Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX)

 - Class of 1958

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Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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.A M 1 - 1--.-X + 1 a V, Ma.. Q s 1 he ""' ' lr p 0, 4 3,9 9 4' J 1. 4- "nf Q , F- ,. af . ,, 1 , J fd 4 , . V . 6 Q. -nw wwf - A 'Q 'F ' . nf: v.- '. 3562. 7' ' " J "HM vw jymg' .1 4,fA',,gf' W 39 ,, W ,MV 'M 4 :"f',"y1 ' ' . 4' ff? v Q f' 3 gf' ,w -2,q.,n, Af '35 'if' Y K . , fa' 1 fe . ,.,,, A. 1' 1, ' ,. ' 'P ., 'it' "y:I?i' .Ura 'Q Q 4- 'F gnu , .N if M 'R 1 'I KV -4. 1 S- Af55f'g1v,a , , .N , 'rv f" 'V ' H' .fs . I 4 , Q P . , 15-fan, iffy 1 U. . ,..v 4' 1 fill' -5? :P fa . M . "-S . 'Q Q22-",! 5. ' "'fe5 ,y If ' "T 4 ,I 4 f,. ' . '.o I Q 3, ,- 4 ,A . 1 - A dl ,-bf"ff.,, 4332? . f Q2- Cw nfl-S' ' fi' .1543 4924 Q-.,.:fff 'W .4 I u., ..-Q 'Q .I ' "-I 7 'Q u...... , sw., 'sl' X .I -Q., ' -.-OR V " TITLE PAGE CONTENTS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY STAFF SENIORS .IUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN JUNIOR HIGH FAVORITES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS CALENDAR ADVERTISEMENTS CDPNJ DEDHC, X HHN In her effort to be a good frxend as well as teacher she has won the fnendshlp and admlrauon of her stu dents In apprecxauon of her work we the SBEAGLI: Staff slncerely ded1cate the 58 EAGLE to MISS Vxrgmla Kennedy fy? X 'i . 7, f Y .1 , , tl Q- i 1 Wa, :1 l Q-4 .lik h gigk' , 19 i administration SU PIE RHNTBNDE NT S ME S5AG ,vw-N xa, X9 aiwvaif 'Goa axnof S wevm 00003 Koa bad xo-aaf x aa 6, WY as a btiwg was a faoavio av case wi 'Go 'va-59,a Qtogtasv Kaaafxa ix ,Goa "ikx3.553,9LO ahbybod 'UOQXQTGS oi at 'move 'Oi-,Vg 39 0 fa ar owe cava sa-aaa 'Goa-'Q wi wav! ovxa 'Yoa song and o afagaou aoaa 'ix 39 Miva aa a. Goattaog 'Y a XX-a Xanga Oi ox xmavsbx afxoa we a xo ae-5 Xwafyoag, 'Goa avaf moan erooxixd o arxau o 'Gonot xx 1' moo 'Q xwQ'3.a'v oa 'casa S 063 G Ogbad 'Goab 'gov wmv, a'S-via 6 axvaxxbaf wh aims acfvyo 'Goa dai fagavfb 'Q van Bvemjp Yngb 6 00 1900 naw Qoaa 'i 'goaf Ja to 1,5 vo a 'wah o wht o 'Wa Qtaasafa an Xxoixo 'os ra-59 oe-i0xXx'wa9 a o faabar ba X-avg 'Goa 'vx an-5 Q 0 afx dai xocafa K3 ov? I 'L Qorbaaoxx Qmpa xobafxaao 'i 660003 K if X fo 7 Ai 'fa' l N a f ' 3 xl 66 ,P 'Yo 5 ' so 5 z a AW, S 10 ag! ' 'Q' .R 'TO o 1 9-xv ' 59 ad . . 6 xo ga. . .XJ XX Qi Q -5 aa . aww X o la an ggi' 6 qc X a. G .. .QMX . . 9.6 ' a N, gygxe' 'iw ' ad . 'io aa KJ ooo a 0 Q 0 KJ, 55. Yo aan ' 13 xr 'ma 'S 'o e awbag fi. ' ' . Y-:I G K3 a ao 'L' ,' ' Q6 'iv 'Xaxv 31' a 6 fx o "" .Year 1-an Q 0 X a 0037, KKK K NV .09-'UO' 5' X31 f, j f4,,,fL,' JY. a Y' bo 9 P RHXTCHP AL S 'Ml ESSAUE fx? me 39-56000 x, N, S fc, eo e Servyof S Sfoeqoeo we-'mv fi-,obo og' vXaKn,oos e, cxx e of 'erm eo 'Q 'Q e ga fo oxa-as 9 'Q we ogsvev-6 Sw 'i0f 2195 e vw ed gov! et-was 15330 Hug cxuoo edvca xo o so OX auf-Q two as an do ocxx 'oo Q epafe 130 o Kant 310 oda-5 eooxevj Wai ,Goa-5 ao me-'L akeo e a xm. ex oi 'me Qxtwou K-as oi xxooeevg , wwawofcmoeee, of aug been-ees, 0 xfvbegrxvj -5 watt a M iwd e Xia 'X-5 Qin xx 'beac e 6 Yxafi 'Goa Q e 3 xA swat iottowl 09? Sub e Qfogfee YQ Wgabbebxo XJGYGSXJ and Oo? 61313 e-5 wave-5 5 oefeki , 3 XfX3XYLer , Yfxpcxpa Sbeqoeo P-ve 39 'iaoxooo WN vm lfllll f llufflllfll IUIWUIIH IIHIIIIH M DR R I SHIELDS V1ce Presldent BU XRD OF EUUL ATIION ROBERT E. PRICE I T CONE NELSONB HASKELL FRED V WILSON Presldem DONNIE JONES M. L. RCSENBERG HKI I muaprsaxd ao A sp za qg sauof 9 uuoq IWPISVH 9 N W .LZ 1, I snosauog 1 W aoud llaqog auog xaquasog 3 V uosmvg paxg uosxaned 'luapgsaxd it iQ MUNI EVM? P1 K DW I5 ,LV U NWN CC QV W 2? JLS NH V .JL UH N MRS. VILDA SIMS MR. A. E. PATTERSON Director of Pupil Personnel A U M H N H R A U N Business Manager Asslstant Supenntendent MR A LEXANDER KOERTH Director of Cumculum MR ROGER MARTIN MR E S SPRADLEY Drrector of Specral Serv1ces Duector of Admrmstrauve Research and Commumty Relauons O - N U Q, N XV , 19 . ,S -Q , R ir." ' -, ,1 , ' , I' QIIIF' ' fzmaanf "lr'5y facul ll RAY ABNEY Math Iumor High Coach , M E S H S T C ws! WHY!! ii Q SARAH ARP BENNIE BEARDEN LOUIS BRAGG Art English Senior High Junior High A , S H Science Science B S , M A , M N T S C N T S C 1 EDITH COC0 JO ELLEN CROSS Commercials Junior High B B A , M d Social Studies s F A Speech B S , Lamar Tech Nl! nn on no JOE CRUSETURNER Director of Activities Social Studies S F A ROBERT CLARK Industrial Arts D NTSC CELESTINE DETTLING Music Choir B Music Olivet College FRANCES FRANKLIN Dietitian Home Economics B ,S, Texas U. hw BOB FREDERICK Athletic Director Head Coach M. Ed. . U. T. H ' MARTHA GRAY Social Studies B. A. , S. W.U. M.A. , Texas U. MARY DUNLAP Girls Counselor History S H S M Ed U H P I t EDDIE HILL Assistant Coach B.S, , S. I-LS. T.C. l ,Q T V JENKINS CLARA IENKINS VIRGINIA RAY LEONARD FRED MAHLER Band Dlrector Er1g11Sh KENNEDY Enghsh Pnuclpal , , S H Phys1ca1Educat1on N T C B A , M A SFA SWTC 'T' DAURICE MARTIN RAY PURKERSON MARY TOM VIRGINIA REINEY A E SMITH Math Job Math REID Enghsh Mathemaucs Opportumues Assxstant Coach Llbranan B S , Lamar B S , M S F A Phys1ca1Educat1on E , Tech S F A S C B S , Lamar T S C W . G T WATSON Asslstant Prmclpal Bxology B A , M S N T S C Tech XX MARY IHLE BILLIE IEANIS MILDRED Secretary Secretary SWAFFORD Nurse 17 A - 4? 1 A A' X s,s. s.H,s,T,c. B.S. . .S.C. ' ' B.A.. . .S. . . . . . B.s.. . . .s.c. . . . . . i 'nm I , MR r , X 1 I .. . . . H , N 'Ed' B.s., . . ,s,c, ' ' B.s, , A,s.T.c. . . . . . I I l QXQ s 'lxx REBA ALBRITTON Second Grade B Ed N T S C NANCY CROW Innermedrate Muslc Lamar College LAMERLE BONDS Frrst Grade SFASC 'vi BESSIE FORTENBERRY Third Grade E T M Ed U of Houston GENEVIEVE BOURQUE COLLINS Fourth Grade Fmt Grade , M A M.Ed s H s T C U ofHousron BS SH,SC ELIZABETH WANDA SINGLETARY GATEWOOD Fmt Grade Thlfd Grade UofTexas HSTC WILLADENE MARY JANE HICKMAN HOOPER Second Grade Second Grade BS,MTSTC SFASC M A , Peabody couege Z JP r rr rr G A 1, I Mi A A , 'KX r N . . 