Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT)

 - Class of 1951

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Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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'1 -5.5, , "fr at The Se ' ' ' i the entire sux 4' 1 1 ig' I hd actwmes o hievemems a How a1 the ac " to :heir ie s anno , ' 1355 of "51- ... --up gs 5 13241 the staff sine V 4 evemhn y ea! in the lives 15:1 . .f ,'- . Q- fi? '84 1+ 'J 4, if. ibuuoh oi the c V? in ' ' the last com: :hinder l 'Yhxs bemg, efefly hopes ' Xeasant te xham 11 mu he a p students, 1 S H S of ah those a of an ua1 Staff The Anil . I. Eu,-3 ig. . A " ' '?f5f ... .,,., . ..., .. swfw fs Q TQ?" P::'rff:s':-- . . , . , , 1 V 3 'J' Q- . jpg.. .kf,3.'s J, -Q if 'VMLK -' . J: BELV, . -fwff-ia s ,,. Q. v 4' 95 .- J, 1- I 'ig ,FL -kr, .I L 'xr if. T91 , . . . Q X5 .r x'x 1 P I1 -Ev rg R 'L . ly 1 ,fag Z' N 9 MI, 'ff u ' Q KLQSQ -'TEL :,. 3. g .. ,..,.,,. ..- . ' nn If '17 ' 51' '2:5595-:agusQfsrzaffig?Sfiffii-1m1,,, . X- K. 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HI' I 9s?f'E'i- 74ii353' '-b 'aff'-:H ' - J- ug Qian! -5' gpg ,ISEYAWC1 I.f? 2u' - ' 2 X-fa, ' i 1 1 152: 1Q"f:.sJ., ,hr sselvsng I n E . ' 1 . ': . I ...q-.1-ihiuA . a ...., I l'. ,. 'u ,u nr is -at . - fra. sw- .. . , ,3.-4.4',:':-fi ?..,-fzirmw-.. , ., ,. ..5':' QF '- 'ff 111..""-ggahe-.'E'Jf"fi1l: .w.'ZZ.,'.-.. .. 5,355-iw 1-2 3. -.., .".1-::f.:'1:2-14 ..:'e-eff-,,,:T.1! .uv -. l-ti-.N it-.ggr..:,n Lg.:-., t, . - 1 - V-.V .-1-A ,:lqY.,'t.?c.3-4..r ,y'a1'.'.'I21i. ,f--' ' -f-: 4 4., A 'r' v'w -4' "lil .5 F". , .-,.v.:tqi?i.s,Q .t.hJ,:,:,::rg,- iii'-17 if ' f'--.tif 'H .Q ar. 1 uf. 3:11. ".':f 'J -.Qg..'..,-. . . ..!'ij,i'- -' . "D: '-J., Q . if -l Z L CH 1, 60 M Q. .3411 --,nv . -.- '5 fl -5'!a?'.,- , ,, "fL'?:'f1'- f-.Sn s ,f . -N,-.3'7l.'?'i""' ' f..'?uf'Pe4,1?':,Q",-ig-,P,4'!:yz'-2.9,-51:7 ' Hin ', ' 4 411- ?fn3:!':Rfjai:'!S:.' !5'Qf:9f"-. 4 ' "'1-'- ffm"-.i,5'f?3f'f!'V"' W I' dedicate 1951. W e the class of this annual in remembrance of Charles Davidson, our former classmate. "VI: a -' a. i . af 'g In . LZ S- . .... :yr-... .1 , H elif- ., 4- I V: -4 'Q ?-. .,,.' r ff .-4 . P, .- E Su PEr2uNTENDENT,S GE V lf civilization is to survive we must have X '.'f.'-.gzzgz N more builders and teachers. Education must ff-'Q l H teach conservation of resources-human and l l natural. lt is only by such building and H teaching that civilization can be saved 1331i3:51iif1i33iI3:I',.l Q I from chaos . Q-jj-jlj-QI-jljf-jlfl-j l E:i535135:i23i1i3i51I3:51.. il 'ifiifiifiifiifiifiiifiifig. l "i5:i3:5i32i3i3:5i1I31Z5: W '-Ii:Sziiiiziiiigrizipris. L" ...... aculf ,:E.,A --Q...,..J ' -L-law X' f-+ fi: i 4' K Q I gfl ufwf I , X Mff' W K X N 7, 7 '- 'ik xx RN! 'ml M XX x HN if VL XX ww A -fi fi f xx X. XX xx xx ' N XX ff! f W1 TMWXFXX xx f 2 ff , 1 XX - X fff . Y X N A ff! Ay ' , q1'5y'3 "fi XXV? X? X 1 ' fx !" X f " Q A fb' I jf Vlgucofsi' f X 5 If X, if f ,ff fffffyffw f 4 Www M1 f lg-ba.-sv FACULTY CLYDE K. FOX RALPH GILL Athletics Vocational Agriculture MAUDE LOCKRIDGE WILLIAM HENRY GRACE WILHELM Science, Math Science, Math Commercial HARRIET METCALF IANICE FOX Home Economics English BRUCE McCONNELL CHARLES GRAFT LEO COOK FLORENCE WOOD Science, Math Music Engineer Cook Tig wif ' Sa Q9 I tl E 'L e 9' ' fix Q O Q ,W If ' V l .jf X W iii ' Q A 59 Q LLL K X N G X p 'J-w -LXR XX X , M X X K ' 3 9 XQWfi5"QX'I W ff? 'Zi FH 11 NS wfximw X '55 X iviglx W iff!! 5 SXWWXX fi ffif g ,fy A-Q,LxQ X 5 YQWTQQ f ff QNQSN gy 'il flxbx X X Z ,Q gm fx egg, 'iff 'ixgab Xxxzgf' SN X XX A ' X A +R X SENIORS WAYNE AVERY Senior Play 45 Vice Pres. 45 Pres. 35 Basketball 1,2.3,45 Boys State 35 Football 1, 2,3,45 Annual staff 4. IAIME BAILEY FHA 15 Chorus 1, 2,35 Drill Team 3,45 Pep Club 45 Pep Club Sec, -Treas. 45 Amiual Staff45 Paper Staff 3.4: Senior Play 45 P. E, 1, 2. LEONA CLATWORTHY Student Council 15 Chorus 1, 25 Triple Trio 15 P,E. 1,25 FHA 15 Paper staff 35 Senior Play 45 Annual Staff 45 Drill Team 3. DAVID COOK Transferred from Rexburg, Idaho 45 FFA 45 Senior Play 45 Annual Staff 4, DARLENE CUMMINGS Transferred from Charlo 25 Drill Team 35 Prom Queen Attendant 35 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 45 Senior Play 45 P.E, 2. NOREEN FRANKS FHA 1,25 Chorus 1,2,35 Prom Queen Attendant 35 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 45 Senior Play 45 P,E, 1.2. LARRY GERDON Senior Play 45 FFA 3,45 FFA Pres, 45 Band 3,45 Annual Staff 4. BOB GRIFFIN S-Club 3,45 Football 1,3,45 Basketball 35 Football Co-captain 45 Boys State 35 Class Pres, 1,45 Annual Editor 45 Senior Play 45 Student Council 3,45 S-Club