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Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Q W ' ls., .4 W 3? .L ,, an 'Q-1 HY' -gs M ,, X lg R ij .W K g : 2 Q1 A' N 35 5 yy, "V 3' if an x'.. gi, , ,hy S 'A . ' 39 N ' v,,' I 'V A Q 'Qfwxk K, V 1 ,Qi I 4,51 fl' 4 , v- , . QAAA f Sgr. W ky -Q ' A R ,gf QE 4. 1, g 1, Q- is , f .sac ' ,W , N K f I Ti if "gf , -if - . 'R' M' my afx 4 'A , , .' 5' ff "' ,Y -ff if - , , M - , , , wk Q Q L..., , F. 5 K : , Q t V V? I , , ., t H, A Q im L ,,, , "V. Q, 4 ,X 'Q W ,. , , , Uikg VV', ..f ' ,," W f fu. 3 , . tzr, I L ., H 4, - :Lk V . 1 a gn t gh as U , E gg nh 5 a ,J I i""'4M X 'ig ' L .., f , , V L ' g 'f Ig , 3 f"'W"1 V t 'MH 1 ,,'. V Q gzl . g ., I V M 4 W- 1 M . 5 . is ,, , q 4 if , , K k i kj 1 A- ..,, , V i, ,t J Q , gm Q . A , A ,Q LQ A gk , M my 4 at H ky '- 1... ,Hwy as I is , dn, M W, -x ! ,. P? A vu K Q V 'L A Q M. , "VX K' Gigs, , I . N., li as 5 iw. hi. , M4 X M, Q M A I , M - "-, , ',' fb -.. ,F ,I , 1, '57 Q W ..1Wi ,, A A ,kv Q MQ- W ,Q 1 Amis. mru, Www' E ' 4 Q 'W M .A wi ii hw Q W A 1. , . ,ii wa, fm ' ix ET 5 A A MP '55, N: A A, A an W., . L ,' J' 3 'Zuni Qs: A W 5 A if 3 i-A f- ,Q 4 ? I 5 YU-I his aw iw? hr 4 .fy Q an 592 ' - 5 Al,,. 1. 'Aw' ,Q A Y A R. j f - . 5 Q r K V ! in .V , YW 8 rf, M ' f"- An 'off as 1-4' .y g it : ,--he 4' ' W , .M 1 Q in Y "7 ' I .Q , if I Q' wh ,I . . 1 L- N, 'Q 6,4 1. K s, , I it ' iw rw.: 4 Q , f s x u Q ti .1 I . k Q Q. J- . 4' f ' K V. fl in l.l'4 4 ' , ,. 5. 1 K 8 f P. 4. up A lg g Q 'W 'Q . .., i Q M . R tug 1,4 if I: D 3 f qu. ik "F 4 Q LE' ag gf f ' 'wi' A, K W., S . i 'XV-Q Q' " ' in 'fx - I L ' f .X ' Q b- A? . is-' 3 - I B ' 3- FQ' 3 " Q W J ' x 4 pg. M, L , 6 M., , X1 1 ' , 4 ' '63 ' 1 ' 'yayuf ' 'VA ' 1 , ' K ' Q A V EX ' 1' A , ' ., 0 Q3 , if x 5 Y I 4, h f 1 ., 'V fu ,- . 1 . Q 1. -M., Q We fl L a A . ' ' 'xv' I . - 1 K: 9 5 4 Q, K Q N XQtsi'.,pLf,, Y, ' !, Q ' ' " rf A Q A is t 3 ' . eg Q, ,fry Q 'Q 'ft -1:6 . f if -Qt Q - 4' 1 'za-7+ f ' f 413 ny: vga 'K ak Q, .'k - " ' r Qi 1 1 , 'vs Q -M it "-A f h 1 A Q N "' -vfv .I 2 Q I ' S? fa-v ? Q K F 4 -3 'M A' .Q , wlgu .Wgkj I 'gl' 5 1 Q fx uni W Q Q Q . th Q Nu- ,' ,W A ' . ' ' . kb " , t +I I . ,Q q , Q 'E X N N-aw A K W 4 J ,W K S, Q X 'P Y y v' s X F 'X -J il. C Y, ' Q Q bi ' X' 't 1 5 "k .Q , , 4 Wm- 4 - ..f W w-'H b 3. -f . -.xy A Q 3 A' K? s K' 9.3 ' fn - , x tx h 3 . is A .af 3 'V + 1, 1 xl , . , 4 Q ' i ali' ' 1 s -Q., . H 4 'f ' 'Q N V ind' f fl, y ph. Y . 'P w H gf 'Z'5j'W-2 'Q .""""' Q - -' n K 5 1: If - h Qi sf A 5-.. i : X. . iff . . 2, E., lx, E21 Ei , . L E 1' K Q Li, Z 92' .5 1 Ei ' ax fx. e The I953 UELLULUJHGHET Published by the SENIQR CLASS Stevensville High School Stevensville, Montan DEDICATION We, the graduating class of 1953, dedicate this volume to our parents, teachers, and all the others of the community who have helped to make our four years of high school pos- sible. We thank you for giving us some of the best years of our lives. Harry M. Tamplin SLIPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE Congratulations on your annual. As you look back to these memories in future years, may it be your province to see that you have made your contribution to abetter civilization and a peaceful nation. Let us never look for an excuse for having lived. Stevensville High School Built in 1901. 3 WY QW wcxkg ,CDE THE COMING Frosh THE SETTLING Sophs THE GROWING Juniors TH E PROG RESS Seniors Sports Clubs 81 Activitie Music Graduat 'Q FACU LTY Agnes Karlberg Carol Houck Commercial English -i -1- 2- " . Vernon Vanl-less Clyde Fox Henry Stish History 85 Science Athletics 8a History Science Ka Math -...jr John Daly Eileen Kulin Sid Tietema Music Horne Economics Vocational Agriculture if mms, -iy K ' x " irr do i,,c llii mfs' .5 Richard Remenington Adele Vallance Leo Cook Music 85 Math Cook Engineer THE MUSIC CENTER B 85 H JEWELERS qformerly Hefte'sj COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of THE OFFICE SUPPLY CO Missoula, Montana Missoula. Montana Missoula Missoula 6 , X X X N X X , I ! A X N? .Q I A W I cf, g Z jf Ex J ff S X X 1 'KN X X xx, X fQ K x M 5 A I Raw X W X v N a sg I t l P 'ff L 1- K+ i I ' ! f ..."'-'9 1 U- M' "' L+- 5 E' ff Sax wx 54, i "" if X?-QM "" "' ' 'wi .2 , m QQMWQ-MXN ? Aff' amy M' Q-M fl 'ML-N X --fm. h.,..,.ff:: 1- www X WH-'X 1 ' xx , I ...--:S-g 5 Xu .Sk f ff ""M"'-W--."' C 1-..................,, ...Q--,...,, ............,...,,,,,, '-"""""'.....X:-,,,.,, ---.....,:""'--0 -i-Aevu ,,--............,. , P. 1-.........., I-sa...-,pr-a-vw -..,,, fUH5'0n Tinfn nfhe Camih? FROSH Q S 'N' A Bill Cannon 2Qiz:.,. . -M ,8L,,: we Jerry Anderson Thomas Carruthers Edith Brown as I fi L m l fgxwlx Douglas Case W. , M QQ f Jack Cannon Ginger M. Corey NOT PIC TURED James A ustin Willis Burton Doris Huggans Meredith McPherson C 8: D CLEANERS PHILLIPS 66 Hamilton Stevensville '1 , A .-E- Efii . f ..... s rib... Robert E. Cotter si k M Q Jig' tl X t AX Q P Phillip Cromwell s- W gr, Q55 M Gary Dickerson Q f s fra mf ,sa Rosa lie Dirkson E Millie A nn Enebe Ruth Ann Filcher James Griffin Q , is f 1 J ai Ellen Harper Charles Johnston 5 NI, i 1 AME QEN T 1 Ha., r Shirley Lehman Ivan Long Loretta Masrel Ki C I . L 'A itir .. ' ss Robert Johnson John E. Miller Sponsored By BUCK COMMERCIAL FARMERS UNION CO-OP Stevensville Stevensville 8 Helen Miller Sharon Miller 61,53 Loyd Moran rx if as Glenda Pfau Johanna Pope Vicki Lu Reikena 1 L aa-a Ts ., ., , Q ,.', 5 Q' , :.,,, .. ,. , , w sigh Blair Ricks Lee Ida Sampson Jim Scalf Lydia Schlecht Ruth Ann Slocum Gracie Smith wt V fha Carl Snedigar Jack Sullivan 9 FROSH : Xfii ,Q ,NX . 