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r 4 2 0 3 Q 0 3 9 fl M X Q 52 if ,pf ' 'V D N A E i-4 ., 'Y' in :E 0 fl 6 Z5 Rr . g W W in Em im E DEDICATION MR. F. LESTER TRAFTON To Mr. F. Lester Trafton, the Superintendent of schools in the City of Claremont, in recognition of his outstanding achievement as an educator and administrator, with appreciation of his friendship for students and teachers alike, the yearbook staff respectfully dedicates the 1952 issue of the Red and Black. 2 Mr. Edgar L. Lord, Mr. Stephen A. Doody Assistant-Principal Principal I To the members of the Class of 1952: It is a real pleasure to greet you upon the completion of your high school course and to join with your parents and friends in congratulating you. A While it is no longer an uncommon event for a young person to graduate 'from high school, we are still far from the goal of at least a high school diploma for every American boy and girl. It does mean, however, that you have had the farsightedness to realize that one must have an education in this day and age in order to compete for the more important types of work. For those who plan to go on to some post-secondary institution I hope that your plans may be fulfilled even if you have to wait until you have completed your tour of military duty. To those who plan to go to work at once or to enter the Armed Forces I hope that you may find the kind of employment which will give you a successful life of satisfaction and service. All of us who care for Stevens appreciate your cooperation and your Willingness to work for the good of the school. Sincerely yours, 42. Principal 3 Alice Schriber Stenography, Typing, Office Practice Marguerite Honadel Spanish, Modern Euro- pean History, General Business Training Regina Thornton Distributive Education Dorothy Kuzmich Secretary Leona Tremblay Librarian Irma Willey Latin, English I 4 .fi-'51 hw kv QI I-z mgfw' Mitchell Spiris Typing, Economics Commercial Law, Bookkeeping Albert Gauthier French Walter E. Miner Woodwork Milford R. Osgood Woodwork - Normand Paquette English IV Stanley Ursprung U. S. History Harry W. Moore Physics, Physical Geography, General Mathematics, Visual Aids Mabel Johnson Home Economics Joseph Littlefield Driver Education Robert E. Hadley Machine Shop Aletha Childs History of Civilization, Geometry Walter Paskevich Music Supervisor 6 Willard D. Rollins Algebra June Bucko English II Wayne S. Gray English III Aubrey Brier English I Marguerite Foley Home Economics John M. Hibbard Biology, Sociology 7 Clarence P. Parker Physical Education Lucia Kibby Physical Education xiii" Marilyn Decorating Phil, Me and My Shadow l What a man! ! ! anal 49 4 - football Dance ' 1 I If 'X W 2 W if Q, Y-v 5 ',I C f ' flaxx ......D.D Co JL, -1 . ' X ' my 1 A 'tv ,sr mx W Jynwf 439 , ff 745: N f , , V 4 xi' , Q ' C. Y ' M ,rrl , li ,El I J fi ' it I , mix -. A TSI'- xl uf . f-1 H' ,1 fl! ,-I ' i ,nf f. F i- X Y "nl-' V X J. ! W , l 9 ARTHUR W. BAILEY Small but always there . . . handiman on the trumpet . . . from Cornish . . . one of the bus commuters. "A" Band l,2,3,43 "B" Band 13 Chorus 3,43 Orches- tra 2,3,-'lj JOHANNA MAR Y BALDASARO Jo and her magic violin . . . doubles as baritone horn player in the band . . . loves baseball, especially the Red Sox. A Capella Choir 1,2,3,43 "A" Band 3,41 "B" Band 23 Bowling Team 2,3Q Chorus 1,2,3,4Q Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Softball 33 JOHN PAUL fBAPTISTA Small but potent . . . always busy about many things . an interested D. E. student . . . works in First National. Bowling Team 23 Cross Country Team l3 Distributive Education 3,43 Hi-Y 1,23 F. WAYNE BARTER The soul of eiliciency . . . convincing salesman . . . agent for Photographer . W. . drives a "Bel-Air." Class Play 13 Distributive Education Club 4g Class President 1,23 Red and Black Staff 43 Student Council 1,22 Voice of Stevens 3 CAssistant Editorj, 4 CEditor- in-Chiefjg Model General Assembly, Plymouth 33 MARILYN J. BARTON Quiet but loves a good joke . . . part-time salesgirl in Fishman's . . . wears a diamond, third finger left hand. Chorus 2,3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Home Economics Club 45 10 ROBERT BEAUMAN Tall and lanky . . . has a wispy mustache . . . drives a red Ford convertible . . . wears cowboy boots. Distributive Education Club 3, 45 ROBERTA A. BELAIR Another of Mr. Paskevich's violinists . . . always comes through with an "A" . . . part-time salesgirl in F ishman's. A Capella Choir 1,2,3,4g Bowling Team 1,23 Chorus 1,2, 3,43 Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 1, Voice of Stevens 45 HAZEL ELIZABETH BERG One of our students from Unity . . . loves horses and is an excellent rider. Home Economics 3, 4, PHILIP GLENN BRIGGS Quiet and reliable . . . talented artist . . . drives black Pontiac . . . helps father run business. Baseball 4g Red and Black Staff 45 WILLIAM SOMERS BRODRICK One of the football boys . . . lends his fine voice to the choir . . . one of the tall boys and a polished gentleman. A Capella Choir 3,4g Basketball Manager 33 Baseball 43 Chorus 2,3,4g Football 3,45 Football Manager 25 Hi-Y 1,23 J. V. Baseball 2,35 J. V. Football lg National Athletic'Scholarship Society 43 Red and Black Staff 4, Student Council 43 Vice-President 2,3,43 PAUL BROOKS You can't miss his fluorescent socks . . . often seen cruising around in large "green" boat . . . another of those flashy Junctioneer skaters. Football 43 J. V. Football 23 RICHARD HAVEN BROWN Attracted to radio engineering . . . Christmas-tree face when embarrassed . . . well known on the gridiron, diamond and hickories. I Baseball 3,43 Football 2,3,43 J. V. Basketball 23 J. V. Baseball 1,23 J. V. Football 13 Ski Team 1,3,43 Student Council 43 Treasurer 2,3,43 ' LEONA IREN E BUGBEE Swell sense of humor . . . loves good music . . . sign painter and window decorator in Fishman's Bowling Team 2g Chorus 2,3,43 Hockey 23 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Red and Black Staff 43 Secretary 23 Voice of Stevens 3,43 Home Economics Club 43 ORMAN A. BUSWELL A fine trumpeter . . . has many and varicolored sports shirts . . . is even-tempered . . . aspires to forestry. "A" Band 1,2,3,43 "B" Band 1,23 Baseball 33 Baseball Manager 23 Chorus 3,41 Orchestra 2,3,43 Ski Team 43 JOAN FRANCES CANDON Transfer from Rutland, Vt .... loves a good party . . . part-time salesgirl in Fishman's. Assembly Committee 43 Basketball 43 Voice of Stevens 43 Home Economics Club 43 12 JANET LOUISE CHAMBERLAIN Tall and sophisticated . . . has an interest in UNH . . . manages cash register in Supermarket . . . loves parties. Chorus 1,23 J. V. Hockey 1,23 Tri-Hi-Y 13 Home Eco- nomics Club 3,43 BARBARA JANE CHASE Small in stature, big in heart . . . follows the commercial course . . . one of the star skaters in the "Junctioneers." Assembly Committee 43 Bowling Team 3,41 Red and Black Staff 4g CAROLYN LOUISE CHASE Tall, good-looking girl . . . helps "Horace" keep his Plymouth going . . . plans to go to nursing school. A Capella Choir l,2,3,43 "A" Band 1,2,3,4Q "B" Band 1,22 Bowling Team 2,3 3 Chorus l,2,3,43 Red and Black Staff 43 Tri-Hi-Y lg JASON I. CHICK