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Text from Pages 1 - 42 of the 1944 volume:

1 r X- 1. ,mf ,a I x X . ,n . ' f , 1 v 4 1 1 x I 1 n 1 ff' ' ' 1 'Av' ln . 1 , s, Yi nr Q1 lr Q r- '- , ' 1 'R 1 4 I . - rx vi 14' P .uint :nal 1 V +31 0 'L 'Q 1. N -. 1'0" I 1- K-.Q 5 IQ 1 A m 1 I N YK .-1 v ' 'f . . QrXf+f+ASr1LffC5J -w -1 ,www-:mr THE 19214 1:11155 111213111111 QHE STEVENS SEHUUI. germanfown, ,9AifacJe4rAia sl First row: Miss Reba Cohn, iwirs. Ruth N. Gilciersieeve, Mrs. Marjorie H. Con- nolly, Mrs. Nlay D. Riely, Nliss Alma D. Prager, Mrs. Mildred VV. Swan fPrin- cipall, Niiss Agnes R. H. Bergen. Mrs. Jean VV. Wright, Mrs. Ruth Condon, Mrs. Rena M. Rhodes, Miss Dorothy Smith. Second row! Niiss Dorothy Wire, Miss Jacqueline Fehling, Mrs. Anna G. Niac- Bride, Nlrs. Helen VV. Baker, Mrs. Ruth B. Hall, Mr. Frederick A. Heuer, Nliss Enid Bever, Miss Jane Lewis, Mrs. Polly Margolf. THE FACULTY .,.l Y flu. L-'vfxvf THE SE IUH CL SS KATHLIN ALBURGER Entered ,56 NLonnieU Where ttiereys excitement tt1ere,s Lonnie. In athletics, at school, and on the clance Hoor, she has been prominent. VVe'H remember tier long, as one of the class beauties. Business Manager of the Static '45 Class editor of Yearbook '44 Varsity Hockey Squad ,43, '44 Member of the Dramatic Club '44 MARY ELIZABETH ARRISON Entered U51 "Butch" Always a leader in the class, Mary, as Beta Sigma President and Varsity hockey team captain, has contributed much to a successful senior year for all of us. Varsity Hockey Squad ,43, 44 Varsity Basketball Squad '42, '45, ,44 Secretary of Student Council '42 President Beta Sigma ,44 Assistant Business Manager of Play and Dance ,45, ,44 MARILYN ANN BLANKIN Entered '57 'Blankien Une of the gayest and most friendly' girls, Biankie has won the hearts of all who know her. Her ability and spirit have macie her tops in athletics and in all her other school ac- tivities. Varsity Hockey ,4l, ,42, ,45, ,44 Varsity Basketball Squad '42, ,45, '44 Entertainment Chairman ,44 Gold team captain ,44 Beta Sigma D44 Varsity Tennis ,42, '45, ,44 JEAN BUDD Entered '42 "Bud" Jean is one of the more sophisticated mem- hers of our class. Her imagination and acting aloility have heen, to her many friends a great source of amusement and admiration. Secretary of class '42 Member of Static Staff '45 Treasurer of Student Council '45 Art Editor of Yearbook '44 President of the Dramatic Cluh '44 1 MATILDA POWLESS CLARKE 9 Entered '32 "Tillie, As President of Student Council this year, Tillie has been quietly and efficiently doing a fine job. Her athletic ability, especially as a imorsewoman, has been outstanding. Hockey Squad '41, ,43 Basketball Squad '41, '44 President of Class '45 Beta Sigma '45, '44 President of Student Council '44 DORGTHY MAY EDDOWES Entered '40 "Dottie" Dottie,s amiability and cooperative attitude have won many friends for her at Stevens. She is well liked and makes every gathering more enjoyable with her spirit of fun and her ani- mation. Treasurer of A. A. '42 President of Class '45 Varsity Hockey Squad '40, ,4l Varsity Tennis '41, ,42 Biemlner of Dramatic Club '44 JEAN NORTON GILDERSLEEVE Entered '42 nleanu Jean is a girl of many talents. Her interesting stories, of amazing iengtii, have eniiveneci many an English class. She proved herself a fine actress in our play as Aunt Sasspariiia. We icnow siie will be successful at VVei1esiey, next year. Static Staff '45 Beta Sigma '44 Dramatic Club '44 Giee Club ,45, '44 Class Will '44 9? if JANE LOUISE GOODMAN Entered '40 uGoody" Goociy's shyness and appealing personality have been a great asset to the class, Her Sense of humor tops aii, and tier cheerful smile has always been there to greet us on blue Mon- days. Vice President of A. A. '41 Static Staff ,45 Varsity Hockey Squad '41, y42, '43, '44 Secretary of A. A. ,42 Class Secretary '44 Blue Team captain '44 Dramatic Club '41, ,44 Varsity Tennis ,42, ,43 ELIZABETH HUNTER Entered ,4l "Bgg" Vvtienever you hear tire crunch of an apple you'H know, without tootcing, that itys Biz. Her quietness is welt-known in the class, but uncter it all stle is a good sport and an understanding friend. Ctass Secretary '42 Static Stati '43 Senior Play ,44 DOROTHY MARJORIE KNIPE Entered '41 "Dottie" Joiiy and tuti ot tun, Dottie has the qualities of a very good friend. She has always been ready to tietp in all our ciass projects whether in drawing, typing, or cooking. 