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X pq. FRN? vnu NE Y mv. oE suns ,X 9902 0 vow FO07- . 4711 Y , HO '45 Q Q' ?'a GPX A f-,ooo J'UD'-'oil-15' N Clxoss Sc 45' lenh Co"1MERc'nL MHUU 0-1 Q4-1 OS S5 ' RW.: . UNTRY UN R q 'Y E190-Q-T' "'TEGRrrv VJGSK '7Er fl SHOP QA! 0 ALERTNE55 RANGE BN ,Cook 04 LX.. HONOR RO EMG SH mT'w'590N L C1 8 Q-Q '93 CP F , OQN Sty' , Neg, YR GU PN Ty F' C5 XXD9 VX J rev QQ CHI: Sf gg? X36-S mr.Qm 660 C9 . XX T ffm 2 R A 451: Knouusoee ALG EBRA 003 MF Slum. SUNIU PROM VAC T1 ON THE STAFF THE 1956 RES: AND BLACK PRESENTS "THE UPWARD TRAIL" f V1 STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL CLAREMONT, NEW HAMPSHIRE f f i l 5 l I 2 Z X X xXf"'X f "THE UPWARD TRAIL" TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword ................. . ......... . ......... Essay, "The Upward Trail" . . The Principal's Message .... Class Officers ......... Honor Society . . . Student Council .... Assembly Committee . . . Facuhy .......... Band .... Chou ,.... Orchestra . . . Senbr Hay ..... Junior Librarians .. Bank TeHers .......... DktHbuHve Educanon ... Home Economics ...... Manual Arts .. Junior Prom . . . Sdence Fah ... Track Teams .... Hockey Teams ......... Girls' Basketball Teams .... Boys' Basketball Team .. Football Team ...... SkiTeam ..... BasebaH Team ... Cheedeaden ....... Seniors .............. Senior Week Activities .. The Red and Black Stal? . . . Sponsors . . . . ....... . , . P099 P090 page page P090 page page page page P099 page P099 page page page page page page P090 page P099 P090 P099 page page page page page page page page Z Q 2 2 ml'- i . F! xc ' wtf' T -'iff wiull. X X xvi f EDITOR CYNTHIA TALBERT AND ASSISTANT-EDITORS DON FLETCHER AND SANDRA KIRN proudly leaf through the 1955 "Red and Black" which, in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association contest received the coveted title of "MedaIist". FOREWORD In preparing for our iourney through life there are certain traits which, added to character, simplify great- ly the complications which are sure to confront us. Through choice or circumstances it has been our lot to attend Stevens High School, and complain as we same- times may, we realize that our lot is an exceedingly fortunate one. Not only are Stevens' athletic teams outstanding, but the coaches and teammates are the type to impart some needed trait. Not only are Stevens' musical organizations the best in the area, but par- ticipating in them, one cannot help but gain some help in developing the esthetic side of his character. Not only does Stevens offer a great variety of extracurricu- lar activities-dramatics, art, student council and many others, but each of these is designed to play a prominent part in the development of the individuality of each student, not only do Stevens' students attain the highest of scholastic standards, but the teachers here have much to give beyond the bare rudiments of learning-the wisdom of a life well lived, spicing the common spirit which prevails throughout the school and is so distinctly the spirit of Stevens. Upon graduation from Stevens High School one has been more than adequately pre- pared in mind, body, and character to travel the rough road ahead, to travel THE UPWARD TRAIL. SANDRA KIRN, DON FLETCHER, ASSISTANT-EDITORS 3. STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL, OUR REVERED LOOK-OUT STATION, has adequately prepared us for the lang journey on the upward trail. THE UPWARD TRAIL We, the Class of l956, have now attained the summit of one of the major peaks in our journey on the upward trail, that which marks the end of secondary education. This small but important segment of our lifetime journey has been traveled by us together during the past four years. Even though we may not realize it at the present, these four years have made a lasting impression on our young and fruitful lives. As we journey onward to con- quer new and even higher peaks, the knowledge we have gleaned at Stevens, our look-out station, will aid us in reaching the uppermost peak-our highest ambition or goal. Our trail-guides, or faculty, have lit up the dark and unknown passages with torches of knowledge. They have enabled us by their strict discipline, parental guidance, and friendliness to continue our journey in- telligently and surefootedly. Then too, we have had the counsel of our friends, our parents, and above all a Guiding Light to steady us over the rough spots. ln our future journey we will encounter level plains where we seem to stand still and make no progress. Here we must rely upon ourselves, as well as our guides, for we can never hope to complete any part of our journey without our own individual efforts. The initiative to attack our future problems with vigor and to set and maintain high standards has been stimu- lated by the liberal education that we have received at our look-out station. When we become of voting age, we shall be properly and adequately equipped to select the most qualified candidates to represent us in both local and national governments. This procedure, how- ever, has already been practiced by us, for we have chosen fine leaders as our class officers. Recognizing the importance of inter-class co-operation, we have appointed an alert and civic minded student council, whose duty it is to promote the welfare of the student body and the faculty. Another group instrumental in the essential inter-class relationship is the assembly com- mittee, which affords much constructive knowledge and education. The honor society, which involves both ability and integrity, is highly valued by the participating stu- dents, who esteem membership a prize worth possessing. Aside from the development of ideas and the acqui- sition of good mental habits in the classroom, there have been other important factors in our liberal education. We have enjoyed much personal satisfaction through various other means of self-expression. As a result of WE SHALL FOLLOW ALWAYS HIGHER OUR FAMILIAR STANDARD, the Stevens fiag on the winding trail, ever remembering its sage motto: "Nothing accomplished without work". our participation in the musical organizations we have translated into music many feelings and ideas impossible to express in our inadequate language. While striving for harmonious and musical perfection, we have ac- quired a lasting appreciation for the finer thinqs of life. Those of us desirous of another means ot self-expression found delight in dramatics. By contributing our personal opinions and ideas to the school paper, we learned to acknowledge and respect the opinions of others. If we aspired to become more broad-minded, the school li- brary offered innumerable opportunities to further ac- quaint ourselves with new ideas and personages. For those of us training for business and administration the ability to apply theory to practicality was afforded. But there was a social aspect to our school-life, also. Our graciousness, poise, and adult manners at the Junior Prom were commended by faculty, parents, and friends. As a result of our participation in physical activities both our bodies and character were developed and coordinated. Under the able leadership of our splendid coaches, we learned to play hard, but also to play fairly and squarely. We respected and adhered to the rules of the game, and as a solid, strong team, we were a match for any of our opponents. Loyalty to our fellow players was an unwritten law, and the spirit of brother- hood prevailed. Training regulations were unquestioned, and because of them our physical endurance was mar- veled at. Yes, as we glance once more over the winding trail, we realize that it will always recall pleasant memories. We know that honesty, honest endeavor, and persistence are the qualities that will enable us to progress rapidly during the following years. But we gratefully acknow- ledg the fact that if, at any time, we falter along the way or lose our footing and fall, there will be ample opportunity for us to regain our footing with new self- assurance. As we iourney onward, our look-out station will remain far behind us. We now stand at a branch in the trail, some of us will travel one way, others of us another. To realize that one of those paths may lead to the summit encourages us. Whichever path we choose, with the grace of God, will be traveled by us confident- ly and sure-footedly, when we finally reach the summit, we will again gaze back over the upwerd trail with pride and a sense of satisfaction. CYNTHIA TALBERT EDITOR I LQ tt""f-C 65' mg XZ wa! MR. EDGAR L. LORD, OUR RESPECTED PRINCIPAL, foremost among our "trail guides," has led us suresfootedly