Sec, -Treas, 45 Science Club 45 N,F.L. 35 Debate 3, F . ww 3. X-Aux SHARLINE MARTIN Girl's State 33 Class Sec, 33 One-Act Play 33 Cheerleader 43 Declamation 1, 33 Pep Club 43 Co-editor of Paper 43 Annual Staff 43 Chorus 1, 23 Student Con, 43 sr, Play 4. CLARENCE MCNETT Senior Play 43 FFA 13 Band 3,45 Chorus 2,33 Student Council 43 Basketball 43 Annual Staff 4. JACK MCNETT Senior Play 4g FFA 13 Science Club 43 Chorus 1, 2,32 Student Council 43 Basketball 4g Annual Staff 4, PATTI O'l-IARE Annual Staff 43 Paper staff 3,41 Chorus 1,2,3S Pep Club 43 Drill Team 3,42 Debate 33 Student Council 43 Senior Play 43 Class Pres. 23 Band 43 Jr, Red Cross 43 N.F.L. 3. LaVONNE HOLLIBAUGH Chorus 1,2,33 P.E. 1,22 Paper Staff 43 Annual Staff 43 Drill Team 3,43 Pep Club 4g Triple Trio 13 Senior Play 4. HELEN HOWARD FHA 13 Class Tr, 13 Chorus 13 Student Council 33 Student Council Pres. 33 Drill Team 43 Red Cross Council 43 P.E. 1, 2. RUTH HOWARD Paper Staff 3,43 Annual Staff 43 Drill Team 33 FHA 1,43 FHA Pres. 43 Chorus 1-2.3: P.E. 1,2. LOUISE LUNDE FHA 13 Chorus 13 Prom Queen Atten- dant 33 Paper Staff 3,42 Annual Staff 43 P.E. 1,22 Senior Play 4. 53 xi -:" ELEDA SNEDIGAR Transferred from Mission 35 Sec, of Library staff 35 Science Club 4g Annual Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Paper Staff 3.4. PHILIP SULLIVAN FFA 1,2.3,45 Band 3,45 Senior Play 45 Student Council Vice Pres. 45 Paper Staff 35 Football Manager 25 Annual Staff 4 QUINN SULLIVAN FFA 1,2,3,45 Annual Staff 4,55 S-Club 1,2,3,4,5: Track Manager 15 Senior Play 4, 55 Declamation 3. ELEAN OR TOEPFER FHA 1,43 Paper Staff 45 Annual Staff 4: Library Staff 35 Senior Play 4. JIM PORCH S-Club 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3g Senior Play 45 Operetta 35 Student Council Pres, 45 Student Council 1. 45 Vice Pres. 35 S-Club Pres. 4: Basketball Co-captain 45 Boys State 35 Annual staff 4. JIM PROUTY Transferred from Chicago 35 Senior Play 45 Football 3,45 Annual 4. GAIL PLUMMER Transferred from M. C. I-LS, 15 Red Cross Council 45 Student Council 45 Student Coimcil Sec. 45 Paper Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Amlual staff 45 Pep Club 4: Drill Team 4. LAVONNE POLL Transferred from M, C. H. S. 15 FHA 15 Pep Club 45 Drill Team 3,45 Paper Staff 3,45 Editor of Paper 3.45 Senior Play 45 Co-Editor of Annual 45 Science Club Sec. 45 P,E, 1.2. Not Pictured: DUANE McKINNEY Football 1, 2,3,4g Student Colmcil 45 Basketball 4: Football Co-captain 4: Senior Class Play 4: Track 1.2.3, 4: "S" Club 2,3,4. CHARLES WARK Senior Play 4g Class Treas. 3,43 Student Cotmcil 1: Chorus 23 Paper Staff 3: Annual Staff 4. BILL WHEATLEY Senior Play 43 Annual staff 4: Football 1, 2.3,4g S-Club 2.3.45 Science Club 4. IIM WINTERS Senior Play 4: Declarnation 1: Track 43 Basketball 1,4g Student Council 4g Annual Staff 4. DONNA WRIGHT FHA 1: Chorus 1,2,3g Prom Queen Attendant 35 Pep Club 43 Annual Staff 4g Paper staff 3.4: Drill Team 3,4g Class Sec, 4g P,E. 1,2gSen1or Play 4. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The day broke bright and clear--perfect for a climb. The date, September 8. 1947. the occasion--the class of "51" was embarking upon their long hike up the mountain- side of knowledge, The course looked smooth and tmcomplicated, how wrong we were I Our guide for the first lap of the long journey was Mr. Gill, The leader of the alpiners was Bob Griffin, assistant- -Wayne Avery. Donna Wright kept the day by day log, Helen Howard kept track of our many supplies and Charles Wark and Leona Wood served upon the student council which acted as scouts, Our roughest obstacle we encountered this particular year was our initiation--not only formally into high school but also into its course of study, We presented one gala affair in appreciation for the sophomores who had honored us with the Freshman Reception. Our party was the Sophomore Retum and our first money-making project. By the time we reached our first resting spot in the spring of 1948, we thought we couldn't possibly ever be more tired but with more pleasant memories, however, more and better was to come, There is something about a sophomore, he thinks he has conquered all and has reached his ultimate in poise and knowledge. Our greatest joy was initiating the poor helpless little freshmen. The new officers of our group were: Patti O'l-Iare, President: Wayne Avery, Vice Presidentg Marilyn Robinson, Secretaryg Lavonne Poll and Jim Porch, Student Council Representatives. Our guide for this year was Mrs. Lockridge who led the self -sufficient hikers over their few troubles and many pleasures. The third lap of our journey was certainly