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f x X N Bx Xbbxx X X NC -QQ. 5, RN ,E 1'-x1 -.xx-.,.'.XK - r-if? 5 Fi .455 Wffffff V ize- -1, S fha, teuenoonicufk, l 'Mm "' swrnmmr. 23? 4 E scvl .-xsxxx 'Wx f ....... ' X : - - s 'fl 79 W! 'l mffla 'rw .I ..................-- - ! xxkxx This Volume of lhe Yearbook was published by The Senior Class of The Thaddeus Slevens Trade School Lancasler, Pennsylvania N ,gm U' r-. :,p5.. 9 w EN: .5 IW., , M , v -e' I' Q 4 'S Virgil , xl? In Q ka. . -1 ,V .gm af ,hx N 'Gig 5 gacqueo: "All The world's a sTage. And all The men and women merely players: They have Their exiTs and Their enTrances And one man in his Time plays many parTs, His acTs being seven ages" Shakeopeare, "AS YOU LIKE IT" The various secTions Board oT DirecTors AdminisTraTors FaculTy Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Shops and Classes CoTTages ExTra-curricular fNcTivETies SporTs of This bool: shall be lcnown as: - .T 1 1, in fmt lr ,W if Ji i , 0 T' f I T, we Z' or I I.. ,LJ ,l' , I .u I img V! 'nf f' xxyk ". Technical Advisors Producers DirecTors The STars The Under-STudies The SupporTing CasT .4' STaqe Hands STage Scenes SeTTings OTT STage AcTiviTies AcTors' SidelighTs - xx x Zepylbib ,O Q43 W ,934 Mi K 'YDE 300 flies- Steuenooniarb ilflccololeuo Steueno Thaddeus STevens was born aT Danville. VermonT. April 4. I792. His TaTher. Joshua STevens. an unThriTTy shoemaker. died or disappeared aT an undeTermined ::laTe. leaving The moTher. Sally llvlorilll STevens. and her Tour sons in dire poverTy. ForTunaTely. she displayed fine ideals, greaT indusTry. and especially sacrificed To educaTe The youngesT child Thaddeus who was lame and sickly Trom birTh. His educaTion consisTed oT The classics and maThemaTics aT Peacham Academy. He laTer graduaTed from DarTmouTh College and Then wenT To The UniversiTy oT VermonT. Leaving New England. he came To Pennsylvania where he began Teaching school aT York. IT was here ThaT he began To read law. Moving To GeTTysburg. he became a prominenT lawyer and a Congressman Ia+er. , ,Q HeadsTrong. diIigenT, and independenT. STevens desired greaT wealTh: buT. aT The same Time. he developed a sTrong dislike Tor The arisTocracy or anyThing ThaT suggesTed class disTincTion or special privilege. He also developed an inTense haTred of slavery and defended many run- away slaves wiThouT charge. , 1 One oT Pennsylvania's mosT baTTling personaliTies. STevens was sTrongly liked and disliked. To some, he was The "Old Commoner" or "GreaT Leveler" who ToughT Tor The poor. The' oppressed. and The underprivileged. By oThers. he was held in conTempT. Shrewdly. he climbed To power by supporTing The issues which were popular wiTh The ordinary voTers OT his day. Having rare parliamenTary TalenTs, he was well-read. quick Thinking. indomiTably courageous. masTerTul in speaking. and deadly in argumenT. His hearTless humor and nimble wiT made him almosT invincible on The Tloor. His privaTe liTe was Tar Trom sane, Tor gambling was one OT his habiTual vices. STill. his sTrong spiriT. Terrible earnesTness. gay resourceTulness. and Tine inTellec- Tual powers, always inspired respecT. Had Tolerance and nobiliTy been added To his characTer. he mighT have been a brilIianT insTead of a sinisTer Tigure in American hisTory. Thaddeus STevens died on AugusT ll. IS68. in WashingTon. Since he never married. his housekeeper and his nephew were The only persons aT his bedside. His burial place is in Lan- casTer. Pennsylvania. in Shreiner's CemeTery open To all persons wiThouT regard Tor race. creed. or color. The TombsTone inscripTion wriTTen by STevens himselT: "I repose in This quieT and secluded spoT. noT Trom any naTural preference Tor soliTude. buT Tind- ing oTher cemeTeries limiTed by characTer rules To race. l have chosen This ThaT I mighT illusTraTe in deaTh The principles which I advocaTed Through a lone liTe. 'EqualiTy of man before his CreaTor.' " .L... Y. 'iii 4 ...ez-. big' 5 -vt' ' . , ar-ww' , 1 iff -as 'fm af-"t21'2s' ..- .T Ni 4 53, ,HW v if-,YSQIQ v 1 -x f 'insnvnf . t, vvflm' 3' . KL .S 4 Kwlhmwiaib Q ,nit 'ff 'Q' N X Q if Dal: . : i Q, M Q in 1 'viii .N 'egg an , ,Mm 3 .pf ,QI nur' A . A I A . A Y wwf M 'WQWYQS kw X f 5. ysaf, ig g Yxifffi W fy Wi? N. -. . W' lwwz A 41+ nxamii-din V. N,.V M, I an y ' q . J ' y :Q 1: afsgf, :-- 251 W 3,4 A ' 5 it L I S' jj -i' : if 1 A ' f . Q A . u , .-.4 A' m ' ,N ,W QQ Wa, by f ,,. Hoff' A g,d........E 0 fe: gfiotory ol- the Ehcwlcleuo Steueno grade School "The GreaT Commoner." "FaTher of The Public School SysTem oT Pennsylvania." Thaddeus STevens willed The bulk oT his esTaTe Tor The esTablishmenT oT a Trade school Tor orphaned and needy boys regardless oT race. creed. or color, WiTh The assisTance oT The CommonwealTh of Pennsylvania, Through The LegislaTive AcT oT May ll. I905, and The provisions of his will. The Thaddeus STevens Trade School was Tounded in I905. ThaT year under The supervision oT a commission composed oT Messrs. Charles I. Landis lChairmanl, John B. WarTel. Amos M. Cline. l-lenry S. Williamson. and Harry L. TrouT-appoinT- ed by Governor Samuel W. Pennypacicer-. The adminisTraTion building. "A" and "B" coTTages. and The power house were erecTed and Turnished wiTh The proper TaciliTies. The TirsT shop building was builT and vocaTional Trade Training began on OcTober I. l909. This building now houses The balce, brick. carpenTer, and elecTronics shops. LaTer. wiTh Tunds provided by The CommonwealTh. in l93O, The Third coTTage was erecTed: and by I938. The g mnasium was compleTed under The supervision oT The General STaTe AuThoriTy. As The number oil deserving sTudenTs increased. more TaciliTies were needed: so in I949. a new shop building was added. In iT are The Tollowing shops: auTomoTive. elecTrical. machine. and prinTing. To house more residenT sTudenTs. Two addiTional coTTages were added in l95l and I952, Now The dormiTory capaciTy is abouT 302 boys. The following men have served as SuperinTendenTs oT This school: Mr. OTTO RanTz, The TirsT SuperinTendenT T909 Mr. William Mellor I9IO-l923 Mr. William Bourne. paTTern-making insTrucTor I'-724-I933 Mr. William Brock I934-T937 Mr. WalTer Arnold 1938-I94l Mr. John C. STauTTer. formerly insTrucTor. coach I942- OT The 880 graduaTes To daTe Trom STevens Trade School, almosT halT or 430 boys have graduaTed here under The superinTendency oT Mr. John C. STauTTer. PracTically all of These sTu- denTs. aside Trom Those in The Armed Forces. have become esTablished as skilled Tradesmen. A Tine TribuTe To This school! The TirsT class oT 23 boys was graduaTed in l9I3. buT The Class oT I953 will be The largesT in The hisTory of The school wiTh 47 boys geTTing ready To receive Their diplomas in June. Through The provisions oT The will oT Thaddeus STevens and The generosiTy oT The Common- wealTh oT Pennsylvania, The Thaddeus STevens Trade School is a living memorial To The Teachings and beliefs of "The GreaT Commoner." , .K I xi I K l K Shy " hx, wa " , :.3. " -.,,5:: ssl: WSI: l sr: T ?,:: ,Q-QQ: 72,-Q: nog. y -xx N ,Rn 1 .N ll -vu I i X. l, If nfs, li iii! llifnus igiigxnn ll if 3K t 1 'W 01- A 'ii "'ttg'w lll 'ff ,, n, a ll ' , X X s X X X il XX X ,N il N l ilil Ebeclicatiolfk, To lhe BOYS ol STEVENS TRADE in SERVICE Those who have lefl our halls during l952-53 lo serve on lhe land, on and under +he sea, and in The air: whelher you be slalioned in conlinenral U.S.A., Alaska, Canal Zone, Hawaii, Japanese possessions: lighling in Korea, palrolling lhe uneasy boundaries along The Iron Curlain in Europe: or experiencing lhe rigors of Greenland-we lervenlly pray lhar God may spare your lives so fha? you may rerurn 'ro enjoy lhe pursuils of Peace. We, THE STEVENSONIAN Slaff along wilh +he Facully and Sludenls, dedicale This book lo YOU. feclflnical oaoluioero Dr. Francis B. Haas, ex officio Superinlenclenl' ol Public lns+rucfion Mr. Ches+er M. Woolworih, Presiolenl Animal Trap Co. of America Mr. William lx, Vice-Presidenl Frank lx 84 Sons Mr. Theodore Ayres, Secrelary 84 Treasurer Rice 84 Weidman Mr. L. B. Bond Mr. S. E. Dylce Chris+iana Machine Co. Hershey Machine 84 Foundry Co Mr. Calvin M. Kenclig Mr. B. W. LuH'enberger llleceasedl l-lamillon Walch Co. U.S. Asbeslos Division Mr. C. J. Backs+rand Mrs. Elizabe'rh B. Sfine Armslrong Corlc Co. Mr. John C. Sfauffer, Superinlendenl Mr. Wayne V. Sfrasbaugh, Ass'l. Superinlenclem cproolucero MR. WAYNE V. STRASBAUGH Assishanf Superin+enolen'r MR. JOHN C. STAUFFER Superinfendenlr ogooiotanto to Cproclucero MR. RALPH KRAFT Guidance Counsellor Mafhemafics Advisor: Sfudenf Council Trainer MR. HAROLD MCCURDY Dean of Men Leif +o righ+: Isf Row: Mrs. Orella Ru+herford, Mrs. Doroihy HoH'z. 2nd Row: Mrs. Virginia Brown, Mrs. Ru+h Sfacei. Mr. George W. Lewis Sfock Manager Ebirc-:ctoro Mr. AH'on Auchenbach Mr. Richard V. Bevilacqua Machine Shop Pracfice Head Coach: Foolball. Baslcelball Eclucalional CommiH'ee l-leallll' Physlcal Ed' Years al' S.T.S. - 7 Years ai' S.T.S. - 7 Hobby: Playing piano Hobby: All Sporis Saying: "Crimina+ies" Saying: "Le+'s see some blood." Mr. George Brody Mr. Carl F. Croessanf English Machine Shop Praciice Advisor: "The CraHsman" Discipline Commifiee Supervisor of Library Fire Chief Years ai S.T.S. - 3 Years a'r S.'l'.S. - I3 l-lobbies: Reading, Arhlelics l-lobbies: Shooiing. Fishing Saying: "O.K. Men." Saying: "Think you can save Hz" Mr. J. Landis Denlinger Briclc Masonry Years af S.T.S. - I5 H bb : G lf' Mr. John M. Denuel Archifeclural 84 Mechanical Draffing Discipline CommiH'ee Years al S.T.S. - 7 O Y O mg l Hobby: Boy Scoul Work Saying: "O.K. Sonny Boy. le+'s go.' Saying: "HH lhe board." Mr. Leon A. DeVoy Aufomolive Mechanics Firsf Year af S.T.S. Hobby: Sporis Saying: "Jus+ anofher day.' Mr. Paul J. Evancoe English, Economics Advisor: "The Sfevensonianu Chairman: Weekly Programs Firsr Year ai S.T.S. Hobbies: Travel, Reading, Public Speaking Saying: "Wi+h your infelligence and looks." 1 Mr. Michael R. Fiorill Mr. Eugene Graff Prinfing Hisfory. Safely Xi Firsr Aid. Physical Ed Advisor: Sophomore Class Asst Coach: Eoofball. Baslcelball Years af S.T.S. - 5 Firsl Year ai S.T.S. Hobby: Making Money Hobbies: Sporis Saying: "Cheese N' crackers. 'rhafs lousy." Saying: "Jazz 'em up," Mr. James H. Harhell Mr, Prosper Hill Social Sludies, Business Ed. M6+l-yemaficsl Higfory Direclor of Audio-Visual Ed. ASS-yt Coach: Foofballl Track School ACCOmPaniS+ Firsl Year al S.T.S. Years al S-T-Sb - 26 Hobbies: Foolball, Track, Swimming, Skiing Hobbies: Music, Travel. Fishing. Gardening. Saying: "All rgghf now." Saying: O.K. Leis see. Where was I?" Mr. Theodore J. Hirsch Relaied Drawing Blue Prinf Reading Years ai' S.T.S. - 25 Hobby: Fishing Saying: "Now, see." Mr. Donald W. Jones Maihemafics. Relaiecl Drawing Assi. Fooiball Coach Years ai S.T.S. - 4 Hobby: Hunfing Saying: 'Nowi-" Mr. J. Ernesi' Hower Science. Mafhemalics Facuhky A+hle+ics Mgr. Discipline Commifiee Fesiival Chairman Years a'r S.T.S. - 8 Hobbies: Fishing, Huniing Saying: "Tough 'rirnes malqe 'rough people Mr. James Maurey Science, Physical Ed. Head Coach: Wresiling Assi. Coach: Fooiball Firsi Year ai' S.T.S. Hobbies: Archery, Hunfing Saying: "Man, Oh. Man!" Mr. Charles R. Reber Mr, Reuel R, Rupp Baking Eleciriciiy Years Gi S-T-S - 2 Firsi' Year al' S.T.S. Hobby: Oil Painfinq I-lobby: EIec+rici+y Saying: "Lei your head save your heels." Saying: "TQ work, boys." Mr. Roberl' P. Schullz Mr. Henry F. Wagner Carpenfry Carpenrry Head Track Coach Senior Class Advisor Years ai S.T.S. - 5 Years ai S.T.S. -- 7 Hobby: Waiching Aihlelic Evenis Hobbies: Archery, Huniing. Fishing Saying: "O.K.. you birds." Saying: "Hey, Kid." Mr. Fred Wilds Elecfricily Trees. of A1'l1le+ic Associafion Years af S.T.S. - 2 Hobby: Woodworking Saying: "When you loaf, loaf in+elligen'rly." Mr. S. Ar+hur Weicksel lnclusfrial Elecfronics Radio, Television Years ai S.T.S. -- 7 Hobbies: Plwofograplwy, Radio. T.V. Saying: "Le'r's gel on +l'1a'r sor+ of fhing Mr. Samuel Wrigirl' Music: Band, Glee Club Years af S.T.S. - 6 Hobby: Huniing Saying: "Snap if up." Cake Stare Senior Qlaoo Qfgicero Larry Davis William Hassan Presidenf Vice-Presiclenl Richard Levancluslcy Lowell Graver Secrefary Treasurer Donald Adams Lancasfer. Pa. i "Don" Slarring as - Elecfrician Fealured in -- Cheerleading 3, 4. Off Slage Personalify - A spiriied cheerleader - can be seen driving a Ford - good for a few laughs. Grealesf Desire - Become a disc jockey. Punch Line - "You're kidding." James W. Behler Lehighifon, Pa, llJImll Sfarring as - Carpenfer Feelured in - Fooiball 2. 3, 4: Yearbook 4 Off Sfage Personalify - Lighl buf rough -Terrific sporlsman - loves hunling and fishing - handy wi+h hammer and nails - quiei unfil one knows him -- happy and easy going. Grea+es+ Desire - Live a happy. successful life. Punch Line - "Thar hue?" Gerald H. Borh Alleniown, Pa. "Bunny" Sfarring as - Archiieciural Draflsman Feafured in - Sfudem' Council 2. 3. 4 - Yearbook Edi+or 4 -- Newspaper 3. 4 - Varsily Baskelball 2. 3. 4 -J.V. Fooiball 2. Off Siege Personalify - Talen+ed and shrewd - excelleni' compefilor - fall, wi'rh a crew cui - al home on ihe baskelball couri' - old reliable. Greaiesl Desire - Gel more educafionz Then marry. Punch Line - "Tha+'s no good." James F. Brucker Lehighfon, Pa. "Jim" Sfarring as - Aufo Mechanic Feafured in - Band 2. 3. 