during the past four years. TO THE CLASS OF 1956: It is one of my fondest wishes that you of the Class of 1956 should ever follow "the upward trail" indicated in the theme you have chosen for your yearbook. This choice strikes me as an encouraging note of optimism in these disturbing times when youth is too frequently, and I believe uniustly, portrayed as cynical and disheartened. Your paths may not always be easy or comfortable ones, but they can be steered toward goals of opportunity unrealized in the past. May they be smoothed and lightened by personal integrity, zeal, and happiness. God bless you all. Most sincerely yours, , mf 4. Q. Edgar L. Lord 1 lass f 99: f LH-5' A Av ' ' 5 6 iv .,' Q O H :Q 'Q o CID 1-' H7 ,, y . , f Q ' -2' XX, "X 1 M 6 QM x x Q Nb"""w,L .AM W 'H 533. Wax 74a 7am D 70 74a f ,as FOR THEM THE END OF THE TRAIL is in sight. The Senior class officers, Treasurer, William Smith, Vice- President, Joyce Clarke, President, John Baldasarop and Secretary, Katherine Maclver proudly display the banner they have followed for four happy years. OVER THE FIRST HURDLES AND STILL OPTIMISTIC, the Sophomore class omcers, Vice-President, Stephan Zemionek, Treasurer, Kathleen Fontaine, Secretary, Janet Stearns, and President, Eleanor Hilliard make use of the reference library. 8 70614 A-fx '7 aggmw, ,4 mm ' AN ALL FEMININE SLATE was elected to guide the Juniors. Discussing olans are President, Linda Hurd Vice-Presideni, Sondra McBaing Treasurer, Helen Parkerg and Secretary, Carol Klemeniawicz. NEOPHYTES ON THE TRAIL, the Freshman closs officers, Treasurer, Grace Lovering, President, Anne Mc Laughlin, Secretory, Curtis Hammond, and Vice-Presideni, Carol Jewell-all are ready to lead iheir class mares along the trail to knowledge. 9 W , TO A BRIGHT FUTURE the Honor Society, on example to thenr class mates Don Fletcher Cynthia Talbert, Bruce Ktrn John Young and Wllllam Smuth all Sensors. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Fllllii '55-5 Y L5 HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Bruce Kirn and Wullnam Smlth proudly dlsploy the charter granted to Stevens by the National Honor lord, and advisor, Wayne Gray. ,X QM X . Om wa 2? 71 ' ,' THE FOOTBALL DANCE PREPARAUONS Ore discussed with Senior Student Council members Bruce Kirn, Beverly Brock, Thomas Rouil- THE STUDENT CGUNCIL WEEKLY MEETING-Bruce Kirn, Thomos Rouillard, Clifton Simms, Robert Hart, Rodney Helen Parker, Timothy,Perry, Paul McNair, Qfront rowl Kathleen Fontaine, Sandro Kirn, Beverly Brock, and Stanley Lumbra-all listen tions from advisor, Wayne Groy. Brock, and lseatedl Dominic Zottog and Carol Klementowicz, carefully to sugges- 11 ' 706645 7144! 3' 05 l f' EMI ...I of WITH FULL CONFIDENCE, the General Elec- tric,"House of Magic" representative blows out the candle with his "Magical" liquid. 12 CLASSMATES LOOK ON WITH GREAT ANX- IETY as the delegated surgeon performs a masterful operation at t'he Freshman Reception. AT THE F-RESHMEN RECEPTION David Wilson sloshes through imaginary puddles to show the audience his creative abilities. 0 - ww. mm 4 sew, . THE ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE DEVOTES MUCH TIME to the preparation of constructive and interesting assemblies, using only picked Seniors, IStandingI Kenneth Hayes, Ronald Belden, Gail McKee, Margaret Cooney, Cynthia Talbert, Barbara Lundgren, Betty Voudrien, Paul Dansereau Ichairmanl, Joan Ransom, John Young, and Cseatodl Colleen Harrigan, Sally Maranville, Alma Wright, Beverly Brock, Janet McCusker, Marilyn Bayer, John Wadsworth, Jacqueline Daniels, Myrna Wark, Robert Sprano, Stanley Lumbra, Sandra Kirn, Dian Morrison, Barbara Feary, Raymond Keating, Joyce Clarke, Don Fletcher, Katherine Maclver. ASSISTANT TO THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL speaks on sub- A VISITOR FROM NORWAY, Ivar Blekesad, exchange versive activities at the annual Veteran's Day Assembly. visitor sponsored by the National Farm Bureau, spoke to Seniors about his homeland. 13 5- 'X 5 y ll '41 u 7 Q ff ', ii Q 5 aff 0, wi f 7:,?Ff5l 5 L MATHEMATICS CAN BE FUN GS evidenced by Alellio Childs, Bucknell A.M., ond Willard Rollins, University of New Hampshire B.S. A MOMENTS RESPITE in the school oflice- Cloire Robitoille, Rivier College A.B., Lofin ond French, and School Secretory Doroihy 74e77Zwze5 ' 0f0d4714d A GRIN, A CHEERFUL EXCHANGE by Wood working leochers Walter Miner, Keene Teo chers College B. Ed., ond Rene Thomos, Fitch burg Teochers College M. Ed. A COMPLICATED PROBLEM is explqined by James McMurrer, Boston College B.S. in Moth- emotics. 14 Zeb. ' ' Om fowuzeq 2014 ffnd Kckdlqf PROBLEMS OF MUTUAL CONCERN to English teachers are discussed by June Bucko, Univer- sity of New Hampshire B.A., and Wayne Gray, Peabody Teachers College M.A. French. AN ENERGETIC AND ENTERTAINING TEA- CHER, Albert Gauthier, Middlebury A.M.- u IT MUST BE GRAMMAR, OF COURSE-Ruth Little, University of New Hampshire B.A., and Paul Magoon, Plymouth Teachers College, B. Ed. A ROOM FULL OF CHEER-Elizabeth Manos Keene Teachers College B. Ed.-English. 15. 1' ' 74e7itmqDwu6 pd444964l446dd X SENIOR CHEMISTRY-cl light moment wilh Gor- don Cochran, University of Vermont M.E. A' 3 3 31 -HA-11: 11-fs-:--3 -ar - 'li - 1 ' fi T1 Q I --,za i G A 'S go: 4. A.-7 'T ,,--"-'.E-ig :T"':-. 1--..-.. '2- v"- 'E Rafi -....f. 5-1: i.:'. -V a q ' . . THE COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT wifl! Alice Schriber, Malden Commercial College, and Guilea Kenney, Mt. St. Mary College, B.S. in Business Adminisirafion. A TEACHER'S LIFE IS spent correcting papers -Harry Moore, Columbia Universiiy M.A.- Physics. THEORY AS WELL AS PRACTlCE in mefol shop under ihe direciion of John Ferguson. A fu... by Wok, L 70614 7 0,4 K' 1444 74.4. CHARLES GALUCCI, B, S. Arnold College, in- structor in Biology in the laboratory with Fresh- man Barbara Sullivan. ey ' - f-H ' lrnil I 32- Irilrl l CO-ORDINATOR OF Dl5TRlBUTlVE EDUCA- TION, Paul Nunn, B, Ed, Keene Teachers Col- lege, lectures to his group in retailing, THE HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT, Mabel Johnson, B. S, University of New Hampshire, and Mrs. Joan Simpson, B. S. in Education, Keene Teachers College, talk over plans for the many proiects of their active department. Xl .:8 1325 WW if Q PRINCIPAL EDGAR L. LORD, Middlebury A. M., arranges the photography schedule for "The Red and Black" with staff photographer, Rich- ard Breed. 0,4 4' ' ,-41.4 Swan. 25 .. PARTNERS IN THEIR Joseph Maiola, B. S. Ithaca, and Charles FIELD OF HISTORY, A FEW WORDS AMIDST PLEASANT SUR- ROUNDINGS in the library, Leona Tremblay, L. S. Simmons, and Mrs. Jacqueline Terrell Manos, B- Ed- Keene Teachers College, dis- A, B., B. S. in Ed., University of Southern Cali- cuss 0 point of mvfvul infefesi. fornia. CO-SPONSORS FOR "THE RED AND BLACK," John Sideris, M. Ed. Univer- sify of New Hampshire, and Normand Paquefte, A.M. Middlebury, agree on plans for the T956 issue. TIME FOR A CHAT ON THE FRONT STEPS, Joseph Littlefield, B. Ed, Keene Teachers Col- A MOMENT OF EXPLANATION DURING RE. lege, and Clarence Parker, Dubuque Univer- HEARSAL, Waller Paslsevich, B. Mus., Syracuse, SITY- I8 T lil I ., ,fs Q I M ,X X X agk., ,. an fzgjx X. M Q A. Q 3? x- N 'Wa - im'-R 'Z Q f K Ns.- M ax ikigig f p fgffouic fefazatchw ffvwi 71 74c3u6c2u 4 Y Wwi, 7' A Q' f- Wi? "AH "V Aff- H - N'wi-9' . 1 f gf. My W A oooo o. f-a-.1 " I' 'L 4 A 1 W A 'mg 'JPL J nz V .,x,1:":'?jfi 4 A 4, xx- K .601 45 S . .h i gk Q-".,,f 1 Vmggfyswggmkh ,Tx ' I 1' his I V K- if 'Yg k , wif fzmf,-g '..L In 1-,.,,, 1 "f x qwm, . H X 54 853, 1' X, fo1ff"-3, 1 WY1 Q A if 'S "f'3f"' ' J, A 'rf W g i .. 'lf ' gp' jigw-vPp. lg,fg3v3 ' ' W ' A P Q' -' ' - '1 1 hamfmlw v 4,1 THE STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL BAND-Ninety strong-the bond is o welcome addition to innumerobie school functions, sociol ond othletic. 20 S K 470eZcomeD' ' ?'t00t7'td4Zp . A,-, S lf -af Wu? Lil B1 Q::'f -Q Qi, Q L. W' if., Tfffx' r iff? 'f 'Q +1 4, . he iff A .. s Nm, x ,. 34:4 ' ,xfy . ,W if , .p Q, ' THE WHISTLE BLOWS, drums becil cz muffled Tattoo, The Trumpets blore-all heorts Thrill to The music of the Stevens High School Bond. 2I f4nf'?L'tenwZ7a7famwfa,4ZZ'7 ' -,465 J W THE MALE SECTIONS OF THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR prepare their role in the Annual Christmas Program. FOURTH ROWfAlexander Crowder, David Guilmette, Larry Evans, John Koziell, Harry Doten, Michael Papps. THIRD ROW-Brian Bogie, Kenneth Ainsworth, Kenneth Hayes, Richard Burr, Paul Greene, Wesley r, Paul Dansereau, SECOND ROW-Donald Chrostowski, Ray Keating, Michael Weiner, Peter Gauthier, Ronald Whittemore, John Wadsworth, Bruce Levesque, John Young, Alistair MacBain. McNair, Don Fletche FIRST ROW-Clifton Simms, David O'Haire, Gary Elmer, Gerald McNamara, Richard Craigue, Ronald Agel, Stanley Mozden, Robert Evans, John Baldasaro, Carl Couture, and Alan Schneider. Q9 -- 714-4' '7n7one,4owl7 ',' I use if gf: TA?