5.3. ' n u Q u I a 0 o o ' 'U ' 1' ' Bass o Q 'IQ A A ,511 W G , , , 1 r , ff' B.s. B.s. . .B.C. B.A. B.s, - - - S. . . . . ft X A57 , XS I: F' I , ESTHER PERMENTER Fifth Grade B S , MlSS1SS1PPi Stare College for Women Jo ANN HOPKINS IUANITA KLARPP Krndergarten Slxlh Grade S F A S C Troy State Teachers College DIA RYSTAD BETSY SEALE Frfth Grade Slxth Grade s , N T Phys1ca1Educauon M Ed S H S T C B S Lamar Tech U of Houston ALBERTINA RIVETTE Pnmary Musrc 'Va fl? V? RUBY G SHIPL Fourth Grade B S Peabody College M Ed U of Houston ROBBIE RUTH YOUNG Fmt Grade B S , N T S C of Texas HAZEL PITRE Second Grade I SFASC ,fgfx W2 an l CHARLES SIMMONS Srxth Grade Lamar Tech M Ed Umversrt y 2. , vi J I B.S. B.S. B.S. M.Ed. c n o o Q ' . ' ' ' ' ' 8 LQ H , 9' or . X ' . ' nl' C v- fr' ,- 'D ' W- W , MR 'Iv S ' f V . :SV LA, ,, r 1 A: LY ' ' B. . . .S.C. B.S. ' ' ' . . . . . . . B.S. . .. . m ' al if " l f, . Eff? ' d pg., , 1 ' if J 5 49 fa 4 4 J I 517 A jj, "1 ,exif ' . fc V' rig fx 2 5 ' M 1 f 11 Q' ,i f O l . 3 0 9 I I I I I I I u 0 o p . Q ANNUAL STAFF' ggi' Lorrame Landry Geraldrne Odle Mane Arrendondo Io Ann Gutdry B111 Stone Ave Damell Mrs Martm Elame O Donald Clark Jackson Bettye Blanford Wayne Coulon, Ienell Myers Lynn Lachausse Jerry Sedatole, Lmda McLeod John Pogue Ed1th Mus son, Deanna Hrckman Mr Crusetumer Dellora Hrldabrtdle, Mlke Montgomery Seated are Shtrdale Sonmer Charlotte Boudreaux and Dorothy Keel SHIRDALE SONNIER Editor CHARLOTTE BOUDREAUX Edltor MRS MARTIN Sponsor MR CRUSETURNER Sponsor Xl? N SC HI I Emu F6 W4 Bl. UE i Ol' SENUIOR GLASS UFFIICERS if Q ,l.x go 39a ,QA Presldent V1ce Presldent Secretary Correspondmg Secretary RODNEY GREER BOB MONTGOMERY SHIRDALE SONNIER Jo ANN GUIDRY .TERRY BANKS His gay spirit and cheerful ways wakens us to better days BETTYE BLANFORD She takes it easy has her fun as houls slip by one by one LESLIE ARNAUD To worry httle to study less is my mea of happiness LINDA BLAKE Linda s high school days have many dehghts but can t compare with high school mghta 1 . ' ' . ' C 1 ' ' . . w I I , a JAMES BOSARGE Easy come easy go, never too fast and never too slow CHARLOTTE BOUDREAUX Talented in every way fun to be with, always gay IEANIE BOUDREAUX Not to senous not to gay but a true friend m every way PEGGY BRADY She loves to laugh she loves all fun she'l1 find a way or make her one. RAY BYRD Time will come when the work is due, Oh dear, Ray, what will you do? -Q I R. CANTU A httle nonsense now and Lheu, IS rehshed by the best of men RUSSIE CARTER Always cheerful, polite and kmd, a sweeter g1r1 would be hard to find WILFORD COMEAUX He rs a credxt to our school for he always abrdes by the golden rule BILL CROWDER He s athletic, fnendly just all around another hke hxm shall never be found AVA DARNELL She hasn t a worry or a care, good umes w111 follow her everywhere SHIRLEY FAULK She IS httle, she IS spry and there IS mxschlef rn her eyes KENNETH EDGERTON A quiet way, a cheerful smrle, a boy who ts a fnend worthwhile RODNEY GREER Never worry never fear I know I w111 last thrs long semor year IO ANN GUIDRY wrth everyone GERALDINE HAGEN Always happy never sad someumes naughty but never bad EDNA HUNTER Here s a sweet gzrl wuh a snnle, that makes the bubble of hfe worthwhrle She is always full of fun, willing to laugh GEORGE HUTCHINSON He always sleeps during class but yet he manages to pass IVAN JOHNSON No wonder teachers hair tums gray I chatter all the day ROSE ELAINE JOHNSON Soft curls and pretty eyes, her sweetness always wins the prize ODELIA JORDAN That sparkler on her left hand declares to the world she has found her man JACK KETHLEY A thoughtful mxnd and a willing way will always help him from day to day DOROTHY KEEL Pretty har snulmg face no other one could take your place BILLY RAY MILLER Come what may, he is the same good sport everyday. LOIS LEHMAN Quxet uuruffled always the same like some sweet picture in a picture frame BARBARA MOLBERT Scatter brain, full of fun, she is always on the run. JOHN DAVID MONK Never hurry never worry ROBHIT MONTGOMERY when around Bob you d best prepare, hrs many cure surpnses come unaware IENELL MYERS A fine girl with a carefree grin Many fnends she wrll wrn LAWANDA NEEL Here s a fme glrl we all adrmre of her pleasant smile we never tire JOHN OLIVER He is quiet courteous and small hrs personahty rs pleasing to all HOYT PENDHIGRASS It takes a tall person to know what s gorng on down below IRIS PIERCE Ins 18 gay and not too shy cheerful and friendly as the days go by EARNEST PORTER He is a credit to our school for he always abides by the golden rules LARRY PRITCHETT He rs a person most respected silent yet wmy cool and collected RICHARD REAVES Seldom sad usually gay glad to help you m any way JERRY SEDATOLE Ready to follow, ready to lead, he ills the bill, whatever the need. SHIRDALE SONNIER Only A s on every test For a gul hke thls only the best BILL STONE Listemng ear watchful eye his glones will come by and by PEGGY TALBOT A thoughtful nund and a wilhng way, will always help her from day to day LINDA RUTH TOMPKINS Her sm11e 18 sweet her ways are neat JIMMY VIATOR Never works never wornes never flunks and never humes MARY WOLF Courteous ways, character fine she w111 never be left behmd SHERMAN YOUNG Poor old teachers so sweet and dear bet they are glad we me Ieavmg here SENIOR SPONSORS I1 RAY LEONARD MARTHA GRAY GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE SENIORSI S I 1 -'H bl-HRDALE SONNIER .FERRY BANK: Eu ll' IOl'S JERRY HILDABRIDLE Vrce Pres1dent RICHARD LITTLE Treasurer OFFHf.'ERS UF JUNIOR CLASS CHARLES BLAND Pres1dent LINDA MCLEOD Secretary SW .f of Q-Q C2 I f .s' l . sn, g