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a C 0 i 1 1 fniumnwsvlmmi . him! r uN ' , ' ' 'hiwmaiswiiurimueuilimlai Ar4w:.2a.:-:xi,inf2-wwf.-mhi',1ga1usm3.a1" ' ' ' '4isliz7svz1.?fu5:s1s?,fsiv ay L- . f-. " ,- , , 1 , -' ' -.' , 1. - I 1 I 1 4 i , 5 1 ' A f ' P IMHMQKMQ , rr 'iS1s,1Lw,mi,.mImluals'ABummf1 THE PIONEER Published by ISHE SENIOR CLASS of Stevensville High School s'rEvENsvn.1.a, MONTANA I 928 DEDICATED To the people of Stevensville who have loyally supported us in all of our activities during the past year. Mg-- Faculty C. W. MCMULLIN, Suptg Geometry, General Science. ROBERT ARTHUR NElL, Coachg Commercial Law, Commercial Arith- metic, Economics, Sociology, Typewriting. AAMELIA B. BUTTERWORTH, English I and II, Civics, Business English. American History. LUCILE BROWN, Latin I and ll, Physics, Algebra. ROSETTA B. SYLTEN, English III and IV, Public Speaking, World History. ' -3.. Senior my ' 'i ,,,, 4? :: -gm , fl --' - . 4 1?-.LieeYf:Ei?": KSN C :EER ,gf55!?!'f',1 41... 7 . , K X J," 1 XQ 4 r OFFICERS 4 First Semester! I EE METCALF ..,.,.,,, ,.........,...,.,..,......... ,.,.,.,.......A..... P r esident EDWARD SULLIVAN ........ ...,....A.......,.,..,....,, V ice-President HERBERT KESTER. .....,...........K..., Secretary and Treasurer iSecond Semester? EDWARD SULLIVAN ....... ,.,. ......................,.........,.. P 1' esident IDA MOORE ,,.,,...,,...,..,.......,.......,.,.........,.,.,....... Vice-President MILDRED HAGEN ......, ....,..... S ecretary and Treasurer CLASS MOTTO "Tonight we launch: Where shall we anchor?" -CLASS COLORS Blue and Gold CLASS FLOWER Yellow Rose .4... EDWARD SULLIVAN "BeHer late than never. " President of Senior Class Representative to governing Board 4 Vice-present of association Vice-president of Class 2 Boy's Vocational COI1f6l'CllCC Dramatlcs, Orchestra Annual Staff. 4 IDA MOORE "I chatterg chatter as I go." Class Vice-president 4 Secretary of Association 4 Representative to governing- board 3 Dramatlcs 2-3-4. Declam 3 Honor Society, Vim Club Annual Staff 4, Gleg Club St. Ma.ry's Staff 4 1-3 Representative g1r1's vocational congress 4. Class seen-Lm'y 3 MILDRED HAGEN "Innocence abroad. " Class president 2 Class :secretary and Glee Club 2-3 Dlmnatlcs Vim Club Almlml Stuff St. 1Vhu'y's SI.::l'I'. II'C2lSLlI't'l' 4 GEORGE HALL "Small in stature but mighty indeed." President of association 3 Vice-president of association 2 Annual Staff 4, "S" Club Representative to association -1 Football 2-3-4, Honor Society Basketball 2-3-43 Capt., 3 Track 3, Capt., 4 Boy's Vocational Conference 4 Salutatorlan. MARIE BAUNTON "Napoleon was short, too." Transferred from Milan High Washington. DOROTHY BARKENBUS "Oh, happy accident that brought you here." Transferred from Missoula High School 4 St. Marys Staff, LEE METCALF -'Has the gift of speech that gains him much." President of association 4 Secretary of association 3 Class president 1-3-4, "S" Club Annual Staff 4, Debate 2 St. Mary's Staff 4 Honor Society Representative to association 2--L Football 2-3-4, Capt.. 4 Basketball 3-4 Boy's Vocational Conference Valedlctorlan. SUSIE BURTON "Quiet in dass, hui powerful in grade" Representative to g1rl's Voca- tional Congress MILD RED FE'l'Clil:ZR "Sho that was :wer fair and nvucr proud. " MORRIS STRANGE "Tested and neuer found wanting." Transferred from Victor High 4 Football 4 Basketball 4 "S" Club. EVELYN HALEY 'Silence is more eloquent than words DOROTHY MAYNARD "Hang sorrow, care'll kill n ml." St. Marys Staff Secretary of association Representative to governing bOElI'd 2. SIIELDON NEILSON "A strong man in many ways." Tiansferred from Gunnison Valley High, Gunnison. Utah. EDITH MAGGINI "Her life was earnest work, nu! play." Transfered from Missoula High School Glee Club. NAOMI STUART "There's a wee faull they waufd lay to me. I love the Iaddies, God for- give me.', Transferred from Guernsey High Guernsey, Wyoming Dramatics. .IERL WEBER "A friend worth having." Bcy's vocational conference 4. HELEN TOTII "She speaks, behaves and ads just as she oughl. " 'lxI'2lIlSf61V1'6d from Morris High Morris, Illinois SL. Ma.ry's Staff. ARI. GAVIN "A ll great men aw dying and I don? feel very well myself " Class president 2 Dxamatics Annual Staff Rc'pi'cstntat-ive to Vocational Conference l'u11a'5:i' sbudanl association 3-1. 0... Class Histor +.' ' -s ia, Q Sig " F sa' ,Y 1 Early in September in the year of l924 a class entered the Stexensville High School that was perhaps as green as any class than had ever graced the doors of that venerable institution. But they rapidly showed that they were destined for greater things than being the greenest Freshmen on the campus. They soon learned when they f ,,-rf' . y. f N 'Ml' J W - .FU ' - Y ff f L 'sf 'stag :ll l irt J 1 N l Oooo I V- I! l I X 3 V A If ly, . ,fzzfr yy e L f ,K '-' Hg 465' f in Q.. , ' 'U ' f' d'x As.g - X . 0 were to go to class and when they were to stay in the assembly, this much accomplished they proceeded to make things interesting for the teachfng staff composed of Principal Pontius, Supt. Sharp, Miss Corn- well, Miss ildargent and Miss Fulton. The Freshmen were given a recepton by the upper-classmen and save for the punishment dealt out to them this is the only time a Senior, junior or Sophomore deigned to it -t'ce cne of the younger generation. The next year we came back determined to show ourselves in our true colors. Our year of servitude was over and it was now our turn to make some poor ignorant Freshman suffer. We also began to take part in the activities of the school. Three of the members of the class made football letters and the same number made the basketball team. lVlany of the girls were on the glee club and some of our students were officers in the student association. This year the teaching staff was composed of Prin. Reynolds, Supt. Sharp, Miss Isaacson, and Miss liryer. The Sophomores were generally conceded to be the peppiest class in school and pranks and foibles kept the whole school