Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH)

 - Class of 1956

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Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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X Y T A. w + -+fWfi JY 1 M ' if 55 K X V V gf J +m X H Y x N A-Af JVM + A7 ill.. 1. I L in X I 4 in V, qs 1 ' 2 , xx ' W X xv Q 'XV -I ,V WI Q T' 4 1 -'V 4 t ....-4ff"5g'4 wr N 4 ++ ,4v"' "QI I 'T ' C7 'VQ99 HSM Q .W NW? k fjjgfzj-If M! ,ff , A f M Q, ,fifw A Kia JZMQGJ , . .fffflf ' lf' .Q .Z 173 J W QQ ,W 0, We .1,p03,y?1 My w'g'iMfW'mKQL dm f" 4m WS z-S Q. M346 . WWW an W f ' ,www - in iyijfd V QA M ff Q MWWJTJJJWMKW VVJWM7 , , ffwwffikf 1353555 04' Ciwffw Gi M' jp WM Wi? 325526 QQ heheh 'A f My ' R L ' W VK if fl f M . S W Wmwwgf L li M5 V fy, Q Mi gif , The 1956 Steuben AQVMWJW Published By The MW.P',fj,QffW L Senior Class jf s, C ste uhhh ville High School 'F' Steubenville, Ohio CLASS FLOWER: Red Carnation CLASS COLORS: Blue and White CLASS: Se k K l d To Serve Well Pgl 1 9 1956 1 I . , ,141-5, , Uv. Q - 'fm-?l'5' Xxx.,-X E1 'ng 1?,1'u 'YY Jr ic. i" f V1 N. wg f, ' -1 ' FJ A I " ali. 5' .' -Y' ' ""' - . ,CM rl 4 X' J Jr .4 JV Jr 4 + + + J Jr 4 o ' 'I J r - ' r ' 122+-r W M J n i s, :nj ! pp' . . ifmgfbg. bu f ,r !Qg ivJr12'1m'3lX6" ' ' rl? A '.'. V' , lv,-..f'x' . Nxl':-L vnw ML' - r ,L 5 ,L R ,483 Jr Page 4 Table of Contents SENIOR DIVISION - ADMINISTRATION DIVISION UN DERCLASS DIVISION ACTIVITIES DIVISION ATHLETICS DIVISION FEATURES DIVISION ADVERTISING DIVISION 6-7 44-45 56-57 80-81 -100-101 120-121 138-139 THE CRIMSON AND THE BLACK QADAPTATION OF PRINCETON SONGl I Ill' 3 l I 1 Ii 4 V El-r -g FE d 4. I If l. Although Yale has nl-ways fav-cred, The vi - o - let's dark blue. 2, Thro'the four long years of High-School, Midst the scenes we know so well, 3. When the cares of ie o'er take V us. ' Mingling with gray, .Fill iliahid' 2 o fast our locks Q11 55? T5 :mi U I J An he gen - le sons Her - vard To the crim - son YOSB BTC lille' li. E J ' E lf :Inv lfn . Z " I we I F15 ff I I ri" I ' J .Q I lip' d X J I d t I of As h ys tic We 1 1 us y ' I Ulm' X r, I I J x x I I e m - charm to Knowl - edge vain - ly seek to spell. Should our dear - es hopes be - ray . False For - tune fall a - wnyg I1 Y- ijiii IQ-IIE Q3 . ' . C A . H , I A I :mm i . E iEJJT tif VLWF I . V I We will own our cal - ors splen-dor Nor hon - or shall they lack, Or we win nth - let - ic vic - fries On the foot - ball field. or truck, Still we ban ish care and sad-ness As we tum our mem - 'ries back, 1 I 11' mn EQ ' Lvl n 1 . YA-. I s J ie E N . . . 5 113. F . 1 P ' I 1 I E 'iffgr JiJ'J - I 1 ' W While the High School stands de - fend - er Of the Crim - son and the Blnck. Smill we work for dear old High -School. And the Crim - son and the Blnck. And re - call those days of glad - ness 'Neath the Crim - son and the Black. - 1 I . I I I ' I ' E l It I 'I :II ' I I . . ,I . I I Mum' copied by Jalan Sapa: Ward: Hiilld by Den llilouvich Page 5 gy! L X Class Officers President LOIS IRMA HOFMANN SGI-1099 Orchestra-1,2,3,4g F.T.A.-3,4, Treasurer 4g Y- Teens-2,3,4, President 4g Fonxmg Junior Red Cross-lg G.A.A.-lg Assembly Usher-43 Sta- dium Usher-4g Home Room Treasurer-lg Vice President-3g Senior Play Castg Math Club-3, 4g J unior-Senior Prom Committeeg Bible Club 2,3, 4. "I-Ier laugh is like a melody". Vice-President JAMES MARTIN DELONG "Ding Dong" Basketball-l,2g Golf-2g Vice-President Home Room 300-2g French Club-l,2g Key Club--3, 4g Junior-Senior Prom Committee. "Never a dull moment when he's around-" Secretary ROBERTA MAY HILL i5Bert99 Steuben Staff-43 Beacon Staff--43 Student Coun- cil-2g Choir-l,2,3,4, Treasurer-43 Forum 4g Junior Red Cross-l,2g Y-Teens-l,2,4g Bible Club-23 Assembly Usher-45 F.T.A.-3,4. "Dimples and cherry cheeks" Treasurer WILLIAM CLIFFORD WHITE "Whitney" Student Council-2. "The guy with all the money??" JOHN NEWTON ACCETTOLA UAceU Football 1 "I leave the Women Alone!" MILTON ROBERT SAMUEL LEWIS NICK ALINICH ADAMS ALBERTS Radio - TV Club: Student "Magi" "Sonny" Conncil 1. Home Room S4-on-tary l: Yofiitionzll Industrial Clnlm l, "Some of the best boys Student Council Reprcscntu- Z. tivo lg Choir l,Z,3,-13 Latin 1 "Rain or shine, Llnh 3: ltancl 4. "There's magic in the air" he's never on time" make the least noise" RONALD GENE ANDERSON uAndy1r Football lg Basketball 1,23 Baseball l,Z,3,-1: Home Room President 3: Home Room Treasurer 1,21 Spanish Clnh 4: Beacon Staff 4. '1This is work- here lies the difficulty" ROBERT ANTHONY JOHN APPLE ANZUINI "Johnny Appleseed "Babe" of S.H.S." 'New Grant C0nfectionery's contribution to Big Red." FREDA PAULINE ROSE ARAJAKIS llRoseH Hand 3,43 Latin Club 3.4: Secretary of Home Room Z3 .Xsseinlmly Unsller -lg Y-Teens 4. "Always the same, nice!" Page 9 WILLIAM P. ARTHURS uBilly9 Radio-'l'V Club 2.5.41 Hi-Y l: Bible Club l,2. "Men of few words are the best of men" KAY ROBERTA ATKINSON liuncl l,Z,3,-l-1 li.'ll..'X. 3,-lg See- retzlry of Home Room 33 Y- 'lleens 4. "Always soft spoken this bashful miss, knowing her makes your life full of bliss" AUDREY MARY AVOLI "Audrey" lfuture Nurses of Ameriea 3. -1: Rznlio 'I'.X'. Club 4, Sta- flium Usher 3.4: Rerl Cross Representative 43 Steuben Staff. "Those wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine!" WILMA MAY BAILLIE junior Red Cross l: junior Choir l: Future Nurses Clul 3,41 Office Girl 3,41 Hcacor Stuff: Steuben Staff, typist Treasurer H.R. 4: Assemblg lfsher 4. "A good example of sweet- ness, she's noted for her JOYCE MAY BAKER "Joycie" Homeroom President lg jun- ior Red Cross Z5 junior Se- nior P r o m Committee Home Room Vice President 43 Assembly Usher 43 Sta- dium Usher 45 junior Play Committee. "Joyce with charm and grace, always has a smiling face." Page 10 CHARLES FULLWOOD BALL "Chico', liootlmll lg Vive l'resillent Home Rlrlhlll .il-1, lg Presi- clent 4: Student Council Z3 junior Prom Connnittee: l,i- brary Staff 4. "The reason firm, the tem- perate will, endurance, fore- sight, strength and skill" CAROLE JEAN BARR "Carole" liuture Nurses of Anicrica 3, 4: Steuben Staff: Chorus l,Z3 Secretary of Chorus l: For- um 45 Office Girl 4, Beacon Staff: junior Red Cross Rep- resentative l,Z3 G.A.xX. lg Pepper Club l. "All that and natural curly hair!" neatness" WILLIAM BENJAMIN BATES "Boxcar" Vice Presiclent Home Roon .il-1, 3: Red Cross 1. l. KK He sleeps through history even his own!" DONALD E. BEAL 4iDon9! Yiee-l"resident 305. 1: For- uni SCI'gC2iIll-Zlt-2iI'lllS -li Los Amgos Sergeant-at-arms 43 Student Council Z,-lg junior Playg lieaeon Staff -l, .Nfl- vertising Manager: Cireulzi- tion staff of Steuben -ll l.i- brary Staff -1: Rarlio 'I',X'. Club -l. 'Genius is the capacity for evading hard work" ALEXANDER BEATTIE "Alex" lireslnnan llasketball lg Re- serve Basketball Z: Varsity lfontball 3: lfreneli Club l,Z: Lua .Xllllf.flPS J,-l. "My favorite fruit is dates!" CAROL JUNE BELFORD I'ep Club l,2. "Not too short, not too tall but fair and sweet and loved by all" GLORIA ANN BELL "Bell" Y-'l'eensg G.A.A.g Pepper Club: Student Council alter- nate. 4'Ful1 of fun and wit is she, and as merry as can be" DIANA MARIA BELLAS .Xssueiate liflitor of Steuben -lg President of French Club -lg lioruin -l: President nf Hmneromn SUS. lg 314, Z1 Beacon Staff: Treasurer of French Club 3: Pepper Club ll Senior-Junior Pftlillicllilll- mittee: Senior Play Cast. "Nothing common is worthy of her" PATRICIA BERRY Hpatn "The best of athletes" FRANK J. BIGLER liuotlmztll l,-lg llztsketball 1,25 'l'i'aek l,2Z Student Couneil 3. "Anyone have his homework done ?" JAMES ELLIS BLOOMER lKJim!P Nmnination Committee l. "No sinner, nor saint per- haps, but still the very best of best" Page 11 Sparky , in 1 ,, . junior ., PENELOPE BORDEN JUDITH LANE BOWERS EARL JAMES BOYD RACHEL RUTH BOYEI H H 44J.B.1l U lf I V I I at Clnl 34' Pla' I Penny Y-Tetris l: French Club 1,22 Chorus lg Big Red Scatt-rs jr. Red Cross l: Vice-Pres. 4. Hvawn Stuff 4. H.R. 305. Zg :X Cappella ' Chorus l.Z.3,-1: Senior-.lnnior "A pretty girl is Prom Committee. like a melodyn "Athletic, yes and sunny too, always smiling never blue" St-crc ary - Treasurer lloinc Room 305. I: 'l'rt-asurvr Home Room 305.21 l,I'k'SitlL'lll Home Room 305. 3: junior llroni Connnittcvl l'll'0Sllll'lZ1ll football lg lianrl Nllilliljlkl' 5. "Oh, that curly hair!" Connnittcu Cl'rogran1sl. "Just a naturally nice girl' DORETTE ELAINE MARJORIE BROOKS CHARLES BROWN SUE ANN BROWN BOYLAN "Brooksie" H f. . 'Brownie" Yqleens l'Z'3: Forum 4 W' LL-Ccrclc l:f2llll'2llS 3.4: Li- I md we are growing Se- Ilancl l,2,3,4g junior Pron Ulfflllliii SVC"'-'tafyi Sl'-'ulwll br:-try Staff 3,41 Studi-nt rious and In great danger of QlU!llllllllL'C 3: Steuben Stat Staff 43 Beacon Staff-1, Co- Council l: Future Nurses becomin duly, Art Committee: Vice Presi lfditorg Orchestra l,Z,3, sec. Club 3,-lg Beacon Staff 4. g clcnt Home Room 305,33 SCC 31 Los Amigos 43 jr. Red Cross 1,23 jr. Play Commit- tee: Senior Play Committee. "Tall, trim, and neat, sets the fashion without defeat" Page 12 "After all is said and done, there is only one-Margy" rotary Home Room 305.l 'llI'L'2iSlll'Cl' Home Room 305, 2 Forum 4. "Bright, happy, full of fun brings joy to everyone! MARLIN RALPH MILTON LEIGH MARTHA ANN JANE O'NEAL CABLE BURKET1' BURKETT BURKHARDT ,.Cable,, ju"i',r RMI fm 4' . mme Mmyn. ,, "Marti" mimi 1,z,5,4, ,luuiur Play "A quiet manner Iilmf' Hub li Radm lV llaucl l,Z.3,-lg lfurum 4: Cmumittee. finds a Way" Um' 5- Nurses Club 3,4-3 lleune nplacid and likeable HA friend in need llmnu Presuleut 305. Z: bet- by naturey, is a friend indeedn retzlry llmue RHUIII 305, 4: Yiee Presirleut Home Hmmm 302,11 I- iiCl'IlS l. "Miss Post Toasties of 1956" JAMES CALLAS JUDY ANN CAMPBELL "Jab0" "Campbell" Treasurer Hmue Rlimu SHS, Treznsurer Home Rnmu 305. -1: lffmtlmll l,.Z,.i,-l: Fresh- 3. man Basketball l. ,She has a soft look "Far From an Angel" but so has dynamite" CONSTANTINE GEORGE CARAS "Gus Gus" Chorus 1,233 ,Iuuinr Red Cross 3: Stadium Ushers .lg Steuben Staff, .Xssoeizlte lirli- tur 4: Forum -li ,luuinr Play Cast 32 lms .Xiiiigus 4. "A super student with activi- ties galore, does all that's re- quired, plus a little bit more" GLORIA LOUISE CARTER "Glo" lr. Rell Cruss 2,35 Nurses Clulr -lg Progrzuu Seller LS,-1. "A face so fair and a smile so rare" Page 13 JUDITH ANN CARTLEDGE ujudyn llaurl 3.45 French Club l: Los fxllllgtlbl 4: Y-'ll-cus l,-lg Future Nurses 4. "If silence were golden she would be a millionaire" MARTHA ANN CLARK WILLIAM COLEMAN LENORA JEANNE "Martha" "Bill" COLLINS Scereturyof lfrcslimau Hmue lfmmtlmall 3: liuskl-tlrall l,2, lueanne, liumu .3042 Kzuliu 'li.Y. fluln 5,41 lfuture Nurses Ululm 3,43 Office liirl 3. "She has a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute any mischief" ' . r ' .. . l 'K YPSS ,,I,ve got brains - Pm iluui ni lx-t l C 1,. l.Z.3. ,lun- savin, ,em for latern mr Qlunr l: lutru Mural Noon Gaim-s l,2,3. "Fun to be with" BETTY LOU COOPER USCOOPN . 4 UA.,-X, l: Pepper Klub lg Secretary of Junior Hmm- Roomg Nurses Clubg llig Red Sealers 4. "Always gay, never blue, thats our gal Betty Lou" RONALD EDWARD SARA CATHERINE COWLES CRANE "Runay" "Scotch" Vice - l'resicle11l lluuu-rmnu llig Kc-cl Sealer: Clmrus l 305. fi..eX..'X.1 l'epper Clulm l: Stu Ucars and gals are riuut C1llllll'll. attracted to Cowles" "A man is always better g'a.,,6,, A Cl 7 , Page 14 f2f?3w 6'4" wffgm than a book" is RUSSELL EARL CRAWFORD HRUSSH Stucleut Council 2.3.41 Prose- Cllllllg' .'Xttm'uey for Student Government Day Junior year: Treasurer of l-lmue Ronin 300. lg S0l'gCillll uf .Xrms Slurleut ClUllllCll 4. "He likes fishing especially pool sharking" wr DORIS JEANNE CRITSER UDeeY, Seeretary of Home Room 300. l. "Always happy, always gay, always carefree in her way" KENNETH ROBERT CRAWLEY Hcrowfl Spanish Club 43 Transfer Student Spanish Club, Has- ketball l. "School is fun but a bother too" ANDREW JOHN DALBENZIO "Cookie" Treasurer of Home Room 300, Z: Red Cross alternate -43 lleacon Staff 4: 'llranfer stu- clentg liztsketball l. "Cookie, always the same graduating is his aim" WAYNE EMERSON DALTON "Jose" Transfer student: Basketball l.Z,33 Baseball l,2. "A latecomer, but a credit to our class" ,7o'.4 --J-71343-lo 1--f,l LMI .., -I .l.., RICHARD FRANCIS DALY "Pie-Man" Hi-Y l,Z,3.4l Golf 1,2.3,4. "A daily smile" JOAN RUTH DAVIS Y-Teens l..Z,3,-4, Pres. 45 A Cappella Choir l,2,3,4. Sec. 41 lr. Play Cast 3: Pres. of Home Rumn 300, 3,45 Sec, of Home Runru 3iXl,ZI Forum 4: Sr. Play: l'lC3l'UlI Staff 43 Annual Staff 4: Racliu 'l'.V. Club 2.3: lr. Recl Cross lg l'lUlllCl'Ullllllg .xilkllililllt 4. "The silver lining of our class is all wrapped up in this fair lass" DOMENICK EDDY DE GEORGE lCD0mlY Stamp Club l: Treasurer Home Rmun 3. "Friend to all friendless to none" RAYMOND DELLA PENNA "Greece Ball" "Happy am I, from care I'm free, why can't they all be contented like me?" Page 15 FREDERICK DELPHIA DONNA DEVORE RAYMOND CLAUDE ELIODOR0 VINCENT ,,Fred,, .,Dee,, DILLY DOMANICO Laaml 23,41 Lug ,xlnig-Us 41 mint- emu, 11 x'-'lu-em 31 "Ray" "Leo" Dance Hand 4. Presirlent uf llli. Class -l. Nrtlfifllltllllil lnclustrinl Lllulw 3. Choir l,Z,.l,4Z French Club "Wit is his weapon" "Sweet and nice, full of "Black denim trousers, and :IL Vgcgiprgsldmlt Z3 Wrest' grace, everything nice, smil- motorcycle boots-" mg Ldmam 4,1 Haw' ing facet, I,all l,Z,3,4: jr. Red truss 12 Math Club 4. "If he's your friend, he's your best friend" 3 LYNN ELLEN DONKIN KENNETH HENRY JAMES BRYAN ALAN MURRAY Forum: Secretary of Sophn- DREYER DUNLOPE EHZIETR more Class: Home Rnmn ll 1 f luninr Clzlssg 1 , . Q . X President 1.23 Los Alnigos .lg HKenn f1ES2l'E'l3'4vlQjiL-Q. president 43 kiwi. 'Afiflsiozlugrgsilheufgusdgl Freshman Steuben Attefncl- ,, . ,, KQV ghd, 34. Math Club 'H V' - ' "jf 1 . - ' N0t 3 Cafe 111 the W0fld - . ' ' . - ness Manager 3 President 4, ant, bophmuore. ji u n 1 u r 54: Jr- 5r, prom g4,m,nmQr-3 gteube g t a 'f f Buginegg Steuben Queengrxtheerleacler hlr. Play Cununittee: Student Qx1ana,,?r,' Junior bla Cas? 4: F'I'A' 264, lreasurer 3: t'mnu'il Z: Vice President of ' to 151. C .t. Lf,-Umm! he gentle l'f3l1C?11S1 Hrnne- Home Rmnn 300,33 'llraek 33 S53 xizobiate Edi- Cflmlllg Queen 4, ' Senior junior Prmn Corn- mr: Stu?l0nt'cl0i1HlCil ll ' "Cute, neat, and mighty IIIIUVC- sweet, For "talking eyes" "He looks serious but "Peppy, full of fun, work 01 she can't be beat" don't let it fool you" play, he gets it done" Page 16 Pepper Club lg jr. Choir: Y JAMES A. ENSELL HJim!l lfnotliall l.l.3,-li Vlvrcstliug .',-1: Basketball l.Z: Track l, 1.3,-l: Hcacmi Staff 4: Ohio State Heavywcigllt XYrcst- ling fliamp. "Top, heavyweight Champ of the state" JOAN ANN EVANS SANDRA KAY FAHEY JARUSHIA LORRANINE HJ0dyYY HSandyH ll P 1i.rX..X. lg Y-'ll-cus l,2g l'cp- Senior - junior Prom Coin- Candy, INV lfllllf ll WU' VNS- ll mittee: llaml l,2,3.-l: Orclies- !i..rX.A. l,Z: Assembly Usher lyrwlllclll Hmm' R""m 311' tra 3' Sll'llllk'Il Staff' IIUZICUII 3 3: lit-acrm Staff 3: Stvulrcn Stnff'-1. I, ...Ii t HR gm " Staff -l: StllflL'lll Council 41 ' A , Nlllln ' " ' "A girl with mischievous llig Rcvrl SL'Iill'I'S 3,43 lk-11 43 x'lL'4"'5 -V-li waysn 'tally Lshcr 4' "One of the Queens "Ever gay, ever glad, never behind the scenes" good, yet never bad" SANDRA LEE FISHER usandyn .C 4. "Nice to have around" HAROLD RICHARD FITHEN f-Dick" Y.l.t'. 3. Yin- I'rcs. of V.l.C. ,N -v . .a. lI'k'ZlSlll'l'T' ol X.l.K. 4. "You can depend on him anytime, anywhere, anyway" RICHARD DAVIS FORRESTER "Beebs" llaucl l,2: Secretary Home Ronin Zll, lg lh-:icuii Staff 4. "Pm a friend of the working mang I'd rather be his friend than be one" HAZEL ANN FRAY Choir l,2,3,4: Nurses Club 3 Spanish Clubg junior Red Cross. "The best girls make the least noise" Page 17 CHARLES D. FULTON "Chuck" Varsity football l,2,3,4g Var- sity baseball l,2,3,4: Key Club, Chaplain 4, President of Freshman Class 13 lloy's State 33 Latin Club 3,4, Offi- cer of Home Room Zll, l,Z,3, 4: Student Government Day, Coroner 3. "Answer to a teen-age prayer" WILLIAM C. FULTON Football 1,2,3,4, D u n c a n trophy Award for football: Haseball l,2,3,4, Treasurer of Freshman Class: Key Club Z,3,4, Treasurer Z,3, President 43 Student Gov- ermnent Day, County lingin- eer 3: Buckeye lioys' State 4, Forum 4. "A laughing, fighting, charg- ing end, who oft opponents' lines did bend" GEORGIA POPPY GALATOULAS Y - Teens 3,4, Membership chairman, 43 Orchestra 2.3, 4, President 41 French Club 3, Secretary 3: Forum 4: Choir 1: Radio T.V. Club 45 Steuben Staff - special fea- tures 4: Beacon Staff 4-3 Gym Usher 4: Senior Play Cast 4. "Bundle of joy" LINDA SUE GALLAGHER junior Prom 3: Junior Plaj 33 Band 3,43 Steuben Staf 4: Forum 4: Los Amigos 4 Vice President 43 Radio T.V Club 4: Transfer from Cath olic Central 1953, St. Aloy sions Club 1,23 Crusade Staff 2: Band 1,Z: Christo phers l,2. "Her heart's with the Navy ANITA GESCHEIDER Los Amigos 41 Red Cross 1 Orchestra 12,33 r. Choir ac- companist 3,43 Y-Teens 3,4-Z Student Council alternate 43 Forum 4: Junior Prom Com mittee Steuben Staff 4 Steuben Queen 4. "A certain attraction that causes reaction" Page 18 THEODORE JOSEPH GIAMMARCO UTedY, Student Council 1: Football l,Z,3,41 Baseball 13 Track 3: Key Club 4: Latin Club 3: Beacon Staff 45 Treasurer Home Room 300, 4. "Speaking of cards- what a joker" LAWRIN FERD GIANNAMORE Football l.Z,3,4: Baseball 1.2, 3,41 Basketball l,2g Latin Club 3. "He came He saw, He conquered all" 'i if JOHN HARLAND GILCREST JR. HGH!! Jr. Class Treasurer: Band 4: Hi-Y 3,-4, Vice Preside 4: Chorus 1 g Home Preside 33 junior Senior Prom Col mittee: Forum 43 Steub Advertising Committee Math Club 3,41 French Cl 1,Z: Basketball manager Senior-Junior Prom Comm tee. LILLIAN MARIE PEGGY ANN GIVENS GILLEN ti..'X..-X Z3 Y-Teens ll MLW, "Lucky in Love" Student Council Z: Yoca tional Commercial 4. "A sunny face and a contented smile" CHARLOTTE ANN GOLDFEIN Secretary of Freshman Class lg lireshman Queen Attend- ant lg Hand l,Zl,3,4, Vice l'residt-nt 4: Majorette 2,31 llrinn Mznjorette 4: President uf Home Room Zll, li Sec- retary of Home Room Zll, 3-300. 4: Ilonn-coming at- tvndent 4. "Beauty, brains, gaiety ga- lore. CAROL ANN GRAHAM Y-Teens 13 President of Home Room 207, 23 Stadium Usher 3,45 Assembly Usher 4: Steuben Staff 4: Beacon Staff 4: Pep Rally Usher 4, Prom Committee 45 Steuben Queen Attendent 43 Senior- jnnior Prom Committee. "From shining hair to danc- ing feet, she spends her time just being sweet" Westinghouse Strike Lingers JEAN JOSEPHINE GRANDINETTI Orchestra l,2.3Z S t u rl e n t Council 1: Yice President of Home Room 207, 2: Y-Teens 1.2: Steuben Staff 4: Forum 4: Cheerleader 2.3.42 Pepper Club 1: G.,-XA. lg Assembly Usher 45 junior Play Cast 3: Senior-Junior Prom Com- mittee. "Lots of vim and vigor" CHARLES F. GREEN JOHN TALBOT . . . . GREENLEE X ocational Industrial Club GENEVIEVE GRIFFIN ucennyn M 7 Lf ,Zg Y-Teens 1. 34 lraek teanl l,-. 1 X X 1 "Boys, Boys, Boys!" "Worry, what's that?" "Known for her love of sports" Page 19 GERALD ANTHONY GRONCESKI uJerryn Band l,2,3,4g Key Club 45 Student Council 3,43 State Music Contest 3,41 Junior Prom Committee Treasurer of H.R. 207, lg Orchestra 2, 35 Senior-junior Prom Com- mittee. "Blow, Gabriel, Blow" FRANCES GRUMET ICFran!Y Pepper Club lg G..fX..'X. lg Radio-TV Club 33 liig Rell Sealers 2,33 Junior Play. "Her smile is never left at home" JACQUELINE WILLIAM A. GUINN GUALTIERE .,Biu,, "Jackie" llaml l,2.3,-lg Hi - Y 2,.s,4 Vllransfcr Studi-ntl Sgq.