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Stewardson Strasburg High School - Comet Yearbook (Strasburg, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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,W . V..,v,., .. ,-,,,.,. .. X- f--1 Y f 1 . 1, 1 16+ .., , , F xc A' .-'fm 1. 1.-Li:-1-'-,-acre-11 f www v-::'z.'f"Qff,,'22'H f La ifHeg 1,5:yv "fi-ff55jl?f?ie1'i'3r'?', 4' .vfSi." i?P"'r:ifW!'f'F: ,Yi " IIII Qhe Hourglass Yivrgw - l X3 ...,,,, f The Students Strasburg Community High School f 1 I ! i L 1 Strasburg, Illinois ' PRESENT VOLUME II OF THE HOURGLASS 1946 W th g nerations p s d through Heaven's blue Hourgla -Nicholas Vachel Lindsay X , Strasburg Community High Qschool - 1946 97 he Hourglass - This copy of the "HOURGLASS" belongs to CLASS OF 1 :Qi 5trasburg Community fHigl1 Cschool - 1946 1945- Turn the glass for another year- -1946 -Countless .,--""'-' moments await the molding. Qhe Hourglass 'Q . ' 7 Tx L, ----Q QS SCHOOL POEM I ain't much at writin's pomes Or such the like as that, But sit ye down and grab yer book And we'll just chew the fat. Gosh, the tiays we had them movies I never will fc-rgit. And the times we's caught in the Typin Room And "Walt" had such a fit. It's the little "big" things we remember Like 'tFish" and winning games. And the Buesking-Kircher romance, Strem's grin, and all his dames. Fame and glory came not our way As often as it might, But we'll remember the "Butch" er boy In a district meet one night. It ain't hard to cogitate CMy Heavens what a word!J It only means 'tto think", you know So it ain't so absurd. It ain't hard to cogitate fAs I have said before? And 'member well how John T's feet Were never on the floor. Ruff's shy grin, Dot's dimpled chin, A senior we called 'tRed" Are all a part of memories That never will -be dead. Now look around you, my good friend, And see what you discover. Does Terry still call Bob Nippe "nuts"? Is Strem still Frede's lover? Do trophies stand up 'gainst the wall Atop the case of books? Does Tate still whine 'bout everything? And had out dirty looks? Is Kenny Stremming still called "Spot?' And what of Don and Pete? Have teachers got so they can keep "C" Lading in his seat? Can Hiatts keep their hats upon Their heads when things get hot? Can Kermit sink that basket when Our team is on the spot? The things that I remember may Sound empty-or in vain- But I can dream, relax, and find I'm just a kid again. John T. and N. B C trasburg Community Hugh School 1946 . -X' .X- "Wi -,f : 'x N-. f Q5 1. 1 'f .l' r, N. L -- AN- . . RE ,,-,- ..4 ..-.-,, 4 XX f' fa 1.1 ."7 Q7 e Hourglass - isi Editor .................,. Assistant Editor Diary Editor ....... Features ,.,..,..... Photographer ..., Art Editor ........ Sports .........,.. Class History .... Hourglass Staff Business and Advertising Manager ,... Gail Spannagel Ruth Hirtzel Betty White Dorothy Doeding Francis Tull Mary McPherson Kermit Radloff Doris Reel' Dorothy Wilson . 6trasburg Community ffligh cschool - 1946 i,,.,, W AD X ky E-jhe Hourglass SYLVIA DIEL Algebra Physics Mathematics General Science American History MARY ELLEN EOVVMAN Home Ec. I, II, III Home Ec. I tBoysJ WALTER H. WILSON Principal Typing I, II General Business EILEEN SCHRIMPF Office Secretary BOARD OF EDUCATION ,,.. ,I .TOHN T. MIDDLESWORTH Health Biology English II, IV Boys' Physical Ed. NONA BELLE CRUISE Speech World History English I, III Current Sociology Girls' Physical Ed. GLEN Radloff-President ORVILLE ENGEL-Secretary EVERETT STORM FRED RINCKER MERLE BUESKING SCHOOL CUSTODIANS CHESTER MARSH-Janitor EDDIE STREMMING-Bus Driver THE FACULTY AT S. C. H. S. We know a young lady-Miss Diel- Who looks at her ring with a smile, If my guess I don't miss, She'll soon change it from "Miss" To "Mrs" the rest of the while. Nona Belle Cruise is our teacher Who hails from down around Beecher. She's, oh so much fun, But she gets her work done, So, we say she's a rare type of creature. Miss Bowman who hails from Mattoon Is usually humming a tune. She sews and she cooks She's known for her looks And enjoys basketball every noon. There was a man named "Walt"- If he's not your friend its your fault For he's jolly and gay Almost every day- To teasing he often says 'tHa1t." Our Coach is known as John T. He's quite nervous, at games, as you see. But his nerves quiet some When he's chewing his gum And ball games he watches with glee. There is a young lady-Eileen- The school secretary so keen. She's seen here and there And goes everywhere- She works, oh so hard, as is seen. -Mary McPherson and Marilyn Hiatt 6trasburg Community High School - 1946 F' ACLIL..TY AND STAFF my gdlllfildfi A A ,K '1 4 ' A A .W Jakzz 11 fllizfrffzizuaffk 9Zamz Falla fflllgl BOARD ffm ffm: 9 Q EDUCATION Jmlle 1, Sec, fin-m fm! mvlfgll' Mrk gllliklfy, 'Sic SCHUUL CLISTUDIANE Zhilzr iflarii 511412 ffftlllfllkf JHNlf'l7K 5115 DRIVER qi Z kj , ,X 1 g S ,gb J N I l?l Qhe jiourg ass --. A - VERA ULMER Oh! Yeah! Class Sec.-Treas. 1, Pres. 3, V. Pres. .4 F.H.A. 1, 43 Sec. 2, Pres. 3 Newspaper Staff 2 Ass't Ed. 3, Ed. 4 Annual Staff 2, 3 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 Loyalty Club, Sec.-Tr Art Club 4 Council 3 Class Play 3, 4 Librarian 3, 4 Ticket Sales 4 DOROTHY WILSON' Land Sakes! Class V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4 Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 4 HERBERT COLLINS Hello, There! eas. 4 GAIL SPANNAGEL Forevermore! Annual Ass't Ed. 3, Ed. 4 Librarian 2, 3, iHeadl 4 F.H.A. 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Loyalty Club 4 Class Pres. 1 Council 4 Art Club 4 JEANNE BRIDGES Yeah! Dramatics Club 3 Loyalty Club 3, 4 F.H.A. 3 RUTH DEARMAN Hi Ya! Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 Loyalty Club 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 4 Cheerleader 4 Glee Club 2 F.H.A. 4 Art Club 4 Class V. Pres. 1, Pres. 2, Sec. 3, Sec-. 4 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Pres. Council 3, 4 Ticket Sales 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 1 Basketball 2, 3 Loyalty Club 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4. CLARA MAE BEALS But though- Dramatics Club 3, 4 Loyalty Club 3, 4 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Art Club 4 Council 1 H1344 DELBERT DOEHRING "Jippee"! Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Loyalty Club 3, 4 Softball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 3, 4 Class Play 4 Ticket Sales 3, 4 LONA DOEHRING No Kiddin' Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 Loyalty Club 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Art Club 4 tmsburg Community jiigh School - 1946 SENIURE 1945 flfem flflmez' Zfafaffj fllhlfm V'C5'P'?F5f0ENT L',4fmwf-:L-Ep. PR fosfvr sscfrsmmf - measures If C'l4m Wide Bluff Qfzifzgfggzgggiel Jeanne 5141945 9611111 Weazfzuazz Wrflfffffff " W Qhe Hourglass - SENIOR CLASS WILLS The Class of '46 declares- Its will-and seals your doom- Their greatest problem, though, is this: What should they will to whom? Clara Mae bequeaths her hair To Rosabelle Rosine, With Rosie's dark complexion, She won't need any Drene. Jeanne to Elaine Ulmer leaves Her hatred of all men. Before Elaine accepts the gift We know she'll count to ten. Herb Collins leaves to Mary S. The memory of his smile. Lorena Bauer, the quietness Of Senorita Krile. Ruth Dearman gives a pound of pep To Noel Nippe-and Red Say C. Carruthers needs her tongue- To argue in her stead. One foot of height Butch leaves to Fish So he won't look so fat. Her legacy of pencils Gail Leaves Pete-and that is that. Q Bob Bagan gives his nickname, "Alf", To Donald Ruff, with love- To Rex, Gene leaves his Model A CWhat was he thinking of?J And Owen must thank Lona for That extra-needed inch. June Buesking gets White's fingernails- She'l1 need them in a pinch! Her slow and easy manner, Dot Bequeaths to Doris Reel. CRemembers, Pete, now thanks to Gail- No more you'll have to steal!J Her typing speed Iune Robison Extends to Donald V. Tobe's basketball technique, he says He passes on to HC". The curly hair of Emogene. Let's plaster on old Dave, Joyce I-Iiatt's love for hist'ry to- Whomever it may save. The echo of her gruesome laugh, Still lingers in the hall- And Vera kindly stated that She willed IT to us all. Farewell, Classmates-this is enough- You may start Uscrappin' 'bout your stuff". Strasburg Community l7'ligl'z School - 1946 Qhe Hourglass GENE HIATT Awww! Basketball 2, 3, Loyalty Club 3, Class Play 3, 4 JOYCE HIATT Oh, Kid! Loyalty Club 4 Class Play 4 F.H.A. 4 EMOGENE KIRCHER Oh! Fine! Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 1 Loyalty Club 3, 4 Annual Staff 1 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 TOBE KIRCHER Oh! Heck! Dramatics Club 1, 2, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Loyalty Club 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 OLIVE KRILE Oh! Boy! Girls' Chorus 4 Librarian 3, 4 F.H.A. 3, 4 ROBERT RAGAN Hey! Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Loyalty Club 3, 4 Softball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 4 JUNE ROBISON "Heavens to Betsy" Dramatics Club 3, 4 Loyalty Club 3, 4 F.H.A. 3, 4 FRANCIS TULL "What's That"? Dramatics Club 2, 3, Loyalty Club 3 Class Play 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 F.H.A. 3, 4 BETTY WHITE Oh, Heavens! Dramatics Club 2, 3, Newspaper Staff 4 Loyalty Club 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 F.H.A. 3 6trasburg Community High ,School - 1 , V913 ' EAI 1946 SEN IURE 1945 few 6- f72vZe June ffahkafz 719411512 i7zzZl ffluzitf 9'z7z'c5ez' Ja cz Ulzve G3 5752524 W1-gfzzz Qhe .Hourglass - SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Twenty-nine freshmen appeared at S. C. H. S., August 31, 1942, to gain further knowledge in the world of today. Mr. Young was our cooperative advisor through our freshman year. The following elected officers were: President, Gail Spannagel, Vice President, Herbert Collins, Secretary-Treasurer, Vera Ulmer, and Reporter on both Annual and Newspaper Staffs was Emogene Kircher. Dorothy Wilson and Clara Mae Beals were our Council members. We regretted having to lose four of our freshman classmates. They were Aubrey Bauer, Maurice Luce, Eugene Nippe, and Donald Thomas. Other members constituting the class were: Edna Biesecker, Jeanne Bridges, Neva Buesking, Lois Cox, Virginia Crose, Ruth Dearman, Delbert Doehring, Lona Doehring, Lois Doty, Gene Hiatt, Joyce Hiatt, Tobe Kircher, Olive Krile, Joe Latch, Geraldine Mueller, Robert Rangan, June Robison, Francis Tull, and Betty White. Our Freshman year drew to a close, and we returned as Sophomores. Under the leadership of Mr. Middlesworth, the year proved to be very eventful. Officers elected for the year were: President, Herbert Collins, Vice President, Dorothy Wil- son, Secretary-Treasurer, Neva Buesking, Council representatives were Edna Biesecker and Dorothy Wilson. Vera Ulmer was Sophomore class Historian on both the Annual and Newspaper Staff, and Gail Spannagel was our representative on the Library Staff. During the course of the year we were very sorry to lose two of our Sophomore classmates-Geraldine Mueller and Virginia Crose. A We were very sorry that the following could not return to complete the event- ful Junior year with us. They were: Edna Biesecker, Neva Buesking, Lois Cox, Lois Doty, Joe Latch and Tobe Kircher. However, the nineteen of us remaining worked together and reached our destination. Officrs elected for our Junior year were: President, Vera Ulmer, Vice President, Dorothy Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer, Her- bert Collins, Council members were, Vera Ulmer and Dorothy Wilson. Herbert Collins served as Chairman of the Council. Our Librarians were: Olive Krlie, Vera Ulmer and Gail Spannagel, Vera Ulmer and Dorothy Wilson served on the News- paper staff as Assistant Editor and Class Reporter respectively. Vera Ulmer and Gai1fSpannagel held the positions of Art Editor and Assistant Editor on the Annual Staf . As Juniors we were under the leadership of Miss Diel, and the year proved to be very successful. We were proud to present the Junior-Senior Banquet 'tFiesta, Menor, Mayor". And we gave the Junior Class Play entitled 'The Campbells are Coming". We returned to S. C. H. S. this year as eager and enthusiastic Seniors. We were glad to welcome the return of Tobe Kircher, but were very sorry to lose Ruth Dear- man at the close of the first semester. Class officers for our Senior year were: President, Dorothy Wilson, Vice President, Vera Ulmer, and Secretary-Treasurer, Herbert Collins. Gail Spannagel served as Editor of the Annual, whereas Vera Ulmer was Editor of the Newspaper. Other Senior members on the Annual Staff were: Betty White, Diary Editor, Francis Tull, Photographer, and Dorothy Wilson, Advertising Manager. Herbert Collins served as Circulation Manager and Betty White as Diary Editor on the Newspaper Staff. Dorothy Wilson and Gail Spannagel were our Council Representatives, while Herbert Collins held the position as Chair- man for the second consecutive year. Olive Krile, Vera Ulmer, and Gail Spannagel were our Senior class Librarians. Our Senior year is a year which can never be forgotten, for we were the honorary guests of the Junior-Senior Banquet, and also enjoyed presenting our Senior Class Play, "Aunt Samanthy Rules the Roost". Mr. Middlesworth, our able class advisor, has helped to push us on to a successful goal. We thank him greatly for the two years in which he aided our progress. And now, we must part. We regret having to leave good old S. C. H. S., and all our old schoolmates and acquaintances. We have learned much in our four years of excellent schooling, so with this knowledge we will go out and face the world with the ability to succeed. Until we meet again-we remain, faithfully yours- UTHE SENIOR CLASS OF 1946". Q QStrasburg Community High School - 1946 Qhe fflourglass as D D fat more 27252 HONORS AND AWARDS FOR THE CLASS OF 1 Scholarship .....,..... . ..... . Salutatorian .....,.... ....... Activities Medal ...... ....... Dramatics Medal ..,.... ------- Athletic Medal .....................,..........,........,...... ..... Attitude, Training, and Sportsmanship ..... ......... Basketball letter with 3 bars .,................. ....... Basketball letter Basketball letter Basketball letter Basketball letter Basketball letter Basketball letter Basketball letter Basketball letter Basketball letter Manager letter with with 3 bars ..... with 2 bars with 2 bars with 2 bars ....... 