Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX)

 - Class of 1960

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Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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' '-'ig.5:::Q:I5q.. . '35 ,,1','.g-up gf ' "0-. . '5:'f'k":Y5"...'1'- '-" ' "5 . .3..395gq:j-zgigg, '.v gig. .gf 'f:I':-:'-' - .fi-1-9' 4-.lp !"A. .,,.,:. 3,.,,pm. .4.,4,,' , .. ,.,.,g.,- da..-,. 5 Oo ".- ,f ,H-,. V ,Q .,,.:, 49. . ., , ,:. ., q N, .uf the EAGLE staff of 1960 , have as- W e , ' desire divion wixh me smcete sembkd this e oi pleasure alw ays be 3. source "23'Z-Z.-',0,s . . ,- 4, . 1 Q ...gags than it will ' asm high come 85 in emo: 1 esoip in years to ' ecotd of the K sch h 1959 - 60 o01 days unfold in school year. ' CM ' Q, th1s t I -'Qc G 012 fel? fs TITLE PAGE CONTENTS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY STAFF SENIORS IUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN JUNIOR HIGH FAVORITES ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS CALENDAR ADVERTISERS We, the EAGLE annual Staff, with re- spect and appreciation, dedicate this 1960 edition to Mrs. Daurice Martin, our sponsor and understanding teacher who has done so very much to record the events in our school life. Qgcfoof 5? gqusfzb S 3 VO 60500 OXWCQS Assistant Principal and Boys' Counselor G. T. WATSON Director of Student Activities JOE CRUSETURNER Principal FRED L . MAHLER Girls ' Counselor MARY DUNLAP QScf00f97aC1f2i1Cs NURSE 'S STAFF Dorothy Touchett, Judy Whitson, Martha OFFICE STAFF Beverly Landry and Mary Ihle Anderson, Sadie Perry, Wilda Keith, K ran Coots. SEATED: Mrs. Swafford, a- HUIS9. LIBRARY STAFF Claudette Busby, Janis Oliver, Marilyn Flynn, Tommy Dillon, Paul Kuhn, Ben Arredondo, Archie Land, Johnny Minter AUDITORIUM Z 2 2 P f S Q f 1 i X 5 z 1 1 2 f E E 5 i 2 5 r Q 5 Z F i I - I: .15 I" " f if'?fl,' -!f'iQiE?!'1?ii9::: ISV f'53Y'Es5liW2-leilgf 'im i945 ' . 2fz.iL'J . ' f U peflbfengf Qnf 4Z'5""'9"3'f"A '-'fl 15 ""'f""'IfT""" 151372 "' - g:g4,.,g5l.T..:c.54- . 311. .3Jg,.,7. 9-5 1-4,.r.' 2'Ig:,!f:,4'p- 55:4-1 ,L wg- ,,g'3,,k3, 45,19 .g,,-,.-5-,g g-C. y,J.1.,g' 'L , Fw ffm--ff'-mmm-fn--,f-afff EQ, 7-5-1, argj-fin. ,.fL,3.543-l5':-ggefg-,Syl 3142. H- M103 S'S1'sv'?-L-g:Jg,.kgf'.,-e:Sg,..- 42fy:,r. -3-. .25""-u " ' 'gf ff.. A 2 ry--I-' g.fe-Vf"Q'- "' 5 w2f"?P 'ff ' i:1f-e- 1+f"4ff"'5'5'u ' "A 1'qf-W I s 4 , - '. 9 -5. - 4 : Q' 23. 1. -I3 "9 fy'-2? '-5411! fi. '4:j-. ,iff-fyi?-,ga,. ' 9. is 5:35- Qu: Bcai6o'!Vc,c'xoc,aixoxv. 5.1 .C,ovw.,9m4xAvz,m V3.9.XAasXLaXX,Xl'xc,e-9w.4xAa,m ?x.X..Nuson Damn NX. Sams Y-oXozvxYz.Vx'mvL NN.L.Xloszobv,wg 01.1. 5.SR4xd25s .-. . "iii:-" PM A,,3M'9 S ib' ' .if-1'. 9' V, n 1 - :Q-HMP-av R? ..qLc5z.:'55 .35 .,:"'5:gfg35::-aj3',- 1.1 . YOVXYLSCOE, Supe,i'mKzncXzvx f, Ps, E, V PCWQV-SOX4, Budwwzss Nanagzx ':3'E?bI,:!?' 564191 :-"1" owns wx YH awww. wxmxso 15.0 elf? 5 hi v,O.Q:Q+ N369 ,,:U5L,2L-5,-7194 vom aww Nix "L"' 'fu' f' fx xc ,W N: - f:1..:4,g..F'52?: "3 1 'Sly' -i Q KD Q 1. Q 'f:?34'Sf'5 z Y u at X4 , Xw Q . . g . 51, ?:4f8"3ff.-R? aff-iii? 'a ff. 'fi-5,12 'EW . 1. Y. VQOYXQSCOQ, 5oQu'xoXmxdeM 09 Sdo -4 QPF , 1126340 a -i'f-'fd--ff'-112m -weG-x-f?1frfff"-'fW2LeiG1" 995513915if-.,j:g,5!?-:,ugfQ'v-a5:3g...,.:.. pq' 21 ue- If!-I 'sg-I XA- sxqyg J' zaqr' "f?' f'-5-'-'r'Q',5 2-t'.f3':,5q3',3w'.-,g'.:,-.- Mn? . V. -QSQHJ J5.1"U- - :.-..-- -,,, 9 157. '.- 4913. ,243 -:,f Q. , 54? -f5p'2?51'fr-4211" q3,'5'iF-4f1:f:ff5i2"'fiwfmf vfsrh'-'3f31' Un. .eff-:,X:l2Q'2 sv' 'S 3352: .,:,.,,y,. ,. s 5 9-'c,'3gx :Snag Q-,47,.-3,-PM5-xg-wrf4Qb1-Q H " 2- . '--s .spin Q- -. Ag- g. sf JS'-:i'g,f., F' rg?6'!.5"'Zx Jig .jzlxfff-152 PV. Qu ?5+iZ'5g, -0, 32552 4:':i::9:f5-C-ff. 3135- 55-SRS-143-.,' , 15 JL . , -'63 1 Bcwxckiamzm-A 5,X,cQw,m4xam S.e.xfNAsv.ax51-Mfamamx xL.x.,xwm Umm vkbfms V.obv.v.Y,,Vuc.a. vtm.vQ5mbf.1q 91.2. 5.5mxa5 j -L. .fr -rs PM AWN' 9 S 'HD' .' zifylw... 521527 1.1.sown-5c,o2,smmmxm . wavpx122soxA,m4mf,wmw -'yy Ac! .2155 9' 4347511 f jj. 33353. ow mv, xv Qu mmm emwwxo ,:gg?",,:3?gf,,'2' ' - 75 . 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SPRADLEY DR WILLIAM A GRAVES Director of Duector of Elementary DR EDSELL BITTICK Administrative Research Director ofCurr1cu1um and Community Relations NELSON B. HASKELL R. L. IVERSON Vice President Zoarof gf C1jf1Caf10n DONNIE M. JONES ROBERT E. PRICE DR. R. J. SHIELDS J. T. CONE President M. L. ROSENBERG Boar fyfc30QCaf1of2 a120f770f221221Sfraf1b12 SEATED, left to right: Dr. R. I. Shields, I. T. Cone, Presidentg Donnie M. Jones, N. B. Haskell, Vice Presidentg Z. T Fortescue, Superintendent. STANDING: A. E. Patterson, Business Manager and Secretary to the Boardg Robert E, Price, M. L. Rosenberg, R. L. Iverson. E FACULTY REBA ALBRITTON Second Grade B.Ed.. N.T.S.C. LA MERLE BONDS First Grade B.S., S.F.A. GENEVIEVE COLLINS First Grade B.S., M.A., S.H.S.C. NANCY CROW Intermediate Music B.S. , Lamar Tech ALBERTA CUPIT Third Grade B.S. Ed., L.S.U. BESSIE FORTENB ERRY Third Grade B.S., E.T.B.C. M. Ed., U.H. WILLADENE HICKMAN Second Grade B.S., M.T.S.T.C. M.A., Peabody College CHLOE HOLCOMBE First Grade B.Ed. , Lamar Tech MARY HOPPER Second Grade B . S . , S.F . A. BETSY SEALE Sixth Grade B.S., S.H.S.C. KATHERINE WEEKS Third Grade B. A. , Texas Tech. M. Ed., U.H. ESTHER PERMENTER Fifth Grade A.B. , From M. A. ALBERTINA RIVETTE Primary Music Physical Ed. B.S., Lamar Tech. ,sg Fl, - fwzfi M' ' wff-fr-.-ff,-iwwsfzwfzffifi Y if - " ' ' 'ffw-f-1-?ffMf+f1 V ., ., ff , 'L ' K 'I' -:rx-with fs:-mi - 1- Q.,-J?-,am isis . I 'Tlifslr and f, .- it.,:,vm. . V f . . IEW:-bt , ,,,, .LfL.:-YTEJZ ' g5g::rzefg:,-.:i, .. ,. H K: Fourth Grade B . S . , Peabody College M.Ed. , U.H. CHARLES SIMMONS Sixth Grade B.S., Lamar Tech. LYDIA RYSTAD Fifth Grade B.S., M.Ed. M.T.S.C IO ANN STRICKLEN Kindergarten B . S. , S .F . A. G., Us I ,1,,.,, ,f.. N .Mt .af-, fa -. .,.s.,+.p -..,, M if-S-,5... .lf , ., 7 :rf fiat RAY ABNEY Assistant Coach B.S., M.Ed., . :51 1.fQ S.l'I.S.C. VIRGINIA ABNEY Physical Ed. B.S., S.F.A. M., is ,. www ri w r f' si? 5 Se QEQQSEQQ A15 2 ,gs WE- B if if , . .sr L w i? 'wx ' W Pax 5 W' x2 Q E we I 2292.1 ,4 ? f :I . I if :Q - ,I ' , .. . W 5,1-,fr , f K ga: .aw 1 if ,fgggfn , ,. ,,:: s.'.vfyp-,f ,, .Z sw 71 if 7-3?-:, 5i5zfV fi?'A'f 7251 ' . gs ,gs Quffstiiewsf .:f,. s:,:V:r-fffff: K ikfzfiiiif' :Rav i C55 ' .. If? 