Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX)

 - Class of 1959

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dyQ To the student body of Austm I-hgh the annual staff tenders th1s the 59 Eagle nest behef that ll w111 effecuvely serve as a storehouse of those moments wluch the years to come w111 be recalled wxth an even keener appreclauon and enjoy ment 55116, QA x 759 I ' I 1 Yearbook, It is our sincere desire and ear- ' , in l I . I ' onfenfs I A fi TITLE PAGE CONTENTS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY STAFF SENIORS IUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN .IUNIOR HIGH FAVORITES ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS CALENDAR ADVERTISERS G I I f Bw- , gi XmXUIII'Iv Y K A ' M Zeofcafzon It 18 w1th great pleasure and srncere prrde that we dedrcate thrs the 59 EAGLE to Mr Bennle P Bearden Durrng the years he has been a member of the not only a teacher of hrghest capabrlmes and quah frcatrons buta person w1111ng to help when h1s help 15 needed For these reasons and because of the many other ways 1n whrch he has served thrs school and 1ts stu dents thrs yearbook rs respectfully dedrcated to hrm I Stephen F. Austin faculty, he has shown himself 7 OO! I fn? fln1lnu1-9 ,alt-twig filming fl-m W lc.. zz -- -- W r----. 1-an-Q-Q H IH pn-u-n-.-1. NIH fa aff! Ti 1 13522, if las 3551 445553 50500 OMCQS ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL and BOYS COUNSELOR G T Watson DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES Joe Cruseturner PRINCIPAL Fred L Mahler GIRLS COUNSELOR Mary Dunlap QS 5 f gaczffzes NURSES STAFF Elia Arrendondo Cassie Brookshire Diane Breaux Mildred Swafford Nurse Geraldme W31I.S Sandra Duplanus A UDITORIUM OFFICE STAFF B1l11e lo Jeamg Mary Ihle LIBRARY STAFF Rose Theriot Lors Lazenby Louise Lazenby Miss Mary Re1d Libranan apex 1nfe120Q1Qf S fpkessaye ixhb r 'fl v ,v LN I-'lf D. M " egcfa' N 1 w ' 'T -r-J.. 1 4- wi -Wk ,574 1-m .J,,4-,ewx-J , Ixkyoql gxx-7 I-Las-'QJXZ QT 'Q F' f was Ar H9397 -sig 7 gkfdz 7 I LA .59 L ' X, I .8 1 S' -A 1 fggflir ,4'-f- J 'V 1.1. 219: s,,,4 -Y, 15 s- 4 ,Q-2.8 fvqu-M J T' 12 1' 'ei "-1 AH Dr R J Shield! Presndent J T Cone Vice Presldent N B Haskell I? L Iverson Donnie M Jones Robert E Price M L Rosenber Pad Klailun .7 Sduml fbufzuet Z T FOIZTESCUE Superintendent A E PATTERSON Busmess Manager OFFICES IN WEBSTER BUILDING P O Box1309 PORT ARTHUR TEXAS December 30 1956 To the Seniors of Stephen F' Austin School Throughout the history of' civilized man, each generation nas felt an obligation to hand down knowledge to the succeeding generation By a long process of trial and error modern schools have be come the method the present generation uses to give the next generation an opportunity to benefit from tne experiences of tne past Your graduation from high school will signify tnat you have taken advantage of an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others May you long cherish your days at Stepnen F Austin High, and may you continue to take advantage of your oppor tunities to increase your knowledge Sincerely yours, 7.9 Z T Fortescue Superintendent oi' Schools 5 , 7 F 1 K X -1. V 5 ,, X .,, v' Xa' - ' ' k -.- jp. gift- .- ' -Jw,-.2 ,.-- .. .1 . N' ,f , ,s.,.Q ..'Qi5'!' , ff " . . ' f ,'D-' - ' Y'-LL, n ... N , M .HN .. ETX, .f fy: ':- .1 'T x' ."- 'Y .".':: . .,g,, 301- , ,,:4-,ffk-fy L. v . QE. w, ax. h 1 " 1:1-ff2..,'-7 1., 1,1 x,.."-' "- Nfx . U ',, , . , .7-,gs hh' -. 41x y,,',, ZR!-'f . fr' , - v' ' ... QV, J:-'N-.' "4-I'2"'1'I': I ' " -' ' - - ',. A-'.g -' ,age V .' "' fob, , '.r1'I'v 'YL V, , . 1 - ., .- -,-r,,.-- , 1 ,,,,.,rr, ga" sl 'mtv - 1' fu ,-- ' . .Q?'ifqfr::1f T R". -1,f3"' 33.551 ,. ,-,..t.' 2- . .e -7- sm f' 'Ile' 5t'4'AT ' ' f 'ivL'l' 'IA rr .L 'V ' .w .er-in-,-: fs. use ,- i'-WCP 'bv' 1. -'E '.'7: Y' I' 'Q qu ,h ,rl-r3,.h+?:-,y'-A ,Q f. J.. x ,L 1 c " ..-'f?,fff"Q-,ff-" 'Q 'PT-2. , Y " ' -"-' - - -- . ,v"': . , . SQQS5'-'-"'. Q' "-11 'I - ,I".1'.1f'fI.",f-, ,'-,mfr 'sv' -:reg -Ftlfi' , if:-'EQP , 'xi W . - .-'illlli ..1"' "' - '.:Lf A " .-'L-an f. A 1 PIL.-.P 5-xr: .1-1"'. ' - '-1','-'FP v drfffl' -95" . ,C .. - ,.: .v.,.L'!f'1-1. '-1 -.5 - vB..-.:v", 1 :.: ' 'f.'1,jQ- jr-'gpm ' 4.-1 '1','I"f-. 1...-'VL'-'C' 1' ' 7"'i,1' f-8-L T7 F4423 ' "LFE" . . I , , ' . . . f ' , I .. . I . X - fII?CI!0d S WQSSdyQ in I-fs? eN SL '-921 Mbif, .zbtfltfvf V'P",,Nxq' I 5, 'S SZST' A, m f 'J e6fZQ ' 9 2 :NJ -+9'fg,,?,. ,xyfagil Q, cava fl ae "'7-nge img,-EF H , -A A 'E of -1 , ,isfirmk 1"'ll'il1S1 1-J' f 'rf' fn L14- J Qifiv'uJ fx jrk . 5 'w ,J f 1 .1 'lk 'ei 'S mx? yn L1 Board olEduceuon Dr I2 .I Shields Pre dent J T C V P d sr one :ce res: ent N B Haskell P L Iverson Donnie M Jones Robert I: Pnce M L Rosenberg float Afuflun .7 Selma! fbuhw! Z T FOIZTESCUE Supermtendent A E PATTERSON Busuness Mandgrf OFFICES IN WEBSTER BUILDING P O Box1309 PORT ARTHUR TEXAS ephen F Ausfln Schoo january 30, l959 The Senlors of phen Ausfln Scho C ngrafulaflons fo each senlor sfudenf of the gr d Ing c of I ls hope fhaf you ha oyed your years el Auslln Hlgh end lhaf you w erlsh s :de Some senlor sfudenls have a hleved aflonal s holasflc recognlflon, olhers have recelved recognlflon ar ous cl usfln Hlgh Your schoo experiences can do muc prepare you lo foday's socle y Eac ccess should serve as sllmulallon For grealer achlevemenfs W llfe ln lhe fufure. e hope each of you have a successful and pleasanl Slncerely, gulf MMM Fred L. Mahler, Prlnclpal Slephen F. Ausfln School FLM:b11 u S " . M -,- - . s - -.. ' ,t"'4f - " s L, serif: - -1--LQ V .