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yr J f x K v XVR fly X X W X X X X Q 1 LN K X A lk, X , , , V 21 X I f X. B f XI li 4 l ,' X X X XR Nz GOPHER TALES A955 S+ewar+ H In Sggvool Puifished by 'flue Senior- Class me S'fcHar1" fhgh Sci-:oof S-fewarf Minnosda wi. GMP?-6' A1 A 5 .- .flag A ,. 553,13-wi.Q' : , Nm. -2 Q1 ' .mg-,ff, IQ .. .. MS. -ff Administration SCHOOL BOARD Louis Fenske, Frank Mesenbring, ke and Einar Oleson LOUIS F. CASS Superintendent Physics 4 Albion K1ammQQ: Adolph Ruschmeyer, Lester Lip- A ANA High School Principal gf Vx ,X X N iff Math and Science wk If! lf' f, wif DELEU KING Social Studies Driver Education X x 9 'NX ROBERT ESKELSON English and Asst Coach x VN 2 Xi xv Y .ma I gxx """-.,. .'... ,' ff 1 S f ,f if vw if . J , VV 9 DJJ YA b xx' N' af I. f Q l K7 CBC VV ' Q T f W sa' Q ' 0 M5 W' Q A ' P V J 1 Sec S I L x , X u Ex W, U x X,- " I X :XX 1 X5 xg X.JX My SNEX ' X 5 DONALD CULP Music KENNETH GULBRANDSON Coach and Science ,., wwf MISS BETTY LOU FOERSTER Commercial ,- MRS. RAY BUHR Library and Math MRS. KENNETH GULBRANDSON Typing and Phy. Ed. MISS JOAN ULWELLING Home Economics K ff. Q' 'fffn ' V 'M,QMqk S BERNARD A. CRANSTON Agriculture and Shop MISS BETTY PEDERSON Second Grade X MRS. HAROLD DISRUD Elementary Principal Fourth Grade M S. DONALD SCHAEFFER Fifth Grade N?" f r4l,,.,,... F SNQA sllg . 5 L XYQ MISS LAVONNE PETERSON Third Grade MISS EVELYN KOCH Sixth Grade X--. xii. 11, Nj' MRS. ROBERT ESKELSON First Grade oivr 'S N I 5 N tl E 1 6 . o Hg S e S 11.33 W S, -rf? , 5,6 xi z57"""M MISS CLARA SABROWSKY First Grade N! T' UROSE MARY KOENIG 'Sec'y to Superintendent COOKS Laurie Kuehl and Hannah Krugel f7 I 1 Q-J X CUSTODIAN "' Fred Kloempken 10 ' A fir J wr., MM2- ...,.,..Mw ,W , 4 'Q 3? 'ww ' x5 ' -fm. W, .-, vw- f sl FA ,, , . M- qSTg."1"1.v??5 X fi six: f h fvlfwfi . f wi M f Exim ZA -WT' 7 -11, .Lg - ,'fQ'QrHw, .M , 14. 15i?'+g? eg, ""' I - , .L ,Q-,Q ff 1 fig, 5 P, g 'Q Wil? ' J df 1 ,Y ' 'LT ' fs, gif, 1 VJ' TN w Of-ff 'Y fglfy A 1. 5 if ' sv... Senior 2355 -Q W , W SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Kay Bethke, v pres and Mavis Fenske, treasurer Class Hlstory The class of 1955 began their high school education in September of 1950 The Freshman class began with 25 pupils Our first big event was initiation It seemed cruel at the time, but we had a lot of fun LaAnna Miller was our Home coming attendant this year During our Sophomore year, we initiated our underclass men what fun' Eight of our classmates were waiters and waitresses for the Junior Senior banquet They were Diane Vacek, Kay Bethke, Bernice Becker, Earl Stockman, James Kir choff, Arlen Kirchoff, and Duane Pagenkopf We were Joined in our third year by Melvin Victorian transferring from Brownton, and later by Donald Streseman, moving from Hutchinson Diane Vacek was selected as Home coming attendent This year was full of events for us O November 12 and 13, we presented "Teen Time, our class play This was a huge success A few weeks later our class rings arrived, which we term as 'tops In April, we sponsored the first Junior Senior prom ever given at S H S, with which everyone was well pleased On May ll, our class honored the seniors at a banquet following a "Moonlight and Roses theme. This year will long be remembered. Our final year is considered the bestl Our graduation pictures, senior class play, annual, trip, and graduation all sum up a year that is successful in many ways. Twenty two of us are awaiting graduation from Stewart High School in 1955, some eagerly, some reluctantly, thus making our high school education complete. 12. . 5 Ku .1 S x r -- . .3 Diane Martin, sec., Paul Christensen, pres., O . . n ll . I ll ' uv , I A 1 7 uf X ALSON HUSFELDT HI was once caught studying, but I've almost lived down the dis- grace.H Chorus 3,hg Band 3,hg F.F.A. l,2,3,b5 Basxetball 2,3,h3 Football hg Track 2,hg Baseball by Class Play 3. LLOYD PERRY HClass periods should be 10 min- utes long--5 to come in and 5 to YI Band 3,53 F.F.A. l,2,3,hg Chorus l,2,hg DIANE MARTIN NA very delightful friend, not quiet, not noisy, but a pal to the end.H Chorus l,2,33 Girl's Glee Club 2,3,hg Class Secretary 3,h3 Student Council Rep. 25 Class Play 35 G.A.A. 35Pep Club 1,2,3,u, School Paper Mg Ass-z Ea- itor, Annual bg Homecoming Attendant hg 9 C lg , C Q C tx . 'F 4" ad? uwV" A wal' ' 'L A - , J f A ffm CATHERINE BETHKE ol K "I'm,. not arguing, rm telling you. ' Mixed Chorus 2,35 Girl's Glee Club 2,3, hg Band l,2,3,h3 F.H.A. 33 Cheerleader l,2,3,h3 Class Play 35 G.A.A. 33 Pep Club l,2,3,h5 School Paper hg Declam lg Homecoming Queen hg Class V. Pres. 3,b3 Student Council Treas. b. M LVIN VICTORIAN HS1ze doesn't matter, what a man can dog Napolean was only 5'2H.H Baseball 3,h3 F.F.A. 33 Class Play 3. YQ f x J LARRY LADE HDon't recite so loud, I want to sleep.n Chorus 3,hg F.F.A. l,2,3,h3 Football 5, Class Play 33 Lettermen Club b. ef 7 ff-fir x 1? if LiJLvfZ97ifs RICHARD LAPLANTE Hwork never bothers me, I could lay down next to it and go to sleep.H F.F.A. lg Track 35 Baseball lg School Paper by Annual Staff by DONALD STRESEMAN HSuccess is a big step up, but I've got long legs.H Transferred from Hutchinson 35 F.F.A. 3,hg Student Council Rep. bg Basketball 3,h5 Football 3,hg Track 3,b5 Baseball 3,hg Class Play 35 Annual Staff M5 Let- termen's Club by Homecoming Attendant h EARL STOCKMAN HI'd do great things, but it's too much work.H Chorus 1,23 F.F.A 1,2,3,h3 Basketball l,2,3,hg Football 2,h5 