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gum -3 sn 1 E K1 . L 13 If xl M x- 2, 1, 5 4 X X 4 9. TR ,: ,gh 5-Miiigs., r , fi? 41 4:5 f,i 13.6 - 11 1, LLL". m 'DQS . ,213 5 -Hz 4 ,m 511-5 W. we N. 1: QA, fr: - J J" xi + :'22g , f ::,g, ., gl - i? 1. f f , ' -'EQF 5' 1333 : , - -2 A if , , Q' . .,...,,s , kg V, . ,1-J, H 'SQ , . z.v1,.? Q 54 f-.- -4 .. f :- -:Lf mi, i fp if-53' , ' E' , 646.1223 f 5:1191 5 IH , I f 4. W' ' Zi JM, 1. Lk, , A , A 1 xr si W L Ac 1 IZIIL.-Q JA QZM4 WMM gif? 7 flweuwffci Wig! gclwf X9 5 6 Assistant Editor Beverly Crouch Circulation Managers Bill Smith, Paula Palmer Editor-in -Chief Trudy Truitt We should like to express our appreciation to the many people who have helped us with this year- book for 1956: Mrs. T. Walter Denny, yearbook advisor, and the members of the graduating class of '56. Only through all these corn- bined efforts was our work made more enjoyable. And now we turn over, for your approval, THE ISLANDER for 1956, We hope it will serve as a re- minder to you of your pleasant days here at Stevensville High School, THE STAFF Photography Advertising Editor Editor Barbara Mench f1ay0utj Joan Nash Business Manager Pat Lynch Advertising Ruth Haddaway fmanagerj Rosalie Usilton ?.r.. 1--'X Us V fvw Qx X E.. ,, M 3,5 Your life in high school is like crossing a breeze- way, There will be sunny days and rainy days, Some will be stormy and some snowy, But when you combine all the bad and the good days you've seen since you first set foot on the "breezeway of life," many years ago, and record and save the results, you will note when you read them in the future that they almost entirely seem pleasant. Here in this yearbook we are recording the many pleasant memories of this year, as we, the graduating class of '56, take our last few steps across this short breezeway of life, S lJl:I Amo Nw Nmuaies lx +11 .: '-I ? 6' l Qvczuizv eoscnnf' gawk 'l'hc.Siork Cluh Stork f W FACULTY N MESSAGE TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1956 As you traverse the highway of life, there will be many, road signs to guide your progress, You would be unusual if you did not fail to read and heed some of these guide posts, Therefore, there are two to which I would like to direct your attention, Sign number One: RIGHTS EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES In our democratic society we are blessed with the most liberal endowment of human rights known to man, However, we must be aware that for every right given to us there is an accompanying responsibility to safeguard this right and use it wisely, In a way of life where men are not told what to do, they must decide what needs to be done and how to do it, Then they must work to see that their decision is put into effect, Sign number two: RESPECT EACH INDIVIDUAL No man exists who can say that he is truly superior to another man, People must be judged for what they are, not what you might want them to be, Respect for each individual --his opinions, his beliefs, his way of life--is absolutely necessary, if you are to be happy in this world, You need not always agree with your neighbor, your friends or your enemies, but you are obligated to give them the freedom to hold their viewpoints and to argue for them, If you will look for these signs and take heed when you see them, I feel that you will make a worthy contribution to your community, your country, and the world in general, I am sure that these signs will guide you th.rough a full and happy life, Good Luck! r. fm ,w-,,. ff I - I 3 if V f , 7 Q 1 8 1 MRS. DENNY MR. DRAPER MRS. FORD MRS. GIBSON MISS PRICE MR, ROMANITION MRS. SMITH MR, SMITH 'W L ,V , fc If A VM,M , , I 'IVV 2 ..,, 7 MR, THOMPSON MR. WILLIS MR, ZAKARIAN MR, ANTHONY MR, OMLOR, not pictured. Faculty Page sponsored by: BELL'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER WALTER WENTZ Chester, Maryland Queenstown , Maryland Senior Class Officers EDITH TURNER- - ---- - - Secretary PAT LYNCH - - - ---- Treasurer RICHARD AVERY- - - ' - - Vice President BILLY SMITH - - - - - ------ President MOTTO: Give us courage and gaiety and the quiet mind COLORS: Pink and grey. FLOWER: Red and white carnations. Page Sponsored by PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION STEVENSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, Stevensyille, Maryland X W MARGARET JANE ALTHOFF "Jane" Course: Academic Blonde hair--Blue eyes--5'5i" Softball 1, 2, 4. Everyone 's friend, that's Jane. Although she seems quiet on the surface, she has a wonderful sense of humor and a fine personality. Jane is really a lover of baseball. During a World Series, you can usually find Jane and Sis comparing notes about the game coming up or the game just played. As for Jane's vocation after graduation she is undecided. But with her quiet and easy manner, we are sure she can achieve any goal she desires. Favorite saying: l don't know! Parting words: I have enjoyed being a part of S. H, S, Jil- funn-J Har-.o-1 IDA JEAN AARON "Ida Jean" Course: Commercial Sandy brown hair--Blue eyes--5'5" Volleyball l, 2g Glee Club 1, 23 Safety Patrol 4g Class Secretary lg Class Vice President 2. If you look down the hall at S. H, S. and see a pony tail bouncing along, you can always bet it belongs to Ida Jean, who's rushing to help Mr. Romanition com- plete some more work. The commercial field is strictly Ida Jean's line. She is a thrifty and accurate typist. Her speed of seventy words a minute sent her to Salisbury at the end of her junior year to compete in the State Typing Contest. Ida Jean is the sort of gal who can talk her way into or out of any situation that may arise. She really enjoys the good side of life. Her carefree manner and amusing tricks have kept our class laughing in the past six years. Ida Jean plans to spend her future doing stenographic work. With her ability and personality to depend on, we are certain she will succeed. Favorite saying: Hope m'die Parting words: Stick to it, kids, you'll never regret it. RICHARD EDWARD AVERY "Dickie" Course: Commercial Brown hair--Blue eyes--5'l0" Soccer 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4g Student Council Representative lg Vice President 4. When Dickie was asked what his favorite subject is, he said, without thinking twice, that it could be more than one subject, girls! When he realized he had not given the expected answer, he added that bookkeeping is his favorite school subject. Although he has participated in every sport offered, he says basketball is his favorite, He has played on the team since his tenth grade. Even though his skill on the basketball court has helped a great deal to make him popular, his personality has contributed as much. Dickie thinks Uncle Sam will be wanting him after graduation. Whatever he may do, we wish him all the luck possible. Favorite saying: You ain't too bright Parting words: Could be worse. .,., A ,, .,..,a,-ff-, f ' 'lit-Ara 515.4-Ile, Balm BERTIE ELIZABETH BENTON "Bertie" Brown hair--Brown eyes--5'6" Fieldball 1, 2g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3,45 Safety Patrol 3, 4, Glee Club 