-Jig! V 4' , 3- - 2 M - W-.-. I t - .hfPsfvw, 4 'ww ere A .- L 'fifili f' fqu '. i ,,',g3,51 vs Q ' F' . - . ,wif I I ,. ., ,Tq1,,3.:p Xb! . 3 .. ....... X .-'.' ' 'N . ' - . 09' -il. -- is , ---1. .ol-- .cv N -s - - A ...M 1.1 , -- 5 0-r J,r' :S-if 5 K- , .gi n I-.gifs - V- ' .-".'- 1. g,-..-:- . -j I' 'g,:,L:4 K. l .Kg W", 5 5-75 . ,,.,:,,' . - . ,,,,,:.v . ,--A-Ll.,-, "f w e ye- qi- 7' f,- ., .,g4T, W, 5,r-,,, ni H . V -.L 3 1.1. ..,,, V4.fNv.'f1ifbj: ,li t1:..-,'- -3. -4,-r' .- .- . ..-4 ',",:'?l:: - ,. w,px.:,wy4,ew,?' -, Jars" -.fvif f-- " ' - ,l" r -x.j":.,g.P:,'- -U S ,N f3VHWi -'- rg , H K.,-.ij-1 .5.g-prifirfilr. ,f ' .2 -iff-R'7".Z-.: .1"fl'U:'5.l7f2i r W- af- , -1-A-'21 - , 'ef f ' . I ' .Y were? -nf-'51-'ff - . ,I Q : 'gg-3 - .. ' ,' :su-f:.x,1f,5. .1. g,j,,?F.:3g-,ei fu? .Ll Taq. 'A - tain.,-gEl?::,.i N ' ' -lefhqn. gn,-.,, e ,I ,g::i.-.-., "1 :lxfc fl' JL I. . . . . , ' ' - - I I , Sl . l To Sie F. ol: o a - ual lass 959. If d ve enl ll ch ll ' als. c n c ' ln v I a lvllles af A . I h fo llve ln I . h su a . I. T. CONE NELSON B. HASKELL R- L- IVERSON Vice President JOGF' DR. R I SHIELDS Presldent CO Ofzcafzon DONNIEM JONES ROBERTE PRICE M L ROSENBERG 04 wav' MRS. VILDA SIMS MR. A. E. PATTERSON MR. ROGER MARTIN Director of Pupil Business Manager Director of Special Personnel MR ALEXANDER KOERTH Assistant Supermtendeut DR WILLIAM A GRAVES Director of Elementary Educauon K-Q., Servic es mznzsfrafzon MR E S SPRADLEY Duector of DR. EDSELL BH-TICK Administratrve Research Director of Curriculum and Community Relatrons W . .v . ix, 171 ff on 11211213 C1125 UCC! I f on CSCUC, Fo ZT B Ha kel N I T Cone V ce P es dent Donn e M Jones Pres den Shed I orlgh Dr R ef SEATED Rosenbe g, R. L PceML o he Board Robert E Bus ne Manager and Secretary CISOH Pa A E Superm endenr. STANDING Iverson -QW PL FACULTY 'QSM RAY ABNEY BENNIE BEARDEN DONALD BLACK Assistant Science Band Director Coach M , s H B S M d N '1' 5 C SH.SC LOUIS BRAGG Science B. N T S C EDITH COCO Cornmercrals B B A M d S F A 35 KAY COWAN JOE CRUSETURNER El'lg,1lSh Drama Director of B A U of Texas Actlvmes Job Opportunities S V Ax ROBERT CLARK Industnal Arts NTSC CELESTINE DETTLING Music Chou B Muslc Olivet College MARY DUNLAP KATHRYN EVANS BOB FREDERICK ROLAND GEOFFROY Grr1s'C0un5e10r Mathemancg AITIICIIC Dlrector Social Studres Socral Studres B.S. . Loulslana Head Coach Speech B.S. , S,H,S,C, Polytechnlcal B. S. , Lamar Tech. B. S. , Lamar Tech. M.Ed. , U. H. Insntute M- Ed.. U- T- I 0 A 3 kkrk V v f A , f .-. - , ,1 ' N ,- Vy 1' . p T .. p Y i I! ' B.S.. .s. s.s., , ,s,C, s., 1.4.5, s.s., M.s. . . ' . E . Q I Q O I I I Q U O I I , ' L J Q . . . , .E . ' ' ' ' - , ' ' - ' ' ' ' B.S.. .F.A. .11 MARTHA GRAY VIRGINIA KENNEDY RAY LEONARD FRED MAHLER DAURICE MARTIN 30031 Studies PUYS Ed English Pri.nc1pa1 Social Stud1es S W S F A N T S C M S S W T C RAY PURKERSON MARY TOM REID VIRGINIA REINEY A E SMITH Math Asst Cgach Llbranan English Mathematlcs B S Lamar Tech E A S Lamar Tech B S M d S T W S F A G. T . WATSON MARY IHLE BILLIE Jo IEANIS M11-DRED SWAFFOP-D Asst. Principal Secretary Secretary Nurse Boys' Counselor B. A . . M. S. N.T. S. C. REBA ALBRITT ON Second Grade B d NTSC ALBERTA CUPIT Thud Grade LSU LAMERLE BONDS Fusr Grade SFA BESSIE FORTENBERRY Thud Grade M d 1 MARY JANE HOOPER Second Grade B S S GENEVIEVE COLLINS First Grade M S H S C NANCY CROW Intermedrate Musrc Lamar Tech WILLADENE HICKMAN CHLOE HOLCOMBE Second Grade Frrsr Grade M A Peabody Lamar Tech College JO ANN HOPKINS EMILY HOWLETT Kmdergarten Klndergaften S TW 3 . E . B.S. B.S., .A. ' . . . . . . . . . . . B.S. M 9 X B. Ed. B. S., S.T. B.C. B.S., M.T.S.T.C. B. Ed. . . . .E ., U.H. . .. . f 9 X A fy , ,, ,I-',A, B.S., .F.A. B.S., . .U. JUANITA KLARPP Sxxth Grade B S Troy State Teachers College BETSY SEALE Slxth Grade S H. RUBY SHIPE Fourth Grade B. S. , Peabody Collegeg M. Ed. , U. H. HAZEL PITRE ALBERTINA RIVETTE LYDIA RYSTAD Second Grade Prlmary Mus1c Flfth Grade M Phys1ca1 Educatlon M SFA BS LamarTech NTSC CHARLES SIMMONS S1xth Grade B S Lamar Tech KATHERINE WEEKS Third Grade B. A. , Texas Tech. M. Ed. , U. H. BLANCHE SHELTON Thud Grade B S Eastern Kentucky State College ROBBIE RUTH YOUNG First Grade B. S. , N.T.S. C. M. Ed. , U. T. FIRST ROW left to nght Barbara Burns, Margo Arredondo Ella Arredondo, Lmda McLeod Clarke Jackson, John Pogue Lynn Lachausse Mary Ann Sherrdan, Lorrame Landry Carol Ann Guxdry SECOND ROW Olga Dommguez, Carolyn Pmder, Sandy Newsome Carolyn Chesson, Glenda Edens, Lo1s Lazenby Rose Papama, Geraldrne Od Dellora Hxldabrrdle Brenda Keel R1ta Prerce, Sylvra Scott, Lourse Lazenby Elame O Donald THIRD ROW Geraldrne WBIIS ICSSIB Bowman, Mrs Marun Edrth Musson Deanna Hrckman Cass1e Jo Brookshue F-'nn uaf Csfyf Y MRS DA URICE MARTIN Sponsor le . I . - - I 0 I I I I I a I I I I I I , . . . . . . O I I 0 I I I O 1 r Xxx ff s " if bf", .., . .I '1 , J . 6 I. a . . 9-nl? ,X .---P CLARKE JACKSON Editor DE LLORA HILDABRIDLE JOHN POGUE Ed1tor Clrculatlon and AdVeI'I1S1I1g Manager 9 1 wi' r 31 - 5 L QP 3 M bk Kyiv: ,cf ...M .. -K if 1 s X f ,S fm 'S , 5 5 8 I fn'- F 'vin N. 41-' Y. V Q19 F A 1 Q35 L 2 gf 'ZLZLY J 1 is .1 ' 5. -,, ff' '-."' , mf 74? -5' ffm , .f . 4 4 '- 411' - '!'g.q'7h fx, A JA ' -uf . , lx . fs. cuff 1 . WWE XE I' .E di KQV-ff fi fl S , . 