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, QR f fl M wi Wax Q , J' 'fn - W, WA g:,v,4Ws,,f4'2 L , if .5fTfMA .lL Syglfhwffiwfinfxkf 556 G. M M -WMM ' f kmJ?aMm , 1 WWW Cf SD I ,pH V009 COO imma QM A Q ffl E ix 5 S FG Q0 5 SN W3 55 :J 1 i 5 i 1 1 i R A K i r i Mason Jr. High 1974 Title Page W . Introduction Organizations Sports . . . Academics . Student Lge . Patrons . . Closing . Table of Contents 3 x 'iii 'M' V . , . From Here To There -, W fa. 1 1 4 11 1 v .2 , ' w Q .W . fo 4 , 1 . Y' . . Q'-I .".. -1 f: L V , Si,-6?-' ,,c:g. 5 3,5 e e , 1 . .," flk., ' , 'N 1- - L A, , 4 Y 6 'iq' 'A . " 1 s off -Q V, Q tif' 'VA pk , ,3w,,., lb NW X15 51. '. e , . - M ff f. 1 ' ,y M X'-N' " nfl 'A ff ff'--4 3' "M ' 5 I ,L 'Q ? ,, f-' L , --5 H - Q gg 1 7 4, 'qs . 9. ra rfffi 4 my Q 3. X if V gif V ,Hxg wsu ' ' it J., y :. s 1 I , -s-M 'ma' "' 1 , - e, ,,,,,,Afr, . A 4, f 'I' ' 10'-' 54' - 6 ' P . .72 ftf'f6!44 A :Q '- 2 o A ' L , T 4, , , . L Vs, . i, A f W ,P 'QWEZQ' " ,L :ggi 1: 3,4 Qin' f 1' E13 A . Viz' V - N 414 1 .V .cf x 'S 1, ' A wi 3 QW. Q X 'itil I A , ' K f' Q " 3-is-f 4- is . "-"i f 7 ,. -MQ .f f , v. 'Y' , Hi , Q L - . , , , ,, N H L V- F ,xr ' wk' 4, .L av..,iw 1 My N ,v ,A A 1. f ,, h r 1 ' 'W eff V ' nf, ,. 'K . ' VH " , 7 r ,flfi V , 2,1 ' N W 1? - 1, , '1 L ,alex L . .ry V r , , 71, K e e' ee :fl ,ff iff? 4 X E Eid, -,vt if 'fe aff' 2 k 4 Introduction M, x z A ' 2 .off ,K 4 f ' a K 1 , f r 3 1,1 - Y Hi' . ' 51, G 1 Q 'E I V Fl M, ...MQ When a student enters Mason in the seventh grade, it is a frightening, but thrilling experience. He gets lost on the first day, goes to the wrong class, and to top it all off, can't even remember his locker combi- nation. The halls are crowded, he's pushed around, and it sure isn't like grade school. ' tn' ' lf: 4 wat 5 v 1 . fs? - . . C I' UWWW WW W WW Then, after a while, he's making new friends, his locker is easy to open, and it is simple to find his classes. The halls don't even seem very crowded any more. Before he knows it, the year has passed by, it's summertime, and school's out! When he comes back in eighth grade, there are new teachers, new faces, and new locker combinations, but nothing has really changed, it's still Mason, af, r, l r , ,fag ee, 4 , at gy 3 e,t ' 'Wa . f 5 'S 3 2 im.. ogg 'Lynx To Then I There Is Time 6 T 0 Explore The World Now that he's in the middle, with the 'seventh grade behind him, and the ninth grade ahead, he's got more interesting classes, and the ninth graders are finally giving him a little respect. He can try to be on student council and have his say around the school. As he moves onto ninth grade, he realizes that he leads the school, and all those seventh and eighth graders look up to him. He can join many more clubs, and choose exciting and informative classes. He's used to the school and its ways, and he knows the teach- ers, and he has quite a few friends. What more could a person ask? f Xxx 0rSzngA ewSong... f But soon it's time to leave the school, and go on to high school, a big step to the future. He's happy to be entering high school, but he is grateful for all the good times he had at Mason. It was a very important part of his life, and he'll never forget it! Mason is not only a school for learning about science, math, and English, but it is also a school for learning about oneself and one's friends. lt is a school for learn- ing about the world and its people, and how we all live. Going to school is an enriching experience and most students will always remember the great time they had at Mason Junior High. 8 Today After School Specials Organizations a Clubs and organizations give students a chance to develop their interests, in a field of their own choice. Drama club introduces the world of acting, while pep band, bagpipe band, and chamber choir are for the musically inclined people. Redcross club and L.St.D. committee do their best to aid the community, while ski club and gymnastics are for people who want fun and exercise. Q Learning is a great experience, and students can make the most of it through clubs and organizations. Power Through The Students 8-AP 1 . - , ,, ...MB STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Dan Schaar, Parliamentariang Karen Goff, Corresponding Secretary, Kathy Lindsey, President, Terri Harvey, Vice President, Holly Powers, Recording Secretary: Shawn Miller, Treasurer. NINTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES. FRONT ROW: Debbie Holtom, Rob Aikin, Mike Wrobel, Dawn Masters, Donna Scrivner, Patti Wiloughby, Penny Nichols. SEC- OND ROW: Ron Tcjhkl, Don Pelton, Ceree Martin, Terry Howard, Ward Miller, Christy Walker. THIRD ROW: Ali- con Turner, Patty Deo, Annette Plante, Becky DeVa.r. "v---...v Nia SEVENTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES. FRONT ROW: Jari Johnson, Cheryle Bushon, Marki Holboth, Lee Judge, Terry Williams, Jeff O'Berry, Vick Vanicelli. SEC- Q -ff' OND ROW: Cheryle Denton,Mary Cahne, Vicky Harvey, David Blagent, Dave Mackie, Brad Fagan. K The Student Council did many things for the student body as the year Went by. They sponsored exciting dances, a spectacular magazine sale and a school spelling bee. They also participated in a student exchange with Crary, Pierce, and Washington Junior High. The ex- change gave them a chance to see how the other schools function. Student Council did a fantastic job and suc- ceeded in doing the best for our school. EIGHTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES. FRONT ROW: Missy Cattel, Mark Flath, Ken Allen, Tim Mar- shall, Darrel Wichtman, Bob Wooderson, Mike Pankner, Laura Siinpkins. SECOND ROW: Janet Elston, Gretc- hen Smith, Jeannine Forge, Teresa Martin, Kathy Lyon, Marlene Morgan, Kathy Hill. q.,,....,,,a.2 an i I M4 ,, f . 1 f Q iihvzivng I . HH E an iff! 'a NINTH GRADE ALTERNATES. FRONT ROW: Debbie Demino, Bev Schicle, Nanettc Compton, Sherry Healy, Connie Sartell, Heather Coats. SECOND ROW: Sheri Algeo, Lil Gaulke. Donna Scrivncr, Dave Dominguez, Dave Nichols, Brian Burke, Roy Amlcr, Ernie Bratlsliuw, John Herkowitz. Todd Wicss. EIGHTH GRADE ALTERNATES. FRONT ROW: Scott Ward, Tim Hudson, Joe Walker, Jim Kurzava, Steve Bisogni. SECOND ROW: Kristi Fangel, Cindy Smith, Ruth Yingling, Tom Wagner, Lori Hosler, Helen Gavriledes, Sandy Reh- kopf. ,100 SEVENTH GRADE ALTERNATES. FRONT ROW: Jenny Lund, Tammy Render, Danny Warden, Deane Fredericksen, Ken Beal. SECOND ROW: Beth Forge, Pat Madsen, Dawn Abney, Laura Cecil, Kevin Cronan, Dave Snell. 13 Student Council exhibits Energy Day Symbol R Vo Our Ticket T 0 Washington A student pays her monthly trip payment. YP Our trip club consists of two trip representatives from every ninth grade civics class. The representa- tives, along with Mr. Allen and Mr. Hardoin, suc- ceeded in making the Washington trip an exciting time for all ninth grade students. The candy sales were a great success, as far as cutting the cost of the students' trip. Many of the students sold enough candy to pay for their entire trip! Trip club isnit as easy as you think it is. The representatives must go to all the meetings, and keep track of everything that happens to the candy and candy money. To these students, we give thanks, for making the Washington trip possible. TRIP COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVES. FIRST ROW: Debbie Christie, Debbie Moore, Sandy Stepanski, Debi Felice, Kim Billette, Milly Burton, Linda Norman, Leslie Sizemore. SECOND ROW: Dave Wilson, JoMa.ry Burgdorf, Dave Nicholas, Kathy Meyer, Cheryl Sellers, Mary Seeterlin. TRIP COMMITTEE ALTERNATES. FIRST ROW: Marianne Groth, Sue Overall, Wendy Wilcox, Jeff Skewes, Michael George, Wendy Ingram, Mark McCurdy. SECOND ROW: Cindy Evans, Jenny Holan, Robin Thyle, Liz Gaulke, Meg Kaul, Bryan McMahon, Bill Brian. esource Center Aids Each year at Mason, students are selected to work in the resource center to aid Mrs. Taylor. The student aides have the responsibilities of checking books in, filing cards in the card catalog, and arranging books on the shelves. The resource center aides assist Mrs. Taylor, by keeping the resource center in top working order. l A library aide at work. . - . w. awsw - RESOURCE CENTER AIDES. FIRST ROW: Debbie Devine, Jackie Johnson, Sherry Healy, Sharon Whitney, Susan McClellan, Sandy Smith, Cheryl Simpson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Taylor iMedia SpecialistJ, Julie Vega, Suzette Davis, Darlene Liestman, Russ Bedford, Rene Miska, Carolyn Janes, Mrs. Nancy Pruente CLibra.ry Aidej. THIRD ROW: Carol Simpson, Tina Neely, Debbie Cheek, Kathy Herron, Maryann Lindquist, Jim McQuinn. 15 Hehfing The Teachers Student Aides are those people who run off 9021 of Mason's tests. Actually the duties of a Student Aide vary from one marking period to another. Student Aides Work in the offices answering the telephone and running errands for the secretaries. They also assist the teachers by checking papers and performing other tasks. It has often been said that Mason couldn't function properly without the help of the Student Aides. STUDENT AIDES, FRONT ROW: Carol Janes, Betty Gilbert, Sue Maiers, Sharon Davis, Donna Smith, Cathi McConnell, Pennie Nichols, Amy Chambers, Susan Geyer, Donna Scrivner, Emily Belcher, Debbie Holtom, Wava Lock Wood, Shawn Miller, Kim Britt, Cindy Stern. SECOND ROW: Tina Easley, Chris Garrett, Joy Zurbrick, JoAnne Gifford, Laura Adams, Mary Seeterlin, Terri Kelly, Alison Turner, Heather Coats, Fay Graulin, Leslie White, Kelly Birker, Carrie Capling, Kim Maison, Kathy Barclay, Terry Derry, Robin Fredricksen, Penny McNeal, Mrs. Haley. THIRD ROW: Linda Norman, Tenee Earl, Kathy Chewins, Christie MacKay, Cheryl Larson, Tammy Nelson, Kathy Meyer, Deanna Kidwell, Sheril Cappell, Pam Kelly, Sharon Calme, Debbie Moore, Joy Murray, Kim Bush, Maryann Lindquist, Brian Young, Jim Chubb, Greg Anderson. 16 Heqn The Students w""""' Tending to the various tasks of a student aide. Student aide delivers the mail an Q I lx ilk' BEST COUPLE: BIGGEST MOUTH: Terri Allard and Mike Richmond Becky DcVar and Paul Weedon Mock Election Winners inf Sv PRETTIEST HAIR: Dan Gilford and Lori Anderson SCHOOL SPIRH-ED: Robyn Stout and Kathy H CLASS CLOWNS: udson PRETTIEST EYES: Sophie Pantelides and Mike Georg Don Pelton and Diane Tersigni BELOW. BEST DRESSED: Mike Taylor, Tina Easley and Jim Essiambre. S RIGHT. BIGGEST FLIRT: Cindy Curn and Terry Howard Cmissing from picturej. M ,,,, Parlez Vous Francais? FRENCH CLUB: FRONT ROW: Sherry Weiler, Renee Cristoff, Lisa Graunstadt, Vanesea Mercer, Mark Stambouly, Tracy Penfold, Bill Arnold, Cindy Quick, Terri Jackson. SECOND ROW: Dale Laduceur, Bernie Slabinski, Wendy Wood, Kim Kaminski, Judy Hillman, Ken Schluchter, Shelly Everett, Penny Elvvell, Mr. Perry. THIRD ROW: Terry Taylor, Jeff Carter, Dan Hagon, Mike Perzyk, Gary Crowe, Marc Marcero, Liz Gaulke, Dan Reed. The purpose of French Club is to inform students about the French culture. Field trips were taken to many places, including several French restaurants, and the International Fair at the University of Michi- gan. One of the highlights of French Club was a five day trip to Montreal. Frequent guest speakers lec- tured on French-related subjects. To sum it up French Club was interesting, fun, and enjoyed by all. Students listen to French-speaking tapes 19 Mwvwpvmww Ski Club Challenges UPPER LEFT: A Mason student relaxes after an exciting run down the slope. ABOVE: Mr. Hall checks in students. LOW- ER LEFT: Miss Poco distributes two tickets. The Slopes 'Think Snowv is Mason's ski club motto. The ski club was off to a fine season, the snow fell and the club skiied. Spills and thrills were experienced by the members and sponsors alike. Bumps and bruises didn't keep them off the slopes, they just kept on skiing. The ski trip was a great success because ofthe sponsors, and injuries were few. RIGHT: Ski Club member glides down the slopes. BELOW: The hill in the background poses a challenge to skiers. 1 , Q ft i er hh ' . 