2nd Hockey team '42 Play and Dance '44 Dramatic Club ,44 .,-ff 4 ,I 'Z ' EMILIE HELEN KNIPE Entered '41 UEmilieH As Assembly Chairman this year Emilie has made every program enjoyable. Her untiring effort in the sale of war bonds greatly raised ttxe school quota. Hockey Squad '45 Assembly Chairman '44 ELEANOR HAYES MACBRI DE Entered '53 "Ellie" Ellie, one of the more petite members of time class, is known best for tier smile, and friend- liness to everyone. We shall remember tier, too, for tier work in "Tile Princess and Mr. Parker" and as senior class President. Static Staff '43 Class President '44 Yearbook Staff '44 Beta Sigma '44 , "'-- , CHARLOTTE REED MEYER Entered '59 Hpicy' Vvtlerever ttlere is a group of taugtiing girls, Pic will toe tounct in the midst of ttiem, enter- taining Witti tier numerous anecdotes in tier own lively tone and manner. Yearbook Statt ,44 Dramatic Club '44 Cvtee Club ,4l, '42, '45, '44 Beta Sigma, ,44 Static Staff '43 MARY HELEN MOGRE Entered '58 "Dizzy" That cute smite and pleasing personality txave rnacte Dizzy a popular gat far and wide. Her many weekends spent at Annapolis are proof ot ttlis. Varsity Basketball ,42, '45, '44 Varsity Hockey ,45 Beta Sigma '42, ,45 Varsity Tennis '43 Static Staff '45 Yearbook Staff ,44 Vice President of B Vice President of Class ,45, '44 eta Sigma '43, '44 BARBARA JEAN O'BRIEN Entered '42 Uleanieu Jeanie came to Stevens last year, but it seems as though she has always been among us, smiling, joking, and calling air raid drills "at the oclclest momentsf, Vice President of Class '45 Static Staff '45 Dramatic Club '43, ,44 Yearbook Staff '44 Chairman of Air-raid, Fire Drill '44 ELISABETH ANN REBOK Entered '40 HAnn" Ann's ability to keep the class funds in order has made tier second only to Morgenthau. Her generous, good-hearted nature will be remem- bereci by all of us. Vice President of Class '42 Treasurer of Class '45, ,44 Yearbook Staff ,44 Assistant Director of Play and Dance '44 'X f 'ical' . FLORENCE DUNLAP ROBERTS Enterecl '59 HBolJtrie" Boblniels sensitnle suggestions have luelpecl us with many problems. Her great love of nature has made us aware of many ttlings we had not lcnown. We wisli tier luck wlien stte con- tinues tlme study of lnotany at Penn State. Vice President Stuclent Council ,4l Static Staff '41, '42 Property Manager tor Play ancl Dance ,45 Varsity Tennis '42, '45 DOROTHY LOUISE ROTH Entered '56 "Deity H If you want a war stamp or bond just loolc for Dotty. She ttas clone a great jot: as sales- man ancl we ttninlc sl1e's tops. She provecl tier atmility as business manager of ttxe play and clance. Varsity Hoclcey '41, '42, '43 Business Manager ol Play ancl Dance '44 Static Staff '45 Dramatic Club '42 2nd Baslcettmall Team '42 GWENDOLYN ALICE SMITH Entered '37 HGwen" Gwen is known for iier puiaiic speaicing abil- ity and poise. Her convincing arguments have enliveneci many a discussion. The Navy League has occupied a great deal of tier time, and we nreciict an interesting career for Gwen. Yearbook Staff ,44 2nd Team Hockey '41, '42, '43 Static Staff '43 Dramatic Club '42, '43, '44 BETTY ANN TROEMNER Entereci ,3l HBetts', We couici always count on Betty Ann for honest opinions: sile is famous for her sports- mansimip. Betty Ann's mischief and pranks have given the class a great cieai of fun. Varsity Hockey '42, ,43, '44 Basicetinaii Team '41, '42, '43, '44 Beta Sigma '41, '42, '43, '44 Static Staff '43 Assistant Business Manager of Yearbook '44 Stage Manager of Piay and Dance '44 DORIS ANNE WEYL Entered ,53 "Dorie" Dorie bas proved ber capability tbis year in handling ttle acts for the yearbook. Even ttlougtl sbe doesn't like us to mention it, sbe is the artist of the class, and some day We shall all be able to say, Uwe knew tier when-H Beta Sigma '43, ,44 Class Secretary '43 Business Manager Yearbook '44 Treasurer Beta Sigma ,44 Dramatic '42, '45, '44 KATHARINE WOODBRIDGE Entered '57 'AWoody" VVoocly's quiet efficiency bas been noticeable in keeping tbe building in order tbis year. She is tbe envy of us all with ber sewing, and is always willing to betp us when we must rip out our mistakes. Dramatic Club '41, 42, '45, '44 Static Staff '45 Yearbook Staff ,44 Cvtee Club '45, ,44 BARBARA JEAN ZIEGLER Entered '40 "Ziggy We don't know what the senior class would have clone without Ziggy. Her common sense and tactful suggestions have pulled us through many a dimcuity. As editor of the yearbook this year, she has proven herself a hard worker, and at all times a good friend. Beta Sigma '42, Y43, '44 Editor of Static '45 Editor of Yearloook '44 Dramatic Cluh '44 Glee Club '41, '42, '43, '44 THE YE!-XHBUUH STAFF Editor ........... ..... B arhara Ziegler Business Manager . . . . . ........ Doris yVeyl Assistant Business Manager . .... Betty Ann Troemner Photography ............, Elisabeth Ann Rebok Assistant Photography ................ Katharine Woodbridge Makeup ..,........ Jean Budd, Bobbie Roberts, lwiary Arrison Statistics . . . Jean Goodman, Charlotte Meyer, Mary Helen Moore Prophecy ..... ........ .... C- W en Smith, Dorothy Eddowes Will ....... .... T illie Clarke, Jean Gilclersleeve Class Editor .. ............. Kathlin Alhurger Circulation . .... Eleanor lV1acBricle I7 nv SE TUB STATISTICS NAME Katblin Alburger Mary Arrison Marilyn Blanlcin Jean Budd Tillie Clarke Dorothy Eddowea Jean Gtlderaleeye Jane Goodman Elizabetb Hunter Dorotby Knipe Emilie Knipe Eleanor lVlaeBride Charlotte Meyer Mary Helen Moore Jean Q'Brien Ann Reloolr Florence Roberts Dorothy Rotb Gwendolyn Smith CHARACTER SONC- ALWAYS SPECIALTY Sbe Wears a Pair Drawing Pretty Girls Her bair of Silver Wings My Heart Tells Me Opening Windows Tiny feet HMooreu rl-ban You Jitterbugging Her atbletic ability Know l've Hearcl Tbat Tallcing Tbose clotbes Song Before Horses, Horses, Horses Calm Common sense Elmer's Tune ln love Her smile Jeannie Vvitb ttie Giggling Englisb compositions Light Brown Hair How Sweet You Are Beautiful Dreamer lt's Love, Love. Love l'll Be Around Mad About tbe Boy lxloonray Two ln Love lVly ltleal lt Ain,t Necessarily So Ain't Misbebavin, Here Comes tlie Navy Can't Cvet Gut ot Tbis Moocl Betty Ann Troemner ll l Had tlie Vvings of An Angel Kay Vtfooclbritlgv Talcing A Cbance on Love Doris Vveyl Barbart Ziegler Green Eyes Vlilieyvre Eitlier Too Young Gr Too Old I 8 Vvriting notes Eating an apple Eating Cn crutcbes Day clreaming Crossing tbe ctays ott tbe calendar At Annapolis ln a ditber Her sweet disposition Her bands Artistic ability Her assembly program Her blue eyes uTbatu figure Her baby tace Her voice Qn tbe job Her generosity Cutting up Her wit Backing tbe Attaclt Her goocl teatures Dancing Her political views Gut to luncb Tbe Troemner metbocl Sewing Her clentist Going to tbe corner Tallcing about llte yearboolt Her bair-clo's Her bluslies 5 NEEDS An A in history A comh of her own To take it easy To do some homework "Champ" To make it Hone 5 more inches A date with Frank Sinatra A megaphone SE IUII STATISTICS FAVORITE EXPRES SION Zoott Vvhereys Butch? Best we -0-1 I haven,t done a thing It's up to the other kids l'll get it in tomorrow Thats so silty I'm going on a diet nn us ,-4,-1,-4,-f,..4,-4,-1,-1 Her own nail polish Listen to this -ff- To get on the honor roit I'II he hack in a