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1 Y ,.,,.-05 ,, ' MQ U Q ff u 1' CQ. L PW Q f ' i 1 Y JNL w M KX KX A 5 I sl' X as ,, 35 , ' P , ,, , l W ':1u,J!w1,F,,i,,z,,,, ' ,. I . . x 'N 'B -s A 2, 1 4 9 .1 M W. 1 f L 5 W . auf- 4' ' -a fl f N"'A , x j N L, Z 3 ,, f' K7 N. WTN f' A A M, i. 4 The St aff of The 1959 RED and BLACK Pre s ent 5 WE FACE THE CHALLENGE 5 . ,J A Stevens High School Claremont, Newffampshire 5 Q irtallou Sine Palme "WE FACE THE CHALLENGE" Table of Contents Page 3. The Foreword 4. The Theme Essay 6. The Message from the Superintendent 7. The Message from the Principal 10. The Class Oliicers 12. The Honor Society 13. The Student Council 14. Boys' State 15. Girls' State 16. The Assembly Committee 18. The St. Paulis Scholars 19. The Faculty 26. The Band 28. The Choir 30. The Orchestra 32. The Senior Play 34. The Future Teachers of America 35. The Junior Librarians 36. The Stentor 37. The Dramatic Club 38. The Distributive Education Clubs of America 40. Home Economics 42. Manual Arts 44. The Junior Prom 48. The Spring Track Team 49. The Cross Country Team 50. The Girls' Hockey Team 51. The Girls' Athletic Association 52. The Girls' Jasketball Team 54. The Football Team 56. The Basketball Team 58. The Ski Team 60. The Baseball Team 62. The Cheerleaders 66. The Class of 1959 92. The Yearbook Staffs 94. The Sponsors 2 .1 rv.-...ei-..,..,. 4 sr w., .,.,., ... I The Editors of the 1959 Red and Black - Co-Editors Carl Couture and Carol Couture 5 Assistant-Editors Rodney Tenney and Carol Jewell. FCREWORD A great challenge is faced by the young men and women of today. WVe, the Class of 1959, are about to face this challenge. An understanding, willing, and capable faculty have labored earnestly and unreservedly to enrich our lives with knowledge. This is the basic factor necessary for our success in the outside world into which we shall"now venture. A Instilled with principles which are in keeping with the high standards set by our teachers and advisdrs and with a deep sense of respect and obligation to the many loyal alumni of our .beloved Stevens, we face the challenge, prepared, resourceful, and unafraid. . 3 I t -,I ll In 1. S -I . R 1 We Face the Challenge! Through these portals to face the challenge of the future have passed nearly four thousand graduates of Stevens High School. Are we ready to face the challenge? That is the most pertinent question when graduation draws near. The Class of 1959, perhaps more than the classes of the past, because of the high standards of today has a greater task and a heavier responsibility for fully answering this challenging ques- tion. Upon our graduation from High School, we shall have completed the main step in our preparation towards facing the challenge. During the past twelve years, we the graduates, have furthered our knowledge yearly to a greater extent. We started by learning the basic fundamentals of the three Ris. Through the use of these fundamentals, we gradually began to understand the people and the many ac- tivities going on around us each day. As the years progressed and our knowledge increased, we encountered many new ex- periences as we became participants in our nation's program. As Seniors, we now begin to realize how important this earlier schooling has been and how much it has contributed to our present status. Although our present standing is largely due to our past schooling, the urge for higher edu- cation had to be present. When one grad- uates and receives a diploma, he has achieved a worthy goal. Graduation is like the trunk of a tree with its many outreaching branches. A graduate wishes to climb to the top but finds many obstacles along his way. On the pathway to success one often makes many wrong decisions which must be re- considered and often changed. The num- ber of opportunities is great and must be carefully observed so that one may obtain the position that suits him best. Many of us will take additional steps to achieve these positions by attending college or other schools of advanced learning. Others will fulfill their obligation to their country by entering the service First before decid- ing on any definite occupation or field of work whereas some immediately begin working on their particular career or field of interest. Because of individualism, many various lields are being expanded or dis- covered through the research, progress, and advancement of the people. A college diploma represents an exten- sive amount of hard work. It is also a very high grade of education and a key to a successful life. Many advantages accom- pany one who has received such a degree. In this day and age, the standards of em- ployment are largely based upon the amount of education one has received. One must have confidence and faith in his own ability and willingness to work toward such a goal. After finally achiev- ing this, he realizes that there is no limit to onels education. Education continues throughout life for one can never learn all there is to know. Our education today has many ad- vantages over that of the past generations because of the constant efforts of our an- cestors in recent years. They have de- veloped many new methods to modernize and improve our schools for our welfare. Through their efforts our realm of knowl- edge has been highly elevated and broadened. We, of the present generation, shall strive to the best of our ability to continue these progressive advancements in the Held of education so that our chil- dren will have better opportunities, just as our parents have provided for us. In facing the challenge, we challenge ourselves in our education. We are about to enter into a new phase of life which will test our strength, endurance, and ability to succeed. Responsibility will now be greater and in the near future, one knows that he will be required to support himself and eventually his family in most instances. There are many necessary sacri- fices that we will have to make. Difhculty and sorrow will undoubtedly be included, but happiness and success should prevail if one does not expect failure and faces the challenge with renewed enthusiasm and determination. Through all our trials and tribulations, we shall forever hold high the motto of Stevens High School - "Palma non sine pulveref' We shall never forget our wonderful school after we take one of the biggest steps in our lives as We Face The Challenge. Carol and Carl Couture Co-Editors The Stevens High School flag carries high its proud motto, graduates face their challenge with the knowledge that there is no victory se- cured with a struggle. 5 TO THE CLASS OF 1959 My sincere congratulations to you on having successfully completed the prescribed program of studies at Stevens High School. Your theme "We Face the Challenge" is well chosen. I am sure each of you realizes your responsibility for your home, your community, your state and your nation. The challenge for the future is to keep all of these intact. This will not be easy. Much has happened in the past decade, and much will happen in the next that will have a de- cided influence on these social institutions and on your lives. How well you have prepared yourselves in the past four years and how established your goals are for the years to come will determine whether or not you will make a con- tribution to the society in which you live. Choose your field of work carefully, develop a respect for it and yourselves, apply yourselves to the utmost of your abilities. The suc- cesses that you will achieve will be the result of hard workg nothing worthwhile comes easily. I have every confidence that we shall be proud of the Class of 1959. I wish you much success and happiness in the years to come. Newell Paire, Superintendent of Schools 6 T. I -..L4 -. . M-, ' 'F MR. NEWELL J. PAIRE, SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS in Claremont, has completed his first year as administrative head of the city schools. During this time he has won the respect of teachers and townspeople by the vigorous and just manner in which he has met the numerous prob- lems that arise in a school system sewing nearly three thousand students. NATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK was cele- brated in a unique way by the Claremont Pub- lic Schools. A parade was held of all school personnel including the administration, the clerical help, school custodians, the Stevens Band and the Junior High School Band and nearly three thousand students. This parade demonstrated convincingly to several thou- sand onlookers the growth in school popula- tion and personnel that has taken place in the past few years. LORD, PRINCIPAL OF HOOL, has for several years bf several thousands of Ste- g these years he has become and throughout New Hamp- eihciency as an administra- the high degree of discipline students and the intense e faculty. CHQOL was the largest the parade held :is Clare- of National Education ll over the nation Stevens reased its enrollment dur- irs, The class of l959 to ndred and forty-four is the 5 history. The total enroll- ied nearly seven hundred that is will soon surpass TO THE CLASS OF 1959 Every clay good teachers are issuing challenges to their pupils, although those challenged may not recognize them as such. But the manner in which they are met in class- rooms very clearly indicates how each young man or woman is going to react to the challenges of a lifetime. The student who has given up when a subject or assign- ment seemed difficult will probably miss the richness and growth engendered by overcoming obstacles in his future whenever the going gets rough. Perhaps it is too much to hope that we, the faculty and administration of Stevens High, have helped to prepare each of you to face life in the spirit of surmounting and profiting from the experiences, good and bad, that surely are ahead of you. However, I do hope so. With enthusiasm and courage, bolstered by faith in Almighty God, there are no limits to the goals you may set yourselves. Devotedly yours, Edgar L. Lord, Principal 7 WE FACE fx I ' x '11, ' 1 --- f' X I Il., X 4110 ' fix! -D X41 E 4 f jf' sq, N 1 73", N A , if 'fc 5 N E : 1'-C-E , 5 K '50, . f Q ,gf V 7 W", f .L 5 f 1178 W , W 4 f 1 ,,i6'f+ if I' " 'Y A , 5 ,waffle fx .th :ss A 4.4 ,I v as f lr' X ? 1' Z5 ' J I E i n qwy I E f? II GYJ ' A I 'f ff CD 3 ' X 'V ff' f ,N N ' 47 ' , ' v' X if Q igii N , I 5-2995155 V cw ,E ' E ' 5' V N 5 I I V T - , ,,lffl. f ll H: -1 L I , ' Q? 1' A X-ffl' , X , ff' V ,M-I :lf -. ,IL Ax ,Q ,nf 15 Hi' 'f,1 ,'11'iyA X E ,, gf THE CHALLENGE! um, iycbxxv SIN? 65 Q fx A, 4 is S' ff ? Q 5 l Xia ST K f N-1 ITT . Nx ,Zz . ,Wig fEH:E gy WEMUNX. S We Face the Challenge of Today, THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS joyfully accept their duties in leading their class through its Hrst year at Stevens: Kathleen McLaughlin, Karol Blish, Sandra Bostwiek, and Rockwell Haubrich. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS confidently undertake the many tasks of their second year in our school: Eileen Ferriter, Carol Brown, Shirley Davis, and Scott Fitz. 10 the Challenge of Twentieth Centur Mans THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS look forward to the biggest event of the year, the Junior Prom: Theodore Ruest, Cynthia Reed, Patricia Goodhue, and James Mozden. THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS set out to make their last year at Stevens one that will always be remembered. With joy and some regret they look forward to receiving their diplomas: Wesley MCNair, David O,Haire, joan Chrostowski, and Ann Mc'Lz1ughlin. 11 With Honor and Integrity We Face It PROUD ACHIEVEMENT IS RECOGNIZED - These members of the Honor Society were announced at the Class Day exercises this last June. They all have the right to be ex- tremely proud of their achievements completed by their Junior year here at Stevens which have made them eligible for this honor. - Rodney Tenney, Edward Engel, Virginia John- son, Judith Arlin, Patricia Roundy, Carol Couture, and Carl Couture. The highest award that can be bestowed upon a student of Stevens High School is to be included in the membership of the National Honor Society, To be admitted to this select group a student must be well-rounded and intelligent. Those who are qualified on both scholastic ability and extra-curricular activities are chosen. The first qualification is the rank according to the class average scholastically. These same students are then arranged by their participation in outside activities. These are scored by the time spent in each. The two ranks are averaged and from that Hnal analysis about 152 of the class is chosen. This year the society is awarding schola ships for members on a competitive basis. The honor that accompanies the adv sion to such a carefully selected society is one to feel proud of and to cherish. 