1 L 'if' 'P . ii... . Anna Sutherlin Dorothy Woolsey Anita Terry f A . , NX lf,-A ,QW Charles Williamson w Alice Westfall 3 .I X Marlene M. Zeiler Leo Woodbury NOT PIC TURED Gib Nichols Ernest R. Owen Larry Staton F 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. 8 9 10 11 RESHME Surprise! I Really fun, huh, A1ice?? Tough Boy!! Goof Ballsll Pretty smile, Iohanne! Assembly enthusiasm. Fight! Fight! Class Officers. Guarding the pop! Got a handout. Mamr? Frosh Boys I Il JOHN R, DAILY, INC Missoula 10 ,yy 3 . . a.,..,x -K x R.. g A if F Z 2 fA, xfl' W N' 'j v'u xv 1' Q W W uf, M' Bihar' iff 5 5 if i2M5 ..,,...................,:' S 'Q 1 IU Q H' X Q em X 1 -Zi Q M J f 4', 3 M X 2 , 1 kim V i M HM 1 J! 27 f S257 W ij ff X X Wx i i iw Q ' gf ' 2 X X 1 in IQ! U . T' X11 9 1 , , I ui K , NX aw f xX i 12, e H big ! X1 m f 5 R i 3 2 . 4- X rm 21? ijt jf , A 5 L2 wif fm lfixf 5, f . gi x! 4 iM"fgWi1! ig w 13 ik wwq? N V E1 i 5,1 xx vw 3 X Wk - X W , ,f 7 'ileffihx ff" A N 151 l all XXX YM it QRZ, Q Q NX W EJ Q ff X L N,! 1 'fx R Ky Q x 'f TX mx S Xxx XX N 'Sk Y nX X it X 7 W if i Rxi Q EX QQ 3 , sw Em nr SOPH Duane Bretzke .-.N. 1 E . .Q x 4' HQ' 'W ' ' Q rx 1-i n .If 5 A if ' 54 i 'ffm 1-gr ur za- Q' Judy Baldwin Esther Carlson Marshall Bjork Bobbie Lou Dirkson Celia Fillmore William Johnston Sponsored By John Felde Dale Filcner , 1 -ff: Perry Fox Otis Harris BALDWIN 'S DRUG Stevensville KILLIAN'S GROCERY PoLL's CREAM STATION Srevensville Stevensville CITY BAKERY Stevensville 12 MONTANA CAFE Hamilton RANGE CAFE Hamilton -i ln" -V M no Sr X w 4 t.- 1. Q. . fix: -.sf ,. r. . Slniirys fg,. -N15 - P i ., ,A Delbert Bosckis sk Joe Fillmore X Robert Krout VALLEY FURNITURE Hamilton SHORTY 'S PLACE Hamilton Ronald Larson Melvin Long A Xi ' Q Jack Reikena William Schwaderer Charlotte Stang Mona Vance Patricia Wickham S Q 5835, i Wt 7 Q 4 K t 3 ,. .. ., X William Longbottom ...gif . Edna May Rocek Jo Mae Stringer Dona ld Wright SCPH 2 Carole Schuchman Nola Shriner NOT PIC TURED Gary Geer Billie Hyatt Rosamond Johnson Steve Maggard Ross Prather Ronald Sullivan , Lois Williams SNA S K.. : ' My . 4 sg ifsifmw . K it K , .' , x W 'R P' 'P"xs,-P0 Blow hard. girls!! Teitama on the field. Bashful, Marsha11???? My, but the lights are bright! What scenery! I! Must be test day! Four vicious Soph Boys. Shorthand must be interesting! Totem Pole. Edna all dressed up! Comfy?? P The Class Officers. Q9 K' x W I 1 5.3 MISSOULA MERCAN TILE CO. Missoula 14 , K 'fm G WJ' ' 41, ,,, P . ffi'f2V"? ff ' f,.f:'?? z.. 'Qffqx 'ATS ,, if ., 7? Wai lx 0,1 I ftfsffa ,,., :. I'-qAf ,f Q ' . i K" J' l.A ,M Q-!W - A .f , ' N H fffi Q.f MQ f.,,, fig IS"'ff 1, lfifffM,.f . W m Mx VK, , f 'li k x y. gi rl? hr , XX A f ' b 1.4 , A W X XXX - 1 ..h. wi, h by V X X M b qistrjr if' ' 'Q X H A ,Q- 'Yi p 'ff L il -W " M XJ f+ M- is , f . '--. l X I . . I ,.,,Z ,... - ,x,, I' v N- k w fwwx ,T 'K M, A afifvi, 0 sb-Q u L' , I YN vi z 5 f f:.",'l."-il-lil: ,lf A.. M, QE ,kg Yi' -f iv ' " ' ' "' 35:23 S.. ? A ' QYQIFJ Q' "3'. i A ' 'iilk-:gh-Q? ' V 11Q -AAQ VV s P- FK ff -MJ "1"l,.A . "w if 6 X M-if... .1 1:-1 . N, NS- NX 4SY.L...1 X -U . Q' ' D XX -ff-f 'ijM . fer- 'fi D f 3 Millm' ' f? Y fu m U : X -.arf , + Q, "flip, X lx , fM ........-2--ff 'A' W wa enqlby 'A ' . M onT"""n W 'HW m1LL "' if 'mg-5M-GQ ., JU IDRS ,I Della Cook James Cotter oooo ,. William Drew William Felde Peggy Bird A Donald Dayton Rose Grenfell Luella Hollibaugh Ronald Kalsco Beverly Marks HAIGH at APPLEBURY GENEVA 's SPOUSOW BY sM1LEY's CAFE Hamilton Hamilton Stevensville SIGNAL BAR SPROUSE REITZ. INC. DR. I. G. KOHL Hamilton Hamilton Stevensville 16 Donald Carruthers Fielden Dickerson 5 S Lee Hollibaugh .fn 7 Barbara McColly GA MBLES Stevensville CASEY'S STORE Stevensville F J-PQ Deborah lvlcFadgen Karen Paulson George Pfau H A -, my A A ,E LA W K K ' fl gf 'gl 4' e -R S ,ef 9 W . KR. s I 5 -. K . Ronald Pfau fr JR Eddy Rathbun Gary Rhodes JLI IORS 1? , or '-" X R John Ricks sl Q' Shirley Rocek Marlene Staat Bill Strange Richard Thoft Y NO T PIC TURED John Antrim 'E Carol Campbell is , l " Lorraine Harper aaf g zg, Blair Ricks y A 3 R J Vernon Swarens , up iv' Bill Strange W . 12 ' tw ill Wayne Thompson Donna Westfall Clyde wood HAUGEN'S STUDIO Missoula 17 m K ' 14 ,.,,. fu -i. JU IORS . Tootin' at the rally . Yell louder! ! . Hey, stop!! . Caught again!! . Who's dictaLing?? . It's just too-too!! . Class Officers. Asleep?? . What's wrong?? . Harmonica John . Drinking again! . Girls, please!! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. 9 10 11 12 3 fs.. 4 i milk ' A N? 'Q ""'Q:'QN Af -' :M""'fr1 SX X K K if NK X fig., R ,1 . 359 55 fab X... Q gg ?-2 I f M . . . Vu -f QL." ' A x ' , f qyf ' R N kg X, .LQ F --4... T ' k -' " , ' 4 . ry ., . 9 A 55? ff , ., mfff,-., x J ff ,, ,, ff .Qfffqi-X22 as ' 1 X il E3 ' M 7 " xg-'-, ,.., r .NAM X -. kqhk ' .1 K' illgvfr? - A... E: f 2 15N Q! 3 5' 'I 5' gf A -1875: X f f , 4,--" L1 :II ,,.,,'?E""' 1' J 1 S418 -211' X 2 111, R--S5-7"F. 'T' -M' " " 1 4 A,, """"-Q-.,."Q Q: +i""'.:-4 lg H 11 V1 6' +-:-- 1' ' Al - M L. .. -'51 5 ' f wg... l H11 1 '11---f .---:.:".-""-'aH- 'N J'-.--.--.Ng-bww! . S'-.5 ".E..-"'.- .fi K, 'Tf'S"L?"""" -vw Q, i LQ., E Q" W M 1:-sg M -f In-MM' Nh' X' i M BW'g ,-1uuu- H , 45 f fx.. wx Qhl , ,,,...i-3:4 5 --- ,-,4....... -,'4,,.' hL"""'-.