a new experience for us. We were upper- classmen and were beginning to carry a little prestige,and by this time we definitely knew our way and were reaching for the highest peak a year's trek ahead of us. This was a time of triumph, we helped win the divisional football championship for the second consecutive time and took the district basketball trophy. We not only excelled in sports but we also did in social events. Barn dance was a success and the height of our imagination and desire was our Junior Prom. All effort and anxiety paid off by the most pleasant of dances in Stevi High, Officers were Wayne Avery, President: Jim Porch, Vice Presidentp Sharline Martin, Secretaryg Charles Wark, Treasurerg Helen Howard and Bob Griffin, Student Council Representativesg and Mr. Rossmiller, Sponsor, It was hard to pass up the green meadow we had found in our Junior year but the top was still a long way above. Now we started the year as knowing and seasoned seniors, For some reason we could pass over the crevioes andsteep mountainsides with com- parative ease and dignity, Our guides and leaders for this year had a great deal to do as the senior year involves many large and small details that must be mastered or our entire high school career would be incomplete. We were guided by Bob Griffin, re- corded by Donna Wright, kept financially straight by Charles Wark, and our represen- tatives to the new student government were: Gail Plummer and Jack McNett. Our sponsor and advisor was Mr, Tamplin who we hold in gratitude for keeping in well on the beaten path. Our presentations for posterity were: the Senior Class Play, our an- nual and 'at last", commencement. As we neared the last peak we didn't find our minds or legs weary, In fact, we have seemed to gain new strength and ambition on our way up. As we look down now we see the barriers we surmounted and the classes below clinging to the crags and dancing in the pastures. For a short time we are at the IOP with diplomas in our hands but across the way we see a higher and more rugged ascent that we will soon start upon with thanks to our experience upon the hill of leaming commonly known to all of us as 'old Stevensville High School, our alma mater. " sf' K SENIOR CLASS WILL We the class of "51" being of unsound minds and poor memories do hereby swear 1--"UM, U and make public this our first, last and only will and testament. First: We direct that all our unpaid bills and library fines and deficient book funds be taken care of and paid as soon as possible after our graduation by the junior class. Second: We bequeath each of the under classes some little token of our memory. To the Juniors we will our feeling of superiority. To the Sophomores we will our high scholastic ability, To the Freshmen we will our sophistication and dignity. Third: Each and everyone of us wishes to will some particular token of our remem- branoes to some person associated with the High School Empire, as follows: I LaVonne I-iollibaugh will Chuck Whitesett back to a Jimior glll, I Ruth Howard will my glasses to Mr. Henry in hopes he can see the gum chewers better, I Eleanor Toepfer will my high pitched voice to Adelina Mimoz, I Louise Lunde will my lost Business Training book to anyone who can find it. Reward 500. I Charles Wark will my ability to get along with the teachers to Buckie Hafer, I Noreen Franks will Mr. Tamplin to the next Sociology class, I Donna Wright will my whistle to Mrs. Wilhelm. I Darlene Cummings will my quiet and unnoticeable fahemy actions to Irene Osburn. I Lavonne Poll will my ability to acquire nicknames to any innocent Frosh, I Sharline Martin will my nervous rash to Dolores Gonzalez with hopes that she finds a cure. I Helen Howard will my dignified manner to Lorraine Bozlee. I Jaime Bailey will my ability to make friends at tournament to Karen Dobrinz, I Eleda Snedigar will my rope twirling ability to Elva Johnston, I Patti O'Hare will my long vocabulary to Arthur Glaze. I Leona Clatworthy will my moles to Georgiann Strange, I Jack McNett will my ability to stay in English class to Clyde Wood. I Larry Gerdon will my sophisticated ways to Betty Felde, I Philip Sullivan will my ability as a moonshiner to Dolores Eastman. I Clarence McNett will my big feet to Donna Avery, I Jim Prouty will a few of my pounds to Clyde Wood. He needs them. I Duane McKinney will my ability to get by with teasing Mrs. Harper to Carol and Ellen. I Jim Porch will to Albert Sutherin my tradition of arriving to school late in order to break the monotony of lst period class. I Bill Wheatley will my knife and paint brush to Joe Munoz to continue