-at-.Nrins 3: VVrestling Hwe know her by her jolly lt-am Z3 .All Ohio Boy: liancl 34' State Music' Con- ' h f' dl h " ' ' au, EL Zazzkyhljyl er test 13,43 Orchestra Z: Se- nior Play: Senior junior Prom Cmmnittee. "Mischief is my hobby" WILLIAM DONALD HALES "'Bill" Band l,Z,3,4, Pres. 43 Vice President of Freshman Classg President Home Room lg Key Club 2,3,4g Track: Tennis 3.41 Hi-Y 3,43 Forumg Math Club 304: Student Council 3,43 Junior Class Play. "Ambition leads to success" Page 20 SYLVIA H. HALL Hsyln Hand 33 fTransfer Studentj Pastor Club, Basketball team "The world is her wonderland" JOHN HANLE "Easy Come, Easy Go" 3 e i ALTON HARRIS "Altoona" Track l,Z,3g Basketball 1,2 Football 1.23 Junior Re Cross lg l, ntramurals. "It's worth the price just to be nice' SHELIA HELEN HARRIS Choir l,.Z,3.41 French Cluh 21 Senior-junior Prom Commit- tee: President of Home Room 4: Secretary of Home Room l. "One of the hardest workers in our school, always fol- lows the Golden Rule' " JANET SUE HASTIE "Susie" llanrl l,2,3,41 Nl1ljUI'1'llQ Z,.5,4g Y - Teens 13,43 Future Nurses 3.43 SlL'lllJl'll Staff 4: lforuin 4: :XSSL'llllllj' Usher 4, Yicc l'resiclc-nl of Home Ronin 207, lg Senior junior I'i-inn Conunittco. "Sincerity is the key to friendship" JANE ELIZABETH HAVERFIELD "Haversack" blr, Rt-rl Cross l,2,41 fi..'X.A. l Rig Rr-fl Scam-rs 4: Senior junior I'rmn Committee 4 , . .-A .. -...L.......,.l.. junior Play K omnnttcm- 3, lk-afoii Stuff 4. "Our own blues singer" TOM NEIL HAVERFIELD Football 1,2,3,4g Track 23 President of S 0 p h omore Class. "Tall, dark and so handsome" ELIZABETH HAWKINS "Lizzy" Radio 'l'.V. Club 43 Y-Tec-ns 4: Stadium Usher 4. "A crazy sense of humor" WILLIAM N. HENDRICKS Hwacll 'l'r:1ck 4. "I rest well in all my classes" LORA LEI HERNDON Spanish Club 23,43 French Club 3.4: F.'l'.A. Z, Trans- lcrrccl from Bridgeport High Svhoolg Los Amigos. "One we all admire, lots of spirit, lots of fire" WORMLEY CLIFFORD HOOE "Cliff" Band l,2,3,4g Orchestra 25 Dance Band 3,43 Treasurer of Homeroom 211, 3,43 Re- gional Music Contest 25 Re- gional and State 3,43 Senior junior Prom Committee. "A friend of man is he" Page 21 ROBERT LEE HOPE llBobYl Vocational Industrial Club 3, 43 Vice President Home Room 211, 45 Vice President Home Room 204, 1. "Big Reds own movie star" KAY FRANCIS HORTON Choir 12.3,-lg Home Room Secretary 1.2,-1: Nurses Club 3,-l, Viee President 3, Presi- dent 43 Y-'lleens 1,23 Assem- lwly Usher 4: Steuben Atten- rleut 4. "The fortune of this lassie fair, lies most of all in her glorious hair" ROBERT HUBBARD SHIRLEY ANNE IRWIN UB0bU Hshirln "Friendship is found Pepper Club lg Y-Teens 1,2 in his smile" Student Council 2, "A quiet but pleasant person Y SANDRO CLETO ' JANUTOLO uJanv! Basketball M a n a g e r 3,41 Baseball Manager 3,43 Hi-Y 3,4g Los Amigos, 4. "Known by all as a real swell guy" Page 22 RUTH JOHNSON "One of those rare persons who is everyone's friend" SUSAN MINETTA JOHNSON usuew Co - liditor of Steuben 4: liezmeou Stuff 4: A Cappella killlbll' l,.Z,3,-lg Jl1lllUl' Red Cross Representative 1,23 Bi- lmle Club l,2. Vice President 2: :Xssemlxly Usher 3,43 Sta- dium Usher Z,-lg Forum 45 Los .-Xuiigos 4, Chaplain 43 "A heart as big as her appetite" i ez il. l ROBERT JONES Track 3. "He deserves his many frieni HAROLD LEE KELLER GENE RAYMOND FRED KENNEDY "Shorty" KELLEY "Little Mole" Choy-U5 l,2, uQuiet deeds Student Council l,Z. accomplish much' A I U - YY "A friend of many real mee chap and a foe of none" HENRY ZANE KIRK A Cappella Choir 1,2,3g Hi- Y l,2,3,4q Key Club 3,4g Sec- retary 4: Pres. Los Amigos 4: Buckeye Boys' Stateg For- um: Tennis Team 3,43 Senior junior Prom Committee. "Dear Future here I come" JUANITA ELEEN KOCSIS JOYCE ELISSA EVELYN MAE KOTUR RICHARD HENRY "Kokie" KQALOTE "Eve" Y-Teens 1,22 Stadium Usher Joy Rod Cross Representative 1. Pres. Student Council: V.P. .33 Los Amigos 4. "A quiet manner finds a way" ushe loves to live "Thoughtful, nice to know, and lives to love" that's why we like her so" junior Classg Key Club l,2,3, 43 Prom Committee 35 Buck- eye Boy's State 43 Forum Trcasurerg President Home Room 204, 1: Vice-President 2022-3g Hi-Y 1,2. "Dick is always in a whirl, either on the job or with his girl" Page 23 WALTER CLARE LATHEM Mathematics Club 3g Trans- ferred from Hopedale in l954. "Just a real great guy" LINDA CLAIRE LEICY LEE ISRAEL RONALD ERNEST LEWIS "Leecy or Toots" ASTOR LEVINE "Louie" Y - Teens l,2: Urcllestrzi 3: T,lt'lll'l'l14'l'YASl"iEl5 ,l1'l'll:"l5 Student Council l,Z,3,4: Hi- !-1 1 193614, mrs... 3,43 'ornm , :ee rt-siren 3 V . H ywvue Qlrkilillilll AS- iiL'2It'ltlll 3.4, Seunul SL'lllL'Slt'l' X, 1' fyprlmduit of Hume semblv Usher -li il'rr-usnrer C"'l'+'lll""5 lfflllll mul' 'lv 'Munn 'U4' uf Htime R,,,,m 3433, 3: yin... lifllgflllll klll2lll'lllI,lllQ liiirlt- HG. I d . 1 ,, President of Home ltmmi CY? BUYS 5l?llV3 RU' Ulllll 'li lgg es an more glgg es 2 'W' 4' "If all hooked their dreams "Litle, cute, full of fun, she to a star, they, like Lee is popular with everyone." would surely go far" ARNOLD EDWARD LIPSON "Arnie" Steuben 3,4, Photographer 5 Beacon 3,4, Pliotographcrg Math Club 33 Pepper Club lg Senior Play Cast. "Our space man "Flash Lipson" Page 24 FRUME ROCHELLE LITTLE Steuben Staff 4, Advertising Staffg liditor of Beacon, first semester: tlorrespomliiig See- retary, Furnm 4: Los Ainigos 43 Secretary 43 junior Play 3: Advertising Cmnmittee Radio-'l'.V. Club 3,45 Senior Play Committee. "One of the sweetest girls we know, work is her middle name" ARNOLD W. LITTRELL JR. HDubYY Ili-Y 3. "Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you!" JAMES RICHARD LOHMANN lljimff Iiancl 11.3.43 Hi-Y l,2.3,1 Dance Hand l,2,3,4g Seen tary of Home Room 207, 1 Sergeant-at-Arrns of Lt Amigos 3: Senior - Junic Prom Committee. "With his fingers on tl keys, many an audience l did please" ZONA MACGREGOR Hzoelf Chorus lg ti.A.pX. 1: Pep- per Club 1: Y-Teens l. "Being good natured is the best part of living CAROLE LYNNE DAVID WILLIAM MACPHERSON MADISON HMerkyH HDaveH Pepper Club lg ti,.X,.-X. lg A Cappella Choir l,2,3,-li Steuhen Staff: lleneon Stznffg NYM-stling 3,-l: ,lil'C2lSlllAl'l' of ,, Usher -lg llolne Room 207, 4. "Good at fight, better at play, "Save the clutch, Dave" generous at giving, that's her way" MARJORIE ANN MALEY "Margie" "Our little Margie" Connie Mack Dies JOSEPH H. MANSON SHARON ELAINE ARLENE JANE MAPLE loothall 1,21 'mek iz. MAPEL mimi 5,41 Y-'IR-ens 21 los '-The situation is well in "Tm" 'l"l'g"S 4' hand" Stadium Usher: ll e at ft o n "Natural grace and a warm Staff, 43 Steuben Staff, smile" Seniors 4: Rell Cross Alter- nate 43 Y-Teens 1,43 Chorus l. "Great things have little beginnings" MARCELLA ELAINE MAPLE Steuben Staff 4: lieaeon Staff -1: Forum 4: Y-Teens l,3,-1: liancl l,2,3,-13 Major- ette 2.3513 Chorus 4'g Presi- clent of Home Room 2,3, Sec- retary ll Vice President of Sophomore Classg Steuben Queen Attenrlent 2,33 Assem- hy Usher. "Music and personality blended to a high degree" Page 25 HOLSIE MATHEWS, JR. Choir l,Z,3,4, Vice President 43 Basketball 23. "Man, what a voice!" TOM MAZZAFERRO JO ANN FAY MCAVOY DONNA LOU uMass9v uJou Football 11 'mek 1,21 Math Radio '1tv. Club 41 Y-'ri-eng J1"1if'f,CHl'if 1? Senior Choi Club .ug Howling Club 4g 1,2. 5-31 Vlfeus 12? Nurse Senior - unior Pr m C ni- J U U "Good sport-good fun" mittee. ' "Praised by those who know him as a real chap" Club 31 Los Amigos 4. "A quiet, but, pleasant personl CHARLES ROLAND MCCONNELL "Chau" Vocational Industrial Club 1,2. "Quiet deeds accomplish much" Page 26 DEAN MCELFRESH GARY L. MCELROY fCMackll UMacU Basketball l,Z,3: Transfer- 'llransferrecl from Leetsdale, red from Brilliant High Pennsylvania in 1953. Sfllllllll. uFor hess a good "A friend to all" fellow" MARY ANN MCFEELY "Mary Ann" jr. Choir lg French Club 1,2 Y-Teens l,2g Band Z,3,4 Majorette 45 Beacon Stal 43 Spanish Club 45 Peppe Club 1. "What the best dressed gi: will weai JAMES DAVID MCCRAW KlJim7l Hi-Y 1.2.3,-11 Chaplain of Hi-Y 4: junior Play 33 Math. Club 3.43 Forum -11 Camera Club 2: Radio 'I'.Y. Club Z, "Men of few words are the best men" ELEANOR LOUISE MCINTOSH Eleanor" Steuben Staff -lf: Beacon Staff 3: lflancl LS,-ll Y-'lla-ens 1,41 lforum 4. "Always sunny side up" SHIRLEY ANN MEADOWS -lunior Choir l. "To know her is to like her" BARBARA ANN MECHLING "Mech" Y-Teens lg Pepper Club lg Student Council lg G..-XA. lg Cbeering l,3,-15 Steuben Staff 4, "Pd rather dance than eat" A Grace KeIIy1Warrie.s' Royalty MARIAN MELLISH ROGER EUGENE ANDREA MARIE HENRY PAUL MILDNER lfrencb Club 2.3,-15 President of French Club 3: Radio 'll,Y, Club 3.-lg Junior Real Cross 3,-lg Pepper Club 1: Presimlent of Forum 43 fi.A.A. lg Junior Play Cust 53 Senior Play Cast. "Willing to lend a helping hand in time of need or strong demand" MENEAR Hi-Y l,2,3,-1: President of Home Room 202,13 Forum 4g Steuben Staff 45 Student Council A-Xlternate: Senior Prom Committee 43 Senior Nominating Committee 3g Freshinan Choir lg A Cap- ella Choir 2: Stage Man- ager junior Play 3g Tennis 'Never a dull moment" MIKULA uAndyn Treasurer uf Los Atnigos-1: Y-Teens 2,3,-lg Nurses Club 3: junior Play Committee .53 junior Choir lg junior Red Cross l. "If you need someone with work who's handy, there's no one better than this girl called Andy" Hand 4. "The only way to have a friend is to be one" Page 27 CAROL LYNNE MILLER Chorus l,2,3,43 l'i.'ll.:X. 3.4, Presiclent 43 Forum 43 Steu- ben Staff 41 Radio T.V. Club Z,3,-1, Secretary 4: jr. Play 3: Secretary of Home Room ZIUZ. l,3: Secretary of Home Room 200,23 Pep :Xs- sembly Usher: Y-Teens l,Zg Junior Prom Committee 5: "Keen, cute, and cut out right" GENEVIA ANNIE MILLER "Gene" Pepper Club lg Y-Teens 3,-1. "Though ,.many ,girls shave come and passed, the name Genevia will always last" RONNIE MILLER "Miller" Bible Club l,23 Raclio TV. Club 3,-1. "Sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit" BEVERLY ANN MILOSEVICH UBevU Y-'ll-eus l: Radio T.V. 3 Staflium Usher 3.4: Beaeor Staff 33 Steuben Staff 4 uuclerelzissmeng A s s embly Usher 4: Los Amigos 43 Pep Rally Usher 4. "Bev" is one senior girl who's as precious as a pearl" JUDITH ANN MONTGOMERY uJu dy!! jr. Choir lg A Cappella Choir 23 Basketball Usher 4. "Why gentlemen prefer blondes" Page 28 CHARLES RONALD MORGAN "Ronnie" Hi-Y 25.4, Chaplain 5, President 43 Key Club 3,4, Treasurer 4: junior - Senior Prom Committeeg Math Club 3: Senior - junior Prom Committee. "After many years and friends have gone, we'll always remember the guy called Ron" JACKIE JAMES MORGAN uHead1l Football l,Z,3,-13 'llruek l,2,3, 4. "Of such we are proud" JOE MICHAEL MOSES U-Moe!! VVrestling 2,1 "I like to laugh, I like to sing, I like to do 'most everything" DEBORAH JANE MUNSEE "Debbie" liancl l,2,3,-1, Secretary 4: Orchestra l.l.3: Forum -ll ,luniur Play: jr. Rcfl Cross 4, "Few things are impossible with dilegence and skill" KENNETH CLAUGH MUSGRAVE HKenY, XYrcstlil1g' LS. "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die" di-Af qjpl! Lifffff flew ALICE KAYE NEEL St-ninr - junior l'rmn Umi- niittcci HL'2ll'Ull Staff 43 'Vrcasurcr of Home Romn 200, l: Prcsirlt-nt of Home Nrmlll 100, .ZZ ll V011- pcr Ulnb l. "Her heart is like the moon- there's a man in it' Y EFFIE JANE NELSON "Janie" liancl l,Z,3,-lg Majorctte LJ. 4: Prcsicflnt of Home Room 209, l: 'llrcasurcr of Home Rmnn 200, Z: Vice President uf Home Room 202, 43 As- sembly Usher: licacun Staff 4. "Short, cute, a twinkle in her eye, she never lets a man go by!! JOHN EDWARD NIEDERHUBER lli-Y l.2,3,-S. Treasurer 4: Math 3: Key Club -11 junior- Seniur Prom Crmiiriittt-0 3: Senior - junior Prmn Cmn- niittce -l. "John is just another exam- ple that great people aren't heard much" JOSEPH WILLIAM JERRY MCHOUGH NANCY MARLENE NIEDERHUBER NOLTEMEYER NORRIS lfrcncli Club l. "Jerry" jr. Choir lg Y-Teens 3. "Of the faithful sort Chorus l,Z,3.-1, President 45 "She passes like a YOU C-'ill rely UPON" U - 1 - ., pleasant thought" Big Reds MHIIO Lanzo Page 29 TANIA LEE NOVINGON "Tanie" Forum 4: Steuben Staff -l Future Nurses 3,-1. 'Frcas er, 43 Vice Presirlex ur- ll nf Home Rlilllll 2170, Z3 Y-'l'e Z1 Pepper Klub l: 1,,.-XA, l "She who lives quietly, lives well" SUZANNE OCHSENBEIN "Susie" Rzuliu 'l'.V. Flulm 3,-1. Vice l?l'L'Slflt'lll 41 junim' Play .33 Steuben Staff 41 ll:-xml 13, -ll ,luuiur l'rcnu Cmnmittee cus 3: Y-'l'eel1s l,2: l'.Hl'1llll -1: lfuturv Nurses 5,-l. "Cute, perky and full of fun" EDWARD LEROY PAULINE OROLOGAS 0'DEU- "Paula" "Eddie" luuinr Red Uruss l. "A shy, but wonderful guy" HA friendly regard for all she meetsl JOSEPH ORLANDO F. DAVID ORRIS Hlloeli IIHOI-sei, l'4I'CSlllll21ll lfnuthall l: Los 'x'.l.C'. 3.4. fgnqigqyg 3,4, 'eWe think a lot of this guy" "Why take life seriously, you'll never get out alive" .,,. if sfo! 52 f 7 f Pa3 M2.J1,,, JOSEPHINE IRENE ORSINI 44-,on .luuiur Red Cruss lg Secre- aucl treasurer of Home Rumn l05. 3. "Being friendly is her well worn rule" NANCY ANTOINETTE ORSINI xtNanJ! junior Recl Cruss l. "An unconventional manne all her own CAROLE ANN PAYNE UCYH . ,- - . i1..'x.A. l: Radio Llub 3,43 Script Manager -l: Student Director 4. "O Cod give the world com- mon sense beginning with mel! JOHN FOSTER PERKINS "Perla" Hi-Y lg Treasurer uf Home Rlilllll 202, -ll Setliur-hilllliul' Prom Cmmnittec. "The cinders fly as Perk goes by" ELIZABETH MARIE PETRELLE ULiZYl llanrl l,2,.i,-lg Future Nurses J: Y-Teens l: Student Coun- cil Z: President of Home Rmmi HPS, .ii lieaeun Staff: "It's better to be little and shine than to be big and cast a shadow" ANDREW WILLIAM PETTRESS HAndy!l Key Club -1: Student Council 3.4, Sgt, of Arms 3: Nice President of Home Ronin ltl5, 3: 'llreasurer of Home Ronin NPS, 1,23 lfootball l,Z, 3.-il Basketball l,Z,34. "Of all who are bright he outshines them all" BEVERLY JOYCE PHILLIPS Pepper Club 13 i3..X..X. l: Reserve Cheerleader l: Pres- irlent uf I-lmne Ronin 25 Secretary nf Home Ronin l: junior Refi Cross 3: Varsity Cheerleader -ll Steuben Staff -lg Heat-mi Staff -l: Assent- bly Usher -ll Priun Cnnnnit- tees 3,-l. "With a smile, and a cheer, she's nice to be near" WAYNE HENRY ROGER FRANCIS PETER SCHAEFER PICKFORD POI-CYN PRICE ., - ,, MFI hn Un- liclitur nf Steuben: Pick as ,luninr - Senior Prom Com- UA quiet manner AX Cappella Choir 2.3.-lg Iii mittee? Senior-junior Prom finds his way., y 2014: Km. muh 4: Jlmim. Qillllllllflti-L'Ivbfllllill-Ill,1I len- , V 'A f . I lllS 3: Hi-X LS,-l: lxey Club l'l.13 kristi itiflllll-1, Math 3.4: Math Club 3: Junior Club 31 Class Uilnr Cmninit tee .21 Student uuneil 2. "There's only one way a good guy can go-up Play 3: Senior Play Castl President of Home Room lU5. lg Latin Club -15 Treas- urer -l."Curious to see what the novelty might be" Page 31 "Wish you could have PAUL ARTHUR DAVID QUINN BOBBY KEITH CLARENCE FREDERICE PROLAGO ..Squme1,, REEVES REITTER 1A little nonizrijeand menu na-Y 3,41 141-,W rim, 4. "G00fuS Rufus" "SONY" mn ., wlsdom' but greater is he liilllfl l.2:3,-ll ,luniurr Kewl Pareglui lsogoreiagenigvs an who has friends" Lruss Z: liaskvtball .23 Hear- ull 5t :iff -lg Orclu-stra 1.2: I l 1-X SL'l'I'k'f2ll'j' 4. "He's happiest when he's idle" JAMES RAYMOND JEAN RAE RHODES DIANE LEE RISER DOROTHY GAIL RHODES "Jeanie" "Dee" RITCHEY KK ,Y If ' Y, Dusty Vllraiisfur Slllflblliil 3 l".'l'..-X.: Hand 3.4: Vim- Prcsirlcnt squmce flransfer Stuflcntl: Pro- Y3I'n-urls: l'..ll..'X. l, Yirc llmnu Ronin lll5,33 Y-'Il-cn Student Council 1: junior Jectiun Club 2,31 Hi-Y 33 l'rc-siclcnt, Z S c 4' r c t Z1 ry: -lp junior Rcrl Cross Alter- Rr-cl Cross 33 Steuben Stafl Choir l,Z,3: Latin Club 3. Ifreiicli Club 3: Y - 'll-cn natbc Z3 Latin Club 3,-l' 4: Beacon Staff 43 Big Red mmm-i zz cii.,.-Us 1.3.5. 4'--YN l- been here longer" Q-Ier pgfrs nality is as w t .mgfulfll hef friends like and vi as her eww prize her, why of course 1t'S J 10' L , ' ' ' it Dx Ni I lvl N 1 l QNX A Page 32 ' X W H Pr-,bl ,f' ml ul' ill NLML ,L'iJllJj Diane Riser ' Seaters 5,41 Junior Play Cast 3: Library Staff 3,4. "Just a, Gail of Laughter" JOSEPH RIZZO UJOEYY "Slowly, but, surely" BILL RIZZO I'l't'5lllClll of Home Ronin ltbtl, l Z: lrt-sicleut of Home Ronin 100.31 Vive l'rt-sirlt-ut of Hmm' Ronin 105, 13 Hi-Y lg Librztry Stuff 43 Hzlskctlmll 2' l'rt'siflt-ut uf Hmm' Ronin 1112, -I3 Scllifu'-blilllim' l'ruu1 K4Illlllllllt'l'. "Did you ever look him straight in the eyesg try it sometime - wow - some sur- prime" MARGARET AN N ROACH "Squince" 'l'rcztsurcr of Home Rwmu 1, .53 Vim' l,!'CSltlt'llf of Home Ronin .23 SlL'llIlL'll Staff 4: Itt-:it-im Stuff 4: Big Rt-cl St-atvrs -1: IR-upcr Club l 3 tQ,.X.,X. ll Stl'llllL'll .Xssclulmly 4 "Five - foot two. eyes of blue, and OH! what those two eyes can do!" DONNA JUNE ROWAN Baud 3,41 Secretary of Home Ronin 100, 3. "Th ought is deeper than all speech" LESTER WALTER GLENN DALE RUNYAN GLENNA JUNE SAM MIKE SIMERA ROWLEY 5l'l1i"f WHY CHM 4. SHIRKEY "Hears a lot, sees a lot, "Les" "Still 0l'1 OUT list" ushirkeyn gays nothing' Wrestling 3.4: Track 4: Ilaurl l,Z,3.-1: Los Amigos Student Cmuicil 1: Racliu- .33 Orclicstra 3,-1. ll. Klub 4: jr, Red truss ,The only way to have J If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again" a friend is to be one Page 33 BARBARA JEAN SIX "Barb" "A ready smile makes a host of friends" GERALD sM1L0v1Tz "Smilly" l'lll'2IllSfL'l'l't'Il frmu lilgiu .Xcaclcuiy in N551 1 l'l1ysic:1l Sciciicv Club: Latin Club: 'll-uuis 'll-sun. "A late comer but a credit to the class" SARA LEE SMITH CATHERINE MARIE "Sally" SNYDER Steuben Staff 4: liurum 4: .. ,, -luuior Play Cast .lg Rv- Cathy sc-rw Clicwlczirlcr 1,21 Stu- Y - 'I'm-cus l.Z: l".'ll..'X. 2 clcnt Cbuucil 2,141 Kssuui- bly Lfshcr 4: llrcsirlcut of Hmm- Rumu lflll, lg 'lll'L'2l5- urcr nf llcmu- Rmumi l1Jll,2: lfruuvli Club 3. "Never too busy to join in the fun, always on hand when there's work to be done" fi.iX..X, ll Secretary of Hum Rmnn lllll, 2. "Seems quiet, but Oh My! WAYNE THOMAS SNYDER JR. Hi-Y l,Z: Red Cross 2,3' Forum 4: Beacon Staff 4: Steuben Staff. Art -1: Wrestling 4: Program Mau- ager 2.3,4. "What? Oh no, he always acts like that" Page 34 MABLE ANNETTE STARKEY llaufl 2,1-1. .. Happy Go Lucky" .IUDITH JO ANN RICHARD ALAN STAUFFER STENGER KK-'udyl' llDickU lCf:sL'rw Clicvriiig 2: l,k'IlIlCl' lll-Y l-31 lilllll' flllll l.-21 Club l: fi..-MX. l: Si-crvtznry Kaflifv TX- flllll Z.-3.42 SCC- uf Hmm- Rubin llll, .31 Rafliu YCTZIVB' 'llVC21SllVl'Y' uf Ulm? 'l',Y. Club 4: -lr. Rn-rl Crrmss 2. flllll 34 "Let nothing disturb thee" HA friend of man is he" ROBERT ELLIS STILL "Work, work go away, CARROLL RUTH STRATTON come again some other day" "Carrie" "' . .' .I N- I eens IJ, l-..X..X. l,l, I ep- per Club l,Z: Red Cross 1,21 Yiee Pres, of Home Room 2: Offiee Girl 2.5.41 He:-icuii Staff .33 .Xssembly lfslier 41 liyln lislier -I. "Full of pep, ready to dance, always in step, loves romance" MICHAEL LARWIN STRINGER "Smiley" Football Manager l.23 Iias- ketball Klztnager .21 Distribu- tive Iirlneation 4, "To a good man nothing that happens is evil yn TERRY RICHARD THOMPSON urrerryu Student Council I: Home Room President .lg Football Manager Z3 Home Room President 4. "Meek, mild, but merry" JOHN WAYNE DONNA LOU TOTH LINDA KAY TRIMMER FLORENCE ELIZABETH THOMPSON lforuin 4: See. uf Student , Q , , , TUCKER . . , I J. , . Council: Steuben Queen At- 5tI'fIl"'t b"u""'I 'Zi l""aC'm UMW l""'l' Ing Iwi Realm' It-ndant 21 Class Treas. Z: Staff 41 NUYSCS flllll -I--ll "Flo" 5.4: Ilistributive Iifltuation 4. "Said and done, done as soon as said" Home Ronin Sm-C. 41 Home Iitmtll Treas. 4: Preview Queen 5: Home Room Pres. lg Iizrnrl I..Z,.I,-IQ Blajorette Z. 3.4: F.'I'.fX. 3,43 jr. Prom Com. 3: Steuben Staff 41 jr. "Without a sorrow, without a care, with laughing eyes and sunny hair" Irezrs, of Home Ronin l0,.l1 hlr. Choir l: lforum 4: Radio r.V, Klub 4: X'-Teens l,2: Gym Usher 4. "Her heart is in Toronto" -lr, Choir I: Future Nurses 3: Radio 'I'.V. Club 3, Treas. 