Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT)

 - Class of 1950

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Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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' ' 'A 55' A -1 . it 'Q-Tv-Y? E:ff?f3Yr.5f1f if 3-gi: ff 0 Published by the Senior Class STEVENSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Stevensville, Montana QTVVFNSVILLE -4 f 3: :wrg,'f?gn43y.:Lpfgg ' I I- ...K 9'ig-.f'fj.j,1,2?e . 21' - ' 'f . QL ' K ngiii. 'v11i3+- 11,112 ' 1 - ff 'Z:!,:-'.a',gfl.i5Z:?'R1' . 5 ' 4..-r"..'-3.' -." sfmfcf ,gh ' If ..:,-V, .Mg .--? M-a, -' 15 , k,,...',gf gn 1 'xl 144' v'- 'JI-kv? '12 b wa- 'naw'- " 1' ,Q I li, ,I -V.. - ll- - wx. A w+v,-are-fL'2.f -' 'x".l -.- il.. N 'Joi' " F:-it-A :1V"'4-ff . ' rw' .3 3 g,,.'K:gaI,j,v'1-'Hi ui: .1 , -f -N, 2.5K-,q.s,r-a-1- V -. f 1 . - I' -cfirgdtiw Tfjwxfk- sm .-fgxwm fm! -,-. :gzq5gs'v'92ff,af'Java 1 : v1f2?,r.'-df-Szfmim - ::::ff' 491lZfQL2q,"fT-.,?s2 31' M- -ma... n- -Q -- , , 1. , :.,: H".--Q ,.w'1U 4, . fi: -I' '1f'li"'E:'f:1Qiki' . 4-:"5.'?':o' -1" r L ,Sir 'vlQ--fr'-iS.1-'-a'f.-Fayfi ', ' 1,-',w,Ll','w IE,S',p' .aft-. X 5' 13 'fa-,'-ff.:-lwsfi' anvil "' "' Vi' A. .g...A. f,5:qi,2f- if, it - .:' " .'3'f'l."'1,9:""1- ', -. 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'frgff , ef-frmtxfg, 5102401255 To portray the events and the ideals of the Stevensville High School with the hope of em- phasizing and preserving within these pages the high standards and enthusiasm present in the Various activities of the school. That is the aim of. The 1950 "Yellowjacket". I, :JC if :liz-L.-l 5 li - ,tl ' L. '.-Auf! ng. iw-!':W,Rii . . ., . . L."H,.. JS17' In . L, H-,.i,I. ,rpms Y -, rm.,'Hf.xA .. "ff -1"-f 1::'Tf":,ff '. nv",'.'-CGW' f-:1 -, - ..f - .:'.-.,:. .gy-I-. , ,, , ,5,.j.' ., .u M. .- - j.:?,S',"Y,i.:-ff -f . N- V'-H?-44:33 7 . ' , ,"'43,i5S?5i?g '1'f?22il?ff -4 4 1, 2' .. ffirff , gg:-1341. -"l' 'jig w:sf,7,f.Q:f,5 '1'-,nik . M ju' ,- Miz. -p . 1, .fyjffgfgzhgf Z' .-',."'+q,1, .' , ' 'I -.1 -ll'-1 g15.'!NI,.1Af? Vw" .x 1-H'-.wr 'W-gf 1:-. 941 I . .mafitwfe'-dfexakuf-g,,' Tihffif 1 5 II-F-hi" J,-ui-,. va'-s,-.SK . 'L 'sary ' tv, ':,"-u:H.g- .- , I V. 1.liL?,Ff2g.gj,3'4,.,f i, .Lune-,-.,, I, 1g.g-zwggff - .,-, 'kl':ifh'fk'6'1"5rhfi. ,gx,,,,.. ,--.'QH,,,,.s,c .5 ,:' 11' 7","i.'y".'- -f7'ZQ'Q1-l' 'rr -FEA: 4:11-s?'7.3': ,si Y Y n . x a n , 5 N N ' v im?-Z5 ey ' Q0 Q' gf -Q 1 f' -fagzv T'f.,iiq: wg, GLR lx N fg- 1 9 5 ff?iwgfi EORWOR H ,S w K f i- DEDXCYRNTQND ANT N l M " ff f wif SUPEMQS-S-PXG5 NN fi -, ff -1 . : ' , -33 - 1 -. W Q, '2.5.f ., I f 7,2 SXOR WM , ' gf in 53381035 ES NH N4 f ' 'U 3659 ONS E RGANXZMX ii ,nw y. cyik- O . ' - X' I a s- ZMLZZ Zan ., ., . In due respect to the efforts and accomplishments of the School Board, we, the Senior Class of 1950, dedicate this volume to this board and their able chairman, Mr. Harold Hagen. Zpeiahknakni' Qefflage UEducat1on lS a pFOgTGSS1VS when progress stops, demo cracy w1ll have falled The schools should provlde the tools to keep COmmuD1t1eS pTOgTGSS1Ve N process for all the people. N N Xfffffffffffffffl X x N N x x X x N N N x 2 J!W? 2 X x Q X X N X X x Q X X X X x N x Faculty X 1 'lllllllllllll N N Y mb, X 9. W Q H1 z ,ea ,M , z f If z axffgrl 57.5, , .?',,I2,1N?f M IM fun :Gr 4 uf . 415- E, , , 'ifafii' sf . 'Lv L . My 6.2.1 , ,' I A' ' -iff ' F '- if m1,"131r., , Y fl1':VQ7g'I'i g ' A?'lf17'.-, 7 f ' NJ," - ' w . -I . fl' rw - f , I' Q 1 EDWARD ROSSMILLER LUCILLE WESTBY WILLIAM HENRY History 8: Athletics Commercial Math 8: Science BRUCE MCCONNELL RALPH GILL FLOYD CHAPMAN Math 8: Science Vo-ag Speech 8: Music HARRIET METCALF LEO COOK SHIRLEY RENOUARD Home-Economics Englneef English THE HIGH SCHOOL BOY, AS SEEN BY . . . XX I 5? C XJ j Q ffkqf Q v' 5 X R I-fr pb Xlfr -I if fax- I fjli I I His teacher His mother His father fN as f Himself Xe K W' X Y X 2, His grandparents His girl I X X N N fffffffffff X X X X X X X X N X X N N X N -fffff flff in N Seniors ffflllfff N an wfwwh . x 1 . JM - SENIORS JACK AUSTIN GEORGE BOZLEE TOM BURDITT EMILY CHESMORE ROLAND CLEVIDENCE DUANE CLATWORTHY SENIORS DON ENEBO HAROLD ENEBO JAMES HARRIS PHYLLIS HAYDEN JANET HILL JANET JOHNSTON SENICDRS CLAUDIA RELLY BENNY LONG BOTTOM PAUL MARTIN DIXIE LEE OSBURN LaVERNI: OS BU RN RICHARD OVERHOLTZER JEAN PAULSON E N JACK POLSON O R S DON PUYEAR SHIRLEY REHBERG WESTON RHODES QUINN 'SULL IVAN RALPH SQUIRES DON TERRY JUNE WAGNER SoP HIE WEIGAND ARL ENE WILLIAMSON MAYBELLE ZEILER X SENIOR HISTORY The revolving doors of education brought a frightened group of green Freshmen into the patient halls of SHS in the fall of 1945. The startling thing about this particular group is the fact that it was usg the present Seniors of 1950. We launched on our first High School excursion with Don Enebo at the controls as president, Sophie Weigand as vice-president, June Wagner as secretary, and Don Puyear as treasurer. jean Paulson and Don Terry repre- sented us in the Student Council. Our first voyage was guided by Mrs. Lockridge as class sponsor. We experienced the usual round of initiation, the init- iation party and Sophomore Return. This procedure was simply reversed the next year, when we, as proud Sophs, made the oncoming Freshies suffer, and they honored us with the usual Return. In this second year we returned as experienced trailblazers and plunged willingly into the maze of daily school activities. Sophomore officers that year were Norman johnson,presidentg Richard Overholtzer, vice presidentg Janet Hill, secretary, and Jim Harris treasurer. Mrs. Lockridge again was our faithful sponsor. Ordinary and uneventful, that's how our Sophomore year is remembered. The peace and quiet of 1946 was for- saken, however, for the mad whirlpool of our junior year. This resulted in the thrill of following tradition with the annual Barn Dance in November. We were really upper- classmen novg and we elected Paul Martin as president, Arlene Williamson as secretary, and Norman johnson as treasurer. Sophie Weigand and Richard Overholtzer repre- sented us in the Student Council as well. The weary win- ter months were highlighted in the spring by the