Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT)

 - Class of 1956

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Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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f 1 -5--1,-A--N, ..,H.--...- .... , . 14" 15454112 . -"w ' 1. -5,23 'Y ,-- ' -"-Vw E.- " 11f.-qyy,-,.,..31,. Q. any I -Qq:5.55R 5:1 ff.qf,.Lx.QLJ-,,A.L,i 5, . ' -.a. - ,A 1 - -',,, '- S' " Q fn,-Q, ' ,. :y1,'::-f"f,. ,-.v2,:,g5f1af'fb",-A Ag: Kp ., - 51133 5 ,- 5157+ fi- 'NWN' . -- ffzwl .,,:23'l'?t?: :fi'l'L:?'77:f 1'-,a?fl'2'f'.' '-'- .1 'f'7?17i-'15-A-5,1 ' 'ligliiaak , Q ' waz' 'SU' f 1.1 -- - .sa-N 'wiff'-' , ,,4. . . , 'A ,. .4.-1.3, 25 h ,A ,fig F' 4- XM ? " 3 X , 1E?Z:' ,5g.:-fffT'Qf1?:'1'- ' l ike .. -3 - f R41-Q " '1-- .,..fflfl?QL'15?3f.g:'-'fly-1-95' 53 iF .":f ' '5.f,"F!"5C'-.f'5:'...".whr"fff7.'3'.1-5451?-'f. "ri -- 21:23:45 -'1L'ffg'2F::r'.7:',rgCf,,1f,q:N-2'-.vj'?5,' 13, wg-1-7 f'f".Q ': . -, 1:':-x'.Q1S5fj555,v f",f il" 5 'z' 1.5---' N f. N' 1 "L-51517f:f:r'3'1-5D.?7'.',' k 'F' : 1 ' -k..1"a:'-."1I.Q f r,"'g'.":-.91 1" ' :'?T'f - ,iq 'sfs if-"-T""' ...RV ..-:- " -'Z-67' ' '3- ' ' , ,. ,.'-.L , ga. q1v:.,1X:.LQf IQfM:.:.15gQ,,'f,:3k:4' --.,:-5 '-.. ,Q 7'-5353-rf'5,f'1173-'i-?,1J4.1L-'-511 1-,-4115:-f--.QJ-,K ,Q ,,:-1--e-ug-fyfqf-,vga -4.5:-1' -aeq:.31-f+JfE54x:,-g-if91-.q.f'- -M'-5131! 7:0--M x- LQ N579- . .. ' 'X-: - 'T ' ' ' 5 . ,. , . - :'.,.2rJ'5'f-.f-ffm-fffz. ' A A. 214 ,W N e 522, WM ! -77,,,,7,27, ALMnV,fAfw-061, 74140421 MJ f,,,,,,,,,f,,,!dd74-4ffZ'7 MH,-NZ-f ,fM4w?Q1ffMwQ WM '0'4"6d'A0'WAM'0a'0,z36.4a7"a-wr-46 ,fa-1"-4ZL""c'lA ALMA 1255135 MM-L+'-f wfMiW'i"i-1 MWWVVW , ,QWZ'Z,,,iM51y734 Qbffqflawwmwy fu? Zwmim Aw-fd "W CONTENTS DEDICATION SUPERINTENDENT 'S MESSAGE FACULTY ORGANIZATIONS and ACTIVITIES CLASSES ADVERTISING I 4 I r ll: We Seniors, graduating class of1956, dedicate this annual to Mrs. Prescott. She helped us as Sophomores, sponsored us as Juniors, and encouraged us as Seniors. She serves as play director, annual sponsor, morale builder, and gives general aid to the school. SUPERHWHHHNHWFSNHBSAGE Congratulations on your yearbook. May it be a treasury of fond memories and a reminder of the op- portunities afforded you by your community and the great country in which you live. f9Q++?Ak.T7ZBvyi6zL FACULTY HENRY STISH HARRIETT PRESCOTT WILLIAM PREUNINGER Science and Math English History and Senior Class Sponsor Play Director Coach Junior Class Sponsor Sophomore Class Sponsor TIM CALNAN History and Economic Geography Assistant Coach PAT COLBY Home Economics Art JOE KRATOFIL Math FACULTY RAY HALUBKA Music Director Operetta Director LOIS FRESHOUR Girls' Physical Ed. Tennis JANE HALL Commercial Subjects PEGGY GARRITY English and Speech WA RREN PAVLAT Vocational Agriculture Yflillff'IDVIIJCJPLTFAXIQTI'I9I3CJI3f.I3 Chief fx :mx 5-T . Cheerleaders . e , h e l ,A xr , VVVV .... k..., 1 ,,, E K, f .. Kirk A X6'- 1 -,'- QM 'E eff S N ff fi? ve Qfew.?f IE , ' ', ' - , 1 e . ,"'b V, .. i h Le f h h 1 " fe +35 eee e e I Q e .. ' K - he QSfQ?6QifW?3Q 'igsiixaiap' J he ee e' -e e .e,e 1 - eee ee e h eeg A, MRS . LONGBOTT OM The Cooks MISS KING Jim just told Jeanette to keep off his long, skinny dogs. Is she mad!! Janet producing Jim 's "Pepsodent" smile. Come on in, the water's fine. Don and Donna Dance with me, Henry. Pep Club Inmatesn? Evelyn Poole and Mr. Stish Susen, Bob, Gary, Linda, Jeanette. STUDENT