--..... .f-f""' 'R ---.--L..... .,--- ....,, -..,,, X W,.., KX S-. X ' -Q-Qis. , ,Q St THHFHJS f77f55fon 'Z' 550103 Donna Avery 6? Gerry Buck June Anderson Jeanette Bear Teresa Canton FIRST STATE BANK Stevensville 20 Doris Austin Class Motto Tonite we launch. Where do we anchor? 'swf Harold Case Geinice Cook Russell Cromwell Class Flower Pink Rosebuds Carol Harper Susan Harris ? J 5 X K2 Doris Hightower Bemadean James Kenneth Krout 4-B'S STEVENSVILLE JEWELRY Missoula Stevensville 21 Dorothy Ann Larson Roy Mace Class Song Memories 5 15' wif James Mitchell Stanley Overholtzer :FQ Sahe Pfau Janet Puyear Rosemary Riekena The Montana Power Co. Stop 'N' Shop Clausen Refrigeration Pfaff Sewing Machine Shop Missoula Missoula Missoula 22 5 il' fig was :ff is l --- ...B j Q V l Ann Sampson Clera Schwaderer Class Colors Rose SL Gray Gordon Squires Barbara Tull Qi- Marlene Weigand Violet Willaimson Phillips 66 Yandt's Men's Wear Scotty's Drug Hamilton Missoula Stevensville Z3 dk Doris Wood H 8L S Marker Srevensville ' . Y, A Q- ni' .sa 5, ,- wr La ! s 5 , 1 9 ' 4 , , ! M Q L Samara-1"'N jf- ' ujssiikf N 3: We is SM my X l as up ' f W A W! " WM 2 ., 'L g 3 N 7' A ' z 4 is yi if in sir. l f 1 is Q Q asses ix QF' Y T553 fr.: Q flffidgfiz a:f ' 1' Hgh 'fi is 3 fig' 2 95 59' .-,, r .Q il' ,tho W Va ' .e Af 'klh A - .l ug K' ,il--K, nl. q Qf fg IV: ll X t na, y. i A 1 In "sl" l Always mugging!l Bu1l's Eye Money's dull, isn't it! ! Just Seniors On the town! He hates to make speeches! Party Girls Deep Secret!! Let's try it this way! ! Class Officers Maestro! "Ave" "Sue" Hey! ! Listen 8a you will hear--- "The Boy" Popcorn! ! Peanuts! l What's this??! ! Happy-go-luckies K f E L SME, . . . g 3 . , ' 5 W L X. I 5. A Q . 'i,f f 5 - y T. fi 4 s v'., ' V 1-2 '- wr N' 3 gf? SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1953, being of sound minds and memories, do make,publish, and declare this our first, last, and only Will and Testament. Item 1. We direct that all our just debts and funeral expenses be paid by the Juniors as soon as possible. Item 2. To the Sophomores we leave the glorious feeling of being anup- per classman. To the Freshmen we won't will anythingg you will have enough trouble without anything else. To the teachers we leave a sense of relief that they probably alreadyfeel with our absence. To Mr. Cook we leave sandpaper enough to clean off all "53's" and other traces of our presence. Item 3. As individual members, each and every one of us wishes to will some particular memento to persons associated with Stevensville High School as follows: I, June Anderson, will my long fingernails to Miss Karlberg. I, Geinice Cook, will my ability to anyone who wants it. I, Gerry Buck, will my bookkeeping to any unsuspecting soul. I, Teresa Canton, will the umpteen test-tubes, beakers, and other par- aphernalia that I broke in Junior Chemistry, also the window, to Mr. Stish in hopes that his next year's class won't be so destructive. I, Harold Case, will to Rosamond Johnson my poise, culture, and charm. I, Russel Cromwell, will my ability to stay away from dames to Robert Krout. I, Carol Harper, will my correspondence credits to Marlene Staat in hopes she will graduate in "54." I, Doris Hightower, will my short stature to anyone who wants it. I, Bernadean James, will my quiet ways to Charlotte Stang. I, Ken Krout, will to Marshall Bjork, the whiskers he already thinks he has. I, Dorothy Ann Larson, will all of the Sax music to Gib Nichols. I, Roy Mace, will my ability to get straight A's to Perry Fox. I, Jim Mitchell, will . . . if possible. I, Stanley Overholtzer, will be back next year. I, Sabe Pfau, will my ability to stay in Vo-Ag class to Ross Prather. I, Janet Puyear, will my typewriter to anyone who is foolish enough to take it. I, Ann Sampson, will my clarinet to Lee Ida in hopes she has as much trouble as I did with it. I, Cleta Schwaderer,will my smoke jumper boyfriends to Johanne Pope. I, Gordon Squires, will my bank account to anyone who can keep it out of debt. I, Barbara Tull, will my bass drum to anyone that can carry it and play it louder than I did. I, Violet Williamson, will my ability to play jazz to Barbara McColly. I, Doris Wood, will my voice to anyone who can make good use of it. We, Donna Avery, Jeanette Bear, Sue Harris, Rosemary Riekena, and Marlene Weigand will leave our fun to anyone who has enough nerve to live up to it. 25 SENICJR PROPHECY Mars May 28, 1953 Finally our work was completed, and the time machine was tested for the last time this morning, It was satisfactory for the use for which it was intended. The dials were set in their proper places: the clocks were set. The last thing to do was press the button bearing the dates 1953 and 1853. The clock on the wall marked the time as 8:00 p.m. The moment had arrived. :Ireached my destination in 22 seconds. We had gone back in time to the year 1853, and I could see my classmates of 1953 placed in the historic setting of the Bitterroot Valley near the small town of Stevensville. Strolling through the rough settlement, my ears caught a familiar sound. Nearing a wigwam,l realized that a class for young Indians and settlers' children was in session. On investigation, I found that the teachers were Teresa Canton, Dorothy Ann Larson, and Gerry Buck. In order to gather more information about my graduate class, I