2. When you're walking down the hall and see an attractive dark-haired girl standing by the office, that's Bertie, serving her duty on the Safety Patrol. On Friday evenings during the winter months you can usually figure on Bertie's being with the basket- ball team playing her position as a guard. This is her favorite SPOFI, and she plays it well. Bertie chose the commercial course. Ever since the ninth grade she has followed it, taking typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping. Of these, shorthand is her favorite. Her future occupation, needless to say, will be that of a stenographer. Favorite saying: Oh, stop it! Parting words: Don't ever quit school. r fmfcif VIRGIE LEE CLOUGH "Birgie" Course: General Dark brown hair--Hazel eyes--5'8" Fieldball lg Volleyball l,4g Glee Club lg Reporter for Little Journal 3. Virgie is the girl with the vivid imagination. She tries to keep good grades, although she would rather spend her time in telling jokes than in studying. Virgie is very well liked by her classmates. She especially likes cooking and has been a great help to her home economics class. After graduation she plans to be a housewife. We wish you happiness and success, Virgie. Favorite saying: Stop it, already! Parting words: Enjoy yourselfg it's later than you think! RODNEY DAWSON BRITT "Rodney" Course: General Black hair--Blue eyes--5'8" Business Manager, Little 101117331 3: Sports Ediwf, Recorder lg Glee Club, 2, Safety PatIO1, 3- Rodney has acquired the name "Professor" fI0m One of our teachers. When he wears his brown-rimmed glasses he really resembles one. Rodney is sh0rt irl comparison to the other boys in our class, and this fact has won him such aliases as "Teddy Bear" and "Shortie. The most noticeable thing about Rodney is that he never goes to class with a pencil or paper. "Any- body got an extra pencil?" he will repeat in five classes a day. For the past two years, in his capacity as barber shop assistant, Rodney has been almost shaving people bald-headed - -giving some mighty close crew-cuts, at least. We are quite sure he will succeed in his future career. Favorite saying: I don't know! Parting words: Stick with your guns. 2? GEORGE FRANK COUNCIL nFrank" Course: General Brown hair--Blue eyes--6'2" Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Frank is the fellow who has a great tendency to rip his trousers. lf he is missing from class it may be that he is working on some extracurricular activity, but there is a good chance he 's at home changing his dungarees. Frank is a quiet boy in class and one who is always willing to abide by the decision of the majority. His ability to respect authority will be a great help to him in future years. From the way he talks, serving in the Army will be his occupation. Good luck, Private Council! Favorite saying: Never touch the stuff. BEVERLY ANN CROUCH .Bevn Course: Academic Blonde hair--Blue eyes--5'3" Fieldball 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g,SOftba11 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, President of Class lg Vice President of Class 3: Reporter, Little Joumal 3: Assistant Editor, Recorder 35 Assistant Editor, Islander 45 Vice President Student Council 33 President of Student Council 4g Girls' State Representative 1955. Bev is one of the most active girls in our class, civicly and scholastically. Her ability to lead has been proven through her high school years. Along with fulfilling her many responsibilities, Bev enjoys relaxing and having a good time. Her love for sports is tremendous and her skill in basketball, fieldball, and softball has won us many victories. We are sure she will prosper in the field of nursing. Favorite saying: Cracking up, aren't ya? Parting Words: I've enjoyed my years at S, H, S, , but l am eager to find out what the future will bring. RUTH ELIZABETH HADDAWAY , .SBU Course: Commercial Brown hair--Brown eyes--5'4" Fieldball 1, 2, 3, 4g Co-Captain 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Circulation Manager for Little Journal 3, Student Council Representative 3, Adver- tising Manager on Yearbook 4. If there's a game of any kind going on, you can bet that Sis is somewhere near. She's a fiend for sports, as a glance at her record of activities lets you know. Along with being a good athlete, she 's a good student and a fine, sincere, straight-forward person. She 's one of our all-around gals. Making a long-distance phone call next year, you may hear an operator say "Number, please" in that full rich voice that belongs to Sis. Favorite saying: No kidding! Parting words: Keep up the good work at good ole S. H. S. Q MICKEY GORDON GERNERT "Mickey" Course: General Black hair--Hazel eyes--5'l0" Safety Patrol 3, 4, Soccer 3,43 Basketball 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. If there's anything that has to be done, Mickey is willing to help--that is, if he can thereby get out of a class. Speaking seriously, Mickey is remarkablv helpful, whether it's in decorating for a dance or in liming a field for a game. He claims his favorite subject is physical education Actually that is almost the only class he takes part in. Most other class periods he spends reading books. Mickey has one outstanding talent--teasing. As for his occupation after graduation, he hasn't decided definitely, but we feel sure he will accomplish worth- while things. Farorite saying: Who-o-oo??? Parting words: I'll see you! ! VX A 5, 7-I JOHN LAWRENCE HAMMETT "Larry" Course: General Blonde Hair--Brown eyes--6' Soccer 3, 4. "Lover" Larry is the Romeo of the senior class. He is usually seen pursuing for, should we say, being pursued byj his favorite pastime, GIRLS. Very seldom is he seen with the same girl two times in succession. Although his job keeps him from being on the team, he developed a love for basketball this year. Larry is very neat in appearance and is one of the best-dressed boys in our class. Best of luck to an ardent bachelor. Favorite saying: "Aw' righ' now" 2 a SYLVIA JOAN HORNEY "Joni" Course: General Light brown hair--Blue eyes--5'2" Volleyball 1, 2, 3,45 Fieldball 1, Glee Club 19 Class Favorite 3. This personality plus gal is one of the two "Joni 's" in our class. You can recognize her by her unusual laugh. She has a carefree philosophy that makes her have fun in all her activities. She loves to dance and jumps at the first chance to learn all the latest steps. Joan is one of our star volleyball servers. Many of her serves have brought game victories. Class work, for the active Joni, is just another choreg she does well in her studies. Cooking and sewing take up her free time. An undecided future lies ahead of her now, but we are sure Joni will be happy with whatever the future brings. Favorite saying: All right now! Parting words: lt's up to the Juniors now. .barn ful, SAMUEL WHITE LOWERY, JR. "Muscles" Brown hair--Blue eyes--6'3" Basketball 3. "How's the weather up there, Muscles?" is a facetious question you can hear anyone ask Sam. He's tall all right, and every inch a really good guy. He's one of the tallest in our senior class. Muscles likes