COUNCIL Standing: J. Sullivan, I. Cannon, J. Laxson, R. Miller, Mr. Tamplin, D. Johnston L. Woodbury. Sitting: H. Whitesitt, G. Nichols, E. Harper, D. Higgins, J. McIntyre S. Gill, J. Fitzgarrald. Pl'eSidel'lI ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' - -GIB NICHOLS Vice President - - - - - Secretary-Treasurer - - - - - - - - - Advisor This page sponsored as a school service JACK SULLIVAN ELLEN HARPER ' MR. TAMPLIN Student Body President GIB NICHOLS Western Montana s in Missoula Shopping Center Fourth row: R. Mclntyre, R. Correa. Third row: B. Nichols, I. Larson, N. Wax, J. Combe, N. Cromwell, H. Stroud, B. McFadgen, D. Dickerson. Second row: K. Emery, C. Baldwin, J. Anderson, Co-Captain J. Scalf, R. Mason, D. Hardy, Cl. Johnston, Ch. Johnston. First row: I. Edwards, J. Cannon, J. Riekena, D. Case, Co Captain B. Cannon, L. Woodbury, A. Yates, P. Yates, T. Rocek. FOOTBALL OUTSTANDING ATHLETES A I A LEO WOODBURY IIM SCALE This page sponsored by: TURF 8a R1ELEY'S CAFE, TYPEWRITER SERVICE Sz. SUPPLY, BIG BROADWAY, and CURLY'S CAFE Of Missoula. i ,f the ball. FOOTBALL - 1955 Bv- ork. Got him!! HONOR SOCIETY Standing: I. Sullivan, L. Moran, G. Nichols, Mr. Stish. Sitting: M. Enebo, E. Harper, M. Zeiler. QEvelyn Poolej NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY S 'Q i X E, E ff 1 Z S W K QX Juniors initiated April 25, 1956 were: IULIE FITZGARRALD IOAN MCCOLLY DARLENE HAACKE GLORIA CROOKS DALE HARDY This page sponsored by: BEN FRANKLIN STORE - Hamilton, MARSHALL WELLS STORE - Hamilton, ANDERSON 'S MEN 'S WEAR - Hamilton, and CLEMENT'S DRUG - Stevens- ville. ,zL,iz'5L.L.a,. ,,z.,.,,.,+..,zua,rL.,,Z.,zea 4M'7!'cj'L' """""' '67""'W"7"' 7f,r2.,.4-f,V.WoMfw-Af' fafM0474-f-f- l3 fdffffkff-ff-'-ffC""""f4"'4g :QV Z. S. , 5 Z fvrivfria-W-MJ ,C9,..,,vj-J7.ffZdlo MQfz'13:z,,,,Q',7,Vzg,,,7zf,,4,.,,4,Q 32.5, EZ ,Z . .Z wsu" Cowboy Rich met Lady Linda - Larry Rose with the Guitar Blues. with a Pie! Misses Emery, Brown, Magini, and Ellis Pat sunning her lungs showing the big-timers how. The Night-Clubbers This is a holdup! No, No! Not the barn dance. Gail, Sue, and Linda. 0 3 Somebody pulled a funny! The rypisr ' G10ri3 C Julie and David What's going on here? Serious business. Julie, Damian, Bette. Mr. Halubka, Damian, David. ss l "Riddle Me Riches" - Junior Class Play. This page sponsored by: THE MONTANA FLOUR MILL and 4 B'S CAFE - Missoula. F.H.A. Top row: B. Pfau, M. Ralls, P. Peterson. Middle row: M. McPherson, G. Smith, D. Hubbel, H. Miller, H. Hardy. Bottom row: Mrs. Colby, M. Rogmans, S. Crooks, B. Harper, G. Crooks. President - - - Vice President - - Secretary - - - - Advisor - - - - HELEN IVHLLER -' Future Homemaker of Tomorrow. Treasurer-- --nn --nun- - HELEN MILLER SHARON CROOKS ' ' ' GRACIE SMITH SHIRLEY SAHINEN -- --' ""MRS.COLBY This page sponsored by: COAST -TO-COAST, C SL D CLEANERS, GENEVA 'S APPAREL, and THE BITTEROOT LAUNDRY of Hamilton. Left to right: I. Edwards, J. Scalf, T. Carruthers, G. Nichols, D. Vallance, L. Wood- bury, Captain, J. Combe, H. Whitesitt, G. Leese, Manager QA. Day, J. Riekenaj. VARSITY TEAM CHEERLEADERS J. McIntyre, A. Westfall, E. Mitchell, A. Terry. if TEA M Victor Victor Florence Corvallis St. Ignatius Florence Corvallis Hamilton Loyola Anaconda Central Helen Cathedral Dillon THEIRS OURS TEAM T HEIRS OU RS Deer Lodge 100 Loyola 59 Helena Cathedral 53 Anaconda Central '72 Deer Lodge 70 