9121 OI' ICQITS' Left to rrght Numa Rrchards V1ce Presrdent Charlotte Gary Secretary Sandy Newsome Treasurer Carolyn Pmder Reporter Larry Lopez Pres1dent ELIA ARRENDONDO Senate 2 3 Presrdent of Future Nurses of Amerxca 4 Band 1 Nauonal Honor Soclety 3 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Iumor Red Cross Chou 4 Secretary of Homeroom 2 CHARLES BLAND Senate 2 3 4 Football 1 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Presldent of Iunror Class V1ce Presrdent of Home room Junlor Favorrte SHERRY BOREL Band 1 2 3 4 Band Busmess Manager 4 Twrrler 3 4 GRA National Honor SOCICIY 4 Mrss Posture 4, Mlss Goodsportsmanshrp 4 JOHN BOSARGE Choir 2g Sports Clubg Science Club. ELPHIE IOE BOUDREA UX HAYDEN BOWMAN Scxence Club Dramatics Club National Honor Socxety 4 CASSIE IO BROOKSHIRE Senate 4 Vlce Presxdent of Future Nurses of Amenca 4, Nurse s Staff Annual Staff 4 LEROY BROUSSARD BOB CROW DER Football 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Football Cap tam 4 Track 2 3 4 CLIFFORD BURGE JIMMY CLARK CHARLES COMEAUX Basketball 2,3,4g Sports Club. EARL RAY DAILY Chou 1 4 IO ANN DELCA MBRE Band 1 2 3 4 Lrbrary Club National Honor Socrety 3 4 Future Nurses of America 4 Head TWIIICI 2 3 4 MAUREEN DELCA MBRE Iunror Academy of Science 4 Science Club 2 3 Annual Staff 4 Lrbrary Club 1 Guls Olympxc Team 3 4 Treasurer of Future Teachers of Amerxca 4 National Honor Society 3 4 I ROY DESORMEAUX Chou 1,2 3 4 I 0 . . . : ' : I 2 I I I I Secretary of Homeroom 4g Secretary-Treasurer of . . . . I D . : ' V : . . - l I ' GLENDA EDENS Band 1 2 3 4 Press Club 4 Library Club National Honor Society 3 4 Annual Staff 4 SANDRA DUPLANTIS Secretary of Homeroom 4g President of Slide Rule Club 4g Junior Academy of Science 4. JAMES ENGLAND Senate 3 Football 3 4 President of Homeroom 3 DARRO FAILS Science Club EULA MAE FRAME Press Club 4 Future Nurses of Amerrca 4 CHARLOTTE GARY Chou 1 2 3 4 CIVICS Club Presxdem of Home room 4 Senate 3 Secretary of Seruor Class CIVICS Club Secretary of Homeroom 3 CAROLYN HANCOCK Senate 2 Cheerleader 3 Chou 4 GRA Shop Club Dramatrcs Club OLLIE HAMMOND 'Q' JOSEPH HEBERT Football 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 JERRY HIL DA BRIDLE President of Student Bodyg Football 2g SASC Representative 4. CLARENCE HEINTSCHEL DELLORA HILDABRIDLE Annual Staff 3 4 Presrdent of Future Teachers of Amer1ca 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Grrls Olymplc Team Dramaucs Club CLARKE JACKSON Annual Staff 3 4 Scxence Club Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 V1ce Presldent of Homeroom 2 Yearbook Ednor 4 Amer1can Legron Award 1 Amer1can Chemlcal Somety Award 3 ROBERT JORDAN Dramaucs Club Basketball 2 3 4 CURTIS JORDAN Chou 2 3 4 Sports Cluo Sc1enceC1uo BRENDA KEEL Dramatics Clubg Annual Staff 4g Press Club LOIS LA ZEN BY RICHARD LITTLE Senate 2 3 4 President of Senate 4 Football 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Prestdent of Choir 3 4 Vice President of Homeroom 1 Treasurer of Junior Class Track 3 RUE LA UGHLIN Football 2,3,4g Basketball 1.2g Secretary of Foot ball Club 45 Secretary of Homeroom 3. RA Annual Staff 4 Library Club LOUISE LAZENBY Library Club Annual Staff 4 A I LARRY LOPEZ Football 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Basketball Captam 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Presldent of Senror Class Mr Goodsportsmanshtp 4 Best All Round LINDA MCLEOD Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 Dramatlcs Club Secretary of Senate 2 3 Annual Staff 3 4 Secretary of ketball Team 3 Secretary of Chou 4 Mrss Austm Hxgh 3 Best All Round 3 M155 Goodsportsmanshtp 3 DON MIGUEZ I UDY NEW SO ME Cheerleader 3 4 Secretary of Senate 4 Chou 4 Shop Club 3 Hornecomtng Queen 3 Juntor Favor 1te 3 Junior Class: President of Homeroom 3g Girls' Bas- RAMONA NOBLES Nauonal Honor Socrety 3 4 Grrls Olymprc Team C1v1cs Club Girls Basketball Team Dramatrcs Club Shop Club SANDY NEWSOME Cho1r4 GM Crvics Club Shop Club Annual Staff 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Senate 4 Treasurer of Senlor Class Sophomore Favorite National Honor Socrety 4 GERAL DINE ODLE Guls Olympxc Team Annual Staff 3 4 Dramatics Club Natronal Honor Socrety 4 ELAINE O DONALD Chou 3 4 Civics Club Cheerleader 4 Senate 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Nauonal Honor Soclety 3 4 Glrls Olympic Team NANCY O NEAL GRA Press Club 4 Mus1c Apprecrauon Club Band1234 ROSE PAPANIA Future Teachers of Amenca 4 Tennls Club JOHN PAYNE Sports Club L NDA PHILPOTT Chou 3 4 Press Club Mus1c Apprec1at1on Club GRA Band 1 Armual Staff 4. RITA PI HIC E GRA Press Club 3 4 Annual Staff4 Grrls Olymprc Team Co Edrtor of Press Club 4 CAROLYN PINDER Cho1r 4 Annual Staff 4 Shop Club Guls Olympic Team CIVICS Club Reporter of Sen1or Class IOHN POGUE Senate 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Annual Edrtor 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Vice Presrdent of Homeroom 3 Presrdent of Homeroom 4 S. I. PORTER - JAMES RAYNER Band 1 2 3 4 Austomans 2 3 4 Nauonal Honor SOCICIY 3 4 Chou 4 Dramatxcs Club BEVERLY POWER Press Club CARL RANDALL Band 1 2 3 4 Captam of Band 4 NUMA RIC HARDS Football 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Sports Club Pres1dent of Homeroom 4 VICE Pres1dent of Senxor Class Football Captam 4 - 'avi . nal: ll? :S 5 - . fr: 17: ' Q Q 1 MARION RIVES Civics Club LAWRENCE SC HEXNIDER Chou EDWARD SCHMIDTKE Football 3 4 SYLVIA SCOTT C1v1cs Club, Annual Staff Guls O1ymp1c Team MARY ANN SHERIDAN Choir 43 Cheerleader 3,4g Senate 3,43 Shop Clubg Press Clubg Annual staff 45 GRA: Dramatics Club: Natlonal Honor Soclety 4 PHYLLIS STENMARK Chou' 4 GRA MARY ANN THERIOT C1v1cs Club Shop Club GRA Senate4 Dramatrcs Club Band Twirler Press Club Austomans Future Teachers of Amenca. KENNETH THERIOT WILDA THORLA CIVICS Club Senate 4 Natlonal Honor Soc1ety LARRY TOMPLAIT Sports Club WILSON VEILLON Football 3 Pres1dent of Homeroom 3 RONEY VIATOR Football 2,3, Basketball, Sports Club. . . Q Z . . 