2 bars ......, Cheerleader letter ..,.......,,,,...,,, Cheerleader letter .,,... ,,,.,,. Cheerleader letter QStrasbu1'g Community .High QS N ,ee :ma I 946 Gail Spannagel Dorothy Wilson Herbert Collins Herbert Collins . Delbert Doehring Howard Wirth Delbert Doehring Tobe Kircher Robert Ragan Kermit Radloff Robert Nippe Howard Wirth Delbert Stremming Loyd Rincker George Terry Gene Hiatt Wayne Kearney Ruth Dearman Ramona Schlechte Warren Schlechte chool - 1946 Qhe jiourglass SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY May 1, 1966 Always with a flair for the spectacular, the Class of '46 decided to end all this quibbling nonsense about Mars and go.see for themselves. With the aid of atomic energy, radar, rocket ship and Republican County Superintendent of Schools, of Shelby County Illinois inamely, W. H. Wilsonl-they shot off into space, piloted by that handsome daredevil of the ionosphere, Gene Hiatt. Gene needs no intro- duction because his courageous undertakings and breath-taking adventures have made front-page news from here to there and back again. But for the benefit of those people who cannot read, we are only too glad to announce that Heroic Hiatt's latest novel performance has been the remarkable feat of parachuting out of a plane without a parachute. He always lands on his feet. Hiatt's timekeeper Calso world-famed two-timerl, Joyce Hiatt, insisted on a plane with "twin" motors. Eimekeeper Hiatt announced that they would reach their destination within three ays. Herb Collins, popular radio crooner of W.D.Z., agreed to make a personal con- cert tour for the Martian barbarians. It is the current belief that the Good Neigh- bor Policy can be carried out with Mars through an understanding of national music. This is also the firm belief of our Democratic leader, President John T. Middlesworth. After all, look what the Conga has done for Pan-American relations. Herb plans to introduce the Martians to his latest dance called the "Humdrumba". To relieve the tension of the emigrants, Conductor Collins serenaded them with his swing version of "Pass the Biscuits". Immediately, Olive Krile, the able cook, came strutting down the aisle, throwing a rapid volley of biscuits at all seventeen passengers. Olive, you remember as the creator of the popular, platter- sized hamburger. She plans to open up chain restaurants on the planet. She has a long list of indentured waitresses back in the states, awaiting the call of the wild. These fortunate females will become the civilizing agencies in the new world. Already they are known as "The Krile Kids". The ship zoomed into Mars exactly on time. After Ruth Dearman had led the group in Fifteen Rahs for the two Hiatts, Lona Doehring leaped out-the first to set foot on the fiery red planet. She scorched her toe, so she changed her toeless sandles for a pair of clogs. As Emogene Kircher was a little homesick, she quickly looked for the Sun which was only 141,500,000 miles from Mars. As night descended, Dorothy Wilson, noted astronomer, observed through her trusty telescope the two satellites called Demos and Phobos. Miss Wilson has pre- dicted a rapid migration of people from Earth to Mars. These emigrants, she says, will represent the youth of the country. She states that the three moons, visible in a Martian sky, and all at the same time-offer undreamed of romantic possibilities. Meanwhile, back in little old New York, a startling news flash, coming direct from Mars, electrified the public. Tobe Kircher. with the aid of a race of super- men, had begun construction of irrigation canals. His extensive ditch-digging career between Strasburg and Stewardson has helped to prepare him for the great work which he has thus far so nobly advanced. Vera Ulmer, busy with drawings showing intersecting lines of great geo- metrical exactness on the planet, was planning to baffle her contemporaries by publishing her work. She was also aiding Tobe Kircher in figuring out just what should be irrigated. 6trasburg Community Wigh Qgchool - 1946 l Qhe Hourglass - Jeanne Bridges, pioneer female in engineering, hoped to span the huge canals ,with the latest thing in "bridges". This new phenomenon is an invisible bridge, designed so as to preserve scenic beautiy from unnatural mechanisms. June Robison, the well-known orator, planned to study the slanguage and ,dialects of 3Mars. Her career, she feels, depends on the mastery of the ,native speech..Her second intention is to run on the Republican ticket for ,Justice of the Peace-just as soon as she is able to explain to the Martians her political platform. . , . V Q , Butch Doehring'sl reason for trekking Marsward was to organize the Mars Athletic Association Cthe'MAAl. He intended to emphasize basketball-because of the vast possibilities for rebounding. You remember Butch Doehring as that re- markable lad who learned to make field goals before he learned to walk. Red Tull announced that she was to pursue ay scientificstudy of the red atmosphereon red hair. She recently concocted a new type of Shampoo, ,especially for redheads. It is known commercially as "Firewater". Miss Tull's close associa- tion lwith Betty White disclosed their intention of exploiting the movie possibili- tiesof the 'tBetty White Scandals". Miss White is at present, America's No. 1 Pin- Up Girl-so called because of her strange up-swing hair-do which requires only a single hair pin to keep it in place. i Ruth Dearman, disappointed in her latest love affair, hoped to put as much space as possiblelbetween herself and the man of her broken dreams. She also decidedto aid Clara'Mae Beals in the writing of her new novel-"Mars and the Man".VMiss Beals skyrocketed to Mars in order to obtain authentic local color. Gail Spannagel joined the company to sell subscriptions to the Poultry Magazine to any friendly Martians who would thus help her to get funds for her college educationL Miss Spannagelphas for the past few months been attending an exclusivepagricultural college in Death Valley, California, where she is major'- ing in poultry and minoring in alfalfa. f Bob Ragan had no choice but to become the eighteenth member of this dar- ing adventure. Because his family had reached unheard of proportions, and the housing situation in the states had grown steadily worse, Ragan departed, for Mars to become the first homesteader on the wonder-planet. His family will follow him at av later date. He has informed them quite recently that he has staked out fitaclaim in the western part of the country. His estate will be called the "Ragan anc o". A t ,Then trip is purely a colonial venture, a scientific experiment and a project ofexploration. The eighteen souls who have so courageously faced the peril of thepplanetsdeserve ,the highest praise. It' will soon be possible to contact this pioneer party through television. "The first in command, Gene Hiatt, broadcasis from Mars thirty times daily, sponsored by the 'Mars Candy Bars. Listen ing his yodeling commercials are something new in advertising. l 6trasburg Community jvfigh School - 1946 Qha Hourglass SENIOR CLASS POEM Four years ago in '42 The Freshman Class was quite a stew Their voices rang from door to door And no-one knew what was the score. Herbert Collins is a handy tool Around the good old Strasburg School. Tobias Kircher with eyes so bright Takes the Chevie each Sunday night. When P. E. comes he's right on the beam With his throttle open and plenty of steam Delbert Doehring who's tall and slim, Is usually found in the Dulling Gym. At basketball he's a pretty good shot, When it comes to girls he's on the spot. Now comes Bob, the farmer's son, Who keeps Myra on the run, In my opinion he's a pretty good boy And is made up of the real McCoy. - Lona is a slender dame At getting beaux she's won her fame. Emogene and Lona are always together Makes no difference what the weather. Francis is a little short But is never on the B. B. court. Now Gail's here and Gail's there, But never found in an easy chair, And Gail's as sharp as any tack, And's sometimes driving her father's hack Dot Wilson lives out on the bus route And for the boys does not give a hoot. But on over East is a little gal, When she sees a boy she raises a howl. She never lets one out of her sight And now you know it is Miss White. Now if you see a girl driving a Ford V You will soon know the girl's Jeanne. She comes to school in her brother's shirt And winks at boys and tries to flirt. Perhaps you've heard of the Ulmer lass Who doesn't worry if she will pass. Now we come to sister Joyce Who, of course, is my only choice. Clara Mae Beals is a little shy, But will make the grade if she will try. Dorothy June who is always rarin' Is very fond of Gene Von Behren. Olive Krile, as you know, Will surely find herself a beau. She studies hard the whole day long And merrily sings the "Honey Song." Farewell to good old Strasburg High, The Seniors bid you all good-bye. -Gene Hiatt iL QStrasburg Community High Qjchool 1946 Qhe Hourglass S J X, lr if X IUNIOR CLASS POEM I'll skip the introduction, Precise and to the point, And give you information From the good old Junior joint. We're proud of our attendance, For all that started, stayed, And since we've stuck together, We've a good example laid. To bring the first one into view, May I present Jean Lane? Although she is the smallest girl, She studies not in vain. Mary McPherson beats urs all In her fast typing speedy But when it comes to History Class, Ruth Hirtzel's in the lead. As far as Home Ec is concerned, Darlene wins the first place, For she can stitch, and mend, and cook, With confidence and grace. Ruth Bridges and Juanita Storm Can sing with voices skilled, Concerning dates, they worry none- Their nights are always filled. Lorena Bauer likes to joke And make her troubles lightg But Rosabelle Rosine is more Then sentimental type. Ramona Schlechte's next in line, And though she's far from thin- Some people take advantage-But In basketball she'll win. Marilyn Hiatt steps up next, Shestudies and she readsg And when it comes to arguing Sne takes her side and leads! The Reel twins add variety Their names Doris and Dot How they both love to roller skate- But then-Just who does not? Now Don and Pete bring up the rear, The two from the masculine line And everybody wonders- How they get along so fine! Well such is life-each person adds A different kind of style. But the Juniors owe their sure success To the ever-efficient, Miss Diel. -Doris Reel trasburg Community .High Qschool - 1946 Qhe ffiourglass - JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY ' Twenty-one Freshmen entered the beckoning doors of Strasburg Community High School, in the fall of 1943. Mr. Young served as our Freshman class advisor, and the year turned out to be very successful, a never-to-be-forgotten episode, in the lives of the twenty-one participats. Officers chosen for our first year Were: President, Dorothy Reelg Vice President, Wilmer John Ostermeierg Secretary- Treasurer, Doris Reelg and Reporter on the Newspaper Staff, Eileen Unruh. Fresh- man reporter on the Annual Staff was Orvel Lading. Donald Vogel and Darlene Weber were Freshmen Council representatives. Within the year, were were sorry to lose three of our classmates. They were: J. D. Kelshimer, Mary Butler and Nancy Butler. We were proud to welcome Lorena Bauer in their stead. Other members of our class were: Ruth Bridges, Billy Cole, Naomi Doty, Marilyn Hiatt, Orvel Lading, Norma Jean Lane, Donna Mae Nordbrock, Rosabelle Rosine, Richard Ruwe, Ramona Schlechte, and Darlene Weber. ' We returned as enthusiastic Sophomores and were quite ready to begin a year full of adventure and excitement. We were sorry that Billy Cole, Naomi Doty, and Donna Mae Nordbrock could not return with us, and were very glad to welcome Ruth Hirtzel and Mary McPherson to fill their places in the class. H Officers elected for our Sophomore year were as follows: President, Dorothy Reel, Vice President, Eileen Unruh, Secretary, Doris Reelg and Treasurer, Ruth Hirtzel. Our Sophomore Librarians were: Donald Vogel, Rosabelle Rosine, and Eileen Unruh. Class Historian on the Annual Staff was Doris Reel. Dorothy Reel served as Club Reporter and Doris Reel as Assistant Advertising Manager on the Newspaper Staff. Sophomore Council members were: Donald Vogel, Rosabelle Rosine and Dorothy Reel. Under the splendid leadership of Miss Cruise, the term passed, and our Sophomore year drew reluctantly to a close. As Juniors we returned to high school, and Worked together under the ex- cellent leadership of Miss Diel. This year proved to be the most exciting and en- joyable year we had yet encounterd, for we gave our Junior Class Play which was entitled, "A Ready-Made Family". We also received the privilege and enjoyment of planning for and presenting the Junior-Senior Banquet. We are proud to mention that all of us returned as Juniors and that during the course of the year, not a single person dropped out. Officers elected for our Junior year were the following: President, Ruth Hirt- zelg Vice President, Donald Vogel, Secretary-Treasurer, Rosabelle Rosine. Our representatives on the Library Staff were: Donald Vogel, Mary McPherson, and Rosabelle Rosine. We were represented on the Annual Staff by Ruth Hirtzel, Mary McPherson, and Doris Reel, who held the offices of Assistant Editor, Art Editor, and Class Historian respectively. Rosabelle Rosine, Dorothy Reel, and Doris Reel represented us on the Newspaper Staff as Alumni Reporter, Assistant Editor, and Advertising Manager. Doris Reel and Ruth Hirtzel were our representatives on the Sjtudent Council. Doris Reel also held the position as Secretary-Treasurer of the ouncil. Our destination has been reached, but 1et's hope we will all be able to return next year as the Senior Class, in our good old S. C. H. S. Until that time arrives, We bid you all "Adieu". Eeielcstrasburg Community High Qschool - 1946 Qhe Hourglass - JUNIOR c1.Ass , President-Ruth Hirrzei ' M 1 Vice President-Donald Vogel , Secretary-Treasurer-Rosabelle Rosine. First Row-Lorena Bauer, Ruth Bridges, Marilyn Hiatt, Oryel Lading, Jean Lane. P T .Second ROW-MaryfeMcPherson,, Doris Reel, Dorothy Reel, Ramona Schlechte, Juanita Storm, Darlene Weber. ' 'sornoivronzr CLASS President-Kermit Radloff Vice President-Robert Nippe i V l Secretary-Treasurer--Ruth Stuckemeyer. First Row-Ruth Buesking, Charles Carruthers, Dorothy Doeding, Loraine Engel, Myra Engel. 