Dillon 59 Hamilton 36 TOURNAMENT Loyola 70 Hamilton 43 Dillon 62 Deer Lodge first, Anaconda Central second, Loyola third. The squad at tournament. Tournament game with Hamilton Left to right: M. Emerson, Manager, R. Correa, K. Emery, R. Mclnryre, D. Hardy M. Edwards, D. Dickerson, S. Preslar, H. Nelson, R. Mason, P. Marks, C. Mason, C. McLaughlin, Manager. "Bn TEAM CHEERLEADERS I. Lockridge, M. Kester, D. Higgins, P. Robinson. V iw PEP CLUB Fourth row: G. Pfau, S. Rhodes, S. Grenfell, H. Hagen, J. Wolf, J. Dexter, S. Schuch- man, P. Tracy, K. Woolsey, B. Soloman, G. Higgins, S. Wollaston, B. Pfau, L. Emery Third row: M. Ralls, B. Magini, M. Enebo, J. Firzgarrald, D. Miles, B. Waddington, D. Carlson, J. Rocek, J. Pope, H. Hardy, L. Powell, R. Slocum, R. Filcher. Second row: Miss Freshour, E. Poole, P. Robinson, D. Higgins, A. Terry, A. Westfall, J. Mc- Intyre, M. Kester, J. Lockridge, D. Correa, E. Harper. First row: M. Rogmans, I. Longpre, F. Miltibarger, P. Peterson, D. Johnston, D. Magini, K. Wulfekuhle, M. Brown, I-I. Miller, J. Gray. President - - - - - - - - - EVELYN POOLE Vice President - - - " ' DELORIS CORREA Secretary - - - - - - - - - ELLEN HARPER Treasurer - - - - - - - - -ALICE WESTFALL Advisor - - - - - ' ' MISS FRESHOUR Make 'er pretty! Ruth, Bill, Jerry Tell us all about it, Tim. Senior Quartet. Glenda, Alice, Edith, Lee Ida. Looking for a handout? Tom and John A mighty Slim SSHIH- PSHHY T- That 'ole Christmas Spirit. F.F.A. Top row: Mr. Pavlat, J. Miller, I. MacDiarmid, A. Murray, L. Ricks D Vallance, R. Wortman, J. Ririe, D. Gorton, F. Wolf. Middle row: B. Nichols P Marks T Rocek, Cl. Johnston, L. Rose, F. Smith, R. Bucy, N. Wax, C. Mason, M Edwards, J. Noakes, B. McFadgen, D. Slocum. Bottom row: C. Baldwin, R. Mason A Smlth G. Leese, L. Woodbury, I. Combe, L. Moran, D. Wax, R. Lewis, G Woolsey H Campbell. President ---- Vice President Secretary - - Treasurer - - Advisor - - FARMERS fi' 'XP wmv' ' JOHN COMBE ' LOYD MORAN - ' DON WAX LEO WOODBURY - MR. PAVLAT q i 4pf,,,.,,',,4.?,!',,,,4,W 2:20041 wfkwwdd ,DTafvZf2?'fc4fMxnfyw4Zu,.,94xa,40fff4-f-l M5203 AZZZLZL, ,QJALJWW-mwg2,a7MMa,aZQ Z Z Z. ,d 5 Z. - -, , , jg. Z Z Cla-?f2-iff! f ' , 76'-711 j,c,LMz law! 4,,MaQ"5f J Gaw- ,,,,,,,LL3,--frf aff f34Mw- ,if We wr King of S.H.S. Caught in the act! h C b ' Io n om e "The Waltz You Saved for Me. " Anna Terry Helen H. and John Combe. You're so forgetful! Al D. and Jim G. l "Bortom's Up! " Turkish dancer. Bob Johnston Sharon Gill a , , fx I if r Prom Queen - Glenda Pfau. Is this customary? Glenda and John. -3' 5 The grand march. His feelings are hurt! A frequent scene. Coach. Bill hnd Deloris. A Q '73 .F .5 ts , tgix 4 'I in -dt, A i Working hard? Moonlight and roses ---- and you. BAND Front row: P. Robinson, J. Lockridge, C. Shrader, K. Nichols, G. Leese. Second row: N. Jeffries, C. Combe, C. Jeffries, L. Sahinen, M. Enebo, C. Brown, C. Baldwin, L. Ricks, H. Little, Ch. Shrader, M. Hill, D. Hardy. Third row: I. Edwards, M. Camp- bell, P. McColly, H. Campbell, D. Wilcox, M. Emerson, G. Rogmans, Mr. Halubka, Director. President - - - - - -DAMIAN WILCOX Vice President ---- ---- J IM EDWARDS Secretary-Treasurer - - - - - - MILLIE ENEBO Director -------- - -MR. HALUBKA This page sponsored by: THE MONTANA POWER CO. - Missoula, and SPROUSE RIETZ STORE - Hamilton. Settlers and spirits from the Senior play "Green Valley. " Hammering out the ' blues - Ernie. Practicing the play. Bill, Jerry, Jack, Anita. Sylvan in the beauty parlor. "Whar's that li'l ole tractor heart? " Gib. . ...1...,,.. N 1 Painting, Filcher? ?"h Ah! That aroma! Sloc. This page sponsored by: THE COCA -COLA BOTTLING CO. and YANTZ MEN'S WEAR of Missoula . PAPER STAFF Left to right: J. Edwards, R. Mason, H. Whitesitt, M. Emerson, D. Wilcox, I Fitz garrald, M. Kester, K. Woolsey, Mrs. Hall, P. Tracy, Miss Garrity, D. Miles D Correa, S. Crooks, M. Rogmans, D. Higgins, R. Filcher, D. Haacke, R. Slocum M. Enebo. Editor ------ Assistant Editor News Editor - - - Feature Editor - - Sports Editor - FFA Reporter - Advisors - - - - - DAMIAN WILCOX - -HAROLD WHITESITT ' " ' ' DOUG MILLER - - ' ' RON MASON ' " IIM EDWARDS ' " RICK WORTMAN ' " ' ' MRS. HALL MISS GARRITY STEVI TRACK TEAM Top: L. Woodbury, D. Vallance, J. Scalf, M. Edwards, K. Emery. Middle: D. Slocum, R. Mason, R. Wortman, G. Leese. Bottom: B. Nichols, I. MacDiarmid, P. Yates, T. Rocek, N. Bowen. U. Edwards, D. Whitesittj Woodbury in the 220. ,,-xii was V . wg.: , LI- . Vallance in the discus. Scalf half through the mile run "S" CLUB Reading down "S": Coach Preuninger, D. Vallance, G. Nichols, J. Griffin, T. Car- ruthers, D. Dickerson, J. Scalf, L. Woodbury, J. Combe, D. Hardy, M. Edwards, Ch. Johnston, D. Prather, J. Edwards, A. Yates, R. McIntyre, E. Owen, Cl. Johnston, B. Johnston, D. Case, B. Cannon, J. Cannon, R. Mason, J. Anderson, C. Baldwin, P. Yates, J. Sullivan, H. Whiresitt, R. Correa, J. Larson, T. Rocek. President - - - Vice President Secretary - - - Treasurer - - Advisor - - ' -' LEO WOODBURY ' " ' " BOB JOHNSTON ' ' JACK SULLIVAN - - - GIB NICHOLS - -MR. PREUNINGER This page sponsored by: WILSON'S TEXACO SERVICE - Stevensville. U13 1v""r"a.:.' K Sl .Wif5iQ.i'Ei, ',. ' f l QS rtlyy an r r f..,. A -ff., - , ,E The Three Musketeers. Dena, Karen, Joyce. Bring on the food! Jim G., Sylvan, Ellen. y T31 fi- ' Nw ffl 1711 1 :gui T L. .9 .3-i - 'ii SQQQQL3 'ui -1 if- I .sim X ki. The floating angel. Loyd, Anita, Carl, Willis. ' - Nag, nag, all the time nagl Juniors at the springs. Lois Filcher entertaining. Valedictorian Jack Sullivan Ar last! '56 Graduates. -kffwmwn -mn: rr lellee E Y , . E m,1-" n f . ,. 2 E nnn Se , , K k LKVV 'Air gg . G K 'wr m Y E A 1 L,' ,, E if Saluratorian All dressed up! Jim and Leo. Ellen Harper I Thinking?? Tamplin, Spencer, Stish. Alice, Ellen, Johanne, Evelyn, Anita. C',LaA.uAf0f!?f4,!GZU4 I ,ww-w6f Zffin--oc! f44W'L ,vv.7a1. ,uW 4w4u0AA6Qqv 262144-rvp4ffL.?,.4f.ffc,a-vt! fl-W ' ,,Z6dZ1! ,f,.,-v.M,6QL,ZQZa,5" MMZTWWAZMJM ?fl ,2,y,.fM6J,f,d:?fL' fied Carl Baldwin I self Nolan Bowen Karen Brechbill Margaret Brown ses , FROSH Raymond Bucy Richard Correa Janet Dexter Dennis Dickerson Maurice Edwards Mike Emerson Loretta Emery Ronald Fillmore Jeanette Gray FRCSH Burton Leese Howard Little Darlene Magini Philip Marks Carter Mason Ben McFadgen Rodney McIntyre Clifton McLaughlin Aaron Murray Helen Hardy Gail Higgins Donna Johnston Jimmy Larson lfgflf. ' f 'as 1-ff ,WF is L LA gr .nv gb ,X ff. M sr .dl Y H. 5 .44-1 Y P' w 3 ' . . M , ,r,. x -A gr ': : Qi? -aff" ll V M. ,, 5 1 :rr r, ia iv 'UF I """ , r- H fs P' -N if if ,gi VX ,-.V 93 1,5 ll iiee ka Ni. F324 'Qnqmfl 'N ,mf W ,, "H 'G 953,151 av i, g 'V ' 'ii L? RVLTTE4 ,Lf w ' we if kf:gf1:g..g:m.z1S?i, ' - "-- -W "3 ,,.- ,A I , , , iifi f ip, I L ill?