2 Secretary of Homeroom. CLAUDE VILLEMEZ Football 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Vrce Presldent of Homeroom GLORIA WOODS Dramaucs Club Music Apprecration Club Press Club. GERALDINE WAITS Band 1 2 3 4 Future Nurses of America L1brary Club ufsfazz zny enzor cSfz10Qnfs 1958 19.59 CLARKE JACKSON Nanonal Ment Scholarship Senu Fmalist Scho1arsh1p Quahfying Test Semr Fmahst Natronal Counc11 of Teachers of English Achlevement Award JAMES RAYNER JOHN POGUE RUE LA UGHLIN Top Flve Per Cent Nauonal Ment Scholarshlp Qxalrfymg Test 9121 OI' !0 ODS OITS BENNIE BEARDEN MARY DUNLA P RAY ABNEY unzor GQ55 zcers BERT MILLER Presxdent JOYCE PHILEN V1ce Presxdent LINDA CAROLE WELLS Secretary DONALD BROUSSARD, Treasurer ANDERSON MARTHA ARCENEAUX ARTHUR ARREDONDO MARGO BERTHLOT DIA NE BODIN BEVERLY BOUDREAUX EUGENE BRADY EDWINA BROUSSARD IRVING BROUSSARD RONALD BURRIS BARBARA CAMPBELL IUANITA CARDWELL JOHN CARTER ROBERT CHAMPAGNE DARRELL BROUSSARD, GRACE "nv-rv 'G' f--I' Charelam Chester Chesson Carolyn Choate Lanny Clark Danny Crowder Vemon Domrnguez Ol a Farls Darrrllo erguson Charles Fontenor Jennell Fonrenot Gwendolyn Frrth Lloyd Frye Charlotte Hale Lela Hardrn Wayne Hardln W1ll1e HEBERT MELBA HICKMAN PATRICIA IHLE BOBBY INGALLS CAROLYN IUDICE IRBY JOHNSON ELMO IOHNSON SAM KEEN JOE KOONCE WAYNE LA LONDE LEO LA LONDE LEONA RD LA NDRY LORRA INE LANE, BENNY LA ZENBY FLOYD LEB LA NC IVY VD X.-1 nf' '3 "' . ,S 0 ' lm I . W , I X B r 1, 9 J I 5 A A Q2 . 3 9 Y I If , L M taxa! A li X V 'I' I i f + f V S1 ,E A XX ,af I A f' 95 D I 1 X A x , I N, .vwla H 2 D . 5 .07 4'5" 50 If LeBrun, Cathrine LeBrun, Charlotte Lopez, Patricia daxwell Lin a Miller Bert McLain James McN1e1 Donald Munson Charles Norrrs MarJor1e lumbo, Leonard Phllen Joyce Romero Joseph Satterwhrte Robert Smrth Donald Sonn1er Wrlson STA NLEY I A MES THERIOT GLENDA VIDRINE LORETTA WAGENFUHR SHARON WEIEH FRANKIE WHIT SON IUDITH MRS COCO SPONSOR MISS KENNEDY SPONSOR MR SMITH SPONSOR WELLS, LINDA CAROLE Adams Natahe Anderson Agnes Anderson Carroll A rnold D1x1e Arnold Imelda Avery Kathleen Blanford Charles Boudreaux Dudley Bradshaw Gary Bre aux Drane Brummetr John Buchanan Sandra Chance Martha Ann Coates Lona Mae Cobb Andy Coulon Wayne Dattalo Barry I I O 1 I I D O Bowman, Jessie D D D I I . 1 D l Davls Benny Davis Dorothy Desormeaux W1111e Dewey LOUIS Dominguez A aron Duplantxs Carolyn Faulk Arnold Ann Fontenot Roome Gore, Clevlous Green Robert Hagen Gerald Harper Bllly Hams Eledla Hlckman Deanna Hock, Sharon Hutchrnson Leonard Jolly Patr1c1a I L Keith, Wilda Lachausse, Lynn LeBlanc, Bernard LeBlanc Berwrck LeBlanc Beverly Lmle Maurxce McCreary Eddre Monk Rocky Montgomery Mrcheal Musson Edrth Newsome Ann Uhver Terry Sed atole Larry Srmoneaux Arthur Smrth James Soares Joan Stxvner Annre Suvner, Damel Taylor Teddy Thlbode aux Jennelle Th1bodeaux Marshall Woodcock Lenora MISS Cowan, Sponsor Mlss Leonard, Sponsor Tyson Bonnle Wnlhams Waymon o I fl x I 1 1 f ni X 206 5100112 C CQUQS ...E -an? xg 75-"' fx! f H Jill X ,QL 41 all -gn' Q Wh' '3 liQ 'Ds' E 'FQKX as sa f X f aa-M Alphrn Lrnda Fay Arceneaux, Lmda Lee Arceneaux Marlene Bates Brlly Bla nd, Eugene Bland, Larry Breaux, Davld Broussard Sandra Burge Bruce Cardwell Nadra Carter, rm Chance Darrell Comeaux, Howard Cook, Pamela Coors Karen Cox Corn1al Davis, Dean Delcambre Herchel Demahy Wanda Dore Mary Duren James Edgerton Bnan England Sandra Falls Thencra Faulk Beverly Faulk Ann Fletcher D1ana Fontenot Gardemal John G111ard Judy Glllard a Goodson Gwen Hammers Carolyn Sue Har graves, Lmda Hargraves, Earnest Harr1son Mlchael Havens, Dana Lee Hunter, Robert J ac kson, Je Johnson Norwrn Io Shirley P t ff F-if a fit. 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Burns Sponsor Bet Arredondo, Mrs, Thomas Hunter U +9 .pb ON Joe Moreno Curt1s Jer Musrck Donald Boudreaux Deryl Davrs Jeff Wells James Boyd Daryl Rrchard ght I FIRST ROW left Smrth Beverl Shrrley Power Carolyn Poche Bradshaw Claudette Busby Mane Kent SECOND ROW Mar Breaux George Nesbrtt . Janre l-lock Judy Benolt Ora Lee Gore Lrnda Norrrs Dor1s Romero Jerry Ann Tomplart. THIRD ROW Sharon Stafford Cherry Ebert Paul Whrte Gordon Perr Robert Faulk FOURTH ROW Jerry Bodxn Pat Boudreaux. Bobby Stanley Margaret Lawrence Mane Sedtal Sponsor Joe Cruseturner Srms I ac kre arrol May Carl FOURTH ROW John Hebert Allen Patterson OH lm arl S n C 31.11 M Cfl IH 31' C IS Burr Carl mbotha m I D 'oo on ... "T" V! O I-1 o Q3 UOSUUOI p.IE?UO9'I uqof 3911 II UU umg EI U1 08 uel 1211 uuog I 9 CI 910 1109 I ,.. ,.. ,.. ,,.. I SAE P1111 9Iq IA A110 ,.. 