Track 2,3,h3 Letterman's Club d,3,h3 LOB JEAN ABRAM HNot noisy, not so small, just happy and ta1l.n Band l,2,3,hg Girls Glee Club by Class Play 35 G.A.A. 3s Pep Club 1,2,3,hg PAUL CHRISTENSEN NHe studies, otherwise he's per- fectly normal.u Mixed chorus 1,35 Band 1,z,3,L,, F.F.A. l,2,3,h5 Class President 3,h5 Class V. Pres. 23 Student Council Pres. hg Class Play 35 School Paper hg Annual Editor h Declam lg JAM S KIRCHOFF NHe's little, but so is a stick of dynamite.H Chorus l,2,3,b3 F.F.A. l,2,3,h3 Bas- chorus 1,2,3,hg F.F.A. l,2,3,hg Basket- ball l,2,3,h5 Football 1,2,3,hg Track 1,2,3,hg Baseball l,3,hg Lettermen Club 2.3,h: Homecoming Kina hz 14 X 'm J N PLL 'm f as E 2' LAANNA MILLER HLet's not study ---- let's just talk.H Chorus 1,2,3,hg Pep Club 1,2,3,b5 Maj- orette 1,23 Girls Glee Club 2,3,b5HOme- coming Attendant lg BERNETTE SIEG HA maiden seen,but seldom heard.U Girls Glee Club hg Class Play 33 Pep Club 1,2,3,h5 WILLIAM SCHULZE HI could never decide which were harderr the seats or the assign- I ments. chorus 1,2,3,hg Band 1,25 F.F.A. 1,2,3, bg Football 2,b3 Track 23 Camera Club h JAMES KARG HGreat men are dying every day and I don't feel so well myself. F.F.A 1,2,3,h5 Lettermans Club l,2,hg Basketball 1,2 3,hg Football l,2,3,b3 Baseball 1,2,3,L3 Track 3,h3 Class Play 33 Homecoming Attendant h. BERNICE BECKER HShe .has a ring around the fu- ture.h Class Play 33 Pep Club l,2,3,h5 BETTY HUSFELDT Fond of fun and merriment, ever ready for a laugh.H Class Play 33 G.A.A. 35 Pep Club l,2,3, hg Annual Staff Mg School Paper bg DUANE PAGENKOPF HHe was cut out to be an angel but someone lost the pattern.H Chorus l,2,h3 Band l,2,3,h5 F.F,A, 1,2, 3,h3 Student Council Rep. 33 Basketball 2,33 Track 23 MAVIS FENSKE HShe burns the midnight oil, not always for study.H Chorus 1.2.32 Girl's Glee Club 2, 3,h3 Class Treas. 1,2,3,h3 Student Council v. Pres. bg Cheerleader 1,z,3,n5 Class Play 33 G.A.A. 33 Pep Club l,2,3,h5 School Paper hi Annual by Homecoming Attendant h. ' 3 - ix, fl'-X' l A a c:TJrd'l3:, 1Fa!E3INWf?l' lsffu fe arms 'fron Cfass co ars- oyaf Bfue ancf flnte Clas-5 ma'H'o fi smzle af defea-f' fighfs 'Hve any -fo success." DIANE VACEK - Ulf silence is golden, then I'm broke.H Chorus 1,2,33 Girl's Glee Club l,2,3,h3 F.H.A. 33 Student Council Rep. 3,h3 Class Play 33 G.A.A. 33 Pep Club l,2,35 hg School Paper hs Homecoming Attendant 3. ARLEN KIRCHOFF HLaugh and I'll laugh with you, study and you study alone.H Student Council Sec. hi Student Council Rep. 1,23 Chorus 1,23 Basketball l,2,3, bg Football 1,2,3,bg Baseball l,2,3,b3 Class Play 33 Camera Club U3 Lettennen Club 2,3,h3 16 Class Prophecy Looking at my calendar, I find it is now May 27, 1965, 10 years since I have graduated from Stewart High School. I, Mavis Fenske, in my position as private secretary and agent to Diane Vacek, head of the TWA, find myself traveling about the country a good part of the time. While going through Pasedena, California, we stopped to see the famous Rose Bowl game. There we saw Kay Bethke leading the crowd in Go-you-Gophers, and we noticed she was especially yelling for Jim Karg, the famous pro-football player. During the half, we noticed a Jet doing air writing for advertising. The writing was HYou get the best when out west, eat at Poncho's Place.H We went to the cafe after the game and we found two of our classmates, Melvin Victorian, the pilot of the plane, and James Kirchoff, proprietor, serving California hamburgers. After a refreshing meal, we called for a taxi from the HHusey Cab Co,H now the largest cab company in the west We were very thrilled to see the owner himself driving fly back to our home town of the cab He was none other than Alson Husfeldt We decided to spend three or four days in Los Angeles to improve our culture and see the sights As we plan to go abroad in the we studied German professor For our how to mambo, so we one time classmate, near future, we enrolled in 'Schulze's German School, where Imagine our surprise at seeing William lBuddyJ Schulze as evening enjoyment we decided to go dancing We d1dn't know entered Dink's Dance Class It was being conducted by our Duane Pagenkopf After seeing the sights, we found a little French studio, HLa Plan te and decided to have our portraits painted The fa mous artist was Richard LaPlante We then boarded the plane for Texas, where Miss Vacek had an important appointment Before departing on our business trip we visited a night club 'Chr1sty, King of Jazz was featured with a baritone solo We were quite sur prised to find our old friend, Paul Christensen So we continued, and as we were driving through Texas, we passed by the new Drake Hotel, which was being built by the now famous engineer, Donald Streseman After two more miles we came upon the L and L Rest Home, which was run by the former LaAnna Miller She invited us in to see her newly acquired husband, Lloyd Perry, who was keeping the place going fHe was doing the resting D As we were walking down the corridor of their building, we came upon the nurse's office, where Betty Husfeldt occupied a big We left there and finally reached the place where Diane Vacek placed a call to Arlen Kirchoff, of all mechanics for TWA planes After completing our business, we decided to desk of our business appointment, who is now head man in charge Stewart En route, we stopped off in Wisconsin to inspect a dairy products fac tory We found our old friend, Earl Stockman, who had used his nickname as a tradename and he is