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Stewardson Strasburg High School - Comet Yearbook (Strasburg, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Th Annual Staff Stewardson btrasburv Hlqh Qchool The 1938 Volume VIII Thu eepv belongs to Class of e of A - X S 'x V I Presents 5'nlwf LI 'WN '56- 'N Ted ' watum We the Annual Staff of 1958 hereby dedlcate Ih1S edmon of the Comet to Mr H D Brady whose loyalty advice and slneere helpfulness has helped to make our yearbooka success and to all our teachers whose saCr1f1ce gllld3.llCE and E011 have enabled the graduates of 18 to attam then flrst pmnacle of success , ' 4: .- I k ' A W 4 . .VM A.. 1 , , , A , f !L M E 'V Q, Q use A .. - A ' 5 Q Eh' m 5 455 , . ' . ' I k Mgt! ,, . . ' 2 ' 1 ' ' A ,ft V , . V -, 0 I I K , 3 . , . . . . . I I . I I N 3 5 I 1 4 Q . . I . , . ,, . . , . W ff?- f " NJ 1 Sup ' '49, A It has been a pleasure to have been associated with you, the Senior Class, Although I cannot go farther along the way with you, I wish you continued health and happiness. up Sincerely, ,f , D 1 X I lf! ' I' A-mfaf I f M1314-ff1'Cf James T. Harrison Elmer Staehli Secretary Irvin Kessler Ed Reel Arthur Krumreich President Lee Roy Storm Albert Vonderheide Ray Lamm 95 'fa n Qwgwwrway S ,,, Qyfmfiifl f 1'f Q! A y if! B . 'e MR. ,I 9? 2. , -hw, s- gg ! ,E At H. D. BRADY B. S. , Industrial Arts Social Studies MR. DON HARRISON B.5. ED., M.S. ED. Geometry Algebra General Math Adxarrcwd Algebra M. S. A K , X V. 'Y'-. K -5.3391-v MISS MARY MC CLORY B. A. , Xl. S Physics Typing, Drivtfrs Training 2 Wie 5551-.Ain MR. JOE JOHN:.ON B. A. Band Chorus MR. GORDON CGTTRELL B SoQ1alStr1tlius MRS. BLRNIIQQE BUEwKlINQ B. ED. 4 Hr-mt Enonom1Csl,ll,lll Girls Physical Edxrcatiwr MISS AGNES ANDERSON B. S. ED. English II, III MR. JAMES MAXEDON Student Teacher Health and Safety Drivers Training Boy's Physical Education Assistant Coach . . 5 MRS. MARY KESSLER B. ED. English I, IV Librarian gif My 1' fr? MISS ANGIE LOU PUTT B. ED. Home Economics I, II, III Girls' Physical Education MR. JOHN MR. wa Q'-.,,,"1Myc,, n qs- gi aj ., . - Y ,a,,a.t, at A-2 wig? ' eliifi MIDDLESWORTH B.S. M.S Biology Health 84 Safety Drivers Training Boys' P.E. Coach CLOIDE CARRUTHERS IR. B. S. Agriculture I, II, III General Science . . We M ,V - ' - ,gi 24"-wr .I , L Q 1 ff COOKS Grace Renshaw, Edna Kruger CU ST ODIAN Oscar Hood Aa '59 f""n 01 4-JF 'Sf 'ffggwmx' af 1: 1 5 , ,lv- Y - . f R J VW Q -H f?f 'f avr" JAMES BALES uhm., "The more the merrier" Class President 1, 45 Class Vice- President 35 Carnival King Candi- date 35 Homecoming Escort 3, 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2, 3, 45 Lettermans Club I 3,45 President 3,45 F.F.A. 1,2,35 5 T ' Vice-President 3. f f ' I 555 5, A .5 . ff, , ,, PAUL ALWARDT npaul.. "Poor harmless fly" F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Band 1,2,35 Carnival 3,45 Basket- ball 3,45 Track 35 Class Play 45 Lettermans Club 3, 4. DONALD BEITZ "Don" "I ask not for a larger garden, but for finer seeds" F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Secrctary35 Presi- dent 45 F. F. A. Fair 15International Livestock Show 35 Grain and Dairy Judging Teams 1, 2, 45 State Farmer5 Parliamentary Procedure Team 45 Public Speaking 45 Class Vice- President 2, 45 Annual Staff 45 Milk Salesman 1,2,35 Drivers Training 25 Class Play 4. ?Wv".s' GARY BAUMGARTEN "Bummy" "Harp not on that string" Baseball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Square Dance Club 15 Lettermans Club 3,45 Sec- retary 45 Student Council 3, 45 An- nual Staff 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Boys Quartet 3, 45 Class President 35 Class Play 3,45 Carnival 3,45 Rec- reation Chairman 4. TED ANDERSON ...Ted .. "Honest, exceeding poor man" Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2, 3,45 Track 1,2,3,4. DWIGHT CAMPBELL "Dwight" "Silence is the most perfect ex- pression of scorn" Drivers Training 2g F. F. A. 35 Class Play 4. fit W 'R' 'W-....1. ,. .V f f f H? JAMES CLAIRESS uhm., "I would fain die a dry death" Chorus 1, 3, Pep Club 3, Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Carnival 3, Class Play 4. LAUREN GILL "Horny" "I am slow of study" Pep Club 4, Track 1,2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, Chorus 1,2 3,4, Carnival 3,4, Square Dance Club 1, Drivers Training 1. .rifles :qi g,.,,.yf.,1V. V is FRIEDA DURBIN "Frieda" "Love me little, love me long" Pep Club 1,2, Chorus 2, Drivers Training 3, Library Club 3, Square Dance Club 1, Majorette 3, Home- coming Queen Attendant 3, Carnival 4, F. H. A. 1,2, 3. -New 'Q' f:.'iu:'1 ma f-WW :Jail rr'-'MT JI 'AW li 'fl' GEHRIG ENGEL "G reez " The moon is made of green cheese " ""-or 'Q HELEN DEBOLT "Helen" "A poor lone woman" Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Carnival 3, 4, Pep Club 2,3,4, Square Dance Club 1, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4. GORDON GEISLER "Gordie" "His face is the worst thing about him. " Camera Club 2, 3, Chorus 3, Christ- mas Play 2, Class Play 4, Boys Quartet 3, 4. ir MELBA HEIDEN "Melina" "There is no fire without some smoke. " Square Dance Club 1, Pep Club 1, 2, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Carnival 3, 4, Carnival Queen Candidate 3, Cheer- leader 3, 4, Candidate for Home- coming Queen 4, Class Play 4. BURL HOBSON IR. "Junior" "Having nothing, nothing can he lose. " Camera Club 3, Drivers Training. ge . Us MARDEL KELLER ..Red.. "Talkers are no good doers" Square Dance Club 1, Chorus 1,2, 3, Carnival 3,4, Annual Staff 4, Society Co-Editor 4, Class Play 4, Class Treasurer 4, Drivers Training 2. if , Tu' wlF'W" y ,f I Q f' BARBARA KAUFMAN ..BabS.. "Here is a dear and true industrious friend. " Square Dance Club 1, Drivers Train- ing 2, Chorus lg Student Council 3, Library Club 3, 4, Carnival 3,4, Cafeteria 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4. MARILYN HELTON "Giggles" "I shall laugh myself to death" Square Dance Club 1, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, Chorus 2,3, Pep Club 2, Class Play 4. HELEN KESSLER Student Council "Helena" "l have no superfluous 1eisure" Band 1,2,3 4, Librarian 3, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 2,3,4, F. H. A. 2,3,4, Student Council Rep. 3, Secretary 4, Class Secretary 1, Class Play 3, 4, Christmas Play 2, Student Council 3,4, Projection Club 3,4, Carnival 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Homecoming Attendant 3, Annual Staff 3,4, Humor Editor 3, Co-Ed- itor 4, Drivers Training 2. ,wa fi...-34 PATSY KESSLER "For stony limits can not hold love out. " F.H.A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 4, Vice-President4, Vice- President of section 14-4, Band 1, 2,3,4, Librarian 3, Square Dance Club 1, Homecoming Attendant 2, Library Club 2, 3,4, Vice-President 2, Pep Club 2,3, Projection Club 3, Class Play 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Student Council Representative 4, Annual Staff 4, Co-Editor 4, Car- nival 3,4, Class Secretary-Treas- urer 3, Christmas Play 2, Student Council 4. NAYTELLA NICHOLS "Telle" "Eat no onions or garlic, for we are to utter sweet breath" Square Dance Club 1, Library Club 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Class Play 3, 4, Carnival 3, 4, Drivers Training 3. ,z ae, .W, !,.,,,..., 5 Y li BEVERLY MC LAUGHLIN "Bubbles" "l'l1 tell the world" Square Dance Club 1, Library Club 2,3,4, President 3, Graduation Usher 3, Drivers Training 3, Car- nival 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4. f sw, NEDRA KRUMREICH "Neddie" "If they can take it, I can" F. H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club 1, Pep Club 2,3,4, Annual Staff 4, Typist 4, Chorus 1,2, 3, Band 3,4, Carnival 3,4, Recreation Committee 4. iihyr A l s A A ,T thsi " : V V . " '-r: l g, ,- nnrw ., iriisis f r tyeti ERNEST NEWBERRY JR, 3 A A "Ernest" ga ' "Life is a shuttle" 1- ' if" 'fj V i Camera Club 1,2,3,4, Projection L' u Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual staff, Photog- rapher 1,2, 3,4, Student Council 4, V Manager 4, Drivers Training 1, ' A Carnival 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1, 5 Track 1,2, Pep Club 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Play 4. . ,M ii A , ii ' JAMES MANHART .,-Hmm "So many heads, so many wits" Class President 2, F. F. A. 1, 2, Secretary 2, State Convention Dcle - gate 1, National Convention 2 ,Dairy Judging Teams l,2, Int. Livestock Show 1, Chori.s 1,2, 3,4, Pianist 1,2, 3, 4, Band 1, 3, Projection Club 4, Basketball Statistician 3,4, Pep Club 3 4 'iwzr 11. 