annual junior Prom. We used Spanish Gardens as our theme, and crowned as Prom Queen, Lois Winters. Our junior year is recalled with much satisfaction and many pleasant memo- ries. As this brand new school year is embarked upon, we begin to realize that we are bringing our high school days to a close. With a note of sadness we anticipate our last school activities, the Senior Class play, the publication of the Annual, and most impressive of all, graduation it- self. In order to wind things up in state for the Class of '50, we are proud to announce as our Class President, Don Enebog Vice president, George Bozleeg Secretary, Dixie Lee Osburng Treasurer, jean Paulson, and janet Hill and Don Terry as our Student Council Representa- tives. We selected our class colors as blue and white. Our class flower is the red rose. Our Motto is, "We've cross- ed the bay-the ocean lies before us." l CLASS ACTIVITIES jack Austin--Transferred from Seattleg Football 3,43 Track 3,4Q "S" Club 3,43 F.F A. 3,4. George Bozlee--Football 2,3,43 "S" Club 2,3,4,5Q Class Vice-President 53 Basket- ball 1,23 Track 1,2,33 Yellowjacket Staff 4. Thomas Burditt--Football 3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Debate 33 Track 1,2 3 F.F.A. 1. Emily Chesmore-- Transferred from Florence, Montana 43 Yellowjacket Staff 43 An- nual Staff 43 Chorus 4. Duane Clatworthy--Football 1,2,3,43 F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 "S" Club 3,43 Track 1,2,3,4. Roland Clevidence--F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 "S" Club 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,43 Basket- ball 1,2,33 Boxing 13 F.F.A. 3d Vice President 43 Track 1,2,33 Football Co-cap- tain 43 "S" Club President 4. Donald Enebo--Class President 1,43 Student Council 23 Vice-President 33 Boys' State 33 Basketball 3,43 Football 2,3,43 Annual Staff 43 Yellowjacket 43 Debate 4g Track 2,3,43 One-Act Play 1. Harold Enebo-- Transferred from Park Rapids, Minn.3 F.F.A. 2,3,42 Football 43 F. F.A. 'reporter 33 F.F.A. delegate to National Convention 33 F.F.A. treasurer 43 Annual Staff 4. James Hatris-- Football 3,43 Track 2,33 Annual Staff 43 Class Treasurer 23 "S" Club 3,4. Phyllis Hayden--F.H.A. 1,43 F.H.A. reporter 43 Physical Ed. 2,33 Drill Team 4. Ray Hawley-- Football 2,3,43 "S" Club 2,3,4,53 Football Co-captain 4. janet Hill-- Transferred from Miles City, Montana 23 F.H.A. 2,43 Class Secretary 23 Student Council 43 Prom Queen Attendant 33 Annual Staff 43 Yellowjacket Staff 43 Physical Ed. 2,33 Drill Team 4. Norman johnson--F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 "S" Club 2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Football 2, 3,43 Class President 23 Boys' State 33 Class Treasurer 33 Track 1,2,3,4Q F.F.A. 2nd Vice-President 33 F.F.A. President 43 F.F.A. Treasurer 23 Football Co-cap tain 4. janet Johnston--Transferred from Corvallis, Montana 23 F.H.A. 3,43 F.H.A. Vice- President 43 Chorus 2,3,43 Physical Ed. 2,3. Claudia Kelly--F.H.A. 1,43 Physical Ed. 2,3. Ben Longbottom-- Boys' State 33 Debate 3,43 One-Act Play 1. Paul Martin--Boxing 13 Class President 33 Annual Staff 43 Yellowjacket Staff 43 Football 23 Boys' State 33 F.F.A. 13 Chorus 3,4. Dixie Lee Osbum -- F.H. A. 1,2,3,43 Class Secretary 43 Annual Staff 43 Yellowjacket Staff 3,43 F.H.A. President 43 F.H.A. Historian 33 Physical Ed. 2,33 Drill Team 13 F.H.A delegate to State Convention 3. LaVeme Osburn- - F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 F.F.A. 2nd Vice-President 33 F.F.A Secretary 43 F.F.A. delegate to National Convention 4. Richard Overholtzer--F.F.A. 1,2,43 F.F.A. Sentinel 13 Student Council 3. jean Paulson--Student Council 13 Class Treasurer 43 F.H. A. 2,33 Yellowjacket Staff 3,43 Annual Staff 43 Cheerleader 43 Prom Queen Attendant 33 Physical Ed. 2,33 Drill Team 1,43 F.H.A. delegate to State Convention 3. jack Polson- -Transferred from Roberts, Idaho, 4. Donald Puyear--Class Treasurer 13 F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 F.F.A. Vice-President 4. Shirley Rehberg--F.H.A. 1,2,3,43 Chorus 2,3,4Q Yellowjacket Staff 3,43 Annual Staff 43 Cheerleader 23 F.H.A. District Secretary 23 F.H.A Parliamentarian 3,43 Physi- cal Ed. 2,33 One-Act Play 13 Drill Team l,4. Weston Rhodes-- Transferred from Rupert Idaho3 Football 2,33 "S" Club 3,43 "S" Club Vice-President 43 Track 3. Donald Schrage-- F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 Football 2,3,43 "S" Club 3,43 F.F.A. Reporter 43 F.F.A. Treasurer 3. Ralph Squires--Football 2,3,43 Annual Staff 43 Yellowjacket Staff 53 "S" C1ub4,5. Quinn Sullivan-- F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 "S" Club Football Manager 2g Annual Staff 4. Donald Terry-- Student Council 1,43 Basketball 3,43 Football 3,43 "S" Club 3,43 Boxing 13 Basketball Captain 4. June Wagner--Class Secretary 13 F.H.A. 1,43 Drill Team 13 Chorus 2,33 Physical Ed. 2,3. Sophie Weigand- - Cheerleader 3' Pr , om Queen Attendant 3, Class Vice-President lg Student Council 33 Yellowjacket Staff 4g Annual Staff 45 F.H.A. Treasurer 23 Physical Ed. 2,39 Drill Team 1,4. Arlene Williamson-- Girls' State 35 F.H.A. 1,23 Class Secretary 3g Student Council 25 Chorus 2,4g F.H. A. Secretary 2, Annual Staff 49 Yellowjacket Staff 3,43 Phys- ical Ed. 2,35 Drill Team 1,4. Maybelle Zeiler-- F.H .A. 1,45 Annual Staff 4, Prom Queen Attendant 35 Yellowjacket Staff 35 Physical Ed. 2,3g Drill Team 1. LAST WILL AND TESTAME T We, the senior class of 1950, hereby leave these personal traits to our lower classmates with the hope that they will live up to our expectations in the use of them. I, jack Austin, will my ability to attract all the girls to Don Miller. I, George Bozlee, will my ability and physique to Clarence McNett with the hope that he will put it to good use. I, Tom Burditt, will my car to anyone who can afford as much oil as gas. I, Emily Chesmore, will my quiet ways to Jeannette Bear. We, Duane Clatworthy, Norman Johnson, and Rolland Clevidence, will our girls back to the Junior Class for the time being. I, Don Enebo, will my good hearing to Bill Wheatley. I, Harold Enebo, would will my broken leg to someone, but they wouldn't want it. I, jim Harris, will