12 Under the Aegis of Elected Leaders, UNDER THE ABLE DIRECTION OF MR. WAYNE S. GRAY, THE STUDENT COUN- CIL discharges its responsibilities throughout the school year. Sponsorship of worthwhile ac- tivities results in just rewards and enjoyment for all. - STANDING: Mr. Wayne S. Gray, Robert Buckly, Jerry Belski, John Litevich, Kalman Winer, Maureen O'Donnell, Jayne Denis, Sylvia Diamond, SITTING: Stephen Mudgett, Marilyn Garceau, jill Morrison, Suzanne Ladeau, Margaret Kimball, Laurie Soper, Donna Peoples. The incumbent Student Council of Stevens High School has tried to be more authoritative and creative in their term of ofhce than other councils in the past. Our ofhcers and members have always been interested in good government. Under- standing the needs of the students, the council promoted unity and cooperation of pupils and teachers in extra-curricular activities of the school. Under the excellent guidance of Mr. Wayne S. Gray, the faculty advisor, the members of the student gov- ernment have learned the principles of government functions. The council is comprised of fourteen members: Hve seniors, four juniors, three sophomores and two freshmen. President Marilyn Garceau presided over each meet- ing. The council held regular meetings every other Thursday at which times they passed bills or discussed specific subjects directed to them. This group joined the regional Student Council which discusses prominent problems of all councils in the Twin State Valley. 13 ment were introduced to an enthusiastic assembly. With Faith in the Peerless Worth ALL SMILES - William Fennessy, Edward Engel, Theodore Marek, William Gallagher, and Philip Barton show their approvement of their stay at Durham. Boys' State played an important roll this summer for these boys as they learned about their government with other high school boys from all over New Hampshire. On the twenty-second of June one hundred and seventy-six boys invaded the campus of the University of New Hampshire. Sharing rooms in Hetzel and Fairchild Halls, these delegates to the 1958 session of New Hampshire Boys' State embarked upon a week of concentrated study of the State government. By means of lectures and participation in mock assemblies, the many facets of state and local govern- The delegates to Boys' State were the Whigs, and into two towns, the Campaigning for the various offices posters and signs of all descriptions band concerts were given by the two divided into two parties, the Federalists and Town of Liberty and the City of Freedom. was fast and furious. Speeches were made, were hung in every conceivable place, and parties. Riding to victory, Peter Barrett from Keene was elected governor in the final contest. On Saturday, June 28, 1958, graduation was held, and diplomas were presented to each delegate. Everyone had enjoyed a week filled with learning and with fun. by Edward Engel 14 Of 0ur Traditional Democratic Institutions EYES ON THE SUBJECT - Ann McLaughlin takes over as typist as Patricia Roundy, Chrisetta Thompson, Sara Trembly, Jill Morrison, Joan Chrostowski, and Marilyn Garceau look on. They benefited greatly from their stay at U. N. H. and made many new friends with the girls who attended Girls' State. As I arrived at U. N. H. on June 29, I did not know that the week would hold such a thrilling and worthwhile adventure for me. Every day was a new experience. At the start we were divided into two political parties and into senators and repre- sentatives. We heard lectures by prominent people on parliamentary procedure, on city and state government, on civil defense, and on court procedure. We set up our own governments , we held our own elections 5 and we made our own laws as realis- tically as possible. We had party platforms and carried out extensive campaigning for our gubernatorial candidates. In spite of all the work we had time for recreation. My week at Granite Girls, State taught me to appreciate the work of the people in our government and the value of doing one's own little part in making a better world with "a lasting peace for every manf' by Ann McLaughlin 15 ith a Deep and Burning Desire 6 r KI - IEP' I WH I' , 4 I X -fi ll in FUNCTIONING SMOOTHLY AND EFFICIENTLY, the assem- bly committee, composed of members of the senior class under the competent supervision of Mr. Raymond LeBouthillier, provides the stu- dent body with interesting and varied programs. The work of this committee is a vital link in the chain of school activities which is im- portant to all the students. Lawrence Wight, Philip Barton, John Lite- vich, David Thompson, Margaret Kehoe, Suellen Helie, and Mr. LeBouthillier. "NEXT ON OUR PROGRAM-," announces David Thompson, a mem- ber of the assembly committee. Principal Edgar Lord and Mr. LeBouthillier calmly await their turn at the rostrum. 15 to Know the Truth As It Is, 13.1 I HELPING HANDS AND CAPABLE DIREC- TION result in the many accomplishments of the assembly committee. All the members cooperate in carrying out their many tasks, The final result is a satisfaction in worth-while activity. Margaret Kehoe, David Thompson, and Lawrence Wight. 17 "I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," - these words, a part of the Hag salute, are an integral part of all our assemblies. Here john Litevich leads his fellow students in this exercise. Suellen Helie, Lawrence Wight, Mar- garet Kehoe, and David Thompson. INTENT AND INTERESTED, these members check a controversial point in a potential program. Harmony and originality are necessary qualities for an efficient assembly committee. David Thompson, Suellen Helie, Margaret Kehoe, Philip Barton, Lawrence Wight, and John Litevich. With a Profound Thirst for Knowledge DISCUSSING A POINT -- The boys who brought back high recognition from St, Paul's School gather for a talk in the hall. Stevens was honored to have such a representation at this great experience in education. - Jerome Goggin, Kalman Winer, Bernard Folta, Stephen Mudgett, Robert Giles, Rodney Tenney. One day in October 1957, the quiet routine of our third year at Stevens was suddenly enlivened by a brochure which we received from St. Paul's School in Con- cord, New Hampshire. It explained a brand new plan in education whereby male students from New Hampshire high schools could apply for enrollment in a six weeks' summer course to be given at St. Paul's School under the auspices of the state. It was to be known as the Advanced Studies Program. Although scholarships were available, the invitations to apply for membership were accepted with varying degrees of fervor. Some students, less daring perhaps, hesitated, while others responded immediately. I had once been to a New England Drama Festival at St. Paulis. I well remem- bered the beauty of the school's campus, and the stately splendor of the Memorial Hall where the plays were presented. At that time, my dream of ever studying there seemed extremely remote. Now I was being asked to fill out an application form for admittance to this fine school. The requirements were strict. There were essays to write and recommendations to be secured. Then, in November, came the biggest hurdle - the personal interview, Finally, on Sunday, June 22, the big day came when six of us from Stevens arrived at St. Paul's School. We worked hard, but we were happy and very grateful for this opportunity which has so greatly enriched our lives. Jerome Goggin 18 Revealed to Us by Men and omen, K' slam ,mm gl A MOMENT OF RESPITE -W Enjoying 21 ehnt before the bell in the Stevens' library are blziry-June Perry. B.Ed. Keene Teziehers' College, :tn English III teneher: Ennnzl Swett. B,Ed. Keene Teuehers' College, Horne Eeoroinies teneher: Carol Loiselle. B.Ecl, Keene Teachers, College. tezxeher of Home ECOIlUlllli'SQ :ind Leona Tremblay, LS. Sinnnons. the Stevens' li- brarian, HAPPY XVITII THEIR NVORK - Jcvseph Mzliolzi. BS. lthzxezi, teneher of History of Civiliza- tion llllfl General Business Training: Plllll -lolxin. BA. Stonehill College, Latin instruetor, and Norlnuncl Paqnette, A.M. Middlebury, English IV, teueher and yearbook advisor relax with a easuul conversation prior to their First el.1ss. nfs? 1 9 li in it in , Dedicated to Its Rewarding Service. THOUGHTFUL REGARD - Looking efficient and willing to help, five admirable teachers are Aletha Childs, A.M. Bucknell, Geometry teacher and guidance counselor, Esther Kapala, B.A. University of New Hampshire, French I and French III teacher, Richard Dyer, B.S. Bryant College, teacher of commercial sub- jectsg Ruth Little, B.A. University of New Hampshire, English II and English IV instructor, Alice Schriber, Malden Commercial College, teacher of Typing, Ste- A TRIPLE CHECK - Our able administra- tors, Wayne S. Gray, Peabody A.M., assistant principal and junior English, Dorothy Kuz- mich, Mr. Lord's efficient secretaryg and Principal Edgar L. Lord, get together on an important school record, Throughout the year they fulfill the arduous task of man- aging the school. nography, and Office Practice. Inspired b Their Brave Example FRIENDLY CIRCLE f Moments of fun shared by teachers with a sense of humor are evident through the radiant smiles of Gerard Rousseau, B.A. Assumption College, teacher of French and English Ig Frank Connors, A.B. Oberlin College, teacher of General Business and Civicsg and Paul Ma- goon, B.Ed. Plymouth Teachers College, teacher of English I. TIME OUT - A favorite noon hour pastime for the male members of the fac- ulty is a game of Cards. Here Harry Moore, M.A. Columbia. Physics and Physical Geography instructorq W. Wade Perkins, B.A. University of New Hampshire, United States History teacherg Jesse L. Piper, Ed.B, Keene Teachers' College, Ed.M. University of Idaho, English II teacherg and Raymond LeBouthil1er, B.S. University of New Hampshire, teacher of Chemistry and Math IV seem to be en- joying themselves. Guided b Their True Wisdom A JOKE SHARED lightens the cares and burdens of a day's work: Paul Nunn, B.Ed., Keene Teachers College, Distributive Education Coordinatorg Joseph Littlefield, INSTRUCTORS IN VARIED FIELDS share common goals through hard work and faculty cooperation: Gordon Soflin, Boston University B.S. Ed. Biology and basketball coachg Willard Rollins, B.S. University of New Hampshire, B.Ed., Keene Teachers College, Driver Education, and Tallman Budd, Georgetown University, B.S.F.S. and Uni- versity of Southern California, M.F.A. Algebra: Walter S. Paskevich, B. Music, Syracuse, Super- visor of Musicg and John Sideris, M.Ed. University of New Hampshire, Social Studies. Confident, Llnafraid, We Face the Challenge ""'w-.,,m ,, , ...bfi ' x 'i XIX I X........4 THREE INSTRUCTQRS NVITH COMMQN IN- Boston University und lVz1ltt'r Mins-r, B.Ecl., Dr-cnc Tench- TERESTS that result in finished Work of thc- highggt crs Collcgc with Ernest Pycr lL'f'I1lC1'D instructor in mctztl caliber: Vloodworking instructors Victor Pomiecko, M,Ed., W01'kil'1?5- PROVISION FOR DEVELOPMENT and cxcrcisc of thc hotly as wt-ll :is tht- mind. training in coopcrution. in social and moral vztlucs: Rolacrt YV11lkcr. BS.. Springfield, Coach of football and athletic director and Pcrsis Mt'Lcod, Couch of girls' sports. X . f ' 4 ' I 3 WE FACE E fff' 'L- I 1' iz i ff WA ' , E ' X 27 .E-"' A4 - -fa ,P- I E f I S 1 If ff ff QA -P-N 1, MW" I lf Q of .. I Ig - I, 'f ' ' A - A fv x 'I' .I N I: I 1' MMI!! fc THE CHALLENGE FL IE1 I THROUGH OUR ACTIVITIES Q J mx 44 3 1 f N VJ: f X ' X Yi-3? X X, "1 f in x EQ XT ' W ' X 5 4 f-Q ..f, ,Q x A fl 2 Q2 21 5 :V ' f2:Q -N 'iii-fi 25 . fi" 33453 , 4 'A'g7 A A ,gp 5, - A.,.. ,A K - f'W"'if1w',,,1,, 'fV'isf,i.f1 w , Mwrfggv,,,... 9 , ,, Wyfwwmp , . - ,TP ww,..,,f Q 'A WW, mh, k ", M - f- w , -XW. AM 1 is ' A Y f , 0 W ,X vi I K .L y . V ,,.. V , kk VkL.k E? 'R H In 45. V -. Q ,, I V Lf is k Yugffxi 'La'L fgfyy :,, A A M ' -. U M .Lf A ,, fi , G , ,A .E M awww V , ,Q 4 L W it Q I 1, if "f,i,,,, W 1,1 6,5 , ,, ,kLL, K , V L, F' ff iz: mx S' va F1 1' 1 'M Ma' Q is fx' xi ff- M Q..