-7?1'l L ,E 1 W , ' :Zig 1 ' 'A . . V K K, 'b . . .f , ,ff 'll sgiv - f-, Q , , ,ir gg M , r,r, ,M , K b Q 4 I- .. I fi .msg A 1, . .f f f- "iff 5, iz: gig ' f I , i K 1 -' A -if-1., ,Gi i gg ,in is , . , I ., . , :,,,. i , W. V .., , ,, V ,W 1 . 'ff.,:- i" f if ' ,yy '12 W FRO Penny Peterson Beverly Pfau Linda Powell Donald Slocum Franklin Smith Harlan Stevens Wayne Templeton Dean Vance Norman Wax Guy Bert Williamson Susan Wollaston Charlie Wright SOPH Delos Dickerson Kenneth Emery Lois Filcher Don Gorton Sylvia Grenfell Helen Hagen Betty Jo Harper Marlene Hill Joan Lockridge Mark Bingham Sheila Brown Margaret Campbell Sharon Crooks . S M iii ff l TT B S in " if S ,isfff 'ff .V 'S an, ' , f, ,fi:E ',s ' 'X il 65' ,x L XSWXBE :Bi E H rx A -X as L M55 li 'W X. r if 4 'ia Y .dir .ug if 3, A X iz,4WWjZ.i .11 -Y , 1? an ,JM ,M 'Q' 1 +1 g , ry , 1 Q., I 'WE Ida May Longpre Jeanette Mclntyre R ' 2 A 1 V Darla Miles , Roger Miller . .,, igfzv: if I ,.-, : qinlg I . "'3, f 1 no s ee r A, ..,,. ,,.2 , V r R I II ,A A R z .Q TW -1- Nl liar SGPH Harold Nelson Geraldine Pfau Steve Preslar Larry Rathbun Helen Reissing Sharon Rhodes Willie Richter Leon Ricks Jim Ririe OPH Susie Schuchman Barbara Solomon Harold Squires Penny Tracy Darrell Vallance Io Ann Wolf Kay Woolsey Ricky Wortman Phil Yates Pat Robinson Marie Rogmans Shirley Sahinen Christine Schrader I In - A A-gi. he S 1 A' Q - . f H, 'H S 'I ,M Y vi JU IOR Harold Campbell Dena Carlson John Combe Deloris Correa A , 3? 5 v Gloria Crooks Jim Edwards Helen Emery Julie Fitzgarrald KNO' Don Fox Darlene Haacke Dale Hardy Donna Higgins UNIGRS I MW- +.., Dixie Hubbel Claude Johnston Jerry Johnston 1 W3 ' N"""'fY 55? xf x f m Q 3 f . A -' md i ,- ff' X 0 A as 3 fi jerry Larson Gary Lease Rollie Lewis my w-433' Bette Magim Ron Mason Joan McCo11y Mary Mae Kester X X Ivan MacDia1-mid fb 3 A N xo f V if wk 'I Doug Miller . X ,, is I , , f if 4--4 7" . V I 5, David Prather VV , M"-"', wx ...f , M5 Tommy Rocek f-,wr .Wg Q . 3 X XV W M., ., E ,X t 14 Harold Stroud J UN ORS if My 'M-.naw Ella Ann Queener ,ff "x, f My new Q an 'K 'V Larry Rose Billie Waddington TOO BUSY YI ff. L l c " f jx .gfx Yo! Sh-on n Jim Riekena Joyce Rocek F ' Wx A Qgr-'W 1 , V. A , Nr -A iles - ff K A M H a ' X W ifi f 'A 'K'Q - ' , N K f X ' if 'I A x QM L xv. ..,. X 'N . A .,,Mw"'433 M. ., H Allan Smith 'B un 3 f .- A IISFII PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Irvin Wagner fr. r A lx- .IZ Les Stewart "KT"'3? Don wax m f '95 Dean Whitesitt Gene Woolsey JU IOR M13:f" .X C' 'iv A ' -an X X " X ,. N M X X X 3' X WX N X X x in-sly '- Damian Wilcox Larry Williamson Floyd Wolf Isn't this some class, Champ? Karen Wulfekuhle Qs JERRY ANDERSON FFA 1g Football 2,43 "S" Club 4g Class Playg Oper- etta 4. w1LL1s BURTON FFA 1,2,3,4, BILL CANNON Band lg Football 2,3,4g "S" Club 3,4g Class Play 3,45 Class President 4g Pa- per Staff 3,4g Annual Staff 4. JACK CANNON Football 2,3,4g Tennis 25 "S" Club 4g Paper Staff 3g Class Play 4g Annual Staff 4. TOM CARRUTHERS Football 3: Basketball 3, 4g "S" Club 3,4. DOUG CASE Football 3,4g Track 1,2g "s" Club 3,4g FFA 1,2g Class Play 33 Paper Staff3. fia- f .Q , R or s NWI 1-m3,'r31.,. , - rr- Qi?f fis.Q,1. 7 . , tip? .,, ,A, . F Q A , A. ..,.- 3 p:L Vf's'Q, X . L " ,.niLiyjis' fx.C-'zip , , ' '94 iffllfwx. , r if '- 4' .ri-Fr if .f . .--.1 wx ,we ,qs eff : fs iafsia: Qs .45 E msgs? A..-si ri Wei K fra -4 ' -. saw fr 1.