my ability to catch passes to Whitey. I, Ray Hawley, will my ability to grow a beard to Jimmy Winters. I, Phyllis Hayden, will my slim figure to Dianne Miller. I, janet I-lill,will myhair to Betty Felde. I, Claudia Kelly, will Mrs. Metcalf to the next ten generations. I, janet Johnston, will my long hair to Adelina Munoz. I, Ben Longbottom, will my ability to keep my books throughout the year to jim Prouty. I, Paul Martin, will my Casanova Personality to Bill Wheatley. I, Dixie Lee Osbum, will my Prom Queen crown to the next lucky girl in the Senior Class. I, I.aVeme Osbum, will my whiskers fall two of themj to Bob Griffin. I, Richard Overholtzer, will a few inches to Stanley, as he needs them worse than I do. V We, jean Paulson and Sophie Weigand, will our silliness to Jaime Bailey and Donna Mae Wright. I, Don Puyear, will the trinkets in my car to Patti O'Hare. I, Shirley Rehberg, will my trim figure to Louise Lunde. I, Weston Rhodes, would will something but I want to keep her. I, Don Schrage, will my ability to be continually late to school to Jimmy Win- ters. I, Ralph Squires, will my ability to stay in English class to Jim Bird. I, Don Terry, will Grace to whomever thinks he is big enough to take her away from me. ' I, June Wagner, will my temper to Carol Harper. I, Arlene Williamson, will my loud fingernail polish to Laverne Lovingood. I, Maybelle Zeiler, will my height to Wayne Avery since he needs it so badly. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we hereunto set our hands and hearts in seal at dear old Stevensville High School this twenty-fifth day of May in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty. - A, v ii CLASS PROPHECYC Dear Jessie, Must tell you all the news about our old class of '5O. Did you know that jack Austin is now manager of the Boo-boo Burlesque Show in New York City. And who could his leading star be but Phyllis Hayden. The crowds are so enthusiastic that Ray Hawley, now a rookie on the police force, is kept hopping to keep order. But tlmt's just a beginning. Get this. George Bozlee has actually turned out to be a famous crooner adored by his bobby sox fans. Richard Overholtzer is the MC of his radio program. Tom Burditt is doing a commendable job training little, yellow Canaries to accompany Boz on his show. Duane Clatworthy keeps house for his wife who manages a big textile firm while Rolly Clevidence is converting his fellow men as a stiff and consecrated clergyman. Oh, Jessie, remember Harold Slip Enebo? Well, he's president of Har- vard now. Swell, huh? His cousin Don Enebo is building up quite a fortune swab- bing out beer joints. Jim Harris is a comedy star in the ice capades. Gosh, did you know that Janet Hill operates a very specialized matrimonial agency? Norman Johnson has a swell job posing for "that Pepsodent smile" advertisement. Then there is janet Johnston who manages 3 of her husbands 5 ranches. Ben Longbottom is in popular demand as a baby sitter, for he successfully croons the little rascals to sleep in his great bass voice. Paul Martin has a prom- ising future painting horse stalls in private barns. Emily Chesmore is a rich woman in her own right. She has made a hobby of teaching her pet frogs how to swim the backstroke. june Wagner is at present liv- ing with her fifth husband, the honorable Lord Ashton. Oh, yes, Dixie Lee Osbum is a concert tap dancer. She has bleached her hair and acquired a European accent Don Puyear is a baby photographer. He uses all his spending money in lawsuits with his various wives. Shirley Rehberg is famous, you know. She was the first woman to climb Mt. Ranier unaided. LaVeme Osburn is in a thriving business. He owns the F eetfirst Funeral Parlor. I hope I'm not boring you, Jessie. But you'l1 perk up when you hear about Ar- lene Williamson. She is a much desired and advertised eye-brow plucker in her own famous salon. She goes by the name of Madam Arlenia Williamsonia. Then there is Ralph Squires who gives private lessons in French on how to approach women in l'a.ffaires da la mour. Sophie Weigand has just given birth to her fifth boy. Another pebble on the beach. Remember little Maybe1leZei1er? She manufactures her own patented inven tion- -Zeilers Zippers for Zeigfield Zootsuits. Don Terry is a fine upstanding fel- low who has won the reputation of being a false teeth expert. Claudia Kelly is a chemist theses expert on the causes of the ingrown toe nail. At the same time Weston Rhodes has battled his way to fame and fortune by raising square-tailed squirrels. And as you well know, Jean Paulson is now first woman governor of your own home state, Tennessee. Well Jessie, that's all for nowg the guards have just come and taken away my my crayola. Your ever lovin, Poopsey. ,MW rxfmflx I I '-Y, M000 3000 Ewa Us 325 M000 HHS: A2 A BPM wg HUPUHOHH WUUBQ NANBNHNHH Bbw mug H29-Om NKOEOEOH Oz m-SQEK .UE he -Ugdw SO., NUR? gp NA2UUEOw UROUAH D150 mug mags BUD mmv-:AEGZ M2 MESOS. .dmnazm C002 ODE gdmadum Buggy H332 EO OPH new PPE COLE! 3O:Uw M SOB Em wggm H3205 E8 gmgw WO HUDVDOQ Uzom BENQ M5505 GO UPS 022- N go 023850: H0053 S Oo ug N EPO HUDEH HOPEH UWM-NEO! Um MBOEGHH Um xv Hgim 802 5800 gig! Dwz B132 U00 Bgwsw Muay wi EO ZOHHHQE wig? -EZ-ND M-EVE MEM-HB UWIEOU :Oo Wu-OB E25 and HH ggi AOA WMO!! ED: ogw 503 mimi N534 ESOL WNOA WSU w-:Em ggi M555 Cv NAOLNSOU U25 ECUECMMWWQ asm QAOQ gsm WED HUQNAH HOOH-Um 205068. HOOAUW EHEEUHG :Wi-um HSUCUU E HOD-tw G3 wgkam wsnvgw Shaw Ubugw UEEQOM E538 dOOLUw mymmm 'Hmm v-gm Em mmsgu be-hom Mcgui- ai Nga EE E: Em U-Em 2:05 H20 Emma-U .E .U Nom VE WQHJQ 5:62 :Em EOHHOQCOJ sm SQ EEO CO5-EOE HU-an GOQEOH CNE-az :Nz H283 NAUHBN: kdm 55: EEE Wm-EN: wgam Budm ESG: O32-m :OD 00525-U my-HECK NEH-H035 HU 05:6 DHOEMUJU EMF-M uumngm EOF UBNOQ 0986 E554 302. M242 NHHGB :Em USE :U2DOw NWOT-M uwgadum MEERUQUUGD Om MEADOW COOW BOT! E83 gt MO Em Us :WH mgw H262 H UUEHOE img Sw H53 UH adam Eg HNUZ SPM MEN HUPBOHH Bbw Us HUPSOHH BBQ ig, H :BH-Um WBBHNAQCOQ 095003 W: 0932 :G 3 UCOZ :Umm Um 30025 N Um 73:62 no 033350: Baz UEOAQUUHG Sag OS EU 302 -so HU-TSM SOM BSE 3803 G Um WWUUUDW Q Dm HOU-Ebac UCOLAH H2525 OUMEUEAE .UUE .DOW Daiwa COM-aww W.