3 -. W W' 0,1 ,W tv? r ' f WILLIAM CALVIN OSBORN "Bill" "I am in case to justle a constable" Basketball l,2,3,4, Track 1, 2, Lettermans Club 3,4, F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Chorus l,2, 3, Senior Class Play 3,4. LOYD LEE RENTFRO "Lee" "Love me, love my dog" Student Council 1,2,3,4, Vice- President 3,4, Annual Staff 1,2, Camera Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, President 4, Projection Club 2, Lettermens Club 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Basketball 1, Carnival 3,4, Square Dance Club 2, Pep Club 3. ni? I ,Ts 1 :PWA IMOGENE REEL "Jeannie" "It is better to live rich, than to die rich" F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Finance Chairman 3, Historian 4, Pep Club 2,3, 4, Square Dance Club l, Chorus 1,2, 3, Band l,2,3,4, Mendez Band 3, Homecoming Queen Attendant 2, Carnival 3,4, Drivers Training 2, Annual Staff 2, 3,4, Assistant Busi- ness Manager 2, Business Manager 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Sec- tetaty 3, 4, Girls' State Delegate 3, Concession Stand 2, 3, 4. M EDWIN PIEPER, IR. "Junior" "Words pay no debts" F. F. A. 1,2,3, Pep Club 4, Basket- ball 2. SHIRLEY MAE RINCKER "Wally" "Let the world slide" Chorus 1, 2, 3, Carnival 1, 3, 4, Class Play 3,4, Cafeteria 3,4, Library Club 4, Librarian 4, Square Dance Club 1, Pep Club 1,2, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Constitution Chairman 2, Vice -President 3. WAYNE RINCKER vlwaynell "Knows not which is which. " F. F. A. 1, 2, Pep Club 3, 45 Basket- ball 3,4g Square Dance Club 2g Class Play 4, Drivers Training 2. DEAN SCHULTZ DARRELL ROLEY "Darre11" "Might have gone further and fared worse." Carnival 3, 4. RICHARD SLIFER "Richard" "Pete" "To most people, nothing is more "Let's talk of braves, of worms, troublesome than the effortof think- and of epitaphs. " JAMES RUSSELL ing. " nlimvl . F. F. A. 1,2,3g Basketball lg Pep ,,Ahorse! Ahorse! My kingdom for Student Council 4, Pep Club 3, Club 35 Square Dance Club 2, Car- a horseln Dr1ver's Training 2: F. F. A. 2, 3, nival King Candidate 4. , 4g Carnival 4. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Letterman s Club 1, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Track 1.2, 3, 4, Class Play 4, Camival 3, 4. Basketball 1,2g I-'.F.A. 2,3,4g -34 PHYLLIS STAEHLI nphyl.. "My heart is as true as steel" F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, Recreation Chairman 3, Public Relations Chairman 4, Pep Club 2, 4, Square Dance Club 1, Chorus 1, 2, Band 1,2, Annual Staff 4, Society Co -Editor 4, Carnival 4, Class Play 3, Class Secretary 4, Drivers Training2, Girls State Dele- gate 3, Homecoming Queen Can- didate 4. .TAMES WARREN uhm.. "Then Westward ho! " Square Dance Club 1, Band 1,2,3, Lettermans Club 3, 4, Manager 3,4, Class Play 3,4, F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2,3,4, Drivers Training 2, Pep Club 2, Carnival 3,4, Home- coming Escort 3, Projection Club 4. 4 LEON VONDERHEIDE ncap.. "I was no gentleman born' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Carnival 3, 4, Lettermans Club 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3,4, Sentinel 4, Square Dance Club 1, Class Play 4. , if 5, flu' 5 y wifi' X MARY VONDERHEIDE "Mary" "The end of life cancels all bonds" Square Dance Club 1, Chorus 1, Pep Club 2,3,4, Carnival3, 4,Class Play 4. -4' M Ti' .la Q, dy, jr 1 Pr.,-'.'11 2 t ' , mai' .5P:i?,.,w avi BEVERLY UNDERWOOD "Bev" "Love is blind" Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3,4, Square Dance Club 1, Beauty Contest 1, Class Play 4, Horne- coming Queen Attendant 1, Home- coming Queen 4. GENEVA WILLIAMS "NeVie" "l'll not budge an inch" Square Dance Club 1, Class Treas- urer 1, F.H. A. 1,2,3, Chorus 2- Pep Club 2,4, Drivers Training 3, Carnival 3, 4, Carnival Queen Can- didate 4, Class Play 4. Paul Alwardt Ted Anderson hm Bales Gary Baumgarten Donald Benz Dwrght Campbell hm Clarress Helen Debolt Frreda Durbrn Gehrlg Engel Gordon Gersler Lauren Grll Melba Helden Marrlyn Helton Jumor Hobson Barbara Kaufman Mardel Keller Helen Kessler Patsy Kessler Nedra Krumrerch James Manhart Beverly McLaughl1n Ernest Newberry Naytella Nrchols B111 Osborn J unlor Preper Imogene Reel Lee Rentfro Sh1rley Rrncker Wayne Rrncker Darrell Roley J1m Russell. Dean Schultz Rlchard Srlfer Phyllrs Staehh Beverly Underwood Leon Vonderherde Mary Vonderherde hm Warren Geneva Wrlhams 'llhlfo My herght to Larry R. Schultz I can t afford to wrll anythrng. My bashfullness to Davrd Baumgarten. My Job at the Stewardson youth center to Brll Gresler My Job as Presrdent of the FFA to Ronald Bertz My srlence to Ivan Brvrns, My long harr and qurck Chevy to Dave Weber My herght to Janet Frrese My abrlrty to get home early to Darrell Cress. My ab1l1ty to dnve to Mr Cottrell. All the loose gravel rn the parkrng lot to Davrd Weber My hot rod abrlrty to Dave Baumgarten My ponytarl to Shary Brummerstedt. My ab1l1ty to keep out of trouble to Darsy Mathls. My love for machrnery to Ronrue Hash. My morn1ng hbrary Job to Darsy Mathrs My experrence on the farm to Mr Carruthers. My crutches to anyone who wants them My rnterest 1n the Lenz famrly to Arlyn Culver My bass drum to Peggy Schultz Bach, Chopin, Mendelsohn, and company to Ruth Onken, and set of frnger narls that won t chew to Bonnre Ellrott Taklng year book prctures to Larry Enslgn. My prnk and black Jacket to Mr Cottrell 1n place of hrs brown one My wrsecracks to Jesse Shumard My car to Dale Koontz My endless work 1n the offrce to anyone who wants it My Red Man to John T Mrddlesworth My abrhty to teach grrls P E class to Ruth Onken Some of my no blush p11ls to Judy Doehrrng so her face doesn t turn red when she 1S teased My hot rod to anyone who rs dumb enough to want lt My abrlrty to lose my books to Mr Cottrell. My wrllrngness to argue to Mr Cottrell. My goatees to Dwrght Stememan My ponytarl to Phyllrs Kull, My four years of cheerleadmg to Carol Bales. My abrhty to w1se off rn Agrrculture class and get by wrth rt to Tom Vonderherde My abrhty to control the Semor mob to Janet Fnese My smokes to hm Maxedon. My short han to Darsy Nrchols. 3 1 S U J u , . . ' : My good nature to Don Harrison. . ' - . . , S Jzzaplzecg Slnce I was hlred as Mr Informatlon Please by nove11st PHYLLIS STAEHLI for her new book THE S.S CLASS OF 58 AFTER THIRTY YEARS It was my job to locate all my former classma es and f1nd out what they were doxng After speedy preparanons I hopped 1nto my 11ttle spaceslup a Newberry Spec1al deslgned by that wxzard of all wtzards ERNEST NEWBERRY and got ready to take off Unluckxly the spaceport operator Purty face PETE SCHULTL launched me 1n the wrong d1rect1on and out near Stewardson Hetghts I crashed head on 1nto a hunk of gray that turned out to be one of sculptor DARRELL ROLEY S classlc statues The Modern Venus a representatlon of IMOGENE REEL the shapely Z1egf1eld Folhes Chorus G1rl After a successful launchmg and a few weeks 1nter planetary Jaunt I am now ready to gtve my planet by planet report EARTH JUNIOR HOBSONJ IS the leadmg Parls fash1on deslgner HIS models MARILYN HELTON HELEN DEBOLT, and JIM BALES foopl H15 s11p IS showtng lj representthelong short and w1de of II 1n fashlon. BILL OSBORN S harem wasn t allowed 1n the U S so he l1ves 1n Arab1a now NEDRA KRUMREICH IS the w1fe of a herotc state trooper The Pres1dent of the Amerlcan Farm Bureau, PATSY KESSLER IS strugglmg to get PAUL ALWARDT nommated as the Farm Bureau s candldate for Pres1dent of the Untted States A battle 1S ravtng III the U.S Supreme Court. GORDON GEISLER and JIM CLAIRESS are f10ht1ng II out over a patent for the revolutlonary tdea of teacherless schools JUNIOR PIEPER IS bullf1ght1ng ID Spam The conquered bulls go to WAYNE RINCKERS bullburger factory 1n Ktngman MERCURY MARDEL KELLER IS Pres1dent of the MLHA QMSFCUFIBH Lonely Hearts Assoc1at1o11.J She 1nv1ted me to