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McWilliams Mitchell LeBlanc Pam Long Delores Hrggrnbotham Carole Broussard Shrrlme Smith ond Therrot Linda McFarland Wa ne Coulon Ma Linda Alford Edmond Cessac Bill Cardwell d Gillar ade W 1 y Karonrka IHVC 11 v-4 v-1 v-1 STANDIN Linda Wells. Jessre Bowman, Deanna Hickman James Smith Jimmy Monk Lola Wells Diane Borda ges Lambert Pritchett Howard Comeaux Gwen Goodson Dorothy ith Ke da Wil Martin CH Carm y Boudreaux l 1 Lau Blase ck la Donald B onductor C Donald Pritchett C l'1'l SO CW D .gh : Y , D . , yn ' ry Ro . . . . . . wyb e' ' . . ' ' : , , , O'Nea , Mar . . ' ' . g . Su ' . , I . ' , - kms. . . , ' , . : . .y . ' I - m . . . . D I . . ' . . , U . . ' . Shir e ' , ' , ' , , ' , ' , y , ry Ann ' , FOURTH ROW: David Rayner, Carl Randall, Samlohnson, Connie Martin, Bi y Mil er, Donald Wi iams, George Carlin, Ernest Harg , . ' . . ' . . . ' . . D , G: , g gh in, Dud e , ' , ' ' , , , Touchett, Anita Nugent, Freddie Bowman, Kay Hatch, Gloria Norman, Linda Smith, Audrey N , ' . CARL RANDA LL LINDA WELLS Captam CHPISIH IO ANN DELCAMBRE SAM JOHNSON lst Lleutenant 2nd Lxeutenant BEAUTTE RANDALL JAMES SMITH 2nd Lleutenanf 2l'1d LICUICHBDI MITCHELL LEBLANC 2nd Lleutenant O ICQFS DONALD BLACK DIICCIOI EDITH MUSSON Student Conductor DEANNA HICKMAN Student Conductor lst Lleutenant 77' YN' i K' 2 ' I 4 T ,,,L 1- 'I ' gg: ' - T? J 'xt I , , L , MELBA HEBERT CAIKDLYN CHESSON MARY ANN THERIOT SHERRY BOREL SA NDRA BUCHANA N IO A NN DELCAMBRE fjwzkkrs gram Wig Of' 'ww LINDA CAROLE WELLS fonzans Lela Hale Mary Ann Therrot Grace Broussard Wa ne Coulon Donald Black Borel Geraldme Warts ugh FIRST ROW left Lo hmmy Monk Lola Lmda Maxwell Nancy O Neal SECOND ROW James Rayner Conductor Qstandmgy Edlth Musson fat the planoj. Anna Nu em THIRD ROW Beautt Randall Mnchell LeBlanc Howard Comeaux Lmda Wells. James Ray Smrth Jessle Bowman ells jus v . t: Sherry o I . r v . 9 0 y 0 s W . ' ' . ' . ' : . ' . . ' g . 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OUSQ O 'dl' ,1- "x F edd e Bowman Dona d Boud eaux Dona d Webb h Rlcha d R11 Matn CH H1 Ca OH at MW ' h LL- ad Tud yBousad R1chadGuy RuhAnnWh e WadeG Beve SECOND ROW: Rodney Tompk'ns Deoes Che y Ebe Ca o yn Bu yMe Sa D1xeRuse Glenda A en, TH RD ROW Ann We ch CRUX S B CRUX Cu Ba ba a Beno S We Loa o ham ' 'nb OUSQ O ICQIAKS' FREDDIE BOWMAN DONALD BROUDREAUX RUTH RICHARD Speaker Speaker Pro Tem Secretary CARMEN MARTIN DONALD WEBB Parlramemarran Representauve at Large MR, WATSON , Sponsor r , , L A ff 6 + 7, - L I f' 35 'X xg, 177 s fl, ,Qi L ., I. :NV 011' -Cf' F FIRST ROW left to nght Nadra Cardwell Ella Arredondo Marlene Arceneaux, J Whrtson Lorrarne Landry Pat Hrckman Charlotte Gary, Judy Newsome Sandy New some Mary Ann Shendan Jennell Fontenot Claudette Busby Glenda Edens SECOND ROW Beverly Faulk Mary Bradshaw, Margo Arredondo Gwen Fontenot Carolyn In galls Lrnda McLeod Ann Newsome Carolyn Prnder Phyllrs Stenmark Elarne O Donald Carol Ann Gu1dry Lrnda Wells THIRD ROW Donald Smrth, Lawrence Schexmder, James Rayner Sam Johnson J Roy Desormeaux, Curtrs Jordan John Bosarge, Larry Sedatole DICRIC Lrttle Terry Olrver John Brummett ',.l DICKIE LITTLE LAWRENCE SCHEXNIDER LINDA MCLEOD President Vice-President Secretary OCIQ OO 1110 Sponsor Glenda Edens. SECOND ROW Mrss Evans Joyce Phrlen Vrce Presrdent L1nda Wells t Melba Hebert IOI' FIRST ROW lef .-4 -4 S1 Dupla nus I3 Sand S IH da eA talr Na Brookshtre C 8881 C Musson Edrth Carolyn Chesson Arredondo g0 M Secreta Sherry Borel THIRD ROW Iessre Bowman Drane Breaux Sponsor. M1ss Leonard Lorrarne Land Pat Lopez rlotte Gary Treasurer Mary Ann Sand Newsome Sharon Hock Geraldrne Odle Wrlda Thorla Lela Hale Deanna H1ckman Maureen Delcambre Lloy John Payne Elmo Johnson Clarke Jac Bobby Ihle FOURTH ROW James Rayner Wayne Coulon Sherrdan, Chatelarn Chester . sa X . I igh : . ' . ' ' 3 ' . : ' , g Hr . . ' . ' ' , ' , ' . y via Scott, Dellora Hi dabrid e, Cha . . ' ry. ' . : ' . ' . . ry: U a v n I n I v I Y v I . : 7 I I I ni ' I l d HC la B LC 11 Mrtche slde nt Pre Frlth gufure fjeac ers 0 gmerzba FIRST ROW left to nghr Lana Hrldabndle Maureen Delcambre, Rose Papama, Mary Ann Therrot Jessxe Bowman Eduh Musson Lynn Lachausse SECOND ROW Mary Dore Olga Domrnguez Lela Hale Margo Arredondo Martha Chance Edwma Brady Carolyn Duplanus THIRD ROW Dellora I-Irldabndle Joyce Phrlen Mrs Dunlap at Lopez Natahe Adams YQ 4"""'7 DELLORA HILDABRIDLE LINDA CAROLE WELLS EDITH MUSSON Presxdent Vrce Presxdenr Secretary QSIQQ 5751112 Cf 6 ..-up-..,,, FIRST ROW left to nght Damllo Faxls Leo Lalonde Maureen Delcambre, Charles Purgahn Bernard LeBlanc SECOND ROW Charles Fergusson Lloyd Futh, Leonard Lalonde Dean Davrs Benny Davrs THIRD ROW Mr Bearden Sandra Duplanus, Rrta Plerce Floyd Lazenby Wayne Coulon SA NDRA DU PLANTIS Presrdent IQJS 2116 ,G SEATED left to rrght Drane Berthlot Lorraxne Landry R1ta Pxerce Mrs Coco STANDING Nancy O Neal Ruth Rrchard Mae Frame Brenda Keel Glorra Woods Beverly Power Myrus Arceneaux Joyce Phrlen Lynn Lachausse V fl """'? LORRAINE LANDRY MRS, EDITH COCO RITA PIERCE Editor Sponsor Assistant Editor 969 C115 FIRST ROW left t0 Tlght Loyce Taylor, Marrlyn Frye Betue Wrrght Peggy O Neal SECOND ROW B11ly Sedatole Carmen Martm, Carolyn Dore Beverly Broussard THIRD ROW Rosemary Taylor, Audrey Newsome, Becky Payne Johnny Nobles, Ivhke Barnett A . n . . . , I ' I l 0 : , . . : , ' . f Ae X X R A 1 X l,fV!!lr -X Rx f fin-l 'X XX. 9731 hall mu, FIRST ROW left ro rrght Lana Hrldabrrdle Lynn Lachausse Barbara Burns Carol Ann Gurdry Edwrna Brady SECOND ROW Lorrame Landry