-we P ia C 7 K .. , .. , as A if-7? L ffshlf NJ,g, , ' , Q - f?iiFi?P'1?LW4 ws ..A. 1 .. .4 ss -si? , W,Q.,L,,,, - W , me: , if ,, 5 .I E31 ' J 1 M Mfg .e,'K'7? ss is P ,K 'iii' 8. .Q 44 age. . Q fs, .5 ' H 'R rss Aw ay, L WX YQ' as as if gl' 23 swf if as 1, K. ' . ROBERT COTTER King of Hobo Dance 2g Declamation 2g Two-Act Play 2. ALLEN DAY Transfer 3g Basketball 45 Class Play 4. GARY DICKERSON Class Play 3,45 Red Cross 43 Assistant Editor of Pa- per 3. MILLIE ANN ENEBO Pep Club 1,2,3,4g FHA 15 Band 1,2,3,4, Secretary 45 Honor Society 3,45 Pa- per staff 2,3,4g Prom Queen Attendant 3g Annual staff 4g Tennis 2,3,4g Class Play 4g Chorus 1. RUTH ANN FILCHER Chorus lg Pep Club 1,2,3, 4g Tumbling 2g Class Play 3g Annual Staff 4g Paper Staff 3,4g Class Treasurer 2. SHARON GILL Transferred 4g Class Play 4g FTA 4g Student Council 4. .ASE " 9 V . ' ., 1, . A Q " 4 Q: p f, sf-or sm. ff. :f ' A " P riest . f y we ' Y ilk X X' is .4 'Tr . is AR s ', X 'YY . '.5.'. 1' S up .. f . Q. ,S .wr X . gtsgigp f f wg gif s is as iff? .- A s as 1 Q . .A is sg? as s K X., 'Q' HM GRIFFIN "S" Club 1,2,3,4g Football 2,3g Band 13 Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Baseball lg Class President 3g Student Coun- cil 1,2g Class Play 4, Ten- nis 2, 3,4, ELLEN HARPER Band 1,2,4g Pep Club 1,2, 3,4, Secretary 45 Paper Staff 33 Annual Editor 4g Student Council Secretary 4g FHA 1, Class Secretary 1,2,3,4g Honor Society 3, 45 Drill Team 3,4, Class Play 3g Chorus lg Salutato- rian, CHARLES JOHNSTON Football 3,43 Boxing 3: "S" Club 4. BOB JOHNSTON Football 1,2,3g Baseball 1: "s" Club 1,2,3,4g vice President 4, Student Coun- cil 25 Boxing 4, MEREDITH MCPHERSON Transferred lg Choir 1,2g FHA 1,2,4g Declamation 3, Class Play 4. HELEN MILLER Chorus 1,2g Pep Club 1,2, 3,4, FHA 1,3,4g Vice Presi dent 3, President 45 Class Play 3g Tumbling 2,3,4g Home Maker of Tomorrow 4. 2 tes 'V an Q ,...- I 9 IOHN MILLER Track 15 FFA 1,2,3,4, EDITH MITCHELL Pep Club 1,2,3g Chorus 1, 23 Cheerleader 3,4g Class Play 4. LOYD MORAN Paper staff 2g Annual Staff 45 Honor Society 3,4, Pres- ident 4g Class Play 4: FFA 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4. GIB NICHOLS Class Play 3,45 Honor Society 3,4g Student Coun- cil Vice President 3, Presi- dent 4g FFA 1,2,3, Vice President 2, President 3g Class President lg Basketball 2,-3,43 Tennis 2,3,4g "S" Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Band 1,2g Boys' State 3, Science Club 1,2. ERNEST OWEN Football 1,2,3g Track 1,23 "s" Club 2,3,4g FFA 1.2. GLENDA PFAU Pep Club lg Chorus lg Class Vice President lp Class Play 3g Prom Queen 4, ' ' 'wo...'. V X ', ar , -r if A., . ,tl 2.1, .. ' xg 1 V-1 , 2s1r,',1stisgf fgv A . 'PQSP5,f?"?3,fH59x? . ye. " P. ' F liifs i 41 R- "1 Sw v L: -1 58 fx f -f,-,S '. 1 9. . ' 5,951 -4 Q cy. A -34 aff- P 4 1. fs we 1, 5 z- ,sam ' jx H wks ' .-on ' t- - -- iff-.+g',t,f"'f f raw. ' , to " is in EVELYN POOLE Transferred 25 Red Cross 2g Student Council 2g Pep Club 2,3,4, Secretary 35 Presi- dent 4g Class Treasurer 3,4g Girls' State 3g FFA Sweet- heart 3g Prom Queen Attend- ant Bg Class Play 3g Annual Staff 4g Honor Society 3,4g Drill Team 3,4. IOHANNE POPE Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Tumbling lg FHA 1,2g Chorus lg Drill Team 3,4. f wr' fs' ln . 