now known the world over for making top quality Butter balls We started for Stewart and were near our destination when we began havin plane trouble We were forced down in a big hay field Emerging from the plane Q we found the Johnsons putting up hay, and we recognized our former classmate, Diane Martin with a pitchfork in her hand While talking with her, she told us she often visits with Mrs Eugene Knick, nee Bernice Becker They offered us a ride to Stewart where we saw our old school, which reminded us of all the good times we enjoyed ten years ago We definitely felt that the class of 55 h d done well ,df 1 ' vu . I H . ll . I ' n L . ' 8- , v ,I 1 X f li N X is pda -, If r ' af 1 I E? ' ff ': 0 f '- 3 Q I 1. Class Wlll We the Senior Class of Stewart High School, being of sound minds, do hereby, on this twenty seventh day of May, nineteen hun dred and fifty five, declare this to be our last will and testa ment To the members of the class of '56 we bequeath the follow ing Larry Lade wills his cowboy boots to Darlene Blum, so she can help with the last round up Diane Vacek wills her ability to be heard to Donald Trettin Lor Jean Abram wills lO inches of her height to Marlowe Mueller Laker's ere I come Bernette Sieg wills her quiet ways to Carleton Hahn It s going to be pretty d ad around here next year Paul Christensen wills his leadership ability to Donald Beich HThe meeting ill come to order Donald Streseman wills his front seat in every class to Jerry Barney Duane Pagenkopf wills his graceful manner of dancing to Maynard Boelter other Arthur Murray boy Bernice Becker wills her'one track mind concerning one man to Gladys Schulze Diane Martin wills her self control and even temper to Linnea Wacker Bernice Becker wills her serious manner to Cecelia Koenig Mavis Fenske wills her close friendship with Jane Doerr to James Friedrichs Lloyd Perry wills his ability to go steady with a girl to Wayne Black Betty Husfeldt wills her quiet dignity to Milan Klitzke Arlen Kirchoff wills his athletic ability to William Bethke Stewart can use you, kid' Larry Lade wills his ability of getting through school without reading books to Tootsie LaPlante Alson Husfeldt wills his good natured ways to Jerry LaPlante Lucky Joanne' Kay Bethke wills her ability to stay on a run a way horse to Joanne Martin Richard LaPlante wills his drawing pencil to Carol Remus so she can do a bet ter Job on the teacher's faces Melvin Victorian wills his small feet to Betty Anderson 'No more tnuming teachers now' Earl Stockman wills his history notebook to Jane Doerr You'll have plen ty of paper next year, because it hasn't been used Jim Karg Wills his heinie tO Lawrence Lewin Now you'll be able to see your ookkeeping LaAnna Miller wills her ability to make coffee for the teachers to Lois Boel ter James Kirchoff wills his wavs with women to Rodney Paul Another Casanova Diane Vacek wills her Light and Bright to Genevieve Sullivan Q JUV'V4',,9J X 4275404 QQTKWJSMK M get f jldaemasf WML. 20943 5 if T2 ew few-we Wx 0 my My :MQW 55023 Offawfgf ffaflftaffgfffsf I .9 . II ' I h II ' u , e I! . w A H . -1 ' . An- I . H . II ll Billy Schulze wills his slow-movements to Marcella Rath. D . I ll . b ." ' ' YI II Il H . I . 7 . yt A ,tp df X . W W7 F . . Underclassmen ,Iumor Class CLASS OFFICERS-Joanne Martin, treas , Carol Re mus, v.pres.5 Lawrence Lewin, sec'y.g and Donald eich, pres Class HlSt0Py September, l95M, was the start of a very busy year for us Juniors We regret very much to say that our class of 29 was decreased to 26 in our Junior year This however, has not hindered us from being an outstanding Junior class One September day a salesman came in during English class, carrying a uitcase, that contained samples of class rings from which we could choose We were very happy that we received our class rings before the presentation ot our c ass play, 'F ther Knows Best ' Some of the boys took part in football and basketball All the girls belong to Pep Squad, and most of them belong to the Girls Glee Club Now that we are nearing the end of our school year, we are busily planning for our Junior Senior banquet and prom, to be given sometime in May We are sorry to think of the Seniors leaving us, but we are looking forward eagerly to our Senior year and our graduation V.. 4 Q My We Z0 B . l ' a I O 41579 x Q " 'M - stix K i ,L ,535 , wht, , 3' J ana Doerr XT: AA May dard Bo elte 4:5 K' Carol Remus 'wri- Wayne Black qu-"7 Gladys Schulze '4 James Frledrn. ch 'E-37' Qi' 17' Lawerence Levnn v' 12015 Boelter ind ar' in f F ' , Ar1oBuss1er Not pictured: Rodney Paul Iilliam Bethke Joanne Martln Jerry LaPlante SFR Donald Beich C Juliette LaPlante CeCe118 Koenlg vf' M1lan Klltzke Gen Sulllvan dv? Darlene Rlum 5 5' 1rfJ spd' Jerry Barney Qs- Marlowe Mueller 1-up Maz cella Rath 'QC' L1nnea Wacker Carleton Hahn Betty Anderson Donald Trettln 1 V? 4:1 ' v .. ,-, SE. ,Ill Ill. O gif I 7? 3 at h ' i :G in n , .- N., v rev - ' , Q.. " :L ra ,. VV X H: 0 ' :M 9 4. l- D -f or , Q. . . S .... . Q W 2 f- F' 'I my K 7' , N. VJ I N X fl . I Q . Q R ' D l N- HJ' xi . D . Z- - I D vk F In ' 1 1 - A N 5 , V fr 5 we W . . ny Y X if K ci? rv, Q K4-ti, if ..