putting his name on desks and painting "52". I Wayne Avery will my disposition to Jeanette Bear, I Jim Winters will locker 29 to Puyear and Frazer, I Bob Griffin will to Pep Munoz the whiskers he thinks he already has. I Gail Plummer will my sedate posture and walk to Violet Fae Williamson. I Dave Cook will my pickup to Sam Hayden. I Quinn Sullivan will my ability to stay in high school to anyone who has to go into the Army. Fourth: We the Senior Girls will to Mrs, Metcalf those sandwiches and cakes that we were supposed to have stolen when we were freshmen, Fifth: We the Senior Boys will the space left qwhat little there isy to write "52" on In witness whereof, we the class of "51" do hereby wash our hands of the whole deal come this 29th day of May in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred ..51... Signed, sealed and delivered as our first, last and only will and testament, by the above named. Class of "51". IE t piel i gi H PANB usa-Ogg 1 SO? 93 H MH on E5 EM mag BH Sing 0 Eg. oi. 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Usage wir!-uw 02-EOE S wsou wausi E8 mg-:E EOEEEQ S w-MBU magma SEO? wits EOEEEQ 2 E052 M553 -O23 mgpwqm 32 E529 UMEOCOUN 5 MU in .nk sm Ona 0303 Emi, gag EEO msg Ba 220609 EE 50538 320 msg: 5 mmg-55-353- 22 05 E305 v-N05 Ona 0302 QOEM OE, 5503 mga Us-:W QE H-Eg OE, 0308 mms H05 0:5 OE, Bbw wiv-OEM ES mg-E55 Elm 320 SQA H2 H-CO3 0:3 2230? 5EmgHU-525 msmmi BME FEE 0:3-hm has eg NS 323 EG 32 gian- QEEEBQ 025 FEE :gg go west Nhgsv-O2 as-Q 552 05:25 2,55 OE-OA Egm 55 ESS: 55: aw5gEOm 05053 E-Euo gum EEUU NES 9-SE 5202 QEEESU 22:5 v-OOU 0:5 AHEOEN5 E03 353 252 521 gba E2 ez Q22-O0 Z-D202 EE 75023 Ea O-mba :gg EOE! mag 35552 rwga-0 2: ERN gamma sag M5535 O-E5 magxg E032 HOURS 9:53 as-A E: 2:0923 H5 2585 Ugg Sam? :E 1085 5: xg :Ox EH 3 A0325 355 1. F P mga was F QE-DOH WSG are-:O 2803 megan was Z-O-Hx ggi OEM 20505 is mags muagm H6020 SE! an 3200 :B gg: 255953 E mgga 3030 sa 12 329 mgag E032 EES wgx waged Qggm Em Egan SON-A P550 gan E' Eg mO:Os Eggm 20505 magma E-as A-Evgm gsm BO-5 sg EEO: -H6-,gm HO EVN E50 ima-dm HOME EOEEW maggm BV-3: maggm mgdgm gg:-W SOME-dm HO nag O5 OM sex wg -HO Eg mags .HO U0 N UOEEEH ,HO gnu ax ag S: GO HO wang 56255 S Egg HO S5 N 8520 Hg 0223 230550 ,Bvio-iam HO manga A-O Q22 :DEE gm SOME HO E22 mga W 203205 HO awed E-E N: EVN gmggm Haggm -V005 E220 E5 CHE as og-H 42- mg! on Ea gg gm 36 sang! HO 5 AEE -N80 925 202 MOC w0:-:GUN HM mga E52 10:3 WO -LO-HW 73 IGB nag -MOH AOC -E5 A250306 233 mn. SEM mga H.: 5586 -L20 SE sam-UOHEW HM NEW YORK TIMES Office Memorandum Date: May 29. 1961 To: Helen Howard, Star Reporter From: Patti O'Hare, Feature Editor Subject: finquire morgue forj May 29. 1951 Northwest Tribune Please find this material as it has been ten years since we graduated and I would like to reminisce. NEW YORK TIMES Office Memorandum Date: May 29, 1961 To: O'Hare From: Howard Subject: Tribune and Alumni Upon reading article in said paper, I am curious to know what the various alumni are doing now. Is there any possible way to gain this information. NEW YORK TIMES Office Memorandum Date: May 29. 1961 To: Howard From: O'I-Iare Subject: Research results After considerable research I have dug up the following data. I am pleased to find that so many of the old class have made names for themselves. Many are near New York and that is how I have received word of them. Philip Sullivan is in the mmic business and I've heard he is a second Harry James and with a wife like Betty Grable. In locating him I ran across LaVonne Hollibaugh who is now a member of the kick chorus in Radip City Music Hall. Of course you've read about Jimmie Winters who is a big-time politi- cian in Washington D. C, Another old standby who has made good in the big city is Charles Wark, who is principal of a school of ballet, Some of the "51"ers have really acquired glamourous occupations like Lavonne Poll who is artist-in-chief for Esquire Magazine. Wayne Avery is doing fine as wrestling coach in Vassar College for women. I have received word via Associated Press that a few of our friends have devoted their lives for sake of humanity. Bob Griffin is said to be one of the finest brain specialists in the cormtry. Jack McNett is engaged in the field of chemical technology in M. I.T, Then there is Ruth Howard who is head nurse in Mayo's Clinic. Others who often hit the front pages of our paper are: Sharline Martin, who owns and operates a racing stable and who is rumored to be a "bookie" on the sly. Darlene Cum- mings, the sweet, unpretentious gal of yesteryear now a millionairess, throws gala parties weekly as a hobby. Those