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 - Class of 1949

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4 1 v ' 1 .3 x 'I - 11 'Q Aw. V. - , .. ,M-.X , .,.6, vi. A .N .' ' i A uf 1 . 'f fx., 4 .ly ,Jw . - 3 X 1 ' i 7 Ny-g1..u W I :MQ-22 .N . b . .Q . A' x "Qi 4 V 4 . H if . 7 'a 4 x IW .xl kv K I f ' .,,, ry, ,L Q . Q. ' a Lv 1" . ,-y In -n , , X ,U .1 -il 5,1 -L-5 'ii ,fg- l T:- ?'- E 5 xx I ' 2 E V' -- -,, 1. , xg .L,., ,D V : x -ii-if 1e:af, '- ,. :. 'A N .,-hz " P E ,f-,W - :. I H1::15ffgff' A-1 3-',.k,-3',"x,52'F, .3 . f 6 iw-an-s41'If?2f,1.i,12i3'Q1ff2',f?f'4 :az-gm, 5j,gs'. '5 Q7-,gx q,?,ggQ.g,r:-,gqyrbagbgwggqfc ,.,,,..x,,... w1?,,Zf'jr.,wf. , -. f .,,"QQ':-rw' --'Y wh: J.: v5L,1.,E,:- jvgqp-uF17f""" ' wwf -,Q. . .4?v,,g'1w,twi42g,:.i V I V, rwA:Lf:f,8f.q ,Q 5-11.59. ,- XG, ., b. wf b Jw m-fy. -.1, ff ffm .. A , . ' yy, '. cn - . ,'t,yY' -- 1 A K pit. -nw -.-if . -.. Lx., , . -5, QW.,-,ix v I Q, 03' iq, Q ,aw Agy 4 'W R51 ,IA 7 ,V I VV I 1 f-'ig ,NYJ M w-J 3 l ua ,R H4 4, w- -.':4g1A..,x .J',!.: .iv A . V .- f, , n 4,3V'7f..v 'f 'T' ,' 1- -- ' f "f1j,Z'1'?Fg5'?7i.4"5w' 'H 1' Wal K if .g M f, 3, , X I JL M l ,, M A U 15 I M, :-J.?1+'. .,1 fx,,'4,yA 1 .,, kqgfg' ,,-5 4 J .iv , "'9'-71'fYi'C,g'..Ar1,. HI' ?L':J,',f ' 1 Q' 1 1 75' L, ,gi A Q? J 1: +- "l.g"'1 - V t , -,. ,A I. x . 1 gk , ,. .4 'H "L-1qif,'v.4 - " " ff . N1-. , :fm , 'Q "W-,Q L f I F' ' - "H -J-'51, A,-Rx ,N ..Ax'txfXx'gi,-Z '-rf A P A, T ' I N.-VY, 'gal y U Av vfgflll 'i'V.'v,'g' ,fc V ' 'p W. QA " ' ,- r PL' ' A X' fix ! -'Wk 'I ii ff ' X' ' " Y " ""'ff1a . 'N 4 , ' V-IP"1LL.'nQ. ,' - ""1:5Q"' ML. . , ,v?7,',Z4'LNy1l-:Srl-i?,'lx -1A1.X.,'b I . "1 X Tw 'W' -'r-.-7"'gxP"" '-"1yl'- 1 " 1 , .ii',r,gX,f,.g.-A g4,vJ,:',T.g.'.,, ' K r " ' PJ .- .ana 4 lm 1 X A he -.KF 'A-4' 1 .-, 5 xv rk1w34l3fi'r4H1j A 1 l x NWI 19 49 .-'rf it ,gglvw 8-Vw X ,, -.,4g31'fYf"v,v gr,-'-, , - '-1' 071'-'lf f"'f-'WVU -"FPS-,ff , an wg, , H, , . Q i4471531:,,H1i'.-"i'yrQql"if,QJgulfg-'xgl .'Sj.LL?'XQ.g',F, A ,. -.-,- z':' v A bi!-1XUQHf'?i A-,gfilxirrffy rzflifffigf '1 fafllvfl. i5g+,,3, ' " 21-.yffvyiiw.5,"a1311+-1,-fg5"gL4?S1'f1',fFf?,i,i4.'.ig-.':i?'-sf'g'5':-f31.fg+g'Q 5'k:F'1Gf5iif' Qjvikvg , ' fu-',., .':'QvN"1'jrUC' 4-'4,-1.59. 12' fzirgigg- 24jf14Lpff,-w.-b:,,- 1.91 gf, , 'kg 'S-'-44'z2I'J'4-"ff 1 ' 1 Q-cf' Qfvk 37:1-'3'.xQ5x,:, 'f'fr'gY?i?v"' gg. 'rff1j'T',w"n'U""" 1 54+-. Q H '- the Senior C3555 ' bed- bxf X Qdohs Hi xx 5cho0 . SW ww QVKXXC 1 on Stev 60 . -y.".g1f'1 234 , 4 . f-.,f,. .-'sq " '- wg A f,r,,x,.-14. ru, , - .wfx--.1. '."- 1-f'r7,f-Il lx-'r':i1-' Th' -1-x,-" '-.1 Isl ' .-1. ' , , ffm ff if via?"+""',fMf'f8". -J. -- 'fs-J' Q-.-'wi-f'1 ,. u--.J 1' 'if"'3Si'AY5'M PQ- d .'1i'?3rri14. "1-2QE?ff55f5'Zgp1P',f' f-'f.f1f'af' v:.n4,T,,- ,1,f"' .1. 4 . ,r . .. ,4 .,,-M. ,, J , -. - -ggi qw B- 1,Fw,.hg.,- fa-. Jr.,-V A .5,,5f1!., ' 3 ,gq1.,Lfi,,,, .ff Ar. 'gg 1-1.43.-Ap, ' "Cx ff If -S':'cymf f:.f,y- -2 V"fJ.f!,iG'p'.FV-wif "'5,-.Wf'.h144 Q,-ycfJ',j,f 'e"-g:.fz' " 5 " 2"21: 'J' ,i ? '.3bif4 fffjffj fx, ifgxf, -ggifkft-1 ' " "fl Y:-wzsikfgiQi,3ff?,iiQfr1'iiif' " .H-l Ar! f,,,'!1f:f,,x ,ug -1-'gg 05 ' ...M,1.,l. :gf ' ' . -E'.pJ5x2, fir' . A 3 Hx H J "gif -V 2. ,af ., 4, 15:2 vu 14 SQ 4 52,2 5 vkry .Q - fi' 2 ' 34 3 W ii fl -' f 1 msmzq gg 17.2-5, f,1:f,-wif i, .1 I f- F -ff' ' ,iii gi M, b , .1 1 i Us 1 FV!- WQHWGQMVS' x-5 x :li f' glial? Q 2255 tg: af: ? To portray the events and the ideals of the Stevensville High School with the hope of emphasizing and preserving within these pages the high standards and enthusi- asm present in the various activities of the school. That is the aim of the, 1949 "Yellow Jacket." . ,WWW when you learn the joy of living and working together the school systems will have accomplish- ed their purpose. You show by your lives in your communities whether or not this goal has been at- tained. xx ff f X2 DEDICATIGN In due respect to the outstanding achievements attained by them, we, the Senior class of 1949, dedicate this volume to the 1948-49 Stevensville Football Team and their capable coach Mr. Rossmiller. 535 K he Y: :X x , 5 gipxulwgg , . 'fm , ',-- M., 2 , , 4 F . . 4' ,. ,,, " A v A. -x , I 51 .L , 1, -1, , . v f V 4, ? 11 '25, ,,. X -Kr Y 1 S X ,FV It Q fx J, fi 1 ' e mm -3 ' 1 f , . v -gs . I 1 N , . V J W wa, W v5-v ,4 . w , f -K . 'A 4' . -. s-f -,,g,4:' Q '-'am H 1- ef ' 'T'-fg:pa5f5i ' , ' :' 1 42 .. Q 'Y 'f l .- iw ! R 'ww' - , f 1,,:,.'..A.,':- ,- Ralph Gill Alma Hunt Maude Lockridge Vo-Ag Commercial Math and Science Leo Cook Harriet Metcalf Edward Rossmiller Engineer Home Economics History 8: Athletics I llllll al!!!