--.i -'bg- "5..,5l . ' 1 D . 'l LIN ' ' .ev f .- ' 1 'AD' fy SIA sf ' A T. , ., in Q, , Q nfygc hr V " f' 51-P" y , I - I I ., ' r F THE ALTO AND THE SOPRANO SECTIONS of the A Cappella Choir at the regular Wednesday evening rehearsals. BACK ROW-Linda Hird, Joan Ransom, Beverly Brock, Margaret Cooney, Carol Lane. FOURTH ROW-Beverly Genereux, Joan Chrostowski, Sally Michaelonick, Rosamond Gardner, Dawn Thurston, Sheila Howe, Kathryn Ormsby. THIRD ROW-Marilyn Bayer, Margaret Kehoe, Priscilla Buinicky, Joan Whitcomb, Patricia Landry, Janet Stearns, Jane Story, Carol Rund, Judy Arlin. SECOND ROWAJoAnne Mackie, Ann Densmore, Sandra MacBain, Mary Monetta, Janet McCusker, Jean Griswold, Betty Sanders, Carol Couture, Katherine Maclver, Iona Sweet, Janice McNamara, FIRST ROW-Joyce Colby, Margaret Hale, Joyce Bennett, Betty Voudrien, Gail McKee, Cynthia Talbert, Lenore Moody, Patricia Ross, Charlotte Savage, Mary Burke, and Pianist-Sally-Jayne Maranville. 23 ,Q 1 9.9 3 ,v I r 0 ff ! Yip . 5 nv . ., l""f'1 1 ns x ' if E A 1'- fQ ' .' 1,1 X 51 hezaatiw 2 5 i s 3 5 i 1 A + F 5, ,,-,f:v.vuu?x'3ul ' I: ' fvv-f'g""f1'f"r"""7"4 vw:- A . If Y! S 'Tm Na C 'Q 'El li? I .Z Wli 111 3 1 Ut 'x Ve'- 5 1 4: 4 1 1 I Wa.. lakx I U f'?vz,4 70d4 Deanna 740 I 4' K x N, ffl I FJ 'slwgswiw Sv. J ' I-.Je s I L we rosa! I' ,nv-4 'ITHE LITTLE DOG LAUGHEDH-Edward Hill, John Tucker, ond Bor- boro Gellis. "He'II let you know in The morning. With Ted's business know-Iwow ond Sid's selling, you Two should moke G mini." JUDITH NAHIL AND EDWARD HILL. "Now, I'll give you the Zom- browski Ink Blot Test-io discover your deeper personality." .0 'Q ui: .H , Qw- 26 74e Deane 7oSee4 71' Vdeale,-4ndS S z JOY MACKIE AND JUDITH NAHIL. "And Nike fha? foolish Thing Off your hec1d"IIl CAROL JARVIS, grcnd"l!I 27 r I RICHARD SUMNER, AND JAY MACKIE. "lsn'Y he 5 l- ' Owzfawuzeq Weill' 71:44 THE JUNIOR LIBRARIANS-who give invaluable aid to students, help in clerical work, and learn to repair books-Beverly Brock, Carol Morin, Margaret Cooney and Sally-Jayne Moranville, Anne Provencher, Jane AIIen, Miss Leona Trembley and Suzanne Crosby, Marjorie Kehoe, Sandra Kirn, Sarah Trembley. We.,- AT THE FILE CABINET, the heart of any library-Lois THEIR WORK COMPRISES MANY TASKS-replacing books Dudley and Anne Provencher. on the shelves, typing cards and cataloging new books- Beverly Brock, Sandra Kirn and Margaret Cooney. 28 my-V., ' s ' 7. 7maeL- THE WEEKLY BANKING PERIOD in coniunction with a Iocol bank, carried on by-Bernard Fairbanks, Robert Bosley, Richard Magoon, Wilbur Drake, George Call, Virginia Gilchrist, Bonnie White, Gloria Williams, Stanley Mozden, Mark Richmond, David Batchelder, Karen Grethe, Eleanor Hilliard, Marion Rowell, Clyde Patridge, Ruth Price, Barbara Young, Sandra McBain, Fay Drake, Kenneth Cox, Donna Brewer, Rebecca Mark, Helen Patrick, Dale Knowlton, Patty Rice, Jane Story, Marilyn Garceau, Catherine Paradise, Lillian Hanson, and Patricia Jerard with Harry Moore, Advisor. ,Z-1-12 ' I fat -K a The week's deposits are banked by David Wilson and William Picknell as teller, Barbara Kratovich smiles a greeting. , R f' 1 1. xg g Q .- 'fi""'I"2'II M.. .W ,,.r J E, ima fcwmfwmwi- 5 A :m.'w::.": anim,-pw.-fluhm V N A My M: , ,H . 5 , Q .PN . , - . , i ,. .iz4:.:u..1'W , -, - flllfllblg sggggg uit' i -f f ""d""' is 'xx .4...E'Z."Z'.wu f , Emi .U-mar an f f --. i 1 1 4. f 1 I.. ian-.isinn M ,W inf-punt. 'kb 1517 JIIVIG .A.,, k THE CLAREMONT SAVINGS BANK in its window display encourages thrift under school auspices. 29 Z 74a Q 70664 14 7n ZL THE JUNIOR DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLASS Iisiens to words of advice from Patricia Ross, Jane Adams, Shirley Buinicky, Roger Dearborn, Virginia Green, Helen Hawkins, Richard Haines, Richard Strout, and GIoris LemrgIin I I 5 13 iii? IN ACTION Shirley Buimcky urrrxnqes ri dothing rock PARTICIPATING IN THE DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION PRO- durinq I10rlt:UUIrxr f1IIcrn0on ioh In NewIN:rry'5. GRAM, Kf'IWIIf'II'I Moore and Robcri PeIIon ai work in The Firsl National Store. fill Ward Warsaw Og Saw ,-hd Z9 ' ,- w.,g'-wi E' wa N t T. 5 CLERICAL WORK TOO has its place in the Distributive CAREFUL INVENTORY I5 TAKEN by Jgne Adgmg perform Education Program as demonstrated by Patricia Ross ing her fqgks of Newberfyg, at work at Keating's Insurance Company, '7' 55+ RT .. THE SENIOR DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLASS-Francis Adams, Robert Pelton, Stanley Sucharzewski, Kenneth Moore, Elsie Prozza, and Richard Breed follow closely as Anne Provencher demonstrates the intricacies of a cash register. 31 74:54 4. f U J I FASHIONS FOR SLEEP are dispIayed af the fashion show by Joyce Penniman and Nancy Cone. r i 111- - - -f,,, N 4 mn lla 41-:A ,iw mn. aff ' gfome- ' Ia, Ps I1'fi,'-f-:iv-1 ,Q - K I xy' x 'I X If I S I ' . LES4 Z , I I " Q, 5 fl I 4 Q' 1 s . t K , N' f ' N , X K 'I :I It Q X 1 Z ,, Y' x X 1 Ayfiii- 59511. 2 'i?'T'4.':2 I W5,,y if. if. -. efhg y , .- 1 yr ,' wars -R ,Q ..,.'x, 3 Y THE ANNUAL HOME ECONOMICS EXHIBIT is held in May. Here, TasTefuIIy displayed, are arrangements of skilled work done by girls of the department. CLOTHES FOR COMFORT at the fashion show are modeIed by Barbara HaII and Linda L'Heureux. V115 fgddat ' 74: 7aL'wze f K 1-,.i3giL9Zf?5f-' " - vie! I Q. , - . V K , sw: wir? 9571 W-7W!?'1""" . iff ree- X T. .. , -at i fell, ,. .- H I 4 -- -- n ,- 1 I I ...,. , . f ,f . .. . .X . THIS EXHIBIT IS ON DISPLAY IN THE MUSIC ROOM. A supper is generally served to parents and friends in the school cafeteria before the fashion show and exhibits. AN INVITING TABLE GRACIOUSLY SPREAD tempts the graduates of Stevens and St. Mary's. Sf 'N ---. AT THE SENIOR TEA attended by graduates of Stevens and St. Mary's are Barbara Gellis, Marilyn Loomis, and Doryrine Czechowicz. Ame sm. we 43? In ' 74e77 5 ' ' ajadwelfdom . io' THE ANNUAL MANUAL ARTS EXHIBIT is held in the gymnasium in May. Here is seen an excellent display of the skilled work done by high school students under professional supervision. At a State Exhibit held lost year severol of these pieces won prizes for outstanding craftsmanship, mum slung Luvnlwptlunnuuuuuxhlk U Inu t u ll M' 3 4 '74eqfm.,,f:vwf.,w ' mwwsm THE ANNUAL ART EXHIBIT held in coniunction with the display of the Manual Arts and the Home Economics Departments to show the talent and accomplishments of Junior High students in the Art Departments. 5 i JY ,, 1 ,Y 'YZ XY! 4 .I P' 'T ' T , 1' V ,J-5 35 f-fa ,4fnaqa,! mwf?9ac2n MMIII THE JUNIOR PRCM IS THE YEAR'S OUTSTANDING SOCIAL EVENT, CoIIeer1 Harrigan, Katherine Moclycr, Raymond Keofing, Anne Provencher, and Sandro Kim. STUDENTS AND INVITED GUESTS enIoyfl'1e gulo decorations at the cmnunI .Iunior Prom. 345 THE CROWNING OF THE JUNIOR PROM QUEEN, Margaret Cooney, by Mrs. Edgar L. Lord, wife of the principal of Stevens High School, climaxes the evening's ies- fivities. Zoamf , YQ' THE GRAND MARCH AT THE JUNIOR PROM with Beverly Brock, Randall Park- er, Myri1fiWc1rlc, EdvvordLeClair, Cynilwia Talbert, Bruce Kirn, Koilwerine Mcclver, Harry Doten, Margaret Cooney, Don Fletcher, Elaine Carpenter, and George Touchcrtie. Xp' . 1 'sash 247 mmM.,,w 64 4 THE STEVENS SCIENCE FAIR HELD BY THE CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS DEPARTMENTS-o group of visitors examines one of the iiisploys carefully as Charles Rouillard demonstrates. I .kJ - """Nfv:." 'Mfr , 4Q'f,-,zgvn-,,,"S3. ,W ,R , ly- "S- 1,-, A 1 SPECIFIC GRAVITY AS MEASURED BY A HYDROMETER with stu- dents Lynn Bloisdell, Cynthia Talbert, and physics instructor Horry Moore. THE MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE OF SIMPLE MACHINES demon- strated hy physics student, John Young,to onlookers. s., Z THE TRANSMISSION OF SOUND VIA LIGHT WAVES Clemon- strated to instructor Harry Moore by William Smith as students John Young, Bruce Wilson, ond University of New Hompshire visitor, David Penniman loolc on. lt I vs Q M , .QA Wmwrjwn Q ' 74eD af ' euwlifeafthf Zpodcu THE TRACK TEAM with: Mr. George Disnard, coach, Dominic Zotto, Roger Srrout, Michael Zotto, Chcirles Michalenoick, Paul Dansereau Robert Larurnie, Brian Bogle, Stanley Liirnhru, Michael Weiner, Bruce Kirn, Ronald Petrin, Philip Gilbert, manager. llineelinglz Charles Fletcher, Ronald Chrostowski, Dick Sanders, Otis Lane, Roy Denault,Art PROPER STANCE IN HURUNG THE JAVELIN is demonstrated by senior Paul Danseruau. 