in hot water time after time. We managed to keep all together until the end of the year and were passed fthat is the most of us werej into another and a higher grade. The third year the class of '28 came back to S. H. S. to make a big record. The faculty for that year was Mr. McMullin, Mr. Neill, Miss Bailey, Miss Leach and Miss Brown. Ruth Hildebrand, Mildred Hagen, lda Moore, Clytia Hames, and Edith Maggini were the girls from our class who took part in the Girls Glee Club. Ida Moore, Ruth Hildebrand, Claude Taylor, Herbert Kester, Edward Sullivan, and Edith Maggini were those from the class of '28 who took part in the three act play, "Engaged by Wednesday" which was a great success. This was the first year that S. H. S. entered into the one act play contest. Claude Taylor, Mildred Hagen, and Ida fVloore were those from our class who took part in the play. Vlfe lead three boys who made a letter in football that year. They were Metcalf, George Hall, and George Wickham. Lee Metcalf and George Hall went out for both basket ball and track this same year. A new feature, the Student Governing board, was organized in September 27. As Seniors we turned to old S. H. S. with more vim and de- termination then ever to reach that "Goal"-Graduation. The fac- ulty for our last year was composed of Mr. McMullin, Mr. Neill, Mrs. Sylten, Miss Butterworth, and Miss Brown. Ida Moore, Mil-B dred Hagen, and Naomi Stuart were the seniors from our class who took part in the one act play "The Burglar." Homer Schuchmann, George Hall, Lee Metcalf, George Wickham, and Morris Strange were the boys from our class who took part in football and helped win the County Championship. George Hall, Morris Strange, and Lee Metcalf also went out for basketball and helped win this cham- pionship also. These same boys took their parts in track. This was the first year for several years that the class put out an annual which proved a great success. This ended our happy and jolly days in S. H. S. e ss w i x.- 0 ' ' 0 5 -J 3455? - -9 Q-1 Realizing that we the Senior Class of l928, have to journey on our way to make rocm for the coming of the new generations and that it is impossible for us to take all the luxuries of school life with us. we do will and bequeath the following: FIRST to the Juniors, the Senior class as a whole bequeaths the high and exalted position held by them during the past year. SECOND to the Sophomcres we do will and bequeath all the mumps, measles, chicken pox, whooping cough and spotted fever we have had while in High School. THIRD to the Freshman we leave our individuality, pride. poise, and popularity. FOURTH we also leave the following separately and indi- vidually: TO WIT: l. Lee Metcalf leaves his wit to Warren Gavin. Also his re- sponsibilities as editor of the paper to any one unfortunate enough to get them. 2. Ida Moore is taking Mildred with her so she has nothing to leave. 3. Edward Sullivan leaves his excuse blanks to Wallace Lamoreux. 4. Dorothy Maynard leaves her vocal talents to Myrna Beardsley. 5. Mildred Fetscheriher regards, regrets, and memories of her school day romance to Bert Dawson. 6. Earl Gavin betqueaths his ritzy bow ties to Raymond Fehrenkamp. ' ' - 7. Mildred Hagen leaves her influence with the faculty to those who need it. 8. Evelyn Haleyleaves her freckle cream to Helen Corley. .9 Jerl Weber leaves his affection for the girls toiDose Lockridge. l0. Marie Baunton .leaves her worldly .wisdom to no one. ll. Morris Strange leaves his perfect marcel to Lewis Whitesitt. l2. Helen Toth leaves all the good times she has had playing hookey to Mabel Drew. l3. 'Naomi Stuart leaves her speed in typing' to Ray Buxton. I4. .George Hall leaves shoes .overalls to Kenneth Scott. f l ,A 'L ' l5. Dorothy Barkenbus leaves her blushes to .Russell Lane. l6. Susie Burton leaves her fourth place in scholarship to whoever can get it. I7. Edith Maggini leaves her seat in the detention room to Julia Metcalf. A '1 . l8. Shelden Neilson leaves his Physics manual to Carl Lockridge. I9. And to Spud Wickham the whole class wills its books and pencils. , FIFTH we do nominate and appoint Prof. G. W. McMullin, to be executor of this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking all previous wills made by us. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand and seal this sixteenth day of May, A. D., nineteen hundred and twenty-eight. CLASS OF 28 Signed, sealed and declared as and for their last will and testa- ment by the above named testators, in our presence who have at their request, and in their presence, and in the presence of each other, signed cur names as witnesses hereto. V AMELIA BRooKslE BUTTERWORTH ' ROSETTA BAILEY SYLTEN ' Sccnes near Slevensville -15- Jlunier 1 V 7 , ff 'mit--nm nnmmml ll ' -t-HHH'-H R lllllll I HP' Q ,tial , itll 11 QP - OFFICERS IFirst Semester! WARREN GAVIN ..,,,,,,.A.,...,,.,......,,,A..,,..,,A,,. ..,,,,,A,..., P resident FLORENCE CAMPBELL ....,..,,..,....YA..,.....,.A,,... Vice-President CHARLES LOCKRIDGE ,,A..,A...,,,A Secretary and Treasurer tSecond Semester? DEAN ERICKSON.. ,.........,..........,,..,......v,...........,..,.... President VVALLACE LAMOREUX .,,.,......,..................,,.. Vice-Presideni LORETTA NELSON ,.......,,.. ...,,.. S ecretary and Treasurer CLASS MOTTO "Onward ever, Backward never." CLASS COLORS Red and white CLASS FLOWER Red and White Roses CLASS ROLL Mary Avery Lauri-i Franks llnrothy McKittrit'k Eliznhf-th Bailey Lucille Gavin Loretta Nelson Myrna Reardsley Warren Gavin Jeanette Pearson llert Dawson Nicholas Grenfell Ethel Porch Mabel Drew Katherine Hench Letha Smith Haan Erickson Elizabeth Higgins Lewis Whitesitt lllive Fehreukmnp Wallace Lamoreux Ruth Whitsettt Hurhara Fe-lber RuSsell Lane Ruth Woml Russell Fonst Ruby Lien Theo orv Wivkham Raymond l"elirenkatnp'- l'h:irlet-t Lmrkridpgo ..l6.. Sophomore OFFICERS 1 First Semester r VENNA HOWEY. , . , . .Presidexu HARVEY JOHNSON. .,.. .,.,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , , ,VICE-PfBS1d8f1f NORMA FITZGARRALD.. ...,,,, Secretary and Treasurer tSecond Semescerr GEORGE HOLLIBAUGH, ,,,,. ,, . , . . .,,. , , ,, ,,Pres1deno LILLIAN MUNGER ..,.,......,,.. .. .. ,.,,, A,,.,,,, ,,,,, , V 1ce-Presxdenz NORMA FITZGARRALD ......,. .Secretary and Treasurer CLASS MOTTO "Hitch Your Wagon To a Star" Nurs Rnrlmn hu- Hill Urmvn Dnrmhy,' Brown Nay Hnxmn Glnnnyn Daw M nrion lfflliw Nnrmn. Fivmnrmld Henrietta Ginennnf- Arthur Grenfell CLASS COLORS Silver and Lavender CLASS FLOWER Orchid CLASS ROLL I-Ynrl Hnnvkn lmonnrll Hull lloorgn llnlllhnn2'h Vs-nnn llnwny llnrvey .I ohnuon Karl lmnkridgr- Emma Mnggini .lnlin Matz-ulf Imwin Millvr Afin wnml Mm.