athletics, as well as hunting, fishing and carpentering with his father. Nor too keen on girls, he sticks with. his buddies Tommy and Frank. Favorite saying: No indeedy no. JW X7 SYLVIA KAY HUNTER "Sylbie" Course: General Blonde hair--Hazel eyes--5'3" Fieldball 2, 3, 4g Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Cheerleading 2, 3 4g Glee Club lg Photograph Committee on 'Yearbook. Sylvia is another of the alluring blondes of our class. She loves to dance and you can usually find her dancing with her blonde pal, Joni Nash. Sylvia loves sports, especially volleyball, and is one of our star players. She loves cheerleading and this year has helped train the younger girls in cheerleading. Sylvia has no plans at present as to what she will do after graduation, but we know she will work hard in whatever field she enters. We wish you good luck in the future, Sylvie. Favorite saying: That's about the size of it. Parting words: It's been a long but wonderful journey fha- -.. f,,,,,4,, PATRICIA ANN LYNCH "Pat" Course: Academic Brown hair--Hazel eyes--5'6f" Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, News- paper Staff 1, 3, 4, Secretary Dance Committee 3, News Editor of The Little Journal 3, Business Manager of The Islander 4, Safety Patrol 3, State Chorus 4, Chairman of Senior Write-ups Committee 4, 1952 Sweetheart Queen. Attractive, intelligent and admirable, Pat is one of the most active members of the senior class. She is very interested in people and life. Outstanding in class and school activities, Pat has served as treasurer of our class for four years. It was under- standable that, with her musical ability, she should be in glee club three years and this year be chosen to represent Stevensville High School in the State Chorus that sang in Baltimore for the Maryland State Teachers' Convention. She carries a full schedule as business manager of the yearbook and chairman of the Senior write-ups, Pat has an ingenious way of getting things off her chest without making enemies. We believe she will lead a successful and happy life. Favorite saying: Anybody got anything to eat? Parting words: Your school years are the best years of your life but you don't realize it until it is too late. I. BARBARA ANNE NASH "Bobby Anne" Course: General Brown hair--Brown eyes--5'5" Softball 1, Fieldball 1, 4, Volleyball 4, Glee Club 1, 3, Little Journal Reporter 3, Chairman of Photo- I graphy Committee 4, Feel blue and out? Well, you won't for long if you get around Bobby Anne, She is one of those persons with "topnotch personalities. " On the dullest of days she can liven things up. You can usually find Bobby Anne dancing with Paula, or making merry with Sylvia or Ardee. She does very well in her studies and takes an active part in class projects. A great many of our parties and dances have been sparked by her wonderful ideas. Marriage will be a fulltime job for Bobby Anne after graduation. Here 's best of luck to her. Favorite saying: Ole' bean. Parting words: Keep smiling! 1 THOMAS HOPKINS NORRIS "Tommy" Course: General Brown hair--Blue eyes--5'9" Soccer 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4. Tommy, a likable, dark-haired gent, is really looking forward to graduating this year. A habitual tease, Tommy spends a great deal of time at this pastime. Although he has been heard saying he doesn't especially like school, Tommy is active in sports and class activities. Tommy has been cheered many times in baseball and soccer games, in which he is an en- thusiastic participant. When a trip for any project that takes us out of the classroom, is being planned, Tommy at once is in- terested. He is a willing worker and has often been seen getting ice or decorations for a dance. Tornmy's future is undecided, but we are sure he will make a success of whatever vocation he may choose. Favorite saying: Who? Parting words: So long. QDHQSZSLQL JOAN ESTELLE NASH "Joni " Coursezl Commercial Blond hair--Blue eyes--5'2" Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4g Fieldball lg Cheerleading 2, 3, 4g Newspaper Staff 2, Glee Club 1, 2, Safety Patrol 4, Islander Advertising Co-Chairman 4. Joni is one of our "cute-as-a-button" blondes. Ioni and Sylvia are usually found together. Joni is the happiest girl you have ever seen. With that good sense of humor, she is forever producing funny stuff to keep us in stitches. She has a great in- terest in typing and clerical work and has been an assistant in the principal's office for two years. Of course this interest doesn't prevent Joni from finding time to cut up with Mr. Romanition! After graduating, she plans to take up clerical work. Good luck, Joni. Stay as sweet as you are. Favorite saying: See ya in the funny papers! Parting words: Be good and study hard. '?Q:.x.lm.. 'RATS 'Qi-Nxxxj PAULA RUTH PALMER "Paula" Course: Academic Blonde hair--Blue eyes--5'4z" Class Secretary 3, Reporter for Journal 4, Subscription Manager for Yearbook 43 Senior Write-ups 4, Safety Patrol 3g Fieldball 4. Should you be depressed, Paula is the girl to see. She will cheer you up in a hurry with her gay nonsense and easy friendliness. Blonde and blue-eyed, she 's very attractive. She is busy this year, taking sub- scriptions for the yearbook and ordering the seniors' announcements, name, and thank-you cards. Paula puts enthusiasm into everything she does, whether it be dancing, classwork or managing some class project. To her, responsibility is a privilege, not a burden. She may always be heard cheering loudly at pep rallies and games. When Paula graduates and joins the service, her cheery smile and enthusiastic friendliness will be missed by many at S, H, S, Favorite saying: Oh, my! 1 3'1uk.unQn, 3.n.k.le.. Ria FLORENCE TEKLA RISLEY "Tekla" Course: Commercial Blonde hair--Blue eyes--5'5i" Fieldball 1, 2g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Softball 1, 2, 3,4g. Glee club 2: Photographer Committee Islander 4, Safety Patrol 3, 4. This cute blonde who upsets the sports field is our own Tekla. Being one of our star players, Tek is usually seen where our teams are playing. We don't understand it, but Tek seems to have a brown-haired shadow. Wherever you see Tek you see Bertie. Much of Tek's time is spent in the commercial room. She plans to make a career of secretarial work after she graduates. With her friendly and efficient way we feel sure of her future success. Favorite saying: You're afflicted. Parting works: All good things come to an end. a 5 v F is Q10 PHYLLIS JOAN SMITH "Phyl" Course: General Dark brown hair--Blue eyes--5'2" Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1. If you see an attractive brown-haired girl up to her ears in informal stationery, it's Phyl. Writing letters is one of her favorite pastimes. In her spare time, when her mood is not literary, she is usually seen dancing. Her outstanding feature is her long fingernails. We often wonder how she manages not to break them. Phyl's favorite sport is volleyball, for which she goes "all out. " Upon graduation she plans to become a housewife. We feel she will make a success of her life. Favorite