-f ' 1 Q N , L- 15 Mg 'X A Ax Q, , , M, ,,.L V an fl N'1,,ifa M41 W -f ,,, ff' . ,Q an ,,. ' 'ff A 1, ,V - E, V X Wi . I if ' A ' ?.'a,x , Ky ex 1, vb, , ' Q , A ' Y 'ff ,F fk L45 y' m xx +V if nd, . ' g Q X-gpm f: wk Avy Wx Q ,L ff ,gi - ya 2 Q Na, wk NS . m A I L x if W ' . 3 4 Lx U, .txt . if Y Q .gk E A 4. '- xg: 1 xx A M V4 1 W' ' .rw ' g. A 5 ' S X 6' ' Q ,gf 1, Vo. AV: M MV v 5 4 A Q, Qfk ' lw 4 7 .fr . 1 , I 1 if jx 5, in V Q , fu, ,W mf' I M... w Q 1 " 'K ' -X. , 'X "'L' i I , 1 1 A y -g 'fx ,A ""-!'I' f 'fam-3 "': "': 2 ag A Km' ! :Q ' . , JMR AV ,. ' 5 ' I . , all ,btw W, 'Q fl ,, .i f i Eg J lr V, N N , X' yi, 1 i it Q, M, I , , if ' A Wk Q" 'Si' W 2' 7 Af 2 A XM A ' , ww - . es, 9 WM gli. s Y w we f 1 -Q 1 f gf - if ' A 1 K . 'X .A..,-avi?-L Z , 4 ii 1 44's fb -, , My K if 5 Q 9 4 F 3 W 75 wi! ,S 5? x B? Q' E Q gk yi' ,YW 'ie mg, 5 2 35 we R Y W Q2 Af X . we W' Q .J Q , . Q- , V --Y ,, ,A QE 3 iii F 12,3 2555 E M Q, if A 5 ,K 5 W W -JS . ,K an fx K FQ ' fl W Jr V 5 Qs, 5 iq? wig My K E I W E E ak f ,H A .W , Q25 k m- . EF L? A l if it Q k Q? 5 275 7 Q Qi: - . if ' 'X 45:14-' Jw If 3 - if V - -. ' 5 5, - thi' E3 152 WW iz We Acquire Unto Ourselves MAGIC SOUNDS OF STRINGS are produced by Stevens High School Orchestra. The orchestra this year was able to win five compliments from its performances. We are fortunate to have such a fine membership in our orchestra - both in number and quality. Most of the high schools in the state cannot boast of such an ac- complished orchestra. an Appreciation of the Beautiful The orchestra exhibits a variety of music which is pleasing to their audiences as well as to themselves in their appearances throughout the year. The four-year members have truly enjoyed belonging to the orchestra which was an instructive and pleasant activity. The orchestra has been able to achieve such an honorable reputation mainly through the efforts of our able director of music, Mr. Walter Paskevich. Z-,Z 31 JJ!-rl f , 5 Nw . vga W . MSL! J f UI?" 5 555 ML J ,.,V ki . Wl 1 xii , .K S 235 SI 1. .' LQ Q' f N x K if 2 .,gg,w9 g' an w - SA si ?V Q ,. Q was a . A I I gg vu , , .,.. l l , K - ff. ,zz 115: Am, , L t Q Lnl L l ,AQLA .M , -V --5 ggi, X Ltkv ,, , , H H f - Mm: 5 .- '1 ' V A. Fu r ':1" ,V ":: K' ,wg Q Q 33 if M ' w ' 1 ,P Y W 4 ,f '25 S 7 4, 'hw-' if l Q v r To Think Clearl 5 to Speak Logically, tl tl ll El ll ll ll ll TEACHERS OF TOMORROW under the direction of Miss Aletha Childs explore the teaching professions with hopes of making it a career. Members of Future Teachers of America not only learn about teaching but have op- portunities to gain actual experience. The future of teach- ing is assured by these energetic students. Miss Aletha Childs, Frances Marshall. Elaine Paradis, Joyce Barton, Carol Jewell. Janyce Beland, Judith Ranta, Joan Chros- This year is the second year that the Stevens Future Teachers Club has been organized. Membership is open to Seniors and Juniors who plan to become teachers. The club consists of thirty-one members. Monthly meetings are held. Four days during the year the students gain some practical knowledge by helping teachers in the Claremont school system. The F.T.A. Club is affiliated with the State and National organizations. In the fall and spring repre- sentatives from the Stevens club attend the State Conventions. Some of the monthly meetings have been as fol- lowisg "Qualifications of a Good Teacheru - Mr. Newell Paire, Superintendent of Schools: Joint towski, Elaine Strout. Ann McLaughlin, Roy Winot, The- odore Poland, Deborah Bayer, Maxine Kaufman, Suel- len Helie. Jill Morrison. Jayne Denis, Marjorie Merrill. Ann Atwood, Mildred Fowler. Veronica Rzeezycki, Shirley La- France, Patricia Goodhue, Sally Minard, Virginia John- son, Susan Colby, Nancy Feeney. Jean Brownell, Lois Hoyt, Betsy French, Jeannine Thibault, Ruth Nelson. meetings with the Claremont Teachers' Council, Panel Discussions - i'Why I like Teachingl' by teachers in the Claremont systemg Comparisons of teaching in the United States and foreign countries - By exchange teachers from foreign countries, Movie "No Teacher Alone", Summation of teach- ing experiences, Visitation of Teachers, Colleges in the state. The oH1icers of the club are as follows: President - Joan Chrostowski, Vice-President - Jean Brownell, Secretary - Carol Jewell, Treasurer - Jayne Denis, Program Chairman 4 Marjorie Merrill, Librarian - Nancy Feeney. Aware of the Beaut of Cur Language. THE JUNIOR LIBRARIANS AT STEVENS thoroughly enjoy an afternoon chat with Miss Leona Tremblay, their able advisor and our efficient school librarian, These girls assist Miss Tremblay in many ways concerning the library work and helping students to use the library properly. The library, one of the busiest rooms in Stevens, is also one of the most important, Here the student Comes to read, to find reference books, to peruse mag- azines, and to seek general information. To aid in coping with the work which this busy atmosphere generates, our librarian, Miss Leona Tremblay, trains a group of girls to be junior librarians, The girls' duties are variedg they mend and shelve books, help students to End information, plan bulletin boards for the library, and work at the charging desk. WVith STANDING: Margaret Kehoe. Sarah Tremblay. Deborah Bayer. SITTING: Bonney Kehoe, Miss Leona Tremblay, Beverley Parizo, Maureen O'Donnell, Marion Tucker, Marsha Fenoff, Jacqueline Haubrick, and Kathleen Mc- Laughlin. two girls in the library each period, the group is limited to about ten members. Because the group is organized like a club, the girls' activities are not limited to library work. They hold record hops, paper drives, and food sales in order to raise money which they use at the end of the year to Finance a trip. The club is important to the girls, not only because it is fun, but also because it gives them sound training often useful in later life. With a Realization that Service SUCCESSFUL AND SMILING, the staff of "The Stentor" has done a sterling job in publish- ing a school newspaper. Under the direction of Mr. Dyer they have revived a very worth-while activity. Jeffery Bayer, Kalman Winer, Bernard Folta, Sarah Tremblay, Carol Hewes, and Deb- orah Bayer. TYPING, A TREMENDOUS TASK in any publica- future is quite bright. Constance Zullo, Suellen Helie, tion, is carried out with enthusiasm by the students on James Mozden, Ann McLaughlin. Robert Marro, San- the newspaper staff, "The Stentor" has successfully re- dra Howard, Robert Lumbra, Katharine Hall, Virginia launched the tradition of a school newspaper, and its Johnson, Jeanne LaFountain, and Jill Morrison. 36 S' it ist To Gur Fellows ls Highly to be Regarded, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MR, DYER these officers of the dramatic club. now known as The Cardinal Players, have enjoyed very successful productions: Beverley Parizo, Secretary: Karol Blish, Vice-Presidentg Janyce Beland. Treasurerg Philip Barton, President. .X fy, ,s Q9 Q AUNT HESTER, Janice Heller, administers an evi- dently bitter dose to Willy, Stephen Mudgett, while Aunt Olga, Constance Zullo, Maryhelle, Betsy French, and Aunt Louise, Charlene Stone, look on with varying attitudes. This is a scene from the de- lightful comedy "The Inner Willy" by Bettye Knapp which was a successful presentation of The Cardinal Players. WILLY,S SMILINC AUNTS, Olga, Hester, and Louise have their ideas for Willy's future, and so does he. This situation results in an amusing play, a suitable production for The Cardinal Players' suc- cessful dehut. 7 Constance Zullo, Janice Heller, and Charlene Stone. MAKE-UP FOR THE "LADIES OF THE MOP," a one-act play. by Aurand Harris is carefully applied. This presentation was well received by the student body. 3 Jeanne LaFount:1in. Carol Strout, Ann Remick. ith a Proper Regard for Our Securit NEWLY ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE OF THE BUSI- NESS VVORLD is put into practice during working hours in various jobs by the junior members of the Dis- tributive Education Club of America 4 Joanne Dubois, Roberta Vigneault, Kenneth Reed, Larry Remiek, Joan LOOKING AT THE PREVIOUS YEAR'S STATE CONVENTION PICTURES with interest are Nancy Stuart. Bonnie Lee Nolin, Merle Boardman, Joanne Du- bois, and Larry Cunningham. Chamberlain, Merle Boardman, Charles Bruce, Bonnie Lee Nolin, Robert Tenney, Larry Cunningham, Mar- garet Huot, Mildred Fowler. Harry Johnson, Jean Chamberlain. Nancy Stuart. Fred LeClair, Roger Han- naford, and Joyee Wfentzell. SCANNING MAGAZINES AND PAMPHLETS to find suggestions for use in planning their money-making activities are Carol Underwood, Baron Yatsevieh, Ronald Bastian, Paul Craigue, and Robert Dcrosier. We Prepare to Meet Today's Practical World 1 DISCUSSING EARLY RETAIL ESTABLISHMENTS is only one of the many phases of learning about the business world introduced to the senior members - Riehard Derosier, Leland Hentsehel, Robert Derosier, Marilyn Underwood, Carol Underwood, Wanda Bundy, FUTURE ACTIVITIES OF THE DISTRIBU- TIVE EDUCATION CLUB are recorded on the bulletin board for the benefit of both jun- ior and senior members by Margaret Jerard with the assistance of Marilyn Underwood, Sarah Sweet, and Roger Hannaford, Sarah Sweet, Norma Aekerman, Nelson Belden, Martha Stacy, Margaret Jerard, Robert Ingalls, Paul Craigue, Ronald Bastian, Gloria Simms, Norman Patch, Baron Yatsevich, and Alistair MaeBain. CLUB FUNCTIONS ARE EFFICIENTLY AND ENTIIUSIASTICALLY RUN by the senior offi- cers A Harry Johnson, vice-president, Robert De- rosier, treasurer. Normand Pateh, president, Alistair MaeBain, parliamentarian. and Gloria Simms, sec- retary. With Complete Acceptance That Our Homes EACH YEAR THE HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT presents :1 Colorful clothing dis- play for public viewing. Joan Whitcomb and Jane Allen, stu- dents nt Stevens, observe one of the garments more closely while Pamela Brown displays her ability in sewing. SEVERAL STUDENTS ADMIRE THE SPECTACULAR WORK produced by the Q home economics girls. Carmen Lemieux, Roberta Vigneault, and Eleanor Hilliard. 40 Are Today's Bulwark of Our Democracy IN A BRIGHTLY LIGHTED CORNER OF THE NEW HOME ECONOMICS KITCHEN Elizabeth Buinicky seriously stirs a fragrant smelling stew. The Home Economics department is fortunate this year to have new facilities which include three rooms: two laboratories, each equipped for sewing, cooking and recitation. The third room is an all purpose room which includes areas for a living room, dining room, grooming, dressing, home nursing, and laundry. SANDRA RIVET TAKES CAREFUL WATCH OVER THE PROCEEDINGS while Sandra Mills busily stirs their prepara- tion. This year the Home Economics department is instigating a new type program which includes the four major areas of home- making in each year: CLOTHING, FOODS, MANAGEMENT, AND FAMILY RELATIONS. PATRICIA LEAHY, DONNA SPRINGER, AND ELIZABETH BUINICKY REJOICE OVER THEIR SUCCESSFUL AC- COMPLISHMENTS in producing a pleasant aroma and a de- licious looking mixture. The attractiveness of the department draws many different groups at Stevens to use the rooms for meeting places and for social engagements. 41 That Our Country's Greatness Is Based PRODUCTS OF MANY HOURS OF skillful labor are displayed at the annual Manual Arts Exhibit. All the articles exhibited are made by the students in the manual art courses under the direction of expert instructors. PATRICIA GOODHUE HAPPILY SMILES approval of one of the displays. DONALD FOSTER APPLIES FINISHING --- STROKES to his project in preparation for the annual exhibit. EXCELLENT EX- AMPLES OF the re- sults of our fine man- ual arts program are displayed by Ray- mond Bell, Oren Carleton, Peter Con- sic, and James Thi- bodeau. 