-- hillinn Muncor Jim Murphy Plxnrlnn Rnthhuu 1' rnilin. llnmn Knnnnth Boom Margaret Toth Frances Wood Ruth Widmann Barry Whltosittv FYGS MGH O 0 Aff, s' Q NNW ' ' - I X' I- 5 sf sri ' ,,. 1 Q, --ff' ML 1 , layf, OFFICERS lFirst Semester! DOROTHY HAGEN .....,Y.....,..,Y.,A......,,.,..... .,.,,...,,,,,,.. P resident CARL LYBARGER ,...... .,..,..,...,,...,....... V ice-Presidens FRANCIS ALLEN ,........,.,...,.......,,... Secretary and Treasurer lSecond Semesterl DOROTHY BAILEY ......,......,... ,................,.,.........,.. P resident LA VERNE PALMER ,.,...... ,.......,...........,.... V ice-President KENNETH AVERY ........ ..,,,, S ecretary and Treasurer CLASS MOTTO "Excelsior" CLASS COLORS Cerise and Silver CLASS FLOWER Carnation CLASS ROLL Kennelh Avery Dorothy Hagen Iluwurll Roslyn Dorothy Hailey lflllllil' Higgins lim- Sanders Vernon Hnrgf-smi Hayle Higgins Elsie Bell Str:-he-I llny Hnrfon .I lIfI9,Hll1lP'll'Illlll Joe Sire-bel 1'llan-lotnejlknnplrell Mae .Inhusnn ,. '2 Smllu Srrelwl Ethelyn Vampbell llnrrainr- llllflrielgn- Margaret Franks Ella Gannon Della Hahn .lam-ella Hu,-:ln-s llorllllly Klvvs Curl Lylmrgf-r Vyntluia Moore liaVvrne Palmer I io Philip P--imlexler Allwrta Wren eater, Z:-ihon -20- lmwneuun Nnllivain liuiu 'lvftllurf l.eonarLl Fvniplr-mn lbmiald'.Vluito1-in Alta Wren Harrie-l Wnmlu-my si Xu f . .5 ., A f L? as? S BRGANIZATIBNS 'lihe Students' Association The Honor Society "S" Club Vim Club Orchestra St. lVlary's Staff Annual Staff THE STUDENTS' ASSOCIA TION The Students' Association is the largest organization in High Schccl. The fees are 51.25 a semester. There was almost a hundred per cent membership this year. The executive officers are elected by the whole Student Body. The classes are represented by two representatives, one elected each semester and one yearly All cther officers are elected for one semester. Officers for The Students' Association ' OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President Lee Metcalf Russell Foust Vice President Russell Lane Edward Sullivan Secretary Ida Moore Dorothy Maynard Manager Earl Gavin Earl Gavin Senior Representative Edward Sullivan Lee Metcalf Junior Representative Loretta Nelson Bert Dawson Sophomore Representative Harold Whitesitt Lewis Miller Freshman Representative Vernon Borgeson Carl Lybarger Yearly Class Representatives Georae Hall , , , ,...., , ,, ,,,. , ,, ,, ,, , ., . .. ,. ,H Seniors Charles Lockridge ,...,., .. JU1'1i01'S Julia Metcalf ,..,,. ..,.,. A ,. ,..,, . rr..r.. ,.., , .. ,.,,...,, ,, .,...,. ,. ,, ,, , , Sophomores Philip poindexger ,s,.A,,,V,AAA,,AA,,,,V,s,,,,As,A,,,,,, ,,,,,, S ,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, s,,, r .,r.,. . Freshmans Mr. McMullin, Permanent Facility Advisor ..a23,.a THE HONOR SOCIETY This year a Torch Honcr Society was started in the school for the first time in the school's history. The members of the Torch Honor Society are selected on a basis of three merits, scholarship, service, and character. This being the first year fcr the society, there are not as many members as will be expected in the future The members of the society are: Loretta Nelson, President Ruby Lea, Vice President Ida Moore Cecelia Rome, Secretary Lee Metcalf Wallace Lamoreux Margaret Franks George Hall Laura Franks Venna Howey Mae Johnson Dorothy Bailey ..-24-- "S" CLUB The "S" club is composed of all the boys who have won their letters in High School. The purpose of the organizatian is to stim- ulate interest in the athletic teams and other High School activitiest also to financially support the various teams. This year the club guaranteed basketball, helped to finance track and contributed toward the annual. -..-o25s,c ., THE VIM CLUB The Vim Club is an organization to promote interest in High School activities and to boost the athletic teams and pep up the school generally. The Vimmers contributed to the annual by giving a big 'Carnival Dance." Members of the club are chosen for their school spirit and willingness to give their share of work and t'me to the club. Helen Corley is President, and julia Metcalf is Manager. ogg, THE ORCHESTRA This is one of the student services sponsored by the Students' Association. Dr. Palmer is the instructor and several students have taken advantage of his services to further equip themselves in the feld of music. The Orchestra was kept busy all year playing at the class programs and in the assembly. Early in the year they gave a recital to raise funds for music. The pieces represented are: Violin, trombone, saxaphone, baritone, cornet and piano. -2 7- THE ST. MARY'S STAFF Editor ........................................ Lee Metcalf Assistant Editor . . . . . Ida Moore Cartoonist .... . . . Russell Lane Literary . . . . . . Loretta Nelson Sports ....... . . Helen Corley Exchange ..... . . . Mary Avery Senior Reporter ..., .. Mildred Hagen junior Reporter ...... .... L aura F ranks Sophomore Reported ........... ............. L illian Munger Freshman Reporter ........................... Dorothy Hagen 'l-ypists, ...... Dorothy Barkenbus, Dorothy Maynard, Helen Toth -L gg-- ANNUAL STAFF Editor ..... .................... . . . Lee Metcalf Manager ...... .... E arl Gavin Assistant Editor . George Hall Literary ...... ...... I da Moore Sports ...... . . . Eclwarcl Sullivan Art . . ..... Russell Lane jokes . .... Mildred Hagen egg, ONE ACT PLA Y This year the school presented the "Burglar" at the county one act play contest in April. The cast was as follows: Lucile Gavin ........ ..... ..... ..... .... E. d i t h Mildred Hagen . . . . Freda Ruth Whitsett .... . . . Peggy Icla Moore ..... .. Valerie Naomi Stuart . . . . . Mabel r20,, SN tics X This year we have had very successful athletic teams. Stevens- xille High School is very proud of her record inasmuch as this is perhaps the first time for some years that her athletes have performed as well. Our undefeated football team easily won the county cham- pionship by defeating all her opponents twice, once at home and once away from home, and in addftion beat Corvallis. the team that finished in second place, three times. The season's score of l75 points to cur opponents l8, tells the story. Basketball was quite as successful. The Yellowjacket team swept through the opposition like a hurricane, finishing the season three full games ahead of her closest competitor. In track we also put out a strong team, our squad losing a closely contested meet to Florence-Carlton by a score of 45 to 42. Although we did not win the championship we did cop the relay cup to give us a record of three major athletic victories for the year. 'JI ""JA"' FOOTBALL PERSONNEL LEE IVIETCALF, Captain, R. Tackle Lee filled the place of captain as few others could, always giving pep to his team and fighting hard. Lee also was a fine tackle, showing his ability in every game by making some tackles of exceptional quality, causing the apponents to lose many yards time and again. Three cheers for our captain! BERT DAWSON, Captain-elect, L. Halfbacff Bert was one of the cleverest halfbacks in the county. l-lt could always be depended upon to make the needed yard or two. His defensive play was also remarkable. He was one of the best tacklers on the team and his blocking was something to remember. He'll be back next year leading the Orange and Black. GEORGE HALL, Quarterback "Cupid" was recognized all over the state as a star of the firsi water. His open field running was a thing of beauty. and his field generalship a thing to rave over. As a tribute to his ability he made the second all-state and was made captain of the team. He's cne we'll miss next year. RUSSELL FOUST, R. Halfbaclf Foust was a ccnsistant ground gainer, always fighting. His Llccking was particularly good. His all-around general ability earned him honorable mention on Scott's all-state team. His opera Held running was a feature of the games. Foust will be fighting for the Orange and Black again next year. GEORGE WICKHAM, R. End "Spud" shown at end this year and was one of the aces of defense. He invariably turned in play after play and his tackles 'vsiere things of beauty. Always in the middle of every play, he troke up run after run that seemed destined for a touchdown. MORRIS STRANGE, Fullbaclf, Cuard Strange a recruit this year stepped right into a regular position. The heaviest man on the team, Buster was a bulwark on defense and dependable on offense. ' . -33- CHARLES LOCKRIDGE, Canter "Dose," as pivct man proved his worth. His record of not a bad pass all season will stand for quite a While. To his accurate passing may be attributed much of the success off the team. After three years of grid warfare, "Dose" will be back again, giving his best to S. H. S. . D N RUSSELL LANE, L. Guard Lane was unlucky this season, dislocating his shoulder before the first game, but he came back strong in the latter half to hold' down a regular berth. He's ancther letter man to build a team around next year. ' HOMER SCHUCHMANN, L. Tackle 'Homer was another player new to the game, but he walked in and played with the best of them, fighting all the tfme and never giving an inch. Time after time he stopped furious tackle plays. would have bowled over 'many a lesser man. LEONARD 'I-IALL, L. End "Len" was probably the smallest regular but what he lacked in size he more than made up in lighting spirit. His flaming carrot thatch could be seen all over the held in play after play. whether on the defense or the Offense. s A FRANCIS ALLEN, Fullbaclg, Guard "Smutt" was the Freshman's pride. His gameness would permit him to stop at no obstacle. Line thrust after line thrust was stopped by him, and in the backfieldhe hit like a ton of brick. "' GERALD KIERNS, Guard Until "Bus" was hurt he held down the regular guard position, but hurt or not he was always ready to go on the field, and fight it up withsmeny in much better condition. ' LOUIS MILLER, Guard "Lou" was small but that never daunted him. Always ready to goin and fill any position "Lou" charged into men twice his size and put them out of the play in very nice shape. "Lou" has two more years ahead of him to show his caliber. ..34.. KENNETH AVERY, End ck Avery was ancther Freshman who turned out for the good of the team. While he did not play regular he was willing and bids fair to develop into a very good prospect. ALBERT BARROT, End If Al had stayed in school he would have made an excellent end. As it was he showed up well in the two games he played and will probably make the first squad if he decides to return to school. JOE BUTCHER, Lineman joe, this year, showed prospects of development into a good lineman. While not playing regular this year he helped by turn'- ing out every night to give the team scrimmage. PHILIP POINDEXTER, Mascot "Phil" is one of the gamest little roosters that ever donned th: iroleskins. In practice he worked out like a veteran and on the trips his size helped to scare the opposing teams into a healthy and profound respect for Stevensville. ...Qi-.............--1.