1 kkh- - r,." wma.. ,,,-A .?,t..W .,,... ,,t,.,a. F? M ,W...,,.,....n.,,l.le,.,.w.,.N,MM..,,a.,W,,.....,,M,o,.i...,u. V + ,.f .r l if -- s 3 N- . ,,,,, ,. Y NYXup-up me I in 21 --N, 'vamp WD The Thrill O People often wish that they could retreat to a World ol' their own. Drama Club members get this chance. Acting is much more than just remembering your lines. It is knowing where to be at the right time, knowing your cue lines, and entering from the right side ofthe stage. When you take part in a play, you must assume the personality of the person you are playing. You are no longer the actor, running through your lines, but instead, the very person Whose role you are playing. All this and much more is what it takes to make a play. With the help of Mr. and Mrs. Reschke Drama Club members put on many excellent performances. Acting Upon The Stage i' in DRAMA CLUB. FRONT ROW: Meg Kaul, Ann Emigh, Kathy Hudson, Terri Harvey, Sophie Pantelicles. BACK ROW: Sherri Alzeo, Brook Mittledorf, Vicki Hobolth, Tammy Kimmercr, Gloria Neubaucher, Christy Walker, Dawn Newton, Rose Betz, Wendy Ingram. MISSIINJG FROM PICTURE: Sue Maiers, Cindy Evans, Flint Tison, .loc Racine, Robyn Reynolds, Liz Gaulke. ABOVE: Drama club members rehearse for '5Final Dress Rclioarsalf' RIGHT: Oh no, another lcuture. 23 Shutterbugs nite FRONT ROW: Robert lfisher, Craig Allen. BACK ROW: Tom lfarnum, Wendy Ingram Phil Bone. v Interesting things can be learned in photography club, such as the developing and printing ofpietures. Students get the opportunity to increase their knowl- edge ot' the camera and its workings. Photography club is open to any student who is willing to Work and experiment to become a true shutterbug. Photographers, doing their thing. as0n's Alley Cats BOWLING CLUB, FRONT ROW: James Sausser, Michele Ferguson, Maryjo Keith, Lori Pierce, Jim Patterson, Jari Johnson, Renni Luvoie, Mike Appleton, Rob Crites, Dale Wood, Sam Christoff, David Findley, Doug Conklin. SECOND ROW: Karen Marvin, Joe Bauer, Tim Greene, Jim Vanderver, Paul Toth, Barb Hurley, Mary Simp- son, Cheryl Freeman, Gail Pallanito. THIRD ROW: Glen White, Dale Reinhardt, Danny Rogers, Tim Sutton, Duane Swansey, Al White, Roy Amler, Rob Warnock, Sharon Calme, Barb Freeman, Dave Garcia. ' ' 'Wai jawn A strike, a spare, a gutter! All are common phrases T at a bowling alley. ln a fall and spring league, Mason students tried their hand at bowling. The league was divided into thirty teams with three students on each team. The league was sponsored by Mrs. Kathleen Lemanski. After a period of ten weeks, trophies were awarded to the boy and girl with the highest game and the first place team. Aiding Future Athletes FRONT ROW: Sue Booth, DeNiel Lamson, Sue Overall, Debbie Felice, Holly Powers, Debbie Christie. SECOND ROW: Jan Rogers, Kelly Schultz, Kim Billette, Sue Maiers, Donna Scrivner, Shawn Miller, Sharon Davis, Lynn Roberts, Heather Coats. THIRD ROW: Leslie Sizemore, Joy Murray, Kathy Vogel, Debbie Demino, Sandy Stepanski, Terry Allard, Nora Tallenger, Robin Bedford, Patti Fisher, Debbie Moore, Kathy Herron, Martha Beeman, Nancy Beal, Sophie Pantelides. Advice from an old pro. 'Ns Ns. R L 7 Another type of student aides are Boys and Girls Gym Aides. These gym aides have many duties. They assist the gym teachers in many Ways, such as taking roll, keeping score and referreeing games. The teach- ers are not the only ones they help. They encourage students to get involved in activities, and also help the students to improve their abilities in sports. A gym aide also helps the students to gain knowledge about the rules and regulations of all the sports they partici- pate in. FIRST ROW: Mike Rossetto, Bill Forge, Don Evans, Tom Hepburn, Dennis Ladouceur, Brian Burk, Ward Miller, Randy Morse, Daryl Frick, Mark Jakel, John Oliver, Larry Needham, Jo Mary Burgdorf, Diane Tersigni. SECOND ROW: John Drudge, Tom Richman, Dan Ashby, Tom Daugherty, Dale Ricksger, Robyn Stout, Jim Essiambre, Don Roehl, Dan Rogers, Dan Pemberton, Mike Conarty, Bill Wiltfang, John Phelps, Kirk Spring, Dan Schaar. THIRD ROW: Al Embry, Mike Richman, Al Motzny, Bill Holden, Joe Sutherland, Kendall Turnbull, Scott Woodhull, Terry Howard, Bob Thorton, Garry Farris, Jeff Stanley, Don Hirn, Earl Waterman, Mike Trevino. 27 Red Cross Has A Heart ' , , RED CROSS. FRONT ROW: Terry Howard, Denise Solheim, Christy Walker, Tim Rochon, Marcia Meyers. BACK ROW: Kathy Boyd, Wendy Ingram. The Red Cross groups at Mason are interested in helping other people. The ninth grade group, spon- sored by Mr. Duffield Vaughn, did this by visiting the childrenis ward at Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital during Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and by partici- pating in the Red Cross Mock Airline Disaster, along with approximately one hundred other Oakland County residents. They also attended various meet- ings in Detroit and Pontiac. Mrs. Valliancourt super- vised the seventh and eighth grade Red Cross groups in making valentines and gifts for people in convalescent homes and hospitals. BELOW: Red Cross members make valentine treats for resi- dents of convalescent homes. They Believe In usic BAND. FRONT ROW: Julie Weber, Diane Allen, Kathy Meyer, Patti Fisher, Pam Kelly, Susan Geyer, Robin Bedford, Kim Middleton, Missie Cattell, Denise Merkowitz, Bill Brian, Liz Gaulke, Janet Dupre, Tara Dabbs, Carolyn Moses, Laura Denoyer, Paula Wegman, Jenny Holan, Dawn Hayward, Debbie Christie. SECOND ROW: Penny McNeal, Karen Goff, Gary Farris, Dawn Isbell, Debbie Moore, Jeff Metheeny, Mark Puddy, Kristi Fangel, Wendy Wilcox, Dana Beach, Yvonne Nelson, Sally Reid, Mark Flath, Jeff Stanley, Bob Marshall, Dennis Davis. THIRD ROW: Director Mr, Herbert Parrott, Ron Abraham, Mike Duncan, James Lawton, Mark McCurdy, Mike Conerty, Russ I-Ival, Bob Wade, Brian Benscoter, Kelly Porter, Ken Wade, Rob Aiken, Brian Bigelow, Kyle Middleton, John Taylor, Kerry McClelland, Jud Ryan, Brian Young, Don Vicars, Parvin Conwell, Dan Shelton. FOURTH ROW: Tom Wagner, Dave Cogswell, Meg Kaul, Kim Mackie, Debbie Beach, Jean North, Carol Simpson,Jum Chubb, Craig Applin, Don Pelton, Beth Worland, Bruce Aittama, Sue Huffman, Albert Nollet, Missie Haney, Kenny Allen, Troy Whitmire, Mark Jakel. real toe-tappers. 29 The crowd cheered as the Mason band marched by in their straight lines and smart uniforms Masons First Band consisted of ninth grade band students and proficient eighth graders. Not only did they have many concerts, but they also participated in several programs sponsored by the Waterford Music Depart ment. In one of these programs, Mason's band took part in a halftime show at a nearby high school The band attended a district-Wide Band Festival in Warren, and received a II rating, a I rating being the highest. Needless to say, Mason band concerts were Pep Band kept the crowds cheering throughout the football and basketball seasons. Pep Band consisted of a small group of interested students from the First Band. Not only did they attend all ofthe ninth grade T games but they were present at the pep assemblies as l well. The pep band kept up the enthusiasm of the crowd even when the score was low. Music T 0 Win By PEP BAND, FRONT ROW: Director Mr. Herbert Parrott, Kerry McClelland, Sue Geyer, Kim Middleton, Brian Benscoter, Jenny Holan, James Lawton, Mike Duncan. SECOND ROW: Dennis Davis, Bob Marshall, Mark Flath, Beth Worland. THIRD ROW: Ken Wade, Brian Young, Craig Applin, Dawn Hayward, Tom Wagner, Dave Cogswell. 30 Taking The High Road Students wishing to learn something about the great highland bagpipe can join a club called Mason's Highlanders. It was first formed in September of,72. The band is sponsored by Mr. Vaughen and Major Dave Mackie. Through practice they have improved their skills. Maybe some of the members have come to your classroom and demonstrated. In the spring they hope to take a field trip to see the 40th High- landers of Michigan perform in Royal Oak. They also plan on going to the Allma Highland games. Let's Stop Drugs There is an increasing awareness of drugs in our society. Mason decided to get involved, so they formed an L.S.D. committee CLet's Stop Drugsj. The small group of people on this committee worked together to inform people of the drug problem. The main purpose of this program was to explain about drugs to younger children, in hopes that they wouldn't experiment with drugs when they got older. The L.S.D. committee did a great job and even if only one person was convinced of the danger in drugs, it was worth it. BAGPIPE BAND: Band Major Mr. Vaughan, Piper Mark Morgan, Pipe Major David Mackie, Piper Howard Blythe, Piper Ricky Carver, Piper Steve Hanson. L.S.D. COMMITTEE: Mary Mielke, Pat Nolin, Mr. Vaughn, Jo Anne Strader, Lynn Wright, Dave Herron. 5 Gee, I 'm Looking Forward To "Singl Sing a Songll' That is what Chamber Choir g ,W M is all about. Chamber Choir is a group of select ,r2, rbblrl -A people. These people have opportunities to take part C 'ill 1 ' in extra activities. Mrs. Sullivan, the Chamber Choir director, took the group on many field trips. They W N sang at schools, rest homes, and also a Music Festival. The group effort put forth by these people and Mrs. Sullivan resulted in nperfect harmony." if ar' The Future CHAMBER CHOIR, lfRONT ROW: Director, Mrs. Betty Sullivan, Debbie Cheek, Kris Kuck, Jeff Roach, Bernard Shepard, Phil Movius, Greg Anderson, Mike Wrobel, Cheryl Sellers, Vicky Hobolth, Cheryl Edwards, Mary Anne Lindquist. SECOND ROW: Lori Anderson, Christy Walker, Val Kendrick, Barb Freeman, Mike Rossetto, Dan Fast, Dave Hawkins, Luanne Stoutenburg, Kathy Hudson, Margaret Garbovits, Celeste Emery. THIRD ROW: Heather Coats, Dawn Newton, Lidna Norman, Sharon Calme, Duane Caverly, Ian Burns, Robin Warnock, Mike Vanderhoek, Rick Lauinger, Ron Burton, Becky DeVar, Terri Harvey, Marcia Meyers, Courtney Casteel. ' f . ason Spirit fi. NINTH GRADE. FRONT ROW: Holly Powers. SECOND ROW: Sue Overall, Becky DeVar, Courtney Casteel, Deneil Lamson. TOP: Kim Britt. CNot pictured, Kathy Lindsayj. SEVENTH GRADE. FRONT ROW: Jenny Lund, Tammy Render. SEC- OND ROW: April Plaugher, Beth Forge. TOP: Diane Overcashier. 33 EIGHT!-I GRADE. FRONT ROW: Debbie Devine. SECOND ROW: Jeannine Forge, Missy Cattell. THIRD ROW: Gretchen Smith, Janet Wallis, Kris Lindsey. of ,,..,,.-- The Mason cheerleaders were full of pep and en- thusiasm, as they and their sponsors, Miss Pietrzak and Mrs. Oles, led our hard-Working teams through an excellent season. They impressed many a crowd by keeping the fans cheerful and excited. They held successful pep assemblies to arouse school spirit. They always had a ready smile, even in disappoint- ment and defeat. Their good sportsmanship and strong faith in their teams paid off by filling our school with pride. They are an outstanding group that has done a fantastic job. ag ,.- Preserving Today EDITORS IN CHIEF: Don Evans, Penny McNeal As you look through this book, any errors you may find, can be blamed on the yearbook staff. But you must also give them credit for the excellent copy, artistic layouts and breathtaking pictures. You must note how carefully and accurately the business people Worked to sell you your yearbook. Admittedly, the yearbook staff did a fantastic job. True, they missed almost all their deadlines, but they still managed to produce a fine yearbook at the end of the year. Mr. Link, their fearless leader and spon- sor, did a great job aiding the students and leading them through the dark days of trials and tribulations that often occur when one is dealing with a yearbook. All in all, they did a fantastic job, and deserve much credit for their efforts. BUSINESS STAFF: Tina Easley, Joe Roach, Daryl Koop, Andy Sanchez, Lesile White. . .W . Ai- my PHOTOGRAPHERS: FRONT ROW: Steve Lane, Linda Woodward, Wendy Ingram, Mike Wrobel. SECOND ROW: Jerry Narsh, Todd Weiss, Phil Bone. ,M For Tomorrow COPY STAFFQ RIGHT: Dawn Fritz, Sophie Pantelides, Penny McNeal, Dawn Newton, Lisa Bigelow. w'Ei?QisKX'1xvewwv'-' I Vi, 'NE ' "T521i::::y'1--L-Wtepiiyg 3155 LAYOUT STAI-'lfg LEFT: Kim McReynolds, Ward Miller, Chris Harper, Becky Corey, Cindy Evans. 5- up SECRETARIES: LEFT: Lynne Campbell, Jo Anne Gifford, Carrie Capling. 