- -19 Ab Polly Wildman Shirley Renouard Floyd Champman Sociology English Music Sn Speech v 4 Bottom Row: Louise Schuchman, Sophie Weigand, La Vonne Poll, Elva Johnston. Top Row: Bill Beach, Richard Gverholtzer, Jim Porch, Joe Munoz. STUDENT couNclL The Student Councilis composed of two members from each class. We meet to act upon matters of interest to the entire student body. Our goal for this year is to complete the library and get it into good working conditions. Mr. Tamplin meets with us to advise us on any matter we need help on. Bill Beach was elected President to preside at all the meetings. SENIORS .Toy Adams William Beach Henry Brechbill Wayne Dayton Betty Farmer Arlo Fillmore SENIORS Margaret Felde Lucille Enebo Harley Garnett Har old Garnett Roy Gray Ray Gonzalez SENIGRS Ida .Tannsen Bonnie Lamoreux Jeannette Marks Tom Larson Louis McKinney Sylvia Mitchell Sara SENIORS Carolyn Morrison Carol Paulson Lois Paulson Luanne Rahn George Robinson William Rehberg SENIORS Louise Schuchman Raymond Robinson Lee Shrock Ralph Squires June Wark Lois Winters MY VACATION In New York I attended the opera of Carmen starring Roy Gray and Betty Farmer. After the opera Iwent to the Yellowjacket, the largest and swankiest night club in New York, co-owned by Ray Gon- zalez and Jack Bird. There I also saw Carolyn Morrison and George Robinson playing in the orchestra. . I then paid avisit on the President Tom Larson and the first lady, the former Lois Winters, in Washington D. C. andl also saw Bill Beach who was speaker of the House. I knew his being indebate class would be of advantage to him. In Minnesota Ivisited Mayo's Clinic for my yearly check up. The head nurse there is of course Bonnie Lamoreux. Bonnie told me that' Lois Paulson is now head of the English Department at Vassar College. Traveling on west I stopped in Kansas City and called upon Carol Paulson and her millionaire husband. From Kansas City Iwent on to Montana visiting on my way Luanne Rahn and her husband on their 20,000 acre wheat farm. Bordering this farm was Wayne Dayton's famous Berkshire Hog Farm. I found Henry Brechbill newly elected Mayor of Stevensville. Then I went on to Idaho, to visit Joy Adams and her family. They plan to send their two boys to "Yale" where Ralph Squires is now professor of history. Before leaving Idaho I decided to visit Arlo Fillmore on his large potato farm. When I saw his beautiful wife I knew his real reason for going back to Idaho. I then journeyed to Alaska to visit Ida Jannsen. I found her living in a luxurious plastic house fashioned like an igloo. Lee Shrock her chauffer and mechanic drove us around in her cadillac. Stopping to report a forest fire one day the two rangers in the office were none other than the Garnett twins, Harley and Harold. Being in California for the Rose Bowl I was especially pleased to find that Raymond Robinson was the Coach and Louis McKinney the star player on the team. I ran into Lucille Enebo in Los Angeles one day and she told me that she was a secretary for a lawyers office and her boss was the famous criminal lawyer Bill Rehberg. Who had ever imagined that Bill would become a lawyer ? ' Shirley Temple told me that her little girl was attending a private school where Margaret Felde is now teaching. I then journeyed to Texas to visit June Wark, who now owns sev- eral large oil wells. From Texasl flew to Floridag at Miami Beach one day I stumbled over Sylvia Mitchell lying under a large beach umbrella, she told me that Florida was the farthest she could get from Stevensville with- out leaving the U. S. completely. Jeannette Marks who is now a star reporter for the New York Times came into my studio one day to have me paint her portrait. We had a long chat and ltold her all about my wonderful trip and meeting all our classmates from S. H. S. Wishing you all a happy future-- Louise Schuchman Joy Adams--Transferred from Lake Stevens Washington Z, Drill Team 2, F. H. A. President 4, F. H. A. 2-3-4, Physical Ed. 2.-3, Student Council 3, Prom Queen Attendant 3, Paper Staff 3, Annual Staff 4, Senior Play 4. Bill Beach--Transferred from Pullman High 3, Football 3-4, Track 3, F. F. A. 3-4, F. F. A. Secretary 3, S Club 3-4, Secretary- Treasurer of S Club 4, Boys' State 3, Senior Play 4, Student Council 4, Junior Class President 3, Paper Staff 4. Betty Farmer--Physical Ed. 2-3-4, Drill Team 1-2., Chorus 1-2-3-4, F. H. A. 1-Z-3-4, One Act Play 1-Z, Cheer Leader 4, Yellow- jacket Staff 3, Librarian 3, Triple Trio 3, Trio 3, Senior Play 4. Margaret Felde--Chorus l-3, Physical Ed. 3-4, F. H. A. l-2-4. Lucille Enebo--Transferred from Park Rapids, Minnesota 3, Chorus 3-4, Physical Ed. 3-4,- Senior Play 4. Harold Garnett--Transferred from Anaconda 3, S Club 3-4, Football 4, Basketball 3-4, F. F. A. 4, Annual Staff 4. ' Harley Garnett--Transferred from Anaconda 3, S Club 3-4, Football 4, Basketball 3-4, F. F. A. 4, Editor of School Paper 4. Roy Gray--Transferred from Missoula 3, S Club 3-4, Football 3-4, Basketball 3-4, President of class 4, Annual Staff 4. Ray Gonzalez--S Club 3-4, Student Conucil 3, Track 1-2-3-4, F. F. A. 4, Vice President of Class Z, Annual Staff 4. Bonnie Lamoreux--F. H. A. l, Drill Team l, Chorus l-3, Declamation 3, Physical Ed. 2-3-4, Annual Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Debate 4. Jeannette Marks--F. H. A. l-2-3, Physical Ed. 2-3-4, Drill Team l-Z, Chorus 1-Z-3-4, Cheer Leader 3-4, Senior Play 4. Carolyn Morrison--Chorus 1-Z, Pianist 3-4, Annual Staff 4, F. H. A. 1-Z, Yellowjacket staff 3-4, String Quartet 3, Senior Play 4, Debate 4. Ida Jannsen--F. H. A. 1, Drill Team 1, Physical Ed. Z-3, Class Vice President 4, Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 4. Sylvia Mitchell--Polson l, Transferred from Victor 2, Glee Club 3, Physical Ed. 3-4. Carol Paulson--Glee Club 1, District president of F. I-I. A.,3, State Historian of F. H. A. 4, Annual Staff 4, Physical Ed. Z-3-4, Montana delegate to National F. H. A. 3, Senior Play 4. Lois Paulson--F. H. A. l,Drill Team 1, Chorus l, Junior Class Treas. 