-li...,. Football Games STEv1-:Nsvn.1.E I4: , CORVALLIS 6 September 22, al Hamilton:-Stevensville tangled with Corvallis as the curtain-raiser for the Fair. Stevensville began her champion- ship drive by carrying her opponents off their feet. The decisive manner in which this was done is shown by the fact that Stevensville made I2 first downs to 2 for Corvallis. Loose' playing as a result of lack of practice featured the game. STEVENSVILLE 27: 6 October 7, at Stevensvillc:--A determined squad from Corvallis invaded Stevensville to avenge their defeat at the Fair. But they were met with a tight line and a strcng offense. Poppy of Cor-- vallis smashed over the line after a long march from the center of the field, but Stevensville matched it when Hall ran thru the whole team to put the score even. Then two more and a safety put the game on ice. -35... STEvENsvu.1.E 599 DARBY 6 October 14, at Sievensville:-Darby invaded the local gridiron The game started fast but the sparkling offense and iron-bound defense of the Yellow-Jackets soon proved to be too much for the visitors and they were bowed under bya flood of end runs, cross bucks and passes. Strange and Foust distinguished themselves by brilliant runs and Hall ran 80 yards for a touchdown, one of the longest runs of the year. S1'EvENsv1LLE 6g HAMILTON O October Zl, at Slevensville:-In one of the hardest fought battles of the year Stevensville turned back a crimson invasion by a 6-0 score. This proved to be a battle between the two lines with honors about even. However two reverse plays turned the tide of battle in Stevensville's favor, Hall making a touchdown on the second play after a long run. At one time Hamilton had the ball near Stevensf ville's goal line but the right tackle held and the ball was given to Stevensville. Then a penalty put us out of danger. The touch-- down immediately followed. STEVENS-VILLE 44, DARBY 0 October 28, at Darby:-In the return game with Darby we almost caught a Tartar, but then the team braced and from then on was in safety. This game was featured by exceptional teamwork and brilliant open held running. STEVENSVILLE l9g CORVALLI5 0 November 4, at Corvafiis:-On the first play after the kick-off Ccrvallis fumbled on her two yard line giving Steve-Hi the ball. It took but a moment to make the touchdown. From then to the half the play was even, but in the second half the Yellow-Jackets came back like champions and made two more markers. Hall returned a punt 50 yards to chalk up one of the touchdowns. The play on both sides was sloppy due to the muddy condtion of the field. STEVENSVILLE 6g HAMILTON 0 November ll, at Hamilton:-A-ln this last game of the season the fighting Yellow-Jackets, handicapped by injuries, invaded Ham iltcn and ended the football season of l927 in a blaze of glory. Hall could only call signals, while Lane and Allen were also on the injured list. Dawson single-handed did the offensive work and made the only touchdown. This game was also played on ax muddy field thus handicapping Stevensville's running game. ,36.- WINNERS OF THE Lee Metcalf, fCapt.J George Hall George Wickham Bert Dawson Russell Foust Morris Strange Dean Erickson Leonard Hall Lee Metcalf Morris Strange sen mcg, FOOTBALL Leonard Hall Homer Schuchmann Gerald Keirns Russell Lane Frances Allen Charles Loclcridge -----'..'- ...... BASKETBALL Russell Foust George Hall Bert Dawson -'-'-'-'-'-'- . . . . - . TRACK George Hall fCapt.j Lee Metcalf Russell F oust Morris Strange Warren Gavin S. H. 5. BASKETBALL SQUAD .J.38.:, Basketball Personnel ' GEORGE HALL, R. F. George could always be depended on to toss a goal in the pinches. He led the team on offense to take the years scoring honors. XVe'll miss him next year. RUSSELL FOUST. L. F. "Russ" was a forward, who roughed it up for the opposing team, and he will be with us next year. MORRIS STRANGE. C. y lVlorris was a center that had his way when it came to the tip off. He will be missed in S. H. S. next fall. LEE IVIETCALF. L. C. Lee was a guard who gave no one time to shoot as he was always in the road. He will be gone from under the colors. BERT DAWSON. R. C. Bert was not to be fooled with as it was no fooling matter with him. He will be fighting for the Orange and Black next fall. DEAN ERICKSON. C. Eric showed his worth this fall and will be back fighting next year. LEN HALL, F. Len, altho small made many a shot that seemed impossible. He will fight two more years for S. H. S. WALLACE LPQMOREUX. F. He came from Iowa and showed his mettle as a forward. Wallace always fought to the last. GEORGE WICKHAM, C. "Spud" made many a boy regret they met, for he was always in the midst of the thicltet. RUSSELL LANE. C. "Harley" was a guard who made it count, for he put all hc had into the game. He will be with us again next fall. Lv. 10- - BASKETBALL GAMES STEVENSVILLE I4, LOYOLA 23, At Loyola To cpen the season we played a fast game with Loyola. Whilf: our opponents won, Stevensville was conceded the edge in aggressive- ness and pep. STEVENSVILLE. 18, F LCRENCE-CARLTON I3, At Slevensville A much improved team met Florence's threat with a tight defense to hold them to I3 markers while the local forwards made IB. STEVENSVILLE I5, LoYoi.A l8, At Stevensville Playing a return game the Loyola hoopsters grabbed a closely contested fray by 3 points. The score was tied close throughout being tied 8 to 8 at the half. STevE.Nsv1L1.E 26, CoRvALus I7, At Stevensville Ccrvallis started fast, but the Stevensville defense tightenedg then tli-e forwards began making points from all over the floor to finish fast. STEVENSVILLE 24, VICTOR 15, At Victor Both teams were not up to their usual form, however Stevensvillc held the game in hand from the tip-off to win handily. STEVENSVILLE 32, HAMILTON 5, At Stevonsvillo Late getting started S. H. S. finished fast to take an easy win. The game was featured by clever guarding and fast floor-work. STEVENSVILLE 24, DARBY 18, At Stevensville Exhibiting a more polished team and better team work Stevens- wille won her fEfth county league game in good shape. STEVENSVILLE 33, FLORENCE 26, At Florence In one of the fastest and hardest fought games of the season Ste- vensville defeated Florence on her home floor by seven points. The only time the game was in danger was in the third quarter when at cne time the score was 26-27 in favor of Florence. STEVENS-VILLE 24, CORVALLIS I6, At Corvallis F cr the second time Stevensville met the Corvallis threat. At no time was the local team headed. This victory practically securedythe championship for Stevensville. ....40-..