having miscellaneous trades are: Eleanor Toepfer who is a comptometer fwhatever that isj, Leona Clatwortby is a detective of renown and Jim Prouty is a big time union leader in Chicago. This is just half of the class of "51". Find remainder and report shortly, NEW YORK TIMES Office Memorandum Date: May 29, 1961 To: O'Hare From: Howard Subject: Additional research l have been very fortunate in being able to find all of the information you required. Jaime Bailey is an English teacher in the Ozarks, while her sidekick, Donna Wright, is doing very well teaching in a reform school near Reno, Nevada. And here is another one of our classmates teaching, Louise Lunde. Right now she is in Hawaii teaching the natives, Eleda Snedigar has a ranch in Texas and Noreen Franks is a private nurse to the ranch veterinarian. Gail Plummer is stationed in the Northern part of Canada at a telegraph post, She wants us to come up to see her some time, Jim Porch is looking for uranium in the Bitteroot Valley. Larry Gerdon is a smash hit movie star riding the open ranges. His latest movie, being directed by Clarence McNett, is entitled 'The Buckeroo From Stevi, " Dave Cook is in Seattle testing jet cars to see how fast they can go. Now news from our own small town, Bill Wheatley, mayor of Stevi, has declared a royal holiday on May 29. honoring the Class of "51". Quinn Sullivan is the head grease- monkey at Iohnny's Service Station and Duane McKinney is operating the Farmer's Union Cream Station, NEW YORK TIMES Office Memorandum Date: May 29, 1961 To: Howard From: O'Hare Subject: Gratitude Thanks for your information, qltem is closedj . S ,Q f O, 4-'- g ,O 1 'oh . 4 5 S . sos U, , ,V ' Q 0 f s : 1 2? 'ds : ff g 49' alll". GRADUATICN 5' Bottom: Gail Plummer, Phil Sullivan, Jaime Bailey, Larry Gerdon, Helen Howard, Jim Prouty, Eleanor Toepfer, Jack McNett, Darlene Cummings, Ruth Howard, Sharline Martin, Clarence McNett, Donna Wright, Quinn Sullivan, Eleda Snedigar, Bill Wheatley, Noreen Franks, Jim Winters, Patti 0'Hare, Bob Griffin, Lavonne Poll, Charles Wark, Louise Lunde, Jim Porch. Leona Clatworthy, Wayne Avery, Lavaughn Hollibaugh, HONOR STUDENTS k t t, , . if-rim ...Q-uasa..r Li... J Leona Clatworthy, Bob Griffin, Louise Lunde, Jaime Bailey, Gail Plummer, Helen Howard and Patti O'Hare, All of these students are the five high in their class except Jaime who re- ceived a teaching scholarship, E BUNXORS 5 ANT PAM BY- AR A AT -.W X 5' 2. ,Q 1.111 WM f AST M AN PFA-DE F?-AZER GEER GL ALE GOLDBP-PSN D S .3 BOZLEE COOK DOWNS A. MUNOZ MUNOZ Y . OSBUY-N oviuwoxx 'LER YO?-'Y ER YUYE AR 5 f N7. AL?-7. AFER H AY DEN HOLXAB AU GH SOHNST ON LAR5 ON S RHODES AMPsoN SICKLES S TRA S UTH WA DDING WOOD NGE ERLIN -It TON 4' F 3-ff km fi D7 N 'I ' I I, Q " Z. N x -' 1 A ni N, LX 7: . L ' X L ' X X , 'W N X fy, ll" 4 x K 1 I 1 X Not pictured: 1 K 'T.""""f., f Q X EARL KELLY 1 xx 1 xx PAT OVERTURF L 'l 'ifgik . X ,"A', ,gif M -V KS' X V ' X' ' f xx ,f ' ,' X n WN XX- " f O, fxx lf, fnfff If 1 ff .,' , ,Lf f, X f ff 4 S fs S sin It f. 143. . .V l k 3 K K is . Q I S.-If ai 4 33 "-- 5? l S l sa l anvil 'Q f F' is S 1 V 193 5 f -s. 'iss S A gi b SOPHOMORES Anderson Avery Bear Buck Canton Filcher Gill Harper Hightower James Krout Larson McConnell Pf au Nickerson Overholster Puyear Riekena Sampson Sanders Shriner Smith Schw ader Squires Tull Weigand Whitesitt Williamson Wood 3 "' ti L fs 31 it 'Q 1 J. 3 ' x . .,, Not pictured Roy Mace Russell Cromwell FRESH MEN Bird case Cook Cotter Carruthers Dickerson Dobrinz Enebo Felde Gahagan Garrod Grenfell L. I-Iollibaugh L. Hollibaugh Marks Paulson G. Pfau R, Pfau McFadgen Rathbum Rhodes Rocek Sickles Staat Strange Sullivan Thoft Thompson Vaile Westfall Whitesitt Wood Not pictured: Dayton, Nelson Sanders A Walter McCol1y no in E I .. 1 'fi Q-' mr-f. ? S '.55ii?7??:?i?+1 ,q W X A l t W f 1 .,n' I 3 .slg as t l W 52+ l e llin P-R :XIF T ft . Q . . rlll 'F 5 S -.,,, In I A 5 . s '..: - ,.. W W J Pf' : .f 1 ' "'- g f I 5.k ---'-,: - . T: - W ' e s t n f ,rr ,A"5 Y in A rWs .n fs Organi. zafions V 2. V 3 Hcfiuifiet toogil MOR h3,oh"l-Q86 1 X 'Pa Cac. W x s -tf"fQAv X f , QW Xx Qi J fffX Wy A f MXN Wf f Ng f X P XX W1 U S isN aff Cf xS 4,z,,f,,,f 1 yy 2 ' x if The Student Cotmcil is the organization which carries on all student body problems and plans for projects such as assemblies and monitors, Its officers are: President, lim Porch: Vice President, Philip Sullivang Secretary, Gail Plummerg Business Manager, Sharline Martin We all feel that this organization makes our school more democratic. Everyone helps in enforcing the rules which improves the school and the