-H Clubg Monogram Clubg Volleyball T e am 3 Basketball Teamg Beta Clubg Class Secretaryg Co-Mana- ger, Magazine Campaign Beta Club, Secretaryg Monogram Clubg Volleyball T e a m Q Basketball Teamg Advertising M an a g e r , Annual Staff: S c h o ol and County winner, Voice of Democracy Contest: Co-Manager of Magazine Campaigng Valedictorian Everyone likes her sweet smile . . to be with her they'd walk a mile . . she's just a small person with big blue eyes . . she's a friend that we'1l never leave behind . . because she'll forever be in mind . . she loves to cook, especially in home economics . . but one of these days it'll be for Roy. 1951-52: Glee Club 1952-53: Glee Clubg 4-H Clubg F.H.A. 1953-54: Glee Clubg 4-H Club 1954-55: Glee Clubg Basketball teamg 4-H Club 1955-56: Glee Club, Secretary and Treasurerg Assistant Business Manager, Annual Staff. 'MHZ' Norma Jean can be seen every morning running tocatchthe school bus . , She doesn't forget her lunch, because she likes to eat . . Charles is her main topic . . he's the boy that meets her in the '56 Oldsmobille . , Truly, a sweet girl with the sparkling personality. 1951 1952- 1953- 1954- 1955- Glee Clubg 4-H Clubg Music Club Glee Clubg Dramatics Clubg F.H.A.5 4-H Club Glee Clubg Halloween Queen Halloween Queeng Class Reporter Assistant Editor-in-Chief,Annual Staff NORMA JEAN WILLIAMS JOYCE LOREE ROBERTSON Joyce's black,natura1-curlyhair is her crown . . She loves pretty things and Buford . . Known to her friends as Pe e Wee . . Favorite pastime - Eating and Reading. 1950-51: Music Club 1955-56: Annual Staff, Business Manager Second Graders Chen! Scuiors Naw! The good old days! Our teachers were Mrs. Ruth St. Clair and Miss Blanche Steele. We'll never forget staying in every other recess for talking in class and chewing gum. l'm not so sure that we act any different now since we're dignified seniors. 611155 The purpose of this history is not to relate every step in the progress of a people from their humble beginning but to emphasize those factors in our class development which appeal to us as most vital from the standpoint of today. The discovery of the Class of 1956 was an accident. Four years ago, early one morning on the first day of Septem- ber l952,the faculty of the Stewartsville High S c hool was strolling aimlessly through the class rooms chatting about their Work during the coming year. Sud- denly they caught a glimpse of some- thing new andstrange. Just inside the fr ont door, huddled together in mute embarrassment and anxiety were the 56 members of what became the Class of 1956. The strangers were divided into small groups and assigned to the care of Mr., Bernard Rollins and Mr. Jim Hartigan. They were given the name "Freshmen"and became a part of the high school life. At the end of the year aterr'ible disaster b e f e ll the Fresh- men. Although-it was instigated by the faculty and intended to prove of lasting benefit to them, they suffered greatly. Many had their growth retarded a year by it, and a few permanently disabled, left the Freshman Class forever. This disaster was c alled Final Examina- tions. With the coming of the next Septem- ber, we received a new name. Because of our skill in acquiring the customs of the school, we we re renamed Sopho- mores, and the process was called by a native name, "promotion". Instead of 35 intellectual gold m ind s they had h0Ped '10 See, they found vast, arid spaces, totally uninhabited. The tea- c h e r s pushed bravely on through the underbrush of ignorance hoping, before the time allotted for their explorations was over, to reach what would cornpen- sate for all their time and effortg a g e niu s . The social functions of the period we r e delight ful, the most im- portant being the School Social, Mr, Edward Nininger and Mr8.Lois Hensley were our homeroom sponsors. ln the third year, owing to an old educational c u s t om , w e became Z7 happy Juniors, and our promotion made our sense of importance increase out of all due proportion. The class organi- History zation of the Juniors wa s as follows: P r e s ide nt, Betty Simmons, Vice- President, Martha Arringtong Secre- t a r y , D e ann a Wagner, Treasurer, Shirley Chisom. The most important event this year was the planning