1 Second Row-Clarence Fisher, Maxine Hood, Wayne Kearney, Dwight Lading, Richard Lading, David Mulvaney. Third Row--Owen Mulvaney, Carol Ragan, Loyd Rincker, Donald Ruff, William Senteney, Rex Storm. ' f V' D , , A Fourth Row-Delbert Stremming, Kenneth,Strernming, Max Tate, George Terry, Alice Thomas, Howard Wirth. ' 6traSburg Community .High School - 1946 ' A W 'Q Hg , I X. , f 4 1 0' vu- lg. I 'I f 'N Q , 'F M uf I 14 vig" W' 414' 'I , Xlf ff' v ow .U Q .!,, win QIN , 1 X , v, Q N IR 8 .Ax fi fruit L S-x ul fh- An if L s- O 6 ,V I A , . Qhe Hourglass H SOPHOMORE CLASS POEM We are the class of forty-eight The largest class in school, We know not that we will be great, Or just a simple fool. Dave we know by his standing hair- lt often looks quite rough. And Owen with her string of boys, She always has enough. Carol who often slures her "R's" ls timid and demure, While Rincker playing basketball Of shots is not so sure. Rex-ie in his overalls ls always dreading tests, Tate's always playing basketball, I 'spose he never rests. For temper you can go to Nippe- He often loses it, While Dwighty seems to slay the girls, He never makes a hit. Next comes Baby Dumpling- lt's only Two-Ton Fish. While George is just the opposite- He thinks he's quite a dish. And Alice T. who lacks a tooth ls 1he girl's top athlete. While Tim, our pleasant manager, Thinks Cowden girls are "tWeet." Well, Stuck's never stuck, it seems But always has a friend And Loraine's looking for "that" boy, The search will never end. Kermit can't make up his mind About his many girls, While Puff will never be that way lied rather chase the squirrels. Now Charlie is a little shrimp- lle's blond and very smallg Senteney's about the same in size- At least he was last fall. Next comes the flirty girl, Maxine, Who knows the Beecher boysg But Myra doesn't go that far, ltis Ragan she enjoys. Now Ruthy Buesking is quite shy, The same in spring and fall. Howard Wirth is about the same, He talks with a basketball. Next comes Rich, - the master mind- Who always gets straight A's. And chubby Dorothy Doeding Who likes Kerm Radloff's ways. Delbert Stremming with his grin is known both wide and far. While Kenny, who sits next to him, Plays tunes on his guitar. Miss Cruise, advisor of our class Who tries to keep us good. Is slowly going nuts with us, As anybody would. -The Sophomore Class QStrasbu1'g Community .Wigh School - 1946 Qhe Wourglass i - FRESHMAN CLASS POEM Although they say that we are green- That freshman always are- Who know what one among us all Shall swing u-pon a star? Dale Bauer's the 1'Blondie" of our class, And "Boneyard's" day dreams keep- Both him and guys like Franklin Kull From falling fast asleep. Noel is our honor boy- Ann Bridges is our queen- For popularity-Elaine. And Musqles-Forrest Gene. Trena's voice we love to hear At good old Windsor games! Lloyd Spannagel has trouble with The lovely little dames. "Shoat" Webner shines in basketball, And "Litch" shines on the nose. It takes a handsome senior lad To keep June on her toes. There's Warren when we want to yell, And Betty Ann to croon. There's Pieper with the basketball To play in League at noon. Roberta goes from book to book- With talent for the pen- While Betty Frede knows her verbs- With talent for the men. Bob Bridges makes the ladies sigh- And Mary we must thank For being so much nicer than Our little meanie, Hank. Corma is a Ragan, so She hasn't much to say- So unlike Tommy Ulmer, who Will make his talking pay. And little "C," let's not forget Can't help the shape he's in. Miss Bowman, who advises us- Will help us all to win. p -The Freshman Class trasburg Community jiigh Qschool 1946 Qhe Hourglass - FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY On September fourth, twenty-three freshman entered the beckoning doors of Strasburg Community High School. Under the leadership of Miss Bowman, the Freshman Class became a very cooperative group, and splendid results were accomplished. The initiation of September fourteenth was purely dedicated to the em- barrassment of us green freshmen, but after enduring one day of this "frolical system", we were annexed as true members of good old S. C. H. S. Officers elected for our first year were: President, Thomas Ulmer, Vice President, Trena Kearneyg and Secretary-Treasurer, Forrest Gene Risser. Our two representatives on the Library Staff were Elaine Ulmer and Betty Frcde. Thomas Ulmer served us on the council and Warren Schlechte served the term as cheerleader. Other members of the class were: Dale Bauer, Ann Bridges, Bobby Bridges, June Buesking, Betty Ann Collins, Caryl Doehring, Bernard Doty, Roberta Hiatt, Franklin Kull, Carl Lading, Norma Jean Lichtenwalter, Noel Nippe, Martha Pieper, Corma Ragan, Lloyd Spannagel, Mary Stremming, and John Dale Webner. Our destination has been reached, since the year has come to a successful close, but we'll be back next year as sophomores-endeavering to gain more know- ledge within those doors of old S. C. H. S. Adieu! SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY We twenty-eight freshmen began our first eventful high school year on August twenty-eighth, 1944. With the able service and splendid cooperation of Miss Thompson, our class advisor, we progressed onward as a cooperative union. Officers for the year were: President, Dwight Lading, Vice President, Ruth Stuckemeyerg Secretary, Richard Lading, Treasurer, Kermit Radloff. Our freshman librarians, Wilma Bigler, Myra Engel, Delbert Stremming, and Richard Lading. Serving on the council were Dorothy Doeding and Richard Lading. Other members constituting the Freshman Class were: Ruth Buesking, Charles Carruthers, Ramona Carruthers, William Cole, Loraine Engel, Maxine Hood, Clarence Fisher, Wayne Kearney, David Mulvaney, Owen Mulvaney, Robert Nippe, Carol Ragan, Loyd Rincker, Donald Ruff, William Senteney, Kenneth Stremming, Max Tate, George Terry, Alice Thomas, and Howard Wirth. We were sorry to lose two of our classmates within the year. They were: Wilma Bigler and Ramona Carruthers, but the rest of us carried on bringing the year to a successful close. Miss Cruise was our Sophomore Class advisor. We were proud to welcome Rex Storm as a new classmate. Officers were: President, Kermit Radloff, Vice President, Robert Nippe, Secretary-Treasurer, Ruth Stuckemeyer. Kermit Radloff and Dwight Lading were our council members. On the Newspaper Staff were Kermit Radloff as Sports Editor, Maxine Hood as Class Reporter, and Ruth Buesk- ing as Club Reporter. Dorothy Doeding served as Feature Editor on the Annual Staff. Our representatives on the Library Staff were: Myra Engel, Richard Lading, and Delbert Stremming. We were proud to say that three of the first five basketball players were sophomores. They were: George Terry, Robert N ippe, and Kermit Radloff. The year has rolled slowly by, and to us it has been a year of experience, filled with vivid memories that can never be erased. So, until we return as juniors, Farewell! 6trasburg Community High School - 1946 Qhe Hourglass - FRVESHMAN cLAss President-Thomas Ulmer Vice President-Trena Kearney Secretary-Treasurer-Forrest Gene Risser First Row-Dale Bauer, Ann Bridges, Bobby Bridges, June Buesking. Second Row-Betty Ann Collins, Caryl Doehring, Bernard Doty, Betty Frede, Roberta Hiatt. Third Row-Franklin Kull, Carl Lading, Norma Jean Lichtenwalter, Noel Nippe, Martha Pieper, Corma Ragan. Fourth Row-Warren Schlechte, Lloyd Spanngel, Mary Stremming, Elaine Ulmer, John Dale Webner. - SECOND ROOM Top Row-Rex Parks, Billie Boyer, David Lloyd, Omer Thomas, Junior Keller, Eugene Rosine, Ronald Rankin, Danny Lloyd. Second Row-Mrs. Buesking lTeacherD, Phyllis Engel, Ruth Manion, Carolyn Kull, Marilyn Bauer, Mary Ann Weber, Alice Manion. Third Row-Martha Ann Rosine, Rosalie Doty, Iva Jean Parks, Bertha Thomas, Jeannette Hudson, Zona Gail Webner. FIRST ROOM Top Row-Morris Stremming, Joe Parks, Richard Manion, Hugh Krietemeier, Bobby Webner, Oscar Thomas. Second Row-Christine Kull, Leslie Bauer, Dickie Rankin, J. J. Kull, Ronnie Garrett, William Engel, Miss Rose CTeacherJ. Third Row-Barbara Wilson, Jo Ann Manion, Norma Rawlings, Shirley Engel, Shirley Wheat, Sharon Engel, Shirley York, Evelyn Stremming. Fourth Row-Barbara York, Marilyn Rosine, Jana Lee Stierwalt, Betty Rawlings, Wanda Rawlings, Nancy Boyer, Linda Dobbs. 6trasburg Community .77figl1 School - 1946 Q4 6 J? px E I' in N . . f., ,, sw ., :MI ' -:f F" w OR pf FN .2 ON S 5 "dr-,,-...- 7, Qhe Hourglass ANNUAL STAFF Qto the lefty Seatedzleft to right-Miss Cruise, Ruth Hirtzel, Dorothy Wilson, Kermit Radloff, Mary McPherson. Standing: left to right-Betty White, Doris Reel, Dorothy Doeding, Gail Spannagel, Miss Diel, Francis Tull. STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row-Kermit Radloff, Herbert Collins, Thomas Ulmer. Second Row-Dwight Lading, Ruth Hirtzel, Mr. Wilson. Third Row-Doris Reel, Gail Spannagel, Dorothy Wilson. ART CLUB Top Row-Alice Thomas, Richard Lading, Dwight Lading, Robert Nippe, Kermit Radloff, Delbert Stremming, David Mulvaney. Second Row-Norma Jean Lichtenwalter, Lona Doehring, Clara Mae Beals, Betty Frede, Mary McPherson, Gail Spannagel, Vera Ulmer, Miss Bowman. Third Row-Francis Tull, Ruth Stuckemeyer, Owen Mulvaney, Trena Kearney, Elaine Ulmer. LOYBLTY CLUB Top Row-Noel Nippe, George Terry, Lloyd Spannagel, Bobby Bridges, Gene Hiatt, Delbert Doehring, Herbert Collins, Tobe Kircher, Robert Nippe, Kermit Rad- loff, Delbert Stremming, Forrest Gene Risser, Robert Ragan, Thomas Ulmer, Carl Lading, William Senteney. Second Row-Corma Ragan, Charles Carruthers, Donald Ruff, Max Tate, Wayne Kearney, Caryl Doehring, John Dale Webner, Dale Bauer, Franklin Kull, Howard Wirth, Clarence Fisher, David Mulvaney, Dwight Lading, Bernard Doty, Rex Storm, Loyd Rincker, Richard Lading, Owel Lading, June Robison. Third Row-Mr. Middlesworth, Roberta Hiatt, Ann Bridges, Betty Ann Collins, Rosabelle Rosine, Darlene Weber, Ruth Stuckemeyer, Juanita Storm, Ruth Bridges, Mary McPherson, Marilyn Hiatt, Clara Mae Beals, Lorena Bauer, Jeanne Bridges, Carol Ragan, Trena Kearney, Dorothy Doeding, Maxine Hood. Fonrth Row-Martha Pieper, Betty Frede, June Buesking, Dorothy Reel, Doris Reel, Ruth Hirtzel, Ruth Buesking, Joyce Hiatt, Gail Spannagel, Loraine Engel, Betty White, Elaine Ulmer. Cheerleaders-Ramona Schlechte, Warren Schlechte, Ruth Dearman. J... 6trasburg Community Wigh Qschool - 1946 V 0 ,Jlggw Qhe Hourglass - ANNUAL STAFF This being the second edition of the Hourglass published by the Annual Staff, we hope everyone will enjoy this book with as much enthusiasm as last year's. We wish to thank our advertisers and subscribers as well as our supervisors, Miss Diel and Miss Cruise, who gave us their very helpful cooperation. We sincerely hope that you take as much interest in this book as we have inlpugliilging it. Tie ta COUNCIL The students chose Herbert Collins as chairman of the Student Council. This makes his secod consecutive year holding that office. The Council is made up of one student from each Class and Club, that student being the President of that class or organization. The duty of the Council is to plan and sponsor all the events that take place in the school. If anything new or different is wanted in the school, The Council decides the answer. This body of students is really the main authority in every school activity. ART CLUB. This year is the first time our school has had an Art Club. lt was organized under the direction of Miss Bowman. This club made trinkets and some very useful things for the Carnival. lt also makes decorations for other school events and posters for the class plays. These officers were elected for the year: President, Dwight Ladingg Vice President, Owen Mulvaneyg Secretary-Treasurer, Ruth Stuckemeyer. LOYALTY CLUB The Loyalty Club was organized under the direction of Mr. Middlesworth. The fans responded wonderfullyg this was shown by about sevently-six students join- ing. The student fans proved to be very faithful to their basketball squad all through the season. The officers for the year were as follows: President, Doris Reelg Vice President, Dorothy Reelg Secretary-Treasurer, Vera Ulmer. On March the eighth the Club sponsored a banquet for the members. The main program for the rest of the evening was a movie. This club is a very good help in keeping good sportsmanship within the school. 6trasburg Community Wigh Qgchool - 1946 Qhe .Hourglass DE 7 ., .E for - LIBRARY STAFF Seated: left to right-Olive Krile, Myra Engel, Elaine Ulmer, Rosabelle Rosine, Mary McPherson, Gail Spannagel. M Standing: left to right-Delbert Stremming, Donald Vogel, Betty Frede, Richard Lading, Miss Diel, Vera Ulmer. -' . F.. H. A. Top Row-Carol Ragan, Ruth Stuckemeyer, Juanita Storm, Ruth Bridges, Lona Doehring, Betty Ann Collins, Emogene Kircher, Dorothy Doeding, Trena Kearney, Maxine Hood, June Robison, Betty Frede, June Buesking, Francis Tull. Second Row-Gail Spannagel, Rosabelle Rosine, Clara Mae Beals, Mary McPherson, Ruth Dearman, Ramona Schlechte, Elaine Ulmer, Darlene Weber, Joyce Hiatt, Myra Engel, Loraine Engel, Owen Mulvaney, Miss Bowman. Third Row-Ann Bridges, Ruth Buesking, Doris Reel, Dorothy Reel, Vera Ulmer, Roberta Hiatt, Mary Stremming, Corma Ragan, Norma Jean Lichtenwalter, Martha Pieper, Ruth Hirtzel. NEWSPAPER STAFF Seated: left to right-Ruth Buesking, Betty White, Maxine Hood, Doris Reel, Rosabelle Rosine, Dorothy Reel. Standing: left to right-Miss Cruise, Kermit Radloff, Herbert Collins, Vera Ulmer, Richard Lading. ASSEMBLY General Assembly: left to right-Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen. 6trasburg Community jiigh Qgchool - 1946 -Y Qhe Hourglass . - LIBRARY STAFF The Library Staff was organized early in September with Miss Diel in charge. The Librarians are as follows: Betty Frede, Elaine Ulmer, Myra Engel, Delbert Stremming, Richard Lading, Mary McPherson, Donald Vogel, Rosabelle Rosine, Olive Krile, Vera Ulmer, and Gail Spannagel as head librarian. The purpose of the Staff is to keep the book shelves and magazine holders in order and clean. They also check the books out for students. The librarians prove to be very helpful to the entire school. F. H. A. The Future Homemakers of America was organized with Miss Bowman as sponsor. This organization served at the Carnival, P. T. A.'s, and at ballgames. It also sponsored the Loyalty Club Banquet, Board and Faculty Dinner, the Eighth Grade Dinner, and the Mother's Christmas Tea. All the mothers of the students in High School were invited to attend the Tea. The girls served tea, sandwiches, candy and cookies. The officers for the year are as follows: President, Gail Spannagelg Vice President, Owen Mulvaneyg Secretary, Ramona Schlechteg and Treasurer, Clara Mae Beals. This year, for the first time, our club is making a scrap book of all its activities. NEWSPAPER STAFF This year our very capable Editor is Vera Ulmer, with Dorothy Reel as Assistant Editor. The Business and Advertising Managers are Doris Reel and Richard Lading. Herbert Collins is Circulating Manager. It is his work to make sure that each family in the community receives an issue of the Cardinal. The sports are written by Kermit Radloff. The Alumni News is written by Rosabelle Rosine. The positions of Class and Club Reporter are held by Maxine Hood and Ruth Buesking. The very interesting Diary was kept by Betty White. The sponsor of the S. C. H. S. Cardinal is Miss Cruise. 