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THE RED AND BLACK PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OE I949 STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL CLAREMONT, NEW HAMPSHIRE 9 H ff 4.1609 'Y .x 4 6 fi -I km 4 r' O th' M-Z'- . "9 1863 'lr X'QMo!4"' 1 I THE TABLE OF CONTENTS QTJDKUDEC Dedication ofthe Red and Black ..... Stevens Junior-Senior High ..,....... The l-leadmaster's Message ........... .................. ..... The Faculty Picture ........,..............4...................t.. ..... The Red and Black Staffg The School Directory ....... ..... The Red and Black Staff Picture ...................,...... ..... Presenting The Seniors ..i..,.,....... The Senior Class Officers ..... The Senior Pictures .......... The Student Council ...,.......... The Junior Class Officers ......,.... The Sophomore Class Officers The Freshman Class Officers ..... Extra-Curricular Activities ....., The Football Team ........................... The Basketball Team ........,............... The Junior Varsity Basketball Team The Ski Team ......,............................. The Baseball Team .... The Track Team ................. The Girls' Hockey Team ........ The Cuirls' Basketball Team ....... The Cheerleaders ................., The Band .............,...r..... The Orchestra Picture ...r.. The Chorus Picture .................. The A Capella Choir Picture ..... The Assembly Committee ........ The Senior Play ............. The Voice of Stevens ..... The Junior Librarians ...... The Tri-Hi-Y Club ...... The I-li-Y Club ......... The Sponsors ..... 2 Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page DEDICATION To Miss Aletho Childs in grateful recognition of her post help cmd sincere cooperation, the closs of l949 respectfully cledicotes this issue of the Red and Block. i3l T 001 ch hS - Senior Hig OI' Juni S CII Stev TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OE l949: lt is a pleasure to greet you and compliment you upon reaching the conclusion of one stage in your life work. Graduation from high school in this day and age is no longer the usual event that it was a generation or two ago. ln this month of June, thousands of others throughout the land will receive their high school diplomas. The graduates of l949 have one thing in commong they must enter into a life long competition with that large group of men and women who have taken advantage ofthe G. l, Bill to further their education. We have more people with college degrees and specialized train- ing than at any other time in our history. This does not mean that there is no place for you in your chosen career. lt does mean that you will need all the ability, courage, and perseverance that you can muster to attain the goal which you have set for yourselves. The experience of the past has shown that the important things of the world have been done by those who have met the challenge of a difficult task. All who know you-your parents, your teachers, and your friends stand ready at any time to give you any help which is in our power. We have confidence in your eornestness of purpose and we wish each one of you a happy and useful life. Sincerely yours, STEPHEN A. DOODY, Headmaster C59 STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY OF THE 9m 'U o o Q G cu ,C Q4 cu 4-7 U1 'ci r-1 cvs 5-4 cu UB N fi K14 4-7 5-4 cu ,-Q 9 D4 1- 4-1 cr CD 'U C4 Q2 4-v SI --4 5-4 V Q-4 CU 5-4 H S-4 GJ 4-1 rn GJ r-1 Lrf 'U K5 E T' P4 cu ,Q o D3 Q.: +9 4-7 N-4 GJ r-4 3. 9 ,M o css C13 GJ cm :S V2 six: O5-4 "lc: E4 Q2 3 .C UD 'CS C5 OB 2 54 -4 cvs I bf .E 5 H 2 P: -I 6 o o or V1 O 'U 5-4 o ii ... 2 .Q ,-CI 4-7 15 CU cs 4-9 S4 GJ .Q E QC 15 5-4 O -A 5-4 G5 U0 'G I-fl vi CD v-4 V-4 .-4 QB G EU CUE S-4 5:4 GS 5 3 o 5-4 .-4 vi S21 L-'31 I-4 o D34 '55 ,4 cu --4 4: .2 b CD x V2 C5 rl. 5-4 ID r-4 4-4 --4 5-4 S-4 S 4-1 GJ .-4 S-4 5-4 GS III B 9 H 'cs Q C O GJ U2 rd v-7 92 U Q E SI ,C o V1 L4 CD E 2 -S-4 fx S-4 Q2 4-v U1 C5 E 'CS CU cv 5 ii M C5 3 of s-4 O O 2 cv 11' E3 5 U11 5-c cs 2 E 'U cu S21 O I cu 4-9 .-4 5-4 cv I3 nn 5-4 C5 2 uf T5 72 .SI U cw: .C 4-7 cu -4 QC 3 9 f.. 43 C 9 F14 W CYS 3 E CD 5-4 P4 ni C4 o cv v-1 cf 0 'J-7 5: 5' ,ci P4 cms C1 .,-4 'QD :-I o .-Q ..4 5-4 .II U U1 Oli cv U 234' 44' TQ cu -C2 U :cs on 4-7 4-N' an 'U cvs U V UD C 554' ,-. 0 U ea ,Q 4-7 P: 'U ffl if o U1 CI -C o V1 .-. Q1 ,Q is C5 ,M CJ 5 CQ on QS D341 CU.. 4-1 4-1 GJ 3 mum D42-4 C5 'CS C1 CG E 5 z PG. fi E IU U1 S 2 O L14 THE STAFF OF THE RED AND BLACK Philip Kaminslfy ------ Editor-in-Chief Edward Chick. - - - - Assistant Editor Elma Griswold ---- - Literary Editor Mitchell Nawojczyk, Robert Marshall - Co-Editors Boys' Sports Therese Blanchard ------ Girls' Sports Glendon Richmond, Phyllis Raymond, Roger Lambert George Leclair, Nancy Brodrick, Martha Heller - Art Editors Clark Burbee, Carolyn Papps - - - Photographic Editors Carl Steinfield, Robert Hildreth Business Managers Forrest Putnam, Leon Graves - Business Staff Earl Boudette ----- Subscription Manager Joel Bass ------- Exchange Editor Phyllis Raymond, Rita Kimball, Doris Wadleigh, Christine Pratt, Charlotte Bessey, Loretta Simms, Dorothy Saunders, Helen Gierko, Betty Osgood, Carolina Strasser, Nancy Nemcovich, Thelma Bailey ------ Typists THE SCHOOL DIRECTORY Mr. F. Lester Trafton, M. Ed. Mr. Stephen A, Doody, M. A. Mr. Edgar L. Lord, M. S. - Miss Aletha Childs, M. A, Mrs. June Bucko, A. B. - Mr. Lyle W. Ewing, M. A, Mr, Robert E. Fitzgerald, M. Ed. Miss Marguerite Foley, B. S. Mr. Albert E. Gauthier, M, A. Mr. Wayne S. Gray, B, Ed, Mr. Robert E. Hadley - Miss Marguerite Honadel, B. S. Miss Mabel Johnson, B. S, Miss Harriet Merrill, B. S. Mr. Walter E. Miner, B. Ed. Mr. Harry W. Moore, M. A. Mr, Milford R. Osgood - Mr. Norman C. Paquette, B. S. Mr. Clarence P. Parker - Mr. Walter Paskevich, Mus. B, Mr. Willard D. Rollins, B. S. Mrs, Alice B. Schriber - Mrs. Sara Smith, B. Ed. - Miss Regina Thornton, B. Ed. Mr. Robert B. Vail, A. B. Miss Irma Willey, A, B. Miss Leona Tremblay - Mrs. Dorothy Kuzmich Miss Martha Patten, R. N, 7 - - Superintendent - - Headmaster Submaster, Chemistry History, Mathematics - - English - - English Commercial Home Economics History, French - English Mechanic Arts History, Spanish Home Economics Physical Education, Coach - - Mechanic Arts Physics Areonautics - Mechanic Arts - - - English Physical Education, Coach - - - Music - Mathematics - - Commercial Biology, Economics, Sociology - Distributive Education - - U. S. History - Latin, World Geography - - - Librarian Secretary, Headmaster's Office - - - - Nurse 1 THE RED AND BLACK STAFF Back row, left to right: Leon Graves, Earl Boudette, Carl Steiniield, Clark Burbee, Robert Hildreth, Edward Chick, Joel Bass, George LeClair, Glendon Richmond. Second row: Robert Marshall, Forrest Putnam, Theresa Blanchard, Nancy Brodrick, Elma Griswold, Loretta Simms, Helen Gierko, Doris Wadleigh, Philip Kaminsky, Mitchell Nawojczyk. Front row: Dorothy Saunders, Carolyn Papps, Phyllis Raymond, Nancy Nemcovich, Carolina Strasser, Martha Heller, Charlotte Bessey, Thelma Bailey, Christine Pratt, Rita Kimball Betty Osgood. Veg? Early in November, the members of the Senior class met to select the staff for the 1949 issue of the Senior year book, the Red and Black. Philip Kaminsky was selected editor, and an able staff of writers and typists was chosen to aid him. This year's group met unusual difiiculties in procuring the financial aid neces- sary for the publication of the Year Book, and the Senior class extends its sincere thanks to them for their sincere efforts. In spite of numerous extra-curricular activities, the members of this group have devoted much time outside their regular school work to make the Year Book a success. This work entailed the visiting of many merchants and townspeople to obtain necessary funds, long hours of writing and correcting followed. The submission of various sketches finally re- sulted in the selection of the attractive cover for the issue of 1949. To the editor and the entire staff of the Red and Black, the Senior class extends its most sincere congratulations for the success of its Year Book. C83 C 0 Ei f l 7 5 Q5 5 5 - 7 D i' S--Sf fy .'b,.. ', I C k in f a' GN 137 ff 1 1 X THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Clark Burbee, Robert Angler, Robert Marshall, Wayne Wilson. THE SENIOR CLASS The class at l949 has had a year more than ordinarily successful, The faculty members agree that the group as a whale has reached a record at scholastic achievement that will not easily be eaualed. ln extra-curricular activities the class was ably represented. The success ot the annual Senior Play, under the direction of Mr. Gray, needs but little comment, In all activities at Stevens., the class of i949 has left its mark. ClOl ROBERT ANGIER "Ange" "A.11gie" is that tall, blond. gooddooking fel- loyv who has always taken an active part in extra-curricular activities. Since "Bob" is both an athlete and a scholar, the door of opportun- ity should open quickly to him. Good luck at C.N.H. and in the future. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Boy State 3. Chorus 3, Class Ring Committee 2, jr. Class Play 3, Foot- ball 3, 4, Fcotball Dance Committee 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, Freshman Reception Committee 2, Fresh- man Vic Dance Committee 1, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Varsity Basketball 1, 2. Varsity Basketball 3, 4, National Athletic Schol- arship Society 3, Roger's Athletic Award for Basketball 3, Class President 1, 2, 3, 4. Student Council 1, 4, Senior Play 4, A Capella Choir 4. Staff 4 JANICE BAKER "JI-nan" Hjlianv is that lively blonde who is seen dash- ing around the halls. VVith her participation in extra-curricular activities and her pleasing per- sonality, she has become one of the most popu- lar girls in our class. A Capella Choir 4, Assembly Committee 4, Asst. Basketball Manager 2, Beta Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Majorette 3, 4, Freslnnan Reception Coinniittee 1, Freshman Vic Dance Committee 1. Clll THELMA BAILEY Thelma is one ot thc quiet membeis ot oui class. Xlthough she has not been too actne she is xx ell known for her pleasing manner and we are suie she will some day go a long was in her chosen field of social vsoik Best of luck, Thelma' Alpha l H1Y 9 3 s Home lc Dance Comnnttce 4 Red and Black uBa55ie-U You have seen him driving around town with a car full of boys. Heeause of his personality and humor, he is a friend to everyone. joel i5 planning to go to college, and we wish him the best of luck there. A Capella Choir 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Football Dance Committee 4, Hi-Y 5, 4, Red and Black Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Track Team Mgr. 2, 3, 4. WILFRED BELISLE VVilly is that tall fellow you've seen hurrying back and forth between classes this year. Al- though he joined us only this fall, we all feel as though he were an old member of the class. XVilly plans to start a career in salesmanship after graduation, and we wish him the best of luck. CXVinclsor Highj Assembly Committee 2, Freshman Reception Committee 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, Treasurer 1. CHARLOTTE F. BESSEY "Charlie" Charlie is a girl it docsn't take long to learn to like, bnt forever to forget. Shc's made many friends throughout high school. Good luck in your chosen work, Charlie! Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Home lic. Dance Committee l, 2, 3, Red and Black Staff 4. H23 THERESA BLANCHARD "Then-y" "l'l1crry" is well-kuovvn at Stevens because of her friendly ways. After graduation she plaus to Qu to a nursing school in Denver. and xv0u't some patient be lucky to have such a cute nurse! Alpha ll'l-H173 1, Basketball Xarsity 1, 2, Beta Tri-Hi-Y 2. Chorus 1, 2, Freshman Re- ception Coinniittee 2, liresluuan Yie Dance Conuuittee I, Hockey 1, J. Home Ee. Dance Connnittee 3, 3, 4, Junior Prom Couuuittee 3, Red and Black Staff 4, Secretaries 1. Senior Play 4, Softball 1, 3, Student L'0unCil 1. EARL C. BOUDETTE "Curly" This pleasant fellow ealue to us from North Charlestown, and soon held a place in our hearts. "Curly'l, as yet has not decided what college he will attend, but in whatever field he ventures, he's sure to achieve his goal. Good luck in future years, 'tCu1-ly". A Capella Choir 4, Chorus 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Junior Prom Committee 3. Red and Black Staff 4, Yoiee of Stevens 4. BARRY BOURGOINE Barry has been one of Stevens' hard workers. His quiet, friendly manners are the earmarks of future sueeess. Barry plans to study aviation and eventually join the Naval Air Corps. VVC certainly hope you make it, Barry. C133 ROBERT BOWLES Hardworking, quiet, and honest-that's Bob. Bob has won our admiration by his friendliness and good nature. Although Bob has nothing definite planned for the immediate future, we hope he attains his goal-that of being a major-leagne baseball player. NANCY BRODRICK Nancy is that good-looking girl with the pleasing personality. Wfith her friendly smile she is sure to be a success in whatever she chooses to do after graduation. Good luck Nancy. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Assembly Committee 4, Chorus 1, Class Ring Committee 3, Freshman Reception Committee 2, Fresh- man Vic Dance Committee 1, Home lic. Dance Committee 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Red and Black Staff 4, Student Council 4. CLARK BURBEE "Burlap Clark is one of the "brains" of our class. If anyone has a problem. it is t'Bu1'b" who can solve it. Ile intends to go on to college and study to be a teacher. Vvhatever field he enters, he is sure to succeed. Hi-Y 4. Red and Black Staff 4, Class Secre- tary 4, Senior Play 4, Ski Team 4, Student Council 4, Voice of Stevens 4. C145 NORMA BYRON Nornia is a girl people like when they get to really know her, for she's full of fun and always ready to help a friend. She plans on be- coming a telephone operator in the near future, so we wish you the best. Chorus 1, 2. 4. KATHERINE CADY Katherine, a quiet nieniber of our class, plans to be a librarian when school is over. VVC all know because of her liking for books and hard work that she will be a success. Librarian 1, 3. 3. BARBARA CHASE "Barb" You'll never overlook 'ABarbl' because shels that charming blonrle who has the respect of her elassniates. Best of luck to the girl who will enter the nursing profession upon gradua- tion. A Capella Choir 4, Chorus 1, 4, 3, 4, Class Ring Connnittee 3, Home Ee. Dance Commit- tee 2, 3, 4, junior PrOni Coinniittee 3, Junior Yarsity Basketball 4. H59 l i l, 2, RAYMOND VICTOR DANSEREAU "Dutch" "Dutch" is that good looking fellow whom you have all seen on the basketball court and the football gridiron. He plans to go to U.X.H. where he is going to take accounting. Best of luck, A'Ray'y, in your chosen vocation. Football 3, 43 Football Dance Committee 43 junior Prom Committee 35 Junior Varsity Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Na- tional Athletic Scholarship Society 45 Senior Play 4. EDWARD EVERETT CHIC If you've ever seen a band must have seen Eddie, for l talented musicians in our m to go to Lehigh and study his intelligence and likable personality he is sure to climb the ladder of success. Assembly Committee 43 Ba Freshman Vic Dance Committee lg Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 ,lunior Prom Committee 3 3, 41 Red and Black Staff 4 surer Band 41 Senior Play 4 Treasurer-Freshman I: Voice K uEddien performance, you ie is one of the idst. liddie plans metallurgy. With ncl, ".-X" and "B" on Committee 23 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 1 Secretary-Trea- g Track Team -tg of Stevens 4. .IOANNE DOUGLAS "Jo" NIO" is an athlete and musician. Her abilities will be welcomed at any musical school, and we are sure that the willingness to work which she has shown here at Stevens will carry her far in the future. HRC' Band J, 3, 43 HB" Band l, 2, 3, 4, All State Band 43 Basketball Manager 4: Junior Yarsity Basketball 1, 33 ASV' Band Librarian 2, 3, Orchestra Librarian 3: Orchestra 3, 43 Band President 45 Senior Play Staff 4: Soft- ball 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4g Swing Band 2. C165 MARGARET EASTMAN "Peggy" To know "Peggy" is to like her. XVhenever there! work to he done, she is always willing' to lencl a helping hand. "Peggy" is thinking of a career in occupational therapy. XVith her pleasant ways we know she'll he a great success in whatever she does. Good luck Peggy! Chorus 1, 2, 33 Class Ring Connnittee 2: Freshman Reception Coinniittee 22 Home Ee. Dance Connnittee 1, 2, 33 eo-chairman 43 Inni- or Proni Connnittee 3: Senior Play 4. Play 4 RICHARD FISH "Dick" Dick, a musician. plans to attend a cOnserva- tory of music. XVith his ability ancl friendly ways he is bound to succeed in his chosen vo- cation. Our best wishes ggo with you! :X Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshnian Vie llanee Conunittee lg Latin Cluh 1, 2, 33 Music Council 4: Senior Play Staff 4g Voice of Stevens 4. H75 HOWARD R EGBERT Eggy This tall Ooccl ooking uox has leen xerx populai vxlnle at Stexens Xfxfltll his ieiclx snnle and pleasing, personalitx F2151 will go fa: in whatuei fi ld en cis bOocl ue Uliggy. A Capella Qhoir 4 Llion, -Xll State 4 Choi us 1, 2 2 4 3, 4: Footblll Dance Lonnnit ee 4 lieshman Reception Lnnniittee 9 H X P 3 4 Senor Q., ARTHUR RAYMOND FITCH "Art" t'Art" collects friends wherever he goes. His winning way is a positive guarantee of success. H 7? ' Art plans to attend lVentworth Institute where he will study building and architectural work. Best of luck to you! Chorus 45 Class Ring Committee 35 junior Prom Committee 35 Senior Play Staff 45 Track Team 2, 35 ELINOR FLETCHER "Elle" "Ele" is a quiet little classmate who always seems to be in a hurry. Her pleasing and cheery personality have made her a friend of all. Though her future is yet undecided, we are sure she will be a success in whatever she decides to do. Best of luck to you, 'flilef' A Capella Choir 2, 3, 45 Beta Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 President 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Home Ee. Dance Committee 1, Z, 45 junior Prom Committee 35 Softball 3. VICTOR FONTAINE During his stay at Stevens, sports have been his main interests, especially basketball and football. Our best wishes go with you, Vic, as you travel to California and may the best of everything be yours. Baseball 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 CCaptainj5 Football Dance Committee 45 Junior Varsity Basketball 45 Student Council 4. H85 GWENDOLYN E. FOURNIER "Gwen" "Gwen" is 2111 2lCl1Y1' 1llL'll11JL'l' 111' 1111 tlle Sports 211111 51111100111 w1111 will 11c 111iss1111 111 gzlmcs. xXv11L'1'CX'k'l' s1111 gues "1iwc11" 111211165 11C1' 1111's- 1'111'11 111111w11 wi1l1 111-1' w111y 1111111111 211111 C111 s111i1c. S1111 151111 s111'11 XX'112lI 1111' 111111111 11111115 fm' 11014, 11111 wc w1sl1 11111' 111111, 11215111-1113111 1, J, 1111131211111 3, 45 H111'k6y 2, .S 11.2117181111 43 Home lic. ljilllfk' L'0111111i111:C 3 51111112111 I. 1'2l17I2l11l 3, 3, 4. BEVERLY GATES "Bev" T11Oug11 B11 is 11111' of 11111 qui1'1c1' 111611111613 111 1111: class, 1161 sp11111a11Co11s giggle is 1111611 11ea1'11 1'1-s1111111l111g t111'11ug11 11112 c11r1'if1111's. S110 plans 10 stucly 11111'si11g 111 S21lc111, Mass., after g1'a1111ati1111. XYl111 w111111111'1 want 111 be her 11a1iC111? Bvst 111 111C1i, Bev, as El 117111112111 111 1V11itc. A111113 Tri-111-Y 2, 31 L'l1o1'11s 1. 2, 33 Home lic. Dance 1'11111111i11ec 41 R611 a111l Black Staff 4g S0ft1121ll 3. HELEN GIERKO 11 54111 111'211' Z1 CU1lt1111l2ll 11116 111 C113.1ItC1', yOu C2111 111' 811111 111211 llclcu is 111-a1'l1y. VVi111 l1C1' smiling 121cu 211111 c21gc1'11ess, we 2111- surc she will always 113111 lllilllj' 11'1C11f1S. ,'Xl1Jl12l T11-H1-Y 1, 2, 35 111101115 1, 23 Home lic. 1Jz111C1' C11111111111Cc 1, 2, 43 I11111111' PYUIT1 L'11111111i1t01' 3: R611 211111 Black Staff 4: S1111- 112111 1, 3, 4. 1191 many ROBERT GRAHAM "Bob" t'Bob" caine to Stevens in his Junior year, and in a very short time gained many new friends. Many have experienced a breath-tak- ing ride in his old Ford, a rid: never-to-be- forgotten. He plans to go to college. and vve're sure he'll attain his goal. Anacostia High--Student Council 2: Capitol Page Schocl- -School Newspaper 23 Stevens- ,lunior Class Play 35 Football Dance Committee 43 Hi-Y 41 Student Council President 41 Senior Play 4: Editor-in-chief of Student lidition of the liagle 4g Track Team 3, 43 Voice of Stev- ens 33 liditer of Yoice 4. Dance inittee Senior C203 ALFRED JOSEPH GIRARD "Al" "-Xl" is an easy-going fellow niost of us have seen between the aisles of the First National. Although he hasn't been able to take part in extra-curricula activities, he has ainbi- tions to do many things after graduation. Good luck in the future, "Al"l LEON F. GRAVES "Joe" "joe" is the talkative senior who is a friend of all who know him because Of his good- natured easy-going attitude. He plans to at- tend Keene Teachers College to become an English teacher. Although we doubt that you'll need it, we wish you the best of luck in your chosen profession. Baseball 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Football Conunittee 45 Freshman Vie Dance Coin- lj Hi-Y 3, 45 Red and Black Staff 45 Play 43 Ski Team 1, 2, 3, 4. ELMA TRESS GRISWOLD Even though Elma is always rushed by extra- currieula activities, she is One of the brains of the class. She and her trumpet have added greatly to our band and orchestra. Her witty remarks and dry humor have proved entertain- ing' t0 all. Elma plans to study medicine after graduation. Good luck to you in your chosen career! Musical Festival 3, -tg A Capella Choir 2, 3, 4: Assembly Committee 41 HA" Band 1, 2, 3, 4: "B" Band 15 Elected All State Band 4: Chorus 3, 43 Class Ring Committee 23 Football Dance Committee 45 Freshman Reception Committee 11 Hockey Cgirlsj 2, D.A.R. Girl 4, Musical Scholarship 33 Junior Prom Committee 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Presidents: Choir 4, Or- chestra 4g Red and Black Staff, Literary Editor 4g Secretary of Sophomore Class: Senior Play 45 Student Council 2, 4: Student Edition of the Eagle 4: Swing Band 2: Vice President. Band 4, Choir 33 Yoice of Stevens, Musical Column- ist -lg Reporter 3. BRUCE G. HARVEY Bruce, the fellow behind the 'tOomph" of the tuba, is another in the clan of the tall husky Seniors. All of his friends will attest that when Bruce graduates, a large hole in the extra- curricula field will have to be filled. Bruce's t'Ascutney grinn and friendly personality will carry him to the top rung of achievement. "A" Rand 1, 2, 3, 43 MBU Band 1. 