Annre Strvner Gwen Fontenot Mary Ann Sherrdan Sandy Newsome Olga Domrnguez Pat Lopez Mrss Kennedy THIRD ROW Martha Anderson Joan Soares Mary Trokee Deanna I-hckman Rua Fuseher Roonre Fontenot Carolyn Duplanus FOURTH ROW Lela Hale Imelda Arnold Karen Coots Lona Coates Cecrle Keel FIFTH ROW Lrnda Arceneaux Sandra Broussard Sue Smrrh Therec1a Fa11s Lrlhan Newsome Rose Therrot SIXTH ROW Glorra Norman Shrrley Vrncent Lrnda Alphln Drane Berthlot Dana Haven Naralre Adams Lenora Woodcock SEVENTH ROW Dune Arnold W1l11e Hardrn Pam Cook Sadre Perry Norma Stanley Lynette Thompkrns Shrrley Fontenot Vlce Presrde nt Presrdent Secretary gi' MARY ELLEN BREAUX EDWINA BRADY LYNN LACHAUSSE QXGS ZIIQIOI' Cd 6122 O CIQHCQ Left to nght M1tche11 LeBlanc, Mr Bearden fseatedy Charles Purgahn, Lloyd Frlth, Sandra Duplantrs Joseph Romero Maureen Delcambre Eddle McCreary Wayne Conlon LLOYD FRIT H President MITCHELL LEBLANC MA UREEN DELCAMBRE Vlce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer MR BEARDEN Sponsor N XKVK hr wifi' ' Q X WIIB J' wa' ww? gg Spon o Lynn Bu nham M B K yAbh e Ben A edondo gh Ql2l?lS' CJA6 FIRST ROW left to nght Barbara Burrrs Geraldrne Odle Lorrarne Landry Marjorre Norrrs Carolyn Hardrn Drane Berthlot SECOND ROW Rose Papama Carol Ann Guldry Drane Breaux Pamela Cook Sadre Perry THIRD ROW Mrss Kennedy Sponsor Maureen Delcambre Lynn Lachausse Lenora Woodcock 3 fJdO41?II2 X012 JL6 FIRST ROW left to rrght Edwrna Brady Pat Lopez Eula Mae Frame Rrta Prerce SECOND ROW Lana Hrldabrrdle Vrrgrnra Kennedy Sponsor Sylvra Scott Cassre Brookshrre ufure urses 0 e!7'22 erzca Left to rrght Cassre Io Brookshrre, Kathleen Avery Lona Mae Coates, Judy Whrtson, Eula Mae Frame Sandra Buchanan Rrta P1erce Imelda Arnold Margo Arredondo E11a Arredondo Seated Mlss Evans and M11dred Swafford Sponsors AX ELIA ARREDONDO President I CASSIE BROOKSHIRE GJ JUDY WHITSON Vice-President K J Secretary vX fffn x f11sf112 f 1 MARY ANN Sl-ii:R1DA'Nl W? If 1 s s 1112101 71 M JACQUI: WILLIAMS J r Jooofcxoorfszzzans Jw LARRY LOPEZ J 153 9000fCS!00I fsmans 200 SHE RRY BOREL LYNN LACHAUSSE 5. r , 4- Q' fl V . M .W ,.., , I :,, K 'I ., ,PL . mmigfl f- ' , N Q" X A if mf .ew My i ,gr ' Ayhqtgx ,iigvgfggi . -. . ,Q H . . Q' X -35 Q ' iii'-1, L " .ffivvsw - .., Y K f- . " x Q i ..'- ' ' - Wmifdniu, ' f' ' A Q ' f LV K.. if mx,,Qy 3 7 'H Q.. C QDIOI' CAQQIQQGOQZTS' S 'F MISS VIRGINIA KENNEDY Sponsor E' wrt SANDY NEWSOME JUDY NEWSOME ELAINE O DONALD MARY ANN SHERIDAN LYNN LACHAUSSE LINDA MCLEOD lj A AIIIGIJ CAROLYN PINDER 1 anf fl 153 CSfJII If LYNN LACHA USSE VERNON CROWDER BILL STONE Texas Chemxcal Soc1ety Award CLARKE JACKSON Amerlcan Chemlcal Councll Award ELIA A RRENDONDO Represent atlve Bluebonnet Glrls State , ' U :"7':. S "Yi L 'i , 3 V. JIU 101' I CS 9121014 YUFOID Sfa iwxlf .sjmg I f 2 JN yi 52: X 2 55? M R FV-if fig l 4 1, I C ' , jx goofgaf j an UQ!! B1 Dtstrlct Champwnshtp trophy IS presented to co captams Master of Ceremomes Alexander Koerth Ass1stantSuper1ntendent and former pI'1l'lC1p31 of S F A Awards are presented to Most Co operatlve Players Numa Rlchards fbackj and Larry Lopez fltnej Mr Joe Trum fTomrny O Buany guest speaker t I 1 0 a K. - a . , . ' l T Q J I gif? rx X A yr. NJ XX . ,, Q., ! Q.. 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H6490 EDWARD SCHMIDTKE ARTHUR SIMONEAUX MARSHALL THIBODEAUX CLAUDE VILLEMEZ lyr lerrerman Back Back 2 yr lerrerman Center Back A11 DISUXCI P stir Vsf WAYMON w11.L1AMs RA MOND BROUSSARD BENNY LANE CCHICI Manager Nlaflagel' AX BERNARD 1.eBLANc FLOYD TRAHAN Ma na ger Manager 'sl ' al .' A SB ' A K' f -.,- f - A 5 f I 4 'A A 2 Q I , , ' A I 4 f 4 - A , I V A ' 2 wx A Y K Q gn' A Lg E 1' 9. ' A If f -- 3. 1 in goofgaf csweeffearf BARBARA BURRIS BOB CROWDER and NUMA RICHARDS Go- Capfazhs M mm ffmfi i l ' " Nik fQJrS X31 01 Sf! IC f C 2160115121012 s 5, '+- . .vw- IOJS A1Of6dffCSC16QfA1k OPPONENT B1shop Byrne Bryan Srlsbee Mount Carmel Humble K1rbyv1l1e V1dOf Newton Kountze Lmle Cypress Drsrrrcr Champxonshrp Center B1 D1str1ctChamp1onsh1p Lrberty Reg1ona1Champ1onsh1p THEY O 0 14 O 0 O O 14 yqdis.. fr .5 ' ,'?fi1:Qv-Seege r EF .f,,v:'f"L" ' ,,,,,-.,-.....,..-- ' "F, ze. ,rv-r --of , -' M ' ' -- ' fn rdf" ,Q ,f-N' N-.C 4:5 . naw 1, A ' we X fm. 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Blood typmg A Vottng on student body offtcers fax ffl lnstallatton of new student body offtcers Gradua ttng Semor Class Eagle Band marchmg tn parade f 1 dkwf, 'lx . nv u., RH 1 1, , ,, tw -nl , , A ,f ,L.lff::j,'f'7A'.Zf "' -.ff V 3' E xg Y -,, W T l W H1 Y q 5 e 2 QQ! r 'E I N Y. fb f f ' r' X .P mg N Q- X N L f S G-in i C . gg f ai Lf X151 , x i: N k is Cast of radio program on KOLE W Unrversuy of Houston ACIIVIIY Day delegates Fust annual purchase Pep rally Father s Nlghr if Teachers lead cheers In Pep Rally x' , Eagle Band marches at Football game '. I, ,, 6 X4 A 3 ' a J 'X K Q A -5-',. v LW L. mn?-, . , . . ...W I J." L 9, ..7,g,,LNks' t: I f I' 'ai ' ' V: . if .' , lfvfyf 1 I ,Lf 1 ' 4 ., 3 f . .- . mihnfg W . W f 1112 fel .-X vw Ex X-J X '+ f x SAS 43? lR.e"'4-1,7-' 7'u,,,,,. delegates Student Councrl sponsors food drlve Band and Chou' present Chrrsrmas program Football Sweetheart and co captarns Homecommg Queen and escort N-'X fx. Llttle Cypress Mr and Mrss Goodsportsmanshrp are gwen a plaque by our Mr and Mtss Goodsportsmanshrp 1 FAU'-4 Mr, and Miss Spirit Q 91210113 ? nu 'V If A fav! ffl-?