N. H. cross country class A champ . . . good student . . . often seen drawing cartoons . . . seldom has home- work in on time. Assembly Committee 3,43 'fA" Band l,2,3,43 "B" Band 13 Basketball 3,43 Bowling Team 2g Chorus 3,43 Cross Country Team 1,3,43 Football 43 Hi-Y l,2,3 CVice Presi- dentjg J. V. Basketball 33 J. V. Football 23 National Athletic Scholarship Society 23 Red and Black Staff 43 Track Team l,2,3,43 Voice of Stevens 43 New Hampshire State Cross-Country Champion 43 ' DONALD CLARKE Ardent nimrod . . . mathematical genius . . . good- natured subject of many jokes . . . UNH and agricul- tural course. A Capella Choir 3,43 Assembly Committee 43 Chorus 2,3,4Q J. V. Baseball 33 J. V. Football 2,33 Red and Black Staff 43 3 13 CARLTON F. COLBY From Puckershire . . . always good company . . . one of the crew-cut boys . . . is a stock-boy in Berkeleys. Student Council 1,2 CCharlestownjg Projector Club 1,2,3 CCharlestownDg HILDA J. CONVERSE Great field hockey and basketball enthusiast . . . future dietitian . . . skillful with needle and thread. A Capella Choir 3,4g Chorus 2,3,4, J. V. Hockey 1,2,3g Hockey 4, Home Economics Club 3,45 MARIA FRANCES COSTA Is bustling and talkative . . . always ready for a laugh . likes to tease and to be teased . . . clerk in Montgomery Wards. Chorus 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Home Economics Club 3,43 JAC OUEL YN T. COSTELLO Always chattering . . . rarely seen without her sidekick, Joan C . . . part-time salesgirl in F ishman's. Basketball 4, Bowling Team 1,2,3g Librarian lg Home Economics Club 3,43 ii JANE ANNE COUTURE Works in Heller's . . . sings alto in duets with twin . . . doesn't smoke but collects matchbook covers. A Capella Choir 2,3,4g Bowling Team 2,33 Chorus 1,2, f 3,45 J. V. Basketball3g Red and BlackStaff4g Tri-Hi-Ylg 14 JANET C. COUTURE One of two . . . which one is your guess? . . . works in Merit's . . . eminently practical . . . will make an outstanding secretary. A Capella Choir 2,3,4Q Bowling Team 33 Chorus 1,2, 3,43 Basketball 2,33 Red and Black Staff 43 Student Council 13 Tri-Hi-Y 13 Vice-President 13 EUGENE C. DEVOYD Snappy dresser . . . excellent artist . . . noted for his yard-wide shoulders and long strides. Distributive Education Club 33 Red and Black Staff 43 Ski Team 23 Track Team 13 H. WILLIAM DEVOYD Quiet but intelligent . . . terrific piano player . . . exceptionally good artist. Cross Country Team 1,33 Orchestra 3g Red and Black Staff 43 Track Team 1,3,43 DAVID R. DOLE Keen as his flashing blades . . . one of that endless line of "Junctioneers" . . . equally at home on grid- iron, diamond, or court. Basketball 43 Baseball 3,43 Football 43 Golf 23 J. V. Basketball 33 J. V. Baseball l,2,3 J. V. Football 2,33 ROBERT N. EKBERG Aggressive nature . . . has a heart interest in St. Mary's . . . would be a success in politics. Basketball Manager 13 Cross Country Team 23 Foot- ball Manager 13 J. V. Basketball 23 Red and Black Staff 43 Track Team 13 15 MARILYN DORIE FAUSSE Always neat and ready with a smile . . . one of our commercial girls . . . part-time salesgirl at the Candy Bar. Bowling Team 2,3,43 Chorus 1,3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 13 JANET CATHERINE FECTEAU Heart interest out of school . . . swell basketball for- ward . . . part-time salesgirl in Mongomery Wards. Distributive Education Club 43 Hockey 23 J. V. Hockey 13 J. V. Basketball 1,2,33 Softball 1,2,33 NICHOLAS FINELLI, JR. Is big and not easily aroused . . . drives a Ford . . . . . . is amused by many things . . . works at Maple Superette. Distributive Education Club 3,42 Track Team 1,23 VICTOR FLEURY Enjoys a quiet chuckle . . . exceptionally smart me- chanic . coddles a black Plymouth. RONALD E. GARCEAU Is mechanically minded . . . good movie operator . . . very steady and reliable . . . a good man to have around in a crisis. A Capella Choir 1,2,3,43 "A" Band 1,2,3,43 "B" Band 1,23 Cross Country Team 13 Distributive Education Club 3,43 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Ski Team 1,23 Track Team 13 .,: if 16 i JAMES GENOVESE Plays a nice trumpet and not bad on the piano . . . spent two years away from Stevens and came back . . . a good combination of personality plus intelligence. y "A" Band 2,3 flames Monroej 4g "B" Band 1 Cjames Monroejg Cross Country Team 2 flames Monroejg Treasurer 2,3 Games Monroejg WILLIAM ERNEST GEORGE "Legs" it for the track team . . . retiring nature . . works at Rand, Ball, and King's. Cross Country Team 2,3,4g National Athletic Scholar- ship Society 2g Track Team 2,3,4g DONALD GIRARD A rugged boxer . . . D. E. student . . . spends most free time fixing cars . . . works in Texaco station. Distributive Education Club 45 Ski Team lg MARGARET JOYCE GRISWOLD First clarinetist in the band . . .E doubles as bull-fiddle player in the orchestra . . . zooms around in dashing black Ford. A Capella Choir 1,2,3,4g "A" Band 1,2,3,4g Bowling Team 2,43 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Red and Black Staff 45 Tri- Hi-Y 3,45 Voice of Stevens 3,43 Orchestra 1,2,3,4g HOMER HOWARD HAMLIN One of saner "hot-rodders" . . . diligent supporter of the A 8L P . . . active in J. S. L. activities. Boys State 35 Cross Country Team 2,39 Distributive Education Club 4g National Athletic Scholarship Society 3g Red and Black Staff 45 Track Team lg J.V. Football lg NANCY DIANE HARVEY Commuter from Ascutney . . . excellent pianist . . . nice singing voice . . . loves bowling. A Capella Choir 1,2,3,45 Bowling Team 3,45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 DAVID R. HILLIARD Toots horn for the bands . . . rides the hickories for the ski team . . . pumps gas for Dansereau's filling station. "A" Band l,2,3,45 "B" Band lg Chorus 2,3,45 Distri- butive Education Club 45 Orchestra 1,25 Ski Team 2,35 PATRICIA D. HOWARD Makes the trip from Cornish every day . . . a transfer from Windsor in her sophomore year . . . nice blonde hair and blue eyes. A Capella Choir 1 CWindsorJ5 Chorus 3,45 J. V. Basket- ball CWindsorj5 Librarian 1 QWindsorD5 Home Econo- mics Club 1 CWindsorj, 3,45 ROYCE A. HOWE Has highly original theories . . . always willing to hand out a laugh . . . works at Osgood's Pharmacy. Distributive Education Club 4: Bridge Club 1 CWindsorD5 HARMON HERBERT HULL Unobtrusive and capable . . . long-time member of Band . . . enthusiastic Red Sox fan. "A" Band 3,45 "B" Band 1,25 Baseball 45 Hi-Y 2,35 J. V. Basketball 45 J. V. Baseball 35 18 CHARLOTTE DOROTHY JENNISON Transfer from Towle in her senior year . . . D. E. student . . . part-time salesgirl in Woolworth's. Distributive Education Club 4g Glee Club 1,2 CTowlejg Librarian 1,2,3 CTowlejg Home Economics Club 1,2,3 CTowlej 4g DONALD PAUL LABONTE Noted for rugged physique . . . went to school in Canada until sixth grade . . . started Stevens in eighth grade . . . one of smartest boys in school . . . cer- tain to be success. A Capella Choir 2,33 Assembly Committee 4g BERNICE MAE LACLAIR New to us in her junior year . . . wears glasses with flashy rims . . . always ready for a laugh. Bowling Team 3g Chorus 3,43 Distributive Education Club 43 Home Economics Club 33 ROBERT HAROLD