of a banquet given in hon o r of the Senior Clas s . Our theme was "The Rose Festival",and it was given on Friday, May 13, 1955 at the Vinton War Me- morial, Our Junior Sponsor was Mr. Harry Arthur. The Class was success- ful in selling different articles for rais- ing money. And now, we come to the fourth and greatest ye-ar in the history of the class. We automatically las was our custom in many thingsj became 24 happy seniors in September of 1955. We welcomed our new principal, Mr. M. E. Given. We were looked upon with friendly a- musement by the teacher-explorers Who regarded the result of their four years of hard labor with rightful pride. They had converted a band of untamed Children into intelligent, courteous ci- tizens of Stewartsville High. The or- ganization of the Senior Class was note- worthy, the following li st of officers being in charge: President, Frederick Dearingg Vice-P r e s i den t , Dorothy St. Clair: Secretary, Betty Simmonsg Treasurer, Phyllis Roland. Our spon- sor, Mrs.Christine Huddleston, led us in all of our class activities. The most exciting and unforgettable event in our Senior Year was the receiving of our class rings. Our largest job, yet our most enjoyable, was the publishing of the Crossroads. We all looked forward to the basketball games and there was much regret among us when the doors were closed at the tournament. The month of June brought happiness, yet traces of sadness on our faces. Thanks, dear teachers, for guiding us down that road of life called "High School". I take the opportunity to say now that in my opinion the Class of 1956 is one of the most brilliant and attrac- tive classes known to history and we hope that it will always be remembered by the faculty of the Stewartsville High Sc ho ol as "That Wonderful Class of l956". HISTORIAN JOYC E TRUMAN fu T i 3 juniar-Senior Hanquct May 13, 1955 fast Will And Zcsfamcul W 3, the Senior Class of Stewarts- ville High School, in the county of Bedford and the State of Virginia, on this 5th day of June, in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Six, being of sound mind and healthy body, do hereby dispose of our possessions in the following manner: To Mr. Given and the entire fac- ulty, we bequeath our utmost appre- ciation for making our years at Stewartsville the most memorable and enjoyable in our life. To the Junior Class, we present our front seats at the assembly and our home room. To the Sophomore Class, we give our hopes that they will all work hard, make the grades and keep up the glory of Stewartsville. To the Freshman Class, we give our ambition and knowledge, that they might wear the caps and gowns in their turn. We n ow present these individual bequests: I, Martha Lee Arrington, will my slim figure to Charleen Doyle. I, Clara Jane Booth, will my typing book to Leighton Barton. I, Ona Bush, will my excess poun- dage to Willie Belle Woods. I,Lois Chaney, will my ability to get along with t e a c h e r s t o Loretta Myers. I, Frederick Dearing, will my po- sition as school bus driver to anyone capable of getting to school on time. I, Peggy DeLong, will my like for Snack Inn to Jeanette Stevens. I, Alma Ferguson, will my talking ability to Darlene Saunders, I, June Flowers, will my blushing to Vivian Spradlin. I, Shirley Foutz, will my sewing ability to next year's Home Economic students. I, Harold Haldren, will my "cour- ting corner" to Freddie Moorman. I, Barbara Huffman, will my glasses to Avery Lawhorn, I, Martha Gay Maxey, will my dig- nity to Reba Link. l, Martha McManaway, will my po- sition on th e basketball t e am to any envious person. I, C a r l e e n Pace, will my quiet ways to Ruth Dooley. I, Barbara Patsel, will my short hair to Nancy Haldren. I, Joyce Robertson, will my pretty hair to Norma Foutz. I, Phyllis Roland, will my position as head Cheerleader to Carolyn I-Ioldren. I, A1-line Sears, will my sense of humor to Eloise Spradlin. I, Betty Lou Simmon s , will my husband, Harris, to no one. I, Dorothy St. Clair, will my neat- ness to Betty Hayden, I, Joyce T rum an , will my Betty Crocker award to some future home- maker. I, D e anna Wagner, will my like for basketball to anyone who doesn't. I, Shirley Wheeler, will my natural curly hair to anyone who likes it, I, Norma Jean Williams, will my faithfulness to Charles to all engaged girls. Finally, we do hereby nam e and appoint as the sole executor of this, our last will and testament, our class advisor, Mrs,Christine F. Huddleston. In witness whereof we, the class of 1956, have set our hand and seal on this 5th day of June in the year of our Lord 1956. Written by: Betty Lou Simmons Snapshots 1. Martha 8: her Teddy Bears. Z. What's coming off, Peg? 3. Wonder what Lydia is doing? 