25 Elected All State Band -ll Orchestra 1. 1 itha is the g,nl who is always hustling from one musical organization or another to the library to lend her helping hand. She plans to study buying after graduation. XVe all wish you the best of luck in your chosen work. A Capella Choir 2, 3, 43 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 1, 23 Art Club 1, 25 UA" Band 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Reception Committee 23 Home lic, Dance Committee 45 Librarian 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra Z, 3, 43 Red and Blaclc Staff 42 Sen- ior Play 4g Yoice of Stevens 4. C211 NATHAN H. HEWES "Nate" Despite 'Natelsl' short stature he will never get lost in a crowd. XYith his pleasing smile and jovial manner, "Nate" will find friends wher- ever he goes. At present, l'Nate" is undecided about his future, but good luck to you in what- ever the future holds in store! Baseball lj Distributive Fducation Club 33 Distributire Fducation Play 3. CHARLES HIGGINS "Pinky" "Pinky", one of the "hot rod boys", is the big likeable fellow who is always putting things together. His humorous antics and pleasing personality have brightened up many a class- room. "Pinky's" mechanical genius Cas those jalopies will testifyj is bound to carry him to fame and fortune. Take careful note, gang, maybe we have another Duryea or Ford in our midst. Baseball Manager 1, 23 Football 3, 4. ROBERT G HILDRETH, .IR Red HRedl' was responsible for a lot of laughs here at Stevens, and with his notorious friend, 'lStein", he supplied a lot more. He plans to enroll in college next fall and take up business administration. Stevens' loss will be their gain. 'XVe know you'll keep ,em laughing, "Red.'l Baseball Manager 25 Class Ring Committee 2, Junior Play 35 Football 1, 2, 33 Football Dance Committee 33 Freshman Reception Com- mitte 25 Freshman Vic Dance Committee lg Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, President 43 Junior Prom Com- mittee 3g Varsity Basketball 4g Latin Club 1, 2, 33 Red and Black Staff 45 Senior Play 43 Sen- ior Vic Dance Committee 45 Student Council 43 Student Edition of the Eagle 3, 45 Voice of Stevens 3, 4. C229 DONALD FORREST HODGE "Donn Don, the electrical fiend of our class, is the possessor of a remarkable personality. His sci- entific capabilities have acquired him reknown. XYherever lion goes, the light of understanding is hound to follow. A Capella Choir 43 Chorus -li Class Ring Committee 23 Freshman Reception Committee 23 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4g Yice-president 4: Elect- ed All State Orchestra -l: Senior Play Staff 45 Class Treasurer 2. HARVEY HERBERT JERARD Harv" l ALDEN LESLIE HOYT "Alcly" Small in stature-yessbut large in ambition. l'Aldy'l, our class "yt-lungsterl', is going to Keene Teachers College where he hopes to become an English teacher. VVe know he'll succeed! Although Ham hasnt been in many extra- curricular activities, he has certainly made him- self known at Stevens through his pleasant per- sonality and dignified manner. Uncle Sam's Navy will be getting a good man when "H:-Irv" joins up. C237 WESLEY JONES "Wes" His quiet demeanor and friendly smile have endeared him to many acquaintances. These characteristics will carry him far. and we wish you the best for the future, "lVes". PHILIP J. KAMINSKY "Phil" Here is a popular fellow-a friend to all. Phil plans to attend some college next fallwhere We are sure he'll be tops in everything as he has been at Stevens. Good luck! Basketball Manager 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Ring Committee 35 Fcotball 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball Dance Committee 45 Freshman Reception COnimittee 15 junior Prem Committee 35 Na- tional Athletic Scholarship Society 35 Red and Black Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Student C0uncil 45 and Voice of Stevens 4. RITA ELIZABETH KIMBALL "Reba" "Rebal' is a small, quiet girl in our class who is seen Hitting from one musical activity to an- other. She is planning to go into the nursing profession and become a surgical nurse. Best of luck, "Reba',. A Capella Choir 3, 45 "A" Band 1, 2, 3 45 "B" Band 1, 25 All State Elected 45 Chorus 35 Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Staff 45 Voice of Stevens 45 Music Council, Band 45 and Junior Play 3. C245 ROGER H. LAMBERT "Lamby" Our class would have been incomplete with- out Laniby. His ready wit and comical antics certainly brightened up our classrooms. Roger will make a fine addition to the United States Navi: Football 3. 33 Freshman Vic Dance Coin- nuttee I. Staff 4 MARJORIE ELEANOR LAWRENCE uMidgen Marjorie is one of the musicians of the class. She has also been active in sports, and during the year could be seen scrapping on the hockey Held and basketball court. Although she has been one of the quieter inenlbers of our class, we could always feel her presence in our classes. Ranclfni-Xu and "BH 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3. 4: Chorus 1, 3, 4, Hockey Cgirlsj 1, 2, 3, 45 Xew 'England Music Festival 2, 33 Inter Class Basketball 1, 2, 35 Home Ee. Dance Committee 3, 43 junior Prom Committee 3: Junior Varsity Basketball lg Librarian of Band 3. 4: Librarian of Orchestra 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Swing Band 3, Band, All State 1, 2, 3, 4. C259 VERA B LARCOM Vera with her ccntxglous laugh and tiien ly spirit, has urn llldI'lX triends tt btex ens Uuon graduation sh will enter A1315 Hitchcock Hos l XX pita. 1 1 optmus ic natuie sle wi brighten in nx a patients cax A Capela thou 3 4 New Fngland Nlusic Festival 3 4 Alph 'I 1H Y P 3 4 freasu 33 Chorus 3 4 lootball Dance Lomnnttec 4 Home It Dan e Lcmnnttce 3 4 Senior Play RICHARD P. LEAHY "Dick" His artistic abilities and his excellent work on the track team clon't seein to go together, but these talents eonibine to give us Dick, a grand classmate and friend. Bon voyage, future 3, -l. GEORGE D. LeCLAIR George is another one of the artists of our talented class. George has made full use of the time in sQhc0l and out of school, and we hope he continues to :lo so after graduation. Best of luck in your chosen career! Art Club 1, 23 lfreshnian Reception Com- mittee Zg junior Prom Connnittee 3: Distribu- tive liclucation Club 33 Real and Black Staff 45 Senior Play Stat? 4. Navy man. Junior Iioni fOIIl1lI1ttLL 'lx lclx 'leant 9 PHILIP N. LEDOUX "Phil" Music has been Phil's inain activity while at Stevens. NVitli his ambition and pleasing inan- ner, we are sure he will become a successful doctor. Good luck to you, Phil. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Band, All State 43 Baseball 1, 25 Debating Club 23 Orchestra 3, 45 S.M.S. Glee Club 2g Swing Band 4. H265 TERESA LEOCHA "Terry" School wouldn't be school without "Terry" and her happy outlook on life. She has par- ticipated in many school activities and is always willing to give a helping hand. In whatever school she enrolls, she will be a welcome addi- tion. A Capella Choir 4: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 45 Chorus I, 2, 3, -lg Freshman Reception Com- mittee 21 Freshman Vic Dance Committee lg Hockey 1, 2, 45 Captain JN. 23 Distributive liducation Club 35 Home Ee. Dance Committee 4: junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 43 Senior Play 4: Softball lj Student Council 1: Yice President Alpha 1, 4. DORIS LEPITRE "Dot" Dot is that lively little senior with a cheery smile for everyone. We know that any office will be glad to have her as a secretary and will certainly find her an efficient worker and a welcome addition to their staff. Here's wishing you the best in everything, Dot! EVE RETT LONG Pfx'erett's plans tor the future are undecided. He is a quiet person, but those who know him realize his sterling qualities. Best of luck in whatever you do. Band "AU 1, 2, 3g "B" 15 Track Team 3, 4. C 27 l MALCOLM FRASER MacDONALD "Mac" Mac, the crooner of the class, is sure to be tops in whatever vocation he may choose. His quick wit and humor have brightened many dull perioals. Keep exercising those vocals, Mae. A Capella Choir 2, 3, 45 Band HA" 2, 3, 43 Band, All State 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y l, 2, 3, -lg Orchestra 2, 33 Secretary-Treasurer -lg Senior Play 43 Track Team Z. RICHARD N. MACK "Dick" Dick will always be remembered by his short blond hair. He plans to further his education in some college and then teach physical educa- tion. Keep up the good work, and you will surely gain your objective. Baseball 3, -lg Football 2, 33 Hi-Y 3, 4g Iun- ior Prom Ccnnnittee 3: Junior Varsity Basket- ball 43 Ski Team 2, 33 Yice President 3. C289 Charlie is that easy-going' Senior that we have all seen playing a Hbang-up" g ball for Stevens. Charlie is going Marine Air Corps alter graduati wish him the best of luck. CHARLES A. MARRO "Charlie" ame of foot- to join the on, and we Baseball 3, -lg Football 3, 45 Football Dance Committee 45 ,lunior Prom Committee 3. JACQUELINE ANNE MARSHALL "Jackie" If you hear a giggle from seemingly out of nowhere. it's jackie. This petite blonde is a friend to all who know her. XVe're sure there'll be plenty of sunshine wherever Ujackie' goes after graduation. Beta Tri-Hi-Y 33 Chorus 3. 