saying: Oh well, we all gotta go someday. Parting words: All good things must come to an end sometime. ARDUTH NAOMI SMITH "Ardee" Course: General Brown eyes--Brown hair--5'5i" Fieldball 1, 2g Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2g Senior Write-up Committee--Islander 4. Ardee plans to become a model after she graduates She is intensely interested in planning for her future. Dancing is one of her favorite pastimes and in the morning before school and at lunch time she can be found gyrating in the gym. Volleyball is her favo- rite sport, and when the volleyball season arrives she spends much of her time on the court practicing. Ardee was elected in our junior year to represent our class in the May Court. We hope that after graduation Ardee will find success in her chosen field of work. Favorite saying: Are you for rea1?! Parting words: All good things come to an end. aww ,XMQJZ vvrLL1AM LEONARD srvnfrn "Billy" Course: Commercial Brown hair--Hazel eyes--5'10" Soccer 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Subscriptions for Yearbook 4, Safety Patrol 4g Class President 4g Student Council 4. If you should walk in on a senior class meeting, you would find our class president, Billy, conducting it in an able manner. Good-natured Billy laughs and jokes readily, but when it is time to be serious, he becomes so. One of the best-liked boys in the class, and chosen by the class as the boy most likely to succeed, he is reliable and may always be depended upon to help decorate for school dances and other affairs. This year he is busy selling advertising space for the yearbook, rushing to Student Council meetings or to his post as a safety patrolman, or hurrying out to the athletic field to practice. Billy is one of our most athletic boys and is an active participant in all sports. 2f..7.Mfa.s.z4:4: MARGARET PRICE STUBBS "Peggy" Course: Commercial Blonde hair--Blue eyes--5'6f" Volleyball 1, 2, 3,4g Captain 3, 4. If you peek into the senior homeroom and see a head of blonde hair bobbing, and two bright blue eyes sparkling as their owner laughs with her friends, you can be sure it is Peggy. Her interests vary from hillbilly music to Jimmy, with a little bit of liking for office practice. Dancing is another of the favorite pastimes. She can usually be seen pushing her 1949 Ford Convertible early every morning before schooll If you ever need a helping hand, just call on Peggy She loves to help people, especially when she gets out of classes to take them home! Favorite saying: Oh my golly! Parting words: Good luck and goodbye. 1 . gf, fy f . 4135ffaf?5 f fm: , ,. ay,-f f, fy K ,,',f,, , gif, 7 X 'F ifi fr V adfwAeJ'FmJlL5lsui1 QL GERTRUDE PURNELL TRUITT "Trudy" Course: Academic Light Brown hair--Blue eyes--5'4" Cheerleader 1, 3, 4g Fieldball 1, 2, 3, 4g Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Majorette Captain 2, 3, 43 Editor in Chief of the Little Journal 33 Editor in Chief of the Islander 4g Reporter for Kent Island Recorder 2g Regional and National High School Poetry Winner 2g Second Place County Essay Contest Winner 2. If you have attended any games at S, H, S. in the past four years, there is no doubt you have seen Trudy in action. An outstanding cheerleader, she is noted especially for her acrobatics. In her sophomore year she had her poem "The Tide" published in two anthologies as a Regional and National High School Poetry Contest Winner. She received the honor of serving the past year as a teen-age panelist for the Woman's Home Companion. To Trudy goes a lot of credit for the publishing of The Islanderg she spent much time and energy working on it during the summer as well as during the school year. Trudy plans to attend college after graduation and major in English and Art. We have a lot of faith in Trudy and her abilityg as a class, we chose her as the girl rnost likely to succeed. Favorite saying: Great Scott!! Parting words: It took the whole school, junior and senior high, to make this year the terrific year it has been. I hope all the ones that follow will be as wonder- lfaffzlwf FRANKLIN HERBERT TOLSON "Crane" Course: General Light Brown Hair--Blue eyes--6'2" Soccer 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 43 Representative Dance Committee 33 Representative May Court 3. "Tall, good-looking, and friendly" is the best way to describe Frank. With his versatile ways, he can adjust to any situation. Laughing and blushing are Crane's main characteristics. He loves to tease, but invariably blushes more than the person he is teasing. Frank was chosen as the most popular boy in Stevensville High School for 1955-56. He is a class favorite as well as a favorite throughout the school. In Frank's sophomore year he was chosen to represent our class in the May Court, and in our senior year he was chosen as the best dancer of the class. With his friendly and likable ways, Frank should be able to succeed in anything he undertakes. Favorite saying: Aw'right now! Parting words: I'm long gone. '::rif.-YL' fair ' , - ' 6441711 ll-LUIIIIIU EDITH TURNER "Edw- Courseg Academic Brown hair -- Blue eyes -- 5' 5" Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,3,4g President of Class 33 Secretary of Class 4g Representative Student Council 2g Senior Write-ups Committee 4. Edie, a clever girl, joined us during our senior year and has done a lot to help our class. She is one of our most industrious students and a great pal. A good part of her time is spent in the library doing homework or just reading good novels. She also en- joys sewing and has proven to us that she is quite a seamstress by showing off some of her smart clothes around school. A friend to everyone and a helping hand for those who need her, she is quite a gal with a wonderful personality. We wish het success as a housewife. Favorite saying: Wait a minute. Parting words: Make the best of your school yearsg it will be for only a short while, a ff 4' Pi' v . .ff Asa , f Mfr Z6 ,Cf Z Rcaaltl. ROSALIE USILTON nRosen Course: Commercial Brown hair -- Green eyes -- 5' 6" Volleyball 3,4g Fieldball 1,4g Glee Club 1,2,3g Kent Island Recorder 35 Feature Editor of The Little Journal 4g Safety Patrol 3g Senior Write-ups of The Islander 4g Advertising Committee 4. "Pretty, vivacious and popular" would describe Rose perfectly. She is usually seen in the auditorium with her pal, Pat, dancing. Whatever she does, she gives it her best. It is interesting just to hear her talk for she has a knack for making the most insignificant incident seem exciting and interesting. She has been active in school organizations, especially in the Glee Club. Popular with students and teachers alike, she was chosen the class favorite in her sophomore year, After graduation she plans to become a teacher and we are certain she will make a good one, Favorite saying: You can get it at the drug store. Parting words: I enjoyed every year at S. H. S. 1' VII Silo: Q . s I AFAL RDA!!! 0-f ' f5b':',,f 6 Jn! -Lfvx, xiirgjjxsxx' V 1 " W gf ff 52" EEK fnfxxohgf f 5' Qe.v5"' 'Q O 1 it ff '- V , , 2 ' ff W 7 'V 'f ,. ,V , ,, f , V V! W V' A X , f ' V ,ff " , , ,,,V. ,,,,A , X V W! V A f' wwf y , , ,gy , my .J " , 3 f , 1 H i , I W ' V I X ? C34 , .Z W 0,9-'ay i Q of ' f 'f 1 1' 4,,.: V 1 9 yy! X 'I f f f ff- 1 ,lj 4 0 z y , , J, A ,,, wfzw . In f ' , 'am fd! VS?