37 Flipping Over Gymnastics A round-off, backspring, and Walkover! What a performance! All this was done by Mason's gymnas- tics team. This club consists of girls in seventh, eighth, and ninth grade who tried out and were judged by their sponsor Mrs. Carol Ferguson. These girls find that jumping over a horse, swinging around on uneven parallel bars, and balancing on a beam is a fun way to keep fit. FRONT ROW: Cindy Stricklin, Donna Sink, Janice Nepling, Cheryl Bushon, Kathy Keranen, Wendy Smith, Vicki Ward. SECOND ROW: Barb Mae, Pat Madson, Jill Elston, Nancy Beal, Kim Billette, April Coats, Janet Elston, Lynne Robertson, Heather Coats, Cindy Stern, Kathy Lindsey. ir, , 1 1 it - il L t W Q it ,- f w if , ,i i W, ,L me Wmawmafw 38 M Solving Our Problems lr or 7,VV W, . . MATH AIDES. FRONT ROW: Sherri Scrivner, Cheryl Edwards, Mark Pasko, Kathy Hudson, Cindy Stern, Debbie Chop, Bob Briggs, Steve Hinson, Brad Cryderman, Dawn Masters, Cymantha Bradley, Penny Elwell, Jeff' Campbell, Chris Garrett, Betty Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Steve Cremer, Sharon Whitney, Kim Maison, Ry Amler, Jeff Ziulkowski, Scott Newman, Wendy Ingram, Kim Bush, Ted Misiewicz, Micki Gardiner, Bill Klaus, Nora Tallenger, Janet Burris, Paul Weedon. Wl1at's the solution to X2 - 3x -28? Ask your math aide. Math aides are eighth and ninth grade students selected by their teachers to assist Math instructors. The duties of a math aide range from taking atten- dance, to directing the class or correcting papers. So the next time you need to know the answer to X2 - 3x - 28, ask your math aide. By the way, X2 - 3x - 28 I fx+4j fx-71 39 Crowd Pleas rs!! Sports vw 40 'it The athletic bunch at Mason helped the teams do an excellent job in each sport. They exercised their talents in the field, around the track, on the courts, and upon the mats. Baseball, basketball, track, football, and wrestling give students the chance to learn teamwork and show their athletic ability. Sports provide students with great opportunities to be a part of the school. - inth Grade Team Breaks Even The crowds roared with excitement, the cheerlead- 1973 Football Record ers cheered on. Ninth Grade Football had arrived. Ninth Grade Team Football is without a doubt a serious game, but it proved to be fun, too. The Ninth Grade Team worked Mariners Opponents hard four gainswfour losses, with no ties. The season was very exciting with fine plays made by many 6 Pierce 20 members of the team. 14 Milford 6 The results of the football players awards were: 21 West Bloomfield 14 56 East Hills 26 Most valuable player-Jim Essiambre 0 Craiy 3 Most improved player-Dan Schaar 16 Walled Lake Central 20 l 1071fteam spiritj--John Phelps, Jeff Stanley 6 Clarkston 16 68 West Hills 0 The team did a great job and their pep and enthu- siasm gave others spirit. We're proud of our team! Won 4 Tied 0 Lost 4 ' -1 it at sv- 1 W ee ' FRONT ROW: Dan Shelton, Dennis O'Neil, Dan Schaar, Mike Richman, Jim Essiambre, Tom Richman, Robin Stout, Tom Hepburn, Mike Wallace, Al Motzny, Jeff Stanley. SECOND ROW: Coach Jim Uzelac, Kevin Gannon, Jeff Ziulkowski, Ted Misiewicz, John Phelps, Mike Conarty, Don Roehl, Al Embry, Craig Morris, Rick Bates, Coach Jack Gebauer. THIRD ROW: Dan Ashby, Don Pelton, Scott Lund, Mark Bourn, Mark Jakel, Brian Burk, Phil Liestman, Mike George. FOURTH ROW: Manager Scott Woodhull, Gary Ferris, Joe Sutherland, Al Carroll, Daryl Chrisman, Dave Hawkins, Manager Ken Henry, FIFTH ROW: Bill Forge, Randy Breeding, Dave Dominguez, Mike Bauer, Randy Morse, Fred Alexander, Tom Daugherty, Chris Harper. 42 1 fr 1 LEFT-Embry moves the ball for a big gain. RIGHTAMason's Ninth Grade defense in ac- tion. BOTTOMsEssiambre blocks Stout as Ma- sonas Ninth Grade Team carries the ball for another touchdown! 0, 'f v 1 - Lf, eerr V 43, ' 'h - f , ,- , , pw. ,rrr f f .,-I J A A m ,r ,,z,,,- f . .. 1- -M ,,... Q Q, ' j , , Q' fi' V Q,,,,, ,V til' J x 5411 , x ft R ff, 'Wi , N ,,, A .. ' ' Y , 4 , , 1 K " ' ' K , 2 1 4 L f , ff' '21 J H , r 5 .J f: , Mgr 3' ' f fg f- ,Q , . t I ' FVwi,"'fF" 11 'J A if - r wi 5 Q- A ' 1. 5, W, ,,,. N , A . f I t ..,, ,, 5, - l K gal? Q M 59 i , , r lj , in 1, A . -. .'., toxo ' ' f ' K Y .: I ' ' ,, , ' " ' y : ,,, H ,,f,:i,- . , :iw-1, Mm ,, , '--, 1 if ,W 9 z,-W--,isa-Q2-" 1 1- E E -f" A -I -f'k M if 'rhi 4 f.ff ' -1' t r " lfrflnl ,,., .'r. i Qs ,,,-- " X -, K ' Q, - .f K Q' Lg e'-.4. K ,me ' X 't ', H f he ' ,e t 4 Q: Jak fl . ... , Ykkk . . 1 ,V QQ . 3 W ' Y I ,. K . 2 K - fx 1 ' A xa- 5 PK l ' ' .. 'N 4 55311, t r 'L r',r" 1 41.2211 f , 2 9 X x ' '," f 2 ' , L , Y ,ffff":gW 1 .- , g-ji, 7 Y " W ,, H V ' . Il 1 I , 63, 7 H f . . , ,,,,,,, ' ' ' , M ..,., ' . "f "'L , ,,r, V3 , ' , ,, ., j ' 1, L K , ,,,.. , M gf, V. ,. 4, . A tt 4 W q , ,,,,, Mae, , ww ,. , ,3'V'gM-- "M ,Lf-' ' f , , X -1- ., Heavyweighfs ackle Teamwork ' 1- - M ' .. FRONT ROW: Dan Brimhall, Brian Mount, Paul Toth, Dave Snelling, Mark Coles, Gary Hagaman. SECOND ROW: Charles Cross, Dan Reed, Dan Hagaw, Dave Van Norman, Mark Goetz, John Napier, Steve Felice, Joe Bauer. THIRD ROW: Jeff Lane, Greg Konkle, Eric Domke, Jeff Siome, Ralph McCarrick, Steve Doyon, Russ Hval, Bill Ziulkowski, Coach: Mr. John Diliegghio. Masonis Heavyweight team really worked hard. Mr. Dilliegghio, the coach, Jeff Sioma and Dan Hagaw, the team captains, worked to help the team 1973 Football Record Heavyweight Team tie the last game. The team learned new plays and had MHUHCFS OPPOIWMS a strong desire to win. They bettered themselves and 0 CTHTY 20 really found themselves in the last two games. 0 Pierce 34 The victories they had in teamwork, knowledge, 0 CTHFY 8 and leadership were certainly worth all the hard work 6 Pi0fCe 6 and effort they put forth. They will make fantastic WOH 0 Tied 1 L0Sf 3 Ninth Grade All-Stars. Dust flies as Masonls Heavyweight's De- 3 fense tackles a Crary runner. ' 1 is " 'EE ,f,, 1 rf' ! ,,,. A H 44 ,f y l..l no f rrrr l- if-, ,.., .. ., L ,, , Q ' 71 J ,tayil y, y, ' f: H f -' V' L' s"' f an Middleweights Make T he Mark Mason's 1973 Middleweight Team gave the school the best record Middleweight has had in two years, 2-1-l! They were a great team that worked together as an ambitious group. g 5 p p Mr. Haley, the coach, has had thejob for six years p p 'W p and enjoys developing a team with school spirit, good if ' 'T ' ' ' ' T sportsmanship and a strong desire to WIN! Q Football is a tough sport but the Middleweight Team learned something more valuable than the fund- l amentals of the game. They learned the importance B of good sportsmanship! ' 1973 Football Record ' Middleweight Team 'ff' ,Qi . I rli , O yJ,,, r 2 s.rqy Manners Opponents Zltt el .,l fy: if 6 CH113' 6 i if 412: .1 iey'll y 20 Pierce 0 ' 't"e ', p F 'il" M g 'e'v g, 0 CTW 18 ' we w ,era 12 PM 0 r Won 2 Tied 1 Lost 1 'Ki i. 17'??4r55Y iil-l 479m FRONT ROW: Manager Barry Bass, Jim Davis, Mike Crowley, Jim Sausser, Craig Parrish, Jack Baron, J ogn Madsen, Nathan Miller, Jim Dubre, Tim Marshall, Steve Garcia, Bab Wooderson, Tony Salfi, Mike Kildal, Bernard Slabinski, Ron Thyle, Mike Duncan, Ray Flavin. SECOND ROW: Mike Wheeler, Jeff Velsy, Dennis Durie, Tim Proctor, Ralph Lamson, Russell Bedford, Cliff Poppy, Randy Freeland, Conrad Gardiner, Brad Leinenger, Charles Aldrich, Mike Busch, Tim Gehrke, Athony Guzak, Bruce Domke, Rick Williams, Craig Laorence, Larry Minogue, David Kunkle, Mark Trager, Nick Vanicelli, Eric Sparkman, Brent Him, Coach Ed Haley. Lightweighfs Remain Invincible FRONT ROW: Paul Sutherland, Scott Kaminga, John Boyea, Gregg Cooper, Dave McMahon, Jeff Alexander, Steve Bisoghi, Pat Bedford, Stan Hasting, Tim Hudson, Dennis Davis, Steve Morse, Leslie Ferris, Jim Schutt. SECOND ROW: Rob Barker, Grant Finn, Dave Crowley, Matt Daubner, William Ward, Steve Carman, Mike Cudnohufsky, Joe Gwinn, Craig Stricklin, William Aronald, Bryant Thomas, Eric Martin, Charles Ziulkowski, Charles Clarke. THIRD ROW: Brian Capistrant, Chuck Wyant, Craig Hutchison, David Aikin, Greg Kojima, Jim Willoughby, Tracy Penfold, Steve Kaines, Gary LeMonde, Ken Schluchter, Anthony Spagnola, Ted Keranen, Danny Giers, Jeff Beech, Coach: Mr. Don Castle. 1973 Football Record Lightweight Team Mariners Opponents 20 Crary 13 13 Pierce 0 O Crary 0 Coach Mr. Castle gives the Lightweight team a pep talk. 13 Pierce O Won 3 Tied 1 Lost O When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! This is the motto of the Lightweights. Because of the outstanding defense they had a record of 3 wins, 0 losses and l tie. With excellent coaching by Mr. Castle, the Lightweight Team took the league champ- ionship for the second year in a row. Enthusiasm is important in any football game, and the Lightweights have a lot ofit. 46 Rough And Tough Introducing Mason's Powderpuff Team! As you may know, Powderpuff got its name because it is an all girl team. For Mason, this kind of equal opportunity isn't anything new. The one game the team played, was against Mason's boys. The score was 0-6, but it was not a total loss for the girls. They learned the importance and strategy of playing a good football game. T R . ,f i, FRONT ROW: Chris Corbeil, Gorgette Douglas, Tammy Render, Terri Roach, Meg Smith, Joyce Rogers. SECOND ROW: Annie Fisk, Lisa Graunstadt, Kathy Hudson, Janice Rogers, Marie Palaneki, Sheila Sewell, Becky Devar. THIRD ROW: Coach Terry Howard, Lisa Bigelow, Christy Walker, Liz Gaulke, Joy Zurbrick, Gloria Neubacher, Laquetta Luster, Sophie Pantelides, Coach Bill Kegelmeyer. ,i ,,4wi ,aa,mw, . ,.,, .. ,,,. MmW,,.,r,, ,,w,,,.,,,Mu,W Scormg For The Past, The ninth grade basketball team came within one victory of being the first team in our school's history to go undefeated for three straight seasons. The loss came from the hands of Crary, an arch-rival. Many records were either broken or tied. They were the first Oakland County Junior High team to break one hundred in one game. Mr. Castle, the coach, shares the success of this team with Mr. Saum and Mr. Miley, who coached the team in undefeated seasons in the the seventh and eighth grades. Rebounding For The Future l ,.V,k is NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL: Mr, Don Castle, Coach, Daryl Koop, Randy Morse, Brian Burke, Don Roehl, Don Him, Craig Morris, Al Embry, Kendall Turnbull, Jeff Holm, Joe Sutherland, Robyn Stout, Captain, Jim Essiambre, Scott Woodhull, Steve Johnson, Dan Giers, Manager. MARINERS OPPONENTS 65 Clarkston 49 74 Walled Lake Western 41 67 Milford 43 70 Walled Lake Western 39 74 Pierce 46 89 Farmington Warner 33 91 Crary 71 95 East Hills 72 95 Clarkston Sashabaw 67 87 Walled Lake Central 36 72 Pierce 58 66 West Bloomfield 51 53 Crary 57 85 Bloomfield Hills 77 59 Farmington Warner 36 108 West Hills 67 -:Q Y The eighth grade basketball team provided an ex- hilarating and thrilling time for spectators of all ages. Victory or defeat was decided in the final seconds of each game. Great improvement was shown as the season progressed. Fine rebounding, superb passing, and hot shooting won the team many games. Mr. Miley coached the team through a fine season. 1973-74 Basketball Record Eighth Grade MARINERS OPPONENTS 51 Walled Lake 20 35 Pierce 24 31 Crary 44 33 East Hills 25 47 Walled Lake Smart 55 33 Pierce 36 46 Bloomfield Hills 26 41 West Bloomfield 40 28 Crary 48 35 West Hills 44 Won Lost 5 5 Playing For Competition E I G H T H G R A D E BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: Joe DeFlorio, Mike Cudnofski, Jib Schutt, Bill Arnold, Tim Hudson. SECOND ROW: John Madsen, John Rogers, David Snelling, Kevin Emmons, Karl McKay, Charley Cross, Bill Zuilkouski. THIRD ROW: Coach, Mr. Mike Miley, Tim Reed, Steve Doyon, Joe Walker, Chip Deland, Jeff Sioma, Greg Kunkle, Dan Hagon, Dan Brimhall, Manager. 