41 Home Bc. Dance Ccinmittee 43 .lunior Prom Committee 3. ROBERT HARRY MARSHALL 'Harry Here is a fellow who can look the world in the face and still keep laughing. Harry has been very popular among his classmates, and we are sure that this will be a very valuable asset to him in his chosen career. Good luck, Harry! Assembly Committee 4: Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Marshall 31 Class Ring' Committee Z3 Football 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Junior Prom Connnittee 33 junior Varsity Basketball 23 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 National Athletic Scholarship Society 43 Red and Black Staff 43 Secretaries 33 Senior Play Staff 43 Ski Team lj Student Council, Vice President 43 Vice President 4, DONALD ELWIN MARTIN "Asthma" Although "Asthma" hasn't entered too many activities while at Stevens, we still know that he is around. His ready wit and humor have brought many happy moments to all of us. Best of luck in the future! Baseball Manager 3, 43 Track Team 2. C 29 l DONALD MATTHEWS "Don" Although "Donn hasn't participated in 111any extra curricular activities, we always knew when he was around. Don plans to work a year and then go to the University. We all hope you'll breeze through life as briskly and easily as you've walked through the corridors of Stevens. National Athletic Scholarship Society 43 Track Team 4. WINSTON MATTHEWS "Stubby" This happy-go-lucky Senior was always sur- rounded by many friends. He has a big smile for everyone, "Stubby" has hopes of starting a woodworking shop some time in the future. Here's to success, "Stubby.'l BEVERLY MENARD "Bev Bevcily full of chcei and always happy is constantly on the go. NVith her pleasing per- sonality ancl friendly manner, we are sure she will be a success in her chosen work. Any office will be enlightened by her very presence. C309 ROGER LEE MENARD "Spud" A'Spud" has certainly been a friend to all. His clever personality will insure him success in his future work. After graduation, "Spud" will uphold the Navyls proud tradition. A Capella Choir 2, 3g Chorus 2, 3, Ski Team 35 Manager 4. MITCHELL JOSEPH NAWOJCZYK 'Mike Here is another natural athlete who partici- pated in our three major sports. He was a success in all of these, and we feel that he will be as much so in his chosen field-teaching physical education. "Mike" plans to attend Springfield College where he is sure to make a good showing. Best of luck always! Baseball 1, 2, 35 Class Ring Committee 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Dance Committee 43 Freshman Reception Committee 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee 35 Red and Black Staff 4. SYLVIA NAWOJCZYK "Syl" Sylvia is the tall, good-looking Senior with a broad smile for everyone. She is one of our most talented athletes and has added greatly to the success of our Hockey and Basketball teams, With her pleasing personality we are sure she will go far. Best of luck, "Syll'. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 15 Chorus 1, 2g Hockey 1, Z, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Home Ee. Dance Committee 35 Softball 2. C317 NANCY NEMCOVICH "Pudge" Cheerful and friendly are words which well describe Nancy. or "Fudge" as so many of her friends call her, She is always ready to join in the fun and seems to find the sunny side of everything. ,'Xlthoug'h her plans for further education are as yet not definite, she intends to become a secretary, and we know she will succeed. Good luck, Nancy! :Xlpha Tri-Hi-Y 43 Art Club 23 Band "A" 2, 3, 4g Band UB" 2: Beta Tri-Hi-Y 1, 21 Football llance Committee 43 Freshman Reception Committee 4: Hockey Cgirlsb 33 Home Fc. Dance Committee 25 junior Prom COmmittCe 3: Orchestra 33 Red and Black Stall 43 Soft- ball 3g and Ycice of Stevens 4. GORDON ORMSBY "Zombie", one of our class comedians, has made many of our classes lively and more fun. Gordon is usually seen with his old Ford, "NVobby". Good luck in whatever the future holds for you. Football I, 2, 3: Football Dance Committee 43 junior Prom Committe 33 Ski Team 35 and Track Team 2. BETTY OSGOOD Betty is the quiet senior with a slow sweet smile that warms the heart of all who know her. She is one of the most popular girls in our class. Betty hopes to become a teacher after graduation. Rest of luck in the future, Betty. A Capella tihoir 45 Alpha Tri Hi-Y 3, 4g Chorus 1, 23 Girls Basketball lg Junior Play 35 Home Fe. Dance Committee 25 Chairman 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Librarian 45 Red and Black Staff 4. C325 CAROLYN PAPPS "Carrot" t'Carrot" is the girl who helped brighten one of the local hangouts with her ever-present smile. Best of luck to the girl who helped make our Senior play a success and plans to go into nursing as a career. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Assembly Committee 45 Football Dance Committee 45 Junior Varsity Basketball 45 Red and Black Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Softball 3, 45 Student Edition of the Eagle 45 Voice of Stevens 4. WILLIAM PARSONS "Ace" "Ace,', although he hasn't been too active in school activities, has always been on hand to join the fun. Bill is planning to go to U.N.H. and become a chemical engineer. Good luck to vou. Baseball 3, 45 Chorus 15 Class Ring' Commit- tee 25 Football 35 Football Dance Committee 45 Freshman Reception Committee 25 Fresh- man Vie Dance Committee 15 Hi-Y 1, Z, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee 35 Latin Club 1, 25 Senior Play 4. ROBERT GORDON PETERSON "Bob" Bob is that quiet Senior who is always on hand for the fun. 'lPete" has been one of the stars on our track and ski teams. Vlfith his good looks and friendly manner We are sure he will attain his goal in the years to come. Class Ring Committee 25 Football 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 junior Prom Committee 35 Senior Play 45 Ski Team 3, 45 Track Team 3, Captain 4. C337 CHRISTINE AUGUSTSON PRATT "Chris" Chris is a sweet, likable girl who is known to most of us because of her good disposition and nice personality. She is making plans to be a beautician. and we feel sure with Chris! ambi- tion, there will be many satisfied customers praising her work. Lots cf luck, Chris! Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 Girl State 35 Home Ee. Dance Committee 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Staff 4. Wialt is cne of the quieter Seniors, but he has Often upset a Though XYalt extra-curricula a friend to all. practor, but tak many bones! WALTER POPLEWKO "Pop" class with one of his remarks. has not participated in many activities he has made himself He hopes to become a chiro- e it easy, VX'alt, don't break too FORREST JOHN PUTNAM nPut" "Put", the Arthur Murray of our class, has won many friends with his pleasing personzllity. As yet, he is undecided about the future, but whatever he chooses to do. we' wish him all the luck in the world. "A" Bzxnd l. 2. 3, 45 "li" Band 15 Elected All State Band 45 Chorus Z, 45 Football Dance Committee 45 .VX Capella Choir 2, 45 Freshman Reception Committee 11 Freshman Vic Dance Committee li Hi-Y 2, 3. -lg Secretary 33 Vice President 45 Senior School Dance 45 Red and Black Staff 4. 6343 PHYLLIS BEVERLY RAYMOND "Twink" "Twink" is a person who always has 21 smile for ex'c1'vo11c. Her plans for the future a clecidt-d,'lnit with her personality and ability, she is sure to succeed. Art Club 1. J. 3, Treasurer 23 Beta Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, -13 Chorus' 2, 3, 43 junior Prom inittce 33 lied and Black Staff 4: Secretary 4. F6 U11- GLENDON RICHMOND "Glen" This is the Senior who has been active in about everything here at Stevens. t'G1en" is one of our good artists, our good athletes, and our good students. "Glen" is going to U.N.H. to study civil engineering. Best wishes, "Glen". Chorus 1, 43 junior Class Play 33 Football 2, 3 ,43 Football Dance Committee 43 Foot- ball Manager lj Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Yarsfty Basketball 43 Na- tional Athletic Scholarship Society 33 Red and Black Staff 43 Track Team 3, 4. JAMES HENRY RICHMOND "Jimmie" jinunie is one of the quiet members of our class. lflis plans are to stay on the farm, at least for a while, and we certainly need many farm- ers like hini. Chorus 1. C 35 J JANIS E. ROWE "Jan" "janv left us during her Freshman year, but we were pleased when she returned in her jun- ior year. Though her extra-eurricular activities are limited, she always seems to he in a hurry. "jan" plans to become a hair dresser after graduation, and we are sure she will be a suc- cess. Good lurk! Stevens-Tri-Hi-Y 43 Chorus Ig Freshman Vic Dance Committee 15 Home Rc. Dance Committee 43 Lihrarian 4: Simonds-Cheer- leader 2g Chorus Z, 3g Sophomore Ring Com- mittee 2: Harvest Ball Committee 2, 3g VVinter Carnival Ball Committee 2, 3g Sophomore Yic Dance 2. WAYNE ALBERT ROY "Cowboy" "Cowboy" Roy has been One of the quieter members of our class, but Watch out for him. Underneath his calm outward appearance you will find humor, and friendliness. Uncle Sam will be proud of this future Navy man. Class Ring' Committee 23 Football Dance Committee 43 Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Reception C'OI11111ittCC 23 Junior Prom Committee 3. NORMAN ST. AUBIN "Norm" Norm, a man of humor and distinction, has charmed us during' his four years at Stevens with his excellent violin music. His knowledge of mechanics will certainly aid him in his chosen held of agriculture. Good luck, Norm. "B" Band 45 Chorus 43 Orchestra 2. 3, -1: New England Music Festival 2, 33 Ski Tezun 4. C367 RACHEL SAKOVICH "Rae" Rae, with her friendly smile and pleasing ways, is a pal to all who know her. VVe shall hear her vOiee often in the future sinee she hopes to be a switchboard operator. Not too many wrong numbers, Rae, and good luck. DOROTHY JANE SAUNDERS Dot' "Dot", although small in stature, manages to make her presence felt in -every group. "Dot" has always been one of those who have cheered our teams on to victory. With her penetrating voice and swell personality, we are sure that success will be hers in a short time. The best of luck to you! Art Club 1, 25 Beta Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2g Home Ee. Dance Committee,4g Red and Black Staff 4g Senior Play 4g Soft- ball 3, CHARLES SHORT "Skivey" The secret of Charley's popularity was his friendliness. He has been a valuable member of our track team while here at Stevens. Charley plans to join the Navy after graduation. Hi-Y Cand oflieersj 35 Track Team 2, 4. C 37 J RACHEL M. SHORT "Rae" Although "Rae" hasn't been active in extra- curricular activities, our days at Stevens were brightened by her ever-present smile. Being a quiet and yet cheerful girl we are sure she will get the best alter graduation. LORETTA ROSE SIMMS Loretta is the seemingly quiet girl with blonde hair. Those who know her well, End that her personality sparkles even brighter than her en- gagement ring. Best of luck on your new ven- ture as a "Mrs.l'. Chorus 1, 35 Red and Black Staff 4. RAY SMITH Ray met with an unfoitunatc aceidcnt in the early part of his Senior year, and he was forced to leave school. His recovery has been slow and painful, but through it all, Ray has dis- played a great deal of courage. Although not an active member of the class, he has followed all the doings at Stevens. All the members of the Class of '49 join tO wish him a complete recovery and a speedy return to his high school. l38D CARL FRANCIS STEINFIELD "Stein" One of the brains of our class, Carl is as good in athletics as he is in the classroom. VYith assets like these along with his pleasing personality, success should come very easily. .-Xs yet "Stein" is undecided as to what college he will attend, but you can be sure "Stein'l will be tops in his work. A Capella Choir 4: ,Xssembly Committee Chairman 45 Baseball 1, 2. 3, 43 Chorus 3, 4: Class Ring Committee 2: junior Class Play 33 Football 1, 3. 3, 43 Football Dance Committee 4: Freshman Yic Dance Committee lg Hi-Y l. 2, Treasurer 4: junior Prom Committee Kg junior Varsity Basketball l. 23 Varsity Basket- ball 3, 43 Latin Club l, 3, 3: Red and Black Staff 4: Salutatorian 4: Student Council 43 Student Edition of the Eagle 43 Voice of Stev- ens 3. 