-EOM ENBOSM wget me-EDM WED :LOW Ogmm W-ESOU iam 25822 NAUEEUAU Seam 5525050 mu-Bmw WUPUDA Oz wG:vNUz HOOAUm mai 321050 MUQBU WRU HO mwah MGENB QOUHDOM magm 2584 mC:OOm 25822 Mesa E25 lim buam 93035 mmm wh-UEUAQOBW gg :Wah GUEOB imma VAS: an-xOEw :E UCB-Q Rim EEE SDE is OO:-Aw 525 :Em :Em 2505 DOM UMNNO BME Sz-HDW C550 -USUN 0:2362 ggamaa 0514 gamma OEQQW HUCMGB gi' 5-HUF EBSQ Mggvw saga UMNBUW GOD Wggm C838 QAEUM Eim HPADL COD COEBML SOE h0N:0F-Ngo ENAUE EDAWO OEUPQA Lmo UUA BED X X N X lfffffff ffff,LL 1 x 2 x x N x X x N x X x X x Q x X x X Q N Jumors x x 1 x-llfff jllllffl W .,,f. ,,,,, x f , x -fi? 'X Q4 ff' F4 N U, s AVERY BAILEY CLARK GRIF FIN HOLLIBAUGH H. HOWARD C. MCNE TT J. MCNETT O'HARE Ju loks CUMMINGS FRANKS GERDON R. HOWARD MARTIN MCKINNEY PORCH JUNIORS POLL PROUTY PLUMMER TOEPFER WARK WHEATLEY WINTERS WRIGHT WOOD JUNIORCLASS HISTORY We, the class of "51" were duly initiated to the premises of the Stevensville High School on the memorable day of September 8, 1947. The Freshman class officers were: President, Robert Griffin, Vice President, Wayne Avery, Secretary, Donna Wright, Treasurer, Helen Howard, Student Council Representative, Charles Wark and Leona Wood. Our Sponsor was Mr. Gill. Come the following year, we had the pleasure of initiating the new members to Stevi High's society. Again we under went the usual formality of election of class officers. They are as follows: President, Patti O'Hareg Vice President, Wayne Averyg Secretary-Treasurer, Marilyn Robinson, Student Council Representatives, Jim Porch and LaVonne Pollg Class Sponsor, Mrs. Lockridge. At last we are upper classmen. During our junior year we followed the usual tradition of sponsoring the social activities-- the junior Barn Dance and the Prom. Our officers for this year are: President, Wayne Avery, Vice President, jim Poxchg Secretary, Sharlene Marting Treasurer, Charles Warkg Student Council, Helen Howard and Bob Griffin. Ed Rossmiller was chosen as our Class Sponsor. A I.. . Q : X r M , if if 71' ' J , if 1 JUNIOR PROM The junior Prom was held in the high school gym on the evening of April 14th. The juniors worked diligently for two weeks decorating and planning for the coming event. Their theme was "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." The walls were cov- ered by pictures drawn and colored by several members of the junior class. A scene, including animals and Snow White in her glass casket, was cleverly arranged on the stage. The throne represented a large red apple. At twelve o'c1ock the grand march began. On the arm of Wayne Avery, president of the junior class, 'Dixie Lee Osbu.rn was escorted to the throne. A crown of rose buds was placed on her head and she was crowned Prom Queen of nineteen hundred and fifty. After the grand march, the American Legion juniors served a lunch. At two o'clock, the Junior Prom of 1950 came to an end. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. ffff Xflfffffffff ' ? N X X N N N X X N N N N x 1 x X x x x N x X x x x X X x S011 x N X N x N N X P OIIIOTCS lllx VE V, , 3: ff, . V -2-5 'I . jo- t- ' - S-Egg, ., .,,,y'-g.jg,,.iV ,V 151 2 ' f t'ff'.1?5'gf5" 125' , m'i':',, ,.,, K sf ' 33 5 5 ffm. C3245-f.,. 5555: wewl.. ry, .Y ,N ., SCJPHGMORES 4 A Anderson Antrim Bear Bird Bozlee Eastman F elde Frazer Gallant Glaze Goldbrand Gonzalez Hafer Hayden Johnston Kelly SQPHOMORES Larson Lovingood McCarthy Miller A. Munoz J. Munoz Osburn Overholtzer Porter Puyear Rexinger Rhodes Strange Sampson Waddington Wood SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Our class of "SZ" entered the doors of S. H. S. on that well remembered day of September 7, 1948. It is the day that we will remember as the beginning of our higher education. We must strive to ascend the remaining three steps and receive our valued diplomas. The high school students were amused by the initiation of us Freshman at Freshman Reception. We in turn honored them by giving them the Sophomore Re- turn. The officers of our Freshman year were Adelina Munoz, Presidentg Russel Edwards, Vice Presidentg jacquelyn Antrim, Secretaryg Robert Puyear, Treasurer, Elva Johnston and joe Munoz, Student Council Representatives. Our Class Spon- sor was Mrs. Hunt. To start off our Sophomore year we had great pleasure in initiating the Fresh men into our school, which was climaxed by the Freshman Reception. Later the Sophomore Return was given in our honor by the Freshmen. For our Sophomore year we elected the following officers-- President, Bob Puyearg Vice President, Doris Larson, Secretary-Treasurer, Delores Eastman, Stu- dent Council, Beverly Rhodes and Westly Frazer. Miss Renouard was our class sponsor. Ds P M- Q --l:..i' Nice car, Rolly Kids Voo Doo Dancers Moore and Strand Cheering Section Bev, Pat and Jeanie X X N N Iffffffff fffff, M I x N N N X N X X X X N N N X X X X Freshmen ll 1 N flllllf M34-W . A 3 If :.-- 4-1 :vi ., A P . 1 1 ,r ,I X, I f r ,. 5 , ,Q F R E S H M E N Bear Buck Anderson Avery Granteer Harper Canton Gill Larson McConnell jame s Krout Overholtzer Puyear F R E S H M E N Riekena Sampson Shrine: G. Smith Schreckend gust Schwaderer Todd Tull J. Smith Squires Wood Zeiler Weigand Williamson FRESHMEN CLASS HISTORY We, the class of "53" took our first step to success on September 6. Knowing the problems we had facing us, we elected the following capable leaders: jerry San- ders, President, Violet Williamson, Vice-Presidentg Dorothy Ann Larson, Secretary- Treasurerg Kenneth Krout and jerry Buck, Representatives to the Student Council. Miss Westby was chosen as our Class Sponsor. The reception given by the Sophomore Class, consisted of a brutal initiation and a dance to make up for the embarrassment we suffered. By trying to get off to a good start, we gave the Sophomores a dance in return. We began to take our place in old S. H. S. by settling dovm to vigorous studying. Nevertheless, our superiors Uuniors and Seniorsj still gave us the old tunaround that the Freshman Class re- ceives every year. But we didn't mind because we have something to look forward to. We can look forward to three more years, two of which we will be the upper- classmen. Smile pretty just Senior gals That stop sign! Jan and Dix Danger Nice car Gab session Posing!! Matching shoes Drifted in Good ice cream?? Three big-shots That stop sign again Interesting huh!! Home EC. girls 4' teir y 'I' X X X N Iliff!! ffffff,LL 4- x x N N x x N N X N x X x N x X x X x X x Q x x X X x -. N ,IOIIS x x I Q Q 4 PT ln, 1 , ,. 