the annual conventlon. How surprlsed I was to f1nd BEVERLY MC LAUGHLIN there wtth her bodyguard NAYTELLA NICHOLS Beverly IS a pr1vate detecttve She sa1d that ll was alnaztnv the amount of undercover lnformatlon she could f1nd at a lonely hearts conven uon. URANUS JIM WARREN and JIM RUSSELL have forclbly taken over here They ve establtshed the second AITISTICHII Old West over the whole planet Wllh Indlans and w1ld anunals to make II complete In a frlendly Ind1an v1llage I was horr1f1ed to f1nd two COWQIFIS who sa1d they were once MELBA HEIDEN and BEVERLY UNDERWOOD They were struggllng w1th the da1ly wash. NIEPTUNE HELEN KESSLER IS convertlng heathen hordes tn Neptuman jungles to Chr1st1an1ty M ARS DONALD BEIT7 has developed a new breed of cattle the Guernstems whlch are able to l1ve on any planet HIS mller 1n chtef IS BARBARA KAUFMAN ' K7 Richard Slifer is Paul's general manager. MARY VONDFRHEIDE IS the leader ofthe Martlan underworld Klthough GENEV X Xw ILLI XMS poses as a falthful follower she s really a spy 1n d1sgu1se IUPITER LEON VONDERHEIDE 15 ra1s1ng l1tt1e Vonderhe1des on Juplter so there w111 be enough room for them all MEANWHILE BACK ON EARTH GEHRIG ENGEL runs a perfume shop ln Strasburg wh11e DWIGHT CAMPBELL plays professlonal Dlflg pong The former New York Yankees are known today as the Stewardson Strasburg Yankees TED ANDERSON thelr manager has led them to sucteen strarght world champ1onsh1ps 'I'he1r LOYD RENTFRO has long slnce decayed 1n h1s grave It seems that It 1sn t healthy as one mlght suppose to chew tobacco F RIEDA DURBIN IS IH Reno wartmg to add another to her long l1st of d1vorces After long years of man chasmg SHIRLEY RINCKER has flnally marrted Str CCCL1 Cess Pool QWe Cesspools are deep there IS a certam a1r about us J and now lwes at 10 Downmg Street IH London I faded to locate MISS MCCLORY our old class sponsor but I heard that she was 1U Germany engmeermg the Volkswagen work over there Mr CARRUTHERS our other sponsor owns a rendermg company near Herborn. My report completed I thmk I ll slgn my name and b1d you ad1eu Str JAMES MANHART, Ph D big slugger GARY BAUMGARTEN is already in the Hall of Fame. Semen Paul Alwardt Searchrn Ted Anderson My One and Only Love Ilm Bales Honeycomb Gary Baumgarten Moonlrght Gambler Donald Bertz How You Gonna Keep Em Down on the Farm Dwrght Campbell Gold Mrne rn the Sky Jrm Clarress I Walk the L1ne Helen Debolt Sweet Mama Tree Top Tall Fneda Durbrn Love and Marrrage Gehrrg Engel Rocket Gordon Gersler Blue Gurtar Lauren G1ll Black Slacks Melba Helden Gorng Steady Marrlyn Helton Fascrnauon Iunror Hobson Slowpoke Barbara Kaufman Ave Marla Mardel Keller Sayonara Helen Kessler Daddy s Lrttle Grrl Patsy Kessler I m So Pretty Nedra KI'l1l'1'I1'61Ch Teenage Romance James Manhart The Old Plano Roll Blues Ernest Newberry You Ought to Be 1n Prctures Naytella Nrchols My Boy Flat Top B111 Osborn Teenage Rebel Edwrn Perper Why Don't They Understand Imogene Reel Chances Are Lee Rentfro Wake Up Lrttle Susre Shrrley Rlncker I m Avarlable Wayne Rrncker Lrttle Tom Ttnker Darrell Roley Tell Us Where The Good Trmes Are Jrm Russell Boots and Saddle Dean Schultz Frve Foot Two Rlchard Shfer Open the Door Rlchard Phylhs Staehlr Wattmg Just For You Beverly Underwood Love Letters rn the Sand Leon Vonderherde There ll Be No Backrng Out Mary Vonderherde I rn Walkrng Jrm Warren Rock and Roll Musrc Geneva Wrllrams The Eyes of Texas Are Upon Us Advrsors Mrss McClory Wonderful Wonderful Mr Carruthers Old MacDonald Had A Farm ' S Hap, . . , Beverly McLaughlin: Bubbles in the Wine . . l , . 'we finaget Sputnlk, Mutnlk and the flyrng saucers Our VICIOIY over St Anthony rn the Baseball Conference No dry towels after fourth perrod P E The 3 40 drag strrp bell. That certam stop hght gun. Brady and hrs httle green wagon. Tarnrshed class rrngs The moat when lt rams SENIOR HAYRIDE" Rock and roll musrc at noon. Doc Elam s bus dr1v1ng,. All the stories we hear rn bookkecprng PEP CLUB" Rules and regulatrons of the sexenth perrod study hall. The freshman Bulky sweaters and sklmpy sktrts. Mr Carruthers Pepsodent smlle Gordre Gersler s trrps to the offrce JUDIOI Senlor Banquet The afternoon mrlk break by the water fountam Bueaklng s box sults The long wrnded Problems class, SENIOR PROOFS' ' ' ' Bardy s camera boy Full, full petucoats. Srxteen dlfferent trmes on srxteen dlfferent clocks The tw1n crty morgue QS S HIGH J Do you get the po1nt9 and You see? HOMECOMING GAME! ' ' ' I ' ' " Basketball games T V stars. Senlor play practrce The steady couples Puddles James Manhart and hrs All the forward boys Elv1s and Pat All school parues SENIOR PLAY' ' ' Mr Cottrell. CARNIVAL' The last day of school, The last fag before the bell Those Semor grrls gab sessrons The IIOI squad QFOURTH PERIOD SENIIOR YEAR' ' ' GRADUATION' ' l 'I' " I' snrff STUDY HALL' 'Q . . . . , . . . , . . . . . , . . . - A T I Those certain brown striped skirts. . V a ' o . , . . . . . . . ' ' I II - . ll A Q 1 1 MOST ATHLETIC BEST LOOKING Ted Anderson Frreda Durbrn Geneva Wrllrams hm Clarress BEST NATURED Loyd Rentfro Helen Kessler MOST COOPERATIVE MOST STUDIOUS Irm Bales, Imogene Reel James Manhart, Patsy Kessler Seniwc SMP BEST DANCERS CLASS TEASES Bev Underwood Gary Baumgarten B111 OSbOrH Bev MCLaugh11H TALLE ST AND SHORTEST MOST INDIVIDUAL QUIETEST Helen Debolt Gordon Gersler Dwrghr Campbell Barbara Kaufman I Paul Alwardt, Marilyn Helton - 9' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Beverly McLaughlin, Helen Kessler, Ernest Newberry, Calvin Osborn. SECOND ROW: Garry Baumgarten, Marilyn Helton, Naytella Nichols, Patsy Kessler, Shirley Rincker, Mardel Keller, Mary Vonderheide, Geneva Williams, Beverly Underwood, Melba Heiden, Helen Debolt, Jim Clairess, Gordon Geisler, Wayne Rincker. THIRD ROW: Barbara Kaufman, James Manhart, Donald Beitz, Junior Hobson, Paul Alwardt, Dwight Campbell, Jim Russell, J im Warren, Edwin Pieper, Jim Bales, Leon Vonderheide. "ANNIE GET YOUR GUN" Charlie Davenport, a smooth, fast-talking young man. Mac, a good-natured, easy going, dependable fellow Foster Wilson, a highly excitable, roly-poly man . . . Dolly Tate, voluble of tongue and bossy in manner . . . Winnie Tate, Dolly's meek and docile daughter . . . Tommy, desperately in love with Winnie . . . . . Frank Butler, tall, completely handsome .... Mary, pretty, young and shy .... . . . . . Jane, also pretty. young and Shy . . ....... . . . Annie Oakley, a ragged girl, natural and lovable . . Little Jake, Annie's ragged little brother . . . Minnie, Annie's little sister ............ Jessie, another sister of Annie ............. Buffalo Bill, a big man, kindly and courteous . . . Pawnee Bill, A hearty-voiced, slick showman . . . Sitting Bull, impassive of face and short in speech. . . Mrs. Schuyler Adams, small, birdlike, and fluttery . Mrs. Sylvia Porter, a buxom and coy woman . . . George, a handyman, and Chinese coolie . . . Boy, a mandolin-strumming young man . . . First Girl, a good-looking young girl . . . . . . . Second Girl, another good-looking young girl . . Mrs. Yellow Foot, an Indian Squaw . . .. . . . . . . Marilyn Helton Little Girl, a serious-faced, unsmiling girl of ten . . . . . . . Ernest Newberry .. .....JimRussell . . . James Manhart . . . Helen Kessler . . . Helen Debolt . . . Junior Hobson Gary Baumgarten . Barbara Kaufman . . . . . . . Melba Heiden Beverly McLaughlin , , , Wayne Rincker . . Naytella Nichols Beverly Underwood . . . . . James Warren . , , Bill Osborn . . Jim Clairess . . . Patsy Kessler . . Shirley Rincker . . . . Paul Alwardt . . . Gordon Geisler . Mary Vonderheide . . Geneva Williams . . Mardel Keller Members of the class not listed in the above cast were extras Clndians, cowboys, squaws, society ladiesj and helped with the staging, make-up, costumes and general production of the play. N it Q. 1 ng' 1 1 "QQ: 40" ji? ., ,. wr Av. H9519 Y M'44'1:' f an-W. '. -, 1 nm , ,, Q. C13 y ffm 355' '-if au, 'im Tun Eddle Charles Ivan Anderson Bales BIVIHS BIVIHS Wav' .41 John Lo1s Glona Marge Arlyn Boyer Brown Buesklng Bueskmg Culver KAY Davls Student Councll Lawrence Roger 1m Dav1s Doty G1es1er ,df ff' .,,,. Junlor Ronrue Bo Joyce Grove Hash Keller Kessler Student Counc11 Margaret Dale Harold Dalsy Reta Jean Lenz Koontz Maycroft Mathrs Mrchaels Larry Gene Mary Sandra Pamter Patterson Roberts Ruwe Presldent 'fa 4- ,, -r . . b Q' .ff I . ,A "U N K ' :Bw 5 144 ' YQ 1 . .i 4 aa . 