4: Steuben Staff 4: Big Red Seaters 4: Library Assistant 4: Senior Prom Committee 4. "She's not a flower, not a pearl, she's a peach of an all 'round girl" Page 35 CAROL ELIZABETH VAN DINE "A sweet disposition" MARY NATALINA MARGARET VATRELLA Forum -l: Steuben Staff 4: X - 'llccus 5,-1: Trczlsurcr of Hmm- Ronin l,l: Rarlio 'l'.V. Club 3,41 Ulinriis l.2: lfuturc Nurses 3,-1: l'rugram Cinn- lIllftl'C-Jllllllbf Play 3. "For making announcements over P.A., Y - Teens, cause of Mary, never had a delay" LORETTA SUE JOAN DALE WISENER WATKINS ...lou Clfzmlilirnlmj lfrcmlh mul, All 'llrausfurrccl frum lllrliau Hlsmrlml muh 'll Rmlm ' zumlis, lurliauzl in Sept. 1955 'l'.X'. Ululr -l: Y - 'lluvlls -l: 'l'r:1usfcr Stuflvut. usweet and quietly "This girl gets -around" ELIZABETH ANNE DORIS JANE WILLSON DONALD EARL WILSON WILLIAM EUGENE WILLIAMS "Pudgie" "Willie" or "Gum-Gum" WILSON MLIZN RL-rl Cross l,2,3: lfurum -1: lfnutlmzill l,2,.3,-1: liaskctlmll HEugenen Forum 43 Chorus 12,343 Y- lfuturu Nurses 4: Radio TX. l.2: Track l,Z: Vice Pres. uf "I am here but, where Teens 1,23 Vice Pres. of Club 4: Ilear-on Staff 4. llfmie Rofmi l, I: Pros. nf are my thoughts" I-Igmg R00111 11' 2: L05 UA Well of energy and wit lllillll' Riuml Z1 Sm.. of Amigos 4: Junior - Senior 1 H2158 Prom Committee 3: Assem- bly Usher 4. "Dark hair and a light smile" Page 36 that never runs dry' Qgfyw 'Psi Q73 MP' lml' wi "Deadeye - a hit with a miss" , 3, gf Q3 7iWfQVU,, My ' 'With l 4 Auf' 1 I I f z Ag, gf f I! ' ar, ff e , zE5fI31j21f,' ' -' A .3 : ap 1 ,Qi -Q A x 1 ..,.,. W fax.. 5 I f 5' i ' K ' A ' ' M V , ,X 1 ,L if 4 J gg, " ff , f V fr -V - ...,. 5 5 ,. ..,. , ,A ,yas ff g W 4 1 'lla r I A, M ui Page 38 HONOR STUDENTS Herewith, the Steuben lists the upper third of the Class of 1956. Two asterisks indicate completion of the prescribed subjects with high honors. One asterisk indicates graduation with honors. The students are listed alphabetically. Adams, Milton "Anathan, Mone "'Arajakis, Freda Arthurs, Wiliam "Baillie, Wilma "Ball, Charles "Barr, Carole "'Bellas, Diana "Borden, Penelope "Bowman, Judith "Boylan, Dorette Brown, Sue "'Burkhardt, Martha Cable, Jane ""Caras, Gus Cole, Juanita "Davis, Joan "DeLong, James Dunlope, James Eisner, Alan i'Fahey, Sandra "Fithen, Harold Fray, Hazel ""'Fulton, Charles "Fulton, William "Gallagher, Linda iGescheider, Anita Giammarco, Theodore """Giannamore, Lawrin "'Gilcrest, John "'Gillen, Lillian Givens, Peggy """Goldfein, Charlotte "Gronceski, Gerald """Grumet, Frances """Ha1es, William "Harris, Sheila "'Hastie, Janet Hill, Roberta "Hofmann, Lois Hooe, Clifford "Hope, Robert "Horton, Kay "Johnson, Susan Kelley, Gene "Kirk, Zane "'Kropp, Richard Leicy, Linda """Levine, Lee "'Lipson, Arnold "Little, Frume Littrell, Arnold "MacGregor, Zona MacPherson, Eleanor Menear, Roger "McIntosh, Eleanor "'Maple, Arlene ""'Maple, Marcella "Meadows, Shirley "'Mellish, Marian Mikula, Andrea """Miller, Carol """Munsee, Deborah "Morgan, Charles "'Niederhuber, John Noltemeyer, Jerry "Norris, Nancy Novington, Tania "'Polcyn, Roger "Price, Peter "Quinn, David Smith, Sara Snyder, Wayne Thompson, Terry Trimmer, Linda Tucker, Florence "'Vatrella, Mary "White, William "Williams, Elizabeth "'Zirille, Mary Louise Charlotte Goldfein Deborah Munsee Valedictorian Leading the Class of 1956 as Valedictor- ian, with the highest scholastic average, is Charlotte Ann Goldfein, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Max Goldfein of Columbia Avenue. Charlotte has been very active during her four years at Steubenville High School. She is drum majorette and vice-president of the "Big Red" Band, member of the Steuben Staff, Forum, Future Nurses, and Y-Teens. She also was one of the Homecoming Queen Attendants this year, County Treasurer dur- ing Student Government Day, and President of her freshman homeroom. Charlotte is planning to attend Ohio State University where she will study nursing. Salutatorian Deborah Jane Munsee, by attaining the second highest scholastic record, is the Sa- lutatorian of the Class of 1956. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Munsee of Oakmont Avenue, Debbie has been in many extra-curricular activities. She is secretary of the Band in which she has been a member for four years, and an active member of the Forum and Junior Red Cross. She was also in the Junior Play and a mem- ber of the Orchestra for three years. Debbie's future plans are to attend Woos- ter College where she will study languages. She hopes to be a linguist. Page 39 CLASS HISTORY Back in September of 1952, 392 young students started their high school ca- reers at S.H.S. The looks of amazement on their faces were set about glassy eyes which were looking in wonder at the bigness of Big Red. The year of 1952-53 was nothing spectacular. The football team won three games and lost seven. The predominately sophomore basketball team lost sixteen out of twenty games. The freshmen teams were certainly a credit to the school- the football team was undefeated and the basketball team won the Ohio Val- ley Cage Tournament at Yorkville. Our Steuben queens were Jane Nelson, Charlotte Goldfein and .Lynn Donkin. Leading the class as officers were Bill and Chuck Fulton, Bill Hales and Char- lotte Goldfein. A little smaller in number, a little wis- er, the Class of 1956 started its second year in the realm of knowledge. The of- ficers were Tom Haverfeild, Marcella Maple, Donna Toth, and Lynn Donkin. Lynn was also Steuben queen, Marcel- la Maple and Donna Toth were attend- ents. The football team was much improv- ed, winning 8, losing 1 and tieing 1. The basketball team won 11, lost 9 and went to the finals of the District "A" Tourna- ment. As Juniors, the Class of 1956 was led by all boys, Jim Dunlope, Dick KTOPP, John Gilcrest, and Don Wilson. The football team, plagued with injuries, was forced to settle for 2 victories. The basketball team did much better, Winning 13 and losing only 7. It also went all the way to the Regional "A" Page 40 Tournament. Besides baseball and track, which were rapidly developing at Big Red, wrestling, golf, and tennis became major sports. This class also put on one of the school's best proms, "Lost in Heaven." Fall, 1955 was the start of a new year, our last year in Steubenville High. The predominantly underclass- football team had a rugged season, win- ning 4, losing 5, and tying 1. The bas- ketball also was supplied mostly by un- derclassmen. It won 15 and lost 3 in the regular season. The Stubbers went into the district tournament before being defeated. Due to early publishing of this book, we are unable to account for the spring sports, but Ang Vaccaro's baseball team has a lot of material and should have a profitable season. "Winter Fantasy" was the theme of the Senior-Junior prom. It was the most successful winter prom in the school's history. The class officers are Lois Hof- mann, president, Jim DeLong, vice- president, Roberta Hill, secretary, and Bill White, treasurer. Anita Gescheider was Steuben queen and her attendents were Carol Graham and Kay Horton. Lynn Donkin was homecoming queen. Her attendents were Marcella Maple, Joan Davis, Jane Nelson, and Charlotte Goldfein. June 7 was the "day of days"-grad- uation. What happens in the lives of the class of 56 after this day has been mold- ed by the experiences which took place in the four years of high school. The Senior Class of 1956 is the nucleus of a memory which will never be forgotten. 2 1 KM N ,v lf, X N f 5 f ,f,V N ,,,N. W 4 Q A 4. ' Ana' y CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of Steubenville High School, being of sound mind and body, do hereby be queath the following to the underclassmen: WOODY WOODWARD leaves his nickname to his cousin, RICHARD. 3 ANITA C SUE BRC DEBBIE DONNA CATHY I BILL FU SALLY S ALAN El CAROL l ARNOLII ISTEY. FRUME JABO C! PETE PR DIANA E IANIE N CAROL I NI. GUS LAI l BOY. LOIS HO. -,, . U ANDY PETTRESS wills his big feet to NORMAN POLONOFSKY. SUE JOHNSON wills her bouncy pony tail to PAT CHIOTA, who hopes herfs will grow. COOKIE DALBENZIO wills Bob Yurjevic to poor MR. MALTESE. DICK KROPP leaves Student Council to an unexpecting JUNIOR. RONNIE ANDERSON and RUSS CRAWFORD leave the office! Page 42 CLASS WILL BILL HALES gives the prom chairmanship to some hard working JUNIOR. LITTLE BOB McINTYRE hands his basketball over to "BIG BILL RALICH". LYNN DONKIN wills her blushing to DORIS JELEA. JEAN GRANDINETTPS megaphone goes to BETTY WILLIAMS. JIM ENSELL Ieaves a big vacant spot on the football team for an AMBITIOUS LINEMAN. MARY ANN McFEELY wills her sharp clothes to GLENDA GOULD. MILT ADAMS' magic is received by capable DICK HOLTZ. JOANIE DAVIS wills her terrific wit to DAVE CFUZZYJ PEACH. KAY HORTON'S place in Chorus goes to JOAN FLEMING. ' BEV PHILLIPS leaves her dancing ability to MABLE D'ANGELO. CHARLOTTE GOLDFEIN wills her braces to GRETCHEN LIGHTHIZER. HOLSIE MATHEWS wills his terrific bass voice to DON GOODE. DAVE MADISON gives his bottle of carrot juice to PAT MEEHAN for her hair. JIM DeLONG bequeaths Mr. Bach's drawing class to CHARLIE ALBERTS. DORETTE BOYLAN'S tall stateliness goes to MARY LOUISE WEINMANN. MARIAN MELLISH wills her sultry voice to her SISTER, who doesn't want it. LAWRIN GIANNAMORE leaves his little brother to all the GIRLS OF S.H.S. CAROL MacPHERSON'S droll sense of humor is left to MISS BERNIER. ZANE KIRK wills his Ivy League clothes to WILD BILL CROSKEY. WAYNE SNYDER leaves his freckles to DONNA MARQUIS. LEE LEVINE leaves his perseverance to STEVE FISHER. PAUL PROLAGO leaves all of his sisters to the HALLS OF BIG RED. CAROL MILLER'S pug nose is left to DAVE COLEMAN. CHARLIE BALL'S braininess goes to some LUCKY BOY. MARCELLA MAPLE leaves the choir room piano in the capable hands of LAVERNE FORD. LINDA GALLAGHER leaves her dreams of Annapolis for ANN MONCILOVICH. Page 43 fy! ' Q ,ww .ar Jw, Xw 2 MX, af! 1 R , mv P M 4 'S 1"'x X. X N5 'w Y S UPERIN TENDEN T Ralph M. Gantz has been a Superintendent of Schools for twenty 1203 yearsg the last six as Page 46 head of our schools. Prior to the Steubenville posi- tion he held superintendencies at Bedford and Mifflin Township in Franklin County, Ohio. He served as classroom teacher for five years and a high school principal for one year. RALPH M. GANTZ Otterbein College graduated him in 1929. He received his Master's De- gree in School Administration from Akron University in 1935. Extensive post- graduate work has been completed at Ohio State and Columbia Universities. His administration of our schools has reflected in the constant improvement of our educational programg the additional facilities provided teachers and pupils and the increased educational achievement of pupils in our schools. RENA MARGARET PHILLIPS Private Secretary to Superintendent. Graduated class of 1950. PRINCIPAL Mr. Albert C. May is serving his sixth year as principal of S.H.S. After graduating from Bucyrus High School in 1923, Mr. May attended Otterbein College where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree. He attained his Master of Arts Degree in 1936 at Ohio State University. ALBERT C. MAY Before coming to Steubenville in August, 1950, Mr. May served as principal of the following Ohio schools: Keene, Newcomerstown, Martins Ferry, and Marion Harding Senior High School. NANCY RUDY Secretary to Principal, and School Treasurer Graduate of the Class of 1953. ' 'O Page 47 BOARD OF EDUCATION Page 48 'lhe Steubenville Bourd ol' Education is comffosed ol' cirie minded citizens of the Steubenville urea, who strive to set the highest educational standard possible for the youth ef our community. Front row L. to R., F. J. Mickg Miss Mary Eberts, clerk-treasurfrg Fred Dougherty, President. Second row L. to R., LeRoy Schell, City Solicitorg Dr. C. W. Lighthizerg Herbert Leicyg Robert Kingg and Ralph M. Gantz. ASST S UPERIN TENDEN T Miss Margaret Boyd, assistant to Mr. Gantz, taught mathematics in the Steubenville Public Schools for many years. She attended Mount Union College and re- ceived her Bachelors Degree. She obtained her Masters Degree from Ohio State University in 1928. She has done extensive graduate work at Teachers College, Columbia University, and Miami University. MISS BOYD Miss Boyd has served as National Education Association Representative at the Intemational Seminars at University of Maryland and Syracuse University. She has attended the meetings of the World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession at Berne, Switzerland, Ottawa, Canadag and Oxford, England. Miss Boyd has served as Lecturer in Education at the University of Kansas City, and as visiting Professor at Muskingum College. She is now serving as one of the Ohio Directors of the National Education Association. KAY E. MILLER Secretary to Psychologist Telephone Operator Graduate of the Class of 1954 LADONNA WEINMAN General Office Secretary Graduate Class of 1955 Page 49 l I 4 Page MILDRED BERNIER Social Studies - Ohio University, University of Pittsburgh, North- western University, Kent State Uni- versity. "I'll be here after school" BARBARA JEAN BILLS Physical lfflneation and Health - Ohio State University. li.S. in litl. Sponsors Hig Recl Seaters. "Please Stand" MRS. ANNA MARIE BONOVICH lfoocls - West l,iherty State Col- lege, .', VVest Virginia Univer- sity. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" STEVEN F. BRINSKO linsiness-Vocational Commercial e- College of Steubenville, l5..'X.. The University of Pittsburgh, M. lid., CFHL.-Xl Sponsors Future Business Leaders of America. "A friend of man is He" HELEN RUTH BROWN lxl2itl'l0lll3.tlCS i Denison University, HS.. Muskingum College. Sponsors l".'l' . A . "No whispering in the back of the room" ABE A. BRYAN l5oy's Physical lfrl. an University of Miami, Steubenville College, Miami University, University of Pittsburgh. Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach. Golf Coach. "One-two-three-FOUR !" 50 1 W l I.l.l.'XM .XHRA HAM History, .Nthletics -V University of Pittsburgh, li..'X., Milli., .-Xnhnrn l.'niversity. Navy Y-ll. llearl lioot- hall Coach. "It's not if you won or lost, but how you played the game" HAROLD BACH lnrlnstrial .Xrts -- Ohio University, l3.S. Ohio State University. MJX.. Massachusetts lnstitnte of Techno- logy, Senior Prom Adviser for l955. "We're going to do this by parliamentary procedure" JOSEPH A. BELL State University, HA. "Watch your fingers, boys!" ROBERT HERMAN BEHNKE lndn.strial Arts - Kent State Uni- versity, HA. llistrihntive lfrlucation - Bethany College, li.Se., College of Steuben- ville, Ohio State University. lJ.lf.C..N. "Worth makes a fellow" E. W. CAPEN Yoeal Music' --f liowling lireen State University. HS., L'nivt-rsity of l'itts- burgli, M,lQ, tiracluate Vllorkt Nortli- western L'nivt-rsity. Carnegie lnsti- tute of illCL'l'llllbltDgj'. "My hair is gray but not with years" T. W. CASKEY lX'orlcl History, Geography 1 Milli- gan College. .X.l'l.. University of VYis- consin, MUN.. University of l'itts- burgh, Ohio State L'niversity. Kent State L'niversity, .Xclvisor of Key Club. "And then, there was the time I got sea-sick riding a camel!!!" CAESAR ALFRED CHURCHWELL liiology -- Mount Union College. LLS. XYrestling Coach. fSubstitute teacher who eoaelierl VX'restlers lfirst Semesterl. 'Hail Caesar!" E. W. CLASHMAN Biology - Hanover College, li..X. "Who would have thought the old starfish to have had so much blood in him" LEAH CLINE fiirl's Pliysieal lid, Health -- Fair- niont State College, ll,.eX. .Xtlvisor of elieerleaclers. "Tuck your shirts in, girls!" ARLETTA MADELINE COBERLY 'llllC!llAj' of Music -- Kent State Uni- versity, West Liberty State College. "All scales aren't on fish!', MAX WOOD COBERLY lligb Seliool Orchestra - Univer- sity of X'Yiseonsin, Newark College of lingineering. XXX-st Liberty State College, iX.ll.. Marshall College, lgrztcluztte workl, Orchestra. "Well, we have a few minutes, what shall we play?" MARY ROBERTSON COLEMAN lfnglisli - Mount Union College, .X.l5. Duke L'niversity, University of Pittsburgh. "Now take a clean sheet of paper and a pen" HELEN CRAWFORD iXrt .Xkron University, li..-X. Co- lnnibia University, M..-X., University of Cliieago. "Only art creates life" WILLIAM EARL CROSKEY Social Stutlies - Kent University, HS. Graduate VN'ork: Kent State Cniversity. Sponsors Steubenville lli-Y. "Go get 'em Willie!" Page 51 BENJAMIN SILAS ENTWISTLE Coinnu-rcial llvpmtiiiciit - Iowa Stats 'l'car'lu-rs Collcilr-, L'nivc-rsily of Iowa. Iniivcrsily of I,lll5illll'jg'll. Sponsors llilvlv Study Vlnli. "Blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly" ELEANORE R, GILES linglish - Miami L'i1ix'ci'si1y, l5..X., IXIQX. "How do I love theev THOMAS LEE GRAF Scicim-, Matlicniatics e- Viiivcrsity of l'ittsl1urg'li. ILS. in .Xt-i'oii:111tivz1l lfiigiiu-vriiig, L'ollt-gc uf Slt'llllCllVlllt'. "The proper study of mankind is man" ALFRED A. HERZBERGER lnflustrial A-Xrts 4 llcirlclhci-g, iX.Il. Ohio State lviiivcrsity, Nl..X. Ck'llll'U.l 'lllicological Scminziry, UID. "An honest man's the noblest work of art" Page 52 DOROTHY DELILAH DAUGHERTY linglislm -ff Ohio University, LLS. Ithaca Conservatory of Music, lini- versity of Pittsliurgh, "Who would like to be our teacher for today?" CHARLES H. DECKER I'rinting - Kansas State Teachers L'oIlr-gc. ILS. University of Pitts- Iiurgh,, Kicncva College, Car- iu-gic Tech. "If you use a little common horse sense, you will never go wrong" MARGARET COLLINS DENISON lfnglish -f Muskingum College, AB. llrr-acl Loaf School of linglish, M.A. lirarluatc VVork: Ohio State' Uni- vm-rsity, University of VVi5c0nsin, L'lllYCl'SlIj' of California, University of XYcst Virginia. Sponsors Steuben- ville High School Forum. "She's the tops! ! !" ESTEN JOSEPHINE THOMPSON DOWNER Iinglisli, Social Studios S VVcst Vir- ginia Lfiiivcrsity, firacluutc VVork: Ohio Stan- University. Northwcstcrn luiivcrsity of Michigan, AB. "Open your book to page 1,387,566" JULIET WELLER EAKIN lfrciicli, Latin -- Muskingum Col- lm-gc, ILQX.. Oliio State University, l'nivcrsity of Cliivago, XVcstcrn Rc- scrvu Lfnivr-rsity. Sponsors French tllnlm "I must tell you this one" WILLIAM G. ELLIS Social Stnrlivs Y- llavis-lflkins Cola ln-or-, .-XII Ohio State Vniversity. "A good sport is a pleasing Companion" ff- wc MYRTLE LILLIAN JOHNSON lfiiglish - Bliiskingiim, iX.lL f2irl's 2ilIt'llfl2lllt'l'. "What's your excuse. gn FRED C. LAUSCH Nlath. -- Ohio Luiiversity, Ohio Statv L'i1iversity. XYili11i11g'toii College. Bachelor oi Arts. "No, two times two is not five! ! !" JOHN F. LEMAL liiiglish -- College of SI1'llilL'llVlllL', B.S. in liclucatioii. "Determination is his middle name" ELIZABETH LOUISE LYONS Chemistry, Science fllrllfililllillll' for grades li-ll --- Smith,,, XYilso11. Columbia L'11iversi1y, L'11ivcrsity of Chicago. L'iiivci'sity of Califoriiia at Berkeley. L'11iv1-rsity of Pittshiirgli, M.licl "Knowledge is proud that she has learn'd so muchg wisdom is humble that he knows no more" JOHN THOMAS MALTESE jouriialigin f College ui SlL'lllJL'll- ville, HA., Columbia L'iiiv1-rsity. Ohio State Luiivcrsity. .Xrlvisor of SICUITCII. lit-ziuoii, SIllIlClll t'o11111'il, Camera Cluh. "None but himself can equal his worth" EDITH MANOR Shorthailrl aml 'liypiilg ---- liowliilg lil'l":ll College of Coiiiiiicrcc. liowliiig Green. Ky. Luiivcrsity of l'ittslr11i'gl1. Ohio Stan- Lfiiivttrsity, .X.ll. ill-mov. "Don't forget to double-space" n' RAY HOYMAN liiflnstrial .Xrts - H1-allh -f Miami LilllY1'l'Sllj'. ILS., l'it1 Lfiiiversity, "Early to bed, early to rise" RUDOLPH HUDEC lJrix'1'r lfrlucatioii aiifl lioy's Physi- uzil litliication - L'l1ivei'sity of Pitts- lriirgh. Masta-rs in lirl. HS. in lfcl. lloy's liitramiirals. 