50 Aiming For Victories 1973-74 Basketball Record Seventh Grade MARINERS OPPONENTS 32 Walled Lake 17 24 Pierce 20 34 Crary 17 19 Bloomfield East Hills 15 46 Walled Lake Smart 16 28 Pierce 21 38 West Bloomfield Orchard 20 Lake 34 Bloomfield Hills 20 29 Crary 28 34 Bloomfield West Hills 25 Won Lost 10 0 SEVENTH GRADE BASKET- BALL. FRONT ROW: Dave Snell, Darryl Hibbs, Dave Mac- kie, Ralph Lamson, Brent Hirn, John Duprey, Conrad Gardner. SECOND ROW: Joe Gwinn, Brian Thomas, Dave Aikin, Ernie Gavrilides, Greg Cooper, Steve Morse. THIRD ROW: Mr. John Saum, Coach, Lex Roy, Captain, Dave Vader, Eric Martin. It was a dark and stormy night. The opposing coaches shivered in fear as they read and saw that Mighty Mason's Seventh Grade Team was on their schedule! Well, not quite, but after they played Ma- son they Wished they hadn't. The fantastic Seventh Graders achieved a perfect 10 Wins, 0 losses season. Quick passing, sharp shooting, and fancy moves were perfected in practice and it payed off. Mason had much to be proud of in their Seventh Grade Team. Another jump ball 5ffZEYiE'2Q1i2i!2ili5?Ei1':lil'-ff' -if ' Wrestlers Have A Hold FRONT ROW: Craig Spicer, Tracy Penfoll, Eddie Sink, Brian Murrel, Greg Stamboly, Dave Dominguez, Tom Darling. SECOND ROW: Steve Felice, Tom Daugherty, Steve Wyant, Ward Miller, Dan Schaar, Ricky Williams, Jim Davis. THIRD ROW: Jim Laughtin, Al Motzny, Tim Reed, Don Pelton, Jeff Stanley, Garry Farris, Fred Alexander, Tim Marshall, John Woolworth. l ver Their Opponents Crowds of people packedthe gyms. They cheered with enthusiasm as they Watched the floor before them. What was the center of attention? Wrestling! Wrestling provided challenge and excitement for the participants, and anticipation and entertainment for the onlookers. Mason's wrestling team used ingenuity and strength as they struggled with their opponents. The team did a great job doing what they excel in, wrestling! we-n-..9,,,.,i 5 Y? x' F W .X p w WL . f X Keep On T racking FRONT ROW: Phil Movius, Mark Jakel, Garry Farris, Rod Cullens, Tina Easley, Leslie White. SECOND ROW: Coach Jim Uzelac, Al Carroll, Scott Newman, Joe Racine, Dan Ashby, Steve Kerr, Brian Olerich, Chris Harper. THIRD ROW: Bill Holden, Mike Vanderhoek, Bryan McMahon, Todd Weiss, Don Vickers. FOURTH ROW: Jeff Holm, Joe Sutherland, John Arsen, Judd Ryan, Phil Liestman, Liz Gaulke, Sharon Davis. Masonis track team was off and running. With experts in every event from the fifty yard dash to the standing broad jump Mason has always placed high in their meets. Starting in the early Spring, track team members break out their sneakers and sweat socks and trot the pathways of our campus. The track team did an outstandingjob appreciated by their coach and classmates alike. Sharon Davis clears another hurdle. Its as easy as one, two, three FRONT ROW: Barry Bass, Gregg Peck, Ron Balow, Doug Parks, Ken White, John Boss, Kevin Love. BACK ROW: Scott Lund, Paul Weedon, Mike Pankner, Garry Farris, John Herkowitz, Mark Hampton, David Cogswell, Tom Hepburn, Don Newell, Mike Beers. NOT PICTURED: Jim Peterson, Rick Carver. Armed with sticks and a puck, this year's hockey team went into battle. Many of the sixty who were brave enough to join, were from last yearls outstand- ing team. Each week, Mr. Gebauer and some other interested teachers took the boys to Lakeland Arena to practice and play other teams. With much deter- mination, the team fought to keep a good record. Through thick and thin, they learned how to win! The bases were loaded and Mason was at bat. The star hitter stepped up to the plate as the pitcher warmed up. The pitcher threw the ball, the batter swung, and crack! lt looked like a home run! Mason's baseball team was off to a good start. Their great hitting, catching, and pitching can be attributed to the iine coaching of Mr. Eichman. The baseball team did a fantastic job and succeeded in making Mason proud of them. Victory Is Their Goal Stomp The Opposition FRONT ROW: Kim Middleton, Wendy Wilcox, DeNeil Lamson, Becky Corey. BACK ROW: Ruth Collard, Lisa Bigelow, Jan Rogers, Sharon Davis. The girl,s basketball team had Z1 very successful year. They learned about the techniques of playing basketball all throughout the season. Their coach, Mr. Collard, helped the team achieve many wins as they played other teams. The girls found that experience can be a great teacher in basketball, and it's not the winning that counts, it's how you play the game. Three cheers for the girl's basketball team! LEFT: DeNeil Lamson prepares to give a demonstration of her famous free throw. Mp'-pr'-,,,... K Softball Strikes Again FRONT ROW: Becky Horton, Sophia Pantelides, Lisa Bigelow, Pat Matin. BACK ROW: Sue Scherb, Carol Wilson, Terri Harvey, Sharon Davis, Mary Mielke, Cheryl Freeman. Softball became an active sport among the girls at Mason. They accomplished the true meaning of sport- smanship and surprised their coaches with homeruns, base running, and fielding. At the end of the season the players went into tournaments to achieve a team that showed their skill in playing the game. Z....j"--...,, ffm ,, Hockey For Girls Field hockey is a favorite team sport among some ofthe girls at Mason. Although it is included in the girls gym class, it was so popular that Mrs. Ferguson formed a school team which included seventh, eighth, and ninth graders. The girls found the game to be more interesting when they were in competition with a different school. Their spirit and willingness to Work brought them together as one complete team. Even though they lost their only game 3-l they had a great time! GIRLS FIELD HOCKEY. FRONT ROW: Char Herron, Cindy Strickland, Georgette Douglas, Tammy Rodriguez, Kathy Keranen, Kim Petteys, Dina Carter. BACK ROW: Kathy Herron, Sue Overall, Michelle Cattell, Lisa Walker, , Bonnie Mann, Diane Golding, Vicki Harvey, Tina Cattell, Darlene Wall, Barb May, Lyn- elle Pearson, Lisa Johnson, Meg Smith. 59 Heqring Others Academics Faculty . . . Administration . . . School Leaders . . . However you say it, it all means the same thing-the outstanding group of people who head our school. The counselors help solve problems and arrange schedules while the principals direct all school mat- ters through the right channels. The secretaries aid the principals, while the teachers help the students learn about world affairs and other related business. The faculty did an altogether great job to make Mason what it is today - a very organized school. Admlnlstrators. . . This group of men Working together is what helps make Masonfs school days run smoothly. Even though they have numerous meetings and daily cor- respondences, they still spend time with the students. An energy crisis, and an over crowded school arejust two of the problems these men must face. They can be sure all their efforts are appreciated. Directing Mason 's Future ABOVE: Miss Brenda Ebersole, B House Counselor. CENTER: Mrs. Beverly Crowley, A House Counselor. LOW ER RIGHT: Mr. Duffield Vaughen, B House Counselor BELOW: Mr, William Haggerty, A House Counselor. Counselors are the people who give transfers, schedule classes, and give advice if you have a pro- blem. Mason has four counselors, Mr. Haggarty and Mrs. Crowley in A House and Mr. Vaughn and Miss Ebersole in B House. Most people do not realize that the counselors are very important to the school. They not only attend to student needs, but also close the gap that exists between students and faculty. ...-14.1.44 Q- HH rt. W. .,...w-... Capable, Eficlent At Mason we have efficient secretaries. There are four secretaries with varying duties. Keeping the at- tendance of over 1,500 students is not an easy task, but Mrs. Lawrence has a ready smile for anyone who comes to the ofhce. Mrs. Largent, as office manager, copes with the everyday problems that arise in the main office. Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Hayden work in the A and B House offices assisting the principals and counselors. Mrs. Simmons, the bookkeeper, not only runs the bookstore but also handles all of the money that goes in and out of the school daily. ABOVE: Mrs. Myldred Roberts, A-House Secretary. UPPER RIGHT: Mrs. Nancy Hayden, B-House Secretary. LOWER RIGHT Mrs. Irene Simmons, Bookkeeper. Willing T 0 Lend A Hand iill ABOVE: Mrs. Ruth Lawrence, Attendance Secretary. RIGHT: Mrs. Cleta Largent, Main Office Manager. A seventh graders' schedule usually revolves around his language arts and social studies class, bet- ter known as block. These classes take up two periods a day. In social studies the students read maps and study general world geography. Sentence structure, punctuation, and verbal reasoning are the elements studies in the English segment of block. The teachers successfully made block an interest- ing class that was enjoyed by all. UPPER LEFT: Mrs. Mary Jo Smith, Language Arts, Social Studies. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Greg Raymer, Language Arts, Social Studies. RIGHT: Mr. Donald Castle, Language Arts, Social Studies. LOWER LEFT: Mrs. Sara Lou Reabe, Language Arts, Social Studies. LOWER RIGHT: Mr. Tim Link, Language Arts, Social Studies, Mass Media, Yearbook. E awww awp I' ua:-Ov 00' la sisi Q ' wt. w ...., . 66 is . EL 3 i me , X Qgiivxl , O . M90 WJ N F pp g Routes To Tomorrow, N ,f a 4.1 UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Joseph Tomasino, Language Arts, Social Studies, UPPER LElf'l': Mrs. Carol Wolverton, Language Arts, Social Studies. RIGHT: Mr. Larry Schwartz, Language Arts, Social Studies. LOWER LEIVT: Miss Ellias, Seventh grade reading, Language Arts, Social Studies. awww Learning About America, Language Arts and Social Studies is a very infor- mative class taken by all eighth graders. Discussing stories or newspaper articles, making reports and find- ing out how the United States came about is all part of eighth grade block. Nouns, verbs, and current events are some of the things students will understand better after they have had eighth grade block. Q .. 'Tv 'Wx i xx .a , J UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Gilbert Waters, Language Arts-Social Studies, Exploring. UPPER LEFT: Mr. Larry Nepjuk, Language Arts-Social Studies. LEFT: Mrs. Addie Lawrence Language Arts-Social Studies. RIGHT: Mrs. Harriet Lytle Language, Arts-Social Studies. I E x Al UPPER RIGHT: Miss Gail Ulrich, Reading. UPPER LElfT: Mrs. Harriet Hoffarth, Language Arts, Social Studies. CENTER: Miss Fran Johnson, Language Arts, Social Studies. LElfT: Mr. Auger, Language Arts, Social Studies. RIGHT: Mrs, Marion Novess, Language Arts, Social Studies, works with her student teacher Miss Midge Bartlett. 'rw 5 ,ff rv' 52" ,-"'-9 Exploring The World O Literature, Mason has opened up a world of literature to ninth grade English students. Different types of writing were studied in these classes. The students got a chance to express their feelings about the stories they had read. A new class, speech and drama was introduced to the curriculum. In this one semester class, students learned the basics of speech and drama. From short stories to novels, and fiction to fact, English was an enjoyable experience for all. Lu 1 iii r.,s..t...,.,..w.-3 ABOVE: Mrs. Bonita Myrand, English, Reading Enrichment, Mass Media. CENTER: Mrs. Roxanne Reschke, English, Mass Media, Student Council. BELOW: Mr. Dave Reschke, English, Newspaper, Curriculum. H Reading A Good Book LEFT: Mrs. Nancy Pruente, Resource Center. CENTER: Mrs Barbara Taylor, Resource Center. LOWER RIGHT: Mrs Kathy Lemanski, Ninth Grade English, Speech and Drama. ::,rr C 4 Mr? 2 'i F5 eveloping Citizenship UPPER LEFT: Mr. Jacques Perry, French I, Ninth grade Social Studies. CENTER: Miss Beverly Poco, Mass Media, Ninth grade Social Studies. BOTTOM: Mr. Robert Casteel, Ninth grade Social Studies. Did you ever hear about Watergate or President Nixon? Well, thatis just part of what you learn in ninth grade Civics. Once a Week the students read various articles in the newspaper concerning our gov- ernment. They also follow the stock market. Public freedoms are studied as students read the Bill of Rights, and notes are taken to help students under- stand the function of our society. So as you can see, civics isn't a straight-from-the book class. ,'-r if i"' Becoming 'fliusiness Minded, " Do you think that Business and Typing is just another hum-drum class? Well at Mason it isnit. Busi- ness and Typing is a course taken by many of Masonis students. The courses offered are Business and Typing on two levels, l and Z. The students learn to improve their typing skills. Business goes into many areas such as bookkeep- ing. how to write cheeks. Ole, and how the secretarial part of a Business functions. One ol' the business lield trips took the students walking to a nearby bank and cashed a cheek Written on a pumpkin as well as one on a cake. Itis too bad they didn't get to eat it! UPPER RIGHT: Mr. John Diliegghio, Business and Typing. ABOVE: Mrs. Mary Haley, Business and Typing, Student Aide. RIGIIT: Miss Barbara Meacham, Business and Typing, Hoinemaking. BELOW: Mr. Dale Allen, Business Math, Business and Typing. .Qil Finding New Formulas, ABOVE: Miss Linda Pietrzak, Ancient History, eighth grade Science. LOWER LEFT: Mr. John Saum, seventh grade Science. 