-ff' of F294 QM' qY""Xx gvwf 'SS Q-f+w.,q K -. Q9-S' 1 :Z ' Kg 'xx X . f QQJLW ,Saab 'u X 1 +"""'::"""" 'm'3,.f,,,E! .. i- visa f V - ..f ...cgi as -1-ia, M ' ' ' 593, ' ,W - ' wx '4 W, ,VW VFQWW nf' .'1. 'B Lffq ll, xv A A 'E 0 13 Q W ., r ij? N V! M 5 if Pl 1 W X I 3 gg E XF' . as' - ' i ...Y 'fN'X "i f wf 4 - ,.A , , XJ-. ' l , k x if 6 3 Q, fig N1 x ff' QQ f 'J' W' ,bl A x R1 if-43 K'- frf' " 'I k my fs.. Y' XV '- ,gtk 1' PZ- ' x 31' x ' 1 -7: Q5 . go' AK' C3 2 b-Nur.: xp' 4.40 QQ' -o J df X 'X S 7 Q Sa g 1,859 9' S-gfx Q, I Last Will and Testament I, Bertie Benton, leave my success as a guard on the basketball team to Joan Holden. I, Ida Jean Aaron, leave my ability to take typing cool, calm, and collected to Ronnie Homey. I, Frank Tolson, will my height to Larry South. I, Billy Smith, leave my skill for playing a clean game of ball to Wesley Ruth, I, Ruth Haddaway, leave my taste for wearing the color red to Sissy Clough and Kay Seward, I, Edith Turner, leave Peggy Willis my power for behaving in class. I, Tekla Risley, leave my love for milk to all those who drink it. I, Barbara Nash, leave my knack for being class clown to Mariam Holden. I, Sylvia Hunter, leave my efficient ways of expressing my opinions to Mr. Draper. I, Joan Horney, leave my love for ducks to all duck hunters. I, Arduth Smith, leave my liking for volleyball to Marlene Benton. I, Larry Hammett, leave my experience as a lover to Stephen Ruth. I, Patsy Lynch, leave my capability as class treasurer to the incoming senior treasurer. I, Sam Lowery, leave to Butch Collier my ability to attend school each day and be on time, I, Peggy Price, leave my talent for distinguishing Fords from other cars to Joanne Bam- bary. I, Virgie Lee Clough, leave my love for Bills to anyone who has a lot of money. I, Mickey Gernert, leave my continual teasing to Buddy Holden. I, Frank Councill, leave my number 22 soccer jersey and my success in getting along with the referee to Carlton Sparks. I, Rosalie Usilton, leave my daily boat rides to school to Nancy Crouch. I, Phyllis Smith, leave my talent for dancing to Linda Cox. I, Paula Palmer, leave my long thumb-nails to Mary Cecilia Ewing. I, Trudy Truitt, leave my enthusiasm for Centreville dances and ball games to Linda Epperly and Ginny Bell! I, Beverly Crouch, leave my skill in sports to Patsy Buckel. I, Joan Nash, leave my natural blonde hair to all carrot tops. QMr. Smithj I, Jane Althoff, leave my quietness to Bobby Nichols. I, Tommy Norris, leave my place in the cafeteria to Bobby Benton. I den, ninth gradeg and Scotty Dance, tenth grade. We, the Islander Staff of '56, being sound of mind, leave all the staff meetings to Joan Holden. I Rodney Britt, leave the title "class clown" to Steve Dance, eighth gradeg Buddy H01- Z5 PPSOF Em. HSD NSEC? :DO 5405: E050 MWOEOF E50 may WOQQ OHOCNF SEK H50 0950? mag QOCOF mgdex QGEOF ZEOMASN Haggis: may Emp 0? Envy EOEOVN. H05 mga? Q25 F-0203: S3 SSO? Eg! 25? mags za? HSD ZOE? Hogg! EHE2- EEN NWO? mama Egg. ,FEW max? Egg MDE? ws: man? 355: HOHMOP mai AEE. A-EQ HES? meg SEO? xogmw EU U mom gg WQWOEUQ in Dgggm HEEOH S6gOim mga EER HSQQWEU QWMUWDQWUEQ gpm? 0205 H-S503 :img wg :SE-Hgmwm 00520505 062355 EOXWQKWWOMLDGQM EOOUMWEONH SEQ M2363 SEQ MOH 92:5 Nw 0235 OE- EODQ0 E: Hgsggw mcg H005 QDWQEE gag N550 SEQ Siam SHE! 206503 Cmgps-A wmmz Siam 2:5 Q-ma: ZEJ F mam img -:max QWEVN agdggaim N25 F030 OE Om O53 Hgmgm 5 mga Engm wggngm Dggm Hgmgm mgmgm ig MHS: QNEOEN S Em Og Egggm 5 gm V02 GEOG ig: msn? Eg gig B wnggggm EEE 5303 EEE-gm QOOAEDN Rmagm EEDMW E053 Wmkck-I-A Hw EMEA E650 N 84: 25052 mb ga E H08 O. HA' N mga gen EOE? E350 N QWQEOS 8:6540 F: OOEE038 HWBWGBBQDSH 5 H08 Aw NOOW E320 FGHHE N ma M550 EE 555050 D02 S: SHG-gaa M2955 N ao: EUELSN Emmm OOBEQOEH 20? gags mam 30353 Em HOU mE Fnagm Exam SOE ms: EEA 2093 U55 OFGQHONQEM HO MWO OE HO Q R020 H00 Em gn e5Ogm EEEHWQM Nw EEABN5 0333 wg: Egngmw gmazg gmxgg: WOHOUWQOU 8-JOOH HO E40 D5 OOSRUZA- mm DEQ DOS! gang 333 25:05 H ' EMOOEHOOE 5395 HOENEQO mOUEmnOWH0a wg NE OE ENE S: my is-Awgm 23030 gamma? was ESD E502 N5 m-Hmmm: EOWQMOH W EEEH6 M: M0235 M2905 503 9805605 EBU POE me-H QGDOWHQFOH Eagag 550038 ZGDOWEEWH gag 305053 ENB! EEN Eaggg HGHOEFODG OEEHOH Eagag 305053 Eagag Eagag MAOEGZQO 705053 705053 E-Eg HHOHOQ 550033 3050230 S65 EO Q2 Eagag HGHGEAODO OUOSHOW M252 00:80 FOEOEWO 8832 A W., , A gx., '7.-"gg 1. hx -' Best Athletes BEV CROUCH and FRANK COUNCILL Best Personality I JANE ALTHOFF and TOMMY NORRIS Senior Favorites Most Likely to Succeed TRUDY TRUITT and BILLY SMITH 'QI Q LA- gf. ..- L! . , 'hi " ,Q 5' JK gh Most Versatile RUTH HADDAWAY and FRANK TOLSON Most Comical BARBARA NASH and RODNEY BRITT . T ..W , ' 1 I A X1 Q Best Dancers PHYLLIS SMITH and FRANK TOLSON ' , 4 'isn SYLVIA HUNTER ,.,,,,,, f,.f,fw , f ,MH ,ff ffqw, , FRANK TOLSON Eleventh Grade: NANCY CROUCH Tenth Grade: BUTCI-I MR. AND MISS STEVENSVILLE OMPSON d A CY FRO BYRON TH HIGH SCHOOL COLLIER an N N MM FAVORITES 9 AG: SUSAN HANSON and JIMMY CONNOLLY 2 VXA: ' 71,7 f, 8 I: MARGARET BRYAN and ALBERT GOLT fjf ff I af, if ' gf 74? Af f , A f AAYAYA fi f f '41 , 12 4 iv MYAf 2 - ' J ,aw J ,., 5, ,,,,, . ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,., a, ,,., W, ,.,,, V ,,,, , , ' 'AA' 1"' ' A , , 5 ' A - Q- 'MM JARRETT RUTH BILLY SMOUSE 7 I CHARLES JEWELL and IANICE GOLT 9 C: PAT BUCKEL and LOUIS SWANN 8 II: IEANNETTE RUTH and FREDDY DOVER CLFSSVIE ff Wm .. , ,J , M a' VM 'wi iq, E' Wu- 5 Ln lam J yi R 1 f If f Q y ff? 0 2 'igfisr 1 M if Q9 4 2 ,- Ph ,J W fl-Q .,, " , W A - I if ' A x.,' Norma Jean Anderson Walter Denny Robert Nichols Frank Roberts Wayne Tolson Ioan Bambary Frank Haddaway fx 2 4 Elinor Clough Ronnie Homey Nancy Lewis 1.5 'fs 11. Nancy Crouch Joan Holden SC llth Grade. . . JUNIORS "'Pn- my yin Kay Seward Jack Ullrich l i 1 A V' 1 I 'J 'J if , J 755 , QW A f W in i 'lf f 4 i ii "' rvn. .7 J ,M X im, 'f If .Ve ,,,, 4- y lrene Smith I ack Weston 1 , Q.. 4 Ks V Byron Thompson Sandra White 4-...,.. ! '51-u..,..,. f 2, ,V L ,f If M? 5, 5 ,. M my ar 'H a Q fa., l 'Eff SNR. ,MN Jackie Crouch Josephine Jenkins Pat Ringgold Clifford Thompson Bonnie Rohr ,Wt . J if f -as -My .,-.5 ,,.v h e- ' x ,, ll 1 4.4: me . 1 I KMA I' 5 C' 'Q' " -3 'E-be sq xi -' ss:-ix , SSL I 42 is Q, K.-.. .M Xvxr l"'ff A K x YJ' -an be J. 1 Oth Grade . Johnette Anzer Connie Burns Mary Lou Bums Eddie Burton Paul Clough Louis Collier Linda Epperly Freddy Dietrich Tommy Fool-cs Nancy Fromm Wanda Holden Joan Hollingsworth Wesley Horney Timmy Hoyt . . SOPH OM ORES Bobby O'Donnell Rodney Pierson Wesley Ruth Ronnie Saddler ' 4 'V' P' 'A -Sf 'C R 9--1 V 'Q ,X 5-, C., .