'ff zgiisffsiifsil' W z ssf ' - - - iz--.ww-fi' M- .XR - ROBERT CLARK Industrial Arts ,,,-- , s ZH 5 R Am BENNIE BEARDEN Science B . S. , M. S. , vw .f.'U:.f,'-V' tif . ., .W xa,fffi: rf,-f, .ws .saw 1: ,f..f, wi -- 1255: eff .. . ,i A f.. fm. N.T.S.C, EDWARD BROWN B.S., M.Ed., N.T.S.C. EDITH COCO B.B.A., M. Ed., Band Director B.S., S.l-I.S.C. JOE CRUSETURNER Social Studies Activity Director B . S . , M. Ed. , S . F. A. GEORGE BYARS Social Studies B . S . , S . W MARY DUNLAP Girls' Counselor Social Studies B.S., S.H.S.C M.Ed., U.H. BOB FREDERICK A ' V Head Coach Athletic Director 1 f ee" -"f A A B . S ., Lamar ROLAND Tgch. GEOPFROY M. Ed., U.T. X .5 e, 5-fs . T51 Social Studies B.S., LamarTech. MARY GUY English Spanish B.A., T.W.U. M.A., E.T.S.'l'.C. f.,,.3,.. ,....,,.wsmw .N iid 'PV F milf is is ef- 2931 ,llivwe 4. W -firasss -- X wi. ,.. Y .Q f J 'i Ja-. .ff " DAURICE MART IN Social Studies Math B.S., S.F.A. is 'fffii L59 W- Y ff. - ff I 1, wi f J . Si, af..:r' '-2 H " f.. A49 f' V' j J-:fy RAY PURKERSON Assistant Coach B.S. , Lamar Tech. MARY TOM REID Librarian B.S.E., A.S.T.C r.S. my ' 2355 "' gg? s S :fy 1 V 3, 3 fr A j' ii? .f " , -V .v,, .4 if Q inf? 2 X ? me M., Q l X 3 5 Q Q . E.. NANCY JEHLEN English Social Studies B.A., T.W.U. FRED L. MAHLER Principal B.A., M.A,, S.W.T.C. M,L,S,, T.W.U. VIRGINIA REINEY 'English B.S. , Lamar Tech. BJ., U.T. DUDLEY RENCI-I Math B.S., Lamar Tech. DORTHY RYLAND Art, English B.S., Lamar Tech. KERRY WHITTON Math B.S., Texas ASLM SUE SAMPSON A A . ii ff' . - AAfm.Q,1i:,..! as X225 u in , .fs Si' J 4 En gl Ish si 5.513 1 1 ' ' Drama L , ., . L B.S.,S.H.S.C. A. E. SMITH Mathematics B . S . , M. Ed. , S . F . A . SUE WILLIAMS Home Economics B.S. , Lamar Tech. MARY II-ILE Secretary CLESTINE SMITH Music, Choir B. Music, Olivet College G. T . WATSON Assistant Principal Boys' Counselor B . A . , M. S . , N .T .S . C. D211 BEVERLY LANDRY Secretary ? ie s 1, , , 'spa ' if wa- 5 if' LQ. iw, 2-Vtiiffc rv . , - ' as , MILDRED SWAFFORD Nurse ayQ 571212 uczf Qgfcyff SEATED: Lela Hale, Jessie Bowman, Edith Musson, Joyce Philen, Eugene Boudreaux, Lynn Lachausse, Donnie Broussard Deanna Hickman. FIRST ROW, STANDING: Linda Maxwell, Grace Broussard, Mitchell LeBlanc, Linda Alphin, Melba Hebert, Barbara Benoit, Natalie Adams, Lenora Woodcock, Gloria Norman, Mrs. Martin, Martha Chance, Carolyn Mu sick. LAST ROW: Blase Laughlin, Arthur Ray Hunter, Connie Martin, James Smith. ,?..l ,,-+4, LW, ,YAY Y ,, , ,J 1. , A. .ng 1. Sponsor MRS . DAURICE MARTIN Assistant Adv. Mgr. LYNN LACHAUSSE Editor I O YCE PHILEN Advertisement Mgr . EDITH MUSSON Assistant Editor EUGENE BOUDREAUX rsffypf 922122 ers Lela Hale Lenora Woodcock Deanna Hickman Iessie Bowman Linda Maxwell Grace Broussard Linda Alphin Mitchell LeBlanc Melba Hebert Natalie Adams Carol Guidry Donnie Broussard Carolyn Musick Gloria Norman Blase Laughlin Ruth Richard Kay Hatch Ann Welch Barbara Benoit Arthur Hunter 'ilk 1 SENIURS 62121014 if 0 zkfers Left to right: Bert Miller, Presidentg Robert Carter, Vice Presidentg Carolyn Hardin Secretaryg Carol Guidry, Treasurer. MARTHA ANDERSON "That sparkler on her left hand declares to the world she has found her man." MARGO ARREDONDO "Girls of few words are the best of girls. " MYRTIS ARCENEAUX "Calmly and peacefully she treads life 's way." DIANE BERTHLOT "You flavor everything. You are the vanilla of society. " EUGENE BOUDREAUX "No wonder teachers' hair turns gray. I chatter, chatter all the day. " DONALD BROUSSARD "Poor old teachers, sweet and dear, bet they are glad we're leaving here. " l vw BEVERLY BODIN " Sweet and gay in every way. " EDWINA BRADY Athletic, witty and full of fun, she's made a friend of everyone. " GRACE BROUSSARD "Her smile is sweet, her ways are neat. " IRVIN G BROUSS ARD "He's an easy-going fellow with not a care in the world. " A ff if RAYMOND BROUSSARD A vb "A pleasant guy who is awfully shy." K SANDRA BUCHANAN "She excells in her school work, but always finds time to be friendly. " JOHN CARDWELL "Seldom sad, usually gay, glad to help you in any way." CHESTER CHATELAIN "Courteous ways and a be left behind. " B ARB ARA BURRIS "She loves to laughg she loves all fung she'll find a way or make her one." RCBERT CARTER "An honest man is the noblest work of God." character fine, he will never CAROLYN CHESSON "Here's a sweet girl with a smile that makes the bubble of life worthwhile. " DANNY CLARK "In spite of his bashfulness, his eyes sparkle with mischief. " LANNY CHOATE "Time will come when the work is due, oh dear Lanny what will you do?" is X lv VERNON CROWDER "An athlete and a mighty one, who plays until the game is won. " OL GA DOMIN GUEZ "Pretty hair, smiling face, no other one could take your place." DARRILLO FAILS "Listening ear, watching eye, his glories will come by and by. " CHARLES FERGUSSON "His attitude of friendliness and good manners shall always be remembered by those who know him." CAROL ANN GUIDRY "Life is such a lavish thing, and I love life. " LELA HALE "True worth is being, not seeing." WAYNE HARDIN "Never worry, never fear, I know I will last this long senior year. " X!! CAROLYN HARDIN "Not too serious, not gay, but a true, blue girl in every way. " MELBA HEBERT "On1y those who know her best, profit from her real worth. " PATRICIA HICK MAN "Quiet unruffled, always the same like some sweet icture in a icture frame." P Z1 f SHARRON HOCK "The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known." BOBBY II-ILE "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might. " CAROLYN IN GALLS "The heaven of each, is but what each desires. " ELMO JOHNSON "Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control." SAM JOHNSON "He is always full of fun, willing to laugh with everyone." IRBY IUDICE "A football player with a happy grin, great or small, we all like him. " JOE KEEN "Seldom speaks, kinda shy but always a gleem is in his eyes." WAYNE KOONCE "His gay spirit and cheerful ways waken us to a better world." LEONARD LaLONDE "A quiet way, a cheerful smile, a boy who is a friend worthwhile. " LEO LaLONDE "Friends and fun rate first and school a poor second. " BENNY LANE "Life is no life without delight. " FLOYD LAZENBY "Easy come, easy go, never too fast and never too slow . " CHARLOTTE LeB URN "Always happy, never sad, sometimes haughty but never bad." .AV 1 U n IVY LEBLANC Ambition has no risk." LORRAINE LANDRY "She expresses her words with a smile PATRICIA LOPEZ "She hasn 't a worry or a care, good times will follow her everywhere. " JAMES MCLAIN "Ready for everything, work or play, he's a good scout in every way. " LINDA MAXWELL "She is little, she is spry, and there is mischief in her eyes. " DONALD MCN IEL "He's athletic, friendly, just all-around, another like him shall never be found. " BERT MILLER "The good old times, the grand old times, the great old times. " LEONARD PALOMBO "The only way to have a friend is to be one. " MARIORIE NORRIS "Little and neat, gentle and sweet." JOYCE PHILEN "Whose nature is so far from doing harm, that she suspects none. " GARY RICE "Live while you live. " ROBERT SATTERWHITE "Good words are worth much and cost little. " LARRY SEDATOLE "Splitting the air with laughter." DONALD SMITH "Anything for a quiet life. " l fl N I Al! WILSON SONNIER J I "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." LORETTA VIDRINE She takes it easy, has her fun, as hours slip by one by one." fx X N X X x l ll GLENDA THERIOT "Everyone loves her for her sweetness and for being just plain Glenda. " LINDA CAROLE WELLS "A successful student who is a favorite with all. " JUDITH WHITSON "She's short and neat and has hair of gold, sparkling eyes full of secrets untold." C QOHSOFS MRS. ABNEY - 12A 1 r MRS. COCO - 12B MR. SMITH - 12C 70,0 Qsezzlbrs 0 1959 DAVID RAYNER Salutatorian CLARKE JACKSON valedicrorian I ls 012014 QSXUOQIQXJ 0 1960 DIANE BERTHLOT ELMO JOHNSON MARGO ARREDONDO D.A.R. Award BOB IHLE JOYCE PHILEN JU IOR ADAMS, NATALIE ANDERSON, AGNES ANDERSON, CARROLL AVERY, KATHLEEN BLANFORD, CHARLES BOUDREAUX, DUDLEY BOWMAN, IESSIE BREAUX, MARY BREAUX, DIANE BRUMMETT, JOHNNY CHANCE, MARTHA COBB, ANDY COULON, WAYNE DATTALO, BARRY DAVIS, DOROTHY DESORMEAUX, WILLIE DEWEY, LEWIS DOMINGUEZ, AARON DUPLANTIS, CAROLYN FONTENOT, RONNIE FUSELIER, RITA HAGEN, GERALD HARPER, BILLY HARRIS, ELEDIA HICKMAN, DEANNA HUTCHINSON, LEONARD KEITH, WILDA LACHAUSSE, LYNN LeBLANC, BERNARD LeBLANCE, BEVERLY LeBLANC, MITCHELL LITTLE, MAURICE MONK, ROCKY MONTGOMERY, MIKE MUSSON, EDITH NEWSOME, ANN OLIVER, TERRY ROMERO, JOSEPH SIMONEAUX, ARTHUR