LACLAIR, JR. Used car dealer . . . "Hot-rod" cowboy . . . works in Supermarket. Distributive Education Club 33 BEVERLY JEAN LADEAU Tall, quiet, and pleasant . . . has a part-time job in LaDeau's furniture store. Distributive Education Club 3,43 19 EC VALERIA LASKY side? . . . blushes easily. MARY ELIZABETH LEAHY Sunny and even disposition . . . floor girl at Newberry's . . . has many friends. Distributive Education Club 3,45 ' ELEAN OR MAE LECLAIR part-time salesgirl in F ishman's. Economics Club 3,45 PHYLLIS MAXINE LORD Small girl who always has a joke . . . one of future nurses. Chorus 1,2,35 Hockey 3,45 ,L V. Hockey 1,25 Softball 1,25 Voice of Stevens 35 Home Economics Club '35 ELEANOR RUTH MANN Commercial student . . . loves animals . salesgirl in Rand, Ball, and King's. A Capella Choir 1,2,3,45 Bowling Team 1,2,3,45 Red and Black Staff 45 Can really twirl the baton . . . quiet in class, but out- Drum Majorette 1,2,3,45 Red and Black Staff 45 Very petite . . . drives a neat, green Plymouth . . . Student Council 3,45 Voice of Stevens 1,2,3,45 Home OLII' part-time 2,45 Chorus ELEANOR MARY MARK Lives in Cornish . . . envied for her curly brown hair . . . part-time salesgirl in Woolworth's. Chorus 1,2,3,4g Distributive Education Club 45 JOSEPH MARRO Wants to be a meat-cutter . . . sports a mustache and a crew-cut . . . is a D. E. student. Cross Country Team 23 Distributive Education Club 4 5 PAULINE MARGARET MARTELL Smooth figure skater . . . snappy majorette . . . hopes to be a nurse. Assembly Committee 45 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Drum Major- ette 1,2,3,4g J. V. Basketball 33 Red and Black Staff 43 Voice of Stevens 43 Home Economics Club 2,3,4g RAYMOND L. MARTELL A whiz in math . . . quiet water that runs deep . . . handy under an automobile hood. Assembly Committee 45 FRED L. MERRILL Happy-go-lucky characteristics . . . week-end "hackey" . . . likes the Wide open spaces for hunting and fishing. Cross Country Team 2g Track Team 33 21 MELODIE JEAN MORRILL Small and intelligent . . . interested in dancing, ballet preferred . . . very quiet. Art Club 43 Bowling Team 2,3Q Chorus 1,2,3,43 Red and Black Staff 43 RONALD D. NELSON Tends to be shy? . . . loyal Yankee fan . . . unconquer- able spirit and desire for success . . . untiring worker. Football 43 J. V. Football 2,33 RAYMOND OTT Drives a Ford V-8 . . . tall lanky and good-natured . . . construction worker during vacations. ROBERT RICHARD OTT L "Shutter bug" for yearbook . . . six feet four inches of good friendliness . . . always carrying books . . . tallest member in SHS. 4 A Capella Choir 2,3,43 Chorus l,2,3,43 Orchestra 23 Red and Black Staff 43 Voice of Stevens 3,41 JACQUELINE MARY PALMER Heads cheerleaders . . . popular . . . drives father's Olds' . . . her future career is nursing. A Capella Choir 1,2,3,43 Basketball 3,43 Bowling Team 13 Cheerleader 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 J. V. Basket- ball 13 Red and Black Staff 43 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,43 Home Economics Club 4g 22 RUSSELL L. PARDYI Actor of the class . . . known for his golden curls . . . famous for his loud shirts and English accent. Red and Black Staff 4, Student Council Play 23 Voice of Stevens 3g DONALD LESLIE PERKINS Works in Fishman's . . . commutes from Unity . . . enthusiastic sports fan. Assembly Committee 43 MAJORIE HELEN RICE A cute strawberry blond . . . spent her junior year in Florida. Chorus 2,43 Home Economics Club 4, 35 THEODORE JOSEPH ROUILLARD, JR. Small, but everybody knows it when he's around . . . heads the skating club . . . quarterback on foot- ball team. - Basketball. Manager 2, Baseball 4, Football 3,43 Golf 33 J. V. Baseball 2,3g J. V. Football 23 Red and Black Staff 45 Student Council 33 Voice of Stevens 3,43 ROGER H. RYAN Joker of class . . nurses an anemic gray Plymouth . . . good student . . . better known as "Horace" A Capella Choir 3,45 Basketball Manager 4g Chorus 2, 3,43 Golf 33 Hi-Y 2,3g J. V. Football lg President 3,43 Red and Black Staff 45 23 -ss BARBARA ANN SALMI Spent some time in Florida . . . D. E. student . . . part- time salesgirl in the Corner Bookstore. Chorus 2, 3, Softball 13 Voice of Stevens 3, 4: Volley Ball 1 CLake Worthly MARGARET MARY SAMMON A snappy dresser . . . works in Houghton and Simonds . . . . plans to enter Nursing. Red and Black Staff 4g Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 fPresidentJg Voice of Stevens 3, 45 ELIZABETH ANN SEVERENS Always ready for fun . . . soda jerk in drugstore . . . interest lies in the Army . . . journalism is her chosen career. Chorus 2, 33 Hockey 1, 2, 33 ,I.V. Basketball 1, 23 Orchestra 1, Red and Black Staff 4g Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Home Economics Clubs 45 JUNE JOAN SHEPARD One of our tall girls . . . always ready to lend a helping hand . . . came to us from Unity. Home Economics Club 3, 43 ROLAND F. SHUTE Superb football player . . . not easily swayed . . . loyal and unassuming . . . staunch friend. Baseball 23 Baseball Manager 3g Football 3, 43 J. V. Football 23 NORMA SIMMONS Cute snub nose . . . sports a gleaming diamond on her third finger, left hand. Bowling Team 1, Distributive Education Club 3, Red and Black Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Home Economics Club 4, ROBERT NOLIN SIMPSON A talented athlete with a friendly grin . . . an infectious laugh concealing a sure judgement . . . hopes to coach. Assembly Committee 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Cross Country Team 2, 3, Hi-Y 3 CTreasurerj, J. V. Basketball 1, J. V. Baseball 1,2, J. V. Football 1, Red and Black Staff 4, Student Council 3 fVice Presidentj, 4 CPresidentj, Voice of Stevens 4, VERA SLIPP A transfer from Laconia . . . plenty of gray matter . . . raises cocker spaniels, a profitable hobby. Basketball 4, Chorus l CNewmarketJ, Interpretative Reading Contest 3 CLaconiaD, Red and Black Staff 4, Science Club l tNewmarketJ, 2 CPortsmouthJ, BER YL ELLEN SMITH Small, quiet, neat dresser . . . nice curly hair . . . part- time salesgirl in Woolworth's. Chorus 1,2,3,4, Distributive Education Club 3,4, Voice of Stevens 3,4 , ' JOHN P. s'roRER Nucleus of pitching staff . . . quiet and unassuming . . . from West Claremont . . . wants to coach. Baseball 2,3,4, J. V. Baseball 1, J.V. Football 1, 25 STANLEY J. SZAMBELAN RICHARD R. SWINYER Blithe, happy, carefree, cheerful . . . runs the movie projector at the "Drive-in" . . . a good student with many outside interests. One of the taller boys . . . always "good for grinsl' . . . a conscientious worker. "A" Band 1,2,3,45 "B" Band 1,25 Cross Country Team 35 J. V. Baseball 35 Orchestra 25 MERTON E. THOMPSON III Businessman of class . . . leader of the band . . cruises around in father's Olds' . . . helps run the bank in summer. "A" Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 J. V. Baseball 35 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Red and Black Staff 45 Ski Team 1, 3,45 JEAN ALICIA VALLIERE intelligent . . . gives and enjoys good laughs. Plays forward on the basketball team . . . active in band work . . . soda clerk at her father's store. A Capella