'tEeeese your clutch" CHRISTINE HUMPHREY Nl2illlk'lIl2lll1'S - Ohio Lhiivcrsity, , . . . . lib. iii ltcliivatioii. "To error is human Y to forgive divine" HAROLD JAMES Xvtlflilllllllll licliicatioii, liiclustrial Arts, ,loiiriicymaii tool anrl clit- makcr. .Xflvisor for Yovzitioiial lnfllistrial Chili. "An industrious, industrial genius!" FQ L 5-31-56 e l l -an l ff? Page 53 FRANCES C. RINNER Latin Ohio University, lit-nt State, XYilIiant :intl Mary. Radcliff. I,:ttin L'InIm :intl .Xsst-tnlrly l'sItcrs. "Tempus Fugit" JOSEPH B. ROBB Ctnnntt-rcial -- Oliiti University, ILS. in Iifl., LiIllYl'I'SIIj' of Pittslnirglt, RI. licl. "A good secretary doesn't chew gum" HOWARD E. ROBINSON lllzttltcmativs - ILS. in Iftlllvatimt- Oliin State ljnivcrsity, tirzttltiatt- Vtlmrk. Akron Uitivt-rsity. .'XcIvism' for Newtonian Fluh 'tntztth clnlmt. "Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge" GERTRUDE ELIZABETH RYAN Iinglislt anrl XYnrIcI History -- Miilllli University, .'X.I5,, Ultiu University. ILS. in liclucatiuit. xhlvism' for Sc-ninr .-Xssctnhly tickets. "It isn't the quantity, it's the quality!" MARY RUTH MAY Xlzttltvitizttifs - Ohio Statt- Lfnivcr- sity. ILS. in Iicl, University of Vlfis- tmnsin, L'nivt-rsity tif Pittslmrglt, Klztstt-r Iftl., Ohitt Univt-rsity. ,Ir. I'i-nm .Xclvisim "Angles opposite equal sides are equal" JOSEPH THEODORE MICKEY Vliysical lirliiczttimi, .Xmcrican His- tnry. Ilitiltigy, Ht-altll - Ohio Uni- vt-rsity, Ii.S. in Iitl., Pltysical lid.- Xlztjiw, Minors - History and Unv- crnntt-nt. Iiitiltigy and Svicnct-. "A mighty mite" FRANK MUSANTE .Xss't. Iiantl Dirt-ctur, Instrumental Ilrngraiti - Iliiqtu-stu' University. I5.S. in Music. .Xrlvisirr of Dance Iiztnsl. "And the band played on." ATHENA PANOS Spanish 1 L'nivt-rsity of Pittslmrglt. Spanish Club, Los Aittigns. "Silencio!" BLANCHE PRICE Ctnnint-rt'iaI Ohio Statt- Univer- sity. ILS. in Iicl.. I'ittsIm1trg'I1 Univer- sity, Masters in Ifrl. "Get ready, get set, go!" JOSEPH PAUL QUATTRONE fXI:1tI1 and Scicltfc fullcgt- uf Stctilwitvillt-, Iinwling Crt-vn Univer- sity, .XfIx'istn' fin' Iiuwling club. "Strik9I" RALPH J. SHORT i'hysit's :tml Senior 5k'IK'llL't' Lini- .-.,. ,. . . vt-r-ity ot iittshiirgh. lib. XM-stiiiiiil 5 . f'No, Frank, you cannot manufacture frozen fire" MRS. MARGUERITE SNYDER Iiiiglish - Ohio Stain- LiIliX'L'I'5ilj' Ohio XX L'iiL'j'1lIl. LH, in iifl. .Mlvisor lol' h - I Ctllr, "Smiles are contagious- let's start an epidemic!" CLARA RENA STRINCER Home Iii-oiioiiiics Ohio L'i1ivt'r- sity, Hzlvht-lor ot 5l'lk'lll't' IPL-g't't'c iii lzfl. Ohio L iiivcrsity, firzuliizttc work, Kent State Lhiwrsity, tit-in-vat Vol-- It-gt-. "A girl who can sew is always well dressed MARY E. TARR ,. v . . liiologx' -A kent Nato, tit-iit-va, fjiliu State, L iiivcrsity ot' Pittshiir fh. Hatch- is clors. Mzistvr iii lull.. .Xilvisor lor lfuttirv Niirst-X t'Itih. "Her voice is ever soft and low" THELMA TAYLOR History :mil Noviology i,j'llt'ilillll't.Q tollt-gt-. lititlcr Ltiiwrsity, Liiivvr- sity of Yirgiiiia, MAX, iii History Liiiivorsity of Xilfgillill. .Xclx'21i1c't'r1 work iii History, Slit-1-vii, Kzulio, ,Xil- visor for Raflio-'l',Y, Cltih. 4'Education forms the common mind" JOHN R. TURKOPP Rlatliciiiatics Ohio State LvlliYK'l" 5 ally 1,.' . . . "Laugh when we must" qgywv. ANGELO JOSEPH VACCARO Pliysit-:il Iirlucatioii - lfrsiiius Col- 7 lt-gc .', Luliwrsity of Pittshiirgli fXl.l',fl, iiziskt-thzill killilfil, lizisclmall fozlfil. "A - tisket - A - tasket, won't someone please make a basket" ANTHONY T. VIOLI Iiaiirl Dirt-ctor -A Ohio Stzitt- Lui- yt-rsity, HS, iii lfcl, Ohio Lillivt-rsitv iirzuluatt- work. "He's the leader of the band that's made for you and me" CHARLES WATT liiigglish, Matin-iiizitifs --- Colle Stctilmciivillv. "Not all redheads gt- of have hot tempers" MILDRED WHEATCRAFT Iiiiglisli Ohio State Uiiivtfrsitx' IZA., H11-all Loaf bchool of I'1t-'Ii sh, f z- Xlirlillchurg, Collegt- of Vt-rmo nt, M..-X. ,luiiior Rt-cl Cross Advisor. "A friend to all" Page 55 X55 XJ I UNI ORS The Class of 1957, this year's junior class, consists of 323 students, of whom l49 are boys, and 174 are girls. The junior class officers are John Spear, President, Barbara Fillipone, Vice-President, Kay Kell, Secre- tary, and Joe Malbasa, Treasurer. The class's activities for this year include the sponsor- Page 58 Officers L. to R. - John Spear, presidentg Joe Mal basa, treasurerg Barbara Fillipone, vice president: Kay Kell, secretary. Home Room Pres. Bottom Row L. to R. Judy Wickham, Yvonne Barach, Ester Kell Middle Row L. to R. John Neel, Tom Carmichael, Bob Dever Top Row L. to R. Bob Rhinehart, Glenn Major, Bill Singer ing of a dance after one of the football games, the Junior - Senior Prom, and the Junior Play which was entitled "Life of the Party." The junior class colors are ivory and greeng its flower is the red and white carna- tion, and its motto is: "Learning to succeed tomorrow." Art :Xdants Frcd :Xllen Audrey :Xlton Bill Alvcy Nancy :Xmick Marvin Xntstey ,loycc Anderson Lawrence Anderson Paul Atkinson Sandra Atkinson Jerry Bailic ,l udy Baker Nanci' Baker Charlotte Ball Yvonne Barach Nancy Barna Lynda Barnes Helen Beato Bob Beattie Nancy Beekman Toni Bennett Jocl Bernstein Catherine Bigshy Mary Lou Blackburn Delores Blake Jack Blum Judy Bockey Jullll linllrirg Robert Borden Barbara Bowens Don Boyer George Brooks Janice Brothers Charles Brown Howard Brown Shirley Buccy Brent Burkett Dorothy Burns Renee Bushman Luis Caldrone Betty Calhoun lithcl Calhoun Ronald Callender Durant Campbell 'l'om Carmichael Jeanette Carter ,lane Cartcr Olivia Carter lion Castner Herman Castncr Brad Caswell Donna Cocumelli Lynn Colcman David Coleman Martin Conley Ronald Conrad Bob Crawford Beulah Crawford Linda Crt-wson David Crini Joycc Crossley Norma Cucaresc Dick Cunningham I . V. ,af E, E ',,V .LQ 1'i V . ni. 'F' H ter? if 5 J' Q 5 1' Q :f-- 'UQ' W' Q 3 . ,1 1 ig 5, ...,. I. 'N-V ' - '7v"' if iw M 6 TV J ,,Jr, gt A L-'Er if 1, ,..,. 2 ,. 1 V- V 'l-. .M v Q' ,A H .lu v V ukl , 4 JA A ,wr ., H ...,, J F' .. W " .,..' .A V I no 1 6 as .X ,, I 'Y aw' 'Va .,,. . as fi, N5 t J if J 5 l 5 1 . V 7 . ':'V if 4 -H J J X il-fi, 1 .':l . TF "i- 2 it m, W - .-ff., -l"' E . fi ...M -If ,W ,, Ni, Alivv t......, ,, 1 Ar igikwfvwij 95.339 if -QI Q th X f -- Hiwmf- :ww If Y .,.Av , , .VE vv.. wi: fkfmsfr wg' Q . i in J a B -fir' -I I ..,i. I I ui, r New ' 1 Qi-'PP Page 59 ,sf 1 D :1-: i 3 'age fi fi., A t .t 15. 45,3 A A I wi , xx aan M , -'f12 l . -: V. . ::,f f .ml g...., 12 W P' Q lzli X x - , , Q . , e ' , ...,,. A- 'P - .lu -' K Q, ., .. . ., at VV i 1 V ., .E.Z.:.. . . ,M .. J I 'lf K lzlqlag 1 ' A I . C nj I V K I". V Q ,HW ii ,S af. . P wwf : :?'X ' N ,- A - .X Y wg' K ,,,- f hike 'VV- H r V l v fn.. 5 if 1. in - aa ' U ff 1 . ..,,..... 32:55 ,L ' N' V' 1 F X 1 . ,'- Q LINK gf- 5 -gg: L'-f , fy., . A L-,. -f' at f f fs. ,El ",y .,,' jM'i .Q '--" fgfl 'V , :,. .. AM X, l I I ' I ' Page 60 ia fa' fn 0 , .4 av , , ff likkl tx , t U l' x V Y my Nancy Cunningham lfrank Cutri Dick Delatore Royce Delo livelyn DeLong ,IZIIHCS Dever lfrank De Stefano Mabel Di Angelo Bill Dilley Don Di Marzio Lucy Di Michele Richard Dossett Dick Dradt Pat Dreyer Toni liddy Bonnie lillis Marnie l'llITl0f6 Linda lirwin Bill livans Margaret lfvans Pat livans Barbara Fillipone Daisy lfithen Guy Forcone La Verne Ford Clark Francy Charlotte Fulton Romona Gabriel Holly Garrett Robert Gentile Steve Gerard ,lanet Glick Robert Glover Don Goode David Gould Glenda Gould jerry Gourley Peggy Gray Jeanne Gray Hill Hainsworth Margaret Hall Fred Halm Gtorge Harris Susan Heltman Marjorie Hennebert Alice Ann Herbert Barbara Hill lilaine Hilliard Paula Hipkiss Diana Hoffman Dick Holtz Richard Hoover jane Hopsou Ronald Hudson jjgi jackereas Robert jackson james ,lackson ,ludy jackson VVanda Jackson Doris jelea liileen johnson Irene johnson George -lohnston Darla ,loncm Doreen Kalalnarie Kaye Kalinowski 'l'ed Kanierer Nancy Kaufmann lfsther Kell Kay Kell Matthew Kell Shirley Kelly Roberta Kerr Leo Kosikowski Joanne Krnich Daniel Lang Patricia Lattanzi Eugene Leach Robert Lellt-as Margaret Leonhart Nickie Letcher Robert Lewis Delores Lillie blames Lindsey ,lndith Loretta Frank Lotzgesellc Beverly Lucas Palmina Maggi Glenn Major ,loe Malbasa Marlene Mansfield Ray Mansfield Steve Mantanis ,lndy Martin Lorna Martin Joyce Masser Sandy Matchett Raymond Mayo Harriene M cqXv1 yy Mary McCollough Beverly McCullough Judy Mclilroy Wayne McFadden Myra McLeod lleclcy Miller Marcia Miller Leo Mills Anne Moncilovieh Helen Moncilovich Barbara Moore Carol Moore lidward Moore Judy Morgan jot-Xnn Mulholland Robert Muuk Dave Murray Merle Murray Vl'iliam Murray Donna Myers Mary Nall-pa Barbara Nelson Richard Nosset Leona Oliver 'l'ony Oliveti Judy Ormsby Vl'ayne Owens if Fi -Vii ' ff L I ff' '.,' ,... ki , ,,., 1 I' w fa Q .K .Wo ff? M rg, Q., M no 33. rf? iv Q I 'li if ,f . t X ,v , . . ,U it it Enya 5 i V1 1 M' Y by 4, ' i V, I if ,.... Q ,Atta oh f is ,ZMYH .. 'H' ...nn E la x M wi 4f E W, ,, v, , is 998 V 'ttf s Q .f A 'Wm Page 61 . mx J' . E . - ty if '.,, 1 V. M 1 , I ,ii .5 ' 'F t --.- 1 I , :I I , - , -V X .fi gk. I av z 'fs " , ..,:, -'A- '.,. 5 C7 ' Q if toil ""A H V J ilk . 2 ,-.' ' " P .. 3 , . I WYE, -'--' 7 G SE ...A 'V S2""' tf2S '.., " If .,,. MW' R A 1-qq"VV J im " f 4.. :.. 1 'f J V ":, a 91 Q' Qu .'A. I I .inf N' ., I in J' .t J' T 'Q 3- 'tt A , 'ww' , . ' ',':' , , Q ' W J wt .. if it Q F 4. L A , A an fr Q. , in 1 -LA jg' J, y ,,:,. J J 3-K, , pn 3 A I' M 1 Q -I K. 0 N -J X is -L V Q: ..I. .v my A .... 4 lil, Q lk X MHZ, Page 62 Jackie Page George Parks Judy Pastors Joseph Pate Anna Pawlaek Claryee Peters lflayne l'ineiaro James Pitts Ralph Porter Juanita Profit Bill Ralieh Joseph Rawlins Dorothy Ray Regina Reynolds Vieki Ress Natalie Rinaldo Bob Rinehart Judy Robinson lid Rothstein George Rowan Darlene Sanders Pat Saylor Bert Sealzo Susan Scott James Seurry Sylvia Search George Shepherd Betty Shipley George Shorae Joyee Simmons Barbara Sines Robert Smith Chester Smith Judith Smith Marlene Smith Bernadette Sntitz Iimily Snyder John Spear Steve Spiewak Marlene Stead Louis Stern Donna Stewart Jeannette Stewart Leon Stinson Bill Stout Larry Sullivan Robert Sweiger Anne Swetliek Larry Swinton Donna 'l'alamine Ola 'llatgenhorst Patti Thompson Patricia Thorton Jaekie Travis lsmet 'Vrikones VVilliam Townsend M ike NNaelas Mark VValker Barbara VVashner Dewey Walters Shirley Watsrxii Janet VVatt M ary Louise Weinnlan Pauline Welling Darla Sue XXI-lslm Patty XYl1cat Judy XYickham Janet Vvlggllllllll Betty VYilliams Gary VYilwn XK'illiam Xlhlul Bob Xlhurlwarrl fharles XY1vrrcls XYilliam XYyclwff Cynthia Yau llykv Helen Yisnir lc Rm' X mvllim W 4 Mary Yaksllcyivlm flulck Ycagu Yvmmm' Yoder Huh Yurjcrvic George Zfmrln-rf Shirley Zrmk Rosalie Zirrillc' H fu ':,.r.,' l I il' h il E m y v M' W in H - xiii lqrlfllgigiilllwgbllgqrhi Iig g!' girl-l ,": in 7 1 11, A' ll lnnl X ll ll Say Cljeeeeese. Danger! Men working. Ham lt up. boys. lt's hcre someplace. Careful, don't fall! Page 63 S OPH OM ORES Page 64 Officers John Campbell, vice-president, Carl Bell, president, Judy Griffin, treasurerg Helen Baillie, Secretary. Home Room Pres. Bottom Row - David Capen, Judy Har- mon, Sharon Seal, Nancy Wilde. Middle Row - Don Johnston, Mike Pappas, Lee Freedman. Top Row - John Myers, Al DeGeorge, Ed Tressler. The Class of 1958, sophomores this year of 1956, number some 186 boys and 175 girls for a total of 361 students. ' ' The class elected Carl Bell to preside as president, John Campbell, vice- presidentg Helen Bailie, secretary and Judy Griffin, treasurer. The colors selected as representative of the Class of 1958 are white and deep purple with the white carnation chosen as the group's official flower. Motto for the Class is "Of a Good Beginning Cometh a Good End." Linda Aehammer Charles Alberts Shirley Aldridge Tom Aldridge James Anderson Robert :Xntill Gayle Atkinson Kathryn Auvil Helen Baillie Shirlie Barrette Glenda Barger Gerry Becker Kenny Becker Margie Belford Carl Bell Janet Bell Carole Beto Karla Bickerstaff Terry Bonar Mary Boni Tom Bootman Gayle Bowman jo Ann Brettell Ted Brondos Burton Bronner Jane Brown Velara Brown Margaret Brown Frank Brun Loretta Buck Hervey Bukoffsky Bob Burns Kay Calderelli Bill Callender John Campbell Mary Caneris David Capen joan Caswell Pat Chiota james Christian Mona Clark Charles Cohen Pal Cohen john Cole Frank Conforti Larry Connelly Judy Connors Juanita COSl8lllllll John Corso Irene Cottis james Cox Ralph Cox julie Coulter Linda Craig I Page 66 llnrothy Cl'l'VN'SlHl llavirl Clllllllllglliilll lingene Dasch Ralph Dean Al De George ,lne llelatrwe ,lackie llevnre Florence llines Patricia Dorsey Janie Dray Maryellen Driscoll -lm' lffltly l'anl lirlwarmlf llnna lilliutt -lllll lillintt Judy linscll Mary livans Nick Faevintm Lunnie l'l2i!'lllL'l' ,I iln Feist Frank Ferraru john Fisher Myra Fisher Steve Fisher l':llW2lI'Il l'lllZSlIIllllUllS juan Fleming llavlll Flntn Betty Furcuiie Lee lireeclman Phyliss l'.l'CCClIllHll ,liin lfrcenian Tnhy lfreezman Pat Friebc llelma lfriencl lirlwarrl lfnllwuncl fora lrlllllbll Ruth liurhay Mary Alice Gallagher Melvin Giannanmre Charles Gilkey Mary Gmys Mike Gnatuhich Shirley iiugul james Gurney Ronald Kiornc-y Floyd Grancly jndi Greenburg jnlin Griesinger ,lncly Griffin Monte Gualticre Barbara fininn Barbara fillrgas Richard Hairston Ronald Hanley Donna Halllla Beverly Hargrove Judy Harmon Ruth Harper Bob Harris Curtis Harris W'illie Harris Annabelle Hawkins Bill Henry Tom Hervey Jim Higins Bill Hill George Hill Sharon Lynne Hoffman Sharon Hoffman Laverne Hogan Joyce Homola Bob Hoover Beverly Howell Alice Hubbard Douglas Hubert Ronald Hudson George Hugus Dick Humcs Donna Huntington George Ingold Nancy Jack Charles jackson Olivia Jeter Barbara Johnson lirnustine Johnson Richard Johnson Don Johnston Bill Jones Jay Jones Marcia Jones Patricia Joyce Sharon Kamercr lletty Kfxplansky Raytrond Kaufmann Ceorgia Keenan James Kernan Donna Kerr Howard Kessler Richard Kidder Walter Knox Shirley Kopras Vonda Kotur Georgia Krnich Penny Knhns Josephine Laniantia Marlene LL-masters Barbara Leonard Michele Levite iw J 'Z ng, - gi , "" XJ K... ,f Sm., '....:. J' , 1- xi f as na Q 'rm i 4' ar v-r 1 fi x e' i My J J J A-Q' Wa 22 Q, J Ar' re- -ff "': Ji i , l J f J .,., J , J J, abr ill J J ,a 1 Z X . I SWK We if J 'rri -W -vlailr f 'i J J f-if 5 r '55 'J fig ' 'T ii'i2i i J is Cixi :,. 1 I Z JJ . J J J J aei a A-J J J a ' J Q -IJJ --rt it J - f j JIJJJ -M MJ ' me W' my in U ' J "4 T JJJJ . J A J AV 3 I g QV . 6-v z JJJJ 4 A 4, . J - A ff k J J :Jggfg lw I Sf J i W W i f 2 ' 'Q mi' .... , Y I J, K J an-F' Sgt ffl? , if 1 1 Page 67 I Nix' 5, 'T Q' , 1 1' J Page 68 rfj, ,L G -gk .4 " .,,,A' V' 1. -.: t I 13 A , , W s y M ' LQ --'- 1 V I 1' id ,au 1 A , is q.::: L W ,f J , .fn ,J Charles Lewis Carol Libengood Gretchen Lighthizer Sondra Lindgren Denzel Linn Karlene Linton Janice Lippert john Lotzgeselle Thomas Lotzgeselle Betty Lucas Carl Lucas Gladys Lucas Ray Manson George Manton Dave Maragos Carole Marling Donna Marquis Joel Marsh Frank Mastroianni Clara May Ellen Mayer Donald McClain Larry Melflwain Alice Ann Mclntosll David McNeil Pat Meehan lrene Mieczkowski Howard Minor Keekee Minor Roh Mirvis Lucy Mitchell Sandie Moffat Faye Montgomery Floyd Montgomery Sally Morris Shirley Morris Nancy Myers john Myers Paula Myers Kitty Needham Frank Nemeth ,lack Noble Mike Nodianos Carole Sue Novington Margaret Nunemaker Myron Palios Mike Pappas Frank Parker joyee Parks Thomas Paul Diane Payne Russell Payne David Peach liarl Pearce Linda Pearce Lilla Pearson Jim Penebaker Nancy Permar 'I'im Peterson Mary Pender Bob Phillips James Phillips Roy Pifer Merle Platt Sondra Plott Paige Polcyn Charles Poole Mary Prolago Barbara Ranallo Mary Randolph Alan Ranson joe Rayburn Joy Reed john Reglus Bob Reisling Lester Rest joan Rhoades Bob Ribar Tony Riggilo james Riley john Rinner Robert Riser Dick Ritchey Frank Rizzo Alice Robinson Eugene Robinson Sam Robinson VViliam Robinson Antoinette Romano Donna Romano Larry Rowley Karl Rudy Shelton Sapio Mary Scharfenberg Silvio Schiazza Judy Schroeder John Sczruba Sharon Seal Sandy Selah Florence Selman Beverly Settles Robert Schaeffer Janet Shell Daniel Shepherd Dick Shernit Bill Siegel Patrick Simpson Dennis Smith 4- it .:' 1' ,Lea iff! A? 11,5 n XL li 1 7 W ,Q ii " Q' Hr i ill' 'Q Yi L ,fr J WS 5 Q QR fi! Donald Smith Lyle Smith Priscilla Smith Phyllis Smith lilizaheth Snyder Grant Starr john Starr Beverly Stevenson Penny Stupelli Sam Styles Bill Sullivan Fred Sweeney Maureen Sweeney Wendell Swisher Roger Tanzie lidith Taylor Sandy Tepovich lfstlicr Thompson john 'I'omillon Ted Toothman james Tressler Roy Turner Donna Ulzler lfdgar Vanhorn ,loanne Visnick Nada Vujnovic Tum VVaddell john Walker lioh lNalton lingene VVarfield Conrad VVatts Deanna VV1-lling Mary Westlake Douglas VVestling George VVOStling Homer VVheaton Richard NNhite Nancy VVilCl Connie W'illiams Frank Williams john Williams jnanita Williams Mercey Williams Verla VVillian1s Nancy VVilson Richard VVondward Lucille Worrels Dick Yates Patricia Yates Jeanann Yocum Jim Yonley Paul Yontz Dorothy Ynrjevic lietty Zwiez My 1 The top salesmen l like this one. Better Luck next time. First assembly. What posersl Visiting hours. Gee. what a mess! Grand Canyon was never like this! Page 71 v FRESHMEN Page 72 Officers Bob Porco, president, Russ Jimeson, vice presidentg .lane Kinney, secretary, Helen Mel lish, treasurer Home Room Pres. First row--left to right - Ronald Cox. Judj Poff, Becky Borden, Bill Smittle. Seconc row-Kenny Woodward, Gloria Barrett Helen Mellish, Dick Dever. Third row- John Strothers, Steve Homick, Lionel Lind sey, Russ Jimeson. The Class of 1959, largest of all the Classes, with an enrollment of l92 boys and 187 girls was ably led this year by President Robert Porco. Assisting Bob in his duties were Russ Jimeson, Vice President, Jane Kinney, Secretary, and Helen Mellish, Treasurer. 