6trasburg Community High Qschool - 1946 Qhe Hourglass to -Bet v.., ,A JUNIOR CLASS PLAY' Seated: left to right-Darlene Weber, Doris Reel, Donald Vogel, Rosabelle Rosine, Ramona Schlechte. Standing: left to right-Orvel Lading, 'Robert Nippe, Lorena Bauer, Dorothy Reel, Rex Storm. T SENIOR CLASS PLAY Seated: left to right-Dorothy Wilson, Joyce Hiatt, Gail Spannagel, Robert Ragan, Francis Tull. T Standing: left to right-Mr. Middlesworth CDirectorJ, Lona Doehring, Delbert Doehring, Gene Hiatt, Vera Ulmer, Herbert Collins, Tobe Kircher. , DRAMATICS CLUB ' F Top Row-Bobby Bridges, Wayne Kearney, Robert Ragan, George Terry, David Mulvaney, Herbert Collins, Tobe Kircher, Delbert Doehring, Delbert Stremrning, Kermit Radloff, Robert Nippe, Howard Wirth, Forrest Gene Risser, Kenneth Stremming, Donald Vogel, Clarence Fisher, Dwight Lading. Second Row-Ruth Hirtzel, Norma Jean Lichtenwalter, Martha Pieper, Betty Ann Collins, Richard Lading, Rex Storm, Max Tate, John Dale Webner, Orvel Lading, Thomas Ulmer, William Senteney, Loraine Engel, June Robison, Francis Tull, Betty White. Third Row-Rosabelle Rosine, Ruth Buesking, Doris Reel, Dorothy Reel, Vera Ulmer, Emogene Kircher, Lona Doehring, Clara Mae Beals, Mary McPherson, Marilyn Hiatt, Elaine Ulmer, Myra Engel, Owen Mulvaney, Ruth Dearman, Ramona Schlechte, Miss Cruise. T Fourth Row-Ann Bridges, Betty Frede, Juanita Storm, Ruth Bridges, Ruth Stuckemeyer, Carol Ragan, June Buesking, Roberta Hiatt, Corrna Ragan, Mary Stremming, Gail Spannagel, Trena Kearney, Maxine Hood, Dorothy Doeding. 5trasburg Community .High School - 1946 2 Qhe Hourglass Agnes Martyn ....... Bob .......,................. Mariliee ............ Gracie ,.................. Miss Lydia .........,,.. Henry Turner ........ Doris .,.,................. Sammie ............. Begonia ......... Nicodemus ........................,. JUNIOR PLAY A READY-MADE FAMILY A widow ............. ...,.... ...... Her son Her elder daughter Her youngest child . Rosabelle Rosine Orvel Lading Dorothy Reel Doris Reel Her sister-in-law Ramona Schlechte A widower Donald Vogel His daughter Darlene Weber His son Rex Storm Martyn's darky cook Lorena Bauer Martyn's colored handyman .......................... Robert Nippe fGiven on October 19th, 19453 Agnes Martyn, a widow, while vacationing meets an old sweetheart, Henry Turner, a widower, and they become engaged. Neither tells the other of the children at home, three in one household, and two in the other. The youngsters, having heard of the big surprise and not feeling any too good about it, plan to upset the matrimonial apple cart by acting their worst before their prospective step-parents. One will have fits, another will talk baby talk, a third play the role of a holy terror. Samrnie becomse a kleptomaniac and worse, and Doris, having had an operation will harp on that. What a mix-up and what fun in the telling. After almost two hours of side-splitting laughter Agnes and Henry emerged victorious and the "kids" are ready to accept their new parents. SENIOR PLAY I AUNT SAMAN2 HY RULES THE RCOST Aunt Samanthy Simpkms ,..........,...... ........ A n old maid ..,....................,.. Lona Doehring Serena Simpkins ............,................... Her old niece ....................... ...... G ail Spannagcl Sophie ................,..,.,..,............... Her younger neice .....t...... ........ F rancis Tull Polly Paine ............... ....... M aid at the Simpkins .....,... ............. V era Ulmer Annie Ambrose ........ ...... T he village dressmaker .,......... ...,.. D orothy Wilson Blanche Bowers ........... ....... A woman of few words ..,..,. ................. J oyce Hiatt Lucien Littlefield ....... .......,,,..,. A farmer .,.,.........,........ ...... D elbert Doehring Blair Boswell ............... .,..... W ho likes Serena ........ ............... G ene Hiatt Frank Fairfield ,..........,.. ......,. W ho likes Sophie ........ .....,.. T obe Kircher Lawrence Lovewell ........ ......,,,l.,.,..,,.. A stranger .,,....... ....... H erbert Collins Buddy Baskins .,.......,.......,...,,........... The grocery boy ................................,. Robert Ragan CGiven on April 10 and 127 Aunt Samanthy Simpkins, a man-hating, eccentric old maid who owns a chicken farm, frightens all the young men away from her charming nieces, Serena and Sophie, who live with her. Serena is gradually becoming like her aunt, but Sophie rebels and starts something. She writes loves messages on some of the eggs being shipped and signs them "Miss Simpkinsi' Meanwhile, Polly, the hirded maid, buys some love powder from a fortune teller to whom she has con- fided that Buddy Baskins, the grocery boy, does not return her affections. She puts the powders in lemonade which she intends to offer Buddy, but Samanthy and Lucien Littlefield partake of the lemonade first. Then the hilarity starts-for the powders really work. You would never know Samanthy. Serena, too, imbibes and is a changed person. The climax of the fun is reached when Samanthy's two man- hating spinster friends drink some of the lemonade. They try to take Lucien from Samanthy. In the midst of this hilarity, Lawrence Lovewell, who has received one of the message-bearing eggs, arrives to make Samanthy his soul-mate. Finally, the complications are erased, and Aunt Samanthy becomes an ordinary person along with everyone else. DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatics Club was organized under the direction of Miss Cruise. This club is for the students who are willing to partake in plays for entertainment. The club sponsored a play for the Carnival, and presented it in the history room. "Dramatics Night" is the big, annual event for the club. This is a time in which the club members may show their skill in acting. On March twenty-second the Dramatics Club went to Mattoon to a theater party. The following officers were elected at the beginning of the year: President, Herbert Collinsg Vice President, Myra Engel, Secretary-Treasurer, Ruth Hirtzel. The enrollment this year was fifty-seven. -Strasburg Community High School - 1946 Q7he Hourglass xr Have you forgotten that you owe me S5?" "Not yet. Give me a little time, won't you?" "Guilty or not guilty?" "Not guilty, Judge." 'iHave you an alibi?" "You mean the alley by which I got away?" Things tagged as "extra fancy" Are usually nice, But never near as fancy As the price! "I had a tough battle to get into society." "Had to keep your chin up, eh?" "No, just may nose." "Any big men ever born in this town?" asked the stranger. "No, suh! answered the native Rastus. tilust little babies!" When sugar is once more abundant, And gone is the rationing phase, We'll sweeten our tea and our cof- fee- Yes, those will be stirring days. 'tWhat brought you here?" "Two policemen, Judge." "Drunk, I suppose." "Yes, both of them." "My poor man, are you really content to spend your life walking about the country begging?" HNo, maiam, not at all. Many's the time l've wished I had a car." "Jack has a depraved sense of humor." 'il see, like the warden who stuck a tack in the electric chair." HAre you taking precautions to prevent the spread of this disease?" "Oh yes, Doctor, we bought a sanitary drinking cup, and we all use it." t'l'd never want to be a second husband to a widow." "Fd rather be that than her first one." "Horrors! This photograph makes me look years older than I am." "Well, lady, then you won't have to have one made later on." Some of us can remember when, "Those enduring charms," weren't applied with a powder puff. N The Art of painted stockings won't go to town till poetic genius immortalizes a . . . "Painted rip on a painted lotion." Q The whistle that called me to work at eight, At five, to go home, gives me warning. How strangely like music it sounds at night, Compared to its screeching this morning. "The girl Bill goes with is a de- cided blonde, isn't she?" , "Yes, she decided a few weeks ago to be one." The postwar house with its gadgets Will be good cause for cheering, Provided, in college, You absorbed lots of knowledge Og tliectiicai Engineering Man Golfer: "Hey, lady! Don't push your baby buggy across the greens like that!', Mother: "Baby yourself! Playing with that little white ball and wearing those ridiculous short pants!" HI didn't see you in church Sun- day-ry 'AI know you didn't. I took up the collection." "What kind of chickens do you like best, Rastus?" 'iWell, white ones are easiest to find, but black ones are easiest to hide after you git them." "Betty, are you drawing a cat?" Oh yes mother, it's a cat." "But cats have tails." "This one will too, but it's still in the ink bottle." xl "What do you mean, young man, by turning out my hall light when you tell my daughter good night?" "Why, er, sir, I er . . . " i'Well, never darken my door again." "Are ou doin an thin for our ld?" y co . t'Yes, I sneeze whenever it wants me to." Son, I know that soap is scarce, It's wrong to waste or abuse itg But still, I doubt that anyone said: t'Don't use it!" Strasburg Community fHigh Qschool - 1946 fp, W AT ky , fN j CS 5 "Q,"-,,,,,. .ffffk Qhe Hourglass - INDIVIDUAL PICTURES Reading Clockwise-Max Tate, Delbert Strernming, George Terry, Tobe Kircher, Delbert Doehring, Kermit Radloff, Robert Nippe, Gene Hiatt, Howard Wirth, Robert Ragan. Second Row-John T. Middlesworth, CCoachJ Wayne Kearney, CManagerJ ' CHEERLEADERS ' Left to Right--Ramona Schlechte, Warren Schlechte, and Ruth Dearman. SQUAD First Row-Lloyd Spannagel, Forrest Gene Risser, Bobby Bridges, Rex Storm. Second Row-John T. Middlesworth KCoachJ, Loyd Rincker, Donald Ruff, John Dale Webner, Bernard Doty, Wayne Kearney CManagerJ. Third Row-Delbert Stremming, Howard Wirth, Gene Hiatt, Robert Ragan, Max Tate. Fourth Row-Robert Nippe, Tobe Kircher, Delbert Doehring, Kermit Radloff, George Terry. 6trasburg Community fHigh School - 1946 H sg ii Va 1 B ig 4 ni-L nr. .- w , ww-A., J 552' , ,af 4 21 .QA vga, G. as-f' ", S "3 W: ' if 1 f msifff' ,AQ X? yur?-54 Us ,Q sf , 'I 'gf QMS 2- I ,7g?:'A 1?- Qhe 3-Lourglass - BASKETBALL SUMMARY STRASBURG VS. TOWER HILL In the first game of the season our boys got off to a bad start by dropping the game to Tower Hill with a score of 44-31. The game was a rough-and-tumble af- fair. But luckily no one was hurt. Butch Doehring led the scoring for Strasburg with 13 points. The second team won by a score of 35-18. STRASBURG VS. NEOGA The first team fell to a powerful Neoga team by an 18 point margin. Our boys put up a terrific fight all the way, but Neoga had the edge on us, and when the final horn sounded we found ourselves behind 48-30. Kermit Radloff led the scor- ing with 15 points. The second team also lost by a score of 45-15. STRASBURG VS. COWDEN The first team was set back by a score of 50-36. This is the second game of the season and the second one we lost. Not too good a start, I'd say. Kermit Rad- loff scored 15 points. The second team won their second victory by a score of 26-17. STRASBURG VS. STEWARDSON For the third time the boys met defeat. This time by the Stewardson squad. We were behind at the half and at the end trailed by 26 points. The score was 77-51. Kermit Radloff rolled in 19 points for the losers. The second team lost 26-22 in an overtime. STRASBURG VS. BEECHER CITY The boys won their first game by a score of 40-26. It was a thrilling game with Nippe dumping in the 2 needed points with seconds to go. Kermit Radloff led the scoring with 15 points. The second team lost 34-30. STRASBURG VS. LERNA In this game Strasburg's squad was pretty well riddled with the flu. Doehring, Nippe and Terry were off the first team. But in a terrific fight the first team won by a score of 44-39. Kermit Radloff led the parade by dumping in 9 field goals and two charity tosses for 20 points. The seconds lost by a score of 26-19. STRASBURG VS. STEWARDSON Trailing all the way, Strasburg was downed by a strong Stewardson five. The score was 66-26. Nippe led the scoring for Strasburg with 9 points. The second team also lost their game by a score of 26-19. .STRASBURG VS. NOKOMIS After a hard battle Strasburg fell short of victory by only 3 points. The score being 37-34. Butch Doehring led the scoring for Strasburg with 14 points. The second team lost by a score of 55-45. STRASBURG VS. TOLEDO Toledo fell to Strasburg by a large margin. They trailed all the way and at the end found themselves behind by a score of 45-32. Kermit Radloff tossed through 8 field goals and 5 free throws for 21 points. The second team also won by a score of 47-15. STRASBURG VS. WINDSOR a Strasburg took a tramping from Windsor by a score of 72-35. The boys couldn't find the range and missed many easy shots. Kermit Radloff and Butch Doehring each rolled in.13 points. The second team lost by a score of 58-15. 6trasburg Community jiigh Qschool - 1946 Qhe Hourglass - STRASBURG VS. ALUMNI The Alumni found the Cardinals too strong for them and went down to an honorable defeat by a score of 50-39. The game was very close until the final minutes. Kermit Radloff scored 21 points, with Butch Doehring scoring 20. While Rosine scored 18 for the losers. The B squad lost by a score of 39-33. STRASBURG VS. NEOGA In a thrill-packed game on their home floor the Cardinals fell short three points in a last half rally. By a score of 50-47 in their favor. Kermit Radloff led the scoring for Strasburg with 19 points, while Gumn of Neoga tallied 17 points. The second team lost by a score of 38-28. Strasburg 18 11 5 47 Neoga 22 6 13 50 COUNTY TOURNAMENT In the first game of the 1945-1946 county tournament, Strasburg took a severe tromping by the Stewardson five. Stewardson led 36-12 at the half and 66-34 at the end of the game. Butch Doehring made 8 field goals and 3 charity tosses for Strasburg, while Steagall of Stewardson scored 30 points. Strasburg - 15 4 14 34 Stevvardson 28 10 12 66 STRASBURG VS. TOLEDO The first five tromped Toledo by a score of 60-35. Strasburg took the lead and maintained it all through the game. Kermit Radloff led the scoring with 22 points. The second team took an easy victory with the score of 38-20. Strasburg 26 8 8 60 Toledo 16 3 12 35 STRASBURG VS. BEECHER CITY In the latter's large gym the Cardinals lost by a score of 45-32. The score at the half was 21-20 in Beecher City's favor. Radloff was high for Strasburg with 12 points. The 2nd team won by a score of 22-14. Strasburg 11 9 7 32 Beecher City 23 5 17 45 STRASBURG VS. WINDSOR . Strasburg lost to Windsor for the second time this year by a score of 52-23. Windsor led -all the way and maintained a 17 point lead at the half. Radloff and Trigg 51?