74 Exploring New Worlds. for all. il Take a journey through the world of the un known, unseen and unheard things' The world of science, as it is commonly referred to is open to Seventh and eighth graders as a required course and ninth graders as a wide variety of electives What lies in the deep dark sea'? Was man created by evolution? Will insects inherit the earth? These are only some of the questions students will venture to answer. Exploring and experimenting are the two key wordsg finding new ways to replace the old Seventh graders study life Eighth graders study the world. Ninth graders may study many things ranging from applied science to space science Whatever the media, science is a unique experience ABOVE: Ms. Janice Means, eighth grade Science UPPER LEFT Mr Mike Miley, eighth grade Science, Boys Physical Education LOWER LEFT M James Mandley, seventh grade Science Space Science UPPER LEFT: Mrs. Carol Spencer, Science, Earth Science, Applied Science. ABOVE: Mrs. Sue Thomas, Science, Exploratory Science, Life Science, Earth Science. LOWER LEFT: Mason's Scientists set up an experiment. BELOW: Mr. Wells, Science. '11'm,'LmQ9, l 76 Adding T 0 Their Knowledge ABOVE: Mrs. Pat Sesvold, Math. RIGHT: Mrs. Norma Clark Math. BELOW: Mr. Paul Lampkin, Math. if '41 ,H -'--'lun 1 E 1 Math really turns Mason students on. Math minds are built in several courses including refresher math, algebra, and business mathjust to name a few. With the fantastic teachers We have, our students will be well prepared for high school. How can we lose with super advice like 'elf all else fails follow the directionsm? ...nqadl UPPER LEFT: Mr, Lee Rice, 7th and 8th grade Math. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Donald l-lardoirr, Algebra 8th, Algebra TYI, Math 8th. ABOVE: Mrs. Barbara Colando, Algebra TYI, Algebra 9th, Refreshers Math. LEFT: Mr. John Meranda, Refresher Math, Algebra, Geometry. CC Q! ath akes You Smart ABOVE: Mr. D. Kosovec, Eighth grade Math. RIGHT: Mr. Robert Hall, Math. Basic Electricity, Space Science. fill ll ' From Brahams T 0 Bacharach ABOVE Mr Herbert Parrott Beginning Band, Band. BE LOW Mrs Linda Levine Exploratory Music, Girls Chorus Chorus III, Language Arts, Social Studies. . The Beat Goes On Mason,s music department kicks out thejams with Band Festivals and choral concerts throughout the year. Mr. Parrot kept the bands in step with the solo ensemble festival, Christmas, and spring concerts. Chorus chimed in with concerts, plays and Christmas carols. Seventh grade students are offered either begin- ning band or a thirteen week music course. ln the eighth and ninth grade students can choose electives in the music field including eighth and ninth grade chorus, girls chorus, chamber choir and eighth and ninth grade band. The halls of Mason continued to echo with the sound of music. ABOVE: Mrs. Betty Sullivan, Chorus I, Il, Chamber Choir, Exploratory Music. BELOW: Girls' Chorus mem- bers lift their voices in song. C ...l , 1 is Expressions Through Art ABOVE: Mr. Edward Haley, Basic Arts-Crafts, Art I, Art Il. RIGHT: Mrs.Sandy Berridge, Basic Arts-Crafts, Crafts I. BE- LOW: Artists at Work. Art is a subject in which students express their feelings and ideas through something they create. Their artistic efforts are of things from still life and models to pictures using their wildest imaginations. They learn to work with materials such as paint, pencils, charcoal, and pastels. Crafts students design articles ranging from rugs to pottery. We are proud to have Mason artists contri- bute their creations to humanity. UPPER LEFT: Mrs. Barbara Cicchelli, Basic Arts-Crafts, Crafts I, II, BELOW: Mrs. Pat Burleson, Basic Arts-Crafts, Art I, Crafts I, II, Math seventh, World Geography. Through Home Ec. And Industrial 'r QQ Homemaking is not only a class for seventh and ninth grade girls, but it is also a "Man,s World" for eighth grade boys. For seventh grade girls, sewing aprons is a new and fun experience. The ninth grade girls studied the nutritional value of food, and they also learned how to plan a good meal. The students ol' i'Manls Worldn made aprons, which they wore while making many mouth watering meals. Who knows, maybe someday they'll be gour- met cooks. For these reasons, hoinemaking is one ol' the most educational classes at Mason. LEFT: Mrs. Onita Oles, Business and Typing, Homemaking, eighth grade Math. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Donna lilwell, Ilomemaking, Man's World. BELOW: Mrs. Mary Jean Jozwiak, Homemaking, Man's World. Arts Through industrial arts, students develop their talents in drafting, wood and metal shop, The pur- pose of these classes is to guide students toward jobs, such as cabinet-making, welding. carpentry, and a variety o f other industrial careers. Beginning in seventh grade, boys are required to take thirteen weeks each of wood. metal. and draft- ing. By ninth grade furniture and other items are the result of many hours of hard work. Techniques in these areas can be used with personal or profitable satisfaction. fe A.. H iw' wg Exercising ABOVE: Two seventh graders compete in the gym class Wrestling meet. RIGHT: Mr. Gerald Eichman, seventh grade boys gym. BELOW: Mr. John Gebauer, eighth grade boys gym, wood shop. 86 Good Sportsmanship ABOVE: Mrs. Carol Ferguson, gi Mrs. Charlene Wright, girls gym. rls gym. RIGHT: On your mark, get set, go! The gym classes' track teams are competing against one another in a track meet. Inside the gym, the girls are balancing on the beam, and swinging on the parallel bars, while the boys are wrestling until one person triumphs over all. On the courts, basketball and volleyball are the team sports which are always very fun and athletic. Back- springs, walkovers, and somersaults demonstrated by Mason girls have made crowds flip over their fantastic feats. Gym will always be a part ofMason Jr. High. was-if .sf . . . 3 .Kifff . ww 1' l 4 ABOVE: Mrs. Louise Vaillancourt, Beginning French, French II. RIGHT: Mrs, Marilyn Kohen, Beginning Spanish. . 'i . fv QL' I Xgkbvl U X . , U -X Essex? w 7 F MJD X Qc , g Qt- it wt: , ,sa r , m A I 'Y , Qftvcvf 'F I' ii' X RX . as l Accenting Foreign Languages Mason offers two veiy cultured and educational languages, French and Spanish. These two classes help students learn about other nationalities and it also helps broaden their horizons. In seventh grade, students can take a course called exploratory, which consists of thirteen weeks each of beginning Music, French, and Spanish. Eighth graders can take a year of French l, or Spanish I, and in ninth grade, they may continue their education by taking French II and Spanish II. E Crepes suzettes, anyone? Cafeteria And Custodial S tal? 95" YW EVENING CUSTODIANS , LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Kasten, Garry McLean, Henry Hoff, Steve Bowden, Larry Bate. o J I In, 521. , i nl ' . 5 gum I as I aryy S EEEEG - I f ' ' f 'asa -1:" sau DAY CUSTODIANS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Doug Gaines Vi Chapman, Randy Portwood, CAFETERIA STAFF, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marge Kerr, Sally Boss, Helen Driller, Lina Lewis, Esther Johnson. 5 CAFETERIA STAFF, FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Geraldine Argyle, Loraine Councilor, Ann Burzyck, Mary , Smith. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Garrison, Doris Konowlakowski, Dorothy VonBargen, Grace Fourn, Mary Lou Hakala. Q Going Placesg Passing F vices Student LW People all differ from one another. Each person has his own personality, ideas and tastes. Although everyone at Mason is different, we all try to work together to make our school the way it should be. We may not always be right but by cooperating and communicating with each other, we can make the school better, and make it something tohbe proud of. if .J ,ff I Laura Adams Robbie Aikin Bruce Aittuma Dan Aldred April Alexander Fred Alexander Roberta Alexander Sheri Algeo Terry Allard Bill Altlloff Roy Amler Greg Anderson J, , ,A A: J - K rrr, vt , , i -,. V M f ,, V as , ,r L M I. ,. if V C' '- A ' fk Q ' 'V ,WVV W ' ' Ml ' g :F .fm A , 4 W l 4 I ,.VlA I VV , .r,. r , A 2 relle f 5' , llll 'A A 4-2 'Qi "' rl , '-",, , f ' Ar A ,VN 1 A, "l, T gg Arree A , A 'Ji H 7' fv. ' A fv ' X 5 , , J ', ,A 92 1 ff, ,,,-Q ..., ru r dl Y, 1 f . X ' -'f M X' iz, 5 J' X 4 M 45 . T' Ll Bl I, ,,,,4 7 1,,,. ,, , f ?, A Bridges to Cross The class of ninth graders should be proud of their good job in Mason Junior High. They have achieved goals set out by teachers, coaches and parents. They were all individuals but they still strove for unity. As the leaders of the school they were responsible, de- pendable and very mature. Goodbye Mason, it's been nice knowing you. in Y' 'll .W L ? 15' Isl!! E f r S is xi zz I sf 1 fi: , R K fl m f ef , ii E? , S ' J 2 1 , 4 5 l it , , lx A ,W Tl Y. ,L ,s. not , 1, A .X f at I' R ,, a s M , is- ' wt ' va YW rf T W 1 J il Os, me L V :fi I gr 1.2 , we 1 ,gi in 'QW?'ffw,,., r. t. , fl YP e 'I 5 X 2 Z l ff-.L h Lori Anderson Craig Applian John Arsen Dan Ashby Cheryl Bain Linval Banks Kathy Barclay Sue Barger Dave Bartholomew Gwen Batchelor Mike Bates Rick Bates Mike Bauer Dana Beach Nancy Beal Robin Bedford Marsha Beeman Mike Beers Emily Belcher Kathy Bennett Rose Betts Lisa Bigelow Kim Billette Kelly Birker Jeff Birrell Cindy Blakeman Kevin Blue Linda Booth Sue Booth Mark Bourn Sandy Bowes Colleen Bowman Sandy Bowman Kathy Boyd Judy Bradley Ernie Bradshaw Todd Burr Janet Burris Mark Burt Millie Burton Bob Burton Ron Burton Kim Bush Bev Bushon Sharon Calme Lynne Campbell Carrie Capling Sheril Cappell Roads to Follow Randy Breeding Bill Brian Bob Briggs Kim Britt Tim Broders Lori Brown Bill Brown Sharon Brownell Jo Mary Burgdorf Brian Burke Randy Burmeister lan Burns Where Will They Lead Us? ,X .' if '4 "" 49' Q-,qs tl r C I of i y eee.e. C , ' A , L'.A' ' Y, 1 u in .zmiml at A t X i M M-fe Q 2' t iff' V H LA r - I i, -V fx' My fm , M " " ' ,O ' f ' '-4 f I ,. I fly 1-:,,,f,e4 I .,,. , I. 3 .V will ,3 I e'ee 1-may-V up i M ,e., 'J ' ' .. , 'ip , 5? 141711 5 ff' 5 ,,,, f, 95 J' 3959255 ' 'Q V" ., N.. .. , f . ,,.,,,W: dm V yft?,12':'f4w 112-rf., f M., .ug ru , 1., if ?354:?t,5aZf-"?23"'f'f'if' an R'm:'1"i.Mn1':'n ' " Lynn Carlson Alan Carroll Curtis Carter Tammy Carter Courtney Casteel Duane Caverly Amy Chambers Debbie Cheek Kathy Chewins Leana Chiappelli Lisa Chiappelli Debbie Chop Daryl Chrisman Debbie Christie Sam Christoff Jim Chubb Mary Clark Heather Coats Ruth Collard Tammy Collier Tony Comparoni Nanette Compton Mike Conarty Cheryl Conlen Parvin Conwell Becky Corey Steve Crandall Steve Cremer Jeff Crisp Brad Cryderman Rod Cullens Janet Cunningham Cindy Cum Wendy Dalby Tom Daugherty Jack Davenport Cheryl Davis Sharon Davis Suzette Davis Debbie Demino Randy Dennis Mark Densmore Bill Denton Patti Deo Terry Derry Becky Devar Joe Ditz Forrest Dizotell Dave Dominguez John Drudge Karen Dubre Renee Earl Tina Easley Louis Easterling Debbie Edler Cheryl Edwards Sheila Edwards Celeste Emery Pat Emigh Cindy Evans if i .if if at 415-1 2 fe 12. dw . 'YB , 1 Hi, 'A 452' .i 4. H, 1 w X 'BB F -f 5 r, m m A Vx if ,ii i, A W.. Donald Evans . . V ' Gregg Evans 1 A . Dan Fast . ,'V, V V i Debbie Felice yi, y ' ,L X Garry Ferris i Randy Ferris J 1 ij , A '-"',J' i .J,. A "-ir "' ii Pati Fisher " A ,i,, rrrf Q Z " Steven Flesh-if ,F 1 i Cindy Fleming g irs - i V 'fa iiy i 1 in Jeff Flowers Bill Forge F if VV F Robin Fredricksen 1 ., V V "-i A, , 96 aa W I Vg, J A tyye Ag, " I NKJV. S i , a n ze " The Class of '77 ,fag -45, - p it T 7, Ag. I0 11 6, in i Q x Q ,vis A51 at ls ., ' r ,N Q-f X' ,al -I QV , I 1 I W! ' ' , it if f by A vs fr f as 1 li? f 4 Q 1 r , V' 1 I li R' ' i 'f :fi ex Q3 s--f Y a Q 4 ,M 'f 2 eff: 'Q 2 i ,, X x -so 5 N ',5,5:.yf ff,, ::- 5 .,.,, H . As' -r4Za1-. phat new ,, -W 7, -V sg ., , V 4 flfflf' W' 2.-, F if G , 4 4, . -f . em, , .,., Mn. fa fr t i I' R 'tele A its M a it xffgilw 1 A- L 'K l yy i rr ! - fr -,, fr fi. Q rx 7 We 1 Q -,sg 1 th ' V Barb Freeman Dawn Fritz Kevin Gannon Margaret Garbovits Dave Garcia Mickey Gardiner Chris Garrett Liz Gaulke Mike George Susan Geyer Jo Anne Gifford Betty Gilbert Dan Gilford Jody Glenn Karen Goff Brian Gorbutt Diana Gorbutt Fay Gravlin Cissy Grix Marianne Groth Jennifer Haley Chuck Hall Julie Hamilton Mark Hampton David Hanna Renee Hanson Rod Hargraves Chris Harper Leauna Harrelson Terri Harvey Brian Haselhuhn Sue Hastie Mark Hawke Dave Hawkins Dawn Hayward Sherry Healy Scott Helfrich Wayne Helton Judy Henson Tom Hepburn John Herkowitz Kathy Herron Behind Us,' K I .,f:, :, ,Q-I x f ' ' K Mark Hetherington If I g 1' A 5- A h ye fag- V W V .,,.