'gln Ourselves Our Future Lies" was selected as the class motto. Also chosen was the purple orchid as the class flower, and lavendar and white as the official colors. Michael :Xchannner Georgianna Aivaliotis Charlotte .Allllflilll Miriam :Xnistey Clay Anderson .Iohn Anderson Mary ,lane Arthnrs Charles Bane Gerald Barilla Lillian Barnes Pete Barren Gloria Barrett jerry Beal George Beattie Deloris Bee Harry Behringer Martin Bell George Benos Dave Berisford 'llana Bergstnan Nancy Bianchini lfthel Bigshy Patricia Binger Richard Bly John Boni Vlfhitney Bonifant Tom Booth Becky Borden Ronald Boyer Don Bozich Paul Brandt Cliff Bright Madeline Brown Robert Brown David Bruce Marcus Butler Glenn Campbell jackie Caplinger Clara Caranfa Harry Carmine Linda Carnahan Helen Carpenter VVilliam Carroll Kenneth Castner Camille Cowlner Carol Chapman Linda Christian Nancy Christian L Rose Mary Chnliek Rose Lee Chulick Donna Clancy joe Constantine Richard Collins David Cope if 't 4 ' . ' in 4 f l A .. ,... ,mfr - Q' H ,, in 3' I B I D ii W all K aw :,, 1 W 0 C Y 15,215 if 'it - 1 if :AV 1, 5-. I we V' 5' i BM Y' itt 3, . f -- . " I "--1 1 ' v I .,tE V, ' , , 4 L -, A 5 5 .X Page 73 Page 74 Nl' Ml if 3 f J in 1 ,Q W 3 i v x A 5. -4' fm nj, .MA "A ff. U l 3 1, i- .h.,A T f llill llorrlstoii Pzitriclc Coyvsvl' lyllllfllfl Cox l-in-url Craig il anim-S Crawlcy Clara Cross lfloycl Cumiiiigham Szmrly Dalesio Dominick l7','Xlcssamlro Pat lY.'XIlllI'C2i Plum-la llfiscli Norman llm-lzmvy Rolmcrt Dr-ller llocfo Dclllayo ll'-fmna Un-Sautis lliclmrrl lk-vcr R4 ilu-rt Dewey Uavirl Ilozxk Norina Domanico Kochi-lle Dorfmzm llohcrt Dorscy NYilli:xm llrayvr llomm Dreycr Silly lfclgar NYilliam liisiiaiigle liarlmara lilias Xlfilliam linglisli Ken lfstcs Donna livans lloimlfl lfvans Pcgsfy livaus Clmrlcs Fields Prisvilla lfimlley Nancy Fiufrock ,lllllV lfislwr l,I1lll'L'l liitxsimmous Thomas Foley Sandy Franke luclv Frccsv l-le-len Fultoii Howard Fullwoorl Mary Garlola Ronald Gaston C2ltl16I'illL' Gelder Robert Goff Sliirlcy Goffoli Nancy Gorhy llzxzel lirccnlci- john Goukcr ,llllUlI12iS Hauifin lircmlzi Hamlin Sam Hardy Dam- Harris Mary Hatfield Betty Hawkins Beverly Hayes Lulu Herring Mayrie Hervey Sharon I-lesser lilizabeth Hicks Ann Hill Steve Homiek Carol Hopkins Richard Horton Richard Howell Dennis Hnher Donna Humes Donald Ignatius Paul Ignatius Lois jeffers David jeter Russ jimeson Bruce johns Dorothy johnson Lee johnson Linda johnson john jones Susan jurvie Christy Karamanolis Mike Kavanagh Iidith Kerr Blodwyn Kerr joe Kifer Fritz Kindsvatter Kent Kindsvatter Geraldine King jane Kinney Honna Kimble Terry Kolling Herman Kopras joseph Kovarik Kitty Kramer judith Lackey Gloria Lamantia liarl Lash Masie Lavender Mary Lawton Marian Lee Gretchen Letzelter Bernard Lewis Larry Libetti Lionel Lindsey judy Lisle joe Long Lillian Losey Shirley Lovell Audrey Lueas Erma Lucas gf . it if "' g as M fl L , "Sf Q ,1 Q it E. G rf. Page 75 W -4 .W Page 76 va. Dorothy Lytlc Barbara Madderf Lucy Marine Carolyn Marr Rosemary Martin Linda Masser Tom Maxwell Mary Mazzaferro Barbara Meadows William Medcalf Judy Menear Nora Merritt Barbara McAv0y jim McCarroll Betty McClain Carol McClain jim McClain William McClelland Donna McConnell Mary McCoy Ronald McGee Barbara McGowan Pat McGrew Marilyn McKinney Albert McLeod Howard McNeil Helen Mellish Sandy Miksch Carolyn Miller Darlen Miller james Mills George Milesovich Rhuenette Mitchell Janet Moffatt Barbara Montgomery john Montgomery Joyce Montgomery Beverly Moore Farl Morgan 'Bob Mayers Roger Murray Kathleen Mutton Jim Neil joseph Nelson Phyllis Nelson Ginger Newman Wanda Norris Sonja Novington M arga ret Ockenhouser Donald Ogrizovich Mary Orlagos Theresa Orouecz Gerald Owens Bryan Palmer Charles Patterson Kathleen Pearce Nancy Perazzoli Barbara Petrakis Marianne Petrakis Joseph Petrelle John Phillips Joe Pierce Judy Poff Ronald Polonofsky Dick Poole Bob Porco Alfred Porter Karen Porter Allen Prestwood Bill Priest Eleanor Porfit Jim Quinn Linda Raber Angela Ragusa Bill Ralston Donna Ranallo Janice Ropp Marie Raska John Reduca Charles Reese Roger Reynard Pearl Reynolds Virginia Reynolds Marlene Recks James Roach Jay Robbins Judy Robinson Bob Ross Gary Roush Fred Ruland Nick Sarap Josephine Sarne Judy Schaefer Robert Schaefer James Search Terry Sense James Shaffer Patrick Sheriff Bill Shrieve Ruttus Simmons Tulu Sims Ruth Six Guy Bob Smith LeRoy Bob Smith Ed Smith Fred Smith Geraldine Smith .- .,,. ' I'-yr , e ' ..:i 4 J f .y.'Q .rau I. 5 F J' - V gif W my 4 if ' .AA" - 578 4 3 ,ff In fa ' ' K as gf J , I ,fx V H yazvfl W X V' C V t X t P In IQI- . .I In 4 E i ., , -- J, .,.A V qzlliv H P ' M 1 ' .s w Page 77 V 'w Nxt if E , M 4 grits . ia 3? if '?', -'Q'-Q Q .s 1 MH ,-7,.. .. 9 'V' Q 2 I S 'lf X M ,, .':: 'Q 1 I 1' Page 78 Marilyn Smith Mattie Smith Jane Smith Terry Smith XVilliam Smith Lois Smurthwaite lid Sobolewski Leonard Staats VValter Stranak Bill Standiforfl ,lohn Steiner Pat Stephenson Mara Stern joAim Stewart Mildred Stewart John Strother Virginia Styles Evelyn Swiger Norman Swiger Wendy Supowitz Mike Tamburro Harry Taylor Robert Taylor Thomas Taylor Pat Teaff Donna Tepovish lamina Thomas Kenneth Thomas Ruth Thomas ,lack Thompson Richard Thorne Dick Torbica Dick Tucker Kenneth Uselton Peggy Vandine ,lim Van Dyne Cathy Walker Sandra Ward Mary jane Weiher Karl Weinberg Edie Wenman Dave Wells Jennie Wells Laraine Welsh Pat Werkin limma Whaley Pat Whipple Albert White Louis VVhite Anita White Daniel Williams james Williams Dave Wilson Sharon Wilson N2-XIIC5' XYUMIS XYilliam XYm1clxxz11'1l Marsha Yatcf fharhrtlt' Ymlcl' PCM' Ylvsl john Young fylurla AUSIQCI' Tmn Ziarkn 4' 'ZW7 y.- K X , x i i ,4 4' "'-f'--ntl' if ' 1 Q 1.1 - WE A - Tough test! Where's the elevator? Let's see-now. Naughty, Naughty! Who's next? Welcome to S.H.S. Rage 79 A C TI VI TIES Student COUHCU ' ' Government is your busme' Row l--l.. to K. llarhara IXlt'adoxvs, Shirley Morris, l'a-iiiiy Kuhns, lla-tty Prulago Sa Smith, lfflith lit-rr, ,loan Caswell,lJoris ,In-lea. Cliarlotte Hall, joan l':Y3.IlN llitk lxroii Row Z-f--l.. to R, 7- lloiiiia Claiiry, Sharon XX'ilsoii, Patty Stepliciisoii, l,iiicla lriinnier He J llziillit-, -Incl y Griffin, Yicki Ress. -Indy Martin, luili Moyers. ,lorry Hari Row 3- l., tu ll. 7 lloiiiia Hanna, 'Iohii Starr, Toni liflrly, -lim Mcflaiii iiinit lu lioiialfl llc-al. ,lim Yan llyne, ,lorry liroiict-ski, lloh Monk. Row 4 ffff lf. to R. .Xiitly l't-ttress, ,lack llhiiii, .lullll Spear, llirk Horton lxeith lluxu . , , . lloli X iirjevic, lxiiss K rawtorfl. ,lay -ltiiics. L, to R. -- Dick Kropp, president: lioh Yurjt-vie. vice - presideiltl Doris ,lc-lea. st-cretaryg Russ Crawford, sergeant-at-arins. Page 82 The organization in our school which sits as a function ing group to hear the ideas and suggestions of the students is known as the Student Council. lt is comprised of one student representative from each home room and meets periodically during different class sessions of the day to discuss various issues of importance. The responsibility of each member is to find out the ideas and suggestions of the students in his or her own home room and present them to the Council which considers their merits. lf the suggestions are thought reasonable, they are presented to the administration where final decisions are made. The Student Council also sponsors many projects and activi- ties including Homecoming, Twirp Week, decorating the goal posts for the football games, and the Ground Hog Dance, a joint dance with Weir High. This year's officers are Dick Kropp, presidentg Bob Yurjevic, vice-president: Doris Jelea, secretaryg and Russell Crawford, sergeant-ab arms. The Steubenville High School Forum, ably directed by Miss Margaret Denison, is in reality the debating club of S.H.S. It is a member of the State and National Town Meeting League. The club members are call- ed upon to give discussions for various groups throughout the Tri-State Area in ad- dition to appearances on radio and television. Much of their experience is obtained at the Forum's weekly meetings at which all mem- bers present discuss subjects ranging from national problems to "going steady." L. to R. - Marian Mellish, presidentg Lee Levine, vice president: Dnrrette Boylan, recording secretaryg Frume Little, corresponding st-crm-tary: Dick Kropp. treasurer, Don Heal, sergeant-at-arms: Zane Kirk, Chaplain. There is also a club social once a month that is full of fun and frolic for those who attend. The club is eapably led by Marian Mellish, president, Lee Levine, vice-president, Dorette Boylan, recording secretary, Frume Little, corresponding secretary, and Dick Kropp, treasurer. The positions of chaplain and sergeant- at-arms are filled by Zane Kirk and Don Beal, respectively. Row l - L. to R. Y Susie Ochsenbt-in, fieorgia Galatoulas, Carol Miller, Donna Toth, Sally Smith, Diana Hellas, Linda Gallagher, Anita livsclieidcr, ,lean Grandinetti, Mary Vatrella, lilizalxcth Ann XN'illiams, lileanor Mclntosh, Penny Borden. Row Z 4 L. to R, - Miss Margaret Denison, Linda Trimmer, Tania Novington, Frume Little, Marian Mellish, Debbie Munsec, XYaync Snyder, ,lohn liilcrest. janet Hastic, Zane Kirk, Ruger Mencar, Lois Hofmann Lynn Dunkin. Roberta Hill. Row .3 - L. to R, -- Marcella Maple, Sue Brown, Martha Burkhardt, Sheila Harris, Susan fUllllS1lll. ,lanm-t Cable, Lee l.c-vim-, joan Davis, Pete Price. fins Caras, Carole Barr, Dorette iovlan. Row -l L. to R. - Andy Pettress, Chuck lfnlton, Lawrin Giannainnrc, Bill Fulton. Bill llalcs, ,lim lllcfiitlw, Alan lfisncr, Roger llolryn, Dun lit-al. Charlotte liolflfein, Dick Kropp. FORUM - - Power of words Page 83 Steuben Years of Adventure Page 84 The picture at the right shows the editors and business manager hard at work. It is the job of the editors to he the overseers of the annual. ,Ns seated around the desk, they are Diana Hellas, associate editor: Susan johnson, eo- editor: Peter Price, co-editor: Alan liisner, business man- ager: and Gus Caras, associate editor. 'l'hree of the hardest work- ing members of the annual staff are the photographers. They are responsible for all informal pictures in the Sten- hen. After taking the pietnres. they spend much of their time in the dark room developing and enlarging them, The photograpliers this year are .-Xrnold Lipson, senior: Mur- vin .-Xmstey, jnniorg and l'al Cohen, sophomore. The 1956 Steuben, the everlasting record of the school year of 1955-56 was published by a group of hard - working senior stu- dents, advised by Mr. John T. Maltese. Soon after school started the script for the Steuben Assembly, which is produced to get the student body interested in the annual, was begun. The theme was "Steuben- land" based on the T.V. program, 4'Disneyland,'. 'lille lieaeon, often Called "The journalistie Voice of SHS." is published bi-week- ly by the members of the jour- nalism classes at Big Red. The school newspaper has been rated the valley's best high school paper in 195253, 5-1. 55 Competition. Special positions for the staff are as- signed by the journalism teacher and advisor, Mr. john 'lf Maltese. Chosen by Mr. Maltese for the first semester were Frume Little. editor in - chief and Sally Smith and VVayne Sny- der assistant editors, The edi- tors are responsible for lay- ing out the paper, writing' headlines. assigning stories, proof reading and copy read- ing. Lee Levine and Dorette Boylan are eo-editors for the seeogd semester. Alan Eisner and Marcella Maple are as- sistant editors. Beacon Window 11 The World The Beacon has been an integral part of Steuben- ville High School since the turn of the century. Found- ed as the voice of the stu- dents of Big Red, the Bea- con has weathered many ups and downs. In the past decade the paper has emerged as the finest stu- dent effort in the area, growing from a mimeo- graphed sheet into a six and eight page letterpress newsprint paper. The Bea- con is self - supporting, gathering funds for publi- cation from advertising and circulation receipts. Page 85 Key Club Gateway to citizenship One of the foremost service organizations of our school is the Key Club. It is spon- sored by the Steubenville Kiwanic Club and works with the Kiwanians on many of their proiects. Since the membership is on a se- lective basis, each boy must meet the stan- dards established by the Club. The varied projects and activities include the Kiwanis Rose Sale, a clothing drive for needy Ko- rean children. a canned food drive, the oper- ation of the concession stand at the basket- ball games, and the presentation of the Ki- wanis Sandy Nininger Award to the Senior who has made the most of his abilities. One of the groups most well-known activities is the conducting of the morning devotions over the school's public address system. Mr. Caskey is the faculty advisor for the club. The oficers for this year are presi- dent, Bill Fulton: vice-president, John Gil- crestg secretary, Zane Kirkg treasurer, Ron- nie Morgang and chaplain, Chuck Fulton. liill Fulton, president: John Gilcrest, vice-pr rlcnt: Zane Kirk, secretary: Ronnie Morg treasurer: Chuck Fulton. chaplain. Row 1 - L. to R. --- Mr. T. XV. Caskey. liill lfulttm, john liilcrest, Ralph Porter, Cllllfli Fulton, Ronnie Morgan, Zane Kirk. ' Row 2 - L. to R. - Roh Glover, Pt-tc Price, jim llnnlopv, jim llc l,nng, hlolnl Ncirlcr- hubcr, Dave Quinn, Howard Minor, Charles liall. Row 3 - L. to R, - Roh llnrns, john Nec-l, Dave Cnnningliani, llill llalt-s. l,cc l.t-vine Joe Malbaso, Toni Eddy, Dick Kropp, Huh Crawford. Row 4 - L. to R. - Andy Pcttruss, Dave Murray. 'llt-ml'4l. llolm Rliincliart, -lolin Campbell, Bill Vlbocl, Roger Polcyn, John Spear, llavc fionlrl. Page 86 to ann Nelson, Marcella Maple. rx X NICI etly. Ann Mo1n'ilm'icl1. Holm our IIN mijor: Charlotte lioldfein, drum majortttt 'fancy Jack. Janet Hastit-, Darlene Srndtrs Donna Toth. BAND - - Music to Remember The Big Red Band, directed by Mr. Anthony Violi who is assisted by Mr. Frank Musante, is certainly one of the hardest-working organizations in the school. In all kinds of weather, many hours are spent drilling, marching, and learning dance routines in preparation for the snappy half-time shows which have led to the acclaim of our band as 'fThe Best Band in Buckeyelandf' This hard work begins during the summer when the members attend band camp. The band is very thankful to the Big Red Band Parents, who sponsor the band in many of its activities, including band camp, and trips to out-of-town football games. The band participates in many other activities such as pep rallies, parades, and various civic functions, in addition to its two regular concerts during concert season. This year's officers are Bill Hales, president, Charlotte Goldfein, vice-presidentg Debbie Munsee, secretaryg and Linda Leicy, treasurer. French One Touch of France Le Cercle Francais, more commonly known as the French Club, consists of students taking French at S.H.S. The main objective of this organization is to create an active interest and a more thorough knowledge of the history of France and its people. Presiding over this year's club meetings was Diana Bellas. She is ably assisted by Jo Ann Brettell, vice- presidentg Karla Bickerstaff, secretaryg Margie Brooks, treasurerg and chairmen Lynn Donkin and Loretta Sue Watkins. Miss Juliet Eakin is serving as the club's sponsor. The French Club's out- standing activity this year is a Spring Fete. During the holiday season the group sponsors a Christmas Party. Row l - L. to R. - Miss Juliet Eakin, Lora Lee Herndon, Margie Brooks, J Karla llickerstaff, Jo Ann lirettell, Diana Hellas. Row 2 L. to R. - :Xlice Hubbard, Maralynn Stern, Carol Heto, Loretta Watkins, Ly11n Donkin. Row .3 -- L. to R. -- George Hill, Faye Montgomery, ,Xnita VVhite, liecky Xliller, Mimi rknistey, Howard Kessler. Introduction to Education Row 1 M L. to R. Miss Helen liroyyn, Pat Meehan, Linda Masser. Linda lirwin, Yvonne Yoder, Carol Miller, Vicki Ress. Lois Hofmann, l'at Saylor, Joyce Masser. Row Z f L. to R. - Priscilla Findlay, Loretta NYatkins, .Xlicc .-Xnn Herbert, La Verne Hogan, Donna Romano, Karlene Linton, Marcia Jones, Xlarlee XYillia1ns, Roberta Hill, Mary Caneris. Row 3 - L. to R. 'A Donna Toth, Dorothy Yurjevic, Joanne Krnich, Sandy Tepovich. Sue Scott, Marcia Miller, Ola Tagenhorst, Shelley llorfinan, Kay A-Xtkinson, Lynn lions kin, Linda Leicy. Row 4 - L. to R. - Jane Kinney, Judy l'off, liecky llorden, Donna Marquis, Farol Novington, Ann Mclntosh, Mary Louise XYennnan, Mary .Xnn Nalepa, Renee linshman, Carole' Barr, Becky Miller. Page 88 Choosing a career is an important part of high school life, The function ofthe club known as The Future Teachers of Am- erica is to acquaint stu- dents with the various aspects of teaching. The nieetinjfs are held every Tuesday at noon. The president of F.T.A. is Carol Miller, ably assist- ed by Yvonne Yoder, vice - president: Vicki Ress, secretary, Lois Hofmann, treasurer: and Linda Frwin, historian. Miss Helen Brown is in her first year as faculty sponsor. DECA Your Next fob Row l - L. to R. -- Mr, Robert llehnke, Pauline Ui-lzigos, lYayne 'llhomp- son. Donna lleYore. Carol llelforrl. blames Rhodes. Row Z - l.. to R. -f Riclizircl Przepasniak. lired Kennedy, Cliarles blaines, Mike Stringer, Milton llnrkett. VL. The Vocational lndus- 'ial Club. sponsored by lr. Harold james. is a tate wide organization munded for the purpose f training pupils for ieir future occupations. ocial activities of the 'IC's include club par- es. an animal outing 1 the spring and week- : social gatherings in ie high school gym. 'his year the group has lade tours through lo- al industries. helped in :pairing various fix- ires in the school and lso maintained several rams in school intra- iural leagues. Officers Jr this year are lioh lone. president: Larry .nderson. vice - presi- ent: David Ori-is. sec- atary: Harold Fithen. 'easnrerz and Charles lreen, sergeant - at - rms. The Distributive Education Club, directed this year by Mr. Robert Behnke, is a social or- jgaltlzation of the students of Distributive Education at Steu- benville High School. Members of the club participate in many projects during the course of the school year, the feature being the joint employee - employer banquet held annually in con- junction with the Vocational- Commercial Club. Other projects of the club include the sponsoring of a skating party each year and attendance at the state - Wide convention of Ohio Distributive Education Clubs. The D.E. Class was featured on the Steubenville Public School System's T.V. pro- gram "Classroom Camera." Members of the class have their schedules so arranged that they attend classes in the morn- ing and work in retail establish- ments during the afternoon learn- ing the practical aspects of the retailing business. Young Men And Machines lion' l -- l., to R. -f-- Larry .'Xnderson, Dave Urris, Hob Hope, Harold Fithen, Aaron fiillmerl. Qlniclc Nlefonnell. Row 2 - l.. to R. -- llolw jackson, lfddie Conrad. Charles Green, Sam Alberts, lsmet Trikones. Row 3 -- l.. to R. --- Mr, Harold jlznnes, ,lim Rayburn, Rayinond llilley. George llroolis, rld Chester Smith. llrian Monigi Page 89 The Junior Red Cross, sponsored by Miss Mildred Wheatcraft, is an organization whose basic purpose is to give service to the less fortunate. The club's membership is open to any stu- dent who is interested in the welfare of others. Much time is spent in the Jefferson County Red Cross Chapter House, working on various projects. Worthy activities consist of pro- viding for needy families at Christmas time, furnishing entertainment programs at the Home for Aged Women, and Jefferson County Home, sending clothing to Korean orphans and distributing magazines to institutions such as hospitals, county home, and convalescent homes. Leading the group this year is Ellen Mayer, presidentg assisted by Penny Kuhns, vice presidentg Sue Scott, secretary, and Joan Fleming, treasurer. The purpose of the Radio-TV Club is to acquaint its members with the functions of radio and television. Members annually produce Dickens' "Christmas Carol" on WSTV ra- dio, participate in the tri-state Disc Jockey programs, and have their own weekly Book Re- view. The club sponsors several plays a year over the Public Address system. These stories often emphasize holidays and the reasons for celebrating them. Many interesting people such as Red Donley and Harry Birrell speak to the club at its bi-monthly meetings. The club, advised by Miss Thelma Taylor, is ably led by president, Alan Eisner, vice- president, Susan Ochsenbeing secretary, Carol Miller, treasurer, Florence Tucker, business man- ager, Jack Blum, and historian, Barbara Petrakis. o Kfklr. 