4. ls Charles around, Norma? 5. Wayne loves school, 6. Mr. 8: Mrs. Given, our Principal 8: Teacher. 7. Watch out Shorty, you and Tink might fall off. 8. A nice couple, Joyce and Buford. 9. All d r e s s ed and r eady to go are Clara 8: Martha.. 10. Who are you waiting on Brenda? ll. Dear old school days. 12. Watch out Sarah, you might fall - Jeanette, Peg, Louise. l3.What do you call this, the cross hand shake, Joyce? 14. Will you be pals to the end,Norma and Jean? 15. A nice picnic came off. Cflass Praphecy It is June 4,1976, and the audi- torium of Stewartsville High School is buzzing with excitement. The Senior Class of 1956 is being honored with a homecoming party. Many of the guests are arriving and as I gaze upon the faces of my old classmates I see the many changes which have taken place during the past years. T h e r e come those ever happy girls ,Peggy DeLong and Skippy Sears with their husbands following them. If someone mentions The Canada Dry Bottling Company, you can still see their eyes light up. D e ann a Wagner an d Martha McManaway are sitting over in a cor- ner talking about that "real cute boy" that Deanna is going with. Deanna is a Business Education teacher now, but she is still trying to get that 100 words a minute typing speed. Martha Raye is a gay, single girl who looks as young as ever. To whom do those little blonde headed girl s dressed in Navy uni- forms belong ? Oh, there's June Flowers with her s ail or Husband, they must be hers. That noise! It must be Shirley Wheeler in her 1976 Cadillac. That's just what she always wanted. Frederick Dearingjust walked in with his head high in the air. He is the CountyAgent of the Bedford 4-H Clubs. His hobby is raising cows. That tall girl with the beautiful clothes is Shirley Foutz. She is head designer for Miller and Rhodes. There's Alma Ferguson talking as fast as she can to Martha Maxey. Almais the author of a famous book, "Hints on How to Ke e p a Conver- sation Moving". Martha is a teacher of Home Economics and she has been writing some interestingarticles on "The Housewife and her Drud- geryn. Barbara Huffman is now a reg- istered nurse. If anyone eats too much, we will have a nurse for the emergency. Have you seen Lois Chaney and her handsome husband? He is here on leave from the Air Force. Joyce Truman recently became the editor of a magazine ca1led"Hints to the Secretary". What's all the fuss ? It's that p r i v at e secretary from New York, Phyllis Roland. She must be telling Joyce what she should have in her magazine. They say that "Experience is the best teacher". Here comes Harold Haldren and his wife and kids. Harold is the cap- tain ofthe World's Champion basket- ball team. Ona Bush and Carleen Pace are still watching for airplanes. They have jobs with the Civil Air Patrol. There 's the Coach of the Stewartsville gir1's basketball team, Clar a J ane Booth, and her latest heart throb. Iknowthere is going to be plen- ty of good food here tonight because I just saw Barbara Pat s el, Toot's Drive-In owne r , come in the back door with her arms loaded with bun- dles. Wonder who that girl is with the pretty slim figure? It's Dorothy St. Clair. Ihear that she has or- ganized a club called "T he Dieting Women". At lastl have come to my three best girl friends,Betty Lou Simmons, Joyce Robertson, and Norma Williams. Asl chat with them, I find that Betty Lou and her husband have bought their dream home. They have a six-room house with plenty of space for the kid s . Joyce Robertson and her husband have become the sole owners of the "Double Envelope". Norma spends most of the time wait- ing for her husband to come home. He is a fireman on the N 8: W Rail- road. As for me, I am working as a s e c r e ta ry and bookkeeper, still trying