'FL Kathryn Schmrtt David Weber Ruth Spanna gel Vrce Presldent I p 1959 Dwrght Rlchard Janet Stememan Stremmmg Syfert Treasurer Darrell Sandra T abbert Tho mas Wanda Webner George Williams Q-'ff Dorlald Cathem Wallace Walls Vivian Loretta Wittenberg Zalman Secretary i E ' F7 LEFT TO RIGHT: Wanda Webner, Lois Brown, Sandra Thomas, Jim Giesler, Loretta Zalman, Dave Weber, John Boyer, Don Wallace, Reta Jean Michaels, Sandra Ruwe, Arlyn Culver, ,Tim Anderson, Marge Buesking. "NO BOYS ALLOWED" Mr. Midnight . ....Aprowler... Rita Baxter. . . . Giving a slumber party Jane Baxter . . . Rita's younger sister Victrola . . . The Baxter's Negro cook Fred Dana . . . . In bad with Rita. . Leroy Doyle . . Edwina Cook Belinda Elliot Nada Owens . . . . Fred's pal . . . . . . Rita's best friend . . . . . Rita's rival. . . . . A boy hater . . Patsy Farrel . . . . Who loves to eat . O'Brien . . . Keith Barland Harvey Smith Mrs. Dana. . . . . An officer of the law . . . . . Fred's rival . . . . . . Keith's man Friday . . . Fred's mother . . . lim Giesler Reta Michaels . . Kay Davis . Sandra Ruwe .Jim Anderson . Arlyn Culver Loretta Zalman Sandra Thomas Marge Buesking, Wanda Webner . David Weber . . John Boyer Donald Wallace . . Lois Brown Rita Baxter is having a slumber party while her parents are visiting out of town. She has just had a fight with her boyfriend, Fred--after seeing him kiss a blonde at the airport fhis cousinj. Unknown to the girls, Mr. Midnight, a prowler, has entered the house. Victrola, the colored cook, fearing the slumber party will cause her too much work tries to resign, but is persuaded by Rita to stay. Rita's friends arrive and find Fred and Leroy there. The two intruders are quickly thrown out. Rita summons Keith and Harvey to come over and guard the entrances so the boys won't return to break up the party. Keith makes Rita promise to go to the school dance with him. O'Brien, the local policeman, arrives to warn the girls of a prowler, but is thrown out because the girls think he is an imposter. After an evening of confusion, the prowler is captured and the quarrel is forgotten when Rita promises to go to the school dance with F red. J1m Anderson Trade Mark Eddre Bales Ask Me No Questrons Charles B1V1l'1S Wouldn t It Be Fun Ivan B1v1ns I Don't Blame You John Boyer I ve Told Mama Good bye LOIS Brown I m Just W1ld About Harry Glorra Bueskrng. Walkmg My Baby Back Home Marjone Bueskmg Hopped Up Model A Arlyn Culver I Never See Maggre Alone Kay Davrs Fascrnatron Lawrence Dav1s L1fe Gets Tedrous Roger Doty Never Trust A Woman James Gtesler Glve Me Frve Mlnutes More Junror Grove Foolrsh Questtons Ronnre Hash Drana Bob Keller Give Me A Llttle K1ss W1ll You, Huh'7'7'? Joyce Kessler I m Bashful Dale Koontz Drm D1m The Lrghts Margaret Lenz My One and Only Harold Maycroft Well If You Don t Know Reta Jean Mrchaels Jamey Boy, Jamey Boy Larry Pamter Zrng Went the Strlngs of My Heart Gene Patterson A Huntlng We Wrll Go Mary Margaret Roberts All Shook Up Sandra Ruwe Be Bob Baby Kathryn Schmrtt Feudrng, Fussmg and F1ght1ng Ruth Spannagel Honeycomb Dwrgrt Sternemnan Jealous Heart Rlchard Stremnung Jealous Lover Janet Syfert Got My Love to Keep Me Warm Darrell Tabbert I Can Get Along Wrthout You Now Sandra Thomas W111 You W1ll1am" Donald Wallace Who'?'P'7 Me'P'P'7 Cathern Walls A1n t Mlsbehavmg Davrd Weber Smoke Smoke, Smoke That Crgarette Wanda Webner Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Mormng VIVIHD Wlttenberg I m Lrttle But I m Loud Loretta Zalman KISSCS Sweeter Than Wlne George Wrlhams He 's Movmg On Advrsors Mlss Anderson Don't Get Around Much Anymore Mr Cottrell Well D1d You Ever 1 ' S C . us . I , . . I Daisy Mathis: I'll Sail My Ship Alone U . , . . - - - . 1 - I vw, ms. .- 11 fn! 4 , n r H A ' 1 i 'R 3 r X, 1 3 3, :gf 'S ,Irs ' , ' ' S M. 3, Q55 '?,.S'W'l?f: s ' . 'L N21 1. .v l ---' 'gsm- Yun M. -wb 'I 86 4 'Nh fb' frm TF-, 4. .,..4, , if X, Ax Lg- n 'QP'- --S4 SFX. A . W,-. fy . Mf?'f.'- I A545 Q, an 11 "5Tf"Z',3"' :Q 'fafii ,fa ' ff' M "YM-, ma 1,3 . sl' ,14 'X . , 52:1-.Q r. k :Mfg pp , ' Sikkim V QS QQ f: v 1-3 K.. 'Q . Y 4-Jw Q I. 1 K - 3 Q A ,M 'V xi 'V Hag is af V' 5 y-nh: ffm ,Q 1 sw Q M X f SM' Xxx, Jeanette Alwardt ' if 2.3 ' Karen Kenton Arlen Darlene Arthur Augenstern Bauer Bertz Student COUHC11 Karen Boldt i R Dale Everett Shary Imogene Sharon Bonme Bru mmerstedt Culver Culver E111 on Sharah Janet L1 111e Mary FaLk Frrese Grllespey G1l1espey Secretary Treasurer Benny Joyce Duane Dean Keuh GOICIOH H3V91'Sf0Ck Kearney Kessler Kessler Gmny Howard Phylhs Comme Tom Klepzlg Koontz Kull Ladmg Lowry Douglas Lueck Presrdent Jerry Fred Ienme Lou Wayne Lugar Manhart McCorm1ck Mingus up 1960 ,E Davrd Dalsy Lloyd Vlfgll I-HYFY Moran Nrchols Newberry Prosser 5ChL11IZ Peggy Jesse B1 Darlene Schultz Shumard Swank Reed Vrce Presrdent f' Rfk 'vvvnnpiff 3 Joyce Mary 51131-on V1rg1n1a Iyvonne Reynolds Rlncker Rlncker Tarrant Thompson .J f J if 11: QMS 4' S Sudpfwnzwneo, Cfwaoe RUIQO Jeanette Alwardt My Love Karen Arthur I ll Get By Kenton Augenstern Hoot Owl Boogle Arlene Bauer My Boy Flattop Darlene Bertz Happy Wanderer Karen Boldt Blue Skrrt Waltz Shary Brummerstedt Treat Me Nrce Imogene Culver Jersey Bounce Sharon Culver Wake Up Lrttle Susre Bonnre Ellrott Fascrnatron Dale Evertt Wonderful Guy Sarah Falk Black Slacks Janet Frrese I m Lrttle But I m Loud L1ll1e Grllespy The Grrl Wrth The Golde Brards Mary Gtllespy Tammy Benny Gordon Old Farthful Joyce Haverstock Sophrstrcated Lady Duane Kearney A Man On Ftre Dean Kessler Flyrng Saucer No 1 Ketth Kessler Flyrng Saucer No 2 Grnny Klepzrg Davy Crockett Phyllrs Kull Oh Johnny' Connre Ladrng Brlly Boy Tom Lawry Whole Lot of Shakrng Gorn On Douglas Lueck Peggy Sue Jerry Lugar Cxgarettes and Whrskey Fred Manhart Them There Eyes Jennre Lou McCornuck Lovrng You Wayne Mrngus Turtle Song Davrd Moran Love Me Tender Darsy Nrchols Sweet Old Fashroned G1rl Lloyd Newberry Rockrn and Reelrn Vrrgrl Prossor Shotgun Boogre Larry Schultz Don t Get Around Much Anymore Peggy Schultz My One And Only Love Jesse Shumard Smoke Smoke That Crgarette Darlene Reed Just A Srttrn In the Balcony B111 Swank Show Me The Way Home Joyce Reynolds Mama Look A Boo Boo Mary Rlncker That s When Your Heartaches Begrn Sharon Rtncker Hula Love V1rg1n1a Tarrant Chances Are Ivyvonne Thompson Be Bop Baby ADVISOR Mr Harrrson Cham Gang Sap Shop, . . . : . . H . Howard Koontz: If You Don't Know I Ain't Gonna Tell You i2Q"" ""'L.. 86 Gb if Q Q 'Y if 64 if 1 iii fifzeohnzan Claw, lr I f Sue Boyer vkffl fifaeoimzenf smxv- 12 Lrnda David Ronald Carol Ronald Anderggn Baurngarten Bertz B1v1ns Boldt in 3 be 1558 Dons Robert Darrell Dean Judy Brown Brown Cress Debolt Doehung Davld Larry Robert Wrllram Marrea Durbm Enslgn Fletcher Gresler Grove 7. ,-'- I I 4 A I , do or f'r:1 R V 'A , . R R R x X , f l ff ' , A E 2 rra. A A A,,. Nbrz z ll 1 K ,v 1 1, R 4 sf , , ,kj Wg, K X5 , if N L2 I ,. 7 V I-.V . A ji' I IZ, 1 fill f Q ' ,fr 5: or if' N 5 M A ,, .-,. I M i fl .. ' R Donald Huffmaster X fu.-' lwf Kenneth Lester Ruth Manlyn Kessler Lear Onken Patterson Presrdent 11" R1Ck Belva ?,,,yani- 4.81 Paulette Roger Leonard Frankl1n Patterson Pelfer Rauch Reel Rentfro Rlncker Student Councrl Vrce Presrdent 'uixn 1.4.5 Phylhs Rlncker Nancy Roblson Herb Russell Student Councrl Larry R. Larry Schultz Shumard ,Of . V '- Y ,sv W. Q .xg I ' 13: 471 5 1 6 K. wi 3 , in 1 5 1 R R s -it ' L A Lf 3 1 a s 5' P no ,f L f y y Q... r a R B Sf , 'ff Q f '. A .3 f gy , ' H ' , X ' ,Q X ! ,K ' 44 ' M?" L "Mg I 15 h ', w f' 'f fg V , - X. . - 4 I ,Z - In , A, 1 11 L af1'k NN Max Slrfer Judy Tarrant a6l Drane Sterlmg Donna Gerald Spgnnagel SI611'16Il3l'l 15' :if E 52:63 Barbara Mary Glorla Thomas Thompson Vogel Walter Sune 'Q' A' Gayle VonBehren Thomas Carole Wayne George Karl Vonderherde Wallace Walden Waters Zalman Secretary Treasurer i J W I, T , T In 1 or r ,,'f V wi. zgab ,K,, V - .'bb gr" ' 9 1 .kh . ff igat lf K 5 Al Fwy , ' 51 gg, Q 4 " ll! vllg v., sv A 2:1 3 :.,, . ',"l I , r al Y bi .JH F' gsm ,. ,N 'f 1' 1 2- A E r r a 3 , 2 ss a rs T is - ,tt -,hVk K . w I ' A54 gm f W ' , 5 1 ' kism! J' 5 si ..