56 VC 3 ' - Cues for careers The '56 V.C.'s is a national organization founded for the purpose of preparing stu- dents to become the future business leaders of America. The club's main activity of the year is an annual Employer-Employee Banquet held in May. The students also do typing for the school staff and community and service organizations. Mr. Stephen Brinsko capably serves as the club sponsor and the officers are Lillian Gillen, presidentg Judy Bowman, vice - presidentg Shirley Meadows, secretaryg and Doris Critser. treasurer. The national name of the club is Future Business Leaders of America. Newtonian 's Club Mathematics at work A comparatively new organization at Big Red is the Newtonian Club, commonly called the Math Club. The members elected Pete Price to the presidency this year. He is assisted by Zane Kirk, vice-president and Jim Dunlope, secretary-treasurer. Membership is open to any student who has had two years of mathematics. The club is under the guidance of Mr. Howard Robinson. At each meeting a different topic is introduced. Among them are a number system based on twelve, mathematical charades, the world calendar and its evolution, and talks by outside speakers. The chief projects for this school term include sponsoring an assembly pro- gram and providing mathematical displays for the school's trophy case. tcphcn Brinsko, Shir- y Mearluws, Lilliilll illen, Doris Critscn. lary Lou Zirillc. ow .2 l.. to Rffhlar- ,rig M a l e y. Sandra isher, Nancy Norris. mia Mclircgnr. cated l.. to R. f jim Punlope, Pete Price. ane Kirk. .ow 1 - l.. to R. - Mr. lowartl Robinson. .AXI- ul Ranson, Mickey LQ- itc, Gretchen Lighthi- fr, judi Grecnburg, Het' ' Kaplansky, LaVernc logan, Margaret Brown, lary Alice Gallagher. lontc liualtiere. ow Z - I.. to R. - Bill fyckofi, Shirley Kelley, lary Ann Nall-pa, Lin- 1 Crt-wson, Ren ec ushmalm, Chuck Co- rn. ow 3 - L. to R. - teve Fisher. Bill White, ick Shernitt, David each, David Capen. clen Moncilovich, Ann oncilovich, Linda Gal- ghcr, Leo Dmnanico, rnold Lipson, L e c rccdman. ow 4 - L. to R. i rum Mazzaft-rro, Gerry ronccski, Henry Mild- 'r, Gerry Smilovitz, ,rn Mcfi-raw. Roger ocyn, Bill Siegel, rank Parker. john Gil- Cst. Pal Cohcii. One of S.H.S.'s more recently founded organizations is the Garden Club. This group's main functions are the study of horticulture and the beautification of the school grounds. Meetings are held every Monday after school. Mrs. Josephine Downer is the club's capable sponsor. The officers are Charles Brown, presidentg Ronald Hanley, vice-president, David McNeil, secretary, Thomas Hannifin, treas- urerg John Corso, librarian, and Robert Smith is in charge of the club equipment. Miss Rachael Freedman, the school librarian, is as- sisted by the library staff, which is composed of stu- dents who are interested in reading and the workings of a library. Each member of this organization must be an upper classman, de- pendable, respectful of both teacher's and student's re- quests and have an average of at least a C. The staff is in charge of various du- ties in the library which in- clude checking books, keep- ing attendance, helping stu- dents. replacing books on the shelves, marking and keeping books in order, checking overdue books and keeping discipline. Row l A L. to R. - Mrs. josepliinc Downer, Dave McNeil, Hubert Douglas, Charles lid- ward Brown. Row Z - L. to K. f Toni Hanifin, Ronald Hanle, Curtis Harris, George Peckens. Row l - L. to R. - Darla XYclsli, l"loi't-rice 'lluckcix jnrly Robinson, Hail Ritcllcy, lirstnk llcglvr. Row 2 - l.. to li. -- ,lolni firicsiiigur, Connie VYoorls, Margie llrooks, Har- lm' ' ' -lson f Y J am Tm . . Row 3 - L. to R. - Charles liall. :Xncly lcttrcss. liill Rizzo Page 92 5 The group of senior girls whose job it is to conduct the students to their seats before the assem- blies are known as the assembly ushers. While music plays, the students, directed from various places by the ushers, file into the auditorium in an orderly manner. As compensation for their efforts, the girls receive the honor of sitting in the front row. Chosen and directed by Mrs. Frances Rin- ner, the assembly ushers truly do their share in helping to up- hold S.H.S.'s fine tradition of its student body's excellent entrance into the auditorium. Row l - L. to R. - Mrs. Frances Rinner, Donna Toth, Hastie, Marcella Maple, Lois Hofmann, Roberta Hill, lfreda .-Xra'akis, Sally Smith, Beverly Phillips, Joyce gawk' Stratum' J H - - 1 . . v Row 3 A L. to R. Wilma Baillie, Charlotte Goldfein, Bakef- BCH? B llllams. Jean brandinettr, Jane 5615011 Kay Horton. Susan Johnson, Carol Graham. Judy Cart- Ron' 2 -- L. to R. - Lynn Donkin, Linda Leicy, Janet ledge, Beverly Milosevich. Row l - L. to R. A Nancy Baker, Florence Tucker, Joyce Baker, Margie Roach, Carole MacPherson, Barbara Moore, Judy VVickham, Sharon Mabel. Row Z - L. to R. W livelyn Dc-Long, Judy Smith, Lois Hofmann, Gail Ritchey, Joan Evans. Carol tiraham, Judy Pastors. Charlotte Ball, Linda Barnes, Mrs. Barbara Bills. Row 3 - L. to R. - Susan Johnson, Jane Haverfielcl, Beverly Milosevieh, Betty Lou Cooper. Doreen Kalamarie, Audrey Allan, Darla XYelsh, Barbara VVelsh, Mary .-Xnn Nelepa. The assistance that a fan re- ceives while trying to locate his seat at a football game is one of the duties of our Sta- dium Ushers. This organiza- tion's main function is the reg- uljtion of the seating proce- dures ol the fans at the Big Red football games. This year the Big Red Seaters are under the direction of Mrs. Barbara Bills. Page 93 Row 1 - L. to R. f Bill F u l t on, Patty Thornton, Freda Ara- iakis, Lynn Coleman. Betty Williams, Nancy kmick, Donna Cocu- nelli, Pete Price, Mrs. Frances Rinner. Row Z 4 L. to R. - Marvin Amstey, Rach- ael Boyer, Judy Jackson, Kay Kell, Diane Riser, Zhuck Fulton. Row 1- L. to R. i Donna Romano, Betty Kaplansky, Judi Green- Jurg, Kathryn Anvil, Marlee Williams, Don- 1a Elliott, Jim Riley. Row2-L.toR.- Carol Hopings, Florence Dines, Ann Mclntosh, 3 retche n Lighthizer, Mickey Levite, Phyllis Freedman, Mrs. Frances Rinner. Row 3 - L. to R. N Georgia Krnich. Donna Hanna, joan Fleming, Nancv Jack, Jerry Beck- er. Howard Minor, John Fisher. ka f.L-L.s founded for the purpose of furthering the knowledge of these students in what Latin can do for them Each Friday during the second period the members study Roman government and enjoy popular songs news, jokes, and stones from a Latin magazine called Auxiluim Latinum tarium accompanied by Mrs Rlnner their advisor and Mr MCOU1HHlf There they observed Latin exhibits and perhaps next year will enter a project of their own Freda Arajakis secretary and Pete Price, treasurer sists of Sophomore Latin students In their meetings which are held every other Tuesday the club members learn about Roman customs games and holidays vice-president Betty Kaplansky, secretary and Kathy Auvll treasurer Page 94 , - " "fx XJ.. a-,-Cf The Future Nurses' Club, an affiliate of the Womans Auxiliary of the Jefferson Coun- ty Medical Association, is composed of junior and senior girls interested in nursing as a career. The aim of the club is to acquaint its members with the many fields of the nursing pro- fession. This is accomplished through trips to local hospitals, visits by people in various fields of the profession, and film presentations at the meetings. With Miss Mary Tarr as advisor, the club is led by Kay Horton, presidentg Sandy Atkinson, vice-president, Margie Brooks, secretary, and Tania Novington, treasurer. Q, .- - .. L- f-X -- f- -- -- 1 sf f . ., - hx ,-- ,-- X, C- W, , ,,-, f. -va x,,,..- Cf x., The Bible Study Club is one of the most worthy clubs in school. Its members gain more knowledge and a better comprehension of the Bible, in turn, building stronger characters. The members of the club are in charge of the Thanksgiving assembly. Their weekly meetings are opened with a business meeting followed by a group study of a section of the Bible. Stu- dents often prepare and present these studies. Lois Hofmann, serving as president, presides over the club. She is assisted by Mary Martha McCullough, vice-presidentg Anne Swetlick, sec- retaryg and Patricia Lattanzi, treasurer. Mr. Benjamin Entwistle is the sponsor. Row1-L.toR.- Miss Mary Tarr, Holly Garrette, Margie Brooks. Linda Trimmer, Kay Horton. Tania Noving- ton, Sandra Atkinson. Sharon Mapel, Marnie Elmore. ROWZ-L. to R.- Ethel Calhoun, Pat Say- lor, Hazel Frav, Mary Vatrella, Carroll Strat- ton, Roberta Kerr, Cyn- thia Van Dyke, janet Hastie, Barbar Mech- ling. Row3-L.toR.- Suzie Ochsenbein. Jack- ie Page, Merle Murray. Dolores Lilie, Beverly Lucas, VVilma Baillie. ludy Cartledge, Andrea Mikula, Charlotte Gold- fein, Lenora Collins. Row 4 - L. to R.- Shirley Kellv: Judy Lo- retta, Ann Moncilovich, Helen Moncilovich. Kay Kell, Barbara Fillinone, loyce Simmons, Helen Visnic, Delores Blake, Carol Barr, Connie Woods. Row1-L.toR.- Pat Lattanzi, Anne Swet- lick, Mary Martha Me- Cullough, Lois Hofmann, Carole Libengood. Row2-L. to R.- Mr.- Benjamin Entwistle, Elalne Hilliard. Donna Dfyef, Lynn Coleman, Sandy Miksch, Bill Al- vey. R.- Ioan Fleming, Marjorie Hervey, Tom Hervey, Pat Dryer. Spanish Club Don uixote Los Amigos was founded for the purpose of furthering separate officers. Leading the first period class is presi- Spanish interest among the students of S.H.S. The club dent, Alan Eisnerg vice-president, Linda Gallagherg sec- consists of the first and third period Spanish classes. This retary, Anita Gescheiderg treasurer, Lynda Barnesg chap- group, advised by Mrs. Athena Panos, is composed of all lain, Susan .lohnsong and sergeants-at-arms, Don Goode second-year students. "Saber is Poder" has been chosen and Ronald Anderson. as the club motto for this year. Each club has elected Row l - L. to R. - Mrs. Athena Panos. Anita Ciescheider, Susan jolinsun, Alan liisner, Lynda liarues, Linda Gallagher, Ronnie Anderson. Row 2 f L. to R. -- llnrette Boylan, Aludy Cartledge. Lora Lee Herndon, lion- na McCullough, Tania Novington. lilizaheth Ann xYllll2lIllS. Nancy Myers. ,lanet Glick. Row 3 -- l.. to R. 7 u Stern, Bill Alvey, limb Rliineliart, lion Ruliertsmi, fius Varas, lieverly Rlilosevicli, Sandro Vlanutolo. Lo Tom Hervey, Mary Alice Gallagher. Row li- L. to R. - George Shorac, Andrea Mikula. Larry Sullivan, lfrume Little, Zane Kirk, Dehhie Munsee, Don Beal. Row Z - L. to R. - Mrs. Athena Panos Priscilla Smith, -lanies Raylnir, ,leannx ite Stewart, Arlene Maple, Juanita Kocsis, Mary Ann lylcliieely, Row 3 -- L. to R, --V lfred llelphia, Terry lionar, Alex lfleattie, Fred Hahn, David Gould. Spanish Club Spanish Conquerors Presiding over the third period class are president, Zane Kirkg vice-president, Debbie Munseeg secretary, Frume Littleg treasurer, An- drea Mikulag chaplain, Larry Sullivang and sergeants-at-arms, Don Beal and George Shorac. This year Los Amigos has participated in quite a few successful activities including a Christmas party, Christmas caroling through the halls, and a Pan-American banquet. Page 96 A Cappella Choir Makers of Music The fame of the A Cappella Choir is spreading across the United States. Under the able direction of Mr. E. W. Capen, the choir makes innumerable ap- pearances including T.V. throughout the surrounding states. Last year the choir toured Washington, D.C. on a good-will tour, singing on numerous oc- casions. This year at the annual Christmas concert, the girls of the choir wore for the first time their new deep pink colored gowns purchased for them by the Choir Parent's Asscoiation. A Cappella is capably guided by Jerry Noltemeyer, presi- dentg Holsie Matthews, vice-prcsidentg Joan Davis, secretary, and Roberta Hill, treasurer. funior Choir Pioneers in Music The Freshmen Choir, founded for the purpose of preparing potential singers for the A Cappella Choir, is under the capable direction of Mr. E. W. Capen. This organization has an intensive training period, practicing each school day throughout the year. The Freshman Choir is making a number of appearances this year, including a Christmas concert. Climaxing the group's activities is the annual formal dinner dance held at the Steubenville Country Club for members. ' Presiding over the young singers are Bob Porco, president, Bill Smith, vice-presidentg Patricia Binger, secretary, and Glenn Campbell, treasurer. Piano accompaniment is provided by Anita Gescheider. Page 97 The S.H.S. Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Max Coberly, is one of the school's finest musical organizations. This year the orchestra has engaged in a number of money-mak- ing projects, among which are a tag day and a bake sale. Musical performances are being given at the Junior Play, Spring Concert, and Baccalaureate. Presiding over this group are Georgia Galatoulas, president, Anne Swetlick, vice-pres- ident, Patricia Latanzi, secretaryg and Elaine Hilliard, treasurer. Row l, Seated I.. to R. - Judy Harmon, Marlee VV i ll ia in s, Anargiros Aivaliotis, Judy Lackey, Donna Evans, Pat Dor- sey. Row 2, SeatedL. to R. - Elaine Hilliard, Anne Swetlick, Don Johnston, Paige Polcyn. Georgia Galatoulas, Georgianna Aivaliotis. Standing - Mary Jane Yakshevich, Donna My- ers, Barbara Guinn. Piano - Lois Hofmann, Mr. Max Coberly. Seated - Hob Glover, Mike VVadas, Bob May- ers, ,lim Lohman, Terry geese, Fred Delphia, Lois l-loftnann. Standing - Albert Wlooclward, Fred Ruland, Clifford Home, Martha Bnrkbardt. Bob Porco. Mr. Frank Musante. The dance band, which has been organized for the benefit of students interested in a musical career, is under the direction of Mr. Frank Musante. The band has made several pub- lic appearances. These include playing for dances at both Grant and Harding School and pro- viding music for various school functions such as the Steuben Assembly and the Senior As- sembly. This year the dance band is made up of five saxophones, two alto, two tenor, and a baritone, three trumpets, two trombones, and a rhythm section consisting of piano and an accordian. Page 98 Y TSSIIS - - - A girl grows up The Y-Teens, one of the school's most active service organizations, has a large membership consisting of girls from all classes. This year the club is ably led by Joan Davis, president, Beverly McCullough, vice-president, Anne Swet- lick, secretary, and Judy Martin, treasurer, working in cooperation with Mrs. Troy Snyder, club advisor. Besides attending regular business and social meet- ings, which are usually held in the Y.W.C.A. Youth Center, the girls are also busy with many projects. Among these are selling pencils with the football and basketball schedules on them, holding a Christmas party for the children of the Sunshine Room at Roosevelt School, and aiding at the County Teacher's Con- ference in the spring. H1 Y - - - Boys will be men The Steubenville Hi-Y, high school branch of the Y.M.C.A., is a part of an international organization. The club is active in community, state, and world affairs. Among the boys' money-raising projects this year are the selling of colorful, plastic book covers and the sponsoring of the annual Hi-Y Gymnastic Show. Part of the club's funds is donated to the World Service each year. The boys also participate in the State Student in Government program annually. With Mr. William Croskey as advisor, the club is led by president, Ronnie Morgan, vice-president, Jim Dunlopeg secretary, Bob Reeves, treasurer, John Neiderhuberg chaplain, Jim McGraw, and sergeant-of-arms, Richard Bodrog. Another active member is John Gilcrest, who is district president. ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES Page 102 FOOTB LL The 1955 football season was certainly an up and down year. The team, which was rated among the pre-season Ohio powers, started slowly. After dropping the first few games, the Stubbers upset Dayton Fairview and tied Alliance, both of which were heavily favored. The squad seemed to be clicking but bogged down again. A shutout vic- tory against Martins Ferry showed a spark of hope but it wasn't until the final game of the season that Coach Bill Abraham's charges came into their own. Facing a previously unbeaten Weirton squad, the Crimson and Black played brilliantly both offensively and defensively to crush the Red Riders 39-20. Football 1955 ended in a blaze of glory and can be looked back upon as a thrilling, as well as an exciting season. f ' 415. l Standing - Left to Right: Chuck VVatt, Ralph Short, Abe Bryan. Kneeling: Bill Abraham. VARSITY I' , Y if lytla! Bottom Row - Robert Crawford, Ronald Callender, Mark VVulker, Robert Yurjevic, Rich- ard Yates, james Ross, Ralph Porter, Robert Beattie, Freddie Allen, David Gould, James Lindsey, Arnold Jeter, John Neel. Middle Row - George Hugus, james lfnsell, Thomas VVhatley, James Callas, Charles Fulton, James Morgan. Lawrin Giannamore, Frank Bigler, VVilliam Fulton, Ted Giam- marco, Donald 'Wilson, Andy Petress, Thomas Haverfield, Carl Bell. Top Row - james Scurry, Thomas Carmichael, Robert Woodward, Melvin Giannamore. Robert Smith, Howard Nease, Russell Payne, Lamar Stinson, Roger Murray, James Cox, Jess VVoodward, james Tressler. Robert Walton, Wayne Farmer, Albert McLeod. john Campbell. 1955 Football Record Steubenville I2 Columbus Central 14 Steubenville 6 East Liverpool 46 Steubenville 7 Dayton Fairview 6 Steubenville 34 Cleveland East Tech 0 Steubenville 7 Alliance 7 Steubenville 6 Canton McKinley 34 Steubenville 12 Steubenville 27 Steubenville 7 Steubenville 39 Catholic Central 25 Martins Ferry 0 Warren Harding 26 Weirton 20 Page 103 4 5 M Yu 'i 1 Vi fx 3 f? 's X E vi ,ZA Z, W f Q k ss ii fs xi X ' A .ff All 5,5 egg? E B08 YURJEVIC C 1 1 4. Q 5: IRCIUE MORGAN k 2 fl, el " il.. A MARK WALKER R SULTS' 12 - Columbus Central -- l4 Columbus Central, cramming two last period touchdowns into the space of three minutes, edged a favored Big Red squad in its football debut. Jim Ross and Jackie Morgan scored the Stubber's touchdowns on one-yard plunges. 6 - East Liverpool - 46 East Liverpool, displaying a tremendous aerial and ground game, crushed Big Red in a game played in Liverpool's Patterson Field. The Pot- ters ran up a gigantic total of 500 yards offensive- ly. Jabo Callas scored the Stubber's lone touch- down on a one yard plunge. 7 - Dayton Fairview - 6 Displaying a tremendous fighting spirit throughout the game, Big Red scored an upset victory over a highly rated Bulldog team. Morgan scored the Stubbers touchdown in the first period and Chuck Fulton's placement provided the margin of vic- tory. 34 - Cleveland East Tech - 0 Big Red, displaying a potent attack and sturdy de- fense, came into its own as the Stubbers crushed Cleveland East. Morgan scored three touchdowns, while Callas and Bigler each tallied once for the Crimson and Black. 7 -- Alliance - 7 A brilliant goal-line stand in the closing minute of the game enabled Big Red to tie a favored Al- liance team. Jackie Morgan scored the Stubbers tally after Andy Pettress had blocked an aviator punt. Chuck Fulton converted. 6 - Canton McKinley - 34 Canton McKinley's Bulldogs, Ohio's No. l foot- ball team, defeated an outclassed but fighting Big Red squad at McKinley's Fawcett Stadium. The Stubbers defense contained Canton's highly touted offense to one of its lowest scores. Morgan tallied the Crimson and Black's touchdown. 12 - Catholic Central - 25 Catholic Central, displaying a versitile offense, won the city Grid Championship in defeating Big Red by a surprisingly decisive margin. Porter and Haverfield tallied tor the Big Red with the latter going 41 yards for the score. 27 - Martins Ferry - 0 Big Red, showing a potent offense and an alert de- fense, scored in every period to defeat its "peren- nial jinx", Martins Ferry. Porter scored twice for the Stubbers while Morgan and Yurjevic each tal- lied once. Chuck Fulton converted three extra points. 7 - Warren Harding - 26 Traveling up to the Panther's home grounds, Big Red was handed a decisive setback by a team that had been beaten six times. The Stubbers touch- down was scored by Jabo Callas. Chuck Fulton kicked the extra point. 39 -- Weirton - 20 Big Red wound up its season with a tremendous victory over previously unbeaten Weirton. The Stubber offense, showing good ground and air power, racked up its highest point total in four years. Tom Haverfield scored two touchdowns, one on a 73 yard run. Jackie Morgan, contributed three tallies while Bill Fulton scored one. Page 106 F RESHMEN Top Row l.c-ft to Right -- john SlL'lllL'I', james Roaeh, james Crawley, joe Pierce, Allen l'restwoofl, l'ett' Yost. Middle Row -- Left to Right - David jctcr, .