4 Off Sfage Personalify - Quief buf indusfrious - a good man wifh 'rhe saxaphone - sure knows his cars. Greafesf Desire - To Fly. Punch Line - "Wal now." Elfon E. Chrisfman Kunklefown, Pa. "Frifz" Sfarring as - Machinisf Feafured in - Yearbook 4 Off Sfage Personalify - An ardenf follower of sfock car racing - cheerful personalify - jolly joker -- greaf oufdoor man. Greafesf Desire - To build a hof rod. Punch Line - "Hello, peasanfslu John l. Clifford Germanfown, Pa. llclifll Sfarring as - Elecfrician Off Sfage Personalify - Always ready fo work - quief buf aggressive - always grinning - courfeous - affable. Greafesf Desire - To marry. Punch Line - "Oh! I don'f know." Clair L. Crisl' Seven Valleys, Pa. "Crisf" Sfarring as - Carpenfer Off Sfage Personalify - Easy, - friendly grin and no worries - likes fo laugh while ofhers fell fhe jokes -- fhough very quife. his presence is very noficeable. Greafesf Desire - To plow fhe sfraighfesf furrow in York Counfy. Punch Line - "Ya gof me." Larry R. Davis Spring Cify. Pa "OwIie" Sfarring as - Mechanical Draffsman Feafured in - Yearbook 4 -- class officer - Presidenf 3, 4 - Foofball 2, 3, 4 - ..l.V. Baslcefball 2. Off Sfage Personalify - Jolly - reliable - serious when working - excellenf sporfsman - sfudenf leader - ready fo help. Grefesf Desire - Gef engineer's degree and seffle down. Punch Line - "No kidding Dick Tracy." William R. Davis Bloomsburg, Pa. "Bill" Sfarring as - Bricklayer Feafured in - Sfudenf Council 2, -- J.V. Baskefball 2. Off Sfage Personalify - Quief and shy - good worker - foo offen hides his falenfs - likes loaskefball and baseloall. Greafesf Desire - To become a fop mason, and marry. Punch Line - "Have a sfick of gum." Calvin Englehari Reading, Pa. "Cal" Slarring as - Bricklayer Fealured in - Class officer - Secrelary ancl Treasurer I. Off Sfage Personalily - ls much more acrive fhan he appears +o be - likes people - has many friends Creafesl Desire - To be a confracror. Punch Line - "He don'+ 'feed me." Edward V. Fanelli Shenandoah. Pa. "Spike" Sfarring as - Carpenler Fealured in - Band 2.3.4 Off Slage Personalify - Spike has earned The lille of Mr. Rylhm af S.T.S. - grear slory Teller - always in a hurry -- likes hof rods. Grea+es+ Desire - To ear Through a mounlain of pizza. Punch Line - "Aw, c'mon now!." James R. Fields Dudley. Pa. llJimll Slarring as -- Elecfrician Off Sfage Personalify - An Army Reserve man - earnesf a+ work or play - enioys a good game of ping pong - has iniralive. Grearesl Desire - To be successful. and marry. Punch Line - "Now look here. son." Glenn Gordon McConnellsburg, Pa. "Flash" Siarring as - Bricklayer Feafured in -- J.V. Foolball 2. 3, 4 - Yearbook 4 - Band 2 Off Sfage Personaliiy - Jolly and happy - Terrific smile - hard, worker - prospecrive husband - likes all sporfs - mischievous. Greaiesl' Desire - To make a million dollars. Punch Line - "Le+'s go fo Glen-Nell Horel." l Lowell W. Graver Aquashicola, Pa "Wharf" Sfarring as - Aufo Mechanic Feafured in - Class officer - Treasurer 3. 4. Off Srage Personaliry - Quief buf efficienl - dependable - good narured - experf mechanic. Greafesr Desire -- To gef married. Punch Line - "Now. now." Carl G. Gross Lehighfon. Pa. "Cal" Sfarring as - Machinisl' Feafured in - Yearbook 4 - Band 2. 3 - J.V. Foofball 2, 3 - Varsify Foofball 4. Off Srage Personalily - An admirer oi' oufdoor sporls can be found ar Souih Third Sfreer in Lehighion - should make good in big Hme baseball as a cafcher. Greafesf Desire - To go To Alaska. Punch Line - "Don"r ge? carried away." Mefro Halupa Frackville, Pa. "Haloop" Sfarring as - Machinisf Off Sfage Personalify - Likes lwunling and dancing - fancies redheads - quife flue pigeon frapper. Greafesf Desire - To be a fop maclwinisf. Puncl'1 Line - "Lef's go fo Pine Grove." William J. Hassan DuBois. Pa. "Zeb" Sfarring as - Elecfrician Feafured in - Class Officer - Vice Presidenf 2, 3. 4 Foofball 2, 3, 4 - Track 2. 3. 4. Off Sfage Personalify - A frue friend fo all - always willing fo lend a hand - a bif bashful - knows Frackville preffy well - iusf one swell guy. Greafesf Desire - To be a success. Puncln Line - 'Wl1ere's Smiffy?" quief flwaf lie'd raflwer wrife lnumor fl1an speak if - sharp wiflrn flwe books. buf you'd never guess if. Greafesf Desire - To become an elecfrical engineer. Punch Line - "l ain'f gof some." Duane Hinds Waymarf. Pa "l'linzy". Sfarring as - Elecfrician Off Sfage Personalify - Possesses impisl1 lwumor - so Leonard Kovach Brockfon, Pa. ..I-Ou.. Sfarring as - Elecfrician Off Siege Personaliry - Fufure life. Navy - baseball fan - likes lo hunf - quiel around girls unfil he knows +hem - feased aboul Too'rsie. Grea+es'r Desire - To see lhe world on Uncle Sam. and make good in 'rhe elecfrical field. Punch Line - "Shaddup, or you will walk." Charles R. Krapf Tamaqua, Pa "Moonie" Siarring as - Elecfrician Fesafured in - S'ruden+ Council 3, 4 -- Foofball 2. 3. 4 - Wresfling 2, 3, 4 - Track 2. 3.4. Off Sfage Personalify - Talkafive - never oufspoken aggressive grappler - builf low +0 lhe ground. buf builf. Greafesf Desire- To own his own elecfrical shop. Punch Line -- "Wan'r 'ro do somelhing aboui if?" Roberl' F. Krell Tamaqua. Pa. llBOblI Sfarring as - Prinfer Feafured in - Yearbook 4 Off Sfage Personalify - Pleasanl +o know - ponders deeply - smiles easily - loves prinfing and can Talk endlessly abouf if. Greafesf Desire - To be Tamaqua's bes'r prinfer. Punch Line - "Who go? me pencil?" . George R. Leibig "Ace" Slarring as - Bricklayer Fearured in -- J.V. Baskerball 2. Off Srage Personaliry - A good greal dancer - likes iazz. Grearesr Desire - To ger married. Punch Line - "Hey Buzz." Harry L. Kuchka Berwick, Pa. "Ku+ch" Siarring as - Bricklayer Fearured in - Foorball 2. 3. 4. Off Sfage Personaliry - Arhleric 'fellow wirh big ideas -- always ready 'ro argue own ipoinr -- a furure husband - a pool shark. Grearesr Desire - To be a successful mason conlracror. Punch Line - "Nor prefecr again!" Gordon. Pa. man wirh darrs - Richard S. Levandusky Palmerron. Pa. "Gooch" Srarring as - Prinrer Fearured in - Yearbook 4 - Newspaper 4 - Class Officer - Secrerary 3. 4. Off Srage Personaliry - An ambirious and indusrrious fellow - pleasanr personaliry -- pracrical ioker - seldom wirhoul' a beaming smile - looks for The week-end. Grearesr Desire - To own his own prinr shop. Punch Line - "O.K. Swell." Allen E. McDonald Clearfield, Pa. "Mac" Slarring as - Eleclrician Fealured in - Class Officer - Treasurer 2 - Foolball 2. 3, 4. - Wreslling 2. 3, 4. - Track 2. 3. Off Slage Personalily - Well builf physique - sharp dresser - popular wilh lhe males and females - pranksler wilh Ernie - nalural alhlele. Grealesl Desire - To have a loig family, and a farm of his own. Punch Line - "Yea, yea! We don'+ have much money i bul we sure have fun. i Don Morrison Camp Hill. Pa "Don" Slarring as - Carpenler Off Slage Personalily - A Naval Reserve man - o luilion sludenl - likes lo lravel. Grealesl Desire - To be a successful conlracfor. Punch Line - "Way 'ro go!" Charles C. Nelson OXl0FCl- Pa- "Charlie" Slarring as - Aulo Mechanic Fealured in - Fire squad - Assislanl Chief 3. Chief 4 - Yearbook 4. Off Slage Personalily - A Ford man -- likes hor rods - lives for week-ends - really can handle a wrench. Grealesl' Desire - To marry Anna Mae and have nine kids. Punch Line - "l-ley. Seke. lel's go lo Oxford." Ernesl' V. Pachillis Middleporf, Pa. "Orney" Sfarring as - Elecfrician Feafured in - Class Officer - Presidenf 2 - Foofball 2, 3, 4 - Track 2, 3. 4. Cff Sfage Personalify - Sporfsman deluxe - good "end" and pifcher - shy around girls - always willing fo pifch in. Greafesf Desire -- To be a success and seffle down. Punch Line - "Whaf's your ad?" Frease A. Raverf, Jr. Palmerfon. Pa. "Freeze" Sfarring as - Machinisf Feafured in - Glee Club - Newspaper 2, 3, 4 - Press Club 4. Off Sfage Personalify - Classical is fhe word - if if's classical music or classical liferafure. Frease eafs if up - has a surprisingly good voice - loves newspaper wrifing. Greafesf Desire - To sing in fhe Mef. Punch Line - "I'lI prove if fo you." , Duane Reifz Royersfown. Pa. llBOblI Sfarring as - Carpenfer Feafured in - Band 2, 3. 4 - Newspaper 4 -Press Club 4. Off Sfage Personalify - Calm assurance - big plans for a greaf fufure - always knows where he's headed - never loses sighf of his goals - neaf -- infelligenf - friendly. Greafesf Desire -- To own a nice Cadillac converfible. ' Punch Line - "Whaf say. fellas?" l Harold Rinker Tamaqua, Pa, "Pere" Sfarring as - Machinisi Feafured in - Band 2, 3, 4. Off Sfage Personalify - Second Les Paul - likes Red Foley - likes fo hunf and fish - favorile subject shop. Greafesf Desire - To become a fool and die maker. Punch Line - "Ch nol. Nor Wednesday nighr, Hop. Joseph Rogal Haslings. Pa. "Joe" Srarring as - Aulo Mechanic Feafured in - Band I, 2, 3. 4 - Glee Club 2. 3.4 - Newspaper I. 2. 3. 4 - Press Club 4. Off Slage Personalily - Has courage of his convic+ions - is unmoved by opinions - ambifious - nafural business man - devofes much Time To Boy Scou'r work. Greaiesi Desire - To be a band leader. punch Line - "Wise up." George F. Schimmel TODWLOU- Pa- "George" S+arring as - Elecfrician Feaiured in - Cheerleader 3. 4 - Newspaper 2. 3. 4 -J.V. Foolball 3. Off Slage Personaliiy -- Easy going fellow - acfive - never dodges work - his fufure is in his voice - ra'rher +alk 'rhan ea'r - always cooperafive - serious minded - ambiiious. Greaiesi Desire - To be a polifician. Punch Line - "Wa'rch Kid, or I'lI blas'r you!" James Schrader Lancasfer. Pa. ..Jim.. Sfarring as - Elecfrician Feafured in- Glee Club 3. 4 - Class Officer I. Off Sfage Personalify - All fhe fun you could aslc for- never a dull momenf -- sees humor in any sifuafion likeable - pleasanf appearance - many friends. Greafesf Desire -- To drive a big Cadillac. Punch Line - "Have fo call Joe." John F. Schriver New Oxford, Pa. "Morf" Sfarring as - Briclclayer Feafured in - J.V. Foofball 2 - J.V. Baslcefball 2. Off Sfaqe Personalify - Baslcefball enfhusiasf - full of pep - has a hilarious cackle -- drives a model "A" Ford. Greafesf Desire -- To become a successful bricklayer. Punch Line - "Wow! Did you see Thai?" famous sporfsmen Bill Mllcvy and Elmer Valo - sporfs a Reserve sailor suif. Punch Line -- I don'f care." Nicholas J. Scrip Palmerfon. Pa. "Turfle" Sfarring as - Machinisf Feafurecl in - Glee Club 4. Off Sfage Personalify - Diligenf worlcer -- follows Greafesf Desire - To become a golf "pro" down soufh. 616400 jfiofory Here we are. The graduaTing class of '53. When we enTered The Thaddeus Sfevens Trade School on SepTember IO. I949. we had only sevenTeen members. AT our firsT class meefing wiTh Mr. Harold Grannas, as advisor, The following officers were elecTed: i Presidenf - James Schreder Vice Presidenf - Clair CrisT SecreTary-Treasurer - Calvin EngleharT As green and inexperienced freshmen we learned our lessons and progressed To The poinT where we held our firsT social evenT, The Spring Dance. This was our firsT success and we were off To a flying sTarT. ln Sepfember of l95O, The addiTion of new sTudenTs broughf our class enrollmenT To sevenTy- five. BursTing wiTh energy and pride. we engaged in The various exfra-curricular acTiviTies and soon won The respecf of The upper classman. Our Sophomore Officers were: Presidenf - ErnesT Pachillis Vice PresidenT - William Hassan SecreTary - Harry Kuchlca Treasurer - Allen McDonald STudenT Council -- Gerald Borfz. William Davis We became kniTTed inTo a harmonious group and progressed rapidly under The capable leadership of our insTrucTors. Many were our hopes! Greaf Things were expecTed of us. We Tried desperafely To live up To These expecTaTions. The highlighTs of This year were a fooTball Team defeaTed only once. a splendid Field Day. and, of course, our only social funcfion: 'The SainT PaTriclc's Day Dance" of March IO, I95I. In Sepfember, l95I, we reTurned as Juniors wiTh advanced age and experience. We were more concious of our responsibilifies and privileges. Our class enrollmenT decreased from sevenfy- five To fiffy-Three because several of our classmaTes joined The Armed Services. Again officers were elecTed in our Junior Year. These were: PresidenT - Larry Davis Vice Presidenf - William Hassan Secrefary - Richard Levandusky Treasurer - Lowell Graver STudenT Council - Gerald BorTz. Charles Krapf lncidenTally, aT This poinT our Treasury was suffering from malnuTriTion! The evenTs high-lighT- ing This year were good fooTball and baskefball squads. an undefeaTecl Track season. and Allen McDonald's championship wresTling performance aT The Lehigh UniversiTy Prep School Tourna- menT. Then, Two social evenTs. The firsT a dance held The evening of our "Annual Homecoming Day": The second was The annual "Junior-Senior Prom" on May I7. l952. The aroma of lilacs and cuT flowers in The elaboraTe decorafions, plus The dainTy perfumes of our female parTners made This evening a memorable one. Here we are, Seniors, in l953! Our goals are now wifhin our grasp. We look forward To The fuTure, filled wiTh inspiraTion and enThusiasm for our work in The ouTside world. These school grounds have Taken on The romances of pasT experiences and The dreams of fuTure accomplish- menTs. We have high hopes for our fuTures in spiTe of miliTary inducTions facing mosT of us. For our final year aT Sfevens. we elecfed These officers To sTeady us Through our Senior year: PresidenT - Larry Davis Vice PresidenT - William l-lassan SecreTary - Richard Levandusky Treasurer - Lowell Graver STudenT Council - Gerald BorTz. Charles Krapf Our social funcTions for This year were The Chrisfmas Dance held on December I2, I952: The Junior-Senior Prom held on May I6. l953: and of course. The class Trip To New York. The high- lighTs of The year were our unbeaTen wresTling Team. a fooTball Team only once beaTen, and Those inTramural conTesTs ThaT spiced The fruiTs of vicTory. Though The world siTuaTion is unseTTled, we know ThaT iT can be improved Toward The ulTi- maTe goals like The broTherhood of man if each of us is willing To sacrifice a parT of his sTrengTh. his wealTh. and his happiness for The welfare of oThers. So. wiTh These ThoughTs. we The graduaTing class of l953. say in all sinceriTy. "Good bye. good luck. and God bless us all." ye Cmoot fleonoralvle Qlaoo Cwill Q3 1953 l-lear Ye: l'lear Ye: l-lear Ye: We, The ouTsTanding and diligenT class of I953. aTTer being subjecTed To The severesl' menTal and physical sTrains bearing The TiTles: D.D.S.. Ph.D.. M.D., LL.D.. Mary D., P.D.Q., Q.E.D.. L.S.