decided to go to the head man of the settlement and in doing so, I found none other than Roy Mace. l-le was dictating the day's events to his secretary, Cleta Schwaderer, while Bernadean James was writing in the daily journal. From him Ilearned that lim Mitchell had settled in California and was attempting to raise sheep. Marlene Wei- gand had her wish and was in Alaska making millions. Texas was where Gordon Squires finally settled, and he was raising a large family like he said he would. He was already the proud papa of 19. Accepting an invitation to dinner, I discovered that the head cook of the community was Carol Harper McKinny. She surely was practicing her economics on a large scale! Later inthe afternoon, lwas stricken with a tooth ache that demanded immediate attention. Guided to the local tooth doctor, I soon found out the dentist who pulled my tooth was none other than June Anderson. Singing one of her lovely songs to distract from the pain, was June's nurse, Doris Wood! ! More interested in the health program of this frontier town, lwas told that there were two more nurses who traveled the valley. They were Doris Hightower and Janet Puyear. Near mid-afternoon, a wagon train of supplies arrived in a cloud of dust. The driver who climbed down from the head wagon was Barbara Tull. I guess she just couldn't stay away from the hauling bus- iness. She told me that Ken Krout was to take the train from here to the next settlement. Among the letters from the East was one stating that Ann Sampson, the famous opera star, was starting for the West soon to visit the Bitterroot. Donna Avery, her private secretary, was coming along with her. One of the scouts, Sabe Pfau, rode in with the news that Russel Cromwell and Stanley Overholtzer, the notorious stage-coach robbers, had teamed with Harold Case, the rum-runner from Jamaica, and were heading for the valley. I guess they must be attracted to the still that Jeanette Bear has set up a few miles from town. All scouts were ordered to their posts. Sabe, in his spare time ran a large cattle ranch. Adjoining the ranch was another specializing in thorough-bred horses and owned by Sue Harris. Tacked on a tree was a poster announcing that the entertainment for the evening was to be Violet Williamson, the concert pianist, jsut back from Europe with a new style of rhythm. Going back to the main cabin, I found that Roy had just received a letter from the wagon train in- forminghim that Geinice Cook was now in Utah and was the mother of two sets of twins. Another let- ter was from Rosemary Reikena in Kentucky. Rosemary was married to a millionaire with more stills than anyone else in that state. Dusk was settling in, so I started preparations to leave. At 11:00 the last preparations were made. I arrived here on Mars at 11:02 with a feeling of assurance that all my classmates were well and happy. It is now 12:10, and I am tired, so will end my notes for the day. Signed, Doris Austin Neutronic Laboratory Mars 26 13. 14. SENIORS 1. Rosemary Riekena 2. Donna Avery 3. June Anderson 4. Marlene Weigand 5. Sabe Pfau 6. Teresa Canton 7. Russell Cromwell 8. Ann Sampson 9. Janet Puyear . Kenneth Krout 10 11 . Barbara Tull 12 . Carol Harper Gordon Squires Doris Austin """34m'w--- X if SENIORS Cleta Schwaderer Bernadean James Roy Mace Gerry Buck Geinice Cook Sue Harris Harold Case Stanley Overholtzer Doris Wood Jim Mitchell Jeanette Bear Violet Williamson Dorothy Ann Larson OUR PROGRESS SPORTS Football Basketball Baseball Track CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES Paper Staff Pep Club Annual Staff Red Cross Student Council SIC Club "S" Club Band F. H. A. Dances F. F. A. Plays Graduation Back row: O.Harris, E.Owen, I.Lor1g. J.Scalf, M.Bjork, B. Drew. Middle row: C. Howard. B. John- ston, R.Cromwell, P. Cromwell, S. Pfau, L. Woodbury, J. Felde. Front row: Coach Fox, B. Johnston, G. Squires, K. Krout. R. Larson, S. Maggard, Mgr. R. Krout. Players Year Ken Krout- Capt. . . . . Jim Mitchell ..... . . . Gordon Squires. Russell Cromwell. . . . . . Sabe Pfau .... Clyde Wood .... . . Eddy Rathburn. Jim Cotter. . . . . . Bill Drew. . . Gary Rhodes. . . . . Bill Felde. . . . Ronald Pfau. . . Don Carruthers. Ron Larson. . . . . . . Melvin Long. . Marshall Bjork .... Jack Riekena. . . . . . John Felde ..... . . Ronald Sullivan. . . Charles Howard Bill Johnston .... . . . Bill Schwaderer Bob Johnston. . Leo Woodbury. . . . . . Jim Scalf .... Sr. . Sr. . Sr... Sr. . Sr. . Jr .... Jr. . . . . Jr. . . . . . Jr. . . . . . Jr. . . . . Jr. . . Jr. . . Jr ..... . . . Soph. . . . . Soph. Soph. . . . Soph. . . Soph. . . . Soph. . . . Soph. . . Soph. . . . Soph. . . . Frosh .... Frosh. . . Frosh .... Position . . . . . .End . . . Halfback .....End ......End . . Fullback . . . Center . . . . . End . .l-lalfback Quarterback . . . . . End . .Halfback . .Halfback . . . . . End Quarterback . .Halfback . . . . . End . . . . . End . ,Halfback . .Halfback . . . Center . . . Center . .Haltback . . Halfback . . Halfback .....End Opponent Corvallis "B" Darby "A" Victor "A" Victor "A" Corvallis "A" Phillipsburg Thompson Falls Victor Football Scores Their Score Our Score 6 6 36 6 18 48 18 36 31 55 00 26 20 52 29 38 Our season's average was good,being 33 points per game to our opponents' average of 19 points per game. We won 7 games, tied 1, and lost one. Farmers State Bank Economy Foods Barthel Hardware Eddy's Bakery