40 Dione, Lou Riviezzo, Alan Roffmon, Paul Morro. THE HURLING OF THE DISCUS, an age-old sport, is to teammates by thrower, Ronald Chrostowski. demonstrated 1 ' azasteadqiaaaeontie 1,13 ae' .fi ll IIUI f ll 9l'1 B llll Nl Yill K9 THE CROSS COUNTRY TRACK TEAM ready for action. 3RD ROW: Philip Gilbert, Alan Schneider, Gerald McNamara, Ervin Landry, Robert Hart, John LaRoache, Lealand Hentschel, Peter Gauthier, Kendall Packard, Charles Fletcher, Philip Barton, Kenneth Cox. 2ND ROW: Lawrence Whittemore, Paul Marro, Bruce Kirn, Charles McKee, Coach George Disnard, Charles Michalenoick, John Young, Stanley Lumbra. IST ROW: Frank Richmond, Ronald Bastian, David Thompson, Robert Evans, David O'Haire, Carl Couture, Roger Strout, All-an Roffman. THE STEVENS' THIN-CLADS IN ACTION-Stanley Lumbru, Michael Zotto, and Bruce Kirn. I 1 . at ag. 1 K . THE GIRLS' VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM. A successful season under a good coach with Jane Story. Coach Jacqueline Terrell, Diane Spaulding, Joyce Clarke, Evelyn Perry, June Breton, Rosalind Bailey, Annette Peterson, and Marilyn Minard. THE JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM. Able supporters and replacements for the Varsity with Janet Stearns, Jane Allen, Coach Jacqueline Terrell, Kay Karnel, Carol Lane, Sue Ellen Helie, Ann McLaughlin, Eleanor Hilliard, Janice McNamara, Suzanne Crosby, Patricia Jerard, Carol Morro, Ruhama Crandall, Nancy Hackett, Sarah Hawkins, Lucille St. Cyr, Marilyn Garceau, Barbara Hall, Lindo L'Heureux, and Carol Couture. 42 'ide Aww to Wwe Sm- at 741 P , THE GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. 'IST ROW: Jo Anne Mackie, Carol Klementowicz, Evelyn Perry lco-captainl, Joyce Colby, Janice Fine, Priscilla Buinicky, Diane Spaulding Kco-captaini, 2ND ROW: Judith Ranta, Lucille McCarthy, Carol Marro, Patricia Jerard, 3RD ROW: Myrna Wark, Elaine Howe, Coach Jacqueline Terrell, Janet Lawrence, and Beverly Garceau, THE JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. 'IST ROW: Coach Jacqueline Terrell, Carol Couture lco-captaini, Martha Able lco- captaini, Suellen Helie, Nancy Dawson. 2ND ROW: Virginia Adams, Jeanne Latountain, Annette Peterson, Marilyn Underwood, Carilyn Blake, Patricia Bundy, Ruhama Crandall, Ann Atwood, Ann McLaughlin, and Priscilla Jackson. e I 43 1 2 'z44z7 um' Mapa: 1 Q , , -E14 THE VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM. BACK ROW: John Wadsworth, Louis Riviezzo, Edward Williams, Raymond Narushot, Richard Bean, Louis Lemieux, Raymond Johnson. 3RD ROW: Dolek Pilot, Norman Bresette, Gordon Gagner, Dominic Zotto, Rodney Brock, Michael Jangel. 2ND ROW: Coach Clarence Parker, Michael Zotto, James Donahue, Robert Laramie, Francis Kotomski, Charles Johnson, Alfred Nelson. IST ROW: Richard George, Wayne Stillson, Co-Captain Bruce Levesque, Co-Captain John Baldasaro, Ronald Chrostowski, Paul Dansereau, and Gale Bastian. THE STEVENS FOCTBALL SCHEDUl-E , Stevens l4 COnCOl'Cl 7 Stevens 34 Lebanon 20 'A Stevens O Keefle 12 Stevens 6 Springfield 34 Stevens O Laconia 18 Stevens 2 Windsor l.'2 Stevens i3 Newport l3 46 706z4aat A CLEAR FIELD AHEAD for James Donahue in the Stevens- on? aladkqfaded, u i gp f it F TENSE MOMENTS in the Stevens-Springfield game with Louis Riviezio carrying the bail. A COMPLETED PASS caught by Dolek Pilot in the annual clash between Springfield and Stevens. I Springfield game. Stevens 6, Springfield 34. I I 47 74a ?0uzt'o5ea6 7Zew Fktlamzdggaaazff .5 . :Egg I zz ,Q A CAREFUL EXAMINATION before attempting the slopes- LOADING THE CARS for afternoon practice or a run to Junior Ronald Agel. Mt. Sunapee Ski Area, Sophomore Richard Derosiers. DurreII. WORDS OF FINAL INSTRUCTION from ski coach, Gordon Cochran, to Donald O'Brien, Timothy Perry and Christopher W If A-a s 5. 48 ' S . 047 37644154 fflead an, J, .5 T 4, ...ef Swami?-5 a , . T' ,, . a.s5.,3k n Q., , ' of . -M 2 57- Qusgf' ' ' -A ,. ON THE COUNTRY CLUB SLOPES, THE STEVENS SKl TEAM, eager elder, Raymond Keating, William Cooney, William Smith John for another Class B Championship title-Coach Gordon Cochran, Young, Donald O'Brien, David Thompson, Christopher Deurrell Gary Gerald MacNamara, Ronald Agel, Richard Derosier, David Batch- Elmer, and Timothy Perry. BOUND FOR AN AETERNOONS PRACTICE ON THE SLOPES. Excellence in this sport is the result of hours of painstaking practice under the supervision of a trained leader. "SAFETY FlRST" IS THE UNALTERABLE MOTTO ON THE SLOPES. Raymond Keating makes last minute ad iustments on his harness. is mv., "Ne s, Q ' Dt' NA 4' 5 ,,.,, K all f."'f'x. Wm. New QNX 'Xa ? '7n79 ' 14 "7o4tn4.4' ', CHEERFUL AND HAPPY AFTER A SUCCESSFUL SEASON, the var- sity baseball team: BACK ROW, Manager, Theodore Hopkins, John Rouillard, Wayne Bedard, Wayne Stillson, Sidney Gold, Charles Johnson, Dolek Pilot, Marshall Chrostowski, James Donahue, Francis Kotomski, Rodney Brock, John Baldasaro, Coach Clarence Parker, FRONT ROW, Roderick Storey, Charles Dole, Victor Bonneville, Paul Gauthier, James McLaughlin, Robert Silva, Richard Beland, and John Jones. CHARLES DOLE PREPARES FOR A CATCH in G close moment during the Stevens-Keene game, Stevens lO- Keene 3. .4 74-at Well Panache 14 3644619 7a A MOMENT OF TENSE EXPECTATION in the.Stevens Brattleboro game. Stevens I2-Brattleboro 0. THE 1955 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Windsor 5 Bellows Falls I Windsor 2 Lebanon 6 Springfield 2 Concord 4 Lebanon 2 Keene 3 Newport 5 Brattleboro 0 Brattleboro 2 Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens 2I 6 5 I2 IO 3 0 IO 4 I2 I STEVENS CRACK PITCHER, BOB SILVA at bat durmg the Stevens-Brattleboro game. 7Zat0nZqf4f74e2t77e446,?aZ M702 ' OAKOMF L M od , Karen Pedersen, Priscilla WELL-DRILLED AND DISCIPLINED TO LEAD IN DEVELOPlNG Klemenfowicz, June Breton, enore o y " ' ' ' lc P ' cillu Lesscird, Janice Blish, and Marilyn Mincrd, SCHOOL SPlRIT, The Varsity Cheer Leaders, Carol Filipowicz, Carol Bunnic y, rms wma cunflnfncf ws PHEPHRE TU cuuosfoun Pnmlcumn malls 1- 1. 4' 7h '7 . We Pzoqea' KENNETH BOARDMAN AINSWORTH "He says little but to the purpose." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4p Chorus 2,3,4, Orchestra 1,25 Ski Team 2. BETTY JEAN AMELL "One who never turned her back, but marched straight for- ward." Chorus 2,3,4p Dance Committee 3,4p Red and Black Staff 4. liiliii EDWARD K. C. ADAMS "Young in limbs, in iudgment old." FRANCIS L. ADAMS "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." Dance Committee 35 Red and Black Stal? 4. JOHN GILMAN BALDASARO "You're our envoy, lead the way and we'll follow." A Cappella Choir 45 "B" Band lg Varsity Basketball 44 Jun- ior Varsity Basketball 3, Basketball Manager 25 Varsity Base- ball 3,4y Junior Varsity Baseball 2, Chorus 3,45 Class Presi- dent 3,4, Dance Committee l,3g Varsity Football 3,45 Football Captain 4, Junior Varsity Football if National Athletic Schol- arship Society 3, Orchestra i,2,3,41 Orchestra President 3,4, All State Orchestra 3,41 Red and Black Subscription Man- ager 4. RICHARD A. BARIL "Happy-go-lucky." JOHN M. ATWOOD "Life is my college. May l graduate well and earn some honors." "A" Band l,2,3,4, "B" Band if All State Band 3, Basketball Manager l,2,3,4, Orchestra 2,3,4. ROSALIND MAY BAILEY "Calm of Mind." "A" Band l,2,3,4, "B" Band i,2g Field Hockey 2,3,4p Or- chestra l,2,3,4. l i r ll' .14 74a t7 , We S WAYNE R. BEDARD "An hour for toil, an hour for sport, but for a friend is life too short?" Junior Varsity Basketball I, Varsity Basketball 3,4, .Iunior Varsity Baseball l,2, Junior Varsity Football l,2, Red and Black Staff 4. RONALD ALLEN BELDEN "A man of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows." Assembly Committee 4, Bowling i, Chorus l,2,4, Dance Com- mittee 3, Red ond Black Staff 4. BRIAN KARL BOGLE "High-erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy." A Cappella Choir 3,4, "A" Band 4, Junior Varsity Baseball l,2, Chorus 3,4, Class Treasurer 2, Dance Committee 3, Red and Black Staff 4, Track Team 3, Voice of Stevens 2. RICHARD E. BREED "Ambition has no risk." Red and Black Staff 4. ARTHUR G. BASTIAN "As true as life and twice as natural." A Cappella Choir 4, Chorus 3,4, Dramatic Club 3, Junior Varsity Football l,2, Varsity Football 4, Orchestra i, Ski Team l,2. MARILYN BAYER "She was ever fair and never proud, had tongue at will yet was never loud." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4, Assembly Committee 4, "A" Band l,2,3,4, "B" Band l, Bowling l, Dance Committee 3, Orches- tra l,2,3,4, Red and Black Staff 4, Softball 2. JOYCE ARLENE BENNETT "Silence more musical than any song." A Cappella Choir 4, Bowling 2, Chorus l,2,3,4, Orchestra 'l,2,3,4, All State Orchestra 3, Red and Black Staff 4. LYNNE SANDRA BLAISDELL "Blessed with temper whose unclouded face can make to- morrow cheerful as today." Chorus l, Orchestra l,2,3,4, All State Orchestra 3,4, Red and Black Staff 4, Softball 2, Voice of Stevens l,2,3. RICHARD A. BURR "He's a sure card." A Cappella Choir l,3,4g Chorus l,3,4y Dance Committee 3f Red and Black Staff 4. BEVERLY EDITH BURROUGHS "Harmony with ev'ry grace plays in the portions of her face." Bowling 3,45 Chorus 3,4g Dance Committee 3,4. ELAINE F. CARPENTER "Though l am always in haste, l am never in a hurry." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4y Junior Varsity Basketball lg Chorus i,2,3,45 Field Hockey l,2i Red and Black Staff 4. HOWARD W: CARR "Life is a iest, and all things show ity l thought so once, and now I know it." 74e'7 ,wiaqqfefeaet BEVERLY JANE BROCK "To those who know thee not, no words can paint and those who know thee know all words are faint." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4f Assembly Committee 41 Varsity Bos- ketball 2, Junior Varsity Basketball lg Chorus l,2,3,4g Dance Committee 2,35 Field Hockey l,2,3,4p Junior Librarian 2,3,41 Red and Black Stat? 4g Softball l,2i Student Council 3,4. WALTER G. BROWN, JR. "Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in." ROBERT M. BUTMAN, JR. "He does unto others as he likes others to do unto him." GEORGE MYRON CALL "Sometimes witty, often bright, always treats his fellows right." 76eS Of ffanumi MARGARET MARY COONEY "Fair friend, you can never be old." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4, Assembly Committee 4, "B" Band I, Junior Varsity Basketball 2, Chorus l,2,3,4, Dance Commit- tee 2,3,4, Dramatic Club 2, Field Hockey, Manager 2,3, Junior Librarian 2,3,4, Red and Black Staff 4, Softball I, Softball, Manager 2, Voice of Stevens 3. PATRICIA ANN COURTEMANCHE "Led by simplicity divine, she pleased, and never tried to shine." Junior Varsity Basketball I, Chorus 4, Dance Committee 3,4. RICHARD L. DECAMP "The courageous captains of compliments." MARY ELLEN DECKER "She's always good-natur'd, good-humor'd and free She dances, she glances, she smiles upon me." A Cappella Choir I, Junior Varsity Basketball 'l, Bowling l,2, Chorus 2,3,4, Dance Committee 2,3,4, Red and Black Staff 4. RONALD P. CHROSTOWSKI "l know you are laughing in your sleeve." A Cappella Choir 4, Junior Varsity Baseball 2, Chorus 3,4, Dance Committee 3, Dramatic Club 2, Varsity Football 3,4, Junior Varsity Football l,2, National Athletic Scholarship Society 3, Red and Black Staff 4, Track Team 3,4. JOYCE A. CLARKE "The very pink of perfection." Assembly Committee 4, Junior Varsity Basketball l,2, Chorus l,2,3,4, Dance Committee l,2,3,4, Field Hockey, Co-Captain 4, Girls State 3, Red and Black Staff 4, Field Hockey 2,3,4. JACQUELINE M. DANIELS "To go through life without a smile, to have friends ond to be a friend." Assembly Committee 4, Varsity Basketball 3,4, Basketball, Manager 2, Junior Varsity Basketball I, Field Hockey, Man- ager 2,3,4, Red and Black Staff 4. PAUL GENE DANSEREAU "Reason and iudgment are the qualities ofa leader." A Cappella Choir 4, Assembly Committee 4, Bowling I,2,3, Boys State 3, Chorus 3,4, Dance Committee 3, Dramatic Club 3, Varsity Football 3,4, Junior Varsity Football 2, National Athletic Scholarship Society 3, Red and Black Stal? 4, Track Team 3,4. 74616 1446 '71 Om .life 740 S445 LOIS M. DUDLEY "Those about her-from her shall read the perfect ways of honour." Assembly Committee 4, Bowling if Chorus 25 Dance Com- mittee 2,3,4g Junior Librarian 2,3,4, Treasurer-Secretary 4, Red and Black' Stal? 4. LAWRENCE AYER EVANS "He possesses a pleasing and cheerful attitude." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4i "A" Band 2,3,4, "B" Band 2, Bowl- ing i,2,3,4, Chorus 2.3.4, Red and Black Staff 4. RONALD HENRY FECTEAU "His mild expression spoke a mind ln duty firm, composed, refined." Bowling 2. GLORIA LORRAINE FERGUSON "A sweet, attractive kind of grace." Bowling 3, Chorus If Dance Committee 3,4. RONALD BENJAMIN DEVOYD "Life is real, life is earnest." Varsity Football 3, Junior Varsity Football 'lg Red and Black Stott 4. HARRY G. DOTEN, JR. "Amazing one small head can carry all he knows." A Cappella Choir l,2,3,4, "A" Band i,2,3,4g "B" Band if Band, President 4, Boys State 3, Chorus i,2,3,4g Class Mar- shal i,2,3, Cross Country if Dance Committee l,2,3, Drum Maior 2,3,4p Red and Black Staff 4, Student Council 27 Track Team l,2,3,4. BERNARD G. FAIRBANKS "He has a million dollar smile." A Cappella Choir 4, Varsity Basketball 45 Junior Varsity Basketball l,2,3, Chorus l,2,3,4, Dance Committee 2, Dra- matic Club 2,3, Red and Black Staff 4. BARBARA FEARY "A horsel a horsel My kingdom for a horsel" Assembly Committee 41 Chorus l,2,4, Dance Committee 2,35 Red and Black Stal? 4. pdldd 1401! 70 211444. NATHALIE CLAIRE FOREST "Think you l am no stronger than my sex?" Dance Committee 45 Dramatic Club 2,35 Red and Black Staff 4. ROSAMOND ANN GARDNER "The mirror of all courtesy." A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 Bowling 25 Chorus 2,3,45 Dance Committee 3,45 Red and Black Staff 4. IVEING L. GILCHRIST, JR. "All mankind are my brethren." VIRGINIA ARLENE GILCHRIST "Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars." Bowling 2,3,45 Chorus 45 Dance Commitee l,2,3,45 Dramatic Club 2,35 Red and Black Staff 4. CHARLES B. FLETCHER "Generosity is the sign of a fine character." Bowling l,25 Junior Varsity Cross Country 2,3,45 Dance Com- mittee 35 Red and Black Staff 45 Track Team l,2,3,4. M. DON FLETCHER "The great hope of society is individual character." A Cappella Choir l,2,3,45 "A" Band 'l,2,3,45 .Assembly Com- mittee 45 "B" Band I5 Varsity Basketball 45 Junior Varsity Basketball l,2,35 Varsity Baseball 45 Junior Varsity Baseball 25 Boys State 35 Chorus l,2,3,45 Cross Country l,2,35 Dance Committee l,2,35 Dramatic Club 2,35 National Athletic Schol- arship Society 35 Red and Black Assistant Editor 4. AGNES HELEN GEORGE "ln good-nature nothing earthly could surpass her." Softball 3. RICHARD R. GEORGE " A sound mind in a healthy body." A Cappella Choir 45 Assembly Committee 45 Varsity Football 3,45 Junior Varsity Football 2. 1450019 74646 Some 7066! gfzdcilg 70466 PAUL E. GREENE "A lot of joy, a lot of fun5 In him we found that these both run." A Cappella Choir 45 "A" Band I,2,3,45 All State Band 35 Bowling l,25 Chorus 2,3,45 Dance Committee 35 Orchestra l,2,3,45 All State Orchestra 35 Red and Black Stott 4. DAVID J. GUILMETTE "Ay, every inch a king." A Cappella Choir 45 "A" Band 3,45 "B" Band lg All State Band 35 Bowling l,2,35 Chorus 3,45 Dramatic Club 1,25 Jun- ior Varsity Football 25 Orchestra 3,45 All State Orchestra 35 Red and Black Staff 4. KENNETH JAMES HAYES "Here is a dear and true industrious friend." A Cappella Choir 3,45 Assembly Committee 45 Chorus 2,3,45 Dramatic Club 2,3,45 Red and Black Stat? 45 Ski Team l,2. RICHARD EARL HERSOM "His success is due to constancy." SIDNEY D. GOLD "Always a good word for everyone." "B" Band ly Varsity Baseball 45 Junior Varsity Baseball l,2,35 Bowling l,2,3,45 Dance Committee 35 Red and Black Staff 4. GLORIA LUCILLE GREEN "The darling of our crew." Assembly Committee l,2,35 Varsity Basketball 2,3,45 Junior Varsity lj Cheerleader 2,3,45 Head Cheerleader 45 Chorus 2,3,45 Dance Committee 2,35 Field Hockey l,2,3. MARGARET PEARL HALE "Sober, steadfast, demure." A Cappella Choir 45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Field Hockey l,2,3,45 Softball l. COLLEEN MARY HARRIGAN "Sugar and spice and everything nice." Asembly 45 "B" Band lj Chorus 2,3,45 Dance Committee l,2,3,45 Field Hockey 25 Red and Black Stott 4. Wide Otdaa Stmnlle ?eae4t4 74am Jude. LESLIE M. JONES "l have a pleasant time with my mind, for it is happy." Red and Black Staft 4, Voice of Stevens l,2,3. RAYMOND P. KEATING "He is not merely a chip oft the old block, but the old block itself.