-,. A N- A-if K n b F" ' - Mary Jane Smith Bobby Solomon I 1 X f' ' N 4 tx 4 . n g, ' 1 xx-5 bi X'-' Billy Stevens if 2 Howard Sutherland A Brenda Ringgold Karen Momberger Peggy Willis Nelson Thompson Diane Rada is ii 'fri ,, "'id4 Q2 If 'fflfv PHOTO NOT lv AIN., H p Q 3 . vw ' B 5 l , I , PM 1 G 2' ' sf L .M V A ,I 4 A 'fr V S' gp- J B 'W Vf 3 1 . .. M., . " . ' , ' . . Kg -' S . ' L V , MT u I .5 7' f sg. ff' 1 , 3 ,., f . s ,. N x I , V ,N , , f g ., f f" V , 1 lf Y ., L Av, bn p I F 2 9 W rr 1 N- if r KR I x X K Nl rf. 1 X bv , W- 'S .3 ' if I ff. at Q g 1 at BV ff 2 - X V 'LV .:. S V 'B re' S V wt o os 'V,f , X 1 Q ' . x I jf xv: J V, W E E e, iffy , v A' l . A W :ze I ' 3' L ! . by , p .hp 8 1 ,V Q 'f 'SYN gf. '1V , M B PE' f ' "' Z if . . . 5' 'U 7 u hi I L L 'QQ . 'Y V ' r fs. L. . A , 5' , if v V ? V V ' fi. ' x C.. ,. V " 1'-'. zi, " . ' V M ' 12. A Jet., I Nfphom gy V I V, 11,1 ' 1,3 AVMLABL 'V " 1'-H.. . . 1295. 1 -. 5' N. Anderson, V. Bell, B. Benton, M. Benton, M. Billingham, F. Black, P. Burns, P. Buckel, P. Chappell, J. Clough, I. Connally, R. Dadds, S. Dance, T. Ewing, F. Gardner, H. Gardner, L. Gardner, S. Gernert, B. Hampton, M. Holden, G. Horney, P. Hoxter, E. Hoxter, L. M. Kaufman, R. Lee, L. Lewis, M. Mench, J. Pierson, G. Jones, T. Jones, C. Smith, R. Smith, L. South, C. Sparks, L. Swann, H. Thompson, I. Timms, W. Timms, P. Seward, S. Hanson, B. Hunter. 9th Grade q qi. 1 wk 5 -s., QX s it L ' L , W. 5 Xia, A 'L' ' A- Q 2 L f . .L-X y ""1 , A,,. LX l ? LLFL X L kf,VVi LL L L X LLLLX -1- LL.,, LL i-ix XSS' , -CL i- XX iff F 0 . sf f - 'ff f - .. X X LLM ' X Q M L LX L ML - are X L L B +ve mf 'H www X K 55 . . kkv L , . ,, - - I X LL L- fe.. LL X si L X Li ,S I- .Ly . 1 L ,. LL g- LL LX L ML LLL L X X- 155 - - f K ' L . ax X '- L N L r . L ' - X. - ., - L M L X 'Wx X X ' N .fi we XL, 'El ' L LLILLJ ' .LLL 'W' ' ' SL f P sw ' . .nf L ' - f ' ' iflif,-f . X 2 , g.LX L L L L X- W 3 X X "', , LL L Z X L . L - S X, sX L iii, ' ,L .gs X 'L ig L X :L XX,XX L X- X .- - , LLLL X W f x- kkkk .Lg : - .- Qs' - . XX ,L f LL X- L' b',A.. xx L 1 L W L L x, L - ' F L A L LL L3 is - X -' zf Y' lL L... X - 3' - . X Lf LL .X . ,ur ' . P' X LL L X X L .xv-X, X'XX A ' .X PQ .- ,X 5 ,S 4, L X .. LL .,.. L Lg , KALLL LL B Q' - F S fs X X - 4, A L ti' Lwgw -fs, J . L LLX L -L L l VkxX X KVLL 1 L L L X 1 rf' -X ski - A-is - X .Y 1 , 5, "kk' "" Y -l-'k ' "x' -ya. -XR XX X -NW,x-,Q- - Xu- X .,, L . L ' X ,.. L., -L Xk'-L 2' - X L - LX S L LL LLL, 455-X XhX,,- i X - . LL LL LL X L 5 X . , X XX L AL, LL X L L ' . L ' X .. ' 'L , ' ,QE ' LL s L L X X ,. LL L LX L L L X LL ,Q X V L LX . fi, - - ' m'XL , X. . ' X U jx L' L L X LL L , Y L XL LLLLLLLXX , :LL L X, , - - . - 1' X S, ,, 'L K L' ' N': X KLL NIL. 1 '- -- F.. we ,- F X -:- XX ' -F. ' ,Q fa - A ' 3, 'ff ' I . J ,GLC f N E L LL X g - X ' LX' ,.X,X . ' X Q " L 1 si 'L -. X s '- I ' ' L 5 XX ' ., 'LAV h fL ' L X , 2 5 Avmlati... Lg X L sg as X- M- 11 ' L el' X. s,XH L - .. -eq. XX L Q L LL L L L L , S 'X X L L X Q' L si X A B +- . Q-wg? F L' Lf-H1 "' "V' L .L M - L ,-X 5 . -- , - X Q., X. 'EL -eff XXL, 1 L - X - Q P L ,LLLLLLQL ,L F ,.XX,X X X X,,., . LL, L L LL X L L Q L "S . L . N51, , L X L, " LL Lu LL X, , L 1 N ' 'H f -X ' S L - ' 's ,L LL In L X XL . X LX L LLL NSN LL L , L ,N x , Q s - Li 5 W 'cm a.X,QLA S ' LL fff L, f ' W . if . ,A f ' - 4 ff L iff? - L ' I L ,- Q 2f , , - V - V s 1 1- X 8-I and II f' I X: L Q 5 'L L , ,L ,XX V , ,L L L L - L LL L LLL T. Alumans, E. Austin, C. Baker, B. Baxter, I. Baxter, C. Benton, C. Boehm, R. M. Brown, S. Bullen, M. Bryan, C. Clough, D. L. Council, K. Council, M. Cox, L. Cox, M. Denny, LA. Douglas, F. Dover, P. Faebus, P. Gardner, A. Golt, G. Grimes, R. Haddawav, E. Holden, C. Jenkins, L. Jewell, J. Jones, T. Lane, F. Lynch, be M. L. Moore, P. Nash, P. Norris, H. O'Donnell, S. Pierson, C. Porter, B. L. Purky, E. Hoxter, C. Mom rgef. N R tter, C. Schulz, K. Snyder, S. Stevenson, J. P. Swann, R. Seward, R. Tarr, A. Thomas, J. Ruth, S. Ruth, - U D, Thompson, M. Timms, E. Walbert, N. Wheatley, R. Wheatley, E. Elburn, M. Ewing, B. Frederick, M. Garrettson, C. Gernert, C. Edwards and H. Porter. , V W, V.A , ,- Y -I V,1 Vi-V ' 2 ,V ff my, ,QQ 4 ,V V fflzri .,,, ,,,, 1 KN" -A ,,,,, ,m. if i ai? ,, ,S-..- K.. 4' rf ,' 4. K.. Q' 52119122355 J 1 zm '31 'rv ,,f'r ff ,QI . -we I g. 4 .4 213. ,,,, , 1 ,, ,.,,,, 1 4 , 3? 1 V, f , ,, .,, W, , VW. f ' , ' ,V,, V QV V f V' f we f , aV,fVVfLVVV,V, ' ,V 3, ' W I VV, ,qw ff Qi V V ', V ' ., , ', j f',aVVV4q,f, W1 V 'V V .V . V , ,, , ,',' f x R I ,V I ,V V V, I 'Va Vr,V, 7 Q V I , , , . V 11 jf I , ' Z G AMC!!! AV R . V-' V PHOTO ' ,, , ' L' f"' . , z Nozamflabif 2 A .:4fV ' If . gk 4,1 V M ,, , V, , f h 'J V V , 4 ,' ? fl MV ,, ' V V'1W,,V, x V fl M' r'f', -,1 V 1 1 , ,VV qi- ' Wy, ,JL A I "6,,.,VmVn ,, V M , , PHOTO Nor 1 3 ,V ,. AVAILABLE ' , V5 7 , ,V,r, X VV I V I ff "" VV ' , , W V , ' . - 5,7 ,ii ' ' 4' ' , 7,,c,,, V ,my I I V , ,,, f f Q 1 7. ,V-ai , f, ro! , V, .V,.,,, , V, V A V , W5 AWS in--4 V, ,, f' ' V, 1' , f-ff, V-V , 1 Vf V 1' , wp , , V f , , V. V I 4. r " 1. .fl ,f 1 f 1,8 x , we , , , , ,, V,Vr, li, , ' I, I X V , ,, V 1 VV mx U I , V i 1 L 1 fig ,, ,, V V 'gf 1 'V ' " , 77,5 I V, V, , V N J, V , ., ' 1' 4 ' , , if , vyfi Vijidff' ' V gn . .- V ' , , ' ' 7 JV 1 . . A 4 I , V X , ,L i ' "" 3 ,V ' 'LV ' V 1, . -fl, f," 5 jf , 5 gf ,V ' Vs, VM, , , .., , ,V V V r ,., ,V V M ...S , 4 -V. , 1 ' 1, V 1 V,,, -. Diff 1 , ', ' 4 ,,, 1 Z7 , , ly WW V 1 7 V! -yy 4 'va VV We , 2, , X V f , QV. ' si VVW, , ,W ,q -la., VA QW . f V ,Q 'X ' , f V V w ' 1 .., If f, ,cf 4, V' ' , gf, X pf f,W,j,0yf, , ',w',ffV,fV,f,, ,yf ,'V 'wf i f f ,. f,,,V ,M ' 1 1 ' 'HZ , , N, X 7 , ,7,, , f f ,,' ? , V V, gf ! X f 1 an X ,f , , 1 X V,5z,g,i3: ,', , , 4, 4, M, i,Qj,f',gf , ' ,,f f V' 1 , V ,,V ,VV ,A V , M , , ,5 , ! Vf ,,,V, ,V ,X ' f W, 2 ' V4 f?7',,' ' ,Z'73ff,,V 4 ,WM VV if V V , V, X, ,W , , ,f , W, X V ' X I 4 , ,f , ,,,,1,VcV f ,,,1,zAff1, 'r ,Q 2 , . 4 , K f ' X , 5 ,T if " , V, , fi " ' , 6 hip' ' 132.-, V,y,y4Vi,H !,,,,, ,, ,, 5,1 ,f ,f 1, M 'J A 'iv ff,iff , 4 X 7' fff, V, l ff f f , , ' X , Z, GQ, f XO XZ f, 1 f 4? f 7 iff, 4 4f fff , p,, f 9 f 07, 029 f ,V , ,,VV , I If 7 A f if 1411 ' "', 1917 ,V 'I fV 'f 1 , , 7 f W, , , I LV, I I f , 3 , , ,,,, 5 4 1 " ' V 1 : ,,,,,V,V,V, Z fp W VV A , 9,5 I ,. ' fic fr f X, ,,,V ,, , qx. ' Z Jw. .Le ,231 rx-for ef No! available Grade 71 and 711 H. Atwell, D. Austin, A. Billingham, K. Booze, P. Burton, J. Clark, N. Clark, S. Dance, J. Darrel, I. Davidson, E, Elburn, I. Elburn, D. Fooks, E. Fooks, J. Golr, D. Hall, W. Hall, J. Harris, G. Horney, E. Jenkins, C. Jewell, D,E, Jones, R. Lapsa, W. Lane, M. Lynch, P, Moore, K. Morris, CJ. Palmer, S, Palmer, A,M, Price, C. Price, G. Ringgold, LJ, Ruth' J, Ruth, E. Shanks, W. Smouse, C. Smith, I. Smith, L, Smith, J, South, I. Stringer, Luspruillt A, Thompson, M. Timms, J, Van Fossen Ir. , C. Voelker, J. Walbert, N. Walters, D. White, and B. Wilkins. an Q Q! TEEN ! 3 , 'I Q V I ' 1 'N21"Iu:g qlhlg - if n Y - 4-xx:-.aixmqxggggsfx i ' ' "" '391 L', ,, ,Vf!5IZ1?4'l114.527f4: f ' 51 ," 7 7 " 3 s":?g- n, r. X 5 7 If fiivsffhg. I W ""ff-:: .2 f xr yf H, ' I f 4 l I ' l I I f f , X ' ,f H A :'L..- Ng 1 K 2 553,22 mcnvmfs Q 5 ,. 