- v STEVENSVILLE 3l, HAMILTON 6, A1 Setvensville A fast breaking team overwhelmed her opponents to win decisive- ly. With a score of 22 to l at the end of the half, Stevensville sent in her second team to play the rest of the game. STEVENSVILLE 31, DARBY I5, At Darby Stevensville kept her record clean to win the county championship without a defeat by defeating Darby decisively on her home floor. Tournaments-On her trip to Missoula, Stevensville played three games, winning from Camas Prairie 39 to I4. She lost her next game to the speedy Thompson Falls quint 32 to l9. Also losing the last game to Corvallis I7 to l5. ' , kftgfgsaa sig? X555 ,T rift. i HQQN! f' , X b f f 1' ,A 'ffflfm' ' -of 'fa A H X 1 NX fig as Q XXL "-- 51 f' I Q-5 ix S. H. S. TRACK SQUAD ..,42,. COUNTY TRACK IVIEET Stevensville placed second in one of the fastest and closest con- tested meets in several years. From the first it was apparent that Stevensville and Florence-Carlton were the only contenders. The final score of the meet was: FLORENCE 48 STEVENSVILLE 42 CORVALLIS I6 HAMILTON I6 VICTOR 4 . The point winners for Stcvensville were as follows: George Hall--who won individual honors with a first place in the broad jump. a first in the 220 yard dash and a tie for first in both the fifty and the hundred yard dashes making a total of l8 points. Russell F oust--won the high hurdles and tied for first in the high jump and the pole vault with a second in the discus making a total of I4 points. Morris Strange--won the 440 yard dash and got third in both the l00 and the 220 yard dashes, making a total of 7 points. Lee M etcalf-N-placed second in the 880 yard run making 3 points A relay team composed of Morris Strange, Warren Gavin. Lee Metcalf and George Hall running in the order named, won the relay cup. - M435-Q GIRLS' BASKETBALL SQUAD ,644 THE PLA YERS RUBY LEA, Captain:-a player of two seasons, won for herself the honor of being the most cheerful member of the team. She was also a diligent working guard. JULIA METCALFQ-a one season player has proved her ability to do some real heavy guarding on numerous occasions. ADA WOOD:-also a one season guard has made very swift work on the floor: other players found it difficult to keep up with her. LETHA SMITH:-fa forward of two seasons. shoots real sensa- tional baskets, especially frcm the side lines and corners. Shc will be with us next year. KATHERINE HENCHg--a forward of three seasons, whose work from the foul line is easily better than her team-mates, will also be back. Her floor wcrk and quick action are also to be remembered. RUTH WHITSETTg-player of two seasons and captain of twenty-seven has proved to be an indispensable center for her team. LUCILLE GAVINQ-substitute guard has shown her pluckiness and grit many times for the team. It is hoped that she will be on the team next year. VENNA HOWEYig-substitute forward did good work during the season and has possibilities for next year. . .-45-- Games and Scores STEVENSVILLE 37, FLORENCE-CARLTON 16, At Stevensville The girls started strong by decisively defeating Florence in opening game of the season. For a time the score was close but in second period the girls pulled away to win handily. STEVENSVILLE 13, CORVALLIS 15, At Stevensville ln a hotly contested fray the local girls lost a fast game to Corvallis quint in three extra periods. At the end of the game score was 13 all. STEVENSMILLE 19, V1cToR 59, At V ietor the the the the Displaying a decided slump in their form the Stevensville girls were easily beaten in a loosely played game. The girls for some reason or other were decidedly off. STEVENSVILLE 8, HAMILTON 11, At Slcvensville In a game that was featured by exceptional guarding on both sides, Hamilton managed to nose out ahead in the last few minutes of play. ' STEVENSVILLE 22, DARBY 25, At Stevensville This was another hard-fought fray in which the girls managed to just barely come in behind. However they showed a great increase in form over some of their previous games. STEVENSVILLE 17, FLORENCE-CARLTON 11, At Florence Repeating their victory earlier in the season the girls again brought hcme a win from their old rivals, Florence. STEVENSVILLE 11, CORVALLIS 16, At Corvalls After leading the first -quarter the local forwards lost their eye for the basket and again they came out on the short end of the score. STEVENSVILLE 22, HAMILTON 26, At Stevensville Holding the future county champions to a four point lead il lighting girls team showed up to the best advantage of the season. STEVENSVILLE 24, VICTOR 24, At Stevensville Playing a tie game the Stevensville girls avenged their former defeat. However the game was really Stevensville's as one of our bas- kets was cancelled with no apparent reason. STEVENSVILLE 13, DARBY 32, Ai Darby Apparently tired out by the strenuous game the night before the local squad dropped a rough game to the Darby team after several had been ejected on fouls. ..-46- CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 6-School starts. ln for another nine months of drudgery. I6--Initiation. No wonder the town barbers haven't much businessg they have too much competition. Zl-Played the first football game of the season with Corvallis at the F air. Stevensville won I4 to 6. 4' I BC? E L it lllfltf ifiiffo ff? .l 593 f sw.- OCTOBER 7---We played Corvallis on the home field. 'li' he score was Z6 to 6 in our favor. 3---"S" Club gave a dance at the theatre. I4--We beat Darby on the home field 59 to 6. 2l--fWe played Hamilton and beat them 6 to 0. 28'--afWe played the second football game away from home with Darby: the score was 44 to 0 in our favor. 