-zere high for Strasburg with 8 and 5 points. The second team lost by a score o - . Strasburg 8 7 8 23 Windsor 24 4 9 52 STRASBURG VS. LERN A For the second time this season the Cards downed Lerna by rolling up 64 points for themselves and allowing Lerna to get only 21. Strasburg led all the way and was ahead at the half by a large margin. Butch Doehring and Kermit Radloff had 23 and 18 points. STRASBURG VS. COWDEN u In thrill-packed game Strasburg lost to Cowden by a score of 42-38. After lead- ing at the half by 4 points, Strasburg couldn't keep up the pace and fell behind. Doehring led the scoring by 20 points. The second team lost by a score of 24-36. Strasburg 14 10 9 38 Cowden 19 6 10 42 trasbur Communit Wi I1 chool - 1946 8 V S glee jiourglass - STRASBURG VS. TOWER HILL After Tower Hill had beaten Strasburg in the first game, the boys went out with blood in their eyes and came back with a 63-43 victory. Doehring tossed through 21 points and Radloff 18 for the winners. The second team also won by a score of 46-37. Strasburg 21 3 9 63 Tower Hill 19 5 8 43 DISTRICT TOURNEY STRASBURG VS. SIGEL In the first game of the District Tourney our boys took an easy victory over Sigel by a score of 52-33. The second team played half the game. They played the second and third quarters. The score by quarters is given below. Strasburg 28 32 36 52 Sigel 8 15 25 33 STRASBURG VS. DIETERICH This game shall be long remembered, for this was the game in which Butch Doehring set a state individual scoring record with 72 points in one game. He had 28 of the teams 60 points at the half and then tossed in 44 points during the last half. The final score of the game was 114-31. Strasburg 51 12 11 114 Dieterich 13 5 12 31 STRASBURG VS. STEVVARDSON In the final game Strasburg gave Stewardson the closest game of the year. But with the best, Strasburg fell short of victory by only 6 points. We trailed 6 points at the half also. The final score was 44-35. Kermit Radloff rolled in 12 points for the losers. Strasburg 10 17 28 35 Stewardson 10 23 30 44 BLIND TDURNEZY In the first game of the Tournament, Cowden won over Strasburg by a score of 61-30. Strasburg was in a pretty bad shape for this tournament as all of the first team were suffering from the effects of the 'flu' and could play only a little bit at a time. Gene Hiatt led the scoring with 8 points. In the same afternoon Windsor defeated Stewardson by a score of 28-27 in an overtime. This left Stewardson and Strasburg fighting for third place and Cowden and Windsor for first. Stewardson defeated Strasburg that night by a score of 66-43. Gene Hiatt led the score of Strasburg with 15 points. In the last game Cowden emerged in first place. They held the lead practically all the way, and ended ahead by a score of 48-37. BOYS' FINAL AVERAGES IN BASKETBALL FOR THE YEAR SA SM NAME GAMES PCT. FTA FTM PCT 1. Ulmer ......................,...,.,,.,...,,,,,,,,..,,, 6 5 3 .600 4 1 .250 2. Radloff ..... 324 133 .411 96 50 .521 3. Doehring ...... 322 125 .388 96 57 .594 4. Hiatt ............ 54 19 .352 17 10 .588 5. Ruff ......... 103 33 .320 44 22 .500 6. Wirth ..... 140 42 .300 42 21 .500 7. Tate ......... 166 49 .295 48 17 .355 8. Nippe ......... 168 46 .274 36 : 18 .500 9. Terry .............. 169 44 .260 48 18 .375 10. Stremming ...... 62 16 .258 27 11 .291 11. Risser .....,.,.... 21 5 .233 11 4 .314 12. Ragan ...,.,, 131 31 .229 37 10 .370 13. Kircher ..... 56 12 .214 20 10 .500 14. Webner ..... 19 4 .211 13 8 .616 15. Bridges ........ 16 3 .188 4 1 .250 16. Rincker ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,., 69 10 .145 17 7 .412 17. Spannagel ...,..,,,,,.,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 1 0 .000 2 1 .500 The others have no average. Y-Eeuiggtrasburg Community .7'ligl1 Qschool - 1946 Qhe fHourglass - BASEBALL STRASBURG VS. STEWARDSON After leading by 7 runs going into the 9th inning our boys lost the ball game by 1 run. Doehring did the pitching for Strasburg and Rothrock hurled for Stewardson. Our boys had the most hits, but the least runs. STRASBURG VS. STEWARDSON In the second game this year we were surprised to find ourselevs defeated again. We once more had the most hits, but lacked the 1 necessary run. Doehring pitched for the losers, While Stitt emerged the Winning pitcher. AB H AVE. ' 2 666 . Loyd Rincker .......,...,...........,,......,,.,,.............,..,...............,............. . . Butch Doehring .,..... .. .571 . Kermit Radloff ........... . .429 400 333 . Robert Ragan ...........,..... . . . Delbert Stremming ...... . . . 3 7 4 7 3 5 2 3 1 . Robert Nippe ,...,.......... .. 7 2 . 6 1 7 1 . Forrest Gene Risser ...... .. 7 0 . 4 0 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 286 7. George Terry ......,..... . .167 8. Howard Wirth .......,,,.., .. .143 9 000 10 000 11 000 . Gene Hiatt ..............,.... .. . . Dwight Lading ........ ......,.,.......,....... . . . SOFTBALL INTRAMURAL: NOON LEAGUE All of the boys were divided into 4 teams and 2 of the teams played each noon. The season is only half over but here are the present 16 highest batters. Sing- Doub- Trip- Hom- Team AB H Ave. les les les ers 1. Radloff .....,...... ...,. 3 8 8 1.000 3 1 1 3 2. D. Doehring ....... .. 4 15 12 .800 3 2 1 . Rincker ............ .. 2 16 10 .625 3 1 0 . Storm ............ .. 2 15 9 .600 4 1 0 . Wirth ....,....... .. 4 14 8 .571 7 0 0 . D. Lading ..,... .. 3 13 7 .539 3 0 0 7. Risser ........... . 2 17 9 .529 4 2 0 . Vogel ............ .. 2 17 9 .524 1 0 0 9. R. Nippe .......... ,. 2 13 6 .462 4 2 0 10. Spannagel ...... . 2 14 6 .429 2 0 0 . Fisher .........,....... . 4 5 2 .400 2 0 0 . C. Doehring ....... .. 2 13 5 .385 3 0 0 13. Ragan .............. .. 1 9 3 .333 1 0 0 . Kircher ............... . 3 15 5 .333 2 0 0 15. D. Stremming ..... 3 15 5 .333 1 0 0 . Ruff ..................... ............ 4 15 5 .333 1 0 1 TEAM 1 TEAM 2 TEAM 3 TEAM 4 Terry Rincker Radloff D. Doehring Ragan Storm D. Lading Wirth Hiatt Risser D. Stremming Kearney Carruthers R. N ippe K. Stremming Senteney Bauer Vogel Kircher Mulvaney Kull Spannagel Tate Bridges Webner C. Doehring Doty O. Lading Ulmer N. Nippe Schlechte Ruff John T R. Lading C. Lading Fisher TEAM STANDINGS G W L STANDING Team 2 ...................... ..... 7 6 1 .857 Team 4 ................. ...... 7 4 3 .571 Team 3 ......... ....... 7 3 4 .429 Team 1 .................................... ,...................,.,,,.,...............,... 7 1 6 .143 k QStrasburg Community jizgh Cgchool - 1946 Qhe Wourglass - CLASS TOURNAMENT fB0ys'j SOPHOMORES VS. FRESHMEN In the first game the sophomores trounced the freshmen by a score of 72-30. The sophomores led all the way through the game. Kermit Radloff got 23 points. George Terry tallied 19 and Bob Nippe rolled in 18 for the sophomores. Tommy Ulmeg led the scoring for the freshmen with 9 points, while Forrest Gene Risser had . JUNIORS VS. SENIORS The seniors took the lead and maintained it throughout the game. They won by a. score of 63-44. Tobe Kircher led the scoring for the seniors with 22 points. David Mulvaney tallied 16 points and Fisher 13 for the losers. JUNIORS VS. FRESHMEN In the fight for 3rd place, the freshmen lost by a score of 42-39. This game lasted only for two eight minute halves. It was a very close game all the way. Not until the final minutes did the juniors take the lead. SENIORS VS. SOPHOMORES The final game was a terrific battle between two outstanding teams. I believe I can truthfully say that the players displayed much more drive than they had all season. After a blood-curdling first half the sophomores led by 10 points. But from then on the real battle began. The seniors came back with scoring rally and at the same time held the sophomores down to 2 points. During the fourth quarter Ragan received his 5 fouls. But because the seniors had no subs he was allowed to remain in the game with a double penalty. In the final minutes the score teeter- ed back and forth. Then with a minute to go, Kermit Radloff was called for his fifth personal foul and had to leave the game. With less than a minute to go the seniors were two points ahead. But Howard Wirth dumped in a long 25 footer to tie the score. With seconds to go Butch pitched in a rebound to put the seniors ahead with the final score 52-50. The sophomores did not have enough time to stage a comeback. TOURNAMENT STATISTICS NAMES GAMES SA SM PCT. PF FTA FTM PCT. TP 1. Spannagel ..... ............. 2 1 1 1.000 0 3 2 .667 8 2. Ulmer .......... ,,..,,,,,, 2 7 4 .571 2 3 3 1.000 11 3. Radloff ..,..... ..,..,. 2 37 20 .541 10 9 2 .222 42 4. Fisher ...... ....., 2 13 7 .538 1 4 1 .250 15 5. Wirth ............. ,,,,., 2 17 9 .529 2 3 2 .667 20 6. Doehring .......... ,,,,,, 2 50 22 .440 4 7 6 .857 50 7. K. Stremming ..... ,,..... 2 7 3 .429 3 0 0 .000 6 8. Risser .................... ...... 2 12 5 .417 0 7 2 .286 12 9. Kircher ......,.... ,,,,.,. 2 30 12 .400 15 13 4 .222 28 10. Mulvaney ..... ,..... 2 18 7 .389 3 12 3 .250 17 11. Rincker ....... ,,,,,,, 2 6 2 .333 4 0 0 .000 4 12. Terry ....,... ,,,,,,, 2 30 10 .333 7 5 2 .400 22 13. Ragan ...... ..,,,,, 2 6 2 .333 8 0 0 .000 4 14. Hiatt ........ ,,,.., 2 44 14 .318 5 14 4 .286 32 15. Nippe ,......... ,,.,,, 2 38 12 .316 8 6 5 .833 29 16. D. Lading ...... .,..,., 2 16 5 .313 2 5 2 .400 12 17. Bridges ....... ,,,,,,, 2 10 3 .300 6 8 2 L250 8 18. Webner ....... ..,,.,. 2 17 5 .294 4 4 1 .250 11 19. Vogel .............. ,.,,,,, 2 7 2 .286 4 6 4 .667 8 20. O. Lading ...... ,,,,... 2 12 3 .250 3 4 2 .500 8 21. Ruff ............ ,,,,,, 2 9 2 .222 8 3 1 .333 5 22. Storm .,..,..,..... .,,,,, 2 7 1 .143 7 5 1 .200 3 23. C. Doehring ...... ,,,,,,, 2 2 0 .000 O 2 1 .500 1 24. Doty .,,,,..,,.,..,. ,,.,,, 2 0 0 .000 2 1 1 1.000 1 Strasburg Community fHigh School - 1946 Qhe .Hourglass f CLASS TOURNAMENT fGirls'j SOPHOMORES VS. FRESHMEN With the first game the sophomore girls took an easy 29-3 victory over the freshmen. The sophomores took the lead and held it throughout. SENIORS VS. JUNIORS The seniors took a victory from the juniors in the second game. The score was 16-9. This was the closest score of any girls' game. JUNIORS VS. FRESHMEN In the game for third place the juniors trounced the freshmen by a score of 23-0. This is the first time a tournament team was held scoreless. SENIORS VS. SOPHOMORES The fourth and championship game showed some nice playing. But after 24 minutes of rough-and-tumble basketball, the sophomores looked up to the new champs, namely the seniors. The game was a tough one to lose, but the seniors had won it by a score of 24-12. This was the third consecutive year this group of girls won the trophy. The ten high scorers for the girls were: 1. Dorothy Wilson ....,......, 2. Rosabelle Rosine .......... 3. Myra Engel .................... 4. Lona Doehring ......,.,...,. 5. Ramona Schlechte ...... ...V-..-.N - - -ff il I gl 'a, '3f Freshmen Boys Forrest G. Risser Tommy Ulmer Lloyd Spannagel Bernard Doty Warren Schlechte Bobby Bridges Frank Kull Noel Nippe Caryl Doehring Sophomore Boys Kermit Radloff George Terry Robert Nippe Howard Wirth Delbert Stremming Loyd Rincker Max Tate Donald Ruff Junior Boys Donald Vogel Orvel Lading Rex Storm Clarence Fisher Dwight Lading David Mulvaney Senior Boys Delbert Doehring Tobe Kircher Gene Hiatt Robert Ragan TP PCT. TP 5 .500 6. Vera Ulmer ......... ........ 9 3 .500 7. Alice Thomas ..... ........ 1 6 3 .500 8. Dorothy Reel .................. 5 20 .471 9. Maxine Hood ................ 11 18 .450 10. Gail Spannagel ............ 5 TOURNAMENT TEAMS Kenneth Stremming Freshmen Girls Trena Kearney Martha Pieper Roberta Hiatt Mary Stremming June Buesking Betty Ann Collins Sophomore Girls Myra Engel Dorothy Doeding Maxine Hood Ruth Buesking Ruth Stuckemeyer Carol Ragan Alice Thomas Junior Girls Doris Reel Dorothy Reel Ramona Schlechte Rosabelle Rosine Lorena Bauer Ruth Bridges Juanita Storm Marilyn Hiatt Mary McPehrson Senior Girls Dorothy Wilson June Robison Lona Doehring Gail Spannagel Vera Ulmer Emogene Kircher Joyce Hiatt CT. 364 320 286 250 .143 6trasburg Community .Wigh Qschool - 1946 Q he Hourglass A THE JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET This year's junior-sponsored banquet, given in honor of the graduating seniors of '46, was held April 26. The history room was turned into a sidewalk cafe, with spring blossoms adding the needed local color. Spirea and iris cascaded over trellises with an air of festivity. The walls were disguised as a Barber Shop, Tavern, Dress Shop, and Bicycle Shop. The theme for the banquet was old-fashion- ed-going back to the gay nineties. The radio-phonograph played gay ninety re- cordings as background music appropriate to the setting. Perhaps the most inter- esting change in this yearls banquet was the switch from waitresses to waiters. In the past our waitresses have always been elected from the Sophomore Class. We didn't break the tradition entirely, but this year, we chose boys-Kermit Radloff, Bob Nippe, George Terry, Dwight Lading, Delbert Stremming, and Rex Storm, all dressed in dark suits, white shirts with bow ties, dish towel aprons and handle-bar mustaches. Ruth Hirtzel, the Junior Class president, extended the welcome, and Dorothy Wilson, as Senior Class president, gave the response. After the usual banqueting, the group enjoyed a movie entitled "The Gay Desperado". The following song was composed by Miss Cruise to be sung to the tune of "Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey". Give us your attention, people-while we sing- Of the class of '46 now-on the wing- O, O, how we'll miss them all For they-won't come back next fall. Emogene and Lona will be-lost l'll bet Vera, then can concentrate-upon her "vet". O, O, what of Clara Mae? Will she have a lot to say? Gail, we will remember you were-on the beam- Herb Sinatra Collins made the-ladies scream. O, O, what of basketball? June and Dot answered to the call- Olive gone from history class and-Joyce as well- Teachers will be praying next year-for the bell. O, O, there'1l be no Jeanne- And no Betty White you'll see, How we'll miss that flash of red and-O, how dull Strasburg High will be without our-Francis Tull. And the Cardinals will seem- Strange with-our Butch on the team Then there's Gene our muscle-man and-poet, too- Tobe, who teases all the girls-He's-never blue So-for Ragan give a cheer- Gene, now with another year Here's to luck and happiness to-everyone Thanks for all the memories and-all you've done And we know that they're few- True blue friends like you! QStrasbu1'g Community High School - 1946 Qhe Hourglass l r J GIRLS' P. E. Top Row-Corma Ragan, Ann Bridges, Ruth Stuckemeyer, June Buesking, Emogene Kircher, Mary McPherson, Juanita Storm, Ruth Bridges, Joyce Hiatt, Lorena Bauer, Mary Stremming, Norma Jean Lichtenwalter. Second Row-Miss Cruise, Loraine Engel, Trena Kearney, Maxine Hood, Dorothy Doedmg, Myra Engel, Ruth Buesking, Clara Mae Beals, Ramona Schlechte, Alice Thomas, Jeanne Bridges, Carol Rangan, Martha Pieper, Olive Krile. Third