-vw vm, W,,w,,,.,...ev-W" fan g we ,- ' .r' .W ,.,V ,i . ,, Ji ' 2,555 1 ' M:-S - fy mg., 'Mama .5--,J 1 fihmen Scfuwl If ,',,,,,9v- fffzeoliman Shop, Lrnda Anderson Shake It Mama Davrd Baumgarten That ll Be the Day Ronme BSIIZ Melody D Amore Carol B1v1ns The Grrl Wrth the Golden Brards Ronnre Boldt Play Thrng Sue Boyer Wake Up Lrttle Susre Dor1s Brown Lrttle Brown Jug Bob Brown Iarlhouse Rock Darrell Cress Chances Are Dean Debolt Woody Woodpecker Song Iudy Doehrrng Long Tall Sally Davld Durbm Move It On Over Larry Ensrgn You Ought to Be rn Prctures Bob Fletcher Oh How I Hate to Get Up rn the Mornrng B111 Gresler Flat Top Marla Grove A Sweet Old Fashroned Grrl Donald Huffmaster Go Cat Go Kenneth Kessler Susre Q Lester Lear Danrel Boone Ruth Onken Don t Fence Me In Marrlyn Patterson I m Avarlable Belva Perfer Hound Dog Paulette Rauch Rock A Brlly Roger Reel Rocklng and A Reehng Leonard Rentfro Ape Call Frank Rlncker A Lot of Lovmg Phyll1sR1ncker Srlhouettes Nancy Robmson Honeycomb Herb Russell Tammy Larry R. Schultz Frve Foot Two Larry Shumard Beer Barrel Polka Max Sltfer There s A Dream rn My Heart Donna Spannagel Aprrl Love Dtane Sterllng Drana Walter Strne I m Forever Blowlng Bubbles Judy Tarrant Don t Make Me Cry Barbara Thomas Keep Me In Mrnd Mary Thompson To Each Hrs Own Glorra Vogel Be Bop Baby Gayle Von Berhen Lrttle Brtty Pretty One Tom Vonderherde I m Lrttle But I m Loud Carole Wallace Treat Me Nrce Wayne Walden Sonny Boy George Waters Old Shep Karl Zalman Black Slacks ADVISOR Mrs Kessler There Is Nothrng Lrke A Dame . I , . . I , 1 : l . I . . , . Rick Patterson: Pass the Biscuits . . , . . . , . . . , . I v ' . I ' I 4- 4 hi Q W 3 a , - yn- ? X qv- - - v A-1, X cur' x, V, - L if , gg. v , '-'f ff sw Q ff a' 1 5 - 521 E., X ,3 if .L 1 iw X in 1 41 :biz z.' :lg F YL-- Q-455155 fr Qt 3' SFF? at J' ,df 63 'N-s,, 3 4 3 I . -T,f" 33 Sngfioh II Qbzfof 52.8. jig' gfeaftfa - Safety Qefwzalhabnce fl dlgeha .T fww, H9 ml .93ayo,' 53.8. Mfrs, - ,J 'W ' IU: ClUSzfu1aE.Tnf1tg Qlfzwew .7fzauung 1 1 1 r Q a ix 'I' I 1 Q ,'s.:a.,K' ,K V, F' 4 YH faux 'Q-aol A R HOMECOMING QUEEN -- BEVERLY UNDERWOOD QUEEN AND ESCORT Beverly and Ii m W5 RETIRING QUEEN Alberta Walls an we: 1957 Queen , Beverly JUNIOR JUNIOR Larry Painter Cathern Walls Loretta Zalman Ricnard Strernming SENIOR SENIOR Jim Bales Melba Heiden FRESHMAN Tom Lowry Linda Anderson XA ' 'M , 11 SOPHOMORE SOPHOMORE Kenton Augenstein Peggy Schultz Darlene Reed Jerry Lugar Phyllis Staehli Gary Baumgarten FRESHMAN Paulette Rauch Bill Swank l IDIS U .lm in ML 1 Qu I BACK ROW, Left to Right: Jim Gieslerg Tom Lowry, Kenton Augenstineg Richard Stremming, Jim Bales, Jim Clairess, Ronnie Hash, Jim Warren, Gary Baumgarten, Larry Painter, Jerry Lugar, Bill Swank, Jim Anderson. FROWN ROW: Linda Anderson, Darlene Reed, Cathern Walls, Melba Heiden, Queen Beverly Underwood, Phyllis Staehli, Loretta Zalman, Peggy Schultz, Paulette Rauch. On November 27, 1957, the Stewardson - Strasburg Comets defeated the Windsor Blue Devils 67 to 58. The Windsor ball players and cheerleaders were invited for a lunch after the ballgame. To highlight the annual Homecoming Game, the Homecoming Queen was crowned after the game. The Queen's throne, decorated with an arch, was placed in the center of the gymfloor. School colors of green and white carried out the theme. All the attendants walked across the stage with their escorts. The attendants walked down a platform to form a line to the Queen's throne. Master of Ceremonies, Ronnie Hash, introduced the attendants and their escorts to the audience as follows: Freshman attendants were Belva Piefer and Paulette Rauch. Belva wore a formal of pink, and Paulette wore a pink formal. Their escorts were David Baumgarten and Bill Swank. Sophomore attendants were Peggy Schultz, wearing a rose colored chiffon formal, with Jerry Lugar as her escortg Darlene Reed, wearing a blue formal with Kenton Augenstine as her escort. Junior attendants were Loretta Zalman dressed in a pink formal of lace, and Cathern Walls dressed in a blue formal of ruffles and lace. Loretta's escort was Larry Painter, and Cathern's escort was Richard Stremming. Senior attendants were Melba Heiden, wearing a lavendar lace formal, with Jim Bales as her escort, Phyllis Staehli, wearing a tourquoise ruffled formal, with Gary Baumgarten as her escort. Miss Beverly Underwood, the 1957 Homecoming Queen, walked across the stage to take her place on the throne. She wore a light blue lace formal. As her escort, Beverly chose Jim Clairess. Miss Alberta Walls, the retiring queen presented Beverly with a crown and a bouquet of red roses. A dance followed the coronation. 2 L' 5 .,: f t . 4 . ' if ff 5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Vivian Wittenberg, Geneva Williams, Belva Peifer, Jana Lynn Huffmasterg Queen Sharon Culver, King, Bill Swankg Mike Reynolds, David Baumgarten, Dean Schultz, .Tim Anderson. Stand ing Behind the Royal Couple: Jim Bales, Ted Anderson. The Annual Fall Carnival sponsored by the Letterman's Club was held in October 1957. A variety of concessions were available during the evening and free entertainment was enjoyed by all. Jim Bales was the Master of Ceremonies. The highlight of the evening was the coronation of the King and Queen, The candidates were elected by each class. James Manhart played the the accompaniment on the piano as the candidates took their places beside the throne. Vivian Wittenberg and Jim Anderson, the Junior candidates, were the first to appear. Geneva Williams and Dean Schultz, the Senior candidates, came next. They were followed by the Freshman candi- dates, Belva Peifer and Dave Baumgarten. The crownbearers, Jana Lynn Huffmaster and Mike Reynolds took their places. The King and Queen were approaching the throne. The Sophomores, Sharon Culver and Bill Swank took their places on the throne and were crowned Queen and King by Jim Bales and Ted Anderson, The President and Vice-President of the Letterman's Club. The King and Queen each received a gift. Each Queen candidate was presented with a corsage of white carnations and the King candidates received a boutonniere. IUNIORS hm and V1v1an CARNIVAL KING AND QUEEN Bill Swank and Sharon Culver FRESHMEN SENIORS Dean and Geneva David and Belva SEATED, Left to Right: Ronnie Hash, Publicity Manager, Lee Rentfro, Vice-President, Imogene Reel, Secretary - Treasurer, Bill Swank, Kay Davis. STANDING: Belva Piefer, Ginny Klepzigg Patsy Kessler Ernie Newberry, Helen Kessler, Richard Slifer, James Manhart, Wanda Webner, H Advisor. erb Russell, Mr. Brady, The Student Council movement in our secondary schools is growing rapidly, not only in number of school organizations but also in its effectiveness in shaping the life and program of the school. Student Council activities provide many opportunities for all students to co-operate with student leaders and school officials to make 'school citizenship more meaningful and repre- sentative of post life. Our Student Council sponsors such activities as the Homecoming, the Christmas party, and the concession stand at the ballgames. There are sixteen members representing the clubs and classes of the schooL The freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes are represented, and the clubs are the Camera Club, Library Club, Future Homemakers of America, Future Farm- ers of America, Athletic Department, Band, Chorus and Projection Club. 4.