manners of the students. This is a new organization to S,l-LS. It was organized for the purpose of supporting the athletic games by the girls, not only as a cheering section but as ushers, selling can- dy, popcorn and pop at games and presenting drills between halves of basketball games. The final activities of the Pep Club were a banquet for the football and basketball boys and a picnic for the members of the Pep Club, Officers were: President, Patty Goldbrandg Secretary and Treasurer, Jaime Baileyg and Student Council Representative, Sharline Martin and Dolores Gonzalez, Vice President "S" Club consists of boys who earn letters in major athletics, including track, football and basketball, At the present time the club has twenty-three members, They are: Bob Griffin, Bill Wheatley, James Porch, Wayne Avery, Jim Prouty, Duane McKinney, Quinn Sullivan, Seniors. Joe Munoz, Bob Puyear, Earl Kelly, John Porter, Buck I-Iafer, Sam Hay den, Wesley Frazer, Gordon Wood, Juniors. Chuck Whitesitt, Kenneth Krout, Don Gill, Sophomores, Jim Cotter, Clyde Wood, Dana Sullivan, Gary Rhodes. Freshman. Officers for the year were elected as follows: President, Jim Porch, Vice President, Bill Wheatleyg Secretary-Treasurer, Bob Griffin, The major event of the year was the first annual "S" Club Talent Show, Outside of this they spormored the annual clean-up day and several high school dances. New basket- ball rmiforms for the team were purchased this year by the "S" Club. The Stevensville chapter of Future Homemakers of America has 18 members this year. We attended the district convention in Corvallis in October. We held the annual Co-ed Prom again this year for all the girls in high school, The officers are: President, Ruth Howard: Vice President, Barbara Cookg Secretary, LaRue Downsg Treasurer, Beverly Marksg Historian, Eleanor Toepferg Song Leader, Donna Westfallg Reporter, Della Cookg Parliamentariau, Janet Puyear. Karen Dobrinz was ap- pointed Foreign Home Economics class chairman for Districts VI and VII. This year the Science Club president is Wesley Frazer, Secretary, Lavone Poll: Student Council representative is Bob Griffin. This was the first year that any such club had been organized and it was very successful. The club has had fun in all the experiments that took place or should we say almost took the place, The staff this year consisted of Bob Griffin, Editor, Lavonne Poll, Assistant Editorg Patti O'Hare, Business Manager and the rest of the members who served on various committees, One of the most important aspects of the annual is the group of studio- taken photographs, Members of the committee that handled this were Charles Wark, Helen Howard, Jaime Bailey and Jack McNett. Work on the annual has been conducted since February and during its culmination-- the last few weeks of school--all members of the class of "51" were set to work making dummy sheets, typing, writing stories, doing illustrations and gathering snapshots. We, the staff, sincerely hope that by way of this annual we can leave a pleasant reminder of us and our last year in high school, The paper staff this year has been very active. They had many candy sales, dances and other activities that raised the money to have the paper published, The Editor, La Vonne Pollg Co-editor, Sharllne Matting Make-up, Lorraine Waddington and Helen Howard, News Editor, Georgiann Stranger Feature Editor, Patti O'l-lareg Sports, James Winter and Gail Plummer, Business Manager, Jaime Bailey, for the first semester. Second semester the editor, Lorraine Waddington, Co-editor, Georgiann Strangeg Make-up, Doris Larson and Carol Harperg News editor, Beverly Rhodes: Feature, Jacque- lyn Antrim: Sports, Patty Goldbrandg Business Manager, Betty Overholtzerg Art editor for both semesters was Dolores Eastman. This year two delegates were sent to the Pow Wow, They were Lorraine Waddington and Dolores Eastman. The main events of the year were the fair exhibits by the Stevi members at the coturty fair, our district meet at Corvallis and our state convention at Bozeman. The members who went to Bozeman are judges Phillip Sullivan, Duane Hafer, Clarence McNett. Delegates Albert Sutherlin and Alan Sampson, Officers for this year are Alan Sampson, Presidentg Alben Sutherlin, Vice President: Donald Pfau, 2nd Vice Presidentg George Pfau, 3rd Vice Presidentg Bill Felde, Secretaryg Don Gill, Treasurerg Stanley Overholtzer, Reporterg Russel Cromwell, Sentinel: and Ralph Gill. Advisor. Under the direction of Charles Grafft our music department has advanced rapidly this year. The band has many high school students as well as the grade school which