Choir 1,2,3,45 Assembly Committee 45 "A" Band l,2,3,45 "B" Band 15 Basketball 3,45 Bowling Team 2,35 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Junior Varsity Basketball l, 25 Orchestra 2,3,45 Red and Black Staff 45 Softball 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Voice of Stevens 2,3,45 MARILYN ESTHER WHEELER Good personality . . . very industrious . . . pert and A Capella Choir l,2,3,45 "A" Band 3,45 Bowling Team 25 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Hockey 25 J. V. Hockey 15 Girls' Basketball 25 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Red and Black Staff 45 Student Council 25 D. A. R. Citizenship Award, 1952, 26 LAWRENCE ALAN WHIPPLE Proficient hoopster . . . devoted follower of "Dem Bums" . . . six feet two inches capped by a shock of blonde hair . . . inherited family journalistic traits. Basketball 3,43 Baseball Manager 43 Chorus 33 Cross Country Team 13 Hi-Y 1,2,3,43 J. V. Basketball 23 J. V. Baseball 33 Red and Black Staff 43 Ski Team 13 Track Team 23 Voice of Stevens 3,42 ' ROGER DEAN WILSON PATRICIA ANN WHITE Bassoon player . . . drives a big Chrysler beachwagon . . . known for her "dead batteries." A Capella Choir 1,2,3,43 "A" Band 2,3,43 "B" Band 13 Bowling Team 2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Orchestra 2,3,43 Red and Black Staff 43 Secretary 43 Tri-Hi-Y l,3,43 Voice of Stevens 3,43 ,S Handy man on gridiron and diamond . . . all-state guard in football . . . idol of younger athletes. Baseball 3,43 Football 2,3,43 Hi-Y 1,23 J. V. Basketball 23 J. V. Baseball 1,2, J. V. Football lg National Athletic Scholarship Society 23 Red and Black Staff 43 Secretary 33 JOSEPH V. WILTOWSKI and laconic. RICHARD PAUL ZERBA Plans to attend UNH . . . good math student . . . always ready for a laugh. Baseball 43 Cross Country Team 1,23 Football Manager 33' J. V. Baseball 2,3j 27 Attended school in Connecticut but came back to Stevens . . . tall and loose-jointed . . . somewhat stolid SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS P. White, R. Brown, R. Ryan, W. Brodrick. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS R. Whitney, C. Leahy, P. DeVoyd, J. Doten 28 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS G. Klems, P. Parker, R. Lovejoy, I. Lewis. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS S. Mack. L. Clark, G. Richmond, R. Story. 29 Faculty AdViSOI' The Editor Planning the dummy VX' . 1' wt, " all r , . ,if A ,, 4 X N ,4?' gb' 4' I ' Cr l wr iff! Vg ?d::"' film, 'J O' -f 5W'r.,5qin 7105- , . 3554 , , if 'f 5, D f - 11 4., ' 1 , .1559 ff. A J Z X. .D Z, jig ' gear! '74 AFV' ,ul ' ' " N- -'.""'!" ' I I THE STAFF OF "THE RED AND BLACK" Standing: E. Mann, R. Pardy, M. Wheeler, R. Ott. P. Briggs, E. DeVoyd, W. DeVoyd, D. Clarke, L. Whipple, J. Chick, R. Wilson. R. Simpson, W. Barter. W. George, H. Hamlin, R. Ekberg, R. Brown, J. Palmer, Jane Couture, Hays Sitting: M. Thompson, W. Brodrick, T, Rouillard, R. Ryan, Girls Sitting: J. Couture, V. Lasky, C. Chase, P. White, L. Bugbee, M. Griswold, J. Valliere, P. Martell, M. Morrill, M. Sammon. 1 30 I! X, X, X LL Tl -FR 4 Q24 !I f 2 ff x fi I i f mlm , :JJ , - - Y. Y, , ,,,, 4.4. Lcjlf Right: R. Beland, O. Wentzell, W. Rollins. D. Gaudreau, R. Simpson, E. LeClair, B. Belisle, P. DeVoyd, W, Brodrick, D. Ormsby, R. Brown. THE STUDENT COUNCIL It is indeed an honor to be elected to the Stevens High Student Council. The Council, which is one of the most active organizations in the school, is constantly working to better the school and to carry out the suggestions that are offered by the students. In September, the Council held its first meeting and immediately elected officers. A mammoth football rally was planned for the annual Stevens-Towle football game. Posters were made by some students in an effort to bring more support to the game. The Council voted to help re-cover and paint the backdrop and furnishings for the Senior Play. The Council plans to put on a play or dance later on in the year. Last year's policy of campaigning for quieter assemblies was continued. The Student Council suggestion box was moved to the table in the study hall, and students were urged to drop in more suggestions. We are sure that without our advisor, Mr. Willard Rollins, we would not be able to do our job. We thank him very much for his guidance and co-operation in our activities. Z ' - l i . ""' . ' Qi. qsvb wo. W . 3 .A p 37' 1 y, w.fff" ' "xi -s , 32 J. Valliere, J. Candon, A. Brier, D. Clarke, R. Simpson, D. Perkins, R. Martell, P. Martell, J. Chick, B. Chase. THE ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE This year, as in others, the Assembly Committee has again done its share in contributing to the social and educational activities of Stevens. The assemblies were held every Tuesday morning in the school auditorium. Each assembly had a student leader. The full co-operation of the committee has made it possible to have good assemblies, and we wish to thank the students and teachers for their deep appreciation of our work. To please the school and faculty has been the object of the committee and speakers. They have, we may say,-done so, and we hope they will do so again in the future. fyoyfciy Mg QOGQAMS Wien! Al CQWZ N SPNKIRS 540 VS 33 SI11l1ding:M. Sammon, W. Batchelder, B. Smith, R. Ott, R. Simpson, J. Hird, J. L'Heureux, J. Valliere, W. Gray, W Barter, T..,Lehner, J. Chick, P. White, P. Steinfield, L. Bugbee, T. Rouillard, M. McLaughlin, R. Whitney M. Griswold, L. Clark, E. LeClair. A. Goggin, J. Candon, L. Nolin, R. Belair, N. Wakeman, Sitting: L. Whipple P. Martell, P. Menard, B. Hadley, J, Johnson, Kneeling: B. White, J. Ackley, A. Gonyea, B. Beauman, P. Bowles P. DeVoyd, J. Doten, B. Salmi. THE VOICE of' STEVENS There are definite reasons for establishing any newspaper, particularly a high school publi- cation. It must supply an outlet for the talents, support ideals of the school, and paint a clear picture of students, faculty, and the developments within the curriculum. The student edition is a mirror, reflecting all associated in the endeavor. "The Voice of Stevens" originated November 14, 1945, under the capable leadership of Leston Barrett, Dorothy Ormsby, Robert Hauge, and faculty advisor, Mr. Lyle W. Ewing. There has been an increasing interest in the school paper at Stevens. Different trends in journal- istic form have been introduced and various improvements made. The chief goal of the present staff is to publish a paper which has high standards, portraying a cross section of our activities. Written and supported by the students, there is little question as to the success and continued popularity of "The Voice." Future achievements are limited only by our own capacities and limitations. In no field is there more opportunity for development, but constant efforts must be made to bring news to life, to increase circulations, to promote good will, and to hold the interest of our readers. "The Voice" is the tongue of the students, the character of that paper depends upon the student body. 4."0'd'E' '-' n'n:m"' 5 -xtx Q7 le. Nix -ig si, S .E-F.- ' ...Qu - Tr- SX -.