Victor Stevensville Missoula Missoula R , sires ,, 1 .aw N. lg: kj K, V,LAS Y fggff 47 93 77 .ng Left to right: Coach Fox, D. Bretzke, R. Larson, J. Cotter, K. Krout, J. Ricks, M. Bjork, J. Riekena, J. Mitchell, G. Squires, R. Krout, S. Pfau, G. Rhodes, B. Drew, Mgr. C. Wood. Players Year Position Jim Mitchell, Capt. . . Ken Krout, Co-capt Gordon Squires .... Sabe Pfau ....... Bill Drew ..... John Ricks. . . Gary Rhodes. . . Jim Cotter .... Ronald Larson. . . Duane Bretzke. . . Marshall Bjork. . . Jack Riekena ..... Robert Krout ..... C h d" Sr .... .... G uard Sr. . . . Guard Sr. . . . Guard Sr. . . . Guard Jr. . .... Guard Jr. . . . . Center Jr. . . . .Guard Jr .... . . Center Soph . . Guard Soph .... Guard Soph. . . . . . Center Soph. . . . Center Soph. . . ...... Guard M C d d oac......ClyeFox: gr .... .. lyeWoo Total Points of Season Kenneth Krout .... Jim Cotter .... Ronnie Larson. . . Jim Mitchell .... Marshall Bjork. . . John Ricks .... Bill Drew .... Sabe Pfau ..... Jack Riekena ..... Gordon Squires .... .--.-. ...212 ...174 ...161 ...128 ...92 ..66 ...34 ...26 ...25 ..l9 Basketball Scores Opponents Corvallis Thompson Falls Victor Hamilton Drummond Corvallis Phillipsburg Darby Missoula lndep. Corvallis Florence Victor Florence Phillipsburg Drummond Darby Corvallis Hamilton Florence '---Non-confere Sponsored by Woodwards of Stevensville Our Score Their Scoteu 34 31 nce games 52' 28 46' 72 44 38 33 54' 38 40' 44 44 65 60 53 54' 64' 49 Our Team Ready for Action HCOP SHOTS Note the Cheering Section Mitchell Stevi Vs. Victor Our Boys At P-Burg Larson 8a Jim K . Kro'ut ,vo Where Did It GOP? A Jump At P-Burg Suspense dis 065321 Y M1 'li tg With Corvallis A Shot For the Bronc KYMQ B-Team Vs. P-B1 Action At P-Burg Left to right: R. Krout, J. Cotter, K. Krout, J. Ricks, M. Bjork, D. Bretzke, J. Mitchell, R. Larson G Rhodes. Our Thanks To Mr. Ed Grafft many thanks from the student body of Stevensville High School and especially from the Stevi athletes. You have,for some years now, contributed many pictures to the annual staffs -- pictures which made our annuals a successg you have also provided us with individual pictures we will always treasure. We hope, in this small way, to show our appreciation for the valuable time and effort you have given us so freely. 33 TRACK Eleyen boys turned out for track this year. Those par- ticipating were Marshall Bjork, Jim Cotter, Jack Riekena, Russell Cromwell, Philip Cromwell, Ernest Owens, Bill Strange, Gordon Squires, Leo Woodbury, Douglas Case, and John Miller. Cotter sped away to win the low hurdles in the county track meet at Corvallis, tying the county record, then taking second in the high hurdles while Riekena took sec- ond in the high jump. At the invitational track meet in Corvallis, Cotter placed fifth in the high hurdles and fourth in the low hurdles. BASEBALL Stevensville had a good turn out for baseball this year under the direction of Coach Fox. Robert Krout, Sabe Pfau, Kenneth Krout, Blair Ricks, Bill Johnston, Duane Bretzke, Ronnie Sullivan, Ronnie Larson, Bill Schwaderer, Bob Johnston, Don Caru- thers, Jim Griffin, Jack Riekena, Odis Harris, Phillip Cromwell, made up the team. The experience gained this year will aid to a good team for the following years, 34 Q ff f Teresa Canton Valedictorian Kenneth Krout Outstanding Athlete Gerry Buck Prom Queen Jim Mitchell Student Body President 35 Ann Sampson Salutatorian Barbara Tull Silver Key Award 51 1. nu, Back Row: June Anderson, Rosemary Riekena, Marlene Weigand, Cleta Schwaderer, Geinice Cook, Harold Case, Roy Mace, Russel Cromwell, Dorothy Ann Larson, Violet Williamson, Doris Wood, Sabe Pfau, Susan Harris, Bernadean James, Doris Hightower. Center Row: Doris Austin, Donna Avery, Jeannette Bear, Kenneth Krout, Gordon Squires, Ann Sampson, Barbara Tull, Gerry Buck, Carol Har- per, Teresa Canton, Janet Puyear. Front: Jim Mitchell, Stanely Overholtzer. These two staffs provided the school with a paper and a yearbook. Dorothy Ann Larson and Barbara Tull were Editor and Co-editor for the first semester, Dick Thoft and Barbara McColly held their offices for the second semester. Seniors elected Barbara Tull and Gerry Buck to oe editor and associate editor of the 1953 Yellowjacket Yearbook. They, in return, selected the remaining staff. Each senior in some way helped in producing the annual. Back Row: Agnes Karlberg, Carol Houck, Janet Puyear, Della Cook, Gordon Squires, Beverly Marks, Kenneth Krout, Carol Schuchman, Jim Mitchell, Patty Wickham, Judy Baldwin, Dick Thoft, Gerry Buck, Geinice Cook, Deborah McFadgen, Violet Williamson, Susan Harris, Rosemary Riekena, Mar- lene Weigand, Donna Avery, Marlene Staat, Doris Austin, Barbara McColly. Front Row: Carol Har- per, Donna Westfall, Ella Mae Bailey, Ann Sampson, Teresa Canton, Dorothy Ann Larson, Barbara Tull. "Nan Q 1 as s Back Row: Ronald Pfau, Dorothy Ann Larson, Janet Puyear, Jim Cotter, Kenneth Krout, Fielden Dicker- son, Harry Triniplin, Jim Griffin, Robert Krout, Gary Rhodes. Center Row: Jini Mitchell, Della Cook, Donna Westfall, Barbara McColly, Barbara Tull, Marlene Zeiler. Front Row: Billy Felde, Lleinice Cook, Peggy Bird, Bobbie Lou Dirkson. StudentCouncil, an organization governing the school, consists of two nieinbcrs front each class and one nientber from each club and organization. Presidentlini Mitchell and vice-president Bill Felde were elected by the entire student body at the beginning of the school year. The Junior Red Cross Council consists of two representatives from each class. Plans for the organization are made by this council. Ronnie Larson was elected to attend Red Cross Camp this year. Back Row: CarolHarper, Cleta Schwaderer, Beverly Marks, Gary Rhodes, Harry Taniplin, Dick Thoft. Front Row: Alice Westfall, Ellen Harper, Esther Carlson, Steve Maggard. 