15' ,ww D A 1 " .MN A L. u., f x X . Standing: P. Hayden, M. Zeiler, C. Harper, C. Kelly, Mrs. Metcalf, B. Overholtzer, J. Wagner, J. Puyear, P. McConnell, B. Tull, D. Larson, Seated: J. Hill, S. Rehberg, D. Osburn, V. Williamson, T. Canton, and G. Buck. F. H. A. F. F. A. 1 Top Row: Cromwell, Gerdon, Gill Sullivan, Glaze, Sutherland, Pfau, Covert, Felde, Rexinger, Second Row: Green, Austin, Clatworthy, Hafer,'Overholtzer, Sampson, Hayden, Porter, McNett, Overholtzer, Sandersg Bottom Row: Schrage, Sullivan, Clevidence, Puyear, Mr. Gill, Johnson, Enebo, and Osburn. F. H. A. The Future Homemakers of America consist of twenty members. The club mot- to is "Toward New Horizons". The officers are: President: Dixie Lee Osburn Vice President: Janet Johnston Secretary: Teresa Canton Treasurer: Violet Williamson Parliamentarian: Shirley Rehberg Reporter: Phyllis Hayden Song Leader: Geraldine Buck Historian: Betty Overholtzer The main events for the year were the District Meeting at Plains and a Christ- mas party in the Home Econorni cs Department. A .x ff' .5 2 o I , mlhilwfi A EX ,Q ' ag' 'T ' i ' X IA ??wl'gU X 'W . "lhYl,n0'V 'al Vinnie e .f K 1 Nfi '74 gi. 9 1 Lf ' 4' F. F. A. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization for the boys study- ing vocational agriculture in public secondary schools which open under the provi- sion of the National Vocational Education Acts. High school departments of voca- tional agriculture provide four year courses of systematic instruction in agriculture and farm mechanics. Stevensville's four man judging team of last spring was composed of the follow- ing boys:Notman Johnson, Lee Schrock,Harold Enebo, and Donald Schrage. This judging team was awarded the silver certificate for judging. This year the chapter was deeded a tree farm from the A. C. M. Their officers for this year are President, Norman johnson, First Vice-President Donald Puyear: Second Vice-President,Rolancl Clevidence: Third Vi ce-President, Quinne Sullivan: Secretary, LaVerne Osburng Treasurer, Harold Enebog Reporter, Don- ald Schrageg and Advisor, Ralph Gill. There are thirty-two members of the Stevensville chapter of Future Farmers of America. Don Schrage received the award of S100 and a certificate of first place in the State for farm mechanics. Standing: J. Porch, B. Puyear, D. Terry, Mr. Rossmiller, 1. Munoz, J. Porter, D. Schrage. Seated: D. McKinney, N. Johnson, R. Clevidence, B. Griffin, J. Austin, W. Rhodes B. Wheatley, and D. Clatworthy. - Standing: D. Terry, B. Griffin, W. Frazer, K. Krout, Mr. Tamplin. Seated: J. Hill, H. Howard, B. Rhodes, and G. Buck. S. CLUB The "S" Club is an organization of boys who have succeeded in earning their letters in some form of athletics. The officers for the year 1949, 1950 are: Presi- dent, Roland Clevidenceg Vice President, Weston Rhodes, Secretary-Treasurer, Norman johnson. joe Munoz, Bob Griffin, Earl Kelly, john Porter, Bob Puyear, and Duane Mc- Kinney have earned one letter in football. Weston Rhodes, Ray Hawley, George Bozlee, Don Terry, jack Austin, Duane Clatworthy, Iim Harris, Don Schrage, and Bill Wheatley have eamed two letters. Jim Porch and Norman Johnson have earn- ed three and Roland Clevidence has earned four letters in football. Don Enebo, Wayne Avery, Don Terry, and Tom Burditt have earned one letter in basketball. jim Porch has earned two and Norman johnson has earned three letters in basketball. jack Austin, Don Enebo, john Porter, Duane Clatworthy, Duane McKinney, jim Porch, and Tom Burditt each have earned one letter in track. Norman johnson has earned two letters in track. The "S" Club now has 21 members and is sponsored by Coach Ed Rossmiller. TUDENT COUNCIL The student council is made up of two members from each class. The members are: janet Hill, Donald Terry, Helen Howard, Robert Griffin, Beverly Rhodes, Wes- ley Frazer, Kenneth Krout and Geraldine Buck. The elected officers are: President Helen Howard, Secretary, janet Hillg and Treasurer, Beverly Rhodes. Mr. Tamplin acts as sponsor. The purpose of the student council is to act upon matters of inter- est to the school. ff i 4TUDENT COUNCIL W ' 7559 mf! 5 Standing: Mr. Chapman, P. Martin, G. Strange, D. Eastman, J. Antrim, D. Enebo, L. Wood, L. Poll, B. Longbottom, R. O'Hare, B. Griffin. Seated: J. McNett, E. Chesmore, E. Johnston, L. Waddington, J. Bailey, D. Wright, H. Howard, S. Martin and J. Prouty. lst Row: V. Gallant, L. Hollibaugh, D. Eastman, J. Antrim, R. Howard, N. Franks, B. Overholtzer, P. O'Hare, A. Williamson, Mr. Chapman. Znd Row: A. Munoz, E. Chesmore, E. Johnston, D. Larson, J. Bailey, D. Wright, S. Rehberg, A. Sampson. 3rd Row: A. Sutherland, J. McNett, P. Martin, A. Sampson, and B. Longbottom. SPEECH CLUB Speech is a new activity in Stevensville. It has grown a great deal however and the speech teams were quite successful. Those members of the varsity speech squad and their respective fields are: Patti O'Hare . . Debate Robert Griffin . . Debate Don Enebo . . Debate Ben Longbottom . . Debate and Extemporaneous speaking. Delores Eastman . .Original oratory and declamations. jacquelyn Antrim . . Declamation Georgianne Strange . . Declamation Elva Johnston . . Declamation Emily Chesmore . . Original Oratory Tom Burditt . . Extemporaneous Speaking james Winters . . Decl amation Sharline Martin . . Declamation Lorraine Waddington . . Extemporaneous Speaking The Speech Team made four trips this year. They went to Sacred Heart Acad- emy in Missoula, District Tournament at Blackfoot, Idaho, Divisional Tournament at Polson and the Interscholastic Meet at Missoula. Among their opponents were Kalispell, Missoula, Emmet, Idaho, Blackfoot, Idaho, Great Falls, Billings, Havre, Logan, Utah, and Wenatchee, Washington. jacquelyn Antrim and James Winters were the county declamation winners in both bo s and