'A Q . i I LX fi? X Q y 2' ,r. A . F X ri, 5 'Pi' 5 gt? '92 Li- il s 1 0 E Ia, ?.. ii! f 4 3 Q0 MA RY , CSO' Iv S S JO4 Q -s 1 Q-,A f f K I I , X 'fe .rl .4 'Jfifili ellll 5 he A f va if ' S 'SQA 4 Cheerleaders Volleyball Team Left LO right: Sylvia Hunter, Ardnth Smith, Josephine Jenkins, Joan Horney, Rosalie Usilton, Edith Turner Ph Smith, Barbara Ann Nash, Peggy Stubbs, Page Sponsored by PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Stevensville High School, Stevensville, Maryimd ,u,..0-wa Varsity Fieldball Standing: Mary L. Burns, Norma Jean Anderson, Beatrice Hampton, Rosalie Usilton, Mrs. Gibson and Mr. Roman+ ition--coaches, Marlene Benton, Susan Hanson, Nancy Fromm, Mary Jane Smith, Ginny Bell. Kneeling: Joan Holden, Sylvia Hunter, Ruth Haddaway, Paula Palmer, Linda Epperly, Bev Crouch, Irene Smith, Josephine Jen- kins, Connie Burns, and Trudy Truitt. 'Z "" ' Varsity Soccer Standing: Ronnie Horney, Wesley Ruth, Carlton Sparks, Jimmy Connolly, Frank Councill, Byron Thompson, Mickey Gernert, Billy Smith, Frank Haddaway. Kneeling: Jerry Pierson, Larry Hammett, Eddie Burton, Richard Avery, Mr. Zacharian--coach, Bobby Benton, Freddy Dietrich, Ronnie Saddler, and Eddie Hoxter, rv" like , sf Y? Girls ' Varsity Basketball Kneeling: Coach Romanition, Joan Holden, Norma Jean Anderson, Bev Crouch. Standing: Ruth Haddaway Karen Momberger, Nancy Fromm, Linda Epperly, Irene Smith, Bertie Benton, Tekla Risley, and Mary Jane Smith. Boys, Varsity Basketball Standing: Kenny Snyder--manager, Freddie Dietrich, Jimmy Connolly, Frank Haddaway, Mickey Gel-new Billy Smith, Eddie Hoxter, Jerry Pierson. Kneeling: Ralph Lee, Frank Tolson, Carlton Sparks, Richard Avery, Scotty Dance, Wayne Tolson. Sitting: Wesley Ruth, Byron Thompson, Ronnie Horney and Coach Zacharian. iF '---1, ' he Ytffiv - - Y v Y ,, , ,M T 'A - , , JL f f- aff, t Q 4 -, ,' V- ' -1 i. ' ., ,. . I' -f V , .iff , . N- Q- at g., - - C .1 1" t V... -K .fmgu ". M - K -q.. Q-.7 -,-- f...,-4 ' .e'-'. Y '-nag, 'igcii , LC, Varsity Sofball Joan Holden, Coach Romanition, Nancy Fromm, Mary Lou Jones, Bev Crouch, Ruth Haddaway, Tekla Risley, Trudy Truitt, Mary Iane Smith, and Bertie Benton. Varsity Baseball Standing: Kenny Snyder, manager, Scotty Dance, Mickey Gernert, Richard Avery, Freddie Dietrich, Byron Thompson, Billy Smith, Eddie Burton, Ronnie Horney, Paul Clough, Ronnie Saddler, Kneeling: Coach Zacharian, Carlton Sparks, Wayne Tolson, Jimmy Connolly, Frank Councill, Wesley Ruth. Student Council Standing, left to right: Margaret Bryan, Scott Dance, Eugene Clark, Tommy Fooks, Joan Nash, Byron Thompson, Billy Smouse, Wesley Ruth, Marlene Benton and Mr. Jones, Sitting: Mary Mench, Norma Jean Anderson, Bev Crouch, Walter Denny and Geraldine Porter. 1 y Mr. Bentz, left. Above, the Stevensville High School Band, consisting of members ' from the Junior and Senior High, 1 Page Sponsored by Q TOURINN'S--Route 50--Stevensville, Maryland ,ff aww se- X --S X. 5 S in .,..nv"""' 'M ffii'?"' MMM Mft ,x in W, W3 "M""'mV3WW fQL95z,i:M 1 Qi. :my 41 R, I I r , X , . i -WW 3 XXX M Kg aff ff Illlix QDVERTI SERS ff X Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Jackson Marilyn Golt Aunt Martha Mr. and Mrs. Philip Horney Mrs. Claire La Croix A Friend William F. Smouse Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Paul Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gardner Kunkel's Red Coach Inn A Friend Dr, and Mrs. R.V. Truitt Mr. Willy Porter Mr. and Mrs. George Haddaway Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reamy Gene Roberts Mrs. Margaret Thomas Mr, and Mrs. Medford Golt Mr. Christian Gernert Smith's Radio Shop Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mroczek Mr. John F. Usilton Miss Catherine Kirwan Eggleston Jewelers, Annapolis Mr. C.R. Althoff Mr. and Mrs. Gene Althoff Miss Pat Althoff Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith Mr, and Mrs. Frank Britt Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Edward Severa an Patsy and Charles Ringgold Florence and Gilbert Dunn Holiday Motel, Grasonville Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Burton Emerson Tarr and Family Mr. and Mrs, Lem Gardner Evan's Gift Shop, Grasonville Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Ruth Clevenger's Fuel Service Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Thompson E. D. Diggs Oyster House Eva Barnbary Scot Point Lodge Mr. and Mrs, James Weston Mrs. Katy C. Ewing Mrs. C. Cuther Wallman Mr. and Mrs. Percy Saddler Mr. and Mrs. Louis Crouch Mr. and Mrs. Holmes Lynch Mr. and Mrs. William Wyatt Mr. Harry Gardner d Linda Polan's 5q5 to S1 Store, Stevensville Stevensville Bank, Stevensville Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ewing Edmund Swann, Painter Elizabeth and Leonard Smith Martha Chappell Mr. and Mrs. Emory Horney Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gernert Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stevens Bata Shoe Store, Easton Cheers For '56 MQQL BARBER SHOP Compliments of Ulm RESTAURANT J. F. EWING, Proprietor Phone: Stevensville 3552 QHAMQOCKINWJ C nicken Steaks Seafood Chester , Maryland Stevensville 32 31 I F9LlkCIE2 Sunoco Gas and Oil Electric Welding - Auto Repair Wrecking Service Chester , Maryland Stevensville 42 12 QELUS Gifts Appliances Bottled Gas Chester , Maryland F3IE2fT14CDPx4lXE5 GENERAL MERCHANDISE BLUE coAL Stevensville 3392 Chester, Maryland I FZll.lfSS MOBHJCENTER 'WM.C.THOMAS Gas - Oil - Tires Lubrication Chester , Maryland Compliments of J. DUDLEY SPARKS AND CO. Mobil Gas - Kerosene - Fuel Oil Chester , Maryland Phone: 23 ll HAQOUDLECG HARDWARE AND GR OCERIES Chester, Maryland Phone: Stevensville 3972 OQEM A. THOMPSON MASONRY CONTRACTOR Chester, Maryland Stevensville 2574 N Compliments of MOTOR CO. WILLIAM CROUCH I Sylvania and Crosley Television W Kitchen lnstallation Queenstown, Maryland Queenstown 2681 1 Queenstown, Maryland O TPADUQG-CENTER Tydol - Gas - Oil Food High Quality - Low Prices Gras onville , Maryland Queenstown 2302 LEONARD SMITH, Proprietor VV. E. DENNV AND SON Congratulates the Seniors of '56 International Trucks Chrysler and Plymouth Cars Fully Equipped Garage Gas, Oil, and Grease Goodyear and Atlas Tires and Tubes DAVVKINS COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Stevensville 2041 Stevensville , Maryland QMOQV VWATT Chester, Maryland Painter - Contractor Stevensville 3762 KE NT HARDWARE Paints - Sporting Goods Wallpaper Stevensville 3 781 IIIZAIVIITTONZS l.G.A. STORE Groceries, Fresh Meats and Vegetables Stevensville, Maryland Phone: Stevensville 2352 GIZOLLMANQ GENERAL MERCHANDISE Hardware - Men's Clothing Footwear for the Family Stevensville 2351 - 2052 LANE? TEXAC O SERVICE U . S . Highway Stevensville, Maryland Phone: Stevensville 2711 AND Co. IQEA LTOEQ Kent lsland Shopping Center Stevensville, Maryland Stevensville 292.1 Developers of "Kent lsland Estates" "Harbor View" "Romancoke on the Bay" We invite you to take advantage of our real estate services. We are equipped to handle all type real es- tate problems. Sales - R entals CONGRATULATIONS AND THE BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '56 12. Q. EAIAE-Q12 AND SQNQ, INC. Queenstown, Maryland CONGRATULATIONS Upon Your Graduation and BEST WISHES for Success and