2 v .fa- M, ,, Us ,,--, My 0? J' 1 MARY RALLS Transferred 2g Pep Club 3, 4g Tumbling 3,45 FHA 3,4-. MILDRED REGESTER Transferred 25 Paper Staff 3. SYLVAN RIRIE Transferred 4, Class Play 4, VICKI RIEKENA DAY Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4g Tumbling 2g Drill Team 3g Class Play 33 Student Council 35 FHA lg Cheerleader 3,4. LEE IDA SAMPSON Pep Club 1, HM SCALF Football 1,2,3,4, co- Captain 4g Baseball 1g Track 4g FFA lg Red Cross 1,2g "S" Club 1,2,3,4g Annual staff 4g Class Play 4g Class Vice President 3 4: Basketball 3,4, GRACIE SMITH FHA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 1 Secretary 3: Class Play 3. RUTH ANN SLOCUM Pep Club 1,2,4g Tumbling 2g Paper staff 3,4g Class Play 3,4g Chorus 1,4g Declamation 4g Band 1. CARL SNEDIGAR JACK SULLIVAN Boys' State 3g Tennis 2,3, 4g Honor Society 3,4g Stu- dent Council 3,4, Vice President 43 Class President 2: "s" Club 3,4, Secretary 4g Class Play 4g Valedicto- riang Annual Staff, Q9 .Mar r Q .s .. NN, x ...M wi' I., f- C15 V G wah'-7 its ,,.u',', I ff Q' . j."a 'v,,.,.,. gy., - ., UWAH, ru. w 4-.ugvusrx M U , 1 m,,v.f -,spd I-A,..,1l. UM . .A v ss ,L K all xvN,.A',7,sx, L.'gri.:.,iA,k 1 V: wsop. ..-.',iu, vnu' f vp. ,,,,Q,s',.' .' a 5' It . w 1 'VX' Us Q 1 1-2. S I- , . ,Nuff u,'. . .H -. .4 in 01' A 'f,"1,' 51,- , . fl . 'Nw . ,..,.. '- ,Q v Q , ' X' ,5,xj.-jc. 1 . 5 - . ANNA SUTHERLIN Band 1,2,3g FHA 1,2. ANITA TERRY Cheerleader 3,43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Red Cross 3, Vice President 4g Student Coun- cil 2,3g Drill Team 3,4g Class Play 4. ALICE WESTFALL Red Cross lg Pep Club 1, 2,3,4g Treasurer 4, Band 1,23 Cheerleader 3,45 Drill Team 3,4p Class Play 3,4. LEO WOODBURY Football 1,2,3,4g Basket- ball 1,2,3,4, Captain 4, Track 1,2,3,4g Student Council 3,4g FFA 1,2,3, 4, Treasurer 3,4g "S" Club 2,3,4, President 4, Class Play 3. ALAN YATES Transferred 25 Red Cross 33 Student Council 3g Class Play 3,45 Basketball Man- ager 3g Football 4g FTA 4, "S" Club 4g Boys' State 3. MARLENE ZEILER Student Council 15 FHA lg Paper Staff 3,4g Honor Society 3,43 Prom Queen Attendant 3. EVELYN POOLE ANNUAL STAFF Standing: B. Cannon, L. Moran, R. Filcher, J. Scalf, M. Enebo, I. Sullivan Seated H Miller, J. Cannon, E. Harper, Mrs. Prescott. Editor --------'-----'-"" ' ' ELLEN HARPER Business Manager ------------- - - -JACK CANNON Treasurer ----- - - HELEN MILLER Advertising - - - - - BILL CANNON Subscriptions - - - - LOYD MORAN Copy Editor - Photo Editor - Art Editor - - Sports Editor - - Feature Editor ' - JACK SULLIVAN ' " MILLIE ENEBO RUTH FILCHER ' ' HM SCALF 3 .-10,5 4-UAV " . 7 . . Wa .. ifzgif MISS ELLEN HARPER Yellowjacket Editor xxwenzu s1',,,,'0 MISSOULA. MONTANA Your Annual Photographer CTJII-Ii-lla yall MAYTAG sToRE L by at ' d the Phone 523 - Hamilton 7 I Bargains . Q ff Dealers in E at Maytag and Leonard Appliances A fi K We Service All Kinds of 2 Gas and Electrical Appliances X7 HARDWARE Sell and Deliver Propane Gas Missoula A Men's Suits, Shoes, Stetsons, Z ' S School Sweaters, Arrow Shirts, BAR B-Q lPendletons, California Ranchwear. Ci I Ladies' White Stag Sports Wear, X Jantzen Sweaters, Pendletons, he South on California Ranchwear. Highway 93 7 NOBLES I 5 Hamilton Missoula Buy in the Bitterroot JOHN R, DAILY, INC. Meat Packers CLEANERS Wholesale and Retail Distributors of Meat and Meat Products Hamilton, Montana Western Montana's Largest Buyer of Fat Lambs, Calves and Hogs StaY'Nl1 for Home Consumption Finishing Telephone: Wholesale 3-3416 Process Retail 5-5646 G 8: H Electric Missoula, Montana Stevensville, Montana Everything to Wear M Maman Higgins and Front Stevensville, Montana Missoula, Montana WOODARD was-IQDES TIRE COMPANY u.s.nogat Phone 9-7834 1313 West Broadway Missoula, Montana GAMBLE STORE SERVICE WHEN Ph l 8 one 9 You NEED IT at Packard-Bell TV 1 The West's Largest Selling C' 5' OIL Television and Radio Stevensville Stevensville ' Mews Guns - Ammunition and Fishing Tackle I' In 'WSE' Boys! 