irls divisions. Y 8 Members earning 20 points are eligible for membership into the National For- ensic League, an honorary speech society. The speech activities are direct ed by Mr. Floyd Chapman. This year the glee clubs presented a Christmas program with the theme of "Carols of Many Lands," Patti O'Hare sang a solo, and Noreen Franks sang an incidental solo. The boys chorus also sang several carols. The choral groups presented "The Count and the Co-ed", an operetta, in th first part of March. The Chorus is directed by Mr. Floyd Chapman. C Standing: J. Harris, A. Williamson, P.Martin, D. Enebo, Mr. Tamplin. Seated: J. Paulson, S. Weigand, J. Hill, S. Rehber and D. Osburn. Standing: J. Bailey, D. Wright, A. Williamson, N. Franks, P. Martin, L. Wood, Miss Westby, P. O'Hare, S. Rehberg, D. Osburn, J. Hill, C. Wark, S. Martin, R. Squires, S. Weigand. Seated: L. Poll, D. Enebo, J. Paulson and E. Chesmore. ANNUAL STAFF The annual staff was appointed in November. The staff began their work in December and has devoted a great deal of time to this project. The staff is as follows: Co-Editors: Dixie Lee Osbum and Donald Enebo Business Manager: jean Paulson Activities: Arlene Williamson, Shirley Rehberg, and Maybelle Zeiler Class: Sophie Weigand, Emily Chesmore, Ben Longbottom and Tom Burditt Humor and Cartoons: Quinn Sullivan and Richard Overholtzer Picture Manager: Paul Martin Advisor: Mr. Tamplin P PER STAFF A staff of Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores worked together to publish the paper which came out every six weeks. The staff was as follows: Editor: jean Paulson Assistant Editor: Lavonne Poll Advertising: Charles Wark Art: Paul Martin and Eleda Snedigar Sports: Ralph Squires News-Typists-Makeup: Arlene Williamson, Shirley Rehberg, janet Hill, Dixie Lee Osburn, Sophie Weigand, Patricia O'Hare, Jaime Bailey, Georgianne Strange, Noreen Franks, Lorraine Waddington, Donna Wright, Delores Eastman, and Lorraine Bozlee. Sponsor: Miss Westby X. N1 ffffz fffffffffff M N x X N N N N x N X N X N x Q x x N x Q x N x N x x Q Athl6tlCS x x N fl 'll llllllllf ' o f . ff" " v- L 1 4 -'L 1 v "' ' ' Y. 1 :- 'wmiza ww - THE CHAMPS Top: Krout, Squires, Wheatley, Griffin, Munoz, Rhodes, Avery, Porter Second: Puyear, Hafer, Harris, Porch, Austin, Terry, Schrage Bottom: Assist. Coach Bozlee, Frazer, Enebo, Clevidence, johnson, McKinney Clatworthy, Gill, Coach Ed Rossmiller FOF2 Tl-IE SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR A SUCCESSFUL SEASON After several weeks of hard practice, Stevi won from a strong Anaconda Cen- tral team by a score of 20 to 12. The next week the Yellowjackets came home from St. Ignatius defeated 19 to 6. The following week we traveled to Darby and played on a muddy field, but won 27 to 7. Meeting the Blue Devils of Corvallis the following week, Stevi won 26 to 13. Practicing extra hard during the next week we met the Hamilton Broncs on their field and came home County Champs by beating them 20 to 7. Feeling over confident the Yellowjackets played Salmon Idaho and lost a muddy game by a score of 12 to 6. The following week we lost again to Deer Lodge on our home field by 26 to 20. Deciding to get revenge Stevi practiced faithfully and it payed off. We played Deer Lodge the following week and came home champions of the South Western District by a score of 42 to 7. This gave us our big chance to become Western Champions for two years in a row. The Yellowjackets went to Whitefish and bowled over the heavy Bull Dogs to car- ry away the Western Montana Division Championship by a score of 26 to 7. The Stevensville Yellowjackets finished up their season with two banquets. One was given by the mothers of the squad for the boys and their dads and the other was given by the Civic Club. .1 'N L LQ? 4' I xx , x Q O K lg ' THE LINE A Bob Griffin joe Munoz Wes Rhodes Guard Guard Guard Bill Wheatley Don Schrage jim Porch Tackle Tackle Center TI-IE BALL CARRIERS Norm Johnson, Co-Captain Rol Clevidence, Co-Captain jack Austin Quarterback End Fullback Duane Clarworthy Duane McKinney Halfback Halfback Individual Pictures of Harris and Terry were not available. THE TEAM JACK AUSTIN - Fullback on offense and' tackle on defense. He was powerful and hard to tackle. He is a two yearletterman and a senior. DUANE CLATWORTHY - Half back and a good ball handler. He is a two year let- terman and a senior. "WHITEY" DUANE MCKINNEY - Half back and a fast runner. Smallest man in the backfield but hard to hurt. One year letterman and a Junior. NORMAN JOHNSON - Co-captain and Quarterback who called his plays well. He ran, kicked and passed with accuracy. Three year letterman and a Senior. ROLAND CLEVIDENCE - End and Co-captain. He was a powerful blocker and a good pass receiver. Four year letterman and a Senior. 4 DON TERRY - An end who was good in breaking up interference. Two year letter- man and a senior. O DON SCHRAGE - Tackle who usually moved his man. Two year letterman and a Senior. BILL WHEATLEY - Tackle and a hard hitter. Two year letterman and a Junior. "PEP'JOE MUNOZ - Guard and one of the biggest men on the line. One year let- terman and a Sophomore. BOB GRIFFIN - Guard and took care of his men well. A one year letterman and a Jlmior. JIM PORCH - Center on offense and end on defense. The heaviest man on the squad. A three year letterman and a Junior. JIM HARRIS - Half back on defense and end on offense. He broke up the pass plays very well. Two year letterman and a Senior. WESTON RHODES - Guard and a man who always got in to tackle. He was slowed down by a leg injury, however. He was a two year letterman and a Senior. JOHN PORTER - Played Fullback in the absence of Austin. He ran and handled the ball well. A one year letterman and a Sophomore. BOB PUYEAR - A substitute quarter-back who made many good plays throughout the season. A one year letterman and a Sophomore. EARL KELLY - A good and heavy tackle who will do plenty more good playing while in school. A one year letterman and a Sophomore. GEORGE BOZLEE - Our assistant coach. Played on last years Championship team. He was very efficient in helping the linemen reach top performance. COACH ED