Happiness In Your Future Endeavors 7246! LU lvl 141-T4 C CD Queenstown, Maryland Phone: Queenstown 2111 WWYQXQZMZK Queenstown, Maryland Contractor and Builder Queenstown 2221 lVlEQSlCI4'Q ESSO SERVICE Expert Lubrication Radio and Television Repair Queenstown, Maryland Queenstown 2361 TE XACQ SERVICE CENTER Gas - Oil - Lubrication EMERSON COLLIER Queenstown, Maryland Route U.S. - 50 Nw MA12 zur SERVICENTRE General Auto Repair Machinist and Machine Work Body and Fender Work Queenstown , Mar yland Queenstown 4301 Tl-H: QULLNQTQWN EAN I4 CT: MARY LAND Congratulations To The Seniors Of 1956 ww gawwyizm ,fm Plant: Queenstown 2891 Distributor: EUGENE ROBERTS Phone: Queenstown 4692 'Q KENT ISLAND QPDX W GARAGE PHARMACY Gas, Oil, Lubrication C. G. DUNN Complete service for your car Phone: Stevensville 3451 Chester, Maryland "A Pleasant Place to Meet" "A Good Place To Eat" Eastern Sho' Cooking ZMWM 7 INCORPORATED Eastern Shore Queenstown, Maryland on U. S. Route 50 ROBERT KIRKLEY, President Phone: Queenstown 3971 The t - Q Store With Kent Island Wishes you Success And Happine ss C ompliment s of V. F. VV. Grasonville, Maryland N- -YT...-W---v-wins. CO LE BHCDTHEPQS3 DAIRY BAR Wye Mills, Maryland LEONARD R. RISLEY CONTRACTOR 8: BUILDER Chester, Maryland Stevensville, 3902 WILLIAM EI. AARON ARTESIAN AND DEEP WELLS PUMPS AND WATER SYSTEMS STEVENSVILLE, MARYLAN D xl N A N N O N Eze? SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 110 BALTIMORE-ANNAPOLIS BLVD. GLEN BURNIE, MD. Catering to Musical Partie s and Entertainment Banquets Nightly Qzdzffffe WM AIR CONDITIONED RESTAURANT and COCKTAIL LOUNGE Revell Highway For Reservations Phone CO. 3-9726 - 3-20ll Open 8 a.m. to 1 a.m, If i rn ba' '95 ily!! ffinkvm. Gras onville , Maryland KENT MOTEL One Mile East of Bay Bridge Owned and Operated by JANET BREEDING U. S. Highway 50 Stevensville, Maryland fieddeebmn D I-1 A12 M ACY Che stertown, Maryland CHURCH HILL MOTOR CO. MAURICE E. SMITH, Prop Studebaker Cars and Trucks Tires - Tubes Accessories - Repairs Church Hill, Maryland KK LAIRD WISE Cf WWWQ Route 50, Near Goldsboro Street Easton, Maryland Telephone Z1 l -W EDGAR LANE FUNEQAL HOMIE Church Hill, Maryland Best Wishes to the Class of 'Erlfi Ja -I-De. , from Y 5 C -so 83 MR. AND misss, -D i ner' Food Like You Like it Grasonville, Maryland Phone Queenstown 2371 faooweae :?Pzaffza1s2 A N D Zamfy Compliments of PSS. SALES 8: SERVICE Stevensville, Maryland QMWJZZWW ICE at FUEL co. WILLIAM L. ROBERTS, Prop. Block Ice and Cubes Wholesale and Retail Wake fzzm-425 FATHER AND SON SHOP 154 Main Street Telephone 8-1622 Annapolis, Md. Open Friday and Saturday until 9 a.m. STQADIGER SHOES Town and Country Shoes Loafers - Flats Largest Assortment Best Quality in Annapolis Style - Shoes and Evening Shoes Anngolis, Maryland C01, 3-3412 ROB! N so N S OF GLEN BURNIE The Home of Nationally Famous Brands Annapolis Blvd. Regular Charge or Budget Account open Monday, Friday and Saturday 'til 9 Zgewiwwkfz AQQWQZW Queenstown., Maryland I HALLO WELL CHEVROLET SALES North Washington Street Phone 77 O Easton, Maryland Oldsmobile - C adillac You Can Do Much Better At SILVERS MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR Easton, Maryland Eve rything ln Clothing For Men and Boys THE YOUNG MEN'S SHOP Easton, Maryland Phone: 580 Bl ADF? SCO. Easton, Maryland Clothing - Furnishings Shoes For Men and Boys Exclusive Line of Selby Shoes for Ladi6S H. W. RUTH AND SON Oyster Packers Grasonville, Maryland Plant at Kent Narrows, Maryland Phone Queenstown 4681 - 2525 COLLIER'S GROCERY Groceries Quality Meats Produce Hersheys Ice Cream Grasonville, Maryland Phone: Queenstown 3434 WatChes40544fDiamondsiffFi'F Jewelry SHEARER, THE JEWELER 111 N. Washington Street Easton, Maryland C ompliments of OSCAR DRUMMER 6 SON GENERAL CONTRACTOR Queenstown 2491 C ompliments of TODD?-S FURNITURE STORES Chestertown 426 and Centreville 294 also Furniture Exchange 355 'FHEV ery day is Someone's Birthd M0514 JEWE LERS 22 N. Washington Street Easton, Maryland QWZMWZ FLORISTS Chestertown, Maryland Phone: Chestertown-200 CSLCDLJGP-IQ GROC ERY Grasonville, Maryland Phone: Queenstown 2852 522562210 652.gif EA N 14 ' -1 Q XNSUQ X 41, QS' C+ S' M aximum 510,000 fb 75 1 E Insurance 3 vi F E h I OT BC D p ' Mfmgev' A O 'L O C entreville , Maryland JENKINS, INC. Office Furniture and Equipment. Domestic and Imported Gifts Hallmark Cards Eaton's Stationery Printing and Engraving Dial Colonial 3-2200 185-187 Main St. - Annapolis, Md "Fine Food for Fine Folks." THE COZY CORNER RESTAURANT Open Week Days 7 A.M. - 8 P.M Sundays 9 A.M. - 7 P.M. Corner Cross and Maple Ave. On Route 213 Chestertown, Md. M 60100 tl 0' DRESS AND DRAPERY FABRICS NECCHI AND ELNA SEWING MACHINES 232 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Colonial 8-1111 H. B. NICHOLSON Chestertown, Maryland Quality Reupholstering Antique and Modern Canvas Awnings Canvas Work Marine Aircraft and Automotive Rug Repair and Binding THE KENT COUNTY BANK "Safety Beyond All Else" Che stertown 8 Che stertown 16 Che stertown, Maryland HCMMARD, JOHNSON? ICE CREAM SHOPPES AND RESTAURANTS 4 Miles on the Other Side of the Bridge Revell Highway - U. S. Route 50 Annapolis, Maryland Telephone - Colonial 8-3271 'L 2 Planning ef4wM3fnQQ+,vv ins till W t,aa W QQ? Eastoflffifzll MEYER? Zlfffnc. Be st Wishe s to the Class of 1956 ASSOCIATED FOOD SERVICE OPERATORS INCORPORATED First and Grove Streets Delmar Delaware ca-IEIQIQVS DEPARTMENT STORE 18-20-Z2 Court Street Easton, Maryland Gras onville , Maryland Phone 1525 Queenstown 3944 FISHERMAN'S INN Steaks - Seafood ComP1imentS of Chicken Dinners I ALEC THOMAS .J CD ESF I ISI-'DF Z Proprietor Grasonville , Maryland Grasonville, Maryland S S E A R L V E I S C E VO L KSWAGJQ N Dealer PAU L LAWRENC E Gulf Products A11 Types Repair Work Welding and Painting Wye Mills, Maryland Ql1C6I1St0WI1 2332 if V 'Q L L f Ai LSE? k :la J, , X 5- - -Lg1,.it",.- 1 . 'f -ff - 1. -1i1?-- , V .-1" ' ,e, ' "Fi 2 . . ,Qi ffl,-1 'A ' W4 fi , ' XL:f,a5,?ffV A 5, . ww-,1..1,,L A 'ff-f lg 'Q .,,, 5'-mg. - 4 1,3 . . 2192 .iw . -1 .ww qw fl fu, W , , A 1 11159: L 'fffi ' ., If 'X vig vff , . UN- 'ex LR, X J" a n rw, 13 x 4 1. M E 25' .- 3 eff? V521 Y iq. H, pp, , ,, Q.. 1 wk 1- 'f Air' 1: E . V., 1 Q J . ' ni V , 1 f' ' ' -V 1 0 - 55., M A fb gf-A , Q ' -, 4 fix, .:. , - , 1, L - 2-fr: . 1 V wmfj. f 'X ,. 1, ' if ' KM Y ' ' 1 "7 M - 3 ' . . 1 . rg ' , vi . 1 52 5. 53 3.

Suggestions in the Stevensville High School - Islander Yearbook (Stevensville, MD) collection:

Stevensville High School - Islander Yearbook (Stevensville, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Stevensville High School - Islander Yearbook (Stevensville, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 63

1956, pg 63

Stevensville High School - Islander Yearbook (Stevensville, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 33

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Stevensville High School - Islander Yearbook (Stevensville, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 13

1956, pg 13

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