-" A Cappella Choir i,2,3,4, Assembly Committee 4, "A" Band l,2,3,4, "B" Band 1, All State Band 3, Chorus l,2,3,4, Cross Country, Manager 3, Dance Committee i,3, National Ath- letic Scholarship Society 3, Orchestra l,2,3,4, All State Or- chestra 4, Red and Black Stott 4, Ski Team 2,3,4, Track Team, Manager 3. JOHN KOZIELL "He is blessed with a noble memory." A Cappella Choir 3,4, "A" Band 3,4, Chorus 3,4, Dramatic Club 2,3, Red and Black Staff 4. IRENE B. KUKKOLA "A face with gladness overspreadf' Red and Black Staff 4. DEMOREST BOYCE HOWARD "How charming is thy philosophy?" Dance Committee 2. CLINTON JONES "I am wealthy in my friends." A Cappella Choir 3, Chorus 3, Cross Country, Manager 3, National Athletic Scholarship Society 2, Ski Team l,2,3, Track Team, Manager 3. EDWARD BRUCE KIRN "A Politician." "A" Band 2,3,4, "B" Band l, Junior Varsity Basketball l,2, Chorus 2,3,4, Cross Country 2,3,4, Cross Country, Captain 3,4, Dance Committee 'l,2,3, National Athletic Scholarship Society 2, National Honor Society 3, Red and Black Staff 4, Student Council l,2,3,4, Student Council Olticer 2,3,4, Track Team 2,3,4. SANDRA-JEAN KIRN "The sparkle in her eyes betrays the imp within." A Cappella Choir 3, Assembly Committee 4, "A" Band l,2,3, "B" Band 1, All State Band 3, Varsity Basketball 3, Junior Varsity Basketball 2, Chorus 3,4, Dance Committee l,2,3,4, Dramatic Club 2,3, Field Hockey l,2,3, Junior Librarian 2,3,4, President 4, Red and Black Assistant Editor 4, Softball l,2, Student Council 4, Voice of Stevens 3. We in .led gy fs' BARBARA JANE I.eCl.AlR "Her good humor is certainly an asset." Junior Varsity Basketball I, Chorus 4, Dance Committee 2,3,4. GARY E. L'HEUREUX "A friendly personality." "A" Band l. HAZEL ELEANOR LONG "I will be the pattern of all patience." DOLORES THERESA LOSWICK "She's light, happy, and gay." Assembly Committee l, Bowling 2, Dance Committee 3, Voice of Stevens, Stott l. RICHARD LANDRY "Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulnessf' FRANK R. LeBLANC, JR. "Firm of purpose." . .4..,k,, llfll VR :A ,. llgrlfg if fs , L. BRUCE LEVESQUE "l am sure care's an enemy to life." A Cappella Choir 3,4, Chorus 3,45 Varsity Football 2,3,4, Football, Captain 4, Junior Varsity Football 'lp National Athletic Scholarship Society 2, Ski Team l,2, Track Team l,2,3. LINDA ANN LIZOTTE "Sweet mercy is nobility's true badge." 62 46049 7k D446 And KATHERINE M. MACIVER "A bright mind, a bright outlook, and a bright lipstick." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4, Assembly Committee 4, "A" Band i,2,3,4, "B" Band i, All State Band 4, Chorus i,2,3,4, Class Secretary 3,4, Dance Committee l,2,3,4, Orchestra l,2,3,4, Red and Black Staff 4, Softball 2. JOANNE ELAINE MACKIE "She is blessed with a cool self-confidence." A Cappella Choir 3,4, "B" Band i,2, Junior Varsity Basket- ball 2,3, Chorus l,2,3.,4, Dance Committee i,2,3,4, Softball l. MARIE L. MCCARTHY "if you want a friend that's true, I'm on your list." Varsity Basketball 2,3, Junior Varsity Basketball i, Softball i. JANET MARY MCCUSKER "She puts forth in trim array." A Cappella Choir 3,4, Assembly Committee 4, "A" Band 'l,2,3,4, Chorus l,2,3,4, Class Secretary i,2, Dance Commit- tee i,2,3,4, Drum Majorettes i,2,3,4, Head Drum Maiorette 4, Red and Black Staff 4. STANLEY ALBERT LUMBRA "God bless the man who first invented sleep." Assembly Committee 4, Bowling i,2, Cross Country l,2,3,4, Dance Committee 3, Dramatic Club 2,3, National Athletic Scholarship Society 2, Red and Black Staff 4, Ski Team 2, Student Council 4, Track Team i,2,3,4. BARBARA LOUISE LUNDGREN "A smile for all-a welcome glad." Assembly Committee 4, Bowling i,2, Chorus l,3,4, Dance Committee i,2,3,4, Dramatic Club 2,3, Red and Black Staff 4. SALLY-.IAYNE MARANVILLE "Most musical." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4, Assembly Committee 4, "A" Band lWindsorJ l, lStevensJ 2,3,4, Chorus lWindsori 1, lStevensJ 2,3,4, Dance Committee 3,4, Junior Librarian 3,4, Orchestra 2,3,4, All State Orchestra lWindsorl i, lStevensl 3,4, Red and Black Staff 4. FRED RUSSELL MARK "A kind and gentle heart he has, to comfort friends and foes." "B" Band 1, Chorus l. JACQUELINE P. MONGEON "The friend of all." Field Hockey i,2,3,45 Softball 3. KENNETH E. MOORE "The force of his own merit makes his way." "A" Band l,2,3,45 "B" Band l. HAZEL MARY OBORNE "And more than wisdom, more than wealth- A merry heart that laughs with care." A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 "A" Band l,2,3,45 "B" Band l5 Junior Varsity Basketball i5 Chorus 2,3,45 Dance Committee l,3,45 Girls State 35 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Red and Black Staff 4. HELEN MARY PATRICK "To catch the thrill of a happy voice And the light of a pleasant eye." A Cappella Choir 45 Chorus 3,45 Dance Committee 2,3,4. Wianq 7a 'kat Om 701140: GAIL FRANCES McKEE "A merry heart that laughs at care." A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 Assembly Committee 45 "B" Band lg Chorus 2,3,45 Dance Committee 2,35 Dramatic Club 25 Girls State 35 Orchestra i,3,45 Red and Black Stal? 45 Voice of Stevens 4. MARILYN M. MERCIER "YesI yesl she has a happy disposition." Chorus l,25 Dance Committee 2,3,45 Red and Black Staff 4. DIAN CDINIJ MORRISON "A dish fit forthe gods." A Cappella Choir 45 Assembly Committee 45 Cheerleader l lSt. Francis Academyl5 Chorus l lSt. Francis Academyl, 3 lStevensl5 Dance Committee 2,3,45 Red and Black Staff 45 Softball 2. MARGARET PAULINE MURRAY "Her open eyes desire the truth, The wisdom of a thousand years is there." "A" Band 2,3,45 "B" Band l,2,35 Band, Librarian 2,3,45 Chorus lp Orchestra 2,3,45 Orchestra, Librarian 35 Red and Black Staff 4. Quai 74 .lead 714 ffwmq. DAVID LORENZO PERRY "T'is wel-I to be merry and wise,-T'is well to be honest and true." A Cappella Choir 4, "A" Band 3,4, All State Band Manager, Chorus 3,4, Dramatic Club 3, Orchestra 3,4, All State Orchestra Manager, Ski Team 3. BRYCE PIERCE, JR. "He is a man of splendid abilities." Dramatic Club 3,4. l JOAN ANN RANSOM "She doeth little kindnessess which most leave undone." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4, Assembly Committee 4, Secretary, "A" Band l,2,3,4, Chorus l,2,3,4, Dance Committee 2,3, Drum Maiorette i,2,3,4, Head Maiorette 4, Girls State 3, Red and Black Staff 4. CHARLES EDWARD ROUILLARD "Some think the world was made for fun and frolic,-And so do I." Bowling 3, Dance Committee 2,3, Dramatic Club 3. CATHERINE GINE PEDERSON "As pure as a pearl-And as perfect a noble and innocent girl." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4, "A" Band l,2,3,4, Junior Varsity Basketball 2, Chorus i,2,3,4, Dance Committee l,2,3,4, Dramatic Club 3, Drum Malorette l,2,3,4, Head Drum Mai- orette 4, Red and Black Staff 4. ROBERT W. PELTON "As merry as the day is long." Junior Varsity l,2, Cross Country 3, Track Team l,2,4. ANNE SHIRLEY PROVENCHER "Her style is the dress of thoughts." .lunior Varsity Basketball l, Bowling 2, Chorus l,2,3, Dance Committee 2,3, Field Hockey 2, Junior Librarian l,2 3,4, Orchestra l,2,3, Red and Black Staff 4, Softball 2. ELSIE ELVIRA A. PROZZO "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Dance Committee 3, Dramatic Club 2,3, Red and Black Staff 4. get 'May Wdo Wan ?aaowl 744 'hae Vncentd ALICIA A. SAMMON "I am the very pink of courtesy." Bowling I,2, Chorus 3, Dance Comittee 2,3,4. BEVERLY A. SANFORD "Her voice is very soft, gentle, and low, An excellent thing in woman." Chorus I,2,3,4, Dance Committee I,2,3,4, Dramatic Club 2,3,4, Field Hockey 2,3, Red and Black Staff 4. ROBERT E. SPRANO "On thy face I see the mark ot honour, truth, and loyalty." Assembly Committee 4. WAYNE PAUL STILLSON "I am as honest as any man living." A Cappella Choir 4, Varsity Baseball 3,4, Junior Varsity Baseball l,2, Chorus 4, Varsity Football 3,4, Junior Varsity Football I,2. THOMAS PAUL ROUILLARD "When I ope my lips, let no dag bark." A Cappella Choir 4, "A" Band 4, Junior Varsity Baseball 2, Chorus 3,4, Dance Committee 3, Red and Black Staff 4, Ski Team, Manager 3, Student Council Ofiicer 4, Track Team I. WILLIAM L. RYAN "From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot, He is all mirth." Varsity Basketball 2.3,4, Junior Varsity Basketball I, Var- sity Baseball 2,4, Dance Committee 2,3, Red and Black Staff 4, Voice of Stevens Stott I,2,3. BEVERLY ANN SEVENE "Silence more musical than any song." WILLIAM BROWNLEE SMITH "Our contribution to the Held of science." Boys' State 3, Class Treasurer I,2,4, Dance Committee 2,3, Dramatic Club I,2,4, Varsity Football 3, Junior Varsity Football 2, National Athletic Scholarship Society 2, National Honor Society 3, Red and Block Stott 4, Ski Team l,2,3,4, Student Council Member 3. my wa. Wm ,4 74, :Dum vw, STANLEY SUCHARZEWSKI "What's in a name?" FRED C. SULLIVAN "True as the needle to the pole, or as the sun to the dial," Ski Team I. CYNTHIA ESTHER TALBERT "What you are to be,-Yau are now becoming." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4, Assembly Committee 4, "A" Band l,2,3,4, "B" Band I, All State 3, Band Librarian 3,4, Var- sity Basketball 2,3, Junior Varsity Basketball I, Chorus I,2,3,4, Dance Committee 3, National Honor Society 3, Orchestra I,2,3,4, Orchestra Librarian 3,4, Red and Black Editor-in-Chief 4, Student Council 3. WAYNE B. THALASINOS "Happy, carefree, and gay,-Ne're a bitter word doth he say." ARTHUR E. STORER "Always willing and anxious to help." Bowling 2,3. P. ROGER STROUT "He hath a heart as sound as a bell." Bowling l,2, Cross Country l,2,3,4, Manager 4, Junior Varsity Cross Country I,2,3, Dramatic Club 3, Red and Black Staff 4, Track Team l,2,3,4. IONA SYLVIA SWEET "Daughter of the gods, divinely tall." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4, "A" Bond i,2,3,4, "B" Band I, Chorus 3,4, Dance Committee l,2,3, Red and Black Staff 4, ELAINE A. SWEETSER "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." A Cappella Choir i,2,3, Chorus i,2,3,4, Dance Committee 4 Red and Black Stat? 4. 'Meg 7044 Wave 1' 14:14 Wan Weeaa JOHN WADSWORTH "Everyone is his friend, and he is a friend to all." A Cappella Choir 4, Assembly Comittee 4, Junior Varsity Baseball 2, Bowling 2, Chorus 4, Dance Commitee 3, Foot- ball Manager 3,4, Red and Black Staff 4, Ski Team 2,3,4. MYRNA PATRICIA WARK "Softness and sweet attractive grace." A Cappella Choir 2,3,4, Assembly Committee 4, Basketball Manager 4, Bowling I, Chorus I,2,3,4, Dance ComTnittee l,2,3,4, Dramatic Club 2,3, Field Hockey 3, Red and Black Staff 4, Softball Manager 4. CAROL JOSEPHINE WILSON "Da you not know I am a woman?" "When l think, l must speak." Chorus I,3,4, Dance Committee 4, Dramatic Club 3, Red and Black Staff 4. ALMA LOCKWOOD WRIGHT "She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness." Assembly Committee 4, Chorus l,2,3,4, Dance Committee 3,4, Orchestra I,2,3,4, Red and Black Stalf 4. OTIS H. VAUGHN "How much more elder art thou than thy looks." Bowling 2, Red and Black Staff 4. BETTY LOU VOUDRIEN "A quiet mind makes one richer than a crown." A Cappella Choir 4, Assembly Committee 4, Basketball Manager l, Bowling 2, Chorus 3,4, Dance Committee 4. MARGIE CAROLYN WENTZELI. "A beautiful fountain of youth-That bubbles forth nothing but ioy and truth." Varsity Basketball I,2, Dance Committee 4, Red and Black Staff 4, Softball I. RONALD C. WHITTEMORE "Still waters run deep." Track Team 3, lThornton Academyl. Keg - Misa f 5'-' 1" , ,ii 'Meg 7044, qfaue .leaned 74 ?olZow 74a zulu JOHN RAWSTRON YOUNG "Every man has his fault, and honesty is his." A Cappella Choir l,2,fi,4, Assembly Committee 4, "A" Band i,2,3,4, "B" Band I, Boys State 3, Chorus l,2,3,4, Cross Country I,2,3,4, Dance Committee 1,35 National Athletic Scholarship Society 2, Orchestra l,2,3,4, All State Orches- tra 3,4, Red and Black Staff 4, Ski Team i,2,3,4, Ski Team Captain 3, Track Team l,2,3,4, ,lx f as S A X scr t :is Xcf, 5? be f'Q, ,IL We gg, sis 1 HEREBY CEIQTIFY THAT gm IDWW Kahn! JQMQQJ f6v'e1f1fWff! gf y1'0fv41frJkf1rfh2fz,fZ62 fflliff 03 ,filfnffgff 6155.7 Qilnma f A. ff Q . W 44 , , A ,gwwfzzflf 66WmlW6,f1Z14".MWMMff ,Q at Md Z9 .l-i:.,?4F5.- , ' N ES I , , ,f Q. 572 : ' 3 2' 3' Scala Z4 l 'l g' 1? ' s nwvuou X ' lass . Qi 69 me s ,-ff -mm, ew wa, me 26940, vw. 7 Wayne Lee Gray 1 ofthe Class of 1956 I 1938-1955 On the hillside, here by the grave, all is calm and serene. At the foot of the hill a car slowly motors by, hardly audible from our distant position. Flowing smoothly just beyond the road, a stream can be seen but not heard. A large maple, dressed in the dull gold of iust-after-loliage-peak-time, is silhouetted against an ancient red barn on a neighboring hillside. The very clouds seem motionless as the late-afternoon sun slips slowly from sight. The soft mass, which generously carpets the entire cemetery, cushions us as we sit. Looking at but not seeing the scene before us, we are enveloped in a sod- X .ii fl - I f -14 dened silence and a depressing loneliness. From us there is not a stir for we are deeply absorbed in thought, trying, perhaps, to garner from nature an answer for the recent tragedy or reflecting upon our feelings of the last few days. Shock at first-then sadness followed by intense grief-finally this complete emptiness and deep melancholy and the ever-present question, "Why?" But we must leave our thoughts and this lovely place, for the ride back to Claremont will be a long one, and the shadows now cover everything. M. Don Fletcher '56 70 74cm GRADUATES ARE INDUCTED INTO THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY by Willard Rollins-Jean Lambert, Arthur Dionne, John Jones, Barbara Gellis, and Carol Jarvis. THE BAUSCH AND LOMBE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCIENCE is awarded to Salufaforian Paul Gauthier by Principal Edgar L. Lord. 71 .W 7464, mee aww 74a ,,4 THE ADVANCES MADE IN MODERN MEDICINE was the timely topic chosen for the Valediciory speech by Dorynne Czechowicz, A DIPLOMA WELL EARNED is awarded To Dorynne Czechowicz by Super- intendent of Schools, F. Lester Trofron. 72 744: amq'K'noa674 '7aa7uet4:4?oa4t THE END OF FOUR YEARS OF PREPARATION QS Joy Mocicie receives her diploma from Superintendent of Schools, F. Lester Trofton, A TEA FOR THE SENIORS was given by the Home Economics Department- Robert Townsend, Joan Murphy, Arthur Dionne, Judith Nchil, John Tucker Marie Dion, ond Martha Thompson. 73 and Simonds. ml- 1655, E, sf" I Q18 PETER, PETER, PUMPKIN EATER, ihe floor of the class of 1939 i THE WEEK-END ALL LOYAL ALUMNI LOOK FORWARD TO-Cn exhibit of historical interest to graduates in the windows cf Houghion nk eeping with iheme of nursery rhymes. l'1' . I. ...nllilm 74 ef? W ,.. W' T7 7"'fxxfx!-. . we yy U UM 3 t lllllllllllllllllll A MERRY OLD SOUL WAS HE-OLD KING COLE-the float of the class of 1929. HERE WE GO AROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH-the float of the class of l94I passes down Pleasant Street during the annual Alumni Day parade. l l 75 ALL COPY FOR THE l956 EDITION OF "THE RED AND BLACK" is prepared by the typing stafl-Ibackl Betty Amell, Nathalie Forrest, Rosamond Gardner, Joyce Bennet, Margaret Murray, Catherine Pedersen, Joan Ransom, Mariorie Wentzell, Irene Kuklcola, Myrna Wark Anne Provencher, Carol Wilson, Marilyn Mercier, Sondra Kirn. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SPONSORSHIP CAMPAIGN IN RED AND BLACK HISTORY was carried on by this staff under the sponsorship of John Sideris-istandingi Ronald Belden, Bernard Fairbanks, Kenneth Hayes, Sidney Gold, Stanely Lumbra, Richard Burr, Brian Bogle, Paul Greene, Thomas Rouillard, John Young, Raymond Keating, Lawrence Evans, Charles Fletcher, and IseatedI Beverly Brock, Marilyn Bayer, Roger Strout, Diana Morrison, Carol Wilson, Myrna Warlc, Barbara Feary, and Jacqueline Daniels with Advisor John Sideris. it V ,N V it il Fl tif if , ii: 76 RECEIVING INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE I956 ISSUE, THE RED AND BLACK ART STAFF-Len Winsor IAmerican Yearbook Representa- tivei, Wayne Bedard, John Koziell, Mary-Ellen Decker, Barbara Lundgren, Sally-Jane Maranville, Hazel Obarne, Margaret Cooney, William Smith, Don Fletcher, Alma Wright, Bruce Kirn, Richard Breed, David Guilmette, Sandra Kirn, Cynthia Talbert, Sandra Blaisdell, Ronald Chrostowski, Otis Vaughn, Paul Dansereau, Ronald DeVoyd, Elaine Carpenter, Joyce Clarke, Colleen Harrigan, and Normand Paquefte, Advisor. THEIR JOB IS TO SELL THE RED AND BLACK WITHIN THE SCHOOL-THE RED AND BLACK SUBSCRIPTION STAFF-John Baldasaro Elaine Sweetzer, Beverly Sanford, Janet McCusl4er, Gail McKee, and Lois Dudley. I aww 77 The Staff of the I956 "RED AND BLACK" wishes to acknowledge with gratefulness the excellent cooperation of the merchants of Claremont, and the friends and alumni of Stevens High School who have made possible our yearbook publication. Special thanks go to Jack Titchen for his continued help in obtaining the pictures of athletic events. Adam Electronic, lnc. Kenneth Agan's Barber Shop Agel-Carman Furniture Co. Aiken Construction Co. Fred Allen, Jeweler American Legion Auxiliary, Claremont Unit 29 American Legion Post 29 American Plate Glass Co. Arco Oil Co. Arel Bras. Furniture 81 Upholstery Phil Ariali Atkinson-Davis Corporation The Great Atlantic 81 Pacific Tea Company Mr. and Mrs. John H. Atwood Avenue Repair Shop L, G. Balfour Ring Co. Barb's Beauty Shop Barnes, Rouillard, 8- McPherson, lnc. O. H. Beauregard, Real Estate 81 Contractor Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Belden Ben's Market Berkeley Stores, lnc. Blewitt's Service Station Blondin Funeral Home Boardway 81 Cowles George Boccia's Fruit Store Bonnie Beauty Salon Dr. H. D. Bourdon Bourdon's New Haven Mattress Mfg. Co. Breault's General Store Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Breed Broad Street Inn Brodeur's Washing Machine Repair Service Brooks Express Bucko's Pharmacy Buena Vista Dairy Bar Burbee's Garage, lnc.