- M.F.T., and B.O., do hereby declare. deliver. reciTe, reporT, relaTe, proclaim. dedicaTe. offer. pronounce. and oTherwise uTTer our lasT will and TesTamenT on This day oT June, I953 A.D., A.M.. from The halls of our Alma MaTer. our TaiThTul STS.. locaTed aT The end of EasT End Avenue in The Thriving meTropolis oT LancasTer. Penne.. which lies aT The iuncTion of RouTe 30 and The ConesToga Creek. bounded by The CounTy Prison. ShanTyTown. ConesToga Cafe. Merkley's Serv- ice wiTh a Smile, and oTher local land marks. Our only demand is ThaT we be laid away To resT in uTmosT reverence and decorum in our wooden boxes-Thanks To Mr. Wagner, oTTicial caskeT maker. wiTh a TV seT To pass away The long winTer evenings in The happy hunTing ground oT The hereaTTer. As Tor any debTs. noTes. and l.O. U.'s, we now dispose. dispel. disperse. dissipaTe, discard. dispense. disTribuTe. or oTherwise geT rid of in The Tollowing manner: lTem I. To "Boiler House" Gaul and his TrusTworThy assisTanTs like "Keep 'em repaired" John- son, we bequeaTh a year's supply of humble sTudenTs Tor SaTurdays Through The courTesy of The Parole Board. whose judge and iury consisTs oT The Tollowing: "Eagle-Eye" CroessanT. "The Shad- ow" SchulTz. "Dick Tracy" Denuel. "LighT FooT" HeTTner, "Sam Spade" Hower. and The greaT "Sherlock Holmes" KraTT. lTem ll. To The "sharks" oT "Aby" Rogal's canTeen. we bequeaTh a copy of one of The besT sellers "The LiTTle WhiTe Cue Takes a Tip". or "Ten Easy Lessons l-low To ScraTch". or "Show-Me-A ShoT-I-Can'T-Make" wriTTen by The noTed experTs. "Sure-ShoT" Shumski. "Never-Miss" Kovach, and "ScraTch" STehman. lTem III. To The up-and-coming sTudenTs, The boys in Room 4 oT CoTTage "C" will supply aT low cosT, a ToolprooT meThod oT "disappearing" aTTer lO:OO p.m. and evading "NigTh-beaT" ShorTy. lTem IV. To Mr. Auchenbach and Mr. Fiorill. we ioinTly bequeaTh. because of a Tie, Gundar "The Wonder". Haegg's "l-low To Run A Mile In Four MinuTes". or "Who Will Be The FirsT To LighT Up AT Four"? lTem V. To Professor "Tiny" WrighT, we give, granT, besTow. confer. yield. imparT, presenT, cede. surrender. relinquish, or oTherwise leT him have The secreT oT The success oT The "Kornkobblers" Tor which he has been sTriving Tor The lasT Ten years. ITem VI. To Mr. "Livewire" Wilds and Mr. "TV" Weicksel, we bequeaTh one auTomaTic "Tool- boy" who can Turnish The shop sTudenTs wiTh everyThing Trom annunciaTor wire To boTTled elecTriciTy. ITem VII. To "Dr. Jekyll" I-lower, our super-chem insTrucTor, we bequeaTh The use of our bodies as guinea pigs Tor his experimenTaTions in discovering The cause of The disease, "No-STudy-iTis." Also To The aToremenTioned,we wish To presenT Tour years' renewal subscripTion To The "The Mad ScienTisT" wriTTen by FrankensTein and Wolfman. ITem VIII. To Mr. "Armchair General" HarTzell, one auTomaTic window To open aT his given command. ITem IX. To Mr. "Slide-rule" I-lill, one aTomic-powered car To prevenT The embarrassmenT oT running ouT oT gas while Taking his week-end Trips To New York. ITem X. To Dave Myers, we bequeaTh one Tamily-size boTTle oT ThaT world Tamous "Kill or Cure" I-Iadacol. ITem XI. To The kiTchen sTaTT, headed by Miss Bick, we leave The excellenT Table manners of us Seniors Tor emulaTion by The underclassrnanl Aheml And To "I-lard BiscuiT" Reber Those deli- cious smells ThaT make us hungrier. ITem XII. To Mr. Wayne V. STrasbaugh, one package oi sour apple seeds To grow more Trees To hang more S.T.S. vicTories. ITem XIII. To The coaching sTaTT, we leave our personal auTographed books oT The greaTesT aThleTes oT The world such as: "Ally Oop", "Joe Palookan, "Ozark Ike", "Flash Gordon", "K.O. Kelly", and "Sagebrush Sal." ITem XIV. To Mr. Wagner, we give a seT oT LuTkin's newesT measuring insTrumenTs which will eliminaTe The use oT his "guessing sTick." ITem XV. To Mr. "Pappy" I-lirsch, we give one yachT Tor his Trips on The "see." ITem XVI. To our "Dearly Beloved" MaTrons, we bequeaTh, now ThaT we are leaving, The laIesT radar equipmenT To know The whereabouTs of The boys. ITem XVII. To "Boss" Denlinger, we leave a suiT oT armor To proTecT him Trom Tlying brick, rnorTar, Trowels, and oTher shrapnel. ITem XVIII. For Mr. Brody, we insTall a direcT hook-up To The wires oT U.P., A.P., l.N.S., D.P.. U.C., and 5.0.5. so ThaT he will have ample news Tor each issue of The CraTTsman. ITem XIX. To Mr. "Panama" Evancoe, we give an album oT recordings of book reporTs of famous books so ThaT he will no longer have To ask sTudenTs To read books and reporT on Them. ITem XX. To Mr. DeVoy, we give The laTesT insTrumenT ThaT will Take smoke ouT oT coTTer keys. We pledge, on our honor, ThaT The preceding Will shall. To The besT of our knowledge. be binding on all Those involved. However. may iT be known ThaT any characTers menTioned in This documenT are purely TicTiTious and any resemblance To anyThing human is purely coincidenTal. Signed, sealed, and wiTnessed in The presence oT The Tollowing: Big Bill NoTary Public Tennessee Bill U. R. Hunsicker Dollar Bill R. U. NoThsTein Unpaid Bill Stage Sceneo ogutomotiue Upon enTering This shop under The supervision and insTrucTion oT Mr. Leon De Voy, The new sTudenTs are given job-she-eTs which are divided inTo Tour parTs: ParT I - Engine ParT 2 - Fuel and Elecjrrical Sy5Tem ParT 3 - The Power Flow ParT 4 - Chassis While working on These job-sheeTs, The sTudenTs aTTend regular classes in auTomoTive Theory. Upon c:ompleTion oT These iob sheeTs, The boys are puT on "live" worlc Tor The remainder oT The Time. The abiliTy and inTeresT oT The sTudenT deTermine The raTe oT his progress. NaTurally. The "Boss" is always around To advise, aid. inspecT, and approve The eTTorTs oT his crews as They Tear down, replace, repair, or improve The rambling wreclcs oT Their Triends and The chugging vehicles oT The TaculTy. gccking Everyone Takes pride in The TacT ThaT The Bake Shop is one OT The mosT modern and besT equipped school bakeries in This ComrnonwealTh. Besides Teaching his I6 sTudenTs The rudimenTs oT The Trade, Mr. Charles Reber Took Time ouT To wriTe a TexT book Tor his shop. l:eaTured in The classes each day are appeTizing whiTe, brown, whole wheaT, or rye bread: buns, muTTins, cakes, pies, and pasTries. Several OT These iTems are served in The school caTeTeria. Since This is The newesT deparTmenT in S. T. S., more beneTiTs will be TorThcoming as The experiences oT The sTudenT bakers increase. Their course includes The learning abouT all phases OT The Trade along wifh cosT accounTing, invenTories, and business manageme-nT. rick il l Zccoonry Bricklaying is more Than piling brick on brick or sTone on sTone Then slapping Them TogeTher wiTh morTar and skimming oTT The excess wiTh a Trowel. Everyone knows ThaT The permanence oT mosT oT our buildings depends upon The Trained skill oT The mason. To provide ThaT skill. Mr. J. Landis Denlinger Tollows This rouTine wiTh his sTudenTs: FirsT year - Training in The use oT Tools, moTion sTudy, proper knowledge oT plumb rules, and uses oT maTerials. Second year - Building arches, panels, sTeps. and angular sTrucTures. Third year - Applying This advanced skill and knowledge To The making oT cornices, Tire- places, bay windows, home and commercial consTrucTions. For ouT-oT-shop experience, The sTudenTs are senT To jobs oT bricklaying and sTone masonry on school proiecTs aloouT The campus, or on privaTe work Tor pay on aTTer-school hours. earpentry To creale someihing wifh his own hands is fhe ambilion of a normal boy. To aid Them in Their desires, Mr. Schullz and Mr. Wagner have lhe boys observe fhe following schedule: Firsl year - Use of hand fools. Proiecfs include bench hoolcs, shelves, boolc cases, minor repairs, helping The more slcilled upper classmen, and class room work in fheory. Second year - Use of power fools and machinery, advanced Theory, conslruclion of win- dow irames. cabinels, fables, and olher proiecls on or aboul lhe campus. Third year - Advanced Jrheory lhaf includes esiimaling and building conslruclion. Then lhe consfruclrion of scale models oi slairs, roofs, elc. Upon lhe complelion of Jrhis course. The Senior graduale is ready To lake his place in a compelilive world. To ihe Carpenler shop go innumerable requesls for school repairs, renovalions, new cab- inels, shelves, iurnilure, or special aufhorizalions for new conslruclion abou? Jrhe campus. rafting WlTaT do you wanT To design? A machine or a building sTrucTure? This is The deparTrnenT where sTuclenTs learn To Thinlc wiTh a pencil and puT Their ideas on paper. The inTsrucTor Mr. John M. Denuel has Two shops going aT The same Time in The same room. The reguirernenTs Tor each shop are The sarne in The beginning. STudenTs can seT Their worli pace. FirsT year - OrThographic proiecTions lThree view drawingsl are assigned Tor The TirsT halT year or so, Then The sTudenTs branch oTT inTo Their own Tields. ArchiTecTural - STarTing wiTh windows, doors, cornices, and sTairs, The sTudenT progresses wiTh work ThaT becomes more inTricaTe and exacTing in boTh pracTice and Theory: unTil in his Sen- ior or Third year, he is required To design a house wiTh all The necessiTies lilce plumbing, heaTing, elecTrical services and TixTures, plus oTher conveniences. Mechanical - STarTing wiTh gears, Threads, and various assembly drawings, The sTudenT Talces on worlf oT increasing diTTiculTy1 unTil in his Senior year, he rnusT design his own machine. To supplennenT Their TheoreTical knowledge, sTudenTs are given pracTical proiecTs lilce The Field l-louse and The Bake Shop. 1. l Qlectricity A l l Pliers, wire, screw driver, and Tuses don'T malce an elecTrician. To become The well-rounded Technicians Tor This Trade Today, boys GT STS., under The guidance oT lvlr. Reuel Rupp and Mr. Fred Wilds, musT Tollow a deTiniTe course oT sTudy and pracTice. l:irsT year - FundamenTals and Theory oT elemenTary circuiTs, symbols, Tools, signaling, and house wiring. ConduiT and raceway consTrucTion along wi'i'h The bending and running oT conduiT. FixTure hanging. Second year F- More Theory and pracTice in house and indusTrial wiring. Codes pei'Taining To elecTrical consTrucTion. Theory and use oT elecTrical insTrumenTs and measuremenTs. MoTor TesTing. repairing, and insTallaTion. ArmaTure Theory, TesTing, and re-wiring. TransTormers, Third year W More Theory and pracTice wiTh elecTronic c:onTrols, circuiTs oT many inTricaTe kinds. Eledronic consTrucTion. AnyThing wrong wiTh The lighTs, Telephone circuiTs, swiTches? Dial 590 and soon someone comes Trom The ElecrTic Shop To seT Things righT. achine Shop Gears. cams, bearings, Tools and special cuTTing edges don'T begin To name The producTs manuTacTured by The apprenTices in This Trade. Mr. AlTon Auchenbach and Mr. Carl CroessanT believe in The Tollowing program oT Training. FirsT year - STudy oT blue prinTs, consTrucTion oT machines, using The Tools oT The Trade in The well-equiped machine shop. ApplicaTion oT maThemaTics and Tormulas Tor various operaTions. Second year W OperaTion oT all machines. ProiecTs To compleTe like The manuTacTure oT Tools To be used in The Trade. l-leaTing oT sTeel and The Tempering oT meTals. Third year - lvlalcing more complicaTed Tools and proiecTs. More concenTraTed sTudy oT Tool and die-making wiTh very close Tolerances. Cprinting gwwt Q :WWW W 2 i 5 I T 5 , Q E .u....,e s , The Graphic ArTs, Tamilarly known as "prinTing," play a major role in modern civilizaTion. lflardly an individual exisTs Today who does noT come in daily conTacT wiTh The prinTed word. A birTh annonucernenT heralds his coming and an obiTuary noTes his passing. PrinTing is The laying oT ink on paper Tor a varieTy oT purposes. To undersTand This, Mr. Fiorill Teaches The basic knowledge and Techniques oT The Trade. The course OT insTrucTion includes: FirsT year - T-land Con'iposiTion, PlaTen Presswork, Paper and Inks, Bindery Work, and Theory. Second year M Advanced l-land ComposiTion, AuTornaTic PlaTen Presswork, Cylinder Press- work, LayouT and Design, and Theory. Third year - Advanced Cylinder Presswoik, Machine Con'iposiTion, Color Work, and Theory. ConsTanTly producTive work is Tinished in The Torms oT prinTed sTaTionery, pamphleTs, book- leTs, TickeTs, The school newspaper, 'TTI-IE CRAFTSMANM, and The school yearbook "THE STEVENSONIANH. Qpccclio and jeleuioion l-launling insrrumenlal and vocal melodies! Alluring TV performances all day long! Whal a life! Yel sfudenfs 'raking ihis course, under Mr. Arlhur Weicksel, have much To do while work- ing on all lcinds oi sels broughl lo lhe shop. The oulline ol lhe course is as follows: Beginning -- Shop praclice and radio service. Use oi fools. Soldering. Tube lesling. ld- enlificarion of resislors and condensers. Circuil consiruciion. Use of melers and ofher lesl equipmenl. Power supplies. Circuil analysis. Ampiiiers. Alignmenip Use of manuals lo learn lube subsliluiion, circuir diagrams, and cross references. Esiimaling. Car radio inslallalion. Shop mainlenance. Laler - Advanced 'rheory and praclice in eleclronics. Television servicing. Review of cir- cuils. Oscilloscope and inslrumenls for Television alignmenl. Sychronous and sweep circuils. Anienna inslallalion. Lasi - Theory and operalion of VHF and UHF. Much of Their pleasure is finding The "bugs" of delecfive sers and selling fhem lo operafe properly again. F ii fl! F ,altr- 9' wwf I 55 QV Xywja my F i3'f1'M"Qg-affair -'tib- ff' Qngliolfl Those sTudenTs, who are noT high school graduaTes upon enTering or while aTTending STS., are senT To lvlr. George Brody's classes in Room 6. Besides overlooking The TronT campus Trom The Third sTory windows, These sTudenTs also look over The developing Tield oT grammar and liTer- aTure. ParTs oT speech, grammaTical indenTiTicaTions, vocabulary building, workbooks, The BEACON l.lGl-lT LITERATURE series, magazines, newspapers, and library booksfall These help The sTudenTs To acquire more skill in reading, wriTing, and speaking. Thrown