1.9 Back Row: R. Pfau,G, Rhodes, B, Johnston, R. Krout, W. Thompson, C, Woods, O, Harris, R. Cromwell, D. Carruthers, Front Row: M, Bjork, G. Squires, J. Cotter, I. Mitchell, R, Larson, K. Krout, B, Drew, Coach Fox, Standing: R. Larson, H. Stish, V. VanHess, F. Dickerson, B. McCo11y, A. Sampson, D. Wood. Seated: D, Dayton, B, Longbottom, S, Maggard, D, Thoft, D. Westfall, P. Wickham, K, Paulson, T, Canton. E 2 5 3 5 F 9? , ,5 , , .. . B qs A L L ttp p S, p is , Rosemary Ella Mae Jeanie CHEERLEADERS The Pep Club consisted of girls interested in supporting the high school s athletes. Pep Club members encouraged a large cheering section at games They raised money by candy sales, dances, etc. Beverly Marks and Donna Avery were President and Vice-President. Fourth Row: L, Hollibaugh, R, Grenfell, P. Bird, S. Lehman, V. Riekena, R, Mastell, H. Miller, C Stang, R. Johnson. Third Row: C, Schuchman, P. Wickham, K, Paulson, D, Westfall, A. Terry, J, Pope M, Enebo, E. Harper, E. Rocek, D. Cook, E. Bailey, D. McFadgen, Carol Harper. Second Row: A. Karl- berg, M, Vance, J. Baldwin, B. Dirkson, D, Woolsey, E. Brown, A. Westfall, R, Slocum, D. Huggans, R Filcher, R, Dirkson, Glenda Pfau, B. Tull, C. Houck. First Row: Marlene Staat, R, Riekena, S, Harris M. Weigand, D, Avery, B. Marks, D, Larson, G, Cook, C, Schwaderer, V, Williamson, T. Canton, J. Puyear, G. Buck, Back Row: Leo Woodbury, Blair Ricks, Larry Staton, Phillip Cromwell, John Miller, James Austin, Joe Fillmore, Jerry Anderson. Center Row: Gary Rhodes, Gib Nichols, Jim Cotter, Wayne Thompson, Ronnie Kalsco, Sabe Pfau, Ernest Owens, Harold Case. Front Row: Billy Felde, Billy Strange, John Felde, Jack Riekena, George Pfau, Ronald Pfau, Sid Tietema. About twenty-seven members belonged to F.F.A. this year. Bill Strange was president and Ronnie Pfau was vice president. Jack Riekena and John Felde were sent as delegates to the annual convention in Boze- man. This year's F.H.A. consisted of seventeen members who chose Geinice Cook to be their president. They sponsored dances, candy sales, and held several slumber parties. No delegates were sent to the convention this year. Back Row: Anna Sutherlin, Millie Ann Enebo, Eileen Kulin, Ella Mae Bailey, Ginger Corey, Sharon Miller, Geinice Cook, Gracie Smith, Della Cook, Ellen Harper, Carol Harper, Beverly Marks, Helen Miller. Front Row: Anita Terry, Marlene Zeiler, Johanne Pope, Luela Hollibaugh. Wviq, AWS' two' Back row: I. Iohnston, J. Cannon, B. Cannon, D. Thoft, O. Wilcox. Second row: S. Crooks, H. Campbell, D. Larson, G. Nichols, A. Sutherland, M. Enebo, D. Westfall, V. Williamson, H. Case, J. Griffin. Third row: T. Canton, D. Cook, A. Sampson, H. Hagen, B. Magini, D. Prather, E. Rocek, H. Whitesitt. Front row: D. Dayton, M. Campbell, G. Cook, G. Buck, I. Longpre, A. Westfall, J. Lockridge, E. Harper, C. Harper, B. Tull, N. Lambert, Director Remington. Two concerts were the main features of the S.H.S. band this year. The band is composed of high school and junior high school members. Dick Thoft and Barbara Tull were chosen president and vice president of the band to aid the director in making plans for the year. Annual Junior Barn Dance Each year the barn dance is held by the Junior Class in mid-fall. Two turkeys were raffled off at mid- night. The dance was very successful with a large attendance. The Barnyard Musicians Spectators Sponsored by Mountain Tractor Co. of Missoula 41 JU ICR PROM The Stevensville Junior Prom was held April 11 in the high school gym. The theme was Neptune's King- dom. The entrance was a high coral reef with the theme in large black lettering, from here you entered the vast ocean wonderland. The ceiling portrayed the ripples of water in nile green, azure, and light blue. Silhouetted mermaids and hundreds of brightly colored fish adorned the walls of watery blue with a base of low coral and seaweeds. Zim-Oertli orchestra played from the hull of a sunken pirate ship, The Water Gypsy. Neptune's castle could be seen at the far end of the gym with a large ocean scene surrounding it. Punch was served from a cove hidden skillfully in seaweeds and seashells with fish swimming among them. The theme song for the Grand March, made up of juniors and seniors, was "How Deep Is The Ocean!" The march was lead by Ken Krout, senior president and Barbara Tull, which took place at 12:00. The climax of the evening occurred whenClyde Wood, junior class president lead Gerry Buck to a throne of coral where she was crowned as Queen of Neptune's Kingdom with a wreath of gold and seashells to reign for the remainder of the evening. The queen was accompanied by her attendants, Beverly Marks, Marlene Staat, Della Cook, and Peggy Bird. She was given a floral bouquet of red roses as a gesture of the junior class. Miss Carol Houck of the high school faculty was advisor and in charge of the decorations which carried out the "Neptune's Kingdom" theme. JU ICR-SENIOR BA QLIET fe! 42 SENIGR PL Y The Campbells Are Coming Cast: June Anderson, Gerry Buck, Teresa Canton, Russel Cromwell, Kenneth Krout, Dorothy Ann Larson, Stanley Overholtzer, Gordon Squires, Geinice Cook, Ann Sampson. JU IOR PLAY Miss Jimmy Cast: Fielden Dickerson, Ella Mae Bailey, Karen Paulson, Beverly Marks, Donna Westfall, Peggy Bird, Della Cook, Dick Thoft, Don Day- ton. gs- U fs ,--.' ' - K iyftg..