-I K W.. 7 - y 'Q , . , Lf' F., V A J Miqylfx D 14 D D iff our 7 'f ' nc' gf' f 1 1 Z1 Sophomore Class SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS--Shirley Kirchoff president, Arlene Stockman, sec'y-treas, and Audrey Wacker, v. president. Class Hlstory We started our Sophomore year with 38 students, however in December, Carol Lambertson quit school, leaving us with Late in September, we initiated the Freshman class, and had a party for them in the evening Shirley Ann Kottke was chosen Homecoming attendant in October We are very active in sports and school activities Eight members participate in band, most of the girls are in Glee Club and quite a few boys are out for athletics Others are in Camera Club, FTA and etc Mr Eskelson is our class advisor, and at Christmas remembered him with a Labrador pun tied with a red ribbon We are enjoying our school days very much and this year will long be remembered by us f5 gs fN ,J :z:'e'?j , 05 4. 4 We ZZ . 37- ' . . . Q . we 4 . . - 2- 'L"V- - .- "' 5 5 X f ' by Z N' F .- QfS?3b T' :W 4 f,- l 'ff . f,'.'.,': : : my 'amviff A fi O U 'ffb 'I 7 1 v' " 'f':'h' 9 'f'f' I .5 -g , S.'l.'l ' -.......-.Y 'CT"""' My rt - my Q, Ro er K Miller Doreen Bussler Az-v1n Buss Wh, Nd' Whey Arlen Lade ,Sylv- ff Mar1on V1ctoria.n Darvun Sell ca S eseman - -.wr is K Q - A 1:- Eichelbergpr Leiiey awgw 4 marilyn SChII1lCiYf M ,375- Mix Remus Rodney Vacex 'aff'- SCM' ps. Shlrley Kottke Tom LaP1ante qv 1 ff Carol Fetters OJ' 'E' Arlene Vlrge fsrecnt Maureen Maiers Y is :A Maynard Roepke Alunn Woller June Calller 23 A 551 .D W1 , Elro y Mahnke Audrey Wacker " :w ,.-M. "S Shlrley hlrchofi' Arnold Koerug 435' ee-N Mlldred Navara 'orman Hahn Theresa Krlnner T77 Darlene Westphal Beatrice Blum Sharon Ness Y ir' Bonme Chatneld eusan ixlanmer I? Donovan Maier Jerome Hemel' 1-4' m gm R ... M ' 15' '-- V "N e if f Ng S ns , " 1 W, 11 im jr 1' 'f J S3 'Q X M yr H ,. 2, Kai r P. , 1 G., 5' X V I ' ax ' .pw A nk' D ""' ss -r' A 8. .rl t f' , . f ' f f , X4 Q, . fx' , 7' l" ff 'YY jul gf V . X , 'Z 7 gf ., . ' S me ' eeey 3 e RX e W ' Q, l W x 6 1 ' ex x 'f' ' ' Ji e ex- 1 4 . . A v . ,ix .U 'i on I x- .,. -fi! k 1 :L- affy l A VA! X el tl V .Jia e Q f l.,l I ,' 1:0 lik fff'0'?fAl S 'ilf' 4 f -21' V"' 3, , gt- 5 'T 02' ,xl ws ' , , Q KT, 155:-,bi - 'gs ff lzlnl e 'w w., f M , g A Vw 3 M. I 1 Q I ,L W3 . Y F , , i P gi A 1 , VN V Y . a r "' lf' 2' 'Z fx-39 Y A 25' e A ' ,,,f J Vx . l ,ey, ,.nl A 4,51 P L ' V' y. if . . u u - ' Freshmen Class cuss owlcms-Gerald Paehlke, v pres Agnes K0eU1g, pres , and Bob G1lho1, secy treas Class Hlstory Our Fres man class began the1r high school days togeth er with 25 pupils We are We have four band members Glee Club The boys are football and six played on In September, we ter a hard workout in really deserved to be We are certainly new frlends and know many years to come considered a very active class and nearly all the girls are in active in sports, three played the HBH basketball team were initiated by the Sophomores Af the afternoon and evening, we felt w accepted by our uppercla smen enjoying this year We have made many that these frlendshipswwill last for "?' . P 0 I 4 0 ' . - ' A - Q I A O . . . W Q . 0 ' I S o , . Y A . Warsaw, , at ,'L5fX. t,, Y4L,Af5 V ,isqaigj , A I Gp.. ,,, Q? 1' as ,f - " I3 k-LT' x, - If X rx' 'I N. .-...-E 24 'Mr' Robert G1Jhoi 'YI' fm, I UI z 4 Robert Werner no-x ,we Q""'v Brlce Bethke VV' Jerald Paehlke rl-Q its ,QM Helen Mayer WX' Sl' 'V' VL., Agnes K09l'11g Kenneth Calhez yr Y' T' Darlene Lode Jerry Vacek 'Eff' pai g f V1.rg1n1a Kloemoken Art. Korson I9 ,gnu De1v1n Zieman Wayne Stool-:man Not pictured G0I'd0r1 LaP1ante Patti Barnes Tom L1ndeman Dlane Lade X V ve'- QE? 337' Xa ,lg 'K ff in If I Joe K.r1ppner Dorothy Kmrcnof ik YW' Lavonne Redman James Trethn Darlene Opitz 433' sd Kathleen Ch1ShO1II1 Donald Fensxe Kay Ente -1 '11 ui if ' - .-ji 1Ei'---l- iv ....-2 25 'Q' rf.. , . ,r' si r , S 4 fi- A A V A . I 5 - A X Y ,f- ,gf vewz ' .WI ' ' "' Q W y ' Y 1 i 1 . ,fe e 1 , 'L' M. ,gee zz. Wm' Qi' xr M li . . I , Q if fu' ,N AQ . J ex fx rg? A W S Q: . 1 5 r gffffan , NY f n Ale 'gfri -V" ' .1 Q rfivs' ' ff-I ' I E WV r en 1 , e-,vw X 5 h I P 2 I g'-' fu '-1:1 .esmtp ' f' ' fm' W- .. 1-'A ,V 553 2 , -Q 'h 54 , -3: fm Gd' '12-f A Elghth Grade Edward Klrchoff Arhs I-'us fel " an John Lioke 'U-...J dt T' 'I' Sandra Proehl Stanle Becke Julia Blum 1'- uelorls Schulz Ipwell Lewin -qu G 4 ff' ueanre Feusk Rolland Eoent 42,7 Howard V1ctor1an Diane Klrcho f Tom Koopman A A-. Elaine Peetch v""'7 Neil Palmer VU! Z., Marcla Bauer 'Off ""' ki-M Denms Mueller Marjorie Eltel 41 QP -V., Margorle Hahn Arnold Blum ,af- fans- Donnxs Lenz Lois SCU1--LI17 Nor. plcnured Audrev Schwart? Carolyn Martln Arden Kuehfl Valer- 'itf' JoAnn I4 us feldt 'iv Roger Hagen Mary V111ez-eu 'sz' J ani ce Zleman Delano Wacker 18 Roepke Karen ensfce ' 58.5 Y Q 7' if N l "2" , rv 6 5 wr ' xi li .,,,,. L- . ,.l' '-ff A U " ,, A r' 'Q I ,. 1 - .. f, -r 'ij' ze M fl M ,Q ' V . , J 'ma ' fur 31 VV , fv ,, "A 1.27- l"" W A ' .""'-' r , - ff Q A A I 5 'L' , A - Q1 , . 'I A . K W ei " ' N - ' xy . 31, ' I QI, ,A. 5 :L xx ' yf K Q 'T -' if X , i F ,W fri W 1 A? 4. . f fx xp, f f ' A- 1:42 . V r I . . . C K 2 V3 ,vi f- ,fx ,A I N , , -K rg, -if K ix lg -u Z e ov vs Z' -ow K fir' f fir- f wi il' W-Q . . Q15 ' - -is IW Alf 5 ' f U ri ' 'Fei 1 ' f f -e ' ,. "" ' fr- 5134, , '- -ww ff' f W r -1 Q r r M , ,,. I ,:,-: lcbt if A 1, , . 4- -4. 3 'Q' . me Q, V 4- is ,..... , n 25' ,Z-ly ' ' A 'ww , A . 5 . , my t , 26 wi MA" H425 wiki Dennis Lade as of Allan 1-cettmann WV' ,gnvniugw John Ness ,pm- Parv Dawson Q 33, sa. ,Q KE' R 'Zi' if ,iii Allen Hagen ngmu Papas """' TI? WW 4-'gf fag Jan ice Zleman A1v1n Peetscn Adrianne Kotmxe Bradley Penk 5? 