'p A ' Wear Keepsake Diamonds - Watches :E-gag. ' Jewelry T E Gunsmithing - Watch Repairing ji BOB WARD at soNs ' Missoula 321 No. Higgins Missoula, Montana PLENTY OF POWER MEANS MORE POWER A few years ago, the word "job" probably meant something unpleasant to you - a household task like chopping wood, doing dishes, cleaning house or mowing the lawn. Today, though, the word has a different. . . more- exciting. . .ring to you. It means employment. All of you want jobs . . . and pay. Electricity is a factor in determining where a plentiful supply of power has a better chance of being designated a site for a new business or plant. We have a de- partment that aids in developing the state by actively promoting Montana as a good place to live and work. We have plenty of power. Our rates are lower than the na- tional average. THE MONTANA POWER COMPANY A WM! T BREAD ' E ,vw 4 .I PASTPJES Get 11 'W Bom -Tom BREAD I BON-TON BAKERY Missoula, Montana I REE LYS I-SFELJCDI-EIU STORAGE 8: FREIGHT IMPLEMENT CO. TERMINAL Ford, New Holland, Case Est, 1903 Sales and Service 734 W. Broadway 1421 West Broadway Missoula, Montana Missoula, MOHW-na Phone 55240 ,R A nest roucv g px Where? as AT ALL '1 A primes ,5 WMES JE F091 if -- ,'.,, C' MYRDAL 94: OU- at 3 R .f 5 T6 fl 1 ? R- T INSURANCE ' THE Z 5 COMPANY ', as "t:4' ' Q REAL ESTATE T DRUG STORE - ' Missoula 'A L' Missoula THINGS WE WISH WE HADN'T SEEN. . . The paper staff struggling valiantly to come out spasmodically with our "weak1y" paper . . . The charges against us at book refund time . Mr. Tamp1in's shadow at the door The football scores . . . Zfwwzw ZQZJZZMQ Q-1.120 up Auto 'V' Truck '44 Fire 'F' Life "Save With Safety Without Sacrificing Protection" DON R. ANDERSON, District Agent District Office 209 Stevens Missoula, Montana Phone 9-22.65 iwigmyga -ve 'Tiki' , A ,af 1 '.z4y1f.',l1 :N . 4.V,:.,,,, g,f fix .dal 9. A U.-I nf 'b?rf!1l:f7l'f'f 'QQV3 .. U' I, uk' A .Lu ,, -a um ' f. . -. ,. -. u t '- - 11 ,1 ,4- .J .A-..A Ae .,, , LITHOGRAPHED BY LOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS 0 TEXAS ' The aes' Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE fafflwu f ,V"Z"r 5459 ' FS, .ll 'rv 'r"' rf , fx-11? 'a QED 'K f' Q 4 125 ' A LJ dh mmm ,N 5. -YQC .Q .571 3,53-'V 4 "135,:gFx -iv, :x'3i:53K'4fffi' C9 - - I " err Q:.- - . i 1'.2 ' I , .ILQLQ-fy' ' :f - ,, -,gf ' .,- -.- V -,zozf-L-,ygf .:Zr':--V gjwy-: -.V-A fa-1 gg- , 4,1-".i.wW '13 'I' .uf ltP'E.-":,Qf4,.- ,J,'.u4v:1r:. .1 ' f 11-fftwx-. . rwfizfw-wear? ,fi-f,wQfff5f'HfNQ: via ' ' f2f2iSfLaP'f5iff :fi ' :,fzfbrf'w'714'f-41 ' -V ,ff Rfk nf, Laps, ,.-ff,--. , .- gulf: .1 I F' Q 1 -4'-x.,.ii'-:' , N-1'7" , , -.41 -'Q-in 1, ww fg, rw-: 1 N. sf-c'3miE3m,.4-1 . v, :,gL,i P :.:1-.gzggj-. fgg.jrl-., .Z . , ,K,:rf.4.-A X - s Q- -- lf 7. -, -fi? f frm.-,' -fiziw "VIE ' , 'f ,:,':ii47,g9, -11. f5,:'i-HarQ+.z:3V4vgi?52':f .ffif 1. --zngvnwf,-nv.b-Q - Y " ' ' -L.s-ff-eff,-:'x'?',""'L"" '

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