Row-Gail Spannagel, Lona Doehring, Vera Ulmer, Rosabelle Rosine, Dorothy Reel, Doris Reel, Betty Ann Collins, June Robison, Dorothy Wilson, Roberta Hiatt, Jean Lane. BOYS' P. E. Top Row-Delbert Doehring, Kenneth Stremming, Bobby Bridges, Delbert Stremming, Franklin Kull, Clarance Fisher, Tobe Kircher, Wayne Kearney. Second Row--Lloyd Spannagel, George Terry, Donald Vogel, Dwight Lading, Bernard Doty, Forrest Gene Risser, Dale Bauer, Warren Schlechte. Third Row-Mr. Middlesworth, Carl Lading, Charles Carruthers, Donald Ruff, 1CFrylTDEJehr1ng, John Dale Webner, Robert Ragan, Robert Nippe, Orvel Lading, ax a e. Fourth Row-Loyd Rincker, Kermit Radloff, David Mulvaney, Thomas Ulmer, Gene Hiatt, Noel Nippe, Rex Storm, Howard Wirth. BASEBALL SQUAD Top Row--Dwight Lading, Forrest Gene Risser, Robert Ragan, John Dale Webner, Wayne Kearney. Second Row-Mr. Middlesworth, Howard Wirth, Delbert Doehring, Gene Hiatt, Delbert Stremming. T Third Row-Loyd Rincker, Max Tate, Robert Nippe, Kermit Radloff, George erry. 6trasburg Community .High Qschool - 1946 N 1 I 1 , 1 , 1.x-. , f E X, WA - ,EX E ffl? h EQ? ' Q7 e Hourglass DIARY SEPTEMBER: First Week Everything is going smoothly-but the bells. We're all getting used to school again, greeting all of our old friends and making new ones. Second Week The "Freshies" are relieved now that initiation is over. It was an exceptionally good one this year, with lots of fun for everyone. The Speech Class is giving pantomines and they must be good according to the amount and volume of laughter coming from there. Third Week The 'trules" of conduct of S. C. H. S. were handed out and read thoroughly. These were a big help to the freshman and also a refresher to the minds of the upperclassmen. Fourth Week The classes and clubs met to determine the kind of party they are to give the school and the date they are to be given. It sounds like a good schedule of entertainment. OCTOBER, First Week The Junior Class Play ticket selling teams were organized and ready to start work. It was "decided" Marilyn's team wasn't to be called-"The Apes". Second Week This week is a short oneg Home Ec. Class III prepared a dinner for the County School Masters. Some are still talking about the All-School Hay Ride. Third .Week p , This is the week of the Junior Class Play so the cast is practicing exceptional- ly hard and everyone is trying to sell an extra ticket. Cheerleader tryouts were held and Ruth Dearman, Warren and Ramona Schlechte were chosen. Fourth Week 1 The Juniors gave a party to the ticket sellers in appreciation of their ticket sa es. We had a "Pep Party", consisting of some peppy games and rousing cheers. Fifth Week. This is a busy week as we're making preparations for the Hallowe'en Carnival. The day was spent in arranging the concessions and decorating the gym. NOVEMBER. First Week We played our first basketball game this week-but I don't think all the scores will be like that. Second Week School Night was this week. It must have been a hit, as we had a large crowd attending. Third Week Another short week because of Thanksgiving vacation. The Senior proofs are here-Spieth gives fast service as the pictures were taken on November 13. Fourth Week . Thanks to a bright idea of Mr. Wilson's, we heard "My Most Embarrassing Moment" by N. B. C. DECEMBER: First Week The sophomores, under the supervision of Mr. Middlesworth, presented one of those "Who-Done-It" plays. Second Week The flu got the best of us and the school was closed this Week. Third Week The F. H. A. is busily planning the Mother's Tea. Plans are being made for the All-School Christmas Party. Fourth Week This Week is Christmas vacation. JANUARY. First Week We're back, ready to start off the New Year and to break any New Year's re- solutions we thoughtlessly made. iliqstrasburg Community ffligh Qschool - 1946 1-,S v- fu P Q fy EQ 'i ' QI 'ff 11' nf, ak-Q fix? -'1 D 5: Kin. Qhe jiourglass - DIARY Second Week What a busy week with three basketball games and a movie! I bet there isn't much studying done, just book-gazing. Third Week R , Ruth Dearman left us today to go to Neoga Township High School-Good Luck, uth! Fourth Week The new second semester classes are meeting and organizing this week. It looks as if they will be very interesting classes. Fifth. Week We had an educational movie concerning B-24 manufacturing at Willow Run, also an entertaining movie. FEBRUARY. First Week Preparations are being made by the sophomores for the all-school skating party at Mattoon. Second Week The bus drowned out on the east route and was finally nursed back to health about 3:00 o'clock the following morning. Some of the east-routers didn't get home until the wee hours of the morning. Third Week Strasburg competed in the District Tourney at Dieterich this week. The main attraction of the Tourney was "Butch', Doehring's 72 points in one game-that broke the state scoring record. Congratulations, Butch! Fourth Week The seniors gave the first assembly program, and it was enjoyed by all. The Loyalty Club Banquet was held and a movie was shown afterwards. MARCH: First Week The Class Tourney was held this week with both the senior boys and girls victorious. This was the third time this group of girls has Won the trophy. Second Week The actresses and actors are learning their parts for the three plays to be given Dramatics Night. Third Week The Dramatics Club went to Mattoon to see a movie as their club get-together. Fourth Week The juniors presented their assembly program and we also had a movie for entertainment this week. APRIL, First Week The freshman Class gave their all-school party which furnished a variety of fun for everyone. Second Week The Senior Class Play-"Aunt Samanthy Rules the Roost" was given and was well attended. Third Week We ended this short week with a movie, as we didn't have school Friday. Fourth Week The juniors have been busy preparing the Junior-Senior Banquet, which turn- ed out to be a memorable event for everyone attending. MAY: First Week The Softball League is well under way and provides noontime entertainment for those interested. , Second Week You know the old saying-"ln the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love". Well it's happening here too! Third Week The boys are beginning to work in the field after school. Fourth Week This is a busy week with final examinations and other activities that bring a school year to a close. Fifth Week This is the last week of school, so we say, "FARl-SWELL". Strasburg Community .High School - 1946 Qhe Yiourglass Q xi I L iw ll N I CALENDAR 1945 County lnstitue ...,........., .............. A ugust 31 First day of school .,.,... ..... L . September 4 Freshman Initiation ............... ....,.. S eptember 14 P. T. A, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,A,,,,,.,..,, ....... S eptember 25 Senior All-School Hay Ride ........ ......... O Ct0b6I' 5 County Institute .........................,.,....................,... ..... O Ctober 11 End of First 6 weeks ....................,...,...................... ...... O Ctober 12 T. B. Tests given ..........,........................,.,.....,..............., .v.... O ctober 17 Junior Class Play-"A Ready-Made Family" ...... ...... O Ctober 19 Movie-t'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" ,...... ...... O C'f0b9I' 25 Loyalty Club Pep Party .......,.........,..,.................. ...... O ctober 26 P, T, A, ,,,,,T,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,, ,.,.,.... O ctober 31 HalloWe'en Carnival ........................ ........ N OVK-Ember 2 Movie-"Two Yanks in Trinidad" ..... November 8 Junior Hobo Party ...............,............., ........ N OVG-mber 9 A11-School Night ........................,.... ........ N ovember 14 End of Second 6 Weeks ....... .........., NOVGIHDGF 21 Thanksgiving Vacation ..,,............... NOV9H1b91' 22-23 P, T, A, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,AA,,,,,,.,,,A,A,,,,,,.,,,,,,., ........ N ovember 28 Movie-"Sweetheart of the Fleet" ..... ---- N Ovember 29 F. H. A. Slumber Party ,......,....,.......... -..-. N OVGTTIDGI' 30 F. H. A. Mother's Christmas Tea ..... All-School Christmas Party ........... Movie-"Flight Lieutenant" ....... Christmas Vacation Begins ..... December 19 December 21 December 21 December 24 Blind Tournament ................... ----- D ecember 28 1946 School Reopens ...............,......,.........,..... ,,.., J anuary 2 Movie-"Time Out For Rhythm" ..... ..... J anuary 10 Semester Examinations ......,,.,,........ .,,,, J anuary 18 County Institute ,........,..........,........ ...,, J anuary 25 P. T. A.-'tMusical Night" ...............,.,... ..,.. J anuary 30 Movie-"Music In My Heart" ...........,..... ........ J anuary 31 Sophomore. All-School Skating Party ..,,., ...... F ebruary 8 Lincoln's Birthday fNo Schoolb ,,,..,...,,,i, ....... F ebruary 12 All-School Valentine Party ....,........,,.... .,.... F ebruary 14 Movie-"Coast Guard" .............. ...... F ebruary 26 P. T. A.--MBOX Social" ..,...... ......, F ebruary 27 Loyalty Club Banquet .....,,. ....,... M arch 1 End of Fourth 6 Weeks ...... ..... M arch 1 Class Tournament ............ ...,. M arch 5- 6 Dramatics Night ................ .. .,... March 15 Dramatics Club Party ....,.,.,,....,.,,,,,,,,..,, ..... M arch 22 P. T. A.-"Variety Show" .,,,.,,.,,,.,,,,,.,....,..,,. ........,.... . .. ..... March 27 Movie-"He Sang For His Breakfast" ,.,,,l.,,,,....................,. ..... M arch 28 Freshman, All-School Kid Party .............................................. ........... A pril 5 Senior Class Play-"Aunt Samanthy Rules the Roost" ...... April 10-12 End of Fifth 6 Weeks .....,.....,,..,,..,.,.,,.,,,,,,..,..,..,...................... ....... A pril 12 Movie-"Pennies From Heaven" ...,...,............................... ........ A pril 18 P. T. A.-t'Family Night" ,.,l,..,,,,,,,,, ........ A pril 24 Movie-'tHarmon of Michigan" .,..,..,,. ....... A pril 25 Junior-Senior Banquet ,,...,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,l,,,,,.,,,, ....... A pril 26 Movie-"Only Angels Have Wings" ..,.. ...... M ay 23 Senior Examinations ........,,,...,.....,..,..,,.. ..... M ay 24 Semester Examinations ...,,............... ,. ...... May 29 Commencement Exercises ....... ..... J une 1 R., 6trasburg Community High Cgchool - 1946 V ! Q x , CQ 6 ' K va 1 6, 1 A4,, M' Q K., 2 5 1 H I Q ego 33 529 fv i . - ' f f Q 1 JI Sf- 3 - H f X X og f WI slr- ,Q "rg: K NN li 3 ti' J 6 V , K V w W . N - 5 'A IXTYRVN, X mm' f ' , b Li X S ' - 'Q 6 t'.l, .,'5- Q1 'Q 5-I K , 'QR V Q Q . wi Q 4 f f My Ag i i- fa gt IL X1 'V ' N, 'K Q N . , W' jr W gf uv" , N 'H . . , 'ax ,Z my D ' , if W9 ' , if X ' " 4,1 Q. b X 44: ' f Mg, f : -Q 1, ' f 5' ' N? J I gb ? ,. Q ,af 'WQWM .g, 'P its " y. f ww-if 9 6 , 1 , Ti K 325 fi 'I' 4 X i ev X ,f'V ffg1"' 1 X - 'if ,ff P' 1, 'leg , f if lg - fa '7 3 ff, rg- ,5 5 fy' X tl I J 1 fa' ge +3 ,,, A ,lm 5 VA, ' i yg X X V P Z . div 3, I 5' ' - , I -"1 S75 - M fzlnlg., iii? ?i:::::2. f 4 1 4 7 , x 65:1 h I if K lm . 455 w f 1 ,S .6 XX' w' r JN ' 4 71 " ' L5 4 I lg t x Q! 'L O K 5 4 qt 4 A X' I' 5 5 v, l X. A 9 Cr 3 'hfgm X. , ,ZA ,fxxm 'V 1 ,Q if Q ,F af 6, Irlllllllllf um' l J I X Zi ff- .ni 65 x K Q f f 1 AJ' 1 be, P fc 1 ..,,flsu,, h f 0 I Xin' lf, .N :YV X ' ' A QQ ggi 5 ' Qx .Q X X ff jf " ff X S " . 1' , , J ""' . ' - Q ' ' Hwy-'X 'st' 3, Q22 - ,il ' X ' ss I Wu n . W g Q f Q QQ ' "" 4 U ef f Q 'f' m"i"-91.4, " 1 I' r Z 's 3 ' ' f .f W -'- f ' f f f ? 'I' 1 .li!p W in -1 ,J A H Q Qr ,Q,1i,f-m.',m 54 M W Way -f ' m v-I ,. fi N , w i ,xx 1 ', X 23 . W ' 'P' , - XV x - I 1 A 4X,,f?j'K9 ' P ' W9 ' rj Ne A r ' ' WK ,' WZ 4 , -., I E : E M 1 "h wr A g gillu 3. 4 f - 1-W. f"vY-"9 .1 fm-. -3:10 N Q 577 , :g a 5? W 7 E W Q? 4 ' 6 ,f r 2' X Q' '- Rx mm n , 1 w Q A n IA 82 T ll ' '-"-:fl ' A -,Hn . x l' it i" X f i 5 6 Q 2- fn if" 1 X xrx ., r' X f xi? if Q Y' " 2 76 H ,J E C X I 'QKQ 1 , ' X CIRCUS ff f H . . X ..f-1 ff w.g Xb, .X fxx JU A pi.. Qhe Hourglass - INITIAT ION On September the fourteenth, twenty-three green Freshmen gathered in the gym for their initiation with the rest of the students. The Freshmen were all seat- ed on the stage and each one had something to do. Singing and even calling the hogs were some of the requirements of them. The novelty acts were ended with "Miss Strasburg" as the well-known "C" Lading. After this the evening was spent by playing games. The evening came to a close with the serving of refreshments. The refreshments consisted of ice cream, pop, and cookies. The Freshmen left with the feeling of really belonging in Strasburg Community High School, and the other students had a good time, l'm sure. BOOSTER CLUB This club is made up of the most enthusiastic students in High School. Those who really go out and sell tickets for plays and season tickets for basketball games. These are the students who boost the High School to a higher standard. The first thirty-five students are as follows: Herbert Collins Ruth Hirtzel Betty Ann Collins Vera Ulmer Delbert Doehring Tobe Kircher Gail Spannagel Robert Nippe David Mulvaney Loraine Engel Martha Pieper Darlene Weber Myra Engel Kermit Radloff Ruth Stuckemeyer Richard Lading Marilyn Hiatt . Owen Mulvaney . Rex Storm . Rosabelle Rosine . Donald Vogel . Doris Reel . Dorothy Reel . Frank Kull . Howard Wirth . George Terry . June Robison . Olive Krile . Maxine Hood . Dorothy Doeding . Donald Ruff . Mary McPherson . Wayne Kearney . Dale Bauer 18. John Dale Webner CARNIVAL This year again as in previous years S. C. H. S. put on a 'tbangu of a Hallowe'en Carnival. The gym was decorated in orange paper with black cats and witches prowling everywhere. The Clubs, F. H. A, Dramatics, and Art, sponsored the lunch room, play, and novelty counter. There were also various rooms of mysteries, fortune teller, and the pin ball alley. The big event of the evening was the crowning of the S. C. H. S. Queen and King. Ruth Stuckemeyer and Delbert Stremming were voted as Queen and King. The evening was ended with the Faculty Play which was filled with skeltons and spooks. This carnival really turn- ed out to be a big success. We took in a grand total of 3523.80 HISTORY OF S. C. H. S. ACTIVITIES Junior Senior Play Play Carnival Tickets Total Season Grand 1940-41 ,.,,,, H 41.15 32.26 49.80 40.25 163.46 1941-42 ...... .. 31.63 39.65 57.36 54.77 183.41 1942-43 ...... .. 45.36 43.11 63.52 34.70 186.69 1943-44 ...... ..... 5 1.39 168.70 202.40 44.25 466.74 1944-45 ...... ...... 1 74.10 214.65 374.00 137.00 899.75 1945-46 .,.... ...... 