30vEdward got to Economies class on time this morning. Keep up the good work, Edward. NOVEMBER 5-We beat Corvallis I9 to 0 in our second football game with them on their own field. ll-H-Played Hamilton on their own field and beat them 6'to 0. This ended our foctball season. The Undefeated Heroesl ...4 7... z , 1 l DECEMBER g 2-The "S" Club gave another dance. ' f 5--Musical program given by the H. S. Orchestra. 9--The first basketball game of the season was played with Loyola at Missoula: the score was 23 to I4 in their favor. l6-Played Florenue on our home floor and beat them I8 to I5 23-Christmas program, Santa Clause, and everything. jANUARY 4-First business meeting of the Honor Society. 6-Basketball game with Cor-- vallis on our home floor. We beat them 26 to l7. ll,-l2,-l3- Semester Exams. How we envy those who were ex empt. It pays to be good and studious. I3---We played Victor on their floor, the score was 27 to I5 in our favor. l4-The Hamilton game was played on our floor, we beat them 32 to 5. The "S" Club gave a dance after the game. I6--The new semester sarts. Here's hoping it won't be like the last. I9-The Seniors start work on the annual. 20--Darby got beat in the Erst basket ball game with them on our own flcorg the score was 26 to I7. The first of a series cf Literary programs was sponsored by the Freshman. Good work l-reshman you'll be experts by the time you're Seniors. 27-AAnother basketball game with Florence on their flloorg the score was 35 to 26 in our favor. 30--George H, Lee, Earl, Edward and ,Ierl left for the Boys Vocational Congress at Bozeman. 348- FEBRUARY Ni lf game of basketball with Cor- ' X N I0-We played our second vallis and beat them 24 to l6. ll-Hamilton got beat again to-night 31 to 6. l7-The Sophomores spon- the second literary pro- Victor forfeited game. sored gram. C2 to OI l8-We played our last basketball game of the season at Darby and beat them 35 to I5. Basketball season ends without a defeat by any school in the county. ZI ,-22,-23-Tournament at Missoula. MARCH ,a .. i ,,-:Nl 0 FE Q Qfflh M x K 6155.5 I6-Juniors sponsored the third literary program. They surely gave us the low down on W Q52 the seniors. 2O-- Pictures were taken for the Annual. Nothing serious hap- pened except that Ida, blew out a fuse the first thing. 30- "Vim" Club gave a carnival dance. It was full of pep and everyone had a large time. Q KA- X ' 7 X or . X , I aim !!! P 27, dl: . . f in N 1 dm if . X X U . 1 5 3253. ff ,J X! -f12ifiQij'L 'l'. gi. N -49- A PRIL . 7-The Sophomores gave a- party for the ,rest of the school.- . ' j2 ' I2-The seniors re X A s ceived their' announce ,. j. ' -' xi ments. xx l3- We learned something toclay when Qi e f Mr. MclVlullin: annouc- 'fwfg-: ' f ed that "Lee Metcalf ski-K 9 f-5 B r was Valadictorian and ' M17 George 1Hall Salutatore- " '! ian, :Ida Moore third, xl-.-. ' - i"""+""' and Susie Burton 4th.t I4-The scholarship contest at Corvallis.: in the 'county. Steifensiiille 'got second - 20-Declamatcry contest at Hamilton. We got first. 7 MAY 8,-9--Semester exams. E 10,-ll-State track meet at Missoula. W QL.. 1 Q53 I N f wx XJR f 4 2 'iw on 'sr we M s at mf? J i ill 3-QB-accalaureate Sermon. I6-Commencement. "Tonight we launchg Where shall we anchor?" -50- Gllse , . .ZYHIS EXPLAINS IT I Earl wrote the following letter to a business firm ordering a razor. Dear Sirs: Please find ,enclosed,5c for one of your razors, as advertised, and oblige-Earl Gavin. A - V P. S. I forgot to enclose the 5c, but no doubt a firm of your high standing will send the razor anyway. T he firm received the letter and replied as follows: Dear Sfr: Your valued order received the other day, and will say in reply that we are sending the razor, as per request, and hope that it will prove satisfactory. - 32 '51 l P. S. We forgot to enclose the razor, but no doubt aman with your cheek will have no need for it. -'-'-'-'-'-'.. . . . . . . PTI-IE BACHELOR'S TRIBUTE, P What a lovely-,baby you have lVlrs. Smithflw She's the picture of health, isn't he? He looks the image of you, especially her eyes. I-low old is it? Five months? My, what a big baby she is for his age. Pretty soon he'll be walking,Ywon't it? U "Did you hear what happened to jones?" "No, do tell." , . , Q L . s "He got 'drunk in Veniceiand 'triecl to lie down in the gutterff Every wcman has. a secret desire to write---checks. lda lVl.---"How are you coming mth your dieting?" Mildred H.-"Oh, things are beginning to shape up." -5l-- Marie B.--"Would you believe it? I only got forty on that exam." Helen T.-"My dear, you don't know the half of it." -.-.-.-.-.-.- Can't study in the fall, Gotta play football. Can't study in the winter, Gotta play basketball. Can't study in the spring, Cotta play baseball. Can't study in the summer, Gotta girl. Jerl W.-"I just swatted five Hies, two males and three females." "How can you tell?" Jerl-"I got two on the card table and three on the mirror." Morris S.-"Late hours are bad for one." Ethel P.-"Yes but they are nice for two." -.-....-.-.-.- If ignorance is bliss, how happy some of the S. H. S. flunkers must be. Miss Butterworth-"What tense is 'I am beautiful'?" Frosh--"Past " Frosh.-"What is the difference between the death of a barber and the death of a sculptor?" Soph.--"One curls up and dies and the other makes faces ancl busts." ".'.".".'-'. H Teacher-"What is a skeleton? Student--"A man without any meat on him." Mrs. Hall---"There isn't aboy in this town as clever as our boy. George." Friend-"How's that?" Mrs. H.--"Look at these two chairs. George made them out out of his own head and he has enough wood left to make an armchair." ..-52-.. Earl--"Would you like to go to the show?" Dorothy lVl.-"Yes l'd like to very much." Earl--"Then I hope someone asks you." Mrs. Sylten fin Eng. Lit. classj-"Helen will you please awaken llarlg I would like to ask him a question." Lucille--"Am I the breath-olf .yolir life?" Russell--"Yes, why Lucille-"Did you ever try holding your breath?" :Jn Mrs. Sylten-"I am tempted to give this class an examination." Lee-"Yield not to temptation." Stall, and the class stalls with youg Recite, and you recite aione. Edith M.