to write shorthand. The food has been served and as the guests begin to leave, I can see a bit of sadness in each eye as they remember the wonderful days spent at Stewartsville. Written by: Martha Lee Arrington 0 I9 Im 1 P' 5 ,. .,-g 'uv' 12' F 4 , X '3-7 ' is 7 xxj v 2 Glass Sang In Learning's praise we sing this song, Sing hey, sing ho. We voice her virtues loud and long, Sing high, sing low. We came to school with an empty mind, Sing hey, sing ho. But wiser children now you will never find, Sing high, sing low. Chorus: Come and sing all nightg Come and sing all day, We'1l sing the praises of the dear old school, Whiling the bright hours away. We've learned the longest words to spell Sing hey, sing ho, And business education too: Sing high, sing low. With mathematics and isotherms Sing hey, sing ho, We're all on very familiar terms, Sing high, sing low. No more in Stewartsville we'll shine, Sing hey, sing ho, But soon we'll be alumni fine, Sing high, sing low. And even when we are far away, Sing hey, sing ho, We '1l tell her virtues till we're old and gray, Sing high, sing low. THE CLASS OF 1956 611155 Pam: Seniors, here we are at last, Twas a year that went by fast. Even though we'll miss you Stewartsville High, We 'll be back to visit by and by. A wonderful time we have had, Remembering our good moments with the bad. Time has come to bid our last farewell, Superior deeds and thoughts that come to dwell Vastly in our hearts, and there to stay, Isolated from the rest, put there day by day. Long will we remember those who take our place, Lots of joys and hardships they will have to face. Evermore loyal will we be, Alma Mater dear to thee Stewartsville High! Shirley Foutz Lois Chaney 9' vf I' l5'aI1y Pictures ggi? 'T 1 Y' , gimme' 5 'fP'S"UV 'fs- 1. Alma 8: Martha Gaye. .Z. Jeanette, Shirley 81 Martha. 3. Jackie, Peggy, Joyce. 4. Lois. 5. Barbara, Martha, Betty Lou, Betty, Roy 8: Fred. 6. Marie, Shelby. 7. Deanna, 8, The Third Grade Group. 9. Betty Lou, Deanna 8: Martha. 10. Cecil, Clara Jane 8: Wayne. 11. Martha Gaye. 12. Phy1lis,13. Martha. 14. Clorine 8: June. 15. Fred and Glenn. 16. Joyce. 17. Peggy. 18. Judy. 'if 71.12 'K 'ws 55 'B' K . ,, ,N Q . ww Q .X . Riilb 1-'if T 31011 'idx' M1 T I WN Q13 2f.!Q"':'l:n .wi 1 .N-1 'li '1 THE OPPORTUNITY TO PREPARE OURSELVES FOR A CONSTRUCTIVE LIFE lk-K at 'S--.,. i n g,.,7 W xzvlf , Z i L 'Sl W X..."-' h eat: . Q it ,Z ':AE'A --A- W t W. L , 1 Q l li ":l:l g,,f Leighton Barton Woodrow Blankenship Glenn Ferguson Louise Ferrell Avery lawhorn Charleen Doyle Eloise Spradlin 'R I 'f N Jacqueline St. Clair , 6. Suffix Janice Combs Dexter Hancock juniors Shelby McKee Jeanette Stevens lx. J ...filo Aw 1 it ,lr af Q 'E' 4, if J 'Nh-nf ' kw,,,v?"U V N A v A1 ' 'Q 4 ,'fu' l Q James Dye Betty Hayden Darlene Saunders Lois Thurman V ksln Q- - wtf . -J,, :Il 9 1 L 1 ' 1- ' 4 ,gif R lf 5 llef xl H Jerry Eades Jean Haldren Patricia Saunders Willie Bell Woods Saplzamores Lillian Barger 4 '- Brenda Barton Vicent Beckner s 'M 3' Phyllis Blankenship - V 2 an Barbara Booth ' A Lydia Bowling A my If is Q ii Marie Brown Shirley Brown K Ed Carmell I Eddie Creasy - Y Maurice Creasy Peggy DeLong Ruth Dooley - ' - ' Shirley Flowers , - I ' ' Norma Foutz I". :K Joyce Gray . I , Marie Hollins ' Nancy Haldren Y A , 1 6a,,,fj ...lwiy Joyce I-Iuddleston Ray Huddleston Milton Hurst Donald Jacobs r--my f -N as Gertrude Leonard ' Gene Mason . Wayne McGuire Earl McLain Mary Alice Mclvlanaway - Fred Moorman 1 - George Pace - Norma Parker 2 V William Prather - Mitchell Quarles " - Gerald Simmons ' - . Lynn Spr adlin Vivian Spradlin V x- ., f Allen Robertson - . "' 5 is x-51 'F Q -sxl iwdi' sn x . Bernice Stevens Kenneth Stevens Y V Steve Tomlinson ' June St. Clair Ronald White Jean Waldron Larry Washburn 1 2 l ' -- E? in .. K 'km- x ' an .,, as W' rsis W may ' E ' X 1: A W m y .gg . News 5 4 ar 3233 in E W A L ri 0 my rl: I 4 R E k. Q in E n 3 A , 1, il- ,, - 3 ' , si N" Q Tl rryy ya K Q 1 I L M l .X fi ' w 9 ,x M' W 4 k s 1 ks"'J.ll X lofi' is o W slei y 4 ' si is n 5 vlie G . 1 ' . 