-P . -Xfg' 34 Left- Right: G. Gill, B. Belisle, R. Rutledge, L. Nolin, Miss Tremblay, L. Nolin, P. Menard, B. Hadley, E. Smith, G. Lemere. THE JUNIOR LIBRARIANS The girls who choose to become Junior Librarians render valuable service to the school, the library, and the librarian. They work in the library during activity period, study periods, at noon and after school. The method of instruction and the division of duties vary with the amount of time the girls can be on duty. The experience these assistants acquire helps them to gain a good knowledge of the resources of a library and of their use. Some of their duties consist of shelving, lettering books, mending, filing, bulletin board displays, working at the charging desk, and helping to keep the library groomed. Academic credit is not given for the work done, however, beginning this year an emblem was given to the girls who qualified. Business meetings are held once a month. Officers are: Linda Nolin, chairman, and Lucinda Nolin, secretary-treasurer. The library sponsors the Teen-Age Book Club to enable pupils to attain, at a reasonable cost, a wide range of good books selected by a board of well-known educators. The Junior librarians end the school year with an outing-either a cook out or a picnic supper at a Lake Sunapee hotel. However, last year the girls were fortunate in being able to spend a full week-end at the Lake Sunapee cottage of good friends of the school. f N: -gig-. f'F3?S-- . f 1. 1 f ' 52515 10 35 K-P? ,WS " Ho HUM '9 MP xofix QQ, 36 'nah 'U C 0 yrs f 44 hmm... PQ'jiN Vf" ' 37 - WH U06 Left--Righl: B. Blake, B. Favreau, S. Bresette, P. Gouin, M. Fairbanks, B. Smith, C. Jennison, M. Patch R. Thornton, M. Leahy, B. LaDeau, R. Garceau, N. Finelli, W. Barter, P. Baptista, V. Tardiff. A DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Stevens is fortunate in being one of the four high schools in New Hampshire which offer Distributive Education. D. E. is a truly vocational subject which offers students an oppor- tunity "to earn while they learn" a vocation. On the job, students are paid the prevailing wage and receive a full school credit for the work done. Employers grade these trainees, and the grade counts fifty per cent of the mark which appears on the report card. In addition, the D. E. department offers courses to adult sales personnel, as well as a Christmas training program to prepare other high school pupils for selling jobs during the Christmas season. For the past two years the D. E. department has presented a Career Day program for students of Stevens and St. Mary's high schools. This program is sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. D. E. is truly a public relations department. This year there are thirty-eight pupils enrolled, and they are employed in twenty-one differ- ent businesses. Great tribute is due the business men in Claremont who have cooperated so well in providing business opportunities for these young men and women. The D. E. course could not have succeeded without their help and support. 38 2-A I 0 lf, MW wil! , .. 1-O I , I I ' ' ' . . . 1 . ' Sv S y F' KF ,JAKE A l THE DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB Standing: E. Mark, M. Sylvester, J. Fecteau, B. Salmi, B. LaC1air, J. Fontaine, Miss Thornton. Smlwlz H. Hamlin. T. Monetta, J. Marro, C. Heath, R. Schneider. Slrznding: A. LeClair, L. Sanderson, D. Girard, D. Hilliard, T. Hastings, F. Murphy, E. Lavalley, R. Howe, H. Rourke. 39 EXh.l3.l IN New Standing: J. Palmer, C. Murphy, M. Rice, M. Barton, P. Pelton, R. McLin, E. Severens, R. Foley. M. Johnson, H. Converse, P. Martell, P. Howard, J. Costello, J. L'Heureux. Silling: H, Berg, B. Kimball, J. Johnson, M. Costa, J. Candon, L. Bugbee. THE NEW YORK CLUB The New York Club is composed of a group of Senior girls who work throughout the year to earn money for an educational trip to 'tthe big city." The noon-time and after school sale of ice cream brings in a considerable amount of revenue. Food sales are held from time to time during the school year. At Christmas time, cards and wrapping paper are sold by the members. During the week of April vacation all members leave for New York and a continuous round of educational activities followed by fun and more fun. These include a visit to the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and a boat trip around Manhattan Island. Underclass girls who desire an activity that combines fun and learning would do well to join this group. Q la. if! 42 "xx il' Co Qfma Inedy i X ' THE CL. Jfffyff ' ' 3 ffl' 11 KNAPP 120' C. Paquf -s- 'L f ha- Z xc! r j . 4, 9 4 N, gd 'xv 'ar N241 5' ff 47 Xyi-SX X5 6,4 'Z-'-'9 Q X fy!! 'l:""""' If , 2? G G gifi- ,256 4 DRIVER EDUCATION "Since pupils in secondary school in increasing numbers are learning to drive and many others will become drivers soon after leaving school, there is a very definite need in and respon- sibility on the part of the high school to include traffic safety instructions in the curriculum." This statement might have been made under today's conditions, but actually it was said in 1928. It was not until 1935, seven years later, that the first course in driver education was instituted. Over the years this course has cut down the number of traffic accidents in the com- munities where it is taught. The percentage has sometimes reached as high as fifty per cent. Although it is a comparatively new course at Stevens, it has met with immediate approval of the student body, and already it has enabled scores of young people to obtain their driver's license with the background training- necessary to insure safe driving and common courtesy on the highway. 44 73:"'wfS Dqlp l 1 Piano, J. Richardg Drums, T. Hastings: Bass Viol, O. Buswellg Trumpets, R. Townsend, C. Goodhue, M. Currier Saxophones, D. Gaudreau, F. Nolin, R. Smalleyg Trombones, B. Hale, J. Pierce, D. Moore. THE STEVENS DANCE BAND The Dance Band is a new and welcome activity at Stevens. The first organized rehearsal of dance music which included any of the present personnel of the orchestra took place during the spring of 1951 with a group of students who became interested through the efforts of Tom Hastings, the orchestra's drummer. However, it proved difficult to get together for rehearsals, so the idea was temporarily abandoned until shortly before the close of school. At that time the orchestra was reorganized by Barry Hale, and rehearsals were held regularly throughout the remainder of the school term using a library of borrowed orchestrations. During the summer the musicians rehearsed at the home of John Pierce, but very little was accomplished. When school resumed, they augmented their library by a few new orchestrations and increased their number to fourteen pieces. With the cooperation of Mr. Doody and the many teachers who willingly gave of their time to act as chaperones, the group rehearsed nights in the school audi- torium. The progress of the orchestra became evident once it was in the proper surroundings. The musicians were able to put on an assembly program in the latter part of September and play for the Freshman Reception early in October and for a Halloween Dance at the City Hall. Many engagements followed, and the Dance Band is now accepted as an important activity at Stevens. 