SMITH, JAMES STIVNER, DANIEL TAYLOR, TEDDY THIBODEAUX, IEANELLA THIBODEAUX, MARSHALL TUCKER, JAMES TYSON, BONNIE MRS. MARY GUY Sponsor WILLIAMS, WAYMON WOODCOCK, LENORA MRS. MARY DUNLAP Sponsor uzzzbr GQSJ Offgbers ARTHUR SIMONEAUX President MARSHALL THIBODEAUX Vice President LYNN LACHAUSSE Secretary DEANNA HICKMAN Treasurer C9093 5-!.7f'OZlI2Of 5.751 W Q X jfe yganfyganquef 1 w N , N 1 SOPHOMORES Alphin, Linda Fay Arceneaux, Linda Arceneaux, Marlene Arnold, Dixie Arnold, Imelda Bates, Billy Bland, Eugene Bland, Larry Breaux, David Lee Broussard, Sandra Burge, Bruce Carr, Helena Carter, Jim Comeaux, Howard Coors, Karen Crochet, Carole Delcambre, Herchel Dernahy, Wanda Dore, Mary Louvina Duren, James Edgerton, Brian England, Sandra Fails, Threcia Faulk, Beverly Fletcher, Diana Gardemal, John Gillard, Judy Gillard, Pat Goodson, Gwen Hamilton, Robert Hammer, Carolyn Sue Hargraves, Earnest Hargrave, Linda Havens, Dana Lee Hildabridle, Lana Jackson, Jeff Johnson, Norwin Jolly, Nadine Keel, Cecile Kelsey, Linda Kuhn, Houston Laughlin, Blase Lehman, Laura Fay Maldonado, Jerry McCreary, Eddie McFar1in, Gerald McLain, Kelly McLeod, Sammy McNiel, Wilford McWilliams, James Monk, Jimmie Murphy, Carole Musick, Carolyn Newsome, Lillian Norman, Gloria Perry, Sadie Pitre, Douglas Prejean, Michael Pritchett, Donald Purgahn, Charles Purgahn, Willard Randall, Beautte Sanner, Anna Schaeffer, Gerald Simon, Vivian Soars, Joan Stanley, Norma Taylor, James Theriot, Charles Theriot, Sue Evelyn Theriot, Rose Elaine Tompkins, Lynnette Vincent, Shirley Young, Billy Touchette, Dorothy Trahan, B111 Trahan, Floyd Wagenfuhr, Lanny Io Williams, Donald Woods, Eddie Roy Mr. Bearden Miss Reiney Miss Sampson 'iki iss? 11 7,5 iii my ss: iii? in E ri Alphin, Maxine Arredondo, Ben Benoit, Barbara Benoit, Iudy Bodin, Jerry Boudreaux, Donald Boudreaux, Linwood Boudreaux, Pat Bowman, Freddie Breaux, Courmey Breaux, Curtis Broussard, Sherry Burris, Billie Burris, Carolyn Busby, Claudette Cardwell, Nadia Cardwell, Bill Carlin, Kenneth Chatelain, Glynn Comeaux, Druella Dillion, Tommy Dyson, Walter Ebert, Cherry Faulk, Bobby Flynn, Marilyn Fontenot, Kenneth Frith, Deanna Gaspard, Ronald Guy, Richard Hallums, Jerry Harrison, Michael Hatch, Kay Hlmter, Arthur Hunter, Robert Hutchinson, Floyd Knott, Russell Kuhn, Paul Kyles, Racey Glenn Lalonde, Linda Land, Archie Lawrence, Margaret LeMaire, Joyce LuLue, Ralph Martin, Connie Martin, Carmen May, Carrol Minter, John Mouhot, Linda Neel, Edward Nesbitt, George Oliver, Janice O'Nea1, Richard Ortego, Russell Perry, Gordon Pierce, Hiram Poche, Carolyn Power, Shirley Price, Randy Radford, Sherry Rice, Dorothy Richard, Daryl Richard, Ruth Robbins, John Romero, Doris Sedtal, E11a Shifflette, Gene Sims, Jackie Smith, Goldie Smith, Linda Stanley, Bobby Taylor, Rosemary Thibodeaux, Art Touchette, Earl Tyson, Susie Vanbrocklyn, Leona Villemez, Percy Webb, Donald Welch, Ann Wells, David Williams, Edgar Mr. Cruseturner, Sponsor Williams, Jacque White, Paul Mr. Bragg, Sponsor Mr. Byars, Sponsor Woods, Raymond Cf r1Sf122 as pzfzf onfesf Zdjzhners Left to right: Sherry Stansbury, Darlene Naylor, Ernest Wayne Jones, and Jimmy Anderson This Christmas season the Senate sponsored a "Christmas Spirit Contest." Each home room decorated a bulletin board with the Christmas theme. The winning homeroom was Mrs. Ryland 's. These students are displaying some of the decorations done by this home- room. 1 .1 1? fr , ' ff 075, -' --up ,I 'z 'ni' -I '4.. if C C500 CQIQQS jwiaffx r"'x Keep the Sales Chart up to date DISCUSSION GROUPS fwonder what they're discussing! U "Eyes on the Keyboard, girls! Now I-1-2-3-J. " E 35 E 5 3 Q 2 2 K K 5 5 ,r 3 s ' S E i 4 2 E 3 2 5 K A dia FIRST ROW: Mr. Geoffroy, Lynward Boudreaux, Henry Bonewald, Thomas Branham, Ebbie Ann Boggins, Beverly Smith, Ruth Livingston, Loyce Taylor. SECOND ROW: Dennis Wiesner, Roy Fuselier, Elzie Chambers, Sandra Landry, Madlyn Church, Beverly Broussard, Orval O'Donald, Charles Sedtal. THIRD ROW: Carl Roberts, Bill Perry, Michael Lopez, Lynda Dattalo, Sharon Sonnier, Joyce Williford, Mary Lou Ronquille, Judy Broussard, Shirline Smith, George Laird. FOURTH ROW: Michael Woods, Sally Miller, Delores Higginbotham, Max Hildabridle, Betty Sanner, Hazeline Mays, Janice Hock, Carl Simon. g, ,J .A 7 ,L , ,.h ...if 4.-If --P Y I r fwffm' -r -1 'gf ' fr-6 TOP ROW: Wade Gillard, Lynn Burnham, Mike Barnett, Kirty Abshire, Edmond Cessac, Stella Hargrave, Lola Wells, Au- drey Newsome, Mary Ann Henry, Gloria Arnaud, Peggy O'Neal, Betty Minter. SECOND ROW: Rebecca Payne, Joyce Pitre, Bobbie Fancher, Pam Long, Linda Alford, Jane Fornols, Mr, Whitton. THIRD ROW: Carol Broussard, Dianne Miguez, Vicky Nunez, Linda McFarlin, Trudy Wyble. FOURTH ROW: Donald Toutcheque, Tommy Sessions, Ricky Maxwell, Jerry Musick, Kenneth Devers, Leon Lalonde, John Faulk. FIFTH ROW: Roy Trahan, Billie Miller, Richard Constantine, Charles Brady, Ronnie Dore, Louis Grand, Leonard Johnson, John Hagen. 5eC FIRST ROW: Terry Michael Stumhoffer, John Lopez, Rodney James Thompkins, Sidney Paul Sonnier, R. J. Demahy, George Moreno, John Nobles, Jessie Ronquille, Willie Benoit. SECOND ROW: Glen Edgerly, Nancy Borel, Jennie Lou Lake, Sherry Ann DeRouen, Linda Marie Mayers, Dixie Lee Russell, Sharon Loncon, Diane Ruth Bordages, Patricia Graham, Billy Sedatole, Lambert Pritchett. THIRD ROW: Bettie Wright, Sharon Smith, Ruth Ann White, Linda Burrell, Danny McNiel, Larry Faulk, Lurlin Benoit. FOURTH ROW: Dolly Lynn Hammond, Shirley Karonika, Lelia Guidry, Darwin Wood. FIFTH ROW: Glendora Wagnon, Carolyn Dore, Mrs. Jehlen, Rodney Dorman, Michael Crowder, Jack Buchanan, James Boyd. A 7.5 ,KJ . .1 f 7477 FIRST ROW: Woodrow Jernigan, Elten Gouthier, Jimmy Guy, Judith Brown, Romana Guidry, Diana Broussard, Judy Jordan, Patricia Picard. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Martin, Darlene Fancher, Charlotte Daily. Karen Ernst, Brenda Peltier, Susan Hebert, Barbara Cowan, Janis Philen, Linda Harper. THIRD ROW: Rita Blanchard, Wanda Peveto, Sandra Woods, Jo Anne Goynes, Toni Lege, Faye Hubbard. FOURTH ROW: Rene Fisher, Dorothy Boyd, Gerald Babineaux, Rodney Arledge, Max Minter. FIFTH ROW: Frank Ward, Harry Boudreaux, John Abshire, Garland Gauthiere, Robert Shields, Barry Edgerton. 743 FIRST ROW: Brenda Hatch, Janelle Delcambre, Donna Bryan, Doris Fuselier, Evelyn Dubois, Linda Toutcheque, David Cordeaux. SECOND ROW: Patsy Simoneaux, Cynthia Mire, Avie Hammers, Jeannine Little, Glenda Harper, Catherine Roberts, Connie Keen, Elizabeth Waits. THIRD ROW: Walter Gibson, Stephen Trahan, Haywood Doucet, Ronnie Ray. FOURTH ROW: Durwood Fails, Cecil Foreman, Douglas Walker, Marion Neel, Bobby Cowan, Wayne Smith, David Smith, Darrell Peveto. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Dettling. 7. FIRST ROW: Ernest Jones, Shelba Teague, Johnny Jones, Patricia Wright, James An- derson, Donna Bonner. SECOND ROW: Janice McWilliams, Edwin Dillon, Steve Gas- pard, Shirley Jones, Charlotte Dugas, Donnie Keen, Dorothy Foreman. THIRD ROW: Sherry Stansbury, Karen Montgomery, Evelyn Kuhn, Lucille Prejean, Norma Stanley, Darlene Naylor. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Burris, James Johnson, Joe Smith, Clenton Ronquille, Oren Knott, Ronald Boyd. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Ryland. 