1 80.20 236.40 523.80 159.00 1099.40 Strasburg Community High School - 1946 Qhe f7'lourglass The coon he had a striped tail The possum's tail is bare The rabbit has no tail at all It's just a bunch of hair. This is a story of Mr. Middles- worth's first hunting trip as told in the first person: The first bird I ever shot was a squirrel. The first time I hit him I missed him altogether. The second time I hit him 'twas in the same place. After that I took a stone and dropped him from the tree and he fell into the river and was drown- ed. And that was the first bird I ever shot. "What would you do if you married a rich woman?" "Absolutely nothing." "My husband thinks he's chang- ed a lot, but he hasn't." "How come?" "Well, he's always talking about what a perfect fool he used to be." These are the facts and I face them: Foods that are highly nutritious Too often are blessed with the nature Of tasting undelicious. 'tHave you and your boss ever had any difference of opinion?" t'Yes, but he doesn't know any- thing about it!" "I enjoy watching a cat-fight, don't you ?" "Yeahg they're right down my alley." "Do you think you are fit for hard labor?" the foreman asked an elderly job seeker. 'tl must be," replied the appli- cant, "some of the best judges in the country have thought so." For the first time little Ann saw a cat carrying her kitten by the nape of the neck. t'Shame on you!" cryed the child. t'You aren't fit to be a mama. You're hardly fit to be a father." Lecturer: Ulf I've talked too long, it's because I forgot my watch and there's no clock in this hall." Voice in back: "If you'll just turn around, there's a calendar on the wall just behind you? 'B' W K' 9 "Hey!" the electrician called to his helper, "put your hand on one of those wires." The helper touched one of them as he was told. "Feel anything?" HN0'17 "Good!" said the electrician. 'AI Wasn't sure which was which. Don't touch the other one or you'll drop deadf' A good story teller is a person who has a good memory and hopes other people haven't. Glmetryr The shortest distance between two dates is a good line. He was going home after dark. His road from the station was a lonely one, and he hurried along as fast as possible-even faster than possible when he realized he was being followed. He crawled under a fence and waded thru shrubs. He cut across a cemetery and circled a tomb on his hands and knees. At last he turned. "Why are you fol- lowing me?" he demanded. i'Well," his pursuer replied, 'Tm going to Mr. Bloom's house, and the station agent told me to follow you because you live next door to Bloom. Tell me-do you always go home this way?" June's father: f'Young man, we turn out the lights at 10:30 in this house." Tobe: "Gee, that sure nice of you, sir." Reader: "So you make up,these jokes yourself?" Editor: "Yes, out of my head." Reader: "You must be." Only 1 man in 1,000 is a leader of men. The other 999 are followers of women. Sonny Boy: "Mother, why did you marry father?" Mother: "So you've begun to wonder, too, have you?" Small Boy: "Shine your shoes, Mister?" Grouch: UNO!" Small Boy: "Shine your shoes so you can see your face in them?" Grouch: "No." Small Boy: "Coward!" -lstrasburg Community High Qschool - 1946 fd' DW A K Qhe ffiourglass - THANK YOU We wish to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the following who helped make this Hourglass possible. Spieth Studio CPhotographerJ Raymond Hall CPrinterl All who gave Donations Advertisers Baum's Jewelers, Inc. ,...... Effingham, Illinois Carlock's Style Shop ........ ...... E ffingham, Illinois Court House Cafe ..........,,..... ...... E ffingham, Illinois Effingham Electric Shop .,.... ...... E ffingham, Illinois Evan's Cafe ..............................., Effingham, Illinois Glen Brown's Drug Store ...,.. ...... E ffingham, Illinois H. G. Keller Store ...,............. Effingham, Illinois Heart .Iewelrv Store .,........ Effingham, Illinois Model Shop .......... ........ . .. Efifngham, Illinois Petty's ............,............................. Effingham, Illinois Rayette Beauty Salon .......,......... ...,,.. E ffingham, Illinois Smith Kz Son's Electric Shop ....., ...... E ffingham, Illinois Thies Paint Company .................. ...... E ffingham, Illinois Herff-Jones .....,................,........,....... Indianapolis, Indiana Andrew's Lumber Company ,,,, ..,..... M attoon, Illinois Arcade Drug Store ..,.......,........,., .,...... M attoon, Illinois Automatic Heat Company .,..... ........ M attoon Illinois Bergner's ........,................,,.........,.,, ........ M attoon, Illinois Blackwell's Music Shop ..,,.,.......,. ........ M attoon, Illinois Burtschi's Book and Gift Shop ........ Mattoon, Illinois Central Illinois Public Service ..,..... Mattoon, Illinois Earl Ross .......,..................,.........,,.. ........ M attoon Illinois Ed. F. Ritter Drug Store .,... ........ M attoon Illinois Elliott Jewelers .................. ........ M attoon Illinois Furste Auto Supply ..,,.. ........ M attoon, Illinois Gebhart Stores ..........., ....... M attoon, Illinois Gibsons Furniture ..... ........ M attoon, Illinois H. gl B. Bookshop ....... ,....... M attoon, Illinois Hampton 8: Sons ............... ....... M attoon, Illinois Henry Gehl Company .t.....,. ........ M attoon, Illinois I-Iilsabeck's Men's Wear ....... ....... M attoon, Illinois Journal Gazette ......,......,...... ,.,.... M attoon, Illinois Kirks Service ,.........,........,.. ........ M attoon, Illinois Lamperts Jewelers ...,.,...... ........ M attoon, Illinois Leonard's Nash Sales ...,,. ........ M attoon, Illinois Lester's ...........................,......., ....... M attoon, Illinois M. M. Lewis Shop .............,,,,., ........ M attoon, Illinois Mattoon Theatre Company ,.,,,. ........ M attoon Illinois Office Equipment Company ..,, Mattoon,' Illinois Orenstein's ............................,..,,,, ....... M attoon, Illinois Parish's Cleaners .,..........,,.......,.,,,. ........ M attoon, Illinois Seven-Up Bottling Company ,,,,,. ...,... M attoon, Illinois Skating Rink ...,.,,.......,.,,,,.,,,,,,.,,, ....... M attoon, Illinois Spitz Clothier ......,,,,.,.....,,,,,,s.,,, .....,.. M attoon, Illinois Tender Krust Bakery .........,,.i. ........ M attoon, Illinois U. S. Grant Hotel ....,.....,,...,,,,,,,,, ....,... M attoon, Illinois Utterback's Business College .. .,...... Mattoon, Illinois Wadleys .......,.....,.........,,,,,,.,,,..,,,,,,,,, ....... M attoon, Illinois Wolf's ........,..........,,.,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ........ M attoon, Illinois Young's Department Store ,,,,,, .,,.... M attoon, Illinois Shorts Furniture Store .,..,...,,, ......... N eoga, Illinois QStmsbu1fg Community .Wigh School - 1946 glee Hourglass-- Baker 8z Herron ............. Shelbyville, Candy Kitchen ................. Shelbyville, Charles R. Wilson .,,............. Shelbyville, Chuck's Ice Cream Shop ..,.. Shelbyville, Copsy Bakery ........................ Shelbyville, E. A. Jenkins ...,...............,......... .. Shelbyville, Emery I-Iowse ,,....,........................... Shelbyville, Fri's Battery 81 Electric Shop ....... Shelbyville, G. C. Woodard .....,........................., Shelbyville, Gift Shop ..................................,.. Shelbyville, Golden Cream Dairy ..........,....., Shelbyville, I-Ierron's Department Store ...,,... Shelbyville, Inyart Brown-Bilt Shoe Store ....... Shelbyville, J. C. Willard ,,.......,.,....................... Shelbyville, .l'ohnson's Super Market ....i.........,. Shelbyville, Jones gl Burkholder ,,.,..,......,.............,.... ...... Shelbyville, Middle States Cheese 8: Butter Co. ....... ....... S helbyville, N. C. Leathers ....,.....,,..,........................,., ...... S helbyville, Philco Dealer ..,..........................,.,,,..,.... ....... S helbyville, R. O. Beube .................,...... Shelbyville, Reisacher Drug Store ...., Shelbyville, Rubin's Dairy ..,..,......,.................... Shelbyville, Seaman Electric Shop ..................,, Shelbyville, Shelby County Marketing Ass'n. . Shelbyville, Shelby Electric Supply Company Shelbyville, Shelbyville Daily Union ......,...,,,.,.. Shelbyville, Shelbyville Democrat ..,...........,.,,,,..,,.,.. ....... S helbyville, Shelbyville Farm Machinery Co. Shelbyville, Shelbyville Hardware ..,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,., .....,. S helbyville, Shirley Shop .....,.,.,.,..,,,,,,,,,...,,,,.,,,,,,, Shelbyville, Spark's Business College ..... Shelbyville, Sta-Rite Ginnie Lou .......... Shelbyville, The Hub ,,,,,.,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Shelbyville, TWin's Beauty Shop ,... Shelbyville, York Floral Company ......,. Shelbyville, Biehler's Hatcheries .,.,.... ...... S trasburg, Earl Renshaw .,,,,,.,,,.,.,. ..... S trasburg, Edwin Nippe ..,............ ....... S trasburg Emil Ulmer ....... ...... S trasburg, Goldie Nippe ,...... ...... S trasburg, Herman Garrett ...... ...... S trasburg, M. G. Ulmer ..,...... ...... S trasburg, Martin J. Weber ..... ....... S trasburg Martin Pfeiffer .............. ....... S trasburg, Merle Buesking ......,....,.... ...... S trasburg, Ralph Terry ......,...........,..,,,,, ...... S trasburg, Strasburg State Bank ....,.. ...... S traSbuI'g, Ulmer's Cash Grocery ....... ...... S traSbu1'g, Ulmer's Hatchery ..........., ...... S traSburg, Weber Brothers .......,........ ...... S trasburg, Wm. W. Engel gl Sons .....,. ....... S trasburg York's Barber Shop ....,.... ....... S trHSbL11'g, York's Cafe ..................... ...... S trasburg, York's Garage ........ ......... S 'ErHSbL1rg, Clayton Doll ........ Trowbridge, Jones Cafe ................... ......... W indS01', O. R. Bennett ................. ...... W i1'1dS0I', Ruth's Beauty Salon ..,,,.. ...... W iDdS01', Windsor Gazette ........., ..... W i1'1dSOY, 6trasburg Community High School - x l.- , ll N....w Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinios Illinois Illinois Illinois Illiions Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois 1946 Qhe .Hourglass We - AD SCAVENGERS This year we tried a new method for obtaining advertisements for our SCHS Hourglass. On January eighteenth a group of people on the annual staff were in- formed that if they were exempt from semester eexaminations they would be permitted to take a trip to Mattoon. We were to comb the town for ads and they tlaughinglyl asked us to return with not less than one-hundred dollars. Of course, they little realized just how great our capacities of salesmanship for should I say saleswomanshipl were. We had many exciting experiences which we related with great enthusiasm at the close of the day. First of all was the proposition of dividing ourselves into groups. We wanted one good, persuasive person in each group, if possible. Of course, everyone felt very talkative, so the eight of us divid- ed into four groups. Then came the problem of dividing the town into sections per group. Naturally we wouldn't want four different people running into the same store in one day and asking t'Would you like to place an ad in the Strasburg High School Annual"? This could grow monotonous to the store manager after he had been asked for about the third time. Then too, we had a list of merchants who were considerate enough to get their ads in early, and they certainly weren't to be pestered. Finally each group picked the desird two blocks and the hunt was well on its way. Several people had never heard of Strasburg timagine that! ll and if it hadn't been for our "good looks", I'm sure we would have been forcefully re- quested to leave. But this didn't happen too often and every second or third at- tempt always proved beneficial, so we were ebbed onward.-Just to show that it pays to read papers given to you for your own benefit, ask two girls how they felt when confronted with a person who had already placed his ad and these thoughtless individulas failed to notice it in due time-so they look the con- sequences. These I assure you were very mild, even to the point of receiving a gift out of the deal. - When noon came we had collected quite a sum of money. We then refueled ourselves and set out on the afternoon excursions. These were to last only long enough to allow us ample time to return to SCHS to go home on the bus. Of course, we were too busily engaged to think about this till. time had lapsed too far already. So, we headed back to SCHS and tincidentally we never did find Louie? with the neat sum of one-hundred dollars and fifty cents! ! ! Two weeks later this ambitious bunch of scalawags was sent to Shelbyville to again try out their 'fad-gettingn abilities. This time we were confronted with a very hazardous day. The weather man had decided to play against us. We didn't have any hair-splitting experiences that day-maybe we were too cold to notice if we did, but we did find a few people who would have liked to bargain with us. Such ideas I've never heard before-what if they had really meant it ! I At any rate a group of frozen icicles returned with the grand total of sixty-nine dollars, which added to the ads already in from Shelbyville, brought that total near one- hundred dollars, too. Our next venture was on to Effingham-and after going to a bank and de- manding that they "check a cash", we were well on our way. But it seems that Effingham has the funniest buildings. You start in a hotel, land in a cafe, leave the cafe and guess what? We're in the hotel again. Well, this expedition wasn't too "fruitful", but we came back with 3534.00 in our possession-Thus, a grand total of over 8200.00 was gained by these adventures. In addition to this we visited the stores and business places in good old Strasburg. Our attempts here were very successful in a more quiet manner, prob- ably due to the fact that we knew our way around a bit better. At any rate We'd like to thank all advertisers for the courtesy shown us at all times. Perhaps you'd 53 know the exact grand total of all advertisements, which amounted to 6trasburg Community fHiglfz Qjchool - 1946 Qhe jiourglass z -- Complete Home Furnishings GIB O Good Furn FURNITURE COMPANY MATTOON, ILLINOIS The Store Has ifufe A Renuwtion FOI' I-955 To lvforintain Ulmerrs Hatchery Renshaw's Grocery FOR Groceries - Cleaning - and Meats Baby Chicks Strasburg f ' Illinois Phone 108 Strasburg, Illinois E 9 Ulmer s Herman Garrett Cash Grocery SHELBY SERVICE GROCERIES - FRESH MEAT Gasoline and Gil EEQSQEOQIIEQQES Strasburg Illinois FRESH Enun-s - VEGETABLES Try the New Enriched DELUXE FLOUR llll'QStrasbu1'g Community fliigh Cschool - 1946 Qh giourgl THIEIQHEEQJQEEQ1 QQMEANY ' PAINTERS and CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES WaIIpaper,P t Gl d S d gS hum Ph 97 Biehler's Hatcheries For Better Chicks I Strasburg - - Mattoon Illinois Strasburg C nity .Wigh Qgchool - 1946 Qhe Hourglass "Known For Good Foodi' Mattoon 111111015 i For Good Recreation SKATE h at the Q S'l S IVGI' till' Wadle CO. R R' k Packers of 0 f MILK-FED POULTRY Instruction at All TIMES by ,Tack Barber. ,A f MONDAYS and THUCISKSDAYS CYIUFHGIS 0 Church Parties nly , Private Parties from io to 12 c6H00Sl6I Gold" Creamery School Parties From 5 to 7 For Private Parties, Phone 1220, Butter Rink or Residence U4 Mile North on Highway 45 Mattoon Illinois Mattoon Illinois 4 ..,i lf -l"l'lQStrasbu1fg Community fHigl1 School - 1946 Ti rn- ' Qhe jiourglass Ask For ender Krus Bread Fresh Daily at Your Grocery Mattoora Baking Co. 1418 Broadway Phone 234 MATTOO?