1 Q ,fir 'A 05- U DSl Q I 45 cgihi "' LHPQXE fv JO W Umor vom , I Hiya 074 foo ff' 46 N N uw-W ,. Qi .1g-1-5 ii QL .--fl' 47 THE STEVENS MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS The musical organizations of Stevens High School have long been noted for their excellence. This is the result of good directing, well-chosen music, citizen interest, and the general enthu- siasm shown by the students. The size and superiority of our musical groups are remarkable when compared to the size of the school itself. Many schools have trouble encouraging boys to participate musically, but that is definitely not the case at Stevens. The importance of music in our system of extra-curricular activities provides a pleasant contrast to schools that are sports-minded and offer nothing for the great majority of students who are not qualified to play on school teams. For many students the musical groups have been the only outside activi- ties in which they could take part. These organizations provide, not only good music, but social contacts. Many of the members have found lasting friendships among people with com- mon interest. They teach one to get along with other people, to take criticism, and to co- operate. Their value in providing wholesome outside interests and education is very high. Perhaps the best-known of the musical organizations is the band, which has had a long and colorful history. Having made many trips around the state to games and musical gatherings, the band has gained a reputation for good music and marching that is statewide. A year ago a drive was started to raise money for new uniforms. In some communities such a project would have meant a matter of many months or even years. Enthusiastic townspeople and students raised more than enough money in a few short months, and, though the project was not started until there was snow on the ground, the band wore new uniforms to the music festival in May. Another well-known musical organization is the A Capella choir. This organization has approximately seventy members, of which about thirty are boys. Because of the fine reputation this group has gained, there is always a large number of students each fall who would like to join the choir. Long hours of tedious practice, going over the same selections many, many times, never fail to produce the effects desired. The choir makes public appearances at many local affairs as well as school affairs each year. The music is varied and very high in audience appeal. Our third musical group is the orchestra. This group also has about seventy members, a remarkable membership for a school orchestra. Interest has grown in the past few years, and new instruments have been added. The orchestra now boasts about thirty violins. New addi- tions, such as a bassoon and two oboes, have come steadily. This group is always popular at Christmas-time especially, when the annual concert is given. These organizations have contributed much to the cultural enjoyment of the school and the students during the past years. For many people they have provided that sense of belonging so important to high school students everywhere. They have built up the school's reputation throughout the state. They have provided many lasting memories for those who have taken part in them as well as many enjoyable memories for those who have watched them perform and thrilled to their wonderful music. 48 fbM.:.,, . . 1 Q www, 15 H 3 ? 5 Q, eg A Lia 5 f Y . i E Lge' 'B we , wif-at yn W 1+ in fm, gi sv U Us YN ovbxo Ao 'C N1 77,6 W U ,ff N V ' 1 T Gro A9 'Q L 6 Z ,, dcn AL QX 01-M L CIESLFWL Sf ? Q J. Palmer M. McLaughlin, P. DeVoyd, S. Mack, R. McLin, A. Gonyea, C. Kidhardt, J. Madeya. THE CHEERLEADERS What would a football or basketball game be like without our dazzling spirited group known as Stevens Cheerleaders? Led by capable "Jackie" Palmer with the aid of Miss Kibby, their advisor, these selected few put everything they have behind the team A win or lose. They are untiring in their practices. They operate as any other team does, practicing on Thursday and Friday mornings during activity periodg they show their routines on the big daysg and they travel to the scene of the game with whatever transportation is available. This year's costumes with short red ballerina skirts with black lining and beautiful white turtle neck sweaters with the "S" splendidly standing out were really intriguing. The girls are usually chosen in the eighth grade or freshman year. They work hard and co-operate at all times which entitles them to receive a letter that everyone feels is well earned. To obtain a letter one must cheer during two football and basketball seasons. 1041 I Q5 .sz We J. V.. FOOTBALL TEAM Kneeling: J. Hanks, Coach J. Maiola, P. Bovard. Standing: S. Colby, T. Fowler, R. Murphy, R. Lovejoy, L. White T. Hopkins, R. Story, J. Moody, D. Perkins, H. Johnson, R. LaBombard, R. Beland, L. Currier, R, Briggs R. Denault, J. McLaughlin, J. McKenzie, A. Bailey, M. Forrest. . -L' i Cl:-Q.. Firsl Row: D.Dole, R. Shute, T. Rouillard, R. Wilson, R. Brown, W. Brodrick, P Brooks Suomi lfozn S Ursprung G. Kinson, N. Anderson, R. Nelson, S. Palmer, D. Denault, C. Parker, Third Row ,I Malola lx Smlth I Perry P. Parker, C. Leahy, R. Whitney, D. Greenwood, A. Pertesis, N. Allen Cmanagerj lourlh Row A Sevens W. McKenzie. ma Sud' THE VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens W SCHEDULE - 44 Brattleboro - 12 Concord - 0 Lebanon - 19 Keene - 7 Springfield -- 15 Bellows Falls - 0 Laconia - 20 Newport on-4 Lost-3 P Tiedel 57 Left lo Righi: J. Patenaude, J. Chick. A. Lepitre, F. Hentschel, M. Blanchard, J. Pilot, D. Forrest, T. Davis, D. Murray. D. Moore. J. Isham. C. Dole. R. Gaudreau, W. Lewis. H. Perras, O. Lane, M. Currier, I. Lewis, A. Gauthier, W. George. Jason Chick, New Hampshire State Champion THE CROSS-COUNTRY TRACK TEAM With the opening of school each year in September the call goes out for candidates for the various fall sports at Stevens. Following the issuance of equipment the squad started on a training program in anticipation of the coming meets. To build up the stamina which the cross country style of running demands, practice sessions included general hiking, climbs to Flat Rock, "flat" racing at Monadnock Park, work on hard-paved roads in the South and Chestnut street area, over hill and dale at the Claremont Country club, and work over a combination of all types of terrain in Moody Park. The Red and Black harriers engaged in five meets during the regular season: two duals with Towle, one with Keene, one with Laconia, and a triangular affair with Sunapee and Charlestown. Stevens won three and lost two. Chick, who took first place in the four races he ran - he did not run the Keene meet - broke the course records at Newport and at Laconia. Stevens also entered a team in the State Meet at Durham, Novem- ber 3. Jason Chick established himself as the top harrier in the State by leading the 49 runners to the linish line. Jason Chick's win at Durham made him eligible to compete in the New Englands at Burlington, Vt. on November 10. .....