3, Paper Staff 3, Girls' State 3, Senior Treasurer 4, Annual Staff 4, Physical Ed. 2-3-4, Declamation 3, Debate Team 4. Luanne Rahn--Transferred from Great Falls Z, Drill Team Z, Pyhsical Ed. Z-3-4, String Quartet 3, F. H. A. Secretary 4, Annual Staff 4, Senior Play 4. George Robinson--S Club 3-4, Football l-2-3-4, F. F. A. 1-Z-3-4, Vice President of Class 3, Chorus 4, Annual Staff 4. Raymond Robinson--Football 1-Z-3-4, S Club Z-3-4, F. F. A. l-Z-3-4, Track 1-Z-3-4, Student Council 1. Lee Shrock--S Club Z-3-4, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, Track l-2-3-4, Chorus 4, Vice Pres. of F. F. A. 2, Class Treasurer 2, Annual Staff 4. Louise Schuchman--Chorus 1-3-4, Class Vice Pres. 1, F. H. A. 1-2- 3-4, Drill Team l-Z, Physical Ed. 2.-3-4, Prom Queen Atten- dant 3, Vice Pres. F. H. A. 4, Student Council 4, Annual Staff 4. Jane Wark--Student Council 1, Drill Team l-2, Annual Staff 4, F. H. A 1-4. Lois Winters--Class Pres. l, Class Sec. 3, Annual Staff 4, F. H. A. l-4, Drill Team 1, Prom Queen Attendant 3, Physical Ed. 2-3. CLASS DATA 3 -S fu 3 ev Fig mil!-we 051,76 Zac! Oo!-GN u:u:E-'LQ E0 'H .Un Qin :go mam? Ennio 410.-12 Ui I-I Ig I1-12 no 530.5550 Prim U3-H..-c: 41H.::: :LSI-1:12 BJ P I-YJ I'-loo 9.5.23 5-.gnc L.IJQQ-uv-C3 043:28 U3 aa S :Six A FIU 4232 "Mc: fc Egf 'UU' I-llqzmm iss? Zv-,film Wine, Women and Song Raise mice ts Sp or to It be ignorant CD 5- 63 D-1 N o HJ ev cu I-I N o CQ cu oo I-1 o an U gain ddle A Sa C th in ack B 1'OW G T.o Missoula als G 'CY Shor hbill Brec TY Hen Love Somebody Collecting match Farmer Teachers Fat Wayne Dayton COVeI'S 3 O 'U GS 0 E 2 'P ct -H 0 GD H E-1 H 0 .-C! D4 Gi H OD O C Ste aI10 1 ying the p cd v-4 O-Q assign- L ong b- u 5 --'I o .-O ev C L11 0 I-I .-4 -H U .5 1-J ments ht and Day Nig al Instructor OC V T18 i le ad 61' Chve cks clo In Alar Bets 81' IT1 al' Betty F C0 a 1' Margaret Felde Marge Frosh boys Missoula Teacher You Call Everybody Darlin Harley Garnett Smiley Sports Sleeping Foreste St rdust Hair of Gold ster Te g Fo Ci -1-4 55' 0 Z Cl E O 3 'U v"l O H GS E 4-7 -I-7 ev C x-1 cc U 'U F-4 o N as III 'S mow 225 .ES :ami :mag 'UCEOQ H 3: BP-an union.-1 as an an .,'t'. U' 2 2 38 Q :Qi " to an O 53825 no .E Q. Q3 0 I-I KD anno Zta--'.5 -440.5441 U11-:Ol-I ov-IE.,-4 'Eu-I r-1 Quake I-I o E o Sag 5 WEEE 0 ooo I-son'-1-1 P'3u:L'E 5 .1 Qian 'Hong ENDSH N 33 :sci 3,332 55325 3322 cuoasrg KIDGCK.-4 Romances My Happ ine s s Nurse People withoutAnnoying people Bonnie Lamoreux Butch 'S .-54 T6 3 'E ,Std ,g'8 f-E is 23 C 'Fl G! H H an Q13 58 on: C2 E H CI .ggi gon-JB -HH-lm oov O3 5 25 .so O3 .2 SE Am bw 2 G HU GSE T512 og E-4-'I ua an Q FI -we D4 S' U-'Z :- 2 1-I Career gir ing Sleep ake s Sn Jay arks anne tte M Je +9 V1 0 Di F-1 'H U FJ Snobby .-CI u -o-1 -I-4 E cd 'Fl P I-C GJ .-C-' -as u-4 O U 1-Cl -o-v +1 0 v-I '-H O -u 5 O +9 GJ OD O E-4 CD ple Da peo ,-1 f-1 CD f-Ci U '03 -1-1 2 Pi U3 P- HJ o U 3 n o 3 's 0 -0-V UD +1 H td 0 IL' -u 3 s: s N I 4-v UI -ra 3-4 -H rd 'Fl .-Cf' U D0 Cl 'a QU CD H 'U Day nie Telephone s an nJe 0 Morris Carolyn bw cn D-4 8 III 2 U 32 B +7 M15 is '-'ca Nu Qs 7'-:I Era CU 4-7 S 1-UH N2 'gnu G5 O HE-4 3 O .ce UI O00 rs oo. .5-3' 03 Om P5 mam 59:13 pm 3'-N, g-Bc: v':'5' -H D-40 U E :s.2 G10 D-4,-J a os: U10 '32 ,523 gn. a-.52 8.3 IA 'U o .-D E o cn aa P o -'I 2-1 eu E H as Lu In S-4 0 +7 +7 U f-4 C-0 S2 'H +5 'I-I !-1 3 01'eS Ch hil P OTC In Phil Arlo laces P aY 3.TaW around the F O DD o E-1 O0 G IH .M :HI GS E-' V1 U 1-1 5 H f-Q 5 -1 U sgs ie Suz Luanne Rahn Hair of Gold Farmer ing rls Study -we U -C3 W 0 H Fl-1 Bill Bill Rehberg 3 1' on on G DG ev si 1383 .sob-' '-'En goo mmf-re a-1 G 3 N'-'50 ENE +142 s::'v"' mia: sos- C0060 E. 'Bs 00 :Dfw aO0.E -f-'Cl 5,-.-3 45?-rd f-QNH 04'-IQ cu 5 an uoc:.E". HG' cog!! QP? ON-1-e Div-lv-I .M wEB'iE S03-2 Umm S C2 0 E W .-C! GSU ..-105 v-Qin,-C: ogg CG:-Bug Ui 3020 S:-'5 ooo Uni.-'I country Lee Shrock Shrock Money Model "T" Mechanic The Money Song Ralph Squires Ralph Milking cows Reading Sheepherder Tree in the Meadow June Wark Junie Baby sitting Going to show Go to Texas Maybe You'll Be There Lois Winters Loie Flirting Anything but work Teacher I Wonder Who Kissing - Hirn Now -ljlfllfhdy . QW!-QM? I ffl CLASS HISTORY The Senior class entered S. H. S. onSeptember 4, 1945. We were duly initiated as green Freshmen, and in appreciation for the Fresh- man Reception given for us, we gave the Sophomore Return. y Our Frosh class officers were Lois Winters, president: Louise Schuchman, vice presidentg Dolores Wilson, secretary: June Zeiler, treasurerg Mrs. Lockridge, class sponsor and June Wark and Wayne Dayton were Student Council representatives. In our Sophomore year we initiated the Frosh, initiation ending with the Freshman Reception on September 23rd. The Sophomore Return given for us was greatly enjoyed. The officers of the Sophomore year were Wayne Dayton, president, Ray Gonzalez, vice president: Fern Peery, secretary: Lee Shrock, treasurerg Mr. Gill, class sponsor and