-xiifwgg' n ITV 'U' Q mga mi , s L L? 10 64? UUCP F00 D F2 fx THE TARPON INN Port Arthur A TRA EX D1a1YU5 5811 AVIN L.A vol .... 101 gl N11 sl G D DUHON HARDWARE 8: FURNITURE CO Congratulatlons C las s of '59 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Port Arthur Serv1ng Port Arthur Slnce 1900 Congratulatmns From BLANTON S LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANERS 1313 Procter St Port Arthur Servlng Sablne Area 30 Years Zzgaaedte fecaedfzq rr' 1,-N Q, CHAS S NACOL Port Arthur T exas T FOURNETS K Cu XX 4? Men's Wear Better Values 734 Procter Street ASN mm 0 0 1 FRED MILLER'S TOY PALACE One of the South's Largest and Most O . Complete Y ear Round Toylands 2305 16th Street YU 5 8032 ms Port Arthur N Port Arthur 1 -I I' 'I f rt - - S. ,UE S .K 5 I L.-J Z T S C 4 I W as O O I ' I 1 Zftfrir . . . . I ! at A ,iq , Q Y -sf 'ft w ,"IiM111'k I 1 4 0 0 P W ' I'Xx o 'Q O , rg SQL, G W IMHOFF 8: CO QNPQ Men s Clothmg and Sportswear Smce 1913 Port Arthur 547 Procter WATTS s T UD1o The Headquarters of Fme Photography YU 2 1531 647 112. Procter Port Arthur Texas PAT WOOD Your Rexall Drug Store 3648 16th St 2601 7th S 3838 Mam Ave m Grove t S A LOUVIER FURNITURE co Gwe Your Ear a Treat HIGH FIDELITY SOUND STUDIO Complete Home Furmshlngs and Appllances See Us fOI' YOLII' Ste1'eO H1 YUZ 6131 Compare Values 2120 7th Street Port Arthur Port Arthur afoccasmns BLUESTEIN'S 601 Procter Street Port Arthur Texas O l fx - f 4 . ft I i n 6 1 , Port Arthur, Texas ' '-F1 at I CLAYTON AND THOMPSON FUNERAL HOME fp MEXICAN RESTAURANT 1814 Houston Ave Port Arthur Port Arthur Texas SOUTHERN TOBACCO AND CANDY COMPANY Phone YU 3 3388 612 7th Street Port Arthur Texas SIXTEENTH STREET Port 2400 Arthur 16th St DRUG STORE ff Reglstered Pharmamst 737 Port Arthur T exas Q, 9 FRANK'S WIQCKER SERVICE Comphrnents of PORT ARTHUR AUTHORIZED AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION CLEGG MOTORS INMAN CHEVPOLET CO KLEAS LATHAM MOTORS LaQUEY MOTORS LINN MOTOR COMPANY MINGLE MOTOR COMPANY TAYLOR MOTORS RAIFORD MOTORS A if . , I If gy 5Avs BLUEBONNET TOM DENNIS SPORTING GOODS MATTRESS CO Port Arthur Port Arthur YU 3 2771 Cornphnnents of WALKER ELECTRIC COMPANY OAK FARMS E1ectr1ca1 Contractors Neon S1gn Manufacturer s DAIRIES Port Arthur YU 5 8422 X f Qggf-A ' AI' GRAMMIER OBERLE FUNERAL HOME 2500 and 2520 Procter YU 3 6631 Port Arthur Congratulatmns Semors From DOCTOR PICKARD f S X X S X at 5 ' ' Wu W N 1 v ' J- n QSL A St. 753: 6 I I I TO GREATER VALUES u ANGELLE S USED CARS AND AUTO LOANS 610 Slxteenth Street Port Arthur RICE STUDIO NOW SPECIALIZING IN DIRECT COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY Call YU 5 8011 to Make Appomtment for Color or Black and Wh1te Servlce if Weddlngs 'ff Portra1ts 4' Glamour 'F Bables 4' Groups it Commerc1a1 Beaut1fu1 Sparklmg Natural Color at a Prlce You Can Afford A1r Cond1t1oned 2019 Procter Street for Your Comfort Port Arthur Texas BAT TERY AND ELEC TRIC WJ COMPANY are D 5, 1 YU3 4522 32.1 Seventh Street Port Arthur Texas V 1 9 SPENCE Q W Z HINOTE EERE 1 1 4201 16th Street ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrlc Contractors Port Arthur Texas Hot Po1nt Apphances Call YU 3 7861 AQUILINA S DRESS AND FABRIC CENTER More for Your Money Super Mkt 848 Houston Ave Port Arthur T exas Lad1es' Ready to Wear and Fme FabT1CS Port Arthur Texas fam rs rll0l5Wl BW aumnunx a Ny!! Be Holsum Look Hols um Buy I-Iolsurn Cornphments of ED HUES 648 9th Avenue Port Arthur Texas x! BRAU S MOTOR AND MACHINE SHOP Q 3236 16th St YU 3 1644 BONEAU S RECORD SHOP and RADIO SERV IC E 2415 16th Street Port Arthur ' E b f ' i? I A '-Sf' ng I J ,ff I 5 I 9 'A -2 1 :21 . . 'ln -A 1 .7 -Er,--Q Mfwglfim i I... r,.. ..4 A .3 I F ' 1 A A , 'S 'S S M Congratulations, Seniors of 1959 From the CHUCKWAGON Port Arthur Texas NOVIS BEAUTY SHOP RA 6 2165 540 Ave B Port Acres Comphments MARTEC FASHIONS PORT ARTHUR PLUMBING COMPANY P1umb1ng Steam and Gas F1ttmg Westmghouse Water Heaters Appllances Gas Stoves 3632 16th St Port Arthur 2101 Bluebonnet YU 5 8895 MARIE HALL, Owner Port Arthur Texas YOUR TROUBLES CLEGG 6 Lmcoln and Mercury N Q Auto Sales F1nanc1ng Qwf,-fx R Serv1ce Parts .---1 YU 3 3313 2800 16th St Port Arthur Ready M1xed Concrete NECHES fxrmlw NW' CONCRETE COMPANY Servmg the M1d County Area 1903 Pt Neches Avenue RA 2 8341 7 ' of .CL 4 , X Q H -. . - ,g 'dn 1 - - . S r - GEM APPLIANC E CO Home Apphances TV Sales and Servlce 3 5411 400 16th St PORT ARTHUR MOTOR CO The Place to Buy or Order the Car of Your Cholce 3133 16th St YU 5 2301 EDDINGSTON AND WHEELESS INSURANC E COMPANY 501 Waco Port Arthur Complrments of ACRES DRIVE IN "Best Food Ever" RA 6 1681 O 1d Beaumont H1ghway Supa! Sefwzae it WILTZ U! Q W Foon MARKET Beverages "P1eas1r1g You Keeps Us 1n Busmess' Port Acres Texas' Largest Store Phone RA 6 1481 Port Acres YU - . . - a .1 5 1 1121 1 , 4 " M I X A 161 X Q Q13 X . , PAT S REFRIGERATION SERVIC E '4'Refr1gerat1on YAIT Cond1t1on1ng 'ffHeat1ng A11 Work Guaranteed' RA 6 1886 139 Mufrxosa Drlve .I P VIATOR MURPHY RICHARD S SERVICE STATION X E Servlce Port Acres TSA ,gm JACK BYLAND PAINT CO Port Acres Fl YOUNGS TRAILER AND WASHATERIA 301 Canal Street RA6 12.49 Port Acres C Port Acres fb!! 0' ARL RANDALL AND SON C S4 O RA6 9025 IITIT Rlllli HAKHFK NI-ll ll-' DEVERS REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 145 West Port Arthur Road Port Acres You W111 Always Be Pleased Wlth 1n Ha1r Styles S EVA'S BEAUTY SHOP CLEANERS Port Acres Port Acres 5 7 I -SZ 15 'Eff 31.97 GV , 1 ,a ,, A t. -I .1',v ", .