1-nv Cecella Munsof- Paul Villereal if 'yy vw.: irgene Schulze Bobby Kueh.L 1- W,- wr! Deloris Becker A Gs -' vf wi, A f ,ef Seventh Grade N31 im" 127' "Qs" 1 KBTPH M3-191' gi Y' Davld Remus Donna Lenmarm 'ESV ...uv Jerome Penk Karen Fenske iff-W" king 'WW Wh. Dorby Eggert Darrel. Redmann Cora1 ee Dabson Not pictured : Willis Khmer Donna Boelter George Blum W- 'i ' Z7 ' 'UHMP qua: Q43 5 A -1.2 R . .M-.Ji V ? 2 ,, V ' 'I '-f-or , '. j 0 - gf 3, 1 ' 55 ' 2, ' ' f. 2 ,, 5.5. 1? 2, - de gif .,1eage me if e',L ' L A fzzazi- Z niggaz 3: ,gmail ,fri - T ' A 5. ," QQ.J "5'f" 1 Q-i -5 vw-N-vw HL, ,. . rt 'K . V 5 T., Q I I lf A f i' x e f 1 e VM ' 'wx K Q. I 'Q In H W Q' 69 f - P3 gg, K V W M- I 1 1 -'Wa , 2 'NYT'-5' ex 33' 4,.,T . . -+A -- 1,35 k ' X V . wk ' i ' emi' 5 ' , , M - f 1 me S . , 4 Q , e, h lx ..A., ff Q, A 'Q if ' e e i - Q me 'Q ww. 351' 'W' J I x ef- - 4 . o , W T ,V V I NL Z A , f-2- Q t .."S'.,A , gf' ' e Q' -21' ,cw e --JJ .. 1' . i -v ' A 5TJ':2' " A F :af 4 V .- , 4 A . , u' ,N - .- .Q , 'E' I -A ' ii 9 K ' f ' .Q -,UI I HUK 1 F F A Banquet Heac Table Typlng Class Prsparatlons for F F A Banquet AY--. M1ss Ulwelllng-Home Ec Music Lesson Home Fc C1858 Llbrary Sclence Class Science Class Librar Z8 A Sd' N , A Grades E me my m Sixth Grade MLSS EVELYN KOCK, teacher. fl. to Inj Row 1: Marlene Baysinger, Alan Jerabek, Willard Carlson, Charles Olesen, Karen Abram, David Lade, and Paula Lambertson. Row 2: Kenneth Lace, Allen Ebent, Carol Boelter, A1lenRahn, Dwight Barney, Ronald Stoclcman, Ray Kott- ke, and Ruth Krienke. Row 3: Steven Twite, Richard Barnes, Elroy Knaak, Alvin Knaak, Robert Streich, Judy Wick, Mary Larson, and Roger Paul. Not pictured: Darlene Stuber and Shirley Stuber. Fifth Grade MRS. DUNALD SCHAEFER, teacher. Cl. to r.D Row 1: Lyle Penk, Gary Hoffman, Mary Ann Remus, Carol Trettin, Sandra Lenz, Barbara Carl- son, LeRoy Schulze, Richard Twite, and David Werner. Row 2: Adrian Hagen, Jerry Kloempken, Charles Eichelberger, Deloris Beich, Janet Remus, Ronald Penk, Janet Wieweck, Carol Remtman, Judith Klitzke, Billie Fetters, Delmer Zieman, and Leeland Sifferath. Row 3: Tyrone Wacker, Gary Kircboff, Marleta Schulz, Gary Meier, Marjorie Kloemp- ken, Gary Zieman, Larry Meier, Warren Nelson, Brenda Wacker, Sheryl Zieman, and Ralph Larson. Not pictured: Carol Stuber, Judith Hahn, muglas Proehl, and Allan Woller. 3 - 5 s Fourth Grade LES. HAROLD DISRUD, teacher. Cl. to r.J Row 1: Beverly Wacker, Mary Lipke, Donna Blum, Myrun Redrvann, Sarah Guerrero, Gary Dettmann, Billie Lambertson, and Donalc Lenz. Row 2: Barbara Hahn, Kenneth Chatfield, Lawrence Rettmann, Duane Opitz, Joanne Klitzke, Elaine Peetsch, Marcene Burke, Joan Klammer, Karen Paul, Randall Zieman, Grant Lade, Judy Decker, and Larry Roepke. Not pictured: Nancy Doerr, and Ralph Blum. MISS LAVONNE PETERSDN, teacher. Cl. to r.J Row lg Bert Bauer, Aud- rey Stockman, Stuart Penk, Roger Ranzau, Burton Kottke, Dale Bu- boltz, Ronald Kirchoff, and Kathleen Meier. Row 2: Warren Witte, Marcia Proehl, Ponald Hahn, James Blum, Judy Woller, Sandra Kottke, Gary Brede, Gene Dabson, Gerald Remus, Larry Penk, Gary Wieweck, and Stanley Krienke. Not pictured: Eileen Inselmann, Marlyes Stu- ber, Sharon Ahlers, Renee Lade, Roger Tettmann, and Dorann Eggert. Not pictured: Nancy Doerr, Ralph Blum. E 5 . E fi A 5 Q? Third Grade Second Grade MISS BETTY PEDERSGN, teacher. fl. to rJ Row 1: Warren Klarnmer Gerhard Ziemann, LeRoy Winterfeldt, Paul Doering, Ronnie Kirchoff, and Dennis Daniels. Row 2: Barbara Hanson, Floyd Krienke, Kristine Wick, Tommy Werner, Richard Hahn, Sharon Carlson, Laverna Redmann, Steven Doerr, Don Burke, Virginia Hubin, Diane Shreiner, Carolyn Cass, and Rosalee Schulze. Row 3: Anna Brede, Larry Baysinger, Geh- lan Ebent, Daryl Lade, Shirley Kloempken, Mary Lou Trettin, Loren Roepke, and Arlen Bielke. Not pictured: Phyliss Eggert. MIG. ROBERT ESKELSGN, teacher. fl. to r.Q Row 1: Connie Kietzman, James Berger, Deanna Schledewitz, Janet Klitzke, Jean Hahn, June Hahn, Cyn- thia Boepke, Dicky Inselmann, Jane Hahn, Gerald Hahn, Susan Fenske, and Terry Chatfield. Row 2: David Husfeldt, Kevin Barney, Randy Friedrichs Mary Schloendorf, Susan Jerabek, Norbert Doerr, Teddy Burke, Marlowe Kottke, Linda Schreiner, Stanford Hahn, and Merril Zieman. Not pic- tured: Bonnie Dettman. First Grade First Grade MISS CLARA SABHDWSKY, teacher. Cl. to r.J Row lg Juanita Guerrero, Terrance Lade, Kathleen Kruse, Warren Schuft, Allen Lipke, James Stockman, Duane Lenz, Douglas Kreinke, Byron Wacker, Junace Gehrke, Nonman Peetsch, and Jolene Wacker. Row 2: Susan Penk, Roman Lenz, Jean Lipke, Micheal Kirchoff, Carol Leistico, Dean Klitzke, Richard Larson, and Gary Redman. Not oicturedg Curtis Zieman, Carlene Stu- ber and Phillis Stuber. Grade School Operetta Grades one through six of Stewart Public School presented "Red Candles" as their Christmas operetta. It was held on Thursday, December 16, in the auditorium. The story involves a Mrs. Nansen and her two children, Gilda and Jibby, who came to this country from Norway and were separated from one another shortly after'their arrival. The Climax of the story comes when the moth- er and children are reunited on Christmas Eve. G56 33 a . Thlrd Grade--Voting PP Fifth Grade--Their Movie Project Mrs ....r-a'?"""F Fifth Grade -ul Fifth Fourth Grade Bi-?5g P sixth Grade , Arm A, I ltgvg QA i 4 Q M-. Third Grade---Miss Peterson Grade Second Grade Music First Grade i i ii , Activities Student Connell OFFICFFS-Seated Kay Bethke, treasq and Arlen