-.. lx 7:51 - i -M! e-e 5? 1 ,, lm- , - Q? - " . f-Y. -' gratis- ,, , T" " A -,,' H5 "il-'M ., ' -g'- xi-3-31 - W ,, YE .. lj. 'lr' 51 Q-gg if- 9+-+-1-,s':'25,,v, - - 'i 'ffqe -f -,far-4' f , - f. p gspgsswf- .S fmgu , '1- - 132353. -Y 715315 Av f P- ,e arf-iff-Q g-.. ' D. ' .7 " fs -"Y -" - 58 Standing: I. Lewis. A. Sevene, J. Pilot, J. Chick, Coach S. Ursprung, R. Currier, O. Wentzell. A. Shinkevich C. Griswold, W. George, D. Forrest, D. Woodbury. Kneeling: M. Blanchard, A. Lepitre, R. Smith. J. Patenaude J. Isham, D. Penniman, D. Denault, C. Martell. THE SPRING TRACK TEAM The 1951 Track Team started its pre-season conditioning in March. Working inside on mats and with jump-ropes, the boys waited anxiously for the coming of warm weather and sunshine. By the middle of April the team had moved to Monadnock Park and were preparing for their first meet. The season opened April 28 with a victory for Stevens over Springfield and Bellows Falls. In the second encounter Stevens was second best to Kimball Union Academy but de- feating Hanover and Lebanon. In the Tilton Invitational, Stevens took only one first but came back strong to win a one-sided victory over Towle. The Red and Black thinclads Hnished third in a triangular meet with Keene and Gardner, Mass., and third in the Twin-State-Valley Meet. A squad of five men went to the State Meet at Durham. Stevens won the half-mile run and went on to place in the New England High School Track Meet. .41 -44 ff 'X . :Y I I 4 of A' :J f S f I I Z,.U9l,.4M-I 59 THE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM 60 5 i Y r i 1 X s 3 5 l j "iw Ml. am, .. .5 Qs Qi? kgs if gr .ik Coach J. Hibbard: Manager R. Gaudreaug O. Laneg R. Smalleyg J. Young, T. Lehnerg M. Gibson, B. Thompson R. Owen, J. Ishamg R. Lovejoy: D. Denaultg N. Allen, D. Greenwood. THE SKI TEAM Stevens ski enthusiasts had just cause for looking optimistically toward the 1952 ski cam- paign. With the return of four lettermen, ably supported by a number of fine skiers from last year's squad, the prospects for regaining their place in Class A ski circles was very good. The team began preparing for the ski wars in mid-November, utilizing the fine fall weather for conditioning games of touch-football and for cross-country running. The pre-season train- ing was started none too soon as early snows made it possible for the candidates to familiarize themselves with advanced racing techniques very early in the season. This early practice on snow paid dividends as was indicated in the opening meets. Com- petition with Lebanon, Sunapee, Towle, Windsor, Laconia, and the State Championship meets comprised the schedule for the 1952 season. As was expected, downhill and slalom were the team's strong points, led by the stellar per- formances of Goodrich and Brown, reinforced by the fine skiing by Hale, Penniman, Whitney, Parker, and Thompson. Paced by Penniman, the cross-country team did a highly commendable job and contributed its share of the points. Jumping, a new event for us this year, revealed several stalwart jumpers - namely, Brown, Schneider, Goodrich, and Whitney. 62 , - , B. Haleg B. Whitneyg R. Parker M. Thompson, R. Schnelder, O B H N W k J. Goodrichg R. Browng ' uswe 3 'R a eman' D. Pennimang Coach J. Hibbard. Dick Brown In Action . ff' 0" "'f-, . W- ,Iohnny Goodrrch, Slalom ,Q ,4 I Coach 63 No if vw 'XX 'scar fu fo fe:-'C "6 w 9X ag L C Slflnding: Coach C. Parker, C. Garneau. L. O'lVlara, A. Leahy, L. Buswell, J. Parker, J. Caine, Manager D. Gokey. Kneeling: J. Storer. D. Dole, R. Wilson. R. Brown. K. Smith. THE BASEBALL TEAM OF 1951 Baseball is a spring sport. No red-blooded American youth can help but feel excited when the crack of ball on bat echoes across the newly-mown diamonds. This sport has always been a favorite at Stevens, and this school has had its share of winning teams. In recent years Stevens has produced the 1949 State Championship Team. The following year, 1950, Stevens forced a playoff with Keene for a tournament berth, losing by one run in the final inning. Although at first glance the record of the 1951 baseball team may not look as impressive as that of former years, the inquiring fan can soon realize that the months of May and June pro- vided plenty of good baseball. True, the scores show eleven losses to five wins, but some games were lost by the narrow margin of one or two runs. THE RECORD Stevens - 20 Windsor e 6 Stevens 1 Vermont Academy Stevens 3 Lebanon Stevens 4 Vermont Academy Stevens 1 Brattleboro Stevens 8 Windsor Stevens 7 Bellows Falls Stevens 3 Concord Stevens 0 Springfield Stevens 5 Concord Stevens 5 Springfield Stevens 2 Keene Stevens 0 Towle Stevens 3 Keene Stevens - 11 Towle Stevens 3 Brattleboro Won - 5 Lost - 11 65 Kneeling: Linda Nolin, S. Wight, B. Yanks, P. Steinfield, J. L'Heureux, C. Kidhardt, H. Converse, H. Fish S. Mack, J. Baptista. Standing: Coach L. Kibby, J. Peterson, C, Marro, S. Gibson, L. Nolin, B. Jacobs, S. Chapman Manager S, Jones, GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY The second day of school a notice went up announcing that there would be hockey practice that afternoon, and anyone interested should report to Coach Kibby. About forty-five girls went out for the sport. The team practiced every night after school from 3:30 to 5:45. The hockey team made an enviable record because for several years a Stevens girls' team has never won so many games in a season. The Junior Varsity played a great part and gained much valuable experience. f, Qui 66 H Q 4 'mm-we vm x vgw-wvwfmwwwel '4"f"W'PS1M 'Hwy ,A ,N .W,,,..M,W8,.,,f,6.m.Q1 Q. X. ,. .- 4 ,L if 555 wr: A 4 , f fi ,yu A 9' " K fa nf af 4 1 ,gg A A . , r-TP. " gi"!P1D.l, - -946 ng- , 5 ,. saqug, A .C .xi 1 U 'Q . 'v ', .5 5 uifsv va N sf -v 55. A. 5fP523?Qw:--to " .al?5553kHQNf7gq , X lifisszm -Z W .-35, b,V- , ,iw V .W uf:-ze, .. ,.,,, W- fgigff 4 1 - 'Hs- S , ,. it ,1A , nf 'E 'X A. .3 's , Ui rp .TW 7 . - fe L, f X. PW' ?g,s'Q 1 x-W'v'f+8Q9P Q , V: V , ,iwwsgwdjf , - I -lQ 53fEf,'37Q1 1,151 .ug V iff, WK iq, M --" M if ' .Q .WA Xfzfgaffx 7 mf f: ,M ,a Faculty Sponsor l , Un M noni BOWLING AT STEVENS The modern bowling alley, clean and well-lighted, is no longer considered "off-limits" for high school boys and girls. Parents know that the proprietor, with a heavy investment at stake, is most anxious to maintain the atmosphere of respectability in his establishment. The school administration in Claremont has always backed any program which will make for a fuller and richer life for its graduates. It has sanctioned the bowling program because it benefits many students who do not otherwise engage in school sports and because it provides experience in social living. D Here at Stevens, the Red and Black Bowling League, started four years ago under the direction of Mr. Albert Gauthier, has become increasingly popular. Major interest in the activity has come from the girl students. This would, no doubt, hold true in any school because, in general, boys have more of a sports program offered them than do the girls. The teams follow a regular schedule with matches being