7-QD FIRST ROW: Judy Campbell, Barbara Boggins, Kenneth Broussard, Elaine Campbell, Joyce Campbell, Kenneth Christopher, James Clark, I-0l1iSC Demahy. Linda DOFIHBH. Curtis Fontenot. SECOND ROW: John Fornols, Jerry Killian, Peggy Kinder, Charlotte Welch, Claudia Boden, Joan Woodcock, Bill Williams, Nolan Trahan, Aline Taylor, Shirley Parker, Elaine Glaze. THIRD ROW: Michael Avery, Richard Palombo, David Martin, Paul Norman, Mr. Rench. unzbr C3!0OI2S0!1S' 8A 8B SC MR. GEQFFRQY MR. WHITTON MRS. IEHLEN 'IA 'YB 7C 7D MRS. MARTIN MRS. SMITH MRS. RYLAND MR. RENCH Qglbrff grak FIRST ROW: Arvin Fails, John Gauthiere, Robert Fancher, Lonnie Morrison, Kenneth Stanley, Wilson LeMaire, Travis Brevell, Johnny Walker, James Lege, Edmond Chesson. SECOND ROW: Roy Benoit, Lynn Boudreaux, Larry Gary, Bill Jennings, Donald Pujol, Terry Guidry, Terry Theriot, Richard Lawless, Ricky Lopez, James Antilley, Billy Brummett, Leon Dugas. THIRD ROW: Linda Picou, Paula Chesson, Sharon Edens, Jenelle Trahan, Linda Bordages, Becky Hebert, Karon Edens, Dianna Romero, Patricia Molaison, Phyllis DeCoux, Shelia Brown, Peggy McLarty, Ruth Ann Wolf, Ruth Adaway, Carolyn Hamilton, Carl Clark, George Duren, Patsy Dyson, Sharon Welch. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Simmons, Rayland LeMaire, Billie Jeanne Smith, Charles Blake, Linda Purgahn, Kerwin Robison, Chesley Minter, Claudia Van Brocklin, Patricia Savoy, Madeline Alford, Judy Delcambre, Evelyn Borel, Linda Lawrence, Clifford Carlin, Miss Seale. FIFTH ROW: Donna Guidry, Catherine Henry, Linda Breaux, Lillie Smith, Isabel Moreno, Paul Shiff- lette, Carroll Higginbotham, Ledonna Maxwell, Sandra Mouhot, Linda Brown, Jodine Hebert, Nolia Lege, Diana Calais. SIXTH ROW: Weldon Smith, John Pitrey, Larry Dore, Kenneth Pogue, Robert Lawless, C. E. Smith, Rose Stafford, Richard Kuhn, Linda Good- son, Darleen Keith, Shirley Jolly, Glenda Fisher, Madeline Bernard, Irene Dominguez, Velma Mire. MISS BETSY SEALE 5155115 9140062 78dC5QI".S MR. CHARLES SIMMONS MRS. MAE TILLERY TY? voy 33'ree:2:3ec:exk ess2 -ff' QM. Q42 355 32 i M ,gl k T: ,ik 'W A Q E .wwi mm -A , W ., ,.,A, it fig,?gfvg?? ?'?i M ,E Kg. if ff , .Jw L. NJ? 1 'mmm' if '.. , Q 1 'ff 2 9 W P . - f i g . L K K7 ff STia222e?ff'k 2 S 'QSFM , 4, W 562 a s V -lI,..4,1,,wQ 5 9 1 Ai' :A 1 X 2,2 ,W 'f fy.. . I ,,, B M 5' X " I 2551, , .K .ga i 41 'fp I HV f5z4l1eQwf:+,.ff:fH7? iw ., at 'W K H , 21,3 - fl, ' . :i1'e-:fy-V:'LaQ . I? Q fiffgfp, . - -,wr f Q' g , .X,f5g,. if ' 4 ' Q 'Y X K 4 fee U gg' , QWQAQQL ' Q J ,Q ' f 'D A ffgfh fm . : .. , - .sf . K , if-E , X, L 1 1 ' W4 ,S 3 , 9' Tfif-5'ifL Z-Vik' if 'w a'-1 , ,w,:o,', ' - ' ,'-: .s,:. 1g zwag geg.,.,--1-ga.. 3 3 44 q v , ,V V M X fy , , V.., V . H , ,. ,nip ,fs :Hai V ' ' -- 5, f K, K H ' ,fs :W K gl V .Y . 4, A ff, : 0: 1 , i':fV"'Y5fms,fP',-Ur. 9-I ' 'ziilil g y ib WS :I 1' - x f I file: ..f , . U., .. A gm? ..,, , A ,MQ ?,hZ. I J ,H I., L :iii -, ' ' Ji .. ' A ,w f . fR 55- 5 - gh Lv . . 921 LQ? V . .. lwwfz'-lgzfsf 'L A 5 -.E V gk, 4 A .L ff MMM.. -.ww ,f,.mx.uw...w...,. .....,....-, we wa' In x 3 5 I ' I I 1 I I I I I I I I I 'I I , i. I 5- Z I I I I F P I I I 5 rx E I m..l....,-................M....,......,- ....,.-- .,,.W...,,..,--,.-,...,,, M..........1,.. ...1 ,-,.,,...,.,..,,,.U,,..,..... ...M v K... -,....., -, ....... A.., .4 x,, ..-J Wbsf j7Q120G0122e LANNY CHOATE bs! ea ufyfzf MARTHA ANDERSON Wosf Topaz ar Our flags provide a background r for DON MCNIEL and JOYCE PHILEN Kes!! gqfgfroun "Best 'All -Around' is right! !, " says LEONARD LALONDE as he measures LYNN LACHAUSSE 9260511 Ezfeg fo cguccee They 're going places! I DON MCNIEL MARGO ARREDONDO enzbr aoonfes i v N "We're mighty proud of this trophy! !" ROBERT CARTER CAROLYN HARDIN unzbr gaoorzfes What's this? A locker shortage? WAYMON WILLIAMS DEANNA HICKMAN QS 0 pf 0122 ore ZGUOFIZQS "Let 's take a spin! " DANA HAVENS BRIAN EDGERTON 5212655122012 ga 001211195 This is studying?? RUTH RICHARDS BILL CARDWELL vw unzor gaoorzfes Best A11-Around CONNIE MARTIN GEORGE LAIRD This is a battery? What does it do?" Most Popular CARMEN MARTIN EDGAR WILLIAMS "What a phone bill the school must have! " -n ll I P r V F " Tir 'K ff - fl ' fi - - Qgfepfen . guszfzh Zan FIRST ROW: Linda Maxwell, Sandra Buchanan, Peggy O'Neal, Pat Boudreaux, Joan Woodcock, Linda Mello, Sharon Son- nier, Leona Van Brocklin, Trudy Wyble. SECOND ROW: Delores Higginbotham, Emilie Hardin, Pam Long, Shirline Smith, Arthur Ray Hunter, Grace Broussard, Edmond Cessac, Susan Hebert, Linda McFarlin, Linda Alford, Wayne Coulon, THIRD ROW: Linda Harper, Brenda Peltier, Diane Broussard, Claudia Bodin, Pat Simoneaux, Norma Clements, Ann Dewees, Kath- leen Roberts, Doris Fuselier, Dolly Hammond, Lela Hale, Cherry Ebert, Linda Mouhot, Beautt Randall, Edith Musson, Wil- da Keith, Sharon Hock, Donald Williams, Mitchell LeBlanc. FOURTH ROW: Linda Wells, Jessie Bowman, Jimmy Monk, Lola Wells, Lambert Pritchett, Diane Bordages, Earnest Hargrave, Janice McWilliams. FIFTH ROW: Blase Laughlin, Dud- ley Boudreaux, Audry Newsome, Larry Sedatole, Gwen Goodson, Howard Comeaux, Dorothy Touchett, Linda Smith, Gloria Norman, Director, Mr. Edward Brown. OFFICERS , ttii President Vice President BEAUTT RANDALL LINDA WELLS Librarian Quartermaster WILDA KEITH LARRY SEDATOLE Squaci Leader Squad Leader MITCHELL LeBLANC LELA HALE Director EDWARD E . BROWN Assistant Director Drum Major EDITH MUSSON Secretary JESSIE BOWMAN MELBA HEBERT LINDA WELLS Feature Twirler LOLA WELLS LELA HALE TRUDY WYBLE Drum Major EDITH MUSSON CUIf'QIT5' Linda Maxwell, Melba Hebert, Sandra Buchanan, Edith Musson, Lela Hale, Lola Wells Trudy Wyble. KNEELING: Linda Wells, Feature Twirler. FIRST ROW, left to right: Grace Broussard, Lynette Tompkins, Lela Hale, Edmond Cessac, Wayne Coulon. SECOND ROW: Mitchell LeBlanc, Donald Williams, Lola Wells, Jimmy Monk, Jessie Bowman, Linda Wells, Edith Musson. THIRD ROW: Blaze Laughlin, Larry Sedatole, Director: Mr. Edward E. Brown. A .J J - J W X-A Oufsfanofhy ysjazzofyzpemger M1959 NANCY O'NEAL My wffiigiffy as Zazzcfcgweeffearf Q12 afe SITTING: Mr. Cruseturner, Gwen Goodson, Donald Boudreaux, Dana Havens, Dudley Boudreaux, Sandra England, Carol Guidry, Dianne Berthlot, Judy Whitson, Robert Carter, Martha Anderson, Lorraine Landry, Don McNiel, Barbara Burris, Joyce Philen, Mike Prejean, Linda Wells, Carolyn Ingalls, Lenora Woodcock, Edith Musson, Marshall Thibodeaux, Vivian Simon, Bill Cardwell, Shirley Vincent. STANDING: Carolyn Burris, Ruth Richards, Linda Lalonde, Eddie Woods, Carmen Martin, Ann Welch, Linda Mouhot, Curtis Breaux, Pat Gillard. -A A-Q -L A Y i DON MON IEL President Q12 afe OfCQfS LORRAINE LAN DRY Secretary BARB ARA BURRIS Vice President JOYCE PHILEN Representative-at -Large MARTHA ANDERSON MICHAEL PRE! EAN Reporter Parliamentarian QS fafzu Q56 We O SQ OU HH A nald Boyd, Ruth R0 Chambers, ie Elz ayers, M nda Li ng, Lo Alford, Pam da Sanner, Lin B etty Watson, I t:M h rig Left to Emily Hardin, Judy Jordan, Janis yble, rudy W Miller, T Delores Higginbotham, Sally ells, W Lola urch, Ch lyn ad ite, M Wh oit . Ben Lurlin Barry Edgerton, an, H1 Fore il pbell, Claudia Bodin, Lucille Prejean, Cec Judy Cam ith, D3 S ayHC ilen, W Ph R. muse OECQFLV A TOL -L ,mm SARAH MILLER TRUDY WYBLE DELORES HIGGINBOTHAM Speaker Speaker Pro-Tem Secretary EMILY HARDIN LOLA WELLS Representative -at -Large Parliamentarian 5 PO W A I2 T s 5 O 0 N ' Q " Q gl N FIRST ROW, left to right: Beverly Faulk, Marlene Arceneaux, Marjorie Norris, Beverly LeBlanc, Nadia Cardwell, Margo Arredondo, Carolyn