I 2135 Egg: Y, v '2 fl I. -0 wi L4 w 1 I. ,N , 1' A ?""D UQ an -I' n . X .3 Ai ! EUGENE ARCENEAUX MYRTIS ARCENEAUX SYBLE ARCEN EAUX MARIA ARREDONDO CHARLES BLA ND ROSE BODIN SHERRY BOREL JOHN BOSARGE ELPHIE BOUDREAUX WILBERT BOULLION I-IAYDEN BOWMAN CASSIE IO BROOKSHIRE LEROY BROUSSARD CLIFFORD BURGE DARREL CHAMPAGNE JIMMY CLARK CHARLES COMEAUX BOBBY IOE CROWDER f 5 f "1 f ig L ff' cf? ' EARL RAY DAILY IO ANN DELCAMBRE MAUREEN DELCAMBRE I ROY DESORMEAUX SANDRA DUPLANTIS GLENDA EDENS JAMES ENGLAND ROBERT ENGLAND DARRO FAILS MARIE GARNER CHARLOTTE GARY OLLIE HAMMOND JOSEPH HEBERT CLARENCE HEINTSCHEL DELLORA HILDABRIDLE JERRY HILDABRIDLE BERTHA HUFF CLARKE IACKSON BOBBY JORDAN BRENDA KEEL BING LAUGHLIN LOIS LAZENBY LOUISE LAZENBY IVY LEE LEBLANC CATHERINE LEBRUN DICKIE LITTLE LARRY LOPEZ LINDA MCLEOD DON MIGUEZ RAY MIGUEZ JUDY NEWSOME SANDY NEWSOME ROMONA NOBLES GERA LDINE ODLE ELAINE O DONALD CURTIS JORDAN JOHN PAYNE LINDA PHILPOTT RITA FAYE PIERCE CAROLYN PINDER JOHN CARL POGUE S I PORTER BEVERLY POWER CARL RANDALL JAMES DAVID RAYNER NUMA DALE RICHARD JA MES RIVES MARION RIVES LAWRENCE SCHEXNIDER EDWARD SCHMIDTKE SYLVIA SCOTT MARY ANN SHERIDAN IIMMIE SN ARR NANCY O'NEAL 53" '-4? 17 ix'Xs IOHN SOARES JAMES STANLEY PHYLLIS STENMARK MARY ANN THERIOT KENNETH THERIOT WILDA THORLA LARRY TOMPLAIT FRANK TOUCHET WILSON VEILLON RON EY VIA TOR CLAUDE VILLEMEZ SHARON LYNN WAGENFUHR GERALDINE WAITS CAROLYN WHITE GLORIA WOODS Sponsors MR BEARDEN MRS DUN LAP MR AB NEY 954 QF!!! WW i ,wpwmwxwfw 'W hi'f'+'01i- di X 1 ffiwbv M2 Y? .6 A J im f J In a ,W M ,-"W" I in -lar '4 "fra ' v IAM 1 'Vail ,I :iw f WHEN if-""' fafaii gh 'Q ,,.,,,.-,,,..,4 fx w 2" ,Xa if? gfwfiiz' 5' A J figgg 1 1 gg? Vi? Z V xe:.Al..- f A 6 L: . V if if .4 N- W X r M., LS .an-V' 4 QQ' , "---- , ' 1 '2 ' ' . . " if W f g 'f I EA' ' '-L' ' 5 if 31? V" i ' J .T , , ff' My " 4 V 3 i f 2 - sq C" ' ' if if ' 'lv if . ' uw , Bw ' V 1 W A ' . 'X , ' f I Q , . X? 1 X., 'f f -' ' , ,. ,,., ,T I ww J 'Q V 6 g X 5 - 1 , -a.v. A+- 1. 4 if K . XL ,, ,W '1 5 M. 'A f I V S, " -bn hm ' 1. T1 W , W 4 T ' f . 4 -I 5 I ' 'f-ff . 'O ' A A Q. " X y 4 1 4 ' 'X , 5 A H f .. M HQ 5 ' N 'X 0 , Y I . , I K 'wt 'QQ . 4 AM ex V . A W law, qgggyz U 'vii 9 ,. ' ff? K an h A 5 gi , A W W W , , . L, M 3 if ,Y ' 1 SOP TGS Anderson, Martha Arceneaux James Arredondo Margo Berthlot Drane Bodrn Beverly Boudreaux Paul Boudreaux Delnora Brady Edwrna Broussard Broussard Broussard Broussard Donald Grace Irvm Raymond Bums Barbara Byrd Mary Lee Campbell Juanrta Cardwell John Carter Robert Chatelarn Chester Chesson Carolyn Choate Lanny I og I"'Q f'- ff I 4' ug 3 5 .i 1 ef-dyes-1 Hilmar. if 3 NW! if -4 Clark Danny Cobb Andy Crowder Vernon Dommguez Olga Falls Darrrlo F ergusson Charles Fletcher Leon Fontenot Gwenn Fontenot Jenelle Fnth Lloyd Gallander Barbara Garner John Gurdry Carol Ann Hale Lela Hardzn Wayne Lee Hardrn, W11l1e Hargrave, Emlhe Hebert, Melba I-hckman, Pat Ihle. Bobby Qi 'GQ If ,gn -Jv Q3 K' 'I Q!! ,2 1 4. f Ingalls Carolyn johnson Elmo Johnson Sam Judrce Irby Keen Joe Bally Koonce Wayne Lalonde Leon Lalonde Leonard Landry Lorrarne Lane Benny Lazenby Floyd LeBrun Charlotte Lopez Patrlcra Maxwell Llnda McLarn James MCNe1l Donald Metcalf Robert Mrller Bert Newsome Ann Norrrs Margre fav' '5 7? vi .ff 5' -rv-1 1 Q al X 7 P 'T ' AVI if -NM fn. LEONARD PALOMBO JOYCE PHILEN "" GARY RICE JOSEPH ROMERO ROBERT SATTERWHITE LARRY SEDATOLE JERRY SIMON W I SONNIER TEDDY TAYLOR GLENDA THERIOT LOUIS THERIOT LORETTA VIDRINE RITA WAGENFUHR BEAMON WHITTON LINDA WELLS HM WHALEY JUDY WHITSON MISS KENNEDY MRS. JENKINS MR. SMITH 111' Y .fl I ss I 1 - ,I l H9 , QI ki. f " l f fi ,, , 1 :,,,,. Q12 PL I ,guna .S K. A A l 5 A' if ' 9 4 Jay f' V k X Q VN.. x f Q Lg.,- an 0 Q1 f Q yy f f-W , W A E9 .1 A sta ffi '7 I K we ' I 1 2 ,ff M , . W A A A gf ,gg ,gf ,WW , ,J Khin' ,L A' -225' , 1w QW .,,., I6 'vu j1f ., 13 1 if ww, I xx Xt 8, 4 fi- 1' ,-I odif' ,x g Q vd " W N dill- QL W. ' nf ffl ff, ff'-'S K M ax gf -- -VM. .U Q A ., . W 5 N , ....,.,........k ,.,-,...,.,.. sii WfHS 4 22 it-L A -56315 ,K gg t :J .Q all s fi ZDX 3, fx 21263 A ijflifi 'L' Q 'M ' " is .,, , ,rf 1 W, f 9 W A x tx 5" - ,.,.. 4 ik M , , W V " ' 145' A H Q v A Kg: we V l f' H G' yr x , , J. ,f 1 ' . . A ' Tgimw ' ? a Q A K 1 ' .AW X I - A 1 1 X . dw ,. ' sg? ' -'15 5 ' "" , 1 4 W f""x 5 I 'F ffeshmen :' Anderson, Agnes Anderson, Carroll Avery, Kathleen Blanford, Charles Boudreaux, Dudley Bowman, 168816 Bradshaw, Gary Breaux, Davld Lee Breaux Mary Breaux Rrta Brummett, John Buchanan, Sandra Chance, Martha Coulon, Wayne Dattalo, Barry Davrs Dorothy Desormeaux Willi Dewey, Louis Duplantis, Carolyn Dominguez, Aaron C P5'kj,1a' ' Q i 'Y h . i- - .Q-' A? fd 5 ov fry X 1 A-.5 Y-ff Edgerton Carole Faulk Arnold Ann Fontenot Roome Fuselxer Rua Gardemal John Guy Kenneth Hagen Gerald Harper Brlly Hams Eledra H ICR man Deanna Howard Freddle Hutchmson Leonard Johnson Damel Jolly Patrlcla Kelth Wrlda Mae Lachausse Lynn LeBlanc Beverly LeBlanc Bemard LeBlanc Muchell Tx 48"- ff-v ,sq no 1 bf- ,ave -4 D I nfl 'ra nd 9.1-111 X """Q 4 'l 1 ff' A lil AAA4U"AA '-if fd C Wmfhls 1 f A 1 . l 'A 3 S77 g,L , ' . X N A . ,ef B M49 , ,ffl , uwk' : - f 5' , il ,wg - ' l L "f . J, V34 L , ,L 3? Y vi I t A 1 . , I f I 3 A M Q v f A 4 ,I of ff' ' ' 'Mjf' 1. ' 1. '5 V If . . '8 Q fm . ' -4 4- Y. Hock, Sharron ' , . 5 ' x V I '.Y' Z n . ' -9 2 'G , ' ' -4 ci, - .1 . I' . 'Q A-M X4 ' I I, x I . .. I 3 I! 5 K iw.-I I A rl 4f,'--i A .:, 'Q . 9 A 4 xi Q ' ..- 'J . 3 I '- i X 1 , - 1 Q , A X' U , 6. fr of ff 'Q H' f 4 'F V ff 44 I 'A 1 I' 5 , I r ! e. 'lf - ' 1 LeBlanc Weldon Lrttle Maurrce Marsh Sandra MCC rea ry Ed d1e Monk Rocky Montgomery Mlke Musson Eduh Ohver Terry Smrth James Srmoneaux A rthur Soares Joan Strvner Annle Strvner Danlel Thrbodeaux Marshal Tomplart Gay Sue Tyson Bonny Joy Wlllxams Wayrnond Woodcock Lenora Mr Bra gg Mrs Cross .NN xA V ,a- l I HW 5 1 l We 5 ng' ffm: no yr "5-.X i 1 K A. 2, ff3fQ5"kaJ K . W5 ' x ., fi- -ff?"