Ray Robinson and Fae Peery were Student Council representatives. The officers of the Junior year were Bill Beach, Presidentg George Robinson, vice presidentg Lois Winters, secretaryg Lois Paulson, treasurer. Ray Gonzalez and Joy Adams were Student Council repre- sentatives and Mr. Rossmiller was the class sponsor. The activities in our Junior year included the Barn Dance, on November Z3rd, and the Junior Prom on April Z3rd. Both dances proved' to be successes, for the Prom we used the theme "April Showers". Marilyn Marks was crowned Prom Queen. As we, the Seniors of Dear S. H. S. are preparing to depart, we will leave with great memories of our high school days. We know that these past four years have brought us much enjoyment and many friends. We want to thank all those who have made these enjoyable days possible-the faculty, the school board, and all our loyal friends and supportersg their help and co-operation has been our mainstay. Our officers for the Senior year are Roy Gray, president, Ida Jannsen, vice president, Jeannette Marks, secretary, and Lois Paul- son, treasurer. Mr. Tamplin is our class and Annual sponsor. Bill Beach and Louise Schuchman are our representatives to the Student Council. Our activities this year include the publication of the Annual and the Senior class play. We, the Senior class of 1949, hereby leave these personal traits to our lower classmen in fond hopes that they may justify our expec- tations in them. I, Joy Adams, will my personality to anyone who will take it and live, it down. I, Bill Beach, will Sophie to whomever wants her. I, Henry Brechbill, will my height to Jack McNett, he needs it. I, Wayne Dayton, I'll just leave! ! ! Eh Maude ? ? ? ? I, Betty Farmer, will---Will? ? ? Who's he ? ? Is he good looking ? I, Arlo Fillmore, will my ability to get caught advertising foot- ball dances to "Prunes" Williams. I, Margaret Felde, will my ability in math to Betty Felde. I, Lucille Enebo, will a few inches to Jaime Baily. I, Harold Garnett will my ability to get along with the girls to Jack Austin. I, Harley Garnett, will my smile to "Suds" Sutherland. I, Roy Gray, will my ability to flirt with girls to Albert Buck. I, Ray Gonzalez, will my kinky hair to Authur Glaze. I, Ray Hawley, will my whiskers to La Verne Osburn. I, Bonnie Lamoreux, will my giggles to Mrs. Wildman. I, Tom Larson, will my muscles to .Tack McNett. I, Jeannette Marks, will my blonde locks to Adelina Munoz. I, Louis McKinney, will my temper to Marilyn Robinson. I, Carolyn Morrison, will my Stevi yell to any enthusiastic rooter who needs a strong voice. I, Carol Paulson, will my exceptionally sweet temper to Jean Westguard. - I, William Rehberg, will my casanova ability to .Tack Wilson. I, George Robinson, will my bad luck to get along with teachers to Russel Edwards. I, Ray Robinson,will my ability to drive amodel "T" to Norman Johnson. I, Lee Schrock will my ability to grow a mustache to Jimmy Win- ters. I, Ralph Squires, will my ability to keep an empty locker to Bob Griffin. I, Louise Schuchman, will my ability to draw pin-ups in class without getting caught -to Paul Martin. I, Lois Winters, will my quiet ways to Larry Gerdon. Ida Jannsen, Sylvia Mitchell, Lois Paulson, Luanne Rahn and June Wark ------ A We, the above signed, will our combined talents and abilities to the Sophomore girls, in hopes they can make better use of them than we have. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we hereunto set our hands and hearts in seal at Stevensville High School, Stevensville, this twenty-sixth day of May in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-nine. Seated: L. Rahn, G. Robinson, R. Gonzalez, R. Gray, L. Paulson, L. Shrock, B. Farmer, J. Wark, C. Morrison, C. Paulson, Standing: L. McKinney, W. Rehberg, W. Dayton, J. Adams, I. Jannsen, L. Winters, L. Schuchman, B. Lamoreux, H. Tamplin. ANNUAL STAFF The annual staff was chosen soon after school began. As soon as the material came we laid the actualplan of our annual out and made all the plans necessary at that time. The staff is as follows: Co-Editors--Lee Shrock and Lois Paulson Business Managers--George Robinson and Roy Adams Advertising--Ray Gonzalez, Lois Winters, and Carolyn Morrison Class--Luanne Rahn and Wayne Dayton Activity--Bonnie Lamoreux, Ida Jannsen, and William Rehberg Pictures--Roy Gray, June Wark, and Carol Paulson Sports--Louis McKinney and Ralph Squires' Humor--Harold Garnett and Louise Schuchman Advisor--Mr. Tamplin . JUNIORS Jack Austin Duane Clatworthy Roland Clevidence Don Enebo Harold Enebo James Harris Phyllis Hayden A .T anet Hill JUNIORS c1audia Kelly Norman Johnson Janet Johnston Benny Longbottom Dixie Lee Osburn La Verne Osburn Richard Overholtzer Jean Paulson Betty Personett Don Puyear JUNIORS Shirley Rehberg Clarence Shandorf Quinn Sullivan June Wagner Edith Weigand Sophie Weigand Jean Westgard Arlene Williamson Jack Wilson Maybell Zeiler CLASS HISTORY We, the Junior class of "50" began to climb the steps of dear S. H. S. on the well remembered morning of September 4, 1945. After we were duly initiated as Frosh and had in turn for the Fresh- man Reception, given the Sophomore Return, we settled down to our studies. J Our