ROSSMILLER - Ed came to Stevi from Missoula where he was a two year letterman and captain of the Grizzlies at Montana State University. He has coached the team three years and because of his patience and confidence in the team he has brought them to two consecutive championships. The students not only look upon him as a great coach but as an educational leader. He worked hard with theteam but he accomplished his purposes, making it all worthwhile. Bob Griffin, Roland Clevidence and Duane McKinney received the honor of being chosen by the GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE poll of coaches, to be on the Western Divisional All-Star Football team. This is one of the rewards for a good job, wel done. Congratulations to you, boys! This year we had two of our team members selected to go to the Shrine Game this summer and play on the West team. They are jack Austin, tackle, and Roland Clevidence, end. Good luck, boys! W 'x 15" .p 3 4 I" 5 w 5 -Il lf Y 1, YF Q' i 'SK R+ wr QM iw W 1, L fi 1. .,. ..:.-,pf x ' . 2 ' :af 2, , ' 535581: - x sf we xg 3 R Q X W2 , johnson, Forward Enebo, Forward Porch, Guard Terry, Guard Captain Avery, Center Burditt, Center Griffin, Guard Munoz, Guard Porter, Forward Puyear, Forward BASKETBALL Stevi opened their basketball season December 9 here against Victor and won by a score of 54 to 39. The following night the Florence Falcons left defeated by 35 to 33 in a close, hard fought game. December 16, Stevi went to Hamilton and lost, 26 to 47. The following night Hamilton came to Stevi and had the table turn- ed on them as the Yellowjackets won 50 to 31. On the night of the 21st, the Drum- mond Trojans made the long trip to Stevensville and lost 72 to 49. The next night Stevi journeyed to Darby and won a tough game 43 to 39. December 28 and 29 the Yellowjackets traveled to Wallace and Mullen, Idaho, defeating Wallace 50 to 48 and Mullen, 56 to 33. Coming home, the Yellowjackets took on Corvallis at Corvallis and won in a hard fought game, 64 to 58. On the 7th on january Stevi played host to Florence and beat them 46 to 26. The next game 'was at Victor where we again won handily by a score of 57 to 21. The following night Stevi entertained Darby at home and won easily 59 to 44. On the 21st day of january Stevi again beat Corvallis at home, 70 to 52. Stevi was now riding the crest of a 10 game winning streak, but doom was impending as they journeyed to Deer Lodge. We were beaten 58 to 47. The following night the Yellowjackets were back in form and defeated Drummond 71 to 46 on their home floor. On the first day of February, P-Burg came here and was taken to the cleaners, 65 to 41. The following night Corvallis came here and Stevi won their game from the Blue Devils for the third time by a score of 63 to 47. On February 10, Deer Lodge came here confident of victory but the Yellowjackets forged ahead in the fourth quarter to win 65 to 54. The next night, Corvallis came here hot as fire. They won 84 to 60. Stevi was in a slump. The Yellowjackets lost three in a row, Hamilton twice--65 to 63 and 55 to 44, and P-Burg--57 to 52 in the last game be- fore the tournament. The Yellowjackets drew a bye in the first night of the tournament. The sec- ond night they took on Florence and won 52 to 46. Two nights later in the Champ- ionship Game, they defeated Corvallis in a red hot game, 71 to 66. Norman john- son set a new District 15 scoring record of 45 points in this game. The old record was 41 made by Dee Powell of Florence in the '49 tournament. After defeating the Corvallis Blue Devils, the Yellowjackets rested for a few days and then went to Missoula to play Whitehall, the District 16 Champs, to see which team would go to the state tournament. Stevensville had an off night and Whitehall won by a score of 68 to 49. Stevi played 25 games this season, and won the biggest percentage of them. The season was considered entirely successful. Le N Xlf 'N 2 . SZ i s 4 33' Q 5 if gk .. in H ,Nw x kf!X TRACK Porter wins the hurdles Enebo wins the 440 Whitey in the 100 Burditt going over Porch puts her out johnson goes up Clarworrhy in action TRACK The annual invitational track meet was held at Corvallis, Saturday, May 6, with about eighteen schools participating. It was a very cold day for a track meet. The wind was blowing so .there were only a few spectators. This track meet ended with Corvallis first, Hamilton second, Salmon third, and Stevi fourth. The Stevi boys that placed in the invitational were as follows: 440 yd. run -------- D. Enebo, first place, D. Clatworthy, fifth place. Shot put ----------- Porch, fifth place. High jump --------- Burditt tied with two other boys for fifth place. 220 Low Hurdles--- Porter, first. 100 yd. dash ------- McKinney, fourthg Porter, fifth. 220 yd. dash ------- Porter, fourthg McKinney, fifth. Pole vault --------- johnson, third. Relay ------- ----- S tevi Uohnson, Enebo, Porter, McKinr1eyJ second. The following Friday, May 12, was the county track meet which was also held at Corvallis. Hamilton came in first with 43M points, Stevi, giving them a hard bat- tle came in second with 41 points, Corvallis third with 27Z points, Victor fourth with 10 points, and Darby fifth with 4 points. The boys from Stevi taking and placing in events are as follows: 120 yd. hurdles ---- Enebo, third. Pole vault --------- johnson, first, height 11 ft. 100 yd. dash- ------ McKinney, secondg Porter, third. Shot put ----------- Porch, third. 440 yd. run -------- -Enebo, firstg Clatworthy, thirdg timeg 52.7. 200 yd. low hurdles-Porter, firstg time 24.1. 