has helped fill out the sections. It has provided entertainment at several basketball games and for social organizations. The climax of the years' work was a Spring Concert pre- sented at the high school gym on May 13. A council was elected by the members at the beginning of the year to decide upon matters concerning the band, Band awards were given to members passing required tests and having required number of points. In addition to the band Mr, Grafft has directed a trio made up of Patti O'Hare, Delores Eastman and Adelina Munoz with Georgiann Strange accompanying on the piano, sf Two representatives from each class make up the Junior red cross council. This group meets together to plan the activities for the entire organization, which is made up of students interested in the work of the junior red cross, The junior red cross or- ganization was in charge of the advertisement for the T B X-ray drive, sponsored the spotted fever shot in the school and compiled a scrapbook to send to a foreign country. Class representatives are: Seniors, Gail Plummer and Helen Howardg Juniors, Georgiann Strange and Jacquelyn Antrimg Sophomoresg Carol Harper and Jerry Sanders: and Freshmen, Dick Thoft and Donna Westfall. FOOTBALL Front row: Coach Fox, Don Gill, Clyde Wood, Bob Griffin, Duane McKinney, Harold Walters Don Carruthers, Middle row: George Filcher, Stanley Overholtzer. Gordon Wood, Charles Whitesett, Kenneth Krout, Sam Hayden, Sabe Pfau, Back row: Jim Porch, Bob Puyear, Earl Kelly, Bill Wheatley, Joe Munoz, Jim Prouty, Wesley Frazer. DUANE McKlNNEY, Half Back BOB GRIFFIN, Guaxd Co-Captain Co-Captain BILL WHEATLEY, Tackle JIM PORCH, End .Mm SAM HAYDEN, Center JOE MUNOZ, Full Back and Guard EARL KELLY, Tackle DUANE HAFER, Tackle WESLEY FRAZER, Hllf Back GGIDON WOODS, End DON GILL, End GECRGE FILCHER, End KEN KROUT, End JIM CUTTER, Half Back 5 ff' Pictures are not available of: JOHN PORTER, Half Back BOB PUYEAR, Quarterback HAROLD WALTERS, Guard DON CARRUTHERS, Full Back SABE PFAU, Tackle CHARLES WHITESETT, Half Back STANLEY OVERHOLTZER, Seat Back JIM PROUTY, Half Back CLYDE WOOD, Center The Stevensville Yellowjackets began their 1950-51 football training on August 25. There were 25 boys who turned out for practice, five of which were on the 49-50 cham pionship team. Our first game was played September 15, with Anaconda Central, Seven games were played, two of which were conference games. We ended our season with a game with Deer Lodge on November 3. Coach Fox predicts a very successful team for next year, One of the many mighty scrambles! BASKETBALL Top row: J. McNett, Krout, Porter, Filcher, Avery, Porch, Cotter, Coach Fox, Bottom row: C. Whitesett, Geer, Squires, Bennett, Gi11,McKinney, Puyeax, Munoz, Prouty. Stevi attempts to score. Avery jump for the tip-off with Daxby, Porch brings up the score two points with his jmnp shot at a home game with Powell County. Stevi score at Florence. Porter breaks through with two points at tournament game, Avery shoots a good one Porch at Darby. TRACK TEAM . in-' Whitey McKinney conserves his speed for the finals of the 220 yard dash, Jim Cotter's long strides carry him to 3rd place in the 220-yard dash. s 0 John Porter, on the left, who finished fast to win his heat in the low-hurdles semifinals. +s'r5',.Zws :""---1"L."-..- 'Q 1 ax: The necessary form needed to win low-hurdle races. Nice stride, "Swede, " FILCHER - Broad Jump MCKINNEY - 100 yard dash Six Stevi voys turned out for track this year and were issued suits by coach Clyde Fox. In the first meet of the season, Stevensville participated against Darby and Corvallis, this meet ended in a three-way tie for first place. The following week the team en- tered the county track meet, The results of the meet were, Hamilton first, Stevens- ville second and Corvallis third, On May fifth, Stevi placed fourth in the Corvallis Invitational Trackmeet, There were sixteen teams entered. Stevensville's relay team consisted of the following speedsters, McKinney, Cotter, Filcher and Porter, They won the county relay by a wide margin, ln winning the invitational relay they covered the half -mile distance in the remarkable time of 1:38, 7 which is only . 2 of a second off the Invitational record. The two most outstanding runners in Stevi's team are McKinney and Porter, The team consisted of McKinney, Porter, Cotter, Filcher, Prouty, Strange and Pfau, I ,cv liwzi i1 gi., 4 , 'SW1' L.:- . , -ii Q o U f fX J f fx 'NX X'x- ffkk ff R -'X f i M- 11153 If -f' y'fKmwm XX rl 'fX,.,, 1 jg MN , ' 'Z' I A ' l N g iii? LOOKING BACK in 0 ,X . l DARLENE CUMMINGS IAIME BAILEY CLARENCE MCNETT SH CH ARL vw POR 'NF MAR TIN , 'K' L A A I -uu NN. V . 