Freshman class officers were elected as follows: President, Don Enebog Vice President, Sophie Weigandg Secretary, June Wagner, Treasurer, Don Puyear. Student Council representatives were Jean Paulson and Don Terry. The class sponsor was Mrs. Lockridge. As Sophomores we took much pleasure in initiation of the ' 'Green Frosh", which was highlighted by the Freshman Reception. Our Sophomore class officers were elected as follows: President, Norman Johnsong Vice President, Richard Overholtzerg Secretary, Janet Hill, Treasurer, Jim Harrisg Don Enebo and Arlene William- son were the representatives to the Student Council. Class Sponsor was Mrs. Lockridge. At last we are considered upper classmen and to follow in the tradition we gave the Barn Dance in November, which was a huge success. Officers whichwere elected for this year are Paul Martin, pres- identg Don Enebo, vice president: Arlene Williamson, secretary, Norman Johnson, treasurer5Sophie Weigand and Richard Overholtzer, Student Council representatives, Class Sponsor, Miss Renauard. SOPHCDMORES Wayne Avery Jamie Bailey Barbara Clark Darlene Cummings Lillian Davenport Noreen Franks Larry Gerdon Ellen Rose Glassly Robert Griffin David Hill La Vonne Hollibaugh Helen Howard 1 Ruth Howard Dorothy King Louise Lunde ' -gi fs 1, 1 ,t L f r Y gs, fi f 1 so K fi: R 'L:, A' . 'Q ii M 3 'K L Xbg, in I Y in L L 'P 5 1 ,' , K N randi I Ik Q 5 I SOPHOMORES Sharlene Martin Duane McKinney Clarence McNett John McNett Patti O'Hare Gail Plummer Lavonne Poll James Porch Marilyn Robinson Philip Sullivan Donna Wright Charles Wark William Wheatly James Winters Leona Woods SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY As the class of '51 we entered the doors of dear S. H. S. on the very memorable day of September 8, 1947. We all feel that no other class has caused more laughter, when as "Green Freshmen" we were initiated into this our high school. Our Freshmanclass officers were elected as follows: President, Robert Griffing Vice President, Wayne Avery: Secretary, Donna Wrightg Treasurer, Helen HowardgStudent Council Representatives, Charles Wark and Leona Woodg Class Sponsor, Mr. Gill. We all found much enjoyment initiating the "Green Freshmen," which was climaxed by the FreshmanReception. Later the Sopho- more Return was given in our honor by the Freshmen. Officers whowere elected for this year are as follows: Pres- identPatti O'Hareg Vice President, Wayne Avery: Secretary-Treas- urer, Marilyn Robinsong Student Council Representatives, J'im Porch and La Vonne Pollg Class Sponsor, Mrs. Lockridge. JOKES Aunt Matilda: "Going around with five girls at once! How do you ex- plain such behavior ? J'im Porch: "Ole cupid musta shot me with a machine gun." Shipwrecked Gal: "Oh! Oh! Cannibals! " Shipwrecked Pal: "Come now, don't get into a stew." Fleas? Adam Had 'em QBe1ieved'by many English teachers to be the shortest poem ever written., "They do say," Tom began shyly, "That kisses are the language of love." Lois W.: "'Well, speak up." Quinn: "But I don't think I deserve quite a zero on this paper." Mrs. Lockridge: "Neither do I, but its the lowest mark I can give." "You down there" shouted Mr. Wiegand from the head of the stairs. "It's after midnight. Do you think you can stay all night?" "Gosh, thanks," answered Bill. "I'll have tophone home first and ask." Brush Off He: "If you'l1 give me your telephone number I'll call you sometime." June Wark: "It's in the phone book." He: "Fine! What's your name ?" June: "That's in the phone book too." FRESHMEN W x Bill Jacquelyn .Tim Albee Antrim Bird E :'., Q 171 Lorraine Albert Dolores Russell Bozlee Buck Eastman Edwards if :S sg A Q at Darrell Betty Wesley Norma Arthur Patty Ehlert Felde Frazer Giles Glaze Goldbrand Dolores Duane Elva Earl Duane Doris Gonzalez Hafer Johnston Kelly Keaugh Larson La Ve rne Nina Ade lina Loving ood McCarthy Munoz X' ' 5 Irene Osburn Betty Henry Ove rholtzer Parson X Joe Munoz -. Robert Puyear Keith Beverly Charles Barbara Laura Georgiana Radabah Rhodes Sampson Shandorf Shrock Strange Albert Lorraine Marian Sutherlin Waddington Ward Wilma Dwayne Gordon Weitzel Williams Woods FRESHMEN CLASS HISTORY We, the class of '52, on the unforgettable morning of September seventh in the year nineteen hundred and forty-eight, began our journey to success and a higher education. We must continue striv- ing and working toward our goal, our much valued diplomas. These diplomas symbolize the unceasing effort and strenuous work on our part and on the part of our teachers and parents. After registration and the ceremony of initiation, which seemed never-ending, we were considered students at S. H. S. Since then we have been trying to become accustomed to the ways of the "better halfnfupper classmenj and to find our way around the high school. We were guests of the Sophomores, at the Freshman Reception. This party proved very interesting and caused much laughter. We followed in the tradition, and gave the Sophomore Return, which was a great success. Officers who were elected for this year are as follows, Presi- dent, Adelina Munoz, Vice President, Russel Edwards, Secretary, Jacquelyn Antrim, Treasurer, Robert Puyearg Student Council Representatives, Elva Johnston and .Toe Class Sponsor, Mrs. Hunt. H? Tiff 2' o T Qc! Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. April May CALENDAR OF EVENTS School begins Freshrnen initiated Freshmen Reception Stevi tops Ronan Stevi trims Darby Sophomore Return Stevi dumps Victor Deer Lodge defeats Stevi Corvallis bows to Stevi ' Stevi storms over Hamilton Missoula B defeated by Stevi Stevi victorious over Deer Lodge Junior Barn Dance Stevi trims Polson Western Division Championship Stevi tops Victor Florence loses to Stevi Mullen, Idaho loses to Stevi Wallace, Idaho defeated by Stevi Hamilton defeats Stevi Stevi romps over Drummond Stevi loses to Hamilton Stevi defeats Corvallis 14 Semester Tests Stevi tops Deer Lodge Stevi loses to Florence Stevi Stings Corvallis Stevi tops P-Burg Stevi sizzles Hamilton Stevi storms over Hamilton Stevi defeated by P-Burg Drummond dumped by Stevi Stevi tops Deer Lodge Victor stung by Stevi Darby loses to Stevi 2.6 Basketball tournament Stevi wins from Drummond Stevi wins over Powell Hamilton wins over Stevi P-Burg defeats Stevi Stevi loses to Florence Fourth place trophy won by Stevi Senior Play Junior Prom Invitational track meet Spring Fever 7 County track meet 7 Music festival at Great Falls 14 Interscholastic track meet Baccalaureate Graduation CHAMPS After four weeks of practice Stevi went to Ronan to play their first game. Stevensville kept the lead to win 18-6. October l, Steven- sville played Darby on their own field, beating the Tigers 49-6. The next weekStevi went to Victor. Every boy on the squad played during the game, winning 56-7. The Yellowjackets were moving rapidly when they went to Deer Lodge. They lost a hard fought game 13-l2.. Com- ing home very disappointed, they worked hard during the next week. The next game they trimmed Corvallis 38-6. The following week the Hamilton Broncs came to Stevensville, rearing to tear the Yellow- jackets apart. Returning home very disappointed, by the short end of the score 32-6. November 12 the teamwent out for revenge, tearing Deer Lodge apart to the tune of 33-0. On the following week the boys went into the Northwest District to play Polson, winning from them by a score of Z6-6. This clinched the District Championship, the first time since 1933. Tom Larson--A hard hitting end who always gave the. game what he had. A three-year letterman and a senior, Rolly Clevidence--Co-Captain for next year. One of the hardest hitting men on the squad. Shifted from tackle to end. Three-year letterman and a Junior. George Bozles--One of the biggest men on the squad and he put his weight to advantage in every game. Three-year letterman and a Senior. Jack Austin--One of the best tackles in the valley. A one-year letter- man and a Junior. George Robins on--A good guard who could be depended on to move his man. A two-year letterman and a Senior. Bill Beach--Co-Captain for this year. Bill played guard and was a good blocker. A two-year letterman and a Senior. Jim Porch--Jim played center on offence and end ondefence. He was a good blocker, two-year letterman and a Sophomore. Norman Johnson--Normplayed quarterback and could handle the ball well. He made 54 points this season. Co-Captain for next year. He is a two-year letterman and a Junior. Roy Gray--The biggest man in the backfield. Roy played halfback and ran hard. Two-year letterman and a Senior. Ray Gonzalez--R ay played half-back and was a good ballplayer. Two- year letterman and a Senior. "Red" McKinney--Red played fullback. He was shifty and the fastest man on the squad. He was the lightest man on the team but made 93 points for the squad this fall. He played four quarters of every game. His ability will be hard to replace. Two-year letterman and a Senior. Ray Hawley--Ray played defensive half-back. Co-Captain for this year. His ability to tackle and blockwill be greatly missed next fall. Ray is a three-year letterman and a Senior. CoachRossmiller--Our coach came to Stevi from Missoula University where he was a twoyear letterman and captain of the Grizzles. This was his second year of coaching at Stevi, and it was largely due to his instructions which helped the team to go on to the highly honored championship. The entire school appreciated his knowledge and res- pected his co-operation and school spirit. It was ahard job-well done. Roy Gray R . Half-bac Ray Gonzalez L Half back' R oland Clevldence Johnson Quarter-back R. End Coach Ros smaller Louis McKinne Y George R. Tackle 'T' Q 19' of-' George Robinson hm Porch Tom Larson L. End Center q 0 lf Q Ns? so I K Bill Beach A, R. Guard fCaptainj Q 6 ' me fe-1 : 5. . Y X x . I wail!!!