..'::'f -iff' ,X 1 A M Q lacy' 1,1 A M, 4. 1 X 9 A QR in X' ri' 'na W1 k W 'Y f' . 1 'E , I J -Q . v f 2- 'K 5 . 'Q e . Y 3 5375? 'M ix W3f'wff 17. a KW .' Y H' f W AQ: A. fgiffvf Y , , 2-is f, . ,f.m:'.i,zf Aw-If iUni0l' 4 3 x. .Kev -41" v , sq 1 Jrmmy Duren, James Floyd Trahan, Larry Bland row Mrke Harrlson, Jrmmre Scoggrns, Donald Wrlhams FIISI Karen Vrncent Shrrley g and, En ndra Sa 1l'l Alph nda L1 Second row Tl pkr Tom tes, L nette Ba Brlly 5s Mcwrllrams v-1 Brran Edgerton, Blase Sadre Perry, Mary Dore Carolyn Muslck, nfuhr, 8 JOW nny La M urphy arole C all Ol'lTI Joe Moreno, Donald Fourth row Shrrley Power, Harold Stelly , Charles Therrot Courtney Breaux, ghlrn TP SSA Pr tchett, M1 5 an sa at ,fv wus, nu ,Q vu an -.n vt -- lu an un g, ..4viQ"' .dl .--uni ,7'in-. 5 11,5 ..,g-- M I rokee , L1nda Arcen- Jerry Maldonado, Jrmmy Monk, B111 Trahan, M rrst row Laura Lehman, Sue Smrth etcher, Fl or, Drane WV Fa Judy axls F The nc a Ya lse Ke Lmda cond row Se CRUX. I'1'l ard Co OW H Randall, Beautte SUX Edward Neel, Eddie Thenot. Th1rd row Darryl Chance Pat Glllard, Shrrley Fontenot, R andra Broussard Jimmy OW I arhn. Fourth cF 1dM I3 Ge on, ks C Ia , Jeff , Lxlhan Newsome Il S0 Gwen Good Taylor CS I'1'1 Ja 5' ood ilford W rgahn Charles Pu W l.'O rfth F McLa1r1 lafosse , Kelly hn De Jo Leod yMc I'I'llTl Sa In l-lunte II arter, Robe OCO . C MIS ge UI B IUC6 B ez, 1l1em V Y IC I , if ,P R A it 45. F 4 ' , ' in lcv A. Wv 4 ' .gt 4 VE 5 a F. : . . . . NYT . e : . . . , . S ' . . . . : , W ' . . . : C '. ' : MCNie1, PC ' . Luke Wrlllams Comlal Cox, Beverly Faulk Judy Judy Benoit, Wanda Demahy, Fmt row Marlene Arceneaux, Grllard, Nad1a Cardwell, Kenneth Rlves. Second row James Edgerly, Betty Smrth, Ann Hester, Cecrle Keel n. Th1rd row Houston Jo Ann Faulk, Earnest Hargraves, ,hm Carter, Mrs M Dana Havens, Vlvxan Slmon, IIC P1 Dou las . : . . . . . ' : . . . u ' ' ' , Fo row: g ' , Bill , V6 a Hargra nd L1 rd Staffo OH Shar or, Sue Then Soare yce Norwrn Johnson, Io hn, K Eugene Bland, Herchel Delcambre y Young, Raymond Woods, F Frrst row Floyd Hutchrnson, Howard Touchette, Rrchard Guy Tommre Robb1 , Glynn Chatelarn, Freddre Bowman Dorothy Rrce, Helen Hyde, Goldre Smrth Second row Connre Martm, Lrnda Smrth, Rosemary Taylor, Jacque Wrllrams Dranna Frurth, Ann Welch, Maxme Alphrn Carolyn Burns Thud row George Carlm, Mrchael Crowder, Russel Knot, Max Hrldabndle Sherry Radford Drane Bordages, Kay Hatch Fourth row Robert Myers Mrchael Woods, Buddy Prerce, Llnwood Boudreaux, Walter Dyson Donald Webb, Raymond May, Kenneth Devers 1 Frrst row John Scoggrns Johnny Mrnter, Paul Kuhn, Rrchard O Neal, Rrchard Drgeytarre Arthur Hunter Earl Touchette, Art Thrbodeaux, Tommy Dxllon, Wrlham Cardwell Second row Susre Tyson, Barbara Benort, Lmda Mouhot, Druella Comeaux, Lrnda Lalonde, Judy Manuel, Glenda Allen, Sherry Brous sard Brllre Bums Thud row Kathryn Smrth, Lenora Van Brocklrn, Joyce le marre Ben Arredondo, Randy Pnce, Ralph Lulue, Mrs Detthng Fourth row Carl Woodyard, Car1S1mon A R Therrot, Jerry Hallums Frfth row Allen Hebert Edgar Wrllrams, Kenneth Fontenot, Carl Burns F1rst row George Nesbltt Lrnda Norms Beverly Smrth Carolyn Poche Claudette Bus by Mary Bradshaw Pat Boudreaux Bobby Jean Stanley Margaret Lawrence Second row Daryl Rlchards James Boyd Curtls Breaux John Newsome M1chaelOnderdonck Dons Romero Mane Sedtal Jerry Bodln Thxrd row Roy Trahan Donald Boudreaux Jerry Ann Tomplalt Jame Hock Iaclue Srms Paul Whrte W1ll1e Benort Fourth row Jeff Wells Robert Frulk Gordon Perry Leonard Johnson Howard Naylor Carrol May JL XHUR HM H SPONSORS MISS ARP MRS COCO MRS MARTIN MISS REINEY MRS. DETTLING MR. CRUSETURNER 'e . .,. 3 ites -I S BETTYE BLAINFORD ERNEST PORTER 1 BIST XI L XRIDI XID ISIN XNIDI IRI 33 LINDA MCLEOD - LARRY LOPEZ S Q" RODNEY GREER - GERALDINE HAGEN XIUR I JOE GREER GERALDINE HAGEN X 'Wh' Xxxsss JUDY NEWSOME CHARLES BLAND I'L"AL 'jlUl'2, FA X'Ul'ijl'llQ'fIi1S .Y . I o I I c 0 A O , vt If SK RJ P H I D K D R H FA X' K D,R1'fl"'lil5 1 J VERNON CROWDER BARBARA BURRIS S ss-hxf 'K L. i ARTHUR SIMONEAUX LYNN LACHAUSSE MMM "!l"gqurf . Y R, Mlss Good Sportsmanslup LINDA MCLEOD f"- Mr Good Sportsmanslup RODNEY GREER Mxss Austm H1gh LINDA MCLEOD Q 40- Mxss Jumor Hxgh ' I SHIRLEY FONTENOT Homecomlng Queen of 1957 JUDY NEWSOME a1"'4"fW 16 Mlss Sp1nt of 1957 CHARLOTTE BOUDREAUX SENIIUR HIIGIHI LHEERLEADERS Head Cheerleader CHARLOTTE BOUDREAUX LINDA MCLEOD BETTYE BLANFORD SANDY NEWSOME CAROLYN WHITE JUDY NEWSOME A , W J' ff: lf ,Q A 1 f ., 'uf X ' K' PDI . . .,.w...,.........,....W.-k,-.......-4. -4' ' e- . . :,H,...-um AQ -V-i f ,Q H x - - , 1 H 'L W My . ? 9 "aku: . ", -'ww . P, 'sw gawk . ffi i f , ' , '-Hf'f+.,l'i "f I it vial: in A I j f' ,Ig ' ,A I L"' ' A .wwf H Qi -4 , , ,,l. ,..m,fJf A If 'I 1 ,, M ,w f-f, gg, ,Wm . A..Y,- .. ,lD,.lX.R. XX RD Wi' PEGGY BRADY HOWFQ UNIINL QLEEN Q XBUTD XTT 'B '27 IEANIE BOUDREAUX SHIRDALE SONNIER ELAINE O DONALD MARION REAVES N NHC ll audi 'U-gp 44" hs- Blue Party Gray Party we ww ? Q il' NENTL3 XRULFND Sf HCDUT ff Workmg m the Off1ce'7 Gettmg ready for the b1g game. 1 Best A11 Around G1r1 and Boy JACQUE WILLIAMS SAMMY MCLEOD Most Popular Boy and Gul LARRY BLAND LYNETTE TOMPKINS JUNIIIDR H11 G H fl4'L.fN'VUfRl I Pb i' X. A51 'Ax Vi 'Y -.: ., :- ics NK ws Ag L RAY ABNEY EDDIE HILL Ass1stant Coach ASSISIZHI Coach RAY PURKERSON CHARLES SIMMONS Asslstant Coach F Ass1stant Coach 'B BOB FREDERICK Head Coach 'Ds ATHIUI D 1 C191-. 1HllilS N h 1 r K2 ' .X I V 51. any , AMUfTlLi,f:7 E' I N Ea,? i 5 . I . 5? . 3 1 h .3...-N A H A . 