--"I surely like to. hear- Edward Sullivan talk." Evelyn-"Why, what does he talk about?" Edfth-0-"Mel" "Waitress, I found a hair. inlriiy soup." "Goody, look and see if you can't find my comb, too." "Not even a woman cari 'step 'on me and get away with it." said the banana peel as is coasted Dorothy B. into an embarrasing position. Ed. Sullivan-"I'm goingitoihave to stop drinking coffee for breakfast." Sheldon N.--"Why so?" Ed.-"I can't even sleep in any of my classes any more." Sue B.-"Doctor, I'm goingito die." Doc.-"What makes you think so?" Sue.-"My life time fountain pen just broke!" The tragedy of a flea isithatihieiknows all of his children will go to the dogs. Mildred F.--"I want to some gloves." Clerk--"Kid gloves?" Mildred-"I should say not! I'm a woman now." OLD PALS OLD PALS First State Bank STEVENSVILLE. - :- - :- MONTANA Capital EL Surplus 550,000.00 Your Home Bank A General Banking Business Transacted We solicit your business with the assurance that you will receive courteous and liberal treatment. OFFICERS DIRECTORS j. F. Borough, President A. F. Beyer Ben Lancaster Geo. 1. Briggs, Vice-Pres. Geo. T. Boggs George W. Reineelre Harold Metcalf Cashier Dr. j. E. Porter H. S. Antrim Oscar E. Enebo, Asst. Cashier R. G. Patton, jr. Harold Metcalf J. F. Borough As You Leave School a Good Thought to Carry Thru Life THE BUSY lVlAN'S CREED l l l lbw-lic-vw in the stuff l :un h-mnwling mil, in tlm fir n I :nn workin: for, P l und in my ability to gPl results, l bali:-ve tha' lmm-st. stuff can be l l pussml out to honest men hv lmnesr. niethmls. l believe in workin! l i nm wc-mei-iuz: In bool-ilin2', not klmcklnsg :md in tlliegrleusurn of my l l job. I lvelif-vo than a nmn gf-'ts what he goes alter. thnl -me deed :hum , l 'Udfu' ir Wfwlll fwfr fvnwrru-v. and that no nrm is down und our uu- til he's lust faith in himself. 1 believe in m-1lay and the work I am k I l t d and in the sure reward l l l l doing, in mumrrnw and wor mpe lu li, , , l which lll6fI'lll1Y'8ll0lllf4. 1 believe in cuurresy. in kindness. ln mln- I 1-rnuilr. in good cheer. iu frieurlsliip, and in linnest camper-itinu. l , l.uQ?ll0V4P there in N0lll!lll"RIlIllIlE. somewhere. fur every man re:-uh . loiln il., I lwlieve l'm iwaaily--liiglut Now--Elbert HlllllD'lI'Il. if 1 Gavin Mercantile Groceries Clothing Dry Goods Shoes Q6- ..?.,,,q.-,,, , ,,.. .., W. ann, .ew X l Le! us prepare your next Banquet or Specinl ll JOYCE CAF-E S'I'l'IVlENSVlLLE MONTANA Good Eats Clean Prompt Se liardware Impleme nts Dlumbiug Supplies Ga: den Seed IBUPOIIQII bk Fullon GRDCERIES .Staple and Fancy Haine's Grocer-y Stevnsville, Montana Stevensville Feed 62 Fuel Co Poultry feeds of all Kinds H. V LOCKRIDGE, Prop. ..57.-, YY, YY in -We V.,,.....,.......i..- 9 ED A K n w E4 'milf' Stevensville Chapter URDI' R Oli De MOLAY Meets First and Third Wednesdays Masons and visiting Brothers Always Welcome! Howard 81 Wonnacotr Butter Eggs Cheese Lunch Meats Quality Meats Fresh and Salt Fish , , ,---, - ,- ,,,V .-,-V...,,.............Q Modern Barber Shop 7 albhw' Tlmluns Building 'llillllllll lJi1l'S0ll .,.......-- WE FREEZE T0 PLEASE BitterRoot Creamery Co. "Gold Bar Ice Cream" Dr. J. G. Kohl DENTIS7' Ofiicc over First State Bank Phone 37-W X -Ray Examination: STEVENSVILLE -:- MONTANA Buck Zommercial Zompanv Hardware Groceries , W.. .Vf-- r ' uffvi' ' if Stevensville, Mont, Ph0ne25 "6::::ie:'1fP The High School Store i IDIIUIIB 70 V W W YY Y A, lm-2,-, ,,,,,.u...,,,g-e,,,,.,, ..,, ,YM ,L Y Y V. K Y V , V i r i i Ford Sales , i 1 i , i ' i I i t t Ford Service BELL8lHOLT t Our Prescription t i Department is r l Unexcellecl I Prompt Courteouo Survice Complete Linea of Candies, Stationery Toiletries, Kodalfs, School Supplies i P V -:-:-:- i St. John Drug ' ii Company ,. . 4- -....,...............- ,........4 CIarke's Pharmacy 1 l C011 13 Bitter Root Nalley Lumberi 9 GGYGSG l Company i f+f+1-f-1-M ' ..Y,,uEya,d', chevoriei Service i EARL LQCKRIDGE, E W- P- 'j,ff,ffje2jfX""1R PROPRIETOR l TO OUR ADVERTISERS We wish to acknowledge the liberal support ot the business men of Stevensville and thank them most heartily for their general assistance. The advertiser ments which appeared on these pages have made possible to a great extent the publication of this Annual. We suggest that our subscribers make Fl special effort to patronize those who have so materially aided us in our work. W'e hope this Annual will please you. If it does send one to your friends. ...60.. I2- - . -fir Aw :. ,.x-.1f-..,'-.a:,:,.-,.- .X 0 :T .- ,, . - . . -" f. - 'Q ,f -f -. haf- .' -' - A , ' -. 1 A .Y-. mrs-f mmm.-M ,wwrf 5 :gag-M igf23'Q,.qg J,,5,.,ty:,f , V S3 5'-1 f k ,1k,g,,2",,w 5: , 4f.,,.Jg Jr' L ,Q . ,J uf ,Af,,.:1.U W1 gulf' ' ,r ' mum 1V . HM' 2 VV-LVV: , , w ,,z, VV-Min, Q! f1W3'1'2'v-tf41v5,V,fMf V-V ff 'H ',:V5 w3f1V.'lV '4 'cf Wi' -,AV . ,1 A L-'f,f,,1':,,.1ka',-. wap-1 fu' V -V,-H ,yxgtkf A wfgrfrgggw, VV-mn AV V , 'g-'yi f . ,, '.!!gt - V ,sys . , ,, V1,,VV1,Q3Q?.v-.-V. i ,,. A mx .. , . . ,, , , , .. , .. , srwff-Vw 'ff f H.-naV?gVk,,,miwa-iff' .L+ 'Mvi me ' a1f,wV.2'V1,q5VVw:J V z ?s'gvL5g,f f V.V,.'.iq-, My ,.,l2,Q .pi Vai ,:tf .f-4uVV4f .,,1wsf-V V,r,1i,,03.,,V,?' H5 giigqg-Zggj m ijr-. ,, Yr- ,,,w1,.,.g,,T,g,4 5 V V if F Q 1 V Vi , we x xx, q 4 u A X5 4' 1 f .1 ff .9 x5,,g1,,- nf if iz-'N kV,.S.fv ww? , ax rug, . . .V ,.f1'-5: ,,fggVg,.m! ,ph ,:,,,,-,VIL A . my g 5, --,WV ,. ,,-. 1 ,,, , ,M H ,I A , 3, ,' H1 , . H ff, qu :. 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Suggestions in the Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) collection:

Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Stevensville High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Stevensville, MT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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