4. BEVERLY ANN STONE "Bev" "Bern is a quiet but friendly person who plans to further her career in a secretarial school. It will be a new office, we are sure, when Bev appears in it. Best of luck. Art Club lg Home lic. Dance Committee 4. T it eirl nith the quick xx it and cheeiy greet- ing--thatls Carolina. She came to Claremont from New Jersey and has been gladly welcomed into our class. Journalism is her choice of work, and we're sure she'll be on tops. Chorus l, 2. 3, 43 Home Ec. Dance Commit- tee 1, 2. 3, 4: Red and Black Stat? 4. C397 RICHARD TODD "Dick" That good-looking boy every one knows as Hone of the twins" is Dick. He is well-liked here at Stevens, and although not too active, he has certainly done his share. Dick hopes to go on to school after graduation, and we all know he will be a great success. Track Team 2, 3, 43 Cross Country 3, 4. ROBERT TODD "Bob" Bob is a person who always has a friendly smile. He plans to enter the Navy as soon as school is over. VVe all know that wherever he goes, our best wishes go with him. DORIS WADLEIGH Dot" Doris has been an ambitious member of Our class. Wheil she leaves Stevens, she plans to continue her schooling at a secretarial college. Success has been her guide in high schoolg we know it will continue to be wherever she goes. Beta Tri-Hi-Y lg Junior Class Play 35 Red and Black Staff 45 Valedictorian 4. C407 PHYLLIS LUCILLE WELD "Phy1" "Phyl" is one of the quiet members of the Cornish Clan. Although she has not participat- ed in too many extra-curricular activities, her presence has been felt among us, Her future is not quite decided, but don't be surprised if you hear her soft voice say, "Number please", when you pick up the telephone receiver. Chorus 1: Softball 3. WAYNE WILSON "Tall Tales" XVayne has been a popular fellow while at Stevens. Most of ns know him for his ever- present and witty humor. A day' without one of his "Tall Tales" would be incomplete. Best of luck to this popular and well-liked Seniorl Class Ring Committee 2g Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Football Dance Committee 43 Freshman Recep- tion Committee Zg junior Prom Committee 35 junior Varsity Basketball 1. 23 Student Coun- cil 41 Treasurer 4: Yice President 2. HAROLD WOODWARD "Junior" Harold is one of those people who face the world with a smile. XVl1Cl'CYC1' you meet him in or out of school, you are always greeted with El friendly, 'tHello." His future, which includes going' to college, is sure to be happy and suc- cessful. Best of luck, ",lunior." A Capella Choir 45 ll-Y' Band 1, 2, 3, 4g "B" Band 1, 2, 3: Chorus 45 Hi-Y 1, 25 junior Prom Committee 35 Orchestra 43 Senior Play Staff 4: Swing Band -15 Voice of Stevens 4. l4ll 1 THE STUDENT COUNCIL OF 1948 Back row, left to right: John Parker, Wayne Wilson, Albert Leahy, Jr., Russell Currier, Robert Hildreth, Jr., Carl Steinfield, Robert Densmore. Second row: Cedric Hathaway, Robert Marshall, Victor Fontaine, Robert Graham. Clark Burbee, Wayne Barter, Richard Brodrick, Robert Angier. Front row: Nancy Brodrick, Shirley Pullen, Constance Costello, Jean Primmer, Barbara Jacobs, Janet Couture, Marion Plant, Elma Griswold, Joanne Douglas. THE STUDENT COUNCIL For the first time in some years, the Stevens Student Council of 1948-49 has really put its mark on the life here in Stevens. Although it was late starting this year, it has sponsored several activities for the good of the school. Among these are two dances, the Red and Black, and the Junior Prom. Next year, it is hoped to have enough money in the treasury to make possible the renting of buses to attend athletic contests. The Council was organized in December of 1948 and in the second meeting, elected its officers. Those elected were Robert Graham, President, Harry Marshall, Vice President, and Barbara Jacobs, Secretary. As in the past, the Student Council is made up of the leaders of the different school extra-curricular activities. These include the class officers, the captains of all varsity sports, the presidents of the band, the orchestra, and the chorus, the editors of the school newspaper and of the yearbook, the chairman of the assembly committee, the presidents of the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y, and the head cheerleader and drum-major. C425 THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Barbara Jacobs, Cedric Hathaway, Robert Densrnore, Richard Brodrick. THE JUNIOR CLASS Ably led by Cedric Hathaway as president, Robert Densmore as vice- president, Barbara Jacobs as secretary, and Richard Brodrick as treasurer, the class of l95O has completed a successful and eventful year filled with plenty of studying and homework. l-lowever, it wasn't all on the Serious side. We have managed to find time to sponsor the annual Junior Prom and Senior Reception. Several members of our class have put extra time into such activities as sports, music, and the "Voice of Stevens." A highlight of the year was the arrival of the eagerly awaited-for class rings. We are looking forward with apprehension to the dignity of being Seniors in our next and final year at Stevens High. C433 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Beverly Warren, Constance Costello, Albert Leahy, John Parker. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomore Class, bubbling over with enthusiam, returned to its studies in the fall. Under the capable leadership of Mrs. June Bucko, our class advisor, we staged one of the finest freshman receptions, so we are told, at Stevens in recent years, Being an all-round class the Sophomores have participated in all the many and varied activities which make up the Stevens curriculum. There is a promising group of sophomores on both the football ancl baseball jayvees and a large proportion on the basketball squad. On the feminine side both field hockey and basketball varsities are densely populated with sophomores. ln the three musical organizations of the school we are also well represented. Because of the large number of Sophomores participating in extra curricular activities we feel we are doing our part in making Stevens the fine school that it is. We thank our class officers for performing so well the duties entrusted to them. C443 THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Marion Plant, Janet Couture, Wayne Barter, Jean Primmer, THE FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman Class of l9-48 and l9-49 survived the traditional reception tendered it by the Sophornores. With Miss Marguerite Honadel as class advisor, the class successfully carried on its activities. A dance, held in February, was the chief of these functions, Members of the class who were elected to the Student Council did their part in making a success of the dance sponsored by this committee. ln studies and in sports the class has made its contribution towards an even better Stevens High School. C457 t 4 N mi Cl' xx I xx - 1. Q Q 1:9 X.,,, Q xg? 12 4 Y N, ? Y wk I 5 T g X 1 ,A Y 3 ,, x, 'QM 3 ' f V RNCH K I THE VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Back row, left to right: Earl Boudette, Wayne Roy Cmanagerl, Leonal Baker, Carl Steinfield, Leon Bresette, Jack Bourdon, Philip Kaminsky. Second row: Weston Page Cassistant coachj, Wayne Wilson, Louis Primmer, Richard Plant, Peter Kling, Robert Dahms, Ralph Lizotte, Clarence Parker Ccoachb. Front row: Glendon Richmond, Charles Marro, Raymond Dansereau, Leon Graves, Victor Fontaine, Robert Angier, Mitchell Nawojczyk, Richard Sanderson, Charles Higgins. FOOTBALL The 1948 Stevens football team led by Captain Victor Fontaine, experienced a successful season. Of the nine games on the schedule the group came through five victoriously, including the annual Armistice Day game with Towle. Throughout the entire season the team put up a hard fight in the traditional Stevens' spirit. ln the games which they lost, they were usually outscored by one touchdown in the final minutes of the game. As is true of all football teams, many of the boys received injuries during the season. Most of them suffered only minor bumps and bruises, but one was seriously injured and three were on crutches. Nine of this yearls starting eleven will not return next season. This means our boys will have to work extra hard next year to achieve success, but with their many capable reserves and their fighting spirit we know they will make a great team. Scores Scores Stevens 46 Windsor O Stevens 16 Springfield 0 Stevens 8 Concord 6 Stevens 0 Lebanon 7 Stevens 13 Keene 18 Stevens 6 St. Joseph 12 Stevens 7 Laconia 19 Stevens 19 Towle 14 1473 THE BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Back row, left to right: Weston Page Cassistant coachl, Michael Fitzpatrick Cassist- ant managerb, Richard Brodrick, Harry Parsons, Peter Kling, Robert Hildreth, Carl Steinfield, Philip Kaminsky Cmanagerl, Robert Vail Ccoachb. Front row: Raymond Dansereau, Mitchell Nawojczyk, Cedric Hathaway, John Hubbard, Robert Angier. VARSITY BASKETBALL This year's basketball season proved to be a tough one for the boys and the coach. Under the leadership of our new coach, Robert Vail, the team changed over to a new and more difficult style of play, the fast-break system. As the season progressed, it became apparent that 'the boys had not mastered the style.. Though they kept trying, they took it on the chin game after game. They 'tasted success but once, but they kept 'trying all the way. We are sure that come next year the boys returning to the team, after having a year of experience under their belts, will run up a string of victories. Stevens Laconia Stevens Newport Stevens Windsor Stevens Lebanon Stevens Windsor Stevens Concord Stevens St. Joseph Stevens Newport Stevens Portsmouth Stevens Portsmouth Stevens Concord Stevens Franklin Stevens Franklin Stevens Laconia Stevens Keene Stevens St. Joseph Stevens Keene Stevens Lebanon C485 THE BOYS' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Back row, left to right: Weston Page Cassistant coachj, John Caine, John Parker, Victor Fontaine, Frederick Dansereau, John Severens, Albert Leahy, Melvin Economou, Glendon Richmond, Robert Vail Ccoachl. Front row: John Bentley, Richard Mack, Clement Garneau, Robert Simpson, Gardner Chase. JU N IOR VARSITY BASKETBALL This year J, V. basketball enjoyed a successful season. The highlight of the season was the game in which they upset the Portmouth J. V.'s 41-35. This was the first time the Little Clippers had been beaten in three consecutive seasons. The team was largely made up of Freshmen and Sophomores, and in a few years these boys will be upon the Varsity squad. As many of the players had capabilities, the basketball siutation should be on the upgrade in succeeding years. Stevens 33 Laconia Stevens Newport Stevens 16 Windsor Stevens Lebanon Stevens 22 Windsor Stevens Concord Stevens 32 Laconia Stevens Newport Stevens 37 Portsmouth Stevens Portsmouth