3, if C05 4' 7 JL X- oEh,, A 'fb-LW'-ffi FOOTBALL SWEETHE ART CO CAPTAIINS BILL CROWDER WAYNE HARDIN , X y A W b f "" BETTYE Lou BLANFORD ti' S2 Xi' V"f1 V fit 5.114 4... C-' 1 1' t Lx Qi. "'Vr5f1 'ff' in N Q 'VV 49 -Ag? i fa 15,5 1' e Hardln 3 W h Hebert CP IOS ne Boudreaux Eng chard Dale R1 Numa 111er M II Be Carter Il be wRo EIO IS F1 Lloy Percy Vxllrmez Second row Beamon Whrtton Claude Vrllrmez Donme Broussard Wrlson Verllon Edward Sch ylor Don McNe11 Leonard Palombo Eamest Porter Tedd Rue Lau hhn Frrth Irby Iudlce Bob Crowder Larry Lope James England I de ll Crow 1 B Kethley ck Ja ard Lalonde OH wLe Thrrd ro rdtke Ldnn Tfp Sfffwxg R'-I EUGENE BOUDREAUX One Year Letterman Sophomore Guard T1 BILL CROWDER Four Year Letterman Senlor Fullback A11 State Second Stung is Qu WAYNE HARDIN Two Year Letterman Sophomore Halfback A11 Drstrlct Frrst Stnng 72 DONNIE BROUSSARD One Year Letterman Sophomore Tackle 2 ROBERT CARTER One Year Letterman Sophomore Guard gf C 2 A lt. BOB CROWDER One Year Letterman Iumor Center are Ks M71 JOSEPH HEBERT One Year Letterman Iumor Quarterback VERNON CROWDER One Year Letterman Sophomore Halfback 10' IRBY IU DICE One Year Letterman Sophomore Quarterback ,gp W ,O fi tw 29, UP ' A l ' Q ,1 H - N .a "xx S u , 1 4 Y N 1 Y Y 1 - A I f ' I, y ,Y S L ' 1 ,M L A n Q f .' EX J" 1 . ! -.5 x OO JACK KETHLEY Two Year Letterman Senror En N21 ERNEST PORTER Two Year Letterman Semor Halfback ? WAYNE KOONCE One Year Letterman Sophomore Manager ?'l - fb. Q 4 RUE LAUGHLIN Two Year Letterman Iunror Center 1 NUMA RICHARD One Year Letterman Jumor Halfback X Tiff ii if 4 LARRY LOPEZ One Year Letterman Sophomore Quarterback CLAUDE VILLEMEZ One Year Letterman Iunror Halfback an LEONARD LALONDE One Year Lettemran Sophomore Manager ' x A 5 X Q 5' d Kr - S V 41 s , W 1 'x H . he , A L, A Q 1 1w,7n:g, , QQ , , -V I K A, E Y ' , ,Q f A ,V 1 X NNE X f I , I by I t jf! f V - Q GW Q Q. E22 Q' K gs ML fa . . N' xx. X K y V f as N 'S' 2 P' V! 96' 5 E LS fg S VK A . ,gi-ff 'U ,N 4 X, if BASKETBALL TEAM Fust row Charles Comeaux Bobby Jordan Numa Rrchard Drckie Lrttle Bert Miller Joseph Hebert Leo Lalonde Wayne Koonoe Manager Second row Coach Purkerson Irby Iudxce Bob Crowder Bill Crowder Benue Crowder Larry Lopez Leonard La londe Lloyd Frith Charles Bland BLAND EUGENE BLAND LARRY BREAUX, CURTIS CARTER. HM CHANCE, DARRELL CROWDER, MIKE DUREN JIMMY DYSON, WALTER FAULK BOBBY GUY RICHARD JACKSON, JEFF MCLEOD, SAMMY PIERCE, HIRAM THIBQDEAUX, ART WOODS , EDDIE LEROY Managers BILLY YOUNG GERALD MCFARLIN Nl ll MH XlbliflS..fR5fli'lBi1'II'liX'l,l,'lMXN JILNHUR HIGH POUTB XLL TEAW R Q 4- Fust row Charles Blanford Lours Dewey Brlly Harper Maunce Lrttle Eugene Bland B1lly Young, Freddy Howard Mlke Crowder, Larry Bland Bruce Burge Jrmmy Carter Waymon Wxlhams Raymond Woods Arthur Srmoneaux Thrrd row Herchel Delcam bre Jeff Jackson Marshall Thrbodeaux, Aaron Domrnguez Sammy Mcbeod Johnny Srummett Weldon LeBlanc Barry Dattalo Art Tlubodeaux Fourth row Coach Srm mons Davrd Breaux, Edward Neel Jrmmy Duren Bnan Edgerton Wrlford McNe11 Norwm Johnson Gerald McFarland Ray Abney Coach Y Y ' " L 'Y I J A N 1 N A ' 3 ' A J ' lx W I1 Leonard Hutchinson, Gerald Hagen, James Edgerly, Carroll Anderson. Second row: BLANFORD CHARLES BRADSHAW, GARY BREAUX, DAVID BRUMMETT, JOHNNY COULON, WAYNE DATTALO BARRY DOMINQUIZ AARON EDGERLY, IAMES HAGEN, GERALD HOWARD, FREDDIE HUTCHINS ON , LEONARD LEBLANC WELDON LITTLE MAURICE SIMS , ARTHUR TI-IIBODEAUX , MARSHALL WILLIAMS , WAYMON fm I I fR XDH1 YIBAXSKIELTIR B NIM T iw . .? 'S if 1:8 TE Sk, 4? Lynn Lacha Phllen E1 a Arredondo Lmda Caro e Wells Martha Chance Joy Martha Anderson Lmda Mc Vemon Crowder Wayne Koonce Chester Chatelam Io Ann Gurd Sandra Buchanan TY G MIS Rocky Monk Kethley ck Ja 1 1 Crowder B Bett e Lou Blanford Shendan l'1l'1 A Sh1rda1e Sonmer Peggy Brady Rodney Lany Lopez Charles Bland Drckre Lrttle Don McNe1l SOI' r Charlo te Gary Wllda Thorla SENATE OFFICERS BILL CROWDER BETTYE BLANPORD Presrdent Vxce President V LINDA McLEOD JACK KETHLEY Secretary Reporter VERNON CROWDER MARY ANN SHERIDAN Parhamentanan Representauve at Large to House MRS, GREY Sponsor HIUUSE U 4 REFRESH TA'lK'llVTE1 7 Freddre Bowman Houston Kuhn Donald Wtlhams Kay Hatch Ruth Rrchard dd1e Ro rokee ayT M OI I S 611111116 Crus Mr Havens alla rdD Sandra Broussard Pat Gllla Pure 38 D Lynette Thompkms Dary Druella Comeaux Gordon Perry Curtrs Breaux Lmda Alphrn B1 Cardwell Carole Murphy Ltnda Arceneaux Q '54 HOUSE OFFICERS X57 I 1, , 0 'A I C Ill.. . . Sandra Broussard Pat Grllard SPEAKER SPEAKER PRO TEM Dana Havens Mary Trokee Lmda Alphin SECRETARY PARLIAMENTARIAN REP at LARGE Mr. Crusetumer SPONSOR Doroth Touchette Left to n Howard Comeaux Gwen Goodson An1ta Nu ent Druella Comeaux V Jenkms, Drrector Standrn L nette Tompki Rose Thenot Smith Mary Byrd Tommy Drllon Kat Sharron Hock Iessre Bowman Wilda Kerth Davrd Rayner, Wrlford Joan Soares Carl Randall Sam Johnson Glona Norman Mxtchell LeBlanc Dudley Boudreaux Blase Laughlm O Neal Lmwood Boudreaux B111 Cardwell Lola Wells Lrnda Mouhot Kay Hatch Pe 3118 eg D rd Rrcha S l1I'l.'l Brllre B llX C8 l'1'l Co Lrnda Srmth Conrue Martln Dana Havens Lmda Norns Mike Harnson CZ a Domrn u A Lmda James Srnrth Rose Johnson Deanna Hrckman Jrmmy Monk Jerry Tomplart Geor e Nesbltt CS lurly Fontenot Drane Borda B111 Stone Dou Prtre Pat Boudreaux Freddre Bowman Carolyn Chesson Sandra Buchanan Sandra Broussard Sedatole lls Je Glenda Ede Donald Pntchett Donald Wrllrams Geor e Carlrn Beautt Randall IZVCS EBFHCSI Hal' Ella Sedatole e Coulon Camran Martm Jo Ann Delcambre Lrnda Maxwell Melba Hebert Mary Musson Nancy O Neal HCC IC Law argaret ' g: T. . ' ' , , , , ' g , y . 'ghlz , ' , ' , hy , , ' , ' , y ns, Mary Theriot, n n . . l ' eyt I n . 1 . v o . 1 n ' p uthur Hunter, J. L. McWilliams, Lela Hale, Olg ' g , ' , ' ' , ' ' , ' ' , , S . , . g ' I . . g . , . t . ' ' . ' . we I rry I 9 v 1 a D 9 U 0 g I I I U g I ' I D - D g . I I ns' 1 Q 1 1 ' 9 9 wolf! M l . 