-av -'Mr fZ..76.d. SEATED, Left to Right: Reta Jean Michaels, Treasurer, Helen Kessler, Secretary, Vivian Wittenbery, President, Patsy Kessler, Vice-President, Bonnie Elliott, Parliamentarian, Mrs. Buesking, Advisor. FIRST ROW: Janet F riese, Membership, Ruth Spannagel, Constitution, Miogene Reel, Historian, Phyllis Staehli, Public Relations, Sandra Ruwe, Recreation, Peggy Schultz, Finance, Ginny Klepzig, Student Coun- cil, Phyllis Kull, Degrees. SECOND ROW: Karen Boldt, Nedra Krumreich, Beverly Underwood, Linda Anderson, Belva Peifer, Donna Spannagel, Carol Wallace, Joyce Haverstock, Sue Boyer. THLRD ROW, Arlene Bauer, Darlene Beitz, Joyce Reynolds, Sharon Culver, Sarah Falk, Phyllis Rincker, Sharon Rincker, Ruth Onken, Barbara Thomas. FOURTH ROW, Joyce Kessler, Shary Brummerstedt, Lois Brown, Loretta Zalman, Melba Heiden, Marge Buesking, Margaret Lenz, Kathern Schmitt, Cathern Walls, Sandra Thomas. FIFTH ROW: Wanda Webner, Paulette Rauch, Mary Roberts, Judy Doehring, Jeanette Alwardt, Diane Sterling, Connie Lading. The Stewardson - Strasburg Future Homemakers of America, under the direction of Mrs. Bernice Buesking, were rather busy throughout the year. Our activities consisted of initiation of new members in September, having five girls each month to take care of the children at the P.T.A, Meetings, sending a Christmas box to someone overseas and having our own Christmas exchange pary in December, a Daddy - Date Night in March, and our last big event of the year - our annual Mother - Daughter Banquet in May. In October, the members along with other girls from the home economics classes presented a program on television. In order to make money we made cookbooks, had a bake sale, hobo day, made Christmas corsages, and sponsored a hat and coat check at ballgames. Our chapter consisted of forty-eight members, three chapter mothers and two chapter fathers. D' C' nbias ROW ONE, Seated: Arlyn Culver, Reporter, Leon Vonderheide, Sentinel, Paul Alwardt, Vice-President, Donald Beitz, President: Darrell Roley, Secretary: .Tim Warren, Treasurer, Mr. Carruthers, Advisor. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Dwight Steineman, Calvin Osborn, Richard Stremming, Dale Koontz, Max Slifer, Roger Reel. THIRD ROW: David Durbin, David Baumgarten, Tommy Vonderheide, Wayne Walden, Gene Steineman, Larry Ensign, Virgil Prosser, Frank Rincker, Kenton Augenstein, Ronnie Boldt. FOURTH ROW: Larry Shumard, Karl Zalman, Ronald Beitz, Donald Huffmaster, Richard Slifer, George Waters, Howard Koontz, Wayne Mingus, Keith Kessler, Dean Kessler, Dale Everett. The Stewardson - Strasburg Future Farmers ot America Chapter is made up of boys enrolled in agriculture. It is not a compulsory organization, but it is strongly advised that every agri- culture student join the F FA. This organization has its own officers and committees who are responsible for the social and community service activities which it undertakes. Some of these activities are the Safety Corn Harvest Program, Parties with FHA, FFA Contests, chapter awards, and fund raising activities. The agriculture teacher serves only as an advisor to the group. The FFA degrees are obtained by the progress each boy shows in his own supervised Farming Program. The FFA sponsors fat stock, dairy, poultry, and grain judging contests, parliamen- tary procedure and public speaking contests, as well as individual awards for farming activi- ties. Our motto is: Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve. PQI' 1 Q K, . ,ggjvx M. X ',.t......,.- gy: - X K' -ig.l,f ., ' Glad SEATED: Mrs. Kessler, Wanda Webner, Student Council, Kathryn Schmitt, Secretary, Barbara Kaufman, President, Gloria Buesking, Vice-President, Marge Buesking, Kay Davis, Daisy Mathis. STANDING: Darlene Reedg Naytella Nichols, Joyce Kessler, Ruth OnkengCaro1e Wallace, Sandra Thomas Lois Brown, Shirley Rincker, Patsy Kessler, Beverly McLaughlin, Mary Roberts, Helen Debolt. The purpose of this organization is to help the students use the library to help them with their work. We have two student librarians for each study period. We the members of this club are always happy to help students find any information they need. We meet every fifteenth day of each month to discuss situations which may be improved. Each Christmas we have a party and the members exchange gifts. H5 u 1 FRONT ROW: Bobby Brown, James Manhart, Student Councilg Fred Manhart, Vice-Presidentg Herb Russell. STANDING BEHIND: Dean Debolt, George Waters, ,Tim Geisler, Jim Warren, Dean Kessler Helen Kessler. The Projection Club was organized under the authorization of Mr. Brady and Ernie Newbery. The members were chosen by the faculty so there would be a projectionist in each class. The Club held several sessions during the noon hour. These sessions were held to inform the members of the group about the operation and maintenance of a Bell-Howell motion picture projector. After approximately five sessions each member was given a test on the material covered, a certificate and membership card was given to each who passed the test. The certificate states that the holder is an official qualified Bell-Howell projectionists. These students project all films shown in the classrooms and during assembly. SEATED, Left to Right: Ernest Newberry, Student Councilg Kenton Augenstein, Secretary - Treasurer Jerry Lugar, Vice-Presidentg Miss McClory, Advisor, Loyd Rentfro, President: .T im Clairess, Bill Swank. STANDING: Larry R. Schultz, David Durbin, Ronnie Boldt, lrnogene Culver, Jennie Lou McCormick, Larry Shumard, David Baumgarten, Rick Patterson, Larry Ensign, Max Slifer. These are seventeen members in the Camera Club. Three are seniors, five are sophomores, and eight are freshmen. The Camera Club is operated as a self-supporting co-operative for the purpose of teaching the members something about photography. Club members use the school darkroom and have an opportunity to learn how to take pictures, develop film, make snapshots and enlargements and tint pictures. Some of the members have equipment of their own and have darkrooms in their own homes. In addition to making their own pictures, work is done for non-Club members. All the yearbook group pictures this year were taken and made by Ernie Newberry and snapshots for the yearbook were taken by Jerry Lugar, Larry Ensign, and Rick Patterson. .B 'a ROW ONE, Left to Right: Mr. Middlesworth, Advisor, Calvin Osborn, Gary Baumgarten, Secretaryg Jim Bales, President, Ted Anderson, Vice-President, Leon Vonderheide, Mr. Maxedon, Advisor. ROW TWO: Larry Schultz, Tom Lowery, David Moran, Paul Alwardt, Jim Giesler, .Tim Warren, Jim Russell, Arlyn Culver. ROW THREE: Bill Swank, Jim Anderson, Lauren Gill, Doug Lueck, Jerry Lugar, Ronnie I-lash, Loyd Rentfro, Ed Bales. The Letterman's Club was organized in the fall of 1956 under the sponsorship of Mr. Mid- dlesworth. The purpose of the club was to give all lettermen an organization to work for the better- ment of the Athletic Department and the school as a whole. The club sponsored the carnival in 1956 and 1957. The proceeds from this went to the Athletic Department. In the Spring the club takes subscriptions for the magazines. The proceeds from which are used to purchase equip- ment for the Athletic Department that they otherwise would not get. Just such an item was the pitching machine which is used to give the baseball players a better batting eye. pr. x v 1 ,ff ,.. I ,-.-... WM, W . 3 L 1 Qylllg PERS? 'ir A WN, , A Tiff ' ""v " 5 '.:fW""f'f ,,.. 'S Q' f Kev O ,7- 'u . ' ggi t, , I gg, ,V Q -1 , J ',fv'1.a-'L"" 4 . Q W L V " ,Z ' k .-gf, gt . M +115-is b X 54 x ..-v- V , , . ,iijg :'.s,Q'W ri , 4,5,,' -fi v fi Wa x i:,-- Jl. 1 -V if M I-U1-Y43 L v, lk gf if ft' ,M of ' x-'fr .93an,d ROW ONE, Left to Right: Majorettes -- Ginny Klepzig, Kathryn Schmitt, Sandra Ruwe, Marjorie Buesking. ROW TWO: Band -- Patsy Kessler, Cornetg Loretta Zalman, Cornet, Phyllis Kull, Alto Saxophone, Ronnie Boldt, Cornetp Linda Anderson, Clarinet, Larry Ensign, ClarinetgJoyce Haverstock, F lute, Imogene Culver, Clarinetg Nedra Krumreich, Bass Drum. THIRD ROW: Roger Doty, Baritone, Dwight Steineman, Clari- netg Jim Anderson, Trombone, Bill Swank, Tromboneg Paulette Rauch, Clarinet, Diane Sterling, Cornet, Larry Shumard, Tuba, Sarah Falk, Melophoneg Arlene Bauer, Tenor Saxophone, Mr. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Ted Anderson, Trombone, Ronnie Hash, Tromboneg Fred Manhart, Tromboneg Jeanette Alwardt, Melophone, Tom Lowery, Snare Drumg Jennie Lou McCormick, Clarinet, Wanda Webner, Clarinetg Helen Kessler, Cornet. This year the band is under the new direction of Mr. Johnson, formerly from Johnson City, Illinois. The band consists of twenty-six members. It marched at the Halloween celebra- tions at Stewardson and Strasburg, and played for most of the home basketball games. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ginny Klepzig Kathryn Schmitt Sandra Ruwe Marjorie Buesking H' , ROW ONE, Left to Right: Vivian Wittenberg, Beverly Underwood, Ginny K1epzig,Melba Heiden, Margaret Lenz, Linda Anderson, Shary Brummerstedt, Ruth Spannagel. ROW TWO: Mr. Middlesworth, Advisor, Sandra Ruweg Wayne Rincker, Tommy Vonderheide, Karl Zalman, Ronald Beitz, Nedra Krumreich, Gloria Buesking, Janet F riese, Ruth Onken, Imogene Culver, Kay Davis, Joyce Kessler, Sue Boyer, Marge Bues- king. ROW THREE: Kenny Kessler, Donna Spannagel, Lois Brown, Geneva Williams, Bonnie Elliott, Sarah Falk, Belva Peifer, Sharon Culver, Arlene Bauer, Phyllis Kull, Sandra Thomas, Keith Kessler. ROW FOUR: Imogene Reel, Phyllis Staehli, Reta Michaels, Helen Kessler, Mary Vonderheide, Jeanette Alwardt, Jennie McCormick, Helen Debolt, Mary Roberts. ROW FIVE: Lauren Gill, David Weber, Dean Kessler, Diane Sterling, Paulette Rauch, Peggy Schultz, Connie Lading, James Manhart, Loretta Zal- man, Wanda Webner. This year's "pep squad" consisted of 52 people. Each person was admitted to all home games free, provided they abide by the rules below: l. Every home game must be attended with no absences except sickness excused. 2. Must sit in the designated section for the pep squad and yell. 3. Everyone must wear green to every home game. 2 J fy ERNIE NEWBERRY Graduating exercises on May 29, 1958, will mark the end of Ernie's school days at S-S High. For the past three years, including this, Ernie has taken all the pictures for the yearbook. He will be missed in 1958-1959. ya mast as 1956 57 A Hawuan Theme decorated the gymnaslum w1th red streamers sparkled w1th gold stars The red streamers formed false Celllflg and walls The stage represented a Shlp on wh1ch the arrlvmg guests came on. Guests walked down the gang plank out 1nto the xsland. Each guest upon arrlvmg rece1ved the trad1 t1onal Hawuan he Hawuan mus1c played ln the background as the guest toured the 1sland Palm trees and flowers decorated the lsland which had a straw hut Ln one corner Thls was used as a lovers retreat. Ga1ly colored flowers were placed around the hut. ODDOSIIC the lovers retreat the band was seated. At the far corner of the gymnasmm red streamers separated the lounge from the rest of the 1sland Lounge chalrs were placed on art1f1c1al grass toast of welcome Cl-Iawuan Koma Mail was QIVCH by Gary Baumgarten Presldent of the ,Tumor Class The Seruor response of thanks CAloha But not Good byj was g1ven by Robert Neal, Pres1dent of the Senlor Class Take offs and Jokes fW1nd and Hurrlcaneb were presented by the toastmaster Earnest Newberry The menu was as follows Troplcal Dream fP1.neapple J 1.11061 Game of the Jungle Golden Dreams fl-Iam or flshj CSweet potatoesj Dlced Bamboo CPeasJ L111kO1 and Papa Taor Cake fFl'l11I saladj fl-lot rollsj Coconut Ple Coffee Tea After the feast was served tables were pushed aslde and the band played mus1c for the dance Dancmg contmued unt1l eleven o clock. Thus ended the beautlful evemng 111 Hawll u u " Cut flowers and nut cups inthe form of ships were placed on the tables. The .Tunior's . , 43 ,q ,R 142' ivy? , '- 5 gjf' . 9hiw,M,ih 4 fa 7 5, L W' .df s . x Q ' .IJ 4. tv ' o If E K .7 3. .4 Q H", x fa 45 .Q 'Ww- F ,df ax 'SUHEFD K'," . u"' Q : u E ,A ,gig .R gx 1 l .5 F1 H ' 0, ap 1957 BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: Bill Everett, Beverly Lading, June Baumgarten, Carolyn Culver, Dorothy Heiden, Carol Cushman, Maxine Beals. MIDDLE ROW: Russell Slifer, Leslie Bauer, Floyd Davis, Ted Dove, Bob Neal, Nancy Boyer, Janet Bly, Sandra Ballinger. TOP ROW: Curtis Von Behren, Gary Strohl, Melvin Lenz, Ronald F riese, Fred Haverstock, Alberta Walls. The seventh annual commencement of the Stewardson - Strasburg High School was held in the gymnasium at 8:00 P.M. on May 29, 1957 at which time 22 seniors received their diplomas. The address was given by Dr. Quiency Dounda, President of Eastern Illinois University. The awards were presented by Mr. Lloyd Elam, Principal of thehigh school, to the following students: Valedictorian, Ronald Frieseg Salutatorian, Leslie Bauer, Athletics, Leslie Bauer, Library, Sandra Ballinger, Activities, Janet Bly, and Melvin Lenz, Agriculture, Melvin Lenz, Yearbook Editor, Floyd Davis. The diplomas were presented by Arthur Krumreich, President of the Board of Educa- tion. V - l we-Z, an f, . rf 1. Y A Lx x -at 131 nm, Q! S 4' NX 2 Q The Comets lost their first game to St. Anthony 55-40. For the Comets Bales and Vonderheide got 10 points apiece, while Buennemeyer of St. Anthony scored 27 points for the victors. The Comets won easily over the Falcons 75-51. ,T im Anderson and Vonderheide scored 20 points apiece and Ted Anderson scored 17. The Comets dropped a 68-63 thriller to the boys with the heavy shoes, although Vonderheide did score 18 points. The Comets gave one away at Decatur, although we gained a ten point lead with less than two minutes to play. Lakeview scored 25 points in the final quarter with a 64-61 victory. T. Anderson and Vonderheide netted 17 points apiece. BASKETBALL SEASON 57 -58 The Comets opened the season at Neoga with a 47-35 victory. Jim Bales led the scoring with 13 points. The Comets took their second win from Beecher 66-45. Vonderheide and Bales led the scoring with 18 and 14 points respectively. The Comets celebrated a victorious I homecoming with a score of 67-58 over Windsor. The Comets' scoring was evenly distributed with Ted and Jim Anderson 17 and 15 points respectively. Bales and Baum- garten scored 10 apiece. The Comets looked good against a strong Heart team giving them a close battle all the way. Effingham won 54-46. Vonderheide scored 14 points for the Comets. Lane hit 22 for the Hearts. The Comets lost a 50 to 41 rough game to the Bombers at Brownstown. Vonderheide and J' im Anderson hit 12 points apiece for the Comets. The Comets won an easy 84 to 53 vic- tory over St. Elmo. The Comets led 47 to 28 at the half as Vonderheide and Baum- garten scored 20 and 18 points respectively. The Comets met Patoka for the first time and turned in one of their better games of the year. They won 80 to 68. Vonderheide netted 26 points. The Comets went to Windsor and lost a 71 to 69 thriller to the Blue Devils. The two teams together made 46 free throws. J. Anderson scored 23 points for theComets. The Comet's fast break was working as they won easily 74 to 50 over Bethany. J. Anderson was high for the Comets with 19 points. The Comets almost pulled anotherupset but they couldn't quite make the finish against Shelbyville. They won 76 to 73. Vonderheide had 24 points for the Comets. The Comets, when playing Casey, lead all through the last half by a close margin and came out on top 57 to 51. J. Anderson led the Comets with 21 points. The Altamont Indians handed the Comets a defeat 53 to 40, since the Comets couldn't find the range. Vonderheide and Baumgarten had 10 and 8 points respectively. The Bombers Conference title hopes were almost dimmed, but the Comets cou1dn't quite overcome their size. We lost 52 to 50. Vonderheide netted 16 and Bales netted 14 for the Comets. The Comets won an easy 82 to 48 victory over some of the home town boys' home town as the Andersons hit 47 pointsg .Tim scored 30. Several Comets in the last few years came from Cowden including Ted and ,T im. The under-dog Comets turned in a dandy to Sullivan as we came out on top 71 to 67. Even' scoring did the trick as T. Anderson got the edge with 18 points. The Comets were way off when T. Town easily won 83-62. Vonderheide was high for the Comets with 18 points. A fDZDOEE M240 Nil E54 N gy MW? np O QW gg uv My H My HOL ELL ibm FOAM Em: QW-CONE OZEOUW 1-QDQQSQZH Zogxma Jwwqmwhmmxmqmm 2-32 My ANN NJN 401 imim H O35 3 Nm SHOE EEUU E030 :ggi H33 653 4 mgmm COQOUEN EOQUEQ OU 050205 S5 wmzqfu OZ E212 MH N. 6 QE. 5 N OOO. O NL mv .mm MW N Q nu QE- N my N N .3 MH MW. Q QE' N qw MENU. 5 MH E H -mm MH H bv OO u O 6 ' N R Q .Q 2 Nd 2 DSW. 0 MW QE. AN 2 E l .H NL MW-N E NNN. N MW 26. w : R .m 2 Mud MN QE' Q AZ HN- MW mg 2 .H EN NWN SN N.. : 2 2 . 