minute, Miss Bergen A vitamin piii I don't care The ring Needless to say A dictionary Yeh, Bo To reiax Hit You att A private secretary A higger pockethook A square meat Invisihte curiers A gyroscope A one-way ticket to New York Handcuffs Time "Say Doc" Oh iudget Ssssht Going out to the ham? Are you kidding? Say listen, kids Helio, honey Thats the payoff AMBITIQN Heart specialist Gym teacher Baiiroom dancer To get that appli- cation oft Doctor Biues singer To marry a millionaire To meet Jack She has none Penn State Missionary nurse To Iearn how to whistle Kindergarten Teacher To Iaunch a hattteship Modeling Henry Morgentha assistant HIS DESTINY Heart hreaker Baitet dancer Still jitterhugging Ntrs. Anthony Tree surgeon Train announcer Pauperis hride Collie farm Barker at the circus Drug store proprietor Head-hunter Cover girl Teaching her own Tughoat Annie Cruising in the South Sea Cashier Ptantecotogist VV Navy wite Wife of a shoe satesman A second Katherine Stand-in for Cornell Vera Vague Test pilot Grease monkey To get married Shall make it Illustrator I Doodter Another Niadame Speaker in the Curie Senate I 9 elder at Lockheed CLASS WILL Vve. the members of the class of nineteen hundred and forty-four ol the Stevens School, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, much to our amazement, having been adjudged of sound mind and clear understand- ing, do hereby malce and publish this, our last will and testament. To the Faculty of the Stevens School we leave the happy memories ol our years with them and the reams oi paper which we have used in our exams. To the Junior Class we leave our homeroom fmuch the worse for wearig and, with the hope that they like shocking pinlc, we leave them the Senior Lounge. To the pupils of the Stevens School we leave the reputation and the structure of the school, or as much as is left upon our departure from this life. We malce the following bequests: To Marguerite Garrabrant we bequeath Kathlin Alburger's curls. To Jane Littlewood we bequeath Mary Arrisonls big brown eyes. To Tommy Thompson we bequeath Nlarilyn Blanlcins dance style. To Helen Fawley we bequeath Jean Budds line. To Audrey Young we bequeath Tillie Clarlcs car tand tirell To Joan McCue we bequeath Dottie Eddowes, coy ways. To Louise Alston we bequeath Jean Gildersleeves two British sailors. To Pat Cousley we bequeath Jane Goodmans innocence. To Doris Aitlcen we bequeath Elizabeth Hunters voice. To Miss Bever we bequeath Emilie Knipe. To Mary De Camp we bequeath Dottie Knipe's diet. To Eleanor Cannon we bequeath Eleanor lVlcBride's love for Glee Club. To Daria Marshall we bequeath Charlotte Nleyerls South American relations. To Nlaree Frisby we bequeath Mary Helen Wlooreys basketball ability. To Sophie Ellcins we bequeath .lean 0,Brien,s crucial moments. To Natalie Vveiss we bequeath Ann Rebolfys chic wardrobe. To Nancy Hendler we bequeath Bobbie Roberts, love of nature. To Dawn Spencer we bequeath Dotty Rothls vim and vigor. To Barbara Trautwein we bequeath Gwen Smiths shapely hands. To Miss Wire we bequeath Betty Ann Troemnerys Cotiee nerves. To lVlargy Doxrud we bequeath Doris Vveylgs pigtails. To Grace Kelly we bequeath Kay Vvoodbridges love for the Navy. To .loan Kreinberg we bequeath Barbara Zieglerls blushes. 20 VALEUIETUHY As seniors we have often thought of the approaching end of our high school life and the demands to loe made of us in the adult world. It seems to us that one of the essential needs in the world of today is that of a hroad, ltexihle mental attitude toward the changes that will come. ln nations and individuals, the ahility to organize and reorganize with ease and swiftness, is an invalualole trait. The estalolishment of Christianity and the colonization of the new world, are outstanding evidence that people who have heen willing to malte changes have lorought aloout a more advanced civilization. All the