in Tor good measure is sample newspaper wriTing. ATTer all, This is a Tull course noT only To work in buT To live by. C?g6lUClVlCGGl Qngliolfl and Qconomico Though Mr. Paul J. Evancoe happens 'ro Teach nine seciions of Advanced English and only iwo oi Elemenlary Economics, The piclure above is Thai oi a class in economics. Their lexl is ECONOMICS EOR OUR TIMES supplemenied by reporls and discussions from newspapers, magazines, and oiher bool:s. Occasionally films are shown. Siudenls learn ihe inierplay of economic forces upon The home, communiiy, siaie, naiion, and world. Goods and services depend upon bouniiiul resources and resourceful people io produce beiler slandards of living everywhere. I-ligh school graduaies lake 'rhe Advanced English classes 'raughl by Mr, Evancoe. The course uiou fi work bool4, grammar boolc, and a new liieralure lexl: MY l.lEE, MY COUNTRY, MY WORLD. Reviewing bisic grammar, senlence and paragraph conslruclion, social and business leiler vvriling, The sludenls also read and reporl on approved boolcs oi iiciion, biography, aulo- biogmphy, and irnvel. Oral English becomes more inleresiing wilh reporis from currenl mag- azinos and newspapers. Worlhy ideas and ideals, correcl wriilen and oral usage ol: English, plus .si proiilable use oi leisure are The goals of This course. qfnccthematico Malhemafics. as +augh+ by Mr. Prosper Hill, is noi' limiled only ro vocarional fundamenrals buf also includes algebra, Trigonomelry, geomelry, and lhe direcl uses of lhe slide rule. All srudenls musr lake malhemarics. Formerly, E+ was laughr mainly lo non-high school grad- uares. Wilh lhe passing of lime, rhe demand is for beller slcilled lradesman wilh more 'rhan ordi- nary rraining. Vocalional malhemafics is rhar parr of Jrhe course lhal presenis problems and solulions lo sludenls which 'rhey may or will encounrer in Their life work. To expecl To be a good lradesman wilhoul maihemalics is iusr as foolish as expecfing 'ro be an ellicienr workman wilhour The proper Tools. enerccl Science canal wealth 'F The aims oT General Science as TaughT by lvlr. James Maurey are To give The boys a gen- eral baclcground in all phases oT science under The Tollowing Topics: lvlaTTer and iTs composiTion. chemical changes in organic and inorganic maTerials, living Things vs non-living Things, digesTive sysTem, simple anaTomy, communicable diseases, weaTher and iTs changes, waTer supply, simple machines, and naTural resources. The l-lealTh Program has The Tollowing course oT insTrucTion as TaughT by Mr. lvlauroy also: Personal grooming, belTer dieT, caring Tor The body, anaTomy and physiology, geTTing along vviTh oThers, being a good consumer, personal Tinance, owning and living in your home, principles ol marriage, and Wwe and our neighborsfl ogoluancecl Science Some of 'rhe riddles of ihe universe are unravelled in Mr. Ernesl l-lower's laboralories by his embryo scienlisls. Some enlering sfudenls believe +ha+ Jrhey have aciually seen eleclricily, buf They soon learn +ha+ man sees only fhe effecis of eleciriciiy and learns io observe, measure, and use ihe powerful forces of naiure. As Sophomores, ihe siudenis sludy Physical Science which includes subiecls lilce fire, fuels, heal, malerials of conslruciion, sound, wealher and climaire. The Juniors siudy Chemisiry which includes lhe hisiory of chemislry, elemenis and come pounds, ihe alomic weighls, balancing equalions of compounds, acids, bases, salis, and organic mailer. Smells ihai please and odors ihal nauseaie iloal down lhe second floor halls a+ Times. As Seniors, 'rhe boys siudy Physics. They learn aboul densiiy and specific graviiy, power, principles oi machines, air and liquid pressure. Fulcrums, levers, pulleys, mechanical principles- all mean more lo lhe young lradesman as he sees more uses for The praclical knowledge he learns. ocial Science To be good cilizens of our Unilecl Slales, lo undersland and acl wisely in local, nalional, and inlernalional affairs-llwe sludenls sluoly llwe background, framework, and lunclioning ol our American civilizalion. For many years now al Slevens Trade, Mr. James l-larlzell lwas lauglwl Civics and Pennsy- lvania l-lislory lo Freslwmen, American l-lislory lo Sopliomores, Economics lo Juniors, and Problems oi Democracy lo Seniors. ln llwese days of Communisl conllicl' and falselioocls, il is well for our people lo be forliiied willn unwavering laillw in our Clirislian and American way of life. Gpposed lo godless ancl inlin- rnan ellorls lo enslave mankind, we believe in llwe moral, orderly, and lawful mellwocls ol eiiecling fplmngos in rnan's polilical, social, and economic syslems. Safety and girot ogicl ln The Teaching oT SaTeTy, Mr. Eugene GroTT, The insTrucTor, emphasizes The primary olojecTive OT accidenT preve-nTion in school, indusTry, and any oTher OT liTe's acTiviTies. SaTeTy educaTion in school does noT consisT solely OT placing resTricTions on The use oT various Types OT machinery and equipment raTher, iT is Teaching The imporTance OT Taking precauTions, Toreseeing and Tore- sTalling dangers or hazards abouT one's environmenT or work. Suggeslrions and maTerials which are helpTul in planning accidenT prevenTion are TaughT in every shop course. Acquiring knowledge and slcills Tor TreaTing emergencies or accidenTs unTil a physician arrives are The purposes oT FirsT Aid as TaughT by Mr. GroTT. In addiTion, The prevenTion oT acci- denTs and eliminaTing Their causes are also sTressed. The American Red Cross TexTboolc: FIRST AID serves as a guide Tor The average adulf inTeresTed in TirsT aid Training. Cphyoical Qclucation The picTure above TeaTures Mr. James lvlaurey running Through his paces as The boys learn Tumbling. OTher insTrucTors in This deparTmenT oT Physical EducaTion are Mr. Richard Bevilacqua and Mr. Eugene Groff who have oTher classes Tor The muscle men. The aims oT Physical EducaTion in The various gym classes are as Tollows: To develop The aTTiTude oT enioymenT oT physical acTiviTy, To develop viTaliTy, physical growTh, and new muscular slcills, and To develop desirable human behavior Through group parTicipaTion. The auTumn acTiviTies include: Speed ball, Touch TooTball, soccer, volley ball, and Tennis. The winTer acTiviTies include: BaslceTball, wresTling, boxing, maT gymnasTics, apparaTus work, shuTTle board, and TundamenTal marching. The spring acTiviTies include: SoTTball, Track, and Tield evenTs. Cpelcxtecl ibrccwing WhaTever The Trade, all beginners Tind Themselves enrolled in RelaTed Drawing. AT The ouTseT oT This course under Mr. Theodore l-lirsch, sTudenTs learn The TundamenTal principles of mechanical draTTing. The iniTial year includes orThographic proiecTions, leTTering, Technical slceTching, auxiliary view drawing, and secTions. NeaTness and accuracy are The lceynoTes oT drawing. In The nexT or Junior year, The course requires deTail drawings Trom assembly drawings: and vice versa. assembly drawings Trorn deTails. Finally, in The Senior year, The sTudenTs assemble drawings perTaining To Their Trades. Hav- ing gained The basic knowledge oT drawing, sTudenTs now originaTe proiecTs ThaT will be carried To compleTion in Their shops laTer. cpelcctc-:cl Ebrawing UNION 1 .K mum All high school graduaTes in SecTions 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9-find Themselves in RelaTed Drawing under Mr. Donald Jones. STressed mosTly are mechanical drawing and blue prinT reading. As Sophomores. These beginners learn The TundamenTals of mechanical draTTing. OrTho- graphic proiecTions, leTTering, Technical sl4eTching, auxiliary view drawings, and secTions comprise The worlc of This year. As Juniors, They become more polished in Their work of deTail drawings Trom assembly drawings: Then assembly drawings Trom deTails. ln The Senior year, The sTudenTs progress To drawings in Their own Trade, wiTh some oT Their own ideas Tor proiecTs in Their shop. Also, co-ordinaTed wiTh The above work is Blue PrinT read- ing. Elm. lglllii , Y '! an .Li "gn W W!! 7-.5 5-2? 1 QSM? .jf fi! 6,1 I wzs5v We ukfwv'-52w " ,T 1? A344 aj ,, 4 -., xf QTL-K. ffl fl A X 4 B., ?Km-H3931 K, W. . file Cllnclerotuclieo unior Qlcwo L to K-bzrst row: R. Shirey. A. Fesco. F. Hopton. R Benson, W. Rank. F. Scheaffer, R. Heatong Secondirow: A. Nawa, F. Updegrave. W. Mack. G. Moulden, J. Marino: Third row: P. Steffy, Floyd, G. Surochak T VN. JVetterau, P. Ginda, T, McKeever. R. Fedorowichg Fourth row: R. Long. Yarnell, D. Reed H. Foore J. F1C1dS, A. MHFIIDQ Fifth row: T. Glass, D. Myers, T. Stefkovic, E. Donald. J. Ebling, C. Irvin,,R. Hontz J. Butcavage, J. Snokus, G. Acaley, R. Weaver, W. Groff, R. Nabholtz, J. Tulenko The Class of '54 enTered STevens Trade School on SepTember I I, I95O, wiTh eighfeen mem- bers. On November I4. This class. under The supervision of Mr. Donald Jones, elecTed The following officers: PresidenT - Paul STeffy7 Vice-PresidenT - John Marino SecreTary - Bill Shillingsfordq Treasurer - RoberT Arnold STudenT Council - Andrew Nawa, Harry Byrd Besides parTicipaTion in many of The regular school acTiviTies. The TirsT social affair of This group was "The Spring Dance" which was pronounced a success by Those who aTTended. OTher Freshmen acTiviTies were limifed To sTudy, work, and personal recreaTions on and off The campus. By SepTember of l95l. These original freshmen became a larger class oT IO7 wiTh The new addiTions of Sophomores. AfTer becoming acguainTed, The group selecfed The following officers: PresidenT - John Marino: Vice-PresidenT - Mike Plaxa SecreTary - William Beaver: Treasurer - Joe BuTcavage STudenT Council - William WeTTerau, l'lilTon Foore Several of The sTudenTs Tried ouT for The various aThleTic evenfs wiTh The hopes of making The varsiTy. Graciously, The class cancelled Their ST. PaTriclc's Day Dance To give The AcTiviTies Com- 1 unior Qlaoo .. A , f . - sun, ,W .. W.. . . W . W .M MJ, Av, I' , T- .T-f, , f-w'1v'w g. W is is my I. to R First row: M. Houck, R. Fyock, E. Eycr, I. Diehl, B. Solomon, Ponis, R. Stanwood, D. Haffley W. Millcrg Second row: R. Ks-mlull. A. Shaud. G. Shobcr. D. Zvllvrs. J. McDaniel, R. Artz, R. Grannis, C Morton, T. Clhvsiivy, W. l"z1s11nc'ht, R. SC'hIl1lClllZlIIll'X'Q Third row: Risko. Hnrtshorn. R. Arnold. Piscorick J. Herr, W. Shillingsford. D. Ritchey: Fourth row: J. Crompton. R. Wir-grind. M. Kosar. James. W'. Brown D. Lake, M, Krishurtg Fifth row: D. Blvfko, Mr. Donald Jones CAdvisorl, T, Murray, D. Henning, D. Herb M. Plaxa, D. Lefford, E. Salami miTTee Their daTe Tor The grand opening parTy OT The RecreaTion Building. More seasoned wiTh residence and learning, The Class oT 54' reTurned as Juniors wiTh greaTer eagerness To pursue Their Trades and geT inTo The swing oT Things. Again class oTTicers were chosen: PresidenT - John Marino: Vice-PresidenT - Thomas Murray SecreTary -H Bob Wiegandy Treasurer - Joe BuTcavage STudenT Council - William WeTTerau, l-lilTon Foore The ST. ValenTine Dance on February I3, l953, proved To be very enioyable. However. The crowning social success of The year was The Junior-Senior Prom OT May lo, I953, Semi-Tormally dressed upper classmen, escorTing and dancing wiTh beauTiTully gowned parTners, Tuneful music. cheerful decoraTions, and delicious reTreshmenTs-all These became cherished memories in The lives OT Those who will reTurn To Tinish Their courses nexT year, Those who will leave as graduaTes. or even Those whom Uncle Sam may call To The Colors. From This class have emerged good scholars, good apprenTices, excellenl' aThleTic maTerial in all The maior sporTs oT The school: and besT oT all, The bearing and conducT oT responsible men who seem To know whaT They wanT, where and how To achieve Their liTe-dreams. 353 534- 5 ix "T I E Q fm av svmi ew' L Stage ogctiuit Steuenooniarb eccrboolz Stagg L to R Around the Table: L. Gravcr. C. Nelson, C. Gross. Christman. L. Davis. Mr. P. J. Evuncoc CAdvisor G. Bortz. D. Peters. J. Behler. J. Spotts. R. Krell, R. Levanclusky, G. Gordon OFFICERS AND STAFF Edilor csc Jerry Borlz Business Manager H- ,sn Lowell Graver Co-Ediior W, ,,,,,, Larry Davis Layoul 84 Design ,. , Richard Levanduslcy Pholographer . ,H ., ,, ,,,,,,-, Donald Pelers WRITE-UPS Charles Nelson James Behler Carl Gross Jaclc Spells Ellon Chrislman Roberl Krell Glenn Gordon The Slevensonian Slall wishes 'ro convey The gralilude of lhe Senior Class To Mr. Henry Wagner, Class Advisor: Mr. Michael Fiorill, Prinlinq Shop lnslruclor: and Mr. Paul J. Evancoe, Advisor - for your encouraqemenl and help loward a successful l953 STEVENSONIAN. May This book linlc your curricular and exlra-curricular acliyilies wilh lhoughls of prolilable lcnowledqe, worlhwhile friendships, and ioylul experiences al lhe Thaddeus Slevens Trade School. The Slafl. ra tomcufl Sta Q2 ll I to ll .S'z'n!1'rl: Cl. Kiss. Klrrmlpton. P. Stvffy. R. Shumski. Regal. Marino. E. Donzxlnl. T Nluux rmrlfng: U, Sl'lllIllIll!'l. D, llzxffly. l". Rzwvrt. Hl'ml1'rs0:1. D. Myers. G. Iirody. D. Rvitz, f Slllbjtl ul. Mcllriclv. W. Shillingsforcl News Edilor Joe Roqal News Sfaff George Sclmlrnmel Duane Reilz Torn Murray Bill Slwillinqslord Frank Palrlnos Nevin Andreas Jolwn Placgha Facul+y A Edilor-in-chief Bob Sh umslri Fealures Edilor Paul Srelly Fealures Slaff Freose Ravcerl Jolwn Crompfon l-lol:-erl War'ner Dave Myers Ed Donald Jerc Henderson dvisor: Mr. Geo rqe Brody Sporls Ecli+or Glenn Slmober Sporfs Sfaff Jolwn Marino Don Zellers George Kiss glue Qraftoman The prinTed school newspaper of The Thaddeus STevens Trade School is Three years old. This paper has undergone worThwhile changes under The guidance oT Mr. George Brody, FaculTy Advisor. From only a Tew members in The beginning oT This newspaper, The sTaTT has increased con- siderably Tor gaThering, wriTing, revising, ediTing, and publishing The news abouT The person- aliTies and acTiviTies around The campus. Some oT The inTeresTing changes Taking place are The six page ediTions which sTarTed in February. One Tull page is now seT aside Tor iTems relaling To T e Alumni. PicTures are evidenT in The more recenT issues. CuTs wcro made To enliven The various column headings. In November of This school year. Frease RaverT and Joe Rogal aTTended The Pennsylvania School Press AssociaTion, beTTer known as The PSPA. LasT year's issues oT The CRAFTSMAN were enTered in The judging conTesT. The CRAFTSMAN placed Third in iTs class. glue Qragtoman reoo glad? PresidenT ..,, --,Paul STeTTy Vice-PresidenT H, A- George Kiss SecreTary -H --- Frease RaverT Treasurer ........ .... J oe Rogal Business Manager - George Shimmel Organized in February of This year, The Press Club became The newesT exTra-curricular organizaTion on The campus. ITs purpose is To perform various services Tor The school. From The sale of "Hoagies", submarine sandwiches, This organizaTion has purchased a TiTTeen inch Trophy To be given To The ouTsTanding compeTiTor in This year's Field Day evenTs. OTher awards were Tie-clasps wiTh a medallion Tor members in The JournalisTic endeavor who had served Tor Two or more years. The Press Club also sponsored The CRAFTSMAN Lounge in The gymnasium during The nighT of The Prom where reTreshmenTs were served. The CRAFTSMAN STaTT wishes To exTend iTs Thanks To The PrinTing DeparTmenT for prinTing The school paper. as well as To oTher deparTmenTs who may assisT direcTly or indirecTly in iTs success. Student eouncil L to R: P. Tshudy. C. Krapf, Panasiti. Mr. Ralph Kraft flfaculty Advisorj, Bortz, B. Wcttcrau, Ebling L. Klinger STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS PresidenT . Jerry BorTz Vice-PresidenT W Jacques Ebling SecreTary-Treasurer ,,,,,, .- ,M Jack PanasiTi The STudenT Council was insTiTuTed To promoTe beTTer undersTanding beTween The sTudenTs and The adminisTraTion, To provide acTiviTies and recreaTions Tor The leisure hours, and To malce liTe around The school a more enjoyable one. Three special roiecTs are sponsored by The STudenT Council: TirsT, The Welcoming ParTy in The beginning oTPThe school year Tor The new sTudenTs: second, The ChrisTmas ParTy in The gymnasium beTore mosT oT The sTudenTs go home: Third, The mosT enjoyable oT all, Family VisiTaTion Day observed in coniuncTion wiTh The annual lnviTaTion Traclc MeeT. Members oT The Council are elecTed in democraTic sTyle. Two represenTaTives are chosen Trom cach class buT The PresidenT musT be a Senior, The Vice-Pre-sidenT is a Junior, and Tho Secrelary-Treasurer is a Sophomore. Under The leadership oT lvlr. Ralph KraTT, The STudenT Council has had many successes dur- ing The school year. mi and 63196 Cizue I, to R l"n'u ww: 'if Murray, Bruker, E. Reichert, D Rcitz, E. lfanclli. D. Myers. j. Regal. E. Shortlidgc P. Dctterlino. J. Henderson. W. Keller. G. Acaley, E. Donald. B. Brown. G. Kudia: Sevond row: Mr. S Wright. W. Fasmirht. M. Wilders. B. Gillespie. A. Martin. N. Andreas. B. Evcritt: Third row: Snyder F. Ravcrt. R. Stanwood. D. Miller. D. Treirhlcr. F, Wiright. E. Lear. Shredcr, G. Kiss. T. Stcfkovif. T. Beard R. Warner, N. Srrip. A. Tshudy. R. Fcdorowich. A. Burkey, Gill Formal or iniormal, aT home or away, whaTe'for The Time or place. lvlr. Sam WrighT can iell a vocal or insTrumenTal group TogeTher in lirniTed pracTice sessions Tor The parTicular occasion. Aside Trom parTicipaTion in chapel programs which TeaTured Columbus Day, Armislrice Day, Thanksgiving Day, Xmas holidays, Band SHT, TalenT ConTesT, MiliTary Band, Vocal rendiTions, EasTer music, Dance rhyThms, VisiTaTion Day, and Tinally Graduahon music - all These delighTed The l:aculTy and The STudenT Body. Trips away from The school campus included performances aT Columbia Tor The XXMVETS: aT Rossmere SaniTarium in l.ancasTer: aT Manheim Township Legion: aT Edward l-land Junior l-ligh, l.ancasTer: aT LiTiTz TalenT ConTesT: aT Nesguehoning l-ligh School: F. X4 lvl. Campus House: Quenhn Riding Club: DowningTown l-hgh School: lVlayTown High School: and Lancasirer Counlry Club. STudenTs in musical groups Tind pleasures and experiences ThaT are indescribable To Those on The sidelines. Seli-expression, cooperaTion, and ioy are The l1eynoTes oT Sam's Teaching oi music. oaooemlaly Sepl. 3 Sepl. IO Sepl. I6 Sepl. 24 Ocl. I Ocl. 8 Ocl. I5 Ocl. 22 Ocl. 29 Nov. S Nov. I2 Nov. I9 Nov. 25 Dec. 3 Dec. IO Dec. I7 Dec. I8 Jan. 7 Jan. I4 Jan. 20 Jan. 28 Feb. 4 Feb. I I Feb. I8 Feb. 25 Mar. 4 Mar. I I Mar. I8 Mar. 25 Apr. 8 Apr. I5 Apr. 22 Apr. 29 May 6 May I3 May 20 May 27 June 3 June IO June I7 June 24 Cprogramo lndoclrinalion ol new sludenls, Mr. J. Slauller, Mr. W. Slrasbaugh Film: "A Day In CourI." lCour'resy ol Inl. Harvesler Co.l Indoclrinalion of more new sludenls Welcoming Parly lSIudenl Associalionl Pep Assembly lMusic direcled by Mr. S. Wrighll Religious Leaders ol Lancasler Cily meeling sludenls ol lheir respeclive denominalions. Columbus Day Program lReading: John Cromplonl Pennsylvania Week and U. N. Quiz Sluclenl Eleclions Morrison and Beck Musical Armislice Day Talk: Mr. P. J. Evancoe "The Man Who Growsuz Mr. I-larry Grilfis "The Crooked River": Dr. Richmond Myers, Geologisl lFilm and Talkl Pep Assembly Thanksgiving Assembly: Rev. Wm. T. Mann Class Meelings Foolball Awards: Mr. R. Bevilacqua, Mr. E. Groll Band: Mr. S. Wrighl Chrislmas Theme Talk: Rev. D. L. Fegley Xmas Enlerlainmenl in Gym, Sludenl Council lXmas Slory-Bell Telephonel Mr. Andrews Facully Men Program lMusicaI and panlominel Talk on I-lobbies: Mr. Edwin Rowlands Presidenlial T. V. Views of Eisenhower's Inaugural Wreslling ancl I-lolds IS. T. S.l Mr. Jim Maurey Sluclenl Skit lMr. Wrigh'r's music groupsl Lincoln Talk: Mr. P. J. Evancoe "T. V. Today": Mr. l'I. Miller Magic: Mr. Clinl' Riedel! Public Speaking Conlesl: Mr. l'lill, Mr. Brody, Mr. Evancoe Winners: Robl. Wiegand, Firsly Edward Donalcl, Second: Glenn Shober, Third. Band Musical under Mr. S. Wrighl Class Meelings Baskelball and Wreslling Awards: Mr. Bevilacqua. Mr. Maurey Easler Assembly Talk: Rl. Rev. Mon. Schweich Movies: "Small Game and Fishing": Mr. M. Enck Quiz: Slevens Birlhday Assembly: Mr. I-larlzell, Mr. Brody Talk: Safely and Lile: Mr. Andrew S. Beshore Suchard Amaleur Program: Mr. S. Wrighl U. S. Navy Movies and Talk: Ch. P. O. Gavin, Ch. P. O. Mosl' All Vocal Program of S. T. S. boys: Mr. S. Wrighl Class Meelings Musical Program S. T. S. boys: Mr. S. Wrighl Memorial Program Movie: "Cable Splicing," Bell Telephone: Mr. H. J. Ganse Track Awards: Mr. Schullz Flag Day Assembly: Mr. S. Wrighl Panel Discussion: Mr. O. Brody, Mr. P. Hill Commencemem' Rehearsal enior 610400 CVIUYWO geonor CDOU: Richard S. Levandusky Charles C. Nelson Roberl' A. Shumslci Donald J. Selcol James F. Bruclcer Claylon E. Swope Lowell W. Graver Carl Gross oawcarcl Cloinnero: Alumni Award Gerald l-I. Boriz Theodore Schwalm Award Lowell l-lalligan Award American Legion Award Forly 8: Eighl Award Thaddeus Slevens Essay Award ommencement Speakero: Richard S. Levanduslcy Roloerl A. Shumslci Gerald l-l. Borlz Lawrence R. Davis Joseph W. Roqal David J. Smilh Rober+ A. Shumski Allen E. McDonald Rolaeri A. Shumslci James F. Bruclcer Carl G. Gross Supporting eaot Sophomore Qlaoo L to R-- First row: B. Walker. D. Treirhlcr. Reichert. R. Gillespie. D. Miller. C. Lewis. Placha. G. Stehman: Second row: S. Dorwarcl. J. Shank. W Stepp. R Recd. P Kiersted. C Aumillcr G. M G . . , . 1. , r owng Thzrd row: D. Howells. R. Dunlap. A. Ogden. C. Angcrmeir. W. Schncll. R. Snyder: Fourth row: Brown, R. Akers. J. Hill. R. Ncifert. J. Smith, A. Bc-rkey. P. Tshudy: Fifth row: R. Corbin, G. Wolf. E. Reynolds, A. P. k ' ' ' i ' ' ' ' J ' ' ir cr. Snyder. W. Gllpin. Sixth low. Ci. Simmons. H. Smith. D. Takoushmn A Ogden C Smvltv M. Davison: Sevenlh row: G. Stoner. N. Supko. J. Henderson, D. Rite-nour. L. Cullcrig Eighth rozu: Mike Fiorill. Faculty Advisor: C. Stief. F. Hicstand. Maclilwee. Pagnotto The class OT '55 enTered The Thaddeus Slevens Trade 5chool on 5epTember I7, l95l and was composed oT sixTeen sTudenTs. There wasn'T much ThaT This small group could do excepT plan Tor The TuTure which They did wiTh The help oT Their advisor, Mr. Fiorill. AT Their TirsT class mee-Ting, aTTer a monTh oT geTTing acguainTed, These oTTicers were chosen: PresidenT - Daniel Talcoushian 5ecreTary-Treasurer - l-lerberT 5miTh Though The social program oT This class was limiTed because oT Their small number, They enThusiasTically enTered inTo school liTe wiTh iTs varied exTra-curricular acTiviTies. On SepTember I5, l952, new sTudenTs arrived aT 5.T.5. To increase The class oT '55 To IZ6 members. This group now has The disTincTion OT being The largesT class in The schoolls hisTory. Xn Sophomore Qlaoo I to R lfizxl nw: .'XIllll'l'SUll. K. Wboclrig. C. Rhozlclcs. E. VVntto, P. Dcttcrlilw. E.. Kunkcl, E. Triponcy, I Mzimllo, Pzmzlsiti. A. Rm-cl: Se'ro1zrl ww: G. Kiss. Ml'l5I'llll'. Rutknuskzis, C. Lnvis. D. Hopkins MlD!'L11lIl. R. lirsnitiiiw. Gill. T. lic-urcl. li. ICH-rittg Tliihrrl row: Hzxnlzilski. Sc'lu1c'kl'r. A. Pryzbylkowski C llm't1'ii'k. .'xllllSl'2lY1l!,1'. M, SllI'lYl'l'. Jllylllilll. R, SlllWL'i'lil. R. 1'lI'i'1'IIl2lll. Mi'Dmmvll. R. Nicholas. N alri-ns. nf l"um'1'. D. i lli-ss. M, Ifryv. Xvllllll lrflllllll 1010: C. Ruth. I.. B0lliIlgl'l'. S. Erriugton. Shvlrusl-ay '- ' - - f ' isunznx R. Kirtinitis. W. Kvllvr. B. Evans. D. Millvr, ll. MZISLXIIQ lfiffh row: ll I luililnn. R. llmmmg. X. .Nl . Sshrump. ll Yvirln. XY. rlNllUIIllDSOll, R1i'Kl'lJll. R. RlNllll'l', l.. Krvll. l.. Tmilli. R. Iizirrctt. C. Rrnntz. I1 xi-pp:-rg Szfvllz mm: H. lJl'2l'Ill11ll'ilI. R, SlJi'll1lll'ttl. M. -lW11clclvI1. NV. llowvll. Slobodn. NV. ZIIIIIINTIIIIIII IJ Yost. W. Clxil'.ix'vllu. .X. 'lil'lIllllIll. ll. Kzllbzlvh. R. clI'l'lSt1 .Sfrzimillz ww: R. Rousseau. V. Ruth. l'. hiurplly l Caiulosai. lirouks. YY, SC'll2llJIJl'l. Slflllill Allcr uoforcll weelcs ol allericlorice, lhey elecled lhe following ollicers: Presiclenl - Max Frye Vice-Presicleril - Tom Beard Secrelary f Mickey Shriver Treasurer - Carl Simmons The old saying, "Where Theres quarilily, Theres qualilyf' applies very well 'lo lhe class of 55. lvlfmy fillileles from 'rhis class have olislihquished Themselves in varsily and ihlmmural sporls.. , Stage ZZ-gccncl 2-Zreohmen Qlccoo L to R -First row: R. Tshudy. R. Burgoon. E. Kirchner. C. James. Garber. L. Klingvr: Second row: Klrbl-sh. R. Rvituqiun. -I. Shook. W. Travcr, P. Landis. F. Horuslzcrg Third row: C. Kucliu, Williams, Mutt. M. Boirv. J. Swank. W. Shaver. D. Iriminingcrg Fourth row: Muudorff, Mr. Prosper Hill CAdvisor F. Pzitrinos. If.. Svhiniclt. R. Kirklvy. C. Fish, F. Wright. Freshmen Class Officers Presidenf - Charles Fish Vice-Presidenf - John Williams Secrefary - John Shoolc Treasurer - Richard Reifnaur Ordinarily, fhe regular sfudenfs enfering S.T.S. loegin as Sophomores if fhey happen fo be sixfeen or over and have finished fheir freshman year of high school worlc l-lowever boys less fhan sixfeen or sevenfeen years of age who have nof finished more fhan eighf gradesiof regular schooling are admiffeol as Freshmen. Their firsf year is limifeol fo scholasfic sfudies and re-lafed worlc. Like all boys af S.T.S., fhe Freshmen have worlc clefails. During fheir firsf year fhey have an excellenf opporfunif fo i ' Y observe all lhe fracles and fhen malce fheir fracle choice for fhe following fhree years of l resicenfial fraining. Opporfunifies for parficipafion in fhe sporfs acfivifies are numerous and varied fhroughouf fhe year. odctoro' Sidelighto caching Stagg ' , Mr. Donald Jones llzcorballl lvlr. Errwesl Flower, llacully Manager Mr. Eugene Groll llzoolball, Baskelballl Mr. Richard Bevilacqua, Direclor of Alhlelics llzoolball, Baslcelball Mr. Roloerl Sclwullz llraclcl Mr. Prosper l-lill llzoolballl Mr. James Maurey llioolball, V!resl'lingl Lf 5' f-C v ar My Li . W ,, ,sax on 'ull Ill if 1" 515 A U' x A i L t R-Firxt row: Jrrry james CBD, Thurle "Jug" McKecvfr CED. Pctcr Ginda CGD, Larry Davis CBD. Allen McDonald CTD, Harry Kuohka CED, joe Butcavage CBD. Charles Kraph CGD 3 Second row: Ray Slawecki CED, Thomas Beard CDD, Mikc Plnxa CBD, Robert Schucker CCD. Bill Xvcttcrau CBD, Bill Bcavcr CTD, Nick Supko CTD, Third roau: Russell lloruung CED. Bill Schappell CBD, Thomas Chesney CED. Vincent Ashman CGD, Dave Ritchey CTD, john 'layman CTD. Eddie Watto CGD, George Surotchak CED5Fourtl1 raw: Jim McDonnell CBD, Richard Fyock CBD, Bob Yv'icgnnd CED, Max Frye CBD, Hilton Foorc CTD. Wade Groff CTD,Mickey Shriver CBD :Fifth rozv:Glcnn Shobrr, Manager, Bill Hassen CGD.Eugcnc Kunkel CBD, Carl Gross CCD, John PonisCCD, James Behlcr CGD, Howard Richards CGD, Donald Lefford CED Varsily Foolball Schedule I952 Traders Opponenls Score Dale Where 20 Millersville J. V. O Sepl. 26 Away 32 Valley Forge M. A. O Od. 4 I-Iome 28 Diclcinson 6 Ocl. II Away 27 F. X4 M. J. V I3 Od. I7 Away 26 Perlciornen 6 Ocl. 25 Home I4 Mercersburq M. A. 6 Nov. 8 Home 0 Gellysburg Frosh 27 Nov. I4 Away 20 Wyoming 6 Nov. 22 Home Tolal score lor lhe TRADERS: Won - 7: Losl -- I ""-fan-'15 fflw-wf'-E wow 31 Coach Diclc Bevilacgua sTarTcd The Toolball season wiTh 94 gridiron candidaTes ouT oT a Iolal onrollmenT oT 300 boys. Only 90 could be supplied wiTh grid eguipmenT. Assisling The head coach This season were Don Jones aT deTonsive sTraTegy, plus Three new menTors: Mr. James lvlaurey as JV coach: Mr. Eugene GroTT, baclfTield coach: and lvlr. Prosper Hill, oTTensive line coach. The reTurning leTTermen and The new prospecTs gave The coaches much manpower To Till Those coveled sTarTing berThs wiTh added reserves oT brawn and brain Tor The depTh. So, wiTh added new Toes To The schedule, The TRADERS played wiTh a winning conTidence. FirsT game. SepTember 26, l952. S.T.S. - 20 - M.S.T.C. JV - 0. Away. STevens scored on The TirsT play oT The game as Jerry James made The TirsT Touchdown. Larry Davis rushed The exTra poinT. In The second guarTer, l-larry Kuchlca Tool4 a laTeral Trom Davis on The Two yard line and scored. The Tinal Touchdown came when Tom Beard ran 25 yards Tor a TD. STevens