-Ford Dealers Burbee's Nash Sales 8- Service Bush Music Studio Camera Shop of Hanover, Inc., Savings Bank Building. Claremont, N. H. Caron Brothers Grocery C. Warner Carpenter, Windsor Ave., Claremont Carroll's Cut-Rate Cosmetics Catholic Daughters of America Central Beef Co. Charlie's Shell Service Station E. T. Chase Motor Sales, Hudson Chateau School of Music Claremont Army 81 Navy Stores Claremont Bowling Lanes-A. 8- J. Shostak Claremont B.P.O.E. 879 Claremont Cleansers, Inc. and Shirt Launderers Claremont Coca Cola Bottling Co. Dealer Claremont Compressed Steel Co.-Always Buying Light Iron and Tin Claremont 81 Concord Railway Claremont Cooperative Bank Claremont Drive-ln Theatre, lnc. Claremont Emblem Club 26 Claremont Federated Business and Professional Women's Club Claremont Finance Corporation Claremont Fire Department Claremont Furniture Co. Claremont Grange No. 9 Claremont Heel Co. Claremont Motor Co., lnc. Claremont National Bank Claremont Paper Mill Claremont Pharmacy Claremont Police Department Claremont Rotary Club Claremont Savings Bank Claremont Steam Laundry 81 Sanitone Dry Cleaners Claremont Waste Manufacturing Co. Claremont Woven Label Co., lnc. Class of I957 Class of i958 Class of 1959 Clyde 81 Kit's Esso Service Colonial Hotel Connecticut Valley Electric Co., lnc. Corner Bookstore Cote's Grill Courtemanche T. V. Sales 8- Service Dr. Marcel D. Coutu, Optometrist Coy Paper Company Dr. Irving Crandall Ralph V. Crosby Cross 81 Currier Manufacturing Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Currier Albert L. Cushion Agency, Inc. D .W. Cushion Insurance Agency Mr. and Mrs. Arnold D. Cutting Dade Sundial Shoes D'Amante's Fruit Store Dan's Shoe Service Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Daniels DanieI's Toggery Shop Dansereau's Gulf Station Dartmouth Woolen Mills, Incorporated Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Davis Davis 8. Symonds Lumber Co. C. E. Densmore Co., Wholesale Grocers Dr. Porter C. Dexter Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dillon Paul Dion's Barber Shop Dion's Supermarket Merrill Dodge, Real Estate Don's Market Mr. and Mrs. David L. Donovan J. Dickert Donovan Elite Beauty Shop Endicott-Johnson Shoe Co. Esersky's Hardware and Plumbing Supplies Dr. Joseph Esersky Dr. P. D. Estabrook, D. C. Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Evans Mrs. Charlotte H. Fairbanks Fairlea Farms Dairy The Fashion Shop, Mary Bosley Nelson C. Fought Co. Mr. and Mrs. Adelard Fecteau Dr. William Ferriter First National Stores M. H. Fishman Co. Fiske Free Library Fieldheim Lodge l59, Scandinavian Fra Mr. and Mrs. Merton Fletcher W. J, Fluette General Store Fluette Oil Co. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Forest Sr. Foster Beef Co. Frances Beauty Shop Frances Stores Frederick's Compliments of a Friend Gardner's Welding Service General Automatic Products Co., Inc. Ray Genereux Real Estate Agency Gene's Supermarket Mr. Alfred L. George Get The Best-Get Sealtest Gilbert 8: Weston Insurance, Inc. J. P. Goddard Bakery Company Godek's News Shop 81 Fountain Service Mr. and Mrs. Julius Gold-Class of '28 The Gown Shop-Rose M. Riley Goyette Appliances Greenwood's Atlantic Service Station Hadley 8- Son Lumber Co. Lester Hale, Plumbing Service Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamilton Hardy Brothers, Builders Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harrigan H. D. Harris Co. Harry's Shoe Barn Bernard P. Haubrich, M.D. Leonard Haubrich, V.M.D. Small Anima Wilson R. Haubrich, V.M.D. Large Anim Helie's Market David Heller Company ternity of America I Division al Division Lawrence A. Hicks, Representing A. M. Kidder 8m Co., Members New York Stock Exchange Highway Lunch Dr. Deane A. Hilliard Dr. Ray K. Hodgkins Holland Furnace Co. H. P. Hood Sr Sons, Inc. Dr. A. R. Horne Hornick's Jewelry Houde's Barber Shop Houghton 8. Simonds Arthur E. Howe, Class of l906 Howe Motor Co., Inc. Hunt's Service Station Duncan U. Hunter, Earthmoving Contractor A. 81 A. J. Hutcheon, lnc. Ideal Laundry Idlenot Dairy l.0.0.F. Jake's Dinette Jim's Y.D. Station J. C. Johnson Lumber Co. Jones Express Jones Food Shoppe Josten's-Len Winsor, Representative Joy Manufacturing Company Keating insurance Incorporated Dr. Charles F. Keeley KimbaIl's Inc. - J. H. Kiniry Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kirn Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Konstanty Koziell Dr. Stanley J. Kuk La Deau's Furniture Shop Lambert's Toy Castle Dr. A. J. Landry Omer F. Landry, Plumbing 81 Heating Latchis Theater The Laundromart Lawrence Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. John H. Leahy Mr. and Mrs. George D. LeClair Sr. LeLoup's Flowers B. R. Lewin, M.D. O. H. Lewis Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Lord Lorraine's Beauty Shoppe Ludlow Rubber Co. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Lumbra J. R. MacDonald Dr. and Mrs. Colin A. Maclver Mackintosh Inc., Insurance Magnet Theatre Marion's Apparel Shop N. C. Marro, Heating and Plumbing Marshall Insurance Agency Marshall's Market George E. Mathews 81 Son, Electricians Robert G. Maxfield, M.D. Mayfair Restaurant McBride Car and Home Supplies Mr. and Mrs. Henry McCusker 1 i James McCusker The Men's Shop Merit Clothing Company Milt's Market Hotel Moody Loyal Order of Moose i2Oi Women of the Moose, Claremont, N. H. Melodie Morrill's Dance Studios Mountain View Market Joe Mozewko's Store For Everything Musical-The Music Box J. J. Newberry Co. Dr, Francis H. Nolin O'Brien's Moving 8- Storage Service "Formerly C. E. Kelton" Douglas E. Page, General Contractor Pappas Greenhouses Parisian Dry Cleaning Co. Dr. F. C. Parmenter, Chiropractor Paul's Shoe Store Peoples National Bank E. C. Peterson F. K. Phillips Compliments of Mrs. Marion Phillips Pleasant Restaurant Polish-American Citizens Club Powers Shoe Co., Inc. Presto Grain Co. Farmer Putnam's Gardens 81 Greenhouses Queen Shop, "Country Store Clothes" Quimby 8- Quimby lnc. Rand, Ball, 8. King Co. Rand's News Depot Reed Bros. Equipment Co.-John Deere Sales 81 Service Dr. Herman Rice, Optometrist Ring's Barber Shop Rock-A-Bye Baby Shop Rogers Motor Co. Rowe-Genereux, lnc. "Uncle Karl" Rund Sammon's Taxi Service Sawchik's Market Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Schneider John Scobl, Contractor Schnyer's Auto Body Shop Sears Roebuck and Co. Sherwin-Williams Co. Shulins Sig's Restaurant Silhouette Beauty Salon Simms Motor Company Simoneau's Market Skill's Barber Shoppe James D. Skillen, M.D. Smalley's Electric Service Smith Auto Sales Co., Inc. Smith's Studio, Photographer for the "Red and BIack" S. 81 O. Oil Co., lnc. Dr. Pauline Spear The Sportsman's Store Stan's Supermarket Standard Automotive Stores Dr. C. M. Stearns Stevens Drug Store Stevens Greenhouses Stevens High School Alumni Association Stevens High School Student Council The Caroline Stoughton Bookshop Dr. W. F. Stuart Style Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sullivan-Best Wish of i956 Super-Duper Sweeney's lnc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Sweet Taft Bros, Texaco Service Station Ralph H. Tenney, Rurlgas Service es to the Class R. Theodore Inc.-Distributors of Chiquita Bananas Mr. and Mrs. Merton E. Thompson Ray E. Titus, Machine Shop Work Tony's Pizzeria Tot and Teen Shop Mr. and Mrs. F. Lester Trafton Tremont Cate Trottier's Radio 81 T V Service Tumble lnn Diner United Steelworkers of America, C.l.O. Local No. 2944 United Tool and Stamping Co. Utilgas Corp.-Claremont Gas Bi Light Co. Valley Clothing Co. Valliere Rexall Drugstore Vanity Beauty Salon Veteran's Cleaners, lnc. Oliver Lacasse Auxiliary, V. F. W. Oliver Lacasse Post 808, V. F. W. Wadleigh's Market Wainshal Furniture Co. Mr. and Mrs. F. Earle Wark Way School Parent-Teacher Association Western Auto Associate Store Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Whittemore Wild Goose Lodges at Lake Sunapee Wilfred Beauty Salon William T. Wilmot D.M.D. The Winner Hotel The Woman's Shop Gary Wood's Texaco Station Woodman Chapter 26, Order of the Eastern Star F. W. Woolworth Co. World War Mothers, Chapter 4 Double You Tee Ess Vee Mr. and Mrs. John H. Young Ted Yurek's Shell Chateau MT- FPQE NDL11 X mv- oe sane ,X Y, 9990 i ' .,-rf' VX F0 Q0 07' 5 011 Q, ? 3 4 ' x CJxos'9ch Y. n sd' ENQIISL Scnewt 40 Commzpcuu CS' NHUUQI HW CH OS. 055 UNT Ry Nj LH seam X591-'i""fm.w A715774 7X!X'X SHOP A'-EKTNESS Bw oo? 04 A ' 4 QXWC 75 , , ' , QQOU' HONOR - E476 5,1 , ' ' A A mnvn50og AA L. KH L 65 8 9 H35 ' ' ji , 01 , Lg, if Q 9 . V w 6 c9 X99 4 - uf TRY W HQQQW C14E S IQ I A QfQ5' QP? g M, 760 A xx ' I' .V-. -H 4 b V K, ' h , , CA' mfr E- V 7 . Y Q I . V me QQ, V b J' Mf SWLL 3 Q mo PROM

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