-1s,5gf,x-Q3 nlxwmvwst x I I 'Qu . gil' V 1' . 5 r -' A .. 4 iff. , s , 1 s's' 'li - , Q K a sf s Qt jeff- s s., 0 , T u 155 1 N X . Qw' ,, SENIOR CLASS ACTIVITIE JUNE ANDERSON -- F,H,A, 25 Pep Club 25 Phys. Ed. 25 Senior Play 45 Annual 4. DONNA AVERY -- Phys.Ed. 1.25 Pep Club 3.45 Annual 45 Pep Club Veep. 45 Paper Staff 45 Band 35 Declama- tion 2.35 Senior Play 4. , JEANNETTE BEAR-- Trans. from Missoula lg Pep Club 3.45 Paper Staff 3.45 Annual 45 Prom Queen Attendant 35 Cheerleader 3.45 Phys. Ed. 35 Student Council 25 Senior Play 4. GERRY BUCK -- Phys. Ed. 1.25 F,H,A, 1.35 Band 2.3.45 Paper Staff 3.45 Pep Club 1.2,3,45 Student Council 1. 35Annual Co-Editor 45 Prom Queen Attendent 35 Class Pres. 25 Pow-Wow 35 1 Act Play 3. Senior Play 45 Drill Team 25 Prom Queen 45 Quill 8a Scroll 4. TERESA CANTON -- F,H,A, 1.2.3, F.l-I,A, Sec. 15 Pep Club Student Council 3. Class Treasurer 3. Class Sec. 45 Valedictorian 45 1 Act Play 35 Senior Play 45 Drill Team 25 Annual Staff 45 Science Club 3.45 F,H,A, Convention 1. HAROLD CASE -- F,F,A, 2.3.45 Band 2.3.45 Senior Play 45 Annual 45 Phys. Ed. 1.2. GEINICE COOK --Trans. from Idaho 25 Pep Club 2.3.45 Band 2.3.45 F,H,A, 3.4. F,H,A, Convention 3, F.H.A, Pres. 45 Student Council 45 Paper Staff 3.45 Class Veep. 35 Senior Play 45 Annual 4. RUSSEL CROMWELL -- Football 45 F,F,A, 1.2.35 "S" Club 45 Senior Play 45 Annual 4. CAROL HARPER -- Class Sec. 2, Student Council 2,45 Red Cross Sec. Treas. 25 Red Cross Pres. 45 F,H,A, 1.2, 45 Band 3.4, Band Treas. 45 S2C 35 Drill Team 1.25 Paper Staff 2.3.45 Annual 45 Senior Play 4. SUSAN HARRIS -- Trans. from Wyo. 35 Pep Club 45 Annual 45 Paper Staff 35 Pep Club Treas. 45 F,l-LA, 35 Senior Play 4. DORIS HIGHTOWER -- Phys. Ed. 1.25 Red Cross 45 Senior Play 45 Annual Staff 45 F,H,A, 1. BERNADEAN JAMES -- Annual Staff 45 Phys. Ed. 1,25 Senior Play 4. KENNETH KROUT -- Football Basketball 1,2.3,45 Track 15 Baseball 3.45 Football Capt. 45 Senior Play 45 Boys' State 35 Student Council 1.45 Class Pres. 45 "S" Club 2.3.4. "S" Club Veep. 45 Annual 45 Paper Staff 3.45 Quill 8: Scroll 4. DOROTHY ANN LARSON -- F,I-LA, 1.35 Phys. Ed. 1.25 Band Chorus 1.2.35 Girls' State 35 Operetta 15 Pep Club Drill Team 1,25 Student Council 3.45 Yellowjacket Ed. 3.45 Annual 45 Senior Play 45 1 Act Play 35 Class Sec. Treas. 15 Paper Staff 25 Quill 8a Scroll 4. ROY MACE -- Annual 45 Senior Play 4. JIM MITCHELL -- Trans. from Ronan 35 Annual Staff 45 Student Body Pres. 45 Paper Staff 45 "S" Club 3.45 "S" Club Pres. 45Footbal1 3,45Basketball3,45 Baseball 3.45 Basketball Capt. 45 Boys' State 35 Class Vice Pres. 45 Annual 4. STANLEY OVERl-IOLTZER -- Operetta 15 Basketball 1.25 F,F,A, 1.2.35 Band 1.25 Football 35 Student Council 35 Junior Red Cross 35 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Boys' State 35 Phys. Ed. 1.2. SABE PFAU -- Football 2.3.45 Basketball 1.2,3.45 Baseball 3,45 F,F,A, 1.2.35 "S" Club 3.45 Track 35 Annual 45 Senior Play 45 Boys' State 3. JANET PUYEAR -- Phys. Ed. 1.25 F.H,A, 1.2.35 Paper Staff3.45 Pep Club Student Council 45 Prom Queen Attendant 35 1 Act Play 35 Drill Team 25 Annual 45 F,F,A. Convention 15 Science Club 35 Senior Play 4. ROSEMARY RIEKENA-- Drill Team lg Pep Club Paper Staff 3.45 Annual 45 Prom Queen Attendant 35 Phys. Ed. 1.25 Cheerleader 45 Chorus 15 Play Day 25 Senior Play 4. ANN SAMPSON --Chorus 15 Operetta 15 F.I-LA, 25 Band 2.3.45 Phys. Ed, 1.25 Class Sec. 35 Student Council 35 Red Cross35Library 2.45Class Treas. 45 Annual 45 Paper Staff 3,45 Science Club 45 Senior Play 45 Salutatorian 45 Lunchroom 2.3.4. CLETA SCHWADERER-- Pep Club2,45 Veep.Red Cross 45 Annual Staff 45 Phys. Ed. 1.25 Chorus 35 Senior Play 4. GORDON SQUIRES -- Football 1,2.3.45 Basketball 1.2.3,45 "S" Club 3.45 Annual 45 Senior Play 4. BARBARA TULL -- Phys. Ed. 1.25 Class Treas. 25 Pep Club 1.3.45 Drill Team 1.25 Student Council 45 Band 2.3.45Chorus2.35Yellowjacket Co-Ed. 3.45 Annual Ed. 45 F,H,A, 15 Pow Wow 35 1 Act Play 35 Quill 8a Scroll 45 Senior Play 45 Band Veep. 4. MARLENE WEIGAND -- Pep Club 1.3.4. Pep Club Sec. 45 Drill Team 15 Class Veep.25 Phys. Ed. 1.25 Chorus 15 Paper Staff 3,45 Annual 45 Senior Play 4. VIOLET WILLIAMSON -- Phys. Ed. 1.25 Class Veep. 15 Pep Club 1,2.3.45 F,I-LA, 15 Chorus 1.2.35 Band 1.2.3. 45 Paper Staff 45 1 Act Play 35 Drill Team 1.25 Operetta 15 Annual 45 Quill 8a Scroll 45 Senior Play 4. DORIS WOOD -- Chorus 3,45 Science Club 45 Phys. Ed. 1.25 Lunchroom 2.3.45 Annual 45 Senior Play 4. 44 OD C O UD C O bk e Am Um Pas BVS Pet Pe W N AI ES Nam 3 011 C U Ll Ll S I' U C o o o o E Qw w w w w Q 3 m in n n n n E P D5 .: .f-'I J: .: Q H gg Us 3 3 sm 3 m ,g 'F1 EH me E 5 as 5 ag E E gm w m m 'mi m Ev U 9 ow 8 m w ww vm :E E . 4 4 1 4:4054 oo Q3 :G 3 N 3 n H HmH O0 ws - NSN :NHWN QU : Sw 'U o-a D4 o-I A-4 Qu 4-I nomo P-1:-GQ-4 -emu-1 --4 P1--nmnam 9, C-' .,. 5 ..-N .--cn cn agua an mgm www- 5w,3 m 8 ....g'U3,,,3'U,.43-JQJ3o':..Dc0a30a 1 ,ww-am'J :zu-oO-n:Ou-auxs-ap-a""mUo-4-.4-4: G M Q . Q 1 L4 Q -Q UQ Q- -gn uv "".'2..-'92-':13 '-"-'-..-'H '-1:15-1 o .ev mv, E033 Zomgvdmiglmogifsfmogou HH-m:HwxmEH:Hm4HQmHHu2Q:H:Q :- as n: o E E c - fu C U0 u on gi... C gg va -f-4 .Om x 5 o o 0 hw s U xc 'E S U 2 52 L3 Q S -20 2 A3 .s: .o .Q 7,5 5 3: - 503' 2. -5 as 51:3 42 wg--E B U gags? 