Stevens 23 Concord Stevens Franklin Stevens 12 Franklin Stevens Keene Stevens 18 Keene Stevens Lebanon 4493 THE STEVENS SKI TEAM 'W Q. , M, LM. " "' r.. ...V ed . We V ' M W.. W A A vc ...x K J- M aw' . s L .si N fix , W .M 4 sw. sr' e new-v ' -egg-W nRWi,..i.g3p1 X x K Back row, left to right: John Bourdon, William McLaughlin, Richard Brown, Cleve Thibault, Arthur Brown, Harry Moore Ccoachj, Roger Menard Cmanagerj, Clark Burbee. Kneeling: Charles Hutcheon, Merton Thompson, Robert Peterson, Russell Baldwin. SKI TEAM Under the supervision of Coach Harry Moore the Ski Team enjoyed a very short but profitable season. A group of about fifteen boys put in a lot of time to make the team a success.. Because of the lack of snow, only four meets were held out of the 'ten scheduled events. The first possible meet was with Windsor at Flat Rock, and Stevens won very easily. At the next meet, the State Meet at Mount Sunapee, the team ran against hard competition and came in seventh. At the follow- ing meet at Mount Ascutney, Windsor won by a slim margin over the Red and Black. The last meet was a triangular meet at Sunapee. Sunpaee was the winner, but Stevens was the runner-up. In spite of the handicaps under which they worked, all members of the team agree that their efforts were well rewarded. C503 THE VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Left to right: Top row, Manager Donald Martin, Keith Hart, Robert Angler, Mike Nawojczyk, Philip Kaminsky, Cedric Hathaway. Bottom row: Coach Clarence Par- ker, Carl Steinfield, Richard Sanderson, Charles Pullen, Albert Lawrence, Robert Marshall Pictured above is the 1948 baseball team which compiled a good record, winning ten games and losing five. This year we are fortunate in having the same team back minus Keith Hart and Charlie Pullen who were lost through graduation. If capable replacements for their positions can be found, this year's team can again be counted on to bring home an excellent record. Coach Parker has succeeded in gathering one of the finest baseball schedules ever had at Stevens. Twenty games are to be played, two of these being night games. This will be the first time our baseball team has ever played under the arc lights, and we hope it will be a complete success. BASEBALL SCHEDULE April April April May May May May May May May Bellows Falls at Claremont Vermont Academy at Saxtons River Windsor at Windsor Springiield at Springfield Franklin at Franklin Vermont Academy at Claremont Laconia at Claremont Concord at Claremont Cnightj Bellows Falls at Bellows Falls Lebanon at Claremont 1515 May May May May May May June June June June Laconia at Laconia Windsor at Claremont Cnightj Franklin at Claremont Lebanon at Lebanon Springfield at Claremont Keene at Claremont Newport at Newport Keene at Keene Newport at Claremont Concord at Concord THE STEVENS TRACK TEAM Back row, left to right: Robert Densmore Cassistant managerj, Joel Bass Cmanagerb, Ronald Laramie, Peter Kling, Homer Hamlin, Richard Todd, John Severens, Russell Currier, Cleve Thibault, John Mercier, Robert Todd, Glendon Richmond, Harry Parsons, Mr. George Disnard Ccoachj. Front row, left to right: Harold LaValley, Fred Merrill, Louis Primmer, Nyron Wheeler, Charles Hutcheon, Leon Bresette, Cliiord Bourgoine, Jason Chick, Everett Long, Edward Chick, Robert Peterson. Absent: Robert Graham. THE TRACK TEAM Over hill and over dale, the cross-country track team ran over the winding trail, winning two out of three meets. Although track is a comparatively new sport at Stevens, it has won instant favor with a large number of boys from the student body. Under the able guidance of Mr. McGrath, we took two meets from Newport and lost to the Keene High School team. This year ,the track team was fortunate in having a good Freshman sprinter, Jason Chick, who placed first in two of the meets and second in the other. One can not overlook the Todd twins. Richard and Robert, who along with Chick, made up the nucleus of the team. The other mem- bers of the team were as follows: Edward Chick, Donald Matthews, Robert Graham, Albert Marro, Merton Thompson, Larry Whipple, James Genovese, Eugene DeVoyd, Fred Merrill, Edward Picard, Arol Pockett, Richard Hoskins, Merrill Davis, Paul Baptista, Andre Bacon, Richard Zerba, Stanley Szambelan, John Blake, Raymond Ott, Alfred Normandin and Charles Hutchins. This spring, under the watchful eye of Mr. Disnard. the new coach, the team hopes to repeat its good showing of last year and, if possible, gain a more prominent position in the state meet, held at Durham. C525 THE GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM Back row, left to right: Barbara Angus, Janice Egbert, Lillian Ostrowskig Joyce Dearborn, Janet Jackson, Janet Bartlett. Front row: Harriet Merrill Ccoachb, Marjorie Lawrence, Teresa Leocha, Gwendolyn Fournier, Sylvia Nawojczyk, Barbara Fontana, Lucy Dodge Cmanagerj. HOCKEY Coming back to school in the fall here at Stevens means hockey for the average girl. This year it also meant meeting our new coach, Miss Merrill, Our practices started immediately in the second week of school in preparation for the first game which was with Hanover on September 0 in their favor, we did not give up hope. October 13, the day to play Towle here Towle girls were victorious with a 4 to was again a 3 to 0 loss. On October 30 our determination was to no avail as we 30 at Hanover. Though the score was 4 to There were more practices, and then came . Again the odds were against us, and the 3 victory. Our home game with Hanover we played our last game at Newport, but again lost 5 to 0. The Junior Varsity played four games, also lost all, but gained a lot of valuable experience. Their scores were: Newport 4 Stevens 0 Hanover 0 Stevens 0 The Junior Varsity players were: Jennie Leszkiewicz L. W. Hilda Converse L. I. Marilyn Wheeler C. F. Phyllis Graves R. I. Janet Fecteau R. W. Newport G Stevens 0 Hanover l Stevens 1 Geraldine Kittredge L. F. Carol Longbottom L.. H. Joyce Longbottom C. H. Louise Hodgkins R. F. Marion Plant R. H. Sally Townsend Goalie 4533 THE GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Back row, left to right: Beverly Barrett Cassistant managcrj, Janice Egbert Ceo- captainb, Shirley Pullen, Stella Polizou, Harriet Merrill Ccoachj, Kathryn Reynolds, Joyce Dearborn, Barbara Fontana, Joanne Douglas Cmanagerb. Front row: Marjorie Lawrence, Phyllis Denault, Sylvia Nawojczyk, Ccaptainb, Gwendolyn Fournier, Teresa Leocha, Barbara Angus. THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM This year's basketball team, captained by Sylvia Nawojczyk, played seven games., Although they won only four of the same games, the team never gave up hope and their sportsmanship was always of the finest. The team played Newport, Lebanon, White River, Bellows Falls, and the Stevens Alumni. The services of the Seniors, Sylvia Nawojczyk, Gwendolyn Fournier, Marjorie Lawrence and Teresa Leocha will be greatly missed next year, but promising replacements from the other classes make the future look bright. K5-47 . i THE STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Back row, left to right: Lois Bryant, Shirley Pullen, Barbara Fontana. Front row: Claire Burrell, Claire Gosselin, Patricia Patenaude, Constance Costello. CHEERLEADERS This year our cheerleaders were capably lead by Shirley Pullen and Miss Merrill, their advisor. Dressed in their new uniforms, red corduroy jumpers over white jerseys, the girls did an excellent job of leading the spectators at both basket- ball and football games. Their many new routines and their cooperation with the band brought successful results throughout the year and helped to spur our teams on to victory. The girls, who are usually chosen when they are in the eighth grade or their Freshman year, have worked hard and many have gradually attained their cherished positions., To receive a letter, a cheerleader must do two years of cheering. Without a doubt they well deserve their reward, and the students of Stevens High School extend their sincerest thanks to them for their continual encouragement and faithfulness. i553 1 A -4 GJ D-C E IU E 4 E E V5 E U an ra E '55 FS o CQ ci 3 ,ii Q CU CQ 'J-7 5 .: .E U 4-3 -C if 5-4 O 4-1 4-I '4-4 GJ -4 of .E 'U C1 CYS 4-1 un A-4 U TU Km I Q z 4: CQ ,J O C m O ID cz: E : rn Z Li P L1-I E4 cn 3 0 J. Cmuscot 1'1'1Z11'1 11 S an DJ A GJ C1 Q4 E IYS L O vi VJ T5 an A -4 O 4-7 U 9-9 -5 'U V ,C Q ,-4 P GJ .M vp cf E 5 fu CI rs E an cu ,M 5-4 5' E 5 SI 4-3 5 U-4 'cf r11 :vs C1 :J Q U ns 2 Lf E O U fi 5 H, -4 5 cu if ,LI E4 E 5 Q 415 Q -E: Q LI 3 L4 'Q 5 U s: L O v-.4 3 E3 '55 LE E4 4-5 4-2 GJ DL 'O 2 CQ E. cu E C Q cv D-4 L' D 3 .Q 6 S M, -94 ,Q U "3 E un .- L4 o 4-5 4-7 C4-4 cu -4 9 ,- ,M U xx ,D ,- W 43 an CI -rf 4. ra Z U X., 4-1 Q-4 GJ 4-'1 nn .E 3 UL .E 3 4-v -CI ,EL LE ui E 5 si rs E CD U CI 9 3 If v-'l X, 5 O 'U CJ -1 3 Q 4-1 C Q L14 5 cu an C: O E U2 95 -4 cu E an 'P .2 E 95 5 A 15 Q CU U1 S 3 O E+ E 9 T5 Q O CJ GJ an Us .E x CD 'CS o '11 QE 354 Q4 IU -CI U 2 L ns GJ -1 fd -if if 5 Q -'NG' U2 E 'CS CI Q U Q1 U1 -C1 2 E U1 F9 5 O 2 aj 3 :Q 'll IP: -CI rs cu 4-4 O '55 E 3 'U o o 3 r-' '4-4 as r-4 o 4-7 4-7 LI DD -r4 3 9 -4 ,M u rs .Q -1 U1 as C1 o E 9 -4 4-7 fo CI cu U2 4-7 an C14 E F I3 4., 5 X ru un X, 1-4 CU CU D3 do E M 5 E U Ei S an .-4 .-4 xs O3 r-4 ,-4 12 3 m 5 CQ E 9 3 .2 U Lri 3 Q 4-5 C E3 L- FCS 'U O ef LI. .2 5-4 'U o O U C1 fu an V1 L4 --4 CU ,-4 nu CQ S3 I1 o Z :rs 'U .E rl ,E E Z C5 'U .E Q.: 5 rl 'U GJ 4-v CYS QJ ffl :J GJ 4-v C GJ U Cf is GJ -Q E CU N U2 0. 4-2 +- O .5 nl -C L- T6 :Tx il .2 Q: A GJ -4 5 an 3 F9 4-7 E : up IP! cv 3 IU 'JZ' 4-4 CU -4 O 4-v 4-2 -Cf .20 3 ,b 5 JJ 4.- 4-4 GS w Oi vi V1 cu -4 rn: 5 o D d CES E k N U2 :A- GJ E O III 2 CJ -4 Tu E UD J-5 L1 fi' T-4 O 4-1 4-5 14-4 cu -4 A U2 as S21 o .CI Q4 E 75 -C xs L4 OD C P'4 TIJ .-4 ,-4 f-4 GJ U G. o 4-7 -C1 an 5 :J 4-9 U1 FC, .2 3 5 E 0 Z 4-T -4 me ,D .E M -I-5 ,Il .tif c 4-7 a-1 -4 an -4 5 an ,-4 'U 'U .