greatest movements in history have depended upon the willingness of men to receive and use new ideas. Vve need loolc only at the background of the United States to find evidence of this idea. Never in history have such great numhers of people broadened their mental horizons and expanded their physical looundaries, as in the period America was settled. Dissatisfied Europeans uprooted themselves from age old religions, governments, and customs, to sail across an unlcnown sea and to colonize a wild, new world. All the discontented people who were spirited enough to demand a new way ol life, found the answer to their dreams in America. Qur unique, and we hope lasting, democratic government was founded hy a revolution. ln the Constitution, which grew out ol this upheaval, one of the strongest features lies in a clause that allows it to he amended to meet new conditions. The spirit ol pioneering is a significant American characteristic. ln government and geographical expansion, in husiness homes and society, the pioneering attitude is shown in the changes that were made and still con- tinue to he made hy a people who are constantly searching for hetter things. There is no laclc of reverence or respect for the great men and ideas of the past in this attitudeg if a thing can he improved upon, Americans will try to improve upon it. The time is approaching when the entire world must undergo a drastic change. The dream of youth has always been to save the world from sinlcing further into the ahyss of war and wrong, and to give the earth its peace. We are a young, strong nation, hardened to change, and perhaps our pioneering heritage will enahle us to he the youth to loring ahout the great salvation. This loroader mental horizon required hy the pioneers of today and those of the future, can he acquired through education. Vve who graduate from Stevens have loeen given through education, knowledge that creates tolerance, progressive training that encourages initiative, and some under- standing ol the concepts of hasic truths that must underlie complete living. These are the essential tools for huilding the future. It is with gratitude for our preparation to meet the demands of tomorrow that we leave the Stevens School, Mrs. Swan, the faculty, our schoolmates, and many memorahle associations. We feel sure that our deht of thanlcs will increase as we talxe our places in this world which will prove our ahility to initiate and accept changes. 2 I ELASS PHUPHECY June 8, 1954 Dear Suzie Stevens, Thought l'd write and tell you all the news about the class of ,44. l saw in the newsreel the other day that lVlary Helen has Finally settled in Honolulu. She loolcs charming among the palm trees in her shredded wheat slcirt. Have you seen Charlottes new play nThe Aching Cavity?" Que writer said her satirical Wit can he appreciated only loy the lceener minds of this sluggish generation. The leading lady, Jean Budd, is none other than lVlr. Parlcer of the Stevens play in 714. Ann has opened the Reholt Correspondence School and as humor editor of the New Yorlter, she is constantly in the public eye, like grapefruit. Rothyys latest modeling assignment entitled HVX7hat the Navy Wife Should Vtlearn was a clever arrangement of tiny anchors and rope. l ran into Tillie and Marilyn the other day. Tillie has her doctor,s degree, and lVlarilyn,s 'Blanlcin Beauty Blendn is putting Max Factor out ol business. She told me that Eleanor is now principal of a girls' school and is malcing a great success of it. Did you read in the papers that Ziggy was elected to Congress? Next thing you lmow shelll he President. Dorie,s comic strip upuny Peten has pushed Superman off the presses completely. l heard from Jeanie OBrien and Goody last weelt. G0ody,s Hswoon- atran is winning blue rihhons everywhere. Jean is very lausy recording torch songs for Columbia. Another paragraph was added to