42 On Regard for Merit of Individuals -k X 4 LQ, Q- I CLOSE ATTENTION IS REQUIRED in op- erating machines Here a drill press is carefully employed by Stewart Plouffe and Perry Hackett. MYSTERIES OF THE TELEPHONE are unfolded be- fore the eyes of interested mechanic arts students. This is one of the many phases of education available in our school. WONDERS OF THE LATHE are employed by Douglas Murray in turning out a part of his project. The lathe is one of the many power tools used for turning steel as well as wood in our shop. We Face the Challenge of the Future- EVEN DANTE WOULD BE AP- PALLED AT THE SIGHT he has created in the theme of the 1958 Junior Prom. Lawrence Wight, Carol Couture, Lucille McCarthy, Carol Jewell, and Carl Couture regard the devills head with mixed emotions. ENJOYMENT IS SEEN IN THE FACES OF Marilyn Garceau, Rodney Tenney, Carol Jewell, and Carl Cou- ture while they work on columns to be used at the prom, the year's most outstanding social event. THE NEWLY ACQUIRED CRYSTAL radiates its glow- ing effect beneath the bright red streamers as Lawrence FLAMING RED, ORANGE, AND YELLOW' STREAMERS create the flickering effect of "Dante's Inferno" while leaping flames are seen against the glittering background. It was a perfect evening - gaiety prevailed. Prepared for Our Society Provided Leisure Wight and David Thompson check its suspension during last minute preparations before the gala evening. W is V 4 .1 1 I f ..,- ,A-L THE QUEEN OF THE PROM, CAROL COUTURE, is surrounded by her court which inrludes Ann McLaughlin Margaret Kehoe, and Carol Jewell, Juniors, Patricia Good- hue, a Sophomore, Gloria Brown, and Priscilla Buinicky Seniors, and Carol Brown, a Freshman. THE GRAND MARCH, another high point of thc eve PUTTING A TALL SILK HAT on the devil, ning, was led by Carl Couture, chairman of the event Lawrence Wight shows no fear of Satan's grim and his date, Jeanne LaF0umaine- COLIIHCIIZIIICC. 7 X QL, W WE FACE x 5 MLN Q fffwii nv li THE CHALLENGE J. ' ' 6 1:53 I' "f f . ,-.N A Ni Q x - Eli Y" E1 'Q : 'f' ' f E s s ,WM , ff' ' 3 5 ?"iX-175, if A F 'Q 12 K .V , . -ss' , f fa f 5- ? si 'X . 5, 1 '- ' , 1- Q! if-fm v -ff' X E 7 -1 Lf: EQ N 1 ' ,,' " cl " 2'-323 -.-4 , A , QW f af P ' is 1 af A ' M' 1.4 , X X fx , Q -Nfl' ' . . ' 4, N Xfw. EY, Q W AJ, . , . , , Q' ff C THRCUGH OUR SPORTS ,gk Sam Eg f ' If ZX 'I " .PM ' ff A I ' - if W -- fr 1 ff M Q 7 W ff! Qi illl- 1 f E fmwfff' X ff Q X .lk f lu : M Q W Y 1 1 f 'f , F3154 Q i I i 1 A fa uf' aff 47 Our Challenge ls Multi-faceted DISTANCE MEN READY FOR A START under the watchful eye of Coach Frank Connors are Philip Lehner, Edward Marro, Stephen Zemianek, Lawrence Wight, and Roger Hannaford. THE SPRING TRACK TEAM beams happily as the result of a successful season - Stanley Woodman, james Hill, Righard Green, Gary Elmer, Winlield Clark, David Thompson. Ronald Bodge, Brian Eaton, Edward Marro, Theodore Ruest, William Picknell, James Skillen, Thomas Burke, and Paul Marro. SEC- OND ROW: Rodney Hannaford, Joseph Bass. Rob- UP AND OVER hurdles David Thompson with his point-winning form. Davidls points were a big help in a successful sea- son. WEIGHTMAN DONALD GREENWOOD dis- plays the correct technique for putting the shot to a group of aspiring onlookers. His excellent form won several points for a successful team. SCHEDULE 1958 Triangular meets .. Won 1 Lost 1 Dual meets ..... .. Won 4 Lost 0 T. S. V. meet . . . Second place g State meet ..... . . . Sixth place ert Talbert, Phillip Lehner, Stephen Zemianek, Roger Hannaford, Lawrence Wight, Coach Frank Connors, Rodney Tenney, Donald Greenwood, Stephen Barton, Carl Couture, Henry Patten, Robert Le Clair, Robert Picknell, Noel Fontaine, William Crowder, and Charles Mann. Requiring of Us Who Face It Q? . 'afar 1 at TRIUMPHANT AND CHEERFUL after an en- couraging season the 1958 cross-country team shows their enjoyment in the sport. Coach Potter was proud of the team who improved greatly over last year, David Thompson, manager, Leslie Tracy, Carl Couture and Paul Rondinoni, co-captains, W 6 in W y if SCHEDULE 1958 Dual meets ..... lVon 8 Lost 2 T S V. meets .. ..... First place State meet .... .. Fourth place CONDITIONING FOR PHYSICAL ENDUR- ANCE - members of the team participate in a few LEADING THE TEAM in exercises is co-captain Carl Couture. Keeping in condition is determined by the amount of exercises performed. Realizing this, the boys do them regularly. push-ups. Push-ups are one of the many exercises which were a must to be and to stay in condition. at ' ' 5 ,,L,.. . . l tr , .,,. , 3 L. ,, - tp Liv wx . 4 gjqilgilll WE M 22.9 S 'Fei Robert Evans, Gary Elmer, Richard Gerard. SEC- OND ROW: James Chrostowski, Perry Hackett, Wayne LaPorte, Noel Fontaine, Henry Tenney Spurgeon Wentzel, Bernard Revoir, John Zerha, Bryant Eaton, Peter McMullen, Larry Greenwood Edward Marro, Ralph Bean, and Carl Isham. y 7 STRIDING ACROSS THE FINISH LINE the top three runners, Edward Marro, Peter McMullen, and Paul Rondinone, give all they have in hnishing the race. A Spirit of Cooperation, of Fair Play TIIE MOMENT FOR ACTION HAS ARRIVED. Nlarilyn Carccau, varsity goalie. successfully keeps the ball from entering her goalie cage. Carol Cou- ture. right wing, Joan Chrostwoski and Katherine lierdccki, right inners, and Janyce Beland. center on the forward line are all trying their best to successfully scare hcr. THE GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY TEAM SMILE as they are reminded of their successful season which re- quired many hours of serious work and preparation. BACK ROW: Frances Marshall. Jeannette Danden- ault, Janyce Beland, Co-Captain Joan Chrostowski, Ruhama Crandall, Laurie Soper, Lorraine George, and GIRLS, FIELD HOCKEY TEAM SCHEDULE Stevens Lebanon Stevens Towle . Stevens Keene . . Stevens Lebanon Stevens Towle . . Stevens Hanover Stevens Hartford Stevens Keene . Joyce Barton, manager, FRONT ROW: Susin Lidcau Martha Abel, Patricia Goodhue, Katherine Bcrdccki, Carniella Marro, Linda Foisy. Marilyn Garceau. Co- Captain Carol Couture, and Mary Picknell, manager. Hockey attracted many girls interested in the sport this year, and a successful team was rapidly produced. 50 Ability to Play Courageously, to Win Fairly GIRLS, ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION REQUIRE- MENTS Any girl meeting three of the following requirements is eligible for Ineinbership in the Girls' Athletic As- sociation. BE A VARSITY PLAYER IN ONE SPORT BE A VARSITY CHEERLEADER FOR ONE YEAR BE A STUDENT LEADER FOR I8 IVEEKS PLACE FIRST OR SECOND IN AN INDIVID- UAL TOURNAMENT BE A BASKETBALL REFEREE CLOCAL RAT- ING OR BETTERD BE A SENIOR LIFE SAVER ASSIST AT INTRAMURALS AS A TIMER, SCORER. OR COACH BE A MANAGER FOR A VARSITY SPORT BE A GIRL SCOUT LEADER OR COMMU- NITY CENTER GROUP LEADER FOR 18 WIEEKS THE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION listen to Coach McLeod. their leader and advisor. as she ex- presses her opinion on a certain problem presently be- fore the group. The organization has improved much this year over its last year's start. It has elected ofiircrs, decided on yearly dues. written a Constitution for the group, and suefessfully Completed different groups of JEANNETTE DANDENAULT AND CAROLYN BLAKE heartily approve of the assoeiatiorfs new constitution written by the oHieers of the organization. intramural sports and activities for the students who desired to participate in the high sehool - Judith Ranta, Serretziry Martha Abel, Chaplain Carolyn Blake, Pris- eilla Washburn, Vice-President Jeanne LaFountain, Jeannette Dandenault, Frances Marshall, and Presi- dent Joan Chrostowski. 51 Be Great in Defeat As in Victory Carolyn Blake, forward Martha Abel, forward Shirley er forward ' '42 mi Z1 , THE STEVENS CARDINALETTS Girls, Basketball Schedule LEBANON HANOVER TOWLE WALPOLE LEBANON CHARLESTOWN HANOVER WALPOLE BELLOWS FALLS CHARLESTOWN Joan Chrostowsk1, guard V x W 'Fw BELLOWS FALLS TOWLE HARTFORD I, To 5 A Carol Couture, guard Phyllis Courtemarsh, forward The Challenge Demands a Physical Fitness, Lorrame George, guard Bethia Reed, forward I THE STEVENS CARDINALETTS Girls' Basketball Schedule M STEVENS OPPONENT 28 55 56 31 56 23 31 29 26 19 35 29 37 30 48 25 34 46 37 26 29 42 55 42 Janyce Beland, fo 49 45 Patflflil CTOSS, guard Margaret Kimball. guard 4" R lv Bodies Apt to Meet the Struggle LAST MINUTE PREPARA- TIONS ARE MADE as these players tensely await kick-off time before the Lebanon game 7 Joseph Form- iehelli, William Pieknell. David Bayer. James Stevens, Robert VVatts, and Don- ald Greenwood. SKIRTING THE END for a short gain senior half- baek, Rodney Tenney, a con- sistent ground gainer and a standout on de- fense, is brought to the ground by a host of Lebanon taeklers. BRILLIANTLY STEALING THE BALL. Miehztel Jangel stalls a drive deep in the opponents terri- tory and puts A FINE SHOWING was offered by the 1958 grid squad despite their unirnpressive won-lost reeord, The team main- tained its spirit and drive throughout the season - Head Coach Robert Wfalker, William Pieknell, Rodney Tenney. Donald Greenwood. Albert Fowler, Michael Jangel, Lau- rence NVight, Emery St. Martin. Paul Nadeau. and Curtis Hammond. SECOND ROW 1 Assistant Coach Joseph Maiola. Clay Hawkins. Stanley lVoodmon, Henry Patten. Robert Szalueka, Anthony Sanford, Donald Davis, Jef- fery Bayer, Nathan Ainsworth. and Manager joseph La- Bounty. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE the Lebanon Stevens in seor- ing ppsition. De- spite the Cardi- nal's efforts. they were outscored by DAZ,!,...,- '70 1Q Stevens Laeonia ....... Stevens lliindsor ...... Stevens Manchester XVest Stevens Towle ........ Found in Every Walk of Life INEXPERIENCE WAS RESPONSIBLE for the team's poor won-lost record, but with an abundance of returning lettermen the squad can look forward to a better season next year. Despite their inexperience the entire team per- formed nobly in defeating Towle in the annual contest - Assistant Coach john Scranton, Scott Fitz, Michael Patten, William Kittridge, Roy Winot, Richard Schettino, David Trottier, Joseph Formichelli, Brian Lizotte, David Osgood, Jon Williams, Ronald Nelson, Clarence LaPorte, William Wilson, Edward Narushof - FOURTH ROW - Robert Picknell, Robert LeClair, Stephen Barton, Truman Hunt, James Hill, Lawrence Martell, Norman Burgess, Wilfred St. Cyr, Paul Hanson, Richard Klementowicz, Rockwell Haubrich, David Bayer, Norman Mongeon, Robert Anderson, Raymond Brooks, and William Tenney. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE TRADI- TIONAL RI- VALRY makes the final game with Towle High of Newport a must for a suc- cessful season. Here the deter- mination of the players is obvious as they converge on a Towle ball carrier. SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of a pass is made by Curtis Ham- mond, a senior end, who figured prominently in the team's final game with Towle. Scott Fitz, soph- omore quarter- back, was at the other end of this Stevens . . .... 8 Concord . . . . 16 Stevens . . . . 18 Lebanon . . . . 22 Stevens Keene ...,. Stevens Bellows Falls Stevens Springfield . pass. DETERMINED TO SCORE, Curtis Hammond lengthens his stride to elude the Towle de- fensemen as they close in on him after he has re- ceived a pass. A victory was se- cured by Stevens High in this an- nual grid classic with a scoring margin of eight points. if .sf tt? ' S pa g e f 'ww , F, .1 F ia. , ,I Q Jigga! gr ,155 K a wage, - - V' A K, . Q , I I' Y- .ft J F mi 5 :E 'Y' E' in K fa . 4' is A 1 i - " A A-H---using.-X-in 2 -4 : - wer e z .. V " .. . .. ,...,,,.Ji1:Q..u ., ..f,,Lt., .9t... ., .. 410, K . 4, ,M 5' L- I 1 f l I Sports, Playing an Integral Role FULL OF SPIRIT is the 1958-59 varsity basketball team with their manager and new coach, Mr. Gordin Sof- lin. Starting his Hrst year as a coach at Stevens, he had a. fine group of boys to work with and did an excellent job in building up a line team. As they had the right to be, the team was proud of a successful season. FRONT ROW: Kalman Winer, managerq Theodore Ruest, centerg Curtis Hammond, guardg Michael jangel, forwardg William Gallager, guardg Scott Fitz, forwardg and Coach Gordin Soflin. SECOND ROVV: Norman Burgess, forwardg Rich- ard Sehettino, guardg Roy Winot, guardg james Caffrey, center: Stanley Pietrusewicz. forwardg John Middleton, guardg and Dean Lamar, guard. V, X CARDINAL SCORES FOR "59,' Q I Lebanon ...... 36 Stevens ....... 27 ' Spaulding ..... 46 Stevens ....... 40 ' X Stevens . . . . . 58 Brattleboro . . . . 39 ' Windsor . . . . 62 Stevens ...... . 42 Stevens . . . . . 62 Spaulding . . . . . 61 Q ' Windsor ...... 59 Stevens ....... 41 . Springfield .... 51 Stevens ....... 49 Concord . . . . 74 Stevens ...... . 41 Stevens ... .. 68 Towle ... ... 37 .3'1"'-' Laconia . . . . . 72 Stevens . . . . . . . 63 1 I Concord . . . . 61 Stevens ...... . 46 Stevens . . . . . 42 Lebanon , . . . 36 Stevens . . . . . 40 Nashua . . . . . 39 Stevens .. 34 Towle 29 x Stevens . . . . . 48 Laconia .... . . . 43 Q Keene . . . . . 67 Stevens .... . . . 