-4 2 vi 5 rm 5 QC 3 9 -4 A4 U at -Q THE BAND The Stevens High School band is an outstanding organization, As we look back over its accomplishments for the year l948-49, we see that its nearly forty appearances have all helped uphold the proud tradition of Stevens. To Mr, Walter Paskevich goes a large measure ofthe credit for the success of our band. Only by his tireless efforts and his able direction were our musicians able to accomplish the fine results which they achieved. A spirit of co-operation prevailed, thus more and better work resulted from the organization. This willingness to dig in made it possible for the marching unit to appear at the first football game, three days after school opened. . More practice enabled the band to present precision drilling and snappy formations at five home games and at two out-of-town contests. At Hallo- we'en, Christmas time, Memorial Day, and Alumnae Day, the band marched in city parades. lt went out-of-town to play in the Bellows Falls Alumnae Day celebration. Credit should be given Russell Currier, the drum-major, Janice Baker, the head batonist, and Forrest Putnam, the parade master, for the contributions they made to the marching unit's successful performance. When athletic contests came indoors, the band was on hand to play for basketball games, Now came preparation for concert work. Our first appearance as a concert unit was in October for the benefit of the hurricane victims. Later the band put on a pre-Education week observ- ance and provided music for several plays held in the high school. And, as every year, the band appeared at several assemblies, at Class Day, and put on a Spring Concert. As a reward for the musicians' efforts, the band, along with the choir and the orchestra, went to the music festival at Franklin. This year's officers were Joanne Douglas, President, Elma Griswold, Vice-President, Edward Chick, Secretary-Treasurer. The Librarians were Marjorie Lawrence and Sally Townsend, The seniors, graduating in June, will leave a big hole in the ranks to be filled by oncoming musicians. From the group of new members who have join- ed the organization this year, an equally good band can and will be shaped. Musical organizations are vital in the life of the school and city as are sports. May they continue to be C573 C C 4-1 4-53 ,J GJ CI 'CU mt so 2 cn 2 5 rs -Q .5 M +4 E E +f 5 ,Q I C5 1- 5 4-2 O 9 f-4 .,-4 'U -.1 Q .2 3 O x U1 F3 514 Q 4-v 'Z' .V 3 J-9 ,SI .EL s-4 O -v +- Q- GJ r-4 3 9 ,- M U YU 'JT 41 Di H rn li I O Qi O -I O O I O U2 I C5 l-1 I rn Z Li P Li H cn H CQ Q, O U1 Q. E O 1: E+ C, O -4-9 Q -5 16 nz 3 'C o o 3 P2 5 hi J O Q34 Q 4 3 D 'U -Q O 3 Us ..-4 fs Lfi bb s: L3 M M .2 4: O 22 J: :vs cu r-1 Qi UD 3 O 4-2 UI 15 .-4 O 3 V2 55 2 5 22' E H 53 ,- an an E J 4-7 V6 D- O E Q : QL' .J cn J-S .CI .EO O 4-2 4-w is-4 GJ ,-1 3 S3 x U :rs .Q ui CI ,.. M .o 3 V 4-1 4-1 GJ -J mn :J --4 -4 ,-4 CU U Q -. V14 0 E 'U v-4 O 3 UI 63 Z '55 ,-4 CU .-4 r-4 v-4 .,-4 I 15 ,- as CI O D O CG E mt .E 3 O 4-v 4- .CI E59 I-4 A U1 SI .,-4 f-4 O -4 5 V UL CI .,-4 3 4-2 I-1 U11 ..- Di 13 f-4 GJ CQ 5 5 rn CTS 'U ,-4 55 CO 3 59 4-v CI 9 R4 A r: E U2 U1 'T' N IU P F11 E15 CI C 65 oi CU ,A E F9 H 15 C. O :J ua U1 d : ,C 5.0 5 rs A Q 2 of DD 'U an .- +3 5 ni Y? 5 AI Q-3 EU 4-7 U2 CU GJ D M 5 Dil x U 9 KU 5 CU .E Q s: CD D-4 3 9 Fo E 5 CD cn M cu C. 2 CC! m 5 4-v --4 E4 E 0 E Cn O O U E C s- 'U .511 ,C E4 A Z1 I d ii 7 Ei 4.5 ,,.w CT5 :E oi GJ P-4 f-4 .-- 9 an Q C1 o CQ 3 9 JC CJ rs -Q ,S W-4 CD f-1 .E on uc E E 5: CJ ,-4 v-4 IES E U1 J-3 1: WI 1-4 O 4- P 4-4 CU r-4 3, 9 f.. 'U Cl O U az un fx U2 K5 D 5 T 71 CJ E ,LI 9 54 CYS m V 15 C3 U w UI an -. 'U E FCS Q o E .C 2 D1 F 5 P an 2 Q 4-7 E L up 3 Fc: S1 E 2 KS 4-1 U2 ..-4 f-I r--4 cf O an E CD L. 5 A .1 34 -2 YJ .4 U: f-I In O f-4 v-4 CJ U X, E ., Q: :J :J ffl an P'-4 'U E 2 if 4-7 'lf .E r-1 C15 U C EU 3 ,fl :XS E if aa x-I gi. as E L1 cu ,C U 'S CI cv U1 S: 5 E4 mr QQ -4 3 C5 C5 -C1 .2 DZ FC, ff? L'-4 . C2 gnc TE ,, 3133 v-4 DD . 5:42 cd CQ 0.2 Dk THE ORCHESTRA Since the appointment of Mr. Paskevich as music director, the orchestra has more than doubled its actual membership, as well as the number of students studying the various instruments. This year the orchestra has had about fifty-two members and thirty of these are stringed instruments. The remainder is divided among brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. This year has also seen the addition of an oboist, two flutists, and a piccolo player, Each year, since his arrival, Mr. Paskevich has taken the orchestra, along with the band and choir, to the State Festival. These were held at Newport the first year, and at Plymouth the next two years. Each year the orchestra has received top honors, and it is considered to be one of the best in the state. This year the festival is being held in Franklin and, once more, the high school orchestra is planning on going. Besides the annual festival, the orchestra has many other activities that it carries on during the school year. lt gives two annual concerts, one at Christmas, and the other in the spring. Also, the orchestra performs during the intermission of the senior play and any other plays put on at Stevens, for assemblies, before clubs, and during such observances as Education Week and Americanism Week. Each year there are three officers elected, President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. This year Elma Griswold is President, Donald Hodge, Vice-President, and Malcolm MacDonald, Secre- tary-Treasurer. The Librarians are Marjorie Lawrence and Joanne Douglas. There are also two representatives from orchestra on the Music Council, which was established this year. There are many activities at Stevens High, but we are sure that all, mem- bers and other students alike, will agree that none contributes more to the morale of the school than the orchestra. C597 1 I-4 5 1, 5.5 5506 gfrfggd' 555225 Upiwsi air! g'E 22535563 mopswapma WUSO Ev 1 S Q3 3 5533364 gwgsg S 'cg b-ioggfg-452 532 253 3 QMS' OFCUAQEEH- L4 jg 'C msfw mfgxgO2E f QUJ5 gd mm 5mE5i w gr: Ugfgfsl L.S4'::,ogg, gmozgggm H3 Qwgi fi 55556550 ggi E539 5 sd 2 5 526325 :S yea 3 S .ffm ggqfv Q G 2'-' U cal 2:15 ELQEQHQQ 3Usj3 3 QEQO Wff 5 CQEQQP5 -4124.5 ,55 3,74 ESQQQ if 32352225 53322229 ff qxwqj :J r:,dQQ5-P 53 Sigwffii iiiwggg 4 Ewd Shag Effoqggg Hilggogm E Mums Q 'vgfajiqiwckg 36 ggigi Qiif wg 5 QZEQQEESQ 35x23 QS? QBHGSQ 23 m 800 f5Eg215'g4ETf giE:EEw53 ' F4-7 :Egg Dim? ow ag U Q Q M233 gr 5 'Minn as Hgiapmggg gEE55m2 mam U 'ikfiu SUE aw Q29 E THE CHORUS The Chorus was founded a great many years ago and has been a prominent musical organization of the school for a long time. Before l945, it was the only singing group in the school, but since then, the choir has been formed. Although it makes but one appearance a year, a great deal of time and effort, on the part of both the members and director, are spent in preparing for it. Hours of practice, both in school time and out of school time, are spent each year in preparation for the Christmas Concert. This year, as in past years, a cantata was presented. Because there are no requirements for admittance to the chorus, it is the largest musical organization in the school, any student in the high school who wants to sing in the chorus may do so. This year, it was bigger than usual, and there were over one hundred and twenty voices in it. The officers were as follows: Elma Griswold, President, Barbara Williams, Vice-President, and Albert Leahy, Secretary-Treasurer. Patricia Benoit and Cynthia Putnam were the librarians, and the accompanist was Richard Fish, "The Manger of Bethlehem" by Charles Lane was the contata which was presented this year, lt was based upon the Christmas Carol, "Hark the Herold Angels Sing" by Mendelsohn. On Sunday, December l9, it was pre- sented to a full house. The soloists were Janice Baker, Soprano, Elma Griswold, Alto, and Malcolm MacDonald, Bass. They are all seniors at Stevens High School. The performance was a success, and it was enjoyed by everyone. The Christmas Concert has become an institution at Stevens High and it is looked forward to by many people. The Chorus was a fine group this year, and their work was good. 'Wdtmimmmlii C6ll 'S 'Tl E O Q U 5 Oi C1 --4 .4 M 5. 3 :J 'C 2 If .Z 5 U if 0-3 '4-7 C rl 34 :rx Q1 :U IU E Q t-'V LJ .Q -W L-H J UI E' I E fs C1 4-1 'J D-4 L14 JJ .-C1 tm -v 2 r-' 4-1 an - 3 9 :F . TU DT Qi m-1 C I U 42 Q Q id D-4 4 U 1 41 5 2 vi .,-4 5 m Q 5 LQ L14 ff 5 Q 63 15 2 if 5 :J UI :us ,-C U O af -4-7 E Ii ,-4 55 L , 2 CD 45 ,: P fd x .E ,Q U1 Us Q R' 5 m .4 C .CI U .,-4 Z : if 5 vm 5 ca B Q 75 E H 15 - O CCI .E O Q-P U1 0. an Fo O Q 5 ,4 UU U1 G5 Fc - K5 G3 Ill r' UD U Q-7 71 Q fl-4 S ua 'P m H-4 f-4-4 A4 on E .4 CE KL S, E E U Q d E E 5 if ,J CJ .C E fx 5 4-v O FU -4 ,v-4 'U ,Q .2 b Q2 x Ill 75 D-4 Q1 S rc 3 E 9 'fs s: O U CU Un E2 s: UI Q U Q I-4 Q - .4 11 E Q3 .C xx CQ E 5 fi lr 71 3 .C U cfi an .D O CJ C75 P1 5 S3 H 4-7 C1 Q CZ 5 nf 5 E 5 O 5 GJ T112 'O SU 43 4-2 ,.4 M uf CU fa 5 CL4 9 5 .4 .4 - xx P Q5 5 E E CU L ru s-4 U0 S74 r-4 'U ,-4 O 3 w 65 2 Q E an YJ LY-4 if E CY1 T 'CL fi A U 5 Q 5 'F V 4-7 aa .4 LY-4 E rs C 4-V 5 D-4 L5 9 5 O34 2 5 A 35 E UI 6 kj U2 E ra E THE CHOIR ln the fall of l945, the Stevens High School Choir was formed, It made a limited number of appearances that year, and they were well re- ceived, Since that time, the choir has become one of the leading musical organizations of the school and of the city. Through the years since its beginning, the choir's popularity has increased, and requests for it to sing at different functions have increased in number each year. The choir is a comparatively small group of singers. Every one of its members is chosen by Mr. Paskevich, and once a person has become a member, he may keep the position as long as he is in high school, This year, the choir had the largest number of voices it has ever had. The officers were as follows: Elma Griswold, President, Barbara Williams, Vice-President, and Albert Leahy, Secretary-Treasurer. Patricia Benoit and Cynthia Putnam were the librarians, and Alice Howe was the accompanist. The choir's most popular selections this year were "Holy, Holy, Holy" by John B, Dykes, "Country Style" by James Van Heusen, "Dry Bones" arranged by Livingston Gearhart, and "Cindy" arranged by Harry Robert Wilson. The choir sang for The Rotary Club the radio station,W.T.S.V., The Republican Club, The Methodist Philatheas Club, The Christmas Concert, The V.F.W. Dedication Ceremony, and at the Baccalaureate and Graduation exercises of the class of l949, vmmmi C 63 J 1 L THE ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Standing, left to right: Carolyn Papps, Edward Chick, Nancy Brodrick, Carl Steinfield, Elma Griswold, Harry Marshall. Sitting: Albert Gauthier Cadvisorj.. Janice Baker Was absent when picture was taken SENIOR ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE This year the Senior Assembly Committee brought to Stevens a number of varied and interesting programs. Assemblies were presented in the auditorium every Tuesday morning. Carl Steiniield served as committee chairman, and Mr. Albert Gauthier acted as the faculty advisor. Among the assemblies were Hlrns on sports, aviation, science, and one on the U. S.. Naval Academy. We were fortunate in obtaining such informative speakers as John Clark, publisher of the Claremont Daily Eagle, and William Loeb, publisher of the Manchester Uniong Ross McKenney of the Dartmouth Outing Clubg John Montagne, formerly with the U. S. Forest Park Serviceg and F. B. I. agent, Robert McLeod. We sincerely feel that the Senior Assembly Committee has done its share in contributing to the social and cultural activities of Stevens High School during the last scholastic year. C645 SENIOR PLAY CAST AND STAFF Back row, left to right: Edward Chick, Robert Marshall, Raymond Dansereau, Robert Angier, Robert Graham, Harold Woodward, Clark Burbee, Philip Kaminsky, Howard Egbert, Richard Fish. Second row: George LeClair, Joel Bass, Robert Hildreth, Robert Peterson, Carolyn Papps, Betty Osgood, Arthur Fitch, Malcolm MacDonald, Donald Hodge, William Parsons, Mr. Wayne