Biz's account in VVho,s Vvho. Her amazing discovery of capsules for day-dreaming has been proclaimed "then discovery of '54. Bumped into Betty Ann who was staring into the slcy at a new trailer model Helicopter. Bohloie has finally perfected its intricate rudder attach- ment. Did you hear that Mary is the glamorous social secretary of Bugs Bunny, the Nutritional Food Administrator? Lonnie, trim in her nurse,s uniform, has loeen hrightening life lor the men at Valley Forge Hospital. Woodyys new sign looks wonderful. HK. Woodbridge, Dental Hygien- ist'-Painless Extractions on the Credit Plan." Jean Gildersleeve had been in on her way to the puhlishers with her most promising novel, K'Noodles and Nutritionf' I sent a hoolc of the Chinese Language to Emilie, who, as a mis- sionary nurse, has developed a yen for fried fish eyes and loirds nest soup. Gwen is in Washington and recently delivered a fiery oration over the radio, Shes husy campaigning to prevent Roosevelt's running for an eighth term. Dottie Eddowes is still trying to pass the home ec. course: she has yet to find the man with an iron stomach. Dottie Knipe now owns Keller's. She malfes all the greeting cards and has trouhle lceeping the raclc filled. Thats all the news now, Susie-will write when I hear anything else. The Scribe. 22 ST DENT EUUNEIL The Student Council is one of the most important organiza- Hons nxthe school Tinough H probknns and suggesnons ofthe student body are presented and discussed. Frequent executive board rneethigs are held throughotd the year,f0HOXved by genera! meetings in which all the girls participate. The officers and representatives are: First raw: Betty Ann Wentz, Junior Classy Dede Ternplsins, Vice President: Tillie Clarke, Presidente Nancy Arrison, Secretary. Second row: Jane Carneren, Seventh Grade: Anne Hallowell, Sophomore Class: Mildred lVleDaniels, Freshman Class: Audrey Young, Treasurer: Barbara Trautwein, Eighth Grade. 23 ' 1 ffl? feat Q, 5 'EL-1 f Doris Aitken Louise Alston Betiy Amodei Nancy Andrews Patsy Cousley Mary-Kay Decamp Lucy Edwards Marguerite Garrabrant .41 F in Tiff ff as , 'WZ JUNIOR CLASS Nancy Hendler Mary Humphreys Shirley Ketclnam Joan Kreinlnerg .Ioan McCue Nancy Rhodes Nancy Stroll Jane Sykes 24 '1 4 4 - + 4 . X m !,, ,V Betsey Taylor Ulary Van Sciver Natalie Weiss Betty Ann Vventz Anne Woll Nancy Won Pat Yealosley Audrey Young SUPHUMUHE ELASS First row: D. Frank, L. Seaimoim, T. Wigfaii, N. LeDuc, A. iwelcher. A. N. Rippey, M. Rumpp, NI. Williams, J. Littlewood, E. Cannon, M. Frisby, M. Doxruci. Second row: S. Angle, NI. Lyness, P. Qmerly, E. Amodei, A. Hallowell, P. Shun, J. Chapman, D. Hoiinger, D. Spencer. D. Robinson, N. Arrison, H. Russell, E. Boyer. Third row: P. Rhodes, T. Thompson, M. Hiiisley, BI. L. Elkins. First row: S. Tuska, N. Borden, P. Wenzel, iw. Jones, J. Snyder, J. Davies, D. Tompkins, L. Bauer, B. Randal, N. Drake, J. Buehier, D. Snyder. Second row: P. Carter, P. Butler, M. McDaniel, P. Niatzlce, G. Kelly, K. Ralston, A. Bostwicic, D. Keon, G. Pedley, N. McNabb, Ni. Brady, S. Elkins, E. Vvoodbricie, K. Baldwin. PHESHMAN CLASS SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES First row: B. Borda, M. Jones, J. Gilmore, B. TVTcGarrigTe, E. Landis, A. Levy, M. Beard, L. Roberts, B. Trautwein, N. Vvolcoff, T. Randall, M. Matlack, T... Benoliel, J. Ziegler. Second row: M. Greco, A. Garrabrant, R. Rian, K. Alston, B. Bruce, J. Arrison, N. Weiss. D. Metz, J. Gibson, E. Baldwin, H. Fawley, J. Davis, E. Minnich, L. Parker. Third row: H. Warner, N. Hargroves, B. Hand, J. Spencer, M. Be-TT, J. Cameron, J. Wooley, J. Ostrander. ATHLETIC ASSUEIATIUN Left to right: Anne Hallowell, Secretary: Miss Fetlling, Adviser, Betty Ann Troemner, Presicientg Doris Aitken, Treasurer, Jean Buehler, Vice- President. " 2 'f' 1 ,',. an -.,.i , ' ' 1 ' ' 4 41 ,A Q! Y ,, ,.,. - rff .