-.. Richard Hicks If X r ' , y ,F ,, J Robin Hill , V b I W Don Hirn ,A W 45 Q' Vicki Hobolth ' - V A A. X I I f f S M M Jenny Holan 7 ff' V MA, Bill Holden Jeff Holm Debbie Holtom Gaye Horn Mike Horton Melissa Howard Terry Howard Kathy Hudson Bob Hudson Yvonne Hudson Sue Huffman Kathy Hutchings Thea Hutchinson Wendy Ingram Dawn Isbell Mark Ish Diane Isles Penny Jackson Mark J akel Carol Janes Jerri Jeffers Steve Johnson Eva Karrigan Scott Kasemeyer Meg Kaul Tad Keglemeyer Julie Keil Dennis Keiser Pam Kelley Terri Kelly David Kemmer Val Kendrick Steve Kerr Dave Kesselring Deanna Kidwell Tammi Kimmerer -, ' 1 EL M rx?" , , A '97 7 Z 5: fi Q' Q-:.""..-J , 1 , if f 4 -fr, 5536 1 1 1 J ' , 4 0 if v 19 so ,aa as 2 hi, QW! V' . I 1 , . u. ' ' . 1, . " f v W 4 in " W 4 A Q I a Z 98 A Great Past 'us r r fn" -M4 r 'if' K .its V "W V 3 'Y K at f , W ' i ' i 1, Xl 1 W 'TL' .QM I 11 ' 4 e in a f . Q iw , I 1 K M i fir as :- " ,, g 5 it l 's -gf ME55Mg,, d? gf ggggwwmrerz:sff'zz:'1 ytyt , 2 .tf ' K 2 ish 7 ,,. K ja-'YQ X 1 Q , , ., ,ff . .. H gl! f ... ,f .. AI, 1 ,F 'ff .Mfr it L 7 3 'c K K ,, ,wax . 4 W 'xii f "Mai J , ,, 1 l , gf ' t +R' 'i 'A i A1 ' M at H .tr aa, , Q r if A 1 ta , . at l gg M 1 , K in ' W . 'ia if il W,., it V fluke, ' " inf my v. 1., U I N I "' A ,v ., 45,2 f x i' X- 1 J , ' ' ' it M gi 7.2 by ry . Q! 5. , right . O, 1 W' J at K 'J so A f "' 3 1, af, 2 ' 5 fri' tg , .,-,' ' rree . iiri J Q ' M L ' M J V .4 V M -. Rmb A wg .-,' X . H S A "M f ffifga J Q K r M L if '-- ',-,, - . .V , , - K ,f.. z , M I , V- S, -at J L'k' .. Z, ,A V ,fluff 1 t I f 5 ' " rf - ' il E52 ' 31i:f 99 Bill Klaus John Klimowicz Daryl Koop Kris Kuck Dennis Ladouceur Sandy Landers Carla Lane Kevin Largent Kory Larive Cheryl Larson Rick Lauinger Jim Lawton Julie Lechner Richard Lemaster Dave Lester Phil Liestman Mark Liford Maryann Lindquist Kathy Lindsey Howard E. Lloyd Jr Cindy Lobenstein Darlene Locher Wava Lockwood Willard Love Scott Lund Doug Lundgren Tammy Maas Carol Mackay Christie Mackay Kim Mackie Sue Maiers Kim Maison Paul Mason Ceree Martin Dawn Masters Debbie Matthews Delena Matthews Sue McClellan Debbie McClintock Cathi McConnell Doug McConnell Mark McCurdy W, , ,, we .sw n Bryan McMahon Penny McNeal Denise Merkovitz Brian Merz Cindy Metzoian Kathy Meyer Ed Meyer Marcy Meyer Kim Middleton Carol Miller Shawn Miller Ward Miller Pam Millmine Julie Minogue Ted Misiewicz Brook Mittledorf Debbie Moore Craig Morris Randy Morse Allan Motzny Phil Novius Marlene Morgan Joy Murray Jerry Narsh Julie Naz Larry Needham Carl Neighbors Kirk Nelson Tammy Nelson Yvonne Nelson ,f -an W4 I f an fly R S ,,rr 4 iff, It in :Amr , A .i - if ,Vi V js, ft gy Milk' V' ' Y . 'lfiff' M W uk, 'YW iii ,ff lu X ff . ' 4 --We I: , V x 1 , ,fy --f is ri f I' 4- ' o MW! ,. W, H L ff 'Q f, srr ,, ,Q , ,V , , A 5 is -1 . if, , ,E , , is ww r,-r. - . 4, , -I ., 5, ! " ,QE K K' 5 5 9' N , H ., ,Q rn A ,V I . f e ,, 4 ' at H fn: A V ,,,, , 'f 1 ' f,r . W aff? V' if . rx 3 ,'f' , Q Q W ' Am x f f ', .U , , , ' 1 f W, My T f, 5 if X K, f ,-A t 'WW l , ,M Q :fm -f" 2? K .M fp . ., V K e , 4 1' I 'J 4 'C' .7 Q- .Q is ,, C M f' f " "" " , ,,.:: Q "1 1 : f, I '- 44. ' 3, :,- 'W W f , V' ' 122 ' 'E r C xx K K ig i M M u ' J, ,frf 3 r, - V nr f fl' 'lfflf F' ' . , L I .5141-liwtfw fifiil ' 1' -13,131 xl, it , V 'llv' A V'A'f .,,, , 's V --.'f ' . 1 ciits it , 1 , , , 2, k,.k if .. -1 1: ,- X . if z 15 x M 1 Y igri 1 472 ge , , 1 , J S Z x It 9 x"" we 2, W 2 J Q fri ' f G ttll l 5 vce f l Q W iid? as J- f.v,wf,f- Mgr. . J i 'L,L , . zf ,,." f A Qfmf, vgyfffw J Y iQue wmiit ,,,,. ,W,. ,, N N I I J IQ Wi ,.'i ,. L it VK w'x .wk 5 Fw I ,M vv t J 4 t , 5 ,f h,i J,L y y WH we 9 , , 4 - 4,9 wr ,- J. W Wt' it , M fill? f4,f'f,Qf1 V we 1 -. 'Q-, Q ,,,,. . . in 'H ii J K , ,G ,Q , .fbzwfg if! ' ' f ,I , , A Z,,if:.Hg I , , aff-f' 4 fr i tll , 5 new-1 ft W ' we 551, ff' .Q-I 101 .1 "tau Gloria Neubacher Don Newell Scott Newman Steve Newman Dawn Newton David Nichols Pennie Nichols Pam Nivelt Al Nollet Linda Norman David Odil Brian Olerich Kim Oliseck John Oliver Dennis O'Neil Ray O,Neil Steve O,Neill Sue Overall Glen Pankey Gwen Pankey Sophie Pantelides Val Parker Kim Partridge Mark Pasko Steve Pasternak Don Pelton Rita Pennell Eric Peters John Phelps Paul Pietrzak Joey Pillow Annette Plante Scott Postl Holly Powers Mike Prudhomme Ann Pruente Gia Pruyt Mark Puddy Paul Quickner Sayud Rahbe Randy Reed Sally Reid Shauna Reid Dale Rienhardt Robin Rice Robin Reynolds Melanie Richardson Dale Ricksgers Mike Riley Randy Ripley Debbie Ritlaw Joe Roach Lynne Robertson Tim Rochon Patty Schultz Donna Scrivner Steve Scbolka Mary Seeterlin Cheryl Sellers Brad Shaw David Shearer Dan Shelton Bernard Shepard Kelly Shults Dave Simmons Eddie Sink ru 'Y' 1 QQ 4 3' Before s,' Q i? 1 ' Ea. I ,,,, . ""W"" , , yn 153 ,k,' -1 5 , A ,,.,,,4 .,,,, 'K W A55 'ig if L R ryy 2 1 ,,, ,, 4 H , V , I Mm: 'f ,- Don Roehl Jan Rogers Mike Rossetto Vickie Runyan Judd Ryan Andrew Sanche Connie Sartell John Savoie Dan Schaar Z , ,, A, l L ,I 2 . ,M ' lg fl ' 51 ' I l ffffffff' V 42, ' I .I , ., V or is ' 2 'affair S - fi' fi V - ' 3 gf, K -. ' "'- L eily 1 at V, , L 1 W "N ' .Q 24 3 L KA 'ory ,X A ' M naw ff v V V - ' 'I f'- . ,, .f-W' - f"- 'VVV f - 4 ' ff ii!! gf'.,'5 '::f, K we Bev Schiele f i,l Kathy Shimp i 1 , Mike Schlink 94 , ,,.k K . 'i" , :"f ?'f 2, " '-'ff ' i f S h-Vl M R ' , . W - '4 I 5 , .nw 102 R ,.. . 4+ .wg '4 fr 4: 8 V fl V2 ,G rr + La, ,,, 1 if u se W ,, 1 f f gigs, A' " 4: -i f-if ,J Q5 er r v , 7 uf 4 1 1 F , g lx 3 1 MX f ' 5 o,'r ' . wp, . ' 'P :,' E I A A AM : it V i L , f . i w A x 1 io'i , J. , 5, , , x .lg Q 555, lr Q sl 3 ' , ' . r 127 m . gs rl , I0 N 59 W! I' 1' ,L w New Beginning , ipi ip fn " 4. 1 , is 1,4 ,pf 4 v 'ZZ' w ' 1 T2 , W X I 2 fi ' 4, , 3 13 x 1 U f ' 2 - 2 Mi if 'Q 2 ' 4 , Z 1 I Wi, nnnnn ri v 4' xt 'KX . I ,, gyk . I ,, W, e V 2 "4 a ,ta fn, ,,,, ,ge GZ, wary A, 4 if nl I 1 It L5 l , ,fa W 103 Leslie Sizemore Tim Sizemore Jeff Skewes Roger Smiley Donna Smith James Smith Julie Smith Ron Smith Sandy Smith Sandy Snow Dee Dee Solheim Chuck Southard Doug Sowles Rhonda Sparkman Nora Sparks Candy Speace Tim Spears Kirk Spring Steve Spring Jeff Stanley Lynn Stehlik Sandy Stepanski Cindy Stern Glenda Stokes Lury Stoutenburg Debbie Strain Joe Sutherland Tim Sutton Duane Swansey Nora Tallenger Scott Tarpening Lori Taylor Mike Taylor Ronald Tejkl Diane Tersigni Robin Thyle Joewanna Tipton Vivian Tipton Flint Tison Wendy Titsworth Debbie Trarop Darlene Trarop Bill Valuet Mike Vanderhoek Jim Vanderver Don Vanness Julie Vega Donald Vickers Kathy Vogel Ken Wade Bob Wade Patty Walker Mike Wallace Dennis Walrath Ron Walsh Bob Warnock Dave Watson Julie Weber W A ,Sufi Norman Watchpocket Paul Weedon Paula Wegman Todd Weiss Robert Weitz Alan White Glenn White Leslie White fiir xxfffff ' 5 , f. 'Y y: + A, 1 r x f f Q Typing takes great Concentration. Mike Trevino Tom Thompson Tom Troxell Karen Tucker Kendall Turnbull Alison Turner Dale Vadeboncoeur J Manuel Valdez - IQ' s ,e Raymond Umscheid J f , i ,. , .K 7. x X ,- we "" , ,, W 366 I in ,,. H If :V It v- fhs-Qf ,tkf L, f Q, .,,, , . 1 K? ' fam ' f 'N lg 4 ,., A L i'J' . f f i-i" ,,,, it rrit, 2 57 " '1 - 2 t 104 Q W, H X x . , wx' i i iii' l 5 . ,J wg its, ffl J A t I 5 , gg M ,,, sa 1 sl' 4' rm . 'YI A 'iw 2 1 5 E f aria 5 'lf 'i ix M in J ' 4 ' st, ,. if - ff t f 652' Lt 4 . my sz, . sf aww I t ' , yit, 'ki r,,, ,V , twis t X' J E ftmtkli 5 iiiii i 4, , 1 l We've Come A Long Way! t y i w y ' t t " W tl y V Q Ah vi Q , , , y 1..,M , W y V, an , W' W at r fi' J to . s rrrr -fy W ff Et new' 1 mfg X , ., t , , 'f,, f 31 '? fjfig w2'5Zf" MIL 41 fr, ' 1 K 1 ,'cA,,'4wwf Q' I f fgggi-amwepnfv ex i 5 P Ig g , :VA , 1 f it il' af ,fr 3, , W 1'A 4+ N ytgy y JM o Mm ,k', Q' , 'X , gil I ,A,, ,, wzgi,-51, if f V 15 , , . "" ' ff ,fqzgfwgg ' fi ' s KN 4? MJ 'I A, 'V ' r FZ?vgv,,qi-yi, A " ' A Q x 2 ' - u.'2':!Jfv.f, 'Az' , F?0S2if"?' r ' W an 4 K' 'U ' ,, f ' 22" "' K 4. f f.. L 1 iw f- 2' ,Q X 5 r ' - is f 2 N I 4 ill . A Joy Zuebrick it or at L, 5 A remembrance of the ninth grade trip. Ron Whitmire Troy Whitmire Sharon Whitney Billy Whitt Wendy Wilcox Cindy Williams Robert Williams Patti Willoughby John Willwerth Dave Wilson Brian Wiltfang Bill Wiltfang Patti Winer Linda Woodward Beth Worland Mike Wrobel Ray Wyant Steve Wyant Debbie Wyatt Jim Yates Don Youmans Brian Young Geoffrey Ziulkowski Nick Zografos ,,,, X-A 5. 1. , v ,. 1 41 J! 105 l lx Ronald Abraham " ' Charles Aldrich Diane Allen lizl f , ',." Ken Allen Rhonda Allen Timothy Anderson ' - f-vH ' ' ' I ff an f f 4 7 1 1 X 1 af wr 4 ,nl f , fi 12 is n ll,i , ' Del1aAnzures , -"- Y" H ,, Bm A d ioidll A rmen arez V V7 5 . ' l"' my . J 2 ' 'fi N Kim Arnold lli ' odliii 5 . 4, iliiiii M if fa B111 Arnold I 5 ' ' Richard Arold lloAii ' Jeanne Atkins Connie Baker Mike Baker ' Jim Barnhill J ack Barron f Wwm f ZZ ag , , V f f M W Q 4 'J' l ,WWW ,. 1 f 4+ ,Z f 1 r f r f L 2 4' 2 , R fi-,ff A mlb 'A ww mv f f 106 " il ' f, V' 4 : V W. f 7 , iigfyag W fix. wfrjiv' , f, . Egg, " H f he 1 ,55 1-, sg if-uf, " H ,, . M F? K as ,,,, Q .,,,. ,,,. , W5 Q, gi ,-" ."' X "', f fffvlffj l if Z "',, ,,,, 1' 6 ' J f 1 A, f iw V Ar' f' .Y f f f Q , W f f ' 'Ji M f ., , .,, if V A f s fi Z, 4 J., , .2 A ,E , , Z2 A Bridge Unbroken The eighth graders have had an exciting school year. They did a fine job in sports with Mike Cudnof- husky making three touchdowns in one game, the cheerleaders cheering their team on to victories, art awards being won by Mason students, photography club taking pictures and many other achievements. They are ready for anything and will make great ninth graders. They are going to try to make Mason a better place to be. 4, , i s r ig A wx ,, ,: ,ff ,Q r it 1 .,ffK 2 ,-vs ,gg '43 iw, ,Y 5 fi t My if' Weil' 4 W 1 . v ft ,,. ,A H, , H. . , . iirl rel r N 4 Us ff , 2 Q 4 ' v- 4 ,1 f e 2 W' g ,,'i . t ef we ' Y xi ii f 5 VV I I x 1,53 W Q- , itt.t s ' B r ,, . lv VV . I I ,V '51 1 . ' if - " ,V 'fi T325 -. W' 4' a 22,15 ' ap - H wgi' M' ' ' 2 1 yy T f an ,- K 4 ,T I f 5' iiii 3 it 5 I M i T i I ,K ,, ,, y,g, if 2 Keith Batchelor Matt Bates Gary Bauer Joe Bauer Diana Baumgart Debbie Beach Jeff Beach Tim Beam Russell Bedford Mark Beers Norma Bennett Brian Benscotter Dawn Berry Kevin Bertram Bryan Bigelow Chris Billette Jeff Bilyeu Steve Bisogni Bob Blouin Phil Bone Bruce Bonney Mary Booth Steve Boroff John Boss Carmen Bowen Jeff Bowers Scott Boyce Naoma Boyd Randy Bradford Cymantha Bradley 'H Art students create montages. 9' Mike Brattain Janet Bremiller Rhonda Bridges Dan Brimhall Doug Brown Jennifer Browne Mark Bruce Phil Buckhorn Jerry Burns Susie Cabe Phyllis Callahan Holly Campbell Jeffery Campbell Wanda Campbell Steve Carman Jeff Carter Rick Carver Michele Cattell Denise Caudlier Paula Chachich Patty Cheek Judy Christie Renee Christoff Doug Clark Mary Codd Betty Cooley Dave Cogswell Richard Cogswell Chris Collier Howard Collins M ,, 4 P11 .J 1 2 . , , Y 1 5? if 64 ' N ' if '..-1 125 51 'V 4 32 f wx,- rv- Q . f, l di rr, in + J W, in 5 , , nf, , f V 'r T he C ass of "78" ' C if 'W l vsva J J A "v-, , ,h , 2 5 ,,Li'-:,' 4I"',:', 'L":'gA' ' 'b gif 3 "' , . ,Kd ,,,5 . 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Q.: Ja, Q? x if 54 0 K ff, ,M M Q 1 2 K , W, f 'L H , K ! g, 109 Guss Drouin Kathy Drussel Jim Dubre Lee Duford Mike Duncan Bryan Connor Keila Cook Steve Copus Kris Corbiel John Cronan Nancy Crosby Charles Cross Carol Cryderman Lynn Cryderman Mike Cudnohufsky Lisa Curtiss Dawn Cutajar Brian Cybul Tara Dabbs Kathy Danielson Matt Daubner Mary Daugherty Dennis Davis James Davis Linda Davis Bill Davis Joe DeFlorio Chip Deland Terri Delke Rick Dement Thomas Deneau Bob Denniston Laura Denoyer Sheila Desantis Debra Devine Tom Dizotell Eric Domke Kim Douglas Ronnie Dowell Steve Doyon Ross Dristy y half Man s world makes great pizza. Anne Marie Emigh Kevin Emmons Steve Evans Shelley Everett Pat Everett Larry Evo Kristi Fangel Mike Fann Craig Feldmeyer Steve Felice Robyn Felton Michelle Ferguson Tim Ferguson Les Ferris Bob Ferry Elizabeth Fielding Vicki Fisk Mark Flath Tammy Fleisher Don Fleming Steve Fleming Margaret Foore Kim Ford Jeannine Forge Pam Duncan Pat Dunsmore Janet Duprey Dennis Durie Beth Duty Gordon Dyker Janet Elston Penny Elwell Sherry Emery ' t ,Phi Q W ' lf 'f 4 J 110 ff ff :eg i K, A li.. fi v N ff ,Q 5 A 2' 1 dw 4 iv W l 3 'f lt A' , in ' Xi. 1 ,H 1. 