used 34 men in This game. Second game. OcTober 4. S.T.S. - 32 - Valley Forge - 0. l-Tome A Tremendous oTTensive splurge oT 4 TD's in The lasT period gave The TRADERS a 32 - 0 vicTory over Valley Forge MiliTary Academy. ATTer a scoreless TirsT halT, Larry Davis sTarTod The scoring by inTer:epTing a Throw and running Tor a TD. In The big TourTh guarTer, James, Penis. Davis, and Kunlcle all added TD's. Third game. OcTober ll. STS. - 28 -- Dickinson JV - 6. Away. STevens' grid machine rolled To an easy vicTory. ATTer Trailing aT The end OT The TirsT quarTer 6 - 2. The TRADERS unlashed an oTTensive ThaT swamped The opponenTs. ln The second quarTer, halTbaclc Larry Davis scampered I0 yards and laTer 40 yards Tor Two TD's. ATTer The sTalemaTe in The Third c1uarTer, Milce Plaxa Threw To Gene Kunlcle who wenT 45 yards Tor an- oTher TD. "Jug" Mclieever also caughT a pass and scored an exTra six poinTs. FourTh game. OcTober I7. S.T.S. - 27 - F X1 M JV - 6. Away. Sparlced by "Owlie" Davis, The hard-hiTTing and shiTTy back, The TRADERS, aTTer a score- less TirsT quarTer, goT The ball. Davis ran I2 yards on The TirsT play oT The second guarler To send S.T.S. ahead. ln The Third quarTer, Davis ran 20 yards Tor anoTher TD. Then scoring laTer on a pass play Trom Bill VVeTTereau To l'Jug" lvlclieever To Gene Kunkle who ran The remaining I8 yards, The TRADERS Tallied anoTher TD. In The Tinal canTo, Jerry James scored also: Thus bringing The seasonls wins To 4 wiTh no losses yeT. FiTTh game. OcTober 25, S.T.S. - 26 - Perkiomen - 6. Away. The rampaging Traders Turned Their power loose in The TirsT period To score Three Touch- downs and Then coasTed To a 26 - 6 vicTory beTore The home-coming crowd. George Surofchak Tallied TirsT Tor STevens as he Took a laTeral Trom Jack Ponis. Ponis inTercepTed a Perkiomen pass. Seconds laTer, Davis wenT Tor a TD. Also scoring This period was Joe BuTcavage. ln The asT quarTer, Davis again scored aTTer an inTercepl'ion. SixTh game. November 8. S.T.S. - I4 - Mercersburg - 6. Home. Thus Tar unbeaTen STevens Trade exTended iTs sTring oT wins To six as They squeezed a I4 - 6 vicTory over a sTubborn ivlercersburg Academy. Held scoreless in The TirsT'halT. The Traders broke Through in The Third and TourTh quarTers Tor TD's. PeTe Ginda blocked a punT which George SuroTchak picked up and rompeol Tor The TD. The oTher score Tor STevens was a 50 yard iaunT by Davis To paydirT. , SevenTh game. November I4. S.T.S. - O - GeTTysburg Frosh - 27. Away. The Traders' FooTball machine ran aground aTTer six sTraighT vicTories when They meT a powerful GreTTysburg Frosh Team and suffered a 27 - O loss. The Traders ran inTo some bad luck and breaks as GeTTysburg capiTalized on all oT These. Pass inTercepTions proved disasTerous as The mighTy Traders biT The dusT. EighTh game. November 22. S.T.S. - 20 - Wyoming Seminary - 6. Home. Halfback Larry Davis showed brillianT broken Tield running as he scored all 20 poinTs in a 20 - 6 win over Wyoming Seminary.DespiTe The rain and mud, Davis ran 62, l8, and 52 yards res ecTively Tor 3 TD's. Wyoming Seminary scored TirsT aTTer a STevens Tumble. ATTer The kickoTT. Davis ran 62 yards on The TirsT play Trom scrimmage. In The second quarTer, Davis inTercepTed a Wyoming laTeral Tor a score and also ran 52 yards Tor anoTher TD in This riod. Having compleTed a very successTul season,The players carried The coach oTT The muddyefield as a TribuTe To his coaching. This evenT will be remembered by all. i i I T ? 'Hx' gpm if G cf ,Qi . iff 5 ' iv Wir i l L. to R. First Row: W. Thompson, R. Grannis. J. Pagnatto. D. Takoushian. R. Arnold. A. Recd, J. Marirxo Second Row: I. Diehl, B. Wehry, D. Lake, G. Stoncr, A. Fesco. W. Ranck L. Traini. Third Row: G. Kiss D. Hess, J. Amrscavage, P. Dcttcrlinc, R. Corbin. R. Barrctt, F. Ralston. Fougth Row: J. Straka, Mgr.g J. Rut- kauskas, C. Lavls, A. Martin, J. Sloboda, J. Stepp, P. Kicrstcd. R. Hontz. J. V. Foolball Schedule I952 Traders Opponerils Score Dale Where I8 Pallon Trade 25 Sepl. 26 Home 27 Mercerslourg J. V. 6 Ocl. 4 Away 33 Wyoming Seminary J. V. 7 Ocl. 25 Away Zl Hill Scliool J. V. 7 Nov. 3 Away 1: M 'd f was- -an ' Et' 'g ,,.. ,.,.,., - if .X - .. Q ig! J Ui. 5 X?-1-46 my -if ,W " Y x 'H " W . S l .. ' ,dim x A. . - D mswnmz Miami WY Qs W4 QQ ef, M nf' ca Q ww .a ...W Lv! "'-f 5- J' 'Hs-'f W-'ivan , , S M Q .. . ,+.N,,,,,., 12... Cljciroity gaolzetliccll S .T.S. ei 49 59 70 56 42 70 47 68 52 56 67 79 S3 49 59 as o R.: NI Slu'ix'cr, IX1. Pluxu, B, Solomon, Ponis, R. Krvll. Sloboda, L. Bolliugcr, G. Bortz, Viclu, McKccx'cr, R. Nubholtz. Varsily Baslce+ball Schedule S+. Francis Prep. Flizabelliiowm J. V. Alumni Yorls Jr. College Wfyomimq Seminary Millersville J. V. Ferlziemeri Prep. l-lill SCHOOI lvlercersgurq Acaiilcm',' F. 84 M. J. V. Geliyslaiirq Fresli Fliifilte liiewxi J. V, Valley Forge M. F. Mercersburq Aeacleiii F. X4 lvl. J. V. Yai-I4 Jr. College Vifyoriiiwg Seiniimzjr Y Opp. 33 57 32 75 69 50 73 72 67 58 68 66 7I 72 Z--'T U7 7 7 Dec Dec Dec. Jan. Jan. Jari. Jan. Jan. Jam. Feb Feb Feb Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Away Away Home Home Away Away Away Home Away Away Home Home Away Home Home ,AXWCTY I-lame lNIJDl"IOllZ Individual Records For Baslce+ball Plaxa Borlz Blelko McKeever Name of Player Qlrs. Played Personals Field Goals Foul Tries F. lvl. Tolal Plaxa 75 56 58 76 35 l5l Blellco 70 58 l20 l I5 50 290 Borlz 70 65 104 l I8 78 286 Sloboda 69 54 8I 80 56 2l8 Mclfeever 54 44 9 30 I4 32 Vida 50 45 49 63 26 l24 Krell 28 22 24 23 I5 63 Nablwollz 23 I6 I2 28 I6 40 Solomon 23 IO 9 7 6 24 Shriver I8 I2 5 l l 2 I2 Bollinger 8 8 4 2 O S Spells 6 5 7 Il 2 is Piscoriclc l l I O O 2 Porlis l 4 2 2 0 4 Foul Average lleaml .530 485 566 300 l270 Sloboda Solomon Shriver Vida STevens opened The I952-53 baskeTbaII season wiTh a bang as They romped over ST. Francis Prep by a 6I-33 score. IT was STevens all The way wiTh BleTko and Vida leading The aTTack wiTh I6 and II poinTs respecTively. STevens Then visiTed ElizabeThTown College To play The College J. V.'s. STevens dropped This one 57-49 because oT Their inabiIiTy To hiT Trom The chariTy line. 5Tevens was behind II-6 aT The end OT The TirsT quarTer, and 27-I6 aT haIT Time. In The second haIT, E-Town sTreTched Their lead by I3 poinTs: aIThough 5Tevens cuT This lead To 9, They never regained The Top score. BIeTko and Vida paced 5Tevens wiTh I5 poinTs apiece. The Traders Then meT The Alumni and had Ii+TIe Trouble by winning easily wiTh a 59-32 score. BIoTl:o, 5poTTs, and BorTz led 5Tevens wiTh I3, Il, and IO poinTs respecTively while McAdoo and 5chuITz led The Alumni wilh II and IO. York Junior College was The nexT Team To claim STevens as Their vicTim by a score of 75 To 70. IT was a nip-and-Tuck game. buT The 42-34 TirsT haIT score proved To be The winning margin. STevens came back in The second half as Blefko and BorTz led STevens wiTh I8 and I6 poinTs respecTively. Wyoming Seminary also claimed The Traders as Their vicTims. The opponenTs won by a 69- 56 score. STovens was behind 29 To Il aT The haIT. Coming back sTrong in The second half. The Traders IosT by a I3 poinT margin. Sloboda led The STevens scores wiTh ZI poinTs. STevens IosT Their Third in a row aTTer being deTeaTed by a 50-42 score aT The hands of Millersville 5TaTe Teachers College J. V.'s. 5Tevens led The TirsT quarTer I6-I4 buT were behind aT halT 24-23. The margin oT vicTory grew Tor Millersville as They widened Their lead To 8 poinTs aT The end oT The game. STevens ran ouT oT sTeam in The IasT quarTer as Perkiomen won by a 73-70 score. Leading ThroughouT The game, 5Tevens' aTTack TaITered by scoring only II poinTs in The IasT quarTer. STovens led ThroughouT The game unTiI The closing minuTos. The score aT The TirsT quarTer was I5-I4: aT haIT Time 40-33: Third guarTer 59-53 wiTh STevens ahead. Leading The aTTack were BorTz and Sloboda wiTh I8 poinTs apiece. STevens IosT The TiTTh game in a row againsT a snappy Hill School OuTcIassed Trom The sTarT. STevens couIdn'T geT rolling. The final score was 72-47. BorTz led The STevens scoring wiTh I3 poinTs. STevens Tinally jumped back in The winning column wiTh a 68-67 win over Mercersburg aTTer a greaT IasT quarTer. Leading in The TirsT haIT, STevens Tell behind. In The Third guarTer STevens lagged wiTh a 54-44 score. Sparked by BorTz, who scored I3 oT his 22 poinTs in The IasT quarTer. 5Tevens came Through and won by ThaT narrow margin oT one poinT. STevens Then meT F. 81 lvl. Fresh aT The local Armory and IosT in an overTime period 58-52. aTTer a Tough baTTIe. The game was deadlocked 46-46 aT The end of The reguIaTion game. Don BIeTko led The STevens aTTack wiTh a ToTal oT 25 poinTs. 5Tevens nexT meT a sTrong Toe on Their home courT when They meT GeTTysburg Frosh. Again The Traders were cIeTeaTed. The Tinal score was 68-56. The visiTors jumped To a I7-I I TirsT period lead and were never headed. Jerry BorTz Took individual scoring honors Tor The evening wiTh 27 poinTs on IO Tield goals and 7 Touls. ST:-zvens squeezed ouT a hairbreaTh vicTory over E-Town College J. V.'s as They won by a 67- 66 counT. STevens came Trom behind in The lasT quarTer and scored 24 poinTs To win. BleTlco led The Traders wiTh I7 poinTs, while Sloboda, Vida, BorTz, and Krell all hiT The double Tigures. STevens Traveled To Valley Forge where BorTz and BleTlco shared 45 poinTs To pace STevens To a 79-7l win. STevens Tallied 29 poinTs in The TirsT period To The losers 22 which seemed To be The deciding margin. The game was ToughT on even Terms TheroaTTer. Boriz scored 24 poinis and Bleflco 2l To lead The Traders' aTTacl4. STevens' nexT vicTim was Mercersburg whom The Traders had beaTen beTore by one poinT. This Time again Slevens won by an 83-72 score. Leading mosT oT The way, yel' pressed hard, The Traders Tinally won wiTh a bursT oT sTeam in The Third cluarTer. BorTz hiT The hoop Tor 22 poinls To load The Slevens scoring. V. Zi lvl. visiled Slevens buT paclqecl Too much scoring abiliTy as They won easily by a 64-49 score. l7. 81 lvl. rolled To a 2l-I4 TirsT quarTer lead and were never in Trouble ThereaTTcr. Yorl: Junior College scored iTs second vicTory over STevens by a 69-59 counT. The game wasn'T decided unlil The closing minuTes when The Traders ran ouT oT sTeam. IT was a hoTly con- lesled game as The lead changed hands oTTen ThrougheuT The game. Sloboda led The STevens scoring wiTh 2l poinTs. Slevens nexT opponenT was a Tlashy CadeT Team Trom Valley Forge. All The way The STev- ens boys led, so by The end oT The TirsT quarTer, The score was I4-T27 aT The half STevcns led 42- 23: Third quarTer 5l-367 and The game ended wiTh The Traders winners 78-53. Don Bleflco was The high scorer oT The game wiTh 2l poinTs To his crediT. In The lasT game of The season, STevens dropped a 79-68 decision To a powerTul Wyoming Seminary Team. Behind all The way, STevens ToughT hard buT could noT gain The vicTory. BorTz, in his Tinal game Tor STevens, led The aTTaclc wiTh 6 Tield goals and T I Touls Tor 23 poinTs. semi' 52. CU. igccoleetball 0 R.: IL. Kunkel. Marino. B. Stcpp. W. Davis. Pisrorick. A. Martin. D. Zcllcrs. R. Slnwvcvki, ll S1111 1 LL. Lear. Hadulski. R. Corbin. J. V. Baskefball Team Schedule 5lfS. CDpp. 40 5h FranCE Prep. 25 40 Seniors 35 48 Parron Trade 43 49 VVyonnnq Sennnary 28 59 Perhomen 37 40 I4HI5cnooIJ.V. 4I 57 SI. Francis Prep. I9 54 Mercersburq J. V. 34 5I Lancader Co. Day School 40 44 N4ercersburq J. V. 47 58 PerHomen J. V. 26 DecemberI0 DecemberI7 January 7 January I0 January I7 January ZI January 26 January 3I February 9 February I4 February 25 Away Home Home Away Away Home Homo AWEIY Home Home Home ccroity reotling . AA... i . I t R.: li. 'l'1'ipnm-y, S. Mznrzxnn. l". SC'llLll'lFft'I'. M. Kl4iISll2ll't. R. RL-cd. Ll. Krupf, X Mm onxn llcu ll. Irvin. Varsi'ry Wresfling Schedule S.T.S. Clpp. 22 NAerCersburg 9 32 Miiiersville J. V. O 33 Bainbridge 5 37 Perkiomen IO 43 VaHey Forge N1 A. O 24 F. 8 NA. Fro5b 8 75 FJaverford I4 79 Wear Chesjrer J. V. 5 26 Penn Frosb 7 P3 VVyonnnq Sennnary '-E-- 293 64 January January January January January February February February February February Qlfiampiono Varsily Team Records Won - IO Losl - O Tied - O W I. T Schaeller II I5 lb.I 4 3 O Triponey II23 lb.I IO O 'O Krisharl II 30 II3.I IO O 'O Reed II37 lb.I 8 2 0 I'lelricIc II47 lb.I 6 4 I 0 Marano II57 lb.I 9 O O Krapl II67 lb.I 8 I I McDonald II77 lb.I 9 I O Irvin ll'lWT.I 8 2 O Tolal Poinls Scored - 293 Tolal Poinls Scored Againsl Slevens - 64 Number ol Wins by Falls -- 40 ' Tolal Individual Bouls - 86: Won - 72: Losl - I3: Tied -- I. Men wilh Ivlosl Falls: Triponey - 8: Irvin - 7 Faslesl Falls: Irvin - 24 Seconds: Krisharl - 3l Seconds Sam Ivlarano was Slevens' lone champ al lhe l8lh Annual Prep School Mal Tourney al Lehigh Universily. Among lhe leam slandings al lhis meel during March 2 and 3, l953, are lhe lollowing: I-lill School 28 pls.: M. I-lershey School 27 pls.: Wyoming Seminary 24 pls.: Slevens Trade 23 pls.: and Ivlercersburg Academy 2I pls. The Facully and Sludenls ol Slevens Trade School conqralulale Mr. Maurey and his boys. An cxcellenl season wilh an excellenl record! f Q Recd Krapf MCDor1a!d Mariano Hefrick Triponey Krishari 5. Cloreotling I.. to R. l'iil'.Yl Row: Swank. D. Hzlfflvy. G. Sholur. R. Grannis. VY. Brown. Second Row: E. Kirvhncr Brooks. C. Morton. W, Sfhnvll. E. Schmidt. W. Shillingsford. Third Row: Managers: I". Hvistand. Shook R. l"L-clorowzlclm. J. V. Wresfling Schedule S.T.S. Opp. I6 lvlercersburg O January IO 38 Solanco I-Hgh School 8 January 22 O l-lill School 4l February I3 8 Solanco High School 38 February I9 Away Away Home Home rack I to R l'il1PIlf low: vvlll. Brown IIi..I.I. Cl. Krupi I-I.l. Iwiurino IM.. IIISIII. IVI. Slmrwvr IIIIII. 220. -I-HH, N 11. Srlmppvll tI..lI.. IIIIIJ. E. Kunkvl IM,I. D. I'I0rIJ ID.. Sffcona' raw: R. Slzxwfwki III. -Izunvs . , . , ,. . Slobof '1 IIIII. IIIIIIJ. A, Maxim IlI.II.. lI.,l.. IIIIIIJ. Wm, Iiraxmr IS.. D.l. D. Iilcfko ID.I. I. C.11ncI.1 IS.. D.I. I I. IM I: 'I'l11'rfl m:c':Mr. I'rusp1'r IIiIl. .