5 . hh i . b :h .J E O 3 W BOB GRIFFIN NOREEN FRANKS I IM PROUT Y CHARLES WARK LAVONNE POLL LaVONNE HOLLIBAUGH wusgyggax PATTI O'HARE -1. JA CK MCNETT RUTH HOWARD LOUISE LUNDE JIM WINTERS ELEDA SNEDIGAR vf' ELEANOR TOEPFER WAYNE AVERY HELEN HOWARD DONNA WRIGHT LEONA CLATWORTHY I Pictures not available: GAIL PLUMMER WILLIAM WHEATLEY PHILIP SULLIVAN QUINN SULLIVAN DUANE McKINNEY LARRY GERDON DAVE COOK Ense:mEu1C Boys Stats Boys Lwvw vv?wW vrnzgf Judy: amffmk Cfmxri Trio Good Trip George and Bev .M w -1-all ll I OH!! Everyday occurn-nu Pat Alma Mater i 2 Bailey He 's in the Navy now Aw, -iv Tf' Was it good??? l Gi ll ma? C' QS .fa E TWO of A Bashful P Y ftmexciv Cbeerlead ' f. ' x voaunk Spccla .gm Ysemuww- """"""-ran.. M-+--Q.......,,,N Mmm Peace pipe if :,. , .- fucks Cute happened Cfampinn Trip? P 5? Porch and his jimvy Hottest team in town Ei SENIOR PLAY ,J I H h 'Nw 'nu-.Q sk Q 9 F Sf' 35 K , Gp . ' 4 Ilya Ste! WSICIPPPPPPPP Ca X909 Tramps? ! Ughr , Shania ws agam .1 SY. and Cue G J . 177 'QSO m L QL sw'5YWg' de'1es S 5 0112 9.9 O'Hare and her ford Same shoes Whitey Gates of knowledge i F rush Rough lockers af Oh Babe Pretty Definetly g 'I Soft shoulders Typing I Friday special at Uncle Tom 's Cabin Making Mornin' Mowufain Dew Tell 'em how Bill l'CII'l3lC l1lCC'Il'lCl3l'l.S Bild 183111 Q? ease Vo 9 4-ZS, J' ebeqx 4- 3 X tvucnaonax AX 'ff 1: f U X X sg A .ff fa 5 f 71 F f ! 1 W - 7 OUR ADVERTISERS Stevemville Jewelry Economy Foods City Bakery Gaiety Shop Scotty's Drug Gambles G. 8L H, Electric Baldwin Drug Livergood Market Irene 's Gift Shop Rasmussen 's Corner Club Rio Theater Casey's Store Woodwords Butlers Ken's Club Enebo Agency Carps Place Reinbolds Rouse Service Station Bitterroot Laundry Willard Furniture Store Montana Power Ravalli ,Realty Nickel's Plurnming Fords Federated Citizens Bank Borden Variety Hamilton Bowl Fullertons I-lowe's Creamery outdoor Supply Steel Maytag Valley Cleaners Rockaway McKay Arts Borg Jewelry B, 8a H, Jewelry Missoula Mercantile La Combs Barthell Hardware Hefte's Music Shop Westemers Yandt's Men's Wear Haugens Studio Frazer's Meat Ralph's Outfitters Car1's Service Station Bernatz Oil Westfall 's Shop Harwood Willis Phillips 66 Feed and Fuel Dickerson Paints Hotel Cleaners C, L, Franks Dr. Kohl Edward O'Hare Smiley's Cafe W can sm N A Pfzmfmpzgfo-f 7Zw6 25 YEARS IN KISSCULA 520 S. Third Telephone 2896 DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors May your next step in life be as full of happiness and success as the one you have just completed. wwf gftocgff Mr. and M s. Willard Scott X1 S MW f I1 X Q. L, STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA L 1 n- ZIIQWEST, PM in M jf VARIETY STOQE HAMILTON , MONTANA Laffy? HousEHoLo APPLIANCES FURNITURE, CLOTHING AND PLUMBING FIXTURES The Friendly Store F- . Ava: i Q Raw! land fi re ferr' k c! EDWARD O'HA.RE STEVENSVILIE, MONTANA if ' , . A " f 1- ' , V -'5-- Q ,. 3 V ,K ' x 4 ii ,w - .. !', 'A "f Xxx' xx T' H x - A -yi ,I"'T In A I -Q I 4L 6 X x -xxx 5, xx ,iw ,,,,.. ,ir IJ- 1. ,f . , -I , .Y 'ff -- 'Pi 'f i , - 'Ti I 1 F ' .1 ""' ' ' 2 ' 1 71 - 4 - :Ez . g- :-. 41. :: ' 1- 4.v,'. .:.:. ,N 1-Lif 1:3:f:A,j.- VA' :El E' 5-9192 - 7 ,- g-: - - :, 11:-3 33.5.-5.:....:g . -. : 5: -f . - ,.. - .Q .M .-.Q -. g :Q , -. 2 : 5, 1 -av-Q N ':!m.-5' , :-.s..- -g V. .,, - Zi: : ., 'qu , . 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HAMILTON, MONTANA W iff I CLEANER5' 3 FCLS5 Sni MENTS SHOP f-My STEVENSVTLLE, MONTANA 477244.24-ala, A OOOO A AT A QE gp r-:ooo .... 25244 ap gg I , I OUR Bread and Rolls Cakes and CookieS I CITY BAKERY X L , MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE I 4sE5EE5 - PLUMBING-HEATING-APPLIANCES A, -:F G- -L, . Q -12-21. ff E s HAMILTON, MONTANA 55 7 'QI X 1 ' IHH ...J VALLEY CLEANERS NM N HIM fe. Ted Q? Reinbold SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT Hamilton I bokgourbosil UThe Store for Men and Women Who Buy for Menu 9 MO3 No. Higgins Phone 3051 Mis soula, Mont. A 3 ff X K X P fl Ns 7 x M M wise Sane 'V' at f 65041 WWW ,X WMM 5 - rs E FX N ATZ mfjm 0 m L. Q Q. !?0f:1Le QTATION s 1 5 41: EZWWMKQMQQEDQ FU EL rcs PURINA EHOW5 - l s I ..-s Compiimentg of Q'566'Z4-f9'VL J. M. Lucy 8. Son PAnN'r SHOP' Pittsburgh Paint Iiissolla, Montana d , - 1 726 Ouf doo R Qffffwfffifffiw The Music Center Q24 HEFTES Musfc S+-:QP i 310 N. 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Suggestions in the Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) collection:

Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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