3 yrr f In kkri F s r Qreshmen Nancy Akers Tommy Allison Eugene Atkinson Darlene Barton Christine Beckner Evonne Begley James Blankenship Wayne Booth Ellen Bowles Louise Bramlett Clayton Bush Judy Cadd Jean Carmell Beverly Cash Doris Chisom Jeanette Chittum Jody Clark Mary Dickerson Sheldon Epperly Runella Flowers Peggy Fore Daniel Foutz June Garner Morris Holdren Bernice Hubbard Johnny Huddleston Reba Link Nancy Maxey Brenda McGeorge Ruby McGuire Shirley McKee Maurice Mitchell Marie Moorman Danny Morgan Joyce Morgan Peggy Morgan Wayne Morrison Gloria Quesenberry Shelby Quesenberry Calvin Ritter Michael Robertson Glenn Saunders Sara Saunders Shelby Saunders Frank Schmidt Judy Scott Alton Spradlin Leslie Spradlin Annie St. Clair Elbert St. Clair Wayne Stevens Ann Swain Karleen Thomas Zona Wade June Wheeler Shirley Wheeler Wayne Wheeler X , l 1 'I gb -. - Q , :-i: 5 . ' 1 Q . y 1 WT " ' S A Nu' '- if 'V -'.-5 , '--V " E g an in M1 1, v ii'o f liiiili t illis J , J ., J isclislyyr -Q - e , z .'.' '- .1 ":' 'i'iii f ' , A , V, kyl. V,L,7. W7,1, .,.: it . gtg - ., . V 2 J A M S ," l y Jcyy .1 A, ia' ,, M J f I ' is : -E ykki V ::. rn . yy ,. , ' if Y ' f X J E J 'fr V all ' lx be f f' . , , . ty , V' S W Q T . ' x K H, - H 1 , ' f - , fgsvl A xi s A' ' ' 1 Claudine Bowles V P . - 7. ,,.', ' if e Norma Barger , W ":- ' Clorine Brown Linda Cadd Glenn Campbell L, Szghth Grade g 1 -.Z . 5 W Nancy Atkinson ,. , ' Earl Carmell Louise Calvert Norman Carter Eugene Cash Herman Chaney Cora Chittum Ronald Chitturn Carolyn Creasy Ralph Dooley Peggy Dye Walter Eades Diane English Dorsey English Darlene Ferguson Rachel Ferguson Sarah Franklin Linda Gray Calvin Green Faye Hollins Carolyn Holdren Martha Holdren Howard Haldren Connie Hoskins Judy Hoskins Teddy Huddleston Louis Huff Billy Johnson Evelene Johnson Virginia Johnson Bobby Kingery Wanda Kirk Charles Leonard Edwin Markham Bobbie Mason Robbie Mason Joe Mattingly Wanda McKee Luther McLain Lewis Morris Loretta Myers Imogene Pace Garry Pastel Peggy Poff Mary Powers Nancy Powers Ann Ridgeway Carol Robertson Barbara Ross Ronnie Sears Gloria Smith Calvin Spradlin Daniel Spradlin Gaynelle Spradlin QR .. if if .Q f . x 1 , We Q Q x V-f J is , 'X - 553' xt if , ,,i, 5 Te in , , L, . 5, , .,,., KY sv i i W P . ,-H, f f c me 4. if Xu-fo to on ,,,,. ,..... . .. sl l 'J wif 32 iii l 1 gyyg ., L, . uma 'A 1 . . ,Hr Q . Y Ls t if get :lt 5' 4 1 in J no iff ? at .. i s 1 I f. W... ,.,,.V, .,,,,MW. , ,,.5..w.f, -M-f W :gig 3 .D 5 a . if he ' N xi s -1 xx 5. 1 . it - V , V to sw , , ,, ., ,..f,,-. Q --rr , T:-ti -. 4, 1-rg- ,SQ 1, M, K- ir "',- 7 - x , I ir 3, 55 lst at S A e 5 if 4 W ' I 4 if EL S 4 if e . .QQ - ' , L K , M isa? A . bf -' l' M , il.. , s' Pearl Spradlin A Carlie Stevens Dewey Stevens 53: ,Y in A f Macfarrher sr. Clair W f ' 9 C f if 'W in Li -Ev. 3:2 Q Joan Brovsm Donald Thomas Becky Thomas Douglas Thomas son Jeraldme Thurman Jerald Thurman I' lll, r 5 V V' . I. , Ronnie Washburn W K C ' 1 J 1 V, A ' 'W Dale Wheeler 1- C l lik K Yi Joyce Wheeler Lois Wheeler Margie White Nadine White A , J. . li. ig . ft Grade Qaculty X 5 Miss Kessler Grade 1 W? Mrs. Martin Mrs, Thomas Mrs. Meador Mrs. R. St. Clair Grade 1 Grade l Grade Z Grade Z Mrs. Dearing Mrs. V, St, Clair Miss Saunders Miss Harrison Mrs. Bishop Grade Z Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 4 I Mrs. Robertson Mrs. Dillon Mrs. Woolfolk Mrs. Holland Mrs. Phillips Grade 4 Grade 4-5 Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 6 Mrs. Cole Mr. Horner Mr, Magill Mrs. Lantz Miss Mason Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 7 Grade 7 Grade 6 4. ' -1 a ff . 5. . -'W V Z f 1 i lv '-' ' ,J f giq. 'g ji if Q Y Pictured ...r l N251 , z E . ' 1 k . Qu P ,z' , wx fy? ' J J 5 N 'M , , I L7 K l Q f,,A ' . K z ' . 1 2 , X H' ,,f-A-2' ,V fffw f , , f W f 1 fa K 1 xiw ww -W, . - :-. .- ' ,- N . ' , -, ' A- ' fig 6 .Wiki xi L f .ff A R W' 4 -asa: f -wh A N 'Q gi 313, QL Q ' A X - a , ' I V " A ' .. J A'--f -A M- -A A A ' I , LN .. gf E S, , rm w A Q 5 'R W if W , 1 74 3 ,Q ,if " X ,fw 'ff. 4 -f. fr bv ek W 7 - y r a H Vrrk , I, .. , . . M .. - vw . v , f ff- " 4 . , . -' ' ' ' flw ' 1 R .M -V .T - -ay M f a . X V S Q Q, , sf ,, A m-.., L ' Xb .. 1-if 'N i f A "' ff- W - " , ,, . -R3 D Xf'SwwQA:f X43 H YVV H I ' I 51 Q A Q " .f K ,, wal - . A 1 S' Q., . ',- .