-Xsst. tlourluz IIm'nrIc'rson. Asst. Stull. MQI'.1 II. VVIQ-gzllul I4-IIII. P. Kim-- cl II'.Y.I. Ii. Imzlr IIIIII. 220. II,.I. I5,.I.J. T. Ml'Iil'l'X'K'l' ID.. R. Nnlmholtv fII..I.. Il.II.l. Kiss IWIIII. I7 Yost III. Ilvrr ISA. CQ. Slmlwr. Stud, Mgr.: Mr. Rolwrt Svhultl. Trzwk QIOZIFIII Missing: IIIII VVCI.U'l'2lll ivy.. II..I.. Ii..I.l. Date Opp. S.T.S. Nftfhere April 22 - Roacling Central Catltoliu 28h SSV3 Away April 24 - Penn Relayllvlilol First Phila. May 2 - US. Naval Prep 25 97 I-Iome may 6 - y.P.M.A. 36 Sl Away May 9 Y Fot1rtI'sAnnual Invitation Meet Home Clmrclt Farm l4'f2 Malvern Prep 28 Patton 'Iracle 8lf2 Pennington Prep I5 Perkiomen Scltool 3I Pa. Military 9 Santord Prep I6 Stevens Irade 67If2 Westtown School QV? May I3 - Gettysburg Froslm 56 57 Away May I6 - Perlciomen 26 QI Away May 30 - Wyoming Seminary lIo late tor Yearlooolrl enn Qpc-:lay innero L to R: Mr. Robert Schultz. Coach: Ellsworth Lcnr. -Icrry jnmcs. Bob Wicgand. and Mickey Shriver The Slevens Trade School relay learn, consisling ol Mickey Shriver, Bolo Wiegand, Ellsworlh Lear, and Jerry James won, lor lhe lhird lime in lhe hislory ol lhe school, lhe Penn Relays which were held al Franklin Field, Philadelphia, April 24, I953. Their lime was 3:38.8. - Record Makers of l953 - Mickey Shriver - lied School Record lor I00 yard dash - l0:04 sec. - Broke 220 yard dash - 23:02 sec. Ellsworlh Lear - Broad Jump - 2Ill. II in.: - 200 low hurdles - 24:05 sec. Jerry James - Broke own record 880 - 2:02. 4. 2 5 - , raining oom "Ouchl Qh-o-o-ol Uiihlw These are The mild exclamaTions among The many ThaT qreeT The sympaTheTiC ear, Trained hand, and compeTenT sliill ol Mr. Ralph KraTT as he minisTers To The needs oT The sTudenTf, here. Whelher They be afnew or pains, CLiTs or bruises, sprains or TraCTures -- all These ailmenTs are oyenmally broiiqh+ To The Training Room where many oT The injuries or siclcnesses disappear eller proper Trealmenl. Should someThinq yeiy werioii-T develop in The healTh or physical well-being oT any regularly enrolled sTudenT, Then The AdminiwTrnTion conTaQTs The school physician who prescribes more compeTenT TreaTmenl li v-pilalizalion il ThaT should be necessary. DenTal Care is also provided. Settingo Qottage Mrs. Hershey Rl If Rl I! Qottage 3 Miss Byers K! fl eottage Q Mrs. Numbers 4 Qottccge K! fi F , ., ,,,.,,5 ,A 'xg B: A,, X-...1 Mrs. Mefzger ,QW 3.. Fw ,Y ,fxffff L M711 Qottccge Rl I! 13 ,A I if 'Q I f E K, XTJQ Miss Heffner Q? 'JL '5- X, Zitclfmen L to R: Miss Mac Marrow. Miss Elizabeth Bick. Dietitian: Mrs. Lilija Dzenis. Mrs. Alexandra Garklzlvs. Mrs Marguerite Morrow, Mrs. Erna Borsteins. Mrs. Johanna Leipinch. With the growing enrollment ot the school, the old kitchen tacilities were not adequate tor the increased cooking that was necessary: so new equipment was added within the last two years. such as: gas stoves, dishwashing machine, electric potato peeler, slicing machine, two large walk-in retrigerators. one in the basement and one in the lcitchen, two new deep freezes, and repair ot the old potato masher. Speed and etticiency are Miss Biclcs lcey words in the operation ot her department. With one head cook, tour assistant cooks, one dining room lady, one salad and dessert lady, a super- visor over student help, plus several students who are assigned rotating duty here: this depart- ment serves healthtul meals to a student body ot nearly 300 students. A tew misled students expected daily brealctasts ot ham, bacon and eggs, sausage, and tlap iaclcs: two-inch T-bone stealcs tor lunch with trench tries: and loads ot crepe suzettes tor supper. They soon learned to like the well-balanced diets which are served daily. Most students leave S. T. S. each year weighing more than they did upon entering here. A tine tribute to an etticient department. ining oom Piclured above is a lypical seilrinq of siudenls already sealed and ealinq while oihers are going lhrough llie line wiih lheir lrays colleciinq lheir lood ilems io salisly ihe appeliles of aclive growing bodies. There are "seconds" for rhose who wanr ihem. The menu varies from day fo day. Besides oiher foods. The sludenis gel a pin? of millc for brealdasr and a hall pin? ol: millc each for lhe olhor iwo meals, rhus neliing each boy a quarl of mill: a day. To slay wirhin rhe budgei allowance for her deparlmenl, Miss Biclr plans nufriiious and appolizing meals which are served across The sieam lable 'ro The passing srudenis. Formerly, sludenl wailers served 'rheir individual ral:-les. However, siariing in l95l, ihe dining service was changed ro lhal of a caleieria in order 'ro expediie rhe serving of meals io lhe enlarged siiidenl enrollment Everyone, upon finishing his meal, carries our his own 'fray and helps lo speed-up lhc service. to ll: Richard johnson, Jonas Beach, William Nolan john Gaul. .lolm Hambright, IkP Denlinqcr ecrecction qguilcling Sludcnls walking inlo lhe renovafed Recrealion Building hardly realize +l1a+ lhis S+ruclure housed some live sroclc and farming implemenls years ago. ln l95I, lhis building was converled lo ifs presenl use. Visifors en+ering fhe lirsl floor or basemenl' seo sludenls purchasing odds-and-ends from lhe Canleen. Here are sold candy, ice cream, cakes. lobacco. sporling goods, and some slalionery. Tables and chairs accommodale lhe iulce box lisreners. Farlher along are lhe lwo darf boards wilh fheir daily devolees vying for lop honors. Upsfairs +0 The lefl are Tables wilh checkered Tops lor 'rhe chess and checker crowd. In The cenfer of fhis floor are rows of chairs lo seal lhe TV onloolccrs. lncidenlly, 'rhe 2I inch TV sei was earned by 'rhe boys who collecfed purchase slips from lhe Acme Slrores. A1+he larlhesf end is 'rhe busy pool Table crowd eilher playing or walching fhe 'limpossible sholsw +ha+ Shumslci or Kosar malce appear so nalural and easy. So anyone can see Tha? S. T. S. has places for boys 'ro do conslruclive work, and recrealions lo appeal To fhe whims and nalures of mosl boys. 'iid you now ? Mr. Hirsch has ordered a boffle of hormones from Penn Sfafe, nof fo iniecf info lazy sfudenfs buf info lazy planfs. All planes flying below l0,000 feef alfifude fake warning: CORN TASSLES OBSTRUCTING SKYWAYS! John Crompfon would rafher operafe and repair movie equipmenf fhan eaf. He's fhe besf we have. Hope he sfays a while longer. John Snokus raises and races pigeons. "No sporf like if." says John. "Jug" McKeever is a lover of sporfs. of oufdoor life, and -,.,ls. Mr. Hill said, "l do" over T.V. in April. Mr. Denuel was an engineer on fhe Lebanon Veferans' Hospifal. fhen fhree years lafer was o pafienf fhere. Arfhur Shaud likes fo hunf and collecf Indian relics. Mr. Sfauffer is fhe besf puffer on fhe faculfy. When he is on, his score is in The 70's for I8 holes. Hard man fo beaf in any game. Mrs. Mefzger has been a Mafron al S.T.S. for 22 years. Her memory for names and sfu- denf idenfificafion meal numbers is remarkable. Mr. Maurey was Sfafe wresfling champion in his weighf while in high school. Mr. Evancoe worked-ouf in Madison Square Garden! Nof as a fighfer. buf as a radio con- frol man af Radio Sfafion WMSG back in l927. Mr. Schulfz holds fhe record for fhe mile run which he sef as a sfudenf af S.T.S. Jerry James broke S.T.S. record for fhe 880 af G-burg in 2.2. Mickey Shriver broke S.l.S. record for fhe 220 af V.F.M.A. in 23:02 and won fhree evenfs af V.F.M.A. and Perkiomen. Ellsworfh Lear broke fhe 200 yard low hurdles al V.F.M.A. and won fhree field evenfs af Geffysburg. Mr. Wagner helped fo build fhe Hershey Sporfs Arena. Seven boys from fhe Senior Class are in fhe Armed Services: L. Davis, E. Pachillis, Wm. Hassan. A. McDonald, E. Chrislman, M. Halupa. and G. Leibig. Good luck fellows! Draffing shop had fhe champion wresfling feam in fhe inframurals. Mr. Harold McCurdy, formerly Direcfor of Sfudenf Personnel, fook a posifion in April wifh The Tagcraff Corporafion in Lancasfer. Good Luck. Mac! Brick Shop had lhe championship baskefball feam in fhe inframurals. Brick Shop fook a beafin' from fhe five old men: The Faculfy pilofed by Mr. Sfauffer. School newspaper placed fhird in The Sfafe-wide confesf. Congrafulafions: "Craffsman." Joe Rogal was fhe winner of lhe Penna. Quiz faken by Seniors! Bob Shumski wrofe fhe prize winning essay on Thaddeus Sfevens. Congrafulafionsl Mr. Hower, fhe bee-man, is a follower of Robin Hood. Even makes his own bows. Mr. Auchenbach goos fo Mr. Hower's cabin fo fish. Lookouf poor fish! Rumors are fhaf W. Fasnachf plans fo ride his bike fo California fhis summer. Mr. Jones favorife sporf is deer hunfing, especially around Clinfon Counfy. Mr. Sfrasbaugh likes fo officiafe as a foofball official. Ofhers like his decisions. Prinf Shop won fhc inframural championship in volleyball. Mr. DeVoy was a circus performer in his feens. Ss Z N 5 2 I I HI s lixxgravim: New York 1 M. .. , Suchard Chocolates Sponsors ' Stevens Quiz Show 2 1 " E P 2 r P I I JE 1 21 f " 5 ll' 1 15, F 1 s : U- lf' qw F s EC 5 E E 5 P 3 4 , P ' r- P P- . A Champior .Hill UID at Ohio State Arif: 21 Q ' 572555 m ,Q E 23' 2? 13 O gf W if 'I ,V- 5 ha of rs Sunni my ,mu W.-if Wa vm.. ,Wx-4 Uw mwmi wlwr hwm wmr n-1-ming s S111-1 Hu: shi- in-lsuvimx. u-uupvn muvd uw V- Jw- H H M -1 1 I H wx ' Pa O U 1 11,111 mx xmp1W,lz.-mi-Q.-lam .IN ,,,., WL , , , my QL " L3 lj' 'A IW -ww M 'Hy qw 11 -4 0 N C E xml nmvvxk, :mm ,Wplv :...,L gh.-,.w Mngg ff, my .. , X, I , H! W! M H H M N .- L N, Y ,. V W - V1 I , U Q O ... 1-, -M. hfmlf. ,xm.f:..w in. I'.fl,y1Iy,-1,-p,y,- , HJ... . X A 7 yn., M Q H W , I ,,.. 3 Z. 3 lwlmn ml Mm I I. l,I M .M W My K K! M U KN VN MM LAW , A, x .,.X nk L 3 vi AI, .. ,dm .nn mu. 'M M I V M M I 1 . ,. l l,,, ,. 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' fm ',I A , V E A I - ,Q , , f , if 5209 'Wai QV . 13:5 is X59'Wf3' I Q it uw , ...-A--' f!! 'ii 5 'xii IP' ..-f '.,:5' xih ' JM? JU ' O5 K mm --' 4 WZ ix M "N, -we ..4 ,jg kf2"54?l!, ! I v M . EM '35 I l , i Ir. J . ,3 H13 2 L 'Lf I w.....,,M,M fM M '?iM3,:A 5 ' f uggfn, 5 I rf um ' mx .143 X 1 M5 igf,-1-.XX A744 A' " v V 5.4" 'A A E www X, i n ' ,...aN,,,, K kvk. Q ? vx N :Q ! L. ?l 1 ,I ,W 5' """'---Q-L,, l at M wr ,i --N., Q-""'t' Cheer our Alma Maler Wilh a rousing cheer. Giving fo her colors Loyalfy sincere. Bringing lo her service I-learls as +rue as "s+eel" Like "maroon for courage" ls fhe joy we feel. calmer Cmater ci-ionus Cheer our Alma Maler Cheer our noble school Al+oge+her, comrades. Thaddeus Sfevens School. May our lives be worlhy Of 'rhe sloried pasf: In lhe mold of heroes, May our lhoughls be casl All fha+'s high and noble. All 'ihal's pure and True. Springing Lip wifhin us. Nerving us anew.---Cho. Helped by helping ofhers Lel us make each day Bring wifh glad endeavor Lighfing up our way. Wifh lhe use of lalenls, l-learf and hand and brain Viclors in lifes baffle NVe shall crowns oblain.---Cho fatter fo fha oaduertioero The success of any venfure is a mixluife of many fac+ors in fheir proper proporiions. When fhis STEVEN- SONIAN was planned al 1'he beginning of fhis school year, fhe Slaff had +o decide i'rs size, shape. form, and sfyleg buf fhe biggesf facfor was The mailer of finances. Wifh diligem' efforf on The parf of lhe Senior Class members who wen? abou? our area solicifing adverfising, we managed fo inferesi' enough supporf from YOU, our Adverlisers, fo malce fhis bool: wha? il is. Your "Ads" in our bool: are definiie assurances of your faifh in our endeavors. We, in 'rurn, wish 'ro assure you, +ha'f our faifh in you is colored wifh fhe warmfh and desire of being as wise, generous, and serviceable 'ro olhers as you have been To us! Again, permif us lo say: Thank You. Steveno grade School elaoo of 1953 Milk 'A' Cream -Ar Butter ir Eggs Creamed Cottage 066656 HUMOGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK OU R l'RUDL'CTS- TWH Fbzeft fjbflllyltlbfff Til-IIE MUUDIIQIE DAIIIIQY Harrisburg Pike Lancaster, Pa. Telephone Z-62ll Residence Lancast 3-6650 8077 Shirk's New and Used Cars ffBa1-gain Boulevard" Shirks Motor Express Corp. Manheim Pike, Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Penna. Harvey Shirk The Best Prop. Deal in Town l l Compliments of Compliments of Easton Merchandise Company l Weakland AIHOCO StatiO1'1 Hastings, Pa. l Bigler Avenue, Spangler, Pa. Fullerls Rl!! lf, King Street Dolly Nl :ulison Ice Cream Dfflriolzf Sonlzis - Suuclaes - Szinclwiches Dial 2-9681 Martin Bros. Iixcnvziting Contractors .422 lf. Ross Sr. l,z1ncaster, l'euna. Phone 3.6851 High VVelding Co. Sanford H. High, Prop. l'OR'l'Al3l,lC lil,lCC'I'RIC ACli'l'Yl,liNli PROCIQSSICS AUT! 7-SPRINGS lelrplioue 3-2909 blames X VVater Sis. Lanvaster, Pa. The B. B. Martin Co. LUMISICR -1- MILLNVORK Lanczister, Pa. S. Bertz and Company Links Auto Exchange HCJAYIII rflfzvjbr ferr lIl0I1ff1'll Car Lot Harrisburg Pike l,2lI1C21SYCI', Pa. Telephone 4-will Rudisill 81 Company Ruof's Flowers Fresh from the Greenhouse bill S. Queen Street Lancaster, Pa. Telephone 7253 George Shultz Barber The Rose Bowl Lancaster's Famous Air-Conditioned American-Italian Restaurant 337-339 N. Queen Street Lancaster, Penna. King Novelty Company Pfhaferfzle Novelry' 214-216 West Grant Street Lancaster, Penna. Telephone 2-4631 VVagner's Confectionery Miller Junk 81 Waste Co. South Prince and Hazel Lancaster, Pa. Eugene Jacobs Men'r Wear MANHATTAN Slzirtr- TFA-Sportrwear Penn Square Lancaster, Pa. H. G. Bancroft, Inc. ROYAL TYPEWRITERS "The Best By Test' ' 44 North Prince Street Lancaster, Penna. For Your Printing See . . Antony L. Steckel 45 W. Vine Street Lancaster, Penna. Columbia Malleable Castings Company FIELDS CI,O'I'HES Suits lopeoats luxe does 539.75 to 559,75 Sport Coats and l,eisure jackets 89.95 to 532.50 Coinpletc Line of Furnishings Adam Hats 55.00, 56.00, 37.50, :ill 24 N. Queen St. Lancaster, Penna. Coe Camera Shop lblafqgraphif S11pplie,f 148 North Queen Street Telephone 3-3591 1.00 Bob Hess, Inc. Doclge- Plymouth l Dodge job-Rated Trucks lfast King and Shippen Streets IAIIICZISICY, Penna. 