46 l ll I 56 Varied in the American Curriculum BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE, Coach Frank Con- nors and his junior Varsity squad have enjoyed a success- ful season. Some of the Junior Varsity players have seen limited action with the Varsity team already. In the near future it is probable that these players will be our Varsity squad. Considering their ability and desire to play, we can be confident that basketball at Stevens will continue to gain prominence. Mr. Frank Connors, coachg Norman Burgess, forward, John Middleton, guard, Joseph Formi- chelli. center, Dean Lamar, forward, Nicholas Paul, guard, David Bayer and Jon Williams, managersg David Gal- lagher, forward, Duglas Dutilley, forward, John Zerba, guard, Charles Holt, forward, Robert Michener, centerg Rodney Napsey, centerg Brian Lizotte, center, Richard Klementowicz, guardg Arthur Chandler, forward, and Robert LeClair, forward. JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Lebanon ...... Stevens ....... 32 f X- Stevens . . . . . Spaulding ..... 32 N Stevens . . . . . Brattleboro . . 40 i X X Windsor . . . . Stevens . . . . . 45 . s X XXX Stevens . . . . . Spaulding .... . 44 . X Windsor ...... Stevens . . . . . 22 5 Springfield Stevens . . . . . 27 Concord ...... Stevens . . . . . 37 X Stevens . . . . . Towle . . . . . 50 Concord ...... Stevens . . . . . 41 1 Lebanon ...... Stevens . . . . . 36 t Nashua . . . . . . Stevens . . . . . 29 Stevens . . . . . Towle . . . . . 37 ' Laconia . . . . . . Stevens . . . . . 36 Keene .. Stevens ....... 39 V Present to All Who Would Participate SUCCESSFUL SKIERS TAKE TIME OUT to pose with their coach, Mr. Paul Potter. Despite unfavorable conditions and limited facilities, out Stevens skiers gained enough points to win a fourth place in the annual N.H.I.A.A. Class L Ski Meet, an accomplishment un- precedented in the history of our school. Mr. Paul Potter and his ski squad deserve much credit for their efforts which have established Stevens as a contender in New Hamp- ALPINE SPECIALIST, Michael Patten, is one of the best skiers on the squad. His ex- cellent downhill and slalom runs are in part responsible for the team's success. shire high school skiing. The members are as follows: Edward Marro, Peter McMullen, James Chrostowski, David Nunn, Leslie Tracy, Co-captains Rodney Tenney and Gary Elmer, David Wilbur, Jan Narushof, Douglas Schnyer, A. Maranville, Clifton LaBounty, Rockwell Haubrich, James Skillen, Robert Thoreson, Noel Fontaine, Michael Patten, Theodore Perry, and Coach Paul Potter. ONLY A FRESHMAN, Theodore Perry, al- ready is a major asset to the team. With young material such as this young skier, Coach Paul Potter can plan to maintain the winning way which this year's team has established. Q the Opportunity to Face the Challenge ROCKWELL HAUBRICH AND DOUGLAS SCHNYER con- sult briefly to determine the type of wax they should use. Expert waxing is an important factor in all events, especially for bad conditions. INTO THE AIR springs Gary Elmer exhibiting his jumping style with a graceful leap. The jumping event is very exciting to watch and equally difficult to compete in. Gary Elmer, a senior, has been outstanding in this event and will be missed next year. EXECUTING A SHARP TURN through a slalom gate, Robert Thoreson shifts his weight to maintain his balance. This talented sophomore will continue to help the team with his skillful per- formance in three eventsg down hill, slalom, and jumping. 59 of Today's Increased Leisure Time, A CLOSE PLAY f Curt Hammond be- gins his slide into home plate during a home game. Qgv.-O1-fC' "1 , me ' A-, su V, 'iam adn A L. f s , 'Q . '55, in .' 1 - 1 ' "" ' 'S A : gist, by - tt. f- "F JS --lmntaam TWO MEN ON FIRST - A moment of Confusion occurs at Barnes Park. It was handled readily by first baseman Robert Ingalls. ffflrf ,. THE BIG STRETCH - That last stride comes a split second too late as Wil- liam Gallagher tries in vain. 60 "-c ALL SET TO START - The 1958 baseball team, ready for their rugged season, is eager to go. Anticipating a vigorous schedule, the team labors many hours to realize their aspira- tions. - Robert Foisy, Mike Jangel, Dean Cummings, Theodore Ruest, Robert Ingalls, A RUN IS SCORED - Catcher Curt Hammond looks dismayed as a Lebanon player crosses the plate. b Activities Designed to Meet the Needs . Qliltif AAR 'wa Wayne Spencer, Scott Fitz, Norman Burgess, William Gallagher, Stanley Pietruciewicz, Nor- man Ackerman, manager John McNamara, Robert Toof, W'ilfred St. Cyr. Leslie Tracy, coach Clarence Parker, Harry Blish, Jr., Fred- ii BASEBALL SCHEDULE Stevens.. 5 Stevens.. 9 Stevens. .12 Stevens Stevens. . 13 Stevens. . Stevens. . Stevens. . Stevens. . Stevens. . Stevens Stevens. . Stevens. . 1958 Windsor . . 6 Lebanon . . 3 Towle .... 6 Bellows Falls 0 Lebanon . . 2 Concord . . 4 Nashua . . . 10 Keene ..., 13 Nashua 16 Keene .... 13 Springfield . 9 Bellows Falls 4 Wlindsor . . 5 XVon 6 - Lost 7 WE RE NEXT Frederick McKee and Mike Jangel casually await their turn at bit as nianlger ohn Mc Namara tikes down statistics and Coach Parker IS engulfed in the game. A RETURN TRIP 1 Coach Parker regains the bench after talking matters over with his pitcher. ...V K erick McKee, and Curt Hammond. A DECISION TO MAKE 7 Coach Clar- ence Parker sizes up the situation. Many questionable situations arise for a coach to solve in a game. of American Youth Read to Fill Its Role As they look forward to the on-coming years of high school, are Pauline LaBombard1 Lucille Desharnaisg Ann Remickg the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders plan to maintain the spirit Joanne Loiselle, head cheerleader: jean Clarkg Nancy of Stevens High School in their cheering. The cheerleaders Greenwood: Pauline Howard. When a fellow-cheerleader becomes injured, the girls are anxious to help with the bandages. The girls are Carmen Lemieux. Jill Morrison, Marjorie Merrill, Shirley Carter, Jeanne Laliiountaine, Mari- lyn Minard, and Elaine Titus. v .. xi in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. l 14, 71 xxx l X Smiling happily as they set up a new routine are the popular varsity X cheerleaders - Marjorie Merrill, Jayne Denis, Shirley Carter, X Jeanne LaFountaine, Jill Morrison, Elaine Titus, Carmen Lemieux, and Marilyn Minard. Inspiring the team to victory with enthusiastic rooting at nard, Carmen Lemieux, Jill Morrison, Elaine Titus, Jeanne the annual Stevens-Towle game as well as at other im- LaFountaine, Shirley Carter, and Marjorie Merrill. portant games are the varsity cheerleaders - Marilyn Mi- 63 , 3,1 , x- WE FACE 79' Q ,4 V 55 T S f "f'x f , ? -,,f,,,4,J f 7 E xgxsfi ,N-,V , . , ., , gy,o,f3.7w.g,' , "1-"' j 6' T Wg, 'Af 'sn ZW- M. . . . 7 Y IC fix, 1 72 THE CHALLENGE OF THE FUTURE Q-95 4:53 19 Y W i" Q K5 'AAI I I E sd al' 63 :ae my Q p I 4-fsfvfff PZ? 'M-ff f X fo ukg,.J'j4p may 65 We Face the Challenge of the Future MARTHA JANE ABEL "Friendship is-like a sheltering treef' Basketball, Varsity 2,3,43 Basketball, Junior Varsity 1 CCo-Captainlg Dramatic Club 4g Field Hockey 45 Home Economic Dance 45 New York Club 45 Red and Black Staff 45 Softball l,2,3,4g Athletic Association 3,4. NORMA ACKERMAN "Her smile is the sweetest that ever was seen." Chorus 2. VIRGINIA GAIL ADAMS "A tinkling laugh as contagious as her merry waysf' Basketball, Junior Varsity 1,23 Chorus 1,2,4g Drum Majorettes l,2,3,45 Home Economic Dance 45 Red and Black Staff 4. JEAN ELVIRA ARIOLI "Such joy ambition finds," Red and Black Staff 45 Stentor 4. JUDITH A. ARLIN "The very essenee of fun and flirtationf' A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4g Band "A" 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,4g Freshman Reception 23 Na- tional Honor Society 3g Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Red and Black Staff 4g Band "B" l. ANN G. ATWOOD "She is herself a collection of the best thingsf' Band "A" 1,2,3,4g Band, All State 3,45 Bas- ketball, Junior Varsity 15 Future Teachers of America 3,43 Junior Prom Committee 3. 66 5. -I , , ,,,,W,.,5,, 5 ,,, The Future Bright in the Promise LELAND E. ATWOOD "Good humor is always a success." RAYMOND ALLEN BARRETT "What should a man do but be merry?" Band "Bn 1. PHILIP D. BARTON 7'Quiet, steady, and never late." A Cappella Choir 15253545 Assembly Commit- tee 45 Boys' State 35 Chorus 1,254-5 Choir, All State 3,45 Cross-Country, Junior Varsity 1,25 Dramatic Club 3,45 Junior Prom Commit- tee 35 New England Music Festival 3,45 Red and Black Staff 45 Track Team 152. BARBARA KAY BASS "I met her, and I liked her immediately." Chorus 1,2545 Dramatic Club 15 Freshman Reception 25 Home Economic Dance 45 Jun- ior Prom Committee 35 Red and Black Staff 4. RONALD THOMAS BASTIAN "Everybody likes and respects a self-made manf' Cross-Country, Junior Varsity 1,25 Distributive Education Club 45 Football, Varsity 35 Jun- ior Prom Committee 35 Ski 'Team 25 Track Team 1,2. NELSON E. BELDEN "But there's more in me than thou under- standestff Bank Tellers 15 Chorus 15 Distributive Edu- cation Club 4. 67 l .. Cf Llmltless Progress for Mankind MARLENE MARY BERNARD "Sweeter also than the honey and the honey- comb." Bank Tellers 3, Home Economic Dance 45 Red and Black 4. CAROLYN ANN BLAKE "In good-nature nothing could surpass herf' Basketball, Varsity 2,3,45 Dramatic Club 4, Home Economic Dance 4, Softball 1,2,4g Girls' Athletic Association 3,4. DONNA LEE BREWER "She speaks not when there is naught to be said? A Cappella Choir 4, Band "A" 1,2,3,4g Band "B" lg Band, Librarian 1,2,3,4, Bank Tellers 1,25 Chorus 45 Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Orchestra, Librarian l,2,3,4. PATRICIA ANN BUNDY "Laugh and be rnerryfj Basketball lg Chorus 15 Home Economic Dance 4. WANDA T. BUNDY A wznnzng way, a pleasant smile. SHIRLEY ANN CARTER Her frzends they are many, her foes are there any?'1 Basketball, Varsity 3,45 Cheerleader 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Red and Black Staff 4g Softball 3,45 Girls' Athletic Association 4g CStevensD , Cheerleader l, Chorus 2, Dramatlc Club 1, CPcmbrokcj. 'sa he Future Already Revealing ALBERTA JOAN CASS "Hear much,speaklittIe.1' LOUIS EDWARD CHABOT, Jr. "He is of fine character 4 straight and firm." JOAN MARY CHROSTOWSKI f'The zery pink of perfectionfj A Cappella Choir 12.3.43 Band 'H-Y, l.2,3.4g Band HB' 15 Band. All State 1.3512 Basket- ball. Varsity Q CCO-Captain 5.-lb: Chorus testi 1,235 Class Secretary +3 Drumzxtic Clulm 43 ,J Field Hockey. Junior Varsity 3 CVCO-Cziptninj: Field Hockey. Varsity ll QCO-CaptninD: - Freshman Reception 2: Future Tciichc-rs of - America 3 tVic'e Presidentl. 4 CPresiclcntjg Girls, State 3: Junior Prom Comruittcc 3: 'M Orrhestra 11.3.43 Rcd und Black Stntl -lg ' Softball 2.34: Girls, Athletic Assomnon fs. M' tPreside-nt -lj. SUSAN JANE COLBY "'Quiet zvomcn often szzrprixe usf' Chorus 1.2. lSpringfie1cll: Drainatic' Club 1,2. CSIJI'1I1gl:1f'lClJ1 Future Teachers of Au1c'1'ic'L1 3.4. GLADYS LOUISE COOK "1 haw oftrn regrettnl my xpeerh. never 71ZJ 1t'if V silerzrff' A 1N1ARY-ANNE COPP "Aly Izmir if u'z1r'nz for the frienrls I mrzlrefl Cil1C'C1'lK'LlClCY'. Junior Varsity 11 Chorus 1g Frcslinizin Re-fr-ption Q. tW0st Lehanonilg Home Ecsoiiomir Diinrc -l, 69 saw he Conquest of Dread Disease V' ' 1-S.: . saiggeefsgteg s et 2-5 5 X " 11-'r- Te53g,..sfe - 5 - . qi - Q , 1 . 1, ,ff, ww .. ,,,. , ..,, 1, F? 5 if " ' KENNETH E, COULOMBE "Quiet is he under rule but oh how diferent out of school." Red and Black Staff 4. PHYLLIS CORA COURTEMANCHE "A constant friend is Il thing fare and hard to find? Basketball. Varsity 3.4: Basketball. Junior Varsity 11 Chorus 1.2: Home Economic Dance 1.23.41 Softball 2.4. CARL EDYVARD COUTURE "Reason and judgement are qualities of cz leaderf' A Cappella Choir 1.2.3912 Band "AH 1.2.3.-1-1 Band HB" 11 Band. All State 31 Band fVice President 451 Chorus 1.2.41 Choir QVice Presi- dent : CPresiclent 4-5 2 Cross-Country. QCO-Captain 4151 Cross-Country 2.3.41 Cross- Country, Junior Varsity 11 Freshman Recep- tion 21 Junior Prom Committee 3: National Scholarship Society National Honor So- ciety 3: New England Music Festival 3.41 Orchestra 1.2.3.-1: Red and Black QCO-Editor 451 Track Team CAROL ELEANOR COUTURE "It is .she with a friendly heart, who has plenty of friends," A Cappella Choir 1.2,3.4: Band UA" 1.2.3.