held once weekly from early Novem- ber through March. Each bowler rolls two strings. A record of the scores made in these matches is faithfully kept, and at the end of the season awards go to those who have turned in note- worthy performances. These awards are small, highly-polished wooden bowling pins, eight inches high, trimmed with the school colors and lettered with the proper information. They go to each member of the championship teams, to the bowlers with: the highest double-string score. In addition, the boy, and girl showing the most improvement and interest during the season receives one. New members are always welcome. Why not plan to join next winter? What s my score? "Gridders" honored by G. I.,Pau1 Gonyea, Stevens-ex, now in Korea m-m-m-m - I wonder - !!! I disagree ! I ' 70 H To our Sponsors, who have made possible the 1952 issue of The Red and Black," the Yearbook Agel-Corman Furniture Co. Fred Allen, Jeweler American Legion Post 29 American Plate Glass Co. Annette's Dress Shop A 81 P Supermarket Arco Service Station Arel Bros. Upholstery Co. Mr. Phil Arioli Avenue Repair Shop Balfour Ring Co. Barnes, Rouillard and McPherson, Mr. Howard L. Barret Mr. gl Mrs. Barney Bass Isaac Bass and Co. Ben's Red and White Store Mr. 81 Mrs. William Bent Berkeley Stores Inc. Blewitt's Service Station Blue Moon Boardway and Cowles George Boccia's Fruit Store Bonnie's Beauty Salon Inc. Bourden's New Haven Mattress Mfg. Co. Breault's General Store Briggs Concrete and Gravel Brodeur's Washer Service Buena Vista Dairy Bar W. H. Burbee, Inc. Bush Music Studio Business and Professional Women's Club The Candy Bar Mr. Dwight Carriel Carroll Cut Rate Cosmetics Catholic Daughters of America Chapman's Esso Service Station Charlie's Y-D Service Station E. T. Chase, Motor Sales The Chateau Convalescent Home, City Tire Shop Claremont Army 81 Navy Store Claremont Auto 81 Body Shop Claremont Building 81 Loan Claremont Cleaners gl Dyers Claremont Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Claremont Daily Eagle Claremont Farm Equipment Inc. Claremont Feed 81 Supply Co. Claremont Finance Corporation Claremont Fire Dept. Claremont Furniture Co. Claremont Gas Light Ascutney, Inc. Claremont Jalopy Drivers and Owners Inc. Claremont Metal 81 Paper Stock Co. Claremont Mill End Store Claremont Motor Co. Claremont National Bank Claremont Paper Mill Claremont Pharmacy Claremont Police Dept. Claremont Rotary Club ' Claremont Savings Bank Claremont Steam Laundry Claremont Waste Mfg. Co. Class of '53 Class of '54 Class of '55 Vt Staff offers its most sincere thanks Colonial Hotel Compliments of Friends Connecticut Valley Electric Co. Inc The Corner Book Shop Cote's Grill Coy Paper Company Dr. Irving Crandall Mr. G. H. Cross Cross and Currier Currier Electric Shop Russell Currier, Editor '51 "Red 81 Black A. L. Cushion, Insurance Agency D. W. Cushion, Insurance Agency D'Amante's Fruit Store Daniel's Toggery Shop Dan's Shoe Service Dansereau's Service Station Dartmouth Woolen Mills Inc. Dave's Garage Davis 81 Symonds Lumber Co. C. E. Densmore 81 Son Dr. Porter O. Dexter Dion's Bros. Art Dion's Market Paul Dion, Barber Don's Market Mr. Stephen A. Doody The Elks Ella's jewelry and Gift Emerson's Jenny Service Station Endicott-Johnson Shoe Co. Esersky's Yardware 81 Plumbing Supplies P. D. Estabrook, DC Y-104 Stevens Page 71 continued m n Farmers' Co-op. Association. Freeze Locker Fashion Shop Nelson C. Faught Co. Dr. William Ferriter First National Stores M. H. Fishman Co. R. W. Fitch 81 Son - Contracting 81 Building Fluette Oil Co. W. J. Fluette Foster Beef Co. Gene's Super Market Gilbert's Insurance Co. J. P. Goddard Bakery Co. The Gown Shop Goyette Appliances Graham Motors Green Meadows Lunch Hadley 81 Son Lumber Mr. Harold Hall Hardy Bros. - Builders H. D. Harris Co. Harry's Shoe Barn Dr. Bernard P. Haubrich Haubrich Farms Haubrich's Veterinary Clinic Helie's Market Basket David Heller Co. High Bridge Restaurant Dr. Deane A. Hilliard Mr. 81 Mrs. Ray Hilliard Dr. Ray K. Hodgkins Home Service Co. Hooper's Flowers Hotel Moody Houde's Barber Shop Houghton and Simonds Howe Motor Co. Mrs. Roy D. Hunter A. gl A. J. Hutcheon, Inc. Ideal Laundry and Dry Cleaning Independent Order of Odd Fellows International Shoe Co. Jake's Dinette H. A. Johnson, General Contr. Jones Food Shop Joy Manufacturing Co. The "Junctioneers" Skating Club Keating Insurance Inc. Dr. Charles F. Keeley Kimball's Inc. J. H. Kiniry - Hardware gl Paint Kiwanis International Knights of Columbus Dr. Stanley J. Kuk Ladeau's Furniture Shop Lambert Cycle 81 Toy Shop Dr. Armand J. Landry Latchis Theater Duane Lawrence, Dairy Lena's Variety Store B. R. Lewin, MD O. H. Lewis Co. Inc. Limoge's Oil Co. Lola's Beauty Shoppe Lorraine's Beauty Shoppe Mack's Service Station Colin A. Maclver DDS Mackintosh Inc. Insurance Magnet Theater The Magwood Clothing Co. Maple Superette Market N. C. Marro, Plumbing gl Heating Marshall's Market Martin Mills, Hartland, Vt. George E. Mathews 81 Son McBride Car 81 Home Supplies Mr. Henry W. McCusker The Men's Shop Merit Clothing Co. Merrimac Farmers Exchange Mosher's Press Mountain View Market Joe Mozewko's Store Nahil's Barber Shop Neighbor Store - G. M. Headle DJ. AJ. Newberry,CoL Ifnc. Mrs. Harman Newell. Newport Dairy Inc. Dr. Francis H. Nolin North Street Market Norton-Ufford Co. Inc. Osgood's Pharmacy D. E. Page, General Contr. Pappas Greenhouses Parisian Dry Cleaners E. A. Parlee Co. Dr. F. C. Parmenter Paul's Shoe Store People's National Bank E. C. Peterson Trucking Co. Dr. F. K. Phillips Pleasant Restaurant Power's Shoe Co. Inc. The Queen Shop Quimby gl Quimby Rand Ball and King Co. Rand's News Depot Reo of Manchester Dr. Herman Rice - Optometrist Ring's Barber Shop Roberts Oil 81 Trucking Co. Rogers Motor Co. Rosi's Bowling Lanes Rowe-Genereux Inc. Dr. Karl F. Rund Sadie's Snack Shop Mr. Samuel Satzow Alden E. Sawyer, Jeweler 81 Watch Maker Schneider's Bottling Works Schnyer's Auto Body Shop Sears Roebuck 81 Co. Sig's Restaurant Sil's Market, Meats 81 Groceries Simms Motor Co. Singer Sewing Machine Co. Skill's Barber Shoppe Smalley's Service Shop, Electr. Contr. Smith Auto Sales Co. Inc. ' Smith's Studio, Photographer for "The Red and Black S. gl O. Oil Co. Dr. Pauline Spear Standard Automotive Co. Dr. Carl M. Stearns Stevens Drug Store Stevens Greenhouses Stevens High School Alumni Stevens High School Student Council The Caroline Stoughton Bookshop The Stoughtons Dr. William F. Stuart Sweeney's Inc. Mr. gl Mrs. R. H. Sweet Taft Bros. Texaco Service Station Mr. 81 Mrs. Merton E. Thompson Mr. F. Lester Trafton Tri-Hi-Y Tumble Inn Diner Utilgas Corporation Valley Litho Co., Holyoke, Mass. Valliere's Pharmacy Vanity Beauty Salon Veteran's Cleaners Veterans of Foreign Wars F. W. Wadleigh gl Co. Wainshal-Hurwitz Furniture Co. Western Auto Association Store Women's Republican Club Women's Shop - C. S. Warren Gary Wood's Texaco Station F. W. Woolworth Co. WTSV The Staff of "The Red and Black" thanks the Claremont Daily Eagle for the generous loan of pictures from its files. i S Q 5 5 2 S H F5 l gf I If H ? S Ki 5 5 H E I 5 H 2

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