- X W i i" X 1 ' X X A . ,V . Y, , QGQQM ...FA Seventh Grade ,l i 1 W Q. ' 4 : : x i sv X ,' 1 I m M , x L N I IA' X I Anry Q . h " A ,az ,,, Q L -W X 3 M W -. M Y .,, .MA ,V A VW. :Tx img- . Rafi X mf -Y a, ' 1 W! V mid? M4518 A ,ik ,I ' yhn 9 E Sis' ,Q L 112 4 ,VLL L- -sv ' , iw ., xi, ,X :gy A 4 Ai -Y A V ft - Ii ,.X. .. X I A , :fm i -.ZW '+I -, 1 L49 4 wx 1 ,Lfk A A f, , yt tg, L x :SN we.. f ., . e fv'iiXiXi V N -X 3 ,lv K M f F A E Q ' f J., ,tai 'gl A K Vlamibg TW AX 'W - jing ,',v 1 'g.', . f'j1'5gf -, ' ' " M Wl l :f" V :t,. E I 4 iL,:7.- V Mtg : I I . K: L . :fx -Q. " ' Ks , YP' sg' 3 .i- I . Q5 VA I ' If h A It , st A 1 I t W i . Rh A .5 H f , 5 t ffm K M1 ..1o"5" ' ' A fAA "-, A, , Img, ff ,VY K L A A ,Al,,K,z.- ka? . f X wha MF aw Q All Sixth Grade TL? ,r k k k mzn K I I Z ,,v , I , 3 ,,,,, I f . , kkyk A ,,, x 5 I Q f Q, ,ly -k-v N 7 x . , V in I 5 4.,. W L. V. .,L, Q LA , . 4 'Yi ii' ix , , A , I , Y A" 1:0 f Wg? iff M jf ,y i V it F - A5 ,FE lg Q vi N3 4 Rf .NP Xf Nff.+ga -f ' f 71 - 'E 1 , ,' ia L"' Q V L 3 Q Q. ,, It ! , J f '5"! hw- I U , "., , .,,- I- , 4, A wg 1 L ,Q . . V'f'V y,f I X Q 'Sa g , M -13 1 i ! ' X in ,Ji ik : ' O I f . ",f kr XL. 5 ' y' " ' 'ff V "" ' 'L , . , Q f 5 -fy' V' . 1' if A ! W if 5 'fri , , A V' ,, - In 5V'L A , L , 'rf K A mi yu' 9' 5' L'lL f QW 9? X k' b 9-9 . ' Nvj-Q V, , V . 'Q ,, z r ,W ' ,, lr' L X,,4, ' , sh R' x K j EEE? K sgik 'af :W I ' ' . zz , f K V .L,. , C , .. ., K K N Vkyr KVKIV 5 I J I In :fy K ? I- Vk,, bifk f1 ,k'Vr 2 flag it I Vqtvk? K E 1 :gr ' , 1 ' 'M f- X , VVKV, V ' 'zu I in I E Sfifth Grade Q .N :Vg . M ,u ,ff :wi .fx x y - w qv E b ' ff -T 'S' s -if ?' My 4.2. W ,,t ' h Q Q ,rik 5 .K qi, I F 4 : Vi- , N ge. ' f- A 7 f VN . ' 1 I Ng A 4 , 'ff "Ap ' L5 kv Lfw L 3 l -1 - A if . at wg , X A Q. . ,K nkkyw NN rv V, .wx M li M Jw. V - 3 ' X ' 5 ' 5 f , ,, xp . 1 9 ...V FA H ,L ' . , , gx , f' ai , A'Lq L , A. ' . Q N , - R, : X . 1 ig i 1 N L ' '4 ' 5 71 ' All LLLV . 75 ' K I, xilu g W A K - , nz K .V I .. R ,,.,P. I A 3,2 Y, X 4?-'if' "'i".g - lv Q, 2' it I L X4 XA v x '54 , 'uf' . aw gy' , . " Y 5 Q - A- ' - A 2 A H --nl A - . ,. A 1 . ,V .AAA A , Q3,Q , , A .V :K 4 4 gg vm A , gg ln 1 V1 . fix! ,I .ii ' Ei 1 ' gf , h M JI ., "QM h E 1 7. QW "AW"l A ' ' ' N '5',3ifa+ :" . l Q 'Q ..,f: 4 A . efkl 1 A ' 7 9, X - .. , A - Q Q V. 1 , QQ 6 A svi, ' Q I K K ' 3 Q vizv VKX , H . K giif ,17fL' i 'l'1'vf: K - ..,-1Z:2 A A . bf :Q gi" ' H- -' . b . 4 QE 'Q .'A-- 3 s 5 A fl -4" Q. . M4 7Pwq:.1,s ' ' 691 h fm N Q YW 'I' w dig qs gaurth Grade Vx- . P as mf - , if -- H K " Zigi: ' ' gif wg! pi! X ' . w Lag' Q0 'I 7 . , -,,L .,.h f- K N ,, ,V M A x A 742.559 , 'XY' ' 1 1 he :wg Xl K 7-MM I -1-'-jgf ' Q gs, I .9 KW ' L I p Q mix, " ., ,,,. ...,, .- .. M Y X: .,1. , X + A K X 9? yM gj V Y! e 3 L I ' .X ,IZNQ . 1 . .k K 2? .N r y X, N. vm A 1 , J -W -, 'F i awww Q K 5 , S . K f, 'E' WF' 'lf' V - .s X ,' 5 X 5 V 1 KW J gr .,-an ,im f?W fQ'gW W ' " G 563 I k A ' , V Lfz- ggqxf. , f P VN iv A Vt 1 -I W : , wi Q hL,',,, . if J LA, ' 5 Ay gg 'V L :H 7 'Vgw ' fi. ' 'pr L A I A K, , q,:,, R Q ' L if K iw 1 K Yrrhy 1'-Q 5 KAN?-gQhM?z v g -4 f 'E 'f x 5 5 v K ' , X? x 'fm xgn j L A Al 35' a M at wN1 f T ' ' H' xx'NQ'f7K" Vi 63 -f I AQ1 Q- New . -I t - , 1 xx I .wi . J Chin! Grade ak if 1, QQ? Q 'I' R 4' as-Efif gr L, vw , M xxg ,i,L., , 5 A i ,m., I , ii i , f'.-ww: , ,gr Q.- -M ,,.,-,' wgg , V, , v ,Mi .bww fn' Vkkkyk fm M, f' 7 V- xl I x r Y if Q2 A was I w, 441 W X K . X , J N Q W.- , ,t ,f,,..M,, I, H Rx ,gf -ag.. ,??i. .5 V k: K 1 ,.Lf R X, ,J r 2 'r ' ' Q Second Grade ' .,..v. - ff A a. A ' X 4 N - ,Q i f 1 g-' W. 'Q " I z , f""N':.'- n is ' .. . Q ff 55 5 1 X K , ' ,.:- ff -' fg L -"3 -, f 4' T 1 "I 'il if " , N. T1 9 ,. A K Q if .5 Q iw I vi -l 53 if .. F Q 'f AJ! ,,, iQ A 'E , " ' V' ' :Him 5 3 f ' 2 Q Q24 5K ,fx J 7 1 1 s . if f , ,Ji 'g 1 s s 1 -,f P+'E , "iii 'PQ 3 3. gf it ilk ,, L L uk ' 3, 1 , 2 Q iw vw . f'.,x, X 1 v I 7 ,-', 1-,J iw ' I A x-.1 " ' - v' .,.. '- r - , ,Q s , 1 7,1 s. it , ! 1 4- ' if E X wa .. 5 " N , x Q w:WY I , .5 , ff, v , , L-, -, '5 f,,.. 1, 5' 'i'f3,,G Q , , W ii! I NW, , -I . - , -.A.,-ff::..g 42' f.,,, nz, x' iq, ,L 1, - I- ':,.:..,3g-,gf J Q A W 0- 0 . A - fa ' . 122 ,Q if ,Qt .'?',w'-"-uw V Y Q ' '-TQ-2Eff"5f" an we ' ,xg Vf 11 , N vp-is 'K 4 ix X L at ,g'!f.,'7X f"' fs' ill ,X f KLM. ..,.f if nf? , 4 H ' f Q ,V , z , 2, J . L Y VVA L M?m',t,AA 3 ,. 