880 yd. run -------- Clatworthy, third. Broadjump ---- --- Johnson, first, distance 18 ft. 92 in. Relay ------------- Stevensville first, time, 1.38. High point men of the track meet were Ruffato and Clark with 12 points each, Johnson, 11M points, and Porter with 10M points. At the Interscholastic track meet at Missoula,Stevensville shone spectacularly only in the 440 which was won by Don Enebo. Porter took fourth in the 220 low hurdles and the relay team took fourth. S712 .9 sb Ll sf 3 B 1 f .KX 'YY W xx A H All dressed up Cueball just Sophomore-s Breaking in!! "Bottoms up" May and jan Sideview Miss Renouard Wha hoppened What is it?? Bob! Ah! Love! Senior girls BROTHER G 0055 june Wagner, Emily Chesmore, Shirley Rheberg, Don Enebo, june Wagner, Arlene Williamson, Don Enebo, janet janet Hill, Jeannie Paulson, Ben Longbottom,Arlene William- Hill, and Shirley Rheberg. son, Sophie Weigand, Dixie Lee Osburn, and Norman johnson. COUNT AND THE CO-ED jim Porch, Diane Miller, Betty Overholtzer, Patti O'Hare, Tom Burditt, Ruth Howard, Paul Martin, Ben Longbottom, Stanley Overholtzer, jack McNett, Clarence McNett, Dorthy Larson, Violet Williamson, Georgianne Strange, jacquelyn Antrim, Adelina Munoz, and Alan Sampson. jim Porch as the count, and Patti O'Hare as the coed. Ann Sampson, Violet Williamson, jacquelyn Antrim, Nina McCarthy, Norean Franks, and Patti O'Hare. Sz, X , 1 1. Q K ..,A. tl. F. 35 fx 'W is W i K 'twig nf ff' ' ?"2-M-n-1---"'f Eng, . .4 M1 wmv-if . i 5 QL -S fi -42. K ii y Nm W X yyw. t - wx-W QR x , Y . .. hm X N Q ss + ,W ,AU A iw, 1, . . w X vi X W 'i Kr N , 'ms 4? .Wie pw? QRIVZQKLZZQL Farmers Union Oil Company Economy Foods Inc. Scotty's Drug G 8: H Electric R. H. Rasmussen First State Bank P 8: S Grocery Enebo Agency City Bakery Bematz Oil Co. Yandt's Men's Wear Barthel Hardware Bell McCall Stevensville Feed and Fuel Gambles Hotel Cleaners Lucy's Carnation Company B 3: H jewelry Co. The Mercantile The Sportsman Borgs . Stoverud's jewelry Orvis Music House Haugen Studio Dragstedt's Westerner's Hefte's Music Shop Typewriter Service and Supply Kramis Hardware The Office Supply Company Ralph's Outfitters Cannon's Electric Stevensville Bowling Center Irene's Gift Clues Livergood Market Stevensville jewelry Smiley's Cafe We wish to thank all of these businesses for aiding us in the production of our annual. If llfffffflffff '- N N N X N N X X N N X X X Advertising ? ffl ,Lg K 5343, -7 5573 ya aw .R Sf". 15 5 Qufffmefzk QZMZWL 3 fi FLJAY Ol I. fffxw X XX- CO M Dmxnv W! SERVICE WHEN S405 You NEED IT at K5 conomw Q0-odd INC. Zig, 15? GU G 5 Ca DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors May your next step in life be as full f happiness and success as the one you have just completed 55372 Qffzagff, l i I Ldfwlftuoussuoun A ces Z-MTH J L ei H'rrzlc SCHOOL SUPPLIES C? f, j fl !?9 5mz45Zen . 4 mort' goo? Groceries " Electrical Appliances In x 1 Q "4- Candy and Ice Cream H 'M Stevensv1lle, Montana QQ LET US H ELP lummmuma V lumhl Zum WWW FIIQST STATE GM To Shop For ' The Best For Less Q-sf n W Pg S GROCERY fi ia Q L? -sg 1 5 P REAL VALUES IN REAL ESTATE of Y Con ratulations Seniors 614246- ll Hin ll 'J EH "For Peace of Mind, ""'3f"2-1e'5Qi3' ,Qp1,,.'r32'1NN'.'fxN K Buy Sound Insurance" That Good Supreme Bread" X' A11 Kinds of cakes, Rolls at Cookies" ' A Birthday and Wedding Cakes a Specialty.. L! CITY BAKERY Congratulations to Seniors of SHS Fr om Y our Inte rnational Deale r BEIZNATZ OIL CO L Stevensville "The Store for Men and Women Who Buy for Men" I 403 No. Higgins Phone 3051 Missoula, Montana YOUR DOLLARS ARE BIG DOLLARS AT fgnfifief Zidzdage 130 East Broadway Missoula Next Door to Montana Power Paints--Chinaware--Wall Paper--DeLava1 Milkers MAKE OUR STORE YOUR MEETING PLACE when in Missoula GIVE YOUR c:fxFe'E-'ge nf e w, IGLWQZIZ . SERVICE IT -if L D -1 AT For Higner . Productmn Feed ffeff WQQZZ pm. Cm STEVENSVILLE 52 E'-is - Q gg FEED Q FUEL CONGRATULATIONS Not SENIORS New Hardware and Household I-t,S Appliances Dry Cleaned ! Ste G h HCT ff gf El. CLEANERS vensville , Montana Over 60 Yesrs Furnishing Homes in Missoula and Vicinity I Missoula Montana Congratulations Seniors WHOLESALE 5 - . - . 7ZaL"uIl6aa4 4 , ,.,- 3 .. 3 ' .-f:H?,,A J 1 - ,,,f-e DAIRY PRODUCTS :G. .,.- . .:.- so , X Fresh Milk and Cream Division Qimfiw amfmnyi STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA Q, I VISIT V 55111 Vin he ' J Big I-I. Jeweuzv co. Missoula., Montana '--7 "ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW" .. .. ... if Zami Zffdzke, A refreshing shopping experience awaits you from the moment you step into this big friendly store... it begins with awelcome smile and continues with a sincere effort to satisfy all your family shopping needs with exactly what you want ..... at the price you wish to pay. WHEN IN MISSOULA ..... MAKE IT A POINT TO STOP AT THE "MERC" M Western Montana's Shopping Center Since 1865 Compliments of 452 ggcvffdmzn "Your sports store" Mis soula Congratulations Class of '50 Hogg Jewelers 8: Optometrists Montana 227 Higgins Ave . Mis soula Best Wishes to Class of '50 ' from -gfiwfefizcdi JEWELRY Hammond Arcade Bldg. Missoula 'Everything Musical Since 1897 Qidzl Music HQUSE "Baldwin Pianos" Phone 2553 125 W. Main Missoula, Montana Annual Pictures a Specialty" 520 S. Third Telephone 2896 ,zgiixgifenffi For A11 K d f Wester App 11 gfallflf Men's Wear -VVEi?N Missoula Montana Y MISSOULA, MONTANA HEFTEQ TYDEWIZITEIQ MUSC 5.409 QAM ff ffffffgf The Music Center 310N H ggins Ave. Missoula Folzllgiiliffgzjnriliids Qverzvn-uma ,..-.. 5 ' G KQAM l-5 oclrlce SUPPLY HARDWARE gQMpANy Missoula Montana 115-119 West Broadway , Missoula Montana g G A- 23 . f 9 ' an . g Stevensville I M 11,5 " Mont. e -4' d ' SPor ing 0.0 - 4 Congratulations t W, , .f. - 0 e eniors X X K N X - x ,' - ll - g til l - -. j f gfng' " 1' f' .Q ,shi 9 er5 i G1 WM xii ue 9 O td C1 th t G th S Y feafff rf 'N L.l VEf2 GOOD ZZLQJZK NAAIQKET Meats and Groceries 265501 Valued , 217,445-ge 1 X fedaehq QMMGWL x ELECTR IC Zuenffwliffe J E VV E L RY 2 M KS! wfwgasfwfw GTFVFNQXII Z: Howdy en fi guy 1 MW cw- SCHOOL ANNUALS SKILLED CRAFTSMEN - MODERN EQUIPMENT and 35,000 SOUARE FEET OF FLOOR AREA are combined +o produce FINE SCHOOL ANNUALS for I400 schools in +wen+y-Hwree slrafes ,W .-ALE J 2 L O -4 -L Sw A .. we L MQ S A . Q 135 41 L .aw wlxxx Q ' Q' L LFF Checkung un COPY Composnhon Panelung Pxcfures Ar? Work M A5,N,w,U,,Ei,uLQ,5a 33i. l : V - -,1-f' " ' 1' . :': Qiflif . , t ll A s 8 f 1 'X f ' 1 MCSLKLDQ if! xv ,, 'EWF 9N:33i'f' 111 fn 1 ,L lf LH! ,MFI :nw ' H432-3353, ' off if 1 , -X- LM ffm , ' A :fx Q 4 Q ww fir' Ll lf Binding lnspeciion QARGZPQLIZJQRXALQ-BE5iW??9iLivEA3S+1'?i3 - '

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