5 :N 2 I -H iw mwlq R2 25- 2 NN EAW' :N EH 3 Eotmwghjs -O gg qmw mug QE. my NN 2-MW. mm O 6 EN H .Q 3 vd mwg N-:Wi AE :W 25- A6 mm: A5 A QW THA 2: mms.. is RW 2-MM. 2 Ng GN in W5 Q: MW 3 O2-. is O3 QW . N2 Q3 nm .H 25 mlm: nv gb. Mg QE RQ NWS E ma M - P V iv V , .an f :L W5 5273 5, A 6, 1 fa, 2. -mm fx ,sw N . V, ' I I ik S an ' ,FK ' 4 Q -Z if :Q gr fl M if if tl M23 img 4' X i 3,4 l Q 4 E ! A 1 1 R gf if Q 40 ul Will I :Ne 6325 if-iii QNX FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Ed Bales, Bill Swank, Jim Anderson, Jim Bales, Gary Baumgarten, ,Tim Russell, Ted Anderson, Jerry Lugar, Leon Vonderheide, Dale Moran, Jim Giesler, Paul Alwardt. BACK ROW: Ernest Newberry, ,Tim Warren, Ronnie Hash, ,Tohn Middlesworth, .Tim Maxedon. TOURNAME NTS 57 -58 In the HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT the Comets lost a tight one to Woodlawn 80 to 79. Vonder- heide scored 28 points, but a last second's basket won the game for Woodlawn. In the CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT the Bulldogs outscored the Comets in every quarter and won 58 to 42 as Vonderheide led the Comets with 14 points. St. Anthony went on to win the tournament. In the DISTRICT TOURNAMENT the Comets knocked off Beecher City easily as .Tim Anderson scored 28 points. In the finals the Comets jumped off to an early lead and were in control all the way until Ramsey threatened in the final quarter. However, the Comets won 57 to 50. In the REGIONAL TOURNAMENT the Comets led throughout the first half, but Brownstown closed the gap and won 65 to 61. This ended the season for the Comets. M AN AG E RS mf! LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Warren, Ronnie Hash, Ernest Newberry. f 0 ff-. f jf N '57 -'58 .93aoA5aff S ROW ONE, Left to Right: David Moran, Jim Giesler, .Tim Anderson, Ed Bales, Jim Bales, Ted Ander- son, Gary Baumgarten, Bill Swank, Loyd Rentfro, Larry D. Schultz, Larry R. Schultz, Larry Ensign. ROW TWO: Bob Brown, Herb Russell, Mr. Middlesworth, Bill Giesler, Mr. Maxedon, Wayne Rincker, .Terry Lugar. The S. S. Comets had avery successful baseball season in the fall of '57, winning the school's first National Trail Title. The Comets beat Neoga 6 to 0 to start the season off right. T. Anderson struck out '1 for the win, allowing only 2 hits. Windsor was upset on the last inning 4 to 2 on Baumgarten's homerun and Anderson's clutch pitching. He again fanned 7 men. The Comets third win came over Cowden 13 to 0. I. Anderson's triple and T. Anderson's two doubles supplied the power. The Comets suffered their only defeat at Brownstown 5 to 2. Anderson again struck out seven, but allowed a three run homer and was hindered by faulty fielding. After beating Beecher City 13 to 1, the Comets went to Altamont where they won 8 to 0. The Comets next win came at T-Town by a score of 11 to 12 while St. Anthony was being beaten by Browr1stown. This set the stage for the Comets title winning game with St. Anthony. The Comets scored one run in the first inning against St. Anthony on walks and then with the bases still loaded, Bill Swank lined a single that drove home two more runs. The rest of the game proved scoreless as Anderson allowed only two hits and the Comets' fielding was fault- less. P.S. The Coaches took a shower WHILE DRESSED with the help of the players after the game. BATTING AVERAGES AB I. Giesler 25 12 .480 T. Anderson 26 12 .462 G. Baumgarten 23 8 .348 J. Bales 20 6 . 300 I. Anderson 22 5 .229 L. Rentfro 18 4 . 222 B. Swank 24 5 .208 L. Schultz 25 5 .200 E. Bales 22 3 . 136 I. Lugar 6 1 . 167 .73cweEaZ0 1957 "Nz lo '57 Jaacfa S ROW ONE, Left to Right: Dale Everett, Doug Lueck, Lloyd Newberry, Garry Baurngarten. ROW TWO: Jerry Lugar, Lauren Gill, David Moran, ,Tim Russell, Ted Anderson. ROW THREE: .Tim Anderson, Leslie Bauer, Bob Neal, .T im Bales, Mr. Sheehan. The Comet track team participated in five meets in the Spring of 1957. The first of these meets was a triangular meet with the Comets finishing second. The Comets took fourth in the National Trail Conference meet at St. Elmo, and also took fourth in the county meet at Shelbyville. The Comets had a strong relay team and some good dash men. Ted Anderson was strong in the pole vault so these members of the team represented us in the District and the Shelby Open Meets. jmck 1957 ,M Q1- v ' zmvw, . 293 ' 5 J? 2 -r 446 gi 74- ff 5 s Q-if iv . nh :A L 'NM -, ,,. 1. wqggw, fp 'az M, f ' sw, W1 , f if My ,girl V , 4' AW f BQ V 1 ' ' Q. - , 1 7 QM m fighgzg fi 4 I 1 3 ., v m egg Q ' . V 9- ' 1 wf iig? , . W , ,W ww 4 4, Q N, W1 gg www 1 in g kfxfg' 1 I r l P - f 1 2 f I My . fail ,gf 1 z 'Q V, . W A in Q xx! fl ,,,..J xg f xjxfs -J? -Xfidm S fa M--Q1 C Y' ,AN Q xx P...--U9 w A ABC xogm fi YY ity QM! in it I by V 'bf ,ff .f"""' ,fo-"""' Ulf- og 6 054 C 96159 xx' X! Sz G ...Q WQQQY won-:Rvv 3 Ig . "Y 1 QX y f Q., My qs? : :jf Y' , faq-9 .4 'gf X f Xi' f"'N 4 XA J -NX ' s Q I IM- A14 ff? f 1 1 L .E,.,A z at ' 1 , N ' y,3.'Z,.4 ff ? A 4 J ri - V17 lf, X 25 H Nu f g 'TNR' M1 1 1, ,qw I M, V , -Q 1-., Lf 2 S-4 u Q, zur, I V- I I V- I , F--nf ' ""'-"""' f n X ' XL? "4 - "3 91" Q V V A KL Lx xnxx VS,MQV,f, ,..,,.. ,- 5 Q, M . Vznb , aff' - W X '- ' 'Z 1 5"1 ,-5, A I VL mwwvfawfge,-2 A L -- ,fu ' I f EZ. Q - xb.. V , ' i" W 0 , - - Lx -. - ' 2 ' - 1 xv F7 ag 1 xg 5 6 5 - I . - - if f- 5 fi 5 - ' 'Q if ' E --56 R' 5' fp' ' '1' 5 Q 0 I V A E N L'-A f f ff , E X0 ' , in , m L, ,f 'X ' .J- J " L' h - , i' 1 W an I I .M n in S 1- X , H : , - Q- - g ef N My I " 5--YN' as I ' xv X I ' Q, G '!!"': - " xx , k x . K ' I paso- A , LL,- ' "' fo ,Q -1- - ' V - 'E 'A 'M v 4 , '- W ',f -- Q . . ,W,,,1Qy N' M A v 1 -I Q: m ' ' Q ' 'I ,:.1 -- fx ' , f -W ff - 4 ' X XX 51 i A I A :gm ' 2 y ybullr ss X l NT-4 A 6 A , If -.-- -., L ff Wi I' ' H' 5 fs f"..: "A, ' h I. I I I Q , 4 J.. - -RS ' . . ',,, , ' C Y Q 7? TH X . 4 A, ,PEI A ,fm QL3 l5 gT0K 33 7 6 LM, Q' '-IE V5 ,E ""' "' I. , I Q1"' if C ' .KS lx 7 a . 5 X :QQ li f 0 ff . I H NX -5-Q fs 7 , P..- K 'X mr -, .41 F Xriz 3 'W'!'fYW f 'fx rf .A ' f "Q- X NPG' GCN N CQ X4 J ' Q N 4 J f -' X 5' l 'F Lex i -It Jlfu PID 9 Z N i ' , . ' ?:-6:-:N f 5 , JN, P, f L. . M 'K RV 3 Xvf 4 395: 0 fl-'Q GJ Q 'W N 2' JAMES BALES Leave me alone! LEON VONDERHIDE What are you Iookmg at? 31'-A MARY VON DERHIDE I m sleepy PHYLLIS STAEHLI Do you want to r1de'P NEDRA KRUMERICH Daddy s httle g1r1 MARILYN HELTON I m gonna fall' IM' 1 1 WAYNE RINCKER Let me tell you' DWIGHT CAMPBELL Keep me company. MELBA HEIDEN You scare me EDWIN PEIPER Im a blg boy now' BEVERLY UNDERWOOD Could I go too9 LEE RENTFRO Me and my teddy bear PATSY KESSLER DONALD BEITZ. Farm g1r1 Come SII wnh me Q L . Q 'S ii Q G A ,'A', ' . 51 .4 ' - u 1 - ' u , , ' U.,- I-'f A 1 V at Q . , 44 4 v I I ' fv 4 ' v , I I 7.-,. Q " .L , ' 4 , L , , A , L Cm? . 'Y A' i .' s , .E -lf. iv,- - -:WY Q . Hg "fu L.. ff F. ' .0 - Q ' ll ' ll ' ' K sail' MARDEL KELLER Don t let me fall' GORDON GIESLER Lxttle Rascal J . .. u ' .' .L .- ,-. . Q 1 -1 5, . - , 189 PAUL ALWARDT Let s make a snowman -3 A? ERNIE NEWBERRY DEAN SCHULTZ IR HOBBON Gr1r1 a lrttle Th1S rough world' I love my dog JIM WARREN Wrll you play wrth me? GARY BAUNGARTEN HELEN DEBOLT HELEN KESSLER Baldy Cure am I I9 Lrttle Baby b1g, fvrrl BARBARA KAUFMAN SHIRLEY RINCKER Here I come Push me Please' GENEVA WILLIANS Take me along i I KN If I JAMES MANHART Srtung on top of the world 2. ,, ' 'f ,- -it . - 1' 6 ' V A ' 1 ' . "' ru ' -A Y- ' 01" ,, s k. . ,, I f v 5 v . , IM ,W 14.1 1 N Q .. W e I . t ' C A V , an- , f x fy z . Q 1 ',,l A ef " A 'S as 4 1- ."' Q- I ' . ! 1 . 1., , 7 5 ' V v 54 N1 1 ' I . , D . . 'mg o , X, ' .. .s P . My I -H 1' .-'Q B L' ,Ag O . ' --- .4:Z'xf "1 ff' , ," "s '- ' tl Ng' 4 . 'r'..,.,f X -1 A " R 'Q AV j A.,-fn. ' - 4' ' Fi' ' A 4" , Wg-pfwamf ww .,....n-waffddf ,VY W.. QF? M ,Q T ' 33 H2 2 ff T? bfi, Y , fs ,, 1 x owi- fi 1 A iw gm f i Y yn W 'Q' 5 V 1 if ,4 W!! 'xii p-l""! C! TTD ,pm flrh by in '-145 'M 1 'W . ff-if-1 Q' ' Q 3 5 s f V f 3 'QW fiinio, when these doors close behind us, what does the future hold? XM Wweffwwf Q W W wg My Q25 K if W f3l S3ff WMM Mffvffw M70 fifxff Wi! SW LESQWE Sfmfgkf N 5 MW5, W C wx 0 S 1 W R up CYD M , P pq?-4? 3? SSW! l l K i is W! ,A 2 Q1 Eff 5 ' Qi, ,f M530 ww- M 'W xy NT R CULLEGIATE P Kunsus Cnty Pmufew Ko.ef Mr:x'a1'Uve's Bo:-B PAKIORY HOME OFFIKE ,,,m.rf,,f. 2.

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