Ingalls, Connie Martin, Sharon Hock, Patricia Hickman, Carmen Martin, Carolyn Chesson, Martha Chance, Mary Ellen Breaux, Barbara Burris. SECOND ROW: Imelda Arnold, Judith Whitson, Diana Breaux, Agnes Anderson, Ann Newsome, Rita Fuselier, Deanna Hickman, Lenora Woodcock, Naralie Adams, Roonie Fontenot, Charlotte LeBrun, Linda Carole Wells. THIRD ROW: Donald Pritchett, Arthur Ray Hunter, James Taylor, Willie Desormeaux, Wayne Coulon, Charles Fergusson, Chester Chatelain, James Ray Smith, Larry Sedatole, Terry Oliver, John Brummett, Maurice Little. SEATED: Celestine Dettling, Sponsor. fs-"Ting" CHESTER CHATELAIN MARGO ARREDONDO MARTHA CHANCE President Vice President Secretary X IQ OC' OO afzo Philen, yce artha Chance, Io ndo, M rredo Margo A a Stanley, ITI OI Linda Alphin, N wells, da Lin I i gh 1' IO left RST ROW, Fl CH Gw , Iessie Bowman, Lorraine Landry, I lo Lela Hale, Diane Berth lon, ne Cou 33' ill Trahan, W an, B rah T yd lo co, F Co THIRD Guy. IS Mary Dore, M S IT1 da eA li BIZ. Murphy, N 6 Carol I fuh a gen W Lanny ahy, l'I'1 De anda Pat Gillard, W 1. Goodson, nado. do Mal I erry Charles Purgahn, ald Williams O1'1 W:D RO 4 xr' Q? - - .,., ,...,.., , .. . Xi . -T X A r 7 r' 4, fr QW Q Y 5 M Q 53 Q , + if V W f M .. s iii, A -9'-1 515325: +l.z,av1i:ZT ew K - . ' ,1va2:ima1f2 pff -:wgyeg , -3. - 531 it .5 W 1: Eff warmly, Q in W X 'W H T r 5 WSP? Ng 'S 5E,ffv3N12f arg gm if mf MARTHA CHANCE EDITH MUSSON DEANNA HICKMAN JOYCE PHILEN DON MCNIEL Parliarnentarian Reporter Secretary Vice President President gufure eac ers BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Margo Arredondo, Leia Hale, Martha Chance, Edith Musson, Lynn Lachausse, Olga Dominguez, Carolyn Duplantis. TOP ROW: Mrs. Dunlap, Joyce Philen, Connie Martin, Natalie Adams, Mary Dore, Lana Hildabridle, Edwina Brady, Lenora Woodcock, Jessie Bowman. MARGO ARREDONDO President LELA HALE MARTHA CHANCE Vice President Secretary Qress SEATED, left to right: Margo Arredondo, Diane Berthlot, Joyce Philen, Lorraine Landry, Lynn Lachausse. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Coco, Linda Alford, Pamela Long, Olga Dominguez, Mary Ellen Breaux, Judy Jordan, Kay Hatch, Janis Philen, Patricia Picard, Nancy Borel, Freddie Bowman, Ann Welch. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Hardin, Carolyn Ingalls, Connie Martin, Roonie Fontenot, Carolyn Burris, Barbara Benoit, Toni Lege. will will 'grill nwwulllffm uamlliawgllli n fly Wwlliifmi llllilllflli w ll l MRS. EDITH COCO Sponsor ff? JFGZSS OFCQFS LORRAINE LANDRY Editor DIANE BERTHLOT Assistant Editor Qke C3516 FIRST ROW, left to right: Joyce Campbell, Shelba Teague, Patricia Picard, Linda Dorman, Judy Campbell, Janis Philen, Judy Jordan. SECOND ROW: Evelyn Dubois, Beth Waits, Lucille Prejean, Sandra Woods, Wanda Peveto, Renee Fisher, Elaine Campbell, Peggy Kinder. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Ray, Jimmy Anderson, Durwood Fails Clinton Ronquille, Edwin Dillon, Wayne Jones, John Fornols. , Q 1 i l J' v , .-i, , .' V- F242 f. . ::"" '- Q . vi-:r - . -, g r: - R f -va at .k: 1' - 1'f'g. ' V lfgrhpv -f 1 1 ,,,,f',,,,l , ,.,, , V t V if' I 'q s fs , K' r, A ' 2 , ' K,,f,, l A ,ia U eg,:m,t,.,r1.w.,. , , ,, ' ,, W My .,,, JUDY JORDAN RONNIE RAY JANIS PHILEN President Vice President Secretary 9254 FIRST ROW, left to right: Edwina Brady, Barbara Burris, Lynn Lachausse, Lenora Woodcock, Natalie Adams, Lana Hildabridle. SECOND ROW: Dixie Arnold, Deanna Frith, Mary Ellen Breaux. Diane Breaux, Imelda Arnold. Agnes Anderson, Vivian Simon. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Abney, Dorothy Touchette, Deanna Hickman, Carolyn Duplantis, Lynette Tompkins, Cecile Keel, Cherry Ebert. FOURTH ROW: Lorraine Landry, Elizabeth Shifflette, Jacque Williams, Diana Fletcher, Linda Kelsey, Carolyn Poche, Kelley Smith. FIFTH ROW: Roonie Fontenot, Goldie Smith, Sherry Broussard, Druella Comeaux, Billie Burris, Norma Stanley. SIXTH ROW: Diane Berthlot, Olga Dominguez, Connie Martin, Nadia Cardwell, Barbara Benoit. SEVENTH ROW: Ruth Richard, Carolyn Burris, Kay Hatch, Ann Welch, Maxine Alphin, Carolyn Hardin. EDWINA BRADY DANA HAVENS LYNN LACHAUSSE jexczs zzzzfor gqcakmy gf czence LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Purgahn, Mr. Bearden, Jerry Maldonado, Howard Comeaux CHARLES PURGAHN JERRY MALDONADO HOWARD COMEAUX President Vice President Secretary gufure arises U SEATED: Mrs. Swafford, Miss Reid. FIRST ROW: Dorothy Touchette, Myrtis Arceneaux Marjorie Norris, Judy Whitson, Rose Theriot, Margo Arredondo. SECOND ROW: Rita Fuselier, Kathleen Avery, Agnes Anderson, Anna Sanner, Sadie Perry. THIRD ROW: Dixie Arnold. CSP O12 .S OI"rS' MRS. SWAFFORD MISS REID OI? 8146? II? GFP SGS UI' 4 FQ ufu SECOND ROW: Karen Margo Arredondo. Judy Whitson, Marjorie Norris, T, W: Dorothy Touchette, Rose Therio RO FIRST Kathleen Avery, Sadie Perry, Mrs. Swafford, Agnes An- 1 Fuselier I3 Keith, Ri 3. Wild Roonie Fontenot, Miss Reid, Coots, derson . n Tiff C116 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Dore, Janis Oliver, Karen Ernst, Nancy Borel, Marion Neel, Earnest Hargrave, Pat Wright, JoAnne Goynes, Jermie Lake, Toni Lege. SEC- OND ROW: Jeannine Little, Dorothy Foreman, R. J. Demahy, Carolyn Dore, Dolly Hammond, Ebbie Boggins. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Ryland, Barbara Boggins, Cynthia Myers, Sherry Stansbury, Darlene Naylor, Glenda Harper, Donald Williams, Jimmy Monk, James Johnson, Loyce Taylor, Shirley Jones, Janice Hubbard. - ' S. V X A - - I - ' H, "' "'ifi?x9zx": +I . -' - - I ,x1 - - fs: sw- 1111, - - - ga L 'We r 4 MARY DORE SAMMY MCLEOD CAROLYN DORE President Vice President Secretary N Q U QC! X012 Q Q Billy Sedatole, S, illiam cW mes M Ia Sponsor Byars, F. cCreary, Russell Ortego, M M die Ed Patricia Picard, right: o A-I mt! no .-1 Floyd Hutchinson . Qram abkfs LEFT TO RIGHT: Fern Hatch, Avie Hammers, Chester Chatelain, Carole Murphy, Richard Palombo. SECOND ROW: Sandra England, Sherry Stansbury, Linda Alphin, Shirley Vin- cent, Kay Hatch, John Cardwell. THIRD ROW: Connie Martin, James Smith, Marilyn Flynn, Maxine Alphin, Carolyn Musick, Miss Sampson, Tommy Crochet. FOURTH ROW: Cecile Keel, Nadia Cardwell, Cynthia Mite, Jeannine Little, Romana Guidry, Maurice Little, Mrs. Martin. CS P 0 I? S O I' LS' MISS SAMPSON MRS . MARTIN A C TI VI TIES Wim gqusfzb B ARB ARA B URRIS M135 junzbr RUTH RICHARDS YR? gooof Qsporfsmansfgo ROBERT CARTER M135 Qooof cgloorfsm azzsfzp LYNN LACHAUSSE ZIQJIZQQCOIZQIIZQ QZIQQI2 Queen JOYCE of the House of PHILEN M133 yjosfure CAROLYN CHESSON W anof E135 Cspzfzf OLGA DOMIN GUEZ DON MCNIEL 1959 ' qcfzeoem enf azizof Gzfzzensifp gqwarcfs 5 Q I? I. O I' S CLARKE JACKSON JOHN POGUE Achievement Citizenship Texas Chemical Council L7 Ll I? I. O I' S JOYCE PHILEN VERNON CROWDER Achievement Citizenship O i h 12? O EDITH MUSSON LYNN LACHAUSSE I' Achievement Citizenship Q 5 O T PA 1761121014 Qsezzzbr yjfOI2? 