-1 .T ack Austin R. End BASKETBALL Harley Garnett-F. Norman Johnson-F. Wayne Dayton-G. Jim Porch-C. Harold Garnett-F. Tom Larson-C. R0y Gray-G. Roland Clevidence-G. Tom Burditt-C. Don Enebo-G. Bob Griffin-M BASKETBALL The Yellowjackets opened their season early in December against Victor,the local team emerged onthe long end ofa 73-18 score. The next game was Florence, with Stevensville winning 41-40. The follow- ing game was Mullan, Idaho, Stevensville 46--Mullan 25. The Monday after Christmas the Yellowjackets knocked off Wallace, Idaho, 57-25. Stevi now had won four straight games and they went to Hamilton con- fident of victory against the last year champs, however, Hamilton won 46-40. The next game was Drummond and it was apparent that the team was in a slump as we won 48-25 against a veryweak club. The next night against Hamilton we failed to make a showing until the last 3 minutes, when we poured in 12 points. This closed the gap but Hamilton was too far in the lead and they came out on top 46-29. In the next game Stevi edged Corvallis 27-26 with Larson unable to play. Things were looking bad when the Deer Lodge club came here. The Wardens had three district 15 wins and Stevi was the underdog. Stevi g0thOt that night and won 59-50 in an exciting game. The next night Florence beatus 51-50 as Dee Powell hit 29 points for the vic- tors. The following week Stevi went to Darby and won 74-45, then they played the return game with Corvallis winning 45-31. The next game was Hamilton, we won 54-52 with only a small crowd attending the game. The next game was P-Berg here, Stevi 38 to 20, winners in a dull game. Stevi journeyed to Hamilton to meet the Broncs again and led all the way to win 56-47. Stevi then went to P-Berg and lost 54-42 in a hard fought tussel. The next week we played two games, both away from home, de- feating Drummond 52-34 and Powell 63-50. Stevi then went ahead and won their final two games before the tournament, winning from Victor 65-44 and Darby 68-39. The District 15 tournament started with Stevi beating Drummond 54-23 the first night and Powell 49-31 the second night. The third night Stevi lost to Hamilton 57-40. On Saturday morning they lost a heartbreaker to P-Berg 46-44 which left them to play for third and fourth with Florence. Stevi was definitely off and Florence led all the way to win 49-38 Stevi finished the seasonwith a score of 18 games won and 7 lost They averaged 50.04 points per game during the season and their op- ponents averaged 39.5 points per game. Stevi scored 1251 points to their opponents 988. Bottom Row: B. Farmer, D. Osburn, L. Bozlee, S. Rehberg, L. Schuchman, J. Adams, L. Rahn, B. Overholtzer, G. Strange, C. Paulson, H. Metcalf, Second Row: J. Johnston, D. Eastman, J. Antrim, D. Larson, L. Waddington, I. Osburn, B. Shandorf, B. Rhodes, J. Paulson, L. Winters, P. Goldbrand. Top Row: E. Johnston, J. Wark, A. Munoz, L. Shrock, N. Franks, D. Gonzalez, B. Felde, L. Lovingood, W. Weitzel, M. Felde. F H A. The Future Homemakers of America began the year by electing the following officers: President, Joy Adams, Vice President, Louise Schuchmang Secretary, Luanne Rahng Treasurer, Lorraine Bozleeg Historian, Dixie Lee Osburng Parliamentariang Shirley Rehberg' Reporter, Georgiann Strange, Song Leader, Betty Overholtzer. The Stevensville Future Homemakers were hostess to the delegates from western Montana towns. The presiding officers of the meeting were Chairman, Carol Paulson, Vice Chairman, Joan Nordheim, Corvallis, Secretary, Shirley Rehberg, Stevensville. Carol Paulson was selected as one of the twenty-seven girls from Montana to represent this state at the national convention of the Future Homemakers of America which was held in Kansas City, Mis- souri, July 6-10, 1948. A very delightful Christmas party was held in the Home Economics Department on December ZZ, 1948. An exchange of gifts was enjoyed by all who attended. The club motto is "Toward New Horizons." Bottom Row: D.Schrage, H. Enebo, N. Johnson,R. Gill, W. Rehberg, B. Beach, L. Osburn, Q. Sullivan. Second Row: A. Glaze, T. Larson, R. Robinson, W. Dayton, G. Robinson, R. Gonzalez, L. McKinney, R. Clevidence, H. Garnett, L. Shrock, S. Hayden. Top Row: K. Radabah, P. Sullivan, D. Puyear, J. Bird, D. Clatworthy, H. Garnett, W. Rhodes, D. Williams, A. Sampson, H. Parsons. F F A The Future Farmers of America is the national organization of, by, and for the farmboys studying vocational agriculture in public secondary schools, which operates under the provisions of the Nation- al Vocational EducationActs. High school departments of vocational agriculture provide four year courses of systematic instruction in agriculture and farm mechanics taughtby teachers who are agricul- ture college graduates employed on a twelve month basis. Stevensville's four man judging team composed of Don Schrage, Bill Beach, La Verne Osburn, and Norman Johnson. Don Schrage received a bronze award on the judging team at the State Convention at Bozeman. Wayne Dayton won the swine award presented by the Midland Empire Swine Breeders Association donated to the Future Farmers with the most outstanding swine project in the state for the year of 1947-1948. Lee Shrock received honorable mention in the Farm Mechanics Contest. Our officers for the year are President, William Rehbergg first Vice President, Norman Johnson, second Vice President, La Verne Osburn, Secretary, William,BeachgTreasurer, Don Schrageg Reporter, Harold Enebog Advisor, Ralph Gill. Bottom Row: C. Morrison, S. Rehberg, B. Overholtzer, W. Weit- zel, M. Ward, L. Hollibaugh, A. Hunt, Top Row: N. Franks. P. O'Hare, B. Shandorf, B. Rhodes, L. Lovingood, J. Wagner, B. Farmer. CHORUS There are thirteen girls taking chorus this year. We sang at the Woman's Club meeting