-Q. L fi T ff Z 25 QHUEHEY SUUAD First row: D. Roth, B. Troemner, B. Vveniz, K. Alhurger, T. Clarke Nliss Fehling finstructorb, Nl. Arrison, E. Boyer, J. Buehler, J. Goodman iw. Blankin, N. Arrison, L. Bauer. Second row: S. Elkins, M. Hillsley A. XVOH, D. Aitken, G. Kelly, G. Smith, P. Qmerly, E. Vvboclhridge A. Bostwick, M. Elkins, D. Robinson. P. Rhodes, J. McCue, M. H. Moore J. Chapman, B. Ziegler, P. Yeahsley. Third row: N. Henciler, P. Shun T. Thompson. BASKETBALL SUUAD First row: J. Chapman, NI. Hillsley, M. Elkins, P. Yealosiey, B. Wentz NI. Blanlcin, Nl. H. Nloore, P. Omerly, P. Shuli, E. Boyer. N. Arrison M. Arrison, T. Clarke. Second row: Miss Fehling, E. Woodbridge E. Cannon, D. Frank, J. Litilewood, G. Kelly, N. McNabb, N. Rhodes D. Aitken, J. McCue, A. VVOH, B. Troemner, N. Hencuer, Elkins 27 H346 Y .mg 5: 4 1 ' F, NAPS fs QL- A , I , ,iq f ,A 4, 1, -' ,, , V4 N B2 341 Zz!!- A.w..LgEU..M,w-A ,NX ph ma 053, X vp, 'Za M fiwif -fifi Oakllq 32 QM 3 C22 e5 'K 52. Q C 2 aww fe ,, 9? QS.,-BQ-w,u,b3LQm.-.6-5-'34 'Z-X .Jf if ,vw M ,kf2,,Wf ack 40 is 0 Vosffjgy ffcffj evo' S., f of W AUTOGRAPHS . QL be'Uw7O . ' MM , 0 as -ar . QE - Q? Gggjfif a- L XA W7-735 'X W fy aff ws' wa RWM ef Xfaw igrffg EWWXQWW Q! fb F Wwgm Og? 2 X? 0,812 Img.. 733,24 03930 JCL? ' aim E Nwawsfy WL-V 'NT 'WEN'-Q -521 WV!! J E3 c1,qP:ZlLK KICQHJM n..,,,1f 5,119 fbwg :Sf JJ-iw 'MQODQZFZQM Q Ry 0 i " Vlurf- Elkulas p? P0035 kc RSL ,ZX-M31 D ' Q,-1' x 5 005,009 SLK QTEJX i S Xechor 'gfdigg - JQEQWXQIEN . Cf? I H - si, 8 Q41 Mary ff'-?C-fc - a MQW jmWW2,a.fAC?L 129 Years of Banking Service NATIONAL BANK of GERMANTOWN AND TRUST COMPANY 5500 Germantown Avenue At School Lane 0 Capital and Surplus, 52,400,000 0 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation o Use Our Adjoining Free Parking Space While in the Bank ROBERT F. F OERSTER PHARMACIST 6122 Greene Street GERMANTOWN, PHILA.. PA. Phone VICtor 4246 Compliments of THE RUTH PEARL SHOP 40 West Chelten Avenue GERMANTOWN, PHILA. I. W. SCATCHARD CO. 7135 Germantown Avenue VICTOR - COLUMBIA - DECCA RECORDS We Deliver Che. 5339 Compliments of CQNTEBS QYXNG A MOTHER Flowers From Our Owrn Greenhouse ROTHE AND SON FLORISTS 7142-50 Gennantown Avenue Serving Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy Deliveries Anywhere, Anytime Chestnut Hill 0832 Since 1908 KIRK 61 NICE UNDERTAKERS B301 Germantown Avenue PHILADELPHIA GER. 6328 A, 950 FOR BUSY GIRLS ON THE LOOKOUT FOR. SMART CLOTHES ALLEN'S GIRLS' SHOP--THIRD FLOOR IUNIOR SHOP-THIRD FLOOR SPORT SHOP-SECOND FLOOR MISSES' SHOP-SECOND FLOOR Chelten 6. Greene GERmantown 7000 Open Friday to 9 P. M. HARRY A. SPANGLER APOTHECARY 6102 Germantown Avenue GERMANTOWN, PHILADELPHIA . Com pliments of Compliments of HARRY BI.OOIvI co. EDW- 5-1-ERN N AND cOIvIPANY, INC. IOSEPH II. GOODMAN 1500 Walnut Street Building PHILADELPHIA, PA. "-'- PHILADELPHIA Member, New York Stock Exchange Financial Columnist FORBES Magazine FRANK F. TAYLOR "Where Germantown Buys" Next to the Colonial Theatre MUSIC - RECORDS - RADIO REFRIGERATION Compliments 5528 Germantown Avenue GERmantown 0922 PHILADELPHIA, PA. Qi GERmantown 3901 Cold Storage V A N T I THE SOPHOMORES HFURRIERS SINCE 1911" 5535 Germantown Ave. PHILADELPHIA, PA. WE CATER TO GIRLS IN OUR IUNIOR MISS SHOP AND TEEN TYPE SHOP P f both on third floor G' E R F4 73 IQ T O VV IW 32 Good Luck to THE CLASS OF 1944 from THE FRESHMEN VICtor l7l7 HOUSE: or . . . COSMETICS B5 W. Chelten Avenue GERMANTOWN. PHILA. 