'J an 715 9 goofgafzan uef Hal Lahar, Head coach of the University of Houston Cougars, speaks on the importance of the mental aspects of football. Coach Purkerson presents the "Most Co-operative Player" trophy to Robert Carter, and Irby Iudice. Everyone seems to be enjoying the meal. Co-Captain "Bernie" Crowder gives Coach Frederick a present from "the team. " 5 MASCOT fl949-505 55 J Z 6 if U S S O I? DRUM MAJOR f1959-605 Q 4 , 11 ff 3523 usage 4. it 'Hz-ifhwcfg L. wi: 'f . T' V Y rx fn X' 2 X B A R B A R A B U R R I S gqusfzfzzf CiayQ D E A N N A H I C K M A N K I u n i O G69 Qfkd OQ143 S e n i 0 r Head Cheerleader QS 9121.014 G59 QFQGOQZFS CS!0OI?SOZ' MRS. VIRGINIA ABNEY Qzoofgaf cgweeffearf LENORA WOODCOCK Go! Gapfazlrzs VERNON CROWDER DONNIE BROUSSARD Qgfepgen qusfzb gay es BOB FREDERICK RAY PURKERSON RAY ABNEY Head Coach Assistant Assistant Goacfes CHARLES SIMMONS DUDLEY RENCH Assistant Assistant 7, ,, , r 4 ' FIRST ROW: Bernard LeBlanc, Larry Bland, Marshall Thibodeaux, Gerald McFarlin, Irby Judice, Donnie Broussard, Billy Harper, Louis Dewey, Eugene Bland, Raymond Broussard. SECOND ROW: Carroll Anderson, Mike Prejean, Willard Purgh- an, Don McNiel, Arthur Simoneaux, Charles Blanford, Brian, Edgerton, Billy Young, John Brummett, James Smith. THIRD ROW: Coach Abney, Norwin Johnson, Douglas Pitre, Percy Villemez, Robert Carter, Eugene Boudreaux, Leonard Palombo, Hershel Delcambre, Aaron Dominguez, Barry Dattalo, Rocky Monk, Coach Purkerson. FOURTH ROW: Coach Fredrick, Wayman Williams, Leonard Lalonde, Lanny Choate, Sammy McLeod, Jeff Jackson, Wilford McNie1, Jim Carter, James Edgerly, Gerald Hagen, Vernon Crowder. CARROLL ANDERSON EUGENE BLAND LARRY BLAND CHARLES BLANFORD Back Back Back End 2 yr. letterman 1 yr. letterman 1 yr. letterman EUGENE BOUDREAUX DONNIE BROUSSARD JOHN BRUMMETT Tackle Tackle Center 3 yr. letterman 3 yr. letterman 1 yr. letterman A11 -District A11 -District A11-State QHon. Mentionj JIM CARTER ROBERT CARTER LANNY CHOATE Center Guard End 1 yr. letterman 2 yr. lettermarr 2 yr. letterman VERNON CROWDER BARRY DATTALO HERSCHEL DELCAMBRE LOUIS DEWEY Back Guard Guard Back 3 yr. letterman 1 yr. letterman A11-District A11-State CHon. Mentionj AARON DOMINGUEZ JAMES EDGERLY BRIAN EDGERTON Back End Back 1 yr. letterman 1 yr. letterman 1 GERALD HAGEN WAYNE HARDIN BILLY HARPER Tackle Back Tackle 2 yr. letterman 4 yr, lerterman 1 yr. letterman A11-District A11-State fHon. Mentionj JEFF JACKSON NORWIN JOHNSON IRBY IUDICE LEONARD LALONDE Tackle Guard Back End 3 yr. letterman 2 yr. letterman A11-District A11 -District GERALD MCFARLIN SAMMY MCLEOD DONALD MCNIEL Back Back Back 2 yr. letterman A11-District WILFORD MCNIEL BERT MILLER ROCKY MONK LEONARD PALOMBO End Back End Guard 2 yr. letterman 2 yr. letterman All -District MICHAEL PREJEAN WILLARD PURGAHN ARTHUR SIMONEAUX MARSHALL THIBODEAUX Tackle Tackle Back Back 1 yr. Ietrerman 1 yr. letterman PERCY VILLEMEZ WAYMAN WILLIAMS BILLY YOUNG RAYMOND BROUSSARD Center End Guard Manager 1 yr. letterman 1 yr. letterman 1 yr. letterman A11 -District ,Z BERNARD LeBLANC JAMES SMITH FLOYD TRAHAN EDDIE ROY WOODS Manager Manager Manager Manager 2 yr. letterman 2 yr. letterman 1 yr. letterrnan Ojknszbe 790122 FIRST ROW: Leonard Lalonde, Eugene Boudreaux, Leonard Palombo, Percy Villemez, Robert Carter, Gerald Hagen, Lanny Choate. SECOND ROW: EugeneXBland, Vernon Crowder, Irby Judice, Don McNiel. Qwnszlve yearn FIRST ROW: James Edgerly, Gerald Hagen, Leonard Palombo, Percy Villemez, Donnie Broussard, Leonard Lalonde. SECOND ROW: Eugene Bland, Irby Iudice, Vernon Crowder Don McNiel, Carroll Anderson. aaynw 112 57 0111012 in 4 I '1 I + X df "xl in , fy ,I "-If"-wr.-v-, mg se g , ,,, ,, in "'?Fs"'vw if I :QF ,t i959 W9-7 3131! 1: . . -1+ .' . 1' fr' .-, - ' 1-4!2l 4 'f9g fb?" 3 'gg Q' -'1' - -, -7 ,. .-H' " --a .-as ' ' WW. - 19 N A' ,. - fr,-fvafsQ,Wwamf.f' ,W 2 " .jaw "' ' 1 ' "' f-Paw.. 5 " 53:33, 1,3 S 'f' 4935. "" .xx "E, X mfs? ,ig v Z 1 E g -ff-1-.'s,,r '. 5:-.E ,fa , ,. , . ,, 4 - AX - M , ,wa- : -' ,,,f,- Y- - -A ' -is ' -A Fr, :,iC,,. xx-.-----,,-....---.---,xNx aaaffv, xx: rw - - , Xt 1 2 am - N so - ' ' 'aa C-.2 f - N C 'gig f N N s 'x sg' , '- '-fs 'Wg .rw . - . M 'lp ,.1'2?' -' fm. 'EG at , .. ,ggi-7 -.,: fn igf .C fa. ,- . .. sn' dr- -'-2. 4' ,fam R 'va s- ,- ,-ir ' -ga' ,fl -.Ea xx 'isa . , f' vi. s J: ,s 4: 15... fi f' X M M, ,, , 'L WD, ' Q., X -ug. S' fe - - ' . fm, :J - 'nw ,jf 2 - A -1. 4 ff' :"" '7. 5 2: V ' :y 342 C- f" 'xi-Q: '1-rx. . 24- . -,yn Q sw, , ' .. A' ' -, ' Y 1 2 k I-r " - -M ix N .4 H I V W ., - J, jp 'Roi ' " ,Q -, ,4Ti'm- 'ng 1 1 A: -hi, uf' -1 , f J f .r 1' 4 -1517 9 'Z A , X ' fi' -Q L 9 n I ,A ,. ra-,, x an 4 fren-..1l.1 C K nfcf ampzons an 1 V 1 V WE OPPONENT THEY 6 West Columbia 0 24 Bishop Byrne 16 32 Jasper 6 32 Silsbee 8 46 Humble O 28 Kirbyville O O Vidor 8 24 Newton 8 28 Kountze 6 41 Little Cypress - District Championship 0 0 Jasper - Bi-District Championship 15 E r ayQ Zasfefgaf geam KNEELING: Craig Delcambre. FIRST ROW: Larry Bland, Maurice Little, Wayne Koonce, Leonard Hutchinson, David Breaux. SECOND ROW: Andy Cobb, Eugene Boudreaux, Jeff Jackson, Rocky Monk, Bernard LeBlanc. THIRD ROW: Aaron Dominguez, Johnnie Brum- mett, Leonard Lalonde, Wayman williams. FOURTH ROW: James Smith, Floyd Trahan James Edgerly, Bert Miller, Coach Abney. E O Q J J X ZQSAQMQH Q7 Cf1.0I? 015 4 N 4 N Y A 1 19569-59 fjracf fjeam SEATED: Joe Hebert, Bert Miller, Lanny Choate, Claude Villarnez KNEELING Irby Judice, Vernon Crowder, Irving Broussard, Don McNiel, Lloyd Frith STANDING Mr Abney, Larry Lopez, Waymon Williams, Bob Crowder, Dickie Little Wayne Hardin Aaron Dominguez. -7 67 V? 4 I 11121014 gzoofgczf FIRST ROW: Barry Edgerton, Woody Jernigan, Wayne Jones, Bill Perry, Linwood Boudreaux. SECOND ROW: Douglas Walker, Bobby Shields, Tommy Sessions, John Ab- shier, Johnny Jones, Leon Lalonde, Wayne Smith, Jerry Burris. THIRD ROW: Jerry Killian, Richard Palombo, Gerald Babineaux, James Johnson, Charles Sedtal, Glen Ed- gerly. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Tompkins, Louis Grand, Pete O'Donald, Danny McNiel, Johnny Nobles, Donald Boudreaux. FIFTH ROW: Ben Arredondo, Jerry Bodin, Joe Mo- reno, George Laird, George Nesbitt, Art Thibodeaux, Bill Cardwell, Glenn Chatelain, Russell Knott, Elzie Chambers. SIXTH ROW: Coach Rench, Donald Webb, Randy Price Kenneth Carlin, Gordon Perry, Leonard Johnson, Edgar Dale Williams, Coach Simmons. MQ -1 gx f S " JJ AdM,,,,pow.. cznzbr Eefferm Q12 R- PRICE L. JOHNSON G. PERRY f K f ,glf11'Ysi?:.f,3?5f ff," .a?f. Eksmf- ff Qsgpgifj 2 f E11 252555 ag .. : AQAQQEESE 7 iw 52436225 " ' W wx Iii A .L U7 V ., ' W 5, 'i '-fifx 1 we " "eff" . ."'. Aw 41 J 5hyi:glW,, U: g AmH , ,' Vwqwgwgji :PEM ww if G. LAIRD B. ARREDONDO A. THIBODEAUX :L '1 if 6 ' 'V . A , ' s ?Zs?5,Q11fsS f2'sf2fffi52e?? , 1 QS 5s?s.fu : f ' M als 5512- WQR . 25 - V 9? ?2?i2iiEaikiH5f M 3 .rfexiszfvrfa,-N585 : . 1 Z . . I 1 f,-zf1D5g.?2fg8Eg.f -K -5 f ,L,f.ff,:-M", K. CARLIN D . MCNIEL G. CHALELAIN B . C ARDWELL G. EDGERLY P. O'DONALD C. SEDTAL S. SONNIER L. GRAND I . NOBLES Not Pictured EDGAR DALE WILLIAMS DON BOUDREAUX JOE MORENO RUSSELIJ KNOTT RONALD CASPER RONNIE DORE JAMES JOHNSON DARWIN WOODS J. BODIN uzzzbr GAQQFQGOQFS Left to right: Head cheerleader, Ruth Richardg Jacque Williams, Carolyn Burris, Kay Hatch g7uz21'0r Q goofgaf cgweeffearf RUTH RICHARD junzbr fgofcapfazbs GEORGE LAIRD EDGAR WILLIAMS 11121614 Kasfefgaf FIRST ROW: Earl Touchette, Johnny Minter, Ronald Gaspard, Donald Boudreaux, Richard Guy, Art Thibodeaux. SECOND ROW: Archie Land, Jerry I-lallums, Bill Cardwell, Floyd Hutchinson, Russell Knott, Buddy Pierce. THIRD ROW: Mr. Simmons, Ben Arredondo, Edgar Dale Williams, Gordon Perry, Kenneth Carlin, Walter Dyson. FIRST ROW: Elzie Chambers, Douglas Walker, 'R. I. Demahy, Jack Buchanan, George Laird, Glen Edgerly. SECOND ROW: Johnny Nobles, Darrell Peveto, Darwin Woods, Lynward Boudreaux, Thomas Branham. THIRD ROW: Coach Simmons, Dennis Weisner, Billy Sedatole, Sidney Sonnier, Rodney Tompkins, John Lopez. W 4 - fd! 1 L + ' + + 2" 5 I 0 1 4 '-A" " "fp f f ,umm '- X1 v F. v . 