for program entertainment. Plans are being made towards the state solo and ensemble festival which will be held in Great Falls in May. We are also planning to partic- ipate in the commencement exercises at the closing of the school year. Bottom Row: J. Austin, R. Robinson, G. Bozlee, E. Rossmiller, T. Larson, N. Johnson, B. Beach R. Gray. Second Row: W. Dayton, D. Terry, J. Porch, C. Shandorf, G. Robinson, R. Gonzalez, L. McKinney, R. Clevidence, H. Garnett, L. Shrock. Top Row: J. Bird, B. Wheatley, D. Schrage, D. Clatworthy, H. Garnett, W. Rhodes, R. Squires, J. Harris, Q. Sullivan. CCS!! The "S" CLUB is an organization of the boys who have succeeded in earning their letters in some form of athletics. The officers for 1948-1949 are: President, Tom Larson, Vice President, George Bozleeg Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Beach, Sponsor, Coach Ed. Ross- miller. Jack Austin, Don Terry, Jack Bird, Bill Wheatley, Don Schrage, Duane Clatworthy, Weston Rhodes, Ralph Squires, have earned one letter in football, Louis McKinney, Jim Porch, Bill Beach, Norman Johnson, George Robinson, Roy Gray have earned two letters. Ray Hawley, Rolly Clevidence, George Bozlee, Ray Robinson, Tom Lar- son have earned three letters. Jim Porch, Don Enebo and Tom Burditt have earned one letter in basketball. Harold Garnett, Harley Garnett, Roy Gray, Norman Johnson have earned two letters. Tom Larson has earned three and Wayne Dayton has earned four letters. Track letters remain to be issued. Qin IV iq, J- ' 'Q ,l QQ, wo , o - . .fs I V, ' 5 w X. ,. . l ig, lk , ..,. -.' , 5,4 6 A 9 1 Freshnien girls Z What are you looking for? 3 Posing 4 Our team 5 Old S. H. S. 6 7 8 9 Just kids Oh! cute The Editor I. ast summer Porch Seniors Ill 11 IN THE BEGINNING ini 'Y , w Ax x Q' A x If, 1 .' X Q X vm .aw -fxfv' . JY' x ff? Pxg ---1---........................-... Lee Shrock Carol Paulson Ida Jannse-n Jeannette: Marks Margaret Felde Lois Paulson Bonnie Lamoreux June Wark Joy Adams Luanne Rexhn Henry B1-eehbill Sylvia Mitchell Carolyn Morrison Tommy Larson Louise Schuchman Lucille Enebo Lois Winters Wayne Dayton Betty Farmer Willeam Beach R0y Gray .- Bottom Row: I. Jannsen, C. Morrison, H. Garnett, S. Renouard, E. Weigand, J. Paulson, M. Zeiler. Top Row: B. Beach, L. Schuchman, R. Gonzalez, A. Williamson, S. Rehberg, D. Osburn, N. Johnson. YELLOWJACKET STAFF The Senior class sponsored the Junior class for the first se- mester, each class elected a separate group of officers. It was decided that a paper come out at least once every six weeks. The staff is as follows: Editors--Harley Garnett and Edith Weigand Assistant Editors--Carolyn Morrison and Jean Paulson Scandal--Ray Gonzalez and Arlene Williamson Sports--Bill Beach and Norman Johnson Advertising--Ida Jannsen and Maybelle Zeiler Society--Louise Schuchman and Shirley Rehberg Advisor--Miss Renouard fr Just Boys Our Team Math Teacher Tap Dancers English Teacher Noon Hour Rush Frosh! Girls Last Summer CL. WJ Pretty Cute Lovers The Coach P.T.A. Carnival Edith Master of Ceremony Scotty The Old Model T. Shop at GAMELE5 HARUWARE Stevensville , Montana BART!-IELS "Come in and browse around" De1ava1Mi1kers Separators Delta Work g T 1 Missoula Q2 Za 'Z 4- C9'7fL PAI NT 5 I-I O P Pittsburg Paint -------- O S 208 E. MCJTOR5 INC. Dodge -Plymouth ale s Se rvic e Maine Mis s oula M -,-A- --1-1-:-av'-1-:-:-:-1+Qezlzu'1254 :1:f:1rf2iS5r"Er?ErE15rErEi?fiiE5i55..., .4.,--- ni:-:-1-E122:IE2?E3E5:5:5E1E5ig::1:1::,: wr:v':2:1:2:r:r-1:2:1:1: :1::r,':::5:5:1g:,-':,::-ws.'szrnrzrfrv'-"'g:w , Q. ' .N-i., ''''EzE,..E1325:5:515:Q.,.,,:E:E:iq:5:E221E1E1E1E-:-,T53221:g1r:5:g::.:.,15.:1i.,.1.1:125:515:515:53:335:112Q12:5:2:i:E:E:Er5:5IE151Ers?rr:15:3:313:5:55:31315:513:23:315:5:513515:5:g:5:g:g:5:5:3:5:2:3w E5:3ig:5:qz5515:315:5i15g3:5:5:3:3:35: 45:5:3:3, gpg315:55:5:3:3:5:311221.55:3:5:313:3:3:55:::5,M.w:,3f-.AQ" Qi ': :S- . 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THE Sl-IOP OT LATEST STYLES 'LADIES READY TO WEAR' MGZQQQ C ngratulations to the Senior Class Stevensville, Montana Men's Wear Dry Goods Shoes Notions Gifts Yi L- - 4 QM? Q12 RMC-PRODUCT! ECONOMY Carefully and Economic ally distributed MM? F cons mc. Stevensville , Montana Q 'zcjfutafwmfb - I tvnt M5 ' Es ENEEO AGENCY Insurance-Real Estate XY' Stevensville, Montana N X "-'FZEEE'-11" i Best wishes to the Seniors 91. I Stevensville , Montana C! 4- . 1 rm" A ia.: ,lim , , 1 I ' , A , It -5 4 , Big 'fx . Q my f iall. ' 1 - 1 . A ? 144, ' Patronize your Co- Op. i Z 1 The Store for Men, Congratulations and Women Who Buy for Men" to the Class of u43L2v - QL I fwfvfgwwzl at QAIM Ufff N 403 North Higgins Ave. Mis s oula, Montana B.ALPH's OUTFITTERS Manufacturers of Gloves and Leather Goods Men 's Outdoor Clothing Sporting Goods J Stevensville, Montana Congratulations to Class of "49" o C. W. Baldwin Reg.Pharm. u- 11l 2? Q FLOYDY Wyfiofjql 15' W Stel1'l'llIQ,'11I.,,n. . 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Suggestions in the Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) collection:

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Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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