0 T D I 1 I I its, Wa T18 raldr Ge 1 n Sherry Bere ckh T0 anB V OHS, Le yble rudy W f Q JERRY SEDATOLE EDITH MUSSON Student Conductor Student Conductor Vice Presxdent Band L1eutenant WILFORD COMEAUX Prestdent Band Captam CARL RANDALL Quartermaster MELBA HEBERT Llbranan JENKINS Conductor BILL STONE SAM JOHNSON Vlce Presldent Ftrst Sergeant Band Lteutenant NANCY O'NEAL SHERRY BOREL Secretary Treasurer Busmess Manager -Q., It LINDA WELLS IO ANN DELCAMBRE Drum Major Head Twuler A , . 4 I J g gyua S 'M S-T' kv . 4+-jg: 1 , A f . .4 '- t X . . . t ,tv X 1' L I L O Q . ,. UUTSTANDHNU BAND WEWIBIER UP 1957 JAMES WELLS BAND S'WElElTH HART NANCY O'NEAL DRL M M AMIUR LINDA CAROLE WELLS if TVVHRILERS , A , f :FQ "VI-liriig f - ' Y ,pw 1. Head Twuler IO ANN DELCAMBRE MARY WOLF ROSE JOHNSON SHERRY BOREL CAROLYN CHESSON SANDRA BUCHANAN TWHRLERS XL S PUNT XXS FIFSI row Deanna Hxckman Lmda Carol Wells Howard Comeaux Ed1th Musson 185818 Bowman Back row Tom Jenkms Jerry Sedatole Dav1d Raynor Sam Johnson B111 Stone JERRY SEDATOLE NANCY O NEAL MARY THERIOT GLENDA EDENS DAVID RAYNER DUDLEY BOUDREAUX in UH C Su FD brian 'it vwmmu i ells, Linda Philpott, nda W i L an ncra H1ckm Pat Byrd MY uXM ICCDC3 Marlene A 11 Nad1a Cardwe CIO! HE D Il' IIS F Sharon Wagenfuhr, Rita Sybrl Arceneaux Martha Anderson Anne Hester Charlotte Gary Second row Judy Whrtson Faulk F. John Olive aud Leshe Arn all s Jord I1 Cur II he Larry Pntc OH m Johns Sa IIC Bla Le d SI IT1 wBe rdro Thl onald D O Elame nfuhr ge C3 ITI J Roy Desor ke la B nda L1 Dally rl Ea England Robert 0l'l tchrns CHU Ol' WHGC ho Mxller Not s lly 1C D PR HSS Q Ll B t.,-4 Mary Ann Shendan Dlanne Berthlot Myrus Arceneaux Rrta Faye P1erce Jearue Boudreaux Lorrarne Landry Ramona Nobles Judy Whxtson Edwma Brady Peggy Brady Bettye Blanford Charlotte Ann Boudreaux Ode11a Jordan Lynn Lachausse Russre Carter Carolyn Duplantts Dorothy Keel Martha Anderson Jenell Myers Mrs Coco 1 PEGGY BRADY MRS COCO IEANIE BOUDRLAUX Edltor Sponsor Co Edltor ,J ,a- Olga yCl'S , M nell Ie HC a Vrdn ICH sLo rri No argre M Anderson ha Mart nn Lachasse 1-Y Lonarne Land I I Olly Pa HX en Brea E1 Juanita Camp- Y. lo rth Be 13.116 D Pierce I3 R1 nby Z8 La Loxs nb Z6 La LIISC L0 Eledra Harms OH HS Wh db' Ju herrot T l'll'1 a A M CZ D Delnora Boudreaux, Rita rave Carolyn Duplantrs u-1 Catherine LeBum , Carolyn Edwma Brady SPONSOR Lenora Woodcock enfuhr Roome Fontenot Rrta Gall Fuseher Mrss Kenned Lela Hale Hardm C R A OFFICERS l I LORAINE LANDRY .TENELLE FONTENOT LYNN LACHAUS Presldent V1ce Presxdent Secretary Sponsor ,.,,, .J- BARBARA BURRIS Miss Posture MISS KENNEDY if if SCHLNES AROUND SLHUUL PE RALLY WESTERN DA " 1 ' L I ,, W, ' N-fs f 1? 4, ' ja' . V ' Q Q 7 A 7 ' N V ' ' 1 K P Y LL XSSRUOVI SQEN 11,5 MFHCS CL U B 1 JOY WICDCC La Marjone hercra Fa11s T HIS Jenk Mrs Lrnda Smr Sadle Perr Drane Berthlot Jerry Ann Tomplart Coots Pat Boudreaux Second row Bettye Blanford Mary Lou Dore Romona Nob Judy Whuson Charlotte Boudreaux Ieanre Boudreaux Carolyn Pmder Tlurd row Sandy Newsome Mr Crusetumer Peggy Brady les .L 1 y A J r , ' , ' ' , ' ' , ce Phi en, Lana Hildabridle, Linda Norris, Linda Lalonde, Linda Mouhot, Karen D ' : D I ' I ' I . yi . .thi MRS JENKINS CRUSETURNER Sponsor Sponsor 1 'P CHARLOTTE BOUDREAUX PEGGY BRADY Presrdent Vrce Presrdenr I BETTYE BLANFORD IEANIE BOUDREAUX Secretary Reporter Sli HCCND ffffljl' B Mr Clark Jene11eFontenot Carolyn Whrte Carolyn Pmder Romona Nobles Jean1eBoud reaux, Sybx1Arceneaux Bertha Huff Sandy Newsome Peggy Brady Barbara Molbert Mary Ann Shendan, Judy Newsome Russre Carter Dorothy Keel Mary Ann Thenot Olga Domm guez Ienell Myers IENELL MYERS MR CLARK SANDY NEWSOME Presrdem Sponsor Vrce Presldent 'K W4 CAME A MALL M rm S F A Band performs at Ltberty QQ Football Sweetheart Betty Blanford IS presented wtth a cozsage T. N Prepanng for Pre Game Ceremomes. ff as f A . 4 x x ' 'X feogbail game. f X I Y an CMR H? xox 1ATh-195 Tnp to Arlmgton Chester Chatelam gl Drama and Speech Class presents a play N Mrs Gray Llnda McLeod , ..Z if Z of-f Mlss Spmt Charlotte Boudreaux Mr and Mrs Good Sportsmanshrp if is presented wrth a corsage meet Lrberty s Mr and Mrs Good X Sportsmanshlp if gs fx 'Wx S F A twrrlers rn pep rally tu the gym . . :Ax M ' 1 C Y A - . . i .f ' ' X' 53 L " 'X Amencan Leglon Award Wrnners Wilford Comeaux opens Gray ' Party Convention L- QPRINQ Beard Contest on Western Day gf :fy-sr Gray Party Convenuon Candrdates W Bill Crowder addresses Blue Party. WYWPR 589 W K S F A s New Teachers 'NX-f 'ii F -dw.. X 9 4, ,tv- .:f!"" '93 Pretty Majorettes ,pw nw-'Wim Fun at the beach Il Ready to yell K7 P1cu1c Tlme ANNUAL SALES WINNERS MRS. GRAY'S HOMEROOM i ,Q 'f-7 Q Il HOMEROOM SWEETHEART 'Y .fr X dve rtisers "Tha .5 ' 1 00 1 st Street ii ALF ORDS BIG STAR STORE RA 6 1041 Port Acres C' Congratulations Seniors of 1 958 THE VV!-H-VIE N-lCDLJS1E of Beaumont, Texas f A Dial YU5-5811 Qu ' BIQZXLJED S X ! Q MOTOR AND F091 You MACHINE SHOP C: D 3236 16th st IDU!-ICDIXI HARDWARE at FURNITURE co ' ' YU 3 1644 emembm' 1903 Pt Neches Avenue QTo11 Call, 3282 Ready M1xed Concrete NECHES CONCRETE COMPANY Serv1ng the M1d County Area Congratulatwns Sen1or s 1' i Wh sw V HARPER Ask for Informa.t1on on Ret1rement Income, Fa.m11y Income, Educat1ona1 Plans L1fe Hosp1ta11zat1on and Others Phones gy L Bus YU 3 4577 Res RA6 1098 MR AND MRS R C DARNELL You Can See Us At 2348 Procter Street Port Arthur Texas BUILDERS LUMBER CORPORATION 714 Forth Worth Avenue Phone YU 3 6628 A11 Types Bu11d1ng Mater1a1s Pa.1nts Hardware A11 Types M111 Work Procter Street Port Arthur Tex AND SAVE 3 f A MANDEL FURNITURE CO Where Good Furn1ture Is Not Expens1ve YU 5 8632 I 1 at y , S . 