-I ILLINOIS Hampton 81 Sons "See Furste First" Diamonds Watches For Your Jeweiry Glassware Silverware AUTO PARTS Chromeware and Leather Goods Sterling Silver ACCESSORIES Expert Repairing runsIEAum SUPPLY 1519 Broadway Mattoon, Illinois MATTOON ILLINOIS 6trasburg Community High School - 1946 Qhe Hourglass The Dail JOURNAL- G ZETTE The Gazette Printing Co. MATTOON ILLINOIS Automatic Heat Co. Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning Appliances Phone 185 Mattoon Illinois rd Compliments of Office Equipment Ce. Headquarters for Typewriters and Office Equipment Opposite Postoffice Mattoon Illinois Bergnefs of Nicittoog Successors To Sawin-Jones Co. Featuring Distinctive, Dependable Merchandise, and Friendly Service 1713 Broadway Mattoon Illinois 6trasburg Community fliigh Qschool - 1946 Qhe Wourglass Arcade Drug Store Geo. R. Bennett, R. Ph. Lowest Prices In Town 124 South 17th St. Mattoon Phone 454 Illinois Pl-lRISH'S QUALITY CLEANERS Phone 294 FULL INSURANCE COVERAGE 1612 Wabash Ave. attoon Illlnol LAMPERT Jeweler Gptometrist Gifts 1514 Broadway Phone 328 Mattoon Illinois Compliments of M. M. Lewis Shop A Good Store in a Good Town 1706 Broadway Mattoon, - Illinois - iii Atal H 81 B Bookshop The Best In Books and Gifts Mattoon Illinois BIackweII's Music Shop Records - Sheet Music Music Supplies 18125-'I Brcczdwccy .Z':f:Ic::1 Illinois Hilsabeok's Men's Wear FOR MEN Who Care What They Wear 1707 Broadway Mattoon. Illinois A friend is a person who knows all about you-and likes you just the same. 6trasburg Community jiigh Qjchool - 1946 Qhe Hourglass Ng C. Leathers Abstractor Sh lbyville lllin The Shelbyville Democrat Sh lby County's Most Widely C lated Newspomer s ibyv ue, niindis NEW FURNITURE and HOME FURNISHINGS Phone 920 G. C. WOODARD'S FURNITURE STORE 2010 N. Morgan Shelbyville, Illinois V ' The Herron Department Store DRY GOODS - RUGS Ladies' Ready-To-Wear - Millinery Infant Wear CI-IILDREN'S DEPT. in Basement Shelbyville, Illinois Rubilfs Dairy 'Taste Appeal" Dairy Products Milk - Butter -- Ice Cream 9027 N. Morgan St. Shelbyville, Illinois Middle State Cheese Sz Butter Mfg. Co. Telephone Shelbyville 888 Shelbyville, Illinois Strasburg Community flvfigh Qchool - 1946 Qhe .Wourglass Lester's Wearing Apparel for WOMEN 1609 BROADWAY MATTOON, ILLINOIS WOLF 'S The Shop Smart Women Prefer MATTOON, ILLINOIS Watches Diamonds Jewelry Fostoria Glass Spode, Haviland, and Wedgewood China Elliott Jeweler Established 1902 Moittoon. Illinois Orenstein's Ladies' and Misses, Ready-to-Wear and Millinery Phone 414 1618 Broadway Mattoon, I11. 5 :Kel .E .mi s3 f Gebhart Stores 1520 Broadway Mattoon, Illinois Burtschfs Book and Gift Shop Mattoon, Illinois Our Compliments to the Citizens of Strasburq on their High School and to the GRADUATES From the Ed. F. Ritter Drug Store 16th and Bdwy, Mattoon, Illinois Established in 1897 Baker 81 Herron Clothing and Shoes Shelbyville, Illinois Strasburg Community jiigh Qschool - 1946 Qhe Hourglass Co u r t I-I o u se C A F E Good Food Well Served Effingham, Illinois When In Need of DRUGS GO TO Glen Brown's Drug Store The REXALL Store Phone 346 EFFINGHAM, ILLINOIS BAUlVl'S Jewelers, Inc. Benwood Hotel Effingham, Illinois Diamond Rings - Wedding Rings Watches - Clocks - Jewelry Silverware - Glassware China - Gifts Watch and Jewelry REPAIRING A Specialty. lil fl! xehme I Effingham ELECTRIC sHoP Contracting and Retailing 1-:. s. RICHARDS. Prop. Phone 583 Register Bldg. Compliments of the MODEL SHOP Phone 49 Effingham, Illinois Smith 8z Sons Electric Shop Kelvinator Appliances Farmsworth Radios Gas Stoves and Water Heaters Electrical Supplies Contracting and Repairing 309 W. Jefferson Phone 877 Effingham, Illinois Strasburg Community High School - 1946 Qhe jiourglassf A N - wa Sf -S MATTO0N,S DOMINANT STORE YOUN ' A' Department tore 1614-1616 Broadway Mattoon, Illinois Z ' Fountain Service REI CHER M tF Y M , OS or our Oney Walgreen Agency STYLE, QUALITY and c. F. Reisacher, R. Ph. SATISFACTION DRUGS WITH A OF Money Back REPUTATION Mattoon Illinois Shelbyville Illinois 6t1'asburg Community High School - 1946 Qhe Hourglass Jones Clafe Good Food and Drinks WINDSOR ILLINOIS THE Windsor Gazette Established in 1877 Your Community Newspaper JOB PRINTING Phone 53 Windsor, Illinois Insurance of All Kinds Merle Buesking Strasburg, Illinois Dolls Truck Service General Truck Service Feeds and Coal Phone 22 'r b ag 111 C mpliments of HORT Furniture Store Complete Home Furnishings Phone 33 N g 111 QStrasburg Community High Qschool - 1946 Qhe Hourglass Ruth's Beauty Salon Permanents A Specialty New Cold Wave Phone 254 Windsor, Illinois For A11 Your Insurance Needs" See, Write or Phone Chas. R. Wilson FORD GARAGE Shelbyville, Illinois QUALITY SERVICE Herif-Jones Co. CLASS RINGS C 'mmencement Announcements Jeweler and Stationers to S. C. H. S. Indianapolis, Indiana E H Hall Decatur, Ill Compliments M. G. CLNIER STANDARD OIL AGENT Strasburg, Illinois 1 L E I was E. A. Jenkins VETERINARIAN Sh byville K Illin J. C. Willard ATTORNEY AT LAW Shelbyville, Illinois Compliments of Mattoon, Clarke, Time, Theatres 111. Seven Up Bottling Company A Qgtrasburg Community ffiigh School - 1946 gpm fflourglass s o Wafwsk , 1 PM A EA! i f The Henry Gehl Compan Hardware Awnings Furnaces Stokers "We serve the best people in Mattoon and surrounding territory." Phone 859 Mattoon, Illinois Estate of . . J D d Howse Mlllmg 0 Q ll Se'-'vlce Phones 142 and 143 PORTABLE GRINDING and All Kinds of Building FOXBILT FEEDS Material Phone 809 Mattoon. Illinois, Shelbyville, Illinois Strasburg Community High Cschool - 1946 Qhe Hourglass I Y ""m'wf Golden Cream Dairy SHELBYVILLE, ILLINUQIS COMPLIMENTS of Make Your Headquarters E Atl-I B CLOTI-HER Men and Boys Clothing Furnishings and Shoes Mattoony mimi at Popular PFICSS Phone 259 Shelbyville, 1111110 trasburg Community fHigh School - 1946 Qhe .Wourglass -- We are always pleased to co- operate With the schools and churches of our community. Effingham. Illinois Heart Jewelry 9 52 EFFIN GHAM, ILLINOIS V86 X F Bennett Stock Farm SHORTI-IORN CATTLE SHROPSI-IIRE SHEEP HAMPSHIRE HOGS Eg mile south of Sexson Corner Phone 15 on 64 Windsor Illinois Carlock's Style Shop "Always A Pleasure To Serve You" Ladies', Children's and Infants' Ready-to-Wear 116 WEST JEFFERSON EFFINGHAM, ILLINOIS E v an's Cafe Dinners - Plate Lunches Fountain Service 127 Ei Jefferson Effingham. Illinois H. G. Keller Store Furniture and Antiques Sewing Machine and Vacuum Service 103 E. Jefferson Street Effingham, Illinois I-'iiljtrasburg Community fhligh Qgchool - 1946 Qhe Hourglass York's Cafe Good Food and Drinks St asburg Illmo S I C, of Uttorbaclis . of . Business College Edwm Nlppe Specialists in , e Strasburg, Ilhnois BHSI ess Educatlon QStmsbu1fg Community .High School - 1946 Qhe giourglass .. Emil Ulmer General Repairing On Cars and Tractors Strasburg, Illinois Strasburg l State Bank The Bank For Everyone J. E. Weber, President Walter Vogel. Vice President Joe B. Kull, Cashier Ruby Templeton, Ass't Cashier G. C. York, L. R. Hamm, Directors Compliments of Ralph Terry MOBILOIL OIL arid GAS Strasburg, Illinois EAT AT Goldie Nippe's T CAFE Thank You Strasburg, Illinois ' Compliments of Yerk's Barber Sho Strasburg - ' Illinois Martin J. Weber Groceries, Shoes, Flour and Feeds Buyers of Eggs and Cream Phone '72 Strasburg, Illinois Martin Pfeiffer Funeral Director Strasburg, Illinois Qtrasburg Community .Wigh Qjchool - 1946 Qhe jiourglass 4 H E 5.7. .,... if Wm. W. .EN GEL and SONS John Deere Farm Implements De Laval Milkers and Separators Hardware Washing Machines and Refrigerators Weber Brothers General Merchandise G. C. York FORD Grade Books for Shelby County Garage and Service Station We Thank You Phone 105 For Your Patroncrge Phone 7 Strasburg, Illinois STRASBURG, ILLINOIS :T 5trasburg Community itligh School - 1946 Sjhe giourglass Seaman Electric Shop Wiring and Repairing Admiral Appliances Phone 345 2007 Main sr. SHELBYVILLE, ILLINOIS York Floral Co. Phone 389 Shelbyville, Iliinois PHILCO DEALER Philco Radios S Farm Batteries Washing Machines Shelbyville, Illinois Raydte Beauty Salon zxrx-:RT IN Permanent Waving and Hair Tinting Phone 680 EFFINGHAM, ILLINOIS I I I I .fi me- I Shirley Shop Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Phone 278 SHELBYVILLE, ILLINOIS lnyart Brownbilt Shoe Store Shoes For All The Family Shelbyville, Illinois Reddy Kilowall Says f ' X ' 0 , 0 F' iz' Z . Q 0 Q1 I ' F' 0 nennv mLowA1"r Your Eleclric Servant , NOW - - YOUR POST-WAR ELECTRICAL PENNY IS STILL YOUR BIGGEST BARGAIN In Better Living CENTRAL ILLINOIS PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Low Cost Essential Service To Industry. Business. and Home SA-3649 Strasburg Community jiigh Qgchool - 1946 Qhe Hourglass I Copsy Bakery Telephone 630 Shelbyville, Illinois Candy Kitchen Home Made Candies Shelbyville, Illinois Jones Sz Burkholder FARMALL TRACTORS International Trucks Genuine I.H.C. Repairs Harvester-Threshers "The Dealer That Does Things For You" Phone 757 SHELBYVILLE ILLINOIS fmt. 5 I li The Shelbyville Daily Union SI-IELBYVILLE ILLINOIS FRY'S BATTERY and ELECTRIC SERVICE , SHELBYPILLE ILLINOIS R. O. BEUBE REGISTERED JEWELER, A. G. S. Keepsake Diamonds SHELBYVILLE ILLINOIS Qstrasburg Community .7iigl1 Qschool - 1946 Qhe Yiourglass so LEO RD' H AL Phone 833 312 N. 16th St. Mattoon, Illinois Shelbyvil e Farm Machinery Go. Oliver Sales and Service Goodyear Farm Tires De Laval Milkers Shelbyville. Illinois Congratulations and Lots of Successito the Class of '46 Shelbyville Hardware 2005 Morgan Phone 37 Shelbyville Illinois E THE HOME OF QUALITY Kirk's Appliances SALES and SERVICE RUTHORIZED DEALER Westinghouse Electric Ranges Washers and Refrigerators Ironite Ironers Deep Freeze Zenith Radios Detroit Jewel Gas Ranges Chambers Gas Ranges FREE- Westinghouse Sewing Machines We operate an up-to-date Service Department for all makes of radios, Westinghouse Washers and refrigerators. Phone 3200 1914 Western Ave. Mattoon, Illinois H. D. park BUSINESS COLLEGE Shelbyville, Illinois l0HNSTON'S SUPER MARKET Shelbyville, Illinois SELF SERVICE Large Stock of Merchandise to Select From Every Day Low Prices 6trasburg Community Uiigh School - 1946 97116 .Wourglass Chuck's Ice Cream and Sandwich Shop You'1l Appreciate the Difference Shelbyville and Mattoon, Illinois Shelby Electric Supply Company Home Appliances Electrical Contracting Heating and Sheet Metal Work 1904 South Morgan St. Phone 55 Shelbyville, Illinois l ' VI X l e. IAY k N r Shelby County Marketing llss'n. Shelbyville, Illinois E. LaRue Sawers, Gen. Manager Sylvester Thomason, 'Office Manager Gifts For Everybody in the Family The Gizlft Shop ALL KINDS OF TOYS Large Selection of Wallpaper Shelbyville, Illinois "Twins Beauty Studio" COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Eda and Leta Roellig Shelbyville, Illinois Strasburg Community Wigh School - 1946 Qhe Hourglass f x e STA-RITE Ginni Lou q Shelbyville Illinois We Wish you every success and are confident lthis yea1"s book Will be outstanding. 6trasburg Community Wigh Qschool - 1946 Qhe fHourglass 'tWhy do you always wear those loud socks?" "Well, they keep my feet from going to sleep." I can never find my blotter No matter how I try, But futile searching serves to give The ink a chance to dry. 'tDidn't I hear the clock strike 2 as you came in, dear?" t'You did. my sweet. It started to strike 10, but I stopped it to keep it from waking you up." Spring is come The grass has riz I wonder where The flowers is. "Willie, prove the World is round." 'fl never said 'twas, teacher." "We celebrated with our car to- day." "Celebrated?" 'tYeah-had a blow-out." "Mom, do you think a person should be punished for something he hasn't done?" Ulf he hasn't cleaned off the porch as he was told to hours ago, he will be." 'tDaddy, what's a garden plot?" "Worms and bugs, my son, that plan on eating up our vegetables." "Did you fall down with your good pants on, Tommie?" asked mother. 'tWell, Mom, there wasn't time to take them off," replied Tommie. "What did you take at college?" "I took a course in husbandry." "Then why in thunder did they give you a bachelor's degree?" "Johnnie sure acts hard-boiled lately." "Well he ought to. His wife has kept him in hot water for the last two months." "I demand a refund on this suit of clothes. I've only worn it a month and already it looks rusty." "Well, didn't I guarantee it would wear like iron?', "Do you believe in capital pun- ishment?" 'tWel1, yes, if it's not too severe." 7 I L Two ants were racing at a great speed across a cracker box. "Why are we running so fast?" asked the first ant. "Don't you see-it says 'tear along this dotted line' " replied the second ant. "Daughter, who was that young man I saw hugging you last night?" "What time was it?" "Pop," queried Junior, "how do they catch crazy men?" 'fIt's easy," said Pop sourly, "a little rouge and lipstick, a hair-do and a pretty dress." Some owe success in life to luck, Some owe it to their mothers, Some owe it most to t'good" advice They didn't take from others. "If you'll give me your phone number, I'll call you up some time," said he. "It's in the directory," replied she. "That's fine! What's your name?" "That's in the book too." "I left my job because of illness." "What kind of illness?" "The boss said I made him sick." "Dad what are those holes for?" "They are knot holes, son." "Well, if they are not holes what are they?" Old Millionaire: "Will you marry me if I have my health restored?" Smart Girl, "You leave your health alone and I'll marry you." "Say, old man, did you hear about the fright I got at the school party?" "Oh, yes, I was there and saw her." It was a deathbed scene, but the director was not satisfied with the star's acting. 'tCome on now," he growled. "Put a little more life in your dying." 'tls there no hope, doctor?" Hlt depends, madam, on what you are hoping for." "Will we have a nice home after we marry, dear?" "Why, sweet, you're not figuring on moving, are you ?" QStrasburg Community .7'ligl1 School - 1946 fN pl HS Q Qhe jiourglass N Autographs-- ' 1 113, CStrasburg Community High School - 1946 Q he Hourglass , --AutcJraphs-- 6trasburg Community .7'ligh School - 1946 Qhe Hourglass I - --Autographs-- QStrc1sburg Community .High Qschool - 1946 . . fvswzw-K ,A V n f 1 , A ,

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