-Xllicrt XYhitc. john Montgomery, George lit-attic. Russ jinn-son, Lionel l,inrlst-y, Pete llarreu. llottotn Row -- Luft to Rghl -'- Hill Xlcflcllaml, lid XYt-inmau, john ,'XllflCl'SKlll, George P Miluscvicli, Rufus Sinnnous. Rirharcl In-ll, Roht-rt lirown. Pre-gzunc llufldlc. Managers Frank Xlastrianno, lin-rt Sfalzn. Toni lieu- uctt. and Richard lk-latore take time out to pose. The freshman football team under the able di- rection of Chuck Watt, who is in his second year as head mentor of the frosh squad, produced a below average season. The squad was hampered by lack of size and speed and also because they were facing a superior caliber of teams than in previous years. The record of two victories and two defeats didn't indicate the teams potential. The Little Stubbers won two very decisive victories over E. Liverpool and lost to a powerful Weirton eleven before losing to Catholic Central in the final game of the season. The freshmen were led by Albert White, a hard running and elusive half- back. Other standouts were quarterback Jim Roach and Rufus Simmons. Page 107 BASKETBALL Head Coach Ang Vaccaro again brought his team along smoothly during the course of the 1955-56 season, winding up the regularly scheduled games with a fine record of 15 wins in 18 contests. Headed by Captain Bobby Mclntyre, the Stubbers displayed the net result of good coaching and determination. Being the target of every team in the valley, the Big Red hoopsters had to play every game as if it were the finals of the state cham- pionship. Even in defeat the Big Red, al- though disappointed, were gracious losers. The total of 12 points meant the difference between a perfect season and a 15 and 3 record. ln tournament play the Stubbers again played outstanding ball, winning the sec- tional at Wellsville before being eliminated by Bellaire in an overtime at the Martins Ferry Regional Tournament. The year l955-56 will go down as one of the best years in the annals of Steubenville High School basketball. Coach Ang Vaccaro Second Row - M Left tn Right - Coach Ang Vacvaru, .lanws Scurry, Kr-n at 1 t Ralich, Andy Pcttrcss, Huh Rpisling, Runnin- Miller, lklanagerl. Ksst. Ci lkil Xln lfirst Row -- Left to Right -- Saundro janntolo thluilagerl, Binh Ynrjevit li I Xl si 'loc Fields, Dave Murray, lfarl Pearce, Tom Bennett fhlanagerl. Page 108 Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville i'Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville Steubenville :Steubenville i:Overtime Hot and heavy action, as de- picted in photo at right, was the rule rather than the exception as the Steubenville Big Red post- ed one of its best record seasons in the long history of the school. SCORES 58 Mingo 28 Farrell 58 Catholic Central 44 Wellsville 54 East Liverpool 70 Mingo 60 Martins Ferry 74 Weirton 63 Wellsville 70 East Liverpool 64 Toronto 49 Columbus South S6 Weirton 56 Cuyahoga Falls 61 Catholic Central 65 Alumni 77 Follansbee 71 Martins Ferry 70 Wellsville 67 Mingo X7 Bellaire 52 24 37 48 56 44 44 53 5l 68 46 36 45 42 47 47 66 77 56 59 X9 if f Y x xi A DY PBTRESS 515 , .f L A J, 4' it 5, J , 5 K Q 1 f 1' :Wk -4,9 ,E 4 Q 'ix k v in-.' - M. 5: sm ' V f 1, tw Q iff? 'S ' 5 34,5 ,W , Qi ,Q 551: 'QQ f 5 i 'iv T ?? -my Y I! If 70 - East Liverpool - 68 Exerting its superiority in an overtime period, Big Red shattered the Potter's 9-game winning streak. East Liverpool was previously ranked 6th among Ohio powers. Ralich, Yurjevic, and Scurry led the Stubber attack with 24, 14, and I2 points re- spectively. 64 - Toronto - 46 Big Red racked up its 6th straight victory as it defeated a determined, but completely outclassed Toronto team. Andy Pettress sparked the Crimson and Black attack with 22 points while Bill Ralich followed with 15. 49 - Columbus South - 36 Big Red put on a furious 2nd period rally to de- feat a rangy and smoothly operating team. Bob Mclntyre and Bill Ralich led the Crimson and Black attack with I4 and 12 points respectively. 56 - Weirton - 45 Big Red warded off a desperate 4th period Weir- ton rally to coast to its llth victory of the sea- son. The Stubber l-2 scoring punch of Bill Ralich and Bobby Mclntyre again led the team with 22 and I7 points. 56 - Cuyahoga Falls - 42 With Captain Bobby Mglntyre leading the way. Big Red recovered from a shaky start to defeat Cuyahoga Falls and keep its string of victories intact. Mclntyre put on one of his finest perform- ances as he racked up 25 points. 61 - Central - 47 Big Red coasted to an easy win over Catholic Central to take undisputed possession of the city championship for the first time in 3 years and ex- tended its winning streak to IO straight. Bill Ra- lich led the Stubbers with 28 points. 65 - Alumni - 47 The high powered Crimson and Black proved itself superior to previous Big Red hoopsters as the Varsity scored an easy victory over the Alumni. Bill Ralich scored 26 points while Dave Murray dumped in 16 points to lead the Stubber point makers. 77 -- Follansbee - 66 Big Red hit a new high point total for the season as it notched its 12th straight victory by defeating the Blue Wave in a fast, furious and at times, rough, game. Ralich and Mclntyre scored 21 and I9 points each. 7l - Martins Ferry - 77 Martins Ferry, hitting on a phenomenal 50 per cent of its shots, shattered Big Red's I2 game winning streak in the season's finale. Ralich led with 22 points while Mclntyre and Murray aided with 12 points each. RESER VES la-ft l'in'tur'v lit-ckvi' Stands lly .Xs l'latt lfigllts lfor The llall Ct-mt-f ltidurt, liavk Row - Leftrto Right Melvin liiailnaniort-, Xlt-rle lllatt. llvlt Nlirvis, Kvllllb' llcckcr, Dave Kuisling, .Xl lit-tiemgt-, liarl Pearce. l'ront Row - l,L-it to Right f llolx Riliar, lfugent' llascli, Leroy Vloncs, llolm Burns, Tim l't-tersoii, XYillic Harris, Steve lloniiula, 'IH-fl 'l'ootlinian. Rlglll lildllrl' fiiztiillanmre Strt-tvlies lfin' ,X Tip lluriiig lfast l,ix't'i'pot-l tiamt The Big Red Reserves, under the guiding hand of Coach Abc Bryan, imitated their varsity coun- terparts, by compiling an outstanding record ol' 15 wins and 3 losses. The Reserves won their first 4 games and then split their next 6 encounters, 2 of the 3 losses coming at the hands of a powerful East Liverpool team. The Reserves wound up the season riding the crest of an 8 game winning streak. Coach Bryan must be attributed much credit for the fine and thorough job he did in grooming the boys for their games. The squad, which was composed of all sophomores, averaged only 4 more points per game than their opponents. Their lopsided record can be attributed to their consistant playing of heads up ball and making the most of their opportunities. Earl Pearce led the Reserve scorers with 221 points. The other boys who were particularly outstanding were Bob Reisling with l5l points and Ken Becker with I43 points. Page 114 F RESHMEN Left l'ivturt- .lohn Nlttntgtnnt-t'y Lays Une l'p For 'Vxyo gvmu. l1gK.m,.l. llafk limi Lt-ft to Right - gltmhn Xlontgtnnt-t'y, l,an1a1' Simson, Rufus Siiuinons, liltarles lfit-ltls, l,ittnt-l I,inflst-y, liill Stanclifttrtl, lieth-ge Blilost-yit'li, Russ -litnt-son lfront Roxy - Left to Right liewgt- llt-attic, lftl Sohlt-wski, Ilan' Xvllblill, lfrl XYeintnan, .lttlm .Xittlt-isttit, .Xlt-x Nlitvlivll, l't-tv Iiarren. lilllll l'lVllll't' Motttgotttery ,Xnrl l,intlsey Lkmtt-ttl'l'l1t' lloartls The freshman basketball team, with Chuck Watt serving as coach, produced a formidable and im- pressive record of 9 wins and 4 losses. After an opening setback to the Weirton "frosh", the Little Stub- bers rebounded with 3 successive wins, before succumbing to East Liverpool. The yearlings again went on the rampage to down Follansbee, East Liverpool, and Weirton Madonna. The freshmen wound up their regular season in a blaze of glory, as they crushed Follansbee 70-29. The "frosh" displayed much skill and shooting ability in their games as they consistently were able to run up a big score. The outstanding players on the team were Lamar Stinson, Rufus Simmons, Russ Jimeson and Eddie Wyman. These players along with their fellow teammates will be looked upon to carry on the varsity fortunes within the next few years. Page BASEBALL Chuck Fulton Bob McIntyre Bill Fulton Lawrin Giannamore Ralph Porter Leo Domanico The Steubenville High School baseball team has lived up to its pre-season expectations by compil- ing a 9 won and four lost record as the Steuben goes to press. Head Coaches Ang Vaccaro's charges have developed fast with a team of veterans and newcomers led by Cap- tain Dave Murray, Bobby McIn- tyre, Lawrin Ciannamore, Chuck and Bill Fulton, Ted Domanico and Ralph Porter. Running into a slump the Stubbers were sidelined along the tournament trail by a strong Catholic Central team. Victories to date have come over Mingo, Til- tonsville, Brilliant, Martins Ferry, Jefferson Union, Catholic Central, in regular season play, Yorkville and Wellsburg. Page 116 dvdii , ...,,. ' .,.. . 2 f a 57: fi' l is-'ifsff . if ' , flfimfiflga i iz ' 4 W1 . i if l V? ' - K an Q 55 as . K 5? ff fi 2- f f I 2:1 j ,f 44 'N 1 Captain Dave Murray The Stubbers, who have long been feared by district teams, were defeated by the inclement weather of April and May. The schedule which Coach Ang Vaccaro had ar- ranged called for a contest almost every day of the campaign. but the weatherman postponed or cancelled more than half of the games. During the lull caused by bad weather, the team practiced in the gym with the new pitching machine purchased for just such an emergency. The ma- chine sharpens up the batting eye of the players while waiting for the area's fields to dry out. In addition to the varsity team this year, a reserve team also com- peted in the valley and at publica- tion date had, like the senior team, compiled a fine record. Not too hard! You're out! I am not! Page 117 WRESTLING TEAM "Grunts and Gr0ans" "The Team" The Year Was Short Wrestling at Big Red this year was disappointing. At the beginning of the season the boys found themselves without a coach. Caesar Churchwell, a student teacher, volunteered to coach the team while he was fulfilling his teaching requirements. When the first semester ended and Mr. Churchwell left, the boys were forced to end their wrestling practice because of the lack of a coach. In the four matches that Big Red participated in, only one victory was recorded while the team drop- ped three encounters. Captain Leo Dominico, Ohio heavyweight champion Jim Ensell, John Neel and George Hugus were the top performers for the Stubber grapplers. None of these boys lost in the four matches. Page 118 GOLF Drop! Baby, Drop! Watch That Shoulder! Chic Valley Izampions As the Steuben goes to press, the Big Red golf team has assured itself of a highly success- ful season. The team thus far has eleven victories and no defeats. With its last victory Big Red clinched the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference Championship. The linkmen, who are all freshmen and sophomores, have breezed to easy victories over almost all competition. Abe Bryan, who has been golf coach since the sport's inception four years ago, has done a marvelous job in producing winning teams. Last year the Stubbers compiled a 15-2 record and were runner-up in the District Tournament. If the remaining matches are anything like those played so far, 1956 will prove to be the most successful golf season in the school's history. Page 119 . FEA TUBES -5. ' , ff M, ummm? W , wmgmhg ,V , . . .,.. . K ,.,.,.,, , .V 4. If -in .:..., f.. , W 5 1 V 4'- my Y.:., v.-,:, I -"ze-5 -:-:- - f - aw ik 4- , .N ,zip 5 4 : I mEf'??'A"'fN x ,555 7 M' H' ,ig fb Sis ww. ,K 105 : Ma 4:34 A mf Y, A um .W X31 .M ,M 1 dwg , Y. my if "N ,, 'K . ' vu U ,. X 1.1 'A M fx Charlotte Goldfein Lynn Donkin .loan Dayis Jane Nelson Marcella Maple H OMECOMIN G Steubenville High SChool's annual homeeoming was held on October 29, l95S, highlighting the Big Red-Cen- tral game. This year, for the first time, the identity of the queen was not announced until the halftime ceremonies when Miss Marjorie Lodge, the 1954 queen, opened a sealed envelope, and announced that Lynn Donkin would reign over SHS for the N55-1956 school year. Serving on the court as her attendents were Joan Davis, Charlotte Gold- ein, Marcella Maple, and jane Nelson. The role of queen was not new to Lynn who reigned as sophomore and junior Steuben queen. ln her senior year she was a varsity cheerleader and a member of forum. Lynn's attendents have also been very aetive. joan Davis has been a member of Y-Teens for 4 vears and served as president her senior year. She has been an active member of forum and the A Cappella Choir. Charlotte Goldfein has been in the band for 4 years, two as a niajorette and in her senior year she served as drum majorette and vice president, "Sliush" was also an active member of forum, and the Steuben Staff. Marcella Maple, blond attendent. has also been in the band for four years and has been a majorette for 3. 'Marcv" was a Steuben queen attendent her sophomore and junior years and vice president of the sophomore class. Last, but not least, jane Nelson was Lynn's fourth attendeut. Janie was freshman Steuben Queen and has marched in the Big Red band for 4 years. She too, has been a majorette for 3 years and was vice president of homeroom 202 her senior year. Page 126 if E ' f 1 .-if www Li.. vf 'i ,J W 76 f, ,, f? alfie wah. 'N QQQKQ' , in we mix, fflfvs ' 'sfll T' Y at Q ai: Q In jf, 5 QI ' 0. Danny Lang and Pat Whipple TWIRP CTHE WOMAN IS REQUESTED TO PAYJ Week was held in the hallowed halls of Steubenville High School from March 12 through March 16. All the festivities and humerous inci- dents of Twirp Week were brought to a climax by a gala dance held in the high school gym on March I6. Crowned King and Queen of Twirps were Danny Lang and Pat Whipple. Kangaroo Court once again highlighted the week. Humorous sessions were held daily in one of the large study halls. Summons were handed out freely to both boys and girls who did not co- operate with the rules established for the week's celebration. Twirp Week is a project of Student Council and is held each year to foster better spirit among the school citizens of S.H.S. President of Council, Dick Kropp served as presiding judge at the noon sessions of Kangaroo Court. Page 128 TWIRP WEEK A lazy man's load. The firing squad! Turn about's fair play CORONA TI ON BALL Queen Joan and her court Dancing enjoyed by all King Chuck and his court King Chuck and Queen Joan Chuck Fulton and Joan Davis reigned as King and Queen of Activities at the annual Coronation Ball held in S.H.S. gymnasium, Saturday, April 14. The court of Chuck and Joan consisted of Bill Fulton, Charlotte Goldfein, Peter Price, Marcella Maple, Tom Haverfield, Anita Gescheider, Leo Domanico, Jean Grandinetti, James DeLong. Sal- ly Smith, Ronald Morgan, Linda Liery, John Gil- crest, Lois Hofmann, James Dunlope, Marian Mellish, Zane Kirk, and Janet Hastie. The King and Queen and their court were elec- ted by a student body vote. Thursday, April l2, ballots were handed out in the home rooms. The votes were tabulated by a few selected members of the Coronation Ball Committee and the advisor of Y-Teens, Mrs. Troy Snyder and Mr. Bill Cros- key, advisor of Hi-Y. The gym was decorated with a multicolored crepe-paper ceiling which helped to carry out the theme, "Spring Feverf, Page 129 SENIOR PROM The seniors highlighted the Christmas season with Winter Fantasy, the annual senior prom. which was held December 22, in the S.H.S. gym. Bill Hales headed the prom committee with Charlotte Goldfein as decoration chairman. The gym was transformed into a fantasyland of blue and white. In the center ofthe floor was a huge white I5 foot Christmas tree. In three of the corners were depicted various winter scenes while in the other. the orchestral of Jimmy Karlan, former S.H.S. student. provided the music for the dreamy couples. The evening was concluded with the traditional afterglow, held at the Elks Hall. under the direction of Mrs. Marshall McClain: a perfect ending for a perfect evening. Too Tired to go on! Gateway to Heaven The Last Streamer Winter Fantasy Hold Me Close! . P Through The Maze Page 130 SENIGR ASSEMBL Y On April the 27. a full house climbed aboard the "S.H.S. Luxury Liner". which was presented by the Senior Class in the Steubenville High School Auditorium. Approximately 50 seniors displayed their talents in the annual variety show which was direc Joseph Mickey and Mr. John Lemal. Miss Gertrude Ryan handled the tickets. Some of the variations during the course of the evening's entertainment included comical tomining, singing. and dancing. ted by Mr. skits, pan- The first act took place on the deck ofthe "S.H.S. Luxury Liner", and the second in Captain May's ballroom. Jim Raber acted as master of ceremonies and athletic director. As the finale the entire cast sang "Our Ship's Arrived At Port" and concluded with the S.H.S. Alma Mater. ',iE 1fL? . "l wanta be evilll." Curtain Call Go, mlm go! Defying The Law of Gravity Three Musketeers Oh Dahling! f.,gM,, Page 131 Page 132 Happy screaming everybody. Oh, my aching back! SENIOR PLA Y The annual Senior Play was held March 20, in the high school auditorium. "Dangerous Nan McGrew" is the first mystery- comedy to be produced as a sen- ior play in many years. The plot centers around an old maid school teacher, Nan McGrew, who unintentionally stumbles on the hideout of a gang of bankroobbers, solves two murders and helps to clear an innocent man from suspicion. Starring in this year's produc- tion under the direction of Miss Eleanore Giles were Diana Bel- las, Marian Mellish, Joan Davis Georgia Galatoulas, Lois Hof- mann, Pete Price, Arnold Lipson, Alan Eisner, Bill Guinn and Glenn Runyan. "Life of the Party", a three- act comedy, was presented by the Junior Class in the S.H.S. Auditorium, December 8th, The audience enjoyed watch- ing gay, charming people enact- ing a lively story of modern youth and family life. The Hughes family moved to Butter- field where they made new friends and adjusted themselves to new situations in a very lively and hilarious manner. Members of the cast included Beverly McCullough, Beverly Lucas, Pat Saylor, Judy Pastors, Judy Ormsby, Janet Glick. Alice Ann Herbert, Donna Cocumelli, Renee Bushman, Dan Lang, Bill Townsend, Bill Evans, Tom Ed- dy, Jack Blum, Marvin Amstey and Don Goode. I UNI OR PLA Y The Law Gives Up. Right Will Prevail. Page 133 Kitts faras, who pttrti'ayt-rl tlit' part ul' 'Xlalt llizzx' in tltt' Sletiltt-it .Xsst-iitlily. S TE UBEN ASSEMBL Y Members of the l956 Steuben Staff took the i300 students of S.H.S. on a trip through Steubenland during thc an- nual Steuben Assembly which was pre- sented on November l5, in the high school auditorium. A brief summary of the tour was given by Tardy Bell, mythical sprite of Steuben- land. The audience was then taken to the office of "Mr. Steubenf himself, Malt Dizzy, who personally proceeded to con- duct them on a tour of the fabulous Steu- benland. The various points of interest were: Frontierland, where the students were shown a typical annual staff during Davy Croekett's time, Adventure Land, where the students were given a resume of a typical S.H.S. football game, com- plete with cheerleaders, band and major- ettesg Fantasyland, where the beauty of Homecoming was depicted and the Four Diamonds seranaded the queen with their version of "Miss America", Todayland, in which acts from the i956 Senior As- sembly were presentedg and Tomorrow- land, showing a glimpse into the spring of l956, with the arrival of the '56 Steu- ben. Highlighting the trip were commercials presented by the various inhabitants of Steubenland. The tour was brought to a close with the strains of the entire east singing, "'l'here's No Steuben Like Our Steuben." farnl Miller and l.intla llallziglit-r in :t pztmtly lztglit invntlwrs ot tltt' vliztitipioiislttp lttotlwztll of Swan l,al4t- in "'l'orlaylanrl." tt-ant frown "Sli-ttlwitlztittlf' Page 134 SADIE HA WKINS "Hillbilly Haven" was the theme ofthe Sadie Hawkins Dance held on December 2, in the gym. This affair is sponsored by the Forum under the direction of Miss Margaret Denison, the club's advisor. Approximately 450 hillbillys attended the dance and enjoyed the many special features of the evening. Everyone took part in the square dancing, bunny hop, and social dancing. Marryin' Sam was swamped by lucky Daisy Mae's who caught their Lil Abners. A novelty of the evening was a hill- billy styleshow, when all those dressed in the true costumes of their ancestors, pa- raded past the judges, who were Miss Humphrey, Miss Daugherty, Miss Bern- ier, Miss Wheatcraft, and Mr. Croskey. Carole MacPherson and Bill Robinson were voted as best dressed. Prizes were also awarded to Helen Visnic and Marv Amstey. Several teachers also appeared dressed in hillbilly style much to the de- light of those in attendance. The gym was gaily decorated with many balloons and there were models of two outhouses in two of the corners. Music was provided by records pur- chased for the dance. All made for a very enjoyable evening. ' 'l'lici' on llhisx' 'Xlucl 'incl liill Kolb- Lwrol Mai s . ,v . . . son .Xlmerh who were voted best dressed tln- Sallie Hawkins Dance. r li rt flrt-'st-fl hohos chosen from fashion Nlenihers of the faculty. Miss llangherty anrl fltln- es s, , , nu it li xx 'it Wulit' Hawkins Dance. Miss licrnier. rest betweeii square rlsi "s 1 N lx tlic fzirlic Hawins llainw-. Page 135 1 i ei E 4 J I W J Page 136 It's State for me Presenting .... Prevue time Testing l-2-3 The line up Pep rally? On your mark . . Cruunch ASDF JKLQ Measuring time Y' 35 fin:-3 The beginning A casket? Let's go boys Christmas concert Adeste Fideles "The Raven" For a good cause College night No fireman needed The end L J 1 1 I Page 137 gf x m""KJQ!b Cz., 4.