435 . - . : - Compliments of DCDRT ACQES F - C LINIC in Port Acre s Texas D n TO SUIT BQE ALJ XS , .sw YOUR TV CENTER f TASTE Te1ev1s1on Sales and Serv1ce Sy1van1a Motorola F ' ' swf RA 6 1601 Q THE SCHOONER Beaumont Highway 325 W Port Arthur Road BQEAD Baked Wh1le Yo Sleep 3 THE "'i'iEF'5 is FA. 12 Low E ST ORE Q rw' 3 Procter Street Port Arthur Texas I Port Arthur . . . - . ff? -VAVST EE fN AME 5 1' L65 F fz-24 657 V6 Utvli 'QV' GUN laweez' ?7uce4 H-lL.l:b C31-2CDQ.l:T-ZX! 115 Canal Best Serv1ce 1n Town Pho e RA 6 1881 f f 41' Qs? .i-L wi' 95?-1 F1 iff ,QJ 410917 Nederland T exas Port Acres fl ww W'- 4411 FUNERAL HOME GUZARDO S FEED STORE od' glES be ' ,Km DARK EASV X ' 1 DRIVE INN GROCERY West Port Arthur Road 2 1 If 1 1 ' 14 xfy N E. J X V l ?"h . I , 71, f f .. . n - 6 ff 9 1374 W G I9 . QW' 'H' '6 X f, . . '. - , -..'. I .-.- '.,., .-.',. '. .-'. - 1. f- ,o.o. ..eR 5' Q "'A iifffil ffli-: ff '4'-' f f 9 0 Mk, E 1 ,af o" 1111 E " Q' ' ,f I. Ill SERVICE WHEN SMITHS YOU N EED IT SERVICE STATION Port Acres Congratulatwns Sen1ors D12 D IC KARD ......1 ITS A 4 3 IEASURE' SHOP P .TACK BY LAND PAINT CO A Place to Get Together Port Acres Port Acres 'RQ' y7'Z , l 'fn5g RAYS e I 1 SPRING SERVICE X Q TOM DENNIS 522 Seventh Street SPORTING GOODS t A th Por r ur Port Arthur 1 Y i t 4 V I if C l :E .. f f - fx J E72 , 4 I W 1 Q , ,IQ 19 -A .., ,, :-2 .-'1 .-' . K 125 59 5' 1 , sh 41-1' .3.'s'.a" I ' r 1'-:iw Q' 1 'fn 51 fc' - ' ' 52" I 4 Fc at V I ' e n 1 I I 3 5 51" ' 'J 2 Port Arthur GEM 7 I 1 APPLIANCE co. and fm, M Home Appliances SI 6 K Q TV Sales and Service at YU 3-5411 400 16th st. Roos' IIVESTIGATE H Serv1ng the fig Port Arthur Area S1nce 1900 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Port Arthur Compl1ments of PORT ARTHUR AUTHORIZED AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Clegg Motors Mmgle Motor Company Holley Plymouth of Port Arthur Sm1th May Motor Company Inman Chevrolet Taylor Motors Kleas Latham Motor Company Ra1ford Motors L1nn Motor Company Port Acres Port Arthur ff' CARL RANDALL sf 132 STUDIO AND SON . V I -X 4 Photography RA 6 9025 JA 1L299,19 Procter Street Rl IQIQ I5 Qlll Akai-lg NI-ll nv YU5 8011 G S . . . XX I f - ff A "ic pl lk 9 I, I 9 'KD Q 0,1 4! if 'llli f, I V cf' f5'?ii:51i1-133321, "9'35f3I ' X fzfiQ53QQ:1:f:f:g3332f15:f33.fgf:f " Pr0feSSiOna1 X . , ..A..,.. .. - fg """"""""" ., A - lr I rf , ,' wx 4 1 ? T 5, 1 up v LI I- I W l I 2 l " 1 K , Enloy yourself refresh with Coke VA 43' Y MT Wm, 1IIIIHIIIIllIllllllllllllllllllIIHHIIIIN I! eww km 'fag :fiwg Qi., D X VV HOUSE OF FLOWERS W L ke to Please Y u P rt Ac gk OWWMM ifsjw LUMBER 3 YARD J Z'PtA esT ,,-frfvrrfhfxiz-Q'NNgZK,X6 Q5 MICE 'V away IS OUR FIRST THOUGHT 12 ICBCB GULF STATION W K Y Bes P tAc gettoz 740464 C5 VV IIVII-ICD?-TT: Z CC Men's Clothing and Sportswear Since 1 913 Port Arthur 547 Procter XS "' ea . f Y l I O 000 - fra . . - o- - " mln ' 4 . Jr-A I a f V n X ,P N e i o '-ia, I ,s W O . 4 3 res ,.,, LL QKA, ,A,. IAIQ E E - - - h Q - ,. 1s1nnfMAmam.v5nT' X Q25 'V -- .41 1 '49 ' ,X X W DRINK X Mn 1 .f T ' f if 'ah'-unpawanaa-A ' JD l.. IOWLID UND!! AUVNOIIIV IICOCA-CO!! COIYAIIV If QT: ' , 4 fc., Q4 W9 f 1 IX 'I YI at jj' ' or cr , exas ff , O .1-J' 7 GQ V J W, ,pf o Y, O J -1 ' I " ... Q 5 i Li Y Li 477 - e now How to Serve ou t - N ,U or res X O I HOLLEV ANDREVVS INC Port Arthur Texas HARAPTONS Is the F1ne st and Largest Furn1ture Store Between Houston and New Orleans 435 F1fth St Port Arthur I-IE I Gal-I-VS DRUG STORES N 1 Snrteenth and Houston Avenue Phone YU 5 5507 No 2 Tenth and Houston Avenue Phone YU 5 7313 Port Arthur Texas JACKIE S ICE CREAM Port Acres Malts Ice Cream Cokes Hot Dogs Open 11 00 AM to 11 00 PM Il-ILES B UILDING SUPP LY 1pe 400 West Port Arthur Road Phone RA 6 1703 Port Acres FRED MILLER X TOY PALACE M, MXN 4 Largest and Most "' Complete Year Round Toylands 44495 2305 16th Street Port Arthur - wi? Port Acres CCDCDKS DRIVE INN GROCE RY ga? P1cn1c Supphe s D r1nks Grocerxes and F1Sh1ng and Hu.nt1 S ng upphes K .Lx 1 and L1censes l X Pyjg ,ff-4-Z-"' open 6 30 AM to 1100 PM n , fh- -ff Q o, -2 . , 1 a 1 1 , . 'S ,,'mI:,xNX WI Witmtcixx ms N Eg: 5 One of the South's Paints - Hardware - P' is K 'Oo O O , .. 'O 0 4. o 9 I "' i f. O V "N v . . . . - ' . g Q 1 v l 117 . . . . rx U - X .2 - , j F' 0 V U . . 01 ' I Nuff We f f ff ' U CLEGG S E E MOTORS A , AN 'E , Lincoln and Mercury ' ' - S rvice - 1 t - Auto Sal es - F1nanc1ng e - Parts - fu f fr :YJ X53 YU 3-3313 ' Port Arthur Z X 2 800 Surteenth Street K, DR CENTER ADDIES BEAUTY SHOPPE Lad1es Ready to Wear ESS AND FABRIC and 2.400 Memor1a1 Blvd Fme Fabr1cs Port Arthur, Texas Port Arthur, Texas SCDLJT I'-IEQYNI TOBACCO AND CANDY COMPANY Phone YU 3 3388 Port Arthur, Texas 4:5 6 12 7th Street Congra.tu1a.t1ons AUTO SERVICE AND SUPPLY HANDY ANDY S Port Acres , Q U 'T' RGBHV? lated ?44haa4. 5212- soon roon 7238 FASH I CDN TAIQPCDN I NN PtAh L.I'I3CDFI:S JEWELERS FOURNETS fc t YU 2 9488 P YU 5 8032 P PI:Ah PtAh WW by TO GREATER VALUES ANGFI I FCS USED CARS AND AUTO LOANS 61OSxt hSt P tA h I at Beaumont, Texas or rt ur Q. , Q", at C 9 m A ,'Q , I Men's Wear - Bet er Values 734 rocter Street 440 rocter or rt ur or rt ur 0 0 0 E . Ll! I wa i eent reet or rt ur v K S 4 rr 5"x5-5 - Good Luck, Senior s JACK SALVERT INS Q I PORT ARTHUR PLUMBING Port Arthur, Texas T'31:VI-ITQCS REAL ESTATE M 104 Canal Street, Port Acres Tired Driving ? Stop ANNINGS MOTEL Port Acres 1340 on Every Ra.d1o D1a1 KO LE Mus1c News and Sports Port Arthur, Texas El. Cl-4AT2132CD Arthur MEXICAN RESTAURANT 1814 Houston Ave Port Arthur Texas Port 2400 16th St VA VW N I C FRANK S WRECKER SERVICE at ' e pf . -fs? 0 , f-7 - ' 'JH X EX ,K I lHI'nl'l IIIIIEII SMITH S GROCERY RA 6 1931 West Pt Arthur Road Congratu1at1ons Sen1ors 1958 From the Port Arthur DISNIUKES COMPANY Furn1ture of D1st1nct1on YU 5 7451 428 Waco Port Arthur STANSEUQYS AUTO UPHOLSTERY YU 2 6661 225 7th Street Port Arthur EDDINGST ON AND WHEE LE SS INSURANCE COMPANY 5 1 0 Waco Port Arthur W fi A 2:-1bI:Nc.1:. BATTERY AND ELECTRICAL Q 4353! 