1 'lielephone 6247 i Kirk Johnson l i and Company ldwzjifthzigg MzzJ1i'f1! Pianos-4-Raclios Small Musical Instruments Sheet Music-'Records l lo VVest King Street l-lotel Brunswick for the young set A BRUNSWICK "jumbo banana split" always malces a hit! All your favorite fountain specialties. Pennsylvania Dutch Room English Grill Counter Grocer Ray Brackbill Robert S. Demmy Radio - Sales - Service Neighborhood Delivery Public Address Equipment 49 S. Franklin St. Lancaster, Pa P'10nf6822 Telephone 3-4871 East King St. Lancaster, Pa Rm al ew lers 'Y -lu C Cannon 35 Long formerly Wise jewelers I 105 North Queen Street 27 South Prmce Street Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Penna. Compliments Of Ray Inc. . General Contractor Goldste1n's 222 E. Marion St. Fruit Sc Produce, Inc. I-Amcasrer, Penna- Laundrolnat HOAK 8: YARNALL, INC. Sporfrenler H3lf-h0ur Laundry Fishing Tackle Toys 8: Games Phone 3-6811 728 E. Mifflin St. Lancaster, Pa. Charlotte sum I - -r P L. A. wvynn Compliments Heating Contractor of Phone!-3598 351 West King St. Lancaster, Pa. A Ffiefld Atlantic Petroleum Products Distributed by Aero Oil Company JOSEPH VV. KLO PP'S 'I Pf8'UIi!'I'07l Serhvzke Lancaster 4-3432 New Oxford, Pa. Columbia 4-9248 SMITHGALL HOLLYWOOD BROTHERS CO. TAILQR Prescription Druggists Phone 6218 S. li. Cor. Pine 8: Lemon Sts Lancaster, Pa. FORMAL VVIEAR TO RENT Telephone 3-9206 44 E. Chestnut St. Lancaster, Pa. Cooke and Rose C071 mt1zfrztz'0m'! . - fg hnterprises, Inc. Wilson, Jr. Representing N N The World's Finest STO RAGE Entertainment Lancaster' Pa' 246 W. King Street Phone 2-4506 Lancaster, Pa Saylor's Bread Presents Taste and Quality Phone: Lancaster 4-2616 Piersol Company Inc. 24 E. King St. Lancaster, Penna. General Home Furnishings The George D. Barbey Co., Inc. Susquehanna Glass Company Di.vtribz1ror: aj Established 1910 Radio, Television, Sound and Electronic Equipment 1 Electrical Appliances COlL1IHbia, PCHD21, Reading - 1,:mc:1ster- Pottstown - Lchanon C. F. F1HdlCy NIUSSQIJS and SONS Potato Chips Coal Fuel Oil Finest Quality Moving Dial 2-6171 Lancaster Nlountville, Pa. Phone 5-5511 Z 1 S 1 I 1 I-I. W. Byers Sc Son IVIeats, Provisions Zi Vegetables 542 li. King Street Lancaster, Penna. I Western Auto Supply Co. I I III Ii. King Street ' Lancaster, llenna. CHARLES F. SNYDER Pizzzrrzlf Dfrrrior Telephone .4-9298 4I4 Ii. King Street Lancaster, Penna. Progressive Shoe Repair 420 li. King Street Lancaster, l'enna. Telephone 2-9448 R. V. Geyer l5RliYIiR ICH CREAM l'bllI1 tain hrrflfirz' Ann and Green Streets Lancaster, Penna. Telephone Z-8208 Peopleas Shoe Sc Hat Cleaning Suits Dry Cleanecl 8cPressed 104 Iiast King Street Lancaster, I'a. Cook --- Refrigerate --- Heat Water VVith ATLANTIC STATES GAS For Town Homes and Farm Homes Over 22,000 Satisfied Customers ATLANTIC STATES GAS CO. OF PENNA., INC. 208 E. King St. Lancaster, Penn:-1 Telephone .2-4184 STEI G E R Funeral Service H38 lfast King Street Lancaster, Penna. Phone 2-U5 I 4 A Friend Stehli 81 Co., Inc. Lancaster Transportation Co. Manheim Pike Phone 4-2683 Terminals Philadelphia. Pa. Baltimore. Md. 3809 E. Thompson St. 41-21 S. Central Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. York, Pa. 153f50th SL. 501 State St. Pottsville, Pa. New York City 250 Peacork St. Spring St. Reading, Pa. New Brunswick, NJ. 732 Tulpehocken St. Highland Park DEPENDABLE CONNECTIONS TO New England States N. 8x S. Carolina Georgia Virginia New Jersey Alabama Delaware ALSO Connections through Pittsburgh Gateway FOR Illinois Michigan Indiana Ohio West Virginia AGENTS FOR National - Universal - Republic - Acme Western Carloading - Wells Fargo - Texas Package Car - Lone Star Package Car - Ter- minal Freight Forwarding Co. - Stordor Lifschultz Fast Freight and all other carloading companies American Hawaiian gl Luckenbach S. S. Cos. I-1. WEIDMAN Sc CO. AUTO PAINTING UPHOLSTERING BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS 628-638 E. Mifflin St. ' Lancaster, Penna. Phone 2-2711 l Alwine Brick Company Brickmakers Since 1851 New Oxford, Penna. Oxford Colonial Brick---Concrete Brick COMPI,lIX 1PlN'l'S Ol" Pec-31's Studio Your Sfhoof lJh0f0kQ'l'Ilj5AUl WM. O. FRAILEY 81 SONS PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE Surgical Appliances Eiiamfmaf Jawa 250 East King Street r L l l COMPl,lMEN'l'S Ol? Roosevelt Grill l l l002 North Duke Street l Lancaster, Pa. l Telephone 6179 N Lancaster, Penna. - Keppelis., Inc. Reilly Bros. 85 Rauh l M k Il EFI Qf Biff 'L' 1' i ii - Wdpjd I M tg t It Candies That Sell Because Hardware --- Houseware Tl A G d' h X I iey re oo . Mill Supplies 323-Z5-27-29 North Queen St. 44-46 North Queen Street Iancaster Pa 'Telephone 2'2l3l R Telephone 8214 Found:-tl 1897 Lancaster Storage Co. , Charles H' Dlnkel Storage Moving Crating Packing 342 North Queen Street Telephone 7202 i i Your Recognizing Gas Dealer Says: "IVE Sell lhe Bert am! Ser-vice tive RN!" GAS-OIL PRODUCTS, INC. 301 N. Queen Street Telephone 2-24ll L. B. Herr Sc Son Stationery Ck Books Office Equipment 8: Printing School 81 Art Supplies 46-48 W. King St. Lancaster, Penna. When you think of Printing, think of the Athens Printing Shop 2.53 VVest King Street Lancaster, Penna. We spare no time and labor to do a gootl job Business Phone 3-4749 Kranich Bros. lnc. Jewelers 14- lb Queen St. Lancaster, Pa. 'l'o Stevens Trade VVith Compliments lfrom J. Harvy Price Columbia, Penna Motter Supply Co. Wlihe Place To Buy Paint" .42 Locust St. Columbia, Pa. Tl COMPI,llXfllrIN'l'S OF me Marietta Silk Co., Inc. Columbia, Penna. H ubbarcl Farms New Hampshires Manheim Pike Lancaster, Penna. M a p olis ttern's Service Station Bill Matte.-rn, Operator Richfield Products hing -- Car xVZ1SlllDfI -- Lubrication I Motor Tune-Up ,incoln Highway West A. C. Dillerfvc M. H. Smith ISI lf. King St. Lancaster, Pa. Whllpapers: Imported and Domestic Phone ZUYHZ COM PL! MENTS Ol" American Oil Co, 702 lf. King St, Robert Nlarkley, Mgr. Since 1893 Your Presentation Trophies and Medals 9 0 0 S ewsolafs Fifty North Queen Street Lancaster, Pa. Success to the Graduating Class of Stevens Trzitle School! CONIPLIMENTS l O F l DEIVAL1' Ima. A FRIEND Fountain Avenue l liZlI1C2lSl'C'lV, Pu. Ielephone ,4-.wi41 l l -I 1 T Joe Myers' Diner No. 1 and joe Myers' Drive In N slnnsv X,-af! o. 2 f 2 Qi" vmnniu: aa! nrncs suvvuzs -1-ll :An -sw nv sn-uuuu. um-A ll. S. Route .40 - Lincoln Highway lfast Tflfvlwnf 3-4636 and 2-0320 Lancaster, Pa. MILLER SC BUSHONC Compliments Of Dealers ln Lumber Coal Pf1Ck3Td MCJt0TS Fuel Oil Rohrerstown Penna, 7 Compliments Of The Class Of 1954 Wiggins Chevrolet Com an Compliments Of J P y 'Wlflzere to My it" A FI'lCIlCl Harrisburg Pike and President Avenue Lancaster, Penna. Telephone 8257 Automotive Sales Co. AUTO PARTS and SUPPLIES 556 VV. Orange St. Lancaster, Pa. Telephone 5-3821 Sayres, Scheid 81 Sweeton M elz'J Winzr Lancaster, Pa. 'fhefdnmnln Canned Food fi.Y1i'I'i97' UNION JACK - -it-j9jaZ'1Qft? .Z'..Z,i"'.1l - Sold in All Red Rose Food Stores Distributed by Miller Ik Hartman Cy072gI'dfZlfdfl.07l5 to the C1455 of 53 Wickersham Printing Company 111 East Chestnut Street Lancaster, Penna. - if 'E' ANN A1.- 't2.:1fm F? 7' li' X .mf -A gia tiki,-1 -mi! t A ' ., 1,--5 sQ"S!'2'4+ H 'f f as New Holland Machine Co. "gFirst In Grassland Farming" . I'OLl x JOIN H T P R. R. Huber MUSIC I-IUUSC l Real Estate and Insurance Ulf2lIlC1lSfCI',S Music House" ISO East King Street .48-40 VVest King Street Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. LUBRICATION PHONE 2-92111 EXIDE BATTERIES 1,151-2 TIRES tv 'rl1B1cs CAR WASHING FRAM Rn.Tt:Rs BATTERY CHARGING C. L. H UFFNAGLE Affffmfzk' Ser'-vzbe Sfflflbll liast King 81 Ann Sts. mo NC- Funeral Service U V V Year in - Year out l Quality without a doubt Dairy Products . ICE ,,s. '.Tu an i We ."ll:2TiHiW' Penn Dairies, Inc. .1 Lancaster, Penna. Wfestenberger, Maley 35 Myers Furniture Carpets Curtains 127-31 E. King Street Lancaster, Penna. Shenk Bros. Sporting Goods and Toys 30-32 West King Street Lancaster, Penna. 1 1 in I CREAM Lancaster Brick Co. The Hubley Manufacturing Company Lan caster, Pen nsylvania Cooper Tobacco Co., lnc. l Z3 XVest Chestnut Street Wholesale Cigars--Cigarettes---Canclies Flowers hy VVissler Fresh From Our Greenhouses A'lzc'11yJ Choirs - Dirtinrtfw 144 - 146 N. Duke Street Dial 40509 John F. Landis Co. The Carhuretor and Ignition House Motor Tune-L'p hy Dynamometer Method llntlnor Proving Groundl T he Hager Store Famous Brand Clothes and Furnishings ff t lM0dPf!lf8 Prife: 25 VV. King' Street Lancaster, Pennsylvania l- i M ettfett 85 Bro. Northern Market House Choice Sea libod Fruit Vegetables Prepared Sea Food Jay F. Bowman Dairy Products 735 East End Avenue Lancaster, Penna. Dial 3-93 3 3 15wn Tfzlk BREAD Is goo-il bread! LEBZELTEIVS Handling Gooebffar Proa'za't.f Over 53 Dar: GOODYEAR TIRES Batteries - Recapping - Radios Television Electrical Appliances 257 North Queen Street Lancaster, Penna. LONlI'I,lMliN'l'S Ulf Animal Trap Company Lititz, Penna. L.OIX1ILIMIzNIb Ol Specialty Screw Machine Products Company Dillerville Road Lancaster, Penna. T I phone 3-2913 Demuth's Tobacco Shop Csmce 17703 G'Oldest Tobacco Shop In America" 114 E. King Street Lancaster, Pa Lancaster Malleable Castings Company Established' 1910 Founders and Machinists Lancaster, Pa. POSEY IRON WORKS, INC., Lancaster, Penna. GOLD AND HYDRAULIC DREDGES AND ALL TYPES OF PIPE LINE EQUIPMENT STEEL BARGES, OIL BARGES, AND DERRICK BARGES STACKS AND STANDPIPES REFINERY EQUIPMENT FRACTIONATING COLUMNS TANKS AND PIPING A.S.M.E. AND A.P.I. CODES ELEVATED TANKS AND PENSTOCKS "LANCASTER AUTOBRIKU MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT "LANCASTER" COUNTER CURRENT RAPID BATCH MIXERS GREY IRON CASTINGS "IROQUOIS" ASPHALT PLANT EQUIPMENT ROTARY KILNS, FURNACES AND DRYERS "MAYO" CONCRETE FORMS TANKERS AND DUMP SCOWS I I I Wll,1,lAM s. SL'I,I,IVAN jr. .. blmplex Paper 1"11m'n1f 1JI.I't'I'f0l' BOX Corp' 'lelephone X298 . , 1, ' -, 121 S. Prince St. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster' ld' Lulu Suehardu... Sends Her Best Wishes! VVilbur-Suchard Chocolate Company, Inc. Litirz, Pa. 24? A-iirri Y Yi I , 1 1 I Compliments Of Bell Lawn Mower Service Since 1877 Bowman's Diamonds Watches 'Clocks Duke 55 Chestnut Lancaster, Pa. Compliments Of The Kandy Korner 150 N. Duke St. Lancaster, Pa. For All Occasions Barr's Flowers We Telegraph PYO'LUF7'.f Awwhere F. T. D. 116 N. Queen St. Phone 3-3300 Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster Business School Founded 1855 Business Administration Accounting Executive Secretarial Secretarial Stenographic 48 Nenn Queen sf. Phone 8818 Clyde. H. Cooper Drugs 154 N. Queen Street Lancaster, Pa. john J. Eshelman, Pres. Keystone Bag Sc Burlap Co. New Burlap 8: Cotton Bags 854 N. Prince St. Lancaster, Pa. OHice Phone 2-4178 and 8414 Residence Phone 3-0388 Tom Shields ffdfbfa Livestock Trucking Company Harry "Bud" Bear, Mgr. Phone 2-1992 Union Stock Yards Lancaster, Pa. Earl Stauffer Real Estate CSL Insurance 1085 E. King St. c e ma 's Confeetionar A k r n Sundaes, Sodas, SL Sandwiches li. King St. ak Plum St. Telephone 20771 G. F. Plirr Sc Son York Lancaster Garden Spot Motor Co. FORD 450 N. Prince St. Lancaster, Pa. Compliments of A Friend FREY c'3c SON Lumber 64 Millwork 1000 North Prince Street Lancaster, Pa. Telephone 4-2631 E. K. Forney Compliments of Victor Smith Furniture jeweler Store VV2!tCllCS, IJ13ITl0I'1dS, Sc Silver 7-9 South Lehigh Ave. 135 E- King Sf- Telephone 7788 Frackville, Pa. Telephone 310 Best of Luck to the Class of 1953 from the Alumni COMPLIMI-NTS OF THE H alcrist CLASS 51 OF Company H1926' Christian C. Rudy, Owner I Conestoga Construction Co ROHRICRSTOVVN, PA. Telephone Lancaster Z-552.4 COMPLIMHNTS OF General Engraving Inc. 8 W. King Street Lancaster, Penna. Your School E71g'l'IlAUFl' Queen Dairy Gillespie H eating and 334 Son, Inc. IJ f.ffI'IiAllil0l'.V QI I 2 2 Q. 1 m - N . . A D KN "" :-4 ' 21' gf ff D , ,, ... 5 75 S F5 UU 2 2 5- -. m . 1: gp 2 E Ft' F. - m r 5 f ' fb Q' r-E rx fx gy ...- L ,P 3 :r Ft '-- E' r- x IC Z? D 3 E C 7 U, - . -1 F f-7 s-a 'Y L2 :Q v-- C'D 717 Z4 "+ "' -x ' CE 'f W VD fb IF 'J . ? i rs '4 C Q : F' 'T U'-2 5 'Y - . 'C :lf P - .. ,.,.. E E gg "' r-4 rn N, FE L M L "' h-ln -as r - - 4 L A 5 E ge 4 'J f c I E C N 3 'D X TL m .. 7 M 2 1 P f 'U ' fr x DIAMOND HT" TRUCKS X HIGHXVAY 1 'I'KAIl,.ERS Telephone 3-3633 Keller Ave. Lancaster, Pa. If gilfinngneirli 2.1 Fine Meat Products Compliments Of Lancaster Lincoln - M ercury Co. Stauffer' s Diner Sunday Dinners Compliments Of C The .standard Garment Co., Inc. Home Looked It ood Columbia, Pu. X:X:X!,XgXkfiQkJQM'GKW3QK9C5QC'XQX!55DQ3k5JL'M7x:R'k"u, This Yearbook Printed bythe STEVENS TRADE SCHOOL Dqeaufment of pllfftfatg LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -f21-f2--H mm Mfxfhjfnffd- - ' ylwtmwmff 11 .44 , M , 5 - 'gg '4'f"'WF' .. .Muni V+ mm. . f J, 1 7 -- fi ' fiwmn-N. ..!"2 - 4 41' el , , I in 1 4 v 4 , P 'SW' n...,,,, M.- -, .- , V- , V -.-wamw -My wr- 1 1" H :5.11' fw:"'-v- Saffflffwfr .,, ,, 4 ,W .,,4, ' Z X35 if ff, ' 147 Z? Z jf T - Q X-Y., N, Z .-7 QE 9331 .H N N. : x .S S ,, S xx w H N A T ,n 'I '. 1 i ,. 1 ,J ,, -7 ,054 I IV, E, .ill R ,ff ' .A-. 4 J'l,, ,,, J ff. X' 5, 75,3 , If 4, ' 2 7-: ff - ,1 126 1,1 fi 'f:, F Qs ff, 5 br W Q 5 ni: bkl ,E A- if , f

Suggestions in the Stevens Trade High School - Stevensonian Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) collection:

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Stevens Trade High School - Stevensonian Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 62

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1953, pg 6

Stevens Trade High School - Stevensonian Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 147

1953, pg 147

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