-13 Band HB" 1,21 Band, All State l: Band CSecretary-Treasurer 351 Basketball, Varsity 2.3.41 Basketball, Varsity CCO-Captain 2.351 Basketball. Junior Varsity KCO-Captain 153 Chorus 1,2511 Choir' QSecretary-Treasurer 451 Class Secretary 31 Field Hockey 1.2.3511 Field Hockey CCO-Captain 3.451 Freshman Recep- tion 2: Junior Prom Committee 31 National Honor Society gl New England lvlusic Festi- val 3.41 Orchestra 1.23.41 Red and Black lCo-Editor 45: Softball. Manager 2.3.41 Girls' Athletic Association f5,4. RICHARD EVANS CRAIG "Char11cter ix the real fozznzlation of all worth- while .ficceesxfj A Cappella Choir 1.23.41 Chorus 1.2.42 Choir. All State 41 Cross-Country. Junior Var- sity l,31 Junior Prom Committee 31 Orchestra PAUL EDXNARD CRAIGUE HMen of few ztfotrls are the best men." 70 -f f'-----vs--T-v ---' rw- 1-'-'an " r ar The Prospect of Boundless Travel RUHAMA CRANDALL "Blest with that charm, the certainty to please? A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 Band "A" 1,2,3,45 Band "B" 15 Basketball, Varsity 35 Basketball, junior Varsity 15 Chorus l,2,45 Field Hockey l,2,3,45 Freshman Reception 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Red and Black Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Softball 45 Girls' Athletic Association 4. BRUCE H. CROWDER "I have brought golden opinions to all sorts of people." Basketball, Varsity 2,35 Basketball, Junior Varsity 15 Baseball, Varsity 25 Baseball, Jun- ior Varsity l5 Football, Varsity 2,35 Football, Junior Varsity 1. DEAN ORIN CUMMINGS "A light heart lives long." A Cappella Choir 1,25 Assembly Commit- tee l5 Bank Tellers 15 Basketball, Varsity 3,45 Basketball, Junior Varsity 1,25 Baseball, Var- sity 3,45 Chorus 2,45 Freshman Reception 2. SUZANNE DAGENAIS "Still waters run deep? RICHARD M. DEROSIER "He laughs best who laughs last." ROBERT DEROSIER "The smile that wonft come of." 71 2 4. To Planets Beyond Man's Ken. CHRISTOPHER G. DEURELL "Virtue is its own reward." A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,43 Band l,2, fMan- agerlg Chorus 1,23 Junior Prom Committee 3, Orchestra 1,2, CManagerJg Ski Team 1. JANE ELLEN DUDLEY "Silent and self-contained." Basketball, Girls' Varsity 3, Basketball, Girls' Junior Varsity 2,3 fCaptainj, Home Eco- nomic Dance 4s Orchestra l,2,3,4. GARY WELLS ELMER "Once a friend, always a friend." A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4, Band "A" 1,2,3,4g Band "B" lg Band, All State 4-g Chorus 1,2,4, Cross-Country, Junior Varsity 1, Cross- Country, Varsity 2,3,4-g junior Prom Commit- tee 3 g National Athletic Scholarship Society 2, New England Music Festival 4g Red and Black Staff 4-5 Ski Team 1,2,3,4g Track Team 2,3,4. EDWARD BATCHELDER ENGEL "Knowledge is power." Band "A" 2,3,4, Boys' State 3, National Honor Society 35 Orchestra 3,4-. ROBERT ALBRO EVANS "Honesty is the best policy." A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4, Assembly Commit- tee l,2,3,4, Band "An 1,2,3,4g Band "B" 1, Bank Teller 1, Baseball, Junior Varsity 1,2g Chorus 1,2,4g Cross-Country, Junior Varsity 1,23 Cross-Country, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Re- ception 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, New England Music Festival 3,4g Orchestra 4, Red and Black Staff 45 Ski Team 2. WILLIAM JOESPH FENNESSY "What is life without laughter?" Band "A" 1, CWalpolej, 2,3,4g Basketball, Jun- ior Varsity 1, Cwalpolejg Baseball, Varsity 1, CWalpolel g Boys' State 35 Junior Librarian 1, Qwalpolejg Junior Prom Committee 35 Student Council Member 1, fWa1polej. 72 l We Are Part of That We Challenge ROBERT FOISY "The smile that won't some of." Baseball, Varsity 2,3,45 Baseball, Junior Var- sity 1. ADELE MARIE FOSTER "A soft answer turneth away wrathf, Home Economic Dance 45 Softball 2. ALBERT F. FOWLER "A merry heart doth good like medicine." Football, Varsity 3,45 Football, Captain 45 Football, Junior Varsity 1,25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Orchestra 1. WILLIAM E. GALLAGHER "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business." Band "A" 15 Band "B" 15 Basketball, Varsity 253,45 Basketball, Junior Varsity 1,25 Baseball, Varsity 3,45 Baseball, Junior Varsity 1,25 Boys, State 35 Class Treasurer 25 Class Marshal 25 Football, Junior Varsity 1,25 Freshman Re- ception 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Na- tional Athletic Scholarship Society 35 Red and Black Stalf 4. MARILYN JEAN GARCEAU "To be good is better than to seem so." Bank Tellers 15 Chorus 1,2,45 Dramatic Club 35 Field Hockey 152,354-5 Freshman Re- ception 25 Girls' State 35 Home Economic Dance 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Red and Black Staff 45 Softball 35 Student Council Member 45 Girls' Athletic Association 4. AUDREY MAE GAUDETTE "She was gentle, quiet, and sincere? Home Economic Dance 4. 73 One wlth Those Who Seek to Know, KATHERINE ANN GAVILL "Always merry and brightf, Home Economic Dance 3,45 Junior Prom Committee 3. ROBERT ALAN GILES "Quiet ejicieneyf' Band "A" l,2,3,4q Band "B" lg Baseball, Junior Varsity lg Freshman Reception 25 Or- chestra 1,2g St. Paul's Scholar 3. JEROME GOGGIN "The world knows little of its greatest men." Assembly Committee 4: Chorus lg Dramatic Club 3g Red and Black Staff 4. DONALD RICHARD GREENWOOD "None but himself can be his parallel? A Cappella Choir 2,3,4g Chorus 2,45 Class Marshal 2, Football, Varsity 2,3,4g Football, Junior Varsity lg Freshman Reception 2g Jun- ior Prom Committee 35 National Athletic Scholarship Society 3g Red and Black Staff 4g Student Council Oflicer 2,33 Track Team l,2,3,4. NANCY LEE HACKETT "I have a heart with room for every joyf' Cheerleader, Junior Varsity 2, Chorus lg Field Hockey lg Home Economic Dance 3,4. ALAN D, HALE "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4g Chorus 2,45 Choir, All State 4, Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Orchestra, All State 4. 74 M-H1 BEVERLY ELAINE HALL My smile is my password. Bank Tellers 25 Cheerleader, Junior Varsity 15 Chorus 1. CURTIS ALAN HAMMOND "Happy am I5 from care Fm free." Band "A" 1,2,3 5 Band "B" 15 Basketball, Varsity 3,45 Basketball, Junior Varsity 1,25 Baseball, Varsity 1,2,3,4 5 Baseball, Junior Var- sity l5 Class Vice-President 35 Class Secre- tary 15 Football, Varsity 45 Football, Junior Varsity 15 Freshman Reception 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 National Athletic Schol- arship Society 3. One with Those Who Strive to Achieve CHRISTOPHER E. HAYWARD "A wise scepticism is the first attribute of a good critic." Freshman Reception 25 Junior Prom Commit- tee 35 Red and Black Staff 4. MARY SUELLEN HELIE "A good heart is worth gold." Assembly Committee 45 Band "A" 3,45 Bank Tellers 15 Basketball, Manager 15 Cheerleader, Junior Varsity 15 Cheerleader, Varsity 2,35 Chorus 1,2,4 5 Field Hockey, Junior Varsity 1,25 Freshman Reception 15 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Orchestra 3,45 Stentor 4. LEALAND DAVID HENTSCHEL "Where there is humor I find it." Assembly Committee 25 Band "A" 15 Basket- ball, Junior Varsity 15 Basketball, Manager 3,45 Bowling 15 Chorus 1,2,45 Class Mar- shal 35 Cross-Country, Junior Varsity 1,25 Cross-Country, Varsity 35 Distributive Edu- cation Club 45 Dramatic Club 2,35 Freshman Reception 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Ski Team 45 Track Team 1,2,3,45 Stentor 4. WILLIAM D. HERRICK "'Tis good to be merry and wise." Band "A" 1,2,3,45 Band "B" 15 Junior Prom Committee 35 Red and Black Staff 4. 75 l 1 We too Are Ready to Contribute, JUDY ELEANOR HILLIARD "The mirror of all courtesy." Chorus 1,2,4, Dramatic Club 3. LINDA M. HONNEY "A crown of glory that fadeth not away." Future Teachers of America 2, Cwindsorj 5 Home Economic Dance 4. LOIS ROSE HOYT "What a sweet delight a quiet life afordxf' Band "A" l,2,3,4-5 Band "BU lg Chorus 1,2, Future Teachers of America 3,4-. ROBERT L. INGALLS "He has not the temper that his hair de- scribes." Baseball, Varsity 3,4g Baseball, Junior Var- sity 15 Distributive Education Club 4, Foot- ball, Varsity 2. PRISCILLA JANE JACKSON "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in a woman." Basketball, Junior Varsity 1, Chorus 1,2g Home Economic Dance l,2,3,4, New York Club 3. - MICHAEL JANGEL "Though a lion to his enemies, he's a lamb to his friends." Basketball, Varsity 2,3,45 Basketball, Junior Varsity 1, Baseball, Varsity l,2,3,4g Football, Varsity l,2,3,4g Football Captain 4, National Athletic Scholarship Society 3, Red and Black Staff 4. 76 We too Are Eager to Sacrifice MARGARET MARIE JERARD "Gentle of speech, beneflcent of mind." Bank Tellers 35 Distributive Education Club 3,45 Softball, Manager 25 New York Club 3. CAROL LEE JEWELL "Full of vigor, loads of fun." Band "A" 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2545 Class Vice- President 1,25 Drum Majorettes 1,2,3,45 Freshman Reception 25 Future Teachers of America 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Red and Black Assistant Editor 4. VIRGINIA BANCROFT JOHNSON "I will be the pattern of all patiencef' Chorus 1,2,45 Dramatic Club 3,45 Future Teachers of America 45 National Honor So- ciety 45 Orchestra 15253545 Stentor 45 United Nations Model General Assembly 3. MARGARET E. KEHOE "Friendly, kindly people are better met than described." A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,45 Assembly Commit- tee 45 Cheerleader, Junior Varsity 15 Cheer- leader 2,35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Chorus 152,45 Class Secretary 25 Freshman Recep- tion 25 Junior Librarian 1,2,3,4 fPresidentl5 Red and Black Staff 45 Student Council Member 2. SHIRLEY ANNE KIMBALL "Patience is a reniedy for every sorrow." SONYA A. KISSEL "Wit is the salt of conversation." Chorus 1,25 Dramatic Club 35 Field Hockey 15 Junior Prom Committee 35 Softball 1. 77 1 To Make Dur Country's Future Great DALE EDWARD KNOWLTON "He's little but he's wiseg he's a terror for his size." Bank Tellers 1,35 Chorus 15 Junior Prom Committee 3. ELAINE F. LaCASSE "She is a winsome wee thingf' Booster Club 1,25 Freshman Reception Com- mittee 25 Vocation Club 25 QSt. Mary'sj, Chorus 4. SUZANNE A. LaDEAU "From a little spark may burst a whole flame." Basketball, Manager 35 Dramatic Club 35 Field Hockey, Junior Varsity 3 fCaptainj5 Field Hockey, Varsity 2,3,4 5 Freshman Re- ception 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Orches- tra l,2,3,45 Student Council Member 4. JEANNE-SYLVIA LaFOUNTAIN "A contented spirit is the sweetness of exist- ence." A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 Basketball, Junior Varsity 1,25 Basketball, Varsity 3,45 Cheer- leader, Varsity 2,3,45 Co-head Cheerleader 45 Chorus 1,2545 Dramatic Club 3,45 Field Hockey, Manager 35 Freshman Reception 25 Home Economic Dance 45 Junior Prom Com- mittee 35 Red and Black Staff 45 Softball, Manager 3,45 Stentor 45 Girls' Athletic Association 3,4. VICTOR NORMAN LAUSHANCE "Be happy in the good you dof' JAMES A. LeMERE "Few words are best." Distributive Education Club 45 Junior Prom Committee 3. 78 1 To Prove to All Our Democracy s Worth PHYLLIS LINDA LEWIS "Nothing endures but personal qualities." Basketball, Junior Varsity 25 Cheerleader 25 Chorus l,2,4, Dramatic Club 2,4g Field Hockey, Junior Varsity 25 Field Hockey, Var- sity 3, Freshman Reception 2 5 Home Eco- nomic 'Dance 1,43 Red and Black Staff 4, Softball 2. ROGER A. LEWIS "A quiet exterior conceals much." JOHN ANTHONY LITEVICH, Jr. "Hath thy toil over books consumed the mid- night oil?" A Cappella Choir 45 Assembly Committee 4 g Band "A" l234' Freshman Reception ' Red and Black Staff 4' Student Council Member 34 Track Team 4 Band B 1 PAUL R LIZOTTE A quiet lad but a good one GERALD PAUL LUNDERVILLE Best uork it done on the quiet ALISTAIRD MacBAIN It zrks me to work too much Band B 1 Baseball unior Varsity 1 Chorus 124 Football umor Varsity 12 Junior Prom Committee 3 Red and Black Staff 4 I 7 5 D 2, A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,45 Band "A" l,2,3,4g " " 5 , J I' U' 5 u , , 5 . , J , 5 79 ln Times of Peril We Shall Not Falter, THEODORE JAMES MAREK A learned person zs honored everywhere. Boys, State 3. REBECCA JANE MARK "The very flower of youthf' Bank Teller 15253. ALBERT RAY MARTIN "The unspoken word never causes trouble." Band "A" 152, CManagerj5 Orchestra 1. ANN MCLAUGHLIN "Born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world is madf' Basketball, Junior Varsity 1,25 Chorus 1,2545 Class President 15 Class Treasurer 45 Drum Majorettes 152,354 Cheadj5 Field Hockey 152,35 Freshman Reception 25 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Girls' Athletic Association 3,45 Girls' State 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Red and Black Staff 45 Stentor 4. WESLEY C. McNAIR "I am wealthy in my friends." A Cappella Choir 1,2535 Band "A" 1,2,35 Chorus 1,25 Class President 2,3,45 Freshman Reception 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Red and Black Staff 45 Student Council Member 1,2. GERALD RAY McNAMARA "Rich in good works? A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,45 Band "A" 1,2,3,45 Band "B" 1,25 Band, President 45 Baseball, Manager 15 Chorus 1,3,45 Cross-Country, Var- sity 25 Freshman Reception 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Red and Black Staff 45 Ski Team, Manager 1. 