-5 ul. Q, 5. 'jg .1 v -6- P . - . I 7 5 S fi' u 'K-H 21 1 . .N-' - .fn-rn.. 19. nl ' -FL - Q 4 1525:5355:5525...-.g.4.3:f:f i K.. . .t..... fi.. gg n- is 5,. u-wuz!-ui grunt: ..' ' i I'T2':' " ' 0 ' ' ' T I . . , H 3 I ci A J. yf Q Port Acres R ji ,-- X fi, YM'5-'AQ . LLL.. sw LJ J 6 E f'N lvf 573 PX Lf!! all SPARK s WRECKING YARD LEBLANC'S BARBER SHOP 143 5th Street Port Acres, Texas BETTER HOMES REALTY CO L1st Buy Sell and Trade Real Estate Off1ce Phone YU 3 3375 Off1C6 948 Woodworth Realtors NITA NATIONS YU 5 8945 R B NATIONS Port Arthur SMITH S SERVICE STATION Hardware Tools P1pe RA 6 2093 Port Acres You W111 Always Be Pleased W1th HALLMARK S CLEANERS Port Acre s 4 Ol D8.W HOUSE OF FLOWERS We L1ke to Please You Port Acres Complun ent s of PORT ACRES CLINIC 1n Port Acres Texas N Q If 6 Q xt sfL ks 1 . EP V '79' sv ' I Q ,lb f 7 ' sg ,ii U 3 , gn GUZARDO S FEED STORE Hardware Apps ance S Spmmg Goods RA 6 1701 West Port Arthur Road pm Acres ' LIPOFF S HOLLEY ANDREWS JEWELERS INC O YU 2 9488 Men s and Boys' Wear Port Arthur Texas 440 Procter Port Arthur INCEMES WW 6525555 PARK EASY X x , ' DRIVE INN GROCERY 1 RA 6 2341 401 West Port Arthur Road Port Acres 7 v NEA ' - . Q? . X n. aa 444 .,,. H 4' Tired Driving' Stop JIMMIE S S BEAUTY SHOP MOTEL 185 5th St RA 6 1639 Port Acre s Port Acres A L REYNOLDS 8: SON Insurance and Real Estate 1435 37 Procter Street Off1C8 Res YU 3 2774 YU 2 0833 Port Arthur , Texas REV W J BROWN, Pastor Sunday School 9 30 Chr1st A.mbassador's 6 OO Morrnng WOISh1p 10 30 Evenlng Worshlp 7 00 Wednesday Everung Servlce 7 30 Port Acres YOUMANS SUPPLY CO Your Authorlzed Westlnghouse Dealer D1a1 RA2 8651 WO2 1555 1500 Hwy 69 Nederland, Tex 1 at 1 I . 1 1 FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH .Q I' Congratulatlons Senlors of 1959 fflt' 6 WWE Beaumont, Texas Port Acres ' 4 432 COOK S 'Q W 5 Wy? 6 DRIVE INN GROCERY P1cn1c Supphes, Drlnks, GIOCCIICS and F1Sh1ng and Huntlng Supphes yy 0.1.1 a nd Texas and Loulslana LICGHSC Open 6 30 AM to ll 00 PM S TE ACO Port Acre s DONALD SERVICE STATION 515 Canal RA 6 2241 CARL S TV SERVICE A11 Makes of TV and Radlo Repalred Antenna Insta11at1on and Repalr CARL J LENASSI, Owner Phone YUkon 5 2595 2849 Seventh St Port Arthur, Tex of 0 , Wu. , 'Q - ,mg ' ' ' U txvi fkl ayf - nf--f -"' o- ' - ' I Enloy yourself... refresh with Coke 'A gm' 1 if Ffa? 1IIIIIIIIIIIIHHHHlllllllllllllllllllllf X upland POR T ARTHUR LUMBER ASSOCIATION Port Arthur Plarung M111 Grlfflng Lumber Company Mart1n Lumbe r Company Fleckman Lu.mber Company Crenshaw Supply Company Jeffco Lumber Company LEWIS Lumber Company Wyde Lumber Company HUIIICBHC Supply Company Bu11ders Lumber Company Ready MIX Concrete Company THORNTON BROTHERS ROOFING COMPANY Fllntkote Bonded Bulltup and Asphalt Shlngles 2809 16th St YU 3 0021 THE MUSIC CENTER Mus1ca1 Merchand1se INEZ DECKARD, Owner Instruments Greet1ng Cards Records Phonographs G1fts Etc 333 AHSTIU Ave Port Arthur, Texas FLYING CHEF x ,,' I B9 'T ,Q JEFFERSON WO 2 4417 YU 3 0463 HAVEN FENCE co The Best for Less Branch Off1ces New Orleans, La. Groves, Tex. COUNTY AIRPORT 5310-16th St. Port Arthur 1 'E n i x t.xxr. E . . - , , Q ' H eg- W, ' A iw A as I 1:15, X . 5 f Y I ' , First Lumber Company HAD! MMU HLIBHHU U I 11 ' ahszvlun unommnvv oo nu cocmcou cow nv ' - V 1 1 u ' I Qiglliiriksunen mum SMITH S GROCERY REV. B A CARLIN Pastor CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH 'ISL aw JOHN E ALFORD S SUPER MARKET Texa. Por Acre 04 Phone RA 6 LA QUEY LUMBER COMPANY Homes for the D1scr1m1nat1ng 2425 Stad1u.m Road Port Arthur Texas For Your Concrete Needs Call Us RIGGLE 8. PITTMAN INC Bu1ld1ng Mater1a1s Ready Mlxed Concrete 5300 Orange H1ghway Port Arthur, Texas CITY MATTRESS MFG CO Manufacturers of Snow Queen Mattresses 2601 16th Street Port Arthur S W GRAND Complete Real E state Serv1ce Membe r Multlple LIS tlng For Informauon Call RA 6 1780 BELLOW CO Port Arthur BETTY S F ASHIONS Ladles' Wear 1020 9 Ave Port Arthur TO SUIT YOUR PORT ARTHUR TASTE FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE CO It Pays to Shop Out a Ways N f-f f H Telephone YU 3 3396 f 3 1 00 S1xteenth St Port Arthur Texas EY! qi Beaumont Hlghway E ' I 7 746 12 Ave. YU 2-1557 . in gf Vp-A' T E - . , ' p Comphments of BLUEBONNET DRAGO FLOWER SHOP HARDWARE CO ALBERT AND PAULINE KRGHN Good Hardware Slnce 1931 1848 Th1rteenth Street 630 Houston Ave YU 2 2033 Port Arthur 1300 Nlnth Ave THANK YOU CUSTOD ANS . . , . ' u 3 B . f W K, Q 1 ln - , Ak 1. F I - 0 .W K 5: . 0 xx +1 L C 1 A ' M uk V 0 5 " , ,, -. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The Wor!d's Best Yearbooks Aw Taylczv made 1-, 411. N gum., . 1 A x7"T1'1" fir' 'fi' .A fd "rn Z ' -f: ,-' 1-"n.:'ii!-' "fi-tQ:'T,' 'Q :"I' q5e' iv 'fr V F E ' 3 I QL. ,A f .- " x- NNW E fx' K .. . . ,i QW V. 7 -,Q T. P' 1' g 1 P' xr ' "v H ' 4- ,,,.- X ." yt' :axQ,:.'. ,- , ft Q V' U '-.g V1 , 1 ' - X A 'xgwlr-:'. ' i E, Q

Suggestions in the Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) collection:

Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 166

1959, pg 166

Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 6

1959, pg 6

Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 98

1959, pg 98

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