Klrchoff, sec , Stand1ng Paul Chmstenaen, pres., and Mavls Fenske, v pres The Student Councll serves as a llnk between students and the ai m1n1strat1on Under the superv1sion of Mr John Plerson, the Councll functlons for the betterment of Stewart High Officers are elected by the entlre student body and two representative: are selected from each class The act1v1t1es which the Councll undertook are Fomeoomlng, the Chrlstmas dance, and the all-school picnlc In November, four students were sent to a student councll cl1n1c at Hector They were Kay Bethke, Paul Chrlstensen, Jane Doerr, James Friedrlchs, and Rodney Vacek QPPRESENTATIVE-Seated Bobby Werner, Rodney Vacek, Shirley Ann Kottxe, Dlane Vacek, Donald Streseman, Jane Doerr, and James Fr-iedrichs Standing 'r John Pierson, adv1sor, John Llpke, Carolyn Martin, Helermnn Mayer, Donna Lehmen, and Gary Dawson. 36 I J 2 0' 2 ' Q ol . . - I Q ' 0 o C Q I 1 N .... g 0 - I , . . AL 0 .- -f-fe-.::""Wi' Annual Staff Left to nght Donald Streseman, Mans Fenske, Paul Chrls tensen, Betty I-fusfeldt, D1ane Martln, and Mlss Fberster pall J aul Chnstensen Ed1tor-Joanne Mart1n Ass't Fdltor Diane Martln Features Llnnea Wack r, Jane Doerr, Busmess Mgr Betty Husfeldt Mavls Fenske, Dlane Martln Sales Mgr M3V1S Fenske Sports -J1m Frledrlchs Sports Donald Streseman Artlst Rlchard LaP1ante Art st -Rlchard LaP1ante Reporters -Jullette LaP1ante Betty Newspaper taff Husfeldt, Lor Jean Abram Typlsts -Shorthand II class Make up Ed1tOI'S -Shorthand II Advlsor M135 Po rster Left to rlght fseatedl Llnnea Wacker, Jullette LaP1ante Mav"s Fenske, Kay Bethke, Joanne Martln, Jane Doerr, and James Frledrlchs Cstandlngl Mlss Foerster, Paul Chnsten- Sef, arleton Hahn and Diane Mal o1n 37 Band L i Row l: Bobby Gilhoi, Kay Twite, Shirley Kirchoff, Deanna Fenske, Bonnie Chatfield, VirJean Schulze, Duane Pagenkopf, and Norman Hahn. Row 2: Deloris Schulze, John Lipke, Kathleen Chisholm, Kay Bethke, Arlis Husfeldt, Patty Barnes, Dwight Barney, Gary Dawson, Dickie Barnes, and Dennis Lade. Row 3: June Callier, Mary Larson, Jerry Barney, Paul Chris- tensen, Arlo Bussler, Lloyd Perry, Mildred Navara, Robert Streich and Dennis Lenz. Standing: Alson Husfeldt, Valeria Remus, Virgie Brecht, LorJean Abram and Mr. Culp. Majorettes Kneeling: Marcella Rath, Standing: Diane Lade, Dorothy Kirchoff, and Pat- ty Barnes . MR. IIJNALD CULP Direct-on of Instrumental and Vocal Groups Row 1: Helen Maiers, Kay Twite, Linnea Wacker, Juliette LaPlante, Diane Lade, Lois Boelter, Shirley Kirchoff, June Callier, Bonnie Chatfield, and Dorothy Kirchoff. Row 2: Joanne Martin, Carol Remus, Virginia Kloempken, Kay Bethke, Theresa Krippner, Shirley Kirchoff, Patty Barnes, Kathleen o 9 Chisholm, Carol Fetters, Diane Martin, Diane Vacek, Marcella Rath, and Mildred Navara. ROW 3: Betty Anderson, Virge Brecht, Valeria Remus, Lo!-Jean Abram, Bernette Sieg, Jane Doerr, Margaret Streseman, Betty Husfeldt, Darlene West- phal, LaAnna Miller, Beatrice Blum, Gladys Schulze, Gene- vieve Sullivan, and Mavis Fenske. Director: Mr. Donald 0 Row 1: Mary Villerreal, Darlene Opitz, Deloris Schulze, Valerie Roepke, Marcia Bauer, Marjorie Eitel and Arlis Husfeldt. Row 2: lr. Culp, Lloyd Perry, Norman Hahn, Bob Gilhoi, Lavonne hedmarm, Kathleen Chisholm, Virginia Kloempken, Darlene Lade, Joanne Husfeldt Kay True, Arnold Blum and Roland Ebenr. Row 3, Roger Mille,-, Diane Pagenkopfs Jen? Barney, V5-T816 Brecht, Valerie Remus, Betty Hus- feldt, LaAnna Miller, Janice Zieman, Sandra Proehl, Carolyn Martin Lois Schulze, Lowell Lewin and Dennis Lenz. , I Chorus Future Farmers of America Row 1: C. Hahn, D. Streseman, P. Christensen, L. Lewin, J. Fredriehs, D. Pagenkopf, J. Kirchoff, A. Husfeldt, L. Perry, and A, Koenig. Row 2: Mr. Cranston, J. Barney, T. Lindemah, J. La- Plante, A, Lade, L. Karg, R. Vacek, A. Bussler, D. Beich, M. Boelter, D. Trettin, N. Hahn, A. Buss, K. Callier, and B. Warner. Row 3: M. Mueller, A. Korson, J. Trettin, W. Stockman, D. Fen- ske, E. Stockman, M. Roeoke, M. Klitzke, R. Paul, J. Krippner, J. Vacek, B. Bethke,G. Paehlkeand D. Zieman. The FFA is an organization of boys enrolled in Vocational Agriculture. There are forty- three members listed. Officers were elected in the spring of '5h. They were: Donald Strese- man, pres.g James Kirchoff, v.pres.g Paul Christensen, seclyg Duane Pagenkopf, treas.g Alson Husfeldt, reporterg and Lawrence Lewin, sentinel. The big project has been the Gilt Ring. Seven gilts were contracted to boys with the understanding that after farrowing, the litter will be divided between the boy and the FFA. Several contests were held during the year in different fields. James Kirchoff won the Cow Clipping Contest and Paul Christensen won the Public Speaking Contest. A Farm Mechanics team and Dairy Judging team were also chosen and all of thesevvinners entered district competi- tion. On February 9, the annual Parent-Son Buffet Supper was held in the shop.It was a big success with about 100 people in attendance. Mr. Cranston is the advisor. HI HT: One of the FFA gilts. BElOW: Head table at the Buffet Supper. Norman Hahn clipping a cow. 09 amera Club ROW 1: Marcia Bauer, Valeria Roepke, Lois Schulze, Marjorie Eitel, and Beverly Peetch. Row 2: Mr. King, advisor, Joanne Husfeldt. Betty Andersin, Carol Remus, Carolyn Martin, Sandra Proehl, Janice Aieman, Julia Blum, Marilyn Schmidt, ArleneStockman, and Phyliss Eichelburger. Row 3: Lawerence Lewin, Maynard Baelter, Donald Trettin, Carleton Hahn A 1 i ' ' ' - : T en K I'C1'10ff, James F'1'19dI'1C-IS, Stanley Becker,and Milan Klitzke. The Camera Club met weekly and had twen- ty-five members. At their meetings they dis- cussed taking of good pictures with lighting and background. They also how to develop pictures and use the enlarger. The school has purchased a developer, and an enlarger and the used this equipment. Mr. King is the correct learned Bessler camera, members advisor. The Future Teachers of America is an or- ganization of students interested in making teaching their future profession. They learned different methods of teaching and la- ter helped the grade school teachers with their reading classes. Their advisor is Mr. Eskelson. 