'it ,Q if fw- , t ,, ft V s W P R km, " ' f Eighth Graders: :r- , , . , fav 7 M, , V K ,VV, V Y V VLVIL I I 'i w if J, I M , 5 Q ,H L f X f if eras ZH? f 1 1 f 'i,z' f, 3 'A ' "" W V V' .,Y, ' Jr 'L 5,W..,f" if X 0 , J,. J . 1 . I 1 if . -' M' " 1 1 ,A so f r ff -, ' '.,.V N V L- A ' ii A 1 'LT K 'L M 1 , 4 J' f ' ,nt ft i' . 'w i fi F 'J IQ, wa ,UQ ' if 1 1 x 'X LV, ' 1 if, V 4 ' 1 fs W f fi N ,Qi , , M , 1? 4, sw' 3 5, in .MM-A 'N f f ,a . K f N ,1 1 V Z, I A I Q of x , K I kn., matrix I 1 ' My wx D X NN I il 'fr :W J :lj ,mfg N , f., 16- dl' 4, 2,1 ff ,K Q 4 I ,sw ? A -W 4 th is . '5- g ,io ,Q f , 4 time 5" ' if 111 x Q ,, in my . Q f , Da Andrew Forguson Doug Fountaine Jill Foust Wayne Fowler Randy Freeland Karen Fritz Kevin Frizielle Brian Fry Delcia Fulkerson Pam Fulmer Paula Fultz Steve Garcia Sandy Garten Helen Gavrilides Kenny Gee Brenda Geeck Chris Gehman Gina Gelow John Gerndt Debbie Gey Dan Giers Bob Giroux Mike Grant Lisa Graunstadt Kelly Green Kathleen Grooms Mike Gutierrez David Hackey Gary Hagaman Dan Hagon Cindy Hamilton Kim Hancock Mike Hancock Rorianne Hancock Missie Haney Mike Haslip Dennis Hatmaker Margret Hayduk Lori Heaslip Carol Hempstead Jeff Hendershot Gwen Henley Kenneth Henry Dave Herron Dan Hester Kathy Hill Sue Hill Judy Hillman Anthony Hines Rhonda Hines Steve Hinson Scott Hirsch Greg Hockey David Hogarth Jeff Holan Rhonda Holloway Jerry Holmes Sandy Holtom Cheryl Horton Lori Hosler Marie Houck Norman Houck Kim Howland Randy Hudson Tim Hudson Arnold Hull Brian Hundley Joan Hurst Leigh Hutchison Russ Hval Jerry Inman Karen Irons Brenda Jackson Terrie Jackson Terry Jackson Dawn J aggers Kathy Jeffers Julie J ockwig Jackie Johnson Dean Johnston Cheryl Jones Sherri Jones Rhonda Jordan Don J uel Looking Ahead 1 :rx 'Sf ' lf J ,sil .13 .,., K A , . , X J :k5.3,f.ff' ,g ,Q 1 v l h- - ink W . f ' . tfi lf, X if l T 5 . A- 53? Qi fig N J S Vi' , :EYE :M I : .,,,: ,N W gi , . K . 3' 'f- iii . , t, . .K Lx - Q jk A " :.. . Q K ' cals J 1 Q 'iii . s ' i H J FN fx W an an - it ,,, aff X gl , ,X H 'R , X Sr A., -sg -Q f,t X .s 251 - .. ..., N - I J 1 x. 1 ' . k I if'-"" , gf ii 1 J , R-as J If a ,am , X - 'J ' . in K, i f as 1- -4' 'f L K ,, 2 ,. Qld if i a - ' X, as ill. , ' N 1. ,, S9 K in Q i x 5' E pf X J tg 's g et .. 2 J - V 5 igi- ,QR at 'ssaa S 'A- r .. ...t -t ., . I-1: -f - -:N . .,., . . - - . wx. 2- wf:. .- ,ze .gs s- - gag.. S5 . 1 -. 'Ex' ' 5 1 .Vx 112 a "' mi Steve Kaines Kim Kaminskis John Kanzlemar Steve Kase Tina Kelley Shannon Kelly Ted Keranen Mike Kildal Burt Kinsland Denise Klaas Jerri Klein Terri Klein Greg Kojima Greg Konkle Stephen Kovitch Sue Kruchko Tracy Kruger Dave Kunkle Jim Kurzava Dale Ladouceur Frank Land Jackie Lane Dan Lange Steve Lane Alan Larvin Jan Lawrence Tina Lawrence Gary LeMonde Kim Lemons Kim Lescoe Tina Lewis Darlene Liestman Lisa Liford Kris Lindsey Chris Livingston Ben Locher Debbie Long Kevin Love Donald Lucarelli Laquetta Luster Cathy Lyon Beth Madonio John Madsen Shari Maiers Lisa Maison Mary Makrias Marc Marcero Donna Markgraf Robert Marshall Tim Marshall Theresa Martin Karen Marvin Mary Maxim Martin Maxwell Jim May Gina Mazza Ralph McCarrick Alvin McCauley Kerry McClellan Danny McClelland Mike McGinnis Sue McIntosh Karl Mckay Rick McKenzie Cindy McMahon David McMahon Debbie McPheters James McQuinn Mark Meeker Jim Melchiorre Jim Mellema Vanessa Mercer mpg 5 , .., is -a 51 ,vp , if ': g:,1:i::,,'6.L x Q22 ? 4. it ' D if ga, If K O 'af e ,J 'Z 4+ , 3 Q43 .ak . It's Nice . . . But what is it? xxx Y , I 4. A 1' A' f , ia. ',.H. g J A -49 at ii y J ii J R . a rlcr . e -J W ll s if A 'f 'Jam K ei' ll 1 fm' if 7 " , Q X A m I . img 'f 1 l , it 'fee q N f 5 4 , i f , Z ,t A lj ,ilt, ,., Ne J ,, A . 3 R W r J , al f W M , -. -' f a 2 ' , Q J rsii f.'-- ifg A "" ,a ""' H" 1 rs sia as c if i '- ff'5f5!1f?f:5 "le f J in Q 'f 5 , . ,,,, ,,: ff - , , t,,, 2 2 . . . . A , 43 I I lv , , - ,,,. 1 i ' 2 f lyycr 1 a a J is , J 3: ,, " ' 11 sv i V In c J c f " 3 ', 1 f" I 'JVY ' ' , Y 's 1 V, I XV L,,,, , 114 ,, at X t -.M 1 -QF' w . IXHQ , New Challenges ,gg-Lg, , ,, . , f. 5 K. if r 75 '.,, , , eeeeee , I ' '.'L. I u eeeeee A eeee ,. ,Q f. . ,:'iS'-fi' 'K ,'1 r :KI s 4 eeee . X' l,f :if!i7Ef"f 'A,' 2 5 ft? -in iv ' i eeee it .rf ,se 'eee 12.62242 35: 3 ' 22 ,Eff v al'- 9 te ,5 2 'Xi 5 2. ' is k 4 55 .1 -v - ,Flew 2 ' if f.. fw- . W g l gg tg 1 fi s fa, f wa 1 ,, ft ' -.f wen . f . J ,, 1 f age, si I ., , , ,L H tina, f it Miz, M y 5, w we ll N , ,vi 1 afirggtr... .rw , at it !.,, l,1fw,.M ..,m.ra3X-f,,,,yf s wit t N V ff' is s may 5 rwwrrx. .ras .,,., .. pm. , or Jr 'r .V Y 2, .Q ta ' .eee an , If J 4 Q M, . 1? srffff ' - e,e' , ,,., .wnfiikif ' iff " :inf 5. .f fl it x ,fr 1 1. Q ' P 4.41: y it QT. Nick Mero Kris Messenger Jeff Metheny Jackie Meyer Kyle Middleton Mary Mielke Nathan Miller Vivian Millmine Larry Minoque Rene Miska Paige Mittledorf Tim Moery Elaine Moore Steve Morris Carolyn Moses Brian Mount Keith Mouser Julie Moyer Kirk Mudge Valerie Murray Mark Muto Greg Myas Tina Neely Dave Nelson Kurt Nickel Pat Nolin Jean North Kim Nunn Louisa Oberle Phyllis Overfield Norman Page Marie Palace Terry Paladino Mike Pankner Doug Parks Lisa Parks Gail Pasko Laurie Pattison Debbie Patton Greg Peck Tracy Penfold Jane Penman Albert Pennell Chuck Perry Mike Perzyk Janet Peters James Peterson Linda Phillips Karin Pickett Susan Pickett Mitch Pierce Dean Pierson Rick Pluskota Pam Pollick Deanna Popour Cliff Poppy Dane Porter Kelle Porter Pat Potter Tom Prior Tim Procter Tony Prudhomme Marie Pulanecki Pam Pyke Steve Pyles Cindy Quick Cheryl Rabideau Kara Radenbaugh Shawn Rappuhn Terrie Lu Ray Kim Redder Daniel Reed Tim Reed Sandy Rehkopf John Render Kim Reynolds Mark Rhue David Richardson Robin Richardson Cindy Richman John Richter Walter Ridgeway John Rivera Jeff Roach And Profound Discoveries . 7 'we at 1 gt 'ESS' GN ll ' :gxj f N i v .- Q I 11 E' ' E nf f 6 il ' ,xx if it if ' 'if 4 .9 . 1 -1' t 4 FLA, 1 I4 ' : 451 x eff' . We 'J ,,. I 'W' al? :ll .J . I E WV g r i gl V I a s s 33 J 1 + QW y S J JJ J to P' 1 so JJ V fy ' J J Y J iff' J i Joievvtt ,gif s"tl gg L P 1 ik. A If 'X' 1- 1 cg A, . ,- 'K U1 f if ,M in 'sfiifffjg j "r" 3, .QC JJ, J,,J. .'i. A ' J J..f f1,J JJ'. J ,, J- J ' J N fa. fx " 2'-ffi I ' J J eeni eret ' i f- ' ' . J 'r,, I . 'JJ5' ' 'P-' 'fm . ri at g 4 1 LI? Q I J J M' it l -JJJJ J, V , ,J , Q.: ,Q K 5? -J"'?'JJ 5 5 firms 1 5 ,H 13 yi t -V ff 1 w 2, R' Y ' ,S 2 f f .,f' ' 'K "'i'--JJ 'Jf-J- i P ' tt'J JJJJ I 'V ' '-'J IJ' V JJJ. H H7 J 'nii i to ititi + ai 1 i s J 'l t 'W W w J 116 W, V usa f . Q is W 1 i , Wi' ' S ,,. so Rr J S X i ix r f , ... asm rf- s 5 'Q 333 if 1 .f mt K Q ix 5 c X J e K fs V, -5 2 if f 55 is K Q. " I h e 7351 is: rr: E ff , 5 . . . , gy H., ., 'N N -.,T H K RE X fav- ll! 'ie I --w', 1 J , 54 . is . , Y ' Eff zzh 'hii J S , ,'iL ' I 'kW, f--' ' ' 1.. ,, ..1ff---' -11211 :fflv 1:f: ,',-- im, ,,,:Q 1,z E zi- 1,3 ,::,,A.-, ,, :,1:: fftf,1f::f5fv:w ,- .. H Z3 hh uf ., - -- if 4' 'L!,, '- .. it ,f ,gi , , F, :H s fr 2 Si am 5 . my s 1 ' K if in - vt QL. 4: ' " of , Hs+1t:f1, in .na d ,,,. E ' aw I yryt ,- fr gwk 117 L is 'Q gg, V, K , zz A Q1 ., . : aj if K :, B 3' , we 5 at . es its . I 5-Qs I itil mf ' f ' S . ,,kk Mark Roberts Mark Robinson John Rogers Lori Rogers Becky Rosales Kim Rosario Dave Rottenberk Tod Roy Maxine Runyan Jim Ryan Jim Salley Lisa Salvatore Maggie Sanchez David Sanford Jeanne Saunders Tom Sawyer Ken Schluchter Pat Schooley Mark Schroeder John Schultz Mike Schuster Jib Schutt Sherri Scrivner Bill Seeterlin Tim Selberg John Shaffer Sue Shell Beth Sherwood Curt Shumaker Bob Silvis Holly Simmons Laura Simpkins Carol Simpson Cheryl Simpson Jeff Sioma Sue Sizemore Jeff Skalsky Bernie Slabinski Lorie Slater Mary Smiley Cindy Smith Dietz Smith Gretchen Smith Mary Smith Mary Smith Michael Smith Roxanne Smith Dave Snelling Russ Sommers Tony Spagnola Paula Spencer Mark Stambouly Paul Steen Jerry Steffens Kim Stockdale Kelly Stowe Jo Anne Strader David Strahm Mark Strang Craig Stricklin Bob Strong Gwen Suter Jeff Swartz Diane Sweeten Brad Sword Dorian Tait Mike Tanner John Taylor Allan Templeton Kim Thatcher Kalvin Thayer David Thomas Debra Thomas Jeff Thompson Harry Tipton Bob Tolbert Kathy Tonkovich Paul Toth Rich Tovey Terry Trayhor Jackie Turner Rick Turner Becki Tuson Danny Vader Eighth Graders: W, .. ,, , ,,,. .,.,f ,, at , agp.,f,f--5f.m,,:, . fl ' rf,::,5f, ff, ,,, . ' , 3 f u r , J 5 fag' , , 7' at jg J, H. , l 1 M . 1 to r it 1? 5 t X gr. sg 2 'M :, 1. f 1 ' fr +5 .if t W W. -,H .Ji m ,- ,, ., .W , .. ' 'f' , vw- W' if E 2 l ' .Lf 1, hr 4 -X vs. Q ' Iy- . Y? - Qi ., 1 Z .fp 3 t f lr? A iff , L A l f . I Vky, I 5 VL Q - a t ,V F s ' 'fl f Lat ' S -aerr fi -inf , K H W ,,g, r r c ntea S aela .. , .artt aflr -. X B - f- ' t ,ml . S or ' ' B S ' iff rrlye 1 yayy w VV I ,I , K , 1 ,,k X "l'. I n lf IP D I S A 'l ix 55533 '-,' 5 .. ,ft Us Ax rw:- ,M 4.. -x f -4334 fr fiiffsyf 2 at V' L ,fi ff, 1, if ' ' ,, '- 2 .t':-, A y J f , Ii 1 f 1 1 iff , 4 1 a rv- "i'r tf i i"'i .', if 'V V 5 ' l ' ltr at ' ' A ' ,Y ' ' i " 'Q i're ' ' f-I 2 V ' ', ,,,- , I 5 ' ith, ' 5 W ' I :I W .3 5 5 M -we l.ll R 1' ar. T r V- ' r Q . ,t,t f- ' rv, l K X 4 f a, My H , A rr 3, if TZZ'f 'i i 7 . i 118 ga, r 1 L. i 'W' W if 1, J f , f V, 1. ecycled Seventh Graders 'V ' V f fy H 4-R , ,F 14 if I n Yr'-I ,,ei W M gl i El it i : '-v:'1:':ii?rw1fr::-,f v -. Q , I, r-'f, 1 -f,,, :fh f uf , , .,,, 1 , ' L e'eee i , ,.e B J, Q M f' J K' 'J - ' ., i , Z, 4 uf M 4, 'S' J- f f- t vs ,f 'Z J ' ' f , t ' V- 7' i ft " fl is it iff B r eeee ' . , SY I . V , . or ., e eeeee eee J ' f V,V J 1 ll "-f.h ",, :,' 'f-, ,," 4 ' ' it eky eeee' ' .J 9 fe ,:f'f , I ,. .,-,Af ,.,,,,,,.f. V.:J: K 5, I I 4 R . ff., - as -J 5 'HQ - , kk:-,kk :K U ' ,Vg -, 'ji' X1 r W ,, 'ef-i eeee J L ' -fi-Q-wtf'-'aw ,',' ff eiyz' ' Y ' ' "" ' . ' - , " ',L-f,:e W , ., , :,: ,A V xx 77,5 I 7 , f .x 5 V i VI: wr 4 . J-W - Ng, Wt gf, . 2 Q'- -5 - H di ' ' ' 5' xy, -f' lf' ,552 . Que: , ' ',,:, re ' eeeef ee,, J L, ' eeee t H ,. 4. 'L"' ,' ' ' J, , bw W" ' ., V ' e"" 1. ' f 1 v . wr: ,. xg , f, ,M V X .' ,, , I f eww" ' L were WV, ,WV , ,, '42 it tm J if ' I aff fr . , gi in '95 5, V . 5x,,,5,,A,, I ar- M 'll 'YW' ,e,,, li V',,. ,, ' Ave wi '57 fi r Qt ,- Q I ,.., K I f 5 - Y . V 7 4 ' f, ii we ., ii fl .E T 56 i l In 119 Chris Vanfleteren David VanNorman Brian Vickers Teresa Voltmer Jim Wagner Lance Wagner Lorraine Wagner Tom Wagner Joe Walker Betsy Wallace Janet Wallis Scott Ward John Watchpocket Ken Watkins Chuck Wayland Debbie Weilke Sherry Weiler Robert Whiston Ken White Darrel Wichtman Heidi Wiegand Kathy Wilcox Carey Wilhelm Tom Wilhelm David Wilkins Becky Williams Ricky Williams Vena Williams Chuck Wilson Pam Wilson Ron Wood Scott Wood Wendy Wood Bob Wooderson Lynn Wright Chuck Wyant Ruth Yingling Jennifer Youmans Virginia Zemke Bill Ziulkowski Diana Zuehlke Tracy Zurbrick Seventh graders hard at Work. Dave Abeare Dawn Abney Patti Achebach John Adams Dave Aikin Jeff Alexander Kraig Allen Laurie Allen Rex Allen Jodi Androl Cheryl Angel Kris Antonivitch Mike Appleton Jeff Argyle Janet Arnold Angela Atchison David Back Richard Bacon Grey Bailey John Bailey John Baker Crystal Baker David Ballard Ronnie Balow Ronald Banks Harold Banndsch Chris Barber Robert Barker Matt Barnard Jane Barrager ra M ar.. - L' . Jif fy ls! . " . iii' ' f ' f in . , .,,.W,, A I . 154 K 1 'Q . KI 1- .ni l"' Q ' V i A ' W irrs l a ,hr. J is at A ,V ...ra ,,,r. A , xl ' f f A l, i 4-UPU .., Al W mn ww yr, 1, k,, it- 2 mil? as L X I iafivaw .Wf at 'V A 5' X M v"4 .. P, , u C Qgtg 5. a if A A. : r 3 R ,543 an J 120 ,ffl E ii if This is Where Our Roads Begin The seventh graders have had a year which will mean much to them in the future. A year which showed them new friends, new teachers and new ways. They've learned more and they are now more confident of themselves. The student council among other things was new to most of them, but they added many new ideas to our school. The seventh graders showed Mason they can handle just about anything. bay? , i N . , 1 ,--. . , f 'W X if 1 if EY s .5 it ,E " 8 N K 4 a'sf"f.ra , f"'e.' f 2,211 Qi ' 't it ' li " if Q . , ,J - . wi,-1, f 9 ,,.' mira 4 T l V! N f W, ,,,, . ' ,swf f 'Q ,, 1' ,,,, ,. u ts 1 in di I -... A N, ' 1, 'l we . iztrmtw testi 4 n 1 '11 ' Q.