2 xl- Y 13' .gs , fp, 'I HQ 55 . ,., .- i' 1 "r - ,.u W KX x y: XX vn 2aa Cahn OQI' gf Cioenfs Lge xllklbllllibll . , T "' Y-1 fd?" N K-NQUX-N WSW ew 7507 H Qff w ffi 'H WZ XL, ,L tai' U Y f- ,f if -N HDI!! llllll' , Y 'Ls'-is Q 1157 . NVQ. M W bmw 'Whats de Groom?' The Cast 'Da Bomb These are Self-Explanatory Preparing for Staff Luncheon. New Lineup for Year of '59 and '60! QQ! A Familiar Sight! Making preparations for Student Council Trip. Tension mounts before the game. Our cheerleaders do their job well. G T i f' e f' 1. C 2 . , 1. Ready for performance I. I2 Q I4 The band honors their seniors. Our Queen takes her Coronation ride. Exes revive old memories. First sweetheart pins corsage on Lenora. Mr. and Miss Good Sportsmanship Eagle cheerleaders give Kountze's corsages w W 0 Mr. and Miss Spirit Presentations Sweethearts of '39 and '59 Captains of '38 and '59 JUNIOR SENIOR P R S O K M I T S Qsprzby 0 759 Blue Party Gray Party Blue Party Candidates Gray Party Candidates Installation of '59-'60 Officers Martha Anderson Diane Berthlot Beverly Bodin Eugene Boudreaux Edwina Brady Grace Broussard Barbara Burris Robert Carter Olga Dominguez Charles Fergusson Carol Guidry Lela Hale Carolyn Hardin Bobby Ihle Carolyn Ingalls Sam Johnson Floyd Lazenby Joyce Philen Glenda Theriot Judy Whltson Our 591210119 112 OQI4ydZ'fQI2.!.! :HL f 2 ,Gr X A Q , W- 'Q J S5 W f 1 ,wg A ,. no B , fuk. John , fi' if . ,J . . S N if , . - 3521 L ,L,, ,. ,. -i ,ii - ez wan? ,jgy To fx an A A R Q. A A A A A fiiffjf f- 'I Pat Wanda 9551 .E+ f i ' ' . ' gr ,.,, 5 Q. . Z, 1 ,MM ,S 'r nfl , W '- wa- . , ., 1 , ,Q I L, , if-Q' 3 ,V ,. - ':s',... :. - , ,is--5- , f " J 2 Q SSW 55 ., S ar X lr We , ' iw . ., ,, J. .yu- S ,,:, on H W Ri as 25 21? E xv , J gg? F ,Q E 'Diana S I A Frank Faye is -,.- -iw? J y, Kfmmeaz Jrmmy Garland Jo Anne Barry Sue ANNUAL SALES CONTEST WINNERS Darle Charlotte Max Janis MRS . MARTIN S 4-.1 7 A P n HOMEROOM SWEETHEART KAREN ERNST Judy Joyce Rene Romana Sandy Dorothy Elten Bobby Rodney T Woody Gerald Judlth Brenda 2 3 Q I u 1 l x "IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL" RANDALL'S 2.48 Canal Ph. RA-69025 Q Port Acres, Texas , "Two Barbers for Your Convenience" S Q CARL F. RANDALL C. S. RANDALL r JACKIE'S ICE CREAM Malts, Ice Cream, Cokes Hot Dogs, Hamburgers BOBBlE'S GARAGE RA-61907 mv. ur-Tbsxge Open i i 11:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. jf , AUT ? EPMR5 RA 6-1523 'gn P West Port Arthur Road ' Z" S 0 Port Acres Z gfiffmfe FWZZW J af cool: roon iw- , Abgyf, CHAS. S. NACOL Port Arthur, Texas THE TARPON INN Port Arthur vocimss 6 r.,,,,,,, L, I l J' PARK EASY gc k fv ,, DRIVE INN Gnocenv ., . ,gf R 1 RA 6-2341 401 West Port Arthur Road Port Acres Congratulations , Seniors DOCTOR SHIELDS Phone YU 3-4506 LOPEZ'S CAFE MURPHY'S CAKE SHOP f , si ' "Sweetest Sweets in Town" ' M. P. CHATAGNIER . Qs' Owner Q 3 -L ' 5th Street 3442 16th Street Port Arthur, Texas Port Acres ,.., E GUZARDO'S FEED STORE RA 6-1701 Hardware - App Port Acres liances - Sporting Goods West Port Arthur Road Enioy yourself.. refresh with Coke ug X f X x N x l ,V . x A ll X D A I 1 H .1 X ,,.,.,,.,,., , ., ,A ggi 'Nag nv. , N .i Qw , M . 9 ,,e,. OTYLED UNDER AUTHORIYY OF YHE COCNCOLA COMPANY IY PORT ARTHUR COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. For Your Concrete Needs Call Us RIGGLE 81 PITTMAN, INC. Building Mate rial s Re ady- Mixed Conc rete 5300 Orange Highway Port Arthur, Texas HOLLEY-ANDREWS, INC. Men's and Boys' Wear Port Arthur, Texas THE CHUC-WAGUN "There's a Meal in a Wheel" JWM Lu-L ll: --wM-- XS Wheel Burger Port Arthur , fx Hub Burger 16th and Bluebonnet Ph. Yu-3-9214 Port Acres 9 In 5 in S as ,,.,.,wa :F V .Q 5 DRIVE INN GROCERY ' W g Y D r Picnic Supplies, Drinks, vm' l ,V Groceries, Fishing and Hunting Supplies, U Texas and Louisiana Licenses 5 W s Ike ax m.. -A P' i 1 Open 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM EBERT'S BEAUTY SHOP RA 6-2050 302 5th street 'IE7 Rgmembef "Satisfied Customers are my Desire" HUCKABAY IRON WORKS 5330 Orange Hi-Way WO Z-4981 Ornamental Iron Steel Fabricating HARRIS BOOK STORE ggpocsumzs School and A, Artist Supplies ZF "fgi""'-'Q E 524 5th Street YU 5-2585 Port Arthur JACK BYLAND PAINT CO. Complete Painting Service Residential - Commercial Phone RA6-1331 132 - 3rd JACK BYLAND Port Arthur your key . . . TO GREATER VALUES ANGELLE'S Used Cars and Auto Loans 610 16th Street YU 2.-9476 P ort Arthur ELVERA ESTRELLO AQUlLlNA'S More for Your Mone Tap - Ballet - Toe S Mkt Y uper . Yu Z-5947 Port Acres Director: ELVERA ESTRELLO 848 Houston Ave. Port Arthur, Texas RA 6-1931 West Port Arthur Road v. HARPER jr ' A A Ask for information on the X3 Retirement Income, Family an Income, 10 MOTOR AND Educational Plans, S MACHINE SHOP Life Hospitalization and Others Q T Phones V Q Bus. Yu 3-4577 - Res. Ra 6-1098 Q5 3236 16th Sf- n You Can See Us at: hm 2348 Proctor Port Arthur, Tex. U YU 3-1644 Z7 FRED MILLER'S f b W TOY PALACE One of the South's Co' 0 0. 02 . Largest and Most ' Complete .a.. YeaI.,ROund 746 12 Ave. YU 2-1557 O '.' Toylands 'O J 2305 16th street PON Arthur In ix' Port Arthur BUDDY PERKINS PHOTOGRAPHY ,, g Wedding Portraits ' am i,9.5 N Baby -- Commercial 'iii ig: 311, indusu-iai -- coior N :45mggyqix.,i Fashion News -- . ' "' Aerial -- Advertising Custom Picture Framing YU5-4152 2935 16th St. Port Arthur, Texas Be Holsum Look Holsum Buy Holsum fkwwlgleaning HALLMARK'S CLEANERS NX? ' .X J rf Ji, 'I 106 Canal RA6-1381 Port Acres, Texas -:::---S . Q- l , i BONEAU s - ,.-.,-ff,-1 , - - RECORD SHOP - and in Hair Styles RADIO SERVICE EVA'S BEAUTY SHOP 2415 16th St. Port Arthur West Pt. Arthur Rd. Port Acres Phone YU5 -722.0 DORE'S FOOD STORE "Good food for low prices" 311 Canal Port Acres, Texas RA6-2349 Let us Bake your Special Cakes Weddings - Birthday - Parties MRS. H. L. PREJEAN RA6-1622 zoz - 7th street F Port Acres, Texas LEBLANC'S Port Acres, Texas WESTERN AUTO AGENCY 905 West Pt. Arthur Rd. RA6-2548 YOUR SEARCH ENDS PORT ARTHUR E 1 , JOHNSON S Q, SAVINGS at LOAN GULF SERVICE STATION I A 'gifs QNX ASSOCIATION V 515 Canal Port Acres RA6-9035 are 495 Ph. YU2-9485 430 Austin Avenue Port Arthur, Texas 'W C956 +f 'K " W HA T PM Q V -i A- A ggi qgi' GRAMMIER OBERLE FUNERAL HOME 2500 and 2520 Procter St, YU 3-6631 Port Arthur ig 9 ' Compliments of 45? D 84 VV ue 'Q HOUSE or ACRES 'co FLGWERS DRIVE IN "Best Food Ever" We Like to Please You , RA 6-1681 T' Port Acres, Texas Port Acres, Texas Phone RA6-1191 Old Beaumont Highway TELEVISION AND RADIO SERVICE WE'RE KNOWN FOR rv KNow-How CARL'S 1 ,Tw M351 TV SERVICE Antenna Repair and Installation CARL J. " 37 LENASSI, owner Phone YU5-2595 2.849 Seventh St. Port Arthur, Texas C ongratulations , Senior s From DOCTOR PICKARD PLASTIC LAMINATING SERVICE Port Acres, Texas "Let Us Permanize" That Treasured Snapshot Dureseal in Plastic We Can Also Protect and Preserve Driver License - Club Cards Social Security Cards - Any Valuable Papers I , at 1 'iv I ' FOURNETS mx ' Men's Wear , Better Values 734 Procter Street YU 5-8032 ZOO Willow Dr. RA6-1559 R. H. Port Arthur J! A ij? Port Acres LAI -Z., ty , A f I C! Sl SPARK'S WRECKING YARD NN 9 ALWAYS FIRST QUXIJTYI Compliments of J. C. PENNEY'S 617 Procter YU5-8891 Port Arthur, Texas 9? sPENcE 'ff'-'fi i'I' 'I' BATTERY AND ELECTRIC D COMPANY S5 wif? " .x EE? Igf YU 3-4522 321 Seventh Street Port Arthur, Texas HEAVEN TO SEVEN SHOP Congilllrlents -Q DlsMuKEs co. Port M., Arthur 428 Waco Ave. YU5-7451 From Birth to Seven A Large Selection of Clothing Shoes - Toys - Play Pens - Chairs Port Arthur, Texas 4448 16th St. YU5-2652 , 31 PORT ARTHUR FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE CO. 1, ,tml pASTRlES AMJBREAD DEL MAR 3100 16th St. YU3-3396 PASTRY SHOP A ' We have a large selection of ' ' Cakes, Cookies, Pies, and W,,::ff',1g3,3,wlM French and Rye Bread. 