41 FTA Seated: Darlene Westphal, Margaret Streseman, and Beatrice Blum. Stand- ing: June Callier, Carol Fetters, and Bonnie Chatfield. Left to r1ght Mavls Fenske, LaAnna M1l1er, Lor Jean Abram, and Kay Bethke. Pep Club Debate Team Th debate team made 1ts first appearance 1n November when they debated for PTA on WWhy We Need A New School They have worked out several other debates ln speech class They also observed the state debate meet Mr Fskelson 1S the adV1SOT OFFTCERS Diane Martin, pres , Betty Husfeldt, v pres , Linnea Wacker, sec , Shirley Klrchoff, treas , and Mrs , advisor lk.. 42 9 . . , n . .. I O J l . . . . . . 1 I. . .. .n ' g' 0 Buhr . ,.....,..............-.-.. S Cheerleaders Senlors Mavls Fenske Llnnea Wacker Cecelia Kbenig Kay Bethkr Junlors Kay Twlte V1rg1n1a Kloempken Dorothy Klrchoff Sitting Donna Lehman, Kay Tuite Queen KHY Bethke and Arlis Husfeldt and. Standing Shirley Kottke, Diane 151118 James KiI'ChOff Homecoming Homecoming was once again celebrated this by the students of Stewart High. It was held on Octcber8 when Sacred Heart played here. The theme was Uvex the Vikes.W Activities began on Thursday night, October 7, with a snake dance winding its way through town. Following this, a pepfest was held by the bonfire, during which the Homecoming royal- ty was crowned. James Kirchoff and Kay Bethke were crowned king and queen respectively, and Donald Streseman, James Karg, D ane Martin and Mavis Fenske were named attendants. Friday's events began with a pepfest and program in the auditorium at ll a.m. The pa- rade followed at 1 p.m. The band led the way Head table at the banquet Football players at the banquet. 5. fb ke.:-K A ilx'l U 'fem Queen and King Front: Donald Streseman, Mavis Fen- ske, Diane Martin and Jim Karg. Back: Kay Bethke and James Kirchoff Events followed by the various floats and grade school marchers and banner bearers. The Senior float took first place in the float competition. The traditional gridiron battle, played at 2:30 p.m, saw the Gophers fight to a 7-7 dead- lock with the Vikings. At 6 p.m, the homecoming banquet was held in the high school gym for all the students, alum- ni, parents, and townspeople. Activities were concluded with a dance in the gym following the banquet. All plans and arrangements for this memorable occassion were in the hands of the Student Council. They are to be commended on the fine job they did in planning and working on this event. At the dance. The Senior's winning float. The band leading the parade. CAST 1 to r LaAnna Mlller, Betty Husfeldt, Kay Bethke, Bernlce Bec ker, Lorgean Abram, D1ane Martln, Dlane Vacek, Mav1s Fenske, Paul Chrlstensen, Larry Lade, Arlen Kir- choff, Earl Stockman, Don Streseman CAST 1 to r Julliette LaP1ante, BettyAnderson, Joanne Martln, Carol Remus, Gen Sullivan, Jane Doerr, Cecelia Koenlg, Linnea Wacker, Jer- ry LaP1ante, Wayne Black, Jerry Barney, James Frledrlchs, Arlo Bussler, Carleton Hahn, and Donald Beich Donald, Llnnea and Cece11a J1m Frledrlchs and Genevieve Class Plays The sen or class presented "Aunt Cath1e's Cat," on Apr11 lb and 15 It was a mystery comedy 1r1th 114 char acters Dlane Martln and Don Strese man were the lead characters and Mr Eskelson, the d1rector The 3un1or class play was entlt led "Father Knows Best " It was pre sented on December 1 and 2 It was comedy with James Fnedrlchs Gene veve Sulhvan and Jane Doerr playlng the lads The1r dlrector was also Mr Eskelson 46 and Jim Karg . I . : . . , - Fglyjflfi-Qgikaff K, Q V ,eff 2 h X, Athletics YD I 1 YH--4 FOOTBALL Row lg Billy Schulze, Alson Husfeldt, James Kirchoff, Arlen Kirchoff, Larry Lade, Earl Stockman, Jim Karg, and Don Streseman. Row 2: Carleton Hahn, Lawrence Lewin, Jerry LaPlante, Don Trettin, Maynard Boelter, James Freidrichs, and Alvin Holler. Row 3: Dennis Lenz, James Trettin, Norman Hahn, Tommy LaPlante, Rodney Vacek, LeRoy Karg, Arvin Buss, and Edward Kirchoff. ROW hz Mr. Pierson, trainerg Mr. Eskelson, Ass't Coach, Mr. Gulbranson, Coachg Donavon Mayersg Howard Victorian and Neil Palmer, mana- gersg and Tom Koopman. Am' 33 Winthrop o ' ' 147 aenvine 20 f"Z 1 Danube 6 31 BTUlDtOn 6 ?ggT h 7 so H98I't 7 1 7 Hector 23 0 S and 3 8 E' Fife 4: 18 s. Lake 6 EARL STUCKMAN All-Conference Chxard JAMES FRIEDRI CHS All-Conf. Honorable Mention DONALD STRESEMAN All-Conf. Honorable Mention JIM KARG All-Conference Fullback Stewart surprised Winthrop in the opening game by walloping the Warriors 33 to O. The Gophers inaugurated the split-'I' in this game. In the second game Renville's co-champions beat Stewart 20-7 after scoring two early touchdowns. Next came Danube and the Gophers got back to scoring ways by defeating them bl to 6. Everyone in uniform got into the Stewart-Brownton game as the Gophers won 31-6. Next came the homecoming