44, PA. ELVA R. SMITH, INC. MISSES' AND WOMENS Dresses - Suits - Coats - Sportswear 5437 Germantown Avenue DELEINE HAT SHOP Pine Custom Made Hats Also Remodeling 12 East Church Lane, Germantown at Market Square, 5400 Block Gtn. Ave. E. P. SWANK PHARMACIST Greene 6. Carpenter Sts. GERMANTOWN, PA. Drugs - Medicines - Toilet Articles, etc. Kodaks - Developing - Printing - Films Phone: GERrnantoWn 4500 Compliments ot A FATHER "THE SHOP" 5836 Germantown Avenue GERMANT OWN, PHILADELPHIA Compliments ot THE CLASS OF '45 SMART WOMENS WEAR gi 4 z!ffffm7f!ff1fw 5533 Germantown Ave. CARPENTER LANE GARAGE Alemite Lubricating Service C G D Batteries Exide Batteries Goodrich Tires, Accessories 542-44 Carpenter Lane IOHN H. HALE INSPECTION STATION Bell Phone: GER1nantoWn 1966 B ell, GERma.ntoWn 1223 F ORESMAN 'S EXCLUSIVE MILLINERY 5526 Germantown Avenue PHILADELPHIA, PA. Colonial Theatre Building Compliments ot THE CLASS OF 1948 t Compliments ot Compliments ot A A MOTHER 33 if ir COMPLIMEN TS OF THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 'A' AUSTIN SUPPLY COIVIPANY, Inc. Heavy Hardware G Supplies for the Contractor ci Industrial Trade 3618 North 20th Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. Bell, Radcliff 2440 Keystone, Park 2381 "OUR IDEAL" To make Well and to trade fairly. To profit not alone in dollars but in the good- will of those with whom we deal. To cor- rect our errors. To improve our oppor- tunities and to rear from our daily work a structure which shall be known for all that is best in business. AUSTIN H. MINNICH, President. Philadelphia Office 132 South 4th Street Telephones, LOMbard 7227-9236 CABLE ADDRESS "INSURALL" New York Office 25 Broadway Telephone, Whitehall 3-5388 CAMPION BROS. Insurance Brokers C. STANLEY CAMPION W. DONALD WARNER Associated With LUKENS, SAVAGE 61 WASHBURN 'A' CQMPLIMENTS or THE DRAMATIC CLUB 'k "KELLY FDR BRICKWORKH JOHN B. KELLY 770 SCHUYLKILL AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. I .fd mififinclliue MQCWLOOA . . is llwe producl ol Jrlwe eialorls al a capable eclilar plus lime inlrereslecl caaperalion ol a seasoned specialisl. To an edilror, who wislies la malce a success of his lirsl publishing venlure, specializalion aiclers innumerable advanlages Jrlial are masl lwelplul-in lad-indispensable. ll is advisable la have a specialisf handle your yearbook. lnvesligale The services al "Campus," an organizalion wliase enlire business is college anal sclwaal publicalions. CAMPUS PUBlISHI G C IVIPA Y I N C 0 R P 0 R A T E D 1316 Arch Street ' Philadelphia 7, Penna. LETTERPRESS ' ENGRAVING ' GFFSET LITHOGRAPHY ' ART SERVICE PHIIHIGH PHY if J. MllCHEll Ellllll 1 l 1 l 1 Z l 36 .1 I f- '-J-iv .-if 4 ,-'1 . 4 f 4:1 z F'LG.i1'2i,.'f4+A5Qf'f . 1 . 1. I - 1 4 F v 4 X , L 6 ,M y 5 4' . 'V ,V S-Q xxx A . x.,,x.. n-1f,,ivn,i.411 r-cn:n1:lsmuis'.r f 'X .- Q . y . 1 .E 4 6 1. r - Lf, ,Q 4 N, 1 1 I -. 1 Q ' . 'V I i N , 4 ,-A , V1 Q s I 4 , ,, mg ,J q , W 1 6 Q X 13 , L J N. V Z ., , -.. 'Km 1. k,.,yQ,,v.5,f: 1 , '- in Ffa.: 'nr 1... 1 5 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1. 1 1 'S 11 . , 'M 1 a 1 V' ,C 4 I 0 1 , ya -E ,,, A 2. 1 1 1 1 5 .M ,- Y SE Y vi 1 5 an 'lf 1 1 1 at , 1 -1 fifiniff, ,,. ri! L ah 1 fx sig .fig 1- ? ' ".+,3-'Tai -if 1 v- . 5' J. iq 'JJ s e,,, 1 ' s ' 1 12, 'lpn .'-ii 1 ' 1 - . 52 ,133 .914 'ff -:r,. I '1 nf, 1 ' f .. 355. 1 .hi .,, 1 Z., 1 ,11 1 i , Z 'Q 1. 41 1 .,, 11: ' . f 1 ' ' 4 1. ,, fu ' . wr XY--451' .air "3 ' Iw..MJ1f..J,n4f1.1.'J,:.i2Z , . munnaniuunnlznznmna gf.. 1 7:

Suggestions in the Stevens School - Class Record Yearbook (Germantown, PA) collection:

Stevens School - Class Record Yearbook (Germantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 24

1944, pg 24

Stevens School - Class Record Yearbook (Germantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 35

1944, pg 35

Stevens School - Class Record Yearbook (Germantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 36

1944, pg 36

Stevens School - Class Record Yearbook (Germantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 21

1944, pg 21

Stevens School - Class Record Yearbook (Germantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 30

1944, pg 30

Stevens School - Class Record Yearbook (Germantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 18

1944, pg 18

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