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Q 0 000 Q C 53x om ,,, --4 mx.rO w :E C u 'EE 1: o' 0 .Q Q 5 'E 2305 3 0 Eaf H Q. o as mi 215 2:5541 E 5 as-E 5 x' Ecru U P W H 3 Q -5. .,.. 5-DSU gg on 9-'xom ow -of' .... Ng mcg .0 ,,,...3o,-, .:,E Eo-C .::.0O U H o vvmgwc gnuzoo HSS gm .zoo 55-m--r:.. eu-5 Qcmggug-33 . wpm -ECU-QEH,-,CIQN as :cm .- or: -. eu 3 nov fu.:-. ... on .: o Ewa:--egnwgvow8E2E:z3u-:Haa 'fS'2wZsm5'SE..awggeosesrifgss vU3HOwmQm3mQH2mDw3mwmUU2Emm Q Ch ...1 "' Q 0 3 - 77, I5 ua-2 '05 DLE mai Q0am33:39ogE 4oQc3uxcE5eQoE 53-2MadnessSsidiiggsiiiiasaaia F? G 5 O N gg IL' E .3 Q : 5 E E8 O O vm NE : C xg 3E54 a 1 no m 35-" Sooggwogoc :5 -.9.':m.::,-3.2 .ooxzmoongw HE u, Wagga: gg o m mm 2:24 n 0 Q U 3- 9 o UHHH 0 Q: 5 9 -c mmwev o P15 rn o 43 :UU U ..-. o fu ...E 3 Q o U n H 3 o no ISI 'U Pwuq.-1 'H eu o-a I H Pv N g H su H u n Q G C in uv-A 0 E20 Em Q' "' awww-MU-cmmgw A H m mgom 9 :L-OOC ON--as O Q0 a-NU u-Aw-4 c hhuwwn : 09 BH cn mhz.. ""?w -D :navh O" goguvmogm5ovoooESqgQ:HoQNMo -.Q-.LDI-11130o:UmQmMDn:--.ww-.cz4ULDmEbQ 45 Back Row: Gerry Buck, Dorothy Ann Larson, Rosemary Riekena, Donna Avery, Gordon Squires, Sabe Ptau, Roy Mace, Kenneth Krout,Jeannette Bear, Middle Row: Stanley Overholtzer, Ann Sampson, Violet Williamson, Barbara Tull, Marlene Weigand, Janet Puyear, Russel Cromwell, Harold Case, Susan Harris, Front Row: Doris Wood, Carol Harper, Bernadean James, Geinice Cook, June Anderson, Cleta Schwaderer, Teresa Canton, Doris Hightower, Fiftieth Anniversary local High School Graduation! Tonight The tlftleth anniversary commence- ment for the Stevensville high school will take place at the high school au- dltorium tonight, Thursday, when 27 young men and young ladies will re- ceive their diplomas. Fifty Years Ago. The flrst class to graduate from the Stevensvllle high school, in 1903, ln- cluded only four members. They were Roy Whitesitt, who is still living in this community: Harry Mitchell, Al- berta May fMi1lsJ and Ethel Dwyer. Mrs. Mills is not living and the address of the other two is not known. Class of 1953. The 27 members of the class which is graduated tonight are: June Anderson, Donna Avery, Ger- aldine Buck, Jeanette Bear, Teresa Canton, Harold Case, Geinece A. Cook. Russell Cromwell, Susan Harris, Doris Hightower, Bemadean James, Kenneth Krout, Dorothy Ann Larson, l Roy Mace, Carol H. McKinney, James Mitchell, Stanley Overholtzer, Sabe Pfau, Janet Puyear, Rosemary Rlekena, Ann Sampson, Cleta Schwad- erer, Barbara Tull, Marlene Weiganl, Violet Faye Williamson, Doris Wood. The program for the graduating event, outlined in last week's issue of the Tribune, will include the Salutatory by Ann Sampson, the Valedictory by Teresa Canton, music by the high school mixed chorus, a vocal solo by Doris Wood and the address to the graduates by Dr. Gordon Reynolds, an alumnus of the local high school. His subject will be "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." Also, there will be a Golden Anni- versary tribute to the class of 1903, presentations of awards and scholar- ships and the presentation of diplomas. The Baccalaureate. On Sunday evening the Baccalaur- eate services were held at the Metho- dist church. The seniors. in caps and gowns, entered at 8:00 o'clock and the service was opened with an invocation by the Reverend A. L. Swarens and with appropriate hymns. The sermon was delivered by the Reverend Harold Guthrie and the services closed with the benediction by the Reverend Mr. Swarens. The graduates flled out as Mrs. Howard Lbngbottom played "Pomp and Clrcumstancef' 46 SENIOR BREAKFAST WAS THURSDAY MORNING The fourteenth annual senior class breakfast, sponsored by the Woman's club, was held at the clubhouse Thurs- day morning at 11:00 o'clock. Members of the senior class and the nigh school faculty were guests on this occasion. Mrs. Robert Brown, president of the Woman's club, welcomed the guests and Kenneth Krout of the senior class expressed appreciation of the class for the courtesy. Patty Wickham and Judy Baldwin sang a duet and Super- lntendent Harry Tamplin spoke briefly. Teresa Canton, member of the gradu- ating class, was called upon, also, for a short talk. Some fun was added to the occasion when Judy Baldwin and Mona Vance, in special getup, read fortunes for members of the graduating class. Mrs. Carl Baldwin, of the Woman's club, was in charge of the kitchen and general arrangements and mothers of the graduates, Mrs. George Anderson, Mrs. Tracy Williamson, Mrs. Earl Buck, and Mrs. Wm. Larson, served the guests. Mrs. Stanley Antrim looked after the flower arrangements and table decora- tions. STEELE MAYTAG STORE Phone 523 Hamilton, Mont. Dealers in Maytag and Leonard Appliances We Service All Kinds of Gas and Electric Appliances and Sell and Deliver Propane Gas BARRON'S JEWELRY Elgin Hamilton Keepsake International Sterling 221 Main Phone 'l24-W Hamilton, Montana KEN'S CLUB CLUB and CAFE Good Drinks Good Food Ken Avery, Prop. Stevensvi I le, Montana STEVENSVILLE COMPLIMEN TS FEED 84 FUEL of I I Zulu l I-l '49e"cV I-I L,' g,3f,nw j INSURANCE REAL ESTATE l l ' "Pf' I A - DURINA "i"i5+?'i , A, I l ,,CHowS,, fi l Mg.-.:.1gff' All Purina Feeds Stevensville, Montana Phone 139 For peace of mind, buy sound insurance. 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