-'km 'fi . ., ,My 'Z v -2 Tiggynx Si ' Km mg :Q 42 ks 'N iwfsllg il- LV . ty f A' Q X1 Nt imfifg avg' ,, - ' ' 'X Qi X t AK ' Q ' ' Z. :H . : , 't,.. 'VJ L lux'-A 1 'ETA 1 A yy. ff ' J - ' 'QW A "'M -,-V ' ' f' bw X. ' W9 avg: , , Y 5.1 ,, an -M . t,WL1,. .hy X ' N X 3 -ff" " f--wi f-,,. ' AUM "Q J N5 ,' ., , A ,,. , 11. , r"2A,:fj5a1-Y KK W. .N 3, A J , W , - ' 1 '- 'f5:"w,fqk x W J Wy , M 7 ,4 fig, ' fn, ,, xx W Y' E 85 Egg., fp f a' K' We? f i. . . . NVJHN . 'X.ZYA41'V.V.1VSNx .Vi LVVAK A . .LVNNXX VVMNNN Ax N HX! KSN XXV! L V LSI! N 5 .N N nNXNXllWuNVWWNW'vN1VVKN The Steuben Staff sincerely appreciates the fine cooperation of the mer chants of the area who by advertising in the Steuben have made possible the addr tion of more pages and the use of another color. PATRONS The Hub Basement Shoe Department Iron City Distributing Company Acme Paint Bond Bread Boury's Brody's Furniture George Bush Hardware Capitol Square Prescriptions Cohen's Boulevard Motor Crystal Lunch D'Aurora Insurance DiFederico's Doris Embroidery Shop Endich's Goldfein's Shoe Shop W. T. Grant Company The Green Mill Grumet's Hatcher's Market Heights Rexall Pharmacy Hornung's Bakery Isaly's Jo-Ann Bakery Joe's Sauage Shop Lighthouse Distributors McCrory's McDowell's Florists The W. L. McKean Company Neidengard's Peoples Clothing The Phil-Mor Precision Tool and Die Reichblum's Jewelry Schaefer's Wallpaper Sugarmanis Jewelry Tri-State Auto Glass Tronti Music The Wheel Restaurant B .V. NYNV.NlMNNNVV.XX1V.XNA'LNXX.1'uVV1AfAK VVVNVVSKLVMKX 'AEK 'Ai A11 . . 1 x LX W . 2 1 VVJ! VVAKNVV, x M JAVVSKWVVVH XVWSNNKX S Molly - Made Smith Crafted Fine Yearbook Covers When you choose The S. K. Smith Company to make your cover, you choose the company that has led in Distinguished Quality and Service for more than 35 Years. WNVAANS2 lAVV.1VVVtXVVl1NNViAANV!'LSN'VVllNNiA4AVVHNVVAXVMVKVNLXNNN1 WW1 KK VVAX W1 K NATMVVWK X MKMWIKNVMXNWbVWWW Page 140 .,--- VVVSNSANVVMA. 'V' VWWWWNMVVN VS , wnwvwswwxwwsuswummvwwmmmvvivswwwsmswmwmmvmwi STANDARD SPRING AND AUTO SUPPLY Steubenville, Ohio VVNKVVVYVNNSNNSVSSVVVVSNKVVSKSVSXNNVVKVNNSQNNN!1VVKS!Ni'AlXNXVK Compliments of The BENEFICIAL FINANCE OF STEUBENVILLE 166 North 4th Street . Nv1XW1WWWVW!VMNM 1MMWNNWVW Compliments of WSTV - INCORPORATED Radio Television 1340 since 1940 Channel 9 4- uwwwvnvsmuimwwswwvswwxwvmmwwwimmxmswwwvvsusmx inn O O 3 'Fl 5 rn E V3 2. P 'U '5- E. : e Q C 9 NVQAKNVHASNVVNVNNVSSVVNA NVNNWNQNN LIPSON FURNITURE 212 S. 3rd Steubenville, Ohio JVNXXVLXVVVWKXNN'-SSVVNKVKASKK.Xu Z A'.XSVVhl!l.KXXXX'AEK .VIH Lk. The Jefferson Building and Savings Comnanv l27 S. 4th St. Steubenville, Ohio "Old Reliable Since 1856" . v1A1KVlXKKS!XXKlSNXH1K XNNNINSM1KSVKXSVKNNNNXXSXAKKSVY- S -VI v s s Compliments of Kaufman Furniture Co. 3047 Main St.-544 Weirton, W. Va. bVMSVMh!WWSWWM1 iWWNWVWWAM!MMiWVWMh !KWSKNVMVKWWWVNNWWWWNSSVVVKKVVlNVMAN1VVNNVNSNiNNiliVVSVSiSlK Coe' Drive-In The Meeting Place of SHS Students West on Route 22 l VVVVVVSINSVNNSWSNNVNNVBNSNS SNAKIINNNKWHVKVHAVVISXVSNKKVSXSNVVWVNANSXSNVSNVVVNIVNNVNVVSIVVSIAXLNASMMASNVVKKKVVINNVNBNSNVSKWWVNNVWSVNWSXIVMK Page 141 THRIFT DRUG STORES "For the finest in Service" Compliments of Fellows Feed Supply Complete Farm Service Store The Last Word in Fashion is Always First At REINER'S "Steubenville's Dependable Store Since 1908" Nl5VW1W Compliments of GEORGE M. GILMORE 151 N. Fifth Street Steubenville, Ohio Sunset Sport Shop Hunting and Fishing Equipment Complete Supply of Athletic Equipment AM 4-3 121 Page 142 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '56 OMO R COMPANY G. R. Kinney Shoe Store EDUCATORS Shoes for the Entire Family 424 Market St. Steubenville, Ohio Steubenville - Marietta Paint Co. Paint -- Wallpaper - Glass Picture Framing 11 S. 4th St. Phone AT 2-8711 WM Scott Lumber Co. H86 Years of Know-how. Service is our most important product" Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 WNNKVWNNVNVVSVYKXXVWNSWWSWSWNWNNSWWVMANVWWNVWNNWVWWNMIVWWVVWN WVSNWVWNSNVNNVVSNNWWNWQNSMNWWMNWMNVNNVSNWWWWNNWVNNWSS !W5!SWWW MWNVWWMA Tri-State Publishing Co. and Steubenville Jeffersonian 157 N. Third St. Steubenville, Ohio Printers of "THE STEUBEN" tie 6 ,wvwmmwwwwwwmmnvmmmmwws for the finest in PHOTOGRAPHY Carl Mansfield Studio 151 N. Fourth Street STEUBENVILLE'S ONLY "MASTER of PHOTOGRAPHY" 1MhNNVWWWMWWMWWVMM MNWNMWWNVMK' Compliments of MONTGOMERY PONTIAC iol Phone AT 2-4588 2001 Sunset Boulevard Page 143 iV MAMA Best of Luck to the Class of "56" The Fellows Motor Company "Oldest Reliable Auto Dealer in the Ohio Valley" WMKWM JACK'S APPLIANCE SALES and SERVICE Steubenville's Most Reliable Store 516 North Street Steubenville, Ohio Ph. AT 2-7382 MM OUR SINCERE WISHES CHERYL INC. DRY CLEANERS 2130 Sunset Blvd. STEUBENVILLE, OHIO MN v WW BERT and SAM'S QUALITY MARKET "There is No Substitute for Quality" 159 South Fourth St. Steubenville, Ohio IN! M 8z M HARDWARE Quality Hardware Since 1914 Phone AT 2-6291 "The Store of over 10,000 Items 531 Market St. Steubenville, Ohio Page 144 THE HUB OF STEUBENVILLE TRI - STATE'S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of The Toronto Paperboard Co. MMQVWWWVNNWWNWWVWWSVWNNMNSNWMNVNSN' l FRANK BABICZ SUPER MARKET AT 2-8741 0 O -1 :s ro "1 O 'VS X FF :- 20 as W E :s rm F9 O 5 'WANNVSSSVVKNIANAANSNKAQN NWMNANMfMM VWNNMAM4MMWNMWMNVMfN!MMMMANNMfM MAMMlWMMM QNKNSKNQINN NNNMMNMASKMMAMMKKNSN5MMNNM 1MMWMA MAMAMWWWNVMAMAMNM1N 1MMiVMN1 VVN Compliments of GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES VV KVVVHXKSNVSVWKKVVNVVXVQ XNMANMMAAMMAW! 2 5 Compliments of VVNNVVVNSSVNWXKVVH ESTEL HAWKINS VSKSSVESSNWNWSN DRIVE-IN HARLOW SWICKARD ISSSVVBSSNXSNNMNVL Insurance and Real Estate uwsuvmuwvsumxwvuwmwmnvwmusmswmummvmwun . IdeuIS1udio 619 Market Street STEUBENVlLLE'S LARGEST HUMPTY - DUMPTY AVVSVKNMNWQXNWMANMASSWWWWANNWANNMAWMAMWNSXVVKVSVNNXVVKVVSNK WMQWMINVMSWMWMANMAMNNWMVMMVMWWWWWNVMMNNWMWNWVWNWMWNVWMMA SSSMXWWWVMNMMWWMWVWNNWWNMAMNNVMMIMM Page 145 C0mPlimeHfS Of BARCLAY BROOKS ' INSURANCE MAN!! E STEUBENVILLE HIGH S l'Qeffgef3TQf'5'QESet SCHOOL RADIO T-V CLUB Compliments Of Thelma Taylor Alan Eisner BRANAGAN gl PUNKE Faculty Advisor President 179 North Fourth Street .!MAWWNMWK !V!MNWMNMMMlN lNVVW WMMM Ni'WWAWWW X l. 8. A. Furniture BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1956 138-142 N. sm sr. ' "Out Less of the to way Pays: E JUVENILE SHOE SHOP BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '56 5 fHome of America's Leading Children's Shoesj From Tots to Teens from Cradle to College The 117 North Fourth Street E Phone AT 2-5512 BRAN DT MOTOR 5 Herman Hoffman Company xmm vwvmwn Sales - BUICK - Service Through Service We Progress Compliments of 5 FORT STEUBEN HARDWARE 1329 Market Street Steubenville, Ohio E s Page 146 NWMMV5 Best Wishes to a E 2 The Class of 1956 ' T h STEUBENVTLLE HIGH SCHOOL Congratulauons 0 T e Class of "56" KEY CLUB TERAMANA Bnos. COAL co. Big Red Band Purenfs Club SINCERE WISHES and CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "56" NM MM NAMM1 3 ZINK'S . 2 Compliments "Fumiture From Famous Makers' 2 of 146 N. 4th Ph. AT 2-3681 A FRIEND FI 0P STAR LAUNDRY AND Cooper McCauslen DRY CLEANING C0- 501 Lawson Ave. Ph. AT 3-2041 S'gaae'23lli'43gfo Steubenville, Ohio u ' fWM 1 , Page 147 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1956 Gescheider, Stuart, Sz Co. Insurance Service uuquuv- VVINN 5 2 5 0 2 5 5 E VWM 'U 0 7 Q W 0 f: O AM wwxwww 3 3 e E 168 N. 4th St. B E s T W I S H E S Christopher Columbus Lodge Order Sons of Italy in America Steubenville, Ohio Portraits By GENE MONEYHAN MYERS STUDIO .421 wa5hinQE5sr. Steubenville, Ohio Telephone AT 3-1641 OHIO VALLEY DAIRY Quality Checked Dairy Products Steubenville Clearing House Association Member Banks THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST CO. THE MINERS 8: MECHANICS SAVINGS 8: TRUST CO. -...W THE UNION SAVINGS BANK 8: TRUST CO. 1M94MMA1MS1WMMM K Page 148 M WNWMNSMMAMWWN BURFORD - COLE BROTHERS FUNERAL HOME Phone AT 2-3644 644 Market Street Steubenville, Ohio Compliments of The VOTO Manufacturers Sales Company Mill and Mine Supplies 525 N. Webster Ave. Steubenville, Ohio THE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "56" Hodge Motor Inc. Your LINCOLN-MERCURY Dealer 2218 Sunset Blvd. STEUBENVILLE, OHIO NM! N GOOD LUCK FROM ROBINSON MUSIC CO. Dial AT 2-4581 141 North Fourth Street QAAWSVWVNQNNKKSNVMANAVKVVN BEST OF LUCK TO CLASS OF "56" LAMAN STUDIO "Portraits of Distinction" 162 North Fourth Street Steubenville, Ohio B. 8z H. PAINT CO. 415 Washington St. DEAN .QBARRY PAINTS MMWVWM!MMMM WMA1MMMMAAMM THE TARGET SHOP "If It's Sports We Have It" 403 Washington Street Steubenville, Ohio Page 149 Compliments of JON - TON Sunset Blvd. POP'S RADIATOR SHOP G.M.C. Sales 8: Service Day Phone AT 2-2201- Steuben, O. ANWMMMM Steubenville Coal and Mining Company "High Shaft Coal Since 1856" "Meet The Gang" At THE HILLCREST 1443 West Market WNWNKMWNKWMMNN 'silk W 'fy 22513-lbw E 38 ' as S' X I 410 958 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '56 The College of Steubenville Page 150 . !WWMN1!SNM Compliments of Steubenville Motor Co. Phone AT 2-3689 250 North Fourth Street ,MAMMM'WNWNWWM'MA MANKWNWMMMM!1WlKIiM!! Compliments of Broady Confectionery :WMWMMWM WWWMMQNWVMAN Goode's Casual Shop Steubenville's Only Exclusive Ladies and Misses Sportswear Shop 111 North Fifth Street George W. McCauslen Florist Phone AT 2-5351 FORT STEUBEN HOTEL BLDG One Store Only VW .WNMMMWNMAXXNMXSWMMNLVKNWVWYMNlNWNNl 51N4MMMWM5MMNVWMiM! NMAWN N WNV! MANVW 1MM M WK Congratulations The Guy Johnston Lumber and Supply Company STEUBENVILLE AT 2-5373 TORONTO LE 7-3232 ---wM wwwW "Flowers For Every Occasion" ENNIS FLORISTS 1414 Sinclair Ave. AT 2-3614 W GOOD LUCK From MYER 8z STONE 330 Market Street '.'.1 VVVNWNVVMNVNSNNXNXX'.XKW1NKNMN'-N SAMPLE FURNITURE 159-161 North 4th St. Steubenville, Ohio SSKXXN1Ni HADLEY FURNITURE CO 125 S. 4th St. Steubenville, Ohio Phone AT 2-9747 "Complete - Home Fumishingsn W1WNW5 WVW WWNrM5VVWVVWWWVW The BORDEN Ice Cream Company Rear 2963 Sunset Blvd. AM 4-2131 XNVQNVNVW XNVWWVWNVWNMNNN M VMANNA GERTRUDE LEE CANDY SHOPS 171 S. 4th St. 2132 Suset Blvd. T H E H U B Steubenville, Ohio VMANNNINVKVVIAAVVVKXINNSNAN 'MNWWW GEORGE KING Wrestling Promoter 601 National Exchange VSNGWVMNYQNN'-1XVVtNiNVV5NVVVK11Ah 'VVVIQNVVVK Congratulations To The Class of 1956 DiCARLO PIZZA SHOPS VWMN1 MYMNNVVM1NfW WNViVW1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 506 N. Third St. Steubenville, Ohio Page .1151 MAWl IMMQf ED 8z BUS McCAUSLEN FLORIST 173 N. 4th St. Phone AT 2-4525 !MMWWWNXiWMA Compliments of LOVE JEWELERS Phone AT 2-8181 176 S. 4th St. KNSQNIANEVVH MELODY RECORD CENTER Steubenvilleis Specialists in Recordings 150 North Fourth Street Steubenville, Ohio XVMNNMMQMMMMWMN Compliments of DEN MARK'S 114 South Fourth Street Steubenville, Ohio WMSMAM 1M5MAMAVMMiMA D 8z R RADIO SUPPLY CO. Wholesalers ELECTRONIC SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT Ph. AT 3-3643 221 South 3rd St. MM MAMWWi'MM MMKNMN 1854 - 1956 102ND ANNIVERSARY Incorporated "Not for Profit" The Union Cemetery Association 5 1720 Market St. Dial AT 3-3384 Steubenville, Ohio "Select . . . Before Need" mmMWwW44mMMM,,wmw,,,. mmxwmumnmmwmmmwmwmxxwxumwmwwmmmxwxusumv BORDEN OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 122 N. Fifth Street Steubenville, Ohio MMAMMWNMW 1 5 Phone AT 2-8061 NMMA: VWNM Page 152 Compliments of HOME FURNITURE WEIRTON W. VA. The BOMHARD SUPPLY Company Industrial Supplies 516 Exchange Realty Building Steubenville, Ohio AT 3-3655 The CENTRAL SEWER PIPE and SUPPLY CO. Office - 642 Washington St. STEUBENVILLE, OHIO Phone AT 2-5386 NKVWOWWWNWVMMNMNMMW KIRBY'S SHOES CPoll Parrot Shoesj Shoes For the Entire Family 423 Market Street Steubenville, Ohio 5WM C. W. CRIBBS, Inc. FURNITURE APPLIANCES FLOOR COVERINGS AND RADIOS 152-158 South Fourth St. mmwmv Swan-Bower Company Established 1914 Electrical Suplies, Lighting Fixtures, Radios, Appliances, G. E. Television WHOLESALE and RETAIL 117 N. Fifth St. Steubenville, O. Telephone - AT 2-8241 V Best of Luck BATES BUILDING AND SUPPLY CO. 317-322 N. Seventh Street PHONE AT 2-4508 wwmwwwwwwsswvmwswvwwwvwvsw " May the Future be Kind to each of You" SPAHN 'S DAIRY WVWVlWWi Page 153 WWV! H U M E S CONSTRUCTION CO. Excavation and Grading Work 907 Franklin Ave. AT 2-9726 W. G. SPIES CO. JEWELERS "Steubenville's Oldest and Leading Jewelers" 1880-1956 115 North Fourth Street VM 1MNWM l TWIN - STATE MOTORS INC. Dealers In Intemational Motor Tmcks PARTS - SALES - SERVICE 647 Market St. Ph. AT 2-6281 Steubenville, Ohio NAKMAA1 KVVNNMNVN ANA14IAAVV!NSNVMh . OUR BEST WISHES to THE CLASS OF "56" THE BIG RED BOOSTERS 1 SWWlV The STEUBENVILLE HERALD-STAR "Our 150th Year of Service In this Community" Compliments of N 0SSET'S STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP 120 North 5th, Page 154 '.WNMWMMAMAM .!lNA NWMWWW SUCCESS TO THE '56 GRADS THE S. H. S. CHOIR PARENTS IANWVWVNMNVVK PUGS ENTERPRISES 227-229 N. Fifth St. Phone AT 2-9794 -- AT 2-9795 Steubenville, Ohio C. M. Pugliese we mwmM Congratulations LA BELLE CANDY CO. Qwholesale Onlyj 716-718 Adams Street Steubenville, Ohio KVHNVVVVSSN WNMMi WWM1NNMMM4W! NKMWWWQ NSW! VVVNA s Compliments of COOPER - KLINE CO. 134 S. 4th St. Steubenville, Ohio VNNNNKVNNVVK 1 NNNVWM!1SWWMMVWWWWNW u s DNS vi FREEMAN FURS Cleaning - Glazing - Repairing Remodeling AT-lantic 216 S. Fourth Street Phone 2-1240 Steubenville, O. MWNSSKMMNNMMXiNl The C O N N E R Car Company Your Chrysler - Plymouth Dealer America's Finest Automobiles Page 155 WW VHA' Steubenville Airport VANCE HEATING CO. Fumaces Installed 8: Repaired 104 N. 3rd Street Steubenville, Ohio mmwwwmmm ORIGINAL Di CARLO'S BAKERY 235 N. 7th Street xnxx xsxxxxmxxvwuvw1,.MMWwww5wWk 5MMA VVVYNVWWWWSSWBXVVMWVMMWIINWSXXWYKIWKSVWSNSVMX IHA! X Xl . I I LHS "ENTER HERE T0 LEARN R. G. PIER Best Wishes To Class of "56" TURK BROS. WALLPAPER and PAINT "Always Friendly Service" 135 S. 4th Street Phone AT 2-9153 GUISTO Sz MAYERS GO FORTH T0 SERVE H STEUBENVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE -wvwvwwwvwwmwwwwwwm-w-wwwvwww-wemm--M "Thompson's School of Business" RADIO SERVICE LABORATORIES 185 N. 4th st. Ph. AT 2-4441 Ty. Sales gc Service 310 Washmgton St. MAMlNh Page 156 vWwA m WN KASDUM CO. FINE FURNITURE 124 S. 5th St. Steubenxille, O. mm mw Kuntz Kosher Food Mart 625 S. Street Congratulations to The Class of "56" RULAND FORD CO. Wellsburg, W. Va. FOR Safe. Sound Insurance Protection Properly Applied MCGOWAN INSURANCE INC. 1007 National Exchange Bank Bldg. Phone AT 2-9708 Steubenville, Ohio Compliments of BLUM BROTHERS WHOLESALE .SNVNVWVN Compliments of "THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY" PRESCRIPTIONS leicy's Fort Steuben Hotel Bldg. 1531 West Market St. Page 157 CARFAGNA'S MKT. 600 Lincoln Ave. R. C. SHANTON JEWELER 126 N. Fifth St. Paramount Theatre Bldg. Steubenville, Ohio Congratulations To The Class of '56 W.W. BORDEN AGENCY INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE 128 North Fifth Street Phone 2-5 641 Steubenville, O. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1956 INDUSTRIAL TOBACCO and CANDY CO. Page 158 l SNSNIVMAA WVIVVVM E - MAAM MhWNWN4MMN WWMWM4 "IT PAYS TO BELONG" The Steubenville Club Compliments 4 Weir Cove Dairy Co. Home of PACKET MILK PRODUCTS MAY and LEOPOLD COMPANY "Quality Fumiture Since 1902" 124-26 North Fourth Street Steubenville, Ohio GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '56 "LOS AMIGOS" J. C. PENNYS 114 N. 4th Phone AT 3-3363 WVVVVWWVIANU Ohio Novelty 8m Candy Co. Wholesale "Merchandise That Sells" Decorations-Toys-Notions 158 N. 3rd St. AT 2-8601 Compliments of 0 L L E R ' S THE Plumbing 8r Heating STEUBENVILLE Engineers Of: Plumbing Heating HI ' Y Air Conditioning Compliments of Compliments Pietro DiNovo 8: Son of Dodge ' mymouth FEDERAL PAPER BOARD CO. 218-238 N. 3rd St. Steubenville, Ohio Steubenville, Ohio Compliments MAYERS HARDWARE Y'S 230 N. 5th St. 426 Phone Steubenville, Ohio Market AT 2-1641 WWWW! Page 159 N 1NNMN1KVMW WMMMA mM mmmwmwMmwwwMwwmwmMwxw TRANS - VIDEONICS T. V. Sales and Service Magnavox, Capehart, G.E., Motorola And Other TV Makes 141 N. 3rd Street AT 3-2262 Steubenville, Ohio .1 x ..., O T R0 Hosiery Shops Compliments of MONTGOMERY'S FINE FOODS Lawson Ave. Steubenville, Ohio SW The Keagler Brick Co. Clay Products Phone AT 2-4536 Steubenville, O NMNvvwwvwwwwwwwvwvwww!ANMAwvvwMMNwvvuwWWMAvvvlA WWA BOSTONIAN SHOE SHOP 310 Market Street Steubenville, Ohio i WWNWNWVWWTKKWISKVM KWMKNNMIKVWWWWMMNMNNNNYMMMMVWNWMAS Best Wishes to the Class of "56" H A R T ' S JEWELRY STORE 421 Market St. Steubenville, Ohio 1 WN WMNNM MMMMWNWWVVWM4AMMAWNMNM Page 160 19 iiag aiieg iance to thejlag gf the United. States J Clmerica and to the Repiiblicjor which it stands, one nation, under QOEL, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice jim' aw' lThe words "UNDER GOD" were added to the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag by ioint Congressional Resolution, in June 1954. Said President Eisenhower: "From this day forward, the millions of our school children will daily proclaim in every city and town, every village and rural school house, the dedication of our nation and our people to the Almighty . . ." The Pledge of Allegiance was originally written in l892 by the Rev. Francis Bellamy of Rome, N.Y. He was then an editor of the magazine "The Youth's Companion." 'weirton Steel Company E. O. Burgham, President Division of National Steel Corporation Weirton, W. 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Suggestions in the Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) collection:

Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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