Gray Cdirectorb. Front row: Vera Larcom, Martha Heller, Teresa Leocha, Theresa Blanchard, Joanne Douglas, Beverly Stone, Margaret Eastman, Elma Griswold, Janice Baker, Dorothy Saunders. C655 "NlGHT OF JANUARY 'l6th" Every graduating class looks forward to the spring production of the annual Senior play. This year a court-room scene, "Night of January l6th" by Ayn Rand, and under the direction of Mr. Gray, was produced by special arrangement with Longman, Green and Co., of New York. An unusual feature of the play is the drawing of twelve members of the audience to serve as jury. This play is without a heroine, but Carolyn Papps was chosen for the leading feminine role, that of Karen Andre, defendant in the murder trial. Her quietness, coldness, and indifference of attitude combined with her loyalty to Faulkner made her an outstanding lead.. Nancy Lee Faulkner was played successfully by Betty Osgood in her modest, refined, and sensitive manner. Nor did the murder trial have a hero. The principal role, that of prosecuting attorney, was played by Robert Angier in his usual shrewd manner. The role of defense-attorney was ably handled by the neat and well-mannered Edward Chick, who fought valiantly for the rights of his client. Malcom MacDonald proved to be an impressive, straight-forward, and capable actor in the role of Judge Heath.. The role of Dr. Kirkland, the first witness, was ably played in a quiet and scholarly manner by Howard Egbert. Homer Van Fleet, a sour and indifferent private detective in the employ of Nancy Lee, was competently performed by William Parsons. The round-faced, good-natured and enthusiastic "Joel' Graves pranked through the part of the New York policeman. Robert Graham easily and modestly impersonated the role of John Graham Whitfield, a strong but pleasant executive of large aiairs. Robert Peterson with his Swedish accent effectively portrayed Junguist, a timid uneducated, but intelligent and cultured clerk. Robert Hildreth, the fearless and intelligent gangster, moved impulsively through the scenes as Larry Regan. Martha Heller, a Negro janitorls wife, good naturedly supplied damaging evidence and important testimony early in the production. Elma Griswold, suspici- ous of everybody, frolicked with an offended righteousness and in a loud, rancorous, Swedish dialect as the comedy star. Business-like and efficient Therese Blanchard modestly but positively enact-ed the role of the handwriting expert. Teresa Leocha sported the role of a night club entertainer very successfully. Minor roles were successfully acted in a creditable and supporting manner by: Joel Bass, Bailiffg Philip Kaminisky, Clerk of the Courtg Raymond Dansereau and Clark Burbee, Policemeng Margaret Eastman, Prison Matrong Janice Baker and Dorothy Saunders, Secretaries, Beverly Stone, Court Stenographer. Student assistants were: Student Director, Richard Fish, Stage Manager, Arthur Fitellg Assistant Manager, Robert Llarshallg Electrician, Donald Hadgeg Prompters, Vera Larcom and Harold Woodward, Properties, Joanne Douglas and George Leclair. The play developed in such a way that the evidence of the defendant's guilt or innocence seemed balanced, but the calm precision of the jury left the audience debating the decision. f66l THE VOICE OF STEVENS STAFF Back row, left to right: Edward Chick, Harold Woodward, Robert Graham, Robert Crossman, Richard Fish, Clark Burbee. Third row: Robert Hildreth, Howard Gellis, Jane Stoughton, Robert Densmore, Carolyn Papps. Second row: Emlyann Ingraham, Elma Griswold, Lucy Dodge, Kathryn Reynolds, Cynthia Putnam. Front row: Lyle Ewing Cadviserb, Barbara Angus, Vivian Colby, Shirley Pullen, Janice Baker, Eleanor LeClair, Patricia Benoit, Nancy Nemcovich, Rita Kimball, Martha Heller. THE VOICE OF STEVENS Under the leadership of Robert Graham, editor, the Voice of Stevens, our high school publication, has at last made a permanent imprint on the life of the average Stevens' student. Five issues were published during the school year of ,118-'49, and many new features found instant favor among the student body. Timely news, feature articles, and unusual columns were all eagerly read and discussed. The fact of its popularity is easily attested to by the large number of subscriptions which was sold early in the school year. The efforts of the staff have resulted in a thoroughly successful year for the Voice of Stevens. C673 THE JUNIOR LIBRARIANS Sitting, left to right: Claire Gosselin, 'Ann LaBounty, Leona Tremblay Clibrarianj, Janis Rowe, Joyce Sweatt. Standing: Dariel Whitcomb, Ann Crossman, Constance Costello, Martha Heller, Barbara Eastman, Marilyn Sawyer, Jacquelyn Costello. THE JUNIOR LIBRARIANS The Junior librarians are composed of high school students. They meet each week on Thursday afternoon with Miss Tremblay to plan their Work and activities. Each librarian has a certain job assigned her for the year, in addition to her regular desk duties. These are inventory, catologing, filing, checking the shelves, periodicals, and rebinding. Each librarian Works during her study period and before or after school. Each year the librarians plan various ways of raising money. This year they have sold football schedule pencils and Christmas cards. Part of the money goes into the library fund, and the remainder is used for the annual outing, which is held in June. C685 THE STEVENS TRI-HI-Y CLUB Back row, left to right: Betty Jean Freeman, Lucy Dodge, Dorothy White, Janet Jackson, Joyce Longbottom, Thelma Bailey, Janice Egbert, Teresa Leocha, Nancy Brodrick, Mrs. Hazel Pomiecko Cadviserh, Janis Rowe, Kathryn Reynolds, Jane Stoughton, Norma Simmons. Second row: Louise Hodgkins, Stella Polizou, Jean Valliere, Jacquelyn Palmer, Janet Couture, Nancy Nemcovich, Elizabeth Severens, Betty Osgood, Frances Syzman, Dorrine Foster, Nancy Cummings, Geraldine Kittredge, Marilyn Barton, Carolyn Chase. First row: Yolanda Parrotto, Barbara Angus, Dorothy Saunders, Carolyn Papps, Phyllis Raymond, Patricia White, Jane Couture, Frances Gintowt, Sally Townsend, Marjorie Osgood, Jean Goodrich, Carol Hardy, Carol Longbottom, Jenny Leszkiewicz. TRI-HI-Y This year the Alpha and Beta Tri-Hi-Y Clubs were combined to form one large club. The meetings were held on Thursday every week in the Study Hall. Several girls went to the Tri-Hi-Y Conference in Rochester this year, and two delegates were sent to Concord for the Youth and Government project. Red Cross work was done for the Veterans during Christmas and on St. Patrick's Day. Several socials with the Hi-Y have been held throughout the school year. During the spring program, we hope to have speakers at the weekly meetings. C695 THE STEVENS HLY CLUB Back row, left to right: Sidney Shulins, Lawrence Mark, Richard Mack, Richard Brodrick, Gordon Burr, Joel Bass, Merrill Davis, Louis Primmer, Charles Hutchins. Second row: Forrest Putnam, Carl Steinfield, Robert Peterson, William Parsons, Robert Marshall, Mitchell Nawojczyk, Gordon Orsmby, Howard Egbert, Malcolm MacDonald, Lewis Primmer, Cadviserj. Front row: Leon Bresette, Norman Green, John Bourdon, Robert Hildreth, Peter Kling, Edward Chick. Robert Graham, Earl Boudette, Clark Burbee, Leon Graves. THE HLY CLUB The purpose of the Hi-Y Club is to: "Create and maintain a high standard of Christian character throughout the school and community." Under the direction of Mr. Lewis Primmer, Secretary of the Y. M. C. A. in Sullivan County, and under the leadership of Mr. Vail, our club advisor, the Hi-Y Club has enjoyed a very successful and active year. The club sent sixteen delegates to the Older Boys' Conference, which was held in Nashua, New Hampshire. Joint social affairs were participated in by the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y clubs. Our greatest project this year was the world-wide Youth Government program. Two Represen- tatives and a Senator were sent from Claremont. A mock session of both branches of the Legislature was held on April 22 and 23.. Our officers are: President, Robert Hildrethg Vice-President, Forrest Putnam, Secretary, Louis Primmerg and Treasurer, Carl Steinfield. 1709 Many Thanks to Our Sponsors The Stott of the Red ond Block wishes to thorik the sponsors who hove mode possible this issue of the Stevens High School Yeorbook. 1255532 Chester E. Long Claremont Grange No. 9 Francis Alden Marshall Franropa Farm G. H. Richmond Sz Son Mark F. Brunelle Mr. and Mrs. Barney Bass Mi'. and Mrs. Clyde E. Papps Mr. and Mrs. Earle R. Rowe Mr. and Mrs. Leon E. Stone Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Patenaude Mr. William A. Deems R. W. 'Fitch 8: Son, Contracting and Building Sheriff James F. lVIcCusker Stephen A. Doody The Cornish Bus Driver The Steven'-s Student Council The Voice of Stevens A. 81 A. J. Hutcheon, Inc. Advance Auto Sales Inc. A. E. Sawyer, Watchmaker Agel-Corman Furniture Company Alma's Fur Shop American Legion Post 29 Anne's Beauty Shop Art Dion's Market Art's Craft Shop Avenue Repair Shop-Paul W. Rem- ick, Proprietor Balfour Ring Company Banister's ,Studio Barnes, Rouillard Xt McPherson, Inc. Benoit Motors Berkeley Stores Inc. Blondin's Funeral Home Boardway SL Cowles Inc. Bonneau Record and Radio Shop Bonnie Beauty Salon Bourdon's New Haven Mattress Mfg. Company Boynton Kz Ellis Inc. Buckley, Zopf and Hamlin. Attorneys Bush Music Studio Business LQ Professional W0men's Club Camp Meguntic, Rangeley, Maine, R. B. Vail Canton Restaurant Carroll Cut Rate, Cosmetics Central Vermont Public Service Corp. C. E. Densmore 8: Sons Checkerboard Feed ,Store Claremont Army Sz Navy Store Claremont Auto Body Company Claremont Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Claremont Cleansers 81 Dyers Claremont Building and Loan Assn. Claremont Finance Corporation Claremont Fire Department Qlaremont Gas Light Company Claremont Lodge B.P.O. Elks Claremont Mill-End Store Claremont Paper Corporation Claremont Pharmacy Claremont Savings Bank Claremont Steam Laundry Claremont Waste Mfg. Company Class of '50 Class of '51 Class of '52 Colonial Hotel Currier Electric Shop D'Amante,s Fruit Store Dansereau's Service Station Dan's Shoe Service Dartmouth Woolen Mills, Inc. David Heller Company Davis 8: Symonds Lumber Company Dion Brothers Market D. M. Cushion Insurance Agency Doinenic Boccia Dr. B. Reed Lewin Dr. Charles F. Keeley Dr. Deane A. Hilliard Dr. F. C. Parmenter Merit Clothing Company M. H. Fishman Co., Inc. Dr. F. K. Phillips Dr. Irving H. Crandall, Class of '17 Dr. Joseph Esersky, Dentist Dr. Porter O. Dexter, Optometrist Dr. Ray K. Hodgkins Dr. W. F. Stuart Duane B. Lawrence Ella's Jewelry 8z Gifts Emersonls Jenney Service Endicott-Johnson Shoe Company Esersky's Hardware Sz Plumbing Supplies Farmers' Coop. Association, Freeze Locker Fred Allen, Jeweler Fredericks Fred King, Class of '11 F. W. Wadleigh LQ Company F. W. Woolworth Company Gaudreau's I.G.A. Supermarket Gene's Supermarket Gerry Wood's Service .Station Goddard's Bakery Godek's Confectionery, Soda Foun- tain Service

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