730 9th Ave. YU3-4801 Home Owned and Operated by I "" MR. and MRS. ANTHONY BARRAS W? Port Arthur, Texas L' mall nnuss T0MMY'5 Sold at AUTO SALVAGE Generators Transmissions P Starters Front Ends AT Carburetors Ignition Parts DRUG STORES 3648 16th St. - 2601 7th St Port Arthur, Texas 3838 Main Ave. in Groves Rear Ends . Phone RA6-1566 639 West Pt. Arthur Rd. Port Acres, Texas E on PORT ARTHUR PLUMBING PLUMBING COMPANY X Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting WESTINGHOUSE Appliances, Water Heaters, Stoves 101 Bluebonnet YU5-8895 n Port Arthur, Texas 4 swxgfo ri I I r QQ "fe'25efffftbe sf r L WILTZ FOOD MARKET "Plc Groceries, Drugs, Meats Beverages asing You Keeps Us in Business" One of Port Acres' AG Stores Phone RA6-1481 Port Acr CS West Port Arthur Rd Congratulations , Seniors of '60 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Port Arthur Serving Port Arthur Since 1900 The , SMITH S BELLOW COMPANY SERVICE STATION Heating and Air Conditioning H d General Electric ar Ware Tools Pipe 2440 Bluebonnet - Ph. YU2-3425 RA 6-2093 Port Acres THE MUSIC BOX Records, Phonographs ' and Band Instruments IM ee REALTY at T r N 4 AMERICPQCE AGENCY Q 'If . ' INSURAF-ith Street I fA,,. if 3 1 5 I fPc?3t Arthllff T235 E QW? 3 Phone YUZJ ' ' fm, f K Port Arthur, Texas 333 Austin Ph. YU5-5821 J' ' Co li ents of T-U-P In s , HINOTE '- F EI fff ELECTRIC COMPANY 4201 16th Street Electric Contractors Port Arthur, Texas Hot Point Appliances Call YU 3-3349 FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH REV. W. J. BROWN, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 Christ Arnbassador's 6:00 Morning Worship 10:30 Evening Worship 7:00 Wednesday Evening Service 7:30 Port Acres HEIGHTS DRUG STORES Congratulations From No. 1 Sixteenth and Houston Avenue Phone YU5-5507 PORT ARTHUR COLLEGE NO, 2 Tenth and Houston Avenue Phone YU5-7313 Procter Street Port Arthur, Texas WILEY'S SHOE BOX 612 Procter st. YU Z-1851f f' DRESS AND FABRIC CENTER v l ' JI ,V Ladies' Ready-to-Wear ,, Port Arthur, Texas ,M d ' - an I Fine Fabrics 6, . X Shoes for Ladies and Lassies Port Arthur, Texas g N 5 ydddf EL CHARRO 1814 Houston Ave. YU3-9650 Port Arthur, Texas L E T A v T I MEXICAN RESTAURANT Z T A Q 100 lst Street Port Acres, Texas RA6-1041 Q PLESSA LA SUPER MARKET CLAYTON AND THOMPSON X ' W FUNERAL HOME .Q ' 4 X Save 2: :D Port Arthur Port Arthur, Texas 2105 Procter YU5-5551. 649 16th St. YU5-5503 WAGNER 8. DEAN Typhoon Heating and Air Conditioning Live Bette r Electrically 3349-25th Street YU5-9671 Port Arthur, Texas O Comfort at fl , fl. 0 MATTRESS CO. A L13 1148 Houston Ave. YU3-2.771 DEVERS BLUEBONNET REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Port Arthur, Tex. 145 West Port Arthur Road Port Acres died! ff x f BLUESTEIN'S XXV r ! . P ort Arthur, Texas .V iff, J 601 Procter St. YU3-6621 Give Your Ear a Treat! HIGH FIDELITY Sound Studio YU2-6131 2122 7th Street Port Arthur Radio Station KFMP-FM OLIVER MANUFACTURING CO. "Specialized Millwork" 401 Sixteenth St. YU3-3335 Port Arthur, Texas ALLIED VAN LINES INC. RAIFORD MOTORS -'Jos THE MOVER", 3 ' ,. rv 2.1 '-'l' s ,, , F ,f' V, M ll. I an I 6 'XI 4+ "RH: 1, I fps 0 f I ,fri - A 'T A of RAMBLER SWEPT WTNG PLYMOUTH storage 10031 moving Packing 2949 16th Street YU5-5592 Port Arthur, Texas Port Arthur, Texas 1300 16th Street YU5-5529 Compliments of LAFLEUR'S BAKERY Special Attention to ,rex PHOENIX. ,fx G A, Q-Q2 BIRTHDAY XQ0 PARTY R FURNITURE CO. ' 'ZW-X WEDDING gfij Port Arthur, Texas 4 Port Arthur, Texas Q 450 Austin YU2-6448 1248 16th St. YU2-9721 MURPHY cf 4 RICHARD'S SERVICE STATION E of TFXACO Automotive Service Service When You Need It! Port Acres WATTS ST UD1o The Headquarters of Fine Photography YU 2-1531 647 1X2 Procter Port Arthur, Texas U A. LouvlER A9 U ' LIPOFF'S 6 FURNITURE co, ' Q -TEWELER5 Q Complete Home Furnishings 'W and Appliances ' N YU 2.-9488 Compare Values Port Arthur 440 Procter Port Arthur Congratulations From T0 SUIT YOUR TASTE The 1 BLANTON S SCHQQNER LAUNDRY at DRY CLEANERS , Xp iff? Uniform and Linen Rental Service ga I Sl RAZ-2.323 1313 Procter St. - Port Arthur ' x 'Y ' Phone YU5-8861 Old Serving Sabine Area 30 Years cg W Beaumont Hwy. REV. B, A. CARLIN, Pastor CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Port 2400 Arthur Q 16th St. ' Dial 1 " YU5-5811 5A!!,p 301 Procter p W -ff: ,Gul e i' 0 P ,f" I I V f. io E5 V 2 in - G.n. DUHON l " nr XX GU1LBEAU's WRECKER sERv1cEp APPLIANCES Sf FURNITURE C0- MODEI. GROC. 8: MKT. A. I.. REYNOLDS AVE-Sf it SON f Insurance and Real Estate f S 1435-37 Procter Street X Office Res . YU 3-2774 YU 2-0833 Port Arthur, Texas 3026 Procter YU5-9383 Port Arthur' Texas SIXTEENTH STREET DRUG STORE I. is Registered Pharmacist 2316 16th St. YU2-6428 GREER'S GULF SERVICE STATION as if Port Acres, Texas 4th and Ave. B RA-1231 RICE STUDIO NOW SPECIALIZING IN DIRECT COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY Call YU 5-8011 to Make Appointment for Color or Black and White Service Y Weddings if Portraits 'lf Glamour 'F Babies 'if Groups Pk Commercial Beautiful, Sparkling, Natural Color at a Price You Can Afford Air Conditioned for Your Comfort 2019 Procter Street Port Arthur, Texas WILEMAN'S MART New and Used Furniture BLUEBONNET FLOWER SHOP ALBERT AND PAULINE KROHN 1848 Thirteenth Street YU2-6474 Port Arthur 115 Cana1 Port Acres BEST POLICY PORT ARTHUR AUTHORIZED AT ALL AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOC S145 TIMES ,AAZI ,.,,A, T Q WHELESS INS. CLEOG MOTORS 5 ff AGENCY RATFORD MOTORS 2 INMAN CHEVROLET CO. 5 510 Waco Ave. LINN MOTOR COMPANY Q, w Q- MINGLE MOTOR COMPANY A Port Arthur, Tex. KLEAS-LATHAM MOTOR CO. u-4 i., Compliments of Congratulations DRAGO HARDWARE CO. Good Hardware Since 1931 630 Houston Ave. 1960 1300 Ninth Ave . from THE EAGLE ANNUAL STAFF H01 AVL ANVJWOD 9NlHSl'l8f1d Qsfepfezz . gqzzsfzh Gzzsfofdns Mr. Hale, Mr. Gaspard, Mr. Boudreaux, Mr. Morgan, and Mrs. Wiggins. Thank you for a job we11done!! A N X W GQ! Tx ,L v 55 if 'T C ,MN 9233 ,. JP L' Q Cb Ng by J V ,wwf J x jwlqfb, LV' JU 5 gw QJQN D A img, If Jw! Mflwf ,W f Z ,L L U96 wwaff ykqfvu WMI 8 My as j K M 599651 by Gyfyb fm fflgwmfffv W ,,1 H103 l U ML' f C+, I , 1 UA, W M M- M Wm IQ U,l,,g,ff Wiffybaf W MMV? ' f!IC4g,fLSi '-" QL f'2.LL? Ja jvlffyjf 551651. C,,,m dj , W Vfajj K Lf M TWH ,, C VvA 7, A-Q01 In jj if bww Q f QUXMWQW W: M ci f7 M MJ!!! jwigfjo ' Wu? ' Q R 3 fx XX ON Si Q., X -qw- t .N..,K,-I '- A-q..,J-H -ng, . lf! , . V, ,- ,,.-,Q-5. -3- H, . ..'.,,u 1 '- '--,,,,,,

Suggestions in the Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) collection:

Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 90

1960, pg 90

Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 25

1960, pg 25

Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 47

1960, pg 47

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