53, Q if 7..fy 2, 1-ji.: gg, :.V 9. M fy, A -. L 3 is ' ' WH, A . A 4. '- 2 I -' , "5 I -rf, .,.. 5 l il , we 1 Q.. - M , 9 Fa 3' . 4 I-. Y' Q .V N ,1!.g'f-52. -fg:::': W9 , A! ii m.1 f 2 ?' ffxfm -5 s.L .4i'di2Ye1 :sees V ' vQ,. -,"- I . ,V f - . ,ga xt ' 1 N4-X 1 f JW 4. gs -My A My "' . 'X 4 - P QQ -A 3 L h , ' f um., ' h" i ' ' 7 fh"' X' - .' 3 f . K L"L 5 f - V in e a R frwwmki - -- Q lqfxwf ' w J ,A xi K I I Vkk, ?,,5 ' H ig , X fwWM L yr W 3 l ,,H 1 3 ?irst Grade Snapshots --- 'ts 1. A nice couple. Z. Look pretty. 3. Our honor students. 4. Our proud senior group. 5. What's this? 6. Welcome back Mrs. Cheek. 7. What do they see? 8. Crazy mixed-up kids. 9. Our Cheerleaders. 10. What came off? ll. Always smiling. 12. Did he wave back? 13. Kuttie 8: Pat. 14. Did you see him? 15. Sleeping Beauty. 16. Future "ball p1ayers"? 17. A pretty pose. 18. Batter-up. V if fp! b b hr THE OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Standing, left to right: Wagner, Blankenship, McManaway, Creasy, Doyle, Foutz, Booth, Spradlin, Ferrell, Brown, Dooley, Hollins, Saunders, Bowling, Chittum, Beckner, Lipscomb, Gray, Garner, Stevens and McGuire. Kneeling in front: Mr. Hensley and Mr. Given, coaches. Girls' Haskctball Cram Left to right: Lois Thurman,Assistant Manager Mrs. Given, Scorekeeperg Joyce Truman, Mana ger, Kneeling in front: Epperly, Moorman, Barton, Haldren, Greasy, McLain and Lawhorn. Standing Morgan, Booth, Wheeler, Huddleston, Eades, Simmons, Blankenship, and Ferguson. Buys ' Hask ctball 3 A660171 X Left to right: Lynn Spradlin, Manage rg Ed Carmel1,Assistant Manager: Jimmy Dye, Score- keeperg Mr. Mathews, Coach. Girl 's Vallzylmll Umm First row, left to right: Bowling, Lipscomb, Barger, Chittum, Hollins, Beckner. Second row, left to right: Brown, Spradlin, Saunders, McManaway, Coach E. E. Hensley, Wagner, Farrell Foutz, Booth. Hay 's Valleylmll Zfmm First row, left to right: Spradlin, Moorman, Lawhorn, Huddleston, Haldren, McLain, Barton Wheeler, Creasy. Second row, left to right: Eades, Blankenship, Booth, Coach C. E. Matthews Garner, Epperly, St. Clair, Ferguson, Manager Ritter. "'-!! wm- 9,45 JM MEMBERSHIP lst row Znd row 3rd row 4th row 5th row James Dye Martha Arrington Louxse Ferrell ay Betty Hayden Martha McManaway t',A if Phyllis Roland .- ' Betty Simmons " Jacqueline St. Clair . . . Lois Thurman Joyce Truman , , .Deanna Wagner ', ,Nag aw 6 0 at J ps J ' J N yry.Jr . K :fig I "'- 2 A L' L 'V A "iaf V I , w1,'4 -,'Q 4 f '11,tt,,i 1 -Se E-'J 1 ly if A . V W 'E ff Varsity Khccrlrrzdcrs lst row: Jeanette Stevens, Barbara Patsel. Znd row: Mary Alice McManawayg Rachel Molesg Phyllis Roland , Head Cheerleaderg Shelby McKeeg Peggy DeLong. Marragrarrr Klub lst row: Phyllis Roland, Mary Alice Mc Manaway, Peggy DeLong, Znd row: Jeanette S t e v e n s , Vivian Spradlin, D e ann a Wagner, S a r a Saunders, M a r t h a McManaway, Clara Booth, Barbara Patsel. 3rd row: Mr. Matthews, Sponsorg Harold Haldren, Maurice Creasy, Lynn Spradlin. junior Varsity Hhccrlcadcrs lst row: Nancy Maxey, Connie Ho skin s , Rachel Ferguson, Becky Thomas,KarleneThomas,Lois Whee1er,Ann Swain. Zndrowg Carolyn Holdren, Head Cheerleader. -oi tewartsrille Baud Band Leader, Mr. Jimmy Hornerg Band Members, left to right: Nancy Newman,Faye Hollins, Ruth Dooley, Joyce Begley, Herbert Dooley, Judy Hoskins, M il d r e d Dearing, Vivian Spradlin. Greurrd Observer Karp Offieers Supervisor, Phyllis R olandg Chief Observer, Carleen Paceg Assistant Chief Observers, Ona Bush, Martha Maxey, Betty Simmons,Clara Booth, Joyce Truman, Miss Marjorie Kostenbader., 4-I-I 61110 Officers SENIOR CLUB OFFICERS President, Viv i an Spradling Vice- President, Frederick Dearing fnot picturedl: Secretary, Louise Ferrellg Treasurer, Lynn Spradling Reporter, Lydia Bowling, Junior Club Leaders, Janice Combs, Wayne Garner, Song Leader, Steve Tomlinson. JUNIOR CLUB OFFICERS President, Jody Clark, Vice-Presi- dent, Johnny Huddlestong Secretary, Peggy Dyeg Reporter, Connie Hoskins fnot picturedjg Junior Club Leaders, Norma Barger, Bobby Kingeryg Song L e ad e r s , Joyce Wheeler, Carolyn Holdren fnot picturedl, Glen 61110 Sponsor: Mrs.Jeifery is Dramatic 611111 Sponsor: Mrs. Given I 9. I-LV4. Klub President . . . . . . Charlean Doyle Treasurer . . . Rachel Moles Vice-Pres. , , , . , , , Betty Hayden Reporter . . . . . . . . . Phyllis Roland Secretary . , , Mary Alice McManaway Historian . . . . . . . . . Joyce Truman IC V 5 's Captain - Harold Haldren Snapshots L i, 'ite ai -, .. 