80 5'. l ln Times of Sorrow We Shall Not Despair, MARJORIE ANN MERRILL "Her fingers always bu5y,' idleness is never with her." A Cappella Choir 45 Cheerleader 3,45 Chorus 45 Field Hockey 2,35 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Home Economic Dance 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Red and Black Staff 45 Softball 2,35 Student Council Member 3. SALLY ANN MICHALENOICK "Modesty, the noblest gift of heaven." A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,45 Freshman Recep- tion 2. MARILYN W. MINARD "Her ways are ways of,12leasantne5J." Bank Tellers 45 Cheerleader, Junior Varsity 15 Cheerleader, Varsity 2,45 Chorus 45 Field Hockey, Junior Varsity 15 Field Hockey, Var- sity 25 Freshman Reception 25 Home Economic Dance 3,45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Red and Black Staff 45 Softball 1,2545 Stentor 45 Voice of Stevens 1. JILL L. MORRISON "Wit to persuadeg beauty to delight." Cheerleader, Junior Varsity 1,25 Cheerleader, Varsity 3,45 Co-Head Cheerleader 45 Chorus 25 Future Teachers of America 2,35 Girls, State 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Red and Black Staff 45 Softball 45 Stentor 45 Student Coun- cil Member 45 Basketball, Varsity 4. SHIRLEY MAE MURRAY "Her good humor is certainly an axsetf' Band "A" 1,2,3,45 Band "B" 1,2,35 Band, Li- brarian 3,45 Basketball, Junior Varsity 35 Chorus 1,25 Home Economic Dance 3,45 Or- chestra, Librarian 3,4. PAUL NADEAU "Quiet in appearance, with motive: unknownf' Cross-Country, Junior Varsity 1,25 CBishop BradleyJ5 Football, Varsity 45 Football, Junior Varsity 35 Track Team 3,4. 81 i SANDRA JANE PARIZO "A maid with goodness unlimited." Freshman Reception 23 Home Economic Dance 4g Junior Prom Committee 33 Red and Black Staff 4. I , A NORMAN FRANCIS PATCH V "His good humor is certainly an asset." V ,, 1 1 Bank Tellers 33 Distributive Education Club A A l 3 in 3,43 Dramatic Club 33 Freshman Reception 2. A .eea DONNA IRENE PEOPLES Vi "Silence is more eloquent than wordsf, 3 '--' Basketball, junior Varsity 13 Chorus 132,43 5"'iii iff' Home Economic Dance 33 Junior Prom Com- ' mittee 33 Red and Black Staff 43 Student 3 "t" -' Council Member 4. With Faith in Our Mission, DONALD LEE O'BRIEN "What is that strange power I have over womenfv' A Cappella Choir 2,3,43 Band "A" 1,2,3,43 Baseball, Manager 13 Chorus I,2,43 Freshman Reception 23 Junior Prom Committee 33 Red and Black Staff 43 Ski Team l,23 Student Council Officer 3. DAVID JOSEPH O'HAIRE "Always a sunny disposition." A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,43 Band "AH 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,43 Class Vice-President 43 Cross- Country, Junior Varsity 13 Freshman Re- ception 23 Junior Prom Committee 33 New England Music Festival 3,43 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Orchestra, All State 1,3,4Q Red and Black Staff 43 Track Team 1. CATHERINE ANN PARADIS "A good disposition is worth gold." Bank Tellers l,2,3,43 Distribution Education Club 33 Home Economic Dance 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 New York Club 3. 82 , ,-,,..M..4......:.... With Hope in Our Fellow Men TIMOTHY PERRY "He hasn't much to say, but he has a pleasant way." l A Cappella Choir 15253545 Band "A" 15253545 Chorus 2,45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Red and Black Staff 45 Ski Team 15 Student Coun- cil Member 1. WILLIAM T. PICKNELL "A light heart lives longf' Baseball, Manager 25 Football, Varsity 45 Foot- ball, Manager 35 Track Team 354. KAREN LOU PINKHAM "She doeth little kindnesses which most leave undone." A Cappella Choir 152,35 Band "A" 15253545 Band "B" 15 Chorus 152,45 Junior Prom Com- mittee 35 Orchestra 1,2,3,4. JUDITH ARLENE RANTA "Good words cost little and are worth muchf' A Cappella Choir 253,45 Band "A" 15253545 Band "B" 15 Band, All State 45 Basketball, Varsity 152,35 Chorus 152,45 Choir, Librarian 45 Class Treasurer 35 Freshman Reception 25 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Junior Prom Committee 35 New England Music Festival 45 Red and Black Staff 45 Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation 354. NEAL RICE "My theory is to enjoy life." Cross-Country, Junior Varsity 25 Football, Var- sity 35 Football, Junior Varsity 3. WILFRED EMERY RICHARD "Quiet and unassumingf' Band "A" 2, fSt. Maryj. 83 I M, , elven? With Charit Bred of Tolerance, PAUL ANTHONY RONDINONE "It is not good that a man should be alone." Band "A" 1,2,3,4g Band HB" 15 Band, All State 3,45 Cross-Country 4, CCO-Captainj, Cross-Country, Varsity 4, New England Music Festival 4, Orchestra 3,45 Track Team 4. DAVID A. ROUILLARD "Gentle in manner, firm in realityf' PATRICIA ANN ROUNDY "Silence is a golden virtuef' Band "A" 1,2,3,4g Band "B" 15 Girls' State 3, National Honor Society 3. EMERY E. ST. MARTIN "A cheerful greeting denotes good will." Basketball, Varsity 2,3, fSt. Mary'sjg Basket- ball, Junior Varsity 1, CSt. Mary'sj5 Baseball, Varsity 2, lSt. Mary'sjg Color Guard l,2, fDrum and Bugle Corps, St. Mary'sj, Football, Varsity 4, Freshman Reception 2, fSt. Mary'sj. GLORIA JEAN SIMMS "She has a beautiful smile." Band "A" 2,3,45 Bank Tellers 3, Chorus 1,25 Distributive Education Club 3,4, CSecretaryj, Home Economic Dance 3. SYLVIA DIANE SPAULDING "Diligence is the mother of good fortune." Bank Tellers 2,35 Cheerleader 1,2,4g Dramatic Club 45 Freshman Reception 2, Red and Black Staff 4. 84 ww' s-'YV :,--' v v-'vw-v vi -1-, m ' -- -f14-- ' - - Jn'- We Stride Ahead, Cur Banner High MARTHA RUTH STACY "Friendship is the key to happiness." Bank Tellers 15 Chorus 1,25 Distributive Edu- cation Club 45 Dramatic Club 3,45 Home Economic Dance 3. SANDRA ANN STEARNS "A friend in need is a friend indeedf' Chorus 152, Home Economic Dance 354. RODN EY STEBBINS "The happy man has many friends." Basketball, Varsity 2,3, QSt. Mary'sl, 45 Basket- ball, Junior Varsity l, fSt. MaryD5 Baseball, Varsity 2, fSt. Maryjg Track Team 4. M. ELAINE STROUT "She knows the sweet magic of a cheerful face." Chorus 1,25 Dramatic Club 3,45 Drum Major- ettes 15 Future Teachers of America 45 Home Economic Dance 3 4' New York Club 3 ' Senior Play 4. PETER A. SUCHARZEWSKI "It takes time to discover the promisingf' ROGER MARTIN SUMNER "It becomes a young man to be modestf' Baseball, Varsity 25 Baseball, Junior Varsity 1. 85 ,,-- l nt- - - -fall . Emblazoned with Our School s Motto SARAH JANE SWEET "She is like a flower, so sweet and pure and fair." A Cappella Choir 35 Chorus 45 Class Vice- President 1, lGuildford, Mainelg Distributive Education Club 43 Dramatic Club 3. THERESA MARY SYLVESTER Tis easy to be pleasant. RODNEY EMERSON TENNEY "A man is the architect of his own fortune." Band "A" 1,2,3,4g Band "B" li Bank Tellers 33 Chorus 2,4g Football, Varsity 2,3,4g Football, Junior Varsity lg Freshman Reception 25 Jun- ior Prom Committee 35 National Athletic Scho- larship Society 3g National Honor Society 3g Red and Black Assistant Editor 43 Ski Team 2,3,4g Ski Team, Captain 4g St. Paul's Scholar 33 Track Team 1,2,3,4. JEANNINE IRENE THIBAULT "A lady is always serene." A Cappella Choir 1 lSt. Mary'sjg Cheerleader 1,2, lSt. Mary'sjg Freshman Reception 2 lSt. Mary'sj g Future Teachers 4. CHRISETTA B. THOMPSON "Success is the fruit of ambitions and work." Chorus 1,2,4g Dramatic Club 35 Freshman Re- ception lg Girls' State 3. DAVID CHARLES THOMPSON "Let dignity reignf' A Cappella Choir 3,4g Assembly Committee 45 Chorus 1,2,4g Cross-Country, Junior Varsity l,2,3g Cross-Country, Varsity 4g Freshman Re- ception 2g Junior Prom Committee 35 National Athletic Scholarship Society 3g Red and Black Stall' 43 Ski Team 2,35 Track Team 2,3,4. 86 That No Achievement Comes Without Effort ELAINE J. TITUS "Virtue is its own reward." Cheerleader, Junior Varsity 1 g Cheerleader, Varsity 2,3,4g Chorus 1,2g Distributive Educa- tion Club 3 5 Freshman Reception 2 5 Home Economic Dance 45 Junior Prom Committee 3, Red and Black Staff 4. LESLIE S. TRACY "He holds them with his glittering eyes." Baseball, Varsity 3,4 g Baseball, Junior Varsity 1,2g Cross-Country, Varsity 4 5 Ski Team 4. SARA JANE TREMBLAY "By the work, one knows the workmanf' A Cappella Choir 3,4-g Chorus 3,45 Dramatic Club 3,4 5 Girls' State 35 Junior Librarian 1,2,3,4g Senior Play 4, Stentor 4 fEditorl. CAROL UN DERWOOD "A sunny disposition is the very soul of suecessf' Distributive Education Club 3,4-. MARILYN LORA UNDERWOOD "She possesses a pleasing and cheerful attitudef' Basketball, Varsity 2 g Basketball, Junior Varsity 1,25 Distributive Education Club 3,4g Soft- ball 2. GLORIA JEAN VIGNEAULT "One smile can glorify a whole day." Band "A" 1,2, fSt. Mary'sj, Bank Tellers 35 Chorus 1, CSL Ma.ry'sl5 Dramatic Club 3. 87 Wa-, -.r-- . V -- -,...7..,. . ... .,... We Leave Halls of Ivy, Sacred Portalsg PAUL O. WAGNER "I never say more than necessaryf' PRISCILLA M WASHBURN Blushing is the color of virtue. Band "A" l,2,3,4, Band "B" 15 Basketball, Varsity 3,5 Basketball, Junior Varsity 1,25 Field Hockey 1,2,3, Girls' Athletic Association 3,4. ROBERT WATTS "A quiet lad, but a good one." Football, Varsity 3,43 Football, Junior Varsity BONNIE LEE WHITE "Silence, when nothing need be said, is the eloquence of discretion." Bank Teller 1,2. LAWRENCE LEON WIGHT "Life is a jest and all things show it. I thought so once and now I know it.', Assembly Committee 4, Band "A" l,2,3,4, Band, All State 3,43 Chorus 25 Cross-Country, Junior Varsity 2, Football, Varsity 3,43 Fresh- man Reception lg Junior Prom Committee 33 National Athletic Scholarship Society 3,45 New England Music Festival 3,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Red and Black Staff 45 Track Team 1,2,3,4. ARTHUR J. WILLIAMS "Fd rather be right than president." Assembly Committee 2,33 Band "A" 1,2,3,4g Band "B" 1, Chorus 2,45 Freshman Reception 23 Orchestra 1,2. 88 ,M . N- M ,T H --r -myu --3-an Ready Unafraid, We Face the Challenge. GLORIA D. WILLIAMS "In her tongue is the law of kindness." Bank Tellers lg Home Economic Dance 2,4-Q Junior Prom Committee 3s New York Club 3. RICHARD E. WILLIS "From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot he is all mirth." Band "A" 1,2,3,43 Band "B" 15 Band, All State 3,4 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 g Orchestra 1,2,3,4-3 Red and Black Staff 4. DAVID C. WILSON "Laugh and the world laughs with youf' Freshman Reception 2g Red and Black Staff 45 Track Team 1,2. JAMES WOODBURY "The mould of a man's fortune is in his own hands? BARON DANIEL YATSEVICH "He says little but to the purpose." Band "A" 1,25 Distributive Education Club 4' Future Teachers of America 3. ROGER ZERBA "Know you this chap with a ready smile?" A Cappella Choir 2,3,4, Band NA" 1,2,3,45 Basketball, Varsity 3, Basketball, Junior Var- sity 1,2g Choms 2,45 Freshman Reception 2g Junior Prom Committee 3. J 89 4 4 J 4 4 l J I 4 1 's I 5 .u l 1 - el Q95 l-. 'J 't, E.. ,R aw as if I' qc THIS IS OUR CHANCE, TOO - The first grade pupils from Bluff School proudly march beside their classmates and teacher. They hold their banners high for all to see. LEADING THE PARADE ARE THE JUN- IOR HIGH COLOR GUARD. These boys from the Junior High School are proud to do their duty for their school by being members of the band. The Junior High majorettes eagerly follow close behind, keeping a steady pace. xi 90 STUDENTS ARE ABUNDANT. Excited parents and observers anxiously watch the National Educa- tion Week Parade as it passes by the Claremont Public Library and two of Claremont's churches as they continue on their route along Broad Street. "M THE ALUMNI PARADE IS ON. Each year the Stevens Alumni Parade is a popular occasion for the people of Claremont and surrounding areas. The many floats, varied attractions, and the vivacious march tempos of the several bands - all add to the excitement of the day. 1,6 'P , .iw.f."J'-J'Q. '. , . I-TNT' ' U,,k?:,r.:i,3?J .I - - I -227-2"Q'171??'fT'fiiiI'T'13':r-..L.M . ' ' V. -V 1:1 g.,,,,,1:.,f,-, .4 V - E .