-sf' vi-i'i'g5n -'W eva' st: fir-'ig A ,W 'W -i , lx' l ix fi.. - 41 X , ttt,,t ,,,, , rl , , 13 , A ,.,. My I f f T I "'i " ,.,. -f"k' ' -ff l it : V V' Q :H If ,,, yy -I V . ,kyy .. 1 B ff - - r W3 4' ul " V' ,, Q. 9 ,E . , v lb '- 'sga Y gf' f x A' :,, , fy ., 1, L 4 . T T T tiot erti s 'fr 1- ' 'K f Q' if - f Q f J J s,ys . T sysyy i t f W , 59- 5, , .,1l e ' f ',"' , B ' 4' "" 1 Z M Lr.,y- J fffgl , , 532 V 511151. 3 5 W 'Z' ' J , "' x , 4,5 Kelly Barton Barry Bass Dan Bates Ken Beal Pat Bedford Nancy Bensken Richard Bergholtz Darryl Berry Greg Billings Janet Blachura Pat Blachura David Blodgett Julie Blue John Blust Howard Blythe Jeff Bontempo Amy Bookie Bob Bowles Tina Bowski John Boyed Cathy Bradley Maxine Bradley Tammy Bratum Michele Bremiller David Bridgewater Jim Brown Ken Brown Steve Brown Linda Brownell Joann Browning On The Journey to Claude tt Bunce J oby Bunnel Kim Burke Molly Burling Bonnie Burnell Randy Burr Todd Burt Mike Busch Cheryl Bushon Darlene Cabe Mary Calme Brian Capistrant Pam Carter Sharon Carroll Deena Carter Christina Cattell John Cavdlaro Laura Cecil Steve Chandler Mark Chernoby Carol Christie Chuck Clark Mike Clement April Coats Colleen Coffey Mark Coles Steve Collard Bill Collier Janice Collier Cathy Collins Doug Conklin Becky Conway Larry Cook Greg Cooper Richard Coppersmith Fred Cowell ,sry .r,', U -an nk. 1' nv 5,1 r f . 3 5 1 r ?' 4? , . M , fr 'V rivf f tfl :,f rtsf, 1 z Laufiecfawfofd e Lorie Crites V' 'M -, iii' ' Bob Crites A . -QQ gr' ' .41 4 Keith Cronk V it , Dave Crowley 'i h I H' f ' " e i 122 gtg ,L '. Je q . . VV l an Q 35? f7?g.-Tex ' 2 nn' . ,Ig I.,-nw 4.10. f V' er 4 a r f 6 rw , ta ixv l ,,LL ,C ,,,11, Al g, .T f y I if 4: 'W , -V ,, , 4 f .1 MW, " ,G EV .. . V5 ii . I 2 'Gif M 13- . wt I -. I . fi l' . bf - ff '- .' '01 .Qvisi ',,. r V' 5 f '- A ri 4 I . zggygaaff I - x V-,, A X 4 alt f mf- . " ef ' 1 1-ff. 4- "-f ,, -fl? g , ,. -sf' 7 w g We , V ,rr . Q v r F fi .rv .,k, f ,. . I 1 1 H V: 1" '5 v 4: ,,.V Egg f r 1 v ivev C v l .. , ' ll ':g" y H 1 l it 5 1 2 , r. it 'K kI F ' A , . r E? it ' g . 1 esvv ' it t , y v at L Q V ' K ', If 4 77 ,I I K gf if . ' irrg e , . -' g VW 7 if S g 5' ri' V -'X u .u Xa.: r in if? ' f ' ' ' s r ' f 7 41? ,E V Y 35 . W f V F52 if ' Yzlwdfi at 22 123 L Mike Crowley Cheryl Cummings Sharon Curtis Vickie Dafoe Anne Daigle Mark Daniel Tom Darling Bruce Davidson Eva Marie Davis Sharon Davis Iris Dean Philip Denedu Colleen Denison Cheryl Denton Louis DeVito Carrie Dionne Bruce Domke Georgette Douglas Rick Dowell John Duprey Arthur Durie Brian Dwire Roxanne Edler Robbie Edmunds Krystal Edwards Richard Edwards Eric Eisele Jill Elston Donna Embry Brad Fagan Tom Farnum Teresa Felix Sandy Ferguson Lisa Fillmore David Findley Grant Finn Bob Fisher Diana Fisk Kevin Fitzpatrick Ray Flavin Denise Fleming Holly Fleming Steve Flemington Steve Fletcher Mason 's Seventh Graders Are: Kathy Flowers Beth Forge Cheryl Foster Sherry Fowler Steve Francis Greg Frederickson Diane Fredericksen Mark Fredericksen Cheryl Freeman Ron French Nancy Fritz Brenda Fultz Tracy Gaddis Conrad Gardner Ernie Gavrilides Tim Gerhke Bobby Gifford Brent Giroux Mark Glenn Herbert Gocha Paul Goetz Terri Gohl Diane Golding Pamela Gorbutt Bob Gowan Tammy Graham Robin Greene Tim Greene ' ' rf um. fv- . f 'fs,x,,' 2 as 1 1, ' wa, , '. -, ,fijfsfff at it 51, tif, 4 H f fa Things are just sew-sew. VH A -F 1 W X - . " V "' t Q iii T, ' , i Jtlyc W , , f , M A M . ,Y ,.,. ,..,,,,t. kkkk , 3 R? at rr E ri xv V " S 114 , G ' fi' F " ' ' ' 3""l,tf, "' ,,,t . H . , 1 Q 'f" W rae, X 4 X . 11, 5 ,t,V I. g, . 124 W '1'f,.' 2 1 ' . lard F M y H Y --ff , w g-W: K f t it f Ad? , 2 , .. awe.- rl 1 Q32 I ,f fa, L :V y iare , ,ig fy., rf-'F' 4' if' WY 4. 1 i v -Aga ak 1, I ,, , ,Q 7 J' -, ' 2 W ' i ., may Y oun I 5 'give 'Z ' ' 155' .3 H rt y , 1 3 A1 o r . . , Qi W 55: ', f Q I'-M , . Q z,il5Ng,-Y,g'f . 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My , ' L J 'il' , 'H t ' 'i 5 iv , - fb k ,Y I ,:iQg'w.Q,- - , f f r! 3 TE N A 1' ' fr E L -l. --N V S 5 f . , J .u f R 1,1 1 J W I .rf '- ' 'y . . P: J J." W Ja Q K . v v , f F 9. 'rr" V ' r'r" V- 1, ', f ,' rl 5 f, , W' J J 5 J 534 2 o f ,. ., VV I 3 I ' Yr fd L, 1 , gk, 0. , ' 1 1 - ,f Ji V, Qs: if :Au AN L bi J . fr, A f' 1 ,.' ,, 34 f" 4 , ,,,, Y., I F Wim 9 I lj .Q , 1, 1, K " 55 . 1 dw' A 1 ' 43. 4 ' 2 Q JJJJJJ J 1 llo,JJ , My ir. 5 ,ig ,Q , Just J ii' 126 . D' ,af 1 ' "' . i . if ,: 1 W in l Mg, Lg 35,5 in R, -r. A 1 ,yf A f +G u'-91+ 7 E J. ,, ,,.., Q 4,4 J df ffm' f ,Mm N Enthusiastic, ff at M W ' fi- ,,,,,L L r I V1 P rf 1 , Q5 f Q i or ' 1 ' i 'J ' W 'ff' 1. , "" K 'W r M ' K '11 1 ,H W. K 'Z , A M 1 V . -.- f N i H in I 5 '- f 'L,L Y or r ' 5' Qui -.1b""f Mei? ' - f.-, 1 , ' X ' H ' ,W ' , "" '-cp ' '- a - . 'hyy , ' ' LLV- 1 f L 1 ' h, K 1 l L A 4' Q 1 QQZTQ A," 'f1"' 4' ' Q .. "-.- 1 ,, iff' ' wif'-vi fl' ".- i . ' Eg.. 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Peters Kim Petteys Jeff Phelps Lori Pierce Mike Pierce Lynn Pierson Eddie Pillow April Plaugher Teresa Pollick Darril Priestly William Prueter Sherrill Pullis Lynnette Rabideau Floranna Rahbe Jean Ranger Debbie Rein Bryan Reinhardt Bernie Render Tammy Render Ron Renner Bryon Reppuhn Mary Rhodes Richard Rice Theresa Richards Danny Richardson Kim Richardson Debbie Rickard Denise Rivard Terry Roach Joan Robertson Joyce Rodgers Tamela Rodriguez Dan Rogers Laura Rogers Steve Romda Mark Rose Lex Roy Y. , A K. 1. I , rf? Sr mi' JI , . A I .Z5,'Qf?f5ff'.'f'2?'i "ff Q5 T -1 4 na M f . A 5' V- o, M -My ,L W 5 J s A f if A fi 1, " . gg--A .js ff - .. . . I ., W .,,. 1, fy ,. 'greg-f.,. ,,fwzf,z 3 1 gg, f 421 4 Z W fi iw ,f..,., o y M i N Q .T Q, Toni Salfi Denise Salfi James Sausser Dawn Scarrott Linda Scharf David Schell Susan Scherb Teresa Schimp Chris Schlink 130 an 322 Z K' f 'I it ? 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Lewis Sally McAvey Dianne Pethers Jeffery Richardson SEVENTH GRADE Bobby McLean John Noill Delores Pierce James Sausser Vivian Sorbelli 133 Susan Winer Tim Withey Michele Wolven Gale Worel Dale Wood DeeAnn Wood Toni Wood Dan Worden Eric Wright Mike Wyatt Kevin Young Chuck Ziulkowski Mike Richman Tom Richman Greg Schell Debbie Sizemore Karl Starr Robyn Stout Robert Thornton Joe Varion Christy Walker Earl Waterman Elizabeth Watson Carol Wilson Ronald Woodhull Richard Rochelle Roland Smead Victoria Sorbelli James Terry Ted Williams Eugene Stewart J . Bryant Thomas Darline Wall Gerald Williams Mrs. Carol Aitama Rev. and Mrs. David Akins and Family Archery Pro Shop Mr. and Mrs. James Atchison Mrs. Betty Badalucco Mr. and Mrs. John Barling Beattie Interiors Mrs. Judy Blachura George Blace Mr. Jay Bland Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bland Mrs. H. Bone Mr. and Mrs. James Boylan Miss Kay Bozek Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bradford Brandy's Mrs. Jack D. Bratun Burger King Mr. Bill Burling Mrs. Bill Burling Bryan Burling Cathedral Publishers Miss Ruth Collard Mr. Mark A. Conner Corbin and Sons Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Corey Michael Corey S. Harvey Craft Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Delong David Delong Dement Lawn Service Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Denoyer Dixie Floral Mr. and Mrs. Duncan The Clark Easley Family Mr. Gary R. Easley Mr. and Mrs. Evans The Evans Kids Mrs. Exterkamp Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Francisco Franls Beauty Salon Judy Ann Fritz Mrs. Marcheta Fritz Mr. Richard J. Fritz Midland-Ross Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fulkerson Mr. Bill Garrett PATRONS 134 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gavette Mrs. Ruth Gee Mr. and Mrs. Geer Mrs. Robert Gehrke Mr. and Mrs. Jack Getzmeyer Mr. and Mrs. George Geyer Susan Geyer Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Gifford Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goff SL Family She Goodman's Mr. and Mrs. Earl Goodman The Gospel Four Crusade Grandma Gresey Greens Lake Apartments Mr. and Mrs. Harvy Hammond Chris Harper Mr. and Mrs. James A. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Jarroun Mr. Bert Harvey Larry Clayton Hasting Hayden's Mobile Service 623-9755 Headls Barber Shop Hi-Performance Auto Supply The Hisey Family Mr. Daniel L. Hosler Hudson Sc Sons Trucking Drayton Plains 673-6641 Mr. Cool Randy Hudson Mr. Harry O. Hummel Mr. and Mrs. Richard Humphreys Bonnie Hurst Mr. and Mrs. Al Hutchingson Ideal Septic Tank Co. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Ingram Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ingram Mike and Robbie Ingram Ivankoe Building Co. Jackls Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Gene Jonas Miss Rebecca Jonas Mr. and Mrs. Terry Kaines Mr. and Mrs. James Lamson Lamson Pools .J1r. and Mrs. Edward Larkin Mars Pizzeria Mr. and Mrs. Jennifer Masters Mr. and Mrs. Delena Matthews Mrs. M. W. McClenahen Mr. and Mrs. James Mcgrath Mrs. Mckim Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mcneal Mrs. Bertha McReynolds Mr. and Mrs. William McReynolds Miss Vesta McReynolds Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Menghini Mr. and Mrs. Miller Mr. A. M. Miller Ward Miller Milford Park Apartments Bud Moffit Mrs. Harry Moore Miss Dawn Newton Mr. and Mrs. Lavern J. Newton Miss Linda Newton Mrs. Nellie R. Norris Mr. Paul F. Oineill Mr. and Mrs. Penford Miss Becky Queen Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ranger Mr. David Reschke Mr. Bernard Roach Mrs. Edna Roach Joe Roach Compliments of Rutzen Resources Silver Lake Rd. Sr Dixie Highway Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sanchez Maggie Sanchez The Sanchez Family Mr. and Mrs. Shipman Mr. and Mrs. William Shorts Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Smith Mrs. Yvonne Stewart Mr. and Mrs. William Stockdale Mr. Duane Stringer Sun Furniture Co. ll85 N. Perry St. Pontiac, Michigan, 48058 Phone: 334-4907 Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Tews Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Thompsom Tri-Delta Building Co. Miss Karen Tucker Union Lake Church of the Nazerene Miss M. Vess Mr. Ray Walter Mr. and Mrs. John Weber Mr. and Mrs. Carl Werth Weston Construction Company 4680 Walton Blvd. Mr. and Mrs. Minor White Mr. and Mrs. John White Wilhelm,s Waterford Market Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilhelm Mr. and Mrs. Verne Williams Mr. and Mrs. Bill Willis Mr. and Mrs. Norman Mr. Ronald Woodward Mr. and Mrs. James Wright Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Yost Mr. and Mrs. Zatocil 'gy K :au - W wifi? I' J -lfafii' km.. 5 -f .if at .2 gm! - 1 -5.25-.igf A' J V :JJ 1 WATERFORD EDUCATION ASSOCIATION COMPLIMENTS OF Waterford Education Association Public Relations Committee "WE CARE ABOUT KIDS" THE MARINER STAFF wishes to thank all those who contributed generously to help with our publication expenses. The Moving Finger Writes, And Having Writ, Moves Ong Nor All Your Piety Nor Wit Shall Lure It Back To Cancel HaH'A Line, Nor All Your Tears Wash Out A Word Oflt. Omar K ha yyam From "The Rubaiyat" 0 . 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Suggestions in the Stevens Mason Middle School - Mariner Yearbook (Waterford, MI) collection:

Stevens Mason Middle School - Mariner Yearbook (Waterford, MI) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Stevens Mason Middle School - Mariner Yearbook (Waterford, MI) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Stevens Mason Middle School - Mariner Yearbook (Waterford, MI) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Stevens Mason Middle School - Mariner Yearbook (Waterford, MI) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Stevens Mason Middle School - Mariner Yearbook (Waterford, MI) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 80

1974, pg 80

Stevens Mason Middle School - Mariner Yearbook (Waterford, MI) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 111

1974, pg 111

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