35- COMPANY YU 3 4522 Seventh Street, Port Arthur Texas x 65 gf? 5296464676 my Q- f 8-wicks-gh ,. .- GRAMMIER CBER LE ff' 'N FUNERAL HOME QQ-if CHAS S NACOL 2520 Procter St YU 3 6631 Port Arthur Texas Congr atu1at1ons Sen1or s TQAHANS GROCERY Port Acres Texas ll-Pl 'l:'I'b1:5LJ1-QQ: I-I In Halr Styles 914 Procter Street BEAUTY SHOP Port Arthur, Texas Port Acres , .,v. :ZL - , ,fd H5 -.1 S! APM ...ggi ' A .xx 'fm M ,wiv W A x K R 1 L. 1 321 , ,ff K I s ' ,. . '- Viva: - 0-Ss'm sf . H E , 1 I I v . '.fI-Eg REV B A CARLIN, Pastor CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Port Acres EMMA LGKJS Late st Styles Canal Street Port Acres You W111 Always Be BEAUTY 51-10p Pleased Wlth HALLMAE KS CLEANERS Port Acres Port Arthur KIT S SPORTING GOODS 'X X 0 2 A LOUVIER FURNIT URE YU 5 8858 840 7th St Port Arthur CLAYTON AND THOMPSON FUNERAL HOME Z' X 553 Port Arthur VVATTS STUDIO The Headquarters of Fme Photography YU Z 1531 647 1fZ Procter Port Arthur Texas Comp11ments of ACRES DRIVE IN Best Food Ever RA 6 1681 Old Beaumont I-hghway FISH ER HUNT SHOP Says Congratu1at1ons Sen1or s Port Acre s SIXTEENTH STREET Reg1stered Pharmac1st Port Arthur, Texas Port Acres MM M1 , L., 6 SPARK S WRECKING YARD MURPHY RICHARD S SERVICE STATION Serv1ce When You Need It' Port Acres MEVEQS AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY YU Z 9466 148 Procter Port Arthur x 7'-T xl A 3 DRUG STORE Ag! 7 ,SQA . . .J f'N bf fi 3 at L ' Q 5'?'f?ZI ' U U A f A Supa! Se-ftdzbe ,, DEQCV VVI LTZ GROCERY RA 6 148 JCMMJUWL ELUESTEINS Qi MW? FY" W4 m-uopsu M TR Uc KING E'l2E ,LAD COMPANY VN A T Q' 1-X at ' Ji X if Ph - 1 Port Acres 62 at I 601 Procter Street Port Arthur, Te Q29 gg ' ,Qual ' : v IR P s res, , if X W +-HNQTE 1111 ELECTRIC COMPANY 4201 16th Street Electr1c Contractors Port Arthur Texas Hot Po1nt App11ances Call YU 3 7861 For Congratulatmns Quahty Grocer1es From Buy at PORT ARTHUR COLLEGE ACDLJI L.l NAS Procter Street 848 Houston Ave Port Arthur LAST MINUTE Liiir BEAU- f tN S 51205 V X BLUEBONNET Top Values and Savmgs X A 1 MATTRESS co 4 lm' um ag E YU .1 2771 It I I Port Arthur, Texas Tappan Maytag Westmghouse Lane Kroehler Fedders Motorola Bassette Colony Arts Sealy Mattresses WINBERG S FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE STORE 4348 L1ncoln Avenue Phone WO 2 3591 Groves, Texas .2111 g f I VTX' M fa E w . ,, hung A ' " 7 fm. 5 g 'ug f N K S ,Q r 4 H 05 , rf if A 5125:-S 'Where Youth Is K1ng Phone YU 3 1151 2005 Procter Street Port Arthur Texas Port Neches Quahty m Fasluons and FaSh10n From DQYDENS CLOTHING STORE Groves Texas ROOT BEER STAND Spec1a11ze 1n Hamburgers and Hot Dogs YU 2 3033 Port Arthur THE TGV F-ICJ USE Toys for All Ages A11 Year WO 2 2900 6283 39th Street Grove s Texas Congratulat1ons From VV?-I ITE AUTO STORE Groves, Texas BONEAUS RECORD SHOP AND RADIO SERVICE 2415 16th Street Port Arthur ,ALTEX ALUMINUM WINDOW CONIPANY fVert1ca1 G11de W1ndowsJ 1748 Lakev1ew Ave YU 2 6571 Port Arthur uf Q 5 4 A I N an C J J 4 - so of Clothes of L 2 I - in I Compliments of HANDY IVLAN LEYS GROCERY Owner GEORGE MANLEY 6078 Orange H1ghway Port Arthur WO 2 9197 CARL fmldtq g'8060ZC64 ALLEN INSURANCE AGENCY GROCERY Complete Insurance and Real Estate Serv1ce 2201 -,th St 1926 P1'OCte1' YU 5 2791 Port Arthur Port Arthur Very Best W1Sh8S From the Members of the PORT ARTHUR INSURANCE EXCHANGE Represent1ng Safe, Sound Cap1ta1 Stock Compan1es to G1ve Your Possessmns the Best Protect1on Poss1b1e Congratulatwns THE IV1 LJS IC. Sen1ors of 58 Owners O HENRY AND INEZ DECKARD Compllments of 333 Aust1n Ave A FRIE ND Port Arthur I Compliments of :af :cf :ef 4: WQWMW Compliments of -'ED I-l LJES 648 9th Avenue Port Arthur Texas 'DCDTZFF ATZT I-I LJT2 PLUMBING COMPANY 2 10 1 Bluebonnet YU 5 8895 Port Arthur VVAL KE2 ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Contractors Neon Sign Manufacturers YU 5 8422 Port Arthur Z A507659 FURNITURE CO and Appliances C ornpare V alue s Port Arthur Come to the SAEINE NATIONAL 'BAN I4 Serv1ces If You Have Money See Us If You Need Money See Us Muntz TV and Andria H1 F1 16TH STREET TV SERVICE 2430 16th Street YU 3 0231 Port Arthur Compliments of 1:- OAKS IF:A.'l2fv1S 'lDA.l2FE.E5 I I I Complete Home Furnishings For Complete Banking . i Give Your Ear a Treat QW 22g Ya f , Q5 "P Congratulations Jn. SOUND STUDIO CQOWN DRIVE INN Visit Us and Pick Your Hi-Fi YU 2 6131 2120 7th Street Port Arthur Port Arthur gg? Ig? 5 Compllments of fag 7f9Z I I ' CHESLEY GARLAND T 12OC'1:'QY P1ck Up and Dehvery 135 East 16th Street 2800 7th Street YU 3 0292 Port Arthur Port Arthur PORT ARTHUR MOTOR CO The Place to Buy or Order the Car of Your Cho1ce 3133 16th Street 5 2301 in VF? C13 , f s - YU - 7-lems , ' Advertxsed ln NU'I1gEL.LITE Llfe FOOD SUPPLEMENT Ava11ab1e natxonally only through authorlzed dxstrxbutors who serve you comfortably and confxdently 1n your home Invlte a d1str1butor today' Ask hun for a copy of the booklet FACTS about Vxtamms Mmerals and NUTRI LITE FOOD SUPPLEMENT For Dlstrlbutor Servxce Call RA 6 1401 Offxce 205 6th Street Port Acres of Nutriliteaff Food Supplement to call on you 8,1 sneak sql qgnolql aouxlag aurhq .znox .roy I SNVICIOLSDD HOL HNVI-Il. TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO : f .5-.LI 0 1?,Q'Q.f-.f' k-.Ja-M M- :fag ,-Q J-.-4 ,va L , f ,K P AE gf V g y gf' 1 , f if , , X',,.f F Qui 't V' V ,Q O U" f ef- x '.4 1 ' fcfgk w I .II 1- '. ,QE 9 "'Q'V-U0 .15-NY wk Y. Mx U--A Y-41 V

Suggestions in the Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) collection:

Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 27

1958, pg 27

Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 52

1958, pg 52

Steven F Austin High School - Eagle Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 106

1958, pg 106

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