-:Qc -'FI' . .. 1,1 3,1233 ..' if FV' .-,f- 71 . . 4 - gf' D OLD FAMILIAR TIMES EXIST ONCE AGAIN. Also represented in the Alumni Day Parade is the horse and buggy THE STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL BAND is one of the major attractions of the annual Alumni Day Parade. Many look forward to the bandls appearance in their bright red and black uni- forms and to their fine presenta- tion of marching music. Each mem- ber of the organization knows he must do his part to make the band a success. Each is proud to have a share in this successful activity. .SA symbolizing the early bcginning of the school which was founded in 1868 by Paran Stevens. Many eyes watch this old familiar sight. , . Www 91 A CHEERFUL AND VERY ABLE TYPING STAFF plays an important role in the production of our yearbook Y Martha Abel, Jeanne LaFountain, Phyllis Lewis, Marilyn Minard, Marlene Bernard, Judith Ranta, Joan Chrostowski, Margaret Kehoe, Virginia Adams, and Sandra Parizo. CHARGED WITH THE IMPORTANT TASK of securing sponsorships for the Red and Black, the business staff effi- ciently carries out its duties - Robert Evans, Gerald Mc- Namara, Judith Arlin, Barbara Bass, Jill Morrison, Marjorie Merrill, Donna Peoples, Marlene Bernard, David O'Haire, - ...l -at Gary Elmer, David Thompson, Philip Barton, Suellen Helie Ann McLaughlin, Kenneth Coulombe, William Herrick SEATED - Timothy Perry, Donald O,Brien, John Litevich Thomas Bastian, Christopher Hayward, and David Wilson 1 PROUD OF THEIR FINE WORK, the product of many hours of effort, the art staff beams with satisfaction at a job well done - Jean Arioli, Sylvia Spaulding, Lawrence Wight, William Gallagher, and Donald Greenwood. THE FINAL TASK in the production of our yearbook is successfully carried out by the competent subscription staff. They have an important job in providing a successful termination for the climaxing project of our years at Stevens. - Richard Willis, Ruhama Crandall, Alistair MacBain, Shirley Carter, and Marilyn Garceau. 93 A -J 0-if The staff of the 1959 "Red and Black" wishes to express its sincere gratitude to the Merchants of Claremont, to loyal Alumni, and to the parents and friends of the graduates for their generosity in supporting this new issue of the Stevens High School yearbook. We also wish to thank Louis Smith, Jack Titchen and William Gallagher for their invaluable aid in photography. Kenneth Agan's Barber Shop Agel-Corman Furniture Co, Aiken Construction Company Chester Allen. Heating Contractor Fred Allen. jeweler American Legion Auxiliary 4 Claremont Unit 32 American Legion Post 29 American Plate Class Co. Mayor George 'lPat" Angus Arco Oil Company Arel Brothers Furniture SL Upholstery The Great Atlantic SL Pacific Tea Co. Atkinson-Davis Corporation Mr. 8L Mrs, Ellsworth H. Atwood Mr. S: Mrs, john H. Atwood Auto Electric Service Co., Inc. Avenue Repair Shop L. G. Balfour Co. ef Sawyer W. Lee. Representative Barb's Beauty Shop Barnes. Rouillard, SL McPherson. Inc, Mr. SL Mrs. Hector Barrett Mr. 81 Mrs. Howard L. Barrett Barney Bass Mr. 8: Mrs. Isaac Bass and Family O. H. Beauregard 4 Realtor 8L Contractor Compliments of Ben's Market Beneficial Finance Co. of Claremont Berkeley Store. Inc. Mr. SL Mrs, Arthur Bernard Blain's Auto Service Mr. 8a Mrs. C. A. Blewitt Blondin Funeral Home Bluli' School P.T.A. Boccials Fruit Store Bonnie Beauty Salon Dr. ll. D. Bourclon Bourdon's New Haven Mattress Co. Breault's General Store Brock Incorporated Brodeur's Washing Machine Repair Service Buckley, Zopf. and Sayce Bucko's Pharmacy -4 Reliable Prescriptions Bud's Variety Store Buena Vista Farms Restaurant Burbee's Garage, Inc. 4 Ford Dealers Blish Music Center Buster's Friendly Texaco Service Caron's Market Carroll Cut-Rate Cosmetics Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack Cassle The Catholic Daughters of America Charlie's Shell Station Earl T. Chase 4 Class of l9l9 Chase Trucking Service Chateau Music School City Cab 4 Telephone SBU Claremont Army 8L Navy Store Claremont Bowling Lanes, Inc. Claremont Builders Supply Company Claremont B.P.O. Elks 3879 Claremont Cable Company Claremont Chamber of Commerce Claremont Cleaners, Inc. and Shirt Launderers Claremont Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Claremont Cooperative Bank Claremont Emblem Club 326 Claremont Federated Business 8: Professional Womenls Club Claremont Finance Corporation Claremont Fire Department Claremont Flock Corporation Claremont Furniture Co.. Inc. Claremont Gas 8a Light Co. 4 Utilgas Corp. Claremont Maid Footwear, Inc. Claremont Momunent Company Claremont Motor Co., Inc. Claremont National Bank Claremont Oil Co.. Inc. 4 Gerry Wood. Mgr. Claremont Paper Mill Claremont Pharmacy Claremont Police Department Claremont Publishing Co. 4 Commercial Printers Claremont Rod SL Gun Club, Inc. Claremont Savings Bank Claremont Steam Laundry 8L Sanitone Dry Cleaners Claremont Woven Label Co.. Inc. I Class of 1960 Class of 1961 Class of 1962 Clyde Sc Kit's Esso Service 4 Corner of Main SL West Terrace The Colonial llotel 4 Distinctive Hospitality Conditioned Air. Incorporated Connecticut Valley Electirc Co., Inc. Corner Bookstore Cote's Good Food Dr. Marcel D. Coutu, Optometrist Mr. SL Mrs. Albert E, Couture Coy Paper Company Dr. SL Mrs. Irving Crandall Ralph V. Crosby Mr. SL Mrs. Leslie A. Currier Albert L. Cushion Agency, Inc. D. W, Cushion Insurance Agency, Inc. Mr. SL Mrs. Arnold Cutting Dade's Shoes Mr. SL Mrs. John Dagenais - Class of 1942 D'Amante's Fruit Store Dan's Market Dan's Shoe Service Dartmouth Woolen Mills, Inc. Davis SL Symonds Lumber Co. Mr. SL Mrs. George Deurell. Jr. Dr. Porter O. Dexter, Optometrist Compliments of Dickls Barber Shop SL Tackle Shop Paul Dion's Barber Shop Dion Brothers Market Mr. SL Mrs. George Disnard Dixonls Super Duper Merrill Dodge 7 Real Estate Don's Market Elite Beauty Shop Mr. SL Mrs. I-larrel D, Elmer Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Esersky Esersky's Hardware gl Plumbing Supply Dr. and Mrs. P. D. Estabrook Mr. SL Mrs. Harold A. Evans Fairlea Farms Dairy The Fashion Shop Dr. and Mrs. William Ferriter First National Stores M. H, Fishman Company Fiske Free Library The Fletchers f Dot H27, Herb 329, Charlie '56 Mr. SL Mrs. Merton Fletcher Fletcher for Pianos SL Organs W. J. Fluette General Store Fluette Oil Company Mr. SL Mrs. Harold Foisy Foster Beef Company Frances Beauty Salon - 7 School Street Frances Stores Frederick's Compliments of Gagnon's Flooring Mr. gl Mrs. William Gallagher Gardner's Welding Service Garland's Esso Station I. N. Gelfand, Tailor Gendron's Tree Service General Auto Sales, Inc. General Automatic Products Co., Inc. Genereux Real Estate Agency Gene's Supermarket Giguere's Barber Shop Gilbertls Bear Service Gilbert SL Weston Insurance, Inc. Girard Oil, Inc. and Trucking Goddard's Bakery Mr. SL Mrs. William H. Goggin Goyette Appliances - Philco SL Maytag Hadley SL Son Lumber Co. Mr. SL Mrs. Floyd Hale Lester Hale -- Plumbing Service Compliments of Sidney N. Hall Hardy Brothers, Builders H. D. Harris Company Harryls Shoe Barn Bernard P. Haubrich, M.D. Wilson R. Haubrich, V.M.D. Helie's Market Basket David Heller Company Mr. SL Mrs. Cedric Herrick Laurence A. Hicks, Representing A. M. Kidder SL Co., Members of New York Stock Exchange Highway Lunch Dr. Deane A. Hilliard, Optometrist Dr. Ray K. Hodgkins, Dentist Holland's Electrical SL Refrigeration Service Dr. Arnold R. Horne Houde's Barber Shop Houghton SL Simonds Dr. J. Houlihan Howe Motors, Inc. Mr. SL Mrs. Wilburn L. Hoyt Duncan U. Hunter, Excavating Contractor A. SL A. Hutcheon, Inc. Ideal Laundry. Inc. Idlenot Dairy of N.H., Inc. Sullivan Lodge No. I2. I.0.0.F. Jake's Dinette Bulent Jajuli, M.D. Jim's Y. D. Station Jones Express 7 Sewing Claremont Since 1926 Jones Food Shoppe Josten's - Len Winsor.. Representative Joy Manufacturing Company Keating Insurance, Inc. Dr. Charles F. Keeley Kimball's Inc. J. H. Kiniry Father Cote Council 31820, Knights of Columbus Dr. Stanley J. Kuk LaDeau's Furniture Shop Lambert Supply Company Lambert's Toy Castle Omer Landry, Plumber Mr. SL Mrs. Kenneth Lane Latchis Theater Mr. SL Mrs. John H. Leahy LeLoup's Flowers O. H. Lewis Company. Inc. Mr. SL Mrs. John Litevich Mrs. Elizabeth D. Lizotte Lola's Beauty Shoppe Mr. SL Mrs. Edgar L. Lord Lorraine's Beauty Shoppe Ludlow Rubber Company Mr. SL Mrs. Leon Lundewille Mr. SL Mrs. James A. MacBain Dr. and Mrs. Colin A. Maclver Mackintosh Insurance, Inc. Magnet Theater 4 Showplace of the Twin State Valley Marion's Apparel Shop Marion's Beauty Shop N. C. Marro 4 Plumbing SL Heating ls. Marshall Insurance Agency Marshall's Market Dr. Robert G. Maxfield Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry McCusker James F. McCusker The Men's Shop Merit Clothing Company Irvine W. Merrill Merrimack Farmers Exchange Miltls Market Mobile Homes of Claremont, Inc. - Washington Street Claremont Lodge 1201, Loyal Order of Moose Women of the Moose, Claremont Chapter 11629 Melodie Morrill Dance Studios Joe Mozewko The Music Box J. J. Newberryis Mrs. Harman Newell Dr. Francis H. Nolin O'Brien's Moving SL Storage Service Douglas E. Page - General Contractor Mr. 81 Mrs. Newell Paire Mr. Sc Mrs. John Paradis Parisian Cleaners Mr. SL Mrs. Henry Parker Dr. St Mrs, F. C. Parmenter Dr. XL Mrs. John C. Patten Paulls Shoe Store The Peoples National Bank Mrs. Mary Perron Mr. 8t Mrs. Oscar Perron Mr. Sc Mrs.Roland Perron Mr. 8L Mrs. Wilfred Perron E. C. Peterson - Trucking Service Petrin's Clover Farm Store Dr. F. K. Phillips Pleasant Restaurant Pleasant Street Barber Shop Polish-American Citizens Club Powers Shoe Co., Inc. Presto Grain Company Farmer Putnam Queen Shop - "Country Store Clothes" Quimby 8t Quimby, Inc. Jewelers Rand, Ball, SL King Co. Rand News Depot Reed Bros. 4 Farm SL Industrial Equipment Dr. Herman Rice, Optometrist Richfield Service Station J. H. Richmond - Austin Sales 8L Service Louis Rivet - Representing Grossman Homes Riviezzo's Service Station Rock-A-Bye Baby Shop Rotary Club of Claremont Rowe-Genereux Incorporated "Uncle Karln Rund Mr. 8a Mrs. Amos Russell Dr. Omer Russell Mr. 8L Mrs. Robert G. Schneider Schnyer's Auto Body Shop Mr. 8c'Mrs, Murray L. Schnyer Sears Roebuck and Co. Sherwin-Williams Paint Co. Shulins . 'rrfvqp-www--' ----n-5'-i-qv-.1-.,.p --- Sig's Restaurant Silhouette Beauty Salon Simoneau's Market Singer Sewing Machine Co Dr. and Mrs. James D. Skillen Smith Auto Sales Co., Inc. Smith's Studio - Photographer for l'The Red and Black' John Soboll - Contractor S. BL O. Oil Co., Inc. Dr. Pauline Spear Staff Bros., Inc. - Prompt Heating Oil Service Standard Automotive Stores Stan's Supermarket Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Stearns Stevens Drug Store Stevens Greenhouses Stevens High School Alumni Association Aime L. St. Martin Mr. 8a Mrs. Carroll Strout Dr. W. F. Stuart Taft Bros. Texaco Service Station Television Specialists R. Theodore. Inc. Mr. gl Mrs. Merton Thompson Compliments of the Makers of Tip Top Bread Ray F. Titus - Machine Shop Work Compliments of Tony's Pizzeria The Tot and Teen Shop In Memory of John J. Townsend, Jr. Class of 1934 Tumble Inn Diner Twin State Hearing Service - Carl E. Lundgren United Textile Workers of America, Local 39 United Steel Workers of America, A.F.L.-C.I.O., Local No. 2944 Valley Home Supply Co., Inc. Valliere's Rexall Drugstore Vanity Beauty Salon Veteran's Cleaners Oliver Lacassc Post 808, V.F.W. F. W. Wadleigh and Co. Wainshal Furniture Company Jack Weiner's Hardware SL Plumbing Supply H. P. Welch Co. of Claremont, N.H. Western Auto Assoirate Store Mr. 8r Mrs. Arlo White Mr. 8a Mrs. Leon Wight Wilfred Beauty and Yarn Shop Williams Laundry Dr. and Mrs. William T. Wilmot Mr. Sz. Mrs. Harold Winer The Winner Hotel The Woman's Shop F. W. Woolworth Co. Youngstown Industries of N.H., Inc. Ted Yurek 1 v 1-'..!!.af f 1 QV: 5 1 x 4 QW L33 N4 , M v UQ MQ U Xiyfii W Y + L x ff KX KX H ,Q A fa fl A M Alf X i fx f F .421 -:s mx 1 5 Qx 3 fx ! ....i.......n. X 'N X2 N? l "' N -A ,, Q . ., -.r A- f V' , , li 3 1 I W K . l 1 1.1. L, Q 1 1, X J U i m,j N Q5 x I KX-'xff k""'r

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