game with Sacred Heart. Sacred scored on a pass play to lead 7-O. On the following kickoff, Jim Kirchoff picked it up in the end zone and returned it 103 yards for a touchdown. This run earned Poncho the State Prep of the Week award for the longest reported run in the state. Hector beat Stewart 20-7 after building a 20-O lead at the half. The co-champions were outscored and outplayed in the final half by an aroused Gopher eleven. Next came the heart-breaking loss to Buffalo Lake 12-6. Jim Karg, Don Streseman, Earl Stockman and several others were hurt in this game andtheir loss crippled the Gophers as they dropped a 13-O loss to Bird Island. The final game found the Gophers fired up for a "win it for the seniors" spirit and easily beating Silver Lake 18-6. This season was the best since 1950 and earned Stewart a reputation as a hard-hitting and dangerous football squad. All-Conference honors went to Jim Karg at fullback and Earl Stock- man at guard. They also gained honorable mention on the All-State team. Don Streseman and Jim Friedrichs earned honorable mention on the All-Conference team. Prospects are good for next fall with a host of veterans to be led by Capt.-elect Jim Friedrichs. 4 1 7 X 3 Pfw,z pb' 1 if-V 3 1 - t , QE, t f 5f?+QA3,x?' ' ' f if-Lk,.,Qqq,:b.w' sa. 'Q' m W' ' a 4- Q f--, - 'vm f , f 1,9 Z. : ,ogg 1 ' 'K Basketball A Team L to R Tommy LaP1ante, Farl szockmn, Jim Pnedncns, non ald Stresem-my Roger Miller, U-S011 I-Tusfeldt, Jim Karg, Arlen Klrchoff, Ar len Lade, LeRoy Karg, and Ar'v1n Buss Stewart did not win a game this season as they dropped 19 games Lack of helght and unch handicapped the team as they flnished in last place 1n the 212 Conference e scoring p Gophers will have quite a few lettermen back for next year and that plus some fine material from the freshnnn class should see Stewart on the way up 1n basketball The B team had a. good year as they won 10 and lost 5 after the sophomores were included on the team Previous to that, only freshmen appeared on the B team and they lost four games while winning one The C team was undefeated and won the 212 Conference Jr Hlgh title They won five a.nd lost none, making a very fine year In individual scoring, Don Streseman paced the A squad with 132 points while led the B team with 93 points Bob Gilhoi was the leading scorer for the C team AlWoJ.'1er Stewart B1rd Island Silver Lake Renville Danube Brownton Sacred Heart Hector Buffalo Lake Bird Island Renville Danube Brownotn Sacred Heart Silver Lake Hector Norwood Buffalo Lake Silver Lake 7 1+ 7 75 Stewart Blrd Island Silver Lake Renville Danube Brownton Sacred Heart Hector Buffalo Lake Bird Island Renville Danube Brownton Sacred Heart Silver Lake Hector Norwood Buffalo Lake 50 27 Stewart B Lake B Lake Hector B Lake Ihnube 22 2 2 3 31 ' ' . Th A B C - 28 ' 58 - 25 ' 36 - 26 . 142 62 25 21 35 , 9 47 93 21 1+o 28 3 30 66 31 33 141+ . 2 37 77 25 21 141 27 Norwood 142 18 Norwood 1+l 31+ 92 30 37 38 M1 30 29 31 79 35 35 37 57 14-1+ 13 23 76 33 30 26 60 27 ug L15 55 33 31+ 53 2 111 39 35 7 1+5 52 57 141 21+ 115 53 37 32 1+7 8 30 - 38 63 earn FRONT ROV Jerry Vacek, Robert Werner, Wayne Stockman, James Trettln, and Tommy LaP1ante BACK ROW Jerome Relner, Edward Klrchoff, Arlen Lade, Rodney Vacek, Donald Trettln and Mllan Kl1tzke Cam L to R Delvln Zxeman, Rrlce Bethke, Jerry Vacek, James 'Pret tln, Bob G11ho1, Robert Werner, Wayne Stockman, Tommy Llndeman, Coach Gul branson, Nell Palmer, Fdward Klrchoff, Dennls Lenz, John Lipke, Delano Wacker, Dennls Lade, John Ness, and Bradley Penk an Qnfff NX 51 B T Y: , , .' , ti 1? . -2 ' ' . ' , , A , - ' s 1 Y X n f alps? n l Vg 5? l l -M3 . A ' Q 5 i',. K 1 1 s ' a ' E , In J ,V xx e 1 5 . I' 794-uf C QLBG f77Q. 4115 'UQ Iii +,fL. 'iw dggkz ri-Uiwff MMV AS? QFYI 4 ce B L.or-,Jecbry Hl5on X X 9-rlnsy Lor-Jean Vu.lerua'V-JUDCC xfxxyg Lannea. L f gjr' ""'l Y'rc6. fn'-ae H0342 ,im iffy IJ Qvwqva fhren F ff-f Hun-I: Mavis d-I' CRJUSIVI-S 453-1 Nw W 000 'plyh-P? Lois B. CC? K' Joan W Be-H-9 52 D 5-i'rc'senlan V Remus dame Doe'-r Ll yd Perry Pvef fle I' AP? -.9 gf D Vzcek DI QI! 6 ask C'a.r'ol Pemvs 5' as 12? H Mus 'It-Gfcl-'- Chr' sfcnscq If A f14rCf1vff Helen Hnn Mayer Sl1A.ronN8ss , 72 Brechf' Lfnnfa lAla.clQr il M . 1a.11cfYfGJ"f"f lQL7l36l4vl-fe Earl 5'f3alKrnn.q MQVIS Pens Ke LeR7ff 7 IVI. Bael-fer VX Q i Hr-len Lacie Wig 2 111177 Afifff 75d'f'sIfl.annnPp 53 'A In Q , as Aff? if?-i -'ii' If . R .- X Q 7' " ' ff . 1 2 L V-r G ,. i i i' m W A 7 A f 5 , 'Q ' D . ., . I , Q kk ii 1 .L.. 1 V W , f a - ' H. 0 QI sl' af 5 . CJ.-.un Sorneplace? 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Suggestions in the Stewart High School - Gopher Tales Yearbook (Stewart, MN) collection:

Stewart High School - Gopher Tales Yearbook (Stewart, MN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Stewart High School - Gopher Tales Yearbook (Stewart, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 23

1955, pg 23

Stewart High School - Gopher Tales Yearbook (Stewart, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 9

1955, pg 9

Stewart High School - Gopher Tales Yearbook (Stewart, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 36

1955, pg 36

Stewart High School - Gopher Tales Yearbook (Stewart, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 6

1955, pg 6

Stewart High School - Gopher Tales Yearbook (Stewart, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 53

1955, pg 53

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