1 .., .. .D if IU M .. , , W, , -H ig 4 1. The cooking group, 2. Sitting pretty. 3. Watching for the birds. 4. This was the Music Clas s . 5. What do they see? 6. Waiting for the gang. 7. The future basketball guards 8. Are they hollowing at the boys? LUNCHROOM STAFF Mrs, Carter lk Mrs. Hicks. Student Helpers: Karlene Thomas 8: Gloria Quesenberry. 4 ll t If Y Qwgv ,A Q xv - fm! Lllllllllllllll inje- +.' 'Lvl e an 'llll" Z 4 "ll: I m Q x fm r n 6 una u mn lx we mm r s m NFC A n nf mmm rm - 1 I' n mf um nn 5 zau 1 un 5 ner su: ,mx IFF Hunvn I nur ummm s 1 n an HRT A mr 0 'a "hu x r u um loplo 1 ns rf V um mm -1 ND' am: I Co HCC mm A .n Tn Dndllu Ample Pavkm Nunn onus x mn Lm-um x ACME ilmu no N mua- smfn r Dmmmon 1 n Ummm wwf. ma p me mn ummm na L nl and Plvenll W 'W' ux Cl lo ew P mae v ma was zo w T nmng ,us ay ve m 0 f mm vxur ls u www ea fm- n An-mu r rw: In PANT! If cm! want af sn vice x tm r L :Fmur .yum m vm U H r M nmvn nf A .T Qu rum , noun mv rm N sm' QTFA an uw ml 4...- N zum rc qrxrrn umm Hun, L n nw asm umm Momma l w um umm. Lvur P Lrv-.1 v uv.. im r WA ua A I we Jun 1 Immun um P1 THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN THE ART OF SELLING AND BUYING JOHNSONS SUPER MARKET Free Parking While You Shop JOHNSONS DEPARTMENT STORE Bedford Virginia Complimenfs of TURPIN'S VARIETY STORE Vinton Virginia AUTO SERVICE Cr ELECTRIC CORP. 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Serving Virginia over 35 Years "Always a Good Place to Trade" 14 East Campbell Avenue Dial 7356 Roanoke Virginia MASTER SERVICE STATION 5' GARAGE 104-108 W, Washington Ave. Dial 2-7752 Vinton Virginia COFFEY 5 SAUNDERS Farm Store "WHERE FRIENDS MEET" Phone 8231 Bedford Virginia When in Bedford Visit SOUTH STREET AMOCO Operated by Roy Dean Gas - Oil Greasing - Washing Phone Bedford Virginia VIRGINIA SOUTHERN COLLEGE A Professional School of Business Co-Ed Roanoke Virginia Compliments of OVERSTREET-SMITH LUMBER CO. Phone 3 -221 Bedford Virginia VINTON MOTOR COMPANY Vinton Virginia Complimenrs of PEDIGO'S GROCERY We Give S 81 H Green Stamps Route ff 1 Vinton Virginia Compliments of RISH EQUIPMENT COMPANY 405 Center Avenue Roanoke Virginia Compliments of FERRELL INSURANCE CO. Vinton Virginia THE BEST STUDENTS ARE THE BEST INFORMED STUDENTS Keep up with Local, State, National, International and Sports News daily by reading Your Family Newspapers. THE ROANOKE TIMES and Uhr Qinannke mnrlh-News Compliments of COMMUNITY CASH GROCERY Phillips 66 Gas Groceries - Feed On Route 24, 3 Miles East of Vinton Virginia 'nw 1. Martha and her steady. 2. A r e the y listening to Highway Patrol? 3. One sunny day without classes. 4. Our basketball players. 5. Waiting for Roy and Charles. 6. Were they going steady? 7. Four years ago. 8. Ready to go to the Banquet. 9. Are they preparing to cheer? 10. My what a pretty skirt. ll. At a party with her beau. k u a ! I

Suggestions in the Stewartsville High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Goodview, VA) collection:

Stewartsville High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Goodview, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 23

1956, pg 23

Stewartsville High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Goodview, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 6

1956, pg 6

Stewartsville High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Goodview, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 88

1956, pg 88

Stewartsville High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Goodview, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 27

1956, pg 27

Stewartsville High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Goodview, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 42

1956, pg 42

Stewartsville High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Goodview, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 34

1956, pg 34

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